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5 | December 2013

“Dreams come true if you have the courage to go after your dreams.” Avril Lavigne is living proof that this famous saying is true. I am living proof that there should be an asterix beside this saying. Let me take you back to 1999… In the Ottawa suburb of Kanata, two Canadians were about to experience similar visions - and the world would never be the same again. A 14 year old Avril Lavigne was visited by the rock vision fairy in Kanata on March 18, 1999. Avril was on stage with Shania Twain at the sold out Corel Centre (now Canadian Tire Centre) when something just hit her - she knew at that moment it was what she was meant to do, it was her destiny. She was meant to be on stage, she was meant to be a star and she was willing to do whatever she had to do to fulfill her dream.

6 | December 2013

A few months later, on May 29, 1999, I too was visited by a rock vision fairy in Kanata. I was sitting in front of my drum kit when a blast of electricity filled my veins and almost knocked me to the floor. I held the wooden sticks as if I was holding a scepter, because I felt like I’d just been crowned as the King of Rock. I decided from that day forward that it was my duty to feed the world with a delicious feast of my punishing beats. I was destined to be a Rock God. I know what you must be thinking - what are the odds that two Canadian kids from Ontario could both change music history? What are the odds that we would both headline sold out tours? What were the chances that these two crazy Ontario kids could both sell millions of records? Umm. Not so good. You see, 14 years after the rock vision fairy landed on her shoulder, Avril Lavigne has sold a whopping 50 million singles and 35 million al-

bums around the world. She has won 17 international music awards and has sold out every major arena around the world. She has made history becoming one of the most successful female recording artists on Earth. Me? I’ve sold 0 million records and made history becoming the least successful recording artist on Earth. My rock scepter and drum kit are now painful memories of what could have been… The point of this story is two-fold: 1) if you get visited by the rock vision fairy, you should work as hard as you can to pursue your dream; & 2) if you do get a visit and you have absolutely no musical talent... grab that rock vision fairy, swat it so hard out of your room that it never comes back, and go do something you’re good at. Thankfully for the world, Avril Lavigne followed her dreams and became the star she is today. We spoke with Avril Lavigne this week about her life, family and career.


Tell us about your Ottawa story, and the radio contest you won? Ahh! I’m so glad you’re asking me this question!

so walking out on her stage and seeing the entire crowd - in that moment I wasn’t even thinking about singing the song. I was thinking like I have to do this, it just feels right.

This brings back some great memories! Ottawa is an amazing city for many different reasons. I remember going skating with my dad on the canal. My dad also worked the big ice storm, and lived in Ottawa for a bit back in the day.

Some sort of connection thing happened. Three years later I was on the same stage in front of a sold out crowd who were there to see me! Crazy, right?

In Kingston there was a local radio station that had a contest where the winner would sing with Shania Twain at the Corel Centre in Ottawa. My dad heard that you could submit a tape of yourself singing a Shania Twain song called, “What Made You Say That”, which was on one of her old albums before she was really successful. I entered the contest and I won! My family and I drove all the way out to Ottawa, which was a big deal for us (about two and half hours). I got to sing on stage with Shania at the Corel Centre when I was 14! It was a very surreal, magical moment and I remember walking out on stage and everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. I had this overwhelming feeling and sense that came over me and I thought to myself that I have to do this - I want to do this so bad. I love singing and music

What did it feel like coming back three years later? It was unbelievable. Every time I go back to Ottawa and play at that venue I think about that moment. It’s very humbling, and a magical story that I’ll never forget. It feels like it was yesterday and I’m very grateful for that experience. You’ve mentioned that your family is very important to you and that your brother is someone that you look up to. What makes your brother such a big part of your life? He’s my older brother and we went to private school together when we were younger. He was really good at math but he was really good at anything he did. We were both involved in track and field, and we were the strongest in our categories. My brother is someone I always looked up to and still do today. He has a great work ethic, he’s a good person and he travels with me as well.


Speaking of family, with Christmas coming are there some things that you do during the season that you’re looking forward to? I have a younger sister, her name is Michelle, and I always like to see her at Christmas. It was always our favourite time of year growing up. I try to see the rest of my family and celebrate with Chad as well. Your new album has been released, why is this particular album so special to you? What’s great about this record, my fifth album, is that I really took my time working on it. The album is self-titled because it’s very me. It shows all the different sides of me musically, it hits all the different styles on my previous four albums and even more. I’ve also experimented with some new production styles and sounds. There’s a lot of growth, but it’s still really me. That’s what I really like about this album and its strengths. In your video for “Rock N’ Roll”, many Guns N ‘Roses fans will appreciate the nod you give to Slash in their November Rain video when you’re playing the guitar outside the church in the desert, that was intentional, right? Haha yes (laughs) What was it like collaborating with Marilyn Manson on the song “Bad Girl”? That’s the rock song on the record. I met Manson when I was 18 at a show in Toronto and we’ve been buddies ever since.

7 | December 2013

When I wrote the song with Chad and David, later on we were listening to it and thought that Manson would be really great on this song. I asked him to come to the studio and check it out and he sang on it and took it to the next level. I’m a huge fan and think he’s really creative, artsy and I appreciate his gnarliness. I asked a lot of young women I know about you and how they feel about you. The responses were pretty much all the same, but a friend of mine texted me the comment that I think sums up how these women feel about you, it said: “Avril? I respect the hell out of her, she has a great voice, she’s a great singer and she didn’t feel the need to act like a slut in order to stay relevant for so long. I appreciate that she didn’t do that”. What do you think is the key to your success over the years, why have your fans remained so loyal to you? I think that music and the music industry is constantly changing. The styles of music are very cyclical. When I first came on the scene I was up against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. It was very bubble gum pop and everyone was baring their midriffs. I came out fully clothed with a guitar and boy-bashing songs. My music is focused in itself so I’ve never had to follow trends, nor did I ever want to. Hearing a comment like the one from your friend makes me feel good. What your friend is basically saying is that I’m a musician and I’m letting my music speak for itself. That is a very flattering comment, thank you! What message would you have to your fans today? My message to my fans has always been, be yourself! Don’t worry about trying to fit in, being a hipster and trying to be cool. Be who you are, dress how you want to dress, act how you want to act and follow your heart. You started your foundation in 2010, what made you start it? Why did you choose to support the causes that you are? It’s a pretty major setup to get this going. I had some wonderful experiences being able to get involved with charities being a public figure. I got to meet a lot of kids through the Make A Wish Foundation – it was their wish to meet me. I thought that it was amazing to bring a smile to a kid’s face and make a difference in someone’s life. I wanted to do more and, as I learned more about it, decided to start my own foundation.

The main focus is contributing to lives, helping out and supporting people with disabilities or serious illnesses. I partnered with Easter Seals and I fund recreational programs because they are the first thing to go when there are cut backs. Things that are in these programs, like music therapy, art or any type of recreation, are great because it gets them out, being social, laughing and smiling. When I’ve done site visits I’ve seen that and experienced it with them. Every year we try to grow it and add more. This year I did a camping program, which sent 50 kids with disabilities to camp. I visit these camps and see how important it is to these people. They’re surrounded by friends with similar circumstances and they look forward to seeing them all year long. That one week of going to camp really makes a difference in their lives. The fans have gotten on board and are getting involved, which has allowed me to tie it into my music a little bit. We encourage anyone whenever you can, how big or how little, to give back to your community and contribute in anyway. Last question, on behalf of the girls I know. They love the song with Chad called “Let Me Go” and hope to hear more from you together. Are more songs in the works for you two? I would say yes. We have so many songs that are left over that didn’t make it on the album. Our first dance song at our wedding is another love song and duet. So, yes there will be some more!

Avril Lavigne’s new studio album, “Avril Lavigne”, is now available on iTunes and in stores everywhere. The new album marks her debut on Epic Records and is a reunion for her with her original mentor, LA Reid. Avril’s first release from the album, “Here’s To Never Growing Up”, was a smash hit. The song debuted at #1 in 22 countries around the world and landed in the top 10 in 40 other countries. She followed that song with the incredibly catchy “Rock n’ Roll”, a song that was co-written by Avril, her rockin’ husband Chad Kroeger, and also J Kash, Peter Svensson and Rickard Goransson. The albums latest release is a powerful duet with Lavigne and her husband Chad Kroeger, called “Let Me Go”. The song is already climbing the charts and is on the way to becoming yet another #1 worldwide single for Avril. Coming up on December 3rd, Avril Lavigne will be performing in New York City at the Highline Ballroom for her first live-stream concert with 2v Live. Live stream tickets are $7.99 and can be purchased at and 2vlive. com. Avril Lavigne is one of the most successful Canadian artists in history, but she’s also a really kind, sweet and charming young woman. You can see how much her family means to her and how happy she is with her life. She deserves a tonne of credit for all she’s accomplished. After speaking with her, I can honestly say I want her to really do well because she’s a good person. It’s always great to see nice people doing well and I’m very happy for her. Her charitable work through her foundation is extremely commendable and her genuine passion for this is very apparent when speaking with her. Avril spoke very highly of Ottawa and it seems that this city holds a special place in her heart. We can all be very proud of her, she’s come a long way and continues to beat the odds by staying relevant for over a decade in an extremely difficult industry. In a very superficial world, Avril Lavigne has made a career out of just being who she is – and whether you’re a fan of the music or not, whether you’re young or old, male or female, we could all learn from her and care a little less about what people think and just be proud of who you are. You can learn more about the Avril Lavigne Foundation by going to the foundation website at By: Justin MacKinnon

“It brings back some great memories. Ottawa is an amazing city for many different reasons. I remember going skating with my dad on the canal.�


Born September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario. Grew up in Napanee, Ontario (moved there when she was 5). One of most successful Canadian musical artists in history selling over 50 million singles and 35 million albums worldwide.

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Youngest Female Artist to ever reach #1 in the UK. Winner of 17 international music awards.

5-time Juno Award Winner (Nominated for 22).

8-time Grammy Nominee. Released 3 fragrances – Black Star, Forbidden Rose and Wild Rose.

