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September 2015 ~ Vol.VII, Issue 7

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A Guide for Conscious Living Living Proof: Individuals Overcoming Adversity Boost Nutrient Density Calm Your “Senses” Happy with a Challenge Called Parkinson’s Disease EVOLVING…IN KANSAS CITY


September 2015



September 2015

Publisher’s Letter... Dear Friend: Years ago I wrote a syndicated column called Living Proof (also the theme this month), where I interviewed and wrote about individuals who had overcome adversity, met a challenge with grace, or used their determination and strength to illustrate what it means to be fully human. At the time, I thought these individuals and their situations were unique. Then one day I realized we are all living proof; because each of us, at various points in life, will meet with some form of tragedy, phobia, sickness, or loss. The triumph comes with how we handle these setbacks—and how we

Living Proof 13

Sally’s Secrets: How to be Happy with a Challenge Called Parkinson’s Disease

learn and grow from them. Jude LaClaire explains this well in her column this month: “I have often set out with a particular goal in mind, working hard to achieve it. When the goal is achieved, or not, as the case may be, I realize that what I have learned, and the ways in which I have grown are not even about the goal. The real lesson and inner revolution is what I have learned in the process.” I’m also learning in the process. In August, I spent two weeks on the train, traveling the South, researching articles and my eventual book, Wanderlust: A Woman’s Guide to the USA by Rail. On every trip I’ve taken so far, I’m terrified to leave the comfort of home—because my biggest fear throughout life has been thinking I couldn’t take care of myself. What I found by walking away from the safety and security of home—and stepping into the unknown—is a lesson in Faith. I’ve found that no matter what happens, I can take care of myself. And I do. It is my hope that by sharing my personal experience that I can encourage others to step outside their comfort zones—and feel the invigoration that can be life—as well. Because I believe the true power in sharing our stories is to empower others to overcome their daily struggles by seeing the strength and success of others. So thank you for sharing your living proof with us in this encouraging issue. And if you want more, visit our website to read stories from both Evolving Kansas City and Evolving Santa Fe.

Nothing Unnecessary Excerpt from Nothing Left Over 15

Braised Duroc Pork Belly Boost Nutrient Density Now

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Dr. Paul Rudy is Curator’s Professor at UMKC, and leads a variety of sound-healing and sound-facilitation practices. Lady Libertarian (November, 2014) was taken during a morning meditation. Spirit nudged me to go outside and take a photo, and the Sun showed me his radiant feminine side!” (Prints available upon request) goodsoundsgood@yahoo.com

September 2015

News & Tips

Upcoming Shamanic Apprenticeship Year-long Apprenticeship in Cross-Cultural Shamanism to be taught in Gardner, KS. Are you interested in walking a path of ancestral wisdom in the modern world? Then join in an apprenticeship program and heartfelt initiation into the healing power of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as originated by Peruvian curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada. This program aligns the traditional shamanic arts of Peru with the needs of the present day, a transformational moment of planetary and human history. This five-part weekend intensive apprenticeship will be taught by don Oscar’s sanctioned teachers Daniel Baxley and Daniel Moler. The experience will begin the weekend

of November 6 at White Deer Lodge, in Gardner KS. The five weekends will be spread throughout the year ending in September of 2016. Participants will cultivate a deeper relationship with nature and the unseen world, and receive multiple opportunities for selfexploration, empowerment, and profound personal growth. This apprenticeship series is open to all people who desire to be of service, whether they are long-time mesa carriers or new to this tradition. For more information or to register contact: Daniel Baxley, rainbowspiritstar@yahoo.com, 816-769-7343; or Daniel Moler, dmoler777@gmail.com, 913562-8792.

“Above and Beyond” with Lisette Larkins provided by the strange visitors who had PSI: Adventures in Consciousness turned her world upside down: “What we presents renowned Author/Speaker/ offer you is the opportunity for us to Spiritual Teacher Lisette Larkins love you, to mentor you home. This (www.LisetteLarkins.com) from 7way we get to be angels.” 9:30 p.m. on Fri., September 18, at In relating her incredible story, you Unity Temple on the Plaza. will learn why ET contact is the Her fifth book, Above and ultimate spiritual intervention: Beyond: The Incredible True Story ~ What is the purpose of ET contact? of Extraterrestrial Contact, will ~ How does it serve the individual initiate you on your journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your contactee and the human species, or is it actually harmful? immortal heritage and the glorious ~ What purpose do crop circles serve? adventures of eternity behind the veil. ~ Why did the ETs suggest developing Wise mysterious visitors selected Lisette the practice of manifestation? for a “wake-up call” spiritual initiation in ~ Why are there so many opinions as to 1987, which produced an understanding of how to discover what she (we) came here to whether aliens are friends or foes? Lisette has donated a limited number of do. She was a young wife and mother having paranormal experiences that only she could her books to PSI to distribute free to the audience, while they last (book signing 9 see and hear. On top of that, she was p.m.). Tickets are $20 (cash or check only), struggling with an abusive employer and a available at the door. For more information, failing marriage. visit www.psychicstudiesinstitute.org or Lisette’s only possible escape was to apply the spiritual lessons that had first been Facebook.


Simply Healthy Kids Provides The Tools For Healthy Eating A new business dedicated to educating parents about the need for better diets for healthier, active children are now available. Simply Healthy Kids TM, LLP (www.simplyhealthy-kids.com) is a web site that will teach families to eat healthy and demonstrate significant benefits in just 28 days. Their program provides written resources with specific directions on menus, recipes and shopping lists for 28 days. In that short time, Simply Healthy Kids will retrain the brains of you and your children that what is good for them also tastes good. The age range for children is 3-12 years of age but there is really no age limit. The information will nourish the child’s body and brain making for healthier and happier children.

The Founders Experience

Both women who founded Simply Healthy Kids come to the subject of nutrition from their own experiences with health problems that were mitigated by better nutrition. Lisa McCoy has four children and is a certified health coach. She was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. While she was treated with traditional medicine, her research showed that by eliminating foods that caused inflammation she healed much faster. There were other benefits as she also gained a renewed energy that had not been present in years. This inspired her to continue her self-education about holistic healing by getting certified in holistic nutrition through Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness. Her 8 year-old son Science And Diet benefited the most from her dietary There is scientific evidence that food and changes. Out went the pop-tarts, Gatorade, beverages contribute to mental alertness, sugar cereals and Lunchables. In came loads mood, sleep quality, and other mental and of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, emotional factors. Changing the diet can beans, nuts, free-range eggs and hormone help eliminate restlessness, hyperactivity and antibiotic-free meats. The change she and issues with classroom performance and saw in his behavior and overall health was interpersonal relationships. “The 28-day dramatic, and inspired her to want to share program is all about helping to empower her knowledge with other parents. your family to ditch bad habits, learn new Christy Lonergan is a recovering sugar kidfriendly recipes, and to help you to take addict who once suffered from Meniere’s control of your family's wellness,” said autoimmune disease. Through diet and founding partner Christy Lonergan. “This lifestyle changes, she no longer suffers from program is for the whole person, and will the debilitating disease and feels better than supply parents with the tools they need to ever before. She too is a certified health support their child.” coach and received her education from the All recipes from Simply Health Kids are Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New gluten-free, dairy-free, contain no refined York City and is certified by the American sugar, and are kid approved! Association of Drugless Practitioners. Based The web site has plenty of free resources out of Kansas City, Missouri, Christy assists including a blog, cooking demonstrations, clients nationwide by phone, email and and testimonials. Skype. To learn more about Simply Healthy Kids, go to: http://www.simplyhealthykids.com.


