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I Didn’t See My Son’s Disability Until He Was 15 QUARANTINED WITH ABUSER? Eating Well in Kansas City:  Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding

 How Not Being a Stress Eater

Can be Your “New Normal” PLUS:

Craniosacral Therapy Stimulates Healing, Relieves Pain and Stress EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

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Dear Friend,


Remember when people used to comment on Madonna's ability to reinvent herself? Time and again she would create a new identity to stay fluid with the times. We all have this ability to realize the current situation, take inventory, and realign our goals to meet the new climate — and reinvent ourselves in the process. I'm in the midst of that myself. "Diversify," they say. "Don't keep your eggs in one basket." I thought I had this covered by working in two different fields simultaneously -- media and travel. Turns out they both took a heavy hit during the pandemic. So while I wait to see how media recovers, I look to what are the current needs: food, security, prepping. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit obsessed with food. Cooking (creating, really) has always brought me joy. One morning I caught myself singing, "...there's got to be a morning after" while cracking eggs and mixing flour to make pancakes. I remembered an ex who commented that he always knew when I was in the kitchen because I sing or hum while cooking. I hadn't realized this until he pointed it out. When the stay-at-home orders went into effect, I started "nesting" -- starting seeds for a garden, dehydrating food, sourdough fermenting, and other activities that bring me joy. People who know me immediately commented that I should write about this. Telling my sister Mary another one of my funny anecdotes about lessons I'm learning from dehydrating food, she asked if she could "tell me what to do." I said yes and she told me I need to share these stories in a cookbook. A practical, yet funny look at preparedness. So while we’re in a somewhat period of lull right now, I’m moving forward and creating a new website: Well Preserved. It's a chance — in addition to Evolving Magazine — to write about another topic in which I'm passionate. The site is under construction but I look forward to sharing recipes for all methods of preservation (what an apt word for life in general) including dehydrating, fermenting, canning, and freezing. I hope you’ll follow along at www.WellPreserved.blog. And, as always, Evolving Magazine will continue to be an online resource for conscious living, so stay tuned for relevant articles focused on growth.

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Product News

Pixel Eyewear (Blue Light Blocking Glasses)

Physical Beauty Isn’t a Vain Achievement, but an Extension of Good Diet and Proper Exercise ZIRI has a passion for wellness and for helping you look and feel good as you exercise. Expertly formulated, you not only stay glowing and confident during your workout but benefit from ancient Moroccan beauty secrets. Moroccan Black Soap with Lemon – Making your afterworkout shower a true reward, it has anti-bacterial, moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing properties for your skin. Perfect for sweat, it removes toxins and unclogs your pores.

Working from home means lots of screen time. Keep your eyes protected during quarantine with Pixel Eyewear! Pixel provides breakthrough lens technology that filters 50 percent of blue light and up to 95 percent at the strongest wavelengths, without the yellow tint. Lenses also contain nanotechnology that reduces smudges and repel water and dust. For comfort, each lens has an anti-reflective coating, eliminating computer glare and reducing the stress on your eyes.

Rose Water – From Morocco’s Valley of Roses, this multi-purpose spray serves many skin benefits at once: tone with its antibacterial properties, fight acne caused by oil and dirt, and reduce the signs of aging as you hydrate and strengthen skin. Moroccan Red Clay – Use this clay as the ultimate detoxifier as it removes excess oils reducing acne and blackheads. It will also remove any dirt, grime and dead skin cells left from exercise and physical activity.

Learn more at https://www.pixeleyewear.com/.

Launched in January of 2020, Ziri is the luxurious, all-natural and ethical brand dedicated to skin and hair care. Combining natural ingredients and ancient Moroccan practices, the brand creates a modern regimen for today’s men and women. Ideal for an active lifestyle, this beauty care line is an extension of wellness following proper diet and exercise. Most products are USDA-registered as organic, while black soaps are 100 percent natural. They’re paraben-free and never tested on animals.

Stand-Up Moso Bag to Freshen Air with Charcoal With all of us spending a lot of time at home, it is more important than ever to keep them clean and virus-free. I wanted to let you know about an easy and effective air freshening solution, The Stand-Up Moso Bag, which works continuously to capture and eliminate the potentially infected air circulating throughout high-traffic areas in the house like kid play rooms, nurseries and pet spaces.

The Stand-Up design allows air to flow on all four sides of the bag and can be placed on any surface. It is available in two versatile sizes, including 300g (MSRP $10.95) covering up to 90 feet and a larger 600g size (MSRP $19.95) for spaces up to 300 feet. Moso bags use chemical-free bamboo charcoal to decrease the moisture, allergens, bacteria and pollutants lingering in our homes without giving off a scent. They are like a breath of fresh air in these germheavy times. Available online at www.mosonatural.com.

Organic Argan Oil – Perfect for skin and hair, this product is made from the seeds of the Argan tree from southwest Morocco. Renew and moisturize skin, reduce inflammation and the appearance of scars and stretchmarks. Apply it to your hair to reduce breakage and frizz, and promote hair growth.

For more information visit https://www.ziriskincare.com/

Girl with Knife Wild Journal of Wild Ideas

Document your travels or keep track of your itinerary with these bold journals from Girl w/ Knife. Sophisticated. Authentic. Unapologetic. For high-end stationery that’s as edgy and witty as you are, there’s Girl w/ Knife. Girl w/ Knife is the creative vision of artist Elicia Castaldi. After its December 2018 launch, Girl w/ Knife has quickly exploded and is now carried in hundreds of retail stores across the US and over a half dozen countries. The products are feminine, authentic, unapologetic, and just might break your most stoic RBF. We believe in a life lived glamorously, with reckless abandon, in 6 inch stilettos. Learn more at https://girlwithknife.com/.


