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July 2015

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July 2015

Associate Publisher’s Letter...


Dear Reader,

Engaging with Joy for Empowerment, Inner Balance, and Well-Being

I have a friend who just interviewed the president for his podcast. It’s the most successful podcast yet, which is partly why Obama asked to sit down for an interview. (The other reason has to do with what I wrote about above: my friend’s podcast is famous, and successful, because my friend has zero boundaries. And people love that he opens up to his guests about every little thought and deed that he’s had or done. My friend is the King of the Oversharers.) Having the president ask to be a part of whatever you do—for most people, that’s pretty cool. That’s a big moment. A joyous, joyful moment. But this friend, I don’t know how joyful he is. I’m sure he’s pretty psyched, and he can now brag to anyone from here on out (especially to his peers) that he had the president come to his garage to do his show (not many folks can say that).


Joyfully Alone 14

But is he a joyful person? Not really. Is he living in joy? He’s trying. I know that. Everyone’s trying. Most of us don’t succeed. Not that that’s our fault. It’s just the way it is. Or is it? Can we be in joy at every moment of our lives? Personally, I don’t think so. Personally, I wouldn’t want to. Because for joy to be as joyful as it should be, as it’s meant to be—you can see where I’m going with this—there has to be balance. I’m happy for people who are joyful 24/7 (or say they are). And I do not want a life of no joy or nonjoy or one of stress and hardship and constant struggle. Evolving is all about joy. It’s one of those things that’s trying to give you (me) that balance. To lift you up, give you something better to aim for, aspire to. Or just make you feel good. The response so far has been wonderful—joyful. And I hope it keeps getting better and better and continues to be just that—a conduit to joy.

Wild Voice — Writing with Authentic Expression 18

Be Still and Know Self 16

WxäÉÇ ]tv~áÉÇ

An Inside-Out Job: Q+ A with Heather Robertson and Jane Ellen Davis

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ON THE COVER: Brad Smith, Santa Fe artist and owner of the Brad Smith Gallery, says of his piece: “The poppies and pansies grow on Canyon Road and are a favorite subject of mine. I love the vibrant color and positive message the flowers evoke. The adobe walls set them off and they are irresistible to the eye and the artist.” View Brad and other artists' works at the Brad Smith Gallery,634 Canyon Road. 505-983-1133; www.bradsmithgallery.com; info@bradsmithgallery.com

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July 2015

News & Tips

Coconut 24/7 There’s a reason athletes, models, and celebrities alike have embraced the versatile effects of the coconut—what once seemed a rare, exotic piece of refreshment has become widely available throughout the world for more beneficial purposes than we thought possible. In regards to health improvement, coconut flour is supported by the Paleo, gluten-free, and wheat-free communities. Coconut sugar is also seen as beneficial for people trying to control their diabetes. Sales of coconut oil are skyrocketing as coconut is the newest and hottest “superfood.” It’s also a trend outside of the world of food, as cosmetic and beauty companies are trumpeting the anti-aging and health benefits of coconut oil and incorporating it into their products.

COCONUT 24/7 features over 100 recipes that use coconut water including smoothies, juices, and soups as well as main dishes made with coconut oil. There are also baked goods made with coconut flour, and a raft of other easy, delicious recipes for your sweet tooth. And with Pat’s expertise as an herbalist, there are tips on making your own moisturizers, balms, and creams with coconut so you can discover the unique qualities of coconut to help you look and feel your best.

CHARD AND CHICKPEAS Excerpted from Coconut 24/7 Easy-peasy, as they say—so easy I tend to make this often. Sometimes if I’m home alone at dinner, this is all I prepare because it’s quite filling. Blanching greens and cruciferous vegetables (such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) destroys the goitrogens that, when eaten raw, can put stress on the thyroid, so don’t skip Step 1. Serves 4.

INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 lb (750 g) Swiss chard Pat Crocker is a home economist, culinary 2 tbsp melted coconut oil herbalist, and best-selling, international 1 onion, chopped award-winning author of 10 cookbooks 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped including Preserving. Pat’s The Vegan 1/4 cup chopped pistachio nuts Cook’s Bible won Best in the World in the 1 can (19 oz/540 mL) chickpeas, rinsed and vegetarian category in Périgueux, France, drained in 2009, and The Juicing Bible won Best in 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice the World in the nutrition category in 2000 and has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide. More at www.patcrocker.com.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a pot of salted boiling water, blanch Swiss chard for 4 to 5 minutes or until tender. Drain and rinse under cold running water. Pat dry, coarsely chop, and set aside. 2. In a skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Sauté onion for 5 minutes. Add garlic and nuts and cook, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Turn heat off and add cooked Swiss chard, chickpeas, and lemon juice. Toss well to combine.

Spicy Southwestern Sauerkraut This flavorful take on sauerkraut is great on fish tacos, with chips in place of salsa or on top of anything that needs a little more zing. Lacto-fermentation gives this dish a delicious dose of probiotics to help you treat your gut to some beneficial microflora. INGREDIENTS 1 head green cabbage 1.5 tablespoons of canning or kosher salt 3-4 jalapeño or Serrano peppers (remove seeds for less heat) ¼ cup cilantro ¼ cup green onion 1 quart Mason jar or fermentation crock 2 cloves garlic

INSTRUCTIONS Remove outer leaves from the cabbage head and set them aside. Finely Shred the remaining cabbage and place in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle salt over cabbage and vigorously massage the salt into the cabbage to release moisture. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, the salt will draw more liquid from the cabbage. Mince the jalapeños, green onion, cilantro, and garlic. Add the minced peppers, green onion, cilantro, and garlic to the cabbage and mix. Tightly pack the cabbage mixture in the Mason jar. Pack it down until all of the vegetables are beneath the liquid. When the jar is fully packed, leave about an inch of space at the top of the jar. Use the outer leaves to help push the cabbage under the brine. Add weight to the top of the leaves. You can use a



July 2015

sanitized river rock, or other items to hold the kraut under the brine. This will allow fermentation to take place and keep mold from forming. Screw the lid onto the jar loosely so gas can escape as fermentation proceeds. Store in a cool shaded place on the counter for 7-10 days. During fermentation the sauerkraut will bubble and the brine will turn cloudy. When scum appears, skim it off the top. This scum is normal, and not harmful. Remove the weight and leaves to taste test. Replace them if you continue to ferment. When you are satisfied with the flavor, serve, and keep refrigerated. —Courtesy of Patrick Block, owner and founder of Barrio Brinery, 1413 W Alameda, 505-699-9812 www.barriobrinery.com

News & Tips

Sunrise Springs: The Next Generation Health & Wellness Resort to Open in Santa Fe Sunrise Springs Integrative Wellness Resort is pleased to announce its highly anticipated August 2015 opening. Located among 70 acres of towering cottonwoods and spring-fed ponds, Sunrise Springs offers an integrative spa and therapeutically designed programming for those seeking healthy living, rejuvenation, and greater meaning and connection in their lives. Guests are invited to pause and decompress in a restorative environment that nourishes both the body and the mind. Through experiential and naturebased activities, guests develop new skills, increased self-awareness, and healthy living practices that enable them to thrive and experience life differently. Sunrise Springs defines integrative wellness as a blend of Eastern and Western therapeutic practices, and Native American teachings, designed to create harmony among the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being. At the center of the property is a Medicine Wheel, which has many different meanings and uses across a variety of cultures. The Medicine Wheel has inspired Sunrise Springs’ approach to integrative wellness, and is used as a blueprint to assist guests in understanding and addressing specific life circumstances—jobs, relationships, illness. The Sunrise Springs’ Integrative Therapeutic Spa (ITSPA) fuses the expertise of an integrative medical clinic with the rejuvenating and restorative practices of a wellness spa. Unlike other health and wellness resorts, Sunrise Springs also offers integrative behavioral healthcare to its guests. ITSPA services include an Integrative Wellness Evaluation, nutritional assessment, acupuncture and chiropractic care, psychotherapy, stress evaluation, spiritual counseling, and a wide range of spa services including hydrotherapy. Sunrise Springs’ programming is guided by four evidence-based principles: Nature Bathing, Digital Detox, Learning Through Experience, and Food as Medicine.

