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Eskilstuna & Torshälla BABY BOOM at Parken Zoo

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MAGDAKULLAN – Rural idyll in Näshulta


700 years of history, art and culture



Hemvändarträffar och återträffar. Semester och hemester. Festival med happenings, organisationer, utställare och upplevelser utöver det vanliga. Populära artister på scen. Ett späckat program helt enkelt. Sommar, vatten, fest och fri entré! TORSHÄLLA GÖR


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Photo: Piere Pocs


ZORRO Photo: Press

ANITHA Photo: Jörgen Carlsson

ÅSA OCH HELEN Photo: Pierre Pocs

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“There are all sorts of fun things to do in Eskilstuna, my town! I like to go bowling and to Parken Zoo. My favourite place in Eskilstuna is Rothoffsparken where we go for picnics, or Mälarbaden and Vilsta where we swim in the summer. I also like to take the train to Stockholm. It’s so close, and I love to sleep on the train. When I grow up I want to be a professional football player. I want to welcome everyone to Eskilstuna!” Omar Hassan, aged 6 – Pupil and future professional footballer

“My Eskilstuna is a beautiful, delightful and inclusive city, where there is room for everyone. This is the site of my roots, my security and my comfort, and there are plenty of places where I can go to tank up on energy: Sundbyholm Marina, Holmberget park in Torshälla, or Eskilstuna MotorSport Arena, where I’ve spent more hours than I can count on a speedway bike. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to do business here, the blossoming and committed business community has been a great support throughout my career as a speedway rider, and the people of Eskilstuna are among my most devoted fans. “I would like to invite everyone to experience our fine city!” Magnus ‘Zorro’ Zetterström – Former speedway rider with a glittering career to look back on. Now working in the automotive sector

“Welcome to Eskilstuna – my home town! This is where I’ve chosen to stay. Not necessarily because Eskilstuna is always best, but because we have never stopped trying to do better and better every time! And there is no shortage of examples of our successes: not just the ones everyone knows in the areas of sports and music. We are also pretty good in other important areas such as environmental issues and gender equality. What is more, we also have – in my opinion – the best water in the world, straight from the tap!” Anitha Wretling – President of Eskilskommittén

”There is so much to experience in Eskilstuna. Our InfoPoints are are designed to provide inspiration and guidance. You will find InfoPoints at selected destinations, hotels and shops, and they provide answers to the questions asked most frequently about our fair city. Visit to locate your nearest InfoPoint. You can also contact Eskilstuna Tourist Information by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter to ask questions and to find inspiration, tips and hints about great things to see and do. Have fun discovering the delights of Eskilstuna!” Åsa Rönnholm and Helen Strömberg – Eskilstuna Tourist Information

Facebook EskilstunaTouristCenter

Eskilstuna Tourist Information 016-710 70 00

– a part of Eskilstuna Municipality Business Co

ESKILSTUNA VISITOR´S GUIDE 2017 | Publisher: Destination Eskilstuna AB Design and production: Happify 016 Ad sales: Thord Wallin Printing: Österbergs Tryckeri AB Print run: 15 000 in Swedish and 6 500 in English/German Cover image: Tors bockar, Torshälla. Photo: Pierre Pocs. >>

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Photo: aStory

ESKILSTUNA IS CURRENTLY home to around 103,776 people – representing a total of 152 nationalities – and the local population is rising steadily. The Municipality of Eskilstuna covers an area of 1,100 km2 and includes Sundbyholm with its famous white castle, as well as the historically fascinating town of Torshälla. Eskilstuna has a significant industrial heritage, traces of which can still be found in beautiful, old industrial buildings and our modern hi-tech industry.

Take a swim! MUNKTELLBADET SWIMMING CENTRE features a 50-metre pool and two multi-function pools. At the heart of the centre is the family pool, where children of all ages can try the obstacle course, the climbing wall, the water slide and much more.

Eskilstuna is devoted to art, too, and you will find more than 120 works of art on display outdoors. One of the more intriguing examples is Olov Tällström’s 22-metre-tall “Pin Point”, which stands proudly in the newly renovated Fristadstorget square. GUIDED TOURS Want to get to know Eskilstuna a little better? Guided tours can be organised on request. Visit

Munktellstaden MUNKTELLSTADEN HAS GROWN up in Volvo BM’s old workshops, where the company once made tractors and other machines. This thriving cultural and historical area features a variety of museums, a hotel and a business park. Visit the Munktell Museum to experience 180 years of Swedish industrial history. In addition to classic work vehicles, you can see the first steam locomotive built and operated in Sweden. The museum presents a

IF YOU ENJOY “old and recycled”, you really should visit ReTuna, Eskilstuna’s awardwinning shopping centre devoted to recycling, where you will find everything from clothes, toys and books, to furniture, electronics, bicycles and more besides.

23 JUNE Midsummer celebrations at several locations in and around Eskilstuna.

Photo: Stefan Berg

3–5 AUGUST Eskilstuna Parkfestival – three days packed with fun, music, great food and other activities for all the family to enjoy! 26 AUGUST Gainesville – treat yourself to a beautiful day in the park with fine food and entertaining artists. 4 | >>

large exhibition of vehicles and other machines from the company’s long and proud history, and visitors are welcome to sit in and climb all over most of the machines.


Don´t miss! 25–30 JULY Torshälla’s 700th anniversary – Help us celebrate a lively 700-year-old! For details, turn to page 6.


