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Talent with attitude Jordan Waller interview

Also inside this issue: TEST FOR TESLA The Porsche Taycan BEING HONEST Ed Byrne interview THE NEW GIN? British liqueurs are booming ETHICAL SPIRIT Gushlow & Cole autumn collection essence is available online and free to subscribers

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contents Issue 106 | NOVEMBER 2019

4 | Interview | JORDAN WALLER

Perhaps best-known for playing Lord Alfred Paget in the popular TV series Victoria, Jordan Waller talks to essence about his life experiences and how they have influenced his career.

10 | Motoring | PORSCHE

Euan Johns takes a look at Porsche’s new all electric speedster, the Taycan.


14 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design reminds readers not to ignore the garden in winter, but to take the opportunity to fill in gaps and enjoy the subtle beauty of winter plants.


Cookson Adventures has launched a dedicated wellness adventure programme inviting guests to engage their body and mind in some of the most isolated and idyllic locations on Earth.

20 | Fashion | GUSHLOW & COLE

The Gushlow & Cole label has attracted high profile celebrities, including Angelina Jolie. essence examines the autumn winter collection.



Britain has become a nation of liqueur makers, as Kevin Pilley has recently found out.

28 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel.

30 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Yasmin Dehghani, solicitor at Mundays LLP, provides essential advice for those looking to purchase a commercial property at auction.

32 | Education | INNOVATION


Michael Connolly, headmaster of Cranmore School, explains exactly what the Diamond Model of education offers to parents, and why it is a highly regarded form of education.

34 | Theatre interview | ED BYRNE

Comedy legend and household name Ed Byrne talks to Jason Barlow about his career and latest tour as he still aims to hit the heights.

38 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

44 | Architecture | Concept Eight

Surrey-based architecture firm Concept Eight is dedicated to the creation of imaginative residential buildings. Its creative and tailor-made approach to projects results in unique homes.


46 | essence | PROPERTY

A selection of some of the area’s finest houses from Surrey’s best estate agents and developers.

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Remember, remember I’ve always thought fondly of Bristol as, although it’s a large city, it has an inherent warmth and intimacy. Its history is varied, and much of its riches came from the slave trade as in the 1730s it was the leading slave port in the country. As such, there are efforts to remove merchant Edward Colston’s name and presence from the city. History should be remembered and not erased, times having moved on. This has enabled people like interviewee Jordan Waller to express themselves and provide a welcome breath of fresh air. Hailing from Bristol, Jordan had an unusual start in life, and this shaped his path and career. Household name and comic genius Ed Byrne hits the road again and found time to talk to essence about how he still aims to hit the heights. Also in this month’s magazine, Euan Johns looks at the real possibility of the electrifying Porsche Taycan offering up some serious competition for Tesla. Kevin Pilley considers whether the current boom in British liqueurs can rival that of the ongoing gin revolution. The Gushlow & Cole label attracts high-profile celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, and for the season offers some warm fashions, all ethically produced using by-products from the food industry that are 100 per cent biodegradable. Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design advises us not to ignore the garden in winter, and to fill gaps with the subtle beauty of winter plants. Stephanie Brookes chooses Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel as her pick of an eating establishment, sampling Adam Byatt’s food. Yasmin Dehghani of Mundays LLP provides some essential advice for those looking to purchase a commercial property at auction, and Michael Connolly, headmaster of Cranmore School, explains the Diamond Model and why it’s such a highly regarded form of education. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of professional, education and foodie advice, alongside some not to be missed offers. The diary of events offers places to visit and there’s the pick of some of the region’s most desirable properties. The essence team

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4 | NOVEMBER 2019



attitude Perhaps best-known for winning hearts playing Lord Alfred Paget in the hugely popular TV series Victoria and for his role as Churchill’s son Randolph in The Darkest Hour alongside Gary Oldman, Jordan Waller talks to essence about his life experiences and how they have influenced his career. Being born of lesbian parents by sperm donation is something that has inspired his writing and actor and writer Jordan took a trip down memory lane to create his most recent comedic piece Son of Dyke. >>>

NOVEMBER 2019 | 5

Q Jordan, you grew up in Bristol, do you have fond memories of the city? A I once heard Bristol described as the ‘graveyard of ambition’ because everyone is so happy with their lives there. It’s a sentiment I would second, albeit less pejoratively. I’ve always described it as England’s first lesbian riviera. Q I understand you were spotted at Oxford University by an agent and the rest, as they say, is history. When you were young did you have any desire to become an actor? A When I was eleven, I was given the lead in a school musical called Cinderella Jones, where I played Matt Vinyl, an unctuous prince charming who was the dramatic foil to the nerd who eventually won the girl’s heart – all because he was the most boring on stage. For the role, I wore a gold lycra suit, greased back my hair and thrust my hips at middle-class mothers on the front row to rapturous applause. Those were the days before we knew the truth about Jimmy Savile. My crotch was a tremendous success with the audience and I enjoyed the attention. But acting’s never really been as gratifying since then. Q You were raised by three lesbian parents, how do you think this shaped your career? A All I am is my lesbian parents. In this age where trauma and difference are such valuable currencies, I’ve not hesitated to spend every penny of my own. Someone said write what you know and I took it too literally. Though I’ve also written a film about cannibals in the outback of Australia – I’ve never even been to Australia. Q Who were your icons growing up? A Captain Hook, Kate Bush and Peter Mandelson. Q How do you think your role as the gay Lord Alfred Paget in Victoria has changed the perceptions of the LGBT community? A There were a few Daily Mail mumblings about the historical accuracy of the love story, which were brilliant since they allowed me to pontificate about how homosexuality has existed since time immemorial, yet the narrative of history doesn’t properly document it (except through bad things like anti-sodomy laws etc). So the show showed how drama allows you to bend the facts in order to find the truth of humanity. Q Victoria is based on true life, how did you prepare for a role like this? A I’m cursed with a posh voice and excellent posture – so I did very little. Q Do you think that the differences in society are celebrated or just accepted? A I think difference has become intrinsic to our conception of identity in an ever-growing individualistic society. It’s a good thing because now anyone can be anything; but it’s a bad thing because it makes people believe they’re special, which is isolating. We need to square the fact that we’re all different, with the fact that we’re all the same in order to reconnect with our fellow humans. And not argue all the time about Brexit, gender and veganism.

6 | NOVEMBER 2019

QUICK FIVE Favourite musical? I’ll write one in the future Dog or cat? Dog What do you use for telling the time? I don’t Main inspiration? Lesbians Can’t leave home without? Anxiety

Q How different is it performing on television to film? A Television used to be a crock of old crap. It’s not anymore. The only difference between the quality of performances is the time you’re allowed to prepare and on set – and that’s only ever a question of budget. And, of course, inveterate talent. Q Why did you decide to write Son of Dyke (formerly The D Word)? A Because I thought it was about time I had my own show on television and apparently I have to do it in Edinburgh first before anyone will give me the keys to the BBC. Q Did you find it difficult to write about something so personal? A I worked with an amazing director – Anna Fox – who helped me find the critical distance from the character in order to shape his arc and to explicate his emotional journey. Without her, it would have been very easy to wallow in my own personal pain, to navel gaze and ultimately to vomit nonsense on the page. You must love your characters but be removed enough from them to kill them at any given moment. Like God. Q Do you think it resonates more with an audience that it is so personal and not third party? A Audiences (or the producers that profess to understand them) are obsessed with ‘true stories’, and I’ve never quite understood why. The fact is that the truth doesn’t make good drama – reality is messy and the task of a writer is to shape events into a narrative using tools outlined by Aristotle. This creates a story, which is an emotional journey for people to consume. It’s like organising the notes of a piece of music from the vast cacophony of sound. It’s total artifice, but incredibly moving. The fact that the story is based on real events simply plays on verisimilitude, making it easier for an audience to suspend disbelief with the tantalising framework that a fictional world might have actually existed. Q What do you want the audience to feel after they have seen the play? A I’d hope the audience leave with a sense that we’re all cast from the same mould. I always want my work to be life-affirming, in spite of my moribund proclivities. Q What’s the question you never get asked, but would like to be? A And will you be collecting your BAFTA this year in person? Q And what will 2020 bring for you? A I’ve got lots of writing projects in the pipeline. I hope to get them into production next year so I can put some food on the table. And I’ve got two films being released in the UK (Off The Rails and Two Heads Creek). v

“Boundary-pushing, trail-blazing... paving the way for the next 25 years.” Attitude Magazine’s 25th Anniversary ‘Changing of the Guard’ talents

essence INFO

Two Heads Creek, written by and starring Jordan Waller, UK release will be early 2020. The film is in cinemas in Australia now. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BARTEK SZMIGULSKI

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Celebrating 50 Years in Business We pride ourselves on our ability to provide independent, sophisticated and bespoke financial advice. Aissela, 46 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QY


– A TEST FOR TESLA? Euan Johns looks at what could turn out to be a real challenge for Elon’s brainchild.


