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JULY 2016


BLANCA LI: Behind the Curtain An exclusive interview with the director of C’est Rouge! at Faena Theater

What was the reason that made you choose dance for a career? I like dance because it is a universal language—you can travel all over the world and everybody will understand what you are saying through the movement.


What do you enjoy most about what you do? I am able to imagine things that become reality. How does C’est Rouge! fit into the Faena universe? With every creative project there is an evolution. It’s not what you imagine the first time, it’s what you go through that creates the Faena project. So, C’est Rouge! is the consummation of all those ideas and dreams, that little by little, by the strength of the whole project, became what it is today. What are the differences between C’est Rouge! and your previous projects? For me, every project is a totally different one. I start totally at zero, and it’s a new experience every time.

Enter the mesmerizing universe of C’est Rouge! by Blanca Li, a sensual and seductive revue set in the intimate 150-seat cabaretstyle Faena Theater. A fantasyland of beauty, mystery and desire, C’est Rouge! is told through enthralling vignettes set to the lively Latin American and Jazz rhythms of the septet band. Fridays & Saturdays: Doors open 9:30pm, Show starts 10:30pm For tickets or information please contact the concierge at extension 4037 or through

A sensual and seductive revue has made its home in the Faena Theater. C’est Rouge! the originally curated and choreographed cabaret showcases a sultry series of singular vignettes, where the extraordinary abilities of the human body are unveiled, in an awe-inspiring fusion of entertainment, humor and beauty. A range of leading international dancers, musicians, singers and acrobats create a fantasyland of mystery and desire led by the show’s artistic team, which visionary entrepreneur Alan Faena brought together, featuring world-renowned Director and Choreographer Blanca Li. Blanca began

A Night to Remember: C’est Rouge! Premiere C’est Rouge! by Blanca Li opened to the public on June 4th, with a sold out show, at the intimate, gold-leaf detailed and red velvet draped Faena Theater. The memorable evening included celebrity guests, local tastemakers and hotel guests alike. C’est Rouge! will continue to delight audiences through the end of the year.

Contact the concierge for show tickets and dinner reservations, or visit

her career on the national Spanish team of rhythm gymnastics, before making a career in dance that has taken her across the globe working on the world’s stages including the Paris Opera Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She has worked with every style of dance across a wide range of genres including fashion, film, television, and of course theater. She has come to Miami to peel back the curtain once more to a place of unlimited possibility. We sat down with Blanca to learn a little about what goes on before the curtain comes down and her process for creating it.

What do you like most about collaborating with Faena Miami Beach? I think what was exciting about this whole project from the beginning was the idea of me creating in the middle of a creation. I had this theater and my job is to give it life, its first life. It is very touching to have this responsibility. Tell us something special about C’est Rouge!. I think that having live music in a show is magical because it’s different every night. There is this need to communicate between musicians and artists on the stage. You have to look at each other, you have to be together, you have to listen. I am really pleased to have this orchestra.

Living Room transforms nightly to a spirited lounge with live music, hand-crafted cocktails, a broad array of wines by the glass and small plates menu. Live Entertainment every night featuring: Greg Foat Trio The Gardis Coco Simone + Trio Mi Dulce Son Xander Ferreira DJ Richie Hell DJ Top Cat DJ Michelle Leshem DJ Keen One DJ ARKiTEKT DJ Diego Harispe DJ Nektar De Stagni

Reservations at the Living Room are strongly encouraged. Contact the Concierge or call 4415 for more information.



International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami

Hosting theater groups from across the country, Latin America and Spain at various locations in Miami and Key Biscayne, July 7-24, Thursday through Sunday, eight productions from six countries in Spanish (some will have English subtitles). Presented by Teatro Avante, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, MiamiDade County Auditorium and Miami Dade College.

Opening night is at the Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater at 8:30pm, July 7. For a complete list of venues, dates and ticket prices, call Teatro Avante at 305 445 8877 or visit



JULY 2016


PAO BY PAUL QUI Modern Asian cuisine from James Beard Foundation award-winning Chef Paul Qui in a spectacular ocean view setting. Pao boldly reflects celebrated chef Paul Qui’s renowned brand of modern Asian cuisine drawing from his background and range of international styles, including Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, and French. Signature items include crudo specialties, original rice dishes and fresh fish and meats seared table-side over Japanese binchotan charcoal.

