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A New Year, a new beginning of change in American History with President Barack Obama and family as the first African American leaders to reside in the White House, to give us hope to believe that we can stand together to make a difference and follow our dreams of achieving goals that we may set for our lives and families. To look at where we come from, to where we were, to where we are now today, it gives me a hope in a brighter future with much prayer and help from on High for wisdom and guidance to achieve what is on the inside of me with helping others in my life journey. ExpoStyles would like to hear from you throughout the year of 2009, we will be excepting Black History Essays, Poems, Inspirational quotes that is written in your own words from the heart. Also, Global Warming Issues is on the rise, what are you going to do about it? What are your values and plans with doing your part in history making a difference in this world, one person & one dream at a time. Please visit for updates. (I thank God for the vision of ExpoStyles, my family, friends, staff, supporters, and clients for all the support over the years to get to this point with ExpoStyles).

Chiku’ Chiku’ Griffin/Publisher 2009 January 2

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Exposure Magazine TM The Ultimate Hair & Beauty Guide

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Contents January 2009 JOIN THE BOOK CLUB We are a book club associated with ExpoStyles Magazine, we read various books from Inspirational, Romance Fiction, Investment, Self-Empowerment, etc. We meet once a month at different locations in Tulsa, OK, for those who are unable to attend feel free to keep up with the books we are reading, we will keep it posted for your interest. The age requirements range from 24 & up. This book club is open to the public, as long as you are open to all reading material! If you are interested in joining the book club feel free to contact us .

Hair Gallery’s: 6 Red Carpet Hair Show 8 OKC Hair Show 17 Men’s Creative Style

Features: 5 Protein Treatments By Dr. Yakini 8 Mixed Chicks “ Having Bad hair Blues”

Specials: 14 Be Inspired from the inside out interview with Pastor Pamela Wiley 12-13 Black Inspiration Contest/ Win photo shoot Make-over 9 Celebrity Stylist Sharkia Clark: Wendy Waltz 20 Model Spotlight Stephanie Blakely

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Storehouse Financial Group, Founded in 2005, is one of the fastest growing financial services agencies located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide an array of financial products including Life Insurance, Annuities, Estate Planning and strategies for retirement planning.

President Victor Griffin

2009 January 4

Our Mission: To Inspire and Empower families and businesses to take control of their financial resources while helping to keep assets prudent and safe. Our clients gain valuable protection from economic losses that can occur in the event of financial hardships or unexpected death. Indexed Universal Life Insurance: An insurance component to maximize current financial picture as well as retirement. *Guaranteed Cash Accumu. lation *Guaranteed death benefit *Safety of principal *Tax advantages *Retirement Income

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What if you were to: *Live longer than expected? Americans are living longer and retiring younger *Pass sooner than expected? Families need proper protection in the event of an unexpected loss of the family's sole or major income earner *Become disabled? Either for a short-term or long-term. Now more than ever you *Protection of Principal should take advantage of the *Tax Deferred Interest Accu- peace of mind that comes mulation with a solid and customized *Death Benefit for Beneficia- financial plan! ries Serving *Free Withdrawal *Flexibility to move money OKLAHOMA between Strategies TEXAS





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2009 January 5

is a Quarterly Digital Hair Magazine that exists to benefit and expose the talents of hairstylists, barbers, make-up artists, fashion designers, as well as models while inspiring everyone who reads it. When we bring exposure, values, talents and advice to our readers we successfully fulfill our ultimate obligation to provide informative and innovative hair care tips and the latest trendiest fashion styles. Our purpose is to express creativity, knowledge and “Exposure� while building outstanding world wide relationships with our readers, our clients, our vendors and most of all with our staff. : We are not an agency. We are a modeling industry networking company that enables models, photographers, make-up artist and hairstylist to expose themselves to job opportunities, clients and agencies. For aspiring & established models our exciting modeling events such as photo shoots, digital magazine and print promotions are a perfect way to gain experience, build a portfolio and acquire paid assignments. We also have special discounted package deals for our signed on exclusive models. Package Deal Services include: Hair/Make-up, Image Styling to look your very best at your photo shoots and Modeling events. Take advantage of your savings all year long. For more information attend Model/Talent Casting Calls updates at or


