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French connection Ingrid Oliver interview

125 YEARS DAKS spring summer collection GETTING A GRIP Jeep’s Wrangler THE GAME FAIR 2019 Hatfield House plays host ACTING THE PART Stephanie Levi-John interview essence is available online and free to subscribers

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essence | NEWS ROUND-UP

OLD GAME, NEW PIECES Skyline Chess was founded by two London-based architects, Chris Prosser and Ian Flood. Together, iconic architecture from around the world is re-imagined as pieces on a chessboard. Their vision is to produce other major cities, allowing the different skylines to be pitted against each other on the chessboard. A bespoke design service enables clients to craft their own personal set based on any chosen design or idea. Website:

Final artworks Blue by Irene

PERENNIAL’S CHELSEA GARDEN Final year students at ACS Egham International School showcased their talent at an annual exhibition, now in its 16th year. This represents the culmination of two years’ work for students on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts course using a range of art techniques including photography, 3D and ceramic work, life-drawing and acrylic canvas paintings. Website:

2 | MAY 2019

Leatherhead-based charity Perennial will mark its 180th anniversary at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The garden, designed by first time Chelsea designers Colm Joseph and Duncan Cargill, is inspired by Sir Roy Strong’s autobiographical The Laskett Gardens in Herefordshire. Perennial helps everyone in the wider horticulture industry, offering free and confidential, tailored, one-to-one advice, support and financial assistance. Website:

contents Issue 101 | MAY 2019

8 | Interview | INGRID OLIVER

Ingrid Oliver is half of the Watson & Oliver comedy duo and has two films out this year. She tells Andrew Peters how she’d like to be cast in more detective roles.

14 | Fashion | DAKS

This year DAKS celebrates its 125th anniversary. From humble beginnings on Middlesex Street in 1894 to Old Bond Street today, DAKS spring summer collection keeps the same high standards.


18 | Country events | THE GAME FAIR

The Game Fair attracts over 120,000 people passionate about countryside pursuits and this year is hosted at the 42-acre Jacobean Hatfield House.

22 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Alladio Sims Garden Design considers the art of combining contrasting textures in our outside spaces.

24 | Travel | AMSTERDAM

Spring is the ideal time of year to visit Amsterdam and the tulip flower gardens, as Kevin Pilley discovered.

28 | Motoring | JEEP WRANGLER

Euan Johns looks at Chrysler’s new go-anywhere, have-fun-getting-there plaything that’s filling the gap Land Rover vacated in the off-road scene.



Gillian Everall of Everfair Tax offers guidance to essence readers on investment strategies in the UK and their impact on the US reporting status.

34 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Julie Man and Kerry Sawyer of Mundays LLP examine the importance of putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place before it is too late.

36 | Finance | PMW

Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren, provides an overview on a tax that to many is becoming one they would prefer to nullify as much as possible.


38 | Interview | STEPHANIE LEVI-JOHN

Stephanie Levi-John stars this month in The Spanish Princess. Andrew Peters talked to her about this, her fitness regime and interest in Reiki.

41 | Healthy living | HEALTHISTA

Rick Hay, Healthista nutritional director, offers his advice on how to lose those last stubborn pounds.

42 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Kudu in Peckham.

48 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.


54 | Interior design | SABLE INTERIORS

Fiona Applegarth finds inspiration from this year’s Salone del Mobile and Euroluce in Milan.

56 | essence | PROPERTY

A selection of some of the area’s finest houses from Surrey’s best estate agents and developers.

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The Game Fair 2018






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18 Chaos If an alien landed on Earth, or even took a peek as they were passing, and was asked to describe the planet and human activity in one word, ‘beautiful’ would perhaps apply to the former and ‘chaotic’ to the latter. Perhaps that’s why The Doctor (as in Dr Who) has such a soft spot for this Earth, always looking out for the little blue orb in the universe with a little help from friends. One of these is our interviewee this month, Ingrid Oliver. Apart from being half of the comedy act Watson & Oliver, she was also Petronella Osgood alongside Peter Capaldi. Here she talks to essence about appearing in the 50th anniversary episode of Dr Who and her forthcoming film work. Also in this issue, DAKS celebrates its 125th anniversary and throughout has always upheld high sartorial standards; the spring summer 2019 collection being no exception. Jeep has produced an off-road winner in the form of the latest Wrangler and Euan Johns looks at Chrysler’s new plaything. The annual Game Fair attracts a huge audience, this year centred on Hatfield House, as Claire Zambuni discovers. Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design considers the art of combining contrasting textures in our outside spaces and Kevin Pilley experiences the delights of springtime tulip fields. Stephanie Brookes enjoys Kudu in Peckham, actress Stephanie Levi-John talks about her career and fitness regime and Rick Hay, Healthista’s nutritional director, offers his advice on how to get rid of those stubborn pounds in time for the summer holidays. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of tax, legal, financial and foodie advice, alongside not to be missed offers. The diary of events highlights places to visit and there’s a pick of some of the region’s finest properties. The essence team

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Understated Luxury Atop The Cliffs of Mallorca

Balancing between the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, 5 Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa commands spectacular views of the surroundings and mesmerising Spanish sunsets. With three heated pools and a sumptuous spa, it’s the ultimate indulgent getaway, just 2.5 hours away by plane.

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8 | MAY 2019


French connection

Ingrid Oliver is half of the Watson & Oliver comedy duo that lit up our screens a few years back on BBC Two. Ingrid also starred next to Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who and tells Andrew Peters how she’d like to be cast in more detective roles.

Q Ingrid, did your varied upbringing in Germany, Kuwait and then living and completing your studies in England help decide your career path? A Yes. My life has been defined by change. I went to seven different schools, lived in about ten different houses, had several sets of step parents; I’d seen a lot and experienced a lot at a young age and as such I think I grew up quite quickly. I had a real understanding of what makes humans tick and that’s vital to being an actor. Also, if I ever felt discombobulated, I’d watch a film or read a book and be comforted by those stories, which I think is why I wanted to work in the industry, to be able to create those stories for other people. Q Who inspired you to start your career in entertaining? A It was actually a friend of mine from university. I had pretended to myself for a long time that I didn’t want to be an actor, that it wasn’t a proper job, that I wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it. After uni, I got a job in television production on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast, when my friend said: “You’ve always wanted to act, why don’t you give it a go?” So I applied for drama school that year and got in, and that was it. Q In 2005 you paired up with your Tiffin Girls’ School friend Lorna Watson to form the comedy due Watson & Oliver. Was there a catalyst for doing this? A After drama school, I spent several years in temp jobs whilst doing small theatre jobs, but I didn’t have an agent, I wasn’t earning any money and was starting to get disillusioned by the whole thing. Lorna was having a similar time of it, doing a bit of stand-up and presenting. Then one year, I went to the Edinburgh Festival and saw a young female double act performing a live show and thought: “Me and Lorna could do that!” We’d written stuff together before and

had been making each other laugh for years, so we decided to book a pub theatre in London and gave ourselves two months to write our first show. Q Following sell out success at Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, BBC Two commissioned Watson & Oliver. Was that out of the blue? A These things are never entirely out of the blue because they involve several steps to get there. We’d done three Edinburgh Festivals and had meetings with several production companies off the back of them and eventually signed a development deal with the BBC. Then there was a year of developing before we finally pitched for a series. But the day we got the call saying we’d got the series was one of the happiest of my life. Q You personally returned to the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe in a very well received solo show Speech! Any thoughts about another solo show in the near future? A I love Edinburgh and would definitely do a show again. My last show was a sort of political character show – a bit of a departure for me. It was a response to the result of the EU Referendum and the election of Donald Trump – I suddenly had something I wanted to say. Q Any highs and lows of your early career you’d care to mention? A When people you’ve grown up with and admire tell you they enjoy your work, it’s such a huge, surreal thing. Victoria Wood said she’d watched our show in hospital and it had cheered her up. We had a bit of a cry at that. A low in my early career would have to be my first job after drama school. I was hired to perform Shakespeare monologues at the Tower of London for tourists that couldn’t have been less interested and would interrupt my Lady Macbeth to ask where the toilets were. >>>

MAY 2019 | 9

Q You’re very well known for playing Petronella Osgood in Doctor Who and starred in the 50th anniversary episode. Did you find moving from sketch comedy and comic roles to more dramatic roles challenging? A There is a certain weight of expectation that comedy actors feel when they take on a dramatic role. Or at least I certainly do. The lovely thing about Osgood though is that there was room for a bit of comedy, so I felt very comfortable playing her. Q That was your 3D debut – any difficulties filming in that format? A When you film in 3D everything takes three times longer to film because of the extra equipment and lighting involved. If you forget your lines and ruin a take, it’s much more of a big deal to re-set everything, so it really makes you focus. Q Did you enjoy working with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman? A I absolutely loved it. They are lovely people and incredible actors. I learnt a lot from being around them. Q Playing Petronella, you hold the distinction of being one of the few characters who have been resurrected – you were no doubt pleased about that? A I was resurrected not once, but twice! I was thrilled when I was asked to go back and film more episodes after the 50th because I’d enjoyed it so much and I’m a fan of Doctor Who, so it was a bit of a dream to be honest. Q Last year you wrote and directed a short film, The Story of Ken. Can you tell us a little about this? A I call it a feminist horror story. It’s about a man’s reaction to the rise of feminism. It’s pretty dark, but also funny. >>>

“It’s the initial leap, the first show my comedy partner and I did we performed a double act sketch, we’d never done comedy before. We hired a theatre, we put the first show on and invited our friends and family and as we were about to walk on stage, realised we had no idea if we’d be funny. This could be the longest hour of everybody’s lives if we’re not. Luckily it all went brilliantly, but it was terrifying and when it went alright on that first night, after that we never looked back.” PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BERK’S NEST

Ingrid Oliver

10 | MAY 2019


Open events summer 2019 16+ open evening Monday 10th June at 5.45pm 11+ open evening Wednesday 12th June at 5.45pm Junior school open morning Friday 21st June from 9.30am ¡ 020 8255 5300 ¡ Essence 2019_May.indd 1

25/04/2019 15:50:35

QUICK FIVE Dog or cat? Cat. 100% Funniest TV show? The Thick Of It Guilty pleasure? TOWIE Main inspiration? Tina Fey Glass half full or half empty? Half full Ingrid Oliver profile Born in Germany, Ingrid Oliver spent her early childhood in Kuwait before attending Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingstonupon-Thames and then reading Modern Languages at New College, Oxford. Following sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006 and 2007, she and her comedy partner Lorna Watson were commissioned for their own television sketch show (Watson & Oliver) on BBC Two in 2012 which ran for two series.


In 2013 Ingrid was cast as scientist Petronella Osgood in the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who – a role she reprised in subsequent series starring alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Ingrid returned to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 with a new solo show entitled Speech! In 2019 she is starring alongside Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson in The Hustle – a female-led remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels directed by Chris Addison in which she plays French cop Inspector Brigitte Desjardins. Ingrid will also be seen in guest roles in BBC Two’s Defending the Guilty and long-running BBC crime drama Silent Witness. In late 2019 she stars alongside Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson in Last Christmas, a romantic comedy directed by Paul Feig.


Q You’re an extremely versatile talent, can you describe a typical day? Is there such a thing for you? A At the moment I’m obsessed with Brexit, so I spend a lot of time on Twitter reading the latest news. I’m a panellist on a Brexit podcast called Remainiacs, so I have to keep up with what’s going on. When I’m not doing that, I go to auditions, do voiceovers and am currently writing a play. Q Have you noticed a change in attitude towards women and minorities from when you began your career? A Absolutely. People are much more engaged with the subject of diversity now. Producers are more likely to say: “Couldn’t that be played by a woman?” or “Why does this person have to be white?” and I think it makes for much more interesting choices. Q This year is an exciting one for you. This month you play Inspector Brigette Desjardins in The Hustle with Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, an all-female remake of the 1988 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels film – excited about this? A Very. It’s such a funny film. Anne and Rebel are hilarious in it and I get to dust off my French accent.

