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Sept/Oct 2014

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For two decades, we’ve led the way in turbocompressors for wastewater aeration. Now comes the Turbocompressor type ABS HST 20, the third generation of our fully air-cooled technology. With exceptional savings from wire to air, our new turbocompressor gives you more output for every kilowatt.

And by integrating silencers and other accessories, it makes for a smaller, quieter, more cost-effective installation. Add the stability of magnetic bearings and intuitive control to optimize your process, and the Turbocompressor type ABS HST is the very definition of continued leadership.

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CUT. Wipes Ready Cutters (Patent Pending)

Channel Monster®

The build-up of wipes and debris is the enemy. Fight back with a powerful and energy-efficient Muffin Monster® grinder in your pump station. With over 40,000 installations and 200 different grinders and fine screens, JWC helps you eliminate clogs and finally win the war on wipes. Contact Envirocan to learn more. New Monsters. New Solutions. No More Wipes. 905.856.1414 | |


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Finescreen Monster®

Don’t Surrender to Wipes!

Protect Pumps From Wipes & Rags

Wall Mounted Muffin Monster® grinder

In-line Macho Monster grinder

Trust. It flows from experience & commitment. Coming from Ontario, land of freshwater, perhaps our dedication to water quality and innovation shouldn’t be surprising. The Ontario Clean Water Agency has earned a world-class reputation in the operation of clean water and wastewater facilities. Collaboration flows through everything we do. If you’d like to discuss your municipality’s needs, whatever the size, wherever you are, we look forward to talking with you.

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