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The aim of EXAFAN is get the animal welfare as much as the exit of your investments. It has not being easy positioned the company in a point where all the product range is under the highest requirements on quality and efficiency. To do it we used our well known focus on customer service, taking all the suggests from our customers and without any doubt in giving to the product all the details, even the less significant ones. As a result of this well done job, we can guarantee EXAFAN has become the most safe choice to make your projects. So we´re absolutely sure, as much you turn around… it fits.

Juan José Pascual Nadal Managing Director

Full control of your farm. Has the control of temperature, windows and inlets, ventilation, heating and cooling system, as well as any other parameter on your installation, from remote and in real time. Also you can modify all the datas and all the database stored on the system.

Security camera You can see on real time the animals on your farm. How they feed and move. Your cameras will allow you to watch any point of the farm, progressive scan zoom to see even the littlest detail of any incidence. They’ve the CCD sensor to improve the vision in poor light situations, digital control output, movement sensor. Also outside farms security systems can be switched on.

Use of regulators All the top range controllers, for poultry farms can be connected to a central computer (to be able to get the remote control)

¡ Central computer will need the DN-PC software

Birds weight

Silo weighting scales

The UCP-400 system for weighting control, can be switched to the computer with software DN-PC so you can get in time information about animal weight and water consumption. Exafan weighting scales developed to get the maximum income data possible, even on last days when animals are biggest and they are able to move just a little.

To control the load and refill of feedstuffs, and to understand the animal feed consumption as given by the growing curve, to find any problem on feed intake or distribution. It´s essential to avoid the lack of feed on silos which can be fatal for animals.

Weighting silos sensor with anti-overturn system

Dashboard of weighting scale for silo

control -UCP-400 system control Additional control H2O

- UCP-400 system control - Animal weighting control system by weighting scales - Water consumption by water counter - Feedstuff control by silos weighting - Visual control by security cameras - Administrative control


Administrative control To study the inputs, outputs, mortality‌ on the production halls. Also to check the vaccination days and the notes from workers.

- Raising graph - Graphic data - Alarms control - Automatic process - Data export - Printing registers

Arrive where nobody else

You can have the total control of your farm from wherever you are and manage it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, look your animals, change the temperature, modify the humidity, tell to the integrator the medium weight of the group, quantify the water consumption to detect any illness, your silos never will appear empty, you can notice to refill thanks to the silo scale. Nothing will go out of your control

Get the better statistical control of your breeding, is the weight of your animals agree with the growing curve? The veterinarians could check your birds herd without going to your farm.

Connection ADSL: - Winmax - RTB - 3G

Devices ADSL: - Iphone - Android - Ipad - Tablets

Contacto +34 976 694 530 +34 976 690 968 Polígono Industrial Río Gállego, Calle D, Parcela Nº 10 C.P. 50840 San Mateo de Gallego (Zaragoza) Spain Departamento técnico 629 385 878

International presence Exafan is a company clearly focused on international expansion. Today Exafan is present in the entire world with products adapted to the legislation and needed of each country. The loyalty to their core values, makes EXAFAN a first level company able to offer the most complete range of products, developing new activities and increasing our foreign market by local distributors and also own offices, allowing us to be present and act in the most remarkanle projects over 70 countries.

Creation: 03/10/2015 _ Last modification: 22/02/2016

The information, features and images of the products included in our catalogues and brochures may be modified without previous notice given their continuous technological development.

Specialist in control of all the parameters of animal welfare and animal feeding

EXAFAN FACTORY 1 EXAFAN FACTORY 2 -LOGISTICS-PRODUCTIONPol. Ind. Río Gallego Pol. Ind. Río Gallego II, Calle D, parcela 10 C/ R, Parcelas 4-8 50840 San Mateo de Gallego 50840 San Mateo de Gállego Zaragoza - Spain Zaragoza - Spain Tfn. : +34 976 694 530 Fax : +34 976 690 968 Mail:

Tfn. : +34 976 694 530 Fax : +34 976 690 968 Mail:

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