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contents Issue 107 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

4 | Interview | KADIFF KIRWAN Actor Kadiff Kirwan has come a long way after being forced to leave his Caribbean homeland. In four short years, Kirwan has moved from playing a bit-part in Call The Midwife to starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in a Hollywood blockbuster. Andrew Peters talked to Kadiff – an actor going places.

10 | Weekend breaks | COUNTRY HOUSE HOTELS Kevin Pilley investigates the increasing desire for people to visit and stay in large country estates that are increasingly open to all.


16 | Fashion | HICKS & BROWN Founding sisters Alice and Rosie have created a lifestyle collection for town and country and know how good it feels to find a piece that’s unique. Hicks & Brown hats are meticulously hand finished in the Suffolk countryside.

18 | Motoring | ALPINE The new Alpine A110S joins the marque’s lightweight, elegant sports coupé line up. True to Alpine’s heritage, the car places agility and driving pleasure front, centre and just about everywhere else. Euan Johns looks at the perfect addition to the French motoring legend’s stable.


22 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design reminds readers to always plan ahead and anticipate any problems and risk when considering a gardening project.

24 | Artisan food | BADA TAPAS Shirlee Posner introduces essence readers to Bada Tapas, where small plates of expertly-created Korean fusion food are dispatched in style in a quiet side street in the heart of Godalming.

26 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES


Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Allegra in Stratford.

30 | Legal | MUNDAYS Thomas Connor of Mundays LLP gives an overview of the key considerations in preparing your business for sale and the legal sale process.

33 | Antiques | THE OPEN ART FAIR Co-founders of Masterpiece Fair, Thomas Woodham-Smith and Harry van der Hoorn, have now bought the 27-year old BADA and are to open a new art fair in 2020.

34 | Events | SURREY


Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside during the festive season and beyond.

40 | essence | PROPERTY A selection of some of the area’s finest houses from Surrey’s best estate agents and developers.

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Going places It’s hard to escape the fact something appears to be happening to the natural world. Even allowing for 24/7 media coverage, events seems to be occurring apace. This month’s interviewee, Kadiff Kirwan, is no stranger to change having been uprooted at a young age from the warmth of the Caribbean to Britain’s variable climate. Kadiff has come a long way since his drama school days and is really going places, as Andrew Peters found out. Also in this month’s magazine, Euan Johns looks at a great addition to French car maker Alpine’s legendary sports cars, the A110S. Kevin Pilley samples the comforts of the country estate as he examines the increasing opportunities to sample life in style. To accompany that country break, Hicks & Brown offer handmade clothing to make us look and feel unique. Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design reminds us that it’s important to plan ahead when looking at garden design. Stephanie Brookes chooses Allegra in Stratford as her pick of an eating establishment and Thomas Connor of Mundays LLP provides an overview of the key considerations in preparing your business for sale. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of professional and foodie advice, alongside a not-to-be-missed spa competition. The diary of events highlights places to visit during the festive season and there’s the pick of some of the region’s most desirable properties. The essence team

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TO FATE Actor Kadiff Kirwan has literally come a long way after being forced to leave his Caribbean homeland due to natural disasters. Also, figuratively in four short years, Kirwan has moved from playing a bit-part in Call The Midwife to starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in a Hollywood blockbuster. Andrew Peters talked to Kadiff – an actor going places. Q Kadiff, I should think you will be in tune with any current talk of natural disasters following your early life experience escaping from the volcanic eruption on Montserrat. Can you tell us more about how that affected your life? A Ha ha! Yeah, I’ve had more than a few close calls with natural disasters over the years. In 1995, my family and I were living on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, a tiny island (about 35 square miles) which had a population of 12,000 people. One sunny day around lunchtime, I was about six-years-old and at school, we went back in to class and suddenly the ground started to shake and we heard a large bang, kind of like the sound of thunder. We looked outside and minutes later it was pitch black. Obviously, none of us knew what was happening and we were kids, so we all started screaming. Within minutes, my two older brothers came bursting into my classroom looking for me. All the students and staff were led to the school buses and told to cover our faces and try not to breathe anything in as there was stuff floating in the air. It was so strange because it was the middle of the day and dark. We were driven to the north side of the island where we could see this crazy black puff of smoke coming from down the side of a mountain. Eventually, once the smoke cleared and the panic subsided, we learnt that it was an earthquake and eruption from the once dormant volcano on the island. My family and I moved not long after and went to live on the island of Antigua which was just next door. Later that year our house in Antigua was destroyed by a hurricane. I know, right? Just no luck! At night, in Montserrat, depending on where you were on the island, you could still see lava flowing down the side of the mountain. It’s crazy that we moved when we did as many people understandably didn’t want to leave their homes, resulting in a series of deaths, including two of my aunts and other family friends. >>>

4 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020


“I do look decent in a tux and speedos and I am very particular about what I like to drink, so yeah, it makes complete sense that I should be the next 007.” Kadiff Kirwan

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 5

Q Montserrat to Preston was presumably a bit of a culture and climate shock? A You’re telling me. I remember thinking, oh my God, this place is so cold and why is it raining all the time? Like ALL THE TIME. I remember seeing people eating fish and chips out of newspapers... that blew my mind because ain’t no way my mother would let us eat out of newspapers, it was a plate or nothing. At primary school, kids would ask me to repeat certain words because I had a full-blown Caribbean accent and they thought it was so cool. I remember having to concentrate on peoples’ mouths because I couldn’t make out what they were saying... I do love it, but the Preston accent can be rather strong the first time you hear it. Q A keen basketball player at school, how did acting introduce itself to you – did you have any desire to become an actor at a young age? A I wouldn’t say I always knew I wanted to be an actor. When I was a kid, I used to want to walk the tightrope in the circus, so I guess there was a level of wanting to be a showman from a young age. Sport was something I excelled in and was good at growing up, so it made sense to be on the basketball or running team. I became more difficult in my teens and ended up suspended from school a few times. I think, looking back, it was me trying to adjust to new surroundings and to fit in, but there was a drama teacher at school called Mrs Pamela Haywood-Connor who hounded me to attend after-school drama club, hoping it would calm me down. I finally gave in and went along, and that was it. Everything started to make sense: I knew I always wanted to feel that free, silly and excited about something. I have that teacher to thank for exposing me to that environment as such a crucial age. Q You worked hard to put yourself through drama school, do you now think this was money well spent? A After joining the after-school drama club at secondary school, my grades in other subjects started to improve and I ended up doing way better than I thought in my GCSEs. I went on to sixth form and studied drama, but my parents (my dad in particular) wanted me to do something more practical with my life, like become an accountant. I know... an accountant? No offence to any accountants out there, but that just ain’t me. Anyways, I decided that wasn’t the life for me, so at the age of 18 I decided to move to London and take a gap year, saving

Profile: Kadiff Kirwan Kadiff Kirwan graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2011 after moving to London to pursue a career in acting. He is perhaps best known for his lead role in the award-winning ITV comedy Timewasters. This year, Kadiff was seen in guest starring roles in Aisling Bea’s critically acclaimed This Way Up, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Emmy-winning series Fleabag S2, the dark comedy Inside No. 9 and Flack. He has recently wrapped filming a lead role in Netflix’s new original series The Stranger. His further TV credits include BAFTA Award-winning show Chewing Gum, Black Mirror: Nosedive, Strike, Crims, Call The Midwife, Informer and Drunk History. Feature films include Mary Queen of Scots and Pokémon Detective Pikachu. For theatre, he starred in the National Theatre’s production of Home and Home: The Revival alongside Michaela Coel and Antonia Thomas, the monologue series Queers at the Old Vic, as well as Teddy Ferrara, The Vote and Donmar Warehouse’s production of City of Angels.

