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Issue 90 | APRIL 2018

Young and gifted Simona Brown

Also inside this issue: RISING STAR Lucie Shorthouse ELECTRIC DREAMS Guilt-free Jaguar Land Rover ISLAND PLAYGROUND The Bahamas


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We see an oak bench. They see a rope bridge. The Arundel dining table and bench. Made from nothing but North American oak. Designed to last a lifetime.

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2 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

contents Issue 90 | APRIL 2018

6 | Interview | SIMONA BROWN

Simona Brown has been acting for only four years and is shortly to be seen in Channel 4’s Kiss Me First. Andrew Peters finds out more about the actress who is starting to make waves.

12 | Theatre interview | LUCIE SHORTHOUSE

Actress Lucie Shorthouse stars in the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and has garnered rave reviews. Andrew Peters talked to Lucie whose breakout turn as Pritti in ETAJ has now won her an award.


16 | Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS

Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design explains the importance of colour and its reaction to light in the design of any garden.

20 | Travel | THE BAHAMAS

Renowned as a maritime playground for sun-starved Americans, The Bahamas has an array of beaches, reefs, forests and historic towns to be discovered, as Kevin Pilley found out.

26 | Leisure breaks | CHÂTEAU DE BERNE

Château de Berne Hotel & Spa, located in the Provence countryside is an exceptional terroir in Provence and astonishing destination for wine lovers.


28 | Motoring | JAGUAR LAND ROVER

There’s a new Range Rover heralding a brilliant start for Jaguar Land Rover on its electrification journey. Euan Johns looks at the Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid that offers over 100 mpg.

32 | Fashion | AKRIS

The Akris brand stands for state-of-the-art fashion with a collection from designer Albert Kriemler that captures the spirit of the American Southwest.

38 | Food review | STEPHANIE BROOKES

Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month: Abd El Wahab in Belgravia.

44 | Artisan food | EAT SURREY


Shirlee Posner introduces essence readers to a true artisan baker, Dineke van den Bogerd of Crumbs of Capel, near Dorking.

50 | Legal | MUNDAYS

Kerry Sawyer, a solicitor in the Private Wealth team at Mundays, emphasises the importance of putting our affairs in order, including a Lasting Powers of Attorney.

54 | Equestrian | SLADES FARM

This luxury equestrian centre caters for all abilities and is situated in the beautiful Wintershall Estate in the Surrey Hills.


The Investec International Music Festival takes place in early May and brings together world-class artists to perform in beautiful venues in the Surrey Hills.


60 | Events | SURREY

Linda Seward’s diary of the best of what’s on in theatre, music, exhibitions, arts and the countryside.

66 | essence | PROPERTY

Market comment together with the area’s finest houses from the best estate agents.

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26 A wrinkle in time It would appear that now seems to be a time when there are stirrings of great change all around. Social media being brought to heel (perhaps), a new cold war, #MeToo, how the extensive use of plastics affects the environment, and even campaigns for a change in the gun laws in America. Things are seemingly on the move, change for the better, but only time will tell how effective these movements will be. Some change results in good and this month essence highlights two young women who are blazing a trail in the entertainment industry. Actress Simona Brown is all smiles and will shortly be starring on screen in Channel 4’s ground-breaking drama Kiss Me First. Meanwhile, Lucie Shorthouse has won an award for her part of Pritti in the hit musical Everyone’s Talking about Jamie. The Bahamas has always been a go-to destination for sun-starved Americans, but there’s much more to the subtropical islands, as Kevin Pilley experienced. There’s change in the auto world too as diesel becomes ever more dirty; Euan Johns looks at some guilt-free 4x4 motoring with the arrival of the Range Rover PHEV. Family-run fashion house Akris offers southwestern American style in its new collection for the sophisticated woman and Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design considers the importance of colour and its reaction to light in the design of outside space. Foodie expert Stephanie Brookes visits Abd El Wahab in Belgravia and we discover that the beautiful Surrey Hills are home to a new equestrian experience at Slades Farm in Bramley. As always, this issue of essence has a mix of health, beauty and legal advice. Don’t miss the diary of events and places to visit, together with market comment and the pick of some of the region’s finest properties. The essence team

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winning smile Simona Brown has had a short career, acting for only four years. In that brief time, she has won roles in some very successful dramas, BBC television’s The Night Manager being one, and there’s much more to come from this vivacious young actress. Proud of her south east London roots, Simona is shortly to be seen in Channel 4’s Kiss Me First. Andrew Peters finds out more about the actress who is starting to make waves. >>> PHOTO COPYRIGHT: DESMOND LINGARD

6 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Interview | SIMONA BROWN

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 7

Quick five Film or book? Book – Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin Favourite food? Caribbean Tea or coffee? Tea Favourite holiday? Portugal Hot or cold? Hot


Q Simona, you first wanted to be a singer when you were small and liked Whitney Houston, so what changed your mind and made you want to become an actor? A Singing was the dream. Whitney was a huge inspiration for me growing up. I studied musical theatre for my first two years at The Brit school (Croydon) where I studied singing, acting and dancing. Of the three art forms I enjoyed acting the most, so I continued with theatre in sixth form and started looking for an agent.


Q What encouragement did you receive and from whom? A My mother and sister have always been very supportive of my dreams. Q You grew up, and still live, in south east London. Do you have fond memories of the area? A Growing up in Peckham was fun for the most part. I did experience some bullying in primary school, but oddly enough being isolated was somewhat of a relief. Being part of the cool clique was too stressful. I think that’s when I really got into reading and creating my own short stories. Q Olivia Colman has just won the What’s On Stage award for best actress in a play. Did you enjoy working with her (along with Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hollander and Hugh Lawrie) in The Night Manager? A It was very insightful to work with Olivia. She has a playful energy, which is great to have on set. I would love to work with her again. >>>

8 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Profile: Simona Brown Actress Simona Brown studied acting at the Identity School of Acting and has since starred in a number of exceptionally-received television shows. She has been seen in The Night Manager, as well as in a starring role in the A&E remake of Roots (pictured above) where she played the role of Jinna, Kunta Kinte’s love interest. Simona is shortly to be seen as the lead in Channel 4's new drama Kiss Me First, of which Piers Wenger, head of drama at Channel 4, says: “This is a thrilling and truly ground-breaking series which takes an emotional look at the lives of a group of young gamers and the truth which exists behind their online lives.” Adapted from Lottie Moggach’s best-selling novel by the makers of Skins, Kiss Me First will premiere on Channel 4 in the UK and Netflix internationally very shortly. >>>

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Q Do you push yourself hard to learn and improve all the time? A When I’m not working I read quite a bit and I take various acting classes, which I get a lot out of. I think it’s important to keep training. I learn something new every time. Q You’re soon to be seen again in the Channel 4 and Netflix drama Kiss Me First. Can you tell us a little more about this? A Kiss Me First is a thriller in which a group of misunderstood young adults meet on the online VR game Azana. I play the role of Tess, a vivacious, insatiable young woman who struggles with the real world and uses the game as a form of escapism to avoid her depression and inner demons. Q Would you regard Kiss Me First as ground-breaking drama with its mix of live action and virtual animation? A It’s exciting to be a part of a new form of storytelling. I think Kiss Me First will be the first of many live action/virtual reality dramas. Q So what have you lined up to do next? A I’m currently filming The Little Drummer Girl for BBC/AMC.v essence INFO

Kiss Me First is coming soon to Channel 4 and Netflix.


Q You’ve been working pretty much non-stop since 2014. Can you tell us a little about your other work? A I’ve been mostly focused on acting since I started in 2014. I like to write in my spare time and I’m keen to learn more about directing as it’s something I could see myself doing one day. Q What was your first big break? A I think Roots. It’s a project that challenged me and I’m very proud to be a part of. Q Who have been the biggest influences on your acting career to date? A My biggest influences have been Viola Davis, Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Naomie Harris and Vera Farmiga. The list, however, is endless. Q What’s been the highlight to date? A Filming in South Africa was an amazing experience. It’s where I had my first encounter with elephants! Q What’s the most important aspect of being an actor? A I think it’s remembering to trust my instincts and to have fun! Q If you could choose a role, current or past, what would it be? A To play Nina Simone. She had such an interesting life and character.

10 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018


Kiss Me First Skins’ co-creator Bryan Elsley’s Kiss Me First is an innovative, stateof-the-art thriller that combines live action with state-of-the-art computer-generated virtual world sequences in a television drama first. Tallulah Haddon will play the central role of Leila, a reserved 19-yearold who becomes addicted to a multiplayer, online, role-playing game. While on the site, Leila meets Tess (Simona Brown, pictured above), a cool, confident party girl who harbours a dark secret. Tess invites Leila into Red Pill, a secretive, invite-only part of this virtual world led by charming and manipulative, Adrian (Matthew Beard). Although the young adult members of Red Pill have never met Adrian in the real world, they all instinctively trust in his leadership, however, they are unaware of the fate they're about to face.

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Everybody’s Talking About...


Actress Lucie Shorthouse stars in the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, currently at the West End’s Apollo Theatre, and has garnered rave reviews. Andrew Peters talked to Lucie whose breakout turn as Pritti has now won her an award. Q Lucie, did you see a lot of theatre growing up? A No, so I’m not sure where the bug came from. I danced (quite badly) and had the urge to perform, but theatre wasn’t encouraged at school or as accessible as it may be in London. I’m a fierce advocate for encouraging accessibility in theatre, particularly for young people. I’ve been consulting with the team on the education outreach programme as my Cambridge degree was in education with English and drama, so it’s something I’m really passionate about. It’s very important for me to expose young people to all the wonder theatre has to offer. Q What encouragement did you receive and from whom? A My parents for sure, but they also struck a balance. I had to honour my education first and foremost and convince them it wasn’t a phase! Even when I went to university before drama school, I picked a drama-orientated degree, it’s something that’s always fired my belly. My family are incredibly supportive, dad, stepmum, nan and aunty would watch me sing the same songs over and over again when I used to gig to support myself through drama school. They would be there every week without fail. I hope I can make them proud. Q How did you get involved in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie? A I got involved in ETAJ during its second workshop. It was probably my third audition out of drama school and ended up being my first professional job, so it’s been a special journey. You never forget the people who first take a chance on you. When I knew it was going to be set in Sheffield, I was convinced they’d get someone ‘proper’ to do it, someone trained in musical theatre, and the auditions were tough, so it was rewarding to get the part. Pritti was already a part of me from the workshop. Q Was your character Pritti Pasha based on anyone real? A Although the show is based on truth, my character is fictional, but I think she’s a fitting tribute to anyone the real Jamie Campbell would have held dear who supported him no matter what.

12 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018


Profile: Lucie Shorthouse Currently making her mark on London’s West End, actress Lucie Shorthouse is receiving rave reviews from critics and the public for her role as Pritti in the hit musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. The part has earned Lucie a well deserved What’sOnStage award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical. Lucie’s television work includes popular BBC hit crime thriller Line of Duty, BBC’s Doctors and The Sound of Music for ITV.

Theatre interview | LUCIE SHORTHOUSE

John McCrea (Jamie New) and Lucie Shorthouse (Pritti Pasha) in Everybody's Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre PHOTO COPYRIGHT: JOHAN PERSSON

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Jamie New is sixteen and lives on a council estate in Sheffield, doesn’t quite fit in, is terrified about the future, but Jamie is going to be a sensation. Supported by his brilliant, loving mum and surrounded by his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness into the spotlight. Hailed as: “Billy Elliot for today’s generation” – What’sOnStage, this fabulous, funny, feel-good, musical sensation has been a huge success.

Q Does it feel like a political show in the current climate? A Theatre is inherently political because the personal is the political. We all come to the theatre with our own beliefs and values and maybe they’re challenged or changed by the end of the night. I will say it feels incredible to be able to utter progressive statements and beliefs about owning who you are and encouraging a union across differences. It’s a very divisive time, so bringing a whole audience together to cheer on a boy who wants to explore drag and gender is quite life affirming! I remember our opening in Sheffield coincided with Trump’s inauguration and it did invigorate me further to tell this story. It’s so needed in this time. It’s not an education or preachy piece by any means, but the issues it addresses can prove a lesson for us all.

“Completely unexpected. I still had chewing gum in my mouth when I won and had to put it in my agent’s hand!” Lucie Shorthouse “Lucie Shorthouse is a standout success...” The Times

Q How much does it mean to you to have such a diverse cast? A It means so much because we’re trying to be truthful and a multicultural classroom and community that is truth! Visibility and diversity is so pivotal for children; they need to learn to celebrate who they are and they can’t do that if they can’t relate or see their beauty celebrated in the mainstream. Growing up I didn’t see many people who looked like me on television. Thankfully it’s changed massively, but knowing I’m perhaps helping someone else feel represented is a real privilege. Q What was making your West End debut like? A It was incredible! An absolute dream come true. I can’t believe I’m here. I try not to think about it too much because it can be intimidating, but I'm so lucky as I know how many talented performers are out there. >>>

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 13


Q Were you star-struck meeting anyone on opening night? A I didn’t meet many people on press night: it was all a blur! I did meet Sir Ian McKellen when I was collecting for a charity in the stalls after a show and I completely lost my cool and blurted out that I loved him. But hey! He needs to know I love him!


tickets to see Oscar Wilde’s

An Ideal Husband in the West End

Q Have you been surprised by the success of the musical? A Yes and no. Because I’ve been with the show for around two and a half years now, it’s surreal to see it grow so quickly and be embraced so lovingly. However, I had enormous faith in the show, the story, the songs and spirit. I knew straight away it was something different and very special, so I’m just thrilled other people recognise that too. Q Does Broadway beckon? A I’m not sure. I would love to see the show have further life, it deserves to. Whether I’m in it or not, I want to see the show grow. Broadway is, of course, a dream, so I wouldn’t say no if the offer ever came my way! Q Do you have any concerns about opportunities for actors of colour? A I feel there’s a real paradigm shift in terms of diversity in the industry and it makes me hopeful. People are being held accountable for ill considered casting choices. I think what Ed Skrein did last year was admirable and important for the industry. (He turned down a role meant for an Asian actor and called for more inclusion). Our business is storytelling and replicating truth. Our truth is diverse and full of differences so we have to ensure we represent that. Q Having been nominated, did you really expect to win the What’sOnStage Best Supporting Actress in a Musical award? A Completely unexpected. I still had chewing gum in my mouth when I won and had to put it in my agent’s hand! I was just sitting enjoying myself and almost didn’t hear my name because I didn’t think I had a chance. I’m very new, not many people know me, and the show is very new too and the other nominees were insane! I’m so pleased the public not just recognised my performance, but the character of Pritti. It’s a huge victory for visibility, diversity and representation. People want to see characters like her!