Hair Gallery Styles

Protein Treatments The Aphogee Treatment for damaged hair has a wonderful restorative and fixative value for damaged, chemically processed hair. It repairs the hair for up to six weeks and then needs to be repeated. Protein treatments are important when you want to strengthen the hair cuticle, and stop/ prevent split ends, and shedding. Since hair is made up of about 70% keratin protein, giving it a good, protein treatment will help to strengthen it from the inside out. An intense protein treatment like this one is ONLY necessary every 6-8 weeks (as needed), and it will keep the hair shaft strong and prevent breakage before it even starts. Before We Begin: After you’ve tried this once and gotten the initial “scare” out the way... It really becomes quite fun! Watching your hair harden before your eyes, like the helmet of a Warrior Princess, is very cool! * Please note that I find it best to do this without a shirt on and without a towel around the neck.* The reason why it’s best to be shirtless is because, as your hair starts to harden and dry, it sticks to the surface of whatever it is touching. If you have a towel around your neck, or a shirt on , the hair may stick to the fabric... And you may unable to remove it without tearing the hair. If you opt to leave your hair down rather than pinned up during the treatment, try not to move your head around too much as it hardens/dries and sticks to your back. While the sensation of that is very annoying, it’s best to leave it be, lest you inadvertently tear/break the strands. Now We’re Ready To Get Stated: 1 Two weeks after a touch-up I use the Aphogee protein treatment. After shampooing, saturate hair with the Aphogee treatment. Do Not comb through. Use your fingers to gently and quickly work it into the hair. 2 Apply heat to the hair, using hooded dryer or a blow dryer with funnel attachment. You should feel your hair harden, like a helmet. Do Not try to comb or manipulate your hair during this time. If your hair is long make certain to concentrate the heat toward the ends, so that can harden as well. 3 Once your hair is hard all over, rinse the treatment out thoroughly. As soon as the water starts to hit it, you should feel the hair start to soften immediately. At this point, you still don’t need to use your fingers/comb to manipulate the hair. The pressure from the water will be sufficient to soften the hair. 4 Follow up with the Aphogee Moisturizing Humuctant. I then apply another moisturizing conditioner, usually a cheap condition ( Suave Milk and Honey or V05) blended with a few heaping spoons of honey and olive oil. I let this to sit in hair for about fifteen minutes before rinsing. 5 Moisturize with a generous amount of the ORS Olive the Cantu Shea Butter: Break Cure & Strengthening Treatment, put into one plait, and bun to air-dry. Copyrights© 2008 Dr. Yakini a clinical Phsychologist and freelance lifestyle writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She Editor-in-Cheif of Girly Home Webzine.

Photographers: Lasting Impressions Photography & Marvin Sample Photography


“Smallwood” “F ind out who you are and know for yourself, when you have a dream don’t let the fire die”

ESEM: “Are you living your dreams out by being in the music industry with Rapping?” Smallwood: “Yes, music has Interview with “Smallwood”, always been a part of me; ExpoStyles Front Cover feature it’s who I am and God has for Jan.2009 :Look for more drop this inside of me. It’s on his upcoming events and CD just like God created you release this year. with a gift of doing hair and people come to you and ESEM:” I would like to say, some are waiting on you to thank you for doing this inminister or speak that enterview with us. You guys couraging word to them and were such great sports to get if you don’t they may leave your eyebrows done for the still hurting because you photo shoot. We really had a may be that one that can blast and lots of laughs. So, speak into their lives.” Smallwood tell me a little ESEM: How long have you about yourself?” been doing Gospel Rap? Smallwood: “I was raised in Smallwood: “It has been six Sand Springs, OK and now years.” reside in Tulsa, OK. I started ESEM: When will we get to rapping about twelve years purchase your album and ago.” how many have you done? ESEM: “Had you always Smallwood: “My first album been a Gospel Rapper?” will be released spring 2009. Smallwood: “ I have been I have done several single doing Gospel Hip-Hop Rapsamples to market myself to ping for six years now and get my music out there and I started with some groups have been very blessed to do locally and done some openso.” ing acts for Above the Law, ESEM: “What is your heart Mystical, Joe Torre and a for the next generation?” couple of others, so I have been on both sides of the business and I understand the game of the music industry.” 2009 January 7

Smallwood: “My heart is that they will find out who they are in Christ and not lean toward what they see in MAINLINE this world. To become the ENTERTAINMENT leaders that they are and to be a positive example to FOR their peers.” MORE ESEM: “What would you INFORMATION say to encourage someone ON that has a dream of becomSMALLWOOD ing a music artist?” CONTACT: Smallwood: “Just to follow your heart and your passion, MANAGER what ever you value in life SHANNON that is where your energy SMALLWOOD and your path of life will go. When God gives you a gift use it, can’t no one take it from you so just do what you have been called to do.”

