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TOW & CARRY The Bearmach range of Towing and Touring fittings covers a wide variety of parts and accessories for the leisure enthusiast. The range includes plugs and sockets for caravan and trailer applications, accessories for tow bars and trailer boards.

The Bearmach range of quality towing accessories is available NOW from all approved outlets. VEHICLE





Series Series Series

88/109 88/109 2a & 3

Standard Fixed Long Fixed Adjustable

Drop plate - zinc finish Drop plate - zinc finish 5 heights - black finish

BR 1233 BR 1233L BA 190

Defender Defender Defender Defender Defender Defender Defender Defender

90/110 up to 1998 90/110 up to 1998 90 from 1998 on 110 from 1998 on 110 High Capacity Def 90, 1998 on Def 110 1998 on Def 130 1998 on

Fixed * Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable * Adjustable * Adjustable * Adjustable *

Black finish. E Marked 5 heights. Black. E Marked. 5 heights. Black. E Marked 5 heights. E Marked 5 heights. E Marked TUV Approved TUV Approved TUV Approved

BA 183 BA 192 BA 192A BA 192B STC50257 VUB105460 VUB105470 STC50257

Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery 3

up to 98 98 on (Coil Spring) 98 on (Air Spring) up to 1995 2005 on

Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Quick disconnect

E Marked E Marked E Marked E Marked E Marked

BA 186 BA 186A BA 186B BA 194 LR005740

Freelander Freelander Freelander Freelander 2 Freelander 2 Freelander 2 Freelander 2

All models 04MY on up to 04 up to 04MY from 2006 from 2006 from 2006 from 2006

Fixed Fixed Removable * Fixed Detachable Swan Neck * Swan Neck *

E Marked E Marked

Tow Ball Kit E Marked

KNK500070 BFA 8002 BFA 8003 LR007479 LR007479 LR002742 LR007481

Range Rover Range Rover Range Rover Range Rover Range Rover

Classic Classic 95 on Sport Sport

Adjustable Fixed Fixed * Fixed Quick disconnect

E Marked E Marked

BA 186 BA 194 BA 0204 VUB501430 LR005740

* Includes standard 50mm towball

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Tow Bars, Hitches and Drop Plates Refer to the chart opposite for vehicle application details


The loading conditions on towbars have broadened significantly in recent years due to the dynamic abilities of braking and accelerating of modern vehicles. This puts much greater technical demand on the towing equipment, therefore Bearmach only supplies Towbars from manufacturers who offer specification enhancements to ensure reliability and safety. All Towbars are heavy-duty steel construction and are supplied with necessary nuts, BA 1233 bolts, bracketry and fitting instructions. Note: Some kits do not include a towball, please check the details on the chart.

BA 190

BA 194

BFA 8003

LR005740 LR007481 BA 0204

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Tow Balls

BA 193

BA 191 NRC2051

BA 191 – Universal Coupling* Towing capacity 3.5 tonne. 50mm Ball, with 25mm (nominal) dia forged pin, (to suit towing eyes: minimum I.D. 28.6mm maximum section 28.6mm). 2 bolt fixing. Zinc plated finish.

BA 193 – 50mm Towball*. 3500kgs Capacity, 2 hole fixing. Zinc plated finish. * = E Marked

NRC2051 – NATO Pintle Fully rotatable (360º). Built in locking device to secure pintle in fixed or rotary position. Flush mounting to vehicle using four bolts (not supplied). Black painted finish.



Heavy gauge steel and bar, zinc plated and yellowed for an extra durable finish. No drilling required, bolts directly onto crossmember and can be used on most vehicles with tow bars. Easily combined with the drop plates. BA 172 – Twin Rear Step

Quick fit tow hitch. Simply slip over the front bumper and tighten the two wing nut bolts for instant towing capabilities. BA 3107 – Removable Tow Hitch

BA 3107

Towing Electrics The following kits are as fitted as original equipment. The wiring looms of most modern Land Rovers are pre-wired to receive towbar electrics and these kits simply plug into the existing points provided please refer to your vehicle’s handbook to find their location. N-Type Wiring Kits Defender (98 on) Discovery 1 Discovery 2 Discovery 3 Freelander Freelander 2 Range Rover P38 Range Rover L322 Range Rover Sport


Universal wiring kit with audible warning Universal Towing Bypass Relay. BA 195

YWJ101500 ANR3896 (lead only, socket extra) STC50081 YWJ500201 (N+S Type) YMZ101030 LRO03106 (N+S Type) BA 5540 BA 5540 YWJ500150

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BA 4000 – 12N 7-pin aluminium caravan plug

BA 4001 – 12N 7-pin aluminium caravan socket

BA 4002 – 12N 7-pin plastic caravan plug

BA 4003 – 12N 7-pin plastic caravan socket

BA 4004 – 12S 7-pin plastic caravan plug

BA 4005 – 12S 7-pin plastic caravan socket

BA 4006 – 12N 7-pin trailing caravan socket

BA 4007 – Caravan plug 7-pin metal

BA 4008 – Caravan socket 7-pin metal

BA 4009 – Trailer plug 5 pole ABS plastic

BA 3980 – Trailer socket 5 pole ABS plastic

BA 198 – Towball bolts

BA 3982 – Trailer socket 7 pole EBS plastic

BA 3983 – Trailer socket 7-pin plastic 24N

BA 3984 – Trailer plug 7-pin plastic 24N

BA 3985 – Trailer socket 7-pin aluminium 24N

BA 3986 – Trailer plug 7-pin aluminium 24N

BA 3987 – Trailer socket 7-pin plastic 24S

BA 3988 – Trailer plug 7-pin plastic 24S

BA 3989 – 12N Pre-wired socket

BA 195 – 12N Prewired socket plus audible sensor

BA 3991 – Single mounting plate

BA 3992 – 12N + 12S Pre wired socket

BA 3993 – Bumper protector

BA 3994 – Magnetic lighting set (6ft cable)