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It was no accident that the first locomotive in Sweden was built in Eskilstuna. We’ve always been ahead of our time. We have had this attitude for more than 350 years – ever since the first blacksmiths swung their hammers back in the mid-1600s. We are committed to developing, refining and improving. Today, we are a rapidly growing, eco-smart industrial city, where music and sport are embedded in our DNA. We’re leading development towards the sustainable cities and industries of the future, through intelligent innovations and creative environmental initiatives. We don’t wait around for other people to bring us solutions. We do it ourselves, thus helping evolution along the right track. Quite simply, we do evolution. Every single day.

Instagram: @linnis_pinn is_puffis


Visit our

museums! Eskilstuna Town Museum A historical museum in central Eskilstuna. Here you will find ”Lilla stadsmuseet”, the steam engine hall, mechanical & experimental work shops, exhibitions, shop, café - something for everyone! Hours: Wed-Sun 11am-4pm Summer season: Tue-Sun 11am-4pm

The Rademacher Forges A cultural reserve in the middle of Eskilstuna with well preserved buildings dating back to the 17th century. Within the area you will find traditional handicraft for sale, museum, dramatized tours & open air theatre during summer season, café and restaurant. Outdoor exhibitions open around the clock, all year around.

Eskilstuna Town Museum

The Rademacher Forges

For more information, please visit rademachersmedjorna Lagersbergs säteri

Lagersbergs säteri Play and experience the history of Eskilstuna! Historical exhibition for children at the Eskilstuna Town Museum.

One of the best preserved 1700-century manors in Sweden, 3Km southwest of the town center. Summer café, guided tours and shop, hours: Thur and Sat 10am-4pm, June 18th-August 6th. Guided tours are also available at a fee all year around. Booking through the Town Museum reception +46 16 710 23 75

Hours: Wed-Sun 11am-4pm Summer season: Thu-Sun 11am-4pm

Admission free



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Help us celebrate a lively


Torshälla is the small town located around 7 km north of Eskilstuna. With its fascinating history and rich cultural life, the town is well worth a visit at any time of the year. Written by Niclas Samuelsson Photogtaphy by Per Groth

– The Anniversary Party is a magnificent occasion for everyone keen to experience and celebrate one of the oldest towns in Sweden. And the anniversary is just like Torshälla – still developing. New attractions are being added to the programme all the time, so not everything is ‘written in stone’ just yet. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that the celebrations will go down in history ..., promises Annika Edetun-Lahtinen, Project Director. Photo: Whoa Whoa Gustafsson

THERE IS ALWAYS something to see and experience here, especially in an anniversary year like this one. Torshälla’s “birthday” has already been duly marked, but the celebrations will continue for the rest of the year. And things are sure to be especially entertaining from 25 to 30 July, which are the dates for the official Anniversary Party. A special programme has been prepared for the week, packed with activities and amusements for all ages. For example, there will be a three-day festival (27–29 July), with happenings, performances and truly extraordinary experiences for all.

Photo: Pressbild

New inn on an historical site

VISIT THE NEW restaurant in Torshälla, Florapaviljongen, located on the Holmberget site, which is steeped in tradition. Florapaviljongen is open seven days a week and serves lunches, brunches, à la carte menus, Christmas dinners and more.

Bergströmska gården

THE TORSHÄLLA MUSEUM of Local History – Bergströmska gården – is an excellent example of how the mansions in Torshälla looked in the 1700s. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in July.

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Local art in anniversary museum

TORSHÄLLA IS NOT alone in celebrating an anniversary this year. Dedicated to the artist Allan Ebeling, the Ebeling Museum opened its doors for the first time in September 1997. This means that it can celebrate its twentieth anniversary this autumn. What is more, 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of Allan Ebeling’s birth. To celebrate the double anniversary, the museum will therefore be staging a supplementary Ebeling exhibition featuring more of the artist’s paintings, sculptures and ceramic works.

Sculpture park with a rich history

IN 1896, WORK was started on a new park at Holmberget by Georg Nyström, a multi-talented artist whose accomplishments included master gardener, photographer, editor and local historian. The park features winding trails and statues, and offers wonderful views of old Torshälla.

Coffee at a venerable patisserie

YET ANOTHER “birthday boy” is located right next to the Ebeling Museum. The venerable patisserie Konditori Amarant was founded in 1957, and has been run by the Styrlander family throughout its 60-year history. Drop by and make your choice from a tempting selection of classic bread and cakes, tasty tarts, filling sandwiches, light lunches and hot and cold drinks.

The church that is older than Torshälla

THE OLDEST PARTS of Torshälla Church were built in the 1100s to replace a previous wooden church. It is likely that the site was originally a place of sacrifice in honour of the Asa-god Thor – Thorshaergh – from where Torshälla takes its name. The artist Albertus Pictor decorated the walls with a number of paintings, one of which features what is believed to be the oldest depiction of glasses in Sweden. It is also here that Reinhold Rademacher, the man responsible for Eskiltuna’s smithy industry, was laid to rest.

