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April 2020





www.essentialsmag.co.uk Delivered by hand to 4,300 homes and businesses in Bangor-on-Dee, Holt, Farndon, Overton, Penley, Cross Lanes and surrounding area

Welcome... to your latest edition of EssentialsMAG Coronavirus is now at the forefront of most people’s minds, but as working from home becomes the norm, as people travel less and stick around their local neighbourhoods, then maybe we should explore the potential positives around this. While it's a challenge to see any positives in the current situation, I can see that local communities are starting to rally round. People in our area are now posting offers of help on social media to those who are isolated, especially the old and vulnerable, in case they need any deliveries or errands run.

Cover Image: The Easter Bunny!

May Deadlines: Editorial - 10th April Advertising - 17th April

We’ve got the local area covered! Delivered by hand to 4,300 homes and businesses - more than any other magazine in our area. Copies of this magazine can be picked-up at the following locations: The Corner Shop, 10 High Street, Overton-on-Dee

Perhaps more people will start to understand how good it is to support their local shops and communities. To buy local produce, to use local facilities and to all stick together as a community through this once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) situation.

The Middle Shop, High Street, Bangor-on-Dee

Please look after yourselves,

You can also read our magazines online at: www.essentialsmag.co.uk

All the best, Vicky Heathfield

Nisa, Castle Street, Holt E. Chadwick, Farndon

@EssentialsMagWrexham @EssentialsMAG1

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EssentialsMAG is published by Essentials Mag Limited. The views expressed in articles and advertisements published in this edition of EssentialsMAG do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

Editorial - vicky@essentialsmag.co.uk Advertising - advertising@essentialsmag.co.uk

The reproduction of any material is forbidden without the written permission consent of the publishers. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure accuracy in the publication, we cannot accept any responsibility for any error or omissions that may have occurred, or any consequence arising from use of this publication. All facts and figures are correct at time of going to press.


© EssentialsMAG Limited 2020.

Call us on: 01978 855 459

Dear Reader, The coronavirus outbreak is affecting us all, so I wanted to let you know of our plans here at EssentialsMAG for the coming months. We think it is important that we continue publishing our magazines, as long as it is safe and viable to do so. However, should the coronavirus situation escalate and we can no longer produce and deliver a physical copy of the magazine to you, we will ‘go digital’ and publish our monthly magazines online instead at:

www.essentialsmag.co.uk We want to ensure our readers are kept up-to-date regarding community information and advice. This will enable us to continue to support local people and their families with all the information they need to help them. As well as the local community, we are also thinking about local businesses too. We believe it is important to carry on with our business marketing and advertising. This will enable us to support our loyal advertisers through this situation in order to assist with the economic recovery once the crisis has passed. Hopefully we will be delivering a magazine to your letterbox next month, but if we can’t, you now know where to find us. Warmest regards, Vicky Heathfield, Editor T. 01978 855459

Good Thinking! By EssentialsMAG motivation contributor SASHA KENNEY

Yes, these are unprecedented times, filled with fear and gloom for many. If you are feeling down, you are not alone. As with everything else in this world, this is also an opportunity. An opportunity to reset. So, what if we took this time as a chance to work on ourselves and focus on supporting each other? Together we are powerful, resilient and great. Here are three ways, you can keep yourself on track, so that you stay well and strong for those around you who need you most. Do what you can and let go of what you can’t There are two types of situations; ones you can control and the ones you can’t. We all worry, but it can be really damaging to concern yourself with things you can’t do anything about; the only way to deal with these is to accept them. Ride the tiger and focus on the things you can do instead. Take small steps. Keep moving. One step at a time. Remind yourself of your blessings Just like when you remind yourself of how great you are, you should also remind yourself of all your blessings. Find things from your day that you are thankful for, such as a sunset, no traffic, colours of nature, friends and family. Write your blessings down each day. This can help you to reflect on all the good around you. Breathe Breathing may seem like a very simple thing to do, but you may be surprised at how it can help you to stay positive. If you can pause and take a few long deep breaths, you can then focus on your breathing for a little while, whilst clearing your head. This can help you to think rationally and become more positive even if you are in a stressful situation. Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed people in a community can change the world; indeed that’s all they ever do. Let’s all play our part and help each other with good thinking. Wake up with “Hoola Nation" live every weekday morning at 8am. Simply join "Hoola Nation" on Facebook: www.facebook.com/hoolanation Completely FREE. No equipment needed. Suitable for all abilities. EssentialsMAG motivation contributor Sasha oxo

is Sasha Kenney, Wellbeing Coach, World Record holder, business owner and Motivational Speaker. sasha@fitphilosophy.co.uk

Your Essential Guide to Local Services This list has been created to help all of those who are effected by the coronavirus outbreak. You maybe self-isolating at home, or unable to gain access to basic services or shopping. We will be adding to this list on a daily basis, therefore, the most up-to-date version will be found on our website: www.essentialsmag.co.uk/covid19. If you are a local business or an individual who can provide a service and you would like to be added to this list please email: vicky@essentialsmag.co.uk.

