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A Family Company WITH A Great Heritage THE RAPPORT STORY starts more than 110 years ago with the driving ambition of a young, energetic young man intent on making his mark on the world. Maurice A. Rapport was the man who was spurred on by the success of his first clockmaking endeavours. Having decided that his father’s business at the Black Eagle Tea Stores in London was not for him Maurice was determined to use his knowledge of clockmaking to create the foundations of his new company in the burgeoning City of Cardiff. Maurice’s commitment and horological expertise propelled the company very quickly to become a household name in clockmaking throughout the world. Clocks produced by the company found themselves gracing homes in all four corners of the globe. From the outset, Rapport clocks were recognised in the industry for their high quality. The founder’s policy of using only the best materials and stringent manufacturing processes ensured that the company and its products would continue to survive for generations to come…

Innovation THROUGH THE generations FOUNDED IN 1898, M.A.Rapport & Co. can boast that over 110 years later, it remains a private limited company and still follows the policy, laid down by the founder, of innovation, quality and service. Four generations of the Rapport family have taken the company from strength to strength. For many years Rapport were renowned for their traditional range of classical styled carriage clocks, bracket and wall clocks and even modern mantle clocks. Rapport also gained a worldwide, reputation for faithful reproductions of historical clocks and pocket watches - and other luxury items. Now in the 21st century, the Rapport product range still includes prestigious clocks - but in response to market forces our designers create many innovative and desirable horological products. For example, the current Rapport generation were amongst the first to bring automatic watch winders to the market and have developed the range to be the must-have accessory for aficionados of prestigious watches. Rapport leads while others follow.

Products Engineered FOR Excellence THE RAPPORT product range is continually changing and evolving - yet always adhering to the ethos of the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Perpetua Watch Winders A traditional range of Watch Winders in a selection of natural wood finishes and luxurious velveteen lining. Optima Watch Winders A contemporary range of Winders with advanced features and various combinations of metals and woods to appeal to all tastes. Evolution Watch Winders Futuristic styling combine with advanced mechanics to create a unique range of winders.

Products Crafted FOR Luxury THE RAPPORT product range is continually changing and evolving - yet always adhering to the ethos of the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Cosmopolitan Clocks – A luxury range of travel alarm clocks designed with stylish modern living in mind. Connoisseur Clocks – A range of traditional clocks from Carriage style to Mantels Watch Collector Boxes – Luxury, craftsman built storage boxes for collectors of prestigious watches many models are built to match our automatic watch winder ranges The Portman Range – Superior quality cases in wood and leather for lovers of fine jewellery and watches to store their treasured possessions in luxury.

Showcasing Products Worldwide TO STRENGTHEN the Rapport brand we employ various marketing techniques to present our product range and keep existing and prospective customers informed and interested. Various trade fairs around the world – The most notable of which is Baselworld, held in springtime each year - this fair attracts leading Jewellers and Watch and Clockmakers from every corner of the globe. Advertising – We prepare stylish adverts to appear in magazines and trade journals around the world. Produce fine colour brochures – Every product range is professionally photographed and presented with informative descriptions in high quality colour catalogues. Maintain a web presence – Our website is an extension to our printed catalogues and is regularly maintained to present an up to date overview of our product range. Retail shop premises in the heart of London’s Mayfair – To enable the end-customer to see the quality of our products and to widen our target audience we acquired a retail outlet in the fashionable location of the Burlington Arcade in London’s Mayfair - this has proved a great success and serves as a exemplary model for similar opportunities.

