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Conscious Living Festival October 5, 2019 11a.m.-5 p.m. Our 10th year at Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 W. 47th, KCMO FREE admission, FREE workshops every hour, plus Sans Bar KC will host a booze-free lounge with entertainment and mocktails! View the program starting on page 9 of this issue! EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

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Gratitude. It can trigger an instant attitude adjustment. Our thoughts are energy and by changing our thoughts to those of gratitude, it also changes our energy frequency. Life is a circle of continuous energy, coming and going. Sometimes I forget this and think energy only flows one direction – sometimes outward when I focus on family and friends, sometimes inward when I focus on myself. It’s a balancing act, the synergy of energy moving back and forth between us all. Then there are times when my energy feels stuck. Stagnant. Unmoving. This is when I must remember gratitude. When my energy wanes from some sort of chaos, whether taking on too many projects, the stress of change, or sickness, it takes concentrated effort to restore balance. I do so with gratitude. Focusing on that for which I am thankful — and honestly, even in the most chaotic of times there is always something — brings me back into the moment. As the Lao Tzu is quoted, “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” This month our writers focus on the invisible, sometimes mysterious life forces: the energy of love, astrology and its effects on our energy, the power of prayer and intention, plus how the chakras affect our energy. It’s a powerful combination and I am eternally grateful for the chance to share this energy-filled edition of Evolving Magazine with you. And speaking of “energy,” on October 5 we’ll celebrate 10 years of publishing with our annual Conscious Living Festival at Unity Temple on the Plaza. There you’ll meet vendors who practice energy techniques, retailers who sell holistic and metaphysical products, whole food vendors, psychics, and more. Unity Temple allows us to take over the location for the day so you’ll find dozens of vendors downstairs in Unity Hall, then we’ll have multiple free workshops going on hourly upstairs in classrooms. Plus Sans Bar KC will be holding a “booze-free lounge” with music and mocktails to enjoy. To plan your day in advance, check out the program starting on page 9 of this issue of Evolving Magazine. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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What Are Your Chakras Trying to Tell You?


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Journey to Wholeness

Childhood Loss Revisited BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D.


ope Edelman, author of Motherless Daughters, lost her mother to breast cancer when she was seventeen years old and her mother only forty-two. She relates that after years of therapy, interviews with hundreds of other motherless daughters, and several books later, she let go of the message that grief is something to be “gotten over” in the service of “moving on.” In a New York Times article, August 25, 2019, “I Couldn’t Say, ‘My Mother’ Without Crying,” she talked about CNN’s candid conversation with Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper. Stephen lost his father and two brothers in an airplane crash when he was 10 years old. Anderson’s father died of a heart attack when he was 10 years old. Both men agreed that these early losses “shaped their priorities, their worldviews and the adults they ultimately became.” Stephen Colbert stated, “I was personally shattered, and then you kind of re-form yourself in this quiet, grieving world that was created in the house.” In gathering family history, I pay attention to issues like early childhood loss. When a parent, sibling or significant other dies, leaves, or becomes ill, I know that this has a major effect on that person’s development. When a significant loss or trauma occurs, part of a person’s development is frozen at that age. Other parts move on developmentally. Very often the child has received little help with grieving. Even those who report going to therapy or being able to talk about the loss appear to continue to have longterm effects of lingering grief that need processing. We can only deal with any issue in the context of our developmental maturity. That means each subsequent developmental stage offers the opportunity to process in this new stage of growth. Often, persons come to therapy when their child

“Childhood grief can flare up around anniversaries like birthdays or holidays, at life milestones like weddings, graduations, and certainly around the death of a loved one, or even a pet.” is the same age they were at the time of the significant loss. Childhood grief can flare up around anniversaries like birthdays or holidays, at life milestones like weddings, graduations, and certainly around the death of a loved one, or even a pet. When you arrive at the age at which the parent died, you may ask, “Will I die too?” In her article Ms. Edelman states, “A New York Life Foundation nationwide survey of 1,006 adults 25 and over revealed that 14 percent of those surveyed lost a parent or sibling before the age of 20.” Applying that percentage conservatively, nearly thirty million people in America experienced the death of an immediate family member during childhood or adolescence. The good news is that an Arizona State University professor, Dr. Irwin Sandler, has been researching the subject for more than thirty years through the Family Bereavement Program, a 12-session program designed to

promote effective parenting and teach useful coping skills following the death of a parent or caregiver. Sandler and his colleagues have just completed a study that shows effects last six and fifteen years later. The five building blocks of resilient parenting are: Self Care: Taking care of yourself is a critical part of taking care of your children Strengthening Family Bonds: Share positive activities during times of stress Active Listening: Listening and understanding helps everyone cope better Effective Rules: Help avoid conflict and make family life more predictable Supporting Children’s Coping: Create safe and accepting environment. Research has found that high quality parenting has repeatedly been found to be one of the strongest factors associated with the better adjustment of bereaved