The first principle, Nature Bathing, is drawn from research that suggests spending even five minutes among trees or in green spaces can improve health by reducing stress, and improving mood and energy levels. Digital Detox, the second guiding principle, is supported by evidence indicating that the increased use of technology contributes to social isolation, sleep disruption, depression, anxiety, and other health-related issues. “At Sunrise Springs, we encourage our guests to unplug, tune-in, and actively engage in their lives,” says Dr. David Hans, executive director. The third guiding principle, Learning Through Experience, highlights the importance of tapping into both physical and mental processes to accelerate the development of new skills and selfawareness. Consistent with the fourth guiding principle of Food as Medicine, executive chef Paul Novak works closely with local farmers to cultivate the culinary and therapeutic gardening programs. With an on-site greenhouse and demonstration kitchen, guests learn to grow herbs and vegetables, and to create delicious and nutritious meals that can easily be prepared at home. Each evening, dinner is served in the historic Blue Heron Restaurant where Chef Novak and his team share the health benefits of the cuisine. The 90,000-square-foot facility is comprised of thoughtfully designed spaces including a greenhouse and culinary classroom, two dining spaces, yoga studio, fitness studio, swimming pool, and multiple art spaces, all of which embody the textures and tones of the high desert. Accommodations include 20 spacious and well-appointed casitas with gas fireplaces and private courtyards, and 32 resort-style guest rooms overlooking the property’s sacred Medicine Wheel. For more information, please visit: sunrisesprings.com. EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE


July 2015

Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Get Your Glow On: Live into the Extraordinary


hat’s the difference between someone who is just managing their life and someone who is living an extraordinary life? If you are managing, then you are harnessing and accessing only enough energy to just get by, to do what it takes to survive, keeping your body, your health, and your entire life in a state of status quo. In our culture, this survival mode, this less-resourceful energy state is the accepted norm. Even very aware, conscious, and progressive individuals can be caught up in this acceptance of a lower energy state. These individuals may have an inkling that something is missing, or that there is a different way to live and to be, but they may not know “how to get there.” For many, it requires a physical, emotional, or situational crisis to bring about a shift in awareness that makes the link between energy states and quality of life. However, there are examples of extraordinary living out there in the world. You may notice these individuals when they walk into a room or pass you by at an event or a restaurant. You might not understand why the person draws your attention, but you may notice that you feel different, even in their temporary presence. These people exude a combined air of vitality, passion, contentment, ease, joy—a quiet aliveness. These sorts of people don’t purposefully draw attention to themselves because they don’t need or desire to (unless it’s for a specific reason). They move with a certainty of being and lightness. These individuals have a glow that seems to either come from within them or around them. In fact, whether you consciously recognize them or not, your own energy will be impacted by their presence. The reason for this response is that these people are exporting energy out into the “field” (the matrix of energy that surrounds us). Physics even has a name for this, it’s called quantum entanglement, where we impact each other through our energy fields. The field is very much alive with energy and allows information to be exchanged within it. We call this energy unbound energy (as opposed to bound energy—that which is kept stored or locked up in the body, often because of a trauma). Sometimes this experience gives you the feeling of elation and empowers you. At other times, being in the presence of this energy makes your ego feel uncomfortable because the experience seemingly emphasizes what you lack. The ego’s job, and the job of the culture, is to keep your sense of self the same, to help you maintain the status quo. Growth and maintaining the status quo are in opposition—you can’t do both at the same time. Whether

your experience of such an encounter is positive or negative, either way, energy is being exchanged that, if you are prepared, you can use for your own healing and growth. If your encounter with one of these extraordinarily living people feels compelling to you, then you may be at a crossroads in your life. You’re being called to step up into more of your own magnificence, your inner authority, and to move from simply managing your life day-by-day to living into the extraordinary. But how do you get there? What these people living extraordinarily have in common is that there is active participation between them and the unbound energy in the universe (the energy of the field). This unbound energy is all around us, all the time, and it is unlimited. Where are you living in this field of energy? You are either living in such a way that you ‘export’ energy into the field, contributing to others and the larger world, or you need to ‘import’ energy from the field, take from it, because you only have enough energy to maintain the status quo. It is natural to have times when you do one or the other, but it is important to notice where you are living the majority of the time. Changing your focus to access this unlimited energy is something that can happen in an instant if you are aware of how to engage with it. When there is enough energy, life moves effortlessly and can shift from maintaining a status quo life to growth and extraordinary living. This can be learned and practiced until you are able to export energy into the field, become a contributor, and get your glow on. So start practicing!

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting-edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to www.HealingWithoutLimits.com or call 505-989-9373



July 2015

Seven Ways to Access Unbound Energy: 1. Focus on what you want to create in your life instead of what you don’t want. For example, instead of focusing on how much weight you want to lose, focus instead on how healthy you need to be to hike a mountain effortlessly, or to enter a marathon. Focusing on where you want to be rather than on where you don’t want to be gives you energy. 2. Limit your interactions with people who drain you, are emotionally needy, or try to control you. These people are hungry for energy and will try to get it any way they can. Create healthy boundaries. 3. Conversely, spend time around people who lift you up and inspire you. When you are with people who have an overflow of energy, you receive a surge of good energy. 4. Learn to be present with the full range of your feelings. Your feelings are usually not one thing, they are usually a complex of feelings. Get used to being really present with all you feel instead of a limited range. The more real you are with what you are feeling, the faster that energy will move, and the easier it is to be present. And presence leads to greater access of energy. 5. Follow through on what you want to do. Pick a few small things that you can accomplish during the day. These accomplishments build momentum and allow you to feel successful making more energy available. Then you can take on the bigger things as you garner more energy. 6.Take time to nourish yourself—body, heart, and soul. Activate energy by nurturing yourself with significant relationships, music, dance, nature, art, meditation, creativity, friends; whatever juices you. 7. Connect with a purpose bigger than yourself. Shift focus to something purposeful and meaningful, it’s a great way to build the energy of gratitude, love, and contribution.

Heart & Business

Brilliance Requires Resilience


ife has a tendency of stretching us We do not live life to please others; when we least expect it. It is we live life to evolve into our full potential. essential to learn how to effectively Potential may seem vague as it can be an manage our internal landscape in overused word, however, in simplest order to make optimal choices in the terms, we are energy and brilliance lives outside world. By embracing a heartin all of us. How we evolve and harness centered practice and our well-being, we that brilliance is up to us. For some, the can learn to listen to our intuition and brilliance is sleeping inside and for others cultivate a path of resilience beginning on it's on fire. To engage our brilliance while the inside—evolving our experiences into moving in the world of business requires life changers. When we develop the skills resilience. It requires commitment and it necessary to stretch, motivate, and requires your truest self to show up fully integrate life experience paired with to any situation you are faced with. heartfelt trust and awareness, we live So why is your brilliance so important more fulfilling lives and naturally fall into and why now? our brilliance. We naturally live in We are surrounded with choices, happiness. opportunity, quick Resilience is the outcomes, and “A resilient person ability to spring back fluctuating levels of into shape when we are remains aware of their stress. I often say small stretched thin by clear quick moves will thoughts, naturally constant external propel your business demands and opinions. remains positive in the versus long arduous Resilience in the moments of face of conflict or modern day requires us procrastination waiting to be deeply connected for the “right time.” challenge, and holds to who we are like never The more we steady. ” before. While we are understand and trust both moving at a rapid how to shine our light, pace and navigating the our brilliance, the more flurry of the digital landscape we have the we can see the path ahead and move with potential to lose who we really are quicker power and grace. than ever. From my perspective, it is vital Next time you are navigating a tough we anchor into our core, clear our mind decision or planning next steps, take a and heart of internal conflicts, and allow short moment and think about what ourselves the potential for connecting to motivates your decision. Is it your our external world in a whole new way. It external gauge telling you what you requires us to examine the resilience should do? If so, try trusting your internal within our relationships to ourselves and voice, your heart, because more often than to others and where we hold resistance. not it knows what is best for you. Gentle We must become resourceful and reminder: The heart communicates faster maintain the resiliency within our energy than the speed of logic. It is vital we flow to be accountable and to stay focused prioritize what matters most for the welland present when an opportunity arises being of our minds, our bodies, and for us to evolve. hearts. In this context it is the health of For example, when we “just feel” we your internal landscape. Cultivate your should or shouldn’t move forward with a brilliance—when you do so, the outside certain action and follow-through with world will respond effortlessly. that internal communication, we develop skills to gracefully and effectively engage in the world with purpose and clarity. This is a life changer. If we take a moment to listen to our internal gauge, we can be navigated in an evolutionary manner. It keeps you healthy, focused, present, compassionate, and operating from a place of love for yourself as opposed to Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, fear. CF is an entrepreneur, Life requires tough choices. It requires facilitator, and mentor, with us to hold steady even when the rest of the endless commitment to presence world says “you are wrong,” or “you will and purpose within business and regret this decision,” or “you are crazy.” A life. She is owner of Wide Awake resilient person remains aware of their by Design, located in Santa Fe, thoughts, naturally remains positive in the NM. Need the more formal face of conflict or challenge, and holds version or want to know more: steady. When we are positive and mindful www.wideawakebydesign.com of others, we allow ourselves the or email opportunity to have an open dialogue info@wideawakebydesign.com where we can actively hear each other. EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE

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Brennan ~ Reconnective

Lisa "Astarte" Stakes, L.M.T.