THE SEAFARING HARBOUR THAT LAUNCHED A SMALL TOWN REVOLUTION WHEN TORSHÄLLA WAS awarded town privileges by Birger Magnusson in 1317, the area had already been significant for quite a while. The history of Torshälla is closely linked to the water, which has played a key role in the development of the town. This year, Torshälla can celebrate its 700th anniversary as a town, but it has fulfilled an important function for even longer than that. Due to its strategic location between lakes Hjälmaren and Mälaren, Torshälla became a crucial reloading point for goods being transported from Närke and Södermanland out onto routes through the Baltic Sea. During the 1600s, these lakes – crucial to trade – were linked through the first canal with a system of locks in Sweden. Three of these locks were located in Torshälla. The first 40 years of the 1600s were a golden age for shipping, when trade and free passage for almost all goods were permitted from Torshälla out into the wide world. However, when other waterways were established in the mid-1800s, Torshälla saw its importance as a shipping and trading point decline. The town therefore shifted focus to industrialisation, which really took off towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Butik & verkstad • Eskilstunavägen 5 Torshälla

Öppettider: Jan-okt: Månstängt. stängt.Tisd-fred Tis-fre 10-17 Jan-okt: Månd 10-17. Nov-dec: Mån-fre 10-18. Lörd-sönd Lör-sön 10-14 Nov-dec: Månd-fred 10-16. Vardagar 12.30-13.30 •• Semesterstängt Semesterstängtjuli julimånad, månad,dådå Vardagarlunchstängt lunchstängt12.30-13.30 finnsprodukterna produkternaatt attköpa köpa på Turistbyrån Turistbyrån och finns ochTorshälla TorshällaBlommor. Blommor. Tel & fax 016-35 86 87 • E-post: Hemsida: Tel & fax 016-35 86 87 • E-post: Hemsida:

Come along to a world of Santas

THE SAME BUILDING that houses the Ebeling Museum is also home to Rolf Berg Keramik – a ceramic studio and shop. While the company is best known for its Santa Claus figures in all shapes and sizes, it also sells ceramic items suited to other times of the year.


A collection of ceramics and art works by Allan Ebeling as well as programme of separate art exhibitions, guided tours and educational workshops Opening times: Wendnesday - Sunday 12-16 Adress: Eskilstunavägen 5, Torshälla. Tel: +46(0)16-710 73 05


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3 R E D U J B R E VI


Vi har något för alla!

För större sällskap ring: Anna, 070 889 95 09

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För större sällskap ring: 016-51 91 21

För större sällskap ring: 016-51 91 21

OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND: Friday 16.00–22.00, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00–16.00. In summer, also open Thursday, 10.00–16.00 and Friday–Saturday 10.00–22.00. HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY TO MAGDA: Drive towards Katrineholm, turn off onto road no. 214 towards Hållsta and continue for a further 20 km. Turn right towards Magda.

MAGDAKULLAN – Rural idyll in Näshulta

Thirty kilometres from Eskilstuna, in the parish of Näshulta, stands Magda Säteri. It is an old farm dating back to the 1200s, and people and animals have lived here for more than nine centuries. By Rocco Gustavsson

THE FARM IS ringed by beautiful oak groves, where the livestock graze peacefully in the old cultural landscape. The natural flora of Magda are magnificent. When the local county council performed an inventory, they discovered more than a hundred different species of flowers, herbs and orchids. In a single square metre. Summer is a magical time in the groves around the farm. The cattle are of a breed called “Red Polled”, one of the few remaining authentic Swedish races. All year round, the cows are walked through the farm at 14.00 on Saturdays. The guided tour lasts around 20 minutes and is free to watch. In summer, the event starts with Christer calling in the cattle, which start to come lumbering over at a gentle pace shortly afterwards. All the cattle have been individually named, and the head of the herd is called Molly. Farm operations at Magda are run by Christer Nordqvist and his wife, Eva

Eneblad – whose family has owned the farm since the 1930s. Magda is a pioneer in organic farming and livestock operations in Sörmland; the farm has been run according to organic principles for more than 40 years. The old barn is now home to Magda’s farm shop, which sells meat from its own livestock, as well as a wide range of Sörmland delicacies from other producers: bread, cheese, juice, fish, oils, spices, honey, jams and much more. Depending on the season, you may also be able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. The farm shop contains a café, and activities were expanded last year to include a restaurant. Here, you can enjoy everything from home-made cakes and prawn sandwiches to a sumptuous four-course dinner. The restaurant is fully licensed, and the wine list features a variety of delicious Italian wines from Nebbia, the local importer. In addition to meat from the

farm itself, the menu presents zander from Torp, the neighbouring farm, and other mouth-watering dishes. Famous for their relaxed, accommodating atmosphere, the café and restaurant are extremely popular, attracting guests from near and far. The sense of being out in the country is almost tangible. In summer, the farm serves meals and refreshments outdoors, where guests can bask in the sun and admire the view of the oak groves. Everyone interested in interior design and flea markets is sure to love Magda NK, a little shop housed in one of the farm storage buildings. Old and new are presented side by side, with hundreds of items from past and present. Magda farm really does have something for everyone.