Designed a collection of Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Her worldwide clothing line, Abbey Dawn, was featured at New York Fashion Week, and at Bread & Butter and Magic in 2012.


Started the Avril Lavigne Foundation in 2010 – and has raised over $500,000 for children and youth living with serious illnesses or disabilities (to learn more go to www.


Married Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Canadian rock band Nickelback, in 2013.

11 | December 2013

When did you become interested in country music? I definitely became interested in country music at a young age - probably around eight years old. I loved all kinds of music, but my dad always had country music playing in the house and it was naturally a part of my life growing up. I also grew up on Fleetwood Mac albums and Tom Cochrane’s ‘Mad, Mad, Mad World’ album, which I think I knew every word because my mom loved him so much. But country music was always what made me feel like home. We always listened to Ottawa’s Country music station, Country 101.1 (back then it was CKBY 101.1), and now it seems absolutely surreal to say that the same station I grew up listening to plays my music. Hearing my songs on Ottawa stations and all across Canada is an absolute dream come true! Who are some of your favourite artists? Some of my influences are artists like Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Jan Arden, and Miranda Lambert. One of my favorite country songs to sing is my grandma’s favorite song, ‘Stand By Your Man’ by her favorite singer, Tammy Wynette, which I performed at The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame at The Centrepointe Theatre in Ottawa. It was the same year that Country 101.1’s very own morning show host,

Mark Papousek, was inducted, which was an amazing experience to be a part of. I am so fortunate to be a part of Ottawa’s musical community and they have shown me so much support over the years. You have two songs on the radio – “Honey” and “With You Whiskey” – what was it like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time? To hear my own music on the radio is an incredible feeling! I have dreamed of the day I could turn on the radio and hear my voice singing my own songs. It has taken a while to get to this point in my career, but every step has been worth it! I started with my first CD release party, which was sold out in Ottawa at The Nepean Sportsplex when I was fifteen years old. I went on to record three more albums and tour and record across Canada, the UK and Nashville, TN. Finally, I am now seeing the results of years of hard work and persistence. It hasn’t been easy, but now I appreciate all the years of hard work so much more than if it all happened over night. I am so happy to be where I am in my career today. I know there are tons of artists that would die to be in my shoes and all I can say is keep going - it’s all about how you persevere.

You’ve been to Nashville to write and record, any plans to move there? I have been going back and forth to Nashville for about three years now - once every three months to write, record and network with industry people over there. It has been an amazing experience and one I have learned so much from. I have collaborated with some amazing writers, musicians and producers. I have learned a lot about writing great country lyrics, songs and how to improve my songwriting skills when it comes to writing for radio. I love it in Nashville and I always feel like I belong there when I am there. It’s an amazing place to be if you are a writer and there is live entertainment everywhere, any time of the day. I don’t have any plans to move there yet, but I do record all of my music there. I skype with the musicians and the studio engineers when I can’t be there and I am lucky enough to have a place to stay every time I go! How important is family to you? If it weren’t for the support I receive from my family all these years I can certainly say that I wouldn’t be doing music. It really takes a team to make a dream work. My mom and dad have supported my decision and even financed it from day one! Traveling back and forth from Ottawa to Nashville and everywhere else makes me home

Brea Lawrenson seems absolutely surreal to say that the same radio station I grew up listening to plays my music. Hearing my song on Ottawa stations and all across Canada is an absolute dream come true!

12 | December 2013

sick sometimes - being away from my support system for months at a time can be scary. I always think about how much my family has done and sacrificed to see me do well and to do the things I love, and that they only want me to be happy and that keeps me going. Music has always been in my family, which helps bring us together. My brother and I always jam on the guitar together and even have written a few songs together. We will always have that connection and that is really something special that I will always be grateful for. Family is very important to me and I am very lucky to have such a supportive one. What do you like best about Ottawa? I love Ottawa for its festive culture. There always seems to be something going on, whether it is a festival on Sparks Street, live entertainment, numerous vendors to visit in The Market downtown in the summer, or skating on the Rideau Canal in the winter. Ottawa offers so much to its locals and to the visitors who come to experience Canada’s capital. It’s a great city to live in. I am originally from a small town just west of Ottawa and I will always be a small town country girl, but I live in Ottawa now and can say that it’s a very exciting place to be, especially if you are a musician. The musical community is very supportive of each other and it’s always refreshing to come back home after being in other areas and cities where the music community can be very competitive and overwhelming. It’s always nice to come home to the people you know and respect and have seen you grow. What was it like performing on Parliament Hill for The Run for Military Families? It was a real honour, for sure - an experience I will never forget. I was pretty nervous, but at the same time just really grateful to be there and perform my own song, ‘If I’m Not Here Tomorrow’, which was dedicated to all military men and women. I had been a part of the Run for Military Families held at the Base in Petawawa for two consecutive years and when they asked me to perform for the Commissionaires at Parliament Hill, I was thrilled. It was a rewarding experience to see just how many people come out to run, and to see all the families there that are affected by the cause.

has taken us across Canada to perform in elementary schools, high schools and in some universities to help promote bully prevention and violence and abuse prevention. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our music affect the lives of vulnerable youth who are experiencing the effects of bullying. I have always wanted my music to help make a difference in the lives of people who are struggling because that is what music has done for me in my life. I am very proud to have been a part of the initiative to prevent bullying. Together, Braiden and I received a National Citation for the work that we have done to help prevent bullying across Canada and it’s been a significant part of both of our careers. You have toured North America and the UK – do you have a favourite city to perform in? Being so lucky to have performed and toured in many different places all over, I have to say that Nashville, TN is one of my favorite cities to perform in. It’s just the feeling you get when you think about how many amazing artists are and have performed their way to the top in that city. It’s music city! You are never really that far away from someone who knows someone that could make a difference for you in your career. And being able to perform on the same stages as some of the greatest country music legends is an amazing thing to have on your resume! What does 2014 look like for Brea Lawrenson? I am really looking forward to 2014 with the continuation of my new singles, ‘Honey’ and ‘With You Whiskey’ being added to regular rotation on radio stations across the country and overseas! Stay tuned and keep your ears open for the pending release of my new single, ‘Bottom Of The Bottle’, to be released to radio across Canada in the early New Year. We are also working hard to release a music video, and are continuing to add new tour dates and appearances to my show schedule, including The Spencerville Rodeo in July 2014. To keep up with current news, pics, videos and show dates, please check out my website. Twitter @brealawrenson Facebook

Tell us about your involvement with the Canadian Red Cross anti-bulling program. For about six years I have been the national spokesperson with my good friend and co-writer, Braiden Turner, for The Canadian Red Cross antibullying program called Respected. Throughout that time The Red cross

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23 | December 2013


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24 | December 2013

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Catherine Clark What was it like being the daughter of a Prime Minister? I was very young when my father was elected Prime Minister (two years old) so my memories of that time are fairly basic – the black and white checker-board floors at 24 Sussex, the pool, the lake at Harrington, crawling out of my crib to go wake my parents up. I was born in to political life – my father was already Leader of the Opposition and living in Stornoway when I was born, and we didn’t leave active public life until I was 16 years old, but even at that my life was relatively normal. I woke up in the morning, my mother made breakfast, I went to school, I played with my friends, I took piano and other after-school lessons, I did my homework, I had chores – all the elements of daily life that many other children experience as well. The only differences were that I saw at least one of my parents on television most nights, we often had police outside our home or accompanying me to school or my activities, I traveled extensively with my parents, and it was perfectly normal to find a foreign minister or Head of State in my dad’s office when I popped in to say hello or have him sign my homework. What led you to become a political broadcaster? I became a political broadcaster purely by luck. My degree is in Art History, but I was approached while living in Toronto to host a show on a new digital channel, and when that didn’t work out I figured my “career” in broadcasting was done. How-

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ever, when my husband and I moved back to Ottawa in 2003, I had the opportunity to host a show at Rogers TV, and was then approached by my current boss, Colette Watson, the President and CEO of CPAC, to come work for them. It was Colette who accepted my proposal of a show that looked “Beyond Politics” into the real lives of politicians, and I’ve been at CPAC ever since. I love my job, and it dovetails completely with my desire to show Canadians that politicians are, for the most part, people just like the rest of us, trying to do a tough job that helps to make our country a better place. On Beyond Politics you have interviewed many political figures - who is your favourite and why? I’ve interviewed hundreds of MP’s, many Senators, all former living Prime Ministers, Rick Mercer, some premiers, a Lieutenant Governor, a former PM of New Zealand, but I do have a few favourite interviews. I absolutely adored interviewing Governor General David Johnston and his marvelous wife Sharon Johnston, right after they moved in to Rideau Hall. I also had a hoot interviewing both former Chief of Defence Staff General Walter Natynczyk and RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, who are modest, easy-going men with great senses of humour, despite the slightly intimidating uniforms. It was also a real delight to interview Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, who is warm, gracious and all-together remarkable.