Subtle Vibrational

NM Lic#7669

EnergyWork & Life-Reading •

Who is that voice inside, that you identify as You? Come to that stillness within. Your destiny is calling you. You are Consciousness. LYDIA SAFINA ~ 505-699-7796 imnawakened1@aol.com 27 years experience

What If: • You could walk through a door and find a home away from home... • You sat down and heard a message of a love for life, and a love for living… Rev. Gayle Dillon leads the Sunday Spiritual gatherings at 10 a.m.; guided meditation at 9:30 a.m. 1519 Fifth St. ~ 505-629-9633

www.everydaycsl.org 7

July 2015

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Energy Healer Psychic Massage Therapist Astartehealing.com 505-603-0888 astarteearthart@gmail.com

Somatic Psychology

Self-Care in Times of Psychological Distress


f you have survived a harrowing brain’s neural pathways, making us experience, or are currently navigating more resilient to stress. Engaging in the rocky and indefinite terrains of a yoga and/or deep breathing has been recent trauma, you are likely familiar shown to counteract the effects of with the array of alarming body sensations stress by slowing the heart rate and that accompany psychological distress. In lowering blood pressure. the face of danger, we may experience • Sleep. A lack of sleep can make your profuse sweating, increased heart rate, and trauma symptoms worse and make it elevated blood pressure; all signals that the harder to maintain one’s emotional body is preparing to fight, flee, or freeze to equilibrium. Experts recommend safeguard our survival. During times of avoiding coffee in the evening, taking extreme duress, the prefrontal cortex, also a bath prior to bedtime, rising at the known as the “thinking same time each day, and brain,” goes off-line, sleeping for at least 8 “Given that the body is deferring to the quick hours each night. wisdom of the limbic our first line of defense, Psychological distress is system, also known as the a normal reaction to an a healthy body “feeling/sensing brain and abnormal situation. body,” which is ultimately increases our ability to However, when feelings responsible for our survival. do not go away or they cope with the stress impair your daily life, it When the body experiences real or perceived caused by a traumatic may be time to talk to a threats to our safety, our qualified trauma experience. ” consciousness becomes specialist. Consider fixated on the instinct to seeking the advice of a survive. For example, enduring repeated specialist if you experience one or more of experiences of fear can throw the limbic the following: system out of balance, creating difficulty • An inability to stop thinking about regulating our basic emotions and the event connection with others. Lack of limbic • Terrifying memories, flashbacks, or regulation can manifest as depression, nightmares anxiety, or sleep disturbance and lead to • Being overly concerned about safety aches and pains, fatigue, or muscle • Feeling guilty, worthless, or tension. hopeless In the aftermath of trauma, the • Having thoughts of death or suicide prefrontal cortex works overtime to It is important to remember that integrate disparate fragments of our everyone reacts differently to psychological experience into a coherent picture or story. distress and each person has their own We replay events in our minds in attempts individual tolerance level for difficult to make sense of our distress, often times feelings. Recovering from a traumatic re-traumatizing ourselves in our effort to event takes time and everyone heals at his understand what has happened to us. or her own pace. Symptoms stemming These processes require an extraordinary from psychological distress typically last amount of mental energy and further from a few days to months, gradually disconnect us from the body’s inherent fading as we move through the process of wisdom. feeling and healing our wounds. Given that the body is our first line of defense, a healthy body increases our ability to cope with the stress caused by a traumatic experience. The following strategies facilitate the depth and speed of one’s healing process: • Eat well. Eating small, wellbalanced meals throughout the day will help regulate and enhance your energy and minimize mood swings. Corine Frankland, Ph.D., is the Foods rich in certain omega-3 fats— department chair of liberal arts at such as salmon, flaxseeds, and Santa Fe University of Art and walnuts—can give your mood a boost. Design, where she teaches courses • Exercise. Consistent exercise boosts in women’s psychology, archetypal serotonin, endorphins, and other feelpsychology, and Kundalini good brain chemicals. Low-toyoga. She is also a somatic polarity moderate intensity exercise elevates practitioner, specializing in anxiety one’s mood and functions as an overall reduction, grief and depression, stress-buffer. Regular exercise has also and women's reproductive health been linked to enhanced self-esteem and wellness. You can find her on and re-establishing one’s sleep cycle. Facebook at Vibrational Healing • Reduce stress. Research suggests Santa Fe or visit her website at that daily meditation may alter the www.myvibrationalhealing.org EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE 8 July 2015

Herbal Wisdom

Wild Things


Verdolagas is a storehouse of basic minerals ocal is the buzzword these days, so why that are difficult to get from vegetables that not use the local plants for food and are industrially grown. I bet you have wellness that have been here for Verdolagas growing in your neighborhood, thousands of years? Adaptation and maybe right under your feet! synchronization to the local environment We all need a good local tea for summer happens at many levels of being, which that replenishes our electrolytes while giving includes ingesting plants that have adapted to us that satisfying sense of refreshment on a the high desert as a way of rooting to “place.” hot day. Look no further for one of the best The cool moist spring this year has again Cota, or teas I have ever tasted and that grows natively blessed us with an ongoing array of Indian Tea in our desert Southwest. Cota, or Indian Tea, is traditionally used leaves, fruits, seeds, and a long, tall plant with a small yellow sunflower roots. top. Mostly green stem (also called Green Look around your backyard and other open Thread), Cota likes to grow in sandy soil in clump-like places for our native quinoa plant called Quelites. Also fashion. This plant is easy to overlook because it is so known as Lamb’s Quarters because of its leaf shape, this slender and modest in appearance. But gather the stems common food plant is loaded with calcium, potassium, and flowers anytime before they go to seed in phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and niacin in the late summer; then chop up a few tablespoons whole form. It has high levels of beta carotene, and boil them for 20 minutes or make a vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and fiber. What’s simple sun tea in a clear jar for at least four more, it is really delicious! Quelites are very hours. Store the remaining Cota in bundles abundant in our area and have been used in for later in the fall and winter. Try it warm or numerous traditional recipes as a reliable and cool anytime you want a tonic “stick” tea, nutritious food source. The flavor is mild, a little much like the Oriental teas. Cota replenishes like spinach, and therefore combines well with minerals, assists the kidneys, and detoxifies any other ingredients that beg for a wild Quelites, or Lambs our bodies. This is the tea-plant I recommend vegetable flavor. If you can’t find it yet, ask for it Quarters to people for a grounding experience, to at the Farmers Market. It is great eaten raw in embody and live in the desert while salads but is added to stew, casseroles, and connecting to all of our sacred landscape. Cota soups. is also available at the Santa Fe Farmers Market in loose Also coming out soon all over town is Verdolagas, or form. Purslane. This very common low-growing plant is a These plants share our common home while giving succulent with red, fleshy stems and leaves with small us all of the nutritional benefits only sourced in the native yellow flowers. It grows close to the ground along walkways and garden edges. Verdolagas are high in omega soil. The sense of well-being that comes from conscious adaptation to our environment is embodied in -3 fatty acids, which benefit brain and blood them as in the local air, water, and soil. I hope health while miraculously assisting in you are blessed with good health and that you moisturizing our skin from the inside out. The give blessings to our native plants for taking water in the stems and leaves is mildly sour, such good care of us year after year. which makes it a refreshing food both raw and cooked with freshly harvested garden veggies like corn and chile. Many local people swear by its use with onion and eggs in omelets. High in Verdolagas, or vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium, and phosphorus, Purslane



July 2015

Tomas Enos studied with Michael Moore in 1990 and then created Milagro Herbs. Erin Galiger has worked with herbs for 10 years. Their philosophy of health and healing is holistic and rooted in the ancient tradition of “Solar Living,” synchronizing our bodies according to the biological time clock, circadian rhythms, and seasonal patterns found on Earth. www.milagroherbs.com 505820-6321 info@milagroherbs.com 419 Orchard Drive (off Paseo de Peralta next to Kakawa Chocolate House)

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The Covenant of The Ark

oan Aon, who founded The Ark bookstore in 1982, when its initial incarnation was over on Johnson Street (near where the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum now sits), and who co-owned the seminal Santa Fe bookstore until several years ago (she’s now the primary owner), can’t stress it enough: the store and its success are due largely to the community it serves. “The Ark’s longevity,” says Aon, a tall, open woman who grew up Catholic in a family of seven in Minneapolis, Minnesota, “it’s not one person’s thing. It’s a community effort.” Back when she first opened it, that community was hardly as pervasive, or even as mainstream, as it is today. Back then, The Ark really was a bit of a landbound life raft for those in search of spirituality and spiritual alternatives; whereas nowadays, that sort of information, and books of that nature (from Starhawk or Madame Helena Blavatsky to The “I Am” Discourses or The Akashic Record Player) are merely a finger swipe away. As Aon assesses the difference between then and now, “When we started, we thought of it as a place of refuge and seeking. But we’ve had to change the format because of books and the changes in the publishing industry and bookselling and the nature of information itself. We still have that core foundation of openness and many different paths one can choose from. And because of that, it’s a place that still feels good to people. But it’s no longer an experience of finding that book that you can’t find anywhere else. Now it’s such a mainstream idea—‘alternative.’ It’s no longer a special seeking. It’s really all one and the same now. Which is great. But when we first started each book had its own index card on how to order it.” Aon modeled her metaphysical bookshop after a similar type of bookstore she used to haunt in Austin. Near to where she worked as a waitress and close to the Whole Foods pilot store, Grok Books (now BookPeople) “was funky and super cool,” recalls Aon, who’d moved to Austin with one of her sisters. Grok had a yellow room for health, a purple room for, well, Aon can’t remember, and plenty of outside-thebox books. When she’d decided she’d like to open a place like it in Santa Fe, she introduced herself to the store’s owner, Philip Sansone, who told her, Come work for me for one month at Christmas. She did. Then, still in her early 20s, she lit out for Santa Fe—where her mom, who herself also served as an inspiration and a help, had already moved to the year before. A genuine seeker, a true Scorpio, Aon’s mother lost her mother when she was five and later dreamed she’d someday relocate to the City Different. She and her husband, Aon’s father, though Catholics, never really drilled any one religion into their two boys and three girls. Instead, her mom gave her daughter Ram Dass’ Be Here Now when she was a teenager. That and other books instilled in Aon an interest in other beliefs, other thinkers. No matter how far afield. “I was always interested,” says Aon, “and felt that there’s this vast something out there.” Even though there were a couple other bookstores like The Ark when Aon first opened (like Sunflower and Seventh Ray), there was “nothing,” she recalls, “geared more toward the alternative.” Nor was her store much of a risk. She had no money but she was young. She lived in the business. Plus, “It kind of felt like something that was needed and an opening for it here,” she says. “It felt like Santa Fe would support it.” They did. Aon, though, also had two great business partners: Arielle and Jamil Kilbride. The pair had just come from having worked at the Lama Foundation, up in Questa (one EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE


