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Renewable solar

hydrogen production Controlling wastewater plant odours #.


^. Water treatment plant refitted with new filter media

New regulation increases penalties.



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ISSN-0835-605X May 2005 Vol. 18 No.2 issued May 2005 ES&E invites articles (approx. 1000 words) on water, wastewater, hazardous waste treat ment and other environmental protection topics. If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please contact Steve Davey at steve@esemag.com. Please note that Environmental Science & Engineering Publications Inc. reserves the right to edit all submissions without notice.

FEATURES Kyoto - it needs science, not satire, to reduce global warming Editorial comment by Tom Davey

8 Cover story- Renewable solar hydrogen production technology harnesses landfill gas energy

14 Controlling wastewater plant HjS odours with UV light 18 High tech project defends the Riviera 20 Time to examine best management practices in pipeline management 22 Oil skimmers allow cleaner operations at transmission parts manufacturing plant


24 Preventing structural problems in wastewater stabilization ponds 30 Cape Breton water treatment plant refitted with new filter media 32 Innovative instrumentation reduces RO fouling

34 Wastewater management - it's time to start working together 36 New operators' standards to protect Canada's water

38 Understanding the accreditation of Canadian environmental laboratories 42 Satellite treatment technology helps Niagara Falls meet CSO requirement 46 Mold infestation is a serious health threat to residents and workers

48 Designing a multi-purpose pumping and storage facility 52 Implementing water quality management systems

56 Canadian covers for US wastewater

treatment building

58 Evaluating the economics of secondary containment options 59 Inexpensive lining system extends life of leaking alum tank 60 Bolted stainless steel tanks a versatile choice

62 Increased penalties for corporate officers and directors

64 Simple and economical process used for stainless steel tank construction

55 Innovative system keeps Toronto cool 66 Jet mixers solve sludge storage tank settling problem


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4 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

67 Is the US government ignoring leaking UST threat?

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Editorial by Tom Davey


& Engineering Editor

Kyoto - it needs science,not satire,to reduce global warming

The Kyoto Accord has devel

oped from a well-meaning

failures in its economic missions. First

refineries which feed them, and even agriculture which feeds us all. But there are many other sources, including termites, which give off an

astonishingly high rate of CO2. Even hydro electric projects have ecological downsides and indeed have their own

CO2 emissions, which amazed me when I first read the data. Wind power too, is coming under increasing criticism. The most recent complaints say wind tur bines not only kill birds but deface some


E-mail: penny@esemag.com

international initiative to re

sources include automobiles and the

Managing Editor SANDRA DAVEY E-mail: sandra@esemag.com Sales Director

the Federal government's virtually unbroken string of comedic, but tragic

duce global warming into a pseudo religion which transcends rational debate and divides viewpoints into 'good' and 'evil'. The Accord is mindful of The Lord OfThe Rings with its witches' brew of economics, interna tional politics, ecology, limnology, and oceanography - to name but a few. These are erudite, highly complex scientific disciplines in which even academics find difficulty in fully comprehending Kyoto's vast range of permutations. The Federal government has now projected a $10 billion expenditure over five years to curb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. CO2


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Sales Representative DENISE SIMPSON E-mail: denlse@esemag.com Circulation Manager VIRGINIA MEYER E-mail: virginia@esemag.com

there was the Sea Kings helicopter debacle which cost half a billion in

Design & Production CAROL SHELTON E-mail: caroi@esemag.com

contract cancellations not to have heli

copters. The cost of this debacle con



E-mail: steve@esemag.com

tinues. Then there was the Gun Control

fiasco which went from a projected

Technical Advisory Board

$200 million to a billion dollars - and

Jim Bishop Stantec Consulting Ltd., Ontario

counting. Meanwhile, most ofthe gunrelated crimes seems to be from unreg istered weapons. There was also the Human Resources debacle where a Federal Minister could not account for

another billion dollars when questioned in the House. A billion seems to be an

optimum figure which repeatedly crops up in government mismanagement. Adscam is the latest horror story emerging at the Gomery Enquiry. It appears quite astonishing sums of Federal money were poured into what seems to be quite simple tasks, like showing Canadian flags and other appurtenances exalting Canadian unity. Brain surgery this is not. Even

Bill Borlase, P.Eng. City of Winnipeg, Manitoba George V. Crawford, P.Eng., M.A.Sc. CH2M HILL Ontario

Bill DeAngelis, P.Eng. Associated Engineering, Ontario Dr. Robert C. Landine

ADI Systems Inc., Hew Brunswick Peter Laughton, M.Eng., P.Eng., DEE R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, Ontario

Barry Loescher, Ph.D. Philip Anaiytlcai Services, British Coiumbia Stanley Mason, P.Eng. British Coiumbia

Marie Meunier

John Meunier inc., Quebec

hardened Federal Waste Watchers* are Envlronmentai Science & Engineering is a bi-monthly business publication of Environmental Science & Engineering Publications inc. An all Canadian pubiication, ES&E provides authoritative editorial coverage of Canada's municipal and industrial environmental control systems and drinking water treatment and distribution.

scapes. One English writer wrote in The

astonished at the veritable litany of fis cal waste, padded accounting and other dubious practices which was found at the Enquiry. One man broke down before Judge Gomery after it emerged that his billing practices indicated that

Guardian that wind turbines can be

he would have had to work ten hour

federal environmental officials, water and wastewater

compared to slashing one of Turner's famous landscape paintings. So, enough already. Global warm ing is undeniably a serious threat. But it is also one ofthe most complex envi ronmental challenges mankind faces. In the face of this veritable litany of ecological complexities, it is typical of our Federal government that, to fulfill its objectives, it chose satirist. Rick Mercer, to exhort each of us to reduce global warming by one torme. This choice of a spokesman is in itself worthy of satire. To exhort us all to save a tonne is, in my opinion, both trite and futile. Many scientists would be hard pressed to compile the various components involved in their daily activ ities and then reduce them by one tomie. On reflection, perhaps Rick was an appropriate choice when one considers

days, every single day for a year. If the Federal government can spend huge sums of money on quite simple work such as flag waving, the mind boggles at how it will compre hend, and control what is probably the

of the most scenic and treasured land

most complex multidisciplinary envi ronmental problem our civilization has ever faced. I once again refer to Malthus who first described econom

Readers Include consulting engineers, Industrial plant managers and engineers, key municipal, provincial and plant operators and contractors. Information contained in ESSEhas been compiled from sources believed to be correct. fSiSf cannot be respon sible for the accuracy of articles or other editorial mat ter. Although the Information contained in this magazine is believed to be correct, no responsibility is assumed. Articles In this magazine are intended to provide Infor mation rather than give legal or other professional advice. Articles being submitted for review should be e-mailed to carol@esemag.coni.


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ics as The Dismal Science. With the

Product Agreement No.40065446 Registration No. 7750

mighty United States unwilling to sign Kyoto, Canada's reductions, while puny in a global perspective, could

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have serious economic ramifications

for us, while having, at the most, a minimum impact on global warming. * I am seriously contemplating trademarking the acronym FWW, as Federal waste of public monies has all the signs of a growth industry which shows no likelihood of abating.

Canada $75.00 (plus $5.25 GST).


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May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 7

■J ' 1

V*- Renewable ar hydrogen production •=»:-'-'

rV ^


By Jamie Bakos, P.Eng.

Notwithstanding Episode 2F

Rendering of the Fleet Street Landfill Project that Is scheduled to begin In Canada In July 2005.

19 of a popular, long-run ning cartoon series (Lisa Simpson's peipetual motion machine), the first law of thermody namics is difficult to disobey. You sim ply cannot get more energy out of a system compared to the energy that you put in. Based in Saskatoon, Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC Labs) has recently constructed and demonstrated a Dry Fuel Hydrogen Generation System that is powered primarily by sunlight-focusing mirrors. The system comprises a solar mirror array and

Why produce hydrogen? The current market for hydrogen is approximately 42 billion kg per year and growing, and is used primarily in ammonia fertilizer manufacturing, for hydrogenation in the food and bever age industry, and in petroleum refining to reduce the sulphur content of fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is also an energy carrier and is recognized by many as the fuel of the future. When hydrogen is con sumed by a fuel cell, its only signifi cant emissions are water and heat. A

clean source of hydrogen will lead to energy self-sufficiency and clean air

advanced solar concentrator and shut

and clean water.

ter system, and two thermo-catalytic

Traditional hydrogen production More than 95% of hydrogen pro duced today is by the Steam Methane Reformation (SMR) of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas, a process that liberates massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to the atmosphere. The SMR process provides a net energy loss of 30 to 35% when converting methane into hydro gen since a great deal of fossil energy

reactors to convert methane, carbon

dioxide, and water into hydrogen. SHEC has designed and constructed a solar hydrogen generation system that, when utilizing sunlight, appears to deliver more energy than it receives.

or electrical power is required to oper ate the process. Hydrogen is also pro duced by electrolysis, a process that uses electricity to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. Although elec trolysis itself can be quite efficient in converting electricity into hydrogen, the electricity used for electrolysis is often primarily generated from fossil

fuels. Therefore, traditional hydrogen

Demonstration unit.

production methods result in a net increase in air pollution and are highly inefficient from an energy conversion perspective. The value proposition for solar hydrogen Solar hydrogen production provides

8 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

a net energy gain when converting methane into hydrogen since the ener gy used to drive the process is from the sun. Since SMR is not typically costeffective at small to moderate produc tion levels, SHEC's technology is par ticularly attractive for smaller and dis tributed hydrogen production. The environmental benefits of generating hydrogen using renewable energy include significant greenhouse gas reductions, and the reduction of smog precursors, acid gases, and mercury as a result of reduced local need for oil, coal, and natural gas. To add even greater value, the process has the ability to use a renew able source of methane and carbon

dioxide, such as biogas from municipal wastewater plants and landfill gas. Renewable methane generated from biomass results in no net increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmos

phere when the methane is converted into hydrogen by SHEC's solar hydro gen generator.

Technology and process description The unit produces hydrogen with solar energy as the primary energy

input and has the following general chemistry: • Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are reacted to form hydrogen gas (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO): Reaction 1


CH4 >► 2H2 + 2 CO AHf = 917 kJ/mole

• The carbon monoxide is reacted

with water to produce more hydrogen and carbon dioxide: Reaction 2

CO + H2O >► H2 + CO2 AHf = 40,6 kJ/mole continued overleaf...


b!ii i»;ii»i:j 7>J



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Cover Story I Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane gas(CH4) are fed into a reactor heated by a solar mirror array. The intermedi ate products from Reaction 1 feed into a water gas shift reactor(WGSR),con trolled at near atmospheric pressure.

the amount of radiant energy directed

66% in the product gas stream with a

to Reaction 1. Reaction 2 is exother

98.2% mol conversion of the feed

mic and requires cooling to maintain the optimum temperature. Gas Production

SHEC's solar hydrogen generator has now operated for approximately 1,200 hours with no noticeable coking or degradation of the catalysts. Hydrogen production is near the theo retical maximum at approximately

The resulting gas stream is H2 and CO2 and is saturated with water.

Solar energy provides the driving force for the endothermic Reaction 1. A water cooled iris dilates to control

methane. The estimated maximum

hydrogen production with the unit is approximately 3,500 kg per year with minor modifications to the operating pressure and reactor configuration and an increase in the solar mirror area.

Energy Balance The system does not produce more energy than it receives. It does, howev er, produce more energy in the form of hydrogen than the energy input in the form of methane.

"loo|<> (Vt hoV m^ch it c<vn iof , rr fi

When energy is converted from one form to another, a great deal of energy is typically lost (i.e. 10 kW of methane produces approximately 3 kW of elec tricity in a reciprocating engine). With the SHEC process, there are two sources of hydrogen (methane, CH4 and water, H2O). The process of SHEC Labs uses 'free' solar energy to pro duce hydrogen from both methane and water.

In bulk terms, every i m^ of methane feed produces approximately 3.9 m3 of hydrogen in the process. Put in common energy terms at 1 bar pres sure and 25°C, 1 m^ of methane equals approximately 40 MJ of thennai ener gy and 3.9 m^ of hydrogen equals approximately 45.7 MJ of thermal energy, which is a net energy gain of

a 8 a 1..J1-K' I a a a a s'K 9 j' I







k I a s a

I I I « R a B 8 t I I i R la ■ a ■ a t a a a a I• I ■ a B a 9 ' a a a a a • I > IS a « I « a a a I a a a I a a a f: 9 ■ a a a t a a a

s s 8 a

!■' i

I" » s § 4^1.1 w^t


over 14% for the demonstration unit.

Your partner in analysis - Liquiline M

Considering the total energy (from the sun and from the methane), the overall energy balance has a less than 100% conversion efficiency and obeys the laws of thermodynamics. In fact the SHEC system is quite inefficient at present in that a great deal of the solar energy is lost in the form of heat. And since we know nothing is free, this heat

Multi-parameter analysis measurement

Total cost of ownership minimized ■ one transmitter for all parameters plug 'n' play ■ advanced diagnostics

loss translates into additional cost for

the solar mirror array. A few well placed heat exchangers and some added insulation will help reduce the

Open Ccmmimication ■ Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, HART®, FDT/DTM

amount of heat loss and allow more of

Memosens digital technology

the mirror area to be dedicated to driv

■ increase plant up-time ■ continuous sensor diagnostic feedback ■ no field calibration required

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10 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

People for Process Automation


ing the chemical reactions. Cost analyses Cost analyses and models have been prepared based on the use of the various feed gases (i.e. landfill gas, natural gas, flare gas, etc.) and based on empirical data for the cost of the demonstration unit, current gas pro duction, and current size of the solar

array. The cost analyses show that the hydrogen production costs based on continued overleaf...

Bert Munro, P.Eng. promoted to Vice President & General Manager of Associated Engineering Saskatchewan

Alistair Black, P.Eng., President & CEO of Associated Engineering is pleased to announce Bert Munro's appointment as Vice President and General Manager of Associated Engineering's Saskatchewan operation. A Senior Municipal Engineer, Bert has 25 years experience specializing in water, wastewater, and infrastructure

development projects. Dedicated to promoting engineering and the consulting engineering industry, Bert actively volunteers with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan,

Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan, Western Canada Water and Waste

Association (WCWWA), Canadian "I'm very proud of the work that Associated Engineering has completed across Saskatchewan building infrastructure that supports healthier and safer lOmmunitles. I'm excited about

the opportunity to continue^

Society for Civil Engineering, and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied

Science and Technology. Currently, Bert is President of WCWWA.

thourciie eT

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infrastructure, and transportation sectors.

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Cover Story I using landfill gas are lower than tradi tional hydrogen production methods that use natural gas. It is important to note that the overall cost competitive ness of hydrogen extends beyond hydrogen production to hydrogen com pression, storage, and distribution. The cost models are currently being expanded to include these elements and involve some irmovative hydrogen distribution cost savings. What's next?

The next stage of development is anticipated to be a commercial-scale demonstration at a landfill gas site in Canada using 40,000 kg per year hydrogen production modules. This one project (a small-to-medium sized landfill gas project) will prevent more


than 1.6 million tormes of carbon diox

ide equivalent (C02e) from entering the atmosphere over the next twenty years and will significantly improve local air quality and reduce smog. The next generation of solar hydro gen involves direct water splitting with only water as the primary feed

Controls system for the demonstration unit.

component. According to SHEC, six

current system.

of the ten steps needed for this process are already integrated into the

ELIMINATE H2S ADI International Inc. introduces

a new adsorption process for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide from gas and air streams.


Hydrogen production from renewable methane, such as biogas from


sulfa-bind™ NATIONAL

• Handle H^S concentrations up to


30,000 ppm


• Reduction in 60 seconds or less contact time

• Muitiple regenerations without chemicals or backwashing

Can adsorb nearly half its weight in H^S Completely non-combustible, non-hazardous

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12 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

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municipal wastewater treatment plants and landfill gas is ideally suited to SHEC's solar hydrogen production system. Their solar hydrogen generator produces hydrogen from methane and carbon dioxide feed gases in a reactor maintained at temperature by solar thermal energy (directed by mirrors). A demonstration unit indicates that

solar hydrogen generation is feasible,

and appears to be cost-competitive with traditional methods.

And yes, it does obey the laws of thermodynamics.

Jamie Bakos, P.Eng., is Manager of Environmental Services with Ingenium Group Inc. (Gijfels Associates Limited) in Toronto. Contact e-mail: jamie. bakos@giffels.com.

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www.totalsafetyenvironmental.com This project is funded by the Government of G May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 13

Odour Control

Ultraviolet light for odour control (

By Martin Hildebrand and Merle Kroeker, Nelson Environmental Inc.

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) based odours emanating

from wastewater treatment plants and lift stations

are not only a source ofconcern for operator safety, but are an extreme nuisance for homeowners or

users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and hassle caused by persistent nuisance odour complaints are costly in both time and money for cities or industries that own the odour-producing infrastructure. H2S, as well as numerous other odour-causing compounds, is generated as a result of organic material decomposition in an anaerobic enviromnent such as sewer force mains, lift sta

tions, digesters, or wastewater treatment plant headworks. The distinctive odour (rotten egg smell) of H2S gas is easily perceptible at very low levels (< 1 ppm in air). Exposure to moderate H2S levels (10-50 ppm) can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, coughing and breathing difficulty. Exposure to H2S levels above 50 ppm can result in severe respiratory tract and eye irritation and, in extreme cases, even death.

Direct injection of UV produced oxygen radicais into a iift station wet weil.

In addition to safety and nuisance odour concerns, the H2S can lead to the formation of sulphuric acid, which is very corrosive to all exposed steel and can lead to reduced life of concrete piping and structures. UV odour control process Various technologies and processes such as ozone genera tors, chemical oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, etc.) activated charcoal filters, essential oils (masking agents), and biofilters have been used in an attempt to reduce H2S levels. continued overleaf...


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,the uncertaintie "^fJomorrowJV

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•Lightweight, long lengths provide ease of installation and transportation. •Superior strength, through flexibility and coupler design.

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Odour Control i Problems associated with these process es typically revolve around high capital or operation costs and, in some cases, limited effectiveness. Nelson Environmental Inc.'s Sol-Air

UV-based odour control system is a compact footprint process that utilizes patented multi-frequency Ultraviolet (UV) light. The technology harnesses the UV light in the UV-C and UV-V frequencies. Wavelength frequency is particularly "tuned" to produce highly radical hydroxyls, which rapidly oxi dize a wide range of airborne odour producing compounds such as ammo nia, H2S and mercaptans. Ambient air is directed through the system's UV chamber. The ultraviolet light acts as a catalyst, breaking down the ambient oxygen and water vapour molecules into O ~ and 0H~ (hydroxyl) radicals. These short-lived free rad icals go on to oxidize the more com plex molecules found in the contami nant, while the radicals themselves are used up in the process. The end result is a sequential and instantaneous gas breakdown with very little by-product, in the form of odour and elemental

traces, but mostly simple, harmless CO2, water vapour, molecular oxygen, trace ozone, elemental forms of N, S, CL, and weak mineral acids.

Because of the way that UV reacts with the water in the ambient air (to form oxygen radicals), it is not neces sary to pass the contaminated air through the unit. The hydroxyls formed by passing ambient air through the system are dispersed throughout the contaminated air, either by inject ing them into a lift sfation, or by plac ing the unit inside an odour filled room in a wastewater treatment plant. In some cases, such as a gas collection system, the contaminated air may be passed through the UV unit, but since the process relies only on moisture in the air passing through the UV lamps, the method of treatment remains the same.

For typical lift station applications, the footprint of the process requires less than one square metre of floor space. The imit can either be installed inside a building or, in most cases, the system can simply be set outside with treated air injection piping rurming to the lift station or manhole. A standard

30-amp llOV electrical service is ade quate to operate all but the largest cus tom built units. The system does not require any on-going chemical costs or disposal of contaminated odour adsorption media. Wastewater treatment plant odour control case study

A 13,000 m^/day wastewater treat ment plant in Vernon, British Columbia, experienced citizen com plaints regarding offensive odours. The headworks area and the trickling filter were identified as the sources of H2S. In 2001, eight Sol-Air UV units were installed in the City of Vemon

In this way, a relatively small unit can treat the air in a large space, since a full air exchange is not required. The UV process is easily adaptable for use in existing treatment plants or

the-shelf units were installed in the grit

lift stations. It is also ideal in the treat

room and headworks, which re-circulate

ment of odours originating in urban collection systems.

the air in each room. Four larger custom units were installed around the perime ter of the trickling filter, exhausting processed air to the atmosphere. The UV process proved to be ex tremely effective in reducing odour levels at these locations, at a fraction


Reclamation Plant. Four modified off-

of the cost of other odour control tech

nologies considered. Offensive odours were eliminated from fhe grit room/ compressor and the trickling filter. Lift station odour control

case study An existing lift station in Kamloops, British Columbia, is locat


ed several metres from a new condo

minium development. Sulphurous odours were escaping from the lift sfa tion into the development, prompting complaints by neighbours. The odours were so severe, that the condominium developer temporarily relocated condo owners to local hotels.

The City purchased an eight-lamp



UV odour control unit for the lift sta

tion. It was installed in an existing building, and brought the odour under control very quickly. Reduced odours were reported within minutes of turn ing on the system. Residents are back in their condominiums and odour com

plaints have ceased.

For more information: mh'oeker@ nelsonenvironmental.com.

16 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

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Environmental Protection

Hi-tech project defends the Riviera

viding a breakwater, the barrage also contains a four-level "underground" car park, dry dock, two passenger ter minals and other commercial and

administration premises. "The barrage is anchored to terra firma using a kind of ball and socket, weighing 700 tonnes, which allows the pier to move while remaining attached," Mr. Porcu explains. "At its tip, it can move up to 15 metres later ally and around 1.30 metres up and down. The construction is also held to

Philippe Porcu

For most, Monaco means glitz

assistant technical director for the san

and glamour, racing cars and casinos. But aside from its rep

utation as a destination for the

international jet set, the principality is an extremely dynamic state, with 32,000 inhabitants and a busy port which has recently been expanded. One of the world's smallest states, Monaco is installing the largest water tight container ever built. "The government under the impetus of HRH The Sovereign Prince decided to construct a new barrage in order to enlarge the Hercules Port. This will provide it with new infrastructure and protect the harbour from the strong east winds," explains Philippe Porcu,

itation division at the SDAU, Monaco's urban development service. "The sea is very deep in the harbour with extremely thick silt, making a tradi tional solution impossible, so we came up with the idea of a semi-floating bar rage along with a more traditional counter pier," he explains. The barrage weighs in at 160,000 tonnes and was delivered in August 2002. It measures a massive 352

metres long, 28 metres wide and 19 metres deep, and was constructed over three years at Algeciras in Spain and towed 1,500 kilometres to its final

position by ship, a sea voyage that took almost two weeks. In addition to pro

the sea floor by anchors. The counter pier stands firm on pillars on the other side of the port. "The port is on the same level as Monaco's purification plant; previously, water from both boats and the port couldn't be evacuated using gravity, and it was necessary to bring in trucks to pump their waste," he explains."But the barrage and harbour are equipped with pumping units that enable all wastewater from the barrier, from ships berthed there and from those permanently moored in the port to be sent for treat ment. This is very significant in temis of protecting the enviroiunent - our main goal. Previously, ships disposed of everything at sea, but now we can treat all the effluent as well as rainwater and

run-off, thanks to the hydrocarbon sepa rators we've installed," he explains. A series of underground service tunnels have also been constructed to

carry wastewater, drinking water, elec trical and telephone cables. Because they are situated below sea level, these galleries are also equipped with special

If we don't measure it, how do you manage it? Providing a full range offlow monitoring and flow meter calibration services for municipal water, wastewater, and industrial applications.

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Flow Meter Calibration Services

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18 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

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Environmental Protection pumps to remove any leaked water. These pumps are equipped with "skirts" to lower the evacuation level

water from moored craft.

water from cruise ships. • The stations on the counter pier and the port are regulated using FMC 200

to just 1.5 centimetres from the floor. In addition, the entire network has been equipped with a remote surveil lance system. "Now we can monitor any potential problem with the pumps, stations or separators, and deal with any situations that may arise as rapidly as possible," Mr. Porcu explains. "We can

• One TOP 100 station equipped with

and 300.

two industrial-version seawater CP

This technology was recognized as "Best Real-Estate Project" by the Jury

also monitor flow rates and water levels

HT 456 30 kW for transferring waste-

and are able to operate various valves remotely to optimise the functioning of the principality's whole sanitation net work, which also handles effluent from the neighbouring districts." Pierre-Louis Odouard is project manager for Somoclim, the Monacobased firm responsible for installing the pumps on the Monte Carlo port network. "This installation was a real

challenge, in terms of both setting up the operation as well as the materials used," he says. "Because the networks and stations are below sea level, we

seawater-version CP 3127 HT 480

with flush valve for pumping waste-

3085 MT 434 pumps to collect wastewater from buildings on the quayside and pleasure craft.

at Barcelona Meeting Point 2002, and won a Leonard Award at the Immotech

On land, there is: • One station SPM 3001 equipped

show 2004 in Geneva.

with three industrial-version CP 3201

Contact ITT Flygt: email fcdn.info@ itt.com, or visit www.itt.flygt.ca.

Headworks Building

G""''®'imscreen Why BuySi »w Compactor^illHl^Conveyer Washer ^

had to construct ballasts around the

pump stations, and the installation had to be done by divers. Other constraints meant we had to use special materials. The pumps are industrial seawater models, with an epoxy coating, equipped with anodes.The prefabricat ed units are made of reinforced poly ester with stainless steel parts, and all piping is polyethylene." When the project is finished in 2008, the whole port will have been entirely redeveloped and its facilities doubled. It will provide berthing to large yachts and cruise ships; new jet ties and commercial premises are planned as well as the restructuring of

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Headworks or pump station screening:

the north and south harbour basins.

