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Issue 80 | APRIL 2017

Flying high Entrepreneur James Moon

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Stephanie Brookes’ choices

FIFTH GENERATION Land Rover’s ultimate SUV




A service that brings you beautifully crafted bespoke engagement rings, created at our London workshop by master jewellers with decades of expertise.

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contents Issue 80 | APRIL 2017

6 | Interview | JAMES MOON

Rising business star James Moon left school aged 16 to pursue a career in aviation; eight years on he’s flying high. Andrew Peters talked to the rising young businessman.


Interview | JAMES MOON



14 | Travel | CRETE

Chantal Borciani discovers the reasons why Crete is the up and coming destination on the luxury getaway trail.


20 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Rising business star James Moon left school aged 16 to pursue a career in aviation; eight years on he’s flying high. One of the UK’s youngest pilots at 17, today the former Dame Allan’s pupil owns Moon Jet Group, an aircraft remarketing startup. Andrew Peters talked to the rising young businessman who remains committed to scaling further heights and increasing sales. >>>

Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited considers the art of combining contrasting textures in our outside spaces.

24 | Motoring | LAND ROVER

Land Rover’s fifth generation, new Discovery has arrived providing drivers with what must be the most versatile SUV. Euan Johns went in search of this new off road icon.

34 | Fashion | PETER HAHN

Pink is dominating the catwalks whether making a statement or softening darker outfits. From candy to raspberry, Peter Hahn has something to keep everyone bang on trend.


Travel | CRETE


40 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor Stephanie Brookes offers her pick of eating establishments for this month.

Chantal Borciani discovers the reasons why Crete is the up and coming destination on the luxury getaway trail.


Seasonal and local food comes in the form of cauliflower and rhubarb with recipes to try. The old port of Chania PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALEH VARANISHCHA | 123RF.COM

52 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Judith Fitton, Partner at Mundays LLP, discusses how to approach issues of divorce and separation.

54 | Finance | PMW

Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd, sheds light on a new stealth tax targeted at the wealthy when they die.


56 | Education | DOWNSEND

Vanessa Conlan, Head Teacher at Downsend pre-prep school, shares her insights into why the school is inspiring young minds.

58 | Leisure breaks | RIMINI

Rebecca Underwood discovers Rimini, located in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, beside the glittering waters of the Adriatic Sea.


This year’s Festival again brings together world-class artists to perform in beautiful venues in the Surrey Hills.

64 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s detailed diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.






Three painters, Katty McMurray, Kathryn Matthews and John Marshall, have transformed a studio in one of Brighton beach’s Victorian seafront arches into a not to be missed gallery.



Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of eating establishments for this month.


78 | Interior design | SOPHIE PATERSON

Interior designer Sophie Paterson talks about the secrets of good interior design and how she overcame career challenges to be where she is today.

Profile: Stephanie Brookes Based in London, Stephanie, a leading food writer and presenter, is considered the ‘go-to’ contact for recommendations of the best places to eat in London and beyond. Stephanie’s fresh approach sees her celebrating food, whether it is discovering the hottest street food, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, seeking out up and coming eateries or experiencing the newest food markets around.

have been revisiting some of my favourite London restaurants, and reminding myself why they continually appear in my top list of recommendations. London’s restaurant scene is one of the most exciting in the world and continually evolving, yet there’s something so comforting about the familiarity of a much-loved dish. I think we can all agree that while it’s always good to try new things, the joy we get from ordering a plate that brings back deliciously happy memories is something to be savoured. I probably think about food more than anything else, and when I get those savoury cravings, the dishes I have chosen for this feature are usually at the forefront of my thinking. For those looking for somewhere new to try, rest-assured I have visited these eateries on many occasion, and likely will again in the near future. Happy feasting!  essence INFO Website: www.stephaniebrookes.com Twitter: @stephbrookes

BAO 53 Lexington Street, Soho, London W1F 9AS

www.baolondon.com For the ardent foodie, this relative newcomer to the Soho restaurant scene is already as famous for its long queues as it is for its food. When I first ventured to BAO, I didn’t have the patience to wait in line, however, on the second visit, I thought there had to be a reason for such steadfast devotion. As I happened to be dining alone, I was seated quickly, which I discovered is actually the best way to experience BAO. As I sat at the communal table, I watched as little plates of fluffy steamed buns were promptly presented to my fellow diners, and then devoured just as quickly. Over my many visits, I’ve become a fan of the classic braised pork, peanut powder and coriander. For those who haven’t tasted a bao, otherwise known as a steamed bun, it is an absolute treat. The soft, pillow-like texture of the bao, with the tender pork filling and aromatic coriander is a moreish and satisfying bite. The soy milk-fried chicken with Sichuan mayo and golden kimchi is another favourite. For a little sweet treat at the end of feasting, try the fried Horlicks’ ice-cream bao. You’ll be queuing up again in no time!


40 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

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Bologne 300 Thread Sateen Bed Linen from £15.00

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4 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017







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Niches Finding one’s niche is a commonly used expression and it’s always interesting finding out what different people enjoy doing. It’s a term commonly applied in business, especially these days with more self-employed people in the workplace. We’ve all heard of the second hand car business, but what about planes? Who would have thought there was a market for these? This month we interview James Moon, a young businessman who has set up precisely such a business and found his niche market. Also in essence this month, Land Rover has produced, perhaps, the ultimate SUV and Euan Johns takes it through its paces. Whilst despite the country’s financial troubles, Greece is still a popular holiday destination and we discover special places to stay in Crete. Peter Hahn fashion is in the pink for its Spring/Summer collections with something to suit all hues and tastes. Food is always an important consideration for most people, and foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor Stephanie Brookes reveals her pick of eating establishments for this month. They say opposites attract and this can also apply to the garden as Alladio Sims Landscape Design considers contrasting textures to add interest to outside spaces. As Spring arrives, essence has beauty, legal, financial and educational advice, together with the pick of activities highlighting food and events to enjoy and places to go, including a not to be missed jewel of an art gallery on Brighton’s seafront.

The essence team

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Interview | JAMES MOON



Rising business star James Moon left school aged 16 to pursue a career in aviation; eight years on he’s flying high. One of the UK’s youngest pilots at 17, today the former Dame Allan’s pupil owns Moon Jet Group, an aircraft remarketing startup. Andrew Peters talked to the rising young businessman who remains committed to scaling further heights and increasing sales. >>>

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8 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

6pp_Interview_Layout 1 05/04/2017 15:59 Page 4

Interview | JAMES MOON

1975 L-39 Albatross aircraft remarketed by Moon Jet Group


elling second hand aircraft around the globe from its Newcastle HQ, Moon Jet assists an array of customers ranging from airlines and private jet companies to high net worth individuals. James Moon, now 23, says he founded the business because a massive niche existed for a unique, personalised international aviation firm, driven by the needs of its clients. Q James, what sparked your interest in flying? A Every since a young age I wanted to become an airline pilot; when I was 10 I had a flight simulator and thought I was quite good at flying! Q When did you begin to fly? A Age 14 – it was love at first flight…

“The A330 deal was massive for the Moon Jet Group, but we have to keep standing out. We’re a unique firm, attracting worldwide clients in a unique market, but we want more!” JAMES MOON

Q What gave you the idea to start Moon Jet Group? A An aircraft owner in the USA wanted a hand selling an aircraft so I helped him and discovered how much money there was in it. I was good at it too, as I sold it without any real experience in aircraft sales. But the more I looked into the industry all I heard about were the numerous out of date methods, bad experiences and rogue ‘brokers’, so I felt there was a substantial niche for an honest, trustworthy, passionate and genuine international aircraft remarketing firm. Q How much time went into planning the business before you started it? A Two years of solid speaking with aircraft owners, leasing companies and attending events worldwide to prove the niche and concept. Q What sort of aeroplanes do you sell? Is there any plane you wouldn’t look at taking on and finding a buyer for? A I would have originally said yes we would take every aircraft type in the world on to our books, however, since growing our team, we

APRIL 2017 | essence-magazine.co.uk 9


6pp_Interview_Layout 1 05/04/2017 15:59 Page 5

no longer take anything less than $200K, as our clientele has felt insulted when buying a $20m aircraft and their new aircraft is next to a $10,000 Cessna on our website. Q What has been the most difficult period for the business to date? A Rapid growth, which is a great thing you might think, but it really puts a strain on the resources and abilities of a small team. However, with Moon Jet’s recruitment we are solving this good problem. Q You’ve currently got a 1944 Yakovlev YAK 9-UM warbird for sale. How did you acquire that? A I heard it was for sale and thought I want our clients to see that! It is gorgeous and if I had the money I would have snapped it up by now. Q Do you see classics becoming a larger part of your sales? A Yes, as well as fighter jets for recreational use. Some of our high net worth clients want these as toys which is pretty cool. Q Obviously selling a large plane is a daunting prospect. How do you acquire planes and how do you market them to find buyers? A We are often approached by an aircraft owner: we make an offer to market it, we visit to take photographs and then devise a dedicated marketing plan for the aircraft. Every aircraft is different: marketing an Airbus is different to a Gulfstream; our competitors don’t do this, but we find that specific marketing works very well. Q You’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time, would you describe yourself as plane (not plain) mad? A Yes, I think you have to be mad and delusional at times, pushing the business to its limits and taking it into the unknown. I love taking a risk and not knowing where it might lead. Q Have you ever found your age to be a hindrance rather than an advantage in the industry, after all some of the aeroplanes are big pieces of kit? A Yes, it is ridiculous that age can hold you back. I have dealt with some fantastic aircraft owners and businesses, have been just about to sign, and they discover I am only 23… I have then been told to either go back to university or accused of running a scam. It is my pet hate, I cannot stand it, but I turn it around and use it as motivation. Q How many people do you now employ? Are they all plane enthusiasts like yourself? A Last time I checked it was 12! But we are looking to add more enthusiasts worldwide. In the UK, it is myself and former ‘Red 1’, Red Arrow pilot Jas Hawker who is chief operating officer of Moon Jet Group. Q What’s been your biggest deal to date? A Landing the $168m Airbus A330-300 deal for an airline in Asia. Moon Jet beat all its competitors to win that when we were less than 12 months old too. The deal was a credit to our brand and our passion towards aviation. It got us noticed worldwide, it turned heads.

10 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017


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Interview | JAMES MOON

Profile: Moon Jet Group Launched in May 2015, following two years of preliminary work and planning, James Moon has put every pound he’s ever had into growing the Moon Jet Group. Last year the hard work paid off and the Group landed a $168m deal selling two Airbus A330s, growing the enterprise into one of the largest of its kind. Yet the young entrepreneur remains committed to scaling further heights and increasing sales next year by beginning aircraft charters in Australia, the US and the UK, as well as increasing aircraft sales. Despite Moon Jet Group’s jet-setting nature, James insists future growth will not impact on the company’s commitment to his native North East. He confirmed: “It’s great to operate from the North East of England, despite the region not being well known for aviation. We’re changing that and putting the North East on the industry’s world map.”

Q How does Moon Jet’s referral scheme work? A It is simple. If an individual knows an aircraft is for sale, or any aircraft owner is looking to sell, mention them to us and if it sells there is a $3,000 (USD) referral fee. Q What are your aims and ambitions for the Moon Jet Group over the next few years? A To continue growing rapidly, opening more offices worldwide, and to build an awesome global team that can help us reach even greater heights. Q The company sells aircraft worldwide which must entail a lot of travel, so how do you relax when there is some downtime? A I go flying! Or play cricket for my local cricket team that I captain. This is a punishing business as given the time zones it is impossible to switch off. Q What’s your favourite aeroplane to fly? A Has to be the one I went solo in: the Piper Warrior. I love it, it’s reliable and incredible.  essence INFO Website: www.moonjetgroup.com

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5pp_Travel_Layout 1 05/04/2017 20:04 Page 1

Crete’s Chantal Borciani discovers the reasons why Crete is the up and coming destination on the luxury getaway trail.

5pp_Travel_Layout 1 05/04/2017 20:04 Page 2

Travel | CRETE


5pp_Travel_Layout 1 05/04/2017 20:04 Page 3

The Royal Spa Villa view at Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites

16 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

5pp_Travel_Layout 1 05/04/2017 20:04 Page 4

Travel | CRETE

Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites


With balmy weather from March to November, Crete is easy to explore anytime. Take a car and visit the culture capital of Chania, explore the majestic Samira gorge or visit the pink sands of Elafonisi on the west coast.


hile other holiday destinations drift in and out of popularity, Greece has been holding fast at the top hotspot for decades. Something about those eternally restful white-washed villages, the dazzling electric blue Aegean, the gentle, undulating hillsides and spectacularly indented coastlines, make the Greek islands nirvana for chic sunseekers. Though droves of holidaymakers head for Mykonos and Santorini for luxury island life, those in the know make their euros go much further and book lesser-known luxury gems. What sets Crete apart is simply the style and elegance of its boutique hotels. They may cater for families as well as romantics, but the designled suites, private infinity pools and sublime terraces decked out with white billowing muslin drapes, to contrast with that cloudless electric blue sky, sea and pools, are simply picture perfect. Luxury with a difference Tucked away on the north-east coast of Crete lies St Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas, a small, serene collection of low-lying white-washed and stone apartments that encircle a private beach. This chic resort offers Thalasso studio with private pool at St Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas

suites and villas overlooking both the spectacular Gulf of Mirabello Bay and the charming harbour of Agios Nikolaos. In July and August it’s a haven for families and couples alike (though with so many private pools, visitors are never overrun by broods or honeymooners), while out of season it’s a fabulous romantic getaway or spa week in the sun. The private apartments cascade seaward and are hidden like jewels among the immaculately manicured gardens. Our villa, a one-bedroom suite, with stunning picture windows filled to the brim with turquoise sky and cobalt blue, was mesmeric. Champagne on arrival provided the perfect bedfellow. It’s all so elementally aware – the suite’s private sundecks lead to private pools, overlooking the sea; the patio doesn’t merely stop, a grass verge flows down the edge of the cliff ensuring no line is too harsh, no material out off place or garish. Does it get more perfect? Spa in the sun St Nicolas’ newly renovated Poseidon spa is at the top of its game. Alongside the indoor heated pool with hydro jet bubble seats, marble Turkish steam baths and saunas, and a plethora of body and face treatments utilising Elemis and exclusive Cinq Monde products, there is ‘Aphrodite’s Bath’, a treatment cave for two. A seawater Thalassotherapy pool beside the sea, hydrojets and bubble loungers, and another favourite – the ‘Blue Room’, which sits at the very top of the spa with wall-to-wall windows overlooking Mirabello Bay. Eleni, the spa manager, is a fount of knowledge for all massage and skincare questions. She wisely recommended the heavenly My Greek Honey Massage with Charup Honey (45 minutes, € 94). Dining, as with everything here, feels bespoke, despite most guests opting for full board. Breakfast is a leisurely and choice-laden affair enjoyed at tables by the pool or under the shade of orange trees. There are two hotel restaurants open for lunch and on the private beach where complimentary watersports are found at the beach club. Our favourite remains the romantic seafront terrace beside the waterfront chapel.

