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July 2017


Join us for a weekend getaway to Hermann, MO. Explore the wineries, shop in historic downtown Hermann, enjoy the Oktoberfest festivities! $224 double occupancy includes train fare, lodging, and a light breakfast on the train. Jill@evolvingmagazine.com or www.USAbyRail.blog details.

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Conscious Living Festival Follow Evolving Magazine publisher, Jill Dutton, as she explores the United States and Canada by train. Visit:


September 17, 2017, Noon-5 p.m. at Unity Temple on the Plaza 707 W. 47th St., KCMO ~ www.EvolvingMagazine.com for more info. Now accepting vendor applications: jill@evolvingmagazine.com to apply. EVOLVING‌IN KANSAS CITY


July 2017

Publisher’s Letter...


Dear Friend, Balance an apple and a banana on a scale and the side with the apple effortlessly raises the banana. Does the apple have more nutritional value than the banana? No, it simply weighs more. In a similar way, we determine balance in our lives. What we value most may not be where we devote most of our time. Instead, we place value on the responsibilities that weigh the most: usually job or family. As with the apple and banana, even though our job may place more pressure on our time constraints, our personal time is equally valuable. How is your time spent? What are your priorities? By simplifying your life, you can pare down your priorities to determine how your time is best spent. Think about how much time you devote to work, family, and personal time. Is there an equal balance? Do you nurture yourself as deeply as you nurture others? Do you plan for creative playtime for yourself? Does exercise seem like an indulgence when the dishes need washed or the clothes are dirty? And solitude: how often do you really get to spend quality time alone? To create balance, you must determine how your time is best spent and where your priorities lie. Author Victoria Moran writes in her book, Creating a Charmed Life, “Simplicity is what you get when you remove from your life certain complications: items that don’t serve or delight you, and activities that take more energy than they give back.” Moran continues, “Lives that work tend to issue from a blend of simplicity and selective complication. Let’s face it: our greatest joys complicate our lives the most… This is the essence of selective complication: paring down the possessions and occupations that rob you of hours and energy so you’re free to focus on what matters to you.” Liz Brown, a Feng Shui Consultant and Massage Therapist integrates her feng shui practice into everyday living by segregating blocks of time to spend with particular energies. Brown says, “Everything in feng shui is about balance. In the home, there are contrasts: areas of rest and activity; areas of elimination and nourishment; areas for family and to be alone. I started using these same principles of feng shui for all areas of my life. I started by scheduling blocks of time just like I do at home. Certain times of the day are allotted for phone calls, a separate time is set aside for business, another block of time for personal recreation, and so forth. I’ve focused my attention on one area of life at a time. It makes my times that much more powerful. Then, every moment is powerful.” Here’s to making every moment powerful.

Jill Dutton

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July 2017

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Play (Acrylic on clear panel, 18x24), by artist, Lorrie Boydston, is a painting inspired by nearby neighborhood on a sunny, summer afternoon. Her work explores ideas of daily suburban life and the underlying structures it imposes as well as positive, redeeming moments that are revealed if we just slow down long enough to see them. This typical, mundane scene captures a fleeting moment in her day, one that would usually be taken for granted. It is an optimistic comment on the ideas of children at play, environment, consumerism, and time. Visit her website at www.lorrieboydston.com.


Holistic Health

The Effect of Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Stress on the Gut and Brain B N R , M.D.





fter attending the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) conference June 1-3, 2007 at LA Marriott Live, many pearls of wisdom were presented by prominent nationally known