children. One of the problems is that the parent or caregiver is also grieving. The program can help parents or caregivers establish a safe environment for themselves as well. That makes step one of “self care” a most important one as the parents/caregivers are tending to their needs in order to be present for the family. More about this important program can be found at https:// reachinstitute.asu.edu/programs/ resilientparent. Suffering is one of life’s gifts but only if we do the work. People who have done this and are speaking out like Hope Edelman, Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper, help us with this issue. Colbert says, “It’s a gift to exist, and with existence comes suffering.” He says he learned to “love the thing that I wish most had not happened.” He continues, “What do you get from loss? You get awareness of other people’s loss, which allows you to connect with that other person, which allows you to love more deeply and to understand what it’s like to be a human being if it’s true that all humans suffer.” Anderson Cooper’s words are for all of us as we travel the road of grieving losses. “I hope you find peace in your grief.”

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments, seminars, speaker’s bureau, or information on Neurobehavioral Programs and Imago Couple’s Therapy, call 913-322-5622 or drjude@heartlandholistic.com; www.heartlandholistic.com

You would know the hidden realm where all souls dwell. The journey’s way lies through death’s misty fell. Within this timeless passage a guiding light does dance. Lost from conscious memory but visible in trance. —Michael Newton Let me help you take your awareness deep within to know this hidden realm.

Life Between Lives® Spiritual Regression Therapy Past Life Regression Therapy Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy • Licensed Certified Member – The Michael Newton Institute (author of Journey of Souls) • Board Certification International Assoc. of Counselors and Therapists, and National Guild of Hypnotists

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Holistic Health

Mental Health Wellness: Causes and Alternative Treatments BY NANCY RUSSELL, M.D.


re you not sick, but not well? Are you the kind of patient many doctors can’t seem to help? Your doctor may say to you, “I can’t find anything wrong.” And it’s true. There’s nothing immediately obvious to treat and the standard laboratory tests are normal. In this case, you may suffer from a neurotransmitter imbalance. Common symptoms can include: Feelings of sadness, feelings of anxiousness, stress and fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, poor concentration, headaches, cravings or addictions, binge eating, aches and pains, behavioral problems, lack of focus, mind racing or lack of motivation. Our mental health is not as simple as it may seem. There is interconnectedness between the different biological systems in the body. The nervous, endocrine, and immune systems of our bodies all influence each other. These systems are also influenced by our genetics, environment, emotions, values and beliefs. Common complaints such as stress and fatigue, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders and insomnia can be treated with conventional prescription medications and be effective in many cases. As a functional medicine physician, I see patients that either do not want to take prescription medications or have not obtained good results from these medications or could not tolerate the side effects. Getting to the root of the problem is the goal; by assessing family of origin issues, genetics, stress management strategies and in some cases, neurotransmitter levels. As Dr Mehmet Oz, says in his book, You, Staying Young; The Owners Manual for Extending Your Warranty. “The good part is that food, exercise and good sleep work as dials on your neurotransmitter radio, regulating how you feel from day to day and hour to hour, and thus have a profound impact on the emotional side of aging.” Yes, you can impact how you deal with stress by learning relaxation techniques, meditation or exploring

underlying issues with psychotherapy. The human nervous system is one of the most complex systems in nature. The brain is like the ultimate communications company. It’s in the business of sending and receiving messages that help dictate how you act, how you feel, whether you want to be asleep, or whether you are craving drugs or chocolate. The brain is the center of the nervous system and contains over 100 billion cells called neurons. The nerves of your body communicate through spaces called synapses with chemicals called neurotransmitters. Some of these neurotransmitters include serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, Gaba and glutamate. There are alternative laboratory tests that

can be obtained to assess these levels. When imbalances are determined, treatment consists of amino acids, minerals and herbs. These treatments, combined with lifestyle changes can prevent the need for prescription medications in many individuals. Natural supplements may also be used in combination with prescription medications to reduce the dose of the prescription and minimize side effects. An interesting story regarding depression is found in the book, written by Helene Leonetti, M.D., Hard Wired for Love, Nurturing Yourself to Vibrant Health. Dr Leonetti writes, “The hell of depression is a place I will never again allow myself to visit. Each day, as I showed the world my smile, my soul was screaming in agony, for I was living a life not of my choosing. In an effort to be a