APRIL 2017 | essence-magazine.co.uk 17


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Devour fresh Greek salads with crisp white local wines under swaying branches and feel stresses slip away. For activity hunters, there is a kids’ club, open-air cinema and games’ lounge. Motorboat excursions and scuba diving lessons can be booked and the main pool is also a magnet for sun lovers. When evening arrives, the raised terrace is sundowner heaven, accompanied by a tinkling piano in the corner. Below the bar and overlooking the pool, Minotaur restaurant has a world-class wine list, fabulous innovative menu and Japanese sushi to die for. Live like a celebrity Five minutes down the road from St Nicolas Bay is the bustling cove of Elounda. Winding hilltop roads offer heady views to Spinalonga island made famous by Victoria Hislop’s novel, The Island. For those looking for even more exclusivity, Elounda Gulf Villas is the pinnacle of lux getaways. Set on a hillside above the eponymous town, these are some of the most stylish villas, apartments and suites on the island. The resort has 18 private villas, each with its own private infinity pool, and 15 suites. Owned and run by the Kadianakis family, this is the byword in bespoke luxury. Guests can choose from a pillow menu and request a butler to serve breakfast. The residences have the very latest technology, from kitchen mod cons to audio equipment, but all of this decadence plays second fiddle to the resort’s panoramic views. All properties look seaward and with most of the private pools completely hidden from view, it’s little surprise celebrities including Cristiano Ronaldo and world dignitaries come here to escape the limelight. Design and discreet service is at the core of Elounda Gulf Villas’ prowess. Newest additions to the hotel comprise massage villas: set at the top of the hillside, they enjoy the highest views and feel like Hollywood Hills’ duplexes, complete with drop-away pools and a private massage suite within each villa. The gargantuan Imperial villa is a masterpiece with spectacular infinity pool, gym, sauna, steam room and spellbinding views. The luxury resort boasts two à la carte restaurants, private beach club (10 minutes drive away, but simply pick up the villa phone to arrange a transfer), small spa, seaview gym and a brand new kids’ club and crèche for junior guests, which meet OFSTED standards. The Mediterranean menu at the poolside restaurant is surely one of the best on the island, with seared octopus, local cheese with grilled prawns and bountiful local produce always the star of the show. The à la carte restaurant, Daphni, is another culinary highlight. Our lamb fillet rolled in a green crust of fresh Cretan herbs, served with citrus fruitflavoured bean purée and rainbow wafer beetroot was a triumph. As was the way Crete can cater to well-heeled families, honeymooners and those looking for a lux getaway to the sunshine. For travellers wanting short-haul decadence, Crete’s villa-hotels are the place to push the boat out. In return, receive better prices, premium service, private infinity pools, gorgeous shoulder season weather and fewer crowds than those blue domes of Oia.  essence INFO Websites: www.slh.com/hotels/elounda-gulf-villas-and-suites/ and www.slh.com/hotels/st-nicolas-bay-resort-hotel-villas

18 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017


Don’t discount a Greek weekend getaway. A longer summer season than Italy and Spain, with a superb choice of flights, means April, May, September and October getaways are perfect for those wanting to escape the crowds.

THE MOST SEAMLESS SERVING EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD Savour your exquisite champagnes and wines with elegance, not ice. A new era of sophistication has arrived: Kaelo. Simply open, and enjoy.

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Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited considers the art of combining contrasting textures in our outside spaces.


here are a million different shades of green in a garden. And when it comes to plants, many of them share at least one similarity – be it colour, form, shape or size. Yet in a successful garden each contrasting element – whether it’s a plant or hardscape – is able to contribute towards creating a sense of space, a certain mood and an excitement that sets the garden apart from any other space and draws eyes in. Exciting gardens know how to play with opposites, and how to successfully combine contrasting textures. The key to the art of combining opposites relies on providing enough variation to create intensity without letting chaos settle in. A series of successful contrasting combinations in a garden introduces a layer of visual textures that lets our eyes ‘see’ each and every one of its elements. The most obvious tools for creating texture in gardens are their building blocks – hardscape, plants and colour – constantly combined and rearranged until ultimate finesse is achieved. Just like a chef would create a dish choosing each and every ingredient in the right quantity and introducing interesting flavour combinations by contrasting clashing ingredients, a garden designer sets out to create a garden by striving to achieve a very fine balance of all three of its main building blocks. At the bottom of the pyramid is, of course, the hardscape – paths, patios, planters – key structural elements forming the backbone of visual texture, each material carefully chosen for its finish, that might contrast or absorb the texture from surrounding plants. A sleek, large, porcelain slab patio surrounded by soft linear and light reflecting grasses is a good example of contrasting textures and forms. A step up is colour, to be found not only in flowers, but in bark, fruit and seeds, and in leaves too of course, to create a balanced backdrop of harmonious shades with peaks of interest in the form of contrasting colour combinations. Good examples of contrasting arrangements could be a blue geranium with a hot pink rose, or the lime green flower of alchemilla mollis against a purple heuchera or a black mondo grass. And, of course, the key building blocks to create good visual texture are plants, through both their form and their leaf texture. Just think of how many habitats a plant can have and how important that is to the overall

20 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

This garden plays with contrasting proportions, shapes and textures to create visual interest and just the right amount of punch. Image courtesy of Alladio Sims Garden and Landscape Design Ltd., private London garden

3pp_Gardening_Layout 1 05/04/2017 16:01 Page 2

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

story a garden tells – a spiky plant is contemporary and sleek, it’s a full stop, because it commands attention making the viewer stop and look at it. Phormiums, with their upright and spiky form, are an emblem of confidence and showiness, while a trailing or spreading plant is much more informal, perfect to create an intimate atmosphere – think of a trailing nasturtium against a brick wall, or a billowing geranium spilling out of a border. Mastering clever contrasts between two opposite forms can produce stunning results: an upright allium or a spiky eryngium emerging through the soft fronds of a tall grass, one rigid and sharp the other softly arching in the wind.

This happy mix of spiky and coarse textures amongst soft and fine grasses has a visual appeal and makes us want to stroke the plants. Image courtesy of Alladio Sims Garden and Landscape Design Ltd., The Secret Garden Party @ RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015

Foliage textures are all important too. In general, leaf types can be divided into four main categories and they too look stunning when contrasted between each other: Simple leaves – these could be oval, round or heart shaped etc – are provided by common plants such as bergenias, brunneras, foxgloves, tiny thyme or box. They form the base of any planting composition and can look stunning when contrasted between each other – not only in terms of proportions, but of hue too. >>>

Similar leaf shapes in contrasting proportions, such as those of thyme and foxgloves, can be very effective when combined together. Image courtesy of Alladio Sims Garden and Landscape Design Ltd., private London garden

APRIL 2017 | essence-magazine.co.uk 21

3pp_Gardening_Layout 1 05/04/2017 16:01 Page 3

Profile: Alladio Sims Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd was established in 2015 after Jon Sims and Emanuela Alladio collaborated on a Silver Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach throughout their practice with Jon’s background in interior architecture giving distinctive spaces and Emanuela’s passion for plants and photographic eye adding great texture and contrast.

Linear or strappy leaves – these can be very upright as the rigid swords of astelias and phormiums, or more gently arching and soft, such as the blades of most grasses. Again, a sharp contrast between a phormium and a stipa tenuissima draws us in, forcing us to stop and feel the texture, running fingers through the grass. Feathery and dissected leaves (ferns typify this group) introduce a layer of complexity. They are stunning against simpler leaf shapes, for example, a hosta and a fern next to each other, nothing is more beautiful yet so simple and so contrasting, or a fennel against a foxglove, bold form next to delicate and fine fronds.

Contrasting hues, leaf type and texture – here we have strappy lime green grass, coarse dark green fern and fancy green and purple foam flower – makes for a very rich and exciting visual experience, drawing the eyes in. Image courtesy of Alladio Sims Garden and Landscape Design Ltd., private London garden

Contrasting hues and feathery leaves are perfect to add complexity and intimacy to gardens. Image courtesy of Alladio Sims Garden and Landscape Design Ltd., private London garden

And finally the true visual delight of exuberant leaf shapes – be it very dissected, such as those of geraniums or very frilly and deeply lobed such as Japanese maples – they are perfect to accent a scheme with the right amount of frilliness and bling. Imagine a red Japanese maple underplanted with the strappy acid green leaves of hakonechloa and next to a round leaved vivid green or purple cotinus. These are true opposites in terms of textures and shapes, and yet so elegant and refined together, adding a real punch and making a unique statement.

22 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

Nothing like contrasting visual textures sets the mood of a garden, creating a sense of place and adding finesse to a design. The key is to master the art of combining opposites – too much variation and it’s a muddle, too little and there is no excitement. 

essence INFO Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Unit C Willow House, Dragonfly Place, London SE4 2FJ Website: www.alladiosims.co.uk Email: Hello@alladiosims.co.uk

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20/03/2017 13:22

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SEVEN Land Rover’s fifth generation, new Discovery has arrived in showrooms providing drivers with an opportunity to test what must be the most versatile SUV on sale today on UK roads. Euan Johns went in search of this new off road icon. >>>

4pp_Motoring_Layout 1 05/04/2017 16:00 Page 2

Motoring | LAND ROVER

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“It’s a special moment when a new vehicle arrives, and after months of planning, we are very proud of the new Discovery, it does everything its predecessor does and more.” JEREMY HICKS, MANAGING DIRECTOR, JAGUAR LAND ROVER UK


he new Discovery’s star-studded reveal was at Packington Hall, Solihull last September. Unveiled against a Guinness World Record-breaking Lego backdrop, the car, like a pop star, has been on a national tour. It’s appeared at high-profile events including ‘Big Game 9’ at Twickenham and the London Boat Show. It’s also been put to test over some of the toughest terrain Utah has to offer. Even before this new generation of the renowned and much-loved Discovery arrived, over 20,000 had already been sold worldwide. So, billed as one of the new car arrivals of the year, how does it square up? Land Rover marketeers like to stress the ‘seven wonders’ of the Discovery (see separate box opposite) and impressive they are too. It’s always been a popular car for a large family and all their clobber, and there’s certainly enough room for even the largest amount of kit. Storage and space continue to be an undisputable triumph of this version, with access to seats aided by one-touch seat folding, all very easy. However, fans of the old split tailgate may be disappointed in the new deployable shelf which provides a poor substitute mean surface for those Discovery carpark picnics at Twickenham and Badminton. This SUV is stylish, although perhaps an acquired taste, and like an ageing actor would probably prefer to show its best side which is certainly viewed from the front. The rear is a little quirky, if not bordering on ugly. The new design makes the Discovery a bit more touchy-feely with softer edges than its predecessors. However, it’s pretty enough for some to consider the daily abuse of towing horseboxes and the like may not be all in a day’s work for such an upmarket thoroughbred.

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Motoring | LAND ROVER

Inside, passengers are cocooned in space and safety with all the modern gadgetry required to keep the calls of ‘are we there yet?’ down to a minimum. It’s not cheap: prices start from just under £44,000, but maybe that’s a price worth paying to keep the family happy and mum and dad suitably stress free before reaching journey’s end. Land Rover likes to stress its green, humanist and conservationist credentials, however, drivers won’t get anything near 30 mpg from the petrol version of this much lighter (thanks to more aluminium than its predecessors) Discovery vehicle. The diesel is a lot better on fuel consumption, but that could be an increasingly expensive option as we all know. So, in the final shakedown, what’s new? Land Rover has greatly improved the dynamics and refinement of its popular family SUV and supplied an interior that ranks with its peers and probably betters them. It’s a comfortable, if thirsty, drive, and can go places where rival SUVs can’t even dream of. In fact, this townie’s off roader takes all in its stride: useful in Utah and to boast about at dinner parties. The new Discovery is a very desirable family vehicle that should keep its value in line with predecessors, but it’s probably better to be inside in the comfort and with the multitude of toys, as externally it really needs to be seen at its best angle to be appreciated.  essence INFO Land Rover UK Website: www.landrover.co.uk

Discovery: The magnificent seven 1. Every seat is the best seat in the house Flexible interior provides seven full-sized adult seats, instantly configurable from a smartphone using a world-first remote Intelligent Seat Fold technology. 2. Semi-autonomous safety technology provides peace of mind for a family Premium interior combines leading design with durable, high-quality materials and space for the whole family. 3. King of the hill: unstoppable on all surfaces, all terrains and in all weathers Land Rover’s full-sized SUV architecture delivers world-beating all-terrain capability. 4. British creativity Design retains key Discovery family cues, adding optimised proportions and sophisticated surfaces. 5. Storage: discover space for everything Up to 2,406 litres of luggage space with seven seats as standard in the UK and clever storage for 21st century family essentials. 6. Connects every generation Digital Discovery equipped with up to nine USB ports, four 12-volt charging points and an in-car 3G WiFi hotspot for up to eight devices. 7. After the roads end: reaching threatened habitats and vulnerable people New Discovery continues Land Rover’s work in humanitarian aid and conservation projects around the world.