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Everyone’s out on the snow in Vilsta

Elite athletes, leisure time skiers and families enjoying a day out together – people of all ages and skill levels are flocking to Vilsta in the skiing season. The Alla på snö (Everyone on snow) project is the recipe for a wonderful white winter! Written by Ellinor Jyrell Photography by Jörgen Carlsson

THE DELIGHTFUL OUTDOOR area of Vilsta now bustles with activity all year round. Camping close to the water, large stretches of woods with exercise trails, green meadows perfect for ball games and the wonderful swimming area make Vilsta a popular destination during the summer. And in the winter months, more and more people are starting to come here for days packed with fun on the snow. The skiing tracks in Vilsta underwent remarkable development during the 2016/17 season. Enthusiasts from Tunafors Skiing Club, including Arvid Rinaldo – project manager – launched the Alla på snö (Everyone on snow) project in Vilsta. The aim is to ensure that there is snow on Vilsta’s skiing tracks from mid-December to Easter. – The enduring memory from the season is that we succeeded in setting up a working programme for young skiers. At times, there were children 10 | >>

and teenagers laughing all over the place!, says Arvid Rinaldo. Big plans for the 2017/18 season are already in place. – We’re not keen on sitting around doing nothing, and we’ve already come up with all kinds of ideas for improvements for next season. For example, we’re looking at improving the lighting and getting hold of some more sprinklers so we can prepare longer tracks with more uphill sections. So pack your backpack with hot chocolate and cakes and enjoy a wonderful day in Vilsta. You can rent equipment on site via Sporthyra. If you’re not all that keen on sport, it can be just as delightful to lean back against the cabin wall, soak up the sun and enjoy the sight of all the activity.


Snow activities in Vilsta Children’s snow playground – A great way to start the day is to visit the sledging hill, which is guaranteed to give a thrill or two, and the lay-bys in Vilsta, where there are winter games for our youngest visitors. Children’s “Vasaloppet” – A little cross-country course for children aged 2–6. The track is 500 metres long, features traditional “Vasaloppet” stations, and lets young skiers develop at their own pace. Youth winterland – Cross-country trails and skiing games for older children and teenagers. Attractions include moguls, pipes, a ramp and ski cross. Glidarspåret (The slider track)– This 2.5 km-long track has plenty of room for older children, teenagers, skiers preparing for the Vasaloppet race, weekend skiers and disabled people. The track is easy to ski and comprises two classic cross-country trails with a ski skating track in the middle. Supertrack – Vilsta’s tough training and competition track is intended for juniors with their eyes on a career in skiing, as well as veteran elite athletes. As such, it is perfect for technically skilled and advanced skiers. Vilsta hill ski lift – You can also try alpine skiing on the family-friendly slope in Vilsta.

FANTASTIC OUTLET PRICES! En skön blandning av ekologisk och närproducerad mat w Galleri w Musik w Butik www

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e ra dad u hy edel n an d h vår v hamne k s st oc os . Hos ggflotte till i gä husbil bry tu. Lägg ler med bas båt el med

Njut av god mat och fika vid Mälarens bästa läge! NYHET!

BLACK ROCK GRILL. Boka sommarens skönaste kvällar hos oss.

We are located in Eskilstuna and Västerås!

Castle restaurant evenings Mon-Sat

Summer shortbreak Three-course dinner Accomodation Breakfast Mondays and Tuesdays: pre-dinner drink included. from 1135 SEK/person Saturday surcharge: 280 SEK /weekend-uk HÄNG MED OSS. FACEBOOK.COM/ SUNDBYHOLMSGASTHAMN TEL. 016 - 965 71 INFO@SUNDBYHOLMSGASTHAMN.SE WWW.SUNDBYHOLMSGASTHAMN.SE


+46 (0)16 42 84 00

Välkommen till oss i Eskilstuna! Område Kloster (Årby, Norr) 016-17 35 90

Område Fors (Nyfors, Centrum) 016-17 35 80

Besöksadress Rademachergatan 1, 632 20 Eskilstuna Postadress Box 154, 631 03 Eskilstuna E-post Eskilstuna

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Tunavallsg r.en

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G ranbarr s g.

Grankvis tg.

Nyf par on Kr g.

12 | >>



In the heart of Stadsparken (the City Park) stands Klosters Church, the perfect place to enjoy a moment of quiet reflection. Designed by the well-known architect Otar Hökerberg, the church was completed in 1929.




Vä str a


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lsg .

G ran

Fristadstorget square is the heart GRAN of the city today, with a thriving MUNKTELLSTADEN market and all kinds of other actiGÄRDET You can easily spend hours and hours in Munktellstaden, Hög vities throughout the year. While a Förskola lid sg admiring the wonderful exhibits in Eskilstuna Museum . you watch all the peopleTunavallen coming of Art or the Munktell Museum, for example. It is also and going, make sure to check out K PARKEN ZOO ull here you will find the ultra-modern STIGA Sports Arena ab Pin Point, the spectacular 22rg Eskilstuna and the Munktellbadet swimming ecentre. sg metre-high sculpture created by sg. Sö . kel rg vin ård Olov Tällström. g ån s

Ste n

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Photo: Per Groth


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Södra K n


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Lib er



rgs Lundbyskolan This is where Eskilstuna built up its excellent reputation g. as a smithy city. Today, the area is an open-air museum featuring craftsmen, shops, a café and a restaurant.

Hö kg.

Hö rn ed als

Gr edb

From the church, follow Strandgatan south-east until you come to Gamla Staden (the Old Town). Dating back to the 1100s, this is the centre of the original Eskilstuna and the oldest part of the current city. The area is dotted withGredbyfashion and interior design stores, delicatessens, art galleries, parken beauty parlours and cafés. La n








ma n


V m ad


Photo: Per Groth



Löt g.



Photo: Per Groth

Photo: Per Groth




Alf o

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Treat yourself to a wonderful walk along the banks of Eskilstunaån river Källparken l and discover some of the city’s finest and most interesting sites. Ståh

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Engelska skolan


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Södra Bro

Kyrkans hus Smörtorget

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Mälardalens högskola

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Klosters förs. hem Klosters kyrka



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Faktoritorig. holmarna Fak Stadsmuseum


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STIGA Sports Arena

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Ekbacken Carl Gustafs Knu plan t Hel lb


Tö r ne ros


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Öbe rg

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Munk tellsg.