Do you have any political aspirations? I have absolutely no political aspirations, but, like many Canadians, I volunteer my time and energy to causes that are important to me. How has being a mother impacted your views on politics in Canada? Being a mother has not impacted my view of politics in Canada, other than to reinforce how difficult it remains for women to truly become active political figures if they have children at home. Obviously, I feel strongly that we need to do more to address that issue, because otherwise women will remain under-represented in Parliament, and that’s not good for anyone. What being a mother HAS done is reinforce my opinion of what Canada must continue to do to offer support to organizations that help women and children in the developing world, particularly as it relates to maternal-child health. Unless women have access to adequate pre and post partum healthcare, and have the ability to control the size and timing of their families, women will be condemned to poverty and lack of education, which is a terrible waste of life and potential. What do you like best about Ottawa? I adore everything about Ottawa. I like its moderate size, its easy access to nature, I love its museums and galleries, its restaurants and

how community-minded our city is – I think it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Aside from politics, what are you hobbies and interests? Aside from my work, I am a pretty active mom. I volunteer regularly at my children’s school, I am a member of Care Canada’s I Am Powerful Ottawa committee, I remain a committed supporter of the Queensway Carleton Hospital’s birthing unit, I like to ski and take long walks with our big dog near our home in the country, I emcee a lot of events, and I like nothing more than to sit down at the end of a long day with a glass of wine and my handsome husband to rehash all of the relatively unexciting details of our mostly normal life. As child you met the Queen, what was that like? I have had the tremendous privilege of meeting very many well-known people, including the Queen on several occasions. One particularly memorable occasion occurred at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Vancouver, when I was about 10 years old. We were both going in to a reception – in her honour – at the same time. She chatted briefly with me beforehand, and then made her way around the room. At the end, she found me sitting on a chair at the side of the room, bored

out of my mind waiting for my parents to leave, but the protocol in such a situation is that one cannot leave the room until Her Majesty leaves the room. When she saw me she said “You’re still here?!” and I replied “I can’t GO anywhere until YOU leave, Ma’am!” to which she replied “Very well, let’s get going then, shall we?” and off we went to the elevator together. From Nelson Mandela, to King Hussein of Jordan, to George Bush Sr., to Rajiv Ghandi, to Prince Charles, to Bill Cosby and a bunch of other incredible people in between, I had a very privileged exposure to the world from a very young age. If you could interview anyone from Canadian political history who would it be? Our next project is to hopefully interview all of the (living) spouses of our Former Prime Ministers. They are the Canadians of political history whom I am most interested in interviewing at this stage. What’s something most people don’t know about you? If I could choose another career, I would love to be a country singer. First I would need to learn how to sing, dance, and probably play an instrument.

New Year’s in Ottawa: Here are some of the top places to go for New Year’s Eve “Gatsby New Year’s Ball” Government Conference Centre New Year’s on Sparks Street - K-OS Kinki and Mambo - Dinner and Champagne Perspectives - Brookstreet Hotel NYE packages Fresco Bistro - Dinner and Champagne Giovanni’s Ristorante - Dinner and Champagne Ernst & Young Centre - Electronic Dance Extravaganza Ottawa Convention Centre - Dancing in the Stars La Cucina - Dinner and Champagne Dooly’s Ottawa - Half-Price Pool and Champagne 33 | December 2013

TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS MARTHA STEWART | BOBBI BROWN & MORE It takes a lot to build an empire. Take it from those ZKR·YHGRQHLW

1. Be open to change.

Whether entering a new field or facing unexpected challenges on the job, entrepreneurship requires keeping an open mind. Martha Stewart started her career on Wall Street, while Tracy Anderson was inspired by her work as a dancer. When Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, realized back in 1991 when she was working as the Executive Director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America that there was potential for a major fashion event in New York, it led her to a big career shakeup. She recalls thinking to herself, “I think my job description just changed.” From these changes, however, the panelists were able to achieve their greatest successes.

2. Realize friends and friends of friends can help your business.

When Mallis was setting up the first New York Fashion Week, she found support in friends and acquaintances that helped the idea take hold. Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, did the same. “All I did was invite some friends, some models, some editors – and I guess that’s called marketing,” says Brown about the launch of her first lipstick. The panel itself was proof that friends and friends of friends can be brought together in unexpected ways: Martha Stewart had catered another panelist’s event decades earlier, while eBay vice president Richelle Parham uses fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson’s workout tapes and every panelist had some experience with Bobbi Brown makeup.

3. Be naïve…

“The reason I’m successful is I’m the most naïve person on the planet,” says Bobbi Brown. A common thread in the panel was a willingness to venture into uncharted territory. Martha Stewart created the idea of marketing a lifestyle with few guidelines to work from. Ditto with Mallis and Fashion Week. Rachel Shechtman’s gamble founding STORY, a retail and events business, has not yet established itself as a clear success in the same way other panelists’ efforts have. However, the buzz around STORY has shown that revolutionizing retail by focusing on theme instead of a specific brand or product can pay off – especially if no one else has tried.

4. …But know who you can trust

While entrepreneurs need to take chances to succeed, they also need to be careful in who they take these chances with. “Have people around you that believe in you,” says Tracy Anderson, who struggled to find trustworthy and helpful business connections early in her career. Even more established entrepreneurs need to pay attention to who they hire. “I wish I had focused more on the people I was working with,” says Martha Stewart, reflecting on whether she would have make any changes in her career. “Find people as entrepreneurial as you are.”

5. Don’t dwell on the past

For women entrepreneurs, especially those balancing pregnancy and motherhood, it can be even more so. However, “You do it, you get through it,” says Brown. “Just like anything in life, [take parenthood] one second at a time.”

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“When bad things happen, as bad as they are, you never have to do it again,” says Shechtman. All six of the panelists emphasized the importance of thinking of the future instead of dwelling on the past. Entrepreneurship can be disheartening and exhausting.


ACCIDENT BENEFITS Imagine the unthinkable happens: you get injured in a car accident. Regardless of whether you were the pedestrian, cyclist or the driver or occupant of the car at the time of the accident, you will be entitled to receive benefits and compensation. Background artwork by Irina Koulikov The specific benefits you can apply for depend on the type of injury you have: (1) a minor injury, (2) catastrophic injury, or (3) non-catastrophic injury. The major types of accident benefits, how much they are worth, and what type of injury they apply to are outlined below:

Income Replacement Benefits (“IRBs”):

If you were employed at the time of the accident and are substantially unable to perform the essential tasks of your employment as a result of your injuries, you are eligible for IRBs. This benefit is calculated using 70% of your gross weekly pre-accident employment income up to a max of $400.00/week.

Non-Earner Benefits:

If you don’t qualify for an IRB or were a full-time student at the time of the accident, you can receive Non-Earner Benefits. Your injury must prevent you from engaging in your pre-accident activities. The amount of the benefit is $185.00/week until two years after the accident, and then it increases to $320.00/week. This benefit is not payable for the first 26 weeks after the onset of your injury.

Medical and Rehabilitational Benefits:

You could be entitled to receive benefits that will pay for reasonable medical/rehab expenses. If you are subject to the Minor Injury Guideline, then the total limit for these benefits is $3,500.00. The limit for catastrophic injuries is $1,000,000.00 and for other injuries it is $50,000.00. Except in the case of catastrophic injuries, these benefits are only payable for up to 10 years after the accident.

Attendant Care Benefits:

If you need the aid of an attendant as a result of your injury, you may be entitled to an attendant care benefit. This benefit will pay for expenses incurred for services performed by the attendant. The amount of the benefit is limited to $3,000.00/month and a total of $36,000.00 for noncatastrophic injuries and to $6,000.00/month and a total of $1,000,000.00 for catastrophic injuries. Except in the case of catastrophic injuries, these benefits are only payable for up to two years after the accident.

Caregiver Benefits:

If you were a primary caregiver and suffered a catastrophic injury that renders you unable to provide for the person/s in need of your care, you are eligible for Caregiver Benefits. This benefit will pay for the expenses you incur for the first person in need of care, up to a maximum of $250.00/ week, and $50.00 per week for each additional person. If you are eligible to receive IRBs, non-earner benefits and caregiver benefits, you must choose which one you want as you cannot receive more than one.

Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits:

You can receive a benefit if you suffer a catastrophic injury that results in a substantial inability to perform the housekeeping/home maintenance services that you normally performed before the accident. This benefit will pay for housekeeping/home maintenance expenses up to a max of $100.00/ week. This article has canvassed only some of the benefits available. There are others. If you have been injured in an accident involving an automobile, contact a lawyer before you submit your Application for Accident Benefits.

Kevin Butler is a personal injury lawyer at Mann & Partners, LLP. He offers free 60 minute consultations for accident victims. The information in this article is not intended as legal advice. Should you require legal advice, please contact him at 613-722-1500 or visit

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My father without a doubt would be the big-­ JHVW LQÁXHQFH RQ P\ FDUHHU +H FRDFKHG me a lot growing up and taught me the PHDQLQJRIKDUGZRUN

Ottawa native Marc Methot has quietly become one of the most dominant stay-at-home defenders in the National Hockey League. His strength, size and skill have caught the attention of Hockey Canada, as he was recently invited to the Olympic Orientation camp – a true indication that he had arrived as one of Canada’s premier defencemen. Methot’s long list of accomplishments on the ice also includes winning the Memorial Cup, being selected as an OHL All-Star and playing for Team Canada at the World Championships. Acquired by the Ottawa Senators on July 1, 2012 from the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for Nick Foligno, Methot has quickly endeared himself to Senators fans across the city, for his play on the ice and his commitment to the community off of it. We caught up with Marc last week to talk about his life, his career and upbringing in the nation’s capital. Tell us about your life growing up in Ottawa. I grew up in the south end of the city, in the Mooney’s Bay area. I had a pretty standard upbringing, playing on the outdoor rinks and I was also very active with other sports. I played minor hockey for the Ottawa Sting. Did you attend many Senators games? Do you have a favourite memory of the team? I always loved going to the Sens games growing up. My dad would take me to maybe 2 - 3 games a year depending on who was in town. My favourite memory would probably be when Ray Bourque was in town when he played for Boston. Who was your favourite player growing up? Hands down my favorite player was Ray Bourque. I did a massive school project on him in grade 5 and sent it to the team to have him sign it for me. Still waiting on that.... You won the Memorial Cup with the London Knights in 2005 on a team with Corey Perry, Dave Bolland and Brandon Prust – what was that experience like for you, looking back on it now? It was easily one of the greatest moments of my life. Having worked so hard all year to achieve a goal like that was incredible. That’s what makes team sports so special. You develop bonds with these teammates that will never be broken. What would you say was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to making the NHL? My biggest obstacle growing up would be all the sacrifices I’ve made along the way to become a professional hockey player. I spent hours practicing and dedicating my childhood to playing hockey. I had to deal with fatigue at school and missed all the fun stuff, like parties. How would you describe Columbus as a hockey market? What is something that you enjoyed most about playing in that city? Columbus is actually a terrific place to play hockey. It’s a nice clean city, great schools for those who have families,

MARC METHOT 4 | December 2013

etc. What I loved most were the fans and of course my teammates. Given the track record of the team at the time, the fans remained loyal and stayed behind us. What was your reaction when you were traded to the Ottawa Senators? Who was the first person you spoke to after the trade and how did they react? It’s funny really. The day I was traded was on July 1st and I was prepping my place for a little Canada Day party. I got the call around 1pm or so, just before everyone started showing up. Steve Mason, our goaltender at the time, texted me “Is it true?”. I had no idea what he was talking about so I naturally checked Twitter and saw all these tweets from people confirming the trade. I was beyond happy. When Bryan Murray called me shortly after, I could barely hold it together. How would you compare playing in Ottawa to Columbus? They’re both great cities. The difference being there’s more pressure playing in a Canadian market. It’s that simple. You were invited to the Team Canada Olympic orientation camp for the upcoming Sochi Winter Games. Knowing Hockey Canada views you as one of the top defencemen in Canada, do you feel any extra pressure playing this season? I see it as a huge motivation for me personally. I’m an underdog with regards to making the team so I’m not feeling too much pressure as far as that goes.