of 30 or so communes founded in the area back in the late 60s, and one of the few if not the only one still in existence). “So they had financial substance and substance of character,” says Aon. “They had what the bookstore needed. It was a perfect fit. We gelled together.” The two retired about five years ago (though Jamil still comes in occasionally). In 1984 they bought their current space on Romero, behind what is now the Railyard and Outside Plaza and the Violet Crown cinema. A fire hit two years later. But that fire, as fate would have it, only cemented their value to the community, and allowed them to rebuild and expand. “The community was so wonderful,” says Aon. “People sent us checks, saying, We want you to succeed. And we kept a record of everyone who’d sent us money and we paid them back.” The shift from spiritual bookstore to spiritual bookstore-plus came in the 90s as publishers merged and once-obscure authors and titles became more easily available. Then Amazon hit, Kindles arrived. And even though the community still supports what they want and need (there are still plenty of books) and The Ark still serves as a place to go to and to meet people (especially through its book signings, which has brought the store back to its roots), there are now singing bowls and Balinese knits and prayer beads and yoga mats and pendulums for sale as well. “We have diversified into things that are inspirational and feel good and other products that fit in with what we have,” says Aon. “Foundationally and fundamentally, we are a bookstore. But there are no parameters around what is spiritual. And people respond really well to the crystals and the stones. They’re from all over the world and they symbolize beauty and one-of-a-kindness.” They also still respond to The Ark’s staff, many of whom, like Tsering Tsomo, have been with Aon for years. “I’ve always been openminded and I want this store to be tolerant of every path, too,” adds Aon, who someday hopes to hike the Campostela de Santiago. “It’s all good and it’s all valid. And The Ark is the work of so many people. People who’ve left their mark and who’ve come freely to give their time and connect with other people.” The way a community does around one of its institutions.

July 2015

—Devon Jackson


Outer, Inner, and Innermost Joy


he sentiment of joy is exquisite. I think it is one that we have all experienced at some time and it includes feelings of openness, non-partiality, and a willingness to be surprised. The journey through yoga is one that guides toward the experience of greater joy, and this happens over time, along a continuum, whereby our sense of joy becomes more rarefied and refined. Joy and delight are thought to be the innermost sheath within the body called the ananda-maya-kosha in Sanskrit, and as we slough off the outer layers of our ego identity, we just might be able to “taste” the feeling of ananda (joy) within. We could say that the entire yogic process involves moving through the bodily sheaths. This includes clarifying the emotional body. It takes time and (lo and behold) practice to incubate feelings of real contentment. As a culture, we may tend more readily toward attitudes of disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, and have feelings of malaise. We may not like our marriage, our neighbors, our body size, our job, or our president—or all of the above. So this taste of joy (I use taste because it is often likened to nectar) may not come about easily. The experience of joy falls within a spectrum of outer, inner, and innermost association with joy. Outer joy is more like excitement, involving a quick flash of pleasure. It stems from either thrill or some animated feeling. This is typically felt more at the periphery of our bodies. It comes about through visual stimulation, food, sex, or immediate gratification of all kinds. It is fair to say that much of our contact with joy occurs at this level and, due to the short life span of the experience, we are driven to pursue more. Inner joy suggests contentment, contentment that is more refined than the quick pulse of pleasure. This joy can be both

outward and inward focused. It often includes other people and is prompted by circumstances that have real meaning. These are experiences that engender heartfelt connection and may include feelings of empathy and understanding. As we become more refined in our sense of delight, our appreciation for the small things in life deepens. This inner joy is sustained by a knowing that life is precious and fragile. This may include an appreciation for ordinary, everyday occurrences, such as watching clouds gather in the sky, seeing our child step off the bus, meeting a stranger, or reading about the lives of others. The innermost joy is not dependent on outside stimuli; rather, it exists independent of any source. This joy is borne along by prana itself, that is, it is in our subtle body. This joy is selfsustaining. It does not become depleted when times are rough and does not inflate when there is success. Rather, it is a joy that is characterized by ease. When one loosens one’s grip, is no longer driven to be perfect, and has the confidence to lean forward into a world that may or may not be secure, then one abides in true equanimity and joy. The process of moving from outer to inner, distilling the sense of delight down to its most fine and delicate qualities, is a central part of the path of yoga.

Tias Little lives in Santa Fe, where he directs his school, Prajna Yoga, with his wife Surya. He is the author of three books, The Thread of Breath, Meditations on a Dewdrop and The Yoga of the Subtle Body, and offers yoga workshops and teacher trainings throughout the U.S. and around the world.



July 2015

Eating Well In Santa Fe

Vitality Foods: Summer’s Guilty Pleasures!


id you know that it takes 80 percent of your body’s energy to digest cooked foods and only 20 percent of energy to digest uncooked foods? Well, it’s true, it’s a scientific fact and I’d love to share with you the health benefits of eating for energy and pleasure, especially during these hot summer days. Indulging in healthy seasonal foods that are cooling, cleansing, and health promoting is key during our Pitta season. Summer is the season of heat and playfulness, it’s also known as the Pitta season in Ayurveda. Pitta is one of the four Ayurvedic doshas, there’s also Kapha and Vata. These three doshas are energy types that govern physiological activity in the body, based on a five-thousand-year-old Hindu traditional medicine. Ayurveda stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Ayur,’ literally meaning ‘life,’ and ‘veda,’ meaning ‘knowledge of.’ Essentially, Ayurveda is the energy that influences our bodies and is in connection and in harmony with nature. The Pitta dosha is ruled by the elements of water and fire and correspond to various organs in our bodies but it primarily relates to the intestines, liver, gallbladder, and spleen. The Pitta dosha governs digestion, metabolism, and energy production. Therefore, the primary energy of Pitta is transformation, transforming nutrients into energy, literally and metaphorically speaking. Transformation is essential in our unfolding and in the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Using ayurvedic principles in daily nourishing and cleansing of the body, cultivating well-being and a healthy lifestyle creates a strong foundation towards building lasting change. The guidelines Ayurveda provides are unlike others, one of which is through understanding the connection and health benefits that raw foods and the Pitta season/dosha have with each other. Eating seasonally and learning about the elements around us, within us, and in our foods can help achieve and sustain optimum health and vitality. Raw foods, for instance, in the form of delicious salads, pesto pasta (made with zucchini and cucumber noodles), vegetable juicing, and indulgingly tasty green and fruit smoothies will enhance your energy. Including fresh, organic, non-GMO produce in our daily meals will help us EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE

keep cool during our Pitta season. Some of the health benefits from consuming seasonal dark leafy greens and a variety of vegetables and fruits include improved digestion and healthy gut flora, increased alkalinity, blood purification, strengthened immune system, and improved liver, gallbladder, and kidney function. Consuming seasonal and regional vegetables and fruits will also promote a subtle, light, and flexible energy, which balances the energies of Pitta. The Pitta season invites you to enjoy seasonal eating for a balancing experience, enjoying the colorful choices of vegetables and fruits that are cooling and hydrating for your body and stimulating for your energy. Connecting with one another while enjoying a walk in nature or a picnic at a park, or simply lying by the river or lake in the embrace of a book. All in all, think about the ways in which you can create a more balancing experience in your life, whether winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s all about creating a harmonious existence.

These Vitality Smoothies are packed with great sources of protein, health-promoting fat, antioxidants, and nutrients for a well-balanced meal on the go!

Berry Merry Smoothie Valeria Alarcón is a Holistic Health Coach and Advocate AADP, whose mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals who are committed to reclaiming life and vitality through health and wellness. As a cancer survivor Val knows what it takes to reclaim life and vitality, and she is delighted to be of support to her community. For more information visit www.VitalityWithVal.us.

1 cup of mixed berries A handful of almonds or walnuts 1 cup of rice (or yogurt) 1 cup of chilled hibiscus tea 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder

Nutty Buddy Smoothie A handful of walnuts or almonds 1 frozen banana

Manon Pierme is a passionate health coach and food guru on a mission to help others reclaim their health and wellbeing through Ayurveda. She is the owner of Manolla by Senbi, a gluten-free line of granolas. She works as a private chef and nutritionist to merge the essence of gourmet and health. For more information visit: www.ManollaSenbi.com


July 2015

1 cup of almond or rice milk (yogurt optional) 1/2 tsp of coconut butter 1/4 tsp of cinnamon 1 to 2 drops of vanilla extract 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder


