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Grilling Masterclass with Francis Mallmann at Los Fuegos

Announcing the next Masterclass available for a grilling lesson with Francis Mallmann. Join us September 10th as the Ambassador of Fire gives an intimate grilling lesson over his own custom designed wood-fire grills at Los Fuegos, including lunch featuring Argentine wines and a signed copy of Mallmann on Fire.

For more information or to book the class, please dial the Concierge at 4037.

MIAMI SPICE August begins Miami Spice, a threecourse prix fixe summer menu offered throughout our Faena District including Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann, Pao by Paul Qui and Casa Claridge’s. Los Fuegos Lunch $23 / Monday-Friday Dinner $39 / Sunday-Thursday Pao by Paul Qui Dinner $39 / Sunday-Thursday, with supplemental course options and wine flights Casa Claridge’s Lunch $23 / Monday-Sunday Dinner $39 / Monday-Sunday

For reservations, please dial the Concierge at 4037.

Pao’s Sundown Social Hour Unwind on Pao’s oceanfront terrace in the early evening with our Sundown Social Hour. A selection of pulutan– Filipino finger foods usually accompanied by drinks–are offered alongside specially priced oysters, caviar and chef Qui’s famous East Side King Fried Chicken. Sunday through Thursday from 6:00pm-8:00pm, Pao Terrace. For more information please dial the Concierge at 4037.

Chef Paul Qui talks Omakase

On August 25th, Pao executive chef begins a new monthly omakase dinner at his restaurant.

Paul is a winner of Top Chef, James Beard Foundation’s ‘Best Chef’, Food & Wine Magazine’s ‘Best New Chef’ and Esquire Magazine’s ‘Chef of the Year’, in addition his Austin restaurant Qui was named Best New Restaurant in America by GQ. We sat down with him to find out the meaning of omakase and how it provides the guest with the chef’s boldest ideas. What does Omakase mean? I love going to restaurants and trusting the chef. I didn’t start this concept. Omakase is a general term for saying trust the chef in Japan. It has always been a part of what goes on there—it’s based on what they get that day and what they want to serve you.

Sunday Asado “Fire is such a fragile and beautiful thing,” says chef Francis Mallmann, “almost any food can be made delicious when cooked over fire.” Join us for one of the most traditional Argentine ceremonies: el asado. Delicious grilled meats are served family-style and paired with the best wines from the region.

Sundays, 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos For reservations, please dial the Concierge at 4037.

How do you approach creating new dishes? I have to understand the history before I can try to create the future. An understanding of the history and what is traditional is important to create food that is meaningful to me. I feel like I always have to honor tradition in order to create something special. Chefs I admire like Francis Mallmann, José Andrés and Ferran Adrià understood what traditional food was first before they began to explore and really build what their cuisine is. I think this is very important for chefs—to honor what is traditional and grow from that. For further information, please dial Pao at 4430.

Will the food be Japanese? At least 10 of the 13 years I’ve been cooking, I worked in a Japanese kitchen, so thinking of food from a Japanese perspective has always been a part of me and my cooking. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily go away. Omakase is a frame of mind, more so than a style of food. It is how food is approached, how I approach my dishes and how we approach service, and it’s heavily influenced by my time spent in those kitchens. Is this something you offer at your restaurant Qui in Austin? I think now it’s a universal term for a lot of restaurants that want to feature what is in the chef’s brain that day and what they want to serve. I think a lot of cultures have embraced the term of omakase and what that means to them and their food. For me, it’s about us being able to provide the guest with our best at that moment, the best and the newest ideas.



Omakase Dinner with Paul Qui at PAO 7:00 arrival - 7:30 dinner





1950s nostalgia resonates in C’est Rouge! The beating heart of this hotel, Faena Theater comes alive weekend nights with the transcendent C’est Rouge!


The Living Room transforms nightly to a spirited lounge with live music, hand-crafted cocktails, a broad array of wines by the glass and small plates menu.

On how the beach turned into the luscious paradise it is today

Live Entertainment every night featuring:

The lights are low, the curtain is a thick velvet of a time gone by and the excitement of the crowd is palpable. A trumpet blasts into the room, the lights flash, and suddenly the show has begun. You don’t hear the bongo drum specifically through the septet orchestra, but you feel it. That feeling runs through your heart and into your soul pulling you away from this time and into another. It’s Miami’s heyday, it’s C’est Rouge! The live cabaret that takes place each Friday and twice Saturday at Faena Theater is a throwback to a different era when women wore gloves, men wore hats and live music was the only

Screening Room Faena is proud to offer a private Screening Room on the fourth floor of Faena Hotel Miami Beach. Designed for intimate viewings atop plush red velvet banquets, the 36-seat screening room is available to our guests for an array of use from business presentations to film screenings to family movie nights, offered most weekends.