good girl and dutiful wife, I let my husband decide what was best for me, and he saw to it that my life was in his full control. I had sold out. I allowed by own hopes and dreams to die in the ill-fated attempt to please someone else. It never works to do that. When we do not stay in integrity, when we allow our soul’s longings to be squelched, some part of us dies. It can be cell tissue and we develop cancer or another deadly illness; or it can be, as in my case, the death of my soul, which carried with it a far more virulent, and possibly fatal outcome. The hand of God has always tweaked me, and this time was no exception. Struggling out from the depths of this nightmare, I mobilized myself with profound, healing anger and rallied to free myself from the bondage to which I had so willingly conspired.” Dr Leonetti did recover from her depression. After the realization she had buried her own true feelings and began to express these feelings, was her first step in getting well. One major reason for depression is that we give our power away to another and bury our own wants and desires. Expressing feelings in a journal format is a place to start. Engaging conversation with a psychotherapist, clergy member or trusted friend can also begin the journey to wholeness and health. Other success keys are regular exercise, healthy nutrition, good sleep and stress management strategies. If all three measures fail, seek the assistance of an alternative health care provider to discuss neurotransmitter testing and treatment.

Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.

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Prayer Has Intelligence BY STEPHANIE RED FEATHER


glanced over at the clock on the wall, again. 10:00… 11:00…12:00… “When are they going to come and take me to the operating room already?” If I wasn’t sedated, IV’d, gowned up, and lying in a wheeled bed from the pre-op procedures – forcing me to be still, stay “inward,” and practice my meditation skills – my restlessness and anxiety would have overtaken me. My knee surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning, but it was after lunch when they finally wheeled me into the O.R. Yet, I am grateful for the delay because I got to experience firsthand – in my cells – the power and intelligence of prayer. My surgery was elective and scheduled in advance, so in the days leading up to it, I asked my friends, family, and spiritual community to hold space for me, pray, send healing energies, and visualize everything going smoothly. I received many messages of support and felt the force of gravity behind them. But what I recall so intensely about that 5-hour wait is that I felt everyone’s prayers surrounding me. It didn’t matter that the surgery was hours late! I told everyone what time my procedure was scheduled for, but the prayers didn’t evaporate at 8:00 a.m. They hung around! They knew! The Reiki, the positive intentions, the visualizations for success, the prayers for ease and healing…they all stayed with me, surrounding me in love and grace. The frequency of these prayers was palpable. I sensed their life force and intelligence. I recognized their aliveness. My body tingled with that familiar buzz of high-vibrational energies running through me. These healing wishes weren’t going anywhere until the surgery was complete.

ers or intentions) can be sent anywhere, including forwards and backwards in time. In helping students access the concept of sending Reiki energies non-locally, I always likened it to prayer. I would ask them questions like…If your grandmother in New York is having surgery, do you believe your prayers have an effect? If your cousin is up for a huge job interview in Seattle, do you believe your visualizations for success are reaching him? If you are working with a client in Australia, do you believe your intentions for the session can travel that far? In my experience with the subtle realms of energy, I have come to learn that intention is everything. These frequencies we work with have intelligence (whether you think of them as the vibration of prayer, the vibration of Reiki, the vibration of intentions, or whatever your paradigm is). The energies respond to our intentions – they are created by our intentions – and travel effortlessly across a great distance at our slightest behest. They have consciousness. A living field of intelligence is created every time you generate an intention. Once the intention is solidified, we then choose the “vehicle” to deploy our intention into the world. This vehicle could be Reiki (or any energy healing modality), prayer, visualization, meditation, spoken declaration, a crystal grid, or ceremony, for example. These energy streams are not bound by the same gross laws of physics that govern gravity and electromagnetism. We might physically be “stuck” right where we’re standing, but we can send our love, prayers, and intentions to every corner of the galaxy. With training, we can even send our consciousness or essence, such as in astral traveling or bilocation.

identify and understand. When you send good vibes to another person, your focused intention serves as the operator dialing up that person’s unique telephone number. The energies don’t just randomly wander the universe. I like to think that for every person I could ever pray for or send healing energies to, there is a direct line from me to them through this energetic matrix of space and time. I imagine it like a multidimensional interstate system. There is a road that will take you from any place on the map to any other place on the map. The matrix itself has intelligence and conducts our prayers and intentions through the most direct route to whomever the intended receiver is. Though we may not yet be able to describe or fully understand these multidimensional pathways, the evidence of their existence is unmistakable through the energies that reach and affect us, like the prayers during my surgery.

delivered. What’s more important than what you call it, however, is the content of your wish, and that brings us to the unavoidable subject of agency (defined as action, power, or operation). You are a powerful creator and with this power comes the inevitable responsibility. As humankind evolves in consciousness, it is our charge to be deliberate and thoughtful architects of our world, including how we interact with others, even down to the prayers we pray. In recognizing that your intentions create energy fields and these energy fields have consciousness, I invite you to increase the potency and integrity of your prayer practice through generating as much mindful, purposeful intention as possible. Your prayers make a difference!