The Rolls-Royce of English comedies, Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband explores corruption and morality, bringing an act of political sin into the heart of the English home. An ambitious government minister, Sir Robert Chiltern’s smooth ascent to the top seems assured. Until Mrs Cheveley appears in London with damning proof of his past financial chicanery. A witty new production from director Jonathan Church (Singin’ in the Rain and The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Chichester; West End), An Ideal Husband opens at the Vaudeville Theatre (20 April–14 July), before playing at the Theatre Royal Bath as part of its Summer Season (18 July–4 August). Starring real-life father and son Edward (The Audience, West End; The Day of the Jackal, ITV) and Freddie Fox (The Judas Kiss, West End; Cucumber & Banana, Channel 4; E4), Olivier Award-nominated Frances Barber (Silk, BBC; Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare’s Globe), Nathaniel Parker (This House, West End; Wolf Hall, West End & Broadway), Sally Bretton (Not Going Out, BBC; King Lear, Shakespeare’s Globe) and Susan Hampshire (Forsythe Saga, Monarch of the Glen, BBC). The Oscar Wilde Season rolls elegantly on; don’t miss it! For a chance to win a pair of tickets for a showing of An Ideal Husband between 20 April to 2 May 2018, simply visit www.essence-magazine.co.uk and answer the following question: Who wrote An Ideal Husband: a) Oscar Wilde b) Kim Wilde c) Nora Wilde Closing date 16 April 2018.

Q What sort of projects would you like to do in future? A I just want to keep learning and telling thought-provoking stories. I would love to do more film and television for sure, it’s very demanding in a completely different way. You have to sustain your energy take after take and suspend your imagination, perhaps even more because you’re working out of sequence. As long as I’m acting I’m happy though! v

essence INFO

essence INFO


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is playing at the Apollo Theatre in the West End. To book tickets visit everybodystalkingaboutjamie.co.uk.

For more information and to book tickets (from £19.50), call 0330 333 4814 or visit classicspring.co.uk. Come and share in this new adventure, and rediscover the thrill of these great plays. Terms and conditions: One reader will win two band A tickets to see An Ideal Husband at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, valid for Monday to Thursday performances from 20 April to 2 May 2018, subject to availability. No cash alternative. Travel and accommodation not included.

14 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018


British Luxury Since 1977

Enjoy Bridgman unique garden furniture. Relax on our exclusive fully waterproof and virtually stainproof cushions. Available only at Bridgman. Essence Magazine March 2018.indd 1

Auckland House, New Zealand Avenue Walton on Thames KT12 1PL 01932 242707 www.bridgman.co.uk 12/03/2018 15:17:59

Rays of colour Emanuela Alladio of Alladio Sims Garden Design explains the importance of colour and its reaction to light in the design of any garden.


love colour. I find accents of strong bold colours uplifting and same tones, so better to be restrained in choosing and using them, like invigorating, and blocks of cool shades very restful and calming. in so many classic Italian gardens or in the famous English ‘White Colours can set the tone of a story and unify a space, setting the Garden’ of Sissinghurst, where a limited mix of grey, green and white mood of the entire garden – the hot spicy tones of reds and yellows interacts creating sheer light magic based on the principle set out by grabbing our attention and lifting our spirits and the cool hues of its designer, Vita Sackville-West: “Any colour, as long as it’s white”. blues and purples relaxing our minds. Yet nothing is as complex as Attempting to design a garden closely obeying the criteria set out colour, because colour is made out of light, and its variety of hues by a colour wheel has often proved disappointing. Of course, adding and tones changes in relation to the quality of the sunlight that hits it. colourful accents can be fun and can help introduce brief moments of Choosing the right colour scheme for a garden is one of the key delight, but when this is not connected to the bigger picture, or it’s not elements to consider when designing it. But if ultimately colour is bold enough to make a statement, it can appear too harsh and fail to the plants’ response to light, then a successful garden design must work overall. Instead, I always start by observing how colours behave understand how plants respond to light by ‘lighting them up’ and using them to their best effect. Growing up in Italy, I was blessed by month after month of relentlessly powerful sunlight and bottomless blue skies and I soon learnt to appreciate the colour enhancing properties of the sun, especially on warmer hues and vibrant combinations. Yet in the harsh light of a hot summer afternoon, these tones would sometimes become overbearing. This extreme light context contrasts with the soft colour combinations of a classic English border illuminated by the gentle diffused light of a misty or cloudy sky; here the subtlety of each hue is allowed to show itself – soft pinks and pastel tones glow, Profile: Alladio Sims coppery hues are warm under Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Ltd was established in grey skies, while whites gather 2015 after Jon Sims and Emanuela Alladio collaborated on a Silver what light there is and sparkle Gilt winning show garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The two directors continue their collaborative approach against the green foliage foil. throughout their practice This dynamic reaction to with Jon’s background in light shows just how the process interior architecture giving of designing a successful garden distinctive spaces and must start by observing local Emanuela’s passion for plants and photographic colours and the way in which eye adding great texture they behave in local natural and contrast. light conditions in an attempt to recreate some of this magic Jon and Emanuela in the show garden they created within the garden. Colours look for the Istanbul Flower different in different climates Festival in 2016 and not all climates support the

16 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Garden design | ALLADIO SIMS In the low light conditions of a wood, the relatively small amount of early morning light that filters through is absorbed by bluebells producing a magical effect IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD

Blue flowers work well in lower light conditions because they are able to absorb more light and appear more vigorous IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, LONDON GARDEN

locally and how they help to form a certain mood or create drama in a specific setting. Once I have gathered this information, I try to replicate some of these aspects within the garden. By striving to understand the continuously evolving light properties of a specific garden, I can play with light and dark and the full spectrum of hues available within different times of the day, different seasons and throughout the evolution of a plant life cycle. The vivid light shining through a daffodil in the pale rosy morning glow takes on red tones in the evening, while the golden rich tones of the autumn sun make purple asters and the yellow of maturing grasses glow. With the passing of time light changes, and these changes

Red flowers work really well in spring light conditions because they are able to absorb the soft rays of light and look more vibrant and alive IMAGE COURTESY OF ALLADIO SIMS GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE DESIGN LTD, SURREY GARDEN

allow plants to illuminate dark corners, bounce light from under tree canopies, shimmer against the evening sunset and look vibrant and alive when backlit. A silver leaf plant like Salvia argentea, whose woolly leaves shine even on the dullest of days, is capable of radiating light as soon as the sun hits it and therefore is best placed where the sun shines directly on it. A dark leaf such as that of an Asarum will absorb light to make the best of its shady growing condition, but in early morning light its glossy surface will be reflective. A golden or yellow leaved plant will work in much the same way as a white flower would, radiating light back from its leaves but adding a golden glow. Hackonechloa macra aureola is one such plant, forming a divine mat of luminous golden blades in the under storey of trees or other dry and inhospitable shady spots, which appears magic when the early morning or evening light goes through it. Ferns behave in a similar way too. When such simple and beautiful golden luminescence is available, the plant palette can be kept relatively simple. Difficult as it may be, designing a garden with these fleeting but wonderful colour and light effects in mind is to try and recreate beauty, and whilst it’s true that plants’ behaviour will somehow always be partially beyond our control, there is a sense of real accomplishment and satisfaction when such moments of joy are achieved.v essence INFO

Alladio Sims Garden Landscape Design Limited Regional office: Lower Bourne (Farnham), Surrey Website: www.alladiosims.co.uk Email: Hello@alladiosims.co.uk

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Animal welfare | FINN’S LAW

In the line of duty On 5 October 2016, Police Dog Finn and handler Police Constable Dave Wardell were called to an address in Stevenage. The dog unit was instructed to give chase to a suspect evading arrest and who was believed to be armed with a baton or stick. What followed has led to a call for a change in the law.


uring the pursuit, PC Wardell released Finn with a command to detain the suspect. The man attempted to jump over a fence, but Finn was able to take hold of his leg, foiling his escape. Grabbing Finn’s collar, Dave straddled Finn’s back as he held the suspect. In a split second, the man lunged at Finn’s side with a weapon, and as he pulled away Dave saw a 10-inch blade covered in Finn’s blood. The man then lunged at Dave but Finn, despite being seriously wounded, grabbed the suspect and stopped him from landing a fatal blow. Dave’s hand was cut in the struggle and Finn’s head was sliced open. Finn’s constant grip enabled the assailant to be wrestled to the ground, where he eventually dropped the weapon. Other officers joined to assist and Finn was rushed to the nearest vet for urgent and life-saving treatment. Finn saved PC Wardell’s life, but was not expected to survive the night. Fortunately, after four hours of surgery and 11 weeks, Finn made a full recovery and was able to return to active service. The suspect was charged with the offence of causing Actual Bodily Harm for the injuries to PC Wardell and only criminal damage for the horrific injuries to Finn, as police dogs are considered as property. After more than six months of legal arguments, the assailant was found guilty. Finn’s remarkable story inspired a campaign called #Finnslaw. This is seeking to lobby government to change the laws that surround service animals, to provide them with greater protection and prosecution powers. In May Finn will receive his PDSA Gold Medal – the animal equivalent of The George Cross. As PC Wardell states: “We believe our service animals fulfil such an important role in supporting society that they deserve to be protected from harm. It is our aim to change the law to give them that protection.”

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Beautiful friendships start here

Sara Eden Introductions is the UK’s foremost dating, introduction and matchmaking agency with offices in Central London and Royal Windsor. For almost 30 years it has brought together thousands of couples that would otherwise never have met. Matchmaking is both a skill and an art.

Sara Eden Introductions is a matchmaking service which understands that professionals, academics, managers and business people can find it hard to meet the right partner for a variety of different reasons. They have the experience and imagination to understand what makes two people compatible, and to see potential couples forming loving, long-term relationships. The secret to success is simple; investing the time getting to know members personally in order to reach an informed, rounded view to find the best matches. This is a personal and very professional service that aims to take the pressure off and make the experience enjoyable, informative and above all, fun. The vast majority of new clients are recommended by couples that have met each other through Sara Eden Introductions. “We say make room for romance every day.” Karen Mooney, Founder and Managing Director (pictured right).

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Sara Eden Introductions London Office: 16 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP Telephone: 020 7499 9626 Windsor Office: March House, 13 Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire Telephone: 01753 830350 Email: info@sara-eden.co.uk Website: www.sara-eden.co.uk ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

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BAHAMAS: cobalt, azure or cerulean? Renowned as a maritime playground for sun-starved Americans, this string of subtropical islands has attracted many adventurers over the years. From the grit and bustle of funky Nassau to the vast mangroves of Andros, there’s an array of beaches, reefs, forests and historic towns to be discovered in The Bahamas, as Kevin Pilley found out.


is bronzed biceps bulged. The line smoked out from the reel between his thighs. The rod bent. The eyes widened and the teeth glinted through the famous grizzled white beard. He was into another trophy marlin. Hemingway considered The Bahamas – Spanish for ‘shallow waters’ – as paradise. Particularly Bimini. I am not sure what the famous daiquiri drinker and deep sea blue water fisherman would think of it now. He would have probably hooked into a passing paddle boarder: a Hobie Cat is harder to land than a sailfish. Paradise means different things to different writers and different people, but not HNWIs (High-Net-Worth-Individuals). For them, paradise isn’t paradise if it doesn’t offer complimentary kayaks, tumbled marble bathrooms, monsoon showers, a private infinity-edge pool, their own powdered sugar beach with exclusive towel drop, dedicated boat slip, a No.1 rated golf course, executive putting green and driving range, coconut painting classes, lobster ravioli, broiled lobster tails, 14oz ribeyes, ‘Lazy Parrot’ massages and plenty of opportunities to shop for sandals, designer flippers and real estate. I can’t see Hemingway going in for hibiscus sun repair facials and cuticle protection, or booking himself a full back wax, or an oceanside hair braiding session, but people do. Other fans of The Bahamas, like Al Capone and the pirate Blackbeard, might have felt at home among the bonefish and mangrove fishing charters and casinos and would have enjoyed a ‘Gully Wash’ or ‘Sky Juice’ cocktail at Dune’s on Cabbage Beach at Nassau’s One & Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island (formerly Hog island). >>>

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Nassau's famous Straw Market PHOTO COPYRIGHT: DONAVEH The Queen's

Preparing a conch salad The Versailles nuances, the fountains, statuary, Staircase, Nassau PHOTO COPYRIGHT: THE BAHAMAS TOURIST OFFICE PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ALBERTO BRANDÃO LOURO terraced gardens and the twelfth century Augustine cloister shipped in piece by piece from France Graycliff has the third largest wine collection might have gone over their heads. And a personal in the world. A quarter of a million bottles, scuba instructor may not have been a priority either. conservatively worth $11 million, are kept in the A pineapple mango smoothie would certainly be old rock-faced dungeon. anathema. But they would have appreciated the Once a visitor has encountered dolphins in the antihistamines and anti-chigger ethanol candlelit Blue Lagoon, fed a few stingrays and bought a new fine dining. But I can’t see Blackbeard in a cabana. swimsuit and some Bahamian handprints from Cole’s The Bahamas have always offered different of Nassau, ticked off the Bond locations and crossed versions of paradise, if paradise is defined as off the off-shore investments and wealth protection outrageously luxurious, absurdly decadent and options, all that is left to do is decide whether the sea glamorous living. The islands off Florida offer old style luxury in the form of the 1924 Colonial Hilton near the Straw is cobalt, azure or cerulean even, and then just conch out. The Bahamas proves it’s possible to be stalked by a large shell. Market, opposite Nassau’s cruise terminal, and the Graycliff with its own chocolate factory. It is one grand humidor. It is where Bill Everywhere serves conch. Having tried cracked fried, singed, Clinton got his Gurkha cigars: visitors can have cigar-rolling lessons smoked, frittered, goat-peppered or pecan-encrusted conch, visitors fast develop many attributes of the celebrated Caribbean gastropod: from a real torcedor. Graycliff is situated on the site of buccaneer John Graysmith’s 1740 they don’t move very far, or very quickly. A hammock is the only fortress mansion and once Polly Leach’s ‘Lunches, Teas & Dinners’ – known antidote to ‘Titan’s Trumpet’. >>> Nassau’s first inn. It was the home of Lord and Lady Dudley, the third PHOTO COPYRIGHT: THE BAHAMAS TOURIST OFFICE Earl of Staffordshire who hosted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor – the former Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson who thought The Bahamas rather perfect. They called it home. It became a luxury hotel in 1973. There are only twenty rooms, but plenty of herringbone parquet and credenza. Next door is the Governor General’s house. The restaurant makes one feel special. The sea bass is flown in especially from Chile, the sole from Holland and the crab from Alaska. To spoil yourself and get one up on your friends, turn to page seventy of the famous wine list, trail a finger down and order a bottle of the house 1727 Rudesheimer Apostlewein. At $200,000, it is the world’s oldest drinkable wine. So, ideal for those who fancy a dessert wine that has some cachet and will go down well with any insecure social peers.