FOOD DELIVERY SERVICES Fresh and Tasty (GRESFORD) call to see what is available if you are self-isolating 01978 853017. They will endeavour to help local residents in need where possible.

Oakhouse Foods deliver on a Tuesday and offer frozen meals, eggs and some other products delivered to the door with no delivery charge. 03333 702517

Dickens Butchers (GRESFORD) currently they are receiving custom as normal but if the situation changes and many people find themselves isolated please phone 01978 852047 to see if they can help.

Home Farm (OVERTON) sausages, bacon, eggs, meat, pies, milk, cheese, bread potatoes. 01978 710141. They have a card machine or take PayPal.

Gresford Newsagents (GRESFORD) as well as newspapers and magazines give the shop a call and they can arrange delivery of their produce which includes many fresh food items. 01978 852884. Primarily for those who cannot leave the house and deliveries may be supported by local volunteers. Card payments taken over the phone. Covent Garden Fruit & Veg (WREXHAM) take telephone orders and payment over the phone by card and can leave a box outside for you - 01978 266691.

Cleopatras (HOLT) give them a call and they’ll discuss what menu items they have available for delivery. 01829 270030. Ready made meals to suit all dietary requirements. Card payments taken over phone or cash on collection. The Lemon Tree Restaurant (WREXHAM) will talk you through their menu options available for delivery. Card payments taken over phone. 01978 261211. They will also take a weekly payment if you’d like a meal every day. continued...

The most up-to-date list can be found at: www.essentialsmag.co.uk/covid19 DISCLAIMER - Whilst we have researched local businesses that offer their goods or services we take no responsibility for them or their service.

Your Essential Guide to Local Services FOOD DELIVERY SERVICES Edwards Dairies (CHIRK) delivery days Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Orders need to be in before 10pm the day before delivery and orders will be made before 8am the next day. They deliver more than just milk. They have bread, tea bags, sugar etc delivered. 01691 778266. Hugh John Jones Butchers (WREXHAM) for meat and pies. Card payments taken over the phone. 01978 266978. Griffiths Butchers (FARNDON) for meat pies and other items. Card payments taken over the phone. 01829 270220. The Fat Boar (WREXHAM) call the pub who will then talk you through the menu options and can deliver 7 days a week! You can pay over the phone and they will call you when they’re outside so you don’t have to worry about contact. 01978 354201. Dragon Dinners (WREXHAM) £5.65 for a hot dinner and pudding. Free delivery. 07904045216. They are aimed at over 55's, carers and anyone unable to make a meal. Nisa (HOLT) will be operating a home delivery service to the people who most need it. Call: 01829 271030 before 3pm.

Barton Road Service Station (MALPAS) delivery service to any one who is self isolated and vulnerable. Card payments over the phone. 01829 271021. Shone & Sons (NANTWICH) delivering milk, dairy goods & newspapers. Card payments taken over the phone. 01270 841480. Bicks Chicks (WREXHAM) deliver meat and poultry. Card payments taken over the phone. 01978 661336.

DOG WALKERS Amigo Dog Walking (GRESFORD). Call Mercedes 07534 579018. Quick Paws Dog Walking (GRESFORD) Call Izzy 07927 222201. DoggyNizzNizz (ACTON) Call Karen 07488 270386.

EAR CARE Ear Car Solutions. (THE PLASSEY). Call Pam 07946 231051. Integrated Hearing (WREXHAM) home visits available. Call Olivia 01978 316770.

The most up-to-date list can be found at: www.essentialsmag.co.uk/covid19 DISCLAIMER - Whilst we have researched local businesses that offer their goods or services we take no responsibility for them or their service.

Your Essential Guide to Local Services GRASS CUTTING / MAINTENANCE Hashtag Gardening (BURTON) call Matt Torgersen on 07722 042201. Michael Wilde (GRESFORD) grass cutting and home maintenance. 07710 833019.

SUPPORT SERVICES Wrexham Council 01978 292 000. Adult Social Services 01978 292 066.

Nick’s Odd Jobs (WREXHAM) grass cutting and home maintenance. 079606 08084.

Housing Department 01978 298 993. RSPCA 07713 092 045.

SUPPORT SERVICES Age UK (WREXHAM) offering help and support to seniors. 01978 311337.

EMERGENCY SERVICES Fire, Police, Ambulance 999.

Citizens Advice (WREXHAM) free confidential advice 0300330 1178. Disabled Living Foundation help and advice for the disabled 0300 999 044. Mind mental health support 01352 974 430.

Non urgent Police 101. Non urgent medical advice 111. Gas Leak Line 0800 111 999. Electrical 0800 195 4141.

Relate (WREXHAM) for families with relationship difficulties 01978 265 028. Samaritans (CHESTER & WREXHAM) a listening ear when needed 01244 377 999. Silverline free information line for the older generation 0800 470 80 90. Foodbank (WREXHAM) emergency food and support 07538 547971.

For the current Government guidelines on Coronavirus visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/topicalevents/coronavirus-covid-19-ukgovernment-response

If you would like to add an entry to this list please email: vicky@essentialsmag.co.uk

The most up-to-date list can be found at: www.essentialsmag.co.uk/covid19 DISCLAIMER - Whilst we have researched local businesses that offer their goods or services we take no responsibility for them or their service.