For more information about booking the Screening Room for private events please contact the Concierge at 4037. Movie times are available on the Weekly Activities Calendar

option. “We relied a lot on music from the 40s and 50s to have the spirit of Miami and Havana when you would go to see live music in the lounges and have cocktails—we wanted to evoke that,” explains Tao Gutierrez, Musical Director of C’est Rouge! Tao has worked with director Blanca Li on many collaborations, but this one is special, it has a certain level of nostalgia that each musician can associate to some memory. The C’est Rouge! orchestra sits at the heart of the show, and live music sits at the creation of it. “We wanted a live band,” Tao continued speaking of himself and Blanca, “We were thrilled

to discover that Miami has incredible musicians.” Incredible indeed, within a space that sparkles with old-world glamour and a show that will take you back to the romance of a bygone era. C’est Rouge! at Faena Theater. Fridays: doors open at 9:30pm, show starts at 10:30pm Saturdays: doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm / doors open at 10:00pm, show starts 10:30pm Tickets are available on For more information please contact the Concierge at 4037

Greg Foat Trio The Gardis Coco Simone + Trio Mi Dulce Son Xander Ferreira DJ Richie Hell DJ Top Cat DJ Michelle Leshem DJ Keen One DJ ARKiTEKT DJ Diego Harispe DJ Nektar De Stagni

AUGUST SPECIALT Y COCKTAILS Every night of the week enjoy a different featured cocktail of the Mixologist’s choice. Faena Spritz Our signature house concoction, available across the Faena District featuring Absolut Elyx and a refreshing rose hue. Smoke & Sparks Our most popular cocktail– and for so many delicious reasons! Roca Patron tequila served extremely smooth with a hint of smoke. Voyage of Discovery Lemon, mint and vanilla blend perfectly to make the Voyage of Discovery, a crisp tequila cocktail.

Reservations at The Living Room are strongly encouraged. Please dial 4037 to make yours.

Until the 18th century the beach was a place of horrors and hazards. How did it become the paradise it is today? Like every year, this summer, crowds of people will move to the beaches on every coast on the planet. The lucky ones won’t have to go far. Others, less fortunate in climate and distance, will travel wherever it takes to breathe in the intoxicating air of the border between the two worlds —For the sea is the eternally “longed for”. But it wasn’t always like this. Until the 18th century, the beach provoked fear and anxiety in the popular imagination. It was a place of shipwrecks, of natural disasters and mythological monsters and, of course, pirates and bandits who were all too real. Little wonder Dante’s third circle of hell was delineated by sand, and that Robinson Crusoe, stranded on the beach, was one of the most wretched characters in the literature of his own time. The beach as we conceive it today, as the perfect landscape of tranquility and leisure, was born precisely when wellness and health gained prominence among the European elite. The “discovery” of the beach has a lot to do with that imminent reminder that nature is a vital space for humankind, and this would certainly come about during the industrial era. In the 18th century, European elites began to need the fresh air and the breeze because they were dying in droves from tuberculosis. Especially in England, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, intellectuals and aristocrats (who were paradoxically sickened far more than were workers)

became concerned about health and hygiene. The notion of the “restorative sea” came to light. The first beach resort was born on the east coast of England, in the tiny village of Scarborough, near York. Other coastal communities soon followed, drawing a huge clientele of the sick seeking treatment for a number of conditions: melancholy, leprosy, gout, impotence, tuberculosis, etc. By the 19th century, Europeans began their search for uncrowded shores in their colonial empires. Beach resorts multiplied in north and south America over the course of the 20th century, with each stretch of sand having its own place in the global “pleasure periphery” map that was newly born. South Beach, for example, began as a remote Miami Beach sandbar in the 1800s. Hardy souls who ventured out here anytime before the 1910s found only sandy beaches, swampland and mangrove tangles along the coast. It was in 1912 that a man called James Lummus came along with a new invention for South Beach as a “Fairy Land,” featuring a bathhouse that would be reached by tourists via a ferry from the mainland. This was its beginning as a resort destination and a place of coveted wonder. Let us remember that the Europeans associated the peninsula of Florida with the Fountain of Eternal Youth for its enormous wealth and perfect climate–And they certainly made it so. But this concept of the beach would not have been possible without the romantic poets and