Journal of Wild Ideas notebook in black. Midnight tropical print journal with fierce creatures and bold flora.

Food News 5

Inspiring a Better Plate: Farm Rich Introduces Plant-Based ‘Garden Inspirations’ Line

Free Vegan Lifestyle Support During COVID-19 Main Street Vegan Academy (MSVA) announced that, effective immediately, some 50 Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators (VLCEs), all MSVA graduates, will offer free education and support to those who want to enjoy meatless meals or explore the full vegan lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Free services will be available through June.

The traditional hamburger proved it wasn’t in fact “impossible” to substitute, and now Plant-Based Meatless Meatballs and BBQ Sliders are proving the possibilities are endless. “Garden Inspirations™ by Farm Rich” is a new line of plant-based foods expanding options for flexitarians, vegetarians and anyone looking to reduce meat consumption in their daily diet. This line includes appetizers, snacks and meal solutions made with plant-based meats and other wholesome plant-based ingredients. In stores this month exclusively at Kroger (and online at Kroger.com and Instacart), these microwavable Meatballs and Sliders are an easy way to make simple swaps. When cravings hit, these Garden Inspirations products are a fast, easy and protein-packed solution:

Meatless Meatballs: With 12 grams of plant-based protein per serving, these savory Meatless Meatballs are made with a blend of soy and pea proteins, garlic, onion and other delicious spices. Toss them with pasta for a comforting family meal or your favorite sauce for an anything but understated appetizer.

Plant-Based BBQ Sliders: Made with pulled porkless soy shreds in a tangy BBQ sauce on a deliciously soft roll, new plantbased BBQ Sliders are here just in time for the start of BBQ season! The sliders come in individually wrapped packages (two per pack), making them convenient for quick lunches, snacks on the go and simple, small meals. Plus, they pack 13 grams of plant -based protein per serving. The 20-oz. Meatballs and 12.7-oz. Sliders are priced around $7.99. Shoppers can find them now in Kroger’s Meatless or Meat Alternative section in the freezer aisle. “Many of us are taking little – and some big – steps to limit how much meat we consume and expand our daily diet choices, and this innovative new line gives shoppers more plant-based options to choose from at the grocery store,” said Ciera Womack, Farm Rich Senior Marketing Manager. “The Meatless Meatballs and BBQ Sliders are just a taste of several new plant-based foods planned this year from Garden Inspirations by Farm Rich.” Farm Rich plans to extend the line at Kroger this summer with two new meatless alternative items, including:

 

Breaded Cauliflower Bites: Whole cauliflower florets rolled in a rice coating, with a quarter cup of cauliflower per serving. Comes with a Sweet Sesame Dipping Sauce.

Breaded Zucchini Sticks: Tender zucchini slices breaded in a savory coating. An easy way to eat more vegetables! Side of Tangy Marinara Dipping Sauce included. For more details on Garden Inspirations by Farm Rich, visit www.FarmRich.com.

MSVA is a program developed by Victoria Moran, voted Peta's "Sexiest Vegan Over 50" in 2016 and author of books including Main Street Vegan and The Love-Powered Diet. "Coronavirus has put plant-based eating in the spotlight in three primary ways," says Moran. "We've learned how many infectious diseases have arisen from the wildlife trade, live markets, and industrialized animal agriculture. We also know that many of the underlying conditions that make COVID-19 more serious -- obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease -- have been shown in myriad studies to respond favorably to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. And asking workers to risk their lives to provide an 'essential' food item, meat, is outrageous; many of us haven't eat meat or other animal products for decades." Meatless May and More Many consumers have expressed interest in reducing meat consumption after experiencing shortages and hearing revelations about the alarming spread of COVID-19 in meat-processing plants. Others are curious about the health benefits and environmental sustainability of a vegan lifestyle, as well as the more compassionate relationship it promotes towards the animals trapped in the current food system. A Meatless May boycott in Iowa of the “corporate” meat industry was launched early this month by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to support slaughterhouse employees who are being required to work despite the health risk. Meatless May is gaining traction and will continue beyond the end of the month. “Let’s take this from Meatless May to Meatless Nation,” says Joe Enrique Henry of LULAC. By shining a light on the plight of workers in the meatpacking industry, Henry hopes Meatless May will show the meat industry that consumers will stand with these workers and move closer to the healthier, more traditional diets of the past, when meat was a luxury item and plant foods sustained daily life. Main Street Vegan Academy is proud to partner with LULAC in exposing the brutality of the meat industry and encouraging exploration of veganism. Visitors to Main Street Vegan's Meatless May & More site (www.mainstreetvegan.net/meatless-may) can complete a contact form with their question about plant-based eating and receive a personal phone or email response from a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. Assistance is available in English and Spanish. Also on the site are links to free weekly online cooking classes from JL Fields, VLCE, of Colorado Springs, author of Fast & Easy Vegan and coauthor with Victoria Moran of The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook. People can also sign up there for free informational Zoom webinars on vegan eating and living with Holly Skodis, VLCE (Wilton, Connecticut) and Sha-Hanna Soaper, VLCE (Westfield, Indiana); and similar webinars in Spanish offered by Karima Vega, VLCE (Denton, Texas) and Enrique Velez (San Juan, Puerto Rico).