Rinmansg .

CITY LIFE ESKILSTUNA IS PACKED with opportunities to enjoy shopping trips and city life. The city centre is home to all kinds of fascinating shops and outlets – everything from shopping centres to small local businesses unique to the area. There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants serving cuisine from all parts of the world, and our beautiful, newly renovated Fristadstorget square is the perfect place to settle down in the sun, stretched out on a lounger by the pond. Enjoy watching everyday life go by, treat yourself to an ice cream, or simply lie back and relax. The glittering Eskilstunaån River is bordered by fine stretches of lawn, 14 | >>

which are ideal for a spontaneous picnic... or how about challenging your friends to a game of beach volleyball on the specially designed beach area? If you enjoy historic architecture, we recommend taking a stroll along Köpmangatan in Gamla Staden(the Old Town), which is lined with beautiful buildings and narrow alleys. Here you will find a truly extraordinary collection of own-design clothes, antiques, interior design items and cafés right next to the delightful river. Just outside the centre of the city stands Tuna Park, a large shopping centre featuring fully 66 shops. Where

Tap into the pulse in Eskilstuna, where you’re never far from shops or entertainment. better to spend a whole day browsing and shopping? There are all kinds of shops here, so you are sure to find something for the whole family. And if you need to give your feet a rest and restore your energy levels, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from.

Interested in what Eskilstuna nightlife has to offer in the form of music, culture and other activities? Then visit to find the events and attractions that suit your taste!

EN AV SVERIGES BÄSTA SKATEPARKER INOMHUS 1200 kvm | 2000 medlemmar | Utomhuspark utanför | Nära till bad Inlines & kickbike shop | GIB/Hedonskate Sweden | Café | Fritidsgård | Barnkalas


Vi har öppet alla dagar hela sommaren!

Öppet: tis-tors 15-21, fre 15-22, lör 14-22, sön 14-21 Måndagar Tjejkväll och nybörjarkurser 1520, Senior skate 20-22, Onsdagar även BMX Café och GIB Sweden 11.30 varje dag Inlines SM 2017 se hemsida för info facebook: ZeroOneSix Eskilstuna Skatepark Skjulstagatan 3 // tfn: 016-12 12 16 //

Rademacherg. 7 Eskilstuna • 016-14 07 31 BOKA ONLINE:

LÅDBILSLANDET i Nykvarn ÖPPETTIDER 6 maj – 18 juni Lör och sön 11 - 17 Midsommarhelgen Stängt 26 juli – 13 augusti Vardagar 10 - 17 Lör och sön 11 - 17 19 augusti – 3 september Lör och sön 11 - 17 ENTRÉ Barn 350 kr, vuxna fri entré ADRESS Nedre bruket, se skyltning från trafikplats Nykvarn TELEFON 070-586 64 31 HEMSIDA

I Lådbilslandet kör du bil på riktigt!

4-stjärnigt hotell

Vi erbjuder förmånliga priser och paketerbjudanden Hos oss bor du bekvämt och centralt med närhet till både shopping och aktiviteter. Som gäst hos oss ingår alltid frukostbuffé framtagen av Tina Nordström, samt tillgång till bastu och gym dygnet runt.

Boka din nästa hotellvistelse hos oss! +46 16 15 00 00

Bilarna har riktiga motorer och körs på asfalterade vägar i en uppbyggd miniatyrstad med broar, rondeller och vägkorsningar. Du väljer själv om du skall köra vanlig bil, buss, polisbil eller värsta långtradaren med släp. Här finns även lekpark, hoppborg, karusell, minitåg, minimotorcross och en konstgjord sjö där du kan åka flotte, I caféet serveras matiga sallader, smörgåsar, pannkakor och sushi.


Fristadstorget 1, Eskilstuna Telefon 016 - 14 90 74, 14 90 76 INTERNATIONELL


INTERNATIONELL À LA GRILLRÄTTER, FISKRÄTTER, Fristadstorget 1, Eskilstuna Tel 016-14 90 74, 14 90 76 PASTA &

Besök vår mysiga uteservering mitt i centrum! Den äruteservering öppen från tillFrån september Besök vår mysiga mitt i maj centrum! maj till september >>

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Foto: Pierre Pocs


– Discover the jewel on lake Mälaren! THE MARINA IN Sundbyholm has space for a great many guests, who arrive by both boat and car. This is the perfect place to experience Midsummer celebrations, car rallies and Christmas parties – or simply to admire all the wonderful boats. In the summer, you can also rent charter boats in the marina and enjoy a delightful trip out on the lake! Summer is the best time to visit Sundbyholm to enjoy boat trips, the surrounding countryside, fun, games and swimming. Sundbyholm is the site of the longest natural sandy beach on lake Mälaren, which also features a wheelchair ramp running all the way down to the water and a number of barbecue areas along the beach front. And as if this were not enough, well-known artists play concerts in the castle park every summer – perfect for music fans who love attending concerts in beautiful settings and then return to the comfortable hotel right nearby. 16 | >>

Photo: Pierre Pocs

Magnificent woodland trails, the delightful castle park, boats lined up in the harbour, and the sun glittering off the water ... It’s easy to fall in love with Sundbyholm and lake Mälaren.

Sundbyholm Castle.