orsche has a long history and so do the names the marque chooses for its cars, so let’s start there. The Taycan has a name that apparently fulfils every phonetic, legal, creative, strategic and model-specific requirement that its maker adheres to and espouses. Composed of two terms of Turkic origin, the word can roughly be translated as ‘soul of a spirited young horse.’ Well that’s exactly what this first fully electric Porsche is aimed to be: lively and vigorous, light-footed on long stretches without tiring and free-spirited. The name reflects both the source and the future: the horse on the Porsche crest, the expression of its soul on its way into a new era of the sports car. A perfect fit too, it would seem, with the slogan of the advertising campaign: ‘Soul, electrified.’ It doesn’t stop there, Taycan also has positive associations in many of the world’s languages. For example, in Japanese, taikan means roughly ‘physical experience’ – driving in its most electrifying form. Porsche didn’t want its EV to get any special treatment. That’s also why it’s called Taycan – a typical Porsche name – rather than an uninspiring Mission E as it started out at conception. >>>

10 | NOVEMBER 2019

Motoring | PORSCHE

NOVEMBER 2019 | 11

On this car’s credentials and performance, Porsche and electricity appear to be a natural association. Even if the combustion engine-based terminology is a little confusing in the two models – turbo and turbo S. There is, however, method to the madness of it all. The use of turbo does beg the question: why use conventional terms for what is an all-electric car? A possible reason is to send a clear marketing signal to its loyal and (probably) wealthiest followers to forget the opposition and to look no further as this is the real deal. Oh, and one more thing, Porsche’s decision to use the turbo badge on an EV. Since badged on the 911 in 1974, turbo has become a sub-brand, denoting the fastest models in every model line. If anyone does need convincing that this is the real and all electric McCoy, then let it be known that the car set a lap record for an all-electric four door car round the legendary 12.8-mile Nürburgring Nordschleife. In fact, its time of seven minutes and 42 seconds was marginally slower than the Corvette ZR1 and tied with the Porsche 911 GT3. Neither of these being slouches. If all goes well and Porsche produces the first electric production driver’s car, then the consequences could be enormous, setting Tesla trembling in its boots. Before we get into a ‘this is a free lunch in saving the planet mode’, let it be known that although the tailpipe may produce zero emissions, the high-performance batteries required to make the Taycan misbehave as it does remove its free lunch status. Now that we’re clear that we are not going to save the planet singlehanded by driving one of these machines, we’ll move on. This is simply a marvellous and (pardon the pun) electrifying car. What an achievement from the luxury car maker. The Taycan’s interior finish is second to none and puts Tesla firmly in its place. Everything about it screams high end. The car’s low driving position has been maintained, despite the fact that batteries are positioned underneath. Apart from that, it really does drive as a true Porsche should, making 0–60 in 3.5 seconds. The car’s two motors power all four wheels and provide a monumental 670bhp (751bhp and 0–60 in 2.6 seconds in the Turbo S). This car topples all its electric peers and frankly gives any current fourdoor Porsche a run for its money. If the Taycan is the future, then that really will be something to look forward to in old age. It’s still in the production stage, but it could be job done. The starting price point is going to be around the £118k mark, and yes, Teslas are cheaper, but the ride quality and sheer fun of driving the Taycan in my opinion justifies any price differential. A torchbearer for the future of the performance car? Perhaps not, but it certainly points the way forward.v

12 | NOVEMBER 2019

If anyone does need convincing that this is the real and all electric McCoy, then let it be known that the car set a lap record for an all-electric four door car round the legendary 12.8-mile Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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Two exceptional schools offering outstanding education for boys & girls in the heart of Surrey

Effingham Schools Trust, Effingham, Surrey RH5 6ST Telephone 01372 750204 •


sparkle Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design reminds readers not to ignore the garden in winter, but to take the opportunity to fill in gaps and enjoy the subtle beauty of winter plants.


ood gardens evolve with time and through the seasons, and they become much more open and transparent in winter, once leaves have fallen and been replaced by bare stems and empty gaps. At this time of year a garden really needs its backbone of shrubs and trees – from coloured stems and bark to the reassuring presence of evergreen ‘cushions’. But now is also a good time to take stock of what is there, to savour those often hidden sparkling treasures, and also to establish whether the gaps that have emerged are not too big, leaving the garden too bare and exposed in winter months. Amongst the surprises that the garden brings at this time of year are the minute frosty crystals sparkling on leaves and stems that shine gloriously on early frosty December mornings. Dissected and whole leaves catch the frost better than anything else, trapping sparkling crystals in the multitude of tiny nooks and crannies on their surface. Plants such as Alchemilla Mollis, Salvia Argentea or Melianthus Major will undoubtedly steal the show for a few magic days before finally dying down or becoming less prominent for the rest of winter. Winter gardens bring unexpected surprises for the other senses too, scent in particular being key among winter flowering plants and so well worth a place in any good garden design plan.

Profile: Alladio Sims

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd creates distinctive gardens. Jon Sims and Bella Alladio started the company after collaborating on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Bella’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast. Jon and Bella in the show garden they created for the Istanbul Flower Festival in 2016

14 | NOVEMBER 2019

Seedheads and fluffy grasses are wonderfully architectural in the frosted winter garden IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, SURREY PRIVATE GARDEN, 2017

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

The margins of dissected leaves look spectacular when edged with frost IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, SURREY GARDEN, 2016

Above: The long lasting subtle spent flowers of Hydrangea Macrophylla provide perfect winter skeletons in the garden IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, 2016

Right: Subtle leaf forms and textures are key in winter, when most flowers are long gone IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, SURREY PRIVATE GARDEN, 2016

One of the joys of visiting RHS Garden Wisley on an early winter morning has always been the walk up Battleston Hill and the sensation of suddenly being hit by the heady sweet perfume of a distant Daphne, tucked away in a sheltered and shady spot sometimes a good few metres away. Sarcococcas (Sweet Box) is another great shrub for this time of the year, with aromatic honeyed cream flowers creating a cloud of perfume each time someone passes. One would not want to be without them and so we always encourage clients to find a sheltered and shady space for at least one specimen, or better still, we position them by an entrance or a gate, perfect for that welcome back home. Another fond memory from RHS Garden Wisley is the Paper Bush – Edgeworthia Chrysantha – a truly spectacular sight in the midst of winter, this is a shrub covered in clusters of wholly white and yellow flowers, much like a string of Christmas lights, that light up even the darkest of days. An added bonus is its leaves too, very exotic and architectural once the flowers have disappeared. Adding to the list of sparkling beauties in the winter garden are Mahonias, despite the love-hate relationship they have always seemed to spark. But how could one resist their yellow plume of early December flowers followed by a cascade of long lasting damsoncoloured berries? And if the spiky large specimen is simply too much, then why not settle for its new, smaller cousins, such as Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’, with pretty dissected leaves surprisingly thorn free. This is a wonderfully architectural plant with a strong presence that should be worthy of any garden.

In the open gaps under the bare canopies of deciduous summer shrubs and among dormant leafy perennials now is the time to discover the little unsung heroes of the winter garden – candid Cyclamen Hederifolium flowers and the clear, pale blue flowers of Iris Unguicularis, reminiscent of a winter’s sky, the recumbent and discreet flowers of hellebores, the frothy leaves of evergreen ferns and heucheras, the heart shaped leaves of epimediums... so many small treasures! Without these winter garden beauties a garden would risk becoming too static, and not such an interesting space after all, incapable of evolving and changing its character throughout the seasons. The true mark of a successful garden should therefore also be its ability to stand out in winter, and to create an architecturally interesting space in the dormant season too. This is the perfect time to take stock of the garden, so go out and take a good look, make a note of any gaps that seem too big, but above all don’t forget to enjoy the subtle beauty of winter plants. v essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham) Surrey GU10 3RE Website: Email:

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“Wellness is a global phenomenon and we know that to become truly mindful, you have to escape and disconnect from the modern world. That’s why we’ve developed experiences in the most exquisite destinations on Earth, a thousand miles away from the typical spa resort or group wellness retreat. Our offering is designed to work on an individual basis. Breathe has the power to be truly transformational.” Adam Sebba, CEO of Cookson Adventures

ICE – Jumping into the Arctic’s cold waters has a number of health benefits PHOTO COPYRIGHT: COOKSON ADVENTURES

16 | NOVEMBER 2019




Cookson Adventures has launched a dedicated wellness adventure programme inviting guests to engage their body and mind in some of the most isolated and idyllic locations on Earth. The company has pioneered world first travel concepts for over a decade. With a running theme of challenging clients, its expeditions are meticulously handcrafted to offer unparalleled exploration of the planet’s most spectacular locations. There are three programmes to choose from:

DEEP – Be taught how to unlock your dive reflex, lower your heart rate and restrict blood flow, while taking part in your very own Robinson Crusoe escape PHOTO COPYRIGHT: COOKSON ADVENTURES

Yakushima, a rarely visited island off the southern tip of Japan, is the location of Breathe Zen. The mountainous, forested interior of this island provides the perfect setting for ‘shinrin-yoku’ (forest bathing), a scientifically proven restorative process of spending time in nature. In a specially built dojo, a Renshinkan Karate Master will guide you through the principles of the ‘bushido’ code (the Samurai Warrior code) and teach you the concept of ‘hara’, a breathing technique that focuses on the lower abdomen, the centre of your body’s vital energy field.