Ryan Smallwood


Having Bad Hair Blues ExpoStyles Model: Lindsey Gray

Try Mixed Chicks

Testimonial of trying Mixed Chicks

“ My experience has been the best with using Mixed Chicks products. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized and easy to manage. I can feel a difference in the condition of my hair. I can say good bye to frizzy,dry & flaky hair thanks to Mixed Chicks.� BEFORE


the trio set

Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner/styling cream - 10 oz patented formula penetrates the hair shaft, conditioning as it smoothes the follicle. work MIXED CHICKS through wet hair, air dry and style. *tames naturally curly hair* blocks frizz* works great on perms* makes hair

soft & silky shampoo - 10 oz great hair starts with a great shampoo.* ads luster* removes build-up* UV blockers protect color deep conditioner - 8 oz reconstruct damaged areas and transform style-stubborn hair into easy to maintain tresses. for style, follow with mixed chicks leave-in conditioner. *softens* detangles * moisturizes *curly & straight hair For more information visit ttp://

2009 January 8


Wendy Wiltz from America's Next Top Model Cycle 6


Wendy Wiltz, founder of The Agency, LLC is a full service talent agency, representing both on-screen and off-screen talent. Not only can you call The Agency, LLC to book models and actors/actresses, but you can also book make-up artists, hair stylists and even photographers. The Agency, LLC now representing talent in New Orleans, LA will also soon represent talent in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Shreveport.

Shakira Clark Hair Stylist & Educator for Soft Sheen Carson division of Loreal USA Professional Wendy Wiltz , from America's Next Top Model Cycle 6

This look was created by roller setting the hair with Soft Sheen Carson's Opti Potion Lotion, which can be used as a foam to provide a nice set. The hair was set on medium size rollers, and set under the dryer for 35mins. Upon drying the hair, sides of hair was brushed to center to give Wendy a Mohawk rock star look. In creating the height at frontal , I used a light holding spritz to hold the hair straight up, secured with duck bill clip, and defused to set the hump in place. Last, to finish her look ,I applied a small amount of the Opti Shine which also minimizes frizz and gives the hair a sheen to the back area loosing the hair, releasing beautiful following rock star curls . Irene Garcia:Make-up, Larry Dixion -Photography. Copyrights © 2009

Ciondra Haley Fashion Model Image to left

Model Ciondra Haley is an independent model with 918 entertainment management. She has natural curly black hair w/blonde highlights that is shoulderlength. Stylist Laquita Haley styled Ciondra’s hair in loose spiral curls with swooped bangs. Hair care products used on hair are Nu Expressions. The hair stylist is located at Renita’s Beauty Salon in Tulsa, OK (918) 3454242

“Natural products formulated to nourish, moisturize and strengthen your hair.”


HEALTH & WELLNESS Latoya Farley: Personal Trainer Co-Owner of Fit One Fitness & Nutrition Specialist The holidays are over and the New Year is here. Most of us start after the holidays to set some weight lost goals. Once the holidays have come and gone and along with them, most of our well intended New Year’s resolutions to achieve our weight loss. Unfortunately, what hasn’t gone are those 5-7 lbs we put on during the holidays, or unwanted weight that has slowly settled itself on our bodies since high school. You know, those pesky extra pounds that have attached themselves to your hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. I am offering all those that have fallen off the wagon a chance at redemption to get ready for the pending swimsuit and shorts season.