6 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020


QUICK FIVE Favourite musical? Hmm… gotta be either Hair or West Side Story. Dog or cat? Dog all the way. What do you use for telling the time? My sundial that I carry with me everywhere in my backpack. Or my watch. Main inspiration? My mum, her name is Matilda and she’s an absolute diamond. Can’t leave home without? My contact lenses. No, really, I wouldn’t be able to see a thing.

as much as I could to go to drama school. I ended up auditioning and getting into the Central School of Speech and Drama whilst on my gap year, so I spent the rest of the year working and saving so I could pay for as much of the first year of training as I could. And, yes, I completely think it was money well spent, though I’m deffo still paying off my student loan. Q Your (comic) talents are perhaps best known through playing Jason in the two series of BAFTA-nominated Timewasters. It’s a four man, all black, lead (working title Black to the Future). Do you hope that the series can inspire young black actors and musicians? A I remember when I first read the pilot script for Timewasters, I just couldn’t put it down, I was laughing at every other line. I knew I had to be a part of that show and thankfully it worked out. I do hope that series inspires more people like myself, or people from black and workingclass backgrounds, to take a punt and start to create their own material. Growing up, it was always like America was leaps and bounds ahead of the UK in its TV programmes that featured black actors, thankfully now it’s changing. I hope that 20 more shows like Timewasters get made to show the range of cultures and stories that Britain has to offer. Q Do you think that differences in society are celebrated, or just accepted? A I think it’s a mixture of the two. Chances are, no matter where you are in the world, you have more in common with a stranger than you may think. Britain has such a rich history and DNA that makes it what it is. I think we as a nation could benefit from looking at each other’s daily lives and seeing that deep down we’re all the same, and we want the same things, happiness, health, joy and compassion. I think if society were to approach things in a similar manner, we’d get along just great. Q Timewasters follows four jazz musicians who travel back in time, do you like jazz? A I wouldn’t say I am a jazz expert, but I can absolutely appreciate it. Having said that, I adore Gregory Porter, his 2015 album Liquid Spirit is one of the things I listen to when I wanna zone out and chill.


Q Tell us about your part in the second series of Fleabag. I understand you met Phoebe Waller-Bridge during the first series of Timewasters as she was originally cast as your girlfriend, Victoria? A Yeah! PWB, what a legend! She was in the reading of Timewasters that eventually led to it being commissioned. We played lovers in that reading, I’d say we were pretty well cast. She wasn’t able to do the series as she was writing a little show you may have heard of called Fleabag. She was damn funny in the role of Victoria as you can imagine and we’ve been pals since then, with the same agents, so we keep running into each other. When she offered me the role of Anthony in series two of Fleabag, I obviously said: “YES, YES, YES, of course I’ll do it! I mean, for free, if you want!” Naturally, I was paid, but it was a complete no-brainer. At the last minute, due to scheduling changes, it looked as if I may not be able to do it, but it all worked out. We had such a blast shooting that scene in the hairdressers. There’s really nothing better than working with your pals, I think that may be the key to a happy life. >>>

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 7


Q Your career appears on a roll at the moment, is that how it feels to you? A That’s nice of you to say. I mean it’s acting, so you never really know where the next job is coming from until it happens, so there’s always a level of angst that goes with it, but right now, yes, it’s going great and I’m having an absolute blast. I just wanna keep doing work that makes people smile. Q Who were your icons growing up? A Still to this day, Eddie Murphy, Regina King and The Wayans Brothers. They are truly masters of their craft and absolutely hilarious! Q How different is it performing on television to film or theatre? A Well, I’d say the major difference is that in theatre you know instantly if what you’re doing is having the desired effect on the audience. You know if the joke is funny because you hear the audience laugh, and if they don’t, you can adjust what you’re doing. With TV and film, the chances are you find out the same time the audience at home or in the cinema does, which is usually months, sometimes years, later, and by then it’s too late to change anything. I love acting in all three mediums and I’m grateful that I get to jump from one to the other frequently. Q What’s the question you never get asked, but would like to be? A Would you like to pay by cheque, sir? No, because I don’t have a cheque book. Q You’re at the Sheffield Crucible in December starring in the musical Guys and Dolls – are musicals something you would like to do more of? A I love a musical! I mean who doesn’t? If you don’t like musicals you’re dead inside! I would love to do more in the future, yeah, but only if the part and show is right, and the creative team putting it on is top notch.

8 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Q You’ve sampled Hollywood playing Mayor (with Ryan Reynolds) in Detective Pikachu. Has this whet your appetite for exposure to more Hollywood films? A Of course! But it has to be said it was freezing when we shot Detective Pikachu! I love watching movies, so getting to make them is a dream come true for a boy from a tiny Caribbean island. Q Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond comes to an end shortly. You certainly look the part so would you consider the role if asked? A I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t give their left leg to play James Bond. I do look decent in a tux and speedos and I am very particular about what I like to drink, so yeah, it makes complete sense that I should be the next 007. Q Early in 2020 you have a lead role in Netflix’s Stranger – can you tell us more about this? A The Stranger is an eight-part psychological thriller filled with intrigue, secrets, corruption and many twists and turns. It’s got a host of wonderful British actors in it and I’m so excited for the world to see it. I play DC Wesley Ross alongside DS Joanna Griffin played by the luminous Siobhan Finneran. We’re the two coppers trying to solve what on the outside seems to be a rather strange set of crimes. But with secrets being revealed from an unknown stranger, it throws into action a chain of events that no one can truly be prepared for. Q And what will the rest of 2020 bring for you? A There’s a bunch of TV projects I have in the works that I’m acting in. But more so, I’m very excited to be creating and writing two TV projects based on my life in the Caribbean and in Preston for British TV. v essence INFO

Harlan Coben’s The Stranger is coming to Netflix in January 2020.

Pioneering non-surgical varicose vein treatment

Guildford-based vein expert Professor Mark Whiteley is the first in the world to offer an operation-free, walk-in, walk-out cure for varicose veins...


rofessor Mark Whiteley, whose Guildford clinic is in Stirling Road, is a globally-respected vein expert. He is the first doctor in the world using new technology to treat patients with varicose veins from outside the body. This technique avoids any invasive procedure or hospitalisation. It is called Sonovein echotherapy and it uses ultrasound to treat the damaged veins. Susan Boskovic, from Great Bookham, was one of the first patients in the world to be treated with Sonovein: “I had varicose veins in both legs and they were starting to become a problem. When I heard about Sonovein I contacted Professor Whiteley at his Guildford clinic and was delighted to hear it could treat my varicose veins,” she said. Sonovein works by focusing a high-intensity ultrasound beam on the troublesome vein. An integrated low-intensity ultrasound beam lets the clinician see the vein being treated in real time, ensuring optimal treatment accuracy. As the treatment beam is delivered, the affected vein shrinks and is sealed closed. The system is so accurate it can treat veins which are notoriously hard to access, such as perforator veins, even if they’re close to an open ulcer. For the majority of patients Sonovein is a completely painless procedure. Unlike traditional varicose vein treatments, no catheters or incisions are used, meaning patients are left with no scars or risk of infection. Scarring was a major issue for Susan: “I was not keen to have invasive treatment as I was worried about the marks it would leave on my legs.” This first-ever Sonovein system has been installed in Professor Whiteley’s London clinic. Patients who attend his Guilford clinic, and who are suitable for this new treatment, are invited to London to receive it. Patients travel up in the morning and are back by teatime. Susan made that journey: “The treatment was incredible, quick, painless and, in all, it only took about 20 minutes. When it was finished, I was able to walk out of the clinic, go home and get on with my life.”

Any superficial vein may become varicosed, but those most commonly affected are in the legs. Lifestyle issues or hereditary predispositions may increase vulnerability to this disease. Also, certain overlystrenuous sports may put elevated pressure on the veins and damage them. Whilst for some, varicose veins only manifest themselves as superficial spider veins, many suffer from serious, aching pain and disability. Untreated, varicose veins can cause severe health problems, such as open leg ulcers. Professor Whiteley says: “Many of these disorders can be cured by treating the underlying varicose veins that are the root of the problem.” Almost all varicose vein conditions can now be cured with the new vein treatment techniques pioneered at The Whiteley Clinic, even in those patients who suffer recurrences after previous surgery. Professor Whiteley believes there is now no reason why they should not be cured.

essence INFO

For further information, call 0330 058 1850 or email Website: ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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10 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020



CLASSY UPGRADES Kevin Pilley investigates the increasing desire for people to visit and stay in large country estates that are increasingly open to all.


ore of us are pining for wings. As well as extensive grounds, a level croquet lawn, complimentary Wellington boots, twice-mullioned windows, a four-poster bed, 14 tog duvets, Borghese balustrades and silver tiered tea-stands supporting crustless sandwiches, plain and fruit scones and highly calorific cakes, and sugar tongs. In other words, a class upgrade and some off-peak luxury. It’s called the Downton Abbey Effect. More and more country house homes are opening their doors and boot rooms to commoners. In the last thirty years, 2,000 country homes across England, Wales and Scotland have been demolished. Many of the survivors are now hotels. Although Highclere Castle, Berkshire (used for Downton Abbey) and Montacute House, Somerset (the backdrop for Wolf Hall) remain closed for sleepovers.