Breathe Deep invokes the liberating sensation of exploring the vast expanses of our oceans, whilst experiencing an unrivalled sense of freedom and peace under the water. Based on a private island, guests will receive one-to-one tutorship in the skill of freediving, using techniques from yoga and meditation. In Norway, Breathe Ice is a regenerative regime that will help guests reap the health benefits of exposure to the cold, which include fat loss, muscle recovery and a fortified immune system. Core to this exhilarating concept is the Wim Hof Method, a discipline that heightens oxygen in the blood to improve endurance. Guests can complement this experience with snowmobiling, sea kayaking, nights under the Northern Lights, and many other activities.

essence INFO ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE ZEN – Meditate using the hara breathing technique and learn how to control your movement PHOTO COPYRIGHT: COOKSON ADVENTURES

NOVEMBER 2019 | 17

For immediate release

OLVERUM LAUNCHES FIRST NEW PRODUCTS IN OVER 80 YEARS OLVERUM, famous for its iconic bath oil beloved by celebrities and the Royal Family, is launching two exquisite universal body oils – the first new products in many decades to bear the OLVERUM brand name.




British brand Angela Langford lovingly creates organic, vegan, cruelty free, mood-boosting skincare products by hand in the UK. This highly effective, affordable, natural range harnesses the finest ingredients from nature’s larder to feed your skin – with no chemical nasties. Suitable for even the most temperamental of complexions, Angela Langford skincare offers a tailor-made solution to each unique skincare concern.

Angela’s anti-ageing, award-winning Bloom This deeply moisturising formula contains Raspberry This lightweight, breathable, therapeutic dry oil spray Seed Oil (a skin-superfood and potent anti-oxidant, is ideal for on-the-go use. Absorbing almost instantly, and Glow has recently rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9) which leaves skin feeling it rapidly restores skin barrier function, to promote smooth, plumped and rejuvenated, and Alaria lasting natural skin hydration. Crafted with Alaria been voted by Good Esculenta Extract to boost the synthesis of Collagen Esculenta Extract to boost the synthesis of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, preserving skin’s firmness and and Hyaluronic acid, helping preserve skin’s firmness Housekeeping as no 1 elasticity. OLVERUM, FAMOUSand elasticity. Aromatherapeutic FOR actives include: Aromatherapeutic ITS ICONIC BATH OIL actives include: in its Nourishing Lavender Flower Oil (to de-stress) Atlas Cedar Bark Oil (to uplift) Face Oil Testing – Sandalwood & Frankincense Oils (to soothe) Sandalwood & Frankincense Oils (to soothe) BELOVED BY CELEBRITIES Bergamot & Geranium Flower Oils (to reinvigorate) Bergamot & Bitter Orange Leaf Oils (to reinvigorarate) beating off high street AND THE ROYAL FAMILY, IS brands to win first ***FULL INGREDIEN TS (I N CI ) L I STS AVA I L A B LE ON R EQUEST*** place, and was LAUNCHING TWO EXQUISITE FREE F R OM: A N IMA L D ER I VED I N G R ED I EN TS (C R U ELT Y-FREE & V EGAN) PETRO CHE MICA LS · PAR A B EN S & A RT IFICIAL PR ES ERVAT UNIVERSAL BODY OILS –IV ES · CH EM ICAL marked a staggering COLOUR AN TS · EM U L S I F I ER S · BU L K I N G AGENTS 91/100 during lab and THE FIRST NEW PRODUCTS independent testing.


18 | NOVEMBER 2019


Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling For adults, young adults, children and couples We can all have difficulties in everyday life and encounter problems that we simply find hard to cope with alone. At times like these it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist who will enable you to explore your concerns in a safe, contained environment, to help you develop appropriate strategies and techniques to cope with your life difficulties in a more effective way. We offer clinics in Weybridge, East Molesey and coming to Guildford soon.

Take a step forward and contact the practice for a free telephone consultation:

Telephone: 0333 0096 321 8114 The Practice 4pp DL lealfet AW.indd 1-2

24/10/2016 09:10

ETHICAL SPIRIT Emma Gushlow and Katrina Cole make beautiful shearling garments and accessories. The South London born designers met at school aged four and have worked creatively together since graduating from The London College of Fashion. Their debut collection in 2003 was sold at a stall in Spitalfields Market and led to showing a collection at London Fashion Week. In 2004, the pair showed a full garment and accessory collection at Paris Fashion Week, establishing Gushlow & Cole internationally. The Gushlow & Cole brand was born out of many years’ experience working with traditional English manufacturing methods of shearling within the highly respected Cole family business giving them unrivalled specialist knowledge and understanding of their chosen materials. Emma and Katrina found their unique style was of great interest to buyers looking for a brand with a strong British identity. With the whole range made in England, and the quirky Englishness of design, their individual look is instantly recognisable. Taking care to use ethical tanneries, all skins used are a by-product and every item is handmade in England. The Gushlow & Cole label has attracted high profile celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, and can be found in many prestigious stores around the world. The brand never uses farmed fur as all the shearling used is a by-product from the food industry and 100 per cent biodegradable. Synthetic alternatives are not used because they don’t biodegrade.

essence INFO


Batwing Shearling Coat in yellow RRP: £2,415

20 | NOVEMBER 2019

Fashion | GUSHLOW & COLE Notch Collar Cropped Shearling Jacket in white RRP: £1,525

Shearling Baby Mixed Texture Scarf in orange RRP: £270

Shearling Crop Gilet in yellow RRP: £498


NOVEMBER 2019 | 21

Fashion | GUSHLOW & COLE Shearling Mac Coat in navy RRP: £2,350

22 | NOVEMBER 2019

I offer a mobile beauty service to Surrey. I would be delighted for you to book an appointment with me to visit you in the comfort of your own home, or if you prefer to get away from it all you can come to my beauty room at my home near Fetcham village. You will enjoy my professional approach, premium product range and affordable spa menu. Please contact me with any enquiries or to book an appointment:

07495 878833 • Manicures and pedicures • Gel polish • Facials • Spa body treatments • Body exfoliation and brushing • Swedish massage • Spray tanning • Waxing • Eye lash lift • Eyebrow shape and tint • Pamper parties

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Bringing the spa to you!

Are British liqueurs



Britain has become a nation of liqueur makers, as Kevin Pilley has recently found out.

ast year, the UK consumed 51 million bottles of gin. It spent £461million, with an average consumption of 0.55 litres per person. The British gin boom spawned ‘hand-crafted’ artisanal gins made not only from junipers but nettles, saffron, watercress, sea lettuce, truffle and an assortment of other weird and wonderful ingredients. British liqueurs are the new gin. Last year, the UK bought four million non-creamy liqueurs. The market is reportedly worth £1.2 billion. Says Tom Williams of distributor Barcelona Spirits: “It’s all about flavours, colours and packaging. Prices are getting lower and ideas more outrageous.” A liqueur (from the Latin, to dissolve) is an alcoholic beverage with added sugar infused with increasingly strange USP ingredients. Pimm’s is considered a liqueur. Invented in 1823 by James Pimm, a farmer’s son who ran an oyster bar in London near the Bank of England, his gin-based concoction was originally sold as an aid for digestion and served in a No 1 Small Cup. 2019 has marked the 160th anniversary of Pimm’s No 1 being sold commercially. In 1903, Berry Bros & Rudd of London (est.1698) created their King’s Ginger for King Edward VII. But probably the oldest British liqueur is Drambuie (from the Gaelic An dram Buideach which means the drink that satisfies). It was meant to have been offered to Bonnie Prince Charlie on Skye where he fled after the Battle of Culloden in 1745. Bailey’s Irish Cream was only launched in 1974. Every year 8,000 dairy cows produce 220 million litres of cream specifically for the drink. Gravity Drinks, Shoreditch, London produces Café Marula liqueur with every bottle providing a donation to the Elephant Whispers’ conservation campaign. Marula is the elephant tree. Benedictine, or D.O.M (Deo Optimo Maximo – Praise be to God, Most Good, Most Great) made at Fecamp Abbey, France goes back to 1510. An elixir of life, Dom Bernardo Vincelli’s recipe restored listless brothers. Bols, originally made in Lootsje (little shed), goes back to 1575. Lucas Bols first made Kummel from caraway seeds, cumin and fennel. The company’s famous egg and brandy-based advocaat means lawyer’s drink. About the same time, in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, Cointreau was distilled and macerated by confectioner Adolphe Cointreau.

