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Eugenie Bouchard A Star is Born: The Faces Interview

Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard burst onto the international stage with an historic run at the 2014 Australian Open. With over 4.4 million Canadians watching her every move, Eugenie Bouchard advanced all the way to the semi-finals, making her the first Canadian in 30 years to accomplish such a feat. Bouchard is an excellent player who many predict will become the top seeded tennis player in the world within a few years. She is on track to become the greatest tennis player this country has ever seen. What makes her so successful is clear when you talk to her. She speaks with confidence, determination and is committed to achieving her goal of being a top player in the world. We caught up with Eugenie Bouchard to speak about her career, her life and of course – Justin Bieber:

You started playing tennis at age 5 with your twin sister, Beatrice, the same way that many young kids around Canada pick up a sport. Do you remember the moment when you or your family realized that this was not just going to be a hobby for you, that you had a special talent? I did start playing tennis with my twin at 5 and I loved it right away. I started practicing on my own once a week, to group practice three times a week, then playing every day, private lessons, etc. I played in my first tournament when I was 8 years old. When I was 9, I qualified for a big 12 and under tournament in France. It’s probably the biggest 12 and under tournament in the world. I was 9 and beating girls that were 12. I went to France to play in the tournament and, to me, that was when I realized that I wanted to make a career out of it. It was the first time I went outside of North America, which was really cool. I was very young, but I knew that tennis is what I wanted to do. Were your parents tennis players or athletes – or are there other athletes in your family? They were both athletic, but only played sports recreationally. They enjoyed watching sports, but nothing at the level that I do. What role has your family played in your success to date? Do you speak to them often? Nowadays with texting, Facebook and everything I stay in touch with them. They definitely know how much I’ve put into tennis since I was young, and my parents supported me the whole time. They believed in me ever since I was young and did everything from drive me to practice every day, to going to see fitness doctors. When I was 12, we went to Florida for 3 years to train. My parents were the ones that thought I needed to get out of Canada and go train with a great coach in Florida, have the opportunity to play with more international players and have the opportunity to play year round. They made those big decisions for me which I’m really grateful for. I think everything they did, and that move especially, definitely helped my career.

6 | March 2014

“it’s normal to be a little bit nervous – it means you want to win”

Going to Florida to train as a professional when you’re only 12 is a big sacrifice you had to make. Going through your teenage years what were other types of sacrifices you had to make to get where you are now. ? For sure – there is a lot of sacrifice. I definitely have a non-existent social life, but these are sacrifices I’m willing to make. When I was younger I’d miss birthday parties, hanging out with friends and I didn’t have a prom because I had tennis tournaments and other commitments. It was the little thing that sometimes made it hard, especially because my twin sister and younger sister were able to do those things. But at the same time, I love playing tennis and it’s what I had to do. In hindsight it’s still worth it. Even upcoming things that I may miss are still worth it. What is it like having a twin sister? Are you guys very similar? We are very different people, but we are super close. It’s pretty interesting that we are the same age but different – I’m the athletic one and she’s the social butterfly with friends, a part-time job and everything else. We keep in touch all the time and I think she does cool and different things, and she thinks I do cool and different things. We are living different lives but, being the same age, we go through similar things. When we were younger we thought it was kind of lame being a twin because mom would dress us in the same outfits, we shared the same birthday, etc. Now that we’re older we’ve realized that it’s a rare thing (being a twin) and think it’s really cool to have someone to share these experiences with. Tennis is a sport where it’s you versus your opponent in front of a crowd – often with millions of people watching at home. You do not have the luxury of having teammates with you, you don’t have a coach court side to consult with after every point – it truly must be a test of your mental strength each match. How do you keep your focus and concentration? Do you have any tricks you use to calm yourself down when you feel nerves? I think it’s normal to be a little bit nervous – it means you want to win. Of course, I want to win every match I play, but the most important thing for me is to look at the big picture and improve as a tennis player. I think about long-term, play the right way and practice getting better. I try to stay mentally positive, focus on one point at a time, try to serve well and play tactically the right way so that I can become a better tennis player now and in the future. Often, I try to take a step back and think to myself, “OK. Long-term, where do I want to go? One match, in the long-term, is very insignificant.” I want to win every match, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t. I just continue doing my best and trying to win. You recently skyrocketed to international fame and attention last month at the Australian Open, where you advanced all the way to the semi-finals of a Grand Slam event - becoming the first Canadian to do so in 30 years. Over 4.4 million Canadians watched that match - at the time, did you have any idea of what kind of support you had back home - and what did it mean to you when you found out that so many Canadians were supporting you? I think I was kind of in a different world – obviously being half-way across the world. I felt the support while I was in Australia, but at home it went to a completely different level. It’s nice that in January people were talking about tennis and not only hockey, which makes me happy. I’m just honoured that so many people watch and support me – I’m very grateful for people who support me. Going back to Montreal was completely different for me. I was there for a week and getting recognized everyday multiple times. People will give me little messages saying they’re proud of me and great job, things like that, which is really nice. Tell us what it was like playing in the heat at the Australian Open, which was said to hit 40°C Celsius. Was it just a matter of just staying hydrated? What other factors came into play? It was definitely pretty hot. I got lucky and only played one match in the peak of the afternoon when it was over 40°C degrees. It was my third round against Lauren Davis. Luckily, I played the other matches later in the day and at night when it wasn’t so hot. But I’m kind of use to the heat because I do my training in Florida, which is somewhat good preparation. The heat is the same for both players so you can’t complain – you just have to deal with it. For me hydration is very important and on court I was using ice towels, ice vests and ice anything to get through it. It’s tough, but I love it. It’s all part of the battle and competition – just another element that makes it tougher. Did you ever take a moment to look around and take it all in - or are you so focused on the matches that you never really get to enjoy the experience? I do try to enjoy it and that’s something my coach Nick always says, “At the end of the day it’s tennis. It’s a sport, it’s a game, and you have to enjoy it.” This is a philosophy I try to adopt, especially when I walk out on big courts. I was lucky enough to play three matches at Rod Laver on centre

7 | March 2014

court at the Australian Open, and walking out there is such a special feeling. When I’m playing I am focused and keeping my eyes on the court, but I do have a sense of the crowd and enjoy it. I like playing at centre stage at a grand slam – it’s what I worked my whole life for – I love and enjoy it. Many people in this country took offence to the Australian interviewer asking you which celebrity you would like to date. Some felt that she would never have asked you such a question if you were a man. Does it bother you that she asked you such a question - or was it just something you thought it was harmless and really not a big deal? It’s funny, some people called it sexist or whatever but to me it was entertaining and all in good fun. They were asking all the players fan-submitted questions, and that was one of the fan questions. So if my fans want to know what celebrity I’d love to date then that’s fine with me (laughs). It actually makes the on-court interview more interesting to ask non-tennis questions because I think it makes it more fun and brings in a bigger audience. As a fan, I’d be curious to know more about other players and athletes so I thought it was a good question. I got booed, but it’s all good (laughs). Do you think Justin Bieber is still the man for you after his recent arrest? (Laughs) He has definitely been in a little bit of trouble since I said that. I hope I didn’t jinks him. I think he’s got a lot of talent and he came from playing in the streets outside of Starbucks to becoming the hottest teenager on the planet. I have a lot of respect for how he became so big. Who do you look up to most in tennis – do you model your game after anyone? It was written that your favourite player growing up was Maria Sharapova. What was it like playing against her and have you two had the chance to become friends now that you’re on the tour? I wouldn’t say we’re friends, but most of the top players

8 | March 2014

aren’t friends on the tour. It’s hard to be friends with players on the tour because at the end of the day they’re your competition. For sure we are all friendly with each other, but it’s tough to be true friends due to the nature of competition. As for Maria Sharapova, it was really cool playing her. I remember watching her when she won Wimbledon, and I thought it was so amazing that I wanted to do the same thing. Playing her at the French Open at centre court was something out of a dream. I tried to hold my own, and even though I didn’t win, it was a good match. Playing against champions like that helps show me what I need to do and how I need to improve. As for tennis players on tour I’m definitely a big fan of Roger Federer – he’s my tennis idol. What does it mean to you that so many young girls in Canada are now going to be picking up tennis rackets and trying to be like you when they grow up – the same way that you used to look up to stars like Sharapova? I think it’s really cool and an honour that girls want to play tennis because of me. I want to promote the sport and if it gets bigger in Canada that’s a great thing. I think it has become more popular in recent years and I hope it continues to gain popularity. Since the Australian Open you have clearly become a big star in our country and around the tennis world. What is one thing about being famous that you never would have expected when you were a kid growing up playing tennis? I wouldn’t say one thing in particular. You can imagine what it might be like, but you can never predict what it’s actually going to be like. There’s a lot more time demand and media requests, but that comes with the job. I enjoy doing the off-court things (like interviews) and I feel that it’s a sign of on-court success if people want to talk off-court. Ultimately, if it helps grow the sport and gets fans interested it’s a good thing.

“It’s hard to be friends with players on the tour because at the end of the day they’re your competition.”

You just won your Federation Cup Matches in Montreal – what was it like playing back in your hometown for Canada? It’s definitely fun to get back and see my family. I felt some strong support at the Federation Cup, the sold out crowd was extremely into it. There was a Canadian Genie Army that started in Australia, but now there is another in Montreal. It`s great to see that support around the world and especially in the city I`m from. What is it like playing against Serena Williams? She is arguably the top women’s tennis player in history, did you find it intimidating or was it just such a thrill to be at the U.S. Open competing against her? It’s so exciting and I love every chance I get to play against great players like Serena Williams. When I played her last year I was so excited to play against the best player in the world, and possibly the best of all time. You never know how many times you’re going to get to play against the number one in the world. I was tight with her and then I lost, but it showed me how good she was; her placement on her serves and shots is so impressive. It’s different from watching her on TV because I got to see what it was really like to play her. Watching her elevate her game in the second and third set is something champions do – she took it to a new level. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today? I think the toughest thing about the sport is the daily grind, the repetition, practicing four hours a day, two hours at the gym, five weeks in a row in the off season. Preparing for tournaments, hitting backhands, forehands and doing it over and over again, etc. I think just that part is tough, and can be mentally exhausting. I enjoy it but it can get a bit repetitive. It always makes it more exciting to play in tournaments because I love being competitive and playing matches. What accomplishment are you most proud of to date in your career? I’m happy with how I played at the Australian Open recently, but at the same time I always want to do better. My favourite

would be winning the Junior Wimbledon. To win a title is always something big and it was always one of my goals to win a Junior Slam, which I think it helped me transition to the pros. I think it was a turning point in my career and a great accomplishment in itself as well. What is your favourite kind of music? Who are some of the artists we would find in your playlist? What is your favourite concert you’ve attended? I went to Drake in Montreal, which was really cool. I’ve also saw Kanye West and Miley Cyrus – those are the types of artists you can find on my playlist. But I also like Rihanna, Beyonce, and I used to love Destiny Child before they broke up. You’ve been to so many countries around the world – if you could recommend one to our readers in Canada for vacation, what would it be? My two favourites are Australia and Italy. I went to Australia for the first time when I was 14 to play tennis. Australians are so nice and laid back; it’s a very relaxed atmosphere and vibe. As for Italy, I love the European feel and vibe, and the food is amazing. Italy is very quaint, with lots of little cities, but big cities like Milan are great too. Your birthday is coming up next week – what does Eugenie Bouchard want to get for her 20th birthday? I haven’t thought about it yet. I don’t want to not be a teenager anymore, anyone who brings it up I tell them not to talk about it. I’d say I’d like to pretend it’s not my birthday and that it doesn’t exist. I’m going to be in Acapulco, Mexico playing a tournament, at a resort on the beach, which isn’t a bad place to be. Today is Valentine’s Day...what is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? (Laughs) I don’t have a Valentine and didn’t get anything, so this year wasn’t very successful. I’d say the Genie Army is pretty cute giving me stuffed animals after matches and notes from fans and stuff. Any nice words my fans send me are always really nice and I appreciate it.