• 3, 6 or 8mm auger

Anatomy of a barrage The semi-floating barrage contains: • Ten Flygt CP 3057 HT 250 2.4 kW

• Perforated or coil

pumps, two units per hydrocarbon sep arator in the car park and dry dock


screening drums •600+ installations

inside the barrage.

Auger Monstet®the only one

• Two industrial-version seawater CP

that's all-ln-one.

3127 MT430 5.9 kWpumps for arainwater separator that can take seawater. • Five BS 2060 MT 232 for evacuat

ing any infiltrated water. The counter pier contains: • One TOP 80 station equipped with two industrial and seawater version CP

3102 HT 252 pumps for rainwater col lection.

• Two SPM 1251 sewage stations,

Environmental Trust Monster Quality"

(800) 331-2277•(949)833-3888 www.jwce.com

each twinned with an industrial and

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 19


Time to examine best practices In pipeline management By Brian Mergelas,Ph.D

In as et management ofwater trans

mission mains, we can draw paral lels from the experience of the oil and gas sector. In the 1970s this sector was faced with an aging, and deteriorating, infrastructure. In fact, as this sector's pipelines were depreciated over their design life, many of the older oil and gas pipelines were "worthless" on a company's balance sheet.

Consequently, the decision was made to try and extend the life of these lines. This led to new management practices, which required operators to demonstrate that they were managing the risk of operating these lines beyond their design life. In principle, opera tional risk incorporates both the conse quence and the probability of failure. Risk management means acting to

technological and economic factors. Proven technologies exist that allow pipeline distress to be accurately iden tified and quantified. The data provid ed by condition assessment inspections

reduce either or both. Consequence of

allow informed decisions to be made

failure is difficult to control and is

that help dictate what levels, and types, of maintenance are performed on each individual pipe in pipelines. In combi nation with continued preventative maintenance, this minimizes opera tional risk while maximizing the effec tiveness of budgetary allocations. The best practice in the conditionbased asset management of water trans mission pipelines can be understood to include: determining the actual condi tion of the pipeline by using an appro priate condition assessment technology, then using this information to make informed decisions while continuing to conduct preventative maintenance by periodically inspecting pipelines.

largely related to where the pipe is. Even though the majority of fail ures in the oil and gas sector can be attributed to third party damage, an increased understanding of failure modes has determined that knowledge

of the physical condition of a pipeline is critical. Consequently, condition assessment has become an integral

component of any risk management strategy, especially in high conse quence areas. Today, the water and wastewater sector is in a similar posi tion to where the oil and gas sector was in the 1970s. In 2003, Infrastructure Canada estimated that the cost to reha

bilitate Canada's municipal infrastruc ture stood at $57 billion.

Many operators use condition-based asset management to make informed decisions. Adoption of this manage ment approach is being driven by both

Di: Brian Mergelas of the Pressure Pipe Inspection Company is cofounder of the Canadian Pipeline Management Alliance. E-mail: Mergelas@ppic.com.

Wireless Monitoring of Collection Systems A single solution collects and manages data from: • 880/C80 8urcharge Events • Flowmeters

• Rain Gauges • Lift & Pump 8tations • Water Quality 8ensors

Wireless rainfall monitoring

Wireiess liftstation monitoring 8ystem features include: • Common Database Platform

• Real-time Alarm Management • Web-based Information Access

• Communication Options

Wireless manhole monitoring with Telog's 880-33 system

Buriable antenna is used for


underground remote data transmission where fixed cellular antennas cannot be used

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CH2M HILL is one of Canada's largest multi-disciplinary engineering firms, with more than 540 employees in 12 offices across the country. We are expanding the breadth and depth of our resources in Water, Wastewater, Water Resources and Management Consulting to ensure that we continue to provide cost-effective and ecologically sound solutions that address our clients' increasingly specialized needs. Peter G. Nicol, Senior Vice President, is pleased to announce the following promotions to the Water Business Leadership Team.

Laurie Boyce, IVI.A. The Regional Business Development and Technology Manager monitors our clients' needs and manages our response to these needs to allow for appropriate applications of the firm's financial and technical resources. Laurie has a demonstrated passion and aptitude for business procurement and has a sincere appreciation for the specialized nature of expertise offered by CH2M HILL. Laurie Boyce is a Senior Project Manager/Environmental Planner with more than 15 years of experience in environmental consulting. She has managed some of CH2M HILL's largest multidisciplinary assessment projects.

Dave Taylor, P.Eng. The Regional Technology Manager ensures that staff have the tools, training, and resources necessary to ensure supremacy in each of the firm's service sectors of Water, Wastewater, Water Resources, and Management Consulting. Client service success is achieved through a triangulated and coordinated effort of business development, technology, and service sectors.

Dave Taylor is a senior project manager and technical reviewer with more than 30 years of experience. David has worked on a variety of projects in the municipal, electronics, power generation, and petrochemical fields.

Peter Burrowes, P.Eng. Peter Burrowes has provided invaluable input for the past five years as the Regional Technology Manager. CH2M HILL is pleased to announce that Peter will continue to support the Leadership Team in an advisory role. Peter Burrowes has 29 years of experience in Residuals and Biosolids Management, Odour Control, Air Quality Management, Biogas Utilization and Energy Management, and Solid Waste Management. Peter is the Global Technology Leader for Air Quality and Safety Management.

Ken Mains, P.Eng. The Quality Manager and Chief Engineer for CH2M HILL Canada's Water Business is responsible for establishing and confirming rigorous Quality Control procedures and documentation on all Canadian water projects, while stimulating and motivating staff to embrace quality practices. This new role has been created to ensure our commitment to Quality Assurance and Quality Control through all project phases. For over 25 years. Ken Mains has worked for CH2M HILL in the field of drinking water treatment and water supply and has led design teams on the process selection and detailing of plants. Cost-priority design/build assignments have honed his value-engineering skills, however Ken's forte lies in developing innovative solutions.

Rayna Volden, P.Eng. The Communications Manager utilizes communication skills to facilitate external and internal communications as well as to increase staff and client awareness of programs and initiatives. Rayna will also coordinate communications

to highlight the individual successes of our teams and staff as we strive for continued client service excellence. Rayna Volden has more than 10 years of consulting experience with CH2M HILL in the fields of water resources and environmental engineering.

CH2MHiLL Responsible Solutions for a Sustainable Futuref

Industrial Wastewater

Oil skimmers allow cleaner operations for transmission parts manufacturing plant

Metaldyne Corp., a Michigan-based manufactur

could not be salvaged without first removing the water. The

er of driveline and transmission products, has discovered that oil skimming can improve the company's already smooth-running manufac turing processes. Metaldyne's Driveline and Transmission Group operates Hatebur AMP 30, AMP 50 and AMP 70 fully automated, horizontal hot-forming machines at their Royal Oak, Michigan facility. These machines produce high quality, near net components. From bar stock to precision forgings,

lead to machine damage if reused to lubricate equipment. Thorough skimming would allow the reusing of this oil, which saves money and benefits the environment. By skim ming the oil from the water, the company might also be able to improve their manufacturing process by creating a cleaner system. Why oil skimmers? Metaldyne investigated a variety of oil skimming sys

the Hatebur machines can produce up to 120 parts per

tems and discovered the Model 6V oil skimmer from Oil

minute. Hot-rolled bars enter at one end of the machine, which heats, feeds, cuts off, forms and pierces forgings along the conveyor in a single pass. As part of the forging process, Metaldyne uses water to wash the ends of the hot-rolled bars and to cool the dyes. Meanwhile, oil is used to lubricate the forging equipment. Throughout the process, excess water and oil are collected in a pit below the Hatebur machines. Why skim? Ideally, Metaldyne wanted to be able to reuse the water

Skimmers, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio. Their flexible floating collector tube is made of durable polyethylene, which attracts oil, not water, ensuring continuous, maintenancefree operation. The closed-loop tube snakes over and around debris to

and salvage the oil, while improving its manufacturing process as a whole. The company recognized that the oil

collect more oil.



practical efficient solution to noise reduction needs.

High Performance combined with Economy • Outstanding sound absorption • Reduction of reverberation & background noise • Simple Installation • Easy maintenance & durability

ECKEL INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LIMITED 15 Allison Ave., Morrisburg, Ontario KOC 1X0

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22 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

water would diminish the effectiveness of the oil and could

reach contaminants in the water. Oil adheres to the outside

of the tube as it is slowly drawn across the surface of the water and into the oil skimmer. The tube is continuously

drawn up into the oil skimmer and through the scrapers that remove the oil. Then,the tube returns to the water surface to

The Model 6V oil recovery system works unattended 24/7, removing as much as 100 US gallons of waste oil per hour which it decants into a drum — so efficiently that the recovered oil is virtually water-free. Metaldyne selected nine oil skimmers for their facilities, which they incorporated along with a specially designed mounting system, at the base of its Hatebur machines for sim ple oil recovery. The oil skimmers were both compact and easy to hook up, providing straightforward installations. The company improved its operations and practically eliminated downtime with the Model 6V oil skimmers, which do not experience clogging and parts maintenance problems because the collector tube works around any debris that may be floating on the surface of the water. Virtually any in-plant oil contamination problem can be controlled, so Metaldyne can easily remove the excess oil from the cooling water. Improved manufacturing process with lasting results For manufacturers who recycle the water used in the cooling process, it is critical to remove all of the oil before reusing the water. If the oil is not completely removed, con taminants in the water could shorten the life of the tool.

The Model 6V oil skimmers are engineered to have an

operational life of at least 15 to 20 years. External parts, which come in contact with the grit-laden oil, are made of high abrasion-resistant ceramic that also resists corrosion.

The collection tube is not only durable, but is also capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200° F. Other internal components, such as gears and bearings are made of highstrength steel and bronze. The gearing is engineered to elim inate major strain when in use, requiring minimal power. Contact: www.oilskim.com.

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Trans-Cycle Industries can do it all! "Total turn key service" -your one-stop-shop for management, transport, handling and final disposal of your waste.

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TCI's Kirkland Lake, Ontario facility Is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, and serves as a recycling and transfer site for all PCB waste at any concentration.

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• Capacitors • Light bailasts • Lead shieided cabie

• Oil storage and disposal

• Ali PCB wastes

• <50 ppm eiectrical •Site remediation and equipment decontamination

• PCB analysis (CAEAL proficiency tested)

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• Fuily funded closure plan


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TCI provides all site services,


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One of our modern trucks will safely handle all your waste trans portation needs.


Geotechnics of waste stabilization pondsan important piece of the wastewater treatment puzzle By Francisco Silva-Tulla and Raul Flores-Berrones

From environmental, economic,

political, and social perspec tives, wastewater treatment rep resents one ofthe most pressing issues facing municipalities and indus try today. Waste stabilization ponds (WSP) provide one of the simplest, lowest cost, and most efficient waste-

water treatment technologies available. Although particularly suited to warm climates, WSPs exist worldwide. The predominant technology used to treat wastewater in small Canadian towns,

waters and groundwater. • Scour: Removal of soil particles from the soil-water interface by current or wave-induced shear forces possibly in combination with hydraulic gradient

will damage the lagoon side of the

in soil volume; may be caused by frostor swelling-susceptible soils, especial ly during excavation. • Cracking: Cracks may be transverse (perpendicular to the embankment axis) or longitudinal (parallel to the embank ment axis), external or internal, shallow, or deep. They appear due to differential settlement or soil shrinkage. Many of these mechanisms or fail


ure modes are interrelated and should

forces or because of rainfall run-off above the water line.

• Erosion: Precipitation may cause local concentrated erosion on the dry side of the embankment. Wave erosion

be anticipated and analyzed during geotechnical investigations. Piping and overtopping are of particular concern because they are responsible for most serious incidents and failures reported

WSP systems make up one third of all wastewater treatment plants in the U.S. and 54% of the existing wastewater treatment facilities in Mexico.

Our experiences with WSP suggest that geotechnical engineering can cor rect many problems that prevent these cleverly designed systems from achieving their full potential. This arti cle presents a geotechnical 'checklist'

for preventing problems related to water leakage, geological faults, and slope failures during excavation and construction as well as uncontrolled settlement after construction. We also

provide guidelines to identify prob lematic soils (expansive, collapsible, dispersive, or highly compressible) with suggestions for their stabilization or improvement.

• Heave: Deformation due to increase

in the literature.

Figure 1. Area susceptible to initia tion of pipeline.

b) Instability • Geological fault: When a pond is constructed over an active geological fault not discovered during design, the embankment and liner system may be disrupted due to fault opening. • Slides: Slip circles and deep sliding are frequent failure modes. Local shear failure parallel to the slope is possible

Site investigation Site investigation involves deter mining the nature and behavior of all aspects of a construction site and its environment that could significantly

influence or be influenced by a project. Some of the most important aspects to be considered are:

• Groundwater effects: seepage, pumping, infiltration, and percolation. • Environmental considerations: lea-

chate contamination, health and safety issues on surrounding properties, and

either within the soil mass or at the


Geotechnical deficiencies or

soil-revetment interface. Local bearing failure may also be present. Many fac

• Excavation: short- and long-term stability, groundwater drawdown and possible damage to top clay layer. • Ground improvement: barrier sys tem and compaction. • Placement offill: slope stability, set

failure mechanisms

tors can cause slides and local failures:

Geotechnical deficiencies or poten tial failure mechanisms in WSP sys

rapid drawdown, pre-existing slip planes within soil foundation, lenses

tems can be classified in three cate

and bands of weaker material, embankment crest overloading, inade quate slope design, etc. • Liquefaction: Complete loss of grainto-grain contact because of an increase in pore water pressure or shock load ing of a loosely compacted granular soil. Consequent loss of effective stress

gories; flow-induced, instability, and deformation.

a) Flow-induced deficiency or failure • Overtopping: Water flowing over the embankment crest causes a washout or total destruction of the structure.

• Piping: Seepage through the soil leads to transport of soil particles by internal erosion until a pipe forms (Figure 1). • Leaks: Water leaks may occur through the pond bottom and embank ment. They cause escape of water and diffusion of contaminants into surface

results in a nearly zero shear strength and the soil behaving as a liquid.

tlements, or heave.

The soil stratigraphy should be determined precisely, including soil composition, layer thickness, soil inhomogeneity in horizontal exten sion, and water table location. It is also important to discover sand lenses, weak layers, and other relevant minor geological features. Investigation is

c) Deformation

not limited to the construction area: it

• Settlement: Deformation due to

should also cover widespread geologi cal risks such as landslide, regional subsidence, and mining activity, continued overleaf...

reduction in soil volume; may be caused by consolidation, compression, and shrinkage.

24 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005


NEW SOLUTIONS FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE A new energy is flowing at DELCAN Water. We have

always been at the forefront of providing government and corporate clients in Canada and around the world with the highest level of engineering expertise and services. Now,DELCAN Water offers even broader capabilities with the establishment of DELCAN IWS

(Intelligent Water Systems), which


offers leading edge design and

mtelHBBlHwatersysiems implementation of automation, network and information management systems; expertise

that complements DELCAN Water's established reputation

for engineering services. DELCAN Water also benefits from even greater global resources through our new alliance with DHV Water, The Netherlands. DHV is an

international leader in water technologies having provided

integrated solutions to over 1,000 plants worldwide. Contact us today and learn more about how you can benefit from the new ideas that are flowing at DELCAN Water.


133 Wynford Drive,Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 1K1 Tei: 416.441.4111

Fax: 416.441.0709


Wastewater among others. In seismically active regions, earthquakes may cause severe damage to embankments, barrier sys tems, and other WSP systems facili ties. It is important to consider the

Waste stabilization

ponds provide one of the simplest,lowest cost, and most efficient wastewater treatment

technologies available. seismicity of the site in the design. Reconnaissance investigation is the first phase of site characterization. Borehole drilling and sampling are necessary for more detailed subsurface investigations. Soil samples should be tested in the laboratory to determine their physical, hydraulic, and mechan ical properties. Several compatibility tests should be carried out to analyze

found in nonsaturated residual soil

Oedometer testing can identify these

deposits of fine material that contain clay minerals of the montmorillonite or illite type, are very sensitive to changes in humidity. Water adsorption in the active clay minerals causes them to expand when decompressed in the presence of water; they also shrink considerably when subjected to drying.


Highly compressible clays of vol canic or organic origin may cause seri ous damage to barrier systems and embankments in WSP systems. One of the most notable examples of com pressible clays is Mexico City clay, with a water content as high as 350%

If the embankment is constructed of or

to 400%.

founded on expansive soils, evapora tion, rainfall, temporal humidity varia tion, and change in water level of a pond may cause soil swelling and shrinkage; consequently, differential

These soils, usually high in adsorbed sodium, disperse or deflocculate easily and rapidly in water of low salt content. The higher the per centage of sodium cation, the higher the susceptibility to dispersion. Such clays generally have high shrink-swell potential, low resistance to erosion, and low permeability in an intact state. Dispersive clay soils are identified by running a pinhole test, the Crum test, or the SCS dispersion test. Chemical tests are also frequently used to deter mine exchangeable sodium percent age, sodium adsorption ratio, percent

settlements and embankment fissures

might occur. The shear strength of expansive soils also changes with vari ations in humidity, and a stability prob lem may arise in embankments. Visual inspection and determination of physi cal and mechanical properties can identify expansive soils. Oedometer testing can determine volume change under flooding.


the effect of some contaminants, salts, or temperature changes on the

mechanical or index properties of the soil that forms the pond systems. Severe changes in the permeability and Atterberg limits in compacted clays under KCl solutions, for instance, have been observed. In situ tests of subsurface soils

often provide better information at lower cost than sampling and laborato ry testing. The field permeability and standard penetration tests are the most frequently used in situ tests. By meas uring the drawdown in piezometers at certain distances from a pumped well, the field permeability test determines the permeability of pervious layers below the water table. Various types of borehole permeability tests made by pumping water either into or out of the boring are also used to determine the coefficient of permeability. On the other hand, the standard penetration test allows correlations of the number

of blows with shear strength and other soil parameters. Problem soils

Many so-called 'problem' soils cause major damage to structures and embankments, and cannot be easily identified using routine soil testing procedures. Expansive soils are widely distrib uted in Mexico. These soils, frequently

This WSP system in Coiumbia treats wastewater from about 10,000 residents up to removai ieveis of 80% for BOD and TSS.

Collapsible soils are fine sediments transported and deposited by wind. They range from sand dunes to loess deposits whose particles are predomi nantly of silt size with a certain amount of fine sand and aggregated clay particles. Although oflow density, the naturally collapsible soils have a fairly high strength because of the clay binder, frequently calcium carbonate. However, they are easily eroded when flooded or rained on. Soil structure

collapse causes large settlements.

26 Environmentai Sdence & Engineering, May 2005

sodium, and total dissolved salts.

Dispersive soils are problematic for embankment stability, causing piping and rainfall erosion on slopes and channels.

A simple way to improve a problem soil site is to remove the problem soils and replace them with higher quality materials. Removal and replacement is most common for organic deposits and highly compressible soils, but has also been used for collapsible and expancontinued overleaf...


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www.johnmeun ier . com

Wastewater sive soils, for which treatment often consists of mixing soils of high swelling potential (collapsibility) with those of low swelling potential. The use of chemical additives is

another effective technique to improve problem soils. If special equipment is used, chemical stabilization can involve mixing and compaction of near-surface soils as well as deep soils. Chemical substances such as lime and Portland cement can be used alone or

in combination to reduce the swelling and dispersion potentials of soils. Collapsible soils might be improved by pre-saturation and pre-loading proce dures. Various other soil improvement techniques are also available and can be used if their cost is justifiable. These problematic soils are described in detail, together with meth ods to identify and treat them to improve their mechanical behavior in geotechnical publications; see for instance Van

Impe W.E. (1989), Soil Improvement Techniques and Their Evolution, Balkema, and Schaefer, V R. (1997), Ground Improvement, Ground Rein forcement, and Ground Treatment Developments 1987-1997, Geotechnical Special Publication N° 69 ASCE. Design features

Apart from site investigations and geotechnical analysis (water flow, chemical diffusion, stability, and set tlement studies), a number of provi sions should be considered to avoid or minimize deleterious effects from dif ferent environment actions. Conclusions

Soil mechanics play an important role in assuring the success of WSP systems. Overtopping and other geotechnical-related damages may cause excessive repair costs and serious pub lic alarm about security and safety. Efforts directed at identifying potential geotechnical problems before they materialize will generally result in lower overall project costs. Since the most important parameter for the correct function of these water

treatment systems is the permeability of the liners and the in situ soils, spe cial supervision and permeability tests must be part of both design and con struction.

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We recommend integrating the geotechnical investigation, analysis, and design from the beginning of proj ect planning through construction and first operation stages. The geotechni cal engineer's inspection is important during excavation in order to identify new geological features and verify the accuracy of design assumptions; quali fy control during embankment com paction must also be carried out, and design specifications met; the first fill ing is one of the most critical condi tions, partly because piping or high pore pressures could develop for the first time; and, finally, frequent inspec tion is necessary during operations but more detailed inspections are required after extreme events such as heavy rainfall, rapid drawdown and earth quakes. Francisco Silva-Tulla is Senior Vice-

CHZMHiLL www.cli2mlilllcanada.com

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28 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005


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Drinking Water

Greensand filter media gives high quality water By Harold Aronovitch, Hungerford & Terry

Cape Breton Regional Muniei-

oxidize the iron and manganese in the

minating the run was a drop off in flowrate due to the high pressure drop

pality (CBRM) located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, has four

feed water so that it would be filtered out in the media.

across the filter bed. After backwash-

10-foot diameter 18.5 foot

Soluble manganese would be oxi dized by the manganese oxide coating

ing, there was no sign of damage to the media, and the pressure drop at the

on the GreensandPlus. The free chlo

start of the next run was consistent with that of a clean bed.

straight shell horizontal manganese greensand filters to treat 1.8 million Imperial gallons per day. The water source is a well containing iron and manganese. The design water analysis has 0.2 mg/L iron and 0.35 mg/L manganese. The filters are designed to use the catalytic oxidation process with chlorine added prior to the filters, followed by a reaction

rine in the feed water would then oxi

dize the coating, which had temporari ly been reduced. The limiting factor of

During the pilot testing, the water treated by the pilot plant consistently averaged less than 0.01 mg/L manganese and less than 0.01 mg/L iron. The effluent

tank to allow added con



averaged between 1.5 and 1.8 mg/L as determined by the chlorine feed to the full-scale plant and required for the distribu tion system.


tact time for the chlorine.

Over a five-year period of operation, the length of

Because of the com

termined that the reduced

pact size of the pilot plant, a full 40% expan sion of the bed during backwash was not possi

run length was caused by

ble. Backwash flowrate

run between backwashes

was gradually getting shorter. Investigation de

a breakdown of the man

was limited to 9 to 10

ganese greensand media. After testing, it was deter

gpm/square foot in lieu of the normal 12 gpm/ square foot. No air scour

mined that the low silica

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is testing a new fiiter media, GreensandPius.

level in the raw water con tributed to the breakdown of the media. A feed of sodium aluminate

was instituted to help alleviate this problem. Sodium aluminate was fed at a rate of 0.2 mg/L (as Al), and this managed to stabilize the media and enable the CBRM to handle the high summer demand.

New media, GreensandPlus™, was

obtained from the Inversand Company. This is more rugged than manganese greensand, but has identical operating characteristics, and does not require sodium aluminate to prevent break down. A pilot plant was sent to CBRM for operation using the same feed as the full-scale units. After chlorine

addition and reaction time, a 3.1 gpm flow was sent to a Hungerford & Terry, Inc. pilot plant. This plant measured 91/2" ID with a 0.5 square foot surface area. The filter bed consisted of 18" of 0.6 - 0.8 mm effective size anthracite and 18" of GreensandPlus. After con

ditioning with potassium perman ganate, the pilot plant was ready for operation. The chlorine feed served to

the pilot plant was pressure drop across the bed. Feed

water from

CBRM was limited in pressure and

flow since it was fed to the pilot plant through a garden hose. The pilot plant operated at flow rates between 4.4 to 6.2 gpm/square foot, and run lengths between backwashes of 120 to 200 hours were experienced. Influent manganese was 0.3 to 0.33 mg/L while

capability was provided with the pilot plant. However, it is being considered for the full-scale plant due to the extremely long filter runs between backwashes that can be achieved with GreensandPlus.

The results of the pilot plant indi cated that the GreensandPlus filter

media could treat the water at the Cape Breton Regional Municipality filter plant in Sydney, Nova Scotia, without

iron varied between 0.045 and 0.09

breakdown due to the low silica level

mg/L. With seven runs complete, an average loading of 1,200 grains/square

in the water. It could also be operated to higher pressure drops and longer fil

foot of filter area was obtained.

ter runs without any detrimental

Manganese greensand is expected to have a capacity of between 500 to 700 grains/square foot of filter area. The normal pressure drop end point

effects. It also demonstrated that while

for the full-scale plant and the pilot plant was 10 psi. In an attempt to extend the run, the plant was operated to a 334 hour run with a pressure drop of 17.9 psi at the end of the run. The pilot plant was still producing good quality water with less than 0.005 mg/L manganese and 0.001 mg/L iron in the effluent. The only reason for ter

30 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

being operated for longer periods of time to higher pressure drops, it could still produce extremely high quality water.