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LINDBERG sun 8582

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Accessories | LINDBERG LINDBERG sun 8403

Get some... LINDBERG Sun Marrying function and fashion, LINDBERG’s latest high-performance sunglass offering showcases avantgarde riffs on the classic aviator, along with the bold use of cut-outs and floating lenses, all making this Spring/Summer 2017 season the brand’s most daring yet. In the LINDBERG world ‘off the shelf’ doesn’t exist, as each pair of lightweight titanium sunglasses is customisable and clients can choose their perfect fit with maximum comfort. Here LINDBERG’s legacy of exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and technical innovation stands behind each personalised design. The LINDBERG Sun collection features the brand’s patented screw-less hinges and the world’s premier ZEISS glare protective lenses – available in a range of hues and tints. After purchase, each pair of bespoke sunglasses is then hand finished in LINDBERG’s lab and air-couriered to the client’s optician, who can then undertake the necessary final calibrations. And at a time when many sunglass brands are lowering the bar in favour of a wear-today, throw-awaytomorrow approach, LINDBERG stands alone as a true luxury lexicon in the eyewear arena.

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Website: www.lindberg.com

LINDBERG sun 8408

LINDBERG sun 8401 Prices range from £379.50

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Printed linen shirt â‚Ź590

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Printed linen shirt €590

Tradition in evolution Presenting the Angelo Galasso Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

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Website: www.angelogalasso.com Angelo Galasso stores: New York: The Plaza, 5th Avenue at Central Park, South New York, NY 10019 Telephone: +1 212 371 4400 London: 8–10 Hans Road, London SW3 1RX Telephone: +44 (0)207 584 3978 Milan: Via Montenapoleone 21/A, 20121 Milan Telephone: +39 02 255 466 33 Moscow: Bolshaya Dmitrovka 20/1, 107021 Moscow Telephone: +7 495 650 4517

Embroided print linen shirt €890

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It’s not stupid to do something to improve your outlook on life My tummy affected the way I dressed, and the way I felt about myself. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and think “I like being me” and actually mean it.

Jane’s Story Age 46, Essex Tummy Tuck Surgery

I chose to have a tummy tuck because I was extremely self conscious about the way my tummy looked. After three pregnancies and having my appendix out, I had a nasty scar, lax muscles and loose skin that no amount of dieting or exercise would restore my pre-baby belly. I’ve been married for 20 years with 3 children, and we have recently adopted triplets, who are all autistic. I love all of my children but it can be quite isolating and I wanted to do something for me, which would boost my confidence and help me feel good about myself again. Amir and the Bella Vou team were absolutely fantastic and they’ve completely understood where I’m coming from. Bella Vou really stood out to me in every way. Although some people can be judgemental about cosmetic surgery, I’d encourage people to do what they think is best for themselves. It’s not stupid to do something to improve your outlook on life.

(left to right) Before Jane’s surgery and six months after Tummy Tuck Surgery

I didn’t realise how young I’d look! The results are absolutely fantastic. My stomach is tight and flat again, the way it was before I had my babies. It looks like it did when I was 19. It’s been a massive change for me. The first time I went shopping I bought myself a bikini which was a big thing for me. It was nice to be able to buy the correct size clothing for my body, rather than buying bigger sizes for my belly. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to wear whatever I want, rather than having to put things back on the hanger because they don’t suit me. Amir and all the wonderful team made my procedure so enjoyable and lot easier than I’d imagined it would be. I felt safe from the beginning, and they gave me an exceptional result.

Featured surgeon on

‘Facelifts & Fillers’ Mr Amir Nakhdjevani


Consultant Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

UKAAPS UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

The Royal College of Surgeons of England

British Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons

Watch Jane’s video story now at www.bellavou.co.uk/patient-stories

Copyright © 2017. Before you consider any procedure you should consult with a physician to check your medical suitability. The above information is only a brief overview and typical of most patients’ experiences. Errors and omissions excepted.

01892 257 050

Text 07800 007 028


Day.Like long knitted waistcoat £119 Day.Like. culottes £115, Day.Like blouse £95

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Fashion | PETER HAHN Uta Raasch pure silk blouse £159 Uta Raasch scarf £204

Think pink Now over 50 years old, fashion retailer Peter Hahn remains true to its motto: ‘Our fashion – your style’ and to its use of natural materials. Only available online in the UK, Peter Hahn has stores in Germany and Switzerland offering high quality fashion from over 250 international designer brands. Pink in every shade is dominating the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2017, whether making a statement, using the colour to soften darker outfits or in accessories. From candy to raspberry, Peter Hahn has something to keep everyone bang on trend.

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Website: www.peterhahn.com Uta Raasch blouse £159 Uta Raasch skirt £115

Peter Hahn shirt £85


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Culottes ÂŁ95

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Fashion | PETER HAHN Peter Hahn blouse £125 Cardigan £125

Description of item £????

Day.Like. culottes £115

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Battling baldness Have you ever run your hand through thinning hair and wished you had the luscious locks you did when you were younger? If the words ‘comb’ or ‘hairbrush’ have long since lost all relevance to you, then you are definitely not alone. The experienced team at Bella Vou Pantiles Clinic in Tunbridge Wells might just offer the solution.



Lead surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani

here are 6.5 million men in the UK that suffer with male pattern baldness. Almost 50% of men already have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 and some when they are barely out of their teens.  Often people find it difficult to come to terms with hair loss and balding, and women and young men in particular suffer with a lack of self-esteem and feel very self-conscious. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, a hair transplant can offer a permanent solution to combat hair loss. Hair transplant surgery addresses balding, thinning and receding hair by removing healthy hair follicles from a donor region and grafting them onto the bald or thinning areas. Unsightly hair plugs are thankfully a thing of the past and modern hair transplants result in a fuller, completely natural looking head of hair. Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, lead surgeon and hair restoration specialist at the Bella Vou cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunbridge Wells, considers the surgical options available to combat hair loss: There are two common hair transplant techniques: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular

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Unit Transplant (FUT). FUE involves transplanting individual hair follicles from one part of the body to another, meaning transplanted hair will survive and grow as it did in the donor area, with a natural appearance. This technique can be used to restore depleted eyebrows, lashes, beards, sideburns as well as the scalp. The alternative procedure, FUT, involves surgically removing a strip of tissue from a donor area (usually at the back of the head) which is cut into many individual follicular units using microscopic dissection techniques. FUT enables large numbers of follicle units to be transplanted; during FUE treatments, the greatest number of follicle units transferred in a single session is about 3,000 while up to 7,000 follicle units can be transplanted using FUT. Your surgeon will determine the most appropriate technique for your needs during an initial consultation, depending on the number of hairs required. The duration of a hair transplant procedure varies according to the number of new hair grafts required. Typical procedures last between four and eight hours. Procedures are virtually pain-free and are performed under local anaesthetic. Bella Vou has perfected minimally invasive hair transplant techniques that reduce trauma to the donor area and ensure a very high success rate for the transplanted hairs. Bella Vou surgeons are even able to minimise scarring (a common downside of FUT hair transplants) in a way that makes it possible for hairs to grow through the scar, thus making the scar virtually invisible which is a significant breakthrough. Patients are fully recovered from the procedure within two to three days and don’t normally require time off work. Whilst recovery is quick and straightforward, you do have to be patient as the newly transplanted hair only starts to come through after three to four months. The full result can

Cosmetic surgery | BELLA VOU


Skin rejuvenation and micro needling Cosmetic and micro needling has been available for years, but what makes this skin treatment so special? essence found out more from Naomi Diamond of Epsom Skin Clinics.

take between nine and 18 months before the hair is at its most dense. The good news is that newly transplanted hairs will be permanent and no longer prone to male pattern baldness. Hair transplants are typically charged per hair graft, so the total cost is determined by the number of hairs required. Average costs are around £2 per graft; if you have quite advanced hair loss, you may require anything from 3,000 to 7,500 hairs, so costs range from £6,000 to £15,000. The typical balding head usually requires 2,500 to 4,000 hairs. If you are almost entirely bald, the procedure is done in stages as only so much hair can be harvested at once.  Hair transplant clients report improved selfconfidence and a feeling that a great burden has been lifted from them. If you are suffering from hair loss, fear not – comb-overs, wigs and weaves are out and hair transplants offer an effective, permanent and natural solution to hair loss.

essence INFO

Contact Bella Vou’s hair restoration experts today to discuss your requirements: Telephone: 01892 257040 Website: www.bellavou.co.uk/hair/hair-transplant

For those who have read about micro needling, or have heard of Dermaroller, the treatment may seem daunting, however, it is very effective in rejuvenating the skin. Micro needling penetrates the skin with thousands of microscopic needle columns, encouraging the skin’s natural repair process and creating tiny channels that allow peptiderich products or hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeper. As skin regenerates, new collagen and skin cells are formed and blood supply is enhanced creating a rejuvenating effect to soften and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Here at Epsom Skin Clinics we can also use the treatment to target specific skin remodelling for areas suffering from scarring and even stretch marks. For those not wishing to undertake injectables, but who are still interested in reducing wrinkles or improving skin texture, this is a great place to start. By encouraging cell turnover, micro needling results in smoother, more radiant skin with fine lines and wrinkles appearing more subtle and reduced. The treatment can be intensified for those with acne scarring. Combined with microdermabrasion, micro needling can improve texture and tone, whilst re-educating the skin to appear more even in appearance. Immediately after treatment, skin can feel warm and tight – almost like mild sunburn – and it will look quite red. I would say it takes about two days before redness subsides (this can be covered with make-up) and a week for the skin to return to normal. The rejuvenation process will continue over following months, providing a natural and long lasting enhancement. I normally recommend a series of three to four micro needling treatments, with approximately six weeks between each one. For the treatment of acne scars, other types of scarring and stretch marks it may be necessary to extend the micro needling therapy, as well as perhaps combining it with other treatments to obtain optimum results.

Treatment times vary for each area of the skin and from clinic to clinic. Here at Epsom Skin Clinics, treatment time is approximately 30 minutes for the face and up to 60 minutes for face, neck and décolletage, or stretch mark treatment. A topical anaesthetic is applied 30 minutes before the treatment to make it more comfortable. Why not add in a Dermalux? This LED light therapy stimulates individual skin cells and improves every cell function. Don’t forget the aftercare. To maintain results after micro needling treatment, clients should have a homecare plan, depending on their main concerns. In general, the rejuvenating and repairing benefits of Endocare ampoules are a must alongside a micro needling course. Aiding the remodelling of skin with powerful elements found in the protective serum of a snail, Endocare can encourage repair and healing after micro needling. In addition, homecare rollers used with a peptide serum two times a week can really help with problem areas. A step up from micro needling, but not quite at surgery level, is the Enerjet. With only approximately 15 devices in the UK, this unique treatment uses kinetic energy to fire hyaluronic solution under the skin without the use of needles. It works on the skin in much the same way as micro needling, however, Enerjet offers a much enhanced lifting effect on skin laxity and scarring. Visit one of the Epsom Skin Clinics to see how their skin experts could help enhance your natural beauty.

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Epsom Skin Clinics Website: www.epsomskinclinics.com Telephone: 01372 737280 (Epsom) or 020 8399 5996 (Surbiton) PHOTO COPYRIGHT: OLGA EKATERINCHEVA | 123RF.COM


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Profile: Stephanie Brookes Based in London, Stephanie, a leading food writer and presenter, is considered the ‘go-to’ contact for recommendations of the best places to eat in London and beyond. Stephanie’s fresh approach sees her celebrating food, whether it is discovering the hottest street food, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, seeking out up and coming eateries or experiencing the newest food markets around.


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Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of eating establishments for this month.


have been revisiting some of my favourite London restaurants, and reminding myself why they continually appear in my top list of recommendations. London’s restaurant scene is one of the most exciting in the world and continually evolving, yet there’s something so comforting about the familiarity of a much-loved dish. I think we can all agree that while it’s always good to try new things, the joy we get from ordering a plate that brings back deliciously happy memories is something to be savoured. I probably think about food more than anything else, and when I get those savoury cravings, the dishes I have chosen for this feature are usually at the forefront of my thinking. For those looking for somewhere new to try, rest-assured I have visited these eateries on many occasion, and likely will again in the near future. Happy feasting! 

essence INFO Website: www.stephaniebrookes.com Twitter: @stephbrookes

BAO 53 Lexington Street, Soho, London W1F 9AS


For the ardent foodie, this relative newcomer to the Soho restaurant scene is already as famous for its long queues as it is for its food. When I first ventured to BAO, I didn’t have the patience to wait in line, however, on the second visit, I thought there had to be a reason for such steadfast devotion. As I happened to be dining alone, I was seated quickly, which I discovered is actually the best way to experience BAO. As I sat at the communal table, I watched as little plates of fluffy steamed buns were promptly presented to my fellow diners, and then devoured just as quickly. Over my many visits, I’ve become a fan of the classic braised pork, peanut powder and coriander. For those who haven’t tasted a bao, otherwise known as a steamed bun, it is an absolute treat. The soft, pillow-like texture of the bao, with the tender pork filling and aromatic coriander is a moreish and satisfying bite. The soy milk-fried chicken with Sichuan mayo and golden kimchi is another favourite. For a little sweet treat at the end of feasting, try the fried Horlicks’ ice-cream bao. You’ll be queuing up again in no time!