Speaking with Bouchard, you forget that you are speaking to a 20 year-old young woman, for she speaks with maturity and poise well beyond her years. She was very courteous, charming and extremely grounded. She appreciates her fans, she is humbled by the support and you can tell that she really cherishes her family. This 20-year old phenom from Montreal is the face and the future of Canadian tennis, and leads a growing “Genie Army” of supporters in Canada and around the world. She has sacrificed many of the joys attributed to adolescence in pursuit of her tennis dream -- the future is now for Eugenie Bouchard and Canada as a country could not be more proud. @geniebouchard

10 | March 2014

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1 & 2. Canadian athletes at the Sochi Olympic opening ceremonies. 3. Ottawa’s own Ivanie Blondin and members of Canada’s Speed Skating Team. 4. Bobsledders Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse winning the gold medal!


Marielle Thompson and Kelsey Serwa, Gold and Silver Medallists Women’s Ski Cross

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win Silver Medal in Ice Dancing

Skip Jennifer Jones and the Canadian Womens Curling Team celebrate winning the Gold Medal

Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse celebrate Gold Medal in Bobsled

Men’s Curling Team wins Gold Medal

Canadian skaters celebrate winning Silver in Team Skate

Canadian Womens Hockey Team celebrates winning the Gold Medal after historic overtime win over the United States.

18 | March 2014

Sidney Crosby celebrates his breakaway goal to give Canada a 2-0 lead over Sweden in the Gold Medal game. 19 | March 2014

Sochi Olympic Athletes from Ottawa Hometown: Almonte, Ontario Previous Olympics: Vancouver, 2010 Career Achievements: Medalled in Team Sprint at World Cup in Sochi 2013 Sochi Olympics 2014 Results: Ladies’ Relay 4x5 km; Time 59:13.6; Rank: 14 Ladies’ Team Sprint Classic Semifinals; Time 17:09.13; Rank: 5

Perianne Jones

Cross-Country Skiing

Almonte native, Perianne Jones’ interest in skiing started at the young age of two, but did not grow into a racing career until the age of 15 when her family joined the Nakkertik Ski Club in Ottawa. The time leading up to the Sochi 2014 Olympics has been less than smooth for Jones. After a minor scheduling setback, Jones was left stranded in Canmore, AB, while team members and competitors were in Europe. Instead of succumbing to the pressures of the situation, Jones focused her energy on the upcoming games and accepted her time in Canmore as an opportunity to relax and prepare for the Sochi Olympics which would prove to make her stronger. Hometown: Cumberland, Ontario Career Achievements: Recipient of an excellence award in short track at the 2011 Ottawa Sports Awards Sochi Olympics 2014 Results: Men’s 1000m time; 1:10.040; Rank 20 Men’s 1500m time: 1:49.42; Rank 33

Vincent De Haitre

Long Track Speed Skating

At the age of 6, Vincent De Haitre took up the sport of speed skating. He first knew he wanted to be an Olympian when watching the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, and seeing Catriona Le May Doans’ Vector commercial. He was scouted by his coach Mike Rivet, at the Gloucester Concord. After winning the 1000m and finishing third in the 1500m at the Canadian trials, he had earned his place on the Olympic team. Unlike his teammates and competitors, De Haitre had minimal international experience and made his World Cup and World Junior Championship debut in 2013 where he placed 7th in the 1000m and 1500m.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario Career Achievements: Finished 2012-13 ranked third in the World Cup standings for the non-Olympic mass start event. Four-time World Cup medallist in team pursuit. Sochi Olympics 2014 Results: Ladies’ 3000 m: Time: 4:18.70; Rank: 24th Ladies’ 5000 m: Time: 7:20.10; Rank: 14th Ladies’ team Pursuit Finals: Time:3:02.04; Rank: 1st

Ivanie Blondin

Long Track Speed Skating

Ivanie Blondin was discovered by the same coach as her teammate, Vincent De Haitre. At the age of 2, she was enrolled in figure skating, but that did not please her inner tom boy. She was successfully trained as a short track speed skater at the age of thirteen. At the age of twenty, she transferred her training to become a long-track speed skater, after failing to qualify for the Vancouver Olympics. She has faced many physical challenges, such as battling mononucleosis and 5 concussions in a 3 year span, but has always risen to performing her best and was able to compete in the Sochi Olympics.

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada Career Achievements: Champions of World Women’s Curling Championship (2008), Champions of Scotties Tournaments of Heart (2009) Sochi Olympic 2014 Results: Olympic Champions

Dawn McEwen Women’s Curling 20 | March 2014

Dawn McEwen started her curling career, at the age of 7 at the RCMP curling club, located in Ottawa. In 2007, Dawn McEwen joined Jennifer Jones’ team as lead. The team would continue to win three consecutive Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2008, 2009 and 2010. She missed the Canadian Curling Trial to participate in the Vancouver Olympics, but she made up for lost time, by becoming 2014 Olympic Champion.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario Previous Olympics: Vancouver, 2010 Career Achievements: 7th place finish at World Cup championship in 2013, Sochi Bronze in four man event at three World Championships and 6th place finish at 2011 World Championship Sochi Olympics 2014 Results: Four-Man Heat 2: Rank: 20th

Cody Sorensen 4 Man Bobsleigh

Cody Sorensen started off as a track star in high school, excelling in hurdles and eventually became 2-time All-Canadian in the 60m hurdles. Based on his track and field accomplishments, in 2008, he was recruited to the sport of bobsleigh. Becoming an Olympian was pre-destined for him, as his father, Ole Sorensen, competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics. As a send off to the Sochi Olympics, neighbours and fans had placed a bobsleigh on his front yard to show their Canadian pride and support. Due to Sorensen’s success leading up to the Sochi Olympics, no one would have anticipated that they would crash. Fortunately, they were able to walk away from the finish area after medical attention. In an interview before the Olympics, Sorensen’s tag line was, ‘Don’t train harder, train smarter.’ One can be certain, that the crash did not break their competitive spirit, but will only prepare them for the competitions to come.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario Previous Olympics: Vancouver, 2010 Career Achievements: 3 time World Champion, 2-time Grand Prix Final Champion, a 2-time Four Continents champion, a six-time Canadian Champion and current Guinness World Record Holder in all 3 categories (short program, free program, and total score). Sochi Olympics 2014 Results: Team Skate: Silver medal winner Men’s free skate and short program: Silver medal winner

Patrick Chan Figure Skater

At the age of 5, Patrick Chan, wanted to enroll in hockey, however, his parents encouraged him to pursue figure skating in order to perfect his skating skills. He became the youngest Canadian figure skater ever to win the National Skating Championship. For the Sochi Olympics, Chan he was the gold medal favourite. With the pressure of becoming Canada’s first-ever men’s Olympic champion, coupled with the redemption from his 5th place finish in Vancouver, Chan placed second and received a silver medal.Although most would consider it a definite win from the previous Olympics, he is frustrated with his results. He describes his journey leading up to the 2014 Olympics as filled with sleepless and restless nights. He acknowledges that he has his team mates to help him through his tough time and he is looking forward to joining them in the upcoming Stars on Ice Tour.

Hometown: Aylmer, Quebec Previous Olympics: Vancouver, 2010 Career Achievements: Three Career World Cup Victories

Caroline Calvé Snowboard

Caroline Calvé’s Olympic journey started as a ski instructor before she became a competitive snowboarder. At the age of thirteen, Calvé gave up skiing competitively, but was drawn right back to the slopes when she discovered snowboarding three years later. Her decision to compete as an athlete arose while planting between 4000-500 trees per day, in Northern Ontario; she was compensated based on how many trees she planted. Calvé discovered that she had a competitive nature that had potential to translate to sports. Due to unfavourable weather conditions, she was unable to properly train before her Vancouver Olympic trials. She harnessed her experiences from the 2010 Olympics, to anticipate unexpected circumstances that may occur in Sochi. The 2014 Olympics were a struggle; Calvé was having to battle not only her competitors, but also a virus. Despite the hurdles she had to overcome, Calvé arrived in Sochi, but as a different athlete than in Vancouver. She was able to tweak her imperfections, recognize what physical and mental training regiments would lead her to success and demand what she needed of herself.

21 | March 2014

Elizabeth Manley Your story is truly inspiring for athletes across the country - no one expected you to win, sponsors were not beating down your door, and you were battling illness heading into the Olympics in 1988. You overcame all the odds and proved everyone wrong by capturing the silver medal in what is still arguably the most memorable women’s skating competition in Olympic history. What memory stands out the most looking back at 1988? What was going through your mind when you stood in the middle of the ice, having just completed the Long Program to a standing ovation from the crowd? The greatest memory for me at the games was driving through the streets of Calgary after I won and seeing thousands of people on the streets waving Canadian flags and yelling, “MANLEY, MANLEY, MANLEY!” At that moment, I really realized I had not only won for myself but I won for the whole country. It was a truly a memorable moment for me. Standing on the podium the night I received the silver medal was the moment it all came together. As ill as I was at the games, my training paid off for me and winning silver was incredible. Even though I won silver at the 1988 Olympics that night, to the Manley family I won gold in life. As a teenager, you spent a lot of your time training to become an even better skater. Is it true that your weight-training partner was Steve Yzerman? Yes! Back in the day, Steve and I used to do Nautilus and trained together. I think we were both like 14 years old at the time. You battled depression at an early age, but have overcome this difficult experience. How has that experience helped shape you? Having suffered from depression has made me the person I am today. I understand who I am now and have learned from my experiences and how to deal with hardships. I still suffer from depression and will always have bouts, but having the resilience I did back when I was skating and pulling myself through it has helped me as an adult.