12 | MAY 2019

Q Later this year you are in Last Christmas with Emma Thompson and Emilia Clarke. Can you tell us more about this film? A It’s a romantic comedy written by Emma Thompson and directed by Paul Feig who directed Bridesmaids. Those were probably the two people that I’ve wanted to work with the most and I got to work with them both on the same film so I can retire now. Q What would be the ideal drama/film and part for you? A I’ve always wanted to play a TV detective. Q Your Twitter feed has been pretty much all about the B word over the past two years – can you sum up your feelings in one word? A No. It’d be unprintable. If I were to sum my feelings up in a sound it’d be “Ufffggnnhf”. Q What are your future ambitions? A To play more detectives.v essence INFO

The Hustle is out in cinemas from 17 May.

Dua Lipa Global Brand Amabassador Spring/Summer 2019 collection photographed by David Sims #DuaforPepe #MyPepeJeans @pepejeans

Spring blooms This year represents a landmark year for DAKS as the company celebrates its 125th anniversary. From humble beginnings on Middlesex Street in 1894, to a head office and design headquarters at 10 Old Bond Street today. The inspiration behind the collection comes from the English garden. Comprised of delicate and bright colours to transport you instantly to an English garden in summertime, surrounded by perfume and colour. From lemon yellow to wood green and oranges to pink hues, colour is at the heart of this collection. Light blues and sea greens are also used to create an extensive vibrant palette synonymous with vibrant English gardens in spring and summer.

esssence INFO


Julian-Tyler lemon Glen check suit ÂŁ745

14 | MAY 2019

Fashion | DAKS Lace dress ÂŁ640


MAY 2019 | 15

Fashion | DAKS

16 | MAY 2019



This year the Surrey Sculpture Society is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a diverse range of exciting events in beautiful settings, including a private country estate, the Royal Horticultural Society’s flagship garden, a National Trust property and a Crown Estate garden. Come and see exciting works of art created by new and emerging talent as well as highly renowned sculptors. Our ‘Understanding Sculpture’ programme will also include a series of lectures by acclaimed sculptors, feature talks, demonstrations and workshops.



2019 Exhibitions


Surrey Sculpture Society


4th May - 2nd June Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden and Arts Festival at Birtley Estate, Bramley, near Guildford 18th June - 14th July Hatchlands Park National Trust, East Clandon, near Guildford

Affordable Art

17th August - 22nd September RHS Garden Wisley, Woking 25th September - 24th November The Savill Garden, Crown Estate Windsor Great Park, Englefield Green, Egham

Created by members of the Surrey Sculpture Society for your home and garden

For exhibition and new membership details visit:

Premium dog walking service based in Weybridge Serving the local community

07545 808739 Group walk one hour £12.50 Solo walk one hour £16 Dog sitting 24 hours £35 Fully insured • DBS/CRB certified Canine first aid qualified Eight years’ experience Air-conditioned vehicle Email: Facebook: JRM Dog Walking Instagram: jrm_dog_walking

MAY 2019 | 17

“It’s wonderful that this year The Game Fair is encouraging our apprentices and students to use their skills and knowledge to create a spectacular garden at Hatfield. I know this RHS award-winning team will provide inspiration to gardeners. Seeing what people can do is always a pleasure as well as providing a vital contribution to our green open spaces.” Lady Salisbury, Patron of Capel Manor College

18 | MAY 2019

Country events | THE GAME FAIR 2019

A meeting of

country enthusiasts Each year The Game Fair attracts over 120,000 visitors to its three-day show, set at some of the UK’s best countryside estates. The show is the event for people passionate about countryside pursuits and the great British countryside. Claire Zambuni finds out more. James Martin, The Game Fair 2018 PHOTO COPYRIGHT: GEORGE GUNN


his year The Game Fair is being held at the end of July at the historic Hatfield House, a fine Jacobean property with over 42 acres of garden, home of Lord and Lady Salisbury, and a popular choice of location for film productions such as The Favourite, Trust, Harry Potter and Batman. The Game Fair has announced an ambitious plan of new attractions that will delight recurring visitors and attract new people to the threeday event, celebrating all that is great about our countryside. The Game Fair Gardens

Hatfield House gardens

The Game Fair organisers are creating several new areas, including the Adventure Sporting Destination and Travel and a huge new garden project championed by Lady Salisbury. This project includes the installation of the largest show garden ever attempted, spanning over one-acre, and will be brought to life by leading educational institution Capel Manor College, of which Lady Salisbury is a Patron. The College is a leading education provider for those interested in plants, animals, flowers, trees and the environment, offering apprenticeships in London for those looking to work and contribute to the rural economy and urban regeneration. It is uniquely placed to

MAY 2019 | 19


Lady Salisbury, Patron of Capel Manor College and Christine Bianchin, Acting Vice Principal at Capel Manor College, with the College’s show garden design


help Mayor Sadiq Khan’s latest plans for London to have more than 50% green space. The College can facilitate how people can take care of and maintain these green spaces in London. The Game Fair Gardens, designed by Capel Manor’s Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medallists and Gold winners at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show, will create an immersive and interactive experience, telling the story of the countryside, estates, country gardens, traditional practices and innovations through a number of themed gardens. Visitors can expect kitchen gardens, traditional crafts, art, sculpture, Q&As, demos and superb design at Hatfield House, which already has an international reputation among gardening enthusiasts. A summer of gardens

Entrance to The Game Fair Gardens is included in the standard Game Fair entry ticket and VIP packages. However, The Game Fair has also teamed up with show partners Capel Manor College and Hatfield House to offer an unrivalled opportunity to visit some of the grandest gardens in the country on one ticket – for the entire season. The Gardens Experience ticket includes entrance to The Game Fair, the awardwinning gardens at Capel Manor College and to the stunning gardens, park and woodland walks at Hatfield House. With The Game Fair as your first stop, the other gardens can be visited at leisure right up until late September. Nestled in Enfield, north London, Capel Manor is a beautiful Georgian house set amongst 30 acres of picturesque gardens. Boasting a rich history that dates back to the 13th century, the estate is home to 60 colourful gardens, a zoo, restaurant and Capel Manor College’s Enfield campus. An unmissable treat of tranquillity for any greenfingered enthusiast, the garden dates from the early 17th century. At historic Hatfield House, the trees, bulbs, plants and fruit trees, which had never before been grown in England, have crafted the inspiring and fragrant gardens which can be explored and enjoyed today. Enjoy the pleached lime walk, the beautiful blue and silver border and a relaxing stroll down through the mature beech and oak trees of the Woodland Garden. The dazzling rhododendrons survive from the 19th century and there are many late-flowering shrubs like styrax, eucryphia hoheria and halesia, as well as magnificent varieties of hydrangea paniculata lining the grass paths to the fledgling Yew House.v

20 | MAY 2019

Owl experience at The Game Fair 2018 Falconry Village PHOTO COPYRIGHT: BEN SKIPPER

essence INFO

To book Game Fair Gardens’ combined tickets, visit hatfield-house-herts/1302501 and quote GARDEN TICKET in the code box Website:

Entertain, Relax, Enjoy. The possibilities are endless.

Cliveden New collection for 2019 Founded over forty years ago, Bridgman has a proud heritage of supplying quality, luxurious furniture. For 2019 we are introducing the Cliveden Modular Collection featuring our exclusive waterproof cushions, working with the National Trust helping the charity look after hundreds of special places for the benefit of millions of people every year.


Luxury Furniture Since 1977

Auckland House, New Zealand Ave, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 1PL

This garden plays with contrasting proportions, shapes and textures to create visual interest and just the right amount of punch IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD., PRIVATE LONDON GARDEN



Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited considers the art of combining contrasting textures in our outside spaces.


here are a million different shades of green in a garden. And when it comes to plants, many of them share at least one similarity – be it colour, form, shape or size. Yet in a successful garden each contrasting element – whether it’s a plant or hardscape – is able to contribute towards creating a sense of space, a certain mood and an excitement that sets the garden apart from any other space and draws eyes in. Exciting gardens know how to play with opposites, and how to successfully combine contrasting textures. The key to the art of combining opposites relies on providing enough variation to create intensity without letting chaos settle in. A series of successful contrasting combinations in a garden introduces a layer of visual textures that lets our eyes ‘see’ each and every one of its elements.

This happy mix of spiky and coarse textures amongst soft and fine grasses has a visual appeal and makes you want to stroke the plants IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD., THE SECRET GARDEN PARTY RHS H MPTON CO RT P CE OWER SHOW

22 | MAY 2019

The most obvious tools for creating texture in gardens are their building blocks – hardscape, plants and colour – constantly combined and rearranged until ultimate finesse is achieved. Just like a chef would create a dish choosing each and every ingredient in the right quantity and introducing interesting flavour combinations by contrasting clashing ingredients, a garden designer sets out to create a garden by striving to achieve a very fine balance of all three of its main building blocks. At the bottom of the pyramid is, of course, the hardscape – paths, patios, planters – key structural elements forming the backbone of visual texture, each material carefully chosen for its finish, that might contrast or absorb the texture from surrounding plants. A sleek, large, porcelain slab patio surrounded by soft linear and light reflecting grasses is a good example of contrasting textures and forms. A step up is colour, to be found not only in flowers, but in bark, fruit and seeds, and in leaves too of course, to create a balanced backdrop of harmonious shades with peaks of interest in the form

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS Similar leaf shapes in contrasting proportions, such as those of thyme and foxgloves, can be very effective when combined together IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD., PRIVATE LONDON GARDEN

Contrasting feathery leaves and structural shapes such as cenolophium and alliums are perfect to add complexity and intimacy to gardens

Foliage textures are all important too. In general, leaf types can be divided into four main categories and they too look stunning when contrasted between each other: Simple leaves – these could be oval, round or heart shaped etc – are provided by common plants such as bergenias, brunneras, foxgloves, tiny thyme or box. They form the base of any planting composition and can look stunning when contrasted between each other – not only in terms of proportions, but of hue too. Linear or strappy leaves – these can be very upright as the rigid swords of astelias and phormiums, or more gently arching and soft, such as the blades of most grasses. Again, a sharp contrast between a phormium and a stipa tenuissima draws us in, forcing us to stop and feel the texture, running fingers through the grass. Feathery and dissected leaves (ferns typify this group) introduce a layer of complexity. They are stunning against simpler leaf shapes, for example, a hosta and a fern next to each other, nothing is more beautiful yet so simple and so contrasting, or a fennel against a foxglove, bold form next to delicate and fine fronds. And finally the true visual delight of exuberant leaf shapes – be it very dissected, such as those of geraniums or very frilly and deeply lobed such as Japanese maples – they are perfect to accent a scheme with the right amount of frilliness and bling. Imagine a red Japanese maple underplanted with the strappy acid green leaves of hakonechloa and next to a round leaved vivid green or purple cotinus. These are true opposites in terms of textures and shapes, and yet so elegant and refined together, adding a real punch and making a unique statement. Nothing like contrasting visual textures sets the mood of a garden, creating a sense of place and adding finesse to a design. The key is to master the art of combining opposites – too much variation and it’s a muddle, too little and there is no excitement.v


Profile: Alladio Sims of contrasting colour combinations. Good examples of contrasting arrangements could be a blue geranium with a hot pink rose, or the lime green flower of alchemilla mollis against a purple heuchera or a black mondo grass. And, of course, the key building blocks to create good visual texture are plants, through both their form and their leaf texture. Just think of how many habitats a plant can have and how important that is to the overall story a garden tells – a spiky plant is contemporary and sleek, it’s a full stop, because it commands attention making the viewer stop and look at it. Phormiums, with their upright and spiky form, are an emblem of confidence and showiness, while a trailing or spreading plant is much more informal, perfect to create an intimate atmosphere – think of a trailing nasturtium against a brick wall, or a billowing geranium spilling out of a border. Mastering clever contrasts between two opposite forms can produce stunning results: an upright allium or a spiky eryngium emerging through the soft fronds of a tall grass, one rigid and sharp the other softly arching in the wind.