Here are some helpful dieting hints to get you started. Get about 8 hours of sleep every night. Chronic lack of sleep may lead to obesity. Weigh yourself at regular intervals to keep your weight in check and keep track of your weight loss. Drink water throughout the day especially during your workouts. Try to drink at least 72 ounces of water a day, more if working out. Don’t eat before exercising (assuming you are working out first thing in the morning). If you are working out later in the day try not to eat within an hour of your workout. at your first meal within 45 minutes of completing the exercise. This way your body can utilize it appropriately. Read Focus on foods with a low glycemic index; avoid processed flour, pasta, potatoes, and sugars. nutrition labels and be aware of serving sizes, especially when dining out; if there is too much food, contrary to popular belief you can take it home. Every last morsel doesn’t have to be eaten at the table. Replace the unhealthy fats with healthy fats such as, almonds, vegetable oil, olive oil and fish oil. Vary your protein sources. 3-5 servings of red meat a week. Chicken is always a good choice. Fish contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids which promote cardiovascular health, can reduce risk of some forms of cancer, and aid in fat loss. 1-2 servings of fish a week is a safe amount to retain the health benefits and negate the issue of mercury. Try to eat small meals often. Aim to try to eat a minimum of 4 meals a day. This will keep you from going to long and binge eating, or giving into cravings and making unhealthy choices. Determine your daily calories and try to keep them there or a little below. (Daily calories= body weight x 10). This will keep you at about a 500 calories deficit. People’s metabolisms vary, but this is a good rule of thumb. Start your day with 1-2 cups black coffee or green tea; both are high in antioxidants.

Children’s Health DVD Visit us on-line for fun Games to play 2009 January 10

The mission of Mr. BodyFat is to provide children of all ages with unique ideas in living a healthier, more active lifestyle. Mr. BodyFat, Crunch, and the BodyFat team will empower children and their parents to make a difference in their health and their lives. Mr. BodyFat will provide a fun, inspiring program that will address the causes of obesity and create healthier kids for a healthier future. This healthier future will be accomplished through a variety of product and service offerings: an interactive MBF website, weekly fitness camps, personal training sessions, and proper nutrition education. Log on now to purchase a DVD and T-shirt at


HEALTH & WELLNESS The Introduction to the Foot

Heart Disease

There are 28 bones and over 30 joints in the foot that are connected by ligaments and whose motion is controlled by intrinsic and extrinsic muscles. Biomechanically, the foot acts as a tripod with weight bearing occurring through the heel bone and the first and fifth metatarsals. The joints are covered by cartilage which provides the gliding motion of the ankle joint which allows the foot to go up and down and the subtalar joint which allows side to side motion. Normal walking involves a double and single leg phase of gait during which the hindfoot inverts to provide a rigid lever to go up on the toes. When the foot is flat the hindfoot everts to allow the foot to relax and become more flat. The foot possesses several muscles on its sole as well as a fat pad that creates a cushion between the bones and the ground. All of these anatomic structures of the foot work in concert to maintain a harmonic homeostasis to provide us with a painless gait give us balance and agility. When the harmony of any one of these components is disrupted then disability is the result. Common global problems that affect the foot are heel pain, arthritis, tendonitis, neuritis or neuropathy, vasculopathy,deformity and trauma. Most of these problems, aside from trauma, can be addressed conservatively with rest, shoe wear modification, anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. When conservative measure fail to relive symptoms and restore function, surgery may be indicated. Even in the case of trauma, such as ankle sprains, there are some conservative measures that can be effective, but by in large, most of these injuries will require surgical intervention. As our understanding of common foot problems has continued to be elucidated, so has our ability to make an accurate diagnosis. These modalities include x-rays, ultrasound, bone scans and MRI. Surgical advances have also improved patient outcomes due to improved arthroscopy tools, internal instrumentation including bioabsobable implants and various synthetic bone grafting materials, sterilization techniques and improved rehabilitation protocols. Even more recent advances, such as total ankle replacement for ankle arthritis and shock wave therapy for plantar fascitis, continue to provide options that were not available 25 years ago. Even newer techniques for cartilage replacement will some day obviate the need for joint replacement.

