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2000 Directory and Equipment Specifiers' Guide Millennium reflections - Tom Davey reviews the past 150 years Evaluating dual filters, coagulant aids and microfiltration UK forced to look at alternative biosolids options Maximizing treatment plant energy efficiency Oil still leaking from sunken WWII warship Making privately owned STPs a reality

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Don't allow gravity to hold you hostage. ZENON'sZenoGem" immersed membrane bioreactor eliminates the need

for gravit}' settling of solids...putting the operator back in control.

ZenoGem" replaces conventional filtration and integrates clarification, aeration and sludge digestion into a single step process. Membranes are immersed directly in the mixed liquor and are driven by a slight suction. Filtered effluent is drawn through the membrane,wliile solids are retained in the process tank...allowing operators to have precise control

of SRT and to focus on optimizing biological treatment without the worry of settling problems. ZENON's ZenoGem® consistently produces a high quality effluent that exceeds the most stringent effluent discharge criteria,and is ideal for direct reuse or reverse osmosis feed.

For over 20 years, ZENON has been applying ZenoGem* membrane teclinolog)' to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications...proving that membranes can effectively replace clarifiers to save land space, increase effluent quality and reduce capital and operating costs.

Wa ier for the VTo rid ZENON Environmental Inc.

Phone:(905)639-6320• Fax:(905)639-1812• www.zenonenv.com

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DIVISION 1 WINNERS: Ontario Highlanders Standing L-R: Bruno MIchlits, Dave Spiller-Coach, Tony GIsltsch, and Paul Bongelli Seated: Alasdair Reid

On October 12,1999, two hundred of the world's

best and brightest wastewater professionals met in New Orleans to decide the national championship of the WEF Operations Challenge '99Wlien the smoke cleared, the Ontario Highlanders finished first in "Division 1, Pump Maintenance".

As a proud sponsor of WEF Operations Challenge '99- and the supplier of the pump station used in the Maintenance event- Gorman-Rupp congratulates the Ontario Highlanders' Team on its outstanding victory.

Gorman-Rupp of Canada, Ltd



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December/January 2000 Vol. 12 No.6 Issued January, 2000

Robie Reservoir

roof replacement project See page 38





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IVlliiennium reflections by Tom Davey Biosollds options as ocean dumping ends Could global warming be beneficial? Treatment plant energy cost efficiency New concerns over parasites Groundwater monitoring at the PNGS Making privately owned STPs a reality


Controi centre monitors 2,500 sites

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Plants produce biodegradable plastic Central de-icing facility at Toronto's airport In-situ heat treatment destroys contaminants Centrifugal pump selection considerations Evaluating filtration options Mandated product "take-back" Poll reveals poor perception of engineering Using household waste for heating

106 Cuiverts save animals and costs to motorists

107 Liquid macrofiltration market study 108 Air filter market could top $4.5 billion 110 Noise reduction goes high-tech

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Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


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the water


NEW senslOn meters New Hach-manufactured senslOn meters are so sure of themselves, they come with a three-year-warranty. If that doesn't blow you out of the water, their performance certainly will. You'll get ultra-fast electrode response, quick and easy calibration, datalogging (even on our portable models through a revolutionary docking station) and an intuitive, easy-to-follow interface. Pair them up with our robust new electrode line and prepare to be blown away by the results.

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dissolved oxygen

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Spill Remediation

British warship sunk in WWII stiii leaks oil Fresh way of separating oil from water

The problem of mopping up

bunker oil leaking from a sunken British warship has led to a compromise solution between the British Royal Navy (RN) who wish the wreck to remain an undis

turbed war grave, and environmentalists worried about the possible effects on local wildlife.

For 60 years the remains of the once mighty HMS Royal Oak have lain un touched, a grave for the 883 men who died when the battleship was sunk in the waters of Scapa Flow near the island of Orkney, off the coast of Scotland. Ever since the night in October 1939, when torpedoes from a German U-Boat ripped into her sides as she was moored, fuel

oil has steadily trickled out across the surface of the water. In recent years, the problem has risen as the thousands of tonnes of oil still in the corroding hull threaten a potential environmental dis

The oil mopping technique may help prevent an environmental disaster similar to the Amoco Cadiz spiiiage off the coast of Brittany in 1978, one of the worst in stances of oil poiiution in history. Photo - "PA" News


As with most problems, it has two sides. The ship is one of the UK's major war graves, honoured annually by the RN and the islanders in a remembrance serv

ice when divers hoist a white ensign flag on her stern. But not far offshore, the

wreck poses a menace to Scapa Flow's large seal population and several species of rare birds. While respecting the crew's memory, conservationists want the oil removed as quickly and safely as possi ble. With this dilemma uppermost in their minds, the specialist and experienced engineers from the RN's Environmental Unit at Bath, western England, are con ducting a unique operation that they hope will remove the oil without needing to cut open the war grave. Divers will attach a steel umbrella

costing ÂŁ20,000 to the upturned hull to trap the oil before bringing it to the sur face where it will be removed each month. It is estimated that the wreck

will be empty by 2014. This novel so lution came about when Roger Tollervy, the project's director, realized that it was

The wreck was first examined by RN

divers gathering samples of the leaking oil ready for laboratory analysis. To do this, they rigged a temporary tent over the leak and funnelled the oil droplets into a container. Mr. Tollervy realized that if a structure could be put in place above the hull, the oil would float into

it. He asked his engineers to develop a permanent version using natural force rather than pumps, to collect oil that is circulating within the hull. He spent two years on the plan after retrieving the ship's plans from the National Maritime Museum in London, to create a three-

dimensional computer model. This al lowed the team to assess the structure

without entering the hull. Divers later established that oil was escaping through holes created by shrunken rivets. "The hull is surprisingly strong and is more sound than we expected," he said. "Our extensive structural surveys now judge the hull life to be at least 50 years. Although the superstructure is badly corroded, no oil is stored there.

the natural action of the tide and winds

The bunker oil in the main hull is leak

that was already pushing the oil to the

ing slowly at an average of four litres per hour. "At the moment, this does not repre


By Michael Boyd, LPS Special Correspondent

out for a maximum of another 15 years, assuming a constant flow rate and the maximum amount of oil."

Conservationists, anxious to protect Scapa Flow's seals and rare birds, would prefer a quicker solution. "It's a timebomb," said Eric Meek, an officer with

the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). "The ship is lying less than half a mile offshore and at this time

of year, Scapa Flow is an area of major importance for Arctic wintering birds." Sharing this concern is Bob Moore, director of Orkney Islands Council Har bours, who said: "It's a compromise but hopefully a speedier solution can be ar rived at in time." The RN Project team are mindful of these concerns and so,

once the canopy has been proven to be satisfactory, it will then considerably accelerate the flow using taps fixed to the rivets. Later, it will also investigate other ways of safely increasing the re covery rate.

In the remote event of any of this oil coming ashore in sufficient quantities to cause shoreline pollution, the RN have back-up and expertise at a huge oil ter minal located on the island.

For details, contact Steve Willmot,

sent an environmental hazard as it is dis

PR Office, HM Naval Base Clyde,

persed by the natural action of the ocean. If nothing were done, the oil would seep

Faslane, Scotland, UK. Tel; -1-44 1436 674 321, Fax: -1-44 1436 811 066.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Our new technology has revolutionized kaS

ozone generation.

Before you make a decision on the economic benefits of

ozone generation for your plant or project coll the experts


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Ozone Generator for drinking water service at the Randall Bold WaterTreatment Plant, Contra Costa Water District,CA

A high concentration ozone generator operating on air at the Orlando Utilities Commission,Orlando,FL

Generator and power supply unit at the New Jersey American Water Company,Delaware River Regional WTP,Delran, NJ

Leading the Way in Ozone Technology For more information, circf

104(See page 25)


Technology The Clean Techm

491 Edward H. Ross Dr. • P.O. Box 455

Elmwood Pork, NJ 07407

Phone:(201) 794-3100* Fox:(201) 794-3358 www.ozonianorfhamerica.com

Back from the future -a remarkable past

Millennium fever is cresting as ES&E com

pletes its 12th year of publishing, an appro priate opportunity to revisit the past and ex amine the quite remarkable progress in water treatment and public health. The literature shows that engi neers and chemists responded to life-threatening epidemics with remarkable prescience,research and intelligence. Sur prisingly, their efforts - and positive results- predate con temporary activism by more than a century. For example,in response to a 1854 cholera epidemic in Hamilton, Ontario, which killed 552 of the city's 14,000 inhabitants, the city commis sioned a waterworks and

pumping station. The remark able Thomas Keefer began building his steam-driven water pump which was com

pleted in 1859'. His engineer ing masterpiece was recently restored to its former glory by UMA Engineering, and re mains a fine monument to

lonely dream which yielded an incredible amount of statis tical data. He walked miles along river banks, estimated the effects of tides on river flows, compiled reams of statis tics on water supply sources and tabulated them with chol era outbreaks.

Nor did he lack courage. After he traced a large number of deaths to the Broad Street hand-operated water pump in London's Soho district, he had

the pump handle removed, thus preventing water from this well being used. To cut off an area's water supply was a bold step which preceded Greenpeace by more than 120 years. His activism was bal anced by altruism when he published On the Mode of Communication of Cholera (1855). This painstaking work included a map of Soho which indicated the cholera

deaths for every home served by water companies in the area. The book cost him 200

pounds sterling to publish, a large sum in those days,espe

Canadian environmental engi neering. Though the germ theory was unknown at the

cially for a man who was far from wealthy. Only 56 cop

time of construction, this

him three pounds 12 shillings.

pump alone is now thought to have saved thousands of lives

ies were sold which earned The medical establish ment's indifference at a time

when thousands were dying of cholera was quite astounding. In spite of his extensive re Now, as we conclude the searches, plus the demands of 20th century with fantastic his medical practice, he was analytical and design capabili ties, it is difficult to believe The walking beam of Thomas Keefer's masterpiece restored finally able to publish his cor rect hypothesis about the ali that even in the late 19th cen- for all to see by UMA Engineering Ltd. in 1998. mentary mechanism of cholera and how the disease was tury, thousands died from water borne diseases. Any sug spread, in a medicaljournal. His prescience is shown in his gestion of germ theories brought ridicule even though medi recommendation to boil water used for drinking and culi cal science had no idea of what caused cholera, typhoid or nary purposes long before Pasteur was to become a house other lethal diseases. Well over 150 years ago, John Snow, a London doctor, hold word. While Dr. Snow met with rebuffs and indifference, more began to suspect that cholera was 'biological in origin and than two decades later, Louis Pasteur was holding Paris au multiplied itself by a kind of growth'. He began to do ex diences spellbound with his discoveries and demonstrations. tensive field work in his epidemiological studies while main He showed that putrefaction occurred only in material which taining a busy medical practice. Lethal epidemics,in those is exposed to air in which millions of germs of many spe days,could sweep across continents like conquering armies. cies are present. His first researches were with wine, beer, Cholera outbreaks were often made worse by ignorance then silkworms and he was also the first to vaccinate sheep because neither the diseases, nor their transmission modes against anthrax. Only around 1876 did Pasteur turn to the were even remotely understood by the medical profession. infection of humans. Today, pasteurization is a synonym Dr. Snow's arduous field research was conducted in the face of medical scepticism and even mockery. With neither for health around the world in many languages, a memorial any scientist would envy. Louis Pasteur received many hon funding nor the analytical and statistical resources which ours,including professorial appointments,induction into the are available to modem epidemiologists, he pursued his French Academy of Medicine and a life pension from the A personal view by Tom Davey French National Assembly.

by permitting access to a purer water source.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Millennium Reflections

Though Dr. Snow's work on germ theory was published in 1855, it was not until the 1870s that Robert Koch pub lished his findings after visiting Calcutta and Alexandria. He recovered the comma-shaped bacteria of vibrio cholerae from the intestines of people who had died of cholera, then learned how to cultivate them outside the body on beef-broth jelly. In 1884 he received a hero's welcome in Berlin, a medal and

100,000 marks from the Reichstag. In contrast to the recognition of Koch and Pasteur, Dr. Snow was never elected to the Royal Society and was virtu ally forgotten when he died of a stroke at the age of 44. His legacy gave long life to hundreds of thousands, perhaps mil lions. Most will never know that they, their parents, grand parents, great grandparents and beyond, might never have been bom but for a lone doctor's tenacity and foresight - a milestone in public health and pure drinking water. Another milestone in public health was the creation of theAmericanWater Works Association in 1881,tobejoined later by what is now the Water Environment Federation. These world-renowned bodies have done much to advance

the state-of-the-art in public health, with Canada having a strong presence reflected in several AWWA and WEE asso ciations and sections throughout Canada. Worthy of note as we enter the new millennium - only one person has ever been president of both the AWWA and WEE, Dr. Albert

Mobile drinking water treatment facilities unquestionably saved thousands of lives in WWI. But few Canadians know of the remarkable Canadian chemist Lt. Colonel Nasmith.

Gore & Storrie Ltd.

The younger Lieutenant Berry was bora two months be fore the commencement of the 20th century. One of nine children bora on a farm, his life was to become a brilliant

litany of achievements. When he died at the age of 90, he was probably the most honoured environmental engineer in the world. I met him many times. During one interview at

Edward Bemy^.

his home, he told me he had met Ardera and Lockett, the

But even as the young Albert Berry served in the army as a lieutenant during WWI,a Canadian chemist, Lt. Colo nel Nasmith, played a major role on the battlefields of France and Belgium. His outstanding academic record included

discoverers of the activated sludge process. He met many

an M.A., Ph.D., D.P.M., and a D.Sc.- all from the Univer

sity of Toronto. His studies enabled him to devise viable methods to purify drinking water on the battlefields. This was a vital service as impure drinking water has killed more people than weapons of war. As officer commanding No. 5 Mobile Laboratory in France, he had full supervision of all water purification for the First Canadian Army and latterly, the second British Army in the field. Dr. Nasmith also played a major role in the understanding that the first use of gas warfare by the enemy at Ypres,in April, 1915, was a combination of chlo rine and bromine. Retuming from the army, he later be came one of the founding partners of what is now CH2M

Tne late Pat Bourgeois (left), handed over the FACE Chain of Office in 1979 to Stan Mason of BC, a former Chair of BCW& V^A and Fuller awardee. Photo - Tom Davey

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

other notable scientists as he embarked on his brilliant career

as both an academic and public servant. As the first General Manager and Chief Engineer of the Ontario Water Resources Commission in 1956, he presided over unprecedented construction of water and wastewater treatment plants throughout Ontario. 1 was privileged to discuss some of the OWRC data at a World Health Organi zation conference in Rome. Many delegates said this scale of treatment plant construction in Ontario was unmatched anywhere in the world. Regrettably, like Dr. Snow and Dr.

Nasmith, most people have never heard of Dr. Berry, nei ther have some senior Ministry of Environment people. This is astounding really as the Ministry stemmed directly from the OWRC.

These three men, a doctor, a chemist and an engineer, had a tremendous impact on the environment and public health yet they languish in obscurity. While activism is usually associated with protest move ments, many courageous initiatives were undertaken by these environmental pioneers. Working alone. Dr. Snow showed great tenacity and generosity of spirit as he pursued his re search and financed his own findings. Dr. Berry, scientist, engineer and civil servant,frequently took on politicians who were reluctant to upgrade water treatment facilities because they wished to avoid the costs. But, Dr. Berry, unlike Dr. Snow,had the power and resources of a rich province behind him, which, it must be said, he used wisely and effectively. Dr. Philip Jones, P.Eng., a key figure in the creation of the University of Toronto's Institute for Environmental Stud ies, collaborated with me on an article on eutrophication in 1968, in which he called for a reduction in phosphorus in laundry detergents. The article, published in Water & Pol lution Control, received national media coverage and re-

Millennium Reflections

the 20th century. Dr. Norman, a former Professor at McMaster University, carried out some pioneering studies using fish as biological monitors, decades ago. The late Pat Bourgeois, one of the driving forces when the Association Quebecoise des Techniques de I'Eau was formed, was AQTE's first AWWA Director. He became President of the Federation of Associations on the Cana

dian Environment, and passed over the Chain of Office to BC's Stanley Mason in Vancouver at a BCW&WA annual conference. Bob Goodings,another Fuller awardee,received the Chain of Office in 1980 in Toi-onto. Later, FACE, a

bilingual acronym, dissolved into what is now the Cana dian Association of Water & Wastewater Associations. I

was attending the AQTE meeting in Quebec City when Pat Bourgeois was presented with an honorary presidency by AQTE. Tragically, he was felled by a heart attack and died the same day. All of the above are professional engineers. AQTE, now Reseau environnement, was, by far, the most Dusanka Filipovic, P.Eng. (centre), an award-winning inven tor, was beiieved to be the first person ever to serve on the

boards of both the OVJ\NA anid WEAO at the same time. Photo taken as she won the PEO's Engineering /[dedal in 1991. Gordana Nikoiic, P.Eng., (ieft) and Tom Davey (right).

suited in numerous TV and print interviews. He was later invited to testify at a Congressional Hearing in Washing ton, DC,on the subject. The original article was also pub lished in Crisis^, an environmental anthology by MacMillan of Canada in 1971. This book also contained an essay by Professor Jim Dales, who in my opinion, first posited the idea of emissions trading which is now taking place on a global scale. Later, I was invited to meet with Joe Greene, then fed

eral Energy and Resources Minister' and wrote a further article on eutrophication from that interview. Some learned scientists were doing sophisticated and award-winning re search into the causes of eutrophication but I believe it was the activism of Philip Jones which was a major factor which

aggressive and powerful association in the environmental field in Canada. Few ministers of environment-federal or

provincial - would pass up any opportunities to address AQTE conferences. Until the final decades of the 20th century, when Rachel Carson shocked the world with her Silent Spring, women usually played a secondary role in environmental affairs. Notable exceptions were Jeanne Sauve, a federal Environ ment Minister and later Governor General, Ruth Grier and Brenda Elliott, both of whom became Ontario Environment

Ministers. At the same ministry, Anne Vajdic was a highly regarded researcher, writer and presenter at environmental conferences. In academia. Dr. Pamela Stokes (now Welbourn), became the first woman Director of the Institute for

Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto in 1984. In professional associations, a new generation has taken leadership roles in environmental engineering and chemis try. In 1992, Marie Meunier, M.Sc., became President of what is now Reseau environnement, still the foremost envi

ronmental body in la belle Province. Penny Davey became

led to an amendment to the Canada Water Act. This amend

the first woman to be elected President of the Qntario Pollu

ment restricted the amount of phosphorus in detergents. Dr. Jones received the A.E. Beiry Award from the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers and the Professional Engineers of Ontario's Engineering Medal. A professor of both microbiology and civil engineering, he played a major role in many international events. These included World Health Organization symposia in Rome, Italy, Jabolonu, Poland, and lectures in Beijing, Harbin and Tsienjin. He was conference chairman of the 10th Biennial Conference of the International Association on Water Qual ity, 1980, in Toronto. Later he became founding Professor of the new Environmental Engineering School at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, where he died in 1994. His friend and mine. Dr. J.D. Norman,P.Eng., was lAWQ

tion Control Equipment Association in 1995 and Pat

Conference President in 1998, the last such conference of

'ES&E, November 1998. ^Geoff Scott became the second Canadian WEF President

in 1979, whiie Rod Hoime of Earth Tech Canada, compieted his term as AWWA President in Chicago in June 1999. ^Library of Congress catalogue card No. 70-151172. "•There was no federal environment ministry untii BC's Jack Davis became Canada's first federai Environment Minister.

^ES&E's June 1999 issue, page 10 (www.esemag.com). 10

Lachmaniuk was elected the 1996/1997 Chair of the Ontario

Water Works Association. She was succeeded by Judy MacDonald, while Laurie Lotimer headed the Ontario Water

Works Equipment Association. Once rarities at such confer ences, women,in fact, were dominant at the Ottawa meeting, the last such meeting in the old century^ Belated recogni tion? Yes, but surely a good auguiy for the new century. There seemed to be few women engineers when I was approached to write a 30 minute film in 1987 to com memorate 100 years of Canadian engineering. The film was finished on time and within budget and first screened at Toronto's Royal York Hotel before being shown across Canada in English and French. Its title? The Invisible Profession. Then, as now, the title regrettably, remains appropriate. The accomplishments have been considerable but yes, there remains much more to be done. Our environmental

budgetary needs - for new infrastructure, restoration, remediation and new construction - remain the orphan of government spending. Projected costs, merely to rehabili tate existing infrastructure, have been estimated in excess of our federal deficit, posing new challenges for environ mental professionals as the 21st century unfolds. â?– Environmental Science & Engineering. January 2000

Let it rain! The StormceptorÂŽ System fights stormwater pollution at the source! STUDIED IN THE LABORATORY

Engineered to efficiently separate oil and sediment from stormwater flows, Stormceptor protects stored pollutants from scouring with its built-in high flow by-pass. STUDIED IN THE FIELD

With several thousand installations throughout North America, Europe and Australia, Stormceptor provides a tried and tested solution to source pollution problems. TYPICAL INSTALLAHGNS

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Industry Update Site remediation in remote locations Conor Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc. has devel oped a windmill that cleans up contaminated soil in remote locations where electrical power is unavailable. The com pany has already sold its first windmill to a major petro leum company for use in cleaning up petroleum hydrocar bon from soil and groundwater at a former service station site in northern Ontario.