Harold Aronovitch


Vice Presi

dent/Technical Director ofHungerford & Terry, Clayton, N.J He is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Contact: www.inversand.com.

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Innovative instrumentation reduces RO fouling By Robert L Bryant, Chemtrac Systems,Inc.

Polymer Coagulant

One problem with some


ClarHler ]

reverse osmosis (RO) units is chemical cleaning and membrane replacement costs due to fouling, scaling, and chemical attack. In many cases these


problems can be traced back to inade quately designed or improperly oper ated pretreatment equipment. Inade quate design may occur due to an incomplete analysis of raw water source, changing raw water quality not anticipated in the initial design, or expansion of final product water capacity without pretreatment equip

. (Demlnerqlizersl-^


ment addition. The list could be more

exhaustive, but these are common

Figure 1. The boiler feedwater treatment system.


More frequently, downstream equip ment problems are caused by opera tional practices. This is not necessarily a reflection of operating personnel capability. It is generally a result of insufficient tools for equipment moni toring and control, or "inadequate" training/understanding of unit process es, and how each affects the next one downstream.

Process monitoring and control methods Jar tests and turbidimeters have

been the traditional instruments for

vides continuous monitoring and

monitoring and controlling pretreat ment processes. In recent years, the streaming current monitor(SCM)and particle counters have replaced these methods. These instruments provide continuous, precise, and sensitive measurement, and true process opti mization capability. Periodic jar tests give a ball park idea of what coagu lant dosages should be, but are some what "subjective" to the operator's visual interpretation. The SCM pro-

automatic control. Turbidimeters have


Started Polymer Trial At 2 ppm, Immediately Reduced Counts Over 50%|

Incrementally Reduced

To 0.2 ppm (Polymer Fed

Polymer Constantly Fed (0.4 ppm).


also been used to monitor filter per formance, but lack the sensitivity of

particle counters/ monitors. Silt den sity index (SDI) has been the standard test to predict membrane fouling. However, it is not a continuous meas urement and is not always helpful in troubleshooting and improving up stream processes.

A case history

A large electric generating plant installed a reverse osmosis system to reduce demineralizer loading and min imize regenerations. Feedwater pres sure buildup and frequent membrane cleaning have been a persistent prob lem since commissioning. The boiler feedwater treatment system is shown in Figure 1. Water source is a river with an intermediate settling basin that min imizes large turbidity swings to the treatment process. Primary coagulant was alum, but was later changed to a


blend. Turbidi

meters are used to monitor clarifier

and filter effluents. SDI tests were per formed for a time after the RO installa

tion, but were eventually discontinued, as there was no correlation to cleaning frequency. -Multimedia Effluent

- Cartridge Effluent (IVO Feedwater)

Figure 2. Results of SCM trial to optimize polymer feed. 32 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005




installed to get "baseline" equipment performance. The objective was to improve removal of submicron partic-

Instrumentation BE >THINK> INNOVATE >

ulate in the multimedia filters by feed ing a small amount of polymer filter aid. Although the counters/monitors used do not detect particles in the submicron range, it is well known that col loids are absorbed on filter media that

is properly conditioned with a filter aid, or submicron particles are coagu lated to a size that are trapped in the media. An SCM was used to optimize polymer feed to ensure that the absolute minimum was being used, and would not carry through to the RO. Polymer fouling can be a problem if overfed.

The results are shown in Figure 2. Without polymer feed, particle counts in the multimedia effluent were over

120 counts/ml. With polymer, counts dropped to less than 20/ml, with many periods less than 5/ml. Polymer dose was 0.4 ppm. An immediate improve ment was seen in the RO operation. Cleaning frequency went from once per week to once per month. Feedwater pressure buildup was less than 2.0 PSIG after 30 days. Currently, the plant is monitoring

three of the multimedia filters with

particle monitors, and the combined effluent with a particle counter. Polymer addition is being automati cally controlled with a streaming cur rent monitor using filter influent flow and streaming current in a combined algorithm. Conclusion

The return on investment of using sensitive and reliable control instru

mentation in a reverse osmosis pretreatment system can be substantial. Savings in chemicals, filter replace ments, membrane cleaning/replace ment, and demineralizer efficiency can be easily documented. In the power generation industry, the major benefit is always boiler efficiency and reliability.

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Robert L. Bryant is the founder and president of Chemtrac Systems, Inc. located in Norcross, Georgia. The company is represented in Canada by SPD Sales, e-mail: sales@spdsales.

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CRUIM Dl=^OS'> \

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 33


Wastewater management- it Is time to start working together By Duncan Ellison,Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

Inrecent years,a concerted approach

to ensuring drinking water safety in Canada was begun - it is called "Source to Tap" and was developed by the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Drinking Water Committee based on discussions and developments within the World Health Organization's water program. Information on it can be found at the Canadian Council of

The Canadian Water and Waste-

water Association (CWWA) applauds these efforts and initiatives, although it is concerned that the initiatives are not

consistent and can he seen as political responses to public concerns rather than necessarily well-thought out, riskbased management improvement approaches that are taking a truly inte grated comprehensive approach.

though there may be no environmental effects determined. There is much pub licity being given to the prevention of pollution(CCME has a whole program on this), but no real effort made to inte grate the policy structures, programs and legislation that affect the genera tion of pollutants by industry and com merce and their deposits in municipal sewers. Some efforts are being made to improve treatment options, and some efforts are being made to address the quality of the ultimate

Ministers of the Environment(CCME) Website: www.ccme.ca/sourcetotap/. It speaks to integrating policies Roles and Responsibilities and programs governing the Knowiedse sharing management of our drinking water sup plies from water Wastewater & Collection Treatment Environmental Pollutant Sources Systems Discharges sources through

releases in the form of wastewater effluents and biosolids.

CWWA has long urged the integra tion of these pro grams and the provision of

treatment, distri bution to deliv

Wastewater Management Plans

ery at the tap. A similar approach was being under taken by a num

Verification of Environmental Discharge Quality

ber of stakehold

new tools.

A Directory of Contaminant

The Goal:


ers (some of them the same)through the

The best management of pollutants and wastewaters passing through municipal


International Water Association - this is

wastewater systems to the environment

the water or the Point-of-Use or Point-

of-Entry devices that may treat the water entering the building and beyond the water utility's control.


CWWA with the

support of Environ ment Canada based on

National Pollutant Release

called the Bonn Charter for

Safe Drinking Water (www. iwahq.org). We are beginning to see some con certed efforts across the country. The Walkerton tragedy contributed a major spur for action in Ontario and other provinces. We are seeing for example the emergence of nutrient management programs and well-head protection programs (to protect water sources), increased training and certi fication requirements for operators and increased monitoring require ments (to improve treatment and dis tribution quality) and financial sustainability legislation and infrastruc ture subsidy programs (to modernize technology or rehabilitate/replace infrastructure). Nothing seems to be being done to consider the tap itself and the plumbing systems delivering


Wastewater management schematic (adapted from the Bonn Drinking Water Charter).

Unfortunately, in most jurisdic tions, the responsible policy and pro gram managers are still in separate agencies and cross-agency integration is not taking place. Although there are weaknesses in the drinking water efforts being made, in contrast, there is an almost complete lack of attention to reviewing and improving the program and policies affecting wastewater management. What we do see are increased efforts in

the traditional approach, e.g., measure qualities at the end of the effluent pipe and prosecute when a deleterious sub stance has been found (i.e., deposited in a receiving body of water) even

34 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Inventory reports. A perform ance-based oil, fat and grease interceptor has been under develop ment by CSA for a number of years but is failing to make progress because agreement carmot be reached amongst the stakeholders on the testing proto cols and the grease removal quality to be achieved. Development of other pre-treatment devices that might be inserted in discharge lines to sewers is a long way off. Model by-laws for sewer use still set out concentration

limits for pollutants and contaminants, but these are not integrated with detec tion and monitoring devices. There is no clear knowledge of what pollutants can be removed successfully at munic ipal treatment plants. And, we have data collecting systems that are not apparently linked to risks, nor to man agement programs.

Added to this, municipalities have inadequate legislative powers and resources to tackle the misuse of sew-

Wastewater ers. This misuse is by industry, com

Water to reflect a wastewater model,

merce and institutions as well as

illustrates the need and possibilities for integrating efforts across the range from the source of pollutants, through the collection system and treatment system and to the discharge to the

householders who still find the toilet

as the most convenient place to dump leftover household

chemicals and

pharmaceuticals. What is the solution to this? It is not

simply using the provisions of Subsection 36(3) of the Fisheries Act or the provincial territorial counterpart legislation to fine and punish munici palities and their employees. Municipalities are regarded as the first line of enforcement yet they are mistak enly viewed as the last polluter. They should be regarded as the first line of defence against pollution as, although they are the vector through which pollu tants generated by others are passed, they are closest to the generators ofpol lution. The powers and strengths of the provincial and territorial governments and the federal government should be swung around and channeled through municipally-based programs to truly catch pollution at its source. The schematic, adapted from the IWA's Bonn Charter for Safe Drinking

haps as inspectors appointed under provincial legislation. Clearly research is needed to determine how best to

detect and monitor the quality of dis charges to the sewer system, and to determine how to remove contami

environment as effluents or biosolids.

nants which are not removed by pre-

Municipalities are regarded as the

framework needs to be renegotiated to better share powers and responsibili ties, including having the original polluter(s) pay fines levied against munic ipalities for the discharge of deleteri

treatment devices. The legislative

first line of enforcement

yet they are mistakenly viewed as the last polluter. These should include a realistic

effort to reduce pollutants at source, hopefully through cleaner technolo gies, but, where necessary, by effective performance checked pre-treatment

ous substances that can be attributed to them. CWWA hosted the First National Canadian Wastewater Forum in Ottawa

from April 3 to 5, 2005, with the inten tion of begirming the task of identify ing all the elements, policies, legisla tion, and programs that apply to this wastewater model from pollutant source to discharge to the environment.

devices to remove them from streams

being discharged into the municipal sewerage systems. Municipalities need

additional powers to address this, per

Duncan Ellison is Executive Director

ofthe CWWA. Contact e-mail: tdellison@cwwa.ca.

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the threat of combustible and toxic

gases and tor oxygen deficiency, utiliz ing catalytic, electrochemical and infrared gas detection methods.

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May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 35


New operators'standards to protect Canada's water

The Federal-Provincial-Ter ito

rial Committee on Drinking Water




Council of Ministers of the

Environment's Water Quality Task Group are working to protect Canada's water supply. These two groups have

recommended a multi-faceted ap proach to the problem, including a call for qualified operators in water and wastewater treatment systems.

To help establish safeguards for Canada's water supply, the Canadian Council of Ministers ofthe Environment

(CCME), the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), and other Canadian water and wastewater

bodies supported ECO Canada (former ly known as CCHREI)in the documen tation of national occupational standards for water/wastewater operators. The Water and Wastewater National

Occupational Standards are a series of competency statements that define the knowledge and skills required for water and wastewater operators. They are categorized into four functional areas: water treatment, water distribu

tion, wastewater treatment, and wastewater collection. These statements will

assist operators by providing them with The National Standards

are a series of competency statements that define the

knowledge and skills required for water and wastewater



more clearly defined standards and a benchmarking tool that will make it easier for them to perform their jobs. From coast to coast, the industry







sources. On September 27, 2004, a

national steering committee, made up of representatives from all provinces and territories, met in Toronto to show

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Hallett 150 GPM verified system for larger commercial, industrial and municipal

its support for the process and to con firm the methodology that will be used to complete the next phase of the proj ect which is occupational analysis. During the meeting, there was a clear buy-in from every region of the coun try to continue with the project. The occupational analysis phase (to he completed in December 2005) will identify and document the competen cies required at each level so that oper ators can he properly certified. This could provide the foundation for con sistent, relevant training, and has the potential to he used as a national certi

applications...all self-deaning and smart,fall-safe and virtually maintenance free.

Hallett systems are now available in North America,Australia,New Zealand and Eastern Europe.

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36 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Pure, safe water


fication standard. It can also increase

the transferahiiity of skills between provinces and territories. In order to determine which compe tencies are required and at what level, ECO Canada is asking water and wastewater operators to get involved. Those interested in contributing, please contact EGG Canada at (403) 233-0748 or water@eco.ca. â–

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pumping of waste materials. Constructed of cast iron with a durable

epoxy coating.

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Environmental Testing

Accreditation of Canadian environmental laboratories and its technical capability.

By Allan Maynard, CCIL

Laboratory results form the cor

nerstone of environmental pro grams. Whether for contami nated site clean-up, drinking water assessments, discharge monitor ing, occupational health, and others, all of these kinds of programs ulti mately rely on data generated by a qualified laboratory. Companies, regu latory agencies, legal firms and other stakeholders must be confident in

these results and one of the key com ponents in obtaining this confidence is the official recognition or accredita tion of the laboratory in question. It is, therefore, important that the accredita tion process be properly understood. Accreditation is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as "the proce dure by which an authoritative body

gives formal recognition that a body or person is competent to carry out spe cific tasks." For laboratories, it is the

formal recognition of a laboratory to carry out specific identified tests. The accreditation covers a laboratory's overall quality management system,

Accreditation in Canada is based on

an international standard (ISO/IEC 17025). This standard is specific to testing and calibration laboratories. ISO has many other accreditation and certification programs such as the gen erally familiar ISO 9000 which per tains to an overall management sys

managed. This is a rigorous process and for larger laboratories can involve three to five assessors auditing over a three to five day period. After the site assessment (audit), a laboratory must respond satisfactorily and within a specified time-frame to any corrective actions identified by the assessment team. Once this process is complete the laboratory is granted accreditation. Agencies offering accreditation to Canadian laboratories

Over the past 10 years in Canada (with the exception of Quebec), the

tem. The 17025 standard is similar in

accreditation of environmental labora

principal but offers a more technical

tories has been managed in partnership by CAEAL (Canadian Association of Environmental Laboratories) and the see (Standards eouncil of eanada). eAEAL operated the FT program and

and standardization dimension that is

unique to the laboratory sector. Laboratory accreditation involves the following components; • A proficiency testing (FT) program in which the laboratory must perform satisfactorily on samples that have been made in reference laboratories

and are submitted by an accredited FT provider. A laboratory should, to the extent possible, analyze FT samples for every test under which it is accred ited. Unfortunately, FT samples are not available for all parameters, although laboratories must display due diligence in attempting to source the appropriate materials. FT samples are submitted and then analyzed on a regular basis (usually twice per year). • An on-site assessment, in which qual ified assessors review all aspects of a laboratory's operation from basic man agement of samples that are submitted, right through to how the laboratory is

carried out the site assessments. After

this, on recommendations from eAEAL, the See granted accredita tion through FALeAN (Frogram for the Accreditation of Laboratories in

eanada). The See also annually assesses eAEAL's FT program. As of January, 2005, eAEAL and the see each offer their own full accreditation service rather than work

in a partnership. There were some changes in ISO/IEe documentation pertaining to the official recognition of accreditation bodies that precipitated this change. Thus eAEAL and See will each accredit environmental labo ratories





eAEAL will continue to operate its continued overleaf...

giffels.com| 800 567 8918

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as a single source provider of consulting services. As a leader in

efficient, informed and high quality environment.






38 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005


ISO/IEe Standard 17025.

the water quality event 78th Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference

Washington Convention Center

Washington DC USA

Conference > Got 29- Nov 2 Exhibition >

Cot 30 - Nov 2


110 "Achnidal Sessions, 24 Workshops/Seminars,

11 Facility Tours,' ali atthe Largest Water Quality


Exhibition in North America it:

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Environmental Testing PT program and SCC will continue to

organizations that ensure a general

audit CAEAL with respect to its PT pro gram. SCC will not operate a PT program

standardization of measurement sci

because it is a PT assessor in Canada.

SCC will, however, recommend a list of approved PT providers to those laborato ries that use SCC for accreditation.

In Quebec, environmental laborato ries are accredited by MENV (the Quebec Ministry of the Environment) and this organization also provides the PT program. This program is also operated to the ISO 17025 standard and is comparable to the CAEAL/SCC program. The PT program mainly employs real environmental samples as opposed to the synthetic samples used by most other providers. It is possible that other accredita tion bodies (i.e. from the USA or Europe) will offer accreditation servic es in Canada and this should be accept able to regulators, as long as these

ence, which, of course, is a necessity for global commerce. Specifically, they recognize signatories as interna tional accreditation bodies.

These organizations assess SCC and CAEAL, and other laboratory assessment agencies, and this, in turn, provides the laboratory assessments that are carried out in Canada, with the required international recognition. How do users assess the




ISO/lEC accreditation must in turn be

fully recognized within the interna tional standards community. For accreditation bodies to have this inter

national accreditation they must be signatories to Mutual Recognition Agreements of international agencies such as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Cooper ation (APLAC) and/or the InterAmerica Accreditation Cooperation (lAAC). These are the international


documents in Canada.

Summary As of 2005, there will be at least tation of Canadian environmental lab





reviewing the resulting data require ISO/lEC 17025 accreditation. It is,

with few exceptions, essential. Those organizations needing to use a professional laboratory need to be assured that:

• That the accreditation is current and



three organizations providing accredi

accreditation bodies have international



accreditation of a laboratory?




requirements ofthe appropriate regula tory bodies. Currently, not all provin cial regulators have formally endorsed 17025 (or CAEAL or SCC for that matter) as approved accreditors. In fact, the need for laboratory accredita tion is absent from many regulatory

It is clear that most users of envi

• The laboratory is accredited accord ing to ISO/IEC Standard 17025.

ISO/IEC Standard 17025.

performance is acceptable. It is also important that laboratory

in good standing. • That the laboratory has, to the degree possible, carried out proficiency test ing for all of the tests that are being purchased. The accreditation bodies list the accredited laboratories on their web

sites along with a list of tests(methods and parameters) each of these labora tories are accredited for (commonly referred to as the "Scope of Accreditation"). The list includes those tests that have been reviewed by the assessment team and, if PT samples are available, it means the laboratory's

oratories: CAEAL (www.caeal.ca), SCC (www.scc.ca) and MENV Other organizations from the USA or Europe may also come forward in the future. In terms of regulations in Canada, CCIL (the Canada Council of Independent Laboratories) recom mends that regulatory documents sim ply refer to ISO/IEC 17025 rather than name specific accreditation bodies or programs. It is vitally important that: • Laboratories — private and public — are free to make the most logical choice for their accreditation.

• That all stakeholders (lab users, regu lators, legal agencies, data reviewers) assist in preventing any need for dual accreditation. This is a waste of

resources and does nothing to ensm"e better laboratory data. Allan Maynard is Executive Director

of CCIL, the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. E-mail: allanmaynard@shaw.ca.


Extend Structure Life,

Reduce Maintenance & Repair Costs • for induslriat steelwork, pipework & road surfaces • above & below ground pipe, valves, fitrtngs & steel • offshore marine piling protection • rood, bridge, aiiport & ashpalt applications A member of Winn & Coales International.

Densb www.densona.com Toronto • Edmonton Denso Nortti America Inc.

90 Ironside Cres. Unit 12 Toronto, ON IVI1X1M3 Tel: 416.291.3435 Fax; 416.291.0898

40 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Canadian Environmental Conference and Trade Show tZ5.l


May 11-12, 2005

SERVICE United Stntes ofAmerica

Department ofCommerce


Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Slate of Illinois - United Slates of America


Toronto, Ontario


The state of Illinois and the US Commercial Service are pleased that the following companies are exhibiting with us at the Canadian Environmental Conference and Trade Show. All of these firms are Interested In expanding their sales in Canada. You are encouraged to visit representatives of these firms in Exhibit Booths 108-117.

Arbortech Corporation Johnsburg, IL - www.arbortech.com

Established In 1981, the company produces equipment to recycle aqueous cleaning solutions. The product, known as the Washer Washer(WW), can be used to recycle cleaning solutions used In a variety of applications including those common to pressure sprayers, electro/soaks, part washers, pre-paint, prepowder coat, pre-plating, and spent floor wash solutions.

Leading developer, manufacturer and Integrator of energy savings technologies and building automation systems. The company currently markets the EnergySaver and the Global Commander energy conservation technologies as well as Its Independent development of scalable, negative power systems under the trade name Virtual "Megawatt Power Plan".

Sparks Technology, Inc. St. Charles, IL - www,soarkstech.com

Cascade Waterworks Manufacturing

Sparks Technology, Inc. (STI) provides activated carbon

Yorkville, IL - www.cascademfa.com

and other molecular filtration media for numerous

The company Is a manufacturer of a full line of the highest performing water and sewer pipeline accessories Including casing spacers, saddles, tapping sleeves, repair clamps, couplings, surge tanks and pipe

applications across a wide spectrum of industries. STI's product line Includes Wrap'n Cure which encases hazardous material like asbestos, Polysorb Cure and Clean Streams for liquid filtration, as well as the BPS Lite Carbon Air Filter for air filtration.


Surplus Management, Inc.

Effective Energy Associates, LLC

Rockford, IL - www,watersurolus.com

Davis, IL

Custom design/build services in the manufacture of RipSyst'^'*^, mercury retort and distillation process. The company's products remove and recover mercury from contaminated florescent lamps, batteries, thermometers, thermostats, relays, sludge, soils and chemical packages. Recovered mercury is recycled Into articles of commerce, while decontaminated Items may be safely landfllled.

Electric City Corporation Elk Grove, IL- www,elccorp.com

Watersurplus.com is the world's fastest growing buyer and reseller of surplus and refurbished water and wastewater equipment and components. The company can supply entire high purity water plants, process and filtration vessels, controls and Instrumentation as well as consumables such as resin and membranes.

Yeomans Chicago Corporation Aurora, IL - www,vccpump.com Manufacturer of the Yeomans Pump, Chicago Pump Company and Morris Pumps brands of pumps and related equipment for both municipal and industrial wastewater, sewage, sludge and light slurry applications.

State of Illinois Canada Office

US Commercial Service

1 Eva Road

480 University Avenue

Suite 301

Suite 602

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

M9C 4Z5

M5G 1V2

Telephone: (416) 695-9888 Facsimile:(416) 695-9891

Telephone:(416) 595-5412 Facsimile:(416) 595-5419

Email: illlnois@lltrade.toronto.on.ca

Email: toronto.office.box@mall.doc.aov

Website: www.commerce.state.ll.us

Website: www.buvusa.com/Canada


Satellite treatment technology helps Niagara Falls to meet Ontario's F-5-5 CSO requirement By Geoff Burn,Derek Blakemore,David Watt and Peter Baker

Ontario's Niagara Fal s is famous as a tourist destina tion to view one of the "Seven




Modern World" and with the construc tion of a world class casino and sever

al new highrises and first class hotels, the downtown tourist district is experi encing rapid growth and revitalization. Besides tourism, the city also has a

with all the flows converging at the Central Pump Station, which conveys wastewater to the local treatment plant. Combined sewer overflows (CSO) associated with the Central Pump Station represent a significant portion of the city-wide annual volume, with peak instantaneous flows as high as 8,000 L/s. Historically, raw sewage overflows occur during moderate-to-

The downtown development is being serviced by infrastructure with

significant rainfall events, with approximately 30 overflow events annually to the Niagara River. The Niagara River is one of ten Areas of Concern as designated by the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

some sections installed at the turn of

between Canada and the United States.

the 20th century; much of this provides combined drainage for sanitary wastewater and stormwater. There is a sys tem of four pumping stations that col

Reduction of CSOs into the Niagara

diverse economic base that includes

manufacturing, professional services, construction, transportation, sport and recreation, and entertainment.

lect the flows from the downtown core

River has been identified as one of the

projects to improve its water quality. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), through the

application of Procedure F-5-5, will require the City of Niagara Falls and the Regional Municipality of Niagara to meet the following criteria for com bined sewer systems: • Capture and treat all dry-weather flow plus 90% ofthe wet-weather flow volume for an average year, during the 7-month wet-weather period com mencing within 15 days of April 1. • 30% BODj removal for the 7-month wet-weather period. • 50% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal for the 7-month wet-weather

period. • TSS




exceed 90 mg/L for more than 50% of the time for an average year. The City of Niagara Falls and the Regional Municipality of Niagara embarked on a project that will result in one of the first CSO abatement facilities in Ontario to meet the Proce dure F-5-5 criteria.

Durable, Reliable...

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment established that the pre ferred solution was to implement a system-wide CSO control project that includes a new Central Pump Station (CPS)and a CSO High Rate Treatment Facility (HRTF). This will provide

The Mueller 2360 series of Resilient

greater than 90% volumetric control of wet-weather flow so that only flows in

Wlueilef Canada I Resilient Wedge Gate Valves

Wedge Valves meet or exceed current



AWWA C509 standards, in addition

to being ULC/UL listed and FM approved.

Refinements such as long polymer covered wedge guides not only stabilize the wedge but reduce internal wear,and ease operation.

Every Mueller 2360 series valve is RATED at 250 psi and tested at 500 psi.

excess of the combined capacity of CPS and HRTF will bypass the new pumping and treatment facilities.

The preliminary design phase included an evaluation component to select the preferred high rate CSO treatment process. After reviewing a comprehensive list of treatment options, four technologies were evalu ated in detail: Vortex Separation, High Rate Screening/Filtration, High Rate Sedimentation, and Retention Treat ment Basins. Conceptual designs were developed for each alternative in order to allow comparative evaluation with respect to effectiveness to achieve the required MOE F-5-5 treatment levels,


facility sizing or footprint, reliability,

An ISO 9000 Certified Manufacturer

complexity of operations and ability to be upgraded or expanded. The comparative evaluation of the continued overleaf...