and Ethiopia where the diet is not westernized and have increased parasite stress. The conclusion of this research indicated variation in hygiene as well as diet may partially explain global patterns in Alzheimer's speakers. Disease (AD). Microorganism exposure may be Applications of the microbiome-brain Connections inversely related to AD risk. presentation by David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM Obesity is another huge issue in the western world. was one of the highlights. Obesity is associated with Dr. Perlmutter is an inflammation and hippocampal Integrative, Functional Medicine atrophy which are associated physician and Board Certified with cognitive decline. Obesity is neurologist practicing in Florida associated with gut dysbiosis and also involved in research which leads to gut inflammation, regarding Alzheimer’s disease. increased leaky gut, and nervous There is a balance in the brain system inflammation. Genetics between inflammation and and life style probably neurogenesis. If you have determines which system is inflammation it affects affected by the inflammation. For neurogenesis or the production of one person, inflammation may nerve cells. The following diseases cause cancer, another are signs of inflammation in the Alzheimer's disease, another brain and nervous system: depression, and another auto Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's immune diseases. disease, Multiple sclerosis, Your heart and respiratory Stroke, Depression, Autism, and fitness is also a predictor of ADHD. symbiosis or good gut flora This inflammation in the balance. If you are not physically brain is related to flora, microbes, Image licensed by Ingram Images fit with good peak oxygen uptake, and organism balance also called the gold standard of cardio the microbiome in the gastrointestinal system. This respiratory fitness, your risk for dysbiosis and leaky gut system is the one cell lining layer of this tract from your increases. mouth to the anus. Proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec, Protonix, A healthy microbiome leads to symbiosis, a healthy and Nexium, etc. may be associated with clostridium gastrointestinal tract. Factors for symbiosis include a difficile infections, hip fractures, community acquired high fiber, low sugar and gluten diet, natural birth, pneumonia, vitamin B-12 deficiency, and allergic breast feeding, exposure to microbes, consumption of reactions. Acid suppression from these drugs alters the probiotics, and favorable genetics. The effects of gut flora or microbiome. They may also increase the symbiosis include resolution of inflammation, integrity risk of heart attacks and dementia. of the one cell lining layer called the epithelial layer, To be proactive, change your diet. First eat more regulation of neutrophil activity, reduced T-helper 17 prebiotic foods such as jicama, garlic, dandelion greens, cells, and increased treg or suppressor cells. and artichokes as well as probiotic foods such as The opposite of symbiosis is dysbiosis. Dysbiosis or kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, and kombucha. Other imbalance in the gut is caused by factors including good dietary changes include: avoidance of GMO foods, antibiotic use, antibiotics in livestock, pathogenic eating organic as much as possible, lower refined bacteria, standard western diet, pesticides and carbohydrates, increase healthy fats, increased fiber, insecticides in food, hygiene, obesity and stress. The and most importantly, minimizing sugar and gluten effects of dysbiosis include inflammation, cancer, and intake. Other factors to improve brain health are autoimmunity. adequate sleep, exercise, and stress management. Each There is no doubt that modern behavior and dietary person can have an impact on their risk of changes are altering the microbial ecology or inflammatory illnesses. Genetics loads the gun, but it is microbiome of humans. Some of these changes are lifestyle that pulls the trigger! beneficial but others are disruptive and may be a driving force behind the rapidly increasing levels of Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal chronic inflammatory diseases in developed countries medicine physician, blending traditional and as stated in the Journal of Human Evolution 79, 2015. alternative medicine in her Kansas City For example, there is an increased risk of northland practice for over 30 years. For more Alzheimer's disease in countries with a western diet and information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit higher use of antibiotics such as United States, Japan, her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark and lower risk in her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at China, Phillippines, Iran, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Sudan, 816-453-5545.



July 2017

Immerse Yourself in a Journey of Healing in The River and the Sea When is enough enough? How does someone go about healing from thirty years of deep pain? How does she begin to forgive and to trust again? In The River and the Sea, Julia Laughlin travels to New Zealand, three decades after she is brutally raped and tortured, to answer these questions for herself. The trip commences as a promise to her daughter to repay the gift of her love. Over five weeks of solitude, at the junction of the river and the sea in Punakaiki, Laughlin faces her fears, resurrects her broken spirit, and writes her story. Though the journey is treacherous and the path not always clear, she ultimately discovers that the healing powers she sought were inside her all along. The River and the Sea is available for purchase at the local bookstores in Lawrence, Raven Book Store, and Signs of Life; Ad Astra Books & Coffee in Salina, and from the publisher at: www.laughlindaughterspublishinghouse.com

Mama Bear Massage Gives Women the Opportunity to Focus on Themselves Mama Bear Massage Therapy is now accepting clients at Home Family Holistic Center with a focus on prenatal and postnatal massage. Shawna Patton, LMT is the founder of Mama Bear Massage which she created to provide women an opportunity to take time for themselves as they also care for others. A Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist trained in a variety of specialties for over ten years, Shawna discovered the benefits of regular bodywork after the birth of her first child. She is passionate about providing holistic health care for women so they can care for their children and families. She customizes each massage session according to what the individual body needs, utilizing her extensive skill set to include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Myofascial release, Trigger point and Hot stone massage. “Shawna is a natural healer able to intuitively hold space for women in a way that feels safe and nurturing,” shared Kim Macy, mother of two. Schedule a relaxing, healing massage Monday through Thursday from 10AM-4PM at Home Family Holistic Center 7927 Floyd Overland Park, Kansas by calling or texting (816) 509-4008 or email MamaBearMassageOP@gmail.com.

Journey to Wholeness

Wisdom Within

Reward Yourself with the Magic of an S Altar B S



one. Done. Done,” I say to myself as I clean off the numerous intents placed upon my altar. I hold intents for anyone who may ask for help. I ask them write it crystal-clear in as active of a voice as possible. The longest one to remain on the altar took over two years as it was a complex court case. In the end, my friend won. The ancient yogis formed the original law -of-attraction “intent” called a san kalpa. It Image licensed by Ingram Images holds great power. It’s personal to each of us yet important for cocreating with the divine wisdom all around or one’s soul and unseen friends. How we put together a sacred space for our altar is very personal. Some use various icons or religious relics. A great KC yogi sits at his altar every morning. He has symbolic art which reflects his complex nature. His dedication to his practice inspires many of us. If we allow ourselves to take the time to sit by the altar, keep it clean, add new intents, and delete old intents—the results are magic. Some find it hard to write an “intent.” Best to write out with these parameters:  It must be beneficial to you or others  It must be uplifting and filled with hope  It must be expansive for your greater good  It must be “believable”  Keep it brief  Keep it in present tense  It benefits to have a “feeling” nature that touches you in some way  It is good to keep in the active