But there are plenty of halls, places, courts, granges and noble piles where we can act ‘to the manor born’. Cliveden House, the former home of Nancy Astor on the Thames at Taplow, is perhaps the most palatial. Built in 1666 by the second Duke of Buckinghamshire as a gift for his mistress, it became a five-star hotel in 1985. The Duchess of Sussex stayed there the night before her wedding. Sussex’s 1598 Gravetye Manor is famous for its William Robinson garden. The Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes, wrote of the guests at Gidleigh Park, Chagford on the edge of Dartmoor: “O lucky, O how wise you people are.” It’s possible to choose an era and architectural style. For those after something highly aggrandized, turreted and castellated with private moorland, try Swinton Park in Yorkshire. Fancy a lochside baronial Scottish shooting lodge? The Torridon by Achnasheen might do. For a beech and lime avenue approach, it has to be Lucknam Park in Wiltshire. >>>

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 11


The boutique Paschoe House near Crediton in deepest Devonshire offers outdoor lawn chess (our game was abandoned due to a waterlogged board), insulated Burfords, warnings about low door thresholds, goosedown pillows, double-sink bathrooms with underfloor heating, butterfly wallpaper, a spectacular antler chandelier and miscellaneous stuffed fauna, including a taxidermised half an ostrich called Cyril above the library fireplace. It also provides popcorn for its pay-for film channel. Not far from Exeter, it’s on the Two Moors Path which connects the county’s north and south coasts. Explore thatched villages, Sir Francis Drake’s birthplace and the seaside towns Christmas and New Year at Middlethorpe Hall of Exmouth and Sidmouth as well as Dartmoor. Owner Tabitha PHOTO COPYRIGHT: WWW.BAILEYCOOPER.CO.UK Fern grew up in the house built by the man responsible for Blundell’s School, Tiverton and Pembroke College Oxford’s chapel. In Sammy she has found one of the best country house chefs. His £80 tasting menu features Creedy Carver duck with blackberries, foie gras, macadamia and shiitake mushroom and sweet potato ravioli, stone bass and Baerii caviar. Aperitifs consist of local artisanal gins with bespoke garnishes such as Thunderflower from Teignmouth and Papillon from Moretonhampstead. PG Wodehouse eulogised: “the shaded lights, the scent of buttered toast, the general PG Wodehouse eulogised: atmosphere of leisured cosiness,” offered by Britain’s grand houses. So often such “the shaded lights, the scent genteel retreats are mausoleums for the living, but Paschoe House gets the atmosphere right. It doesn’t intimidate. The only time anyone rushes is to get the window seat for of buttered toast, the general breakfast and the freshest and most picturesque kippers. atmosphere of leisured cosiness,” Monocles are not obligatory and cummerbunds no longer de rigeur. offered by Britain’s grand houses. The National Trust, which celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2020, has three hotels. Rescued from an uncertain future, they were restored and converted to hotels by Historic Hotels who donated them to the Trust in 2008. The former home of a master cutler and pioneer of smallpox inoculation, 1699 William and Mary Hampton Court clone Middlethorpe Hall, overlooking York racecourse, boasts rococo ceilings and a Jacobean staircase. Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire was where Louis XVIII lived in exile for five years. >>>

12 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Bodysgallen Hall and Spa

Bodysgallen Hall and Spa, between Llandudno and Conwy in north Wales, epitomises the best grand house accommodation. It is the ideal destination for perfectly poached eggs, complimentary shortbread and petit fours, a seventeenth century, box-edged, herbfilled parterre and the place to go when a feeling comes over you “to be embosomed in woods of noble growth, which are suffered to luxuriate their own way, without any fear of the axe.” At Bodysgallen (‘the home among the thistles’ on the edge of Pydew mountain in Snowdonia), the winter mink is conspicuous by its absence. So are the deep side partings, stiff bras, taupe, elbow length gloves and studiously chic cloche hats. Very largely, Snowdonia is still very much a Marcel wave free zone. Hartwell House PHOTO COPYRIGHT: NIGEL HARPER

There are not many beads or bobs. No Lady Sybil or Rosamund. Or Bates and Mrs Patmore. Nor sight nor sound of any Dowager Countess. Or any late Edwardians. But you expect to be summoned to dinner by gong. Instead, Nicolette, who has worked at the hotel since its opening on the same day as the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, calls you to your table and is on hand to ensure napkin and cutlery are correctly situated and to introduce you to strangers. Like the local Llanrwst smoked cheddar cheese. There is the distinct impression that a gong would be vulgar and not quite the thing, being associated with boxing bouts. And rather table d’hote. The sound of a grandfather clock, a working fire and people quizzing the 12.5% service charge on top of the £26 afternoon tea are the only disturbing sounds in this stubbornly British place with its atmosphere of old-fashioned endurance and genteel hospitality. You expect Jeeves to appear any moment to inform you he is only too glad to give satisfaction and remind you that your pleasure is his sole purpose and that there is no time at all at which ties do not matter. Instead you get Gary. As your manservant, servitor and general factotum. His job is to keep the occasional tables rosiated, the billiard balls dusted (metamorphically) and the gentlemen full of port and the ladies full of self-importance. We all need to be ‘ma'am-ed’ and ‘sir-ed’ and addressed formally on occasion.

14 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Weekend breaks | COUNTRY HOUSE HOTELS Gary also provides advice on scone etiquette (jam or conserve first and whipped cream on top). He advises on the best places to visit – the hotel’s obelisk and Silver Anniversary and Iceberg rose garden, the thirteenth century Caernarfon Castle, Bodnant Garden, Conwy, Snowdon and, over the 1826 Menai Suspension Bridge, the Isle of Anglesey with the longest place name in Britain Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. As Matthew at Paschoe House, Gary is on hand to iron The Times and press Country Life magazine. Both do a marvellous job, conveying restoratives on salvers and helping you keep up your aristocratic hauteur and creating the impression that your dog and family friendly ancestral home is a huge Grade 1 listed affair. Aiding you to further give off the air of having numerous sumptuously-appointed bedrooms with electric curtains, interiors famed for the excellence of their joinery, a pedimented porch, a well-filled moat and well-stocked trout lake, a helipad and electric car charging amenities, a covey of constantly curtseying chambermaids, your family motto over a very wide, deep working wood fireplace with stubbornly British chimney breasts and a determinedly oak panelled and high-ceilinged dining area. And owning not only several grandfather clocks, but also your own clocktower. As well as, of course, easy access to seasonal saunters and red squirrel walks. From their framed portraits, the periwigged nabobs on the walls perhaps no longer look disdainfully down on you. They seem to envy your spa treatments. Members of the nineteenth century nobility always look like they would have benefited greatly from a bio-slimming, paraben-free, fat-burning body wrap and nails by Jessica. And become less stuffy and uptight after an acrylic infill or 5-D gommage facial. And felt a different person entirely after an in-room chin or advanced bikini wax. Although they would frown when you announce your helicopter co-ordinates in a loud voice.v essence INFO B&B at Bodysgallen Hall priced from £190 per room per night. Lucknam Park PHOTO COPYRIGHT: MARC WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY, 2017

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 15

The Thurlow Trilby in Dark Green £95

TOWN AND COUNTRY STYLE Dynamic sister duo behind Hicks & Brown, Alice Leet-Cook and Rosie Turner were born and raised on their family farm in Suffolk. Inspired by their mother, a renowned dressmaker and designer, their own fashion label Hicks & Brown was born from the life-long love of design and textiles. Combining a fusion of influences from town and country to create their designs, their versatile collections include signature pieces created to work well no matter the occasion. Known for being the go-to fedora brand the brand is fiercely British in design and have just launched their brand new ‘Melton Bag’, made from super-soft suede with a hair-on-hide panel and includes an adjustable chain and leather strap. The Melton is an ideal size for carrying all those small essentials and its compact size takes you easily from day to night along with the rest of their pieces. Alice and Rosie are thoughtful and inventive in their approach, to ensure the highest quality and level of performance from their products, whether they are destined to be worn on the streets of Chelsea or amidst the shooting field. Hicks & Brown offer a true lifestyle collection of hats and accessories, designed to be timeless and created to last a lifetime.

essence INFO

Website: Fedoras are stocked in over 80 stores across the UK.

