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Contents ISSN-0835-605X January • 2010 Vol. 23 No. 1 Issued January 2010 ES&E invites articles (approx. 2,000 words) on water, wastewater, hazardous waste treatment and other environmental protection topics. If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration in our print and digital editions, please contact Steve Davey at steve@esemag.com. Please note that Environmental Science & Engineering Publications Inc. reserves the right to edit all text and graphic submissions without notice.


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7 The climate change alarm bell sounded in Canada over 40 years ago – Editorial comment by Tom Davey 18 Ontario is not immune to water shortages 22 Pump maintenance is vital, especially during tough times 24 Conserving water by using a closed loop recycling system 26 Ottawa develops solutions for inflow to combined sewers 28 Barrie upgrades water pollution control centre and systems 30 Septage waste - it’s in your backyard 35 Understanding the importance of electrical power quality Page 18 39 Ontario MOE honoured for its drinking water protection approach 40 Confined space rescue – emotion vs reason 42 How mercury becomes toxic in the environment DEPARTMENTS 44 New electrocoagulation process increases water reuse efficiency 46 Crushing fluorescent bulbs saves money and the environment Product Showcase . . . . . 72-75 48 Vancouver Island’s multi-stakeholder plan for sustainable water supplies Environmental News . . . 10-17 50 Ontario moves forward with source water protection policy Professional Cards . . . . . 77-83 52 Proper maintenance ensures reliable lift station operation Ad Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 54 Will “arsenic-safe� water wells remain safe? 56 Treating wastewater on the world’s largest cruise ship - Cover story 59 Upgrading a 2,500 year old Roman sewer 60 Copenhagen and beyond – making the transition to a low-carbon economy 64 The evolution of sustainable stormwater management 66 Removing PCBs from groundwater with activated carbon 68 Improving wastewater treatment with air flow instrumentation


PAGES 76-114 Consultants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Suppliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104

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Comment by Tom Davey

Mr. Harper, the climate change alarm bell sounded in Canada over 40 years ago



aving first reported on climate change in 1968, I was disconcerted to see how badly Canada is now fairing on the world stage. In their article, entitled “Copenhagen and beyond – making the transition to a low-carbon economy” (See page 60), Ted Dhillon and Dr. Bernard Fleet report that “in Copenhagen, Canada was widely viewed as a laggard in its commitment to the environment. Previously, the Harper government had stressed its intention of integrating our climate change policy with that of the US. It is now clear that the reverse is taking place, and there is a widening gap between President Obama’s clean energy agenda and Canada’s continued support for the oil sands.” They go on to say that “Canada has already earned a failing grade in the GHG stakes. Failing to meet its modest reduction targets, its environmental reputation was further tarnished during the recent conference in Bangkok, a precurwww.esemag.com

sor to Copenhagen. Canada’s proposal to cherry pick parts of Kyoto for incorporation in the new COP15 agreement was greeted with outrage and a mass walkout by representatives of the Group of 77 developing nations.” Sadly, achieving consensus on what can – and should be done – about climate change is proving to be as difficult as I predicted it might be, back in 1968. The science and economics are complicated. Political will is often too focused on the here and now. As he has prorogued Parliament twice now, to thwart the opposition, perhaps Prime Minister Harper thinks that ignoring climate change will make it go away as well. Future generations, coping with a climate different from what we now know, might ask their great-grandparents: “Did they not know?” Well, for the historical record, we did know that something was going on, as you will see in the reprinting of my October 1968 Editorial Comment…..Tom Davey

hile scientific knowledge is increasing at a pace unthinkable a generation ago, there is a startling lack of correlated data on the environmental effects of air pollution. Years ago, Aldous Huxley said Man was squandering natural resources with the gay abandon of a sailor on a drunken weekend spree. We may yet be grateful that some resources – such as fossil fuels – are irreplaceable. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen approximately 14% in little over a century, with some ecologists speculating that oxygen regeneration is being reduced at a disastrous rate. But scientists, almost literally, wax hot and cold on fundamental points. Some say continued increases in carbon dioxide will prevent heat from rising into space, to a point where polar ice caps will melt. This would cause massive flooding, with subsequent shrinkage of surface land. More recent trends foresee a colder earth, based on theories that air borne pollutants will increasingly block out the sun. But although statistical evidence is damning, conclusive proof of how air pollution affects health is generally not forthcoming, in spite of unprecedented research. For scientists attempt a burden of proof far beyond that which their legal colleagues would accept as reasonable circumstantial evidence. Additionally, the problem is compounded because it concerns the total environment, with meteorology, medicine, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines playing significant, but largely separate, roles. Meanwhile, in North America alone, almost 100 million motor vehicles emit approximately 250,000 tons of carbon monoxide and other lethal gases every day. The daily continental sulphur dioxide fallout from industry greatly exceeds 100,000 tons. It has been shown that sulphur dioxide concentrations of one to two continued overleaf... January 2010 | 7

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Comment by Tom Davey

Editor and Publisher STEVE DAVEY E-mail: steve@esemag.com Consulting Editor


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Technical Advisory Board Jim Bishop Stantec Consulting Ltd., Ontario Bill Borlase, P.Eng. City of Winnipeg, Manitoba George V. Crawford, P.Eng., M.A.Sc. CH2M HILL, Ontario Bill DeAngelis, P.Eng. Associated Engineering, Ontario Marie Meunier John Meunier Inc., Québec Peter J. Paine Environment Canada Environmental Science & Engineering is a bi-monthly business publication of Environmental Science & Engineering Publications Inc. An all Canadian publication, ES&E provides authoritative editorial coverage of Canada's municipal and industrial environmental control systems and drinking water treatment and distribution. Readers include consulting engineers, industrial plant managers and engineers, key municipal, provincial and federal environmental officials, water and wastewater plant operators and contractors. Information contained in ES&E has been compiled from sources believed to be correct. ES&E cannot be responsible for the accuracy of articles or other editorial matter. Articles in this magazine are intended to provide information rather than give legal or other professional advice. Articles being submitted for review should be e-mailed to steve@esemag.com. Canadian Publications Mail Sales Second Class Mail Product Agreement No. 40065446 Registration No. 7750 Undeliverable copies, advertising space orders, copy, artwork, proofs, etc., should be sent to: Environmental Science & Engineering, 220 Industrial Pkwy. S., Unit 30, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 3V6, Tel: (905)727-4666, Fax: (905) 841-7271, Web site: www.esemag.com Printed in Canada. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission of the publisher. Yearly subscription rates: Canada $75.00 (plus $3.75 GST).

parts per million – just below the threshold of odour detection – decreases human ability to inhale and exhale. But some scientists believe that other contaminants, acting singly or together, are of greater significance as pulmonary irritants. There is widely based evidence that lung cancer mortality rates are from two to four times higher in urban areas than those found in rural districts. But again, there are too many variables to specifically indict particular contaminants as yet. Ultimately, there is no escape – wind borne contaminants are now even reaching the Polar Regions. And when Afro-Asia’s teeming millions achieve industrialization, the threat of intolerable contamination becomes more than mere conjecture. Eight hundred million Chinese could create a fair pollution problem merely by striking matches. What happens if they emulate the West and start driving eight cylinder autos? 1 If this seems remote, remember Japan transformed from a primitive agrarian economy, to a sophisticated industrial nation, in little over two decades. One encouraging trend is the emergence of inter-disciplinary envi-

Letter to Editor Re: “Preferred status should not mean status quo” ES&E, Nov/Dec’09 issue Dear Steve: Thank you for succinctly identifying a chronic problem in many jurisdictions throughout North America and a practical way to engage stakeholders (consumers, provincial and/or state governments, engineers and technology suppliers) to arrive at a solution. What you are talking about is capitalism. "Family Compacts" will always emerge where open competition is stifled by bureaucracy. Tom Wingfield Pall Corporation

8 | January 2010

ronmental study facilities where scientists can research in teams, instead of the present fragmented faculty programs. Another is the belated awareness, at all levels of government that air pollutants roam freely over their puny boundaries. While jurisdictional squabbling has delayed implementation of watershed controls, meteorologists are already talking of “air sheds” in attempts to master temperature inversions, which prevent effective pollutant dispersal. Economics and history have channeled our creative energies into incredibly sophisticated production techniques, with pollution control subordinate to profit. Unless this order of priorities is reversed, the ecological consequences will exact a heavy toll in the near future. Stringent government controls and enforcement, tax incentives for anti-pollution devices, along with more coordinated research – these are the basic requisites for tackling the problem. More important, perhaps, is public awareness of how rapidly the problem is accelerating. Otherwise we may be forced into a mode of living epitomized by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome at the post Expo ’67 show, “Man and His World”. There, fairgoers vicariously enjoyed fountains, trees and a bird sanctuary amid the great indoors, now significantly renamed the Biosphere. Expo’67 was a culmination of man’s cultural and manufacturing achievements. Perhaps the Biosphere symbolizes the future protection he will need from the residual effects of his productive genius as he increasingly moves towards the ultimate synthesis. 1

China’s population is now approximately 1.4 billion.

Tom Davey is Consulting Editor of Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine. E-mail comments to tom@esemag.com

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Asian carp threatening the Great Lakes According to the environmental group, Great Lakes United, one heavy rainfall could allow Asian carp to breach the electric barrier in place in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC), which prevents fish from spreading into the Great Lakes. Recently discovered just a mile from the barrier, carp have also been found in the Des Plaines River, which is less than 100 feet from the canal in some places. The fear is that during a flood event, carp in the Des Plaines River could bypass the CSSC’s electric barrier completely. “If Asian carp make it into Lake Michigan, they won’t stop at the border,” says Dr. Terry Quinney from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. “They will invade all of the Great Lakes, and could spread within inland waterways across the province. This will affect the $7 billion dollar recreational and


commercial fishery, as well as degrade biodiversity.” Suggested measures to stop the spread of invasive species include: • Fill in critical sections of the Illinois & Michigan Canal, so that the carp cannot swim into the CSSC during floods. • Create an emergency physical barrier (like sandbags) between the Des Plaines River and the CSSC, to ensure the Des Plaines River and live carp cannot flood into the CSSC, and by pass the electrical barrier. • Install an additional barrier (such as a bubble/acoustic barrier) to stop carp from migrating upstream into the Des Plaines River. www.glu.org

Aquatic Life Research Facility opened at CCIW The new Aquatic Life Research Facility at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW) in Burlington, Ontario, is a $4.6 million state-of-the-art laboratory, designed for studying the health of fish, and other aquatic life, exposed to potential

environmental stressors. Built as a joint project between Environment Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, it provides space for scientists, graduate students, and university partners. To ensure the efficient use of water and energy, it will employ the latest water recirculation technology. Facility scientists will be studying various aquatic health issues more effectively, including: • effects of contaminants, such as chemical and biological stressors, on aquatic life. • impacts of changes to the food chain, water quality and temperature. • effects of aquatic invasive species on other aquatic life. • study of native species and their life cycle, including species at risk. These studies will help the Government of Canada to meet its commitments under the Fisheries Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the Species at Risk Act, and other freshwater policies and regulations. continued overleaf...

January 2010 | 9

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WFP donations surpass benchmark For the second year in a row, donors to Water For People partnered with philanthropists, Stephen and Sandy Rosenthal, with the goal to raise $1 million, and once again surpassed the benchmark in support of improved sanitation, safe drinking water solutions, and hygiene education in developing countries. For the last two years, the Rosenthal Family has contributed $500,000, with the goal of leveraging their gift. The family challenged Water For People donors to match their gift dollar for dollar and raise $1 million in support of its programs around the world. This year, over 823 donors responded to the challenge and donated more than $798,000, totaling $1,298,735 within two months. www.waterforpeople.org

Associated Engineering announces merger Kerry Rudd, President & CEO of the Associated Engineering group of compa-

nies, and Brian Guy, President of Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd., recently announced the merger of their two companies. Summit Environmental Consultants was formed in 1994 and now has a staff of 50 and offices in BC and Alberta. Associated Engineering is one of Canada's largest multi-disciplinary, employee-owned, consulting engineering firms, with 700 staff prior to this merger. The company will now have 16 offices across Canada, located in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Associated Engineering is one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies. www.ae.ca

National carbon management project launched

Foreign credential recognition to be accelerated

The first nationwide effort to accelerate Canada’s energy sector towards a zerocarbon emission future will be hosted by the University of Calgary, with the creation of a new research and development network. Carbon Management Canada (CMC) has received $25 million in fund-

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ing through the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence program, to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of energy, environmental and social science researchers at Canadian universities. They will work with partners in industry, government, NGOs, and carbon management networks around the world, to develop insights, technologies and policies needed to greatly reduce globalwarming carbon emissions in Canada’s fossil energy sector. The network is expected to help reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent or more by 2050, compared with projected emissions under a “business-as-usual” scenario. www.carbonmanagementcanada.ca

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has said that it approves of action taken by the federal government to enhance foreign qualification recognition for internationally-trained workers. Under a new framework released recently by the Federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, foreign-trained professionals, including engineers, will be told within one year of application whether their qualifications will be recognized for licensure. In May 2007, PEO introduced the Engineering Intern Training Financial Credit Program to encourage engineering graduates and newcomers to Canada to apply for licensure. The program enables eligible graduates of undergraduate Canadian engineering programs and eligible international engineering graduates with a bachelor of engineering or a bachelor of applied science degree to apply for a professional engineer licence at no cost. They may also be eligible to register in the Engineering Intern Training program for the first year at no cost. www.peo.on.ca

ForestEthics worried about new pipeline

HOBOware™ software | Compensated for barometric pressure*, temperature

ForestEthics, an environmental group, is strongly condemning the federal government's recently announced terms of reference for assessing Enbridge's proposed

and water density (*second barometric sensor required) for more information see www.myhoskin.com/waterlevel

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. 10 | January 2010


continued overleaf... Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Northern Gateway Pipeline. “The process the federal government has selected for considering this project turns a blind eye to the climate impacts of tar sands expansion,” said Nikki Skuce, an energy campaigner with ForestEthics. “This is a review process that has historically approved 99% of the projects it has considered.” If approved, the proposed Pipeline would allow a 40% expansion of Alberta's tar sands, which could increase GHG emissions from the region dramatically. The project would also expose interior salmon rivers and coastal marine environments to the risk of oil spills, according to the group. Given the narrow scope and concerns about the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency/National Energy Board process, a number of municipalities and local governments in the affected region have called for a Public Inquiry. www.forestethics.ca

BP Energy fined for vapour discharge BP Canada Energy Company has pleaded guilty to one count of causing an odorous discharge that caused, or was likely to cause an adverse effect. In Sarnia, Ontario, the company operates a natural gas liquid fractionation plant, which produces propane, butane, isobutane and production condensate. In March 2009, during functionality testing of the facility’s valves, a vapour plume, lasting approximately ten min-

12 | January 2010

utes, travelled offsite in a northerly direction. Some Sarnia residents reported experiencing temporary physical symptoms as a result of the odour, such as headaches, sore throats and nausea. The discharge also caused disruptions to schools and businesses. BP Canada Energy was fined $800,000.

Tracking and reporting program now in effect Beginning January 1, 2010, regulated Ontario-based facilities in the manufacturing and minerals processing sectors are required to track, report and develop plans to reduce the toxic substances they use, create and release. This applies only to facilities currently reporting on emissions to the National Pollutant Release Inventory. Ontario has also committed funding to help facilities meet the requirements of the Toxics Reduction Act. The government will hold province-wide information sessions to explain the new requirements. It will also provide information guides to help facilities meet the requirements and will consult on an enhanced toxics reduction planning process that builds on the expertise and experience found in the workplace. The first reports from facilities covering the 2010 calendar year are due by June 1, 2011, and summaries of the first toxics reduction plans are due by the end of 2011. The first reporting requirements cover 47 priority substances.

Manitoba and South Australia sign MOU During the recent Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and South Australian Premier Mike Rann announced an agreement for renewed cooperation on climatechange adaptation and water-resources management priorities that are important to both Manitoba and South Australia. The memorandum of understanding provides a general framework to work together and share expertise on: reducing flood hazards; developing strategies to cope with long-term droughts; and community capacity building and ecological goods and services programming to provide resilience to future climate-change challenges. Manitoba and South Australia share a history of collaboration on economic and social priorities and signed an MOU in 2006 to strengthen their respective biological and life sciences sectors and ensure further collaboration in biotechnology, renewable energy, sustainable development, climate change, and Aboriginal economic development.

Manitoba to clamp down Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie recently announced a strengthened Environment Act, which he hopes will improve Manitoba’s environment and Lake Winnipeg. The Act now requires the reporting continued overleaf...

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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of any pollutant that may cause, is causing or has caused an adverse effect on the environment. Additionally, greenhouse gas emissions from a proposed project must now be considered before a licence is issued. The Act also provides environment officers with expanded powers to intervene in a situation before the environment is impacted. The strengthened Environment Act builds on the province’s enhanced inspection programs, which focused initially on the north Red River corridor. The program is designed to inspect wastewater systems on residential properties in sensitive areas to ensure the environment is being protected.

Saskatchewan adopts new regulations On November 30, 2009, Saskatchewan’s Environment Minister Nancy Heppner introduced a proposed new act and amendments to two others. The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2009, along with amendments to The Environmental Assessment Act and The Forest Resources Management Act, set the

14 | January 2010

stage for the adoption of a results-based environmental regulatory framework for Saskatchewan. The current regulatory regime was developed in the early to mid-1970s to address industrial point source pollution and unregulated resource harvesting. The regulatory toolkit consisted almost entirely of prescriptive legislation and regulations that directed agency inspections and enforcement when contraventions were identified. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment will soon move forward on a number of other initiatives, including: • Developing a Saskatchewan Environmental Code that will provide for standards and practices that will set the framework for improved environmental management; • Reorganizing the ministry to better deliver the requirements of results-based regulation; • Providing an electronic platform for environmental information and program delivery, including web-based environmental applications, compliance and reporting. This will facilitate a streamlined application process and transparency in the min-

istry's reporting and collaborative decision-making processes; • Continuing to engage the public and stakeholders in consultation as the design and implementation of the new regulatory framework are developed.

Information now available online The website SaskH2O.ca now offers details on local wastewater treatment throughout Saskatchewan. In addition to finding out if a community has been issued any warnings about the quality of drinking water, one can also find information on wastewater treatment, such as when the last inspection was conducted, what was the outcome, and how to contact the facility operator. The information will be of interest to a wide variety of groups, from local residents to businesses, engineers and municipalities. SaskH2O.ca brings together information and services available from the Government of Saskatchewan that relate to water, regardless of the ministry or agency that produces the information or offers the service.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:41 PM Page 15

Action plan guides Alberta's water management Alberta Environment Minister, Rob Renner, speaking about the renewed Water for Life action plan.

Healthy aquatic ecosystems, conservation, and education, are priorities in the renewed Water for Life action plan, which lays out the actions Alberta intends to deliver over the next decade. It includes activities Alberta committed to deliver as part of its original Water for Life strategy and incorporates new actions to address the province’s emerging water challenges and current realities. The action plan also supports regional environmental objectives and Alberta’s cumulative effects management approach. The Alberta Water Council’s 2006-08 implementation review acknowledged that Water for Life implementation is making good progress. The Council identified the need to: integrate and coordinate the management of land, water, air, biodiversity, and the cumulative impacts of development; ensure partners


have the funds and people needed to complete their work; and encourage Water for Life leaders and champions. They also made recommendations to increase focus on education and protect Alberta’s rivers, lakes and aquifers from overuse and contamination. www.waterforlife.alberta.ca

WERF to evaluate technologies that address aging infrastructure The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) will receive $10 million from the US EPA to evaluate new technologies designed to help utilities cope with aging and failing water and wastewater systems. $6.25 million will address wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, and $3.75 million will address aging drinking water systems. These funds will be further leveraged by a 33.3% cost share to be provided by the investigators. Funding for the research is through EPA’s Aging Water Infrastructure Research Program, a research agenda that supports efforts to put the nation’s aging infrastructure on a pathway toward sus-

tainability. Research efforts initiated under the cooperative agreement will examine innovative tools and procedures to cost-effectively improve the maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement of aging sewer lines, watermains, and other components. Research efforts will focus on four key areas: • Condition assessment for water and wastewater conveyance systems. • System rehabilitation for water and wastewater conveyance systems. • Advanced design and engineering concepts. • Innovative treatment technologies for wastewater, stormwater, water reuse, and drinking water. EPA projects a funding gap of $220 billion over the next 20 years if US utilities and municipalities don’t increase their investments in water and wastewater infrastructure. By better pricing and managing water use, as well as by implementing new technologies, that gap may be lessened. www.werf.org continued overleaf...

January 2010 | 15

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Teck fined for chemical spill Following an investigation by British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment’s Commercial Environmental Investigation Unit (CEIU), Teck (formerly known as Teck Cominco) was sentenced in provincial court for a chemical spill that took place on May 28, 2008. Teck discharged 900 kilograms of lead refinery electrolyte and 360 litres of acid into the Columbia River, following a technical failure at its Trail lead and zinc refinery. The spill occurred when a heat-exchange unit failed, resulting in chemicals spilling down a stormwater drain, which leads into the Columbia River. The release of lead refinery electrolyte took place over a five-hour period.

BC joins battle against invasive mussels The British Columbian government is joining the US state governments of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish





Commission, in an agreement to protect the Columbia River basin from the spread of destructive zebra and quagga mussels. Zebra and quagga mussels are two freshwater mollusks native to Eastern Europe that were introduced to the Great Lakes in the 1980s. Over the past couple of decades, the invasive molluscs have spread to eastern Canada, the eastern United States and, most recently, the western US. Zebra and quagga mussels are not currently present in BC waters, but they have been found on intercepted trailered boats en route to BC. The spread of zebra and quagga mussels into BC waters would have a severe environmental impact. Both species can completely replace native mussels and cause a collapse of the natural food chain, threatening local fish species, particularly salmon and trout. Industrial, agricultural and recreational uses of infested areas would be affected. A recent survey estimates an impact of $268 million to power plant and drinking water facilities in the eastern US from 1989 to 2004.


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#OCTGZ -46

16 | January 2010

The Columbia Basin Rapid Response Plan will co-ordinate a rapid, effective and efficient response between state, provincial and federal agencies in order to identify, contain and, when feasible, eradicate zebra and quagga mussel populations. www.protectyourwaters.net

NS introduces stronger guidelines for biosolids Nova Scotia has introduced stricter guidelines for the land-application and storage of municipal biosolids; these were developed from recommendations by an independent committee of citizens, facility managers, wastewater researchers, regulators, and representatives from all levels of government. The guidelines are based on the latest biosolids science and research. The Nova Scotia Biosolids Science and Advisory Committee gave its report, entitled Biosolids Management in Nova Scotia: Issues and Recommendations, to the Department of Environment last year. The report contains many recommendations intended to improve the way biosolids are managed and used. The province is implementing all recommendations, many through the guideline revisions. All municipal wastewater treatment plants in the province must follow the guidelines and have approval from the Department of Environment for their biosolids storage and use procedures. www.gov.ns.ca

Winnipeg WTP receives provincial and federal funding A project worth $33 million has been announced for improvements to the existing South End Water Pollution Control Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which will increase the plant's capacity to deal with wastewater during peak periods and protect the health of the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. The Government of Canada will set aside up to one-third of total eligible costs, to a maximum federal contribution of $11 million through the new Green Infrastructure Fund. The Province will match the federal contribution and the City of Winnipeg will provide the balance of funding. Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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AWWA encourages Haiti assistance "The American Water Works Association (AWWA) joins the global community in mourning the terrible loss of life in Haiti following a devastating earthquake," said AWWA Interim Executive Director Paula MacIlwaine. "The many calls and emails that have poured into our offices the past two days testify to the goodness and compassion that define our members." Following a disaster of this scale, the rescue and recovery efforts will continue for several weeks. AWWA encourages its members to direct immediate offers of assistance to disaster relief agencies on the ground in Haiti. Monetary donations are most helpful, because the chaos that follows natural disasters makes material donations difficult to manage. Water for People, AWWA’s charity of choice, recommends Catholic Relief Services and Mercy Corps as effective agencies to receive Haiti disaster relief donations. "As a water community, we are all keenly aware of the water-related crises


the earthquake will introduce. Access to safe drinking water is frequently among the first threats to survivors in impacted areas. The threat of waterborne disease may persist as the emergency response concludes and the reconstruction effort begins. AWWA has received many calls and emails from members offering expertise to help Haitians address water-related issues”, said Ms MacIlwaine.

WHO releases risk assessment for crypto A new Cryptosporidium risk assessment to complement and support the World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality has been released. It provides further data on the waterborne pathogen, with a view to assisting authorities in setting health-based targets. Risk Assessment of Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water uses quantitative microbial risk assessment as a tool to quantify the risks associated with Cryptosporidium in water supplies. Developed to support a prevention-minded approach for microbiological guidelines, this background doc-

ument describes and evaluates the hazards and the efficacy of control measures. www.awwa.org

WEF releases the 2009 US Stockholm Junior Water Prize journal The Water Environment Federation (WEF) has released the fourth annual Journal of the US SJWP. The purpose of the journal is to share the fresh and sometimes novel thinking of young scientists and to provide the students with experience in scientific writing and publication. Featuring a total of eight papers, including those of the 2009 US winner Eileen Jang and US finalists Li Boynton and Collin McAliley, the publication is available for download at www.wef.org. Ms Jang’s work, “Natural Organics Control Aggregation of Mercury Sulfide Nanoparticles in Freshwater Systems”, introduced a novel aqueous synthesis process for studying how HgS nanoparticles, the precursors to methylmercury, persist in freshwater systems.

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Water Supply

Ontario is not immune to water shortages


lthough generally considered a water-rich province, Ontario is not immune to drought or serious water shortages. As recently as the summer of 2007 and between the years 1998 through 2002, Ontario experienced some of the worst droughts in its history. It has also begun to experience major changes in weather that diverge significantly from usual climate patterns, and that have produced consequences ranging, even within a single season, from destructive storm events to record-breaking low water events and drought. As a result of global climate change, many experts expect these extreme weather conditions to worsen. The evidence for climate change has continued to mount in recent years, and the leading scientific organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), stated in 2007 that “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level.” In a 2002 special report, Climate Change – Is the Science Sound?, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO) urged Ontario’s leaders to act upon the evidence and take appropriate action to address climate change. Modelling work, published by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in 2007, predicted that, by mid-century, much of southern Ontario will receive 10 to 20 per cent less precipitation and will experience considerable warming (of two degrees Celsius or more) during the warm season. These changes indicate that the risk of summer droughts will increase over the coming years. The agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors will face major resource management challenges in adapting to these environmental shifts. Consequences of changes in hydrology During a drought, reduced surface and groundwater source availability is of concern to all, but can expose water dependent industries, including agriculture, horticulture and forestry, to particularly 18 | January 2010

Between the years 1998 through 2002, Ontario experienced some of the worst droughts in its history.

grave financial risk and hardship. For example, a drought that extended across Canada in 2001-2002 was considered a national disaster. Agricultural practices in some parts of the province are already starting to change. Farmers in Essex County, one of the most drought-prone areas, are excavating numerous small storage reservoirs, and in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties, farmers have recently begun irrigating crops over a longer time-span within the growing season. Irrigation systems which are more water efficient, such as drip irrigation, are being devel-

oped and utilized more widely. In addition to effects on industry, drought can have severe impacts on stream ecology. Drought can cause groundwater levels to decline and this, in turn, will cause declines in the flow of groundwater-fed streams. Evaporation combined with water taking from such streams may at some point cause otherwise perennially flowing streams to dry up, with a complete loss of aquatic life. This article examines how the Ontario government has begun to respond to the threat of low water conditions as a growing reality within the spectrum of

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:41 PM Page 19

Water Supply the hydrologic cycle, and reviews how well the province is equipped to adapt and manage water resources under the conditions of a changing climate. Ontario Low Water Response Plan The changing climate and anticipated stresses on water supply point to the need for strong provincial readiness for managing drought. Drought contingency planning assesses and improves the ability of stakeholders and government to respond to low water conditions in a timely and orderly way. Essential elements of such a plan include: appropriate drought indicators; instruments and policies for water allocation and water supply; methods for public information and involvement; and conflict resolution tools. Numerous significant changes in water quantity management have been implemented in Ontario in recent years. In 2001, following the droughts of 1998 and 1999, the provincial government developed the Ontario Low Water Response (OLWR) Plan to ensure that the province would be ready to assist and support local response efforts in the event of a drought. The program operates with MNR taking a lead role and working in partnership with local stakeholders, and is normally coordinated through local conservation authorities (CAs). The OLWR Plan defines both provincial and municipal government roles in drought contingency management. A key feature of the Plan is the existence of local Water Response Teams (WRTs). The teams include provincial and conservation authority staff, as well as representatives from local water user groups, typically involving the resource management interests of agriculture and other rural private industries, First Nations and municipal government. At the provincial level, key decisions and interactions with WRTs are made by a standing committee known as the Low Water Committee. Planning stages The OLWR Plan establishes three levels of low water conditions that are based on thresholds linked to precipitation records and stream flow monitoring data, together with watershed observations. The OLWR Plan describes these indicators and the thresholds and rules for transition between levels. At Level I, a warning is issued and www.esemag.com

voluntary water conservation measures implemented, and the WRTs are brought together. Level II indicates a more serious problem, bringing about further restrictions on non-essential use. Level III means that water supply is unable to meet local demands. Under this condition, water use restrictions may be established by regulation. Before declaring a Level III condition for a particular area, the WRT is required to have implemented and documented conservation and reduction efforts taken throughout earlier Levels, and demonstrated that the majority of water users have participated; documented and adequately described social, environmental and economic impacts arising from current low water conditions; and provided recommendations on priorities for water use restrictions and other reduction activities within the watershed. Response options The issuing and revising of Permits to Take Water (PTTW) by MOE under the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) is the principal mechanism available to provincial regulators to control takings

of ground and surface water. Most water takings from a surface source or well in excess of 50,000 litres per day require a PTTW. Exceptions are made for water used for domestic purposes, livestock watering and firefighting. Currently, about 6,600 PTTWs province-wide allow permit holders to take a total of about 495 trillion litres of water every year – an amount equivalent to the approximate volume of Lake Erie. The OWRA affords numerous powers to the MOE Director to restrict water use, and to require studies to support applications to ensure that the quantities being allocated and withdrawn by users promote ecosystem protection and sustainability. During low water conditions, MOE delegates responsibility for determining the relative importance of various water uses to the WRTs. Under the OLWR Plan, water uses are classified as: • Essential (i.e., uses directly related to human health, such as drinking water, sanitation and fire protection, as well as for basic ecological functions); continued overleaf...

Engineered for Safety and Reliability SAF-T-FLO chemical injection has what operators need for safe and successful chemical injection. Retractable injection quills Non-retractable injection quills Sampling probes Pressures: 0 -150 psi.,150 - 250 psi., 250+ psi. Materials: PVC, CPVC, Kynar, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20, and Titanium (G2) Sizes:

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January 2010 | 19

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 9:01 PM Page 20

Water Supply • Important (i.e., agricultural, industrial and commercial uses); and • Non-essential (i.e., household uses, such as swimming pools, lawn watering and car washing). Each WRT is responsible for developing strategies to reduce water use during Level I and Level II conditions, targeting a 10 per cent reduction in water use at Level I. At Level II, further restrictions are implemented, including invoking member municipalities’ bylaws for banning non-essential uses. Level III is the most severe condition and, when this level has been declared, the provincial agencies become formally involved in the decision-making process. If and when a Level III condition is declared, the MOE Director can use the OWRA powers to restrict any water taking. A Level III condition has never been declared, although indicator criteria have been frequently met. One of the main problems facing WRTs is the difficulty in obtaining data on actual amounts of water withdrawn by PTTW permit holders. At present, new requirements for monitoring of quantities of water used are being phased in

under the Water Taking Regulation (O. Reg. 387/04). Information on water withdrawals is vital to a WRT trying to determine how water is allocated in a watershed during a drought condition. ECO’s conclusions Climate change, water withdrawals and other forces promise to profoundly affect Ontario’s water environment in the coming years, and will significantly affect urban and rural water users’ ability to consume and their need to conserve water. The ECO is pleased to note a number of recent positive changes to water management policies and practices in Ontario which will aid in adapting to current and future hydrological changes. Water budgets are being developed for most highly utilized watersheds under the Clean Water Act; the monitoring of water quantities taken under PTTWs is now required; and studies are underway on groundwater and surface water interactions which will better inform water permitting. However, the ECO remains concerned that there still are a number of serious gaps in water management practices; when low flow and drought conditions

occur, the OLWR Plan may not function adequately. The voluntary implementation of water use reductions under Level I and Level II requires communication with the public and stakeholders; however, there is generally little ability to monitor the effectiveness of these communications, despite the fact that such an evaluation is required to support a request to the provincial authority for a Level III condition declaration. The ECO is greatly concerned that it seems prohibitively difficult to obtain a Level III condition declaration by the province. The requirements that must be fulfilled by the WRTs, as outlined previously, are too restrictive, in the opinion of the ECO. It is difficult for the WRTs to provide proof of voluntary implementation by “a majority of the water users”. It could conceivably take nearly a month for a WRT to gather and document this information – time during which streams could dry up. The ECO is aware of two streams, one an important coldwater fish habitat, which completely dried up in the summer of 2007, without a Level III condition being declared under the OLWR


Flexible Solutions for Clarification.

The AquaDAF® Clarifier High-Rate Dissolved Air Flotation System is a viable alternative to conventional settling & DAF clarifiers. The AquaDAF is a hybrid of conventional DAF and optimally designed system components. Highly effective for treatment of a range of raw water characteristics including troublesome waters exhibiting low turbidity, high TOC, color & algae.

Advantages of the AquaDAF system: •

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20 | January 2010

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Water Supply Plan. This loss of a prime cold water stream is certainly a significant environmental impact and clearly the mechanisms of the OLWR Plan were not working if its impending loss could not be prevented.

out monitoring of water taking rates are also an important tool. Over-allocation in some watersheds nonetheless exists and, when low water conditions occur in these watersheds, restrictions are far more challenging to implement.

Maintaining sufficient water levels and pressures is vital for firefighting.

Water allocation and budgeting The ECO has expressed concern about the over-allocation of water under the PTTW system. Water budgets established in the source water protection planning stage under the Clean Water Act will help inform PTTW decisionmaking and ensure that water is managed through the program in a long-term sustainable manner. Recently introduced requirements that PTTW holders carry


As water budgets become available, the ECO recommends that the MOE phase in a PTTW renewal process which is consistent with a watershed’s hydrology; recognizes in-stream ecological base flow requirements; and builds in stepwise use reduction criteria that are responsive to low flow level conditions. It may also be worth considering the process used in some American states where all water taking permits for a single watershed

have identical renewal dates. This allows for regionally coordinated planning for water allocation and budgeting. The ECO has also commented in the past on the need for the MOE to develop a clear policy for prioritizing water uses to ensure that PTTWs are allocated in both an ecologically sustainable and socially desirable manner. This is particularly important in view of the increased demands placed on our water resources by a growing population, and at a time when our hydrology appears to be changing. Security of our water resources and the ecological, social and economic systems dependent upon them requires the Ontario government to begin developing water supply priorities and an overall provincial water allocation strategy. The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province’s independent environmental watchdog. Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO is tasked with monitoring and reporting on the government’s compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights. For more information, E-mail: hayley.easto@eco.on.ca

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Pump maintenance is vital, especially during tough times


t is understandable, especially in today’s tough economic times, for pump owners to let a pump run until it fails. Unfortunately, this can cause collateral damage and problems. Ask yourself: What would the consequences of a failure be? Not only could it cause more costly and time-consuming service, but since trash pumps often pump wastewater, this could cause an even bigger problem. Thus, preventive maintenance is a critical part in maximizing a pump’s lifespan, improving cost savings, increasing profitability, increasing pump availability, improving productivity, and decreasing maintenance repair costs. Pumps made by reputable manufacturers are built for the severity of strenuous usage, but all will benefit from regular service and preventive maintenance. Also, the care of trash pumps is reasonably simple. Therefore, it makes sense

for pump owners and pump users to implement a comprehensive preventive service and maintenance program. Effective service and maintenance keeps equipment working at peak efficiency; so service and maintenance

Membrane Bioreactors

should not be viewed as a strain on income, but rather a contribution to profitability. For the common trash pump, scheduled preventive maintenance generally includes lubrication of seals and bear-

The Law of Climate Change in Canada Editor: Dennis E. Mahony With contributions from a team of leading lawyers and academics from across Canada and the US

This is the first and only resource to providde an in depth description and analysis of the complex and ever expanding array of domestic and international laws and initiatives addressing climate change in Canada.

First discharge from SaniBrane® Membrane Bioreactor, Snap Lake, exceeded effluent requirements.

Containing comprehensive coverage of provincial and federal legislation and policy developments from across Canada, The Law of Climate Change in Canada also describes in detail some of the many emerging climate change law sub-disciplines, including: carbon finance, litigation, real property, tax and securities law and disclosure.

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22 | January 2010

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Pumps ings along with oil, fuel and air filter changes every 200 to 250 operating hours, or as recommended by the manufacturer. While this is necessary, it also presents an excellent opportunity to perform an overall pump inspection, especially of wear components, and to make replacements or adjustments as required. This includes adjusting and tuning up equipment and detecting and correcting small problems before they become major problems. Having a manufacturer’s trained service technician perform these duties may increase the initial cost of the service when compared to using staff personnel. But, a trained technician will do the job correctly and also discern components which are susceptible to failure, preventing downtime and damage to other parts. This will reduce repair costs throughout the life of the equipment, and result in savings much greater than the initial cost of a service call. Equipment maintenance requires that everyone share the responsibility. Field operators and mechanics must ensure that the equipment is operated properly and that required maintenance intervals


Interval Pump Service Schedule REGULAR SERVICE PERIOD Perform at every indicated month or operating hour interval whichever comes first. (a)

Every Use

Pump Volute



Suction Check Valve



Hoses and Strainer



Mechanical Seal Housing



Bearing Housing



Lip Seal





Every 6 Months or 2500Hrs.


X (b) X (b) X

Mechanical Seal


Impeller and Wear Plate





All Critical Fasteners

Check Torque


a. Log hours of operation to determine proper maintenance intervals. Consult user manual for various pump manufacturer recommendations. b. Can be greased monthly during periods of less utilization.

are performed. Supervisors must ensure that the proper maintenance schedule and procedures are completed by the mechanics. Lastly, the purchasing or parts department must procure the necessary parts, in advance, to avoid delays and downtime.

The bottom line: To yield maximum profit, pump equipment must be properly maintained. For more information, E-mail: kpetersen@thompsonpump.com

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Water Reuse

Conserving water by using a closed loop recycling system By Mark Vogel


or industrial facilities around the globe, water quality and availability have become critical issues. Many engineers assume that, if their facility cannot obtain fresh water, the only available process cooling technology option is a dry cooler. Since low quality water (including blowdown from cooling towers, RO, demin, boiler blowdown, treated wastewater, as well as reclaimed and produced water) can be used as spray water makeup, even those sites with limited water availability have a choice. Closed-loop, evaporative cooling and condensing systems such as Niagara Blower’s Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC™) optimize the use of scarce and/or poor quality water resources. A plant can improve or increase capacity by utilizing closed-loop cooling technology without having to purchase additional water or reduce existing fresh water usage. Benefits of closed-loop cooling technology Closed-loop, evaporative cooling and condensing systems are an efficient alternative to dry cooling. The closed-loop system uses evaporative or latent (phase change) heat transfer to remove the process heat, whereas dry coolers use sensible (no phase change) heat transfer. For this reason, the closed-loop process outlet temperatures will approach the design wet bulb temperature while the dry cooler’s process outlet temperature will approach the design dry bulb temperature. There is usually a large difference in these two temperatures; a typical 85ºF dry bulb day at 60% relative humidity would have a corresponding wet bulb temperature of 65ºF, allowing for a much lower process outlet temperature with the closed-loop cooling system. Since the closed-loop system is an evaporative cooling device, it will use as little as one fifth of the plant area required for a dry cooler and require drastically less horsepower to operate. Reduced horsepower leads to lower operating costs, less noise, and a lower carbon footprint. 24 | January 2010

Drenching spray system.

Closed-loop heat transfer surfaces require little or no maintenance. Tubes are all prime surface and do not utilize fins. Furthermore, the closed-loop cooling system uses widely spaced tubular surface coils, which are less prone to fouling and plugging. Water efficiency A closed-loop system rejects heat by evaporation. The process fluid or vapor to be cooled or condensed flows through closed-loop tube bundles. Water from the unit basin is sprayed downward over the tube surfaces while fans induce air flow over the bundles in a co-current direction. On the tube surface exterior, evaporative cooling occurs at the outside water film boundary. The saturated air stream leaving the tube bundle then makes two 90 degree turns into the fan plenum. The reduction in velocity returns most of the large water droplets to the basin. The saturated air is then discharged through the fan stacks at high velocity (1500 fpm). Due to the closed-loop design, wide tube spacing, and high drenching water spray rate, low quality water (even containing suspended solids) can be used as makeup water. Since the open-loop spray water only passes over the tube exterior, it never contaminates the process stream.

A recent study was funded by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) to validate water quality limits in a closed-loop, evaporative system. Unit performance using different sources of spray water makeup was monitored and different tube materials (304SS, 316SS, titanium, etc.) were used. The test unit demonstrated that existing cooling tower blowdown could be used in a closedloop, evaporative system running 50+ cycles of concentration with no degradation in thermal performance. Minimizing overall water use There are several design options to consider in order to reduce the overall water use in a process cooling system while still maintaining cooling efficiency: 1. Combining a closed-loop, evaporative system with a dry cooler is one option. In this configuration, the dry cooler can accomplish the first part of the cooling or the highest temperature portion, and the closed-loop system can be used as an efficient trim cooler to finish the remainder of the cooling and achieve the desired process outlet temperature even in the hottest ambient conditions. This cooling combination can attain the low process outlet temperatures that a dry cooler alone would have difficulty

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:42 PM Page 25

Water Reuse accomplishing. The spray water can be turned off during colder ambient periods to allow the dry cooler to do all the cooling without requiring any water. 2. A wet/dry closed-loop system is another way to minimize water usage. With this design, widely spaced fins (four to five fins per inch) are used on the tube bundle for strictly dry cooling or condensing during colder ambient periods. An optimal ambient temperature is selected, below which the unit can be run completely dry. For instance, the system may operate dry at 80ºF dry bulb or lower and operate in the wet mode with spray water turned on when the ambient dry bulb exceeds 80ºF. This can be either on a seasonal basis or changed from day to night operating modes where dry bulbs may drop below 80ºF. This system still has the advantage of achieving low process outlet temperatures while realizing some of the footprint and operating cost savings of a wet system. Wet/dry systems allow significant water savings while offering operator flexibility in choosing whether to use water, depending on ambient conditions and the plant cooling needs at the time. The importance of customization With a variety of tubing and other materials of construction available, each closed-loop, evaporative cooler or condenser is custom-designed to fit a specific heat transfer application while meeting the customer’s water limitations. To ensure the most efficient operation in all climates, design parameters are based on customer specifications for process inlet and outlet temperatures, weather conditions on an annual basis, and specified water limits. Closed-loop systems can be designed and manufactured with a wide variety of materials depending on water quality, water treatment, and cycles of concentration. Closed-loop coolers and condensers vary in size from small packaged, skidded units to large, field-erected systems. Conclusion Water conservation will continue to be a critical issue. Due to the innovative design and custom manufacturing capabilities, closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers can help maintain plant performance while utilizing water streams that may currently be unusable with other cooling technologies. These systems offer many advantages for sites www.esemag.com

with poor quality sources of makeup water, including a reduction of plant fresh water makeup and the ability to reduce plant wastewater.

Mark Vogel is with the Niagara Blower Company. For more information, E-mail: JDorman@niagarablower.com

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Stormwater Management

City of Ottawa’s solutions for inflow to combined sewers


he City of Ottawa has older combined sewers in its downtown core and for years has had to find solutions for the undersized sewer pipe system. In 1986, City Council approved the installation of tin covers under catch basins to prevent heavy rainfall events from overtaxing the combined sewer system and thereby causing sewer backups in homes. The tin cover with a small hole opening was simply placed under the cast iron frame on the roadway catch basin (Figures 1 and 2). This product was a maintenance issue for staff and is rarely used anymore. Various devices are available in today’s market for this type of flow restriction for all types of sewer systems. The concept is basically to restrict the amount of water that gets into the catch basins. Products used by the City of Ottawa A similar product is an inlet control device such as a PVC plug placed in the

By Will Curry pipe opening in the catch basin. (Figure 3) This is commonly used for stormwater management practices to restrict water inflow. It is relatively easy to install for existing catch basins or in new residential development areas. It is placed directly in the outlet pipe inside the catch basin. These plug type inlet control devices can achieve a flow restriction in the range of 15 L/s to 50 L/s. However, if the hole is too small, it becomes a maintenance issue and can ultimately block from floatable debris that gets washed into the catch basin from the road. To obtain low flow restrictions a vortex device can be installed in the catch basins. Vortex devices can achieve very low flow restrictions but the City of Ottawa limits the lowest flow control to 6 L/s, otherwise these may also become plugged and/or blocked by floatables in the catch basin. This device also restricts unwanted odours from the combined sewers as it has an extended intake arm

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

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Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:42 PM Page 27

Stormwater Management

Figure 3.

Figure 5.

Figure 7.

Figure 4.

Figure 6.

that is submerged under the water level. (Figures 4 and 5) Another product that has been modified over the years is what the City of Ottawa refers to as “the trap assembly� which it fabricated to limit the flow in

catch basins, act as an odour trap, and for control of floatable debris. (Figure 6) The latest version of the trap assembly mounted to a display board is ideal for achieving different flow restrictions just by selecting a different hole size on the

front face. It also has a very good gasket and is easily removed by City operations staff if need be. It has proven to be ideal for the control of floatables. (Figure 7) In addition to restricting inflow into the catch basins, the City uses an insert under the manhole covers for both sanitary and storm sewer systems. The City has also introduced various low flow covers for catch basins and manholes to help minimize inflow into the sewer systems. Will Curry, C.E.T., is a Rehabilitation Technologist - Wastewater & Drainage, with the City of Ottawa. E-mail: wcurry@teksavvy.com

YSI ProODO Handheld Optical Opt ical Dissolved Oxygen Met Meter er Expanded DO range of 0-500% Non-consumptive luminescent method eliminates stirring Easy to read graphic, backlit display and keypad Designed to fit in standard 300 mL BOD bottles Truly field-worthy, impact resistant, IP-67 waterproof case User-replaceable cables in lengths of 1 to 100-meters USB connection and powerful desktop Data Manager software Stores 2000 data sets Multiple languages support

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www.hoskin.ca www w..hoskin.ca January 2010 | 27

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City of Barrie upgrades water pollution control centre and systems


he City of Barrie in southern Ontario is one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities. Its growth has been fueled by its location in the heart of Ontario’s playland and its strategic proximity to Toronto. Recognizing that sustainable growth requires a dependable and reliable infrastructure, the City of Barrie has implemented a strategic plan to establish and support a comprehensive modernized wastewater facilities PLC/SCADA (program logic controller/supervisory control and data acquisition) systems network. A key factor in the assessment of any SCADA system is a review of the existing system network architecture and platform. The aging PLC/SCADA system at Barrie’s water pollution control centre (WPCC) was installed in the early 1980s and has sustained ongoing improvements and modifications to parallel growth of the facility over the years.

The upgraded system consists of 14 process control stations within the WPCC and 14 remote pump stations, with the various control stations linking the controllers together in a proprietary network. The WPCC Process Control Systems (PCS) Upgrade Design-Build project consisted of the following: 1. New fibre-optics communication network throughout the WPCC facility. New unit process PLCs and SCADA platform were installed in a sequential approach, one control panel at a time, to avoid operational interruptions at each WPCC process area and remote pump stations. 2. New SCADA and PLC process control narratives, overall PLC programming and SCADA standards. The project has had many challenges because the pumping stations and the plant processes must remain operational during the controller upgrades. During project execution, there were essentially two network systems tem-

porarily operating in parallel (existing and new) during the transition and commissioning phase of the project from old works to new. Once the new system network was commissioned, one control panel at a time, the old processor and network function was decommissioned and removed. 3. Upgrading of the Wood Street remote pump station, including civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works. The project team was required to work closely as a cohesive unit with City operations and maintenance staff, designers, construction managers, process specialists, system integrators and software development programmers. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was the completion of the unit process area SCADA installation for facilities also undergoing a separate major hydraulic capacity process expansion (76 megalitres per day) concurrent with the

The upgraded system consists of 14 process control stations within the Barrie water pollution control centre and 14 remote pump stations, with the various control stations linking the controllers together. 28 | January 2010

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_Final_ES&E 29/01/10 8:02 PM Page 29


Barrie is located on Lake Simcoe's picturesque Kempenfelt Bay.