Book News

Artist Releases Coming-of-age Memoir Detailing Her Journey With Mental Illness And Disability It started as a college prank; a friend offered Ruth Poniarski a brownie that, unbeknownst to her, was laced with angel dust. What resulted was a debilitating accident, and the first of many mental breakdowns that spiraled into diagnoses of psychosis, schizophrenia, severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Long Island native Ruth Poniarski has released her first book, Journey of the Self: Memoir of an Artist, published by Charlotte, North Carolina-based Warren Publishing. Poniarski’s unflinchingly honest memoir shares her coming-of-age story through the lenses of mental illness, disability, and steadfast determination. For years, Poniarski struggled to cope with her new reality as

she undertook a rigorous architectural program, sought out new friends (and the perfect mate), and battled through the depths of mental illness. Her journey led her in all directions as she sought comfort, solace, stability and love. Now an accomplished artist, Poniarski considers her memoir to be a portrait of sorts. “This book, like many of my paintings, is about introspection,” she says. “So many of us, particularly when we’re young, seek definition through labels or through what others think of us. It’s so easy to say, ‘I have bipolar disorder, therefore, X’ or ‘So and so doesn’t love me the way I love him, therefore, Y.’ But none of that is who we truly are.”

The release of Poniarski’s memoir is particularly timely in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing orders. “A lot of people are stuck at home right now. This kind of isolation forces a person to examine themselves; what makes them unique beyond who they are to society,” says Poniarski. “That kind of self-reflection allows us to become more available to others. You have to know yourself first.” “So, who am I?” Poniarski laughs. “Well … you’ll just have to read the book!” For more information about Ruth Poniarski or her book, please visit: www.ruthponiarski.com.

Journey of the Self: Memoir of an Artist 222 pages/Paperback/$15.95 ISBN: 978-1734707557

Seven Secrets To Unleashing Your “Inner Author” And Writing Your First Book Do you have a great book inside you but don’t know where to begin? During these dog days of isolation, now’s the perfect time to hit the pad and paper and finally start writing your big bestseller! Joan Gelfand is an award-winning author whose new summer beach read, EXTREME, will be released July 14. Here, Joan shares 7 secrets to releasing your ‘inner author:’

story can grow with just the seed of an idea. Genre fiction is hot!

department store with a worldclass pianist.

3. History can repeat itself ... in other ways, shapes or formats. Are there historical figures or periods in history that fascinate you? Are you obsessed with an obscure figure whose story has not been told? Or do you have some intelligence that has not been made public? Gelfand reminds us that while All the Light We Cannot See was probably the thousandth book written on World War II, Anthony Doerr found a way into the story with a young protagonist that was so compelling it won the Pulitzer Prize.

7. Travel. Remember that? Have you had any wild, scary, or even failed, adventures? Think Life of Pi. Exotic locations always lend themselves to great fiction. Gelfand wrote a story based on one image that struck her while traveling in Lombok, Indonesia. Let your imagination go.

1. What’s your story? Your own personal story might be just the recipe for a great plotline. Or, a recipe might be the perfect starting point! Think “Julie and Julia” the fabulous movie about a young woman who takes on the creation of Julia Child’s recipes as the challenge of her life. 4. Use the Internet. Search engines like Google or Bing or 2. Read the news. The next juicy platforms like YouTube are at protagonist might actually be your fingertips. Now, it couldn’t right in front of you—in the be easier to fact find. And papers, on the Internet or in a don’t forget that when it’s OK to magazine. Great characters can go out and congregate, librarians be based on the real lives of are a great resource too! politicians, celebrities, heroes and everyday people. A great 5. Romance, love or a bad summer beach read, murder divorce? Love makes for great mystery, chick-lit, sci-fi or crime stories; even ill-fated

relationships can be superb jumping-off points. Think The Fault in Our Stars, The Way We Were, and Anna Karenina. 6. Mix it up. Writers tend to be introverted; however, you’d be surprised that a random Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn interaction can be the next inspiration for your next great story. Paris Blues Redux, Gelfand's award-winning short story, was based on a chance interaction she had in a Paris


Joan Gelfand, author of EXTREME, is also a coach and writing teacher. Her book, The 4 C’s of Successful Authors: Craft, Commitment, Community and Confidence is published by Mango Press. EXTREME Blue Light Press/First World Publishing $21.95, Original Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4218-3651-5

Journey to Wholeness 7

Dreams In the Time of COVID BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D.


n the new reality of COVID-19 our conscious and unconscious worlds merge in living color in our dreams. People are reporting more vivid dreams, remembering dreams more frequently (one French study suggests a thirty-five percent increase in dream recall), and having more fearful or anxiety dreams. Our dreams serve the function of helping us process our waking state reality, do problem solving, memory consolidation, and give us ways to express thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that are stored in the unconscious. During this time, when schedules may be less demanding, it is possible that you are waking up naturally. You awaken remembering your most recent dream which is often most vivid. Since the dream state is part of the natural rhythm of the brain occurring every 90-120 minutes while you sleep, you may also remember the preceding three to four dreams. Dreams can be understood on three levels; literal, symbolic/ metaphoric, and global/ universal. Many people turn immediately to the literal interpretation of the dream. If I dream I am driving my car down the street, and my brakes don’t work, it means I better get my brakes checked, or I will have an accident. A deeper look at the dream takes you to the level of symbol or metaphor. Each dream symbol/element may represent some aspect of your life. You tell the dream like this: “The part of me that is driving/in charge is trying to stop an out-of- control,/ no brakes part of myself. I may be endangering myself and others as I speed out of control.” Could this dream have a global or universal meaning? Perhaps you are part of a group or system that is out of