16 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Fashion | HICKS & BROWN The Suffolk Fedora in Maroon with Pheasant Feather Wrap £95

The Melton Bag in Brown £160 The Chelsworth Clutch Bag Collection £75

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 17

18 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Motoring | ALPINE


TOUR DE FORCE The new Alpine A110S joins the A110 Pure and A110 Légende models in Alpine’s lightweight, elegant sports coupé line up. True to Alpine’s heritage, these cars place agility and driving pleasure front, centre and just about everywhere else. Euan Johns looks at the A110S – a perfect addition to the French motoring legend’s stable.


fter 40 years absence the brief had been a tough one: to resurrect a long-missed classic conceived in the late fifties, born in the early sixties and put out to pasture 40 years later. In 2017 coming in at a fairly lightweight 1,100 kg, the Alpine A110 Première actually did everything it said on the tin. It aimed to hold its own against the Porsche 718 Cayman and Alfa Romeo 4C, and it did. At first this ‘S’ newcomer begs the question, how do you improve on perfection? Well, the driving experience has got a little sportier with some fine adjustments such as wider tyres and stiffer springs. The grip is better for slamming into corners and it changes direction more quickly. In summary, the core basics are the same as the A110, but carried out with more precision and quite a bit more zest. As the revived Mini echoes the sixties, the A110 series does the same. The A110S is still a fantastic-to-look-at car, whilst retaining a certain charm with that hint of retro as all Alpine’s models do. The black badging and redesigned wheels add a touch more meanness to its looks. This car drives like a dream, the steering is light and responsive, the turning circle small, and with its compact proportions, it can go where others may fear to. The engine manages a Porsche Cayman beating 0–62mph in 4.4 seconds and matches its other rivals very well indeed. >>>

Alpine key dates 1955 1962 1971 1973 1976 1978 1985 1991 1995 2012 2015 2016 2017

Creation of Société des Automobiles Alpine. Launch of the A106 Launch of the A110 First victory at the Monte Carlo Rally Alpine wins World Rally Championship for manufacturers. Acquired by Groupe Renault Launch of A310 V6 Alpine wins 24 Hours of Le Mans Launch of GTA Launch of A610 Alpine production discontinued Announcement of an Alpine car project Presentation of Alpine Célébration Concept race car at 24 Hours of Le Mans Alpine relaunch announced and presentation of Alpine Vision show car A110 Première Edition

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Designed and manufactured in Dieppe, the mid-engined, two-seater coupé has an aluminium platform that keeps weight to a minimum. A true Alpine, the A110S shares its lightweight layout with other models in the range. A number of key changes deliver enhanced performance through precision and high-speed stability, with certainly no loss in everyday useability. The turbocharged 1.8-litre engine produces 292hp, an increase of 40hp over the standard car. There’s also the inclusion of the active sports exhaust that delivers a more emotive engine sound depending on the driver’s mood and mode selection. With the A110, Alpine rekindled its rich heritage of building agile, lightweight sports cars totally in their element on winding mountain roads. The company is well known for competing at the highest level of international motorsport (see History of Alpine box, right). It’s in that same spirit that Alpine today competes in international endurance racing: its title-winning FIA LMP2 World Endurance Championship programme showcases the brand’s ambition and further commitment to motorsport. The price tag for the basic A110S comes in at around £56,000. It’s an exciting car, one of the best, and feels like a compact McLaren. This particular Alpine will blaze a trail that others will try to follow and that we’ll still be talking about in another 50 years. I don’t remember the originals my Dad’s generation would have known and admired, but this one’s just such a stunning addition to the line. I hadn’t thought it possible to improve on perfection, but I was wrong, I admit it. The magic hasn’t been blurred at all, it’s just come into sharper focus. The legend well and truly lives on.v

“From the very inception of the Alpine project it has been our intention to offer different versions of the A110 with handling and performance characteristics of their own.” Sébastien Erphelin, managing director, Alpine

History of Alpine Alpine owes its existence to Jean Rédélé, a lifelong car enthusiast and a gifted driver and mechanic. He studied in Paris before establishing a car dealership in Dieppe, selling Renaults. A keen and competitive rally driver, Rédélé entered his Renault 4CV in various motorsport events throughout the early fifties, upgrading his car each year. Rédélé achieved a series of class wins in famous motorsport events such as the Mille Miglia and the Critérium des Alpes rally. Having identified a gap in the market, Rédélé established his sports car company in 1955, recognising that it wasn’t outright power or brute force that made a car quick on a twisty rally stage, but lightweight, compact dimensions and agility. His first car was the Alpine A106 based on the Renault 4CV chassis. In 1958 his second car, the A108, arrived with a chassis all of its own, but it wasn’t until the A110 Berlinette debuted in 1962 that Rédélé’s fledgling company really began to progress. By now, Alpine cars were being sold and serviced by Renault dealerships. By the early seventies, Alpine was a major force in top-flight rally competition, and in 1971 won the world famous Rallye Monte Carlo for the first time, then again in 1973. The company went on to win the World Rally Championship Manufacturers’ title later that year. Rédélé built a dedicated factory in Dieppe in 1969 and two years later Alpine was acquired by Groupe Renault. Alpine achieved its most famous motorsport triumph in 1978: overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The factory continued to release new and innovative road cars throughout the seventies and eighties, including the A310 V6 and the GTA. Alpine production would eventually cease in 1995. More than 30,000 Alpine road cars had been built across 40 years.

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Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling For adults, young adults, children and couples We can all have difficulties in everyday life and encounter problems that we simply find hard to cope with alone. At times like these it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist who will enable you to explore your concerns in a safe, contained environment, to help you develop appropriate strategies and techniques to cope with your life difficulties in a more effective way. We offer clinics in Weybridge, East Molesey and Guildford.

Take a step forward and contact the practice for a free telephone consultation:

Telephone: 0333 0096 321 8114 The Practice 4pp DL lealfet AW.indd 1-2

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Bella Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design reminds readers to always plan ahead and anticipate any problems and risk when considering a gardening project. Co-ordinating the various suppliers and contractors, the site and weather constraints, budgetary demands and reduced timeframes all require good planning An empty square of soil and not much else is a daunting prospect at the beginning of a very time sensitive scheme, such as a garden for an RHS show. This project will require careful planning, transparent communication and constant looking ahead




ur job at Alladio Sims as garden designers is to plan and look ahead, to think of as many variables as we can – from design brief to budget, from inspiration to practicalities and to be as open as we can with our clients and suppliers. In view of the above, for us, producing a programme and looking ahead is a necessity, no matter what size and type of project being considered. This principle applies to house and garden schemes alike, whether a project is small and straightforward, or large and complex. Anyone who has experienced a house renovation or any rebuild project knows all too well that they often bring a loss of privacy and a level of disruption that are deeply unwelcome for everyone. The distress they can cause is even more unpleasant when it lasts for longer than expected, and although no programme can ever eliminate the risk of a setback or two, it will prepare everyone involved for an easier journey. As designers, we understand that we need to be very open – it’s the only way to be. And so we are upfront and communicate from the word

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go any difficulties we might foresee: perhaps delays in preparing the site, working with unpredictable or poor weather, delays in planning applications, dealing with workloads and previous work commitments of chosen contractors and stock availability from nurseries. It is no coincidence that two of the busiest times for us in the office are winter and early spring, both good times to start thinking about the process of renovating a garden, when it is still not used for family relaxation and entertainment and when plants have the best chance of establishing themselves. A garden design project starting to take shape in autumn/early winter allows a client the best chance of seeing the project accomplished by springtime, ready for when the weather suddenly turns nice and spurs us to spend more time outdoors. Of course, no planning will ever take away all risks and unexpected surprises, but the increased awareness for all parties will help prepare for any disruption and create an easier ride for everyone during a garden project.

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS


Profile: Alladio Sims

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd creates distinctive gardens. Jon Sims and Bella Alladio started the company after collaborating on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Bella’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast.

A designer will always be open and willing to discuss different elements to include in a comprehensive garden programme – timelines, budget and contingency sums, planning and permits, contractors and tenders, materials and plant supply, site constraints and bespoke elements’ build and supply times, poor weather, quality of contract etc. – these are just a few things to consider when getting started. If well managed through good communication and awareness, any unforeseen issues can be better resolved and a client can feel better engaged in the process and be more accommodating. Looking outside today, it’s certainly not too late yet: a little bit of forward planning will go a long way. v essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham) Surrey GU10 3RE Website: Email:

Visitors enjoy the finished concept and planting as the weather turns for the best IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, RHS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW, TRANSPARENT GARDEN, 2017

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Artisan food | EAT SURREY

Unearthing local gems

Shirlee Posner introduces essence readers to Bada Tapas where small plates of expertly created Korean fusion food are dispatched in style in a quiet side street in the heart of Godalming.


or those who love Asian flavours, sharing plates and an altogether different dining style, then Bada Tapas in Godalming will appeal. Many of the dishes have a healthy vibe and presentation is delightful. Having lived in Asia for many years, I grieved the lack of pan Asian dining when I returned home in 2005. I love street food, but sometimes require more than a small red plastic stool, floodlights and a melamine table to make a meal more of an occasion. Intrigued by the idea of a tapas bar based around Korean cuisine, I was not quite sure of the concept, but from the minute we stepped in we were taken with the décor, layout, drinks menu and service at Bada Tapas. Water arrived immediately (infused with cucumber, lemon and fresh mint). The owner is Jihyun Kim: she created the concept and holds it together. Jihyun came to the UK in 2005 to learn English and met her husband Michal who was working with a wholesale fish company distributing to establishments outside London and particularly in Surrey. When the Godalming fish shop (one of his wholesale customers) came up for sale, Michal took it on. One of this shops’ customers was a Spanish tapas bar in Queen Street which was looking a new owner and so Bada was born. With no family history in hospitality, Jihyun and her husband decided to stick with the restaurant’s current theme of small plates, but give it an Asian fusion twist. They named the business Bada, the Korean word for sea. The main menu is supported by seasonal blackboard specials which are usually a fish, meat and vegetarian dish. The main menu is split into three sections with snack items appearing first. From more recognisable edamame beans (young green soybeans) steamed and served with a sprinkle of sea salt (£4) to lotus root crisps (£4.50) or a plate of fresh rock oysters at £6 for 12. The sharing plates’ menu is split into three sections: fish, meat and poultry and vegetarian. For me, the fish is the reason to visit. The freshest organic Scottish salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce is cooked to perfection and