PCS upgrade project. CH2M HILL worked with the City’s project engineering, plant operations and maintenance staff to ensure and maintain treatment plant process parameters and effluent quality during shutdown and the transition periods for the process units. Summa Engineering Ltd. were subcontractors on the project. Another important part of the program was upgrading the computer SCADA process operations control stations. The plant’s process was docu-

mented through a series of workshops deriving modified and updated control narratives for the facility. Through utilization of the design-build project delivery approach, the City was able to work as a unit during the design and construction implementation phase of the project, contributing and creating ownership of the PCS platform. As part of the design-build project approach, through factory tests and workshops, the City’s operations and maintenance staff were able to play a

Two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water. The rest is covered by SEW-EURODRIVE.

major role in the design and implementation of the system optimization setpoints and development of SCADA screens due to their intimate working knowledge of the facility. The project was substantially complete in May 2009 and, when finished, the City of Barrie WPCC will continue to be considered one of the most technologically advanced process wastewater treatment facilities in Ontario. This project established system standards for the ongoing WPCC capacity expansion of facilities from 56 MLD to 76 MLD. Although implementation of IT instrumentation and automation projects is one of the most challenging types of projects in the industry today, the successful completion of this project using an alternative delivery approach has demonstrated that complicated electromechanical projects can be completed, meeting overall project and client expectations. For more information, E-mail: lori.irvine@ch2m.com

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January 2010 | 29

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:42 PM Page 30


Septage waste - it’s in your backyard By Colleen Swider


he infrastructure in Canada is crumbling and Ontario will require 30 - 40 billion dollars in capital investment to upgrade its water and wastewater infrastructure over the next 15 years. Municipalities continue to grow, without adequate plans for urban and rural liquid waste disposal programs to address the increasing volumes of septage and sewage. Septage waste in septic tanks should be pumped out approximately every three years, depending on the size and the impact factors on the tank. With over two million rural households in Ontario that are on private septic systems, generating over 27 billion litres of septage waste annually, the question is: where does it go? This has been a problem for governments and municipalities, large and small. In Ontario, the Provincial Policy Statement (2005) states that lot creation on pri-

vate, communal or individual septage services is only permitted if there is confirmation of reserve sewage system capacity. Reserve sewage capacity is sufficient if the septage from the development can be treated or disposed of at sites approved under the Environmental Protection Act, or the Ontario Water Resources Act. There is a need to have capacity for the septage by the time the development is completed. Capacity does not include management by land application of untreated septage. The management of septage in Ontario must incorporate alternative viable treatment options. There is a general misconception that septage waste must go to a wastewater treatment plant to be processed. Many municipalities are not in a position to comply with the Provincial Policy Statement and they need to develop a plan to ensure that the increased development of their municipality evolves si-

multaneously with the ability to manage and dispose of the septage created. They must create the infrastructure to support their developments. Municipalities must have an urban and rural septage waste management plan, similar to their solid waste management plans. The Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services (OASIS) is a provincial association established in 1991 to represent septage pumpers and haulers, sewage system installers, manufacturers and professionals. Its role and responsibility is to look after the liquid waste removal needs of customers in rural areas. OASIS members decided that they needed to be proactive in finding ways to address the treatment and disposal of septage and portable toilet waste. In 2007, OASIS created the Rural Wastewater Treatment Expo to look at alternative technologies and to address the treatment of septage in a sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 31


Installation of a sloping sand filter.

Organizations and companies in the wastewater industry are invited annually to display their technologies, including on-site, hands on demonstrations. This annual event provides an opportunity for

municipalities, plant operators and other decision-makers to learn about advances in septage treatment. In 2008, Expo participants toured a converted beaver pond that has been act-

ing as a lagoon system for the Village of Washago in Severn Township, Ontario, which has 500 homes. This system has been successfully in use since the late 1980s. The Township of Bonnechere Valley, Ontario, invested in Geotube technology to assist with their dewatering process for septage. (See page 38 of the March 2009 issue of this magazine). This technology was demonstrated at the OASIS annual Expo for the past two years and is used worldwide for dewatering septage. Other solutions showcased at the Expo include composting, reed bed technology pilot projects in Muskoka, the Fournier Screw Press Technology, Volute Dewatering Press Technology, and dewatering septic trucks.. During a recent visit to Nova Scotia, OASIS representatives met with Robert G. Anderson, with Nova Scotia Environment, and Don Reid, who are finding innovative ways to deal with septage issues in the Maritimes. While touring the septage pilot projects at Dalhousie University, Don Reid continued overleaf...

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 32

Septage described sloping sand filters, a practical solution for on-site disposal on difficult sites. Sloping sand filters have been used in Nova Scotia for over 20 years. Until recently, their use was restricted to upgrading existing malfunctioning systems. Due to their proven advantages over other options and the results of testing carried out by the Centre for Water Resources Studies at Dalhousie University, sloping sand filers have recently been approved to serve new construction

32 | January 2010

in Nova Scotia. A cross-section of a typical sloping sand filter is shown in Figure 1. In a typical system, septic tank effluent flows to a distribution trench with a linear loading rate between 60 and 100 L/day/m and basal loading rate of 33L/day/m2. The specifications for sand used in sloping sand filters (“filter sand�) result in a sand that is similar to one meeting the CSA A23.1 specification for concrete sand. There is 450 mm of filter sand under the

distribution trench and a minimum of 5 m of filter sand from the down slope of the edge of the distribution trench. The minimum slope on the base of the filter is 3%, although typically it is kept above 5%. The maximum slope on the bottom is limited by the ability to work on the slope, which is generally less than 30%. In many cases, direct discharge is not required. In 2004, six sand filters with a similar cross section to that shown in Figure 1 were installed at the On-Site Wastewater Research, Evaluation and Training Facility located at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro. Three of the filters have a slope of 5% and three have a slope of 30%. Filters at each slope contain sands with permeability of approximately 1.5 x 10-4, 5 x 10-4 and 1.0 x 10-3 m/sec. These filters have been receiving septic tank effluent since that time. The initial idea was to compare the treatment received from the different sands at the different slopes. However, extensive sampling has shown that all sands at all slopes have continued to provide a high level of removal of BOD, SS and E.coli. Typical effluent quality from all filters would contain: BOD < 2.4 mg/L, TSS < 10 mg/L (some would be coming from the backfill) and E. coli < 5 CFU/100 mL. When loading rates were doubled and when down slope sand buffer widths were reduced to 2.5 from 5 m, filters continued to produce similar treatment efficiencies. Experience has shown that sloping sand filters offer a number of advantages, including: 1. Lower construction and operational costs. 2. Aesthetic acceptance by the homeowner as the installed filter is totally below grade and invisible. 3. Ease of installation using locally available materials. 4. Minimal maintenance other than routine pumping of the septic tank. 5. No operational energy consumption other than when pumping is required on larger systems to give pressure distribution. 6. Demonstrated long-term trouble free performance. 7. Small footprint. 8. Treated effluent meets stringent discharge criteria.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 33


Figure 1. Cross-section of typical sloping sand filter.

It is anticipated that, with the recent changes that allow the use of sloping sand filters to handle the disposal of sewage from new residential construction in Nova Scotia, the numbers of sloping sand filters installed will increase significantly. It would seem appropriate for other jurisdictions to consider their use as an option for onsite sewage disposal.

OASIS continues to work together with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, various levels of government including municipalities, and other associations to address the issue of septage disposal and treatment in Ontario. Municipalities must be responsible for the septage waste generated in their “backyards”. As each municipality faces the question of “what can and should they

do”, engineers will be called upon to find solutions to their problems. Often the simplest changes can result in better outcomes. For example, when engineering a receiving station whose purpose is the offloading of septage, creating a slope will allow gravity to assist in the process, resulting in a complete offload. This reduces the impact on the equipment, especially during the winter months. Another example is having the receiving pipe below the level of the pumper truck to allow for gravity discharge. When a pumper or hauler has to discharge their load of septage upwards, against gravity, it has the potential to cause a spill. In conclusion, there are many innovative and practical ways to deal with septage management and disposal. It requires a team approach to find cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Colleen Swider is Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Sewage Industry Services. E-mail: cswider@hughes.net

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Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 34


Ontario accused of not keeping industrial waste from the Great Lakes


nvironmental groups are urging the Ontario government to stop ongoing pollution of the Great Lakes, by fixing stagnant and ineffective discharge regulations. Ecojustice, Great Lakes United, and Environmental Defence have submitted an application to the Ministry of the Environment, calling for a review and amendment of the Environmental Protection Act’s Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) regulations. “The stated goal of the MISA regulations is the virtual elimination of persistent toxic contaminants from industrial discharges,” said Ecojustice Senior Scientist, Elaine MacDonald. “Instead of eliminating pollution to Ontario’s water bodies, MISA has become stagnant and ineffective.” The nine MISA regulations came into force between 1993 and 1995 and regulate approximately 140 major industrial facilities in Ontario. The regulations are

supposed to be reviewed every five years, with the expectation that they will gradually be strengthened as pollution abatement technologies improve. To date, no review of MISA has been conducted, and the standards embedded in the regulations remain largely unchanged over the past 15 years. MISA is also contributing to Ontario’s sewage system problems. Hundreds of industries that dump wastewater into municipal sewers have not been regulated under MISA as intended, resulting in untreatable toxic pollution entering the province's sewage treatment facilities. The application is also calling for industries to be required to pre-treat their waste before discharging to a municipal treatment system. “Industries are effectively being allowed to blindly plug their pipe into the municipal sewer,” said John Jackson, Director of Toxics and Clean Production, Great Lakes United.” We need a provin-

121 Commerce Park Drive, Units H-K Barrie, Ontario L4N 8X1 Ph: 888-835-3045 or 705-721-8246 Fx: 705-721-5851 E-mail: troy-ontor@troy-ontor.ca

34 | January 2010

cial system that places responsibility on the polluter to ensure their discharges do not cause harm.” MISA regulations were set up by Ontario as one of its commitments under the Canada – US Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, to eliminate persistent toxic substances from the Great Lakes Basin. “An updating of the MISA regulations will force much needed investment in Ontario’s industrial sector,” said Mike Layton, Deputy Outreach Director, Environmental Defence. “That investment will mean better health for the millions of Ontarians that draw their drinking water from Great Lakes.” The application makes seven recommended changes to MISA to ensure the progressive and continual reduction of pollution discharges into Ontario’s waterways. The complete submission can be accessed online at www.ecojustice.ca.

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Plant Operations

Understanding the importance of electrical power quality


ost of the more important international standards define power quality as the physical characteristics of the electrical supply provided under normal operating conditions that do not disrupt or disturb the customer’s processes. Therefore, a power quality problem exists if any voltage, current or frequency deviation results in a failure or bad operation of a customer’s equipment. However, it is important to note that the quality of power supply basically implies voltage quality and supply reliability. Voltage quality problems relate to any failure of equipment due to deviations of the line voltage from its normal characteristics; supply reliability is characterized by its adequacy (ability to supply the load), security (ability to withstand sudden disturbances such as system faults) and availability (focusing especially on long interruptions). When power is generated, it has very predictable characteristics. It energizes all electrical equipment equally and satisfactorily. However, as the power travels through the wires and energizes the equipment, the various pieces of equipment it energizes can change the quality of the power, making it less suitable for the next application. These changes in power quality are especially common in large industrial and commercial complexes and


include increases and decreases in voltage, momentary power outages and “noise” on the electrical system. At its most extreme, poor power quality can even cause equipment to malfunction. A power voltage spike can damage valuable components. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of all business downtime is related to power quality problems which can result in: • Lost productivity and idle people and equipment. • Lost orders, goodwill, customers and profits. • Lost transactions and orders not being processed. • Revenue and accounting problems such as invoices not prepared, payments held up, etc. • Customer and/or management dissatisfaction. • Overtime required to make up for the lost work time. Power quality is an issue that needs continual attention. In recent years, it has become more critical because of the increase in the number of loads sensitive to power disturbances, and because the loads themselves have become a major cause of the degradation of power quality. For utilities, the goal of providing adequate power quality has been a moving one because of changes in user equipment and requirements. From the cus-

tomer’s standpoint, problems stemming from the sensitivity of new equipment to service quality have come as a rude surprise. Power system disturbances not only affect customer equipment or businesses, but are also detrimental to the operation of the power utility. These adverse impacts include: • Overheating of cables. • Increased eddy losses in transformers. • Incorrect operation of protecting devices. • Errors in energy metering. Common power distortions and disturbances Disturbances that affect power quality are bound to occur. Some may only briefly interfere with the most highly sensitive equipment. Others, due to extensive damage on the electric delivery system, could result in the total loss of power for days. There are a variety of different types of distortions and disturbances. 1. Voltage sags or undervoltages - A voltage sag is a momentary (less than a few seconds) decrease in voltage outside the normal tolerance. The starting of heavy loads, lightning, and power system faults cause voltage sags. A good example is the starting of a motor. Motors draw continued overleaf...

January 2010 | 35

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 36

Plant Operations more current when they are starting than when they are running at their rated speed. Consequently, the starting of a motor causes a voltage sag while it accelerates to its rated speed. Excessive load changes may also cause voltage sags. Computer equipment and controllers may power down depending on the duration and magnitude of the voltage sag. In addition, voltage sags cause loss of data. One way of reducing this damage would be to connect computers and other sensitive electronic devices to circuits other than the ones that large motor-driven appliances are on, to try to lighten the load on the affected circuit. If the sags last longer, it is classified as under voltage, which is usually caused by circuit overloads, poor volt-

age regulation and intentional reduction by the utility. The impacts of under voltage include equipment shutdowns, and the overheating of motors. 2. Transients - Transients can be defined as a sudden, brief increase in current or voltage in a circuit that can damage sensitive components and instruments. These disturbances are shorter than sags or swells, and are caused by sudden changes in the power system. Two main categories of transients based on their duration are switching surge and impulse spike. Switching surges are caused as a result of resonating circuits with switching devices. Large capacitor bank switching can cause resonant oscillations, leading to surges causing tripping or even damaging protective devices. Electronically

controlled industrial motors are particularly susceptible to these transients. Impulses are very short duration spikes, in the order of a few microseconds. They are mainly caused by lightning strikes, arcing and insulation breakdowns. Most power systems are protected from surges and spikes using a TVSS (transient voltage surge suppression) device and by surge dividers and arc-gaps at high voltages and avalanche diodes at low voltages. If these disturbances are encountered by monitoring systems, depending on the magnitude of the spike, it may saturate or damage the monitoring sensors. Power outages Storms, when they are accompanied by heavy wind and lightning, are among

Table 1. Matching power systems problems with solutions. 36 | January 2010

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 37

Plant Operations the major causes of power outages. Lightning looks for the quickest path to the ground. It generally searches for the tallest object to serve as a conductor. Utility poles, wires, transformers and other electrical equipment are easy targets for lightning strikes, causing severe damage and loss of power. Lightning also frequently strikes trees, causing tree limbs or even large trees to fall onto utility lines. Wind may cause power lines to swing together, resulting in a fault or short circuit that interrupts service. Strong winds can blow tree limbs or entire trees into power lines, causing them to fall to the ground. Severe winds can even break power lines and utility poles, bringing down extensive portions of the infrastructure that delivers power. Winter storms are a threat to electrical equipment when snow and ice buildup on power lines and tree limbs. The weight of the snow and ice can cause wires to break. Tree limbs also become heavy with snow and ice, causing them to break and fall into power lines. Heavy rain and melting snow can cause flooding which can damage electrical equipment. Momentary outages Momentary outages, which are seen as a dimming or flickering of lights or even a brief loss of power, are caused by short circuits. Short circuits happen when something, such as a tree limb, comes into contact with power lines or when the lines touch each other. When a short circuit occurs, a safety device called a breaker automatically de-energizes the circuit and interrupts the flow of power. Electrical equipment is designed to quickly open and close the breaker two or three times automatically in an attempt to clear the problem. Harmonics For the majority of the twentieth century, the predominant use of electricity for business and industry was to power motors, lights and heating devices. These uses have little effect on the 60 Hertz (cycles per second) sine waveform of the electricity delivered to them from their utility. They are referred to as linear loads, because the current rises and falls in proportion to the voltage wave. A few industries, like steel mills and aluminum smelters, used electricity to power arc furnaces, which distorted the sine waveform, because the current flow www.esemag.com

was not proportional to the voltage. These loads are referred to as non-linear loads. Non-linear loads cause waveforms that are multiples of the normal 60 Hertz sine wave to be superimposed on the base waveform. These multiples are called harmonics. In the last 20 years, there has been an explosion of microprocessor-based equipment which is also a non-linear load. Equipment widely used in offices and manufacturing not only creates harmonic issues, but is also susceptible to

harmonic disorders and problems. This kind of equipment includes computers, monitors, adjustable speed drives, welding equipment, transformers, etc. The list goes on and on. As can be seen, the invention of all these sophisticated electronic gadgets and circuitry has increased the problems associated with harmonics immensely. Power quality solutions and monitoring Power quality monitoring is extremely continued overleaf...

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January 2010 | 37

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 38

Plant Operations

important as it provides a continuous “health check” of a facility’s power system. It provides data to see, diagnose and avert looming problems. The monitoring of power quality includes the detection of electrical disturbances such as sags, harmonics, swells, etc. Once the disturbance has been detected and recorded, analysis of the captured waveforms can give more information about the disturbance. Table 1 illustrates the high speed waveform capture of power quality problems and possible solutions.

Transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS/SPD) are one of the most costeffective first steps toward power quality management. TVSS systems are generally specified to protect the incoming AC power at the service entrance, the branch panels, and individual sensitive loads. Additionally, signal and control circuit conductors are also protected and eliminate any activity from coming in “the back door”. Transient voltage surge suppression should be considered mandatory when

there are safety-to-life and public safety considerations involved in a given application. Additionally, TVSS equipment should be specified when there is a potential for significant economic loss, and/or the potential for litigation exists. The proper application of transient voltage surge suppression equipment provides the foundation for cost-effective power quality management. TVSS protection should be applied to: municipal water and wastewater treatment plants; manufacturing systems; industrial robots; power system controllers; food processing plant controllers; petrochemical plant controllers; and vertical transportation (e.g. elevators) and remote storage and retrieval systems. The common thread which runs through these protection applications is that, when life, safety, significant amounts of money, or customer service are at risk, the system should be protected. For more information, contact Ivan Romanow, Gescan (Division of Sonepar Canada). E-mail: ivan.romanow@sonepardis.ca

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Regulations, and Alternative Disinfectants e Fifth Edition of White’s Handbook of Chlorination and ernative Disinfectants is the foremost reference for utilities, regulators, ulators, engineers, e and plant operators who need current ormation on the disinfection of potable water, wastewater, industrial ustrial w water, and swimming pools. Balancing theory with practice, ctice, the updated Fifth Edition covers:



• Advances in the use of UV and ozone as disinfectants • Alternative disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide, iodine, and bromine-related products • Advanced oxidation processes for drinking water and wastewater treatment • New developments and information for the production and handling of chlorine • Latest regulations governing the use of different disinfectants 978-0-470-18098-3 • Cloth • 1060 pp. Dec 2009 • $179.95

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Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 39

Drinking Water

Ontario’s MOE wins IPAC Award


ntario’s Ministry of the Environment is putting the province centre stage as a national leader in drinking water protection. The ministry’s Drinking Water Management Division (DWMD) recently won a national award for its role in transforming Ontario’s approach to drinking water protection, through the establishment and implementation of an innovative and strategic drinking water protection model known as Ontario’s drinking water safety net. The IPAC Silver Award for Innovative Management was accepted by John Stager, Ontario’s Chief Drinking Water Inspector, at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s annual conference and awards ceremony on August 25, 2009, in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Established in 1990, IPAC’s prestigious national awards are co-sponsored by IBM Canada and KPMG and recognize exceptional management within the public sector. The DWMD submission was selected from among 92 IPAC nominations received from across the country. As a result of its new approach, Ontario is realizing significant results: • All 121 recommendations of the Walkerton Inquiry (O’Connor Commission) have been met. • In 2007-08, the number of municipal residential drinking water systems meeting 100 per cent compliance increased by 17 per cent over 2005-06. • In the same period, 99.85 per cent of the more than 520,000 drinking water quality test results from these systems met Ontario’s strict health-based drinking water standards. • The public now has easy access to targeted education resources, water quality information, and system performance statistics through the Drinking Water Ontario portal and annual reports issued by the Minister of the Environment and the Chief Drinking Water Inspector. • Over the past three years, international jurisdictional scans performed by independent consulting firms, ranked Ontario as Best-In-Class and Strongest performers. • Several international delegations www.esemag.com

(Left to right) John Stager, Chief Drinking Water Inspector, Paul Nieweglowski, Safe Drinking Water Branch, Orna Salamon, Drinking Water Programs Branch, Jim Smith, former Chief Drinking Water Inspector.

have visited Ontario to learn more about the safety net, and the ministry has entered into three cooperative agreements with the Netherlands, China’s Jiangsu Province

and Bermuda to share information. For more information, visit www.ontario.ca/drinkingwater

January 2010 | 39

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:43 PM Page 40

Worker Safety

Confined space rescue – emotion vs. reason By Mark van der Feyst


Sahara® Leak Detection Offers Bigger ROI


onfined spaces are common in the workplace, and every day many employees find themselves working inside them. There are numerous dangers associated with entering a confined space, dangers that may be known to the entrant and the attendants, or may not. With increased regulation surrounding confined spaces, we are now in an era where the dangers are required to be known prior to any entry. Yet some workers or would-be rescuers still enter confined spaces without knowing the hazards. For example, in August 2000, on a farm in Drayton, Ontario, a repair needed to be made on the inside of a manure spreader. A worker who entered the spreader to fix the problem was quickly overcome by hydrogen sulphide gas that was present inside. Two co-workers entered to make a quick rescue and immediately collapsed. A third rescuer then

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40 | January 2010

Figure 1. Cause of death by hazard.

Source NIOSH - 1989-1999 - Sample Size 670

Figure 2. Cause of death by atmospheric hazard.

Source NIOSH - 1989-1999 - Sample Size 373

entered the spreader and tried to rescue the last victim, but failed to do so. He was able to exit the spreader just in time. Two of the rescuers died and the third was seriously injured. The first victim was just inside the opening of the spreader and the rescuers could have simply reached in and grabbed him. The worker and the rescuers were all unaware of the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas. We have seen this type of incident happen time and time again. Why does it happen? The facts about confined space entry First, let us examine why we enter confined spaces. There are many different types of confined spaces, the most common being manholes, tanks, digesters, pits, silos, tankers, pipes, tunnels, vaults and wells. The number one space for entry is the tank. Tanks are a common space on most industrial sites. They are used to store materials, as hold-

ing tanks or to collect process waste or byproducts. They need to be entered for maintenance, either of the mechanical devices they contain or of the tanks themselves. Maintenance is the primary reason for entering confined spaces on a regular basis. One survey showed that the second main reason is for rescue. It’s sad but true that we enter confined spaces for rescue almost as often as we do for maintenance. Statistics show that 60% of confined space fatalities are rescuers (would-be). About 90% of confined-space rescue operations are recoveries and fewer than 2% of confined-space fatalities are due to physical trauma. That means the majority of fatalities are due to other hazards. More than 55% of fatalities are a result of a hazardous atmosphere (Figure 1), and about 25% of confined spaces are toxic before entering. In nearly half of the cases involving death, no monitors or ventilation were

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 41

Worker Safety used. In incidents involving fatalities, 25% had two victims and 11% had three or more victims. One-third of all deaths were supervisors. These facts highlight a serious problem with confined space entry. Atmospheric hazards for the most part are not visible to the naked eye, and by the time we are able to smell the hazard, it is already too late. Of the common atmospheric hazards that are found in confined spaces, hydrogen sulphide tops the list (Figure 2). Why do we attempt rescue when we are faced with these numbers? Our emotional response dictates our actions and, unfortunately, can often lead to serious injury or death. When a co-worker or a person we know is in trouble, we instinctively want to help. The same thing happens every winter when a family pet falls through the ice of a frozen lake and the owner acts on emotions and tries to rescue the animal. Often the owner becomes the fatality and the animal survives the ordeal. It is important to keep our emotions in check and use reason to dictate our actions. In an incident involving con-

fined space entry, there is a reason why the entrant went down. By reasoning and observing, we should be able to make the right decision. This is also a matter of training personnel to realize that their own safety comes first, the team members/public come second and the victim comes third. This may sound selfish, but it will save lives. If we always put our own lives and well-being first, we will reduce the number of fatalities of would-be rescuers. The importance of preparation It is also essential to be prepared for potential difficulties with confined space entry. This starts with entry preplanning. The first step is to identify what type of confined space we are entering. Knowing what local or provincial regulations dictate is also a must. Filling out the proper paperwork and taking the proper steps will guide us to ensure a safe entry. It will also involve appointing the right people to oversee and participate in the confined space entry. Identifying the hazards is an important part of preparing. We need to know what hazards exist inside the confined space, and then implement a control

measure for each of them. This will eliminate the chance of that particular hazard being a threat to the entrant once the confined space entry begins. We need to prepare for the confined space entry by ensuring that we have the proper equipment on-site and an adequate number of personnel, and that we have set up proper entry procedures, barricaded any unauthorized entry and notified all personnel involved of the confined space entry planned for the day. Having an established rescue plan is a must and a legal requirement in most jurisdictions. This plan will outline the actions that are to be taken by the on-site personnel in the event of an incident. Any confined space entry can be safe if we are prepared, use our reasoning skills and keep our emotions in check. This is not an easy task and requires discipline, with consistency in both training and operational execution. Mark van der Feyst is with ACUTE Environmental & Safety Services Inc. E-mail: markvanderfeyst@acuteservices.com

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HOBO U30/GSM remote


monitoring with integrated GSM remote communications

Relative Humidity Rainfall Soil Moisture

Wi-Fi HOBO U30/WiFi remote monitoring with integrated Wi-Fi communications

Wind Speed & Direction Leaf Wetness PAR Solar Radiation

Advanced Standalone HOBO U30/NRC (USB) monitoring data logging weather station

Pulse Input Analog Input Barometric Pressure

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Hoskin Scientific Ltd. www.esemag.com

www.hoskin.ca www ww w..hoskin.ca January 2010 | 41

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 42


How mercury becomes toxic in the environment


aturally occurring organic matter in water and sediment appears to play a key role in helping microbes convert tiny particles of mercury in the environment into a form that is dangerous to most living creatures. This finding is important, say Duke University environmental engineers, because it could change the way mercury in the environment is measured and, therefore, regulated. This particularly harmful form of the element, known as methylmercury, is a potent toxin for nerve cells. When ingested by organisms, it is not excreted and builds up in tissues or organs. In a series of laboratory experiments, Amrika Deonarine, a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, found that organic matter and chemical compounds containing sulfur – known as sulfides – can readily bind to form mercury sulfide nanoparticles. Since they are

Amrika Deonarine taking a sample.

more soluble than larger particles, these nanoparticles may be the precursors to a process known as methylation. “When the organic material combines with the mercury, it prevents the particle from accumulating with other mercury

particles and growing larger,” said Deonarine, who presented the results of her analysis at the summer annual scientific sessions of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Washington, D.C. “Since the mercury remains in a

Cleantech Funding Available If you have an innovative clean technology, we want to hear from you. The SD Tech Fund is open for Statements of Interest from February 24 to April 21, 2010

Supporting the development and demonstration of clean technologies by Canadian companies.

www.sdtc.ca 42 | January 2010

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 9:02 PM Page 43

Health nanoparticle size, it can easily collect on the surface of microbes where any mercury that dissolves can be taken in by the microbes,� Deonarine said. “Without the organic matter, the mercury sulfide nanoparticles would grow too large and become insoluble, thus reducing the availability of mercury for microbial methylation.� It is while inside the microbe that the mercury is converted into the harmful methylmercury form, the researchers said. These reactions can only take place in cold water environments with little to no oxygen, such as the zone of sediment just below the bottom of a body of water. Other such anaerobic environments can also be found in wastewater and sewage treatment systems, the researchers said.

“These initial laboratory findings could have far-reaching implications,� Hsu-Kim said. “That these reactions can take place in anaerobic environments suggests that the old paradigm of testing for toxic metals in sediments may provide an incomplete picture of how much methylmercury is there.� The researchers plan to continue their studies with other types of organic matter and for longer periods of time. For her presentation and paper, Deonarime was one of six recipients of the

C. Ellen Gonter Environmental Chemistry Award, given annually to graduate students. The research was supported by the federally funded Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT), which is based at Duke, and the ACS’s Petroleum Research Fund. For more information, E-mail: amrika.deonarine@duke.edu

That these reactions can take place in anaerobic environments suggests that the old paradigm of testing for toxic metals in sediments may provide an incomplete picture of how much methylmercury is there. “The exposure rate of mercury in the US is quite high,� said Heileen HsuKim, Duke assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering and senior member of the research team. “A recent epidemiological survey found that up to 8 percent of women had mercury levels higher than national guidelines. Since humans are on top of the food chain, any mercury in our food accumulates in our body.� Because fish and shellfish have a natural tendency to store methylmercury in their organs, they are the leading source of mercury ingestion for humans. There are many ways mercury gets into the environment, with the primary sources being the combustion of coal, the refining of such metals as gold and other non-ferrous metals, and in the gases released during volcanic eruptions. The air-borne mercury from these sources eventually lands on lakes or ponds and can remain in the water or sediments.


-)8:714/ 9-+04525/> .57 8).- -.@ +1-49 <)9-7 )4, <)89-<)9-7 97-)93-49 A 4)2>?-78 )4, 8-48578 +:89531?-, 95 >5:7 8>89-38 675+-88-8 A

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A '1,- 7)4/- 5. -;-2 14897:3-49)9154 A ")6-72-88 #-+57,-78 ;18:)2 8).-9> ,)9) 3)4)/-78 A :953)9-, 675+-88 $52:91548 A )21*7)9154 &-71@ +)9154 $-7;1+-8 18 1.-+>+2- )4)/-3-49 %7> 54- 5. 198 .:4+91548 .57 <<< +) -4,7-88 +53 ,-;1+-;1-<-7 4,7-88 ):8-7 )4),) 9, $:9954 71; :7214/954 !49)715 (


)= 14.5 +) -4,7-88 +53 <<< +) -4,7-88 +53

January 2010 | 43

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 44

Water Reuse

New electrocoagulation process increases industrial water reuse efficiency


he impact of polluted water is a top environmental issue for industries around the world. As pollution garners more and more attention in the media, and as industry faces increasingly high costs for disposal, it is apparent there is a growing need for scaled-down, decentralized water treatment solutions, especially if they create reuse options. Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc., (GEE), located in Regina, Saskatchewan, recently developed the Electro-Pure™ Technology (EPT), a vacuum-enhanced electrocoagulation process that will allow on-site treatment of polluted water for reuse. As EPT moves into its first large-scale pilot test, the results have been extremely positive. The research shows that removal rates for the majority of compounds are below criteria. Joel Wolensky, GEE’s Director of Research, comments that “electrocoagulation has been around for roughly 100 years, but with new technologies and research being developed all the time, we thought we’d review electrocoagulation with a new focus on co-existing approaches. The results show that electrocoagulation is an extremely viable option for water decontamination now.” Essentially, EPT applies direct current (DC) through select electrodes to

44 | January 2010

Coalescing media.

create an electrical field in the contaminated wastewater. Contaminated ions and colloids are mainly held in solution by electrical charges. The electrical field destabilizes the contaminants within the wastewater, causing chemical reactions and precipitation or coalescence of colloids within the wastewater. The contaminants can then be removed by flotation using a skimming mechanism or by settling on the bottom where they can be removed. The electrodes used in the process are dependent on the type of contaminants present. For example, aluminum or iron

might be used separately or together depending on what contaminants are being treated. The application of vacuum enhances the ability of the technology to treat the wastewater. By reducing the atmospheric pressure within the treatment cell, the interstitial tension is reduced, allowing for release of the contaminants bound to the water molecule. The coagulative ability of the waste stream is increased, resulting in high removal rates of the contaminants of concern. An in-depth look at electrocoagulation In the process of electrocoagulation, sacrificial anodes dose a solution with metal cations released by the anode. The amount of current applied to the waste stream influences the ion dosage from the electrodes, bubble generation rates, and the dominant method of separation. The current can be monitored and adjusted to optimize treatment of specific contaminants. When water is present, the metal cations are hydrolysed to a form that can coagulate contaminants. Despite the amount of water present in a sample, cations released at the anion can be evolved into the solution and will bond with negatively charged ions and colloids. Some coagulated contaminants will be heavier and tend to settle out due to increased size and weight.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_Final_ES&E 29/01/10 8:02 PM Page 45

Water Reuse If the current density is low, then aggregation of bubbles and particles is slow and the bubble density will also be low, causing the aggregated contaminants to settle out. Others can be carried to the surface by the gas bubbles created within the electrolytic cell. The application of current has a direct effect on bubble formation; low current produces slow-moving, low-density bubbles, while high current produces dense, quickly-rising bubbles. Both sedimentation and flotation can be integrated into a design. The electrolysis of water involves chemical reactions producing oxygen gas at the anode and hydrogen gas at the cathode. This decomposition of water can release contaminants bound to the water molecule, resulting in the contaminants being destroyed or removed. The current, flow rate, and pH are controlled parameters within the EPT system. These parameters are adjusted depending on the type of contaminant present as well as the concentration of the contaminant. continued on page 103...

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January 2010 | 45

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 46

Waste Management

Crushing fluorescent bulbs – saving money and the environment


hile compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are gradually finding their way into homes, fluorescent lighting has long been the choice of facilities that want to cut energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment. The switch makes good sense as changing to fluorescent lighting cuts energy usage for buildings by up to 75%. But there is an environmental tradeoff for the energy and cost savings resulting from fluorescent lighting. Inside each fluorescent bulb there is a small amount of mercury, a toxic element that can adversely affect human and environmental health if released into the air or a water table. When fluorescent bulbs are in use they are perfectly safe; no mercury is released when the lights are on or off in a building. The risk for mercury pollution starts when the bulbs break, and this usually happens during their disposal. Whether it is when the bulbs are smashed in a dumpster or later when they break at the landfill, the mercury eventually finds its way into the environment. If bulbs are broken in a landfill, the surrounding groundwater and land can be contaminated, harming all who come into contact. Experts estimate that around 500 million lamps are sent to landfills each year, resulting in the release of more than 30,000 pounds of mercury. The vapours can persist in and around a facility after breakage for a long time, being breathed in by employees or others who are in the building. The negative effects of mercury on people and the environment are manifold. It is a potent neurotoxin, and mercury exposure can adversely affect the brain, kidneys and liver in humans and can cause developmental problems in children. When introduced into the environment, mercury can contaminate large areas of land and water, accumulating in wildlife (usually fish), which are eaten by humans. Mercury is so potent that just one gram from the atmosphere can contaminate a 20-acre lake for one year. Frustrating solutions Fortunately, most facilities started 46 | January 2010

The Bulb Eater crushes fluorescent tubes of any size while removing the mercury vapours.

looking for a safer method of disposal. They have also discovered that recycling is not expensive; over the lifetime of a lamp, the cost of recycling is less than 1% of the total cost of ownership. Recycling lamps became the accepted disposal method, as the mercury could be safely removed by machinery at specialized recycling centres. Additionally, government regulations were soon put in place in many jurisdictions to require facilities to dispose of their bulbs through certified recyclers. If they do recycle their bulbs, most facilities do so by boxing them up and arranging for a pickup by the recycler. However, facility staff often find this process frustrating as it takes up significant amounts of time collecting spent lamps in their building complex and boxing them for pickup. Sheela Backen, integrated solid waste program manager at Colorado State University, oversaw a complex and expensive method of bulb recycling. Her staff would pack lamps into their original cartons and load them onto a truck for transport back to a recycling facility. “That method presented a lot of problems,” Backen says. “We couldn’t get people to make sure the cartons were full, taped and marked with the date. When the truck was coming to pick

them up, we would have anywhere from six to eight people filling boxes, taping them back up, and then loading this truck. It was not cost-effective at all.” Lamp crushing: A smart alternative An alternative method of bulb disposal has recently emerged that rewards facilities and staff with low costs, increased efficiency, space savings and environmental benefits. This method is lamp crushing, which is actually as simple as it sounds. Once lamps reach the end of their life, they are fed into a machine that breaks them down into tiny pieces. Many lamp crushers also have a filter that is used to capture mercury vapours from the broken tubes. After crushing, the material is picked up by a recycler for further processing. Since crushed lamps take up a smaller amount of space during transport, and since they have already been processed, the cost of recycling the crushed material is reduced. The Bulb Eater, a lamp crusher available from Air Cycle Corp., crushes fluorescent tubes of any size while removing the mercury vapours in each lamp with a three-stage HEPA filtering process. The machine itself takes up very little space; it sits on top of a 55-gallon drum that holds the lamps after they are crushed. A single drum can hold up to

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 47

Waste Management 1,350 crushed T8 four-foot lamps. Because the machine can crush a four-foot lamp in just one second, facilities can reduce labour by 20 hours per 1,000 lamps compared with boxing up lamps for pickup. They can also save up to 50% on recycling costs when they schedule a bulk recycling pickup for their crushed lamps. And since hundreds of lamps fit into one drum, facilities can minimize their spent lamp storage space by using the bulb-crushing machine Sheela Backen describes her facility’s experience with the Bulb Eater: “The bulbs are brought to a specific location. I send one person over there for a couple of hours a week to crush the tubes. It’s very quick and efficient, and I don’t have to waste so much time trying to load a truck.� Seeing green results Lamp crushing has helped facilities save money, space and time over other lamp disposal methods. However, some facilities began to want a better understanding of the impact on the environment of crushing their bulbs. Air Cycle responded by introducing online recycling reports, a tool that Bulb

dynaBLENDÂŽ Polymer Makedown Units

Eater customers can use to see how much waste they have recycled. Every time users fill up a drum with crushed lamps and ship it off, they can see their progress on a special web report that details the exact amount they recycled. The

Facilities can reduce labour by 20 hours per 1,000 lamps compared with boxing up lamps for pickup. reports also track progress over time, so a facility can see exactly how much waste they recycle from month to month or year to year. This has become a useful tool not only for internal review, but also for green marketing campaigns. Facilities can report on their green progress with tangible data, showing exactly what they are doing to become environmentally friendly. For more information, E-mail: Aaron@aircycle.com

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M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management Concentrations available in: Environmental Planning Environmental Sustainability Global Environmental Management

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Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:44 PM Page 48

Water Supply

Pathway to urban water sustainability in British Columbia By Kim A. Stephens


he Province of British Columbia has put in place a policy framework that enables local governments to commit to doing business differently. The program goals for Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan, and the companion Green Communities Initiative, constitute a ‘call to action’ on the part of British Columbians to manage settlement in balance with ecology. Tim Pringle, Director of Special Programs for the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, says that “Living Water Smart presents the vision, and the Green Communities Initiative provides enabling tools to achieve the vision. The solutions and commitments go beyond what government does. Living Water Smart supports planning that is as much about land as water.” Living Water Smart contains a key message – green development makes sense. Fostering new thinking about development leads to more green spaces, more water and fish in streams, improved community vitality, reduced demand for water, and reduced expenditure on infrastructure. Implementation Implementation of Living Water Smart and the Green Communities Initiative is being advanced through partnerships, in particular the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. Co-sponsored by the Province and the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, and delivered through the British Columbia Water & Waste Association (BCWWA), the Water Sustainability Action Plan serves as a partnership umbrella for aligning actions at three levels: provincial, regional, and local. One vehicle for program delivery is Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI). On Vancouver Island, the CAVI team is playing a key delivery role in two of the five Living Water Smart theme areas: community planning and development; and efficiency, outreach and public awareness. 48 | January 2010

Kim Stephens

Lynn Kriwoken

Glen Brown

Shared responsibility Water issues are complex and best solved collaboratively, which includes using strategies and solutions that fall outside government control. While legislative reform is a foundation piece, collaboration takes place in the world of practitioners. “At the end of the day, planners and engineers and other disciplines must come together to determine the issues and solutions. No statute will help them do that,” says Lynn Kriwoken, of the BC Ministry of Environment. Provincial funding “A mandate of the BC Ministry of Community & Rural Development is to foster partnerships, collaboration, innovation, and integration through the program elements that comprise the Green Communities Initiative. The goal is to build capacity that will result in sustainable, healthy and vibrant communities,” continues Glen Brown, Executive Director of the Local Government Infrastructure & Finance Division of the Ministry. He is also Chair of the BC Water Sustainability Committee. Ultimately it is the Ministry’s grant programs that provide the incentives that enable the Province to influence local government behaviour, and to reward those who meet program objectives for doing business differently ‘on the ground’. The Green Communities Initiative encompasses a number of plans and strategies that directly complement and/or support Living Water Smart policies. The reality of an increasing local government infrastructure deficit means that there will be even stiffer competition for available funding. As a result, there is a greater incentive for local governments to demonstrate how their innovation and integration will be effective

Tim Pringle

in meeting the goals of both the Green Communities Initiative and Living Water Smart. Rewarding innovation and integration According to Mr. Brown, infrastructure grant programs have evolved over the past decade in British Columbia. In the past, those local governments which had poorly managed their infrastructure systems were essentially rewarded with grants to rectify problems resulting from a lack of planning. Now, those local governments which are proactive and showing leadership are the ones which are being rewarded. In urban settings, measures that ‘green’ (and improve) the built environment can also protect or help restore the natural environment. How communities choose to develop or redevelop individual sites has ripple effects at the watershed scale. By designing with nature, this means actions on the ground can add up and result in cumulative benefits over time. Green vocabulary defined To help advance a new way of thinking about land development in British Columbia, the Water Sustainability Action Plan has developed and is promoting a ‘green’ vocabulary: • Green Value means that land use strategies will accommodate settlement needs in practical ways, while protecting the ecological resources upon which communities depend. • Design with Nature is one approach to achieve Green Value, and is supportive of community goals that relate to building social capacity as well as protecting ecological assets. • Green Infrastructure is the on-theground application of Design with Nature standards and practices. • Water Sustainability is achieved

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:45 PM Page 49

Water Supply through Green Infrastructure practices that reflect a full and proper understanding of the relationship between land and water. Desired water sustainability outcomes are less irrigation water use, and reduced rainwater runoff. These are complementary outcomes. Regional team approach In general, the enabling approach means the onus is on local government to take the initiative, because the Province recognizes that communities are in the best position to develop solutions which meet their own unique needs and local conditions. A ‘regional team approach’ is founded on partnerships and collaboration, and seeks to align local actions with provincial and regional goals. Vancouver Island is demonstrating the regional team approach. CAVI has brought together those who plan and regulate land use (local government), those who build (developers), those who provide the legislative framework (the Province), those who advocate conservation of resources (stewardship sector), and those who provide research


(university and college). They will also be reaching out to those who grow food (agricultural sector). Communication The Water Bucket Website (www.waterbucket.ca) is one of the web-based tools that is helping to effect changes in water and land development practices in British Columbia. It is designed to pro-

Looking ahead "Over the past three years, we have engaged in a process to create a picture of what a shared vision for Vancouver Island could look like. We have also drawn attention to the need to balance settlement change in harmony with ecology. Although ecology can exist without habitation by humans, human

The experience gained through this process has demonstrated the valuable role that www.waterbucket.ca plays in delivering information and sharing lessons learned. vide the complete story on integrated land and water management, the why, what, where, and how. Vancouver Island has been the Action Plan pilot region for a bottom-up approach to informing and educating municipal planners, engineers and others. The experience gained through this process has demonstrated the valuable role that www.waterbucket.ca plays in delivering information and sharing lessons learned.

habitation cannot exist without ecology,� states Eric Bonham, a founding member of the CAVI leadership Team, and formerly a Director in both the BC Ministry of Environment and BC Ministry of Community Services. Kim A. Stephens is Program Coordinator, Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. E-mail: kstephens@watersustainabilitybc.ca

January 2010 | 49

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:45 PM Page 50

Water Supply

Moving forward with drinking water source protection By Juli Abouchar and Jacquelyn Stevens


he Clean Water Act is intended to protect existing and future sources of drinking water. It is a response to Justice Dennis O’Connor’s recommendation, in the report on the Walkerton tragedy, that source protection plans should be developed at the local level for every watershed in Ontario. Source protection is the first barrier of a multibarrier approach to providing safe drinking water. Since the Clean Water Act, S.O. 2006, c. 22 (CWA) was passed in 2006, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and stakeholders have been working hard to implement this new-to-Ontario approach to governance. The CWA provides that source protection committees, managed by conservation authorities and comprised of stakeholder representatives, will develop Source Protection Plans to be submitted to the MOE for approval in 2012. Currently, the 19 source protection committees are preparing science-based assessment reports for each of the 40 designated watershed areas in the province. The assessment reports are to identify and assess water quality and quantity threats to drinking water sources as listed in each committee’s Terms of Reference. The committees will then prepare source protection

cies could include: education and outreach, incentive programs, monitoring activities, land use planning approaches, new or amended provincial instruments, Risk Management Plans, prohibitions, or restricted land uses. Municipalities have been active participants in local multi-stakeholder source protection committee discussions. Many have already developed Official Plan policies and zoning by-laws, delineating and protecting well-head areas. While the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, addresses new land use, the CWA gives municipalities new powers to address activities, including requiring risk management plans for activities that are significant threats inside wellhead protection areas and intake protection zones, and a suite of enforcement powers similar to those of the MOE. Municipalities will also appoint risk management officials and inspectors to be responsible for the administration and enforcement of risk management plans for regulated activities, prohibitions, restrictions on land uses, and for issuing stop work or cost recovery orders, where the municipality has carried out work to reduce drinking water threats. These powers give municipalities an important role in implementing the Source Protection Plans.

Where a risk management official is satisfied that a risk management plan for a drinking water threat will reduce the potential for adverse effects to a drinking water source, such a plan may be considered. plans that will detail, and direct, the actions of public bodies and municipalities to address the identified threats to drinking water sources within the watershed area. The source protection plan policies will ensure that significant drinking water threats cease to be significant, and potentially significant drinking water threats never become significant. Poli50 | January 2010

The Ministry has been barely a step ahead of the committees and municipalities, in the development of technical and policy guidance documents. In June 2009, the MOE posted “Source Protection Plans under the Clean Water Act, 2006: A Discussion Paper on Requirements for the Content and Preparation of Source Protection Plans”, on the Environmental Registry

Jacquelyn Stevens

Juli Abouchar

for public comment. In late 2009, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) was to release draft regulations under the CWA, detailing the requirements for source protection plans based on the discussion paper and comments. The discussion paper proposes a hierarchy for the use of types of policies. The MOE proposes to encourage source protection committees to use prescribed provincial instruments as the policy approach of first choice. This should encourage a one-window approach, and avoid regulatory duplication. It will be important for the MOE to prescribe as many instruments as possible. The current list appears to be lacking certain provincial instruments that could be used for source protection. Where no provincial instrument exists, the discussion paper encourages the use of Risk Management Plans. Where a risk management official is satisfied that a risk management plan for a drinking water threat will reduce the potential for adverse effects to a drinking water source, such a plan may be considered. Risk management plans are intended to be negotiated and agreed to. Where agreement cannot be achieved, a risk management plan may be ordered for an activity that is, or would be, a significant drinking water threat. However, the discussion paper seeks to restrict the use of risk management plans to significant drinking water threats and not to those that “would be” significant. This is an unwise restriction of the CWA, as it effectively limits policies for preventing a moderate threat from becoming a significant threat. The discussion paper encourages limiting the use of outright prohibitions to when there is no alternative. Although

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:45 PM Page 51

Water Supply planning instruments, including Official Plans and zoning by-laws, will have to conform with significant threat policies, designated Great Lakes policies, and other policies. Identification of risks to drinking water sources would restrict municipal land use and planning decisions, including undertaking any public works or passing by-laws that conflict with the CWA. The CWA provides opportunities to protect drinking water sources across Ontario. Municipalities and other stakeholders will continue to play a critical role in finding practical, workable solutions to implement and enforce drinking water source protection measures. This article originally appeared in the October 2, 2009, issue of The Lawyers Weekly, published by LexisNexis Canada Inc.

Source protection is the first barrier of a multi-barrier approach to providing safe drinking water.

The discussion paper proposes that the suite of Planning Act provisions be used to support source protection, including site plan controls, zoning bylaws and Community Improvement Plans. Land use planning decisions and

Juli Abouchar and Jacquelyn Stevens are with Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP. E-mail: jhardacre@willmsshier.com






1-888-575-8642 www.h2flow.com



it is prudent to adopt a limited use of prohibitions, a legal requirement to consider “all possible alternatives� would effectively restrict the use of prohibitions, even where significant drinking water threats warrant their use.