According to recent studies Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of African-Americans ,claiming the lives of 37 percent of the nearly 288,000 Blacks who die each year. It is particularly deadly for black females, with five in every ten dying each year of cardiovascular disease. The cause of the deadly effect on African-American women is unclear, but it is believed to be related to genetics, environment and disparity in medical care. It is important for women to be aware of symptoms of heart disease which include:

By Dr. Darnell E. Blackmon Board Certified Sports Medicine and Foot and Ankle Surgeon The Orthopedic Center 1809 E. 13th Street Suite 100 Tulsa, OK 74101

Delores A. Tarkington, MSN, RN, CPUR Sources: American Heart Association, Association of Black Cardiologist, The African American Woman’s Guide To A Healthy Heart, and The Mayo Clinic

2009 January 11

* Chest pain alone or linked to pain in the arm, neck or jaw * Nausea and unusual fatigue, dizziness or fainting * Shortness of breath during exertion, or when lying down *Ankle swelling, palpitations, or fluttering in the chest and sleep disturbances The American Heart Association has identified several factors that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. The more risk factors a woman has, the greater her risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Some of these risk factors you can’t control, such as increasing age, family health history, race and gender. But you can modify, treat or control most risk factors to lower your risk. These measures tive, exercise regularly for at least 20-30 minutes during each session at least three times a week, check with your

less and more selectively with a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low calorie and a low-carbohydrate diet. Avoid as many

intake maintaining a healthy lifestyle may increase your chances of living longer. Be active, exercise regularly for at least 20-30 minutes during each session at least three times a week, check with your physician before starting an exercise program maintain a normal weight.


ExpoStyles Models: Lacey, Lisa, J’havetta, Stephanie, Lindsey Latyia & TeRena

Black Inspiration Contest Throughout the year of 2009 we will be excepting Black Inspirational essays, poems and quotes and essays about inspirational African American that have made a difference in their generation. It can be a person that is no longer living or living. That person must have inspired you to make a difference in your generation. Guidelines: *Biography of person:1-2 paragraphs. *How has the person inspired you personally?

Rewards: Winner will receive a Make-over photo shoot with professional photographer, hair and makeup service and your Inspirational writing will be featured in Digital Magazine. Age requirement: 18-50 years of age. Entries must be e-mailed to or mail to P.O. Box 482 Bixby,OK 74008 Contest ends for entries by May 15,2009. Submitting continues until December 30,2009. *Must be typed, 500 word minimum

*By researching your chosen person’s background or interviewing him/her, how will you keep the dream alive? 2009 January 12


*Entries must include contestant’s name, address, number& if in college Model






“Yes We Can” Let Your Voice Be Heard

featured below 3D Confidence Model Christina , Demarco Visit modeling page

2009 January 13


Be Inspired from the inside out Dreams of Dreamers Pastor Pamela Wiley

ESEM: “ Who is Pastor Pam personally as the minister/ encourager?” Pastor Pam: “Personally & ministry wise is all rolled into one. My call, vision, and purpose in life are to encourage people, mainly women. I feel that I am called to encourage women to be all they were created to be, and to have high self-esteem. Growing up the way I did with both parents in the house, my parents invested a lot of time with me. Low- self esteem was never an issue or concern with us (my family). My parents always told us we can have anything, do anything and be anybody. They taught us to have self-worth and pride. As a child growing up, I was taught not to feel inferior to anyone, while also telling us not to feel as if we are better than anybody else. As I got older I realized that everybody doesn’t have that opportunity to have someone always encouraging them to be all that you can, to have self worth and selfpride. So I endeavor to give back to women the encouragement to be all God has created them to be and never let anyone take advantage of them, to always have a dream, a vision, a goal, to have a focus in mind of where they want to go in life, to ultimately focus on their purpose, the vision and the plan of God given to them before they were formed in their mother’s womb. So with all of that I feel one of my many purposes is to instill that into people (women) that I come in contact with.” 2009 January 14

“ We have to focus in on the inside of us in order to bring our dreams into reality.”

ESEM: “ Do you have any words of wisdom to share with the readers?” Pastor Pam: “We all have a preordained purpose in life, so as we learn to tap into that purpose we will have fulfillment and enjoy our life, which will drive you and motivate you.We are a royal priesthood and chosen generation.” ESEM: “How would you express the dreams of dreamers, helping people to use their imagination to live their dreams ?” Pastor Pam: “The bible tells us we are created in the image of God , and that we were on the inside of him and he spoke us to existence and so when he created us, he put into us purpose, desire, and everything we need to be successful in this life. With that in mind, we have to focus in on the inside of us and search and pull out what God has put in us in order to bring it in to reality. I remember I preached a sermon (message) on dreams of dreamers, the bible says, without a dream, an imagination, the people will parish .God said he would bless us above and beyond our wildest imagination.”