Facts on Swedenborg 1. Born: Emanuel Swedberg 29 January 1688 Stockholm, Sweden Died: 29 March 1772 (age 84) London, England, UK

Francis’ Summer Grilling Sundown Social Hour In the shadow of Faena Hotel as the sunshine settles to the west and the ocean breezes dust off the day, relax with our Sundown Social menu offering specially priced sparkling wine, oysters, caviar and James Beard Award-winning chef Paul Qui’s famous East Side King Fried Chicken.

Sunday through Thursday 6-8pm

2. In 1741, at age 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of 6 April 1744. 3. For the remaining 28 years of his life, Swedenborg wrote eighteen published theological works, and several more which were unpublished. He termed himself a “Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ”.

The season for cooking with fire is upon us, and who better to learn how to harness the romance of the flame than our own Ambassador of Fire Francis Mallmann. Francis has four key methods for the perfect char.

1 — Sea salt is very important, but only season one side of the meat. Add herbs and olive oil and salt just to one side, and let the flavors compete in your mouth.


2 — Don’t keep flip flopping the meat. Let it get that great, brown crust on it by respecting the first contact your meat makes with the grill, griddle or pan. JUL



Chef’s Table with Paul Qui

In Japanese, “omakase” means trust me. James Beard Award-winning Chef Paul Qui and Chef de Cuisine Derek Salkin invite you to trust them to explore the captivating flavors of Miami as they connect with local purveyors to create a stunning omakase-style Chef’s Table at Pao. The first of a monthly series, the Chef’s Table with Paul Qui will be an intimate 12 course tasting menu and pairing that showcases the next evolution of Pao’s menu.

Dinner starts at 8pm. Please contact your concierge or dial 4410 for reservations.

3 — Extremes are very important. Burn things on one side sometimes, like tomatoes, and on the other side leave it cold. 4 — Don’t put too many things on the plate. You should be suspicious of things to hide in there. A steak, a salad, and use olive oil and herbs as sauces.


16 20

Grilling Masterclass with Francis Mallmann at Los Fuegos

For first hand, in depth lessons don’t miss an intimate Grilling Masterclass with Francis Mallmann. The day begins at Los Fuegos with a Meet and Greet with the chef at 11am, before moving into the kitchen for a two-hour lesson on how to cook with fire. The class then sits down to a family-style lunch with Francis and his selection of Argentinean wines. The ticket includes an autographed copy of Mallmann On Fire, the best-selling cookbook by Francis Mallmann. The two class dates are July 16th and August 20th and are limited to a class of 20.

Tickets are $285 plus tax and gratuity. Please contact your concierge or dial 4410 for reservations.

Throughout his writing, Borges quotes, alludes to and paraphrases someone called Emanuel Swedenborg (Stockholm 1688 – London 1772). In Another Poem of Gifts, he says ‘For Swedenborg/ who talked with the angels in the streets of London.’ But why was Borges intrigued by this character? Perhaps because in 1744, the Swede had an epiphany on Easter and from that moment, he devoted his entire career as an astronomer, mathematician, chemist, biologist, geologist, physicist, etc., to the reception of revelations —which naturally implies, specific and personal disposition and reflection— and to recording them in writing. All his earlier publications in the aforementioned disciplines —perhaps a previous documentation of his different knowledge— are forgotten, and all of the texts we know today are those that he wrote after his first revelation, knowledge which has been compiled in different books where he recorded the different conversations he had with angels, treaties on the quality of the soul and a dream journal. In this sense, his body of work includes more than thirty books. Swedenborg was an adamant note-taker, to the extent that these pieces are among his most memorable texts. In one of them, for example, he asserted that the Final Judgment had already