WWW.aquaticsciences.com The Aquatic Sciences Inc. website displays a wide range of Environmental Analytical Services for utilities, industries and municipalities. Link to e-mail for specific enquiries.

Aquatic Sciences inc. PO Box 2205, 250 Marlindale Road, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7R8

905-641-0941 Telephone 905-641-1825 Facsimile www,aquaticsciences.com

For more information, circle reply card No. 130

In remote areas, the use of this wind-powered system for site remediation promises to reduce costs, eliminate some of the environmental risks associated with other systems and in some cases, make remediation possible where it oth erwise might not have been. The windmills, called Windsparge, are already creating great interest among some major companies, notes Wayne McPhee, manager of remediation engineering and technol ogy for Conor Pacific. "Currently, diesel generators are used for remote-site remediation. Transportation of diesel fuel is costly and labour-intensive since it has to be regularly moni tored and tanks refuelled. In some cases, diesel tanks have

leaked and re-contaminated the area that is being cleaned up." The Windsparge, is a patent-pending process that uses soil bacteria and wind power to clean up contamination. The windmill powers an air pump that generates air flow and pressures to create effective flow of oxygen through the soil and groundwater which then encourages growth of microbes that degrade the contaminants. The air flow is kept at a particular level by accumulating in a pulse tank until sufficient pressure and volume develops. The Windsparge is claimed to effectively clean up bio degradable contaminants including gasoline, diesel,fuel oil and jet fuel. The windmills are low-maintenance and easily transportable, making them ideal for remote applications including former gas station sites, areas around pipelines and wellheads, former military bases where diesel and jet fuel have been used, DEW Line sites and anywhere where there have been spills or leaking tanks. Contact Conor Pacific's web site at: www.conor


Valves, piping and pipelines handbook The new edition of the Valves, Piping and Pipelines Hand book is now available from Elsevier Advanced Technology.


Published October 1999, this third edition of the handbook

was updated to provide information on new products and applications. Coverage includes the latest valve designs available that are capable of reliable operation and performance in difficult fluid handling situations. Also included are details on how new materials and coatings that are more corrosion and tem perature resistant can be used to improve both reliability and application ranges, including new and improved polymers, plastic composite materials and ceramics. The handbook considers the sophisticated design and manufacturing changes that have taken place in fibre-rein forced plastic pipe systems, glass reinforced epox pipe sys tems, and traditional low-cost polyester pipes as well as the impact of digital technology with the development of con trol devices to position valve actuators and to monitor in stallations.

Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook, ISBN: I 85617 252 X,$215 US,E-mail: mandasmith@compuserve.com. For more information, circle reply card No. 131

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Industry Update

Alberta Minister endorses

Dagex Inc.introduces...Step Screen® Future & Step Screen Vertical for solids/liquid separation

BOVAR actions BOVAR's decision to import waste to the Swan Hills Treat ment Centre makes good environmental sense, says Alberta Environment Minister, Gary Mar. He pointed out that, by safely treating imported waste, the Swan Hills facility will help other countries manage a problem that is a global con cern. "Alberta is a world leader in treating and disposing of hazardous waste. The experience and capability at the Swan Hills Treatment Centre means Alberta is part of the solution to a global problem," said Mar. Provincial and federal legislation, regulations and moni toring will continue to protect the health and safety of Albertans and other Canadians. Legislation also permits BOVAR,which operates the Swan Hills facility, to directly import waste for treatment so the facility can operate to capacity. "The risk is in other countries dumping their hazardous waste without treating it. For example, even though Alberta's inventory ofPCBs is virtually eliminated, airborne


angle between 40° & 60° is selected to suit individual site



Step Screen Future The variable Installation angle guarantees: optimal adjusting to the individual hydraulic situation, such as limited upstream levels due to preceding hoists; operating reliability due to tailor-made layout.

PCBs from other countries still contaminate our environ

ment," said Mar. "We enjoy the benefits of imported prod ucts, and we must take some responsibility for dealing with the resulting waste." Alberta and federal laws strictly regulate what kind of waste can be accepted. For example, radioactive, explo sive or biological materials cannot enter the Province. Also,

Alberta and federal dangerous goods requirements apply to hazardous waste shipments. These shipments must follow designated routes, undergo regular checks and require spe cial containers or trucks. Drivers must have special train ing and a knowledge of emergency response procedures. In the last 12 years, about 10,000 shipments of hazard ous waste have crossed the Province to the Swan Hills fa

cility, with an excellent safety record. Many of those ship ments came from other provinces, some with waste that originated in the United States and off-shore. Ontario and Quebec have accepted hazardous waste from other coun tries for some time.

An Alberta Environment inspector lives in the town of


Step Screen Vertical Pointing -the-way screening technology for 80° installation, ideal for narrow and deep channels, big discharge heights and big throughputs.

Swan Hills and conducts frequent unannounced inspections. The department meets with plant staff monthly to review the facility's performance. BOVAR is required to monitor emissions as well as the quality of the air, groundwater, soil,

The success and broad acceptance of the STEP SCREEN

vegetation and wildlife around the plant site. BOVAR has treated over 180 million kilograms of toxic, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing and other hazardous waste since 1987. This is hazardous waste that otherwise might have been disposed in a landfill without prior treatment. Hazardous waste includes paint and solvents; outdated medi

system is due to its function,easy-to-understand operation, simple cleaning, (self-cleaning effect is due to the counter current principle), easy servicing, ability to handle very large screenings volumes and operating reliability. The motor linkage drive has been developed from the proven and patented link system. To the benefit of our customers, we did intentionally avoid difficult-to-maintain

cines; PCBs from electrical transformers and some fluores

chain drives, with the linkage type we are able to master the occuring bending moments on the laminae,in particular with high water levels.

cent light ballasts; and chemicals from dry-cleaning, ma chining and other industries. Alberta was the first province to submit an action plan to reduce greenhouse gases to the national Voluntary Challenge and Registry, and earned an award for that plan. Alberta has successfully restored several endangered species,includ ing swift foxes and peregrine falcons. A national program for monitoring and reporting on the status of wildlife was built on the Alberta model.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

The Step Screen® system

Distributed by:

:>X DAGEX INC. 4141 Yonge Street, Suite 307, North York, Ontario M2P 2A8 Tel:(416) 250-7111, 1-800-665-7136, Fax:(416) 250-8111 E-mail: dagex©istar.ca Web site: www.dagex.ca

For more information, circle reply card No. 132

Industry Update

Research chair on drinking water ecology created

and reliable sources of drinking water. The $4.6 million chair will take an

interdisciplinary approach to under standing the ecological processes that determine drinking water quality, and will evaluate the impact of watershed management activities, water supply operations, and changes in the food chain. Initial study sites are Victoria, Vancouver and the Cranbrook-Kimberly area, with plans to include other water

The University of Victoria has estab lished Canada's first university-based research chair on the environmental

management of drinking water. The chair, which is a unique partnership of academe, government and industry in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova

Scotia, will be the focal point of a ma

jor research program on the ecological processes that contribute to safe, clean

utilities in the future.

Dr. Asit Mazumder, University of

Victoria biologist, is the Senior chair. He is an internationally known aquatic ecologist. His first task is to set up a world-class research facility and re search team. The team will include a

junior chair in teiTCstrial ecosystem ecol ogy, a research associate, lab manager, research manager, a large number of graduate and undergraduate students, and collaborators from industry, univer sity and government. Contact: Dr. Asit Mazumder,(250) 472-4789, or(250) 721-6150.

Earthquake research THE FUTURE OF


A report in the MCEER Bulletin, Sum


mer 1999, mentions a monograph on the effects of earthquakes on buried pipe lines. It reviews the behaviour of bur

ied pipeline components subject to per manent ground deformation and wave propagation hazards, as well as existing methods to quantify the response. The review focuses on simplified procedures which can be directly used in the seis mic analysis, and design of buried pipe line components. Where alternative approaches for

analysis or design are available, results from the different procedures are com

pared. Finally, the authors attempt to

Waste water slurry being le Derrick Flo-Line screening mac



benchmark the usefulness and relative

accuracy of various approaches through comparison with available case histo ries. Source - Concrete Pipe Digest dertianas. wnicn are

Hatch endows chair at

d on corporations

U of T Hatch,a Mississauga-based engineering firm, recently donated $1 million to the University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) to create a chair that will help

^ control B.O.D emand) discharges eatment costs, have

dous need for efficient;

^effective equipment;t;

provide business skills to students pur suing careers in information and com munications technology-based indus tries. The gift will establish the Hatch

iier solids concentfi

ration, with over 4ÂŽ hg experience,is no tnis equipment tech

Chair in Technology and Management. The university will match the donation

Waste water indust

ugh utilizing the Derric unit design, high fluid ^Effectively handled at

to create a $2 million endowed fund.

The chair will develop new graduate and undergraduate courses and pro

hs openings. This


grams that will teach students from vari ous disciplines such as engineering and business, how to manage projects in technically-oriented firms. The chair s proce



1 586 Griffiths Place

4141 Yonge St., Suite 307 North York, Ontario M2P 2A8

Kelowna, British Columbia V1Z2T7 Phone: 604-769-3848 Fax; 604-769-5859


will extend students' technical skills and

Phone: 416-250-7111 or 1-800-665-7136 Fax:416-250-8111

For more information, circle reply card No. 133 (See page 25)

knowledge, particularly in the informa tion technologies and communications industries. The chair will also be respon sible for researching the changing na ture of technology, and its role in shap ing business and society.

Envirnninental Science & Engineering, January 2000

I n


Our customers come in all sizes,too. Whether you're a large, local or small company. Hertz Equipment Rental has the tools for your trade. And since we've added 27 new locations to our family of companies in Canada, you'll have better access to a wider range of reliable, brand-name equipment. With over 30 years of experience in the rental business we'll help you get the job done. Whether it's in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario or Saskatchewan.

To contact the Hertz Equipment Rental location nearest you call Hertz 1-888-777-2700 or visit us on the web at www.hertzequ1p.com


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Industry Update KMK celebrates four

Changes called for In engineering education

decades of consulting

In Canada The Canadian Academy of Engineer ing has released a report calling for changes in engineering education across the country. This report, titled Evolution ofEngineering Education in

ment to make the changes necessary to meet the future needs of the engineer ing sector. The Evolution of Engineering Edu cation in Canada is available on-line

at: www.acad-eng-gen.ca.

New multi-media CD-ROM launched

Canada, is the work of a Task Force

KMK Consultants Limited celebrated

40 years in business with a gala event, attended by over 200 friends,clients and associates. Emil Kolb (at podium). Chairman of Peel Region,shared a joke with Robert D. Fleeton, President of

KMK, while presenting the firm with a commemorative certificate of achieve

ment acknowledging KMK's 40 years practice of consulting engineering in Ontario.

KMK is a multidisciplinary consult ing firm specializing in water and wastewater process evaluation and design, in land development and in landscape ar chitecture.

established by the Academy in 1998 to consider how engineering education should respond to the changes in sci ence and technology,international busi ness, the environment,safety and other issues.

The report calls for a dialogue with respect to changes that would encour age: A broadening of learning for en gineering students; greater interaction between industry,faculty and students; increased focus on lifelong learning and self-directed instruction; research with

greater relevance to industry; and the promotion of enhanced technological literacy among the general public. With the release of the report, the Academy is calling for a detailed dis cussion of the report's content among faculty, students, business and govern-

The Stormceptor Group of Companies and its affiliates have announced the re lease of a new CD-ROM. This CD-

ROM uses a multi-media approach in presenting the Stormceptor series of products and is the platform for the launch of the new regionally based Stormceptor sizing guidelines. These sizing guidelines have been designed to account for the effects of local hydrology. In addition to local rainfall, the sizing program considers drainage area, site imperviousness, particle size distribution and settling velocities in the selection of an appro priate Stormceptor size for implemen tation.

To order a copy of the CD-ROM, call: 1-800-565-4801, or fax a request to:(416) 626-8710.





Industrial and Munlcliial WaterI Wastewater Treatment Water Quality Measurement and Centrol Systems


•Dissolved Oxygen •Flow

•pH •Sampling

•Suspended Solids

•Gas Detection

•Interface Level


•Sludge Retention Time


•Area/Velocity Meters







Tel:(905)457-5145 Fax:(905)457-1730 Http://www.frontenac-env.com

21 Umtteti 1045 Soutti Service Road W., Oakvilfe, ON L6L 6K3 Tei;(905) 847-2740 • Fax:(905) 827-6984

saIes@frontenac-env.com service @frontenac-env.com

Internet: www.cancoppas.com • E-Mail: contrels@cancoppas.com


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rippl Want to know why we're stirring up the waters in our industry? Because as your single source for water coagulation products and chemistry, there's no need to go anywhere else. Our extensive range of products, including aluminum- and iron-based chemicals for water and wastewater treatment,

means we can provide the right solution for your specific needs. And with comprehensive technical services from regional offices across Canada and the United States, we've got the expertise and experience to back it up.

Watch for the ripples to extend even further with new product development and future acquisitions to provide you with the right product where and when you need it. As the industry leader, Eaglebrook is prepared to make a few waves.

ÂŽ www.eaglebrook.net


i-800-428-331 I

Matteson, Illinois

Your Single Source For more information, circle reply card No. 136(See page 25)

Industry Update

Ontario updates occupational exposure limits

Over a period of 90 days, the gov ernment is consulting with industry and labour to discuss the new mandatory exposure limits. Then, over the year

Ontario is moving to update exposure

2000, Labour Minister, Chris Stockwell

limits for hazardous chemical sub

will meet with industry and labour to discuss options in updating occupational exposure limits on a regular basis.

stances in the workplace. This is the first time in 13 years that occupational ex posure limits(GELs)have been updated. Lower exposure limits will result in fewer occupational illnesses among Ontario workers and lower compensa tion costs for employers in the future.

OELs restrict the amount and dura

tion of workers' exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The up dated OELs will correspond to the lat est exposure limits recommended by the

American Conference of Governmental

Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Af fected substances include asbestos, ben zene, silica and lead. Ian Howcroft, Vice President, Ontario Division, Alliance of Manufac

turers and Exporters Canada, said his organization supports the need to update Ontario's exposure limits. "We recog nize the work and expertise of the ACGIH and thus look forward to work

ing with the Ministry of Labour to de velop appropriate levels for Ontario based on the ACGIH work."

More than 80 countries, as well as

the federal government, most Canadian provinces and 36 American states al ready adopt ACGIH limits. Ontario will also bring into law current Ministry of Labour guidelines for other hazardous chemical substances not currently cov ered by ACGIH limits.

Olde Profession

Preliminary Notice and Call for Papers 1st Canadian National Residuals and

Biosoilds Management Conference: Biosoiids 2000

Perspectives on Biosoiids Recycling in Canada - Are we at a Crossroads?

Toronto, Ontario

September 24-26, 2000 Hosted by: Water Environment Associa tion of Ontario(WEAO)in co-operation with Canadian Water and Wastewater

Association(CWWA),Western Canada Water

The Association




(WCWWA), British Columbia Water and Wastewater Association(BCWWA) The goal of this event is to bring to gether a diverse group of managers,

Intarlo Land Surveyors

Shaping the futur^of the geomatics profession.

practitioners, end-users, regulators and

Surveyors are pathfinders - opening new opportunities for life-long careers by ensuring professional services and products for public use. Its members hove built the precise mop of our time the fabric of Ontario's urban and rural

landscape. Contact the Association of Ontario Land

Surveyors to find out more about a profession opening a new frontier.

academics to discuss and share informa

tion on regulatory, environmental, pub lic acceptance, technological and man agement trends,issues and needs to pro mote/ sustain the beneficial reuse of or

ganic residuals and municipal biosoiids. Conference topics include but are not limited to: Regulation; beneficial use and land application; process and tech nology; research; communication/pub lic acceptance; industrial, municipal and agricultural residuals. Anyone interested in submitting an Abstract should contact the WEAO

1043 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1W3W6 Tel: 800-268-0718 Fox: 416-491-2576

E-mail: aols@interlog.com www.in1erlog.com/~aols


For more information, circle reply card No. 137 (See page 25)

office/web site for a Submission Form

and other details before February 10. Tel: (905) 726-1300, Fax: (905) 726-

2300, E-mail: weao@weao.org. Web site: www.weao.org. Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

rDTE INDUSTRIES LIMITED Since 1951 DTE Industries Limited has been supplying the Petroleum, Petro chemical, Agricultural, Forestry, Mining, Heating, Contracting & Engineering fields with quality Storage tanks.

Customer satisfaction is our number #1 priority...

Offering Steel & Plastic Jacketed Tanks ^ from 227 to 100,000 litres (50 gal. to 25,000 gal.)

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# We have are own fleet of trucks and ship from Vancouver to Halifax

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For aboveground and underground applications. We meet all ULC and UL ■ specifications. i Other models available; •

Let us show you how we can provide security & valuefor your money


•Bench Tanks •Fuel Oil Tanks

•Farm Utility Tanks •Oil/Water separators

Plant tours are available by contacting our Engineering department

•Custom Fabrication available

DTE Industries Limited

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-•try:* ^

t 'f.

Aboveground Vertical

. AW



Aboveground Horizontal Single Wall Tank 666^ MEMBER



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Sludge Treatment

Newbiosolids options as ocean dumping ends Some 28% of UK sludge requires new disposal routes

Recentlegislation and the end

ing in 1998 of dumping at sea will result in an extra 28 per cent of Britain's sewage sludge requiring a different disposal route.

/ / .'â– trr

Alternatives favoured are landfill or incineration. But the former attracts an

eight percent government tax and the latter is not only expensive, but also, unless carefully controlled, can lead to atmospheric pollution. As most un treated sewage sludge consists of around 90 percent water, in order to keep down the cost of treatment and subsequent disposal, it is imperative that the water nÂŁiS

content is reduced to a minimum.

Although traditional thickening proc esses - sometimes including the addi tion of chemicals and/or anaerobic di

gestion - can reduce dewatering costs, they can also cause the sludge bacterial cells to intertwine and bind more closely together through interaction with the bacterial extra cellular polymer (ECP), making the sludge more difficult to treat.

has two main functions: the mediation of

This is where research at Cranfield

cell-to-cell adhesion, and hence biofilm

University in southern England, using samples of sludge from the university's own sewage works, could help. "We aim to clarify the role of ECP in sludge dewaterability and to manipulate it to form sludges that are both easier and cheaper to dewater," said Dr. Joanne Quarmby, from Cranfield's School of

Liquidating waste - pumping siudge between aeration bays at Severn Trent Water Photo - Sykes Pumps sewage works.

So how can these properties reduce the amount of water in sludge? "ECP

or floe formation, and the general en hancement of cell survival which, as ECP,

can be up to 99 percent water and can reduce the incidence of bacterial desic

and aerobic sludges have a dominant polysaccharide component compared with the methanogenic population found in anaerobic sludges which produce a proteinaceous ECP. This factor may also have an impact on dewaterability." But the story does not end there. ECP consists not only of carbohydrate and protein, it can also contain variable con centrations of nucleic acids, lipids and a range of cations. The latter are considered to be espe cially important as they have two dif

cation," explained Dr. Quarmby. "This is achieved in a number of ways includ ing nutrients or by acting as a nutrient reserve during times of starvation." Depending on environmental factors, ECP can vary in yield and composition, as the sludge ages during periods of lim ited bacterial growth. Also, its produc

negative charges associated with bacte rial cells, and biopolymers necessary to

different forms. These include slime,

tion can be stimulated if the wastewater

form a stable biofilm or floe structure

capsules,exopolymers and biopolymers, as well as extra cellular polysaccharides (EPS). The biopolymer,for instance, can be present either as a capsule tightly fixed to the bacterial cell or as a loosely at tached non-uniform layer of slime.

contains an excess of carbohydrates or

which benefits particularly from the presence of multivalent cations of cal cium, magnesium and iron.

Water Sciences.

ECP is defined as a polysaccharidecontaining structure of bacterial origin found outside a cell wall and has many

Also, the outer location of ECP, a uni

versal component of bacterial cells, combined with the chemical composi tion of a biopolymer, can determine the surface properties of cells and their ag gregates in biological sludges.

By Brian Dumbleton, Technical Editor, Water & Wastewater International 20

if the content of some metal cations,

such as potassium, magnesium or cal cium, increases.

ferent functions: the neutralization of

"Our research to date indicates that

The bacterial population can also af fect the type and production of ECP. Differences have been observed be

tween that produced in aerobic treatment systems compared with anaerobic proc esses, dependent partly on the bacterial species present. "Aerobic sludges have a higher ECP yield than anaerobic ones, with up to 10 percent of the total solids in activated sludge consisting of the polymer, com pared with between one and four per cent for an anaerobic system." "Composition can also be affected

there is a close relationship between the structure of a sludge and its ECP. This could have either a positive or negative effect on the dewaterability, due to the intricate nature of the floe latticework

with metal cations acting in a similar way to a coagulant, or a potential nega tive effect through the protection of the cell against desiccation," explained Dr. Quarmby. For details contact: Dr. Joanne

Quarmby, Lecturer, School of Water Sciences, Cranfield University, Bedford, UK, MK43 QAL.