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BRITISH POLO GIN The gin and tonic has been the polo players’ choice of refreshment for over 150 years. British officers were the first to mix gin with their tonic ration in the mid 1800s. British Polo Gin’s roots and provenance are inextricably connected with the sport. British Polo Gin differs from other gins for all the right reasons. The gin is 100% organic, distilled in small batch releases of just 150 bottles, is four-times distilled and has an alcohol content of 42.7%. For a gin being certified by the Soil Association and vegan friendly/gluten-free is highly unusual. British Polo Gin is not only becoming a favourite amongst gin lovers, but also converting non-gin drinkers.

“British Polo Gin® enjoys associations with rich and prestigious heritage institutions, including Mosimann’s and Fortnum & Mason”

Hand crafted in a wood-fuelled still and meticulously crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be.

BRITISH POLO GIN BOTANICAL NO.3 Based on the polo player with the most creativity and verve, No.3 contains a blend of botanicals ranging from elderflower to vanilla to citrus, and so does not have the ‘punch’ present with many gins. Enjoy ‘on the rocks’, or taken with strawberry and basil alongside tonic, or simply as a traditional gin and tonic with a citrus garnish.


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Bahamas parrot

Mayan Temple Challenger Slide, Atlantis resort, Paradise Island PHOTO COPYRIGHT: ATLANTIS

The thirty inhabited islands and cays (coral reefs) that comprise The Bahamas offer the chance to find a personal paradise and exclusive, upscale address. Like the new Lumina Point, Turtle Lagoon, on five-mile-long Stocking Island, Great Exuma. The ‘off the grid’, low footprint, boutique eco-resort is the latest place for models to hang out. Overlooking George Town, it’s the ideal location to make that laidback, kickback, moneyed but not posey statement. The visitor’s private launch is met at the pier with a cold towel and a classy beverage. Turtles form a reception committee. The food in The Beacon, overlooking Elizabeth Harbour and Exuma Sound, is excellent. Howard is the gracious host, reminding us to care for starfish because they are prone to sunburn too. An early morning call cannot be booked as there are no phones, but local songbirds will do their best. It’s Robinson Crusoe with an AAA Rosette and five stars, and for what it’s worth, plenty of compliments on TripAdvisor. Other islands tempt with their take on paradise. Like the Fernandez Bay Resort on Cat Island, The Grand Isle Resort & Spa, also on Exuma, where visitors can swim with pigs and feed iguanas before returning to the transformative marine skin treatments and three-bathroom villa with gourmet kitchen and granite countertops overlooking the Greg Norman course and ivory crescent of Emerald Bay. Somebody’s got to do it. Abacos has The Abaco Club on Winding Bay. Using the logo of the only groundnesting parrot, the resort has one-suite cabinas or multi-bedroomed island cottages. Have an ‘Abacos Smile’ aperitif before a superb dinner in The Cliff House overlooking Salt Cay. Go for stone claw crabs with plantain cakes on the side. Save room for coconut bread and butter pudding and guava crème brûlée. The Club, combining Bahamian beach chic with the feel of a private estate, reminds the visitor home and reality is a penance: once you have played and snapchatted the extraordinary clifftop golf course (editing out the air shots and lost balls) snorkel yourself into a prune or take the clichéd sun-splashed stroll down the two-mile ‘white sand splendour’ beach. The Bahamas offer all kinds of tropical paradise. Each to their own. The flumes and terrifying water rides ‘The Abyss’ and ‘Leap Of Faith’ at the Atlantis resort, Paradise island would have tested Ernest’s machismo. And Edward Teach (Blackbeard) would have struggled with all the sunrise yoga sessions, but would have loved the golf carts. And you do wonder if he bumped into Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who would have photobombed whom? v

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Eighteenth hole, The Abaco Club on Winding Bay PHOTO COPYRIGHT: THE ABACO CLUB

Edward Teach (Blackbeard) would have struggled with all the sunrise yoga sessions, but would have loved the golf carts.

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The Holiday Place, an ABTA and ATOL registered Caribbean specialist, offers multi-centre holidays to The Bahamas and the Caribbean, including flights from London and other UK airports, plus accommodation and transfers from £1,099 per person. Telephone: 020 7644 1770 Website: holidayplace.co.uk

All change

The Cellar Door experience is now fully up and running in Weybridge and we have transitioned from the 1853 Wine Shop to Cellar One. Head of Fine Wine Partners, Toby Spiers, has just spent two weeks travelling 10,000km across Australia to visit all the winery cellar doors.

Calendar of upcoming events at Cellar One:


e are very excited about replicating this experience in the UK as the northern hemisphere cellar door for all the premium wineries. The new name of Cellar One pays homage to the original Cellar No1 at Reynella winery on the Fleurieu Peninsula, just in the suburbs of Adelaide. Cellar No1 is regarded as one of the oldest working wine cellars in the world. March saw the birthday of one of our company’s legendary winemakers, Jack Mann from Houghton, Swan Valley, Western Australia, who is not only a person, but the name of a wine to remember, this icon of the vinous world. Jack Mann Cabernet is now one of the most highly thought of and respected red wines from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape in the New World, with a very long ageing potential. We are lucky to obtain a very small allocation of this wine every year from this single vineyard and will be launching 2018 releases to the wine trade this month at Harrods. For those looking to stock up for Easter or the forthcoming bank holidays, we always have 20 or so revolving wines open for tasting via our Enomatic machines which our Cellar Door Manager, Raz, can walk visitors through during opening hours at Cellar One, Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm. We will also be holding some lucky dips and mystery cases for the Easter holidays, similar to our very successful Black Friday event prior to Christmas.

Friday 13 April: Introducing St Hallett in context of the Barossa Friday 20 April: St. George’s Day wines

essence INFO Cellar One The Coach House 2 Heath Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 8TB


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A passion for wine Château de Berne Hotel & Spa, located in the Provence countryside, is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux network. The estate lies a few miles from Lorgues at the southern end of the Haut-Var, handy for the Var uplands, the Lac de Carcès and Verdon Gorge. It is an exceptional terroir in Provence and astonishing destination for wine lovers.


hâteau de Berne estate’s vines have benefited from a favourable geographical location and continental microclimate since 1750. Its wine growers enrich the work of nature every year by fertilising the soil with organic matter and supervising the planting and growth of vines with meticulous care. The estate spans 1,235 acres of beautiful countryside and its 297 acres of vines produce 750,000 bottles of acclaimed wines from Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Carignan, Viognier, Merlot, Sémillon, Ugni-Blanc and Rolle grapes. In parallel to the wine growing expertise, each generation has brought its own creative talent, coupled with the modern equipment and facilities needed for Berne’s wine specialists to produce good yields of exceptional wines. Committed to respecting nature, environmentally-friendly growing techniques are used at each stage of the wine growing process. Visitors can enjoy lingering at the Château wine shop (La Cave) that sells an extensive choice of vintage wines, including some exclusive blends, plus delicatessen products, regional specialities and produce grown at the vineyard. Visitors can also enjoy learning about wine through a variety of activities and workshops offered in package form, including vineyard tours, cellar tours, guided wine tasting, blind tasting, grape harvest days and even a wine blending contest. essence INFO

Website: www.chateauberne.com Telephone: 00 33 494 604888

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“The characteristic square bottles symbolise the estate’s deep attachment to tradition, combining quality and elegance while maintaining the spirit of our ancient wine growers.” Château de Berne

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There’s now a new Range Rover that offers guilt-free, 4x4 motoring and heralds a brilliant start for Jaguar Land Rover on its electrification journey. Euan Johns joins the Chelsea tractor brigade and marvels at the Range Rover Sport Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) that offers over 100 mpg and a clear conscience to boot.

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so it can’t pull the three and a half tons that the petrol version can, but recent freak weather apart, when are you going to actually need that capability? The new Range Rover Sport PHEV is the latest addition to the marque that was the precursor to SUVs in the 70s. From its origins as the farmer’s alternative to the practical but clumsy Land Rover, it’s gone global, become aspirational and has a customer base spanning anyone from rappers to royals. As electric dreams materialise, the Sport is a stylish and much needed step forward on a long journey. Much needed because as we are all very much aware, having been shown an open road by previous governments, diesels have hit a rather large pothole, well, more like a sinkhole, in the form of new taxes, tariffs and city centre restrictions that aren’t going away. So what better way to make one of the most comfortable rides available even more appealing? A smooth, eight-speed automatic gearbox feeds power to all four wheels and the 114bhp electric motor assists the petrol engine. The Sport is surprisingly nippy from a standstill, reaching 62 mph in a shade under seven seconds, marginally quicker than its turbocharged diesel counterpart. It has a top speed of 137 mph against 135 mph for the diesel. The car’s looks have not been tampered with and it still looks more at home at the Oscars than in a muddy field in Devon. Internally the Sport is swish with an upgraded infotainment system that goes by the name of ‘Blade’ for some reason. There’s also no need to carry a key fob as the activity key removes the risk of losing it in any stray mud. >>>


“These 2018 updates make the Range Rover Sport an even more attractive proposition with CO2 emissions down to 64g/km and 101 mpg on the combined cycle, coupled with new infotainment technology making life simpler. Our efficient diesel and petrol engines are our cleanest ever and remain utterly relevant today on our journey to electrification.” Jeremy Hicks, Jaguar Land Rover UK managing director

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If the daily commute is 15 miles either way or so, drivers can travel in silent and smooth bliss, together with a guilt-free recharging at night.

If the daily commute is 15 miles either way or so, drivers can travel in silent and smooth bliss, together with a guilt-free recharging at night. The car is supplied with a standard recharge cable which means it takes over seven hours to recharge (with the right 32 amp wall box, it’s well under three), so, forget to plug-in and you could be late for work in the morning. Although the car doesn’t qualify for the £2,500 plug-in grant, it does drive through London’s £11.50 congestion charge and is cheap to run. The petrol-electric system is managed by a computer and the driver can choose from two modes: Parallel Hybrid (the default) and EV (electric vehicle). In Parallel Hybrid, the computer juggles the two power sources to favour the clean stuff when it can. Land Rover admit they’re not sure whether 10 or 10,000 people will buy the car as their market research has been rather mixed. Townies may feel that it’s not particularly convenient to plug-in outside a flat or house if parking is at a premium. Conversely, country folk may be less inclined to surrender the diesel, worrying about how electrics will hold up in the cold and through water. Land Rover is therefore keeping its fingers

crossed. Porsche already offers a plug-in Cayenne and other luxury plug-ins, such as the Bentley Bentayga, will be rolled out later this year. Volkswagen’s plug-in Golf GTE hatchback has sold out in Britain, partly as a result of production bottlenecks, but also due to unexpectedly high demand. In the medium term at least, plug-in technology seems to be popular, offering the advantages of electric driving without time-consuming recharging on long journeys. The future for diesel, meanwhile, is certain in its uncertainty and will probably never recover from the emissions’ controversy, or ‘dieselgate’, and its aftermath. Any buyers for this swish eco bit of kit will therefore have to consider if the technology is bug-free as at an £85,000 plus cost, I am sure they would expect trouble-free motoring. Whatever the outcome, the Range Rover Sport PHEV is a welcome and essential step down the electric highway. v essence INFO

Website: www.jaguarlandrover.com

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We bring out the best in our girls Contact us via registrar@tormeadschool.org.uk Bursaries and Scholarships are available at 11+ and 16+

Independent Day School for Girls 4-18 years www.tormeadschool.org.uk @TormeadSchool Tormead School, Cranley Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2JD

Registered Charity No: 312057

A SENSE OF SOPHISTICATION The Akris brand stands for state-of-the-art fashion that makes perfect sense for the needs of today’s women. High quality materials and a singular sense of craftsmanship have established Akris as go-to fashion for women searching clothes with a quiet confidence. A trip to Santa Fe was inspiration for designer Albert Kriemler whose collection beautifully captures the spirit of the American Southwest. From breezy city-chic dresses and summer-weight suiting to incredible outerwear, the sophisticated woman is covered from May to October. Akris is an independent, family-owned fashion house established 90 years ago in St. Gallen, a Swiss town renowned for its tradition as the heart of the country’s textile industry. Akris is distributed worldwide and has flagship boutiques in major cities throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. The brand is available internationally in some 300 high-end department stores and fashion emporiums.

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Akris 30 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4QQ Website: www.akris.ch Telephone: 020 7758 8060

Purple long cashmere cotton herringbone blazer £2,985 Purple cashmere cotton herringbone pant £1,165 Black Anouk city crossbody flap bag £1,600

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Fashion | AKRIS

Diamond stripes print midi dress £2,256 Yellow Anouk little day bag £725

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“When a woman walks into a room, I want people to notice her personality first and her clothing second.” Akris designer, Albert Kriemler

Blue sleeveless cashmere knit pullover £700 Blue knee-length cashmere knit skirt £1,236 Blue Aimee medium shoulder bag £1,600

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Ulyana Sergeenko

Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 collection

Skin rejuvenation and micro needling Cosmetic and micro needling has been available for years, but what makes the skin treatment so special? Naomi Diamond of Epsom Skin Clinics explains. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: SIMONS | 123RF.COM


or those who have read about micro needling, or have heard of Dermaroller, the treatment may seem like a daunting concept, however it is very effective. Micro needling penetrates the skin with thousands of microscopic needle columns, encouraging the skin’s natural repair process and creating tiny channels that allow peptide rich products or hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeper. As the skin regenerates, new collagen and skin cells are formed and blood supply is enhanced creating a rejuvenating effect to soften and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. At Epsom Skin Clinics, we can also use the treatment to target specific skin remodelling

for areas suffering from scarring and even stretch marks. For those not wanting injectables, but who are still interested in reducing wrinkles or improving skin texture, this is a great place to start. By encouraging cell turnover, micro needling results in smoother, more radiant skin with fine lines and wrinkles appearing more subtle and reduced. The treatment can be intensified for those with acne scarring. Combined with microdermabrasion, micro needling can improve texture and tone, whilst re-educating the skin to appear more even in appearance. Immediately after treatment, skin can feel quite warm and tight – almost like mild sunburn – and it will look quite red. I would say it takes about two days before the redness subsides and can be covered with make-up, and a week for the skin to return to normal. The rejuvenation process will continue over following months, providing a natural and long lasting enhancement. I normally recommend a series of three to four micro needling treatments, with approximately six weeks between each one.