Engaging with Joy for Empowerment, Inner Balance, and Well-Being


ne of the most empowering and nourishing experiences possible is the connection with the joy of our Soul. We’ve all experienced the bliss of this connection, but at times when we inevitably find ourselves feeling emotionally out of sorts, facing a difficult situation, or out of balance in some way, just when we need it most, we often forget to engage with what brings joy. What we tend to do is get in our heads, struggling to revive a sense of well-being through “figuring it all out,” blocking, freezing, controlling, or some other survival strategy. In my experience (and it’s been a learning journey!), this simply doesn’t work. What we can do, though, is allow surrender, be with what is present in the moment, and nourish ourselves to gently encourage an organic unfolding of truth, shift, and deeper clarity. We can facilitate this by engaging with what brings us joy. The “anxious mind, figure it out, fix it” space is very linear and structured, and has a tendency to further constriction and limited perception. The practice of

engaging with joy involves being in your body and being present with a creative act, which opens the flow to the wiser, deeper, and empowered aspects of self. It lifts us into a different energy field, creating fertile ground for heart, mind, and Soul, to be with our situation from a different space than that in which it was created, allowing movement and shift. In this practice, we’re not avoiding the depths of our emotions or situational reality, but merely cultivating a tool and resource to have available when we feel stuck. It is very, very useful not only personally but also within relationships, including the relationship to your work. It is a heart-based way of reconnecting with yourself, your authenticity, of feeding your own essence, and thereby opening space for something to evolve. It can re-empower you when you are feeling depressed, anxious, feeling “small,” confused, stuck, or limited in your potential. It will build healthy esteem, lift the emotions, soothe anxiety, provide fertile ground for handling challenges in new soul-esteemed ways, and


open possibilities for deeper connection, deeper giving and receiving. I recommend revisiting this practice regularly, even when you are feeling good, in order to refresh, revive, and add more sparkle to your daily sense of self, relationships, and life experience. Make it an experiment for the next month. Try this practice using the steps below as a guideline and see how it works for you. Cut out the image included with this article, as a reminder for your practice. Daily Practice to Engage with and Cultivate Your Soul’s Joy: 1. Begin opening a deeper awareness of what your Soul’s joy feels like within your body, mind, and heart. Joy is an energetic signal in the form of a feeling that lets us know we are in relationship with an essential illuminating part of our Soul, who we truly are. As you refine your self connection and sensitivity to energy, you become more and more aware of what it feels like to be connected to your joy. Practice sensing even the very subtlest sensations of joy, of pleasure, relaxation, well-being, and calm. Joy doesn’t have to look like exuberance; it can be a subtle vibration, a gentle bubbling, or an inner smile. What brings you joy? Baking a cake? Yoga? Sitting on the porch? Painting? Meditation, dance, writing, gathering with friends? 2. Recognize when you are stuck and not in flow. This often happens when we are triggered and our defenses arise. As energy healer Barbara Brennan says, when in this state, the essence of who your are is blocked and distorted. When you feel stuck, do something, even one small step, that connects you to your joy. 3. Make time for joy everyday! Make it a priority and conscious choice. It can be especially effective to choose something that isn’t already within your daily routine. This creates a freshness and stronger shift. Listen to some new music, sign up for that class,

go to a concert, walk around the block, look at the stars tonight, take five minutes of silence, dress up just for yourself, dance while you’re cleaning house. 4. Cut out the image included with this article to remind you of this practice. Place it somewhere you will see it often. This image, as visual energy, supports balance, self-connection, self-compassion, joy, connection with the “honey of life,” selfesteem, playfulness, trust in the organic process, sensuality, vulnerability, inner strength, and transformation. Its colors and shapes resonate with the 2nd, 4th, and 6th chakras. You can also meditate upon the image, place it over a chakra(s), imagine the image filling your whole energy field, or sleep with it next to your bed to invite healing in your dreamtime. As you do this joy cultivation practice, you bring more of your Soul’s essence out into the bubble of your energy field. Notice the effects! Among other things, you might notice feeling greater well-being, heightened intuitive abilities, and the ability to relate to life with more freedom and presence. Enjoy, and as always, be compassionate and gentle with yourself. If you wish, please feel free to share your experience with me.

“What we can do, though, is allow surrender, be with what is present in the moment, and nourish ourselves to gently encourage an organic unfolding of truth, shift and deeper clarity. ”


July 2015

Beth Budesheim is an artist, massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner, RN, and Angel Therapy Practitioner®. She offers intuitive painting commissions, including Personal Power Symbols and Goddess Energy Portraits™, and conducts sessions with people both near and far. www.PaintedJourneys.com


Joyfully Alone


he ability to soothe oneself is an important survival skill. We live in socially tense times fraught with jarring occurrences, and we all need to sharpen our self-stabilizing skills to cope with the noise. The spreading popularity of meditation suggests people are instinctively making themselves feel comfortable in the universe by creating a personal space, a world of their own. Feeling safe to unfurl one’s energy and thoughts also turns out to be a path of joy and discovery. These days, meditation is mainstream and touted as an essential coping tool. It’s also seen as a way “to go to one’s happy place.” The rise of adult playhouses to retreat to, the “she-sheds” and “man-caves” of Pinterest, is another sign that people recognize the value of their private space for balance. If there's one situation counselors see people coping with lately, it’s how to achieve a balanced life, and little worlds people create for themselves provide it. Something both meditating and fooling around in your she-shed have in common is that the alone time has structure to it. Life makes sense and you’re happily engaged trying to meditate to somewhere new in your consciousness, or work on a favorite hobby in your special place. There is a matrix of underlying beliefs that make life comfortable alone or with others. They can be expressed by age-old declarations such as: “Life is a journey. The only constant is change. Things happen for a reason. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Ask and ye shall receive. If you can dream it and think it, you can create it. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” The common belief all these principles and laws express is that there’s an order to the universe. It is a responsive environment to create in, with rules that govern it. Therefore, one can get better at navigating life. They can try and make mistakes and learn from them. Their efforts will get a response from the world. When people believe that things can’t change, that life has no intrinsic meaning, and events are random and chaotic; if they measure their success by perceived judgments and not what they’re learning in

their journey through life, a feeling of helplessness dogs them. It’s natural to feel joy at being alive, just look at a baby exploring the world. Fits of joy appear to be the natural state in all young animals. For most people, we stop having that natural reaction to life when we consider how we’re judged by others. We no longer run around the living room pretending we can fly because “that’s silly.” Perceived judgment leads to shame, and if you are ashamed of yourself it kills your spontaneity and limits your creative impulses. The people we admire have done a spectacular job of following their own heart, jumping over convention to create a fulfilling and unique life for themselves. One such person is Bob Patrella, a television producer with a photographic memory. He amused himself at the age of 13 by making up a basketball team, the Holland College Golden Knights, and all the details of their lives and connections. He still runs around the living room, enacting spectacular plays and all their games from start to finish in his imagination. Taking part in several 60 Minute specials on memory and what the mind can do, Bob makes the point that 50plus years in his unusually fleshed-out private world “doesn’t hurt anybody,” keeps him sane and balanced, and makes him happy. A cornerstone in the foundation of his successful life is making his own fun. The leading American psychic Edgar Cayce is another accomplished eccentric whose daily private practices sustained him through his many ups and downs. Cayce’s history was fraught with personal tragedies and overwhelming challenges, but he never failed to address issues big and small through daily prayer followed by a unique meditation style. Cayce believed that the purpose of prayer was to bring his consciousness to focus on the divine, where his psyche might be affected by a force greater than its own. In prayer he first shared with the divine his sins to be forgiven, the gratitude he felt, the longings of his heart, and then attempted to enter in a state of communion with divine forces. After making that connection, he was ready for meditation, which he saw as a

“The spreading popularity of meditation suggests people are instinctively making themselves feel comfortable in the universe by creating a personal space, a world of their own.”



July 2015


“ Perceived judgment leads to shame, and if you are ashamed of yourself it kills your spontaneity and limits your creative impulses.”

complete emptying of the consciousness to allow natural spiritual forces to enter through channels similar to the chakras, and renew him. The first step was to “quiet the body” by breathing exercises from ancient traditions, but Cayce believed people should do whatever worked best for them: light candles, listen to music, whatever relaxed them. There was no specific purpose to the meditation, just to be empty after priming his consciousness with prayer, and receiving whatever that divine connection brought. A dire circumstance might force us to consider a message the universe might be sending us. Then, we tend to reach out and pray to or try to commune with whomever or whatever we think is running things. My friend just told me about her profound couple of hours, staring up at the sky on her back, having been bucked off her horse and suffering a lot of broken bones. That time alone became a moment of truth and then a transformational experience: she


knew what had to change, and she knew what she wanted. Even the worst time alone can be amazing. Feeling in communication with life itself can happen more easily alone, and that connection also brings joy even in difficult times. Sometimes the most important moments of our lives, and the most joyful ones, happen when we are alone. Being alone can lead to cosmic insights or a transformational experience. There are also the daily moments where we feel glad for no really big reason, glad to be alone with our thoughts and projects in our own space. Glad to be reading our Kindle or watching TV or petting the dog. Then, we naturally are practicing what is seen these days as essential in the development of a spiritual life: a practice of gratitude. A certain kind of joy that just happens alone; a happy feeling, perhaps a spontaneous return to what looks to be our natural state, judging from the babies and how they like to play.