painters of the 19th century who endowed the beach with symbols and transcendence. Some poets like Percy Bysshe Shelley (“Julian and Maddalo”) and Matthew Arnold (“Dover Beach”) helped transform the seascape from dangerous and terrifying to absolutely sublime. The untimely glare of handfuls of phosphorus, the gentle foam, the walks on the beach and the repetitive sound of the waves, a comforting repetition, all acquired ontological value. Painters J. M. W. Turner and David Friedrich also did their parts for the views of the coast, expressively intense, which were then coveted by the most sensitive minds of the day. Thus the irresistible awakening of a collective desire for the beach took place. It became a place of “escape” from cities and turmoil. Even the word “vacation,” which was used to describe an involuntary absence from work, changed in meaning. For better or worse, the phenomenon of the beach holiday spread worldwide. The beach became popular as a “non-place” in which historical, geographical and social vacuums are pristine and savored. The beach as a tabula rasa—as an abstraction in which the mind is recreated in the crash of the waves and everyone plays the game of existence for the mere and delicious sake of existence. This was only possible in the 20th century, and yearning for the beach, longing for the sea, is now part of the collective imagination.






Miami Life Center at Tierra Santa Healing House We are delighted to welcome the world-renowned Tim Feldman and his team for a takeover of Tierra Santa studio for an exclusive schedule of Ashantga-style Yoga classes beginning August 8th.

FAENA ROSE Faena Rose is our exclusive, art and culture-based private members club, founded on the principles of community, cultural enrichment, arts patronage, and access.

Building Beauty

Typoe’s exhibition at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires transforms Sala Molinos into a surrealist world of labyrinths and fantasy. The highly regarded Miami Life Center practices the ancient tradition of Ashtanga Yoga as it has been taught in India for centuries. Tim’s humorous, straightforward yet profound teaching style makes him a cherished teacher whose global following has led him to travel extensively throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas sharing his practice.

All levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary. Drop in classes are $25. Memberships can be purchased at the Miami Life Center desk at Tierra Santa Healing House. For more information, dial Tierra Santa at 4380. See the Weekly Activities Calendar for class schedule.

Tierra Santa Healing House begins a five-month series of innovative health speakers this month with in-house enzyme and digestion expert Dr. Matt Cooper on August 9th.

Holistic Health “Partnering with a prestigious world-renowned brand such as Faena and Tierra Santa Healing House that understands the meaning of living well is very important to me,” Says Dr. Matthew Cooper, Creator of Enzyme Doctor.

“Here at Faena we will create tailored treatment programs that heal from the inside out.”

Typoe is Miami-born and bred. While occupying new space in Argentina, his new work Forms from Life still echoes with the shimmering bling of his own city’s context. He creates an augmented place that is at once tactile and conceptual. It surrounds us and envelopes us—transporting us through our past memories and pushing us forward towards future realms. His surreal, labyrinthine experiment is a call to play that summons the same forces found in so much of contemporary art, like Agustina Woodgate’s hopscotches,

Our goal at the Healing House is to make our clients whole by bringing authentic wellness experiences to our guests. The Dr. Enzyme program at Tierra Santa targets the health of our digestive system, which has a direct effect on energy levels, sleep patterns, weight management and overall wellbeing. Also available is a Complete Detox led by Dr. Enzyme and our team of nutritionists. Both treatments offer an opportunity for guests to enhance their mind, body and soul. For more information or to book your session, please dial Tierra Santa at 4380.


MIAMI SPA MONTH Tierra Santa Healing House celebrates Miami Spa Month with four of our most popular healing treatments at special prices designed to relax, renew and rejuvenate. Custom treatments include body treatments designed to elevate the spirit and restore vitality and advanced rejuvenating facials.

Book your treatment today by dialing 4380.


powerful, untapped potential within each one of us. The result is a return to the fundamentals of creation that unite all of us. In that, it exemplifies the Faena Art mission: to be a cultural and conceptual, artistic and spiritual bridge across the Americas—to bring about (vital) creative Utopias which transpire and reconfigure themselves independent from the borders that bind us.


Tierra Santa Healing House begins its monthly Power of Wellness speaker series with our in-house enzyme and digestion expert Dr. Matthew Cooper, on Tuesday, August 9th at 7:30pm. Each second Tuesday through December innovative health experts share their views on detoxification and wellness from within.