September 2015

Wisdom Within

How to Calm Your “Senses”



ost newcomers to yoga share sense the light and beauty of your heart. they wish to ease stress, lose Allow eyes to be passive with no weight, become more flexible, movement especially as you inhale. or ease back, neck/shoulder or 4.Relax the Ears hip pain. Few say they wish to overcome Observe the rhythm of your breath. Note limitations, ego, or evolve as a person. the exhale is longer than the inhale. And that’s okay. Encourage a long, smooth, silky exhale. Transformation of bad habits or Be gentle on the inhale. Then allow your learning how to manage stress requires ear canals to “implode” or move to the regular practice. An attorney shows up base of your skull. Hear the sound of your one night expecting to alleviate her stress exhale for seven cycles of breath. in an hour. “Well, this does not work!” she 5. Relax the Skin/Touch said as she grabbed her designer bag and The largest body organ is our skin. headed out the door. I felt bad for her as Imagine a line in the center of your face yoga is a powerful stress release. from hairline and move down to divide The father of yoga, the forehead in half, center of “Just as the Pantajali, calls the fifth nose, center of lips and center arm of yoga “pratyahara” tortoise withdraws of chin. Allow the skin of the or sense withdrawal. forehead to fall towards your its limbs, so when a temples. Soften the skin behind Many get stuck on this yet it’s not that hard if ears, like wax dripping person withdraws the you know what to do. toward your earlobes. Soften Once the skill is learned, his/her senses from the skin of you palms and the most find peace and calm soles of your feet. Soften your sense object, in minutes. abdomen and low back. Scholars compare wisdom becomes sense withdrawal to a Summary: It is a willed and steady.” turtle drawing its limbs focused choice to relax. This into its shell. Think of practice. Some say — Bhagavad Gita requires the shell as the mind and sleep is Pratyahara; but, it is the four legs and head as not as we lack conscious the five senses—taste, smell, sight, sound, awareness of our ability to integrate inner and touch. Stress impacts us with tension and outer worlds. A quote from the in common body areas: 1. the jaw 2. the Bhagavad Gita: “Just as the tortoise neck/shoulders 3. the abdomen 4. the withdraws its limbs, so when a person back and 5. the knees. How to unhinge? withdraws his/her senses from sense 1. Relax the Jaw and Throat object, wisdom becomes steady.” Part the teeth a bit. Sense the “root” of the tongue and let it relax thus the tongue settles to your lower palate with the tip resting behind your bottom teeth. Corners of the mouth melt toward the jawbone. Soften your throat and the skin behind the ears and the sides of the neck. Allow whole upper body to release weight like heavy stones. 2.Relax the Nose and Inhale Relax all bones and muscles of your face and bridge of nose. Watch your breath entering the nostrils left and right side. Suzette Scholtes’ non-fiction Which side is more open? Do you flare the writing won the prestigious nostrils? Ease the breath to move close to “Writers Digest” award. Her the midline of your nose. Feel your lungs passions are writing and yoga fill with the breath. As you exhale feel and she feels one needs a sense how the external air has warmed to your of humor for both. She founded body temperature at the side of your The Yoga School of Therapeutics nostrils. where she manages one of the 3.Relax the Eyes region’s prestige teacher training As you consciously close the eyes avoid programs. 10400 W. 103rd pressing the upper eyelid too tight to the Street, Overland lower eyelid. Feel as if the pupils fall away Park. www.theyogastudio.com from the eyelid. Soften all the muscles news@theyogastudio.com around your eyes. Roll the pupils 913 492-9594. downward as if the back of your eyes


Karen Harrison, Ed.S. Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Reiki Master Teacher Usui Tibetan, Karuna & Kundalini Reiki



Jay Peters M.S., D.MIN

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• MANY INSURANCE PLANS COVER • Licensed Professional Counselor • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist • Certified Hypnotherapist • Addiction Specialist • Spiritual Counseling

8700 Indian Creekway Park, Suite 220 Overland Park, KS 66210 www.drjaypeters.com


September 2015


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Journey to Wholeness

Inch by Inch


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eading my friend Andrea’s newsletter from Be Love Too Farm, I am reminded of the words of the Garden Song by David Mallett popularized by Peter, Paul and Mary. “Inch by inch, row by row, I’m gonna make my garden grow… Pullin’ weeds and pickin’ stones, we are made of dreams and bones I feel the need to grow my own ’cause the time is close at hand.” She was explaining in detail “The Life of an Onion” from a small onion plant to your table. The process is very labor intensive with many, many hours of work. She and her husband, Steve, began organic farming about four years ago with their dream, lots of enthusiasm, and very few agricultural skills. Through trial and error, much learning and hours of work, they are succeeding. You can find the produce they and other local organic farmers grow at the Bad Seed Market on Friday afternoons. It seems that every great achievement, breakthrough, or transformative experience is preceded by hard work, frustration, disappointment, and persistence. I am reminded of Aristotle's thought, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” The key word here is ‘habit.’ When Isaac Newton was asked how he had managed to discover the physical laws of the universe, he answered, “By thinking about it day and night.” Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, motion picture camera and the phonograph had 1,093 patents on his many other inventions. In regard to the invention of the light bulb, he said “I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work.” Shortly after that and with 10,000 attempts, he invented the light bulb. He said “Genius is 99 percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.” Trying, failing and trying again are the ingredients of transformation. This is a process that occurs as we face the difficult reality of life that failure is inevitable but not lethal. Robert F. Kennedy said it well: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.” If you look at your life, you will see the patterns of failure and success, falling down and getting up, learning from hard


September 2015

knocks and blows to the ego. Our first lessons in life usually come as we learn to walk; falling as we go. That sets the theme for the lessons to come. We often look at people’s achievements and envy their success often without knowing what it may have taken for each individual to get where they are. With all this said, we all know how hard it is to persist, to never give up, to try again when we are discouraged by failure. This is the transformative revolution from the inside out. I have often set out with a particular goal in mind, working hard to achieve it. When the goal is achieved, or not, as the case may be, I realize that what I have learned, and the ways in which I have grown are not even about the goal. The real lesson and inner revolution is what I have learned in the process. I encourage my friends Andrea, Steve and baby Abigale to continue this great undertaking, one onion and sweet potato at a time, realizing their dreams inch by inch and row by row. You can be an example for all of us as we work on our own personal gardens of transformation. What are you learning as you build the habits of persistence, working through that difficult relationship, the challenging job situation, the health challenge or the financial problem? I wish you the habit of never giving up, trying and failing and, while you do that, achieving a great inner transformation.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC, is a counselor, educator and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements or information on Neurobehavioral Programs or Imago Couple therapy call 913322-5622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre go to www.kcholistic.com jude@kcholistic.com.