July 2015

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in person and by phone in Santa Fe. Her weekly psychic horoscopes appear on SantaFe.com and she hosts a monthly psychic call-in show with Richard Eeds on KVSF 101.5. Elissa’s free website offerings include guided meditations and monthly newsletters with psychic predictions and horoscopes. Psychic and Healing Circles and private appointment information are at www.elissaheyman.com 505-982-3294


Be Still and Know Self


any wonder how they can learn to still themselves and move into a state of peacefulness. Stilling the mind as a beginner can become very frustrating because it may seem as though your thoughts actually become busier the more you attempt to quiet them. That mind jabber is the ego’s attempt to stay in control of what you do or not do. Because it feels so normal for the ego to have the control, many people do not yet realize that there is a higher, more peaceful aspect of mind that, when tapped into, will eventually tame the ego with its tutelage. What gives the ego so much power to sabotage? Fear. Fear of everything and anything that threatens a person’s beliefs and perceptions. Once we tire of being a puppet for the ego, we begin to question the validity of life and our self. Questions like: Which of my beliefs do I protect so much that I rise to anger when they are seemingly threatened; Do my desires cause me to be more giving or more selfish; What is my purpose in life? It is the perception of self, one’s beliefs and also one’s view of God that are the most protected and most easily threatened. They are used in order to give personal meaning and purpose to one’s life. When a person feels their meaning and purpose are being attacked, they can feel very threatened and insecure. It’s time to aspire to a higher standard of being in the world; it begins with knowing yourself, not only as a human being, but also as a spiritual being. That means moving into the heart as much as possible and by having compassion for all human error with the understanding that we are all on a journey that was designed to serve us in exactly the way that it is manifesting. Consider this analogy: Take a drop of water out of the ocean and put it into a glass bottle sealed with a cork. Throw it back into the ocean. The ocean represents God and the drop of water within the bottle represents you in your physical body; the cork being your ego. In the bottle, you can at least float in the energy (the ocean of creation) that created your soul essence and allowed your individuality. To move out of the illusion that we are separate from this creative force means taking the cork (your ego) out of the bottle and allowing your true essence to merge with the life essence of your body and mind. Meditation is a wonderful tool for quieting the ego and tuning into the essence that is your true self, which is the

“Meditation is a wonderful tool for quieting the ego and tuning into the essence that is your true self, which is the very same essence of your creative force. ”



July 2015

very same essence of your creative force. If you are having trouble quieting the mind and becoming truly still, give this meditation exercise a try: Sit back, close your eyes, and relax every fiber of your being. Breathe in the light of whatever you feel created your essence. That power can be anything that makes you feel safe and peaceful. Focus on It and It only. Now, think of something that inspires you and opens your heart to a devotional kind of love. Let yourself feel the protection of that love right now as you float in it as if on a big soft cloud. You feel safe and relaxed. Gradually you begin feeling and seeing with your inner eyes, an energy of light touching the top of your head. Your thoughts are floating around you like feathers that never land. Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a peaceful bliss as the light moves gently through each of your chakras with healing energy. Your chakras are all open now and balanced. Float in this energy until it is time to come back into your normal waking state. Just think it and you will open your eyes and be back, feeling energized and awake. You’ve been given a healing. With daily practice your meditation will become easier and easier. Know that any effort to know and understand all that you are helps to expand who you will become. Remember to let each meditation unfold the way it will each day, with gratitude. May these words inspire you to move inward more often, into stillness and peace, so that you can manifest that peace in your physical world as well.

Carolyn Gervais is a Tucson native and the author of I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, an eloquent explanation of complex metaphysical concepts that describe how human life connects with soul and spirit. She is an ordained spiritual psychologist, certified hypnotherapist, has a Masters in holistic nutrition, and has been a professional singer for more than 20 years. She is also a regular contributor to the Sedona Journal. www.awakeningyou.com


An Inside-Out Job: Q+ A with Heather Robertson and Jane Ellen Davis


ater this month (July 22-24) Evolving columnist Heather Robertson and her friend, spiritual mentor and artist Jane Ellen Davis will be hosting a retreat at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort + Spa. Based on Davis’ updated version of her book Unlock Your Heart: Goal-Setting from the Inside Out, the three-day sleepover will consist of guided exercises from Davis and Robertson, along with ample doses of yoga, meditation, and massage. Recently, Evolving sat down with these two proponents of heart consciousness to talk about the heart, mentoring, setting goals from the inside-out, and finding joy and strength in one’s core values—among other goodies. —Devon Jackson

Why did you decide to mentor people?

them. I like to say I’m the catalyst for others to discover who they are Jane: Ever since I was a little kid I’ve and be their greatness. always been concerned around the Just because I’m sitting inequality of women and little girls. It’s there and holding that always been an undertone for me to find for them, knowing that ways where I could volunteer, write they have that something, do something, to speak, to use possibility. They have to my voice against that. And yet I’m not a do the work, I don’t. But social advocate. I can’t be out there I’m standing for it. So carrying a banner. That’s just not who I am. when I say I’m standing So a lot of it, because I was raising two kids, for my clients to discover I did on the inner. I’d get quiet and go to a themselves, that’s what place of holding everybody in heart I’m seeing. It may take consciousness. I really believe in a ripple them 40 years. I can’t effect. I think we make a difference even if force it. I can’t make that we’re not the Dalai Lama. In our own little happen. But I can community or however. In this home. And certainly stand for it. it’s just evolved for me that way.

What was the impetus for the Aside from the artistic appeal of first edition—and now this one 12 the light here, why Santa Fe? years later? Jane: I love the energy. It just feeds my Jane: In 2002, I was doing spiritual mentoring and life purpose education with clients and a number of them said, This needs to be in book form. So I wrote the book. Then two years ago I met Heather and I thought, I’m at a place in my life where I’m extremely comfortable and very capable, but there was this little percolator bubbling inside that said, You know what? This isn’t enough. I wasn’t making a difference. So I called Heather and through asking questions I discovered that I know more than I did 20 years ago. Heather: You do know more. Your wisdom is much more articulated. That’s the piece the first edition was missing—an articulation around a subject that’s kind of intangible. When you talk about heart consciousness, when you talk about goal-setting, goal-setting is tangible, but from the inside out it isn’t so tangible. And the only way to bring it and ground it is through wisdom. Plus, there isn’t a lot about how to goal-set from the inside out. How do you connect to your heart? How does that make a difference? And how do you manifest that out in front of you? And the whole core-value thing— these are my core values but how do I demonstrate them to the world?

Since this issue’s theme is joy, does joy come more from what you do soul. or from being in Still? Jane: Oh, yes. I have lots of friends who the moment?

visit and something happens while they’re here. There’s something really spiritual about this space. Heather: Well, when you’re around people who actually pay attention to their heart, and actually pay attention to the intelligence of their heart, it affects others around them, because it affects their reality. So that’s the power of living from the inside out. And Janie really emanates that. Through life experience, Janie’s really embraced a lot. So I feel like people who come to this space and have awakenings or experience that Aha moment, that comes from the presence that Janie’s created. People largely underestimate themselves and largely underestimate their potential. So this book is about putting up a mirror and saying, You actually do have a lot of potential.

“If you’re being your core values in your work, then you’re having joy. ” — Jane Davis

Jane: To me, it’s joy in being. If you’re being your core values in your work, then you’re having joy. Because your self-expression is there, and you believe it in your heart. So joy is in the moment, but it’s in the clarity of the moment. Heather: Joy, too, naturally services when you’re aligned with your heart. So when you’re out of alignment with your heart you experience doubt, questioning, worry, fear. All that. So joy—when it’s not, I’m feeling joyful but I actually really feel joyful—then you’re really in your true nature. That’s the whole journey of the book: Going from what you think you are to who you really are.

What happens once someone has How so? settled on their core values?

Jane: Once they’ve discovered their core values, they’re speaking them, they’re looking to own them, they’re asking themselves, Who can I be with those values and how is that different from doing? Because we’re starting from being, and What is a spiritual mentor? then doing, and then having. It’s a whole Jane: There’s a humbleness about it. It’s shift in how you show up. not about me. Sometimes, when you’re And why the heart? doing spiritual counseling and mentoring Heather: The beauty of being in the you’re so present for the other person that heart and living from that place is that your self goes away. You’re present for EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE

focus naturally occurs, natural clarity occurs, the natural ability to have boundaries occurs. If an imbalance occurs, you’ve fallen out of your alignment. So people associate being in the heart as love, kindness, generosity, and it is all of those things inside. But how it shows up in your life out here is totally different. What Janie brings to the table is, she is really there. She is really in that heart space and there is no falsity about it. Janie is one of those people who has the authentic piece going on and really reflects that you don’t have to be a monk or a nun. She’s still living life and being very present and that makes a huge difference.


July 2015

Jane: When you’re living your heart consciousness there’s an intention inside of that. When you show up with authenticity you’re real. Your listening shifts, you have eye contact, you’re present. People listen to you because you’re there and you’re obviously there because you choose to be there. Read the complete interview at evolvingmagazine.com.


Wild Voice — Writing with Authentic Expression


very writer has a beautiful, authentic, wild voice. This is where we start early on, using our imagination and our natural wildness to express the stories our creative minds conjure. Then something happens; we’re taught the correct way to make a sentence, we learn the rules of grammar, which, of course, we do need to know, and slowly all that correctness begins to outweigh imagination. We learn what others (teachers, parents, authorities) want to hear and, over time, allow our wild voice to be tamed. We become cautious and selfconscious and writing doesn’t hold the magic it had once upon a time. But we can get it back. We haven’t lost our wild voice; we’ve just allowed it to be domesticated.

know and what matters most. Wild voice speaks its own truth.

What happens when we lose touch with our wild voice?