What would it mean to you to get to wear the Team Canada jersey at the 2014 Winter Olympics? It would be special, but I need to earn a spot first. You have played for Team Canada at the World Championships, what was that experience like? The best part, aside from wearing the Canada jersey itself, was being around all those great players. It’s great exposure being around guys like that. It can only make you a better player. It also made me realize that I can play at that level. Erik Karlsson was recently chosen as one of the best-dressed players in the NHL – who would you say are the best dressers on the Senators – and who (if anyone) could use a few tips in that department? The European guys always seem to be ahead of the curve fashion-wise. Karlsson is definitely the best-dressed guy on our team. Being about 50 lbs. heavier makes it difficult to pull off some of his looks! You also seem like a fashionable guy, who are some of your favourite designers? I’m a huge John Varvatos fan. The clothing fits tall lean guys nicely and I love the darker style to it. I’m also kind of guilty of spending a bit on shoes... love my LV and Gucci kicks! Tyler Bozak of the Toronto Maple Leafs recently came under a lot of heat in Toronto for his selection of “We Won’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus to be played after

every Leaf win in the dressing room. Do you guys have a song you play after a win? Who handles the DJ duties in the Senators dressing room and what do you think of his performance/song selection to date this season? Haha - its sort of split between Zack Smith and Erik Karlsson. Karlsson takes over closer to game time and plays lots of house music. Smitty is more grunge and alternative. What music do you enjoy listening to, who are some of your favourite artists? Do you have a favourite concert you’ve attended over the years? I’m a huge music guy. Love 90’s grunge, metal, rap and even some country. Alice in Chains, STP, Pearl Jam, Drake, Slayer, Metallica, Imagine Dragons. I could go on forever talking music! Do you have a routine on game day? My routine is what keeps me ticking. I never really change it. I sit in a cold tub every game day morning for 10 minutes and I like to get to the arena 3 hours-ish before games. What is your favourite movie? I love sci-fi and comedy. Most recently being Prometheus. Can’t forget old school Arnold and Stallone movies too. Was your first NHL goal everything you envisioned as a kid growing up? My first goal happened in Nashville against the Predators when I played for Columbus. It was awesome.

5 | December 2013

What is your favourite moment from your NHL career to date? My favorite moment would hands down be my first NHL game wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey. I was so nervous.

new player who called you for advice about their new city? I tell guys the same thing all the time. Ottawa has everything - great fans, great restaurants (Byward Market), and lots of golf courses.

Who are some of the coaches that helped you along the way to getting to where you are today? My father without a doubt would be the biggest influence on my career. He coached me a lot growing up and taught me the meaning of hard work. I’m forever grateful to have had him along the way.

Who is the funniest guy you’ve ever played with in the NHL? Funniest guy would be between Jared Boll and Zack Smith/Erik Karlsson.

Playing in Ottawa, you likely have to act like a tour guide/ambassador for the city to teammates at times. What are some of the best things about Ottawa that you would say to a

6 | December 2013

What is your favourite city to play in on the road and why? I love playing in Montreal. They have some passionate fans and it’s never difficult to get up for a game there. I also like playing in LA - I love grabbing dinners and doing a little shopping when we have the time.

You’ve done quite a bit of charity work in the city which I don’t think you get enough credit for. What charities in the city are most important to you and why? My brother is a youth worker at the Boys and Girls club here in Ottawa. I love being around kids and talking to them. Dropping by there once in a while is fun. I am also a spokesperson for the Canadian Blood Services and recently attended a Chron’s/Colitis gala. What accomplishment in your career are you most proud of to date? I’m most proud of winning a Memorial Cup. Scoring two goals in the first game of that tournament against Sidney Crosby wasn’t too bad either. I have a lot of respect for him. What would you be doing if you weren’t play-

“I always loved going to the Sens games growing up. My dad would take me to maybe 2 - 3 games a year depending on who was in town. “

71 | December 2013

ing hockey – is there another career that has always interested you? I’d probably have become a police officer like my old man. I always looked up to him and admired what he did here in Ottawa with the police. How do you spend your summers – do you have any particular hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy during the off-season? I normally just enjoy lounging around my pool and relaxing. I’m kind of lame in the summer. With all the traveling we do during the season it’s nice to just stay put and workout here in the city. What is something that people would be very surprised to learn about you? I’d like to think that I’m down to earth and low key. Staying in on the couch and watching a movie is one of my favourite things to do. What is the thing you enjoy most about road trips with the team? Grabbing dinner with the guys on nights before games. A lot of the guys have families so it’s harder to hang out with them when we are home. Who is your roommate on the road? I don’t have a roommate anymore, thank God! I’ll regret saying this, but I tend to snore sometimes and, to add to that, I’m a light sleeper. What role did your family play in you getting to the NHL? If you had to thank anyone (parents, friends, etc.) for what they did for you along the way what would you say to them today? It’s nearly impossible to make it anywhere in life without a strong family foundation. The sacrifices my parents made for me growing up allowed me to play a lot. All that money, early morning practices and tournaments could not have been easy for them.

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James Duthie Duthie is best known for being the host of the NHL on TSN – but has also worked as the host of the Winter Olympics on CTV, as well as hosting on NBA, CFL, NFL and PGA broadcasts. The Ottawa native is also the best-selling author of two books: “The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzky’s…And Other Off-the-Wall Stories About Sports and Life”, as well as the book, “They Call Me Killer: Tales from Junior Hockey’s Legendary Hall-of-Fame Coach”.

James Duthie has become one of the most recognizable and celebrated faces in Canadian media today. His trademark dry wit, self-deprecating humour and pleasant demeanor have made him one of the most popular broadcasters in Canadian television history.

Duthie’s exceptional broadcast work has been recognized across Canada – he won 3 consecutive Gemini Awards as Canada’s Best Sports Broadcaster, as well as the Sports Media Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. We had the pleasure of speaking to James about his life growing up in Ottawa, his career and his family. Tell us about growing up in Ottawa. I was raised by a pack of coyotes on the Greenbelt behind Blackburn Hamlet, in Gloucester. National Research Council scientists found me and slowly re-integrated me back into society. I still occasionally howl in the middle of the night and I eat a lot of squirrels. Okay, parts of that are true. I grew up next to the Greenbelt in Blackburn and went to Emily Carr Middle School and Gloucester High School. I believe both have large statues of me out front. Well, there was talk of that anyway - mostly by me. I actually had a wonderful childhood. I spent my winters playing hockey for the Blackburn Stingers. My friends said when I started that I skated like a penguin (the bird…not Crosby). That still hurts. My summers were spent at Innes Road Mini-Golf in Orleans, paying for one round, and then playing 10 with my best buddy and mini-golfing nemesis, Mark Ward. He was awesome - zero fear of windmills. You attended Carleton University and got a degree in Journalism – do you have any memories of your time there that stand out for you? I got my picture in the Ottawa Citizen when I dove into a giant pool of Jell-O in my sister’s pink onesie during Frosh Week, so there’s that. Wednesday nights at Oliver’s were pretty Utopian and I rapped the weather in my 3rd year TV class; a video, that if ever discovered and YouTubed, would end my career instantly. I loved my time at CU, and J-School saved me, because I have essentially no other talents besides being able to talk on TV half-decently. What advice would you have for young aspiring broadcasters that you wish you’d received when you first started? I’ll answer this one seriously. Do what YOU love to do. I had tons of people telling me that sports was a waste of time—that it was a dead end for a journalist. Today, live sports are a booming industry and the salvation of television, where other areas of journalism are hurting. I’ll add one thing, and this might sound like a contradiction but it’s not: if you want to do sports, do news first. Sports are easy. You go to the rink/field and all your visuals and interviews are handed to you on a silver platter. News is much tougher. It makes you a better writer, a better interviewer and a more rounded person/journalist. My years in news in Ottawa were invaluable. Were you a fan of the Ottawa Rough Riders growing up? Did you attend any of the CFL games and did you have a favourite player or moment that stands out for you as a fan of the franchise? Huge fan!! My love of sports was really born in Section G of Frank Clair Stadium, where I went to every single game with my mom and dad for 20 years, starting when I was 8. There were a lot of long nights. In those two decades the team’s best record was two 9-9 seasons, a period I call “The Dynasty”. My favourite memory is the 1976 Grey Cup win: “Gabriel is open in the end zone…Touchdown!”. I happy-cried like an infant.