Environmental Science & Engineering. January 2000

John Meunier and

...are now ONE!

A single source for ail your municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment projects is now available. The merger of two of the worlds largest companies in the water industry, namely La Generale des Eaux and USFilter, led to the creation of a new

entity, Vivendi Water. John Meunier, a group company, boasts a

team of professionals dedicated to providing you with processes and equipment that are at the cutting edge of technology. John Meunier offers a complete range of processes, equipment and services for the water industry. Added to our vast array of solutions is our capacity for design coupled with unequaled tech nical expertise in the operations and risk management field.

A single source for ail your projects! John Meunier ONTARIO SALES OFFICE:

4105 Sarteion Street, Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 2B3 Phone:(514) 334-7230 Fax:(514) 334-5070

e-mail: sales@johnmeimier.com www.johnrneuiiier.com

250 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON L3R 3S1 Phone:(705) 329-4502 Fax:(705) 329-4502 ejmail: sales@johnmeunier.com;

|or more information, circle reply card No. 139(See page 25)

A member of

VfVENDI water

Air Pollution

Could global wanning even be beneficial? A controversial challenge to conventional thought

While US government officials have declared

repeatedly that global climate change science is "settled" and "compelling", a report released by the Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University, finds that increased global warming is likely to be minor and could even be beneficial. In What Do We Know About Human

Influence on Climate Change?, atmos pheric physicist S. Fred Singer reviews the state of climate change research and makes the following findings: 1) Any warming from the growth of greenhouse gases is likely to be minor, and, thus, difficult to detect above the natural fluctuations of the climate.

2)The impacts of global warming, and

of higher CO^ levels, are likely to be beneficial for human activities - espe cially agriculture. 3)The ultimate goal of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on global climate change is still undefined; it could be a higher or lower level of greenhouse gas emissions. 4)The Kyoto Protocol, while economi cally harmful, would be ineffective in reducing the calculated temperature in

mate models for the year 2100. In the last 3,000 years, temperatures in the North Atlantic have changed by as much as 3°C within a few decades. During the most recent Ice Age, the variability was even greater. "Is the climate more stable during warmer periods? We can not be sure, but the evidence points in this direction," Singer says. The CSAB study reports that longerterm climate changes seem to be linked to continental drift and other tectonic

events. Shorter variations, on the time

scale of decades, appear to be caused by atmosphere-ocean interactions and changes in ocean circulation. Alterna tively, they could be due to external causes, such as the slight variations in the general solar irradiance (the socalled solar "constant") or in the highly variable solar activity. But for reasons as yet unexplained, the rate of increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has slowed considerably in the last dec ade or so. "Perhaps the strongest argu ment against an appreciable human con

creased frequency and severity of stoims and a rapid rise in sea levels. But Dr. Singer notes: "The empirical evidence displayed in the IPCC report shows a decline in hurricanes over the last 50

years in both frequency and intensity." In addition, sea-level rise is found to

slow during periods of temperature in creases,suggesting that a future modest warming should slow down, not accel erate, the ongoing rise of sea levels. The CSAB study concludes that the 1997 Kyoto Protocol (calling for an av erage cut in greenhouse gas emissions of 5.2 percent from 1990 levels by in dustrialized nations by the year 2010) is not sufficient to reduce significantly the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere; therefore, its effect on tem perature would be imperceptible. Fur ther, a warming, from whatever cause, is more likely to produce economic ben efits than economic losses.



The Center for the Study of American Business is a nonprofit research organi zation at Washington University in St. Louis, that conducts scholarly research on issues affecting the American busi ness system. S. Fred Singer, Ph.D., is an atmospheric physicist and professor

The most widely quoted attempt to address climate changes of the past and to speculate about the future, is the se ries of reports produced by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In its most recent report, the IPCC arrived at the ambiguous conclusion that"the balance of evidence suggests there is a discern ible human influence on global climate." Dr. Singer notes in the CSAB report

Climate catastrophists wam that glo bal climate change will result in in

the University of Virginia.

tribution comes from the observed cool

ing between 1940 and 1975 and the lack of warming since 1979 (in the weather balloon and satellite data)," Dr. Singer

emeritus of environmental sciences at

A different point of view....

that there must be a human influence on

some features of the climate, locally, if not globally. The important question is whether the available evidence supports the results of general circulation mod els (GCMs). Unless validated. Singer warns, the predictions of future global warming based on these models cannot

sstsstrc* â– "


be relied on. The Earth's climate has never been

steady; it has either warmed or cooled without any human intervention. The measured temperature variations have often been large and rapid - larger and more rapid than those predicted by cli 22

Biosphere 2 in Arizona's Sonoran Desert. Photo - Volvo. WhenIattended a seminar at Biosphere 2, the prevailing evidence presented sup ported global warming theories. The Biosphere, In the Sonoran Desert, Is man aged by Columbia University. It was our cover story In June 1998. - Tom Davey Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

imAPiasAm•ehoiheeisd eor siuplwity

The Ultrapulsator floculator/clarifler from Degremont Infiico combines exceptional performance with great operational flexibihty and ease-of-use.

The liigh rise rate of this sohds contact floculator/clarifier reduces surface

requirements, resulting in substantial cost savings. With its unique pulsing action, the Ultrapulsator provides a concentrated and homogeneous sludge blanket, internal sludge recirculation, and the poUshing action of tube-settling modules.

Wliether your objective is to improve the quahty of your water or to increase the capacity of your facihty, Degremont Infilco has a water purification system to meet your needs. For more information, call our offices today.

Features of Ultrapulsator technology include: Lower maintenance due to tlie

absence of submerged mechanical moving parts in the clarifier; Simplified operation Umited mostly to adjusting reagent rates and sludge extractions;


Filtration of suspended and colloidal solids through a concentrated, deep sludge blanket; • Maximum utiUzation of powdered activated carbon for the removal of

organic solids, tastes and odours.

Infilco ltd.

20275 Clark Graham, Bale d'Urfe, QC H9X 3T5, CANADA

Tel:(514)457-4100 • Fax:(514)457-1808 • E-mail: info®degremont.ca

For more information, circie repiy card No. 140(See page 25)

Water Treatment

Treatment plant energy cost efficiency About 85-95% of energy is used by high and low lift pumps

Energy conservation and energy cost-saving pro

grams for a water treatment facility typically cover high lift and low lift pumping, water treatment, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting. The development and implementation of such a program could require substantial resources in time, people-power and finances, so identifying the most essential elements and priorities is very important. At water treatment plants, the greater part of energy con sumption (approximately 8595 percent) is by the high lift and low lift pumps. Therefore, these pumps offer the best po tential for energy cost savings.

4. Estimate water consumption by the system during "offpeak" periods. 5. Estimate energy cost savings. Step 1 - Analyze and Understand the Hydro (Utility) Bills

Analyze all Hydro bills for the previous year, and tabu late the total, "off-peak" and "on-peak" energy consump tion for the entire year. Under stand the procedures used by the power company to bill for energy used by the facility. In most regions, Time-ofUse Rates are available or may

be mandatory for commercial and industrial users. They fa vour electrical use during dif

An electrical load manage ment strategy, in most cases,

ferent block periods of the day -in most cases from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Monday to Eriday, and 24 hours during weekends and statutory holidays. Eor example, for the To ronto area, Time-of-Use Rate

should be considered first, tak

ing into account the minimal implementation cost. It is mainly based on an under standing of the procedures used by power companies to bill for energy used, and on developing an effective energy

is mandatory for commercial Typical high lift pumping station. Photo - R.V. Anderson

duce charges related to peak demand and connection, low power factor charges, as well as to benefit from lower "offpeak" utility rates. The goal of an electrical load manage ment program is energy cost savings, rather than minimiz ing energy use, and the best place to start is to focus in on Time-of-Use rate structures.

Most water treatment facility managers are using "off-

and industrial users for loads

1000 kW and greater. The en

management program to re

ergy charge in the summer is 2.8 cents per kWh with no demand charge during "off-peak" hours(11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.), but increases approximately two times (to more than 5.5 cents) from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., with a demand charge of $7.91 per kW for the first 5000 kW. During the winter "off-peak" periods, the energy charge

is 3.85 cents per kWh. The energy charge during peak peri

peak" periods to some extent. However, experience indi

ods is more than 6.5 cents per kWh, with a demand charge

cates that a closer look at the operating practices can un cover additional potential for energy cost savings associ ated with operation during "off-peak" periods. This article offers an easy step-by-step method of how

at $9.68 per kWh.

to assess the potential for using "off-peak" utility rates, and calculate the potential energy cost savings. In most cases, this exercise can be completed in a few hours and does not require energy management experience. It is likely that sig nificant energy cost savings can be achieved only by chang ing operational practices that usually will not require any hardware modifications.

Outline of Approach

1. Collect and analyze Hydro bills. Tabulate the total, "offpeak" and "on-peak" energy consumption. 2. Analyze the treatment plant limiting factors and deter mine the maximum hourly water treatment capacity. 3. Analyze water distribution system limiting factors. Reveal the bottleneck(s) in the system.

By Valera Saknenko and Hershel Guttman, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

It is obvious that operating the most energy consuming

equipment during the "off-peak" periods would substantially reduce the energy cost.

Step 2 - Analyze Treatment Plant Limiting Factors

Firstly, maximum hourly water treatment plant capacity should be determined. The capacity of all essential compo nents of the water treatment plant - raw water intake, low lift pumps, water treatment facilities, high lift pumps should be evaluated to identify bottleneck(s) in the system which would limit the capacity to treat and convey water to consumers during "off-peak" periods, and that capacity should be taken into account in further calculations.

Do not be misled by the necessity for backwashing. Energy consumption by backwashing is insignificant com pared to low lift and high lift pumping energy consump tion. The backwash practice should be reviewed,ifrequired,

from the point of view of minimizing its interference with water production during the "off-peak" periods. This will help maximize water production and water reservoir filling during "off-peak" periods. Continued on page 26


Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

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January 2000 Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

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Water Treatment

Step 3 - Analyze Water Distribution System Analysis of the water distribution system should reveal any bottlenecks in the distribution system. The maximum capacity of the main elements of the water distribution system, such as maximum capacities of pumping station, water main(s) and reservoirs, should be estimated. Reservoirs

The total available equalization storage capacity of all in-line reservoirs should be determined. The available

capacity is equal to the total capacity of the water treatment plant reservoirs, in-line reservoirs and elevated tanks ex cluding fire and emergency storage, which should be kept

Step 5 - Estimate Energy Cost Savings After collecting all necessary data, a few more simple calculations are required to estimate possible energy cost savings associated with optimizing operational practices. Example of the Energy Cost Saving Estimate Step 1: Collect and analyze Hydro bills. The summary of all data required for estimating energy cost savings is presented below: Total energy consumption in 1997 Off-peak energy consumption

20,000,000 kW

11,000,000 kW

(55% of total) On-peak energy consumption

9,000,000 kW

available at all times.

(45% of total)

Most utilities have established minimum and maximum

water levels in water reservoirs. In some cases, those levels

may be very conservative and a significant volume in the tanks(up to 25-30 percent) is not being used. This will also likely be true for relatively new reservoirs built to meet fu ture storage needs. Use of this excess storage at night-time can result in significant energy cost savings.

Step 4 - Estimate "Off-Peak" Periods Water Consumption Another key parameter in estimating energy cost sav ings is "off-peak" periods water consumption. If the data is not available, it can be estimated from the average daily water flow by applying the hourly water consumption rate factor, provided by guidelines, such as those published by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

To keep calculation simple, an average "off-peak" hours energy charge of 3.3 cents per kWh and "on-peak" hours energy charge of 6 cents per kWh were used. The total annual energy cost can be calculated as: 1 l,000,000kW * $0,033 -i- 9,000,000kW * $0.06 = $903,000 Step 2: Analyze the treatment plant limitingfactors and de termine the maximum hourly water treatment capacity. Analysis of all major components of the treatment plant, revealed that the bottleneck in the system is the capacity of the filters, which is then used in further calculations as the

maximum water treatment plant capacity: Maximum Water Treatment

300,000 m^/day, or

Plant Capacity Average Daiiy Water Consumption

12,500 m^/hr

135,000 m^/day


widest array of membrane

that provide purer water and cleaner

filter systems...



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Water Treatment

Step 3: Analyze water clistrihiition system limiting factors. Identify the bott!eneck{s) of the system.

For the purpose of this estimate, it was assumed that the total reservoirs volume is 110,000 m\ and the total required fire and emergency storage is 30,000 m\ Therefore, the total equalization and energy balancing storage available is 80,000 m\ However, to provide some comfort for opera tors in maintaining the minimum and maximum water lev els in reservoirs, an additional five percent of the total water reservoirs volume was reserved, or 5,500 m'. Thus the total equalization and energy balancing storage avail

able for the water distribution system is 74,500 m\ Step 4: Estimate water consumption by the system during "off-peak" periods. Assuming the data on "off-peak" periods water consump tion is not available, an estimate was prepared by applying peak rate factor, provided by the MOE Guidelines, to the av erage daily water consumption {MOE Guidelinesfor the De sign of Water Distribution System, July 1985, Appendix L). Average Daily Water Consumption Off-Peak (23:00 to 7:00) Water Consumption

Total number of hours required for producing and con

veying the weekly water demand into the reservoirs: 945,000 nf / 12 ,500 m'/hr = 75.6 hrs

b)Determine the number of weekday hours required to sup ply average weekday water demand: (75.6 hr / 7 days) * 5 days = 54 hrs

The maximum number of "off-peak" hours (from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) available for the facility during the five weekdays is 40 hrs: 8 hours * 5 days = 40 hrs

This means that the "off-peak" hours during the five weekdays are able to supply only 74 percent of the total weekday water demand: (40 hrs/54 hrs) * 100 = 74%

This number should then be compared with the avail ability of storage capacity calculated below. The lesser of these two numbers will be used in further calculations. The

total volume of water that the water distribution system can

135,000 m^/day 30,000 m^/day

accept from the treatment plant during the "off-peak" peri ods is equal to the total available reservoir capacity and the water consumption during that period:

Step 5: Estimate energy cost savings. a)Determine the number of"off-peak" and "on-peak" hours

that are required to supply water demand in an average week. Average weekly water consumption: 135,000 mVday * 7days = 945.000 m-

74,500 m'-t- 30,000 m3 = 104,500 m'

That comprises 77.4 percent of the average daily water consumption: (104,500 m^ / 135,000 m-') * 100% = 77.4% Therefore,in this case, the limiting factor is the maximum

at the

lowest cost of


Whether planning a system upgrade or designing a new one, Pali makes It easier by providing filtration systems to meet present and future water treatment requirements while reducing operating costs. What's unique about a Pali system? A choice of filtration membrane technologies, plus a Pali team who evaluates your requirements and finds the best solution for both retrofit and new plant situations. So whatever the process, whatever the problem, wherever in the world, to see the future of water, think Pall, then call (toll-free) 1.516.484.5400 or visit our comprehensive site on-line www.pall.com/thefutureofwater

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Water Treatment

hourly water production of the water treatment plant and the smaller number of 74%(40 hours) will be used in calcu

lating the weekday portion of energy consumption. Consequently, the total weekly number of "off-peak" hours required to supply weekly water demand is the 40 hours calculated, plus the weekend time, or 40 hrs -I- (75.6 hrs - 54 hrs) = 61.6 hrs

That constitutes 81.48 percent of the total 75.6 hrs required to supply weekly water demand. (61.6 hrs/75.6 hrs) * 100 = 81.48%

c)Assuming that the energy consumption is proportional to the water production, the amount of energy that can be used during the "off-peak" periods under the optimum energy management program can be calculated as: 20,000,000 kW * 81.48% = 16,300,000 kW, and

during "on-peak" hours: 20,000,000 kW - 16,300,000 kW = 3,700,000 kW

The total annual energy cost would be: 16,300,000 kW * $0.033/kWh -i- 3,700,000 kW * $0.06/kWh = $759,900

Comparison of the annual energy cost under an optimized

usage of"off-peak" hours($759,000)to the unoptimized cost ($903,000)shows that the saving would be $143,100 per year, or more than 15 percent of the total annual energy cost. Limitations of the Estimate

The estimate of the energy cost savings is approximate. Some factors that would affect the actual cost saving are:

DynaSand" Filter For over 19 years, both municipalities and industry have chosen Parkson's

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a)Daily Water Consumption Pattern. The estimate is based on an average daily water consumption and during summer months the effectiveness of usage of the "off-peak" periods would be significantly reduced. On the other hand, the number of days with water demand greater than average will be offset by the number of days with water demand below the average. During those periods more of the treated water can be produced and supplied to the distribution sys tem during the "off-peak" periods. b)Maximum Water Treattnent Plant Capacity. In the above estimate it was assumed that during the "off-peak" periods the water treatment plant worked at its maximum rated ca pacity with no equipment failure and no interruption in op eration. In reality, however, a certain amount of "off-peak" periods would be "lost" due to equipment failure or inter ruption in operation. c) Demand Charge. Demand charges constitute a signifi cant portion of an energy bill - an equivalent to 20 percent of energy cost is not uncommon. To simplify the estimate, the savings associated with reducing demand charges was not considered. However,shifting the water production and filling up reservoirs during the "off-peak" periods would further reduce energy demand and substantially increase the total "energy cost and demand charge" savings.

d) Water Distribution System. Other significant water system energy consumers which would benefit from shift ing the facility operation to "off-peak" periods are water distribution pumping stations. In some systems, they can even consume the amount of energy equivalent to the amount consumed by the water treatment plant. Although, the energy cost saving will not be equivalent to that at the water treatment plant, it still can be very significant - up to 50 percent of the total energy cost savings achieved at the water treatment plant. If the above five step, simple estimate suggests signifi cant cost savings can be achieved, a more accurate estimate can be prepared using a computer model. The authors have developed such a model using commercial spreadsheet soft ware. The model allows calculation of energy cost savings with a variation of many parameters such as changing treat ment plant capacity, total storage capacity, number of "offpeak" hours utilized with a variation of energy consumption, population and energy rates. It also allows prediction of water consumption for a specific time in the future, and help ing to develop a backwashing and maintenance schedule. Conclusions

Almost every water treatment facility has potential for energy cost savings, and substantial savings in energy costs can be achieved by changing operational practices only, without any hardware modification. The proposed easy, step-by-step method focused on en ergy cost savings associated with high lift and low lift pumps, which are the largest energy consumers and, therefore, of

fer the best potential for energy cost savings.

>IPARKSON CORPORATION Represented in Canada by Axel Johnson (Canada) Inc. and its representatives 9050 Ryan Avenue, Dorvai, QC HOP 2M8 Telephone 514-636-8712 Fax 514-636-9718 E-Mail: parksoncanada@compuserve.coni

For more information, circle repiy card No. 147 (See page 25)

The method allows an estimate of the effectiveness of

using "off-peak" periods to treat and convey water to con sumers, as well as calculation of the potential energy cost savings associated with changing operational practices. For more information, circie repiy card No. 108 Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

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vA Ma


Public Health

New studies on drinking water parasites By Gany Pahnateer GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Inc.

Theprotozoan parasite Ciypto-

sporidium parvum has be come a major concern to the drinking water industry and public health officials around the world. The large outbreak in Sydney,Australia is an example of how Cryptosporidium can challenge experienced operators of current water treatment systems.

As consulting microbiologists on en vironmental issues, concerns arise

weekly as to the many aspects of Crypto sporidium that affect potable water, rec

oocysts of Cryptosporidia. Until recently, health officials esti mating the health risk of Cryptospo ridium in potable or recreational waters and manufacturers of disinfection tech

nologies of water and sewage have had to rely on viability and infectivity data based on animal infection assays. This method is extremely costly, sometimes

Cell culture technology has been developed into a tool that can now be used to study C. parvum in an environment

fect the host cells for up to 48 hours,

most similar to in-vivo without

and then fixed and labeled with a fluo

using animals.

rescent antibody that binds to the devel opmental lifestages of C. parvum. The samples can then be observed, using epifluorescent microscopy, and the con centration of infectious C. parvum can

reational water, livestock runoff and ef

fluents of water pollution control plants. GAP EnviroMicrobial Services are pres ently involved in studies investigating new technology in the disinfection of potable water using Cryptosporidium parvum as the test microorganism. The common component to all the studies is to determine the viability and infectivity of treated water containing live

The new method, which involves the

growth of human colon tissue (HCT-8 cells) has been shown to be on par with the mouse model studies and superior to the vital dye and excystation meth ods, which were the methods of previ ous researchers investigating inactivation of Ciyptosporidium. Cell culture technology has been de veloped into a tool that can now be used to study C. parvum in an environment most similar to in-vivo without using animals. Treated oocysts are inoculated

inconsistent and time-consuming, when the information required is immediate, but unavailable for up to three weeks. A new method of demonstrating viability and infectivity of Ciyptosporidium has been developed and tested against the mouse infectivity assay which is currently being used by the US CDC and the pharmaceutical industry.

into the HCT-8 cells and allowed to in

be determined in 96 hours.