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. As the foundA Prayer By Any Other er of Blue Star Temple, Name she offers a variety of I don’t get hung up on labels…as workshops, trainings, I said earlier, intention is everyproducts and media Intention is Everything thing. Whether you are comforta- designed to support deep transformation Everything is Energy I’ve taught Reiki since 2005. ble with the idea of prayer, or you and spiritual growth. Her specialties This means I’m well aware of the If you look at anything under a prefer to send healing energies, or include shamanism, divine feminine practice of “distance healing” as it large enough microscope, it is just you like to visualize the outcome mysteries, thriving as an empath and is traditionally taught in the seca particle vibrating at a rate of you are wishing for the other per- embodiment. Her first book, The Evoluond of three levels of Reiki. Disspeed. Everything in this world is son, the result is the same: a living tionary Empath, is due out November 5. tance healing means we recognize energy. We are all connected field of intelligence containing Visit her website: that time and space are an illusion through an invisible matrix of your intentions is generated and www.bluestartemple.org. and that healing energy (or pray- forces we are just beginning to EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

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October 5, 2019 11a.m.-5 p.m. at Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 W. 47th St., Kansas City, MO FREE admission, FREE workshops every hour, holistic vendors, plus Sans Bar KC will host a booze-free lounge with music.

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Conscious Living Festival EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS 12p.m.-12:45p.m.

do grounding, moving, and perceiving energy. ANCIENT TEACHINGS OF THE —John Hoefer Location: Classroom C ISHAYAS IN THE ART OF ASCENSION Free introductory talk. A simple NUMEROLOGY AND YOU meditation-like practice based in The Soul’s Journey and Ten Bodies all work together- they Praise, Gratitude, Love, and are all apart of you. Together Compassion. An effective tool used eyes open and eyes closed through numerology we can find your Tree of Life numbers that to re-connect body, mind, and will assist you in your Soul’s spirit, achieving a deeper inner Journey of awakening. peace and stability in a simple, —Karen Carmack effortless way. Location: Classroom D —Arya Ishaya Location: Heritage Room YOUR SUPER SELF Learn simple and powerful COMPASSION FATIGUE: techniques that you can practice WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? Are you tired? Do you take on any time; whether you’re feeling more than you can handle in the down or unmotivated, this interactive workshop will course of a work week? Learn provide you with a toolbox to about compassion faigue, boost your confidence, get in burnout, and compassion satisfaction along with strategies touch with uncomfortable feelings, and make them safe and to hel you manage work/life manageable so you can be your balance. Super Self. —Sharon McGloin —Claudia Alcantara Location: Angel Loft Location: Heritage Room

1:00-1:45 p.m. DISCOVER THE ENERGY OF ENERGY HEALING Experience the energy that healers use when performing healing sessions. This workshop will be primarily experiential to

2:00-2:45p.m. SPIRIT GALLERY Local psychic medium and Kansas City native, Jamie Collins, will host a spirit gallery where she will discuss her

process for receiving messages from our loved ones who are in spirit. Jamie believes that those in spirit are always wanting us to know that they are closer than we think. Jamie will also give messages to random audience members. —Jamie Collins Location: Charles Fillmore Chapel THE SEVEN SACRED OILS CEREMONY — THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SECRET TO LUSCIOUS LIVING Dr. Rima Bonario will take you on a journey to unlock the mysterious power your KA Body (energy body) using the highest vibration essential oils listed on 3000-yar-old alabaster tablets found in the tombs of kings, queens, priests, and priestesses of ancient Egypt. —Dr. Rima Bonario Location: Heritage Room QUANTUM TOUCH — COMBINING REFLEXOLOGY WITH ENERGY THERAPY The Healing Effect when both the Physical Body and The Bio Field are worked on simultaneously. —Annamaria McBride and Dr. Diane Voss Location: Classroom C

Life Between Lives® Spiritual Regression Therapy Past Life Regression Therapy Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Stop by my table to find out more, and set a private appointment! www.HolisticHealingFairfield.com

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3:00-3:45 p.m. GROUP WOMB REGRESSION EXPERIENCE! Billy Hunter will explain the techniques used, and then take the group on a journey back in time for each person to privately explore their womb experiences in this life. — Billy Hunter Location: Heritage Room THE ART OF UNIVESRSAL CONNECTIONS: MEET THE ARTIST The artist shares how she channels each person's deepest intentions and then expresses them through her art, manifesting a visual representation unique to each person or couple. —Eugenia Ortiz Location: Classroom D FALUN DAFA EXERCISE INTRODUCTION Come learn the gentle, meditative exercises of the amazingly powerful selfcultivation practice that has brought healing benefits to over 100 million people around the world. —Barbara Gay Location: Classroom C