Rationale FOR Automatic Watch Winders RAPPORT REALISED that owners of prestige automatic watches are often enthusiasts with more than one watch in their collection. This presents the problem that when an automatic is not being worn it will only continue to run for a limited time before it needs to be rewound and reset. Many automatic watches also have further “complications” – date/time/lunar phase etc – so the task of recalibrating is best avoided. Furthermore, watches of this calibre are precision instruments and like all thoroughbreds they actually benefit from exercise - if left unwound, internal lubricants can be lost from critical areas of the mechanism leading to excessive wear on components and subsequent lack of accuracy. Therefore Rapport designed their Automatic Watch Winders to mimic the action of a watch being worn. The watch is held at a precise angle while being rotated and the winder can be set to run at programmed intervals to ensure the watch is permanently wound. The Rapport range provides for those with a single watch or those with larger collections – with many styles being available in a variety of configurations. A Rapport Watch Winder is the ultimate luxury gift and keep-fit regime for automatic watches.

Focus ON Automatic Watch Winders RAPPORT CONSIDERED closely the design requirements of each of their Watch Winders for Automatic Watches. The angle at which the watch is rotated, the frequency and speed of rotation are all important considerations. But just as important was the craftsmanship of the cabinet makers in providing boxes which are luxurious items of furniture worthy to grace any home. Adjustable Watch Holder – All sizes of watch strap, leather or link bracelet are catered for in Perpetua or Optima ranges. There is no danger of the watch becoming detached during operation. Luxury Finish – The build quality of all Rapport winders can only be described as luxurious with wooden surfaces being finished with eight coats of hand applied lacquer and the interiors being lined with soft feel velveteen which looks good and provides protection for prestigious watches. The Mechanism – The motor mechanism runs virtually silent, on a safe low voltage which is provided by batteries or from the mains using the DC adaptor supplied. The adaptor is available to suit all overseas markets. When the mains adaptor is in use the battery supply is automatically cut to conserve power. Total Control – Various modes of operation are provided – from fast winding mode to continuous and a timed mode which rotates the drum intermittently clock-wise and anticlockwise. In our multiple watch models each cup is individually controlled.

Quality Products THAT Generate Sales RAPPORT MANUFACTURE products to sell to the most discerning of customers and, as such, we are aware to maintain the highest standards of materials, construction and design. We apply the same attention to detail of the watch manufacturers whose products will grace our watch winders and collector boxes. High Quality – Rapport products are hand-finished by craftsmen and subject to strict quality control to ensure each product gives a lifetime of enjoyment. Innovative Designs – Rapport designers keep a keen eye on fashion trends and respond with some of the most exciting innovations available in the luxury market. Variety – A wide choice of different materials and finishes is key to the success of our product range. Competitive Prices – Luxury always comes at a price yet Rapport prices are calculated to give great value and appeal to all sectors of the market. Vibrant Market – Demand for prestige automatic watches continues to grow, even in the face of an economic downturn and Rapport products are inextricably linked to this market. Gift Appeal – Watch winders are relatively new to the market and they are attractive objects with a purposeful function - criteria which makes a Rapport Automatic Watch Winder a very welcome gift.

unique Features THAT Encourage Sales RAPPORT BELIEVES that our attention to detail enhances the sales potential of our products. Practically every facet of a Rapport Watch Winder is a unique selling point - those outlined below will undoubtedly encourage a positive response from potential purchasers. Battery supply is automatically cut when Key Features – Virtually silent motor mechanism. the mains adaptor is in use. Safe low voltage. Multi-mode operation. Battery or mains powered with DC Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. adaptor supplied. Individual cups independently controlled. Adaptor suits all overseas markets. Watch Benefits – Prestige watches are precision instruments which, like all thoroughbreds actually benefit from exercise - if left unwound, internal lubricants can be lost from critical areas of the mechanism leading to excessive wear on components and subsequent lack of accuracy. Guarantee – All Rapport products carry a full 24 month warranty. Compliance – Rapport products have been independently tested and adhere to domestic, international regulations and also comply with safety and performance standards (General Products Safety Regulations GPSR 2005). Accreditation – Rapport holds UKAS accreditation, the RoHS directive testing has also been undertaken independently by Bureau Veritas.

Rapport Presentation  
Rapport Presentation  

Business Presentation for Rapport of London. Designed and produced by WheelBarrow Studios