This new technology is very useful to consultants in the water treatment in

dustry and public health officials, as well as manufacturers of new disinfection

practices. â?–

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Ecodyne also specializes in cooling towers and other process equipment for municipalities, industry and utilities around the world.

For more information, circle reply card No. 149 (See page 25)

Environmental Science & Engineering, Januaiy 2000

Wastewater Operations

Maybe flie

Chopper pumps help to bail out jail

"V stands for Learned.

Prisoners in an American jail had for years been venting their frustrations by flushing a bizarre collection of items down the toilets. These items included

trousers, underwear, bed sheets, plastic sheeting and tee shirts. As a result, se

rious sewer clogging became a problem. Two ITT Flygt submersible chopper pumps have now resolved this. The Vandalia, Illinois Correctional

Center is the temporary home for some 1,450 adult male inmates, generally with sentences not exceeding ten years. The problem was a continual headache to

prison officials and those in charge of Vandalia's wastewater treatment plant. Supervisor Mark Augenstein recalls, "We'd be coming out here once a week to pull out all kinds of stuff that entan gled and stopped the pumps. That was increasingly time consuming,often forc ing us to operate for periods on one pump instead of the designed, alternat ing, two." The situation peaked when one pump tore itself apart due to vibra

tions from trying to operate while being ensnared in rags. Augustein reported, "We pulled that pump out in three pieces." Originally designed for agricultural purposes, the two Flygt pumps were FP

ProMinent GAMMA/ L Series Pump


3152, 4-inch, 20 HP, 208 volt three

phase, 495 impeller code, pumps. One critical feature included a cutting plate that chops 140 times per second. The pumps are designed to handle very tough agricultural debris such as stringy ani mal manure. A cutter assembly chops up larger debris as opposed to letting it bind up the pumps. The blades don't require sharpening, since cutter plates

- CLEAR AND SIMPLE ProMinent introduces ttie first calibratabie ...., 70

O) Large illuminated LCD display - clear and visible even from awkward angles. All display Information can easily be called up and viewed via a push button system. Available In 5 different liquid end materials; PP, PVC, polyacryllc/PVC, PFTE and SS. Operates In remote controlled applications, le 0/4-20 mA with user selected assignment. First to display feed rate In l/hr or US gal/hr. Control variant and options can be easily

are adjustable with thin shim washers, generally one to three-thousands of an inch. The cutting edges can be renewed almost indefinitely and adjustments can be done in less than an hour.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000





The Vandalia wastewater treatment

plant's 80-acre facility is a phosphorous removal plant with a two-cell lagoon. On average, the plant pumps two mil lion(US)gallons of sewage a day while daily intake into the plant is in the range of 900,000 gallons. Chopper pumps now handle more than 400(US)gallons per minute as opposed to the 340 gal lons moved by the submersibles that were replaced. For more information, circle reply card No. 170

metering pump which has the ability to display continuous feed rate pumped volume, as well as operating status and stroke length.

Feed rates to 32 l/hr and pressures to 234 psi.

490 Southgate Dr. Guelph, ON N1G4P5

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RIDC Park West


136 Industry Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1014

Tel:(412) 787-2484 Fax:(412) 787-0704 vmw.pfc-ani6r.coni

For more information, circie repiy card No. 160 (See page 25)



Groundwater monitoring at the PNGS CG&S teams with Ontario Power Generation Inc. for innovative project

CH2M Gore&Stor ie Limited has been involved with con

ship, CG&S worked closely with OPG technical staff to ensure that project

taminated-lands issues at the

deliverables were achieved on schedule.

Pickering Nuclear Generat ing Station since May 1998. The Upgrading Plant Pickering(UPP) is a heavy-water upgrading plant at the Pickering site. Groundwater tritium con

OPG has provided technical support by handling in-house laboratory analyses, as well as surveying and drawing pro

tamination has occurred near the UPP as

duction, while CG&S assisted OPG with

the public consultation component. The first phase of the project in-

a result of accidental spills and operational releases oftri-

volved the identification of preferred re medial options and the development of a remedial action plan. This phase in corporated public participation through two community workshops. At the first workshop, community stakeholders helped the project team develop reme dial objectives,evaluation criteria for the evaluation of the remedial options, and a long list of potential reme dial options.

tiated water, with the first

A subset of the evaluation

known incident occurring in 1979. Ontario Hydro (now

criteria(effectiveness,implementability, and cost) was then applied to obtain a short list of remedial options. These options were reviewed with the community group in the second workshop to so licit input on the communi ty's preference for remedial action. To complete the

Ontario Power Generation

Inc.[OPG])' notified the On tario Ministry of the Environ ment(MOE) of the groundwater tritium contamination

in July 1997. In September 1997, the MOE issued a Di

rector's Order requiring On tario Hydro to take action to

evaluation, the short-listed

remedial options were com pared to the evaluation crite ria using a numerical weight ing system.

address the tritium contami

nation. In response, Ontario Hydro undertook preliminary site investigations and re ported the resulting informa

Aerial vie w of the Upgrading Piant Pickering. Photo - Ontario Power Generation inc,

tion to the MOE.

Subsequently, Ontario Hydro initi ated the UPP Groundwater Remediation

Project to build upon the preliminary site investigations. This is a high-profile project proceeding under the close scru tiny of the MOE, the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB), third-party re viewers, and community stakeholders: the project must meet specific schedule requirements and is subject to detailed technical review.

The overall objectives of the project are(1)to define the extent of the groundwater tritium contamination around the

UPP,(2)to assess the potential adverse impacts of the contamination on human health and the environment through risk assessment, and (3) to identify and evaluate potential remedial measures against risk-based performance require ments and prepare a remedial action plan to address the groundwater tritium con tamination.

The Partnership Throughout the innovative partner-

By Richard Wootton, M.A.Sc. CH2M Gore &Storrie Limited 32

volved field investigations to evaluate the geology and hydrogeology of the UPP site. Historical and new hydrogeologic and groundwater quality data were used to evaluate the extent and

migration pathways of tritium contami nation and to estimate the tritium mass

in groundwater at the UPP site. As groundwater and tritium contami nation ultimately discharge to Lake Ontario, a conceptual transport model was used to assess contaminant migra tion from the UPP to define tritium load

ing to the lake and to determine the risk to the public. The modelling approach was conservative, which resulted in a

range of groundwater flow and contami nant migration rates. Based on this model,the potential ex posure to the public from UPP groundwater contamination for past, present,

As a result of the evalua

tion process and input from the community, a remedial action plan was developed. The plan consisted of: 1)remediation by natural attenuation,2) control of the plume with a surface as phalt cap,and 3)long-term groundwater monitoring with trigger levels. With the implementation of the proposed reme dial action plan, the already insignifi cant risk of exposure to the public will be further reduced. Based on the success of the UPP

Groundwater Remediation Project,OPG has expanded the study area to include the evaluation of groundwater quality for the entire Pickering site through the development of a site-wide groundwater monitoring system. CG&S commenced work on the implementation of the sys tem in early 1999, and the project is scheduled for completion by December 1999.

and future risk was determined to be

insignificant. This finding was gener ally accepted by a group of community stakeholders at the first of two commu

nity workshops. Preferred Remedial Options The second phase of the project in

^On April 1,1999, Ontario Hydro was split Into five entities. The successor to Ontario Hydro Nuclear Is now within Ontario Power Genera tion Inc.

For more information, circle reply card No. 109

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Confidence in safeguarding our environment

We hear a lot of talk about environmental problems—about hazardous wastes and the perils they pose to the planet we live on. At BOVAR Waste Management, we listen to all that talk. We take it to heart. And we're proud to offer solutions to the problem of hazardous waste.

At BOVAR's fully integrated waste-management facility -the Swan Hills

Treatment Centre - all aspects of waste destruction are carried out by

qualified professional^ No waste residues leave BOVAR's Treatment Centre; all waste Is completely destroyed on-slte. BOVAR's cradle-to-grave approach minimizes the risks hazardous (

wastes pose to people and the environment. We embrace and develop our Industry's most advanced technologies. Our destruction efficiencies for organic waste materials exceed 99.9999%. BOVAR has safely processed over 200 million kilograms and 2,000 types of hazardous waste since 1987. With exceptional transportation records, unsurpassed tracking and monitoring systems, and open reporting to our community and customers, BOVAR ..earns complete confidence.

BOVAR - we're part of the solution.

CONFIDENCE for today and tomorrow is ALWAYS our commitment.

CaU us at 1-800-633-5552.

BOVAR Waste Management

Calgary • Edmonton • Montreal • Toronto • Vancouver

waste_management@bovar.com www.bovar.com

For more information, circle reply card No. 153(See page 25)


Making privately owned municipal sewage plants a reality

TheBallantrae Golf& Country Club is a 170 hectare site north

of Toronto, in York Region, in which 900 homes will be constructed over the next six to ten

years. The first phase of home building is currently in progress. These 900 homes are classified as a

condominium community. Its shared services include an 18 hole golf course, clubhouse and recreational facilities, and

a dedicated sewage treatment facility. This sewage treatment facility is unique in Ontario, as it is privately constructed and operated,and will be owned by a con dominium corporation. Construction of the sewage treatment plant is in progress, and will be complete early in 2000. Unique Servicing Requirements Schickedanz Bros., the developer, planned to develop the agricultural site

Construction of 1045 nrf/day wastewater treatment facility in progress.

for residential use. The site is remote

from other community sewage systems, so any sewage generated from the site had to be treated and disposed of onsite. Furthermore, if conventional sep tic systems were to be used,0.5 hectare lots would be required under the Offi cial Plan. Therefore, to make the project an economic reality and to develop the site using higher densities, construction of a community sewage treatment facil ity was planned. Since the site itself has no natural

receiving water body for sewage efflu ent, it was planned that all generated ef fluent be land applied. It was also planned to utilize treated sewage efflu ent for irrigating turf on the golf course. When irrigation of the golf course was not practical, (in the wintertime, and under wet weather conditions) effluent was to be discharged to subsurface. The site is located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, where coarse soils are preva lent. Since effluent was to be directly discharged underground at times, pro tection of the groundwater aquifer was the primary concern for Ontario's Min istry of Environment. The Ministry of Environment im posed effluent criteria for the sewage treatment facility which were amongst

By James W. Lunn, P. Eng., Azurix North America


the most stringent in Ontario, including 5.6 mg/L total nitrogen, 3.6 mg/L ni trates, and 14 E. Colt per 100 mL. The concern for engineering designers was to select a process capable of meeting these stringent effluent criteria. Private Ownership Challenges In addition to meeting the technical challenges of the project, a number of hurdles had to be surmounted to get gov ernment approvals for construction of the sewage treatment facility. The sewage plant was planned to be privately owned as a shared service by the homes, as part of a condominium corporation. Under provincial legisla tion, York Region is ultimately respon sible for all community water and wastewater servicing in the area. Therefore, before the Province would give its con sent to construct the facility, an Agree ment between York Region and the de veloper had to be completed. The essence of the Agreement be tween York Region and Schickedanz Bros, is to safeguard the Region in the event it is forced to assume responsibil ity for the plant. Therefore, the Agree ment was required to ensure that the developer had sufficient funds and se curities in place for; construction of the plant, upgrades to the plant(in the event of failure to comply with the Ministry's effluent requirements), and capital re placement of the plant. Also, the Agree

ment permitted the Region the right to inspect and monitor the plant. Engineering Challenges The stringent effluent criteria im posed by the Ministry, meant that the sewage plant process would have to be carefully engineered. In particular,sew age was to be treated to a level of 5.6 mg/L total nitrogen, which meant that the sewage process would have to be capable of denitrification to reduce ni trogen levels in the effluent. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology was selected, because the process is flexible, and sewage aeration and mixing cycles can be adjusted according to flow, and field conditions. This process flexibil ity is not provided with conventional continuous flow-through systems. Also, because of the sensitive nature

of the Oak Ridges Moraine, the sewage treatment process included continuous backwash filters, ultaviolet disinfection,

and fill and draw effluent ponds. To provide the Province with a de sign package that would be approved, the SBR technology was restricted to vendors with a proven track record of meeting these criteria, for a wide range of flows. The SBR supplier was USFilter-Jet Tec. The challenge was to ensure that a high level of treatment could be maintained during very low flow conditions when the first homes

were connected to the sewage plant.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Summary Privately owned municipal sewage

Using flow proportional SBR technology, the

plants can be effective in providing sew age treatment for unserviced areas, where high-density development is re quired. The Ballantrae project opens up new possibilities for properties which are difficult to service. Careful engi neering and timely project management can address unique technical challenges, and bring privately owned sewage plants through approvals expeditiously. Circle reply card No. 162

Province was satisfied that the effluent criteria were achievable. Therefore,'flow proportional treatment'

ferent engineering companies had to be

was evaluated as a feature which would

co-ordinated in one submission to the

ensure compliance. Additional process features such as 'true batching technol ogy', and 'anoxic mixing' were also con sidered beneficial to meeting the efflu ent criteria. The final process incorpo

Province for approval. Final approval was received, and construction of the sewage plant began in July 1999 to meet the developer's schedule.

rated all these features.

Moving the Project Forward The project team's challenges to get ting the project approved were two-fold: 1)Presenting the Province with a design package that would meet the effluent


— — —~ —



2) Completing of the York Region Agreement. Using flow proportional SBR tech nology, the Province was satisfied that the effluent criteria were achievable.

Completion of the Agreement with York Region was not straightforward. Lendors would not issue credit until pro vincial approval was in place. The Prov ince would not issue approval until the York Region Agreement was finalized, and York Region would not finalize the Agreement until financial securities were in place. Adding to the challenge was the planned 'fast-track' schedule to get the sewage plant to construction. To move the project forward,approval was obtained of the sewage plant design, conditional upon completion of the Agreement. After conditional approval was obtained from the Province,long de livery equipment items were prepurchased. At the same time detailed de

sign was being completed, creditors put financial securities in place, and the Agreement was being prepared by York Region and the developer's solicitor. This approach effectively reduced the time to get the sewage plant to construction, and reduced the period of construction. Final approval from the Province was received shortly after the Agreement was completed, and the project immediately went to construction. The Province re

quired that a number of sewage facility components, which were engineered by different companies, be included in one approval certificate. This included the golf course irrigation system and the stormwater management ponds, which are' technically part of the effluent dis posal system. Therefore, detailed de sign of all these components from dif


Ray Newman,President, Pro Aqua Engineering Inc., is pleased to announce the formation of two new operating entities in the area of its municipal representative business. We thank all our loyal customers for a highly successful decade and look forward to continuing to partner with you in the new millennium. 0



Specializing In:

Specializing In: 11































Fine Bubble Aeration, Membrane


Systems, Screw Conveyor Systems, Transportation & Storage,Truck Loading of Sludge, Grit & Screenings, Sludge Cake & Screenings Pumping, Recessed & Screw Impeller Pumps, Mixers, High Solids & WAS Centrifuges,


A complete line of equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial water & wastewater.

Screening , Degritting, Clarifiers, Pumps, Chemical Feed, Aeration, Digestion, Sludge Handling

Non Metallic & Metallic Chain,

Clarifiers, Screw Pumps, Low Head Effluent Filtration, Full Range of Screens, Washers, Compactors, UV Disinfection






Tel:(905)513-0222 ext. 22

Fax:(416) 927-0327

Fax:(905) 513-6839

2800 John St., Suite 13A • Markham, ON L3R 0E2• E-mail: proaqua@idirect.ca

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

For more information, circle reply card No. 159 (See page 25)



UK wastewater control centre monitors

2,500 plants and stations

In 1997, Thames Water, Britain's

largest privatized water company, completed a ÂŁ3M Waste Water Control Centre, monitoring 2,500 sewage treatment works and pumping stations.

Located at the Maple Lodge works, Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire,south

ern England, the centre operates 24 hours a day identifying any potential problem in the company's 13,000 square km region within minutes. Immediate action can be taken, thereby eliminat ing the possibility of potentially serious pollution or flooding. On an average day the centre receives up to 500 alarm calls, but when it rains this can increase five times. "The

weather is very important to us. Because we have combined or partially combined sewerage systems carrying both un treated sewage and rainwater, sudden

By Brian Dumbleton

Thames Water's state-of-the-art control centre at Maple Lodge sewage treatment works in southern England. Photo - Thames Water

storms or a prolonged drought can resuit in either potential flooding or blockages," explains Thames Water Utilities Support Centre Manager, Karen Dee.

"Because the area we cover is so large, we continuously monitor the situation using information supplied by the United Kingdom nationwide meteoro-

USFinmr Polyblend Stranco Products Compact Polyblend Polymer systems automatically make down and feed ac tivated polymer solutions directly to the process. Standard units are available to feed Dry, Emulsion or Liquid poiymers at rates up to 125 ibs. per hour with guaranteed polymer performance. Polymer savings in excess of 20%, space reductions of 75% and reduced maintenance costs are common


with Poiybiend installations. For more information, circle reply card No. 281 (See page 25)


Wsstewdt^r Disinfection System

Strantrol Reduce operating costs. Prevent coiiform and chlorine discharge vioiations. Eliminate industrial cooling problems. Achieve auto



matic demand based control of Water and Wastewater disinfec

tion with Strantrol High Resolution Redox control systems. Formore information, circle reply card No. 282(See page 25)


Water Champ Achieve chemical and energy reductions. Eliminate carrier water, gas injectors, diffusers, mixers and off

iHi i SBSS s USFUier

gassing when adding gases (Clj, SO^)and coagulants


, Wawi


1 Champ

(alum, ferric, polymer) to Water and Wastewater proc esses. The Water Champ provides instantaneous chemicai injection with uniform mixing.


For more information, circle reply card No. 283

Water Particle Counter Obtain absolute particle counts including true zero. Network up to 32 particle counters with the user-friendly Aquarius Water Particle Counter software. For more information, circle reply card No. 284(See page 25)


Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Monitoring logical service which is displayed here, together with other data essential to our operation,on a large VDU screen. When we receive a cry for help via the telem etry system, we can instantly identify the location and monitor a situation, such

as a major pump failure. Fortunately for Thames, only between 20 and 40 percent of these require immediate ac tion. Based on this information, we can

then decide if it is necessary for anyone to visit the site or if we can handle the

problem from here," says Ms Dee. The new system, commissioned in April 1997, comprises two master sta tions supplied by Serck Controls of Cov entry, central England, which supplied the software designed to interrogate all the existing out-stations, enabling the controllers located at Maple Lodge to communicate directly with them and take immediate and appropriate action. "Before the installation of the new

equipment, it was impossible for us to coordinate all the data from over 2,500 different locations. Now all the infor mation comes into the new centre on a real time basis and is also recorded on

our database," Ms Dee explains.


"This system also enables us to decide on priorities and whether it is necessary to send someone to the location of a prob lem,or if we can resolve it from headquar ters, where most of our trained operators have previous 'hands on' experience." Prior to the opening of the control centre, the Thames area had a telemetry system. However,the out-stations were not all connected to a single operational control complex, or directly linked. These could only handle individual geo graphical areas and pass on a limited amount of information.

"We had a TEXT transfer set-up, but this was only capable ofsaying something was wrong and where it was, but could not say exactly what the problem was and individual sites could not be interrogated directly. Master stations were only manned during the day, with out of work ing hours data being transferred to a loca tion in central London," says Ms Dee. "Operators there only received an alarm signal which told them there was something wrong. They then passed this information on to a team of stand-by out of hours coordinators who decided, based on local knowledge, whether to

call someone out to identify and rectify the fault. Moving to the new centre and coordinating all activity improved the consistency of responses. "What we did not want was to perpetu ate a system with lots of people sitting in front of VDUs in different locations. We

wanted a centralized one where a small,

dedicated team could provide a consist ent approach over a 24-hour period. The majority of the people working here have had previous hands-on operating experi ence. The shift team works on a diumal

basis,so that we have more people on duty in daytime than at night. Plus,they are all working at one central location." All the alarms on the new telemetry system are carefully monitored and prioritized, with the more important ones being dealt with immediately, while oth ers ai^e scheduled for action locally the next day. "What we are really looking for all the time are the urgent ones re quiring immediate action," says Ms Dee. Brian Dumbleton is a Chartered Civil and

Water Engineer,freelance technical jour nalist and Technical Editor of Water & Wastewater International and Waste

Management & the Environment.

