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Center for Sustainable Spatial Development

Expeditio is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and the SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage the overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997. Expeditio head office is based in Kotor (Montenegro) and our branch office is in Belgrade (Serbia).

EXPEDITIO sectors Sustainable /Green/ Architecture Cultural Heritage and Cultural Landscape Spatial and Urban Planning Civil Society Development

studies, workshops, campaigns, exhibitions, round tables, restoration work camps, lectures, seminars, researches, publishing, advocacy...

EXPEDITIO approach • Concern about the space and the environment We promote an approach to building and spatial planning practices that includes the care for the environment. Construction sector is a major consumer of energy and it is responsible for a high level of pollution. We envision sustainable building and planning practices becoming the norm in architecture, not an exception.

• Taking care of cultural heritage and landscape We believe that culture is an important resource that contributes to social and economic sustainability of a society.

• Relevance We make every effort to understand the real needs of the surroundings in which we live and design our projects accordingly. We strive for project results which are visible, clear and useful to their beneficiaries.

• Cooperation and partnerships We believe that the most effective projects result from networking and partnerships between nongovernmental, private and public sectors. The media also have an important role.

• Cultural diversity and human rights We believe in partnerships that reflect the national, religious or any other diversity.

• Participatory approach We believe that a sustainable approach is based on including as many stakeholders as possible. Space is a matter of concern for all people, and they have the right to influence its development. We believe that the stakeholders can develop ownership of the project ideas and results through active participation in projects.

• Sustainability We promote sustainable solutions – in social, environmental, economic and cultural sense.

• Gender mainstreaming Promotion and implementation of the principles of gender equality is of tremendous importance to us. We believe that gender equality, together with other kinds of equality, forms the basis of social development.

• Transparency We strive for achieving the greatest degree of transparency in our work. We regularly publish and disseminate information about all our activities through our website, mailing lists and annual reports. Information about our financial revenues and expenditures is available to the public.

• Diversity of target groups Since space matters concern all people, our target groups are diverse: children, youth, persons with disabilities, local governments, NGOs, the media ....

• Philanthropy We believe that everything we do should be shared with other people. All our publications, documents, research, reviews, photographs, etc. are freely available at

EXPEDITIO projects [selection] Valorization of the vernacular heritage in Montenegro – a pilot area of Zalazi • Promoting the Principles of Sustainable Development in Public Spaces of Boka Kotorska • EKOPlan - Monitoring the application of the principles of sustainable spatial development and environmental protection in the spatial planning documents in Montenegro • Revival of City Squares in Balkan Cities • Kotor for Children • Gender and Space - Gender mainstreaming of spatial planning processes in Montenegro • Benefit Living: A New Layer of Creative Building and Planning in Montenegro • Educating Children about the Values of Space • SOSTENUTO Thinking Culture as a Factor of Economic and Social Inovation • Reflection of the Arts in Public Spaces in Cetinje • Database of Cultural Monuments on the Territory of the Municipality of Kotor • Energy Days in Montenegro • Monitoring the Draft Spatial Plan of Montenegro • The Palaces of Boka Kotorska • Spaces without Barriers • Managing the Space - Promoting European Standards • Look Around - Think About Space! • Skadar Lake Sustainable Spatial Development • Perast, Grbalj and Godinje - Architectural Workshops • Twentieth-century Architecture and Arts in Boka Kotorska • Ecological Building - Building with Nature • Medieval Towns of Montenegro • Perast - Volunteer Work Camps • Cultural Heritage - Potential for the Development of Boka • A New Durmitor House - Architectural competition

EXPEDITIO awards and recognitions [selection] n First Prize for architectural design of Montenegro national pavilion for EXPO 2015 in Milan (2011) n S pecial recognition for the project “Gender and Space - Gender mainstreaming of spatial planning processes in Montenegro”, 20th International Salon of Urban Planning (Niš, 2011) n S pecial recognition for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage of Kostanjica, 19th International Salon of Urban Planning (Šabac, 2010) n C  ertificate for the successful completion of the project “Look Around – Think about Space!” funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction in Podgorica (2006) n Wild  Beauty Award, for contribution to the quality, affirmation and promotion of the tourist offer of Montenegro – A recognition for implementation of the campaign “Look Around – Think about Space!” (2006) n A cknowledgement at the 13th Salon of Urban Planning - Award for the Architectural Workshop Godinje 2004 (Banja Luka, 2004) n Publication acknowledgement at the 21st Salon of Architecture for the publication “Three Hundred Years of Solitude” (Belgrade, 1998) n First Prize at the 6th Salon of Urban Planning in Niš for the best student design project – revitalization of Perast (Niš, 1997)

EXPEDITIO publications [selection] Catalogue of Public Spaces in Boka Kotorska [selected sites] (Mne)... Palaces of Boka Kotorska (Mne, Eng)...Stroll around Kotor – A Guide for Inquisitive Children (Mne)...Medieval Towns of Montenegro (Mne, Eng)...Planning Guidelines that Lead to Sustainable Spatial Development (Mne)...Gender and Space (Mne)...Benefit Living (Mne)....... Kostanjica: Natural and Cultural Heritage (Mne)...Persons with Disabilities and Architectural Barriers, Professor Ph.D. Emir Fejzić (Mne)...Cultural Practices of Citizens in Boka Kotorska (Mne)... The European Urban Charter / Reclaiming City Streets for People, European Conventions and Recommendations in the Field of Cultural Heritage, Green Paper on Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Building and ESDP European Spatial Development Perspective (translation)...The Doors in the Traditional Architecture of the Boka Kotorska and Their Conservation...Guide to Perast (Mne, Eng)...Godinje (Mne)...A New Durmitor House (Mne)...Three Hundred Years of Solitude (Mne, Eng, It)

EXPEDITIO in numbers

16 years of activity 50 projects 36 books and 14 awards and recognitions 1100


media appearances

24 exhibitions 50 donors and

15 launched web sites 90 partners in various

sponsors projects

2500 e-mail addresses in a mailing list

Center for Sustainable Spatial Development

Head office: Ĺ kaljari bb, P. O. Box 85 85330 Kotor | Montenegro t. + 382 (0)32 302 520 f. + 382 (0)32 302 521

Branch office: Biznis centar GO Savski venac Kneza MiloĹĄa 47 11000 Belgrade | Serbia t. +381 (0)11 7151 857


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