Visit the website for seasonal offers and packages and sign up to the newsletter. 0% finance available. www.epsomskinclinics.com

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For the treatment of acne scars, other types of scarring and stretch marks it may be necessary to extend the micro needling therapy, as well as perhaps combining it with other treatments to obtain optimum results. Treatment times vary for each area of the skin and from clinic to clinic. Here at Epsom Skin Clinics, treatment time is approximately 30 minutes for the face and up to 60 minutes for face, neck and décolletage, or stretch mark treatment. A topical anaesthetic is applied 30 minutes before the treatment to make it more comfortable. Why not add in a Dermalux? This LED light therapy stimulates individual skin cells and improves every cell function. Don’t forget the aftercare. To maintain results after micro needling treatment, clients should have a homecare plan depending on their main concerns. In general, the rejuvenating and repairing benefits of Endocare ampoules are a must alongside the micro needling course. Aiding the remodelling of skin with powerful elements found in the protective serum of a snail, Endocare can encourage repair and healing after micro needling. In addition, homecare rollers used with a peptide serum two times a week can really help with problem areas. A step up from micro needling, but not quite at surgery level, is the Enerjet™. Epsom Skin Clinics are proud to be the first clinics in Surrey to offer Enerjet™ – it is a revolutionary, needle free solution to anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, facial lifting, scar and stretch-mark repair and hand rejuvenation. The Enerjet™ is an easy and safe procedure, suitable for all skin types and is performed by experienced aesthetic doctors. The clinically proven skin remodelling platform immediately reverses the visible signs of ageing. This unique treatment uses kinetic energy to fire hyaluronic solution under the skin without the use of needles. The way it works on the skin is the same process as micro needling, however, Enerjet™ offers a much enhanced lifting effect with skin laxity and scarring. essence INFO

Epsom Skin Clinics Website: www.epsomskinclinics.com Telephone: 01372 737280 (Epsom) or 020 8399 5996 (Surbiton)

Your recipe for great skin, founded by MasterChef finalist Angela Langford perfect pores 30ml £31.00 Pore perfecting face serum: rose, cypress and hyaluronic acid Rose petals, cypress and juniper are blended with electric daisies and hyaluronic acid to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Angela says... “This natural serum is great for improving the appearance of pores and smoothing skin. This is the recipe for repelling wrinkles and improving your complexion.” sweet cheeks 100ml £18.00 Balancing and cleansing face wash: papaya, cypress and rose Rose petals are blended with papaya, cypress, orange blossom and witch hazel to produce a non-foaming, gentle face wash that doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils. Angela says... “For those prone to oily, combination or congested skin, this face wash is for you. It is the recipe for beautifully balanced, clean and clear skin.” bloom & glow 15ml £20.50 Radiance restoring face oil: chia seed and sea buckthorn Chia seed and sea buckthorn are blended together to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This oil improves skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation and restores radiance. Angela says... “Perfect for sensitive, easily inflamed or generally out of kilter skin. This is your recipe for gorgeous, glowing, radiant skin.” As a predominately online skincare brand, we realise you may not have previously seen our products. We therefore encourage new customers to try products by using our Skincare Sample Pack Service.

essence INFO

Website: www.angelalangford.com Telephone: 01460 929596 Email: info@angelalangford.com


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MY MONTH IN FOOD Stephanie Brookes, foodie expert and BBC Radio London contributor, offers her pick of an eating establishment for this month, Abd El Wahab in Belgravia.


n a deeply cold winter’s evening, we ventured to what felt like much warmer climes at Abd El Wahab, both for the cuisine and the gracious hospitality. It’s always a little unfortunate when a new restaurant opens during an unexpected snowstorm. Nonetheless, the lure of Lebanese cuisine was too much to resist – the platters of Mezza at the beginning of the feast is always a draw – and a plethora of dishes is the perfect way to sample the delights of Lebanon’s beloved cuisine.

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The restaurant itself, while being a recent arrival to the luxurious enclave of Belgravia, was founded in 1999 in its original home of Beirut. Abd El Wahab became known for truly authentic cuisine and has since branched out all over the world, including restaurants in Dubai and Cairo, with Belgravia offering the latest venue. The restaurant’s interior has an abundance of luxurious touches from the gold-leaf on the ceiling to the beautiful skylight allowing a wall of plants to thrive. This attention to detail was everywhere


Chicken Wings

Grilled lamb skewers


to be seen, especially when it came down to the service. Our waiter took great pleasure in introducing each small dish. The evening began with a mixture of Mezza, notably the Moutabbal (charred aubergine, lemon juice and sesame paste, bejewelled with pomegranate seeds) and the silkiest, tahini-rich, Hommos. The aromatic addition of Tabbouleh full of parsley, fresh mint and bulgur, with juicy, ripe tomatoes was almost too much for its small bowl. At this point, I might add, greedy hands were already rabidly crisscrossing the table, eager to start filling plates. We were also presented with freshly-chopped vegetables and pickles ready for dipping. The cold dishes and salads felt like a healthy, albeit slightly filling, start to proceedings. There was not much time to recuperate before a large platter of hot starters arrived at the table. A generous plate of Sojok (sausages in lemon) was a meaty and highly moreish dish and a definite highlight of the meal. Another favourite was the marinated Chicken Wings with fried coriander: soft, fleshy and moist from the rich garlic sauce. What I find exciting about this kind of dining is the variety and sheer abundance of mixed hot and cold dishes, and the fun food experimentation that ensues – everything works together perfectly. We were then presented with a dish called Ouzzi, a rather sallow looking, slow-cooked lamb

leg, which whilst not being the prettiest of dishes, tasted divine: the meat was tender, moist and delicately spiced. We felt its presentation could be improved, but certainly could not fault the flavour. The crown jewel was the much larger Mixed Grill plate. The well-charred lamb fillets, smoky, beautifully tender and layered with spiced flatbread, was the perfect final dish. So there you have it: a feast of fresh Lebanese cuisine, served with charm and generosity. It’s unlikely any diner will ever leave this restaurant with the feeling of “I should have eaten more” – more likely they will feel a second visit is a must. essence INFO

Abd El Wahab 1 Pont Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ Websites: ghiaholding.com and www.stephaniebrookes.com Telephone: 020 7235 0005

Abd El Wahab, Belgravia

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Vintners | CELLAR ONE

Chocolate companions

Toby Spiers, Head of Fine Wine Partners and Cellar One, focuses on wine suggestions to accompany chocolate during the Easter holidays, and for celebrating St George’s Day later in the month.


hilst it seems the ‘Beast from the East’ dampened our last essence article on aromatic white wines, don’t discard it just yet, as spring must, inevitably, follow winter and as these words are being read, I hope it has. People often think that a dark spirit such as whisky or brandy goes well with chocolate, or at least for darker chocolate, with many restaurants focusing on sweeter wines to complement the chocolate. This sounds logical, matching like for like, as you definitely wouldn’t want to be drinking a shrinking violet such as a dry white wine. Here at Cellar One we’re big fans of full bodied reds to accompany milk and dark chocolate as they support the chocolate goodness and add extra dimensions. We’re not only looking for a wine generally higher in alcohol content and ‘body’, but also one with ample tannins to add backbone and increase the textural element. For higher content cocoa (dark) chocolate, perhaps opt for a more velvety and lush style of red wine: I call these velour tracksuit tannins. For me it has to be an Australian Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale Shiraz, however South Africa and the Languedoc in France (Shiraz is known as Syrah in France) would be good choices. For milkier, sweeter chocolates, I suggest a wine with proper tannins to add a backbone effect, it has to be New World Cabernet Sauvignon, whether from Chile, South Africa or Australia. If I had one choice, it would be Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon from the surfer’s paradise, West Australia, three hour’s drive south from Perth. For white chocolate that is more delicate and tastes less sweet, I think pink fizz is a must, creating an almost strawberries and cream type relationship with the bubbles and really cleansing the palate between mouthfuls. Towards the end of April we celebrate St George’s Day. Whilst many may toast with boutique English gins, others may also wish to support the wonderful sparkling wines from these shores which are gaining in popularity.

Toby recommends:

w Reynella Basket Press Shiraz 2014: £34.99 w Houghton Wisdom Cabernet Sauvignon 2011: £22.99 w Grant Burge 10 Year Old Tawny: £29.99 w Croser NV Sparkling Rosé: £18.99

Here at Cellar One, however, we have a more leftfield suggestion. It may come as a surprise, but many of the most famous and historic wineries known in Australia originated from English settlers, with the likes of Hardys from Honiton in Devon and Penfolds from Steyning, West Sussex. These famous producers have been making wine for over 150 years and started their lives creating fortified wines, called Ports and Sherries at the time. I liken them to a liquefied mince pie. The production of these wines was partly by design, but more probably due to the practicality of them being able to withstand transportation around the world with no modern winemaking knowledge or storage facilities. So, to grab a deal, hunt down these so-called ‘tawnies’ since EU legislation stopped the use of the European references on labels. These wines are under appreciated, meaning a buyer will achieve a bargain as there will be components that are very, very old. Also they are very flexible: serve with vanilla ice cream, blue cheese and chocolate, or as an after dinner grazer. The wine is delicious if chilled a little and best of all, when the bottle is open, it will last for months and will gladly keep condition until Father’s Day or Christmas if restraint can be practiced. I recommend always having a bottle on the go. essence INFO

Cellar One The Coach House, 2 Heath Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8TB

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At their best right now Crates Local Produce, located in Horsham’s historic centre, bursts with fresh, seasonal food offering taste, health and economic benefits.



Young cheese

At this time of year, most livestock is back out in the fields grazing on new, lush grass. Whilst it will still be some time before the taste of grass-fed milk filters through to the more mature cheeses, it makes a welcome enhancement in flavour for cheese best enjoyed young and fresh. It’s now easy to obtain locally-made, young cheese from the same dairies that offer awardwinning mature and stronger flavour cheeses. High Weald Dairy makes a fabulous sheep milk Ricotta in addition to a delightfully-firm cottage-type cheese, Sussex Slipcote. Also Chillies Farm Dairy goat’s cheeses are renowned and have won World Cheese Awards.

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Visit any decent seafood restaurant and whilst it will still have the more expensive oysters and lobsters as top billing, it will still celebrate the tastier brown crab, especially when it comes into season from April. Crab remains one of the most interesting and tastiest shellfish. Visit the local fishmonger for a whole cooked crab, take a bit of advice and get stuck in, it’s worth the extra effort. For more white meat than brown, ask for a male crab. It is also possible to obtain live crabs, but buyers will have to be brave and dispatch them before boiling.

essence INFO

Crates Local Produce 24a Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EB Telephone: 01403 256435 Website: www.crateslocal.co.uk Follow on Twitter @crateslocal or Facebook page Crates Local



In season recipes Goat’s cheese and spring onion tart SERVES TWO AS A MAIN

Ingredients: 250g shortcrust pastry 25g butter Two bunches spring onions 140g semi-soft goat’s cheese Three eggs One medium potato One tablespoon rapeseed or olive oil Two garlic cloves Sprig fresh thyme or one tablespoon dried One garlic clove 200ml crème fraîche Method: w Select a deep pie tin (20–25cm). Roll out the pastry to fit, line the tin completely with it and refrigerate for half an hour. Preheat oven to 190°C/gas mark 5. w Blind bake by placing a round of greaseproof on the pastry and fill with baking beans or rice. After 15 minutes, remove beans and paper and bake for a further five minutes until golden in colour. w Peel and slice the potatoes and chop the spring onions, except for around four spring onions to use later. Melt the butter with the oil in a large based pan, add half the onions and potato, cook over a low to medium heat and turn occasionally until the mix tenderises and browns slightly. w Add the garlic, thyme and seasoning to taste, heat for a few minutes more and pour into the tin along with the goat’s cheese, roughly broken up. w Whisk the crème fraîche with the eggs, season again and add the remaining chopped spring onions. Pour the mix into the tin and return to a 180°C oven. w After around 10 minutes, add full length sliced spring onions to the top and bake for at least a further 30 minutes until the centre sets and the tart is golden brown.

Goat's cheese and spring onion tart

Naked crab, no dressing required SERVES TWO

Ingredients: One large cooked whole brown crab or two smaller ones One lemon, quartered Sourdough bread or rustic loaf Freshly made or quality mayonnaise Mixed salad Method: w Prepare the crab no more than an hour before serving: twist off the claws and legs to set aside, gently cracking each section of claw or leg with nutcrackers or special lobster crackers. w Lay the main crab shell upside down with the head facing away, push the back of centre up and out of the shell with thumbs. w There are now bits to discard, including a small stomach sack just behind the crab’s mouth and also the ‘dead man’s fingers’. These inedible feathery grey gills surround the core of the crab, but are not actually poisonous, despite the name. w The meat in the shell can now be spooned out and also in the centre of the crab that is easier to remove if cut into quarters. w Serve a combination of the white and brown meat just as it is with the cracked claws and legs to be attacked on the plate! Quarters of lemon, a good mayonnaise, real bread and a simple salad finishes this dish beautifully.

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Naked crab

Harnessing wild yeast in the Surrey Hills Shirlee Posner meets a true artisan baker, Dineke van den Bogerd of Crumbs of Capel.


’m celebrating my sixth anniversary of championing the local food movement in Surrey. Eat Surrey captures the essence of my work, and whilst it started as a working title, it stuck! It’s been a really interesting journey, not only because of the sometimes quirky, creative and talented people I have met, but also because they are all so different. This month my focus is on a micro-bakery based in Capel, a village in the Surrey Dineke van den Bogerd Hills near Dorking, which produces small batch, handmade, ‘slow’ sourdough bread and utterly delicious savoury gluten-free biscuits. Artisan baker Dineke van den Bogerd was born in Rotterdam and moved to the UK with her Dutch husband for work. In her own words, Dineke says she was an IT nerd for P&O containers. Both working in London, the couple commuted from Crawley, but in 2002, on moving to Capel, Dineke became part of the kitchen team at Tanhouse Farm Shop in Rusper. After a while it became clear that Dineke had a flair for breadmaking which then became her domain in the Tanhouse kitchen. Having made her first bread in her early twenties before moving to the UK, Dineke says it was a surprising career development. In addition to baking, Dineke was busy rearing hens on four acres of land in Newdigate with the mixed flock providing a steady stream of green, blue and white eggs. Columbines and Faverolles are two of Dineke’s favoured breeds, with the latter famed for its good looks, friendly personality and high egg yield.