happened in 1757 and that God had asked him to be in charge of the reconstruction of Christianity (which Swedenborg never did). In several books he also affirmed that an astral voyage had taken him from Heaven to Hell and that he had had many fruitful conversations with angels and demons. From the vastness of his work, we can find a great variety of texts, for example, De Coelo et Inferno, where he describes the world after death and possible ways to inhabit it; Opera Philosophica Mineralis, which establishes a liaison between philosophy and metallurgy, a type of alchemic treaty that explores the universe’s materiality, as well as another treaty, Principia, which he uses to portray his philosophical theory. Regardless of the latter, Borges is responsible for bringing his texts to the light, and it is precisely Conversations with Angels and his dream journal, where we can find detailed descriptions of his epiphanies. This book was lost —or perhaps made accessible to a handful only— until 1850, when it was found, in a Borgean manner, in The National Library of Sweden. If we were to ignore the period in which Swedenborg lived and worked, we could perceive him as a character from the Renaissance, an isolated one, a knowledge hermetically sealed by angels and visions. While he was alive however, he

was considered a madman and a heretic. Fortunately though, the traditions of insanity and poetry do not allow for severe distinctions, and he was able to influence authors like William Blake, August Strindberg, Ralph Waldo Emerson and W. B. Yeats, among others. Swedenborg’s skills were powerful: he could converse, according to his own texts, with creatures from planets like Jupiter, and creatures from the moon. His work reminds us of a book called The Inhabitants of the Moon, perhaps an unknown or forgotten author jotted down the Swede’s thoughts. For the time being, Swedenborg fits into the impossible taxonomy of enlightened beings like Da Vinci or Hildegard von Bingen. An extract from De Coelo et Inferno: When they are opened, something breathes out like the smoky fire we see in the air from conflagrations, or like flame without smoke, or like the kind of soot that comes from a hot chimney, or like a dark storm cloud. I have heard that evil spirits neither see nor feel this because when they are in it, they are in their element and therefore in the delight of their life. (1758)




JULY 2016


Healing Vibrations at Tierra Santa The art of sacred healing by Mexican shaman Carlos Gómez

ELEVATE, A VERTICAL PLATFORM An ascending gallery for artistic intervention at Casa Claridge’s elevator in Faena District Miami Beach

Forms From Life

An immersive, site-specific commission by celebrated Miami-based artist Typoe at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires For centuries and throughout the world sound bowls have been used in healing rituals for the ease of physical illness, emotional restorations and spiritual awakening. The restorative vibrations have been proven to reset the body on a molecular level. Using this philosophy, the Tierra Santa Healing House team, including resident Shaman Carlos Gomez, developed the Palo Santo & Sound Bowl treatment. Utilizing Tierra Santa’s seven custom sound bowls with seven precious metals, custom -made and hand-hammered in the Himalayas using an art that has been passed down for centuries, the treatment is designed to restore and balance the seven chakras of the body. It takes five men to

... the experience of the “sound, the aromas and touch

combined with ancient energetic techniques balances your energies leaving you refreshed and renewed.

create one bowl per day and consequently no two bowls are alike. The seven metals that are used to make the bowls have a particular alloy that lends to flexibility so when the oscillations resonate the client achieves deep relaxation. “It is our most esoteric yet profound treatment,” says Tierra Santa Director of Spa & Wellness Vivianne Garcia-Tunon, “the experience of the sound, the aromas and touch combined with ancient energetic techniques balances your energies leaving you refreshed and renewed.” The serene vibration and body massage allows for a frequency synchronization which facilitates energy stability and allows for the regulation of physical imbalances (such as inflammation or

stabilization of the immune system), mental imbalances (such as stress or insomnia) and emotional imbalances (such as depression and anxiety). “We were introduced to sound therapy over 10 years ago and immediately knew how profound sound and vibrational therapy is,” says Christine Hays, founder of Eastern Vibrations who collaborated on the Himalayan sound bowls. “After many years of seeing the effect on the person receiving the therapy, we studied extensively on how sound and vibration affects the system and we were compelled to get this into as many hands as possible.”

Palo Santo & Sound Bowls Palo Santo is a magical tree that grows in South America. Its sacred body oil is used in conjunction with seven sound bowls that have been selected by our resident shaman. The bowls are made from precious metals and are placed in key tension areas of the body; the vibration, massage and sound brings health and wellbeing by restoring the natural frequencies of our mind and body.

For reservations please call your concierge or dial 4380.

Faena Art, the international nonprofit organization that supports and produces multi-disciplinary and timebased experiences, announces the commission of an immersive and participatory installation by Miami -based artist Typoe. The work, titled Forms From Life, will be presented at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires from July 20 through August 1. Forms From Life will fill the Sala Molinos at Faena Art Center, turning the space into a surreal labyrinthine fantasy world of towering, oversized children’s building blocks.