Hypermobility By SIAN BOFFEY at Therapy Stars Many parents are told that their child is hypermobile... but what does this mean for your child? Hypermobility is the term used when you have more than normal range of movement at some or all of your joints. It is often referred to as being "double-jointed". It is relatively common, particularly in children, as we get less mobile as we grow older. Like many conditions it encompasses a wide spectrum from mild to more severe symptoms. In the most part being hypermobile may have absolutely no consequences for your childother than thinking they are slightly "bendier" than their friends. But for some children, where they have several hypermobile joints, it may first become noticeable when they are delayed in reaching their developmental milestones. Delayed walking can sometimes be an indicator that a child may have hypermobility around their ankles. For these children, supportive, well fitting footwear is crucial. Shoes should have a good supportive heel and sturdy upper material to offer you child's foot maximum support and stability. Children with hypermobile joints may complain of tiredness quicker than their peers. This is due to their muscles having to work harder to stabilise joints and may also be due to muscle weakness. They may be more prone to injury as their lax joints can lead to the soft tissues becoming over stretched. In the most severe cases joints may even dislocate. So... what do you do if you suspect your child is hypermobile? Firstly, be aware of which of your child's joints seem to have excessive ranges of movement so that you can monitor any injuries or discomfort to see if they are related. Pain relief can be given as and when appropriate for your child. If there are ongoing problems with pain and/or injury, then trying to strengthen your child's muscles can often help. A Physiotherapist may be able to advise you of activities that can help after a full Physiotherapy assessment. In a few cases, severe or widespread hypermobility or hypermobility alongside other specific symptoms, may be an indicator of another condition. If you have concerns that this may apply to your child, you should consult with your child's GP.

By Sian Boffey, Paediatric Physiotherapist at Therapy Stars www.therapystars.co.uk info@therapystars.co.uk 01948 830583.

Gardening Tips and Advice April - Sunshine and Showers Spring is finally in evidence as daffodils and flowering trees start to bloom. Expect the inevitable April showers this month but with sunny days too, when you can turn your attention to the lawn. It's an exciting month, with indoor-sown seeds well into growth, and it's also time to start sowing outdoors. Just watch out for frosts...


Keep weeds under control.


Protect fruit blossom from late frosts.


Tie in climbing and rambling roses.


Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors.


Start to feed citrus plants.


Increase the water given to houseplants.


Feed hungry shrubs and roses.


Sow new lawns or repair bare patches.


Prune fig trees.


Divide bamboos and waterlilies.

Information provided by: www.rhs.org.uk

Consultation Times: MON - FRI: 2 - 3pm TUE & THUR: 5 - 6pm

TREE Management & Removal

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Tree Pruning • Tree Removal Stump Removal • Fire Wood 24 Hour Emergency Work

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Vaccinations and Health Checks Microchipping / Pet Passports 24 Hour Emergency Service Consultations by Appointment Only The Old Surgery, Penyllan Street, Overton, LL13 0EE

Tel: 01978 711975

Bowling Bank, Wrexham

Guaranteed Disinfection NEW PRODUCT: Simple for all to use - dissolvable in warm water Can be used as a hand sanitiser or to wipe down multiple surfaces

To order, call Steve on:

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Guaranteed Disinfection: Hospital grade with Kill Log 7 - 99.99999%

Non-hazardous and bio-degradable up to 24 hours efficiency

Scaling Back on the Sleep Crutch By Infant Sleep Consultant RHIAN MILLS Something that quite often comes as a surprise to parents who are on a quest to have their children sleeping through is that sleeping through isn’t actually a thing. Humans wake on average four times each night – it’s natural and it’s normal. Most of the time we won’t notice it happening as we’re able to fall straight back asleep before fully rousing. The key to improving children’s sleep is look at how they fall asleep at bedtime. If a little one is getting any kind of help to fall asleep (known as a sleep crutch), then when they wake, they often struggle to get back to sleep without that same help again. In the case of babies under six months it’s completely natural that they may need some help in falling asleep, but over the age of six months it’s a good idea to start weaning them off any sleep crutches. The most common sleep crutches I see are feeding, rocking, cuddling, or simply sitting next to a child’s bed. A quick and easy tip to break the feed to sleep association is to move the feed earlier in the bedtime routine instead of having it as the last step. Gradually scaling back on parental intervention works really well, for example switching from rocking to cuddling, cuddling to patting, patting to holding hand and so on. Breaking it down into small steps works really well as children tend to cope with little changes with minimal upset.