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd was established in 2015 after Jon Sims and Bella Alladio collaborated on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Bella’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast. Jon and Bella in the show garden they created for the Istanbul Flower Festival in 2016

essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham) Surrey, GU10 3RE Website: Email:

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Amsterdam Spring is the ideal time of year to visit Amsterdam and the tulip flower gardens, as Kevin Pilley discovered.


e agreed on one thing. It would be a Tiny Tim Free Zone. Instead we tip-toed through the tourists through The Greatest Flower Show On Earth. The 32-hectare Keukenhof (kitchen) garden in Lisse, between Amsterdam and Haarlem, is one of the world’s largest flower gardens and perhaps its most famous spring garden. Seven million bulbs are planted every year, flowering from the end of March to the end of May. The best time to see tulips – the unofficial flower of the Netherlands – is mid-April to May. Situated in fifteenth century hunting grounds, Keukenhof, a fortyminute bus ride from the capital, was originally the source of herbs for the local castle. The garden was established in 1949. Surrounded by commercial bulbfields, it’s a showroom for the queen of bulbs and a peaceful place. Which means you aren’t continually dodging cyclists or trams. Only selfie sticks. There are 800 varieties of tulip on show and probably more nationalities than cultivators. It is a bulb zoo. As well as daffodils and hyacinths, you walk through beds of single earlies like Princess Irene, double earlies like Monte Carlo, Darwin Hybrids, single lates, lilyflowered tulips such as Ballade and Ballerina, fringed Blue Herons, Red Hats, green viridflora, flamed or broken tulips like Zomerschoon, twisted parrots, bi-coloureds and low-growing striped Greigii like Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio. You must visit the city’s Tulip Museum for a preliminary history lesson. Says curator Sjoerd van Eeden: “The tulip is native to the northern foothills of the Himalaya mountains. Not Holland or Turkey. Countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are the origin of the tulip and they still grow there by the thousand each spring. The tulip is a cold weather plant. It needs a serious winter to feel happy. We are usually busy all day explaining to people what and when not to buy!”

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Aerial image of Keukenhof’s field of flowers PHOTO COPYRIGHT: CRIS TO




bulb. After 1880, owing to improvements In the sixteenth century, Ottoman sultans The Netherlands accounts for in water management, cultivation moved wore a tulip on their turbans. The Latin word 65% of total bulb production from Haarlem to Lisse and Hillegom. Most tulipa is derived from the Persian tulipan, worldwide. Seven billion bulbs of today’s trading takes place in the Zuidmeaning turban. Holland province, whilst cultivation is Tulips grow best in maritime areas. The are exported every year from concentrated in the north. best soils are the sandy-clay grounds in Holland making it the world’s The largest and most spectacular flower the provinces of south and north Holland, leading bulb trader. auction is in Aalsmeer, a twenty minute Flevoland and the Noordoostpolder. Holland’s drive south of Amsterdam, near Schipol location on the 52nd degree of latitude and near sea level explains all. The annual average temperature in the Airport. Here five billion cut flowers are sold each year. It is one of Netherlands is 9.8 Celsius (48˚F), the ideal temperature to grow tulips. the largest commercial buildings in the world and the Cooperative Continues Sjoerd: “We have fragrant tulips – Tulipa turkestanica Verenigde Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer (VBA) auction attracts 20,000 (creamy white) and Tulipa whittallii (bronze orange) which have a spicy spectators. But you must book in advance. Flower parades have been very popular in Holland for centuries. scent. As does Yokohama. Apeldoorn (red) and Angélique (creamy In April, 800,000 people line the route from Haarlem to Noordwijk white with pink) flowering in May have a good scent too.” The Netherlands accounts for 65% of total bulb production worldwide. to watch the Bloemencorso flower parade and pageant with its Seven billion bulbs are exported every year from Holland making it the praalwagens (floats). Royal Zundert, in the southern province of world’s leading bulb trader. Germany is the main buyer, followed by North Brabant, holds its famous flower parade on the first Sunday of September. Eight million dahlias are the stars. the United States. There are more than 3,500 different varieties of tulip. One of the country’s biggest cultivators is in Vogelenzang which The first tulip was planted in Holland in 1594. Tulip mania began in the seventeenth century when huge sums were paid for a single is open to the public from March to May. Other bulb fields are to be >>>

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Pulitzer Amsterdam’s 1909 ‘Tourist’ saloon boat PHOTO COPYRIGHT: S N ERB



found in the west between Haarlem and Den Helder and around Enkhuizen. Amsterdam has a floating market on the Singel canal. The place to stay is the Pulitzer Amsterdam on Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal): not far from the Anne Frank House, the canalboat and canal museums, the Van Gogh Museum and tulip musuem. The area comprises 25 sixteenth and seventeenth century merchants’ canal houses and visitors can take a canal cruise on the hotel’s 1909 ‘Tourist’ saloon boat in which Churchill toured. With its polished teak, marble and bevilled glass, it’s slightly more upmarket than a pedalo. The hotel is in the middle of the Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) shopping area, and near the Dam and Jordaan districts. Built by Peter Pulitzer, grandson of Hungarianborn Joseph who founded the Pulitzer literary prizes, the iconic hotel has a modern art collection (look at the plastic spoon petals in the foyer) and a piano suspended over the entrance commemorating the annual concert on the canal. There are trumpets in a room inspired by the local record shops and the entrance to the Restaurant Jansz, famous for executive chef Jereon Robbegt’s lobster risotto and hanger steak, has medicine jars harking back to its time as an apothecary. Here bartender Andrei Talapanescu offers twelve cocktails such as Silver Medal (Cocchi Americano, Lillet Blanc, Quinquina tonic) inspired by Ernest Hemingway who won the Pulitzer There are trumpets in a room inspired by Prize in 1953. So far, Hemingway hasn’t had a tulip named after him. the local record shops and the entrance to The hotel is unique for offering concierge walking tours which tell you the Restaurant Jansz, famous for executive all about tulips, as well as the 350th anniversary Rembrandt route taking chef Jereon Robbegt’s lobster risotto and in Oude Kerk, his home between 1639 and 1658 where he married Saskia van Uylenburgh, The Blue Bridge (De Blauwbrug) which he painted, hanger steak, has medicine jars harking back Westkerk where he is buried with his lover Hendrickje Stoffels and the to its time as an apothecary. Rijksmuseum, home of The Night Watch and other works. Along with concierge Ron, you can also visit the city’s old pubs or bruin (brown) cafes, its space cake and hash brownie coffee shops, the House Of Bols, The Heineken Experience, its flea markets, the arts and antiques district of Spiegelkwartier, the Diamant Museum, sample Gouda and Edam cheeses, even indulge in some whole body cryotherapy with three minutes at a temperature of -110˚C before exploring the nineteenth century Plantage and luxury shopping museum district around Van essence INFO Baerlestraat and P.C. Hooftstraat. Not to mention the Red Light District where you can window shop 24/7 all-year-round. The bulb fields’ window may be smaller. But it’s far To book a visit to the Bulb auction, more spectacular. v visit

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WIN a Napoleon

charcoal kettle barbecue!

With barbecue season just teasingly around the corner, we’ve teamed up with grill experts Napoleon and local retailer The BBQ Shop in Woking to offer one lucky reader an exclusive barbecue starter set! The fantastic prize bundle includes Napoleon’s slick NK18K charcoal kettle barbecue, a durable Napoleon barbecue cover, charcoal starter, coconut briquettes, a premium two-piece toolset and a pack of 30 firelighters. Napoleon’s NK18K is the perfect barbecue to develop your grill skills! This grill has some amazing features to show off with a built-in Accu-Probe™ temperature gauge, Lid Heat Shield and an adjustable air vent.

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For more information visit or pop down to local retailer The BBQ Shop, 145 High Street, Old Woking, Surrey GU22 9JW. Terms and conditions: One reader will win the barbecue package as described. Prize is subject to availability, no cash alternative is offered.

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Euan Johns examines Chrysler’s new go-anywhere, have-fun-getting-there plaything that’s filling the gap Land Rover vacated in the off-road scene.


eep occupies a unique position in the off-road market and the demise of Land Rover adds credence to its claim of being the only true off-road company in the world. There are a few rivals that may beg to differ, but Jeep has carefully nurtured its Wrangler icon. The new offering certainly doesn’t disappoint and despite what some competitors may say, appears to have a clear field. Land Rover for one hasn’t said when it’s coming back to get its wheels dirty again. With an on the road starting price of £44,865 for the Sahara MultiJet two door version, the new ‘go anywhere, do anything’ Wrangler blends on-road performance with its legendary off-road capability. Frankly, it’s great value for money and a lot of fun. There’s no doubting the vehicle’s ability as it can do things and go places that most owners may not even (want to) contemplate, and some even Buzz Lightyear may balk at. >>>

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“Wrangler is the undisputed champion off-road, and now it is even better for everyday urban on-road driving.” Andrew Tracey, marketing director, Jeep UK.

The Wrangler is not really as happy on city streets as it is on country roads or off the beaten track. It may, for some, look too much of a statement parked outside the house, but that really is not its true home. The vehicle does a good job of marrying Jeep’s off-road prowess with much improved on-road comfort, has a chunky, authentic style and state-of-the-art tech completes the wooing process. Jeep’s design team sensibly played safe, keeping all the design cues from previous models and have moved towards appealing to a more ‘townie’ market. The sub plot is to attract customers who may not have considered a Jeep previously. This is where the increased interior comfort comes in which doesn’t compromise the Wrangler’s off-road natural instincts. More than 75 years of engineering have gone into the ability to master the most challenging off-road conditions, and this feels like the most capable Wrangler yet. Depending on trim, the vehicle includes two advanced four-wheel drive on-demand full time systems – Command-Trac and Rock-Trac. There are two new engines: the 2.2-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel and the 2.0-litre turbocharged in-line four-cylinder petrol. All linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission. For the more environmentally conscious, both engines make the vehicle compliant to current Euro 6/D standards. Some time may have to be spent considering the exterior colour options as there is a choice of 10: Black, Firecracker Red, Billet Silver Metallic, Bright White, Granite Crystal Metallic, Hellayella, Ocean Blue, Punk ’n’ Metallic, Mojito and Sting Gray. How fast is it? Well, this Wrangler gets from 0–62mph in just over nine seconds and has a top speed of over just over 110mph. So, what’s not to like? Well, it’s definitely a step up in looks and comfort for normal road use, but in my opinion still looks out of place in suburbia. However, that’s not the point: you won’t be buying one of these to pay any congestion charges. This vehicle is at home in the open country and off-road it’s unflappable and unstoppable. It’s a bit like the old Coca Cola advert: if you want the real thing then you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere.v

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The MY19 Wrangler includes: New styling Updated interior with increased storage New engines – 2.2-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel and 2.0-litre turbo petrol New LED headlamps and rear lights New Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Improved safety, including Blind-spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Path detection, ParkView reverse camera, electronic stability control (ESC) with electronic roll mitigation and four standard air bags

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Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling For adults, young adults, children and couples We can all have difficulties in everyday life and encounter problems that we simply find hard to cope with alone. You may feel worried, anxious, low, confused, isolated or may be experiencing difficulties in relationships. These feelings and thoughts may persist and become overwhelming. In these circumstances it is difficult to know which way to turn. At times like these it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist who will enable you to explore your concerns in a safe, contained environment, to help you develop appropriate strategies and techniques to cope with your life difficulties in a more effective way. We offer clinics in Weybridge and East Molesey.

Take a step forward and contact the practice for a free telephone consultation:

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UK investment and US reporting

Gillian Everall of Everfair Tax offers guidance to essence readers on investment strategies in the UK and their impact on the US reporting status.


S citizens resident in the UK for a medium to long term will often consider investing in the UK, and in many cases individuals invest in pounds sterling as it appears a straightforward and attractive proposition. However, US citizens are required to annually file a tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and there are a number of hidden traps to be aware of and manage accordingly. The IRS require the return to be reported in US dollars, and an unwelcome surprise can occur if the US individual has assets that have been bought and sold in a different currency. In such circumstances the taxpayer must use the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of acquisition and disposal to report, and should exchange rates have fluctuated significantly during the holding period, it is possible to generate dollar gains where no gain in the currency of trade has been used.