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Dineke had been talking to a local farm shop owner about supplying bread for the shop when, a few days later, she got a call to say that the existing bread supplier had let the shop down and would she be able to step in? Eight years later, Dineke is still selling bread to her first outlet, Village Greens in Ockley, but also to the community-based Dorking Food Float. Her other products travel further afield to Kingfisher Farm Shop in Abinger Hammer and Crossroads Stores, West Horsley. I first met Dineke at a Village Greens’ food fair in 2012, not long after she had started. By this time she already had a strong local following and had established additional products to her bread. Three months later, I attended a sourdough Sourdough bread breadmaking class, co-hosted with the Dampiers who run Village Greens in Ockley, where Dineke shared her enthusiasm for slow breadmaking and her expertise. At the time I wrote a review of the course for my blog, but never about her business, Crumbs of Capel, so this review is long overdue. Recently Dineke launched a new range of freshly-made, gourmet savoury muffins. Whilst these are delicious, it was the sourdough bread she makes that I was really interested in. Dineke says she is a supporter of the slow food movement and the Real Bread Campaign, and it’s this ethos that forms the core of her baking. The criteria for bread to be called ‘real’ (by the Real Bread Campaign) means it should not have improvers added, be made with natural yeasts with a sourdough starter and should be proved for over four hours.

Artisan food | EAT SURREY

Smoky cauliflower soup with spicy pepita granola Savoury granolas are all the rage right now and this one is a bit of a cheat using Crumbs of Capel chilli cheese biscuits. Top any luscious creamy vegetable soup with this and you’ll be hooked. Served here with a simple cauliflower soup, it's perfect for weekday suppers or lunches with a hunk of sourdough bread.


Ingredients For the granola: One dessertspoon olive oil 100g pepita (pumpkin seeds) One teaspoon of hot smoked paprika Sprinkle of Smoked Maldon Sea Salt Half pack of Crumbs of Capel’s chilli cheese biscuits, crumbled For the soup: One tablespoon olive oil One large onion, peeled and chopped Two cloves smoked garlic, crushed One to two sticks of celery, roughly chopped One handful of fresh thyme One large cauliflower, broken into florets One large potato, peeled and cut into chunks 1.2 litres vegetable or chicken stock Zest of one unwaxed lemon Smoked Maldon Sea Salt Fresh ground black pepper


w Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/ 160°C fan/gas mark 5.

w Make the granola first by tossing the pumpkin seeds in a little salt, smoked paprika and olive oil. Lay a sheet of non-stick silicone paper on a baking tray and tip on the seeds. Bake for 10–15 minutes, remove from oven and cool. w To make the soup, heat the oil in a large, heavy base saucepan and add the onion, garlic and celery. Sauté without colouring for five to eight minutes, stirring occasionally. w Now add the thyme, cauliflower and potato. Stir to coat and then add the stock. Simmer for 15 minutes, add the lemon zest and remove from heat. Purée until smooth and then season to taste. w Mix the roasted pumpkin seeds with the crushed biscuits and place in a small serving dish. wServe the soup with a generous sprinkle of granola.

Dineke’s bread meets all these criteria and because of this she is listed as an ‘approved producer’ on the Real Bread Campaign’s website. Sourdough bread sold in supermarkets labelled as sourdough often has improvers and yeast added to the final prove to speed up the process; Dineke’s bread, in stark contrast, takes twentyfour hours from start to finish and is made entirely by hand. Other requirements of the Real Bread Campaign include that the product is certified organic, with less than one per cent salt, and is made by small independent bakeries or at home. All sourdough breads are slightly different, depending on the wild yeasts picked up to create the sourdough starter and from the flour used too. Dineke has captured wild yeasts from the heart of High Weald. Using just these cultures with those naturally present in organic flours gives her bread an unmatchable quality and flavour profile. Crumbs of Capel’s product list includes wholemeal, brown wheat and wholemeal spelt in 600g loaves, with rolls made to order. In addition to her breads, this talented baker also makes small round, intensely flavoured cheese biscuits. These are gluten-free as they are made with organic gram (chickpea) flour normally associated with onion bhajis and other Indian dishes. New to the list are large American-style savoury muffins packed with cheese, olives and halloumi making a great addition to the product range. It’s been a real treat to find out more about this hyper local small bakery. I read an article by food columnist Jay Rayner in 2017 that slated the use of the term artisan. What does that really mean? His criticism was that we all know most food labelled as ‘artisan’ is made in industrial units under strip lighting. I can put my hand on my heart and say with confidence that this baker works in her home kitchen with no desire to expand further than her garage. In this case, the term artisan can be applied in the knowledge that it is just that. essence INFO

Crumbs of Capel The Old Brickyard, Cole’s Lane, Capel, Surrey RH5 5HP Website: www.crumbsofcapel.co.uk Shirlee Posner is a food writer and blogger at www.eatsurrey.co.uk and provides social media management, web copywriting and food photography.

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Easter carrot and orange cake Had your fill of chocolate at Easter? Why not bake our award-winning carrot cake delicious carrot cake that not only ticks the healthier sweet treats box, but also gives a great opportunity for a fun Easter theme? Ingredients 225g carrots, peeled and trimmed 130g raisins Two large eggs 130g golden caster sugar 120ml corn oil One teaspoon vanilla extract Grated zest of one large orange 120g plain flour One teaspoon bicarbonate of soda One teaspoon ground cinnamon One teaspoon baking powder Pinch of salt Handful of walnut pieces (for inside cake or on top!) Frosting ingredients below

Adverts_Layout 1 22/01/2018 14:21 Page 1 TOP TIP: To make a realistic ‘dirt’, place a couple of Oreos in a bag, hit with a rolling pin and scatter over the top of the cake.

01932 878300

Method w Preheat oven to 170˚C/325˚F. Grease and line a one kilogram loaf tin. w Grate the peeled carrots into a bowl and add the raisins.

w Whisk the eggs and sugar together until a creamy mixture is reached (five minutes in an electric mixer, more if mixing manually). w Add the oil, vanilla and orange zest and mix well. w Sift the flour, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, baking powder and salt into a separate bowl, then add to the egg and sugar mixture a little at a time, beating well. Scrape the sides of the bowl down to make sure all of the mix is combined. w Add the carrots and raisins and stir until all mixed together. w Spoon into the tin and place in the oven for around 40 minutes, checking at five minute intervals until a skewer comes out clean. w Leave to cool in the tin for ten minutes, then turn on to a wire rack. w Prepare the frosting by mixing

2-4 Church Street, Weybridge, KT13 8DX

together 175g mascarpone, 175g cream cheese, 250g unsalted butter and 900g sifted icing sugar, along with the grated zest of one small orange. This makes plenty of icing, halve if less is preferred. w When the cake is cool, spread the icing over the cake top. Finish off with grated orange and some sugar carrots (available from supermarkets) or make using orange sugar paste.

essence INFO

Website: www.jenscupcakery.com Telephone: 07751 553106 Email: mail@jenscupcakery.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenscupcakery Twitter: @jenscupcakery Blog: http://ilovejenscupcakery. wordpress.com


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Psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling For adults, young adults, children and Enabling couples people to help themselves Enabling people to help themselves We can all have difficulties in everyday life and encounter problems that we simply find hard to cope with alone. You may feel worried, anxious, low, confused, isolated or may be experiencing difficulties in relationships. These feelings and thoughts may persist and become overwhelming. In these circumstances it is difficult to know which way to turn. At times like these it can be helpful to talk things over in confidence with an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist who will enable you to explore your concerns in a safe, contained environment, to help you develop appropriate strategies and techniques to cope with your life difficulties in a more effective way. We offer clinics in Weybridge and East Molesey.

Take a step forward and contact the practice for a free telephone consultation:

Telephone: 01932 705 760 www.thepractice.co.uk 8114 The Practice 4pp DL lealfet AW.indd 1-2

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Sherwood House Care Home an Asprey Healthcare Limited care home

Providingoutstanding outstanding frail frail elderly Providing elderly and anddementia dementiacare care Sherwood House Care Home

offers passionate, friendly care in a warm and considerate environment • 24 hour care, 7 days a week • Person centred care / individual care planning • Comfortable en-suite bedrooms with TVs, emergency pull cord & full laundry service • Diversional therapists providing weekly programmes & outings

• Nutritious home cooked meals • Landscaped gardens with easy access & use of allotment grounds • Homely environment with kind, caring and supportive staff • Permanent & respite stays

If you are considering a care home for your loved one and would like to know more about Sherwood House please call or pop in and meet our friendly team:

01932 221 170

40 Severn Drive, Walton-on-Thames KT12 3BH managerSH@aspreyhealthcare.co.uk www.aspreyhealthcare.co.uk


Deciding on dementia care Moving a relative or friend with dementia into a care home is an emotional and difficult decision. Is it the right time? Is the care home chosen the best one? These are some of the questions to consider. Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a range of progressive neurological disorders affecting the brain. Some people may have a combination of types of dementia. The four most common types of dementia are: v Alzheimer’s disease (most common) v Vascular dementia v Frontotemporal v Dementia with Lewy bodies Symptoms can include: v Memory problems v Cognitive ability v Communication Dementia can be seen as a combination of one or all of the above symptoms. It’s important that an accurate diagnosis is made as early as possible so that people can receive the appropriate advice, support and treatment.

1. When is the right time to consider a care home? Aspects to consider: Do you know what the person’s wishes would be? Prior to their dementia, was a conversation held about the type of care they would like? Have you spoken to their GP, health or social care worker? Talking to other people will help you to make the decision. 2. How do I go about choosing a care home? The Elderly Accommodation Counsel helps people to make informed choices and runs a housing and care database that has over 40,000 care providers listed. Select some and arrange to visit to take a look around. The Residents and Relatives Association provides support and help regarding choosing and moving a relative into a care home. 3. What should I consider when looking for a care home? Age UK provides advice and has a detailed guide which includes a checklist of what to look for in a care home. 4. How do I know if the care home is any good? The Care Quality Commission helps regulate and grade the quality of care homes. Go to the care homes’ section of its website and search for the residential or nursing home being considered. An inspection report about the care home will be available. 5. How do I know if the home provides good care for people with dementia? Some care homes specialise in dementia care and will promote this.

When you visit a care home ask how many dementia care carers it has at what level, and do they have certificates? Can you talk to some carers who have dementia care experience? Can you talk to some families to hear their experiences? 6. How is the care home paid for? Care is paid for privately – through the person with dementia’s savings or your own – or by the local authorities. If the care is to be arranged by the local authorities, they will assess the needs of the person to understand the level of care required, along with running a means test to gauge your relative’s financial assets. The local authority will then allocate a care home, or will give you a few options for a care home. The more expensive care homes may require a top up fee from the person who has dementia’s savings, or your own should you want to do this. 7. What should I do if I have concerns about the care? Speak to the manager of the care home in the first instance. In cases where concerns remain or the situation is a safety risk, raise this with the Care Quality Commission. essence INFO

www.dementiauk.org www.nhs.uk/conditions/dementia PHOTOS COPYRIGHT: RATHS, IAN ALLENDEN | 123RF.COM

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Put a Power of Attorney in place before it is too late Kerry Sawyer, a solicitor in the Private Wealth team at Mundays, emphasises the importance of putting our affairs in order, including Lasting Powers of Attorney.


o one knows what the future holds, but one thing is for certain, as a nation we are all living longer. The Office of National Statistics has found:

w For the period from 2014 to 2016, a 65-year-

Kerry Sawyer is a solicitor in the Private Wealth team at Mundays. Kerry is experienced in a wide range of private wealth matters, including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection applications, Trusts and Estate Administration. +44 (0)1932 590664 kerry.sawyer@mundays.co.uk

old man in the UK will on average live a further 18.5 years and a woman on average 20.9 years longer. w A male born between 2014 to 2016 has a 21% chance and a female a 32% chance of living until at least 90 years old. So, it’s clear: w Life expectancy is increasing. w People are living longer.

In recent years, mental health has become the focus of many news headlines.

Dementia concerns One of the biggest concerns amongst individuals is dementia, which although can occur in young people, tends to affect the elderly. Dementia is a syndrome used to describe the deterioration of brain functioning which ultimately affects a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks and to also think, feel, behave and speak. Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia account for most dementia cases. The Alzheimer’s Society found: w 850,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia. w This is set to increase to one million by 2025. w This does not include many other debilitating illnesses and diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease or brain injuries. It is now more important than ever to put your affairs in order whilst still having the capacity to do so. PHOTO COPYRIGHT: WAVEBREAK MEDIA LTD | 123RF.COM

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In addition, for Health and Welfare Deputyships, due to the type of decisions involved, the Court of Protection is reluctant to grant these and only do so in very rare cases.

If you think it is important to have a Will to specify how you would like your estate to be divided on your death, of equal importance (and maybe more as you are still alive) is putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney. More than two million Lasting Powers of Attorney registrations were filed with the Office of the Public Guardian by the end of 2016, with the number of appointments more than trebling between 2010 and 2015. Some people do have the previous ‘old’ style Enduring Powers of Attorney, which are still effective if correctly prepared, but there are still a large number of individuals who do not have Lasting Powers of Attorney.


So, what are Lasting Powers of Attorney? Lasting Powers of Attorney enable you to choose the people you trust (‘your Attorneys’) to make decisions and to take action on your behalf during your lifetime in connection with your: w financial affairs if you are unable or unwilling to make these decisions; or w personal health and welfare when you are no longer able to make decisions yourself. What if I do not have Lasting Powers of Attorney? If you do not make Lasting Powers of Attorney and you then lose mental capacity to make decisions regarding your finances or personal welfare, no-one will automatically be able to make decisions for you, not even your close family such as your spouse or children. Family or friends will need to apply to the Court of Protection for a court order appointing themselves your Deputy and allowing them to act and make decisions for you. If no-one is willing to be your Deputy, the local authority may be appointed or the Court may appoint a professional Deputy. However, this procedure is not for the fainthearted. The process is not only costly and time-consuming with ongoing administration and cost burdens, but the powers given to a Deputy are usually more restricted than that of an Attorney.

The moral Take control and organise your affairs so that those close to you can step in and make decisions for you when you cannot with minimal stress and cost. In short, make a Lasting Powers of Attorney so: w you choose your Attorneys; w decide who you trust; and w consider any guidance and/or instructions for your Attorneys (such as how you would like your finances managed, where you want to live, what treatment you do and do not want, life sustaining treatment etc). By doing so, it will ensure you have the peace of mind that if you do suffer from any diseases, illnesses or medical conditions in the future which restrict you from making those everyday decisions, then you will have your affairs in order for your loved ones to step in and take care of matters when needed. If you would like further information about Lasting Powers of Attorney, please contact either Julie Man on 01932 590643 or Kerry Sawyer on 01932 590664, both in Mundays’ award-winning Private Wealth team, recently recognised as ‘Private Client Law Firm of the Year in England’ in the eighth Annual Global Law Experts Awards. v

essence INFO

Mundays LLP Cedar House, 78 Portsmouth Road, Cobham KT11 1AN Telephone: 01932 590500 Website: www.mundays.co.uk The contents of this article are intended as guidance for readers. It can be no substitute for specific advice. Consequently we cannot accept responsibility for this information, errors or matters affected by subsequent changes in the law, or the content of any website referred to in this update. © Mundays LLP 2018.