22 | March 2014

Today, my passion is working with teens who suffer from mental health issues. I have spoken at over 100 local schools and produced an event called Elizabeth Manley & Friends, which is a star-studded ice event that raises money for teen mental health. This is my true passion – working, speaking out and trying to make a difference in all fields of mental health. You were just 22 years old when you won the silver medal. Looking back, were you ready for the attention that came your way, and what advice would you have for other athletes on how to handle the media spotlight at such a young age? You need to stay grounded and stay true to yourself. One saying I was taught after the Olympics was, ‘whether what they say about you is good or bad, at least you’re worth talking about.’ This was something I had to learn in order to understand and accept being in the public spotlight. So often I would feel hurt about things being said about me, but that saying helped make me stronger. Being successful on the international stage can often be a new and difficult experience, but if you use your celebrity status to do good towards others you will prevail. You were born in Trenton, but grew up in Ottawa. What part of the city did your family live in, and what are some of your favourite memories growing up in the city? I lived in the west end for awhile, but have been in Orléans most of my career. I love Ottawa because there’s so much to do, but I would have to say downtown is my favourite. I especially love the hustle and bustle of the Market. My favourite restaurant is the Empire Grill. In 2012, you started Elizabeth Manley and Friends. Tell us about this organization and its work in Ottawa. This organization was started with my husband, Brent Theobald. I was in a place where I wanted to do more for mental health. What better way than to get some of my closest friends to support me in the cause? We decided to make it a two day event with a dinner

gala the night before and a great show at Canadian Tire Centre the following night. Friends like Elvis Stojko, Joannie Rochette, Nancy Kerrigan and more came to support a very successful event that benefited YSB (Youth Services Bureau) of Ottawa as well as the D.I.F.D (Do It For Daron) Foundation at the Royal Ottawa. We involved videos, singers and world class skaters for the entire weekend to showcase the great work both organizations do for mental health. I will be doing another Elizabeth Manley and Friends event in Peterborough on April 5th. Unfortunately we were not able to get a booking at the Canadian Tire Centre this year as there were too many events already scheduled. However, the event will return to Ottawa next year on January 24, 2015 to benefit the Royal Ottawa as well as a couple of other charities here in Ottawa. What is your favourite place in Ottawa and why? This may sound cliché, but I don’t have one favourite place – I’m in love with the entire city! What is life like in 2014 for Elizabeth Manley? Crazy busy! I’m working with CBC doing internet live chats for Sochi, coaching, motivational speaking and working alongside Skate Canada for many events. I’m so happy to still be involved with my sport in many ways. But as of right now, I’m training for the next Elizabeth Manley and Friends event while doing all of the above. Although life has been very difficult for me at times, it’s what has shaped my life, made it special and helped instill my passion today. I love to give back to this great city because without the love and support Ottawa has given me throughout my career there would be no Elizabeth Manley. Thank you Ottawa! I love you! @Lizmanley88



Record 44-23-15: 103 points (first time Sens crack the 100 point barrier in a season) Jacques Martin wins Jack Adams Trophy as NHL’s Coach of the Year Alexei Yashin named Team Captain Yashin is a finalist for the Hart Trophy as League MVP after his 94 point season Ron Tugnutt’s 1.79 GAA was the lowest GAA in the NHL Swept in the first round of the playoffs (4-0) by Dominik Hasek and the Buffalo Sabres. Leaders: Goals: Alexei Yashin (44) Assists: Alexei Yashin (50) Points: Alexei Yashin (94), Plus/Minus: Magnus Arvedson (+33)

The Ottawa Rough Riders franchise folded in 1996 there was no CFL football in Ottawa in 1999.

TSN 1200’s Jason York led Senators in scoring by a defenceman with 35 points Senators draft Martin Havlat in 1st Round (26th overall) in 1999

1999 in Review SPORTS


Stanley Cup Champions: Dallas Stars

Oscar for Best Picture: American Beauty

NBA Champions: San Antonio Spurs

Super Bowl Champions: Denver Broncos

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, The Sixth Sense and Toy Story 2 Most Popular TV Shows: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, E.R., Friends Blair Witch Mania: Film made for only $25,000 earns over $248,000,000 in theatres in 1999.

Sexiest Man Alive

24 | March 2014

Sexiest Woman Alive

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa hit over 60 home runs for the second consecutive season.

Top Grossing Films of 1999:

World Series Champions: New York Yankees

Team USA Wins the Women’s World Cup of Soccer in 1999 (winning 5-4 on penalty kicks over China).


Richard Gere

Michelle Pfeiffer

Top Songs of 1999 (Billboard Charts) include: “Believe” by Cher, “Livin la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin, “No Scrubs” by TLC and “...Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Canadian Superstar Céline Dion wins “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year” at the 1999 Grammy Awards for “My Heart Will Go On”

Lauryn Hill wins Grammy Award for Album of the Year for “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

Ottawa in 1999 POLITICS


GAS PRICE Gas Price (Regular):


Hottest Day in Ottawa: JUNE 7TH


Jim Watson Mayor of Ottawa



Coldest Day in Ottawa: JANUARY 29TH

Mike Harris Premier of Ontario

Jean Chrétien Prime Minister of Canada


- 29

This price would almost double up to 108.7 cents/litre by 2008


MARRIAGES IN 1999 Soccer Star David Beckham marries Spice Girl Victoria Adams

Actress Helen Hunt marries Simpsons Voice Actor Hank Azaria

Car: Toyota Camry

Friends star Courtney Cox marries Actor David Arquette

Christmas Gifts: Pokemon Nintendo Games

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld weds PR executive Jessica Sklar

Time Magazine Person of the Year: Jeffrey Bezos - Internet entrepreneur and founder of -

Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

25 | March 2014



Pink or baby blue, fleeces and tank tops revealing the midriff (crop top), and Union jack motifs inspired by the Cool Britannia movement. zne



Hoop earrings, shoes with rounded toes, flip flops, jelly shoes, alice bands, fascinators, gold jewelry, running shoes, bandanas, and novelty wellington boots with patterns like leopard print or zebra stripes.

Casual chic

.com claire


Flared trousers, miniskirts, grey sweatpants, yoga pants, capri pants, low-waisted jeans inspired by the designs of Alexander McQueen, and thong underwear.



Fashion in 1999 Late 1990s (1997-1999)


Business wear


Training shoes (white or black) manufactured by Adidas, Reebok, Hitec and Nike. Shoes with built in air pumps were popular among both sexes. Leather had largely replaced canvas, and soles were made of foam rather than solid rubber.

Adidas Torsion

Nike Air Max

In Europe, single-breasted three and four button suits in grey or navy blue, together with leather jackets based on the same cut as blazers, began to replace the 1980s power suits. In America, suits went out of fashion as men began to dress smart-casual and business casual, a trend kickstarted by Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Preppy brands like Old Navy, khaki cargo pants, baggy basketball shorts, and chinos. Other popular items of clothing included tracksuits, hoodies, and black bomber jackets with orange linings. At this time it became fashionable to leave shirts untucked.

2014 Faces and Businesses in Ottawa (F.A.B.I.O.) Awards Winners Female Athlete of the Year: Rachel Homan

Business Owner: Ramsey Sayeh

Volunteer: Josh O’Grady

Male Athlete of the Year: Erik Karlsson

Entrepreneur: Harley Finkelstein

Event Planner: Sharon & Tony House

Sports Bar: Real Sports

Manager: Duong Hoang

Promoter: DNA Presents

Chiropractor: Dr. Michael Gibson

Receptionist: Rachael Johnson

Fine Dining: Empire Grill

Salesperson: Liane Cote

Makeup Artist: Leslie-Anne Barrett

Date Night: Fresco

Nightclub: JunXion

Bartender (tie): Krista Bailey and Chloe Furness

Local Brewery: Big Rig

Country Bar: Crazy Horse Pub: Heart & Crown After Work Drinks: Moxies Kanata Patio: Cornerstone Accountant: Matt Hoar Financial Advisor: Rob Stewart Mortgage Broker: Frank Napolitano Real Estate Agent: Maggie Tessier Teacher: Erika Erskine Politician: Jim Watson

Hairstylist: Pierino Scarfo Server: Julia Sicard Personal Trainer: Jacob Wright Fitness Centre: Free Form Fitness Clothing Store: NRML Furniture Store: Polanco Place to Work: Mitel Humanitarian (tie): Max Keeping and Erin Phillips Volunteer Organization: Ottawa Food Bank

Coffee Shop: La Bottega Restaurant: Giovanni’s Real Estate Agency: The Usher Group Inc. Car Dealership: Otto’s BMW IT Company: Shopify Travel Agency: Professional Recruiter: Helena Tavares Model: Delaney Holley Promotional Model: Francesca Webb Mr./Mrs.Social Media: Erin Blaskie

2014 Faces and Businesses in Ottawa (F.A.B.I.O.) Awards Winners Blogger: Travis Yost

Massage Therapist: Melanie Cyr

Home Builder: Minto

Photographer: Gord Weber

Veterinarian: Dr. Ian Cameron

Hotel: Brookstreet Hotel

Dental Clinic: Centretown Dental

Naturopathic Doctor: Dr. Jacqui Solowjew

General Contractor: Doyle Homes

Physiotherapy Clinics: Pro Physio - March Road

Lawyer: Kathleen Kelly

Golf Course: The Marshes

Veterinary Hospital: Carling Animal Hospital

Dentist: Dr. Mark McCullough

Wedding Reception Venue: Chateau Laurier

Law Firm: Mann & Partners

Yoga Studio: Yogatown

Radio Personality: Stuntman Stu

Spa: The Spa Kanata

Property Management: Sleepwell Property Management

TV Personality: Carole Anne Meehan

Tanning Salon: iTan

Tattoo Artist: Tiffany Thornton

MediSpa: Hummingbird Spa


Salon: Joseph’s

Comedian: Tom Green

Italian Restaurant: Giovanni’s

Musician: Tyler Kealey

Pizza: Gabriel’s

Dental Hygenist: Michelle Black

Caribbean Food: Island Flava

Nutritionist: Jennifer Jones

Chinese Food: Beijing Legend

Yoga Instructor: Paula Munroe

Japanese/Sushi: Kinki

Esthetician: Kelly Soares

Indian: Haveli’s

Daycare Centres: Tiny Hoppers Taxi Company: Blueline University/College: University of Ottawa Mechanic Mete Kocyigit Cleaning Service: Tidy Squad Limousine Company: Elite Faces Cover: Bobby Ryan Lounge: Social Kitchen and Bath Renovations: Heartwood Kitchen and Bath

FABIO Awards

30 | March 2014

Spring Fashion

Trench It Up The A-line charcoal trench embodies femininity and edginess when combined with a nude and black blouse, dressed down with figure flattering dark denim. Trench Coat






Ra Ra Bridge

32 | March 2014


One and Six

Ottawa’s March weather is unpredictable. The key to dressing for the Spring season is to use your transitional pieces. To remain stylish in the Spring season you must layer. We asked Ottawa’s clothing boutique BeUniQ to help us stay warm using the best of Korean fashion.