Although tax free in the UK, the cash ISA and stocks and shares ISAs are not tax free for US purposes. Some foreign investment vehicles are accommodated by the IRS, but they often require significant annual reporting to allow the funds to be monitored. Here, although they may not be able to tax certain types of investment, if not reported, the IRS has the ability to apply punitive penalties for failure to notify. Therefore, it is imperative that the taxpayer is aware of any reporting requirements and to correctly report on them. These investments include personal pensions which need to be reported to the IRS independently and annually, and company pension membership which is included on the tax return submission, but requires specific reporting by the tax preparer.

But it is the Individual Savings Account that can create the greatest complications. Although tax free in the UK, the cash ISA and stocks and shares ISAs are not tax free for US purposes. Interest earned on the cash ISA is taxable as ordinary interest on the Federal Tax Return, but income generated by the stocks and shares ISA creates enhanced and complex reporting requirements, along with exposure to the highest Federal income tax rate. Therefore, it is not unusual for gains made within the investment to be significantly reduced by both the US tax impact and the associated tax preparation fees. We would recommend that taxpayers always review their overall investment strategy with both their wealth management advisor and a tax professional who can advise on both the UK and US tax implications. And if you would like some assistance, please call Everfair Tax’s friendly team on 01932 320800, email or visit

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Gillian Everall is Managing Director and Head of Private Client Tax Services for Everfair Tax based in Weybridge. Everfair Tax specialises in UK, US and Expatriate Tax and provides a unique tax advisory and compliance service to help manage personal or international complexities and the changing of family or business circumstances.

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A stitch in time Julie Man and Kerry Sawyer of Mundays LLP examine the importance of putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place before it is too late.


Kerry Sawyer joined Mundays’ Private Wealth team in December 2017. She qualified as a Solicitor in July 2015 and has experience in a wide range of private wealth matters to include the preparation of both simple Wills and complex Wills incorporating trust structures, preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney, registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney, advising on lifetime gifts, Deputyship Applications, other Court of Protection applications to include Statutory Wills and lifetime gifts where the individual has lost capacity, advising and preparing Trusts and Estate Administration. Kerry Sawyer of Mundays LLP on 01932 590664 or by email at

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o one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain, as a nation we are all living longer. The Office of National Statistics found: For the period from 2014 to 2016, a 65-yearold man in the UK will on average live a further 18.5 years and a woman on average 20.9 years longer. A male born between 2014 to 2016 had a 21% chance and a female a 32% chance of living until at least 90 years old. So, it’s clear: Life expectancy is increasing. People are living longer. In recent years, mental health has become the focus of many news headlines. Dementia concerns One of the biggest concerns amongst individuals is dementia, which although can occur in young people, tends to affect the elderly. Dementia is a syndrome used to describe the deterioration of brain functioning which ultimately affects a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks and to also think, feel, behave and speak. Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia account for most dementia cases. The Alzheimer’s Society found: 850,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia. This is set to increase to one million by 2025. This does not include many other debilitating illnesses and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or brain injuries. It is now more important than ever to put your affairs in order whilst you have the capacity to do so. If you think it is important to have a Will to specify how you would like your estate to

be divided on your death, of equal importance (and maybe more as you are still alive) is putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney. More than two million Lasting Power of Attorney registrations were filed with the Office of the Public Guardian by the end of 2016, with the number of appointments more than trebling between 2010 and 2015. Some people do have the previous ‘old’ style Enduring Powers of Attorney, which are still effective if correctly prepared, but there are still a large number of individuals who do not have Lasting Powers of Attorney. So, what are Lasting Powers of Attorney? Lasting Powers of Attorney enable you to choose the people you trust (‘your Attorneys’) to make decisions and to take action on your behalf during your lifetime in connection with your: financial affairs if you are unable or unwilling to make these decisions; or personal health and welfare when you are no longer able to make decisions yourself. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: KATARZYNA BI SIEWIC | R .COM


What if I do not have Lasting Powers of Attorney? If you do not make Lasting Powers of Attorney and you then lose mental capacity to make decisions regarding your finances or personal welfare, no-one will automatically be able to make decisions for you, not even your close family such as your spouse or children. Family or friends will need to apply to the Court of Protection for a court order appointing themselves your Deputy and allowing them to act and make decisions for you. If no one is willing to be your Deputy, the local authority may be appointed or the Court may appoint a professional Deputy. However, this procedure is not for the faint hearted. The process is not only costly and time-consuming with ongoing administration and cost burdens, but the powers given to a Deputy are usually more restricted than that of an Attorney. In addition, for Health and Welfare Deputyships, due to the type of decisions involved, the Court of Protection is reluctant to grant these and only does so in very rare cases. The moral Take control and organise your affairs so that those close to you can step in and make the decisions for you when you cannot with minimal stress and cost. In short, make a Lasting Power of Attorney so: you choose your Attorneys;




decide who you trust; and consider any guidance and/or instructions for your Attorneys (such as how you would like your finances managed, where you want to live, what treatment you do and do not want, life sustaining treatment etc). By doing so, this will ensure you have the peace of mind that if you do suffer from any diseases, illnesses or medical conditions in the future which restrict you from making those everyday decisions, then you will have your affairs in order for your loved ones to step in and take care of matters when needed. If you would like further information about Lasting Powers of Attorney, please contact either Julie Man on 01932 590643 or Kerry Sawyer on 01932 590664, both in our award-winning Private Wealth team recently recognised as ‘Private Client Law Firm of the Year in England’ in the 8th Annual Global Law Experts Awards.

Julie Man is a Partner and currently heads Mundays’ Private Wealth department. Since joining, Julie has developed a breadth of private client expertise including complex Wills, lifetime capital tax planning, Business Property Relief and ancillary advice on succession planning for business owners, domicile and cross-border issues for international clients, private and charitable trusts together with the administration of estates. Julie also has a solid background in elderly client work such as planning for care home fees, preparation of lasting Powers of Attorney, registration of Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection applications. Julie Man of Mundays LLP on 01932 590643 or by email at

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Mundays LLP 400 Dashwood Lang Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2HJ Telephone: 01932 590500 Website: The contents of this article are intended as guidance for readers. It can be no substitute for specific advice. onse uently we cannot accept responsibility for this information, errors or matters affected y su se uent changes in the law, or the content of any website referred to in this update. © Mundays LLP 2019.

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The inheritance tax bite Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren, provides an overview on a tax that to many is becoming one they would prefer to nullify as much as possible.


ne thing I have noticed over recent years is that a lot more people are becoming concerned about the impact of inheritance tax (IHT) on family wealth. It is not surprising because it is becoming an increasing problem for many families, particularly those in the South East. People often have a vision of their wealth cascading down through future generations to make members of those generations more financially secure; but the reality is that if you take a big slice out of that money on death to pay tax, it has a permanent long term impact on the amount of family wealth that can be accrued. Recent statistics show just how much the tax is starting to bite. In the 2009/2010 tax year there were 15,000 estates that paid IHT and by 2016/2017, just over seven years later, that number had doubled to 30,000. The tax currently contributes around £5 billion each year to the Exchequer and this is forecast to increase to £7 billion over the next five years. The big picture is that the government is struggling to raise the revenue it needs to maintain the welfare state and there are no easy solutions. Demands on the State, based on current levels of provision, are only going to increase as the population ages and it is getting harder to raise the tax necessary to sustain this. It is arguably more effective to tax estates than it is to tax individuals who are in work, because

The big picture is that the government is struggling to raise the revenue it needs to maintain the welfare state and there are no easy solutions.

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if you tax individuals too much then you take away the incentive to work and that is bad for the economy and in turn, tax receipts. There are so many reasons, not just those that are politically motivated, for the government to make inheritance tax carry more of the tax burden. With this in mind, it makes sense to plan now to minimise the chunk that HMRC might bite out of your estate. The standard IHT exemption (nil rate band) has been frozen at £325,000 since 2008/2009 and is not set to increase until 2021/2022. This creates a lot of what we call ‘fiscal lag’; when the government increases exemptions at a slower rate than the rate of growth in assets, or indeed income, leading to a proportionate increase in tax. If we think about how much residential property has risen in value since 2008, particularly in the South East, it has had a big impact on the amount of IHT that is going to become payable. Increasingly, we see that the largest single beneficiary of an estate is HMRC. The more the estate grows, the bigger the share that HMRC will receive. So it is really important to take advantage of the various exemptions and allowances that can help you legitimately reduce the tax that is taken from your family wealth. In March we ran a series of seminars specifically for those wishing to find out more about how to protect their estate from IHT. We presented to around 200 people who are not currently clients and told them about the sorts of things that we are doing for our existing clients to help protect and preserve their wealth. So what strategies do we use?

Finance | PMW

IHT Exemptions The key thing from a planning perspective is that if you gift wealth prior to death and survive for seven years the gift is IHTfree (regardless of the amount). If you do nothing and simply leave everything to your beneficiaries on death, then the nil rate band is currently only £325,000 per person. Whilst there is now a residence nil rate band that has been phased in to augment that, this often does not apply because it is tapered away once your estate exceeds £2 million. However, the priority should always be to retain sufficient wealth to ensure that your own needs can be adequately financed, whatever they might be. Pensions Pension funds can currently be transferred to beneficiaries free from IHT on death. Therefore, for some people it makes sense to consume non pension assets first and leave as much of their pension fund as possible to pass down to subsequent generations. That can be a very tax efficient way to plan your estate, although it does depend on what sort of pension you have; it isn’t something you can do with defined benefit or final salary pensions in payment, for example. Many people also do not realise that it is possible, during their lifetime, to contribute to pension arrangements for their beneficiaries, even minors. By using surplus income to top up a child’s or grandchild’s pension pot you can immediately reduce the value of your estate subject to IHT, generate income tax relief for the recipient and also have the peace of mind that those funds cannot be accessed until the recipient reaches retirement age.

Trusts We set up many trusts for clients that will allow wealth to pass to their beneficiaries on death, but also enable them to retain control over the money in the meantime and in some cases allow them to still benefit from the money should it ever be needed. If you look at how trust planning has been used in the past, some of the wealthiest families in the UK are just that because they have managed to protect family wealth from taxation by sheltering it in trusts. A good example of this is the Duke of Westminster. That family estate is worth over £10 billion and has been preserved by a series of trusts. They do not avoid paying tax altogether, they are just paying tax in a different way. The family wealth has been sheltered, which means it has been allowed to accumulate. That level of wealth would not have accrued over the years had there been a £4 billion tax bill on the death of the last duke. Trust planning isn’t just for the super-rich. It can be worthwhile using trust arrangements for anything upwards from say £100,000, from the context of the cost of doing so in relation to the benefits derived. Equally, it is possible to use property assets as part of your trust planning. We would normally be cautious about advising people to use their main residence as a trust planning asset, but it is quite common these days to have a number of properties. Whether it be a holiday home or property investments, there are opportunities to shelter the value of those properties from IHT by transferring them to trust. Often people hold property assets for a long time and they become effectively illiquid because of

the capital gains tax liabilities that would be crystallised in the event of their sale; so people hold on to them meaning that they become a sitting duck for IHT. There are strategies that can be employed where assets like these are transferred into trust without an immediate capital gains tax liability. We have been setting up trusts for the last 50 years as part of the service we provide, but we have noticed a significant increase in the interest that our clients have in setting up these sorts of arrangements. To recognise that, a few years ago we set up a trust company, PMW Trust, specifically to provide estate planning services. Our specialist solicitor and chartered tax adviser provide advice and assistance on setting up trusts, as well as drafting wills and all other aspects of estate planning. One thing I always point out to clients is that there is usually no one ‘off the shelf’ solution to estate planning. Usually it is a matter of combining a whole series of individual actions to form a suitable strategy for a specific family. If you would like to find out more about how you could prevent IHT from taking an unnecessary bite out of your family wealth, please get in touch. Alternatively, visit www. to find out more about our complimentary seminars in October and to register your attendance.v