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What is your appetite for risk?

As with all investments, your capital is at risk

Investment portfolios to suit your taste Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation Visit www.pmw.co.uk or call 01372 471550



Slades Farm is a new luxury equestrian centre based on the beautiful Wintershall Estate in the Surrey Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It opened its doors last month and offers unique equestrian experiences for everyone from the keen rider to the novice, as Debbie Pell discovered.


or the first time, riders will be able to experience 100 miles of trekking through the stunning Wintershall Estate in Bramley. Based in the heart of the estate, Slades Farm boasts some of the most glorious countryside in Surrey, with wonderful hills, expansive views, lakes and rivers, open fields, woodland and associated wildlife. Treks range from, ‘Daytime’, ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Sunset’*, and also full weekend ‘Horse Safaris’ to include luxury, rustic accommodation and alfresco meals. Each trek will be tailored to suit the requirements of the individual or group of riders, based upon experience and interests. Everyone is matched to a fully trained horse by the experienced Slades Farm trekking team. The Hutley family, behind the venture, have been custodians of the Wintershall Estate for over 60 years. As well as being a fully licensed equestrian centre, Slades Farm provides a unique events venue for the arts and family days out, accommodating up to 3,000 guests outdoors. Three beautifully converted barns offer country-chic accommodation, the ultimate rural retreat, or a stylish overnight option. A cross country training course, designed by Badminton course architect Eric Winter, provides an extensive range of fences over excellent ground for everyone from adventurous riders to top end competitors who want to improve and refine their technique.

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Equestrian | SLADES FARM

“We want our guests to feel they are getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the countryside. Our aim is that Slades Farm will provide guests with an experience they wish to repeat, share with friends, and remember forever.” Edward Hutley

essence INFO

Slades Farm Thorncombe Street, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0LT Website: www.sladesfarm.co.uk Telephone: 01483 208693 Email: equestrian@sladesfarm.co.uk ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT: SLADES FARM | ALEX STANHOPE

* Sunrise and Sunset Treks available from May 2018

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Reading lounge EDITOR’S PICK

GilesSølveKatie Designer Giles Deacon, photographer Sølve Sundsbø and stylist/ editor Katie Grand discuss 15 years of collaboration in this unique book. Stunning photography throughout by Sølve Sundsbø features supermodels Gisele Bunchen, Linda Evangelista and Stephanie Seymour. For the first time, Deacon, Sundsbø and Grand discuss the stories, production and artistry behind their finest collaborations, many published here for the first time. Through exclusive interviews, the trio examines clothing, photography and styling – recording their inspirations and providing valuable insight into their virtuosity. Giles Deacon creates modern couture, having founded his label in 2004, and has designed for Gucci. Sølve Sundsbø is a fashion photographer and filmmaker who has shot for publications including Vogue, Love, Interview and i-D, and has produced imagery for Chanel, Armani and Gucci. Katie Grand is one of the world’s most influential stylists and fashion editors. By Giles Deacon, Sølve Sundsbø and Katie Grand RRP: £50.00 200 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781786271839 Publisher: Laurence King Publishing www.laurenceking.com

Saturday Night Fever Pitch

The Magic and Madness of Football Style Author Simon Doonan has two passions in life: fashion and football. At one time these two obsessions would have made very strange bedfellows. But times have changed: football and fashion have fallen in love. Looking at the beautiful game through the lens of style, Doonan entertainingly explores the magic and madness of this unique culture. Charting football style from its very beginnings, he pays homage to the great style icons of the game, from George Best to David Beckham, before turning his gaze to the hair, the tattoos and the cars, not to mention those other style

56 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

icons of the game: the fans, the managers and, of course, the WAGs. Doonan’s laser wit and observations make this a laugh-out-loud read for even the most fickle football fan or fashionista. By Simon Doonan RRP: £19.99 208 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781786272591 Publisher: Laurence King Publishing www.laurenceking.com

On the front line with the women who fight back In 2007, Stacey Dooley was a twenty-something working in fashion retail. She was selected to take part in the BBC series Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts which saw her live and work alongside Indian factory workers making clothes for the UK high street. This sparked her series of popular investigations, establishing her as one of BBC3’s most celebrated presenters. Through the course of her documentary making, Stacey has covered a variety of topics, from sex trafficking in Cambodia to Yazidi women fighting back in Syria. At the core of her reporting are incredible women in extraordinary and scarily ordinary circumstances. In this her first book, Stacey draws on her encounters with these brave women, using their experiences as a vehicle to explore issues at the centre of female experience. From gender equality and domestic violence, to sex trafficking and sexual identity, Stacey weaves these global strands together in an exploration of what it is to be women in the world today. By Stacey Dooley RRP: £14.99 304 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781785942983 Publisher: Ebury Publishing www.eburypublishing.co.uk

Literature | REVIEW

An Introduction to Great Western Locomotive Development The first thought, when contemplating a new study of the Great Western Railway locomotive fleet, must surely be to ask what can there be left to say? But there is no single source that provides a general introduction to the fleet. There are monographs on individual classes, an excellent multi-volume detail study from the RCTS, and superb collections of photographs, but nothing that brings it all together. This work provides that general introduction. Local author Jim Champ’s grandfather was born beside the Great Western Railway in Devon and would often reminisce about watching steam locomotives before he was elected to take up a premium apprenticeship with the Metropolitan Railway in the early days of electric traction before the Great War intervened. When the author retired from a career in IT infrastructure, it seemed appropriate to reverse the process, abandon electricity and renew a teenage enthusiasm in the infrastructure of the Great Western Railway.

By Jim Champ RRP: £35.00 360 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781473877832 Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd www.pen-and-sword.co.uk


Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack 2018

Skin in the Game:

Politics for Beginners

The bestselling author of The Black Swan is back with a book challenging many of our long-held beliefs. Citizens, artisans, police, fishermen, political activists and entrepreneurs all have skin in the game. Policy wonks, corporate executives, many academics, bankers and most journalists don’t. It’s all about having something to lose and sharing risks with others. In his most provocative and practical book yet, Nassim Taleb shows that skin in the game, often seen as the foundation of risk management, in fact applies to all aspects of our lives. Just as The Black Swan did during the 2007 financial crisis, this book comes at precisely the right moment to challenge long-held beliefs about risk, reward, politics, religion and business – and make us rethink everything we thought we knew.

Understanding politics is essential to understanding the world around us. This accessible, colourful guide is an invaluable resource for helping children understand the decisions that shape the world as well as providing a key aid to parents looking for help in answering even the most complicated questions about how politics works. This informative guide covers key topics, from elections and government to fake news, immigration and human rights with bright, infographic-style illustrations, contents and index pages for easy reference and links to specially selected websites with more information. “By putting so much detail in fact boxes, the book manages to be highly informative and very accessible, with the information presented in a way that makes children really understand and take an interest, making them aware of their place in this world.” – Parents in Touch

Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life In this 155th edition of the Almanack, England’s spectacular win over India in the Women’s Cricket World Cup is celebrated. Anya Shrubsole helped to make history at Lord’s and now she becomes the first woman to feature on the front cover of the Almanack. Among the feature articles, Simon Wilde reflects on the passage to England’s 1,000th Test, Harry Pearson celebrates 50 years of overseas players in the county game and Tanya Aldred examines sexism in cricket. Mike Selvey looks at the psychology of the new-ball partnership, while Zafar Ansari explains why he gave it all up at the age of 25. Gideon Haigh has fun with cricketers and their mannerisms and Andy Zaltzman hails James Anderson’s ascent to 500 Test wickets.

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb RRP: £20.00 304 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9780241247471 Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd www.penguin.co.uk

By Alex Frith, Rosie Hore, Louie Stowell and Kellan Stover (illustrator) RRP: £9.99 128 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781474922524 Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd www.usborne.com

Editor Lawrence Booth RRP: £55.00 1,488 pages • Hardback ISBN: 9781472953544 Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing www.bloomsbury.com

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 57



in the Surrey Hills

The Investec International Music Festival takes place on 3 and 4, 11 and 12 May and brings together world-class artists to perform in beautiful venues in the Surrey Hills.


his year’s Investec International Music Festival is in its ninth season and has been extended to include four concerts over two weekends to accommodate the growing demand for a more comprehensive programme of music and artists for enthusiastic Festival goers. The season gets underway on Thursday 19 April in Shere with an Insight Evening hosted by former Radio 3 broadcaster, musician and author Sandy Burnett who will share his thoughts on the composers and music from the 2018 programme. According to Sandy: “Looking at this year’s wonderful programme, two works stand out that I’m particularly looking forward to. First up is the Belcea Quartet, a consistently exciting group who are sure to push Janáček’s first string quartet, the Kreutzer Sonata, to the very edge. And at the other extreme, Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante, played by Leticia Moreno, Maxim Rysanov and the London Mozart Players with conductor Leonard Elschenbroich, is an evergreen classic that’s simply bursting with gorgeous tunes. For those two highlights, and everything else in this great local festival, I simply can’t wait.” The Belcea Quartet, led by Corina Belcea (violin), Krysztof Chorzelski (viola), Axel Schacher (violin) and Antoine Lederlin (cello), will open the concert series on Thursday 3 May, performing Mozart, Janáček and Mendelssohn at a new Festival

58 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Soprano Anna Patalong


Mezzo-soprano Anna Huntley

Violinist Leticia Moreno


Clarinetist Michael Collins

“Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante, played by Leticia Moreno, Maxim Rysanov and the London Mozart Players with conductor Leonard Elschenbroich, is an evergreen classic that’s simply bursting with gorgeous tunes.” Sandy Burnett venue for 2018, the Menuhin Hall, Stoke d’Abernon. Tickets for this concert only are available at themenuhinhall.co.uk

or call 08700 842020 (priced at £25 or £5 for under 21s). Friday 4 May will be an ‘evening of song‘ as soprano Anna Patalong, mezzo-soprano Anna Huntley, tenor Paul Curievici and the baritone Ben Nelson, accompanied by Festival directors the pianists Wu Qian and Tessa Marchington, perform works by Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Brahms in the baroque surroundings of Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. Holy Trinity Church will also host The Sitkovetsky Trio (Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin), Wu Qian (piano) and Isang Enders (cello) who return to the Festival on 11 May with Michael Collins (clarinet) and Kate Woolley (principal horn from the Philharmonia Orchestra, London) to perform a varied programme of Stravinsky, Brahms and Beethoven. The evening will also feature the European premiere of Lost on Chiaroscuro Street, a new work by American composer Akiho. The season finale takes place on Saturday 12 May at the Mairlot Hall, St Teresa’s Effingham, when the Festival is once again delighted to host one of the most revered chamber orchestras in the world, the London Mozart Players. Featuring guest conductor Leonard Elschenbroich and featuring the violinist Leticia Moreno and violist Maxim Rysanov performing key pieces from Mozart, Rossini and Beethoven, this concert promises to offer a most spectacular end to the 2018 Festival season. David Richardson, divisional director of Festival sponsor, Investec Wealth and Investment, said: “Investec is a long standing supporter of the arts over many years and our involvement with the Festival goes back five seasons. We are therefore delighted to see it growing in stature and enjoying continued support from a loyal and growing following of

music lovers right here in the Surrey Hills. The Festival organisers work extremely hard behind the scenes to pull together a most impressive programme and we wish them every success for the coming season.” A free glass of Prosecco will be offered by The Cricketers, Downside (01932 862105) on 3 May and the March Hare (01483 401530) on 4 May and 11 May to Festival goers who make a preconcert supper reservation, and show their concert tickets on arrival. essence INFO

Investec International Music Festival Tickets priced from £25 to £29 (under 21s: £5) for the 4, 11 and 12 May concerts are available from the Tourist Information Centre, 155 High Street Guildford, telephone 01483 444334, by phone or in person or online at tickets.visitguildford.com. Full details of all concerts can be found at www.iimf.co.uk. The Insight Evening on Thursday 19 April in Shere has tickets priced at £5 which can be reserved by emailing Julia@iimf.co.uk.


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Spotlight on... Painshill Park, Cobham During April Don’t miss the bluebells at Painshill Park this spring. Painshill’s eighteenth century landscape is beautiful at this time of year and there is a series of events and activities to keep the whole family entertained. Wild Easter Camp runs from Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 April and Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 April and each day is themed differently with activities including bushcraft, den building, woodland craft and a treasure hunt. In addition, Painshill is offering Woodworking and Chair Making Workshops on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April where traditional wood craft techniques will be demonstrated. Advance booking is required for both.

Information: painshill.co.uk

Theatre Richmond Theatre Richmond

New Wimbledon Theatre Wimbledon Wimbledon

Tickets: atgtickets.com/wimbledon

Tickets: atgtickets.com/richmond

Tuesday 10 to Saturday 14 April Sunset Boulevard

Tuesday 17 April Menopause: The Musical

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical starring Ria Jones and Danny Mac.

Fun musical backed by an instantly recognisable soundtrack. Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 April Ellen Kent’s La Traviata and Madama Butterfly

La Traviata will be performed on Thursday with Madama Butterfly on Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 April Awful Auntie

David Walliams’ tale of frights, fights and friendship.

Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 April Kindertransport

Wednesday 11 April GSC Bard Walk

A haunting play marking the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport.

A charity screening of Guildford Shakespeare Company’s Bard Walk film, with a talk and Q&A from Matt Pinches, GSC co-founder.

New Victoria Theatre Woking

Tickets: atgtickets.com/woking

Tuesday 3 to Saturday 7 April The Case of the Frightened Lady

Detective thriller by Edgar Wallace starring Rula Lenska. Saturday 14 April Ed Byrne: Spoiler Alert

Friday 27 April The King Lear

Set not in Stratford-upon-Avon, but in a pub!

Dorking Halls Dorking

Great observational comedy.

Tickets: dorkinghalls.co.uk

Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 April Son of a Preacher Man

Saturday 7 April So You Think You Know About

Featuring the exhilarating music of Dusty Springfield.