We play by the rules and write only what feels safe. We censor ourselves and edit before we really begin. We secondguess ourselves. We make “nice” stories and poems, and essays and write only the “good” memories. We leave things out and look for happy endings. Our language is tame, our images predictable. If we’re writing fiction, our characters never do anything dangerous, or if they do, it’s dangerous only in a physical way, no soul-risk, no emotional risk. We shy away from the psychological. And while we may not out-and-out lie, we tiptoe around the truth, especially if we think it would be What is wild voice? harmful to someone else, or make waves or As its name implies, wild voice is be sensational. untamed and unbounded and holds the Some other ways we know we’ve lost possibility of great natural beauty. It goes touch with wild voice: we’re bored by our deep, like roots; it sings because it can. own writing. We don’t believe we’re Wild voice can be dangerous; it can be creative; we don’t trust our voice or our outrageous. It is passionate, exuberant, and experiences. We don’t believe we have eager for life. It is turbulent and stormy, anything important or valuable to say and often arriving as unexpectedly as a summer we apologize for our work. squall. Wild voice can be a lazy river or a Please don’t do that. soft summer breeze. But even a lazy river is not tame and just try to capture a summer How do you know when you’re writing with your wild voice? breeze and hold it in your hand. Language erupts spontaneously with When your writing surprises you. When wild voice. It’s what gives a writer the you say, “I don’t know where that came sentence or phrase that seems to come out from.” When what you read back to of nowhere. It is what wants to be yourself resonates deep inside. You know expressed. It tells you what you intuitively when you’re writing with wild voice when realize you’re telling the truth, maybe a truth you didn’t know before or hadn’t given language to. You’re in wild voice when you’re excited by what you’re writing, when you’re having fun, when you’re not “trying.” When your ego has stepped aside and you’re writing freely and easily, intuitively. When the language you’re using is of your own making and the rhythm of your sentences is the beat of your own drummer. When your writing still feels honest and true when you read it weeks, months, even years later.

How do you access wild voice? First, you must get yourself out of the way. That is, don’t think. Often when we try to think of what to write, nothing appears. Or rather, too much appears and our thinking mind gets busy doing what it’s supposed to do: judging, evaluating, comparing. Consequently, ideas jam together, get bottlenecked, and none is the “right” one and there we are, paralyzed by infinite choice. Instead of trying to think of the “right” word or idea or beginning, breathe and allow an image to come to mind, let a detail be the starting place—a color, a sound, a EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE


July 2015

texture—and follow where it leads. Let the pen or your fingers on the keyboard be the guide. Listen to your intuition and write from there. Trust yourself. Trust your pen. Trust your ideas. It’s OK to not know where you’re going, or if you do know where you’re going, to not know how to get there. Listen to your body when you write and when you read back what you’ve written. Pay attention to your voice, breath, heartbeat, gut. Listen for the thrill of “yes!” Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be as messy as you need to be. Risk embarrassment, banish shame, and write from your passion. Explore with an open mind and an open heart. Give your beautiful, original, authentic wild voice free rein. Let’s do it. Right now. Take just 15 minutes and see what happens. Here’s the prompt, use it to write from your own perspective or from a character’s: It’s raining. You’re not at home. After you’ve written, read your work aloud and let me know if you find traces of wild voice in your piece. Judy Reeves is a writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur who has written four books on writing, including the awardwinning A Writer’s Book of Days. In addition to leading private writing groups, Judy teaches at UC San Diego Extension and at San Diego Writers, Ink, a nonprofit literary organization she cofounded. More information at JudyReevesWriter.com.

A Talk with Judy Reeves,


author of Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness


teach writing. I think if you want to become cobwebs that have muffled that voice to a whisper. So we go to the source to affirm the a better writer, you do study the craft, take classes if you can, join workshops, and learn qualities of our wild self. We do this through a series of explorations that take us back to a from others. But this book isn't about time we felt our most authentic. We write teaching the craft, although some tips and When I first began phrases and images that speak to our vision gathering material for the guidelines are included. It's about inviting of our true nature. We look into what writers to write from a deep, free, and wild book, I scribbled down a list of words that nourishes us on a soul level and what we voice. came to me in a spontaneous writing want and need to feel whole. By claiming our session: something in the body, the color Instead of writing exercises, you own wild woman, we can write, and live, red; smells earthy; fierce in love, in caring, invite writers to go on more authentically. in connection; deep dreaming, farsighted; “Explorations.” How do the body knowing, heart singing, love making; You suggest keeping a special the poetry of breathing; hears ancient Explorations differ from writing notebook or journal and having a echoes; solitude and community in equal exercises? regular writing practice. What measure; cycles moon-shaped, nature These explorations refer to following a connected; feels blessed by the sunrise, can writers gain from such a path laid out by the voice and the language anointed by the moon. All of these words, to a destination that isn't fore-planned. One practice? Is it important to write phrases, and images speak of wild woman to of the ways of being authentic is to maintain every day? me. an ongoing dialogue with oneself. Ask a Though it's not necessary to write every When I asked other women what was question, follow a memory, explore an day to experience the benefits of having a conjured in them with the words “wild” and image, and respond from that place of deep, regular writing practice, like any practice— “woman,” they responded with: Freedom, intuitive knowing. So we don't write to learn yoga, meditation, tai chi—the more regular curiosity, a great capacity for delight, and a certain method or technique; we write to our attendance, the greater the rewards. feeling at home in one’s skin. Creative was a discover our story. Words come easier and are less forced, we word used often by other women. They used become less selfwords such as free and strong, natural and In the book, you write conscious and as a fierce, boundlessness, energy, risk-taking, that “story” can be Wild woman is deep; result the writing brave, wise. One woman said, “Sometimes anything from a longbecomes freer; we this fierceness deep inside … amazes me.” exploring and ago memory to a learn our rhythms as a Wild in Wild Women is linked through writer and to trust the grocery list. How are memory and experience to our authentic expressing thoughtful cycles of ups and selves. you defining story? responses to our lives downs. Story has more to do with The word “authentic” gets used I've found that takes us into soul often these days, how do you use sense-making or understanding writers take more than with structure. A grocery risks when they have a territory. it in the book? What is “authentic list can tell a story about an regular writing wildness?” individual at a certain time and practice, they trust in a certain place as well as a more thought- their writing more and are become willing to Many of us live our daily lives doing the out narrative with a beginning, middle, and go deeper, to brush against their shadows, to next thing, rather than being present in the end. Story is the bones, the skeleton, the Now moment. We follow “shoulds” and reveal their secrets, and become more dots we connect to find shape and meaning. honest. Writing regularly, we discover what “ought-tos” rather than making choices based on an internal, intuitive knowing of What's the importance of writing matters to us and what we want to write our true nature. Instead of living and about. A daily, or almost-daily writing speaking and writing according to this deep our stories? practice enhances our self-esteem: we can We tell stories to give shape to knowing, we allow ourselves to be defined say, “I'm a writer,” with no hesitation or experiences, to entertain, to process, to and shaped by our culture, our family, our doubt because, after all, we're doing it. grieve, to heal, and to share our perspective religion, and other rule-making, limitNotebooks get filled, stories get written, on the world. Telling stories is how we relate setting entities. characters appear, memories find voice — a memory and how we identify ourselves. When I write about our authentic and our writing improves. These are only a wildness, I don't mean breaking all the rules Stories show us the consequences of our few of the benefits. actions, they reveal ourselves to ourselves, and living rebelliously outside society, I'm The book has such chapter titles and can lead to deeper understanding of referring to the deep, innermost, vibrant, who we are and our place in the world. responsive, creative self that we may have as “Wild Child, Wild Girl: Stories are a way of connecting one human lost touch with or set aside in our efforts to Initiation and Forgetting,” being to another and enlarging our world. be liked or accepted or to “get along.”

hat is meant by the “wild” in Wild Women?

“Family: Fact and Fiction, Myth and Mystery,” “Where the Wild Things Are: Illuminating the Shadow,” and “Death, Loss, and Legacies: Wise Woman.” These For many of us, our kinship with the wild Wild Women, Wild Voices invites titles sound like writers might be feminine has become, in the words of anyone—experienced writers, journal writers, non-writers—to respond in her own Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “ghosty from neglect, exploring some pretty deep subjects. Is this the focus of the language and her own voice to what wants to buried by overdomestication,” and “outlawed by the surrounding culture.” be expressed in whatever form it wants to book? How is “writing from your authentic wildness” different than, say, taking a writing class or studying creative writing?

One of the early chapters is “Claiming Wild Woman.” What does this mean for the reader/ writer?

take. Studying writing means following the directives of someone else—a teacher, a workshop facilitator, exercises in a book—to learn the craft. I believe in writing classes; I

Wild Woman and wild voice are deeply Wild woman is deep; exploring and connected; consequently, writing in the expressing thoughtful responses to our lives authentic wild voice doesn't come easily. We takes us into soul territory. Our values, our may need to brush away the dust and EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE


July 2015

standards, our morals, what we believe in, what we love, our heartbreaks and wounds and losses — all these shape us and shape our experiences. It's important to give them voice. But this is not to say the focus of the book is always serious. Oh no! There's no sound in the world like a gathering of women laughing that laugh that has the power and the energy to break down doors and lift buildings off their foundations. We look at our lives with reverence and humility and, thank goodness, a sense of humor.

There's also a chapter titled “Artist/Creator: The Authentic Work of Wild Woman.” Do you believe every woman (or man) is creative? I do. Creativity is a natural part of all human beings, like love and hope. Being creative doesn't mean we all are artists in the common sense of that word; it means we are responsive to the world. For some it's the way we prepare and serve meals; for others it's the way we remodel our kitchens. Throw a party, paint a wall, knit a scarf. Open a business, write a proposal, write a poem. Take a photo, take a trip, give a handmade gift. Dance to the light of the moon. We may not call ourselves creative, we may not acknowledge our creative responses to the world, but nonetheless, it is an inalienable part of our very beings. By exploring the ways in which we are creative, recognizing and acknowledging this in ourselves, we enrich our lives and the world around us. There is great joy in creativity. We connect with our higher spirit and our deepest soul.