Holistic Health

Estrogen Dominance: It’s probably not what you think! BY DR, NANCY RUSSELL


n our society, estrogen dominance is very common due to diet, lack of exercise, xenoestrogens, and stress. When a woman has an overload of estrogen in her system, other hormones are likely out of balance. Typical symptoms include breast tenderness, painful or irregular menstrual periods, uterine fibroids, weight gain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, breast cancer, fuzzy thinking, anger and irritability issues, and premenstrual syndrome. A healthy woman’s body maintains appropriate ratios of estrogens, progesterone and testosterone throughout her lifetime. A complex set of feedback loops determines how much or little of each hormone is being made at any one time. This ongoing communication takes place between the brain, the ovaries, and the adrenal glands, acting in concert with all the other body systems. Diet and lifestyle have a tremendous effect on this balance of hormones which cascades into affecting not only the female hormones, but the nervous system and immune system. This system is also known as the neuro-endocrine-immune system. Negative thoughts, processed foods, lack of exercise, and excess fat on our bodies can upset the delicate hormone balance in the body. Genetics sets the stage for how well you keep your hormones in balance; however, lifestyle pulls the trigger on the intensity of the disruptions. Xenoestrogens, from our environment disrupt hormone metabolism and balance as they cause excess estrogen to accumulate in the fat cells of the body. These xenoestrogens include pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics and hormone residues in our food supply as well as air pollutants, chemicals in cosmetic products, laundry products, food dyes, and unfiltered water. The human ovary releases hormones in a cyclic manner, which is referred to as the menstrual cycle. The three phases of this cycle are follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. Estradiol (the main estrogen) and progesterone (the main progestin) have normal values for each phase. These levels can be evaluated with a Female Hormone Panel which measures hormone levels in the saliva. This month-long saliva test measures the hormone levels 11 times during the menstrual cycle. The levels measured are estradiol, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone. This valuable test will assess whether estrogen dominance is present and if other hormones are out of balance. For example, are your estrogen levels holding steady in perimenopause, while your progesterone levels are plummeting? Or, have your estrogen and testosterone levels been well above normal range, while progesterone has always been low? Or, are you adding extra estrogen unknowingly through certain diet and lifestyle choices? No matter what your age or individual levels of hormones, there are ways to give your body the natural support it needs to build better hormonal balance and optimal health. For most women, an integrative, holistic approach achieves positive results. Resolving estrogen dominance takes time and effort yet can be achieved over time. Lifestyle is a critical factor in the production and storage of estrogen. Hormonal balance is your body’s normal state when you feel and look your best. To enjoy the benefits of balanced hormones, start to make positive changes today.

Follow these steps to achieve more optimal hormone balance: • Limit exposure to xenoestrogens. Choose organic foods when possible and wash your produce. Select animal foods that were raised without hormones and harmful chemicals. Avoid plastics for heating or storing food, and limit body care and cleaning products to allnatural ingredients. • Eat a plant-based diet. Eating plenty of vegetables provides fiber, which feeds the beneficial flora in your intestines, which help metabolize hormones properly and phytoestrogens which can protect your body from the damaging xenoestrogens. Foods to avoid are refined flours, sugars, partially hydrogenated and trans fats, and artificial ingredients. • Restore balance with supplements. Nutrients such as B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids work as molecular messengers to help increase the body’s ability to balance its hormone ratios. Female herbal support with black cohosh, chasteberry, and adrenal support can also be beneficial. Occasionally, adding over-thecounter or prescription natural progesterone is necessary for optimal balance. • Last, yet certainly not least, is to manage stress levels. Under stress, high levels of adrenaline and cortisol, the stress hormones, can alter the feedback loops that regulate sex hormones.

Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.



September 2015

In the Kitchen with Bonnie

Braised Duroc Pork Belly BY BONNIE RABICOFF


he Duroc is an American breed of hog dating back to the 1830s. The Duroc hog is best known for displaying great marbling, rich color, high moisture content and an exceptional taste. The particular cut for this dish is pork belly, which is most commonly cured and smoked for bacon. Bonnie Rabicoff is the producer and host of the multi-media foodie series “In the Kitchen with Bonnie.” She has served as the Vice President of Development for KCPT Public Television and the Marketing Director of The Barstow School where she founded and coordinated “The Barstow School Organic Farmers’ Market and Chef Series.” www.inthekitchenwithbonnie.com

Braised Duroc Pork Belly, Oven-Roasted Cauliflower and Fingerling Potatoes Prepared by James Beard Award-Winning Chef, Debbie Gold, "In the Kitchen with Bonnie"

For the Pork

For the Cauliflower

Ingredients: 1–2 pound piece fresh pork belly, skin removed 3 onions, chopped 1 head garlic, (sliced lengthwise) 3 celery stalks, chopped 1 sprig fresh thyme 1 sprig fresh parsley 1 sprig fresh rosemary ½ tbsp black peppercorns 2 whole cloves 1 quart chicken stock Directions: Preheat oven to 300 F. Heat a deep baking dish or dutch oven over high heat. Season pork with salt and pepper. Add 1 tablespoon cooking oil to pan. Sear pork on each side until caramelized, about 4-5 minutes. Remove pork from pan and add vegetables. Saute for 4-5 minutes until vegetables begin to collar. Add herbs and spices. Put pork on top of the vegetables. Add enough stock to the pork so that it reaches just before covering the meat. Bring the mixture to a simmer over medium high heat. Place pan in the oven covered. Cook until the pork is tender, about 3 hours. Remove from oven and let cool. Once cool, cut the pork into 2-3 inch squares. Heat a medium sauté pan over medium heat. Add the pork, turn the heat down to medium low and slowly caramelize the pork on both sides.

Ingredients: 1 (2-pound) head cauliflower 1 small onion, chopped 1 head garlic, (sliced lengthwise) 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 sprig fresh rosemary 1 sprig fresh thyme Directions: Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 400°F. Lightly oil a 9-inch pie plate or square baking dish. Place chopped vegetables, and herbs on bottom of the pan and put cauliflower head in pan. Drizzle with olive oil over top of cauliflower and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake until tender, 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Baste the cauliflower every 10-15 minutes. 30 minutes before cauliflower is finished, add about ½ cup of water and cover with aluminum foil

For the Fingerling Potatoes Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds fingerling potatoes, (scrubbed and dried) 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 sprig fresh rosemary Kosher salt Freshly ground pepper Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. and heat a large sauté pan. Add olive oil. Let heat for a moment. Add potatoes and sauté on top of stove for 4-5 minutes. Add rosemary and season with salt and pepper. Place pan in oven and cook potatoes for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through.