Emotional Contagion: Are You Catching or Creating? B J L C , P .D.

voice It is always a good idea to add this line: “Universe manifest this or better with harm to none.” Sometimes our own expectations may be weak or lacking and this way nothing negative comes our way. Plus, we are free of any negative karma that may intercede with the greater good. Make sense? A student was perplexed as to how to word her intent. She suffered from severe arthritis. Our group helped her write one for her: “Thank you, universe, for healing my arthritis.” I keep a file of my intents. Yesterday, I found an old one from 2001 about a grumpy neighbor. It made me laugh. Indeed, the old gal did move away and gave me some peace after a decade of complaining about everything one could imagine. Ask and we will receive. Ask and the door will open. Count on it! Have fun creating a personal altar and feel so grand when it manifests!

“If we allow ourselves to take the time to sit by the altar, keep it clean, add new intents, and delete old intents—the results are magic.”

Suzette Scholtes’ nonfiction writing won the prestigious “Writers Digest” award. Her passions are writing and yoga and she feels one needs a sense of humor for both. She founded The Yoga School of Therapeutics where she manages one of the region’s prestige teacher training programs. 10400 W. 103rd Street, Overland Park. www.theyogastudio.com news@theyogastudio.com 913-492-9594.




id you know that emotions can be contagious? You may be aware that when you are around happy people, you are happier. Conversely, being around lonely people may make you feel lonelier. How does this happen? Many studies have confirmed that we, very quickly and unconsciously, mimic the frown, smile, or other kinds of emotional expression of others. Our brain ‘mirrors’ these expressions and interprets them as our own feelings. This process in which a person or a group influences the emotions and affective behavior of another person or groups through the conscious or unconscious influence of emotions is called emotional contagion (EC). This can impact our personal and professional relationships in powerful ways. As I was thinking about how we are affected by our environment, I am also reminded about how powerful we are in creating a negative or positive space. As a mental health professional I have long paid much attention to the physical and emotional surrounding I provide for the people I see. In my new office space there is light, calming colors, comfortable furniture, and art that will hopefully evoke a feeling of comfort, brightness, and safety. Making sure I am personally emanating the emotions and presence that will provide a safe container for each person is a more difficult task. EC can be both negative and positive. We can give or receive sadness, fear, anger, happiness, or love. Some people are more affected by others’ emotions and more likely to take them on as their own. Shellie Bourg Carger, Psy.D. in the online Psychology Today article “Emotional Contagion Scale”, lists the questions you can ask yourself to determine how vulnerable you are to taking on the emotions of others. This can be a good trait as we often feel empathy in our conversations and connections with others. It can become more negative if we cannot distinguish between our emotions and those of others. Caretakers and professionals who work with persons who are suffering emotionally or physically can become burned out and depressed if they take on the suffering of others.


July 2017


Another important thing we need to understand is the negativity bias of the brain. We react more quickly and with greater sensitivity to negative experiences. Rick Hanson in The Buddha’s Brain tells us that it takes zero seconds for a negative experience to register in the brain and fifteen seconds for a positive one. He says we have Velcro for the negative and Teflon for the positive. To balance the negative and positive response rates it is agreed by researchers that we need five positive experiences to every negative one. There are two behavioral sides of this EC coin. We can catch other’s emotions, taking them on as our own and we can influence the emotions of others by how we communicate ours. When you sense you are absorbing too much anxiety, sadness, irritability, or negativity from someone, notice, but stay calm. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself as separate from the other person, taking in positive and letting the negative emotions bounce off. You might ask yourself “Am I feeling sad or am I responding to the other person’s sadness?” Notice your facial expressions, gestures, voice tone, and rate of speech. Notice that of the other persons. Are you mimicking them or are they mimicking you? We can often dramatically change the emotional tone of any communication by regulating our words and body language. We can change the environment by paying attention to either catching or creating the emotional experience. We have more control than we may have imagined. Pay more attention and see what happens. Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC, is a counselor, educator, and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements, or information on Neurobehavioral Programs or Imago Couple Therapy call 913-3225622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre go to www.kcholistic.com.

There is a New Ally in the Battle of the Bulge



he latest self-improvement shop is worth a gosee. I tried my best to wait until I could adjust my eating habits, but my jeans just kept getting tighter (imagine that!). Luckily, I was tuned in to EAT, FIT, GO and determined it was time to investigate. Two locations, one in Corinth, the other in Hawthorne Plaza, made it easy for me to see what all the hub-bub was about. Talk about hub-bub; it was the day after New Year’s but omg. I could barely push inside with so many folks pondering fridges full of pre-packaged food. The containers, marked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in small or large portions, looked interesting. Not like the treats at the Upper Crust, mind you, but decent. All the nutritional info was clearly marked on each and, though I’m usually adverse to food in plastic, I overheard that you can freeze, thaw, and microwave the containers. This franchise is the brainchild of Sam Vakhidov, CEO and Aaron McKeever, President, two Omaha entrepreneurs who decided we need more ways to handle the bulge. It opened its first store in February of this year in Omaha, NE with plans on adding up to 80 more stores in 2017.