There are loads of clever methods to help older children fall asleep without a parent. Different approaches will suit different personalities, but one of my favourites is the “pop out”. Not to be confused with controlled crying, this is leaving children alone for a short period of time as long as they are happy, before returning for a kiss and cuddle. Over time the frequency and duration of the “pop outs” can be extended, meaning that eventually the child will feel relaxed and reassured that the parent always returns, and will therefore fall asleep. Dummies can be a sleep crutch depending on the age of the child and their ability to replace it. Before a baby can replace a dummy (normally around 9 months) it does become a sleep crutch and “dummy runs” can be common. A good tip to help older babies replace their dummy is to put a few in their cot to make them easier to find. Making changes to how children fall asleep can take between as little as a few days to a month or more depending on each situation, but once little ones are able to fall asleep themselves at bedtime then nights should become more peaceful. For a FREE 15 minute phone consultation: https://restedmama.appointlet.com

EssentialsMAG Infant Sleep Consultant is Rhian Mills, from Rested Mama restedmama@gmail.com, Tel: 07530 015704




The Area’s Most Experienced Double Glazing Company

24 hour access Professionally insulated CCTV security

uPVC Double Glazed Windows & Doors WINDOW & DOOR REPAIRS We specialise in double glazing repairs to ensure your double glazing windows and doors last for longer

Illuminated sites

Call us on: 01978 720311 www.adgwindows.co.uk Alpine House, Old Mold Road, Gwersyllt, Wrexham LL11 4AP

EssentialsMAG Tasty Recipe

Storecupboard Rarebit INGREDIENTS


2 thick slices of wholemeal bread 85g mature cheddar, grated ½ small red onion, finley chopped 2 small tomatoes, roughly chopped 1 medium egg pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

METHOD Toast the bread. Preheat the grill and toast the bread on both sides. Set the toast aside, but keep the grill on. Make the mix. In a bowl combine the cheese, onion, tomatoes, egg and cayenne, if using. Give it all a good stir and season well with salt and pepper. Divide the cheesy mix between the two slices of toast and spread it out so it completely covers the toast. Get grilling. Slide the toast back under the grill and cook until golden brown and bubbling. Eat while it’s hot. Mix it up - try making different versions by adding ingredients such as cooked mushrooms, cooked bacon, cooked chicken, tin tuna, tin salmon, olives, capers or whatever favourites you may have in the fridge or cupboard.

Trying out our recipe? Share your photos with us on Facebook @EssentialsMag Wrexham

Assessing Our Priorities By EssentialsMAG environment contributor ROB RENOUF We currently find ourselves in a situation beyond anything most of us could ever have imagined. Writing last month’s article on armchair activism I didn’t begin to think that just a few weeks later we’d be advised to stay in our homes as much as possible. I’m not sure where we’ll be by the time you read this, so this month I’m not going to advocate anything other than following Public Health guidance and doing our best to take care of each other. Over the coming months the COVID-19 pandemic will impact on all of us in numerous ways, some of which we may be unable to anticipate. What’s clear is that this will be an incredibly difficult time for everyone. Yet at the same time we’re seeing people all around the world rallying together to support the most vulnerable. Thousands are offering to deliver food and other essential items to those with the greatest need to self-isolate. We’re being shown people’s willingness to make sacrifices and put the needs of others ahead of their own. People have talked about the need for a wartime style mobilisation to address the climate and ecological emergency. Until now, this was something that was hard for many of us to imagine, having never experienced anything like that. We’re now being shown exactly what this kind of mobilisation looks like and that it can happen in response to an emergency. Building a thousand bed hospital in ten days might have seemed impossible to most of us, yet we’ve witnessed this being done in China. In the immediate future, this pandemic is going to force us to stop many things and to do others very differently. This provides an opportunity for us to assess our priorities and consider possibilities we hadn’t previously. When we emerge on the other side, reverting to business as usual will not be our only option. This is something none of us wanted to happen, but the way that people are uniting to meet this challenge can perhaps offer us hope for the future.

EssentialsMAG environment contributor is Rob Renouf robsrenouf@gmail.com

We specialise in ear wax removal Friendly and professional service by a qualified nurse with a Diploma in primary Ear Care.

£35 for one ear. £50 for both.

CELEBRATING 5 YEARS AT THE PLASSEY! Day, evening and weekend appointments available

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“a business built on recommendation”




m 10 pl %




Unit 2 The Barn, The Plassey, Eyton, Wrexham LL13 0SP

Your Local Independent Opticians with over 30 years of experience

Multi-make Servicing & Repairs at competitive rates

New & Used Car Sales Our friendly experienced optometrist’s and staff pride ourselves on providing professional eye care and supplying quality eyewear • PRIVATE & NHS EXAMINATIONS • WECS ACCREDITED • PICK UP SERVICE AVAILABLE • PRE/POST CATARACT SCREENING • PROTECT YOUR EYES WITH TRANSITIONS • FREE HEARING TESTS NOW AVAILABLE • EARLY DETECTION OF GLAUCOMA & DIABETES

17 Chester Road, Gresford, Wrexham LL12 8NB Tel: 01978 855828, email: gresford.eyecare@gmail.com www.gresfordeyecare.co.uk MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY - HOME VISITS AVAILABLE

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Four Wheel Laser Alignment MOT’s • Repairs • Service • Tyres • Exhausts Recovery • Bosch Trained Technicians Courtesy Cars Available • Specialist in the supply of low mileage vehicles up to three years old

Tel: 01978 710 435 www.trottingmaregarage.co.uk Trotting Mare Garage, Knolton Nr. Overton on Dee, Wrexham LL13 0LE

Happy Birthday EssentialsMAG! This month EssentialsMAG is celebrating a birthday: 15 years and counting! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our advertisers, brilliant delivery team, contributors, and you, our readers, for your continued support over the past 15 years. Creating our magazines and posting them through your letterbox each month is a joint effort. It is really appreciated and we never take it for granted. We truly believe that advertising in EssentialsMAG really does work, if it didn’t, we would not have been able to continuously produce our magazines for the last 15 years. We have a high renewal rate by our advertisers, some of whom have been with us since the very first edition! Not many community magazines can boast such loyality!

