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Auto Degassing OPTION

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Automatic detection and correction

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easy-to-use auto-detects airlock


( caused by off-gassing chemicals )

auto-reprimes / relieves to tank auto-returns to original operating mode / settings

auto-resumes dosing Includes: Automatic Vent Controller (Solenoid valve), Necessary fittings and connections

ProMinent nent C Canada anada Toll Free: eMail: www.

1-888-709-9933 -70 9 -9 9 3 3 sales@prominent.ca @prominent .ca prominent.ca inent .ca ical Feed and Water Treatment T

ProMinent ProMinent USA USA Phone: Phone: eMail: eMail: www. www.

(4 (412) 12) 7 787-2484 87-24 8 4 sales@prominent.us sales@p rominent .us prominent .us prominent.us

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At Master Meter, we’re creating g the futur future e of water water managemen management. t. O Our ur O Octave ctave ™ ultr ultrasonic asonic met meter er uses the SSound ound of SScience cience™ to ac accurately curately measur measure e use of this pr precious ecious rresource. esource. O Our ur approach approach is a reflection reflection of the way way we we work work closely with clients clients to to develop develop customized revenue solutions utions for fo for measuring, measuring, collecting, collecting, and managing managing water. water. Highly Highly flexible flexible and cust omized technology technology products products and revenue inno innovative, vative, M Master asteer Meter Meteer is defining the Science Science of Precise Preecise Measurement Measurremen e t to o make mak every everry drop dro op of North North America’s Ameriica’s water wateer measuree up up..

Residential R e s i de n t i a l


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Contents ISSN-0835-605X • Jan/Feb 2012 Vol. 25 No. 1 • Issued February 2012 Editor and Publisher STEVE DAVEY E-mail: steve@esemag.com Consulting Editor


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FEATURES 6 Was Obama’s nixing of Alberta’s Keystone pipeline a wise decision? – Editorial comment by Steve Davey 18 Reactions to Canada’s new stance on C02 emissions 22 Canadian know-how helps develop wastewater treatment in Armenia 26 Improving efficiency and eliminating off-gassing during NaClO disinfection 28 Lower H2S exposure limits will protect the health of wastewater treatment plant workers 32 Managing e-waste in Canada presents many challenges and opportunities 36 ISO 14001: Are you ready for what's coming down the pipe? 40 Evaluating site remediation technologies 43 Helping water utilities lower their energy budget 46 Flow meter aids in quarry de-watering compliance 48 New study examines formation of various methanes in drinking water 53 Mass flowmeter improves wastewater treatment plant efficiency 55 Creating a scalable wastewater solution for a PEI tourist town 58 Composting plant boosts performance after facility retrofit 60 Is the green economy the next evolution? 64 Reducing Dawson Creek’s potable water use by 25 percent 66 Acoustic technology used to assess Maple Ridge, BC’s water system PAGE 53

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Comment by Steve Davey

Was Obama’s nixing of Alberta’s Keystone XL pipeline a wise decison?


ncreasingly, environmental protection, cost-benefit analysis and risk assessment have become the holy trinity of debate, when it comes to any project larger than a backyard flower bed. The most recent example of this happened on January 18th, when a U.S. Presidential Permit was denied for TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. Its purpose was to carry tar sands derived crude oil from Alberta, to refineries near the Gulf of Mexico. "While we are disappointed, TransCanada remains fully committed to the construction of Keystone XL," said Russ Girling, the company’s president and chief executive officer. He added that plans are already underway to largely maintain the construction schedule of the project and that TransCanada will re-apply for a Presidential Permit. "Until this pipeline is constructed, the U.S. will continue to import millions of barrels of conflict oil from the Middle East and Venezuela and other foreign countries who do not share the democratic values Canadians and Americans are privileged to have," added Girling. "Thousands of jobs continue to hang in the balance if this project does not go forward." Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, posted this response on his ministry’s website: Canada is on the edge of an historic choice: to diversify our energy markets away from our traditional trading partner in the United States, or to continue with the status quo. Unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify our trade. Their goal is to stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth. No forestry. No mining. No oil. No gas. No more hydro-electric dams. These groups threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda. They seek to exploit any loophole they can find, stacking public hearings with bodies to ensure that delays kill good projects. They use funding 6 | January 2012

Map courtesy the Natural Resources Defence Council.

from foreign special interest groups to undermine Canada’s national economic interest. They attract jet-setting celebrities with some of the largest personal carbon footprints in the world to lecture Canadians not to develop our natural resources. Anyone looking at the record of approvals for certain major projects across Canada cannot help but come to the conclusion that many of these projects have been delayed too long. In many cases, these projects would create thousands upon thousands of jobs for Canadians, yet they can take years to get started due to the slow, complex and cumbersome regulatory process. For example, the Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline review took more than nine years to complete. In comparison, the western expansion of the nation-building Canadian Pacific Railway under Sir John A. Macdonald took four years. Under our current system, building a temporary ice arena on a frozen pond in Banff required the approval of the federal government. This delayed a decision by two months two valuable months to assess something that thousands of Canadians have been doing for over a century. Despite all the innovations in renew-

able resources, a lot of experts concede that the world will depend on oil for a significant part of its energy needs for decades, largely because it is still the most plentiful, portable and energy dense fuel source available. It is interesting to note that a few days after the Keystone XL announcement, senior Iranian lawmakers threatened to use their navy to block oil tanker traffic in the Persian Gulf. A serious situation, given that almost 20% of the world’s crude oil passes through the narrow Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf. In response, the U.S. and its allies immediately said that they would take swift action to keep the Strait open. One can only wonder how plausible this action would be, if environmental approval were required before nuclear powered aircraft carriers and hundreds of supersonic aircraft could be deployed. Determining the true environmental impacts of using various sources of oil is not a simple process. While the extraction of liquid crude oil from the Middle East, is much easier and cleaner than what is needed to extract it from Alberta’s tar sands, security and delivery of the product are much more complicated. So, when the ongoing economic cost of maintaining peace in the Persian Gulf, not to mention the environmental risks associated with hundreds of oil tankers plying the world’s oceans, are factored in, one could argue that the environmental footprint of Alberta’s tar sands crude and the Keystone XL pipeline, are not as bad as they are made out to be. Certainly, environmental protection issues are paramount, when evaluating the construction of a 2,673-kilometre pipeline, but President Obama would be wise to consider the bigger picture, when reviewing TransCanada’s revised Keystone application.

Steve Davey is Editor of ES&E Magazine. E-mail comments to steve@esemag.com

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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From ITT comes Xylem. Xylem is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and application of highly engineered technologies for the water industry. We are 12,000 people uniďŹ ed in a common purpose: creating innovative solutions to global water challenges. We know this is only achieved when partnering closely with our customers. We are committed to continuing the product innovation and forward thinking you’ve come to expect from the collection of market-leading brands in the Xylem portfolio. For more information on what this transformative shift can mean to your business, go to xyleminc.com.

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Canada commits $1.2B for climate change Canada's Environment Minister, Peter Kent has announced that the federal government is contributing $1.2 billion to support international efforts to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. "Canada came to Durban to make a real contribution toward a global solution to this global issue; this signals that," said Minister Kent. "We are hoping for an agreement that covers all emitters and provides support for developing countries that can most use the help." Between 2010 and 2012, developed countries committed to provide up to US$30 billion in fast-start financing to countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change. Canada supports the 2009 Copenhagen Accord, which is a significant breakthrough in the global effort to address climate change. According to the Minister, this $1.2 billion contribution in fast-start financing is an important way in which Canada is meeting its commitments.

the wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process at the R. M. Schahfer Generating Station in Wheatfield, Indiana. This project will completely transform an existing 30-year old plant treatment system into one capable of handling the scrubber chloride purge stream. According to IDI, the retrofit approach is far more cost-effective than building a new separate system. Also, it will remove up to 2 percent of the suspended solids and other contaminants indigenous to the purge stream and make the plant fully compliant with stringent permit effluent limits. An added challenge is the need to meet an additional effluent requirement for mercury reduction to a level of 35 parts per trillion. This will be accomplished using technologies developed by IDI for FGD wastewater applications. The IX™ ion exchange process for mercury removal was developed in collaboration with Dow Chemical, and has been extensively piloted at multiple generating stations. The new wastewater treatment system is expected to go online in early 2014. www.degremont.ca

IDI to supply power plant wastewater system

Durham wins award for waste diversion efforts

Infilco Degremont, Inc. (IDI) and its sister company Anderson Water Power & Technologies have been selected to design and supply a retrofit wastewater treatment system for the chloride purge stream from

The Regional Municipality of Durham was presented with the Recycling Council of Ontario’s (RCO) Platinum Municipal Diversion Award, in recognition of waste minimization and diversion efforts.

8 | January 2012

In working towards a 70 per cent diversion rate, the Region continues to develop new initiatives, while updating current programs. Its residents can now drop off the following items at the waste management facilities: temporary signs (made from corrugated plastic, plastic film or paperboard), white expanded foam polystyrene, and porcelain bathroom fixtures. In addition, residents no longer have to pay for dedicated loads of electronic or electrical waste, household hazardous waste, tires or bale wrap that are dropped off. The Region has also updated its multi-residential recycling program, to further increase recycling in condominiums and apartment buildings. www.durhamregionwaste.ca

Leamington WWTP upgrade honoured

Leamington Pollution Control Centre.

The Phases 1 – 5 Upgrades project for the Leamington Pollution Control Centre (PCC) has won the Windsor Construction Association’s Award of Excellence continued overleaf...

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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January 2012 | 9

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:49 PM Page 10

in the Environmental category for 2011. This award is given to projects in the area based on workmanship and excellence. The Leamington PCC has a rated capacity of 35,000 m3/day and peak flow rate of 70,000 m3/day. It is a conventional activated sludge plant, complete with fine bubble aeration and UV disinfection, that discharges to Lake Erie. Evolving from studies in 2001 leading to a Master Plan for the PCC, the Upgrades project was delivered by CH2M HILL and Stantec. www.ch2mhill.com

Ontario MTO wins environmental award

sioner of Ontario's 2011 Recognition Award for using bioretention cells and rubber modified asphalt (RMA) at a carpool lot in Beamsville. Bioretention cells mimic the natural hydrologic cycle, while detaining rainwater runoff sediments. They also act as habitat for wildlife, improve air quality and reduce the urban heat island effect. Approximately 4,000 cubic metres of runoff are filtered through the system each year. RMA is made from scrap rubber tires, ground and conventional hot mix asphalt. About 4 tonnes of scrap rubber tires were used for this project, preventing 624 tires from ending up in the landfill. www.eco.on.ca

Ontario must work to halt loss of biodiversity

Bioretention cells in Beamsville.

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation recently won the Environmental Commis-

In a special report, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Gord Miller says the provincial government must come up with a new strategy to stem the continuing decline in Ontario's species and natural spaces. "The Ontario govern-

ment did adopt a Biodiversity Strategy in 2005," he said. "Unfortunately, it expired in 2010, and the government has so far chosen not to adopt an updated plan." In 2010, Canada met with almost 200 nations in Nagoya, Japan, and agreed on 20 biodiversity conservation targets that should be achieved by 2020. But the Commissioner says most of the constitutional responsibility for meeting these targets lies with Ontario and the other provincial governments. "Efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity must be implemented at the provincial level if they are to be effective. And Ontario won't be able to do that unless it has a new Biodiversity Strategy." In Ontario, the most significant threats to the province's species and natural spaces are habitat degradation, climate change, invasive species, overexploitation and pollution. The Commissioner has previously warned about the lack of action to safeguard the province's 200 species at risk such as snapping turtles, cougars, and Jefferson salamanders. Gord Miller has said the government also needs to address the threats from invasive species like Asian carp, and protect wetlands and woodlands in southern Ontario. www.eco.on.ca

IFAT ENTSORGA to open May 7 IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, said to be the world’s largest tradeshow for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management, will take place May 7 to 11 at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. It will feature a total of 215,000 square metres of exhibition space and 27 international joint stands from 17 countries. Canada, Japan, Norway, Russia and Spain are taking joint stands for the first time. IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 attracted about 110,000 trade visitors, from over 185 countries. www.ifat.de/en

41 substances added to emergency regulations Unique substances have been added to the Environmental Emergency Regulations. The substances include styrene, an explosive chemical used to make polystyrene plastic containers, and ammo10 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:49 PM Page 11

nium nitrate, a fertilizer. Thirty-three substances in use in Canadian commerce, in several physical states, and some substances classed in their different forms are now added to the Environmental Emergency Regulations, for a total of 41 unique listed additions. Facilities that handle these substances at, or above, regulated quantities are required to develop environmental emergency (E2) plans, if they are not already in place. E2 plans require that individuals and industrial facilities using or storing hazardous substances listed in the regulations have plans for and can manage the consequences of an unintended release of the substance into the environment. The amendments include an exemption that reduces administrative burdens for some facilities in the propane gas sector. Facilities with propane in storage containers are excluded from the E2 regulations if their storage containers of less than 10 tonnes are located at least 360 metres from their property boundaries. www.ec.gc.ca

Containment Solutions appoints new representative Containment Solutions, a manufacturer of underground fiberglass storage tanks, recently appointed Petro Service as its Eastern Canada representative. Containment Solutions has a network of sales and distribution companies across North America. This partnership is the latest move in a large-scale, penetration strat-

egy in Canada for 2012. CSI has seen substantial market expansion in Eastern Canada in the last five years. www.containmentsolutions.com

Canada始s first hydraulic fracturing registry now online British Columbia says that it is the first province in Canada to enforce the public continued overleaf...

Laser Marked Water Level Meter

One million dollars offered for research The Water Environment Research Foundation is seeking proposals for research to improve and/or evaluate promising innovative technologies and techniques to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of operation, maintenance, management, and replacement of aging and failing wastewater and stormwater conveyance and treatment infrastructure. This round of ongoing research will be conducted under the WERF-USEPA cooperative agreement Innovation and Research for Water Infrastructure for the 21st Century - a public-private research approach. Potable water projects will be funded concurrently under a separate notice from the Water Research Foundation (WaterRF). Approximately $1,000,000 is available to fund as many high-impact projects as possible under this RFP. Collaboration and partnerships with wastewater and/or stormwater utilities are encouraged. All proposals are due in WERF's offices by March 6, 2012. Contact wgraf@werf.org for additional information.


www.solinst.com High Quality Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Instrumentation Solinst Canada Ltd., 35 Todd Road, Georgetown, ON L7G 4R8 Fax: (905) 873-1992; (800) 516-9081 Tel: (905) 873-2255; (800) 661-2023 instruments@solinst.com

January 2012 | 11

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:49 PM Page 12

disclosure of ingredients used for hydraulic fracturing. FracFocus.ca provides a transparent accounting of BC’s hydraulic fracturing operations. It includes a database of the ingredients used to support natural gas extraction, and extensive content about regulations and safety procedures governing industry activity. Public disclosure for hydraulic fracturing fluid is now mandatory in BC. A list of ingredients used must be uploaded to the registry within 30 days of finishing completion operations. Hydraulic fracturing is subject to strict regulations in BC, and the government claims that there has never been an incident of harm to groundwater from the process. www.gov.bc.ca/connect

SK watermain break results in fine Clark Builders has been ordered to pay $285,000, after pleading guilty to one count under the Fisheries Act. This relates to the release of approximately 12 million litres of chlorinated water into

the North Saskatchewan River following the striking of a water main during a construction project in July 2009. Sample analysis of the chlorinated water determined that it was harmful to fish. The water main was hit by a sub-contractor working for Clark Builders. An investigation by Environment Canada determined that Clark Builders, as construction manager of the project, failed to obtain underground locations for the water main prior to excavating for foundation pilings for a pool building.

NS village gets financial support Federal, provincial and municipal funding of more than $1.5 million was announced recently to help the Village of Baker-Brook, Nova Scotia, address the safety of its drinking water. The project includes reconstructing two existing wells, which will be equipped with submersible pumps and connected to the current system. A third well and a new controls building for water disinfection

will also be built. This upgrade will allow the village to fix recurring problems with its drinking water supply. The federal and provincial governments will each invest about $510,000 in the project. The Village itself will invest the same amount. Funding for the project is contingent upon completion of all contractual agreements, including a pending environmental impact assessment with the municipality.

Alberta develops new groundwater atlas The Groundwater Atlas for the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor was produced by the government of Alberta and the Alberta Geological Survey. It delivers comprehensive results of a three-year mapping project that will help communities in the area make better water management decisions. It covers a variety of groundwater features in the region and includes the results of geophysical surveys taken from continued overleaf...

The M Th Most

Flow Flo w Meter Meter

Isco’s Is co’s Signa Sig Signature turre Met Meter teer




12 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:49 PM Page 13

Clean solutions in your process automation A Single Source Measuring technology for safe, efficient water and wastewater treatment. • Analyzers and sensors customized to your systems and processes • NSF-certified flow solutions • Wide range of level instrumentation • Paperless recorders; visual and safety data managers • Automated process solutions • Calibration and verification services www.ca.endress.com

W@M is lifecycle management. Try one of its functions for FREE: www.ca.endress.com/deviceviewer

Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd 1075 Sutton Drive Burlington, Ontario L7L 5Z8

Tel: 905-681-9292 1-800-668-3199 Fax: 905-681-9444 info@ca.endress.com

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:49 PM Page 14

the air in the Edmonton-Calgary corridor between 2008 and 2010. Airborne geophysics uses electromagnetic waves to measure the properties of the earth, rock and water below ground level. When combined with existing information, such as drilling reports, it creates a clearer picture of underground water resources. The Atlas complements other work being done across the province, including work in the Lower Athabasca region, to better understand and manage potential effects from development activities on the environment. This work builds on decades of extensive geological and groundwater mapping already completed in this area. www.ags.gov.ab.ca

The plan is to cover the most contaminated sediment, an area of 25.6 hectares, with a 15 to 20 centimetre cap of clean sand. This sediment is contaminated by mercury and PCBs from historical uncontrolled wastewater discharges, from the local pulp and paper mill, a chemical plant, and the municipal wastewater plant.Contaminated sediment has been found as far as a kilometre from the shoreline. This has negatively affected water quality and the eco-system. Funding for the project includes a $3 million settlement from Ball Packaging, former owner of the now closed pulp and paper mill, and $1.6 million in provincial funding. Work will begin in the spring of 2012 and is expected to be completed by the fall.

Final phase of harbour clean-up to begin

Endress+Hauser wins award

Peninsula Harbour.

Ontario has secured funding to clean up the contaminated sediment in Peninsula Harbour, which is near the town of Marathon. The harbour, which is on Lake Superior, will be undergoing a final step to fix the historical contamination that put it on the list of Great Lakes toxic hot-spots.

One of the most prestigious corporate awards in Germany was presented recently to Endress+Hauser Conducta. The 2011 Ludwig Erhard award is based on an overall assessment of the way in which companies are managed. Its purpose is to strengthen economic success and competitiveness in a sustainable way by promoting the concepts of excellence, namely customer focus, process optimization and innovation. The award was initiated by leading business and industrial organizations in Germany and has been presented annually since 1997 under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and

Technology. Endress+Hauser Conducta competed for the first time this year and won the award in the medium-sized business category on the first attempt. The judges ranked the company at the highest level that can be achieved in the competition.

Ponoka pleads guilty to wastewater discharge The Town of Ponoka, Alberta, was fined after pleading guilty to one count under the Fisheries Act, related to the release of municipal wastewater into the Battle River. Environment Canada received a complaint regarding dead fish in the Battle River in June, 2009. An investigation found that the Town was releasing effluent from their wastewater lagoon into the river. Sample analysis of the effluent determined that it was harmful to fish. The Town has been ordered to pay a total penalty of $70,000. As well, the court ordered a number of public education requirements, including a presentation at the upcoming Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association's Conference, publishing an article in the town newspaper, and the posting of information on a number of websites. Public education information will include a summary of the incident, municipal wastewater and its impacts, and the requirement for compliance with the Fisheries Act. continued overleaf...

> Water & Wastewater Systems > Stormwater Treatment & Management > Modeling > Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis > Environmental Planning > Distribution, Collection, Treatment

Sustainable Solutions

Ottawa • Markham • London • Niagara Falls • Calgary • Vancouver • Victoria Delcan Water 625 Cochrane Drive, Suite 500, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 9R9 Tel: 905.943.0500 Fax: 905.943.0400 water@delcan.com • www.delcan.com

14 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-06 5:31 PM Page 15

New insight into AlaskaĘźs permafrost A pioneering airborne electromagnetic survey in the Yukon Flats near Fort Yukon, Alaska, by the US Geological Survey has yielded unprecedented images of the presence and absence of permafrost to depths of roughly 328 feet. It captured images of permafrost over a substantially larger area, and with greater data density, than has been previously achieved using boreholes and groundbased geophysics. "Liquid water conducts electricity better than ice," explained USGS director Marcia McNutt. "We can detect from the air the weak magnetic fields generated by those electric currents, thus distinguishing quickly and easily melted from frozen ground. This new technology, and the maps of changing permafrost, will be valuable for both climate change research and engineering in the challenging Alaskan environment." Because the Yukon Flats is near the boundary between continuous permafrost to the north and discontinuous permafrost

to the south, it is an important place to study permafrost dynamics. Dr. Burke Minsley, geophysicist in the USGS’ Crustal Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center in Denver and lead author of the study in Geophysical Research Letters, and his team surveyed more than 116 square miles, centered 140 miles northeast of Fairbanks. Their data captures in detail the distribution of permafrost and its relation to surface and groundwater features. It also captures the history of the Yukon River lateral migration over a period of roughly 1,000 years, as manifested as a thawed region of permafrost. Knowledge of the current permafrost

distribution is critical for analyses designed to evaluate hydrologic and ecologic consequences of climate warming. It also provides a baseline for future investigation of the dynamic evolution of permafrost systems. In addition, the study is important because it presents a methodology for assessing permafrost in other sub-Arctic and Arctic regions. The airborne approach allows periodic monitoring of perennially frozen ground over broad areas, as climatic warming decreases the extent of permafrost and accelerates the emission of greenhouse gases. www.usgs.gov


Harvard Business Publishing Online Management Training DESIGNED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS

This program, tailored for the environment industry, cultivates strong and transferable leadership, people, and group management skills. $499 for ES&E Readers to March 31st (Regular price $600)


Visit www.eco.ca/ese www.esemag.com

January 2012 | 15

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:50 PM Page 16

How do you measure water use? Cities and industries need data, smartplanning tools, better approaches and more cost-effective best practices about water use to ensure a successful, sustainable future that takes into account these new realities. Veolia Water has developed the Water Impact Index, a tool that can plan long-term projects to ensure long-term water supplies. Traditionally, water is measured by volume. While this helps raise awareness, it is insufficient for representing impact to a water resource and the environment. The Index expands on existing volume-based water measurement tools; incorporates additional factors like resource stress and water quality; and, provides a better way to establish the implications of water management. E-mail: matt.demo@veoliawaterna.com

Social media network launched Xylem Residential & Commercial Water

(RCW) has launched a new social network. The company has created a realtime global platform to communicate with customers, clients, consumers and others interested in learning about more effectively managing and conserving water. The network is designed to provide social media forums where consulting specifying engineers, contractors, installers, wholesalers, building services, agriculture/irrigation and other industry professionals can converse on a variety of topics, ranging from technical issues to career advice. The XylemKnowsH2O network provides feature feeds from social media channels, blogs, videos, surveys, chats, and links to case histories, articles, product updates and other valuable information from leading industry resources. www.completewatersystems.com

Lafarge fined for stormwater discharges Lafarge North America Inc., one of the largest suppliers of construction materials in the United States and Canada, and

New tool saves time and money

The Metro wastewater treatment plant in Syracuse, New York, treats an average of 84 million gallons of wastewater per day. Until they found out about and used a new product called Waste Blaster, operations personnel had to clean sludge and grit from 22 tank floors and fall troughs using traditional methods. The tool pushes and pulls stuck materials with an aluminum rubber edged blade. By using them, plant staff cut cleaning times by one third, which saved an estimated $11,000, and eliminated squeegee costs. According to the manufacturer, plant personnel also reported using 1/3 less cleaning water. Waste Blasters are available in Canada. www.waycoolproduct.com

16 | January 2012

four of its US subsidiaries have agreed to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations. These include unpermitted discharges of stormwater at 21 stone, gravel, sand, asphalt and ready-mix concrete facilities. Lafarge will implement a nationwide evaluation and compliance program at 189 of its similar facilities in the United States to ensure they meet Clean Water Act requirements. The company will also pay a penalty of $740,000 and implement two supplemental environmental projects, in which the company will complete conservation easements to protect approximately 166 acres in Maryland and Colorado. It is estimated that Lafarge will spend approximately $8 million over five years to develop and maintain this compliance program. The company will also develop and implement an extensive management, training, inspections, and reporting system to increase oversight of its operations and compliance with stormwater requirements at all facilities that it owns or operates.

New projects to clean up Lake Winnipeg Almost $400,000 in federal funding has been announced for nine new community projects under the Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund. Initiatives supported are high-impact projects that reduce nutrient loads and improve the overall ecological sustainability of the lake and its watershed. In previous rounds of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund, the Government of Canada announced over $2.0 million to support 37 other community and stakeholder projects. The projects are reducing the amount of phosphorus and other harmful substances entering the lake, restoring urban and rural streams and riverbanks, and educating the public on how to help clean up Lake Winnipeg.

Conferences March 14-16, Globe 2012 Vancouver, BC April 22-24, WEAO Ottawa, ON April 21-25, BCWWA Penticton, BC Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Flush lifting handle Slam lock with SFNPWBCMF PQFOFS )PME PQFO BSN IBOEMF Stainless hinges with UBNQFS QSPPG IBSEXBSF



t "MM TUBJOMFTT TUFFM IBSEXBSF t 8FMEFE UP $4" 8 assures weld integrity

'BMM UISV QSPUFDUJPO HSBUJOH hinged, safety orange with lifting handle



This Is The Open & Shut Case For Hatch Standards MSU MG Safety Hatch – Sets the standard in Canada for Fall-thru Protection. Available in single, double and multi-door sizes, all welded to CSA standards by Canadian Welding Bureau certified welders. For hatches, made right, in Canada contact us at sales@msumississauga.com (email) 1-800-268-5336 (voice), 1-888-220-2213 (fax). Check us out on the web at www.msumississauga.com

MSU Mississauga Ltd. 2222 S. Sheridan way, Building 3, Unit 300 Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5J 2M4

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Climate Change

COP17: Reactions from the carbon and climate change industry By Peter Hoskin


lobal leaders have agreed to devise a legally binding agreement to limit climate change warming to two degrees Celsius. The 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in December 2011 in Durban, South Africa. In a deal forged in the conference’s last hours, 195 countries agreed to work towards a legally binding emissions reduction scheme by 2015, to be implemented by 2020. Reaction to the deal has ranged from praising the compromise as a “historic agreement” to accusing it of giving in to polluters at the expense of the planet. For insight into the opinions of thought leaders about the results achieved at COP17, I interviewed leading professionals within the carbon and climate change industry: • Dan Staniaszek, Sustainability Consulting Ltd. • Cedric Bleuez, Carbon Market Data. • Lisa Zentner, Globe Electric Company Inc. The following are their responses to my questions: 1. China and the United States ended their long-time coalition of the unwilling and joined a historic UN climate deal in Durban on the final day of COP 17. How important do you think it is that the U.S. and China have agreed to reach a legally binding agreement on pollution by 2015, to take effect in 2020? Dan Staniaszek: This is a necessary, but not sufficient response by the U.S. and China. Clearly, without the world’s worst two emitters, one a developed country and the other a developing one, there would be no hope of a meaningful agreement. However, leaving it until 2020 to take effect is, according to most climate scientists, leaving it too late. Cedric Bleuez: In the last few years, China has been much more proactive than the U.S. on the climate change mitigation front. Lisa Zentner: The U.S. in particular had to come to the table after not having ratified Kyoto. It would have been disas18 | January 2012

Opening session of the COP17 conference in Durban.

trous otherwise. As important as their agreement is, however, 2020 is unfortunately very far away. 2. Many developing countries that are at risk of being swamped by rising ocean levels and extreme weather have said the deal marked the lowest common denominator possible and lacked the ambition

emissions. The developing countries are at the highest risk, but all countries will suffer the effects of climate change. 3. South Africa insists that COP17 was a success. Do you agree? Dan Staniaszek: I read one report that diplomats cannot accept failure so any event must be couched in the lan-

Reaction to the deal has ranged from praising the compromise as a “historic agreement” to accusing it of giving in to polluters at the expense of the planet. needed to ensure their survival. What are your thoughts on this? Cedric Bleuez: The world is currently losing some precious time before taking seriously the threat of climate change and deciding on some real action on a global scale. Lisa Zentner: When a conversation ensues involving such a wide scope of possibilities and an even wider number of players, the decisions reached are always going to lack punch. Every developing and industrialized country must individually implement legislation to help reduce

guage of success. I guess there is something to be said for keeping Kyoto alive, as it’s the only game in town. Cedric Bleuez: Let’s say it is not a failure. It will be possible to answer this question only in 2015, if a legally binding agreement on pollution is signed by then, including the major polluters of the planet (i.e., China and the U.S.). Lisa Zentner: I think whenever you get the world’s leaders to agree to come to the table to discuss such critical issues, it’s a win. 4. Is this a step forward for the world

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited has been manufacturing pumps, pumping systems and providing superior fluid handling solutions in Canada since 1960. Our Canadian made, industry leading products are shipped across Canada from our 5,500 square metre Canadian manufacturing facility. An ISO 9001-2008 Canadian company with a long history of manufacturing excellence, uncompromised performance and industry leading customer service offering the broadest range of pumping equipment to meet the needs of any municipality You will find the..... right pump for your job at Gorman-Rupp.

GRCanada.com Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited n 70 Burwell Road n St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3R7 PH: 519-631-2870 n FX: 519-631-4624 n grcanada@grcanada.com ©2011 Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited. Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Canadian Company.

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:50 PM Page 20

Climate Change

COP17 attracted some high profile people including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (left).

or backwards? Dan Staniaszek: Compared to a year ago, a pigeon step forward. Compared to 1997, when the Kyoto Protocol was initially adopted, it’s a big step backwards. Lisa Zentner: The media attention

20 | January 2012

and public opinion that surround these COP meetings bring much-needed focus to the policy that our countries must quickly develop to reduce and reward appropriate fossil-fuel use and behaviour. 5. What do you predict will be the ef-

fect on businesses? Cedric Bleuez: Businesses will have to take the Durban deal into account when designing their business strategies beyond 2020 (which is quite a long distance, businesswise). By 2020, oil prices will probably be much higher than today. This will represent a big driver of business strategies, but also a driver of strong energy efficiency and clean energy policies for governments. It’s already the case today but this trend will increase dramatically. Lisa Zentner: To comment specifically on the poor performance of Canada at these talks: as a result, we have seen and will continue to see the emergence of provincial and municipal governments and their communities rise up to have a voice above the federal government by implementing plans to reduce emissions and encourage the growth of the green economy. Peter Hoskin is Senior Carbon and Climate Change Consultant with Allen & York. For more information, E-mail: vkenrick@allen-york.com

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:50 PM Page 22

Wastewater Treatment

Canadian know-how helps develop wastewater treatment in Armenia By George Katsarov and Armen Sergoyan

Aeration pond in the village of Parakar has a working volume of 3,500 m3.


rmenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is in the highlands surrounding the mountains of Ararat. A former republic of the Soviet Union, it is now a democratic nation-state with an ancient and historic cultural heritage. The Kingdom of Armenia was established around 600 BC and reached its height between 95 and 66 BC, becoming one of the most powerful kingdoms of its time within the region. It became the first state to adopt Christianity, in the early years of the 4th century. The many historic and cultural monuments, monasteries, churches and relics spread around the country provide Armenia with great potential as an international tourist destination. Yerevan, the capital, is a vibrant city of more than a million people with modern infrastructure, a metro system, wide boulevards, an opera house, theatres, new residential buildings, busy commercial streets, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, banks and many impressive monuments. As an emerging economy, Armenia is currently in negotiations with the European Union, and may become an associate member in the near future. The government of Armenia holds European integration as a key priority in its foreign policy, and has made a strong commitment to converge its environmental legis22 | January 2012

lation towards EU directives. It has established a Ministry of Nature Protection and introduced taxes for air and water pollution and solid waste disposal. These revenues are used for environmental protection. In 2004, the government adopted a new water code and is focused on the reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants. This is being carried out both by urban infrastructure development projects and by local and regional projects for water resources conservation and management. The task of protecting the environment has been taken very seriously by public and private organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, engineering firms and others. JINJ Engineering Co., one of the major design and construction management firms in Yerevan, has completed a number of large projects involving design and construction of water supply stations, distribution networks and wastewater treatment facilities in various towns in Armenia, including project management and training programs for the operating personnel. JINJ Engineering has worked closely with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO), which provides technical assistance on a volunteer basis to developing nations for the transfer of know-how and the training of personnel in the environmental engineering field. The visit of an Armenian engineer to

Canada, sponsored by CESO, has helped JINJ to get first-hand knowledge of modern natural wastewater treatment technologies used in Canada, where the climatic conditions are very similar to those in Armenia. Armenia’s first lagoon system Based on its knowledge of modern technology and its experience in Canada, JINJ Engineering has designed and managed the construction of a lagoon system for municipal wastewater treatment for the village of Parakar, about 15 km from Yerevan. This is the first lagoon system used for wastewater treatment in Armenia. Natural methods for wastewater treatment (stabilization lagoons, constructed wetlands, etc.) are well suited for small communities, and especially in developing countries, because of their low construction and operating costs. They have proven to work effectively in warm climates (South America, Honduras) and cold climates (Canada, the highlands of Bolivia). Many small municipalities in Ontario apply lagoon technology for their wastewater treatment (e.g., Milverton). Currently, more than 6,000 systems in the United States use a lagoon in some capacity during their wastewater treatment process. The wastewater treatment plant for the village of Parakar in Armenia has a design daily flow of 970 m3. Total population served is 10,400, with only 60% of the houses currently connected to the waste-

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:50 PM Page 23

Wastewater Treatment water collection network. The wastewater generation rate is assumed to be 120 litres/person/day. Wastewater inflow parameters are BOD5 – 280 mg/litre; TSS – 150 mg/litre; required effluent parameters, BOD5 and TSS, 42 mg/litre; maximum temperature +40 C; minimum temperature –30 C. The system includes aeration and settling ponds, with provision for a third clarifying pond to be constructed in the future if required. The aeration pond is 53 m long by 15 m wide (bottom) and 3 m deep, and has a working volume of 3,500 m3. Intended wastewater residence time is up to 3.5 days. The pond has a 4:1 ratio concrete slope. Its bottom and sides are lined with a polymer-based impermeable liner material. Aeration in the pond is supplied by two ROBOX ES15 blowers (one working, one spare), with a capacity of 2.9 m3/min, 0.8 bar pressure, 7.5 kW motor. The blowers are located in a solidly constructed building. Air is supplied from the blowers at a rate of 7.3 m3/min., via 75 mm PE piping, which is laid on the bottom of the pond, and perforated with 4 mm openings. This

Valerik Ghazaryan of JINJ Co., George Katsarov, CESO, Arevik Mesropyan, Eduard Mesropyan, Armen Sergoyan and Vahram Mkrtchyan of JINJ Co., Armenia.

design provides for a complete mix in the aeration pond. The settling pond is 15 m long by 3.5 m wide (bottom) and 2 m deep, with a 4:1 slope ratio. Working volume is 90 m3 and the intended residence time is up to four hours. Sludge generated will settle at the bottom of the pond and will be pumped

out periodically. There is provision in the future for sludge dewatering and its use for land fertilization. Wastewater comes into the plant from the collection network via an inlet pipe. Then, it goes through a manually operated mechanical 8 mm thick barscreen continued overleaf...

American Public University

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Art & Humanities // Business // Education // Management // Public Safety & Health // Science & Technology // Security & Global Studies


January 2012 | 23

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Wastewater Treatment

Parakar’s settling pond.

with 20 mm x 25 mm openings. It is then pumped into the aeration pond by two (one working, one spare) Grundfos submersible pumps with a capacity of 4.3 litre/sec, 2.15 kW motor and 1.2 bar pressure head. Wastewater enters the first aeration pond via a canal with two inlets at one end of the pond, and exits via a collection pipe from the other end. It enters the second pond at one end and exits at the other end. Treated water is then discharged via a buried pipe outside the station into an

open canal leading to an irrigation system. The treatment plant occupies an area of about 4,500 m2 and provides for an additional clarifying pond and sludge beds, if necessary. It will be run by two fulltime operators. Total capital cost for the plant is approximately US$170,000. All labour and materials are local, except for the blowers and pumps. The use of local manpower and materials makes this type of wastewater treatment particularly attractive for developing countries because of low labour costs and job creation for

the fabrication of materials. Operations were due to start by the end of 2011. If they are successful and achieve the required effluent parameters, this design can be offered to other municipalities and even to other developing countries as a model for a population of 10,000 people. Its design can be easily adjusted according to influent and effluent parameters. In Armenia and other developing countries, it is of utmost importance to construct wastewater treatment plants for small towns, villages and decentralized communities using natural energy-saving technologies, such as lagoon systems, that require low capital, operation and maintenance costs. Such wastewater treatment systems have been proven effective and are widely used in many countries around the world, including Canada. George Katsarov, P.Eng., is with CESO. E-mail: gkatsarov@sympatico.ca. Armen Sergoyan is with JINJ Engineering Co. E-mail: asergoyan@gmail.com

Membrane Bioreactors

SaniBrane packaged MBR systems have been developed by Sanitherm based on 65 years of water and wastewater treatment experience. With over 300 SaniBrane MBR installations worldwide we have the expertise to determine the best ďŹ t for your MBR requirements. Over Sixty-five Years of Excellence in Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Coquitlam, BC, Canada Tel: 604-529-2150 Fax: 604-529-2160 information@sanitherm.com

www.sanibrane.com 24 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Supplier of Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Aeration Systems

Aeration Systems

Chain & Flight Sludge Collectors, NRG Collector Components

Screens, Classifiers, Clarifiers, Digester Covers, Mixers

Clarifiers Shaftless Conveyors, Vertical Conveyors, Sludge Silos, Live Bottom Bins

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Water • Wastewater

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C & M Environmental Technologies Inc. Tel: 705-725-9377 Fax: 705-725-8279 Toll Free: 1-800-570-8779 Email: info@cmeti.com Website: www.cmeti.com

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Improving efficiency and eliminating off-gassing during sodium hypochlorite disinfection By Tom O’Donnell


o most people, sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is simply known as liquid bleach. To those charged with producing, transporting and metering NaClO for a wide range of industrial applications, there is nothing simple about it. Sodium hypochlorite was first produced in 1789 when the French chemist Claude Berthollet passed chlorine gas through a solution of sodium carbonate. Today, it is formed when chlorine gas is bubbled into a cold and dilute sodium hydroxide solution. One of the most versatile cleaning and disinfecting fluids around, sodium hypochlorite is used for everything from completing basic household chores to disinfecting hospitals, and from being fed as a biocide to inhibit biological growth to removing odours from wastewater. Finished sodium hypochlorite is a clear, slightly yellowish solution with a characteristic odour. In its commonly used liquid-bleach form, it has 5% sodium hypochlorite with a pH of around 11, which makes it irritating to the skin. However, in more concentrated doses, such as 10% - 15% sodium hypochlorite, its pH level rises to 13, which means it will burn and be corrosive to many substances. That is why anyone working with high levels of

26 | January 2012

Neptune Series 7200 pump.

sodium hypochlorite must take precautions to protect themselves and the environment. These precautions are taken at industrial facilities everywhere, because sodium hypochlorite is a key component in thousands of production or disinfection processes in industries. These include agriculture, chemical, paint, lime, food, glass, paper, pharmaceutical, synthetics and water treatment. The powerful disinfection and oxidation properties of

sodium hypochlorite allow it to be used in such operations as paper and textile bleaching, drinking water disinfection, preventing the growth of algae and shellfish in industrial or HVAC cooling towers, and disinfection and odour control in wastewater treatment facilities. The challenge of off-gassing In wastewater treatment plant applications, sodium hypochlorite is introduced to the system via metering pumps. In addition to needing to handle it with care because of its elevated pH levels, a critical concern when pumping and metering the liquid is its propensity to “off-gas.” When this happens, the consequences to metering pump operation include air binding and loss of prime, which adversely affect the operational efficiency of the metering pump, leading to compromised metering operations. To combat off-gassing in metering pumps during sodium hypochlorite handling operations, facility managers can implement a number of simple steps to minimize their concerns: • When selecting a pump style for use in sodium hypochlorite metering, always use a high-stroking model with a short stroke length. This type of pump is less likely to allow the accumulation of gas in the pump head.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:51 PM Page 27

Disinfection Series PZ electronic pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co., offer high stroking speed (300 strokes per minute) and short stroke length, making gas less likely to accumulate in the pump head. In addition, the pump can be provided with

able with flow rates from 6 to 300 gph at pressures to 150 psi, and constructed with PVC and Kynar which are most suitable for sodium hypochlorite applications. All parts within the gearbox are submerged in oil for extended service life.

Finding the right pump technology for handling sodium hypochlorite is crucial, especially considering the negative effects that off-gassing can have on metering operations.

Neptune Series PZ chlorine metering pump.