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Green Chartreuse, made by Carthusian monks in Tarragona, Spain where they were exiled after the French Revolution and in 1903, originated in 1737. It’s named after the monastery near Grenoble. Tia Maria, made in Italy, is a 1930s’ concoction. The orange-flavoured Grand Marnier, named after its inventor and co-investor by the hotel owner César Ritz, first became available in 1827. Triple Sec dates to 1834, its birthplace being Saumur in the Loire. The vanilla-led Galliano (1896) is named after an Italian war hero. Farmer’s son Gaspare Campari created his iconic beverage in 1860, using chinotto and cascarilla fruit and carmine dye from cochineal insects. St Germain was the first elderflower liqueur. Italy’s almond Amaretto, first made in Saronno, was reportedly given to one of Leonardo da Vinci’s pupils by a model. The success of British small-batch gin has given birth to a new generation of boutique liqueurists, with hobbies becoming successful businesses. Manchester’s Zymurgorium, founded by Aaron Drake, first came up with violet parma liqueur. The company name comes from the Latin for the study of brewing and emporium (shop). “It was my mum’s idea and next year investment will reach £10 million!” says the 28-year-old liqueur entrepreneur. A zoology student at Aberystwyth,


Aaron Drake, founder of Zymurgorium, first came up with violet parma liqueur

The three Thompson brothers create their own ’cellos and run the SILCo Searoom gastro bar in St Ives

his bathroom became a distillery and was sold door-to-door on a shopping trolley. In Halifax, Mrs Cuthbert’s makes liqueurs like lemon drizzle cake, blueberry muffin, victoria sponge and black forest gateau. The Cheeky Gin Co concocts a bubble gum aperitif. Manchester’s Sweet Little Drinks offers novelty gin liqueurs like pear drops and jelly babies alongside rum liqueurs such as cream egg, popcorn, dunka donut and even a pancake, maple syrup and bacon nightcap. Alfred Button makes a lemon sherbert liqueur. The Sweet Potato Spirit Company in Evesham, Worcestershire has a lavender gin liqueur. Tarquin Leadbetter makes peach iced tea gin liqueur in his South Western Distillery in Cornwall. In Wales, Celteg (Welsh Country Wines) offers damson, cherry brandy and mead liqueur, as well as a unique elderport.

Sweet Little Drinks offers novelty gin liqueurs like pear drops and jelly babies alongside rum liqueurs such as cream egg, popcorn, dunka donut and even a pancake, maple syrup and bacon nightcap.

Firebox bottles Unicorn Tears. A former SAS member, Andy Peverick, founded the Pilgrim Spirit Company in Northumberland and makes candyfloss liqueur. Probably the most expensive liqueur comes from the West Midlands with Fallen Angel’s herbal liqueur retailing at £165. It comes in a ceramic devil’s head. Sunderland’s Poetic License distillery boasts the unique sarsaparilla liqueur. In Dudley, in the Black Country, Jordan Lunn makes Dr Eamers’ spiced apple. In Thornbury, Gloucestershire, the Bramley & Gage range stretches from greengage to quince liqueur. The distillery also makes 6 O’Clock Gin. Says Pete Axford: “60 kilograms of quinces goes into one batch of 260 bottles and we make ten batches a year.” Foxdenton Estate, Buckinghamshire produces a post-prandial apricot brandy liqueur. Says the founder’s great-grandson, Charles Radclyffe: “We were founded in 1935 by Major Charles Radclyffe, soldier and adventurer. He fought in the Boer War and World War One. He was twice shipwrecked and train-wrecked once. Tattooed with the family coat of arms on his chest, he made fruit liqueurs for hunts and shoots.” Tiptree, the bespoke jam makers based in Essex, boasting the UK’s only jam museum, now make English strawberry liqueur. Prosecco is recommended as a mixer. Also in Essex, English Spirit makes the UK’s only anise-flavoured sambuca made with elderflower eau de vie. White Heron Drinks in Herefordshire makes cassis. Hugh Munro of Warrington’s Riverside Spirits manufactures apple blossom, lotus flower and passionfruit shimmer liqueurs. “The boom is phenomenal. At 70, my mother launched Christine’s Preserves. In 2012, we made our first liqueur. Growing from a cottage kitchen industry to a multi-million pound company supplying a major supermarket was a slow and organic process.” Joff Curtoys was a policy advisor on agricultural issues for the RSPB. Now he makes hedgerow gins at Green Farm in Barton-le-Willows, near >>>

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Head of the hedgerows: Joff Curtoys of Sloemotion, Green Farm, Barton-le-Willows

York. Brother Jules is a mechanical engineer and sister Claire worked in the NHS as an occupational therapist. They now run Sloemotion making award-winning sloe liqueurs. In St Ives, Cornwall, the three Thompson brothers – Tim, Greg and Bertie – make tongue-tingling tipples such as orange-flavoured arancello, limoncello and limecello. They run the SILCo Searoom gastro bar on the wharf. Recommended is a SILCo Fizz concocted from any of their liqueurs with sparkling wine. Says Tim: “We use the whole fruit to produce less waste and more taste. Peeling and juicing by hand, the peel is infused in 96% natural grain spirit for around 48 hours then infused with sugar syrup. The syrup is added back to neutral grain spirit to steep for two weeks.” Paul Currie and Nigel Mills run The Lakes Distillery on Lake Bassenthwaite in the Lake District. They say: “Our elderflower is best served with Indian tonic over ice and our salted caramel vodka liqueur drizzled over ice cream!” Nearby Pennington’s Spirits & Liqueurs makes Kendal mint cake and gingerbread liqueurs. The Cheshire Gin Company was formed by Richard Buxton and Simon Spurrell. Richard moved from finance into property investment and then into cheese and gin. Graphic designer Simon founded technology businesses in the UK and India. Simon says: “Our cherry and almond liqueur is a nod to Bakewell Tart from neighbouring Derbyshire.” Aber Falls Distillery in the Snowdonia National Park village of Abergwyngregyn uses sustainably-sourced ingredients and Welsh-inspired botanicals. Sea salt from the Halen Môn Anglesey sea salt company goes into its salted toffee liqueur. Penderyn in Aberdare makes Merlyn, a combination of cream and the finest Welsh malted barley spirit. Says Jon Tregenna: “Whisky has to be in a cask for a legal minimum of three years and one day. Hence new distilleries produce gin, vodka and cream liqueurs whilst waiting for the whisky to mature.” In Glasgow, based loosely on the Italian Nocino, Angus and Frances Ferguson’s Demijohn’s walnut liqueur combines eau de vie with British walnuts and cloves. Pickering’s, based in a former veterinary school in Edinburgh, makes pink grapefruit and lemongrass liqueur. Stag’s breath is made by the Meikle family in Newtonmore in the Cairngorms National Park. It’s a whisky and fermented comb honey blend named after a brand mentioned in Compton Mackenzie’s novel, Whisky Galore. On Deeside, haroosh is made from blaeberry or brambleberries. Says Peter Dignan of Lost Loch Spirits: “Haroosh is a 1920s’ family recipe using heather, clover and local willow herb honey. Each bottle contains at least fifty brambleberries. Our bees have to travel 4,500 miles to collect enough honey for every bottle.” Will British liqueurs overtake the gin boom? Perhaps, but in their own sweet time. v

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Sticky ginger and pear pudding cake This winning combo has chunks of pear nestling in soft ginger sponge, dotted with pecans and drizzled with a rum and muscovado syrup. Perfect served warm with a dollop of double cream or vanilla custard now the nights are closing in and there’s a chill in the air.

TOP TIP: If possible, use a loose bottomed baking tin as, due to the sticky top, it will be easier to get the cake out afterwards. Ingredients 100g unsalted butter 140g dark muscovado sugar Two large eggs, beaten 175g self-raising flour One teaspoon bicarbonate of soda Two teaspoons ground ginger Half teaspoon mixed spice (or cinnamon if preferred) Three balls of stem ginger in syrup or 200g ginger preserve 250g stoned and chopped dates 300ml milk Three ripe Conference pears 50g chopped pecan nuts (keep back 10 for top of pudding) For the syrup 42g light muscovado sugar 70ml rum Method w Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°fan. Grease and line the base of a 23cm tin with baking paper. w Put the chopped dates in a pan with the milk, butter, chopped stem ginger and dark muscovado sugar. Heat until it just starts to simmer, stir and leave to cool. w Peel and chop the pears into largish chunks and put to one side.

w Mix the flour, bicarbonate of soda, spices, pecans and beaten eggs into the cooled date mixture. w Pour into the tin, then gently push the chopped pears into the mix, finishing with the remaining pecans. w Bake for around 40 minutes. Then cover with tin foil to stop the top getting too brown and put back in for around another 20 minutes, but do check by inserting a skewer. There should just be a few crumbs on the skewer, but no wet mix. w Meanwhile, for the syrup, tip the muscovado sugar into a pan with water and dissolve over a low heat until it thickens slightly, stir in the rum and leave to cool. When the cake is out of the oven and whilst still warm, drizzle the syrup over the top of the cake. w Allow to cool for 10 minutes, remove from tin and serve right away.

