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Balance is the Key to Wellness Health Benefits of Tea Rituals Inside: 7th Annual Wellness Directory EVOLVING…IN KANSAS CITY


March 2017



March 2017

Publisher’s Letter...

Contents Dear Friend,

When I started Evolving Woman in 1994, I didn’t realize the abundance of health practitioners in the area. Over the years, I’ve watched as holistic, alternative healers have become more mainstream—and the public, in turn, has realized their many benefits. Holistic and traditional medicine truly can blend and meld to create optimal wellness. Then in 2009, we launched Evolving Magazine. The number of brave pioneers, willing to put their services forth to the community—energy healers, chiropractors, massage therapists, art therapists, wellness centers, and so much more—has multiplied. March marks the beginning of our 9th year of publishing as Evolving Magazine— 14 years total. It is such a joyous time for me with the birth of spring, celebrating another year of community through the magazine, and our annual Wellness Directory (inserted inside this issue). Thank you all for your support throughout the past eight years. We have learned, grown, expressed, learned, and grown some more. The team I work with on a daily basis, as well as our contributing writers and advertisers, have created a publication that is truly a joy to produce. The annual Wellness Directory is a resource I hope you will pull out, save, and reference whenever you need holistic products or services. The Wellness Directory is passed out all year at events and festivals, plus is online at www.EvolvingMagazine.com. Kansas City is truly blessed to have such an abundance of talented practitioners and my hope is that we will all live healthier lives by utilizing their services. For reminders of upcoming events and to stay in touch, “like” Evolving Magazine on Facebook.

Balance is the Key to Wellness 13

How You Can Use Dowsing for Health 14

Health Benefits Steeped in the Tradition of Tea Rituals 15

With much love and gratitude for you, our dear reader,

Jill Dutton Stay Connected all Month! *Read the magazine online: www.EvolvingMagazine.com *Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EvolvingMagazine *Follow us on Twitter: @EvolvingMag

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March 2017


Core Star Energy Healing School Guided Meditation March 13th

Energy Healing Clinics March 14th and 28th

Join us for an evening of spirit guided meditation. New or experienced meditators are welcome.

Wondering what an energy healing session is like? Our clinics are a great opportunity to experience a session for a modest cost.

7:00 pm Cost: Love offering John Hoefer 913-831-4422

7:15 pm Cost $20 register at



Evolving Magazine

Healing Arts offered in Personal and Group Sessions at The Bridge The Bridge is a center for the healing arts which was founded by Rama Inacio, Ana Yemaya Inacio, ChristiElla Joy Azure and Emily Graham. We offer Sound & Vibrational Healing (Personal and Group Sessions), Crystal Foot Energetics, Personal Flower Essence Sessions, Crystal Bed Healing Sessions, Channeling, Divine Mother Blessing Groups and Personal Sessions, and much more. The Bridge is a living temple of the Violet Flame that facilitates connection, expansion and healing. The practitioners address the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems, balancing your bodies. Our work includes personal sessions to clear, align and elevate energy, classes to learn specific tools, and channeled group energy sessions. It is a

place for those seeking a deeper understanding, wisdom, truth and capacity to love. The Bridge is located in Overland Park, at 4354 W. 107th St., KS 66207 (107th & Roe). For information on sessions and upcoming events, email steponthebridge@gmail.com or call 913-945-2874

Resolve Counseling & Wellness Opens to Serve the Community

Annual Wellness Directory

Consider Chinese Cupping or Ear Acupuncture Introductory Offer 15 minute treatment for just $20 Includes cupping or ear acupuncture only

King Chiropractic & Acupuncture www.pkingchiro.com 6447 N. Cosby Ave KCMO 64151 ` 816-221-4418 Find us on Facebook.

Starts on Page 9 or view it online at www.EvolvingMagazinecom.


Resolve Counseling and Wellness celebrated their Open House and Ribbon Cutting, January 27, 2017. About ninety guests joined Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce to welcome the new business to the community. Clinical Counselor, James McMillian, and Clinical Social Worker, Amber Reed, are the co-owners of new counseling and wellness center, located in Prairie Village, KS. Resolve is staffed with a group of talented professionals ranging from play therapists, child/teen therapists, marriage counselors, addictions counselors, trauma & grief therapists,


March 2017

life/business coaches, and a chiropractor. Resolve was founded with the mission to reach out and serve the needs of the community with services specialized to the individual. Resolve offers individual, couple, and family counseling, along with group classes such as parenting classes, self-esteem classes, and addictions classes. You can learn more and schedule online at www.kcresolve.com. You can also contact James McMillian and Amber Reed at 913-735-0577 for additional information.

Wisdom Within

How to Become More Wise



ne of the keys to our successful 2017 is challenges, such as declining health and the loss of loved 5. Wise people grow from crises. Crystal’s father has becoming wise. When my niece, Crystal, ones. been ill for a number of years and she accepts this returned last year from a year of teaching in So what are the secrets of those people who are wise with grace and dignity. It has been proven those who Vietnam, we sat for lunch. She was beyond their years? have survived something devastating emerge changed discerning, discreet, focused, and I 1. Wise people have a lot of experiences. for the better. Or little crisis like a fender-bender are “Wisdom, the thinking Crystal traveled all over Europe and other noticed she had evolved into the dealt with and one moves on. wisdom of her heart and soul. 6. They have a strong support network. We need our generally goes, is hard- countries while in Vietnam. With her love of “I’ve also learned to put up travel, she has now visited 22 countries. friends and family and trusted colleagues to share earned by putting in your boundaries,” she shared. “I have a solid Wherever she goes, she builds friendships. with and talk it through. It is important to avoid time and piecing together They come to see her from around the world. plan for this year.” At age 30, she is feeling alone or isolated. scraps of knowledge along 2. You learn from them. They learn lessons focused on creating a wonderful life. 7. They’re tolerant. They hold compassion for self and Who are the wisest people you wherever they are, whether it’s the town others. They have strong insights into people but do the way.” know? Chances are they have at least a where you’ve lived your entire life, or some not use the knowledge for self-centered means. few things in common; they’re far-flung location. Crystal shared one of her key components for experienced, kind, and of a certain age. Wisdom, the 3. Wise people see what’s right in front of them. We navigating life—acceptance. “Let go, let go,” she advises. thinking generally goes, is hard-earned by putting in all know we’re going to die, for example. Wise people “I try to accept. Pay attention to what you hold on to. If it your time and piecing together scraps of knowledge have a better understanding of the meaning of that, is negative, let it go!” along the way. placing an emphasis on relationships, spirituality, and Suzette Scholtes’ non-fiction writing won But maybe a younger person also sprang to mind— personal growth. the prestigious “Writers Digest” award. Her someone who, despite his or her relative youth, you 4. They meditate. In order to achieve that kind of passions are writing and yoga and she feels regard as genuinely wise. Professor Monika Ardelt direct, I-see-who-I-am, who-you-are, and-theone needs a sense of humor for both. She Image licensed by Ingram Images defines wisdom as a combination of cognitive, reflective, circumstances-right-in-front-of-us kind of Image licensed by Ingram Images founded The Yoga School of Therapeutics and compassionate qualities which are not the sole knowledge, reflection is paramount. Meditation—a where she manages one of the region’s purview of the elderly. Wisdom, explains Ardelt, may be kind of self-examination—has long been believed to cultivated and it shares big pay-offs. Her research has be a pathway to wisdom. We learn to avoid reacting to prestige teacher training programs. 10400 W. 103rd Street, Overland Park. www.theyogastudio.com shown wise men and women enjoy improved well-being negativity and accept situations to rise above them. news@theyogastudio.com 913-492-9594. as they age, because they’re better able to deal with