The castle with its magnificent park and buildings is located right next to the harbour and jetties. It provides a superb setting for conference functions, weddings, overnight stays, afternoon tea, delicious dinners, Christmas parties and theme evenings. Sundbyholm Castle has plenty to offer all year round. There are a number of excellent hiking trails in and around Sundbyholm. One of the nearby attractions that is well worth visiting on foot or by car is the Sigurdsristningen carvings. This unique monument from around the year 1000 is to be


found almost 1.5 km from the castle and marina. The carvings themselves are quite strange, as there seems to be no clear link between the text and images they depict. The pictures relate the harsh saga of Sigurd Fafnesbane, while the text refers to the building of the bridge over Ramsundet Sound, and the lack of relationship between the two has left many historians scratching their heads. The large carving measures fully two metres high and five metres wide.

Other sights to visit: • The farm shop Sundbyholms Kött och fisk (Sundbyholm meat and fish) • Solby Gård (Farm), where you can pick your own strawberries and raspberries.

Spend the holidays


Eskilstuna is packed with opportunities to enjoy a truly active holiday, as we offer our sporty visitors everything from cycling and canoeing to fishing and delightful nature hikes. Written by Niclas Samuelsson Photogtaphy by Pierre Pocs


FOLLOW ESKILSTUNA’S SPECIAL cycle path signs to make your way quickly and easily from one place to another in the city by bike. For visitors who enjoy exploring the countryside on two wheels, there are all kinds of wonderful cycle routes to choose from, and the flat terrain of the Eskilstuna region is perfect for cycling. Lejonrundan

(The Lion Circuit) is clearly marked with yellow signs showing black lion paws, and leads to attractions, including Parken Zoo. Strandleden is a 50 km cycle route that links Eskilstuna to Strängnäs. For cyclists who enjoy a challenge, there is a hilly mountain bike track featuring a number of climbs.

Lace up your hiking boots THERE IS EVERY opportunity to enjoy a wonderful hike in the countryside around Eskilstuna. The Gyllenhielmska leden trail covers 24 km from Årbystugan to Sundbyholm marina. An adjoining path takes you to the Pilgrimsleden trail where you can follow in the footsteps of St. Eskil himself. Vilstarundan (The Vilsta Circuit) is an 8 km section of the Sörmlandsleden trail. You can, of course, choose to follow the course of the Eskilstunaån river through the city and enjoy wonderful views on your way.

Paddle through Eskilstuna

WHAT COULD BE more peaceful than gliding gracefully along in a canoe? The canoe route through Eskilstuna passes under the bridges in the heart of the city. The route also leads you through delightful surroundings with an almost jungle-like atmosphere as you make your way to Torshälla marina. Start at Skogstorp or the Gillbergabadet swimming area. Lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren also present opportunities for canoeing or kayaking on more open water.

To find out more about all the leisure activities, visit


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4-stjärnig naturskön familjecamping. Stadsnära. •

Nordslingan Bil AB Din Porschespecialist

Nystrandsgatan 1B Eskilstuna Tel: 016-911 82

STF vandrarhem

Tfn 016-51 30 80


Följ oss på Facebook: Nordslingan Bil Öppet försäljning: Mån-tor 10:00-18:00 fre 10:00-17:00 Lör 11:00-15:00 Öppet verkstad & bildelar: Mån-fre: 07:00-16:30 Lör Stängt




PMS 286 C PMS 151 C

PMS 151 C

Prisvärt boende med fri parkering. Barn- och familjevänligt. Naturskönt.


PMS 151 C


65x150mm err Salladins HCMYK Mått på etikett: 65x150mm OBS! OBS! PMS 151 Crld9 PMS 286 C Biltjänsten sportage alla PMS färger konverteras till CMYK vä Magiska •

VILSTA CAMPING Ordernr: 12961 - Biltjänsten sportage CMYKalla PMS färger konver ett: 65x150mm OBS! Mått på etikett: 65x150mm 4-stjärnig naturskön familjecamping. Stadsnära. 61 - Biltjänsten sportage PMS färger konverteras till CMYK Ordernr: 12961 - Biltjänstenalla sportage

e mg/l g mg/l as mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l mg/l


50 cl

Producerad i Sverige för Profeel AB 016120070


GUR SOM MDNGA, KUP EN KIA. GUR SOM MDNGA, KUP EN KIA. Ett naturligt mineralvatten tappat från Tollagårdens friska källa i Dalarna.


Ett naturligt mineralvatten tappat från Tollagårdens friska källa i Dalarna.

Innehållsdeklaration pH 8,2 Kalcium Magnesium Natrium Kalium Fluorid Klorid Sulfat Vätekarbonat

34 mg/l 3,6 mg/l 17 mg/l <2 mg/l 2,4 mg/l 5 mg/l <5 mg/l 140 mg/l

pH 8,2 Kalcium Magnesium Natrium Kalium Fluorid Klorid Sulfat Vätekarbonat

34 mg/l 3,6 mg/l 17 mg/l <2 mg/l 2,4 mg/l 5 mg/l <5 mg/l 140 mg/l

Magnus Zetterström Daniel Serrander

Fluoridhalt med kariesförebyggande effekt, innehåller mer än 1,5 mg fluorid/l, bör inte regelbundet intas av barn under 7 år.