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Grain Store Granary Square, 1-3 Stable Street, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AB


As we’re now very much into the spring season, there’s nothing better than discovering London’s best restaurants for dining alfresco. I have to admit, even when it’s freezing, I’m usually that person with three scarves sipping my coffee on the one, lonely table outside, but when it’s time to actually enjoy the weather, eating outside is definitely my dining option of choice. Venture over to the recently developed Granary Square in King’s Cross to see how the area is very much geared towards enjoying London outdoors. The ideal dining venue aside, the real star of the show at Grain Store is its seasonal menu that makes a point of really showcasing the restaurant’s vegetable dishes. On my first visit, I had a very memorable red lentil and chickpea hummus, sprinkled with sprouting beans, spicy labneh with egg and flatbread. On my recent visit, although I’m bending the rules here, I ordered a new dish of pumpkin and spelt ‘risotto’, homemade boudin blanc, morels and sweet wine sauce. This restaurant really is the perfect choice for a lazy weekend brunch, especially as the cocktail menu is so impressive. Try the Aubergine Sour made with aubergine rum, lime juice, sugar syrup and egg white. Just try and get that outside table – it’s worth the wait and the food is definitely deserving of a second visit.

42 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

La Fromagerie 2-6 Moxon Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4EW


It’s no secret that La Fromagerie is one of the top places to source some of the finest cheeses in London. What might not be talked about as much is the gorgeous little café, called No. 6, which forms part of La Fromagerie’s unique charm. The well thought-out menu is a mixture of seasonal specials, small plates and classic dishes. My favourite of all is the La Fromagerie ‘Ploughman’s’ which is a great option for those who want to try a little of everything, including Keen’s cheddar, jambon fumé, fresh sourdough as well as tangy pickle matched perfectly with each component on the plate. I’m sure the question: “The usual?” will be asked if I continue to order the same option for much longer. That’s the thing though about a perfect dish – why choose anything else?

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Food and Drink Innovation

AWARD WINNING GIN FROM THE SILENT POOL IN SURREY Now available at Majestic and Waitrose stores nationwide. www.silentpooldistillers.com

Seasonal and local food offers taste, health and even economic benefits. Crates Local Produce highlights the amazing seasonal produce available from our region.

At their best right now Crates Local Produce is located centrally within the historic market town of Horsham and bursts with fresh, seasonal food sourced directly from local producers. For more details see www.crateslocal.co.uk. Follow on Twitter @crateslocal or Facebook page Crates Local. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: IGOR STEVANOVIC | 123RF.COM



This all-year round vegetable deserves to be celebrated and used imaginatively. Far from being just the key ingredient of a comforting cheese-based dish, the cauliflower is the star of many exciting world dishes from Aloo Gobi through to tempura. It is packed with vitamins and also a great source of minerals, including calcium and potassium. The head is made up of unopened buds, simply stopped from growing on to become flowers. Cauliflowers are not always just white and can appear in a whole range of colours and unusual shapes, found mainly at produce shops and farmers’ markets. They will not only add a vibrant addition to the plate, but are packed with more flavour and nutrition. Even the leaves around the cauliflower are pretty good, protecting the head from bruising and sun damage, and are also great for stock. Store in a paper bag in the fridge, upside down, and a cauliflower should last for at least a fortnight.

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Outdoor rhubarb is quite a different story to earlier forced rhubarb. It is more astringent and not as tender, but a fabulous addition to any oily fish and for the classic crumble. Maincrop rhubarb is available at a much better price point without the overheads of forced rhubarb grown in huge, dark sheds and picked by candlelight. Even though officially a vegetable, it is usually treated as a fruit and, therefore, one of the first of the ‘fruits’ of the warmer season. Rhubarb is too tart to eat raw, but works very well stewed with any natural sweetener and is fabulous with ginger. Go for the crispest and plumpest stems, but discard the leaves as they contain a poisonous oxalic acid. After washing, strip off the tough, stringy ribs and slice the rest of the stalk. Rhubarb will wilt quickly, so store in the fridge with the leaves still on until ready to eat.


Rhubarb and ginger jam


Ingredients: One kg rhubarb, trimmed and chopped to one centimetre cubes 60g preserved or crystallised ginger – blended to a paste One tablespoon ground ginger Juice of one lemon 75ml water 850g sugar One sachet of apple pectin powder Butter (optional) Cauliflower soup with smoked garlic Method: w Combine the rhubarb, lemon juice, ginger, ground ginger and water into a large preserving pan and bring to the boil slowly, stirring frequently. w Reduce to low heat and simmer gently. Cook fruit until soft, 20–25 minutes, stirring frequently, adding a little extra water if it is drying out too quickly. w Add half the sugar and bring back to boil. w Thoroughly mix the pectin powder with the remaining sugar. Add this to the hot jam and re-boil, following the instructions supplied with the pectin, usually to boil for about five minutes on full heat. At this stage, ensure there are enough sterilised jars and lids ready. w Place a teaspoon of the jam (as a tester) on to a chilled saucer and put into the fridge for five minutes. If it is set (it will be firm or firm ridges appear on the surface when the back of a teaspoon is pulled across it) then it is ready for bottling. If not, re-boil the pan of jam for another five minutes and repeat the test. w If there is a slight scumming on the surface of the jam, add a small piece of butter and mix with a hand whisk to disperse. w Pour into sterilised jars whilst hot and tighten the lids. Take care at this stage, as the jam will be extremely hot. w For a plain rhubarb jam, simply leave out the ginger, or for vanilla, add two teaspoons of vanilla extract in place of the ginger.

Cauliflower soup with smoked garlic from Crates Local Produce SERVES 4

Ingredients: Two tablespoons of rapeseed oil Three cloves of smoked garlic, sliced One small cauliflower head, chopped Two pints of chicken or vegetable stock One tablespoon chopped parsley Method: w In a large pan cook the garlic in the oil over a medium heat, stirring until golden brown for around two to three minutes. Remove and reserve the garlic. w Add the cauliflower to the pan with the stock and season. Leave to simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes until tender. w Transfer to a blender and purée until smooth. w Serve and garnish with the garlic, parsley and a drizzle of rapeseed oil.

essence INFO

Crates Local Produce 24a Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EB Telephone: 01403 256435 Website: www.crateslocal.co.uk Follow on Twitter @crateslocal or Facebook page Crates Local

Rhubarb and ginger jam

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Freshly roasted and lovingly sourced Shirlee Posner of Eat Surrey introduces essence readers to Redber Coffee Roastery, based in Guildford, expert suppliers of green coffee beans roasted to order.


often rave about delightful journeys down leafy lanes to access great producers hidden away in Surrey, but this month is different. To get to Redber Coffee Roastery it’s a six minute drive from my house near Stoke Park in Guildford. Arriving at a trading estate next to the railway, it’s a complete surprise to find a thriving independent coffee business. Of course, once inside, all makes complete sense, as the premises combine a warehouse, roaster, packing and retail unit all housed under one roof. On entering Redber, there is a seating area in front of a counter where coffee can be ordered, chosen from any of the current range roasted that day. Have a chat first about the style of coffee preferred and nothing is too much trouble to match drinking preferences with a final brew. Beyond the counter where drinks are dispatched lay sacks of open green beans ready for roasting with four coffee roasters, including the first two kilo machine in which this start-up business invested five years ago. Founders Graham and Petra had a strong interest in coffee and after completing a coffee roasting course in Scotland, they decided to start their own business. With just one two kilo capacity machine, they honed their craft in a cold, reclaimed shed in their first site in 2012. Perfecting their skills, Graham and Petra began to sell coffee online and direct to informed customers. Their growing list of single origin coffees was, it seemed, of interest to many looking for delicious coffee which hadn’t lost its identity in commercial style processing. Large roasters provide huge quantities of beans to retailers by blending and subjecting them to a single roasting recipe. The resulting coffee lacks personality and is

46 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

often quite bland plus, as a money saving exercise, a smaller weight dose is used for each drink. Smaller companies such as Redber avoid this and provide a customised roast for each new bean, complementing its unique flavour profile rather than damaging it. Today the business in its larger unit is buzzing with the old site updated and used as a storeroom. Currently Redber has several strands which all fund the growing team of ten members of staff and the bigger home. First there is the retail side which features sales direct to consumers who can call in, have a coffee and buy beans whole or ground, or purchase online. Roasting beans to order for the online business means there will always be a few kilos available for drop in sales (highly recommended) and perfect if, like me, you live close

Art Food_Layout 1 05/04/2017 15:52 Page 2

Artisan food | EAT SURREY

Fresh coffee spice rub for pork ribs and chicken Fresh ground coffee is popular in spice rubs and chilli dishes in the southern states of America. When my last pack of coffee (Sumatra Lintong) arrived from Redber, it was described as being sweet with a medium body, low acidity and notes of dark chocolate, so I decided to rework an old favourite. Here is my version of this classic with a more contemporary take on the ingredients. I have used baby back pork ribs, slow cooked in the oven for a couple of hours. Served with chunky coleslaw and baked potatoes, it’s a perfect weekend dish. Ingredients For the rub Two tablespoons freshly fine ground coffee Two tablespoons fine ground Himalayan pink salt Two tablespoons sweet (dulche) smoked Spanish paprika One tablespoon Ancho chilli powder One tablespoon coconut sugar One teaspoon dried oregano One teaspoon onion powder One teaspoon ground black pepper

by. It’s Redber’s policy in terms of quality that beans are dispatched to customers on the day of roasting offering a good month of life. After this quality starts to decline. I was told quite clearly that freezing or refrigerating beans is not a good idea as it causes condensation, which damages the coffee. Storage should take place in an airtight tin in a cool dry location. For retail customers, coffee subscriptions are also a popular buy. There are various options for this and they make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and other events. I bought my significant other a ‘Surprise Me’ subscription for part of his Christmas offering. He loves the fact that it continues for 12 months and that every month a pack of carefully sourced and roasted beans arrive in the mail. We have tried an astonishing range of coffees from Redber so far that we wouldn’t have had the knowledge to choose ourselves, or indeed access to if we had stuck to supermarket offerings. Other subscriptions include choosing coffee by origin or blend and by roast profile. Going away? Pause or change the frequency of delivery. This flexibility isn’t found with other similar services, so it’s a great selling point. For those new to fresh coffee brewing at home, Redber has a comprehensive range of coffee makers, on which they will happily guide. To complement the makers, grinders, storage canisters and filters are also on offer. In addition, Redber runs tasting and cupping courses: a great introduction to the fine art of coffee >>>

For the meat Four racks baby back spare ribs Method Mix together the coffee, salt, paprika, chilli powder, coconut sugar, oregano, onion powder and black pepper in a bowl to make the rub. Coat each rack with the rub, massaging it into the meat. Wrap the ribs in foil and store in the refrigerator overnight to let the flavour develop. Preheat the oven to gas mark 4/350°F/180°C/Fan 160°C. Place the pork ribs on a large baking tray and lay flat. Drizzle a little oil on each and place in the oven for one and a half to two hours, or until the meat is falling off the bones. Serve with the natural gravy that forms in the tray. For pulled pork sliders, just pull the meat off the bones with a fork. Delicious served with a barbecue sauce.

• • • • • •

Shirlee Posner, eatsurrey.co.uk

Graham and Petra (left and centre) pictured at Redber

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and an insight into how coffee is tasted and graded by buyers before purchase. Importantly, as the taste of coffee varies so much between plantations, geographical locations, altitude, levels of light and shade, it helps set the price at which coffee will sell. For commercial customers there are a variety of options too. Larger bag sizes, bean to cup machines, maintenance products and expertise and advice. It’s clear from its small beginning that this company has slowly grown to be a major provider of quality coffee in the area. There are other roasters in Surrey too and even more online, so they have to stay competitive to survive. This Redber seems to do well: its ethos of roasting, packing and despatching in one day is admirable and gives the company a unique selling point. Redber is a welcoming enterprise that clearly loves coffee and it’s really intriguing to see beans from so many different countries all under one roof. Our last bag was a Brazil Santos described as being full bodied, sweet with low acidity with a smooth finish. Coming from the lighter range of roasts (our preference), it delivered on all counts. But on my last visit to Redber, I could also see coffee from Panama, Sumatra, Colombia, Ethiopia and Uganda. Talia, who was showing me around, commented on the Redber commitment to work with charities associated with coffee too, particularly Ugandan Bukonzo. It turns out that a local charity based in Shalford, just outside Guildford, was looking for a local roaster. Getting in touch in 2013, Alison, the founder, was looking for a company to roast Ugandan Bukonzo coffee beans. Her charity ‘Seeds for Development’ helps farmers plant coffee on shared land. Each farmer has half an acre on which to grow coffee and a starter pack of 100 coffee seedlings. The project has already achieved some of its founding aims by building a school and toilet block for farmers’ children. The children have meals cooked for them on site and the school has 320 pupils and six teachers. Redber is proud to have been involved with this project by giving a proportion of the sale price of each bag of Ugandan Bukonzo coffee to the charity. Redber is a friendly, coffee loving business with real expertise in delivery of a fantastic end product. Go for a first visit to be offered a 125g bag to take home and sample: it’s impossible not to go back for more. The company offers an attractive way to buy coffee as its open kitchen-style presentation and intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted bean activity provides the perfect backdrop to savouring a fresh brew. My blog is all about independents and this is a perfect example of one that has all the elements right. Go and see for yourself, it’s worth the trip.



Shirlee’s food reviews of independently owned cafes, restaurants, artisan food producers and farm shops in Surrey. A supporter of the local food movement with an aim to promote, support and champion their work. I always tell a personal story by taking the time to meet the people behind the products or the brand. Read my reviews here www.eatsurrey.co.uk Twitter: @eatsurrey Instagram: @eatsurrey Telephone: 07917 891881 Email: eatsurrey@gmail.com

essence INFO Redber Coffee Roastery Merrow Depot, Merrow Lane, Guildford, Surrey GU4 7BQ Websites: www.redber.co.uk and eatsurrey.co.uk Shirlee Posner is a food writer and blogger at www.eatsurrey.co.uk and provides social media management, web copywriting and food photography.

Member of the Guild of Food Writers

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There’ll be no cross faces around the Easter table if a batch of these deliciously rich and spiced brownies is baked! We took our signature chocolate brownies, but made it egg-stra (sorry) special by adding toasted hot cross buns, fresh orange zest and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. For those looking for an alternative gift to the usual Easter egg, nestle some brownies in tissue paper in an Easter basket.