BA 3995 – Red triangular reflector (pack of two)

BA 3996 – Amber rectangular reflector (pack of two)

BA 3997 – Red rectangular reflector (pack of two)

BA 3998 – Retractable cable 7core x 3m with 12 N sockets

BA 3999 – Trailer extension lead, 7 core x 6m cable. Pre wired 12N

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Up on the Roof

BA 123

RTC8161A BA 007

ROOF RACK AND FOLDAWAY LADDER Very sturdy construction, black polyester coated, fits to the gutters. The ladder is unobtrusive when not in use and folds down from the rear for easy access to the roof. Enough clearance for sun roofs. Supplied with all fixings. Note: the ladder mounts on the left side - NOT on the right as seen in the photos.

SELF-ASSEMBLY ROOF RACK ONE PIECE ROOF RACKS Manufactured in 3/4� box section steel. Jig welded and with a Galvanised finish. Clamp on gutter fixing.

Self assembly roof rack. Black powder coated. Easy for transportation, disassembles in to a small parcel for storage. Does not include ladder.

FLAT PACK ROOF RACK Same appearance and construction as above but arrives flat pack for self assembly.



Heavy duty tubular roof rack finished in black nylon coating O.E. Quality (will not fit with roll cages). Decking, lights & ladder seen in photo are extra.



Def / Series all models Roof Rack with fold-away ladder Def / Series long w/base Extension to fit BA123 above

BA 123 BA 123A

Land Rover 88" Land Rover109" 110"/130 Crewcab Land Rover 88" Land Rover 109"

One Piece roof rack One Piece roof rack One Piece roof rack Flat Pack roof rack Flat Pack roof rack Optional ladder to suit above racks

BA 007A BA 008A BA 017 BA 007 BA 008 BA 010

Def 88"/90" Def 109"/110"

Self Assembly roof rack Self Assembly roof rack

RTC8161A RTC8141A

Def 90" Def 110" Def 90"/110

Challenge Roof Rack Challenge Roof Rack Roof Rack Ladder to suit above

BA 3190 BA 3191 BA 3189

Disco I/II Disco I/II

Gutter Mounted Roof Rack Roof Rack Access Ladder

BA 3180 BA 2172

BA 3180

DISCOVERY ROOF RACK Roof Rack to suit Discovery I/II. Securely mounts into the gutter of all models including those with roof bars and twin sunroofs. Self assembly - black nylon coated, tubular construction with stainless steel hardware. Takes up to 50kgs load.

ROOF RACK ACCESS LADDERS Available to suit most vehicles and styles of roof rack all are heavy duty construction and supplied with fixings

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ROOF BARS Family holiday, major expedition or just too much to put inside the vehicle - a robust pair of Roof Bars from Bearmach is an essential accessory. Great for carrying unwieldy items and further accessories are available to extend their functionality – such as top-boxes, ski or bike racks. VEHICLE



Def / Series all models Def / Series

Standard Roof Bars Thule High Foot

BA 043 BA 3100

Disco I Disco I/II Disco 3 (with roof rails)

Thule High Foot locking BA 3009 Thule High Foot BA 3100 Thule Roof Bars BA 3100

Freelander I (with roof rails) Freelander I (no roof rails) Freelander I - 3 door Freelander II (with roof rails) Freelander II (no roof rails)

Thule Roof Bars Thule Roof Bars Adaptor for BFA 9003 Thule Roof Bars Thule Roof Bars

BFA 9002 BFA 9003 BFA 9003A BA 3101B BA 9004

Range Rover Classic Range Rover P38 RR Sport (no roof rails) RR L322 (no roof rails)

Thule High Foot Thule Roof Bars Thule Roof Bars Thule Roof Bars

BA 043A BA 3094 BA 3101 BA 3101A

LUGGAGE CARRIER A sturdy metal construction Roof Tray to fit onto roof bars. Will hold all your holiday paraphernalia securely.

BA 3098 – To suit Disco or RR Classic BFA 9001 – To suit Freelander with cross bars

TOP BOX The ultimate weather proof roof system allows you to carry all you need, in security, for those long weekends away. Manufactured in high impact plastic and is aerodynamically shaped to minimise wind resistance. Fits most roof bars using the ‘U’ bolts supplied.

BA 043TB – 350 litre capacity (130 x 100 x 25-30cms)

BA 052

ROOF BAR CYCLE CARRIER Easily added to any roof bars shown on this page.

BA 052 – Roof Rack mounted Cycle Carrier page 7

SPARE WHEEL MOUNTED BIKE RACK Carry three bikes safely and securely on the spare wheel mounted on the rear door of any 4x4 vehicle. Clamps quickly and easily to most sizes of tyre and is adjustable for right, left or centre mounted tyres. Includes all security straps. BA 3080 – Spare Wheel Mounted Bike Rack

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There’s loads more products in the Bearmach catalogue for those who enjoy the great outdoors. From Leisure Batteries to Power Inverters and Coolboxes to 12v Sockets and Chargers – and don’t forget our exclusive range of T-Max Winches and Winching Equipment – contact your nearest Bearmach stockist for ALL your Land Rover needs.

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