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Simon Lewis is writing on behalf of Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd (PMW), Chartered Financial Planners, based in Esher. The Company has specialised in providing wealth management solutions to private clients for 50 years and was recently voted Wealth Manager of the Year: Southern England at the City of London Wealth Management Awards . Simon is an independent financial adviser, chartered financial planner and chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. The opinions outlined in this article are those of the writer and should not be construed as individual advice. To find out more a out financial advice and investment options please contact Simon at Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd. Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Telephone: 01372 471 550 Email: If you would like to receive similar articles by email please visit:

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ACTING the part Actress Stephanie Levi-John will star in the upcoming drama series The Spanish Princess, set to air this month. Andrew Peters talked to her about this, her intense fitness regime and interest in Reiki. Q Stephanie, firstly you have more than an interest in Reiki. How did you discover this? A My best friend’s mum introduced me to Reiki when I was in my early twenties and I instantly felt a connection to it. I often use Reiki to help me relax and stay balanced, especially when life gets a bit crazy. Q Can you tell us why you choose to practice Reiki? A I started practicing about two years ago and I decided to do so after a particularly stressful time in my life. I found that I would instinctively place my hand on my chest or stomach as a way to calm nerves or when I needed a few moments to ground myself. So, I eventually did my research and found a wonderful Reiki master called Jo Giles who taught me everything I know. I am a calmer, more positive and mindful person because of it. Q You also have a very active fitness regime, including weight lifting. What does this involve? A I have always been pretty active, but I started to focus more on weight lifting when I met my trainer Virgis Silinskas two years ago. There is often a misconception that women who weight train somehow become more masculine, but Virgis constantly inspires me to be as strong as possible – both physically and mentally. We’re currently working on deadlifting double my bodyweight and we’re almost there! I try to train between three to five times a week and I do a variety of training – everything from strength training to yoga. One thing I’ve realised about fitness is that goals and circumstances change, so my main aim is to train consistently even when it’s hard to find the motivation. Q In what ways do you find Reiki and keeping fit help you? A It sounds a cliché, but they really help me to balance mind, body and spirit. They are both great ways to release stress and negative energy.

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QUICK FIVE Dog or cat? Cat Favourite food? Sierra Leonean or Caribbean Guilty pleasure? Afternoon naps Main inspiration? Viola Davis Glass half full or half empty? Always half full. A lot of the time it’s just full!

I find Reiki useful when it comes to settling my nerves before an audition or going onto set/stage and it allows me to approach tasks with clarity. Q Was there one inspiration behind wanting to become an actor? A I knew I wanted to act at a very young age when I saw a childhood friend of mine perform at the National Theatre. It was the first time I had set foot in a theatre and there was something very profound about seeing someone who looked just like me on that stage. It instantly inspired me to become an actor. I just knew that it was what I wanted to do and seeing her do it so gracefully made my dreams valid. Q Any highs and lows of your career you’d care to mention? A One of the highest points of my career happened after the penultimate performance of My Mother Medea (directed by Justin Audibert) at the Unicorn Theatre. We had just finished performing to a girls’ school and I was greeted with a massive group hug from them when I went down to the foyer. I will never forget this moment because the teachers and students were telling me how important and great it was for young people to see representations of themselves on stage and in the media. I hope I inspired them to act, just like I was inspired as child. I absolutely love what I do, but sometimes work can be exhausting because of long hours. Sometimes it’s hard to stay mentally and physically alert when tired, but I wouldn’t change this for the world. Q Can you describe a typical day, is there is such a thing for you? A Every day is different for me. I love spontaneity and enjoy keeping myself busy, so I spend most of my time out and about. I usually go to the gym in the morning and then spend time with loved ones, go to the theatre or write. When I’m on a job, I make sure I don’t leave the house without having a hearty breakfast. It’s a bit more difficult to train when I’m working, but I try to go to the gym in the evenings. If not, I make an effort to relax, disconnect and prepare myself for another working day. Q This year is an exciting one for you. This month you play Lina, a Spanish Moor and lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon in the drama series The Spanish Princess. Can you tell us more about your part and the drama? A Lina de Cardonnes is Catherine of Aragon’s lady-in-waiting. They arrive in England together along with another lady-in-waiting called Rosa and a retinue of Spanish guards and advisors. They quickly realise that life in England will not be the same as the one they left behind in Spain. Lina is elegant, resilient, loyal and often puts others before herself… but she is not a woman to be messed with. Q Do you think it sheds more light, and provides insight into, the lives of people of colour living in those times? A Definitely. We tend to associate people of colour with certain eras of time and eradicate them from others. We are often led to believe that people of colour simply did not exist which is not the case. That is why I was so drawn to the character of Lina because she actually existed, as well as other people who accompanied Catherine of Aragon on her voyage to England. Hopefully this show will encourage people to learn more about people of colour in British history. >>>

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CARE AT HOME Our mission is to support and give you the control you need to retain your independence and have a better quality of life in the comfort of your own home. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: STEPHANIE YT

Q The drama has a refreshingly female-dominated line-up of directors, editors and production crew and is based upon Philippa Gregory’s books. It looks at this important and particular part of history from a woman’s perspective. Have you noticed any recent changes to attitudes towards women and minorities? A I believe that things are slowly changing with regard to inclusivity. The voices of women, people of colour, LGBTQ+ etc are starting to be heard and I hope this continues to shape the way we tell stories in the future and how closely we examine history books. This era of time is particularly interesting because we have only heard about Henry VIII and his marriage to Catherine from the male standpoint. The Spanish Princess flips this on its head by telling the story from Catherine’s point of view and also from the women, like Lina, who are around her – including the Queen, Elizabeth of York. I was very lucky to work as part of such an incredible team of women – cast and crew. Q What would be the ideal drama/film and part for you? A There are so many roles I dream of playing – a super villain in a Bond or Marvel movie, a multifaceted character in a gritty British drama or film like the ones found in Gary Oldman’s Nil By Mouth, or even a badass detective like Jackie Brown in a Quentin Tarantino film. Q What are your future ambitions? A My ultimate goal is to achieve longevity in my career. I don’t intend to retire and I hope that I will be given the opportunity to do what I love for the rest of my life.v

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We offer a broad range of services to ensure we have every base covered. It’s all part of our tailored approach to care; everyone’s situation is different so our care options reflect that WE OFFER: Personal care and support Domestic services Live-in care / Night care Specialist care Respite Companionship If you are considering what sort of care you or your loved one might need, why not get in touch? Tel: 020.7916.7270 Email:


Rick Hay, Healthista nutritional director, offers advice on how to lose those last stubborn pounds.


hen first dieting, eating healthier or exercising at weight loss can be promising, but after a time can plateau. This can lead to despondency and giving up on weight loss goals. Here are some simple things to look at in order to get that weight moving.

Snacks and portion sizes It’s important to look at snacking habits and portion size. Beware sugary breakfast biscuits, drinking yoghurts, yoghurts in general, sweet nut bars and dried fruits. Examine portion sizes: is the plate large and piled high? I have had success myself and with many of my clients by simply switching to eat from a side plate for a short time and slowing down eating speed.

Mindful eating If we’re not focused on our food, we can end up

eating more than we realise. In order to digest food properly and promote optimal fat loss, don’t eat on the run, at the desk at work or in front of the television. When eating, the food should be the focus. Remember, eating too late at night can play havoc with hunger hormones.

Bad habits Food bad habits mean that fat gets stuck. Takeaways and ready meals mean consuming extra fats and sugars that turn easily to fat. Too much alcohol can overload the liver and make fat loss more difficult. Relax If we’re stressed it becomes more difficult to lose weight,

Is the smoothie too tropical? Remember, it should be a fruit and vegetable combo. Are you eating too many carbohydrate heavy, beige foods? A diet diary is a great way to see what is actually being eaten on a day to day basis.

especially visceral fat. Don’t be too obsessive about following a regime and don’t demonise food – enjoy meals and have treats. The body likes change; maybe try a one day on, one day off style of eating. Healthy one day and healthy-ish the next. Don’t eat too fast and don’t over exercise!

Fibre If not eating enough fibre, then blood sugar levels can be

Investigate An under active thyroid can make weight loss

Honesty Perhaps the diet is not as healthy as you think.

erratic leading to cravings and snacking. Consume more plantbased proteins to help – chickpeas, lentils and beans etc, together with fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegan or vegetarian meals tend to be higher in fibre and help natural cleansing.

harder. Consult a health care practitioner to check for hormone or vitamin deficiencies. Perhaps gut flora is an issue – if so, probiotics and digestive enzymes may help.


Move: HIIT and LISS If we don’t move enough, we won’t lose weight as effectively. The NHS recommend around 150 minutes of exercise per week. Alternate sessions of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) workouts. HIIT involves speeding up for a minute and then slowing down for another during a workout, swim or run. LISS is walking or swimming at a moderate steady pace. Twenty to thirty-minute sessions will help.

essence INFO

Rick Hay ‘The Superfoodist’, Healthista Nutritional Director Dip Nutrition Dip Botanical Medicine Dip Teaching TV presenter and author of The Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan Ideal World TV health and fitness presenter: Check out Rick’s new You Tube Channel Rick Hay: Nutrition and Fitness for more recipes and nutritional advice. Websites: and Telephone: +44 7428 748 783 PHOTO COPRIGHT: ALINA SHILZHYAVICHYUTE | 123RF.COM

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MY MONTH IN FOOD Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Kudu in Peckham.


Homemade Kudu bread with seafood butter and baby shrimp


t’s always an exciting talking point when a new, local restaurant has garnered widespread praise. An opening is generally fraught with teething problems, yet Kudu – a welcome arrival on Peckham’s restaurant scene – seems to have weathered a first year with the kind of positive reviews most restaurants spend years accumulating. It’s been a topic of local conversation and I’ve been asked on several occasions what I think of the food. I have managed to hold off on any immediate visit as I always prefer it when the initial restaurant hype has died down; however, more than eager to get onboard with the conversation, I managed to garner a recent Friday booking at the rather early time of 6.30pm. It was surprising to find the restaurant was already abuzz when we arrived: clearly the time wasn’t as early as initially perceived. As you enter the restaurant, you feel as though you’re walking into a private, local supper club: low lighting, intimate seating and an instantly warm, familiar

42 | MAY 2019

greeting from staff. I did notice several walk-ins reluctantly being turned away. I would say that making a booking is an absolute must. The concept around the menu is to order a plate from each section, starting with the snacks through to the larger plates. The menu is inspired by the owner’s South African roots, with many dishes slow cooked in a traditional Potjie pot. The menu is also seasonal with ingredients directly sourced from the restaurant’s own vegetable plot and herb garden. Inventiveness is certainly to be seen across the menu, starting with the homemade Kudu bread served with an accompaniment of seafood butter and baby shrimp. The butter is uniquely served in a hot skillet which makes a pleasant change from the usual too-hard-to-spread butter (my personal restaurant gripe); it also seemed to further enhance the flavours of the salty shrimp and the moreish tang from the fresh tarragon. It’s quite something when the humble pre-dinner bread is already a highlight of the menu.