• In pumps that are turned off for a length of time, to prevent the gas from accumulating in the suction line or pump head, include a bypass line with an automated valve that can recirculate the sodium hypochlorite when not feeding. • Provide a short, flooded suction-pipe arrangement for the metering pump, with the suction piping sloping down from the storage tank to the pump. This setup will allow any gas bubbles to travel back to the storage tank, rather than to the head of the metering pump. It is also recommended that a metering pump used in sodium hypochlorite service not be top-mounted, unless the concentration is very low. • Ensure that the feed tank of sodium hypochlorite is not located in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight and higher temperatures will increase off-gassing. • Use a sodium hypochlorite solution with the lowest concentration possible for the application and the largest-capacity metering pump possible. This combination will result in less off-gassing. • If possible, use an air vent or purge valve in the head of the metering pump. This will aid in evacuating any trapped sodium hypochlorite gas that may reach the metering pump. Mechanically-actuated diaphragm pumps are effective in combating the deleterious effects of off-gassing, while providing accurate metering. The piston in these pumps is attached to the diaphragm and is normally compressing a spring in its forward (positive) movement. This ensures positive diaphragm return, which assists suction. www.esemag.com

an automatic vent valve to allow any trapped gas to be purged from the pump head. The Series PZ pumps also offer manual control, automatic control, or fully programmable control features in capacities up to 20 gallons per hour. Neptune’s Series 7000 motor-driven pumps feature a straight-through flow path pump head, which does not allow any areas within the pump head for the gas to lodge. They are self-priming and can be provided with automatic frequency control. A micrometer dial can adjust capacity while the pump is running (10:1 turndown). These pumps are avail-

Finding the right pump technology for handling sodium hypochlorite is crucial, especially considering the negative effects that off-gassing can have on metering operations. That is why managers of wastewater treatment facilities, who want to optimize production while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs, downtime and product loss, often choose mechanically-actuated diaphragm metering pumps. Tom O’Donnell is with Neptune Chemical Pump Company E-mail: tom.odonnell@neptune1.com

January 2012 | 27

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Health & Safety

Lower H2S exposure limits will protect the health of wastewater treatment plant workers By Patrick Coleman


he American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) is a professional association of industrial hygienists and practitioners of related professions. One of its goals is to advance worker protection by providing timely, objective, scientific information to occupational and environmental health professionals. The best-known of ACGIH's operations, is the Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances (TLV-CS) Committee. It was established in 1941 and charged with investigating, recommending, and annually reviewing exposure limits for chemical substances. In 1946, the organization adopted its first list of 148 exposure limits, referred to as “maximum allowable concentrations.” The term “TLV” was introduced in 1956. The first compilation of these limits, Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values, was published in 1962. Today's TLV list includes 642 chemical substances and physical agents, as well as 38 biological exposure indices for selected chemicals. TLVs are developed as guidelines to help control health hazards. Intended for use in the practice of industrial hygiene, these recommendations should be interpreted and applied by a person trained in this discipline. In 2010, ACGIH changed its recommended exposure limits for hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The change reduced the time-weighted average (TWA), from 10 to 1 ppm. TWA is the airborne concentration of a biological or chemical agent to which a worker may be exposed for eight hours per day for a 40-hour work week. This change also reduced the short-term exposure limit (STEL) from 15 to 5 ppm. This is the maximum airborne concentration of a biological or chemical agent to which a worker may be exposed in any 15-minute period. Although the ACGIH is not a standards-setting body, its recommendations influence federal and provincial occupational health and safety regulations. ACIGH recommendations are also con28 | January 2012

Operations staff have to decide how to best protect staff in light of these new limits.

sidered to be “good practice.” Some provinces, particularly in Eastern Canada, are required to adopt ACGIH threshold limit values as their legislated occupational exposure limit (OEL) values. Other provinces consider scientific and sociopolitical factors in deciding what OEL they will use. The ACGIH’s adoption of a new TLV for H2S will inevitably trigger a review and change in the legislated OELs in Canada. The response of the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador epitomizes the response of most Canadian jurisdictions (Bennett 2010): “The Department will continue to monitor research and development relating to H2S gas detection equipment, the availability of acceptable

methods and equipment to determine compliance with the new 2010 ACGIH exposure limits, and other Canadian jurisdictions adopting ACGIH guidelines as regulatory standards. In the interim, industry is encouraged to consider using the 2010 ACGIH H2S guidelines when evaluating specific workplace situations and conditions and making risk management decisions.” As noted elsewhere (Wagner 2010), this response places both operations staff and professional engineers in the awkward position of having to decide how to best protect staff in light of these new limits: “Many companies are compelled to adopt these values into their safety and industrial hygiene programs. Corporate industrial hygiene professionals who are responsible for employee health, know that effectively controlling exposures, or even monitoring various substances at these levels, may not be practical in their business. However, they have to contend with the possibility that a worker who becomes seriously injured or ill from an alleged exposure to a hazardous substance will retain an attorney, who can present evidence that ACGIH recognizes and publishes guidelines saying that exposures above the recommended levels present serious health hazards.” This change follows those made in other jurisdictions. For example, the UK Health and Safety Executive in 2000 reduced the long-term exposure limit from 10 ppm to 5 ppm (HSE 2000; Costigan 2003). This reflects a concern about adverse health effects caused by day-to-day occupational exposures even to low concentrations (<10 ppm). There is evidence that H2S selectively binds to the enzymes involved in cellular respiration, causing a shift towards anaerobic respiration. Definitions TLV is the concentration for a set duration below which there should be no adverse effect on a worker. Exposure duration may be measured by either the TWA or the STEL. Employers sometimes use the daily average because it is simpler to monitor. TLV-TWA is the weighted av-

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:51 PM Page 29

Health & Safety erage concentration over the work week, below which a worker will not (normally) experience adverse effects. TLV-STEL is the limit a worker shall not exceed for any 15-minute interval in an 8-hour shift, even if the worker’s overall exposure is below the TLV-TWA value. It is believed that workers can be briefly exposed to this concentration without suffering from irritation, chronic or irreversible tissue damage, dose-ratedependent toxic effects, or narcosis sufficient to increase the chances of accidental injury, impaired self-rescue, or reduced work efficiency. TLV-STEL targets immediate effects, while the TLV-TWA tends to target longterm effects. The worker’s exposure must not exceed either limit. Hydrogen sulfide toxicity The toxidrome of H2S poisoning encompasses the following symptoms (Guidotti 2010): • “Knockdown,â€? which is reversible unconsciousness that can be fatal. Recovering individuals have a high risk of residual impairment (e.g., brain damage).

Concentration (ppm)

Health Effect


Metabolic changes observed in exercising individuals, but not clinically significant Increase in anxiety symptoms (single exposure) Start of the dose-response curve (short-term exposure) Moderate eye irritation Immediate danger to life and health (IDLH) Olfactory fatigue (loss of smell) Serious respiratory, CNS, and cardiovascular system effects Loss of consciousness and possible death


5–10 100 150–200 100–1000 1000–2000

Table 1 – Concentrations at which H2S poisoning symptoms first appear.

• Pulmonary edema, which is fluid accumulation in the lungs. • Conjunctivitis (gas eye), which is inflammation of the eye. • Odor perception followed by olfactory paralysis (loss of smell), and possibly

olfactory damage. H2S is particularly dangerous when it cannot be smelled. Why the change? The current TLV-TWA limit of 10 ppm was set in 1966, and the TLV-STEL continued overleaf...

Systems S ystems •T Turn Key K Package, Package, Pre-Wired Pre-Wired and Pre-Tested Pre--Tested omplete dration o Polymer (4 zzones) ones) • Complete e Hy Hydration off Polymer isual Inspec Wetting o Polymer • Visual Inspection off the Wetting off Polymer spe tion o TM T M

• Posiportion tion n

V olumetric FFeeder eeder Volumetric

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• Stainless Tanks ss S Steel T anks a • Panels anels and Controls Controls Specialized Specialized to to Customer Customer Requirements



January 2012 | 29

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:51 PM Page 30

Health & Safety Jurisdiction TWA Exposure Limit (ppm)


10 10 10 10 10 10

STEL Exposure

Ceiling Exposure

limit (ppm)

Limit (ppm)

10 15 15 15 15 15 15


Table 2 - Current provincial occupational exposure limits for hydrogen sulfide.

of 15 ppm was set in 1976. Recent published, peer-reviewed literature suggests that lower concentrations of H2S affected judgement and respiratory function. A 1998 proposal to lower the TLV-TWA was not adopted, but a 2004 proposal to lower the TLV-STEL level to 5 ppm and the TLV-TWA to 1 ppm was ultimately adopted in 2010. The ACGIH’s underlying contention is that the dose-response curve for H2S

appears to start at about 5 ppm (ACGIH 2010b). Thus, a TLV–TWA of 1 ppm should be sufficient to protect against all the unwanted effects of hydrogen sulfide. Peak exposures of 5 ppm may produce minor irritation and a brief change in oxygen uptake, but would not be expected to produce more serious effects on the respiratory, central nervous, or cardiovascular systems. Therefore, a TLV– STEL of 5 ppm is recommended.

One case study in particular has caused the industry to ask if the exposure limit is too high (Bhambhani, Burnham et al. 1997). In that study, 15 men and 13 women were exposed to an atmosphere with 10 ppm hydrogen sulfide for 30 minutes while exercising at 50% of their aerobic capacity. The hydrogen sulfide inhibited the aerobic capacity of the exercising muscle, calling into question the 10-ppm limit. During the ACGIH review process, this dramatic change was challenged by some as being too conservative (CAPP 2009; Wise, Herald et al. 2009). For example, a Canadian Petroleum Products Institute submission to the Ministry of State argues that the limit should be reconsidered for the following reasons (Bristow 2010): • The toxicology data do not justify the ACGIH reductions. • Accurately measuring H2S concentrations down to 1 ppm is not feasible. • There are unintended consequences. (i.e., more monitoring and PPE equipment needed). Marathon Marathon Fluid Fluid Systems Systems Ltd. Ltd. 1184 84 Halifax Halifax Street Street M Moncton, oncton, N NB B E E1C 1C 99S2 S2 P Phone: hone: 5506-867-8826 06-867-8826 A Atlantic tlantic P Provinces rovinces D’Aqua D’Aqua T Technologies echnologies IInc. nc. 66-1500 -1500 U Upper pper M Middle iddle R Rd. d. W W.. S Suite uite 2229 29 O Oakville, akville, O ON N LL6M 6M 00C2 C2 P hone: 9905-465-9261 05-465-9261 Phone: E mail: ss.silva@hydrovision.de .silva@hydrovision.de Email: S ylvia S ilva, Sylvia Silva, H ydroVision N orth A merican HydroVision North American Sale anager Saless M Manager

Metcon con S Sales ales & Engineering ineering L Ltd. td. 15 C Connie onnie C Crescent, rescent, U Unit nit 3 cord, O Concord, Ontario ntario L4K 11L3 L3 ne: 9905.738.2355 Phone: 05.738.2355 x 2231 31 905.738.5520 Fax: 905.738.5520 www.metconeng.com w.metconeng.com


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30 | January 2012

Control ontrol Solutions Solutions Formerly merly B BG GC Controls ontrols Unit 1115 15 - 11551 551 B Broadway roadway S St., t., Port C Coquitlam, oquitlam, B BC C V3C 66N9 N9 Tel: ((604) 604) 9942-0288 42-0288 Britis Britishh C Columbia olumbia aand nd Y Yukon ukon

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:51 PM Page 31

Health & Safety How does H2S exposure affect WWTP operators? In a 2010 issue of the Water Environment Association of Ontario’s magazine Influents, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, of the University of Iowa, outlined the findings of two studies that compared the exposure and health symptoms of wastewater and water treatment plant workers. Exposure rates for all monitored wastewater treatment tasks were less than 1 ppm H2S. Statistically higher ratios of respiratory, ocular and skin irritation, neurology, and gastrointestinal symptoms were shown among WWTP workers compared with water treatment plant workers. Tasks related to sludge handling and plant inspection showed statistically significant associations with memory/concentration difficulties, throat irritation, and stomach pain. What is good practice? Defining “good practice” is difficult in an uncertain regulatory environment. It is obviously not good practice to ignore published, peer-reviewed research. However, it would also be unwise to go too far, until the health and safety community has agreed on any changes.


Still, the employer is responsible for providing a safe work environment. What is deemed “safe” will change whenever new research is published. The advice from the Newfoundland Government is to view the new ACGIH limits as guidelines until they are entrenched in regulations. Design Good odor control practice is to eliminate, reduce, contain, and extract. (Hobson and Yang 2001). Because H2S is odorous, odor management should also lead to a healthier work environment. For example, the design should avoid stripping gas or creating aerosols. Return liquors and imported wastes should be added below the water level and, if possible, downstream of the headworks. Channels and equipment should be contained, and the foul air extracted. Control measures Control measures may include the following: • Ensure that rising mains discharge in a chamber outside of the buildings. • Discourage the formation of H2S within the sewer (e.g., dosing to control septicity).

• Select operating practices that minimize the emission of toxic gases within enclosed areas. • Prevent the escape of toxic gases by enclosure and operation at negative pressure. • Ventilate to dilute toxic gases to a safe level. • Divert and contain contaminated sewage at high-risk plants (e.g., enclosed or buried facilities). Conclusion It is not clear if or when the ACGIHproposed changes will become part of the official health and safety regulations in Canada. Nevertheless, taking them into account is considered “good practice.” Because the onus remains with the design engineer and the employer to provide a safe work environment for wastewater treatment plant staff, they need to consider ACGIH’s recommendations on hydrogen sulfide limits. Patrick Coleman PhD., P.Eng, is with AECOM. E-mail: pat.f.coleman@aecom.com. References are available on request.

January 2012 | 31

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:51 PM Page 32

Electronic Wastes

Managing e-waste in Canada presents many challenges and opportunities By Harold Schroeder


anagement of the rapidly growing and highly hazardous electronic waste stream is one of the main environmental challenges currently facing Canada, and most other countries. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), between 20 and 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of globally every year, and this is predicted to increase to between 40 and 70 million tons per year by 2015. Within Canada, volumes of e-waste are reportedly increasing by 4% each year. One source has estimated that more than 5 million computers and monitors alone are thrown away annually by Canadian households and businesses. These form only part of a much larger ewaste stream that includes mobile phones, televisions, office equipment and white goods. It is not just the rapid growth of ewaste, however, that distinguishes it from other forms of municipal waste. The safe and efficient management of the e-waste stream presents particular challenges due to the complex nature of most e-products, which typically include high levels of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Environmental hazards such as toxic emissions also arise as a by-product of e-waste disposal or recycling processes. However, many e-waste products also contain valuable and scarce materials such as gold, silver, platinum and copper, and their effective recovery for resale and reuse represents a potentially lucrative business activity. Shortcomings in e-waste management At present, neither the environmental nor potential business benefits of e-waste management are being effectively realized. Like most other countries, Canada recycles or recovers only a small proportion of its e-waste, while up to 90% is disposed of in landfill sites or by incineration. Even the most technologically advanced disposal methods and facilities currently in use involve environmental hazards. 32 | January 2012

For example, there is generally a risk of leaching from landfill sites into soil and water resources. Incineration can release toxins into the atmosphere and create potentially hazardous waste slag. Quite apart from these direct environmental impacts, the high rates of disposal of e-waste represent an inefficient use of resources, with associated indirect costs to the environment. At the same time, recycling methods currently in use are not particularly efficient or cost-effective. Often the costs incurred in collection, transportation and processing exceed the value of the materials recovered. The processes involved are still quite labour-intensive, involving dismantling products by hand to extract valuable components, or remove harmful substances before the waste is sent for end-processing using automated methods. New emerging techniques such as robotic disassembly, thermal treatments and hydrometallurgical extraction may improve the efficiency of recycling and help ensure that the high-value outcomes of recycling outweigh the costs

involved. There are also promising developments in the design of electrical and electronic products to reduce the use of hazardous waste and improve their recyclability. Technological innovations in product design techniques and processes include the reduction of lead content in computer screen monitors and the use of shape memory alloys. These are metals and plastics that automatically return to their original shapes when reheated to a certain temperature. But there is a long way to go before advances in technology alone result in a substantial reduction in volumes of e-waste or enable most of the waste to be safely and efficiently recycled. Policies and programs In its efforts to promote the environmentally friendly design of e-products and increase levels of recycling through policy and regulations, Canada is following a global trend in the implementation of extended producer responsibility (EPR) as the dominant e-waste management model. Also known as product stewardship, this is based on the premise that

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-06 5:32 PM Page 33

Electronic Wastes manufacturers should be accountable for the whole life cycle of their products, including recycling or safe disposal. Under this model, producers are required to fund the cost of recycling or disposal, either by implementing their own take-back programs, or by paying fees to a third party to administer an ewaste management scheme on their behalf. The objective is to internalize the costs of e-waste management in the product costs, shifting the responsibility for recycling and disposal from governments and taxpayers to the producers of the products. This provides a direct incentive for manufacturers to incorporate environmental considerations into product design in order to ensure that their products can be priced competitively. Canadian e-waste management strategies and legislation have been determined mainly at the provincial level, but these have been harmonized to at least some extent by the activities of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME). In 2004, CCME endorsed a set of national principles for electronics product stewardship with the objective of promot-

ing product stewardship as the main approach to e-waste management within Canada. In 2009, it adopted a Canadawide action plan for EPR, providing further guidance on the design and implementation of e-waste management regulation and strategies at the provincial level and promoting the use of EPR as an “environmental risk management tool.” Progress in Canadian e-waste management has also been driven by Electronics Product Stewardship Canada. This is a producer-led organization formed in 2003 that plays an active role in helping provinces design and implement e-waste management programs, and it has developed a national electronics product stewardship strategy. All the major Canadian and multinational producers of electrical and electronic products are represented in this organization, including Hewlett-Packard, Sony, IBM, Dell, Apple, Canon and others. Many electronics manufacturers operating in Canada also have their own take-back or buy-back schemes, in addition to participating in collective product stewardship programs. Where ERP programs have been im-

plemented under Canadian provincial waste management legislation or regulations, it is mandatory for suppliers of designated products to develop and implement an approved e-waste management plan. Otherwise, they must contract a third-party organization to do so on their behalf. The minimum requirements for plans vary somewhat between provinces but generally include proposals for financing, recycling options, collection and processing, and education and awareness-raising. To date, the majority of Canada’s provinces and territories have implemented management plans. Most are phasing in various categories of electrical and electronic products over time. According to the eStewardship.ca website, only British Columbia and Manitoba have comprehensive regulations in place covering all the main e-waste product categories. With the exception of BC, which has two separate programs operated by different administrative bodies, all provinces with product stewardship programs have appointed a single organization to develop continued overleaf...

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:52 PM Page 34

Electronic Wastes E-Waste Management in Canada E-waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. This Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. report provides comprehensive information about the issues and emerging business models for e-waste management, focusing on Canada. To purchase a copy, along with a complimentary companion PowerPoint presentation, please contact: harold@schroeder-inc.com and manage them. In Saskatchewan, Ontario, BC and Nova Scotia, the electronics stewardship programs are industry-led. In other provinces, such as Alberta and New Brunswick, programs are administered by non-profit organizations that report to the environment ministries. Financing models The ability of an EPR program to achieve its ultimate objective of improved product design is likely to depend largely on how the costs of e-waste

management are distributed. Systems that allocate producer contributions by market share or environmental design criteria are more likely to encourage more efficient life-cycle product management than those requiring producers to share the costs equally. In the latter case, there is little incentive to design products that have long life spans and are easy to recycle. In Canada, the basic e-waste management financing model in use is similar among the provinces, and is based on the principle of shared responsibility between consumers, producers and government. Some Canadian programs require producers to charge a standard “environmental handling fee” or “advanced recycling fee” at the point of purchase. This distributes the costs of collection and recycling of ewaste among those who benefit from the products. The effectiveness of this in influencing product design is questionable, since e-waste management costs are not incorporated into product prices. Moreover, such fees have been interpreted nega-

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115-9920-63 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 0G9 Phone: 780-439-7800 Fax: 780-439-7840 Toll Free: 1-800-668-4533 E-mail: epsl@telus.net

tively by the public and media as an environmental tax. Progress and opportunities The issue of e-waste management presents environmental and logistical challenges for Canada and its provinces and territories. Significant progress is being made in recycling technologies and in the development and implementation of e-waste management regulations and programs. There are good prospects for Canada to become a world leader in environmental best practices and e-waste management. However, there are still a number of areas for improvement, both in policy and practice. For example, where e-waste management plans and regulations are concerned, there is a pressing need for further harmonization between provinces to reduce the burden on producers to meet a range of different compliance requirements. Additionally, it is recommended that programs be designed to incorporate greater use of recycling and recovery goals and targets, as well as more effective incentives for improved product design. This may require a review of current financing models. Moreover, most provincial e-waste management programs have so far focused on establishing and enforcing arrangements for the recovery of management costs from producers and on raising awareness of collection arrangements and responsibilities among consumers and product distributors. Less evident have been efforts to increase management capacity and efficiency by promoting the business opportunities and encouraging commercial providers to enter the e-waste management marketplace. There are many opportunities for new entrants in a range of business areas, from design and engineering to construction, transportation and processing. As ewaste management capacity and process efficiencies are increased, it will become possible for provinces to incorporate a wider range of e-waste into their product stewardship programs and to significantly increase overall levels of recycling and recovery, with both environmental and economic benefits. Harold Schroeder is with Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. E-mail: harold@schroeder-inc.com

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CLEAR SOLUTIONS FOR WATER, ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT Tetra Tech’s scientists and engineers are developing sustainable solutions for the world’s most complex projects. With more than 3,500 employees in Canada and 13,000 total employees worldwide, we have grown to become one of North America’s largest engineering firms—and that’s just the beginning. From water and transportation projects, to renewable energy and mining services, Tetra Tech provides clear solutions in consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services worldwide. www.tetratech.com

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Environmental Management

Are you ready for ISO 14001? By Lynn Johannson


SO 14001 is the de facto standard for environmental management. Any organization, especially one operating in the environmental sector, should have adopted this standard, but so far only a very few have. ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization; ISO is not an acronym, but is a shortened form of the Greek word “Isos”, which means equal. Here are ten reasons why you should be paying closer attention to what’s going on in the world of ISO 14001. 1. Human-designed systems are grossly inefficient. Experts hold that most business systems are 96% inefficient, which means that for every $100 of effort, there is $4 of actual value, and that is not good for the bottom line. An environmental management system (EMS) can help you ask the questions that will start to drive improvement in your productivity, by greening it. An EMS can also help your organization stay “fit for purpose,” maintaining its competitive edge. 2. One of the more valuable reasons for adopting an EMS, especially in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is that it can enhance the formality of your business. Increases in formality can drive productivity gains, which in turn increase profitability and prosperity. 3. An EMS can be used to manage changes, big and small, in the business process. The benefits include being able to prove to your management, your banker, your employees, whoever the stakeholders are in your business, that you have evidence of doing better. Sustainability guru Bob Willard has gathered data from businesses large and small on the “sustainability advantage,” and has found that going green can lead to cost savings and profit increases as high as 66% in SMEs. These are serious improvements (read more at www.sustainabilityadvantage.com). An EMS aligned to ISO 14001 can be used to manage this transformation. 4. Are you one of the 385,000 to 750,000 small business owners who wanted to retire between 2006 and 2016? Experts say it will remain a buyer’s mar36 | January 2012

ket until 2025. How will you be seen in the rising tide of SMEs wanting to sell and retire? The colour of success in a succession plan must include green. An EMS can be woven into that process to strengthen a seller’s position. 5. Whether your business is green will affect not only its attractiveness to potential buyers, but also its valuation. Over the past 20 years, environmental risk and liability issues have emerged to become one of the most value-destructive factors facing family-owned businesses, and are therefore major factors in the family business valuation. Don Schwerzler, an advisor on succession planning for family-based businesses in the United States, has shown that the adoption of ISO 14001 has helped stop the drain on valuation, and he has used it with good success to prepare a business for sale or transfer. 6. The legacy issue has other implications. Many SMEs are family-owned. Unless there has been a solid management approach for the environment, an intergenerational sale may carry with it

the harsh reality of heavy financial penalties and even jail sentences for the new owners: children or grandchildren. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business surveyed its members and found that only 10% had a formal succession plan in place. This is not a formula for success. Environmental lawyer Dianne Saxe has had to advise clients to close a business or let it die with the grandfather because of environmental liabilities. You can watch her interview on “In the Limelight” in the archives of GFTG TV. An EMS is not an overnight solution, but it can mesh well with a succession plan. 7. In 2008, the cost of global environmental externalities (factors whose benefits and costs are not reflected in the market price of goods and services) was nearly US $7 trillion, or 11% of the value of the global economy. Just 3,000 companies were the cause of approximately 35% of these externalities, according to a report by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. continued overleaf...

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Environmental Management Financial stakeholders are going to be watching for evidence that these companies are taking control of this situation. ISO 14001 is a tool for fostering and ensuring co-operation and innovation among these corporate giants. Governments, especially those in distress, will be looking for ways to pass the responsibility and costs for these problems back to those that created them. It is far preferable for businesses to take control with an EMS than be subject to a whole new wave of regulations. 8. Some of these 3,000 businesses have ISO 14001 in place now. They are accustomed to an EMS based on ISO 14001 for their own internal management control, and are comfortable with the idea of using it as a supply chain request. When ISO 14001 made the first rounds in supply chains, the large companies that were early adopters pushed it onto their tier one suppliers. However, the other 65% of the market, including companies supplying the 3,000, is also adding to the problem. The request or requirement for evidence of better management will be passed on to medium and smaller businesses, includ-

ing those in the environment business. This is not just a big-business request; governments are increasingly asking for the presence of an EMS aligned to ISO 14001. 9. The companies that see this as an opportunity and leverage the positive outcomes of an EMS first will gain the high ground. Current estimates of ISO 14001 still suggest that less than 1% of employer businesses have adopted it, so there is room on the top of the iceberg, where you will be in plain sight. If you don’t get yourself above the waterline, large businesses can just as easily look elsewhere, whether south of the border or across the pond in either direction. China’s adoption of ISO 14001, when measured by the number of certificates, is growing rapidly, and is likely to lead the world. 10. As budgets grow tight, government-supported programs tend to fade away and the fallback position is on more regulatory-based measures. The European Union is only one of the economic regions under stress, but it will have ripple effects around the globe. Regulation is not typically written for

SMEs, and adds cost without solid evidence of environmental benefit. The ongoing outcomes of an EMS can position an SME ahead or above regulatory thresholds. As regulatory measures are far more expensive, taking control for environmental management in-house is a much smarter move. Urban myths and misconceptions There are some classic misconceptions and urban myths that have prevented the adoption of ISO 14001. Here are a few suggestions to overcome these. ISO 14001 is written by standards developers who, like any profession, use language to add mystery and excitement to their lives. If you actually read the standard and apply some common sense, you will find it is not rocket science. A quick tip: where it says “shall” within clause 4, this is a requirement based on a global consensus of expert opinion. Where it says “should,” this is not a requirement, but a suggestion and a good idea. Many small- and medium-sized businesses believe that they have to get certified to adopt ISO 14001. This is one of the great urban myths. The purpose of ISO 14001 is to enable users to integrate

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:52 PM Page 39

Environmental Management a robust and credible management system into their core business to improve their relationship with the environment. The value is in design of the EMS. You can adopt the standard in part or in whole, but, if you only take a few elements into your management process, it would be unwise to market yourself as being aligned to or having ISO 14001. It is a systems approach, so you need it all to state that you conform. Demonstrating that you conform If you adopt ISO 14001 in whole, you have four options for demonstrating that you conform. Another tip: in Canada the trend is to conform to the standard and comply with law. These conformity assessment options are recognized in the standard in Clause 1, Scope, c) I) to 4). One option is not better than another; they are just different and serve a range of market needs. Option 1: You can self-declare. This is not an “ISO lite” approach — you still have to meet all the requirements. You can market your adoption; just make sure that you are clear on what to say and what not to say. ISO 14001 is a process standard; it cannot be used to support or


imply coverage of a product. Don’t use the ISO name in vain or abuse the trademark, or you will hear from them! Option 2: A second-party audit refers to a customer or other entity with a vested interest in you conducting the audit. They are not independent of your business, but can look at your system with fresh eyes and confirm that you have got what it takes to state that you have an EMS in place. The same holds true for ISO 9001: 2008. Option 3: An EnviroReady Report is provided by a specially trained professional accountant, who is independent of your business, so the report is considered a third-party activity, without assurance. The EnviroReady Report was developed with small business in mind, to offer a logical approach that is sensitive to smaller budgets for ISO 14001. See www.14000registry.com for details. This website also enables companies to post their adoption of ISO 14001, using any of the four options for free. Option 4: Certification or registration by an EMS auditor is another third-party process, which is intended to provide assurance. That is one of the reasons it is a

more expensive process. This approach tends to be used by large businesses and governments. ISO does not carry out certification to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 or any other of its standards, nor does it control the certification business sector or the EnviroReady Report process. ISO 14001 is to be revised. While Canada voted against this for many good reasons, including input received from Canadian stakeholders, the majority of other countries involved voted for revision. Changes will not be seen for three to five years, so it is not a good idea to wait until the new version is out.

Lynn Johannson is with E2 Management Corp. and is Canada's chief negotiator for ISO 14001 and related EMS standards. E-mail: etwom@e2management.com

January 2012 | 39

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:53 PM Page 40

Site Remediation

Evaluating site remediation technologies By Robert Tossell, Paresh Patel, Frank DiMaria and Francesco Gagliardi

40 | January 2012

Remediation Teechnology Evaluation Teechnology Evaluation and Selection Conceptual Model


ite remediation can be a timeconsuming and costly proposition for commercial and industrial sites. In many cases, an appropriate level of due diligence is not conducted prior to evaluating and selecting a remediation system. Often, a remediation system is selected and implemented with less than desired results due to challenges associated with existing site conditions or systems in place, infrastructure considerations, and time and cost constraints. Prior to implementing a remedial system, it is often prudent to step back, complete a thorough review of the site conditions and complete a remediation technology evaluation (RTE). An RTE is similar to a remediation feasibility study (FS) but is less costly, can be completed in less time and does not have the same lengthy evaluation and reporting requirements. The primary purpose of an RTE is to identify the major remediation options that are best suited to site conditions, that will protect human health and the environment, and that are technically effective, economically feasible and achievable using common construction techniques and equipment. Completing an RTE helps convey both technical (consultant and regulatory realm) and business (owner/operator realm) information that is beneficial to all parties involved, ultimately leading to better site management solutions. Feasibility studies and RTEs are commonplace in the United States, where federal and state governments have developed several guidance documents. They encourage site owners/managers to complete these detailed evaluations to better manage their contaminated properties. In Canada, completing an FS or RTE is much less common. Provincial regulatory agencies may not have specific guidance documents, and site owners/ managers and their consultants must rely on the U.S. guidance documents. However, an RTE (or FS) can be adapted to any regulatory environment. While the process does not change, the

Review available site data

Has site been characterized adequately?


Conduct additional site characterization

Yes e

Develop Conceptual Site Model

Develop site remediation or management goals and objectives

Develop short -list of applicable technologies for site conditions

Screen and select technologies based on efffectiveness, implementability and cost

Eliminate any technologies that are not efffective or have implementation challenges

Develop conceptual site layout fo or all remaining technologies.

Conduct detailed evaluation of all remaining technologies

Select final remedial solution

Figure 1 RTE Flow Chart

RTE can be more concise and less timeconsuming than a full CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act) feasibility study. RTE framework and process Figure 1 presents a flow chart of the RTE process which is an adapted and simplified version of a number of FS guidance documents. Many of the requirements in the U.S. are different in Canada and, therefore, some of the CERCLA FS criteria do not apply in Canada. Primary RTE components include: • Development of site-specific reme-

diation or site management goals for regulatory, timeline and cost considerations. • Development of a conceptual site model (CSM). This is a three-dimensional representation of known site conditions (contaminant distribution, geology and hydrogeology and remediation constraints). • Development of a short list of remediation technologies that are applicable, given the CSM. • Screening or evaluation of the remediation technologies on the short list for their effectiveness (based on contaminant type, challenges with technology imple-

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:53 PM Page 41

Site Remediation mentation, site constraints, and overall estimated costs to implement). • Development of conceptual site layouts or conceptual designs for the remaining technology options. • A detailed evaluation of the remaining technologies based on a set of criteria modified from the CERCLA FS approach. Detailed planning-level cost estimates are prepared so that remediation technology solutions can be evaluated based on overall life-cycle and net-present-value costs. • Selection of a clear front-runner technology solution that meets the sitespecific goals, based on the detailed evaluation. The final remediation solution can then be designed and implemented at the site and remediation performance can be monitored. In many cases, an RTE can be completed using existing environmental data collected during a Phase II environmental site assessment (ESA). However, for selection of the best technology and for more refined cost estimates, a sufficient level of site data (soil, groundwater, sediment and vapour) must be available. This

data is usually collected as part of a remedial investigation (RI). The RTE framework is very adaptable to the level of analysis required, given site management objectives. Consideration can be given to clients’ needs for short or long time frames, or priority can be given to cost considerations. RTE evaluation is initiated by focusing on a short list of applicable technologies that are effective (i.e., can meet site management objectives) for the various contaminants present, can be implemented given the site constraints, and provide the lowest potential life-cycle cost. A variety of technically feasible treatment technologies exist for remediation and management of contaminants that are present at a given site. However, each technology must be evaluated for site-specific conditions and other considerations to identify the optimal technology configuration. Technology options that are not effective (or less effective) in protecting human health and the environment, that cannot be implemented because of the physical characteristics of the site or con-

taminants, or that have a cost that is an order of magnitude greater than a similar technology, are excluded. While the FS analysis and documentation process can be very detailed and time-consuming, the RTE approach is somewhat more streamlined and still provides for a thorough evaluation of technologies. However, it does not necessarily have the lengthy reporting requirements of a full FS. Instead of using the full nine CERCLA criteria, five criteria can be used (by combining some or eliminating those that do not apply in Canada) in the detailed RTE analytical criteria, as listed below: 1. Overall protection of human health and the environment. Compliance with regulatory guidelines. 2. Short-term and long-term effectiveness and permanence (longevity). 3. Reduction of contaminant toxicity, mobility or volume through treatment (effectiveness). 4. Ability to implement or construct the technology (implementability). 5. Overall costs (life-cycle or net-present-value). continued overleaf...


Hanna H anna HI9829 HI9829 GPS G PS Multiparameter Multiparameter Meter Meter pH/ORP/ISE, p H/ORP/ISE, EC/TDS/ResistivEC/TDS/Resistivv-iity/Salinity/Seawater ty/Salinity/Seawater Specific Specific Gravity, G ravity, Turbidity, Turbidity, DO, DO, TemperaTe em mperatture ure and and Atmospheric Atmospheric Pressure Pressure * Now Now with with Turbidity, Turbidity, ISE’S ISE’S and and Autonomous A utonomous Logging Logging Probe Probe

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Site Remediation All remediation technologies (or risk assessment/management options) have strengths and weaknesses. Technology screening is conducted to help focus the development of remediation technology evaluation and develop a short list of technology options/alternatives that have the greatest potential to meet treatment and overall site management objectives. Each technology option is evaluated individually against each criterion. Then different options developed for an affected medium are compared to determine specific strengths and weaknesses that must be balanced. This process is continued until technology options or technologies are identified that meet site management goals/objectives, or result in the selection of the lowest-cost remediation technology or technologies. As part of the RTE detailed analysis, planning-level cost estimates are generated for each technology option. Capital, operating and maintenance costs and net present value (NPV) for any long-term or annual remediation costs are estimated. Cost estimate methodologies should be based on sound engineering principles and should follow a standard costing

methodology such as those recommended by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE). Planning-level cost estimates are usually sufficient for a RTE or FS using a Class D or 4 cost estimate with tolerances of +50%, –30%. NPV cost estimates are developed for all remediation options as part of the detailed evaluation process. Usually they include a breakdown of direct capital and indirect capital costs, operation, maintenance and performance monitoring costs. Following completion of the detailed evaluation, a RTE report is prepared that presents the RTE methodologies used, the site-specific CSM, screening-level analysis of technologies on the short list, a detailed analysis of remaining technologies, selection of the preferred remediation technology solution, and identification of any additional testing such as bench or pilot scale studies. Results and benefits The results of the FS/RTE will include: 1. Identification of potential remediation (in situ and off site) or risk management technologies that are used to treat

Engineered Pump Systems Ltd. 1635 Industrial Avenue, Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 6M9 0HONE s &AX 115-9920-63 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 0G9 0HONE s &AX

42 | January 2012

the contaminants in all media. 2. Presentation of a summary of common site conditions that will affect treatment technology effectiveness, implementation and cost. 3. Evaluation of these technologies based on an FS/RTE framework. 4. Identification of the conceptual design factors and conceptual designs needed to conduct the cost evaluation. 5. Preparation of a range of costs to implement each technology alternative. 6. Provision of the recommended (most promising, lowest life-cycle cost) technology options that meet most, if not all, site management objectives. Typically, the results of an RTE or a full FS will identify one to three clear remediation choices for the site owner/operator to consider. Through the RTE process, the technology effectiveness is evaluated, and uncertainty or risks associated with the remediation time frame, achievement of site management objectives and planning-level life-cycle costs can be minimized. In addition, the RTE benefits the consultant by ensuring appropriate due diligence has been conducted and that a thorough technology analysis is completed. Site owners/operators also benefit by acquiring a better understanding of the implications on infrastructure needs, effects of site operations, time of remediation, and life-cycle costs for remediation. The site owner/operator has the information to decide if spending a little more money up-front (which may lead to a faster resolution to the remediation) is more suited to site management or business goals. Ultimately, the RTE process and results provide for a systematic evaluation of site remediation needs, selection of a technology or a combination of technologies that meet site management goals, and development of remediation lifecycle cost estimates. Robert Tossell, Paresh Patel, Frank DiMaria and Francesco Gagliardi are with Pinchin Environmental Ltd. E-mail: rtossell@pinchin.com

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Energy Costs

Helping water utilities manage their energy budget


nergy usage and costs for many drinking water utilities are increasing due to many factors, including regulations, treatment technology complexity, aging infrastructure, supply challenges, and growth. While a number of utilities have begun to recognize the importance of containing and actually reducing energy consumption and costs, many may not yet fully understand the options available to them. A recent American Water Works Association Research Foundation study was organized and consolidated into major areas, including management tools, plant improvements and management changes, water treatment/distribution/conservation, alternative/renewable energy sources, financial assistance, and partnerships. Information was gathered from utilities of different sizes and geographic locations across North America. This project is part of a larger international ef-


fort to collect and share similar information on best practices in energy efficiency, spearheaded by the Global Water Research Coalition through UK Water Industry Research Limited. Results and conclusions Through an extensive literature search and 16 case studies, the authors of the report identified numerous energy efficiency best practices available to and currently in use at drinking water utilities in North America. Many of these practices do not require expensive or extensive capital investments. Simply optimizing a utility’s current equipment and operations practices can lead to significant reductions in energy consumption. Key findings include: • Some level or type of energy efficiency improvement can be made by utilities of all sizes and management structure. • Management support and operator and staff buy-in are critical for long-term success.

• Partnerships with energy providers may be particularly useful in identifying cost savings related to electric rate structures and time-of-use. • The primary area to target improvements is pumps and motors. • Benchmarking and conducting energy audits can help a utility define its current energy usage and establish a baseline to track changes over time. • Investment in adequate databases and monitoring and tracking systems is critical for managing energy usage, measuring success, and formulating new energy efficiency strategies. • Energy efficiency efforts should be tied to asset management plans and systems to ensure assets are properly maintained. • Water efficiency can lead to energy efficiency. • Funding is available to water utilities to implement energy efficiency options. continued overleaf...

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:53 PM Page 44

Energy Costs • Utilities need to understand that efforts to increase energy efficiency are not without risks and tradeoffs that may impact water quality and public health protection. Applications and recommendations All drinking water utilities can and should take steps to reduce energy costs and consumption. Estimates indicate that between 10−30% savings are readily achievable by almost all utilities. These efforts can result in a number of benefits including cost savings that can be reinvested in infrastructure or other energy reduction measures; less strain on the current energy grid; meeting energy reduction targets; reduced greenhouse gas emissions; improved environmental stewardship; and improved customer relations. There are substantial opportunities and potential to reduce energy costs, some of which can be implemented easily, with limited investment. These savings can be realized through a range of actions including; • Utilizing new, energy-efficient technologies.

Simply optimizing a utility’s current equipment and operations practices can lead to significant reductions in energy consumption. Photo by Steve Davey

Capital Regional District

Call for Expressions of Interest

Utilization of Class A Biosolids or Untreated Sludge Produced at the Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Treatment Plant The Capital Regional District (CRD) invites companies, organizations or individuals that may be interested in utilizing either the Class A Biosolids or the untreated sludge produced by the Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Treatment Plant to submit their credentials including relevant experience and a brief description of the proposed use of the available material. The purpose of this Call for Expressions of Interest is to select and invite those qualified parties that will best meet the needs of the CRD to submit detailed proposals for this utilization program. Call for Expression of Interest documents may be viewed online at www.crd.bc.ca/biosolids and are also available at the CRD offices, 625 Fisgard St., Victoria, BC during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). Submission of Expressions of Interest should be made to the undersigned no later than 12 noon local time on March 16, 2012. A contract will not necessarily result from this Call for Expressions of Interest. For further information please contact Dan Telford at 250.360.3064 or email dtelford@crd.bc.ca. R. Daniel Telford, P.Eng. Senior Manager, Environmental Engineering Capital Regional District 44 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Energy Costs • Incorporating energy efficient practices into daily operations. • Taking advantage of incentives and rebates from energy providers. • Installing premium efficiency motors and variable speed drives. • Resizing pumping systems. • Developing alternative pumping schemes and pump system upgrades. • Installing controls and monitoring systems optimizing operations. • Implementing building upgrades (e.g., lighting and heating and cooling). • Benchmarking and energy audits. • Shifting power consumption from onpeak to off-peak hours. • Adding or more effectively using storage. • Promoting water conservation and use of energy efficient products. • Reducing system leaks. • Evaluating system life cycle energy costs associated with proposed projects. • Evaluating the use of alternative energy sources. This is not a case of one-size-fits-all. Each utility is unique and needs to evaluate its own goals, financial condition,


and commitment to improved energy efficiency. Regardless of where a utility is on the path to energy efficiency, it can always take additional steps. Economic implications Utilities have found that implementing energy efficiency practices has resulted in significant cost savings, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Many of the improvements, such as optimizing current treatment, pumping, and operational practices, can be easily implemented with limited cost. Where capital investment is needed, payback periods can range from several months to several years. Longer payback periods (10 to 15 years) are often associated with renewable/alternative energy options. Funding for energy efficiency improvements may be available. Environmental implications Reducing energy consumption has a direct impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This can help utilities and municipalities meet aggressive carbon reduction goals. Investment in renewable/alternative energy can provide long-term “clean” energy.