42 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

* >




before you


know where

to land Does Independent field-testing verify the manufacturer's claims?

asking these tough questions will give you the knowledge to make the right dedsion


All manufacturers make performance claims. Few give you the facts that are necessary for decision making. StormceptorÂŽ provides Inde pendent field data collected by third parties and an ongoing field-testing program.

What size of particles

How does the

does the system remove? Some systems are undersized to remove only large

system remove oil? Some systems cannot remove oil without the

particles (3000+mlcrons). The Stormceptoi^ System can be designed to meet your project objective, whether It be large or small particle removal.When comparing systems, ensure that

addition of absorbents. The absorbents must

you are using the same partlcle-size criterion.

be removed Immediately after a spill to pre vent the oil from leaking back Into the water. Most systems do not protect captured oil from high velocities - scouring will result.

for answers to more questions call 1 800 585-4801 or visit us at www.stormceptor.com

Wastewater five technologies considered is sum marized in Table 1. Based on perform ance, coupled with relative costs and footprint considerations, High Rate Screening/Filtration, Retention Treat ment Basins and Storage are not suited to this HRTF Project. The two tech nologies that appear most suitable are Vortex Separation and High Rate Sedimentation. Both processes are rel atively low in cost and have small foot prints. The former is less complex to operate but may not meet the 90 mg/L TSS limit without future enhance

ments. The latter is more complex to operate, but is able to meet the 90 mg/L TSS limit. When considering these competing factors, Vortex Separation is the pre

ferred technology for the following reasons. First, it is the least complicat ed technology and likely to be among the lowest in overall costs. Secondly, it is amenable to enhancements with either chemical addition and/or filtra

tion, should the need arise.

High-Rate Sedimentation is also likely to be cost-competitive and will not require future enhancement. However, when taking into account the complexity of its operation, and the need for chemical deliveries, storage and feed operations, the technology is less attractive than Vortex Separation. Since each vortex technology is slightly different it was decided that the vortex equipment should be pre selected. Request for quotation docu ments were prepared for the vortex equipment for the Central HRTF. Two suppliers were invited to prepare sub-

mittals for this equipment. The submittals were evaluated on both quality fac tors and cost factors. The quality fac tors include compliance with the tech nical specifications and the quality of references. Based on an evaluation of

the submittals, John Meunier, Inc.'s FluidSepÂŽ was the preferred vortex technology for the Central HRTF. A value engineering team consist ing of industry experts further scruti nized the recommended treatment

option. Vortex treatment technology was ultimately recommended and accepted by the City and the Region due to the favourable life cycle cost and ease of operation. The preliminary design proceeded based on the use oftwo 13-metre diam

eter vortex units, each to treat a design flow of 1,000 L/s and a peak flow of 2,000 L/s. A second value engineering session confirmed the proposed pre liminary design, and led to several enhancements to the project, which resulted in additional cost savings. Currently in the detailed design stage there are a number of interest ing features that have been incorpo rated into the project. Under normal dry weather conditions the flow will pass directly through to the Central Pump Station where the sewage will be pumped to the Stanley Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant. During a CSO event, as the incoming flow exceeds the capacity of the CPS then the excess flow will begin to pass up through two mechanically cleaned COPA horizontal storm screens with

6-mm openings. These screens are

each designed for 4,000 L/s and used for control of floatables in the wet

weather flow prior to entering into the high rate vortex treatment system. As long as the COPA screens are operating there will be no bypassing of the HRTF. The treated overflow

from the Central HRTF and any bypass flows will be discharged to the Niagara River. While the vortex units have been

designed for a peak flow of 4,000 L/s, hydraulically the vortex system can pass 8,000 L/s, but at a reduced treat ment level. The 100 L/s underflow from each vortex unit is collected in a

separate wet well and submersible grit pumps transport the slurry to the CPS. The capacity ofthe CPS was increased to account for this underflow.

The detailed design is nearing com pletion and there is a plan to call ten ders in the summer of 2005. It is esti mated that construction will be com

pleted in fall of 2006. Associated Engineering lead the preliminary and detailed design of the Central Pump Station and CSO HRT facility. Other consultants contributing to the project include Brown & Caldwell, XCG Consultants, Acres International and Questor Veritas. Geoff Burn, P.Eng., is Manager Civil Infrastructure Systems Group, Derek Blakemore, P.Eng., is Detailed Design Lead with Associated Engineering, David Watt, GET, is with the City of Niagara Falls and Peter Baker, P. Eng. is with the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Contact: steelp@ae.ca.

Table 1 - Summary of Comparative Evaluation Technology

Ability to Meet







Procedure F-5-5



90 mg/L



Moderate No


Ability to Upgrade





HR Screening/ High
















Filtration HR




Moderate No

Treatment Basins

44 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005





Environmental NEWS

Investing in water and sanitation produces substantial economic gains Investments in water can be an engine for accelerated eco nomic growth, sustainable development, improved health and reduced poverty. Those are the main messages of a report just released by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

Women in devel

oping countries often spend hours daily fetching water.

For example, the report finds that poor countries with access to improved water and sanitation servic es have enjoyed an annual average growth of 3.7% of GDP, while those without adequate investment saw their GDP grow at just 0.1% annually. The report, entitled "Making Water a Part of Economic Development; The Economic Benefits of Improved Water Management and Services", shows how investments in the water

sector can generate economic benefits that considerably outweigh costs and contribute to human development. The report was developed jointly by SIWI and the World Health Organization on behalf of the Governments of Norway and Sweden.

The report, along with a companion fact sheet entitled "Driving Development by Investing in Water and

With a dedication to quality and service, TESTMARK Laboratories Ltd. delivers

comprehensive, accurate analytical testing for a full range of environmental applications. Beyond the numbers, TESTMARK professionals respond quickly to individual needs with an unwavering sense of insight and customer care. Analytical Testing Of: Drinking Water, Groundwater, Wastewater, Soils And Sediment, Sludge, Recharge.

Particuiates. Biota. Liquid Industrial Waste

TESTMARK Laboratories Ltd. 1 Margaret Street, Garson, ON P3L1 El, Canada, 705-693-1121 www.testmark.ca

Sanitation," is available on-line at www.siwi.org.

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m Stantec

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Offices throughout North America and the Caribbean

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SMITH & LOVELESS Inc. smithandloveless.com » 600.898.9122

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 45

Indoor Air Quality

Mold infestation is a serious health threat to residents and workers By Phillip Fry

Many property owners,land

lords, employers, and rela

tives of mold victims in

Canada, the USA, and worldwide often question or minimize the proven and serious health threat arising from exposure to elevated lev els of indoor mold infestation.

All molds have the potential to cause health effects. They can produce allergens that can trigger reactions or even asthma attacks in people allergic to mold. Others are known to produce

recurring colds, chronic coughing, coughing up with blood, dandruff problems (chronic) that do not go away despite use of anti-dandruff shampoos, dermatitis, skin rashes, diarrhea, and/or eye and vision prob lems, fatigue (chronic, excessive, or continued) and/or general malaise, flu symptoms (chronic), sudden hair loss, headaches, hemorrhagic pneumonitis.

potent toxins and/or irritants, accord ing to the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). A number of commonly found species are, in fact,

fits, sore throat, tremors (shaking), verbal dysfunction (trouble in speak ing), vertigo (feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, faintness and un steadiness), and vomiting. Health Studies

"Where is the proof?" ask skeptical sellers of homes with mold, landlords, employers, and unaflfected relatives of

victims. There is actually abundant

i if



toxic mold, a description applied to any mold that produces mycotoxins in its spores. Stachybotiys (black mold), Aspergillus, and Penicillium are three of the most dangerous and commonly found indoor toxic molds.

Mycotoxins are cytotoxic, meaning they have the eapacity to pass through the human cellular wall and disrupt certain cellular processes, potentially causing serious health damage to workers and customers. Studies on ani mals and cell cultures in labs have found toxic effects from various

microbial agents, raising concerns about whether these same agents growing in buildings can cause illness in people, according to the 2004 mold health report from the Institute of Medicine (U.S. Government's National Academy of Sciences). Health Symptoms

Fungi can cause health problems to both humans and animals by several different biological mechanisms: infections, allergic or hypersensitivity reactions, irritant reactions, or toxic

reactions, according to a 2004 University of Connecticut Health Center article.

If exposed to elevated levels of indoor mold, some residents and workers can experience one or more

of the most common health symp toms: allergies, asthma, bleeding lungs, breathing difficulties, cancer, central nervous system problems,


Huge mold growth in a rental apartment. The landlord refused to take care of this serious health threat. The walls will need to be removed and discarded.

hives, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, irritability, itching (of the nose, mouth, eyes, throat, skin or any other area), kidney failure, learning diffi culties or mental dysfunction or per sonality changes, memory loss or

evidence about the serious impact of mycotoxins and mold exposure in human disease. Medical studies in

both the military and agricultural envi ronments have discovered that signifi cant health problems can readily arise

memory difficulties. Other symptoms could include open skin sores and lacerations, peripheral nervous system effects, red

from the inhalation of elevated levels

ness ofthe sclera (whites of your eyes),

at the cellular level provide supporting evidence for direct toxicity of fungal

runny nose (rhinitis) or thick, green slime coming out of nose (from sinus cavities), seizures, sinus congestion, sinus problems, and chronic sinusitis,

skin redness, sleep disorders, sneezing

46 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

of fungal spores and toxins by soldiers and farmers.

Laboratory studies in animals and

spores and mycotoxins in mammalian lungs (University of Connecticut Health Center report in 2004). As to asthma, a health study by the Finnish

Indoor Air Quality Institute of Occupational Health links adult-onset asthma to workplace mold exposure.

The Finnish workplace study esti mated the percentage of adult-onset asthma attributable to workplace mold exposure to be 35% (Reported in Environmental Health Perspectives, May, 2002). A European Community respiratory health survey in 2002 reported that asthma patients experi ence more significant symptoms after they become sensitized to molds such as Alternaria and Cladosporium species, and to dust mites. Scientific evidence links mold and

other factors related to damp condi tions in homes and buildings to asthma symptoms in some people with the chronic asthma, as well as to coughing, wheezing, and upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people, stated the Institute of Medicine report. "In addition, the wetness may cause chemicals and particles to be released from building materials. A rare ailment known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis

mold-sensitive residents and employ ees, as well as others who may ulti mately be harmed from time-cumula tive mold exposure.

experiencing one or more possible health symptoms. For more information about coping with health problems from mold,

Homes and workplaces should be carefully and thoroughly inspected and mold tested if there are:(1) significant amounts of visible mold; (2) serious water leaks, flooding problems, or high indoor humidity; and (3) resi dents, employees, or business cus tomers (such as hotel guests) report

please visit www.moldinspector.com, www.certifiedmoldinspectors.com or www.mold.ph.

Phillip Fry is a certified Mold Inspector and Remediator, and author of the book Mold Health Guide. Email: moldinspector@yahoo.com.


Tri-Phase Environmental

Inc.(TPEI) Is a Canadian waste management and environmental remediation

company. TPEI operates across Canada offering a full line of on-site services

to private, public, and crown corporations. TPEI fias built a national reputation of

also was associated with indoor mold

exposure in susceptible people," reported the Institute of Medicine.

quality, service and safe, cost effective solutions.

"Recent studies have confirmed

what scientists have suspected for years; that asthma is an immune sys tem reaction to dust, pollution and other allergens (e.g., airborne mold spores) in the environment, which trig ger spasms and tightening of the air ways of some people who also have a genetic predisposition," reported Newsweek,"Waiting to Inhale," March

TPEI is committed to

environmental quality,


coupled with safety and compliance.

Tel; (905) 823-7965 Fax:(905) 823-7932 www.trlphaseenvironmental.com

14, 2005. Conclusions

"Any person at risk from mold should not be in an area that is likely to be contaminated. If you or your family members have health problems after exposure to mold, contact your doctor or other health care provider," advises

• Asbestos and mold removal

• Demolition and


the Centers for Disease Control. Residents and workers often differ

significantly (from co-residents and co-workers) in their sensitivity and reaction to exposure. Even the smell of

• PCB cleanup, and disposal

mold can make some residents and workers sick.

Thus, if one or a few residents, employees, or customers experience one or more possible health symptoms, the property owner, landlord or employer should still inspect and mold test the residential or work premises for the health protection of both the

• Site cleanup and remediation

• Underground storage tank removal

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 47

Water Supply

Designing a multi-purpose pumping and storage facility

TheAirport Road Reservoir and

Pumping Station project was designed to supply enough water storage and pumping capacity to serve both the Regional Municipality of Peel and the Regional Municipality of York's future water demand needs. These huge Ontario regions both have rapidly increasing populations. The pumping station was proposed to pump to three separate pressure dis tricts, Peel 4E, Peel 5E, and York. The facility was designed to provide ade quate and safe drinking water to both municipalities' residents, in a costeffective and timely manner. The client's objective was to design a reser voir and pumping station that could meet the supply needs for the receiving


s, A Bme h

Finished main pump room.

water systems for projected flows in the year 2011 (Phase I), but also have the capability of upgrading the capaci ty to meet the ultimate design flows projected for the year 2036 (Phase II). The client also had more specific objectives for the design of the pump ing station itself. A hydraulic transient analysis was conducted on the entire water system,from the incoming water supply to the outgoing discharge pres sure zones. This analysis looked into potential hydraulic transient issues, proposed surge control schematics, and proposed pump and valve opera tion. The pumping station included a surge protection system to minimize the impacts of potentially destructive forces due to high and low pressures in the discharge pipes. Emergency power was also included in the design to ensure the pumping station could con tinue to supply water in the event of power failures. MacViro's solution to the storage and pumping capacity needed to meet the future demands was to design a 52.5 megalitre reservoir footprint to supply the pumping station with an uninterrupted water supply. The reser voir was designed to meet the Phase II flows of 633 ML/d, but was only con structed to meet the design flows for Phase I of 316 ML/d. This resulted in the construction of two out of the three

reservoir cells totaling 35 ML. The pumping station was designed Installation of piping and equipment in the main pump room.

in a similar fashion to meet the pump ing requirements for Phase II, but only

48 Environmentai Science & Engineering, May 2005

constructed to meet the design flow for Phase I. The pumping station design is essentially thi^ee separate pumping sta tions housed under the same roof. This

design costs much less than building three separate stations, since many components required to run a pumping station can be used by all three sys tems. There are three sets of pumps individually sized to meet the demands of the three individual pumping zones. All of the pumps share a common reservoir, suction is through two sepa rate 1800 mm suction headers, and dis

charge is through three individual dis charge headers (1800 mm, 1500 mm, and 900 mm). Matching the pump motor drive efficiencies and large hydraulic head variations required variable frequency drives (VFD) to be installed. Pump selection and operation will be based on obtaining the best efficiencies and having gradual changes in flow to match the demand for York and Peel

4E. The Owner's recognition of the operational flexibility advantages for this approach resulted in the addition of a VFD for Peel 5E.

The pumping system is protected from high surge pressures, due to power failure, in two ways. Lower pressure Peel systems (4E and 5E) are protected from high surge pressures by using four surge anticipating valves, two on each system. The York system, which has significantly higher surge pressures, is protected by using two 225m3 surge tanks. These tanks act as

Water Supply an air cushion to dissipate high water pressures and minimize downsurge effects in the pipelines. Two 1825 KW diesel generators provide emergency power to the sta tion in case of a power failure. The generators supply power to all essen tial equipment needed to run the pumping station. The generators were sized to provide power to run only two pumps on each pumping system. Two chemical disinfection systems were designed to disinfect the water both coming into the reservoir and leaving the pumping station. A chlo rine injection system with 16,000 L of storage for Phase I was designed to deliver chlorine, in the form of sodium

hypochlorite, to the inlet of the reser voir and the discharge of the Peel 4E, Peel 5E, and York systems. An ammo nia injection system with 16,000 L of storage for Phase I was designed to deliver ammonia to the York system only. This provides chlorine and ammonia in the York system, which combine to form chloramines for maintenance of a chloramine residual

in the distribution system. The station's design allows for future expansion and installation of equipment to meet the Phase II design flows. Connection points and extra

September 2003, there was a need to pour concrete foundations and erect building walls before the winter

room were included to allow for the

months would slow construction. It

additional pumps, valves, piping, gen erators, chemical storage, and reser voir storage required for Phase II. The communities that are being supplied by the Airport Road Pumping Station are rapidly growing, as are

was decided to completely erect the pumping station walls before installing any equipment. Since much of the equipment was too large to fit through the pumping station service bay doors, and maneuver in place, the hydraulic crane allowed the equipment to be dropped into the pumping station through the roof opening. In order to design an efficient and safe pumping station, a hydraulic tran sient analysis was used to model the proposed pumping station's operation. The transient analysis was used to ensure that potential hydraulic tran sient issues pertaining to the environ ment, public health and safety, infra structure risk management, energy efficiency and optimal pumping oper

their water demands. Corrmrunities to

the north, in both municipalities, rely heavily on well water. As the popula tion grows, these wells will not be able to keep up with the demand. The Airport Road Pumping Station will start to supply communities that were originally on well water. This will allow the Yonge St. aquifer and the Oak Ridges Moraine watershed abstractions to be reduced. Technical excellence and


The use of an 800 torme hydraulic crane, one of three in Canada, to drop equipment into the buildings saved

months of inactive building time. Since





ation were identified and addressed. These issues included:

continued overleaf...


STAINLESS STEEL Waterra introduces the WSP-SS-80 and the


WSP-SS-120 — stainless steel 12 volt pumps now capable of providing up to 120 feet of lift and offering many features and advantages over other stainless steel models...

not affected by turbidity * easily disassembled for decontamination • includes I replacement motor module suitable for "low flow" sampling


Groundwater Monitoring Equipment & Supplies

(Canada) Waterra Pumps Limited • waterra@idirect.com • tel: 905.238.5242 (USA) Waterra USA inc. • waterra@openaccess.org • tel: 360.738.3366

pumps • filters • tubing • www.waterra.com • bailers • water level sensors May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 49

Water Supply • Sub-atmospheric pressure upon pump shut-down can induce groundwater intrusion and air entrainment

resulting in public health and safety issues.

• Pipe or pump break can occur due to

Environment Business Opportunities Bi*eak£ast Meetings

Ctxre tojoin us? IIHtiPll HMlGiHEII

Wednesday May lltli, 2005 7:15 -9:00 am

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Places to Grow? Choices for Ontario's infrastructure & Environment

the high transient pressure upon vacu um/air pockets collapsing or flow reversal back to the Airport Road Pumping Station. • The magnitude, frequency and dura tion of the pressure spikes may cause pipe material fatigue and loose anchors, resulting in an infrastructure risk management concern. Other objectives of the hydraulic transient analysis were to develop a surge control scheme that would pro tect the pumping station and the dis charge feedermains from the high and low pressures induced by the emer gency pump shut-down and start-up. It also outlined pump and valve opera tion procedures to provide efficient operation, while minimizing pressure surges related to starting and stopping equipment. With regards to the low water level and suction conditions, the design of the reservoir was unique. It was designed to allow the reservoir to he drained down to almost entirely empty. The recessed suction lines allow the

Special Guest Speaker The Hoaourable David Capias

reservoir low water level to he set at

Thitfsday May 26th, 2005

the reservoir floor elevation. A typical reservoir would only allow the water level to drop to a few metres above the

7:15 -9:00 am

floor level before adverse conditions

Room 71^ Metro Convention Centre (255 From Street West)

For more infonnitiaN

or to roglstar, vtsit


Ontario KmirDametrt Indoriiy Asaockttan


around the suction lines would occur.

Since the Airport Road Reservoir can he lowered to essentially empty it takes advantage of the entire reservoir capacity. Level of complexity One of the most important obsta

cles to he overcome was the time con

straint on the entire project. A reser voir and pumping station of this size would typically require three years to plan, design, and construct. The timeframe from the initial planning stages to final construction of the Airport Road Reservoir and Pumping Station was a mere one and a half years. Much of the design of the pumping station took place while construction of the reservoir and pumping building was in progress. An initial design was imple mented and the construction started.

Final design details were attended to during construction. This reservoir and pumping station are complex compared to other more typical pumping stations. The com plexity is due to the fact that one pumping station must pump to three separate systems. The station was sim plified by housing ail three systems in the same building and allowing them to share common resources (chemi cals, emergency power, water supply) hut they must he independently con trolled by separate interfaces. Control sequences and programming for three separate pumping systems were pro vided. They ail use common resources. Hydraulic transient analyses were complex to perform due to the unique design of the pumping station and the three discharge pressure zones. Under normal circumstances, the transient

analysis would he simple and straight forward, using just one discharge and one pressure zone. The Airport Road

MULTI-STAGE FILTER PACKAGE TREATMENT PLANT for SMALL SYSTEMS Enhanced Multi-Stage Filtration Package Plant. High quality treated water without coagulant aide, or pH chemicals. Treats a wide range of raw water quality. Greater than 4 log removal of Glardia and Cryptosporidlum. Simple cleaning technique. Operating costs are very low. Meets government guidelines for filtration of surface waters.

Phone (905) 853-0164 17665 Leslie Street, Suite 47

Fax: (905) 853-8807 email: lnfo@msfllter.com

Newmarket, ON. L3Y 3E3

web: www.msfHter.com

Toll Free: 1-866-853-0164

STIlfer Inc. 50 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Simply a Better Solution

Water Supply Pumping Station analysis needed to take into consideration three pressure zones consisting of over 19 pumping stations and reservoirs, and all of the interconnecting piping. The inlet structure of the reservoir is

a very unique design. The incoming water supply conditions posed a design problem, since the Airport Road Reservoir was at the same elevation as

the incoming water line. Water needed to be pumped to a high point and allowed to flow by gravity to the reservoir. If the reservoir water level was very low, the incoming water line could possibly run dry, due to gravity empty ing the pipeline. This condition would pose a water quality issue, and "repriming" of the pipeline would be needed. To avoid this potential prob lem, the reservoir inlet structure was designed to keep the incoming pipeline flooded and pressurized to maintain water quality. The 16 metre high inlet structure provides 16 metres of head inside of the incoming pipeline. The height of the inlet structure water level can be regulated through three electri


a a at

■■■I !■■■

* *

cally operated weir gates. The level of redundancy for the suc tion headers requested by the client added to the complexity of the facility. The client wanted to have the ability to continue pumping even if a suction header had to be taken out of service.

For this reason, two suction headers

were designed to take water from alter nating reservoir cells. Conclusion

The new facility will achieve sustainability of our natural resources by reducing the demand for water on the natural aquifers and water tables, and by reducing the number of households that rely on groundwater. The pumping station and reservoir were strategically located in an area that would not pose any negative impacts on agriculture, hydrology, landforms, soils, or fish eries. An



Report for the York/Peel feedermain and an Environmental Study Report for the Northeast Brampton Water Supply were conducted to ensure that environmental principles were fol


The emergency power system has been equipped with load monitoring and peak shaving capabilities to become a Provincial Smart Energy plant. The Airport Road Pumping Station can monitor power consump tion levels on the power grid and start the diesel generators to reduce the power consumption of the pumping station during high demand periods. The current diesel generators are also capable of bi/fuel power generation using natural gas. This capability for use of the generator with natural gas will also allow for reduced air emis sions.

For more information, contact Jeff Radley, e-mail:jradley@macviro.com.


The 600 QS combines the compact 600R multiporometer water qualify sonde with the rugged, reliable 650 MDS display/data logger into one easy-to-use handheld measurement unit. Equipped with YSI's patended Rapid Pulse dissolved oxygen sensor, there is no need to circulate or manually stir to provide stable and accurate DO readings. Other parameters include temperature, conductivity, salinity, GRP, and depth.

Conductivity Dissolved Oxygen pH GRP

Depth Resistivity

The 600 QS can be ordered with various coble

lengths making it suitable for taking spot measurements or doing vertical profiling. For product and pricing information or rental rates please contact; Your Canadian YSI Service Centre

Specific Conductance


» Healthyfy^r^

[> Planet:Planet." ,.


