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Reconciliation of the Heart

8 Stress Management Tips for Better Immunity



Why You Should Get in Touch With Your Breath Calling in the Heart 11 of Your Beloved 11

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ON THE COVER: ‘Monarchs’ Acrylic painting on canvas (8 x 12) Beautiful fall leaves and cool crispness in the air but most of all the sight of Monarchs instills peace in our hearts as they playfully start their journey home. Rosario Fletcher is an intuitive artist who paints what comes through as soul visions, sounds, or emotions. View her Facebook Art Page: RiverOfRosesArt or contact Rosario at



Wellness Products

A Tastier Milk Alternative BetterBody Foods has brought the best Oat milk to market. Oatsome contains clean ingredients and beneficial nutritionals while tasting delicious. AND, Oatsome is the only oat beverage that is certified Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten free. In addition to tasting great, Oatsome has amazing capabilities in baking and frothing for a yummy, creamy drink that has won consumers over. BetterBody Foods’ Oatsome: product/oatsome-organic-oat-milk/

Crazy Cap Hydration Bottle The number one tip doctors always give when you get sick ...STAY HYDRATED! Therefore, stay hydrated (in style) with Crazy Cap. It contains deep UV LED sterilization technology to destroy microorganisms completely (unlike traditional filters, which trap but do not destroy). Now you can purify your water while kicking that virus.

PRANA Elixir

Incrediwear Incrediwear, the world's leading brand in wearable antiinflammatory therapy that is scientifically proven to accelerate recovery by increasing circulation. Incrediwear products are not only amazingly effective at decreasing inflammation and pain, but they're also a wonderful - and healthy - alternative to traditional pain medication. From our sleeves to our wraps - Incrediwear fabric is infused with circulation enhancing semiconductors, Germanium and Carbon. These elements are activated by your body heat and actually increase blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the affected area, promoting faster healing while reducing inflammation. Incrediwear products take a different approach by utilizing your body’s natural ability to heal - in comparison to traditional pain meds, physical therapy and rest. They are also antimicrobial and odor resistant, perfect for athletes, demanding activities, and for long-time wearing (they can be worn 24/7). Additionally, they work as soon as they're put on - you'll notice relief in under a few minutes.

Exum Crew Socks Tired of getting pain, spasms and numbness in your feet in the middle of your latest hiking adventure? Meet Vive Wear’s Exum Crew Sock ($24), the first high performance sock that includes built-in electrical stimulation capabilities to promote circulation. Created by an orthopedic surgeon and tested by the Exum Mountain Guides of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Vive Wear socks use a patented combination of silver and copper nanoparticles to create a microcurrent of over 10 mV when activated by natural foot perspiration. Like the “e-stim” frequently used in physical therapy, this microcurrent contracts muscles to improve motor function, increases circulation, and reduces inflammation more than a normal compression sock. Result? Better hiker performance with less fatigue. Bonus? A soft sock made of baby alpaca and merino wool that wicks moisture away, provides all-season temperature comfort, and even eliminates odors. (Wear them a few days in a row and they won’t even stink.)

Healist Relief Products

Leefy Organic’s PRANA is a powerful elixir that stands out from most products, not only because it’s the best tasting, but how it absorbs so effectively into the body. Use it to combat congestion, inflammatory pain, poor digestion and many other ailments. As we could all use an immunity boost right now, PRANA with its anti-inflammatory properties is a natural alternative and prevention of taking over-the-counter medication. Leefy Organic’s PRANA:

Our CBD Relief Balm has been expertly crafted using the highest quality U.S. organically farmed broad spectrum hemp extract (150mg CBD), Menthol, Camphor and Arnica.

Our Balm also contains a healing blend of Jojoba, Ginger, Boswellia, Shea Butter, Peppermint and Hemp Seed botanical oils to help to soothe and moisturize skin. Joint Relief Balm ($39.99): EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Skincare Products 5


Mer-Sea Moisturizing Hand Soap

Stanford scientists have discovered a way to extract growth factors and cytokines from adult human stem cells harvested from fat to restore skin’s ability to heal itself and look younger. Patent-pending FACTORFIVE skincare is revolutionary because it uses the body’s own building blocks to restore skin on the cellular level and reduce signs of aging. The human stem cell growth factors in FACTORFIVE work like a lock and key with your own skin cell receptors, promoting an increase in collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and other beneficial skin proteins that can help heal dryness and

Mer-Sea’s new scent is a celebration of the joys spring and summer bring to us. With a fresh twist on citrus, we take lemon and orange and pair them with lily, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk. Together these colors and letters are positive, happy, passionate and celebratory. C'est OUI! Mer-Sea Moisturizing Hand Soap

Hans — Swipe & Ultra Clean

Stone & Tumble

HÄNS is your new superpower when it comes to keeping tech clean. Smartphones, tablets, cases, fitness trackers, computers all make sense to clean, just like washing your hands or clothes. Specifically developed to clean today's tech, HÄNS products harness more cleaning power than a wipe without the waste. It’s a win for the environment and your wallet all at the same time.

Dry skin, acne, rosacea, redness, inflammation, irritation -- the list goes on. There are countless factors that contribute to skin conditions, but did you know that stress is one of the leading causes? Tested for maximum performance, you’ll never need to sacrifice your health for beauty. Stone & Tumble

Hans - Swipe & Ultra Clean


Transparent Shield

Discover Clartici--the personal skincare assistant that fits in the palm of your hand!

Although face masks are our new reality, it’s important to find the one that’s right for you! As many across the nation are beginning to head back to work and school, it’s important to stay protected when leaving your home. If you’re looking for something breathable, but still protective, a face shield might the best solution for you – especially if you want an option that allows you to show off your smile!