“Our dreams serve the function of helping us process our waking state reality, do problem solving, memory consolidation, and give us ways to express thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that are stored in the unconscious.” control; that may need stopping, slowing, or re-directing. The collective “drivers” can change the direction by finding a way to steer the vehicle safely. Another very simple way to begin understanding your dreams is to make a list of all the parts of the dream, e.g., the driver, the vehicle, the brakes, the road, etc. By each word, make a list of associations, definitions or connections that come immediately to mind. Now re-tell the dream using the association words or phrases. Try different combinations. You may be amazed, as you understand the connection to your current situation and problems that may be presenting themselves to you. The Senoi, a tribe living in the upper Malaysian Peninsula, gather each morning for a dream group. Children are guided to remember and share their dreams. They are given some very

powerful guidelines to help them in their dream world. You can call on whatever help you need. You can always take all the time you need. You can always protect yourself. You can enjoy positive and pleasurable experiences in the dream. You can always achieve a positive outcome or solution in the dream. You can do this several different ways. You can imagine yourself in the dream and, as the director, you can change the dream in more positive direction and finish the dream. You can write the dream and re-do the dream, using the guidelines, finding new ways to understand and solve any problems or resolve any fears. This would be a good time to check your sleep hygiene. Make sure you are not drinking caffeine


after mid-afternoon. Try to keep screen time down. Definitely give yourself about thirty minutes before bed to do something relaxing and stress-reducing, avoiding screens/blue light. Get exercise and some time outdoors in sunlight! Because we have fewer experiences during the day to draw upon, are more isolated, and have fewer distractions, it is possible that you are digging deeper into the unconscious. I am finding that people are connecting with traumatic memories and experiences during this time. It is a time to work through and release these traumas. Some people are doing amazing inner work now. Practice using your fear and anxiety to be more aware, practice stress reduction, and be kinder and more nurturing toward yourself. This will help you do this for others as well. Hopefully, we can all use the challenges of this time to grow internally and in relationship to others and the world.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments (confidential video sessions), seminars, in-service training, or speaker’s bureau, call 913-322-5622 or drjude@heartlandholistic.com; www.heartlandholistic.com. Some pro bono and lower fee sessions are available at this time.


Eating Well in Kansas City

How Not Being a Stress Eater Can be Your “New Normal” By Dr. Bob Posner


here is no doubt that most people are experiencing more stress right now. That can lead to stress-related eating, which can lead people to becoming overweight or obese. Many people may feel they find comfort in food when the stress kicks in, but they may not have identified themselves as a true stress eater, or realized how harmful it is to their health. One doctor is on a mission to help get people to identify the pattern and take control of it once and for all. “Who out there is not feeling the stress of worrying about what the future holds for you and your family?” explains Dr. Robert “Bob” Posner, a worldrenowned weight loss researcher and medical doctor who founded the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. “Most people are not overweight or obese because they lack willpower; it’s simply because of the brain’s connection to their stress feelings and how it impacts cravings. It’s all about the science involved.” One of the first things Dr. Posner’s program does is get people to identify whether or not they are a stress eater. He asks them to get serious about such questions as if they crave carbohydrates, have low energy levels, feel sad at times and then anxious at others, and reach for the food during times of stress. Emotional eaters tend to eat when they are upset or under stress. This may start a cycle of the person feeling bad about themselves, and then eating again due to those negative feelings. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), emotional eating is when you eat food to help cope with difficult emotions. It has nothing to do with being hungry. Oftentimes, people who are emotional or stress eaters will not even realize how much they have consumed because they are taking in the calories while their mind is consumed by the stress, rather than being focused on the food. Making matters worse, the NIH also reports that the foods people reach for to help with stress are often high in fat, sugar, and salt. Stress eating becomes a habit for people, and after a while it can wreak havoc on their health. Dr.

Vegan Keto Chocolate Avocado Pudding

By: Fresh n' Lean

Posner offers several ways to help take on this issue and win, including:

It’s important for people to understand the chemistry behind weight issues. Stress causes and increase release of cortisol and ghrelin and depletion of serotonin  Be mindful. Take a 5and leptin. Unfortunately, cortisol second delay to ask yourself the and ghrelin lead to increased question: "Why am I doing this, appetite, lower satiety and what benefit am I getting from this behavior, and what harm may therefore tend to be “bad” for weight control. Conversely, I be doing to myself?” serotonin and leptin are “good”  Stock up right. Avoid for weight control, so the having the derailing snacks and depletion of these chemicals that stress-related snack foods in the occur with stress is “bad” for home in the first place. If you had weight control. to go out of the house to go buy a Perhaps understanding that snack food, you may lose interest. there are strong chemical  Choose something else. components to “stress eating” is Rather than grab food when there the first step in blocking the final is stress, engage in stress-reducing component: Picking up those food and drink sources and placing activities, including yoga, them in our mouths. At the end of meditation, exercise, crafts, the day, we all can override these reading, and writing. chemical signals to block the final  Set the stage. Skip having a behavioral component. Stress scenario of distracted eating, eating and the accompanying which includes consuming bowls weight gain will only stress us of popcorn, peanuts, or M&M’s more. Now, more than ever, while watching shows. Break the weight control is of the utmost bad eating habit while watching importance. Do television. not succumb to  Protect your mind. Limit stress eating! time spent watching stressful With decades of news shows. There is an medical experience abundance of bad news, and it can under his belt, along cause people to become stressed with his free and filled with anxiety. webinars, Dr. Posner offers telemedicine “People often try to lose weight appointments, weight loss products, and only to lose the battle and more. He founded the Potomac Internal eventually give up trying to get Medicine Associates primary care office healthier,” adds Posner. “The in 1988, and the Serotonin-Plus, Inc. in truth of the matter is that they 2002. He has helped thousands of have just not been taught about weight loss and emotional eating. people to successfully lose weight, and is If they take the time to learn about the author of three weight loss-themed it, they will be successful and they books. To learn more about him and the will enjoy that success for a program, visit the site at: https:// lifetime.” doctorbobposner.com/ or https:// spdiet.com. EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