A small plate of tangled, golden churros was presented, much to the glee of my fellow dining companions. The batter, golden in hue, was light and crisp to the bite and the cheesy Parmesan hit was the final payoff. The accompanying brown crab mayonnaise offered a sweet and creamy finish. I have already made a rather shameless Twitter plea to the restaurant to keep this item on the menu. It truly is the snack food of dreams. Spiced onion tatin, tallegio and garlic chives was a visually appealing dish with a burnished, sticky outer layer which had an almost toffee-like quality. Underneath, the meltingly soft onions blended with the creamy tallegio sauce and the light, buttery pastry. The final savoury offering of Confit duck, maitake, Jerusalem artichoke and spring greens was a glorious main event: the delicately soft meat was earthy and deeply rich in flavour, further enhanced by the umami notes from the maitake. The crispy artichoke shavings, although not

abound with flavour, added a contrasting texture. I would have gladly eaten this dish again. It isn’t often that I find a menu where each dish perfectly hits the right note on overall balance, with a great variety of unexpected flavour combinations. It was certainly the main focus of conversation for our group that evening and I was a little disappointed when our allocated time was up: the price to pay for increasing restaurant popularity. I’m just hoping the initial hype of Kudu subsides, only for my own self-indulgent reasons. I would happily while away many a Friday night at this local Peckham gem. essence INFO

Kudu 119 Queens Road, Peckham, London SE15 2EZ Telephone: 020 3950 0226 Email: Websites: PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MENARY | COPYRIGHT: KUDU

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Take a tour

Shirlee Posner looks at the wine, cheese, gin and Indian food tours available from a growing food hub on the Albury Estate.



ood tourism is gathering speed in the UK and Surrey has a huge legacy on offer to visitors and residents. Surrey contains a number of established food and drink producers from vineyards producing award-winning wines to gourmet Indian ready meals. In the last twenty years, and mostly in the last ten, Surrey has seen the arrival of a new order of producers. Silent Pool Gin is one of special mention as it has gone from a small artisan producer to a global brand setting the benchmark for other producers. Let’s start with wine. The first producer on the Albury Estate where Silent Pool is located was a retired IT consultant. Nick Wenman had dreamed of owning his own vineyard and he has made his dream come true in style. Renting land from the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, Nick employed an experienced vineyard manager and set to work producing mostly sparkling wines and rosé due to our climate, but these are so good they are able to stand their own in a competitive international market. Ten years later, Albury Organic Vineyard is a widely respected, awardwinning winery. The estate is managed with organic and biodynamic principles, rejecting the use of herbicides and pesticides, belonging to a handful of vineyards who do so and giving it entry to a more selective market. To engage with the vineyard’s strong local consumer following, it has a wine club and busy events calendar, including the Albury Wine Festival. This includes wine tasting and vineyard tours, wine and cheese tastings and supper clubs. Albury Organic Vineyard is only open to the public on Saturdays or for special events. Tickets for all events are available to purchase online.

44 | MAY 2019

Experimenting at Silent Pool

Michaela Allam’s Dirty Vicar cheese


Albury Organic Vineyard has just joined forces with four other wineries in Surrey to create a wine region. Called the Vineyards of the Surrey Hills, festivities will take place across the different wineries on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June. The second business to set up home at Silent Pool also named its product after the historic location. Silent Pool Gin’s story is almost as magical as its meteoric rise and emergence as a global brand. The core gin, Silent Pool, is now for sale in 34 countries and by major UK retailers too. From an idea first conceived in 2013, this business is the ultimate success story, but it’s also one that has stuck to its core roots. You can still meet the founders who give distillery tours and have a busy events calendar. Just before Christmas of 2018 work finished on a disused barn close to Silent Pool Distillers becoming the new home of Surrey’s most famous cheesemaker, Michaela Allam. With husband Neil this duo is responsible for Norbury Blue and Dirty Vicar Cheese. In addition, they also have a shop selling direct to the public and a space to run cheese events. Book a tour

to see one of their two cheeses being made while Michaela guides visitors through the process step by step. The newest member of this growing food hub on the Albury Estate is Surrey Spice. Due to open for Surrey Day on Saturday 4 May (contractor dependent) or soon after is Mandira’s Kitchen (aka Surrey Spice) which has chosen to rebrand as part of its move to a permanent location. Starting with supper clubs in 2015, Mandira Sarkar had no idea where her culinary journey would take her. Using fresh produce and guaranteed to be gluten free (apart from samosas), Mandira’s healthy take on her family’s classical recipes struck a chord.


In late 2017 Mandira decided to enter the ready meal market after being told by so many of her customers that they would love to buy her food to eat at home. Making these in her own kitchen and selling to a few farm shops soon escalated. To cope with demand, Mandira built a production unit in her garden, but realised she needed to have a shop front. When a disused barn on the Albury Estate was offered, Mandira took a giant leap of faith and secured the unit. Food tours, cookery lessons, food tastings, events and a new shop with an extended range of products will be on offer. For those who love cooking, this is the perfect venue to visit and learn about a new healthier style of Indian cuisine. The Albury Estate has become home to one of the most creative food hubs in Surrey. This eclectic group of producers work in such a complimentary fashion. Go for the gin, food and one of the loveliest locations in the region. essence INFO Shirlee Posner is a food writer and blogger at and provides social media management, web copywriting and food photography.

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With help from our range of nutraceutical health food supplements that promote psychological and emotional well-being.

A British Company. Name and business address of the holder of the certificate of registration: Eudeamon, Howard House, 70 Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8AL More information is available at

Now available to buy at amazon


Surrey Sculpture Society is 25 The original idea for the Surrey Sculpture Society (SSS) came from sculptor Crispen Rayner, first chairman and inspiration behind forming the Society in 1994. The Society now celebrates its 25th anniversary year, presenting a wide range of events throughout Surrey from early spring until autumn 2019 and beginning with an exhibition at the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden and Art Festival, in partnership with Surrey Hills Enterprises, from 4 May until 2 June at the Birtley Estate, Bramley, near Guildford. This major arts event will feature the largest ephemeral sculpture trail in Surrey, with a fresh and dynamic range from talented SSS artists. Around 160 new sculptures will be set within the stunning landscape of woodlands, meadows and lakeside, with a marquee housing an indoor exhibition and café. Visitors can also enjoy a range of workshops and demonstrations as part of the Society’s Understanding Sculpture programme, plus other arts and crafts demonstrations from Surrey Hills Enterprises’ members. Other SSS exhibition venues throughout this special year include the National Trust’s Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, 18 June– 14 July, followed by the Society’s 22nd sculpture trail in the world-renowned RHS Garden Wisley, 17 August–22 September, concluding the year at The Savill Garden, part of the Crown Estate at Windsor Great Park, from 25 September–24 November. Further venues, lectures, demonstrations and attractions will be added throughout the year and there will be a special celebration party for the Society’s members and supporters. The many affordable and original sculptures at each event are for sale.

essence INFO

For more information on exhibition programmes and opening times visit

Sculpture by Michelle Castles PHOTO COPYRIGHT: CARL GAMESTER

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The diary Linda Seward’s ’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond


Tuesday 7 May Paul Merton’s Impro Chums

Collective improvisational skills. Saturday 11 May The Guilty Feminist – Live

Comedian Deborah Francis-White with special touring version of popular podcast. Wednesday 15 May Reginald D Hunter – Facing the Beast

Searingly honest comedian on tour. Monday 27 May to Saturday 1 June Admissions

New comedy starring Alex Kingston and Sarah Hadland.

New Victoria Theatre Woking


Saturday 11 May In The Night Garden Live

Popular show for young children.

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon Wimbledon


Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 May In The Willows

Twenty-first century musical update to a classic tale. Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 May American Idiot

Green Day’s explosive rock musical. Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 May Amélie

A new musical based on the film.

BANOS Musical Theatre

The Adrian Mann Theatre, Nescot College, Ewell Wimbledon Tickets:

Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 May Bad Girls The Musical

Entertaining British musical based on the television drama.

Dorking Halls

Dorking Wimbledon Tickets:

Thursday 9 May Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny

Thursday 30 May Russell Kane –

A new show with jokes about all kinds of terrible things.

The Fast and the Curious

Tuesday 14 May In The Night Garden Live

Energetic and award-winning comedian on tour. Saturday 1 June The Guilty Feminist – Live

See listing above for Richmond. Thursday 6 June Michael McIntyre: Big World Tour

See listing under New Victoria.

Epsom Playhouse Epsom Wimbledon


Continued – Warm Up Show

Saturday 18 May Lucy Porter – Pass It On

Popular comedian continues his warm-up shows around the UK before embarking on tour.

New stand-up show from this witty and thoughtprovoking comedian.

48 | MAY 2019

Alex Kingston and Sarah Hadland in Admissions, Richmond Theatre

Mary Portas in Conversation, Farnham Maltings


essence | EVENTS

Farnham Maltings Farnham Wimbledon


Saturday 11 May, 10am–5pm Maltings at 50

Celebrate the Maltings’ 50th birthday with live music, family activities, performances and more. Tuesday 21 May Mary Portas in Conversation: The Work Like a Woman Tour

Queen of Shops Mary Portas discusses her life, career and book.

Rose Theatre Kingston

Boileroom Guildford


Throughout the year

A community hub showcasing music, events and the arts. See website for gig details.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh



Saturday 18 May, 7pm 40th Anniversary Fundraiser:


The Supersonic 70s Show

To Sunday 12 May Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Live band on a tantalising trip down memory lane.

Based on the much-loved novel by Louis de Bernieres.

G Live

Wednesday 29 May to Sunday 2 June The Gruffalo


Fabulous musical stage show performed by Tall Stories.

Friday 10 May Last Night of the Spring Proms

The Electric Theatre Guildford


Wednesday 29 May The Handlebards: The Tempest

The world’s first cycling theatre company with a unique production.

The Woodfield Entertainers Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall


Join Southern Pro Musica, Guildford Choral and Tormead School Choir for an evening of high-spirited proms music-making.

Investec International Music Festival Various venues


Thursday 2 to Saturday 11 May

A two-part show consisting of a murder mystery and a second act full of songs, dances and sketches.

Tenth anniversary season for this prestigious music festival, including performances from The Philharmonia Orchestra, Clare Teal and her trio, Nicola Benedetti, Wu Qian and fellow pianist Juho Pohjonen and the Tenebrae Choir.

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Vivace Chorus


Tickets: or

Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 May Equus


Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 May Crime and Rhythm


Based Peter Shaffer’s thriller. Thursday 30 May to Saturday 1 June Mindgame

Anthony Horowitz thriller.

Deborah Francis-White, The Guilty Feminist – Live, Richmond and New Victoria Theatres


G Live

Saturday 25 May, 7.30pm Mozart Requiem

Clarinet concerto with Michael Collins and The Brandenburg Sinfonia.

MAY 2019 | 49

See Rip It Up The 60s and enjoy a three-course meal at Brasserie Zédel for £65!

Clare Teal, Investec International Music Festival

The ultimate Strictly boy band of dance bring the 60s smashing into the 21st century with Rip It Up The 60s in an explosion of song, dance, acrobatics and amazing visuals. Aston Merrygold (JLS) and Jay McGuinness (The Wanted) sing, while Harry Judd (McFly) is on drums and Olympic champion Louis Smith performs amazing gymnastic feats. But what shines through the most in this spectacular show is the fab four’s phenomenal dancing talent. The boys are joined by an incredible cast of dancers, singers and musicians in one of the most energetic shows to ever hit the West End stage. Dance the night away with music from the legends who shook the generation including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes and many more.

essence INFO

Rip It Up The 60s is now playing at the Garrick Theatre until Sunday 2 June. essence readers can enjoy a Band A ticket (usually £65) to see Rip It Up The 60s at the Garrick Theatre, plus a three-course meal from the Formule Menu at Brasserie Zédel with a glass of wine for the package price of £65. Brasserie Zédel is a grand Parisian brasserie with an authentic art deco interior in the heart of Piccadilly.


To book this package, visit and enter the promo code ‘RIUZEDEL’ at the top of the Rip It Up The 60s’ booking page. Alternatively, call 0330 333 4811. Please note, tables must be reserved by the customer directly with the restaurant by emailing or calling 020 7734 4888 before the date attending. Terms and conditions: This package is valid pre or post-show for Wednesday to Sunday evening performances at 7.30pm, excluding all matinees and Saturday performances until 31 May 2019, at the Garrick Theatre London, subject to availability. It includes a Band A ticket and three-course meal from the Formule menu with a glass of house wine at Brasserie Zédel and includes service charge. Guests must be seated in Brasserie Zédel by 6pm pre-theatre or 11pm post-theatre for Wednesday to Sunday evening performances. You must present your ticket in order to claim your Formule Menu meal. No cash alternative available to any elements of the package. Alcohol will only be served to over 18s. Soft drink alternative is available. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Subject to availability.