Alfa Laval Sharpies centrifuges offer proven, reliable and cost-effective thickening and dewatering for Water and Wastewater treatment plants. For more informcHion. circle reply cord No. 2d5(See pai^e 25)

Cornell features high head non-clog wastewater pumps for lift stations and mixed flow non-clog pumps for process applications. Patented features include fan cooled Immerslble motors and cycloseal design eliminating the need for flushed mechanical seals. For more informution, circle reply card No. 286(See page 25)

.MuddyRive^ fNyiftONMENTAl ITO

Vertical Gravity Separators, LIquld/Llquld and Solld/Llquld Hydrocyclones and IC-SEP (cyclonic dissolved air flotation) from Muddy River offer economical options for the treatment of effluents from Industries such as petrochemical, food and dairy, mining and pulp and paper. For more information, circle reply curd No. 287(See page 25)

Economically eliminate low intensity nuisance odour complaints originating from sewage plant collection and treatment processes without the use of masking agents. Custom designed treat ment systems for pump stations, headworks and treatment plants utilizing NuTech Vapour Phase reactant or counteractant technology. For more information, circle reply card No. 288(See page 25)

Superior Gas Chlorlnators are designed for the Water and Wastewater treat ment Industry. Innovative design and chemical resistant composite materi als are combined to produce a simple, easily maintained yet flexible gas feed system. For more information, circle reply card No. 289(See page 25)

nuTzch Gnvironmantal corp.

Gas Chlorlnators


86 Guided Court, Units G, H & 1, Etobicoke, Ont. M9V 4K6

(416) 743-3751, Fax:(416) 743-2038, E-mail: allen@keddco.com

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Robie Reservoir roof replacement project Could be the largest replacement dome In Canada?

The Halifax Regional Water Commission (HRWC) is re

placing the roof of the Robie Reservoir due to its deterio

rating structural condition. A Temcor aluminum geodesic dome will replace the old concrete roof. When this project

sives, as well as removal of 54 concrete

columns that were left in place when the original roof was replaced in 1945. The work also includes manufacture, assem

bly and installation of an aluminum geo desic dome roof.

Interesting facts about the Robie Reservoir

•The Robie Reservoir is 48 metres(158 feet) in diameter and is 9 metres (29.5

feet) deep, for a total of 16,280 cubic metres (3.5 million gallons) of storage. •The reservoir provides fire emergency and balancing storage for all of penin

is finished, the Robie Reservoir will

There will be two major differences in appearance. The existing concrete roof

have the largest dome replacement in

is white concrete; the new roof will be

sular Halifax.


• At its base, the concrete walls of the

HRWC undertakes regular inspec tions of all facilities including each water storage facility. In recent years,

made of aluminum in a geodesic, trian gular grid pattern. The new dome will also have a higher rise(30 feet versus the existing 20feet)above the reservoir walls.

the dome roof of the reservoir had been

HRWC has awarded the contract to

noted as needing significant structural repairs. Analysis of the available op tions indicated that the preferred solu tion was replacement of the dome. Re placement of the dome roof is only part of the ongoing maintenance and reha bilitation program for the Robie Reser voir. Aside from this project and other relatively minor repairs that will be done in future years, the reservoir is in good

Greatario Engineered Storage Products of Guelph, Ontario. Why this type of roof? Many years of experience with con


The work involves demolishing the existing concrete dome roof, using explo

crete roofs in Canada, as well as new

reservoir are three feet thick.

• The Robie Reservoir was originally named Shaffroth's Hill Reservoir and was constructed in 1914. •The reservoir was one of the few struc tures in the Richmond area left stand

ing after the Halifax Explosion. • In 1945, the original flat roof was re placed and the walls were raised four feet.

available technology, have provided new options. Concrete roofs in Atlantic Canada have required a very high degree

•At the time of its construction, the con

of maintenance and, therefore, are not a

• The Robie Reservoir is designated as

preferred option. The aluminum dome is a widely used proprietary product that meets the criteria of economy, durabil ity, and low future maintenance costs.

an American Water Works Association

crete dome roof was the largest of its kind in the world.

Landmark for its historic significance in the water works industry.

Circle reply card No. 107

The demolition used 144 explosive charges arranged on the surface of the dome and utilized 400 preshear holes around the outside perimeter. A double initiation detonation cord system was used. The demolition was successfully carried out with no damage to the reservoir structure. Photo courtesy The Daily News, Halifax, NS 38

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

A "Solution" for ZEBRA MUSSELS The issue of zebra mussels

Is attracting increasing attention from municipalities, utilities, government agencies and industries around the Great Lakes.

One solution involves the use

of JAVEX-12™sodium

We are therefore focusing much of our technical expertise on this subject. We are consulting with experts to establish dosage levels and techniques best suited to help control the spread of zebra mussels.

hypochlorite, which kills the

If you'd like to discuss this current problem, or be kept

zebra mussel larvae.

informed of the latest

information, please fill out tf coupon below.


Yes, please keep me informed on the use of JAVEX-12 sodium hypochlorite for controlling zebra mussels For current project □ For future project □ For research purposes □ Your name Title

Organization Address

Postal Code

Phone: (


Mail to: Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc.. 6400 Northwest Dr., Mississauga, ON, L4V 1K1 Phone: (905) 678-3707 • Fax: (905) 678-0898 E-mail: javex-12info@colpal.com • Web site: www.colgate.ca/javex

For more information, circle reply card No. 154 (See page 25)




^ beyond

Two leaders in engineering consu ting. Coming together. Creating new opportunities. Forming a unified approach to engineering services in Canada and throughout the world.

What was Proctof & Redfern yesterday has become Earth Tech (Canada) Inc. today.

Financing, designing, building and operating projects of any size or complexity. In Canada and everywhere else.

To learn more please call 416.445.7022 6xt.2844 or visit us on the web at www.earthtech.com












For more information, circle reply card No. 155(See page 25)

ES&E's 12th Annual Directory & Equipment Speciners' Guide Environmental consulting engineering firms and testing laboratories

Equipment and service suppliers

41 52

Products & services Associations


ES&E's Guide to Environmental Consultants

and Testing Laboratories Note: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers oniy.


525-21 Four Seasons Place, Toronto, ON M9B 6J8 Contact: Bill Chishoim, President

telecommunication technologies. Branches: Weiiand, Ottawa, Sudbury(Dennis), Lon


don, Moncton (Touchie), Fredericton (Touchie), Chariottetown (Atiantech), Mumbai India (PFiE Con

(416)622-9502 Fax:(416)622-6249

300-1133 Regent Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 3Z2 Contact: Brenda Cummings, Mrktg. Coordinator Marketing Limited


20 Mouitrey Crescent, Georgetown, ON L7G 4N5 (905)877-5369 Fax:(905)877-5369 E-maii: iee@aztec-net.com





3 Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 604, Kirkiand Lake, ON

P2N 3J5 (705)567-4996 Fax:(705)568-8368 E-maii: accuracy@onlink.net Web site: www.ontarionorth.com/aaenv

Contact: Dr. George Duncan, President Environmental site assessments and ciean-up; hydrogeoiogicai studies and groundwater studies/ monitoring; iandfiii design; air quality monitoring (in door and outdoor). ABACUS ENGINEERING & PLANNING SERVICES INC.

P.O. Box 956, Stayner, ON LOM ISO (705)428-0114 Fax:(705)428-0284 Contact: John F. Thompson, President ACCURASSAY

^^ I â– V#|\y J^UT

LABORATORIES P.O. Box 426, 3 industrial Dr., Kirkiand Lake, ON P2N 3J1 (705)567-3361

# I

Fax:(705)568-8368 E-maii: accuracy@oniink.net


Web site:


www.oniink.net/~accuracy Contact: Dr. George Duncan,

Contact: Grant Lee, President

Marketing plans and budgets; media campaigns and budgets; newsletters; market research, ghostwrit ing; proposal preparation; coiiaterai material; exhib its; web site planning; presentations; client surveys; client contact and maintenance programs; and mar keting seminars. AGRA MONENCO INC.

2010 Winston Park Drive, Oakviiie, ON L6Fi 6A3

(905)829-5400 Fax:(905)829-1707 Contact: James hi. McCrea, Mgr., Bus. Development A.I. ENGINEERING SERVICES

4458 Bathurst Street, Downsview, ON M3Fi 382 (416)398-5746 Fax:(416)398-9363 Contact: Aron itkin, P.Eng. AINLEY GROUP

2724 Fenton Road, Gloucester, ON KIT 3T7 (613)822-1052 Fax:(613)822-1573 Contact: James E. Swanson, VP, Eastern Region A.J.P. ENGINEERING SERVICES

468 Academy Road, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0C7 (204)488-6674 Fax:(204)488-3361 Contact: Arthur J. Pankratz, Mechanical Engineer ALTECH ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING LTD.

12 Banigan Drive, Toronto, ON M4i-i 1E9 (416)467-5555 Fax:(416)467-9824 Contact: Alex Keen, President


1127 Leslie Street, North York, ON M3C 2J6 (416)443-8361 Fax:(416)443-8380 Contact: David W. Fiopper, M.Eng., P.Eng. APEX TECHNOLOGIES

2739 rue des Fiarfangs, Saint-Laurent, QC Fi4R 2T6 (514)832-0557 Fax:(514)832-0557 Contact: G.K.C. Eng, M.Eng. APPLEGATE GROUNDWATER CONSULTANTS

64 Biackfriar Lane, Brantford, ON N3R 7L3 (519)751-1581 Fax:(519)751-0714 Contact: Paul Puodziunas, Principal AQUA DATA INC.

P.O. Box 67, R.R.#1, Barrie, ON L4M 4Y8 (800) 567-9003 Fax:(705)835-5744

Contact: Stephan Joseph, Vice President Sales 4



200-2 Gurdwara Road, Nepean, ON K2E 1A2 (613)226-2456 Ext. 131, Fax:(613)226-5529 E-maii: info@aquaterre.ca Web site: www.aquaterre.ca Contact: Dennis Lafieur, Louis Sabourin Complete environmental consulting services includ ing: environmental audits, site assessments, reme dial investigations/feasibility studies, hydrogeo iogicai studies, soil and groundwater remediation, risk assessment, multi-media transport/exposure anaiysis, and environmental management systems. Branches:Toronto:(416)635-5882 David McCieiian, Calgary:(403)266-2555 Jim Brewington AQUATIC SCIENCES INC.

P.O. Box 2205, Station Main, St. Catharines, ON L2R7R8 (905)641-0941 Fax:(905)641-1825

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

Water and soil anaiysis including drinking water,

effiuents, sewage. CAEAL-iisted laboratory, serv ing municipalities, forest-products industries, min ing and commercial. Wood waste and wood ash


No ciaims are made that it is a

comprehensive review. ES&Erelies on information suppiied by companies who returned ques tionnaires.

ning and management, design and construction, operation and optimization services for water and wastewater, transportation, urban development and



400-2001 Sheppard Ave. E., Toronto, ON M2J 4Z8 (416)497-8600 Fax:(416)497-0342



8-146 Colonnade Road, Nepean, ON K2E 7Y1

E-maii: Toronto@RVAnderson.com Web site: www.rvanderson.com

1988 Triumph Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5 (800)665-0243,(604)253-4188 Fax:(604)253-6700

(888)271-8378,(613)727-5692 Fax:(613)727-5222 Contact: Robert Walker, Marketing Coordinator

Contact: Ken Morrison, Peter J. Laughton Environmental and infrastructure specialists: plan

Contact: Brent Mawdsiey, Business Dev. Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

E-maii: info@asi.ca Web site: www.asi.ca


Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories Specialists in environmental ctiemistry since 1982; permit monitoring; site assessment analysis; mo bile laboratory services; drinking water analysis; occupational hygiene consulting & analyses; waste characterization; laboratory design and training; SCC/CAEAL accredited; one of"Canada's 50 Best-

Managed Private Companies".





300-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 4M5 (604)293-1411 Fax:(604)291-6163



3630 Rhodes Drive, Windsor, ON N8W 5A4

448 Conley Street, Thornhill, ON L4J 6T5 (905)660-4723 Contact: Douglas M. BIsset, P.Eng.

(519)944-6900 Fax:(519)944-6116 Contact: David Crowder, Management Consultant BEAK INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED


14 Abacus Road, Brampton, ON L6T 5B7 (905)794-2325 Fax:(905)794-2338 Contact: Candace Kelly, Marketing Director

4 Horseshoe Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3B2 (204)889-5275 Fax:(204)889-2348 Contact: DinkoTuhtar, President BOOJUM RESEARCH LTD.


4-6790 Kitimat Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 5L9 (905)826-3080 Fax:(905)828-4151 Contact: Steve Simpson, President

Web site; www.ae.ca

101-460 Queen Street E., Box 19, Toronto, QN

MSA 1T7 (416)861-1086 Fax:(416)861-0634 Contact: Margarete Kalin, President BRAUN CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD.

Contact: Rick Corbett, VP, Env. Engineering Specializing in water and wastewater treatment, water supply systems, wastewater collection, storm drainage systems, water resources, solid waste management, and environmental planning.


5-970 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, BC V2C 5P5 (250)828-1511 Fax:(250)828-1834 Contact: Hugh A. Borrett, President

530 Willow Road, Gueiph, QN N1H 7G4 (519)836-9892 Fax:(519)836-9287 Contact: David H. Braun, Principal BRUCE A. BROWN ASSOCIATES LIMITED


2-109 Vanderhoof Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2H7


10532-110 Street N.W., Edmonton, ABT5H 3C5

P.O. Box 1397, Burlington, VT 05402 USA (802)658-3890 Fax:(802)658-4247 Contact: Donna Read, Intl. Staffing Manager

(780)423-4123 Fax:(780)426-0659 Contact: John M. Kloster, Project Engineer

(416)424-3355 Fax:(416)424-3350 Contact: Bruce A. Brown, P.Eng. BRYANT ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS LTD.



2840 boui Laframboise, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 4Z1 (450)773-7971 Fax:(450)773-0904

300-5045 South Service Road, Burlington, ON L7L 5Y7 (905)634-9494 Fax:(905)634-4634 Contact: Robert Poisson, P.Eng.

Contact: Florian Bernard, President

PC. Box 1324, 5016-50th Avenue, Yellowknife, NT X1A2N9 (887)920-7501 Fax:(867)920-7931 Contact: Wayne J. Bryant, Principal CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITORS INC.



R.R.#1, Gilford, QN L0L1R0

202-2561 Stouffvilie Road, P.O. Box 295, Gormley, ON LOH 1G0 (905)887-6661 Fax:(905)887-1999 Contact: Jim Phimister, Hydrogeologist

7496 Wellington Road 34, R.R.#3, Gueiph, ON N1H 6H9 (519)767-9100 Fax:(519)767-1824 Contact: Richard P. Puntis, Dir. Sales & Marketing




2395 Speakman Drive, Mississauga, CN L5K 1B3 (877)774-6560 Fax:(905)823-1446 Contact: Brian Bobbie, Project Development Mgr.

Contact: John Sciberras, President CANADIAN ORTECH ENVIRONMENTAL INC.

201-704 Mara Street, Point Edward, ON N7V 1X4

440-3333 boui Cavendish, Montreal, QC H4B 2M5

(519)337-0228 Fax:(519)337-9178 Contact: Bryan Ball, Technical Manager

(514)488-3881 Fax:(514)488-3125 Contact: Philippe Boissinot, Sales Engineer


203-8400 Jane Street, Concord, CN L4K 4L8

Environmental consulting engineers and scientists specializing in

Acres &



Environmental Limited

(905)738-0043 Fax:(905)738-9461 Contact: A.M.(Tas) Candaras, Consulting Engineer

water resources plaunin^ water supply, transmission and treatment wastewater collection and treatment


electrical engineering, instrumentation and controls municipal infrastructure services solid waste and hazardous materials management geo-environmental investigations and site ^mediation

308-2233 Argentia Road, Mississauga, CN L5N 2X7 (905)542-2900 Fax:(905)542-1011 Contact: Elliot Sigal, Mgr., Central Region

environmental assessments and planning


environmental health and safety

2311 Whitman Ave., North Vancouver, BC V7H 206

(604)685-1442 Fax:(604)685-1452 Contact: Neal Carley, Principal

525-21 Four Seasons Place, Toronto, Ontario M9B 6J8•Tel(416)622-9502•Fas(416)622-6249

4342 Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6W1•Tel(905)374-4470•Fax(905)374-8365 R. CAVE AND ASSOCIATES ENGINEERING LTD.

404-345 Lakeshore Road E.. Cakville, ON L6J 1J5

Ainley & Associates Limited

(905)337-1873 Fax:(905)337-1473 Contact: EricT. Hopkins, P.Eng.

Consulting Engineers and Planners Water Supply and Sewage Treatment Environmental Assessments - Roads and Bridges Struoturai Engineering - Land Use Pianning CENTRAL PROJECTS GROUP INC.

Our expertise coeers a// aspects of Civil Afurjicipai arjd Emdronmeritai £r}g^eering and Land Use > COU/MSUfOOO


(70SJ 44S-S4S} (rosj 44S-0968

15-250 Shields Court, Markham, CN LOR 9W7

(905)470-6570 Fax:(905)470-0958 Web site: www.cpg.ca Contacts: Harry H. Kim General Manager; Rene de Vries, Principal, Senior Project Manager


(6t3J 9ee-4243

ferej a22-roe2

/nx few 9ffff-rfe3

r^x few e22- tsre

Environmental site assessments, environmental

remediation, environmental management systems, fueling system design and project management.

The ALTECH Group

Cffices in Cntario and British Columbia.

www.altech-group.com Environmental and OHS professionals providing consulting, scientific and engineering services. • EMS & ISO 14000 capability • Phase I & II investigations and remediation • Technology development and implementation PRODUCTIVITY



CG&S 12 Banigan Drive

CH2M Gore & Storrie Limited


M4H 1E9

Tel: (416)467-5555



401-255 Consumers Rd., North York, CN M2J 5B6

(416)499-9000 Fax:(416)499-4687 Contact: Norman D. Huggins, Vice President Specializing in water and wastewater treatment, water supply systems, sewerage and storm drain-

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories age systems, water resources, air pollution, haz

R.V Anderson Associates Limited

ardous waste, solid waste and energy management and environmental planning.

conautttng engineers, architects, technolog/ managers


Water, Wastewater, Transportation, Urban Development and Telecommunication Technologies For employment and project development opportunities

17 Farmlngton Drive, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3E8 (905)685-0376 Fax:(905)685-0376 Contact: Charles C.E. Ting, Manager

visit our web site: www.rvanderson.com

GEMS Toronto(416)497-8600 E-mail; Toronto@RVAnderson.com

Chemical Emission Management Services

Welland Ottawa Sudbury London Moncton Fredericton Charlottetown Bombay,India


5065 Forest Mill Drive, MIsslssauga, ON L5M 5A7 (905)820-6126 Fax:(905)820-1245

Environmental professionals working with industry to improve water quality


E-mail: tahirak@lca.net

Contact: Dr. Tahir R. Khan, Vice President

Creator of MPRI/NPRI software for compiling emis sion Inventory; specializing in emission Inventory and C of A (Air), air emission control engineering design


Aquatic Contaminant Remediation

and Installation, outdoor. Indoor and stack air test

Environmental Audits

ing; ISO 14001 EMS, site assessment, water and wastewater testing and treatment and solid waste

Toxicity Testing

Sewer Use Bylaw Consulting Water and Wastewater Engineering

3Rs and hazardous wastes management.

Environmental Engineering Stormwater Management Impact Assessments

PO Box 2205,250 Martindale Road, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 7R8 Ph: {905)641-0941 Fax: (905)641-1825 www.aquatic.com

Branch Office: PO Box 86, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T7H8 Ph:(519) 383-7822


1259 Ernest Avenue, London, ON N6E 2B2

Environmental, Transportation & Industrial Engineering

(519)649-5481 Fax:(519)672-3612 Contact: Ravi Kanlpayor, President

Creating Value through


Box 608, 20848 Daiton Road, Button, ON LOE 1RO (905)722-6035 Fax:(905)722-5195 Contact: Peter Robertson, Chemist

Service and innovation Vancouver 604.293.1411

Edmonton www.ae.ca


5349 Outer Drive, R.R.#1, Windsor, ON N9A6J3 (519)737-7042 Fax:(519)737-7045 Contact: Gerald J. Chevalier, President

Calgary 403-262-4500

CHISHOLM, FLEMING AND ASSOCIATES 301-317 Renfrew Drive, Markham, ON L3R 9S8 (905)474-1458 Fax:(905)474-1910 Contact: Bob Chisholm, Director









101-41 Valleybrook Drive, Toronto, ON M3B 2S6 (416)391-2527 Fax:(416)391-1931 Contact: Alan Church, C.Chem., QEP

Specialists In a comprehienslve range of Environmental and Munioipal Engineering


Tel.(705)444-2565 EMail; lnfo@cctatham.com


4010-1 Palace Pier Crt., Etobicoke, ON M8V 3W9



Tel.(705) 645-7756

Tel.(705) 325-1753

Web: vvww.cctatham.com

(416)251-1148 Fax:(416)255-7275 Contact: Claude S. Davis, Ph.D. CLEAR VIEW GEOPHYSICS INC.

12 Twisted Oak Street, Brampton, ON L6R 1T1 (905)458-1883 Fax:(905)792-1884 Contact: Joe Mlhelcic, Geophyslcist/Engineer

'•mf CG&s CH2M Gore & Storrie Limited

Environmental Engineers, Planners and Scientists 255 Consumers Road, North York, Ontario M2J 5B5 phone(416)499-9000 fax (416)499-4687 direct dial (416)499-0090 + ext.