60 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

A pre-historic interactive adventure.


essence | EVENTS

the/diary APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 61

Epsom Playhouse Epsom

Tickets: epsomplayhouse.co.uk

Guildford Shakespeare Company Various venues

Thursday 5 April The Amazing Bubble Man


Louis Pearl, an Edinburgh Fringe Festival favourite, explores the dynamics of bubbles with entrancing tricks and lots of audience participation.

Saturday 21 to Monday 30 April Will’s Birthday Bash

Farnham Maltings Farnham

Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk

Wednesday 18 April Prof. Robert Winston: Improve Your Learning

An illustrated talk from this eminent and respected scientist on how valuable learning is and what we can do to improve our learning, both in and out of education. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

Gag House


The GSC’s annual celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday starts with its Sonnet Walk Weekend (21 and 22 April) in the grounds of historic West Horsley Place. Don’t miss these mystery walking tours encountering Shakespeare and his characters in very unlikely places! The Bash continues with a staged reading of Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen on 25 April, with the final event from the GSC Young Company on 29 and 30 April as it performs in public for the second time.

The Electric Theatre Guildford

Tickets: electric.theatre

The Back Room, The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford

Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 April The Jungle Book

Tickets: gaghousecomedy.com

Professional live comedy every third Saturday of the month.

The Man In The Moon theatre company returns with The Jungle Book, featuring a young cast with local talent in this retelling of the classic story.

G Live

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Tickets: glive.co.uk

Tickets: yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

Wednesday 11 April Banff Mountain Film Festival

Tuesday 10 to Saturday 14 April Gallowglass

World Tour

A thriller from the pen of Ruth Rendell, writing as Barbara Vine.

Saturday 21 April Guildford Gag House


The best new films from this prestigious mountain film festival featuring outdoor enthusiasts. Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 April Teletubbies Live

The Teletubbies perform in their first-ever theatre show created especially for pre-school children. Saturday 28 April Puccini’s Madama Butterfly

Heartbreaking opera with beautiful sets in a performance of an Ellen Kent production by Opera & Ballet International.

62 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Guildford Shakespeare Company, Sonnet Walk Weekend (image from 2013)


The Case of the Frightened Lady, New Victoria Theatre, Woking PHOTO CREDIT: PAMELA RAITH PHOTOGRAPHY

Monday 16 to Saturday 21 April The Kite Runner

Based on Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel, this is a haunting tale of friendship spanning cultures and continents. Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 April Turn of the Screw

Henry James’ classic ghost story. Wednesday 2 May Shylock

Guy Masterson portrays one of Shakespeare’s finest character creations – villain or victim?

Esther Yoo, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, G Live


essence | EVENTS

Spotlight on... Cadbury Easter egg trail National Trust properties See venues for dates Many National Trust venues offer a Cadbury Easter egg trail this Easter. Just a few are listed here, but see the Trust website at nationaltrust.org.uk for more. Claremont Landscape Garden: a nature-themed spring trail (30 March to 2 April). Hatchlands Park: a trail through the parkland for a chocolate prize (30 March to 2 April). Leith Hill Place: pick up a trail from the house (30 March to 2 April). Polesden Lacey: Help the animals of Polesden explore the woods in a Creature Comforts’ trail (30 March to 15 April). River Wey Navigations and Dapdune Wharf: Easter-themed races, craft activities and a chocolate prize (30 March to 2 April). Runnymede and Ankerwycke: A spring trail for a chocolate prize at the site of politics and picnics for over 800 years (30 March to 2 April). Winkworth Arboretum: Spring trail and special activities for children (30 March to 2 April).

Information: nationaltrust.org.uk Left: Easter at the National Trust PHOTO COPYRIGHT: NATIONAL TRUST IMAGES/MEGAN TAYLOR

Music Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh

Tickets: cranleighartscentre.org

Thursday 26 April Farlowe, Anderson and Brooks

An evening of blues, R&B and gospel.

Epworth Choir

Holy Trinity Church, Guildford Tickets: epworthchoir.org

Saturday 21 April 60th anniversary concert

The Choir will be joined by Epworth Brass in a concert in support of Surrey Young Carers.

Farnham Maltings

G Live

Leith Hill Musical Festival

Tickets: glive.co.uk

Information: lhmf.org.uk

Saturday 7 April Lisa Stansfield

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 April Competitions and concerts

Fabulous singer and talented contributor to British soul.

An extended band returns.

Three consecutive Festival days of choir competitions, rehearsals and evening concerts. See website for details of the full programme.

Thursday 3 May Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Surrey Concerts


Wednesday 2 May The Waterboys

A concert featuring two Scandinavian works: Grieg’s Holberg Suite and Sibelius’ Violin Concerto, with young solo violinist Esther Yoo.

Investec International Music Festival Various venues


Information: iimf.co.uk

Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk

Thursday 19 April Insight evening at

Friday 20 April Folk music night

The best in original contemporary folk music from three local bands. Friday 27 April Ruby Turner

Talented R&B, soul and gospel singer performs.

The Lodge, Shere

Sandy Burnett explores the music of this year’s season, including the Belcea Quartet on 3 May and An Evening of Song on 4 May. See website for full programme details.

Dorking Halls

Festivals Farnham Beerex Farnham Maltings

Tickets: farnhammaltings.co.uk

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 April

With a range of real ales, ciders, food and live music.

Lightbox Literary Festival

Various venues

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum, Woking

Tickets: surreyconcerts.co.uk

Tickets: thelightbox.org.uk

Saturday 21 April An evening of opera with

Friday 20 to Sunday 29 April

The performance takes place at St James’ Church, Weybridge.

The second Festival has an expanded schedule of events, including a Poetry Slam Day. See website for the full programme.

Saturday 28 April Jim Kelleher

The Surrey Food Festival

Saira Luther and Emily Leather

A musical tour of Europe with classical guitar music at St Andrew’s Church, Cobham.

The Boileroom Guildford

Information: theboileroom.net

Throughout the year

A creative community hub for music, the arts and events.

Old Deer Park, Richmond-upon-Thames

Tickets: surreyfoodfestival.com

Saturday 21 April

Surrey’s largest food festival has over one hundred food stalls showcasing a range of food and drink, demonstrations from traders and a KidsZone. Local charities will benefit from proceeds.

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 63

Cinemas Cranleigh Arts Centre 01483 278000 or cranleighartscentre.org Farnham Maltings 02152 745444 or farnhammaltings.com Odeon Esher 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s89/esher Odeon Epsom 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s88/epsom Odeon Guildford 0871 2244007 or odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s92/guildford The Screen Walton 01932 252825 or screencinemas.co.uk The Ambassadors Cinema, Woking 0844 871 6743 or ambassadortickets.com/cinema

Exhibitions Dorking Museum Dorking

Information: dorkingmuseum.org.uk

To Friday 18 May A New View

Capel Camera Club exhibit images of Dorking landscapes.

Guildford House Gallery Guildford

Information: guildford.gov.uk/guildfordhouse

Saturday 7 to Saturday 28 April Surrey Photographic Association biennial exhibition

Three classes of prints on show: Colour, Monochrome and Nature.

Haslemere Museum Haslemere

Information: haslemeremuseum.co.uk

To Saturday 21 April Shared Art Group: Moving Pictures

Works using paint, glass, textiles and resin. Wednesday 4 to Saturday 21 April Inner Sounds: British Tapestry Group

Hand-woven art from artists on the theme of Inner Sounds.

Museum of Farnham West Street, Farnham

To Saturday 22 December Behind Closed Doors: 300 years of Willmer House

The Museum celebrates the 300th anniversary of its home.

New Ashgate Gallery Farnham

Information: newashgate.org.uk

To Saturday 14 April Rising Stars 2018

New craft by emerging makers. To Saturday 14 April The Pastel Society

Beautiful artworks on view from this society founded in 1898.

The Lightbox Gallery and Museum Woking

Information: thelightbox.org.uk

To Sunday 24 June Picasso: Paper and Clay

Celebrating the artist’s experimentation with drawing, printmaking and ceramics. Also don’t miss the additional photography exhibition: Lee Miller: Picasso Portraits.

Compton, Guildford Information: wattsgallery.org.uk

Until Sunday 15 April Horses in Art Reimagined

Present-day depiction of the horse in art.

To Saturday 2 June Out of the dolls house: 100 years

To Sunday 3 June A Pre-Raphaelite Collection

of women’s suffrage and fashion

Unveiled: The Cecil French Bequest

How women’s role has changed.

A ‘forgotten’ collection of artworks.

64 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

Lee Miller and Picasso in his studio, Liberation of Paris, Rue des Grands-Augustine, Paris, France, 1944 by Lee Miller, The Lightbox PHOTO COPYRIGHT: LEE MILLER ARCHIVES, ENGLAND 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Watts Gallery



Towards The West, A View of Golden Cap and The Jurassic Coast by Matthew Draper, The Pastel Society, New Ashgate Gallery

Puttenham Common, Surrey Wildlife Trust PHOTO CREDIT: JON HAWKINS



essence | EVENTS

National Trust

Out and about

National Trust properties offer perfect venues to explore, especially at Easter. See our Spotlight on page 63 for details of Cadbury Easter egg trails and visit nationaltrust.org.uk for more information.

Albury Vineyard

Claremont Landscape Garden



Tickets: birdworld.co.uk

Information: 01372 467436

To Sunday 15 April Easter holiday ‘eggstravaganza’

Tuesday 3 to Sunday 15 April Spring holiday fun

Explore the Garden with a family trail and spring crafts.

Hatchlands Park East Clandon

Information: 01483 222482

Sunday 29 April NGS bluebell day

Visit the bluebells to support the National Garden Scheme.

Polesden Lacey

Great Bookham, near Dorking Information: 01372 452048

To Thursday 3 May Adventures in Asia: a socialite abroad

Celebrating Maggie Grenville’s travels throughout Asia in the twenties and thirties.

Surrey Hills Near Dorking

Information: 01372 220644

Friday 30 March to Sunday 15 April Spring holiday trail at Box Hill

See how the woodland fairies have spun their magic at Box Hill.

Winkworth Arboretum

Silent Pool, Albury

Tickets: alburyvineyard.com

Sunday 8 April, 10am–12.30pm Bee-keeping demonstration

An introduction to bee-keeping from Sergio, bee farmer at Albury.

Holt Pound, Farnham

Enjoy an Easter egg trail, crafts and entertainment, including the Jenny Wren Farm. Activities differ by date, so check website.

British Wildlife Centre Lingfield

Tickets: britishwildlifecentre.co.uk

Red squirrel, British Wildlife Centre PHOTO CREDIT: BRITISH WILDLIFE CENTRE

Hampton Court Palace East Molesey

Tickets: hrp.org.uk

Share a passion for plants at RHS Wisley.

To Sunday 15 April Lindt Gold Bunny hunt

Rural Life Centre

Easter family fun at the Palace.

Kempton Park’s Big Day Out

Friday 30 March to Sunday 15 April Easter holiday


The Centre is open daily during the Easter holidays and is home to the UK’s finest collection of native species. Don’t miss Britain’s first walk-through red squirrel enclosure. See website for details.

Saturday 7 April

Brooklands Museum Weybridge

Tickets: brooklandsmuseum.com

Tuesday 3 to Friday 13 April Easter holiday family fun

National Gardening Week

Tickets: kempton.co.uk

Racing and DJ set.

Loseley Park’s Spring Garden Show Guildford

Tickets: loseleypark.co.uk

Tilford, Farnham

Information: rural-life.org.uk

Sunday 1 to Monday 2 April Easter fun

An Easter egg trail, Easter bonnet parade (Monday) and lots more.

Surrey Wildlife Trust Various locations Information: surreywildlifetrust.org/events

Sunday 8 April, 2–4pm Spring in Banstead Wood

Plant sales, garden stalls and more.

See the wildflower carpets of spring in this woodland setting.

RHS Wisley

Saturday 5 May, 5–6.30am Early bird catches the worm

Friday 20 to Sunday 22 April


at Puttenham

Car rides and an Easter egg trail.

Tickets: rhs.org.uk/wisley

Sunday 15 April London Bus Museum

Monday 30 April to Sunday 6 May

As dawn breaks, witness the countryside come alive.

Spring Gathering

The south east’s biggest and longest-running bus show returns.

Great Weybridge Cake Off

Farmers’ markets Camberley Saturday 21 April, 10am–3pm Cranleigh Every Friday, 9.30–11am Epsom Sunday 1 April and 6 May, 9.30am–1.30pm Farnham Sunday 22 April, 10am–1.30pm


Artisan Food and Craft Market, Monument Green, Weybridge

Information: 01483 208936


Haslemere Sunday 1 April and 6 May, 10am–1.30pm

Tuesday 3 to Sunday 15 April Spring family trail


Milford Sunday 15 April, 10am–1.30pm

Enjoy the outdoors and have fun with Winkworth’s family trail.

Various categories to enter: download a form from the website.

Saturday 5 May

Guildford Tuesday 3 April and 1 May, 10.30am–3.30pm

Ripley Saturday 14 April, 9am–1pm Walton-on-Thames Saturday 7 April and 5 May, 9.30am–2pm Woking Thursday 5 April and 3 May, 9am–2pm

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Finding your next home...

Burstead Lodge ÂŁ3,395,000

Burstead Close, Cobham, Surrey KT11 A skilfully extended family home offering over 6,500 sq ft. Located in one of Cobham's most sought after private estates and sited on a generous 0.67 acre plot, Burstead Lodge is conveniently located for The ACS International School.

BARNES Private Office www.barnes-london.com

Knight Frank www.knightfrank.co.uk

This spectacular family home has been dramatically remodelled to include up to six bedrooms over three floors. The ground floor offers generous living accommodation, ideally laid out for both family life and entertaining. Accessed via electric gates, the driveway and double garage provide ample parking for cars. To the rear, the secluded garden widens nicely, offering plenty of sunny terraced areas as well as a heated swimming pool. The Fairmile Estate is an ideal location for families with its easy access to schools. Woodland walks or a stroll into Cobham's High Street are both easily achievable via a network of footpaths. An internal viewing is highly recommended.