Hound’s Citrus

Floral on Floral

Winter staples are infused with Spring elements with this houndstooth blazer, citrus skirt and white blouse with collar detailing.

Spring showers bring Spring flowers. Pair your floral print dress with a bold coloured-structured jacket.

Hounds Tooth Blazer

Peter Pan Collar Blouse



Ra Ra Bridge


Citrus Skirt






Again W


Ra Ra Bridge

BeUniQ 110 Parent Avenue Ottawa, ON K1A7B4

Chambray + Wool Chambray is a casual alternative to a dress shirt. Pair with a blazer and wool pants, and you are ready to transition from day to night.

Casual Class For gentlemen, the light blue collared shirt brings a touch of class and fun; add this tailored, camel-brown jacket and the look is complete and ready to wear.

Polka dot chambray shirt

Wool pants







My King


My King


33 | March 2014

Ottawa Fashion Week

34 | March 2014

35 | March 2014


Must-Have Layering Pieces You Should Own Choose a pair of skinny jeans in a goes-with-anything colour like black or dark blue and you’ll be in the clear. Running errands? Tuck them into a pair of boots. Lunch with the girls? Wear them with ballet flats and a leather jacket. And if you’re heading out for a night on the town, pointy-toe heels and a drapey top will be your go-to look.

Skinny Jeans

Nothing says off-duty prep like a crewneck cashmere sweater and blue oxford combination. Not your cup of tea? The wardrobe mainstay also goes with everything from skirts and printed trousers to leather pants and shorts.

Miu Miu

Cashmere and silkblend sweater


Cashmere Sweater


Skinny fit jeans



Chambray ButtonDown

RIKA Stole


Denim chambray shirt - light blue


Knee-High Boots

This closet workhorse fits in at both the office and a cocktail party after work. Pair a shift dress with a bright bag and lookat-me pumps to complete the sophisticated outfit.

Less masculine than a boyfriend blazer and more polished than a leather jacket, a tuxedo jacket can be layered over a gown, worn with a blouse and shorts, or paired with matching pants to make a killer suit.

Printed Scarf

Roberto Cavalli Monochrome tuxedo blazer


From October to March, your outerwear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not make a statement? A bright-coloured jacket can add a pop of colour to an neutral-hue outfit.

Bright-Coloured Coat


Tuxedo Blazer



Shift dress with pleated heart


Whether you choose a star pattern or a classic leopard print, a printed scarf is sure to function as your windy-day BFF.

Sleeveless Shift Dress


Collarless wooltwill cocoon coat



Sick of the same old white buttondown? Sub in a chambray blouse and spice things up! Make and do denim-on-denim with a pop of colour for a modern version of the Texas tuxedo.

Leather knee boots

Warm and chic—two qualities we look for in cold-weather footwear—come together with the perfect pair of knee-high boots. Flat boots are excellent for trolling the weekend farmers’ market, while stacked-heel versions are appropriate for dressy occasions.

Winter to Spring Skincare Are you among those who find their skincare not effective anymore? Dehydrated? Dullness? And aggravated sensitivity? Who wants to look like the victim of a chemical peel gone wrong for the whole season? However, it seems like it still doesn’t make a huge difference even if we drink lots of water and here is where proper skincare comes into play. The key ingredients are: hyaluronic acid, peptides, and rose.

$124 B.Kamins Maple night cream This unique formula helps to heal and nourish parched and dry skin using a high concentration of moisturizing and water-binding ingredients: antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. This is a super emollient dermatological skin cream that combines powerful humectants with antioxidants to treat the driest of skins without having any preservatives and commercial fillers. This cream is the superman of the winter skincare leagues, targeting dryness, sensitivity, and dullness, all in one package!

Enriched with the benefits of Aquacomplex, a derivative from the dessert rose, Super Aqua-Serum is reinventing itself to offer the skin a new anti-wrinkle hydrating power.

$200 Guerlain Super Aqua serum


This serum deeply hydrates and makes your skin more resistant to the effects of time. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly plumped up. The skin recovers its radiance and freshness. If you have combination or oily skin, this serum is a top choice for you. It can be used as a serum and moisturizer all-in-one saving you a step in your skincare routine and money.

Eve Lom Hydrating Serum This hydrating serum contains up to 90% of hyaluronic acid, which is well known for its strong water binding property. This acid is produced naturally in our body and by topical application it will attract water to the surface of the skin and lock them there for a more supple and well-moisturized skin.

It stimulates the skin’s selfdefense system to protect it from both internal and external aggressors while raising the tolerance threshold for the skin mechanism.

$60 Skin Authority Moisturizing Mist Having a tiny bottle of mist in your purse or gym bag is ideal to replenish the moisture in skin during harsh winter climates. This cooling, vitamin-rich spray delivers enriched antioxidants and moisture for soothing relief of dryness, minor irritations, inflammation, itching, and rashes while normalizing the skin’s pH.

$270 $70~$150

Darphin Rose Essential Elixir Many people avoid using essential oils without knowing the miraculous effects it could have on the skin. A good starter is the rose oils from the French line Darphin. Apply 5 drops to face and neck in a gentle circular motion from the inner to the outer part of the face. The elixir helps to re-balance hydration level and restore natural radiance to dehydrated skin. This is to be used before your cream and after your serum daily.

Natura Bisse INTENSIVE TOLERANCE BOOSTER This is an exquisite concentrate that instantly soothes damaged tissue and deeply moisturizes the skin. This exceptional serum is formulated with pro-tolerance peptide complex which provides a highly effective and controlled release of all of its ingredients, allowing it to act from within the skin’s strategic center and enhancing its natural self-defense mechanism. This booster soothes and relieves all skin types, particularly sensitive and/or sensitized skin.

$40 Caudalie Vinosource mask This moisturizing cream-mask intensely moisturizes the driest skin, relieves tightness, reduces redness and improves the skin’s complexion. A little tip for those with extremely dry skins, for once a week leave it on for the night. It works like a charm!

By: Eric Wang

Murale Makeup Artist, Cosmetician, and Hairstylist

Ottawa Fashion Week

38 | March 2014

Jessica Lee In 2010, Jessica Lee was studying at Ottawa U and entered a YouTube contest for a chance to sing with Marianas Trench at Massey Hall in Toronto. She won. Just one month after performing at Massey Hall, Lee was in a Vancouver recording studio, and eventually recording her debut album. Now, Jessica Lee is touring across Canada and coming back home to Ottawa on March 6th to perform at Mavericks. When did you first start singing and how did your interest progress? I first started singing in the shower (don’t we all?). When I was younger, you couldn’t pay me enough to sing in public. My family used to take up a collection on holidays to pay me to sing for them, but I was always too shy. Then when I turned 16, I guess you could say I caught the bug, or just got over my shyness. I sang in church choir and in talent shows, and I even got a job as a Disney princess singing at children’s birthday parties (best job ever). I would sing in the hallways from high school all the way into university, but it was always just a hobby and I never actually thought it would be possible to pursue it as a career. I grew up with the mentality that school comes first, so I focussed on my studies like the science geek that I am! How did you get involved with Marianas Trench? I have always been a big fan of Marianas Trench and loved seeing them perform. Back in 2010, they held a contest to sing with them at Massey Hall in Toronto. All you had to do was record yourself singing their song, “Good to You” which is a duet, and post it to YouTube. I had never posted anything to YouTube before and a friend of mine dared me to enter. So on a whim, I quickly recorded myself singing a cappella in-between classes at Ottawa U and posted my entry. Lo and behold, a few days later I received a phone call from Josh telling me that I won and that in a few days, I’d be singing with one of my favourite bands in front of a couple thousand people! Crazy. What was it like singing in front of a massive crowd at Massey Hall? Singing in front of the crowd at Massey Hall was an unforgettable experience – and it truly changed my life. I had never performed in front of more than 200 of my school peers and this was a crowd of over 3000 strangers in one of the most esteemed venues in Canada. So, it was daunting, to say the least. I think I made

it through that day on pure adrenaline, and it wasn’t until I stepped onto the stage to such a warm reception that I realized that if I could do this for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Your first solo hit, Beautiful, is so relatable; tell us a bit about the process when it comes to song writing. Song writing is a truly inspiring process, especially when you’re working with another talented songwriter. There is no better feeling than bringing your ideas into a writing sessions and having someone else play off them until you’ve both made something you’re in love with. I’ve always loved writing stories and I think each of the songs on my album shows that. Carried Away is pretty much a diary of the last 3 years of my life from the moment my life changed at Massey Hall to the album release back in May. Aside from music, what else are you passionate about? Food. I am passionate about food. The Italian side of me can’t get enough of it, and the stereotypically girly part of me is obsessed with chocolate and all things sweet. But I’m also very passionate about Disney movies and musicals… but I guess that all comes back to music, now doesn’t it? Who are some of your musical idols? What did you grow up listening to? Growing up, I listened to a lot of boy bands. I had a concerning obsession with the AllAmerican Rejects, Hanson, and the Backstreet Boys, but I learned to sing mostly from listening to female artists like Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, and Shania Twain. I used to hit repeat on a song until I could imitate their vocal tricks. Currently, my musical idols include Katy Perry, Sia, and Ellie Goulding. They’re all beautiful, empowering women with unique voices and style and their songs are relatable and addictive.

What was it like growing up in Ottawa? Do you get a chance to head home much? Ottawa was an amazing place to grow up in! I have a very big, loving family and I was very fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood thanks to a great group of friends, whom I am still friends with to this day. But we all had big plans and most of my friends have moved away from home. We still make a point to visit each other whenever we can, and I always go home for the holidays! What are your goals for 2014? My goal for 2014 is to be as busy with music as possible! I am going on my first Canadian tour with Matt Webb from Marianas Trench, and I’m writing new material for my followup album. I’ll also be filming a new music video, putting out a new single or two, and continuing working on my side project CASSICA with my label-mate and partner-incrime, Cat Thomson. So 2014 will definitely be an exciting year for me, and I hope to meet a lot of new people along the way! Tell us something most people don’t know about you. I’m actually a huge comic book and video game geek who is still in love with childhood shows like Sailor Moon. I have all the books, movies, and action figures. Before breaking into the music industry, I was a pre-med student specializing in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa. Oh! And I’m a trained dancer of 14 years specializing in tap and hip-hop! Based on your own experiences, any advice for aspiring musicians? Be resilient. Be confident. And be creative! There are a lot of ups and downs in the music industry, and you can’t let yourself get discouraged. If you believe in yourself and in your music, work your butt off so you can say you gave it your all and had the time of your life doing what you love – that’s what I intend to do. @JessicaLMusic

International Women’s Day Ottawa Edition

In honour of Women’s Day (March 8th), we are taking a look at some of the most inspirational women from Ottawa or with an Ottawa connection.