SO CREAMY YOU WON’T MISS THE MILK There are some days where you don’t feel like turning on the oven and just eating what I like to call an “instant gratification” dessert. This vegan keto chocolate avocado pudding is definitely that. All you need is a food processor and a few ingredients and you’ll be on your way to dessert town! I am honestly surprised at how amazing the consistency is of this pudding. It’s like it came from a box, but didn’t! It’s velvety, smooth, rich, and loaded with healthy fats. And along with being ketogenic, it’s also vegan! I see some delicious dessert in your future, friends. INGREDIENTS

  

2 mediumAvocados

   

8 dropsStevia

3 tbspCocoa Powder

2 tbspMelted Keto-Friendly Dark Chocolate 2 tspVanilla Extract ⅛ tspSalt 2 tspPlant-Based Milk

TOOLS Food Processor INSTRUCTIONS 1—Cut open avocado and scoop out flesh. Melt chocolate. 2—Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Serve, or chill until ready to eat.



Quarantined with Abuser? Award-Winning Victim’s Rights Advocate Shares Thoughts on How to Stay Safe By Jennifer Storm


s people are making sacrifices to shelter in place and help to slow the spread of the coronavirus, there are hidden costs that we may not have realized. Domestic and sexual violence, along with child abuse, all thrive in sectors of silence. More often than not, the abuse happens at the hands of someone the victim knows, usually a caregiver or household member. At a time when people are required to stay at home, they may be at unintended risk of violence while trying to keep safe from a virus. Police departments across the country are reporting an uptick in domestic violence calls. Stressors such as substance use disorders and financial stress are two of the primary underpinnings of violence, and both are rising by the minute in our country as we reach unemployment benchmarks we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. Admissions to substance treatment facilities are skyrocketing, and while most of our economy is seeing a serious downturn, sales of alcohol are soaring. (Neilsen, 2020). On top of that, as the fear around the virus began to spread in early 2020, toilet paper wasn’t the only thing flying off the shelves—so were guns. States reported gun sales skyrocketed amid fears of civil unrest and governmental orders. (https:// www.nytimes.com/ interactive/2020/04/01/ business/coronavirus-gunsales.html, 2020) Economic stressors, a stay-athome order, more alcohol in the home, and additional access to guns are the exact kindling required for a flurry of

conversation. This could give an opportunity for the victim to access resources, make a quick safety plan, or just get some needed guidance to help him or her get through the hour, day, or week. One of the most important things a victim can have is resources, be that a friend, neighbor, or family member. Encourage the person to make a safety plan, connect him or her to resources that can individualize a safety plan to the circumstances, listen to the victim, and respect his or her wishes. Your loved ones know the offender better than “If a victim goes to the National Domestic Violence anyone else, and by doing against their wishes, Hotline webpage, there is a chat line feature that will something you may put them in additional immediately delete the messages off the phone as harm. Reassure them that services such as counseling, food soon as the victim ends the conversation.” pantries, shelter options, transportation assistance, and restraining or interpersonal violence. What can anything. Due to being under the protective orders are we do to help? First and foremost, same roof, your loved one may all still accessible in we must get the word out to all not be able to speak freely for fear every town in potential victims that help is still that the abuser can hear. America. Gently available. Hotlines are still being Establish a code word that is guide them while answered 24/7, and in many known only between you and the planting the seeds of instances, agencies have also victim.That way, if you get that life-saving established texting hotlines and word via text from that person or resources. resources. While shelter may not it’s used when you call, you know The National be desired by those attempting to that help is needed. Pre-establish Domestic Violence leave a dangerous home right what that help looks like. Does Hotline is 1-800-787 now, many domestic violence the person want you to call and -3224 . Visit agencies are using hotels across create an interruption, or do you www.thehotline.org the country to offer safe respite need to call 911? for texting and other for anyone in danger. ChildLine Encourage the person to resources. [CJ1] calls are still being change the passwords on answered, and when necessary, accounts and technology, though Jennifer Storm is an award winning workers are still going into homes this could be risky if the offender victim’s rights expert, advocate and best for safety and security checks if is monitoring the person’s phone -selling author of multiple books. Having worked on some of the most high child abuse is suspected and/or and apps. If a victim goes to the reported. National Domestic Violence profile cases in our history, she is often Second, check in on those Hotline webpage, there is a chat the first call media make when stories whom you may be concerned line feature that will immediately break on addiction, victimization and about, and discreetly let them delete the messages off the phone trauma. She is the appointed Victim know you are there if they need as soon as the victim ends the Advocate for the Commonwealth of PA. EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



Craniosacral Therapy Stimulates Healing, Relieves Pain and Stress By Molly O’Leary, DC


raniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment that affects your whole body. By treating the neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes all your nerves, muscles, and bones, it stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself in the same way it naturally heals a wound or your immune system fights disease. The craniosacral system includes the soft tissues of the spine and the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions and protects your brain and spinal cord – the central nervous system. The craniosacral system has a significant influence on the “The craniosacral system includes the soft tissues of central nervous system. Daily the spine and the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions stress can cause tightening of the fascia, the soft tissue that affects and protects your brain and spinal cord – the central nervous system, the central nervous system. “ which in turn can affect the entire body. Craniosacral therapy frees the central nervous system appear to be the most bizarre  ADD/ADHD . to perform at its best, and helps to ways until you realize the  Bone and muscle disorders. naturally reduce pain and stress. comprehensive nature of the  Chronic fatigue. fascial system.  Chronic neck and back pain. Fascia is the Key to  Chronic stress and anxiety. Craniosacral Therapy How Craniosacral Therapy The fascia is made of collagen Works  Fibromyalgia. fibers. These are the body’s tough By gently manipulating the  Learning disabilities. connective tissues that have been fascia, craniosacral therapy uses  Migraines and headaches. called the body stocking under the the bones to move the soft tissue.  Motor-coordination skin that helps to hold us Light pressure relieves the impairments. together. For example, the fascia tension and stress of daily life on keeps our livers in place, and it your central nervous system. This  Orthopedic disorders. envelops each and every structure releases tensions deep in the  Post-concussion symptoms. of the body. Every nerve has its body, relieves pain and  Post-traumatic stress own fascial sheath or envelope, as dysfunction, and improves wholedisorder. even the largest bone has a body health, performance and  Scoliosis. sheath. overall well-being.  Spinal cord injuries. All body parts are  Tinnitus. interconnected by the fascia. This Conditions Treated means that abnormal tension Craniosacral therapy is  TMJ syndrome. patterns, or pain, may be effective for many conditions, transmitted from one body part to including: another in what, at first glance,