Their proprietary ICI Analyzer is a smart piece of modern tech that scans your skin and collects data based on your oil, hydration, oxygen, melanin, and redness levels, giving you the inside scoop on what's really going on beneath the surface.

ViruShield Inc., a California-based company has created groundbreaking products to mitigate against the emergence of COVID-19 through inventive design and state-of-the-art technology.

From this data they create a custom plan telling you exactly how much of their COSMOS Certified ultra-moisturizing Sanguine Cream or transformative Reiki Serum you need for maximum hydrating and anti-aging results. Clartici

The brand’s first product of a multi-product launch is their ViruShield Ghost™ is a transparent, strapless, and reusable respiratory shield that is an alternative for individuals who have difficulty breathing while wearing a fabric mask or other face covering. Its innovative design is fork and straw friendly and lightweight with better breathability. ViruShield Inc.


6 Book News

Welcome to the Agridhood: Housing, Shopping, and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle It's no surprise that agrihoods across the country are winning awards for "best lifestyle communities." According to the Urban Land Institute, “Agrihoods offer proven financial, health, and environmental benefits—to the stakeholders involved in their implementation, to surrounding communities and to the planet.” In Welcome to the Agrihood: Housing, Shopping, and Gardening for a Farm-to-Table Lifestyle, award-winning author Anna DeSimone details everything needed to learn about these farm-centric communities. Along with beautiful photos of homes, clubhouses, farms, and natural trails, the author takes readers on a virtual tour of agrihoods across America and includes a wealth of information on how to live, grow

and shop the farm-to-table lifestyle, even if you don’t live in an agricultural neighborhood. Welcome to the Agrihood includes a national resource directory with detailed descriptions of 90 agrihoods and lists over 2,200 farms where consumers can purchase fresh, local food or subscribe to a CSA program. With something for everyone—new homebuyers, city-dwellers, and retirees, it’s an invaluable resource that includes detailed information on:

Sustainability: Most

agrihoods have been constructed over the past ten years, so homes are sustainably built with energy-efficient features.

typically offering many clubs and leisure activities.

things will periodically happen to you—they are there for a reason. The reason is for you to learn a lesson, to improve your consciousness level. You might not be able to control events in your life, but you can control your responses to the events. The Law of Creation co-authors Steve and Tracy Webster were childhood sweethearts whom have been married since 1993. Both experienced financial lack growing up, which led them to seek Spiritual and Scientific knowledge. Tracy studied Naturopathic Medicine and became a Bioenergetic Therapist. Steve focused on business, starting up three successful companies, which collectively earned over $100 million per year and employed 250 people. He then immersed himself in higher consciousness, metaphysics, and Science with an emphasis on the subconscious mind as a Licensed Hypnotherapist. The Law of Creation also explains why concepts in books

like The Secret work, and more importantly why they do not work. In essence, there are 18 Universal Laws yet The Secret and many other Law of Attraction programs only cover one or two of them. It is not vital that people know how each and every one of these 18 Laws works; but it helps their Creation ability to understand how the Laws affect their life, and the outcome of what they have Created. Readers everywhere can now discover the trusted science and simple formula to manifest everything they want into their lives! Steve and Tracy share these principles of The Law f Creation with the world in their new bestseller now available for sale in select bookstores and via Amazon. For more information about Steve and Tracy Webster and The Law of Creation visit:

Shopping: Details and descriptions of On-Farm Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, and Food Hubs

Backyard Farming: Grow your own organic food on your Agrihoods: porch, balcony, or in your Apartment buildings backyard with helpful tips, with rooftop farms, planting guides, and valuable where tenants can resources on organic certification, shop for fresh food food safety, biodiversity, and also enjoy other beekeeping, soil testing, amenities such as bike trails, dog composting, and local laws. parks, and on-site farm-to-table To learn more, visit dining. Mixed-Use Communities: Including condominiums, rental Welcome to the Agrihood: apartments, senior-living Housing, Shopping, and residences, and affordable Gardening for a Farm-to-Table housing units. There are Lifestyle is available at agrihoods which are exclusively booksellers nationwide and for over-55 communities, Amazon. Urban

The Law of Creation Every person has the innate ability to create their lives and feel joy and yet most are generally ‘cut off’ or disconnected from their personal power. One new book details the Science behind how people everywhere can reconnect to their creative powers. The Law of Creation is a unique, comprehensive book that demonstrates the Physics and Science behind the power of Manifestation. Based on 18 Universal Laws, The Law of Creation clearly and methodically explains how moving from negative thoughts to affirmative living, removes any limits and ‘reboots the mind’ for greater success, joy and happiness. “The good news, or for some people the bad news, is that you have created and are responsible for the life you are currently living,” says Steve Webster, coauthor, husband, father and a successful, life-long entrepreneur. “The fact is you might not be happy with your life and you may wish for things to be different. The key to fixing this is firstly understanding how you created what you have (so far), and secondly understanding why you are unable to manifest what you consciously desire.”

According to Steve, some of his explanations involve physics and scientific principles such as quantum theory and wave function. He believes this is the first time that the 18 laws behind The Law of Creation have been defined in practical terms, and not just theory. He understands that some people do not need to know how it works; they just need to know that it does. However, the book thoughtfully explains the scientific process for analytical readers who may be skeptical about the creative process. Throughout The Law of Creation there is a recurring theme of “what you think is what you become.” An optimist will look on the bright side of a bad event, will have expectations of happiness and good fortune and will generally exude hope. Optimism is more than just believing in a positive outcome. It encompasses stopping criticizing self and others, stopping judgment of self and others, and acceptance and forgiveness. Bad


The Law of Creation is 126 pages in paper\back, 147 in Kindle version ISBN: 978-0-578-66101-8 Retail price: $9.99 paperback, $ 7.99 Kindle version. Publisher: Expert Insights Publishing