January 2010 | 51

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:45 PM Page 52


Ensuring reliable lift station operation


ift stations are vital to the safe and effective movement of sewage and water, especially where elevations prevent continuous gravity feed. By collecting the fluid from gravity systems in specially designed wet wells, and then pumping this up to the next stage of the gravity main, lift stations provide reliable movement of sewage and water, but only if they are properly installed and maintained. Lift, or pumping, stations can be installed in a number of configurations, either above ground, with various holding tanks designed to give easy access to mechanical parts, or below ground. Most applications in Alberta are below ground and involve multiple tank systems in order to move sewage, or water, up to higher elevations. These belowground systems might have pumps submerged in wet wells, or housed in nearby dry wells, in order to minimize exposure to effluent.

52 | January 2010

Construction of a new lift station.

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:45 PM Page 53

Operations The decision for either approach is usually based on the overall size of the project and on environmental factors. Installing a lift station isn’t as simple as digging a hole, connecting the lines and supplying power. Instead, back-up power supply, sophisticated monitoring equipment, and pump control mechanisms, must also be designed and carefully installed. Depending on the type, configuration and scope of the project, it can take from eight weeks, to more than a year, for a lift station to become operational. Many newer projects are using Multitrode probes as a more reliable means for liquid level sensoring, or are installing full pump station management technology. Most sanitary lift stations are controlled by government regulation, requiring dutiful and proactive regular maintenance and record keeping. Maintenance All lift stations require regular maintenance, in order to avoid costly and dangerous interruptions to service. It is not an easy job, and access to pumps located in sewage wet wells must be carefully monitored and controlled, as methane and other gases can quickly cause serious health problems. Following are suggested steps for maintenance: 1. In order to keep pumps running smoothly and to prevent odor, build-up, or contamination of water, it is important that wet wells be cleaned out at periodic intervals. In many cases, this means twice a year. 2. Inspecting pumps, tanks, power supplies, alarms, floats and sensors, should be part of the daily routine to keep lift stations operational. Records of inspections should be kept carefully and audited regularly. Inspections of the pump impeller should occur at least quarterly and not when motor hours are within 10% of each other. There should be no debris. Check valves should be monitored bi-yearly to ensure no chance of backflow. Float inspection should include degreasing for optimal performance. Be sure to check light and alarm systems at least weekly. 3. Be sure systems have hour meters, and use them diligently to record maintenance and inspection data. www.esemag.com

4. When auditing maintenance and inspection data, be sure to pay attention to amperage readings for motors. Changes in amperage can indicate the start of problems like propeller debris, or water in the housing and/or wiring. Sensors and alarm systems are not the only way to see problems arising. 5. Before a deteriorating part has a chance to do damage or interrupt service, it should be replaced. Anything that appears worn, misshapen or suspicious,

should be replaced immediately. By the careful monitoring and accurate and regular maintenance of lift stations, they should always provide reliable and safe operation. For more information, E-mail: mail@wilbert.ca

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Water Supply

Will “arsenic-safe” wells remain safe? By Nadim R. Khandaker and Patrick V. Brady


here is lingering anxiety amongst the rural population of Bangladesh as to whether wells tested and marked safe (below the government’s maximum contaminant level of 50 ppb arsenic) can become unsafe (arsenic concentrations exceeding 50 ppb) over time. In collaboration with the Mukto Ongon Free Clinic, in Sardi Village, Bangladesh, an arsenic mitigation cell was set up to retest wells that were tested earlier and marked arsenic-safe. Sardi is a small village, located 50 kilometers north of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and lies in the Megna River flood plain. Dr. Nadim Khandaker provided assistance to the Mukto Ongon Free Clinic, with seed money from the Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick. As a starting initiative, the clinic established a program to provide the village of Sardi and surrounding ten villages, where they have been providing health and sanitation services for the past thirty years, with the added service of testing newly installed wells for arsenic, free of charge. As an added initiative, they decided to also retest wells in Sardi and the ten adjacent villages that were marked arsenic-safe in a prior testing program.

54 | January 2010

Figure 1.

An earlier testing program was conducted in 2002 by the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and the Government of Bangladesh Department of Public Health and Engineering (DPHE), under their arsenic mitigation programs. Wells were screened for arsenic, using the same brand of field test kits as in the previous testing program. In the UNICEF/DPHE program, the snouts of the wellheads of arsenic-safe wells were marked green, and the owners of the wells were also provided with a test card. The status of the wells from the previous testing program was verified, wherever

possible, based on test result cards provided by DPHE to the well owners. In cases where owners had lost the records, the Mukto Ongon Free Clinic had to rely on the green marking of the wellhead snout, and on the testimony of the owner and citizens using the safe wells for their source of potable water. Paramedics, and student volunteers associated with the Clinic, carried out the testing program.Training on the use of the field test kit and proper sampling procedure was provided by Dr. Khandaker, who is a former lead engineer for UNICEF. Patrick Brady, Senior Scientist at the Sandia National Laboratory’s Geochemistry Department, served as technical advisor. Before the test, the owner of the well was asked the depth of the particular bore hole well. The well was then flushed for sufficient duration to ensure removal of any static water from the pump head, and from above and below the ground pipe. The collected water sample was then tested, using field test kits, and the result noted. Fifty designated arsenic-safe wells, with water tested to be below 50 ppb arsenic based on the UNICEF/DPHE 2002 program, were retested from September 2008 to January 2009. Retesting results indicated that 26 of the 50 wells

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:46 PM Page 55

Water Supply now had arsenic concentrations above the 50 ppb limit (see Figure 1). The retesting program also showed that the 90th percentile of the wells that became unsafe over time were below 160 ft (mean depth = 114 ft ; median depth = 102 ft; max depth = 210 ft; and min depth = 52 ft ). The depth profile of the wells that still remained arsenic-safe over time, showed that in general they were deeper (mean depth = 214 ft; median depth = 135 ft; max depth = 900 ft; and min depth = 57 ft ). Arsenic contamination in Bangladesh is triggered by subsurface reactions that mobilize arsenic associated with aquifer solids. Shallower wells appear to be more sensitive to changes in recharge chemistry that can liberate arsenic from aquifer solids. They may also be more prone to anthropogenic influences, such as the use of high velocity irrigation pumps that are used in the region to irrigate rice crops, grown in the dry season, with water from shallow wells. More importantly, results show that arsenic-safe wells can potentially be contaminated over relatively short peri-

Lady of the house flushing her well, prior to collecting sample for analysis for arsenic.

Volunteers analyze collected well water samples for arsenic.

ods of time. An immediate response is for organizations working on arsenic mitigation worldwide, and for persons living in arsenic-contaminated regions of the world, to more frequently retest their well water. In particular, the fre-

quency of testing for arsenic should be greater for shallower wells. For more information, E-mail: nadimkhandaker@hotmail.com, or pvbrady@sandia.gov

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Cover Story

Treating wastewater on the world's largest cruise ship By John Leask


uilt by STX Europe for Royal Caribbean International, Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. All black, grey, galley, food-waste and laundry wastewater generated onboard is treated to a higher quality than is required by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) standards, currently the most stringent in the world. The maiden voyage of this technologically groundbreaking ship took place in December 2009, and all systems were functional and ready for passengers prior to launch.

Parameter TSS BOD5 Fecal Coli Form

Oasis features a Headworks CleanSeaÂŽ advanced wastewater purification (AWP) system based on moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) technology. The system can efficiently treat all grey and black water to surpass ADEC standards for BOD, TSS, fecal coliform, free chlorine and pH. Late in the installation phase of the project, the company that started the contract, Hydroxyl Systems Inc., was acquired by Headworks Inc. The challenge for the Headworks Bio engineering team was to design a system capable of treating the wastewater generated on board by as many as 8,460

ADEC Limits

Guaranteed AWP Performance

30 mg/L

<15 mg/l

30 mg/L

<15 mg/l

20 MPN/100mL

<10 MPN/100 ml

Table 1. Discharge limits vs. system performance. 56 | January 2010

passengers and crew. This translated to a design capacity of 3,000 m3/day (0.79 MGD). Royal Caribbean International’s policy is to produce effluent twice as clean as required by ADEC (Table 1). This allows Oasis to cruise anywhere in the world and surpass any wastewater discharge regulations. Design requirements Two of the most important design criteria for a shipboard AWP system are small footprint and excellent reliability. The system needs to be as small as possible to leave room for other equipment. AWP process tankage is of particular

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:46 PM Page 57

Cover Story concern as it consumes space that could otherwise be used for potable water or fuel. Reliability is critical because replacement equipment is difficult to come by at sea, and downtime could quickly leave the ship in a situation where its wastewater storage capacity is used up and discharge is not possible. MBBR technology meets both of these criteria. It accomplishes BOD reduction, using biofilm carriers in a three-stage bioreactor process. The biofilm carriers provide a stable base for the growth of heterotrophic (feed on organic material) and autotrophic (feed on inorganic material) bacteria within protected cells. A high concentration of this biological growth thrives within the internally protected areas, efficiently removing contaminants with a tank volume significantly smaller than with

a comparable activated sludge system. The MBBR process is inherently reliable because the bacteria only need food and oxygen to flourish. The attached growth organisms within the carriers are resilient to toxicity and pH upsets, since only the outer layers of attached growth are affected. Typical suspended growth bacteria could be wiped out. The oxygen required for the biological growth to function is delivered by positive displacement air blowers, via fine bubble diffusers in the reactors. The aeration provides both the necessary oxygen for oxidation of contaminants, and the mixing energy required to fluidize the moving bed of carriers. The AWP system onboard Oasis is a complete process, including primary solids removal, secondary solids removal by dissolved air flotation, tertiary

solids removal by the positive barrier method, and UV disinfection, all in addition to the MBBR process. Extremely high reliability is achieved in these stages by using high-quality, marinegrade components and materials. In addition, the system utilizes two independent treatment trains, each designed to treat 100% of the ship’s wastewater production. If one piece of equipment fails, the system controller (PLC) automatically switches to the standby unit. This means that the ship will have minimal downtime, and will avoid having to discharge untreated water due to component failure. All system components have a duty and standby unit, with the exception of the bioreactor tanks, which are constructed of duplexed stainless steel and have a regular inspection cycle, so failure of the tanks themselves is not anticipated. The Oasis system improves on previous CleanSea installations, by having redundant control panels and uninterruptable power supplies to keep the system essentials (PLC controls, tank level indications, etc.) online in the event of an electrical blackout. At the time of writing, the system design had been conditionally certified as Det Norske Veritas (DNV) type approved, and was to be fully certified upon completion of successful compliance testing. Live monitoring The AWP system onboard Oasis also features advances in the live monitoring of process parameters. The measurement of pH, turbidity and residual chlorine at the discharge point allows the system’s PLC to determine the effluent quality. If the effluent quality is out of specification, the system will automatically circulate the water to the start of the process for re-treatment, preventing the discharge of any out-of-compliance water. These live process parameters, and many others, allow critical performance data to be logged. Remote access to the control system allows the Headworks Bio team to monitor the system in real time, from anywhere in the world, with an Internet connection. Comparison with municipal applications To put the Oasis system into perspective, typical municipal applications may continued overleaf...


January 2010 | 57

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:46 PM Page 58

Cover Story

All system components have a duty and standby unit, with the exception of the bioreactor tanks.

have an influent BOD5 concentration of 300 mg/l, or roughly one-third of the cruise ship application. If we consider this in terms of biological load, the AWP system on board Oasis would be similar

to treating 9,000 m3/day (2.4 MGD) of municipal wastewater, which could be suitable for a town of approximately 25,000 people. Although the effluent BOD5 and TSS

limits are well below most municipal discharge standards, there is currently no limit or treatment for the removal of nitrogen in this system. The MBBR process has lent itself very well to the challenging cruise ship application, and, over time, operators are seeing the benefits of lower energy demand and minimal consumables. The process is very efficient in terms of energy used per kilogram of BOD removed, compared to other shipboard treatment systems. In addition, the only chemicals used in the Headworks AWP system are polymer for dissolved air flotation, and defoamer for startup of the bioreactors. These two factors significantly benefit the overall lifecycle cost of the AWP system. As the cruise industry continues to fit its new and existing ships with advanced wastewater purification systems, we should continue to see growth in the application of MBBR technology. For more information, E-mail: jleask@headworksusa.com

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58 | January 2010

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_Final_ES&E 29/01/10 8:02 PM Page 59


Upgrading a 2,500 year old Roman sewer


he Cloaca Maxima is one of the world's earliest sewage systems. Roman Engineers built it to serve as the City of Rome’s main drainage system, late in the sixth century BC. Water from the baths and latrines, as well as runoff from local marshes, was collected via the wastewater system and discharged directly into the Tiber River, which ran beside the city. Collecting multiple effluents made it necessary to have large openings in the streets, which undoubtedly caused odor and sanitation problems. The system was later enclosed in the third century BC. Part of the current sewer network is still made up of these ancient underground structures. More than 25 centuries later, Roman engineers are continuing to improve the sewer systems. Only now, concerns of health, safety and tourist disruption are a top priority. The municipality of Rome designed a 54-inch diameter sewer bypass in one of its central quarters, Farnesina. The new line, 1,000 feet in length, connects two existing 138-inch diameter concrete sewer collectors. Farnesina, an area steeped in history, sits on the right bank of the Tiber River. The area is headquarters of the Italian Foreign Ministry, home to the ancient Milvio Bridge, first constructed in 206 BC, and two historically important, and still busy sports facilities, the Olympic stadium and the Foro Italico. Two major roadways converge in the area, the Cassia and the Flaminia. In order to minimize the effect of the sewer upgrades on this busy and densely populated area, a trenchless solution was sought. Care was taken during construction to minimize disruptions, so that the tourist area could keep up its busy flow, especially during sports events, when thousands of visitors gather. The microtunneling alternative, apart from being nondisruptive, also kept the construction site comparatively small. SAFAB Spa., an Italian contractor specializing in hydraulic applications, was awarded the contract and worked in close cooperation with La Falce Spa., a company with 50 years of experience and no-dig know-how. The tunnel was prepared with a slurry pipe and a tunneling boring machine, featuring a laser guidance control system. Driving through different layers of soil, ranging from clay, to sand and gravel, a daily advance of 20 to 50 feet could be achieved. The planned line consists of two straight runs (400 and 600 feet) that are connected with a 60-degree manhole that will be used for future access and inspection. The project’s main jacking station was erected at this intersection point. A circular jacking shaft was designed with a 30-foot diameter, to enable drives in the two required directions from one single pit. Two thrust shields were built to keep the relatively light machine in position, and it was simply rotated in place to the right position. The first stretch of 400 feet was excavated with the thrust from the main station. The longest stretch of 600 feet had to be driven with an intermediate jacking station. The 54-inch nominal diameter centrifugally cast, fiberglasswww.esemag.com

HOBAS pipe in jacking pit in Rome.

reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) jacking pipe from HOBAS had an external diameter of 59 inches and weighed 275 pounds per foot. Pipes on this project had an allowable thrust force up to 390 US tons. Thanks to the product’s smooth outer surface, it was possible to reduce the amount of slurry needed. Additionally, the comparatively small wall thickness reduced the amount of excavation material, while maintaining flow capacity. In fact, it limited the use of bentonite-based lubricant to the final sections of both drives, and sped up the installation rate considerably. For more information, E-mail: info@hobaspipe.com

January 2010 | 59

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:46 PM Page 60

Climate Change

Copenhagen and beyond – making the transition to a low-carbon economy By Ted Dhillon and Dr. Bernard Fleet


espite the fact that the Canadian government has yet to set a clear climate change policy, industry and businesses of all sizes need to put in place the models necessary to plan the transition to a low-carbon economy. The first step towards managing carbon emissions is to measure them, because, in business, what gets measured gets managed. This article sets out a basic road map for companies to use to plan for the transition to a low-carbon economy. The need for carbon disclosure While there is a sense of disappointment that the recent climate change talks in Copenhagen did not achieve a more positive result and set binding targets on limiting carbon emissions, this should not detract from the fact that the world is changing. The majority of scientists believe that the planet is already on an irreversible trajectory to dangerous warming. Only by shifting the global economy from carbon-intensive to low-carbon, and, ultimately, to zerocarbon products and processes, can environmental disaster be averted. Most Fortune 500 companies are certain that mandatory reporting on carbon emissions is coming. The European Union (EU) already requires monitoring and limiting emissions from its most energy-intensive industries, while Japan has required all companies, since 2003, to comply with an energy-reporting system, along with a plan to reduce energy consumption. In the US, despite the lethargy of the Bush administration, the states, with California in the lead, have shown the way, enacting greenhouse gas (GHG) emission caps, utility performance, and auto emission standards. In Copenhagen, Canada was widely viewed as a laggard in its commitment to the environment. Previously, the Harper government had stressed its intention of integrating our climate change policy with that of the US. It is now clear that the reverse is taking place, and there is a widening gap between President Obama’s clean energy agenda and Canada’s continued support 60 | January 2010

In addition to other environmental issues, Alberta’s tar sands account for more than one-third of Canada’s CO2 emissions. (Photo Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary & Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto)

for the oil sands. Canada has already earned a failing grade in the GHG stakes. Failing to meet its modest reduction targets, its environmental reputation was further tarnished during the recent conference in Bangkok, a precursor to Copenhagen. Canada’s proposal to cherry pick parts of Kyoto for incorporation in the new COP15 (15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) agreement was greeted with outrage and a mass walkout by representatives of the Group of 77 developing nations. This group includes those impoverished nations that are most affected by climate change and stand to see their economies devastated. Canada’s conundrum In spite of its large area and vast expanse of Arctic territory, Canada is amongst the countries expected to be most impacted by climate change, both in terms of landscape and economic impact. Notwithstanding this, Canada falls woefully short of its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. At more than 750 million tonnes of CO2e of GHG emissions annually, Canada exceeds its

Kyoto Protocol target of six percent below 1990 levels by over 30 percent. Canada’s lethargy in instituting a federally-mandated GHG scheme can largely be attributed to political dithering. The current Conservative government aggressively opposes any binding reductions, and blames the previous Liberal government for signing the Kyoto Protocol, but not passing an aggressive climate policy to achieve those aims. The Alberta oil sands contribute more than one-third of Canada’s emissions. Being the main Conservative political stronghold, it was convenient for the Harper government to align with the previous Bush administration and take a position that blamed developing countries like India and China for deadlocked climate talks. However, with the US moving aggressively under Obama’s leadership, Canada risks being left behind, and this could have significant economic impacts in terms of taking advantage of international carbon-trading schemes and the introduction of future carbon taxes on exports from Canada. In the absence of coherent federal di-

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:46 PM Page 61

Climate Change rection, some Canadian provinces have taken unilateral steps to ensure that they do not miss any potential benefits from the shift to a carbon-constrained economy. The federal plan targets reductions by 2020 and 2050, and aims at channeling significant funds into still-emerging carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, while provincial policies, with more immediate impact, have already been introduced. British Columbia, for example, introduced a carbon tax on all fossil fuels, while Quebec and Ontario have started to phase out coal-fired generation. The writing is on the wall. Under significant international pressure and unilateral action by provinces, it is only a matter of time before a more stringent federally-mandated GHG emissions’ regime is introduced. While its exact nature is uncertain, it most likely will be some combination of cap and trade, incentives, taxes, and focused funding for clean technologies. The business imperative Globally, businesses are being held responsible for their carbon footprints. This is being driven by one or more of

the following reasons: government-legislated regulations, demands by shareholders to understand the carbon exposure of their investments, and brand and competitive drivers. Cap and trade schemes internalize the cost of emitting to businesses with the option of becoming more efficient and reducing GHGs (with the resultant reward of cost reductions), buying carbon credits to neutralize emissions, or paying a penalty for exceeding their emissions’ quotas. Carbon taxes target emissions more directly, as an entity pays a tax on the carbon it emits. While each method has its pros and cons, Canada is on track to introduce a combination of these measures in one form or other. Most carbon-related legislation includes punitive measures for non-compliance, all translatable into increased costs to businesses that are not prepared. The costs of being unprepared are significant. In the UK, the recently introduced Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) program will impose stiff penalties for companies that fail to accurately report CO2 emissions by July 2011. The CRC is currently considered the blue-

print for similar initiatives worldwide. With a proactive approach, Canadian businesses can not only prepare for the coming onslaught of climate change-related legislation, but also benefit by driving sustainable business models. The benefits to business of GHG management include: • Tracking, verifying and achieving corporate sustainability targets. • Identifying opportunities for process efficiencies through reduction of waste and costs. • Benchmarking performance and improving competitiveness. • Participating and taking advantage of carbon markets. • Addressing stakeholder concerns. • Participating in carbon-reporting programs. • Assessing carbon exposure risks and preparing for future carbon legislation. Despite the fact that the Canadian government has yet to give a clear signal on climate change policy, the shift to a low-carbon economy is undoubtedly uncontinued overleaf...

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Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:47 PM Page 62

Climate Change derway. Canadian business needs to get ready for it. Measuring your carbon impact Companies need to take time to understand the impacts of the move to the low-carbon economy on their business, so that they can make better-informed decisions, which will enable them to survive, innovate, adapt, and grow. The first step in building an organization’s carbon management strategy is to figure out what it emits. Building a comprehensive GHG inventory allows for the identification of emission sources, benchmarking against industry/company standards, financial impact analysis, target setting, and tracking progress. This enables the organization to introduce process efficiencies for cost savings and to, potentially, benefit from (future) carbon trading schemes. The six main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro and perfluoro-hydrocarbons, and sulfur hexafluoride. Although carbon dioxide is the most abundant and the source of greatest concern, all of the other GHGs have a higher intensity than CO2.

Entity-level GHG accounting quantifies and organizes GHG emissions information, based on common standards and protocols. Measuring and tracking GHG emissions can be a complex task, depending on the depth to which the analysis is carried out. This involves several steps, including laying down organizational and operational boundaries, identifying emissions sources and activities, attributing scopes to the emissions, and calculating the emissions from each activity. There are three types of emissions that need to be addressed, referred to as Scope 1, 2 and 3. Scope 1 is generally the direct emissions that result from sources that a company owns or controls; Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions that result from purchased electricity, heat or steam; Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions, usually related to upstream value-added chains and downstream product usage. While most companies are concerned about Scope 1 emissions, manufacturers of consumer products, such as refrigerators, for example, will find that the vast majority of their emissions are Scope 3.

It is also sometimes easier for companies to target their Scope 3 emissions for reduction purposes, since these usually do not impact their core business activities. Accounting for carbon offsets and carbon neutrality relates to carbon projects and not to entity level accounting. The World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WRI/WBCSD) were the first to propose specific protocols for GHG measurement at the organizational and project level. This also formed the basis for the evolution of the ISO 14064 standard, which has three parts: • ISO 14064-1 Part 1 specifies principles and requirements at the organization level for the design, development, management, maintenance and verification procedures used to establish and document an organization's GHG inventory. • ISO 14064-2 Part 2 is targeted at the project level and specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance for quantifying and reporting activities intended to achieve GHG emission reductions. • ISO 14064-3 Part 3 specifies prin-

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62 | January 2010

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 7:47 PM Page 63

Climate Change ciples and requirements and provides guidance for those conducting or managing the validation and/or verification of GHG assertions, such as the validation or verification of an organization's GHG inventory emissions claim or a project's GHG emission reduction claim. Several carbon programs have their own requirements for both entity and project level accounting and verification. Examples include the Chicago Climate Exchange, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard, California Climate Action Registry, and Regional GHG Initiative (RGGI). While it is important to follow one of the several protocols to build a credible carbon footprint that is acceptable by regulatory authorities and/or reporting programs, the company’s rationale for measuring GHGs can also decide the methodology. For absolute measurement, tonnes per CO 2 equivalent (tCO2e) are required, whereas, for internal tracking and monitoring performance, a company may record tonnes of CO2 per unit of product or per $ of revenue. The Carbon Disclosure Project

(www.cdproject.net), an independent, not-for-profit organization, now holds one of the largest databases of primary corporate climate change information in the world. Thousands of organizations have made the first step towards measuring and disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies. The way ahead It is becoming abundantly clear that it makes good business sense for Canadian industry to put in place strategies that may include modifications to products, processes and investment patterns to prepare for the low-carbon economy. Several provinces are already following the global trend and making plans to introduce mandatory emissions’ reporting. While the steps involved in developing an effective and credible carbon improvement plan do not generally involve major investment, given the complex nature of the task, GHG assessments require qualified personnel to quantify and verify GHG reports. Further, it is important to have third-party involvement to ensure the credibility of a GHG footprint. The benefits incurred - for example,

competitive differentiation and retention of market share - more than offset any costs incurred. It is also worth noting that, in 2008, clean-tech investments attracted more capital than communications or life sciences. Canadian industry has the capability to respond to these new markets and to be sellers of technology instead of resources. Because Copenhagen has largely been seen as a failure, leadership by companies will be more important than ever. Canada’s Environment Minister has already stated that Canada’s climate policy will be to wait for the US to move and then fall in step. This is hardly the leadership role we would expect. Canada can and must take a more proactive role. Dr. Bernard Fleet is President of Fleetec Inc., and an Adjunct Professor at Ryerson University. E-mail: bernard@fleetec.ca Ted Dhillon is CEO of CarbonSolve. E-mail: tdhillon@carbonsolve.com

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Stormwater Management

The evolution of sustainable stormwater management By Jeff Walker


tormwater management has become an increasingly challenging issue for urban communities. In many cases, rainwater can no longer follow its natural patterns, which increases the volume of runoff, causing many problems. In a natural environment, runoff is minimized since rainfall, for the most part, is dealt with naturally through infiltration, evaporation or plant transpiration. Urbanization, however, increases the amount of impervious surfaces and this in turn increases the percentage of rainfall that becomes runoff. As a result, we are seeing added stress on natural watercourses and related environments, simply because the increased imperviousness reduces the ability for rainfall to be absorbed into the soil, detained or treated. And this is changing the natural water balance. Water balance is an expression of the flow of water in and out of the system, and represents the proportion of precipitation that infiltrates, evapotranspirates, or runs off. If one or more of these elements goes out of its pre-development balance, it generates consequences to the natural system such as increases in volumes, peak flows and durations, temperatures and sediment. Excessive runoff, in particular, can lead to flooding and altered stream flow, erosion, algae growth, compromised water quality, threats to aquatic habitat, and changes to groundwater resources. Managing the water balance is important for flood protection, sustaining water quality, erosion control, and improving infiltration. Today, there is a growing need to implement stormwater management systems that control the volume and quality of runoff by other than traditional pipebased means. A low impact approach, using landscaping and other onsite techniques to mimic pre-development conditions, will be especially critical. Evolution of stormwater practices In order to understand what is needed today, it is important to look at the evolution of stormwater practices over the years. Prior to the 1990s, the major focus 64 | January 2010

was simply on controlling quantity. This prompted widespread installation of piped drainage systems that were designed to convey the runoff to downstream watercourses as quickly as possible. In the early 1990s, the focus expanded to include water quality and erosion. At this juncture, we saw the early iterations of ponds as a stormwater measure. Today, it is the treatment of stormwater that has come under the spotlight, as concern grows about protecting fisheries, preserving stream morphology, and protecting groundwater resources. Stormwater management objectives are now being accomplished through a variety of source and conveyance control measures that more closely simulate conditions prior to development. There are a number of these measures in use today, including: • Attenuation techniques that slow the release rate of stored water. • Infiltration processes for recharging groundwater. • Filtration systems for improving water quality. • Phyto-remediation to remove contaminants using plant material processes. These source and conveyance measures do not preclude the use of traditional end-of-pipe approaches, which continue

to be a factor in stormwater planning. Rather, the objective of these measures is to minimize and treat runoff before it reaches the end-of-pipe elements. The “treatment train” None of the sustainable stormwater measures working independently will address all the runoff issues we face today. Rather, the ideal way is the implementation of a series of solutions, often called the “treatment train” approach (Figure 1). Selecting the right combination of solutions for a specific application is very much dependent on location, project parameters, and costs. When assessing choices, one of the first things to look at is site conditions, such as soil, topography, and proximity to fisheries habitats, wells, and hazardous land uses. Climatic conditions, including rainfall and winter conditions, must be considered as well. The Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO provides a decision support tool that can assist the analysis process. (www.waterbalance.ca) It is also important to understand the pre- and post-development conditions and the relative change to the imperviousness or characteristics of the runoff. For instance, not all runoff is the same; runoff from different sources can experience different levels of contamination.

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Stormwater Management Techniques for stormwater management Some techniques that can be used in stormwater systems include bioretention, green roofs, soakaway pits, swales, filter strips, and permeable pavement. While this is by no means a complete list of all available alternatives, it provides an indication of the various options that can be used to address specific objectives. There are many good sources of information about these techniques, such as the Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Manual from Credit Valley Conservation Authority and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Another good source is the Metro Vancouver Stormwater Source Design Guidelines. Collaboration needed While the low impact stormwater approach appears to be an effective solution, implementation to date in Canada has been slow and sporadic. This is, in large part, because those in charge of water management services tend to adhere to more familiar and entrenched practices. Adding to the challenge is the fact that low impact measures require an integrated decentralized approach, where sustainable techniques may have to be installed in a combination of residential properties, parking lots, roads, parks, etc., under both public and private ownership and/or control. This is unlike traditional stormwater management which is primarily a single system, owned and maintained by the municipality. Even within municipalities, solutions need to cross organizational boundaries. For example, a set of measures may require the approval or involvement of multiple departments, including planning, water services, building, environmental, transportation, parks, and communications – not to mention external agencies. Each plays a role, and each requires a level of knowledge, expertise and commitment. Despite the challenges, studies have proven that costs can be lower with a properly designed and constructed system. By closing the knowledge gap in terms of understanding the available techniques and applications, as well as individual roles and job functions, we can expect to gain real and sustainable benefits from working towards common goals. www.esemag.com

Figure 1 – Examples of the Treatment Train Approach to Stormwater Management.

The Canadian Standards Association has actively consulted with leading stormwater management experts, representing municipalities, consultants, developers and researchers. As part of this initiative, it has now developed a series of stormwater management courses that are designed to close the knowledge gap and provide greater insight into the is-

sues, options and application of appropriate stormwater solutions. For information on course dates, locations and descriptions, visit www. csa.ca/infrastructure. Jeff Walker is with the Canadian Standards Association. E-mail: michael.loreto@csagroup.org

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PCBs and Groundwater

Removing PCBs from groundwater with activated carbon By Jeff Marmarelli and John Sherbondy


or about 50 years, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were commonly used in industrial materials, including caulking, cutting oils, inks, paints, and as dielectric fluids in electrical equipment such as transformers and capacitors. Concerns over health effects led to a North American ban on manufacturing PCBs in 1977. By the mid-1980s, an initiative was under way to clean up contaminated areas and phase out PCB-containing equipment and products that were still in use. This clean-up effort continues today. Careless disposal practices and accidental discharges in the past contribute to the current level of PCBs in groundwater and in sediments of rivers and lakes. Growing public and government concern about health hazards has led to new practices for safely removing and disposing of PCBs. Residual contamination has been effectively treated with systems utilizing activated carbon adsorption media. Activated carbon is widely used for the adsorption of many contaminants in liquid and air streams. It is produced from carbonaceous organic substances, including bituminous coal, coconut shell, lignite, bone, wood and other materials. Its many applications include the production of foods, decolorization of liquids, as for the recycling of glycol, and trace contamination removal from air. Adsorption results from a physical process in which layers of atoms or molecules of one substance are attracted onto the surface structure of another substance. The extensive pore structure of activated carbon provides an extremely high surface area, which makes it an ideal adsorbent. One pound of activated carbon has a surface area equivalent to six football fields. Activated carbon exhibits a graphitic plate structure, and the formation of adsorption surfaces can be likened to a box of peanut brittle, with the highest-energy adsorption sites formed at the intersections of the plates (Figure 1). The iodine number is used as a general measurement of the surface area of the activated car66 | January 2010

Figure 1. The formation of adsorption surfaces can be likened to a box of peanut brittle, with the highest-energy adsorption sites formed at the intersections of the plates.

bon. These numbers generally range from 900 to 1,100 for higher-quality carbons. Activated carbons tend to adsorb organic compounds with increasing affinity as the molecular weight, boiling point and refractive index of the adsorbate (the material being adsorbed) increase, and as solubility decreases. Thus, activated carbon has a high affinity for PCBs due to their high molecular weight, high indices of refraction, and very low solubilities. PCBs have a very large molecular structure and, for effective adsorption, will require an activated carbon with a compatible pore size. Different base materials will yield different pore structures. For example, coal-based carbon has a pore structure that will better accommodate these types of molecules than coconut-based carbon. Coconutbased carbons are more suited to smaller molecular weight compounds with low boiling points, and, therefore, are not as

effective in this application as a goodquality coal-based carbon. The surface loading of adsorbate on activated carbon varies with the concentration and conditions in the fluid stream. In order to evaluate the economic potential of an application, the activated carbon isotherms can be developed for the particular compound at a given set of conditions. Many isotherms are already available for various compounds, including PCBs. They can be obtained from carbon manufacturers, purification companies and EPA literature, and can also be developed in the lab using simple procedures. Figure 2 illustrates an isotherm for a PCB molecule with one chlorine atom on TIGG 5D 1240 coal-based activated carbon. As with any testing, these isotherms are performed under controlled laboratory conditions. Actual performance in the field can be affected by continued on page 114...

Figure 2. Adsorption of PCBs on TIGG 5D 1240. Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Improving wastewater treatment with air flow instrumentation By Steve Craig


n wastewater treatment plants, various processes are used to eliminate organic pollutants. One of the most common processes is the activated sludge method, which biologically treats wastewater in large aeration basins. This process requires compressed air to be pumped into the aeration basins, where a diffuser system ensures the air is distributed evenly, for optimum treatment. Large amounts of compressed air are required to ensure this process operates effectively to treat wastewater adequately, before it can be moved along to clarifying basins, filtering, disinfection, and other treatment processes. Controlling the proper amount of air released into the aeration basins is essential because the air flow controls the growth of microorganisms. Flow meters are typically installed in the aeration system piping to measure the amount of air flow and the meters’ analog or digital outputs run to the plant’s control system.

In wastewater facilities, as well as industrial plants, air compressor operation is one of the largest energy expenses. The cost of energy to produce compressed air continues to rise, along with fuel costs, so optimizing the aeration process by measuring and controlling the aeration system’s air flow with a suitable flow meter also reduces energy costs. In most plants, each of several aeration basins is configured with numerous diffuser systems. Individual air flow monitoring and independent control is generally required for each diffuser system. The compressor system must run 24/7 to maintain the optimum amount of air flowing to the diffuser systems and the aeration basins. However, the demand for air changes throughout the day to accommodate a variety of climatic and other factors. In evaluating and selecting flow meters, there are five important factors to consider:

1. Flow sensor technology. 2. Range and accuracy. 3. Operating environment. 4. Ease of installation. 5. Maintenance and lifecycle. 1. Flow sensor technology - Three flow sensor technologies have typically been in use in aeration air flow monitoring applications in wastewater treatment plants: differential pressure (orifice plates), vortex shedding, and thermal dispersion (mass flow). Differential pressure and, to a limited degree, vortex shedding technologies have an installed base. While orifice plates have been in use for many decades in water treatment plants, and vortex shedding is recognized for its high accuracy, thermal dispersion flow measurement now has the largest installed base for this application. It offers direct mass flow measurement and a wider turndown ratio, has no holes or moving parts to foul or clog, is an insertion-style meter

w w w. t e r r a t e c . a mw a t e r. c o m 68 | January 2010

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Instrumentation that installs in a single tap, and is costeffective. 2. Accuracy and flow range - At a typical large urban municipal wastewater treatment plant, one of the more common specifications for the aeration flow meter is to measure over a wide flow range from 1.5 to 150 standard feet per second (0.46 to 46 normal metre per second), with an accuracy of +2% of reading, +0.5% of full scale, with a repeatability of +0.5% of reading. Most aeration systems will operate with excellent efficiency at this level of accuracy. Flow meter manufacturers can provide products for higher accuracy specifications, but these products typically include extra features and functions that are unused in aeration applications, and they carry a price premium. It is also critically important to look at a flow meter’s repeatability specification, which tells the user how reliably the device will maintain its specified accuracy level. 3. Operating environment - The amount of air required to maintain the treatment process varies throughout the day and de-

ST50 Thermal Mass Flow Meter with wireless communication option.

pends on environmental and climate conditions. Flow meters for such applications must be able to tolerate significant drops in pressure throughout the system, from 0.8 to 17.6 psig (0.6 to 1.2 bar [g]). This means that the flow meter must have a wide turndown range, which can be a problem for mechanical devices with moving parts that wear over time.

Temperatures can vary widely from –68°F to 150°F (–20°C to +65°C). This is also a rugged, dirty environment that can be a maintenance issue with devices with holes that may plug or foul. 4. Ease of installation - When it comes to installation, some flow meters are more straightforward than others. Be sure continued overleaf...

Be Safe With Grace Wireless Man-Down Alarms


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Typical wastewater treatment plant.

to ask if the flow meter you are considering can be inserted directly into the process pipe, or if it requires an inline configuration that will require you to cut and splice your pipes in multiple places. To measure flow accurately, meters

require some length of unobstructed pipe straight-run upstream and downstream from the meter. If your plant is short on real estate, or if valves or elbows have to be placed near your flow meter, a flow conditioner will reduce the

Here’s why you should choose the Headworks Bio ActiveCell MMBR Process

straight-run needed to ensure the flow meter is measuring accurately. Tabbed-type flow conditioners have proved successful in these applications. Other flow conditioning technology choices, including tube bundles, honeycombs and perforated plates, may also be considered, depending upon the specifics of the application and obstructions. 5. Maintenance and lifecycle - Be sure to ask about the maintenance requirements for your flow meter. Some flow meters need more frequent recalibration and/or cleaning, which can be time-consuming or, worse, require you to remove the meter from service. For wastewater aeration applications, the ideal flow meter will have no moving parts to wear out and no routine cleaning requirements, to minimize maintenance cost and provide many years of service. When calculating the cost of a new flow meter, be sure to look beyond the purchase price to determine what it will cost to maintain and how long it will provide service. Realizing energy savings The cost of compressed air to support

GREAT LAKES NEED HELP The Great Lakes are in trouble and need our help. The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Centre for Engineering and Public Policy at McMaster University are pleased to present the second in a series of one day symposia:

• Small footprint requirement vs conventional systems • Improved effluent quality without increasing plant foot print • Achieve new Nitrification requirements • Increased flow capacity • Minimal operator interface for easy operation • Lower lifecycle costs 800 Wilcrest, Ste. 340 Houston, Texas 77042 USA E-mail: hw@headworksusa.com www.headworksusa.com

70 | January 2010

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Instrumentation wastewater treatment operations depends on a number of major variables. These include the plant’s physical climate, the layout, the volume of waste, the equipment in use (including the diffuser, compressor and control system), the piping configuration, the flow instrumentation, and the energy supplier. In a perfect world, all of these variable factors would work together to promote the optimum microorganism growth rate needed to treat the wastewater in the shortest amount of time. While perfection is beyond most of us, improvement is possible and valuable. If your energy costs seem high, consider all the variables, including the type of flow meters, where they are placed in the pipeline, and their calibration for your application. Selecting the wrong type of flow meter, or improper calibration or installation, can all result in less than optimum compressor efficiency and higher energy costs. To determine the potential savings, consider the amount of compressed air consumed daily, and then look at what a small percentage improvement in com-

pressor efficiency is worth. Then ask your flow meter supplier to help you review the performance of the instrument in the actual application.

Outfitting wastewater treatment aeration systems with the proper flow meter will result in improved process effectiveness and reduced energy consumption. Choosing the right flow meter Outfitting wastewater treatment aeration systems with the proper flow meter will result in improved process effectiveness and reduced energy consumption. Looking carefully at measuring accuracy and range needs, installation conditions

and complexity, and maintenance requirements, will result in selecting the most cost-effective flow metering solution. Over the past three years, a number of flow meters from multiple manufacturers have been developed for use in wastewater treatment facilities. When you are evaluating flow meters for your next project, be sure to look beyond accuracy, which, while important, can be misleading in terms of overall performance, reliability and low lifecycle costs. You can also avoid a lot of headaches if you ask about how well the flow meter will operate within your specific environment. Don’t forget to consider the ease of installation and think ahead about maintenance. To evaluate your true total investment cost, look beyond the initial cash outlay to include the cost of operating your next flow meter over its lifecycle. Steve Craig is with Fluid Components International (CIC), a partner of Avensys Solutions. For more information, E-mail: lclement@avensys.com

SUMMA Engineering Limited offers 30 years of SCADA experience Summa Engineering is a “Complete Solution Company,” offering programming, design, panel manufacturing and start-up services. We can deliver each one of these services individually, or we can supply, install, program and commission the complete project, under the direction of our experienced Project Managers. As a premier SCADA systems integrator since 1980, Summa Engineering has been designing and installing user-friendly, operationally intuitive water and wastewater supervisory control and data acquisition systems for municipal water and wastewater systems, across Canada.

Typical Set Point Screen

Summa Engineering has experience in delivering SCADA systems integration projects in both traditional design-bid-build, and design-plus implementation methods. We have earned a reputation as being an expert contractor for upgrading a plant’s SCADA system, while it is still in operation, with the least amount of process interruptions. Typical Process Screen Summa Engineering Limited 6423 Northam Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4V 1J2 Tel: (905) 678-3388 Fax: (905) 678-0444 E-mail: info@summaeng.com, Web site: www.summaeng.com


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Package Treatment System ACG Technology’s package treatment system offers performance and durability. It provides sewage treatment within a small footprint. Aeration, mixing and settling can be accomplished in compact, easily transported ISO containers, ideal for remote locations. Provides flexibility of adding future parallel units, an economical means of meeting the needs of any growing sewage loads. Tel: 905-856-1414, Fax: 905-856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web: www.acgtechnology.com

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ACG Technology

Coalescing oil/water separators ACG Technology’s coalescing oil/ water separators are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP and polypropylene construction. Standard systems include air operated diaphragm pump, air filter and floating skimmer. Adjustable weir and skimmer height provides optimal oil removal and minimal disposal volume. Standard range is 1 to 50 GPM. Tel: 905-856-1414, Fax: 905-856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web: www.acgtechnology.com ACG Technology

Concrete arch bridges

Armtec provides BEBO concrete arch bridges in Québec, Ontario and Western Canada. Based on technology developed in Switzerland, BEBO arches are an economical alternative to cast-inplace concrete or structural steel bridges. They are available in a range of shapes with spans up to 31m. Tel: 519-822-0210, Fax: 519-822-1160 E-mail: sales@armtec.com Web: www.armtec.com Armtec

Stormwater solutions

Fish-friendly culverts

Armtec provides a wide range of CONTECH stormwater quality management systems throughout Canada. Products include VORTECHS hydrodynamic separation systems and VORTFILTER filtration systems. These systems are among the best for capturing suspended solids, oils, grit and trash from stormwater runoff. Tel: 519-822-0210, Fax: 519-822-1160 E-mail: sales@armtec.com Web: www.armtec.com

Atlantic Industries Limited offers a wide variety of environmentallyfriendly fish passage solutions for salt or fresh water applications, including their open-bottomed arches in recycled/recyclable galvanized steel or Dur•A•SpanTM aluminum structural plate. The units ship and install easily with minimal site impact and their openbottom designs comply with stream crossing codes. Tel: 877-245-7473 Web: www.ail.ca

The Land Model 4500 Mk III from Ametek achieves the highest available performance specifications as defined by ASTM Standard D6216-Standard Practice for Opacity Monitor Manufacturers to Certify Conformance with Design and Performance Specifications. It is an accurate and reliable stack opacity measurement and dust concentration monitoring instrument, ideally suited for all types of industrial applications. Tel: 888-965-4700 E-mail: info@avensys.com Web: www.avensyssolutions.com


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Lightweight ground tents

Solving weld problems

The PELSUE lightweight ground tents are one piece including all fiberglass poles (integrated into the shell) and set up in seconds.The tents are manufactured from flame retardant 250 denier polyester and are used for protection from the elements during equipment repair.They are also used as portable shelters, Haz-Mat Decon, field offices and rest areas. Sizes include 6’ x 6’, 8’ x 8’, 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’ and 14’ x 14’. Tel: 800-265-0182, Fax: 905-272-1866 E-mail: info@cdnsafety.com Web: www.cdnsafety.com

ChemFlare™ connections solve failure problems on PVC threaded/solvent welds on sodium hypochlorite dosing panels. For ball, relief valves and dosing pumps. Easy to install, disassemble and add no dead volume. Chemline offers an entire system including Teflon PFA flare fittings and tubing. Tel: 905-889-7890, Fax: 905-889-8553 E-mail: request@chemline.com Web: www.chemline.com

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72 | January 2010

Opacity measurement and dust compliance

Stainless steel pumps Grindex’s new stainless steel pump line combines the integrity of years of tested design with the ingenuity and durability of new technology. Inox pumps can be used in applications that would destroy their aluminum predecessors. Their stainless steel construction enables them to endure pH values from 2 – 10, making them ideal for extreme environments with highly acidic or alkaline contents. Tel: 705-431-8585, Fax: 705-431-2772 E-mail: pb@claessenpumps.com Web: www.claessenpumps.com Claessen Pumps

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Guideline for CSP culverts

Dissolved air flotation

Polymer Laminated Corrugated Steel Pipe provides protection against the uncertainties of tomorrow. This tough, mill-applied coating protects both the steel and galvanized coating from attack by a multitude of agents. The coating has performed well in extremely aggressive environments and is expected to provide continuous protection for more than 100 years. Tel: 866-295-2416, Fax: 519-650-8081 E-mail: info@cspi.ca Web: www.cspi.ca

Use the Canadian Performance Guideline for Corrugated Steel Pipe Culverts as your location in Canada may affect the long-term performance of your infrastructure. Understanding your local environment helps you to select the steel material best suited to your site, for optimum performance and value. Tel: 866-295-2416, Fax: 519-650-8081 E-mail: info@cspi.ca Web: www.cspi.ca

The AquaDAF® Clarifier High-Rate Dissolved Air Flotation System is a viable alternative to conventional settling and DAF clarifiers. It is highly effective for treatment of a range of raw water characteristics including troublesome waters exhibiting low turbidity, high TOC, colour and algae. Tel: 201-794-3100 Web: www.degremont-technologies.com

Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute

Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute


Vertical UV lamp system

Denso Petrolatum Tapes

Ozonia’s Aquaray® 3X Vertical Lamp System offers a high amount of UV output within a reduced footprint, while providing the degree of disinfection required for even the most stringent of effluent criteria. Operator-friendly, the 3X is ideally designed for large wastewater plants. Tel: 201-794-3100 Web: www.degremont-technologies.com

Proven worldwide for well over 100 years, Denso Petrolatum Tapes offer the best, most economical, long-term corrosion protection for all above and below ground metal surfaces. Requiring only minimum surface preparation and environmentally responsible, Denso Petrolatum Tape is the solution to your corrosion problems in any corrosive environment. For applications in mines, mills, refineries, steel mills, pulp & paper, oil & gas, and the waterworks industry. The answer is Denso! Tel: 416-291-3435, Fax: 416-291-0898 E-mail: blair@densona.com Web: www.densona.com



Floating cover systems

GTI’s modular floating cover systems control algae and odors in tanks and lagoons. These durable, UV-protected covers can also be used to provide insulation. The covers can be installed quickly without disrupting plant operations and are easy to maintain while in service. They can safely support foot traffic and snow loads. Tel: 506-452-7304 E-mail: covers@gticovers.com Web: www.gticovers.com Geomembrane Technologies Inc.


The JetMix Vortex Mixing System can be used in biosolids storage where solids suspension is important. Benefits of using the JetMix system include: Intermittent operation saves 60-90% in power consumption; expensive tank cleanout and scheduled maintenance not required; easily installed in existing tanks; multiple tank mixing using a central pump house. JetMix was a recipient of a 1997 Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation. Tel: 519-469-8169, Fax: 519-469-8157 E-mail: sales@greatarioengsys.com Web: www.greatario.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems

Multi-channel transmitter

The Liquiline CM44 is a four-wire multi-channel transmitter from Endress+Hauser, compatible with a full complement of digital Memosens sensors for all parameters. The large backlit screen, navigation wheel, dropdown menu structure and adaptive software make operation simple and intuitive. Tel: 800-668-3199, Fax: 905-681-9444 E-mail: info@ca.endress.com Web: www.ca.endress.com Endress + Hauser

Water reservoir & tank mixer

PAX Mixer is a very innovative, simple mixer designed to mix water storage reservoirs and standpipes. It offers superior mixing performance with little energy consumption, easy installation, low capital cost. It eliminates stagnation and stratification, minimizes residual loss, prevents nitrification. Tel: 905-660-9775, Fax: 905-660-9744 E-mail: michael@h2flow.com Web: www.h2flow.com H2Flow Tanks & Systems

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Polymer laminated coating

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Multiparameter meter The YSI Professional Plus handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Web: www.hoskin.ca Hoskin Scientific

P roduct & Service Showcase

Underdrain air/water backwash

Leopold Underdrain technology from ITT Water & Wastewater is a unique water recovery channel that allows a broader airflow range of 1 to 5 scfm/sf, improved air stability, continuously uniform air flow, and lower water maldistribution of less than 5% (total). Tel: 514-695-0100, Fax: 514-697-0602 Web: www.ittwww.ca ITT Water and Wastewater

Chemical-free water treatment

Hand-held DO meter The YSI ProODOTM handheld DO meter provides extreme durability for the measurement of optical, luminescent-based dissolved oxygen for any field application.