Ingredients 185g unsalted butter 185g good dark chocolate 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder Three large eggs 275g golden caster sugar One tablespoon ground cinnamon One teaspoon grated nutmeg Zest from a small orange Two hot cross buns, toasted

Method w Heat oven to 200˚C/180˚C fan/gas 6. Line a 20cm square tin with greaseproof paper. w Put the cubed butter and broken up chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water until melted. Then leave to cool. w Beat the eggs and sugar together till light, thick and creamy for about five minutes with an electric mixer. w Toast the hot cross buns and then leave to cool before breaking into pieces. w Sieve the flour and cocoa into a bowl along with the cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest. w Pour the cooled chocolate into the egg and sugar mix, folding in carefully to not take the air out of the mix. Then add the flour, cocoa and spices, folding gently till just mixed in. w Spoon into the prepared tin and then dot the torn hot cross bun around the brownie mix. w Bake for about 25 minutes, but this really depends on the oven. Look for a very slight wobble in the middle when shaking the tin and a nice cracking along the top. Better slightly undercooked than overcooked!

TOP TIP: To add crosses to the brownies for a proper hot cross bun feel, mix equal amounts of flour and water together to form a paste, then use a piping bag to pipe crosses on unbaked brownies to form crosses when cut. essence INFO

Website: www.jenscupcakery.com Telephone: 07751 553106 Email: mail@jenscupcakery.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenscupcakery Twitter: @jenscupcakery Blog: www.ilovejenscupcakery.wordpress.com

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Literature | REVIEW

The Garden Visitor’s Handbook 2017 The so-called ‘bible’ of garden visiting and the key to secret gardens of England and Wales, The Garden Visitor's Handbook 2017 (popularly known as ‘The Yellow Book’) is the NGS’ essential guide to the thousands of gardens that open for the National Garden Scheme during this year. With an exciting new look for 2017 and full colour throughout, finding a garden to visit nearby has never been easier. Look out for water gardens, sensory gardens, gardens with added interest and learn how to create a bespoke patch. Remember, when buying The Garden Visitor’s Handbook, purchasers are helping the National Garden Scheme raise funds for the nursing, caring and gardening charities it helps support. For any promotions or offers, please type in the appropriate code in the field at checkout. RRP: £11.99 direct from the National Garden Scheme, Free P&P (RRP £12.99) Published by National Garden Scheme www.ngs.org.uk

Camra’s Wild Pub Walks Join the author on 30 walks in beautiful remote or mountain landscapes, each with a great pub – often with historical significance – at journey’s end. The book is aimed at hill walkers who enjoy long days out followed by a great pint in a great pub. Areas covered are: Peak District, Lake District, Highlands/Islands, Scottish Borders, Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire /South Wales, North Yorkshire Moors National Park and Yorkshire Dales National Park. The walks vary in the level of challenge, from long walks in lowerlying areas to grade one scrambles. The book’s author, former editor of the Great Outdoors Magazine, Daniel Neilson, is a writer who specialises in adventure travel and beer. It also includes a foreword by mountaineer Alan Hinkes, the only Briton to have climbed each of the world’s 8,000 metre peaks. By Daniel Neilson RRP: £11.99 128 pages • Paperback Published by CAMRA Books www.camra.org.uk/camra-books

Albert Ball VC Fighter Pilot Hero of World War I Albert Ball’s courage and determination made him a legend not only in Britain but also amongst his enemies, to whom the sight of his lone Nieuport Scout brought fear. At the start of the war, Albert enlisted in the British Army with the 2/7th Battalion (Robin Hoods) of the Sherwood Foresters, Notts and Derby Regiment. In June 1915 he paid for private tuition and trained at Hendon. In October of that year he obtained his Royal Aero Club Certificate and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. On 16 May 1916 – flying a Bristol Scout 5512 – he opened his score. Captain Albert Ball made his final flight on 7 May 1917 when he flew an SE5 A4850 as part of an eleven-strong patrol against Jagdstaffel 11, led by Lothar von Richthofen. Albert was seen to dive out of a cloud and crash. He died minutes later in the arms of a French girl, Madame Cecille Deloffre. Albert had risen to the top rank of contemporary fighter pilots in only 15 months and had been awarded the MC, DSO and two Bars and was credited with at least 44 victories. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Author Colin Pengelly served in the RAF between 1958 and 1963, and then worked for the Admiralty from 1964 to 1997. By Colin Pengelly and CA Pengelly RRP: £14.99 224 pages • Paperback ISBN: 9781473893559 Published by Pen & Sword Books Limited www.pen-and-sword.co.uk

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Kings of Georgian Britain For over a century of turmoil, upheaval and scandal, Great Britain was a Georgian land. From the day the German-speaking George I stepped off the boat from Hanover, to the night that George IV, bloated and diseased, breathed his last at Windsor, the four kings had presided over a changing nation. Kings of Georgian Britain offers a fresh perspective on the lives of the four Georges and the events that shaped their characters and reigns. From love affairs to family feuds, political wrangling and beyond, it is a chance to peer behind the pomp and follow these iconic figures from cradle to grave Take a step back in time and meet the wives, mistresses, friends and foes of these remarkable kings who shaped the nation. Whether dodging assassins, marrying for money, digging up their ancestors or sparking domestic disputes that echoed down the generations, the kings of Georgian Britain were never short on drama. Author Catherine Curzon is a royal historian who writes on all matters eighteenth century and her work has featured on the official website of BBC History Magazine and in publications such as Explore History, All About History, History of Royals and Jane Austen’s Regency World. By Catherine Curzon RRP: £19.99 232 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781473871229 Published by Pen & Sword Books Limited www.pen-and-sword.co.uk


Quirky, quintessential Englishness at its best! Floral Fringe Fair 2017

Knepp Castle near Horsham again plays host to this eclectic annual event on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June. Alongside Knepp’s re-wilding project, the Fair has native wildlife and how to encourage it into our gardens as its theme.


elebrating everything quintessentially English and quirky, the Floral Fringe Fair 2017 will showcase today’s talented craftspeople and artists, as well as those from a bygone era, alongside vintage stalls, classic cars and much more. Stalls will include those from specialist nurseries and experts on wildlife, honeybees, insects, birds and bats, all set on the 1,406 hectare Knepp Estate which is the subject of a Wildland Project. Bring a retro picnic basket and rug, buy from the numerous street food stalls at the Fair and enjoy al fresco eating by the beautiful Knepp Castle lake. Alternatively, visit the Fair’s pop-up tearoom. The Floral Fringe Fair has become something of a foodies’ favourite as all stallholders are independent, small businesses. Bear in mind many will not have card machine facilities, so please bring cash. Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome and the Fair will also offer music from local musicians, dancing and singing. A weekend not to be missed. essence INFO

Floral Fringe Fair 2017 Knepp Castle, Shipley, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH13 8LJ 10.30am to 5pm both days. Entry £6.50 per person, £1.00 for children under 14 and children under 4 free. (Pre-1975 vehicle entry is £5.50 each for the first two occupants. Classic and vintage vehicles will have a specially allocated parking area.) Contact jeanfffjackman@gmail.com and 07939 272443 Website: www.floralfringefair.co.uk Like us at www.facebook.com/floralfringefair Twitter: @floralfringe

Knepp Castle is the subject of a nationally important re-wilding project and there will be the chance to learn more about this. Wildlife safaris have recently started on the Estate and there is a well-equipped luxury campsite. The beautiful private gardens at Knepp Castle, designed by Georgia Langton, will be open during the Fair. Website: www.knepp.co.uk

‘Unique, eclectic, quirky, quality, informative and friendly.’ APRIL 2017 | essence-magazine.co.uk 51

Divorce preparation Judith Fitton, Partner at Mundays LLP, discusses how to approach issues of divorce and finances, and safeguard the future.

Getting the divorce papers right

C Judith Fitton is a Partner in the Family Team at Mundays LLP and has over 20 years of experience in the field of high net worth divorces. She has a particular skill in the forensic aspect of cases and investigating complex financial arrangements. Judith also has a niche practice in cohabitee matters and any disputes between non-married couples regarding their property interests. She is accredited as a Specialist in the fields of Cohabitee Disputes and Complex Financial Remedies by Resolution (a national organisation of family lawyers). She has been mentioned in The Legal 500 UK as a recommended family lawyer and is known for her pragmatic and constructive advice to clients. She is a regular contributor to articles in the national press.

ompelled to remain in a marriage against her will, a wife has been told by the Court of Appeal that she is not entitled to a divorce, despite the marriage having broken down. Mrs Tini Owens applied for a divorce on the basis of her husband’s unreasonable behaviour. Such application must contain evidence of the alleged behaviour and she cited incidences such as the arguments they had in public and the fact that he had once spent a whole meal in a pub with his head resting in his hands. The Court of Appeal held that the original judge’s decision to refuse the divorce was correct in law, but acknowledged that the wife was left “in a very unhappy situation.” Although this case has hit the headlines, it is highly unusual. Divorce papers should be drafted carefully and as a specialist family lawyer, I always advise clients to ensure that the petition contains sufficiently strong particulars to pass the test. The judge does not

Judith can be contacted by telephone on 01932 590557 or by email at judith.fitton@mundays.co.uk and Twitter: @judith_fitton.


52 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

have to be convinced than any person would find the respondent unreasonable, just that the petitioner is genuine in their belief that they can no longer continue in the marriage. It is better to try to agree the wording of a behaviour petition with a respondent in advance; this is a courteous step and avoids any nasty surprises for the respondent. Negotiation is usually possible on any points that the respondent finds objectionable and if agreement can be reached over the early documents, this also bodes well for agreeing other matters such as finances. The Court of Appeal reluctantly held in the Owens’ case that couples must engage in “consensual, collusive, manipulation” of the law to obtain a divorce based on the behaviour ground. This is perhaps putting it rather dramatically, but clear advice at an early stage can avoid problems later on. The campaign for a reform of our antiquated divorce laws grows in momentum in the meantime.


essence INFO

Mundays LLP Cedar House, 78 Portsmouth Road, Cobham KT11 1AN Telephone: 01932 590500 Website: www.mundays.co.uk PHOTO COPYRIGHT: WAVEBREAK MEDIA LTD | 123RF.COM

Divorce top up for a wife who made financial blunders

In another recent ruling, a wife who managed to lose much of her divorce settlement by gambling on the property market has succeeded in persuading the Court to increase her maintenance from her ex husband. After divorcing in 2002, Maria Mills tried to climb the property ladder, aspiring to a flat in a mansion block in Battersea, but ran up debts that she could not repay. She had no choice but to sell up and move into rented property, then went back to Court and sought an increase in her monthly maintenance payments from her former husband, despite the fact that he had moved on with his life and had remarried with another child. Close examination of the case shows that the further award made to the wife was modest – just an increase of £341 per month on maintenance of £1,100 per month. Mr Mills was not ordered to pay further capital to his former wife (her claims having been dismissed in 2002) and it seems he had a comfortable income available. How did she succeed with the application? Her claim was based on need and she was able to prove that she could not manage without additional assistance from her ex. The case perhaps serves as a reminder to household breadwinners that maintenance claims are always potentially capable of variation and that if capital is available to fund a clean break, this would insure against nasty surprises in the future. v

10th anniversary of Mundays Charity 5k 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the Mundays Charity 5k fun run in Bushy Park. As supporters of the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher since it was built in 1985, Mundays has now raised nearly £50,000 to help with the provision of free end of life care for adults. Attracting a loyal band of regular runners each year, the race includes prizes for corporate and club teams and has a unique friendly atmosphere and a popular cake stall. Pictured above are the Mundays’ Race Directors Alex Young and Judith Fitton with Oli Taylor and Becci Hunt of Mundays’ Marketing Department and Mia Patterson of Princess Alice Hospice. This year’s race will take place on 10 May at 6.30pm and to celebrate the 10th anniversary, there will be a Hawaiian fancy dress theme. We just hope the weather is appropriate! For more details and to enter go to: mundays.co.uk/charity5k

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An Unjust Bounty Simon Lewis, CEO at Partridge Muir & Warren sheds light on a new ‘stealth tax’ targeted primarily at the wealthy when they die.


overnment must have realised that with the anticipated post-Brexit reduction in the number of people (potential tax payers) entering the country, it will need to make sure that it collects more tax from the dead ones 'departing' if it is to balance the books. Particularly so since Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, discovered that increasing tax rates is not popular and was forced to make a U-turn on his plan to increase National Insurance for the selfemployed to show respect for an ill-advised manifesto pledge. In the circumstances, creative thinking is required and what better way for politicians to be creative than to find fees that are charged by the Government and conjure up justifications to dramatically increase them. The scheduled increase in probate fees is a very good example of this trend. An increase in probate fees was proposed in February last year and was followed by a brief consultation period. The overwhelming response to the consultation opposed the change but, unsurprisingly, the proposals will nevertheless be taking effect from the middle of May. For some estates, the probate fee charged will increase from £215 to £20,000. The justification found on the government’s website is as follows: “Court fees are never popular but they are necessary if we are, as a nation, to live within our means. These proposals would raise around an additional £250 million a year, which is a critical contribution to cutting the deficit and reducing the burden on the taxpayer of running the courts and tribunals.”