Journey to Wholeness 7

We Do Not Walk Alone By Jude LaClaire, Ph.D. In difficult times where do I turn? I often look to persons, living or who have gone from this life, who inspire or challenge me to think differently. Most recently I have been so encouraged and heartened by the life and words of John Lewis. He wrote an OP ED for the New York Times, “Together, You can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation.” He encourages us, “ Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble, necessary trouble.” He concluded, “So I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide.” This made me think about those who have impacted me and those who continue to do so. I invite you to take this journey with me. Of course, my first mentors were my parents and teachers. We can be critical of parents’ failings but, the longer I live the more I think about the good things they taught me. Certainly, they strived to be responsible and dependable. Both parents pursued higher education on their own. They encouraged us to read and study. The frequent trips to the library were memorable. My sister and I were supported in having a neighborhood fair, doing tricks and selling popcorn. The bargain was that we must give our proceeds to the missions! Mom modeled volunteer work for us from the time we were very young. My older brother taught us how to ride bikes, play baseball, basketball, have competitions for digging all the dandelions, and working in the garden. My sister

carry on. You can find more about her and her music at The song continues by chanting the names of many women who have contributed in positive ways. You could write your own list of those who have helped and inspired you.

“We are not alone as we face our daily challenges.” and I followed him into religious life as young people,, eventually all returning to the secular world working in people-oriented professions. Educated in a Catholic school environment, and later spending over a decade as a religious sister, the nuns impacted my life in both positive and negative ways. These mentors helped me to see worth in myself, appreciate my writing and learning skills, and my insight and abilities with people.

children and knew my heart was with people who had emotional wounds. He lived to attend the celebration of my Ph.D. in Psychology and Education thirty years later, honoring my mentors.

The list does go on and includes people in my everyday life whose books, plays, movies, art, or music have inspired me, and others whose lives challenged me to think bigger. In our current situation we need to look to others for inspiration and help. Ann Dr. Kermit Phelps, a clinical Reed, a favorite musician, wrote a psychologist and first African song “Heroes” in which she asks, American to graduate with a Ph.D. What can I learn from you in psychology from Kansas University, was my first therapist. In your lifetime, in what you’ve He helped and encouraged me in been through… ways that gave me hope and One life can tell the tale opened the way for me to believe I could be a mental health That if you make the effort, you professional. He recommended cannot fail… that my abilities be used more By your life you tell me it can be effectively in a mental health setting and I was sent to done St.Vincent’s Home for Children in By your life’s the courage to Denver, Colorado. I loved the EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

As I thought about this article I began making the list of people who have been and are mentors for me. It is long and getting longer. I encourage you to think of those who have contributed to you in this way and those who are today. I imagine you are doing this for others as well. We are not alone as we face our daily challenges. Remember to think about and call on those who can walk with you. Then as Eleanor Roosevelt tells us, “You do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments (confidential video sessions), seminars, in-service training, or speaker’s bureau, call 913-322-5622 or; Some pro bono and lower fee sessions are available at this time.



Reconciliation of the Heart By Patti Ashley, Ph.D. Current research has discovered that the heart is the regulatory organ, not the brain. In order to feel safe and secure, the head and the heart have to be in coherence. Stressful emotions such as anger, frustration, and anxiety create irregular and erratic heart beats, or what is known as an incoherent heart rhythm pattern, while positive emotions such as appreciation, care, joy, and love create highly ordered, smooth and harmonious heart beats, known as a coherent heart rhythm. Paying attention to the heart is crucial to overall wellness. Current stressful lifestyles can leave your heart in an incoherent state. Reconciliation of the heart requires an honest inventory of your inner and outer life and a willingness to look at what might be hidden in the shadow. Psychologist Carl Jung defined the shadow as the place in the unconscious where you hide parts of yourself that appear negative to your conscious mind, fearing they may be evil or bad. When you fail to recognize these shadow aspects, they may cause you to feel and/or act in ways you don’t consciously understand. Prior to the twentieth century, survival was the key component of daily life. Today lifespans are much longer, and we have many luxuries that our ancestors did not enjoy. With modern technology, education, medical advances, and appliances that have decreased the time needed for basic survival, we can now pay more attention to the deeper aspects of what makes us feel more whole. Additionally, the pace of life has quickened, and we tend to want everything fast. High-speed internet, fast food, and even faster self-help practices and psychotherapies have been suggested. Faster is better. Reaching out and grasping whatever is quick and easy to fill the void and ease emotional pain is commonplace today. Addiction