WEDECO Ozone Generators from ITT Water & Wastewater eliminate pollutants, coloured substances, odours and microorganisms without creating harmful byproducts. They are compact in design to reduce overall footprint, and provide reduced energy consumption per unit of ozone production. Tel: 514-695-0100, Fax: 514-697-0602 Web: www.ittwww.ca

Web: www.hoskin.ca

ITT Water and Wastewater

Hoskin Scientific

Advanced metering

New book on fossil energy production Environmentally Conscious Fossil Energy Production discusses environmental and economic impacts of conventional power generation technologies. With a focus on making conventional energy production systems more efficient, it covers design optimization, cost reduction, and quality improvement, while meeting environmental standards and regulations. ISBN: 978-0-470-23301-6, December 2009, 368 pages, CDN $150.00. Tel: 416-236-4433, Fax: 416-236-4448 E-mail: atasic@wiley.com Web: www.wiley.com John Wiley & Sons

The 3G Drone™ is a new addition to the advanced meter intel collection from Master Meter. This military inspired, ‘flyby’ technology provides new ‘weaponry’ in the battle by utilities against water loss. Compact in design, the 3G Drone is GPS self-guided, and automatically captures consumption data, and theft, tamper, and leak alarms. Tel: (450) 461-1535, Fax: (450) 461-3720 E-mail: jclauret@mastermeter.com Web: www.mastermeter.ca Master Meter

Septage receiving station

Metering pumps

Metering pump

The userfriendly, maintenancefree Helisieve Plus® Septage Receiving Station pretreats septage and protects downstream processes. This self-contained system removes troublesome solids and dewaters them for landfill. It's fast, easy and effective, and odors are contained in the stainless steel receiving tank. Tel: 514-636-8712, Fax: 514-636-9718 E-mail: canada@parkson.com Web: www.parkson.com

Feature-rich and dependable Sigma series metering pumps from ProMinent help keep your chemical feed under control. Sigma pumps operate in capacities of up to 1000 LPH and pressures up to 174 psi. Microprocessor controls are easy to use, with backlit LCD for rapid and reliable adjustment. Tel: 888-709-9933, Fax: 519-836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web: www.prominent.ca

The awardwinning delta® with optoDrive® provides diverse control and operating capabilities in a capacity range of 7.5 - 75 l/h, 362 psi - 29 psi. The delta from ProMinent has many advanced features: pulsed or continuous dosing; automatic detection of airlock, low pressure and high pressure; and an automatic degassing option. Tel: 888-709-9933, Fax: 519-836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web: www.prominent.ca/delta

Parkson Corporation

ProMinent Fluid Controls

ProMinent Fluid Controls

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SAF-T-FLO Chemical Injection manufactures a complete line of chemical injection equipment for all types of chemical feed systems. A large inventory of retractable and non-retractable injection quills and sampling probes is available to meet your needs. In addition, experienced technical sales staff can answer your questions or help solve your problems. Tel: 800-957-2383, Fax: 714-632-3350 E-mail: gkline@saftflo.com Web: www.saftflo.com SAF-T-FLO Chemical Injection

Wastewater Pump Stations Energy-saving Smith & Loveless wastewater pump stations are ideal for collection system and WWTP influent pumping for municipalities, private developments and industry. Proven lift station designs minimize delays because S&L stations arrive at the jobsite completely built and thoroughly factory-tested. Now available with expanded pump sizing: 4" - 12" piping (100-300 mm); horsepower: 1.5 to 300 HP; capacity: up to 50,000 GMP (3155 lps). Tel: 913-888-5201, Fax: 913-888-2173 E-mail: answers@smithandloveless.com Web: www.smithandloveless.com Smith & Loveless

Water quality meters Waterra's new Aquaread™ GPS Aquameter™ gets you fast, reliable, accurate and dependable water quality readings. Attach one of the eight available multiparameter probes to measure dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, pH and ORP. Tel: 905-238-5242, Fax: 905-238-5704 E-mail: sales@waterra.com Web: www.waterra.com Waterra Pumps


Membrane bioreactor Sanitherm has perfected containerizing their SaniBrane® MBR. The containerized SaniBrane is portable, provides excellent effluent on start-up, is operator friendly and comes pre-wired, preplumbed and tested. The system for anywhere needing reliable waste treatment with a small footprint! Tel: 604-986-9168, Fax: 604-986-5377 E-mail: information@sanitherm.com Web: www.sanibrane.com Sanitherm Inc.

Keyless hollow shaft mounting system

SEW-Eurodrive’s patented keyless hollow shaft design TorqLOC® adds advantages to the F-Series (the SNUGGLE®), the K-Series (helical-bevel) and the S-Series (helical-worm) reducers. Tel: 905-791-1553, Fax: 905-791-2999 Web: www.sew-eurodrive.ca SEW-Eurodrive Company of Canada

Water level meters

Trickling filters

Solinst Model 102 Coaxial Cable Water Level Meters now have accurate laser cable markings every 1/100 ft or millimeter. Providing Solinst quality at a low price, they have narrow probes and a durable, flexible cable mounted on a sturdy reel. Tel: 905-873-2255, Fax: 905-873-1992 E-mail: instruments@solinst.com Web: www.solinst.com Solinst Canada

Waterloo Biofilters® are efficient, modular trickling filters for residential and communal sewage wastewaters, and landfill leachate. Patented, lightweight, synthetic filter media optimize physical properties for microbial attachment and water retention. The self-contained modular design for communal use is now available in 20,000L/d and 40,000L/d ISO shipping container units - ready to plug in on-site. Tel: 519-856-0757, Fax: 519-856-0759 E-mail: wbs@waterloo-biofilter.com Web: www.waterloo-biofilter.com Waterloo Biofilter

Water control gates

Underground tanks

Whipps, Inc's low leakage water control gates have been field-proven in water and wastewater applications since 1977. Equipment such as slide gates, sluice gates, hand-pull stop gates, stop logs, flap gates, shear gates, tilting weirs and telescoping valves are produced at the company headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts. Tel: 978-249-7924, Fax: 978-249-3072 Web: www.whipps.com Whipps, Inc.

ZCL’s underground tanks are constructed of non-corrosive fibreglass composite material and premium quality grade resin. They are marketed under the trade names Prezerver® and Greentank®. Safe and durable, ZCL tanks have become the #1 choice for environmentally safe storage of petroleum products. Tel: 1-800-661-8265 Web: www.zcl.com ZCL Composites

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Product & Service Showcase

Chemical injection equipment

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ES&E’s 22th Annual Equipment Specifiers’ Guide January 2009

March 2009

May 2009

Summe r 200 9

September 2009

ions for Key considerat n r lift statio wastewate ol level contr

Nov/Dec 2009

r process Multi- barrie r plant improves wate efficiency ent water treatm Managing uals plant resid in rs considered Many facto fit drain retro Dieppe storm


ent ltants, Equipm Official Show Guide For: cts Guide to Consu Produ The 17th Annual Canadian Suppliers and

www .esem

April 20 - 21, 2009


Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South Building


o-organized by Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, CANECT is the largest event of its kind in Canada, typically attracting some 2,000 tradeshow visitors and conference delegates. Conference delegates and tradeshow visitors are a high quality audience of senior people responsible for environmental engineering, regulations and compliance issues.

CANECT 2009 will again be co-located in the same hall with Health & Safety Canada, an annual tradeshow of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA). This annual show attracts over 6,000 delegates, including those with EH&S and senior management responsibilities. (Visit www.iapa.ca for details) Combined, CANECT and Health & Safety Canada are expected to attract some 475 exhibiting companies and 8,000 tradeshow visitors. Tradeshow badges from either show will allow admission to both shows at no extra charge. To register for free tradeshow registration, please visit www.canect.net, or fill out and fax in the free pass that came with this copy of ES&E magazine.

Scheduled Session Topics Environmental regulation and compliance Managing approvals and permits Proactive air emissions compliance Reducing carbon costs Environmental management standards and guidelines Managing inspectors and investigators Industrial waste and waste diversion Water and wastewater compliance Brownfields - the new rules Spills management and compliance

w w w . C A N E C T. n e t

If you would like to receive a printed CANECT conference program, please contact Darlann Passfield, Tel: 905-727-4666 (Ext 30), or Toll Free: 1-888-254-8769, Email: darlann@esemag.com. Conference details are also available at www.canect.net

Official CANE CT 2009 Showguide

Guide associato govern me tions and acnt, ad

Drinking water treatment in the Far North

Environmental m ag.co Conference & Tradeshow

- Page 78

Hamilto emic instit electr n facilit ution icity fro y to g s m bios enerate olids Reha bil water itating a n unde reserv rgrou oir nd Floati ng co bioga s collever improve ction s Regio nalizati on of waste the water treatm Determining ent ater of wastew

An innovative approach to biosolids proce ssing New Canad ian process approved to detoxify chlor inated solve nts Economical wastewater lagoon aeration syste m

www .ese mag



iron from Removing er drinking wat

ww w.

system Temporary pumping al keeps water plant operation Automation of septage receiving can save resources ese ma

r Reusing vortex stormwate separator saves $$$

g.c om

Environmental Consultants and Testing Laboratories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 re stimulus Infrastructu process changes EA


ving filtration evol

ment ks, Contain Storage Tan- Special Section & Spills

Equipment and Service Suppliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88

Env testing labs – science or commodity

ironag.com mental www.esem Decentralize d

wastewater treatment Algaecide can improve wat supply qua er lity Eliminating wastewater Special Sect Consultants ions: ’ Forum Storage Tan Containmen ks t&

Products & Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104

pipe odours

Spills www .ese mag


ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Consultants and Testing Laboratories NOTE: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers only. No claims are made that it is a comprehensive review. ES&E relies on information supplied by companies who returned questionnaires. AGAT LABORATORIES 5835 Coopers Ave Mississauga ON L4Z 1Y2 (905) 712-5074 Fax: (905) 712-5122

A.A. BOSCARIOL AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED 214-2825 Lauzon Dr Windsor ON N8T 3H5 (519) 966-4006 A&A ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC. 2-513 Adelaide St Woodstock ON N4S 4B5 (800) 385-9233 Fax: (877) 818-8638 Contact: George Duncan, President ABL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 102 Portland St Dartmouth NS B2Y 1H8 ABRAM CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. 217 Industrial Rd F Cranbrook BC V1C 6N3 (250) 489-8188 Fax: (250) 489-3416 Contact: Sean Abram ADI LIMITED 300-1133 Regent St Fredericton NB E3B 3Z2 (506) 452-9000 Fax: (506) 459-3954

ADVENTUS GROUP 1345 Fewster Dr Mississauga ON L4W 2A5 (905) 273-5374 Fax: 905-273-4367 E-mail: Kerry.Shaw@AdventusGroup.com Web site: www.AdventusGroup.com Contact: Kerry Bolanos-Shaw, VP of Operations The Adventus Group provides an intriguing portfolio of environmental remediation technologies, including patented offerings surrounding usage of zero valent iron (ZVI) and other in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) technologies. Our business model supports site owners, environmental engineers, consultants, regulators and the academic community by providing unbiased designed and selection of the most cost-effective remediation strategies.

76 | January 2010

AECOM 275-3001 Wayburne Dr Burnaby BC V5G 4W3 (604) 689-3431 Fax: (604) 685-1035 Web site: www.aecom.com Contact: Laura Soucek, Mgr, Communications, Canada AECOM is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including water, environment, transportation, facilities and government. With approximately 45,000 employees around the world, including 4,000 in Canada, AECOM is a leader in all of the key markets that it serves. AERCOUSTICS ENGINEERING LTD. 165-50 Ronson Dr Toronto ON M9W 1B3 (416) 249-3361 Fax: (416) 249-3613

AGL MARKETING LIMITED 205 Miller Dr Georgetown ON L7G 6G4 (905) 877-5369 E-mail: glee@aglmarketing.com Web site: www.aglmarketing.com Contact: Grant Lee, President AGL Marketing Limited provides marketing services to engineers, surveyors, contractors, concrete pipe producers, and industry associations. The business was established by Grant Lee, a professional marketer and land use planner with over 25 years experience in the infrastructure field. AINLEY GROUP 280 Pretty River Pkwy Collingwood ON L9J 4J5 (705) 445-3451

AET GROUP INC. 531 Wellington St N Kitchener ON N2H 5L6 (519) 576-9723 Fax: (519) 570-9589 E-mail: sfreiburger@aet-group.com Web site: www.aet-group.com Contact: Scott Freiburger, Principal/Sr. Consultant Recognized as a leader in the environmental consulting industry, AET Group provides expertise in waste, ecology, building sciences, energy and environmental management to the private and public sector. Through a diversity of expertise and a highly qualified team, AET is positioned to effectively and efficiently help clients with their environmental challenges and needs.

AIR EARTH & WATER ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 423 Ireland Rd Simcoe ON N3Y 5J1 (519) 426-7019 Fax: (519) 426-5035 ALARA INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE SERVICES LTD. 103 Parkview Hill Cres Toronto ON M4B 1R5 (416) 759-9579 Contact: Charles Pilger, President AL D. DRIVER CONSULTING 269 Rockingham Crt Cobourg ON K9A 5W3 (905) 372-0121 Fax: (905) 372-0181 Contact: Al Driver, President ALDWORTH ENGINEERING INC. 100-85 Curlew Dr Toronto ON M3A 2P8 (416) 446-6300

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories ALS LABORATORY GROUP 26-5730 Cooper Ave Mississauga ON L4Z 2E9 ALTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING LTD. 12 Banigan Dr Toronto ON M4H 1E9 (800) 323-4937 Fax: (416) 467-9826 AL-TERRA ENGINEERING LTD. 4010–76 Ave Edmonton AB T6B 2P1 (780) 440-4411 Fax: (780) 440-2585 AMEC EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL 420 Weber St N Unit G Waterloo ON N2L 4E7 (519) 886-7500 Fax: (519) 886-7419 Contact: Jeff Chambers, Principal Owner APLIN & MARTIN CONSULTANTS LTD. 101-33230 Old Yale Rd Abbotsford BC V2S 2J5 (778) 880-0577 Fax: (778) 880-00578 AQUA DATA INCORPORATED 95 5E Ave Pincourt QC J7V 5K8 AQUAFOR BEECH LIMITED 6-202 2600 Skymark Ave Mississauga ON L4W 5B2 (905) 629-0089 AQUATECH SOC DE GESTION DE L’EAU INC. 110-101 Boul Roland-Therrien Longueuil QC J4H 4B9 AQUA TERRE SOLUTIONS INC. 110-20 Colonade Rd Ottawa ON K2E 7M6 (613) 226-2456 Fax: (613) 226-9980 ARRAKIS CONSULTANTS INC. 470-7050 Boul Wilfrid-Hamel Quebec QC G2G 1B5

• ANTHRACITE • QUALITY FILTER SAND & GRAVEL • CARBON • GARNET ILMENITE • REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 20 Sharp Road, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L8 • Tel: (519) 751-1080 • Fax: (519) 751-0617 E-mail: swildey@anthrafilter.net • Web: www.anthrafilter.net

ASSOCIATED ENGINEERING 300-4940 Canada Way Burnaby BC V5G 4M5 (604) 293-1411 Fax: (604) 291-6163 E-mail: admin@ae.ca Web site: www.ae.ca Contact: Rick Corbett, VP Environmental Associated Engineering provides consulting engineering services in the water, infrastructure, environmental, and transportation sectors. Our services include planning, feasibility studies, design, construction, training, and operational assistance, project management, and asset management. Recognized as an industry leader, we received the 2006 Canadian Consulting Engineers Schreyer Award for the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Reuse Facility in Edmonton.

MARKHAM, ONTARIO 905-747-8506 weknowwater@bv.com www.bv.com ATLAS DEWATERING CORPORATION 111 Ortona Ct Concord ON L4K 3M3 (905) 669-6825 or (877) 669-6825 Fax: (905) 669-4036 E-mail: steve@atlascorp.com Web site: www.atlasdewatering.com Contact: Steve Brett, General Manager Established in 1946. Environmental professionals – Hydrogeology and Geoscience. Phase I, II and III environmental assessments. Erosion/sediment control plan review, design and monitoring,

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Specialists in a comprehensive range of Municipal, Environmental, Structural, Building, Water Resources, Transportation and Municipal Engineering Collingwood


Email: info@cctatham.com



Web: www.cctatham.com

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories Get a clear view of: • UST's, buried metal, debris & fill • Former excavations & structures • Leachate plumes • Voids and fractures • Stratigraphy • Pipes and utilities

“Specialists in non-intrusive ground investigations” Tel: 905.458.1883 Fax: 905.792.1884 E-mail: general@geophysics.ca Web: www.geophysics.ca

More More than 30 Years Ye ears of Water Water & Wastewater Solutions Wastewater S olutions

restoration of fish habitat. Permit to Take Water Applications. Water Resource Engineering. AVOCA-TEC CONSULTANTS 365-3700 Griffith St Saint-Laurent QC H4T 2B3 (514) 341-7777 Fax: (514) 341-0353 AXOR EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. 1950 Rue Sherbrooke O Montreal QC H3H 1E7 BECKER ENVIRONMENTAL 7 INC. 252 Windermere Rd SW Calgary AB T3C 3L1 (403) 242-8411 Fax: (403) 242-8411 Contact: Bob Becker, President


Wastewater Wastewater C Collection/Treatment ollec tion/Treatment Water Water Supply,, Treatment, Treatment, SStorage torage & D Distribution istribution En Environmental vironmental SSite ite A Assessment/Remediation ssessment/Remediation H Hydrogeological ydrogeological Investigations/Modelling Investigations/M odelling W Watershed/Stormwater atershed/Stormwater Management M anagement Information Information Technology/Data Te echnology/Data Management M anagement

2,700 00 Sta Staff St ff 90+ 0+ Offices O ffices

1.800 1.800.265.6102 80 .2 265.6102 102 www.CRAworld.com w w w.CR .C Aworld.co om

W Worldwide orldwide Engineering, Engineering, En Environmental, vironmental, C Construction, onstruction, and IT S Services er vices

28 Stone Gate Dr Halifax NS B3N 3J2 (902) 425-8989 Fax: (902) 425-8989 E-mail: magbeti@bio-limno.com Web site: www.bio-limno.com Contact: Michael Agbeti, President Bio-Limno specializes in analysis of algae (phytoplankton and periphyton), zooplankton and interpretation of water quality data. BIOGENIE S.R.D.C. INC. 1140 Levis St Lachenaie QC J6W 5S6 (450) 961-3535 Fax: (450) 961-0220 Contact: Sophie Limoges, Director, Business Development BLACK & VEATCH CANADA 103-50 Minthorn Blvd Markham ON L3T 7X8 (905) 747-8506

Soil and Groundwater Remediation Specialists

• • • • •

Bio-Remediation Programs Chemical Oxidation Programs Ground Water Treatment Direct Push Technology Canada Wide Service

visit us online at

GoldenEnviro.ca Barrie 705 726 3921

Toll Free 1 800 414 2404

Peterborough 705 872 2321

BLANEY MCMURTRY LLP 1500-2 Queen St E Toronto ON M5C 3G5 (416) 593-1221 Fax: (416) 593-5437 E-mail: jbobechko@blaney.com Web site: www.blaney.com Contact: Janet L. Bobechko, Partner We act in commercial and financial transactions with complex environmental dimensions and regularly advise clients on all aspects of environmental compliance, liability and risk management. We provide advice regarding emissions, approvals, emergency response, toxic reduction, disclosure and reporting, waste management, site assessments, brownfield development and site remediation. We can manage the environmental aspects of project development and represent clients in all types of regulatory proceedings. BODYCOTE ACCUTEST LABORATORIES 8-146 Colonade Rd Ottawa ON K2E 7Y1 (613) 727-5692 Fax: (613) 727-5222 BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM-BIBLIO 2100 Rue Cunard Laval QC H7S 2G5 BOISSONNAULT MCGRAW & ASSOCIATES LTD. 334 Dover St Campbellton NB E3N 3M6 (506) 789-1225 Fax: (506) 789-1222

BOMA ENVIRONMENTAL & SAFETY INC. 203-2621 Portage Ave Winnipeg MB R3J 0P7 (204) 889-5275 Fax: (204) 889-2348 E-mail: info@bomaes.ca Web site: www.bomaes.ca Contact: Dr. Dinko Tuhtar, P. Eng., Director Environmental permitting; source testing; mod-

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories eling of dispersion of air emissions; solid/hazardous waste management; environmental assessment of facility/process/site; monitoring of air/water/soil quality; environmental/health risk assessment; industrial hazard analysis (HAZOP, FMEA); indoor air quality; workplace exposure assessment, monitoring and control; hazardous materials assessments, and management.


BOOJUM RESEARCH LTD. 1459 Pickwick Dr Mississauga ON L5V 1V7 Contact: Margarete Kalin, CEO BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS SRL 900-1000 Rue De La Gauchetiere O Montreal QC H3B 5H4 BPR 4655 Boul Wilfrid-Hamel Quebec QC G1P 2J7 B & R ENGINEERING CO. LTD. 200-14 Haas Rd Toronto ON M9W 3A2 (416) 742-5144 Fax: (416) 742-5488 Contact: R.B. Hockmann, President BRUCE A. BROWN ASSOCIATES LIMITED 2-109 Vanderhoof Ave Toronto ON M4G 2H7 (416) 424-3355 Fax: (416) 421-3350 Contact: Bruce Brown, Principal BRUSER ET ASSOCIES 7636 Boul Wilfrid-Hamel Quebec QC G2G 1C1 BSI MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CANADA 102-6205 Airport Rd Mississauga ON L4V 1E1 (905) 620-9991 Fax: 905-620-9911 Contact: Carine Delorme, Mktg Coordinator BURNSIDE – R.J. BURNSIDE & ASSOCIATES LTD. 15 Townline Orangeville ON L9W 3R4 (519) 941-5331 Fax: (519) 941-8120 Contact: Jeff Langlois, Technical Sector Leader, Water/Wastewater CADUCEON ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORIES 285 Dalton Rd Kingston ON K7K 6Z1 CALA 310-1565 Carling Ave Ottawa ON K1Z 8R1 CAMBRIDGE MATERIALS TESTING LTD. 1177 Franklin Blvd Cambridge ON N1R 7W4 CAMPBELL COMEAU ENGINEERING LTD. 1657 Bedford Row PO Box 1028 Halifax NS B3J 2X1 CANADIAN COUNCIL OF INDEPENDENT LABORATORIES PO Box 41027 Ottawa ON K1G 5K9 CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITORS 35 Lakeshore Blvd RR 1 Gilford ON L0L 1R0 (705) 456-3318 Fax: (705) 456-1255 Contact: John Sciberras, President



Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca


OTT Fine Bubble Diffusers • • • •

highest efficiency, intelligent, intuitive designs proven worldwide in more than 23 years of service quickest and easiest installation and maintenance uniquely environmentally friendly


Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca

PHI BUBBLETRON Mixing Technology Innovative, most energy-efficient mixing No in-basin moving parts Anoxic mixing Ideal for many applications Sludge mixing Water reservoir circulation Sewage pump station grease cap & odor control


Phone: 905-777-9494 E: info@hydrologic.ca W: www.hydrologic.ca

Experts in Water, Wastewater, Environmental Planning, and Simulation Software

Hydromantis, Inc. Consulting Engineers ! 420 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, N1T 2H9 Tel: (519) 624-7223 Fax: (519) 624-7224 ! 1685 1 James Street Ontario, L8P L8S 4R5 1G5 Main St. South, West,Suite Suite1601, 302,Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Tel: (905) 522-0012 Fax: (905) 522-0031

E-mail: info@hydromantis.com Web: www.hydromantis.com

Insitu Groundwater Contractors • • • • • P: 519-763-0700 F: 519-763-6684 • 150 Stevenson Street, South Guelph, ON N1E 5N7

Dewatering systems Mobile groundwater treatment systems Well and pump installation and maintenance Pump, filter, generator rentals Sediment tank rentals Insitu groundwater remediation systems


CANTEST LIMITED 4606 Canada Way Burnaby BC V5G 1K5 (604) 638-2634 Fax: (604) 731-2386 CAROLLO ENGINEERS 101-3033 North 44th St Phoenix AZ 85018 USA (800) 523-5822 Fax: (602) 265-1422 Contact: Steve Wirtel, Director, National Client Services CASSEN TESTING LABORATORIES 51 International Blvd Toronto ON M9W 6H3 (416) 679-9663 Fax: (416) 679-9668

continued overleaf... www.esemag.com


GROUNDWATER TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS Engineers & Hydrogeologists Serving the Groundwater Industry for 75 Years 342 Bayview Drive, Box 310, Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 4T5

Tel: (705) 733-0111, Fax: (705) 721-0138 E-Mail: iws@iws.ca

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories

CORROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS Leaders in the Cathodic Protection Industry…Since1957

INTERPROVINCIAL CORROSION CONTROL Regional Offices: Burlington, Montreal & Calgary


4EL s &AX www.Rustrol.com

CBCL LIMITED 22 King St PO Box 20040 Saint John NB E2L 5B2 C.C. TATHAM & ASSOCIATES LTD. 200-115 Sandford Fleming Dr Collingwood ON L9Y 5A6 (705) 444-2565 Fax: (705) 444-2327 Contact: R. (Rex) J. Meadley, President CEGERTEC INC EXPERTS-CONSEILS CP 1000 Succ Racine Chicoutimi QC G7H 5G4 CETCON ENGINEERING SERVICES 17 Farmington Dr St Catharines ON L2S 3E8 (905) 685-0376 Fax: (905) 685-0376 Contact: Charles Ting, Manager

CH2M HILL CANADA LIMITED 300-255 Consumers Rd Toronto ON M2J 5B6 (416) 499-9000 Fax: (416) 499-4687 Web site: www.ch2mhill.com Contact: Rene Massinon, President Employee-owned CH2M HILL is a leader in engineering, procurement, construction, management, and operations for government, civil, industrial, and energy clients. With staff and offices across Canada, CH2M HILL is committed to the principles of world-class safety, sustainable development, client-focused value creation, and targeted recruitment and retention. CHAMARD & ASSOCIES 1046 Rue du Domaine Quebec QC G1Y 2C6 CHATWIN ENGINEERING LTD. 1614 Morey Rd Nanaimo BC V9S 1J7 (250) 753-9171 Fax: (250) 754-4459 CHEM SOLV 20848 Dalton Rd PO Box 608 Sutton ON L0E 1R0 (905) 722-6035 Fax: (905) 722-5195 Contact: Peter Robertson, Chemist CHISHOLM, FLEMING AND ASSOCIATES 301-317 Renfrew Dr Markham ON L3R 9S8 (905) 474-1458 Fax: (905) 474-1910 CIMA + 201-420 Boul Maloney E Gatineau QC J8P 1E7




CJB ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 140-3950 Boul de la Chaudiere Quebec QC G1X 4M8




C.J. MACLELLAN & ASSOCIATES INC. 2-65 Beech Hill Rd Highland Professional Ctr Antigonish NS B2G 2P9 CLEARVIEW GEOPHYSICS INC. 12 Twisted Oak St Brampton ON L6R 1T1 (905) 458-1883 Fax: (905) 792-1884 Contact: Joe Mihelcic, Geophysicist/President CLIFTON ASSOCIATES LTD. 2222-30th Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 7K9 (403) 263-2556 Fax: (403) 234-9033 COGEMAT INC. 201 Rue Blainville O Sainte-Therese QC J7E 1Y4 COHOS EVAMY 300-134 – 11th Ave SE Calgary AB T2G 0X5 (403) 245-5501 Fax: (403) 229-0504 CONESTOGA-ROVERS & ASSOCIATES 651 Colby Dr Waterloo ON N2V 1C2 (519) 884-0510 Fax: (519) 884-5256 Contact: George Godin, Vice President

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories

COLE ENGINEERING GROUP LTD. (905) 940-6161 Web site: www.coleengineering.ca Experience . . . Enhancing . . . Excellence . . . Cole Engineering Group Ltd. has expanded the scope of its land development and transportation engineering services to include an environmental sciences & engineering division, encompassing: municipal infrastructure, water resources, reservoirs/storage, water and wastewater treatment, environmental intelligence, research & development and software retail.

Peter J. Laughton, P. Eng. Consulting Engineer

CONSTRUCTION CONTROL INC. 70 Haist Ave Woodbridge ON L4L 5V4 (905) 856-5200 Fax: (905) 856-1455 Contact: Trevor Diseko, Project Manager (Envr) CONSULAIR INC. 202-255 Av Saint-Sacrement Quebec QC G1N 3X9

Environmental Engineering Services

King City, Ontario CANADA


tel: +1.905.833.6738 fax: +1.905.833.8497

CONSULTEC LIMITED 139 Mulock Ave Toronto ON M6N 1G9 (416) 236-2426 CORWIL TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 3048 Sageview Rd West Kelowna BC V4T 2Y5 (778) 478-9857 Contact: Powell Maxfield, Lead Project Designer CRANDALL ENGINEERING LTD. 400-1077 St. George Blvd Moncton NB E1E 4C9 (506) 857-2777 Fax: (506) 857-2753 Contact: Mike Cormier, Vice President DANGON DESIGN SERVICES CO. 46 Elmartin Dr Scarborough ON M1W 3C5 (416) 490-0600 Fax: (416) 490-0255 Contact: Danny Zhu, Owner

DECOMMISSIONING CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED 11-121 Granton Dr Richmond Hill ON L4B 3N4 (905) 882-5984 Fax: (905) 882-8962 E-mail: engineers@dcsltd.ca Web site: www.dcsltd.ca Contact: John Hilton, President Phase I/II ESAs; brownfield assessments; decommissioning and demolition; soil and groundwater remediation and treatment; environmental risk assessments and management; geotechnical engineering; contaminant hydrogeology; USTs/ASTs; wastewater treatment; industrial hygiene; hazardous materials, PCB, mould and asbestos investigation, abatement design and inspection; designated substances surveys; Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act sampling, treatment and reporting for small systems.





DAYTON & KNIGHT LTD. 210-889 Harbourside Dr North Vancouver BC V7P 3S1 (604) 990-4800 Fax: (604) 990-4805

DECTRON INTERNATIONALE 3999 Cote Vertu Montreal QC H4R 1R2 (514) 336-3330 Fax: (514) 337-3336 Contact: Harry Topikian, VP Business Development

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories

DELCAN WATER 500-625 Cochrane Dr Markham ON L3R 9R9 (905) 943-0500 Fax: (905) 943-0400 E-mail: water@delcan.com Web site: www.delcan.net Contact: Jackie Willick, Division Administrator, Water Engineering expertise for the entire water cycle including: strategic reports and environmental assessment, watershed planning, system modelling and plant optimization, preliminary, detailed design and contract administration, procurement, finance and Intelligent Water Systems (IWS). Delcan IWS features leading edge design and implementation of system automation, networking and information management systems. DESSAU INC. 105-2625 Queensview Dr Ottawa ON K2B 8K2 (613) 226-9667 DESSAU SOPRIN INC. 600-1060 Rue University Montreal QC H3B 4V3

www.trg.ca Experience, Innovation, Diversity, Teamwork & Commitment

Tel: (905) 823-7965 Fax: (905) 823-7932 www.pcbdisposal.com


• Hazardous Site Clean-up & Remediation • Decommissioning and Demolition • Asbestos and Mould Abatement • Contaminated Soil Removal • On-site Water Treatment

DEWIND ONE-PASS TRENCHING 9150 96th St Holland MI 49423 USA (616) 875-7580 Fax: (616) 875-7334 Contact: Carroll Busher, Compliance DILLON CONSULTING LTD. 800-235 Yorkland Blvd Toronto ON M2J 4Y8 (416) 229-4646 DRAGUN CORPORATION 436 Elmstead Rd RR 1 Windsor ON N8N 2L9 (519) 979-7300 Fax: (519) 979-4455 Contact: Allan Clifford Lawton, Sr Project Manager DWG PROCESS SUPPLY LTD. 110-44 Riel Dr St Albert AB T8N 5C4 (780) 460-8433 Fax: (780) 418-2227 Contact: Don Burgess, President EBA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LTD. FL9-Oceanic Plaza 1066 W Hastings St Vancouver BC V6E 3X2 (604) 685-0275 Fax: (604) 684-6241 ECL ENVIROWEST CONSULTANTS LTD. 130-3700 North Fraser Way Burnaby BC V5J 5H4 (604) 451-0505 Fax: (604) 451-0557 Contact: Ian Whyte, President EMSL ANALYTICAL INC. 107 Haddon Ave Westmount NJ 08108 USA ENTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD. 3187 Thompson Pl West Vancouver BC V7V 3E3 (604) 921-1932 Fax: (604) 921-1934 Contact: Fred Sverre, CEO ENVIR-EAU INC. 204-160 Boul de L’Hopital Gatineau QC J8T 8J1 ENVIRON EC (CANADA) INC. 140-7070 Mississauga Rd Mississauga ON L5N 7G2 (289) 290-0600 Fax: (905) 821-3711 Contact: Ted Pollock, Managing Principal

Supporting our Nation's Infrastructure for over 100 years by Building Canada's most reliable Standby Generator Battery Chargers. Insist on reliability, rely on Vulcan's historical certainty. For new installations or retrofits have your service provider visit


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ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS 33 Wanita Rd Mississauga ON L5G 1B3 (905) 271-2845 Contact: John Nicholson, President

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories


ENVIRONNEMENT E.S.A. INC. 1740 Rue Berlier Laval QC H7L 4A1 (450) 681-3601 Fax: (450) 681-5196 Contact: Yvon Sarrazin, Sales & Marketing Manager ENVIROSERVICES INC. 589 Rue Saint Jean-Baptiste Terrebonne QC J6W 4R2 ENVIROVISION 7-150 Jardin Dr Concord ON L4K 3P9 (905) 761-1783 Fax: (905) 761-6524 Contact: Catalin Ionescu, President ERAMOSA ENGINEERING INC. 90 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph ON N1H 1B2 (519) 763-7774 ESPERANTO ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 189 Rue De L’Etiage Lachenaie QC J6W 6B1 ETCOS ENVIRONMENTAL 96 Terrosa Rd Markham ON L3S 2N1 (905) 471-9890 Fax: (905) 471-6439 Contact: Ravi Sharma, Project Manager EWD CONSULTING CORP. 10707-101 Ave Fort St John BC V1J 5J4 (250) 785-0660 Fax: (250) 785-0565 EXPERTS-CONSEILS CEP INC. 1980 Rue Michelin Laval QC H7L 5C2 EXOVA ACCUTEST 8-146 Colonnade Rd Ottawa ON K2E 7Y1 (613) 727-5692 Fax: (613) 727-5222 Contact: Robert Walker, Manager – Client Services

GESTENV INC. 6797 Rue Louis-Hemon Montreal QC H2G 2L3

GROUPE C LAGANIERE INC. 35 Av Monarque Montreal E QC H1B 5T1

GIFFELS ASSOCIATES LTD/IBI GROUP 30 International Blvd Toronto ON M9W 5P3 (416) 679-1930

GROUPE CONSEIL TDA 229 Boul Lasalle Baie-Comeau QC G4Z 1S7

GIFFIN KOERTH 800-40 University Ave Toronto ON M5J 1T1 (416) 368-1700 Fax: (416) 368-5576 Contact: Matt Allen GILES ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 2005 Sooke Lk Rd Shawnigan Lake BC V0R 2W3 (250) 743-1822 Fax: (250) 743-1855 Contact: George Giles, Sr. Engineer GODFREY ASSOCIATES LTD. 186 Adelaide St Saint John NB E2K 1X1

F. BERNARD EXPERTS-CONSEILS 2840 Boul Laframboise Saint-Hyacinthe QC J2S 4Z1 FERGUSON GEOSCIENCE 100-1935 Canard Dr Lasalle ON N9J 2S7 (519) 978-2321 Fax: (519) 978-2544 Contact: John Ferguson, Principal FOCUS CORPORATION 1000-9925-109 St Edmonton AB T5K 2J8 (780) 466-6555 Fax: (780) 468-6175 FRANSEN ENGINEERING LTD. 210-3031 Viking Way Richmond BC V6V 1W1 (604) 270-7728 Fax: (604) 270-6252 FUNDY ENGINEERING 27 Wellington Row PO Box 6626 Saint John NB E2L 4S1

GEMTEC LIMITED 720 Thornton Ave Bathurst NB E2A 2W8 GENDRON LEFEBVRE TECSULT INC. 200-1 Place Laval Laval QC H7N 1A1 GENIVAR FL 5-600 Cochrane Dr Markham ON L3R 5K3 (905) 475-7270 Fax: (905) 475-5994 Contact: Brian Barber, Sr Vice President GTA GEOPHYSIQUE GPR INTERNATIONAL INC. 2545 Rue De Lorimier Longueuil QC J4K 3P7 GEOSOL ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 770 Av de Gironde Quebec QC G1G 3H6


GROUPE EBI 61 Rue Montcalm Bertherville QC J0K 1A0 GROUPE ENVIRAQUA 1925 Rue Girouard O Saint-Hyacinthe QC J2S 3A5 GROUPE GLD INC EXPERTS-CONSEILS 200-11505 1E Av E Saint-Georges QC G5Y 7X3 GROUPE QUALITAS INC. 3420 Boul Saint-Joseph E Montreal QC H1X 1W6 GROUPE SEGUIN EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. 13200 Boul Metropolitan E Montreal QC H1A 5K8

GOLDER ASSOCIATES LTD. 2390 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 5Z7 (905) 567-4444 or (800) 414-8314 Fax: (905) 567-6100 E-mail: solutions@golder.com Web site: www.golder.com Contact: Roxana Bahrami, GTA Marketing Golder Associates is an employee-owned, global company specializing in ground engineering and environmental services. From offices worldwide, our employees work with clients who want to manage their environmental and engineering activities in a technically sound, economically viable and socially responsible manner.

GAMSBY AND MANNEROW LIMITED 210-255 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph ON N1H 8J1 (519) 824-8150 GAP ENVIROMICROBIAL SERVICES INC. 14-1020 Hargrieve Rd London ON N6E 1P5

GROUPE-CONSEIL ENTRACO INC. 200-1075 Cote du Beaver Hall Montreal QC H2Z 1S5

GROUNDWATER ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC. 208-9030 Leslie St Richmond Hill ON L4B 1G2 (905) 907-3077 Fax: (905) 907-6617 E-mail: info@gemservicesinc.com Web site: www.gemservicesinc.com Contact: Jill Atwood, Principal Ecologist Groundwater Environmental Management Services performs all hydrogeological, aquatic and ecological services related to regulatory compliance, including: assessments; permits; and monitoring for construction/development projects. We are recognized as the specialist in Permit to Take Water (PTTW) applications for construction dewatering. We are also specialists in all other permits and compliance management. GROUPE BAU-VAL INC. 2006-210 Boul de Montarville Boucherville QC J4B 6T3

GROUPE SOLROC 100-8225 Rue Mayrand Montreal QC H4P 2C7 GROUPE STAVIBEL INC. 510-550 Rue Sherbrooke O Montreal, QC H3A 1B9 GRYPHON INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES INC. 404-80 King St St Catharines ON L2R 7G1 (905) 984-8383 Fax: (905) 984-8394 Contact: Jim Noordermeer, Principal Engineer

HARGRAVE & COMPANY 61 Brooklyn Ave Toronto ON M4M 2X4 (416) 410-4188 Fax: (416) 410-4188 E-mail: BillHargrave@Hargrave-Company.ca Web site: www.Hargrave-Company.ca Contact: William Hargrave, Principal Nationally recognized specialists in the planning, engineering and scientific services needed for drinking-water systems including water quality assessments, treatability evaluations, optimization programs, feasibility and predesign reports, facility designs, O&M manuals; computerize online interactive documents, plant troubleshooting, commissioning and staff training. HATCH MOTT MACDONALD LTD. 2800 Speakman Dr Mississauga ON L5K 2R7 (905) 855-2010

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Consultants HAY & COMPANY CONSULTANTS – A DIV. OF EBA 900-1066 W Hastings St Vancouver BC V6E 3X2 (604) 875-6391 Fax: (604) 875-8363 HEMMERA 250-1380 Burrard St Vancouver BC V6Z 2H3 (604) 669-0424 Fax: (604) 669-0430

HGC ENGINEERING 203-2000 Argentia Rd Plaza 1 Mississauga ON L5N 1P7 (905) 826-4044 Fax: (905) 826-4940 E-mail: info@hgcengineering.com Web site: www.hgcengineering.com Contact: Bill Gastmeier, Principal HGC Engineering is one of Canada’s largest engineering consulting firms specializing exclusively in noise, vibration, and acoustics. Since 1994, we have become an international leader in providing acoustical audits, assessments, and approvals for the environmental industry. We offer effective, practical solutions based on years of experience and solid engineering principles. H.H. ANGUS & ASSOCIATES LTD. 1127 Leslie St Toronto ON M3C 2J6 (416) 443-8200 HILLSIDE CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD. 77 York St Fredericton NB E3B 3N4 (506) 454-4455 Fax: (506) 454-7433 HORNER ASSOCIATES LTD. 89 Queen St Truro NS B2N 2B2 HYDROMANTIS INC. 1601-1 James St S Hamilton ON L8P 4R5 (905) 522-0012 Fax: (905) 522-0031 Contact: Mike Newbigging, President

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories LEA CONSULTING LIMITED 900-625 Cochrane Dr Markham ON L3R 9R9 (905) 470-0015

JKC INCORPORATED 3589 St Michel Jonquiere QC G7X 2J3

J.L. RICHARDS & ASSOCIATES LTD. 864 Lady Ellen Pl Ottawa ON K1Z 5M2 (613) 728-3571 Fax: (613) 728-6012 Web site: www.jlrichards.ca Contact: Guy Cormier, P. Eng., Chief Civil Engineer Providing a wide range of environmental services including water and wastewater treatment, environmental assessment and planning, solid waste/leachate management, water resources and stormwater management, sewer and watermain condition assessment and rehabilitation, plant retrofits, energy management. Offices also in Kingston, Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay. J.M. DAVIS & ASSOCIATES LTD. 50 Ann St Georgetown ON L7G 2V2 (905) 877-9665 Contact: J.M. Davis, President JOHN MEUNIER INC. 430-2000 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 1W1 (905) 286-4846 Fax: (905) 286-5805 Contact: Denis Girard, Instrumentation Manager JOYAL ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 101-7777 Boul Louis H. Lafontaine Anjou QC H1K 4E4

KELLN CONSULTING LTD (KELLN SOLAR) 50 James St PO Box 94 Lumsden SK S0G 3C0 (888) 731-8882 Fax: (306) 731-2774 Contact: Billy Patterson, Solar/Wind Energy Consultant

IMS EXPERTS-CONSEILS INC. 700-1350 Rue Royale Trois-Rivieres QC G9A 4J4

KLOHN CRIPPEN BERGER LTD. 500-2955 Virtual Way Vancouver BC V5M 4X6 (604) 669-3800 Fax: (604) 669-3835

INNER ECO ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 160 Baseline Rd E Bowmanville ON L1C 1A2 (800) 565-5326 or (800) 665-6889 Contact: Suzanne Humby, Manager C.S.

KNIGHT PIESOLD LTD. 1400-750 W Pender St Vancouver BC V6C 2T8 (604) 685-0543 Fax: (604) 685-0147

INTERNATIONAL WATER CONSULTANTS LTD. 342 Bayview Dr PO Box 310 Barrie ON L4M 4T5 (705) 733-0111 Fax: (705) 721-0138 Contact: Gary A. Kuehl, President ISL ENGINEERING & LAND SERVICES LTD. 503-4190 Lougheed Hwy Burnaby BC V5C 6A8 (604) 629-2696 Fax: (604) 629-2698 JACOBS CANADA INC. 100-10010 – 106th St NW Edmonton AB T5J 3L8 (780) 451-4800 Fax: (780) 451-5900 JAGGER HIMS LIMITED 301-1091 Gorham St Newmarket ON L3Y 8X7

84 | January 2010

KOERS & ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING LTD. Unit C-450 8th St Courtenay BC V9N 1N5 (250) 334-9390 Fax: (250) 334-2381 LABELLE RYAN GENIPRO INC. 436 Rue de la Madone Mont-Laurier QC J9L 1S3 LAFORGE ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 6919 Beaubien E Montreal QC H1M 3B2 (514) 255-5236 Fax: (514) 255-3113 Contact: Marie-Josee Bherer, Manager LASSING DIBBEN CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD. 149 North Murray St P O Box 472 Trenton ON K8V 5R6 (613) 392-9287 Contact: H.A. Dibben, President

LE GROUPE SM INC. 2E-740 Rue Galt O Sherbrooke QC J1H 1Z3

LEHDER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LIMITED 210-704 Mara St Point Edward ON N7V 1X4 (519) 336-4101 Fax: (519) 336-4311 E-mail: mroehler@lehder.com Web site: www.lehder.com Contact: Mark Roehler, Principal LEHDER is one of the largest air quality management companies in Canada. All air quality aspects – source testing, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling, data interpretation and approval applications – are managed internally without outsourcing and partnering. We provide integrated solutions for our clients to address complex problems.

LES CONSULTANTS EN ENV. PROGESTECH 303 Rue Dessureault Trois-Rivieres QC G8T 2L8

KERR WOOD LEIDAL ASSOCIATES LTD. 200-4185A Still Creek Dr Burnaby BC V5C 6G9 (604) 294-2088 Fax: (604) 294-2090 Contact: Mike Currie, President

KODIAK ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 1A-871 Equestrian Ct Oakville ON L6L 6L7 (905) 825-2943 Fax: (905) 825-8743

LE GROUPE POLY-TECH INC. 175 Rue Wellington S Sherbrooke QC J1H 5E1


J.R. PAINE & ASSOCIATES LTD. 17505-106 Ave Edmonton AB T5S 1E7 (780) 489-0700 Fax: (780) 489-0800

IBI GROUP 700-1285 W Pender St Vancouver BC V6E 4B1 (604) 683-8797 Fax: (604) 683-0492

INSPEC-SOL INC. 31 Gloster Ct Dartmouth NS B3V 1X9 (902) 468-6413 Fax: (902) 468-2207

LE GROUPE GESFOR POIRIER PINCHIN INC. 211-6701 Rue Jean-Talone E Saint-Leonard, QC H1S 1N2

LES CONSULTANTS LBCD 1001-425 Boul de Maisonneuve O Montreal QC H3A 3G5 LES EQUIPEMENTS JPB INC. 5552 Louis-Dumouchel St Montreal QC H1K 5G2 LES LABORATOIRES SHERMONT INC. 245-100 Rue Richelieu Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu QC J3B 6X3 LEVELTON CONSULTANTS LTD. 150-12791 Clarke Pl Richmond BC V6V 2H9 (604) 278-1411 Fax: (604) 278-1042 LGL LIMITED ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES 3365 Harvester Rd Burlington ON L7N 3N2 (905) 333-1667 Fax: (905) 333-2660 Contact: Arnel Fausto, Vice President LOTOWATER TECHNICAL SERVICES INC. 92 Scott Ave PO Box 451 Paris ON N3L 3T5 LYSTEK INTERNATIONAL INC. 107-279 Weber St N Waterloo ON N2J 3H8 (519) 880-2170 Contact: Ajay Singh, General Manager MAC WILLIAMS ENGINEERING LTD. 109 Chain Lake Dr Halifax NS B3S 1B3 MAGNUS CHEMICALS LTD. 1271 Ampere Boucherville QC J4B 5Z5 (800) 363-9929 Fax: (450) 655-5428 Contact: Robert Pelbois, Dir.Bus.DevWastewater

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories MAPLE REINDERS GROUP LTD. 2660 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 5V4 (905) 821-4844 Fax: (905) 821-4822 Contact: John Haanstra, Vice President MASKWA ENGINEERING LTD. 925 Mackenzie Hwy Hay River NT X0E 0R3 (867) 874-2207 Fax: (867) 874-2763 Contact: Clell Crook, President MCELHANNEY CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. 100-780 Beatty St Vancouver BC V6B 2M1 (604) 683-8521 Fax: (604) 683-4350 MISSIONHGE INC. 205-2800 Av Saint Jean-Baptiste Quebec QC G2E 6J5 MITCHELMORE ENGINEERING CO. LTD. 101-177 Main St Dartmouth NS B2X 1S1 MMM GROUP LIMITED 100 Commerce Valley Dr W Thornhill ON L3T 0A1 (905) 882-1100 Fax: (905) 882-0055 Contact: Brian Betts, Environmental Management MOLD & BACTERIA CONSULTING LABORATORIES 1A-1020 Brevik Place Mississauga ON L4W 4N7 MORRISON HERSHFIELD LIMITED 600-235 Yorkland Blvd Toronto ON M2J 1T1 (416) 499-3110 Contact: Geoffrey Pound, V.P., Dir of Ops, Infrastructure

ONTARIO SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS 502-4950 Yonge St. Toronto ON M2N 6K1 (416) 223-9961 Fax: (416) 223-9963 E-mail: info@ospe.on.ca Web site: www.ospe.on.ca The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the voice of engineers and engineering in Ontario. We advance the professional and economic interests of our members by advocating with governments and offering exemplary continuing education, career advancement and affinity programs. PARACEL LABORATORIES LTD. 300-2319 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa ON K1G 4J8 (800) 749-1947 Contact: Don Barton, Sales Manager PARISH GEOMORPHIC LTD. 2500 Meadowpine Blvd Georgetown ON L5N 6C4 (905) 877-9531 Fax: (905) 877-4143

Consulting Engineer

MTE CONSULTANTS INC. 520 Bingemans Centre Dr Kitchener ON N2B 3X9 (519) 743-6500

PETER J. LAUGHTON, P.ENG. CONSULTING ENGINEER ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SERVICES 22 Chelsea Lane King City ON L7B 1E6 (905) 833-6738 Fax: (905) 833-8497 E-mail: p.laughton@pjlaughtonenv.com Contact: Peter Laughton, Principal Services: feasibility studies, reports, strategic long range planning, environmental strategies, public participation, project management, design and construction advisory services, quality assurance and peer reviews, operational assistance, audits and general advisory services in the environmental engineering field mainly related to wastewater pumping, conveyance, and treatment including sludge handling and biosolids.