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MY MONTH IN FOOD Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel.



or a bona fide restaurant superfan, such as myself, I often follow a chef around to each new opening like an adoring groupie. It’s quite something when my dining colleague spots a celebrity in a restaurant, and I tend to look over their shoulder in the hopes of seeing a true idol – the head chef. Such is my adoration of Adam Byatt’s sublime cooking that an invitation to Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel was snapped up so quickly I promptly cancelled my week of planned eats to make sure my days were free for such an event. Adam’s latest venture at Brown’s has burst onto London’s dining scene with every food writer, blogger and celebrity eagerly snapping away at his inimitable creations. Each day, my social media feed is continually filled with delectable offerings that are fast becoming the ubiquitous must-try dishes of the moment. Of course, the proof is always in the eating, but my hopes were high for one of my favourite chefs in London. And, I must say, that as an added bonus, a visit to Brown’s always feels like something of a treat. Brown’s, to me, always feels like one of London’s more discreet five-star hotels, and a positive haven from the nearby bustle of Piccadilly. It also never feels rushed and seems to work on its own time: pretty much perfect for quiet, weekend lunches. The dining room is a dignified affair, with antique panelling and sumptuous booths overlooking a peaceful Albemarle Street.

Pressed terrine of chicken, duck liver and ceps PHOTO COPYRIGHT: STEPHANIE BROOKES

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Adam Byatt, chef director, Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel PHOTO COPYRIGHT: CHARLIE’S AT BROWN’S HOTEL

Glancing at the starters, I noticed one that has regularly popped up on Instagram and immediately grabbed my attention: Pressed terrine of chicken, duck liver and ceps with toasted brioche. The dish itself is an instant eye-pleaser, with each individual ingredient perfectly defined. At first, a moreish earthy hit of buttery duck liver, combined with the tenderest chicken (poached, perhaps?), was pliant enough to spread onto the accompanying brioche. The terrine would have served as a complete dish on its own, but the bread choice worked particularly well. The addition of ceps provided added texture, as well as an overall smokiness to the dish. Roasted grouse, blackberries and bread sauce was an undoubtedly regal looking entrée which had my fellow diner groaning with immediate regret. The pinkish, iron-rich grouse benefitted from the sweet tang of the blackberries. A creamy, slightly runny accompanying bread sauce was promptly drizzled over the dish. Bread sauce, after five minutes of sitting, has the tendency to be an overly congealed affair, whereas this retained its thinner consistency and provided a milky, mellow contrast to the richness of the game. A quiet interlude between the main course and dessert was just enough time to collectively coo over the dishes, which were, as expected, as good as the glowing online praise they had already received.


The final act was a no-brainer with an enthusiastic “yes” to a classic Mille Feuille. It’s a treat I usually save for trips to Paris where my search for the best pastry monopolises most of my thoughts (and time). It’s therefore thrilling to find one of my favourite desserts so exquisitely presented: the crunchy butterrich pastry was held together with a generous piping of vanilla cream and the crumby texture of the pastry had a burnt toffee flavour which instantly elevated the dish. I would have preferred the addition of some fresh raspberries dotted within the cream, however, this is purely a personal preference and I never grumble too much where pastry is involved. At the end of a lingering Saturday lunch, I was a little disappointed it had all passed by too swiftly. The food was refined, effortlessly pleasing and oh so indulgent. As the cooler months bring on a need for warmth and comfort, Charlie’s will happily cocoon visitors in one of the best dining experiences London has to offer.

Roasted grouse, blackberries and bread sauce PHOTO COPYRIGHT: STEPHANIE BROOKES

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AVOIDING A BIDDER AFTERTASTE Yasmin Dehghani, solicitor at Mundays LLP, provides essential advice for those looking to purchase a commercial property at auction.


Yasmin Dehghani is a solicitor in the commercial property department at Mundays LLP and advises on all areas of commercial real estate. She has acted for a variety of both individual and corporate clients, including lenders, receivers, landlords, tenants, investors and developers.

f you have ever considered purchasing a commercial property at auction, you may already be aware of the advantages. However, it can be a double-edged sword if sufficient due diligence is not carried out. One thing you must pay close attention to is the legal pack. The legal pack could reveal nasty surprises, such as additional costs, or a shorter completion period. The key documents in a legal pack, as well as some of the basics to look out for are as follows: Special conditions These are prepared by the seller’s conveyancer, and set out the conditions that apply to each

Yasmin can be contacted on 01932 590639 or


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lot, in addition to the auction conditions. Check for new restrictive covenants being imposed, a requirement for the buyer to reimburse the seller for the cost of providing searches, or a requirement for the buyer to pay various premiums to the seller. If the property is tenanted, check if you are required to pay any arrears owed by the tenant to the seller. Title documents Assuming the property is registered, this will consist of a title register and plan administered by the Land Registry, and copies of documents that the register refers to. Check that the seller’s name and the property address match


those on the property register. It is also important to check the title plan to ensure that it reflects the position on the ground, and what is being sold. In the case of a leasehold property, check that there is no discrepancy between the extent of the property as described in the lease and the property on the ground. Replies to enquiries These are a standard set of replies to enquiries that the seller’s conveyancer provides. These may reveal details of any occupiers, the position with regard to planning and any disputes relating to the property. If the property is leasehold, the replies may also reveal whether there are any arrears or exceptionally large expenditure to be incurred. These will also confirm whether any VAT is payable on the purchase price. Searches The usual searches are the local authority search, drainage and water enquiries, environmental data search and chancel repair liability, although not all of these may be included. Check that the search

results are satisfactory, having regard to your requirements and intended use for the property. In particular, check the local authority search, which may reveal outstanding notices against the property, building regulations consents and planning charges. The environmental search should also be checked for any likelihood of the property being contaminated which could leave you liable to extensive remediation costs. Planning The seller’s solicitor may include planning documents. Check whether there are any planning issues that will prevent the property being used for its current or intended purpose. If copies are not enclosed, they may be available on the local authority website. Survey We would recommend that you carry out a survey to identify any hidden defects that the property may have. This is particularly important as if there are any defects, you will be liable to repair them.

In a nutshell, an auction purchase takes place under the assumption that all documentation and conditions have been read and understood. It is strongly recommended that you carry out a full investigation on any property which you may be interested in. An integral part of such an investigation is checking the legal pack and obtaining the advice of your conveyancer as to its contents if you are unsure. Once a property is purchased at auction it is too late to raise any enquiries and so advice should be sought well in advance of any auction.

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Changes to schools in



Michael Connolly, headmaster of Cranmore School, explains exactly what the Diamond Model of education offers to parents, and why it is highly regarded. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: CRANMORE SCHOOL


ou may be familiar with the expression Diamond Model from economics or, perhaps, even football. However, it is increasingly gaining importance within the world of education. Historically, parents have been faced with a simple choice for their children – single sex or co-education. The underlying dilemma is how can one truly make an informed choice? Guy Kelly examined this carefully in an article for The Telegraph where he succinctly expresses the problem: “The arguments for and against each system will be familiar and backed by enough evidence (both of an anecdotal and academic kind) to reasonably conclude either way.” It is against this background that parents often struggle to really understand the issues involved. Thankfully, there is now a third way as more schools adopt the Diamond Model. This provides co-education in the formative years of education before boys and girls are taught separately through the turbulent years of adolescence then reuniting for a co-educational sixth form, the ideal preparation for higher education. Writing in The Spectator, Tricia Kelleher, who is principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge, stated: “We offer the right combination of single sex and co-education that helps the child to progress academically and socially in the best possible way.” This is not some new trendy fad. There is a growing body of research to support the view that this model provides the very best opportunities academically, and for pastoral care, for both boys and girls. For example,

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the Independent Schools Council has highlighted the fact that boys and girls generally do better at GCSE within a Diamond Model. Indeed, it is no coincidence that such a school was voted TES School of the Year, highlighting the strong academic achievement of its pupils. It is now fair to say that many schools across the UK are actively investigating the benefits of this modern structure for 21st century education. Moreover, following a conference earlier this year hosted by a school in Ipswich, a Diamond Schools’ Network has been established which will help to promote the benefits of this innovation within the wider education community. Turning to Surrey, there was great excitement when it was recently announced that St. Teresa’s School, Effingham and Cranmore School were forming a strategic partnership – the Effingham Schools Trust – which will provide education for boys and girls aged two to 18 within a Diamond Model. Both schools are blessed with an exceptional campus and outstanding facilities. Cranmore will host the co-educational nursery and junior department. Thereafter, girls will transfer to the St. Teresa’s site, whilst boys will continue in the senior department at Cranmore until age 16 when they will join the girls at St. Teresa’s for a co-educational sixth form. Of course, this does not all happen overnight, and it will take several years for the programme to be fully completed. However, given the strong reputation of both schools, one can see how the Effingham Schools Trust will be one of the major providers of high-quality independent education in Surrey.

Education | INNOVATION


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Reed’s School in Cobham has recently announced that Ripley Court Prep School will be merging with it. The two schools have worked together for many years and share a philosophy of education focussed on developing the whole child within a nurturing environment. This merger is a natural extension of this strong relationship. It will allow both schools to benefit from a combination of outstanding staff and facilities, whilst the name, identity, location, structure and admissions’ process will be retained for each school. Reed’s will remain all-boys from 11–16, with a co-educational sixth form, and will continue to admit pupils from a wide variety of schools. Ripley Court will remain co-educational for children from three to 13 years and will continue to prepare its pupils for a wide variety of senior schools. “Reed’s School was founded in 1813 as a school for orphan children and the central mission to support disadvantaged children has continued to this day through our Foundation. I very much look forward to working with Ripley Court to consolidate this work and take both schools forward to preserve and improve the education and opportunities for the children in our care,” says Mark Hoskins, headmaster of Reed’s School.