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Feature 13

What Are Your Chakras Trying to Tell You?


lairvoyantly evaluating your chakras reveals valuable insights into your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges and strengths. The integrity of each energy center directly affects your health, as well as your capacity to manifest what you truly desire in your life. If you are not able to do this on your own just yet, a quality intuitive energy practitioner can guide you to better understand and develop your own body-mind intuition. They should also be able clear and balance your own unique energy system. The capacity to understand and anticipate what your chakras are doing and what they need can save you money, time, and mental focus. This allows you to stop wasting energy on countless life circumstances and choices that are not contributing to your health and happiness. Have you ever asked what your own chakras are trying to communicate to you? Here are a few common basic indicators of energetic imbalances.  Pain. From minor aches to chronic pain, discomfort in any chakra area can stem from stress, accidents, poor posture and so on. While on the cellular level these correlate to common body imbalance issues, there are also subtle non-physical aspects simultaneously happening with any pain. In my professional opinion, the non-physical issues are the more relevant part of the pain experience. Pinpointing pain triggers can be used to energetically resolve and release pain more quickly and in less invasive ways. Resistance, rejection, or negative emotional energies (whether acknowledged or not) in any chakra are often the root cause of pain manifesting in physical tissue.  Physical, Mental, or Emotional Injury. All levels of accident, injury or crisis circumstances of any kind can also have components of current or past trauma, misalignment, stress, or dysfunction that can manifest as physical experience. These create acute issues or


sometimes lifetime weaknesses that can be greatly improved, if not cleared completely with chakra balancing. As one begins to release trauma through vibrational medicine techniques, issues from negative relationship experiences, personal or sexual traumas, or countless other challenges can improve the physical, mental, and emotionally connected imbalances that may be present. Basic to Terminal Disease. This is often more complex because of so many contributing factors, usually over longer periods of time. Finding the root cause of energetic discord can be found in multiple layers of resistance. Cancer, for example, often includes environmental toxins, trauma triggered by negative experience (or repressed energies from past experiences) combined with unfavorable lifestyle habits, genetic weakness, and stress. When medical support combines with intuitive energetic awareness and healthy lifestyle habits, powerful positive outcomes can better ensure future wellness.

correlate to specific organs, muscles, spinal regions on the physical level is easy for most to accept. Shifting to the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in each of these centers is substantially more complex. An example of this would be clogged lymphatics in a female client’s underarm that creates cystic breast tissue (located in the heart chakra center). Again, countless physical factors such as unhealthy diet, genetic weakness, trauma, and stress can all be relevant. Yet, in the subtle bodies of this chakra, vibrational stagnation from difficult personal or professional relationships, taking on burdens of others, or the inability to let go of negativity are just a few common issues that all can, in addition to physical factors, Most everyone knows to pursue also clog or block the heart chakra balance through general healthy and contribute to weakness and lifestyle choices such as diet and dysfunction. exercise. Yet chakra balancing and These are just a few of the body-intuitive wellness is a slightly energetic factors that may be more advanced level of awareness relevant, especially to the heart that can equally contribute to chakra, and can have cellular support your body, life, and effects that give rise to breast, success. heart, and upper thoracic spine It takes a strong sense of issues. The same issues of personal energy awareness to negativity and letting go can affect accurately interpret what your any chakra, but would do so in body is doing at a subtle energetic slightly different ways, depending level. Yet it is possible to develop on several additional factors and your own intuitive abilities to circumstances. This is also where accurately gauge how healthy and the unique personality, personal open your chakra centers are in constitution, and individual the moment. Doing this gives you energetic factors influence overall significant advantages in balance. Working with your own determining choices that are energy intelligence alongside your appropriate for your own unique regular medical care (chakra requirements for wellness, safety, healing is not medical advice of happiness, and success. any kind and is not a substitute for Gasping the basic concept that medical care) can add integrative your body contains interconnected support to any wellness plan. chakra energy centers that


When a chakra is in a healthy range, the physical tissue and organs in that area will function well. The emotional and spiritual aspects of that same energy center will also contribute to balance and wellbeing. Another example is the brow chakra. Located between and slightly above the eyes on the forehead. When this center is healthy, your memory and capacity to process information are strong, and your natural sense of intuitive awareness is effortless. When this chakra is imbalanced, issues such as racing mind, forgetfulness, anxiety, headaches, and eye strain are just a few common issues that can be present. Taking the time to develop your own energy intelligence can support greater awareness about what choices can facilitate more wellbeing and success in every area of your body, business, and life. Developing your own bodymind connection and intuition so that you can improve your own energy confidence is a great step to empowering your current and future wellness. Be sure to check out the intuitive lifestyle success link below for a free Activate Your Intuition e-course that will help you understand your primary intuitive sense and give you great tips to support your own intuitive development.