37E Robinson Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1N 8N8

(613)565-6367 Fax:(613)565-1189 Contact: Harry P. Cieghorn, President R.E. CLIPSHAM LIMITED

Barrle • Calgary • London • Ottawa • Thorold

101-16 Mountalnview Road S., Georgetown, ON L7G4K1 (905)877-2211 Fax:(905)877-1321 Contact: R. Cllpsham, President

Toronto • Vancouver • Waterloo


600-5 Donaid Street, Winnipeg, MB R3L 2T4 (204)477-6650 Fax:(204)474-2864 Contact: Ross Webster, Mgr., Env. & Geotechnical

Consolidated GIroux Environment Inc. Dredging (since 1971)

• Dewaterlng • Pumping • Weed Harvester


927 King Street E., Cambridge, ON N3H 3P4 (519)653-8337 Fax:(519)653-2753 Contact: Alexander E. Magditsch, VP, Engineering

• Tailings relocation • Hazardous Waste Reduction • High Speed Decanter Centrifuges

Tel: (506) 684-5821


2240 Speakman Drive, MIsslssauga, ON L5K 1A9 (905)822-0331 Fax:(905)822-3637

E-mail: cglroux@nb.sympatico.ca

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Fax:(506) 684-1915 Web site: www.GIROUXINC.com 43

Guide to Environmental Consuitants & Laboratories of the microbial metabolism for ail types of waste treatment facilities including pulp and paper process ing plants.


51 rue Applegrove, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9A 1W3 (514)683-3829 Fax:(514)683-5818 Contact: Peter Csakany, President



11 Reid Street, P.O. Box 163, Charlo, NB BOB 1M0 (506)684-5821 Fax:(506)684-1915

2120 Cabot Street, Montreal, QC H4E 1E4

(Quebec) 1 -800-363-0230,(Canada & USA)1 -800565-7888,(514)761-3339 Fax:(514)761-1117 E-mail: constant@autoroute.net



Contact: Jim Constant

70 Haist Avenue, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5V4

De VFA- anovel, environmentally friendly and non-

(888)348-8991,(905)856-5200 Fax:(905)856-1455

biocidal product for control of hydrogen sulfide(H2S) and volatile fatty acids (VFAs)through modification

Contact: Trevor T. Diseko, Project Manager

119 Concession 6 Road, FIsherviile, QN NOA1GO (416)410-0432 Fax: (905)779-0003 Contact: Colin F. W. Isaacs, Env. Program Cons. 369 RImrock Road, Downsview, QN M3J 3G2 (416)630-2600 Fax: (416)630-9570 Contact: Rob Wakeiin, Consulting Eng., Corrosion CRANDALL ENGINEERING LTD.

400-1077 St. George Blvd., Monoton, NB E1E 4C9 (506)857-2777 Fax: (506)857-2753

Toronto • Ottawa


London • Hamilton


Vancouver • Victoria

Specializing in:

• Drainage Planning

• Water & Wastewafer Systems

• Hydro-technical Services

• Industrial Treatment

• Environmental Impact

Toronto, Ontario M3C JKI

• Stormwater Management

• Environmental Planning


Corporate Office: 133 Wynford Drive

Contact: Richard F. Gabbey, President CV ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

23 East 27th Street, Hamilton, QN L8V 3E6 Contact: Stephen A. Toplack, President


Teh (416) 441-4111


7560 Airport Road, #10, Mississauga, QN L4T 2H5 (905)671-9921 Fax: (905)672-7784 E-mail: tordal@dames.com


• Infrastructure

• Communities

• Environment

• Facilities


Vancouvtr • Yellowknife • Calgary • Winniptg • Windsor Chatham • Jjtndon • Cambridge • Toronto • Ottawa • Iqaluit Tredericton • Halifax • Port Hawkeshury • Sydney • International 100 SheppardAvenue tiast, Toronto, Ontario i\f2N 6N5 (416) 229-4646


Duke Engineering & Services (Canada), inc. A Duke Energy Company Ottawa

Environmental Audits/Site Assessments

Fractured Rock Hydrogeology Environmental Management and Compliance Hydrogeologic/Performance Assessment Modeling Site Remediation

• Risk Assessment

(613) 232-2525 Toronto

(905) 513-9400 Calgary (403) 262-4885

Contact: David Legault, Unit Manager, Principal-inCharge; Mark Lack, PrIncipal-in-Charge Dames & Moore is a leading environmental engi neering firm providing quality service worldwide. We believe client communication is key. Locations In Toronto, Cambridge, Vancouver, and Victoria. Ex pertise includes investigations. Phase l-iV ESAs, remediation, mining Issues, waste management, regulatory compliance, risk management, geotechnicai, water supply, decontamination/decommis sioning, asbestos, and industrial hygiene.



11-121 Granton Drive, Richmond Hill, QN L4B 3N4 (905) 882-5984 Fax: (905) 882-8962 E-mali: engineers@dosltd.on.ca Web site: www.dcsltd.on.ca

Contact: John N. Hilton, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Environmental management; phase 1 environmen tal audits; phase 2 site assessments; phase 3 re medial investigations; site decommissioning; con struction management; risk assessment; hazardous





TEM - PLM - PCM - SEM - Flame AA - Graphite Furnace

GAP EnviroMicrobial Services Inc.^ AlP' \0-

Microbiology Laboratory & Consulting

* Gryptosporidium & Giardia * Microorganism Identification Rapid E.coii recreationai water

* Microbial Training * Consulting Services Respirometry

1020 Hargrieve Road, London, Ontario. N6E1P5 Telephone: 519-681-0571 Fax: 519-681-7150 44


Eng Plus Ltd. Consulting Engineers Landscape Architects & Buiiding Designers

Land Development Engineering Municipal Engineering Drainage Engineering Landscape Architecture Home & Building Design Total Station Surveying 101 - 750 Baseline Road E.

London, Ontario N6C 2R5 tel. 519.438.6994 ext. 22 fax. 519.438.7052

email. eng.plus@sympatico.ca

Environmental Science cfe Engineering, January 2000

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories materials management; geotechnical engineering; hydrogeology; water quality evaluation; wastewater and groundwater treatment; Industrial hygiene; PCB and asbestos management; underground tank

...linking our health



with how we manage



our environment.

133 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1K1 (416)441-4111 Fax:(416)441-4131 Contact: D. G. Langley, VP, Environmental Division



261 Broadway, Box 606, Tlllsonburg, ON N4G 4J1 (519)688-1000 Fax:(519)842-3235 Contact: John D. WIebe, P.Eng.


St. Catharines







Bridgewater NJ

Geomabrix Cansulbanbs Engineers, Geologists,and Environmental Scientists DILLON

We hove moved!


Our new address is:

' Industrial Water/Wosfewoter Treatment

■ Wosfe Minimizotion/Wastewater Reuse/Recycle ■ Treatment System Upgrade/Optimization


300-100 Sheppard Ave. E., Toronto, ON M2N 6N5 (416)229-4646 Fax:(416)229-4692 E-mail: gkomar@dlllon,ca Contact: Gary J. Komar, Partner Partnership is the core philosophy that drives our business. In practice, we strive to establish long term relationships. We become an Integral part of your team. Project approvals are an Important

Suite No. 1\465 Phillip Street


31 Clapperton Street, P.O. Box 1354, Barrie, ON L4M 5R4 (705)722-4492 Fax:(705)722-3786 Contact: Paul Dewaele, Principal DRG ENGINEERING LTD.

■ ISO 14000 - Environmental Management Systems


Tel:(519)886•7500 Fax:(519)886•7419

measure of our success In all areas of our business.

Successful project design, construction and deliv ery complete the process.

■ Treatment System Design and Construction

Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6C7


Stantec Consulting Ltd. Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety


♦ Occupational Health and Safety ♦ Indoor Air Quality ♦ HS&E Compliance Audits

♦ Environmental Engineering ♦ Ventilation Assessment & Design ♦ Air Pollution Control

♦ Clean Air Technologies

♦ EMS Audits

7070 Mississauga Road, Suite 160, Misslssauga, Ontario, L5N 7G2 Canada Tel:(905)858-4424• Fax:(905) 858-4426• Website: www.stantec.com

103A-370 City Centre, Kitimat, BC V8C 1T6 (250)632-6110 Fax:(250)632-4500 Contact: Jelena Grabovac, Vice President

Duke Engineering Services(Canada),Inc. J Duke Eiierg)' Company


(CANADA) INC. 208-265 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2E1 (613)232-2525 Fax:(613)232-7149 E-mail: rasweezey@dukeengineering.com Contacts: Austin Sweezey, Project Manager Kristin Hanson, Markham, ON (905)513-9400 Robin Shropshire, Calgary AB (403)262-4885 Full environmental services Including: environmen tal site assessments, soil and groundwater Investi gations, site remediation, environmental/perform ance assessment modeling, risk assessment, con taminated/hazardous materials management,com pliance and waste audits, fractured rock hydrogeo logy, litigation support/expert witness testimony.





HOC ENGINEERING Noise Vibration Acoustics

Howe Gastmeier Chapnik

Noise Vibration and Acoustics 2000 Argentia Road, Plaza 1, Suite 203 Mississauga, Ontario L5N1P7 (905) 826-4044, Fax 826-4940 www.hgcengineering.com LIMITED

Experts at wastewater process audits, process optimization, and process design



Consulting Engineers


1685 Main Street West, Suite 302, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada LBS 1G5

45 Green Belt Drive, North York, ON M3C 3K3

(416)445-7022 Fax:(416)445-5276 E-mail: kevln_tohivsky@earthtech.ca

Tel:(905)522-0012 Fax;(905) 522-0031 info@hydromantis.com

Web site: www.earthtech.com

Contact: Kevin Tohlvsky, Marketing Coordinator Based in Ontario, Earth Tech Canada is an 87 yearold full service consulting firm, offering services in water/wastewater, environmental services,transpor tation, civil engineering, urban land development and Infrastructure management systems. The firm has extensive experience in design/build/finance/oper ate and public/private partnerships in all aspects of municipal Infrastructure. THE ECE GROUP LTD.

205 Lesmlli Road, Toronto, ON MSB 2V1

(416)449-1030 Fax:(416)449-2876

Lotowater ltd.

Mail: P.O. Box 451, Paris, Ontario N3L 3T5

Design and supervision of groundwater exploration programs New municipal well design Assessment of groundwater/surface water interaction Groundwater protection Artificial recharge Hydrogeology studies and groundwater impact assessments Landfill monitoring and impact assessment Well maintenance, rehabilitation, performance improvement

Office: 149 Golf Links Road, Paris, Ontario Phone:(519)442-2086 Fax:(519)442-7242 e-mail: lwater@worldchat.com

Video Inspection services Performance testing of wells and pumps

Hydrogeological Consultants and Groundwater Supply Specialists

Well construction

Contact: Gunnar Helssler, President

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories ECOCERN INC.

4 Nursewood Road, Toronto, ON M4E 3R8


MacViro Designing Environmental i^r Energy Solutions

Contact: David Lewis, President ECO-GESTENV INC.

Consulting Engineers, Planners and Scientists, Specializing in the Environment

121 boul Hymus, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1E6 (514)697-9220 Fax:(514)697-2090 Contact: Jacques Plerquet, President ECOPLANS LIMITED

MacViro Consultants Inc. 90 Allstate Parkway, Suite 600, Markham, Ontario LOR 8H3


Fax:(905) 475-5994

E-Mail: 103700.2767@compuserve.com

2655 North Sheridan Way, Misslssauga, ON L5K 2P8 (905)823-4988 Fax:(905)823-8503 Contact: Derek Stewart, Sr. Hydrogeologist ECOSYSTEMATICS

environmental site assessments


•risk assessment/management

Engineering inc.

•site remediation

Kingston Ottawa

RR#2, Stn. Main, 015, No. 46 Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1R2 (705)533-2634 Contact: Myron Humeniuk, Principal EMSL ANALYTICAL INC.

107 Haddon Avenue, Westmont, NJ 08108 USA (800)220-3675 Fax:(856)858-3178 Contact: Joe Frasca, Director, Marketing

•waste management

(613)548-3446 (613)521-8258



101-750 Base Line Road E., London, ON NBC 2R5 (519)438-6994 Fax:(519)438-7052 Contact: Bill Veitch, President


iVlarshall Macklin


174 Simcoe Street N., Cshawa, ON L1G 4S9 (905)686-6400 Fax:(905)686-6439 Contact: Douglas J. Leary, Haz. Waste Advisor





Specialists In Environmental Planning and Engineering, Hydrogeology, Waste Management and Water Resources


4-6820 Kitimat Road, Misslssauga, ON L5N 5M3 (905)821-1112 Fax:(905)821-2095 Contact: Mickey Misra, President

Toronto, Calgary, Misslssauga, Whitby 80 Commerce Valley Drive East, Thornhill, ON L3T 7N4 Telephone: 905-882-1100 FAX: 905-882-0055

E-mail: mmm@mmm.ca



10 Audrey Avenue, London, ON N6A2Y9 (519)433-1540 Contact: Dick Frier, Principal



A Chemex Labs Alberta / Novamann International Partnership

Analytics Inc

Ontario 5540 McAdam Road

Comprehensive Environmental Testing

Misslssauga, ON L4Z IP) Tel ;(905)890-2555 Fax:(905)890-0370

National Service



208-3930 boul Hamel C, Cuebec, CO G1P 2J2

2021-41 Avenue N.E.

(418)877-2969 Fax:(418)877-1469

Calgary. AB T2E6P2 Tel ;(403)291-3077 Fax:(403)291-9468

Contact: Denis Isabel, Director, R&D ENVIROMEGA INC.

Certified/Accredited Source Emissions

Occupational Health



9420 C6te de Liesse

9331 -48th Street.

Lachine.QC H8T lAl

Edmonton, AB T6B2R4

Tel:(514)636-6218 Fax:(514)631-9814


Rush Analysis

114-7 Innovation Drive, Fiamborough,CN L9H 7H9 (905)689-4410 Fax:(905)689-7040 Contact: Hugh D. Monteith, Manager Cperations


Toll Free; East (800) 563-6266

West(800) 386-7247



302-14A Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, CN M5R 2E2 (416)928-0917 Fax:(416)928-0714 Contact: Richard Kolomeychuk



240-100 York Blvd., Richmond Hill, CN L4B 1J8 PHILIP SERVICES

erne the- tke'iuMi

(905)886-7965 Fax:(905)886-7967 Contact: Paul W. Jones, Sales & Marketing Mgr.


Philip- AiriaJAfiicai i I Ae/uuce.

Valerie Geldart, Sales Manager 1-800-263-9040 ext. 275 or valerie_geldart@pltilip-5erv.eom internet: www.pttiiipanaiyticai.com


219 Wellington Street, Thunder Bay, CN F7C 4K3 Fax:(807)623-1505 Contact: Sean Cook, Sr. Environmental Engineer ENVIRO-TECH ASSOCIATES INC.


Creative. Innovative.


7-2345 Wyecroft Road, Cakville, CN L6L 6L8 (905)825-5630 Fax:(905)825-5782 Contact: Henry A. Vens, President ENVISION COMPLIANCE LTD.

1-124 Connie Crescent, Concord, CN L4K 1L7

(905)760-1638 Fax:(905)760-1642 Contact: Judy Zaczkowski, President


A Pollution Control

tel: (403) 254-3301


A Wastewater Treatment

Fax: (403) 254-3333

A Water Treatment www.reld-crowther.com

EPEC CONSULTING (SASK.) LTD. 1601 A - 4th Avenue, Regina, SK S4R 8P9

(306)757-8694 Fax:(306)757-4202 Contact: Jim W. Campbell, Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories ERAMOSA ENGINEERING INC.


176 Speedvale Avenue W., Guelph, ON N1H 1C3 (519)763-7774 Fax:(519)763-7757 Contact: Tim Suttierns, P.Eng.



201-50 Queen Street W., Brampton, ON L6X 4H3 (905)796-1199 Fax:(905)796-2526 Contact: Mike Cugino, Principal

tio inr^


Consulting Engineers & Architect 1815 Ironstone Monor, Suite #10, Pickering, Ont. L1W 3W9 • Tel: 905-531-1715 Fox: 905-831-0531

"A leader \n providing innovative


361 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON NIG 3M5 (519)836-6050 Fax:(519)836-2493 E-mail: diewis@esg.net Contact: Don Lewis, Mgr., Ecotoxicoiogy and Environmental Technologies Specializing in bioremediation; water and wastewater testing; sediment and soil testing; in-situ biomonitoring

automation solutions to our customers." We offer a complete range of products & services In the areas of: •Systems Integration • Process Instrumentation • Control Panels • Programmable Logic Controllers • MIVII/SCADA • Computer/Network Services • Service

studies; toxicity identilication/reduction; environmental

and social assessments; land and watershed plan ning and development; resources management; in tegrated coastal zone planning; tourism, ecotourism and recreational planning; environmental monitoring;

Summa Engineering Limited 6423 Northam Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V1J2 lei:(905) 678-3388, Fax;(905) 678-0444

environmentai/industriai audits and remediation; en ergy feasibility and approvals; bioremediation/water filtration; remote sensing.

Summa Enterprises, Place Griili, 3539 Blvd. St. Ctiaries, #350, Kirkiand, QC H9H 5B9 Tel: (514) 591-5748, Fax:(514) 455-3587

THORBURN PENNY Consulting Engineers


(403)459-8001 Fax:(403)458-8599

•Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems

Environmental Audits Water Resources

Contact: Waiter J. Franci, President

• Instrumentation & Controls

Water Pollution Control

• Environmental Planning

Water Supply

17 Birch Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N 0E1



910-22 Frederick Street, Kitchener, ON N2H 6M6 Contact: Peter Gray, Partner


(905)634-9494 (416)361-6135

OTTAWA: (613)247-0111


P.O. Box 6626, RPO Brunswick Sq., Saint John, NB E2L4S1 (506)635-1566 Fax:(506)635-0206 Contact: Peter McKelvey, President





21115 -108 Avenue N.W., Edmonton, AB T5S 1X3 (403)447-3568 Fax:(403)447-3914 Contact: Errol Lamb, President

MISA • Site Assessment & Remediation • SCADA

t o 11 e n



210-255 Woodlawn Road W., Guelph, ON N1H 8J1 (519)824-8150 Fax:(519)824-8089 Contact: G. Doug Gamsby, P.Eng.

Water Supply • System Optimization • Wastewater Solid Waste Management• Environmental Assessment


h u b 1cki associates




M-1020 Hargrieve Road, London, ON N6E 1P5 (519)681-0571 Fax:(519)681-7150




102-140 Renfrew Drive, Markham, ON L3R 6B3 (905)477-8400 Fax:(905)477-1456


Saskatchewan Alberta British Columbia


415 - 7th Avenue, Regina, SK S4N 4P1 (306)569-9075 Fax:(306)565-3677 Contact: Tim Adelman, Manager

Northern Territories

& internationaiiy


Hydrogeology Waste Management Urban Drainage


• Industrial/Municipal Wastewater Management • Watershed and Stormwater Management • Drinking Water Quality and Treatment

GEOMATRIX GEOMATRIX CONSULTANTS, INC. 465 Phillip Street, #1, Waterloo, ON N2L 6C7 (519)886-7500 Fax:(519)886-7419 E-mail: rstickney@geomatrix.com Web site: www.geomatrix.com

Site Assessment & Remediation

Visit our website at www.umaeroup.com


4655 boul Wilfrid-Hamei, Quebec, QC G1P 2J7 (418)871-8151 Fax:(418)871-9625 Contact: Marc Patry, Environment Director

Environmental Engineering

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Vancouver (604)990-0582 Kitchener (519) 741 -5774 Toronto area (905) 891-2400 Kingston (613)542-5888 www.xcg.commail@xcg.com

Contact: Ray Stickney, Principal, Project Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

• Hydrogeology Investigation/Modelling • Environmental Site Assessment/Auditing • Remediation and Decommissioning • Environmental Management Systems


Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories Specializing in industrial process water and wastewater treatment, treatment piant troubieshooting, optimization and modeliing, water conservation and re-use, waste minimization, by-product recovery, air pollution/toxics, hazardous waste management,site assessments and investigations, remediation design and management, decommissioning, risk assess ments,seismic evaluations, geotechnical and iandfiii design, environmental management/ISO 14000. GEOSYSTEMS

15402 - 75 Avenue N.W., Edmonton, ABT5R 2Z1

(403)489-1357 Fax:(403)489-1357 Contact: F.D. (Rick) Barlow, M.Sc. GEOVIRO ENGINEERING LTD.

500-535 Thuriow Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 312

(604)689-5307 Fax:(604)689-5708 Contact: David Kan/vandy, Principal

J.K. ENGINEERING LTD. 320-7930 Bowness Rd. N.W., Calgary,ABT3B 0H3 (403)247-1777 Fax:(403)286-9895 E-mail: jkeng@telusplanet.net


61 Brooklyn Avenue, Toronto, QN M4M 2X4 (416)410-4188 Fax:(416)466-5479 E-mall: HandB@lstar.ca

Contact: William J. Margrave, Principal Nationally recognized specialists In the planning, engineering and scientific services needed tor water and wastewater treatment systems including water quality assessments, treatablilty evaluations, optimization programs, feasibility and predesign reports, facility designs, O&M manuals, computer ized online interactive documents, plant trouble shooting, commissioning and staff training.