016-10 90 016-10 81 9081

Bäst före: Se flaska

Håkan Serrander

Morgan Lindberg

VIT ETIKETT 016-10 81 90Slott Strömsholms

Fluoridhalt med kariesförebyggande effekt, innehåller Emer T T AV än D E K1,5 U N G Lmg IGA SLOTTEN fluorid/l, bör inte regelbundet intas avGör barnenunder år. barockslottet vid den strida Kolbäcksån, utflykt7 till

örebyggande omgivet av säregen natur. Se gustavianska interiörer och än 1,5 mg en betydande samling av svenskt måleri från 1600-talet. elbundet intas Bäst före: Se flaska

Slottet är öppet under sommaren för egen rundvandring och guidad visning på svenska kl. 13.00 och på engelska kl. 15.00. Presentbutik i slottet. Kafé. Välkommen! 016-10 81 90

VIT ETIKETT 016-10 81 90

öppet: 13-31 maj lördag, söndag, helgdag kl. 12.00-16.00, juni, augusti dagligen kl. 12.00–16.00, juli dagligen kl. 12.00–17.00. Tel 0220-430 35 .

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Producerad i Sverige för Profeel AB 016120070

on •

Producerad i Sverige för Profeel AB 016120070

vatten dens friska

OBS! alla PMS färger konverteras till CMYK

Hook a fish or two

FISH FOR RAINBOW trout in the heart of the town? You most certainly can in the Eskilstunaån river! Don’t forget, however, that you need a fishing permit to fish in some parts of the river. In the waters of lake Mälaren just outside Sundbyholm, you can land both zander and pike. To find out where you can buy a fishing permit, Photo: Pierre Pocs

Photo: Parken Zoo

family activities

BABY BOOM at Parken Zoo

Take a refreshing dip

Parken Zoo is home to a host of fascinating animals. Many more (little ones) have been added during the winter, so visitors can be sure of an overdose of cuteness when the gates open for the summer season on 6 May. IN NOVEMBER, FOUR Asiatic lion cubs were born in Parken Zoo – two males and two females. With the arrival of Cambay, Sasan, Sher and Sinha – as they have been named – the park is now home to a pride of nine lions. Of course, there are all kinds of other fascinating animals to see as well. You can even come right up close to some of them. – We’re carrying on working with our ‘close to the animals’ experiences. ‘The

world of the lemur’ was a great success last year, so this year we’ve added even more animals. In addition, we’re building a new enclosure for our flamingos – an exciting and enticing area that almost whisks you away to South America, says Camilla Delac, Marketing director at Parken Zoo.


Photo: Ninnie Schröder

Visit Lilla Stadsmuseet

Visit ”The Little City Museum” for a child’s-eye view of the fascinating history of Eskilstuna!

STEP BACK INTO history and help prepare a royal feast at Sundbyholm Castle, navigate the steamship Eskilstuna with a steady hand, shovel coal into the boiler, make a deal with traders on Fristadstorget Square, or go fishing in the still waters of Ruddammen... All this and more awaits at the interactive exhibition for curious children.

WHEN THE SUMMER heat gets just a little too hot, there’s nothing better than taking a refreshing dip to cool off. There are around twenty different bathing spots to choose from along the shores of lake Mälaren and the banks of Eskilstunaån river. In addition, Sundbyholm is the site of the longest sandy beach on Lake Mälaren, with plenty of room to sunbathe and to build sandcastles – whatever you like! Vilsta, Mälarbaden and Borsökna are other great places to swim, and there are options to suit all tastes and preferences. If you would rather swim indoors, visit the newly built Munktellbadet swimming centre, which has a 50-metre pool as well as a magnificent family pool.

ICA MAXI Eskilstuna Fyraåringstest

SOMMARENS TRAVFEST Familjefest med barnaktiviteter & artister



4-års eliten tävlar om 300 000 kr! Årets tävlingsdagar hittar du på hemsidan: • 016- 42 82 00 SPÄNNANDE V86 KVÄLL MED TOPPSPORT! >>

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Photo: Pierre Pocs

HERZLICH WILKOMMEN HEUTE LEBEN 152 verschiedene Nationalitäten in Eskilstuna, das 103 779 Einwohner hat und dessen Bevölkerung weiter wächst. Die Gemeinde Eskilstuna erstreckt sich über eine Fläche von 1.100 km², darunter Sundbyholm mit seinem berühmten weißen Schloss und die faszinierende historische Stadt Torshälla. Eskilstuna hat auch ein bedeutendes industrielles Erbe, das noch heute in unseren alten, schönen Industriegebäuden und der modernen Hightech-Industrie der Stadt zu sehen ist. Die Palette der von den Unternehmen in Eskilstuna hergestellten Produkten reicht von Tischtennisschlägern bis zu modernsten Systemen für die

Automobilindustrie, von komplizierten chirurgischen Instrumenten bis zu Rohrsystemen für die Bewässerung von ausgedörrten Wüstengebieten. In Eskilstuna finden Sie mehr als 120 Kunstwerke im öffentlichen Raum. Eines der modernen Beispiele ist der 22 m hohe „Pin Point“ von Olov Tällström, der auf dem gerade renovierten Platz Fristadstorget steht. Dieses wie ein Wassertropfen geformte Kunstwerk wiegt voll 1,4 t.

GEFÜHRTE TOUREN Wollen Sie Eskilstuna etwas besser kennenlernen? Führungen können Sie unter buchen.

Verpassen Sie nichts 23. JUNI Mittsommer wird an mehreren Orten in und um Eskilstuna gefeiert. 25.–30. JULI Torshälla 700 Jahre – Wir feiern eine moderne 700-Jährige! Mehr auf Englisch auf Seite 6.