“I am personally delighted that we are merging into the Reed’s School family. It provides a huge opportunity for Ripley Court pupils and staff. The schools are a perfect fit in terms of ethos and approach to the education of young people,” states John Evans, chairman of governors at Ripley Court School.

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Theatre interview | ED BYRNE

STILL HITTING THE HEIGHTS Comedy legend Ed Byrne talks to Jason Barlow about his career and latest tour.


household name teetering on the brink of national treasure status, award-winning comedian Ed Byrne enjoys worldwide acclaim for his stand-up. With 25 years under his belt, Ed has parlayed his on-stage success into a variety of notable television appearances. A regular on Mock The Week and The Graham Norton Show, Ed has recently co-presented Dara & Ed’s Big Adventure and its follow-up Dara & Ed’s Road To Mandalay, and managed not to disgrace himself on Top Gear or whilst tackling one of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads. As a semi-professional hill walker himself and fully paid-up humanist, he also brought a refreshing warmth and honesty to BBC2’s recent hit The Pilgrimage. But the Irishman is still best-known and best appreciated for his stand-up performances. A quarter of a century at the comedic coalface has equipped Ed with a highly evolved story-telling ability and a silky mastery of his craft. Yet his wit, charm and self-deprecatory observational humour is often underpinned by a consistently hilarious vitriol and sense of injustice at a world that seems to be spinning ever more rapidly out of control. Having recently hit a new peak with shows such as the sublime Spoiler Alert and reflective Outside, Looking In, which explored the minefield that is modern parenting and a generational sense of entitlement, Ed’s new show If I’m Honest digs ever deeper into a father’s sense of responsibility, what it means to be a man in 2019, and whether he possesses any qualities whatsoever worth passing on to his two sons. Occasionally accused of whimsy, If I’m Honest is a show with a seriously steely core. Gender politics, for example, is something Ed readily engages with – deploying his customary comedic zeal. “I’ll admit that there are things where men get a raw deal,” he says. “We have higher suicide rates, and we tend not to do well in divorces, but representation in action movies is not something we have an issue with. It was Mad Max: Fury Road that kicked it all off, even though nobody complained about Ripley in Alien or Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. Of course, social media means this stuff gets broadcast far and wide in an instant, which emboldens people. “The problem with men’s rights activists is that it’s not about speaking up for men’s rights, it’s about hating women. If you’re a men’s rights

activist, you’re not going to care about the fact that there’s an all-female Ghostbusters remake. That’s nothing to do with men’s rights or female entitlement. That’s everything to do with being, well, a whiny baby.” As ever, Ed manages to provoke without being overly polemical, a balancing act that only someone of his huge experience can really pull off. “I did stuff about Trump and the Pizzagate right wing conspiracy,” he says, “and a couple of the reviewers said, “Oh, I would have liked to have watched a whole show of this”. And I think, well you might have, but the average person who comes to see me would not like to see that. I like to make a point or get something off my chest, or perhaps I’m talking about something that’s been on my mind, but the majority of stuff is just to get laughs. “People who come to see me are not political activists necessarily, they’re regular folk. If you can make a point to them, in between talking about your struggles with ageing, or discussing your hernia operation or whatever it is, you can toss in something that does give people pause as regards to how men should share the household chores.” He continues: “It’s not that I feel a responsibility, I think it just feels more satisfying when you’re doing it, and it feels more satisfying when people hear it. When a joke makes a good point, I think people enjoy it. It’s the difference between having a steak and eating a chocolate bar.” Ed, who broke through in the mid-1990s when the New Lad became a genuine cultural phenomenon, doesn’t want to submit to any unnecessary revisionism, but admits that if the times have changed, he has changed with them. He reflects a little ruefully on one of his most famous jokes. “There’s an attitude towards Alanis Morrissette in the opening of that routine that I’m no longer comfortable with, where I call her a moaning cow and a whiny bint… slagging off the lyrics of the song is fine, but there’s a tone in the preamble that I wouldn’t write today.” The new show also takes his natural tendency towards selfdeprecation to unexpected extremes. “I do genuinely annoy myself,” Ed concedes. “But the thing of your children being a reflection of you, gives you an opportunity to build something out of the best of yourself only for you to then see flashes of the worst of yourself in them. It’s a wake-up call about your own behaviour.” >>>

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When I challenge him over the degree of self-loathing he displays, he disagrees. “Self-aggrandising humour is a lot harder to pull off than selfdeprecating humour,” he insists. “A lot of people get really annoyed when Ricky Gervais is self-congratulatory. I always find it very funny when he accepts awards and does so in the most big-headed way possible. I think it’s a trickier type of humour to pull off, talking yourself up in that way. “So no, I don’t think I’m being massively hard on myself. The fact is when you’re the bloke who is standing on the stage with the microphone, commanding an audience’s attention, you’re in a very elevated position anyway.” That said, If I’m Honest brilliantly elucidates the frustration that arrives in middle age – and lives up to its title. “I’m bored looking for things, I’m bored of trying to find stuff, because I can never find it, and it is entirely my fault,” Ed says. “Nobody’s hiding my stuff from me. Although my wife did actually move my passport on one occasion.” He insists that, while the show might have mordant and occasionally morbid aspects, it’s also not without its quietly triumphant moments. “I thought I was being quite upbeat talking about the small victories,” he says. “You know, finding positivity in being able to spot when a cramp was about to happen in your leg and dealing with it before it does. I was very happy with myself about that.” Age, it seems, has not withered him. Especially now that he’s figured own authentic, off-the-beaten-track, out how Create to head your off ailments before they become a problem. “You see comics who are my age and older but are still retaining a level of ‘cool’ Sri Lanka experience with and drawing a young crowd. I can’t deny that I’m quite envious of that. But there’s also something very satisfying about your audience growing old with you.” v

Looking for something different?

Looking for something different? Create your own authentic, off-the-beaten-track, Sri Lanka experience with

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Ed Byrne’s If I’m Honest is touring nationwide. Locally, he appears at Capitol Theatre, Horsham on 7 November, Dorking Halls on 8 November, Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames on 18 January, Harlequin, Redhill WWW.ISLANDADVENTURES.LK on 10 February, New Victoria, Woking on 4 March and Richmond Theatre on 15 March. For more information visit INFO@ISLANDADVENTURES.LK Twitter: @MrEdByrne

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See Noises Off and enjoy a three-course meal at Brasserie Zédel for £59.50 Michael Frayn’s iconic five star “masterpiece” (WhatsOnStage) comedy Noises Off, starring Meera Syal (Goodness Gracious Me), Sarah Hadland (Miranda) and Lisa McGrillis (Mum) amidst a fantastic company, is now playing in the West End following a triumphant sell-out season at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre. Hailed as: “The funniest play about putting on a play ever written” (Metro), Noises Off takes us behind the scenes with a company of actors in a hilarious and heartfelt tribute to the unpredictability of life in the theatre, with technical brilliance and split-second timing. Originally premiering at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in 1982, Noises Off instantly became a timeless British comedy and went on to win the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. Now, in an exuberant new production by Jeremy Herrin (All My Sons, Wolf Hall, This House), the “funniest farce ever written” (Evening Standard) arrives at the Garrick Theatre for a strictly limited run, for fans to enjoy and new audiences to discover. essence readers can enjoy a Band A ticket (usually £59.50) to see Noises Off, plus a three-course meal from the Formule Menu at Brasserie Zédel with a glass of wine for the package price of £59.50. Brasserie Zédel is a grand Parisian brasserie with an authentic art deco interior in the heart of Piccadilly. To book this package visit and enter promo code ‘ZedelMeal’ at the top of the Noises Off booking page. Alternatively, call 0330 333 4811.

Please note, tables must be reserved by the customer directly with the restaurant by emailing or calling 020 7734 4888 before the date attending. Please bring your meal voucher, which will be sent with your ticket or held at the box office for collection.

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Noises Off is now playing at the Garrick Theatre for a strictly limited run until 4 January 2020. Terms and conditions: This package is valid pre or post-show for Monday to Thursday performances at 7.30pm and Wednesday matinees at 2.30pm until 19 December 2019, at the Garrick Theatre London, subject to availability. It includes a Band A ticket and three-course meal from the Formule menu with a glass of house wine at Brasserie Zédel and includes service charge. Guests must be seated in Brasserie Zédel by 5.45pm pre-theatre or 10.15pm post-theatre for Monday to Thursday evening performances and by 12.30pm pre-theatre or 5.15pm post theatre for Wednesday matinees. No cash alternative available to any elements of the package. Alcohol will only be served to over 18s. Soft drink alternative is available. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Subject to availability. Recommended age 10+.

★★★★ “These times call for laughter – and this delivers.” (Sunday Times) ★★★★ “There are few things funnier.” (Time Out) ★★★★ “You will laugh out loud.” (The Times)

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The diary Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon


Monday 11 to


Saturday 16 November Annie

Tuesday 5 to Saturday 9 November The Night Watch

Hit production starring Lesley Joseph as Miss Hannigan.