YSI 600 QS

Quality Meter


Data for

minimize environmental impacts, based on the findings of the two reports. Feedermains leaving the pumping station were mainly con structed on road right-of-ways and through existing pipeline corridors to avoid any environmentally sensitive


: :: WotCr YSI

lowed. The location was chosen to

oskin Scientific Limited j^KhvW.hoskin.CQ







May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 51

Drinking Water

New drinking water quality management system at two primary water supply systems in Ontario By Andrea Notarianni and Brigitte Roth,WESA

As a result of the Walkerton inquiry, a series of recom

mendations for Ontario drink

ing water systems was released. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has undertaken steps to satisfy these requirements, including a proposed new licensing regime for municipalities, and a new Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS), which will be incorporated into legislation. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, all municipalities that own municipal residential drinking water systems may eventually be required to have a Municipal Drinking Water License. Two mandatory components of the license will be:

1. To have an 'Operational Plan' for each of their systems. 2. To ensure that each of their sys tems are being operated by an accred ited operating authority. The requirements for the Opera tional Plan will be described in the

new DWQMS. Accreditation of the operating authority, required in com ponent #2, will be based on the suc cessful audit of the operating authority against these requirements. With such importance placed on a new DWQMS, the MOE has been working with a core team that includes stakeholders from various consumer

groups, government and non-govern

ment agencies. From the collaboration of the Core Team, a working draft of a Drinking Water Quality Management System was developed. As part of the development stage, a DWQMS pilot program was initiated in 2004, where a handful of volunteer

municipalities, representing a wide range of drinking water systems, began implementing the requirements from the working draft ofthe DWQMS.The purpose of this pilot program was to assess how easily the system might be implemented, how auditable the sys tem would be, and to provide case study examples for municipalities to use as reference, in the implementation of their own DWQMS. The City of London, as a represen tative of two joint boards that own two primary water supply systems, was amongst the volunteer municipalities. WESA, a Canadian environmental, health and safety consulting firm, was

contracted in late 2004 by the City of London to assist in the implementation of the new DWQMS into the two water supply systems. Although well advanced, the implementation is still ongoing. Two Drinking Water Quality Management Systems are being imple mented under the 'City of London' pilot project: one for the Lake Eluron Primary Water Supply System (LHPWSS), and one for the Elgin Area

Primary Water Supply System (EAPWSS). Both systems supply water to the City of London, as well as many other communities in the area. Because numerous communities

share the primary water supply sys tems, two joint boards exist, the Lake Huron Joint Board of Management and the Elgin Area Joint Board of Management, to own and oversee each respective primary water supply sys tem. The membership for each joint board includes representatives from each community served, and also an administration member, served by the City of London. While the joint board owns each primary water supply system, each is operated under contract by an inde pendent operating authority. Currently, the contract for operating authority for both sites is with American Water

Services. Sharing the same administra tive arm of the joint boards and having the same operating authority in both systems has proven to be a benefit in this double implementation. With the new proposed licensing regime, a municipality that owns and operates any part of a drinking water system will have to meet the DWQMS requirements for each part of the drink ing water system, a task quite daunting on its own. However, if the municipali ty contracts the operation of the system to an operating authority, both the oper-

liK SRSEit!



Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System. 52 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System.

Drinking Water ating authority and the municipality will have DWQMS requirements. This will be the case for both water systems supplying the City of London and sur rounding municipalities. With the joint boards structure, integrated management from the oper ating authority, and a well-planned system, it is possible to implement one DWQMS into the primary water sup ply system that both the owner and the operating authority are involved with, and that one DWQMS can satisfy the licensing requirements of both the owner and operating authority. This is one of the first significant facts from this pilot project. It must be stressed, however, that the system must be a joint implementation, and as men tioned before, well-planned. The water treatment facility for the Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System, located on Lake Erie, near the village of Port Stanley, Ontario, has a treatment capacity of 90 million litres per day. The EAPWSS supplies water

London. The Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System has an Environmental Management System (EMS) registered to IS014001;1996. The current daily production for this facility is 53 million litres per day. The facility employs ten full-time staff, supplemented by local contractors for specific or specialized maintenance tasks. The DWQMS being implement

to the communities of Southwold, St. Thomas, Central Elgin, Aylmer,

Malahide, Bayham and the City of

ed at the EAPWSS covers the treat

14001:1996. The current daily produc tion for this facility is 157 million litres per day. The facility employs ten full-time staff, supplemented by local contractors for specific or specialized maintenance tasks. The DWQMS

being implemented at the LHPWSS covers the treatment and transmission

of drinking water from the intake of raw lake water to the delivery of treat ed water to the Arva reservoir.

ment and transmission of drinking

A management system must have

water from the intake of raw lake water

strong ownership, but also be useable, practical, and easily adopted by the users of the system. To achieve this bal

to the delivery of treated water to the St. Thomas terminal reservoir.

The water treatment facility for the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System is located near Grand Bend, Ontario, on Lake Huron. The plant has a current treatment capacity of 340 million litres per day and services a population of approximately 325,000 people. The LHPWSS supplies water to the communities of London, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex, South Huron, Bluewater, Middlesex Centre, and Lucan-Biddulph. The LHPWSS




Management System registered to ISO

ance in the DWQMS,while having two

major interested 'organizations'to work with, 'senior management'is defined in the system as a tiered structure. For management review of each system, the District Director of the operating authority and the Administrative Representative from the joint boards together review the system as required. They make deci sions and recommendations, and then

forward this to each respective joint board of management for final continued overleaf...

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Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

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May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 53

Drinking Water i approval. Not only does this keep both

the operating authority and the owner 'IIIf completely involved in the DWQMS,but it also facilitates improved cooperation and accountability. Since both systems have registered ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in place, there was considerable discussion about integration of the new DWQMS with the existing EMS. Integration proved to be one of the key challenges in the pilot project. The advantages of integration may include:

what documents were required under the DWQMS, EMS documents were revised to include new content, where possible. If the revised procedure was too lengthy, it was split into coherent smaller proce dures. If an entirely new procedure was created, it still adopted the same header and format, and used the same document numbering system. Similar to the potential for loose inter pretation of 'environmental aspects' in the ISO 14001 standard, the assessment

of critical control points in the DWQMS is crucial. Defining and using an effec tive and thorough method of assessing • Less repetition (such as training, recordkeeping, emergency preparedness). critical control points was another signif icant learning experience from the pilot • Streamlined systems. project, which will be shared with the • Potential of combined audits for less Pumps at the Lake Huron plant. other municipalities. A similar approach disruption. to an 'aspects assessment' was used, The disadvantages may include: • One single large system that could prove onerous to man where the system is broken down into operational pieces, age and audit. and assessed for risk. In the working draft of the DWQMS, • Opens up both systems for auditing. a critieal control point(CCP)is defined as: "a step or point • If one system isn't working effectively, both suffer. in a drinking water system at which control can be applied It was decided to integrate the systems. Since there was by the operating authority and is essential to prevent or eliminate a drinking water health hazard or reduce it to an a small number of employees, re-introducing employees to acceptable level." a new quality/environmental system was not anticipated to The system owners and users felt that a numerical rating be confusing. The EMS appeared to be functioning effec system for CCPs, rather than a qualitative one, would be tively, and was well adopted by employees. After assessing better adopted by the users. Each process within the system was broken down into basic flow schematics, thus creating a learning tool that is useful for all users on its own. From Halfempty or halffull? there, each stage in the flow schematic was evaluated by a Find out from anywhere! cross-functional team for potential health risk - document ing what could go wrong, what the resulting health risks eould be, and ranking these. It was imperative at this point Re^ to clarify that this evaluation was performed on the assump Unity tion that any controls that may already be in place were NOT present, so that a true evaluation of risk could be Transparent Ready. Access your reached. It is based on these CCPs that control procedures system data from anywhere with for the system are formed, and it is therefore a pivotal step a secure Web browser. Get real in implementation that must be performed thoroughly. time data. Improve efficiency. Reduce downtime and costs. However, without proper guidance, it would be easy to become overwhelmed in detail at this stage, and lose sight Unity Studio is a tool that of the overall implementation goals. lets you graphically design your entire process based Implementation resource requirements and time-frame on real-world functionality. are other topics of concern from the pilot project that will be • Less additional documentation.

Create reusable objects that you can "drag'n drop".

communicated back to the MOE and the core team.

Add links to documentation

& diagrams. Hyper-automate your tasks with VBA macros.

Don't just be ready... be Transparent Ready.

a bnnul of


Schneider Electric


54 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Implementation of the requirements from this working draft of a DWQMS could be an arduous task for smaller munici palities with already limited resources, and to simplify the process, it is anticipated that all of the documents, outlines, guidelines and experiences from this pilot project may be packaged into a 'tool kit' for future users. In the end, it is hoped that the observations, challenges, and concerns communicated from the pilot project will help strengthen the effectiveness of the resulting legislation, and, hopefully, further protect the public. Andrea Notarianni, P.Eng., CEA, is a Senior Associate with IVESA. Brigitte Roth, EES, is an EMS Specialist with WESA. Contact e-mail: andi@cogeco. ca. Web site: www.wesa.ca.

Corrosion Control Water / Waste Water


system keeps Toronto cool

Water is passed through a heat exchanger at a temperature of 4.7 degrees Celsius and exits at a tempera ture of 12.5 degrees Celsius, traveling through the city's municipal water dis tribution system. Return water enters the exchanger at a temperature of 13.1 degrees Celsius and, by adding more cold, fresh lake water, the temperature is brought down to 5.0 degrees Celsius. From here, it is pumped through 1200 mm diameter pipes to an underground facility in the downtown core. From this underground chamber, it will be further chilled to 3.3 degrees Celsius and distributed to office and

residential towers for air-conditioning circuits.

Corrosion protection tape products must withstand such cold temperatures and still be flexible enough to be applied to metal pipes and fittings while in operation. The tape must also show all the attributes of petrolatum tapes and provide long-term corrosion protection and sealing. Products Protected valve assembly ready for

By using cold water from Lake


selected for this massive and innova

tive project were Denso LT tape, Paste and Mastic.

Ontario, Toronto's Deep Lake Water Cooling Project is capa ble of cooling 20 million square feet of office space (100 high rise towers). The project, which began operating late last year, is expected to

The application involved assem bling 1200 mm flanged joints, which connected two steel pipe sections com plete with a valve assembly. The sec tions were built on their ends, off site. When assembled they stood about eight feet tall. The application of

reduce annual carbon dioxide emis

Denso Paste went around the nut and

sions by 40,000 tons and energy use by up to 75% less than conventional elec tric chillers.(An article on this project appeared in ES&E's September 2003 issue. Visit www.esemag.com)

bolt assemblies and the pipe sections along with a large amount of Profiling Mastic to fill the many voids. Irregular configurations on this section high lighted the tape's conformability. Once completed, the concrete lined assemblies, now weighing several tons, had to be moved by crane onto a truck and then transported to the job site 60 km away. Once on site, the assemblies

There is an additional benefit to this

project. Spent water from the cooling phase is passed through a cold-energy transfer loop back into one of the city's filtration plants to produce cooler potable drinking water. Initially, cold water is drawn through three parallel, 600 mm HOPE intake pipes from a depth of 85 metres, 5.6 kilometres south of the city, out in Lake Ontario. These pipes are buried where water depth does not exceed 10 metres, in order to protect them from damage from large wave and current loads, as

drilling machine. The tunnel runs from Lake Ontario, where the large diameter water pipes were then connected with the assemblies to the piping that runs underneath the city. Once the large diameter piping was protected and

well as marine traffic and anchors.

connected, the small diameter feeder

Where water depth is greater than 10 metres, the pipe is laid on the lake bottom. Screens are provided at the intake to prevent fish and other organ isms from entering.

pipes and valves that connect to vari ous office buildings were protected with the Denso Petrolatum System.



Without KSB, No One Would Set Foot in Here With KSB, rivers, lakes and seas

can keep their natural balance. Our tried and tested pumps and mixers help clean up in munici pal and industrial waste water disposal and treatment systems. They also transport clean water to where it is needed. You can draw

on over 100 years of fluid flow

expertise. As a reliable and effi cient systems supplier and service partner, we'll put your projects on a sound footing. KSB Pumps Inc. • MIsslssauga, Ontario E-mail: ksbcanada@ksbcanada.com

Tel. (905) 568-9200 • www.ksb.ca The Amarex-KRT sub

mersible motor pump for all kinds of waste water.

were lowered about 80 ft below the

road surface down to a tunnel, which had been bored using a huge vertical

Contact: sales@densona.com. May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 55

A diverse range of case histories and new developments is reviewed in ES&E's semi-annual look at tanks,

containment systems and spill management.

Canadian covers for U.S. wastewater treatment


The Village of Bartlet , Il inois, handles wastewater for 26,000

people residing in three differ ent counties, 40 miles outside

Chicago. Their treatment plant is con sidered a medium to large size treat ment facility. The Village purchased four steel-framed polyethylene mem brane covered structures to cover the

aerobic digesters at their wastewater treatment plant from Saskatchewanbased Cover-All Building Systems. The four Cover-All Legend build ings are 62 ft.by 62 ft. in dimension and each covers two sludge tanks. "One of the problems we had in the past was controlling the temperature during the winter as well as containing odors," says Wastewater Supervisor Ron Johnson."Since we have had the Cover-

All buildings we've been able to hold the heat in during the winter so the bac teria can do their job and we no longer have odor complaints from nearby resi dential areas. The aerobic digesters take in sludge from two parts of our facility.

White covers provide natural lighting without windows.

One part is the waste activated sludge from the activated sludge system, and the other is the primary sludge from the primary clarifiers. The basic operation ofthe clarifiers is to stabilize the organ ic matter in the sludge. From here we take it to a sludge press and put it onto farm fields."

Cover-All buildings were chosen because of their performance in moist and corrosive environments. The gal vanized steel-frame system is clad with a triple-coated anti-corrosion bar rier along with a Gatorshield coating. Cover-All buildings have clear-span widths ranging from 18 ft. to 160 ft., to any length and are pre-engineered in accordance with the structural require ments of all four model building codes in the United States. The polyolefin characteristic of the DuraWeave mem

56 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

brane is not biodegradable, is inert to corrosive and ammonia gases, and is backed by a 15 year pro-rata warranty. Each of the buildings was designed with a side access so it could be

opened up to lower a hoist down with in the tank, clean the digesters or install equipment. Another benefit with this installa

tion is the translucent quality of the fabric membrane."We don't need any lighting in the buildings, nor do we

require the installation of explosion proof fixtures or personnel needing to change light bulbs. The white cover provides natural light inside the build

ing, even on gray and overcast days," says Johnson. Contact Drew Elder, e-mail:


ffi-KT '■j'

HAi^i A recovery UNIT


msmiic^O'- m

I, i -

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Tanka con C3in m ÂŤ#it

Secondary containment dilemma

Gone are the days when one

could buy an inexpensive storage tank, set it up or bury it, then forget about it. Now,seemingly endless new guide lines regarding liquid containment require some serious decisions con cerning the selection, operation and maintenance of suitable "environmen

tally responsible" storage methods. Companies need to be prudent in considering initial capital expense vs. long-term operational cost in deciding on the type of tank installation: above or below-grade; heated or unheated; metal or non-metal; and secondary containment (such as earthen dykes, enclosure rings, or double wall vs. dual-containment). Choosing the right combination will translate into sub

stantial cost savings and reduced cor porate liability exposure. Traditionally, except for buried tank installations, earthen dykes or enclo sure rings (steel or concrete), in com bination with plastic liners covered by

a layer of sand, were common choices for secondary containment of abovegrade single wall tanks. Spill containment for below-grade tanks usually involved the installation of buried plastic liners, complete with liquid collection monitoring devices,

or double wall designs with either vac

uum or pressure sensing units monitor ing the interstitial wall space. However, associated with these tra ditional installation methods are cer

tain inherent secondary containment problems. To combat these problems, TankSafe Inc. (Calgary, AB) devel

oped the concept of an "environmen tally responsible" above-grade, dualcontainment tank (heated or unheated).

This novel design, for which

Fiberglass ^Brage tanks...

TankSafe obtained both Canadian and

more than twice the life of other


U.S. patent rights, safeguards against overflow and leakage problems; pre vents soil, groundwater and product contamination; reduces liability expo


sure and reclamation costs; saves on

ZCL Waste Water, Septic & Sewage Holding Tank Systems

heating requirements; and allows for unhindered year-round tank installa

the reliable, long-term solution to increasingly stringent regulations.

Watertight & structurally sound, ZCL tanks are constructed from

lightweight maintenance-tree tiberglassthat simply will never rust,

ZCL Oil/Water Separator Tanks provide high performance solutions for reducing oil and fuel in run-off water streams. No moving parts and only minimal maintenance is required thanks to corrosion free internal and external components.

Ideal for bulk fuel plants, truck stops, repair shops and parking lots.

tion and relocation at minimal expense. Also, fabricated as a split tank, the

design can easily incorporate multiple product storage, such as new and used lube oil at compressor stations. TankSafe's dual-containment de

sign, however, provides a minimum 110% secondary contaiiunent capacity (compared to primary tank volume) and may be fitted with an internal overflow device on the primary tank. This extra spare volume not only allows for considerable accidental

Corrosion free internally and externally, ail ZCL tanks provide continuous protection

Ideal for safe storage ofall fuel types, water, COMPOSITES INC.

sewage and most tiaiardous liquids.

against leaks due to corrosion.

For More Info Call Today...

1-800-661-8265 www.zci.com

spillage and overflow containment, but also primary tank mechanical protec tion, additional insulating value and

greater uniform heat distribution (for heated tanks).

Canada's #1 Selling Fiberglass Tanks

Contact: www.tanksafe.com. 58 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Contalnmetnt & SjdMs

Inexpensive lining system extends life of leaking tank

In 2001,during a routine tank inspection,the staf at the

Aylmer, Ontario, wastewater treatment plant noticed some fine leaking cracks in the exterior ofthe FRP tank used to contain liquid alum. An inspection of the tank was completed and the conclusion was that the tank was still structurally sound. Replacement was considered but, in addition to the cost of a new tank, the Township had to allow for opening a sec tion of the building to remove the existing tank and move the new one in. Another option considered was removing the existing tank and constructing a new tank inside the building. This also proved to be quite costly. A decision was made to have Kentain Products Ltd. supply a closed top, heavy gauge flexible PVC liner. Kentain provided special

completed in just two days. The entire inside surface of the tank, fittings and manway were lined so that the FRP tank would no longer come in contact with liquid or fumes. The PVC lining was not adhered to the tank surface and wasn't affected by the expansion and contraction or small cracks left in the walls. Because of the closed top, one piece con struction and excellent chemical resistance, the liner is vir

ized technicians to take exact inside dimensions of the tank.

tually maintenance free.

The liner was designed and pre-fabricated in one piece at their facility in Kitchener, Ontario. Working in conjunction with the Ontario Clean Water Agency, Kentain provided an installation supervisor and two helpers to assist with the installation. With no need to

the tank is providing extra security, by becoming the sec ondary containment. A leak detection system assures early awareness should a problem ever occur.

sand blast and minimal down time, the installation was

Contact email: scott@kentain.com.

The liner has now become the main containment while

Containment Manufacturing Speciaiists MANUFACTURE





Layfield is a vertically integrated, ISO 9002


certified company which manufactures and


fabricates a wide range of geomembranes


• Polypropylene (U)

and specialty geosynthetic products. To

• Enviro Liner®

better service our customers, we provide a

• Layflex®

large selection of stocked liner sizes

• Tantalum |TTL®) • Vapor Barriers

available from our various North American

locations. We also provide quick delivery service on all custom orders.

Additional Fabricated Products

Layfield is a leading supplier of floating

• Floating Cover Systems • Baffle Curtains

cover systems and cover technology. We

also produce fixed and floating baffle curtains and turbidity curtains.

• Turbidity Curtains • PVC, RPE®, PP (8), • Hazgard® (ULC), Hypalon




Contact us at(800)840-2884 www.geoniembranes.cam May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 59

Tanks ContÂťtnmÂŽnt m

Bolted stainless steel tanks are versatile

From left to right: 400,000 gallon water reservoir, leachate storage and containment tank, waste treatment with alu minum dome and decant lines, and bio tower - trickling filter tank with a fiat stainiess root.

Bolted stainles ste l storage tanks have been around

for some fifteen years and are fast becoming the

most viable solution to storage needs. Welded stainless tanks have been around for many, many years, primarily in the milk and food processing industry. The bolted stainless tank is generally made of 304, 304L, 316, or 316L stainless, and in some applications 317 or duplex stainless is used. These tanks meet the ASTM, AWWA and, when needed, the API specifications.

Railroad Track Spill Containment

Bolted stainless tanks are environmentally neutral for they are not shiny but a dull grey, which is very attractive in most settings. The stainless material comes in plates and sheets which may differ a little in color at first but within a couple of months the unpolished stainless passivates and becomes a dull grey. These tanks may cost a little more than the painted mild steel or factory-coated tanks, but have a very positive impact on the environment through the area of expandabil-

Corrosion Control Products and Services Corrosion Engineering Cathodic Protection

Tank Coating Applications Magnesium & Zinc Anodes Shrink Sleeve & Tape Coatings Thermoweld Equipment

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Water Line Repair Materials The Ounce of Prevention to Preclude a Ton of Headaches! Unique, Relocatable Spill Containment Pans with Rolling Raincovers.

Pipeline Integrity internal Corrosion Monitoring Ultrasonic Testing(Metal Loss)

Opens When You Need It and Closed and Locked When Not Needed. Avoid Collecting Snow, Rainwater and Debris!

Lower Your Environmental Liabiiityl

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60 Environmentai Sdence & Engineering, May 2005





ity and are nearly maintenance free(no need


sandblasting, painting,

cleanup or concerns about contamina tion due to surface failures). Most bolt ed stainless tanks are designed to

expand their size for a nominal fee by adding plates to the bottom and mak ing the unit taller. Another area, and probably the most important to every one, is the residual value, if the tank is no longer needed. Unlike the factorycoated, field-coated or concrete tanks, stainless has a high residual value in the recycling chain because it does not lose value and requires little, if any,

stormwater storage and management and waste treatment plants. Bolted stainless tanks are becoming very pop ular in the groundwater cleanup area, from collecting leachate from landfills to industidal site groundwater remediations.

They are used extensively in wastewater plants because of their durability in storage, processing and clarifying of the harsh products and vary in size from very small to very large. Examples of

types of tanks are sludge storage, clarifiers, waste treatment, digester tanks, bio towers (trickling filter tanks) and more. They are and have been used for odour control, air pollution control and for their environmental appearances. These tanks have also been designed and used for methane generators.

Contact Earl W. Wildenberg, American Structures, e-mail: asi@ameristruc.com

Safety Storage®, Inc.

intervention from federal or local

agencies for cleanup. Bolted stainless tanks are very easy to relocate or ship new via common carrier because they are shipped on pallets with hardware boxed separate ly. These tanks are accepted universal ly and are growing in popularity. They are very popular in water treatment from pre-treatment to potable water storage. These water tanks can be used in conjunction with composite water towers, reservoirs, standpipes or pretreatment tanks. They are also used in

Environinent Bitsiness Opportunities Breakfast Meetings

Buildings, Lockers, & Custom Structures ...Your solution for the safe storage, handling, and use of process chemicals and hazardous materials. Safeguard personnel, minimize liability, meet fire safety needs, and provide regulatory compliance with maximum flexibility!... 2x2™ SERIES BUILDINGS



Select building lengths and widths to get the exact size you need. Available in 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16' nominal widths with lengths in 2' increments up to 52'.

Our most popular line of hazmat .storage buildings. Standard models provide up to 700 sq. ft. of floor space and numerous sizes accommodate small-to-large quantities.


Qtre tojoin us?



Wednesday May lltii, 2005 7:15 -9:00 am

Toronto Congress Centre (650 Dton Road)

Store and use flammable liquids and other hazmats safely. These models feature bi directional (inside-out & outside-in) 2hour and 4-hour fire-rated designs for maximum safety and protection.

Dtirable steel storage lockers designed for single or double stacking of palletized materials or the storage of individual containers. Standard models available.


Places to Grow? Choices for Onforio's infrastructure & Environment

Special Guest Speaker The Honourable David Caplan

These stracmres offer multiple-tiered storage and convenient access for simplified material handling and containment. Standard models provide storage from 4 to 36 pallets of materials

Custom-designed structures offer a costeffective way to isolate a hazardous

process, protect outside equipment from

Thursday May 26th, 2005 7:15 -9:00 am

Room 71-^ Metro Convention Centre

GSA Contract No. GS-28F-1099C OLA Contract No. SP0500-01-D-0108

(255 Ffont street West) SAFETY STORAGE, INC.

For ntoie informatiDD

or to taglstar, vtslt


Oatarlb Emiroaiitefrt


(800) 344-6539 mi Phone: Fax: (831)637-7405 SAFETY


weather, theft and vandalism, and quickly add workspace to existing facilities. Call US now to learn

about the Safety Storage advantage! Toll Free: 800-344-6539

...professional hazmat solutions

www.safetystorage.com infoigsafetystorage.com Certain approvals are not available on all models.

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 61



ConcjirÂťpp>#fnt: &

The proposed Ontario Bil 133

honest and reasonable belief in a mis

puts new power into the

taken set of facts that, if true, would

Ontario Environmental Pro

have rendered the contravention an innocent act. Minimum fines for cor

tection Act (EPA) and the Ontario Water Resources Act(OWRA)

as corporate officers and directors can be held responsible for spills and releases into the environment. Bill 133

will place the onus on directors and officers of corporations to prove and ensure that all reasonable care or

responsible care has been taken to pro tect the environment. The engineering of new processes, planning, designing a new facility or expansion, will all have to provide protection for the envi ronment through effective prevention, preparedness, and response strategies. At this time Ontario Bill 133 is tar

geted at the companies regulated under the Municipal-Industrial Strategy for Abatement (MISA) regulation. The new environmental penalty system will allow Ministry ofthe Environment officials to immediately issue environ mental penalties against corporations and individuals who are in violation of

the EPA and OWRA. A requirement that a person pay the environmental

penalty applies, even if the person took all reasonable steps to prevent the con travention and even if, at the time of the contravention, the person had an

porations and individuals will rise and jail terms of up to five years will be imposed. This system is designed to reach the personnel with the highest level of responsibility, authority and accountability. Whether a company is regulated by MISA or not. Bill 133 should be a

acceptable to the Ministry. Officers and directors who are not on environmental issues


should be brought up to speed as quickly as possible.They need to know what techniques, procedures, supplies and equipment are 'tried and true' and work well, what is not working, and what is new and could improve their response capability. Get started

Officers and directors can don per

wake-up call for all corporations and

sonal protective equipment such as

individuals. If Bill 133 is expanded to cover all corporate officers and direc tors, environmental penalties could be levied against violators ofenvironmen tal regulations, orders, permits and certificates of approval. The writing is on the wall concerning plant environ mental initiatives and companies that have no structured programs in place. Officers and directors looking to

work boots, hard hats and safety glass es, and then conduct a walk through of their facilities. Managers, supervisors and key personnel should be on hand to answer questions and to provide

improve their legal position should consider implementing an ISO 14000 Environmental Management System (EMS). The ISO 14000 standard can be used as a guideline for developing a location/site-specific EMS program. In Schedule 1 of "A Framework for Ontario's



Program" there is a list of generally accepted EMS standards that are

62 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

detailed information about what is

required to respond effectively. Use a Quickcheck-system as a guide to assess the preparedness and response capability. Rate risks and hazards and determine training criteria, response supplies and equipment requirements. As a minimum, a Quickcheck-system should be user-friendly and score the concerns and opinions of individuals ranging from corporate directors, offi cers, to managers, workers and visi tors. A simple rating system may be created by using a scale of 1- 5, with 1 being of minimal concern and 5 being

Tanks Co,nCjai a severe condition.