Journey to Wholeness

Fun Ways to Kick Start Your Brain


eeling bored, frustrated or out of sorts with the winter doldrums? Let’s have some fun with ways to make your brain happier and healthier. Dr. Peter J. Synder, professor of neurology at Brown University tells us to get moving, “Starting moderate aerobic exercise, at any age, will absolutely help protect brain health. Recent research has convincingly shown us that a regular program (such as fast-paced walking for 30 minutes, three times per week), for just six months, leads to the growth of brain cells and their connections in parts of the brain that are critically important for learning and memory.” Makes me feel more motivated to go on those early morning and late night walks with our eager dogs! Here’s another easy fix. Make sure you're taking adequate vitamin D3 every day. Ask your M.D. Image licensed by Ingram Images for the lab test for your current level. You may need to take 3-4k in the winter and 1-3k in the summer to help avoid depression, anxious brain, and to support your immune system. Using mental imagery can also be helpful. We know that the same neural pathways are used when we are experiencing something or imagining it. For example, if you want to take a trip and do not have the time or


money, try this. Take a moment to breathe and imagine yourself in a relaxing beach scene feeling the warm sun, the grainy sand and the soothing sound of the waves. You can get an even more powerful boost by adding some words like, “My whole body is feeling warm, heavy and relaxed. My body is giving into gravity. I am happy and healthy!” You do not need to believe these things for them to have a positive effect on your brain and body. Practicing multisensory imagery, meditation, or relaxation exercises can all help you go to the brain wave/body-mind state that changes brain chemistry positively. Any kind of word game by yourself or with others can help. Games like Scrabble, Boggle, or Scattegories, to name a few, are fun and brain stimulating. Do things like turning your pictures upside down automatically sending your brain into alert mode so that you are more attuned to details. Use your non-dominant hand, making you think a bit and boosting creativity. Involve other senses in your routine like getting dressed with eyes closed and feeling the textures. Help your memory by talking to yourself! So, I am not crazy, I am improving my memory. Also memorizing directions, phone numbers (who does that anymore?) or other information can improve memory. Read and try to remember and understand what you have read. Learning new things like a language, a dance step, exercise routine or a new computer system will help your brain stay young and vigorous. The brain thrives on novelty.



March 2017

Remember the basics like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods especially fruits and vegetables, having social interaction, quiet time, taking those supplements and getting enough sunlight (can use full spectrum lights and take Vitamin D). All these things stimulate positive and happy brain activity and brain chemistry. Music is another powerful sensory stimulus that can jog our memory, awaken brain cells that may be dormant and make us feel better. Research has shown that by listening to old familiar songs Alzheimer patients have become more verbal and physically active. Stroke and brain injury patients respond to music with improved coordination, movement and language skills. So, break out some favorite happy tunes and have fun with better memory, movement and more fluid oral expression! Remember to stay curious, active and step out of your comfort zone occasionally. You will be healthier, happier and have a very fit brain. Have fun! Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC, is a counselor, educator and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements, or information on Neurobehavioral Programs or Imago Couple Therapy call 913-3225622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre go to www.kcholistic.com.

Holistic Health

Inflammation’s Impact and Dealing with it Naturally BY NANCY RUSSELL, M.D.


he foods we eat can lead to, or prevent inflammation. Harmful inflammation is one of the common causative agents for most of the common diseases affecting human beings. Inflammation is a crucial protective reaction by the body; it is to protect us so that self-healing can take place. Sometimes the inflammation response can be harmful.

Causes of Inflammation Inflammation is our body’s normal response to an injury, an infection, stress, foreign or toxic exposures and anything that might be irritating us emotionally as well as physically. Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease are all linked to inflammation in an exaggerated way. In fact, many cardiologists are less worried about cholesterol as it relates to heart artery blockages than about inflammation. Inflammation is more important. Polluted air, chemical irritants inhaled or applied to the skin, second-hand smoke, and pesticides are all seen by the body as foreign invaders. They turn on our immune system and act as an irritation and after months and years of exposure lead to chronic inflammation of the lungs and even cause lung cancer. Our food supply also has irritants in the form of pesticide and antibiotic residues and strong hormones like growth hormone as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that can lead to inflammation. Eating organic foods can possibly prevent the ingestion of those irritants. Many stomach ulcers are caused by a chronic infection called helicobacter pylori. This bacteria sits in the stomach, produces inflammation, can cause ulcers, and even cause stomach cancer. A sensitivity or allergy to a food causes an inflammatory response. An allergy is a quick reaction, and the immune response is a protein called IGE. A food sensitivity has a more gradual course that leads to chronic low-grade inflammation, and the immune response is IGG. These reactions can be measured by a blood test. When food sensitivities are found, usually an underlying small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or candida or other yeast infection in the intestinal tract. Another common cause of inflammation is midline weight, which involves wearing your weight around the midline of your body. Those fat cells are actually an inflammatory organ and they produce cytokines, which raise blood pressure, cause inflammation, and can lead to diabetes mellitus. If you have chronic sleep disturbance or untreated or inadequately treated sleep apnea with even just a few hours of lost sleep, the body may turn on its defense system, which leads to inflammation and weight gain.

Food and Inflammation What you eat can turn inflammation on, but more importantly, what you eat can turn inflammation off. There are 8 major foods that contribute to inflammation. The number one cause of inflammation is ingestion of sugar, which exists in many forms such as: corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, maltose and sucrose (table sugar). Next is bad oils that are high in omega-6 such as cottonseed oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and ‘vegetable’ oil. These are industrial vegetable oils that are usually found in fast foods and processed foods. Trans-fats or partially hydrogenated oils are particularly bad and can lead to laying down of plaque on blood vessels. Trans-fats are found in deep fried foods, fast food and commercially prepared baked goods. Other products that can contribute to inflammation are cow’s milk, cured meats, excess alcohol, refined grains such as white bread and white rice, and food additives such as MSG and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin.