Consider Chinese Cupping or Ear Acupuncture

accessible no matter where you are located, and our goal is to get healthy food to your front door within 24 hours.” They’re hoping to revolutionize the way people eat on the go. Eat Fit Go makes staying fit and healthy simple by doing the cooking and portioning for you. All wrapped up and ready, I tried the simple salad, a hearty breakfast meal, and snack box. The result? I’m hooked. If the mantra you-are-what-you-eat is true, then my 98 percent sugar and white carbs are being banished. The new me will be just what this little purveyor is selling: eating and getting fit. So, stop whining and get with the program.

Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Cain, says, “We’ve got a local, centralized kitchen that cooks and packages the meals daily. Fresh is a paramount –so is the idea that if you want vegetarian, gluten free, or low carb it’s all here. Beyond the rapidly increasing number of storefronts, Eat Fit Go has plans to expand into ecommerce, delivery, and a health and wellness mobile app in early 2017. Healthy food should be affordable and

True Balance Wellness

Awaken to Who You Are and All You Came to Be

5510 NE Antioch Rd., KCMO 64119 (816) 326-8303; truebalancekc.com

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Kansas City writer, producer, and photo stylist Gloria Gale is a sleuth when it comes to discovering interesting features for the media. Most recently, Gloria profiled area restaurants as a columnist for 435 Magazine and was on KCUR's Food Critics radio program. Want to know where to find the best tastes in town? ggale@everestkc.net

Spiritual Guidance Available In Person with Internationally Known Author, Healer, Teacher, Coach and Counselor Cat RunningElk, Author of the highly acclaimed "The Healer's Charm" and "Mystic Mommy"

www.catrunningelk.com catrunningelk@gmail.com 863-529-1866

Introductory Offer 15 minute treatment for just $20 Includes cupping or ear acupuncture only

King Chiropractic & Acupuncture www.pkingchiro.com 6447 N. Cosby Ave KCMO 64151 ` 816-221-4418 Find us on Facebook. EVOLVING…IN KANSAS CITY


July 2017

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JULY 6-9 BROOKSIDE BARKERY & BATH SIDEWALK SALE Stop into Brookside Barkery July 6-9 for the annual Brookside Sidewalk Sale! Be prepared for savings you can’t resist, plus special deals from our many of our Brookside neighbors. 118 W 63 St. Kansas City, MO 64113. www.barkerybath.com rd

JULY 7, 8 & 9 KC METAPHYSICAL FAIR Fri 4:30 – 10 p.m. Sat 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sun 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Psychics, Crystals, Art, Jewelry, Books, Tarot, Reiki, Gifts, Drums, Astrology, Aura photos, Palm Reading, Candles, and much more. Workshops and Door Prizes hourly. See FB or email for details. www.facebook.com/kcmetaphysical www.kcmetaphysical.com kcmetaphysical@gmail.com Abdallah Shrine Center 5300 Metcalf, OP, KS See our ad/coupon in this section.

Summer & Fall Events Guide

STARTING JULY 11 ‘BE WHO YOU ARE’ WEEKLY AWARENESS GROUP Tuesdays, 10-11am, begins July 11 $15/ session or $10/session when paid 1st of month. For more information, contact Ilene Kimsey: ikimsey@yahoo.com 913.353.6867 www.kcresolve.com

plus free refreshments and prizes! Held at Research Medical Center, Brookside Campus 6675 Holmes Rd, KCMO. Registration online at www.barkerybath.com/ barkeryuniversity. JULY 20-30 FRINGE FESTIVAL Kcfringe.org for showtimes and info.

JULY 18-AUGUST 22 BOOK STUDY-OUR SPIRITUAL RESOURCES Goldsmith Tuesdays Living in harmony with eternal principles. 7:00 pm meditation, 7:30 study. Unity Center in Leavenworth at Hampton Inn 405 Choctaw unityleavenworth@gmail.com

JULY 21 INTRO TO PACHAKUTI MESA TRADITION (PMT) APPRENTICESHIP Join us to learn about the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and apprenticeship in crosscultural shamanic arts for personal and planetary renewal. FREE INTRO CLASS. Led by Sanctioned PMT Teacher, JULY 19 Autumn Paige Moler 7 p.m.—9 p.m. at BARKERY U – BARKERY 102: PET Mark Blanchard's Progressive Power Yoga NUTRITION SEMINAR 3665 W 95th St Overland Park, KS 66206 6 p.m. Join us for Barkery 102 – a pet nutri- RSVP www.lodgeofthepeople.com, upsided tion seminar focused on different types of ownmail@gmail.com or 913-602-1529 pet food diets and how to prepare them,



July 2017

JULY 22 DOG ADOPTIONS AT BROOKSIDE BARKERY – CHAIN OF HOPE 11a.m. -3 p.m. Dedicated volunteers with Chain of Hope rescue will be at Brookside Barkery with loving, adoptable dogs, waiting to meet their match! 118 W 63 St. Kansas City, MO 64113. www.barkerybath.com rd

JULY 29 NO TOOTING AT TEA-TEA PARTY Lee Haven Community Center, 111 SE Grand Avenue, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063 www.eventbrite.com Bring your child for a fun tea party! Local author Alastair Heim will be reading from his new children’s book, No Tooting At Tea.

