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Those who are passionate about good health may be acquainted with the work of Dr. Nyjon Eccles (known as The Natural Doctor), a renowned anti-ageing and bioidentical hormone specialist with his own Harley Street Clinic. Dr. Eccles takes a 100 per cent natural approach to his treatments, specialising in the fields of ageing, menopause, breast cancer prevention, and now, natural hair growth. Dr. Eccles has a close connection to Spain; every two months he gives consultations at the Triay Medical Centre in San , Pedro. Therefore, he stays in close touch with letting us know of updates to his medical work. WORDS MARISA CUTILLAS PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF THE NATURAL DOCTOR






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information and find out if BioGroHair® is ideal for you, contact Dr. Eccles and his team on info@thenaturaldoctor.org


Dr. Eccles grew interested in the subject of hair loss after noting that it was a concern that was not being addressed by modern treatments. “Existing treatments are not particularly effective,” he notes, adding, “Minoxidil produces some growth in around 40 per cent of people, but hair takes between four and six months to grow and tends to be very fine, falling out as soon as the you stop applying the treatment. Oral medications like Propecia, meanwhile, also take long to provide results and can incur unwanted side effects like loss of libido and depression. Furthermore it can cause persistent side effects (including an increased

risk of prostate and breast cancer) that last even after patients have stopped taking it.” Dr. Eccles thought that there had to be a better way to treat baldness effectively, rapidly and without side effects and BioGroHair® was born.


To come up with a viable solution, Dr. Eccles conducted extensive research into the causes of hair loss, discovering them to be: ZZ Sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ZZ Compromised blood flow to the scalp ZZ Inflammation in the hair follicle ZZ Oxidative stress of the hair follicle

“From being exposed to pollution right through to not getting enough plant foods, daily life subjects the body to toxins and stress and these can result in hair loss. My research led me to search for natural molecules that address each of the four reasons for hair loss.” The result was BioGrowHair®: a treatment comprising a natural lotion and a supplement capsule. In as little as eight weeks, regrowth can be dramatic. Dr. Eccles shows me before and after images and the change is impressive. BioGroHair® is currently available either at Dr. Eccles’ clinic in London, or online. All you need to access the treatment from Spain is to fill in a consultation form.

“Because it is only available by prescription, it needs to be issued on a named patient basis,” he notes. When asked if the treatment can also help those with alopecia areata (in which bald spots appear in an otherwise healthy head of hair), Dr. Eccles answers: “Because alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease it causes inflammation, which leads to lower blood flow to the scalp. The treatment could theoretically work for this condition but we need to conduct further research. The treatment is new but thus far I have observed its results on 100 patients and they have been impressive.”

i www.thenaturaldoctor.org


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