54 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

It sounds a compelling argument but a more realistic explanation might have been “Rather than rely on all taxpayers to bear their share of the cost of running an essential public service, we have decided that our popularity will be less affected if we load much of the burden on the few”. The current position is that where a deceased person’s estate exceeds £5,000, a Grant of Probate is required before the estate can be dealt with. To obtain a Grant of Probate (or Letter of Administration where there is not a valid will) an application must be made to the Probate Registry. There is currently a flat fee of £215 (reduced to £155 if submitted by a solicitor) to reflect the fact that the work required by the Registry is broadly the same whatever the value recorded. According to the Government’s own figures the existing fee raises £45 million per annum, which is broadly sufficient to cover the associated administration costs. A new banded tariff will replace the current fixed fee, harvesting up to 1% of the estate. The actual date of death is immaterial; it is

the date of the application for a grant that will govern whether the new fees apply, which explains why the Probate Registry has geared up for a marked influx in applications ahead of this change. The Government is making much of the fact that a substantially increased lower threshold will mean that fewer estates will be required to pay a fee. It estimates that 58% of all estates will effectively be exempt. This is good news. However, the ‘giveaway’ is only costing around £25 million per annum when based on the current fee scale, which compares unfavourably to the additional £275 million it will be taking from the remaining 42% of estates. Executors of estates that have not already applied for probate must do so without delay if they do not want to be caught by the fee increases. For those that need to submit an IHT400 account to HMRC (estates in excess of £1 million, or in excess of the £325,000 nil rate band if no Inheritance Tax exemption or transferable nil rate band is being claimed) it is usually necessary to wait

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Finance | PMW

"For some estates, the probate fee charged will increase from £215 to £20,000." for HMRC to return a stamped IHT421 to confirm all IHT due has been paid before applying for the grant; although a special dispensation to circumvent this has been recently announced. It is important to appreciate that this new ‘tax’ is not deductible when calculating the amount of IHT payable. Estates might therefore pay tax on a tax. In other words, beneficiaries would lose up to £20,000 paid as a probate fee, plus a further £8,000 (40% of £20,000) IHT on an amount that they will not inherit because it has already been paid away. These fee changes may encourage married couples to consider owning assets jointly. When the first death occurs, assets pass automatically to the surviving spouse by survivorship with the result that no grant is needed and therefore no probate fee incurred. However, this might create conflict with existing tax planning arrangements or change

the intended hierarchy of control over assets. From a planning perspective, the aim should be to minimise your estate on death when you believe that the value is likely to be close to one of the fee band thresholds (see table). This would be particularly effective for those with an estate valued at just over £2 million because this figure is also the current threshold for the abatement (more tax!) of the residence nil rate band (RNRB) that came into effect on 6 April. Estate values can be minimised by putting money into trust. It is worth checking that any life policies you might own are held in this way. The trust would not necessarily need to be effective for IHT purposes; the objective is to reduce the value of what you own at the point of death. In fact, ‘deathbed’ gifting is likely to be an effective option for many, although it is clearly not the ideal time to be thinking about tax planning. For those facing an IHT bill, gifts

to charity immediately prior to death (i.e. not just relying on bequests in your will) might be particularly effective. For example, giving away £1,000 to a charity from your deathbed when your estate is worth £2,001,000 will have the effect of saving your beneficiaries £8,000 in probate fees plus (assuming you qualify for the RNRB) a further saving in IHT of £600. This latter figure is made up of the 40% IHT charge (£400) plus a further 40% on the portion of the RNRB recovered (yes, it is complicated!). So, in summary, a charitable gift of £1,000 would save this estate’s beneficiaries £8,600 in ‘tax’, giving a net gain of £7,600. There is another matter to consider. A Grant of Probate is required before estate assets can be accessed. This means that executors or beneficiaries might be required to look to their own resources to finance a probate fee of up to £20,000. As the Government’s guidance notes point out, “All fees are payable in advance of the service being provided. The sanction for non-payment is that the service will not be provided.” Estate planning has become even more complicated. We would be happy to help you understand your options.

essence INFO

Simon Lewis is writing on behalf of Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd (PMW), Chartered Financial Planners, based in Esher. The Company has specialised in providing wealth management solutions to private clients for 48 years. Simon is an independent financial adviser, chartered financial planner and chartered fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. The opinions outlined in this article are those of the writer and should not be construed as individual advice. To find out more about financial advice and investment options please contact Simon at Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd. Partridge Muir & Warren Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Telephone: 01372 471 550 Email: simon.lewis@pmw.co.uk Website: www.pmw.co.uk

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Education | DOWNSEND

Vanessa Conlan, Head Teacher at Downsend Pre-Prep School

Family feeling Vanessa Conlan, Head Teacher at Downsend Pre-Prep School in Epsom shares her insights into why her school is ‘inspiring young minds’.


s you walk through the door of Downsend Pre-Prep Epsom you can tell this is no ordinary school. There is a buzz of purposeful learning around every corner with children and teachers positively engaging in the challenges that have been set. Our setting is ideally resourced to ensure that our young children can receive the best start to their education, nurturing all the skills needed to build the vital firm foundation needed for future success. ‘The Unique Child’ is able to progress and learn at their own pace, appropriate to their own starting point in a class with a high child-adult ratio. Our highly experienced staff deliver structured learning programmes to enrich each child’s individuality, giving them the opportunity to develop independence through curiosity and imagination whilst growing in confidence and self-esteem.

56 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

Every day is an adventure for our children and no two days are the same. Our learning environments are carefully planned and resources carefully chosen so the children are actively engaged, exploring, discovering and learning for themselves. It’s not out of the ordinary to find children elbow deep in foam, making lunch in the mud kitchen or waiting for the magic carpet to take-off. All our children, even the youngest, also benefit from weekly specialist teaching in music, French and dance. Our exciting curriculum has no bounds! There is a feeling of being part of a family at our school. Parents are drawn to the caring and nurturing atmosphere and we pride ourselves on having close partnerships with our parents and families developed through the admissions process and the individually tailored settling in programme. We believe

education is a partnership between home and school. As your child’s first educator, and the person who knows them best, your input is essential for their transition to school and their ongoing learning and development. The parents of our new starters are always amazed at how quickly their children settle into school life and how, within a short space of time, their confidence and communication skills have flourished. I feel incredibly fortunate to be the Head Teacher at Downsend Pre-Prep Epsom. It is a busy, creative school that inspires and completely focuses on bringing learning to life for the children. The curriculum is enriched with the woodland and nature school found within the school grounds and the small classes, high academic standards and a caring family atmosphere all provide a great start for the children. 

essence INFO

To learn more or arrange a visit contact Sarah Concanon on 01372 372311. Website: www.downsend.co.uk

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Cranmore School Independent Preparatory School for girls and boys 2 ½ - 13

APR 17


OPEN MORNING 09.30 -11.30 Friday 28 April 2017 Assisted Places available

www.cranmoreprep.co.uk 01483 280340 admissions@cranmoreprep.co.uk West Horsley, Surrey KT24 6AT

Handcrafted bespoke luxury tree houses 01892 750 090 info@blueforest.com www.blueforest.com

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Sunrise at pier at beach in Rimini

Romantic Rimini

For those considering a weekend break, or perhaps hoping to rekindle an air of romance, Rimini, located in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, beside the glittering waters of the Adriatic Sea, offers visitors a taste of that infectious Italian passion for life, as Rebecca Underwood discovered. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: FOTOTECA ENIT | PHOTOGRAPHER: SANDRO BEDESSI

The city of Rimini

58 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017


ounded by the Romans in 268BC, Rimini was recognised as an area of strategic importance and three major Roman roads were duly constructed: the Via Flaminia, the Via Popilian and the Via Aemilian, with the city rapidly becoming an important communication hub between the north and south of the peninsula. Monuments celebrating several Roman emperors remain today and include the magnificent Augustus Arch, which features sculptures of Apollo, Neptune and Jupiter. Commissioned in 27BC by the Roman Senate, the arch was built to honour Emperor Augustus who founded the Roman Principate and controlled the Roman Empire from 27BC until his death. The imposing monument, which originally stood at the end of Via Flaminia, was relocated to its present site on Corso d’Augusto and in 1935 a decree was passed to enhance its stature and all the buildings around it were swiftly demolished. Today the arch is one of the symbols of Rimini and features prominently on the city’s coat of arms. A leisurely stroll along the Corso d’Augusto leads to a piazza once named after Julius Caesar, who, it is said, gathered his troops there in

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Take advantage of low fares from London Gatwick to Bologna with easyjet.com (flight duration just over two hours) and then hop on the train from Bologna Centrale to Rimini (duration 52 minutes). For more information, visit trainline.eu.

49BC. The piazza is now named Tre Martiri in honour of three brave partisans, Luigi Nicolò, Adelio Pagliarini and Mario Capelli, who were tried by a German court for stockpiling weapons and ammunition and subsequently hanged in the square in August 1944. The exact place of the execution is marked on the square and serves as a constant reminder of those who gave their lives for Santarcangelo di Romagna alley the benefit of all. Admirers of Romanesque architecture will be enchanted by the impressive façade of the Malatestiano Temple located on Via IV November. The cathedral, built in the thirteenth century and reconstructed in 1450, features a wide marble façade adorned with sculptures PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ROLAND BARAT | 123RF.COM inspired by the Arch of Augustus. The interior of the building has seven chapels containing the remains of notable citizens of Rimini, including The Grand Hotel, Fellini Park and Promenade Georgius Gemistus, the Greek scholar of Neoplatonic philosophy responsible for the revival of Greek learning in Western Europe. The Domus of Rimini (the surgeon’s house) is another major attraction for visitors. Discovered in 1989, this archaeological area covers more than seven hundred square metres and is located on Piazza Ferrari. Presented to the city, following eighteen years of excavation, great archaeological finds were unearthed on the site and it provides an intriguing insight into the past. The Domus of Rimini was a two storey residential building dating back to the Roman period during the second century AD. Located directly on the seafront, which, during that time, was more than one kilometre inland, the house stands on a stone base with walls that were made of baked clay and it contained a dining room, bedroom, living room and a medical room where the resident surgeon would operate on his patients. This room featured a well preserved, colourful and finely decorated mosaic of Orpheus surrounded by animals in a forest, and an inscription, discovered on a wall, reads ‘Eutyches (the surgeon’s name) homo bonus’, which provided the means to identify the owner of the property. It is thought that Eutyches was a military surgeon due to the significant number of surgical instruments discovered on site. The collection, on display in the adjacent City Museum, includes a very rare ‘Diocle’s spoon’, used to extract arrowheads from the body. The resident surgeon of the Domus of Rimini was clearly a cultured and extremely wealthy man who loved to be surrounded by art, antiques and the finer things in life. >>> PHOTO COPYRIGHT: FOTOTECA ENIT | PHOTOGRAPHER: SANDRO BEDESSI

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The ancient Roman bridge of Tiberius at dusk


For those seeking similar accommodation with the highest levels of comfort and service and exceptional style, the Grand Hotel, which features a Liberty-style pink façade, was declared a protected national monument in 1994, and it is the best place to stay. Built in 1908 and located in the heart of a lush and verdant park covering 4,000 square metres, this property oozes elegance and is also set right on the seafront in Marina Centro. Amenities include two swimming pools, private beach, sports facilities, spa and wellness centre. Accommodations are spacious with walls adorned with works of art and tastefully furnished with original eighteenth century French and Venetian antiques and the collection of original Venetian chandeliers lends a warm glow to the sumptuous décor. Other features include eighteenth century French parquet flooring and the comfortable beds swathed with crisp, white linens ensuring a deep slumber. The Grand Hotel was featured in several films directed by the celebrated screenwriter and film director Federico Fellini who was born in Rimini in 1920. His film Amarcord, released in 1973, featured the Grand Hotel as a backdrop in a number of scenes and he became a regular guest. Fellini’s career spanned almost five decades and he was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, received four Oscars in the ‘best foreign film’ category and was awarded the Palme d’Or for his film La Dolce Vita, which was released in 1960 and remains one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. For a personal taste of ‘the good life’, take an evening walk to the Tiberius Bridge which spans the Marecchia River and marks the entrance to the Via Aemilian, dating back to 21AD. The glorious bridge features five semi-circular arches and rests on its original foundations made up of wooden stilts. Construction began during the reign of Augustus and was completed when his successor Tiberius was in power. During WWII and the fierce Battle of Rimini, the Tiberius Bridge remained intact and withstood the German army’s continuous attempts to destroy it. Today the bridge is a symbol of the city and is also featured on its coat of arms. Borgo San Giuliano, just across the bridge, is Rimini’s most captivating area, a quaint fishing village with pretty cottages coloured in pastel hues. For those partial to a casual and traditional dining experience, head for the Osteria de Börg, recommended in the 2017 Michelin Guide. Hidden away on Via Forzieri, this restaurant is popular with locals and visitors in-the-know and offers an impressive array of flavourful, slow-cooked dishes made with local ingredients and handmade pasta. Sample the delicious piadina bread, served with a generous selection of cheeses, followed by succulent ravioli. Order a glass of Sangiovese wine and whilst enjoying the delicate flavour of cherries, reflect on the words of Federico Fellini who once said: “There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the passion of life.” 