RSVP to Tierra Santa by dialing 4380.

Daniel Buren’s blocks, Aldo Van Eyck’s playgrounds and even Jeff Koons’ balloons. Referencing the iconic Art Deco and tropical and pastel color palette of Miami architecture while integrating the faux-classical marble that often appears in his work, Forms from Life, Typoe’s first solo show in Latin America, is more monumental than those limits. Moving freely between the shimmer of fluorescent youth and somber memorial, the piece propels us along new creative journeys and towards the rediscovery of a

Since launching this January, Faena Rose has hosted an eclectic mix of compelling cultural experiences: Launch event hosted by renowned dancer & choreographer Benjamin Millepied. This spectacular celebration included a special performance by dancers from L.A. Dance Project and Paris Opera Ballet’s star dancer, Aurelie Dupont, who came out of retirement to dance at the event. A conversation & dinner with author Malcolm Gladwell. The award-winning journalist, New York Times-bestselling author, and one of the most interesting minds of our time, joined for a thought-provoking conversation about philanthropy followed by an intimate dinner. A conversation with filmmaker & artist Harmony Korine moderated by PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans. The visionary filmmaker discussed his cult films of the past 20 years, including Kids, Gummo, and Spring Breakers, as well as his celebrated paintings, which have been shown in major exhibitions around the world including the 50th Venice Biennale.

FAENA FOR FAMILIES During the summertime, guests at Faena Hotel Miami Beach will enjoy added resort activities, offering fun for all ages. When you book Faena Family enjoy 50% off the nightly rate for your second room of equal or lower category. This package includes daily American Breakfast for up to three guests per room in Veranda restaurant and complimentary rollaway bed.

For more information, please call Reservations at 305 535 4697

This summer as the sand sizzles, we invite our Faena families to partake in some fun creative learnings with Faena Play. Announcing new class activities for our younger guests to enjoy on their own or together with their parents as a family! Baking Class, Tango Class, How to be a DJ and a Banquet, where etiquette, table set up and how to prepare a buffet is taught. Through each of these classes your little superstar can shine and at the end of the class you will be presented with their finished results, whether a cake they baked or a live Tango show on the stage including lights and sound. Beat the heat and let us inspire your little one today!

For more information, please dial the Concierge at 4037.

Faena Activities Calendar

AUG 2016

Red: Faena District Events / Gray: Important Dates SUN























Brazilian Film Festival (through 8/25)



Miami Spice (through 8/31) Miami Spa Month (through 8/31)








SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm Los Fuegos


C’EST ROUGE! Show: 10:30pm Faena Theater


C’EST ROUGE! Show: 10:30pm Faena Theater

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Cooper

7:30pm, Tierra Santa Healing House





SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm Los Fuegos

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 10:30pm Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 8:00 & 10:30pm Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 8:00 & 10:30pm Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 8:00 & 10:30pm Faena Theater GRILLING MASTER CLASS With Chef Francis Mallmann

11:00am Los Fuegos





SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm Los Fuegos










With Chef Egnipont Chanting Thai-Kun (Austin)

With Chef Paul Qui

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 10:30pm Faena Theater





CHEF COLLECTIVE 7:00pm arrival 7:30pm dinner Pao



OMAKASE DINNER 7:00pm arrival 7:30pm dinner Pao

C’EST ROUGE! Show: 8:00 & 10:30pm Faena Theater


SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm Los Fuegos


FAENA HOTEL MIAMI BEACH 3201 Collins Avenue Faena District Miami Beach FL 33140 +1 844 733 4190 / +1 305 535 4697

FAENA THEATER + 1 786 655 5600



FAENA HOTEL BUENOS AIRES 445 Martha Salotti Faena District, Buenos Aires Argentina +54 11 4010 9070

CASA CLARIDGE’S MIAMI BEACH 3500 Collins Avenue Faena District Miami Beach FL 33140 +1 305 604 8485

FAENA ART CENTER BUENOS AIRES 1169 Aime Paine Faena District, Buenos Aires Argentina +54 11 4010 9233

PAO BY PAUL QUI +1 786 655 5600 / + 1 844 798 9712 LOS FUEGOS BY FRANCIS MALLMANN +1 786 655 5600 / +1 844 798 9712

LIVING ROOM /FaenaMiamiBeach /Faena

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Faena Journal - August 2016  

Faena District Miami Beach

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