NATECH ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 109 Patterson Cross Rd Harvey NB E6K 1L9 (506) 366-1080 Fax: (506) 366-1090 Contact: Jochen Schroer, President

PETO MACCALLUM LTD. 45 Burford Rd Hamilton ON L8E 3C6 (905) 561-2231 Fax: (905) 561-6366 Contact: Melissa King, Manager, Geoenvironmental Services

NOVA DYNAMICS LTD. 387 Stellarton Rd New Glasgow NS B2H 1M6

PHITELOS SOLUTIONS INC. 462 Edison Ave Ottawa ON K2A 1T9 (613) 722-0662 Fax: (613) 722-3732 Contact: Douglas B. Phillips, President

MPE ENGINEERING LTD. 300-714 – 5 Ave S Lethbridge AB T1J 0V1 (403) 329-3442 Fax: (403) 329-9354 MSC MULTI-SERVICE CONSULTANTS 10825 Route 11 Six Roads NB E1X 3A7 (506) 395-6699 Fax: (506) 393-6695

NOVA ENVIROCOM 140 Rue Leger Sherbrooke QC J1L 1L9 NOVATECH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS LTD. 200-240 Michael Cowpland Dr Ottawa ON K2M 1P6 (613) 254-9643 NOVE ENVIRONNEMENT INC. 1650 Rue Champlain Trois-Rivieres QC G9A 4S9 ODOTECH INC. 301-333 Ch Queen-Mary Montreal QC H3V 1A2 O’HALLORAN CAMPBELL CONSULTANTS LTD. 252-7071 Bayers Rd Halifax NS B3L 2C2 OHE CONSULTANTS 496 South Service Rd Mississauga ON L5G 2S5


PINCHIN ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 2470 Milltower Crt Mississauga ON L5N 7W5 (905) 363-0678 Fax: (905) 363-0681 Contact: Robin Connelly, Marketing Manager PITEAU ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING LTD. 215-260 W Esplanade Ave North Vancouver BC V7M 3G7 (604) 986-8551 Fax: (604) 985-7286 Contact: David Tiplady, Principal Hydrogeologist PLURITEC LTEE 201-225 Rue Des Forges Trois-Rivieres QC G9A 2G7 POTTINGER GAHERTY ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS 1200-1185 W Georgia St Vancouver BC V6E 4E6

POLLUTECH ENVIROQUATICS LIMITED 122-704 Mara St Point Edward ON N7V 1X4 (519) 339-8787 Fax: (519) 336-6965 E-mail: tmoran@pollutechgroup.com Web site: www.pollutechgroup.com Contact: Tim Moran, President As leaders in the provision of toxicity testing services, Pollutech’s clientele includes municipal, industrial, government and private organizations. Environmental consulting services including provision of Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIE), coupled with Pollutech’s wastewater process expertise positions Pollutech well to address wastewater toxicity issues including source assessment, treatment optimization and facility operation. POYRY (MONTREAL) INC. 700-5250 Rue Ferrier Montreal QC H4P 1L4 PREMIER ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 1Upper-244 Montrose St N Cambridge ON N3H 2H7 (519) 653-7140 Fax: (519) 653-8907 Contact: David Wade, President PROCD GROUPE-CONSEIL 205-1400 Av Saint Jean-Baptiste Quebec QC G2E 5B7 PROCYON CONSULTING INC. 238 Hickling Trail Barrie ON L4M 5W5 (705) 739-9738 Fax: (705) 739-8448 Contact: George Chamberlin, Principal PROGRESSIVE ENGINEERING LTD. 375-7220 Fisher St SE Calgary AB T2H 2H8 (403) 509-3030 Fax: (403) 509-3035 PROSOLVE CONSULTING LTD. 3-10024 – 29A Ave NW Edmonton AB T6N 1A8 (780) 414-1895 Fax: (780) 485-3115 Contact: David Hall, President QUALITY ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS 580 Witty Beach Rd Victoria BC V9C 4H8 (250) 474-0607 Fax: (250) 474-0607 QUEFORMAT LTEE 591 Rue Le Breton Longueuil QC J4G 1R9 REPOWER CANADA INC. 22 White Cres Barrie ON L4N 5Z9 (705) 797-8477 Toll Free: (877) 797-8478 Contact: Iain Robertson, General Manager RESTORATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRACTORS 5-10 Stalwart Industrial Dr PO Box 746 Gormley ON L0H 1G0 (905) 888-0066 Fax: (905) 888-0071 Contact: Don Bremner, President/CEO R.J. BURNSIDE & ASSOCIATES LTD. 15 Townline Orangeville ON L9W 3R4 (519) 941-5331 Fax: (519) 941-8120 Contact: Jeff Langlois, Technical Leader Water & Wastewater ROCHE LTEE GROUPE CONSEIL 300-3075 Ch Des Quatre-Bourgeois Quebec QC G1W 4Y4 ROWAN WILLIAMS DAVIES & IRWIN INC. 650 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph ON N1K 1B8 (519) 823-1311

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Consultants ROY VEZINA & ASSOCIATES 1095 Rue Panneton L’Ancienne-Lorette QC G2E 6E7 RSW INC. 500-1010 Rue De La Gauchetiere Montreal QC H3B 0A1

R.V. ANDERSON ASSOCIATES LIMITED 400-2001 Sheppard Ave E Toronto ON M2J 4Z8 (416) 497-8600 Fax: (416) 497-0342 E-mail: toronto@rvanderson.com Web site: www.rvanderson.com Contact: Ken Morrison, Reg Andres, Ken Campbell Environmental and infrastructure specialists: planning and management, design and construction, operations and optimization services for water and wastewater, transportation, urban development and telecommunication technologies. Branches: Niagara, Ottawa, Sudbury, London, Moncton, Fredericton and Mumbai. SAIKO 2423 Kennedy Rd Toronto ON M1T 3H2 (416) 299-0226 Fax: (416) 299-3136 Contact: George Yonemori, CEO

SANDLER TRAINING FL8-2425 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4W 5K4 (905) 361-2872 E-mail: nrwilliams@rogers.com Web site: www.mtd.sandler.com Contact: Norm Williams, Associate Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales and sales management training. Through a unique program of on-going reinforcement we work with business to increase sales and profit. At Sandler Training we help sales people take charge of the selling process. You provide the technical training, we provide the sales training. SANDWELL ENGINEERING INC. 1580-666 Burrard St Vancouver BC V6C 2X8 (604) 684-0055 Fax: (604) 684-7533 SANEXEN SERVICES ENVIRONNEMENTAUX INC. 32-1471 Boul Lionel-Boulet RR 78 Varennes QC J3X 1P7 SARAFINCHIN ASSOCIATES LTD. 238 Galaxy Blvd Toronto ON M9W 5R8 (416) 674-1770 SCO-TERRA CONSULTING GROUP LTD. 321 Dufferin Ave London ON N6B 1Z3 (519) 434-0278 Fax: (519) 434-6820 Contact: Richard J. Pellerin, Owner SENES CONSULTANTS LTD. 12-121 Granton Dr Richmond Hill ON L4B 3N4 (905) 764-9380 Fax: (905) 764-9386 Contact: Yousry Hamdy, Sr Water & Wastewater Specialist SGS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 185 Concession St Lakefield ON K0L 2H0 (705) 652-2111 Fax: (705) 652-6365 Contact: Chris Sullivan, Sr. Project Specialist SHIRE BIOCHEM INC. 500-2250 Boul Alfred-Nobel Saint-Laurent QC H4S 2C9

86 | January 2010

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories SIREM 2-130 Research Lane Guelph ON N1G 5G3 SKELTON BRUMWELL & ASSOCIATES INC. 107-93 Bell Farm Rd Barrie ON L4M 5G1 (705) 726-1141 Fax: (705) 726-1141 Contact: Sandra Culbert, Office Coordinator

SPILL MANAGEMENT INC. 45 Upper Mount Albion Rd Stoney Creek ON L8J 2R9 (905) 578-9666 E-mail: contact@spillmanagement.ca Web site: www.spillmanagement.ca Contact: Cliff Holland, President 75% hands-on course content for: 1) Testing, evaluating, identifying properties of known and unknown substances; 2) Spill control techniques and countermeasures for major and minor spills; 3) Onsite recovery and waste reduction for industry, and emergency services.

SOIL ENGINEERS LTD. 4-100 Nugget Ave Toronto ON M15 3A7 (416) 754-8515 Fax: (416) 754-8516 Contact: Gus Cheng, Manager, Environmental Services

SMITH PROCESS SERVICES 338 Highland Ave Orillia ON L3V 4E4 (705) 323-5315 Fax: (705) 327-5155 E-mail: kensmith@engineer.com Contact: Ken Smith Registered Professional Engineer (Ontario), 38 years with Dorr-Oliver and Eimco, 3 years in control systems, Fluidized Bed Incinerator & Dryer Design and Optimization. Wastewater Treatment Unit Processes, Materials Processing Flowsheets – Design and Evaluation, Project Management Services, Optimization Studies, Troubleshooting, Repairs & Improvements, Field Calls, Professional Reports.

SNC-LAVALIN ENVIRONMENT INC. 455 Rene-Levesque Blvd W Montreal QC H2Z 1Z3 (514) 393-1000 Fax: (514) 875-4877 E-mail: environment@snclavalin.com Web site: www.snclavalin.com Contacts: Chris Lach (Burnaby), Bob Byers (Calgary), Thom Kewen (Toronto), Andre Thiverge (Montreal). SNC-Lavalin Environment is a leader in “partnering to provide sustainable solutions” across Canada and around the world. Principal services include planning & approvals, site assessment & remediation, risk management, impact assessment & mitigation, waste management, air, noise & vibration control. SOIL-MAT ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS LTD. 130 Lancing Dr Hamilton ON L8W 3A1 (905) 318-7440 Fax: (905) 318-7455 Contact: Keith Gleadall, Environmental Manager

SRM ASSOCIATES 41-110 Scotia Crt Whitby ON L1N 8Y7

STANTEC 200-325 25th St SE Calgary AB T2A 7H8 (403) 716-8000 Fax: (403) 716-8039 E-mail: gord.johnston@stantec.com Web site: www.stantec.com Contact: Gord Johnston, Vice President Focusing on the application of knowledge and technology for the development and management of sustainable solutions for air, water, and soil, Stantec provides professional services in water, wastewater, air quality, water resources, waste management, environmental site assessment, and remediation. Stantec = Sustainable Solutions. STEWART, WEIR & CO. 140-2121 Premier Way Sherwood Pk AB T8H 0B8 (780) 410-2580 Fax: (780) 410-2589 STRAGIS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC. 303-115 Hurontario St Collingwood ON L9Y 2L9 (705) 443-8448 Fax: (705) 443-8668 Contact: Craig Fisher, President STRAIT ENGINEERING LTD. 228 Reeves St PO Box 1060 Port Hawkesbury NS B0E 2V0 STRUM ENVIRONMENTAL Railside-1355 Bedford Hwy Bedford NS B4A 1C5

SOLINOV INC. 240-100 Rue Richelieu Saint Jean-Sur-Richelieu QC J3B 6X3 SOLMERS INC. 101-2405 Boul Fernand-Lafontaine Longueuil QC J4N 1N7 SPECTRUM NASCO-WHIRL-PAK 150 Pony Dr Newmarket ON L3Y 7B6 (905) 898-0031 Fax: (905) 898-0035 Contact: Stacey Haywood, Catalogue Director SPG HYDRO INTERNATIONAL INC. 101-2151 Rue Leonard-De-Vinci Sainte-Julie QC J3E 1Z3 SPRIET ASSOCIATES 155 York St London ON N6A 1A8 (519) 672-4100

TANKTEK ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LTD. 970 Third Concession Rd Pickering ON L1V 2P8 (905) 839-4400 or (877) 789-6224 Fax: (905) 839-6600 E-mail: tomburt@tanktec.com or inquiries@tanktek.com Web site: www.tanktec.com Contact: Thomas Burt, President 10 years of environmental engineering and petroleum contracting services including: Precision leak testing storage tanks, Compliance audits, Soil and groundwater remediation including in situ and ex situ remediation, Contaminant management plans, Phase I, II and III Environ-

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories mental Site Assessments, Designated substance surveys, Peer reviews, Tank removals, Commissioning replacement equipment, Complete site decommissioning. TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 19-760 Pacific Rd Oakville ON L6L 6M5 (905) 827-0007 Fax: (905) 827-0049 Contact: Brian Kovalcik, Operations Manager TECSULT INC. 200-1 Place Laval Laval QC H7N 1A1 TEKNIKA HBA 200-1441 Boul Rene-Levesque O Montreal QC H3G 1T7 TEKNO NOUVELLE TECHNOLOGIES INC. 200-20275 Av Clark Graham Baie-D’Urfe QC H9X 3T5 TERRAIN GROUP INC. 1 Spectacle Lake Dr Dartmouth NS B3B 1X7 (902) 835-9955 Fax: (902) 835-1645 Contact: Marie-Eve Ouellet, Manager, Environmental TERRAPROBE LIMITED 10 Bram Ct Brampton ON L6W 3R6 (905) 796-2650 TESTMARK LABORATORIES LTD. 7 Margaret St Garson ON P3L 1E1

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. T. HARRIS ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT INC. 101-93 Skyway Ave Toronto ON M8W 6N6 (416) 679-8914 Fax: (416) 679-8915 E-mail: info@tharris.ca Web site: www.tharris.ca Contact: John C. Fisher, President & CEO T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is a diverse group of engineering, scientific, technical and industrial hygiene professionals providing consulting services to a variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional clients since 1979. THEM is committed to providing our clients with high quality services at cost-effective prices, and in a time-efficient manner.

TOUCHIE ENGINEERING 801-860 Main St Moncton NB E1C 1G2 TRITON ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD. 14-105 Queen St W Fergus ON N1M 1S6 (519) 843-3920 Fax: (519) 843-1943 Contact: Christine Furlong, Sr Environmental Engineer TROW ASSOCIATES INC. 7025 Greenwood St Burnaby BC V5A 1X7 (604) 874-1245 Fax: (604) 874-2358 URBAN & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT INC. 301-4701 St Clair Ave Niagara Falls ON L2E 3S9 (905) 371-9674 URBAN SYSTEMS LTD. 101-2716 Sunridge Way NE Calgary AB T1Y 0A5 (403) 291-1193 Fax: (403) 291-1374 URS CANADA INC. 1900-650 W Georgia St Vancouver BC V6B 4N7 (604) 681-1672 Fax: (604) 687-3446 VALUE ENGINEERING 16 Woodgate Dr Toronto ON M6N 4W3 (416) 763-6273 Fax: (416) 763-4013 Contact: G. Katsarov, Env Consultant VEOLIA WATER SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES CANADA INC. 430-2000 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 1W1 (905) 286-4846 Fax: (905) 286-0488 Contact: Rosemary Niechcial, V.P. Sales

VERITEC CONSULTING INC. 12-1495 Bonhill Rd Mississauga ON L5T 1M2 (905) 696-9391 Fax: (905) 696-9395 E-mail: info@veritec.ca Web site: www.veritec.ca Contact: Alain M. Lalonde, Principal Leaders in operations enhancement providing specialty services to the water and wastewater industry including water efficiency programs, system optimization, leakage.

THE GREER GALLOWAY GROUP INC. 973 Crawford Dr Peterborough ON K9J 3X1 (705) 743-5780

V. FOURNIER & ASSOCIES 305-1009 Route de L’Eglise Quebec, QC G1V 3V8 (418) 656-1233 Fax: (418) 656-9988 Contact: V. Fournier, President

THE MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE GROUP LTD. 120-2300 Steeles Ave W Vaughan ON L4K 5X6 (905) 738-5700

WARDROP ENGINEERING INC. 6835A Century Ave Mississauga ON L5N 2L2 (905) 369-3000

Consultants water industry professionals established Water for People-Canada in 1995, to support and promote the mission of Water For People in Canada among the public and the water community. WATER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS 130-10691 Shellbridge Way Richmond BC V6X 2W8 (604) 273-6299 Fax: (604) 270-3644 WATERS ENVIRONMENTAL GEOSCIENCES LTD. PO Box 69 Lively ON P3Y 1M2 (705) 692-0937 WILLIAMS ENGINEERING CANADA INC. 10010-100 St Edmonton AB T5J 0N3 (780) 424-2393 Fax: (780) 425-1520 WILLMS & SHIER ENVIRONMENTAL LAWYERS LLP 900-4 King St W Toronto ON M5H 1B6 (416) 863-0711 Fax: (416) 863-1938 Contact: John Willms, Partner WORLEY PARSONS (INFRASTRUCTURE & ENVIRONMENT DIV.) 4500-16 Ave NW Calgary AB T3B 0M6 (403) 247-0200 Fax: (403) 247-4811 Contact: Christine Baine, Location Manager WPC SOLUTIONS INC. 335 Hampshire Ct NW Calgary AB T3A 4Y4 (403) 547-7281 Fax: (403) 547-8261 Contact: A. Warren Wilson, President

XCG CONSULTANTS LTD. 300-2620 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 6Z7 (905) 829-8880 Fax: (905) 829-8890 E-mail: gta@xcg.com Web site: www.xcg.com Contact: Deborah Molloy, Marketing Coordinator Expert people. Better decisions. XCG Consultants Ltd. is an environmental engineering firm that has earned a reputation for excellence. Our staff is committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions. XCG offers comprehensive services in water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure management, water resources, site assessment and remediation, risk assessment, solid waste, and training and operations. YMCL ENGINEERING LTD. 1404-1809 Barrington St CIBC Bldg Halifax NS B3J 3K8 ZARETSKY CONSULTING ENGINEERS INC. 1-25 Valleywood Dr Markham ON L3R 5L9 (905) 470-1080 ZORIX ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 3425 Semenyk Crt Mississauga ON L5C 4P9

THE PRESSURE PIPE INSPECTION CO. 4700 Dixie Rd Mississauga ON L4W 2R1 (877) 275-7742 Fax: (905) 624-4777 Contact: Norm Eitzen, Marketing Mgr THOMPSON ROSEMOUNT GROUP INC. 1345 Rosemount Ave Cornwall ON K6J 3E5 (613) 933-5602 THOR CONSULT LTD. 197 Crome Point Rd Browser BC V0R 1G0 (888) 757-8874 Contact: Bonaventure Thorburn, Manager – Engineering THURBER ENGINEERING LTD. 200-1445 W Georgia St Vancouver BC V6G 2T3 (604) 684-4384 Fax: (604) 684-5124


WATER FOR PEOPLE - CANADA 300-295 Consumers Rd Toronto ON M2J 5B6 (416) 499-4042 Fax: (416) 499-4687 Web site: www.waterforpeople.org Water For People-Canada is a charitable nonprofit international humanitarian organization dedicated to the development and delivery of clean, safe water and sanitation solutions in developing nations. It is the Canadian equivalent of the US based charity, Water For People. Canadian

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers NOTE: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers only. No claims are made that it is a comprehensive review. ES&E relies on information supplied by companies who returned questionnaires. ABB INC. 3450 Harvester Rd Burlington ON L7N 3W5 (905) 639-8840 Fax: (905) 639-8639 Contact: G.A. (Redir) Obaji, Product Manager ABS USA 140 Pondview Dr Meriden CT 06450 USA (800) 525-7790 Fax: (203) 238-0738 Contact: Laureen Curley, Marketing Manager

ABUMA MANUFACTURING LTD. 531 Admiral Dr London ON N5V 4L6 (519) 659-4747 or (888) 280-8182 Fax: (519) 659-9438 E-mail: larry@abuma.com Web site: www.abuma.com Contact: Larry Gooder, Business Development Manager Abuma Manufacturing Ltd. is a 'Build to Print' fabrication company who work with clients in the environmental and energy technologies. Pressure vessels, tanks, clarifiers and stacks in stainless steels and alloys are our specialty. Abuma offers high quality and time critical delivery for your project.

ACG TECHNOLOGY LTD. 13-131 Whitmore Rd Woodbridge ON L4L 6E4 (905) 856-1414 Fax: (905) 856-6401 E-mail: sales@acgtechnology.com Web site: www.acgtechnology.com Contact: Greg Jackson, President For nearly 30 years, ACG Technology has been providing solutions for water, wastewater and stormwater treatment for industries and municipalities. Whether you need a batch or continuous treatment process, or equipment for individual unit operations, chances are we have the right product, either by ACG, or from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. ACI INSTRUMENTATION LTD. 5-14 Gormley Industrial Ave Gormley ON L0M 1G0 (905) 888-0063 Fax: (905) 888-6381 Contact: Angelo Valente ADI SYSTEMS INC. 300-1133 Regent St Fredericton NB E3B 3Z2 (506) 452-7307 Fax: (506) 452-7308 Contact: Connie Smith, Marketing Assistant AERATION INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC. 4100 Peavey Rd Chaska MN 55318 USA (952) 448-6789 Fax: (952) 448-7293 Contact: Peter Reko, Regional Sales Manager AIR CYCLE CORPORATION C-2000 South 25th Ave Broadview IL 60155 USA (800) 909-9709 Fax: (866) 909-6725 Contact: Aaron Griffith, Project Manager AIR PHASER ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 308-19292 60 Ave Surrey BC V3S 3M2 (604) 532-5856

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AIRSEP CORP. – COMM. PROD. DIV. 260 Creekside Dr Buffalo NY 14228-2075 USA (716) 691-0202 or (800) 320-0303 Fax: (716) 691-1255 Contact: James Klein Jr., Regional Sales Manager N.A.

ALBARRIE CANADA LIMITED 85 Morrow Rd Barrie ON L4N 3V7 (705) 737-0551 Fax: (705) 737-4044 E-mail: scott_lucas@albarrie.com or albarrie@albarrie.com Web site: www.sorbwebplus.com Contact: Scott Lucas, Lauren Howles SorbWeb™ Plus is an economical state-of-the-art secondary oil containment (SOC) system that effectively reduces fires and contains oil from spills and leaks associated with transformers and other oil-filled equipment. No maintenance. No electric wiring or mechanical parts. SPCC compliant.

ANTHRAFILTER MEDIA & COAL LTD. 20 Sharp Rd Brantford ON N3T 5L8 (519) 751-1080 Fax: (519) 751-0617 Web site: www.anthrafilter.net Contact: David Loney, President Filter Media Replacement across North America since 1976. Service to all types of Filters including: Gravity, Pressure, Traveling Bridge and others. Removal, Disposal, Supply and Installation. Anthracite Filter Media, Filter Sands and Gravels, Carpet, Greensand, Activated Carbon, etc. Quality, Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction. APCO INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. 10 Industrial St Toronto ON M4G 1Z1 (416) 421-6161 Fax: (416) 421-6161 AQUA-AEROBIC SYSTEMS INC. 6306 N Alpine Rd Rockford IL 61111 USA (815) 654-2501 Fax: (815) 654-2508

ALBERTA WILBERT SALES 16910–129 Ave Edmonton AB T5V 1L1 (800) 232-7385 Fax: (780) 447-1984 Contact: Michael Schmalz, Chief Executive Officer ALLMAX SOFTWARE, INC. 911 South Main St Kenton OH 43326 USA (419) 673-8863 Fax: (419) 673-8864 Contact: Roy Meade

AQUABLAST CORP. 77 Orchard Rd Ajax ON L1S 6K9 (905) 619-3009 Fax: (905) 619-3638 E-mail: john@aquablast.ca Web site: www.aquablast.ca Contact: John Eecloo, President/ General Manager Cleaning reactors, silos. Heat exchangers, sewers, tanks, process piping, equipment, buildings using high pressure waterjetting services to 40,000 psi. Cold cutting steel tanks and piping, 3D self rotating cleaning head and teleboom for safe tank cleaning, turbo vacuum pumping for liquids, sludges and dry products. Dry ice blasting.

ALPHA CONTROLS & INSTRUMENTATION 6-361 Steelcase Rd W Markham ON L3R 3V8 (905) 477-2133 Fax: (905) 477-4219 Contact: David Sand, Marketing Manager

AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY 111 W Congress St Charles Town WV 25414 USA (877) 468-6268 Fax: (304) 724-3780 Web site: www.apu.apus.edu Contact: info@apus.edu American Public University’s entirely online MS in Environmental Policy and Management program is designed specifically for working adults who wish to advance their studies in fields such as Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Planning, and Global Environmental Management. Courses start monthly and operate on a flexible weekly schedule. Learn more at www.apu.apus.edu/environmental-studies. AMERICAN WATER CANADA CORP. 200 Eastport Blvd Hamilton ON L8H 7S4 (905) 544-0444 ANGUIL ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS INC. 8855 N 55TH St Milwaukee WI 53223 USA (414) 365-6400 Fax: (414) 365-6410 Contact: Kevin Summ, Marketing Manager

AQUATECH DEWATERING COMPANY INC. 69 Connie Cres Concord ON L4K 1L3 (905) 907-1700 Fax: (905) 907-1701 E-mail: info@aquatd.com Web site: www.aquatechdewatering.com Contact: Andy Ingriselli, President AQUATECH is a specialist pumping company, with one of the largest portable pumping equipment fleets in the country, consisting of the full Godwin line and specialized Hudig Vacuum Wellpoint Pumps. We are specialists in construction and mine dewatering as well as creek and sewage bypass, with fully trained and certified staff. AQUA TECHNICAL SALES INC. 200-124 MacNab St S Hamilton ON L8P 3C3 (905) 528-3807 Fax: (905) 528-3428 Contact: Brian Gage, President

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

AQUATECK – INDUSTRIAL DIVISION 2705 Pitfield Blvd Ville St Laurent QC H4S 1T2 (514) 633-0999 or (877) 633-0999 Fax: (514) 633-9374 E-mail: jmarotta@aquateck-e.com Web site: www.aquateck.com Contact: Joe Marotta, Technical Sales – Ind. Div. AQUATECK distributes process equipment from world-class manufacturing companies. Our diversified product mix gives us the opportunity to provide you, our customers, with the most valueoriented solutions in the municipal, industrial, food and dairy industries.

ATLAS DEWATERING CORPORATION 111 Ortona Crt Concord ON L4K 3M3 (905) 669-6825 or (877) 669-6825 Fax: (905) 669-4036 E-mail: steve@atlascorp.com Web site: www.atlasdewatering.com Contact: Steve Brett, General Manager Established in 1946. Environmental professionals – Hydrogeology and Geoscience. Phase I, II and III environmental assessments. Erosion/sediment control plan review, design and monitoring, restoration of fish habitat. Permit to Take Water Applications, Water Resource Engineering.

ARBRUX LIMITED 6-33 Alliance Blvd Barrie ON L4M 5K2 (888) 211-3548 Fax: (705) 739-7826 Contact: Rodd Innes, Business Development & Sales ARCHER TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT INC. 346 Cranbrooke Ave Toronto ON M5M 1N3 (416) 781-0135 Fax: (416) 781-9560 Contact: David Archer, President ARCUS ABSORBENTS INC. 3-75 Deerhide Cres Toronto ON M9M 2Z2 (416) 745-7947 Fax: (416) 745-1174 Contact: Theo Kossowsky, Sales ARGONIDE CORPORATION 291 Power Crt Sanford FL 32771 USA (407) 322-2500 Fax: (407) 322-1144 Contact: Henry Frank, Sales & Marketing Manager

AVENSYS SOLUTIONS 422 Consumers Rd Toronto ON M2J 1P8 (416) 499-4421 or (888) 965-4700 Fax: (416) 499-0816 E-mail: info@avensys.com Web site: www.avensys.com Contacts: Pierre Michaud, VP Sales & Marketing, Anup Jain, Area Manager, Louise Clement, Marketing Communicatons Avensys Solutions is an industry leader in providing instrumentation and integrated solutions for the monitoring of industrial processes and environmental surveillance applications for air and water in the Canadian marketplace. Avensys offers equipment for the water, wastewater, groundwater, air quality, atmospheric emission, gas detection, hydrology and meteorology applications. AWI (ANTHRATECH WESTERN INC.) 4450-46 Ave SE Calgary AB T2B 3N7 (403) 255-7377 Fax: (403) 255-3129

ARMTEC 370 Speedvale Ave W PO Box 3000 Guelph ON N1H 6P2 (519) 822-0210 Fax: (519) 822-1160 E-mail: sales@armtec.com Web site: www.armtec.com Contact: Terri Mand, Marketing Communications Specialist For over 100 years, Armtec has provided products and engineered solutions to the challenges of the civil engineering market. Our product line includes corrugated plastic and metal pipe, construction products, geosynthetics, water control gates and stormwater solutions. ASCO VALVE CANADA 17 Airport Rd PO Box 160 Brantford ON N3T 5M8 (519) 758-2700 Fax: (519) 758-5540 Contact: Cindy Ogborne, Marketing Communications Coordinator ASHTEAD TECHNOLOGY RENTALS 170-19407 Park Row Houston TX 77084 USA (281) 398-9533

BAKERCORP 450 Sherman Ave N Hamilton ON L8L 8J6 (905) 545-4555 Fax: (905) 545-9388 E-mail: mbaker@bakercorp.com Web site: www.bakercorp.com Contact: Kevin Bailey, Canadian Branch Manager BakerCorp is the industry leader in containment, pumping, filtration and shoring equipment rental solutions, with over 90 locations nationwide and international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. For over 65 years, BakerCorp has built its reputation on a long history of outstanding customer service, quality equipment and application expertise. BARR PLASTICS INC. 31192 South Fraser Way Abbotsford BC V2T 6L5 (800) 665-4499 Fax: (604) 852-8022 Contact: Dean Barrett, Account Manager – Sales

ASSMANN CORPORATION OF AMERICA 300 N Taylor Rd Garrett IN 46738 USA (888) 357-3181 ATLANTIC INDUSTRIES LTD. PO Box 1006 Stn Main Dorchester NB E4K 3V5 (506) 379-9215


BASF CANADA, INC. Fl5-100 Milverton Dr Mississauga ON L5R 4H1 (289) 360-1300 Fax: (289) 360-6000

Suppliers E-mail: Daniel.veneruzzo@basf.com Web site: www.basf.com Contact: Daniel Veneruzzo, Account Manager – Water Solutions BASF offers flocculants and coagulants for treating municipal and industrial wastewater and resultant sludges. Applications include sludge dewatering, thickening and clarification. Product tradenames: Zetag®, Magnafloc® and Magnasol® flocculants and coagulants. Irgatreat® range of corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors for cooling water and boiler feed water, and Burst® antifoams and defoamers.

BAYCOR FIBRE TECH INC. 4 Edmondson St Brantford ON N3R 7J3 (519) 751-7787 Fax: (519) 751-7712 E-mail: info@baycorfibre.com Web site: www.baycorfibre.com Contact: Donald Pominville, VP, Sales Fine screening for municipal, industrial, food, and pulp and paper: sludge thickening; fibre recovery, washing and thickening. BELZONA GREAT LAKES 2-563 Edward Ave Richmond Hill ON L4C 9W7 (905) 737-1515 Fax: (905) 737-1597 Contact: Laura Mendrek, Marketing Coordinator BIG EAR INC. 102 Birch Hill Hudson QC J0P 1H0 (514) 518-7005 BIOAIR SOLUTION, LLC 110 Kresson-Gibbsboro Rd Voorhees NJ 08043 USA (856) 258-6969 Fax: (856) 258-6975 Contact: Louis Le Roux, President BIODISK CORPORATION 426 Royal York Rd Toronto ON M8Y 2R9 (416) 503-4100 Fax: (416) 503-4101 Contact: Nancy Liao, Marketing Manager

BIOREM TECHNOLOGIES INC. 34-7496 Wellington Rd RR#3 Guelph ON N1M 6M9 (519) 767-9100 Fax: (519) 767-1824 E-mail: info@biorem.biz Web site: www.biorem.biz Biorem is a clean technology company that designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emission control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). BIRKSCO (THE BIRKS COMPANY) 2132-Fifteen Sideroad Moffat ON L0P 1J0 (905) 854-9875 Fax: (905) 854-0180 Contact: Michael Birks, Owner BISHOP WATER TECHNOLOGIES 110-B Bonnechere St W Eganville ON K0J 1T0 (613) 628-5266 Fax: (613) 628-5978 Contact: Kevin Bossy, CEO B.N.W. VALVE MANUFACTURING LTD. PO Box 47 Millgrove ON L0R 1V0 (905) 689-4713 Fax: (905) 689-7402 Contact: Harry Rodzoniak, President

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

BOERGER, LLC 740 NE Harding St Minneapolis MN 55413 USA (612) 435-7300 Fax: (612) 435-7301 Contact: Rob Rhea, Sales Manager BRISTOL CANADA – DIV. EMERSON ELECTRIC CANADA LTD. 6338 Viscount Rd Mississauga ON L4V 1H3 (905) 362-0880 Fax: (905) 362-0882 Contact: Tom Langstaff, Area Sales Manager BW TECHNOLOGIES BY HONEYWELL 2840 2ND Avenue SE Calgary AB T2A 7X9 (403) 248-9226 Fax: (403) 273-3708 Contact: Greg Rude, Zone Sales Mgr – Canada

CAN-AM INSTRUMENTS LTD. 2851 Brighton Rd Oakville ON L6H 6C9 (905) 829-0030 Fax: (905) 829-4701 E-mail: support@can-am.net Web site: www.can-am.net Contact: Mark Reeves, President Can-Am Instruments Ltd. provides sales, rental and service of environmental monitoring equipment, samplers, flow meters, alarm auto dialers, FRP enclosures, oil/water monitors and separators, TOC, BOD, COD, and respirometry monitors and gas detection systems. We represent Hach/American Sigma, Highland (McTighe) Separators, Arjay, Enmet, MJK, and Telog.

C&M ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. 3206-274 Burton Ave Barrie ON L4N 5W4 (705) 725-9377, (800) 570-8779 Fax: (705) 725-8279 E-mail: info@cmeti.com Web site: www.cmeti.com Contacts: Joshua Hamilton, Tonia Van Dyk, Larry Madden Factory representative and distributor for water and wastewater treatment equipment including: screens, grit removal, screenings washers/compactors, circular/rectangular clarifiers, chain and flight collectors, fine/coarse bubble and mechanical aeration, IFAS systems, filters, digester covers/mixers, screw conveyors, live bottom bins, silos, sludge thickeners, package treatment plants, tablet chlorinators, slide and sluice gates.

CANCOPPAS LIMITED 2-2595 Dunwin Dr Mississauga ON L5L 3N9 (905) 569-6246 Fax: (905) 569-6244 E-mail: controls@cancoppas.com Web site: www.cancoppas.com Contact: Steve Guzelak, Marketing Manager Marketing, sales and service of process control and environmental instrumentation throughout Canada. Specializing in technologies for flow, level, pressure, temperature and on-line analysis for water and wastewater processes. By focusing on products that employ leading edge and unique technologies, Cancoppas is able to provide solutions to problems where other suppliers fall short.

CANADA LAW BOOK 240 Edward St Aurora ON L4G 3S9 (905) 841-6472 Fax: (905) 841-1745 Contact: Teresa Schuetz, Marketing Coordinator CANADIAN PIPE & PUMP SUPPLY 65 Enterprise Rd Toronto ON M9W 1C4 (416) 244-6476 Fax: (416)-241-2022 Contact: Robert Martini, Sales Manager CANADIAN SAFETY EQUIPMENT INC. 114-2465 Cawthra Rd Mississauga ON L5A 3P2 (800) 265-0182 Fax: (905) 272-1866 Contact: Ross Humphry, Manager

CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION 100-5060 Spectrum Way Mississauga ON L4W 5N6 (416) 747-4000 E-mail: michael.loreto@csagroup.org Web site: www.csastandards.com Contact: Michael Loreto, Mktg Coordinator CSA Standards’ reputation as a leading standards development organization dates back more than 90 years. As an independent, not-for-profit membership association, we publish over 3,000 standards and standards-related products in a wide range of subject areas. We also offer a full suite of services and solutions that help you understand, interpret and apply standards so you can achieve the most value from employing standards. CSA Standards is a division of CSA Group, which also consists of CSA International for product testing and certification and OnSpeX for consumer product evaluation services.

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CANEX TECHNOLOGIES INC. 154 Richmond St Richmond Hill ON L4C 3Y4 (905) 884-4388 Fax: (905) 884-4291 Contact: Denis Taylor, President

CLEARFORD INDUSTRIES INC. 100-515 Legget Dr Kanata ON K2K 3G4 (613) 599-6474 Fax: (613) 599-7478 Contact: Peter Rupere, Director of Sales

CLEMMER STEELCRAFT TECHNOLOGIES INC. 446 Albert St Waterloo ON N2J 4A1 (519) 271-4751

CENTURY GROUP INC. PO Box 228 Sulphur LA 70664-0228 USA (800) 527-5232 Ext 118 Fax: (800) 887-2153 E-mail: sales@centurygrp.com Web site: www.centurygrp.com Contact: Rob Greenside, Sales Railroad Products Division Century Group manufactures spill containment systems for railroad tank car loading racks, rail car wash facilities, railroad locomotive fueling and tank/truck transloading facilities. Century can assist engineers in the design and installation of railroad spill containment pan systems. CERTIFIED COATING SPECIALISTS INC. 1840 Co-op Lane Castlegar BC V1N 4K2 (866) 822-5900 Fax: (250) 365-3390 Contact: Janet Nacario, Asst. Sales & Mktg Manager

CLA-VAL CANADA LTD. 4687 Christie Dr SS 1 Beamsville ON L0R 1B4 (905) 563-4963

CLAESSEN PUMPS LIMITED 2249 Bowman St Innisfil ON L9S 3V5 (705) 431-8585 Fax: (705) 431-2772 Web site: www.claessenpumps.com Contact: Daniel Blandford, Gord de Bruin Grindex electric submersible pump and Power 4 Prime diesel self priming trash pump are both durable and reliable for any tough job. Claessen Pumps is where you get quick, dependable service to any make or model of pump.

CLEARTECH 7480 Bath Rd Mississauga ON L4T 1L2 (905) 612-0566 Fax: (905) 612-0575 Contact: Mike O’Brien, Sales Manager

CEM SPECIALTIES INC. 11-1100 Dearness Dr London ON N6E 1N9 (519) 681-9595 Fax: (519) 681-8799 Contact: Henry Vergeer, President

CHEMIGREEN INC. 40 Magnetic Dr Unit 70-1G Toronto ON M3J 2C4 (416) 739-9815 Fax: (647) 260-0692 Contact: Gideon Vardi, Executive VP

CHEMLINE PLASTICS LIMITED 55 Guardsman Rd Thornhill ON L3T 6L2 (905) 889-7890 Fax: (905) 889-8553 E-mail: request@chemline.com Web site: www.chemline.com Contact: Rob Parish, Sales Manager Chemline stocks manual and actuated valves, strainers, flowmeters and controls, all made of corrosion resistant solid thermoplastics; PP and PVDF pipe, fittings, and fusion equipment; teflon tubing, fittings and valves. Flowmeters are variable area, vortex, ultrasonic and paddle wheel type including instruments. Application areas include waste and water treatment plants, landfills, etc.

CLOW CANADA 1757 Burlington St E PO Box 2849 Hamilton ON L8N 3R5 (800) 561-9931 Fax: (905) 547-0113 Contact: Ray Miller, Sales COBRA TANKS INC. 104-2677 192 St Surrey BC V3S 3X1 (604) 541-9423 Fax: (604) 541-9470 Contact: Phil Cudmore, V.P. COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS CANADA 16-10 Planchet Rd Concord ON L4K 2C8 (905) 761-5354 Fax: (905) 761-5650 Contact: Tommy Schwartz, CEO COMPREVAC INC. 3067 Jarrow Ave Mississauga ON L4X 2C6 (905) 624-4096 Fax: (905) 624-4099 Contact: Margit Schwarz, VP Marketing CON CAST PIPE 299 Brock Rd S RR 3 Stn Main Guelph ON N1H 6H9 CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS 5150 Jefferson Chemical Rd Conroe TX 77301 USA (877) CSI-TANK Fax: (936) 756-7766 CONTOR TERMINALS INC. 1611 Britannia Rd E Mississauga ON L4W 1S5

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

CONVAULT, INC. 4109 E Zeering Rd Denair CA 95316 USA (209) 632-7571 Fax: (209) 632-4711 Contact: David Harris, VP, Marketing

CORRUGATED STEEL PIPE INSTITUTE 2A-652 Bishop St N Cambridge ON N3H 4V6 (866) 295-2416 Fax: (519) 650-8081 E-mail: djpenny@cspi.ca Web site: www.cspi.ca Contact: Dave Penny, Marketing Manager The Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute is a Canadian association of manufacturers of corrugated steel pipe and material suppliers. With production facilities and technically trained sales staff in communities throughout Canada, we work with you to create flexible and versatile solutions to meet your drainage requirements and bring you the greatest value for today’s dollar. COVER-ALL BUILDING SYSTEMS OF ONTARIO RR 1 Lucknow ON N0G 2H0 (800) 268-3768 Fax: (519) 528-2890 Contact: Jack Metcalfe, Building Consultant

Web site: www.datarealm-software.com Contact: Lonnie Scott, Business Development Manager Now you can increase throughput, reduce operating costs and efficiently manage tasks without compromising your unique processes. DataRealm Software’s easy-to-use, quick to implement, 100% web-based full function Lab Information Management System (LIMS) economically automates small-to-medium labs and requires limited IT support. Ask us for a free demonstration. DAVIS CONTROLS LTD. 2200 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 5R3 (905) 829-2000 Fax: (905) 829-2630 Contact: Barb Smith DEAN PUMP, MET-PRO CORP. 6040 Guion Rd Indianapolis IN 46254 USA (317) 293-2930 Fax: (317) 297-7028 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Manager Creative Services DECTRON INTERNATIONALE 3999 Cote Vertu Montreal QC H4R 1R2 (514) 336-3330 Fax: (514) 337-3336 Contact: Harry Topikian, VP Business Development DEGREMONT TECHNOLOGIES 400-1375 route Transcanadienne Dorval QC H9P 2W8 (514) 683-1200 Fax: (514) 683-1203

CRUCIAL, INC. 142 Enterprise Dr Gretna LA 70056 USA (504) 347-9292 Fax: (504) 347-8900 Contact: W. Landry, General Manager CUDO STORMWATER PRODUCTS INC. PO Box 497 Occidental CA 95465 USA (877) 876-3345 Fax: (707) 585-3346 Contact: Doug Allard, President CUES 3600 Rio Vista Ave Orlando FL 32805 USA (800) 327-7791 Fax: (407) 425-1569 Contact: Paul Stenzler, VP Sales CULTEC, INC. 878 Federal Rd PO Box 280 Brookfield CT 06804 USA (800) 4-CULTEC Fax: (203) 775-1462 Contact: Chris Di Tullio DAGAZ ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 2325 Preston Ave Market Mall PO Box 23047 Saskatoon SK S7J 5H3 (306) 373-3593 Contact: Kathleen Cameron, President & Sr Env Director DAKINS ENGINEERING GROUP LTD. 1-4161 Sladeview Cres Mississauga ON L5L 5R3 (905) 814-6024 Fax: (905) 814-6029 Contact: Karen Cellucci, Area Sales Manager DANATEC EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD. 201-11450 29th St SE Calgary AB T2Z 3V5 (403) 232-6950 Fax: (403) 232-6952 Contact: Alina Martin, VP Sales & Marketing

DATAREALM INC. 420 Devonshire Rd Windsor ON N8Y 4T6 (519) 253-1607 Fax: (519) 253-4479 E-mail: lscott@datarealminc.com


DEGREMONT TECHNOLOGIES 8007 Discovery Dr Richmond VA 23229 USA (804) 756-7600 Fax: (804) 756-7643 Web site: www.degremont-technologies.com Contact: John Dyson, Director, Sales A member of Degremont Technologies, Infilco Degremont provides high performance solutions for water, wastewater and sludge treatment to the municipal and industrial markets, and brings more than a century of knowledge and innovation to a broad suite of trusted, reliable treatment solutions. DELTALOK ENGINEERED GREEN SYSTEM 125 Charles St North Vancouver BC V7H 1S1 (877) 335-8256 Fax: (604) 980-9119 Contact: Helene Lalonde

DENSO NORTH AMERICA INC. 12-90 Ironside Cres Toronto ON M1X 1M3 (416) 291-3435 Fax: (416) 291-0898 E-mail: blair@densona.com Web site: www.densona.com Contact: Blair Slessor, Sales Manager Denso – the global leader in corrosion prevention for over 118 years. Denso offers the highest quality, most economical, long-term corrosion protection for all above and below ground metal surfaces. The Denso petrolatum tape system consists of Denso paste as an initial corrosion inhibitor; Denso mastic fillers to eliminate localized corrosion cells; Denso petrolatum tape as the long-term corrosion barrier. The Denso system requires only minimum surface preparation, is ready for immediate service after application, VOC free, environmentally responsible and maintenance free.

Suppliers DIRECTRIK LTD. 16-6790 Davand Dr Mississauga ON L5T 2G5 (905) 565-9606 Fax: (905) 565-1358 Contact: Sam Directo, General Manager DIRECT SEPARATION SOLUTIONS 24 Thirty Sixth St Toronto ON M8W 3K9 (647) 343-6595 DOUGLAS BARWICK INC. 150 California Ave PO Box 756 Brockville ON K6V 5W1 (613) 342-8471 Fax: (613) 342-4432 Contact: Clem McEvoy, Sales Manager DRAEGER SAFETY CANADA LTD. 7555 Danbro Cres Mississauga ON L5N 6P9 (905) 821-8988 Fax: (905) 821-2565 Contact: Lynn Scharfe, Marketing Assistant

DRAIN-ALL LTD. 1161 Liverpool Crt Ottawa ON K1B 4L1 (613) 739-1070 Fax: (613) 739-5971 Contact: Stephen Huza, Manager, Sales & Business Development Drain-All Ltd. environmental service company, providing industrial wet/dry vacuuming, high pressure blasting and vacuum excavation. Emergency spill response and First Responder containment, removal and remediation; for truck rollovers or train derailments. Hazardous waste (liquid or solid) removal. Flush and camera-sewers-process and leachate lines. Confined space entry and cleaning.

DRUMMOND SPECIALTY CHEMICAL & CRONATRON WELDING SYSTEMS 106 Thompson Dr Holland Landing ON L9N 1E1 (888) 237-2444 Fax: (888) 241-4009 Contact: Brian Allan Drummond Specialty Maintenance Chemicals offer solutions for drain maintenance, including grease traps, septic tanks and catch basins. Floating lift station degreaser “Clean Bouy” that floats on top of wastewater to dissolve floating greaseballs and surface scum; it also controls odors with a unique “odor blanket” effect. DUALL, MET-PRO CORP. 1550 Industrial Dr Owosso MI 48867 USA (989) 725-8184 Fax: (989) 725-8188 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Services DURR SYSTEMS, INC. 40600 Plymouth Rd Plymouth MI 48170 USA (734) 459-6800 Fax: (734) 459-5837 Contact: Greg Thompson, Marketing Associate DWG PROCESS SUPPLY Bay 110-44 Riel Dr St Albert AB T8N 5C4 (780) 468-8433 Fax: (780) 418-2227 Contact: Don Burgess, President

ECCENTRIC PUMPS LLC PO Box 190159 Atlanta GA 31119 USA (404) 816-4760 Fax: (404) 816-4759 E-mail: sales@eccentricpumps.com

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Suppliers Web site: www.eccentricpumps.com Contact: Ed Belcak, Owner Our single, oversized roller compresses a highly engineered, fabric reinforced hose element through more than 360o. Benefits: more flow per revolution = slower speeds, runs cooler and only one compression/expansion per cycle. Our hose lasts longer than pumps with multiple shoes/rollers. Capacities from 1 gal/hr to 22 gal/min.