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Piazza Tre Martiri



Fellini Park and Promenade

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Looking for something different? Bespoke experiences in Sri Lanka

Create your own authentic, off-the-beaten-track, Sri Lanka experience with Island Adventures

www.islandadventures.lk info@islandadventures.lk

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The English Concert

Music in the Surrey Hills The Investec International Music Festival takes place on 4, 6 and 7 May and brings together world-class artists to perform in beautiful venues in the Surrey Hills.


ay’s Investec International Music Festival sees the welcome return of the world renowned mezzo soprano Sarah Connolly CBE who will be joined by the celebrated soprano Rosemary Joshua and The English Concert, one of the world’s finest chamber orchestras, to perform a dazzling all Handel programme for an exceptional evening. Sarah Connolly and Rosemary Joshua are both acclaimed performers in Handel’s operas, and the concert, which takes place at 5pm on Sunday 7 May at Mairlot Hall, St Teresa’s, Effingham, will include excerpts from some of the composer’s best loved operatic works, including Agrippina, Ariodante, Solomon and Theodora. The 2017 Festival also features internationally acclaimed cellist Gary Hoffman who will be joined by the revered international violinist So-Ock Kim, violist Philip Dukes and the Sitkovetsky Trio to perform favourite pieces from Fauré, Ravel and Schubert. This concert takes place at Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking on Thursday 4 May at 8pm. A pre-concert supper can be booked direct with Denbies via telephone 01306 876616. On Saturday 6 May at 7.30pm at the Anniversary Hall, St Catherine’s School, Bramley, the Festival hosts a true piano extravaganza, two world class pianists and two Steinways. Wu Qian and Juho Pohjonen, both Lincoln Centre Music prize winners, will deliver an exciting and contrasting programme in this state of the art auditorium. The evening will include Schubert’s Fantasie in F Minor, arguably his most important

62 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

Sasha Sitkovetsky

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Rosemary Joshua

work, Gershwin’s jazz influenced ‘An American in Paris’ plus the thrills and trills of Suite No 2 from the brilliant Russian composer Arensky. Sandy Burnett, the former Radio 3 presenter, musician and author will host an Insight Evening at the historic Guildhall, Guildford on Thursday 27 April at 6.30pm to share his thoughts on this season’s composers and their music. The evening will include a complimentary gin tasting from multi award winning local distillery Silent Pool. Tickets for the Insight Evening can be reserved by emailing Julia@iimf.co.uk. Sandy confirmed: “The 2017 Festival has all bases covered – from the extrovert exuberance of operatic showpieces by Handel through to the exquisite intimacy of Schubert, whose F minor Fantasie is one of the bestloved piano duets of all.” As David Richardson, Divisional Director Investec Wealth and Investment, summed up: “All credit to the Festival directors as the calibre of artists is once again outstanding this year. We are delighted to be in a position to play a part in bringing such world class performers to the local stage in Surrey.” Delicious ‘Great Taste Award’ winning KOKOH chocolates from local artisan chocolatier Joanna Marshall will be available to buy at selected performances.  essence INFO

Sarah Connolly CBE

Investec International Music Festival tickets priced £25-£29 (concessions available) can be purchased from www.iimf.co.uk or in person or by phone from the Festival Box Office, Guildford Tourist Information Centre, 155 High Street, Guildford GU1 3AJ. Telephone: 01483 444334

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essence events

spotlight on... Reduced Shakespeare Company: William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) Richmond Theatre Tuesday 18 April Ninety minutes of Shakespearean mayhem from three Americans wearing trainers...All of the Bard’s greatest characters and plots feature in this abridged version of 37 plays in a nod to William Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary performed by the absolute masters of reimagining Shakespeare, the Reduced Shakespeare Company. The play is on its debut UK tour, following world premiere seasons at the prestigious Folger Shakespeare Library and the Edinburgh Fringe. The performance is perhaps best summed up by this quotation from The Today Show: “If you like Shakespeare, you’ll love this show. If you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this show!”

Information: 0844 871 7651 or atgtickets.com/richmond

theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 April The Crucible A tale of paranoia and suspicion. Tuesday 18 April Reduced Shakespeare Company See Spotlight above. Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April Dinosaur World Life-like dinosaurs for ages three and upwards. Monday 24 to Saturday 29 April Abigail’s Party Amanda Abbington stars as the dreadful Beverly in this 40th anniversary production. Tickets: 0844 871 7651 or

Monday 24 to Saturday 29 April Funny Girl Musical telling the story of Fanny Brice, starring Natasha J Barnes and Darius Campbell. Tuesday 2 May Sean Lock – Keep It Light New show from this talented and intelligent comedian. Tickets: 0844 871 7645 or atgtickets.com/woking

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 April Matthew Bourne’s production of The Red Shoes A new adaptation of the legendary Powell and Pressburger film. Information: 0844 871 7646 or atgtickets.com/wimbledon


Dorking Halls New Victoria Theatre



Thursday 13 April Al Murray, The Pub Landlord: Let’s Go Backwards Together Talented stand-up. Wednesday 26 April Banff Mountain Film Festival Extraordinary short films.

Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 April The Woman in Black Chilling drama based on Susan Hill’s gripping book. Monday 17 to Saturday 22 April The Commitments A feel-good celebration of soul, based on the film classic.

64 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

Information: 01306 881717 or dorkinghalls.co.uk

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essence events

Information: 01483 444789 or electrictheatre.co.uk

Epsom Playhouse Epsom Tuesday 11 April Easter pantomime: Beauty and the Beast Family panto starring Keith Chegwin and Basil Brush.

Information: 01483 304384 or guildford-shakespeare-company.co.uk

Information: 01372 742555 or epsomplayhouse.co.uk

Rose Theatre Kingston-upon-Thames

Farnham Maltings Farnham Tuesday 11 April The Amazing Bubble Man Art, magic, science and fun bubbles with Louis Pearl. Information: 01252 745444 or farnhammaltings.com

Wednesday 5 to Sunday 16 April The Twits Fabulous Roald Dahl tale of the repulsive Twits and their comeuppance... For ages six plus. Wednesday 19 to Sunday 30 April Junkyard Honest and witty new coming of age musical set in 1979.

Gag House Comedy Clubs

Information: 020 8174 0090 or

The Star Inn and Komo, Guildford


Saturday 15 April, 8pm Guildford Gag House The best stand-up at The Star Inn. Wednesday 26 April, 8pm Komo Gag House The cocktail bar hosts its first Club. Information: gaghousecomedy.com

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 May Heroes! A show containing a mix of songs and sketches celebrating famous people who died in 2016. Information: 07941 105612 or



Information: 01483 369350 or glive.co.uk

Guildford Shakespeare Company Various venues Wednesday 19 April Henry VIII GSC kicks off its annual bash for Shakespeare’s birthday, 23 April 1564, with a special staged reading of the Bard’s last play at St Mary’s Church, Quarry Street, Guildford.

The Red Shoes with Ashley Shaw and Dominic North, New Wimbledon Theatre

Woodfield Entertainers

G Live Wednesday 26 April Yamato – The Drummers of Japan Acclaimed performance of Japanese Taiko drumming and music.

Photo by Johan Persson

Saturday 22 April Hundred Watt Club An evening of cabaret, dance, music and burlesque from Guildford Fringe Theatre Company.

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April Sonnet Walks GSC’s popular mystery walking tours, starting point Stoke Park Home Farm, encountering Shakespeare and his characters. Sunday 30 April GSC Young Company presents... The final event in the birthday celebrations is the first public performance by GSC’s new Young Company, with members aged 12–18 devising and rehearsing their own play at St Mary’s Church, Quarry Street, Guildford.

Photo by Johan Persson


The Commitments, New Victoria Theatre, Woking

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford Wednesday 12 to Saturday 22 April Fracked! Or Please Don’t Use the F-Word Black comedy as an idyllic English village is threatened by an energy company intent on drilling for shale gas. Ringing any bells? Anne Reid and James Bolam star. Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 April Our Man in Havana Adapted from Graham Greene’s witty and subversive novel. Information: 01483 440000 or yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

Photo by Pamela Raith Photography

Electric Theatre

66 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017 The Twits, Rose Theatre

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spotlight on... Children’s Easter Trail British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield

Photo copyright: British Wildlife Centre

Sunday 16 April, 10am–5pm British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, with its fine collection of native British wildlife, is home to over forty different native species ranging in size from minute harvest mice through to magnificent red deer. In addition, the Centre also contains red squirrels, foxes, wildcats, otters, hedgehogs, badgers, pine martens and owls. Opening every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday (excluding Christmas) the Centre also opens daily during various state school holidays, including this Easter from Saturday 1 April to Monday 17 April. Don’t miss the Centre’s Children’s Easter Trail on Easter Sunday 16 April where youngsters visiting can take part in the trail for free, win a small chocolate treat and enter a prize draw. There will also be keeper talks every half hour on the various species and the chance to become a Friend of the Centre.

Information: 01342 834658 or britishwildlifecentre.co.uk

music Boileroom Guildford Throughout April A creative community hub for music, the arts and events. Music acts during April include a DJ set from Don Letts on Friday 14, Palace on Tuesday 25 and Rock 4 Refugees on Saturday 29. In addition, try Punk Rock Yoga on Tuesday 11 and Monday 17, or there’s a Gamers’ Lounge on Saturday 8.

Epsom Playhouse

G Live



Tuesday 18 April, 8pm Richard Digance A celebration of Richard’s 50 years of comedy songs and stories.

Monday 24 April, 7pm The Shires Country superstars perform. Tuesday 9 May, 7pm Imelda May Unique artist on tour.

Information: 020 8672 5495 or epsomchamberchoir.org.uk

Information: 01483 369350 or

Epworth Choir


Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

festivals Farnham Maltings Farnham Friday 7 and Saturday 8 April Farnham Wine Festival Showcasing over 150 international wines, with wine experts. Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 April Farnham Beerex 2017 Over 60 real ales on offer, along with ciders and perries and live entertainment from five bands.

Saturday 29 April, 7.30pm Rutter Requiem and Renaissance Masterpieces The choir will be joined by members of the Woking Symphony Orchestra as it raises funds for Action for Children.

Guildford Cathedral

Information: guildford-cathedral.org

The Lightbox Literary Festival


Information: 01483 760133 or epworthchoir.org

Investec International Music Festival


Wednesday 19 April, 7.30pm Ana Gogava Classical music recital from Georgian pianist. Saturday 22 April, 7.30pm Hollie Rogers Singer, songwriter and guitarist performs with her band. Saturday 29 April, 7.30pm Saiichi Sugiyama Band Acclaimed blues-rock guitarist and his band return to Cranleigh Arts Centre as a new album is released.

Information: theboileroom.net

Cranleigh Arts Centre

Guildford Thursday 20 April, 11.15am–12 noon Free coffee concert Featuring the Brikcius Cello duo.

Various locations

Farnham Maltings Farnham Friday 21 April, 7.30pm Calan with support from Dan Wilde Fiddles, guitar, accordion, bagpipes and step dancing from this energetic folk band. Saturday 22 April, 7.30pm Richard Navarro Vocalist, instrumentalist and composer performs.

Thursday 4, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May World class artists perform in stunning locations in the Surrey Hills. Find out more on page 62 of essence.

Information: farnhammaltings.com

Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 April This inaugural festival showcases history, poetry and Shakespeare. See website for details. Information: thelightbox.co.uk

The Surrey Food Festival

Information: iimf.co.uk

Old Deer Park, Richmond-upon-Thames

Leith Hill Music Festival

Saturday 22 April, 10am–6pm Local businesses showcase a range of varying food and drink, along with a Kids Zone to keep children entertained and six live music acts. Information: surreyfoodfestival.com

Dorking Halls

Information: 01483 278000 or

Information: 01252 745444 or

Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 April Choir competitions and concerts. See website for details.



Information: lhmf.org.uk

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essence events


Cranleigh Arts Centre 01483 278000 or cranleighartscentre.org Farnham Maltings 01252 745444 or farnhammaltings.com Odeon Esher 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s89/esher Odeon Epsom 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s88/epsom Odeon Guildford 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s92/guildford The Screen Walton 01932 252825 or screencinemas.co.uk The Ambassadors Cinema, Woking 0844 871 6743 or ambassadortickets.com/cinema


First solo exhibition from Kentbased painter Jack Frame.

Dorking Museum


Concentration by Ruth Holt, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition, Guildford House Gallery

Information: 01483 860591 or


Information: dorkingmuseum.org.uk

Guildford House Gallery

New Ashgate Gallery Farnham Saturday 29 April to Saturday 17 June Emma Dunbar: Journeys Afar and Back in the Kitchen Emma uses ingredients from daily life to create colourful paintings.


Information: 01252 713208 or

Until Saturday 22 April Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition Open competition championing representational painting from artists across the UK. Saturday 29 April to Sunday 14 May Guildford Art Society 2017 Spring Exhibition Discover and buy original paintings, sculptures, ceramics and crafts from professional and amateur artists.


Information: 01483 444751 or

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum Woking To Sunday 7 May Henry Moore: Sculpting from Nature Featuring over 50 artworks from arguably the greatest British sculptor of the twentieth century.

© National Trust images

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until Sunday 21 May, 10am–4pm Medieval Betchworth Depicting life in a medieval village.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts, National Trust

Information: 01483 737800 or thelightbox.org.uk


Compton, Guildford



To Sunday 5 November Watts 200: A Life in Art: G F Watts 1817–1904 Marking the great artist’s life with a timeline highlighting key occasions in Watts’ career. To Sunday 5 November Monumental Murals A showcase of G F Watts’ ambitious mural projects.

Friday 21 April to Tuesday 2 May Cornucopia: Jack Frame


To Tuesday 18 April, 10am–5pm Celebration Redesigned Recycled materials are used to create celebration art pieces. Information: haslemeremuseum.co.uk

McAllister Thomas Fine Art

Information: 01483 813593 or

Photo copyright: Loseley Park

Watts Gallery Haslemere Museum

68 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017 Loseley Park ‘Spring Garden Show

national trust

out & about

National Trust properties offer

Albury Vineyard

perfect venues to explore during


any season. This Easter, the We list a few here, but visit

Saturday 15 April Family-friendly open day Wine tastings and Easter fun.

nationaltrust.org.uk for more.

Information: alburyvineyard.com

Box Hill




Friday 14 to Monday 17 April, 10am–3pm Fly a kite, ride a bike, roll down the hill or follow the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt trail to win a chocolate prize.

Saturday 8 to Saturday 15 April Pirate week Extra activities throughout the week.

Information: 01306 885502


Claremont Landscape Garden

To Tuesday 18 April Easter eggstravaganza Baby animals and an Easter trail.


Information: bockettsfarm.co.uk

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt returns.

Friday 14 to Monday 17 April, 10.30am–4pm Cadbury trail or try the Princess Charlotte trail for the whole of the Easter holidays. Information: 01372 467806

Hatchlands Park East Clandon, Guildford Friday 14 to Monday 17 April, 11am–4pm Cadbury trail along with a children’s natural adventure area, garden and parkland trail.

Photo copyright: Brooklands

April 17 events_Layout 1 03/04/2017 14:49 Page 7

Auto Italia Italian car day, Brooklands

Mane Chance

Sandown Park Racecourse

Down Lane, Nr Guildford


Saturday 15 April Easter egg trail Meet horses and solve the trail’s clues. Monday 1 May Mane Chance Soccer Clinic Children aged nine to fourteen can participate in a two hour coaching session with Sammy Lee at Merrist Wood College, Guildford in aid of Mane Chance. Places limited.

