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Visit our showroom to view our latest collections, including the Via Veneto Vetro range by Falper. The integrated Visit our showroom to view cabinet & washbasin collection our latest collections, including combines a unique soft-touch the Via Veneto Vetro range satin glass bench top to the by Falper. The integrated existing timber cabinetry, Visit our showroom to view cabinet & washbasin collection reinventing timeless our latesta collections; combines unique soft-touch sophistication. satin glass bench to the Catalano Star, atop washbasin existing timber cabinetry, presenting ‘an aesthetic of reinventing timeless lightness’, Fantini Fukasawa, an sophistication.

iconic flawless tapware design and the restrained beauty of Miro LED wall mirrors.

est ISSUE #10 2013

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Issue #10 2013

Rose Coloured Glasses

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30 Closet Covet Invested in fashion | Prue Brown

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est ISSUE #10 2013

Contents | Features 10 Forage TREND REPORT Go back to your roots, reclaim your inner hunter and gatherer and get into nature to inspire your spaces. Wood, clay, paper and string can deconstruct a space and ground it with nature.

56 Poetry In Motion NETHERLANDS Paula Leen is a new face in the art and interior design industry. Using mainly felt, she creates unique and individual pillows, throws, rugs, lamps, vases and other accessories for the home.

76 The Cool Country Daylesford, AUSTRALIA Situated on the outskirts of Daylesford, in Victoria’s spa region, Plonk beckons you to lounge by the fire, swing in the old oak tree and loll in the oversized bath‌with a bottle of plonk.

92 From Little Things Big Things Grow Sydney, AUSTRALIA Liz Leuchars had no formal design training. Her background in marketing and advertising led to various design projects. It was always the product itself that really excited her.


Editor’s Letter Its been a busy time here at Est with lots of changes underway and new team members joining the fold. Our recent reader survey shows that our readers are exactly who we thought you are and the very people we design the content in Est Magazine for. Established, discerning and sophisticated, you, our valued reader are what makes Est uniquely Est. Fresh, contemporary, time poor, and trend aware rather than a trend slave, you are ahead of the pack in recognising Australia’s best kept design secret, Est Magazine. In this issue we take a tour inside the country retreat of Penny and Ben Collins in the spa town of Daylesford. A blend of vintage pieces with Danish design, and some photogenic children to boot, Plonk is the idyllic rural retreat for a winters weekend, and is open to anyone looking for a country getaway. We are also thrilled to share with you the home of Liz Leuchars, one of our dear friends, and my old partner in styling crime, from homewares and fashion emporium, Pond. Unwavering in commitment to a muted palette and subtle adornment whether it be homewares or fashion, Liz’s home is an exact reflection of the way she dresses. Understated and elegant. This months trend report looks to the great outdoors for style inspiration, while an artists residence in the fields of Holland leaves us spellbound by the beauty of organic shapes and tactile fabrics.

In the upcoming months, we will be revealing exciting new collaborations with friends from overseas and closer to home. With new content coming in daily and weekly mini mags hitting inboxes every Friday, we along with our new contributors and new style editors, will be working hard to bring you the best homes from around the world, along with the best products and designs that furnish them. We are casting our net far and wide for like minded souls to join us in spreading the word of good design. We’d love to hear from you if you have something to share. And in the spirit of sharing, this month we have a fantastic giveaway from Bedouin Societe. We have done the research for you and found the most stunning Hamman bathroom towels that we promise you will fall in love with as much as we have. Share the secret of Est by inviting a friend to sign up to the Est Mini mag and enter into the draw to win a set of 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels - you’ll be glad you did.

Sian MacPherson Editor in Chief


Editor in Chief Sian MacPherson

Creative Director Lynda Evans


IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY Hotze Eisma / Taverne Agency | PRODUCTION Rianne Landstra


EDITORIAL FASHION Khaseem Warren. FOOD Marnie Engelander. PHOTOGRAPHY Art Gray, Eduart Duarte, Armelle Habib, Tara Pearce, Brooke Holme, Rick Carter, Hotze Eisma. PRODUCTION Rianne Landstra. STYLING Stephanie Stamatis. SUB EDITORS Emily Wright. Margot Sharpe. WORDS Chauntelle Roelandts, Karina Calvert-Jones.