WIN! To celebrate our birthday we’re giving 15 adverts to 15 lucky local businesses for just £15...! For further details and to enter this competition please go to:

www.essentialsmag.co.uk/biz This competition will close on Thursday 30th April 2020 at 8pm when 15 lucky businesses will be picked at random. Terms & conditions apply. Good luck!

We Can Make Your Business a Household Name! LOW-COST, EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING & LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION Established in 2005 EssentialsMAG is Wrexham’s longest-running and most trusted hyperlocal community magazine. Spanning the North Wales border, the magazine’s regional catchment area offers a wide range of opportunities to connect and advertise with local people and businesses.

To book your advertising space, or to ask for a copy of our Media Pack and more information about how we can help your business grow, please call Vicky on: 01978 855459, or visit: www.essentialsmag.co.uk


Financial News with Hadlow Edwards Warren Hadlow History - don’t let it be a mystery. Well, as we ‘go to print’ this month - we really are in the midst of some extraordinary times. More talk about ‘Brexit’ would almost be ‘light relief’ we would all welcome (and I never thought I would write that!) as quite rightly the country and everyone in it comes to terms with the current global health issue.

What we know in the middle of March is that tragically people are losing loved ones to something few had even heard of ten weeks ago. Truly extraordinary. We see the effects of whole countries ‘locked down’ and the threat clearly to their productivity and financial stability being reflected in exceptionally challenging markets. But - we’ve seen global events similar to this before and history teaches us some important things at these times. Take a few examples going right back to the 1940s and more recently. Pearl Harbour in 1941, the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and the attack on the World Trade Centre on the 11th September 2001. Each one of these (and I could have picked a lot more) saw markets fall significantly over a period of days or weeks as seen recently. On each occasion the time it took for the markets to recover - back to where they were before they declined, was very consistently between two and three times as long as the time taken to fall. Sharp downturns have led before to sharp recoveries. Of course how long we may be in the current position appears a significant unknown. Years ago I met a very elderly lady (she lived to be 100) who told me about an epidemic in this area I believe at its worst around Oswestry when she was a little girl. The threat then to people’s lives was - measles. Over a century on and history again repeats itself. For us - we are offering all of our clients and anyone concerned the chance to just call or email or to arrange a Skype/FaceTime call if we can help put any anxieties in perspective. Whilst for now its ‘business as usual’ we, like all other businesses, already have plans in place to ensure first and foremost the safety and welfare of our team and all of our clients and contacts. We will be guided by the experts and rely on their advice. We very much hope to put some rather more upbeat articles together as the year unfolds (let us know please if you have a financial topic you would like covered). Please do all stay safe and well and drop us a line if you have any concerns.

Contributed by Warren Hadlow Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management Limited. Telephone: 01978 311 611 - e-mail: hadlow.edwards@sjpp.co.uk Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management Limited is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group's wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group's website www.sjp.co.uk/products. The 'St. James's Place Partnership' and the titles 'Partner' and 'Partner Practice' are marketing terms used to describe St. James's Place representatives.

PRinciPal PaRtneR PRactice oF st. James's Place WealtH management

• RetiRement Planning • moRtgages • tax Planning • investment Planning • sPecialist insuRance

at Hadlow edwards we offer a distinctive approach to our clients and their financial affairs. You get all the benefits of personal attention and years of experience from an approachable, friendly team of professionals. We take care of the details and take away the frustration of financial planning. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


Telephone: 01978 311 611 email: hadlow.edwards@sjpp.co.uk www.hadlowedwards.co.uk

Coronavirus And Your Wellbeing You might be worried about coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) and how it could affect your life. If you've been asked to stay at home and avoid other people, it might feel more difficult than usual to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. These are some ideas which may help: Keep in touch digitally Make plans to video chat with people or groups you’d normally see in person. You can also arrange phone calls or send instant messages or texts. If you’re worried that you might run out of stuff to talk about, make a plan with someone to watch a show or read a book separately so that you can discuss it when you contact each other. If you're worried about loneliness Think about things you can do to connect with people. For example, putting extra pictures up of the people you care about might be a nice reminder of the people in your life. Listen to a chatty radio station or podcast if your home feels too quiet. Decide on your routine Plan how you’ll spend your time. It might help to write this down on paper and put it on the wall. Try to follow your ordinary routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time as normal, follow your usual morning routines, and go to bed at your usual time. Set alarms to remind you of your new schedule if that helps. If you aren’t happy with your usual routine, this might be a chance to do things differently. For example, you could go to bed earlier, spend more time cooking or do other things you don’t usually have time for.