Margaret Atwood


One of Canada’s most celebrated authors and poets, Margaret Atwood has won countless awards and honorary doctorates. Her work has helped defined Canadian literature. She is also an ardent environmental activist and recipient of the Order of Canada.

Princess Margriet of the Netherlands


Barbara Ann Scott

Élisabeth Bruyère

A nun who founded the Sisters of Charity and opened the first hospital in Ottawa. Bruyère worked tireless to help the less fortunate. She also opened the first bilingual school in Ontario. Source:


Michaëlle Jean


Former Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean holds multiple university degrees and is fluent in five languages. Jean and her family were refugees who fled Haiti. She is also known for her involvement in charity work.

Born in Ottawa where her family settled after fleeing Nazi-occupied Holland. Princess Margriet maintains close ties to Canada and has dedicated much of her life to supporting healthcare in Holland and around the world.

Born in Sandy Hill, Barbara Ann Scott was an Olympic champion who won multiple European and North American skating championships. Known as “Canada’s Sweetheart”, Scott was honoured with the Order of Canada.

The Famous Five


Fought for women’s rights in Canada, and successfully challenged the government in allowing women to become senators. Four months after the ruling granted women senators, Carine Wilson became Canada’s first.



Celebrated on March 17th, the day Saint Patrick died Named after Saint Patrick - one of many patron saints of Ireland Commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and also Irish culture Takes place during Christian Lent, but restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day A public holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador Green is worn because green uniforms worn by Irish soldiers in the March 17, 1798 rebellion. It’s also the colour of the shamrock, which Saint Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity You have a roughly 1 in 10,000 chance of finding a four-leaf clover The biggest parade on March 17th is in New York and not Ireland A 2012 study found that Samuel Adams, not Guiness, was the most consumed beer in the United States on Saint Patrick’s Day About 15% of Canadians descended from Ireland

Stompin’ Tom Connors Legendary country and folk musician Source:

Paul Martin The 21st Prime Minister of Canada Source:

Brian Mulroney The 18th Prime Minister of Canada Source:

Owen Nolan Former NHL Hockey Player Source:

Justin O’Bieber Famous Canadian singer



Cub Carson

93.9 BOB FM Host

You grew up in the National Capital Region, what part of the area did you live in and what school did you attend growing up. What are some of your best memories of the region when you were growing up? I grew up on the Québec side of the river in Aylmer, I went to St. Mark’s elementary there and D’Arcy McGee High School in Hull. I also went to Algonquin College in Ottawa. What attracted you the most about a career in broadcasting? Was it something that you wanted to do since you were a child - or what point in your life did you decide that this would be the right career for you? It took until grade 9 to figure out that broadcasting was for me. My English teacher, Mrs. Parlier asked me to stay after class because I had been “causing a disturbance”. She said, “you seemed to like the attention you get when you talk in class, ever thought about broadcasting?” Algonquin offers a course. I was always a fan of the TV show WKRP, so those two combined with Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, sealed the deal for me. When did you come up with the nickname Cub? Is there a story behind it - who gave it to you? Cub came about from a previous job that, let’s just say, had an animal theme. My boss at the time, Gord Taylor liked the personalities to have some sort of connection to the great outdoors. I was one of the youngest announcers there, so I came up with Cubby. A friend named Rich Greenham suggested Carson, it just sort of stuck, 12 years later here we are. What is your favourite memory from your career in radio to date? I have a few, helping raise over a million dollars for CHEO, sitting on a toilet during the St Patrick’s Day parade, introducing Snoop Dog for the first time to 30 000 people at Bluesfest, riding the midway at Super Ex with a microphone duct taped to me and showing my underwear live on the air to a man knighted by the Queen. Who was the most interesting person you’ve interviewed? Bobby Orr was a massive thrill for me. I like to think I do a pretty good Don Cherry impression and to be able to do it for Bobby Orr and to genuinely make him laugh was a big deal. Actor / Headstones singer Hugh Dillon is a terrific interview. I’ve spoken with rock stars to Olympians to politicians to stand up comedians. It’s hard to pick just one.

What music do you enjoy the most? What would be in your playlist? My Dad exposed me to as much music as possible. I’ve got a lot of 90’s alt rock, but I also have 70’s funk and classic country. A ton of British bands like the Beatles and the Stones 80’s new wave and I’m a fan of house music, not EDM, actual house music. But my favorite bands are the Ramones, Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. Who don’t fly and don’t play death metal. What was the best live concert you’ve ever seen in the city? Foo Fighters at Scotiabank place in 2008. A whole bunch of Bluesfest acts over the years like Black Crowes, Hey Rosetta!, Stone Temple Pilots. The Tragically Hip / Sam Roberts, The Killers and Collective Soul when the Capital Music Hall was on Rideau and hands down the best show I’ve ever seen in Ottawa was Eagles of Death Metal at Capital Music Hall on York St. My wife and I were swing dancing side stage, it was awesome. You and Melanie Adams co-host the morning show “Cub and Company” on 93.9 BOB FM - tell us what its like working with Melanie? How did you guys meet and what is something most people would be surprised to learn about her? Mel’s got a sharp wit and she’s got amazing timing. She’s got a slightly off centre look at things, I never know what she’s going to say next. We met back in the summer of 2010, my last go around at Bob. I filled in on mornings a few times that summer before I headed out east and eventually came back. We remained friends and were excited to find out we’d be working together. Here’s something people might not know about her, she’s really good at the board games Clue and Battleship. She also owns every single movie ever made on DVD and is obsessed with Diet Cherry Coke and zombies.

Listen to Cub, host of BOB-FM’s Cub & Company, weekday morning from 5:30 to 9

What is a normal working day for you like? What time do you get up to work? What do you eat for breakfast (or do you) and what do you do once you’re off the air at 9:30 - do you have a particular routine to deal with the early hours (ie: nap every day) My day starts at 4am, I’m at work by 5am. Mel and I catch up, go over the game plan and hit the air at 5:30. Even though the show ends at 9am, we usually have meetings with programming or promotions, commercial work to do, occasional sales meetings or get together with clients and any possible event commitments before usually being home by Noon. I pick up my two year old son at daycare for 1pm, then I play Mr. Mom until Mrs. Cubby comes home from work. I’m usually in bed weeknights and some weekends by 10pm. Nap? Hahahaha!! Then there’s Facebook and twitter, oh my!! Tell us a little bit about your show “Cub and Company” - what makes it unique from the other morning shows in the city? What makes the show unique is our callers, the Company in Cub and Company. Our show is usually 95% listener driven, they can take a topic and run with it! The listeners are the real stars. All 22 of them! What we really try to do is talk with people, not talk to them and we try not to take ourselves too seriously. What do you do outside of broadcasting what hobbies or interests do you have? Outside of work I cook, love hitting food trucks, and I’m one of those rare guys that actually loves to shop, but probably own far too many t-shirts for my own good. I dig Sci Fi, comedy movies and zombie novels. I also enjoy camping, soccer and I play guitar very poorly. I also love the Sens! Most importantly, I love being a dad to my little boy and, coming this summer, a brand new baby girl, and also being a husband to my saint of a wife who continues to put up with my shenanigans on daily basis. @CubCarson





Average temperatures in March are 4 °C - so the days of -35 °C may soon be behind us.

In 2012, temperatures in Ottawa hit 27 °C on March 21st (don’t count on it again this year)



The NCAA basketball tournament is an annual event that is worth getting really excited about - especially this year with Canadian superstar Andrew Wiggins in the mix for the Kansas Jayhawks.

March 14th is National Pi Day - Math aficionados around the city will enjoy 3.14. Not good at math? Not sure how to celebrate? Eat a pie and celebrate those who love math.


March may not give us a long weekend, but it does give us arguably the best party of the year in the city in celebration of St. Patrick.

March 20th - the days get longer and the nights get shorter - another sign that summer is on the way.


Vacations are lined up for many families across the city as March brings us a week off for students around the capital.

March 8th is International Women’s Day: a day to pay respect and honour the great achievements of women around the world.

65 Roses Gala

48 | March 2014

49 | March 2014

WWE Superstar

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin Millions of young men around the world looked on in awe as Hulk Hogan picked up the 7’0, 500lbs monster Andre the Giant and body slammed him into the mat at Wrestlemania 3. It was the greatest moment of my childhood and a moment I’ll never forget.

same dream... but unlike me, Mizanin had the guts and the determination to chase that dream. Mizanin had to courage to face adversity he faced from all those who doubted him and thought he was just too small or lack the guts to make it in the WWE.

Vince McMahon and the WWE created a universe that invited people across the world to come in and escape reality. His universe features heroes, like Hogan, who taught a generation of children to say our prayers and eat our vitamins - facing off against villains like “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase who epitomized greed and who flaunted his wealth to get what he wanted in life (even paying off referees to win matches from time to time).

On April 3, 2011, Mike Mizanin’s dream came true. Known in the WWE Universe at “The Miz”, Mizanin defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Championship in front of 75,000 fans. He had just won the Main Event of Wrestlemania 27. The boyhood dream had become a reality - and this charismatic, likeable young man would tell you he wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a child - (before I realized that the matches were pre-determined) - I used to bawl my eyes out when The Hulkster would lose a match, and went to bed on such a high when Hogan would deliver his legendary leg drop and get the win over one of the evil villains he faced to defend his WWE Championship. Millions of people around the world dreamed of being the next Hulk Hogan, dreamed of winning the World Title at Wrestlemania. Mike Mizanin had that

We had a chance to catch up with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to talk about his career, the new WWE network, his lifelong dream to be a part of the WWE and his recent marriage to Montreal beauty, Maryse Ouellet. You are a newlywed, just getting married a few days ago to Montreal native Maryse Ouellet. Was the wedding everything you both hoped it would be? It was the perfect fairy tale wedding for us. We had 90 of our closest friends and family watching Maryse walk down the aisle. I was in awe of her beauty just seeing her for the

first time in her wedding dress – it was just incredible. To say our vows, display our love to one and another, and get married was truly and honestly amazing and perfect. It was the most must-see wedding ever! With your crazy travel schedule, when do you plan on being able to go on a honeymoon? Or is that simply not possible with the WWE scheduling demands? With the scheduling demands it’s very hard to go on a honeymoon. Basically, my honeymoon was at the Elimination Chamber in Minneapolis on Sunday, February 23rd (laughs). But we had our wedding in Bahamas, which is a really beautiful and romantic setting that allowed us to relax and chill out. I think, in a couple of months, we’ll have our honeymoon and really go out and have a vacation. You’ve just married a French-Canadian, whose first language is French – have you picked up any French yourself? I’ve picked up a couple of lines here and there, but every time I go home for Christmas it can get tricky. They start speaking in English and then change to French. At that point, I’ll say, “Thanks, guys. I’ll just be in here doodling on my phone because I can’t understand anything you’re saying.”