. . . e v l o v X Into something beautiful. www.EvolvingMagazine.com Read current articles from both Kansas City and Santa Fe publications, check out the Holistic Online Directory, and more! EVOLVING…IN KANSAS CITY


September 2015

Food First

Boost Nutrient Density Now BY DR, BETHANY KLUG


ast month I wrote about a new frontier in organic agriculture: nutrient density. You don’t have to wait on the farmers, though. You can boost your nutrient density right now, thanks to the wider availability of cold-pressed juice in Kansas City. If you have been enjoying fresh juice at your local coffee or tea shop, you have not been drinking cold-pressed juice. Most local coffee and tea shops use the Nutrifaster juicer. It’s a centrifugal or “basket” juicer. The perforated basket spins while a blade at its base grinds the vegetables or fruit into pulp. The juice flies out through the perforations and is collected into a pitcher. This juice is best enjoyed immediately. Spinning adds air and heat which quickly oxidizes the juice and degrades the nutrients quickly. Centrifugation is the least efficient juicing method. Most of the nutrients are left behind in the moist pulp. Enter Steve Spangler and Simple Science Juices, the first cold-pressed juice shop in Kansas City. So why make a trip to 8125 Floyd in Overland Park or order online at simplesciencejuices.com for juice? Unsurpassed nutrient density. The fruit and vegetables are ground into pulp via a process that adds minimal air and heat. The pulp is then wrapped in a filter cloth and pressed at 2500 pounds of pressure. I suspect the cell walls are broken at this pressure filling the juice with nutrients and enzymes that other juicers can’t. The pulp is bone dry. Compared to a “basket” juicer, coldpressed juice has three to 20 times more minerals and maintains its nutrient density for up to 96 hours. Beware of cold-pressed juice sold at grocery stores! This juice may be coldpressed, but it isn’t fresh. Check the expiration date. It should be no more than four days out, yet you’ll find many that expire up to 45 days out. What gives? Many companies preserve their coldpressed juice with high pressure Pascalization or HPP. The process kills microorganisms while retaining the nutrients, flavor or texture of the product. However, there is concern that beneficial enzymes are altered by the process. “A carrot’s nutritional content will be very similar before and after treatment,” says Professor V.M. Balasubramaniam of the Food Science

and Technology Department at Ohio State University, “but if you look at it microscopically, there may be changes in the cell structures.” Enzymes are cellular structures that are easily altered by heat and pressure. Yet, the enzymes in fresh food are essential for its digestion and assimilation. Additionally, the process does not distinguish between pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms. They are all killed. The taste of certain vegetables, especially dark leafy greens, is altered after HPP, which likely means HPP is altering the phytochemicals that give vegetables their health promoting effects. HPP makes the juice more acidic reducing it’s ability to promote detoxification and repair. Never use HPP juice for a fast. It defeats the process. Makers aren’t require to put HPP on the label. The only way to know is to look at the expiration date. You can make cold-pressed juice at home, too. Hubby and I have owned a Norwalk Juicer, norwalkjuicer.com, for some years now and enjoy freshly coldpressed juice daily. It has become part of feeling balanced for me. I don’t feel quite right and may even experience cravings if I skip a day. It’s wonderful to start the day with the natural steady energy and clarity that comes from nutrition instead of the fake energy burst and subsequent crash that comes from caffeine.

EVOLVING GRATITUDE TO OUR ADVERTISERS FOR SO MANY YEARS OF SUPPORT! Daniel Baxley Core Star Energy Healing Karen Harrison Kelly Murphy Dr. Jay Peters Dr. Nancy Russell Unity Village Tom Jacobs KC Metaphysical Psychical Research Society Wellspring School of Allied Health Aquarius Holos University Psychic Studies Institute Gretchen Robinson Alex Jackson Sharon McGloin

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years years years years years years years years years years years years years years years years years

Skin. Credible. Psoriasis. Eczema. Rosacea. Acne. Wrinkling. Scars. Allergies. Sensitive. Ashy. Dry. Rashes. Burns. 100% Natural, Organic, Skin Care. Made by Hand, With Love in KCMO.


Great classes to support your health and well-being continue at HealthSpan, the holistic medicine practice of Dr. Bethany Klug. Learn more at www.HealthSpanKC.com.



September 2015



September 2015



September 2015


Living Proof


“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~Dalai Lama


ife in the outer world appeared to be picture perfect. I was married, had a beautiful daughter, all the money I needed, great friends, a loving family and a beautiful home. I was also worn out, unhappy, resentful, depressed, lacking self-confidence and self-esteem. I no longer had the energy to pretend I was living the life of my dreams. My inner world was starving for connection, joy, freedom and confidence. I chose to confront my life exactly as it was and I told my truth. I was no longer willing to pretend it was okay to do what others needed and wanted me to do to make them happy. I got involved with personal development workshops. I discovered I was not alone. I learned that while I couldn’t control every life situation, nor the people in them, I still had choices. I revealed several blind spots that were keeping me stuck. I had given up my authentic voice in exchange for the approval of others and the need to belong. I felt peace in the knowing that it didn’t have to be this way. I learned about effective communication, authenticity, factoring my longings into the equation and having a plan to reach a desired outcome. I set out on a mission to reinvent myself, my relationships and my life. Happiness emerged the moment I took responsibility and started taking action. “We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome.” ~Robert C. Allen Armed with a renewed sense of self, I expected the journey to be steadily moving forward in alignment with the life I envisioned. It was a brief high. The stark

reality of not having many marketable skills or substantial work experience brought up issues that I had never faced before. Suddenly I was single, alone, working for minimum wage and living in low income housing. My teenage daughter was out of control and my friends and family had their own situations to manage. It was a very dark place even though I was the one that designed the interruption in my fairytale life. Many nights of either crying or drinking myself to sleep, I felt defeated, scattered, afraid, broken and unclear about what to do next. In a matter of months I had traded one nightmare for another. “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~Gail Devers Nowhere else to turn, I continued to dive into personal growth workshops, books and groups. I had a hunger for anything that could offer me ideas, suggestions and education about how to turn things around. Those teachings spoke of acceptance, reinventing interpretations of situations, clarity of vision, creating a plan of action and following through on my commitments to myself. I had to put myself first. I created vision boards, set goals, learned marketable skills and did the best I could at any given time. Over the next fifteen years there were more career changes, short term relationships and several moves that created the constant need to reinvent myself. It seemed as though change was constant and I was getting a lot of practice with my new tools and resources. My health and finances were screaming for my attention. I was then

“We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome.” ~Robert C. Allen


diagnosed with Hepatitis C and back then, all available treatment was in the research and development stage. My insurance plan did not cover experimental drugs. I had just moved into a new house with a huge mortgage. Prior to the diagnosis, it was an affordable investment. The out of pocket financial burden took its toll. My friends rallied and donated to my medical expenses however it wasn’t enough to cover the year-long treatment plan. I missed a lot of work and in the end, I had to sell my house. The good news was, my body did respond to the treatments and no visible sustained activity was present. The bad news was I had accumulated enormous debt. A bright spot in the process was that soon after my treatments were complete I became engaged. In preparation for the marriage and move out of state, I gave notice at work, got rid of my furniture and sold my car. The plan was unfolding. I had secured a job and had another car waiting for me. Joy came to a screeching halt when my fiancee’ called off our wedding. That was one of the lowest points in my life. In my numbness, I picked myself up and started over. “A new way of thinking has become the necessary condition for responsible living and acting. If we maintain obsolete values and beliefs, a fragmented consciousness and self-centered spirit, we will continue to hold onto outdated goals and behaviors.” ~Dalai Lama In 2005, additional personal and business loss with Hurricanes Katrina and


September 2015

Rita. The hits kept coming yet I met each situation with acceptance and self-trust. I had developed a connection so deep with my inner truth that I no longer feared what would come next. I learned whether change comes into my life as imposed or designed, I am still at choice with how I respond to it. Today I am happy, healthy, successful, engaged and deeply connected to myself and others. I have everything I need within me to turn any situation around. “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama I am living proof that you have the power to reinvent yourself moment by moment to create a life you love regardless of your life situations.