Try to keep active Build physical activity into your daily routine, if possible. Most of us don’t have exercise equipment like treadmills where we live, but there are still activities you can do. Exercising at home can be simple and there are options for most ages and abilities, such as Cleaning your home. Dancing to music. Going up and down stairs. Seated exercises. Online exercise workouts that you can follow. Sitting less – if you notice you’ve been sitting down for an hour, just getting up or changing position can help. If you’re feeling claustrophobic or trapped Open the windows to let in fresh air. Or you could spend time sitting on your doorstep, or in the garden if you have one. Try looking at the sky out of the window or from your doorstep. This can help to give you a sense of space. Regularly change the rooms you spend time in. Think about your diet Your appetite might change if your routine changes. Eating regularly and keeping your blood sugar stable can help your mood and energy levels. Drink water regularly Drinking enough water is important for your mental and physical health. It could help to set an alarm or use an app to remind you. The content reflects the best advice we have at the time of going to print. For the current Government guidelines visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/topicalevents/coronavirus-covid-19-ukgovernment-response

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Easter Pet Health Advice Spring is here and it’s a wonderful time enjoy the spring flowers! Whilst they’re lovely to look at, it’s important to remember that many flowers and bulbs can make our dogs poorly if eaten – snowdrops, bluebells, geraniums, daffodils, tulips, azaleas and hyacinths among others can cause nasty reactions if the flowers, leaves, stems or bulbs are eaten, and ingestion can even be fatal in some cases. If you have cut flowers in the house, also beware of lilies which are highly toxic to cats. Lily poisoning causes rapid, and often irreversible, kidney damage to cats and can be caused by the cat getting pollen on their fur and then getting poisoned when they groom themselves or even by drinking the water out of the vase! In the garden, other dangers to watch out for are fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, which are all potential poisons, including treatments which are used to control garden pests such as slugs and snails especially if they contain a substance called metaldehyde. Fleas, ticks and worms all start to grow in number around Easter as the weather warms up and this increases the chances of your pet coming into contact with them. A parasitic infection can be unpleasant for your pet, but for dogs infected with lungworm, or with ticks carrying Lyme disease, this infection can be fatal. Inside the home, Easter means plenty of chocolate! However, chocolate is toxic to all our pet dogs, cats and rabbits as it contains a chemical called theobromine, as well as caffeine, which makes it potentially deadly as our pets cannot process it. Eating even a small amount can lead to sickness and diarrhoea and in severe cases can progress to seizures and even death. Hot cross buns and Simnel Cakes are also popular at Easter time, but did you know the fruit in them can be deadly to dogs? Grapes, and all their dried forms including raisins, sultanas and currants, can cause kidney failure so if you think your dog may have eaten any, always call your local vet for advice. Wishing you a healthy and happy Easter!!

DoggyBizzNizz Bespok e Pet Services

Pet Sitting•Dog Wa lki

EssentialsMAG pet care contributor is Karen Volger, from DoggyBizzNizz. www.facebook.com/doggybizznizz Mobile: 07488 270386 E-mail: karen@doggybizznizz.com

W Sp all ec pa ia pe lis r ts

Transform your home with bespoke fitted furniture

At Reflections we specialise in the bespoke design, manufacture and fitting of high quality bedroom, kitchen, offices and bathroom furniture.

DoggyBizzNizz Bespoke Pet Services Pet Sitting•Dog Walking Pet Taxi•Small Animal Boarding www.DoggyBizzNizz.com www.facebook.com/doggybizznizz Mobile: 07488 270386 E-mail: karen@doggybizznizz.com

All manufactured and installed by our own highly skilled craftsmen. Free no pressure, no obligation consultations. Superb value for money.

We remove and control all pests Rats • Mice • Squirrels • Moles Rabbits • Fleas • Bedbugs • Wasps Ants • Carpet Beetles • Cockroaches Flies • Moths • Beetles • Spiders and many more!

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Tel: 01978 265 381 www.reflections-wrexham.co.uk Unit 2, Fairfield, Barkers Lane, Borras LL13 9TP Showroom open: Monday - Friday 9am to 4:30pm with evenings and weekends by appointment

Counselling Advice FAQ: Happiness By EssentialsMAG mental health & well-being contributor KIM PATEL QUESTION: I want to feel happier. My friends say that I should think more positively. ANSWER: I am questioning whether by happier you mean to feel more content, or a sense of well-being? Media in all its forms seems to be talking about how to become happier with “top tips” about what you can do to nurture your well-being, e.g. spending time outdoors, eating healthily and volunteering. Underlying this is the sense that the life you are currently living is not good enough (you are not good enough), creating a low-level anxiety that prompts a striving towards a different life, and guilt when we cannot fulfil that. When we are living in a way which enables us to grow in the direction we want, then happiness follows - the butterfly lands on your shoulder. There seem to be two ways to become happier. The non-striving and being open to the flow of your experience as in the above quote, or to work at different aspects of your life to create happiness. Both positions align with the idea that happiness is multi-factorial and subjective – it is about the things we do, the connections we have, and how we think. Simply replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and focusing on positive experiences is unlikely to make you happy in and of itself. Focusing purely on positive experiences denies us our full experience of life, and of ourselves. When we box emotions off, such as grief or anger, they tend to find a way to bubble out and demand attention - it does not work and is unhealthy. Both Counselling and Mindfulness encourage turning towards our difficult experiences, to feel and explore them. Therefore happiness is not about replacing the negative with positive, it is about allowing all of your experience to flow. Happiness is not necessarily giddy exhilaration and joy, maybe it is about the smaller things; the warmth of a hot drink on a cold day, a stranger opening a door for you, a smile from someone as you walk down the street. The feel-good factor we get with these everyday events, although may be small, have longevity - we only need look for them. “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” (Henry David Thoreau).