Preventing Inflammation 1. Eat whole foods, organic as much as possible, fish high in omega-3, kelp (seaweed), and whole fruits and vegetables. 2. Use olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil or coconut oil instead of vegetable oils. 3. Minimize grains and eat brown or wild rice instead of white rice. 4. Drink filtered water and avoid using disposable plastic bottles as they are not good for the environment or your health. 5. Green tea and Tulsi, also called Holy Basil Tea are anti-inflammatory. 6. Broccoli, shitake mushrooms, green tea and turmeric can protect against cancer. 7. Add these powerful herbs for an anti-inflammatory effect: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, basil and rosemary. 8. Use natural cleaning agents in your home and on your body. As you journey on your path to health and wholeness, use these lists as a guide and utilize a holistic or integrative practitioner for your health concerns. Make sure you have had an adequate diagnostic workup by your medical doctor if you are not well. Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.



March 2017

Image licensed by Ingram Images


Food Gloria’s Food

New Cafe Provides Nutritious Food and “Mobile Recovery” Coming to a Phone Good Vibrations to 'Enjoy' B G G Near You B S F





ook around. When it comes to fast food vs healthy, clean food in our area it’s no contest. Short of buying organic and preparing it at home, the scales are tipped in the wrong direction. Leave it to Stacie Cross to step up. She’s filling the void with a nutritious café called Enjoy in Johnson County. The former vegan realized she needed all the energy and vibrancy that eating well would provide. Cross acknowledges, “I have an entrepreneurial spirit. Traveling across the country for years with my previous work left me stressed and exhausted. Opening a clean, fresh food cafe that would nourish mind body and spirit with every meal became my goal.”

topped with a poached egg, is a perfect starter for the day. I’ve also tried the oatmeal; large enough to feed a family of 4, is filled with chopped apples, hemp seeds, coconut sugar, vanilla protein and almond milk. Beaming from behind the counter, Cross is delighted with the traffic that filters in throughout the day. “We are located right next to Fusion Fitness so the moms, with kids in tow, work out then meet here. In addition; there’s always men who want something quick and those who will come for our BulletProof Coffee with brain Octane MCT oil or a Green Mojito for detoxifying and hydration.” The important thing is this, here’s a place that makes their own hummus, Vision to reality spreads, guacamole, granola using extra Her intention grew from a spiritual virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and awareness guiding her not just to open grapeseed oil. They do have sweets like her petite café, Enjoy – Pure Food and a lime tart and coco Brownie Bliss but Drink, but the right location in Mission instead of white sugar Enjoy sweetens Farms. with local honey, organic coconut sugar, “We’re more than a juice bar– organic agave and organic maple. although cold pressed juices abound. We There’s no intimidation here. also serve full breakfast, lunch and The laid-back atmosphere with so dinner.” many good-for-you selections gives you Yes, you can grab and go but why not the perfect excuse to try something new sit, sip and eat. With a menu crafted by and delicious. stellar chef, Michael Smith, you can Hey, you have nothing to lose. And if expect a rainbow of healthy recipes. the kale tastes like ice cream? I’m in. The salads and bowls filled with Enjoypurefood.com hearty, vegetables or wild-caught 913-544-1515 salmon, small plates, soups, sandwiches with names like Feelin’ Groovy, Open Seas, and Gobble it Up are tantalizing. In particular, the juices, designed by the Kansas City writer, Blender Girl and The Juice Goddess, producer, and photo feature Cleanzing, Oxygenizing, stylist Gloria Gale is a Vitalizing, Metabolizing and Energizing sleuth when it comes to for a healthy start. discovering interesting As are smoothies that taste like ice features for the media. cream but are actually made with kale, Most recently, Gloria banana, cashews, dates, vanilla and profiled area restaurants ginger. as a columnist for 435 Magazine and was Personally, the breakfast served daily on KCUR's Food Critics radio program. Want from 7:00 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. is my to know where to find the best tastes in fav. A Toast to Health, avocado mash town? ggale@everestkc.net




oung professionals are one of For example, yoga classes, 12 step the most underserved program meetings, nutrition visits, and populations when it comes to counseling appointments can be self-care. Their lives are hectic: integrated in one convenient place—on juggling many responsibilities while our wrists. Immediate and visible scheduling support for challenges may tracking helps the user see a complete not fit in. On the other hand, time spent picture taking shape of an effective plan on mobile phones has risen 35% in the for wellbeing. past year alone, to 3 hours and 40 Users receive reminders and can log minutes per day. mindfulness practices, Therapists mood ratings, recovery combining personal meetings, and other life sessions with support activities in their technology have plan. Logs for substance opened up new ways use, support group to meet these needs attendance, gratitude, across the nation. recreation, creative and Locally, outdoor activities can be professionals in graphed. The user and Lenexa and Liberty therapist design a selfhave joined in managed behavioral developing web and health plan together or the mobile applications application can be used as that actually work a stand-alone. with a whirlwind This approach saves lifestyle, meeting money and time. It also Image licensed by Ingram Images young professionals addresses insurance on the run. objectives for more These new tools are research and prevention. MyCompass in Australia and evidence-based. Results-oriented Mobile Therapy from AATBS strengths and solution methods are (Association for the Advanced Training programmed into a self-managed in Behavior Sciences) are already behavior change application jointly with operating. experienced pscyhotherapists, social StartTalking in Lenexa has developed workers, or psychiatrists. the web based practice. Leon Probasco, Mobile applications like MyCompass Board Certified Diplomate in Psychiatric in Australia work on three levels: Social Work in Liberty, is currently recovery from anxiety, depression, and developing the Mobile Recovery abuse; creating healthy habits and application for Kansas City. Our complex preventing lifestyle disorders. Locally, and highly stressful society now includes “Mobile Recovery” features structured a convenient tool for emotional and templates, automatic reminders and data mental health concerns. recording. It goes beyond current Our phones may not always be our programs like RunTracker or Health for friends, but we depend on them more iPhone because the user is in contact today than ever. What if they could with their professional. It should be connect you, like a friend, and help you released later this year. plan and manage support in multiple The user has an individualized areas as you deal with stress, application to plan readiness for change, relationships, addiction, depression or motivation, self-monitoring, reminders, just...life on the go? rewards, and a support network. The first Shirley Fessel is a meeting sets up the parameters of the freelance writer for the application. Then the user alternates counseling and education checking their progress, processing their professions. Her workbook experiences, and touching base on on religious abuse recovery emerging concerns with their therapist in will be released person. this year. Visit her blog at ShirleyFessel.com.


March 2017

KC Spirit Fair


March 11-12, 2017 Sat 12noon-7p Sun 12noon-6p

Crowne Plaza Hotel

12601 W 95th St, Lenexa KS 66215

crystals, stones, incense, oils, readings, energy healing, aura photos, tools for spiritual living… $4 adm

Pay It Forward Ruby Jean’s Juicery 4001 Broadway Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64111 rubyjeansjuicery.com 816.399.2596 Gifted From: Herbal Life herbal4lifellc@gmail.com

What’s All This Fuss About Essential Oils?


lthough essential oils have been around for thousands of years, they have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the past twenty years. Historically, oils have been used in religious rituals (Biblical use), embalming (in the temples of Egypt), cosmetic use (from the time of the pharaohs to today), and throughout time for health and wellness. They are becoming increasingly popular today, judging by the number of companies cropping up on the Internet and in health food stores, and they have become a strong influence in the network marketing industry. The question remains though, just what are essential oils?