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers ELMRIDGE ENGINEERING INC. 15-3625 Weston Rd Weston ON M9L 1V9 (416) 749-7730 Fax: (416) 749-2550 Contact: S. Bowen, Sales Manager ELSTER METERING 101-1100 Walker’s Line Burlington ON L7N 2G3 (905) 634-4895 Fax: (905) 634-6705 Contact: Gord Moffatt, Product Manager EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT 2400 Barranca Pkwy Irvine CA 92606 USA (949) 757-8000 Fax: (949) 863-9159 Contact: Bonnie Brown, Mktg/Communications.

ECKEL NOISE CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES 15 Allison Ave Morrisburg ON K0C 1X0 (613) 543-2967 Fax: (613) 543-4173 E-mail: dawns@eckel.ca Web site: www.eckel.ca Contact: Dawn Stark, Inside Sales Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs) for noise control in waste and wastewater treatment facilities. Ideal for pump rooms, blower rooms, engine generator rooms and mechanical rooms. EFPs are unit sound absorbing panels that are installed without interference with utilities such as lighting, ventilation, electrical and structural systems. Ideal for new construction or retrofit. Actual tests demonstrated up to a 9dB noise reduction in a NYC facility retrofit. Engineering services available. ECO2 400-3939 Priority Way South Dr Indianapolis IN 46240 USA (317) 706-6484 (317) 816-0940 Contact: Steve Hatchel, President

EIMCO WATER TECHNOLOGIES 300-2010 Winston Park Dr Oakville ON L6H 5R7 (905) 491-2700 Fax: (905) 491-2790 E-mail: donna.morano@glv.com Web site: www.glv.com Contact: Donna Morano, Sales Manager Innovators of water and wastewater equipment worldwide since 1920. Headworks (degritting systems, screens, compactors), clarifiers (primary, secondary, pretreators, reactor, clariflocculator, traveling bridges, circular), thickeners, digesters (fixed, floating), mixers, membrane bioreactors, ultra filtration, media filters, field services, parts. Now including Brackett Green, Dorr-Oliver, Eimco, Enviroquip, Jones & Attwood, Christ products.

E L E M E N TA L C ONTROLS ELEMENTAL CONTROLS - NITON ANALYZERS 3230 Wharton Way Mississauga ON L4X 2C1 (905) 282-9974 Fax: (905) 282-9519 E-mail: kgrattan@elementalcontrols.com Web site: www.elementalcontrols.com Contact: Keith Grattan, Director of Sales and Marketing The NITON Analyzers Division of Elemental Controls provides sales, service, and rental capability of Field Portable XRF Analyzers for Heavy Metal Screening in Soils for Remediation, Lead Paint Assessments, and Heavy Metals in Dust and Air Filters with the NITON Xli/t Series of Source and Tube based XRF Systems.

92 | January 2010

EMRP INC. 3-23 Craig St Brantford ON N3R 7H8 (519) 751-3405 Fax: (519) 751-3443 Contact: John Theurer, Sales Manager

ENDRESS + HAUSER CANADA LTD. 1075 Sutton Dr Burlington ON L7L 5Z8 (905) 681-9292 Fax: (905) 681-9444 E-mail: info@ca.endress.com Web site: www.ca.endress.com Contact: Scott Whitehouse, Mktg Comm Mgr Established in 1953, Endress + Hauser is a worldwide manufacturer of instrumentation for the water and wastewater and process industries, including flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature and recorders. Our analysis line includes chlorine, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen measurement systems as well as ammonia, nitrate and phosphate analyzers and sludge level detection. ENGINEERED FIBERGLASS COMPOSITES INC. 301 Bickford St New Lisbon WI 53950 USA (608) 562-5900 Fax: (608) 562-5909 Contact: Bill Johnson, VP/Secretary/Treasurer

ENGINEERED PUMP SYSTEMS LTD. 1635 Industrial Ave Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6M9 (604) 552-7900 Fax: (604) 552-7901 E-mail: epsl@telus.net Engineered Pump Systems Ltd. specializes in the supply of water and wastewater conveyance, treatment and disposal products. Submersible pumps, solids grinders, access hatches, valves and controls, to name a few. Equipment can be supplied in complete factory built packages or as components for on-site installation. Engineered Pump Systems has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of knowledge and quality products backed up with over two decades of satisfied customer service. ENPAC LLC 34355 Vokes Dr Eastlake OH 44095 USA (800) 936-7229 Fax: (440) 975-0047 Contact: Brian Walters, VP Sales & Marketing

ENV TREATMENT SYSTEMS INC. 70 High St Etobicoke ON M8Y 3N9 (416) 503-7639 Fax: (416) 503-8925 E-mail: envinc@interlog.com Contact: Edward M. Pikovnik, P. Eng. – Sales Manager

Markham Office: Rob Rainford, robr@envinc.ca Aeration (aspirating, submerged turbine, fine bubble); clarifiers (rectangular/circular); polymer blending; UV disinfection; dewatering presses; centrifuges, biofilters; plunger pumps; stormwater CSO; underground stormwater systems; circular clarifiers, digester covers & mixers; ozonation systems; access hatches; hi-speed blowers; Archimedes screw pumps; vortex grit removal; coalescing oil/water separators; tipping buckets/CSO screens; hosepumps; GAC odour control; PD blowers; flumes; bar screens, fine plate or perforated plate screens, compactors, conveyors and submerged grit screws. ENVIRO ANALYTICAL 286 Mask Island Dr RR #1 Barry’s Bay ON K0J 1B0 (613) 756-0101 Fax: (613) 756-0909 Contact: Nigel Newing, Owner

ENVIROCAN WASTEWATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT COMPANY 15-2 Marconi Crt Bolton ON L7E 1E5 (905) 951-9672 Fax: (905) 951-3195 E-mail: envirocan@sympatico.ca Web site: www.envirocan.ca Envirocan offers a full line of wastewater treatment solutions, including complete head works systems, aeration systems, tertiary filtration, high efficiency blowers, and sludge dewatering equipment.

CANECT ENVIROGATE EVENT MANAGEMENT 30-220 Industrial Pkwy S Aurora ON L4G 3V6 (905) 727-4666 Fax: (905) 841-7271 E-mail: steve@esemag.com Web site: www.esemag.com Contact: Steve Davey, Director Envirogate is now widely-recognized as Canada’s leading environmental compliance training organization. Producers of the annual Canadian Environmental Conference and Tradeshow (CANECT), our experience and dedication to the field provides registrants access to practical and proven insights offered by a knowledgeable and approachable roster comprised of Canada’s leading environmental professionals. ENVIRON EC (CANADA) INC. 140-7070 Mississauga Rd Mississauga ON L5N 7G2 (289) 290-0615 ENVIRONETICS INC. 1201 Commerce St Lockport IL 60441 USA (815) 838-8331 Fax: (815) 838-8336 Contact: Richard Winters, Marketing Manager

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING MAGAZINE 30-220 Industrial Pkwy S Aurora ON L4G 3V6 (905) 727-4666 Fax: (905) 841-7271 E-mail: steve@esemag.com Web site: www.esemag.com Contact: Steve Davey, Publisher Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine has covered Canada’s multi-billion dollar a year

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers environmental protection industry since 1988. ES&E’s expert articles are vitally important to some 19,000 readers responsible for the design, construction and operation of water treatment and distribution systems, sewerage systems, and industrial and hazardous waste management systems. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. 7-745 Bridge St W Waterloo ON N2V 2G6 (519) 746-2204 Fax: (519) 746-2209 Contact: John Vogan, President ERE INC. (ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION EQUIPMENT) 8605 Champ D’Eau Montreal QC H1P 3B8 (514) 326-8852 Fax: (514) 326-8961

ERIS (ENVIRONMENTAL RISK INFORMATION SERVICE) 800-12 Concorde Pl Toronto ON M3C 4J2 (416) 510-5204 Fax: (416) 510-5133 E-mail: info@eris.ca Web site: www.eris.ca Contacts: Isabel Pereira, Mark Mattei ERIS is Canada’s leading provider of risk information for property. Federal, provincial and private sector databases provide detailed reports on potential environmental liabilities. ERIS reports are an essential component of Phase 1 and 2 ESA requirements, remediation assessments and legal due diligence and are affordable, accessible and accurate. Fire insurance plans, property underwriters’ reports, property title searches, city directory searches, topographic maps and aerial photographs are also available.

FABRICATED PLASTICS LIMITED 2175 Teston Rd Maple ON L6A 1T3 (905) 832-8161 Fax: (905) 832-2111 E-mail: info@fabricatedplastics.com Web site: www.fabricatedplastics.com Contact: Greg Landry, Vice President Sales We custom design, engineer and fabricate chemical and pollution control equipment in reinforced plastics (FRP), thermoplastics and dual laminate armoured thermoplastics for the chemical processing and pollution control industries. Products include: pipe, tanks, vessels, scrubbers, mist eliminators, columns, hoods, stacks, launders, cooling towers and ducting. FCI – FLUID COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL 1755 La Costa Meadows Dr San Marcos CA 92078 USA (760) 744-6950 Fax: (760) 736-6250 Contact: Glen Fishman, Sales Manager FILTER INNOVATIONS INC. 744 Gordon Baker Rd Toronto ON M2H 3B4 (416) 490-7848 Fax: (416) 490-0974 Contact: Irene Hassas, Sales/Marketing FILTREXX CANADA INC. PO Box 28065 North Park Plaza Brantford ON N3R 7X5 (519) 753-0324 Fax: (519) 753-9846 Contact: Ronald Bisaillon, President FIRST BASE SOLUTIONS 100-140 Renfrew Dr Markham ON L3R 6B3 (905) 477-3600


FLEX-KLEEN, MET-PRO CORP. 45 N Brandon Dr Glendale Heights IL 60139 USA (630) 775-0707 Fax: (630) 295-9019 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs

FIRESTONE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS 2-2835 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 8G6 (905) 363-3138 or (888) 292-6265 Fax: (877) 666-3022 E-mail: petruzzidominic@firestonebp.ca Web site: www.firestonesp.ca Contact: Dominic Petruzzi, Linings Manager Firestone Specialty Products’ geomembranes are the durable, dependable solution for nearly any application. Whether for decorative commercial water features or critical containment applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, mining and other water containment, Firestone’s geomembranes are easy to install and built to last. Firestone has been a world-recognized leader in rubber polymer technology for over 100 years.

FLIR SYSTEMS 125-5230 South Service Rd Burlington ON L7L 5K2 (905) 637-5695 FLOTTWEG SEPARATION TECHNOLOGY 10700 Toebben Dr Independence KY 41051 USA (859) 448-2300 Fax: (859) 448-2333 Contact: Ed Sweeney, Sales Manager FLUID DYNAMICS PO Box 576 Lansdale PA 19446 USA (888) 363-7886 Fax: (215) 699-0370

FLUIDYNE CORPORATION Suite D-5436 Nordic Dr Cedar Falls IA 50613 USA (319) 266-9967 Fax: (319) 277-6034 E-mail: fluidyne@fluidynecorp.com Web site: www.fluidynecorp.com Contact: Erick Mandt Fluidyne provides wastewater treatment equipment for municipalities and industries. Fluidyne’s Integrated Surge Anoxic Mix – ISAM™ activated sludge system provides tertiary level wastewater treatment with integral sludge reduction (up to 85% less than conventional plants) all in one process. Other products include grit removal, jet aeration, jet mixing, and sludge digestion.

FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP INC. 700-1122 International Blvd Burlington ON L7L 6Z8 (905) 690-7638 Fax: (905) 690-7639 E-mail: focusenv@on.aibn.com Contact: Robert Freeman, President Focus Environmental Group Inc. provides clientele with professional, full service environmental contracting services to suit site-specific project needs, including: waste management (soil, C&D, liquid) tank removal and disposal, TSSA Ontario

Suppliers licenced, TSSA PM1, PM2, PM3 certified personnel; soil/groundwater remediation expertise; site/plant-facility decommissioning; environmental restoration. FONTAINE INDUSTRIES LTD. 1295 Sherbrooke St Magog QC J1X 2T2 (819) 843-3068 Fax: (819) 843-1006 Contact: Suzanne Beaupre, Marketing Planning Attendant FORCE FLOW 2430 Stanwell Dr Concord, CA 94520 USA (800) 893-6723 Fax: (925) 686-6713 Contact: Mike Townsend, Marketing Director FPZ, INC. 150 N Progress Dr Saukville WI 53080 USA (262) 268-0180 Fax: (262) 268-0415 Contact: Biancardi, VP/GM FYBROC, MET-PRO GROUP 700 Emlen Way Telford PA 18969 USA (215) 723-8155 Fax: (215) 723-2197 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs GARDNER DENVER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS DIV. 1800 Gardner Expy Quincy IL 62305 USA (217) 222-5400 Contact: Susan Wray GENEQ INC. 8047 Jarry St E Montreal QC H1J 1H6 (514) 354-2511 Fax: 514) 354-6948 Contact: Rene Parise, VP Sales & Marketing

GEOMEMBRANE TECHNOLOGIES INC. (GTI) 300-1133 Regent St Fredericton NB E3B 3Z2 (506) 452-7304 Fax: (506) 459-3954 E-mail: covers@gticovers.com Web site: www.gticovers.com Contact: Brennan Sisk, Business Development GTI designs, engineers, fabricates, installs and maintains complete custom cover systems for water and wastewater tanks and lagoons around the world. Made of high performance, reinforced, UV protected membranes, treatment tanks can be securely covered to control and contain odors, collect biogas, capture VOCs, and eliminate sunlight penetration to control algae.

GESCAN 8160 Park Hill Dr Milton ON L9T 5V7 (905) 693-6311 Fax: (905) 693-6315 E-mail: techsupport@gescanontario.com Web site: www.gescanontario.com Contact: Ivan Romanow, Director Sales & Marketing Gescan is a distributor of automation and process solutions with focused technical sales and support specialists to bring you technically advanced products and solutions. We also assist our customers with training, service, support and application engineering for your toughest processes challenges. G.E.T. INDUSTRIES INC. 33 Cedar Dr Caledon ON L7K 1H5

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

(905) 451-9900 Fax: (519) 927-9315 Contact: David Martin GILL TRADING.COM INC. 321-6107 SW Murray Blvd Beaverton OR 97008 USA (866) 447-2496 Fax: (503) 646-9293 Contact: Shawna Gill, Sales for US & Canada

GLOBAL REPAIR LTD. 33 Bellefair Ave Toronto ON M4L 3T7 (416) 686-3690 or (866) 271-0719 Fax: (416) 686-1744 E-mail: sales@globalrepair.ca Web site: www.globalrepair.ca/ Contact: Valerie C. Moen, Marketing Director Global Repair Ltd., International Marketing Office for Sittler Manufacturing, provides compost equipment for nutrient recovery, soil bioremediation and greenhouse gas reduction. Used in over 21 countries, we assist in formulating solutions for agriculture, municipalities and industry. As your “One Stop Compost Shop” we offer compost windrow turners, compost/lime spreaders, trommel screeners, conveyors and baggers. GODWIN PUMPS OF AMERICA 84 Floodgate Rd Bridgeport NJ 08014 USA (856) 467-3636 Fax: (856) 467-4841 Contact: Joe Abbott, National Sales Manager

GOLDEN ENVIRONMENTAL 2207 Simcoe Rd 93 RR 1 Barrie ON L4M 4Y8 (705) 726-3921 Fax: (705) 721-1599 E-mail: chad@goldenenviro.ca Web site: www.goldenenviro.ca Contact: Chad Trivett, Marketing Director Golden Environmental Services is a soil and groundwater remediation specialty company. Some of our remediation programs include BioAugmented Chemical Oxidation, Bio-Remediation, Chemical Oxidation, Heavy Metals Stabilization, Ground Water Remediation as well as specialized injection technology to ensure efficient distribution of the remediation amendment throughout the subsurface plume.

GORMAN-RUPP OF CANADA LIMITED 70 Burwell Rd St Thomas ON N5P 3R7 (519) 631-2870 Fax: (519) 631-4624 Web site: www.grcanada.com Contact: Mark Neal, Marketing Manager Gorman-Rupp of Canada manufactures a full line of self-priming centrifugal, standard centrifugal, and submersible pumps, for construction, industrial, sewage, petroleum, agricultural and firefighting applications. GREENSPOON SPECIALTY CONTRACTING 42 Stafford Dr Brampton ON L6W 1L4 (905) 458-1005 GREYLINE INSTRUMENTS INC. 16456 Sixsmith Dr Long Sault ON K0C 1P0 (613) 938-8956 Fax: (613) 938-4857 Contact: Ernie Higginson

94 | January 2010

HALOGEN VALVE SYSTEMS INC. A-17961 Skypark Cir Irving CA 92614 USA (949) 261-5030 Fax: (949) 261-5033 Contact: Tom Kincaid, President

GREATARIO ENGINEERED STORAGE SYSTEMS 715647 County Road No 4 PO Box 399 Innerkip ON N0J 1M0 (519) 469-8169 Fax: (519) 469-8157 E-mail: sales@greatarioengsys.com Web site: www.greatario.com Contacts: Steve Gregory, Scott Burn, Jeff Rodger Greatario Engineered Storage Systems supply and construct Aquastore® glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks, Temcor® aluminum domes and covers, and JetMix™ vortex mixing systems. GRIDBEE 3225 Highway 22 Dickinson ND 58601 USA (888) 495-0104 Fax: (701) 225-9552 Contact: Pat Schnaidt, VP Marketing GRUNDFOS CANADA INC. 2941 Brighton Rd Oakville ON L6H 6C9 (905) 829-7732

H2FLOW EQUIPMENT INC. 7-470 North Rivermede Rd Concord ON L4K 3R8 (905) 660-9775 Fax: (905) 660-9744 E-mail: info@h2flow.com Web site: www.h2flow.com Contact: Michael Albanese, P.Eng. Water/wastewater treatment equipment for industrial and municipal applications: grinders, screens, conveyors, SBRs, grit removal, aerators, diffusers, blowers, biological treatment, clarifiers, sludge presses, centrifuges, digesters, mixers, thickeners, tertiary treatment and filters, package plants, UV disinfection, drinking water plants, filters, underdrains, strainers, DAFs. CSO treatment, odour control biofilters, oil/water separators.

HANNA INSTRUMENTS CANADA INC. 3156 Industriel Laval QC H7L 4P7 (800) 842-6629 Fax: (450) 629-3335 Contact: France Gauvreau, General Manager

HANSON PIPE & PRECAST 2099 Roseville Rd RR #2 Cambridge ON N1R 5S3 (888) 888-3222 Fax; (519) 621-8233 E-mail: info@hansonpipeandprecast.com Web site: www.hansonpipeandprecast.com Contact: Mark Smith, Sales Manager Hanson Pipe & Precast is the leading provider of concrete pipe, manholes, catch basins, box culverts, Quickspan™ bridges and Stormceptor® products, backed by the most experienced design and technical support team in the business. Trust Hanson to help you weather any storm.

HARMSCO FILTRATION PRODUCTS 7169 49th Terrace N West Palm Beach FL 33407-1003 USA (800) 327-3248 Fax: (561) 845-2474 E-mail: gwillis@harmsco.com Web site: www.harmsco.com Contact: Greg Willis, VP Sales & Marketing For over 51 years, Harmsco Filtration Products has manufactured high-quality filtration products for a wide variety of industrial, municipal and environmental applications. Our extensive product line includes NSF 61 certified stainless steel filter housings and the largest selection of cartridge elements found anywhere. For more information on Harmsco Filtration Products, please visit www.harmsco.com. HASSCO INDUSTRIES INC. 223 Ashland Ave London ON N5W 4E3 (519) 451-3100 Fax: (519) 451-3102 Contact: David Hassan, President

H2FLOW TANKS & SYSTEMS INC. 6-470 North Rivermede Rd Concord ON L4K 3R8 (905) 660-0649 Fax: (905) 660-9744 E-mail: tanks@h2flow.com Web site: www.h2flow.com Contact: Darrin Hopper, National Sales Manager Sales, installation of PERMASTORE glassfused-to-steel tanks, CONSERVATEK aluminum covers, PAX and FLUIDYNE mixing systems, anaerobic digesters, water tanks, towers. Wastewater, sludge and leachate storage, clarifiers, MBR, SBR tanks. Custom engineered tanks with published quality standards and zero defects. Integrated mixing and aeration systems. Steel and fiberglass bolted panel tanks. H2O CONTROL PRODUCTS INC. 1123 Lorne St Sudbury ON P3C 4S8 (705) 522-5300 Fax: (705) 523-0761 Contact: Gary Smiljan, Sales Manager HACH COMPANY FLOW PRODUCTS & SERVICES 4539 Metropolitan Ct Frederick MD 21703 USA (301) 874-5599 Fax: (301) 874-8459 Contact: Customer Support

HAZCO ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 103-3355 114th Ave SE Calgary AB T2Z 0K7 (800) 667-0444 Fax: 403) 253-3188 Contact: Russ Domville, VP Business Development HEADWORKS BIO INC. 340-800 Wilcrest Dr Houston TX 77042 USA (713) 647-6667 Fax: (713) 647-0999 Contact: Jean Leask, Design Engineer

HERON INSTRUMENTS INC. 2031 James St Burlington ON L7R 1H2 (800) 331-2032 or (905) 634-4449 Fax: (905) 634-9657 E-mail: info@heroninstruments.com Web site: www.heroninstruments.com Contact:Vicky Toon, Sales & Marketing Heron Instruments offers a line of high quality groundwater monitoring instrumentation, diverse enough for any groundwater project and any

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers budget. The dipper-T and the Water Tape water level indicators are standards for measuring depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. For narrow spaces, the Skinny Dipper is a perfect fit. The Conductivity PLUS level & temperature meter make conductivity profiling quick and easy. Use the Heron dipperLog groundwater data logger for continual, long-term monitoring of water levels & temperature. HETEK SOLUTIONS INC. 2085 Piper Lane London ON N5V 3S8 (519) 659-1144 Fax: (519) 453-2182 Contact: Andy Pauley, VP & GM HOBAS PIPE USA 1413 E Richey Rd Houston TX 77073 USA (281) 821-2200

HOSKIN SCIENTIFIC LTD. 239 East 6th Ave Vancouver BC V5T 1J7 (604) 872-7894 Fax: (604) 872-0281 E-mail: rmckeown@hoskin.ca Contact: Rod McKeown Hoskin Scientific sells sampling and monitoring instruments for the environmental, agricultural, mining, oil & gas, and forestry markets. We have a complete range of instruments for: water quality, water level, water flow and velocity, groundwater sampling, limnology and oceanography, soil and plant science sampling and testing, weather stations, data loggers including the miniature low-cost HOBO loggers. HYBRIDYNE POWER SYSTEMS CANADA INC. 1111 Davis Dr PO Box 93001 Newmarket ON L3Y 8K3 Phone/Fax: (866) 230-3918 Contact: Thomas Cleland, CEO HYDRO-GUARD ® 950 Encore Way Naples FL 34110 USA (877) 864-8500 Fax: (866) 654-2027 Contact: Harold Mosley, Director, Marketing & Sales HYDRO-LOGIC ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 250-762 Upper James St Hamilton ON L9C 3A2 (905) 777-9494 Fax: (905) 777-8678 Contact: Marsha Alber, Administrative Assistant HYDROVISION AMERICA 35B-10520 Yonge St Ste 212 Richmond Hill ON L4C 3C7 (905) 833-0885 Fax: (905) 833-0823 Contact: Riyaz Jiwani, International Manager

IDEAL PIPE 16659 Thorndale Rd Thorndale ON N0M 2P0 (800) 265-7098 Fax: (519) 641-2524 E-mail: ideal@netrover.com Web site: www.idealpipe.ca Contact: Ron McFarlane, Sales For more than twenty-five years, Ideal has been supplying advanced HDPE pipe products for municipal infrastructure as well as agricultural and recreational turf drainage. Ideal’s engineered plastic pipe is economical and provides longer service life than traditional steel and concrete, backed by a reliable single-source of supply and field support. IHS 15 Inverness Way E Englewood CO 80112 USA (650) 968-9000 Fax: (650) 691-6984


Contact: Scott Titcomb, Corporate Sales Executive IMBRIUM SYSTEMS CORP. 2100-2 St Clair Ave W Toronto ON M4V 1L5 (416) 960-9900 Fax: (416) 960-5637 Contact: Claire Gregg, Marketing Assistant

INDACHEM INC. 3-1040 Martin Grove Rd Toronto ON M9W 4W4 (416) 743-3751 Fax: (416)743-2038 E-mail: ballen@keddco.com, rao@keddco.com Web site: www.indachem.com Contacts: Brian G. Allen, Manager, Max Rao, Sales Engineer Siemens/Stranco “PolyBlend” dry/liquid polymer feed systems; “Strantrol HRR” chlorination/dechlorination controllers; “Water Champ” gas/liquid chemical induction and mixing systems; ABEL high pressure pumps; ADI International arsenic removal; Cornell non-clog centrifugal pumps; Halogen emergency valve actuators; Muddy Rivers oil/water separators and DAF; HLS Ecolo odour control technology; Westfalia centrifuges. INDICIUM COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS INC. 600 Read Rd St Catharines ON L2R 7K6 (877) 751-4029 INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION 1001 Oakdale Rd Oakdale PA 15071 USA (412) 788-4353 Fax: (412) 788-8353 Contact: Chris Lange, Marketing Manager INDUSTRIAL TEST SYSTEMS, INC. 1875 Langston St Rock Hill SC 29730 USA (803) 329-9712 Fax: (803) 329-9743 Contact: Mike McBride, Marketing Manager INSITU CONTRACTORS INC. 150 Stevenson St S Guelph ON N1E 5N7 (519) 763-0700 INSTRUMENTATION NORTHWEST, INC. 8902 122nd Ave NE Kirkland WA 98033 USA (425) 822-4434 Fax: (425) 822-8384 Contact: Romey Gilbert, Sales INTEK, INC. 751 Intek Way Westerville OH 43082 USA (614) 895-0301 Fax: (614) 895-0319 Contact: Brian Harpster, Business Development Manager

INTERNATIONAL WATER SUPPLY LTD. 342 Bayview Dr PO Box 310 Barrie ON L4M 4T5 (705) 733-0111 Fax: (705) 721-0138 E-mail: iws@iws.ca Web site: www.iws.ca Contact: John A Harris, P.Eng., President Complete Groundwater Engineering and Hydrogeologic services which include: groundwater resource assessments, well head protection studies, exploration programs, groundwater flow modeling, well design, large diameter, high capacity well construction and testing, well rehabilitation and re-development programs, well video inspection, geophysical logging, supply, installation and maintenance of pumps.

Suppliers INTERPROVINCIAL CORROSION CONTROL 930 Sheldon Crt Burlington ON L7L 5K6 (905) 634-7751 Fax: (905) 333-4313 Contact: Ray Thoroski, Manager Customer Service INTERSTEAM TECHNOLOGIES 170 Princess St Hamilton ON L8L 3L3 (905) 526-1453 Fax: (905) 526-8721 Contact: Manfred Dietrich, General Manager

IPEX INC. 2441 Royal Windsor Dr Mississauga ON L5J 4C7 (866) 473-9462 Web site: www.ipexinc.com IPEX Inc. offers the world’s most comprehensive range of thermoplastic piping systems for the municipal, industrial, mechanical and plumbing markets. Backed by more than 50 years experience and with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across North America, IPEX has established a reputation for product innovation, quality, end-user focus, and performance.

ITT WATER & WASTEWATER 300 Labrosse Ave Pointe-Claire QC H9R 4V5 (514) 695-0100 Fax: (514) 697-0602 Web site: www.ittwww.ca Contact: Raymond Simond, Communications Manager Integrated solutions for fluid handling are offered by ITT Water & Wastewater as a world leader in the transport and treatment of wastewater. We provide a complete range of water, wastewater and drainage pumps, monitors and controls, biological treatment units, products for filtration and disinfection, and a full dewatering and rentals service. JOHN BROOKS COMPANY LTD. 2625 Meadowpine Blvd Mississauga ON L5N 7K5 (905) 624-4200 Fax: (905) 624-6379 Contact: Jennifer Dinwoodie, Marketing Support/Administration

JOHN MEUNIER INC. 4105 Sartelon Saint-Laurent QC H4S 2B3 (514) 334-7230 Fax: (514) 334-5070 Web site: www.johnmeunier.com With over 60 years of experience, John Meunier Inc. brings innovative solutions and technologies and seasoned professionals to the water and wastewater market. Leading edge technologies include ACTIFLO®, BIOSTYR®, Escalator®, UF, MBR, the Anox-Kaldnes MBBR process, FluidSep® vortex separator as well as stormwater/CSO equipment. Also included are technologies for analysis, measurement and control from our Instrumentation division. KELLN CONSULTING LTD. (KELLN SOLAR) 50 James St PO Box 94 Lumsden SK S0G 3C0 (888) 731-8882 Fax: (306) 731-2774 Contact: Billy Patterson, Solar/Wind Energy Consultant

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers vertical turbine and submersible mixers (2002500 mm).

JOHN WILEY & SONS CANADA LTD. 400-5353 Dundas St W Etobicoke ON M9B 6H8 (416) 236-4433 Fax: (416) 236-4448 Web site: www.wiley.ca Contact: Alex Tasic, Marketing Manager, Professional + STMS Wiley is a global publisher of print and electronic products, specializing in scientific, technical, and medical books and journals; professional and consumer books and subscription services; and textbooks and other educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students as well as lifelong learners. Wiley publishes in a variety of formats. KENTAIN PRODUCTS LTD. 55 Howard Pl Kitchener ON N2K 2Z4 (519) 576-0994 Fax: (519) 576-0919 Contact: Scott Lippert, President

KWH PIPE 6507 Mississauga Rd Mississauga ON L5N 1A6 (866) 594-7473 Fax: (905) 858-0208 E-mail: sales@kwhpipe.ca Web site: www.kwhpipe.ca Contact: Sukhi Dhillon, Marketing & Product Development KWH Pipe’s Weholite HDPE Pipe outperforms traditional pipe materials by ensuring a long service life and leak free extrusions welded joints. Weholite is a custom engineered solution that includes custom fabricated fittings, which are manufactured to the design requirements of each specific job. With sizes ranging from 18” to 132”, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

KEYSTONE FILTER, MET-PRO CORP. 2385 N Penn Rd Hatfield PA 19440 USA (215) 822-1963 Fax: (215) 997-1839 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs

LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL SOFTWARE 6-60 Bathurst Dr Waterloo ON N2V 2A9 (519) 746-5995 Fax: (519) 746-0793 Contact: Julie Swatson, Sr Sales Associate

KGO GROUP LIMITED 1200 Speers Rd Oakville ON L6L 2X4 (905) 847-1544 Fax: (905) 847-1699 Contact: Andrew Puffer, Sales

LAMBERT PEAT MOSS INC. 106 Lambert Rd Riviere-Ouelle QC G0L 2C0 (418) 852-2885

MAXQ SOFT 83 Howlett Cres Ajax ON L1T 0A6 (905) 428-6690 Contact: Courtney McLaren

LAMOTTE COMPANY PO Box 329 Chestertown MD 21620 USA (800) 344-3100 Fax: (410) 778-6394 Contact: Tom Seechuk, Marketing Manager KISTERS NORTH AMERICA, INC. 7777 Greenback Lane Suite 209 Citrus Heights CA 95610-5800 USA (916) 723-1441 Fax: (916) 723-1626 E-mail: info.us@kisters.net Web site: www.kisters.net WISKI 7 and the KISTERS Time Series Management server (KiTSM) are the result of more than 20 years of experience in the global water industry. Our software and hardware telemetry systems are used globally for managing, analyzing and reporting surface water, groundwater, storm water, wastewater, water quality and meteorological data. KODIAK ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 1A-871 Equestrian Crt Oakville ON L6L 6L7 (905) 825-2943 Fax: (905) 825-8743 KRISTAR ENTERPRISES INC. 360 Sutton Pl Santa Rosa CA 95407 USA (800) 579-8819 Fax: (707) 524-8186 Contact: Michelle Messimer, Marketing Administration

KSB PUMPS INC. 5885 Kennedy Rd Mississauga ON L4Z 2G3 (905) 568-9200 Fax: (905) 568-3740 E-mail: ksbcanada@ksbcanada.com Web site: www.ksb.ca Contact: Mike Blundell, CEO & President KSB Pumps Inc., is a member of the KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. KSB’s history dates back to 1871 in Germany, where the company’s global HQ is still located. KSB’s giant product portfolio consists of thousands of engineered and customized solutions. Water and wastewater pumps, submersible, dry, centrifugal, vertical,

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MASTER METER CANADA 207-100 rue Lansdowne Saint-Bruno QC J3V 0B3 (450) 461-1535 Fax: (450) 461-3720 E-mail: jclauret@mastermeter.com Web site: www.mastermeter.com Contact: Jean-Claude Lauret, Managing Director Master Meter, Inc. provides comprehensive utility water measurement solutions, smart AMR technology, and intuitive meter management software designed to help utilities run more efficiently. Better serve customers, capture more revenue and proactively combat resource loss from leaks, theft and meter malfunction with our completely integrated AMR system.

MEASUREMAX INC. 2015 Fisher Dr Peterborough ON K9J 6X6 (705) 745-1626 Fax: (705) 745-3493 E-mail: info@measuremax.ca Web site: www.measuremax.ca Contact: John Gillis, President We offer market-leading technology to meet the diverse and complex needs within the marketplace via the most complete product portfolio on the market today. Providing innovative solutions for level, weighing, flow, pressure, temperature, wireless communication and analytical control. Industrial control products, including HMI, PID control modules, data logging, panel meters, webserver and communications converters.

LAYFIELD GROUP 11603-180 St NW Edmonton AB T5S 2H6 (800) 840-2884 Fax: (780) 455-5218 Contact: Glenn Eckert, Sales Manager LIBERTY ENERGY INC. FL4-10 George St Hamilton ON L8P 1C8 (905) 523-1740

MEDTEQ SOLUTIONS CA LTD. 87 Law Dr Guelph ON N1E 7J7 (866) 639-8727 Fax: (519) 822-5080 Contact: Nelson Lawrence, President MAGNETROL Units 1&2-145 Jardin Dr Concord ON L4K 1X7 (905) 738-9600 Fax: (905) 738-1306 E-mail: kmartyn@magnetrol.com Web site: www.magnetrol.com Contact: Kevin Martyn, General Manager Liquid level, and air flow controls for the water and wastewater industry. Best known for low cost radar and ultrasonic level products. Also offering easy to service thermal mass dispersion air flow monitoring. See the full details at our website www.magnetrolenvironmental.com. MAGNOR INC. 1271 Ampere Boucherville QC J4B 5Z5 (450) 655-1711 MAGNUS CHEMICALS LIMITED 1271 Ampere Boucherville QC J4B 5Z5 (800) 363-9929 Fax: (450) 655-5428 Contact: Robert Pelbois, Dir. Bus Dev – Wastewater MARKLAND SPECIALTY ENGINEERING LTD. 9-305 Armstrong Ave Georgetown ON L7G 4X6 (905) 873-7791 Fax: (905) 873-6012 Contact: Scott Langstaff, General Manager

MEFIAG, MET-PRO CORP. 1550 Industrial Dr Owosso MI 48867 USA (989) 725-8184 Fax: (989) 729-1013 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs

MEGADOME/HARNOIS INDUSTRIES 1044 Principale St Thomas QC J0K 3L0 (866) 610-0370 Fax: (450) 756-8389 E-mail: info@harnois.com Web site: www.megadomebuildings.com Contact: Mike Tousignant, Sales Representative Megadome® buildings are membrane-covered galvanized structures which are ideal to protect your storage yard, machinery, production facilities or waste/recycling operations from the weather, providing a high quality solution at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings. Widths start at 30 feet up to 125 feet, for as long as needed.

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers monitoring program for Stormceptor units in Ontario and Quebec. The program provides for compliance with local regulatory requirements. Minotaur provides field reports identifying existing levels of oils and particulate and the recommended course of action. Simplify Your Responsibility! METCON SALES & ENGINEERING LIMITED 3-15 Connie Cres Concord ON L4K 1L3 (905) 738-2355 Fax: (905) 738-5520 E-mail: metcon@metconeng.com Web site: www.metconeng.com Contacts: Ahron Nahmias, David Tidy, Matthew Nicolak, Darryl Annis Disinfection systems (Cl2, NaOCl, NH3, SO3, ClO2, O3,UV, KMnO4); chemical feed systems (dry, liquid, gas, polymer, lime); flowmeters (magnetic, mass, DP, VA); metering pumps, analyzers, turbidity, ozone generators, odour control scrubbers; reservoir mixing; filtration systems, screen filters, filtration plants, SBRs, septage receiving, aeration and mixing, centrifuges, chemical induction mixing, bulk water filling systems. MET-PRO SYSTEMS PO Box 144 Harleysville PA 19438 USA (215) 723-9300 Fax: (215) 723-8501 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs METSO AUTOMATION CANADA LTD. 8161 Keele St Vaughan ON L4K 1Z3 (905) 372-7107 Fax: (905) 372-9012 Contact: Lorraine Klein, Office Manager

MOYNO, INC. 1895 W. Jefferson St Springfield OH 45506 USA (937) 327-3553 Fax: (937) 327-3572 Contact: Tish Wilson, Executive Administration

Suppliers NESTEC INC. 21 Unionville Rd PO Box 568 Douglassville PA 19518 USA (610) 323-7670 NEWALTA CORPORATION 211-11 Ave SW Calgary AB T2R 0C6 (800) 774-8466 Fax: (403) 806-7000 Contact: David Tyson, Executive Director, Sales & Mktg

MSU MISSISSAUGA LTD. 2222 South Sheridan Way Mississauga ON L5J 2M4 (905) 823-4340 or (800) 268-5336 Fax: (905) 823-4947 E-mail: sales@msumississauga.com Web site: www.msumississauga.com Contact: Virginia Junkin, President From man-hole steps, weirs, handrailing and catwalks to custom fabrication, MSU is ready to service the needs of the water and wastewater industry.

NILEX CIVIL ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP 9304-39 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 6L8 (780) 463-9535 Fax: (780) 463-1773 E-mail: info@nilex.com Web site: www.nilex.com Contact: Brian Williams, Business Development Manager Nilex is committed to unearthing better results. Whether it is for a civil, resource, or environmental project, we offer the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save our customers time and money; minimize the need to move or remove earth; and reduce the need for granular materials. Other locations: Calgary: (888) 543-5454, Vancouver: (800) 6630478, Vernon: (250) 260-3300, Saskatoon: (306) 956-0088, Toronto: (877) 640-6002.

MULTIVIEW LOCATES INC. 325 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4Z 1X8 (800) 363-3116 Fax: (866) 571-5946 Contact: Bella Shah, Resources Coordinator

NORTHWEST PIPE COMPANY Mezz 7-1050 N. State St Chicago IL 60610 USA (312) 587-8702 Fax: (312) 587-8703 Contact: Tom Baas, Sales Manager

MURRENHIL CORPORATION 1697 Hwy 35 Janetville ON L0B 1K0 (705) 324-4646 MIDAN INDUSTRIES LTD. 5481 268th St Langley BC V4W 3W1 (604) 607-4614 Fax: (604) 856-6512 E-mail: jodybell@midan.com Website: www.midan.com and www.revolution-water.com Contact: Jody Bell, Vice President Midan Industries Ltd manufactures the RevolutionTM self-aspirating floating aerator and mixer for Industrial and municipal applications. The Revolution is an efficient and effective alternative technology to traditional splash style surface aerators. Eliminate splashing and associated odors, reduce power consumption and foaming associated with the use of splash aerators.

MYRON L COMPANY 2450 Impala Dr Carlsbad CA 92010 USA (760) 438-2021 NAPIER-REID LIMITED 2-10 Alden Rd Markham ON L3R 2S1 (905) 475-1545 Fax: (905) 475-2021 Contact: Frank Li, Vice President NELSON ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 94 Durand Rd Winnipeg MB R2J 3T2 (204) 949-7500 Fax: (204) 237-0660 Contact: Merle Kroeker, Project Development Engineer

MILLENIUM CONTROL COMPANY PO Box 86034 RPO Upper Oakville ON L6H 5V6 (905) 849-0794 Fax: (905) 849-3797 Contact: Allan Hakala, Operations Manager MILLER-LEAMAN, INC. 800 Orange Ave Daytona Beach FL 32124 (386) 248-0500 Fax: (386) 248-3033 Contact: Chris Shuster, VP Sales & Marketing

MINOTAUR GUARDIAN SERVICE LIMITED 566 Lynden Rd Brantford ON N3T 5M1 (519) 647-3729 Fax: (519) 647-3198 E-mail: service@minotaurltd.com Web site: www.minotaurltd.com Contact: Garnet Shaver, President Minotaur provides a customized inspection and


N.R. MURPHY LIMITED 430 Franklin Blvd Cambridge ON N1R 8G6 (514) 621-6210 Fax: (519) 621-2841 E-mail: 4nodust@nrmurphy.com Web site: www.nrmurphy.com Contact: Craig Moffatt, Sales Manager Over the past 65 years N.R. Murphy Ltd. have designed and installed over 14,000 dust collection systems, solving virtually every dust problem imaginable; with the most complete line of standard and custom fabricated dry dust collectors available. Also, cyclones, fans, exhausters, related equipment and accessories. They also manufacture dust collector filters for all makes. NU FLOW 1010 Thornton Rd S Oshawa ON L1J 7E2 (800) 834-9597 Fax: (905) 433-9687 Contact: Ed Henry, Sales Manager

NEO VALVES 6-1020 Brevik Pl Mississauga ON L4W 4N7 (905) 624-9090 Fax: (905) 624-8020 Contact: Jason Boyd, General Manager All types of valves: large R/S gate valves, lubricated plug valves; eccentric plug, tilting disc check, Pinch Valve products (pinch, knife-gate, pressure sensors, duckbill check, expansion joints), many types of CGA valves, butterfly valves, backflow preventers, air release valves, filters. NEPTUNE CHEMICAL PUMP CO. 204 Delkalb Pike Lansdale PA 19446 USA (215) 699-8700 Fax: (215) 699-0370 Contact: Mike Dowse, Managing Director NEPTUNE TECHNOLOGY GROUP 7275 West Credit Ave Mississauga ON L5N 5M9 (905) 858-4211 Fax: (905) 858-0428 Contact: Madhusree Ghosh, Product Manager

N-VIRO SYSTEMS CANADA LP 229 Niagara St Toronto ON M6J 2L5 (416) 360-5907 Fax: (416) 364-1012 Contact: Bob Crane, VP Plant Operations ON TRACK SAFETY LTD. 190A Doughton Rd Concord ON L4K 1R4 (905) 660-5969 ORGANIC EXPRESS INC. 324 Governors Rd E Paris ON N3L 3E1 (519) 720-0890 Fax: (519) 720-0891 Contact: Ronald Bisaillon, President ORICA WATERCARE INC. 33101 E Quincy Ave Watkins CO 33101 USA (303) 268-5243 Fax: (303) 268-5250 Contact: Stephanie Schnider, Marketing Coordinator

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers (613) 384-2500 Fax: (613) 384-2900 Contact: Carol Anne, Human Resources Dir. PLASCO WELDING & FABRICATION INC. 4268 Dundas St RR #2 Thorndale ON N0M 2P0 (519) 268-1190

ORIVAL INC. 213 S Van Brunt St Englewood NJ 07631 USA (201) 568-3311 Fax: (201) 568-1916 E-mail: filters@orival.com Web site: www.orival.com Providing automatic self-cleaning filtration systems for the removal of suspended solids from water is more than a job for Orival – it’s a way of life. For over 20 years, Orival has supplied thousands of filtration units for a wide variety of customers in over 40 countries around the world. Single units, flange-to-flange systems, complete skid mounted or containerized packages, and specially fabricated filters are all common products for Orival. OSPREY SCIENTIFIC, INC. 100-18130 105 Ave Edmonton AB T5S 2T4 (780) 487-4334 PACK-A-CONE 16-270 Esna Park Dr Markham ON L3R 1H3 (905) 284-1000 Fax: (905) 284-1082 Contact: Cory Tse, Director

PARKSON CORPORATION 205-1000 St-Jean Pointe-Claire QC H9R 5P1 (514) 636-8712 Fax: (514) 636-4618 E-mail: Canada@parkson.com Web site: www.parkson.com Contact: Jean Grenier, Regional Manager Parkson Corporation is a leading provider of advanced solutions in water recycling and treatment, committed to providing clean water for the world. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale with offices in Chicago, Montreal, and Dubai, Parkson is an Axel Johnson Inc. company, member of the Axel Johnson Group of Sweden. PARTS KM PLUS INC. Unit A-1197 Fewster Dr Mississauga ON L4W 1A2 (905) 238-0308 Fax: (905) 238-6327 Contact: Rudi Kovacko, President PEACOCK, A DIVISION OF KINECOR 2250 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 6A5 (905) 813-8310 Fax: (905) 812-7203 Contact: Robert Holtforster, Manager of Engineering PENCON EQUIPMENT COMPANY F12-109 Thomas St Oakville ON L6J 3A7 (905) 845-1727 Fax: (905) 845-1792 Contact: B. Penny, Office Manager PFE PUMPS INC. 10-740 Huronia Rd Barrie ON L4N 6C6 (705) 797-8426 Fax: (705) 797-8427 Contact: Diane Balcerczyk, Advertising/ Marketing Manager PHOENIX PROCESS EQUIPMENT CO. 2402 Watterson Trail Louisville KY 40299 USA (502) 499-6198 Fax: (502) 499-1079 Contact: John Waugh, VP Marketing PIPE SPECIALTIES CANADA – A DIV. OF PIPE SPECIALTIES INTERNATIONAL INC. 661 Justus Dr Kingston ON K7M 4H5

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POLYSTAR INC. 2030 Midway Dr Twinsburg OH 44087 USA (330) 963-5100

PURIFICS 340 Sovereign Rd London ON N6M 1A8 (519) 473-5788 Fax: (519) 473-0934 Contact: Brian Butters, President QUANTUM MURRAY LP 3-10 Kenmore Ave Stoney Creek ON L8E 5N1 (905) 971-5113 RACINE FLOW METER GROUP 8635 Washington Ave Racine WI 53406 USA (262) 639-6770 Fax: (262) 639-2267 Contact: Angie Gepko, Marketing Coordinator

POWER PLANT SUPPLY COMPANY 12-140 Midwest Rd Toronto ON M1P 3B3 (416) 752-3339

RAIN FOR RENT PO Box 2248 Bakersfield CA 93303 USA (661) 399-9124

PRAXAIR CANADA INC. 1200-1 City Centre Dr Mississauga ON L5B 1M2 (905) 803-1600 Fax: (905) 803-1696 Contact: Robert Douglas, Market Comm.

RAINWATER MANAGEMENT 1657 Lincoln Ave Port Coquitlam BC V3B 2J5 (604) 944-9265 Fax: (604) 676-2601 Contact: Pete Law, President

PREMIER TECH AQUA 1 Av Premier Riviere-du-Loup QC G5R 6C1 (418) 867-8883

REGENESIS 1011 Calle Sombra San Clemente CA 92675 USA (949) 366-8000 Fax: (949) 366-8090 Contact: Bryan Vigue, VP Marketing

PRESSURE SYSTEMS, INC. 34 Research Dr Hampton VA 23666 USA (757) 865-1243 Fax: (757) 865-8744 Contact: Christina Sanchez, PR Coordinator PRIMARY FLUID SYSTEMS INC. 1050 Cooke Blvd Burlington ON L7T 4A8 (905) 333-8743 PRISTINE WATER SOLUTIONS, MET-PRO CORP. 1570 Lakeside Dr Waukegan IL 60085 USA (847) 689-1100 Fax: (847) 689-9289 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Services

ROBAR INDUSTRIES LTD. 12945 78 Ave Surrey BC V3W 2R8 (604) 591-8811 Fax: (604) 591-5288 E-mail: dave.brewer@robar.ca Web site: www.robarindustries.com Contact: Dave Brewer, Waterworks Sales Manager Robar is a domestic foundry and manufacturer of municipal waterworks products that include pipe couplings, repair clamps, service saddles, tapping sleeves. As well, we specialize in fabricating large diameter couplings and expansion joints.