By best-selling author Sarah Waters. Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 November What’s In A Name?

A comic masterpiece adapted from French film and stage sensation Le Prénom.

Tuesday 26 to Saturday 30 November An Inspector Calls

J.B. Priestley’s classic thriller.

BANOS Musical Theatre Banstead Community Hall

Monday 18 to


Saturday 23 November Frankenstein

Thursday 21 to

Rona Munro’s new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale.

Saturday 23 November Scrooge – The Musical

Monday 25 to

Musical play based on Dickens’ seasonal classic A Christmas Carol.

Saturday 30 November The Entertainer

Dorking Halls

John Osborne’s classic, starring Shane Richie.

New Victoria Theatre Woking




Friday 8 November Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest...

New show from talented comedian.

Wednesday 20 to

Epsom Playhouse

Saturday 23 November Horrible Histories – Terrible Tudors



and Awful Egyptians

Friday 8 November Rock for Heroes

Historical figures and events come alive on stage in these exciting shows. Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 November Glyndebourne Tour 2019

Performances of Rigoletto, Chorus Christmas Concert and Rinaldo.

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Griff Rhys Jones: All Over The Place, Epsom Playhouse

Live music experience in aid of Help for Heroes. Sunday 17 November Griff Rhys Jones: All Over The Place

A new stand-up show and tour, as Griff returns to present an evening of hilarious true stories, riffs and observations.


essence | EVENTS

Farnham Maltings Farnham


Thursday 7 November The Immigrant by New Slapstick

Boileroom Guildford

Heart-warming slapstick comedy.


Saturday 30 November The Great British Take Off

Throughout the year

Comedy from impressionist Jon Culshaw and producer Bill Dare.

A community hub showcasing music, events and the arts. See website for gig details.

G Live

Cranleigh Arts Centre



Tuesday 12 November Gordon Buchanan

Friday 15 November Jamal Aliyev

Wildlife cameraman and presenter of BBC’s Animal Family and Me shares his experiences.

Celloist, accompanied by Maria Tarasewicz on piano.

Guildford Shakespeare Company

Popular band perform.


St Nicolas’ Church, Guildford


Friday 22 November Toploader Friday 29 November South Coast Soul Revue

Kick-start Christmas with two hours of hi-energy soul and funk.

To Saturday 2 November All’s Well That Ends Well

Farnham Maltings


A rarely seen Shakespeare gem.

Rose Theatre Kingston Kingston-upon-Thames


Friday 22 November Neil Oliver... The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places

Historian on tour.

The Electric Theatre Guildford




Friday 8 November Sarah McQuaid

Singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist on tour. Friday 29 November Clare Teal and her Trio

A new show from this award-winning jazz vocalist.

G Live


Wednesday 20 to


Saturday 23 November One Man, Two Guvnors

Wednesday 6 November Squeeze, plus special guests

By Pranksters Theatre Company.

Heaven 17

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre



An extensive list of hits on offer.


Thursday 14 November The Selecter: 40th anniversary


tour with DJ Rhoda Dakar

Monday 18 to

Led by the fabulous Pauline Black.

Saturday 23 November The Lovely Bones

Tuesday 19 November Scouting for Girls

Based on the Alice Sebold book.

Popular band on tour.

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Clare Teal and her Trio, Farnham Maltings

Your Local Cruise Specialist

So You Thought It Was Fancy Dress Too! by Julie Matthews, Surrey Contemporaries

Book your cruise with experts - you are guaranteed Personal Service Knowledgeable Impartial Advice Competitive Prices Style Cruises 5 Craddocks Parade, Ashtead KT21 1QL 01372 271754 40 | NOVEMBER 2019

The Selecter, G Live

essence | EVENTS

Spotlight on... Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey

Friday 22 November to Sunday 5 January (except Christmas Day) Skate back in time as the ice rink returns to the stunning surroundings of Henry VIII’s spectacular Thames-side Tudor Palace. Why not book an evening session on the rink, which has to be one of the most scenic skating settings, and see the Palace lit up after dark whilst skating under the stars with friends and family? Alternatively, make a day of it: explore the Palace State Apartments, galleries and 65 acres of formal gardens, visit the Ice Rink Café and Bar for some warming food and skate at a time which suits. We recommend booking early for this festive treat with special rates for families, children and groups. The rink has a number of penguin skate aids available during each session which can be pre-booked. So wrap up in warm outdoor clothing, don’t forget to wear gloves and get your skates on!


The Electric Theatre

Surrey Contemporaries



Wednesday 13 to


Saturday 16 November Guildford Opera Company:

Until Saturday 9 November


Verdi’s Nabucco

Sung in English with a chamber orchestra.

Vivace Chorus

Haslemere Museum

Exhibition and sale of varied artworks at Haslemere Museum from a group of locally-based artists.

Surrey Sculpture Society


National Trust

Out and about

National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore any time of the year. We list a few, but visit for more.

Bocketts Farm

Leith Hill Place



Friday 22 November to Tuesday 24 December Christmas at Bocketts Farm

G Live, Guildford

The Savill Garden, Englefield Green, near Egham



Information: 01306 711685

Father Christmas returns with elves, Santa express and workshop.

Saturday 9 November Mass in Blue and Misatango

To Sunday 24 November

Tuesday 26 November Christmas willow decorations

Firework displays

A sultry concert of jazz and Latin-American classical tango.

Exhibitions New Ashgate Gallery

The Society rounds off its 25th anniversary year with a major exhibition of over 64 sculptures.

The Lightbox

To Sunday 17 November Autumn art at Polesden Lacey

The Scottish Colourists

Saturday 9 November to

The works of four admired artists: S.J. Peploe, J.D. Fergusson, G.L. Hunter and F.C.B. Cadell.

Watts Gallery

Compton, Guildford

Saturday 9 November to


Saturday 4 January Hygge: the art of intimacy

Until Sunday 5 January In Print: Capturing Light

and simple acts

Over 50 original prints by ten leading contemporary artists.

A festive Hygge exhibition.

Great Bookham, near Dorking Information: 01372 452048


A range of unique, local art and craft for sale.

Polesden Lacey



art and craft with local heart

Make tree and star decorations.


To Sunday 12 January Burning Bright:

Saturday 4 January Winter exhibition:

Near Dorking

Help create an art installation. Friday 15 November to Monday 6 January Christmas at Polesden Lacey

See the house transformed, meet Santa, enjoy a trail and more.

River Wey Navigations Guildford

Information: 01483 561389

Sunday 17 November, 10.30am Five mile guided walk

Meet at Godalming Wharf.

Throughout Surrey Various dates

See fireworks at the following local venues: Bramley: 9 November Brockham: 3 November Chiddingfold: 2 November Cranleigh: 2 November Epsom: 2 November Guildford: 2 November Farnham: 9 November Haslemere: 3 November Haslemere Museum: 2 November Horley: 2 November Horsham: 2 November Kingston: 8 November Mytchett: 3 November Sunbury-on-Thames: 2 November Weybridge: 3 November Woking: 2 November

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Gatton Park Reigate


Sunday 1 and Sunday 8 December Santa’s grotto

Enjoy a buggy ride to meet Santa in his grotto, explore the grounds and follow a trail of clues.

Jigsaw Run

Premium dog walking service based in Weybridge Serving the local community

07545 808739 Group walk one hour £12.50 Solo walk one hour £16 Dog sitting 24 hours £35 Fully insured • DBS/CRB certified Canine first aid qualified Eight years’ experience Air-conditioned vehicle Email: Facebook: JRM Dog Walking Instagram: jrm_dog_walking 42 | NOVEMBER 2019

Dunsfold Park airfield Information:

Sunday 24 November, 10.30am

The last chance to run the Top Gear track in this popular 10K run in aid of the Jigsaw Trust which supports children with autism.

Saturday 2 November Firework night

Wisley’s first ever, family-friendly, low-bang firework display.

Rural Life Centre Tilford, Farnham


Saturday 16 November Christmas craft fair

Plenty of unique and handmade gifts on offer to suit all tastes. Sunday 17 November A vintage Christmas at the Rural Life Centre

A vintage and retro market for lovers of mid-century style.

Painshill Park

Woking Beer Festival



Sunday 1 to Sunday 22 December Santa’s snow train and

Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November


Woking Leisure Centre

Take in the amazing views of the Painshill landscape on an exciting train journey to meet Santa in the Crystal Grotto.

Hosted by CAMRA and Woking Leisure Centre, over 60 real ales from local and national brewers will be on offer, with ciders and perries, gin and wine, plus live bands playing in the main hall.

RHS Garden Wisley

Surrey Wildlife Trust



Friday 1 to Sunday 3 November Late fruit and vegetable competition

Friday 22 November, 10am Autumn views and hues

Free to enter competition.

View stunning autumn colours.