Denise empowers and inspires people to reclaim their authenticity, wholeness and potential moment by moment. Her motto is, “You Have Everything You Need to Handle Whatever Comes Up”. Learn more about Denise and her work at www.empoweringpotential.com or call (985) 860-8861.


Sally’s Secrets: How to be Happy with a Challenge Called Parkinson’s Disease


The symptoms are unique to each person. Sally has avoided some common symptoms such as imbalance, anxiety and depression, loss of memory, and/or hallucinations or use of a cane or wheel chair. “I’m blessed all my life with a disposition to look at things on the bright side,” Sally said. “I’m drawn to the light like a bird to a garden.” Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease has poured over 14 million dollars into research since 2000 yet scientists do not know the cause yet. Diagnosis most often occurs around age 60 with only as few as 7% suffering early onset such as Fox when he was diagnosed at age 30 in 1991. As many as one million Americans live with PD, (Parkinson’s Foundation 2015 website) which is more than the combined number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Statistics claim approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with PD each year and a 1000’s of cases remain undetected. Worldwide, the number climbs to 10 million. “Of course my original diagnosis in 1995 was a blow.” Sally said. “I didn’t want my family feeling sorry for me so I got busy.” At that time two of her teenagers were living at home and the two older ones were in college. “They were frightened for me. I didn’t want them to worry or feel sad for me.” Sally always enjoyed a healthy diet. “I just ate what I knew was good for me for both of my health and my Sally Sweeney doing the waterfall pose to ease fatigue, depression, and liking,” she quiet the brain.

ally Sweeney glazes a ham for her evening company. She moves as graceful as a dancer in the kitchen she designed. She shows me the honey-comb spice holder where one may read the label face up of every spice and herb. “I love this glaze,” she said. She paints on the ginger ale, clove, and mustard glaze as aromas of sweet and salty fill the room. It’s late on a Friday afternoon as we begin our interview on how she has managed Parkinson’s disease for 20 years. “TGIF!” she announced. “Let’s split a bottle of beer, shall we?” “I don’t know why I drink this premium beer!” Sally said. “PD weakened my taste buds.” I sip my micro brew with its tangy flavor as she laughs at her own joke. “My guests and family enjoy it and that makes me happy.” This degenerative disease that affects Sally and the famous actor Michael J. Fox results from the death of neurons in the brain that produce dopamine. Insufficient amounts of this neurotransmitter may create challenges with balance, breathing, movement, speaking and the shakes made known by PD, both internal and external.


said. She walked daily. She found acupuncture, massage therapy, joined the PD support group. She founded her own business designing kitchens and baths. “I was no longer willing to wait in a show room for customers to find me,” she said. “So I found them.” Her business flourished. “I am afraid of depression,” she shared, “So I do not allow myself to get too low. I think of all the things in my life which are so great and gratitude lifts me up. I’ll think of something I enjoy doing, even a Sudoku puzzle or I draw a picture. I keep my mind focused.” In 2006, Sally joined Kansas University’s first study on yoga’s effect upon Parkinson’s disease. She underwent physical exams, including blood samples, required for the study. “Yoga was my winning ticket!” Sally said. “My symptoms minimized as I enjoyed two classes a week. The Yoga School of Therapeutics teamed up with KU Med to lead yoga designed to ease symptoms. Participants practiced balance poses along with techniques to induce parasympathetic state (non flight or fight) claimed to help the brain release dopamine. The published study revealed that participants improved range of motion, strength, posture, gait, balance, depression and quality of life scales, and pulmonary function tests as well as improvement in vital signs and serum immune markers. Down-to-earth Sally and her husband, Mike, built their lake house in Bonner Springs, Ks. just after her diagnosis. All halls and doors were built wide enough to meet handicap code. This home is on the market. They recently moved to a new home in order to be closer to the children and shorter drives for Sally’s weekly routines. Sally sits tall in her red wing chair, chest lifted and shoulders square. Her figure is sleek. Her eyes sparkle. Her gait has slowed on her daily walks, yet she cooks, she cleans, she draws, and she spends time with her grandchildren. Her face glows with that patina of someone who is alive and vibrant.

BY SUZETTE SCHOLTES Sally hands me an article from WEB MD. I read a quote from Angus Nairin, PhD, a researcher at Yale University who writes “We are getting closer to understanding PD. Our aim is to discover biomarkers to identify the illness earlier and find out how stem cells may be taught to be dopamine producing. Clinical trials are underway now for methods to slow or stop PD.” “We must never lose hope,” Sally said in a strong voice.” I believe I can do anything I want at my own pace.” Sally shared her secrets. 1. Believe you can find a way. 2. Never give up. 3. Learn meditation and yoga to foster strength and courage. 4. Recognize your limitations but do not allow them to define you. 5. Avoid arguing with the universe. 6. Accept what cannot be changed. 7. Each day seek peace. “You know, Sally said, quoting Abraham Lincoln’s famous line, “Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” “This is my life. It is the only life I have. For me, this means worry or fear are a waste of my time. Now, how about a taste of my yummy ham?” She smiled as we made our way back to the kitchen.

“We must never lose hope,” Sally said in a strong voice.” I believe I can do anything I want at my own pace.”


September 2015

Suzette Scholtes’ non-fiction writing won the prestigious “Writers Digest” award. Her passions are writing and yoga and she feels one needs a sense of humor for both. She founded The Yoga School of Therapeutics where she manages one of the region’s prestige teacher training programs. 10400 W. 103rd Street, Overland Park. www.theyogastudio.com news@theyogastudio.com 913 492-9594.