9 | December 2013

Did you play any sports growing up and did you excel in any of them? Mostly just croquet. If that was in the Olympics I would be a national hero. No, I played pretty much everything but wasn’t great at anything. Wait - I won the school wrestling title in Grade 8. No one could Half Nelson like me in middle school. Besides that I played rep soccer for the Gloucester Hornets until I was 17 and hockey for Blackburn - I was a selfish, lazy, cherry picker who apparently skated like a penguin, so that didn’t work out. I played football in high school and was going to play at McGill, but decided to go to Carleton and focus on covering sports instead. Probably a wise move for a 5’10, 160 lbs. defensive back with average speed. Was it always your dream as a kid to become a broadcaster, or was there a particular moment in your life when you knew this would be the career for you? In 1981, when I was still a young punk, I was at a Rough Riders game and listening to the Expos on my Sony Walkman (stop giggling everyone under 30) trying to clinch their first pennant. People kept asking me for updates and soon I was doing play-by-play for all the people around me. I decided then and there that being a broadcaster would be a pretty sweet gig. How did you get your start at CJOH? I did an internship at Carleton and the weekend after I was there - one of the reporters broke a rib skiing. I guess I was fresh on their minds so they called me to fill in. I was working full-time hours within three weeks, while I was still in school. I am thankful every day that guy sucked

10 | December 2013

at skiing. You were the CJOH sports reporter for 3 years – what are some things you remember most about your time working at the station? Mostly the time I spent and the lessons I learned from Bill Patterson and Brian Smith. I had grown up watching them and they had amazing, hilarious stories. Brian was killed tragically in 1995. Billy passed away from a heart attack in 1999 - two great guys taken way too young. How did your position at TSN come about? I did an audition there when I was at CJOH, but they hired someone else so I took a job in Vancouver. 8 months later they called and offered me the job to host the CFL and NBA on TSN. When I got the call, I was deep-sea fishing and was literally reeling in a salmon, while trying to balance the phone on my shoulder - it was a little surreal. You have worked numerous Olympics for both TSN and CTV, what do you enjoy most about working the Olympics? Do you have a particular moment for you that stands out from the Olympics that you’ve covered? The last day of the

Olympics in Vancouver - I hosted on CTV in the morning, I ran to the rink to do the gold medal hockey game, was 30 feet away from Crosby when he scored, then ran to B.C Place to do the Closing Ceremony with Lisa Laflamme. Oh, and then our car ran over a guy on the way back to the hotel. I tell that story in the book I’m writing now, so you’ll have to wait for that. All-in-all it was a pretty uneventful day. Was there a particular broadcaster that you looked up to when you first got your start or who gave you some advice that has stuck with you? Ron Burgundy. Stay Classy. Who are some of the most enjoyable players to interview in the NHL? Anyone who can avoid clichés and give real an-

swers swers -- guys guys who who have have personalities personalities and and aa sense sense of humour. humour. So So basically, basically, just just Phil Phil Kessel. Kessel. of Who is is the the most most misunderstood misunderstood athlete athlete or or Who personality personality in in the the NHL? NHL? A few few years years ago, ago, II would would have have said said Luongo, Luongo, bebeA cause cause many many thought thought he he was was aloof aloof and and cocky cocky and and he is is just just the the opposite. opposite. But But thanks thanks to to his his Twitter Twitter he account account and and some some of of the the silly silly pieces pieces we’ve we’ve done done with him most know he’s a very funny, with him most know he’s a very funny, selfselfdeprecating guy. guy. II think think Toews Toews gets gets aa bad bad rep rep deprecating with with this this whole whole “Captain “Captain Serious” Serious” thing. thing. He’s He’s pretty laid-back laid-back really really and and he’s he’s got got aa good good sense sense pretty of of humour. humour. Who Who would would you you say say are are some some of of your your favoufavourite Ottawa Ottawa Senators Senators to to deal deal with with over over the the rite years? years? Mike Fisher Fisher was was probably probably my my favourite favourite -- aa rereMike ally genuine, genuine, nice, nice, guy guy until until he he stole stole my my Carrie. Carrie. ally Now Now he’s he’s dead dead to to me. me. II always always had had aa soft soft spot spot for Alfie Alfie because because one one of of the the first first stories stories II did did for when when II moved moved into into CJOH CJOH Sports Sports was was about about him. him. It two was weeks two weeks intorookie his rookie season It was into his season and he and wasinliving in a downtown hotel. only was he living a downtown hotel. His onlyHis possespossessions a bunch ofCDs. AbbaI CDs. think sions were awere bunch of Abba thinkIsomesomeday he’ll regret leaving. Ottawa, I mean, day he’ll regret leaving. Ottawa, I mean, not

not that hotel. Jason Spezza a quality that hotel. Jason Spezza is a is quality guy.guy. He’s He’sson’s my son’s favourite and very was kind very to kind my favourite playerplayer and was to him when they a golf tournament. And him when they metmet at aatgolf tournament. And Chris Phillips Phillips is is pure pure class. class. Chris What was was the the most most memorable memorable interview interview What you’ve ever ever done done in in your your career? career? you’ve Probably the the Brendan Brendan and and Brian Brian Burke Burke interinterProbably view, because because it it is is rare rare in in my my job job that that you you get get view, to do something important, beyond the sport. It to do something important, beyond the sport. It was his his first first broadcast broadcast interview interview after after coming coming was out. He He was was apprehensive, apprehensive, as as was was Brian, Brian, but but out. since II knew knew him him and and the the family, family, they they trusted trusted since me, and and that that meant meant aa lot. lot. The The support support he he rereme, ceived from from the the hockey hockey world world said said aa lot. lot. It It was was ceived just so so sad sad when when he he died died in in that that car car accident accident just just two two months months later. later. His His brother brother Patrick Patrick just started You You Can Can Play Play in in Brendan’s Brendan’s memory, memory, and and started it’s had had an an extraordinary extraordinary impact. impact. it’s How much much preparation preparation does does the the NHL NHL on on TSN TSN How panel do do for for each each game? game? Can Can you you give give us us aa panel brief overview overview of of aa typical typical game game day day for for the the brief panel? panel? It begins begins when when we we all all meet meet in in the the morning morning for for It our daily daily 2-hour 2-hour Highland Highland Dancing Dancing class. class. When When our Aaron Ward Ward gets gets up up on on his his toes toes and and spins spins in in that that Aaron

kilt -- it’s it’s just just so so beautiful. beautiful. II spend spend an an hour hour or or kilt so in in the the morning morning reading reading online online and and watchwatchso ing highlights highlights from from any any games games II missed missed the the ing night before. before. II usually usually do do aa radio radio interview interview or or night two from from home, home, and and then then head head into into the the studio studio two around 3. 3. We We have have aa meeting meeting at at four four where where we we around go over over possible possible topics topics for for our our panels panels and and basibasigo cally sit sit around around and and talk talk hockey. hockey. We We do do aa panel panel cally for Sportscentre Sportscentre at at 6, 6, have have dinner dinner and and then then do do for our show. Frankly, the catering is all that really our show. Frankly, the catering is all that really matters. Catered Catered meal, meal, happy happy panel panel -- no no catercatermatters. ing, grumpy grumpy panel. panel. If If you you watch watch carefully, carefully, you’ll you’ll ing, know which which one one itit was. was. know Do you you guys guys look look forward forward to to Trade Trade Deadline Deadline Do day –– or or is is it it something something you you dread dread because because day you’ve often often been been forced forced to to talk talk about about one one you’ve small deal deal for for hours hours on on end? end? small Mostly dread. dread.Trade Trade deadline deadline is is the the only only event event Mostly that gets gets hyped hyped more more and and more more every every year, year, and and that delivers less less and and less. less. Most Most teams teams seem seem to to have have delivers figured out out that that leaving leaving aa major major deal deal to to the the last last figured minute isn’t isn’t really really smart smart so so we we rarely rarely get get the the minute big trades trades we we used used to. to. But But the the ratings ratings are are still still big great. My My theory theory is is that that people people watch watch just just to to great. see us us squirm squirm for for 10 10 hours. hours. It’s It’s like like accidentaccidentsee scene rubbernecking rubbernecking and and I’m I’m the the guy guy getting getting scene

67 | December 2013

“I owe my mom and dad everything. They always told me I could be, and do, whatever I wanted. Unconditional support that never ever wavers is the greatest gift a person can ever get. “

64 | December 2013

pulled out of the wreck by the Jaws of Life. Tell us about being a father and how it has changed you as a person. Being a father is the exact opposite of Trade Deadline - every day is great plus you don’t have to interview Mike Gillis. I think being a dad, by nature, just makes you a much less selfish, much more giving, patient person. It changes how you see everything, including sports. I would choose watching my son play hockey, or my daughters play soccer, over being at a Stanley Cup final game any day. If you asked me to list my favourite sports moments of all time, they’d all involve my kids. What do you like to do with your time off? Do you have any particular hobbies or things you like to do with your family? I’m a welder who moonlights as a dancer. No wait, that was Flashdance. Sorry, I get confused a lot. We live a pretty quiet life in a small town north of Toronto. I spend most of my time either at rinks, pools, or soccer fields, watching my kids. I coach flag football at my daughter’s school, and play myself on weekends. We have two crazy dogs that keep us busy so I’m pretty boring, besides the nude modeling I do in Eastern Europe - but I’d rather not discuss that.

You have won 3 Gemini Awards for your different work in broadcasting, is there a particular accomplishment in your career you are most proud of to date? I’m most proud of getting Darren Dreger to sit on a beach in L.A and scream ridiculous things at seagulls for The Panel Hangover. Getting Aaron Ward to put on a bathrobe, mud on this face and a towel around his head for the same piece, and getting Bob McKenzie to play cowbell for the Puck Over Glass video. These are the greatest accomplishments of my career, and will not be surpassed. What is the thing you enjoy the most about your career? Besides the groupies? I just feel really fortunate to have a job I love. Every night, I get to watch hockey games with a bunch of buddies. And in my case, the buddies are a group of smart, insightful former NHL players, coaches, and insiders. We watch games and then talk about them and get paid for it. It’s kind of The Canadian Dream, isn’t it? Looking back, who has been the biggest influence in your life? Or if you had to thank someone for the role they played in the success you’ve achieved, who would that be and why? I’m going to cheat and pick four. I owe my mom and dad everything. They always told me I could

be, and do, whatever I wanted. Unconditional support that never ever wavers is the greatest gift a person can ever get. My wife gave up a career to let me have mine, and followed me back and forth across the country without ever questioning my choices. Max Keeping gave me a chance and hired me when the people around him didn’t want to, and pushed me to be better every day. Without him, I am likely wearing a paper hat and asking: “Would you like to combo that order?” What is something that people would be very surprised to learn about you? I am a robot, sent back from the future to protect mankind from another robot, out to destroy you all. His name…Rob Ford. That makes no sense, but it would be a really cool Terminator reboot. It was announced that Rogers Communications and the NHL came to a 12 year, $5.2 Billion deal that gives the exclusive broadcast rights in Canada to Sportsnet and the CBC. Was this announcement a surprise to you or were you aware that this was coming? It was a shock. Of all the TV rights scenarios I had considered, this was not one. It was a very tough day for everyone at the network. We love doing NHL games and we take a great deal of pride in our broadcasts, so it hurts to know we won’t be doing them next year. But the panel will live on. We’re still going to try to give Canada the best analysis we can, and the odd Panel Hangover-type skit too.