is so easy to go back to old patterns. Making a commitment, saying yes to the process, and staying the course even when it gets tough. Tenacity to take your authenticity to the next level of healing. Declaring the past is over and will no longer influence you. Staying and not running away or looking for the quick fix. Taking all the time you need to do the work that will return you to selflove and reconcile your heart. The heart’s journey is one of reclaiming the gifts that you abandoned in order to fit in and realizing it is okay to live the is rampant in our eye opening to authentic life you are meant to culture. The opiate realize how the old live. Reconciling what has epidemic affects far too dysfunctional happened, forgiving yourself and many of our young adults patterns actually did creating a new story helps bring and is a perfect example of an much more harm to you back to your true self. Keep in attempt to find a quick fix for the human development than mind, this is not an easy task. pain. We fear the shadow, and we consciously recognize. And it Healing ancestral trauma, staying then we run and hide. is even more disheartening to present in current emotional Since research on social/ know that in this educated awareness, and building a emotional needs is relatively new, country, many people are brighter future for generations to many people grew up in families completely blind to these come calls for willingness, and schools where aspects of concepts. commitment and tenacity. outdated relational practices were Reconciliation of the heart is all Songwriters, poets, authors and still in place. These rigid, shame- about healing the past, present other artists express themselves based patterns often resulted in a and future. Studies have shown from the heart, often inspiring sense of inauthenticity, or a false that we are carrying 14 feelings of awe, curiosity and self. Charles Whitfield, a medical generations of ancestral trauma mystery. Studies have shown that doctor specializing in trauma and in our DNA. This means we have creative expression rewires the addiction, described in his book, an extra difficult job of brain and helps to calm the Healing the Child Within, how a reconciling the broken and nervous system and bring the false self develops as a way to hidden parts. Reconciliation is heart back into coherence. So… cover up fear and doubt, focusing defined as the action of making find something creative or fun on what others want. It is overone view or belief compatible that you love to do, and give conforming, giving love only with another. In order to do that yourself permission to explore conditionally, and often covering with your heart, you have to possibilities of your authenticity up, hiding, and/or denying excavate your authentic self and and joy. Reconcile your heart, and feelings. On the other hand, in an learn to live a more congruent as Gandhi said, “Be the change ideal environment, a child life. This requires three things: you wish to see.” develops a sense of authenticity, Willingness to face the whole separate from the needs and self- light and dark- knowing this desires of others. is the only way to self-love. When Dr. Patti Ashley, PH.D., LPC. is a Psychotherapist, Speaker, Authenticity Swiss psychoanalysist Dr. Alice you stop running from wounds Architect and author of Letters to Miller thoroughly studied the and self-judgments, you can long-terms effects of outdated better acknowledge your Freedom. practices on families and willingness to face the shadow individuals and dramatically and be vulnerable to look at the revealed how rigid rules and parts of yourself that have been unrealistic expectations can hidden due to fear and shame. create conditions where Commitment to stay the individuals are unable to develop course even when it gets hard and or express their true feelings. It is seems emotionally intolerable. It EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



Stress Management Tips for Better Immunity By Durisan Your immune system is significantly impacted by your level of stress, attitude, mood and emotional state. When you’re optimistic and happy, your immune system functions properly. But constant exposure to stress hormones does not do a body good. Everyone has stress; it's an inevitable part of life. However, if you’re seriously stressed out for a long time, you’re going to be more prone to illness. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all dealing with more stress than usual. This makes knowing how to handle stress more important than ever. A few effective ways of managing your stress are:

  

Meditating Slowing down Counseling can also help greatly

Here are some other tips on how you can de-stress: Breathe Besides helping you calm down, deep belly breaths can also help you fight off bugs, germs and other invaders. When you breathe deeply, you activate a muscle called the diaphragm, which is located above the gut and internal organs and below the lungs. By activating your diaphragm, you’re giving a massage to your internal glands and organs. This movement helps move lymph, which contains white blood cells, through your body.

Overexertion without timely breaks can be counterproductive, actually increasing your stress and suppressing your immune function. Consider exercising in the great outdoors, or be very aware of your gym or studio’s social distancing and sanitization efforts. Laugh Several studies have shown that sustained humor and laughter can boost your immune system by increasing the number of antibodies and increasing the activity of immune system cells, such as white blood cells and t-cells. Photo by Jill Dutton Laughing lowers your levels of stress hormones (adrenaline and Your immune system is significantly impacted by cortisol), which weaken immunity. It also increases your your level of stress, attitude, mood levels of hormones that improve mood and immunity (human and emotional state. growth hormone and betaendorphins). Get enough sleep Move your body Strengthen your social bonds You may have noticed that you Bodily movement improves tend to catch a cold or other your heart health, releases feelSocial connection and support infections more often when you're good chemicals that fight stress are vital to your general wellnot getting enough sleep. Studies and helps you release anxiety. being and also help supply your show that well-rested people who Ideally, practice 30 minutes of body with feel-good hormones got the flu vaccine developed aerobics and 5 to 10 minutes of like oxytocin. Even if we’re still stronger protection against the stretching daily, while also social distancing, you can talk sickness. including deep breathing and with friends and family on the Not sleeping enough can lead relaxation. phone or by video chat. to higher levels of stress While working out, your body’s hormones. It can also lead to levels of white blood cells and more inflammation in the body. other illness-fighting agents Do you need help with stress Although researchers aren’t increase. These immune system exactly certain as to how sleep fighters look for and attack management? Learn more about helps the immune system, it’s viruses. The more active you are, the most effective ways to stay clear that adequate sleep—usually the more efficient your immune healthy at seven to nine hours on average system tends to be. for an adult—is essential for your The key is to exercise good health. regularly—but not too much. EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

10 Feature

Why You Should Get In Touch With Your Breath By Jessie Gibbs

Image by GLady from Pixabay

Life can feel pretty overwhelming these days. Though stress is something we normally experience in everyday life, living during the COVID-19 pandemic has made a moment of peace already feel like a victory. So, what should you do when you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

on your overall well-being. For instance, when you're in a state of panic, your body starts to experience tension and prompts you to take short and hasty breaths. This shallow way of breathing makes it harder for your brain to take in oxygen and eventually, sends a signal to your brain to worry over the uncomfortable air exchange. In other words, ignoring your breath sets off an unhealthy cycle Should you let yourself sleep in? where your stress causes you to Or, perhaps listen to motivational experience even more stress. podcasts? While these are indeed Thankfully, you can regain control helpful ways to de-stress, a huge over your mind and body during part of our well-being actually lies these situations by simply getting in something much simpler — our in touch with your breath. True breath. enough, researchers from Stanford University found that Why the Way You Breathe slow and controlled breathing can Matters positively influence our neural functions. It goes without saying that our Taking deep and conscious lives depend on breathing, as our breaths is a simple yet powerful body needs to receive oxygen and way of caring for your well-being. release carbon dioxide to survive. Apart from helping your body Despite this, we don't really pay relax, it's another way of attention to the way we breathe. responding to life's tough battles After all, it's an automatic process with grace. When you get in touch in our respiratory system. with your breath, you aren't just However, taking your breath helping your body relax — you're for granted can take a serious toll ultimately teaching yourself how