24 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

served with some al dente sugar snap peas for £9, and from the specials’ board, a fillet of seabass on a green curry sauce is £10. Going back to the main menu, the pan-fried scallops with a signature sauce at £10 are not to be missed, served plump, tender and perfectly seasoned. Or try the bulgogi, a classic Korean dish of marinated beef in soy with carrots and mushrooms, served in a lettuce leaf to pick up and eat for £8.50. From the vegetarian side of the menu, choose kimchi pancake or vegetable dumplings, both £7.50, among a mouthwatering range of meat-free options. For accompaniments, add sticky rice (£4) or sweet potato fries (£5.50), For fillers, try soy cooked quail’s eggs (£5), kimchi (£4) or summer rolls (£7), perfect if avoiding carbohydrates. Accompanied by younger people? Bada Tapas has chicken katsu on the menu too at £7. For drinks, there are recognisable wines alongside Korean classics (rice wines and sake), and a really interesting cocktail list with wasabi cucumber martini or a chilli margarita. There’s a small dessert menu worth perusal. The berry crème brûlée is perfect. Creamy, but not oversweet and topped with a layer of fruit purée. Other puddings include adzuki bean (red bean) chocolate brownies served with dark chocolate and dates. Very trendy ingredients, plus it is gluten free. Both desserts cost £6.50. Fresh mint tea or barista coffees are also on offer to finish. Everything at Bada Tapas is prepared freshly from scratch and cooked to order, apart from dishes like the slow cooked pork (delicious). This is a rare treat in a climate where high street chains dominate the casual dining scene. Go and support this feisty independent for its innovative menu and focus on serving superbly prepared fresh food. essence INFO

Bada Tapas 10 Queen Street, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1BD Telephone: 01483 527526 Website: Shirlee Posner is a food writer and blogger at and provides social media management, web copywriting and food photography.


Ginger and spiced orange cake

Looking for an alternative to traditional Christmas cake? Try this delicious ginger sponge, scented with cinnamon and other festive spices and dotted with pecans. Reminiscent of that iconic ginger loaf cake, soft and succulent, its tangy drizzle cuts through the richness. Elevate with a touch of Cointreau, if desired! Ingredients 100g caster sugar 125g butter One large egg 112ml treacle 113ml golden syrup 300g plain flour One and a half teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda Two teaspoons of cinnamon Three teaspoons of ground ginger Half a teaspoon of mixed spice or ground cloves A handful of pecans, toasted Half a teaspon of salt 250ml hot water

TOP TIP: To add a tipsy drizzle, combine half a cup of brown sugar with Cointreau, heat gently and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and brush cake with glaze before icing.

For the icing drizzle stir the juice and zest of one orange with 150g icing sugar until a smooth mixture. Method w Preheat oven to 180˚C/gas mark 4. Grease and flour a 23cm/nine inch square tin, or use a bundt tin as here. In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the egg, mix in the treacle and golden syrup. w Toast pecans gently in the oven for seven to 10 minutes. Remove, cool and chop into small pieces. w In a bowl, sift together the flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt, cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice/cloves. Blend into the creamed mixture. Stir in the hot water – it is quite a fluid mixture, but don’t worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be! Pour into the prepared tin. w Bake for around one hour in the oven, until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. w Allow to cool in tin for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.

w When cool, drizzle the icing over the cake and grate some orange zest over the top.

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Website: Telephone: 07751 553106 Email: Facebook: jenscupcakery Twitter: @jenscupcakery

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Stephanie Brookes, BBC Radio London food expert, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Allegra in Stratford.


he arrival of Allegra is one of the most highly anticipated openings of the year. Perched (rather spectacularly) on seventh floor of The Stratford building, it’s already brought about a much-needed culinary boost to east London’s cityscape. Head chef, Patrick Powell has a pedigree which is second to none with a previous four years at Chiltern Firehouse, working alongside Nuno Mendes – certainly enough to convince the masses to head east. Another reason is the ethos behind the restaurant, with a dedication to locally-sourced produce. In fact, ingredients all come from an organic farm a mere 40 minutes away. That attention to detail extends to the interior, which is a sleek, minimalist affair courtesy of Space Copenhagen (of Noma fame) with its contemporary Scandinavian-style ethos reflecting the modern European menu. This is a restaurant that positively radiates glamour. I would therefore recommend a cocktail before dinner, just to soak in the ambience and for those Instagram-worthy images. After a relaxed drink or two, an offer to be seated was not to be passed up for I’d already spied a little pre-starter

Allegra dining and (right) bar area PHOTOS COPYRIGHT: ALLEGRA

26 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

in the form of Pistachio choux. At this point, our highly knowledgeable sommelier made the first recommendation of the evening. For those who are not wine connoisseurs, and I certainly fall into this category, I highly recommend the pairing option. I’m a fan of restaurant-led decisions and am happy to be guided. Now, back to the pistachio choux: bitesized pockets of air-light crispy pastry, filled with an iron-rich liver emulsion combined seamlessly with the salty, sweet pistachio crumb. The final tartness from the kumquat hit all flavour profiles. I could have indulged in a whole platter of these addictive little morsels. The actual starter was an instant no-brainer as the dish of Smoked eel pithivier has quickly become the ‘must-try’ dish on the menu. A classic looking pie was presented, with the most perfectly cooked puff pastry case – so exquisite in presentation it looked as if it came straight from a food photoshoot. The inner findings revealed a pale creamy mixture that reminded one of a classic homemade pie. I often find that smoked eel can be too overpowering, yet the creamy emulsion, with the most delicate echoes of smoked fish, was so remarkably soothing it


Head chef Patrick Powell PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALLEGRA

Whole roast cep-stuffed chicken PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALLEGRA

should be dished out on a regular basis to stressedout Londoners. It’s the very definition of refined comfort food. There’s an inspired choice of chilli vinegar which offered some acidity while never distracting from the delicate flavours of the dish. The forest-green parsley sauce added a hit of herby freshness and paired beautifully with the eel. I certainly understand why there has been an instant hero-worship of this dish; it will surely become synonymous with the restaurant in time and wholly deserves to be. The following entrée of Whole roast cep-stuffed chicken was a dish for two, and luckily it didn’t take much convincing of my dining companion. I have to say, I practically put my stamp on the dish the moment I saw it on the menu, so I had my back-up plan should there have been any resistance! The dish was another showstopper, not least because the roast bird is brought to the table before carving. The chicken was served finely sliced, revealing a layer of mushroom ceps underneath crisp, buttery skin. The accompanying black garlic added earthiness and the quite brilliant addition of crunchy toasted hazelnuts gave the most satisfying bite against the butter-soft meat. The slight tang from the vinaigrette cuts through the richness, while the tender leek hearts gave a delightful herbaceous note, bringing

Smoked eel and confit potato pithivier, parsley sauce PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALLEGRA

alternative texture and freshness to the overall composition. It’s a dish that sublimely lingers. The final instalment of Whipped coffee, chocolate, milk and plum was a lovely bittersweet invention, with a strong coffee-injection from the creamy quenelle and the delicious tart plum was a palate-tingling last note. A well thought out dessert, even though my mind was still dwelling on the former savoury dishes. There’s something so reassuring about a restaurant where every detail has been carefully thought through, with nothing left to chance. Certainly a lot is riding on this restaurant, with a location not seen as ideal for many, yet Allegra has created such a powerful culinary start, the trip is most definitely worth it. In fact, I would say Allegra is the perfect location to ring in the end of the year, not only for those views, but for two of the most exceptional dishes of 2019. essence INFO

Allegra The Stratford, 20 International Way, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 1FD Email: Telephone: 020 3973 0545 Websites:

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Celebrating 50 Years in Business We pride ourselves on our ability to provide independent, sophisticated and bespoke financial advice. Aissela, 46 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9QY

SUCCESSFULLY EXITING YOUR BUSINESS Thomas Connor of Mundays solicitors gives an overview of the key considerations in preparing your business for sale and the legal sale process.