Why are They Called Essential? We call them “essential oils” because these oily substances have the essential function of being the plant’s “lifeblood.” The oils carry vital oxygen and the essential nutrients to the cellular structure of the plant just as our own “lifeblood” does within our own bodies. Essential oils also function in the plant to protect it from disease and damage from injury. You can see this when you observe a plant’s leaf that has been broken. You will notice the oily substance (the essential oil) seeps to the leaf’s broken edges to help seal the leak. This act prevents the escape of its needed oxygen and vital nutrients. This process is mirrored when we have a wound, or even the smallest paper cut, and blood oozes to the skin’s surface to form a clot and seal the wound to prevent further tissue damage or infection.

History of Essential Oils Hebrew people learned about and used oils during the time that they were held captive in Egypt. In Exodus, God gave Moses an oil recipe when he was leading the people out of Egypt. Jesus was anointed with spikenard prior to his arrest and crucifixion. After his death, women went to the tomb and prepared to anoint him with aloes (sandalwood) for burial. Oils have been used in ancient cultures including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Arabic cultures, as well as those of the Far East and New World. Oils were used in daily living, religious ceremonies, healing, in war-times, and in burial rites. Oils were also used in medieval times for religious purposes, health reasons, and even to fight the great plagues!

How Oils are Made The quality of oils depends on climate, soil, water, seed, and the time of day that the plant is harvested. There are different ways to extract oils from the plants— maceration, cold press, and distillation. Different distillation techniques can be used to increase the yield and profit margin for the producer of the oil. This severely impairs the integrity or quality of the oil. Oils can also be adulterated with extenders to maximize the commercial profitability. These Image licensed by Ingram Images business practices produce inferior and possibly toxic oils but come at a cheaper cost than therapeutic grade oils. So, it’s important to ask questions when you’re purchasing oils.

The Science of Oils All life forms have an electro-magnetic energy frequency. We know that the body will adjust to the frequency of the electro-magnetic energy that it is exposed to. Therefore, exposure to the higher frequency of plants in the form of pure essential oils will raise the frequency of the body and reduce the impact of illness or eliminate potential illness entirely. This is how the body responds to essential oils.

How Essential Oils Can Improve Wellness Research shows that specific oils support specific body systems, i.e. kidneys, liver, skin, etc. Although this article does not give medical advice, and we don’t make disease claims or mention specific companies by name, there is research available from PubMed and other sources about how oils can complement traditional medicine. Using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography has aided scientists in studying oils and this research is important for users of oils.




Using Oils Oils can be used orally, by diffusion, or topically. Essential oils are often used with complementary modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Chiropractic, and Massage. You can also use pure essential oils for cooking, but be sure you’re using oils recommended for ingestion. Oils and oilinfused products can be used for cleaning, room fresheners, insect repellant, etc. Linda Lysakowski serves as Acquisitions Editor for CharityChannel Press and For the GENIUS Press. In this role, she has edited dozens of books. In addition to her role as editor, she is an accomplished author. Linda is the author of eleven books, contributing author to four books, co-editor of two books, and coauthor of seven books. Linda is a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and presents numerous webinars and workshops on essential oils.

March 2017


Balance is the Key to Wellness


ost experts agree that diet is the greatest factor in wellness, followed by exercise, but we all know, or have known someone, that works out religiously and eats well, but still gets sick regularly or ends up with a chronic disease or cancer. So, what’s going on? You can feed your body good, healthy foods and maintain a regular exercise program but, without nourishment for your soul, your health will suffer. Joshua Rosenthal, in his book Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness, refers to nourishment for How many books have you read about diet and lifestyle? I’ve tried just about every one, and on average, I failed at the three-week mark every time! Am I supposed to have raisins? How many nuts in a serving? Did I measure that? After I work out, how much time do I need to shower, fix my hair & get to the office? Can my kids eat the same stuff? Meditate? Seriously? HELP!! Getting healthy doesn’t have to be exhausting! No Kale Required focuses on simple, healthy dietary shifts with several one-at-a-time easy changes and ideas on how to integrate them easily. Simply add in another when you’re ready. Choose the changes you want to make depending on your lifestyle and health needs. Every choice is a stepping stone on your very personal journey to wellness. “No Kale Required is a must have quick resource to some ‘Small Changes, Big Shifts’ you can add to your tool bag for greater well-being. Well Done!” ―Dr. Michelle Robin, author of The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich and Wellness on a Shoestring “No Kale Required is a must-read for anyone who wants to make healthy changes that will change the quality of their lives.” ―Dr. Julie Connor, author Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide


your soul as primary food and the foods you eat as secondary food, saying, “Dietrelated disorders such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are national epidemics, and one of the main reasons is because we are stuffing ourselves with secondary foods when we are really starving for primary food.” When elements of a healthy lifestyle are out of balance it causes stress. Researchers are finding that chronic stress is a precipitating factor in illness and disease. It’s important that we have a satisfying career and well-balanced social life, are living within our financial means, have an outlet for creative expression, a fulfilling spiritual practice, community involvement and/or volunteering, continue learning new things, and get restful sleep. Are you aware of your satisfaction level in these areas? Here’s an exercise to help you determine the areas to focus on. Rate your satisfaction in each area from 1 (not satisfied) to 10 (super satisfied). Then connect the dots to see your ‘balance’ and identify those areas that you need to work on to bring yourself into harmony. The example on the bottom belongs to Jenna. It’s clear that focusing career, education, relationships, and spirituality will bring the greatest change. So, what can she do to effect change?

Step 1 Schedule time to give each one of these areas some serious thought. List the reasons for the low satisfaction scores and explore your beliefs surrounding them. Then, look at the high satisfaction scores and identify what’s different about your beliefs regarding them. Now go a step further and journal about what that means to you.

Step 2 Working with a trusted friend, or a life or business coach, identify potential solutions, look for any resistance to them, and working either alone or with a partner, explore how those solutions make you feel. Develop a list of workable ideas.

Step 3 Prioritize the solutions and write out a plan to bring about change in your life. Each action should be measurable so that

you will always feel as though you are on track to bringing things into balance.