to stay grounded amidst the uncertainty of life. How You Can Breathe Better All that being said, it's important to become more mindful about the way you breathe. Essential breathing techniques can help you block out your anxieties, fears, and other forms of tension. Breathing styles like the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique and the Lion’s Breath are highlighted in the list of breathing exercises to combat stress by Pain Free Working. You can start with the former by inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds, holding it for 7 seconds, and forcefully exhaling for 8 seconds. Meanwhile, the latter entails sitting in a relaxed position, and breathing in and out for equal counts repeatedly. After several breaths, breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale with your mouth open and tongue sticking out like a lion. Another powerful way to get in touch with your breath is by practicing yoga. From its poses to meditative practices, this ancient


art is centered on breathing. It is through the sense of calm and relaxation from mindful breathing that you can connect with your innermost self in this exercise. To this end, Elite Daily recommends these six yoga poses to help you breathe deeper: • Easy Pose • Spinhx Pose • Cat-Cow Pose • Bow Pose • Wild Thing • Bridge Pose And sometimes, all you need to do is close your eyes, roll your shoulders, take in a deep breath, and release all your tension with an exhale. Whatever breathing technique you choose to practice, you should instill in your mind that through our breath not only do we live, but we can also have the peaceful life that we all deserve. Exclusively written for by Jessie Gibbs

Feature 11

Calling In the Heart of Your Beloved By Deirdre Hade We all have the longing for a deeper experience of love. It is part of our human nature to desire to connect in a truly intimate way with another. I would like to share some wisdom and heart‑centered steps for developing intimacy in love: The Story of the Beloved, the Shekinah Presence, The Four Steps to Creating Divine Romance with a Partner (and that partner can be God), and a Return to Bliss.

for the Beloved and the Beloved. To do this, it is very simple.

The Four Steps to Creating a Divine Romance

It Is Time for You to Know a Deeper Love In the mystical tradition this deeper love is known as the beloved and the beloved. Throughout time, this has been named as a return to union the marriage of our soul to our Beloved, the Creator. The beloved is a very real energy. It’s an energy of God that we all have the potential to experience and hold within us. With the right direction, your partner can carry the resonance of the beloved and both of you can experience the profound union that you long for. In the eastern tradition it is known as the yogic path of Tantra. But you can experience this without being a yogi by having a spiritual practice of yoking yourself to the divine light. This is the purpose of the Radiance Journey meditations. In a new relationship, there are things that you can do to help foster the experience of your beloved. If you are in a long‑term relationship there are steps you can take to re‑kindle your love by calling in the presence of the Beloved in both you and your partner. If you don’t have a partner, there are spiritual practices you can use to call in your beloved while in meditation. The experience of The Beloved is a mystical state of bliss and joy. In the Kabbalah, it is said that there is a soulmate for every person on Earth. Everybody has a soulmate, but sometimes we don’t find each other because we can’t hear our soulmate calling for us. It is therefore important to open your spiritual eyes and ears and be ready to know when the energy of your soulmate is near. You want to be aware enough to recognize this presence of love.

The Beloved’s Light of the Shekinah

The beloved is a spiritual and mystical pathway to God. In the creative story of the mystical Kabbalah, it says that God took His beloved and brought Her to Earth. He put Her on the Earth to be the light of physical existence. To hold the eternal light that creates all of life. It is She who makes everything live. The trees, the flowers, the air and water. All of nature is from the generosity of God’s Beloved, you could say she is Mother Earth. The story continues because God’s beloved was so beautiful and because He cherished his beloved so much, he gave us his beloved so that we could live. This is the Shekinah – our divine, indwelling light. It is said that God is always longing for his beloved Shekinah. Thus every Sabbath he descends to Earth to retrieve Her, the Shekinah, to ascend to heaven with Him, to return to his sacred bedroom where they will unite in bliss. The Shekinah is always longing for her Beloved God’s return. Within every human, the Shekinah Presence which is Your Beloved Is a Mystical our Soul, is longing to return home and merge Experience in union with the Soul’s Beloved Creator. We The beloved can be a mystical experience are all carrying the story within us. And when between two people. It is deep, rich, and we do find that kind of love here on Earth, it is indescribable. It is a presence that can create Romantic, wonderful, rejuvenating and what has never been created, heal what has peaceful. This story is within the archetypes of never been healed before. It is the place where our consciousness. This story is the journey of your soul relaxes into the arms of your our heart. Each of us can create the special beloved. When we unite with our beloved, place for our beloved to enter. First, it’s very when we’re in that place of deep resonance our important to invite divine romance into your soul feels safe, our soul says, “I have a home life. There is a romance, a wooing between now and so I will return.” When your soul God and Shekinah, His beloved. This courting returns fully into your body you are is romantic as romance softens the heart and enlightened. puts the ego to rest. Divine romance creates a sacred frequency, the energy of love necessary EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

1. Turn off the world, the phone, the television, and create a sacred chrysalis for you and your beloved to find each other’s Soul. 2. Take this special time with your beloved where you bring all of your attention into one another. Look into each other’s eyes deeply. Take each other’s left hand and place it on one another’s heart. Hold each other’s heart and breathe together slowly and gently until the inhale and exhale of your breath become one. Stay with this as long as you can. 3. After your breath has united, begin to stroke each other’s face. Use the back of your hand and the palm of your hand to explore each other’s face. Study the curves of your Beloved’s face. The face is extraordinarily sensitive. See if you can see the face beneath the physical face, your Beloved’s Soul face longing to open. 4. As you embrace, fall even deeper into each other as if gravity is pulling the two of you together. Now share with each other what you love about each other, what you are grateful for in the other and finish by saying, “I see you, I love You.”