Was it love at first sight for you two – or did you have some work to do to win her over? We met at Diva Search where she was a contestant. I was the host, and that’s where Maryse and I first met. I always found her absolutely attractive – I mean, she’s a knock out – but how I really fell in love with her was getting to know her, her personality and interests. Do you get to come up to visit the Montreal area very often? We get to Montreal quite a bit – I’d say about three times a year. What a beautiful city! The people are always very nice to me so I can’t ask for anything better than that. Wrestling fans all remember Wrestlemania 3 where Hulk Hogan slammed Andre The Giant or Wrestlemania 17’s Steve Austin vs. The Rock or the famous Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels matches at Wrestlemania 25 and 26. What does it mean to you that you will also go down in history as being in one of these main events – for your Wrestlemania 27 match (and win) vs. John Cena? It’s a dream come true. Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of being a WWE Superstar, but never thought it would happen because all the people are 6’7” and weigh 300lbs. Everyone always tells you that you can’t do something, but once I got on the Real World I realized I could do anything I wanted with my life. So putting it in my mind that I was going to be a WWE Superstar became a goal. Not only doing that, but really getting to the top of the list and going to Wrestlemania – something not many people get the opportunity to do – became my goal. I accomplished that and did something even fewer people have been able to do, which is win at Wrestlemania. It was truly a dream come true.

Other than you defeating Cena, what is your favourite Wrestlemania moment or match? Every match I’ve ever been involved with at Wrestlemania is my favourite match. It’s always amazing to do a match at Wrestlemania. I’m always very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to be in matches there. I don’t think the casual fan or the non-wrestling fan has any idea of the WWE schedule – could you give them a little insight into what a week is like for you, especially someone like you who is one of the spokesmen for the company? How about I give you this week. On Saturday, I left my wedding in Bahamas and I flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota for Sunday’s Elimination Chamber. We did that event, then drove 4 ½ hours to Green Bay, Wisconsin where we have Monday Night Raw. After that we drive to Milwaukee where we’ll do SmackDown on Tuesday. Wednesday I will fly home to Los Angeles. Friday I will fly to North Charleston, South Carolina. From there we’ll drive to Jacksonville, Florida. From there we’ll take a plane to Moline, Illinois and do a show there on Sunday. After that we will drive from Moline to Chicago, Illinois and that’s where we’ll be for Monday Night Raw. So that’s one week. Of course we’ll have workouts, eating the proper foods, etc. so it’s a pretty hectic schedule. What does it feel like knowing that Vince McMahon and the WWE have such confidence in you to have you handle so many interviews and media requests for the company? I always look at it as a kind of pat on the back. When I talk to Vince he’s like, “You’re one of the only guys who can do what you do. If I ask you to be a commentator, you do it without second-

“I always found her absolutely attractive – I mean, she’s a knock out – but how I really fell in love with her was getting to know her, her personality and interests.”

guessing it or complaining. If I need a host, guess what? The Miz is there. If I need a movie star, the Miz is there.” It’s a compliment to me because Vince has brought up so many talented superstars, so it’s amazing that he believes in me enough to do it. Of course, I work as hard as I possibly can. I’m not the kind of person who is a prima donna that complains about doing interviews. I want to do interviews. I want to do everything. Because I want to prove to the world just how valuable and how good I really am. Hopefully the fans will appreciate it, because sometimes I don’t think they really know the hard work and dedication that the superstars go through to entertain them each and every week. You have starred in a few films over the last couple years – how do you enjoy acting, is it something that you would want to pursue more seriously – do you have similar aspirations as the Rock, who has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world? It’s a blast. Obviously there is nothing like going out into a live audience and hearing them boo you or cheer you – it’s just an incredible feeling being in the WWE. But it’s so much when you get to do movies. I’ve been fortunate with WWE Studios giving me the go ahead to do The Marine 3: Homefront and Christmas Bounty. I’ve also been fortunate to be the only person in the whole franchise to reprise my role in The Marine 4, which I will film in April. I try my best and do my best, and hopefully the fans will really enjoy it. Tell us a little about the WWE Network – and is it going to be available in Canada? Oh man, the WWE Network is absolutely incredible. $9.99 per month and you get to have all the future pay per views and the past pay per views from WWE, WCW and ECW. There’s new content as well – Legends House, Countdown, Monday Night Wars. You also get to watch NXT, which showcases the new and upcoming WWE Superstars that aren’t quite here yet. There’s so much bang for your buck that it will change how people watch WWE. It should be available in Canada in the near future. Wrestlemania 30 is on Sunday, April 6th in New Orleans at the Mercendes Benz Superdome. Hulk Hogan is coming back to the WWE to host the event – were you a Hogan fan growing up or more of an Ultimate Warrior supporter? Who wasn’t a Hogan fan? Are you kidding me? (laughs). He told me to eat my vitamins and guess what? I was eating my vitamins. I was also an Ultimate Warrior fan, and I think it’s amazing he’s getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. This Wrestlemania on April 6th at the Superdome is going to be absolutely incredible. Hulkster is coming back to host the event. Right now, we have Batista vs. Randy Orton for the WWE World Championship because Randy Orton did win at the Elimination Chamber, and Batista won at the Royal Rumble. It’s going to be incredible and available on pay per view to all the Canadians out there, and I definitely would get it because you are going to take away memories that will last a lifetime.

Who are some of your closest friends in the WWE Locker room? I’m good friends with Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and I talk to John Morrison all the time. When you’re at home with your wife in Los Angeles – what do you like to do on your days off? Doing nothing all day long. Nothing. That’s what we like to do. It’s so funny because we have such a hectic schedule. My dad always says, “Why don’t you go on vacation?” My vacation is when I’m at home and I can just sit down, relax and chill out with my dogs, cats and wife. What sort of music do you like to listen to? Who chooses your Entrance music? I’m a heavy metal guy. I had a little input on who and what I wanted for my entrance music. I wanted something really catchy, something that people can really get into, and they gave me Downstait. They are a really, really good band. If you haven’t heard of them you should definitely check them out. Check out their CDs because they have a lot of great songs, and not just my entrance music. What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career to date? What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get accepted in the locker room and by wrestling fans? Getting to Wrestlemania 27 as the WWE Champion and walking out as the WWE Champion – that’s every kid’s dream to be in that position and I’ve had the opportunity to do it. What is the thing you enjoy the most about being a professional wrestler for the WWE? Some people will say it’s the crowd, this, that or the other thing, but I really enjoy two things: Tribute to the Troops and Make-A-Wish. With Tribute to the Troops we pay tribute to all the armed forces who go overseas to protect and serve our families. Those guys are the real heroes out there. I’ve been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Bahrain and got to witness how they live out there and they put their lives on the line each and every day for us. So I love doing that. With Make-A-Wish it always gives me an immense feeling of pride. It’s incredible when you can go in and talk with a child and just put a smile on their face. Just chatting with them, watching the show and having their parents tell me thank you brings a sense of butterflies in your stomach that is just amazing and incredible. What is your goal for Wrestlemania 30 and the rest of 2014? The goal for Wrestlemania 30 is to be on the card. The goal is always to be in the main event, but that is set in stone. I just want to be on that card and really have an opportunity to steal the show. You can catch The Miz and all of the WWE Superstars on Sunday, April 6th for Wrestlemania 30 - available on Pay Per View in Canada and on Monday Night Raw every Monday and Smackdown on Fridays on Sportsnet 360. @mikethemiz

Who is your dream Wrestlemania opponent? The Rock or The Ultimate Warrior – those were my two favourites growing up.

jesse levine

Canadian Professional Tennis Player and Ottawa Native You were born in Ottawa, what part of town did you grow up in, where did you go to school and what are some of your early memories from your childhood in the city? As a kid, I grew up in Nepean and went to Hillel Academy. My early memories from my childhood in Ottawa consist of going to the OAC almost every day after school to play tennis. My grandpa would always come get me from school and take me straight to the OAC. If I didn’t go to play tennis I would either play soccer, basketball or go home and lace the skates up and go play some pick-up games in Centerpointe.

the biggest win of my career so far. It was very surreal to me as I grew up watching him play on TV and then all of the sudden I was playing him on a show court in Wimbledon where I used to watch in the mornings as a kid. It was a big boost of confidence for myself and went on to win to my next match and my first 5 set match of my career.

You won the Wimbledon boys doubles championship in 2005, what was that experience like for you? How would you compare playing on grass court compared to the more traditional hard court surfaces we are used to here in Ottawa? It was an amazing experience especially because my whole family was there with me to share the experience. I enjoy playing on grass as it’s a little faster and the ball bounces a bit lower than normal. I’m not 6’ 6” so it helps me a little bit at times.

You were ranked as high as #69 on the tour in 2012 - which is a great accomplishment for a Canadian - what accomplishment are you most proud of in your career to date? I think as a professional tennis player the first goal as a pro is to say you have been inside the top 100 and then obviously you want to maximize your game and talent and see how far you can go. One of the things I’m most proud of is that I have won a round in each of the 4 grand slams. But most recently I was named to the Canadian Davis Cup team and that in itself is probably one of the biggest moments in my tennis career. I played college tennis at the University of Florida and love the team aspect in tennis which we don’t get to experience too often. But its a whole other level playing for your country than for your school.