AUGUST 25-27 EVOLUTIONARY LIFE SCHOOL WITH LAURA WOLF Fall deeply in love with yourself and claim your power to create a life of passionate purpose. www.laura-wolf.com SEPTEMBER 2 3RD ANNUAL HEARTLAND AYLLU FESTIVAL Join us at "The Gathering of The Mesa's" for a day of earth-honoring ceremony, music, and family-friendly fun! Noon—10 p.m. at Hollis Renewal Center 11414 Kansas Ave. Kansas City, KS 66111 RSVP www.lodgeofthepeople.com, dmoler7 77@gmail.com, or 913-562-8792 SEPTEMBER 9 & 10 MIDWEST TEA FESTIVAL Ararat Shrine Auditorium, 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, MO 64129 www.midwestteafest.com Get your ticket to taste unique teas from around the world. Learn about this popular beverage and the cultures that produce and enjoy it.

SEPTEMBER 16-17 USUI/HOLY FIRE REIKI I & II Learn energy healing skills for yourself and others. Intro to essential oils included. 9am – 6:30pm, $380 with early deposit. CEs for nurses, massage therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers. Karen Harrison, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master, Leawood, KS. 816-523-4440. karen@karenharrison.net www.karenharrison. net. SEPTEMBER 17 CONSCIOUS LIVING FESTIVAL Evolving Magazine presents. At Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W. 47 , KCMO. Noon-5 p.m. FREE: Workshops * Live Entertainment * Health and Wellness Vendors * Featured Speaker: Mediumship David Russell. www.EvolvingMagazine.com for more information. th

SEPTEMBER 17 MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOP WITH DAVID RUSSELL David Russell, an international medium from the United Kingdom, will be at the Conscious Living Festival at Unity Temple on the Plaza on September 17th from noon to 5pm for readings and a free one hour demonstration.

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July 2017

SEPTEMBER 17-29 PRIVATE READINGS WITH DAVID RUSSELL David Russell, an international medium from the United Kingdom, will be in Lenexa KS for personal readings from September 17th-29th. Contact Kelly 913-634-7553.

SEPTEMBER 23-24 MEDIUMSHIP WITH DAVID RUSSELL David Russell, an international medium from the U.K. will be offering a seminar on September 23rd and 24th for Mediumship development. Contact Kelly 913-634-7553. OCTOBER 7-9 USUI/HOLY FIRE ADVANCED REIKI TRAINING/REIKI MASTER Learn the Master symbol and the new Holy Fire material. Work with crystals. Strengthen your healing energy and be able to teach Reiki. 9am-6:30pm. $975 with early deposit. CEs for nurses, massage therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers. ICRT Licensed Reiki Master, Leawood, KS. 816-523-4440. karen@karenharrison.net www.karenharrison. net OCTOBER 14-15 OKTOBERFEST BY RAIL Join us for a weekend getaway to Hermann, MO. Explore the wineries, shop in historic downtown Hermann, enjoy the Oktoberfest festivities! $224 double occupancy includes train fare, lodging, and a light breakfast on the train. Jill@evolvingmagazine.com or www.USAbyRail.blog for more information.

OCTOBER 20-22 PACHAKUTI MESA TRADITION (PMT) APPRENTICESHIP SERIES (WEEKEND ONE) A cross-cultural shamanic tradition dedicated to personal and planetary transformation, PMT will deepen your relationship with the Earth and the unseen realms. Led by Sanctioned PMT Teachers, Daniel and Autumn Moler 7 p.m. FRI to 4 p.m. Sunday RSVP www.lodgeofthepeople.com, upsided ownmail@gmail.com, or 913-602-1529 OCTOBER 20, 21, 22 PRS PSYCHI FACIR Save the date! Prskc.org for info.


Ilene Kimsey, PhD “Your Presence is Your Essence”


‘Be Who You Are’ Weekly Awareness Group. Tuesdays, 1011am, begins July 11 $15/session or $10/each when paid 1st of month.



ilene.resolve@gmail.com www.kcresolve.com 913.353.6867

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Come learn Holy Fire Reiki! Karen Harrison, Ed.S.

ICRT Licensed Reiki Classes & Sessions Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Karuna Young Living Essential Oils Sex Therapy 816-523-4440 www.KarenHarrison.net Kansas City, MO 64114


Join us for a weekend getaway to Hermann, MO. Explore the wineries, shop in historic downtown Hermann, enjoy the Oktoberfest festivities! $224 double occupancy includes train fare, lodging, and a light breakfast on the train. Jill@evolvingmagazine.com or www.USAbyRail.blog details.