EssentialsMAG mental health & well-being contributor is Kim Patel from Ebb & Flow Counselling www.counsellinginwrexham.co.uk Tel: 07530 553 983




bespoke kitchens & interiors manufactured locally by our own skilled craftsmen

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#Unbeatable Eva Fight against DIPG On New Year's Day, the lives of Paul and Carran Slapa from Marford were changed forever when their caring nine-year-old daughter Eva was diagnosed with a rare and incurable brain tumour called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). This disease is so rare it only effects a small number of children each year and very little progress has been made to identify ways to treat children with the diagnosis. Paul said: “Our nightmare started in the run-up to New Year. Eva had complained of dizziness and blurred vision, and so we organised a trip to the opticians. At her appointment, Eva had seemed to lose some of the control of her eyes, and was unable to move them to the right. We were referred to the hospital Ophthalmology department, and our appointment was scheduled for New Year’s Eve.” “Eva had her appointment at the hospital, and when a doctor is choking back tears, unable to tell you the problem, you know something is wrong. We were immediately referred for an emergency CT Scan, and our hell began. On New Year’s Day, Eva completed her MRI and we waited on the results. We knew bad news was coming and it did… DIPG – Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is a name I will never ever forget.” • DIPG effects children, mainly between the ages of 2 and 12. • The average life expectancy postdiagnosis is less than 12 months. • There is no known cure. • Radiotherapy is the only known treatment providing temporary relief in shrinking tumours.

The facts of DIPG are things no parent should ever have to face. Paul goes on to say “I’ll reiterate that there is no cure – we understand that. That said, there are medical trials taking place all over the world, lead by medical teams who fight day and night to try to find something to save our children. Unfortunately, many of these trials are unavailable in the UK.” “We have found a clinical trial in the US which has been proven to have positive effects on the tumours – a drug developed by a company called Oncoceutics, which shows huge promise in targeting DIPG. After conversations with our consultant, we are aiming to get Eva on the trial, however, the cost starts at £250,000 and so without help, we are unable to access this. And so, Carran and I are putting aside our concerns about sharing this publicly, and are asking, begging, for help. We are asking for you to donate anything you can – no matter how big or small – to help us to access the best possible treatment for Eva, and therefore to provide her the best possible chance of beating this.” If you are able to donate, please go to: uk.gofundme.com/f/unbeatable-eva Thank you so much for your help. Paul and Carran xx

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Oswestry based business PSM Kitchens, takes pride in bringing high quality, bespoke kitchens to the marketplace. Owner Paul Mansell decided to start his business due to having a family and needing to create a better work-life balance. Pricing is competitive and Paul has a bit of a different approach to pricing up each project. He took the decision to not have a showroom (although he does have offices) and instead visits each client to discuss options and measure up, but with no hard sell in sight. PSM Kitchens is all about a personal service and making customers feel comfortable with the choices they make. Paul says, “I am totally independent and not tied to one supplier, so I can always offer a wide range of options to my customers. This also means I can meet a wide range of budgets. This coupled with the fact all unit are made to order means we can offer a really flexible product customised to our client’s needs. I like to focus on future proofing kitchens for customers, which is beneficial as a variety of things may change further down the road. Anything from style to age related scenarios.” If you visit the PSM Kitchens website there are lots of previous projects on show for you, from countryside style to that modern clean feel. If you have the space and ever fancied an island in the hub of the house, then take a look at the projects. Kitchens to make anyone happy, I think so! PSM Kitchens have both traditional and modern ranges so there is something to suit everyone. Paul also offers a free planning and design package, which is part of the service. So, if you are thinking of updating your current kitchen and would like to stay with a local firm, PSM Kitchens is just around the corner. Contact Paul on 01691 664252 or visit psmkitchens.co.uk NB During these uncertain times we are very much open for business. We are looking at ways to minimise contact with the most vulnerable groups by use of WhatsApp, skype and zoom video calls where possible, but are also more than happy to chat on the telephone.