Contact: Jan Korzeniowski,

Specializing in water and wastewater treatment; pipeilnes; pumping; storage; water source develop ment; groundwater exploration and remediation; solid waste management; storm drainage manage ment; water and wastewater laboratory analyses; geodetic sun/eys; environmental site assessment; construction drawings; specs; supervision; commis sioning; 0/M manuals; staff training; and turn key projects. JOHN EMERY GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING LIMITED

1-109 Woodbine Downs Blvd., Toronto, ON


203-2000 Argentia Road, Plaza 1, MIsslssauga, ON L5N 1P7 (905)826-4044 Fax:(905)826-4940

M9W 6Y1 (416)213-1060 Fax:(416)213-1070 Contact: M.H. MacKay, Principal Geotechnical Eng.


30 International Blvd., Rexdale, ON MOW 5P3


(416)675-5950 Fax:(416)675-4620 Contact: Brian KIshbaugh, Manager, Env. Services


744-86 Main Street, Dundas, ON L9H 2R1


(905)730-7441 Contact: George Eastwood, President

1668 Lancaster Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7M 3V9 (306)978-7157 Fax:(306)978-7157 Contact: Russ Johnson, Principal

108-3930 Sheibourne Street, Victoria, BC V8P 5P6

(250)477-2202 Fax:(250)477-2286 Contact: George Giles, Sr Environmental Engineer GLOBAL TOX INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS INC.

6-367 Woodlawn Road W., Guelph, ON N1H 7K9 (519)766-1000 Fax:(519)766-1100 Contact: Dr. Ron Brecher, Principal



89 Queen Street, Truro, NS B2N 2B2

139 -16th Street W., North Vancouver, BC V7M 1T3

(902)895-1507 Fax:(902)893-2152 Contact: Michael Topley, President

(604)985-5361 Fax:(604)985-3705 Contact: Frank Belfry, President


302-1685 Main Street W., Hamilton, ON L8S 1G5 (905)522-0012 Fax:(905)522-0031 HYDRO-TERRA INC.


7070 MIsslssauga Rd., MIssissauga, ON L5N 7G2 (905)858-4424 Fax:(905)858-4426

580-3333 Queen Mary Rd., Montreal, QC H3V 1A2 (514)935-0400 Fax:(514)940-3435 Contact: Joslane Lorange, Project Coordinator IBI GROUP

Fi5-230 Richmond Street W.,Toronto, ON M5V1V6

, Golder Associates GOLDER ASSOCIATES LTD.

213-2550 Argentia Road, MIsslssauga, ON L5N 5R1 (905)819-0600 Fax:(905)819-9922 E-mali: gac@golder.com Web site: www.golder.com Contact: Jeff Johnson, Canadian Marketing Mgr. Golder Associates is an International group of con sulting companies specializing in envlronmentai management, site decommissioning, geotechnlcai engineering, engineering geology, surface and groundwater hydrogeology and related geosclences. GREEN-TECH ENVIRONMENTAL

(416)596-1930 Fax:(416)596-0644 Contact: Neal irwin. Managing Director


220 Advance Blvd., Brampton, ON L6T 4J5 (905)459-4780 Fax:(905)459-7869 E-mail: kmk@kmk.on.ca Web site: www.kmk.on.ca

Contact: Patrick McGrenere, Executive VP

Consulting engineers, project managers, ecologi


1740 Kingston Road, P.O. Box 31, Pickering, QN L1V2R2 (905)852-0204 Contact: Bruce Foxton, Operations Manager

cal planners, landscape architects specializing in water and sewage treatment and conveyances; process audits and cost reduction engineering In process, labour, and energy. KODIAK ENVIRONMENTAL LIMITED


9-626 CataraquI Woods Dr., Kingston, ON K7P 1T8 (613)389-9812 Fax:(613)389-5287 Contact: J. Bennett, Manager INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS

1602-265 Ridley Blvd., Toronto, ON M5M 4N8 (416)483-1074 Fax:(416)483-1054 Contact: Tony Tarsitano, Principal

871 Equestrian Court, Oakvilie, ON L6L 6L7 (905)825-2943 Fax:(905)825-8743 Contact: Randall J. Goodwin, Env. Scientist L.D. CONSULTANTS INC.

3164 Dovetail Mews, MIssissauga, ON L5L 5K5 (905)828-6475 Fax:(905)828-4717 Contact: L.D. Mishra, Director


103-512 King Street E., Toronto, ON MSA 1M1 (416)364-1760 Fax:(416)364-6880 Contact: Thomas W. Davis, President



342 Bayview Drive, Box 310, Barrle, QN L4M 4T5 (705)733-0111 Fax:(705)721-0138 Contact: Gary Kuehl, Senior Hydrogeologist

267 Holmes Avenue, Toronto, ON M2N 4N2 (416)222-6418 Fax:(416)222-6692 Contact: Matt Giuliano, Principal


1091 boui Ple-XI S, Val-Belair, QC G3K 1J9



(418)845-0838 Fax:(418)845-2876 Contact: Marc Marin, Env. Director

1200 Denlson Street, Markham, ON L3R 8G6 (416)495-8614 Fax:(905)479-9326 Contact: Juliet Terrelonge, Exec. Admin. Assistant

9620 Saint Patrick Street, LaSalle, OC H8R 1R8 (514)366-2970 Fax:(514)366-2971 Contact: Graham K. Holder, Associate


325 rue de I'Espinay, Quebec, QC G1L 2J2 (418)647-1402 Fax:(418)648-9288 Contact: Paul Lefrancois, President



RR#3, Station Main, Bracebridge, ON PI L 1X1 (705)645-3879 Fax:(705)645-3357 Contact: James Schmidt, President

580-3333 Queen Mary, Montreal, OC H3V 1A2 (514)940-3332 Fax:(514)940-3435 Contact: Simon Desjardins, President




2e-1740 rue MItIs, Chlcoutlml, QC G7K 1H5 (418)696-2259 Fax:(418)696-4669

170 Quebec Avenue, Toronto, ON M6P 2T8 (416)762-2676 Fax:(416)762-3023

301-251 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3 (613)236-6662 Fax:(613)236-2945

Contact: Jean-Luc Simard, Vice President, R&D

Contact: Richard F. Nowina

Contact: Jean Hebert, Envlronmentai Engineer




400 Carilngview Drive, Toronto, QN MOW 5X9 (416)674-8505 Fax:(416)674-8520

183 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd., MIssissauga, ON L5R 2K8 (905)712-1500 Fax:(905)712-1555

Contact: Phli Evans, President

Contact: Frank Marcoccia

105-19 rue St-Charles Borromee S, Jollette, OC J6E 4S8 (450)756-8040 Fax:(450)756-6559 Contact: Thierry Freire, VP, Environment


Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories MARTYN ENGINEERING LTD.


801B - 29th Street, Gourtenay, BO V9N 7Z5 (250)334-3846 Fax:(250)334-2645 Contact: H.A. Martyn, Sr. Engineer/Principal

PC. Box 205,Sin. Main, Niagara Fails, CN L2E 6T3 (905)374-5227 Fax:(905)356-9672 Contact: Steph Johnson, Managing Director



210-704 Mara Street, Point Edward, ON N7V 1X4

23 Gieneiia Avenue, Wiilowdale, CN M2M 2K6 (416)225-4541 Fax:(416)225-4541 Contact: Marvin D. Siibert, P.Eng.

NIAGARA ENVIRONMENTAL DYNAMICS, LTD. PC. Box 1406, 967 Helena Street, Fort Erie. CN L2A6G2 (905)871-8553 Fax:(905)871-7056 Contact: David G. Taiiey

LENDER (519)336-4101 Fax:(519)336-4311 E-mail: mroehier@lehder.com

Web sites: www.iehder.com,www.msdsworld.com

Contact: Mark Roehler, Marketing LENDER is a consulting firm providing services in the following three main areas: air quality manage ment (odour investigations, source emission sam pling, dispersion modeling, applications for certifi cates of approval); health, safety and environmen tal management systems(MSDS, regulatory train ing, compliance audits, industrial hygiene); property liability management (remediation plans, property stewardship plans. Phase i, ii investigations, hydrogeoiogicai studies). LISSOM EARTH SCIENCES

67 King Street, P.O. Box 1450, Picton, ON KOK 210 (800)829-7299,(613)476-8147 Fax:(613)476-8150


5540 McAdam Road, Mississauga, CN L4Z 1P1 (905)890-2555 Fax:(905)890-0370 Contact: Brian Crowiey, Project Manager


121 Durham Street, Sudbury, CN P3E 3M9 (705)674-4401 Fax:(705)674-5583 Contact: Ray Spangier, President


104 Goifdaie Road, Toronto, CN M4N 2B7


(416)489-7067 Fax:(416)489-7067

86 Riverview Blvd., St. Catharines, CN L2T 3M2 (905)641-2732 Fax:(905)641-1705 Contact: Hans Y. Tammemagi, President

Contact: Dr. H.G. McAdie

McCLYMONT & RAK ENGINEERS, INC. 117 Disco Road, Toronto, CN M9W 1M3


(416)675-0160 Fax:(416)675-6371 Contact: Gary C. Wilson, Mgr., Env. Services

306-111 Waterloo Street, London, CN N6B 2M4

(800)815-9980,(519)850-4000 Fax:(519)850-1020 Contact: Gary Huffman, Environmental Consultant

Contact: John Porritt, President


6-118 Sandiford Drive, Stouffviiie, CN L4A7X5



(905)642-5800 Fax:(905)642-3730

155 Evergreen Court S.W., Calgary, AB T2Y 2X5 (403)256-0308 Fax:(403)256-0412 Contact: Joe Cbee, President

Contact: Bill Powell, President

620-33 Aiderney Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N4 (902)463-0114 Fax:(902)466-5743 Contact: Scott MacKnight, President


609-211 Wiiiett Street, Halifax, NS B3M 3C7 (902)443-4975 Contact: Michael D. MacPhee, President MACVIRO CONSULTANTS INC.

600-90 Alistate Parkway, Markham, ON L3R 6H3 (905)475-7270 Fax:(905)475-5994 Contact: Eric MacDonaid, President

I Middle Earth HydrogeoiogyInc. MIDDLE EARTH HYDROGEOLOGY INC.


89 Caveil Avenue, Toronto, CN M4J 1H5


(416)465-0531 Fax:(416)465-0319 E-mail: Midearth@interlog.com Web site: www.interiog.com/~midearth Contact: Ted Rannie, M.Sc., Hydrogeoiogist Middle Earth has 20 years of hydrogeoiogicai ex perience in Canada and overseas. We offer high quality expertise in groundwater resources, contami nant migration, impact assessment, groundwater monitoring and peer review. MIE CONSULTING


146 Laird Drive, Toronto, CN M4G 3V7



Contact: James Jones, President

168 Montreal Street, Kingston, CN K7K 3G4 (613)548-3446 Fax:(613)548-7975


E-maii: mairoz@mairoz.com

Contact: Steven V. Rose, Director

Since 1989, one of the largest groups of environ mental engineers, scientists, and technologists in

PC. Box 4823, Station Main, Regina, SK S4P 3Y4 (306)584-7071 Fax:(306)584-8666 Contact: Rodger A. McDonald, Mgr-Principal Eng. MERGE CONSULTING LTD.

site assessments and impact studies; hydrogeoiogy

205 Carnegie Dr., Box 359, St. Albert, AB T8N 1N3 (403)458-0775 Fax:(403)460-2518

assessments and risk management; site decommis sioning and remediation; waste management and landfill studies; compliance monitoring; brownfieid development; project management. Marshall Macklin



1091 Brevik Place, Mississauga, CN L4W 3R7 (905)629-0979 Fax:(905)629-7379 Contact: John E. Scaife, General Manager N.A.R. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INC.

1130 Southiane Road, Sudbury, CN P3G 1N6 (705)522-5990 Fax:(705)522-1898 Contact: A. Bradley Bowman, Sr. Env. Scientist


80 Commerce Valley Dr. E, Thornhiii, CN L3T 7N4 (905)882-1100 Fax:(905)882-0055 E-mail: mmm@mmm.ca Web site: www.mmm.ca


402-99 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto, CN M6K 3J8

(416)516-2337 Fax:(416)516-2837 Contact: John Phyper, VP, EH&S Consulting PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY

936 Thermal Drive, Coquitlam, BC V3J 6R8

(604)469-7946 Fax:(604)469-3552 Contact: Dr. Paul D. Tinari, Director PARAGON ENGINEERING LTD.

12442 - 205 Street, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0A8 (604)465-3096 Fax:(604)465-3055 Contact: John S. Kupskay, P.Eng. PATRICK GARNEAU & ASSOCIATES INC.

365 boui Sir-Wiifrid-Laurier, Beloeii, QC J3G 4T2 NATECH ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

(450)464-4301 Fax:(450)464-3949

109 Patterson Cross Road, Harvey Station, NB E6K 1L9 (506)366-1080 Fax:(506)366-1090 Contact: Jochen Schroer, Environmental Engineer

Contact: Patrick Garneau, President

Contact: William M. Pinkerton, VP, Environmental

We provide services in environmental engineering, water resources and environmental management. Environmental engineering sen/ices include: plan ning, design, and contract administration of water and wastewater treatment and conveyance systems for municipal and industrial clients. Water resources services include: stormwater management, flood prediction, protection and control, watershed man agement planning,flow modelling, routing and con trol. Environmental management services include: solid and hazardous waste management, site de contamination, environmental auditing and hydro geoiogicai studies/designs. Environmental planning services are also provided.

projects, indoor air quality surveys, plant and com munity noise, safety audits, training and manage ment, MSDS management.

Eastern Cntario. Services include: environmental

studies; environmental audits; environmental risk


204-195 King Street, St. Catharines, CN L2R 3J6 (905)688-0500 Fax:(905)688-4746 E-maii: jorser@niagara.com Web site: www.niagara.com/orser/ Contact: John Crser, Environmental Technologist Plant emission inventories, stack monitoring, dis persion modeling, regulatory approvals, ventilation, NPRi, liquid waste monitoring, solid waste audits, environmental assessments, ISC 14000 EMS projects, comprehensive occupational hygiene


302-4999 98 Avenue N.W., Edmonton,ABT6B 2X3 (780)414-6536 Fax:(780)468-4478 Contact: Stan Penttinen, Manager


P.C. Box 850, Durham, CN NOG 1R0 (519)369-5550 Fax:(519)369-6233 Fax: David J. Peach, President PETRO LABORATORIES INC.

1084 Lakeshore Rd. W., St. Catharines, CN L2R 6P9

8-140 Advance Blvd., Brampton, CN L6T 4J4 (905)458-0989 Fax:(905)458-1559

(905)374-1566 Fax:(905)374-2483

Contact: James Szeto, Chief Chemist


Contact: Peter Bowen, President NEW EAST CONSULTING SERVICES LTD.


288-12899 76th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 1E6 (604)591-1915 Fax:(604)591-9923 Contact: Ken Beck Lee, Principal

5735 McAdam Road, Mississauga, CN L4Z 1N9 (800)263-9040,(905)890-8566 Fax:(905)890-8575 Contact: Brian Lewis, Regional Sales Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories PHILIPS ENGINEERING LTD.


3215 North Service Road, P.O. Box 220, Burlington ON L7R 3Y2 (905)335-2353 Fax:(905)335-1414 Contact: Ron Scheclrenberger, Principal

Fi6-1111 Hastings St. W., Vancouver. BC V6E 2J3 (604)687-9460 Fax:(604)684-4277 Contact: Nindy Birdi, Marketing Manager


150 Arden Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R2M 2K3 (204)257-4198 Fax:(204)255-4015 Contact: Bruce Piercy, P.Eng. PILDYSH ENGINEERING INC.

288-200 Rivercrest Drive S.E., Gaigary, AB T2C 2X5 (403)720-6699 Fax:(403)720-6609 Contact: Jamie Stanford, Mgr., Resources Mgmt.


306-505 Consumers Road, Toronto, ON M2J 4V8 Contact: Bill Giiian, Vice President, Ontario ROBINSON CONSULTANTS INC.

E-maii: mezeir@cdsonter.com

350 Palladium Drive, Kanata, ON K2V 1A8 (613)592-6060 Fax:(613)592-5995 Contact: Andy Robinson, President

Web site: www.cdsonter.com


P.O. Box 68584,1235 Williams Pkwy. E., Brampton ON L6S 6A1 (905)792-3130 Fax:(905)792-3047 Contact: Jayne Pilot, President PINCHIN ENVIRONMENTAL

5749 Coopers Avenue, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1R9 (905)507-4855 Fax:(905)507-4884 Contact: Robin Connelly, Marketing Manager


200-1025 Tristar Drive, Mississauga, QN L5T 1V5 (905)564-4752 Fax:(905)670-0705

650 Woodiawn Road W., Gueiph, ON NIK 1B8 (519)823-1311 Fax:(519)823-1316 Contact: Anton E. Davies, VP, Bus. Development

Contact: Rita Mezei, Business Development Mgr. Phase i and il environmental site assessment and

building condition surveys; soil and groundwater investigations; remedial programs; asbestos sur veys; asbestos abatement inspections; environmen tal management systems and software; occupational health and safety; solid waste management pro grams.


3380 South Service Road, Burlington, ON L7N 3J5 (905)634-5509 Fax:(905)634-3187 Contact: Gordon i. Russell, Principal



4-3600 19th Street N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 6V2 (403)293-0181 Fax:(403)293-0180 Contact: Kevin McMillan, Sr. Project Manager


201-225 des Forges, Trois-Rivieres, QC G9A2G7 (819)379-8010 Fax:(819)379-8092

50 Larkspur Crescent, St. Albert, AB T8N 2M5 (780)458-2067 Fax:(780)460-1909 Contact: Martin Schurek, Principal

Contact: Pierre Beiiavance, Director Environment


300 - 871 Victoria Street N., Kitchener, QN N2B 3S4 (519)585-7310 Fax:(519)579-6733 Contact: Leslie Moinar


768 Westgate Road, Oakviiie, ON L6L 5N2 (905)847-0065 Fax:(905)847-3840 Contact: Greg Brown, Vice President

417 Exeter Road, London, ON N6E 2Z3 (519)680-3868 Fax:(519)680-3870


238 Olympic Crescent, London, ON N6G 3P7 (519)474-0410 Fax:(519)474-0283

Contact: Marc B. Trudeii, President

Contact: Robert C. Stevenson, President SEPROTECH LABORATORIES


1200-1185 Georgia St. W., Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6 (604)682-3707 Fax:(604)682-3497 Contact: E.L. Pottinger, President PROFESSIONAL PROJECT

2378 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON K1V 7P1 (613)523-1641 Fax:(613)731-0851


Contact: Michael Ziebeii, General Manager

Shiu & Associates Inc.


Project Managers, Engineering & Construction Surveyors

17A-100 Kaiamaika Lake Rd., Vernon, BC V1T7M3 (250)545-3672 Fax:(250)545-3654 Contact: Mike Nolan, Senior Engineer



52207 Range Road 233, Sherwood Park, AB T8B 1H4 (780)417-3382 Fax:(780)417-2689 Contact: Albert Biei, P.Eng.


979 Derry Road E., Mississauga, ON L5T 2J7 (905)565-0380 Fax:(905)565-0346 E-maii: infol ©shiu.com


778 King Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 1G2 (506)450-2930 Fax:(506)451-0415

Contact: John R. McKinney, P.Eng. QUINTE-ECO CONSULTANTS INC.

Box 400, RR#7, Stn. Main, Beiieviiie, ON K8N 4Z7 (613)967-2332 Fax:(613)967-6680 Contact: R.E. Carter, Certified Env. Specialist

Web site: www.shiu.com

Contact: Buddy Chau, President An ISO 9002 registered company providing engi neering and construction surveying sen/ices includ ing control surveys; CAD drawings for plan, profile and cross section; layout and as-buiit surveys; earth, rock and other material quantity estimation; and, construction project management and inspection. The firm also specializes in GPS training incorpo rating theory, application and GiS data collection.


P.O. Box 4800, Station Main, Peterborough, ON K9J7B8 (705)748-1506 Fax:(705)748-1625 Contact: Dr. Ramesh Makhija, President/Lab Dir.

6423 Northern Drive, Mississauga, ON L4V 1J2 (905)678-3388 Fax:(905)678-0444


114-1200 rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec, QC G2E 5E8 1-877-Siiicycle,(418)874-0054 Fax:(418)874-0355 Contact: Hugo St-Laurent, President/GM


9 Wellington Street, New Liskeard, ON POJ IPO (705)647-4311 Fax:(705)647-3111 Contact: James Hawken, Vice President SVEDALA BRENDA PROCESS TECHNOLOGY

2281 Hunter Road, Keiowna, BC V1X 7C5

(250)861-5501 Fax:(250)861-5210 Contact: Jim Austin, Senior Process Metallurgist SYSTEMES GEOSTAT INTERNATIONAL INC.