Nothing Unnecessary Excerpt from Nothing Left Over by Toinette Lippe


ome years ago I was invited to attend a conference on inner science at which His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama spoke. I listened to him elucidating Buddhist dialectics for three days and was for the most part unable to understand the content or direction of his argument; however, I soon became aware that his actual teaching—at least for me—was going on at another level. I noticed that whatever he did or said, he did with his whole being—whether it was laughing, talking, or just resting. Part of him was not doing something else. He was completely concentrated in the moment, and the power of his unsplintered attention was electrifying. Not only was all his attention given to whatever he chose, but mine was also. Since he was not distracted, neither was I. I left the conference in some amazement, never before (or since) having met anyone who appeared able to focus in this way. This teaching was a tremendous gift. Nowadays people tend to look for distraction, any distraction that will take their mind off whatever they don’ t want to think about. This tends to take the form of “entertainment.” People will do almost anything in order to avoid being where they are, doing whatever it is that needs to be done. Sometimes they are seduced (by themselves) into thinking that whatever anyone else is doing is bound to be more interesting than what they are doing. This assumes many guises, but all of them make us restless and discontent, unable to settle down to what we really need to do, and usually unable to enjoy it. There is one small rule that can be of enormous benefit to us, not only when we are engaged in work but also throughout our lives, and it is this: Do and say nothing unnecessary. In order to observe this rule, we need to remain in the present or we will not be able to tell if something is necessary, so right from the start it can be seen that this is a useful thing to do. This maxim also implies that we will do whatever is necessary to accomplish the task at hand, while giving up what is not germane. One of the places where it is important to recognize what is necessary and what isn’t is in our own homes. I remember reading a proposal for a book about this many, many years ago. It suggested that you sit down and make a list of the things that you actually do at home most of the time and then plan your furniture and its arrangement around them. It pointed out that many people buy a threepiece suite simply because they believe it is

the thing to do. But how many people actually sit on a sofa at any given time? Usually one. People feel a little crowded if they have to share a sofa with someone else. So in my living room I have two small love seats rather than one big sofa. Love seats are more intimate and more practical. I like to put my legs up when I read, so I have love seats with firm, straight backs to support me, and when I have guests, I encourage them to take their shoes off and put their legs up just the way I do. What each person needs in a particular room of the house will differ, but the trick is not to take into that room anything that isn’ t really necessary. “Necessary” will, of course, include beautiful things and not just useful ones, but the fewer of (each of) these there are, the better. Avoid clutter of all kinds. All this talk of what is unnecessary raises the question: What is necessary? A very big question. I once gave a talk to the twelfth grade of my son’s school, and the teacher who introduced me asked how I would describe the kind of books I published. “Necessary books,” I replied. “ I have to believe that the world really needs a book before I will take it on.” This caused him to ask me to write an essay for the school magazine on “ What Constitutes a Necessary Book?” At the time (1985), I consulted my dictionary and discovered that necessary was defined as “needed for the continuing existence or functioning of something; essential; indispensable,” and to those definitions I added “useful; a tool.” On reflection, I realized that what I try to do is supply readers with something vital to body, mind, or heart, and what I see as my function is to supply this something in its most appropriate form to all those who really need it. When someone picks up a book, the title and subtitle, the color and design of the jacket, the copy on the flaps, the choice of typeface and interior design, the paper, and the binding should all inform the prospective reader of the writer’ s intent. I believe that the physical aspect of each book should be a reflection of everything that is within it. Because I am writing this in 2001, I must add one more thing: In publishing during the 1980s all you had to do was produce the book and float it out into the bookstores where it would find a ready audience. Now that so many more books are published each year by companies large and small and even by individuals, it is no longer enough to manufacture books; you also have to find a way of bringing them to the attention of


customers, which is a much more difficult proposition. But if you cannot do this, your books will have no chance in the marketplace, and all your effort will have been for naught. The principle behind all this is not to waste precious energy where it is not needed. We do tend to fritter it away if we are not aware of what we are doing. Sometimes this takes the form of a nervous tapping of the foot or drumming of the fingers. I notice that television cameras often focus on people’s hands and what they are doing while they are making speeches or testifying, so I am not the only person who has spotted this. I catch myself walking down the street with my hands clasped in front of me. Usually I am walking in order to get some exercise, and the best way to achieve this is not to restrict the body in any way. Let the arms swing. I don’ t know how I started this unfortunate habit, which creates tension rather than relaxation and has the opposite effect from the one I am hoping for, but perhaps by keeping an eye on it now, I will be able to let go enough to just walk and not clutch. There is one thing I must record here because it was the impetus for this book: When Joel suggested that I write this book, I asked him what would be in it, and he said, “ Well, when you go to make yourself a cup of tea, you just boil one cup of water.” “Doesn’ t everyone?” I responded. “Of course not,” he said. “ Well, then, they are wasting not only water but time and energy too.” He smiled and nodded. Since then I have spoken to quite a few people about this. It turns out that I am not the only person who fills the kettle with exactly the amount of water I need, but there are enough people who have never even given it a thought for me to tuck


September 2015

this advice into the book. Small note: It’ s not that I measure the water in the kettle exactly, but from years of experience I know how heavy the kettle feels when it has enough water in it for one person. Asking yourself what is truly necessary can make an enormous difference in your life. Ask it in all kinds of circumstances— when you are tempted to criticize or gossip but also when whoever you are with is silently crying out for something and you are not noticing it because you are filled with your own thoughts.

Born in London, Toinette Lippe had a long and distinguished career at Alfred A. Knopf. In 1989 she founded Bell Tower, where she published seventy books that nourished the soul, illuminated the mind, and spoke directly to the heart. Her second book, Caught in the Act: Reflections on Being, Knowing, and Doing was published in 2004. After fifty years in publishing Toinette abandoned editorial work and devotes herself to East Asian brush painting, which she taught at the Educational Alliance for four years and now teaches on the Upper West Side of New York City. See toinettelippe.com.

Spiritual Horoscope

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Saturn into Sagittarius strengthens decision-making! You’ll feel clear and able to set goals and prioritize actions. Please meditate to let go of old disappointments and anger (usually unexpressed and buried). These feelings created negative beliefs that sabotage progress and happiness. Forgiving and letting them go frees you for success and joy!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

September 2015 Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Happy birthday Virgo! Energetic Mars moves into your sign, giving courage and optimism to take empowering actions. Meditation gives breakthrough ideas that help with longstanding family or childhood issues.You’ll intuitively know what to do to heal. Relationships improve since you’re in the present and have released past baggage. Enjoy feeling happy!

Intuition and inner guidance is incredible this month, so meditate each day to strengthen that inner connection! Mercury retrograde and the total eclipse give you insight into health issues, work challenges and ways you sabotage financial stability or interpersonal relationships. You’ll be relieved to have these clues. Life gets better fast as you apply the spiritual guidance you receive!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Saturn enters your sign for a two and a half year stay. You’ll be able to get focused on important life goals. You’ll be able to make commitments that galvanize change in your life! (It’s hard for the Universe to give you what you want when you keep waffling!) This month you can have an exciting promotion or begin a new project. Relationships are smoother if you meditate together (or even if only you do!)

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) As Pluto moves direct in your sign, you’re able to get off your own case! The internalized pressure you often feels changes from pessimism to empowered optimism. You’ll have exciting work opportunities that you had given up on. You’ll also feel spiritually ignited, so begin yoga classes or a meditation practice. Your intuition strengthens and increases your sense of safety and belonging!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Aquarius represents the tension between being an individual and being intimate. This month you’ll notice this in sexual relationships or attitudes. Meditate on


fears of blending with a partner, of needing someone, and of potential rejection. (Yikes!) This inner work takes stress off current connections, and opens the door to new ones if single. As your heart opens, you’ll also attract new friends and activities that are meaningful and fun!

snarky self-deprecating humor. Throw out those negative thoughts, because they are not funny! You’re awesome and deserve love!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Your career is beginning a 30 year highpoint! In order to receive all you deserve, meditate on old fears and perceived limitations from childhood — and also from over the past 15 years. Have your spouse or a trusted friend give you “reality checks” about the uselessness of those icky beliefs! You’ve worked hard to get to this point, so open up to the acclaim and financial rewards!