PRO AQUA, INC. 204-1 Atlantic Ave Toronto ON M6K 3E7 (416) 861-0237 PROCESS VACUUM TECHNOLOGY 1-24 Dumfries St Paris ON N3L 2C6 (519) 442-5766 Fax: (519) 442-5384 Contact: Hans Leygraaf, President

ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOIL SAMPLING 1433 Rupert St North Vancouver BC V7J 1G1 (604) 947-7677 Contact: A. Thompson PROMINENT FLUID CONTROLS LTD. 490 Southgate Dr Guelph ON N1G 4P5 (888) 709-9933 Fax: (519) 836-5226 E-mail: sales@prominent.ca Web site: www.prominent.ca Contact: Brenda Cowbrough, Special Projects Coordinator ProMinent is the reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling. Based on our innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions, we provide more efficiency and safety for our customers – worldwide.


PROTECTOLITE INC. 84 Railside Rd Toronto ON M3A 1A3 (416) 444-4484 Fax: (416) 444-4485 E-mail: kszasz@protectolite.com Web site: www.protectolite.com Contact: Karl Szasz, President Since 1952, Protectolite ™ Inc. is your reliable, quality source for FRP Fiberglass Composite Parts. Our product line includes weir plates, scum, inlet and current density baffles, StanDeck Flat covers, Stanley Launder covers, FRP odor control ducting, and chemical storage tanks. Corrosion grade flat sheet and structural shapes.

ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY 2005 Sooke Rd Victoria BC V9B 5Y2 (250) 391-2600

64 Guided Crt Toronto ON M9V 4K6 (888) 742-9068 Fax: (416) 742-6817 Web site: www.romquest.com Contact: Monica Barbur, Marketing Manager Romquest Technologies specializes in servicing, maintaining and overhauling elemental analyzers and other laboratory equipment. Elemental analyzers, molecular biology plasticwares, laboratory equipment and supplies, Belec mobile spectroscopy for metal analysis. ROMTEC UTILITIES INC 18240 North Bank Rd Roseburg OR 97470 USA (541) 496-9678 Fax: (541) 496-0804 Contact: Dave Sheldon, Communications Manager

RUDI KOVACKO & ASSOCIATES INC. A-1197 Fewster Dr Mississauga ON L4W 1A2 (905) 238-0308 Fax: (905) 238-6327 Contact: Rudi Kovacko, President RUSMAR INC. 216 Garfield Ave West Chester PA 19380 USA (610) 436-4314 Fax: (610) 436-8436 Contact: J.T. Bielan, Sales Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 9:24 PM Page 99

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers SAFE DRINKING WATER FOUNDATION 1-912 Idylwyld Dr N Saskatoon SK S7L 0Z6 (306) 934-0389 Fax: (306) 934-5289 Contact: Nicole Brederbeck, Director of Education

SAF-T-FLO CHEMICAL INJECTION 4071-L East La Palma Ave Anaheim CA 92807 USA (714) 632-3013 Fax: (714) 632-3350 E-mail: gkline@saftflo.com Web site: www.saftflo.com Contact: Gary Kline SAF-T-FLO Chemical Injection specializes in chemical injection quills for municipal and industrial chemical feed systems. We offer a complete line of retractable and non-retractable injection quills in PV, CPVC, Kynar, SS, Hastelloy C-276, Alloy 20, and Titanium. Chemical feed lines range from ¼”, for feeding neat chemical solutions, to 2½” for feeding carrier water solutions at high volume.

SANITHERM INC. 100-340 Brooksbank Ave North Vancouver BC V7H 2Z4 (604) 986-9168 Fax: (604) 986-5377 E-mail: information@sanitherm.com Web site: www.sanitherm.com Contact: Kim Lewis, Marketing Coordinator The SaniBrane™ Container System is suitable if you have limited land mass, a small population and need a compact self-contained wastewater treatment system. No building is required and it can be used in the most remote areas with excellent effluent.

SAPPHIRE GROUP Head Office: 1410-530 8th Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3S8 (403) 537-8470 Fax: (403) 537-8479 E-mail: info@sapphire-group.ca Web site: www.sapphire-group.ca Contact: Murray Blair, Manager Sales Sapphire Group offers innovative water and wastewater solutions. We design and manufacture RO/NF membrane treatment systems, package water and wastewater plants, biological treatment systems (SIBROM & BTP), and automated control systems with remote monitoring capabilities. Sapphire also represents leading manufacturers offering a complete line-up of premier water and wastewater equipment and processes.

SCADALLIANCE CORPORATION 150 Douglas Dr Toronto ON M4W 2B7 (416) 849-6702 Fax: (416) 849-6703 E-mail: rbonfils@scadalliance.com Web site: www.scadalliance.com Contact: Robert Bonfils, President

Scadalliance offers innovative products in automation and telemetry; wireless sensors, smart controllers and RTUs, SCADA software. Some unique features of these products result in extremely flexible and cost-effective solutions, from small standalone telemetry applications to large sale SCADA projects. Numerous communication options and compatibilities with existing systems allow reducing the overall project costs. SCARBOROUGH SUPPLY 154 Crown Crt Whitby ON L1N 7B1 (877) 261-5293 Fax: (905) 579-4755 Contact: Dennis Robichaud, President

SCHLUMBERGER WATER SERVICES 101-460 Phillip St Waterloo ON N2L 5J2 (519) 746-1798 Fax: (519) 885-5262 E-mail: info@slb.com Web site: www.water.slb.com Contact: Jeff Lade, Products Manager Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) provides comprehensive technical services and integrated approaches to projects for public and private sector clients. SWS has successfully completed projects in Canada and around the world to explore, develop, manage, and protect water resources in a wide variety of environments and applications. SEEPEX INC. 511 Speedway Dr Enon OH 45323 USA (937) 864-7150 Fax: (937) 864-7157 Contact: Daniel Lakovic, Assistant President


121 N Dillon St San Jacinto CA 92583 USA (951) 487-8073 Fax: (951) 487-0557 Web site: www.seewaterinc.com Contact: Mike Johnson, VP See Water Inc. manufactures water pump controls, high liquid alarms, and water pump control panels including the patented Oil Smart® Technology. Oil Smart spill prevention products satisfy the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan, ASME 17.1, and local building and safety codes.


7400 Wilson Ave Delta BC V4G 1E5 (604) 946-3131 Fax: (604) 940-9566 Web site: www.sei-ind.com Contact: Paul Reichard, Division Manager SEI Industries Ltd. is primarily involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of products for the aviation, fire suppression, exploration, and environmental management industries. Other SEI capabilities include pumping/filtration design and manufacturing, and technical problem-solving involving new-generation, high-strength, lightweight fabrics, and stateof-the-art power generation and liquid transfer systems. SEPROTECH SYSTEMS INC. 2378 Holly Lane Ottawa ON K1V 7P1 (613) 523-1641 Fax: (613) 731-0851 Contact: Gary Black, General Manager - Municipal SERPENTIX 9085 Marshall Crt Westminster CO 80031 USA (303) 430-8427 SETHCO, MET-PRO CORP. 800 Emlen Way Telford PA 18969 USA (215) 799-2577 Fax: (215) 799-0920 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs


SERVICE FILTRATION OF CANADA LTD. 12-4141 Sladeview Cres Mississauga ON L5L 5T1 (905) 820-4700 Fax: (905) 820-4015 Contact: Joe Halahel, General Manager Service Filtration engineers and manufactures high performance corrosion resistant pumps and filter chambers in CPVC, Poly Pro and PVDF. Filter media is available for use on chemicals, acids, hydraulic oil, electroplating solutions, photographic and food products. Pollution abatement products are also available. We can also supply custom design filtration systems.

SEW-EURODRIVE COMPANY OF CANADA LTD. 210 Walker Dr Bramalea ON L6T 3W1 (905) 791-1553 Fax: (905) 791-2999 E-mail: g.simpson@sew-eurodrive.ca Web site: www.sew-eurodrive.ca Driving the world – with innovative drive solutions for all sectors and every application of industry. Products and systems from SEW-EURODRIVE come into operation everywhere – worldwide. Whether in the wastewater/water, food and beverage or processing industry, the decision for drive engineering “made by SEW-EURODRIVE” is synonymous with function and investment. SIEMENS WATER TECHNOLOGIES CANADA, INC. 1-215 Konrad Cres Markham ON L3R 8T9 (905) 944-2800 Fax: (905) 474-1660 Contact: George Matsugu, Marketing Manager

SMITH & LOVELESS, INC. 14040 Santa Fe Trail Dr Lenexa KS 66215 USA (913) 888-5201 Fax: (913) 888-2173 E-mail: answers@smithandloveless.com Web site: www.smithandloveless.com Contact: Stuart B. Marschall, International Division Smith & Loveless Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a complete line of pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems. With sales offices throughout Canada, and numerous installations over 40 years, we feature treatment plants, grit removal systems, pump stations and filtration systems. SOLAR BEE, INC. 3225 Hwy 22 Dickinson ND 58601 USA (866) 437-8076 Fax: (701) 225-0002 Contact: Pat Schnaidt, VP Marketing

SOLINST CANADA LTD. 35 Todd Rd Georgetown ON L7G 4R8 (905) 873-2255 Fax: (905) 873-1992 E-mail: instruments@solinst.com Web site: www.solinst.com Contact: Jim Pianosi, General Manager, Jason

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Suppliers Redwood, Marketing Manager Solinst Canada Ltd. manufactures high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation. We offer a broad range of practical equipment used by hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. Our leading-edge instruments are designed for repeatable accuracy, ease-of-use, and durability, including leveloggers, telemetry, water level meters, drive-points, interface meters, and multilevel systems.

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers (800) 809-0330 Fax: (905) 547-2381 Contact: Frank Davis, President STORMTRAP (see full listing under Worldwide StormTrap) TANK CONNECTION (CANADA) CORP. 57 Old Onondaga Rd W Brantford ON N3T 5W4 (519) 754-3731 Fax: (519) 753-1453 E-mail: sales@tankconnection.ca Web site: www.tankconnection.com Contact: George Bojeczko, General Manager Tank Connection (Canada) provides a unique rolled tapered panel (RTP) bolted tank, used for the storage of a wide variety of dry bulk and liquid storage applications. We design, manufacture and install any size tank for any service. Our innovative construction process focuses on quick installation, accomplished with the highest degree of safety. We look forward to the opportunity to “GET CONNECTED” with you on future projects.

STROBIC AIR CORP, MET-PRO CORP. PO Box 144 Harleysville PA 19438 USA (215) 723-4700 Fax: (215) 723-7401 Contact: Kevin Bittle, Mgr Creative Svcs

SOLUTION SOIL TREATMENT FACILITY 2350 Skead Rd Garson ON P3L 1V6 (519) 763-2227 Fax: (519) 763-9887 Contact: Neil Ryan

SONIC SOIL SAMPLING INC. 668 Millway Ave Concord ON L4K 3V2 (905) 660-0501 Fax: (905) 660-7143 E-mail: sonic@sonicsoil.com Web site: www.sonicsoil.com Contact: Alan Archibald, VP Administration Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. has been providing contract services since 1981 to the Environmental, Geotechnical and Mining sectors throughout the world. We offer portable solutions at cost-effective rates. Our reputation for quality, workmanship and a willingness to help our customers has been our best promotion tool. SPD SALES LTD. 6467 Northam Dr Mississauga ON L4V 1J2 (905) 678-2882 Fax: (905) 293-9774 Contact: Frank Farkas, Sales Manager

SUMMA ENGINEERING LIMITED 6423 Northam Dr Mississauga ON L4V 1J2 (905) 678-3388 Fax: (905) 678-0444 E-mail: info@summaeng.com Web site: www.summaeng.com Contact: Diana Rubino In-depth knowledge of water and wastewater processes and extensive experience with instrumentation and SCADA projects have allowed Summa Engineering Limited to provide quality goods and services to Canadian industrial and municipal markets continuously for over 30 years.

TEAM-1 ACADEMY INC. 19-760 Pacific Rd Oakville ON L6L 6M5 (905) 827-0007 Fax: (905) 827-0049 Contact: Brian Kovalcik, Operations Manager TECUMSETH GROUP PO Box 804 Tottenham ON L0G 1W0 (905) 372-7107 Fax: (905) 936-6138 Contact: Lorraine Klein, Office Manager TEMCOR 1100-879 West 190th St Gardena CA 90248 USA (310) 353-5100 Fax: (310) 353-5101 Contact: C. Margolf, Executive VP

SUPREME INTERNATIONAL LTD. 6010-47 St PO Box 6450 Wetaskiwin AB T9A 2G2 (780) 352-6061 Fax: (780) 352-6056 Contact: Andrew Royea, Director of Sales & Marketing

TENBUSCH INC. PO Box 417 Lewisville TX 75067 USA (972) 221-2304 Fax: (972) 221-2498 Contact: Al Tenbusch, President TERRAFIX ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY INC. 455 Horner Ave Toronto ON M8W 4W9 (416) 674-0363 Fax: (416) 674-7346 Contact: John Mooney

SPILL MANAGEMENT INC. 45 Upper Mount Albion Rd Stoney Creek ON L8J 2R9 (905) 578-9666 Contact: Cliff Holland, President SRP CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. 19-5155 Spectrum Way Mississauga ON L4W 5A1 (905) 238-2880 Fax: (905) 238-9590 Contact: Joe Santo, President

STANMECH TECHNOLOGIES INC. 944 Zelco Dr Burlington ON L7L 4Y3 (905) 631-6161 Fax: (905) 631-1852 E-mail: info@stanmech.com Web site: www.stanmech.com; www.leister.ca Contact: Paul Subject, President Our Leister line of automatic wedge welders, combiwedge machines and hand tools, and our line of field designed extrusion welders are used in a wide variety of geomembrane applications where precise weld quality and high speed is desired. Our products provide excellent field performance and superior reliability. We provide 24-hour repair service on most of our products. We are the Canadian Master Distributor for Leister products. STELCRETE INDUSTRIES LIMITED 7771 Stanley Ave PO Box 837 Niagara Falls ON L2E 6V6 (866) 924-0837 Fax: (905) 735-3955 Contact: Robert Nichols, General Manager STERLING POWER SYSTEMS INC. 799 Rennie St Hamilton ON L8H 3R5

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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGY CANADA 1850-45 O’Connor St Ottawa ON K1P 1A4 (613) 234-6313 Fax: (613) 234-0303 E-mail: info@sdtc.ca Web site: www.sdtc.ca Contact: Rob Barkwell, Applications Manager Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is an arm’s-length, not-for-profit corporation created by the Government of Canada which operates two funds aimed at the development and demonstration of innovative technological solutions: the $550 million SD Tech Fund™ and the $500 million NextGen Biofuels Fund™.

TERRAFIX GEOSYNTHETICS INC. 455 Horner Ave Toronto ON M8W 4W9 (416) 674-0363 Fax: (416) 674-1159 Contact: Harman Kaur, Marketing Specialist TERRATEC ENVIRONMENTAL LTD. 200 Eastport Blvd Hamilton ON L8H 7S4 (905) 544-0444 Contact: Reuben Scholtens, Sales Manager TERRATECHNIK ENVIRONMENTAL 12-2355 Royal Windsor Dr Mississauga ON L5J 4S8 (905) 855-4943 Fax: (905) 855-4936 Contact: Bryan Maskell, Manager THE CANNINGTON GROUP INC. 4-4 Fortecon Dr Gormley ON L0H 1G0 (905) 841-1848 Fax: (905) 841-1062 Contact: Frank Apollinaro, Vice President

SYNTEC PROCESS EQUIPMENT LTD. 1-68 Healey Rd Bolton ON L7E 5A4 (905) 951-8000 Ext 25 Fax: (905) 951-8002 E-mail: info@syntecpe.com Web site: www.syntecpe.com Authorized manufacturer’s representative for plug, pinch, check, air release, knifegates, R/S gate AWWA, sluice, slide gate, butterfly AWWA, lug, wafer, ball, pressure relief, pressure reducing, pump control valves, actuators, pressure and temperature gauges TEAM HAZCO 1650 Upper Ottawa St Hamilton ON L8W 3P2 (905) 383-5550

THE PRESSURE PIPE INSPECTION COMPANY 4700 Dixie Rd Mississauga ON L4W 2R1 (877) 275-7742 Fax: (905) 624-4777 Contact: Norman Eitzen, Marketing Manager THERMO-KINETICS COMPANY LTD. 6740 Invader Cres Mississauga ON L5T 2B6 (905) 670-2266 THERN, INC. 5712 Industrial Park Rd Winona MN 55987 USA (507) 454-2996 Fax: (507) 454-5282 Contact: Scott Thelen, Sales Manager THOMPSON PUMP 4620 City Center Dr Port Orange FL 32129 USA

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Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers (386) 767-7310 Fax: (386) 761-0362 Contact: Canadian Sales

(800) 548-1234 Fax: (847) 377-5160 Contact: Dan Mantilla, Export Manager

TIGG CORPORATION 1 Willow Ave Oakdale PA 15071 USA (724) 703-3020 Fax: (724) 703-3026 Contact: Anthony Mazzoni, VP Business Development

USA TANK STORAGE SYSTEMS 14174 Hwy #43 Seneca MO 64865 USA (417) 776-2500 Fax: (417) 776-2524 Contact: Steve Currence, Director of Sales

TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR CORP. 1880 Treble Dr Humble TX 77338 USA (281) 358-9900 Fax: (281) 358-1911 Contact: Ross Mahler, Marketing Manager TRANSPRO INDUSTRIES INC. 20 Jones St New Rochelle NY 10801-6098 USA (914) 636-1000 Fax: (914) 636-1282 Contact: Arthur Dinitz, Enviro Safe Sales

TRI-PHASE ENVIRONMENTAL INC. 446 Hazelhurst Rd Mississauga ON L5J 2Z7 (905) 823-7965 Fax: (905) 823-7932 E-mail: agnes@triphasegroup.com Web site: www.triphasegroup.com Contact: Agnes Miczynska, Business Development Manager Tri-Phase Environmental Inc. is an environmental contracting firm specializing in demolition and decommissioning, hazardous materials abatement, PCB management and clean-up, soil and groundwater remediation, UST and AST removal as well as industrial services such as power washing, confined space entry, tank cleaning, sewer flushing, decontamination and surface preparation.

TROY-ONTOR INC. Units H-K 121 Commerce Park Dr Barrie ON L4N 8X1 (705) 721-8246 Fax: (705) 721-5851 E-mail: martin-doyle@troy-onter.ca Contact: Martin Doyle, Sales Manager Specializing in the supply of electric and pneumatic actuators, for both new and retrofit installations, with complete on site technical assistance. Complete line of manual gears to suit all types of existing distribution for water and wastewater valves, including all necessary adaptation and mounting hardware, designed and fabricated in our machine shop. Motorized valve packages of all types and sizes, with associated controls and accessories. TS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 35-2601 Matheson Blvd E Mississauga ON L4W 5A8 (905) 238-0362 TURBOSONIC INC. A14-550 Parkside Dr Waterloo ON N2L 5V4 (519) 885-5513 Fax: (519) 885-6992 TUTHILL VACUUM & BLOWER SYSTEMS 4840 W. Kearney St Springfield MO 65802 USA (417) 865-8715 UNIQAIR 182-32900 South Fraser Way PO Box 15010 Abbotsford BC V2S 8P1 (604) 854-5628 Fax: (604) 854-5620 Contact: Hans Schieven, Managing Director USABLUEBOOK 3781 Bur Wood Dr Waukegan IL 60085 USA


Suppliers missioning are our main focus. We have, in stock, dustless tools, air cleaning blowers and vacuums and all gear needed for abatement. We carry a full line of mechanical insulation equipment and materials.

VAHN-TECH INTERNATIONAL INC. 2906-15 Fort York Blvd Toronto ON M5V 3Y4 (416) 342-0001 Fax: (416) 342-0001 Contact: Kamal Khiani, General Manager VAL-MATIC VALVE & MANUFACTURING CORP. 905 Riverside Dr Elmhurst IL 60126 USA (630) 941-7600 Fax: (630) 941-8042

VECTOR PROCESS EQUIPMENT INC. 5889 Summerside Dr Mississauga ON L5M 6L1 (416) 527-4396, (905) 979-8660 Fax: (905) 567-8590 E-mail: info@vectorprocess.com Web site: www.vectorprocess.com Contacts: Andre Osborne, Dale Sanchez Bar screens, rotary drum screens, clarifiers, surface aerators, digester covers and mixers, heat exchangers, sludge thickening and dewatering solutions, biological treatment systems, lagoonbased nutrient removal systems, continuously cleaned sand filters, phosphorus removal systems, surface and submersible mixers, grinders, progressive cavity pumps, odour control biofilters, screw conveyor systems, chemical feed pumps, concrete protective liners. VEOLIA WATER SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES CANADA INC. 430-2000 Argentia Rd Mississauga ON L5N 1W1 (905) 286-4846 Fax: (905) 286-0488 Contact: Rosemary Niechcial, VP Sales VICTAULIC 123 Newkirk Rd Richmond Hill ON L4C 3G5 (905) 884-7444 Fax: (905) 884-2410 Contact: Andrew Cowburn, Municipal Representative VIDEX, INC. 1105 NE Circle Blvd Corvallis OR 97330 USA (541) 758-0521 Fax: (541) 752-5285 Contact: John Moa, Sales VIQUA, A TROJAN TECHNOLGIES CO. 425 Clair Rd W Guelph ON N1L 1R1 (519) 763-1032 Fax: (519) 763-5069 Contact: Sheila Berg, Marketing Communications Manager VULCAN ELECTRIC 40 Telson Rd Markham ON L3R 1E5 (905) 513-1550 WACHS CANADA LTD. 8-1166 Gorham St Newmarket ON L3Y 8W4 (905) 830-8888 Fax: (905) 830-6050 Contact: Steve Ward, Utility Sales Manager


10-428 Millen Rd Stoney Creek ON L8E 3N9 (905) 664-6075 Fax: (905) 664-6989 E-mail: jimflynn309@hotmail.com Contact: Jim Flynn, Owner We offer a unique line of products for building maintenance and renovators. Asbestos removal supplies, lead paint removal products, mould abatement equipment and heavy metal decom-

WALKERTON CLEAN WATER CENTRE 20 Ontario Rd PO Box 160 Walkerton ON N0G 2V0 (519) 881-2003 Fax: (519) 881-4947 E-mail: kcampbell@wcwc.ca Web site: www.wcwc.ca Contact: Katherine Campbell, Education & Outreach Coordinator The Walkerton Clean Water Centre is a worldclass institute dedicated to delivering training and education for owners, operators and operating authorities of drinking water systems; demonstrating leading-edge drinking water technology; and working with the Ministry of the Environment, leading experts and key stakeholders on drinking water research. WASTE’N WATERTECH LTD. 321-11979-40 St SE Calgary AB T2Z 4M3 (403) 252-9056 Fax: (403) 252-2538 Contact: Dave Van Vliet, President WATER MATRIX 3-331 Trowers Rd Woodbridge ON L4L 6A2 (905) 850-8080 Fax: (905) 850-9100 Contact: Sean Kimmons, President

WATERLOO BARRIER INC. PO Box 335 Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (519) 856-1352 Fax: (519) 856-0759 E-mail: info@waterloo-barrier.com Web site: www.waterloo-barrier.com Contact: Robin Jowett, Manager Waterloo Barrier® is a containment wall for the control of contaminated groundwater. Formed of steel sheet piling with joints that are sealed inplace in the ground, the Barrier offers a long service life, exceptionally low hydraulic conductivity, and documentable construction QA/QC. Installation is clean and rapid with minimal site disturbance.

WATERLOO BIOFILTER SYSTEMS INC. PO Box 400 Rockwood ON N0B 2K0 (519) 856-0757 Fax: (519) 856-0759 E-mail: info@waterloo-biofilter.com Web site: www.waterloo-biofilter.com Contact: Craig Jowett, President Waterloo Biofilter® for on-site treatment of residential, commercial and communal sewage; fully scalable from house to school to truck stop to subdivision flows. Advantages are low maintenance, low energy, small footprint, high quality effluent, and no aerobic sludge management. Proven high-nitrogen removal, and re-use for irrigation and toilets.

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WATERRA PUMPS LIMITED 44-5200 Dixie Rd Mississauga ON L4W 1E4 (905) 238-5242 Fax: (905) 238-5704 E-mail: sales@waterra.com Web site: www.waterra.com Contact: John Newall, President Waterra has been providing simple, affordable technology for environmental groundwater monitoring applications around the world for over 20 years. Our product line includes everything from the ubiquitous inertial pump to stainless steel submersible pumps. We are the leading manufacturer of groundwater filters and our product line now also includes multiparameter water quality meters.

WHIPPS, INC. 370 S Athol Rd Athol MA 01331 USA (978) 249-7924 Fax: (978) 249-3072 Web site: www.whipps.com Contact: Susie Whipps, Contracts Administrator WILDCAT WATER TECHNOLOGIES LTD. PO Box 343 Cochrane AB T4C 1A6 (403) 932-7310 Fax: (403) 932-6255 Contact: David Whitehead, President

WILO CANADA INC. 2915 10th Ave NE Bay 7 Calgary AB T2A 5L4 (866) 945-6236 Fax: (403) 277-9456 Web site: www.wilo-canada.com Contact: Dan Bevilacqua, Marketing Assistant WILO SE is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology, and for water supply and sewage disposal. The company was founded in 1872 as a copper and brass goods factory and is now represented in more than 70 countries and employs about 6,000 personnel throughout the world. WORLD WATER & WASTEWATER SOLUTIONS LTD. 3665 Wyandotte St E Windsor ON N9A 5T7 (866) 622-6535 Contact: Doug Cooper, Manager

Guide to Environmental Equipment & Service Suppliers

WTP EQUIPMENT CORPORATION 83 Nuggett Court Brampton ON L6T 5H2 (905) 799-3403 Contact: Ken Argyle, Engineering Manager Canadian manufacturer of wastewater headworks equipment, including: mechanical bar screens, heavy duty deep well bar screens, continuously cleaned fine (to 1 mm) filter belt and perforated plate screens, conveyor screens, septage screens, screenings presses, screw conveyors, aerated tank and vortex chamber grit collectors and grit classifiers. Customer service is provided from our Brampton, Ontario, facility. WYCKOMAR INC. 111 Malcolm Rd Guelph ON N1K 1A8 (519) 822-1886 Fax: (519) 763-6580 Contact: W. Bodvert, General Manager X-TREME ENERGY GROUP 3600-61 Ave PO Box 6239 Innisfail AB T4G 1S9 (403) 227-8120 XERXES CORPORATION 7901 Xerxes Ave S Minneapolis MN 55431 USA (952) 887-1828 YORK FLUID CONTROLS LTD. 2 Westwyn Ct Brampton ON L6T 4T5 (905) 454-4013 Fax: (905) 454-8423 Contact: M. Knapman

ZCL COMPOSITES INC. 6907-36 St Edmonton AB T6B 2Z6 (780) 466-6648 Fax: (780) 466-6126 Web site: www.zcl.com Contact: Kristi Peterson, Marketing Manager ZCL is Canada’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective fibreglass storage tank systems to the petroleum industry. Our growth over the past 20 years is attributed to our ability to develop and utilize new techniques to fill industry needs for fibreglass tanks and other storage tank solutions. Our mission is to provide global solutions for the economical and environmentally safe storage of petroleum products and other liquids.

WORLDWIDE STORMTRAP, LLC 2495 W. Bungalow Rd Morris IL 60450 USA (877) 867-6872 Fax: (815) 416-1100 Web site: www.stormtrap.com Contact: Justin May, Vice President StormTrap® is the ultimate solution for projects requiring stormwater management. StormTrap’s modular design allows the system to be completely customizable, giving it the ability to fit all types of job site parameters. The system’s innovative design maximizes the total volume of stormwater stored, while minimizing the project’s footprint and overall cost. Whether your project requires detention, infiltration, harvesting, or water quality applications, the design engineers at StormTrap® can provide a solution. To learn more, visit www.stormtrap.com

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Water Reuse

New electrocoagulation process increases industrial water reuse efficiency... con’t from page 45 Bench scale testing has resulted in a dition, the operational and maintenance of chemicals for coagulation, no secondvariety of contaminants being treated, costs associated with the technology are ary pollution is introduced. including: Another benefit of the system is relow. The system has the ability to treat Bacteria >99% multiple contaminants simultaneously, garding dissolved phase hydrocarbons. Chlorinated hydrocarbons >98% and wastewater treated with the technol- The gas bubbles formed from EPT can Hydrocarbons (F1-F4) 85-99% ogy can be recycled immediately within also act as a diffuser to enhance treatIron 92% ment of them, while carrying the conthe facility. Manganese 94% The sludge formed by EPT is mainly taminant to surface where it can be Aluminum 99% composed of metallic oxides, making easily removed. Barium 87% the sludge easy to dewater. The flocs Arsenic 87% For more information, also contain less water, are stable, and Lead 98% E-mail: cprokop@groundeffects.org are easy to filter. GEE also emphasizes Titanium 99% that, because the system avoids the use Zinc 95% Molybdenum 70% Copper 91% Cobalt 84% Herbicide >99% &O R B I L L I O N P E O P L E IN T HE DE V E L O P ING W O R L D

Industry processes for EPT water T H IS M IG HT B E A S GO O D A S IT GE T S remediation 5NSA F E W A T E R K IL L S P E O P L E EVE R Y S I N G L E D A Y Electo-Pure Technology is designed 7E C A N T G O O N L E T T I N G P E O P L E D I E T H I S WA Y to be beneficial for the following indus- & IND O U T HO W Y O U C A N HE L P tries and applications: W W W WA T ER FO R P EO P L E O RG 1. Mining and oil and gas – emulsified oil separation on site; pre-treatment of fracture wells return fluid for reuse; and tailing pond remediation and sludge dewatering. 2. Steam cleaners – water typically includes chrome, lead, zinc and other metals, along with oil and grease. 3. Pressure washers – water contains heavy metals, oil, grease, and suspended solids. 4. Metal plating – remove metals from the plating rinse water tank. 5. Meat and poultry processing – harvest protein and fat previously discharged into municipal sewage systems. 6. Recycling brine chiller water – destroy the fecal coliform, separate the fat, protein and suspended solids. 7. Commercial laundries – remove both suspended solids and complex organics. 8. Mining operators – remove suspended particles of clay and coal fines from mine process water. 9. Domestic sewage – remove suspended particles, bacteria, viruses and cysts. :DWHU )RU 3HRSOH KHOSV SHRSOH LQ GHYHORSLQJ FRXQWULHV LPSURYH WKHLU TXDOLW\ RI OLIH E\ VXSSRUWLQJ WKH GHYHORSPHQW RI ORFDOO\ VXVWDLQDEOH GULQNLQJ ZDWHU UHVRXUFHV VDQLWDWLRQ IDFLOLWLHV DQG KHDOWK DQG K\JLHQH HGXFDWLRQ SURJUDPV Benefits of electrocoagulation 2XU YLVLRQ LV D ZRUOG ZKHUH DOO SHRSOH KDYH DFFHVV WR VDIH GULQNLQJ ZDWHU DQG VDQLWDWLRQ D ZRUOG ZKHUH QR RQH VXIIHUV RU GLHV IURP D ZDWHU RU VDQLWDWLRQ UHODWHG GLVHDVH The EPT system is easy to operate :DWHU )RU 3HRSOH Water for PeopleB &DQDGD 3 2 %R[ 6W &ODLU $YH (DVW 7RURQWR 21 0 7 $, Canada 300 - 295 Consumers Road Toronto, ON M2J 5B6 416.499.4042 and has a smaller footprint when compared to competing technologies. In ad-

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services

ES&E’s Guide to Environmental Products & Services See “Suppliers” Section (pg. 89) for address, etc., of any company listed in this section ACCESS HATCHES Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems ITT Water & Wastewater MSU Mississauga Protectolite ACTIVATED CARBON ADSORBENTS Archer Technical Equipment Argonide BakerCorp ClearTech CorWil Technologies Durr Systems EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Sapphire Group SPD Sales TIGG Corporation Viqua ACTIVATED CARBON REGENERATORS CorWil Technologies Pro Aqua ACTUATORS Avensys Cancoppas Chemline Plastics Emerson Process Management Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Troy-Ontor Wachs Canada ADSORBENTS/ ABSORBENTS Arcus Absorbents BakerCorp Barr Plastics Compliance Solutions Canada CorWil Technologies Crucial, Inc. Drain-All EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. H2O Control Products Magnus Chemicals TIGG Corporation Viqua AERATION SYSTEMS Aeration Industries International Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales Arbrux Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental ECO2 Eimco Water Technologies Elmridge Engineering ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Fluidyne Gardner Denver GillTrading.com

104 | January 2010

GridBee H2Flow Equipment Hydro-Logic Environmental ITT Water & Wastewater Midan industries Napier-Reid Nelson Environmental Parkson Praxair Canada Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless SolarBee Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech AEROBIC DIGESTION ADI Systems Aeration Industries International Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Fluidyne Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Tank Connection (Canada) Waste’N Watertech Wildcat Water Technologies AIR EMISSIONS TESTING BioAir Solutions CEM Specialties Compliance Solutions Canada ERE Inc. Tecumseth Group AIR FILTERS ClearTech Compliance Solutions Canada Comprevac Davis Controls Dectron Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Flex-Kleen Keystone Filter N.R. Murphy Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pencon Equipment TIGG Corporation Walkersclub Canada AIR POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT Anguil Environmental Systems Archer Technical Equipment Barr Plastics BioAir Solutions

Biorem Technologies Can-Am Instruments Compliance Solutions Canada CorWil Technologies Dagaz Environmental Dectron Duall Durr Sytems ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Flex-Kleen H2Flow Equipment Keystone Filter Met-Pro Systems N.R. Murphy Pro Aqua Scadalliance SPD Sales Strobic Air Corp. TIGG Corporation Turbosonic AIR STRIPPERS Duall EMRP ERE Inc. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid ANAEROBIC DIGESTERS ADI Systems Aqua Technical Sales Archer Technical Equipment C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental Directrik Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Fluidyne Geneq GillTrading.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems Layfield Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Protectolite Sapphire Group Tank Connection (Canada) Vector Process Equipment Wildcat Water Technologies ANALYTICAL EQUIPMENT ABB Inc. ACI Instrumentation Avensys Can-Am Instruments ClearTech Emerson Process Management ERE Inc. Geneq Hanna Instruments Canada KGO Group Markland Specialty Engineering Measuremax Metcon Sales

& Engineering Metso Automation Canada Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pressure Systems Rice Earth Sciences Romquest Technologies SPD Sales Tecumseth Group USABlueBook Viqua

Restoration Environmental Contractors Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental Walkersclub Canada

ANALYZERS ABB Inc. ACI Instrumentation Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas CEM Specialties ClearTech Dakins Engineering Group Draeger Safety Canada Emerson Process Management Endress + Hauser Canada Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Geneq Hanna Instruments Canada Industrial Scientific John Meunier KGO Group Markland Specialty Engineering Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Metso Automation Canada Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls Rice Earth Sciences Romquest Technologies Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales Tecumseth Group USABlueBook AQUIFERS International Water Supply ARSENIC REMOVAL ACG Technology ADI Systems Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies Drain-All EMRP ERE Inc. Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Indachem Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group The Cannington Group TIGG Corporation Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech ASBESTOS REMOVAL Canadian Safety Equipment Certified Coating Specialists Drain-All HAZCO Environmental Services

BACKFLOW PREVENTION Birksco Drain-All Hydro-Guard Neptune Technology Group Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Syntec Process Equipment USABlueBook Viqua BACTERIA Avensys ClearTech Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Hydro-Guard International Water Supply Measuremax Purifics Regenesis Viqua Wildcat Water Technologies BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS Enpac LLC Magnus Chemicals Nilex BIOFILTERS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Archer Technical Equipment Argonide BioAir Solutions Biorem Technologies CorWil Technologies Duall ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment John Brooks Metcon Sales & Engineering PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Vector Process Equipment Waterloo Biofilter Systems BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT PROCESSES ACG Technology ADI Systems Aeration Industries International Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics BioAir Solutions Biorem Technologies C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Fluidyne H2Flow Equipment Headworks Bio

Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Nelson Environmental Parkson PHOENIX Process Equipment Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech Wildcat Water Technologies BIOREACTOR a. membrane ACG Technology – a ADI Systems – a Aqua-Aerobic Systems – a Aqua Technical Sales – a C&M Environmental Technologies – a Eimco Water Technologies –a EMRP – a ENV Treatment Systems – a Filter Innovations – a GillTrading.com – a H2Flow Equipment – a Headworks Bio Layfield – a Metcon Sales & Engineering – a Napier-Reid – a PHOENIX Process Equipment – a Pro Aqua – a Sanitherm – a Sapphire Group – a Smith & Loveless – a SPD Sales – a Waste’N Watertech – a BIOREMEDIATION Barr Plastics Dagaz Environmental EMRP Enpac LLC ERE Inc. Geneq Global Repair Golden Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services Newalta Regenesis Solinst Canada Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group BIOSOLIDS MGMT. Degremont Technologies Global Repair Newalta N-Viro Systems Canada Pro Aqua BLOWERS Canadian Safety Equipment ClearTech Comprevac Directrik Duall ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations FPZ Gardner Denver

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services H2Flow Equipment N.R. Murphy Organic Express Pencon Equipment Pro Aqua Process Vacuum Technology Rice Earth Sciences Sanitherm Sapphire Group Stanmech Technologies Strobic Air Corp. Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems USABlueBook Waste’N Watertech BOREHOLE CLEARING Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling CATCH BASIN COMPONENTS Cultec CENTRIFUGES ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Flottweg Separation Technology H2Flow Equipment Indachem Newalta Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech CHEMICAL MIXERS ClearTech Directrik Elmridge Engineering Indachem KGO Group Metcon Sales & Engineering Neptune Chemical Pump Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PHOENIX Process Equipment ProMinent Fluid Controls Sapphire Group Service Filtration Vector Process Equipment York Fluid Controls CHEMICALS (sewage treatment) C&M Environmental Technologies ClearTech Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua USABlueBook CHEMICALS (water treatment) BASF Canada C&M Environmental Technologies ClearTech EMRP Force Flow Hanna Instruments Canada Magnus Chemicals Praxair Canada Pristine Water Solutions Pro Aqua Wildcat Water Technologies

CHLORINATION SYSTEMS C&M Environmental Technologies Cancoppas ClearTech EMRP Force Flow Halogen Valve Systems Indachem John Meunier KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Neptune Chemical Pump Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Sapphire Group Siemens Water Technologies Canada SolarBee SPD Sales USABlueBook Wildcat Water Technologies CLARIFIERS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment GillTrading.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems John Meunier Napier-Reid Parkson Pro Aqua Protectolite Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Smith & Loveless Tank Connection (Canada) Vector Process Equipment Viqua CLEARWELL EQUIPMENT Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Viqua COAGULATION SYSTEMS BASF Canada EMRP Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Indachem John Meunier KGO Group Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls COATINGS Belzona Great Lakes Certified Coating Specialists Cobra Tanks Denso North America Fabricated Plastics Interprovincial Corrosion Control Terrafix Environmental

Technology USABlueBook Walkersclub Canada ZCL Composites COLLECTORS ACG Technology C&M Environmental Technologies Century Group ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment N.R. Murphy Pro Aqua Sapphire Group COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOW EQUIPMENT Aqua Technical Sales Archer Technical Equipment Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment Hetek Solutions Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Waste’N Watertech COMMINUTORS/ GRINDERS Aqua Technical Sales Directrik ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment G.E.T. Industries H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech COMMUNICATIONS Bristol Canada Canadian Safety Equipment Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Gescan Scadalliance USABlueBook COMPOSTING EQUIPMENT SERVICES Dagaz Environmental Global Repair COMPRESSED GASES Enviro Analytical Praxair Canada COMPRESSORS ABS USA Canadian Safety Equipment Comprevac Directrik ENV Treatment Systems FPZ Pencon Equipment Process Vacuum Technology USABlueBook Waste’N Watertech COMPUTERS & CONTROL SYSTEMS Alpha Controls

& Instrumentation Bristol Canada Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Gescan ITT Water & Wastewater Lakes Environmental Software Measuremax Millennium Control Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Purifics Sapphire Group Scadalliance Summa Engineering Troy-Ontor CONTAINMENT WALL Barr Plastics HAZCO Environmental Services Layfield The Cannington Group Waterloo Barrier ZCL Composites CONTRACTING Aquatech Dewatering Focus Environmental Golden Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services International Water Supply Layfield Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Team-1 Academy The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental Wildcat Water Technologies CONTROL EQUIPMENT a. flow b. level c. motor d. pressure e. pump f. temperature ABB Inc. – a,b,c,d,f ACI Instrumentation – a,b,d,f Alpha Controls & Instrumentation - all Avensys – a,b,d,e,f Barr Plastics – all Can-Am Instruments – a,b,e,f Cancoppas – a,b,d,f Chemline Plastics – a,b,d Dakins Engineering Group – a,b,d,f Davis Controls – a,b,d,f Dean Pump – e EMRP – all ENV Treatment Systems – b Enviro Analytical – all FCI – Fluid Components Int’l - a,b Filter Innovations Fybroc – e Geneq – a,b,d,f Godwin Pumps – all Greyline Instruments – a,b Hanna Instruments Canada – b,f Hetek Solutions – a,b,d Hydro-Guard – a HydroVision America – a,b Intek – a ITT Water & Wastewater – a,b,e KGO Group – all KSB Pumps – e Magnetrol – a,b Markland Specialty

Engineering – b Measuremax – a,b,d,f Metcon Sales & Engineering – a,b,e Millennium Control – all Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – all Pressure Systems – b,d Pro Aqua – a,b ProMinent Fluid Controls – a,b,c,d,e Rice Earth Sciences – a,b,d Sapphire Group – all Scadalliance – all SeeWater – e SPD Sales – a,b,d,e,f SRP Control Systems – a,b,d,f Sterling Power Systems – c Strobic Air Corp. – a Syntec Process Equipment – a,b,d,f Thompson Pump – e Troy-Ontor – all USABlueBook – a,b,c,d,e CONTROL PANELS ABS USA Aqua-Aerobic Systems Barr Plastics Bristol Canada Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Directrik Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems Filter Innovations Gescan Hanna Instruments Canada ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks KGO Group Metcon Sales & Engineering Millennium Control Napier-Reid Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Sapphire Group Scadalliance Summa Engineering Troy-Ontor USABlueBook COOLING TOWERS/ CONDENSERS EMRP Sapphire Group CORROSION PREVENTION Belzona Great Lakes Certified Coating Specialists ClearTech Dectron Denso North America ECO2 EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Fabricated Plastics H2O Control Products Interprovincial Corrosion Control Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pristine Water Solutions Protectolite ZCL Composites COVERS/ENCLOSURES (digester, etc.) Aqua Technical Sales Birksco C&M Environmental Technologies

Can-Am Instruments Directrik Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Environetics Geomembrane Technologies Inc. GillTrading.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems Hydro-Guard Pro Aqua Protectolite Sapphire Group Temcor Vector Process Equipment CULVERTS Armtec Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Hanson Pipe & Precast Tenbusch Terrafix Geosynthetics CUSTOM METAL FABRICATING Barr Plastics Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Douglas Barwick Tank Connection (Canada) Tenbusch CUSTOM PLASTIC FABRICATING Barr Plastics Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Fabricated Plastics DATA a. acquisition b. analysis c. loggers d. management ACG Technology – a,d ACI Instrumentation – a,c Allmax Software – d Alpha Controls & Instrumentation – a,c Avensys – all Bristol Canada – all Can-Am Instruments – c Cancoppas – all CEM Specialties – a,c Dakins Engineering Group – all Datarealm – all Davis Controls – a Elster Metering – c Endress + Hauser Canada – all Geneq – a,c Gescan – all Hanna Instruments Canada – c Heron Instruments – a,c Hetek Solutions – all Hoskin Scientific – a,c Hydro-Guard – a,d IHS – a,b,d Industrial Scientific – b,c Instrumentation Northwest – a,c ITT Water & Wastewater – a,d Master Meter Canada – all Measuremax – all Metcon Sales & Engineering – a,c

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services

Millennium Control – all Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – all Pressure Systems – c Rice Earth Sciences – a,c Sapphire Group – all Scadalliance – all Schlumberger Water Services – all Solinst Canada – a,c SRP Control Systems – a,b,c USABlueBook – c

ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Focus Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services ITT Water & Wastewater Newalta PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua Schlumberger Water Services Thompson Pump

DECHLORINATORS C&M Environmental Technologies ClearTech Indachem Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales USABlueBook Viqua

DIALERS Can-Am Instruments Dakins Engineering Group Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Millennium Control Scadalliance SPD Sales USABlueBook

DECOMMISSIONING Dagaz Environmental EMRP Focus Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services International Water Supply Kodiak Environmental Restoration Environmental Contractors Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental DEGRITTERS Aqua Technical Sales Archer Technical Equipment C&M Environmental Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Fluidyne H2Flow Equipment Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment WTP Equipment DEMINERALIZERS Aqua Technical Sales Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Magnus Chemicals Napier-Reid Smith & Loveless Viqua DEMOLITION Focus Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services Restoration Environmental Contractors Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental DEWATERING SERVICES ACG Technology Aquatech Dewatering Atlas Dewatering BakerCorp EMRP

106 | January 2010

DIGESTERS Aeration Industries International Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Fluidyne Geneq H2Flow Equipment Sapphire Group Tank Connection (Canada) Temcor Vector Process Equipment DISINFECTION EQUIPMENT Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies ClearTech Compliance Solutions Canada Degremont Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Force Flow GillTrading.com H2Flow Equipment Indachem Intersteam Technologies ITT Water & Wastewater KGO Group Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Sapphire Group Siemens Water Technologies Canada Smith & Loveless SPD Sales USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment Viqua Wildcat Water Technologies Wyckomar DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION ACG Technology Aeration Industries International Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck – Industrial Div.