Trenchard-Arlidge www.trenchardarlidge.co.uk

John D Wood www.johndwood.co.uk

Curchods www.curchods.com

Grosvenor Billinghurst www.grosvenorb.co.uk

Winkworth www.winkworth.co.uk

APW Lettings www.apwproperty.com

Waterfords www.waterfords.co.uk

Jackson-Stops www.jackson-stops.co.uk

66 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018



8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 67

Surrey focus Alex Newall, Managing Director of BARNES Private Office, looks at Surrey’s active luxury property market, which is attracting London buyers and now outperforming central London. Ten years ago the view of the property market generally, including luxury property, was not looking promising. Now I believe the luxury global housing sector specifically is thriving and has become a significant element within the whole of the market. Luxury property is a sector in a league of its own and has gradually adopted the codes of the luxury world, which are generally founded on superior quality, “God is in the details”, recognisable and reassuring, exclusive membership, loyalty to clients and long-term trust. In Surrey specifically, the luxury housing market is growing and has become the most liquid market for millionaires outside London. With the international elite moving in, the area offers private estates with security, superb schools, green spaces and proximity to airports, road and rail networks, all within an hour of London. Being so close to the capital, but with options to buy historic properties, or self-build, we are seeing steady growth in this particular market. We’ve noticed that the super-prime property markets of Surrey are outperforming prime central London. In the past year price growth in the boroughs that include St George’s Hill and Wentworth, as well as the nearby areas of Englefield Green, Oxshott, Ascot, Esher and Cobham, was 14.1 per cent (Runnymede) and 9 per cent (Elmbridge), with prime central London only 1.1 per cent. Whilst in central London it’s not easy to knock down a house and build a bespoke property; in Surrey, apart from some restrictions on height and plot size, planning is fairly relaxed, giving the market an advantageous appeal. And the sales of grand homes in exclusive estates in the area are outstripping those in central London. In the current dynamic climate, I believe there is a change in the way Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) buy houses. As the outlook on Brexit becomes clearer, this

represents an opportunity for these buyers to purchase properties at good value on a medium term basis, with potential for the pound to strengthen. We are finding that this scenario is proving attractive to buyers coming into the UK looking to make a profit on their investment while they wait for that strengthening. London, Surrey and surrounding areas are popular with our Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian buyers. So how does a millionaire choose where to live in north Surrey? For £10 million there are relatively fewer choices in Esher and Oxshott, but a house and small garden in St George’s Hill or Wentworth for instance offers an average property price of £5.9 million, and two acres at Wentworth for £7.4 million. Clients who come to the UK wanting a proper country estate with parkland, space for horses and staff cottages, like many Middle Eastern families, are finding locations such as Englefield Green, the first place on the M4 out of London, the place to look. Plots are sized between five and hundred acres either side of Wick Lane, and key estates cost more than £10 million, most more than £20 million. As London loses its crown as the top global destination in which to invest, Surrey and surrounding areas are offering significant investment opportunities. Runnymede, for instance, is showing growth by as much as 14% last year for properties over £2 million. I believe the growth looks set to continue. BARNES Private Office manages the investment, enhancement and realisation of real estate, and other assets, on behalf of some of the world’s most affluent individuals. A division of BARNES International Realty, with access to a global network of over 70 offices, BARNES Private Office is headquartered in London and has access to over £5 billion of global real estate, including leading properties in prime central London, the Home Counties and Surrey. Sandylands Park, Englefield Green

68 essence-magazine.co.uk | APRIL 2018

essence INFO

BARNES Private Office 7 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia, London SW1W 0BD Website: www.barnes-london.com Email: london@barnes-international.com Telephone: 020 7935 5797

APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 69

8 High Street, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3DY Telephone: 01932 588288

Touchstone House £3,250,000

Off Warren Lane, Oxshott, Surrey KT22 Touchstone House is an elegant, six bedroom family home that has been maintained and improved to a high standard by the current owners, located 0.5 miles from Oxshott train station. The substantial property is arranged over three floors with the added benefit of a separate annexe above the garage. A grand front door opens onto the impressive central entrance hall from which principal reception rooms can be accessed. Multiple double doors lead out onto the substantial patio and garden from the drawing and family rooms at the rear of the property. There is a good sized kitchen/breakfast room that has beautiful views of the garden, and adjoins a family room. A cloakroom, utility room, study and ample amounts of storage complete the ground floor. On the first floor is the master bedroom with ‘his and hers’ elegant ensuites and dressing rooms. There are three further double bedrooms all with ensuites. All of the bedrooms with one exception have dressing rooms.

The second floor has a further two bedrooms, one ensuite and a family bathroom. There is also a kitchenette and a cinema/media room. The guest/staff annexe provides a wealth of possibilities as either additional accommodation, home office or gym. The house is approached via a long private driveway with electric gates. The large block paved driveway to the front provides parking and access to the garage. The rear garden is a particular feature of the property having been landscaped to provide several terraced areas and a secluded entertaining area with built-in fireplace. The property is well located for Oxshott High Street and both Esher and Cobham are nearby with their selection of shops and restaurants. Oxshott has an excellent selection of schools including Danes Hill. Oxshott train station provides a regular service into London Waterloo in around 35 minutes. The A3 is close by offering direct access to London and the M25.

Building an Octagon Bespoke luxury home When searching for a home at the top end of the luxury market, buyers often have a firm understanding of what it is they’re looking for – but finding a property that fits the bill can be time consuming, exhausting and frustrating. Octagon Bespoke simplifies the process, bringing the future owners in from planning stage to design their dream home, in partnership with the company’s expert in-house team of designers and architects. Almost 40 years of experience in the luxury housing industry have allowed Octagon’s Bespoke team to refine their craft and develop an unrivalled position in the market. Meticulous attention to detail and an exemplar service have become synonymous with the brand, attracting buyers to return to Octagon time after time again. Whether an Arts and Crafts country home, inner-city apartment or Georgian inspired townhouse, Octagon’s breadth of experience offers buyers the freedom to design and build their perfect home. Incorporating innovative design, from sweeping staircases to grand leisure suites, each home is entirely unique and built around the owner’s individual objectives.

John Pope, Director of Octagon’s Bespoke division, comments; “We have seen a huge rise in demand for bespoke homes over the past two years, with a trebling of projects in 2017.” “What makes our bespoke homes truly unique are the journeys buyers experience with us. We usually get involved at a very early stage, sometimes even before the client has bought the plot, and then work closely with them to help realise the vision of their future home – this is one of the most satisfying parts of the process. Not just dedicated to building new homes, Octagon’s specialist team also undertake renovations and extensions to cater for those looking to ‘improve, not move’. Whether interested in building extra bedrooms for a growing family or investing in an indoor pool, this option allows buyers to get a taste for Octagon’s skillset, without leaving the home or location they love. Octagon’s bespoke service doesn’t end once the final brick is laid; a specialist after sales team are in place to make the process of moving in as easy as possible. Armed with a black book of trusted suppliers and local service providers, from dog walkers and cleaners to nurseries and interior designers, the team are known for their exceptional connections and local area knowledge. Taking on projects from £1m, Octagon’s Bespoke service provides a rarely offered, truly personal service in the luxury property market.

020 8481 7500 | OCTAGONBESPOKE.CO.UK

St George’s Hill A double-fronted and imposing property which sits at the heart of St George’s Hill, in a stunning position, with delightful landscaped gardens, gently sloping down to the golf course. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5 reception rooms. Approximately 391 sq m (4,212 sq ft). EPC: D. Freehold. Guide price: £3,750,000

Weybridge An elegant Victorian home, perfectly located for Weybridge station and town. Built circa 1850, the property retains many character features including fireplaces, flooring, shutters, high ceilings and a large full height cellar. The garden, with heated swimming pool, faces south. 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms. Approximately 586 sq m (5,238 sq ft). EPC: E. Freehold. Guide price: £2,150,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk

Weybridge An attractive, modern townhouse, located half a mile from Weybridge high street and mainline station. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms. Approximately 170 sq m (1,837 sq ft). EPC: B. Freehold. Guide price: ÂŁ995,000

Weybridge A larger than average, semi-detached Victorian cottage boasting a walk-in dressing room off the master bedroom; four reception rooms downstairs as well as off-street parking. The property is located within 0.4 miles of Weybridge station and high street. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms. Approximately 131 sq m (1,414 sq ft). EPC: C. Freehold. Guide price: ÂŁ695,000

@KnightFrank KnightFrank.co.uk

APW Lettings, Weybridge 134 Oatlands Drive • Oatlands Village • Weybridge • Surrey • KT13 9HJ t: 01932 857300 e: weybridge@apwproperty.com Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am to 5pm

www.apwproperty.com Caesars Cottage, Camp End Road, St Georges Hill, Weybridge KT13 Available now – FURNISHED £40,000 per month Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four receptions Elegant mansion house in the heart of the prestigious and exclusive St George’s Hill private estate. Triple aspect drawing room, family room and study with French doors onto rear terrace. Stunning kitchen/breakfast/ day room with walk-in pantry and utility room. Grand master suite with dressing room and full bathroom. Substantial staff studio flat located above the garage, leisure complex in basement with swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym, treatment room, kitchen and temperature-controlled wine cellar and full cinema room. Beautifully landscaped plot of about one acre, surrounded by mature woodland, ten minute drive to Weybridge station.

28 Weybridge Park, Weybridge KT13 Available 3 May – UNFURNISHED £5,750 per month Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, four receptions Beautifully refurbished detached family home in private estate. Light, modern, neutral decor throughout featuring wood floor downstairs and an immaculate new kitchen with dining area. Large master bedroom with ensuite and large enclosed garden with raised patio. Walking distance to Weybridge station and town centre.

Brook Place, Bagshot Road, GU24 • £3,500,000 A mid-17th century home, extensively refurbished and presented with a touch of contemporary flare. Of particular note is the stunning kitchen/breakfast room which opens onto the sun terrace. The dining room has wonderful carved panelling, believed to have come from a property owned by Flemish Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens.

Woodlands Ryde, Chobham Park Lane, GU24 • Additional building plot or barns/stabling • OIRO £6,500,000 This impressive and luxurious home has approved planning for a 12,000 sq ft. additional dwelling (ref 17/0223 Surrey Heath Borough Council). The main house has four substantial reception rooms and a stunning kitchen/breakfast room. Hot water for the house, pool and underfloor heating is via ground source heat pumps, making it extremely economical.



St George’s Hill


Situated within the prestigious St George’s Hill estate and set in over 1 acre of south backing grounds, this impressive residence by Octagon Developments also benefits from views to the golf course, separate staff accommodation and an outdoor infinity pool. EPC C 01932 843322


Burwood Park

Price Guide £2,500,000

Occupying a central position amongst the sought after Burwood Park estate, this 6 bedroom family home is nestled amongst gardens in excess of half an acre siding onto open woodland measuring in excess of 5,000 sq ft. 01932 247777


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An exceptionally attractive Victorian attached cottage, approx. 2,000 sq.ft., with period character features in mostly walled garden. 5 reception rooms. Large kitchen. Cellar. 3 double bedrooms. En-suite and family bathroom. No onward chain. EPC: E.



01932 864242


Within walking distance of the station and local amenities, a refurbished and enlarged 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom family home with spacious ground floor receptions, a 100 ft. south-west facing garden, integral garage and cul-de-sac location. EPC: E. No onward chain.


01372 843833



Residential road, short walk station and shops. 4 bedrooms. 23' Drawing room. 23' Refitted kitchen/diner. En-suite and family bathrooms. Garden studio, double garage. 140' south backing feature garden. New oak internal doors and Neville Johnson staircase. EPC: D.


01932 864242



In an enviable location – a private road within a stone’s throw of Oxshott Woods and ten minutes to station. A substantial 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with 4 reception rooms plus conservatory, in almost half an acre, including a significant pool and leisure chalet to enhance family living. EPC: D. No onward chain.

01372 843833

Estate Agents in Cobham, Stoke D’Abernon and Oxshott for over 80 years APRIL 2018 | essence-magazine.co.uk 77

OATLANDS COURT, ST. MARY’S ROAD, WEYBRIDGE, KT13 A private gated development of six luxurious four and five bedroom town houses in a quiet sought after location, a short walk from two Ofsted ‘outstanding’ schools. Each house with bespoke fitted joinery, luxury bathrooms, beautifully designed kitchen, separate formal living room, open-plan family room and dining areas that open onto private gardens.

PRICES FROM £1,595,000

UPPER LONGCROSS, CHERTSEY, KT16 Move into a five bedroom home and relax with Quintessentially Upper Longcross, a bespoke concierge service including a dedicated lifestyle manager to take care of every aspect of your life, from travel arrangements to your children’s education. Visit our show home and discover how you can have your life looked after at Upper Longcross.

PRICES FROM £1,175,000

WEYBRIDGE 01932 821160

37 Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9UQ jackson-stops.co.uk/london newhomes@jackson-stops.com

Local & National reach through a network of London & Regional offices PROPERTY EXPERTS SINCE 1910

Sandy Lane, Cobham KT11 • £1,750,000 • EPC rating: B A beautifully presented, detached family residence offering five bedrooms, three reception rooms, three bathrooms, garden and double garage. The property is well-designed providing open plan living along with a high specification throughout. Conveniently located for Oxshott village and station with well-regarded schools nearby.

Four Winds Park, St. George’s Hill, Weybridge, KT13 • £7,450,000 • EPC rating: C A new Super Home created by Hush Developments, set in the heart of St George’s Hill on a prime 1.1 acre plot. This new home offers stunning accommodation and is of a contemporary, Mediterranean style that has been designed to convey a sense of peace, calm and tranquillity. This home has been designed not just for entertaining, but also for the family, blending both of these qualities into an intoxicating mix of elegance and style.

WEYBRIDGE 01932 842 323 • COBHAM 01932 864252 • ESHER 01372 462211 • WWW.JOHNDWOOD.CO.UK



An attractive detached property built to an excellent specification by Monro Homes. One of only two homes positioned behind their own electric gates with private gardens and both within easy reach to the village, sought after schools and excellent transport links to central London and beyond. Outside: The property is approached via electric gates, driveway parking for several cars and a double garage. The enclosed rear garden is mainly laid to lawn with a patio area, ideal for entertaining and accessed via the principle rooms.


A beautifully presented, five-bedroom modern detached family house situated in this sought after quiet cul-de-sac in Windlesham village. The property is spacious throughout comprising a stunning kitchen/ breakfast room, formal reception room, dining room, study and utility room. To the first floor the property has five bedrooms and two bathrooms to include master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and fitted cupboards. The property benefits from a large and secluded rear garden and to the front ample driveway parking and a double garage.

SUNNINGDALE | 01344 291639 sunningdale@winkworth.co.uk







L O N D O N • T U N B R I D G E W ELL S • A S H F O R D

T. 01892 526 996


Naturally exceptional At Octagon, we have nearly 40 years experience and an unrivalled reputation for building magnificent, classical homes in the most desirable locations across London and the Home Counties. By using the best craftsmen, sourcing the finest fixtures and fittings and providing every client with an outstanding aftersales experience, the Octagon name has become synonymous with delivering the exceptional.

Distinctly Octagon

020 8481 7500 | OCTAGON.CO.UK

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essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...

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essence magazine is a premier lifestyle publication available in print and online. The printed magazine is distributed via Royal Mail to Sur...


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