Pastor Stephen & Pamela Wiley, Praise Center Family Church 608 E. Apache St. Tulsa, OK or 302 N. 7th St. Muskogee,OK

mber Cotton



LIPS: Use a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick you choose. ULTA has quality lip liners and they are not to pricey. I used a plumy pink lipstick and a nude gloss, (MAC) oyster girl lip gloss, that gives the lips a nice plumping effect Music Artist/Sonday/ExpoStyles Model on Model Natisha.

atisha Tucker

eRena Colbert

Beauty Tips

ExpoStyles Model

EYES:*Prevent eyeliner from slipping and

fading quickly by tracing your eye pencil line with a matching shade of powder eye color. *Trace along your lash line with eye shadow instead of pencil for soft emphasis. *Lighter color on the lids helps to open up the eyes. *Create a bit of glimmer around the eyes by using a dot of light, shimmery eye color at the tear duct of the eyes and then blend; this also widens the eyes.

Gwen Pettie

ExpoStyles Model/Director My name is Gwenicia Pettie and I am a Make-up Artist. I’m from Tulsa,OK but currently live in Norman,OK. I graduated in May of 2008 from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Human Relations. “My objective is amplifying the natural beauty of all women so the confidence within will radiate through”.

Copyrights © 2009 Photographers: Chris Kyger Photography/ Forty Photo’s

ECLECTIC MARKETING GROUP EVENT PLANNING*MARKETING*PROMOTION .P.O.Box 701674 Tulsa,OK 74170 (918)629.6606 The Eclectic Marketing Group (EMG) team combines over 35 years of event planning, production, marketing, media, and promotional experience on each project. The people behind EMG each bring a unique background and perspective to the production of your event. We specialize in stellar events: effective, measurable marketing campaigns and hard hitting promotional programs for individuals and companies of all sizes. We pride ourselves on exceptional, prompt customer service and we make the process easy.


Salon Owner/Stylist: Renita Drew

Renita’s Beauty Salon 1532 E. Apache Tulsa,OK 74106 (918)428.1502

Copyrights ©2009 Lasting Impressions Are you looking to create a new portfolio or expand your current portfolio? You have one time to make a good first impression with cutting edge images that are key to get you noticed. We offer promotional photo sessions to cater to the needs of stylist/barbers/make-up artist,music artists, models, fashion designers and boutiques. You will gain exposure with potential new clients to help the growth of your business. Our studio session schedule is limited, so contact us today at (918)381.7927 to make your appointment. Salon/Stylist & Music Artist Special Full Page $500 until Dec.30,2009.

Hair & Make-up provided by ExpoStyles Beauty Team for Music Artist special


Terri McConnell

Founder of: Oklahoma Gospel Fest

Copyrights © 2009 Chris Kyger Photography



is a leading financial service firm that assists individuals, families and businesses with the optimization and protection of theirassets. Many of the strategies utilized by Storehouse Financial are based on successful business models utilized by financial institutions for decades and the teachings of the many great financial minds of our time. We empower individuals to avoid making the same mistakes perpetuated by common money misconceptions. These misconceptions continue to be a hindrance to the financial freedom we strive to achieve. Storehouse breaks this cycle of perpetual financial bondage by educating our clients to alternative strategies and assisting them with the implementation of these strategies within their personal assets. Storehouse Financial Group LLC. 9220 S. Toledo Ct. Suite B Tulsa,OK 74137 Ph: (918) 392-8696

Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability Oklahoma * Texas * California * Florida * Georgia

Tulsa Red Carpet Hair Show & OKC Hair Explosion Hair Show Copyrights Š 2009 Photography: Lasting Impressions & Marvin Sample


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JEA Records Presents

Eldredge Jackson Listening Pleasure




Music Artist Hair: Tonya Wellis, Make-up: A+MAKEUP=APRO Photographer: Nora Canfield

ExpoStyles Model: Stephanie Blakely Hair: Chiku’ Griffin Make-up: Gwen Pettie Photography: Christopher Kyger

ExpoStyles Exposure Hair Magazine P.O. Box 482 Bixby, OK 74008 (918) 381.7927 Fax (918) 366.2105

ExpoStyles Hair Magazine Jan-Mar 2009  
ExpoStyles Hair Magazine Jan-Mar 2009  

Cover Music Artist Smallwood