The broad-based approach can cover a wide variety of areas ranging from a warehouse to the storage of lab oratory chemicals. Subject matter should include: response risk factors, impact to people, property, the environ ment and business. This process is to be treated as an act of responsible care. When spills get out of control, the multiplication factor does not increase by 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. It increases by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. The leap from 32 to 64 can be challenging for response personnel, commu nication systems and emergency response plans.


control of a specific spill. 6. Store response equipment in a des ignated area, including self-contained breathing apparatus, pumps, booms, hoses, etc. Specialized equipment to help meet Ontario Bill 133 could

emergency services. Then test your capability with real-time exercises. Common Response Risk Factors (RRF)to consider for your emergency plan would include:


a) Response equipment such as InViro-Drum, a diesel powered industri

ity, special hazards, health hazards. • Stored quantities: lab size, high risk, drums/totes, bulk.

al vacuum system capable of vacuum

• Factors

ing solids, sludges and debris, and of lifting oil from water. As a first

decrease the response safety. They can be referred to as danger escalators and include location, housekeeping, temperature and/or pressure of product. When you use the Quickcheck-system, the accumu

• Chemical hazards: fire risk, reactiv





lated score will determine the

Considerations for response capability 1. Establish a Preparedness and Response Capability Assessment Qimcfuicf rating system to identify high-risk areas. The Quickcheck-system should determine impacts and scales of impact to people, prop erty, the environment and busi ness. (The Quickcheck process for response tool it can be deployed on site officers and directors will be presented to the water's edge for clean-up, placed at the May 11 & 12, 2005 CANECT on response boats to provide shoreline Conference, see www.esemag.com.) clean-up from the water side, and the This common sense approach will unit can be flown into remote areas guide the experienced as well as the eliminating environmental damage novice through a process to identify caused by the movement of heavy gaps, focus on areas of concern, and equipment(www.invirodrum.com). identify areas that require further study. b)An electric truck such as TanTum 2. Product specific training should that can operate in winter conditions include testing and evaluating chemi and has a speed of up to 40 km/h. It is cals in spill situations as this may be equipped with lights, heater and 110 necessary to determine the possibility Volt charging system. The truck can be of runaway reactions and to check that made up as a designated first response contaminants have been cleaned up, etc. unit (www.tantum.ca). 3. Select personal protective equipment 7. Internal resources should be maxi (PPE) to meet worst-case scenarios. mized to provide response capability Duponf'''^ has a new suit for chemi during an initial response phase.

Response Risk Factor and poten tial impacts to a corporation. Impacts to business will include loss of production, key personnel, income, and clientele as well as the burden offines and the cost to

recover. Impacts to people can include health issues, loss ofjobs, upset to neighbours, and the com munity. Based on the calculated scores, officers and directors will be able to

identify the severity of the potential impacts. At this stage, personnel and respon ders will start to see the driving factors for response skills. Knowing the 'what', 'when', 'why', 'where' and 'how'of responding to a spill on a sitespecific and product-specific basis requires skill, knowledge, experience, practice and site-specific training. They need to know how to modify the conditions of spills and releases. This can be as simple as shutting off the source, directing a spill to a more man ageable area or covering it over with sorbent material.

cal and flash fire that is manufactured

8. External resources such as contrac

with Tychem* ThermoPro (www.personalprotection.dupont.com/en). 4. Select spill response supplies for each application. Many spill kits do not contain supplies that will provide adequate capability to slow, divert or contain spills. Polyethylene sheeting is a diversified response item. Sections of blanket material can be ripped into 18 inch square pads but 18 inch square pads cannot be joined to make a long

tors should be viewed as support serv ices and not initial responders. They

Be prepared Bill 133 is similar to a marching band; it has a strong beat and its music

should be able to take the time and

can be heard off in the distance. The

gather appropriate supplies and equip ment to do the job. They may get caught in traffic, which will reduce their capability as an initial responder. Contingency and emergency plans Ensure that emergency response plans and procedures are site-specific. Copying plans does not produce a reli able system. Plans and procedures should be practised and tested to ensure that the plan's activation, com munication and termination proce dures are workable. Be sure the plan accommodates outside agencies and

songs may be the melodies of the future but whether you like the music or not, you are at the parade. It is time to take a realistic look inside your operations and see what aspects need changing, what impacts could create an adverse effect on your company. Don't wait until the band is on your doorstep. Do the plans, the budget, and fill in the gaps now!






increased response capability. 5. Locate response supplies/kits in areas where they will be required. Determine if the quantity of supplies and equipment is sufficient to maintain

Contact CliffHolland, Spill Management Inc., e-mail: spillman@ on.aibn.com.

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 63

Conca<fcrtmÂťnt Si

Stainless steel tanks can be erected on-site

The VK method-patent pend

ing - allows for quick, safe, efficient and cost-effective

on-site construction of circu

lar stainless steel storage tanks, for potable water and wastewater treat ment applications, and toxic storage wastewater reservoirs, silos and diverse applications. The erection process is simple and efficient according to VK Tanks & Silos Inc., Surrey, British Columbia. It allows stainless steel coils to be

shipped directly from the steel mill to job sites without intermediary manu facturing. These coils are then picked up by a decoiler and fed into a bend ing machine for on-site fabrication, often by two person crews. Stainless steel coil is subsequently bent on the top and bottom longitudi nal edges. The bends reduce bulging and dramatically increase the strength of the structure. This allows for the use of thinner steel than some other


Tank being assembled.

processes and provides significant cost and material sav ings, says the supplier, VK Tanks & Silos Inc. These bends form tracks which ride on a series of rollers mounted on

vertical posts, and the steel structures are gradually pushed upward in a helical path while being welded. Double flanged joints facilitate welding and produce a high degree Canadian Environmental

Certification Approvals Board

ofjoint stiffness. Tank roofs and other appurtenances can be added at

ground level so the amount of time spent working at heights may provide safer working conditions. Because the roof and/or wind girder are installed shortly after construc tion starts, the top of the tank shell is never unsupported, minimizing the chance of folding or cave-in due to wind. Building tanks with the roofs on and welding from the inside can provide protection from adverse weather conditions. Once the design height is achieved, the bottom edge of the tank shells are trimmed to fit foundations and struc

tures may be lowered to the ground by reversing the direc

The Competitive Advantage Certification for environmental

businesses and practitioners

tion of the drive motor.

The conventional method offabricating a storage tank or silo is to weld shop-formed steel plates together. This requires on site cranes as well as the erection of both inner and outer scaffolding. The VK system eliminates some of the costs of conventional tank construction such as the

Enhances professional credibility and recognition for environmental expertise.

Find out more at

expense of preparing individual shell plates and shipping and handling large numbers of pieces. These tanks can be erected inside buildings or in con fined spaces. All equipment is portable and can be easily transported by roadway or airlifted into remote areas. The VK system may require fewer personnel and shorter con struction times. This method can also be used to reline

existing leaky tanks with stainless steel liners.

www.cecab.org/ese Contact Stuart Coles, e-mail: stuart@vktanks.com. 64 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

ACO Container Systems www.acotainers.com

AGO Container Systems AGO Container Systems Is a leading North American manufacturer of quality rotatlonally moulded products. All AGO tanks are available In a wide

range of sizes. AGO Container Systems


can also custom-design and manufacture a tank system engineered to meet your specific needs.

Visit us on the web at: AGO Container Systems Ltd.,


794 McKay Road, Pickering, Ontario, 11W 2Y4

Browse our comprehensive on-line product catalogue, and download a PDF copy for easy reference.

■ Telephone: (905) 683-8222 ■ Fax: (905) 683-2969 ■ Toll Free: 1-800-542-9942 ■ Toll Free Fax: 1-800-542-4722

Access product drawings In PDF-format, or get the complete ACO Container Systems PDF library compressed in a single ZIP file. Contact our Sales Specialists by telephone, or by e-mail at: custserv(a)acotainers.com

TanKa Cofic

Jet mixers solve sludge storage tank settling problem design sludge concentration is 4%.

During construction, the jet mixers were installed and the tanks were filled with sludge. The tanks were put into

operation after the sludge had settled for 3 months. The jet mixers were flushed with water and the system started up

with no plugging or solid settling issues. Mixing Systems, Inc. solved the settling issues by installing a single jet mixer/aerator near the bottom cone section of the tank. This directs the mixing plumes along the tank floor where the solids settled. One screw pump

provides the mixing energy for the jet mixer/aerator. One positive displacement blower provides the air for oxidation of the volatile solids in the digester. The pump is run on a continual basis to provide mixing in the digester. One 125 HP air blower can deliver air flow to each tank. The plant has a bank offour air blowers, which includes one stand-by blower.

As a result of efficient mixing, there are no odours such as hydrogen sulfide and methane. The new system also has no in-basin moving parts and easily handles fluctuating liq wastewater treatment piant were fitted with jet mixers uid conditions. According to Mixing Systems, Inc. the jet for mixing and aeration of the three sludge storage mixers are designed to pass greater than 2-inch spherical

Three sludge storage tanks at Camp Creek, Georgia, tanks. The 70 ft. diameter aerobic digesters are


designed to digest primary and secondary sludge. The tanks have a 26 ft. average side water depth with a 10 ft. deep cone For additional information, contact e-mail: in the centre. Liquid level varies from 6 ft. to 26 ft. and the mixing@mixing.com or visit www.mixing.com.


H 11



Recipient the


Builder of the Year Award

UV based odor control Eliminate odor and odor com

plaints from lift stations, manholes and sewage treatment plants with Nelson


Greatano Engineered

Storage Systems Tel:(519) 469-8169 Fax;(519)469-8157 www.greatario.com sales@greatarioengsys.com



UV odor control system. The System's versatile equipment uti lizes an enhanced Ultraviolet(UV) light to form active oxidizers from moisture in ambient air. These oxi

dizers quickly react with a wide range of compounds such as ammonias, petrochemicals, and compounds containing sulfur such as H2S and mercaptans. Tel: 204949-7500, Fax: 204-237-0660, E-

mail: mkroeker@nelsonenvironmental.com. Web: www.nelsonenvironmental.com. Nelson Environmental Inc

66 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Tanks Co n ca mm e nt


Is the US government Ignoring leaking UST threat?

Leaking underground storage

said Grant Cope, Toxics Expert with

The federal government has $2.4

tanks (USTs) are a growing

the Sierra Club. "These sites include

threat to public health, accord ing to a report recently released by the Sierra Club. The report states that the US federal government's refusal to accept its responsibility to fund the cleanups is making the prob lem worse and is undermining the principle of"polluter pays". As an example of this, the Sierra

toxics like benzene, toluene and heavy metals that can quickly pollute groundwater, threaten public health, burden taxpayers with cleanup costs and hurt

billion in surplus cleanup funds, but is proposing to use only three percent of this surplus. US taxpayers pay a 1/10th ofone cent federal fee on gasoline sales that goes into a federal fund dedicated to paying for cleanups at UST sites.







Representatives vote on the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which would pre vent communities from recovering cleanup costs from the manufacturers ofthe gasoline additive methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). MTBE has con taminated local water supplies in more than 1,800 communities in 29 states, according to the Sierra Club report.

"More than 100 million people drink groundwater in states where thousands of underground storage tanks are leaking and need cleanups,"

real estate values."

The report shows that fifty percent of the US gets its drinking water from groundwater sources. The US has a backlog of 130,000 needed cleanups at leaking USTs, and discovers 9,000 new leaks each year. A pin-prick sized hole in one fuel tank can leak 400 gal lons of contamination a day, and one gallon of gasoline can pollute one mil lion gallons of groundwater. "The US government's budget request will not begin to cover even a small fraction of the sites," said Cope. "We have proven technologies to pre vent contamination and surplus money to clean up sites, but the current administration is failing to safeguard vulnerable communities."

State UST programs, which are largely taxpayer funded, are billions of dollars in deficit. Many states with the biggest deficits also have the biggest backlog in cleanups. Florida leads the nation in needed cleanups with 17,544. California has the sec ond highest number with 15,049, and a deficit of more than $1 billion.

Michigan has the third highest num ber with 9,039, and an internally reported deficit of $1.7 billion. Tennessee, with 1,221 needed clean ups, has internally reported a $95 million deficit.

For more information, visit www. sierraclub.org/toxics/Leaking_ USTs.

BAKER TANKS. YOUR LIQUID CONTAINMENT RENTAL RESOURCE. Have liquids that need to be temporarily stored, filtered, cleaned or moved around? Need to contain solids at the plant or jobsite? If so, Baker Tanks has you covered. We'll RENT you the solution, deliver it, set it up, take it down and take it away. Baker Tanks. Equipment, expertise, and service. That's why we're number one.

For every situation there's a Baker solution. T800-BAKER-12 / www.bakertanks.com

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 67


JetMix^ Vortex


Chemical tank cleaning

Oil/water separators

Tank surfaces in contact with water will

ZCL coalescing separators provide substantially higher design flows than gravity separators having the same footprint. An enhanced MFak® design removes oil droplets as small as 20

Mixing System can be




solids storage where


suspension is important. Benefits of using the JetMix system include: Intermittent operation saves 60-90% in power consumption; expensive tank cleanout and scheduled maintenance not required; easily installed in existing tanks; multiple tank mixing using a central pump house. JetMix was a recipient of a 1997 limovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation. Tel:

519-469-8169, Fax: 519-469-8157, Email: sales@greatarioengsys.com, Web: www.greatario.com.

Greatario Engineered Storage Systems

accumulate organic and inorganic deposits over time. These deposits can cause a decline in chlorine residual, increased DBFs, and increased HFC

numbers. Heavy deposits lead to

microns! Effluent oil concentrations

increased corrosion and reduce the life

are reduced to as low as 10 parts per million. ZCL oil/water separators are manufactured with premium-grade

time of surface coatings. NSF approved

Floran products have been developed for convenient and efficient one step chemical cleaning of water tank and fil ter surfaces. Tel: 800-387-7503, Web: www.cleartech.ca. CIcarTcch Industries

Floating silt curtain

Water systems and services

n Standards.

Tel: 905-677-2700 Fax: 905-677-2432

E-mail: Ontario© corrpro.ca Web: www.corrpro.ca. Corrpro Canada

during every fill and draft cycle. Whether Stay ahead of the regulators with Layfield's Floating Silt Curtain (FSC). It is designed to contain soil fines and other harmful particulates from enter ing aquatic environments during stream, river and shoreline construc tion. Layfield's FSC is: modular, in stock and custom sizes, cost-effective, light weight and easy to install. Tel: 604-448-2710, Fax: 604-275-7867, E-mail: emartin@layfieldgroup.com. Web: www.geomembranes.com. Lavfield Ceosynthetlcs

Tank solutions

Hazmat storage buildings

Diverse Elastic Tanks offer a full range of product designs, including closed or

bilitation project, the Fermovial™


system provides sig nificant water quality improvements by eliminating stagnation, stratification, short-circuiting and winter ice. Tel: 905-738-2355, Fax: 905-738-5520, Email: metcon@metconeng.com. Web: www.metconeng.com.

Metcon Sales & Engineering

Which provides the best spill protection? The light weight Spill-

tical tanks in flat or cone

30" x 60" and

styles, hori zontal tanks, containment tanks and a complete line of "UN" approved intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). They distribute the Snyder Industries line of tanks which have many advantages for bulk storage, processing and transportation tanks. With the widest selection of sizes up to 22,000 gallons. Tel: 905-607-5189, Fax: 905-607-9835, E-mail: tanks@ plastictanks.ca. Web: www.plastictanks. Diverse Plastic Tanks

installed in a new tank or a tank reha

open top ver



6" deep. This low profile pan allows for easy access to coimect



Tank mixing solution

levels of the tank


:air Global Asseu & infrastri

Corrpro provides complete turnkey systems and maintenance services for the cathodic protection of water stor age tanks, treatment clarifiers, distri bution and transmission piping in compliance with AWWA and NACE

maintenance. Tel: 800-661-8265, Fax: 780-466-6126, Web: www.zcl.com. ZCL Composites Inc.

FermoviaF" Universal Fluid Mixing (UFM)systems have the unique ability to thoroughly mix the water from dif ferent regions and


fibreglass reinforced plastic. They have no moving parts and require minimal

Safety Storage, Inc. has been the indus try leader designing high quality, costeffective Hazmat storage buildings, meeting the latest compliance codes for the handling, use and containment of

hoses to either tanker truck manifolds

learn about Safety Storage! Tel: 800-

or fixed tank piping manifolds. With 40 gallons of capacity, it can capture most hose drainback liquids and prevent contamination or extensive clean up of concrete loading pads. It stores in a tipped over position to prevent collect ing rainwater yet retains any pan liquid

344-6539, Fax: 831-637-7405, E-mail:

residue in front reservoir. Tel: 434-975-

info@safetystorage.com. Web; www. safetystorage.com. Safety Storage,Inc.

2872/800-220-2466, Fax: 434-9752972, Website: www.transenvsys.com. Trans Environmental Systems,Inc.

hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, and other chemicals. Contact us to

68 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005





.com/animation TANKS



1-877-TANKS-SS www.tanks-ss.com

's-l' -

For further information:

VK Tanks & Silos Inc

2428 King George Hwy # 102

V4P 1H5 SURREY(BC)-Canada

TEL:1 604 5419423

FAX: 1 604 5419470



ocluct and Service Showcase Reducing hydrogen sulfide from gas and air streams

Box culverts

PIPEPACÂŽ software

Eliminate hydro


gen sulfide from biogas and air streams using our


BIND'^" adsorp tion process. 99.98% removal on


tions up to 30,000 ppm. Capacity of 0.5 grams of sulfur per gram of media. Tel: 506-451-7407, Fax: 506459-3954, E-mail: elw@adi.ca. Web: www.adi.ca. ADI International

Widely used interactive software for selecting the right material for buried infrastructure systems. Determine the real cost of materials you specify over the design life of the project through three independent programs. Tel: 972506-7216, Fax: 972-506-7682, E-mail: khunter@concrete-pipe.org, Web: www. concrete-pipe.org. American Concrete Pipe Association

Drive solutions for water

Your budget fits in a box! Armtec box culverts are ideal for low-profile, open-bottom stream crossings and wa terways. With the unique advantages offered by corrugated steel and deep corrugations, Armtec box culverts pro vide for low profile structures at a very economical installed cost. Tel: 519-822-0210, Fax: 519-822-1160, Email: sales@armtec.com. Web: www. armtec.com


Circular Tank Dust Collectors

and wastewater Flex-Kleen CT Series

Comstock An EMCOR Company

Comstock Canada Ltd.

tion services to the Canadian water

For more than 30 years Danfoss has demonstrated leadership in water man agement with a host of measurable ben

and wastewater sectors for almost 100

efits. For wastewater treatment the

has been providing general contractor, multi-trade and design/build construc

years. Located in most major centres across Canada, Comstock will provide the solution to your needs. Tel: 905335-3333, Fax: 905-335-0304, E-mail: info@comstockcanada.com. Web: www. comstockcanada.com. Comstock Canada Ltd.

VLT* drives ensure reduced energy

consumption, improved throughput and a reduction in chemical usage. For water supply systems, the drives reduce water leakages, bursts and maintenance costs. Tel: 905-829-2000, Fax: 905829-2630, E-mail: info@daviscontrols. com, Web: www.daviscontrols.com. Davis Controls Limited

Dissolved oxygen probe

dust collectors - espe cially effective for dust problems in drying, grinding and convey ing systems - are de signed to operate in process systems environments with minimum maintenance. Designed for two levels of pressure capability of 40" to 100" WG. or 17" Fig. (pressure or vacuum), individual units handle from 50 to 50,000 cfm. Collectors for high pressure (over 15 psig) or for extremely low vacuum requirements are also avail able. Tel: 800-621-0734, Fax: 630-8753212, E-mail: flex-kleen@met-pro. com, Web: www.flex-kleen.com. Flex-Kleen Division, Met-Pro Corp.

Slim line submersible pumps

New 5100 and 5150

slurry pumps

ITT Flygt has released a The



solved oxy gen probe is a revolution

ary break through in the measure





pumps, for use in active dewatering. The new 60Hz models, which can handle up to 55 1/s and pump up to heads of 70 metres, can operate in pipes ranging between

ment of DO. Hach LDO

300 and 500 mm in diam

has no mem

made from cast aluminum and have an

brane to clean or replace, no elec trolyte solutions to replenish, does not require frequent calibration, uses no anodes, cathodes or electrolyte solu tions. Tel: 800-227-4224, Fax: 970-

669-2932, E-mail: orders@hach.com. Web: www.hach.com.

Hach Company

eter, with 3" and 4" hoses. They are outer casing of stainless steel. The multi-vane impellers are made from hardened high-chrome cast iron (HRC 60) in order to withstand tough and abrasive operating conditions. Tel: 514695-0100, Fax: 514-695-6605, Web: www.ittflygt.ca. ITT Flygt

70 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005





has next

generation of slurry pumps. They are designed specifical ly to handle the most abrasive slur

ries, in a wide spec trum of tough industrial environ

ments. The pumps have the latest ITT

Flygt technology incorporated, ensuring high efficiency, reliability and a long working life. Tel: 514-695-0100, Fax: 514-695-6605, Web: www.ittflygt.ca.

ITT Flygt

Product and Service Showcase I Multi-stage filter for small drinking water applications

Moving-bed bio-reactor

Chlorination system

Parkson's Geo-Reactor™ is an attached

growth, moving-bed bio-reactor. Its patented media supports biological growth, and its random movement aer ates the wastewater in unique ways.



The net result is


DO, increased The MS Filter is a solution to a small


system's water treatment needs that is simple and inexpensive to operate. There are no pre-treatment chemicals, no membranes to replace, and yet treat ment performance equals or exceeds membrane or conventional processes. The plant is ideal for serviced popula tions up to 2,000. Tel: 905-853-0164, Fax: 905-853-8807,E-mail: elew@msfilter. com. Web: www.msfilter.com.

of the mixed

MS Filter Inc.

Package Water and Wastewater Plants


liquor with the biology, thinner and more active biofilm, and improved mixing in the

With the Accu-Tab chlorination sys tem, there are no bulky drums or cylin ders to handle. And the patented AccuTab chlorinators and cal hypo tablets deliver consistent and controllable

canada@parkson.com, Web: www. parkson.com.

chlorine dosages, day after day. That's why when it comes to making safe water safer, the easy choice is the Accu-Tab system. We've got the power.™ Tel: 800-245-2974, Web: www.ppgaccu-tab.com.


PPG Industries

tank. Geo-Reactors offer efficient BOD reduction and nitrification can

easily be accomplished. Tel: 514-6368712, Fax: 514-636-9718, E-mail:

UV water purification

Grit chamber

UV Pure Technologies' Hallett™ systems are an evolutionary leap in UV water purification.

The Smith & Loveless PISTA' Grit Chamber

maintains the highest proven grit removal efficiencies


Hallett 13 and 30 GPM

wide range of daily


UV systems are NSF /

flows because of its

Package Wastewater Plant concept is a low cost, odourless plant, achieving a high degree of treatment. It is econom ical, easy to install and operate, reli able, fulfills regulatory requirements and is ideal for any location unable to connect to municipal sewer systems.

exclusive forced vortex design. It removes grit and other discrete parti cles, separates organics and inorganics, and reduces grit accumulation in down stream basins, channels, weirs and pip ing. This results in reduced wear on mechanical equipment. Complete grit pumping, dewatering and washing components are available. Tel: 913-

Tel: 604-986-9168, Fax: 604-986-5377,

888-5201, Fax: 913-888-2173, E-mail:

E-mail: saneng@sanitherm.com. Web:

We supply Package Water and Sewage Treatment


worldwide. The

ANSI 55 Class A certi fied. Patented Crossfire

Technology™ is selfcleaning and smart, fail-safe and virtually maintenance free. Each

answers@smithandloveless.com. Web:

has intelligent, remote monitoring capability. Coming soon: the Hallett 150 GPM verified system, also with Crossfire Technology. Find out everything. Tel: 888-407-9997, Web: www.puresafe


www.sm ithandloveless.com.


Sanitherm Engineering Ltd.