Capturing Life. Creating Art. By Simon O’Rourke, award-winning artist. Creating sculptures that beautifully compliment their surroundings and enhance gardens, homes, and public or commercial spaces. www.treecarving.co.uk

For prices & more information Call: 07886 881815 Email: simon@treecarving.co.uk


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Transforming old trees and logs into beautiful works of art since 2008

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How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan If a fire occurred in your home could you escape easily and raise the alarm? Your ability to get out of your home during a fire depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning. Every household should have some sort of escape plan in place, just in case the worst was to happen. Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as one or two minutes to escape safely once the alarm sounds. Pull together everyone in your household and make a plan together, ensuring that all the children know the plan and what to do in the unlikely event of fire occurring. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but it’s important to prepare so there’s no delay if it’s ever put into action. Here are some tips for helping you with your escape plan: • Fire alarms and smoke detectors play a very important role - the earlier a fire is detected the less risk there is to your life - do your smoke detectors work? Check them regularly. • Identify your exits. • Identify the secondary escape routes. • Identify where your assembly point is. • Keep doors closed this will help to slow smoke spread. • In a fire you must stay low to the floor to avoid the smoke. • Feel any closed door on the exit route before opening. If the door is warm, open it slowly, and close it quickly if heat or smoke rushes in. • Passageways may be completely filled with dense smoke, so everyone should practice exiting on their hands and knees while blindfolded. • Establish a rule that once you're out you stay out! • Parents, guardians and responsible adults should be aware that children may not wake to the sound of a working smoke alarm, therefore your escape plan MUST account for waking and evacuating children. • Make sure all the children know your address in case they have to telephone the emergency services. • Teach your family about the dangers of playing with fire. The more familiar you are with your escape plan, the less likely you will panic during a real emergency. And remember, in the event of a fire call 999. EssentialsMAG health & safety contributor is Martin Griffith, from Action Health & Safety www.actonhealthandsafety.co.uk Tel: 07956 067812

Local Properties For Sale Please get in touch if you'd like to view any of these properties, or to discuss rentals as investments. Telephone: 01978 312123

Churchlea, Rhosrobin, LL11 4RB Four Bedroom Detached Home

arranged Over 3 Floors large master Bedroom with Dressing Room large ensuite to master Bedroom 'Jack n Jill' ensuite to Bedrooms 2 & 3 conservatory to Rear cul-de-sac location


Bodwyn Crescent, Gresford, LL12 8NQ Three Bedroom Detached Family House immaculately Presented Desirable Village location Open aspect Dining Room modern Fitted Bathroom Driveway & Garage uPVc Double Glazed energy efficiency Rating 67 Band D


HOw mucH is

yOuR HOme


wORtH? Visit whitegates.co.uk for your FREE Online Valuation Report

41 King street, wrexham ll11 1HR www.whitegates.co.uk

Helping You Protect What Matters Most Making a Will ensures your property, savings and personal possessions are distributed to the people you choose after you pass away

DPB Will Writing Services offer a professional and convenient, fixed price Will writing service in the comfort of your home, day or evening, seven days a week

Arrive in style at your prom on-board a vintage bus ACROSS NORTH WALES & THE NORTH WEST

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way Call David Burgess for a FREE consultation T: 01606 624593 | M: 07961 219138 www.dpbwills.co.uk

Have you ever wanted a trip on a vintage London bus? The sight of a gleaming red vintage Routemaster bus is guaranteed to turn heads, making it the perfect way to transport your guests or clients to any corporate or private event. Be the envy of your classmates by arriving in style at your prom on-board one of our vintage buses.

Proms • Weddings A day at the races • Family days out Corporate hire • Film and TV

T. 01978 799 909 E. info@routemaster4hire.co.uk


Puzzle Page... Just For Fun Crossword Across 1 3 9 10 11 13 15 17 20 21 22 23

Whirring sound (4) Keep at a distance (8) River of SE Africa (7) Unit of length (5) Characteristic of the present (12) Force to do something (6) Johannes ___ : German astronomer (6) Reticent and secretive (12) Large spoon with a long handle (5) Capital of the US state of Georgia (7) Chair at the rear of a vehicle (4,4) Sort; variety (4)

Down 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 12 14 16 18 19

Regulating water valve (8) Manor (anag) (5) Exclusive newspaper stories (6) Regretfully (12) Not artificial (7) Sight organs (4) Vagrancy (12) Person with a degree (8) Tuneful (7) African antelope (6) Useful (5) Amorphous shape (4)

If you want to find out the answers they will be published in next month’s edition. Here are the answers from March:

Classic Sudoku

Principal Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management at Hadlow edwards we offer a distinctive approach to our clients and their financial affairs. You get all the benefits of personal attention and years of experience from an approachable, friendly team of professionals. We take care of the details and take away the frustration of financial planning.

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RetiRement Planning moRtgages tax Planning investment Planning sPecialist insuRance

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage HADLOW EDWARDS WEALTH MANAGEMENT LTD Chartered Financial Planners

Telephone: 01978 311 611 email: hadlow.edwards@sjpp.co.uk www.hadlowedwards.co.uk The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group’s website at www.sjp.co.uk/products. The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the title ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

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Essentials Mag April 2020 Bangor/Holt/Farndon  

Your monthly community magazine – an insight into local living, covering Holt, Farndon, Bangor on Dee, Overton, Cross Lanes and surrounding...

Essentials Mag April 2020 Bangor/Holt/Farndon  

Your monthly community magazine – an insight into local living, covering Holt, Farndon, Bangor on Dee, Overton, Cross Lanes and surrounding...