C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment H2Flow Equipment Headworks Bio Markland Specialty Engineering Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Process Vacuum Technology Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech DREDGES/DREDGING EMRP HAZCO Environmental Services Newalta DRILLING SERVICES EMRP International Water Supply Kodiak Environmental Newalta Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Sonic Soil Sampling DRINKING WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck – Industrial Div. Argonide AWI Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Cancoppas ClearTech Dagaz Environmental Degremont Technologies Duall DWG Process Supply ECO2 Eimco Water Technologies Emerson Process Management EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Fontaine Industries Geneq H2Flow Equipment H2O Control Products Hanna Instruments Canada Harmsco Filtration Products Hydro-Guard John Meunier Keystone Filter KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Myron L Company Napier-Reid Orica Watercare Parkson Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Sapphire Group Siemens Water

Technologies Canada Smith & Loveless SolarBee SPD Sales TIGG Corporation Viqua Waste’N Watertech Wildcat Water Technologies Wyckomar DRUM COMPACTORS ENV Treatment Systems Sapphire Group DUST COLLECTION ClearTech Compliance Solutions Canada CorWil Technologies Dectron Duall Flex-Kleen N.R. Murphy Walkersclub Canada EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS John Wiley & Sons Canada EDUCTORS Chemline Plastics Elmridge Engineering Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Safe Drinking Water Foundation Service Filtration USABlueBook EJECTORS Aqua Technical Sales Elmridge Engineering Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor USABlueBook ELECTRIC MOTORS International Water Supply SEW-Eurodrive Sterling Power Systems Troy-Ontor USABlueBook EMERGENCY GAS SHUTOFF SYSTEM Halogen Valve Systems

Trans Environmental Systems – a ENVIRONMENTAL SITE ASSESSMENTS & REMEDIATION Air Cycle Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Drain-All Durr Systems EMRP Filter Innovations Focus Environmental Heron Instruments Kodiak Environmental Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Thompson Pump ENVIRONMENTAL SOFTWARE Cancoppas CEM Specialties Datarealm IHS Lakes Environmental Software Scadalliance Schlumberger Water Services EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS Armtec Belzona Great Lakes Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Dectron Enpac LLC Filtrexx Canada Global Repair Ideal Pipe Layfield Nilex Organic Express Terrafix Geosynthetics Thompson Pump EVAPORATORS H2Flow Equipment EXPANSION JOINTS Pencon Equipment Syntec Process Equipment Troy-Ontor EXPLOSION PREVENTION Transformer Protector Corp.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE a. equipment b. services Aquatech Dewatering – a,b BakerCorp – a Canadian Safety Equipment – a ClearTech – a Compliance Solutions Canada – a,b Crucial, Inc. – a Draeger Safety Canada Drain-All - b EMRP – a,b Enpac LLC – a,b Golden Environmental – a,b HAZCO Environmental Services – a,b Hydro-Guard – a Industrial Scientific – a Newalta – b Rice Earth Sciences – a SEI Industries – a Team-1 Academy – a,b Thompson Pump – a,b

FANS Canadian Safety Equipment Compliance Solutions Canada Duall Emerson Process Management ENV Treatment Systems Fabricated Plastics N.R. Murphy Process Vacuum Technology Stanmech Technologies Strobic Air Corp. FEEDERS (chemical) Cancoppas ClearTech ENV Treatment Systems Force Flow Hanna Instruments Canada Indachem KGO Group Metcon Sales

& Engineering Neptune Chemical Pump Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pristine Water Solutions ProMinent Fluid Controls Saf-T-Flo Chemical Injection Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales USABlueBook FILTER EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales Argonide AWI BakerCorp Compliance Solutions Canada Dectron DWG Process Supply Eimco Water Technologies EMRP Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Flex-Kleen H2Flow Equipment Harmsco Filtration Products John Brooks Keystone Filter KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Mefiag Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Parkson Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps Pro Aqua Protectolite Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Service Filtration Sethco Smith & Loveless SPD Sales TIGG Corporation USABlueBook Viqua Walkersclub Canada Wyckomar York Fluid Controls FILTER MEDIA/ MAINTENANCE Anthrafilter Media & Coal Aqua-Aerobic Systems BakerCorp Dectron Drain-All EMRP Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Flex-Kleen GillTrading.com Magnus Chemicals Mefiag Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid N.R. Murphy Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Sanitherm Sapphire Group Service Filtration TIGG Corporation USABlueBook

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 9:30 PM Page 107


Guide to Environmental Products & Services Viqua Walkersclub Canada F ILTER PRESSES ACG Technology C&M Environmental Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment HAZCO Environmental Services Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Service Filtration Waste’N Watertech FILTER UNDERDRAINS Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales AWI C&M Environmental Technologies Eimco Water Technologies H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering FILTERS Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales Argonide ASCO Valve Canada AWI C&M Environmental Technologies Canex Technologies ClearTech Compliance Solutions Canada Comprevac Dectron Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Fabricated Plastics Filter Innovations Flex-Kleen H2Flow Equipment H2O Control Products Harmsco Filtration Products John Brooks Keystone Filter KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Mefiag Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid N.R. Murphy Orival Water Filter Parkson Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps Pro Aqua Rice Earth Sciences Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Service Filtration Sethco


Smith & Loveless Troy-Ontor USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment Viqua Waterra Pumps Wyckomar York Fluid Controls FLOCCULATORS/MIXERS Barr Plastics Dagaz Environmental Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies EMRP Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Geneq H2Flow Equipment Indachem KGO Group Napier-Reid Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech FLOTATION SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment H2Flow Equipment Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Scarborough Supply FLOW METER CALIBRATION ABB Inc. ACG Technology ACI Instrumentation Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Endress + Hauser Canada Industrial Scientific John Meunier Measuremax Peacock, a div. of Kinecor SRP Control Systems FLOW METERS ABB Inc. ACG Technology ACI Instrumentation Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Barr Plastics Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Chemline Plastics Compliance Solutions Canada Dakins Engineering Group Davis Controls Elster Metering Endress + Hauser Canada Enviro Analytical FCI – Fluid Components Int’l Geneq Greyline Instruments Hach Hetek Solutions Hoskin Scientific HydroVision America

Intek John Brooks John Meunier Magnetrol Magnus Chemicals Master Meter Canada Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls Racine Flow Meter Group Rice Earth Sciences Sanitherm Service Filtration Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales SRP Control Systems Syntec Process Equipment Viqua FLUMES ACI Instrumentation Can-Am Instruments Engineered Fiberglass Composites ENV Treatment Systems Enviro Analytical Greyline Instruments Hoskin Scientific Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Protectolite SPD Sales USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment FUNDING Sustainable Development Technology Canada GAS DETECTION ACI Instrumentation Alpha Controls & Instrumentation BW Technologies Canadian Safety Equipment Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Compliance Solutions Canada Dakins Engineering Group Davis Controls Draeger Safety Canada Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Geneq Halogen Valve Systems Hetek Solutions Hoskin Scientific Indachem Industrial Scientific John Meunier Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Rice Earth Sciences Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales Team-1 Academy USABlueBook GASES (calibration) ACI Instrumentation Can-Am Instruments Compliance Solutions Canada Endress + Hauser Canada Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Hetek Solutions Peacock, a div. of Kinecor

Praxair Canada Rice Earth Sciences SPD Sales USABlueBook GATES (shear, sluice, etc.) Armtec B.N.W. Valve Mfg. C&M Environmental Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Fontaine Industries Pro Aqua Protectolite Sapphire Group Syntec Process Equipment Troy-Ontor Whipps GENERATORS (electrical) Aquatech Dewatering Hybridyne Power Systems ITT Water & Wastewater USABlueBook GEOMEMBRANES Firestone Specialty Products Kentain Products Layfield Nilex Terrafix Environmental Technology Terrafix Geosynthetics GEOSYNTHETICS Armtec Bishop Water Technologies Layfield Nilex Terrafix Environmental Technology Terrafix Geosynthetics GEOTECHNICAL SERVICES Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Sonic Soil Sampling Terrafix Geosynthetics GEOTEXTILES Armtec Firestone Specialty Products Global Repair Layfield Nilex Terrafix Environmental Technology Terrafix Geosynthetics Trans Environmental Systems GRIT COLLECTION/ REMOVAL ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Directrik Drain-All Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Fluidyne H2Flow Equipment John Meunier Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech

WTP Equipment GROUNDWATER MODELING Atlas Dewatering Schlumberger Water Services GROUNDWATER MONITORING Atlas Dewatering Cancoppas Compliance Solutions Canada Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Geneq Hanna Instruments Canada Heron Instruments Hetek Solutions Instrumentation Northwest International Water Supply Kodiak Environmental Myron L Company Pressure Systems Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Scadalliance Schlumberger Water Services Solinst Canada SRP Control Systems USABlueBook Waterra Pumps GROUNDWATER REMEDIATION/ EQUIPMENT AirSep Anguil Environmental Systems Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Barr Plastics Direct Separation Solutions EMRP ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Geneq Golden Environmental H2Flow Equipment Harmsco Filtration Products Heron Instruments Instrumentation Northwest Purifics Regenesis Rice Earth Sciences Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling Rusmar Solinst Canada The Cannington Group Thompson Pump TIGG Corporation Tri-Phase Environmental Waterloo Barrier HAZARDOUS WASTE a. collection b. disposal c. equipment d. management e. storage f. training g. transfer facility h. treatment BakerCorp – a,b Barr Plastics – e C&M Environmental Technologies – c,h Canadian Safety Equipment – c Compliance Solutions Canada – c,e

Crucial, Inc. – c Dagaz Environmental – c,h Drain-All – a,b,d,e,f,g,h Emerson Process Management – c Enpac LLC – all Focus Environmental – a,b Greatario Engineered Storage Systems – e,g,h HAZCO Environmental Services – all IHS – d Newalta – a,b,c,d,g,h SEI Industries – e Team-1 Academy – f Terratechnik Environmental – a,b,d,h The Cannington Group – a,b,h Tri-Phase Environmental – a,b USABlueBook – a ZCL Composites – e HEAT EXCHANGERS Anguil Environmental Systems Aqua Technical Sales Aquablast Aquateck – Industrial Div. C&M Environmental Technologies Dectron Directrik Durr Systems Napier-Reid Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Sanitherm Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech HOSES Aquatech Dewatering Barr Plastics Canadian Safety Equipment ENV Treatment Systems ProMinent Fluid Controls Thompson Pump USABlueBook York Fluid Controls INCINERATOR SYSTEMS/EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Anguil Environmental Systems Aqua Technical Sales CorWil Technologies Degremont Technologies Durr Systems H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Met-Pro Systems Pro Aqua INSTRUMENTATION a. air velocity b. calibration c. dissolved oxygen monitors d. dust indicators e. geotechnical f. groundwater monitoring g. meteorological h. mobile lab equipment i. rental j. repair k. thermometers l. toxicity monitors

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Products m. turbidimeters ABB Inc. – a,c,f,m ACI Instrumentation – b,c,j,k,l,m Alpha Controls & Instrumentation – b,j,k Avensys – b,c,d,f,g,h,i,j,l,m Barr Plastics – h Bristol Canada – b,j BW Technologies – l Can-Am Instruments – c,i,m Cancoppas – a,b,c,i,j,m CEM Specialties – a ClearTech – c,h,m Compliance Solutions Canada - all Dakins Engineering Group – c,k,m Datarealm – b,i Davis Controls – a,c,m Draeger Safety Canada – i,j Emerson Process Management – c,m EMRP – f Endress + Hauser Canada – b,c Enviro Analytical – all ERE Inc. – b,c,f,g,i,j,l,m FCI – Fluid Components Int’l – a Geneq – a,c,e,f,g,i,j,k,m Hanna Instruments Canada – c,f,k,m Heron Instruments – f Hetek Solutions – m Hoskin Scientific – a,b,c,d,e,f,g,i,j,k,m Industrial Scientific – b,l Instrumentation Northwest – f,i,m International Water Supply – f KGO Group – c,k,m LaMotte – m Magnetrol – a Measuremax – b,c,h,m Metcon Sales & Engineering – c,l,m Metso Automation Canada – m Myron L Company Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – a,b,c,d,f,g, h,i,j,k,l,m Pressure Systems – b,e,f,g Rice Earth Sciences – a,b,c,e,f,g,i,j,k,m Scadalliance – f,g Schlumberger Water Services – e,f Solinst Canada – f SPD Sales – a,b,c,f,m SRP Control Systems – a,b,f,i,j,k Tecumseth Group – a,c,m Troy-Ontor USABlueBook – a,c,f,g,k,m Waterra Pumps – f,m ION EXCHANGE SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp C&M Environmental Technologies DWG Process Supply Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ERE Inc. H2Flow Equipment Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid

108 | January 2010

Guide to Environmental Products & Services Orica Watercare Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Viqua IRON REMOVAL PLANTS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Filter Innovations Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Waste’N Watertech IRON REMOVAL SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Argonide Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies ECO2 Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Harmsco Filtration Products Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Purifics Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Viqua Wyckomar ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ZCL Composites LABORATORIES (analytical) Cancoppas Datarealm Magnus Chemicals Measuremax USABlueBook LABORATORY SUPPLIES BW Technologies Cancoppas ClearTech Compliance Solutions Canada Datarealm ERE Inc. Geneq Hanna Instruments Canada John Meunier LaMotte Romquest Technologies Strobic Air Corp. USABlueBook LAGOONS Aeration Industries International C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental EMRP ENV Treatment Systems

ERE Inc. Firestone Specialty Products Geomembrane Technologies Inc. H2Flow Equipment HAZCO Environmental Services Nelson Environmental SolarBee Terrafix Environmental Technology Vector Process Equipment LANDFILL Aeration Industries International Dagaz Environmental Directrik Engineered Pump Systems ERE Inc. Firestone Specialty Products Focus Environmental Gardner Denver HAZCO Environmental Services KWH Pipe Newalta Pro Aqua Purifics Rusmar Terrafix Environmental Technology Terrafix Geosynthetics Terratechnik Environmental LEAK DETECTION a. devices b. services BW Technologies – a Can-Am Instruments – a Cancoppas – a,b Compliance Solutions Canada – a,b Davis Controls – a FCI – Fluid Components Int’l – a Geneq – a Hetek Solutions – a,b Industrial Scientific – a Master Meter Canada – a,b Neptune Technology Group – a Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – a,b Rice Earth Sciences – a Scadalliance – a SeeWater – a SRP Control Systems – a,b The Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC) – b USABlueBook – a LEGAL PUBLICATIONS Canada Law Book LEVEL CONTROLS ACI Instrumentation Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Avensys Barr Plastics Bristol Canada Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Canada Engineered Pump Systems Enviro Analytical FCI – Fluid Components Int’l Force Flow

Greyline Instruments Hanna Instruments Canada Hetek Solutions Imbrium Systems ITT Water & Wastewater John Meunier Magnetrol Markland Specialty Engineering Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Millennium Control Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pressure Systems Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance Schlumberger Water Services SeeWater SPD Sales SRP Control Systems Troy-Ontor USABlueBook York Fluid Controls LIME SLAKERS ACG Technology Directrik DWG Process Supply H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Sapphire Group Siemens Water Technologies Canada Smith & Loveless LINERS Barr Plastics ENV Treatment Systems Kentain Products Nilex Terrafix Environmental Technology Terrafix Geosynthetics Vector Process Equipment ZCL Composites LOCATORS Interprovincial Corrosion Control LONE WORKER MONITORS Canadian Safety Equipment MAINTENANCE HOLE a. access hatches b. accessories c. precast Canadian Safety Equipment – b Can-Am Instruments – a Engineered Pump Systems – a ENV Treatment Systems – a,c MSU Mississauga – a MANGANESE REMOVAL SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Argonide AWI Degremont Technologies ECO2 Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid

Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Viqua Waste’N Watertech MATERIAL HANDLING C&M Environmental Technologies Elmridge Engineering Enpac LLC Global Repair Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Thern Tri-Phase Environmental WTP Equipment MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS a. charge b. chlorine c. conductivity d. dioxide e. heavy metals f. ORP g. ozone h. peroxide i. pH j. water k. other ABB Inc. – b,c,f,g,i,j,k ACI Instrumentation – b,c,f,i Aquateck – Industrial Div. – all Avensys – b,c,f,g,i,j,k Cancoppas – b,c,d,e,f,i,j CEM Specialties – d,k ClearTech – b,c,e,f,g,i,j Dakins Engineering Group – b,i,j Emerson Process Management – b,c,d,f,g,i,j Endress + Hauser Canada – b,c,f,i,j,k ERE Inc. – b,c,d,f,g,h,i,j,k Force Flow – b Geneq – c,f,g,i Heron Instruments – i,j Hetek Solutions – b,c,f,i Hoskin Scientific – c,d,f,i Indachem – f,i Industrial Scientific – b,d Instrumentation Northwest – c,f,i,k John Meunier – b,i KGO Group – a,b,c,d,f,g,h,i,j,k Master Meter Canada – j Measuremax – b,c,f,i,j,k Metcon Sales & Engineering – b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k Metso Automation Canada – k Myron L Company Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – a,b,c,d,e,f, h,i,j,k Pressure Systems – j ProMinent Fluid Controls – a,b,c,d,f, g,h,i,j Rice Earth Sciences – b,c,f,i Scadalliance – j,k Schlumberger Water Services – c,j Service Filtration – f,i SPD Sales – a,b,c,d,f,g, h,i,j,k Tecumseth Group – k USABlueBook – b,c,f,i Waterra Pumps – f,i

MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT ACG Technology SEW-Eurodrive Sterling Power Systems MEMBRANES ACG Technology Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies ClearTech DWG Process Supply Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Firestone Specialty Products GillTrading.com H2Flow Equipment John Meunier Kentain Products Layfield Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group SEI Industries Smith & Loveless Stanmech Technologies Terrafix Geosynthetics USABlueBook Viqua Waste’N Watertech METER TESTING EQUIPMENT Cancoppas Compliance Solutions Canada Endress + Hauser Canada Hanna Instruments Canada Neptune Technology Group Peacock, a div. of Kinecor METERS (equipment) a. air velocity b. conductivity c. reading systems d. recording e. remote reading f. sewage gas g. sludge density h. suspended solids i. water consumption ABB Inc. – a,b,d,e ACI Instrumentation – b,d,g Alpha Controls & Instrumentation – a,b,g Can-Am Instruments - b Cancoppas – all CEM Specialties – a ClearTech – b,g,h Compliance Solutions Canada – all Elster Metering – c,e,i Enviro Analytical – all ERE Inc. – all FCI – Fluid Components Int’l – a,f Geneq – a,b,d,e,h Hanna Instruments Canada – b,d Heron Instruments – a,b,e Hoskin Scientific – a,b,c,d,e Industrial Scientific – d,e,f Instrumentation Northwest – b John Meunier – c,d

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services KGO Group – b Magnetrol – a Magnus Chemicals – b Markland Specialty Engineering – g,h Master Meter Canada – i Measuremax – b,e,h,i Metcon Sales & Engineering – b,d,e,g,h,i Metso Automation Canada – b,g,h Neptune Technology Group – i Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – all Rice Earth Sciences – a,b,e,h Safe Drinking Water Foundation Scadalliance – c,d,e SPD Sales – a,b,f,g,h,i SRP Control Systems – a,b,d,e Tecumseth Group – a,b,g,h Troy-Ontor – c,e USABlueBook – a,b,d,g,h,i Waterra Pumps – b M ETERS (service & installation) Elster Metering Endress + Hauser Canada Industrial Test Systems Master Meter Canada Neptune Technology Group Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls MIXERS/AGITATORS ABS USA Aeration Industries International Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aquateck – Industrial Div. Arbrux Archer Technical Equipment Barr Plastics Dagaz Environmental Directrik Elmridge Engineering Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems Fluidyne GillTrading.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems Hydro-Logic Environmental Indachem ITT Water & Wastewater KGO Group KSB Pumps Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Neptune Chemical Pump Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps Praxair Canada Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. Sapphire Group Service Filtration SolarBee Supreme International USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment York Fluid Controls


MONITORING WELL SUPPLIES Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply EMRP Geneq Hoskin Scientific Pressure Systems Rice Earth Sciences SRP Control Systems Waterra Pumps MONITORS ABB Inc. Avensys BW Technologies Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas CEM Specialties Draeger Safety Canada Force Flow Geneq Gescan Hanna Instruments Canada Hoskin Scientific Industrial Scientific Markland Specialty Engineering Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Myron L Company Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pressure Systems Scadalliance SPD Sales SRP Control Systems MOULD REMOVAL Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental NOISE CONTROL Eckel Noise Control Technologies OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY PRODUCTS Avensys BW Technologies Canadian Safety Equipment Compliance Solutions Canada Enpac LLC Enviro Analytical Geneq GillTrading.com Industrial Scientific Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Team-1 Academy ODOUR CONTROL ACG Technology Anguil Environmental Systems Aqua Technical Sales Archer Technical Equipment Avensys BakerCorp BioAir Solutions Biorem Technologies CorWil Technologies Dectron Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems Duall Durr Sytems ECO2 Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems Environetics Fabricated Plastics

Filter Innovations Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Indachem Intersteam Technologies KWH Pipe Metcon Sales & Engineering Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Siemens Water Technologies Canada SPD Sales Strobic Air Corp. TIGG Corporation Uniqair USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment OIL CLEAN-UP EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Avensys Barr Plastics CorWil Technologies Crucial, Inc. Direct Separation Solutions EMRP Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Rainwater Management OIL IN WATER DETECTORS Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Davis Controls EMRP Endress + Hauser Canada ENV Treatment Systems Geneq Heron Instruments SeeWater Solinst Canada OIL/WATER SEPARATORS ACG Technology Aeration Industries International Alberta Wilbert Sales Atlas Dewatering Avensys Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Can-Am Instruments Comprevac Containment Solutions CorWil Technologies Crucial, Inc. Davis Controls Direct Separation Solutions Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Hanson Pipe & Precast Imbrium Systems Indachem John Brooks Napier-Reid Parkson Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pro Aqua Rainwater Management Rice Earth Sciences Sanitherm Sapphire Group SeeWater

Service Filtration Smith & Loveless Transformer Protector Corp. ZCL Composites OZONIZATION EQUIPMENT AirSep Aqua Technical Sales Degremont Technologies Elmridge Engineering ENV Treatment Systems Enviro Analytical Geneq Metcon Sales & Engineering ProMinent Fluid Controls Sapphire Group Viqua Wyckomar PACKAGE EFFLUENT CONTROL SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Thompson Pump PACKAGE SEWAGE LIFT STATIONS Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales Aquatech Dewatering Barr Plastics Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems Gorman-Rupp of Canada ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sapphire Group SeeWater Smith & Loveless Thompson Pump PACKAGE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS ACG Technology Aeration Industries International Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Cancoppas Degremont Technologies Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Filter Innovations Fluidyne GillTrading.com H2Flow Equipment Headworks Bio Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid

Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Smith & Loveless USABlueBook Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech Waterloo Biofilter Systems Wildcat Water Technologies PACKAGE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales AWI C&M Environmental Technologies Cancoppas Degremont Technologies Duall DWG Process Supply Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations H2Flow Equipment Harmsco Filtration Products John Brooks KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Orica Watercare Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Praxair Canada Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Sanitherm Sapphire Group Service Filtration Smith & Loveless TIGG Corporation Viqua Waste’N Watertech Wyckomar ZCL Composites PCB TREATMENT/ STORAGE Barr Plastics EMRP Greatario Engineered Storage Systems Purifics Tri-Phase Environmental PIPE DESIGN KWH Pipe PIPE EQUIPMENT Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Douglas Barwick Godwin Pumps KWH Pipe Scarborough Supply Thompson Pump USABlueBook Wachs Canada PIPE FITTINGS Alberta Wilbert Sales Armtec Barr Plastics Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Chemline Plastics Douglas Barwick Fabricated Plastics IPEX

KWH Pipe Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pipe Specialties Rice Earth Sciences Scarborough Supply Thompson Pump USABlueBook Victaulic Viqua PIPE REHABILITATION Certified Coating Specialists Cues Denso North America KWH Pipe Northwest Pipe Nu Flow Tenbusch Terrafix Geosynthetics Thompson Pump PIPE RENTALS Aquatech Dewatering Godwin Pumps Thompson Pump PIPING a. concrete b. corrugated c. ductile iron d. fibreglass e. polyethylene f. polypropylene g. PVC h. PVDF i. steel Alberta Wilbert Sales - a Armtec – b,e,i BakerCorp - i Barr Plastics – e,f,g,h Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply – e,g,i Chemline Plastics – e,f,g,h Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute – b, i Douglas Barwick – i Fabricated Plastics – d,g,h Hanson Pipe & Precast – a Hanson Pressure Pipe – a Ideal Pipe – b,e IPEX – g KWH Pipe – e Northwest Pipe – i Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – d,e,f,g,h,i Pipe Specialties – d Protectolite – d Rice Earth Sciences – e,f,g,h,i Scarborough Supply – e Terrafix Geosynthetics – e Thompson Pump – e,g,i USABlueBook – g Viqua – f ZCL Composites – d PIPELINE INSPECTION Cues Drain-All The Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC) PLANT OPERATIONS a. wastewater b. water Cancoppas – a,b Claessen Pumps – a,b Enpac LLC – a,b GillTrading.com – a,b Industrial Scientific – a,b Measuremax – a,b Newalta – a

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Products ProMinent Fluid Controls – a,b Sanitherm – a,b P LATE SETTLERS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment Parkson Pro Aqua Sapphire Group PNEUMATIC LIFT STATIONS Aqua Technical Sales POLYMER BLEND & PREP SYSTEMS ENV Treatment Systems Fluid Dynamics Force Flow Indachem KGO Group Metcon Sales & Engineering Neptune Chemical Pump Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls PUMP DESIGN ABS USA Aquateck – Industrial Div. Atlas Dewatering Dean Pump Fybroc Gorman-Rupp of Canada International Water Supply John Brooks KSB Pumps Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. SEI Industries Sethco Thompson Pump York Fluid Controls PUMP DRIVES Aquateck – Industrial Div. International Water Supply John Brooks KSB Pumps Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. SEW-Eurodrive Sterling Power Systems Thompson Pump USABlueBook York Fluid Controls PUMP MOTORS Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck – Industrial Div. Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply International Water Supply ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks KSB Pumps Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps ProMinent Fluid Controls Service Filtration SEW-Eurodrive Sterling Power Systems Thompson Pump USABlueBook York Fluid Controls

110 | January 2010

Guide to Environmental Products & Services PUMP PROTECTION SYSTEMS Aquateck – Industrial Div. Belzona Great Lakes Greyline Instruments KSB Pumps Peacock, a div. of Kinecor ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. Thompson Pump USABlueBook York Fluid Controls PUMP RENTALS Aquatech Dewatering Aquateck – Industrial Div. Atlas Dewatering BakerCorp Claessen Pumps Crucial, Inc. Engineered Pump Systems ERE Inc. Godwin Pumps Gorman-Rupp of Canada International Water Supply ITT Water & Wastewater KSB Pumps Rice Earth Sciences Thompson Pump York Fluid Controls PUMP REPAIRS ABS USA Aquatech Dewatering Aquateck – Industrial Div. Claessen Pumps Dean Pump Engineered Pump Systems Fybroc Godwin Pumps Gorman-Rupp of Canada International Water Supply ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks KGO Group KSB Pumps Parts KM Plus Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps Process Vacuum Technology ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. Service Filtration Sethco Thompson Pump York Fluid Controls PUMP REPLACEMENT PARTS ABS USA Aqua Technical Sales Aquatech Dewatering Aquateck – Industrial Div. Archer Technical Equipment Canex Technologies Claessen Pumps Dean Pump Directrik ENV Treatment Systems Fybroc Godwin Pumps Gorman-Rupp of Canada International Water Supply ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks KGO Group KSB Pumps Parts KM Plus Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PFE Pumps ProMinent Fluid Controls Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. Service Filtration

Sethco Thompson Pump USABlueBook York Fluid Controls PUMP STATIONS & COMPONENTS ABS USA Aqua Technical Sales Aquatech Dewatering Atlas Dewatering Engineered Pump Systems Fybroc Gorman-Rupp of Canada ITT Water & Wastewater John Brooks KGO Group KSB Pumps PFE Pumps Romtec Utilities SeeWater Sethco Smith & Loveless Thompson Pump PUMPS a. air lift b. axial flow c. centrifugal d. chemical feed e. chopper f. deep well g. dewatering h. diaphragm i. grinder j. groundwater sampling k. jet l. peristaltic m. piston n. plunger o. positive displacement p. progressing cavity q. rotary lobe r. screw s. self-priming t. solar-powered u. spiral v. submersible w. turbine x. vacuum y. variable displacement ABS USA – e,g,i,s,v Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales – c,m Aquatech Dewatering – c,f,g,h,j,k,m,o,s,v,x Aquateck – Industrial Div. – all Archer Technical Equipment – c,e,r,s,v Avensys – j,l BakerCorp – c,h,s,v Barr Plastics – c,s,v Boerger, LLC – e,i,o,s Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply – c,f,g,j,k,v Canadian Safety Equipment – v Cancoppas - d Canex Technologies – b,c,o,q,s,w Claessen Pumps – g,s,v ClearTech – d,h Comprevac – o,q,r,x Crucial, Inc. – c,h,l,s,v,x Dean Pump – c,d,s Directrik – c,e,g,h,j,n,q,r,s,t,u,v,y Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems – l Eccentric Pumps – d,j,l,o,s

Eimco Water Technologies – h Elmridge Engineering – k EMRP – j,v Engineered Pump Systems – c,e,f,g,i,v ENV Treatment Systems – a,d,l,m,n,o,r,s Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment –r ERE Inc. – a,f,g,j,l,o,p,v,x Fabricated Plastics – c,h,l,v Filter Innovations FPZ – a,w,x Fybroc – c,d,s Godwin Pumps – c,g,h,q,v Gorman-Rupp of Canada – b,c,f,g,h,l,o,s,v,w,y Hanna Instruments Canada – d Indachem – c,d,h,v Instrumentation Northwest – g,j,v International Water Supply – f,g,j,v,w ITT Water & Wastewater – c,g,v John Brooks – c,d,h,i,l,s,v,x KGO Group – c,d,h,l,n,o,p,s,y KSB Pumps – b,c,f,v,w Magnus Chemicals – h,l Mefiag – c,s Metcon Sales & Engineering – c,d,h,l,n,o,p Napier-Reid – a Neptune Chemical Pump – d Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – c,d,e,h,i,k, l,o,p,s,v,y PFE Pumps – all Pro Aqua – a,b,c,d,e,g,h,i, l,m,n,o,p,q,r,x Process Vacuum Technology – x ProMinent Fluid Controls – c,d,h,l,m,n,p,s Rice Earth Sciences – a,h,j,m,v,x Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. – c,e,f,i,k,l,o,p,q,r,s,v,w SeeWater – v SEI Industries Service Filtration Sethco – c,d,s,v Siemens Water Technologies Canada – d,h,o Smith & Loveless – c,s Solinst Canada – j,l SPD Sales – d,h Thompson Pump – b,c,f,g,h,k,m,o,q,s,v,x USABlueBook – c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j, l,o,p,q,s,v,x Vector Process Equipment – d,p Wachs Canada – a,v,x Waste’N Watertech – e,q,r Waterra Pumps – c,j,o York Fluid Controls – b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j, k,l,n,o,p,q,r,s,v RECORDERS ABB Inc. ACI Instrumentation Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Bristol Canada

Cancoppas Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Canada Hanna Instruments Canada Hetek Solutions Hoskin Scientific Measuremax Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Scadalliance USABlueBook REINFORCING STEEL PRODUCTS StelCrete Industries RENEWABLE ENERGY ADI Systems Cancoppas Dagaz Environmental Greatario Engineered Storage Systems N-Viro Systems Canada REVERSE OSMOSIS Aqua Technical Sales Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply DWG Process Supply Eimco Water Technologies EMRP Keystone Filter KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Controls Safe Drinking Water Foundation Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless USABlueBook Viqua Wyckomar SAFETY EQUIPMENT Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Avensys BW Technologies Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Canadian Safety Equipment Compliance Solutions Canada Draeger Safety Canada Enpac LLC Geneq GillTrading.com Halogen Valve Systems Industrial Scientific MSU Mississauga Pack-A-Cone Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Team-1 Academy USABlueBook Walkersclub Canada SAMPLERS & SAMPLING EQUIPMENT Argonide Avensys Birksco Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas CEM Specialties Compliance Solutions Canada Draeger Safety Canada Enviro Analytical ERE Inc. Geneq

Hetek Solutions Hoskin Scientific Markland Specialty Engineering Metcon Sales & Engineering Pressure Systems Rice Earth Sciences Saf-T-Flo Chemical Injection Solinst Canada SPD Sales USABlueBook Waterra Pumps SCADA SYSTEMS Aqua-Aerobic Systems Bristol Canada Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Gescan ITT Water & Wastewater Millennium Control Napier-Reid Purifics Sapphire Group Scadalliance Summa Engineering Troy-Ontor USABlueBook SCALES Force Flow Geneq Metcon Sales & Engineering Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Siemens Water Technologies Canada USABlueBook SCREENINGS a. compaction b. presses c. washing ACG Technology – all Aqua Technical Sales – all C&M Environmental Technologies – all Claessen Pumps – c Directrik – all Eimco Water Technologies – a,c ENV Treatment Systems – all Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment – all GillTrading.com – all H2Flow Equipment – all Metcon Sales & Engineering – all Parkson – all Pro Aqua – all Sapphire Group – all Vector Process Equipment – all Waste’N Watertech – all WTP Equipment – all SCREENS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies Directrik Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment GillTrading.com Global Repair H2Flow Equipment

Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Guide to Environmental Products & Services Headworks Bio Hydro-Logic Environmental John Meunier Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Parkson Pro Aqua Rice Earth Sciences Sapphire Group Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech WTP Equipment SCRUBBERS/WASHERS ACG Technology Elmridge Engineering ENV Treatment Systems Fabricated Plastics Intersteam Technologies Metcon Sales & Engineering Pro Aqua SEALS Alberta Wilbert Sales Denso North America Drummond Specialty Chemical/Cronatron Welding Systems Peacock, a div. of Kinecor SECONDARY CONTAINMENT Barr Plastics Century Group Compliance Solutions Canada Containment Solutions EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Environetics Force Flow Hanson Pipe & Precast Layfield Nilex Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Pipe Specialties SeeWater SEI Industries Team-1 Academy Terrafix Environmental Technology USABlueBook SECURITY PRODUCTS Videx SEDIMENTATION SYSTEMS ACG Technology C&M Environmental Technologies Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment Harmsco Filtration Products Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Terrafix Geosynthetics SEPARATORS ACG Technology Alberta Wilbert Sales C&M Environmental Technologies Can-Am Instruments Compliance Solutions Canada Comprevac Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute


EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Fluidyne H2Flow Equipment Hanson Pipe & Precast Imbrium Systems John Brooks Parkson Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless WTP Equipment ZCL Composites SEPTAGE RECEIVING SYSTEMS Aqua Technical Sales Barr Plastics C&M Environmental Technologies Cancoppas ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Parkson Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech WTP Equipment SEPTIC TANKS & EQUIPMENT Alberta Wilbert Sales Barr Plastics Containment Solutions ENV Treatment Systems Greatario Engineered Storage Systems Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Waterloo Biofilter Systems Wildcat Water Technologies ZCL Composites SEQUENCING BATCH REACTORS (SBR) ACG Technology ADI Systems Aeration Industries International Aqua-Aerobic Systems C&M Environmental Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment Fluidyne GillTrading.com Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Waste’N Watertech SERVICE CONTRACTING Aquatech Dewatering Cancoppas Endress + Hauser Canada SEWAGE GAS EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Avensys

BioAir Solutions Cancoppas Geneq Hetek Solutions Peacock, a div. of Kinecor SEWER EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS Canadian Safety Equipment Cancoppas Cues ENV Treatment Systems Ideal Pipe ProMinent Fluid Controls Thompson Pump Wildcat Water Technologies SHREDDERS/ COMPACTORS C&M Environmental Technologies Directrik Eimco Water Technologies ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment H2Flow Equipment Pro Aqua Sapphire Group SITE REMEDIATION Aquatech Dewatering BakerCorp Drain-All EMRP ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Focus Environmental Golden Environmental HAZCO Environmental Services Purifics Regenesis Solution Soil Treatment Facility Terrafix Geosynthetics Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Thompson Pump TIGG Corporation Tri-Phase Environmental SLUDGE DEWATERING ABS USA ACG Technology BakerCorp Bishop Water Technologies C&M Environmental Technologies Claessen Pumps Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Flottweg Separation Technology Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment HAZCO Environmental Services ITT Water & Wastewater Napier-Reid Newalta Parkson PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech

SLUDGE DISPOSAL HAZCO Environmental Services Newalta SLUDGE DRYING Aqua Technical Sales EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment GillTrading.com H2Flow Equipment HAZCO Environmental Services Metcon Sales & Engineering Newalta Parkson Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Vector Process Equipment SLUDGE HANDLING EQUIPMENT Aqua Technical Sales BakerCorp BASF Canada C&M Environmental Technologies Claessen Pumps Compliance Solutions Canada EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Envirocan Wastewater Treatment Equipment ERE Inc. Flottweg Separation Technology Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Pro Aqua Sapphire Group Thern Waste’N Watertech SLUDGE - LEVEL CONTROL Avensys Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Dakins Engineering Group Davis Controls Endress + Hauser Canada Markland Specialty Engineering Metcon Sales & Engineering SPD Sales SLUDGE REMOVAL EQUIPMENT Compliance Solutions Canada EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Metcon Sales & Engineering Sapphire Group SOIL REMEDIATION BakerCorp Drain-All EMRP ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Focus Environmental Global Repair Golden Environmental HAZCO Environmental

Services Layfield Regenesis Restoration Environmental Contractors Rusmar Solution Soil Treatment Facility Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Thompson Pump Tri-Phase Environmental SOIL STABILIZATION Anguil Environmental Systems Armtec EMRP ERE Inc. Golden Environmental Layfield Newalta Terrafix Geosynthetics Terratechnik Environmental The Cannington Group Tri-Phase Environmental SOLVENT RECOVERY SYSTEMS ACG Technology CorWil Technologies York Fluid Controls SOLVENT RECYCLING SERVICES ACG Technology Drain-All Newalta SPILL CONTAINMENT a. railroad Arcus Absorbents BakerCorp Barr Plastics Century Group – a Chemigreen Compliance Solutions Canada Containment Solutions Crucial, Inc. Drain-All EMRP Enpac LLC Environetics H2O Control Products Imbrium Systems Kentain Products Layfield SeeWater SEI Industries Spill Management Team-1 Academy Terrafix Environmental Technology Trans Environmental Systems Tri-Phase Environmental ZCL Composites SPILL RESPONSE Compliance Solutions Canada Drain-All EMRP Enpac LLC HAZCO Environmental Services Newalta SEI Industries Spill Management SPILL RESPONSE EQUIPMENT Canadian Safety Equipment Compliance Solutions

Canada Crucial, Inc. EMRP Enpac LLC Rainwater Management SeeWater SEI Industries Spill Management Team-1 Academy Thompson Pump SPILL RESPONSE TRAINING Drain-All EMRP Enpac LLC SEI Industries Spill Management Team-1 Academy STAND PIPES Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Tanks & Systems Rice Earth Sciences Tank Connection (Canada) STEAM CLEANING Intersteam Technologies STORAGE BUILDINGS Compliance Solutions Canada Cover-All Building Systems Engineered Fiberglass Composites Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems Megadome/Harnois Industries Temcor USABlueBook STORAGE CONTAINERS BakerCorp Barr Plastics Compliance Solutions Canada Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Enpac LLC KGO Group ProMinent Fluid Controls Protectolite STORAGE TANKS Alberta Wilbert Sales Aquateck – Industrial Div. BakerCorp Barr Plastics Cobra Tanks Compliance Solutions Canada Containment Solutions ConVault Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Enpac LLC Fabricated Plastics Focus Environmental Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment H2Flow Tanks & Systems Hassco Industries KGO Group KWH Pipe ProMinent Fluid Controls Protectolite SEI Industries Tank Connection (Canada) Tri-Phase Environmental USA Tank Storage Systems USABlueBook

continued overleaf... January 2010 | 111

Jan2010_ES&E_ES&E 27/01/10 9:30 PM Page 112

Products Waste’N Watertech York Fluid Controls ZCL Composites STORMWATER MANAGEMENT a. contaminant removal b. detention c. flow regulator d. grit removal e. monitoring systems f. oil removal g. oil/water separators h. pumping i. recharger j. sediment separators k. treatment l. other ACG Technology – a,b,c,d,e,f,g,i,j,k Alberta Wilbert Sales Aqua Technical Sales – k Aquatech Dewatering – h,j Armtec – b,d Atlas Dewatering Avensys – e BakerCorp – a,f,h,j,k Barr Plastics – b,g,h Can-Am Instruments – e,g Cancoppas – e Containment Solutions – g,j Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute – all Crucial, Inc. – f,h Cues – l Cultec – b,k Dagaz Environmental – k Direct Separation Solutions – g Directrik – d,h Drain-All – a,f,k Eimco Water Technologies – d,g EMRP – a,f,g,k Engineered Pump Systems – h Enpac LLC – all ENV Treatment Systems – all Gorman-Rupp of Canada – h Greyline Instruments – e H2Flow Equipment – a,b,c,d,f,g,i,j,k Hanson Pipe & Precast – a,b,d,f,g,j Harmsco Filtration Products – d,j HydroVision America –e Imbrium Systems – a,d,e,f,g,j,k Industrial Scientific – e Instrumentation Northwest – e IPEX – c,k John Meunier – c,d KSB Pumps – h KWH Pipe – a Layfield – b Metcon Sales & Engineering – d,e,k Minotaur Guardian Service – a,d,e,f,g Myron L Company Nilex Pressure Systems – e Pro Aqua – all ProMinent Fluid Controls – h,k Purifics – a,k Rainwater Management

112 | January 2010

Guide to Environmental Products & Services – a,d,f,g,j,k Romtec Utilities – h Sapphire Group Scadalliance – e SeeWater – g,h Seprotech Systems – l SolarBee – k Solinst Canada – e SRP Control Systems – e Terrafix Geosynthetics – a,d,f,g,j Thompson Pump – h TIGG Corporation – a,k,l Transpo Industries – all Tri-Phase Environmental –a USABlueBook – a,b,d,e,f Waste’N Watertech – c,d,k Worldwide StormTrap – a,b,c,f,g,i,j,k,l WTP Equipment – d ZCL Composites – g,j STRAINERS AWI EMRP ENV Treatment Systems H2Flow Equipment John Brooks KGO Group Metcon Sales & Engineering Orival Water Filter Peacock, a div. of Kinecor Thompson Pump Troy-Ontor York Fluid Controls TANK CLEANING Aquablast ClearTech Drain-All Greatario Engineered Storage Systems John Brooks Newalta SEI Industries Team-1 Academy Terratechnik Environmental Tri-Phase Environmental TANK DESIGN Barr Plastics Can-Am Instruments Cobra Tanks Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Tanks & Systems John Brooks KGO Group SEI Industries Tank Connection (Canada) TIGG Corporation ZCL Composites TANK INSPECTION Greatario Engineered Storage Systems John Brooks TELEMETERING EQUIPMENT ACG Technology Bristol Canada Can-Am Instruments Cancoppas Endress + Hauser Canada Hoskin Scientific ITT Water & Wastewater Metcon Sales & Engineering Rice Earth Sciences Scadalliance Solinst Canada Summa Engineering

Troy-Ontor THICKENERS ACG Technology Aqua Technical Sales Arcus Absorbents C&M Environmental Technologies Degremont Technologies Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems Fluidyne GillTrading.com H2Flow Equipment Metcon Sales & Engineering Napier-Reid Parkson Peacock, a div. of Kinecor PHOENIX Process Equipment Pro Aqua Sanitherm Sapphire Group Smith & Loveless Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech TRAINING American Public University Aqua-Aerobic Systems Lakes Environmental Software Magnus Chemicals Medteq Solutions Team-1 Academy Walkerton Clean Water Centre TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY Containment Solutions Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute Cues Drain-All Tenbusch Terrafix Geosynthetics Thompson Pump Wachs Canada UTILITY LOCATING Hetek Solutions Multiview Locates VACUUM EQUIPMENT Compliance Solutions Canada Crucial, Inc. Elmridge Engineering EMRP Gardner Denver Process Vacuum Technology Wachs Canada VALVE ACCESSORIES ABB Inc. Aquateck – Industrial Div. ASCO Valve Canada Barr Plastics Halogen Valve Systems Measuremax Neo Valves Troy-Ontor USABlueBook Wachs Canada VALVE SERVICING Troy-Ontor Wachs Canada VALVES a. air release

b. backwater c. ball d. butterfly e. check f. cone g. diaphragm h. eccentric i. flap j. flow regulating k. gate l. knife gate m. multi-jet n. needle o. pinch p. plug q. pressure reducing r. rotary s. sleeve t. solenoid u. telescoping v. tilting disk Alberta Wilbert Sales Alpha Controls & Instrumentation – c,d Aqua Technical Sales – e,k Aquateck – Industrial Div. – all ASCO Valve Canada – e,g,o,t BakerCorp – a,d Barr Plastics – c,d,e Birksco – g,j,q B.N.W. Valve Mfg. – i,u Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply – c,e,k Can-Am Instruments – d Cancoppas – t Chemline Plastics – a,c,d,e,g,j,k,n,q,t Clow Canada – d,e,h,i,k,p,u Drain-All – b Engineered Pump Systems – c,e,p Fabricated Plastics – c,d,e,g Fontaine Industries – d,i,k,l,u Hydro-Logic Environmental – a Industrial Scientific – j IPEX – b,c,d ITT Water & Wastewater – c John Brooks – a,g,j Metcon Sales & Engineering – c,d,e Napier-Reid – u Neo Valves – b,c,d,e,h,j,k,l,n,o,p,q Peacock, a div. of Kinecor – a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i, j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,t Pipe Specialties – c,d Process Vacuum Technology – q ProMinent Fluid Controls – a,b,c,d,e,t Rice Earth Sciences – d,e,g,i,j,k,l,n Syntec Process Equipment – a,b,c,d,e,h,i,j,k, l,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v Thompson Pump – c,d,e,g,i,k,l Transformer Protector Corp. – j,q Troy-Ontor – c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j, k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,t,u,v USABlueBook – a,b,c,d,e,g,i, j,k,l,n,p,q,t Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. – a,c,d,e,p,v

Victaulic – c,d,e,p Viqua – c,e,g,j Waterra Pumps – e Whipps – i,u York Fluid Controls – c,d,e,g,i,k,l,p,t

WASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEMS Barr Plastics Clearford Industries Containment Solutions Cultec ECO2 EMRP Engineered Pump Systems ENV Treatment Systems Firestone Specialty Products H2Flow Equipment John Brooks Layfield Pro Aqua Romtec Utilities Tenbusch

WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS ACG Technology ADI Systems Aeration Industries International Alberta Wilbert Sales Allmax Software Aqua-Aerobic Systems Aqua Technical Sales Aquateck – Industrial Div. Argonide Avensys Barr Plastics BASF Canada Biodisk Boerger, LLC C&M Environmental Technologies Dagaz Environmental Dectron Degremont Technologies Duall ECO2 Eimco Water Technologies EMRP ENV Treatment Systems ERE Inc. Filter Innovations Fluidyne Gardner Denver Geomembrane Technologies Inc. Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Hanna Instruments Canada Harmsco Filtration Products Headworks Bio John Brooks John Meunier KGO Group Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Myron L Company Napier-Reid Nelson Environmental Parkson PHOENIX Process Equipment Praxair Canada ProMinent Fluid Controls Purifics Romtec Utilities Sanitherm Sapphire Group Seprotech Systems Service Filtration Siemens Water Technologies Canada SolarBee SPD Sales Summa Engineering Terratechnik Environmental Vector Process Equipment Waste’N Watertech Waterloo Biofilter Systems Wildcat Water Technologies

WASTEWATER NEUTRALIZING EMRP Enpac LLC Filter Innovations Greatario Engineered Storage Systems H2Flow Equipment Hanna Instruments Canada Magnus Chemicals Metcon Sales & Engineering Newalta

WATER CONSERVATION Biodisk Dagaz Environmental Elster Metering Firestone Specialty Products Greatario Engineered Storage Systems Hetek Solutions Neptune Technology Group ProMinent Fluid Controls Viqua Water Matrix

VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES Aquateck – Industrial Div. Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Davis Controls Gescan Godwin Pumps Instrumentation Northwest Millennium Control SEW-Eurodrive Sterling Power Systems York Fluid Controls WASTE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING Air Cycle Compliance Solutions Canada Drain-All Enpac LLC Focus Environmental Newalta Terratechnik Environmental Tri-Phase Environmental WASTE REMOVAL EQUIPMENT Enpac LLC ENV Treatment Systems WASTE MANAGEMENT Bishop Water Technologies Compliance Solutions Canada Dagaz Environmental Firestone Specialty Products Focus Environmental Global Repair HAZCO Environmental Services IHS Newalta Tri-Phase Environmental

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Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

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Removing PCBs from groundwater with activated carbon ... con’t from page 66 any number of factors associated with the treatment system. When dealing with PCB-contaminated groundwater, the solubility of the PCB isomer molecules in the water can typically range from 20 to 60 ppb, with solubilities generally below 1 ppm. Above these levels, the PCBs will be found as free product. As illustrated by the isotherm, PCBs are readily adsorbed by activated carbon, with the example of the PCB isomer with only one chlorine atom (the lowest affinity for all PCB isomers) showing excellent loading on the carbon, even at 1 ppb levels. The result is that effluent levels below 1 ppb are achievable. Designing the carbon bed Treatment of PCB-contaminated water is dependent not only on keeping the carbon “clean” for proper kinetic transference of the molecules, but also on the contact time allowed for adsorption to take place. Field experience has shown that, often under turbid conditions, PCB levels in the effluent after the carbon adsorbers can be as high as 3 - 5 ppb. The reason for these higher-than-expected levels in the effluent is that the PCBs will attach themselves to colloidal material in the water, or any carbon fines, and pass through the bed without being adsorbed. In order to decrease these residual levels upstream and 114 | January 2010

Figure 3. Typical PCB removal system.

downstream, filtration is required. Typically a 5 - 10 micron bag filter is installed prior to the carbon bed, and a 0.5 micron bag filter is installed after the carbon bed, prior to discharge. These processes remove most suspended solids that may be entering the carbon and essentially “plugging” the bed of the carbon, thus limiting adsorption. Also, any solids that may be making their way through to the effluent are captured. In addition to the pre- and post-filtration, the carbon bed needs to be properly sized. Both the bed surface area and the carbon-bed depth affect removal efficiency. About seven to eight minutes empty-bed contact time (EBCT, or time to pass fluid through a given actual volume of carbon present as a theoretically open volume) is optimal for proper adsorption. Typically, a minimum of three feet of carbon-bed depth is required and the

surface area is designed to promote a superficial velocity of four to six gallons per minute per square foot. Slower velocities can be used, but very low velocities should be avoided as this may promote the occurrence of channeling, or the liquid seeking a path of least resistance through the carbon bed, resulting in poor distribution (Figure 3). Overall, activated carbon adsorption is an effective way of reducing PCB contamination in groundwater. Successful results can be achieved with a properly designed system that addresses both pre-filtration and post-filtration, along with proper carbon selection and bed design parameters, including bed surface area, depth, and contact time. Jeff Marmarelli and John Sherbondy are with TIGG Corp. E-mail: jmarmarelli@tigg.com

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THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE STARTED AS A SINGLE DROP Sometimes all it takes is one drop to create a wave of innovation. ACG Technology presents reliable system performance for exacting specifications from Pureflow. As an industry leader, Pureflow has the innovative process technology to design water purification systems specific to your needs. Whether it’s arsenic, iron and manganese, or fluoride removal systems, Pureflow offers safe, reliable water purification solutions, that reduce operator attention and operating costs, by eliminating the need to regenerate the filtration media. For complete details on how Pureflow Filtration innovation can help you, contact ACG Technology Limited.

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