Thomas Connor is a solicitor in the Mundays’ corporate and commercial team. He advises corporates and individuals across a broad range of sectors on corporate transactions with a particular focus on mergers and acquisitions, working with the wider Mundays’ teams to ensure a smooth running through the entire transaction. Thomas can be contacted on 01932 590585 or

here are many ups and downs in running and owning your own business. Inevitably a time will come during the life of your business when the moment is right for you to step away and in doing so, capitalise on all those years of hard work. There are numerous factors which determine how smooth the exit process is and unfortunately no business owner can prepare for every eventuality. However, our experience has shown us that an owner who has focussed on exit strategy preparations well in advance of their exit will find that they are far better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of the exit process and any issues that arise. An exit may include a flotation – when a previously unlisted company offers its shares for sale to the public leading to a stock market listing. There may also be a management team wishing to step into the footsteps of the current owners or willing family members to take over. This article focuses on trade sales as the exit route but, no matter how the exit is structured, planning is key. Often the process comes with as many questions as it does tasks. Preparing for a sale will keep you busy and for most business owners this must be done in addition to keeping the business running. Therefore, it is worthwhile starting as early as possible. A well-managed business with no ‘skeletons in the closet’ will ease the sale process. BUSINESS PLANNING Ways to exit There is more than one way to sell your business. If your business is a limited company, you have the choice of selling the

30 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

shares you own (known as a share or company sale); or simply selling the business and assets as a going concern (known as an asset or business sale). The method you choose may depend on whether you are selling the whole business or just a specific part. Very often, parties will opt for the most tax-efficient method. This usually means a share sale, but it is best to engage with accountants and tax advisers at the outset. Valuation What is my business worth? This is a question that you will have asked yourself over and over again. If you have not already done so, it may be worth getting a professional valuation done so that you have an idea as to the likely price that can be achieved. It is sensible to obtain two or three valuations, even if they are only desktop valuations. It is also worth noting that business valuations are only snapshots in time, so it is likely they change over time due to both internal and external factors.


10 STAGES TO SELLING YOUR BUSINESS Once you have done all the hard work in readying the business for sale, here is a brief summary of what you can expect as the sale process proper kicks in. Finding a buyer There is always a buyer at the right price. However, what every business owner will need when they embark on an exit is to find a buyer at a price that allows them to maximise the return on the invested time and capital. Some sellers prefer a more public process, others use a broker to help reduce the risk of losing any clients or employees due to the possible negative connotations with putting a ‘for sale’ sign on your business. Different business owners will have different objectives in selecting a buyer. Some will give great importance to the ongoing continuation of the business, especially if it has been in the family for a while, others will be more concerned with the final price – understanding what you want from the deal is often half the equation. Preparing the business for a sale This step is what is sometimes referred to as sellside or vendor due diligence. During the sale and purchase process the buyer will ask a raft of questions about all aspects of the business. A huge time-saver in preparation for this will be carrying out an internal due diligence or audit process to identify any issues before the buyer’s magnifying glass sets eyes on them. This frequently means ensuring you have proper accessible records, properly written contracts and policies and your business is compliant with relevant rules and regulations and the business’ key assets are suitably protected, for example brand names are registered as trademarks. It goes without saying that any issue identified should, if possible, be rectified. This is a vital step as it not only makes the business more attractive to a prospective buyer, but it will also help to quicken the sale process and reduce the risk of the buyer seeking a price reduction as a result of issues coming to light during its due diligence. Remember, in the business world, no one likes surprises. PERSONAL PLANNING Selling a business will often mean cashing in on one of your most valuable personal assets. Well before your eventual exit is the right time to ensure that your personal affairs are

1 Going to market – without a buyer there is no deal. It is key to find a buyer that will allow you to achieve your own objectives from the sale; 2 Instruct professionals – it is at this stage that it is most common to instruct your advisers in the deal, ranging from corporate solicitors to accountants and tax advisors. Hopefully you will have already engaged with them as part of your sell-side due diligence; 3 Heads of terms – once a buyer has been chosen, the basic framework of the deal is usually agreed between the parties; this may also include entering into an agreement regarding exclusivity and/or confidentiality; 4 Due-diligence – the buyer carries out their investigations into your business known as ‘due-diligence’. This requires you providing replies to the buyer’s due-diligence questionnaire, covering legal, operational, accounting, tax, employment and a variety of other areas; 5 Sale and purchase agreement – this is the key contractual document between yourself and the buyer. It sets out what, when and how you will be paid, any conditions to or deferment of the purchase price. It will also include warranties (statements about the business and operations) in favour of the buyer and possibly indemnities to address any known issues; 6 Disclosure letter – as a seller you have an opportunity at this stage to disclose anything which, if not disclosed, would constitute a breach of the warranties. Although the importance of this stage is sometimes overlooked, disclosure is vital to ensure you are properly protected; 7 Ancillary documentation – there is an array of documentation that needs to be prepared which accompany the main transaction document; 8 Completion – the transfer of ownership of your business will take place at this stage, the documents are dated and the purchase price (or at least the first part of it) is paid; 9 Post-completion tasks – this stage may involve anything from handing over the keys to introducing the buyer to key customers and suppliers, assisting with the business transition and finalising any monies you have agreed to accept after the completion date (deferred consideration); 10 Pop a cork! – the sale is complete and you have successfully exited! With appropriate and well negotiated limitations in the sale agreement, any ongoing potential liability can be capped to allow you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

in order. This includes any personal tax and inheritance planning. If you are selling due to ill-health, consider putting in place a property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney, which will permit someone to assist with the sale and manage the process on your behalf. If at any point during your exit strategy planning you require some guidance or if you are about to embark on a sale, Mundays is here to help. Mundays corporate team can advise you through a successful exit with thorough planning and structuring by working closely with you and your advisers to ensure that the relevant steps are taken to implement the proposed structure. We are able to anticipate

issues with our wealth of experience to act fast with a valued and dedicated support team across the firm’s other disciplines to deliver tailored advice to you.

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Mundays LLP 400 Dashwood Lang Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT15 2HJ Telephone: 01932 590612 Website: The contents of this update are intended as guidance for readers. It can be no substitute for specific advice. Consequently we cannot accept responsibility for this information, errors or matters affected by subsequent changes in the law, or the content of any website referred to in this update. © Mundays LLP 2019.

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Two exceptional schools offering outstanding education for boys & girls in the heart of Surrey

Effingham Schools Trust, Effingham, Surrey RH5 6ST Telephone 01372 750204 •


THE OPEN ART FAIR Masterpiece Fair founders Thomas Woodham-Smith and Harry van der Hoorn bring an entertaining new fair to London in springtime 2020...


new art and design fair is to be held at Duke of York Square, London, in March 2020. Co-founders of the Masterpiece Fair, Thomas Woodham-Smith and Harry van der Hoorn, owner of Stabilo, designers and makers of exhibition stands around the world, have now bought the 27-year-old British Antiques Dealers’ Association’s (BADA) annual Chelsea fair. The pair has assembled around 100 exhibitors to sell an infinite variety of fine art, furniture, rare mechanical devices, jewellery, watches, artefacts, carpets and objets d’art. Stands will be inexpensive and the idea is not to concentrate on grand and costly pieces. The fair will not emphasise any one style, but will include the highest standards of craftsmanship: the romantic and the classical, together with the edgy and quirky, big names and lesser lights and highquality art and design from mediaeval times through to the 21st century. The respected BADA vetting processes are in place to be consulted when necessary and the fair is intended to be a happy, entertaining event, full of surprises and discoveries in a light-hearted atmosphere. For refreshments, try the Gimlet cocktail bar or clever all-day menu at Vardo, a new rotunda restaurant in Duke of York Square. essence INFO

Duke of York Square, King’s Road, London SW3 4LY Wednesday 18 until Tuesday 24 March 2020 Website: IMAGES COURTESY OF THE OPEN ART FAIR

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The diary Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond


Tuesday 28 January to Saturday 1 February Ghost Stories

An edge-of-your-seat theatrical experience. Are you brave enough?

Saturday 7 December to

New Wimbledon Theatre

Sunday 5 January Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs



The sublime Jo Brand plays the Wicked Queen.

Saturday 7 December to

Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 January Dial M for Murder

Sunday 5 January Cinderella

Thriller starring Tom Chambers.

Starring Samantha Womack and Lesley Garrett.

Monday 20 to Saturday 25 January Alan Ayckbourn’s Ten Times Table

Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 January Curtains

Popular Ayckbourn comedy.

Musical starring Jason Manford.

Monday 27 to Thursday 30 January Moscow City Ballet

Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 January Joseph and the Amazing

Presents The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

Technicolour Dreamcoat

Saturday 1 to Sunday 2 February Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever

Popular family show.