James Duthie

What music do you enjoy listening to? Do you have a favourite artist or band? I grew up on The Hip, so they will always be my guys. I’m all over the map - l like Drake, Jay-Z, The Killers - but my girls usually control the car stereo so I get a heavy dose of Taylor

Swift. Someday I’m going to write a break-up song about breaking up while listening to Taylor Swift break-up songs. I think it’ll be a big hit.

13 | December 2013

You have a new book out called, “Anchorboy”, tell us a bit about your book. My show, “The Week That Was”, had been canceled and I found myself with a bit of time on my hands. I was approached about writing a book and I was excited to do so. I always loved writing and thought there were enough great stories that I had encountered over my career to make a great book!

changed my mind, encouraged by my friend Pat Kiernan who was already working in the business.

Growing up, was it always your dream to be a sports anchor? If not, at what point did you know that this was what you wanted to do? Pretty much. Though as I detail in “Anchorboy” I actually was about to follow my father’s footsteps and go into Pharmacy. At the last minute I

How did you get your start at TSN? I got an internship during my 2nd year at Ryerson and was fortunate enough to stay on as a writer until I graduated. Three years later after stints in Saskatoon and Winnipeg I returned as an anchor!

14 | December 2013

What are some things that people will learn about you from reading your book? That I have serious digestive issues and that I have had a lot of wonderful breaks in my career.

Was there someone you looked up to in the broadcasting field? Yes, too many to mention but a few of them include Rod Smith, Darren Dutchyshen, Chris Cuthbert and David Letterman. How did you first meet Dan O’Toole and what were your first impressions of him? I met him at TSN in 2004 and hosted his first Sportscentre with him. I thought he did a great job and I knew quickly that he would be a fun anchor to work with. Was there anyone at TSN who really helped you and gave you good advice when you first started? Again, too many to mention but Mike Toth was a great person to learn from - he had a great perspective on the business. You have an extremely unique style. When did you first decide that you and Dan were going to do a show that was completely unlike anything viewers had seen before on sports broadcasts? It happened pretty naturally. We just wanted to be ourselves. We didn’t try to make the show “funny” - we just tried to have fun. Over time our bosses at TSN allowed us more and more leeway to do our thing and that’s when I think people really started to respond to it. We read that you have some experience in stand up comedy - if so - is this something that still interests you now that you live in Los Angeles? No. Haha!

What was your favourite moment at TSN? So many different ones. I would have to say the London Olympics were a real highlight. I think there are at least 4 chapters about it in “Anchorboy.” What is it like living in Los Angeles compared to Toronto? Warmer. How did you enjoy working at the 2010 Winter Olympics? Truly a career changer because it brought me to the attention of a wider audience. The experience also allowed me to try something really different than what had been attempted during previous Olympic broadcasts. Plus, the crew was truly amazing. Working with Bev Thompson was the best. Did you play any sports growing up? Played everything I could – hockey, basketball, volleyball and golf. I still love to ski. How did you come about making the decision to leave TSN to move to the Fox Sports 1 Network in the United States? Was it a difficult decision for you? It was a very difficult decision, but as I detail in “Anchorboy” this business is all about trying new things and not being afraid to move to new places! In the end I didn’t want to regret not giving it a go.

“This business is all about trying new things and not being afraid to move to new places!”

How has the Fox Sports experience been for you so far? How is it different from working at TSN? Not that different at all really! Just more people working on the show. Tell us a bit more about your relationship with Dan O’Toole. It made it easier to go to Los Angeles knowing that Dan was going, and that I wouldn’t have to try to create the same on-air chemistry with someone else. We also spend time together away from the show - my wife and I are very close to his family. You won a Gemini Award for being the Best Sportscaster in Canada in 2011 - what did it mean to you to win that award? Totally shocking and unexpected! Plus, I had to work right after the awards ceremony! Yet another chapter in “Anchorboy” tells the story about that night.

What would you say was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your career to date? The failure of my Much More Music show, “The Week That Was”. Though, as I said before, it did lead to writing “Anchorboy” so I guess it wasn’t a failure after all! What advice would you have for aspiring sportscasters reading this that you wish you had been given when you started? Never be afraid to move ANYWHERE for an opportunity to work on air. Looking back on your career to date, is there a particular accomplishment or moment that you are most proud of? Very proud I wrote the book! It’s something I always wanted to do. The fact that people are enjoying it is icing on the cake! Already working on a sequel!

15 | December 2013


Jacob Wright Education: Graduated with an Honours Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.

Preparing For the Holidays

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Currently working on Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

With the holidays fast-approaching, fitness routines get shut down and put on the back burner, only to have that flame rekindled come January 1st. As a trainer, nothing is more frustrating than watching months of hard work be thrown away, only to start back at ground zero come New Year’s. Understandably, the holidays can change up your daily routine, making your workout and eating schedules fall to the non-existent category on your hierarchy of things-to-do. With decorations to be put up, in-laws coming to town, last minute shopping to be done and feasts to prepare, people are often overwhelmed. The good news is, with just a few simple strategies, most people’s recently attained success can be sustained even through the busy holiday season. The problem is that most people fall victim to the snowball effect. They miss one workout, followed by a cheat meal the next day, and next thing you know your waist feels wider than a Christmas tree. Here are a few simple strategies I’ve come up with to help keep my clients (... and you!) on track during this holiday season:


Skip Breakfast!!

That’s right, I said it...BREAKFAST IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. Although the concept of weight gain is a little more complex than energy in vs. energy out, sticking with the basics over the holidays can go a long way. Make sure not to pack on too much winter weight by keeping your calorie intake low and your energy output high. The term “Intermittent Fasting” has become a buzz word in the fitness industry as of late. The practice of only eating between a 4-8 hour window and fasting for the rest of the day with the hopes of restricting calories and helping people lean out has now become common practice. I’m not advising you drastically change everything and become the crazed office maniac who starves themselves for 20

16 | December 2013

hours a day. But if you know you’re in for a Christmas feast, skipping a meal or two earlier that day may be a useful strategy to help lower your total calorie intake.


Over Reach

Over-reaching is characterized by an increase in workout intensity (how hard you’re working out) and frequency (how many times a week you work out) followed by a brief period of rest. How does this apply to you over the holidays? If you know you’re going to be caught for a few days where gym time is about as likely as Santa Claus actually fitting down your chimney, don’t be afraid to mix in a couple 2-a-days or add some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to the end of your

workout in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Over-reaching will ensure your body is still in burning mode, helping repair itself from the intense weeks you had before, while you sit back and enjoy some quality time around the Christmas tree.


Early Bird Gets the Work-­ out

It’s simple: the longer you go throughout the day, the more distractions you will face, deterring you from getting your working in. When it comes to the holidays, distractions are at an all time high. My personal ideal time of day to workout is the afternoon, but when it comes to the holidays, it’s either first thing in the morning or not at all.


Liquid Calories

Controlling your liquid intake is one of the easiest ways to cut on calories. I’ve always said one of the most effective dietary changes you can make is increasing your water consumption. The problem is that no one does it. Being conscious of how many liquid calories you consume in a day can make a difference of up to 500-2000 calories consumed. Multiply this number by a week, and we’re talking a few extra pounds added to that spare tire. Like your mom told you back in high school, don’t be afraid to mix in a water.



Filling up on the protein and veggies on your plate first can be a great tactic to help prevent overeating. The veggies on your plate contain fibre, which helps slow your digestive process, making sure you feel fuller longer, something we call satiety. Protein has a higher thermic effect of feeding than carbs and fat, meaning your body uses more energy to breakdown protein than the other macronutrients. Between the combination of the extra calories burned to digest the protein, and the feeling of fullness from the veggies, this strategy can go a long way in ensuring your feast isn’t a fattening one.


Try Something New

The holidays are all about socializing – getting together with family and friends to share great food, exchange gifts, and spend time with the ones you love. Kill a few birds with one stone by taking your friend/family member up on that offer to try a class they swear by. This will make the likelihood of you skipping that workout far less; it will also turn your training into a social event, which is something I strongly advocate. The idea with these strategies is not to try and adopt them all over the holidays. At the end of the day, I’m not advising you to turn into that crazed loonie who shows up at the gym at 5am every morning on an empty stomach, and only drinking water for the first 16 hours of the day. The best training programs require two things: simplicity and effectiveness. Sort through these strategies and pick 1 or 2 that you think will be the easiest to follow and the most effective for your individual needs. That being said, remember that rest is a weapon use it wisely and be sure to take advantage of my favourite time of year.

Happy Holidays

How to get in contact with Jacob at Greco Kanata Location: 100 Schneider Road, Kanata, Ontario Phone: 613 591 0348 Email: 61 | December 2013

Falling Asleep with Your Makeup On What’s the big deal? If you’re lucky, sleeping in a face full of makeup will only leave behind a pimple or two. But make it an all-the-time thing and you’re asking for clogged pores and a breeding ground for bacteria to run wild on. The worst culprit? Foundation, according to Elissa Lunder, MD, FITNESS advisory board member and owner of Dermatology Partners, Inc. in Massachusetts. In some cases, Dr. Lunder has even seen people develop milia -- small, hard bumps that form on the skin. And while she says sleeping in eye makeup won’t cause your lashes to fall out or give you pinkeye (whew!), dozing in mascara can cause eye swelling. But don’t stop the suds at your face! Forgetting to wash your brushes can lead to staph infections as well as aid in spreading cold sores or other illnesses. Um...gross?