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ÅSA UND HELEN ES GIBT IN ESKILSTUNA viel zu erleben. Auch wenn Sie Glück mit dem Wetter haben, können Sie einige Tipps und Ratschläge gut gebrauchen. Und da können unsere InfoPoints Sie inspirieren und beraten. Unsere InfoPoints finden Sie an ausgewählten Ausflugsorten, Hotels und Geschäften, und sie können Ihnen auf häufig gestellte Fragen über unsere Stadt antworten. Auf finden Sie einen InfoPoint in Ihrer Nähe. Die Eskilstuna Touristeninformation erreichen Sie über Telefon, E-Mail, Facebook oder Twitter, wenn Sie Fragen haben oder Inspiration und Tipps für Ausflugsziele benötigen. Sie sind in Eskilstuna immer herzlich willkommen! Åsa Rönnholm und Helen Strömberg – Eskilstuna Touristeninformation

Photo: Stefan Berg

3.–5. AUGUST Eskilstuna Parkfestival – drei Tage Spaß, Spiel, Musik, Essen für alle und Aktivitäten für die ganze Familie. 26. AUGUST Gainesville – ein schöner Tag auf Strömsholmen, mit gutem Essen und außergewöhnlichen Künstlern.

Photo: Pierre Pocs



WER ALTE UND wiederverwendete Dinge mag, dem sei ein Besuch bei ReTuna, dem preisgekrönten Recycling-Warenhaus Eskilstunas empfohlen. Hier finden Sie Kleidung, Spielzeug und Bücher, Einrichtungsgegenstände, Elektronik, Fahrräder usw. Info:

Illustration: aStory

Photo: Pierre Pocs


TORSHÄLLA IST EINE kleine Stadt, etwa sieben Kilometer nördlich von Eskilstuna. Mit ihrer spannenden Geschichte und dem reichen kulturellen Leben ist diese Stadt immer einen Besuch wert. Hier gibt es stets etwas zu entdecken und zu erleben, vor allem in einem Jubiläumsjahr wie diesem. Der Geburtstag von Torshälla wurde bereits groß gefeiert, aber die Feierlichkeiten dauert das ganze Jahr. Besonders festlich wird es in der Woche vom 25.–30. Juli, wenn die große Jubiläumsfeier vom Stapel läuft. Die Woche hat ein volles Programm und bietet für jeden etwas, unter anderem ein dreitägiges Festival, 27.–29. Juli, mit Veranstaltungen, Künstlern und außergewöhnlichen Erlebnisse. Info:

Photo: Parken Zoo

BABY BOOM im Parken Zoo Im Parken Zoo sind viele faszinierende Tiere zuhause. Im Winter letzten Jahres sind neue Tiere dazugekommen und die Besucher können sich deswegen auf den einen oder anderen zuckersüßen Neuzugang freuen, wenn der Park am 6. Mai für die Sommersaison öffnet. IM NOVEMBER WURDEN zum Beispiel vier asiatische Löwenbabys im Parken Zoo geboren – 2 Weibchen und 2 Männchen. Mit dem Neuzugang Cambay, Sasan, Sher und Sinha besteht das Rudel jetzt aus neun Löwen. Hier finden Sie natürlich auch

noch andere spannende Tiere. Manche können Sie sogar aus nächster Nähe betrachten. – Wir arbeiten weiter daran, den Besuchern hautnahe Erlebnisse zu bieten. Der Erfolg vom letzten Jahr, die ‚Welt der Lemuren‘, ist weiter

gewachsen. Darüber hinaus bauen wir ein neues Gehege für unsere Flamingos, ein interessantes und schönes Gehege, das ein wenig an Südamerika erinnert, erzählt

Camilla Delac, Marketingleiterin von Parken Zoo.



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• Home decoration • Gifts • Souvenirs

Sustainable shopping Fristadstorget 016-12 08 78 Taxinge Slott 0159-230 50

Where everything you buy is upcycled, redesigned, second hand, organic or in some way sustainable.

clarion loves to triple ®


Welcome to ReTuna. The mall with only upcycled, reused and sustainable merchandise • Furniture • Flowers • Electronics • Clothes • Sports equipment • Furnishing • Toys • Kitchenware • Organic lunch & coffee

Folkestaleden 5 Eskilstuna Monday-Friday: 10.00-19.00


Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-15.00

Munktellstorget Eskilstuna , 016-16 78 00


Dyk in i en värld av vatten för hela familjen! Upplev den kittlande farten i vattenrutschbanan, känn kraften i strömkanalen eller utmana dig själv i hinder­ banan. Dyk ned och kika in hos fiskarna i lagunen, låt dig underhållas i badbion eller upplev känslan av vattenfall. Oavsett vad du söker gör Munktellbadet din upplevelse till ett blött äventyr!


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Holger Lindmarks plats 4, 633 42 Eskilstuna

Sveriges första e miljöcertifierad s! u h bad

MAXA SOMMAREN! Djur, nöje och shopping. Välkomna till Tuna Park och Parken Zoo i sommar.

För mer information och öppettider besök och >>

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19 ER É F CA







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Eskilstuna visitor magazine 2017  

Tips and inspiration for turists in Eskilstuna, Torshälla and Sundbyholm.

Eskilstuna visitor magazine 2017  

Tips and inspiration for turists in Eskilstuna, Torshälla and Sundbyholm.