Your Craniosacral Therapy Session In my office, I evaluate and treat the craniosacral system using gentle pressure on your head, mid-back, or lower back as needed. Fully clothed, you lie still on a comfortable massage table in a quiet, peaceful environment. Craniosacral therapy is deeply relaxing, and you may even sleep through your session. You may have craniosacral therapy alone or in combination with chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture, depending on your condition. Your session will take about an hour. About craniosacral therapy John E. Upledger, DO, developed craniosacral therapy in the 1970s. Dr. Upledger was a clinical researcher and professor of biomechanics at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine from 1975-1983. His research verified the existence, influence, and function of the craniosacral system. Craniosacral therapy is taught worldwide to healthcare professionals through Upledger Institute International’s educational programs. Molly O’Leary, DC, is an experienced craniosacral therapy provider in Kansas City who combines it with other therapies. A chiropractor since 1988, she has been a Missouri state-certified acupuncturist since 1994 and is a Diplomate through Acupuncture Society of America. Visit Molly’s Healingworks or call 816-444-4214.

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Energy as a Language An excerpt from The Language Your Body Speaks By Ellen Meredith


ost of us talk about energy in practical terms. We say, “She’s got great energy,” meaning we sense from subtle cues that someone is animated or perhaps particularly comfortable to be around. We say, “I don’t have the energy to argue right now,” meaning that activity is somehow not being funded, emotionally, physically, or even spiritually. We say, “My energy has crashed,” meaning we have run out of fuel. On an intuitive level, learning about the subtle energies that we are composed of and how to positively influence their behaviors makes a lot of sense. Your body is made up of energies. What appears to be solidly physical — the cells, the bones, the tissue, the organs — is in fact a swirling, moving set of energetic exchanges. Even the chemical processes of your body are energetic at their root: Chemistry is the story of energetic exchanges at the molecular level. And just under the surface of your awareness, your body, mind, and spirit are using a language of energetic signaling to communicate constantly with one another. Using a vocabulary of light, sound, vibration, imagery, sensation, and other messaging, your body, mind, and spirit are talking with one another, adjusting your physical self to match your thoughts, influencing your thoughts to recognize the needs of your body, and embodying the urgings of your spirit. There is a grammar to this language: patterns of movement and energetic exchange. Like all languages, the subtle energies that you are made of encode meaning and shape your experience. Is learning the language of energy really necessary? It is crucial if you want to be able to participate in your own evolving experience and create the life you crave. Imbalance in the body, mind, or spirit communicates through symptoms, feelings, sensations, thoughts, and events. If we miss those communiqués, the body and mind shout louder

as Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, and shamanic healing, among others, in healing practices that date back thousands of years. Contemporary energy medicine also incorporates newer understandings from energy healing pioneers, physics, kinesiology, and body-mind modalities, which give us ways to work practically with our subtle energies to promote well-being. I invite you to delve beneath the particulars of formal energy medicine modalities to understand the source codes, the language that underlies them. Too often people with chronic illness are drawn to study “Your body is made up of energies. What appears complementary modalities or nutritional science in a desperate to be solidly physical — the cells, the bones, the search for wellness, but they end tissue, the organs — is in fact a swirling, moving set up learning dietary dictums and prescribed practices, rather than how to actually participate in the and discomfort snowballs into wisdom about what your communications of their body, illness. instrument needs, and then mind, and spirit. My goal in The communication may start provide that moment by moment, presenting this language is for you small: a dip in energy that keeps you will heal. to be able to create your own, us home from a party, or a In the past thirty-five years, personalized energy medicine, in somewhat sore throat, or an I’ve worked with thousands of order to truly participate in your allergic reaction, or an achy joint, clients, some with extremely own creation of self. My goal in or loss of focus, or a slight complex and serious lifefocusing on self-healing is to miscommunication, mishap, or threatening medical conditions, encourage you to discover how to moment of misbehavior. Yet these and others with less dramatic, life- take healing into your own hands messages progress if we don’t interrupting chronic symptoms. and, in a very individualized way, really listen and respond. The All of them were seeking ways to support your miraculous, inbuilt symptoms get louder and more find support for their instrument capacity to heal. severe; processes and functioning rather than mere management of are disrupted. Digestion, their symptoms or disease. I have Ellen Meredith, DA, EEMAP, is the circulation, tissue repair, and/or seen, again and again, how author of The hormonal communication can powerfully you can activate falter. And the instrument healing once you participate in the Language Your progresses from malaise to ongoing communications of your Body Speaks. An malady (sickness), which also body, mind, and spirit. intuitive and energy medicine snowballs — sometimes because Energy medicine is, as Donna practitioner with over 35 years of of the pharmaceuticals we take in Eden and David Feinstein have experience, she has served on the lieu of authentic communication; said, a form of healing in which faculty of energy medicine pioneer sometimes because the habit of energy is both the patient and the Donna Eden since 2010 and teaches not knowing how to care for our medicine. Our bodies energy healing techniques all over the own particular, beautiful, amazing communicate using chemical world. Ellen lives in Marin County in instrument just wears it down messaging and energetic California. Visit her online over time. messaging. By using energy at www.ellenmeredith.com. techniques to influence the A Path to Healing energetic messaging of the body, Excerpted from the Although illness can be mind, and spirit, we can influence book The Language extremely complex, a the behaviors of the body Your Body Speaks. compounding of years of (including its chemistry) and Copyright ©2020 by miscommunication, the path to activate its natural abilities to Ellen Meredith. healing can be much simpler and heal. Printed with more direct. If you learn the In its contemporary form, permission from New language of energy, learn to let energy medicine involves using World Library — your body, mind, and spirit pathways and techniques mapped www.newworldlibrary.com. communicate to you in their out within various traditions, such EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