Operational benefits Utilities have found that identifying approaches to integrate energy efficiency practices in daily management and longterm planning also contributes to longterm sustainability. It reduces operating costs and improves efficiency and process control. In many cases, measures taken to improve water efficiency also translate into energy savings, as less water is required to be produced and pumped. This can also result in monetary savings on chemicals and other treatment supplies, and extend the life of treatment units and components. Customer relations Taking steps to reduce energy consumption can enhance customer relations by demonstrating environmental stewardship and sustainability. Providing or supporting programs to improve energy and water efficiency at customers’ homes can further demonstrate a utility’s commitment to helping the environment and helping customers save money. For more information, visit: www.waterrf.org

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Flowmeter helps quarry meet its de-watering permit requirements


he Ontario Water Resources Act requires flow monitoring for any quarry de-watering greater than 50,000 litres per day. In 2009, Louis W. Bray Construction installed an area-velocity flow meter at its quarry to meet Ministry of Environment permit regulations. Their permit stipulated effluent limits plus monitoring, sampling and flow measurement of wastewater discharged from the site to the South Raisin river. Quarries operating below the water table must de-water by pumping from the quarry pit. Some sites are able to reuse water in washing processes or spray operations but most discharge to a nearby waterway. Since a quarry operation involves only crushing, screening and mixing aggregates, chemical or biological water treatment is not required. Treatment before discharge normally just requires a series of settling ponds to drop suspended solids, and test wells for water quality assessment. Filtration after de-watering in the Bray Quarry uses a system of three settling ponds. Water is pumped from the quarry into the first settling pond and then flows by gravity through each pond in succession via connecting culverts. Final discharge flows through a 36" diameter culvert and finally to the South Raisin river. Consulting engineers at Genivar proposed an AVFM Area-Velocity Flow Meter from Greyline Instruments as a suitable technology to monitor and data log flow in the partially filled culvert. The ultrasonic flow meter sensor was installed at the bottom of the culvert, about 1 m from the open discharge, where it measures water level, velocity and temperature. Calibrated for a 36" diameter pipe, the instrument converts these readings to a flow rate. During pumping periods, water in the horizontal culvert rises to about a 300 mm level with a velocity of 0.3 m/sec. The flow meter reads, totalizes and data logs flow rates up to 70 l/sec during pump cycles. The instrument’s electronics are installed in an insulated shed 25 m from the 46 | January 2012

C In 2009, Louis W. Bray Construction installed an area-velocity flow meter at its quarry near Cornwall, Ontario. The instrument’s electronics are installed in an insulated shed 25 m from the sensor location.

sensor location. Cable from the sensor to the electronics is watertight and runs underground in a PVC conduit. The AVFM includes a thermostatically controlled enclosure heater, flow rate display, totalizer, programmable control relays, three 420mA outputs and a data logger. Bray Quarry personnel periodically download log files from the AVFM to their laptop computer. Using Greyline Logger software they can generate oneclick flow reports, including daily total, minimum, average and maximum flow, with times of occurrence. The software

program exports to Microsoft Excel for these reports. Bray’s permit allows it to operate 244 days per year. They are required to submit flow reports twice annually to the Ministry of Environment. With the Greyline AVFM 5.0 Area-Velocity Flow Meter they are able to comply with environmental regulations and easily produce de-watering flow reports. For more information, E-mail: info@greyline.com

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12-02-07 1:26 PM

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:54 PM Page 48

Drinking Water

New study examines formation of various methanes in drinking water


recent study by the AWWA Research Foundation examined the conditions and precursors involved in the formation of two emerging classes of disinfection by-products (DBPs). These are halonitromethanes (HNMs) and iodo-trihalomethanes (I-THMs). Since trihalomethanes were first discovered in drinking water in the early

48 | January 2012

1970s, DBP issues have become a major regulatory driving force. Available toxicological data indicates that regulated DBPs do not produce urinary bladder cancer consistently associated with chlorinated water. Additionally, it has been shown that their potencies are orders of magnitudes too low to account for cancer and reproductive or developmental effects. Water samples from five drinking water treatment plants and nine municipal wastewater treatment plants were collected and tested during the project. In addition, NOM (natural organic matter) fractions, isolated from selected drinking water sources, were utilized in some experiments. For HNMs, the approach was to evaluate different disinfection/oxidation processes for HNM formation potential, identify the general characteristics of HNM precursors, and investigate the influences of pH and elevated nitrite and bromide concentrations on HNM formation and speciation. For I-THMs, the approach was to determine the importance of pH, evaluate the effect of contact time and dose of prechlorination, determine the role of chloramination strategy, the role of natural organic matter, and examine the impact of preoxidation with potassium permanganate. Test results showed that ozonation/ chlorination significantly enhanced HNM formation, as compared to chlorine alone. Chloramination (using preformed monochloramine), alone or after ozonation, produced the fewest HNMs. HNM yields, both on a DOC (dissolved organic carbon) and DON (dissolved organic nitrogen) basis after conventional treatment were generally higher than the yields observed for the raw water of the same treatment plant. Precursors with higher reactivity toward HNM formation were not well removed during conventional treatment in the plants studied. Therefore, the hydrophilic NOM components remaining in water after conventional treatment contain more reactive precursors for HNM formation than hy-

drophobic compounds typically removed in conventional treatment. This was also indicated by the results of the NOM fraction experiments. The results also showed that DOC and DON removal alone will not be adequate descriptors to predict the reduction in HNM formation potential. Reasonable correlations were observed between HNM yields and the DOC/DON ratio of a sample. HNM yields decreased with increasing DOC/ DON ratio, which indicates that nitrogenous organic compounds play an important role in HNM formation. However, both the type and concentrations of organic precursors will be important for predicting HNM formation. HNMs in wastewater effluents Similar to drinking water treatment, the ranking of HNM formation potential (highest to lowest) in wastewater effluents was: 1. Ozonation-chlorination 2. Ozonation-chloramination 3. Chlorination 4. Chloramination. In addition, HNM formation was greatly reduced by applying preformed monochloramine (NH2Cl) rather than chlorine (Cl2), especially after pre-ozonation. Although a small number of WWTPs were studied in this project, if the influent flow characteristics are also included in the comparison, municipal nitrifying WWTPs exhibited the lowest HNM yields, as compared to other WWTPs for ozonationchlorination and chlorination. Conversely, the impact of biological processes and influent wastewater composition was negligible for HNM formation during chloramination and ozonationchloramination. Similar to the drinking waters, the best correlations were that lower DOC/DON ratios and higher DON concentrations resulted in higher HNM yields for ozonation/chlorination and chlorination of municipal nitrifying WWTP effluents. Comparison between DWTP and WWTP effluents Treated drinking waters eventually reach wastewater treatment plants after

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:54 PM Page 49

Drinking Water household and industrial uses. Therefore, the HNMs of wastewater effluents in the studied area were compared with those of the drinking water. Results showed that HNM yields from ozonation followed by chlorination were higher in the wastewater effluents than in the treated drinking water. This indicated that there were HNM precursors in the treated wastewater effluents that were more reactive than the hydrophilic NOM components remaining in drinking water after treatment. This suggests that a significant amount of HNM precursors were either produced during biological treatment, or existed in the influent wastewater. This study examined the HNM precursors in the effluents of WWTPs before discharge. The fate and attenuation of HNM precursors in water bodies before reaching DWTPs have not been evaluated. Formation and speciation in DWTPs HNM formation was at appreciable levels for certain uniform formation conditions (UFC), (e.g., up to 25 Âľg/L for Br-(bromine)/DOC ratio of 100 Âľg /L and pH=8). The results indicated that the major precursors of THMs and HNMs

were not likely to be identical. The treated water of DWTPs exhibited significantly lower THM formation than raw water, while HNM concentrations formed in the raw and treated waters were comparable at ambient conditions. However, some similarities were noted regarding the formation of these two classes of DBPs. For both THMs and HNMs, formation increased with pH (6 to 8). Treated waters had higher amounts of brominated THM and HNM species, as compared to the raw waters, due to the removal of DOC, but not bromide, during conventional treatment. Overall, trihalogenated HNMs (THNMs) were the major HNM species formed. Dihalogenated HNM (DHNM) peaks were also detected, but were almost always below the minimum reporting levels of the measurements. Tests at elevated Br- levels showed that HNM formation increased and more brominated HNM species were observed. THNMs were still the major HNM species formed. Bromine was usually incorporated more readily into HNMs than THMs. Additionally, higher brominated HNM formation in the treated water was

attributed to the higher reactivity of hydrophilic NOM components for bromine incorporation. Experiments with ozone alone (without post chlorination) did not produce brominated HNMs in waters with elevated bromide. The presence of nitrite (2 mg/L NO2) increased HNM formation during chlorination and ozonation-chlorination. Although this level of nitrite would not normally be found in drinking waters and was spiked in order to see an effect, it seems that NO2 can serve as a precursor to form HNMs from chlorination without preozonation. It was determined that HNM formation was higher in the raw water supplemented with NO2 than in the treated water. It appears that there are some hydrophobic NOM components in the raw water that are removed during conventional treatment that can form HNMs in the presence of NO2 during chlorination. For ozonation followed by chloramination, HNM formation was minimal (< 1 Âľg/L), even in the presence of bromide and nitrite. continued overleaf...

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7KRUQGDOH Ć 2QWDULR Ć &DQDGD toll free: 1-800-265-7098 WHO Ć ID[ ZZZ LGHDOSLSH FD Ć VDOHV#LGHDOSLSH FD January 2012 | 49

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:57 PM Page 50

Drinking Water Formation of iodo-trihalomethanes I-THM formation and speciation from preformed NH2Cl depended on a combination of Br-/Iratio and concentrations, NOM characteristics, and I-/DOC ratios. Generally, I-THM formation decreased as pH increased for a Br-/I- mass

Susan Liver,



50 | January 2012

ratio of approximately 10. However, when the concentrations of Br- and Iwere elevated (e.g., 800 and 80 Âľg/L), there was significant I-THM formation at higher pH due to iodoform formation. The formation of iodoform was rarely observed at lower and more typical Br- and I- levels. The most important species were dichloroiodomethane (DCIM) and bromochloroiodomethane (BCIM). I-/DOC ratio was an important contributor to increases in iodine incorporation and iodoform formation. In addition, the results suggested that there is a NOM effect for iodoform formation. A higher I-/DOC ratio was necessary in a high-SUVA (Specific UV Absorbance) water than a low-SUVA water for significant I-THM formation to occur. I-THM yields did not depend on the NH2Cl/I- ratio, as increasing NH2Cl concentrations from the UFC dose of approximately 2.4 mg/L to 5.0 mg/L (as Cl2) did not have an appreciable effect on I-THM yields. Prechlorination vs preformed NH2C1 Prechlorination (HOCl contact time) prior to ammonia addition did not always result in lower ITHM concentrations as compared to preformed monochloramine. Prechlorination sometimes increased I-THM formation, as compared to preformed monochloramine under some circumstances. For prechlorination, the Cl2/DOC ratio and/or the Cl2/I- ratio were critical to control both the extent of THM and I-THM formation, as well as

the ratio of THM to I-THM in a water sample. However, the critical Cl2/DOC ratio to control both the concentrations of THM and I-THM in a water sample appears to be water specific. Iodine incorporation dominated over bromine incorporation for preformed NH2Cl, while the reverse trend was observed for prechlorination followed by ammonia addition. Low-SUVA254 water was more reactive in incorporating I- during preformed chloramination. For high-SUVA254 water, it was necessary to exceed an I-/DOC threshold before iodine incorporation into I-THMs became significant. For preformed NH2Cl, when the Br/I- level was increased to 800/80, I-THM speciation shifted towards iodoform formation. However, for more typical Br-/Ilevels, the dominant I-THM species were DCIM and BCIM. For prechlorination, increasing contact time from 5 to 20 minutes generally resulted in a shift towards more brominated I-THM and THMs. This was attributed to the faster formation of brominated than chlorinated species and reduction in iodinated species. For I-THMs, BCIM and dibromoiodomethane (DBIM) were the dominant ITHM species, while bromodiiodomethane (BDIM) was mainly detected with shorter contact times or lower chlorine doses. With increasing Br- and I- concentrations, DBIM became the dominant I-THM species, while bromoform became the dominant

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:58 PM Page 51

Drinking Water THM species. The formation of iodoform was almost completely suppressed during prechlorination.This indicates that one consequence of the addition of Cl2 prior to NH3 addition will be to almost completely eliminate iodoform formation in practice. Alternative oxidants Fortunately, the preoxidants, potassium permanganate (KMnO4), chlorine dioxide (ClO2), or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), tested as alternatives to prechorination did not form high concentrations of regulated THMs like chlorine. However, neither did they provide a viable alternative to prechlorination for minimizing I-THM formation. In some cases, small increases in I-THM formation were observed for preoxidation. This was attributed to reactions of alternative oxidants with Br-, I-, and NOM.

disinfection credit and/or to inactivate bacteria that slough off of a biofilter. Therefore, the optimization of chloramination practices should consider consistency and compliance with a wide range of operational and regulatory requirements, as well as reducing HNM formation. Limited results in the literature suggest that one possible approach to removing HNM precursors is to use biofiltration after ozonation. Considering the difficulty

of solving several treatment challenges and goals in a single process, biofiltration offers a number of other benefits. These include removal of assimilable or biodegradable organic carbon, removal of taste and odor causing compounds (geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (MIB), removal of selected biodegradable trace pharmaceutical compounds/endocrine disruptors, and a reduction in the probability of biological growth. continued overleaf...


Limited results in the literature suggest that one possible approach to removing HNM precursors is to use biofiltration after ozonation. Applications and recommendations for HNMs HNM formation is likely to be higher at ozonation plants. These utilities should consider monitoring HNM concentrations in their systems. Measuring all nine HNM species is important to assess overall HNM formation and speciation in water. Like THMs, the formation of HNMs will increase with increasing pH and bromide level. Chloramination alone, or after ozonation, will reduce HNMs in addition to reducing regulated THMs and HAAs. However, it is important to note that chloramination results were obtained with preformed monochloramine in this study. At full scale operations, preformed chloramines are not used. Instead, chlorine and ammonia are added in separate streams to form monochloramine. Proper mixing conditions of chlorine and ammonia are critical in monochloramine formation. Sometimes, chlorine is added to water before ammonia addition to gain www.esemag.com

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:58 PM Page 52

Drinking Water The DOC/DON ratio, despite some limitations, can be a simple parameter for water utilities to assess the formation potential of HNMs in their source waters. It is expected that, with lower DOC/DON ratios, HNM yields will be greater. Applications and recommendations for I-THMs When I- concentrations are less than 20 µg/L and/or if the source water is high DOC and high-SUVA254, adding HOCl

such as KMnO4, ClO2, or H2O2, do not generate as high a level of THMs as chlorine, they will not be a viable alternative to prechlorination for minimizing iodinated THM formation. In some cases, they may even increase I-THM formation. HNMs, I-THMs and other DBPs Overall, the results obtained in this study show that ozonation followed by chloramination, or chloramination alone,

Although the use of different oxidants has been linked to various DBP problems, they also result in large reductions in total organic halogen. and NH3 at the same point in plants with good mixing conditions is expected to form minimal levels of I-THMs. Adding HOCl earlier in the plant before NH3 prechlorination will decrease I-THM formation in most cases when iodide concentrations are higher (e.g., >80 µg /L). Even though alternative preoxidants,

may be a reasonable treatment to control the formation of HNMs, I-THMs, and THMs simultaneously. Because chloramines are a weaker disinfectant/oxidant, DWTPs usually need a pre-oxidant/disinfectant. The use of certain pre-oxidants in an optimized way may help utilities to control and minimize formation of both

regulated and unregulated DBPs. Although nitrification may be observed in some distribution systems as a result of chloramination, many systems have managed to control this problem. While switching to chloramines has been linked to lead problems in some systems, there are many more that have had no lead issues. Although the use of different oxidants has been linked to various DBP problems, they also result in large reductions in total organic halogen (TOX) or, under most conditions, significantly lower amounts of HNMs or iodine-containing DBPs. Some of these DBPs are an order of magnitude or higher in toxicity, but they are also an order of magnitude or lower in concentration. Nonetheless, it is still an important goal to try to find costeffective means of minimizing both regulated and emerging DBPs of health concern. For more information, visit: www.waterrf.org


Portable Flowmeter

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w w w. c o n c e p t c o n t ro l s . c o m VA VANCOUVER N C O U V E R | CALGARY C A L G A RY | EDMONTON E D M O N T O N | TORONTO T O R O N T O | MONTREAL MONTREAL

52 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:58 PM Page 53


Air/gas mass flowmeter improves WWTP efficiency By Stephen Cox


fast growing city recently addressed the need to expand its municipal service for new residents and subdivisions. In recent years, the city’s residential demand for wastewater treatment tripled to more than 1.5 million gallons per day. In planning for the wastewater treatment plant’s expanded capabilities, minimizing energy costs for aeration basin compressed air was a goal of the city’s water engineers. In wastewater treatment plants, controlling the proper amount of air that is released into the aeration basins is essential since this controls the growth of micro-organisms that treat the wastewater. Flow meters are typically installed in the aeration system piping to measure the amount of air flow, with their analog or digital output connected to the facility’s control system.

In most plants, each of several aeration basins is configured with numerous diffuser systems, and individual air flow monitoring with independent control is generally required for each diffuser system. The compressor system must run at all times to maintain the optimum amount of air to the diffuser systems and the aeration basins. Flow rates must change throughout the day, based on demand. Air/gas flowmeters Engineers at the plant needed to place air flow meters in a rugged area of the facility with an underground vault, which required remote access. The installation site was further challenged with straight pipe run limitations, the presence of hazardous gases, a wet and dirty environment, and with fluctuating wastewater levels. The flow meters needed to be installed in the 24-inch line used for blower air flow

into the aeration basins. Accurate measurement of the air flow was necessary for the control system to maintain the correct level of dissolved oxygen in the aeration basins and proper wastewater treatment. The meters also needed to provide accuracy over a wide flow range, because the facility requires flow rates to increase from 0.5 to 3.0 MGD with future growth. After reviewing various flow meter technologies, the plant engineers selected the ST98 Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI).This flow meter is designed with a thermal dispersion mass flow sensing element that provides measurement accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. To compensate for flow disturbances resulting from limited piping upstream, Vortab Flow Conditioners (Model VIP) were installed to ensure flow meter accuracy. They remove both continued overleaf...

Wastewater treatment plant underground vault with flow meter.


January 2012 | 53

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:58 PM Page 54


Theory of thermal dispersion flow measurement.

swirl and distorted velocity flow profiles to support accurate flow measurement by the meter at all velocities under challenging conditions. The flow meter also includes an integral 2-way HART protocol interface for direct communication with the plant’s distributed control system. This interface allows plant engineers to receive multiple process variables and to configure the

Flow meter with remote configuration transmitter.

flow meter remotely from the safety of the control room. HART‘s communications protocol provides two-way communication as part of the existing 4-20mA wiring, which allows the city’s process engineers to have simplified control and access to important

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54 | January 2012

flow meter data, including diagnostics, calibration and configuration information. City engineers also installed a Vortab VIP Flow Conditioner to provide repeatable and symmetrical velocity flow profiles at the metering location to reduce straight pipe run requirements. It was installed three pipe diameters downstream from the flow disturbance to provide symmetrical and swirl-free repeatable laminar flow. This ensures the flow meter meets the city’s accuracy and repeatability specifications. Conclusion Optimizing the aeration process by measuring and controlling the aeration system’s air flow with an accurate, reliable flow meter reduces energy costs and overall plant operational costs. In addition, the flow conditioner can reduce piping costs and the low pressure drop characteristics minimize compressor/pump power requirements. Outfitting wastewater treatment aeration systems with a mass flow meter will result in improved process effectiveness and reduced energy consumption. Looking carefully at measuring accuracy and range needs, installation conditions and maintenance requirements will assist in selecting the most cost-effective flow metering solution. Stephen Cox is with Fluid Components International. E-mail: scox@fluidcomponents.com

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:58 PM Page 55

Wastewater Treatment

Creating a scalable wastewater solution for a PEI tourist town


hen the picturesque, rural fishing village of Victoria, Prince Edward Island, needed to replace its antiquated, failing septic systems, community officials looked for a cost-effective solution suited to the unique requirements of their location. In order to plan for new development, the treatment system had to be scalable to accommodate the highly variable daily flows that are customary for a popular summer vacation destination. After careful consideration, Victoria’s decision-makers chose an Orenco Effluent Sewer and AdvanTex® AX100 Treatment System because of its effectiveness and low operating and lifetime costs. The system is scalable, and capable of treating flows of up to 95,000 litres per day (lpd) during the tourist season, with peaks of over 180,000 lpd.

Historic period buildings and landmarks such as the Victoria Lighthouse draw tourists and stimulate the local economy.

Chemline Plastics

Victoria’s historic architecture and its seaside location draw thousands of visitors each year, but development of the community had stalled because septic systems used by many buildings failed repeatedly, requiring expensive but often merely temporary repairs. The systems were also labour-intensive, as they needed frequent pumping to accommodate higher daily use during the tourist season. Provincial regulators would not approve new development or expansion in Victoria until a solution was found. When community officials were searching for a cost-effective, sustainable wastewater system, they had several specific constraints to consider. First, because the residential lots in the village centre had been laid out in the 1800s and were not large enough to accommodate traditional onsite wastewater continued overleaf...

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January 2012 | 55

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:59 PM Page 56

Wastewater Treatment

Installation of the system, which consists of both septic tank effluent gravity (STEG) and septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) equipment, was completed in 2008.

systems, a compact solution was required. Second, because treated effluent might negatively affect the nearby harbour and estuary, direct discharge to the bay was not a popular option for many residents and those who depended on Victoria’s coastal waters for their livelihood. Third, because Prince Edward Island relies on groundwater for its drinking water, the system needed to be based on an integrated, sustainable, watershed-based approach. Engineering Technologies Canada (ETC) was retained in 2003 to identify and evaluate various options and recommend a wastewater management solution best suited to the community’s needs. After a detailed life-cycle analysis of both conventional and alternative systems, ETC recommended the AdvanTex system. Installation of the system, which services 57 residential locations and six commercial sites, and consists of both septic tank effluent gravity (STEG) and septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) equipment, was completed in 2008. How the system works Following primary treatment in collection tanks at each site, the effluent is pumped to the treatment system, which uses a packed-bed textile filter, with low power requirements and low operating and maintenance costs. Because effluent is dosed at a specific rate to 10 AdvanTex AX100 pods, the system can accommodate widely varying daily flows. After 56 | January 2012

treatment, effluent is diffused to two landbased dispersal systems. The pressuredose sand dispersal bed (mantle) operates year-round, while a subsurface drip irrigation system comes on line during the busy summer season to provide the total required effluent dispersal capacity. Another key part of the integrated approach was a water efficiency program. Regular toilets were replaced with lowflow models (six litres/flush or less) and water meters were installed at each con-

nection. In addition to reducing potable water demands, this helped to reduce the amount of effluent needing treatment and allowed ETC to reserve more land at the wastewater treatment site for future expansion. The system’s scalability is an important factor for development in the community. While all AdvanTex pods are used for peak summer flows, in the slower winter season the system uses only three pods and two pumps, conserving energy and extending equipment life. Pods can be added to allow for further development in the area. Another critical factor for Victoria is that only a part-time operator is needed, because of the system’s robustness and reliability. “Operation and maintenance associated with traditional, ‘big city’ sewage treatment solutions can be onerous and time-consuming, requiring advanced, high-level operators,” said Kelly Galloway, project engineer. “If these technologies are misapplied they can be a huge burden on small rural communities, often making up the biggest portion of their utility costs.” The operator monitors the system remotely and is notified if any maintenance is needed, via an Orenco TCOM™ virtual telemetry panel. Levels of BOD and TSS are at least 60% less than antici-

Surrounded by water, the small town of Victoria, PEI, needed a community wastewater solution that was both environmentally sensitive and affordable. Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:59 PM Page 57

Wastewater Treatment

The Victoria Wharf is one of the town’s main tourist attractions.

pated, and the system also exceeds the desired treatment requirement for total nitrogen. More than 2,500 AX100 filters have been installed worldwide. However, this was the first municipal-scale STEG/STEP effluent sewer collection system in PEI.,

and the first major municipal scale, synthetic packed-bed filter treatment system in Atlantic Canada. “The new system has been a stimulus for expansion in our tourism businesses and has allowed our residential population to dramatically increase,” said Hilary

Price, administrator for the Community of Victoria. “Prior to the installation of this central sewage system, the community periodically experienced bad odours from failing septics. The new central sewage system rectified this problem and removed the serious public health hazard caused by failing septic systems.” For the system’s design, project engineer Kelly Galloway won the 2009 Engineers PEI Award for Engineering Achievement. The Community of Victoria was honoured with the 2010 Municipal Achievement Award from the Federation of PEI Municipalities and the 2011 Sustainable Community Award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. On October 18, 2011, Orenco was given the Water Environment Federation’s Innovative Technology Award for the nutrient-removal configuration of its AdvanTex Treatment Systems. For more information, visit www.orenco.com

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• Ease of retrofit or expansion without additional basins • Efficient and economic operation due to small footprint

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January 2012 | 57

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:59 PM Page 58


Composting plant boosts performance after facility retrofit and custom equipment replacement By Brian King and Lissa Ham


n 2009, a 50,000-wet tonne output per year organic waste composting plant was constructed in Moose Creek, Ontario, by Lafleche Environmental, Inc. (LEI) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montreal-based TransForce, Inc. The plant, which is located 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa, is part of a 500-acre LEI development that also includes a bioreactor landfill, collection and tertiary treatment of leachate, landfill gas collection and a 4-Mw power generation facility. As part of LEI’s vision of reusing a vast majority of otherwise wasted materials, the compost plant helps bring the company a critical step closer towards its waste diversion goals. LEI also recognized the need for the plant to meet increased demand for diversion of organics from the municipal solid waste stream. This was due to increased environmental awareness, a provincial mandate to increase diversion from landfill, and the lack of facilities in Ontario. The majority of materials delivered to the facility originate in central and eastern Ontario. The plant was uniquely constructed with one building inside another, atop a concrete slab. It is 156 metres long by 30 metres wide, and divided into three components: a receiving and channel loading area; six 110 metre long aerated concrete composting channels (bays); and a discharge area. The exterior building is a canvas-covered steel framework building that houses another internal fabric structure over the area where the active composting process occurs. The entire process is a multi-staged mix of biology, technology and mechanics, with each step being critical in the production of a high-quality end product. First, trucks deliver source-separated organics (SSO), consisting of various biodegradable feedstocks, including food scraps, food processing residues, paper, boxboard and cardboard, leaf and yard waste, and other organic materials. Bulking agents, including corn derivatives, straw, hay, chipped wood, and peat ‘overs’ 58 | January 2012

IPS Custom Agitator on transfer dolly at LEI’s compost facility.

are delivered separately and stored on site until needed. The SSO are deposited on the tipping floor in an enclosed receiving area that is designed for mixed waste preparation and feedstock mixing. After the material is visually inspected for oversized objects and obvious contaminants, a front-end loader places various proportions of each type of waste into a mixer which blends the material to achieve an appropriate C:N ratio and moisture content. The mixer discharges blended material via a conveyor to a primary screener that removes oversized constituents and some of the plastics in the raw SSO. Blended feedstock and bulking agents are transferred by a loader to the beginning of each composting bay. The automated agitator, travelling down the channels by a rail system on the walls, mixes the material to achieve a homogeneous blend throughout, as well as moving it from the front end to the discharge end of the bays (the active composting area) over a period of 25-30 days. While travelling through the bay, material is aerated via a system of in-floor piping. Temperatures are monitored and

controlled by a computerized monitoring and control system that activates the air blowers in response to temperature set points. Routine agitation, together with controlled aeration, provides an optimum environment to enhance the biological process. Immature composted material is then transferred via loader to an enclosed screening building, situated adjacent to the compost facility. It is screened again to remove the vast majority of plastics and the coarser fraction of the wood chips. This mitigates the seasonal elements (wind, rain and snow), wind-blown litter, and the potential for odour complaints. Screened immature compost is transported to an on-site curing yard, where it matures for an additional 20 to 60 days. Finally, the compost is sampled for analysis and bulk-distributed as an agricultural soil amendment to farmers, a soil additive for landscapers, and provided to the public. Over the years, farmers and other bulk users such as municipalities, landscapers, nursery-owners, golf courses, etc., have

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:59 PM Page 60

Economics and the Environment

Is the Green Economy the next evolution of environmental employment?


n a list of the most popular topics to appear recently in the media, the green economy would easily rank near the top. As a promising fusion of both environmental considerations and economic needs, it has garnered impressive praise, critique and debate. Yet, for all the attention directed to the green economy, little has been established as to what exactly the term refers to or encompasses. Definitions of green economic activity have varied widely, from descriptions with a predominately economic focus, to those that factor in much broader considerations of social equity and sustainability. This lack of a consistent definition has far-reaching implications. Without a clear definition of the green economy, it is difficult to estimate how many industries are currently involved in green activities, or to determine the ways that green growth affects employment. For environmental employers and professionals in particular, such insights are especially vital, since information on the development of the green economy relates to emerging areas, employment prospects and changing skill demands. Thus, a consistent and shared understanding of the opportunities and advantages of the green economy is essential for long-term environmental industry growth and workforce development. But how can this be achieved? In 2010, the Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada, initiated a multi-phase research project to define the green economy, estimate its size, and determine its potential influence on employment. In comparison to major international projects on the topic, such as UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative and the OECD’s Green Growth Strategy, ECO Canada’s research involves a unique national analysis of the green economy as it relates specifically to industries and occupations in Canada. Following the recent publication of the first study phase, entitled Defining the Green Economy, a number of in60 | January 2012

With the spread of sustainable practices across all industries, even workers outside of the traditional environmental sector are increasingly required to update their skills, utilize new technologies, and meet the requirements of emerging regulations.

triguing points have emerged on how the Canadian green economy should be defined, what its potential impact is on employment, and where further research is still needed. Through a review of available literature and discussions with key industry experts, ECO Canada’s report arrived at a definition of the green economy as: “The aggregate of all activity operating with the primary intention of reducing conventional levels of resource consumption and harmful emissions, and minimizing environmental impact. The green economy includes the inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes as they relate to the production of green products and services.” In a similar vein, a green job was characterized as: “One that works directly with information, technologies, or materials that minimize environmental impact, and also requires specialized

skills, knowledge, training, or experience related to these areas.” In addition to developing these definitions, the report also surveyed over 400 companies, currently operating in the Canadian green economy, to determine the characteristics, activities, and growth expectations of green businesses in Canada. Based on the input from these companies, the bulk of respondents (43%) were engaged in industries related to professional, scientific and technical services. Waste management and remediation was a distant second, with only 11% of green companies self-identifying in this category. Within these industries, green enterprises most frequently performed services related to consulting, education, or research, environmental consulting or training, engineering or related consulting, and recycling or re-manufacturing. Another important characteristic of these organizations was their small size. Half of the businesses in the survey employed five full-time employees or less, while only 7% operated with over a hundred full-time staff. The relatively small current size of green businesses could change significantly in the near future. Over two-thirds (64%) of the companies surveyed expected to hire additional full-time employees in the next five years, with 49% of these respondents planning to hire between one to 10 net full-time staff. Along with this overview of the traits of green companies, the Defining the Green Economy report also developed a preliminary sketch of how the green economy affects employment, skills requirements and emerging areas of opportunity in Canada. For the most part, the primary impact on Canadian employment is through the adaptation and reallocation of existing occupations. Its growth has meant that sustainable practices are spreading throughout all industries, including those outside of the traditionally-defined environmental sector. As noted in the report, “sustainability

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-06 5:32 PM Page 61

Economics and the Environment

Building retrofitting and construction is one emerging area that shows strong growth potential, according to ECO Canada’s Defining the Green Economy report.

is becoming an overarching way of working, regardless of industry.” Consequently, many workers in existing occupations have needed to update their skills, utilize new technologies, and meet the requirements of emerging regulations.

Environment-related activities have become so integral to typical work requirements that ECO Canada estimates there are currently over 2 million Canadian employees who spend some portion of their time on environmental tasks. The remarkable prevalence of envi-

ronmental work means that programs that help professionals measure their competencies against verified standards and stay in touch with industry developments are particularly essential. In response to this need, EP (Environmental Professional) Certification and EP networking events were established to support the career growth and success of professionals working in environmental industries. To a much lesser extent, the green economy also has an impact on the Canadian workforce through the creation of new jobs. As businesses work to meet anticipated environmental regulations and consumer demands, and as new markets emerge in such areas as low carbon technology and renewable energy, green growth has led to the emergence of distinctly-new occupations. With sectors, industries and businesses taking part in the green economy’s large-scale shift to greater sustainability, specific skills are already in notable demand. Industry insiders continued overleaf...

Providing Pr o viding a nnaa tional net networ w o r k ooff eexper xpe r ts with local knowled knowledge ge

The Pinchin Group


January 2012 | 61

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 10:59 PM Page 62

Economics and the Environment

Renewable and alternative energy production is another area that promises significant expansion in the coming years.

highlighted three main skill needs for workers in the green economy. The first was the ability to adapt to technological change. One of the hallmarks of green growth has involved the rapid introduction of new and often ad-

vanced technologies into environmental business activities and industrial processes. As one interview participant observed in Defining the Green Economy, there is a requirement for “constant adaptations to the new technology. The biggest

gap is how quick technology is changing. It’s unbelievable.� Secondly, professionals in the green economy need to demonstrate greater knowledge of sustainable development and general green practices. According


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62 | January 2012

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 63

Economics and the Environment www.ifat.de

to a number of sources, there is a noticeable lack of knowledge about sustainability across business processes, practices, policies and regulations. More knowledge is especially critical in areas related to carbon trading and environmental finance, where limited training is currently available. Finally, the growth of the green economy has increased the demand for interdisciplinary thinkers who are capable of understanding how green issues intersect across different departments. This reflects a larger business transition to systems integration. This means employees often need to facilitate cooperation between different industries and demonstrate an awareness of the connections between everything from engineering to trades and policy. These various skill requirements reflect the more technical and interdisciplinary nature of several of the green economy’s main areas of opportunity. Based on the Defining the Green Economy report, significant growth is anticipated for industries in renewable energy and energy efficiency, buildings, retro-fitting and construction; transportation and alternative transportation, and waste recycling and waste management. Ultimately, all of these insights from the study represent intriguing first steps towards a better understanding of the green economy in Canada. Further research is still needed to refine the underlying conditions of a definition for the green economy, as well as establish an accurate measurement of green economic activity. Several of these objectives have formed the basis for ECO Canada’s second project, Developing Canada’s Green Economy. In this current study in progress, a model will be constructed in order to classify green economic activity according to a series of rule-based measures or conditions. This definitional model will then be applied to green industries and companies to develop a preliminary scope of the kinds of products, services and activities that the green economy encompasses. Later on, information from the second study will provide a much-needed foundation for common language and logic to characterize the green economy, and pave the way for future research into the size and characteristics of Canadian green economic activity. Additional examination of the industries and occupations that contribute to the green economy will assist in identifying “hot” green jobs, the skills and training needs for emerging green occupations, and the general workforce strategies required to support green growth. This future research will also provide workforce development tools that specifically support the integration of newcomers to Canada and transitioning professionals into environmental occupations. As the green economy continues to undergo remarkable development, insights and strategies produced through this research will be crucial. Green growth represents valuable economic and employment opportunities that Canadian industries and professionals cannot afford to miss. For more information, please visit: www.eco.ca

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January 2012 | 63

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:17 PM Page 64

Water Supply

Meeting water reuse limits in cold climates By Ken Musyoka, Kevin Vieira and Merle Kroeker


he City of Dawson Creek, located in northeastern British Columbia, gets its water from the Kiskatinaw River, which is a tributary of the Peace River. This source is often plagued by high turbidity during the spring and low water levels in the summer. Recent growth in the oil and gas sector has led to increased pressure on the available potable water supply. The industry normally procures potable water from the City at filling stations, for use in deep well injection, road dust control and mud preparation. An alternative of tapping potable water from Pine or Peace River to supplement that obtained from Kiskatinaw River was considered. Due to the large distance between the rivers and the City’s reservoir, this option was considered to be too costly to be practical. To address the demand for potable water, the City decided to build a Recla-

SAGR (Submerged Attached Growth Reactor) near completion.

mation Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) to produce a minimum of 4000 m3/day of treated wastewater that meets the province’s standards. This approach would provide the required non-potable water to the oil and gas sector, with the

added benefit of reducing demand from the water supply. Other initiatives such as water conservation by-laws, adopting BC’s “Living Water Smart” approach to water management, etc., would ensure adequate water supply for the City and

Canadian Distributors of World-leading

Rainwater Stormwater & Wastewater Tanks, Filters & Treatment Systems

1-800-665-4499 64 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 65

Water Supply

SAGR site provides cold temperature nitrification in Dawson Creek, BC.

satellite communities that also use its potable water supply. The City issued a request for a proposal from the private sector to raise capital for upgrading the existing wastewater treatment facility to meet unrestricted public access reclaimed water standards. In return, the successful proponent was offered a 10 year right to 85% (3400 m3/day) of the reclaimed effluent from the treatment plant. Possible uses for the reclaimed water are in oil and gas production, dust control, and/or sports field


watering. Shell provided the winning proposal and contributed a significant portion of the required total capital. Dawson Creek reserved the right to the remaining 15% (600 m3/day) of reclaimed water for possible use in watering parks and sports fields. Alternatively, the City could offer this portion of reclaimed water for use in industry for a nominal fee. The estimated 25% reduction in potable water demand would ensure the City has an ample supply of water to meet future demands.

The process had to meet BC Municipal Sewage Regulations (MSR) for reclaimed water under the “Unrestricted Public Access” category. As a result, it would also meet and exceed the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) requirements on a year round basis. (See Table 1) After discussions with the City’s designated consultant, it was decided to add a Nelson Environmental Inc. SAGR® (Submerged Attached Growth Reactor) process to provide post lagoon BOD5 and ammonia removal. It would also significantly reduce downstream demand on process equipment. Added benefits to upgrading the process would be a significant reduction in lagoon effluent TSS and pathogens. For final turbidity and TSS polishing following the SAGR®, cloth disk filters would be implemented followed by a chlorination unit for disinfection. Developing the SAGR process Lagoon-based treatment systems provide some ammonia removal (nitrification) capacity during the summer months. continued overleaf...

January 2012 | 65

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 66

Water Supply

Table 1: Upgraded RWTP anticipated and required effluent.

However, many small communities in Canada and the northern United States are currently using lagoon systems for wastewater treatment, which often experience process water temperatures below 1 oC for extended periods during the winter. As a result, continuously discharging systems cannot meet low ammonia limits during the winter months. An alternative is to store lagoon effluent for intermittent discharge when water temperatures improve. This approach is made impossible for many communities due to large capital and land requirements. The SAGR process was developed to address these issues. The performance parameters and sizing of the process are based on extensive testing performed on post-lagoon demonstration systems located in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and in Steinbach, Manitoba. Lloydminster was commissioned in 2008 and is currently in operation, while the Steinbach pilot was operated for three years between 2007 and 2010. Depending on effluent requirements, the system design can be adjusted to meet ammonia levels of <1.0 mg/L in summer months, and <2.0 mg/L in winter months, with influent water temperatures as low as 0.5oC. For the Dawson Creek RWTP, three SAGR beds (modules) were constructed to operate in parallel, following the existing aerated lagoon system.

SAGR Process BOD5 mg/L. TSS mg/L. TAN mg/L.

SAGR process system The SAGR process can be utilized for nitrification following any secondary treatment process, including aerated or facultative lagoons. It is a clean gravel bed, with a horizontal flow distribution chamber at the front end. This distributes the influent wastewater across the width of the entire bed. The gravel provides the necessary surface area for growth and attachment of a nitrifying biomass within the bed and is sized to optimize bacterial growth and hydraulic flow. A horizontal effluent collection chamber at the back end collects all the treated effluent and channels it to the discharge structure. Sizing of the bed is based on influent loading rates and temperature, as well as the required rate of nitrification. NEI LINEAR aeration was laid along the SAGR floor and provides continuous year-round aerobic conditions necessary for nitrification to take place within the bed. The aeration grid and bed layout are designed in such a way as to optimize biomass growth by balancing predation/decay with growth throughout the bed. This in turn minimizes long-term flow obstruction due to biomass overgrowth. Commissioning and performance Nelson Environmental staff provided operational training and commission on September 13, 2011, following successful completion of system construction. All MSR effluent objectives are met

SAGR Influent (Post Lagoon) 11.8 10.6 31

prior to the disc filters with the exception of turbidity (no bacterial indicator data was provided). This trend is expected to continue and improve as the SAGR process matures to establish an optimal biomass film within the beds. (See Table 2) Conclusions Preliminary results indicate the upgraded facility is well on its way to meeting effluent quality objectives and solving the potable water availability concerns. There is a potential for capital cost recovery for the City of Dawson Creek, given the fact that demand for the reclaimed water by the local oil and gas industry is likely to remain high for the foreseeable future. The RWTP effluent quality far exceeds the recently published CCME effluent quality requirements. As a result, the City is ahead of the curve in meeting the 30 year grace period allocated by the federal government for wastewater treatment plant upgrades. Shell gains an alternative source for process/fracturing water that is cost effective and of high quality. It has access to 3400 m3/day of water over a 10 year period for their initial investment, amounting to significant long-term savings and capital recovery. Ken Musyoka, Kevin Vieira and Merle Kroeker are with Nelson Environmental. E-mail: mkroeker@nelsonenvironmental.com

Effluent (Post SAGR) <2 4 0.13

Table 2. October 2011 SAGR influent and effluent averages.

66 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 67

Water Systems

Acoustic-based pipe assessment technology reduces water leakage rates By Marc Bracken

The correlator interface indicates the effective wall thickness of the surveyed span of asbestos cement pipe as well as any existing leaks to engineers. Leaks are detected within 1”-3”ft of accuracy.


ccording to the US Environmental Protection Agency, some 700 water main breaks occur every day in the United States and Canada, amounting to approximately 250,000 breaks each year. Also, EPA estimates that, on average, 14 percent of treated water is lost to leaks. The District of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, provides drinking water to more than 68,000 residential and commercial customers through 380 kilometres of water mains. Located 26 miles east of Vancouver on the north bank of the Fraser River, the District was experiencing leaks and main breaks in sections of its water system, which is comprised mainly of ductile iron pipe. However, approximately 18% of its water system is comprised of asbestos cement and cast iron, and most of the leaks and breaks are experienced in these areas. Normally, Maple Ridge would analyze the break histories of parts of its water www.esemag.com

system to determine which sections needed to be prioritized for replacement. However, it began searching for a solution that would help support this approach by non-invasively measuring the effective wall thickness of selected water pipes as a means of better anticipating what sections were most vulnerable to future breaks.

Maple Ridge turned for help to Echologics LLC, a developer of advanced acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection, and pipe condition assessment. A subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc., Echologics works with municipalities worldwide to isolate “silent” leaks that traditional leak detection and condition

Normally, Maple Ridge would analyze the break histories of parts of its water system to determine which sections needed to be prioritized for replacement. “Maple Ridge is a growing community with a fairly young infrastructure,” said Ed Mitchell, Maple Ridge’s Waterworks Superintendent. “Except for 42 miles of asbestos cement and cast-iron pipes with some ductile iron, we’re in good condition. Our main driver in investigation and replacement was trying to determine a pipe’s remaining useful life.”

assessment methodologies fail to find. Its proprietary sensor and signal conditioning technologies substantially reduce both electronic “white” noise as well as ambient background noise often created by running water, traffic or pumps. It works well on all pipes regardless of diameter, geometry, material, etc. Data collection is non-invasive, using January 2012 | 67

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 68

Water Systems standard pipe appurtenances such as hydrants, valves, or direct attachments to the pipe’s outer wall. The system also has the ability to assess the structural condition of transmission mains and distribution pipelines, including a unique solution for asbestos cement pipe. Mitchell wanted to gauge the accuracy of the company’s condition assessment capabilities. Therefore, the District had Echologics assess the condition of two sections of 6-in. asbestos cement pipe in its system, which it already knew was badly degraded. In order to conduct the acoustic-based surveys, engineers placed two hydrophones on valves and fire hydrants that were connected to selected sections of the system. Once the hydrophones were in place, a correlator listened for variations of acoustic signals that were introduced into the pipes by flowing water from hydrants, physically tapping on appurtenances such as valves, or by attaching vibro-mechanical shakers to the system. Changes in the acoustic signals enabled engineers to accurately measure wall thickness of the pipes, while simultaneously pinpointing leaks without breaking

Matthew Coleman, senior field specialist for Echologics, listens as acoustic signals are induced into a section of asbestos cement pipe through a hydrant using LeakFinderRT.

ground or disrupting service. Once Echologics had surveyed both sections of pipe, Maple Ridge compared unearthed samples of the pipes to the condition assessment report provided.