Experience a Return to the Bliss of Love By spending time together with these four steps and by having your meditation practice of yoking to the light you have just opened up The Invitation to the Soul of Your Beloved. And this Presence will make itself known in the bliss you will be experiencing. And this is true satisfaction in love where wholeness and completion resides in our soul. The ego’s form of relationship love is not the same kind of love as this love. Ego’s love cannot quench the thirst of your soul’s deep need to be loved. And you deserve to know love. These steps even work alone in your meditation practice. Simply put God’s Presence in front of you. She/He will show up. I promise. You will experience the intimacy of union with the divine. And what if you don’t have a partner and you desire one? Your loving partner is coming. Believe and know this. God created someone for everyone! Deirdre Hade is a mystic, artist and visionary elucidating the spiritual world.

12 Feature

How to Use Stress to Improve Your Life By Dr. Dravon James

When we listen to the news there’s always a story about shortages. You’ve heard the reports, jobs are in short supply, affordable housing is in short supply, safety, clean water, and even good men are hard to come by. But there is one thing that you’ve never heard of being in short supply, and that is stress. There is an abundance of stress. It’s everywhere. When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you wake up to the traffic report, “It’s a parking lot on 95.” You get in the car, turn on your radio and hear that the Dow Jones is plummeting and the economy is in danger. The kids’ school calls you at 10 am and you need to leave work. You arrived to work late due the traffic on 95, but now you’re leaving early because of a child emergency. You’re conflicted because job security is in short supply. Stress and the guarantee of more stress ranks up there with death and taxes; in other words, it’s inevitable. I know that sounds like bad news, but I have always believed in using whatever shows up in my life to get what I want out of life. And because stress seems to be the one supply item that I never run short of, I decided that I would learn to use stress as a main ingredient in creating the life of my dreams. Resisting stress takes up too much of our valuable time (not to mention the

I can’t change the traffic, I can’t change the Dow Jones, I can’t predict the weather or the next inconvenient emergency that shows up in my day, but I can change my perception of everything.

fact that the act of resisting creates more stress). We are designed to be whole and complete. We get disturbed and anxious when we believe that a situation will rob us of our wholeness and leave us incomplete. Another way to say this is to say that we are designed to live at peace, the definition of peace being - wholeness, completeness, nothing missing, nothing broken, totality. Anything or anyone that we perceive as robbing us of our peace causes us stress. I can’t change the traffic, I can’t change the Dow Jones, I can’t predict the weather or the next inconvenient emergency that shows up in my day, but I can change my perception of everything. This doesn’t mean

that I plaster a plastic smile on my face and deny the presence of these unwanted circumstances in my life. Good for you if you can do that and still be healthy, but I’ve tried that, and it just led to suppressed emotions, which – you guessed it- led to more stress. About 15 years ago I changed my approach to stress, and it has made a world of difference. Two simple steps: first I acknowledge the presence of stress. I know that sounds silly, but too often we rush through the events in our life. We don’t give ourselves time or permission to feel what we are feeling. It’s so important to value self. This doesn’t mean that we give ourselves permission to waddle in our down emotions. No, instead we just acknowledge what we are feeling. Second, I utilize the power of words. When I


catch myself becoming overwhelmed with an overcrammed schedule or the unrealistic demands on my time, I begin a process of self-talk that goes like this: “Dravon, you’re having a whirlwind of a day, and you are becoming stressed. Stop and breathe.” Sometimes I recite the items or events that are causing me to feel stress. Then I remind myself that I am important and that I will never finish all the work or meet everyone’s expectation, and that’s quite okay. Often throughout the day I remind myself that I am safe and that I am whole and complete. The more stress shows up in my life, the more opportunities I have for genuine self-love. When I take the time to love me, the residual effect is that I am more loving and compassionate with others. Voila! Stress has just had a paradoxical effect on my life, my family, my community, and possibly the world.

By Dr. Dravon James, founder of Everyday Peace, inspirational speaker, and author of Freedom is Your Birthright. Learn more at www.DrDravonJ

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How the Stigma Around Addiction is Hurting Society by Paul Brethen, co-founder at SoberBuddy


hey did it to themselves. They made poor decisions. They weren’t strong enough to kick their dependency. These are just a few ways in which society as a whole has been taught to see addiction. Addiction has been portrayed more as a personal and moral failure than as a disease and health care issue. The truth is, addiction (or substance disorder) is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior. The stigma associated with addiction is pervasive throughout our society and prevents us from properly treating and supporting those trying to overcome substance disorder—decreasing the chances of successful recovery and hurting our society as a whole.

stigma of addiction alone can  prevent someone from recognizing that they need help. And, if they do realize they need  help, they may not want to reach out because they’re afraid of what society will think.