Step 4 Schedule regular accountability meetings with your coach or friend. This is critical to your success. All too often we see a problem, think of a solution, and let ourselves be drawn off course. Hopefully, Jenna has done Step 1 and discovered the reasons behind her dissatisfaction. In some cases, the solutions become obvious once we put words to our feelings. At other times our self-talk has us defeated before we even ask the questions. Because career is coupled with education dissatisfaction, and Jenna couldn’t see how to move forward, she decided to work with a coach to determine how to proceed. If you’re in a rut and you don’t see a way out, whether it’s your career, your finances, your healthy food or your relationships, look through the pages of this magazine Chart based on Integrative Nutrition has a Life Wheel and find yourself a coach! They are trained to help you break through what’s What does your chart look like? How blocking your happiness. might the stress that you’re under be When I moved to Kansas City in 2006 challenging your health? We have the I didn’t know anyone except my son. I was power to overcome our genetic an older adult and worked with people predisposition to chronic disease, but much younger than me. I knew my son when we are stressing out over life, we wouldn’t appreciate it if I relied on him leave ourselves vulnerable. Couple that for my social life, so I made a plan to step with poor eating habits and a lack of out of my comfort zone and get to know exercise and you understand American’s people. I started going to a church, and poor state of health. after a year, I didn’t really feel like I fit in, Don’t let the myth that diet and so I moved on to another where I exercise are the only place to focus. Copy developed wonderful relationships. I the chart, fill it out and develop your joined an adult concert band and met plan ... You’ll be happier for it! some great people and found friends through Meetup. I joined a community Nancy Oglesby is an center, started my own business, joined author, educator, and some small networking groups, then coach offering services ABWA and BNI. I got involved in things based on her mission to and became a member of the leadership inspire healthy, sustainable teams and boards. lifestyle choices. Her new I knew that I was scoring low on book, No Kale Required: career, relationships, and spirituality and Healthy Eating Ideas for developed a plan to get back some the Rest of Us has hit the market and is balance. The plan didn’t go off without a taking off because of her down-to-earth hitch! I continue to assess my life balance approach that appeals to most everyone. and adjust. Learning is a lifelong Contact her at info@healthworkskc.com or adventure, and knowing what’s off-kilter via the contact page on her website gives you direction. The moral of the story www.nancyoglesby.com. is to never give up, just change course.



March 2017


How You Can Use Dowsing for Health


n ancient artwork as far back as 7,000 years ago in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, are depictions of alternative modes of healing various ailments. One of those modalities is using pendulums. A pendulum is a string or chain weighted by a crystal, metal, or object heavy enough to pull the string taught yet allow enough freedom for the string to move independently. This practice is known as dowsing. Dowsing with an instrument is a form of radiesthesia. A mix of the Latin radius, meaning ray or radiation, plus the Greek word aesthesis meaning senses, it is the process of sensing energy rays emitted from a person or object, often through the use of an instrument. The instrument could be a stick, a rod, your hands, or a pendulum. The ancient drawings depicted pendulums as the instrument for medical

dowsing. The concept of dowsing was based on sacred geometry but also through sensing radiation, electric, and magnetic force radiated from a person or object. When used for this purpose, a pendulum will move a certain way to indicate areas that need attention. In addition to detecting areas of radiated energy differences on a body, the pendulum can also detect and indicate energies in the environment that are stronger or weaker than others. Dowsing has a wide application when used for health beyond the body. The environment around us affects our health. From the conditions around us to the food we eat, our bodies are affected by external forces on a daily basis. A pendulum can be used to detect how fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats are before buying them, or if they’re genetically modified or not. It can also point to areas of a house, office, or building that better resonate with someone's personal frequencies than other places. One of the most powerful pendulums I used was very sensitive to electromagnetic energies. The first time I held it, I walked past an idling speaker which gave out a loud, "Brrrmmmph!" When I used the same pendulum to give a demonstration at the Dowsing Society of Kansas City, I used it to choose a Tarot card from a deck spread out in front of me that would share a message with those of us in the room. It chose, "Death". I explained that although the card appears to be an indication of death or doom, it is rarely literal. It resonates with the planet Pluto which represents darkness and transformation, among other things. Just as I finished explaining that, the lights went out! The lights couldn’t

Image licensed by Ingram Images



be switched back on, so we had to lift the the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, shades. We were left in partial darkness etcetera. A pendulum will swing over the and had to adjust to the natural light area that is affected. (transformation), true to the card that the Body charts work wonderfully with pendulum chose. Despite the audience remote readings. When working remotely, being open-minded and experienced, you don't have to be in the same room many of them gasped. It with the practitioner to couldn’t be coincidence “If you keep an open receive the benefits of nor could it be energy manipulation. It is mind and are ready for arguably one of the best coordinated that way with the best of plans. the truth, dowsing can benefits of dowsing. A The pendulum was able skilled practitioner can use render clear and to pick up on the subtle a pendulum to measure energies to indicate that energy levels before and concise answers. Being something was after healing sessions. electrically wrong in the Much like you can hear attuned isn't fairy environment and it in your home, car, magic; it's real, like a music manifested with the light or other location that's circuit going out. It mother's sixth sense. ” being played from a radio communicated that station on the other side of through a card that town, a practitioner can would indicate how we’d experience focus healing energy into the affected area circumstances around us. that the person will feel regardless if The simplest way to use a dowsing they're in the same location or not. instrument such as a pendulum is to ask It's best to be relaxed and focused questions that will yield categorical "Yes" state of mind when asking a question. If or "No" answers. The pendulum will you keep an open mind and are ready for swing one way for an affirmative answer the truth, dowsing can render clear and (perhaps clockwise or left and right) and concise answers. Being attuned isn't fairy the opposite way (for example, counter magic; it's real, like a mother's sixth clockwise or back and forth) for a negative sense. answer. The questions should be simple Ultimately, while dowsing for health and objective. For example, it's better to should never replace a holistic approach ask, "Is this exercise going to help me that includes an allopathic medical burn calories?" than, "Is this exercise expert's diagnosis, dowsing is a fantastic going to help me burn a lot of calories?" way to assess your health and Pendulums can also be used in fanenvironment around you. chart readings. A fan chart is a half or full circle divided into equilateral angles that have room for different alternatives or Cindy Mckean has been answers. For example, if you wanted to practicing Astrology, Tarot, decide what the best foods are to eat on a Palmistry, and Dowsing for particular day, those different foods can over 24 years. Though a be written separately in the angles in the scientist at heart, she felt chart. When you hold your pendulum there was more to life than over the chart it will swing towards the what empirical evidence answer. Write the answer down and ask if suggests. This began her there’s any additional foods that would journey into esoteric benefit you on that same day. Keep on asking until the pendulum stops swinging studies. Cindy offers private readings by towards any area of the chart. phone and internet. She can be reached Another chart that can be used is a through her body chart. This is an outline of a body. website www.KansasCityAstrology.com or by Sometimes organs are drawn in, such as calling (816) 895-2545