In 2009, you again had great success at Wimbledon - defeating the top seeded player in the world at that time, Marat Safin. What did winning that match do for your confidence; did you feel like you could beat anyone on the tour? That win was by far one of the biggest if not

What is your favourite tournament to play in each year and why do you enjoy it the most? I would have to say Wimbledon and the Rogers Cup. Wimbledon is just a special place where you can feel the history of tennis with no sponsors on the backdrops - just green tarp


and all white on the court; it’s all about the tennis. Rogers Cup is obviously special to me because I can play in front of a home crowd and feel the support is always special. What is it like playing in the Rogers Cup against Rafael Nadal - can you describe the experience, as a Canadian, facing off at Centre Court against the best in the world at home in front of Canadian fans? It was the second time I had played Nadal, last time was in Toronto a couple of years ago. It’s an amazing experience to play in front of a home crowd seeing signs people make with your name and the maple leaf next to it. There is always something special about playing in front of family, friends and people you have grown up with that made the trip to watch. At first, my adrenaline was pumping so much that I really was focused on my game. But once it wears off a little then you look around and realize how lucky you are and fortunate to be able to be playing tennis, on one of the largest stages of the game, against one of the best players in the world. You are a big Ottawa Senators fan - what was your favourite memory growing up a fan of the team? I am a huge Sens fan. I would say one that sticks out was being at the playoff game where we beat the number-one-seeded New Jersey Devils to move to round 2. I don’t know if that stadium has gotten that loud too often! @jesselevine7

Ottawa RedBlacks Running Back


You are from West Virginia, tell us about what life was like growing up in West Virginia? I come from the Southern part of West Virginia in an unincorporated district called Yawkey. The closest big city to me is Charleston, WV, which is a 30 minute drive from home. I live out in the country and there are many mountains and farmland around my house. I have a tight knit, rather large family that lives fairly close to one another. I love my family and I wouldn’t trade my time growing up in West Virginia for anything. West Virginia is, and always will be a special place to me. In 2012, you shattered an NCAA Division II record by rushing for 190 yards in a quarter. Tell us about that game, how did it feel to accomplish such a feat? That game was our last game of my senior season of college football. We were 8-2 at the time and we thought that going 9-2 would get us into the playoffs; however we just missed the playoffs. I didn’t play after the first series of the 3rd quarter and I had 301 yards and 5 touchdowns that game. It was a special game that I’ll remember forever because I did everything I could to help our team win and make the playoffs and although we did win that game, we missed the playoffs, which would’ve made that game even more special to me. What excites you the most about coming to the Canadian Football League? I’m most excited about getting to play the game I love while making RedBlacks fans happy. I’m excited about coming to the Canadian Football League and showing everyone what my team and myself are all about, which is winning games and hopefully many Grey Cups! I don’t know too much about Ottawa, but I’m looking forward to meeting all the great people there and about the history of such a great city. I am ready to get back to playing football and making the people of Ottawa proud of their football team! What did you learn from your experience at the Kansas City Chiefs camp in 2013? What was that experience like for you? The experience was great and I learned a

lot from being in camp with the Chiefs. I believe the experience better prepared me for this moment, which I plan to take full advantage of.

What did you know about the CFL before signing with the Ottawa RedBlacks? I knew quite a bit about the CFL from watching games on television. I know the CFL field is longer and wider and there are some different rules compared to American Football. I know it will be a fun and exciting game and I’m excited to start playing for the RedBlacks soon! What are your other interests outside of football? Do you play any other sports? My other interests outside of football are training and fitness. I am a fitness guru. I love learning new things about training and finding new ways to become better, faster and stronger. I also love spending time with my girlfriend and my family and I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. What music are you interested in? Who would we find on your playlist right now? I love all types of music, but mainly Rap and Country. It depends on the mood I’m in. I have a pretty diverse playlist. Tell us about the role your family has played in your success? My family has played a vital role in my success by showing me support throughout my life both on the field and off the field. They have always motivated me to be a better football player and a better person. My family cares a lot about me and they will always be there for me. They provide guidance whenever I need it. I strive to make my family proud in everything I do. What advice would you give to young athletes reading this who also dream of becoming a professional athlete? What lessons have you learned along the way that could help them out as they chase their dream of playing professional sports? I would tell young athletes that it doesn’t matter where you live; you can accomplish your dreams if you keep working hard and put in extra time in the gym, in the weight room and on the field. I believe everyone

has dreams they should chase no matter how big or small they are. I would also tell them to maintain a positive attitude no matter what happens because it’s easy to get down on yourself at times. You should always believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will. The final thing I would tell them is to be confident, but not cocky. What are your goals for the 2014 CFL Season with the Ottawa RedBlacks? My #1 goal for the 2014 CFL season is to help the RedBlacks win every game we play and to bring a Grey Cup to the nation’s capital. I have a lot of other goals for myself like doing the best I can every day and being a great teammate and role model. I think my hard work and dedication are second to none and I am shooting to be the best I can be while helping the RedBlacks win for the city! @JordanRobertsRB

Jacob Wright Education: Graduated with an Honours Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.

In the past few years, trainers have also had to work hard to keep up with the ever changing world of technology. Many new breakthroughs have been made in the past decade to greatly advance the fields of performance enhancement and health and wellness. One of the newest trends in the fitness industry has become the concept of online training.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Currently working on Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

What is online training you ask? Trainers are now developing websites where they share their talents with clients 100% via internet. With prescreens, assessments, goal setting, nutritional education, instructional exercise videos and weekly updates via email, trainers are now reaching out to people in ways that were not previously possible. Here are a few reasons why online training might be exactly what you need to take your training to the next level.

1. Affordable


Jacob Wright

5 Reasons Why Online Training is for You In a world where technology is continually advancing at what seems to be an everincreasing speed, the race for people to have the newest phone, biggest TV, and fastest internet is about as pathetic as the judging was for this year’s Olympic ice dancing. The ability to advance almost every industry worldwide through technology to make us faster and more efficient has had many pros and cons. What once was a 40 hour work week where people worked from 9-5 and spent the rest of their time with family and friends, has turned into couples sleeping closer to their phones at night than their actual partner.

For many people, trying to afford a personal trainer while providing for a family can be unrealistic. Although you love going to the gym, you find that sometimes you are lost and aren’t sure you’re making the best use of your time. Online training can be a great way to get in some personalized coaching with a well thought-out program to help you reach those goals you’ve been unable to achieve for the past 6 months. If you’re the type of person who always uses the excuse, “I can’t afford a personal trainer” then online training may be great for your budget and your body.

2. Build Confidence

Let’s face it… the gym can be an intimidating place. Walking into a room infested with testosteroneenhanced men, smashing plates together, dropping dumbbells, grunting as if they’re having their prostate checked, and checking you out through three different mirrors at once may not be the most inviting environment. Top that off with the fact that you don’t know the difference between a Smith machine and a squat rack and you are headed for a short-lived gym career. Having the guidance from an online trainer can be a great way to not only build confidence when stepping foot in the gym, but now you have the added benefit of a plan and a mission to complete. Avoiding the gym out of fear of looking stupid is simply just not a good enough excuse to stay inactive.

3. Break-Through Plateaus

Have you been going to the gym consistently for the past few months, sticking to the exact same routine and haven’t got any results to show for it? Plateaus are a very common thing, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee. You’ve stuck to what worked well for you in the beginning but now you just don’t seem to be making any progress. Where do you go from here? Having an online trainer to help revise your training program and nutrition plan might be exactly what you needed to smash through those plateaus and set personal records you never thought possible.

4. Specialization

Golf season, running season and swimsuit season are all just around the corner. Have you come up with a well thought out exercise program to reach your goals? If you’re a golfer, have you programmed in some hip and thoracic mobility to prevent your lower back from going into spasms by the time you hit the back nine? Girls waiting to debut that new bikini... did you know that squats are actually not the best way to build your booty for the beach? I’d even go further as to say most people don’t know how to use their glutes optimally when squatting. Are you are runner whose knees always start to act up halfway through July? A good online trainer will be equipped with the knowledge to specialize a program based on your needs to enhance whatever it is that your lifestyle may entail.

5. Planning for a Big Event

Do you have a wedding, holiday, party or any other big event coming up which requires you to get results fast? Many of today’s common rapid weight loss strategies can often end up causing more harm than good. Most people create habits so extreme that they can’t even stick to them and as a result they end up going to that big event with 5 lbs more than when they started their crash diet. Having an online trainer to create a training strategy for the weeks leading up to a big event can not only be safe, but also much more effective than the typical do-it-yourself approach. These are just some of the ways online training can help make exercises safer, more affordable and more effective for a large portion of the population. Many of today’s gym rats are making far too many mistakes leading to injury, time wasted and results lost. I’ll be the first to admit, when I first started working out, I used to just show up at the gym and pick whatever exercises I felt like doing that day. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make when it comes to training. Getting on a well-designed program, personalized to your needs by a professional in the industry, might be the exact spark you need to light the exercise fire under your glutes. If you’re interested in starting an online training program and you’d like more information email me at Jacob Wright, BSc, CSCS Head Trainer at Greco Kanata 100 Schneider Road, Kanata, Ontario Email: Cell: 613-295-1215

Second Line:

Marian Hossa, Alexei Yashin, Bobby Ryan

Third Line:

Peter Bondra, Mike Fisher, Martin Havlat

Fourth Line:

Zack Smith, Radek Bonk, Chris Neil

Honourable Mentions:

Shawn McEachern, Kyle Turris, Alexandre Daigle, Clarke MacArthur, Milan Michalek, Mike Comrie

T E A M A L L - T I M E

Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, Daniel Alfredsson


First Line:

DEFENCE: First Pairing:

Erik Karlsson and Zdeno Chara

Second Pairing:

Wade Redden and Chris Phillips

Third Pairing:

Anton Volchenkov and Marc Methot

Honourable Mentions:

Jason York, Norm MacIvor, Sami Salo, Janne Laukkanen, Steve Duchesne

Goaltending: Starter:

Dominik Hasek


Ray Emery and Craig Anderson

Honourable Mentions:

Patrick Lalime and Ron Tugnutt


Paul MacLean (Hon. Mention Jacques Martin)


Bryan Murray (Hon. Mention. Marshall Johnson - for the Yashin for Spezza, Chara and Muckalt trade alone)




Darren Pang Kevin Weekes


Denis Potvin (NHL Hall of Famer) Doug Wilson (NHL Hall of Famer) Brian Campbell Nick Boynton Cody Ceci Doug Crossman Brad Shaw Brendan Bell


Gary Roberts, Bobby Smith, Logan Couture

Line 2:

Tyler Toffoli, Mike Peca, Alyn McCauley

Line 3 :

Bryan Bickell, Sean Monahan, Andrew Cassels

Checking Line:

Jamie McGinn, Kris Draper, Chris Simon

Tell us about the Ottawa Senators Foundation and your involvement with the charitable organization. The Ottawa Senators Foundation has been around since 1998 and has given back more than $80 million dollars to the region. I started with the Foundation in March of 2006, so I’ve been here for almost 8 years – a couple of years as a Director, and then I was promoted to President. I’ve continued to build a fabulous team of people that really are committed to making a difference in the lives of children and youth. We focus predominantly on social recreation opportunities that really place kids in a great place both physically and mentally.