You take care of everyone, but often not yourself! Saturn changes signs for a nearly three year stay in Sagittarius, asking you to prioritize your needs and become sacred to yourself. You’ll build physical and spiritual power by eating well, sleeping enough and following through with stress reduction (meditation, yoga, affirmations). People will benefit much more from your support — plus, you’ll discern if they’re ready for help, and how exact to lend a hand. You’ll have more joy in your marriage, or start a new bond if single!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

The lunar eclipse late this month gives the courage to start an exciting business, a new relationship, or both! If partnered, your bond will deepen and you’ll feel like you’re learning new things about each other. You’re so intuitive, but it is random. Make your guidance steady by meditating each day. See it as a business conference with a wise mentor. You’ll be unstoppable if you listen and take the mentor’s advise!

Meditation gives deep guidance this month, with the eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Wise inner guidance comes through and shows you how to create more joy, better bonds with kids and how to rekindle sexiness in long-term relationships. You’ll see the blocks happiness and remove them! Healthwise check out elimination diets and to find a cause of low energy so you can boot that substance out too!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Saturn changes signs bringing you lessons about financial, emotional and sexual intimacy. You’ll learn how to bond deeper by releasing past experiences of betrayal. Mediation and forgiveness opens you to new joy — and also to radiant health! Even food addictions fall away as you dig up and release old anger. Make a spiritual commitment, like weekly yoga, or attending a church/ temple to remain centered and feel connected to the Universe!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Relationships deepen and you can make a commitment to someone! Let go of fear by writing about past hurts, whether relationship or family, so you’re open to the present! Mercury is retrograde, so don’t creating distance by fighting about trivial misunderstandings. Also, watch


September 2015

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


Train Travel: A Leisurely Pace BY JILL DUTTON


watch a woman entertained by her tablet ife on the train is sleepy; it’s a casual pace that as she researches her destination. A allows for reflection and connection to others. couple across the aisle recline in their This unrushed pace provides a luxury I rarely chairs and doze in the sunshine. enjoy—my biggest choice being whether I lay Others gaze out curled in my seat, gazing out the window and I the window, or go to the wonder, watching observation car and meet them, what they other travelers. I enjoy both are thinking. I options, but for hours I imagine each choose to be alone with the passenger gaining scenery. For a precious People enjoying company and a meal in the dining car. insight, warmth, amount of time, I’m not each other privacy during not-so-private times and to be creativity, and even peace from thinking about where I’m comfortable amidst an un-chosen community. Each of us the passing view. going, but where I am. Here. are from different backgrounds, locations, and Then after a sleepy period, Now. breaking from the hypnotic gaze viewpoints; but on the train, these differences, this I doze. I watch. I feel diversity, is what makes us each so fascinating–and our of the view, people begin to calm, a nothingness that I differences become cause for celebration rather than speak. It’s easier to talk to don’t allow myself often while people on the train. Perhaps it’s fear. at home. The gentle rocking the close quarters, the feeling of lulls me and I doze again. having something in common, or Sitting in the Scenery in West Virginia. maybe it’s just the slow pace that observation car–passing the allows humans to stop, notice day as the miles roll along– each other, and connect. Unlike air travel that can feel the light from the windows warms and invigorates, like scary, rushed, and leave you tired and violated, rail travel traveling in a rolling sun room. The view from the train is the epitome of a leisurely pace. No rush. No hurry. takes me back to my childhood where I would stack There is friendliness, an openness you don’t usually pillows in the back seat on long car rides and settle in to find anywhere else. Cities, buses, shopping malls: in watch the scenery pass by. While we sit together, yet separate in the observation these places we are separate, on guard, and do not make eye contact, let alone connect. How embarrassing to start car, the landscape isn’t the only interesting scenery. I asking private questions of a total stranger! But on the train it is different. We are a unique tribe, sometimes our only similarity being the spirit of adventure we all share. You think of yesteryear’s hobos riding the rails and can feel The view entering New Orleans. that same excitement but without the dangers. Instead, you feel the rush of adventure, but are soothed by the frills of sleeper cabins, warm sunlight, and the nicety of a dining car. Train people love to share their stories: Where are you from? Where are you going? While everyone is friendly and quick to say hello and start a conversation, they’re also comfortable coexisting, separately yet together– Jill Dutton is publisher of Evolving magazine. not always an easy task. Humans She is traveling via Amtrak writing feature articles like their space, their anonymity, and an eventual book, Wanderlust: A Woman’s their privacy during, well, private Guide to the USA by Rail. Follow Jill’s travels at acts like sleeping. Yet, somehow, www.jilldutton.wordpress.com. on the train, it is natural to allow People in the train observation car, watching the scenery pass.



September 2015

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September 2015

Leavenworth Yoga CoCo-op Join us at Leavenworth's only yoga studio. Daily yoga classes, massage therapy, and Tai Chi. 913-933-9595 ~ www.LvnYogaCoop.com

Events SEPTEMBER 1 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Begin shi ing your energy around money, freeing you to be more purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian Faulkner, Money Coach and Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 Core Star Energy Healing School, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS SEPTEMBER 3 OPEN MIC NIGHT 5-9 p.m. every first Thursday. Share your talents with a warm, accep5ng audience. Beer and wine available. Unity Village Bookstore and Coffee Shop. unityvillage.org/bookstore SEPTEMBER 8 CONNECTING THE DOTS: CHOICES, DECISIONS & OUTCOMES Join Sharon McGloin and Denise Mills as we focus on ways to make the healthiest choices in all areas of our lives, 6-9 p.m. (networking @ 5:30) in OP. Only $49; save 20% w/2 or more workshops: www.igniteyourlifekc.com. SEPTEMBER 8 PREMIERE 'LADIES NIGHT OUT' HAPPY HOUR 5 p.m., loca5on TBD. Pick up a beau5ful piece of jewelry! Nancy Oglesby will have a drink or app coupon for each aDendee. RSVP: nancy@healthworkskc.com.

SEPTEMBER 10 CPR & FIRST AID WellSpring School of Allied Health. $136. Register: Jaclyn Sherrer at 816-523-9140 ,ext 111. hDp:// wellspring.edu/programs/ con5nuing-educa5on. SEPTEMBER 12 FIBROMYALGIA COALITION RUN/ WALK 8 a.m. Registra5on ends September 5: www.fibrocoali5on.org, click on events. Visit Nancy Oglesby’s Juice Plus+ booth for a chance to win a great gi bag! SEPTEMBER 12-13 SHAMANIC DANCE OF TRANSFORMATION Join with the forces of the new moon and solar eclipse, using sacred dance to release, receive, reboot and restore! Learn more & register w/Stephanie Red Feather: www.redfeatherconnec5ons.com, 913-515-3271. SEPTEMBER 14-16 INNER COUNSELOR – ANN NUNLEY, MFA, PHD CEUs available: Three-Day Workshop by Holos University (www.HolosUniversity.org), Unity Village. Transform coping paDerns, fears, beliefs and judgments that inhibit your crea5ve poten5al. $150: 1-888-272-6109. Info: www.InnerCounselor.com.