Crystal Grotto


Puttenham Common


Timeless luxury...individually tailored

Timeless Luxury.. Individually Tailored

Visit us at our extensive lifestyle showroom at 124 Summer Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0QR Or call us on: 0208 398 9777 Email:

Perfect concept

Surrey-based architecture and interior design firm Concept Eight Architects is dedicated to the creation of imaginative residential buildings. Its creative and tailor-made approach to a project results in a home as unique as your family...


ocated in Surrey, Princes Road is a wonderful example of how to sensitively extend and update a period property to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyle. By replacing a tired glazed conservatory and lean-to at the rear of the home with a new single-storey extension, Concept Eight Architects successfully adjusted the layout of the property to maximise space, natural light and to provide an enhanced connection to a generous garden. Completed in 2019, heritage and character has been celebrated while creating this stunning new home. Hersham Road is the extension and

reconfiguration of a 1950s’ family home in Walton-on-Thames. Designed for a client with a love for the outdoors, a simple, single-storey extension accommodates a contemporary new living space and provides an enhanced connection to the garden. Completed in June 2019, the project has sympathetically transformed the layout and appearance of this home, creating a unique indoor, outdoor living space ideal for entertaining all year round. Elsam House is a three-bedroom 1970s’ property in Weybridge which has been reimagined to create a generous, contemporary family home. A turnkey development, the practice assisted in all aspects of the project from appointing a contractor to sourcing different components of the house, which resulted in the successful delivery to a very tight budget and programme. Completed in July 2019, this stunning new home not only blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor living, but provides a more sensitive response to the surrounding context.

44 | NOVEMBER 2019

essence INFO

Concept Eight Architects ESC House, South Road Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9DZ Website: Telephone: 01932 809444 ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT: DAVID BUTLER

Princes Road

Hersham Road

Elsam House

Princes Road

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wing to

n be. d finishes gbone eme is th a ssical

al End and e station uare and m

‘outstanding’ rated schools include Fulham Cross Girls School, London Oratory School as well as independent schools such as Fulham Prep School. For further information please contact Octagon on 020 8481 7500 or Strutt & Parker on 020 7731 7100.

Finding your next home...

Octagon 020 8481 7500 | OCTAGON.CO.UK

16/02/2018 17:22

Knight Frank

In Association With

Trenchard Arlidge

John D Wood


Grosvenor Billinghurst


APW Lettings

Christchurch Road Price on application Virginia Water, Surrey GU25 4PJ

Ashwan is a magnificent, detached family home completed to an outstanding level of specification, including Crestron controls, Chesneys fireplaces, Stepevi carpets and heated granite driveway. Winkworth


46 | NOVEMBER 2019

This luxurious, well-proportioned, ten-bedroom residence is set over four floors. Ashwan is approached through electric gates across a large driveway creating ample parking and leading to an underground ten car garage with remote control door opening. EPC rating: C. Telephone: 01344 291639



In Association With

Cobham: 01932 864242



A truly magnificent seven bedroom New England-style family home, which has been completed to an exceptional standard. This impressive brand new home sits in an idyllic private and secluded location with 4.5 acres of grounds.


01932 864242

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

In Association With

Cobham: 01932 864242



This impressive family home offers almost 9,000 sq ft of well planned and beautifully presented living accommodation. Located on a private lane with a stunning south-facing garden.


01932 864242

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

In a private and peaceful setting.






2 Thursley, Godalming, Surrey GU8 A fine country house which offers lateral accommodation and excellent entertaining space, sitting centrally within its own land and designed to maximise the views over the lake. • • •

Indoor swimming pool Tennis court Stabling

Our Surrey expert, Tim Harriss, looks forward to helping you. 01483 665932

Guide price

£3,850,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

Elegant Georgian character.





2 Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 Set in a charming unspoilt street in the historic heart of Guildford's town centre conservation area, close to excellent shops, restaurants and bars. The property is a beautifully renovated Grade II* listed town house with a fascinating history documented at nearby Guildford Museum. • • •

Our Guildford expert, James Ackerley, looks forward to helping you.

Grade II* listed Orangery Walled garden

Guide price

£2,250,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.



Larchwood is an outstanding seven bedroom detached home built by Osborne Developments in 2011 and designed by the current owners who have together created a timeless classic to include tall Georgian windows, bespoke handmade staircase, a solid concrete structure and underfloor heating throughout. Larchwood is located in Heathfield Avenue, one of the best roads in Sunninghill with its easy access to the village offering an excellent array of shops and restaurants. Ascot and Sunningdale are also close by offering mainline stations to London Waterloo, Reading and Guildford. EPC: C.

SUNNINGDALE | 01344 291639


Highams Lane, Chobham Surrey GU24 8TD • £1,100,000 Situated within a semi-rural location, this charming gated four-bedroom detached residence is full of character features and is well presented throughout and occupies a plot of approximately 0.33 of an acre overlooking farmland to the front aspect.

Windsor Road, Chobham Surrey GU24 8LE • £1,650,000 Set within the heart of Chobham Village, this five-bedroom detached residence is discreetly approached via electric gates. Occupying 7.5 acres, the property and plot offer an abundance of potential and versatile uses and provide 2,506 sq. ft. of living accommodation and a further 1,448 sq. ft. of outbuildings, which include four-box stable and other equestrian facilities.


8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Elm Grove Road

Downside Common Road

Orchard End is an individually designed, luxurious, detached home built to exacting standards. It is situated in a convenient position for Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon train station and Cobham High Street.

A delightful semi-detached cottage located in the Downside Village conservation area, within easy reach of Cobham High Street. Wood Cottage, built around the 1840s, has recently been modernised by the current owners yet retains some of its original character features.

Cobham £1,250,000

The property has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment and now comprises four bedrooms, two of which are en-suite, family bathroom, two reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, along with utility room and downstairs W.C. A particular feature is its spectacular kitchen/breakfast room and family area with fully-retractable sliding doors, opening onto a wonderful terrace and garden beyond, ideal for al fresco dining/entertaining. Positioned almost halfway between Cobham Village and Cobham train station, the property enjoys stunning countryside views when exiting the road. Picturesque walks are literally on your doorstep, with beautiful scenery through the conservation area to The Cricketers in Downside and beyond. Cobham High Street 0.6 miles, Esher 4.1 miles, Guildford 13.2 miles, A3 1.7 miles, M25 2.9 miles, central London 22 miles (all distances are approximate).

Cobham £565,000

On the ground floor, the dining and living room both have a brick exposed open fireplace, Woodpecker oak flooring and French doors which give access to the rear garden. The stylish kitchen with granite worktops comprises high quality integrated appliances. Also on the ground floor are a study/further bedroom, shower room and utility room. On the first floor you will find two double bedrooms, both overlooking the garden. The newly refitted white suite bathroom with free-standing bath, is also on this floor. Externally to the rear is an enchanting landscaped garden which has been beautifully maintained. The manicured lawn is bordered by colourful flowerbeds and shrubs. There are also two wonderful seating areas, ideal for al fresco dining and entertaining. To the front, the gravelled driveway provides off-street parking for several cars. This beautifully presented home is ideally located for countryside walks and Cobham High Street with its variety of shops and restaurants. Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon train station is also nearby, as well as the A3 and M25.

West Acres, Esher • Guide price £1,495,000 • EPC: E

A charming Victorian home built in 1861 retaining many original features, situated on a sunny corner plot enjoying panoramic views of Esher. Offering spacious principal rooms arranged over three floors, comprising master bedroom with en-suite, three further bedrooms, family bathroom, three reception rooms, conservatory, kitchen, utility, storage room, cloakroom and garage. The conservatory opens onto a lawn, leading down to a secluded patio with sweeping views of the property. West Acres is ideally placed to take advantage of Esher town centre.

Arbrook Lane, Esher • Guide price £1,595,000 • EPC: D

A rarely available gem located in the highly sought after Arbrook Lane, this detached family home offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, reception room, open-plan kitchen/dining room, leading to further reception room with bi-fold doors overlooking the stunning, landscaped, sunny aspect garden with stylish home office/garden studio, utility, boot room wc, garage and off street parking. There is further opportunity to extend STPP. Esher town centre and Claygate village are within close proximity and both offer train links to London Waterloo.


APW Lettings, Weybridge 134 Oatlands Drive • Oatlands Village • Weybridge • Surrey • KT13 9HJ t: 01932 857300 e: Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm Old Woking Road, Woking, GU22 £7,500 per calendar month Available: 2 December 2019 Number of bedrooms: Six This impressive, newly built, executive home is located a short drive of West Byfleet station and High Street and within easy reach of Woking town centre, The International School Of London (Surrey), M25 and the A3 just a short distance away. The property has an impressive entrance, superb open-plan kitchen/breakfast room, plus four further reception areas, six ensuite bedrooms over three floors, secure rear garden and double garage.

Chartfield Place, Weybridge, KT13 £4,500 per calendar month Available: Immediately Number of bedrooms: Four Walking distance to Weybridge station. Desirable, four double-bedroom Octagon townhouse within gated development with study, conservatory and kitchen/family room on ground floor, drawing room and ensuite master bedroom with dressing room on first floor, and three bedrooms and family bathroom on the top floor. Landscaped garden, garage and parking for three cars.

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