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e are energy beings. If our hearts are healed and open, we emit an energy of higher dimensional frequency that nourishes the planet and all creation while simultaneously drawing love and joy to us. If we are resentful or depressed, we find ourselves drawing outer experiences that match how we are feeling because they match our internal vibration.

victim consciousness and into self-sovereignty. We are opening our hearts and connecting to our inner wisdom, our core essence, and we are feeling the blessing of being connected with all that is. But we are human. No getting around it. To be human is not a linear process. While we are reclaiming these higherdimensional parts of ourselves, which are encoded in our DNA but have been deactivated for millennia, we are simultaneously living in the slower frequency of 3D. Often, we may find ourselves seesawing, tapping into the compassion of 5D, then feeling stuck in 3D, and going back and forth between these inner experiences.

Here’s why. What appears to us as solid is only energy travelling at a slower rate. All cells, when reduced to their tiniest parts, are actually in motion, vacillating between being a particle and a wave. This vacillation creates a vibration, a frequency. This frequency is electromagnetic, which means that it is pulsing out messages and simultaneously magnetizing them. So, we magnetize experiences compatible with the frequency we emit. The current evolutionary process on Earth, often called Ascension, is a process of speeding up our frequencies to match that of the fifth dimension (5D). This dimension carries the energy of unconditional love, unity consciousness, and unbridled creativity, which are the qualities we will draw to us and to the planet when we match this frequency. More and more of us are waking up. We are finding support from guides, therapists, and healers to heal old wounds and step out of

“It is empowering yet daunting to realize that we can control the frequency we emit, because we often do not have the will, focus, or tools to consciously and consistently do this.” EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

It is empowering yet daunting to realize that we can control the frequency we emit, because we often do not have the will, focus, or tools to consciously and consistently do this. Some days we might wake up feeling loving and expansive, and other days, we might wake up in a contracted state–feeling low and negative about ourselves and the world. And then, to make matters worse, we end up feeling judgmental toward ourselves for thinking or feeling negatively. Clearly, in the first state, our hearts are open and our frequency is high; we are tapping into our 5D expression. In the second, we’ve crashed back into 3D. The kinder and more understanding we can be to ourselves when our energy

“More and more of us are waking up.”

contracts, the more we can shorten our lower-frequency experiences. For example, today I woke up feeling great. I had been struggling with writing this article, but now new ideas of how to approach it were flooding in. I sat down at my computer and the words began to flow until that inner voice, that inner critic, started letting me know that this article sucked and then provided me with all the reasons: “It’s boring, people won’t relate,” and so on. I did not hear this voice, per se. Instead I felt some pain around my heart area, a low-level heartburn that for me is a signal I was going into an old, dysfunctional belief system and running the energy of judgment, which immediately lowers my frequency and therefore the quality of how I feel.

feel better and was therefore the one I chose?

your dog, and keep breathing as you focus on this love. As your heart feels fuller and fuller, send that loving energy to yourself, So, here are a few suggestions. Notice just shower yourself with it, notice how what judgments you are carrying, both of good it feels, and remember to include your yourselves and others. We are trained to be inner critic. Then notice if you are judging judgmental, and often that means being anyone else, and send them love, too. It incredibly hard on ourselves. Put the does not matter if your judgment is also judgments in words. Write them down. Do holding some objective truth, for example, your best to keep your sense of humor about that person may really be unkind, or that how often those judgments come and the government policy may really be inhumane. inaccuracies they usually carry. This will But the energy of judgment will only keep help enormously. things stuck. If we send love to what we notice in ourselves and in the world, the Some of you, like me, will get a body frequency will shift. The energy of love is signal, others might get an emotional signal. the most powerful and transformative Learn to recognize your own signals, and energy available to all of humankind, and it then to begin to observe what negative or is always available for us to use. sabotaging thoughts are floating through As soon as I noticed this, I brought the your head. By the way, I followed my own advice… judgments into my conscious awareness. and no more heartburn. That gave me the option of changing them As we do this more often, we are become using my inner tools to step back into my more skilled at noticing judgements that are Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW , DMin has been inspiring sovereignty. I could now decide how to react popping up. Every time you notice, give people to step into self-sovereignty, to this judgment. I could approach it with yourself credit, put that gold star on your joy and sacred purpose for 45 affectionate humor, as one might a naughty internal report card, and notice how your child, saying to myself, “Oh, there goes that energy shifts. years. She is the author of three inner judge again, will she never learn?” books, a transpersonal and see myself patting her on the head and Another simple technique is to focus on psychotherapist, and co-founder of making her very small. Or, I could step into your heart. Rub your hands together until the Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School. even more self-judgment: “Oh, there I go they are warm and place them over your She offers online courses and presents workshops again, doing this to myself! What is wrong heart. Then imagine that you are breathing around the country. Check her out at with me?” Guess which option makes me in and out through it. Focus on someone www.empoweringthespirit.com. you deeply love, your partner, your child, EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