Smith «& Loveless

UV Pure Technologies

Capsule type filters Waterra cur

rently offers two Inline Dis

posable 0.45 Micron Filters — the NEW Medium Tur

bidity FMT-45 and the high turbidity FHT45. Waterra's FHT-45 offers

the user the most surface area (700 square cm) available in capsule type filters today. Tel: 905-238-5242, Fax: 905-238-5704, E-mail: waterra@idirect. com. Web: www.waterra.com. Waterra Pumps

Membrane Bioreactor(MBR)

Small drinking water systems

ZENON's Zee Weed®

ZENON's new Modular Drinking Water(MDW)system has been specif ically designed to overcome the chal lenges faced by small communities of 50 to 5,000 people. The system is based on the patented ZeeWeed® membrane technology

MBR produces tertiary quality effluent and simplifies wastewater treahnent. The proven system replaces con ventional filtration and combines clar

ification, aeration and sludge digestion into one, simpler and smaller process step. The modular system can be easily expanded in a "just in time" manner to match surrounding community growth, reducing front-end development costs.

incorporated in large treat-

Proven in hundreds of installations,

tive, easy-to-use, and requires only minimal supervision, while consistent ly producing high quality water. Tel:

ZeeWeed MBR is ideal for municipal and industrial applications of all sizes

K — iiHBi

ment plants. This ultrafil-

tration system is cost-effec

from < 10,000 GPD to > 10 MGD.Tel: 905-465-3030, Fax: 905-465-3050, Email: info@zenon.com.Web:zenon.com.

zenon. com.

ZENON Environmental Inc.

ZENON Environmental Inc.

905-465-3030, Fax: 905-465-3050, E-

mail: info@zenon.com. Web: www.

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 71

roduct and Service Showcase Phoenix Underdrain System

Trickling filters

Drainage products

Waterloo Biofilters® are efficient, mod

ular trickling filters for residential and communal sewage wastewaters, and landfill leachate. Patented, lightweight, synthetic filter media optimize physical properties for microbial attachment and

• Optimizes vertical and horizontal pressure filters • Low profile, filtered water pick-up lateral orifice is < 25 mm

water retention. The self-contained

• Manufactured from corrosionresistant stainless steel

• Custom hydraulic distribution • Guaranteed uniform air scour distribution

Tel: 403-255-7377, Fax: 403-255-

3129, E-mail: info@awifilter.com,

modular design for communal use is now available in 20,000L/d and 40,000L/d ISO shipping container units - ready to plug in on-site. Tel: 519-8560757, Fax: 519-856-0759, E-mail: wbs@ waterloo-biofilter.com, Web: www.

Armtec has heen a leader m the culvert

and drainage business for almost 100 years. Today, Armtec has even more to offer. Our wide variety of materials available include: corrugated steel pipe and spiral rib pipe in galvanized, aluminized and polymer laminated finishes, high density polyethylene BOSS pipe manufactured to CSA specifications, and a range of storm water detention systems. Tel; 519-822-0210, Fax: 519822-1160, E-mail: sales@armtec.com,

Web: www.awifilter.com,


Web: www.armtec.com

AWI Filter

Waterloo Biofilter Systems


Smoothwall pipe

Controlling contaminated groundwater

The Challenger®

Engineering guide available The CON/SPAN Engineering Guide is a


Waterloo Barrier is a

valuable tool with all the necessary

Smoothwall Pipe by Ideal Pipe is standards compli

low permeability cut off wall for ground-

information to consider the CON/SPAN

water containment and control. It is a new

cations. Filled with






CSA, OPSS and ASTM. Its unique integral seamless bell construction has

- design of steel sheet piling, featuring joints

a smooth interior for use in storm sewer

the sheets have been driven into the

and engineered projects requiring leakresistant joints. It carries high flows in smaller pipes, resists abrasion and per forms well in shifting or freezing soils. For ideal results above ground, it's Ideal Pipe underground. Tel: 519-473-

ground, and was developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo. It has patent/ patent pending

2669, 800-265-7098, Fax: 519-641-

2524, E-mail:sales@idealpipe.ca, Web: www.idealpipe.ca Ideal Pipe

that can be sealed after

System for many different design appli numerous figures and



Engineering Guide provides a refer ence of design parameters, stan

engineering guide

dard detail illustra

status in several countries. Canadian

tions, and limited design methodolo

Metal Rolling Mills assisted in devel oping the product. Tel: 519-856-1352, Fax; 519-856-0759, E-mail: info@ waterloo-barrier.com, Web: www.

format. Tel: 800-668-7473, Fax: 519763-1982, E-mail: sales@ concastpipe. com. Web: www.concastpipe.com.

gies. Available in binder or CD Rom

waterloo-barrier.com. Waterloo Barrier Inc.


Asphalt joint sealing

ecoSep below grade oil/water separators

' 1

Prevent asphalt cracking 'iy If you were planning to rout and seal your asphalt joints after they fail, think about


the added costs of

repairing what you've already done. Denso

Densoband is a polymer modified bitu men strip that has heen widely utilized

M re-instatement tape is

in the road maintenance and construc

Cost-effective and safe, this highly efficient below grade oil/water separa tor provides maximum protection against oil spill contamination. The spill stays on site, where it belongs. Check






ecoSep...the clear choice for clean water. Tel: 800-668-7473, Fax: 519-

763-1982, E-mail: sales@concastpipe. com. Web: www.concastpipe.com. Con Cast Pipe

tion industry for over 30 years. It is used to form a flexible, waterproof seal between new hot asphalt and existing asphalt, concrete or steel. The sealed joint is unaffected by extremes in tem perature and stays in place to prevent water, road salt and pollutants from penetrating and cracking the asphalt.

a polymer modified bituminous strip that is cold applied and designed to seal the joints between asphalt, concrete and

Tel:416-291-3435, Fax: 416-291-0898, E-mail: blair@densona.com, Web:

291-3435, Fax: 416-291-0898, E-mail: blair@densona.com, Web: www.densona.



Denso North America

Denso North America

72 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

steel, the first time. Re-instatement tape seals around catch basins, manholes, utility cuts and next to concrete curbs

prior to paving. Do it right the first time with Denso Road Products. Tel: 416-

Product and Service Showcase Digital pH measurement


INDUSTRIES,INC.(TCI) "Total turn key service"

TCI provides full PCB disposal services including: Disposal of all PCB wastes includ ing: transformers, capacitors, light ballasts and lead shielded cable

On site draining Oil storage and draining Site remediation and decontamination

Fully funded closure bond PCB analysis(CAEAL proficiency tested) Full transportation services www.transcycle.ca Trans-Cycle Industries


"Today's Environmental Solutions For A Better Tomorrow"

M create ease of mainte


I li

Ivey InternationalInc.

Memosens and Liquiline

nance with pre-calibrated Guaranteed Site Remediation

electrodes and no field

calibration, simply plug 'n' play. The inductive connection between cable and electrode creates an

inherently waterproof, quick connection com pletely eliminating previ ous problems of standard analog pH. Liquiline is a modular two-wire trans mitter designed for the most demand ing of processes and is completely open for communication in all major proto cols. Tel: 800-668-3199, Fax: 905-6819444, E-mail: info@ca.endress.com.

S i

• LNAPL Remediation

(soil & water) • DNAPL(TCE, PCE, DCE...) Remediation

• Heavy Metals Remediation 1-800-246-2744


CANECT 2005 Toronto Visit us at Booth #222

Web: www.ca.endress.com. Endress+Hauser Canada


Bioremediation (SEE®)

Hobo weather station .




7 ■" '^5 Weather Station reEx-situ




and direction, solar radiation, barometric i. pressure, soil mois ture, soil temperature, etc.


• Design issues between consultants • Scheduling issues with clients Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation

• Notification of pending queries • Summary reports of all queries

• Smart sensors - just plug in and begin logging. • No calibration or complex wiring required. • Runs for one year on 4 AA batteries. • 15 chamiels can log over 500,000

www.tims3.com| info@tims3.com 1 800 567 8918 | Ingenium Group Inc.

Tel: 604-872-7894, Fax: 604-872-0281, E-mail: salesv@hoskin.ca. Web: www.

EIFI issues with contractors

(SEB) uses patented Ivey-soP mix tures to desorb contaminants from

soils increasing their bioavailability. As a result, the duration for TPH,PAH and






• Online repository for ail queries • Customized communication models

reduced by as much as 20 to 40% or more. Tel: 800-246-2744, E-mail:

budivey@island.net. Web: www.sptt. net.

cords temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed



hoskin.ca. Hoskin Scientific

Ivey International Inc.

IBStormceptor" Stormceptor® Systems Stormceptor is the North American leader of engineered stormwater oil and sediment treatment systems. Rigorously tested, Stormceptor Systems effectively remove pollutants and ensure compliance. With a patent ed internal bypass, Stormceptor Systems treat all rainfall events and prevent scouring. Stormceptor Systems

Water level logger

Green Turtle™ Group Green Turtle pro vides business, insti tutions and industry with



cost-efficient wastewater treatment solu

tions that ensure reg ulatory compliance, including Proceptor''''^ oil and grease separators, and PHIX''''^ Neutralization Systems. A leader throughout North America, Green Turtle''''*^ is committed to dynamic research and development,

have defined stormwater treatment

and works with our clients to deliver

excellence for over a decade and have

innovative wastewater solutions to meet their needs. To learn more: Tel:

an unsurpassed 15,000 installations worldwide. To learn more: Tel: 800-

565-4801, E-mail: info@stormceptor. com. Web: www.stormceptor.com. Stormceptor® Group

The HOBO Water Level Logger is a high-accuracy, pressure-based water level recording device that combines research-grade accuracy and durability. It provides 0.1% of full-scale accuracy with a 30' measurement range and bet ter than 0.01' resolution. Unlike tradi

tional water level loggers, this water level logger operates as a stand-alone unit. This simplifies deployment and maintenance. A second HOBO water


level logger can be used for barometric compensation when required. Tel: 604872-7894, Fax: 604-872-0281, E-mail: salesv@hoskin.ca. Web: www. hoskin.ca.

Green Turtle^" Group

Hoskin Scientific

877-966-9444, E-mail: mfo@greenturtle tech.com. Web: www.greenturtletech.

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 73

Product and Service Showcase Septage receiving system The Honey MonsteH'^ septage receiv ing system now comes standarti with a compaction zone which provides significant dewatering of dis charged solids and increases dry solids content up to 40%. A pH and conductivity sensing loop has also been added to the digital tracking and billing system, called MonsterTrack, and will

shut the system off should discharge fall outside the acceptable range. The system can unload a honey truck in 5 to 15 minutes at a flow rate of 136 m^/h. Tel: 800-331-2277, Fax: 949-8338858, E-mail: jwce@jwce.com. Web:

Metering dosing package

.I'T DosingpaQ digital dosf_

ing metering packages consist of DME and

DMS pump systems designed to offer an accurate and dependable metering package with the standard Grundfos

digital dosing pump components. Applications include: water treatment systems; swimming pools, car wash

systems; food and beverage, and pro cessing industries. Easy to install and set up, DosingpaQ is the turnkey solu tion for your metering needs. Tel: 905-


829-9533, Fax: 905-829-9512, E-mail: alelarge@grundfos. com. Web: www. grundfos.com.

JWC Environmental


Portable battery powered pump Viking introduces the SANDPIPER" PortaPump' battery-powered pump by Warren Rupp. This portable power house is perfect for all your onsite dewatering needs such as ditches, manholes, and caissons.

It can

Non-clog wastewater pumps

The all-new Grundfos

Solid dual rod sensors Gems



Sensors feature solid state

SANDPIPER' Non-Clog Wastewater Pumps are fitted with swing check valves and easy access clean-outs. The pumps are designed specifically for slurry and solids-laden materials. Flap valves allow passage of suspend ed, pipe sized solids and stringy mate rial. Constructed of cast iron with a

durable epoxy coating inside and out. Tel: 888-845-7867, Fax: 905-542-

8920, E-mail: cinfo@idexcorp.com. Web: www.vikingpumpcanada.com. Viking Pump of Canada

Design of underground detention systems for stormwater management

wave guides to reach within 1" of a tank bottom; espe cially beneficial when con trolling expensive fluids, where undetected inventory beneath common sensors represents costly




manage the quality ofstorm water runoff it is essential to control the


waste. Available with rods of24" to 72"

quantity. This

12-volt truck or

they may be trimmed to required length during installation. Detector' sensors use Micropower Impulse Radar(MIR), or Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR),

CD includes a





tery and comes with 30 feet of

cord and power switch. Optional carrying case available. Tel: 888-8457867, Fax: 905-542-8920, E-mail: cmfo@idexcorp.com, Web: www. vikingpumpcanada.com. Viking Pump of Canada

to measure the distance to the surface

of the tank contents and output a 420mA signal proportional to liquid level. Tel: 905-829-2000, Fax: 905829-2630, E-mail: info@daviscontrols. com. Web: www.daviscontrols.com. Davis Controls Limited


video outlining the economic and envi ronmental advantages of underground detention systems. Comprehensive design software takes the designer from preliminary site hydrology to detailed system layout. Tel: 866-2952416, Fax: 519-650-8081


info@cspi.ca Web: www.cspi.ca. Corrugated Steel Pipe Institute

Transparent Ready™

institut pour

les tuyaux de tdle ondulee

ECO CANADA Environmentai Careers Organization L'Organisation pour les carrieres en environnement

Plusieurs publications techniques et des etudes de cas sont maintenant

disponibles sur notre site Internet. On vous invite a nous visiter! Tel: 866-

295-2416, Telecopieur: 519-650-8081, Couriel: info@cspi.ca, Site Internet: www. cspi.ca.

Institut pour les tuyaux de tole ondulee

Transparent Ready''''"' is a new offering of web-enabled power distribution, motor control and automation equip

New name for an organization that continues to strengthen Canada's environmental expertise

ment that features an embedded web

server. Power and control system infor mation is instantly available to author ized users via any PC on the network, even across the Internet, using just a browser. Tel: 416-752-8020, Fax: 416752-8944, E-mail: louise.jones@ca. schneider-electric.com. Web: www.

9544, E-mail: info@eco.ca. Web:

schneider-electric.com. Schneider Electric

Eco Canada (formerly CCHREl)

74 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

CCHREl (the Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment

Industry) is pleased to announce its new, simpler name - ECO Canada (the Environmental Careers Organization). Tel: 403-233-0748, Fax: 403-269www.eco.ca.

Product and Service Showca Bachelor's Degree in

Leak detection studies

ECO CANADA Environmental Careers Organization L'Organisatlon pour les carrieres en environnement

Flowmetrix field

Site Remediation



undertake various


approaches toward the development of proper leak




gies. Working to gether with 'key' personnel to

Are You a Water or Wastewater










in Site

Remediation. Included

in this full-time pro gram are field camps,

Standards for Water and Wastewater

tive manner. Tel: Western office 416-

Operators. Tel: 403-233-0748, Fax: 403-269-9544, E-mail: info@eco.ca,

779-1531, Eastern office 613-3980296, E-mail: service@flowmetrix.ca.

paid co-op placements, and an integrat ed curriculum to prepare individuals to meet the growing demand for highlyskilled practitioners in the remediation industry. Seats available for September. Ask about bursary and scholarship opportunities. Tel: 800-572-0712/416491-5050 Ext. 2521, E-mail: iesr. technology@senecac.on.ca. Web: www.

Web: www.eco.ca.

Web: www.flowmetrix.ca


Eco Canada (formerly CCHREI)

Flowmetrix Technical Services

Seneca College

To participate in the national occupa tional analysis survey please go to www.eco.ca/wastewater and sign up today! Your partieipation will help us improve the National Occupational

understand utilities





Flowmetrix to deliver today's best man agement practices reducing your nonrevenue water in the most cost-effec

Pressure pipe system

Eliminate sewer odour

Concrete pipe design manual

The Vortex Flow Insert eliminates sewer odour and controls corrosion

using a high-tech, low-maintenance design that has no moving parts. The device


only eliminates the need


for high-main TerraBrute'^'^ is the first AWWA C900


PVC pressure pipe system specifically engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and other trenchless applications. Now you can standardize on PVC throughout your potable water and sewer infrastructure, whether you're using open-cut or trenchless




Version 1.4 is now available. A tool for

rnanhole seals

engineers who are responsible for selecting the type, size and strength requirements of pipe for the design and specification of precast concrete pipe for sanitary sewer, drainage and culvert applications. Tel: 972-506-7216, Fax: 972-506-7682, E-mail: khunter@concretepipe.org, Web: www.concrete-pipe.org. American Concrete Pipe Association

methods. Tel: 866-473-9462, Fax: 905403-1124, E-mail: marketing(gipexinc. com, Web: www. ipexinc.com.

but also costly chemical injection systems. Appli cations include drop manholes or pumping stations with odorous dis charges. Tel: 866-473-9462, Fax: 905403-1124, E-mail: marketing@ipexinc. com. Web: www.ipexinc.com.



closure system The




Digital correlator

Screen filters

Automatic valve


Amiad produces a com plete line of manual and automatic self-cleaning

System is today's



requirements of remov ing particles as small as 3 micron and single fil ter capacities up to 17,600 gpm. They are ideal for particle re


technology prevent

to cata

strophic releases during bulk transfer of chemicals. It is the only sys tem on the market with the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of dome sizes (from 20-ton bullet tanks to 90ton railcars), along with the versatility to close virtually any plug-type or balltype angle valve within seconds. Tel:

The Concrete Pipe Design Manual-

scrubbers and



moval from


well and

The New Palmer DigiCALL correlator is a PC based fully digital correlator designed to suit users who prefer to use their laptop PC as an interface to pin point leaks. It brings enhanced per formance for the most difficult leaks

mail: metcon@metconeng.com. Web:

surface water, cooling water recirculation, secondary effluent and washwater for water reuse, and any applica tion requiring particle removal for downstream equipment. Tel: 905-7382355, Fax: 905-738-5520, E-mail: metcon@metconeng.com. Web: www.



hetek.com. Web: www.hetek.com.

Metcon Sales & Engineering

Metcon Sales & Engineering

Hetek Solutions

905-738-2355, Fax: 905-738-5520, E-

situations such as plastic or larger diameter pipelines. Tel: 519-659-1144, Fax: 519-453-2182, E-mail: sales@

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 75

Environmental NEWS Peel Council endorses waste collection and

disposal contract Peel Regional Council in Ontario has authorized staff to execute an agree ment with Waste Management of Canada Corporation (WMCC) for waste collection and disposal services. Under the agreement, WMCC will provide collection services for munici pal solid waste, recyclables, yard waste and organics in the cities of Brampton and Mississauga. The contract is scheduled to commence April 1, 2006, for 10 years. In addition, the agree ment provides for 20 years of waste landfill disposal services commencing July 1, 2007. Regional Council awarded the com bined waste collection and disposal

The five-year contract with Wilson Logistics Inc. and Republic Services Inc. to haul and dispose ofthe Region's residual municipal solid waste in Michigan, U.S. expires in June 2007. Republic Services disposes the waste at Carleton Farms Landfill in Wayne County, Michigan. Currently, any of

have its new wastewater treatment

plant in operation by November 30,

Peel's waste that cannot be accommo

2005, or face a $25,000 fine for every subsequent month that the plant is not in operation. The City was charged for sewage spills that occurred on January 16,

dated at the Algonquin Power Energy from Waste Facility and the Caledon Sanitary Landfill Site is shipped to Michigan.

February 14 and June 14,2003, and for effluent samples obtained during a July 29, 2003 search and seizure at the treatment plant that were found to be deleterious to fish.

North Battleford fined Professor hails national

$80,000 for sewage spills

proposal provides the Region with continuity in its collection services, short-term disposal capacity in the

The City of North Battleford Saskatchewan pleaded guilty and was assessed a penalty of $80,000 in Provincial Court for violating the fed eral Fisheries Act, following an Environment Canada investigation into sewage spills at the North Battleford wastewater treatment plant in 2003.

event of a border closure preventing transfer of waste to Michigan and the

Penalties include a $10,000 fine, an additional $20,000 to reimburse

opportunity to secure long-term Ontario-based landfill capacity.

to the case, and $50,000 to be paid to

contract to WMCC on the basis their

the Environmental Damages Fund. The court also ordered the City to

Environment Canada for costs related

strategy for invasive species York University biology professor, Norman Yan, is applauding the Federal government's recent announcement of $85 million in new funds to develop a national strategy on invasive species. "This major financial commitment shows that the study of invasive species is finally getting the attention it deserves at the highest levels," Yan says. "We have known for years about


(iQfIT Laboratories

The Hycor® Monoscreen™ Automatic Escalating Screen is designed for fine screening with


I Service Beyond Analysis



Available with openings of 0.5 to 5 mm (0.020" to 0.200") for clean water flows from 4.4 to

1752 L/S (0.1 to 40 MGD), the

V Friendly, professional & / "dedicated staff • Preddbeled-botties

Monoscreen has rows of self-

cleaning bars in an escalating staircase configuration with increasing pitch step. It operates intermittently, and forms a unique pre-coat mat to capture solids even smaller than the screen openings.

NA Sample pick-up

AEIectronIo reporting and

(^ata transfer • Customized packages

^Rusli turn-around-tlme

This particular feature means fcthe Monoscreen will typically

trap 40% more solids than similar screens. Your pumps and downstream equipment and processes will be well protected.


• View and download results with webEARTH

Parkson Canada 9045 Cote-de-Liesse Suite 201



Dorval, QC H9P 2M9

Toll-free 1 800-661-7174 Calgary Toll-free 1 800-856-6261 Mississauga

Tel.: 514-636-8712




76 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

nton,Grand Prairie,Red Deer,Fort St. John

Environmental NEWS how pollution, habitat alteration and resource harvesting affect ecosystems, and we have policies, systems and agencies to address these issues. It is only recently that the introduction of invasive species has been identified as the fourth major impact humans can

Great Lakes and are now spreading inland, where their proliferation has begun to cause biological problems in Ontario's surface waters. Yan's ground breaking study of the water flea's impact on Harp Lake, a tiny lake in central Ontario, is getting international

have on the environment."

acclaim in scientific circles and is one

While only a small proportion of these invasive species is likely to be causing damage to the eco-system, a significant number are threatening our surface waters, forests and farms. Canadians might be surprised to hear that the financial impact of invasive species on our economy has been esti mated as high as $18 to $30 billion per

of many studies which have spurred the Federal government to make its crucial promise to address invasive species in its budget. Contact e-mail: jball@yorku.ca.


Yan's special focus, the spiny water flea, is only one of over 1,400 identified non-indigenous species that have




Canada's lands and waters - often

through ballast-transfer from ocean going freighters since the St. Lawrence Seaway was built in 1959. Countless numbers of these micro

scopic fleas have recently invaded the

O.W.R.C. (and later, MOB) servicing and treatment plant projects for these same towns and villages in the 1970s and '80s. Many of these plants are now undergoing second generation expan sions, again with JLR assistance. There are JLR plants and/or plant expansions in Barry's Bay, Cobden, Renfrew, Eganville, Merrickville, Winchester, Rockland, Alfred, Casselman, Plantagenet, Pembroke, Petawawa, Sudbury, Timmins, Hawkesbury and Kingston.

JLR celebrates 50th Year It was February 1955 when three young engineers from Queen's, Les Richards, Noel Kirby and Art Fee,

Need to hire qualified and experienced staff? ES&E reaches over

19,000 water, wastewater and environmental

launched J.L. Richards & Associates Limited from a small office on Gilmour Street in Ottawa.

protection professionals

Throughout the late 1950s and '6Gs, JLR undertook designs and study reports on water supply and sewage collection systems for many of the small towns and villages in Eastern

Call us at:

across Canada.

(905) 727-4666 for special rates


This laid the groundwork for



TO YOUR DUSlPROBLEM • Process Dust Control

• Product Recovery • Air Pollution Control

• Engineered Designs • Systems Design and • Turn-key Baghouse Field Services

Types of Systems: • Bin Vent Filters • Welded Modules

• High Pressure Units • High Vacuum Units Pleated Fdters

Collector Upgrades, Rebuilds and Conversions

3 Flex-Kleen Canada^ Inc Your Single Source for Clean Air 39(huM Drive,UnJf 2, Barrie, Ontario L4N 815(AH

^ On-sile Baghouse

(705}737-3366 m{705}737-3254

flex-l(le&im(Kia@rnet-pro.(om :WWW.flex-kleen.(om

Services ■

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 77

Environmental NEWS


nthrafilter FILTER MEDI^

Hydro-Logic to distribute German fine-bubble membrane tube diffuser

• ANTHRACITE • QUALITY FILTER SAND & GRAVEL • CARBON • GARNET ILMENITE • REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 20 Sharp Road, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L8 • Tel: (519) 751-1080 • Fax:(519) 751-0617 E-mail: swiidey@anthrafiiter.net • Web: www.anthrafilter.net

Hydro-Logic Environmental, a suppli er of wastewater and process equip ment since 1994, has been appointed exclusive North American distributor

for the advanced OTT System GmbH high-efficiency, fine-bubble mem





brane tube diffuser line.


OTT System GmbH, of Langenhagen, Germany is a major supplier of diffusers to the European market. For further information visit www.hydroiogic.ca


TEL:(905)619-3009 FAX:(905)619-3638

High Pressure Water Jetting :lna Liquid/Dry Vacuum Services Waste Water Treatment

Sponge Jet Cleaning I 576 Elgin St., Unit D


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Partnership for transformer and oil services puts new focus on recycling

PCB Containment Technology (Kitchener) Inc. and sister company Fluorescent Lamp Recyciers (FLR) Technologies Inc. have acquired AF White Ltd.