Danielle Robinson and the

Sens Foundation

60 | March 2014

Last month you had a hugely successful event called the Ferguslea Sens Soiree. What is that event all about? It’s our largest single evening event. The players work so hard on the ice all year, but we like to bring them in to the community where they enjoy giving back off the ice. They get into their regular clothes and have one-on-one conversations with a lot of people who are at the rink supporting them most nights. We raise a tremendous amount of money at this event each year and this year we raised $327,500.00 after our expenses, which is one of the largest numbers we have ever raised. What other events are organized by the Ottawa Senators Foundation? On March 27-28th we have a brand new event that involves alumni from the Ottawa Senators, as well as NHL alumni. It’s called the Sens Alumni & NHL Celebrity Cup. The event involves 16, 20-member teams in a one day hockey tournament. On the 27th, participants will get to draft their NHL player (Theo Fleury, Ray Bourque, Wendel Clark, Brad Marsh and many others) in order of the most funds raised. On the 28th, the teams play three games with a final all-

star game featuring the top overall fundraisers from all teams competing against the all-alumni team. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have another event coming up in May at the Chateau Laurier called Senators Societea – we’re just settling on a date, which we hope to have very soon. This will be a Sunday afternoon tea hosted by many of the wives and girlfriends of the Senators players, as well as signature athletes. There will also be a motivational speaker engaging attendees and a live auction at this women-only event. Our most important event happens 44 times per year at every Ottawa Senators home game. Our 50/50 lottery requires 50-60 volunteers every evening to help sell 50/50 tickets. That is our number 1 revenuegeneration stream in the Foundation. This year we should earn about $1.4 million dollars through that program. So it’s a significant program for us, which will be going electronic next season to help bring more money to charities. In terms of our five signature events, we have the Senators Charity Golf Classic, Sens Soiree, Sens Alumni & NHL Celebrity Cup, Senators Societea and our telethon. How can people get involved with the Ottawa Senators Foundation if they are looking to volunteer, donate or sponsor the events? We encourage people to visit our website: www., follow us on twitter @SensFoundation and Like our Facebook page to keep informed about our latest events and initiatives. We often have a number of events that require volunteers, silent auction donations and most importantly participation. Ultimately, we are very thankful for the goodness of our community. We receive so much kindness and support, which we are very fortunate to receive.

Finally, a solution to the high costs and lost time associated with storing files.

Dymon Storage, Ottawa’s leader in storage solutions for business and home is launching DymonDoc, an innovative self-managed document storage solution for small and midsized business and organizations. How did DymonDoc Come About? Serving businesses since 2006, Dymon has seen a large increase in files being stored off-site. DymonDoc was designed to provide enhancements like heavy duty shelving that makes storing file boxes easier to organize and access. Additional enhancements include special in unit lighting, a full business centre and a smartphone app which organizes, tracks and makes finding files easy.

How is DymonDoc Different From Existing File Storage Providers? Underserved, the small and midsized business and organization market had only two options, the old “garage in the field� or the large central repository provider. DymonDoc provides the features of the large providers but with a unique self-managed approach which means no expensive file pick up and drop off fees, better security as the chain of custody is never broken and 24/7 secure access. Why file storage? Often confidential data must be stored for years due to operational, government and industry regulatory reasons. Storing files brings many problems including security, using up valuable office space, organization and high square footage costs. DymonDoc enables clients to reclaim valuable office space, better secure confidential data and reduce costs up to 65%. Is it easy to use DymonDoc? Dymon makes it easy by offering a free truck, driver and movers at move in, a variety of storage unit sizes and flexible, no risk monthly rentals with no penalties. Assistance with inventorying or re-boxing files is available. Just call 613 863-5481 to get started.

62 | March 2014

Can I Go Bankrupt on my Government Student Loan? by Nigel McCready

Government student loans are not wiped out in a bankruptcy or proposal unless the student either waits seven years between leaving school and going bankrupt or asks the Court for discharge based on financial hardship.

Discharge & Debts Not Released

The Hardship Motion

At the end of a bankruptcy or a proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act , the debtor (i.e. the person who owes the debts) is released from most the debts that he or she owed on the date of bankruptcy. Creditors (the parties to whom the debts are owed) cannot pursue released claims against the debtor or enforce judgments, including by garnishment and by seizure and sale, against the debtor’s income or property.

To have a student loan discharged where the seven-year rule does not apply, the student must file a motion with the Court, including affidavit evidence, and must give prior notice to the student loan creditor(s). At a hearing of the motion, the student must prove that he or she: •

Has acted in good faith with regard to the loan; and

There are three exceptions to this rule, for debts that Parliament decided should have special status: child and spousal support; fraud; and government student loans (including OSAP and similar loans, but not including private bank loans). Support and fraud claims are not released at all, so creditors with these types of claim can still pursue the debtor for payment once the bankruptcy or proposal is finished. A debtor is only released from a government student loan if:

Has suffered and will continue to suffer financial hardship that will prevent repayment of the student loan.

The student should address these issues with evidence on:

The original amount of the loan and the current balance;

Whether the student has made payments, applied for interest relief, or tried to reach a settlement with the lender;

The student’s current income, expenses, and assets; and

Whether the student is working in the student’s field of study.

The student waited at least seven years after leaving school to go bankrupt or make a proposal; or

The Court decides to discharge the loan based on financial hardship.

It is less expensive to investigate student loans before bankruptcy than to sort them out in Court after the fact. A student debtor can avoid an unpleasant post-bankruptcy surprise by meeting with a lawyer before signing bankruptcy or proposal documents. After bankruptcy, a student facing loan collections should also consult with a lawyer to determine whether a hardship motion makes sense. Nigel McCready is an Ottawa-based lawyer practicing in bankruptcy law and civil litigation at Mann & Partners, LLP. The foregoing is not intended to provide legal advice, but Nigel and his colleagues are available for consultations. Contact Nigel at 613-722-1500 or nigel@mannlawyers. com for more information.

Mann & Partners, LLP 613-722-1500

63 | March 2014

YOUR LIQUID BEST FRIEND 10 Benefits of Drinking Water

Increases Energy Your brain is mostly made up of water. Drinking helps you think, focus and concentrate better - and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted! Promotes Weight Loss Removes by-products of fat, reduces eating intake (fills up your belly if consumed before meals), raises your metabolism and has ZERO calories! Flushes out Toxins Gets rid of waste through sweat and urination, which reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). Improves Complexion Moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Gets rid of wrinkles. Its the best anti-aging treatment around! Maintains “Regularity” Aids in digestion, water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.

Boosts Immune System Water guzzlers are less likely to be sick, drinking plenty of water decreases the risk of getting the flu and other sicknesses. Natural Headache Remedy Helps prevent and relieve headaches, which are commonly caused by dehydration. Prevents Cramps & Sprains Proper hydration keeps joints lubricated and muscles more elastic, so joint pain is less likely. Puts you in a Good Mood When your body is functioning the best, you are more likely to feel better overall and happy. Save Money Its free! But even if you choose bottled water, it is still cheaper than a sugar and fat filled latte!

Caffeine Content Energy drinks and coffee are a part of many people’s morning routine. For many, waking up requires a pick-me-up packed with caffeine to get the day started. So how much caffeine is too much and is it healthy? A 2003 study published in the Journal of Food and Science found that adults can safely consume up to 400mg of caffeine per day. Most experts agree that caffeine, like many things, is safe in moderation. Some energy drinks contain less caffeine than coffee, but have other energy-boosting ingredients like sugar, sweeteners, B vitamins, taurine, ginseng and guarana depending on the brand. Like caffeine, these ingredients are generally recognized as safe when consumed in moderation. In Canada, most energy drinks are registered as natural health products with Health Canada. These products will have an 8-digit natural product number (NPN) meaning they are approved for sale. So grab your coffee or energy drink, get your pick-me-up and enjoy it in moderation!

What’s in Your Drink? Milligrams of Caffeine Per Serving 5-hour Energy Extra Strength 242mg Monster X-presso 221mg Coffee 110mg Xyience Xenergy 94mg Assam Black Tea 86mg Red Bull 80mg CocaCola Classic 34mg Diet Coke 30mg Green Tea 24mg+ 5-hour Energy Decaf 6mg 7-Up 0mg

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SHANGRI-LA Perhaps one of the most chic hotel in the city, the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver is a new full-service hotel. It is a member of the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts chain, and is Shangri-La’s first North American property. The hotel occupies floors Ground to 15 with 119 rooms, including a Presidential Suite on the 15th floor. There is no 4th or 13th floor. The hotel includes 5-star services such as restaurants, shops, and CHI The Spa at Shangri-La.

1128 West Georgia Street


When in Vancouver or any coast lined cities, it is a cardinal sin to not try the fish - even if you’re not a fishy person. Miku rests in Coal Harbour with a beautiful view and offers a full bar and lounge area, waterfront patio, private dining room and full service sushi bar. Executive Corporate Chef Kazuya Matsuoka and Executive Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi takes advantage of fresh, regional ingredients to showcase the best of what Vancouver has to offer. 66 | March 2014

70-200 Granville Street


THE GRANVILLE ROOM Owned by the notorious Donnelly group (think York St. Entertainment but on steroids), The Granville Room is a cocktail bar built for the neighborhood. Inside, it has a design common to many speakeasy bars, with brick walls, wooden shelves, and Edison bulbs. The cocktail list offers ten classics (Aviation, Last Word, Mai Tai, etc.) and five “modern classics” created by famed mixologist Audrey Saunders.

957 Granville Street


Bar None’s reputation as Vancouver’s only true New York style nightclub is well deserved. For 19 years this hotspot has maintained its Soho attitude and feel, from the warm, classic brick and wood interior to the impressive line-up of international and local DJs and live talent. Surrounded by the city’s best restaurants and hotels, Bar None is the official after spot for the hip dinner crowd, and a favourite among Vancouver’s downtown-living elite.

1222 Hamilton Street


GROUSE MOUNTAIN The wilderness paradise is located 15-minutes from downtown Vancouver, and the famous Grouse Mountain Skyride (North America’s largest aerial tram system) takes visitors on a one-mile aerial journey to the Alpine Station, 3,700 feet above sea level. Breathtaking panoramic views of the city, sea and surrounding mountains unfold, culminating with a summit altitude of 4,100 feet. Be sure to wear your running shoes, it’s a bit of a work out.

6400 Nancy Greene Way 67 | March 2014


CMOS -- real-time 3D imaging from inside the heart, arteries and peripheral blood vessels.

NANO RIBBIN -- implant produces enough electricity to power internal devices in humans.

MAKERBOT REPLICATOR -- potentially the first


affordable consumer 3D printer for home users.

anklet that transmits data from the electronic fibres.

n i t s e t a l the nological design ---tech

BIOSTAMP -- flexible electronic circuits that stick

NOKIAN TYRES -- allow drivers to have retractable

directly to the skin to monitor the wearer’s health.

studded winter tires.

EKSO BIONICS -- robotic exoskeleton that has

oPHONE -- a bluetooth-enabled odor emitting device

restored the ability to walk in a paralyzed woman.

designed that lets users send smells remotely.

MARCH MARCH 7 2014 CIS Final 8 Men’s Basketball Championship Canadian Tire Centre

MARCH 18 Sens vs Rangers

MARCH 8 Women's Day MARCH 20 Sens vs Lightning MARCH 10 Sens vs Predators MARCH 20-23 International Auto Show Ottawa Convention Centre

MARCH 12 Sens Skills Competition

MARCH 25-26 Craig Ferguson Centrepointe Theatre

MARCH 14 Arcade Fire Canadian Tire Centre

MARCH 28 Sens vs Blackhawks

MARCH 16 Sens vs Avalanche MARCH 29 Hedley Canadian Tire Centre

MARCH 17 St. Patrick’s Day

MARCH 29-30 National Women’s Show Ottawa Convention Centre

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