48.8 percent of the people surveyed said that others 'assumed I would relapse' 38 percent said they felt like, at times, they were being held to a higher standard than other people  35.7 percent said people Overcoming shame avoided them The stigma of addiction is commonplace in our society, and  34.4 percent reported being disrespected there is a deep shame that comes with admitting you have a  24.9 percent were rejected by problem and need help. In 2018, family or friends about 20.3 million people in the  16.2 percent said they were United States age 12 and up had a denied employment substance abuse disorder. This  15.2 percent said that it was accounts for about six percent of hard to get medical the total US population and is a insurance larger section of society that you You can see why people may might initially think. For dread asking for help, worried comparison, there were that they will be condemned and approximately 1.7 million new ostracized by society. When we cases of cancer diagnosed that deter those with substance How you see addiction same year. However, only 3.7 disorder from getting help, we’re Addiction is not what you’ve million of those who reported a forcing them to try to get sober seen portrayed in movies, on TV substance abuse disorder were on their own, which can be or even in the news. You may see also receiving any treatment. incredibly difficult and painful, addiction as a homeless person Why is that number so low? and will often be unsuccessful. who has lost everything to their There is a lot of shame in Severe withdrawal can even cause desperate need for a fix. You may admitting there’s a problem and hallucinations, fevers, seizures see addiction as the young adult seeking help. People see the and confusion. As a society, we who steals from their own family stigmatized representation of need to allow those with to get their next hit. And you may addiction and are afraid that see addiction as the raging others will treat them differently. addiction to seek medical treatment without worry of alcoholic who screams at their The important thing to remember stigma. partner, trashes the house and is that addiction is a disease. You then storms out to the bar for wouldn’t fault someone for Importance of empathy another shot. These are not seeking cancer treatment, taking and forgiveness accurate representations of insulin to control diabetes or An important first step is addiction for the majority of medication to relieve IBS those suffering from substance symptoms. So, we shouldn’t judge acknowledging the roles of empathy and forgiveness. We abuse disorder every day. those who are taking control of need to start removing the stigma Addiction can be only on the their substance disorder by of addiction and look at it as a weekend. Addiction can be seeking treatment. healthcare issue. Empathy will needing just a little something to Facing society help us see ourselves in addicts, get through each day. Addiction Unfortunately, society still has humanizing the issue as a disease might have a great job, a house in a long way to go. In a recent study and making it something to solve a nice neighborhood and happy together, instead of pushing those of 2,002 US adults who are in kids. Addiction may never drink and drive. For many addicts, it’s recovery, researchers found that with substance dependency away. When we abandon our family and the stigma of addiction is still hard to recognize they have a friends to their addiction, we substance disorder because they experienced. Revelations from relegate them to fighting the the study include: don’t see themselves in what the disease alone, and increase their stigma has portrayed. Society’s EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

feeling of shame and self-doubt. Additionally, addicts need to forgive themselves. Addiction is a disease and punishing yourself for something that is arguably out of your control doesn’t take you down the path to recovery. Accept that you’re worthy of a healthy and happy life and use that feeling to drive your resolve to get sober.

Squash the stigma Addition is a disease. By perpetuating myths and the stigma of substance disorder we are condemning addicts to, at the very least, a more difficult recovery path—and most likely to hiding in shame and avoiding treatment. Having so many afraid to ask for help is hurting our society as a whole, and removing the stigma is the only way that we can help people properly recognize what addiction really looks like, understand that it’s not their fault, that they need care and to take the next step on the path toward recovery. Paul Brethen is the co-founder of SoberBuddy, an evidence-based virtual drug and alcohol recovery coach. Paul has over 20 years of experience as a certified addiction specialist. Prior to joining SoberBuddy, Brethen worked at the Matrix Institute on Addiction as a Clinical and Administrative Director where he helped develop the highly recognized Matrix Treatment Model. He’s also worked as an international consultant training those who work in the field of drug and alcohol substance dependency. In 2009, Paul founded Net for Hope Foundation, an international NGO established to transform underdeveloped communities in Uganda. Paul has been a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist since 1992 and received a masters degree in Marriage, Family, Child Therapy in 1985.

14 Spiritual Horoscope

September Horoscope Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Happy birthday Virgo! You’re in a powerful time of improving relationships and prosperity. Meditate on releasing betrayals and other past wounds that now block intimacy. Allow yourself to feel the anger and disappointment that’s lodged in your body and soul so it can be fully flushed out. Be patient with your healing. A new partnership coming in will progressively open doors in your heart. Current bonds get better if you’re already partnered. Finances flow as you feel more self-worth from being relieved of old fears and limiting thoughts! Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Celebrate victories of healing that you’ve had with childhood or family issues! You’ve been working hard at having a grounded sense of self and also maintaining healthy boundaries. Be gentle with yourself in areas where you’re still growing. Meditate on clear goals you have in close relationships. Dwell on affirmations of the positive treatment you deserve in your deepest connections. Make sure you can freely communicate in those bonds, otherwise they’re not healthy situations.

your time. Cultivate connections with people who truly fill your heart. Get back in touch with old friends that have a sense of soulfulness. Finances also improve. Set goals so you have a clear target that motivates you! Also personal creativity, dance, arts, sports and even pets fill you with joy, so make time for these empowering outlets!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Meditate on what makes a career meaningful. Between now and January you can manifest a new job or project that enlivens and empowers you! In fact, this time period is incredible for bringing many dreams into reality, in various areas of your life. Focus on the feelings you’ll have when you’re living in these new circumstances. This creates a magnetic pull from the quantum field. Also, respect your body by committing to healthy food, yoga or other stress reduction techniques.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Jupiter, the planet of abundance, generosity and divine flow moves direct in your sign! Trust the Universe that things can effortlessly unfold. If you hit roadblocks, stop trying so hard and see what happens. Good new can happen at work, which can lead to a bonus or a raise! When you meditate, focus on self -forgiveness and selfappreciation. Let your inner critic melt in the light of love. Relationships with others deepen as you create more space in your heart by loving yourself in a spiritual, authentic way. If there’s family conflict right now, don’t work at solving things. Let the storm pass and healing can arise in a beautiful, organic way.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) As a Sag, you’re eager to take a big bite out of life. But as Mars moves retrograde, meditate on which activities and relationships are the best use of