I Didn't See My Son’s Disability Until He Was 15. Now I Celebrate Knowing Who He Is. By Stephanie Duesing


y son Sebastian and I lived in the same house together for fifteen years. I gave birth to him. I changed his diapers and taught him to ride a bicycle. I was a stay-at-home mom, and he was my only child. We spent hours together every day playing and doing crafts together. He painted the most extraordinary pictures even as a toddler. His existence filled my imagination from the moment that I looked at the faint blue positive mark on the pregnancy test. But I didn’t truly know Sebastian until he was fifteen. I didn’t know him, because I didn’t see him. Nobody saw him. Sebastian is the only person in the world known to see with words like a dolphin sees with sound. His blindness is an invisible disability. He has always slipped through our sighted world with what appeared to be the same ease as a spinner dolphin flying through the air. Now Sebastian is 18, and every time he hugs me I can still feel the shell of his tiny newborn ear against my lips and his infant body in the nook of my shoulder where his chest meets mine. I always inhale, trying to recapture that baby smell and the tickle of almost invisible hair on my lips. His hair is now thick and smooth, not the dandelion fuzz of pale blond. I cherished every sweet moment with him when he was small. Every hug, every smile, every game of hide and seek. I rocked him to sleep each night when he was little. We read aloud together until he was twelve. He still hates Les Miserables. Tolkein was more his thing, with the dragons, wizards and the magic ring that makes you invisible but also drains your soul. He still hugs me every night before I go up to bed. Even after everything, especially after everything, Sebastian tells me that he loves me. Now taller than me,

“I remember his eyes, so bright blue and filled with pain as we both sobbed on the kitchen floor. It was January of 2017 and we had just discovered that fifteen-year old Sebastian couldn’t recognize his own face and had taught himself to navigate our own home by counting his steps and turns.” when his long arms reach around my shoulders and he leans in for the hug, I can still feel his little sneakers banging my hips and his little toddler arms hugging my neck. I smell the ghost of Cheerios -past every time. In the car when we talk about the things we’ve been through together, about how I finally came to know him and see him, I reach my hand out to him. Sebastian’s cool, long-fingered artist’s hand lands in mine, squeezing. In his gentle adult grasp, I feel the ghostly hand of a child in mine, much smaller. What magic ring did Sebastian have that cast its spell so thoroughly over him, that it silently saved him while killing his soul? Surely it was not the cloak of invisibility that he wore all through his childhood as he zoomed through my house waving his wand. He was Darry, King of

the Fairies and Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He cast his charm all over so thoroughly that I didn’t see him. Nobody saw him. I remember his eyes, so bright blue and filled with pain as we both sobbed on the kitchen floor. It was January of 2017 and we had just discovered that fifteen-year old Sebastian couldn’t recognize his own face and had taught himself to navigate our own home by counting his steps and turns. I had to tell him that he’d been born blind, not understanding how it was possible myself. After I finally saw him and his invisible disability, I was crushed with guilt. How could I, as his loving mother, not see what was there before my eyes? Not seeing him kept me from giving the support he truly needed. Yet with time, I came to realize that I had done nothing wrong.


Like him, I did not know I was blind: blind to the side of him nobody could see. My intentions were always good and pure. They were rooted in love and tenderness and a desire to be the best mother I could be. That’s what we all want, as mothers. But sometimes, life creates blind spots. When we come to recognize them, we must accept and learn from them. Now I am privileged to see the man who walks through this world with dignity and grace. His dry, laconic humor cracks me up, and his striking art inspires me. With his help and support, I am fighting to end the discrimination against the millions of people who have cerebral/cortical visual impairment. CVI was identified as the number one cause of visual impairment in the developed world more than ten years ago and still doesn’t have a diagnostic code. And I celebrate seeing him for the wonderful man he is, every day. Stephanie Duesing is the author of Eyeless Mind: A Memoir About Seeing and Being Seen, a true story about the discovery of her son Sebastian’s almost total blindness at the age of fifteen. Stephanie is devoted to raising awareness of Cerebral/Cortical-Visual Impairment (CVI) and advocating for patients with this prevalent but largely unacknowledged cause of visual impairment. A music educator, Stephanie has taught elementary and middle school music and chorus, as well as private voice and piano. She also opened her own Musikgarten studio, where she taught classes for families with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. She’s a graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Spiritual Horoscope 13