The results were found to be nearly identical. The company’s findings accurately indicated that both pipes had remaining wall thicknesses of 7.7 mm, which meant that the pipes were significantly degraded. They had lost more than half (-54.2%) of their original wall thickness. The ability to accurately and non-invasively locate leaks and assess the wall thickness of pipes is a result of LeakfinderRT, a Windows-based leak detection and pipe condition assessment system. Its ability to accurately detect leaks on asbestos cement and metallic pipes is a result of an enhanced correlation function, which dramatically improves its ability to accurately identify and locate narrowband leak noise. This capability is ideal for plastic pipes, multiple leak situations, and scenarios where there is a large amount of background noise, or where leak sensors have to be closely spaced. Maple Ridge now uses results from Echologics’ leak detection and pipe condition assessments, along with its pipe breakage histories, to help prioritize repairs and replacement of its water system. A pattern of break reductions has been established for the District. In 2010, there were a total of six breakages in the system. In 2011, there were only two. Marc Bracken is with Echologics. For more information, E-mail: ashorter@muellerwp.com

68 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 69

ACG Technology’s package treatment system offers performance and durability. It provides sewage treatment within a small footprint. Aeration, mixing and settling can be accomplished in compact, easily transported ISO containers, ideal for remote locations. Provides flexibility of adding future parallel units, an economical means of meeting the needs of any growing sewage loads. Tel: 905-856-1414, Fax: 905-856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web: www.acgtechnology.com ACG Technology

Coalescing oil/water separators ACG Technology’s coalescing oil/ water separators are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP and polypropylene construction. Standard systems include air-operated diaphragm pump, air filter and floating skimmer. Adjustable weir and skimmer height provides optimal oil removal and minimal disposal volume. Standard range is 1 to 50 GPM. Tel: 905-856-1414, Fax: 905-856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web: www.acgtechnology.com

Altech Technology Systems offers the patented System REITHER™ venturi air scrubber advanced technology for up to 99% removal of fine particulate, aerosols, acid mists, and many odorous gases, including H₂S, SO₂, ammonia, etc. from 0.1 µ to 10 µ. Benefits include: adjustable venturi throat, compact modular footprint, few moving parts, low maintenance and co-scrub particulate and watersoluble gases in a single stage system. Tel: 866-734-8437 E-mail: ats@altech-group.com Web: www.altech-group.com

ACG Technology

Altech Technology Systems

Online Education

American Public University offers more than 150 affordable online degrees and certificate programs in a wide variety of specialities including environmental science. Our tuition is far less than other top online universities. Classes start monthly and are 100% online. Learn more about one of the best values in online education at www.StudyatAPU.com/ese. Tel: 877-777-9081 E-mail: info@apus.edu Web: studyatAPU.com/ese American Public University

Phoenix Panel System

• Upgrades and optimizes all types of filters • Installs directly over existing underdrain system • Eliminates the need for base gravel layers • Improves backwash flow distribution • Provides longer filter runs and lower turbidity effluent Tel: 403-255-7377, Fax: 403-255-3129 E-mail: info@awifilter.com Web: www.awifilter.com AWI


Venturi air scrubber

Biosolids management

Gas analysis systems

American Water provides beneficial reuse of biosolids; advanced technologies - Class A biosolids; mobile dewatering; digester, reactor, tank and lagoon cleaning; confined space entry; treatment plant by-pass; vacuum and haulage services; custom, mobile screening; and free assessments and quotations. Tel: 800-846-2097 E-mail: terratecsales@amwater.com Web: www.terratec.amwater.com

Awite’s Gas Analysis Systems are specifically designed for biogas applications and implemented in more than 1,200 biogas plants worldwide. The standardized System AwiEco offers a reliable and costeffective measurement. The customized System AwiFlex offers highest flexibility and more options than other conventional analysis systems. A complete solution with low maintenance effort – adjusted to every customer’s needs. Tel: 888-965-4700 E-mail: info@avensyssolutions.com Web: www.avensyssolutions.com

American Water

Avensys Solutions

Phoenix Underdrain System

• Optimizes all types of filters • Extremely low profile; lowest available • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel • Variable custom orifice sizing • Custom hydraulic design • Guaranteed uniform air scour distribution • Rapid, low-cost installation Tel: 403-255-7377, Fax: 403-255-3129 E-mail: info@awifilter.com Web: www.awifilter.com AWI

Traffic cones Pack-A-Cone is a standard 28” reflective traffic cone that collapses down to a compact 13” x 13” x 2” package for easy storage. It pulls up to full height or down for storage in a matter of seconds. The Pack-A-Cone comes in a package of five in a carry/storage bag, and it weighs 5.2 lb. Tel: 800-265-0182, 905-949-2741 Fax: 905-272-1866 E-mail: info@cdnsafety.com Web: www.cdnsafety.com Canadian Safety Equipment

January 2012 | 69

Product & Service Showcase

Package Treatment System

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:00 PM Page 70

NSF-61 certified butterfly valves Chemline’s Type 57 allplastic elastomer seated butterfly valve is now NSF-61 certified for potable water services. All-plastic construction offers perfect corrosion resistance at low cost. Standard materials are PVC body, PP disc, EPDM seat; others are available. Sizes range from 1-1/2” to 24”. Handlever, gear operators, pneumatic or electric actuators are also available. Tel: 905-889-7890, Fax: 905-889-8553 E-mail: request@chemline.com Web: www.chemline.com Chemline Plastics

P roduct & Service Showcase

Storm shelters Corrugated steel pipe has a long history for underground shelters, from bomb shelters and military bunkers to a Global Seed Vault container. In Tech Bulletin 14 you’ll see yet another use for CSP.... storm shelters. Download Technical Bulletin 14 and see how practical and efficient a CSP storm shelter can be. Tel: 866-295-2416 Web: www.cspi.ca Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute

Rentals department

Concept Controls’ rental inventory is the largest in Canada, giving our customers a flexible alternative to buying. We ensure that we always have the most up-to-date Gas Monitors, Industrial Hygiene instrumentation, and Environmental Monitoring equipment, calibrated and ready for you. Tel: 888-207-2212 E-mail: rentals@conceptcontrols.com Web: www.conceptcontrols.com Concept Controls

70 | January 2012

CSPI Technical Bulletin 13 – Canadian Performance Guidelines for Structural Plate, Corrugated Steel Pipe and Deep Corrugated Structural Plate Structures is designed to assist practitioners in selecting appropriate structure type, end protection details and the optimum coating and plate thickness combination to enable corrugated steel plate structures to meet design service specifications. Download Tech Bulletin 13... NOW. Tel: 866-295-2416 Web: www.cspi.ca Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute

Corrosion protection

Water sampler

Denso Bitumen Mastic is a high build single component, cold applied liquid bituminous coating that is used to provide economical corrosion protection on buried pipes, valves, flanges and underground storage tanks. Denso Bitumen Mastic is self-priming, VOC compliant and can be applied by brush or roller. Tel: 416-291-3435, Fax: 416-291-0898 E-mail: blair@densona.com Web: www.densona.com

The new CSF48 from Endress+Hauser sets the benchmark in water quality monitoring. Choose between vacuum or peristaltic pumping, and multiple sampling routines. Opt for the two industrial digital sensors (expanding to eight in the future) and connect to the SCADA with the latest communications protocols. A complete monitoring and collection solution responding to today’s industrial requirements. Tel: 800-668-3199, Fax: 905-681-9444 E-mail: info@ca.endress.com Web: www.ca.endress.com



GPS RTK receiver

Analytical system

The new Liquiline CM44x platform from Endress+Hauser is a true multi-channel “Plug & Play” analytical system, using Memosens digital communications. Just plug in up to eight digital sensors and you are ready to go! Move now to a true digital system. Tel: 800-668-3199, Fax: 905-681-9444 E-mail: info@ca.endress.com Web: www.ca.endress.com Endress+Hauser

CSP bulletin

Geneq has introduced an ultrasmall SXBlue GPS L1/L2 dual frequency GPS RTK receiver for high accuracy positioning. It is designed to be mounted on vehicles and use the vehicle power for machine control applications such as agriculture, mining, construction and other high-precision applications. Tel: 800-463-4363 E-mail: rparise@geneq.com Web: www.geneq.com Geneq

Vortex mixing system

The JetMix Vortex Mixing System can be used for sludge mixing, anaerobic digester mixing, and aerobic digester mixing. Among the advantages of the system are: minimal tank obstructions; easy cleaning, loading/unloading; ideal for varying liquid levels; simplified maintenance; easy retrofitting; and, finally, its ‘as needed operation’. Tel: 519-469-8169, Fax: 519-469-8157 E-mail: Sales@greatario.com Web: www.greatario.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:01 PM Page 71

Ozone systems

Multiparameter meter

Measure flow from outside a pipe. This new Greyline Portaflow PT500 Transit Time Flow Meter is designed for clean liquids like water, oils and most chemicals. Clamp-on sensors mount on the outside of plastic or metal pipes and ultrasonic signals are injected through the pipe between the two sensors. It works on any pipe diameter from 0.51 to 78” (13-2,000 mm) OD. It can store calibrations for up to 20 different sites. It operates 16 hours on internal battery and recharges overnight. Tel: 888-473-9546 E-mail: info@greyline.com Web: www.greyline.com Greyline Instruments

H2FLOW offers Pinnacle’s revolutionary Zenith ozone systems, producing up to 600 lbs/day (5% wt.) per unit. With their highly efficient design, they can be turned up/down for 100% dosage variability. They are built with solid components, are rugged, proven, extremely compact, and water cooled, with no yearly maintenance. Tel: 905-660-9775, Fax: 905-660-9744 E-mail: info@h2flow.com Web: www.h2flow.com

The YSI Professional Plus handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Web: www.hoskin.ca


Hoskin Scientific

Hand-held DO meter

Inclined screw press

Inline sludge screen

The RoS3Q Inclined Screw Press from Huber Technology provides high performance sludge dewatering in a compact, entirely enclosed machine. It provides efficient and reliable operation with minimal operator attendance. The slow rotational design is simple and energy-efficient. Tel: 704-990-2055 E-mail: marketing@hhusa.net Web: www.huberforum.net/ESE

With more than 700 installations, Huber Technology’s Strainpress® Inline Sludge Screen is designed to effectively screen sludge in pressurized lines. It reduces maintenance costs and increases the operating reliability of downstream sludge treatment systems. The Strainpress is precision manufactured of stainless steel. Tel: 704-990-2055 E-mail: marketing@hhusa.net Web: www.huberforum.net/ESE Huber Technology

The YSI ProODOTM handheld DO meter provides extreme durability for the measurement of optical, luminescent-based dissolved oxygen for any field application. Web: www.hoskin.ca

Hoskin Scientific

Huber Technology

Relining pipe

Stormwater connection

Streamliner CR relining pipe from Ideal Pipe is a strong, light corrugated HDPE pipe designed to ‘streamline’ the upgrading of old metal culverts. In-place relining with Streamliner CR eliminates the trouble and expense of road reconstruction, while improving drainage through the culvert. Tel: 800-265-7098 Web: www.idealpipe.ca

The Stormceptor Max was selected as the stormwater connection to the Aurora Business Park wetland in Calgary, because it provided maximum capture and treatment for sediment and hydrocarbons. Protection of Nose Creek which drains into the Bow River, considered one of the Top 10 fishing spots in North America, was a consideration for the City of Calgary. Tel: 800-565-4801 E-mail: info@imbriumsystems.com Web: www.imbriumsystems.com; www.stormceptor.com


Imbrium Systems


Grit removal

MECTAN® V (Variangle) is a complete redevelopment of the MECTAN® design with 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It provides improved grit removal efficiency across the board and surpasses other similar designs in the difficult removal of grit in the 140 mesh range. Tel: 888-MEUNIER E-mail: sales@johnmeunier.com Web: www.johnmeunier.com John Meunier

January 2012 | 71

Product & Service Showcase

Portable flow meter

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:01 PM Page 72

Safety hatches MSU MG Safety Hatches - the open and shut case for hatch standards. With single, double and multi-door configurations in aluminum and stainless steel, they are made right here in Canada. Check us out on the web www.msumississauga.com Tel: 800-268-5336, Fax: 888-220-2213 E-mail: sales@msumississauga.com

MSU Mississauga

Pumping systems solutions

MSU MG Safety Hatches set the standard in Canada for fall-through protection. They withstand pedestrian and occasional traffic loads. With single, double and multi-door configurations in aluminum and stainless steel, they are made in Canada. Tel: 800-268-5336, Fax: 888-220-2213 E-mail: sales@msumississauga.com Web: www.msumississauga.com

Satisfying pumping needs at the lowest cost over the life cycle of the system, Myers optimizes system efficiencies with complete engineering services, providing cost-effective solutions and immediate cost savings when planning a pump station. Myers software programs provide the engineering tools to properly design the ideal station. Tel: 604-552-7900, Fax: 604-552-7901 E-mail: epsl@telus.net

MSU Mississauga

Myers Engineered Products

Rotary lobe pump

Soil and water monitoring

The National Ground Water Association is the hallmark organization for anyone affiliated with the groundwater industry. NGWA's purpose is to provide guidance to members, government representatives, and the public, for sound scientific, economic, and beneficial development, protection, and management of the world's groundwater resources. E-mail: ngwa@ngwa.org Web: www.ngwa.org

The NETZSCH TORNADO速 positive displacement, self priming, valveless pumps, offer high performance and are selected and configured for the requirements of each application. They are designed for intermittent or continuous operation, provide gentle pumping of the pumped product and are ideally suited for transfer, process and dosing applications. There are highly abrasion resistant and replaceable protection plates on both faces of the housing. Tel: 705-797-8426, Fax: 705-797-8427 E-mail: info@netzsch.ca Web: www.netzsch.ca

The RaPID Assay test kit is designed to detect and measure contaminates such as PAH, BTEX, TPH, PCB and PCP in soil and water. The RaPID Assay is used during site remediation, to locate map sites, screen lab samples, and to monitor industrial processes. Tel: 800-560-4402, Fax: 877-820-9667 E-mail: sales@ospreyscientific.com Web: www.ospreyscientific.com\

National Ground Water Association

NETZSCH Canada Inc.

Osprey Scientific

Association for groundwater industry

P roduct & Service Showcase

Safety hatches

Metering pump

Metering pumps

Membrane bioreactor

The awardwinning delta速 with optoDrive速 provides diverse control and operating capabilities in a capacity range of 7.5 - 75 l/h, 362 psi - 29 psi. The delta from ProMinent has many advanced features: pulsed or continuous dosing; automatic detection of airlock, low pressure and high pressure; and an automatic degassing option. Tel: 888-709-9933, Fax: 519-836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web: www.prominent.ca/delta

Feature-rich and dependable Sigma series metering pumps from ProMinent help keep your chemical feed under control. Sigma pumps operate in capacities of up to 1000 LPH and pressures up to 174 psi. Microprocessor controls are easy to use, with backlit LCD for rapid and reliable adjustment.

Sanitherm has perfected containerizing their SaniBrane速 MBR. The containerized SaniBrane is portable, provides excellent effluent on start-up, is operator friendly and comes pre-wired, preplumbed and tested. The system for anywhere needing reliable waste treatment with a small footprint!

Tel: 888-709-9933, Fax: 519-836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web: www.prominent.ca

Tel: 604-986-9168, Fax: 604-986-5377 E-mail: information@sanitherm.com Web: www.sanibrane.com

ProMinent Fluid Controls

ProMinent Fluid Controls

Sanitherm Inc.

72 | January 2012

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:01 PM Page 73

Smith & Loveless Inc. announces its latest headworks innovation, PISTA® WORKS™, a pre-engineered packaged headworks system, combining screening, grit removal and grit washing into one integrated system. It is pre-assembled and shipped direct to the job site, significantly reducing field-installation costs, while allowing for a compact footprint. All equipment components are constructed of stainless steel. Tel: 913-888-5201, Fax: 913-888-2173 E-mail: answers@smithandloveless.com Web: www.smithandloveless.com Smith & Loveless

Hatch safety net The lightweight Hatch Safety Net is designed to be permanently installed and easily retractable in floor and roof openings where the risk of fall through is present. When closed, the net system allows people to move freely around confined space openings without fear of falling into the opening. It also allows visibility of inspections and accessibility for limited maintenance and float adjustments. When entry/exit is required, the net can be easily unhooked on all but one side of the opening. Tel: 604-552-7900, Fax: 604-552-7901 E-mail: epsl@telus.net USF Fabrication

Bladder pumps

Water level data logger

Solinst Bladder Pumps prevent air/water contact during operation, and are excellent for low flow and VOC groundwater sampling. They are available in stainless steel or PVC and are ideal for applications to depths of 150 m (500 ft.). Bladders are quick and easy to change. Tel: 905-873-2255, 800-661-2023 Fax: 905-873-1992, 800-516-9081 E-mail: instruments@solinst.com Web: www.solinst.com Solinst Canada

With absolute precision, the new Levelogger® Edge records up to 120,000 water level and temperature data points using new linear compression sampling. It offers improved temperature compensation, reduced thermal response times, accuracy of 0.05% FS, 24 bit resolution, a 10-year battery, corrosion-resistant titanium coating, and Hastelloy pressure sensor. Tel: 905-873-2255, Fax: 905-873-1992 E-mail: instruments@solinst.com Web: www.solinst.com Solinst Canada

Peristaltic pumps

Mechanical actuators

The Pegasus Alexis® Peristaltic Pump from Waterra is a self-contained sampling station that includes all the best features of these devices. Packaged in the rugged Pelican™ 1430 case and incorporating its own power supply and charger, this pump will keep you sampling in the field all day long. Tel: 905-238-5242, Fax: 905-238-5704 E-mail: sales@waterra.com Web: www.waterra.com

The portable, electrically operated Hydrolift has been one of the most popular mechanical actuators for the Waterra Inertial Pump, and we've been working to make it better. Today, the improved Hydrolift is more durable and easier to use and, most importantly, more affordable than ever. Tel: 905-238-5242, Fax: 905-238-5704 E-mail: sales@waterra.com Web: www.waterra.com

Waterra Pumps

Waterra Pumps

New name for ITTWWW

New jet aerators

ITT Corporation’s water business is now a standalone global water technology corporation, named Xylem. The company’s product brands include Flygt, Wedeco, Sanitaire, and Leopold. Xylem continues to maintain a strong Canadian presence, with 14 sales locations, 24 authorized distributors and several service partners to service the water and wastewater market. Tel: 514-695-0100 E-mail: raymond.simond@xyleminc.com Web: www.xylemwatersolutions.com/ca Xylem

Based on the clogfree Flygt Npumps, the new Flygt jet aerator from Xylem has become easier to install and maintain. The major changes in the new generation jet aerators are: an improved lift in/lift out structure, and a strengthened stand equipped with rubber dampers. Available with up to three ejectors, the Flygt jet aerator is a flexible aeration solution for small- and mediumsized tanks. Tel: 514-695-0100, Fax: 514-697-0602 Web: www.xylemwatersolutions.com/ca Xylem


New Amalgam UV lamps Xylem’s new WEDECO ECORAY® ultraviolet lamps offer significant savings in operation and life cycle costs. The UV lamps incorporate a new long-life coating and improved overall stability and performance. An innovative gas and amalgam mixture in the lamp utilizes up to 80 percent less mercury. Corresponding electronic ballast cards have been fine-tuned to the specific requirements of ECORAY lamp aging characteristics. Tel: 514-695-0100, Fax: 514-697-0602 Web: www.xylemwatersolutions.com/ca


January 2012 | 73

Product & Service Showcase

Headworks system

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-06 5:33 PM Page 74

ES&E’s 24th Annual Equipment Specifiers’ Guide Nov/Dec 2011






r 201 1

September/October 2011


uary 2011

Why wate and standardsr meter approvals need simplifyin g Tighter envir onmental site assessmen on the horiz ts on New system improves wastewat plant oxygenati er on

water Household nes usage decli lids Reducing bioso disposal costs ge

Climate chan affecting the s Great Lake

Cranb upgra rook waste des its irriga water tion sys tem Statsc Canadaan reports supply ’s freshwaon ter and de mand Ancie nt set ma Romans mode ny rn stander treatmen t Securing wat ards

ions: Special Sect

Forum Consultants’ s Storage Tank & Spills Containment

www .esem

Official CANE Showguide CT 2011 Page 80 www .esem


ems supply syst roach A new app ply to water sup t managemen

ag.co m

ada's How will Can ns new regulatio ? TPs affect WW

ag.co m

WWTP Saskatoon upgrades its l system grit remova

technology New CSO treatment shaft project replaces cancelled tunnel for a Abbotsford secures approval new drinking water source

Guide to Con sultants, Equipment Suppliers and Produc ts

efficiency Improving the energy systems ES&E ’s annuof pumping guide al s sewer governm to MBR system eliminate ent, assoc surcharges for food plant and acaiations demic institu tions ww w. ese ma g.c


Environmental Consultants and Testing Laboratories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 tion: Special Sec ks Storage Tan t & Spills Containmen

www .ese mag


Retaining wastewater older water and plant operato rs

Equipment and Service Suppliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 www .ese mag

Products & Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99


How much mor consumers e are will to pay for wat ing er? Working tow ards net zero energy con sumption in WWTPs

ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Consultants and Testing Laboratories NOTE: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers only. No claims are made that it is a comprehensive review. ES&E relies on information supplied by companies who returned questionnaires. AA BOSCARIOL & ASSOCIATES LTD. 214-2825 Lauzon Pkwy Windsor ON N8T 3H5 AA ENVIRONMENTAL & ASSOCIATES 173-138 Yorkland St Richmond Hill ON L4S 1J1 A & A ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC. 2-513 Adelaide St Woodstock ON N4S 4B5 (519) 266-4680 Fax: (519) 539-1705 Contact: Dr. George Duncan, President ABYDOZ ENVIRONMENTAL 48 Glencoe Dr Mount Pearl NL A1N 4S9 ACRES & ASSOCIATED ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 525-21 Four Seasons Pl Toronto ON M9B 6J8 ADI LIMITED 252-7071 Bayers Rd Halifax NS B3L 2C2 AECOM CANADA LTD. PO Box 736 – 2-1 Station Rd Cobalt ON P0J 1C0 (705) 679-5979 Fax: (705) 679-5750 Contact: Bruce McMullan, Sr. Project Manager AEL ENVIRONMENT (AEON EGMOND LTD.) 13-6800 Kitimat Rd Mississauga ON L5N 5M1 (800) 267-4797 Fax: (416) 657-2367 Contact: Paul Wilson, President AERCOUSTICS ENGINEERING LTD. 165-50 Ronson Dr Etobicoke ON M9W 1B3

AET Consultants is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting company offering services in five areas of expertise: Waste, Ecology, Building Sciences, Energy and Environmental Management. With over 1,000 environmental projects completed in Ontario and across Canada, AET offers extensive experience, capabilities and a proven track record that, among other benefits, assures that our clients receive value-added services, credible results and effective solutions. AGAT LABORATORIES 5835 Coopers Ave Mississauga ON L4Z 1Y2 (905) 712-5100 Fax: (905) 712-5122 Contact: Kristi Huff, Business Development Manager

A-MAPS ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 32 Bon Echo Cres Kanata ON K2M 2W6 (613) 270-9378 Fax: (613) 599-7559 Contact: D. Spitzer, CEO AMEC 110-160 Traders Blvd Mississauga, ON L42 3K7 AMERICAN WATER CANADA CORP. 200 Eastport Blvd Hamilton ON L8H 7S4 (905) 544-0444 Contact: Phil Sidhwa, ANACHEM LIMITED 255 Norman St Lachine QC H8R 1A3 (514) 481-8010 Fax: (514) 481-6340 Contact: Nikki Zieba, Office Administrator

AIMS ENVIRONMENTAL 111-1020 Denison St Markham ON L3R 3W5 (905) 474-0058 Fax: (905) 474-0601 Contact: Mohamed Jagawi, Principal, Project Manager

APLIN & MARTIN CONSULTANTS LTD. 201-12448 82 Ave Surrey BC V3W 3E9 (604) 597-9058 Fax: (604) 597-9061 Contact: Robert Wridgway, Sr. Project Engineer AQUA DATA RIVE NORD 36, Rue des Muguets St Therese QC J7E 5T4

AINLEY & ASSOCIATES LTD. 280 Pretty River Pkwy Collingwood ON L9Y 4J5 (705) 445-3451

AQUA TERRE SOLUTIONS INC. 200-333 – 25th St E Saskatoon SK S7K 0L4

AIR, EARTH & WATER ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 423 Ireland Rd Simcoe ON N3Y 5J1 AIRZONE ONE LTD. 222 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4Z 1X2 ALDWORTH ENGINEERING INC. 32 Overbank Cres North York ON M3R 1W2 (416) 444-8583 Fax: (416) 444-1421 Contact: George Aldworth, President

ARK ENVIROTECH INC. 102-1439 17 Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 1J9 (403) 355-3655 Fax: (403) 355-3658 Contact: Tamara Neely, Marketing Coordinator ASI GROUP LIMITED PO Box 2205 – 250 Martindale Rd St Catharines ON L2R 7R8 (905) 641-0941 Fax: (905) 641-1825 Contact: Carmen Sperrazza, President

ALS LABORATORY GROUP 26-5730 Coopers Ave Mississauga ON L3Z 2E9 (905) 507-6910 AET CONSULTANTS 531 Wellington St Kitchener ON N2H 5L6 (519) 576-9723 Fax: (519) 570-9589 E-mail: sfreiburger@aet-group.com Web site: www.aet-group.com Contact: Scott Freiburger, Principal/Sr. Auditor

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ALTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING LTD. 12 Banigan Dr Toronto ON M4H 1E9 (800) 323-4937 Fax: (416) 467-9824 Contact: Brian Bobbie, President

ASSOCIATED ENGINEERING 300-4940 Canada Way Burnaby BC V5G 4M5 (604) 293-1411 Fax: (604) 291-6163 E-mail: admin-group@ae.ca

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories Web site: www.ae.ca Contact: Dean Shiskowski, Ph.D., P.Eng., Corporate Water Planning & Technology Leader Associated Engineering provides consulting services in the water, infrastructure, environmental, energy, asset management, buildings, and transportation sectors. Our services include assessments, planning, feasibility studies, design, construction, training, operational assistance, and project management. Recognized as an industry leader, we received the Canadian Consulting Engineers Schreyer Award for the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Reuse Facility in Edmonton.

Acoustic Panels, Enclosures & Products WE WELCOME YOUR INQUIRIES

Email: info@acousticproductsales.com Web: www.acousticproductsales.com Tel: (613) 551-6100

ATLANTIC ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LTD 34 Main St Corner Brook NL A2H 1C3 BARENCO INC. 202-2561 Stouffville Rd Gormley ON L0H 1G0 BCI ACADEMY PO Box 3057 - 10660 Yonge St Richmond Hill ON L4C 0C7 (647) 847-2112 Contact: Ay Shiviari, CEO BIOGENIE SRDC INC. 200-4495 Boul Wilfrid-Hamel Quebec QC G1P 2J7

BIO-LIMNO RESEARCH & CONSULTING, INC. 28 Stone Gate Dr Halifax NS B3N 3J2 (902) 425-8989 Fax: (902) 425-8989 E-mail: magbeti@bio-limno.com Web site: www.bio-limno.com Contact: Michael Agbeti, President Bio-Limno Research & Consulting is an environmental consulting firm that provides a variety of services related to water quality. We specialize in algal analysis (including diatom algae), zooplankton analysis, interpretation of water quality data, and writing of scientific reports. BIOTEQ ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES 1100-355 Burrard St Vancouver BC V6C 2G8 (604) 685-1243 Fax: (604) 685-7778 Contact: David Speed, Director of Technical Sales

• ANTHRACITE • QUALITY FILTER SAND & GRAVEL • CARBON • GARNET ILMENITE • REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 20 Sharp Road, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L8 • Tel: (519) 751-1080 • Fax: (519) 751-0617 E-mail: swildey@anthrafilter.net • Web: www.anthrafilter.net

High Pressure Water Jetting Liquid/Dry Vacuum Services Dry Ice Cleaning Hydro Vac Excavating


BIOTHERMICA 426 Sherbrooke Est Montreal QC H2L 1J6 BLACK & VEATCH CANADA 501-50 Minthorn Blvd Markham ON L3T 7X8 (905) 747-8506 Fax: (905) 747-0974 Contact: Richard Waite, Assoc. Vice President BLUE MOUNTAIN ENGINEERING 561 Bellamy Close Victoria BC V9B 6C1 BM ROSS & ASSOCIATES 62 North St Goderich ON N7A 2T4

Markham, Ontario

BOMA ENVIRONMENTAL & SAFETY INC. 203-2621 Portage Ave Winnipeg MB R3J 0P7 (204) 889-5275 Fax: (204) 889-2348 E-mail: info@bomaes.ca Web site: www.bomaes.ca

905-747-8506 WeKnowWater@BV.com Consulting • Engineering • Construction • Operation


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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories Contact: Dr Dinko Tuhtar, P. Eng., Director Environmental permitting; source testing; modeling of dispersion of air emissions; solid/hazardous waste management; environmental assessment of facility/process/site; monitoring of air/water/soil quality; environmental/health risk assessment; industrial hazard analysis (HAZOP, FMEA); indoor air quality; workplace exposure assessment, monitoring and control; hazardous materials assessments, and management.

Specialists in a comprehensive range of Municipal, Environmental, Structural, Building, Water Resources, Transportation and Municipal Engineering Collingwood


Email: info@cctatham.com



Web: www.cctatham.com

BOS ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 46 Donnybrook Rd London ON N5X 3C8 (519) 850-9987 Fax: (519) 663-8057 Contact: Art Bos, President

30+ Years of Water and Wastewater Solutions Wastewater Collection/Treatment Water Supply/Treatment/Storage/Distribution Environmental Site Assessment/Remediation Hydrogeological Investigations/Modelling Watershed/Stormwater Management Information Technology/Data Management

BPR-BECHTEL 5100 Rue Sherbrooke Est Bureau 400 Montreal QC H1V 3R9

BRUCE A. BROWN ASSOCIATES LIMITED 2-109 Vanderhoof Ave Toronto ON M4G 2H7 (416) 424-3355 Fax: (416) 424-3350 Contact: Bruce Brown, Principal

3,000 Staff; 90+ Offices

1.800.265.6102 www.CRAworld.com

Worldwide Engineering, Environmental, Construction, and IT Services


HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGES HIGH VOLUME PUMPING-HDPE PIPE HDPE PIPELINE FUSING GEO TUBE DEWATERING Competent and Complete Services Lagoons, Digesters, Ponds, Lakes, Marinas, Waste Reduction, Municipal & Industrial

BZ ENVIRONMENTAL 125-700 Mountjoy St N Timmins ON P4N 4V7 (705) 266-0024 Fax: (705) 268-1220 Contact: Mark Bednarz, President CADUCEON ENVIRONMENTAL LAORATORIES 285 Dalton Ave Kingston ON K7K 6Z1 (613) 544-2001

Tel: (506) 684-5821 | Fax (506) 684-1915 | www.girouxinc.com


Elemental Controls Heavy Metals In Soils

Portable Analyzers for Industrial Applications Lead Based Gas Analysis Paint Instrumentation

In-situ analysis Low PPM levels 33 elements ie Pb, Cd, As

In-situ mg/cm² Non-destructive No inclusive readings 866-544-9974

TVA 1000B Toxic Vapor MIRAN SapphIRe FID/PID/IR technologies

Particulate Monitoring

Active & passive units Personal & area units Interchangeable cyclones

CALA 310-1565 Carling Ave Ottawa ON K1Z 8R1 (613) 233-5300 Fax: (613) 233-5501 E-mail: cbrimley@cala.ca Web site: www.cala.ca Contact: Charlie Brimley, President & CEO Laboratory accreditation, proficiency testing and training services. Full international recognition worldwide through APLAC and ILAC. CALVIN CONSULTING GROUP LTD. 1A-3850 19th St NE Calgary AB T2E 6V2 CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITORS 35 Lakeshore Blvd – RR 1 Gilford ON L0L 1R0 (705) 456-3518 Fax: (705) 456-1255 Contact: John Sciberras, P. Eng., President


CASSEN TESTING LABORATORIES 51 International Blvd Toronto ON M9W 6H3 CATTERAL & WRIGHT LTD. 1221 8th St E Saskatoon SK S7H 0S5




Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca

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CBCL LIMITED PO Box 606 - 1489 Hollis St Halifax NS B3J 2R7 (902) 421-7241 Fax: (902) 423-3938 E-mail: info@CBCL.ca Web site: www.CBCL.ca Contacts: Mike Abbott, Manager Process; Jason Bernier, Manager Environmental

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories CBCL is Atlantic Canada’s largest locally owned engineering and environmental consulting firm and has been providing service to our clients since 1955. We offer innovative design solutions in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, collection, distribution and storage; environmental engineering; site reclamation; hazardous materials assessments; and phased site assessments. CCOHS 135 Hunter St E Hamilton ON L8N 1M5 (905) 572-2981 Fax: (905) 572-2206 Contact: Eleanor Westwood, Manager, Communications CC TATHAM & ASSOCIATES LTD. 200-115 Sandford Fleming Dr Collingwood ON L9Y 5A6 (705) 444-2565 CEGERCO – GCL INC. 930 rue Jacques-Cartier Est Chicoutimi QC G7H 7K9 CETCON ENGINEERING SERVICES 17 Farmington Dr St Catharines ON L2S 3E8 (905) 685-0376 Fax: (905) 685-0376 Contact: Charles Ting, Manager CH2M HILL 300-72 Victoria St S Kitchener ON N2G 2Y9 (519) 579-3500 Fax: (519) 579-8986 Contact: John Pries, CET CHEM SOLV PO Box 608 - 20848 Dalton Rd Sutton ON L0E 1R0 (905) 722-6035 Contact: Peter Robertson, Chemist CHISHOLM, FLEMING & ASSOCIATES 301-317 Renfrew Dr Markham ON L3R 9S8 (905) 474-1458 Fax: (905) 474-1910 Contact: R.G. Chisholm, Director CHURCH & TROUGHT INC. 106-885 Don Mills Rd Toronto ON M3C 1V9

OTT Fine Bubble Diffusers • • • •

highest efficiency, intelligent, intuitive designs proven worldwide in more than 23 years of service quickest and easiest installation and maintenance uniquely environmentally friendly


Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca

PHI BUBBLETRON Mixing Technology Innovative, most energy-efficient mixing No in-basin moving parts Anoxic mixing Ideal for many applications Sludge mixing Water reservoir circulation Sewage pump station grease cap & odor control


Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca

Insitu Groundwater Contractors • • • • • • P: 519-763-0700 F: 519-763-6684 150 Stevenson Street, South Guelph, ON N1E 5N7

Dewatering systems Mobile groundwater treatment systems Well and pump installation and maintenance Pump, filter, generator rentals Sediment tank rentals Insitu groundwater remediation systems



WELL AND PUMP MAINTENANCE Performance Testing, Inspections, Well Rehabilitation & Repairs Lineshaft and Submersible Turbines CIMA CANADA INC. 201-7880 Keele St Vaughan ON L4K 4G7 (905) 695-1005 Fax: (905) 695-0525 E-mail: deborah.ross@cima.ca Web site: www.cima.ca Contact: Deborah Ross, Vice President Water & Wastewater CIMA is a Canadian consulting engineering company with 2,000+ employees in offices across Canada and in Vaughan (Toronto), Ottawa, Burlington and Kitchener. CIMA’s Ontario offices specialize in planning, design and construction management for municipal water, wastewater and infrastructure, facilities. We offer expertise in environmental assessment, process optimization, water resources, sustainable development and LEED facilities design.

342 Bayview Drive, Box 310, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4T5

Tel: (705) 733-0111, Fax: (705) 721-0138 E-Mail: iws@iws.ca

INTERPROVINCIAL CORROSION CONTROL Leaders in the Cathodic Protection Industry…Since 1957 CORROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS Burlington, Ontario Canada Regional Offices: Montreal, Calgary Lewiston, New York, USA

4EL s &AX www.Rustrol.com

CLEARSTONE ENGINEERING LTD. 700-900 6th Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3K2 CLEARVIEW GEOPHYSICS INC. 12 Twisted Oak St Brampton ON L6R 1T1 (905) 458-1883 Fax: (905) 792-1884 Contact: Joe Mihelcic, P. Eng, MBA, President/Geophysicist CLIFTON ASSOCIATES 2222 30 Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 7K9

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories COLE ENGINEERING GROUP LTD. 70 Valleywood Dr Markham ON L3R 4T5 (905) 940-6161 Fax: (905) 940-2064 Contact: Michele Cole, VP, Corporate Business Development CONESTOGA-ROVERS & ASSOCIATES 651 Colby Dr Waterloo ON N2V 1C2 (519) 884-0510 Fax: (519) 884-5256 Contact: G. Godin, Vice President CONSULAIR INC. 202-255 Ave St Sacrement Quebec QC G1N 3X9 CONSULTANTS MESAR INC. PO Box 218 Shawinigan QC G9N 6T9 CORWIL TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 203-1449 St Paul St Kelowna BC V1Y 2E4 (778) 478-9857 Contact: Powell Maxfield, Lead Project Designer

10 Alden Road Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 2S1 Tel: 905-475-1545 Fax: 905-475-2021 www.napier-reid.com

Package Wastewater Treatment Plants/SBR/MBR/RBC/EA/DAF

CRYOFRONT PO Box 67 St Albert AB T8N 1N2 (780) 984-9085 Contact: Ken Johnson, Principal CYRIL J. DEMEYERE LIMITED PO Box 606 - 261 Broadway Tillsonburg ON N4G 4J1 (519) 688-1000 Fax: (519) 842-3235 Contact: Peter Penner, Engineer

10 Alden Road Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 2S1 Tel: 905-475-1545 Fax: 905-475-2021 www.napier-reid.com

Package Water Treatment Plants/Gravity/Pressure/Membrane/Ion Exchange/GAC

DAKINS ENGINEERING – DIV. OF GENIVAR 19-3105 Unity Dr Mississauga ON L5L 4L2 (905) 814-6024 Fax: (905) 814-6029 Contact: Ronnie Rankin, Administrative Assistant DANGON DESIGN SERVICES CO. 46 Elmartin Dr Scarborough ON M1W 3C5 (416) 490-0600 Fax: (416) 490-0255 Contact: Danny Zhu, Owner

Peter J. Laughton, P. Eng.

DARRYL M. ROBINS CONSULTING INC. 4844 Highway #6 Miller Lake ON N0H 1Z0 (519) 795-7094 Fax: (519) 795-7094 Contact: Darryl Robins, President

Consulting Engineer

Environmental Engineering Services

Alliston, Ontario CANADA


tel: +1.705.434.9563 cell: +


DAVID BROMLEY ENGINEERING LTD. 1402 Chippendale Rd W Vancouver BC V7S 2N6 (604) 922-0137 Contact: David Bromley, President

DECOMMISSIONING CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED 11-121 Granton Dr Richmond Hill ON L4B 3N4 (905) 882-5984 Fax: (905) 882-8962 E-mail: engineers@dcsltd.ca Web site: www.dcsltd.ca Contact: John Hilton, President Phase I/II ESAs; brownfield assessments; decommissioning and demolition; soil and groundwater remediation and treatment; environmental risk assessments and management; geotechnical engineering; contaminant hydrogeology; USTs/ASTs; wastewater treatment; industrial hygiene; hazardous materials, PCB, mould and asbestos investigation, abatement design and inspection; designated substances surveys; Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act sampling, treatment and reporting for small systems.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories

DELCAN WATER 500-625 Cochrane Dr Markham ON L3R 9R9 (905) 943-0500 Fax: (905) 943-0400 E-mail: water@delcan.com Web site: www.delcan.com Contact: Jackie Willick, Division Administrator, Water Engineering expertise for the entire water cycle including: strategic reports and environmental assessment, watershed planning, system modelling and plant optimization, preliminary, detailed design and contract administration. DESSAU INC. 300-1200 Boul Saint Martin O Bureau 300 Laval QC H7S 2E4 D. GREENFIELD ASSOCIATES LTD. 4166-15 Sideroad Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (905) 335-3911 Fax: (905) 854-9811 Contact: Patricia Pearce, President DILLON CONSULTING LTD. 800-235 Yorkland Blvd Toronto ON M2J 4Y8 DJA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC. 5-5100 South Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 6A5 (905) 681-6899 Fax: (905) 681-6855 Contact: Dennis Anderson, President DLS GROUP PO Box 3014 – 120 County Rd 64 Brighton ON K0K 1H0 (613) 475-4155 Fax: (613) 475-0758 Contact: Douglas Leblanc, President





Municipal Engineering Environmental Assessments dƌĂŶƐƉŽƌƚĂƟŽŶ ^ƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞƐ Transit Planning and Engineering Roundabouts ϭϭϬ ^ĐŽƟĂ ŽƵƌƚ͕ hŶŝƚ ϰϭ͕ tŚŝƚďLJ͕ KE͕ >ϭE ϴzϳ WŚŽŶĞ͗ ϵϬϱ͘ϲϴϲ͘ϲϰϬϮ &Ădž͗ ϵϬϱ͘ϰϯϮ͘ϳϴϳϳ ͲDĂŝů͗ ŝŶĨŽΛƐƌŵĂƐƐŽĐŝĂƚĞƐ͘ŽƌŐ Žƌ sŝƐŝƚ hƐ KŶͲ>ŝŶĞ͗ www.srmassociates.org DĞŵďĞƌ ŽĨ dŚĞ ^ĞƌŶĂƐ 'ƌŽƵƉ /ŶĐ͘

DRAGUN CORPORATION 436 Elmstead Rd RR 1 Windsor ON N8N 2L9 (519) 979-7300 Fax: (519) 979-4455 Contact: Chris Paré, P. Geo. EARTH TECH CANADA 1901 Rosser Ave 6th Fl Burnaby BC V5C 6S3 EBA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LTD. 900-1066 Hastings St W Vancouver BC V6E 3X2 ECE GROUP (DIV CRA) 205 Lesmill Rd North York ON M3B 2V1 ECOH MANAGEMENT INC. 6130 Tomken Rd Mississauga ON L5T 1X7 (905) 795-2800 Fax: (905) 795-2870 Contact: Shelley Hull, Marketing Manager EMSL ANALYTICAL INC. 200 Route 130 N Cinnaminson NJ 08077 USA ENTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 3187 Thompson Pl West Vancouver BC V7V 3E3 (604) 921-1932 Fax: (604) 921-1934 Contact: Fred Sverre, President ENVIR-EAU INC. 204-160 boul de L’Hopital Gatineau QC J8T 8J1 ENVIROCHEM SERVICES INC. 310 East Esplanade North Vancouver BC V7L 1A4 (604) 986-0233 Fax: (604) 986-8583 Contact: Peter Wood, Product Development & Sales Manager

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories

ENVIRONMENTAL DYNAMICS INC. 201-1110 – 6th Ave Prince George BC V2L 3M6


ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CONSULTING INC. 174 Front St Oakville ON L6J 1A2 (905) 815-9714 Contact: Anne Stewart, Owner, Lead Investigator

EXOVA 2935 Speakman Dr Sheridan Park Mississauga ON L5K 1B3 (905) 822-4111

ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 500-5353 Dundas St W Toronto ON M9B 6H8 ENVIROSEARCH OPERATIONS INC. 4166-15 Sideroad Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (905) 854-4441 Fax: (905) 854-9811 Contact: Patricia Pearce, VP, Engineering ENVIROSERVICES INC. 589 St-Jean-Baptiste Terrebonne QC J6W 4R2 ENVIROTECH ASSOCIATES LTD. 1632 – 433 Norwich Ave Woodstock ON N4S 3W0 (519) 539-8129 Fax: 905-537-1071 Contact: Henry Vens, Sr. Executive Consultant ENVIROVISION INC. 7-150 Jardin Dr Concord ON L4K 3P9 (905) 761-1783 Fax: (905) 761-6524 Contact: Catalin Ionescu, President ENVIROWEST CONSULTANTS INC. 130-3700 North Fraser Way Burnaby BC V5J 5H4 (604) 451-0505 Fax: (604) 451-0557 Contact: Ian Whyte, Owner ENVISION….SYNERGY. 120 Dewhurst Blvd Toronto ON M4J 3J6 (416) 778-4713 Fax: (417) 778-1959 Contact: Charlotte Young, PhD, Director of Practice ERAMOSA ENGINEERING INC. 90 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph ON N1H 1B2 (519) 763-7774 Fax: (519) 763-7757 Contact: Tim Sutherns, President ETCOS ENVIRONMENTAL 96 Terrosa Rd Markham ON L3S 2N1 (905) 471-9890 Fax: (905) 471-6439 Contact: Ravi Sharma, Project Manager

EXP SERVICES INC. 89 Queen St Truro Nova Scotia B2N 2B2 (902) 895-1507 Fax: (902) 893-2152 Contact: Glenn Ross, P. Eng. FERGUSON SIMEK CLARK 200-10835 – 124 St Edmonton AB T5M 0H4 FIRST NATIONS ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD. 55 Parkside Dr Paris ON N3L 3S6 FOCUS CORPORATION 300-9925 109 St NW Edmonton AB T5K 2J8 FRAC RITE ENVIRONMENTAL LTD 2-4416 5th St NE Calgary AB T2E 7C3 (403) 265-5533 Fax: (403) 265-5648 Contact: Gordon Bures, Vice President FRANZ ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 4005 Hickory Dr Mississauga ON L4W 1L1 (905) 614-1978 Fax: (905) 614-1981 Contact: Fabio Levy GAMSBY & MANNEROW LTD. 1-1260 2nd Ave E Owen Sound ON N4K 2J3 G.A.P. ENVIROMICROBIAL SERVICES 1020 Hargrieve Rd Unit 14 London ON N6E 1P5 GENIVAR INC. 300 - 1425 Cormorant Rd Ancaster ON L9G 4V5 (289) 239-0100 Fax: (289) 239-0109 Contact: Bailey Walters, Project Geoscientist GEOADVICE ENGINEERING INC. 204-2502 St Johns St Port Moody BC V3H 2B4 (604) 931-0550 Fax: (604) 931-0580 Contact: Werner de Schaetzen, CEO