ON THE COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Hotze Eisma / Taverne Agency PRODUCTION Rianne Landstra


Editorial Production Advertising



for·age The act of looking or searching for food or provisions. v. for·aged, for·ag·ing, for·ag·es

Go back to your roots, reclaim your inner hunter and gatherer and get into nature to inspire your spaces. Wood, clay, paper and string can deconstruct a space and ground it with nature. Create the perfect balance of calm and creative stimulation by foraging both the forest floor and the Sunday markets for unique little finds that will centre both you and your space. PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Pearce | STYLING Stephanie Stamatis



in fashion Easily one of the most stylish people we know, Prue Brown is the master of understated glam. PHOTOGRAPHY Armelle Habib STYLING Sian MacPherson

AJ Table and Floor Lamps in the 50th Celebration colours Š Louis Poulsen


REAL OR REPLICA DESIGNER Arne Jacobsen | BRAND Louis Polsen | WORDS Sian MacPherson


Highland DREAM Lisa Madigan’s artistic life has us in a trance. The Southern Highlands based artist is quite literally living a creative dream with an endless supply of visual inspiration surrounding her little whitewashed studio nestled in the valley. Lisa’s ethereal artworks are as rich in their evocative meaning as they are in their textural conformation. Step inside the mind of Lisa Madigan and we promise you too will be pining to trade spaces. In 3 words describe your personal style. Natural, luxurious, generous.


Poerty in Motion

‘This house has calming effect on people’, Dutch felt artist Paula Leen calls out from her kitchen, where the sweet scent of homemade herbal tea fills the space. ‘Guests instantly feel the stillness here. And that’s exactly the environment that I need for my art.’ PHOTOGRAPHY Hotze Eisma / Taverne Agency | PRODUCTION Rianne Landstra


The Cool


You may remember the owners of this charming country guesthouse from their dining room featured on a past cover of Est Magazine. Not only did we fall for Penny’s unique style and individual flair when it came to renovating her home, its fair to say we also fell in love with her daughter Claudi just as much. Seeking country solace from their busy lives in the city, Penny and Ben Collins jumped in with both feet as soon as the white house became available. They set about making it a home for both themselves and visitors to the area also in search of a little respite from every day life in some fine accommodation. PHOTOGRAPHY Tara Pearce | WORDS & STYLING Sian MacPherson


from little things big things


Liz Leuchars had no formal design training. Her background in marketing and advertising led to various design projects, and eventually her own consultancy, but it was always the product itself that really excited her. “I always wanted to have my own retail shop� Liz explains. PHOTOGRAPHY Rick Carter | STYLING Sian MacPherson WORDS Chauntelle Roelandts


Cucine cuisine

Whilst creating a curry and cluster feast for this issue we test drove the Bontempi kitchen at Rogerseller and came away with a brand new design crush on the precision of self opening doors and timber drawer interiors. PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Holme FOOD & STYLING Marnie Engelander


g’day Many Australians have an affinity for the city of Los Angeles. With flights across our beloved Pacific Ocean becoming more frequent and affordable, it’s little wonder Australians are relocating in droves. We feel at home with the heat, the palm trees, the sprawling suburbs, amazing beaches and most of all dining and shopping for the most discerning antipodean.

PHOTO © Art Gray Photography

EDITED BY Karina Calvert-Jones





Blog Love I LOVE YOUR STYLE Amanda Brooks is the author of one of our favourite books, documenting stylish woman around the world. It was published before the street style phenomenon became a part of the modern day vernacular and interviews women about their look and what style rules they live by. Readers can then in turn decipher and adapt to create their own chic style. The ‘I Love Your Style’ blog is a regular musing of Amanda’s life, dotted with interludes of stylish women that pique her interest. Whether riding through English fields, touring country roads in vintage cars or cycling the streets of Manhattan, Amanda does so in style ... of course. STUDIO ARRC Sophie Carr is not only a talented interior designer with her finger on the pulse of what is hot in the design world, she is also living the dream. Sophie has traded Bondi Beach for the Mediterranean, which is clearly not a tradeoff in any ones eyes! This puts her close to all the European design action, making Studio Arrc the perfect reference for those who share Sophie’s innate Australian love for a relaxed style that is both fresh and relevant. SHOW AND TELL A collaboration of the best kind, Show and Tell is the creation of friends and absolute dynamos, Monty, Brooke and Stacey. Whether it involves child wrangling, interviewing inspiring women or mulling over the merit of white floorboards over black, these vivacious and warm hearted women manage to draw the best from their subjects, who happily open up about their trials, tribulations and lessons learnt in life. From interior design choices to creative collaboration profiles and insights into the real lives of those who seemingly ‘have it all’, Show and Tell gives us all something to think about throughout the day.

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Est Magazine Issue #10  

A free quarterly design magazine curating the best in Australian and international design. Our editorial pages take a relaxed and stylish vi...

Est Magazine Issue #10  

A free quarterly design magazine curating the best in Australian and international design. Our editorial pages take a relaxed and stylish vi...

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