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July 2017

Evolving Magazine Presents...

Conscious Living Festival

September 17, Noon-5 p.m. Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W. 47th St., KCMO www.EvolvingMagazine.com for more info. Now accepting vendor applications: jill@evolvingmagazine.com to apply. Also contact Jill if you’re interested in volunteering the day of the event. EVOLVING‌INSummer/Fall KANSAS CITY 10 Events Guide

July 2017


Unclutter and Turn Your Home into Sacred Space BY TRACI BRAY, BS, MA

Home through the Ages


ome is where the heart is,” initially attributed over 2,000 years ago by Pliny-the-Elder, a.k.a.Gaius Plinius Secondus, a Roman philosopher. Even before that, since the beginning of time, man, along with animal, has been making ‘home’ of home. Whereas a cave from centuries gone by provided shelter from the elements and the enemy, and was nearly fireproof at that, homes today additionally supply us with respite, gathering space, and shelter from life’s emotional storms. Homes are places of business, of recreation and exercise, and at best, environments that we love.

When Home is Uncomfortable

Image Image licensed licensed by by Ingram Ingram Images Images

“Deep within each of us is a longing for home. We yearn for a place of comfort where we can be ourselves, where we can realize our dreams,” says Denise Linn, creator of the Western World’s practice of Space Clearing. Denise adds, "Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. Through them we can interface with the universe." Some of us are completely comfortable in our homes. For those who are not, generally issues boil down to three things:  the home is cluttered  the home has not been cleansed, claimed, and blessed  the home has not been aligned with the sacred space of the dweller Denise’s student, Karen Kingston, is an international leader in Space Clearing and defines clutter as basically energy that is stuck. The word clutter comes from the Middle English word “clotter” which is the equivalent to “coagulate.” Coagulation is a powerful word indicating a stoppedup, usually ugly, blockage. Think of a sewer that is clogged or a digestive system that is not working. “Things surrounding you in your home serve as subliminal reminders of who you are,” states Denise. For example, Denise’s client, MaryAnne, is a talented artist whose paintings are sought-after, but her studio at home is cluttered. In her studio,

paint tubes litter the floor, and the broad tarp covering it shows bits of paper and balls of pet hair. Canvases are stacked helter-skelter, in no particular order, against walls and tables. When MaryAnne enters the studio, she faces a crooked mirror and a favorite, but broken, lamp. When asked what her thoughts are upon entering her studio, she replied, “Ugh! First, I sigh, and nearly daily, ask myself when am I ever going to get this tidied up?” Looking at subliminal reminders, MaryAnne is likely telling herself, “I am disorganized. I am a mess. I am unclean, and I don’t take care of my things.” Thus, MaryAnne is uncomfortable and may be limiting herself in achieving a full-swing of creativity as mirrored by the condition of her space. Her list of the unwelcomed greeters in her office—littered floor, broken lamp, etc.—can be easily inventoried. Scheduling time on her calendar for self-cleaning, or scheduling with someone who helps with special projects, will have her space cleaned, tidied, and repaired in no time. Along the way, she can pitch or recycle some of those canvases and put them in some sort of order. Self-talk upon entering the space will shift to positive words. Marie Konda, author of The LifeChanging Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, insists that all items within a home should spark joy! And she means it! From the socks on your feet to pots and pans in your cupboard, everything should spark joy or it has no place in your environment. The Konda approach brings the aligning of an environment into a succinct pattern of quality. If we live in joy, we enjoy.

Feng Shui for the Soul On top of the suggestions of clearing clutter and creating sacred space, the crème d la crème occurs when one applies ‘Feng Shui’ to space. Space can equate from something as small as a purse to the top of a desk to each floor of a home, a residential yard, an acreage, or a city. The world is Feng Shui’s oyster! There are many schools-of-thought in the definition and application of Feng Shui. Within each school are a multitude of layers of application including color, shapes, elements, and in some schools, directions of the compass. The goal of Feng Shui is to achieve balance within space, and therefore, within life. There is much more to Feng Shui than instituting Chinese “cures.” Some schools, such as what Master Consultant Kathryn Weber of https:// redlotusletter.com, suggest “remedies” instead of cures. Katie practices traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Denise Linn, as previously mentioned, founded the school of Interior Alignment (https:// interioralignment.com) which bases Feng Shui choices on intuition and modified Black Hat practices. When clutter is cleared, space and contents are cleansed and blessed, and Feng Shui is applied, the Universe is signaled that alignment is sought and balance is preferable. As Marie Kondo states, “When your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state.” At that point, one would be unencumbered to do so.

“From the socks on your feet to pots and pans in your cupboard, everything should spark joy or it has no place in your environment.”

Sacred Space Once clutter has been cleared and the space is physically clean, Denise suggests clearing the space using a variety of ceremonial processes. These can be selftaught in most circumstances. In her books Space Clearing and Sacred Space, she details a variety of techniques in which the home or space can be claimed, cleared, and blessed. When we complete these procedures, we become aligned with our space and our space with us. In addition to self-learning, there are professionals available to perform this service.