SEPTEMBER 14-16 HEART CENTERED MEDITATION – CHRISTINE BAIR, RN, PHD, THD CEUs available: Three-Day Workshop by Holos University (www.HolosUniversity.org), Unity Village, MO. Open your heart, create balance and enhance spiritual consciousness. $150: 1-888 -272-6109. SEPTEMBER 14-16 HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE APPLICATIONS – SHAFFIA LAUE, MD & RALPH BAUER, THM CEUs available: Three-Day Workshop by Holos University (www.HolosUniversity.org), Unity Village, MO. Medical perspec5ves are considered as they relate to wholeness and spirituality. $150: 1888-272-6109. SEPTEMBER 15 ABWA—KANSAS CITY EXPRESS NETWORK LUNCHEON 11:20 a.m. at YaYa's. Featured speaker is Cathy Weaver presen5ng "Networking on Steroids." Must register. Contact Nancy Oglesby for registra5on informa5on (nancy@healthworkskc.com).


September 2015

SEPTEMBER 18 PSI: LISETTE LARKINS—ABOVE AND BEYOND The Incredible True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact with renowned Author/Speaker LiseDe Larkins , 7-9 p.m. at Unity Temple. More info: see ad, www.PsychicStudiesIns5tute.org, or FB. Tickets $20 (cash/check, available at the door only). SEPTEMBER 18 ART BY AVIS OPEN HOUSE Snacks and art ac5vi5es. 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. 8012 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 913-549-3105 www.artbyavis.com SEPTEMBER 18-20 MAY I BE HAPPY: A YOGA AND MEDITATION WEEKEND Through dharma talks, guided media5ons, discussions and journaling, Cyndi Lee will offer inspiring reminders that we already have everything we need to experience happiness, health, and a sense of safety and ease every day of our lives. $499. awakenwholelifecenter.com SEPTEMBER 19 PRS CHANNELING: AN EVENING WITH BILL Jo Andersen channels Bill in this popular presenta5on. 7 p.m. at Westwood Community Center, 4700 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood, KS. Members free, guests $5. More info: www.prskc.org.

Events SEPTEMBER 19-20 ADVANCED SPORTS MASSAGE FOR THE NECK & UPPER EXTREMITIES For LMTs. 9:00 – 6:00. WellSpring School of Allied Health. $272. Register: Jaclyn Sherrer at 816-5239140 ext 111. hDp://wellspring.edu/ programs/con5nuing-educa5on. SEPTEMBER 21 DOGA (DOGGIE YOGA) 6:00-7:00 p.m. Overland Park, KS. An integrated approach to flexibility and relaxa5on for you and your canine companion. Register: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005. Website: www.n2paws.com

SEPTEMBER 27 A DAY WITH YOUR INNER SHAMAN Meet your inner shaman, connect with the unseen realm, learn to incorporate shamanic principles into everyday life. On the full moon/lunar eclipse! Stephanie Red Feather: www.redfeatherconnec5ons.com, 913-515-3271.

OCTOBER 6 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Begin shi ing your energy around money, freeing you to be more purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian Faulkner, Money Coach and Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 Core Star Energy Healing School, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS

FREE INTUITIVE LIFE PATH READINGS Ques5ons about your spiritual journey, direc5on, life path or purpose? Call for your free intui5ve life path reading with Jessica Alstrom: www.transcendencekc.com; 913-387-4631.

ANGER ALTERNATIVES ANGER SUPPORT GROUP "Stoppit!" Program: every Wednesday from 6:30—8:30 p.m. at ONGOING Family Health Care on Rainbow and SW Blvd. Pre-registra5on required: FINDING LOVE & MANIFESTING www.anger.org, info@anger.org, 816 MONEY WORKSHOP Saturdays star5ng Sept 12th 10-2pm, -753-5118. 3-week workshop on Rela5onships ~ SEPTEMBER 24-27 Money ~ Health ~ Self Love. $299 for ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS FOR THIS IS OUR TIME: AN LGBTQ CANCER PATIENTS AND VETERANS OCTOBER 2 & 3 2 people. Registra5on required: By Appointment. The Kansas City RETREAT AWAKENING THE SOUL MYSTIC FAIR www.transcendencekc.com or Rev. Michael GoD offers tools to help Readers of various modali5es Healing Project provides energy 913-387-4631. healing sessions for cancer pa5ents apply the truths of Unity Principles to providing answers and insights. No unleash your inner power in new and admission fee; each reader charges and veterans. Our clients have been REIKI CIRCLE experiencing a reduc5on of their crea5ve ways. $449. separately. Friday 5 – 9 p.m., Unity Church of Overland Park – awakenwholelifecenter.com stress, anxiety and pain levels. These Saturday 11 am – 8 p.m. at Mark 10300 An5och, OPKS. 2nd and 4th sessions are provided at NO COST to Blanchard’s Yoga in Ranch Mart, Mondays 7-9pm. Love offering. SEPTEMBER 26 the client. Contact John Hoefer at 3665 West 95th St., OP. All welcome. Receive a Reiki TTOUCH FOR DOGS INTRODUCTION www.markskcyoga.net; 816-718-6358 for details. treatment. For flier email karen@ 10:00-2:00 p.m. Peculiar, MO. An 913.901.8970. www.KansasCityHealingProject.org karenharrison.net. 816-523integrated approach to increasing 4440 body awareness and cellular OCTOBER 3 s5mula5on for your canine CREATE A CHEMICAL-FREE HOME PERSONAL SESSIONS WITH RAMA companion - enhancing behavior & 10:00-11:00 a.m. Peculiar, At Connie Crash’s in Shawnee every wellness. Register: pat@n2paws.com MO, Learn what is harmful in your Wed., Thurs., Sat., Sun: Sound & or 816-522-7005. Website: environment and create a chemical- Vibra5onal Healing ~ Channeling ~ www.n2paws.com free home for you & your pets. Intui5ve Readings. 30 mins ($44) or Register: pat@n2paws.com or 81660 mins ($77). Info/register w/Rama: 522-7005. Website: 913-574-7682 or www.n2paws.com innershiningtemple@gmail.com. SEPTEMBER 29 MINDFIT Learn to reduce stress, gain energy, lose weight, eliminate habits, ins5ll new behaviors, improve your life. 6:30 p.m. at Transcendence: www.transcendence kc.com or 913-387-4631.



September 2015



September 2015

Profile for Evolving Magazine

Evolving Kansas City: September 2015  

The theme is Living Proof, highlighting individuals who overcome adversity--plus contains our annual Coupon Saver in the center fold.

Evolving Kansas City: September 2015  

The theme is Living Proof, highlighting individuals who overcome adversity--plus contains our annual Coupon Saver in the center fold.

Profile for evolving