New Victoria Theatre

Popular Rice-Webber musical.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh



Sunday 8 December, 11am and 2pm Aladdin


A fun-filled, traditional pantomime.

Saturday 7 December to Sunday 5 January Aladdin

Starring Brendan Cole as the Genie and Bobby Davro. Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 January Shen Yun

Jo Brand, Snow White, Richmond Theatre PHOTO COPYRIGHT: CRAIG SUGDEN

Dorking Halls Dorking


Saturday 14 to Sunday 29 December Aladdin

Classic Chinese dance.

A magical carpet ride to the Far East!

Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 January Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Thursday 23 January Milton Jones in Milton: Impossible

Riotous spin on a timeless classic.

Popular comedian on tour.

Sunday 26 January Milton Jones in Milton: Impossible

Friday 31 January David Baddiel – Trolls: Not The Dolls

Popular comedian on tour.

A brand new one-man show.

34 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

David Baddiel: Trolls Not The Dolls, Dorking Halls

essence | EVENTS

Epsom Playhouse

Fabulous tale of love, magic and self-realisation.



Saturday 7 to Tuesday 24 December Santa’s Christmas Countdown

A new show for the festive season.

Master comedian on tour.

Saturday 14 December to

The Electric Theatre

Sunday 5 January Peter Pan



A swashbuckling adventure.

Thursday 19 to

Wednesday 22 January Stephen K Amos

Saturday 21 December The Man In The Moon:

Entertaining comedian on tour.

The Wind In The Willows

Farnham Maltings

A new adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic story.


The Woodfield Entertainers


Saturday 14 December to

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall

Monday 16 December The Little Match Girl


Hans Christian Andersen’s tale.

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 December Sleeping Beauty

Thursday 19 December Milton Jones: Milton Impossible

A warm-up appearance prior to tour.

A traditional panto from this popular theatre group.

Tuesday 28 January Jo Brand: Work in Progress

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Jo on the road with new material.



G Live

Friday 6 December to

Guildford Tickets:

Sunday 5 January Sleeping Beauty

Wednesday 11 December Rob Beckett: Wallop

Starring Kit Hesketh-Harvey as the Bad Fairy Carabosse.

A brand new stand-up show. Wednesday 18 December Adam Kay: Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas


The NHS at Christmastime.

Cranleigh Arts Centre

Guildford Spectrum





Tuesday 10 December Lunchtime concert, 1pm

Friday 13 to Sunday 15 December Peter Pan on Ice

Violinist Sarah McKenna and pianist Nao Maebayashi perform.

Spectrum’s annual ice pantomime.

Rose Theatre Kingston

Epworth Choir

Trinity Methodist Church, Woking




Saturday 14 December Family Christmas concerts

Friday 6 December to Sunday 5 January The Snow Queen

The Wind In The Willows, The Electric Theatre

Saturday 18 January Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest

Carols old and new at two concerts: 3.30 and 7.30pm.

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 35

WIN £200


courtesy of Spa Experience Epsom

Cara Dillon, Farnham Maltings

Essence is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a pampering session for themselves and a friend at award-winning local day spa, Spa Experience. Located inside the Rainbow Leisure Centre, Spa Experience Epsom offers a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment in which to restore your body, mind and wellbeing. Combining the best traditional massage therapies with the latest modern day treatments, there is nowhere better to indulge yourself and restore harmony to your life. Spa Experience by Better is an award-winning concept, based on making day spas accessible and affordable for the whole community. As well as Epsom, Spa Experience has six branches in London (Bethnal Green, Old Street, Kensington, Wimbledon, Waltham Forest and Swiss Cottage), as well as branches in Hertfordshire (Welwyn Garden City) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). Prize includes treatments of your choosing up to £100 each for one winner and a friend. For a chance to win, go to and answer the following question:

Horses at Polesden Lacey, National Trust PHOTO COPYRIGHT: NATIONAL TRUST/JOHN MILLAR

How many branches of Spa Experience are there in London? a) Four b) Five c) Six Closing date Friday 20 December.

essence INFO

For more information visit: Terms and conditions: By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. The promoter of the competition is: Spa Experience By Better. The competition will open on Monday 2 December. The winner will be contacted by email by Friday 3 January. The winner of the competition will receive treatments as stated in the competition, there is no cash alternative. The prize must be redeemed within six months. The prizes shall be awarded at the discretion of Spa Experience by Better and if it considers any entrant has acted inappropriately or dishonestly in entering into the competition, it reserves the right to refuse to award any prize. Spa Experience by Better’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. Other than where such liability cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any person entering the competition or as a result of accepting the prize.

36 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

Passing By by Luella Martin, In Print: Capturing Light, Watts Gallery

essence | EVENTS

Spotlight on... David Hockney: Ways of Working The Lightbox, Woking

Saturday 25 January to Sunday 19 April An in-depth look at artist David Hockney’s creative output spanning six decades. Covering a diverse range of media from painting techniques, draughtsmanship and printmaking skills, to photography, designs for the stage and the use of digital technologies such as the iPad, Photoshop and inkjet processes. Known for his Californian swimming pools, Polaroid photo-collages and figurative landscape and abstract works, David Hockney: Ways of Working is the first show of its kind outside the capital for more than twenty years. Throughout the exhibition run, there’ll be hands-on learning activity and as part of ‘Hockney Week’ in February half term, children will be invited to contribute towards a large mosaic-style artwork, reflecting the artist’s processes. In addition, don’t miss the accompanying talks, tours and creative workshops.

David Hockney, ‘Portrait of Sir David Webster’ 1971, Acrylic on canvas 57x72" © David Hockney PHOTO CREDIT: RICHARD SCHMIDT

Farnham Maltings Farnham


Friday 13 December Cara Dillon: Upon a Winter’s Night

Celebrated Irish folk voice.

Exhibitions Guildford Cathedral


The Lightbox Woking



To Sunday 5 January The Ingram Collection:


Young Contemporary Talent

Wednesday 15 to


An immersive light and sound show inside the Cathedral.

The works of Tomas Harker, winner of The Ingram Collection Young Contemporary Talent Purchase Prize.

Friday 20 December Happy Mondays

New Ashgate Gallery

To Sunday 12 January Burning Bright:

G Live


Saturday 18 January

National Trust National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore any time of the year. We list a few, but visit for more.

Leith Hill Place Near Dorking


The Scottish Colourists

Information: 01306 711685


The works of four admired artists: S.J. Peploe, J.D. Fergusson, G.L. Hunter and F.C.B. Cadell.

Friday 13 December, 1pm Crispian Steele-Perkins concert

St Mary’s Church, Horsham

To Saturday 4 January Winter exhibition:


art and craft with local heart

Saturday 7 December

An evening of music and dance.

A range of unique, local art and craft for sale.

Saturday 25 January to

Surrey Mozart Players

To Saturday 4 January Hygge: the art of intimacy

Fronted by Shaun Ryder.

Mediaeval Baebes

The Electric Theatre, Guildford

and simple acts


A festive Hygge exhibition.

Saturday 7 December

To Saturday 4 January Maker in Focus: Will Shakspeare:

Music from Brahms and Schubert.

The Holly Lodge Centre Christ Church, East Sheen Information:

Wednesday 4 December Christmas concert in aid of

Shakspeare Glass

Beautiful festive collection.

Sunday 19 April David Hockney: Ways of Working

Classical and festive music.

Polesden Lacey

Great Bookham, near Dorking

See Spotlight above.

Information: 01372 452048

Watts Gallery

To Sunday 5 January Christmas at Polesden Lacey

Compton, Guildford Information:

To Sunday 5 January In Print: Capturing Light

See Polesden Lacey transformed and don’t miss the festive children’s trail, bejewelled Santa’s grotto and horse-drawn carriage weekends in December.

The Guildford Institute

Over 50 original prints by ten leading contemporary artists exploring the effects of light.



To Sunday 23 February William Orpen: Method & Mastery

Works by the Irish-born painter Sir William Orpen, a leading portraitist of his age, known for an expressive painting style.

Saturday 7 to Monday 23 December Shivering snowman trail

Ward Street, Guildford

The Holly Lodge Centre

To Friday 20 December Solo exhibition: Secrets of Nature

Carols, candlelight and festive readings, with mince pies.

Exhibition of works by international artist Claire Harrison.

Winkworth Arboretum Information: 01483 208477

Follow the clues and explore the wintry woodland.

DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020 | 37


Out and about Birdworld

Premium dog walking service based in Weybridge Serving the local community

07545 808739 Group walk one hour £12.50 Solo walk one hour £16 Dog sitting 24 hours £35 Fully insured • DBS/CRB certified Canine first aid qualified Eight years’ experience Air-conditioned vehicle Email: Facebook: JRM Dog Walking Instagram: jrm_dog_walking 38 | DECEMBER 2019/JANUARY 2020

To Sunday 5 January

Skate at the beautiful Palace.

Mane Chance Carol Concert


St Peter and St Paul Church, Godalming



To Tuesday 24 December Christmas wonderland

Sunday 8 December

Meet Santa’s reindeer, elves and farm animals whilst walking through wintry scenes.

Bocketts Farm Fetcham


To Tuesday 24 December Christmas at Bocketts Farm

Father Christmas returns with elves, Santa express and workshop.

Gatton Park Reigate

Join the Shetland ponies at the start of the annual carol concert.

Painshill Park Cobham


Saturday 7 and 14 December Wreath-making workshop

Make a festive wreath.

RHS Garden Wisley Woking


Saturday 7 December to


Sunday 5 January Glow 2019

Monday 23 December Christmas crafts

Giant botanical-inspired illuminations and trail.

Craft-making sessions for children aged three to seven years.

Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink East Molesey

Rural Life Centre Tilford, Farnham


Saturday 7 & 14 and


Sunday 8 & 15 December Santa Specials

Get on board the light railway.


Timeless luxury...individually tailored

Timeless Luxury.. Individually Tailored

Visit us at our extensive lifestyle showroom at 124 Summer Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0QR Or call us on: 0208 398 9777 Email:

wing to

n be. d finishes gbone eme is th a ssical

al End and e station uare and m

‘outstanding’ rated schools include Fulham Cross Girls School, London Oratory School as well as independent schools such as Fulham Prep School. For further information please contact Octagon on 020 8481 7500 or Strutt & Parker on 020 7731 7100.

Finding your next home...

Octagon 020 8481 7500 | OCTAGON.CO.UK

16/02/2018 17:22

Knight Frank

In Association With

Trenchard Arlidge

John D Wood


Grosvenor Billinghurst


APW Lettings



40 | DEC/JAN

Dalkeith House

Sunningdale £15,000 per calendar month Dalkeith House is a magnificent, detached, family home which has been extensively renovated over the years, which in turn has created a bright, spacious and well-proportioned house over three floors. Six bedrooms, five reception rooms, six bathrooms, garden, patio, roof terrace, balcony, off-street parking, triple garage, village location, swimming pool, modern, very good decoration. Telephone: 01344 291639



In a superb location.





2 West Clandon, Guildford, Surrey GU4 Set in one of the best positions in the area, tucked away in Dedswell Drive which leads off The Street yet conveniently close to the rail station. • • •

Approximately 300 yards to Clandon Station Organically managed garden Detached garden studio

Our Surrey expert, Tim Harriss, looks forward to helping you. 01483 665932

Guide price

£1,499,950 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

Elevated with far-reaching views.





2 Chantry View Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 This four bedroom detached home provides well-proportioned accommodation over two levels with south westerly views towards the River Wey; all under approximately one mile of Guildford's high street and mainline station. • • •

South-west facing terrace Utility room Extensive refurbishment

Our town experts, James Ackerley and Morten Boardman, look forward to helping you. 01483 665932

Guide price

£1,400,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

In Association With

Cobham: 01932 864242

COBHAM £975,000 Located a short walk from the centre of Cobham Village is this impressive detached house that has been expertly extended to offer four double bedrooms. The ground floor has superb open-plan family living which leads out to a private landscaped garden and there is plenty off street parking to the front.


01932 864242

OXSHOTT £1,100,000 This family house has four generous bedrooms with three bathrooms over the top two floors. The kitchen/living area on the ground floor has been cleverly extended to offer plenty of living space as well as a further reception room, utility area and a garage. There is ample parking to the front and a good sized private and mature garden to the rear.


01932 864242

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years

The Chase, Oxshott, Surrey • £3,550,000 • EPC: B

A magnificent new residence in excess of 5,200 sq ft, set over three floors, constructed to a very high specification. Approached via a security gated entrance with sweeping driveway and portico embraced by Tuscan stone columns. With a wonderful helical staircase, there are centrally controlled automaton systems for operating tvs, audio, CCTV, heating, entry gate and alarms. The property provides a home for the discerning purchaser, with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, four receptions, double garage, driveway and gardens.

Percival Close, Oxshott, Surrey • £2,495,000 • EPC: D

Set behind security-controlled electric gates, at a prominent position at the end of a popular private close, is this substantial family residence in excess of 4,700 sq ft with five bedrooms, five receptions rooms and a games room above the garage. The private, west-facing, landscaped gardens extend to approximately an acre, with a large patio ideal for outdoor entertaining. There is a magnificent entrance hallway with oak staircase from which the ground floor reception rooms are accessed. Backing onto Oxshott Heath and well located for Oxshott station.


Pennypot Lane, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8DG • £1,750,000 Situated in a quiet semi-rural location, this gated detached residence provides 2,663 sq. ft. of versatile accommodation and occupies a southerly facing plot of approximately one acre of formal gardens and a separate two acre paddock. The property benefits from a self-contained, one-bedroomed annexe.

Ambleside Road, Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5UW • Offers in excess of £725,000 Situated in one of Lightwater’s most prestigious roads, in a non-estate location, this extended five-bedroom detached residence provides 1,835 sq. ft. of accommodation, set over two floors. This versatile property offers an abundance of opportunity to extend STPP.


8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288


Oakshade Road

Copse Road

Three beautifully-designed and specified executive homes, ideally situated just yards from the centre of Oxshott Village and built by multi award-winning luxury house builders, Lusso Homes.

A beautifully-presented, four-bedroom, semi-detached house built around eight years ago and later extended with an orangery to the rear. Located in the heart of Cobham within easy reach of the bustling high street.

Free-flowing space provides seamless indoor/outdoor living, ideal for entertaining guests and relaxing. Each home features five bedrooms, three or four luxuriously-appointed bathrooms, under-floor heating throughout and a fully integrated kitchen. Attention to detail is paramount when creating beautiful homes, from skirting boards and architraves through to bespoke cabinetry, stone masonry, landscape and mood lighting, all are critical in producing a truly outstanding building.

Via the front porch, you enter the hallway leading through to a stylish and spacious sitting room at the rear. From here, bi-fold doors give access to the orangery, which in turn leads to the garden. To the front is a neatly laid out kitchen/dining room overlooking the drive. Also on the ground floor is a downstairs cloakroom and two storage cupboards. The first floor comprises four bedrooms, one en-suite, and a family bathroom. The master bedroom to the rear has a vaulted ceiling. Here, you have the option to create a dressing room by removing the stud partition wall between this room and the smaller bedroom.

Oxshott From £1,495,000

There is a wide choice of outstanding schools in the area including Royal Kent School ACS International School, Danes Hill, Reed’s School and St Johns, Leatherhead. Take lazy walks or enjoy horse riding nearby on Oxshott Heath. Shopping facilities in the area are extensive. Oxshott village caters for day-to-day needs, whilst Esher and Cobham have a wider range of shops, boutiques and restaurants. The A3 offers a direct route to London and the M25 and Oxshott mainline station provides a fast and direct route to London Waterloo (journey times from 36 minutes).

Cobham Guide price £750,000

At the back of the house is a well-maintained and beautifully landscaped garden, accessed via the orangery. Steps lead up to a sloping lawn and there is also a paved seating area, perfect for al fresco dining. To the front is a neat driveway, offering off-street parking for two cars and there is a side gate that leads to the rear garden. The property is 0.5 miles from Cobham High Street, 2.4 miles by car and 1.8 miles by foot from Cobham & Stoke D’Abernon train station. It is also within easy reach of the A3 and M25.

APW Lettings, Weybridge 134 Oatlands Drive • Oatlands Village • Weybridge • Surrey • KT13 9HJ t: 01932 857300 e: Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm The Heronry, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 £4,250 per calendar month Available: 10 December 2019 Number of bedrooms: Five Beautifully-presented, detached family home over three floors, located in quiet cul-de-sac and a short drive/walking distance to Walton Station. Offering warm walnut flooring throughout, with an open-plan living/dining room leading to kitchen/breakfast room. Boasting five double bedrooms (of which two are ensuite), a large private garden and off street parking and integral garage.

Ellesmere Road, Weybridge, KT13 £4,200 per calendar month Available: Immediately Number of bedrooms: Five Within walking distance of Weybridge train station and the Queens Road shops, this refurbished family home comprises of a large open-plan kitchen and family room with bi-fold doors to an attractive landscaped garden. There are two further large reception rooms plus a study, five well-proportioned bedrooms and two bathrooms. Also benefits from an integral garage and driveway parking for three or four cars.

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23/10/2019 17:57


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