AF White provides industry and utilities with new quality, recycled transformer oil as well as associated

site services. ConTech and FLR recy cle and treat PCB contaminated oil and

VENT-O-MAT "Anti-SurgelAnti-Shock"

O^ctopus floating fine


equipment, fluorescent lamps, as well

fine bubbie

as mercury and other hazardous waste.

bubble systems


The new expanded company will pro vide for the treatment and recycling of


10-year warranty

Air ReleaseA/acuum Break Valves

for ideal cold

for Sewage & Water


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an American Water Services'company

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78 Environmentai Science & Engineering, May 2005

all transformer oils as well as the obso lete transformers themselves. AF White will continue to work out

of their recycling/treatment facility in Brantford, Ontario, while ConTech and

FLR continue to operate out of their treatment/transfer facility in Ayr, Ontario. For further information visit www.contech.ca

Infrastructure security guidelines issued to water utilities Drinking water and wastewater utili

ties working to incorporate enhanced security measures into facility design and operation can now benefit from three new interim voluntary security guidance documents that were funded by a grant from the U.S. Environ mental Protection Agency (EPA). The interim voluntary guidance documents provide drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities

with practical assistance for imple menting improved security measures in new and existing facilities of all

Environmental NEWS

Turn-Key Environmental Engineering:

H*ACDN/iErsj-ris sizes, addressing risks from manageri al, operational, construction and design perspectives. The water sector industry will benefit from these docu ments by gaining insight into utilities' present and future needs, which will help to mitigate risks associated with

'Hydrogen Fuel Generation

Technologies ...Turning Experience Into Profit

» Waste Water Management & Technology Systems

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Systems Phone: 416.301.4958 or 905.464.2586

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• Technology Commercialization

intentional attacks and natural disasters.

The interim voluntary guidelines were developed by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE). "Interim Voluntary Security Guidance for Water Utilities"

(developed by AWWA), "Interim Voluntary Security Guidance for Wastewater Utilities" (developed by WEF) and "Interim Voluntary Guidelines for Designing an Online Contaminant Monitoring System" (developed by ASCE) are available on each organization's website as follows: www.awwa.org, www.wef.org and www.asce.org.

Four decades of excellence in infrastructure planning Sr engineering BARRIE



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Creating Quality Solutions Together

R.V.Anderson Associates Limited environment • Infrastructure

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toronto welland Ottawa sudbury london moncton fredericton charlottetown bombay

Dofasco fined for oil spill Dofasco Inc. has been fined $60,000, plus a victim fine surcharge, for a January 2000 oil spill. The incident occurred when a significant amount of wash oil spilled from a company by product mill storm sewer outfall, even tually discharging into Hamilton Harbour. The spill resulted in the deaths of more than 100 ducks, birds

engineering ■ operations ■ management


Specialists in a compretienslve range of Environmental and Municipal Engineering

and waterfowl as well as numerous


fish. Dofasco Inc. officials did not



Email: in?o@cctatham.com

report the spill until approximately 3.5 hours after the oil was spotted in the boat slip. The court found that the company should have reported the spill immediately to MOE rather than delay the report while it investigated the cause of the spill.

CLEARViEW Geophysics Inc.


Web: www.cctatham.com

Get a dear view of: ' UST's, burled metal, debris & fill ' Former excavations & structures

Tiny Township fined for failure to sample for nitrate The Corporation of the Township of Tiny in Ontario has been fined a total of $21,500, plus victim fine sur charges. It owns and operates 19 com munal drinking water systems servic ing approximately 10,000 residents in Simcoe County. On April 4, 2005, the Corporation pleaded guilty to five counts of failing to sample for nitrate at five separate water distribution systems, contrary to Section 7 of Regulation 459/00 made under the OWRA.

"Specialists in non-intrusive ground investigations"

' Leachate plumes

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' Voids and fractures

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' Stratigraphy

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'Pipes and utilities


(New)- Geo Tube dewatering

Competent and Complete Services Lagoons, Digesters, Ponds, Giroux

Lakes, Marinas, Waste Reduction,

Municipal & Industrial Tel:(506) 684-5821, Fax:(506) 684-1915, Tel:(705) 235-5531, www.girouxinc.com May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 79

• • • • • • •

Environmental NEWS


Water & Wastewater Systems Process Optimization Stormwater Management Environment Planning Value Engineering Project Financing & Procurement Intelligent Water Systems (IWS)


Ontario reviews


133 Wynford Drive Toronto, ON M3C IKl

requirements for smaller

T: 416-441-4111 F: 416-441-4131 www.delcan.com

private water systems The Advisory Council on Drinking Water Quality and Testing Standards recently released its final report on requirements for Ontario's smaller, pri

ISO 9001/2000



vate drinking water systems. The advisory council held 12 public




consultation sessions in smaller com



munities across the province. It has recommended a new way of regulating water systems for facilities such as churches, community halls, bed and





breakfasts and tourist outfitters. Key recommendations include providing

EMSL Analytical, Inc. participates in the AIHA EMPATprogram


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(jS^p) EnviroMicrobial Services


a division of Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

• Drinking Water Contamination

• Cryptosporidium & Giardia

Source Detection • Indoor Air Quality Services

• Microscopic Particulate Analysis • Disinfection Efficacy Testing

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public health units with responsibility for inspecting these systems, and caseby-case risk evaluations to establish testing and treatment requirements.

Septage and liquid Industrial waste hauler fined for EPA violations Drain Problems Ltd. and Edward

James Ramsay have been fined a total of $17,000, plus victim fine sur charges, after pleading guilty to a total of ten counts under the Environmental

Gartner Lee Limitetd

Protection Act (EPA).

environmental strategies & solutions

The company hauls septage and liq

Environmental Science, Economics,

uid industrial waste in the County of

Planning & Engineering Solutions

Peterborough, Ontario. At the time of the offences, Mr. Ramsay managed the company's operations.

www.gartnerlee.com British Columbia I Alberta i Yukon i Northwest Territories i Ontario i Quebec

Geamatrix Consultants

March 25 and 27, 2003. During the investigation, a number of violations were identified including; • Using an unauthorized vehicle to

Engineers, Geologists, and Environmental Scientists

• Design of WaterAVastewater/Air Treatment Systems • Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000) ' Utility Minimization Audits (Energy, Water, tVasfesj • Remedial Designs/Remedial

transport grease trap waste.

• Failing to provide to the ministry, in

Actions • Phase l/ll Environmental Site Assessments • Soll/Groundwater

Contaminant Remedlations • Litigation Assistance yvww.geomatrixrcom

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The court heard that, in response to

public complaints, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) staff investigated the company's operations between

Unit G, 420 Weber St. Nortti, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 4E7

two separate instances, notification of a change of business address. • Disposing of hauled sewage at an unauthorized site.

• Without the required MOE approval,

permitting a company truck to be used

Giffels An Ingenium Group Company

to collect and transport septage.


• Contrary to the company's provi

• DRINKING WATER Treatment and Supply

sional certificate of approval, trans

porting biosolids on four occasions. • Permitting the driver of a vehicle used for the transportation of liquid industrial waste to operate the vehicle without appropriate training.

WA5TEWATER Collection and Treatment



Contact Stephen O'Brien or Peter Olios for more information j 416 675 5950-} giffels.com TORONTO I OTTAWA | KINGSTON | WINDSOR | WATERLOO

80 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005


Environmental NEWS

Experts in Water, Wastewater, Environmental Planning,and Simulation Software


British Columbia adds

12 water specialists to improve protection The government of British Columbia is investing $1.2 million to hire 12 additional water specialists to focus on groundwater and surface water protec


Consulting Engineers

210 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, NIT 1A8 Tel: (519) 624-7223 Fax: (519) 624-7224 1685 Main Street West, Suite 302, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1G5 Tel: (905) 522-0012 Fax: (905) 522-0031

E-mail: info@hydromantls.com Web: www.hydromanti8.com


Two groundwater hydrologists, four groundwater protection officers, five drinking water source protection spe cialists and one database administrator,

will be located throughout the Province. Communities getting the new positions include; • Penticton and Prince George (groundwater hydrologists). • Nanaimo, Surrey, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince George and Victoria (groundwater officers and/or drinking water source protection specialists). • Victoria (database administrator). The 12 new water specialists will work closely with local government, health officials, water suppliers and the well drilling industry to further protect and manage BC's water sup plies and safety. Among their responsibilities will be

assisting with the implementation of BC's new groundwater protection reg ulations. Introduced last year, the regu

lNT€GRnT€D CxPLORRTIONS Inc. Bio-Environmental Specialists since 1977 67 Watson Rd., Unit #1

. Environmental Microbiology • Biotreatment Optimization • Fungi, Bacteria & Algae ID • Contract R&D, UV Efficacy


• Bioremediation

Ontario, N1H 6N8

• Air & Water Biofilters

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• Site Investigations . Aquatic Spill Surveys

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GROUNDWATER TECHNOLOGY SPECIALISTS Engineers & Hydrogeologlsts Serving the Groundwater Industry for Over 70 Years 342 Bayview Drive, Box 310,

Tel; (705) 733-0111, Fax: (705) 721-0138

Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4IVI 4T5

E-mail; iws@iws.ca. Web site; www.iws.ca

Providing a wide range of Bnvlronmental Services


lations are the first of their kind in

B.C, designed to protect the Province's groundwater supplies. About 750,000 British Columbians get their drinking water from groundwater supplies.

Box 1386, Guelph,

TEC Division

LAB Division


Water & Wastewater Treatment I Environmental Assessment & Planning

Solid Waste Management i Stormwater Management I Watermain & Sewer Rehabilitation ].L. Richards & Associates Limited


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613 544-1424


705 705 522-8174 522-8174

705 705 360-1899 360-189

BC boosts

environment funding A $7.8 million increase for the

Expertise for the new world of Water and

Ministry of Water, Land and Air

Wastewater Management

Protection's 2004/05 budget will help the Province build on the significant

Providing Professional Services Since 1959

progress it has made supporting habi tat and wildlife protection and restora tion projects across BC. The Habitat Conservation Trust

KMK Consultants Limited

Offices in:

Brampton ♦ Pickering ♦ Kitchener ♦ Windsor ♦ Cobalt Telephone: 905-459-4780 E-mail: kmk@kmk.ca

Internet Site: www.kmk.ca

Fund (HCTF) will use $6.5 million of the $7.8 million budget to manage and support its ongoing conservation efforts by providing additional funding to community groups who undertake conservation projects. The Province has committed in its

2005 budget an additional $150 mil lion to enhance environmental protec tion and land-use certainty in British Columbia, including: • $91 million for the investigation and

Serving Ontario municipalities with innovative solutions. From commission to compliance. From source water to well water our Professional Geoscicntists

and M.O.E. Well Technicians arc here to serve you. LOTOWATF.R






May 2005, Environmental Sdence & Engineering 81

Environmental NEWS Leaders in

Engineering & Environmental Science



remediation of contaminated sites on Crown land.

• $5 million to increase the capacity


MacViro Consultants inc.

of the Environmental Assessment Office.

600 Cochrane Drive, Suite 500, Markham, ON L3R 5K3 (905) 475-7270 • Fax:(905) 475-5994 reception@macviro.com

• $16 million to increase the number


of park rangers and conservation offi cers and establish a BC Conservation

Corps to provide employment opportu Marshall Macklin

nities for students.

• $30 million to support land-use planning activities including the com


pletion and implementation of Land

Specialists in Environmental Planning and Engineering, Hydrogeology, Waste Management and Water Resources Toronto, Calgary, Mississauga, Whitby

80 Commerce Valley Drive East, Thornhill, ON L3T7N4 Telephone: 905-882-1 ICQ

FAX: 905-882-0055

E-mail: mmm@mmm.ca


and Resource Management Plans. • $8 million to implement the Drinking Water Protection Act, includ ing research into the protection of sur face and groundwater. New Brunswick



air quality improves Long-term trends for air quality in New

MAXXLINK - Internet Accessible Sample Tracking & Report Viewing Air Quality Monitoring Services Ultra Trace Contaminant Analysis by HRMS Rpsh Analysis

(a m Analytics Inc

Driven hy^ Service and Science


I Qu^:877462-9926|Atlantic Canada:800-565.7227

Brunswick continue to show improve ments throughout the Province.

The Report on Air Quality Monitoring Results for 2003 found that:

• Acid rain: trends continued down ward.

• Auditing of third party monitoring


sites: more sites were audited than in

2002, and compliance was generally good.

CONTRACTORS 1-800-894-4924 ASBESTOS • LEAD • ABATEMENT • DEMOLITION • RGB'S • MOULD www.envlronmentalhazards.com • www.toxicmold.ca E-mail; rec@restcraticnenvircnmental.ccm

® BurnsIde Providing innovative solutions in engineering and environmental sciences (519) 941-5331


• SO2 levels in Saint John increased in comparison to 2002. Some notably high SO2 levels were recorded at the new Paper Mill Pond site. These SO2 episodes were the subject of an official Environment and Local Government

investigation resulting in the Irving Refinery paying an administrative penalty for exceeding the SO2 limits for Saint John County. • Volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in Saint John were also up in 2003 compared with 2002. The results in this report show that the average compliance rate for regu lated air emissions throughout the province in 2003 was greater than 99 per cent, with only a few sites having compliance rates of less than 95 per cent.


Consulting Engineers

This report is available at www.gnb. ca/0009/0355/00i5/index-e.asp.

Since 1984 Specialists in Earth Engineering and Environmentai Sciences

Nova Scotia to cut

Geotechnicai, GeoEnvironmentai, Hydrogeology, Geosciences, Construction QA

sulphur emissions in half

238 Galaxy Blvd., Toronto, Canada M9W SR8 T 416-674-1770 F 416-674-1097 www.saraflnchin.com

82 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

New regulations introduced by the government of Nova Scotia will

Environmental NEWS require a 25 per cent reduction of sul phur dioxide by the end of 2005, and a

further 25 per cent reduction by the end of2010. Reductions are from 2001 levels.

tronic materials, public information and awareness programs and electron ics recycling-related research. This fee is part of Alberta's new electronics recycling program, the first

weather tower on Midwood Avenue by June 15, 2005, and maintain a tempo rary air quality monitor until the per manent one is in place. More information is available at:

The reductions will be achieved

of its kind in Canada. Since the pro gram was launched last October, Albertans have been dropping off unwanted televisions and computers to


through a lower cap on emissions for Nova Scotia Power Inc., emission reduction plans for other large emit ters, and by reducing the sulphur con tent of heavy fuel oil used in the Province.

"These regulations mean we'll have about 36,000 fewer tonnes of sulphur dioxide emitted each year," said Environment and Labour Minister

Kerry Morash "That's comparable to Nova Scotia Power shutting down one of its five generating stations." In addition, the power company will have a new limit on mercury emis sions. By 2009, it will also reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions by 20 per

Albertans to pay environmental fee on

over 75 collection locations across the


electronics Beginning February 1, 2005, electron ics retailers are required to collect an

In 2004, an estimated 190,000 tele visions and 90,000 desktop computers

environmental fee when new televi

- which contain hazardous materials

sions or computers (and related equip ment) are purchased in Alberta. The fee will cover the cost of collection, transportation and recycling of elec

such as lead and mercury - were dis carded from Alberta households. For



"A leader in providing innovative automation solutions to our customers." We offer a complete range of products & services in the areas of: • Systems Integration • Process Instrumentation • Control Panels • Chemical Packages • Programmable Logic Controllers • HMI/SCADA • Computer/Network Services • Service

cent from 2000 levels. For further

information go to www.gov.ns.ca/enla.

Irving Oil ordered to

Summa Engineering Limited

reduce emissions in

6423 Northam Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V1J2 • Tel:(905)678-3388, Fax:(905)678-0444 E-mail: info@summaeng.com • Website: www.summaeng.com

New Brunswick Irving Oil Ltd. is being ordered to limit emissions from its sulphur block to a level that should significantly reduce

A 47 Year

exceedances south of the Saint John,


New Brunswick refinery. The sulphur block is one of the major sources of sulphur dioxide emis sions in the refinery and is considered to be the main contributor to recent exceedances.




Tradition of Excellence in Engineering











Enviromnent and Local Government

Minister Brenda



announced an amendment to that

effect to Irving Oil's Approval to Operate for its Saint John refinery.


"To date, reductions in emissions from the sulphur block have not been

• Hazardous Site Clean-up & Remediation • Decommissioning and Demolition

sufficient to resolve the exceedances at

the Paper Mill Pond ambient monitor ing site," Fowlie said. "Therefore, Irving Oil must provide the department with details related to equipment to be installed to alleviate exceedances at the Paper Mill Pond, and provide a plan by May 31, 2005, stating how they propose to reduce

Tel: (905) 823-7965 Fax:(905) 823-7932 www.pcbdisposal.com

• Contaminated Soil Removal • On-site Water Treatment


• Wastewater

Solid Waste

emissions to the levels stated in their

1998 Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Registration." The minister said Irving Oil is also required to install a permanent ambi ent sulphur dioxide monitor and

•Asbestos and Mould Abatement

Environmental Assessment engineers



Site Assessment & Remediation

' System Optimization

Whitby • Barrle • Bracebriclge • Cobourg • Kingston • Kitchener-Waterloo • Ottawa•Sault Ste. Marie • St. Catharines

Tel;(905)668-9363•Toll Free: 1-800-668-1983•Fax:(905)668-0221 •E-Mail: tsh.@tsh.ca• www.tsh.ca

May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 83

Environmental NEWS environmental practices. In 2004, the OETC certified four courses offered

by Siemens Milltronics; Dual Pump Pumping Applications, Open Channel Flow Measurement Principles, Water

of the University of New Brunswick in Saint John and $5,000 to be paid to the Government of Canada's Environmental

Damages Fund,

administered by

Environment Canada.

and Wastewater Plant Level Control, and Data Communications. The courses are offered at the

Siemens Milltronics Learning Center located in Peterborough, Ontario. For additional information, visit www. siemens.com/processinstrumentation.

New OETC approved training for water and wastewater operators

Irving Pulp and Paper fined for untreated

Siemens Milltronics has launched

effluent discharge

training courses to help water/wastewater operators meet their yearly train ing requirements and, simultaneously, develop their instrumentation expert ise with water/wastewater applications

Following investigation by Environment Canada's Enforcement Officers, Irving Pulp and Paper pleaded guilty in New Brunswick provincial court for a viola tion that occurred on December 3, 2002 when the company deposited untreated paper mill effluent into Little River in Saint John during a test of a back-up

and level measurement control.

Operator courses and licensing are regulated for the Ministry of the Environment by the Ontario Environmental Training Consortium (OETC) which ensures that operators


The penalty of $30,000 includes a

take courses which are relevant to their

$2,500 fine to be paid to the court,

work and which are certified to be

$22,500 to be directed to environmen tal research by the Biology Department

compliant with current legislation and

Waterloo Hydrogeoiogic, inc. Modeling & Data Management Consultants ► ► ►

Ca/I us to

Contaminant Fate & Transport Model Review & Litigation Support Advanced Modeling Applications


Tel:(519) 746-1798* Email:consulting®waterloohydrogeologiccom


hydrogeologic ASd^umberiSfCornpany .


• Industrial / Municipal Wastewater Management • Watershed and Stormwater Management

• Drinking Water Quaiity and Treatment Kitchener Toronto area

Kingston Cincinnati

(519) 741-5774 (905) 829-8880 (613) 542-5888 (513) 841-9246


• Hydrogeoiogy investigation / Modeiiing • Environmental Site Assessment / Auditing • Remediation and Decommissioning • Environmentai Management Systems

Tackling municipal/industrial Odour & VOC issues is all we do. Our experts operate an In-house 8 person olfactometry lab and specialize In: • Assessments - odour sampling, odour panel evaluations, dispersion modelling & impact analysis • Community Odour Surveys • Liaison with Communities & Regulatory Agencies ' Development of Odour impact Mitigation Strategies • Technoicgy Selection, Applications & Pilot Trials • Design & Implementation of Odour Abatement Systems • System Performance & Compliance Tests

3425 Semenyk Court, Suite 200, MIssissauga, Ontario, L5C 4P9 Tel: (905) 277-1110* Fax:(905)277-1112 • www.zorlx.on.ca

84 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

substances in wastewater effluent The Federal government has an nounced two measures aimed at reduc

ing ammonia and chlorine coming from municipal wastewater treatment plants. The two instruments, pollution pre vention planning for chlorine and a guideline for ammonia, are the first components of a long-term strategy for municipal wastewater effluent to ensure that the release of wastewater

effluents does not pose unacceptable risks to human and ecosystem health and fishery resources across Canada. In November 2003, federal, provin cial




Ministers (through the Council of Canadian Ministers of the Environment) agreed to develop by 2006, a Canadawide Strategy for the management of

municipal wastewater effluent. The Federal government's principal tool to implement this strategy will be a regu lation under the Fisheries Act. This

strengthen your team!

Source Water Protection Planning

► WHPA Delineation

Initiatives to reduce toxic

will protect the environment and human health while aligning with measures by the provinces and munic ipalities in the planning of their invest ments for municipal wastewater treat ment.

In 2001, ammonia and chlorine in wastewater effluent were determined to

be toxic and harmful to a wide variety of fish, and other aquatic life. Environment Canada has consulted extensively to determine the best possible instrument to reduce these substances in wastewater

effluents. The pollution prevention plan ning requirements aim to achieve and maintain a concentration of total resid

ual chlorine that is not acutely toxic in the effluent released to surface water by December 2009. The objective of the guideline for ammonia dissolved in water is to achieve and maintain a con centration of ammonia in the effluent

that is not acutely lethal to fish, and does not induce chronic toxicity in the receiv ing waters. The final instruments were pub lished in the Canada Gazette, Part I in December 2004 and can be found at:



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Engineering Company Aco Container ADI International


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May 2005, Environmental Science & Engineering 851

Environmental NEWS

New MBR plant installed at remote BC drilling camp In August 2004, Sanitherm Engineering completed the installation ofa 14 m^/d submerged Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) plant at Meager Creek Hot Springs, which is a 20-25 minute helicopter ride from Pemberton, BC. The plant treats all of the domestic wastewater from a geothermal exploration facility drilling camp. Design concerns with the project included: • Remote location with transportation difficulties - 5,000 ft elevation. • High-strength camp waste. • Very cold environment. • Limited maintenance availability. • Very strict effluent quality requirements.

Over the past two years, Sanitherm has supplied 30 MBR plants, many of which were also in remote locations. Tests show that these MBR plants produce effluent less than 5/5 mg/1 BOD5/TSS, 5 mg/1 NH3-N. E-mail: jsmyth@sanitherm.com.

requires special cleaning to preserve

treat process wastewater from the future Seymour-Capilano filtration plant. The treated effluent (up to 9.6 million litres per day) will be dis charged into Burrard Inlet, in accor dance with the stringent requirements of the discharge permit issued by

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

modules of various sizes in order to

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The Seymour-Capilano filtration plant will be located in North Vancouver

disposal by JSC." said Douglas

and will draw water from the Seymour

Latimer, inventor. The Latimat is a US and Foreign

and Capilano reservoirs. It will be com pleted in 2007 and will supply drinking water(up to 1.8 billion litres per day) to

Stantec awarded Toronto's

Houston, Texas, will attract millions of

largest contract

people from all over the world to view the Saturn V Rocket. Having sat out

Stantec Consulting, with Earth Tech Canada, has been chosen to participate in the design and construction services for the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant




upgrades. This capital project is esti mated at $150 million. Ashbridges Bay TP, rated at 815 MLD,is currently the largest secondary wastewater treat ment plant in Canada. The overall objective is to provide odour control measures to meet the

objective of less than one odour unit at or beyond the plant's property limit and adjacent to the M and T sewage pumping stations. As part of the proj ect, a major upgrade of the coarse bub ble aeration system and the grit and screening facility in the D building will be carried out. Stantec and Earth Tech will be

researching a number of advanced technologies for the aeration system upgrade, including coarse and fine air and moving bed technologies. The project, which was initiated in January 2005, will be completed within a seven to eight year window. Contact Mark Jackson,(519) 585-7315. Latimat wins contract to clean Saturn V rocket Latimat, Inc. has won a contract to

power wash, clean and contain for proper disposal, the effluents of the Saturn V Rocket. Work on the project began in March 2005 and was expect ed to last 3-4 weeks. "We are thrilled to have been cho sen for this historic event. This muse

um at Johnson Space Centre in

side in the elements for almost 30

years, the accumulation of airborne contaminants adhered to the rocket

patented portable wash pad device uti lized by the US Military, as well as Home Depot tool rental stores. JLR celebrates 50th Year It was February 1955 when three

young engineers from Queen's, Les Richards, Noel Kirby and Art Fee,

homes, businesses and industries in the Greater Vancouver area.

For more information go to www. johnmeunier.com.

ZENON to supply world's largest membrane

launched J.L. Richards & Associates Limited from





Gilmour Street in Ottawa.

Throughout the late 1950s and '60s, JLR undertook designs and study reports on water supply and sewage collection systems for many of the small towns and villages in Eastern Ontario.

This laid the groundwork for O.W.R.C. (and later, MOE) servicing and treatment plant projects for these same towns and villages in the 1970s and '80s. Many of these plants are now undergoing second generation expan sions, again with JLR assistance. Actlflo clarifiers to treat

bioreactor ZENON Environmental Inc. has been

selected to supply King County in the State of Washington with what it claims is the largest membrane biore actor in the world. The ZeeWeed MBR

(membrane bioreactor) will treat an average day flow of approximately 144,000 cubic metres of municipal sewage per day, with peak flows up to 204,000 cubic metres, serving over 100,000 households. In addition, the company received an order for a sec ond smaller plant, which results in a total order value of $30 million.

Design of the greenfield plants is currently underway, with construction expected to begin in 2006 and comple

process wastewater at new plant in Vancouver

tion scheduled for 2010 for the larger

The Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) has selected John Meunier to supply three clarifiers to

smaller Carnation plant. For more information, visit: www.

86 Environmental Science & Engineering, May 2005

Brightwater plant and 2007 for the




Because pollutants and water do not mix.

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No Membranes^ No Problem Breakthrough



for Technology

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