July 2017

Traci Bray, BS, MA is an evidence-based Medium residing in Kansas City. In addition, she has achieved Master Consultant Status in traditional Chinese Feng Shui with Kathryn Weber and is an Advanced Practitioner in Denise Linn’s school of Interior Alignment that is Black Hat/intuition focused. She has also studied space clearing with Karen Kingston. She is available for in-person individual, group, or family sessions as a Medium and enjoys group work immensely. Posting on Facebook nearly daily at https:// Facebook.com/TraciBrayMedium, she also authors an e.zine. For free subscription information go to https://www.tracibray.com/ email-sign-up.html She may be reached at 913-940-0754.


Downsize and Organize to Make Room for Growth


ownsizing and Organization seems to be a trend which I believe is generated from our need to feel better. When we downsize and organize we create Space. What is space? Why is it so important in our lives and in our living environment and what happens when we don’t have space? Space is the empty part, a continuous expanse that is free, available, and unoccupied where no activity is happening. There’s nothing to activate the mind or the eyes. As we grow and change throughout life, we expand. Expansion needs space. When we limit our space and don’t allow ourselves to feel the expansion, we start to have repercussions. Here are three basic reasons why space is critical. 1. Without space, we work harder. 2. We don’t feel as good as we could. 3. Our energy is affected. So, let’s look at how lack of space makes us work harder. What if we want to find something, but when we open that drawer, we can’t see everything in it? Rummaging comes to mind. What if we don’t remember what we have or where? Hide and Seek? Expending more energy looking for items? Now it’s time to clean. Owning more things mean more cleaning. We might start to put off cleaning or neglecting things because of the dread of the job dealing with the clutter. This is when we start inviting in overwhelm. We may have to move things in order to get to other things. It often becomes frustrating work simply locating the things we need. Next, we buy things to feel better. However, if we don’t let go of the things that no longer serve us, we end up with too much. From this, we may not feel as happy, our creativity may be stifled, or we may feel overwhelmed as we no longer can manage what is around us. We might find ourselves not breathing deeply and feeling as free as we could. We might get ill. Our sensitivity level can also affect how deeply these

physical and emotional reactions show up in our body. It’s endless how we might be affected. Thirdly, let’s look at our energy. In cramped spaces, we can tend to hold our breath, affecting our overall being. Recent articles have shown that shallow breathing can actually bring fear into our bodies, where as deep breaths help us relax and feel calmer, even increasing our energy. When we’re overwhelmed, our energy can become sluggish or can halt us from moving forward. Can our belongings and environment really affect us to this degree? The answer is, yes! Our belongings become so out of desire and/or need. If we don’t map out a little time to review these things in our life, over time we can start to suffer, especially if we bring more in than what is going out. So, what can we do about our lack of space? There are many ways to address the areas of our living environment. Usually, it’s best to start with the one/s that drive us the craziest! Many times, we’ve waited so long, we now no longer know how or where to start? Next, I address my things with questions. Of course, it depends on what we’re looking to let go, but here’s an idea of questions we can use to lift our load. Do I really need this? Do I feel happy just by looking at it? Do I have more than one and how many do I really need? Does it feel crowded? Can I have fewer and feel better because I’ve created space? Are there ones I like better than others? How often do I use this? Could I borrow it if I needed it again or rent it, or purchase something else? Could I substitute something else I have to do the same job? There’s a shift that happens in our thinking that allows us to let go or keep what we have. Holistic means “the whole

“When we limit our space and don’t allow ourselves to feel the expansion, we start to have repercussions.”

Image licensed by Ingram Images


Image licensed by Ingram Images

of,” thus downsizing and organization involves many aspects of ourselves. If we feel this process is beyond us on any level, a few solutions would be to hire qualified help to get us started and support us in this process. Professional organizers can also aid, giving us ideas, or doing it all. Another option is reading books or watching YouTube videos. Finding pictures of designs we like are an option and then emulating those in our own living environment. Maybe there’s a friend who has downsizing/organizational skills to help? Find what feels best for you. Another important aspect to this process is where to release the items! Hopefully this list be helpful! 1st step: Making the decision to let it go. 2nd step: Looking into Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, and any other resell places if we feel we must get some financial return for the item. The best way to sell is by having a great description, the exact measurements, pictures, and even unique, creative ideas of how to use the item. 3rd step: If we’ve gotten to the place where the idea of space and not wanting to be reminded about a purchase we made is greater than trying to sell the item,