March 2017


Health Benefits Steeped in the Tradition of Tea Rituals


eople who know me well know that Wulong (also called Blue tea in some if you stop by my house, chances countries), Yellow, Green, and White teas. are that I will offer you a cup of tea You may wonder, how? Mostly it is in how as a sign of greeting and the tea leaves are processed or the level of hospitality. This simple offering or tea oxidation1 that determines the tea type. ritual evokes a healing steeped in Tea was first discovered in ancient tradition—you are instantly brought to the China over five thousand ago. Now, it is a present moment by the aromatic bouquet basic natural remedy woven into cultures of leaves and a warm internal massage of around the globe. Along with being antioxidants. In fact, I can’t imagine my consumed after meals as an aid to life without my tea ritual every day. This digestion, it was also used in topical custom comes from my childhood in ointments and skins creams. France. My mother is the one who gave Recently, more studies have been done me the love for tea. Since I was little, I about Tea and the various benefits that it always saw my mom with her cup of tea in can bring to human health. The most the morning with her French “tartines” common benefits outlined in those and seasonal fruit. researches are how Tea may help with: There is something about tea that is  Tooth decay prevention beyond just drinking. If you ask most  Boost the immune system people what comes to mind when they  Sooth the digestive system think about tea, the words “soothing” and  Protect bones “comforting” will come up first. Tea is as  Reduce incidence of Type II fascinating and complex as wine. If you diabetes are a wine drinker, you will agree with me that to truly appreciate wine, a three step  Weight loss and so on. process is required to engage the senses. Some of the recent studies reveal that You observe the color tones, smell the drinking tea could have a positive effect luscious bouquet, and savor the eruption on disease like Parkinson’s and of flavorful notes. The same ritual is used Alzheimer’s2, preventing brain cells from for tea, thus this activation of all primary dying and how it may lead to a reduced senses has a therapeutic effect on your risk of dementia. Tea, like red wine, health. In fact, the scent of a tea blend can cocoa, and many fruits and vegetables, is influence your mood, ranging on a rich in flavonoids. Adding flavonoid’s to continuum from relaxed to invigorating. one’s diet shows positive effects on Smelling the delicate scent of the tea chronic diseases, including cardiovascular before drinking is probably one of my disease3. favorite moments. Suddenly the time Green teas and White teas have the stops…I am transported to be in the epigallocatechin gallate, also known as present moment. It is a true meditative EGCG, which appears to have powerful state-of-being. In the evening antioxidant effects against free after dinner, my mother and I “Tea is as radicals—unstable molecules that would have another tea ritual, fascinating can damage healthy cells and cause this one with Infusions or cancer as a result. and complex Tea is also known to help with focus Tisanes (what English speakers would call Herbal as wine.” and concentration. John Fox, Tea). It is made from herbs, Professor of Neuroscience at the City dried fruits, and/or spices. Depending on University of New York, used an MRI to our mood my mom would prepare a map tea’s effect on the complex workings chamomile tea (which is known to relax of the human brain. After drinking tea, the nervous system), Anise tea (that helps the amino acid is absorbed into the with digestive disorders), or fruit tea circulatory system where it increases which contain curative properties as well. alpha brain-wave activity. This alpha What fascinates me the most about the brain rhythm is known to induce a Tea plant (Camellia Sinensis – Latin calmer, yet more alert, state of mind. name), is that from one plant you get In the ninth century when tea was many different types of teas with traded to Mongolia, Tibet, and Japan, it numerous health benefits. In fact, six became the favorite drink of Buddhist different types of tea to be precise: Black monks, who found that it helped them (called red tea in China), Pu-Er, Oolong/ stay awake during long periods of prayer

Image courtesy of Emilie Jackson

and meditation. Used as an elixir of sobriety and wakeful tranquility, tea was also a means of spiritual refreshment and the ritual of preparing and partaking of it was an occasion for spiritual conviviality, a way to go beyond this world and enter a realm apart. Research confirms that even brief periods of relaxation can reduce cortisol levels, lower heart rates, and make us feel less anxious and stressed. So, I encourage you to go ahead and steep….creating your own tea ritual. At the end, you have nothing to lose, just a few tea leaves... Emilie Jackson, M.S. Communication & Marketing Strategy, is a Shamanic Ordained Minister and has cultural and linguistic expertise in the fields of health care, complementary, and alternative medicine. She lived in different countries including France, Portugal, England, and Mexico where ancient traditions are still alive. She is co-owner of Centered Spirit Cultural and Holistic Center and tea specialist at Emilie’s French Teas—a French Tea Room located inside Centered Spirit. Location: 8131 Wornall Rd, KCMO 64114, 816-225-9393, emilie@centeredspirit.com.

1.Oxidation is the chemical reaction that takes place when harvested tea leaves react with oxygen in the air. Oxidation changes the taste, aroma, and appearance of the leaves. 2. Dr. Silvia Mandel, of the Eve Topf Center in Haifa, Israel, show that green tea has rejuvenating effect on damaged brain cells. 3. Flavonoids are a group of plant metabolites thought to provide health benefits through cell signaling pathways and antioxi dant effects.




March 2017

Spiritual Horoscope

March 2017 Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Happy birthday Pisces! Give yourself the gift of healed self-esteem. You’re the only one who can re-wire yourself to receive the abundant love around you. Meditate to heal old experiences that “prove” it’s not safe to open your heart. Picture love washing through you. You’ll be able to change patterns, while still having discernment about what’s right for you (so you can say no to people or circumstances!) Also look squarely at finances to repair “leaks” and feel worthy enough to draw prosperity in!

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Venus, the planet of love, self-worth and finances, is retrograde in your sign. Venus retrogrades the least of any planet, and the last time this happened in Aries was 2009! From now until midApril, meditate on releasing “issues” that have built up in Venusian areas these past 8 years. You can have a true change of consciousness that heals your world, or makes good stuff even better! Look for areas where you feel you’ve been wronged, and allow other perspectives into your mind.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Confident Mars moves into your sign, giving you courage to make changes and have new beginnings! Venus retrograde also gives insights into your subconscious blocks to emotional or financial abundance. Meditate with an open mind and take note of little ideas that pop up, even throughout the day after your quiet time. Something simple or seemly silly can hold a key to huge healing! You can also have health improvements in an area you thought was permanent.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Venus retrograde wants you to be less analytical. You’re so smart and see many sides to things, but that can make you unhappy because you’re less likely to feel emotionally present in experiences and relationships. Being in your head causes you to find or exaggerate faults instead of feeling joy. Meditate to practice “being” rather than thinking. When you

come upon a strong belief, ask yourself if it is possible a different conclusion exists. Then open your focus to include that option.