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) It’s a great month for meditation and manifesting your dreams! Even if you’ve been trying and trying to make internal changes in order to have outer shifts, don't give up. Breakthroughs are

coming! Keep working with forgiveness. Keep saying and thinking affirmations. Keep practicing feeling what your future fulfillment will feel like. You also can start a new, super romantic relationship with an emotionally generous person. . . or a current connection can warm up again! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) It’s great to have faith in the abundance of the Universe, and you should! But with Mars moving retrograde this month, also focus on “mundane” steps like looking at finances pointblank and planning a budget. Have courage to “expose” your money issues to a trusted and wise person who can guide you without shame. Also meditate on loving your body. Treat your temple well with rest, yoga, organic food and even massage. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Mars, your ruling planet, retrograde this month. Be aware of feeling frustrated and edgy. Remember that part of success and manifestation is know when to stop taking action and allow results to unfold. You can also meditate and see if you could take actions in a new way. (Start them in November.) For now, stay quiet and centered. Note and observe, but don’t act. You can have amazing job opportunities that just “appear” from your “non-action”. Also, a relationship can start in which major passion builds over time! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Have faith that the Universe can heal your heart of old hurts, pain and resentment. As Mars turns retrograde it stirs up anger from the past. We now see scientifically that inner tension uses up energy in your body and mind. By freeing yourself of all that stuff, you’ll have more vitality for better health and relationships — not to mention renewed passion to pursue your goals. Meditating in nature would be especially powerful. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) New channels of abundance open up as Jupiter moves direct! Meditate on prosperity


affirmations and your intrinsic worth of receiving! You can also draw in a new relationship with someone with values that match your own. Your ability to be intimate deepens. Get back into hobbies and activities that you haven’t done the past few years. Old friends can also return to your life who mirror your spirituality and creativity. Have fun because you deserve it! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Mars moves retrograde for about two months, which can slow down work changes you might want to make. Instead of pushing forward and hitting a wall or feeling frustrated and bummed, work with meditation. Be still and imagine the best outcome and feel what that will be like! Be sure to balance work with family and partnerships. Even if your job is stressful, money should still be flowing, so take your mind off challenges and have fun in your spare time! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Venus is in your sign, bringing harmony to relationships and a good sense of self-worth. And as Jupiter moves forward, you’ll have many breakthroughs at work, maybe a raise, promotion or awesome job offer! You can also have a mini-miracle in your health, like solving a problem related to sleep, depression or even hormone balance. Spiritually, create long range goals. If starting a meditation practice, be patient with yourself and give it two to four months to reap full benefits. Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book, Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs, is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an e-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call or text (248) 583-1663 or visit .




KELLY MURPHY-BOULÉ — Certified Hypnotherapist, Healing Touch Energy, Intuitive Readings, Holistic Nutrition, Young Living Essential Oils. 913-634-7553 ASCENSION ENERGETICS—Ascension Master, James C. Rider II. Pineal Gland, Sound Vibrational, Trauma Relief, Ascension Chambers, Initiations & Awakenings. 816-379-6447 ILLUMINATING THE SOUL—A sacred space for healing through Cranio Sacral Therapy, Massage, and Intuitive Modalities with Tammy Barton, LMT 816-820-5644

WHOLEHEARTED WELLNESS— Karen S Carmack LMT Wellness Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Energy Healer, Life Coach, 816-5509620 TRUE BALANCE WELLNESS—We can help with your pain management and stress relief needs. We have multiple services such as CBD Products, massage, infrared sauna, salt therapy, acupuncture. KIRSTEN HARWICK, CHt, CAT Akashic Readings, Past Life Regression, Certified Hypnotherapist, Warrior Heart Facilitator, Empowerment Coach, and Fire-walk Facilitator. OSTEOSTRONG can improve bone and muscle strength, posture, balance, and joints in one weekly session. 4621 W. 90th Street, Prairie Village, KS 913.999.4888 ENTERTAINMENT

RETAIL GEMINI. SheilaLaureen has created a healing center & store specializing in tools & practices for health and wellness through Self Love and education. 5807A Merriam Drive, Merriam

CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING SCHOOL Classes and individual sessions in energy healing and meditation. NCBTMB approved courses. HYPNOSIS

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NEW DAY HYPNOTHERAPY, LLC Carol Henderson, CH. Stress, Fears, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Grief & more. 913-908-6907 NUTRITION & WELLNESS NUTRITION CONSULTANT JACKIE CALDWELL HHC, BS Jackie works with you to restore digestive health by eating a grain free diet. Contact Jackie at 913-980 -5605 MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS—Let the power of medicinal mushroom supplements, delicious coffee and tea support your healthy immune system. Anne H Biswell-Independent Alphay Distributor PETS N2PAWS—Harmony & Balance for your animal companion with TTouch, Reiki, Doga, & Essential Oils (specializing in recovery, senior, & hospice) CAMILLE PUKAY, ABCDT, Certified dog trainer-Animal Reiki and Animal Communication to help dogs move forward with their person creating a new journey of partnership. Animal Reiki Divine, LLC VK ANIMAL COMMUNICATION AND ENERGY THERAPY Understanding & relief for challenges such as new to family, relationships, trauma & behavior; references

WELLNESS The Riordan Clinic has over 40 years of experience integrating lifestyle and nutrition to help you find the underlying causes of your illness. 6300 W 143rd Street, Ste #205, Overland Park 913.745.4757 ANU AESTHETICS, located in KC North and River Market under Dr. Cristyn Watkins, offers you the ultimate experience in Wellness Medicine and Aesthetics since 2011. CONSCIOUS CONNECTING We share lifestyle tips with holistic techniques for you, your family, and your fur babies. 6907 Metcalf Ave., OP, KS 913-908-1784 YOGA Kelly Crowe, Ayurvedic Yoga and Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialist, aids women in connecting to their bodies in dynamic ways. 816-582-4583 WESTPORT YOGA KC teaches a comprehensive yoga curriculum of philosophy, pranayama, meditation and alignment-base asana. Classes held 7 days a week. 5911 Main St, Kansas City, Missouri 64113. BALANCED LIFE YOGA STUDIO & SCHOOL ( 8301 Stateline Road Suite #202 KCMO Dr. Kat Bowie, PsyD, C-IAYT, eRYT500 Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, & Autoimmune 816-812-2364.

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