July 2017

maybe think of gifting it to a friend or family member we know who would appreciate and use it. Sometimes it’s the easiest, less stressful solution. 4th step: Donate it. Many people have a hard time donating valuable things. However, by donating it, taking a picture of it before hand, putting it in our receipts, we can deduct it off our taxes and many times get a larger financial break than by selling it! 5th step: Get creative! Can this be adapted into something else? If it were painted, would it work somewhere, especially if it could help in organization? 6th step: Find a group or organization that could use it? I applaud you for readying this far! Cheers to everyone having a little more space! Throughout Kathleen Kelly’s life, she has found a common thread in all her endeavors that involved organization. With pulling this common thread out and focusing on downsizing and organization, she found her heart’s desire. HDandO.com gives you more details about Kathleen and what she can help you with! Kathleen works in Des Moines and Kansas City. 913-827-3324

Spiritual Horoscope

July 2017 Happy birthday, Cancer! Let your birth year be truly new. Meditate to forgive past relationship pain and disappointment. Also cultivate self-love and gentleness. This practice heals current connections and opens doors for even better bonds in the future! As your heart heals, money flows in too! You can hear about a new job or have insightful ideas that pop into your head regarding finances. Keep releasing old thoughts and a new life will come to you! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Energetic Mars is in your sign mid-July until early September bringing you empowerment and inspiration! With the New Moon also in Leo, set goals and plan dates for action steps so you manifest your dreams while things are easily flowing toward success! You can begin a fitness plan. Or you can move in a direction that intimidates yet thrills you. You can do more than you think you can! Also spend time with supportive friends who encourage you and who are also fun!

This month’s New Moon can bring an exciting job offer or the start of a project that puts you in a powerful new light! You can also heal with family as you recognize each other’s strengths and are able to let go of old arguments. In relationships, you’ll feel more trusting and sexier too! Meditating together brings even more closeness. If single, visualize yourself in a safe bond that allows you both to open your hearts. Trust there is someone who is able to honor your power as well as your vulnerability.

This is a great relationship month! The New Moon in Leo helps you think of others in a fresh light. You can be more optimistic about love and also forgive people you have long-term connections with so your heart can embrace them fully again. Mars in Leo makes you feel sexy as well as courageous so you believe love is worth the risk. If you have kids or pets, you’ll find healing through their innocence and unconditional acceptance. Also, speak affirmations to manifest your next steps!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) This is a time to forgive—circumstances, others, and especially yourself! Meditate about the past two years (a Mars cycle) and release your frustrations and disappointments. This will unbury energy needed for change. It’s amazing how much courage and confidence is under the shame and criticism you punish yourself with! You can also have a prosperous job offer or meet a supportive friend through work who makes going to the office a pleasure!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Surround yourself with friends who are very good to you and with whom you had a lot in common. You’re such a wonderful friend, so make sure you are matched in that department! Perhaps someone may confront you with one of your limitations. Be open to the messenger, because they love you and want you to set yourself free. It might be hard to hear, but act right away on their insight and life will go in an amazing new direction that heals your mind and heart!

This is an amazing prosperity month! Focus meditations around abundance and removing ideas that block the flow of good stuff. Also, find effective ways to deal with stress—that could mean monthly massage, yoga classes, deep breathing techniques, or peaceful thoughts. This opens the door to more vitality, optimism, passion, and creativity. Capricorns need to put work and worries aside and cultivate fun and relaxation!

July is a fun month with the New Moon and Mars perking you up! Make lots of plans with friends. Travel re-invigorates you—even day trips. Your meditation time or spiritual practice feels exciting and extra inspiring. Follow intuitions without hesitation and life will be magical! If single, you can find a new love. In current connections, you can see your partner with fresh eyes that open your heart.


Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Nurture yourself at this powerful New Moon. How can you serve others with unconditional love if you feel rundown? Or if you feel resentful? Make time for relaxation, fresh meals with healthy food, meditation, and other stressrelieving practices, and of course, enough sleep. When you’re filled physically, emotionally, and spiritually you can give freely. You’ll also be able to know who to give to, as well as when and how much. You’ll also know when others are taking advantage of you and when your help is actually hurting by creating a dependence on you!

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Both the Full and New Moons this month are very intense for you. You’re really going to need extra meditation to stay emotionally centered and less reactive. Remember everyone is suffering and struggling in their own way, so observe and communicate with kindness. On the other hand, you can be offered an exciting position or project at work. You can also start a fabulous relationship or feel renewed in your current partnership. Health-wise you can find the key to a long-standing issue, especially regarding food allergies,


July 2017

digestion, or even healing any sort of addiction. Act consistently on breakthrough ideas so you create a habit and a new way of life!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) This month’s Full and New Moons offer healing from family-of-origin issues. Meditation illuminates key beliefs formed as a child that limit you now. You can break free and have so much health and happiness! All sorts of relationships will get better. You’ll also have a deep sense of safety in the Universe and feel blessed by life. Correct old resentments with others and you’ll be amazed at how prickly connections unfold into loving friendships!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Please meditate on the roots of anger. Are there people you can’t communicate with openly? Do you feel betrayed by broken promises? This month’s New and Full Moons can stir up all sorts of tense emotions so they get addressed and resolved. By processing your pain and disappointment with internal reflective time you will gain composure. Now “flashes of genius” can come into mind that, when calmly put into motion, heal the situation for everyone involved. Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


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July 2017


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