Saturday 29 April Bet365 Jump Finale Featuring the Bet365 Gold Cup.


Information: 01483 351526 or

Information: surreysculpture.org.uk

Monday 3 to Thursday 13 April Easter school holiday family fun Weekday car rides and trail. Saturday 29 April, 9am–5pm Auto Italia Italian car day In previous years, there have been 200 Ferraris alone!


Information: 01932 857381 or

Information: birdworld.co.uk

Bocketts Farm

Brooklands Museum

Information: sandown.co.uk

Surrey Sculpture Society Surrey Hills Sculpture Garden, Birtley Estate, Bramley Sunday 30 April to Sunday 4 June Indoor and outdoor sculptures.

Surrey Wildlife Trust Painshill Park Cobham

Nower Wood Educational Nature Reserve, Leatherhead

Sunday 16 and Monday 17 April Easter eggstravaganza Hunt for clues on an Easter trail.

Saturday 22 April, Bluebell open morning/afternoon Bluebells, minibeasts and more.

Information: painshill.co.uk

Information: 01483 795440 or



RHS Wisley Godstone Farm


WWF Living Planet Centre

Information: 01483 222482



Leith Hill Place

Saturday 1 to Monday 17 April Easter fun Baby animals and lots more.

Saturday 1 to Monday 17 April The Lindt Gold Bunny hunt Follow the clues on the trail of the Lindt Gold Bunny.

Information: godstonefarm.co.uk

Information: rhs.org.uk/wisley

Information: wwf.org.uk/whatson

near Dorking Friday 14 to Monday 17 April, 10am–3pm Enjoy panoramic views across Surrey countryside while solving a clue-led puzzle for a Cadbury treat.

Haslemere Museum Haslemere

Polesden Lacey

Tuesday 11 April Easter egg-citement Arts and crafts for children and a trail.

Great Bookham, near Dorking

Information: 01428 642112 or

Saturday 1 to Monday 17 April, 10am–3pm Roam free in this country retreat and follow a South Americaninspired trail for a Cadbury prize.


Information: 01306 711685

Loseley Park Spring Show Guildford

Information: 01372 452048

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April Plant sales, garden stalls and more.


Information: loseleypark.co.uk

Tuesday 4 and 11 and Thursday 6 and 13 April Easter egg hunt and lots more.

farmers’ markets Camberley Saturday 15 April, 10am–3pm Cranleigh Every Friday, 9.30–11am Epsom Sunday 2 April and 7 May, 9.30am–1.30pm Farnham Sunday 23 April, 10am–1.30pm Guildford Tuesday 4 April and 2 May, 10.30am–3.30pm Haslemere Sunday 2 April and 7 May, 10am–1.30pm Milford Sunday 16 April, 10am–1.30pm Ripley Saturday 8 April and 13 May, 9am–1pm Walton-on-Thames Saturday 1 April and 6 May, 9.30am–2pm Woking Thursday 6 April and 4 May, 9am–2pm

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2pp_Art_TwoKats_Layout 1 05/04/2017 19:45 Page 1

'Biscuit', oil on linen by John Marshall 122x122cm £4200

Brighton rocks In 2001 three painters, Katty McMurray, Kathryn Matthews and John Marshall, made the decision to take a studio in one of Brighton beach’s Victorian seafront arches. After frequently exhibiting both throughout the UK and internationally, they transformed the studio into the Two Kats and a Cow gallery.


he name Two Kats and a Cow was coined by the three artists, Katty McMurray, Kathryn Matthews and John Marshall; the ‘Two Kats’ referring to Katty and Kathryn and the ‘Cow’ referring to the work of John Marshall. Initially the gallery was created as an ongoing exhibition space for the three artists, whilst also showcasing selected work from highly acclaimed silkscreen printers Artizan Editions. In April 2014, the gallery re-opened under the directorship of the ‘Two Kats’ Katty and Kathryn, introducing a roster of new talent from some of the UK’s best jewellers, ceramicists and sculptors. Over the years, the Two Kats and a Cow gallery has become a key attraction on Brighton’s ever evolving seafront and has been listed by The Independent as a ‘must see’ tourist destination. It is now Brighton’s oldest independent fine arts gallery and has generated a list of collectors from around the world. In this year’s spring exhibition, highlights include Katty McMurray’s trademark minimal style that

70 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2017

captures the subtleties of city culture via her highly anticipated Copenhagen collection. Kathryn Matthews’ flares of uncompromising colour and exuberant palettes do not disappoint, as she presents a fresh perspective of the stunning scenery throughout Brighton & Hove, and John's new works exude charisma and a playful insight into the breadth of his technique through the introduction of eight new cows in a variety of staggering sizes. In addition, the gallery continues to support some of the best independent makers and designers throughout the UK. Featuring fast rising talent such as Kinska, Lucy Kirk, Skratch Ceramics, Silver Spur and Fleur de Carotte to name a few. So what could be better than a visit to the seafront this spring? 

essence INFO Spring exhibition Saturday 6 May from 12 noon to 5pm. Website: www.twokatsandacow.co.uk

2pp_Art_TwoKats_Layout 1 05/04/2017 19:45 Page 2


'Coffee and cycling in Copenhagen', oil on linen 90x90cm by Katty McMurray £2600

'Lola's Garden', Kemptown, oil on board by Kathryn Matthews 80x80cm £2400

'Gordon Keeps thinking it's Friday', oil on linen by John Marshall 122x122cm £4200

'Orange Sky' Shoreham-by-Sea, oil on board by Kathryn Matthews 80x80cm £2400

Summer in the City', limited edition giclee print by Katty McMurray £395

APRIL 2017 | essence-magazine.co.uk 71


LAUNCHING THIS SPRING SHANLY HOMES IS PROUD TO PRESENT GREAT OAKS Located in the highly sought after village of Bookham in Surrey & just a stone’s throw away from Bookham station, Great Oaks offers quick & easy access to central London, with direct trains to London Waterloo in just 50 minutes.

PLEASE CALL 01372 360832



Computer generated image of Great Oaks.

HANDCRAFTED CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE Home Study Furniture I Bedroom Furniture I Living Room Furniture We have over 20 years of experience in creating high-quality fitted and freestanding furniture for the home. Choose from a range of the finest materials and finishes to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY DESIGN CONSULTATION TODAY

Call: 01932 809135 F www.homewoodfurniture.co.uk F


www.vandapaint.com The V&A Classic Paint Collection, developed in close collaboration between Master Paintmakers and the V&A, uses the finest pigments to achieve the highest quality paint product available in its category. Full range available Spring 2017

1pp_Catchpole_Layout 1 05/04/2017 19:39 Page 1

Bathrooms | CATCHPOLE & RYE

pastels PERFECT

Catchpole & Rye, purveyor of fine sanitary ware for luxurious bathrooms, offers its ideas for updating the ‘smallest room in the house’ this spring using pastel colours.


pring is in the air, and in fashion and interiors that means one thing: a proliferation of pastels! When it comes to the bathroom, however, a gentle, muted colour palette is not just for warmer months – it works wonderfully all year round, creating a peaceful, tranquil ambience in a room made for relaxation and indulgence. Traditionally seen as feminine, romantic and perhaps a little saccharine, pastels are finally showing their more versatile side. Pastels also look fabulous paired with metallics such as brass and copper – another sign that they’re a great choice for bathrooms. For a gentle introduction to this look, stick to a neutral palette for a bathroom and introduce the chosen pastel as for any accent colour. Catchpole & Rye baths can be painted any shade chosen: powder blue, muted mint, lemon yellow or coral pink, a crisp background will stop the overall scheme from appearing too sugary sweet. The room pictured top looks so inviting – the pale walls and floor create a serene backdrop for the soft blue bath. Ice-cream shades can help to counter the clean lines and hard surfaces of a bathroom, softening the space and adding a fun, quirky edge. For those who have had their fill of industrial chic, this could be the perfect antidote! By painting the bath a slightly paler tint of pink than the walls (see image bottom right), it is given subtle prominence in a sophisticated scheme. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the bath that takes centre stage – cisterns and vanity units can also be painted to suit a scheme where pastel tones add a splash of individuality without overpowering the room. Adding vibrant bright or dark, moody colours into the mix brings pastels bang up to date. As well as creating a strong sense of drama, an atmospheric wall colour adds definition to a pistachio green bath (see centre image), the contrast heightening the intensity of both colours and giving the paler shade more gravitas. Colour layering in this scheme could have a touch of the tropical about it – perhaps a fearless combination of zesty orange, sky blue and sunshine yellow would feel joyful and full of fun. See the Catchpole & Rye website for more information and inspiration. 

essence INFO Catchpole & Rye Website: www.catchpoleandrye.com Telephone: London showroom 020 7351 0940


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FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION – PERFECT IN FORM AND FUNCTION www.aparattus.pt • info@aparattus.pt



great interior design Interior designer Sophie Paterson talks to Jane Pople about the secrets of good interior design and how she overcame career challenges to be where she is today.


ophie Paterson has an enviable combination of tenacity and business acumen, coupled with wonderful creativity and a natural talent for style. These skills have seen her rise through the ranks to head her own studio, Sophie Paterson Interiors, and become renowned across the industry. Her portfolio boasts many stunning projects that range from a luxury Chelsea apartment to a sprawling urban family home. Q Sophie, what is the secret to interior design? A I’m not sure it’s a secret, but I think the key is really prioritising the functionality of the space and not just going for something that will look good in a photo. Having lived in various properties I have designed, I’ve learnt on a personal level how important comfort and practicality can be. Small things like having a table in reach of all your chairs so you can put down a drink, having fabrics that don’t give you a nervous tic every time someone sits on them, sofas that feel comfortable to sit on, rugs that disguise stains, wall coverings that resist scratches and marks. I think if you are designing high-end residential projects and you haven’t lived in one of your designed interiors, you could be tempted to prioritise aesthetics over functionality which is never the correct choice. Every client and every home needs to take practicality and comfort into account in order to be truly luxurious. Otherwise you are just living in a show home not a real home.

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Interior design | SOPHIE PATERSON Cobham project nursery

Q What was the biggest challenge you faced when setting up your own interior design studio? A There were many challenges – obtaining trade accounts is one hurdle that springs to mind – you need trade account references to set up most trade accounts, so convincing the first fabric house to give a trade account is hard work! I remember being interviewed by Zoffany and Andrew Martin for a trade account, which was daunting at the time. Now I look back and think what was I worried about, but you have to constantly push yourself to grow, so things I used to get phased by don’t even register with me now as a stressful situation. When I look back, I think it’s a blessing that at the tender age of 24 I didn’t fully realise everything that was involved in setting up and running a successful design studio! Q What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? A Stop worrying about everything that could go wrong and start thinking about all the things that could go right. In reality, you will find a solution to any problem you come up against. If you think about everything that could go wrong, you’ll end up procrastinating or even failing to try. Q How would you describe your own home style and what’s your favourite room? A My home is classic contemporary with a little rustic chic thrown in. My favourite room is either the kitchen or my TV room because they are so relaxing to spend time in. My TV room has layers of gorgeous textures and comfort; my kitchen is such a great space for socialising. I love the views across the garden from all the French doors.

Knightsbridge project bedroom

Q If you could design the interior for any space in the world, where would you choose? A I get asked this question a lot. I don’t have a particularly interesting answer. To me the ideal project isn’t just about the building, it’s about the combination of the building, client, brief and budget. If you get all those things right, then magic happens! Q What is your favourite type of project to work on and do you have a most memorable project? A I like working on complete refurbishments where you get to see a total transformation, and I prefer to work on whole houses or apartments rather than just a few rooms, as I always feel the rooms that are left feel even worse after you’ve renovated the others to a high standard. One of my most memorable projects was designing the nursery for our Cobham project after the rest of the house. We had left this room earmarked as a future nursery. Unveiling the room to the clients was >>>

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Sophie Paterson

Knightsbridge project

such an emotional experience. They were in tears, we were in tears and even our builder was spotted wiping a tear away! It was such a special room and turned out beautifully. Another noteworthy experience was the recent handover of a Knightsbridge apartment project. The client was very trusting and didn’t visit the project once in the year’s renovation. When we handed the turnkey project over even their personal photos were in the photo frames, candles lit and flowers in the vases. The client’s reaction was just so special and to see how much they loved it is why we all do this job. Q How would you spend your dream day off? A If I was in London then I’d either go to Scotts, Zuma or Roka for a long lunch with my husband and baby daughter. Food is one of my passions – often I can be eating one meal whilst planning my next! After that I’d check into the spa at the Corinthia for some pampering. The interiors and treatments there are spectacular. Q Where is your favourite place in the world? A One place where I really relax and switch off is my in-laws’ home in Ranch Santa Fe in California. The weather, the beautiful location with gorgeous beaches so nearby, the food, the activities (I love tennis, hiking and shopping!) and company is a great combination. I generally don’t like staying in hotels, so this is one of my favourite places to go to switch off. Q What are your top three tips for interiors in 2017? A Embrace metal finishes such as bronze and antique brass. Not only are they more fashionable than chrome, but this is a trend that has longevity – it’s a classic look so won’t look dated in five years. Colour wise, I love burgundy red, as well as warm tones such as almond and rust on a neutral base.

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Knightsbridge project

Q What would you be doing if you weren’t an interior designer? A Good question. I really don’t know! I love organising things and I’d also need something creative. Q What does the future hold for Sophie Paterson Interiors? A We are completing some very large projects this year: a multiunit project in Marylebone comprising a townhouse, an apartment and all the communal spaces within a high end development, a 13,000 square foot new build house in Chelmsford, an apartment in Marbella, a Grade II listed apartment in Knightsbridge, an apartment in Mayfair and a Grade II listed apartment in Belgravia. We are also expanding our team to allow for the large new projects we have lined up for later this year, so exciting times. essence INFO

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