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Boosting the nutritional value of your brands

Good in every body In today’s global market place, a growing number of consumers are looking to add more protein into their daily diets. While consumption of higher levels of protein has historically been associated with bodybuilders and younger men looking to build muscle, consumers of different gender, age and lifestyle are now recognising the importance of protein for a variety of health benefits. Protein is an essential macronutrient for people of all ages including: Older adults wanting to help limit the physical impact of aging Active individuals looking for improved strength and better recovery Adults wanting to take control of their personal health and well-being With consumer interest surging, nutrition products containing protein are experiencing strong growth. Interest in protein has grown, so has the desire for natural, real food ingredients that people understand and recognise. HydroBeefTM, HydroBeef+TM, HydroCHXTM and MyoCHXTM are natural protein ingredients that fit well into many nutrition applications. These unique protein ingredients, sourced from EU-approved raw materials, provide several advantages over other protein ingredients and offer clean label solutions for nutrition products.

Muscle strength and maintenance

Joint health and mobility

Weight management

Protein ingredients rich in collagen help maintain muscle mass and increase strength by enhancing the effectiveness of exercise in people with age-related muscle loss.

By reducing joint discomfort and improving mobility, protein ingredients rich in collagen can help people stay active and maintain or improve their quality-of-life.

A protein-rich diet promoting weight management may help prevent excess weight gain, reduce fat mass, and maintain improved body composition.

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Backed by clinical studies It is no secret that food and drink products containing ingredients backed by real science are preferred by today’s health-conscious consumers. A scientific study from The University of Tampa recently showed that BeefISOTM - our American produced beef protein - helps to improve lean body mass and overall body composition in adults and is easily digested and readily absorbed by the body. HydroBEEFTM is essentially the same product as BeefISOTM – similar beef protein, protein content, similar amino acid profile and production process. The main difference being that HydroBEEFTM is produced in Sweden. Consequently, HydroBEEFTM has the same characteristics as BeefISOTM when it comes to digestibility and improving lean body mass and overall body composition. This makes HydroBEEFTM a real food ingredient that is not only clean label, but also backed by science. Reference: “The Effects of Supplementation with BeefISO™, MyoCHX™, and Whey Protein Concentrate on Lean Mass and Strength in Resistance Trained Individuals”, The University of Tampa, 2015

HydroBEEFTM is a hydrolised beef protein soluble powder made from fresh beef raw material with no known allergens. It is ideal for protein fortification of food and nutrition applications and contains essential amino acids found in beef. HydroBEEF+TM is similar to HydroBEEFTM, but is agglomerated with sunflower lecithin for improved solubility. HydroCHXTM is a hydrolised chicken protein for protein fortification of food and nutrition applications containing essential amino acids found in chicken. MyoCHXTM is a chicken protein isolate with a unique nutritional profile that offers numerous advantages for food and nutrition applications. All products provide food and supplement manufacturers with new ingredient options to address an ever-growing number of consumers who are looking to live a more active lifestyle and desire real food ingredients in the products they purchase.


Protein content


Source of essential amino acids Non-GMO No sugar Low in fat No additives or preservatives No known allergens Free from dairy, soy and gluten


Form and colour

98 %


1-3 %

Pale cream, fine powder

95-99 %

2-6 %

2-5 %

Pale cream, fine powder

90 %



White, fine powder

88-92 %



White, fine powder

Typical applications With potential benefits for muscle strength, joint health and improved satiety, our protein solutions are an obvious choice for protein enrichment of many nutrition applications and supplements including powder mixes, ready-to-drink products, and nutrition bars. For food producers looking to step outside these traditional nutrition applications, our ingredients can and have been used in a number of other specialty food applications including meat jerky snacks and other savoury items.

Nutritional beverages Shakes Pre-mixed smoothies Drinkable broths

Dry powder mixes Pre/post workout Dietary supplements Nutrition blends

Nutrition bars Protein bars Energy bars Other on-the-go products

Snack products High-protein spreads Jerky snacks Meat sticks and bars

Today’s food and nutrition industries are faced with extraordinary consumer expectations. On one hand, consumers have a constant craving for new exciting products. And on the other, they demand premium quality, convenience, safety, and a more nutritious diet to fulfil their individual needs. The relentless demand for new innovative solutions calls for strong partnerships all the way through the value chain. Essentia is all about allergen-free proteins with the ability to enrich any kind of food or nutrition product. In Essentia, you will find a global network of expertise with the ability to improve the performance, taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional profile of your food and nutrition products. To learn more about our unique protein solutions and our commitment to serving our customers’ needs, contact us today. For more information please visit

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Health & Nutrition Brochure (Int. edition)  

Boosting the nutritional value of your brands

Health & Nutrition Brochure (Int. edition)  

Boosting the nutritional value of your brands