Wearing Flats to Work, Then Changing into Heels What’s the big deal? “It’s a common misconception that flat shoes are good for your feet,” says Megan Leahy, DPM, a podiatrist at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute in Chicago. “The ballerina-style shoes that roll up and fit in your purse are even worse because they offer no stability or cushioning.” A common ailment Dr. Leahy sees when women wear flats that don’t offer enough support is plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the thick tissue at the bottom of the foot. Sky-high heel wearers can also face problems, ranging from foot sprains to broken ankles after taking a tumble in them. Wear the wrong shoes for too long and Dr. Leahy says it may lead to prolonged pain, physical therapy, and even cortisone injections.

Dozing Off in Your Contacts Forgetting to Floss Daily

18 | December 2013

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What’s the big deal? Brushing cleans the front and back of your teeth but your toothbrush has a hard time reaching foods that get stuck in between. Marc Liechtung, DDS, a dentist at Manhattan Dental Arts in New York says that any food that gets stuck between your teeth has a chance at turning into bacteria that can eat away at the enamel and cause decay. Not only can this cause cavities, it can also lead to gum disease, root canals, and even tooth loss.

What’s the big deal? Waking up with your lenses in is a bigger issue than just dry eyes. “I’ve treated hundreds of infections over the years and 95 percent of them are due to people sleeping in their contacts,” says Robert Cykiert, MD, a New York–based ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Medical Center. “You have anywhere from a 300 percent to 1000 percent increased risk of developing serious infections of the cornea by sleeping in contacts.” He’s seen it all, from bacterial infections that cause cornea scarring and result in permanent vision reduction to more severe cases

Stephanie Karlovits - Owner/President EPIC Fitness, Co-Director MOVE (an annual fitness professional conference). B.A Honours Psychology, PTS & NWS Certified, IHP Certified Performance Coach, IHP Functional Trainer Specialist, Yin Yoga Certified, ISSA Health and Fitness Management Diploma. Chair of the Advisory Council for Algonquin College’s Health & Fitness Promotion Diploma Program and Athletic background: currently enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in their Registered Holistic Nutritionist program. Background: 18 years as a competitive athlete as a Figure Skater for Minto Figure Skating Club and Carleton University

What is unique about EPIC Fitness compared to other fitness centres? EPIC is unique because we are the only functional training facility in Ottawa. We are also very holistic in nature. I tell people we are a marriage between a high athletic performance centre and a wellness centre. We are very detail-oriented when it comes to the science behind the human body in relation to movement, but we also practice and preach holistic nutrition and psychological well-being. How did you get started and decide to open a gym? It really happened by chance. I was 3 weeks into training a new client and he asked me what the future held for me - I said I wasn’t really sure. I had stepped down from managing a fitness department at a big commercial gym and thought maybe I would go back to school and do my Ph.D in Psychology. He said that I should keep doing what I was doing. He thought I had good entrepreneur skills and ideas and also had 8 years of personal training under my belt. He really believed in me. After countless chats and many nights awake with my eyes wide open, my other partner, strength and conditioning coach Neil Frotten, and I put together a plan and got excited. Neil was looking for a new path at the time as well, so it was perfect timing. We both knew that there was demand for a training facility that focused on functional training and we knew that we could bring that to Ottawa. What is your specialty at the gym? Clients express to us that we are very professional and knowledgeable. We focus on the human body as an entity that has scientific rules and those rules, when understood and honoured, lead our clients to attain the best health, best performance and best aesthetics that they have ever experienced. At

EPIC all of our trainers go through an intense mentorship where they learn about the science of functional training, holistic nutrition, myofascial release and how to mould their training to the specific needs of each and every client – young, mature, pregnant, injured, athlete or child. So, our specialty lies in what we practice and also our staff. You’ve been on a reality show, what has that experience been like for you? We’ve only been open a year, but in that time we have had some pretty outstanding clients. Neil and I have been on 2 Seasons of a Reality Show called, “Hit the Ice”.  The 2nd Season airs on APTN in January. On the show we were responsible for all of the strength/conditioning, nutrition and yoga for the group of 20 young hockey players. It was filmed here in Ottawa and in Gatineau for the past 2 summers. That was absolutely amazing. 

potential through movement, nutrition and psychology allows them to open new possibilities in their life that they never thought possible. We are in the business of changing lives, not simply giving people a six pack – although that is something that happens throughout the process organically. Fitness and health have to be fun, it has to be flexible and it has to be specific to the client. Those are things that we try to achieve with our clients on a daily basis. Do you have any holiday/new year promos? If you are reading this interview right now and interested in bettering your health and/or your athletic performance, come on into EPIC for a complimentary consultation and tour and we will give you 20% off Personal Training for all of December when you mention Faces!

Who are some of your other interesting clients that train with you? We also currently train the two- time Female World Champion for Red Bull Crashed Ice, along with three other talented Red Bull athletes. We also train two National Beach Volleyball athletes who we’ve had the pleasure of training since their time as amateur athletes. They both now compete on the national team full-time in Toronto, but we are still responsible for their training and nutrition. They come back to Ottawa to train and Skypein for nutrition. We also train the University of Ottawa Women’s Hockey Team and the Gloucester Rangers Junior A Hockey Team.   What is your philosophy when it comes to fitness and health? Our philosophy is our tagline, “Live Your Potential”.  We believe that unlocking a person’s

Website: Facebook: Twitter: @epicfitness11 Instagram: @epicfitness11 59 | December 2013

The Essential, the Overloaded and the Unnecessary Omega-­3 supplements and functional foods (like omega-­3-­infused milk and eggs) have become popular in the last decade. More recently, omega-­3-­6-­9 supplements and functional foods have gained recognition. Do you really need omega-­3-­6-­9?

There are three important parts of omega-3—EPA, DHA and DPA. We are born with all three parts circulating in the body, but lose them through aging. We know omega-3 is essential because the human body requires it for optimal health, but cannot produce it. The only way to get omega-3 is from supplements and food. Research shows that getting more omega-3 may help benefit the eyes, brain, cardiovascular system and more.

health Also an essential fatty acid, omega-6 can be found in nuts, breads, vegetable and cooking oils, and even some fruit. However, modern diets are far too high in omega-6 and far too low in omega-3. The ideal balance of omega-6/omega-3 is 1:1 to 4:1, but research shows that most people have an imbalance of 20:1 to 40:1. Too much omega-6 and too little omega-3 has been linked to numerous health problems. A recent study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that vegetable oils high in omega-6 and low in omega-3 were associated with a higher rate of coronary heart disease.

20 | December 2013

Unlike omega-3 and omega-6, omega-9 is not essential. Naturally produced by the body, and found in many foods, omega-9 is not something you need to supplement with.

57 | December 2013

VIENNA: HAVE A BALL IN HIGH AUSTRIAN STYLE The luxury central and eastern European travel experts at Exeter International can secure custom access to this black-tie-only event, including a ride to the ball in one of the horse-drawn fiacre carriages for which the city is famous, a red-carpet reception, and a gourmet dinner before the event officially opens to the general public. Five-night itineraries from $5,650 per person 800-633-1008 LONDON: AN EYE ON THE THAMES FIREWORKS The UK capital city will ring in 2014 with a grand fireworks display above the River Thames and the London Eye. Perhaps the most decadent way to watch will be through the eight huge picture windows within the two-bedroom, fifth-floor Royal Suite at the recently redone (by Pierre-Yves Rochon) Savoy, where you and your butler-attended guests could dine on a menu of Auguste Escoffier wonders (he was the hotel’s first head chef) while sipping Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill (he was a Savoy regular).




REYKJAVIK: NATURE’S FIREWORKS BY HELICOPTER Fireworks are well and good on New Year’s Eve, and there are plenty of places to see spectacular displays. But for the northern lights—nature’s own pyrotechnic extravaganza—you’re a bit more limited. Thankfully, some of the world’s best views of the aurora borealis (expected by NASA to be more impressive this year than at any time in the last half-century) are just a quick chopper ride from the rich social scene in Reykjavik. RIO: A BESPOKE BEACHFRONT BASH If you’re considering the road to Rio, be warned that the fireworks-viewing and rooftop festivities at the city’s famed Copacabana Palace Hotel are already wait-list-only. There’s still time, however, to book a stay at one of South America specialist Blue Parallel’s two ocean-side Rio penthouses: the six-bedroom Sugarloaf $56,000 per week) or five-bedroom Corcovado ($45,000 per week). 800-256-5307

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All Together Now Piles of magazines all over the coffee table? Keep them in order in a neat, wall-mounted chrome rack. You Can Never Have Enough Shoes... If your shoes and up In a mess at the bottom of your wardrobe, or at the front door. A wooden rack is just the thing to make them look more organized and tidy. So Neat A clever space saving idea is a sink dish rack. It sits inside the sink, rather then taking up counter space. Home Study Instead of having a messy desk full of loose papers and what not, you can buy yourself pretty fabric covered storage boxes. It'll spruce up the look and feel of your office too. Use a Plastic Caddy, Not Valuable Shelf Space To store cleaning supplies for surfaces and floors. Keep it on the broom and mop closet floor (locked, if you have small children) and tote it from room to room.

23 | December 2013



DEC 12

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Barenaked Ladies @ NAC A Christmas Carol @ The NAC

DEC 16


Sens vs Pittsburgh Penguins

DEC 25

Nutcracker @ NAC

Sens vs Maple Leafs

DEC 19


Merry Christmas!

DEC 31

The Once Christmas Concert @ NAC

Christmas Dinner @ Chateau Laurier 24 | December 2013

Happy New Year!

Gold Medal Plates

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Snowsuit Fund Gala

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Oversized Sweater Wood, cotton, fleece, whatever you fancy! Something cozy you can lounge around in. Hot Water Bottle Enjoying the localised heat of a hot water bottle is one of the best things about the colder weather.