June Horoscope Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Happy birthday, Gemini! Venus turns to direct in your sign, asking you to keep commitments you made to yourself the past two months regarding relationships. Stay true to the values your intuition revealed in meditation. Keep observing your connection with others to see your principles in action (or how you fall short of them). Also keep to a budget that allows for small splurges but adheres to essential payments, since Venus is also about money. Sticking to your truth in all areas draws positive romance and work options, plus keeps your self-esteem high! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Mercury retrogrades in your sign, helping you develop more self-esteem. Write a list of your positive qualities and meditate about those gifts! Create affirmations about them and repeat them often, both aloud and in your mind. Relationship issues will begin to heal. You’ll even have insights into personal longstanding issues. On the financial front, money that you’ve forgotten about or that you didn’t expect to receive can come to you! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Revitalize your body by releasing tension in your subconscious! As Mercury retrogrades this month, in meditation become aware that your body is letting go of builtup stressors with each quiet exhale. As your mind and body become unburdened, amazing intuitions that solve major issues will come to you! Areas of healing can include challenges in friendships, problems expressing intimacy and sexuality, struggles with self-compassion, and food addictions. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Mercury is turning retrograde which can cause misunderstandings. This is true especially in your marriage or partnership. Instead of immediately confronting, pause for meditation. Reflecting reveals potential misinterpretations. It also shows how you may have not clearly expressed your needs and/or

boundaries — and how you can do that going forward. Workwise, you can get a delayed promotion or bonus. Soak it in because you deserve it! Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) If you’re frustrated or confused about work stuff, try not to make decisions as Mercury is retrograde this month and next. Instead, use meditation to ponder your needs and values in the job arena. Your inner commitment can draw solutions and options better than actively searching for answers at this time. Late July is better for making moves or implementing changes. Health-wise, think about letting go of foods that drain your vitality (sugar? wheat?). Experiment with eliminating foods and observe energy levels. In relationships, gently but firmly hold to your boundaries without apologizing for having them! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) As Mercury retrogrades, see if your spiritual practice still nourishes you. Perhaps you just need to return to a mediation or yoga practice that worked in the past. Or you might need a brand new approach, and this can be a time of experimentation. Even keeping things very simple and “merely” breathing, with a deep exhale and a passive inhale would work wonders. Using affirmations brings breakthroughs. In relationships, trust yourself if things feel weird. Built-up misunderstandings

about expectations likely need to be cleared to let love flow again! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Mercury goes retrograde, helping deepen connections with loved ones, and also get clear about finances. You can easily manifest money now, so try prosperity meditations! Venus moves forward and illuminates your values as not just “whims” when it comes to both relationships and spending. Sagittarius people love to be busy, but be sure to have a quiet space in your home for reflection, yoga, or meditation. Your sacred space will help you stay centered and focused and keep you efficient. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Staying physically healthy is vital to a positive mood! Keep commitments to yourself regarding nutrition, exercise, meditation and rest. Beware of shaming yourself for falling away from good habits. Treat yourself with compassion and get back to what supports you! Relationships can feel stressful because Mercury retrograde brings miscommunication. Pause before reacting, since issues can arise from tiny misperceptions rather than big problems. Clarity can come from a mere few deep breaths! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Meditate on how your beliefs empower or disempower you. Do your thoughts create tension mentally or physically? Get “back to basics” with affirmations that excite you about who you are at your core and what you choose to manifest in your life! Also, a budding relationship can flower in an amazing way this month. If partnered, there can be a renewal that restores passion and fun! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Neptune is your ruling planet, and it turns retrograde this month. It gives you time to examine your boundaries. Meditate and make sure you’re clear about your needs and that


you’re being true to yourself in all sorts of relationships. Reconnect with what is most important to you, with what brings you the most peace and joy. Connect daily with friends who support this side of you to keep your inspiration alive. Run challenging conversations by them, so you can be poised when interacting with the person with whom you have issues. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Meditate on how big your “mind space” is when it comes to work success and financial abundance. It might be time to build a “larger room.” Really feel what it’s like to live in that happy alternate reality, and those feelings can attract that new potential to you! Ponder the limited messages regarding work and money you inherited from your family and how you can eradicate them. Pay attention to dreams, since they can hold clues as to how to move through challenges with ease. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Venus is the planet of money, and as it moves forward this month, you’ll have a better flow of finances! Since that’s in late June, use most of the month to meditate on feeling spiritually centered and safe. When you’re balanced inside, there’s less tendency to overspend. Feeling your internal and intrinsic worth is essential for Taurus. When you come from that space, relationships are healthy, your self-care is strong, and you’ll feel joy and self-love welling up within you! Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book, Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs, is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an ebook on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call or text (248) 583-1663 or visit




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Take a much needed breather with Spiritual Counselor and Success Coach, Cat RunningElk. Join others for a Relaxing Guided Meditation and receive love, support and some lite coaching! Love Offering Pay it Forward - Donate to your favorite charity! https:// runningelkalmostdaily.wordpres ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE s.com/sunday-evening-spiritONLINE REIKI LEVEL guided-meditation/ ONE ENERGY HEALING ATTUNEMENT & ONGOING CERTIFICATION CLASS Online level one Reiki class GLORIA KNOWS BEST where you will learn the who, CONSCIOUS what, when, where, and how of CONNECTING EVENTS reiki energy healing as well as Live Life Better receiving your own attunement 6907 Metcalf Ave, OPKS and certification to be able to www.GloriaKnowsBest.com share Reiki. Cost $55 https:// facebook.com/events/s/online- SERENITY HOMESTEAD reiki-levelMind Body Spa Wellness one/270198850668391/?ti=cl Oxidative Stress Discussions RNewcomer.EcoKangen.com WEEKLY SUNDAY EVENING KANSAS CITY MUFON GUIDED MEDITATION, meetings are held on the PLUS COACHING WITH second Monday of the month. CAT We study UFOs, Sunday Evenings, 7:10 p.m. CST extraterrestrials, crop circles,

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