Local Space Lines Astrological Feng Shui BY CINDY MCKEAN


n the date, time, and location you were born, different planets were in orbit and viewable in our skies lending a planetary energy influence to your environment. If we trace the line of the planetary orbits across our sky, they are referred to Local Space Lines in astrology, and the reference points can be used in your immediate surroundings as your own personal power lines. Local Space in astrology is very similar to the concepts of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui or Indian art of Vastu Shastra. It's a way of using energy to harmonize the environment around you. Through using your Local Space Lines, the archetypal energies of each planet can be tapped into in order to guide certain opportunities your way. These planetary energies are directions of influence in our lives with each planet exerting a unique intelligence and energy according to how you want to transform your life. Local Space Charts look like spokes of a bicycle wheel emanating from the center. You can lay it over a map of your city, a floor plan at work or home, or even a map for an upcoming trip. You can overlap energies by also laying it over the center of your favorite room after you’ve laid it over your home floor plan. The closer you are to a planetary line, the more you will be able to harness the energetic force that the planet emits. For example, if you want to lose weight, Saturn's planetary archetypes help with restrictions and discipline. With that, placing your refrigerator or your favorite snacking spot in your home will help curb your food rendezvous. If you're looking to increase your income, taking a path to work that predominantly has a Jupiter influence, known for good luck and bounty, will change how you're perceived at work more favorably. If you're single and looking for a partner, visit a venue

under your Venus line, the planet of love. One of the beauties of Local Space Lines in astrology is that we can remediate the energies around us through using planetary representatives. Say your home is located under a Pluto line and you've had problems associated with Pluto such as wastes backup, financial loss, or foundation problems, simply adding a favorable planetary color or glyph in that area will help relieve the problem overnight. Another beauty of Local Space Lines is that it can literally change how things happen to you and deflect “Local Space in astrology is very similar to the unfavorable energies already present in your surroundings. concepts of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui or Elvis was born in Tulepo, Indian art of Vastu Shastra. It's a way of using Mississippi, the point of origin of the lines below. However, it was energy to harmonize the environment around you.” on his Jupiter line (the northerly blue line) in Memphis, Tennessee where he found fame (Jupiter is networking, trade, weight technology, getting out of a associated with luck, expansion, loss, and business rut, and making a point (such and bounty, among other things). transactions. as a setting up a protest or It was the perfect spot for him to revolution).  Venus – beauty, arts, love, keep his home base where his  Neptune – mysticism, pleasure. Ideal for finding a estate with his mansion, plane, partner, romance, and the dreamy, introspective, and private garden still exist possibility of earning more dissolves boundaries. Ideal today. money and improving your for good sleep with good Even without your Local Space likeability. dreams, forming ideals, and Chart, if you’re looking to change  Mars – energy, motivation, creating music, art, and the energies of your surroundings poetry. Also a good place for drive, passion. Ideal for consider using the planets to romance, metaphysical study, exercise, assertiveness, achieve what you’d like. Simply and meditation. offensive and defensive place a photo, drawing, glyph, or  Pluto – intensity, money maneuvers, and physical color of the planet that has the strength. risks, empowerment and energies you’d like where they are power struggles, shamanic  Jupiter – optimism, good most suitable for you. work, the unconscious, fortune, expansion, money. hidden agendas. Ideal for Ideal for higher education, Here’s a keywords list of dramatic uplifting one’s attitude, good planetary energies you can use in transformation, sexual health, synchronicity, rubbing your space: encounters, privacy, and all elbows with important esoteric practices. people, and making money.  Sun – creativity, good health,  Saturn – hard work, popularity, recognition. Ideal discipline, maturity, for vitality, fame, and general seriousness, professionalism, Cindy Mckean is a happiness. responsibility, pressure. Ideal certified professional  Moon – empathy, reception, Astrologer, skilled for studying, weight loss, fertility. Ideal for a cozy Tarot reader, Palmist, focus, solitude, and work. home, intuition, and familial and Psychic. Cindy  Uranus – freedom, themes. offers readings only unexpected surprises, sudden by phone. She  Mercury – clear changes, disruption, outlier. welcomes you to visit her website communication, quicker ideas Ideal if you want excitement www.KansasCityAstrology.com. and thoughts. Ideal for in your life, a career in education, media, EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Spiritual Horoscope 17