The installation will encourage the viewers to explore and interact, creating a platform for social engagement and community building. Timed to coincide with the local school year’s winter break, Forms From Life will be a call to play, build and experiment—a space for the reimagining of collective creativity. Inspired by the Fröbel gifts, blocks and play materials for young children designed by German pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel for the original Kindergarten at Bad Blankenburg, Typoe explores basic geometry, order and beauty of the physical world and

reimagines the basic building blocks of our universal language. Forms From Life draws upon Typoe’s previous commission for the Faena Art Elevate series—a program of rotating sitespecific commissions installed in the elevator of Casa Claridge’s in Faena District Miami Beach. JUL


Forms From Life opening at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires

A program for rotating site-specific installations of emerging to mid-career Miami based artists, Elevate promotes the creation of active, participatory and immersive art practices. For Getting Up, Typoe moved away from his signature gunpowder and cosmetics paintings in order to create an entirely immersive and experiential installation that encouraged the public to play and stay a while. The installation required viewer participation in what was both a childhood pastime and a transgressive act of auto-definition. Audience interaction became a means of communicating with the world and of marking one’s existence. The site-specific installation elongates time spent in transit, transforming this in-between space into an autobiographical time capsule of history and geography.

Visit Elevate at Casa Claridge’s, 3500 Collins Ave, Faena District

FAENA PLAY TIERRA SANTA HEALING HOUSE SUMMER MEMBERSHIP Miami’s first South American-inspired spa is an oceanfront oasis built on ancient healing techniques and indigenous ingredients designed to elevate the spirit and restore vitality. Enjoy exclusive access with a threemonth private membership this summer. The membership is priced at $3,500 and includes access to the extensive Wet Spa, fitness center and fitness classes and Faena Beach. Members also receive 10% off all spa treatments, personal training and salon treatments at Rossano Ferretti Salon.

For more information call Tierra Santa Healing House at 4380.

ADVANCE PURCHASE We look forward to welcoming you back. Plan a trip at Faena this summer and receive 15% off your stay when you book 15 days or more prior to arrival. Offer is based upon availability and conditions apply.

For more information, please contact our Reservations Department at extension 4081.

There is something happening at Faena for your little adventurer! Whether crafting in the shade of the palm trees on the pool lawn, or building castles made of sand under a big red umbrella, a special daily program of fun, interactive and artistic projects and activities awaits our young hotel guests aged 4–12 years old. Morning Session: 9:30am – 12:30pm / $65 per guest Afternoon Session: 1:00pm – 4:00pm / $65 per guest All Day Session: 9:30am – 4:00pm / $100 per guest (includes lunch)

For more information, please contact your concierge.

Faena Activities Calendar

JULY 2016

Red: Faena District Events / Gray: Important Dates SUN











C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

Miami Spa Month (through 8/31)





Independence Day Celebration

SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos




Led by Tim Feldman of the Miami Life Center



International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami (through 7/24)



Art Southampton (through 7/11)

7:00am, Faena Beach BEACH & BARBECUE 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos & Faena Beach






SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater Wellness

BEAUTY BLUSH HOUR 3:00pm-7:00pm, Tierra Santa







CHEF’S TABLE With Paul Qui

8:00pm, Pao

Bastille Day

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater Epicurean


11:00am, Los Fuegos





Faena Art

SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos



20. FORMS FROM LIFE BY TYPOE Faena Art Center Buenos Aires






C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater




C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater Wellness

BEAUTY BLUSH HOUR 3pm-7pm, Tierra Santa



SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos





C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

C’EST ROUGE! 9:30pm doors open, 10:30pm show, Faena Theater

31. Epicurean

SUNDAY ASADO 11:00am–4:00pm, Los Fuegos


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FAENA ART CENTER BUENOS AIRES 1169 Aime Paine Faena District, Buenos Aires Argentina +54 11 4010 9233

PAO BY PAUL QUI +1 786 655 5600 / + 1 844 798 9712 LOS FUEGOS BY FRANCIS MALLMANN +1 786 655 5600 / +1 844 798 9712

LIVING ROOM /FaenaMiamiBeach /Faena

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Faena Journal - July 2016  

Faena District Miami Beach

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