sexuality, spirituality, and prosperity. The wonderful sense of connection you’ll have at the end of Venus retrograde (Mid-April) will make it worth the journey!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Working hard with no recognition? This is the month you’ve been waiting for! Open your heart to receive the praise, promotion, new job or bonuses that are due you! Meditate to release any stories of resentment or unworthiness. These are just repetitive thoughts that seem real, but are not the truth of you or of your situation, as these new experiences will prove. But you need to be ready to view this month’s blessings without suspicion or caution. Plan time with spiritual, positive, inspiring friends who move toward their goals. Confront limiting beliefs, even if inherited from family — you can move beyond those ideas to a better reality!!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Create a balance of spirituality and “real life”. This can mean applying yoga principles at work or with family. Practice seeing others (and also yourself!) through eyes of compassion. Make time for a short meditation at work, even just taking a few deep centering breaths in the privacy of the bathroom. Read books on money and spiritual energy. This type of integration will draw amazing people toward you, as well as lift your spirits and bring solutions to challenges!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Venus retrograde has an eight year cycle. This month, meditate to release disappointment in intimacy or finances. Also forgive experiences of betrayal and broken trust. Even ponder any deaths in the past eight years. Opening old wounds helps them heal more fully and open you to new depth in relationships,


Your ruling planet, Venus, turns retrograde March and April. You’ll open to new joy and bonding in longterm partnerships, or starting a wonderful new relationship if single. Meditate to find subconscious blocks to commitment and connection. As a Libra, part of your spiritual path is learning balance in relationships in order to heal your heart and your soul. Forgive past errors on your part or those of others to be able to receive the love that is surrounding you now and in the future!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Meditate about being frustrated with yourself about changes you need to make, but haven’t taken steps to correct. Venus retrograde wants you to examine stress-relief resources and your ability to self-soothe. Are you nurturing yourself with healthy foods, rest and quiet reflection time? Or are use using substances like caffeine, sugar, or being overly busy to drive yourself? Being gentle releases tension in relationships, and opens you to better work opportunities. Pushing less hard creates more success in all areas!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) You’re generally very optimistic and positive. Venus retrograde asks you to meditate and find disappointments or frustrations with love, children or friends that have impacted your joyous nature the past eight years. You can gloss things over, but the pain might be buried and needs to surface and truly heal. This make current relationships better, or draws in awesome new ones. A new work project or job can pop up unexpectedly. Your internal compass is


March 2017

back on track and leads you to happy adventures!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) It may sound strange, but this Venus retrograde helps with childhood issues you project onto authority figures. Meditation reveals unconscious vulnerabilities that cause emotional reactions at work with superiors, or other people who intimidated you. You might even have the same triggers in romantic relationships. It feels your partner has power over you since you’re vulnerable there too. Work and love will improve. Also a deep, unsettling anxiety or fear of failure that constantly lurks in your mind will lift!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Mastering the mind is a huge goal as an Aquarian! Venus retrograde wants you to ask yourself constantly, “Is this thought loving to me?” And it is not loving if thoughts create fear, obsession, worry or distraction from the joy of the present moment (that’s a big Aquarius issue, thinking about life rather than experiencing it by feeling it!) Practice being truly connected to people and events. Gratitude lists can help. And be patient with your busy mind in meditation — don’t give up trying to have moments of mental peace! Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


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MARCH 13 GUIDED MEDITATION Join us for an evening of spirit guided meditation. New or experienced meditators welcome! 7:00 p.m. Cost: love MARCH 20 offering John Hoefer (913) 831-4422 Core Star Energy PSYCHIC PROTECTION MASTERCLASS Healing, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS. ONLINE 7:30-9:00 p.m. Want to be empowered, brave, and MARCH 14 practical? This monthly ongoing course covers unique CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING CLINIC material not taught anywhere else! Go to Experience the benefits of energy healing. 6045 Martway, www.MayaZahira.com to apply. Suite 104, Mission, KS. Reservations 913-831-4422 7:15 p.m. $20. www.CoreStarEnergyHealing.com STARTS MARCH 20 LEARNING SELF-LOVE SMALL GROUP MARCH 14 Monday nights 5:30-6:30 PM 6 Weeks $60 The Wellness TOP 5 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU Wheel www.facebook.com/HealingLightCoach VULNERABLE TO PSYCHIC ATTACK (AND Audrey@HealingLightCoach.com WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT) 7:00-8:30 p.m. Free online class via Facebook Live. Visit MARCH 25TH www.MayaZahira.com for details. EAT LOCAL & ORGANIC EXPO! At Johnson county Community College. 10a-3p Join us at BEGINS MARCH 15 our 19th annual Eat Local & Organic Expos for a chance TURNING ANXIETY INTO EASE to buy food and garden plants directly from some of the Learn how to transform anxiety, frustration and best local, organic, and free-range farmers in the area. overwhelm into joy, ease and clarity so you can contribute to our world in a positive way - led by Laura MARCH 26 Wolf & Emilie Jackson. www.laura-wolf.com BREAK THROUGH LIMITING BELIEFS Understand the key role resistance plays in manifesting MARCH 17 so you can bring your creations into form! Experiential VISIT DOWNTOWN OVERLAND PARK workshop with loads of useful tools. 9:30 - 4:30 LOCAL LIFE! www.redfeatherconnections.com. 913-515-3271 3rd Fri Nite 6-8:30 p.m. Live music with Brad Allen and appetizers made with our oils and vinegars! The Tasteful MARCH 26 Olive 913 649-7900 ENERGY WORK PLUS MUSIC THERAPY Delight Davis and Johnny Ricker now offering private MARCH 17 sessions Sunday $80. Questions or appointments: MONTHLY DRUM CIRCLE thevibrantself@gmail.com or 913-369-2738 at The Light Center Bring drums and any other sacred noise maker or instruments, your voice & your joyous MARCH 26 spirit! 6PM info@lightcenter.info CREATE A CHEMICAL-FREE HOME 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Peculiar, MO - Learn what is MARCH 17-21 harmful in your environment and create a chemical-free DR. VODDER’S MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE home for you & your pets. Register: pat@n2paws.com Basic Full Body 5 Day intensive with the leader in or 816-522-7005. Website: www.n2paws.com MLD therapy! 816-523-9140 ext 111. http://wellspring.edu/continuing-education MARCH 28 CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING CLINIC Experience the benefits of energy healing. 6045 Martway, Suite 104, Mission, KS. Reservations 913-831-4422 7:15 p.m. $20. www.CoreStarEnergyHealing.com



March 2017

MARCH 31-APRIL 2 USUI/HOLY FIRE ADVANCED REIKI TRAINING/REIKI MASTER Learn the Master symbol and the new Holy Fire material. Work with crystals. Strengthen your healing energy and be able to teach Reiki. 9am-6:30pm. $975 with early deposit. CEs for nurses, massage therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers. ICRT Licensed Reiki Master, Leawood, KS. 816-523-4440. www.karenharrison.net karen@karenharrison.net

APRIL 1 LINGER OVER BREAKFAST: SPIRITUALITY AND THE MORAL LIFE, WITH JEAN DEBLOIS, CSJ Presented by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Today, we find ourselves confronted by daunting moral issues made particularly challenging by the divisive climate in our society. Additionally, issues in our private lives can be just as daunting. We will look at the intersection between personal spirituality and the moral life asking how attention to deepening our own spirituality can help us grapple effectively with the many moral decisions we face on a daily basis. Saturday, April 1, 2017, Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Program 9-11 a.m. At St. Teresa’s Academy, Windmoor Center $15 per session, breakfast included. Register at www.csjsl.org or 816-501-2944 Sponsored by Avila University and St. Teresa’s Academy APRIL 1 CREATE YOUR OWN SYNERGY SPRAY USING ESSENTIAL OILS $20 (includes everything for 1 spray) 78:30pm Gifts & Decor Swords & More 123 S Mur-Len Olathe, KS (913) 782-4244 APRIL 1 SHADOW BREATHWORK WITH LAURA WOLF Reclaim your passion, power and purpose from the shadows so that you can create a life that you love! www.laura-wolf.com APRIL 1 MANY LIVES, ONE SOURCE Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment is sponsoring a full-day workshop entitled Many Lives, One Source: Understanding Karma, Grace, Reincarnation and Your Place in the Divine Plan; presented by Peter Woodbury, A.R.E. staff member, MSW, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist. Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center. To register, contact the A.R.E. at 800 333-4499 or go to EdgarCayce.org/field conferences.