G.K. ENGINEERING 16 Woodgate Dr Toronto ON M6N 4W3 (416) 763-6273 Contact: George Katsarov, Consultant GOLDEN ENIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 2207 Simcoe Rd 93 Barrie ON L4M 4Y8 (705) 726-3921 Fax: (705) 721-1599 Contact: Gary Bell, Sales, Marketing GOLDER ASSOCIATES LTD. 2390 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 5Z7 (905) 567-4444 GOOD HARBOUR LABORATORIES 2596 Dunwin Dr Mississauga ON L5L 1J5 (905) 696-7276 GREER GALLOWAY GROUP 1620 Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd Belleville ON K8N 4Z5 GROUNDWATER ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC. 9030 Leslie St Unit 208 Richmond Hill ON L4B 1G2 GROUPE CONSEIL BELLEFEUILLE 107, rue St Louis St-Eustache QC J7R 1X8 GROUPE ENVIRAQUA 1925 rue Girouard O St-Hyacinthe QC J2S 3A5 GROUPE SEGUIN EXPERTSCONSEILS INC. 13200 boul Metropolitain E Montreal QC H1A 5K8 GROUPE SOLROC 8225 rue Mayrand Montreal QC H4P 2C7 GROUPE-CONSEIL ENTRACO INC. 200-1075 Cote du Beaver Hall Montreal QC H2Z 1S5 HARGRAVE & COMPANY 61 Brooklyn Ave Toronto ON M4M 2X4 HATCH LTEE 5 Place Ville-Marie Bureau 200 Montreal QC H3B 2G2

GIFFELS ASSOCIATES LTD/IBI GROUP 31 International Blvd Toronto ON M9W 5P3

HATCH MOTT MACDONALD LTD. 200-5420 N Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 6C7 (905) 315-3500 Fax: (905) 315-3569 E-mail: beverleyperks@hatchmott.com Web site: www.hatchmott.com Contact: Beverley Perks, Business Development Manager Hatch Mott MacDonald is a full service consulting firm offering multi-disciplinary expertise in planning, project development, studies and analysis, design, procurement, construction engineering and inspection, and project, program and construction management. We are committed to implementing sustainability principles in all our activities. Offices across Canada, web site: www.hatchmott.com; e-mail: Canada@hatchmott.com. HEMMERA 250-1380 Burrard St Vancouver BC V62 2H3 (604) 669-0424 Fax: (604) 669-0430 Contact: Greg Quandt, Business Leader, Site Assessment & Remediation HESPRO 2746 Stevensville Rd Fort Erie ON L0S 1S0 (888) 840-3456 Contact: Brian Baert, Operations Manager

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories


HFP ACOUSTICAL CONSULTANTS CORP. 1140-10201 Southport Rd W Calgary AB T2W 4X9 (403) 259-6600 Fax: (403) 259-6611 Contact: Cynthia Kimura, Office Manager

HGC ENGINEERING 203-2000 Argentia Rd Plaza 1 Mississauga ON L5N 1P7 (905) 826-4044 Fax: (905) 826-4940 E-mail: info@hgcengineering.com Web site: www.hgcengineering.com Contact: Bill Gastmeier, Principal HGC Engineering is one of Canada’s largest engineering consulting firms specializing exclusively in noise, vibration, and acoustics. Since 1994, we have become an international leader in providing acoustical audits, assessments, and approvals for the environmental industry. We offer effective, practical solutions based on years of experience and solid engineering principles. HYDROMANTIS INC. 420 Sheldon Dr Cambridge ON N1T 2H9 IBI GROUP 230 Richmond St W Toronto ON M5V 1V6 INFRASTRUCTEL INC. 1875 rue du Caribou Bureau 200 Longueuil QC J4N 0C9

J.L. RICHARDS & ASSOCIATES LTD. 864 Lady Ellen Pl Ottawa ON K1Z 5M2 (613) 728-3571 Fax: (613) 728-6012 Web site: www.jlrichards.ca Contact: Brian Hein P.Eng., Director, Sr. Civil Engineer Providing a wide range of environmental services including water and wastewater treatment, environmental assessment and planning, solid waste/leachate management, water resources and stormwater management, sewer and watermain condition assessment and rehabilitation, plant retrofits, energy management. Offices also in Kingston, Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay. J.T. DONALD CONSULTANTS LTD. 2 – 251 Bartley Dr Toronto ON M4A 2N7 (416) 751-5230 Fax: (416) 751-6745 Contact: Wally A. Ringis, P. Eng. KEMIC BIORESEARCH PO Box 878 Kentville NS B4N 4H8 (902) 678-8195 Fax: (902) 678-2839 Contact: Dr. Peter Mullen, CEO KERR WOOD LEIDAL ASSOCIATES LTD. 200-4185A Still Creek Dr Burnaby BC V5C 6G9 (604) 294-2088 Fax: (604) 294-2090 Contact: Mike Currie, President KLOHN CRIPPEN BERGER LTD. 500-2955 Virtual Way Vancouver BC V5M 4X6 KNIGHT PIESOLD LTD. 1400-750 Pender St W Vancouver BC V6C 2T8

INSYGHT SYSTEMS INC. 45-5100 South Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 6A5 (905) 592-1258 Fax: (866) 362-9650 Web site: www.insyghtsystems.com Contact: Mark Robertson, President Insyght Systems Inc. is a consulting engineering firm providing municipal and industrial clients with quality consulting services for Water & Wastewater Facility Rehabilitation, SCADA Engineering and Programming, IT Services, Feasibility and Energy Studies, Capital Planning and Municipal Operational Support. Insyght provides the quality and consistency where you most need them. INTEGRATED EXPLORATIONS INC. 1–67 Watson Rd S Guelph ON N1L 1E3 (519) 822-2608 Fax: (519) 822-3076 Contact: Al Melkic, President INTERNATIONAL WATER CONSULTANTS LTD. PO Box 310 - 342 Bayview Dr Barrie ON L4M 4T5 (705) 733-0111 Fax: (705) 721-0138 Contact: Gary A. Kuehl, P. Geo., President ISL ENGINEERING 100-7909 – 51 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 5L9 ITRANS CONSULTING INC. 300-100 York Blvd Richmond Hill ON L4B 1J8 JACQUES WHITFORD STANTEC LTD. 200-2781 Lancaster Rd Ottawa ON K1B 1A7 JAGGER HIMS LIMITED 301-1091 Gorham St Newmarket ON L3Y 8X7 J.K. ENGINEERING LIMITED 320-7350 Bowness Rd NW Calgary AB T3B 0H3


LE GROUP SM INTERNATIONAL 433 rue Chabael Ouest Etage 12 Montreal QC H2N 2J8 LEA CONSULTING LTD. 900-625 Cochrane Dr Markham ON L3R 9R9

LEVELTON CONSULTANTS LTD. 150-12791 Clarke Pl Richmond BC V6V 2H9 (604) 278-1411 Fax: (604) 278-1042 E-mail: info@levelton.com Web site: www.levelton.com Contact: Alex Schutte, VP Operations Levelton Consultants Ltd. is a recognized name earning a meritorious reputation in environmental engineering. An industry leader in: Air quality; Industrial health and safety; Environmental impact assessment; and Energy. Levelton makes sure the needs of the client are met while delivering the project on time, on budget and above client expectations. MALROZ ENGINEERING INC. 84 Beverley St Kingston ON K7L 3Y6 MASKWA ENGINEERING LTD. 925 Mackenzie Hwy Hay River NT X0E 0R3 (867) 874-2207 Fax: (867) 874-2763 Contact: Chris Robinson, Chief Engineer MATRIX SOLUTIONS 150-13 Ave SW Calgary AB T2R 0V2 MAXXAM ANALYTICS INC. 6740 Campobello Rd Mississauga ON L5N 2L8 (905) 817-5700 MCCORMICK RANKIN CORP. 2655 N Sheridan Way Mississauga ON L5K 2P8 MCELHANNEY CONSULTING SVCS LTD. 1-5008 Pohle Ave Terrace BC V8G 4S8 MMM GROUP LIMITED 100 Commerce Valley Dr W Thornhill ON L3T 0A1 (905) 882-1100 MORRISON HERSHFIELD LTD. 600-235 Yorkland Blvd Toronto ON M2J 1T1 MPC CONSULTING LTD. 23-2075 Henry Ave W Sidney BC V8L 1T2

LEHDER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 210-704 Mara St Point Edward ON N7V 1X4 (519) 336-4101 Fax: (519) 336-4311 E-mail: mroehler@lehder.com Web site: www.lehder.com Contact: Mark Roehler, Principal LEHDER is one of the largest air quality management companies in Canada. All air quality aspects – source testing, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, data interpretation and approval applications – are managed internally without outsourcing and partnering. We provide integrated solutions for our clients to address complex problems. LES CONSULTANTS LBCD 1001-425 boul de Maisonneuve O Montreal QC H3A 3G5 LGL LIMITED 100-3365 Harvester Rd Burlington ON L7N 3N2 (905) 333-1667 Fax: (905) 333-2660 Contact: Arnel Fausto, Vice President LISSOM SOIL & WATER INC. 3 – 67 King St Picton ON K0K 2T0 (613) 476-8147 Fax: (613) 476-8150 Contact: John Porritt, President

MPE ENGINEERING LTD. 300-714 5 Ave S Lethbridge AB T1J 0V1 MTE CONSULTANTS INC. 520 Bingemans Centre Dr Kitchener ON N2B 3X9 (519) 743-6500 Fax: (519) 743-6513 Contact: Peter Gray, VP Environmental MULTIVIEW LOCATES INC. 325 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4Z 1X8 (800) 363-3116 Fax: (866) 571-5946 Contact: John Scaife, Director MUNRO LIMITED 8807 Simcoe Rd #56 Utopia ON L0M 1T0 (705) 734-2892 Fax: (705) 734-2920 Contact: Theresa Erskine, Director of Marketing MYM CONSULTING SERVICES 617 Fothergill Blvd Burlington ON L7L 6E3 (905) 333-3623 Fax: (905) 333-9715 Contact: Michael Mark, President NATECH ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 2492 Route 640 Hanwell NB E3B 2C2 (506) 455-1085 Fax: (506) 455-1088 Contact: Jochen Schroer, President

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories R.F. BINNIE & ASSOCIATES LTD. 801B-29th St Courtenay BC V9N 7Z5 (250) 334-3846 Fax: (250) 334-2645 Contact: Hal Martyn, P. Eng., Vancouver Island Div Mgr

NAYLOR ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES LTD. 353 Bridge St E Kitchener ON N2K 2Y5 NOVA-TEC CONSULTANTS INC. 882 E 31 Ave Vancouver BC V5V 2X1 NOVATECH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LTD. 25-4120 Ridgeway Dr Mississauga ON L5L 5S9 NOVATOX INC. 10 Crane Ave Guelph ON N1G 2R2 (877) 680-7256 Fax: (519) 231-0130 Contact: Hugh Scobie, Principal Toxicologist/Managing Partner O’CONNOR & ASSOCIATES 200-318 11 Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 0Y2 OH ENVIRONMENTAL INC./OHE CONSULTANTS 496 South Service Rd Mississauga ON L5G 2S5 (905) 278-7000 Fax: (905) 278-0090 Contact: Farid (Fred) Atrash, Director/Sr Consultant OPUS DAYTON KNIGHT CONSULTANTS LTD. 210-889 Harbourside Dr North Vancouver BC V7P 3S1 (604) 990-4800 Fax: (604) 990-4805 Contact: John Boyle, P. Eng., President ORTECH ENVIRONMENTAL 804 Southdown Rd Mississauga ON L5J 2Y4 OSB SERVICES 2759 Thamesgate Dr Mississauga ON L4T 1G5 (905) 677-0022 Fax: (905) 677-0029 Contact: John Sliwinski, Manager

PINCHIN ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 2470 Milltower Ct Mississauga ON L5N 7W5 (905) 363-0678 Fax: (905) 363-0681 E-mail: info@pinchin.com Web site: www.pinchin.com Contact: Jose Barinque, CRM & Events Coordinator Pinchin Environmental Ltd., part of the Pinchin Group of Companies, is one of Canada's largest and most respected environmental and health and safety consulting firms. Dedicated to integrating economic, environmental and social responsibility into every facet of our work, we offer our clients cost-effective, sustainable solutions in areas such as Sustainability and Building Sciences, Climate Change GHG, Environmental Air and Noise, Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation, Environmental Laboratory Services, Hazardous Materials, Indoor Air Quality and Microbial Contamination, and Occupational Health and Safety Services and Training.

Consulting Engineer

PETER J. LAUGHTON, P.ENG. CONSULTING ENGINEER ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SERVICES 7 Bella Vista Trail Alliston ON L9R 2B3 (705) 434-9563 Cell: (289) 221-4220 E-mail: p.laughton@pjlaughtonenv.com Contact: Peter Laughton, Principal Services: feasibility studies, reports, strategic long range planning, environmental strategies, public participation, project management, design and construction advisory services, quality assurance and peer reviews, operational assistance, audits and general advisory services in the environmental engineering field mainly related to wastewater pumping, conveyance, and treatment including sludge handling and biosolids.

PITEAU ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING LTD. 215-260 Esplanade W N Vancouver BC V7M 3G7 PLANMAC INC. 105 - 15 North Queen St Toronto ON M8Z 6C1 (416) 626-5300 Fax: (416) 622-6710 Contact: Robert Maksymec, President

POLLUTECH ENVIROQUATICS LIMITED 122-704 Mara St Point Edward ON N7V 1X4 (519) 339-8787 Fax: (519) 336-6965 E-mail: tmoran@pollutechgroup.com Web site: www.pollutechgroup.com Contact: Tim Moran, President As leaders in the provision of toxicity testing services, Pollutech’s clientele includes municipal, industrial, government and private organizations. Environmental consulting services including provision of Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIE), coupled with Pollutech’s wastewater process expertise, positions Pollutech well to address wastewater toxicity issues including source assessment, treatment optimization and facility operation. POTTINGER GAHERTY ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS 1200-1185 Georgia St W Vancouver BC V6E 4E6

R.J. BURNSIDE & ASSOCIATES LIMITED 15 Townline Orangeville ON L9W 3R4 (519) 941-5331 Fax: (519) 941-8120 Contact: Jeff Langlois, Tech. Leader Water/Wastewater ROBINSON CONSULTANTS INC. 15-350 Palladium Dr Kanata ON K2V 1A8 ROCHE LTEE GROUP CONSEIL 4479 Aut Laval Ouest Laval QC H7P 4W6 RUNGE & ASSOCIATES INC. PO Box 387 – 864 Hurontario St Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z7 (705) 446-3590 Fax: (705) 446-3588 Contact: Gerhard Runge, President RUPKE ENVIRONMENAL 6757 East Parkway Dr Lambton Shores ON N0N 1J3 (519) 243-3477 Contact: Gerry Rupke, President

PINTER & ASSOCIATES 710A 48th St E Saskatoon SK S7K 5B4

PARACEL LABORATORIES LTD. 218-704 Mara St Point Edward ON N7V 1X4 (519) 337-8555 PCL CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 2882-11 St NE Calgary AB T2E 7S7

RIVERCOURT ENGINEERING INC. 4 Beechwood Cres Toronto ON M4K 2K8 (416) 421-4419 Fax: (647) 436-6852 Contact: Andrew Hellebust, President

R.V. ANDERSON ASSOCIATES LIMITED 400-2001 Sheppard Ave E Toronto ON M2J 4Z8 (416) 497-8600 Fax: (416) 497-0342 E-mail: toronto@rvanderson.com Web site: www.rvanderson.com Contacts: Ken Morrison, Reg Andres, Ken Campbell, Shawn Scott Environmental and infrastructure specialists: planning and management, design and construction, operations and optimization services for water, wastewater, transportation and urban development. Branches: London, Niagara, Ottawa, Sudbury, Moncton, Fredericton, St John’s and Mumbai, India. RWDI 650 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph ON N1K 1B8 (519) 823-1311 Fax: (519) 823-1316 Contact: Elaine Farrow, Sr Business Development Specialist S2S ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 260-1099 Kingston Rd Pickering ON L1V 1B5 (416) 410-4333 Fax: (416) 410-4088 Contact: Saleem Dedhar, President SANDWELL ENGINEERING INC. 100-1016B Sutton Dr Burlington ON L7L 6B8

PREVENTION AND REGULATORY SOLUTIONS LTD. PO Box 322 - 54 Cedar St Maitland ON K0E 1P0 (613) 348-3403 Contact: John McGeough, President

SANEXEN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 32-1471 boul Lionel-Boulet Varennes QC J3X 1P7 (800) 263-7870 Fax: (450) 652-9990 Contact: Richard Phaneuf, Director, Business Development

PETO MACCALLUM LTD. 16 Franklin St S Kitchener ON N2C 1R4

R.E. POISSON ENGINEERING INC. 200 – 55 Cork St E Guelph ON N1H 2W7 (519) 767-2004 Fax: (519) 767-2040 Contact: Robert Poisson

SARAFINCHIN ASSOCIATES LTD 238 Galaxy Blvd Toronto ON M9W 5R8 (416) 674-1770

PHITELOS SOLUTIONS INC. 462 Edison Ave Ottawa ON K2A 1T9 (613) 722-0662 Fax: (613) 722-3732 Contact: Doug Phillips, President


SCHAEFFERS CONSULTING ENGINEERS 6 Ronrose Dr Concord ON L4K 4R3 (905) 738-6100 Fax: (905) 738-6875 Contact: Harold Reinthaler, Director/Partner

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories SCO-TERRA CONSULTING GROUP LTD. 321 Dufferin Ave London ON N6B 1Z3 (519) 434-0278 Fax: (519) 434-6820 Contact: Richard Pellerin, Principal

known and unknown substances; 2) Spill control techniques and countermeasures for major and minor spills; 3) Onsite recovery and waste reduction for industry, and emergency services.

SENDEX ENVIRONMENTAL CORP. 417 Exeter Rd London ON N6E 2Z3 (519) 680-3868 Fax: (519) 680-3870 Contact: Marc Trudell, Principal


SENES CONSULTANTS LTD. 12-121 Granton Dr Richmond Hill ON L4B 3N4 (905) 764-9380 Fax: (905) 764-9386 Contact: Yousry Hamdy, Manager, Water & Wastewater

SRK CONSULTING ENGINEERS 2200-1066 Hastings St W Vancouver BC V6E 3X2 SRM ASSOCIATES 41-110 Scotia Crt Whitby ON L1N 8Y7 (905) 686-6402 Fax: (905) 432-7877

SGE HATCH LTD. 1009-1809 Barrington St Halifax NS B3J 3K8 SGS CANADA INC. 185 Concession St Lakefield ON K0L 2H0 (705) 652-2111 Fax: (705) 652-6365 Contact: Chris Sullivan, Sr. Project Specialist SKELTON, BRUMWELL & ASSOCIATES INC. 107-93 Bell Farm Rd Barrie ON L4M 5G1 (705) 726-1141 Contact: Sandra Culbert, Office Coordinator SMITH PROCESS SERVICES 338 Highland Ave Orillia ON L3V 4E4 (705) 323-5315 Fax: (705) 327-5155 Contact: Ken Smith

SNC-LAVALIN ENVIRONMENT 8648 Commerce Court Burnaby BC V5A 4N6 (604) 515-5125 E-mail: env_communications@snclavalin.com Web site: www.snclavalin.com Contact: Jeanne Coleman, Manager, Marketing & Communications SNC-Lavalin Environment has one of the most comprehensive environmental engineering and consulting teams in Canada, with over 50 years of experience and some 800+ specialists providing environmental services worldwide, with specialized expertise in the power, infrastructure, chemicals & petroleum, mining, industrial, rural development and climate change sectors. Our expertise spans the entire project life cycle from project initiation, planning and engineering, to construction, operations and decommissioning. SOIL-MAT ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS INC. 130 Lancing Dr Hamilton ON L8W 3A1 SOLINOV INC. 240-100 Rue Richelieu Saint Jean-Sur-Richelieu QC J3B 6X3 (450) 348-5693 Fax: (450) 348-3607 Contact: Benoit Beaudoin, President

STANTEC 200-325 25th St SE Calgary AB T2A 7H8 (403) 716-8000 Fax: (403) 716-8039 E-mail: gord.johnston@stantec.com Web site: www.stantec.com Contact: Gord Johnston, Vice President Focusing on the application of knowledge and technology for the development and management of sustainable solutions for air, water, and soil, Stantec provides professional services in water, wastewater, air quality, water resources, waste management, environmental site assessment, and remediation. Stantec = Sustainable Solutions. STORY ENVIRONMENTAL INC. PO Box 716 - 332 Main St Haileybury ON P0J 1K0 (705) 672-3324 Fax: (705) 672-3325 Contact: Maria Story, President STRATEGIES FOR THE ENIRONMENT INC. 411 – 1 Yorkdale Pl Toronto ON M6A 3A1 (416) 789-3713 Fax: (416) 789-7668 Contact: Ivana Strgacic, President TATRY DRILLING 125 – 70 C Mountjoy St N Timmins ON P4N 4V7 (705) 266-0024 Fax: (705) 268-1220 Contact: Mark Bednarz, President TECHSOLUTIONS ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 2570 du Couvent de Lorette Saint-Hyacinthe QC J2T 4P4


TETRA TECH 6835 A Century Ave Mississauga ON L5N 2L2 (905) 369-3000 Fax: (905) 369-3200 E-mail: info@tetratech.com Web site: www.tetratech.com Contact: Chris MacEachern, Director, Strategic Business With 3,500 employees in Canada and 13,000 employees worldwide, Tetra Tech is one of North America’s largest engineering and consulting firms. From water and transportation projects, to renewable energy and mining services, Tetra Tech provides clear solutions in consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services worldwide. THE THOMPSON ROSEMOUNT GROUP INC. 300-2197 Riverside Dr Ottawa ON K1H 7X3 TRITON ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD. 8-18 Robb Blvd Orangeville ON L9W 3L2 TROW CONSULTING ENGINEERS 301-56 Queen St E Brampton ON L6V 4M8 TRUE GRIT CONSULTING LIMITED 1127 Barton St Thunder Bay ON P7B 5N3 (807) 626-5640 Fax: (807) 623-5690 Contact: Eric Zakrewski, President TSH ENGINEERS ARCHITECTS PLANNERS 1-300 Water St Whitby ON L1N 9J2 TULLOCH ENGINEERING 1942 Regent St Unit L Sudbury ON P3E 5V5 TYCO CONSULTING LIMITED 138 Macassa Circle Kanata ON K2T 1J7 (613) 271-1355 Contact: Charles Kretch, President URBAN & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 301-4701 St Clair Ave Niagara Falls ON L2E 3S9 URBAN SYSTEMS LTD. 2353 – 13353 Commerce Pkwy Richmond BC V6V 3A1 (604) 273-8700 Fax: (604) 273-8752 Contact: Christina Hrabowsky, Business Admin Manager

TEKNIKA HBA 150 rue Vimy N Sherbrooke QC J1J 3M7 TERRAFIX ENVIRONMENTAL 455 Horner Ave Toronto ON M8W 4W9 TERRAPEX ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 108-557 Dixon Rd Toronto ON M9W 6K1 TERRATEC ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 200 Eastport Blvd Hamilton ON L8H 7S4

SPILL MANAGEMENT INC. 45 Upper Mount Albion Rd Stoney Creek ON L8J 2R9 (905) 578-9666 Fax: 905-578-6644 E-mail: contact@spillmanagement.ca Web site: www.spillmanagement.ca Contact: Cliff Holland, Director of Training 75% of known hands-on course content for: 1) Testing, evaluating, identifying properties of


TERRATECHNIK ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 12-2355 Royal Windsor Dr Mississauga ON L5J 4S8 TESTMARK LABORATORIES LTD. 4 - 6820 Kitimat Rd Mississauga ON L5N 5M3 (905) 821-1112 Fax: (905) 821-2095 Contact: Sylvia Rennie, Director of Marketing T. HARRIS ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT INC. 101 – 93 Skyway Ave Toronto ON M9W 6N6

URS CANADA INC. 75 Commerce Valley Dr E Markham ON L3T 7N9 (905) 731-7222 ext. 7001 / (905) 882-4401 Fax: (905) 731-2384 / (905) 882-4399 E-mail: markham@urs.com Web site: www.urscorp.com Contact: Mahmood Ghinani, Head – Environmental Services The Environmental Group of URS Canada Inc. specializes in Environmental Site Assessments, Clean-ups, Property Redevelopment (Brownfields), Due Diligence Audits, Site Decommissioning, Designated Substances Surveys, Air Monitoring, Permitting, and Environmental Management Systems. URS is a consulting engineering and professional geosciences firm providing multidisciplinary services for: Transportation, Municipal Infrastructure, Facilities, and Environment.

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Consultants VERITEC CONSULTING INC. 12-1495 Bonhill Rd Mississauga ON L5T 1M2

Composting plant boosts performance after facility retrofit Continued from page 59

VIRTUAL ENGINEERS 402-15 Wertheim Ct Richmond Hill ON L4B 3H7 (905) 707-0704 Fax: (905) 707-1604 Contact: R. Anthony Warner, President & CEO VISSER CONSULTING LIMITED 290-6815 8 St NE Calgary AB T2E 7H7 WARDROP ENGINEERING INC. 6835A Century Ave Mississauga ON L5N 2L2 WATERS ENVIRONMENTAL GEOSCIENCES LTD. PO Box 4341 Lively ON P3Y 1N3 (705) 692-0937 Fax: (705) 692-0466 Contact: Peter Richards, President

WATER FOR PEOPLE – CANADA 300-295 Consumers Rd Toronto ON M2J 5B6 (416) 499-4042 Fax: (416) 499-4687 Web site: www.waterforpeople.org Water For People-Canada is a charitable nonprofit international humanitarian organization dedicated to the development and delivery of clean, safe water and sanitation solutions in developing nations. It is the Canadian equivalent of the US based charity, Water For People (WFP). Canadian water industry professionals established Water For People-Canada in 1995, to support and promote WFP’S mission in Canada among the public and the water community. WESA ENVIR-EAU 400 boul Rene-Levesque Ouest 3E Etage Montreal QC H2Z 1V7 WILLIAMS ENGINEERING INC. 1661-10060 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T5J 3R8 WORLEYPARSONS 705-10240 124 St Edmonton AB T5N 3W6

XCG CONSULTANTS LTD. 300-2620 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 6Z7 (905) 829-8880 Fax: (905) 829-8890 E-mail: gta@xcg.com Web site: www.xcg.com Contact: Deborah Molloy, Marketing Coordinator Expert People. Better Decisions. XCG Consultants Ltd. is an environmental engineering firm that has earned a reputation for excellence. Our staff is committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions. XCG offers comprehensive services in water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure management, water resources, site assessment and remediation, risk assessment, solid waste, and training and operations. XOGEN TECHNOLOGIES INC. 40 Centennial Rd Orangeville ON L9W 3T3 (519) 941-9500 Fax: (519) 941-9502 Contact: Tracy Fath, Director Business Development ZORIX ENVIRONMENTAL 200-3425 Semenyk Crt Mississauga ON L5C 4P9 (905) 277-1110

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IPS Agitator with custom take-up reel.

To address this operational roadblock, LEI took steps to resolve the issue through additional operating time, but the associated maintenance required to keep the agitator running became cost prohibitive. LEI contacted Siemens for help in exploring alternatives for modifying the existing compost agitator operation in order to reach its design capacity. After considering several options, the two companies decided to replace LEI’s current agitator with a custom-built 100-hp IPS Compost Agitator, and install it within the existing infrastructure of the facility. The plan also involved a combination of minor structural and mechanical modifications to the facility to help meet its economic and operations goals. “Our options were to either drastically modify our plant structure to accommodate the new IPS system, or have Siemens modify its machine to fit our existing structure,” said Don MacDonell, LEI Operations Manager. “We worked out a solution where we modified our plant slightly, and Siemens modified its system slightly.” Part of these modifications included installing rails to the existing bay walls, before the new IPS was delivered and installed. The original agitator rode directly on the concrete walls and was unable to maintain proper traction throughout the

operating cycle, thereby reducing the amount of material the machine was able to mix and process. The addition of rails, a relatively easy fix that was done in conjunction with the other changes, effectively addressed this problem. Running at capacity with one IPS agitator Making modifications to the existing facility and some of the equipment, rather than replacing the entire composting system, allowed the team to complete the project on an aggressive schedule. The 100-hp IPS Agitator was ordered in June 2010, delivered in early January 2011 and was made operational within a few days. The new agitator was able to process all six bays in the original 10-hour workday. With only one agitator operating on a more reduced time frame than the original machine, overall operating and maintenance expenses have been significantly reduced and throughput greatly improved. Now that the system is truly running automatically, plant personnel are continuing their efforts to focus on improving overall facility logistics. Brian King, FEC, P. Eng., PMP, is with Lafleche Environmental, Inc. E-mail: bking@leic.com. Lissa Ham is with Siemens Industry, Inc. E-mail: lissa.ham@siemens.com

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers


ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers NOTE: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers only. No claims are made that it is a comprehensive review. ES&E relies on information supplied by companies who returned questionnaires. ABB INC. 3450 Harvester Rd Burlington ON L7N 3W5 (905) 639-8840 Fax: (905) 639-8639 Contact: G.A. (Redir) Obaji, Product Manager

ABS CANADA/SULZER PUMPS 2-1401 Meyerside Dr Mississauga ON L5T 1G8 (905) 670-4677 Fax: (905) 670-3709 E-mail: abs.ca@cardo.com Web site: www.absgroup.ca ABSOLUTE DATA DESTRUCTION INC. 5-50 Leading Rd Toronto ON M9V 4B5 (416) 742-7444 Fax: (416) 742-7411 Contact: Bob Wagner, Account Manager

one of the best values in online education at www.StudyatAPU.com/ese.

ACOUSTIC PRODUCT SALES 77 Columbia Ave RR 1 Long Sault ON K0C 1P0 (613) 534-4154 Fax: (613) 550-0642 E-mail: info@acousticproductsales.com Web site: www.acousticproductsales.com Contact: Blake Noon, Owner Acoustic Product Sales – a supplier of acoustic metal panels (AMPs) manufactured by Genie Audio Industrial Acoustics. AMPs are used to control noise and reverberation (echo) in acoustically hard areas, i.e., pump rooms, water treatment plants, compressor rooms, meeting rooms, etc. Other products – machinery enclosures, acoustic walls, acoustic ceiling panels, noise testing and noise research rooms. ADI SYSTEMS INC. 370 Wilsey Rd Fredericton NB E3B 6E9 (506) 452-7307 Fax: (506) 452-7308 Contact: Connie Smith, Marketing Asst.

A.C. CARBONE CANADA INC. 300 rue Brosseau St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3B 2E9 (450) 348-1807 Fax: (450) 348-3311 E-mail: accarbon@accarbone.com Web site: www.enviroaccess.ca Contact: Johanne Rajotte, Directrice Administrative A.C. Carbone is Canada’s only manufacturer of activated carbon, since 1979. We offer a wide variety of activated carbons and related products, for both vapor and liquid phase application, such as environmental carbon filters, for use in remedial treatment, emission/odor control, IAQ, WWTP, water and wastewater treatment and many other applications involving odorant contaminant removal. You have a pollution problem? We have your environmental solution. ACCUWORX INC. 40 Advance Blvd Brampton ON L6T 4J4 (877) 898-7222 ACE CANADA 25 York St Ste #1400 Toronto ON M5J 2V5 (416) 594-3032

ADVANCE PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS INC. PO Box 60399 Lafayette LA 70596 USA (337) 233-6116 or (800) 315-6009 Fax: (337) 232-3860 Contact: Tiffany Bourque, Sales AIR PHASER ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 308-19292 60 Ave Surrey BC V3S 3M2 (604) 532-5856 ALBARRIE GEOCOMPOSITES LTD. 85 Morrow Rd Barrie ON L4N 3V7 (705) 737-0551 Fax: (705) 733-5053 Contact: Lauren Howles, Sales & Marketing Manager ALBERTA WILBERT SALES 16910-129 Ave Edmonton AB T5V 1L1 (780) 447-2222 ALLU GROUP, INC. 700 Huyler St Teterboro NJ 07608 USA (800) 939-2558 Fax: (201) 288-4479 Contact: Mardi Ohanessian, President ALTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS INC. 12 Banigan Dr Toronto ON M4H 1E9 (416) 467-5555 Fax: (416) 467-9824 Contact: George Bennett, Sales

AMIAD FILTRATION SYSTEMS 120-J Talbert Rd Mooresville NC 28117 USA (800) 243-4583 or (704) 662-3133 Fax: (704) 662-3155 Contact: Jim Lauria, VP Marketing AMS, INC. 105 Harrison American Falls ID 83211 USA (800) 635-7330 Fax: (208) 226-7280

ANTHRAFILTER MEDIA & COAL LTD. 20 Sharp Rd Brantford ON N3T 5L8 (519) 751-1080 Fax: (519) 751-0617 E-mail: swildey@anthrafilter.net Web site: www.anthrafilter.net Contact: Steve Wildey, General Manager Filter Media Replacement across North America since 1976. Service to all types of filters including: Gravity, Pressure, Traveling Bridge and others. Removal, Disposal, Supply and Installation. Anthracite Filter Media, Filter Sands and Gravels, Garnet, Greensand, Activated Carbon, etc. Quality, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction. AQUA-AEROBIC SYSTEMS INC. 6306 North Alpine Rd Loves Park IL 61111 (815) 654-2501 Fax: (815) 654-2508

AQUABLAST CORP. 77 Orchard Rd Ajax ON L1S 6K9 (905) 619-3009 Fax: (905) 619-3638 E-mail: john@aquablast.ca Web site: www.aquablast.ca Contact: John Eecloo, President/General Manager Cleaning reactors, silos. Heat exchangers, sewers, tanks, process piping, equipment, buildings using high pressure waterjetting services to 40,000 psi. Cold cutting steel tanks and piping, 3D self rotating cleaning head and teleboom for safe tank cleaning, turbo vacuum pumping for liquids, sludges and dry products. Dry ice blasting. AQUABLOK, LTD. 300-3401 Glendale Ave Toledo OH 43614 USA (800) 688-2649 Fax: (419) 385-2990 Contact: Eric Kraus, Product Manager

ACG TECHNOLOGY LTD. 13-131 Whitmore Rd Woodbridge ON L4L 6E4 (905) 856-1414 Fax: (905) 856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web site: www.acgtechnology.com Contact: Greg Jackson, President For nearly 30 years, ACG Technology has been providing solutions for water, wastewater and stormwater treatment for industries and municipalities. Whether you need a batch or continuous treatment process, or equipment for individual unit operations, chances are we have the right product, either by ACG, or from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.


AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY 111 W Congress St Charles Town WV 25414 USA (877) 777-9081 Web site: StudyatAPU.com/ese Contact: info@apus.edu American Public University offers more than 150 affordable online degrees and certificate programs in a wide variety of specialities including environmental science. Our tuition is far less than other top online universities. Classes start monthly and are 100% online. Learn more about

AQUATECH DEWATERING 69 Connie Cres Concord ON L4K 1L3 (905) 907-1700 Fax: (905) 907-1701 E-mail: info@aquatd.com Web site: www.aquatechdewatering.com Contact: Andy Ingriselli, President AQUATECH is a specialized pumping services

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Suppliers company with one of the largest portable pump fleets in the country, including: full Godwin Pumps line, Hudig Wellpoint Pumps and Dragflow submersible slurry pumps. We are specialists in construction and mine dewatering, creek and sewage bypass and more, with fully trained and certified staff.

AQUATECK – INDUSTRIAL DIVISION 2705 Pitfield Blvd Ville St Laurent QC H4S 1T2 (514) 633-0999 or (877) 633-0999 Fax: (514) 633-9374 E-mail: jmarotta@aquateck-e.com Web site: www.aquateck.com Contact: Joe Marotta, Technical Sales – Ind. Div. AQUATECK distributes process equipment from world-class manufacturing companies. Our diversified product mix gives us the opportunity to provide you, our customers, with the most valueoriented solutions in the municipal, industrial, food and dairy industries. ARIZONA INSTRUMENT LLC 3375 N Delaware St Chandler AZ 85225 USA (602) 470-1414 Fax: (602) 281-1745 Contact: Rick Ervin, VP of Sales ARJAY ENGINEERING LTD. 2851 Brighton Rd Oakville ON L6H 6C9 (905) 829-2418 Fax: (905) 829-4701 Contact: Greg Reeves, Manager

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers Contact: Ken Robinson, Application & Sales AWI 4450-46 Ave SE Calgary AB T2B 3N7 (866) 755-7377 Fax: (403) 255-3129 Contact: Shannon Webb, Marketing Coordinator

BAKERCORP 450 Sherman Ave N Hamilton ON L8L 8J6 (905) 545-4555 Fax: (905) 545-9388 E-mail: kbailey@bakercorp.com Web site: www.bakercorp.com Contact: Kevin Bailey, Branch Manager BakerCorp is the industry leader in containment, pumping, filtration and shoring equipment rental solutions, with over 90 locations nationwide and international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. For over 65 years, BakerCorp has built its reputation on a long history of outstanding customer service, quality equipment and application expertise.

ASSAY TECHNOLOGY, INC. 1382 Stealth St Livermore CA 94551 USA (800) 833-1258 or (925) 461-8880 Fax: (925) 461-7149 Contact: Rena Kirkpatrick, Director, Sales & Mktg. ASSMANN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 300 N Taylor Rd Garrett IN 46738 USA (888) 357-3181 Fax: (888) 826-5329 Contact: Dave Crager, President

BELZONA GREAT LAKES 2-563 Edward Ave Richmond Hill ON L4C 9W7 (905) 737-1515 Fax: (905) 737-1597 Contact: Laura, Office Manager

BERLIE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 1245 Industrielle La Prairie QC J5R 2E4 (450) 444-0566 Fax: (450) 444-2227 Web site: www.berliefalco.com Contact: Bertrand Blanchette, CoPresident Engineering, manufacturing and installation of water, wastewater and biosolids treatment systems with specialty in anaerobic digestion, dewatering and drying of sludge and organic waste for municipalities and industries. Dewatering includes belt filter press and plates filter press. Drying includes rotary closed loop dryers, belt dryers and heated filter press dryers. Conception, manufacturing and installation of customized industrial process systems. BIODISK CORPORATION 426 Royal York Rd Toronto ON M8Y 2R9 (416) 503-4100 Fax: (416) 503-4101 Contact: Nancy Liao, Marketing Manager

AVENSYS SOLUTIONS 422 Consumers Rd Toronto ON M2J 1P8 (416) 499-4421 or (888) 965-4700 Fax: (416) 499-0816 E-mail: info@avensys.com Web site: www.AvensysSolutions.com Contacts: Jennifer Loeffler, Technical Sales Manager; Anup Jain, Area Manager As an industry leader in process and environmental monitoring systems in the Canadian marketplace, Avensys Solutions provides instrumentation and analytical equipment for measurement of flow, gas, level and water quality. Serving the industrial, water/wastewater, green energy and power generation markets, Avensys Solutions also offers strong engineering and servicing capabilities. AVISTA TECHNOLOGIES INC. 140 Bosstick Blvd San Marcos CA 92069 USA (760) 744-0536 Fax: (760) 744-0619

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BSI GROUP CANADA 102-6205 Airport Rd Mississauga ON L4V 1E1 (800) 862-6752

BARR PLASTICS 31192 South Fraser Way Abbotsford BC V2T 6L5 (604) 852-8522 Fax: (604) 852-8022 Contact: Dean Barrett, Sales Account Manager

ARMOUR VALVE LTD. 126 Milner Ave Toronto ON M1S 3R2 (800) 218-3508 Fax: (416) 299-0394 Contact: Jennifer Jones, Inside Sales Manager ARMTEC 370 Speedvale Ave W Guelph ON N1H 7M7 (519) 822-0210

BLUE-ZONE TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 14-84 Citation Dr Concord ON L4K 3C1 (905) 761-1224 Fax: (905) 761-3371 E-mail: dfilipovic@blue-zone.ca Web site: www.blue-zone.ca Contact: Dusanka Filipovic, President Immediate and measurable, sustainable air emission reduction from hospitals’ operating rooms. Through the use of Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service, hospitals prevent the routine venting of destructive halogenated anesthetics into the environment and their neighborhoods; protect public health; reduce carbon footprint and facilitate a new raw material supply source for valuable medically essential anesthetics.

BIRKSCO 2132 – Fifteen Sideroad Moffat ON L0P 1J0 (905) 854-9875 Fax: (905) 854-0180 Contact: Michael Birks BISHOP WATER TECHNOLOGIES PO Box 669 Eganville ON K0J 1T0 (613) 628-5266 Fax: (613) 628-5978 Contact: Kevin Bossy, CEO BLACKMER 1809 Century Ave SW Grand Rapids MI 49503 USA (616) 241-1611 Fax: (616) 241-3752 Contact: Tom Stone, Director of Marketing B.N.W. VALVE MANUFACTURING LTD. PO Box 47 Millgrove ON L0R 1V0 (905) 689-4713 Fax: (905) 689-7402 Contact: Harry Rodzoniak, President

BURKERT FLUID CONTROL SYSTEMS 5002 South Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 5Y7 (905) 632-3033 Fax: (905) 632-3833 E-mail: Sadiq.Khan@burkert.com Web site: www.burkert.ca Contact: Sadiq Khan, Water Treatment Segment Manager Burkert’s World of Water - The field of water treatment demands superior instrument performance and networkability. The standard products developed and manufactured by us include Analytical Transmitters/Controllers (pH, Conductivity, ORP), Flow Transmitters (Paddle Wheel, Magmeter, Ultrasonic), Level Transmitters/ Switches, Pressure Transmitters/ Switches, Temperature Transmitter/Switches, Solenoid Valves, and Pneumatic Actuation. We also offer customized system solutions.

C&M ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. PO Box 122 Midhurst ON L0L 1X0 (705) 725-9377 Fax: (705) 725-8279 E-mail: info@cmeti.com Web site: www.cmeti.com Contacts: Joshua Hamilton, Tonia Van Dyk, Larry Madden Factory representative and distributor for water and wastewater treatment equipment including: screens, grit removal, screenings washers/compactors, circular/rectangular clarifiers, clarifier covers, launder covers, chain and flight collectors, fine/coarse bubble and mechanical aeration, IFAS systems, filters, filter underdrain systems, digester covers/mixers, screw conveyors, live bottom bins, silos, sludge thickeners, package treatment plants, tablet chlorinators, tube settlers, slide and sluice gates, FRP weirs and baffles. CANBAR INC. PO Box 267 - 250 Woolwich St S Unit 5 Breslau ON N0B 1M0 (519) 648-2278 Fax: (519) 648-2001 Contact: Andy Rath, Sales/Engineering Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers CHEMETRICS, INC. 4295 Catlett Rd Midland VA 22728 USA (540) 788-9026 Fax: (540) 356-3072 Contact: Henry Castaneda, Vice President

CAN-AM INSTRUMENTS LTD. Offices: Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia (800) 215-4469 Fax: (905) 829-4701 E-mail: support@can-am.net Web site: www.can-am.net Contact: Mark Reeves, President Can-Am Instruments Ltd. provides sales, rental and service of environmental monitoring equipment, samplers, flow meters, alarm auto dialers, FRP enclosures, oil/water monitors and separators, TOC, BOD, COD, and respirometry monitors and gas detection systems.

z CANADIAN SAFETY EQUIPMENT INC. 114-2465 Cawthra Rd Mississauga ON L5A 3P2 (800) 265-0182 Fax: (905) 272-1866 Contact: Ross Humphry, Owner Canadian Safety Equipment specializes in confined space entry and rescue equipment including fall protection, gas detection, communication systems and respiratory protection. In addition, we offer the GRACE Lone Worker Monitoring Systems used to monitor lone workers, and in the event that they are hurt or rendered unconscious, will immediately call for assistance. Systems are available for water or wastewater treatment plant monitoring, pumping stations, and can also monitor mobile workers.