Keeping Warm & cozy Warm Throw Blankets These are a must-have for snuggling up infront of the TV, or if you’re lucky enough infront of a fire.

Fluffy Towels Winter will see an influx in baths over showers, enticing those who would usually opt for a quick shower into a bubble-filled tub for a long soak.

You’ll be so grateful for purchasing big fluffy towels to wrap yourself in. Winter Candles If your apartment or condo lacks a wood or gas fire place, then C.O. Bigelow Firewood Candles are the next best thing!

Thermos Flask When the last thing you want to do is get out from under the covers and face the day, having a thermos flask full of aromatic coffee, indulgent hot chocolate or a milky tea can mean a lot when you are en route to work. Luxurious Hot Chocolate The crème de la crème of an inviting home is the beverages on offer, and what better than a steaming mug of hot chocolate with a sprinkling of marshmallows? Firewood If you are fortunate to live somewhere with a wood fireplace - take advantage! It is a great way to heat your home and at the same time is the cherry on top of cozy. Slippers Just one extra touch to keep you warm and cozy while you are lounging around the house! Big Cocoa Mug Find yourself an oversized mug you can fill with coffee in the morning, or hot chocolate at night!

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If you thought Aspen was the prime ski spot in the U.S., you were sorely mistaken. Just look at Vail’s rich snow, the diversity of the slopes and the staggering number of lifts, and you’ll see why the privileged flock here every winter. Vail’s streets are pleasant, reminiscent of an Austrian town and full of restaurants and bars. A gondola takes you high up into the mountains to appreciate the view once you have enough snow in your pants. What not to miss: The adrenaline overload of Vail’s 3,000-foot bobsled run.

Vail, Colorado

Whistler, Canada

Queenstown, New Zealand The best skiing destination in North America offers more than just incredible slopes with almost no lines or waits. Whistler, home of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, and host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, also features bungee jumps, outdoor skating, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, snowcat skiing, and heli-skiing. It’s a total winter spot that attracts thousands of young and beautiful thrillseekers. What Not to Miss: An aerial tour of the mountains by hydrofoil or helicopter.


Quebec City, Canada

Reykjavik, Iceland

Whoever said Canadians are dull has never been to Quebec City’s Winter Carnaval, starring “Bonhomme Carnaval,” a snowman-like mascot who’s the trademark of the event. Some of the friendliest folk can be found here, ambling through the old city’s colonial streets, tipsy on potent Caribou (an alcoholic beverage that tastes somewhat like sweet red wine), which they drink from a hollow cane. At every street square, you can warm up with some hot wine or try local delicacies. Enjoy your maple syrup hot and runny as a spiked shot, or cold rolled onto a stick. Then check out the Ice Hotel, which houses an Absolut Ice Bar — among other rooms — and take a tour of this “cool” attraction. What not to miss: Quebec City’s clubs bounce during Carnaval (which runs from the end of January until mid-February), many of which put up ice bars with ice stools, ice tables and ice glasses on their terraces.

Being the northernmost capital of the world, Reykjavik is swept by darkness in winter. But those wily Icelanders know better, creating a festival of lights replete with concerts, laser shows and carnival attractions. It’s a fantastic complement to the country’s glaciers, where snowmobiling and dog sledding are de rigueur. And you won’t believe just how dizzyingly gorgeous Iceland’s women are — as an added bonus, it’s nice to know they’re always open to exposure with foreigners... What not to miss: Reykjavik’s nightlife, where club-goers often spill onto city squares in their wintry revelry.

The best skiing destination in North America offers more than just incredible slopes with almost no lines or waits. Whistler, home of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, and host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, also features bungee jumps, outdoor skating, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, snowcat skiing, and heli-skiing. It’s a total winter spot that attracts thousands of young and beautiful thrillseekers. What Not to Miss: An aerial tour of the mountains by hydrofoil or helicopter.

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The Best Stocking Stuffers Under

$25.00 Chocolate

Olympic Mittens

Canada Olympic Collection red mittens are a Canadian icon, and reasonably priced at $10.00 a pair.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Whether dark, milk or flavoured, there’s a chocolate for everyone.

iPhone/iPad Case

Protect your electronic investment with a cost-effective case.

Gift Cards

If you can’t think of the perfect gift, then let them decide!

Lipstick for Her

Small, compact and colourful, lipstick makes a great stocking stuffer.

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Golf Balls

What golfer couldn’t use more balls?

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Dreaming Tree Crush

Jammy with strong berry notes, this red wine is affordable, fun and ideal to bring to your next holiday meal.

Ardbeg 10 Year Old Islay Scotch Whisky

A true whisky in every sense of the word – bold and smoky, with a hit of lemon, this Scotch Whisky will keep you warm on even the coldest winter night.

Leffe Brune

With a dark brown colour and slightly sweet flavour, this Belgian dark ale is ideal for winter.

Bringing the Holiday Spirits! Getting together with family and friends over the holiday season is about togetherness, having fun and keeping warm on cold winter nights. This holiday season, we recommend showing up to a party or curling up with one of these drinks.

Remy Martin VSOP Cognac

French cognac is a known holiday treat around the world. This famous French brand is a classic for a reason – it’s fruity and smooth taste.

Trafalgar Ginger Mead

This tasty winter treat stems from a combination of water and honey, with a hint of ginger. Can be prepared by heating.

St-Rémy à la Crème

A rich blend of silky, caramel cream mixed with French cognac. Enjoyed on its own or with coffee.

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THE BEST SKI HILLS IN CANADA Whistler Blackcomb, BC Together, the adjacent Whistler and Blackcomb mountains offer more than 200 marked runs, 16 alpine bowls and three glaciers over 3,200 hectares of incredibly beautiful terrain. Sun Peaks, near Kamloops, Bc Sun Peaks Resort is an alpine ski resort located in Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada, 50 km northeast of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta The Lake Louise Ski Resort is a ski resort in western Canada, located in Banff National Park near the village of Lake Louise, Alberta. It is located 57 km west of Banff. Lake Louise is one of three major ski resorts located in Banff National Park Source :

Le Massif, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec Towering high above the St. Lawrence River, The Mountain creates a natural hideaway for action, adventure and intrigue. Until August 18, the lift Le Transit is in operation, conveying rail shuttle passengers to the new hiking trails set up at the base of the Mountain.

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RIDEAU CANAL SKATEWAY The Rideau Canal measures at 7.8km long. It is the largest outdoor skating rink in the world! It extends all the way to Dows Lake. Take advantage! If you are looking for a romantic stroll, or a full day of outdoor activity for the kids, this is the place to be. There are many services available to the public such as change rooms, skate rentals and food and beverage stands


CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Do you have a passion for cross-country skiing? Check out two teasured parks in Ottawa: Gatineau Park and Greenbelt Park. There are hundreds of kilometres of scenic trails offered at both of these locations. There is a Canadian Ski Marathon and the Gatineau Loppet if you are interested in just watching. DOWNHILL SKIING/SNOWBOARDING Whether you want to tackle the hills at 100kph or enjoy the majestic views from the top, Ottawa’s surrounding downhill skiing sites give you plenty of options to choose from. Hit the slopes at Mont Cascades, Mont Saint-Marie, Gatineau Hills or Ottawa Valley. BEAVERTAILS IN OTTAWA Without a doubt, the treat “BeaverTails” has become what many refer to as a Canadian addiction. Even President Obama couldn’t resist one of these delectable treats during his visit to Canada’s Capital! Look for kiosks along the Rideau Canal Skateway and the ByWard Market. WINTERLUDE It’s time to embrace and celebrate our unique, northern Canadian climate! Add some spice to your February weekends with North America’s greatest winter festival. From ice carvings to 30’ snow slides, Winterlude has an exciting variety of events and activities. See what else this festival has to offer— and get the most out of your Canadian winter in Canada’s Capital Region.

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HOCKEY NIGHT IN OTTAWA Be part of the Ottawa hockey passion. Get ready for an evening packed with NHL hockey action. Head to the Canadian Tire Centre, where the Ottawa Senators take to the ice and take on the best in the NHL. Get a taste of hometown hockey pride with the Ottawa 67’s and the Gatineau Olympics. From junior to pro, you’ll find the game of hockey is always a thrill in Ottawa.

Be Merry 10 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

1. Donate time, money or food to the local food bank. Food banks always run low this time of year. You can hand out, sort, organize or prepare food for families.

6. Donate your closet clutter. We all have a sweater or two we hardly wear anymore, why not donate it to somewhere such as the Salvation Army to help out someone less fortunate.

2.Volunteer at your local soup kitchen. The cold weather sends people inside more than other times of year, and it seems harder this time of year for people in need to find a warm meal.

7. Give local gifts. Make an effort to bring your Christmas closer to home. Instead of driving to the mall, take a walk and pick up a few things from local shops. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you might find.

3. Donate to the cause of your choice on behalf of someone else. If a loved one has suffered from breast cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, or any other ailment, you can make a loving donation in the name of a friend or family member that supports a cause close to your heart. 4.Helping out the animals. If you’re a pet lover, often local animal shelters hold food or toy drives for the animals housed there during Christmas. 5. Visit a homeless shelter or tent. Donate blankets, gloves, socks, hats or coats. Each little item keeps someone warm and can help them survive those awfully cold nights we have here in Ottawa.

8. Visit a neighbor or elderly person. Christmas can be a lonely time, especially for the elderly living alone. Why not pop next door and say ‘hello’ and offer to help with any Christmas shopping, or perhaps helping with Christmas cards. 9.Make a New Year’s resolution to get more involved in your community. Sign up to coach a local sports team, dog walking, volunteer to be a scout mom, sign up for meals on wheels, etc. 10. Keeping it up all year. Giving back during the holidays and giving back on any other day of the year should be the same: a warm smile, a “please” or a “thank you.”

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With A New Year’s Eve Fiesta Featuring Champagne Paired Menus, Live DJ and Featured Dance Performances @ Mambo - Flamenco Show @ Kinki - Burlesque Show

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