APRIL 2 GUIDED MEDITATION WITH LIVE MUSIC Sunday, 7-8:30, $15. Delight Davis and Johnny Ricker thevibrantself@gmail.com or 913-3692738

grooming, first aid, stress reduction, and Reiki treatment. For flier email overall wellness support for your animal karen@karenharrison.net. companions. Register: pat@n2paws.com or 816-523-4440 816-522-7005. Website: www.n2paws.com ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS FOR APRIL 12 CANCER PATIENTS AND VETERANS PELVIC PAIN RELIEF —THE MAYA By Appointment. The Kansas City Healing APRIL 2 CONNECTIONS Project provides energy healing sessions for PENDULUMS: LEARNING TO Learn how Traditional Maya Medicine cancer patients and veterans. Our clients have OBTAIN YOUR OWN ANSWERS techniques can address chronic pelvic floor been experiencing a reduction of their stress, with Traci Bray, MEDIUM 1:30-3:30 p.m., $55 pain. Solutions for lasting relief: including anxiety and pain levels. These sessions are includes pendulum 913-940-0754 or https:// excises to decrease inflammation and relax provided at NO COST to the client. Contact www.tracibray.com/-appearances--the pelvis. Instructor: Alex Jackson $35 6John Hoefer at 816-718-6358 for details. events.html 8pm at Centered Spirit, 8131 Wornall Rd. KansasCityHealingProject.org KCMO 64114 APRIL 4-5 Registration: Call 816-225-9393 LISA LOLA HEALING ARTS USUI/HOLY FIRE REIKI I & II Facebook.com/centeredspirit EXPERIENCE CHAKRA BALANCING Learn energy healing skills for yourself and MEDITATION others. Intro to essential oils included. 9am APRIL 15 Every Sunday evening 7-730pm at Karma – 6:30pm, $380 with early deposit. CEs for WILD SPRING EDIBLES AND Tribe Yoga: 3545 Broadway Blvd, KCMO nurses, massage therapists, marriage and MEDICINAL HERBS family therapists, social workers. Karen Take a walk to identify wild edibles and LISA LOLA HEALING ARTS Harrison, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master, healing plants that grow all around us. Learn EXPERIENCE MEDITATION Leawood, KS. karen@karenharrison.net to make herbal remedies. 1-3pm, $30 Every Wednesday evening 7-730pm at KC 816-523-4440. www.karenharrison.net Contact Regina@SacredEarthArts.com for Urban Yoga at Heart of the Dove KC: 4327 KCKS location. Troost Ave, KCMO APRIL 5 DOGA (DOGGIE YOGA) APRIL 21 U-NITE INTERSPIRITUAL SERVICE 6-7 p.m. Overland Park, KS - An approach to VISIT DOWNTOWN OVERLAND Join us at Unity Temple on the Plaza for our flexibility and relaxation for you and your PARK LOCAL LIFE! weekly 'interspiritual' service SUNDAYS 4:30canine companion. Register: 3rd Friday Nite 6-8:30 p.m. Live music with 5:30PM (YOUTH PROGRAM available for pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005. Website: Linda and Dan Thomas and appetizers made ages 5+). www.uthrive-in-unity.com www.n2paws.com with our oils and vinegars! The Tasteful Olive 913-649-7900 FRIENDS OF IANDS KC APRIL 7 Every 3rd Saturday of the month 1-3pm Host ENERGY WORK AND MUSIC APRIL 22 Annamarie McBride International Studies for THERAPY FARM TO FIBER FEST Near Death Experiences. Gifts & Decor Delight Davis and Johnny Ricker now offering Learn about luxury fibers at The Light Center Swords & More 123 S Mur-Len Olathe, KS private sessions. Friday $80. Questions or and Baldwin fiber farms. 10- 4:00 (913) 782-4244 appointments: thevibrantself@gmail.com or Register: www.farm2fiberfest.com $20 913-369-2738 includes lunch/classes/tour APRIL 7 & 8 MINI-READINGS IN PERSON WITH MEDIUM TRACI BRAY Kansas City Livestock Exchange, Phone 913940-0754 or https://www.tracibray.com/appearances---events.html APRIL 8 CUPPING THERAPY – INTRODUCTORY CLASS Learn the Traditional Maya Medicine concepts of Cupping Therapy. This class outlines the clinical benefits and uses of cupping as well as hands-on practice time during the class. Saturday 9am-4pm, Instructor: Alex Jackson $95 Centered Spirit, 8131 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114. Registration: call 816 -225-9393 – Facebook.com/centeredspirit

APRIL 8 INTRODUCTION TO ESSENTIAL OILS FOR ANIMALS 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Peculiar, MO - Learn how to use essential oils for battling pests,


APRIL 26 BROOKSIDE BARKERY & BATH “BARKERY UNIVERSITY” 7 p.m. What’s in your pet’s food? Join us for an informative seminar that will leave pet owners feeling confident in understanding their pet’s nutritional needs and reading pet food labels. Details and registration at www.barkerybath.com/barkeryuniversity. ONGOING

REIKI CIRCLE Unity Temple on the Plaza; 707 W. 47 th St., Kansas City, MO. 2nd Saturday every month 1 -4 p.m. to receive Reiki session. Love Offering. For information, email kaubry@rocketmail.com or call 913-2158863. REIKI CIRCLE Unity Church of Overland Park –10300 Antioch, OPKS. 2nd and 4th Mondays 7-9 p.m. Love offering. All welcome. Receive a


March 2017


We are a group of psychotherapists and body workers who have come together to create The Wellness Collaborative. Our busy center sees over 100 clients a month, and we have office space available. Whether you are an established practitioner, or just starting your practice, we could be the next place your business calls home. Give us a shout, and we will be happy to show you around. Dr. Christina McDowell, PhD, LSCSW 4044 Central St, KCMO 64111 816-682-8147 or cmcdowellphd@gmail.com



March 2017

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