CANCOPPAS LIMITED 2-2595 Dunwin Dr Mississauga ON L5L 3N9 (905) 569-6246 Fax: (905) 569-6244 E-mail: controls@cancoppas.com Web site: www.cancoppas.com Contact: Francine Lemon, Executive Assistant Marketing, sales and service of process control and environmental instrumentation throughout Canada. Specializing in technologies for flow, level, pressure, temperature and on-line analysis for water and wastewater processes. By focusing on products that employ leading edge and unique technologies, Cancoppas is able to provide solutions to problems where other suppliers fall short. CANEX TECHNOLOGIES INC. 154 Richmond St Richmond Hill ON L4C 3Y4 (905) 884-4388 Fax: (905) 884-4291 Contact: Denis Taylor, President CARLO GAVAZZI INC. Unit 8-2660 Meadowvale Blvd Mississauga ON L5N 6M6 (905) 542-0979 CEA INSTRUMENTS INC. 160 Tillman St Westwood NJ 07675 USA (201) 967-5660 Fax: (201) 967-8450 Contact: Steven Adelman, VP, Sales CENTURY GROUP INC. PO Box 228 Sulphur LA 70664-0228 USA (800) 527-5232 Fax: (337) 527-8028 Contact: Rob Greenside, Sales Manager, RR Division CHEMCO INC. 124 rue Hambourg Saint-Augustin QC G3A 0B3 (418) 878-5422


CHEMLINE PLASTICS LIMITED 55 Guardsman Rd Thornhill ON L3T 6L2 (905) 889-7890 Fax: (905) 889-8553 E-mail: request@chemline.com Web site: www.chemline.com Contact: Richard Ruddock, President Chemline stocks manual and actuated valves, strainers, flow meters and controls, all made of corrosion resistant solid thermoplastics; PP and PVDF pipe, fittings, and fusion equipment; Teflon tubing, fittings and valves. Flow meters are variable area, vortex, ultrasonic and paddle wheel type including instruments. Application areas include waste and water treatment plants, landfills, etc. CHRYSALIS SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES INC. 386 Spring Blossom Cres Oakville ON L6H 0C2 (647) 402-4145 Fax: (866) 533-1436 Contact: Steve Timmings, President CLAESSEN PUMPS LIMITED 2249 Bowman St Innisfil ON L9S 3V5 (705) 431-8585 Fax: (705) 431-2772 Contact: Daniel Blandford, Technical Sales CLEAR SPAN FABRIC STRUCTURES 1395 John Fitch Blvd South Windsor CT 06074 USA CLEAR SKY TECHNOLOGY PO Box 34 - 14-3650 Langstaff Rd Woodbridge ON L4L 9A8 (416) 209-1661 Contact: Roman Kulesza, President CLEARTECH 7480 Bath Rd Mississauga ON L47 1L2 (905) 612-0566 Fax: (905) 612-0575 Contact: Mike O’Brien, Sales Manager

CONCEPT CONTROLS INC. Offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal (888) 207-2212 E-mail: sales@conceptcontrols.com Web site: www.conceptcontrols.com Concept Controls is an innovative company offering safety and instrumentation products to suit any application. We sell, rent, and service a wide selection of gas detection, industrial hygiene, environmental monitoring, and other instrumentation from top manufacturers and take pride in the quality and exceptional level of service we provide. CONSOLIDATED GIROUX ENVIRONMENT INC. PO Box 2043 - 11 Reid St Charlo NB E8E 2W8 (506) 684-5821

CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS 5150 Jefferson Chemical Rd Conroe TX 77301 USA (877) CSI-TANK

Suppliers Web site: www.containmentsolutions.com Contact: Randy Murphy Containment Solutions manufactures Flowtite® fiberglass tanks for water and wastewater storage. Tank sizes range from 300 – 60,000 gallons. Non-corrosive Flowtite tanks can be used for onsite septic, fire protection, rainwater harvesting, landscape irrigation, gray water reuse and even stormwater collection and treatment. Products available for aboveground and underground applications.

CONTINENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS 321-1100 South Service Rd Stoney Creek ON L8E 0C5 (905) 643-7615 Fax: (905) 643-5403 E-mail: info@continental-carbon.com Web site: www.continental-carbon.com Contact: Hugh Skinner, Director Operations Continental Environmental Solutions – providing consulting and contract services to the water, wastewater and residuals management (biosolids) industries. Service scope includes: filter media supply and service, site/system audits, project management, process trouble shooting, environmental site assessment, alternate energy projects and technology review and implementation. CONVAULT, INC. 4109 E Zeering Rd Denair CA 95316 USA (209) 632-7571 Fax: (209) 632-4711 Contact: David Harris, Marketing Manager

CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE INSTITUTE 2A-652 Bishop St N Cambridge ON N3H 4V6 (866) 295-2416 Fax: (519) 650-8081 E-mail: info@@cspi.ca Web site: www.cspi.ca Contact: Dave Penny, Marketing Manager The Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute is a Trade Association of manufacturers of CSP. They promote its appropriate use for a wide variety of drainage, storm water management and in ground applications for all environmental conditions. Technical Publications, Education Programs and Project Profiles are available at www.cspi.ca. C.P. SYSTEMS 4700 Thickson Rd N Whitby ON L1R 2W9 (905) 655-7122 Fax: (905) 655-7178 Contact: Ken Ripley, Project Manager DAGAZ ENVIRONMENTAL INC. PO Box 23047 – 2325 Preston Ave Market Mall Saskatoon SK S7J 5H3 (306) 373-3593 Fax: (306) 373-3593 Contact: Kathleen Cameron, President DAKOTA TECHOLOGIES 2201-A 12th St N Fargo ND 58102 USA (701) 237-4908 Fax: (701) 237-4926 Contact: Randy St. Germain, President

D’AQUA TECHNOLOGIES INC. 6-1500 Upper Middle Rd W Ste #229 Oakville ON L6M 0C2 (905) 465-9261

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Suppliers Web site: www.daquatech.com Contact: Sylvia Silva, North America Sales Manager D’Aqua Technologies is a distributor of state-ofthe-art water resources monitoring equipment and instrumentation for the water & wastewater industries, environmental organisations, government agencies, industries and consulting engineers. DAVIS CONTROLS LTD. 2200 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 5R3 (905) 829-2000 Fax: (905) 829-2630 Contact: Barbara Smith

DEGREMONT TECHNOLOGIES 8007 Discovery Dr Richmond VA 23229 USA (804) 756-7600 Fax: (804) 756-7643 Web site: www.degremont-technologies.com Contact: Paul Spofford, VP, Municipal Sales A member of Degrement Technologies, Infilco Degrement provides high performance solutions for water, wastewater and sludge treatment to the municipal and industrial markets, and brings more than a century of knowledge and innovation to a broad suite of trusted, reliable treatment solutions. DELTA SCREENS PO Box 842397 Houston TX 77041 USA (713) 856-0300 Contact: Richard Grifno, General Manager

DENSO NORTH AMERICA INC. 12-90 Ironside Cres Toronto ON M1X 1M3 (416) 291-3435 Fax: (416) 291-0898 E-mail: blair@densona.com Web site: www.densona.com Contact: Blair Slessor, Sales Manager Denso - the global leader in corrosion prevention for over 128 years. Denso offers the highest quality, most economical, long-term corrosion protection for all above and below ground metal surfaces. The Denso petrolatum tape system consists of Denso paste as an initial corrosion inhibitor; Denso mastic fillers to eliminate localized corrosion cells; Denso petrolatum tape as the long-term corrosion barrier. DEWIND ONE-PASS TRENCHING LLC 9150 96th Ave Zeeland MI 49464 USA (616) 875-7580

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers gency spill response and First Responder containment, removal and remediation; for truck rollovers or train derailments. Hazardous waste (liquid or solid) removal. Flush and camera-sewers-process and leachate lines. Confined space entry and cleaning. DURABAC 22 Chemin Milton Granby QC J2J 0P2 (800) 565-1723 Fax: (450) 378-1720 Contact: Patrick Charbonneau, President ELEMENTAL CONTROLS LIMITED 3230 Wharton Way Mississauga ON L4X 2C1 (866) 544-9974 Fax: (905) 282-9519 E-mail: sales@elementalcontrols.com Web site: www.elementalcontrols.com Contact: Keith Grattan, President Portable Analyzers for Industrial Applications: Canadian Sales & Service for Niton Analyzers and Environmental Instruments – from Thermo Scientific. The Niton XRF Analyzers provide in situ analyzers for lead-in-paint and heavy metals in soils, dust wipes, and air filters. The Environmental Instruments products include the TVA1000B Toxic Vapor, and the MIRAN SapphIRe Ambient Air Analyzers, as well as the pDR-1500 personal and ADR-1500 area particulate monitors.

ECHELON ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 26-505 Hood Rd Markham ON L3R 5V6 (905) 948-0000 Fax: (905) 948-0577 E-mail: info@echelonenvironmental.ca Web site: www.echelonenvironmental.ca Contact: Rob Rainford, Manager Echelon Environmental is an industry leading supplier of custom designed systems for Stormwater Treatment & Detention, Rainwater Harvesting, Combined Sewer Overflow, Wastewater Treatment and Odour Control units throughout Ontario and Quebec. Echelon’s team has a strong record of environmental innovation protecting our natural resources one drop at a time.

ELMRIDGE ENGINEERING INC. 15-3625 Weston Rd Weston ON M9L 1V9 (416) 749-7730 Fax: (416) 749-2550 Contact: Strachan Bowen, Sales Manager

ECKEL INDUSTRIES OF CANADA 15 Alliston Ave Morrisburg ON K0C 1X0 (613) 543-2967 Fax: (613) 543-4173 Contact: Dawn Stark, Inside Sales

ELSTER METERING 101-1100 Walker’s Line Burlington ON L7N 2G3 (905) 634-4895 Fax: (905) 634-6705 Contact: Kevin Mills, Director Sales

EHS CANADA INC. 2964 South Grimbsy Rd 18 Smithville ON L0R 2A0 (905) 643-3343 Fax: (905) 643-3211 E-mail: info@ehscanada.ca Web site: www.ehscanada.ca Contact: Bill Abbott, Manager EHS Canada Inc. provides industry leading and cost-effective industrial standby rescue and occupational health and safety training services. Our professional confined space and high angle rescue teams are second to none. Comprised of highly trained and experienced rescue personnel, EHS Canada Inc. can supply your company with fully equipped and professional rescue teams. ECOFLUID SYSTEMS INC. 209-5589 Byrne Rd Burnaby BC V5J 3J1 (604) 662-4544 Fax: (604) 662-4564 Contact: Justin Hebner, Sales Manager

DIRECTRIK INC. 405 Industrial Dr Unit 18&19 Milton ON L9T 5B1 (905) 565-9606 Fax: (905) 565-1358 Contact: Sam Directo, General Manager

DRAIN-ALL LTD. 1161 Liverpool Crt Ottawa ON K1B 4L1 (613) 327-5906 or (613) 739-1070 Contact: Stephen Huza, Manager Sales & Business Development Drain-All Ltd. environmental service company, providing industrial wet/dry vacuuming, high pressure blasting and vacuum excavation. Emer-

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ECO OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES 3939 Priority Way S Indianapolis IN 46240 USA (317) 706-6484 Fax: (317) 816-0840 Contact: Steve Hatchel, President

ECO CANADA 200-308 – 11 Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 0Y2 (403) 233-0748 Fax: (403) 269-9544 E-mail: info@eco.ca Web site: www.eco.ca ECO Canada is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1992 under the federal government’s Sector Council initiave. ECO has grown into its own as an organization focused on supporting Canada’s environment industry by communicating with industry stakeholders, conducting research and creating the necessary resources required to address human resource needs of the sector.

EMNOR MECHANICAL INC. 3-20 Depew St Hamilton ON L8L 7H8 (905) 312-9666 Fax: (905) 312-9990 Contact: Pat Kennedy, President

ENDRESS + HAUSER CANADA LTD. 1075 Sutton Dr Burlington ON L7L 5Z8 (905) 681-9292 Fax: (905) 681-3766 E-mail: info@ca.endress.com Web site: www.ca.endress.com Contact: Scott Whitehouse, Communications Manager Established in 1953, Endress + Hauser is a worldwide manufacturer of instrumentation for the water, wastewater and process industries, including flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature and recorders. Our analysis line includes chlorine, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen measurement systems as well as ammonia, nitrate and phosphate analyzers and sludge level detection.

ENGINEERED PUMP SYSTEMS LTD. 1635 Industrial Ave Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6M9 (604) 552-7900 Fax: (604) 552-7901 E-mail: epsl@telus.net Contact: Suzanne Parton, Administrator Engineered Pump Systems Ltd. specializes in the supply of water and wastewater conveyance, treatment and disposal products. Submersible pumps, solids grinders, access hatches, valves and controls, to name a few. Equipment can be supplied in complete factory built packages or as components for on-site installation.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers ENGINEERING SERVICES & PRODUCTS CO. 1395 John Fitch Blvd South Windsor CT 06074-1016 USA ENVIREAU TECHNOLOGIES 350-3771 Jacombs Rd Richmond BC V6V 2L9 (604) 270-2639 Contact: Frank Varseveld, President/CEO

ENVIROCAN WASTEWATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY 15-2 Marconi Crt Bolton ON L7E 1E5 (905) 951-9672 Fax: (905) 951-3195 E-mail: envirocan@sympatico.ca Web site: www.envirocan.ca Contact: G. Jackson, V.P. Sales Envirocan offers a full line of wastewater treatment solutions, including complete head works systems, aeration systems, tertiary filtration, high efficiency blowers, and sludge dewatering equipment.

CANECT ENVIROGATE EVENT MANAGEMENT 30-220 Industrial Pkwy S Aurora ON L4G 3V6 (905) 727-4666 Fax: (905) 841-7271 E-mail: steve@esemag.com Web site: www.esemag.com Contact: Steve Davey, Director ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION EQUIPMENT 8605 Champ d’Eau Montreal, QC H1P 3B8 (514) 326-8852

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 30-220 Industrial Pkwy S Aurora ON L4G 3V6 (905) 727-4666 Fax: (905) 841-7271 E-mail: steve@esemag.com Web site: www.esemag.com Contact: Steve Davey, Publisher Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine has covered Canada’s multi-billion dollar a year environmental protection industry since 1988. ES&E’s expert articles are vitally important to some 19,000 readers responsible for the design, construction and operation of water treatment and distribution systems, sewerage systems, and industrial and hazardous waste management systems. ENVIROZONE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 303 - 1371 Oakland Blvd Walnut Creek CA 94596 (925) 945-6088

ENV TREATMENT SYSTEMS INC. 70 High St Etobicoke ON M8Y 3N9 (416) 503-7639 Fax: (416) 503-8925 E-mail: envinc@interlog.com Web site: www.env-inc.ca Contacts: Edward M. Pikovnik, P. Eng. – Sales Manager; Rudy Langballe, Sales Manager, Lee



Williams, Project Manager Aeration (aspirating, submerged turbine, fine bubble); polymer blending; hi-speed turbo blowers; clarifiers (rectangular, circular); UV disinfection; belt presses; centrifuges; biofilters; plunger pumps; digester covers & mixers; continuous sand & disk filters; ozonation systems; access hatches; Archimedes screw pumps; vortex grit removal; traveling water screens; membrane dome & tube; fine & coarse aeration systems; hosepumps; GAC odour control; PD blowers; flumes; bar screens, fine plate or perforated plate screens, compactors, conveyors, scum troughs & submerged grit screws, septage receiving stations.

one process. Other products include grit removal, jet aeration, jet mixing, and sludge digestion.

FABRICATED PLASTICS LTD. 2175 Teston Rd Maple ON L6A 1T3 (905) 832-8161 Fax: (905) 832-2111 Contact: Greg Landry, VP Sales

FERRO CANADA INC. 4-100 Leek Cr Richmond Hill ON L4B 3E6 (905) 763-0787

FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP INC. 700-1122 International Blvd Burlington ON L7L 6Z8 (905) 690-7638 Fax: (905) 690-7639 E-mail: focusenv@on.aibn.com Contact: Robert Freeman, President Focus Environmental Group Inc. provides clientele with professional, full service environmental contracting services to suit site-specific project needs, including: waste management (soil, C&D, liquid), tank removal and disposal, TSSA Ontario licenced, T55A PM1, PM2, PM3 certified personnel; soil/groundwater remediation expertise; site/plant-facility decommissioning; environmental restoration.

FILTER INNOVATIONS INC. 744 Gordon Baker Rd Toronto ON M2H 3B4 (416) 490-7848 Fax: (416) 490-0974 Contact: Irene Hassas, Sales/Marketing

FOOTAGE TOOLS INC. 1-54 Audia Crt Vaughan ON L4K 3N4 (905) 695-9900 Fax: (905) 695-8874 Contact: Dan Ferguson, President

FILTERSENSE 355W – 800 Cummings Ct Beverly MA 01915 USA (978) 927-4304 Fax: (978) 927-4329 Contact: Margaret Howard, Marketing

GARDNER DENVER, INC. 1800 Gardner Expressway Quincy IL 62305 USA (217) 222-5400 Contact: Heather Glascock, Market Coordinator

FCI – FLUID COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL 1755 La Costa Meadows Dr San Marcos CA 92078 USA (760) 744-6950 Fax: (760) 736-6250 Contact: Glen Fishman, Director of Sales

FLUID METERING INC. 500-5 Aerial Way Syosset NY 11791 USA (516) 922-6050 or (800) 223-3388 Fax: (516) 624-8261 Contact: George Bienenstock

FIRST RESPONSE ENVIRONMENTAL 899 Nebo Rd Hamilton ON L0R 1P0 (289) 639-2020 Fax: (905) 679-4038 Contact: Wesley Hicks, General Manager FISHER TANK COMPANY 3131 West 4th St Chester PA 19013-1822 USA (610) 494-7200 Contact: Fred Ruinen, Corporate Sales Manager FLOCHEM LTD. R.R.#7 (Wellington Rd #124) Guelph ON N1H 6J4 (519) 763-5441 FLOWMETRIX TECHNICAL SERVICES 212 Terrence Ave Dorchester ON N0L 1G3 (519) 870-3569 Fax: (519) 268-3459 Contact: Stacey Nichol, Project Manager FLUID DYNAMICS 295 Dekalb Pike North Wales PA 19454 USA (215) 699-8700 Fax: (215) 699-0370 Contact: Vince Zesdom, Marketing Manager

FLUIDYNE CORPORATION Suite D-5436 Nordic Dr Cedar Falls IA 50613 USA (319) 266-9967 Fax: (319) 277-6034 E-mail: fluidyne@fluidynecorp.com Web site: www.fluidynecorp.com Contact: Erick Mandt, VP Sales & Marketing Fluidyne provides wastewater treatment equipment for municipalities and industries. Fluidyne’s Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix – ISAM™ activated sludge system provides tertiary level wastewater treatment with integral sludge reduction (up to 85% less than conventional plants) all in

GASMET TECHNOLOGIES INC. B-202-1410 Taschereau La Prairie QC J5R 4E8 (866) 685-0050 Fax: (450) 659-4567 E-mail: sales@gasmet.com Web site: www.gasmet.com Contact: Jacques Bourbonnais, General Manager Gasmet Technologies provides solutions for demanding gas monitoring applications, such as continuous emissions monitoring, process gas analysis, research, emergency response and industrial hygiene. Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzers can simultaneously measure organic and inorganic gases in hot, wet and corrosive gas streams within seconds. Measurement capabilities range from ppbs up to percent levels. Gasmet manufactures in situ, portable, rack-mounted analyzers and fully turn-key CEMS systems. GEMITE PRODUCTS INC. 1787 Drew Rd Mississauga ON L5S 1J5 (905) 672-2020 Fax: (905) 672-6780 Contact: Igor Nikolajev

GENEQ INC. 10700 Secant St Montreal QC H1J 1S5 (514) 354-2511 Fax: (514) 354-6948 E-mail: info@geneq.com Web site: www.geneq.com

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Suppliers Contact: Rene Parise, VP Sales & Marketing GENEQ has been a Canadian Distributor of Environmental Instruments since 1972. We offer a wide range of products for air, water and soil sampling/monitoring/measuring. Also we sell Precision GPS systems and General Laboratory products. So, if you are looking for Weather Stations, Telemetry Systems, Water Quality Instruments, GENEQ is the place to go. GEOMEMBRANE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 370 Wilsey Rd Fredericton NB E3B 6E9 (506) 452-7304 Fax: (506) 452-6625 Contact: Brennan Sisk, Marketing & Bus. Development G.E.T. INDUSTRIES INC. 33 Cedar Dr Caledon ON L7K 1H5 (905) 451-9900 Fax: (519) 927-9315 Contact: David Martin, President

GLOBAL REPAIR LTD. 33 Bellefair Ave Toronto ON M4L 3T7 (416) 686-3690 Fax: (416) 686-1744 E-mail: sales@globalrepair.ca Web site: www.globalrepair.ca Contact: Michael Morris, Communications Director Global Repair Ltd, your “One Stop Compost Shop” provides a complete range of equipment with consulting for Agricultural, Municipal & Industrial compost/bioremediation operations. Used successfully in 10 provinces, 22 countries & 35 US states, our products reduce greenhouse gases, providing sustainable solutions for efficient, cost effective waste transformation and nutrient recovery. GLOBESTAR SYSTEMS INC. 7 Kodiak Cr Toronto ON M3J 3E5 (416) 636-2282 Fax: (416) 635-1711 Contact: Don Hennessey, Product Communications Manager

GORMAN-RUPP OF CANADA LIMITED 70 Burwell Rd St Thomas ON N5P 3R7 (519) 631-2870 Fax: (519) 631-4633 Web site: www.grcanada.com Contact: Mark Neal, Marketing Manager Gorman-Rupp of Canada manufactures a full line of self-priming centrifugal, standard centrifugal, and submersible pumps, for construction, industrial, sewage, petroleum, agricultural and firefighting applications.

GOSLYN ENVIRONMENTAL GREASE INTERCEPTORS PO Box 424 Aurora ON L4G 3L5 (905) 841-0990 Fax: (905) 248-5222 E-mail: angelo@goslyn.ca Web site: www.goslyn.ca Contact: Angelo Mikrogiannakis, President The Goslyn GRD Grease Interceptor is the best in class grease interceptor system. Goslyn’s innovative (patented) technology removes up to 99% of

90 | January 2012

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers the FOG from wastewater effluent discharging from a commercial kitchen. A strainer basket captures organics, reducing TSS. Goslyn’s user friendly management system promotes BEST ENVIRONMENTAL KITCHEN PRACTICES.

GRANDE WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 100 Alexis Nihon Blvd Ste #547 Montreal QC H4M 2P1 (514) 904-6580 Fax: (514) 904-6573 E-mail: fgrande@grandeinc.com Web site: www.grandeinc.com Contact: Francis Grande, Sales Representative Grande Water supplies & designs equipment solutions for the mitigation and management of CSOs and SSOs, such as, Sediment Flushing Systems for CSO/SSO storage tanks and sewers, Bending Weir Technology for reducing combined sewer overflows to receiving streams (while maximizing your upstream storage capacity), CSO Screening and Floatables Control, Flow Regulating Technology as well as Backflow Prevention and Flood Protection.

GREATARIO ENGINEERED STORAGE SYSTEMS PO Box 399 Innerkip ON N0J 1M0 (519) 469-8169 Fax: (519) 469-8157 E-mail: sales@greatario.com Web site: www.greatario.com Contacts: Scott Burn, Steve Gregory, Jeff Rodger, Terry Frank Greatario Engineered Storage Systems supply and construct Aquastore® glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks, Temcor® aluminum domes and covers, Columbian TecTanks & mixing systems.

GREYLINE INSTRUMENTS INC. 16456 Sixsmith Dr Long Sault ON K0C 1P0 (888) 473-9546 or (613) 938-8956 E-mail: info@greyline.com Web site: www.greyline.com Contact: Ernie Higginson, VP Greyline manufactures ultrasonic flow and level instruments. Measure tank level from above the liquid, flow from outside a pipe or flow in open channels and flumes. Models include clamp-on flow meters for clean and dirty liquids, open channel and area-velocity flow meters, tank level transmitters and controls. GRIDBEE 3225 Highway 22 Dickinson ND 58601 USA (888) 495-0104 Fax: (701) 225-9552 Contact: Pat Schnaidt, VP Marketing GRISWOLD PUMP COMPANY 22069 Van Buren Street Grand Terrace CA 92313 USA (800) 843-9222 Fax: (800) 752-2929 Contact: Rob Guertin, Marketing Manager GROUNDTECH SOLUTIONS PO Box 1271 Postal Stn K Toronto ON M4P 3E5 (416) 410-3130

GRUNDFOS CANADA INC. 2941 Brighton Rd Oakville ON L6H 6C9 (416) 770-6551 Fax: (905) 829-9512 Contact: Michael Presement, Business Development Specialist

H2FLOW EQUIPMENT INC. 7-470 North Rivermede Rd Concord ON L4K 3R8 (905) 660-9775 Fax: (905) 660-9744 E-mail: info@h2flow.com Web site: www.h2flow.com Contact: Ed Broeders, Municipal Sales Manager Water/wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal applications: grinders, screens, conveyors, SBRs, grit removal, aerators, diffusers, blowers, biological treatment, clarifiers, sludge presses, centrifuges, digesters, mixers, thickeners, tertiary treatment and filters, package plants, UV disinfection, drinking water plants, filters, underdrains, strainers, DAFs. CSO treatment, odour control biofilters, oil/water separators.

H2FLOW TANKS & SYSTEMS INC. 6-470 North Rivermede Rd Concord ON L4K 3R8 (905) 660-0649 Fax: (905) 660-9744 E-mail: tanks@h2flow.com Web site: www.h2flow.com Contact: Darrin Hopper, National Sales Manager Sales, installation of PERMASTORE glassfused-to-steel tanks, CONSERVATEK aluminum covers, PAX and FLUIDYNE mixing systems, anaerobic digesters, water tanks, towers. Wastewater, sludge and leachate storage, clarifiers, MBR, SBR tanks. Custom engineered tanks with published quality standards and zero defects. Integrated mixing and aeration systems. Steel and fiberglass bolted panel tanks. HACH FLOW METER PRODUCTS & SERVICES 4539 Metropolitan Rd Frederick MD 21704 USA (301) 874-5599 Fax: (301) 874-8459 Contact: Customer Support

HALOGEN VALVE SYSTEMS INC. Ste A-17961 Sky Park Cir Irvine CA 92614 USA (877) 476-4222 or (949) 261-5030 Fax: (949) 261-5033 Fax: (949) 261-5033 Web site: www.halogenvalve.com Contact: Tom Kincaid, President Halogen Valve Systems manufactures hazardous gas shutoff systems and distributes toxic gas detectors for all types of water, wastewater and manufacturing facilities. All of our systems are powered by 12 Volt DC batteries with internal computer controlled chargers that provide protection even when local power systems fail. These systems are rugged and reliable because they are built for use in hazardous gas environments to give our customers years of worry free service. HAMMERTEK CORP. PO Box 416 Landisville PA 17538 USA (717) 898-7665 Fax: (717) 898-9279 Contact: Sales Department

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers HARCO ENTERPRISES LTD 675 The Parkway Peterborough ON K9J 7K2 (800) 361-5361 Fax: (705) 743-4312 Contact: Ray Harris, President

HARMSCO FILTRATION PRODUCTS 7169 North 49th Terrace West Palm Beach FL 33407-1003 USA (800) 327-3248 Fax: (561) 845-2474 E-mail: gwillis@harmsco.com Web site: www.harmsco.com Contact: Greg Willis, Director, Sales & Marketing For over 51 years, Harmsco Filtration Products has manufactured high-quality filtration products for a wide variety of industrial, municipal and environmental applications. Our extensive product line includes NSF 61 certified stainless steel filter housings and the largest selection of cartridge elements found anywhere. For more information on Harmsco Filtration Products, please visit www.harmsco.com. HAYWARD GORDON LTD. 5 Brigden Gate Halton Hills ON L7G 0A3 (905) 693-8595 Fax: (905) 693-1452 Contact: Brent McConomy, Director of Sales

HERON INSTRUMENTS INC. 2031 James St Burlington ON L7R 1H2 (800) 331-2032 Fax: (905) 634-9657 E-mail: info@heroninstruments.com Web site: www.heroninstruments.com Contact: Vicky Toon, VP, Sales & Marketing Heron Instruments offers a line of high quality groundwater monitoring instrumentation, diverse enough for any groundwater project and any budget. The dipper-T and the Water Tape water level indicators are standards for measuring depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. For narrow spaces, the Skinny Dipper is a perfect fit. The Conductivity PLUS level & temperature meter makes conductivity profiling quick and easy. Use the Heron dipperLog groundwater data logger for continual, long-term monitoring of water levels & temperature.

Web site: www.hmpipeproducts.com Contact: Rick Henry, President HM Pipe Products is a small independent sewer + watermain distributor servicing contractors and municipalities in south western Ontario. We are suppliers of pvc sewer + watermain pipe and fittings, gate valves, hydrants, service brass and waterline products, repair clamps, couplings, concrete manhole + catchbasin and other related accessories, full line of safety clothing, shovels, wheel barrels, safety eye wear, etc. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for after hours emergencies.

HOSKIN SCIENTIFIC LTD. 3735 Myrtle St Burnaby BC V5C 4E7 (604) 872-7894 E-mail: rmckeown@hoskin.ca Web site: www.hoskin.ca Contact: Rod McKeown Hoskin Scientific sells sampling and monitoring instruments for the environmental, agricultural, mining, oil & gas, and forestry markets. We have a complete range of instruments for: water quality, water level, water flow and velocity, groundwater sampling, limnology and oceanography, soil and plant science sampling and testing, weather stations, data loggers including the miniature low-cost HOBO loggers. HPM LIMITED 169-7620 Elbow Dr SW Calgary AB T2V 1K2 (403) 259-2882

HUBER TECHNOLOGY, INC. 9 Farmington Dr Courtice ON L1E 3B9 (905) 434-2222 E-mail: sales@hhusa.net Web site: www.huber-technology.com Contact: Frank Scriver, Regional Sales Manager Huber Technology provides the highest quality and value of original manufacture equipment in the wastewater industry today. Complete offerings for screening, grit, and sludge applications. We have your solution. HUNGERFORD & TERRY, INC. 226 Atlantic Ave Clayton NJ 08312 USA (856) 881-3200 Fax: (856) 881-6859 Contact: Ken Sayell, VP Sales

HETEK SOLUTIONS INC. 2085 Piper Lane London ON N5V 3S5 (519) 659-1144 Fax: (519) 453-2182 Contact: Gary Fricke, Technical Sales Manager HIBON INC. 12055 Cote de Liesse Dorval QC H9P 1B4 (514) 631-3501 Fax: (514) 631-3502 Contact: David Cherry, Sales Manager

HM PIPE PRODUCTS INC. 129 Exeter Rd London ON N6L 1A4 (519) 652-5822 Fax: (519) 652-5012 E-mail: rhenry@hmpipeproducts.com


HYDRO INTERNATIONAL 140-2925 NW Aloclek Hillsboro OR 97124 USA (866) 615-8130 Fax: (503) 615-2906 E-mail: bpaetel@eutek.com Web site: www.hydro-international.biz Contact: Ben Paetel, Marketing Hydro International supplies environmentally sustainable products and innovative solutions that control and treat stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflows, using advanced vortex and complementary technologies. Hydro International is the leading provider of municipal grit removal and CSO/wet weather management products to control flows within collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.

Suppliers HYDRO-LOGIC ENVIRONMENTAL 250-762 Upper James St Hamilton ON L9C 3A2 (905) 777-9494 Fax: (905) 777-8678 Contact: George Pastoric, President HYDROVISION AMERICA 10520 Yonge St Unit 35B Ste #212 Richmond Hill ON L4C 3C7 (905) 833-0885 Fax: (905) 833-0823 Contact: Riyaz Jiwani, International Manager ICEFIELD TOOLS CORPORATION PO Box 30085 Whitehorse YT Y1A 2M5 (867) 633-4264 Fax: (867) 633-4217 Contact: Lee Randall, COO

IDEAL PIPE 16659 Thorndale Rd Thorndale ON N0M 2P0 (800) 265-7098 Fax: (519) 641-2524 E-mail: sales@idealpipe.ca Web site: www.idealpipe.ca Contact: Ron McFarlane, Sales For more than twenty-five years, Ideal has been supplying advanced HDPE pipe products for municipal infrastructure as well as agricultural and recreational turf drainage. Ideal’s engineered plastic pipe is economical and provides longer service life than traditional steel and concrete, backed by a reliable single-source of supply and field support. IDES CANADA INC. 200-3421 Yonge St Toronto ON M4N 2N1 (416) 479-0078

IMBRIUM ™ SYSTEMS 2100-2 St Clair Ave W Toronto ON M4V 1L5 (800) 565-4801 E-mail: info@imbriumsystems.com Web site: www.imbriumsystems.com Contact: Reagen Davidson, Regional Manager ImbriumTM Systems – an engineered stormwater treatment company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells stormwater treatment solutions to protect our water resources from harmful pollutants. Developing technologies to address longterm impact of urban runoff, Imbrium ensures its clients’ projects are compliant with government water quality regulations. Imbrium has a strong record of environmental innovation with Stormceptor® - oil/sediment separator; Jellyfish® Filter – membrane filtration, Sorbtive®Media and Sorbtive®Filter – dissolved phosphorus and metals removal.

INDACHEM INC. 1040 Martin Grove Rd Unit #3 Toronto ON M9W 4W4 (416) 743-3751 Fax: (416)743-2038 E-mail: brian.allen@indachem.com or max.rao@indachem.com Web site: www.indachem.com Contacts: Brian G. Allen, General Manager, Max Rao, Canadian Sales Manager Siemens/Stranco “PolyBlend” dry/liquid polymer feed systems; “Strantrol HRR”

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Suppliers chlorination/dechlorination controllers; “Water Champ” gas/liquid chemical induction and mixing systems; ADI International arsenic removal; Halogen emergency valve actuators; Muddy River oil/water separators; Westfalia centrifuges.

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL SOFTWARE 60 Bathurst Dr Unit 6 Waterloo ON N2V 2A9 (519) 746-5995

INTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CANADA 12255 King George Blvd Surrey BC V3V 3K9 (604) 580-1575 Fax: (604) 580-1965 Contact: Dave Pasin, President

JOHN MEUNIER INC. 2000 Argentia Rd Plaza IV Ste #430 Mississauga ON L5N 1W1 (905) 286-4846 Fax: (905) 286-5805 Web site: www.johnmeunier.com With over 60 years of experience, John Meunier Inc. brings innovative solutions and technologies and seasoned professionals to the water and wastewater market. John Meunier Inc. offers a complete line of state-of-the-art technologies for analysis, instrumentation and monitoring. We represent recognized instrumentation suppliers like HACH, Elga, Seepex, Pulsafeeder, Swan, Hapman, UV Pure, Greyline, American Sigma, GLI, Odotech, etc.

INTELEX TECHNOLOGIES FL6-905 King St W Toronto ON M6K 3G9 (416) 599-6009 Fax: (416) 599-6867 Contact: Kristy Sadler, Marketing Director

JURASSIC ACTIVATED CARBON INC. 161 Kingslake Rd North York ON M2J 3G4 (416) 297-8876 Fax: (416) 297-9976 Contact: Rodger Lu, President

INFILCO DEGREMONT 8007 Discovery Dr Richmond VA 23229 USA (804) 756-8423 Fax: (804) 756-7643 Contact: Sylvie Roy, Comm. & Mrkt Manager INSITU CONTRACTORS INC. 150 Stevenson St S Guelph ON N1E 5N7 (519) 763-0700

INTERNATIONAL WATER SUPPLY LTD. 342 Bayview Dr PO Box 310 Barrie ON L4M 4T5 (705) 733-0111 Fax: (705) 721-0138 E-mail: iws@iws.ca Web site: www.iws.ca Contact: John A Harris, P.Eng., President Complete Groundwater Engineering and Hydrogeologic services which include: Well Design, large diameter, high capacity Well Construction and Testing, Performance Testing of wells and pumps, Well Rehabilitation and re-development programs, Well Video inspection, and supply, installation and maintenance of lineshaft and submersible Pumps. Groundwater resource assessments and exploration programs. INTERPROVINCIAL CORROSION CONTROL 930 Sheldon Court Burlington ON L7C 5K6 (905) 634-7751 Fax: (905) 333-4313 Contact: Ray Thoroski, Manager Customer Service

IPEX INC. 2441 Royal Windsor Dr Mississauga ON L5J 4C7 (866) 473-9462 Fax: (905) 670-7676 Web site: www.ipexinc.com Contact: Bill Hawke, Marketing Manager IPEX Inc. offers the world’s most comprehensive range of thermoplastic piping systems for the municipal, industrial, mechanical and plumbing markets. Backed by more than 50 years experience and with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across North America, IPEX has established a reputation for product innovation, quality, end-user focus, and performance. JMAR 10905 Technology Pl San Diego CA 92127 USA (858) 312-7769 Fax: (858) 946-6899 Contact: Sue Franks, Operations JOHN WILEY & SONS CANADA LTD. 400-5353 Dundas St W Etobicoke ON M9B 6H8 (416) 236-4433

92 | January 2012

LANDMARK 3091 Harrison Ct Burlington ON L7R 3X4 (905) 319-7700 Fax: (905) 319-1373 Contact: Frank Husack, Marketing Manager LAYFIELD GROUP 11603-180 St NW Edmonton AB T5S 2H6 (800) 840-2884 Fax: (780) 455-5218 Contact: Tim Starchuck, Marketing Manager LEVITT/EHS INSTRUMENT SOLUTIONS 2872 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 5T5 (905) 287-3554 Fax: (905) 829-2919 Contact: Paul Kroes, Instrument Specialist LINKON TECHNOLOGY INC. 25 Southvale Dr Vaughan ON L6A 0X2 (416) 888-3680 Contact: David Kim, Manager LUMINOR ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 290 Southgate Dr Unit 2 Guelph ON N1G 4P5 (519) 837-3800 Fax: (519) 837-3808 Contact: Myron Lupal, President & General Manager LYSTEK INTERNATIONAL INC. 1425 Bishop St N Unit 16 Cambridge ON N1R 6J9 (888) 501-6508 Fax: (888) 501-7429 Contact: Ajay Singh, General Manager

JWC ENVIRONMENTAL 290 Paularino Ave Costa Mesa CA 92626 USA (800) 331-2277 Fax: (949) 833-8858 Contact: Alec Mackie, Marketing Manager KDF FLUID TREATMENT, INC. 1500 KDF Dr Three Rivers MI 49093-9287 USA (269) 273-3300 Fax: (269) 273-4400 Contact: Denise Heskett-Al-Kharusy, Vice President KELLER AMERICA INC. 813 Diligence Dr Ste #120 Newport News VA 23606 USA (877) 253-5537 Fax: (757) 596-6659 Contact: Chris Lilly, Sales Manager

MACROTEK 400 Bentley St Unit 4 Markham ON L3R 8H6 (905) 415-1799 Fax: (905) 415-1790

MAGNETROL Units 1&2-145 Jardin Dr Concord ON L4K 1X7 (905) 738-9600 Fax: (905) 738-1306 E-mail: kmartyn@magnetrol.com Web site: www.magnetrol.com Contact: Kevin Martyn, General Manager Liquid level, and air flow controls for the water and wastewater industry. Best known for low cost radar and ultrasonic level products. Also offering easy to service thermal mass dispersion air flow monitoring. See the full details at our website www.magnetrolenvironmental.com.

KEN GRO CORPORATION PO Box 432 Charleston MS 38921 USA (662) 647-2456 Fax: (662) 647-2468 Contact: Brent Brasher, President KENTAIN PRODUCTS LTD. 55 Howard Pl Kitchener ON N2K 2Z4 (519) 576-0994 Fax: (519) 576-0919 Contact: Scott Lippert, President KINETICS NOISE CONTROL 3570 Nashua Dr Mississauga ON L4V 1L2 (905) 670-4922 Fax: (905) 670-1698 Contact: Marc L. Ouellette, Canadian Industrial Sales Mgr.

MANDEL SCIENTIFIC COMPANY 2 Admiral Pl Guelph ON N1G 4N4 (888) 883-3636 Fax: (519) 763-2005 Contact: Michael Green, Product Manager

KSB PUMPS INC. 5205 Tomken Rd Mississauga ON L4W 3N8 (905) 568-9200 Fax: (905) 568-3740 E-mail: ksbcanada@ksbcanada.com Web site: www.ksb.ca Contact: Mike Blundell, President KSB Pumps Inc. is a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. KSB’s history dates back to 1871 in Germany, where the company’s global HQ is still located. KSB’s giant product portfolio consists of thousands of engineered and customized solutions. Water and wastewater pumps, submersible, dry, centrifugal, vertical, vertical turbine and submersible mixers (2002500 mm).

MARKLAND SPECIALTY ENGINEERING LTD. 9-305 Armstrong Ave Georgetown ON L7G 4X6 (905) 873-7791 Fax: (905) 873-6012 E-mail: markland@sludgecontrols.com Web site: www.sludgecontrols.com Contact: Scott Langstaff, General Manager Markland Specialty Engineering helps reduce the operating costs, and environmental impact of water/wastewater treatment. This Canadian company provides customers (including municipal wastewater treatment plants, manufacturers, mining, oil industries) with reliable process control instrumentation (suspended solids meters, sludge level detectors, samplers). Factory-direct support and quick delivery, since 1967.

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers


MET-PRO PRODUCT RECOVERY & POLLUTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES INC. 201 Millway Ave Vaughan ON L4K 5K8 (905) 760-9000 Fax: (905) 760-9060

MASTER METER, INC. 101 Regency Pkwy Mansfield TX 76063 USA (817) 842-8000 Fax: (817) 842-8100 E-mail: macleod1@mastermeter.com Web site: www.mastermeter.com Contact: Ian Macleod, V.P. Marketing Master Meter, Inc. provides comprehensive utility water measurement solutions, smart AMR technology, and intuitive meter management software designed to help utilities run more efficiently. Better serve customers, capture more revenue and proactively combat resources loss from leaks, theft and meter malfunction with our completely integrated AMR system. MEASUREMAX INC. 900 Major Bennett Dr Peterborough ON K9J 6X6 (705) 745-1626 MEASUREMENT SPECIALTIES INC. 1000 Lucas Way Hampton VA 23666 USA (800) 678-7226 Fax: (757) 766-4297 Contact: Randy Akers

MEGADOME/HARNOIS INDUSTRIES 1044 Principale St Thomas QC J0K 3L0 (866) 610-0370 Fax: (450) 756-8389 E-mail: info@harnois.com Web site: www.megadomebuildings.com Contact: Mike Tousignant, Sales Manager Megadome® buildings are membrane-covered galvanized structures which are ideal to protect your storage yard, machinery, production facilities or waste/recycling operations from the weather, providing a high quality solution at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings. Widths start at 30 feet up to 125 feet, and as long as needed. MEGTEC SYSTEMS, INC. 830 Prosper Rd De Pere WI 54115 USA (920) 336-5715 Fax: (920) 339-2784 Contact: Mary Van Vonderen, Marketing Director

METCON SALES & ENGINEERING LIMITED 3-15 Connie Cres Concord ON L4K 1L3 (905) 738-2355 Fax: (905) 738-5520 E-mail: metcon@metconeng.com Web site: www.metconeng.com Contacts: Matthew Nicolak, Marketing Manager Disinfection systems (Cl2, NaOCl, NH3, SO3, ClO2, O3,UV, KMnO4); chemical feed systems (dry, liquid, gas, polymer, lime); flowmeters (magnetic, mass, DP, VA); metering pumps, analyzers, turbidity, ozone generators, odour control scrubbers; reservoir mixing; filtration systems, screen filters, filtration plants, SBRs, septage receiving, aeration and mixing, centrifuges, chemical induction mixing, bulk water filling systems.