50 | MAY 2019

Street of Facades, Alexander Creswell, Watts Gallery


Spotlight on...

Surrey Sculpture Society at the Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden and Art Festival Birtley Estate, Bramley

Saturday 4 May to Sunday 2 June The Surrey Sculpture Society celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019 with a range of sculpture and arts events throughout Surrey. The first event is a partnership with Surrey Hills Enterprises at the Sculpture Garden and Art Festival at the beautiful Birtley Estate. The event will be a celebration of Surrey Hills’ landscapes and artists within the stunnng setting of woodlands, meadows and lakeside. The Surrey Sculpture Society now has over 300 members, including both professional and talented emerging sculptors. Its aim is to promote interaction between sculptors, to organise exhibitions and to encourage the appreciation of sculpture.

Information: or Conductor sculpture in wire mesh by Michelle Castles, Surrey Sculpture Society



Banff Mountain Film Festival

New Ashgate Gallery

Dorking Halls and G Live Tickets:

Thursday 23 May (Dorking Halls)



To Saturday 8 June PRIZE: a celebration of image

and Friday 24 May (G Live)

Nine internationally accomplished, award-winning artists.

Happy Days Festival

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum

New films of intrepid expeditions.

Imber Court, East Molesey Tickets:

Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 May

Legendary artists from the 70s, 80s and 90s including Sister Sledge, The Selecter and ASWAD.

Speakeasy Festival

H G Wells Conference & Events Centre, Woking Tickets:

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May

1920s’ glamour with swing style band, bar and American food stand.

Spike 19

The Spike, Warren Road, Guildford Information:

Saturday 25 May, 12 noon–3.30pm

Local honey, wine and cheese on offer, all produced within 25 miles of The Spike. Find out about keeping bees and lots more.

National Trust

Out and about

National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore any time of the year. We list a few, but visit for more.

Albury Vineyard

Polesden Lacey near Dorking



Saturday 4 May Surrey Day Street Party at Silent Pool

To Sunday 2 June Women in Photography:

wild woods of Polesden Lacey

Bushcraft activities.

Celebrate the first Surrey Day organised by Visit Surrey with this gathering of artisan food and drink producers, enjoy live music and stroll to the vineyard for a free self-guided tour.

A History of British Trailblazers

Monday 27 to Friday 31 May, 2–3pm The big bug hunt

Bocketts Farm Park



Showcasing achievements of female photographers working in Britain.

Watts Gallery

Compton, Guildford Information:

To Sunday 23 June Moonscapes

In the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, an exhibition exploring the fascination with our cosmic neighbour. To Sunday 9 June Journeys in the Holy Land: Recent

Information: 01372 452048

Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June Half term trail: Survive the

Hunting, tracking and examining the bugs in ancient woodland.

Winkworth Arboretum Godalming

Information: 01483 208477

Sunday 5 May, 5.30–8am Dawn walk

Watch Winkworth awaken on this early morning walk through the trees as the sun rises. Breakfast included and dogs on leads welcome.



Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June Spring spectacular

Don’t miss the circus skills and shows running all week, plus birds of prey flying displays (Tuesday to Friday) and lots more.

Brooklands Museum Weybridge


paintings by Alexander Creswell

Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June May half term trail

Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 May Half term family fun

Beautiful watercolour paintings from this celebrated artist.

Lots of fun and fresh air, whatever the weather, on this family trail.

Car rides, workshops, 4D Theatre and much more.

MAY 2019 | 51

WIN a pair of tickets to Stella Live

Reptile ecology and survey, Surrey Wildlife Trust PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JON HAWKINS

essence has teamed up with Stella Live to give a lucky reader the chance to win a pair of tickets to the debut event from The Telegraph’s Stella magazine. From 10 to 11 May at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Stella Live will bring everything you love about Stella magazine to life, with an unmissable celebration of ageless beauty, fashion, style and wellbeing. Take a seat in The Stella Theatre and The Stella Studio, where a host of celebrities, expert speakers and Stella’s own columnists will provide inspiration on fashion, food, beauty and interiors, relationships, wellbeing and life advice. The packed programme of talks will see Davina McCall, Fearne Cotton, Liz Earle, Trinny Woodall, Jo Malone CBE, Jo Brand, Sherille Riley, Charly Lester, Midults Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan, Meg Matthews, Clemmie Hooper and more take centre stage for fun and provocative interactive debates and interviews. Get advice, enjoy treatments and shop the very latest in beauty and wellness products from the likes of Nails Inc, Murad, Neville Hair and The Facial Bar.

Busbridge Lakes

Surrey County Show



Sunday 5 to Monday 6 May and

Monday 27 May, 8am–6pm


Gatton Park

So much to see and do...Monster Trucks, showjumping, animals of all shapes and sizes, the Miller’s Ark petting farm, Punch & Judy, Food Theatre and lots more.


Surrey Wildlife Trust

Sunday 26 to Monday 27 May

Wildlife sanctuary, gardens and parkland to explore.


Sunday 5 May and Sunday 2 June Gatton Park open days

Various locations

Explore the beautiful Edwardian gardens, including Japanese garden and Victorian parterre.

Tuesday 14 May, 10am–3pm Reptile ecology and survey

Tickets include entry to a four and a half hour session, a glass of Mirabeau La Folie sparkling rosé, access to The Stella Theatre and all talks and panels within The Stella Studio on a first come, first served basis. Plus access to beauty treatments and demonstrations from leading beauty and fashion brands.

Painshill Park

For a chance to win a pair of tickets to Stella Live, simply visit and answer the following question:

Grace Evans, keeper of costume at Chertsey Museum, uncovers the fashionable dress of Painshill’s era.

Which newspaper is Stella magazine associated with? Is it: a) The Times b) The Sun c) The Telegraph Closing date Tuesday 7 May 2019.

essence INFO

For more information visit Terms and conditions: The winner is entitled to a complimentary pair of tickets to Stella Live on 10 or 11 May 2019. Tickets include entry to one four and a half hour session. Available sessions: Friday 10 May, noon–4.30pm or 5.30–10pm; Saturday 11 May, 11am–3.30pm or 4.30–9pm, subject to availability. Upon arrival, the ticket winner will receive one glass of Mirabeau La Folie sparkling rosé and access to all standard talks. The prize does not include travel to or from the event. The ticket code will expire at midnight on Wednesday 8 May 2019. Entrants must have a valid email address as tickets will be supplied as etickets. It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to ensure contact details are up to date. The winner will be required to become a registered user of The Telegraph. Tickets are non-transferrable.

52 | MAY 2019

Stoke Park, Guildford



Saturday 25 May, 1.30–2.30pm Dressed to Impress

RHS Wisley Woking



at Witley Common

Learn about Surrey’s many native species of reptiles. Saturday 1 to Sunday 2 June, 11am–4pm Guildford goes wild

See a new side of Guildford town centre with the SWT wildlife garden displays, alongside gardening experts, and take part in wildlife-themed activities.

The Investec Derby Festival

Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June Family Gardening Festival

Epsom Downs

Perfect half term fun inspiring young people to get outside and get gardening, including cookery, music maze and growing activities.

Friday 31 May to Saturday 1 June


With Ladies’ Day on Friday and the Derby on Saturday, a fabulous weekend of horse racing action.

NATIONAL TREASURES BBC Television’s Antiques Roadshow visits Morden Hall Park on Sunday 2 June 2019. Presenter Fiona Bruce talked to essence about the show. Q Fiona, what has been your personal highlight from working on Antiques Roadshow? A I feel incredibly lucky to have spent the last 12 years working on the Antiques Roadshow. I love doing it and I’ve had so many highlights from over the years. My personal favourite would probably have to be when a man of the cloth turned up with a painting, which he thought might be a Van Dyck. I looked at it – and I was making a programme about Van Dyck at the time – and I thought it had the look of the genuine article. And so we had it examined and my hunch turned out to be right. It has been proven to be the case and it is now being exhibited as a Van Dyck. I can’t imagine that will ever happen to me again in my lifetime and it’s definitely a highlight for me. Q Why do you think the show continues to be so popular? A I think it’s amazing that the Antiques Roadshow is essentially the same as it has been for 42 years and it’s still hugely popular. What makes it eternally popular is probably what I love about it – that we all hope we could have something gathering dust on the mantelpiece or in the attic that either turns out to be very valuable, or has an amazing story. It happens week-in, week-out and you’d think that the well would begin to run dry and it hasn’t. We still find amazing things every week. You can never predict what will turn up. Once a visitor brought along a vanity set that had been on Donald Trump’s yacht. It was as tasteful and restrained as you might expect – that’s to say it was fabulously bling. Q What is your earliest memory of the Antiques Roadshow? A I still remember watching Antiques Roadshow as a child with my parents, on a Sunday night, sitting in our 1970s’ living room. I gradually came back to it as an adult and then I was asked to present it which I had no idea was coming! I was absolutely thrilled. It’s not often that you get asked to work on a programme you’ve watched for so long and genuinely watch at home.

Q Has any of the experts’ knowledge rubbed off on you? A I’ve certainly learnt more about antiques. I have my own collections. I have paintings. I collect things called ‘samplers’ which are Victorian pieces of needlework usually done by children in a workhouse to show that they have a skill which can be used in service, stitching household linen or that kind of thing. I think they’re very humble and very beautiful. But our experts are like walking Wikipedias! They’re incredible. And they just fish knowledge out of their brains which is a marvel to behold. Q What is the most surprising item someone has brought to a valuation day? A If I had to pick the most unusual thing that’s turned up in the time that I’ve been working on the show – could it be the man that turned up with a case full of loo chains, just a small sample of his collection? Or could it be the lady who brought along a potty that had a picture of Hitler on the bottom and when you did a little ‘tinkle’ into it, it played its own little tune. And because it was rare, I think it was worth over £1,000 from memory. Q Is there anywhere that you still yearn to take Antiques Roadshow? A New Zealand! We would find extraordinary things there, I’m sure, from antiques belonging to British settlers to Maori culture.

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Entry to Antiques Roadshow is free, everyone is welcome, and no tickets or pre-registration is required. Website:

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Interior inspiration from Milan… The Salone Internazionale del Mobile was founded in 1961 as a vehicle for promoting Italian furniture and furnishings exports and soon became the most keenly awaited event in the world of furniture. Fiona Applegarth looks back on the 2019 Salone del Mobile and Euroluce.


t was over 20 years ago when I made my first visit to Milan Design week. Having established Sable Interiors a few years earlier, I was really eager to expand the portfolio of companies we could incorporate within our expanding project work and decided I should see what I could discover in Italy, the home of great design. I have attended the trade fair every year since, and each time it has not only inspired me, but also fuelled my passion for what is emerging in the world of interiors. I am never disappointed with what I discover there as it is, undoubtedly, the home of some of the most talented and innovative furniture and lighting designers in the world. During one week in April every year some 2,300 furniture companies fill the 210,000 square metres of the 24 halls, and more than 350,000 trade visitors, like me, are attracted to visit. The Salone del Mobile exhibition is one of the most important events in any professional interior designer and architect’s

calendar. It allows us the opportunity to research the multitudinous existing and new suppliers, and a wide variety of cutting-edge and innovative product finishes and launches. The life blood of design. Abuzz with excitement, we arrived and explored the first halls. It wasn’t long before we started to spot the key ongoing trends for 2019. Immediately we noticed the wonderful sinuous shapes inherent in the designs for both furniture and lighting. Sofas and chairs adopted a more feminine feel with gentle rounded edges: moulded and undulating with fluid lines and soft comfortable, generous cushions, seating design embraced convex sections and curved arm details. Leg designs for furniture were predominantly more cylindrical and slim in profile, not heavy and chunky. Perched upon slim T-shaped and tubular metal bases, the effect was a lighter feel as if these pieces were floating. Sideboards and storage cabinets had similar wonderful pencil thin cylindrical leg details. To complement the seating, many companies continue to show ‘clusters’ of rounded coffee and side tables, all working together in a mixture of varying diameters, heights and finishes. Fun, interesting and a joy to behold, gone are the more regimented and strict hard lines of large square and rectangular coffee tables. In my design work I have always had a passion for beautiful finishes. These are vital elements in a successful design scheme as they add depth and interest. As with London, in Milan we continued to see a propensity towards warm metallic tones of gold and brushed brass lacquered steel. Wood tones are less severe and warmer too in soft grey and tobacco colours rather than dark chocolate, and with a more appealing and apparent grain detail. The use of natural stones on table tops, paneling and cabinetry continues to be prolific. Although we saw darker more masculine coloured stones such as Kenya Black and Sahara Noir, lighter stones such as Calacatta Oro and Carrara were consistently more popular choices.