What can a woman/writer expect to gain from the book? Wild Women, Wild Voices is a journey book, written and constructed as an invitation for women to explore her experiences, her beliefs, her memories, and her stories. The chapters are opportunities to remember and experience her connection with her authentic self and to express herself in her wild, authentic voice. It's a book for memory gathering and story-making. For acknowledging and honoring the wild woman that is part of every one of us. My hope is that women who read the book will be motivated to write and tell their stories, and to realize how valuable they are. Maybe some will write a memoir as a result of the work done here. Maybe poetry will be created. Or essays or plays or story collections or memory books for family. I would love to learn of Wild Women writing groups formed across the country and throughout the world as a result of women joining together to share the intimacy of their stories and the power of their experiences. I hope each woman who reads this book sends out to the world her wild and authentic howl.

Spiritual Horoscope

July 2015

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Happy birthday Cancer! Energetic Mars in your sign helps you eagerly set goals and take action. Meditate on what you really want— spiritually, physically, relationship-wise, etc. Focus and be open to the best steps to take. Even if you don’t have precise ideas, get started and guidance will come! If planning a job change, efforts could take until September to manifest, but they will happen!

Please meditate on old resentments and disappointments over the past two years. Clean out your subconscious so it doesn’t sabotage future relationships and finances. Also, ponder spiritual beliefs and release ideas that don’t support your soul’s evolution. Embrace what’s true in your core and live from that inner reality!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Release current ideas about yourself! Venus moves retrograde in Virgo, creating a fluid self-image. You’re always evolving, but can get stuck in a limiting belief of “this is me.” Relationships improve, as well as health, finances, mood, and social life. You’ll be eager to try new things and feel expanded and joyous!

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Venus is retrograde, helping clear your heart of the past eight years of challenges with love, money, and self-worth. Meditate and journal about disappointing issues. As you move through grief or anger, know that releasing this energy allows desires to be fulfilled in the future. Immediate changes occur with work and self-value. Relationships improve in segments through year’s end.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Meditate on how you use your time. Do you prioritize spiritual practices? How about relaxation? Are the people surrounding you in alignment with your goals and passions? Make changes you need to feel fulfilled. You might want to challenge yourself with a cleanse—a fast, a silent retreat, or an intense yoga workshop. You’ll feel purified and also ready to have fun!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Dare to talk about deep emotional issues with your partner to bring more intimacy. You might also talk directly (and calmly!) about combined finances—or sexual issues. If single, you might journal or talk with a trusted friend or even a therapist EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE

about intimacy blocks. This is intense spiritual work and you’ll fully reap the benefits by December. Meditate on your goals; have patience and watch things unfold as the months progress!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) You’re not usually reactive, but take a breath before speaking. People easily push your buttons right now! Actually the Universe is pushing you ahead in relationships and career. It’s about progress, but you could feel it as irritability. Meditate on what you’d like to change, and talk with your partner about how to make mutual improvements so you’re both happier.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Meditate deeply on how words, beliefs, and habitual thoughts create reality. It’s a powerful time to be able to break mental patterns and re-create your life from building new “thought forms.” You asked to be an Aquarius to master your mind, and you have the ability to do it! Also examine your diet for stimulants, like sugar or caffeine. Help your mind be focused, not scattered!

better health and moods. Fearlessly tap into your spiritual potential!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Pay attention to your dreams! Your intuition is very strong and it’ll be even stronger with daily meditation. Problems in relationships heal at the root since you can see the crux of the negative pattern. You might connect with people from the past and heal happily. Affirmations are especially powerful, so say them with vigor!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Shifts are happening deep in your soul about the type of people you attract for friends and romantic relationships. This is good, since it’s an upgrade! But there’s a grieving as you let go and forgive the old. Since you’re intellectual, you can push emotions down. Watch for overspending as subverted sadness, as well as irritability. Meditate, journal, and take time to just allow yourself to feel. Then you’ll open to greater fulfillment!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Relationships move to a new level, or you can meet a new love! However, it’s vital to meditate and release past issues that keep you from receiving now. Journal about the last eight years, remembering good times and also unfulfilled desires. Smash limiting beliefs created by “bad stuff.” Visualize clearly what you want so it can manifest. Forgive yourself, since self-love is healing now too!

Aries (March 21 – April 19) This might sound weird, but work on releasing your identity. You’re much more than you feel you are! Scientists say we only use a small percentage of our brain, so by meditating and releasing the limitations you call “you,” you’re open to an exciting new set of possibilities! You’ll attract better relationships. You’ll have


July 2015

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than two decades. Her book, Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs, is now on Amazon in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for appointments in her home or by phone. Call 248-583-1663 or visit alunamichaels.com

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July 2015

Events July 1 Allan Lokos, “Through the Flames: Overcoming Disaster Through Compassion, Patience, and Determination.” 6:30-8 p.m. The Ark, 133 Romero St., arkbooks.com July 2 Improv IT! 6-8 p.m. You’ll learn how to build selfconfidence, listen, and find creativity you never knew you had. $15.00 Patty Walters: patty@pattywalters.com July 7 Psychic Call-in Radio with Santa Fe Star Seer Elissa Heyman on KVSF 105.1, 1st Tuesday every month, 505-424-4550. Weekly on Santafe.com, your psychic horoscope podcast! July 10 - September 10 "ENERGY SIGNATURES" Art Exhibition Carolyn H. Pedersen, mixed watermedia/ collage. Reception Friday, July 10, 6-9 p.m. CSL Gallery, 505 Camino de los Marquez. July 10 Open Mic! 7-9 p.m. There's nothing like the thrill of performing in front of a live audience. Paul Dillon: javabeanmusic@gmail.com July 10 Jessica Shepherd, "“Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology.”

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July 20th: Introduction to Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) Learn how simple bodyawareness exercises can help you be more present, connected, and at peace no matter what is going on in your life and body. Call Scher Center for Well Being to reserve your space. 6:30 p.m. $20 505-989-9373 for an 1 ½ hour class, July 22-24 Unlock Your Heart— Companion Retreat to the Associate publisher Devon Jackson greets a reader at the book Evolving Santa Fe launch party. Join Jane Ellen Davis and Heather Robertson at Ojo Caliente for 3 July 27 days of relaxation and going from doing Free Community Wellness Dinner to being what you deeply value. Workshop 6:30 p.m. given by the Scher Center for July 24 Well Being. Take your health and your Sandra Ingerman, “Walking in life to the next level! Increase your Light” & “Speaking with Nature.” energy and improve your immune 6-8:00 p.m. The Ark, 133 Romero St., system. Go beyond managing pain into arkbooks.com thriving. To reserve your space and find out the location call 505-989-9373. July 25 Learn the Art of Flower Essences AUGUST 15 Erin Galiger will cover the history and SACRED BODY THREE theory, how they are made and work Our Body Earth 1—5 p.m. In this energetically with us, and selection workshop we will focus on how our methods. You’ll leave this experiential interconnection with the Earth relates to workshop with your own. All materials our personal and collective ecological provided. 10 a.m.-Noon Cost: leadership. We will reflect upon our $25, Milagro Herbs, 419 Orchard Drive habits, practices, and insights as we (next to Kakawa Chocolate House on investigate how we live in relationship to Paseo de Peralta). the Earth and how we are responding to Register: 505-820-6321 our current ecological crisis. Through qigong, creative exercises, writing, guided July 26 visualization, and partner and small group Learn the Art of Flower Essences work we will develop personal and Erin Galiger will cover the history and collective practices and a vision for theory, how they are made and work embodied and compassionate ecological energetically with us, and selection leadership. This workshop is the third in methods. You’ll leave this experiential a three-part series, Our Sacred Bodies, workshop with your own. All materials building our personal and collective provided. 10 a.m.-Noon Cost: $25. capacity for ecological leadership through Milagro Herbs, 419 Orchard Drive (next fostering connections between our to Kakawa Chocolate House on Paseo sensual body, relational human body, and de Peralta). Register: 505-820-6321 the larger Earth body. Three 4-hour workshops. $100 for all three or $40 each. To register for all three at the discounted rate please call Kim at 505995-1860 or email programs@aloveoflearning.org.

Staff at Santa Fe Oxygen Bar prepare for the launch party. EVOLVING…IN SANTA FE


July 2015

Evolving Santa Fe Launch Party On May 29, Santa Fe welcomed Evolving magazine to the community with open arms. These are just a few of the memories from the evening., hosted by Santa Fe Oxygen Bar.

Above Left: Readers of Evolving Santa Fe enjoy perusing the new magazine, delicious raw tapas, and healing elixirs. Above Right: Evolving Santa Fe columnist Corine Frankland. Left: Myotherapist Rose Kahn tries a mojito elixir. Right: Santa Fe Oxygen Bar owner, Kadima Levanah.

Below Left: Dayton Simmons, owner of the Silver Day Trading Company. Below Middle: Evolving magazine publisher Jill Dutton and columnist Heather Robertson proudly display the June issue. Below Right: Beth Buddesheim, Santa Fe artist, displays her art on the premiere issue of Evolving Santa Fe.



July 2015

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