MILLENNIUM CONTROL COMPANY Po Box 86034 – RPO Upper Oakville Oakville ON L6H 5V6 (905) 467-9290 Contact: Allan Hakala, Operations Manager MILLENIUM ENTERPRISES INC. 4225 JVL Industrial Park Dr Marietta GA 30066 USA (877) 816-9716 Fax: (770) 926-9949 Contact: Bob Blaskovic, President MIL-RAM TECHNOLOGY INC. 4135 Business Center Dr Fremont CA 94538 USA (510) 656-2001 Fax: (510) 656-2004 Contact: Carlos Ramirez, President

MUNRO LTD. 8807 Simcoe Rd Unit #56 Utopia ON L0M 1T0 (705) 734-2892 Fax: (705) 734-2920 E-mail: info@munroltd.com Web site: www.munroltd.com Contact: Theresa Erskine, Director, Marketing Munro Ltd. provides precast concrete, prestressed precast concrete and welded steel products manufactured in a 44,000 m2 fully integrated state-ofthe-art plant. Fresh Water Transmission Pipe and Fittings, Steel Pipe and Fittings, Storm and Sanitary Pipe and Maintenance Holes, Bridge Superstructure and Substructure, Tunnel Segments, Railway Ties, Box Culverts and Chambers.

MJ INTERNATIONAL INC. 349 Bowes Rd Unit 14 Concord ON L4K 1J3 (905) 731-8104 MONITARIO TECHNICAL SERVICES INC. 10 Alpine Ct Cambridge ON N1R 5S5 (519) 748-8024

MS FILTER SYSTEMS INC. 3-1235 Journey’s End Circle Newmarket ON L3Y 8T7 (866) 853-0164 Fax: (905) 853-8807 E-mail: info@msfilter.com Web site: www.msfilter.com Contact: Bob LeCraw, President MS Filter Systems Inc. offers the Multi-Stage Filter. It is a sustainable solution to a small system’s drinking water treatment needs that is simple and inexpensive to operate. There are no pre-treatment chemicals, no membranes to replace, and yet treatment performance equals or exceeds other technologies.

MSU MISSISSAUGA LTD. 2222 South Sheridan Way Mississauga ON L5J 2M4 (800) 268-5336 Fax: (888) 220-2213 E-mail: sales@msumississauga.com Web site: www.msumississauga.com Contact: Josh Pearson, Manager From man-hole steps, weirs, handrailing and catwalks to custom fabrication, MSU is ready to service the needs of the water and wastewater industry. MTU ONSITE ENERGY CORPORATION 100 Power Dr Mankato MN 56001 USA (800) 325-5450

MUELLER CANADA 82 Hooper Rd Barrie ON L4N 8Z9 (705) 719-9965 Fax: (705) 719-4959 Contact: Doug Willey, Sales Manager

MYRON L COMPANY 2450 Impala Dr Carlsbad CA 92010 USA (760) 438-2021 Fax: (760) 931-9189 Web site: www.myronl.com Contact: Kathryn Robinson, Director of Sales & Mktg. The Myron L Company manufactures water quality instrumentation that can help you conserve chemicals, water and energy, control product quality and manage wastes. Our handheld meters and in-line monitor/controllers precisely measure, monitor and control critical process parameters: Conductivity; Resistivity; TDS; pH; ORP; Free Chlorine, Alkalinity, Hardness, LSI and Temperature.

NAPIER-REID LTD. 2-10 Alden Rd Markham ON L3R 2S1 (905) 475-1545 Fax: (905) 475-2021 Web site: www.napier-reid.com Contact: Frank Li, Vice President Napier-Reid Ltd. is a leading supplier of water/wastewater treatment systems with over 60 years of experience and over 3000 projects completed in Canada and overseas. Napier-Reid has the technology, resources, and experience to design, manufacture and implement innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions worldwide.

NELSON ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 94 Durand Rd Winnipeg MB R2J 3T2 (204) 949-7500 Fax: (204) 237-0660 E-mail: mkroeker@nelsonenvironmental.com Web site: www.nelsonenvironmental.com Contact: Merle Kroeker, Project Development Engineer Nelson Environmental Inc. provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for water and wastewater

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Suppliers treatment with a specific focus on OPTAER® lagoon based processes. We specialize in the optimization and restoration of existing water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. More than simply an equipment manufacturer, we are a complete solution provider, striving for 100 percent customer satisfaction by offering a diversified mix of expertise, methodologies, and technologies. NEPTUNE CHEMICAL PUMP COMPANY 295 Dekalb Pike North Wales PA 19454 (215) 699-8700 Fax: (215) 699-0370 Contact: Vince Zesdorn, Marketing Manager NEPTUNE TECHNOLOGY GROUP 7275 West Credit Ave Mississauga ON L5N 5M9 (905) 858-4211 Fax: (905) 858-0428 Contact: Darlene McNichol, Product Manager NESTEC, INC. PO Box 568 – 21 Unionville Rd Douglassville PA 19518 USA (610) 323-7670

NETZSCH CANADA INC. 10-12 – 740 Huronia Rd Barrie ON L4N 6C6 (705) 797-8426 Fax: (705) 797-8427 E-mail: info@netzsch.ca Web site: www.netzsch.ca Contact: George Balcerczyk, President NETZSCH, the world’s largest manufacturer of Progressive Cavity Pumps offers a complete range of P.C. pumps, Metering Pumps and Rotary Lobe Pumps. Netzsch Canada specializes in Progressive Cavity retrofit parts for most manufacturers’ pumps. NEWALTA 211 – 11 Ave SW Calgary AB T2R 0C6 (403) 806-7000 Fax: (403) 806-7348 NOVATECH 4120 Ridgeway Drive Unit 25 Mississauga ON L5L 5S9 (905) 569-9814 Fax: (905) 569-7095 Contact: J.C. Arenes, Business Development Manager

ONTARIO CLEAN WATER AGENCY 1700-1 Yonge St Toronto ON M5E 1E5 (416) 314-5600 Web site: www.ocwa.com

ORIVAL INC. 213 S Van Brunt St Englewood NJ 07631 USA (201) 568-3311 or (800) 567-9767 Fax: (201) 568-1916 E-mail: filters@orival.com Web site: www.orival.com Providing automatic self-cleaning filtration systems for the removal of suspended solids from water is more than a job for Orival – it’s a way of life. For over 20 years, Orival has supplied thousands of filtration units for a wide variety of customers in over 40 countries around the world. Single units, flange-to-flange systems, complete skid mounted or containerized packages, and specifically fabricated filters are all common products for Orival.

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers (877) 237-0575 Fax: (416) 617-4189 Contact: Andre P. Morin, Sales PENCON EQUIPMENT COMPANY F2-109 Thomas St Oakville ON L6J 3A7 (905) 845-1727 Fax: (905) 845-1792 Contact: B. Penny, Office Manager OSPREY SCIENTIFIC INC. 18130 – 105 Avenue Ste #100 Edmonton AB T5S 2T4 (800) 560-4402 Fax: (877) 820-9667 E-mail: sales@ospreyscientific.com Web site: www.ospreyscientific.com Contact: Tanya McGowan, Sales & Marketing Osprey Scientific provides high quality scientific products, technical training & product support for environmental, oil & gas, toxicity, waste characterization, personal safety, air quality, wastewater analysis & other measurement technologies such as soil & groundwater sampling devices, inorganic & organic test kits, water quality instruments, soil & waste characterization, Microtox & Rapid Assay analysis.

PENTAIR CANADA INC. 269 Trillium Dr Kitchener ON N2G 4W5 (519) 748-5470 Fax: (519) 748-2553 Contact: Ian MacKinnon, General Manager PHASE 1: CORDAGE & TEXTILES INC. 133 rue Sussex Montreal QC H9G 2L5 (450) 698-2222 PML PROCESS TECHNOLOGY 1601 Shale Oak Mews Mississauga ON L4W 2M1 (905) 206-9514 Fax: (905) 282-9903 Contact: Paul Lawrence, General Manager POLYSTAR INC. 2030 Midway Dr Twinsburg OH 44087 USA (330) 963-5100 PRESSURE SYSTEMS, INC. 34 Research Dr Hampton VA 23666 USA (757) 865-1243

OVIVO DIVISION OF GL&V CANADA INC. 300-2010 Winston Park Dr Oakville ON L6H 5R7 (905) 491-2750 Fax: (905) 491-2790 E-mail: info.CA@ovivowater.com Web site: www.ovivowater.com Contacts: Dany Sarrazin-Sullivan, Director of Sales & Business Development,Donna Morano, Municipal Sales, Christian Beaule, Industrial Sales Ovivo is one of the world’s leading suppliers of processes for the treatment and recycling of municipal and industrial wastewater and water. With its extensive technological portfolio, the group provides comprehensive solutions for the filtration, clarification, treatment and purification of water and wastewater. Ovivo brings together over 200 years of combined experience from 20 of the world’s most established brands including Brackett Green, Copa, Eimco Water Technologies, Enviroquip, and Jones + Attwood.

PRIMARY FLUID SYSTEMS INC. 1050 Cooke Blvd Burlington ON L7T 4A8 (905) 333-8743 or (800) 776-6580 Fax: (905) 333-8746 Web site: www.primaryfluid.com Contact: David Walker, General Manager Specializing in the manufacture of metering pump accessories, Accudraw, graduated calibration cylinders in PP, PVC and glass; Top Valve, backpressure and pressure relief valves: Accupulse pulsation dampers. PFS injection quills and corporation stops for the injection of chemical into the centre stream of the process; Accuvent, an automatic degassing valve.

OZONATOR INDUSTRIES LTD. PO Box 26030 – 1850 Industrial Dr Regina SK S4R 8R7 (306) 791-0900 Fax: (306) 791-0905 Contact: Ralph Sheldrick, International Sales PRO AQUA, INC. 204-1 Atlantic Ave Toronto ON M6K 3E7 (416) 861-0237 Fax: (416) 861-9303 Web site: www.proaqua.ca Contacts: Geoff Coate, Scott Lenhardt Pro Aqua, Inc. is a supplier of a complete line of market leading products for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, biosolids and odour treatment. Plant retrofits, mechanical refurbishments and spare parts for all products are also available.

PACK-A-CONE C/O MINDSPACE INC. 16-270 Esna Park Dr Markham ON L3R 1H3 (905) 284-1000 Fax: (905) 284-1082 Contact: Cory Tse, Director

PARKSON CORPORATION PO Box 1158 Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4H9 (514) 636-4618 Fax: (514) 636-9718 Email: Canada@parkson.com Web site: www.parkson.com Contact: Jean Grenier, Regional Manager Parkson Corporation is a leading provider of advanced solutions in water recycling and treatment, committed to providing clean water for the world. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale with offices in Chicago, Montreal and Dubai, Parkson is an Axel Johnson Inc. company, member of the Axel Johnson Group of Sweden. PARTS KM PLUS INC. 1197 Fewster Dr Unit A Mississauga ON L4W 1A2

PROMINENT FLUID CONTROLS LTD. 490 Southgate Dr Guelph ON N1G 4P5 (888) 709-9933 Fax: (519) 836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web site: www.prominent.ca Contact: Todd Reeves, National Sales Manager ProMinent is the reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling. Based on our innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions, we provide more efficiency and safety for our customers – worldwide.

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers PROTECTOLITE, INC. 84 Railside Rd Toronto ON M3A 1A3 (416) 444-4484 Fax: (416) 444-4485 Contact: Krista Stoker, Marketing PURIFICS 340 Sovereign Rd London ON N6M 1A8 (519) 473-5788 Fax: (519) 473-0934 Contact: Brian Butters, President PWC, PURE WATER CORP. 5318 4A Ave Delta BC V4M 1M5 (604) 219-7898 Fax: (604) 948-9812 Contact: William Danshin, President QUANTUM MURRAY EMERGENCY RESPONSE 10 Kenmore Ave Unit #4 Stoney Creek ON L8E 5N1 (905) 388-4444 Fax: (905) 643-3106 Contact: Jim Galea, Business Development RAMTECH ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS 2335 – 23 Avenue SW Calgary AB T2T 0W3 (403) 221-8585 Fax: (866) 586-7400 Contact: Sharna Batey, Administrative Assistant

RICE EARTH SCIENCES 147 Citation Dr Unit #34 Vaughan ON L4K 2P6 (905) 760-0170 Fax: (905) 760-0171 E-mail: info@riceeng.com Web site: www.ricerentals.ca Contact: Michael Kleespies, Sales Manager Rice was established in 1952 and is a pioneer in the groundwater industry. Our manufacturing and distribution locations, strategically located throughout Canada, service the needs of groundwater contractors, consultants, industry, and government. Rice’s product offerings range from site investigation to remediation and rental equipment.

high performance corrosion resistant pumps and filter chambers in CPVC, Poly Pro and PVDF. Filter media is available for use on chemicals, acids, hydraulic oil, electroplating solutions, photographic and food products. Pollution abatement products are also available. We can also supply custom design filtration systems. SANITHERM INC. 2120 Hartley Ave Coquitlam BC V3K 6W5 (604) 529-2150 Fax: (604) 529-2160 E-mail: information@sanitherm.com Web site: www.sanitherm.com Contact: Rick Johnson, Sales Manager Sanitherm has been providing Water and Wastewater treatment equipment throughout Canada since 1946. Sanitherm has kept up with technology and features the SaniBrane® MBR treatment system. The Sanibrane® is suitable for small remote, climate challenged areas that have strict effluent requirements. Contact Sanitherm for all of your Water and Wastewater needs.

SAPPHIRE WATER INTERNATIONAL CORP. 530 – 8th Ave SW Ste #1600 Calgary AB T2P 3S8 (403) 537-8470 Fax: (403) 537-8479 E-mail: info@sapphire-water.ca Web site: www.sapphire-water.ca Contact: Alexander Naumchik, Sales Manager Sapphire Water International is Canadian owned and operated and specializes in Packaged Water, Waste Water Systems, Cutting Edge Reverse Osmosis, Advanced Automation and Control Systems which are an integral part of our operations. Sapphire Water has the experience and capability to tailor our designs to meet your needs. SCADALLIANCE CORPORATION 1343 Ave Lajoie Montreal QC H2V 1P6 (514) 448-4422 Fax: (514) 448-4460 Contact: Robert Bonfils, President SCARBOROUGH SUPPLY 154 Crown Ct Whitby ON L1N 7B1 (877) 261-5293 Fax: (905) 579-4755 Contact: Kevin Watson, General Manager

RITTAL SYSTEMS LTD. 6485 Ordan Dr Mississauga ON L5T 1X2 (905) 795-0777 Fax: (905) 795-9548 Web site: www.rittal.ca Contact: Anthony Varga, General Manager Rittal is the world’s leading supplier of enclosures, power distribution, and climate control for electrical, process and IT applications. Customers from all sectors of industry, from water treatment to oil and gas, as well as the IT and telecom markets are making use of system solutions from Rittal. ROBAR INDUSTRIES LTD. 12945 78th Ave Surrey BC V3W 2X8 (604) 591-8811 Fax: (604) 591-5288 Contact: Dave Brewer, Sales Manager ROBILLARD DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 262 Place Maurice Richard Vaudreil-Dorion QC J7V 0A6 (450) 455-8309 SAF-T-FLO CHEMICAL INJECTION 4071-L East La Palma Ave Anaheim CA 92807 USA (714) 632-3013



SEALTRAC INC. 245 Carlisle Rd Carlisle ON L0R 1H2 (905) 689-8311 Fax: (905) 689-4218 Contact: Bill Selmeci, President

SEE WATER INC. PO Box 1269 San Jacinto CA 92581 USA (951) 487-8073 Fax: (951) 487-0557 Web site: www.seewaterinc.com Contact: Mike Johnson, VP SeeWater designs and manufactures water pump controls, high liquid alarms, and pump control panels, with a primary focus on the design of Oil Smart® Technology. Oil Smart Technology has the unique ability to differentiate between oil and water; the technology will automatically pump water without the risk of pumping oil into the environment and will alert in the event of an oil spill.

SERVICE FILTRATION OF CANADA LTD. 12-4141 Sladeview Cr Mississauga ON L5L 5T1 (905) 820-4700 Fax: (905) 820-4015 Contact: Charlie Salomon, Sales Manager Service Filtration engineers and manufactures

SEW-EURODRIVE COMPANY OF CANADA LTD. 210 Walker Dr Bramalea ON L6T 3W1 (905) 791-1553 Fax: (905) 791-2999 E-mail: s.mamo@sew-eurodrive.ca Web site: www.sew-eurodrive.ca Contact: Suzanne Mamo, Marketing Manager Driving the world – with innovative drive solutions for all sectors and every application of industry. Products and systems from SEWEURODRIVE come into operation everywhere – worldwide. Whether in the wastewater/water, food and beverage or processing industry, the decision for drive engineering “made by SEWEURODRIVE” is synonymous with function and investment. SFE GLOBAL 10707 – 181 St Edmonton AB T5S 1N3 (780) 461-0171 Fax: (780) 443-4613 Contact: Maureen McMillan, Controller SICK LTD. 250 West Beaver Creek Rd Unit #6 Richmond Hill ON L4B 1C7 (855) 742-5583 Fax: (289) 695-5313 Contact: information@sick.com SIEMENS CANADA LTD. 1550 Appleby Line Burlington ON L7L 6X7 (888) 303-3353 Contact: Customer Information Centre SIEMENS INDUSTRY INC. – WATER TECNOLOGIES 181 Thorn Hill Rd Warrendale PA 15086 (978) 614-7111 Fax: (978) 970-2465 Contact: Deborah Robinson, Marketing Assistant SIERRA INSTRUMENTS 5 Harris Ct Bldg L Monterey CA 93940 USA (831) 373-0200 Fax: (831) 373-4402 Contact: Maryadine Washington, Marketing Comm. Manager SIMPSON ENVIRONMENTAL CORP. A10-5035 North Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 5V2 (905) 332-7669 Fax: (905) 332-7502 Contact: Don Cooper, President

SMITH & LOVELESS, INC. 14040 Santa Fe Trail Dr Lenexa KS 66215 USA (913) 888-5201 Fax: (913) 888-2173 E-mail: answers@smithandloveless.com Web site: www.smithandloveless.com Contact: William Flores, Vice President Smith & Loveless Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a complete line of preengineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems. With sales offices throughout Canada, and numerous installations over 40 years, we feature treatment plants, grit removal systems, pump stations and filtration systems.

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SNF CANADA LTD. 5 Blue King Cr West Hill ON M1C 4V3 (416) 286-4617 Fax: (416) 286-6324 E-mail: msimpson@snf-floerger.com Web site: www.snf-canada.com Contact: Mark Simpson, Regional Manager SNF Canada is the world’s largest manufacturer of organic coagulants and flocculants. SNF specializes in providing flocculants and coagulants to the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry. Typical polymer applications include sludge dewatering, sludge thickening and primary/secondary clarification. SNF Canada’s Equipment Division offers end-users dry and/or emulsion polymer preparation systems, solution tanks and feed pump packages. SOLAR BEE, INC. 3225 Hwy 22 Dickinson ND 58601 USA (866) 437-8076 Fax: (701) 225-0002 Contact: Pat Schnaidt, VP Marketing SOLINOV INC. 100 rue Richelieu Bureau 240 Saint-Jean-surRichelieu QC J3B 6X3 (450) 348-5693 Fax: (450) 348-3607 Contact: Benoit Beaudoin, President

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers Anniversary. We have been providing contract services since 1981 to the Environmental, Geotechnical and Mining sectors throughout the world, offering a portable solution to your sampling and geotechnical needs. Our reputation for quality, workmanship and a willingness to help our customers has been our best promotional tool. SPD SALES LTD. 6467 Northam Dr Mississauga ON L4V 1J2 (905) 678-2882 Fax: (905) 293-9774 Contact: Frank Farkas, Sales Manager SPECTRUM NASCO 150 Pony Dr Newmarket ON L3Y 7B6 (905) 898-0031 Fax: (905) 898-0035 Contact: Stacey Haywood, Catalogue Director, Whirl-Pak SPICER SOLUTION PROVIDERS INC. 5825 Ch. St-Francois Montreal QC H4S 1B6 (866) 735-9005 Fax: (514) 335-3204 Contact: Bob Spicer, President SRP CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. 19-5155 Spectrum Way Mississauga ON L4W 5A1 (905) 238-2880 Fax: (905) 238-9590 Contact: Joe Santo, President STANMECH TECHNOLOGIES INC. 944 Zelco Dr Burlington ON L7L 4Y3 (888) 438-6324 or (905) 631-6161 Fax: (888) 329-6324 or (905) 631-1852 STERLING POWER SYSTEMS INC. 799 Rennie St Hamilton ON L8H 3R5 (800) 809-0330 Fax: (905) 547-2381 Contact: Frank Davis, President

SOLINST CANADA LTD. 35 Todd Rd Georgetown ON L7G 4R8 (905) 873-2255 Fax: (905) 873-1992 E-mail: instruments@solinst.com Web site: www.solinst.com Contact: Randy Blackburn, Sales Manager Solinst Canada Ltd. manufactures high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation. We offer a broad range of practical equipment used by hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. Our leading-edge instruments are designed for repeatable accuracy, ease-of-use, and durability, including level loggers, telemetry, water level meters, drivepoints, interface meters, and multilevel systems. SOLUTION SOIL TREATMENT FACILITY 2350 Skead Rd Garson ON P3L 1V6 (519) 763-2227 Fax: (519) 763-9887 Contact: Neil Ryan SOLUTIONS PMG INC. 871 Victoria St N Ste #203 Kitchener ON N2B 3S4 (519) 576-7728 Fax: (519) 576-0873 Contact: Hamid Mohammadi, Sr Project Manager

SUMMA ENGINEERING LIMITED 6423 Northam Dr Mississauga ON L4V 1J2 (905) 678-3388 Fax: (905) 678-0444 E-mail: info@summaeng.com Web site: www.summaeng.com Contact: Diana Rubino In-depth knowledge of water and wastewater processes and extensive experience with instrumentation and SCADA projects have allowed Summa Engineering Limited to provide quality goods and services to Canadian industrial and municipal markets continuously for over 31 years. SUR-LOC, INC. PO Box 750 Fremont IN 46737 (800) 223-7517 Fax: (800) 882-3414 Contact: Tim Swager, Vice President SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY CANADA 1850-45 O’Connor St Ottawa ON K1P 1A4 (613) 234-6313 SWAN ANALYTICAL USA 225 Larkin Dr Unit 4 Wheeling IL 60090 (847) 229-1290 Fax: (847) 229-1320 Contact: Jeff Parke, President

SONIC SOIL SAMPLING INC. 668 Millway Ave Units 15 & 16 Concord ON L4K 3V2 (905) 660-0501 Fax: (905) 660-7143 E-mail: sonic@sonicsoil.com Web site: www.sonicsoil.com Contact: Alan Archibald, VP Administration Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. is celebrating their 31st

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SYNTEC PROCESS EQUIPMENT LTD. 77 Pillsworth Rd Unit #12 Bolton ON L7E 4G4 (905) 951-8000

T.D. ROOKE ASSOCIATES 20 Floral Parkway Suite #201 Concord ON L4K 4R1 (905) 326-5661 Ext 31 Fax: (905) 326-5667 Contact: Eric Kudlik, Municipal Market Manager

TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 760 Pacific Rd Unit 19 Oakville ON L6L 6M5 (905) 827-0007 Fax: (905) 827-0049 E-mail: brian@team1academy.com Web site: www.team1academy.com Contact: Brian Kovalcik, Operations Manager TEAM-1 Academy Inc. Leader for Professional Safety Training, Equipment Sales, Standby Rescue, Confined Space, Rope Access & Wind Industry Services for the last 20 years! Providing our services to Industry, Renewable Energy, Construction, Health Care, Utilities, Fire Services, Police, EMS, Military, Government and many others. SAFETY THROUGH ACTION ... SUCCESS THROUGH COMMITMENT. TENBUSCH INC. PO Box 417 Lewisville TX 75067 (972) 221-2304 Contact: Al Tenbusch, President

TERRATEC ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 200 Eastport Blvd Hamilton ON L8H 7S4 (800) 846-2097 Fax: 905-544-0266 Web site: www.terratec.amwater.com Contact: Richard Hampton, Contract Administrator/Purchasing Manager Terratec Environmental Ltd. is Canada’s largest biosolids handling company with over 25 years of experience in the operation of municipal and industrial biosolids programs; developing Nutrient Management Plans; cleaning of digesters, lagoons, tanks and incinerators; and providing biogas purification systems for Natural Gas Vehicles fuel and pipeline use standards. T.F. WARREN GROUP/TARSCO CANADA 57 Old Onondaga Rd W Brantford ON N3T 5M1 (519) 754-3731 TOPP INDUSTRIES, INC. PO Box 420 Rochester IN 46975 USA (800) 354-4534 Fax: (574) 223-6106 Contact: Kevin Birchmeier, President TPE TECHNOLOGIES INC. UVTECH 7700 Transcanadienne St-Laurent QC H4T 1A5 (514) 745-6665 TRANSPORT ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS, INC. Ste J-161 4915 Arendell St Morehead City NC 28557 USA (252) 571-0092 Contact: Mark Jensen TRIHEDRAL ENGINEERING LIMITED 1160 Bedford Highway Ste #400 Bedford NS B4A 1C1 (902) 835-1575 Fax: (902) 835-0369 Contact: Patrick M. Cooke, Director of Marketing TROY-ONTOR INC. 121 Commerce Park Dr Units H-K Barrie ON L4N 8X1 (705) 721-8246

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers TURBOSONIC INC. 550 Parkside Dr Suite A-14 Waterloo ON N2L 5V4 (519) 886-5513 Fax: (519) 885-6992 Contact: Edward Spink, CEO

VICTAULIC 123 Newkirk Rd Richmond Hill ON L4C 3G5 (905) 884-7444 Fax: (905) 884-2410 Contact: Andrew Cowburn, Municipal Market Specialist

ULTRAFLOTE CORP. 3640 West 12th St Houston TX 77008 USA (713) 461-2100 Fax: (713) 461-2213 Contact: George Gavlik, Sales Manager

VIDEX, INC. 1105 NE Circle Blvd Corvallis OR 97330 USA (541) 738-5500 Fax: (541) 738-5501 Contact: Stephanie

UNIQAIR TECHNOLOGIES LTD. PO Box 15010 - 182-32900 St Fraser Way Abbotsford BC V2S 8P1 (604) 854-3628 Fax: (604) 854-5620 Contact: H. Shieven, Managing Director

VL MOTION SYSTEMS 212 Wyecroft Rd Unit 23-25 Oakville ON L6K 3T9 (905) 842-0244 Fax: (905) 845-3009 Contact: John Carney, Sales Manager VULCAN ELECTRIC 40 Telson Rd Markham ON L3R 1E5 (905) 513-1550

USABLUEBOOK 3781 Bur Wood Dr Waukegan IL 60085 USA (800) 548-1234 Fax: (847) 377-5160 E-mail: export@usabluebook.com Web site: www.usabluebook.com Contact: Dan Mantilla, International Sales Manager USABluebook – The first and only complete catalog for water and wastewater operations. With over 27,000 items in stock, 95% of orders ship same-day from our multiple warehouses in the US. Call to speak with live Customer Service and Technical Support Representatives that can answer questions and place your order. VAHN-TECH INTERNATIONAL INC. 2906-15 Fort York Blvd Toronto ON M5V 3Y4 (416) 342-0001 Fax: (416) 342-0001 Contact: Sonia Khiani, President

VECTOR PROCESS EQUIPMENT INC. 5889 Summerside Dr Mississauga ON L5M 6L1 (416) 527-4396, (905) 567-8590 Fax: (905) 567-8590 E-mail: info@vectorprocess.com Web site: www.vectorprocess.com Contacts: Andre Osborne Bar screens, rotary drum screens, clarifiers, surface aerators, digester covers and mixers, heat exchangers, sludge thickening and dewatering solutions, biological treatment systems, lagoonbased nutrient removal systems, continuously cleaned sand filters, phosphorus removal systems, surface and submersible mixers, grinders, progressive cavity pumps, odour control biofilters, screw conveyor systems, chemical feed pumps, concrete protective liners.

VEOLIA WATER SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES CANADA INC. 430-2000 Argentia Rd Plaza IV Mississauga ON L5N 1W1 (905) 286-4846 Fax: (905) 286-0488 Web site: www.veoliawaterst.ca Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Canada Inc. is a Canadian leader in drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and biosolids management, serving Canadian municipalities and industries since 1948.

VWR INTERNATIONAL 2360 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5W 5Z7 (800) 932-5000 Fax: (800) 668-6348 WACHS CANADA LTD. 1166 Gorham St Unit 8 Newmarket ON L3Y 8W4 (905) 830-8888 Fax: (905) 830-6050 Contact: Steve Ward, Sales Manager WAJAX INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS LP (PREVIOUSLY PEACOCK) 2250 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 6A5 (905) 813-8310 Fax: (905) 812-7203 Contact: Robert Holtforster, Manager, Project Engineering

WALKERTON CLEAN WATER CENTRE 20 Ontario Rd PO Box 160 Walkerton ON N0G 2V0 (519) 881-2003 Fax: (519) 881-4947 E-mail: inquiry@wcwc.ca Web site: www.wcwc.ca WCWC serves and supports the Ontario water sector. We are the major provider of training for owners, operators and operating authorities of drinking water systems. Our research program addresses practical problems mainly in partnership with colleges and universities. Finally, the Technology Demonstration Facility facilitates hands-on training and product testing. WARREN’S WATERLESS PRINTING INC. 711 Clayson Rd Toronto ON M9M 2H4 (416) 745-8200 Fax: (416) 746-4172 Contact: Susan Warren, Marketing

WATERLOO BARRIER INC. PO Box 385 Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (519) 856-1352 Fax: (519) 856-0759 E-mail: info@waterloo-barrier.com Web site: www.waterloo-barrier.com Contact: Robin Jowett, Manager Waterloo Barrier® is a containment wall for the control of contaminated groundwater. Formed of steel sheet piling with joints that are sealed inplace in the ground, the Barrier offers a long service life, exceptionally low hydraulic conductivity, and documentable construction QA/QC. Installation is clean and rapid with minimal site disturbance.


WATERLOO BIOFILTER SYSTEMS INC. PO Box 400 – 143 Dennis St Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (519) 856-0757 Fax: (519) 856-0759 E-mail: info@waterloo-biofilter.com Web site: www.waterloo-biofilter.com Contact: Craig Jowett, President Waterloo Biofilter® for on-site treatment of residential, commercial and communal sewage; fully scalable from house to school to truck stop to subdivision flows. Advantages are low maintenance, low energy, small footprint, high quality effluent, and no aerobic sludge management. Proven high-nitrogen removal, and re-use for irrigation and toilets.

WATERRA PUMPS LIMITED 44-5200 Dixie Rd Mississauga ON L4W 1E4 (905) 238-5242 Fax: (905) 238-5704 E-mail: sales@waterra.com Web site: www.waterra.com Contact: John Newall, President Waterra has been providing simple, affordable technology for environmental groundwater monitoring applications around the world for over 20 years. Our product line includes everything from the ubiquitous inertial pump to stainless steel submersible pumps. We are the leading manufacturer of groundwater filters and our product line now also includes multiparameter water quality meters. WATSON ENGINEERING LTD. 760 Seymour St Kamloops BC V2L 2H3 (250) 374-2244 Fax: (250) 374-9292 Contact: Andrew Watson, President WEST COAST SPILL SUPPLIES LTD. 105-1763 Sean Heights Saanichton BC V8M 0A5 (888) 548-3800 Fax: (250) 652-5052 Contact: D’arcy Anderson, Vice President

WESTECH ENGINEERING INC. 3665 South West Temple Salt Lake City UT 84115 USA (801) 265-1000 Fax: (801) 265-1080 E-mail: info@westech-inc.com Web site: www.westech-inc.com Contact: Jim Woods, Sales Manager WesTech Engineering Inc. is a recognized leader in the manufacture of liquid-solids separation equipment for industrial and municipal process applications. Surface waters, groundwater, water reuse, drinking water, wastewater treatment and industrial equipment built to meet customer specifications, and exceed performance criterion. Turnkey and design-build capabilities. ISO 9001:2008 certified. WESTECH INDUSTRIAL LTD. 5636 Burbank Cres SE Calgary AB T2H 1Z6 (403) 252-8803 Fax: (403) 253-6803 Contact: Jason Lapp, C.E.O. WESTEEL 450 Desautels St Winnipeg MB R3C 2N5 (204) 233-7133

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Suppliers WETLANDS PACIFIC CORP. 921 Maughan Rd Nanaimo BC V9X 1J2 (250) 722-7117 Fax: (250) 722-7120 Contact: Curt Kerns, President/Owner

WHIPPS, INC. 370 S Athol Rd Athol MA 01331 USA (978) 249-7924 Fax: (978) 249-3072 Web site: www.whipps.com Contact: Susie Whipps, Contracts Administrator WILDCAT WATER TECHNOLOGIES LTD. PO Box 343 Cochrane AB T4C 1A6 (403) 774-1396 Fax: (403) 855-4060 Contact: Jean Navert, President WILDEN PUMP & ENGINEERING 22069 Van Buren St Grand Terrace CA 92313 USA (909) 422-1730 Fax: (909) 783-3440 Contact: Rob Guertin, Marketing Manager WILLMS & SHIER ENVIRONMENTAL LAWYERS LLP 4 King St W Ste #900 Toronto ON M5H 1B6 (416) 863-0711 Fax: (416) 863-1938 Contact: John Willms, Partner, Certified Environmental Law Specialist

WILO CANADA INC. 2915 10th Ave NE Bay 7 Calgary AB T2A 5L4 (403) 276-9456 Fax: (403) 277-9456 E-mail: info@wilo-canada.com Web site: www.wilo-canada.com Contact: Sheldon Schiffner, VP, Sales & Marketing WILO is a leading manufacturer of submersible pumps, submersible mixers and pumping stations technology for water and wastewater applications for the municipal and industrial markets. Wilo submersible pumps and mixers are equipped with EMU Technology. For more information, please send your request to info@wilo-canada.com.

WORLD WATER OPERATOR TRAINING COMPANY 3665 Wyandotte St E Windsor ON N9A 5T7 (519) 974-5464 Fax: (519) 974-9603 E-mail: info@worldwatertraining.com Contact: Doug Cooper, President WWOTC is a leader when it comes to water and wastewater training. With over 100 courses, we will come to you or you can come to one of our famous schools.

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers modular design allows the system to be completely customizable, giving it the ability to fit all types of job site parameters.

WTP EQUIPMENT CORP. 83 Nuggett Court Brampton ON L6T 5H2 (905) 799-3403 Fax: (905) 799-6638 Contact: Ken Argyle, Engineering Manager Canadian manufacturer of wastewater headworks equipment, including: mechanical bar screens, heavy duty deep well bar screens, continuously cleaned fine (to 1 mm) filter belt and perforated plate screens, conveyor screens, septage screens, screenings presses, screw conveyors, aerated tank and vortex chamber grit collectors and grit classifiers. Customer service is provided from our Brampton, Ontario, facility. XYPEX CHEMICAL CORP. 13731 Mayfield Pl Richmond BC V6V 2G9 (604) 273-5265 Fax: (604) 270-0451 Contact: Jim Caruth, Tech Service Manager X-TREME ENERGY GROUP 8014 Edgar Industrial Cres Red Deer AB T4P 3R3 (403) 341-0067

XYLEM 300 Labrosse Ave Pointe-Claire QC H9R 4V5 (514) 695-0100 Fax: (514) 697-0602 E-mail: raymond.simond@xyleminc.com Web site: www.xylemwatersolutions.com/ca Contact: R. Simond, Communications Manager Xylem Water Solutions provides a range of wastewater and dewatering pumps, biologic treatment, filtration and disinfection products for municipal and industrial wastewater transport and treatment. We also feature a complete dewatering and pump rentals program. Our main brands are Flygt, Leopold, Sanitaire and Wedeco… Let’s solve water. YORK FLUID CONTROLS LTD. 2 Westwyn Ct Brampton ON L6T 4T5 (905) 454-4013 Fax: (905) 454-8423 Contact: M. Knapman, President ZCL COMPOSITES INC. 1420 Parsons Rd SW Edmonton AB T6X 1M5 (800) 661-8265 Contact: Kristi Peterson, Marketing Manager

WORLDWIDE STORMTRAP, LLC 2495 W Bungalow Rd Morris IL 60450 USA (877) 867-6872 Fax: (815) 416-1100 Web site: www.stormtrap.com Contact: Justin May, Vice President StormTrap® is the ultimate solution for projects requiring stormwater management. StormTrap’s

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Products ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Products & Services

Guide to Environmental Products & Services

See “Suppliers” Section (pg. 85) for address, etc., of any company listed in this section ACCESS HATCHES Alberta Wilbert Sales E.P. Eng. Pump Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. MSU Mississauga Pentair Cda. Westech Ind. ACTIVATED CARBON ADSORBENTS A.C. Carbone ACG Tech. Anthrafilter Aquablast BakerCorp Cleartech Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations Insitu Contractors Jurassic Carbon Napier-Reid Service Filt. SPD Sales Veolia ACTUATORS Armour Valve Avensys C.P. Sys. Cancoppas Chemline Plastics Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor Vahn-Tech Int. VL Motion Sys. Wajax Ind. Waterra Pumps ADSORBENTS/ ABSORBENTS Albarrie GeoComposites BakerCorp Cleartech EHS Cda. ENV Treatment Sys. First Response Env. Kengro Quantum Murray West Coast Spill Supplies AERATION SYSTEMS ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. C&M Env. Dagaz Env. Elmridge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne GridBee H2Flow Equip. Hydro-Logic Env. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Smith & Loveless SolarBee Syntec Process Equip. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook


Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. Xylem AEROBIC DIGESTION ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Berlie Tech. C&M Env. Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Infilco Degremont Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Sanitherm TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Ultraflote Westech Eng. AIR EMISSIONS TESTING Avensys CEA Ins. Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Gasmet Tech. AIR FILTERS A.C. Carbone Blue-Zone Tech. Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls ENV Treatment Sys. Filter Innovations Jurassic Carbon Macrotek Solutions PMG Wajax Ind. AIR POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT Altech Tech. Arizona Instrument Blue-Zone Tech. Can-Am Ins. Clear Sky Tech. Concept Ctrls. Dagaz Env. Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations FilterSense H2Flow Equip. Macrotek Megtec Sys. Metcon Sales Pro Aqua SICK Solutions PMG SPD Sales TurboSonic Veolia Westech Ind. AIR STRIPPERS Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Macrotek Metcon Sales ANAEROBIC DIGESTERS ADI Sys.

Aqua Technical Sales Berlie Tech. Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. C&M Env. Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Smith & Loveless TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. ANALYTICAL EQUIPMENT ABB Arizona Instrument Avensys Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. CEA Ins. Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Elemental Controls Endress and Hauser Flowmetrix Grundfos Cda. John Meunier Levitt/EHS Mandel Scientific Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax Metcon Sales Myron L Company Novatech Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Pro Aqua Service Filt. SICK SPD Sales USA BlueBook VWR Int. Wajax Ind. Westech Ind. ANALYZERS ABB Arizona Instrument Arjay Eng. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas CEA Ins. Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls Elemental Controls Endress and Hauser Flowmetrix Gasmet Tech. Grundfos Cda. Indachem John Meunier Levitt/EHS Mandel Scientific Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax Metcon Sales Myron L Company Novatech Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech.

Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Rice Earth Sciences SICK SPD Sales Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook VWR Int. Wajax Ind. Westech Ind. AQUIFERS Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply ARSENIC REMOVAL ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp C&M Env. Envirocan Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Indachem Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Sapphire Water Veolia Westech Eng. ASBESTOS REMOVAL Concept Ctrls. First Response Env. Quantum Murray BACKFLOW PREVENTION Birksco Chemline Plastics Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. HM Pipe Products John Meunier Neptune Tech. Pro Aqua Syntec Process Equip. USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. BACTERIA Avensys Bishop Water Tech. Cleartech Int. Water Supply Measuremax VWR Int. BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS Harco Enterprises InTech Env. Cda. BIOFILTERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Macrotek MS Filter Sys. Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Waterloo Biofilter Sys.

BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT PROCESSES ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. ECOfluid Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Infilco Degremont Lystek Int. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Sapphire Water Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech. BIOREACTOR ACG Tech. Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Berlie Tech. Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. C&M Env. Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. ECOfluid Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Sanitherm Smith & Loveless SPD Sales Vector Process Equip. Veolia Wildcat Water Tech. BIOREMEDIATION Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. Global Repair Kengro Newalta Ozonator Industries Smith & Loveless Solinst BIOSOLIDS MANAGEMENT Berlie Tech. Bishop Water Tech. Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Fluidyne Goslyn Env. Infilco Degremont Lystek Int. Markland Specialty Eng. Metcon Sales Newalta

Pro Aqua Veolia BLOWERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Cleartech Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Gardner Denver H2Flow Equip. Hibon Nelson Env. Pencon Equip. Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Stanmech Tech. T.D. Rooke Associates Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook Xylem BOREHOLE CLEARING Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply CATCH BASIN COMPONENTS Albarrie GeoComposites Aquablast HM Pipe Products John Meunier Munro CENTRIFUGES ACG Tech. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Giroux Env. H2Flow Equip. Indachem Metcon Sales Newalta Osprey Scientific Pro Aqua Terratec Env. Vector Process Equip. VWR Int. CHEMICAL MIXERS Berlie Tech. Cleartech Directrik Echelon Env. Elmridge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys. Hayward Gordon Indachem InTech Env. Cda. Metcon Sales Service Filt. T.D. Rooke Associates Vector Process Equip. Wajax Ind. York Fluid Controls CHEMICALS (sewage treatment) C&M Env. Cleartech SNF Cda. USA BlueBook Veolia VWR Int.

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Products CHEMICALS (water treatment) Avista Tech. C&M Env. CHEMetrics Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Hetek Solutions Newalta SNF Cda. Veolia VWR Int. Wildcat Water Tech. CHLORINATION SYSTEMS C&M Env. Cancoppas Cleartech Fluid Metering Grundfos Cda. Indachem Measuremax Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pentair Cda. ProMinent Fluid Controls Pure Water Corp. SPD Sales USA BlueBook CLARIFIERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Containment Solutions ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Infilco Degremont Napier-Reid Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Sanitherm Smith & Loveless TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech. CLEARWELL EQUIPMENT H2Flow Equip. Metcon Sales COAGULATION SYSTEMS Aqua Technical Sales Bishop Water Tech. Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Hayward Gordon Indachem Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pure Water Corp. Veolia COATINGS Aquablast Belzona Great Lakes C.P. Sys. Continental Env. Services Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Denso North America Fabricated Plastics Gemite Products Interprovincial Corrosion Control MJ Int. USA BlueBook Xypex Chemical COLLECTORS

100 | January 2012

Guide to Environmental Products & Services ACG Tech. Albarrie GeoComposites C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Vector Process Equip. COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOW EQUIPMENT D’Aqua Tech. Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Goslyn Env. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. H2Flow Equip. Hydro Int. Infilco Degremont John Meunier Ovivo Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Scadalliance Smith & Loveless Veolia Westech Eng. COMMINUTORS/ GRINDERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Continental Env. Services Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan G.E.T. Industries H2Flow Equip. Hayward Gordon JWC Env. Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. Wajax Ind. COMMUNICATIONS Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Canadian Safety Equip. Cancoppas Globestar Sys. Measuremax Scadalliance Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook COMPOSTING EQUIPMENT SERVICES ALLU Group Dagaz Env. Durabac Global Repair COMPRESSED GASES Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Concept Ctrls. Gardner Denver Osprey Scientific COMPRESSORS ABS Cda./Sulzer Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Gardner Denver Napier-Reid Pencon Equip. USA BlueBook WetlandsPacific Wildcat Water Tech. COMPUTERS & CONTROL SYSTEMS Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Cancoppas

Globestar Sys. Measuremax Millennium Controls Scadalliance Schneider Electric Summa Eng. CONTAINMENT WALLS Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Layfield Metcon Sales Waterloo Barrier CONTRACTING Aquablast C.P. Sys. First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply Layfield Pure Water Corp. Sonic Soil Sampling Terratec Env. CONTROL EQUIPMENT ABB Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Arjay Eng. Avensys Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi Chemline Plastics Concept Ctrls. D’Aqua Tech. Davis Controls Filter Innovations Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. HydroVision America John Meunier Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax Metcon Sales Millennium Controls Novatech Rittal Sys. Scadalliance Sierra Ins. Smith & Loveless SPD Sales SRP Control Sys. Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Xylem CONTROL PANELS Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Arjay Eng. Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Davis Controls Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Filter Innovations Measuremax Millennium Controls Napier-Reid PML Process Tech. Rittal Sys. Sapphire Water Scadalliance SEEWater SRP Control Sys. Sterling Power Sys. Summa Eng. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Veolia WetlandsPacific

Wildcat Water Tech. Xylem COOLING TOWERS/ CONDENSERS Aquablast Berlie Tech. Containment Solutions Simpson Env. CORROSION PREVENTION Advance Products & Sys. Belzona Great Lakes C.P. Sys. Cleartech Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Denso North America Fabricated Plastics Gemite Products HM Pipe Products Interprovincial Corrosion Control Metcon Sales MJ Int. COVERS/ENCLOSURES (digester, etc.) Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Can-Am Ins. Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Geomembrane Tech. H2Flow Equip. H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Layfield Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Protectolite Rittal Sys. Ultraflote Vector Process Equip. Westech Ind. CULVERTS Aquablast Armtec Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute HM Pipe Products Munro Tenbusch CUSTOM METAL FABRICATING Berlie Tech. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Eckel Industries ENV Treatment Sys. Fisher Tank Company Rittal Sys. Solutions PMG Tenbusch TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. VL Motion Sys. CUSTOM PLASTIC FABRICATING Assmann Barr Plastics Fabricated Plastics Harco Enterprises Kentain Products Layfield Rice Earth Sciences DATA a. acquisition b. analysis c. loggers d. mgmt.