Sofas and chairs adopted a more feminine feel with gentle rounded edges: moulded and undulating with fluid lines...

54 | MAY 2019

A common theme running through fabrics was a more natural approach. The use of tactile and textural semi-plain weaves in soft natural fibres. Glass is a fascinating medium to work with and we discovered a wealth of tabletops and panels in 12mm thick extra clear beveled glass with a vast selection of innovative artistic decorative printing. The intention behind this new development is to create interesting effects and also to simulate natural stones which appear very realistic and at the same time allow for stronger thinner profiles to be created. Storage unit, walk-in wardrobe closet and TV unit designs move towards less minimal forms with rounded edges. Wing and tip-up doors in wood and lacquer drawers all favoured simple, less complicated flush metal handles. Even the majority of mirrors were circular and, in many cases, huge and oversized so they made a strong statement and dominated the wall on which they were installed. A common theme running through fabrics was a more natural approach. The use of tactile and textural semi-plain weaves in soft natural fibres such as fuss-free cotton, cut velvets and natural linen were all used to dress the season’s new furniture collections. Although an abundance of neutral and nude tones were evident, our senses were stirred from time to time by the combination of vibrant colours such as warm spicy mustard, orange, green and Persian blue. Modern primitive, glamorous ethnic and Oriental designs were all represented. As were nature inspired decor with bold botanicals. This was one of the biggest ongoing trend themes in fabrics, mosaics and wall-coverings. For the first time many companies devoted areas of their stands to launching outdoor ranges of furniture surrounded by lush palms and other greenery. At times we were transported to exotic climes

as we relaxed into deep sofas and chaise longues overshadowed by large parasols and stylish sun deflectors. Garden furniture is now a very big theme as we enjoy warmer summers. Four of the huge pavilions at the fair were dedicated to hosting the biennial Euroluce lighting exhibition, and on our second day we were keen to discover what the world’s leading quality lighting brands were showcasing. Lighting has the ability to create a feel-good quality in every setting and is one of the most dynamic design elements available to a designer. Once again, we were not disappointed as we continued throughout the day to be delighted in viewing outstanding pieces. Similar to the furniture halls, clustering of spherical elements was the most obvious trend in lighting. Simple spherical glass shapes, intricate compositions and globe pendants in clear and diffused glass with metal suspensions were on offer wherever we turned. The jewel in the crown, lighting took our breath away and was celebrated like royalty. Truly inspired by what we saw in Milan this year, the design team at Sable Interiors is full of enthusiasm and eager to incorporate many of the newly launched products within our current design projects. It was a worthwhile trip. Roll on next year! essence INFO

Fiona Applegarth is director of interior design company Sable. Sable Interiors Ltd 124 Summer Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0QR Website: Telephone: 020 8398 9777

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When luxury means going green C an a luxury home also be sustainable? These days, they’re no longer exclusive concepts, great news for those of us who want the best for ourselves and the planet. Living sustainably isn’t just a passing trend, and Aspire are making it a priority. All our homes have impeccable eco-credentials without compromising on quality, style or finish. They’re built to stand the test of time, ready to adapt to the environmental challenges of the future. Having an expansive, luxurious home no longer means leaving a giant carbon footprint, as long as you plan ahead. We start by designing to maximise natural light, and specify for natural materials as much as possible. All our timber, for example, comes from sustainably managed forests in Sweden and our innovative building methods minimise environmental impact.

paints are zero-VOC, so no toxic fumes floating around. Air filtration systems control humidity and pollution, and filtered drinking water reduces the reliance on bottled water. We always recommend installing a smart home system, which makes managing your home efficiently much more straightforward – turn everything off with one flick of a switch as you leave the house, or even from a remote location. So please don’t assume that being sustainable has to mean compromising comfort, style or practicality. As our beautiful homes prove, being green still allows for luxury living. Find out more at

Eco-tech in every room

Energy efficiency is an absolute priority in an Aspire home. That means using high-grade insulation materials to keep you warm or cool, year-round. Discreet solar panels provide free power, and the latest LED lighting units need minimal electricity and last for 15+ years. It all adds up to surprisingly low energy bills, equivalent to a much smaller home. A breath of fresh air

Gary Brine

Building sustainably also creates a clean and healthy living environment in our homes. All our

Extraordinary homes for extraordinary people

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CEO, Aspire Luxury Properties

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8 High Street, Cobham Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Hogshill Lane ÂŁ1,625,000 Cobham KT11

An individually designed luxurious family home built to exacting standards and set in a popular residential location within walking distance of Cobham High Street. 106 Hogshill Lane has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment project and now comprises five bedrooms, three of which are en-suite, three reception rooms and a spectacular kitchen/breakfast area with fully retractable bi-folding doors opening onto a large south facing garden with extensive patio. Specification includes wooden sash windows, high quality sanitary ware and fittings, integrated Sonos music system with ceiling speakers, CAT6 network cabling with TV points in all rooms, a bespoke hand-painted kitchen includes Rangemaster professional oven, wine fridge, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and steam oven.

The south facing garden has been well landscaped with large terrace running the width of the garden. Mature hedging on both sides providing excellent privacy. The property is accessed via a sweeping gravel driveway and provides parking for several cars and access to the garage. Set in a sought-after residential location and within walking distance to Cobham Village with its ranges of local shops, cafes and restaurants. Schooling in the area is super and includes A S International school, Feltonfleet, Notre ame, Parkside, Reed’s and Danes Hill. Cobham High Street 0.4 miles, Esher 3.8 miles, Guildford 12.6 miles, A3 1.3 miles, M25 2.5 miles, Central London 22 miles (all distances approximate).

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8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Highlands Farm House ÂŁ1,795,000 Headley Road, Tyrrells Wood KT22 This imposing Grade II listed residence offers well balanced accommodation over three floors plus cellar, providing both formal and informal living areas, along with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. Highlands Farm House has been beautifully designed throughout with many original and historic features, creating both a splendid family home and a wonderful base for entertaining. Located on the fringes of the picturesque Surrey Hills countryside in south Leatherhead, the property offers a rural feel and yet has excellent transport links to London via Junction 9 on the M25 and railway links via the nearby towns of Leatherhead and Ashtead. There are a number of highly regarded schools within easy reach. Beaverbrook Country Estate, RAC Country Club, Epsom Downs racecourse and five golf courses are only minutes away.

APW Lettings, Weybridge 134 Oatlands Drive • Oatlands Village • Weybridge • Surrey • KT13 9HJ t: 01932 857300 e: Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm Kings Drive, Burhill Park, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 £8,500 per calendar month Available: 3 May 2019 Number of bedrooms: Five Unique, five ensuite bedrooms, detached barn conversion rebuilt to the highest specification with all accommodation on the same level. Located within private Burhill Park Estate, offering a beautiful landscaped garden with direct access onto the golf course, two large reception rooms, kitchen and family room. Benefits from separate annexe for au pair/guests, driveway and double garage.

Sidney Road, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 £3,990 per calendar month Available: Immediately Number of bedrooms: Five Walking distance to Walton station and a stone’s throw from Walton High Street. Stunning five bedroom, five bathroom property set behind secure electronic gates offering a designer open−plan kitchen/breakfast room, underfloor heating downstairs, wood effect flooring, spacious reception rooms, secure garden and large patio area, plenty of off-street parking and an integral garage.

Best of both worlds town and country living.





2 Guildford, Surrey GU4 A stunning family home approximately 1.1 miles to Guildford's Upper High Street and on the 'door step' of superb Surrey countryside including the Merrow Downs, St Martha's Hill, Newlands Corner and the Chantries Woods. • • •

South-facing garden Superb views Oak-framed Orangery

Our Guildford expert, James Ackerley, looks forward to helping you. 01483 665932

Guide price

£2,250,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

An impressive Grade II listed country house.






2 Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 Set in mature grounds, surrounded by woodland and fields, this beautiful house was built c. 1815. Well maintained and sympathetically restored to provide a comfortable, spacious and stylish home ideally suited to both entertaining and relaxed family living. • • •

3 Cottages Equestrian Extensive garaging

Our Surrey agent, Nigel Mitchell, looks forward to helping you. 01483 665932

Guide price

£5,750,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

Deep Pool Lane, Chobham GU24 8AS • £1,200,000 Set on a private road, within the boundaries of Horsell Common, this extended four bedroom Victorian cottage sits on a plot of approximately 0.339 of an acre.

School Road, Windlesham GU20 6PB • £850,000 Situated within Windlesham village, this recently extended and modernised four/five bedroom detached residence provides 1,587 sq. ft. of accommodation.




A most exceptional 2014 eco-friendly Hanse Haus to a high standard of German engineering with energy saving benefits. Over 2,000 sq ft with 32' feature kitchen/ living room. Three further reception rooms. Four double bedrooms. En-suite shower room and bathroom. 73 ft rear garden. Walk of station. EPC: B.

01932 864242





£1,500 PCM

A first floor apartment of 1,064 sq ft a short walk of shopping centre. 22' x 17' reception room. Kitchen. Two double bedrooms. En-suite shower room and bathroom. Allocated basement parking space. EPC: C.


01932 864242



A semi-detached chalet bungalow in a cul-de-sac off Tilt Road. 21' lounge/ dining room. Kitchen/breakfast room. Two ground floor bedrooms and bathroom. Upstairs bedroom and shower room. Storage garage. Garden. EPC: C.


01932 864242

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

Foley Road, Claygate KT10 • £1,200,000 • EPC rating: F

Situated in a very popular road in the village of Claygate is this wonderful detached family home providing five bedrooms, three receptions, itchen/brea fast room, storage area, o street par ing and wonderful south west facing rear garden. he village centre o ers an array of shops and amenities, with the railway station providing routes in to ondon aterloo in approximately 30 minutes. he area is renowned for outstanding local schools, leisure facilities and transport lin s.

High Street, Ripley GU23 • £2,375,000 • EPC: N/A grade II listed

magnificent eorgian residence dating from around 177 which is rade listed. t retains many period features including cornices, architraving, fireplaces, sash windows with shutters and a fine staircase. he wonderful master bedroom suite is a particular feature of the property with a large roof terrace with far reaching views over ipley cric et ground and beyond. here is also a detached annexe. ipley is a pretty village surrounded by beautiful countryside and about .5 miles south of the Cobham. he area is blessed with an excellent selection of schools.

ESHER 01372 462211 • COBHAM 01932 864252 • WWW.JOHNDWOOD.CO.UK

PART EXCHANGE AVAILABLE Two spacious semi-detached 4 bedroom family homes, nestled in the idyllic town of Weybridge, Surrey. Each of these brand new homes has been expertly designed by Windsor Homes to the highest specification and with landscaped rear gardens. Price: £1,295,000

*Subject to Terms & Conditions

001932 843322 | WWW.CURCHODS.COM


• 2 parking spaces per apartment • 4 with private entrance with private gardens • 4 with amazing 4.9m high vaulted ceilings and mezzanine office space

Prices from £489,950


Another superb development by

Go beyond luxury As soon as you open the door to an Aspire luxury property, you’ll sense you’re somewhere special. We build with integrity, refining every single element to create homes that are completely breathtaking and utterly unique. Your dream home, brought to life by Aspire.

For more information about our luxury design and build solutions, and to book a no obligation meeting with us to discuss your dream build, please call us on 01372 621 162 or email

Extraordinary homes for extraordinary people.

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