October Horoscope Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Happy birthday Libra! Exciting Mars is in your sign for two months, giving energy and courage to make powerful changes. You can burst through issues that have held you back for many years. You might start a fitness program, get a challenging new job or begin a sexy relationship. You can also erase negative subconscious programs. You can then reprogram powerful positive beliefs that help you achieve your dreams and make you joyous from a deeply centered place! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) It’s a month of breakthroughs! Meditate on resentments built up over the past two years. Find forgiveness for yourself and others involved so your energy isn’t bound up anymore. You’ll have waves of empowerment and inspiration through year’s end! Experiment with affirmations until you can feel your chosen truth statements reverberate in your bones. This combination of releasing old pain and then tapping into your new future possibilities easily manifests opportunities!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Meditate on how you’d best like to use your time and energy. As a Sag you’re interested in everything, so it’s vital to prioritize. You’ll have accomplishments in areas you’ve felt blocked from summer until now. This leads to increased selfesteem and also lots more money, so stay focused! As you’re doing actual practical steps, make time to visualize your future and also feel what it’s like to live that future. Practice rehearsing that image and feeling throughout the day and you’ll be amazed by the results! Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Powerful Pluto moves direct in your sign, helping you make changes that have seemed impossible! Be very kind and supportive of yourself as you transform entrenched patterns

regarding self-esteem, negative thoughts, bad habits or even addictions. Meditate and connect with the Universe since you’ll get the energy you need! Enlist trusted friends to keep you focused and inspired. Make a vision board and also keep a positive mantra going in your mind! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Consistent meditation and positive thoughts change your brain and shift your attitude! Even if it’s just ten minutes a day repeating a little mantra like “I love myself”, you’ll have a major breakthrough. Big spiritual changes can happen from small repetitions, so look for subtle shifts that add up to a “Wow!” If struggling at work, relief can come as a new colleague, different supervisor or insights about how to solve issues. You can also get a raise or a new position. In general, have patience and know the Universe is on your side and good things are on their way from your earnest efforts! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Focus meditations on forgiving past emotional betrayals so you can open your heart again. You’re so sensitive so it’s vital to remember that people growing in different directions isn’t a rejection of you; it can just be their spiritual path. But in areas you allowed too much and were a doormat you need better boundaries even as you forgive. Finances also clear up, even repayment of old debts you gave

up on! Reconnect with old friends who’ve gotten lost in the shuffle of busy schedules. Aries (March 21 – April 19) You can be starting an exciting new relationship! Make sure you’re both aligned in terms of healthy communication and shared values. Meditate to release old patterns so you’ll be aware and “nip them in the bud”. Yet don’t overlay past issues on the present. Longstanding wounds in current partnerships can heal with heart-to-heart talks. Maybe start meditating together. If you need to part ways, it can be through kindness and “conscious uncoupling”, but more likely the planets help you forge a new path together. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) You might be starting a healthy, happy new relationship! Make it your spiritual practice not to put yourself down or obsess on your “flaws”. You’re lovable, kind and sweet — so obsess about that instead! Work issues resolve after months of apparent hopelessness, so celebrate shifts when they come. Health issues can heal as well. You’ll have the courage and fortitude to make changes, especially if you have to give up foods like gluten or sugar. Enjoy yourself and your good fortune, because you deserve it! Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Don’t let obsession or worry stink up a good relationship! Meditate on old hurts and allow your heart to heal as you shower yourself with compassion. Present circumstances will seem better with past burdens off your mind. You might also run things by a trusted, objective friend. Issues with kids can also be healed this way. You might also have a health problem resolve since you’re not in constant “fight or flight”. Clarity comes about work and money problems as well! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Many relationship challenges resolve with gentle, yet clear communication. But first, meditate on your own to let inspired ideas come to you. Perhaps your partner might be willing to meditate with you after


your solo inward journey. You’ll likely have more connection than you’ve had in months and you’ll both uncover more love and can build from a solid place now. However, if s/he isn’t willing to listen or compromise, that may be a sign to part ways. You’ll be amazed who next comes into your life based on the groundwork you've already created! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Be gentle with yourself regarding your meditation or yoga practice. It’s hard to be consistently serene. Praise yourself for progress and release perfectionism! If you’re feeling anxious, tense or even overeating to suppress emotions, you might have to confront a difficult issue with someone. Difficult feelings are there for a reason, so explore them without self-judgment. Connect with your inner wisdom and ask for guidance, craft a script and run it by a trusted friend. This way you can state your truth without losing your temper. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) You don’t give yourself credit for how insightful and intuitive you are. If you’re having issues in a relationship about finances or emotional intimacy, be bold enough to bring up challenging topics. You’re not paranoid or imaging that something’s offkilter. Healthy confrontation brings you closer to a healthy partnership. Test the health of the bond, since you need people who communicate authentically. Also, work with affirmations to increase self-esteem. Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E -book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com




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