ABB-a ACG Tech.-c Aqua-Aerobic Sys.-all Bürkert Fluid Ctrl.-all Can-Am Ins.-c Cancoppas-all Carlo Gavazzi Concept Ctrls.-c Davis Controls-a,b Endress and Hauser-all Envirocan-c Flowmetrix-all GENEQ-c Heron Ins.-all Hetek Solutions-a,c Hoskin Scientific-a,c Keller America-c Measuremax-all Measurement Specialties-a,c Metcon Sales-a,b,c Millennium Controls-all Novatech-a Osprey Scientific-all Rice Earth Sciences-a,c Scadalliance-all Schneider Electric Service Filt.-c SFE Global-all Solinst-a,c SRP Control Sys.-a,c Trihedral Eng.-all USA BlueBook-c DECHLORINATORS C&M Env. Cleartech Grundfos Cda. Metcon Sales ProMinent Fluid Controls SPD Sales USA BlueBook Westech Eng. DECOMMISSIONING Aquablast Dagaz Env. First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Int. Water Supply Newalta Quantum Murray Sonic Soil Sampling Terratec Env. DEGRITTERS Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Hydro Int. Infilco Degremont John Meunier Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Veolia WTP Equip. DEMINERALIZERS Aqua Technical Sales Hungerford & Terry Napier-Reid Ovivo Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech. DEMOLITION First Response Env.

Focus Env. Group Quantum Murray DEWATERING SERVICES Aquablast Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Berlie Tech. Bishop Water Tech. Giroux Env. Insitu Contractors Newalta Pure Water Corp. Quantum Murray Sanitherm Simpson Env. Terratec Env. Veolia Xylem DIALERS Can-Am Ins. Metcon Sales Millennium Controls Scadalliance SPD Sales USA BlueBook DIGESTERS Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Dagaz Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Infilco Degremont Layfield Ovivo Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Smith & Loveless Terratec Env. TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. DISINFECTION EQUIPMENT ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Cleartech ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Grundfos Cda. H2Flow Equip. Indachem Infilco Degremont Luminor Env. Measuremax Metcon Sales Ozonator Industries Parkson Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SPD Sales Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. WetlandsPacific DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Infilco Degremont Markland Specialty Eng. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. DREDGES/DREDGING Giroux Env. Newalta Spicer Solution Terratec Env. DRILLING SERVICES Aquatech Dewatering Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply Sonic Soil Sampling DRINKING WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT ACG Tech. Amiad Water Sys. Aqua Technical Sales AWI C&M Env. Cancoppas Continental Env. Services D’Aqua Tech. Dagaz Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan GridBee Grundfos Cda. H2Flow Equip. Hetek Solutions Hungerford & Terry Infilco Degremont Measuremax Metcon Sales MS Filter Sys. Napier-Reid Osprey Scientific Ovivo PML Process Tech. Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Sapphire Water Service Filt. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SolarBee SPD Sales Spectrum Nasco T.D. Rooke Associates Vector Process Equip. Veolia VWR Int. Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech. DRUM COMPACTORS ENV Treatment Sys. Pro Aqua DUST COLLECTION Aquablast FilterSense Macrotek Metcon Sales Solutions PMG EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS

American Public University Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute John Wiley & Sons Quantum Murray Spectrum Nasco Team-1 Academy EDUCTORS Aquatech Dewatering Elmridge Eng. Hayward Gordon Insitu Contractors Macrotek Metcon Sales Service Filt. USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. EJECTORS Aqua Technical Sales Elmridge Eng. Metcon Sales Pure Water Corp. Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. ELECTRIC MOTORS Int. Water Supply Sterling Power Sys. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook VL Motion Sys. EMERGENCY GAS SHUTOFF SYSTEMS Footage Tools Halogen Valve Sys. Indachem Metcon Sales Napier-Reid EMERGENCY RESPONSE Accuworx Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Concept Ctrls. Drain-All EHS Cda. Elemental Controls First Response Env. Gasmet Tech. Globestar Sys. Layfield Newalta Pure Water Corp. Quantum Murray Team-1 Academy Transport Env. Sys. ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS & REMEDIATION BakerCorp Concept Ctrls. Continental Env. Services Drain-All Filter Innovations First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Levitt/EHS Newalta Quantum Murray ENVIRONMENTAL SOFTWARE Cancoppas FilterSense Scadalliance EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS AquaBlok Armtec

Belzona Great Lakes Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Ideal Pipe Layfield EVAPORATORS Aquablast H2Flow Equip. E-WASTE First Response Env. EXPANSION JOINTS Aquablast Pencon Equip. Robar Industries Syntec Process Equip. Vahn-Tech Int. FANS Aquablast Canadian Safety Equip. ENV Treatment Sys. Fabricated Plastics Rittal Sys. Team-1 Academy FEEDERS (chemical) Cancoppas Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Hayward Gordon Indachem John Meunier Metcon Sales Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Saf-T-Flo SPD Sales USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. FILTER EQUIPMENT ACG Tech. Amiad Water Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. AWI BakerCorp C&M Env. Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Harmsco Filt. Hayward Gordon Hungerford & Terry Metcon Sales MS Filter Sys. Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Newalta Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Service Filt. Smith & Loveless SPD Sales Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Veolia VWR Int. Wajax Ind. Westech Eng. York Fluid Controls FILTER MEDIA/ MAINTENANCE A.C. Carbone Anthrafilter Aquablast AWI

BakerCorp Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Filter Innovations FilterSense Goslyn Env. Harmsco Filt. Imbrium Sys. KDF Fluid Treatment Kengro Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Pure Water Corp. USA BlueBook Veolia Wajax Ind. Wildcat Water Tech. FILTER PRESSES ACG Tech. Berlie Tech. C&M Env. Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Service Filt. Westech Eng. FILTER UNDERDRAINS Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. AWI C&M Env. Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Veolia FILTERS A.C. Carbone ACG Tech. Amiad Water Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. AWI C&M Env. Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations Fluidyne Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Harmsco Filt. Hayward Gordon Hungerford & Terry Imbrium Sys. Jurassic Carbon Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Newalta Orival Osprey Scientific Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Rittal Sys. Service Filt.

Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Veolia VWR Int. Wajax Ind. Waterra Pumps Westech Eng. FLOCCULATORS/MIXERS Aquatech Dewatering Aquateck Berlie Tech. Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. Cleartech Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. H2Flow Equip. Hayward Gordon Indachem Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SPD Sales T.D. Rooke Associates Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. FLOTATION SYSTEMS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Service Filt. Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. FLOW METER CALIBRATION ACG Tech. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Concept Ctrls. Endress + Hauser Envirocan Flowmetrix Measuremax Metcon Sales Osprey Scientific Sierra Ins. Wajax Ind. FLOW METERS ABB ACG Tech. Avensys Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi Chemline Plastics Classen Pumps Concept Ctrls. D’Aqua Tech. Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Envirocan FCI-Fluid Components Flowmetrix GENEQ Greyline Ins. Hach Hoskin Scientific HydroVision America Insitu Contractors

John Meunier Magnetrol Master Meter Measuremax Metcon Sales Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance Service Filt. SICK Siemens Cda. Sierra Ins. SPD Sales SRP Control Sys. Syntec Process Equip. VWR Int. Wajax Ind. FLUMES Avensys Can-Am Ins. ENV Treatment Sys. Flowmetrix GENEQ Greyline Ins. Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Measuremax Napier-Reid SPD Sales USA BlueBook FUNDING Sustainable Development Tech. GAS DETECTION Arizona Instrument Arjay Eng. Assay Tech. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Canadian Safety Equip. Cancoppas CEA Ins. Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls EHS Cda. GENEQ Halogen Valve Sys. Hetek Solutions Hoskin Scientific Levitt/EHS Metcon Sales Mil-Ram Tech. Novatech Osprey Scientific Rice Earth Sciences SPD Sales Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Westech Ind. GASES (calibration) Arjay Eng. Can-Am Ins. Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Concept Ctrls. Endress + Hauser Mil-Ram Tech. Novatech Osprey Scientific Rice Earth Sciences SPD Sales Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. GATES (shear, sluice, etc.) Armtec Avensys

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services

B.N.W. Valve Mfg. C&M Env. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Ramtech Env. Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor Vahn-Tech Int. Whipps

Int. Water Supply JMAR Levitt/EHS Measurement Specialties Myron L Company Newalta Scadalliance Solinst SRP Control Sys. USA BlueBook

G ENERATORS (electrical) Aquatech Dewatering Insitu Contractors MTU Onsite Energy USA BlueBook Xylem

GROUNDWATER REMEDIATION/ EQUIPMENT A.C. Carbone AMS Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Barr Plastics CHEMetrics Concept Ctrls. DeWind Filter Innovations Focus Env. Group GENEQ Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Heron Ins. Insitu Contractors Newalta Osprey Scientific Purifics Pure Water Corp. Rice Earth Sciences Solinst SRP Control Sys. Waterloo Barrier Westech Eng.

GEOMEMBRANES ENV Treatment Sys. Geomembrane Tech. Kentain Products Layfield Metcon Sales Stanmech Tech. GEOSYNTHETICS Albarrie GeoComposites Armtec Bishop Water Tech. ENV Treatment Sys. Layfield Metcon Sales GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Sonic Soil Sampling GEOTEXTILES Albarrie GeoComposites Armtec Bishop Water Tech. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute HM Pipe Products Layfield Transport Env. Sys. GRIT COLLECTION/ REMOVAL ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Aquablast C&M Env. Directrik Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Hydro Int. John Meunier JWC Env. Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. WTP Equip. GROUNDWATER ENGINEERING SERVICES Int. Water Supply GROUNDWATER MONITORING Arjay Eng. Cancoppas CHEMetrics Concept Ctrls. D’Aqua Tech. Heron Ins.

102 | January 2012

HAZARDOUS WASTE Aquablast BakerCorp C&M Env. Drain-All Durabac First Response Env. Newalta Quantum Murray HEAT EXCHANGERS Aqua Technical Sales Aquablast Aquateck C&M Env. Directrik Emnor Mechanical Harco Enterprises Hayward Gordon Huber Tech. Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sanitherm T.D. Rooke Associates Vector Process Equip. Wajax Ind. HOSES Aquatech Dewatering Barr Plastics Canadian Safety Equip. Classen Pumps ENV Treatment Sys. Harco Enterprises Metcon Sales Spicer Solution USA BlueBook York Fluid Controls INCINERATOR SYSTEMS/EQUIPMENT Aqua Technical Sales H2Flow Equip. Infilco Degremont Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp.

Sanitherm INSTRUMENTATION a. dissolved oxygen monitors b. groundwater monitoring c. meteorological d. rental e. repair f. toxicity monitors g. turbidimeters h. other ABB-a,g Arizona Instrument-d,h Arjay Eng.-b,h Avensys-a,b,d,e,f,g Bürkert Fluid Ctrl.-all Can-Am Ins.-a,d,g Cancoppas-a,b,d,e,g Carlo Gavazzi-h CEA Ins.-b,f CHEMetrics Cleartech-a,g,h Concept Ctrls.-a,b,d,e,f,g Davis Controls-a Elemental Controls-h Endress + Hauser-a,c,e,g,h GENEQ-a,b,c,d,e,g,h Greyline Ins.-d,h Grundfos Cda.-all Heron Ins.-b Hoskin Scientifica,b,c,d,e,g Int. Water Supply-b Keller America-b,h Levitt/EHS-b,d,e,f,h Mandel Scientific-all Markland Specialty Eng.-h Measuremax-a,b,g,h Measurement Specialties-b,d Metcon Sales-a,b,g,h Mil-Ram Tech.-all Myron L Company-b,h Novatech-a,f,g,h Osprey Scientific-a,b,d,e,f,g,h PML Process Tech.-a,g,h Rice Earth Sciences-all Scadalliance-b,c Sierra Ins.-h Solinst-b SPD Sales-a,b,g SRP Control Sys.-b,d,e Swan Analytical USA-a,g Team-1 Academy-e,f USA BlueBook-a,b,c,f,g Wajax Ind.-a,g,h Waterra Pumps-all Westech Ind.-g,h ION EXCHANGE SYSTEMS Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp C&M Env. H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Service Filt. Smith & Loveless T.D. Rooke Associates Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng. IRON REMOVAL PLANTS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Filter Innovations

Hungerford & Terry Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pure Water Corp. Smith & Loveless Westech Eng. IRON REMOVAL SYSTEMS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales AWI C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Purifics Pure Water Corp. Sapphire Water Smith & Loveless T.D. Rooke Associates ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Team-1 Academy LABORATORIES (analytical) Arizona Instrument Assay Tech. Avista Tech. Cancoppas Endress + Hauser Measuremax USA BlueBook Westech Eng. LABORATORY SUPPLIES Cancoppas Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Mandel Scientific Spectrum Nasco USA BlueBook VWR Int. LAGOONS Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. Dagaz Env. ENV Treatment Sys. GridBee H2Flow Equip. Markland Specialty Eng. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Terratec Env. Vector Process Equip. Veolia WetlandsPacific LANDFILL Dagaz Env. Directrik Fluidyne Newalta Scarborough Supply Veolia LAWYERS Willms & Shier LEAK DETECTION ACG Tech. Arizona Instrument Arjay Eng.

Assmann Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi CEA Ins. Chrysalis Scientific Tech. Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Envirocan FCI-Fluid Components FilterSense Flowmetrix Hetek Solutions HM Pipe Products Layfield Levitt/EHS Magnetrol Mil-Ram Tech. Neptune Tech. Novatech Scadalliance SEEWater Sierra Ins. USA BlueBook ZCL Composites LEVEL CONTROLS ABB Arjay Eng. Avensys Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi Davis Controls Endress + Hauser FCI-Fluid Components Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Greyline Ins. Harco Enterprises Heron Ins. John Meunier Magnetrol Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax Millennium Controls Scadalliance SEEWater Siemens Cda. SPD Sales Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Westech Ind. LIME SLAKERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Directrik Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Metcon Sales Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. LINERS AquaBlok Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute ENV Treatment Sys. Kentain Products Layfield LOCATORS GENEQ Hetek Solutions HM Pipe Products Interprovincial Corrosion Control Sonic Soil Sampling USA BlueBook LONE WORKER MONITORS

Canadian Safety Equip. Concept Ctrls. Osprey Scientific MAINTENANCE HOLES Can-Am Ins. HM Pipe Products MANGANESE REMOVAL SYSTEMS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales AWI Dagaz Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Sapphire Water Westech Eng. MATERIAL HANDLING Barr Plastics C&M Env. Durabac Elmridge Eng. Pro Aqua USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. WTP Equip. MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS ABB Assay Tech. Avensys Cancoppas Elemental Controls Endress + Hauser Heron Ins. Hoskin Scientific HydroVision America John Meunier Keller America Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax Novatech Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Scadalliance Schneider Electric SICK Sierra Ins. SPD Sales SRP Control Sys. Wajax Ind. MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT Aquateck Sterling Power Sys. VL Motion Sys. MEMBRANES ACG Tech. Altech Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Belzona Great Lakes Blue-Zone Tech. C&M Env. Cleartech ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Gemite Products H2Flow Equip. Kentain Products

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:05 PM Page 103


Guide to Environmental Products & Services Layfield Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Purifics Pure Water Corp. Sanitherm Sapphire Water Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. Veolia Wildcat Water Tech. M ETER TESTING EQUIPMENT Cancoppas CEA Ins. Endress + Hauser Flowmetrix John Meunier Master Meter Neptune Tech. Osprey Scientific Sierra Ins. Team-1 Academy METERS (Equipment) ABB AMS Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas CEA Ins. Concept Ctrls. Endress + Hauser GENEQ Heron Ins. Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Mandel Scientific Markland Specialty Eng. Master Meter Measuremax Neptune Tech. Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance Schneider Electric Sierra Ins. SPD Sales SRP Control Sys. Syntec Process Equip. Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook VWR Int. Wajax Ind. METERS (service & installation) Endress + Hauser Flowmetrix Neptune Tech. Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Schneider Electric SFE Global Sierra Ins. Team-1 Academy MIXERS/AGITATORS ABS Cda./Sulzer ACG Tech. ALLU Group Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Aquateck Berlie Tech. Dagaz Env. Directrik Envirocan Fluidyne GridBee H2Flow Equip.


H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Hayward Gordon Hydro-Logic Env. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Osprey Scientific Ovivo Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Service Filt. SolarBee T.D. Rooke Associates Tenbusch USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. Wajax Ind. York Fluid Controls MONITORING WELL SUPPLIES ABB AMS CEA Ins. Concept Ctrls. Hoskin Scientific Measurement Specialties Osprey Scientific Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance Solinst SRP Control Sys. Waterra Pumps MONITORS ABB Arizona Instrument Arjay Eng. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Concept Ctrls. FilterSense First Response Env. Greyline Ins. Heron Ins. Hoskin Scientific JMAR Markland Specialty Eng. Measurement Specialties Metcon Sales Mil-Ram Tech. Myron L Company Novatech Osprey Scientific Scadalliance SFE Global SICK Sierra Ins. Sonic Soil Sampling SRP Control Sys. Team-1 Academy Xylem MOULD REMOVAL Concept Ctrls. First Response Env. Quantum Murray NOISE CONTROL Acoustic Product Sales Concept Ctrls. Kinetics Noise Control Levitt/EHS OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY PRODUCTS Arizona Instrument Avensys Belzona Great Lakes Canadian Safety Equip. Concept Ctrls. EHS Cda. Gasmet Tech. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. InTech Env. Cda.

Levitt/EHS Novatech Osprey Scientific Ozonator Industries Team-1 Academy ODOUR CONTROL A.C. Carbone ACG Tech. Altech Tech. BakerCorp Continental Env. Services Dagaz Env. Durabac Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Geomembrane Tech. Goslyn Env. GridBee H2Flow Equip. Ipex Layfield Macrotek Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. SolarBee SPD Sales TurboSonic Ultraflote Uniqair Tech. USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. Veolia OIL CLEAN-UP EQUIPMENT Aquablast Avensys Dagaz Env. Drain-All EHS Cda. Goslyn Env. Insitu Contractors InTech Env. Cda. Newalta Spicer Solution Team-1 Academy West Coast Spill Supplies OIL IN WATER DETECTORS AMS Arjay Eng. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Goslyn Env. Heron Ins. Novatech Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Rice Earth Sciences SEEWater Solinst Team-1 Academy Waterra Pumps Westech Ind. OIL/WATER SEPARATORS ACG Tech. Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Can-Am Ins. Containment Solutions Davis Controls

Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Imbrium Sys. Indachem Metcon Sales Munro Napier-Reid Newalta Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Purifics Pure Water Corp. SEEWater Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless Team-1 Academy Westech Eng. ZCL Composites OZONIZATION EQUIPMENT ACG Tech. Durabac ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Metcon Sales MS Filter Sys. Ozonator Industries ProMinent Fluid Controls Pure Water Corp. Simpson Env. PACKAGE EFFLUENT CONTROL SYSTEMS Altech Tech. Aquateck C&M Env. Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. H2Flow Equip. Insitu Contractors Measuremax Metcon Sales Pentair Cda. ProMinent Fluid Controls Scadalliance Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook Veolia Xylem PACKAGE SEWAGE LIFT STATIONS Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck Barr Plastics Directrik Eng. Pump Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Grundfos Cda. Hayward Gordon Napier-Reid Pentair Cda. Pro Aqua SEEWater Smith & Loveless Topp Industries USA BlueBook Wilo Xylem ZCL Composites PACKAGE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS ACG Tech. Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics C&M Env.

Cancoppas Continental Env. Services Echelon Env. ECOfluid Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Filter Innovations Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Measuremax Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Pure Water Corp. Sapphire Water Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SPD Sales Vector Process Equip. Veolia Waterloo Biofilter Sys. Westech Eng. WetlandsPacific Wildcat Water Tech.

PIPE FITTINGS Barr Plastics Chemline Plastics Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Fabricated Plastics HammerTek Harco Enterprises Ipex Munro Rice Earth Sciences Robar Industries Scarborough Supply USA BlueBook Victaulic

PACKAGE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS Aqua Technical Sales AWI Barr Plastics Berlie Tech. C&M Env. Cancoppas Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Filter Innovations Fluid Metering Grundfos Cda. H2Flow Equip. Hungerford & Terry Insitu Contractors Measuremax Metcon Sales MS Filter Sys. Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Pure Water Corp. Sapphire Water Service Filt. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SolarBee Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech.

PIPING a. concrete b. corrugated c. ductile iron d.fibreglass e. polyethylene f. polypropylene g. PVC h.PVDF i. steel Armtec-a,b,e,i BakerCorp-i Chemline Plastics-e,f,h Concept Ctrls.-e,f,g Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute-b,i Fabricated Plastics-d,g,h Gardner Denver-d Harco Enterprises HM Pipe Products-b,c,g Ideal Pipe-b,e Ipex-e,g Munro-a,i Rice Earth Sciences-g Scarborough Supply-e Spicer Solution Syntec Process Equip.-h USA BlueBook-g

PCB TREATMENT/ STORAGE Bishop Water Tech. Purifics

PLANT OPERATIONS Cancoppas Continental Env. Services Measuremax Sanitherm

PIPE DESIGN Berlie Tech. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Munro Scarborough Supply Victaulic PIPE EQUIPMENT Advance Products & Sys. Chemline Plastics Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Footage Tools Scarborough Supply Stanmech Tech. USA BlueBook Wachs Cda.

PIPE REHABILITATION AquaBlok Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Denso North America Footage Tools PIPE RENTALS Aquatech Dewatering Giroux Env.

PIPELINE INSPECTION Canbar Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Team-1 Academy

PLATE SETTLERS Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. H2Flow Equip. Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Westech Eng. PNEUMATIC LIFT STATIONS Aqua Technical Sales Smith & Loveless Spicer Solution

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Jan2012_ES&E_D6_ES&E 12-02-02 11:05 PM Page 104

Products P OLYMER BLEND & PREP SYSTEMS Cleartech Directrik Fluid Dynamics Hayward Gordon Indachem John Meunier Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Newalta Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls SNF Cda. SPD Sales Wajax Ind. PRINTER Warren’s Waterless Printing PUMP DESIGN Aquateck ENV Treatment Sys. Gorman-Rupp Grundfos Cda. Hayward Gordon Int. Water Supply KSB Pumps Parts KM Plus Pentair Cda. Smith & Loveless York Fluid Controls PUMP DRIVES Aquateck ENV Treatment Sys. Grundfos Cda. Hayward Gordon Int. Water Supply Parts KM Plus Pentair Cda. Sterling Power Sys. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook VL Motion Sys. Wajax Ind. York Fluid Controls PUMP MOTORS Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck Claessen Pumps ENV Treatment Sys. Grundfos Cda. Hayward Gordon Int. Water Supply KSB Pumps Parts KM Plus Pentair Cda. Service Filt. Sterling Power Sys. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Xylem York Fluid Controls PUMP PROTECTION SYSTEMS FCI-Fluid Components Greyline Ins. Pentair Cda. SEEWater Service Filt. USA BlueBook York Fluid Controls PUMP RENTALS Aquatech Dewatering Aquateck Assay Tech. BakerCorp Claessen Pumps Concept Ctrls. Giroux Env.

104 | January 2012

Guide to Environmental Products & Services Gorman-Rupp Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply Osprey Scientific Spicer Solution Waterra Pumps Xylem York Fluid Controls PUMP REPAIRS ABS Cda./Sulzer Aquateck Belzona Great Lakes Canex Tech. Claessen Pumps Concept Ctrls. Emnor Mechanical Gorman-Rupp Grundfos Cda. Harco Enterprises Hayward Gordon Int. Water Supply KSB Pumps Netzsch Cda. Osprey Scientific Parts KM Plus Sealtrac Service Filt. Smith & Loveless T.D. Rooke Associates Wajax Ind. Xylem York Fluid Controls PUMP REPLACEMENT PARTS ABS Cda./Sulzer Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck Canex Tech. Claessen Pumps Directrik Emnor Mechanical ENV Treatment Sys. Gorman-Rupp Grundfos Cda. Harco Enterprises Hayward Gordon Int. Water Supply KSB Pumps Netzsch Cda. Parts KM Plus Pentair Cda. Sealtrac Service Filt. Smith & Loveless T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Xylem York Fluid Controls PUMP STATIONS & COMPONENTS Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck Eng. Pump Sys. Gorman-Rupp Grundfos Cda. Hayward Gordon Measuremax Pentair Cda. Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Topp Industries York Fluid Controls PUMPS a. wastewater b. water c. other ABS Cda./Sulzer-a,b ACG Tech.-a Aqua Technical Sales-a Aquatech Dewatering-all

Aquateck-a,b Avensys-a,b BakerCorp Barr Plastics-all Blackmer-a,c Cancoppas-a,b Canex Tech.-all Claessen Pumps-all Concept Ctrls.-b,c Directrik-a,b Elmridge Eng.-c ENV Treatment Sys.-all Envirocan-a Filter Innovations Fluid Metering-all Gorman-Rupp-all Griswold Pump-a,b Grundfos Cda.-all Hayward Gordon-all Insitu Contractors Int. Water Supply-b JWC Env.-c KSB Pumps-all Neptune Chemical-c Netzsch Cda.-all Osprey Scientific-all Parts KM Plus-all Pentair Cda.-all Pro Aqua-all ProMinent Fluid Ctrl.-all Pure Water Corp.-all Sanitherm-all Sealtrac-all Service Filt.-b,c Simpson Env.-all Smith & Loveless-a Solinst-b SPD Sales Spicer Solution-a,c USA BlueBook-a,b Vector Process Equip.-a Wachs Cda.-b Wajax Ind. Waterra Pumps-all WetlandsPacific-a Wilden Pump-a,b Wilo-all Xylem-all York Fluid Controls-all

Sapphire Water Simpson Env. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook Veolia

RECORDERS ABB Cancoppas Endress + Hauser Flowmetrix Hoskin Scientific Measuremax Metcon Sales Scadalliance Siemens Cda. Solinst USA BlueBook Wajax Ind.

SCADA SYSTEMS Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Cancoppas Davis Controls John Meunier Millennium Controls Napier-Reid Scadalliance Summa Eng. Trihedral Eng. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Xylem

RENEWABLE ENERGY ADI Sys. Cancoppas Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Dagaz Env. Pure Water Corp. Schneider Electric Sierra Ins. Team-1 Academy Westech Eng.

SCALES Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Measuremax Metcon Sales Osprey Scientific Siemens Cda. USA BlueBook VWR Int. Wajax Ind.

REVERSE OSMOSIS Aqua Technical Sales ENV Treatment Sys. Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT Advance Products & Sys. Avensys Canadian Safety Equip. Carlo Gavazzi Concept Ctrls. EHS Cda. First Response Env. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Levitt/EHS Metcon Sales Mil-Ram Tech. MSU Mississauga Osprey Scientific Pack-A-Cone Sur-Loc Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook VWR Int. Wajax Ind. SAMPLERS & SAMPLING EQUIPMENT AMS Assay Tech. Birksco Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Concept Ctrls. Dakota Tech. Endress + Hauser GENEQ Hoskin Scientific Markland Specialty Eng. Osprey Scientific Rice Earth Sciences Saf-T-Flo Solinst SPD Sales Spectrum Nasco USA BlueBook VWR Int. Westech Ind.

SCREENINGS ACG Tech. C&M Env. Delta Screens Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. John Meunier

JWC Env. Metcon Sales Ovivo Pro Aqua Sanitherm Veolia WTP Equip. SCREENS ACG Tech. ALLU Group Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Delta Screens Directrik Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Global Repair Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Infilco Degremont John Meunier JWC Env. Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Rice Earth Sciences Smith & Loveless Terratec Env. Troy-Ontor Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. WTP Equip. SCRUBBERS/WASHERS ACG Tech. Aquateck Berlie Tech. Continental Env. Services ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fabricated Plastics InTech Env. Cda. Macrotek Metcon Sales Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless VWR Int. SEALS Advance Products & Sys. AquaBlok Aquateck Denso North America Emnor Mechanical Grundfos Cda. Sealtrac Service Filt. VL Motion Sys. SECONDARY CONTAINMENT Albarrie GeoComposites Alberta Wilbert Sales AquaBlok Assmann Century Group Containment Solutions ENV Treatment Sys. First Response Env. Kentain Products Layfield Metcon Sales Millennium Enterprises SEEWater Team-1 Academy USA BlueBook West Coast Spill Supplies ZCL Composites

SECURITY PRODUCTS Videx SEDIMENTATION SYSTEMS ACG Tech. ALLU Group Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Insitu Contractors Napier-Reid Ovivo Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. SEPARATORS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Can-Am Ins. Containment Solutions ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Sanitherm SEEWater Smith & Loveless Westech Eng. WTP Equip. SEPTAGE RECEIVING SYSTEMS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Birksco Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. Cancoppas ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. JWC Env. Metcon Sales Pro Aqua Vector Process Equip. Wildcat Water Tech. WTP Equip. SEPTIC TANKS & EQUIPMENT Alberta Wilbert Sales Barr Plastics Containment Solutions HM Pipe Products Metcon Sales Topp Industries Waterloo Biofilter Sys. WetlandsPacific Wildcat Water Tech. ZCL Composites SEQUENCING BATCH REACTORS (SBR) ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. C&M Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Metcon Sales

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sanitherm Veolia Westech Eng. SERVICE CONTRACTING Aquablast Cancoppas Continental Env. Services Endress + Hauser First Response Env. Insitu Contractors InTech Env. Cda. SEWAGE GAS EQUIPMENT Avensys Cancoppas ENV Treatment Sys. SEWER EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Biodisk Cancoppas D’Aqua Tech. Footage Tools Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Harco Enterprises Ideal Pipe Munro Robar Industries SHREDDERS/ COMPACTORS ACG Tech. Berlie Tech. C&M Env. Directrik Durabac ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. John Meunier JWC Env. Ovivo Parts KM Plus Pro Aqua Veolia SITE REMEDIATION A.C. Carbone AquaBlok BakerCorp Bishop Water Tech. Concept Ctrls. Drain-All EHS Cda. Elemental Controls Filter Innovations First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Newalta Quantum Murray Solution Soil Treatment Facility SLUDGE DEWATERING ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp Berlie Tech. Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. Claessen Pumps Durabac ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Giroux Env. H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Infilco Degremont Layfield Metcon Sales


Napier-Reid Newalta Ovivo Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. Quantum Murray Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless Terratec Env. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Westech Eng. Wildcat Water Tech. SLUDGE DISPOSAL Aquablast Drain-All First Response Env. InTech Env. Cda. Newalta Quantum Murray Terratec Env. SLUDGE DRYING ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales Berlie Tech. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Infilco Degremont Newalta Pro Aqua Terratec Env. Veolia SLUDGE HANDLING EQUIPMENT ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp Berlie Tech. C&M Env. Durabac Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan H2Flow Equip. Hayward Gordon Indachem Linkon Tech. Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sanitherm Spicer Solution Terratec Env. Westech Eng. SLUDGE - LEVEL CONTROL Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Davis Controls Endress + Hauser FCI-Fluid Components Markland Specialty Eng. Measuremax PML Process Tech. SPD Sales Spectrum Nasco SLUDGE REMOVAL EQUIPMENT ENV Treatment Sys. InTech Env. Cda. Linkon Tech. Newalta Pure Water Corp. Spicer Solution Westech Eng.

SOIL REMEDIATION ALLU Group AMS BakerCorp CHEMetrics Concept Ctrls. Elemental Controls Filter Innovations First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Global Repair Newalta Quantum Murray Solution Soil Treatment Facility WetlandsPacific SOIL STABILIZATION ALLU Group AMS Armtec Global Repair Layfield Newalta Quantum Murray SOLVENT RECOVERY SYSTEMS Blue-Zone Tech. InTech Env. Cda. Megtec Sys. SOLVENT RECYCLING SERVICES Drain-All InTech Env. Cda. SPILL CONTAINMENT Albarrie GeoComposites Assmann BakerCorp Barr Plastics Century Group Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Drain-All EHS Cda. First Response Env. Kentain Products Layfield Levitt/EHS Millennium Enterprises Newalta Quantum Murray SEEWater Team-1 Academy Transport Env. Sys. USA BlueBook West Coast Spill Supplies SPILL RESPONSE Accuworx Aquablast Arizona Instrument Drain-All EHS Cda. First Response Env. Newalta Quantum Murray SPILL RESPONSE EQUIPMENT Aquablast Canadian Safety Equip. Concept Ctrls. EHS Cda. First Response Env. Layfield Levitt/EHS Millennium Enterprises Newalta Osprey Scientific Spicer Solution Team-1 Academy West Coast Spill Supplies

SPILL RESPONSE TRAINING EHS Cda. First Response Env. Osprey Scientific Quantum Murray Team-1 Academy STAND PIPES Fisher Tank Company Greatario H2Flow Tanks & Sys. TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. STORAGE BUILDINGS ClearSpan Fabric Structures Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute ENV Treatment Sys. Megadome Buildings SPD Sales USA BlueBook STORAGE CONTAINERS Assmann BakerCorp Barr Plastics Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Metcon Sales Pro Aqua STORAGE TANKS Assmann BakerCorp Barr Plastics Berlie Tech. Canbar Containment Solutions ConVault Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Fabricated Plastics Fisher Tank Company Focus Env. Group Greatario H2Flow Equip. H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Hayward Gordon John Meunier Metcon Sales Munro Pro Aqua Pure Water Corp. SolarBee TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Topp Industries USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. West Coast Spill Supplies ZCL Composites STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ACG Tech. Amiad Water Sys. Aquatech Dewatering Armtec Avensys BakerCorp Barr Plastics Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi CHEMetrics Containment Solutions Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Directrik E.P. Eng. Pump Sys. Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan

Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Greyline Ins. H2Flow Equip. HydroVision America Imbrium Sys. Insitu Contractors Ipex John Meunier Layfield Measuremax Munro Pro Aqua Ramtech Env. Scadalliance Smith & Loveless West Coast Spill Supplies Westech Eng. WetlandsPacific Worldwide StormTrap WTP Equip.

THICKENERS ACG Tech. Aqua Technical Sales C&M Env. Echelon Env. ENV Treatment Sys. Envirocan Fluidyne H2Flow Equip. Huber Tech. Indachem Infilco Degremont Napier-Reid Ovivo Parkson Pro Aqua Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equip. Westech Eng.

STRAINERS Amiad Water Sys. AWI Directrik ENV Treatment Sys. Goslyn Env. H2Flow Equip. Hayward Gordon Metcon Sales Pure Water Corp. Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Vahn-Tech Int. Wajax Ind. York Fluid Controls

TRAINING Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute ECO Canada EHS Cda. First Response Env. Flowmetrix Grundfos Cda. Osprey Scientific Quantum Murray Sealtrac Team-1 Academy Troy-Ontor Walkerton Clean Water Center World Water Operator Training

TANK CLEANING Accuworx Aquablast Cleartech Continental Env. Services EHS Cda. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Newalta SFE Global Team-1 Academy Terratec Env. TANK DESIGN Assmann Berlie Tech. Can-Am Ins. Canbar Cleartech Fisher Tank Company Greatario H2Flow Tanks & Sys. Layfield TF Warren/Tarsco Cda. Vector Process Equip. TANK INSPECTION Berlie Tech. Canbar Continental Env. Services Greatario Newalta Team-1 Academy TELEMETERING EQUIPMENT Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Endress + Hauser GENEQ Hoskin Scientific Millennium Controls Mil-Ram Tech. Scadalliance Solinst Summa Eng. Xylem

TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY C.P. Sys. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Footage Tools Tenbusch Wachs Cda. TUNNELING EQUIPMENT Tenbusch UTILITY LOCATING C.P. Sys. Hetek Solutions Sonic Soil Sampling VACUUM EQUIPMENT Accuworx Aquablast C.P. Sys. Elmridge Eng. Gardner Denver Hibon Insitu Contractors Newalta Spicer Solution T.D. Rooke Associates Terratec Env. Wachs Cda. VALVE ACCESSORIES Advance Products & Sys. Armour Valve Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Chemline Plastics HM Pipe Products Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Vahn-Tech Int. VL Motion Sys. Wachs Cda.

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services

ACG Technology..........................107 American Public University ..........23 American Water .............................38 Associated Engineering..................5 Avensys Solutions.........................12 Barr Plastics...................................64 Black & Veatch ...............................50 Bürkert Fluid Control Systems.....51 C&M Env. Technologies ................25 Canada Unlimited ..........................63 Canadian Safety.............................68 Cancoppas .....................................47 Capital Regional District ...............44 Chemline Plastics ..........................55 CIMA+ .............................................62 Concept Controls...........................52 Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute ..108 D’Aqua Technologies ....................30 Degremont Technologies..............57 Delcan Water ..................................14 Denso ...............................................8 Echelon Environmental.................59 ECO Canada ...................................15 Endress + Hauser ..........................13 Geneq..............................................41 Gorman-Rupp.................................19 Greatario.........................................27 Greyline Instruments.....................52 H2Flow ............................................30 Heron Instruments.........................65 Hoskin Scientific......................20, 45 Huber Technology ...........................9 Ideal Pipe ........................................49 Imbrium Systems...........................10 John Meunier .................................29 Levelton Consultants ....................64 Master Meter.....................................3 MSU Mississauga ..........................17 Myers Engineered Products .........34 Nelson Environmental...................24 NETZSCH Canada..........................54 Orival ..............................................26 Osprey Scientific ...........................62 Pinchin Environmental..................61 Pro Aqua .........................................21 ProMinent .........................................2 Sanitherm Inc. ................................24 Service Filtration............................15 SEW-Eurodrive...............................55 Smith & Loveless...........................33 Solinst Canada ...............................11 Stantec............................................12 Tetra Tech .......................................35 USF Fabrication .............................42 Waterra Pumps ........................31, 43 Whipps............................................50 WTP Equipment .............................39

VALVE SERVICING Armour Valve C.P. Sys. Chemline Plastics VL Motion Sys. Wachs Cda. Westech Ind. VALVES Amiad Water Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck Armour Valve B.N.W. Valve Mfg. BakerCorp Barr Plastics Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Chemline Plastics Concept Ctrls. Davis Controls Eng. Pump Sys. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. HammerTek HM Pipe Products Hydro-Logic Env. Ipex John Meunier Measuremax Mueller Cda. Primary Fluid Sys. Rice Earth Sciences Syntec Process Equip. Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Vahn-Tech Int. Victaulic Wajax Ind. Waterra Pumps Westech Ind. Whipps Xylem York Fluid Controls VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES Carlo Gavazzi Davis Controls Grundfos Cda. Millennium Controls SEW-Eurodrive Siemens Cda. Sterling Power Sys. T.D. Rooke Associates USA BlueBook VL Motion Sys. Westech Eng. WASTE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING Accuworx Drain-All Durabac First Response Env. Focus Env. Group Newalta Ozonator Industries Pure Water Corp. Quantum Murray WASTE REMOVAL EQUIPMENT Durabac Goslyn Env. Newalta Orival Spicer Solution WASTE MANAGEMENT Dagaz Env. Drain-All First Response Env. Gardner Denver Goslyn Env. Newalta Ozonator Industries

WASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEMS Alberta Wilbert Sales Barr Plastics ENV Treatment Sys. Envireau Tech. Gardner Denver H2Flow Equip. Munro Newalta Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook WASTEWATER NEUTRALIZING Aquateck Bürkert Fluid Ctrl. Envireau Tech. Filter Innovations Gardner Denver H2Flow Equip. Metcon Sales ProMinent Fluid Controls Veolia Westech Eng. WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS A.C. Carbone ACG Tech. ADI Sys. Alberta Wilbert Sales Altech Tech. Amiad Water Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aqua-Aerobic Sys. Avensys AWI Barr Plastics Berlie Tech. Biodisk Bishop Water Tech. C&M Env. CHEMetrics Dagaz Env. Echelon Env. ECOfluid Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Envireau Tech. Envirocan Filter Innovations Fluidyne Gardner Denver Goslyn Env. Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. GridBee H2Flow Equip. Infilco Degremont Metcon Sales Munro Napier-Reid Nelson Env. Newalta Ovivo Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Pure Water Corp. Ramtech Env. Sanitherm Service Filt. Simpson Env. Smith & Loveless SolarBee SPD Sales Summa Eng. Vector Process Equip. Veolia Waterloo Biofilter Sys. Westech Eng. WetlandsPacific Wildcat Water Tech. Xylem

WATER CONSERVATION/ MANAGEMENT Amiad Water Sys. Barr Plastics Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Dagaz Env. Envireau Tech. Heron Ins. Neptune Tech. WATER LEVEL INDICATORS AMS Arjay Eng. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Carlo Gavazzi Concept Ctrls. D’Aqua Tech. Davis Controls Endress + Hauser FCI-Fluid Components Flowmetrix GENEQ Greyline Ins. Heron Ins. Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Keller America Magnetrol Measuremax Osprey Scientific Rice Earth Sciences Solinst SPD Sales SRP Control Sys. USA BlueBook Wajax Ind. Waterra Pumps WATER METERS ACG Tech. AMS Arjay Eng. Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Concept Ctrls. Elster Metering Endress + Hauser Envirocan Flowmetrix GENEQ Heron Ins. John Meunier Master Meter Neptune Tech. Osprey Scientific ProMinent Fluid Controls Siemens Cda. Syntec Process Equip. USA BlueBook VWR Int. WATER QUALITY MONITORS ABB Arjay Eng. Avensys Can-Am Ins. Cancoppas Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Endress + Hauser Flowmetrix GENEQ Grundfos Cda. Heron Ins. Hoskin Scientific Int. Water Supply John Meunier Measuremax Myron L Company Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech.

Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance USA BlueBook VWR Int. WATER QUALITY TEST KITS Avensys Can-Am Ins. CHEMetrics Cleartech Concept Ctrls. Flowmetrix GENEQ Hoskin Scientific John Meunier Measuremax Myron L Company Osprey Scientific PML Process Tech. Pure Water Corp. Rice Earth Sciences Spectrum Nasco USA BlueBook VWR Int. WATER TOWERS Aquateck Greatario H2Flow Tanks & Sys. WATER USE & TREATMENT OPTIMIZATION Avista Tech. AWI Berlie Tech. Cancoppas Clear Sky Tech. GridBee Hungerford & Terry Metcon Sales Napier-Reid Primary Fluid Sys. SolarBee Veolia Westech Eng. WATERPROOFING AquaBlok Denso North America Gemite Products WEIRS Avensys BakerCorp C&M Env. Can-Am Ins. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute ENV Treatment Sys. Fabricated Plastics Flowmetrix Grande Water Mgmt. Sys. Ovivo Protectolite SFE Global Smith & Loveless Syntec Process Equip. Team-1 Academy Troy-Ontor USA BlueBook Vector Process Equip. ZEBRA MUSSEL CONTROL Amiad Water Sys. Grundfos Cda. Indachem Metcon Sales Napier-Reid ProMinent Fluid Controls

XCG Consultants ...........................41

106 | November 2011 Xylem ................................................7

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