C500-800 boui Chomedey, Laval, QC H7V 3Y4 (800)474-6561,(450)973-6561 Fax:(450)973-6070 Contact: Claude Dupiessis, Project Manager T&E CONSULTANTS INC.

2945 Haiiday Crescent, Nanaimo, BC V9T 1B2 (250)751-0053 Fax:(250)751-0063 Contact: G. Daniel Hooper, President


482 Queen Street, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2H4

(905)853-0626 Fax:(905)853-8807 E-maii: rai@raieng.com Web site: www.raieng.com

10-1815 ironstone Manor, Pickering, QN L1W 3W9 (905)831-1715 Fax:(905)831-0531 Contact: Don Cane, President


5205A - 54 Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4N 5K5 (403)346-7710 Fax:(403)341-4909 Contact: Wes Williams, President


Contact: Robert LeCraw

300-151 Ferris Lane, Barrie, ON L4M 601


Class environmental assessments, water and wastewater treatment; plant optimization and design; water reclamation treatment systems; design/build water filtration plants for small systems.

(705)726-1141 Fax:(705)726-0331

201-115 Hurontario St., Coiiingwood, ON L9Y 2L9 (705)444-2565 Fax:(705)444-2327 Contact: Paul Dagenais, Environmental Engineer

REID & ASSOCIATES (1994) LTD. 93 Bell Farm Road, P.O. Box 910, Barrie, ON L4M4Y6 (705)728-0141 Fax:(705)728-0788 Contact: Suzanne Scott, P.Eng.

Contact: Scott W. Brumweii, Vice President SOIL-MAT ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS LTD.

130 Lancing Drive, Hamilton, ON L8W 3A1 (905)318-7440 Fax:(905)318-7455 Contact: Danny Schebesch, President


426 Buchanan Road N.W., Edmonton,ABT6R 2A5

(780)435-5614 Fax:(780)430-8637 Contact: Teresa Biaiik, President




90 ch Grand-Pre, Saint-Luc, QC J2W 2G6

850 Pembina Hwy., Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M7 (403)254-3301 Fax:(403)254-3333

(450)348-5693 Fax:(450)346-2340 Contact: Francoise Forcier, Project Manager

3-2006 ch Saint-Louis, Siiiery, QC GIT 1P1 (418)681-6336 Fax:(418)681-3465 Contacts: Anne Chevrier, Robert Marquis, Engineers


Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Guide to Environmental Consultants & Laboratories TETRES CONSULTANTS INC.



603-386 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R6 (204)942-2505 Fax:(204)942-2548 Contact: George Rempel, President

386 TImlock Place, Waterloo, ON N2K 3J2

760 Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 2H3 (250)374-2244 Fax:(250)374-9292

(519)725-9874 Fax:(519)725-0842 Contact: Jackie Van de Valk, Principal

Contact: John Watson, President



P.O. Box 3133, Stn. B, Fredericton, NB E3A5G9 (506)453-7700 Fax:(506)453-9861 Contact: Dwight Ball, Senior Geologist

50 Daihousle Street, Brantford, ON N3T 2H8

ERITEC Consulting Inc.


210-4475 Viewmont Avenue, Victoria, BC V8Z 6L8 (604)727-3710 Fax:(604)477-0813 Contact: Colin T. Maber, Manager, BC Operations TOTTEN SIMS HUBICKI ASSOCIATES

300 Water Street, Whitby, ON LI N 9J2 (905)668-9363 Fax:(905)668-0221 Contact: R.B. Baker, Sr. Vice President

Touchie Engineering Consulting Engineers and Technology Managers

(800)943-2876,(519)758-8391 Fax:(519)758-5822 Contact: J. Bryon WIebe, President D.M. WILLS ASSOCIATES LIMITED


9-41 Courtland Avenue, Concord, ON L4K 3T3

(905)660-1811 Fax:(905)677-6194 E-mail: verltec@sympatlco.ca Contact: Alain Laionde, Principal Leaders In operations enhancement providing specialty services to the water and wastewater In dustry Including water efficiency programs, system optimization, leakage reduction, hydraulic modeling, flow and pressure monitoring, technology transfer, ICI water use studies and more.

452 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 2W3 (705)742-2297 Fax:(705)741-3568 Contact: David Wills, P.Eng. WINTER ASSOCIATES

200 Matheson Blvd. W., MIsslssauga, ON L5R 3L7 (905)890-0110 Fax:(905)890-0319 Contact: Joseph Gyetvan, Associate WOODRISING CONSULTING INC.

83 Scott Street, SS 1, Belfountain, ON LON 1B0

(519)927-0548 Fax:(519)927-0549 VIRTUAL ENGINEERS COLLECTIVE

Contact: Nicola Ross, President

309-3950 14fh Avenue, Markham, ON L3R 0A9 TOUCHIE ENGINEERING A division of R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

(905)475-0436 Fax:(905)475-0142 Contact: R. Anthony Warner, President

400 - 633 Main Street, Moncton, NB E1C 9X9

(506)857-8525 Fax:(506)858-5972 E-mail: moncton ©touchleengineerlng.nb.ca Contact: Boyd A. Touchie, President Specializing In water and wastewater treatment, water supply systems, sewerage and storm drain age systems, environmental management, water shed management, municipal Infrastructure, trans portation, structures, tunnels and buildings.


13-1815 ironstone Manor, Pickering, ON LI W 3W9 (905)837-0862 Fax:(905)837-5134 Contact: Pete Palumbo, President WALTER BROWN ASSOCIATES

533 Arbor Road, MIsslssauga, ON L5G 2J6 (905)278-8848 Contact: W.F.M. Brown, President


1595 Clark Blvd., Brampton, ON L6T 4V1 (905)793-9800 Fax:(905)793-0641 Contact: Kerry J. O'Shea, Manager, Env. Division


400 - 386 Broadway, Winnipeg, ON R3C 4M8 (204)956-0980 Fax:(204)988-0546 Contact: Laurie McKee


8 WIddlcombe Hill, Toronto, ON M9R 1B3

(416)246-1107 Fax:(416)246-1127 Contact: Robert Ostry, President

(705)842-3372 Fax:(705)842-2658 Contact: Mike Tulioch, P.Eng. P.S. TURJE & ASSOCIATES LTD.

808-318 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2V3

(604)681-5463 Fax:(604)681-3814 Contact: PaulTurje, President G.A. TZVETCOFF ENGINEERING LTD.

6164 Metrai Drive, Nanalmo, BC V9T 3B8 (250)390-4654 Fax:(250)390-4654 Contact: George Tzvetcoff, President UMA ENGINEERING LTD.


eiier tinvironmem ror business


3108 Carp Road, Carp (Ottawa), ON KOA 1L0 (613)839-3053 Fax:(613)839-5376 E-mail: wesacarp@wesa.ca


P.O. Box 8, Station Main, KIngsvllle, ON N9Y 2E8 (519)733-6833 Fax:(519)733-9602 Contact: Barney Zlellnski, President

A better environment for business. 50-h profession als, four offices, superior service. Environmental sciences/engineering; domestic/International; solid, liquid, hazardous waste management; environmen tal management systems (EMS); property assess ment, audits, redevelopment, remediation and re habilitation; permitting, monitoring, environmental control services; water supply; Industrial hygiene, occupational health & safety; training & Institutional strengthening; environmental business planning.






25-30 Werthelm Court, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B9 (905)764-5223 Fax:(905)764-6813 Contact: E. LIghstone, Director of Administration VALUE ENGINEERING

16 Woodgate Drive, Toronto, ON M6N 4W3 (416)763-6273 Fax:(416)763-1014 Contact: George Katsarov, President

stormwater management, hydrogeoiogicai investi gations, environmental compliance audits and site assessments, remediation and decommissioning, and environmental management/ISO 14000 serv ices. Offices: Toronto (905)891-2400; Kingston (613)542-5888; Kitchener (519)741 -5774; Vancou ver (604)990-0582.

Web site: www.wesa.ca


250 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON L3R 3S1

904-50 Queen Street N., Kitchener, ON N2H 6P4 (519)741-5774 Fax:(519)741-5627 E-mail: mali@xcg.com Web site: www.xcg.com Contact: Stephen Nutt, Partner We are a Canadian environmental consulting firm employing a mulfl-dlsclpilnary team of environmen tal specialists. Services Include municipal/Industrial

Contact: William Touzel

7 Crouse Road, Scarborough, ON MIR 3A9 (416)757-3611 Fax:(416)757-8915 Contact: Dorothy A. Howells, V.P., Corp. Secretary

200-286 St. Paul Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 6G4 (250)374-8311 Fax:(250)374-5334 Contact: Peter Coxon, Sr. Project Manager


water and wastewater treatment, watershed and


200 Main Street, Thessalon, ON POR 1L0


3851B - 21 Street N.E., Calgary, ABT2E 6T5 (403)250-9164 Fax:(403)291-4597 Contact: Bill Wong, General Manager

WATERLOO HYDROGEOLOGIC, INC. 180 Columbia Street, West,#1104, Waterloo, ON

N2L3L3 (519)746-1798 Fax:(519)885-5262 E-mali: pmartln@fiowpath.com Web site: www.flowpathcom Contact: Paul Martin, Director, Consulting Services Specializing In the development and application of groundwater flow and contaminant transport mod els for: wellhead protection studies, water resources management, groundwater Impact assessments, groundwater/surface water interactions, evaluating natural attenuation of contaminated groundwater, designing and optimizing groundwater remediation systems, seawater Intrusion, mine dewatering and decommissioning, and customized GIS/database

Environmental Science &

Engineering magazine is on the world wide web. Check us out at



Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


ES&E's Directory ofEnvironmental Equipment & Service Suppliers Note: This guide is intended as a service for ES&E readers oniy. No ciaims are made that it is a comprehensive review. ES&E reiies on information suppiied by companies who returned questionnaires. 3M CANADA COMPANY

P.O. Box 5757, London, ON N8A 4T1

(800)265-1840 Fax;(519)452-6262

il 11 li

ADWEST TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 151 Trapping Brooke Rd., Wellsvilie, NY 14895 USA (716)593-1405 Fax:(716)593-6614 Contact: Brian J. Cannon, Sales Director

and flow analyzers, PLCs, Human-Machine inter faces and Data Acquisition/Reporting Systems. For emission, process and ambient air monitoring, AMKO's innovative solutions are utilized through


out power, petrochemical, cement, pulp and paper industries, incineration plants and research facili ties. Our principals consist of world-renowned manufacturers such as SICK AG, ECO-PHYSICS,

2611 N. Second St., Minneapolis, MN 55411 USA (612)521-8519 Fax:(612)521-1455 Contact: Linda MacFariane, Marketing Manager



4410 Paletta Crt., Burlington, ON L7L 5R2 (800)461-0980 Fax:(905)681-2810


E-mail: ivan.a.soiomons.@ca.abb.com Web site: www.abb/automation.com

5150 Spectrum Way, Mississauga, ON L4W 5G1 (800)341-2477 Fax:(800)513-2740 Contact: Lesley Munsiow, Mktg. Prog. Specialist

Contact: ivan Solomons, Env. Tectinoiogies A complete range of water quality monitors and analyzers for the water and wastewater processes. ABB Inc. also provides comprehensive solutions for your omissions monitoring applications, including insitu, multi-component gas analyzers.

760 Main St., Milton, ON LOT 3P6


35-1200 Aerowood Dr., Mississauga, ON L4W2S7 (905)238-9622 Fax:(905)238-5640 Contact: Gordon B. Moffatt, Gen. Mgr., Canada ABJ™ - SANITAIRE CORPORATION

9333 North 49th St., Brown Deer, Wi 53223 USA (414)365-2200 Fax:(414)365-2210 Contact: Laurie Besch, Marketing Comm. Coord.


1215 Meyerside Dr., #7, Mississauga, ON L5T1H3 (905)670-4677 Fax: (905)670-3709 E-maii: tim.sansom@abspumps.com Web site: www.abspumps.com Contact: Tim Sansom, National Sales Manager ABS for cost-effective pumping. International manu facturer of pumps, mixers and aeration equipment for municipal and industrial applications. Submers ible or dry installations. ABS Pumps has the costeffective solutions.


300 Rue Brosseau, St-Jean-Sur-Richeiieu, DC JOB 2E9 (450)348-1807 Fax: (450)348-3311 Contact: Karl Mertn Jr., Sales Manager ACO CONTAINER SYSTEMS

794 McKay Rd., Pickering, ON L1W 2Y4 (905)683-8222 Fax: (905)683-2969 Contact: Stefan Assman ACTION CARBON-CHEM INC.

7E - 505 Queensway East, Mississauga, ON L5A 4B4 (905)272-8220 Fax: (905)569-2739 Contact: Michael Walshe, Sales


(905)878-7131 Fax:(905) 878-7132 Contact: Michael Walsh, General Sales Manager

ANALYTICAL MEASUREMENTS, INC. 621 Ramsey Ave., Hillside, NJ 07205 USA (908)964-8686 Fax: (908)964-6622 Contact: Theresa P. Scarinzi, Vice President


nthrafilter Media & Cool Ltd.




5315 North Service Road, Burlington, ON L7L 601 (905)331-3536 Fax: (905)335-0301 Contact: Syivain Raymond, Marketing Manager

20 Sharp Road, Brantford, ON N3T 5H6 (519)751-1080 Fax: (519)751-0617 Contact: Dave Loney, President One quality source for anthracite, filter sands and gravels, garnet, iimenite activated carbon, green sand. Filter media removal, disposal, supply and installation. Filter media meets or exceeds AWWA

specifications. Quality - Value - Service.



#406,8989 Macieod Tr. S.W., Calgary, AB T2H 0M2 (403)259-8333 Fax: (403)259-8335 Contact: Dave Stephens


P.O. Box 996, Parson, KS 67357 USA

(316)421-0200 Fax: (316)421-9122 Contact: Kendall Smith, Liquid Markets Manager


101 MilnerAve., Scarborough, ON M1S4S6 (416)297-6308 Fax: (416)299-5864 ALSTOR CANADA INC.

13516 Byers Rd., Chesterville, ON KOC 1H0 (613)448-2277 Fax: (613)448-9008 Contact: Stuart Byers, President ALTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS INC.

12 Banigan Drive, Toronto, ON M4H 1E9 (416)467-5555 Fax: (416)467-9824


200,15904-116 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3S5 (780)413-6934 Fax: (780)453-6093 Contact: Powell Maxfield, industrial Applications





Contact: Alex Keen, President AMERICAN LOGIBALL INC.

440 Papin, Ste-Foy, QC G1P 3T9 (418)656-9767 Fax: (418)653-5746 Contact: Marc A. Anctii, Product/Sales Manager AMERICAN SIGMA, INC. 5600 Lindbergh Dr., P.O. Box 389, Loveiand, CO 80539 USA

E-maii: inti@hach.com

(800)635-4567,(716)798-5580 Fax: (716)798-5599 Contact: Michael Bryant, Cdn. Sales & Mktg. Mgr.

77 Orchard Road, Ajax, ON L1S 6K9 (905)619-3009 Fax: (905)619-3638 E-maii: john@aquabiastcorp.com Web site: www.aquabiastcorp.com Contact: John Eecloo, President, General Mgr. Industrial cleaning for over 25 years, reactors, si los, heat exchangers, sewers, process piping, equip ment, buildings, using high pressure waterjetting services to 30,000 psi. Cold cutting steel plate, tanks and pipes; 3D self rotating cleaning head and teieboom for safe tank cleaning. Turbo vacuum pumping for liquids, sludges and dry materials; daylighting and hydrotrenching services.

1133 Rogent St., #300, Fredericton, NB E3B 3Z2 (506)452-7307 Fax: (506)452-7308

AQUA-FLO, INC. 6244 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206 USA (800)368-2513 Fax: (410)488-2030

Contact: Robert Landine, President

Contact: Al Coke, President


ADVANCE PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. Box 60399, Lafayette, LA 70596-0399 USA (318)233-6116 Fax: (318)232-3860 Contact: Daria Aguiilard, Marketing



250 West Beaver Creek Rd., #6, Richmond Hill, ON

300 - 55 Undermount Ave., Hamilton, ON L8P 3Z7

L4B 107 (905)771-1444 Fax: (905)771-1616

(905)528-3807 Fax: (905)528-3428 Contact: Brian Gage, President

E-mail: amko@idirect.com

Web site: www.amkosystems.com ADVANCED CONTROL CONCEPTS

Contact: John H. Kosch, President


1587 Hwy. 56, Hannon, ON LOR IPO (905)692-5561 Fax: (905)692-3102 Contact: George Green, Sales Manager

AMKO Systems Inc. is a leading specialist for sitespecific Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (OEMS). Our turnkey systems integrate gas, dust

6021 Yonge St., #128, Toronto, ON M2M 3W2 (905)833-4378 Fax: (905)833-4381 Contact: Ail Esmail, Sales Manager


Environmental Science cS: Engineering, January 2000


41 - 360 Keewatin St., Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Y3 (800)409-8378 Fax:(204)697-3419 Contact: Jeff Simpson, President



89 Hillstrom Ave., West Royalty Industrial Park, P.O. Box 2706, Chariottetown, PEi 01A 803 (902)368-7500 Fax:(902)368-7501 Contact: Doug Wright, President

P.O. Box 2205, 250 Martindaie Rd., St. Catharines, ONL2R7R8 (905)641-0941 Fax:(905)641-1825 Contact: John Sferrazza, Manager, Env. Services AQUATRONIX INC.

70 Gibson Drive, Unit 8, Markham, ON L3R 402 (905)475-8082 Fax:(905)475-1616 Contact: Kars Meuieman, General Manager ARCUS ABSORBENTS INC.


410-1315 Finch Ave. W., Toronto, ON M3J 2G6 ATRION INTERNATIONAL



335 Perth St., P.O. Box156, Almonte, ON KOA1 AO (613)256-2821 Fax:(613)256-5872 Contact: Dave Hanneson, President

4777 Levy, St. Laurent, QC H4R 2P9 (514)337-2114 Fax:(514)337-2115 Contact: N. Bill Saad, Director, Marketing

(416)633-6308 Fax:(416)633-0432 Contact: Barry Harris BJM


Suite 202, 7260-12th Street S.E., Calgary, AB T2H 2S5 (403)255-7377 Fax:(403)255-3129 Contact: David Hambiey, Technical Services Mgr. BAKER PROCESS

5155 Creekbank Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 1X2 (905)625-6070 Fax:(905)625-3519 Contact: Andre Osborne, Municipal Sales Manager

800 Arrow Road,#15, Toronto, ON MOM 2Z8

P.O. Box 1138, 123 Spencer Plains Rd., Old Saybrook, CT 06475 USA (860)399-5937 Fax:(860)399-7784 Contact: Mike Bjorkman, Sales Manager


353 Clarence St., Brampton, ON L6W 1T6 (905)459-2001 Fax:(905)459-9320

(416)745-7947 Fax:(416)745-1174 Contact: Theo Kossowsky, Director

E-mail: saies@biastai.com Web site: www.blastai.com



(905)689-6661,(888)689-6661 Fax:(905)689-0485

2851 Brighton Rd., Oakviile, ON L6H 609 (905)829-2418 Fax:(905)829-4701 Contact: Greg Reeves, Manager

E-mali: info@bei.oa

Contact: Ernie De Angeiis, General Manager Specializing in blast cleaning and applying high performance coatings and linings to pumps, struc tural steel, vessels, weidments, pipes, and various steel components, ail done in our fully environmen tally controlled shop. Ail work is performed by ex perienced personnel. "Leaders in quality and per

Web site: www.bei.ca


1912 W. 4th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281 USA (602)470-1414 Fax:(480)804-0656 Contact: Melissa Butch, Manager, Mktg. Comm.


407 Parkside Dr., Waterdown, ON LOR 2H0


6 Bram Court, Brampton, ON LOW 3R6 (905)457-1717 Fax:(905)457-1730 Contact: Barry Jasper, Marketing

Contact: Don Shaw, VP, General Manager BEI is unique! With Ministry of the Environment certification of recycling processes and ISO 9002 quality systems, BEI offers a recycling alternative for industrial mineral byproducts and excess mate rials management. A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to iandfiiling non-renewable resources.


126 Milner Ave., Scarborough, ON MIS 3R2 (416)299-0780 Fax:(416)299-0394 Contact: ian Braff, President


3017 St. Ciair Ave., #354, Burlington, ON L7N 3P5 (905)319-6556 Fax:(905)319-1444 Contact: Herb Langner, President

[13C€(XI TheCleanvater Group


15 Campbell Road, Guelph, ON N1H 6P2 (519)822-0210 Fax:(519)822-1160 E-maii: saies@armtec.com Web site: www.armtec.com

Contact: Terri Mand, Marketing Coordinator For over 90 years Armtec has been providing prod ucts and engineered solutions to the challenges of the civil ehgineering market. Our product line in cludes: corrugated metal pipe and construction prod ucts, geosynthetics and a comprehensive line of water control gates. ASTEC SPI DIVISION

4101 Jerome Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37407 USA (423) 867-4210 Fax:(423)827-1550


14666-64 Ave., Bidg. 200, Surrey, BC V3S 1X7 (604)501-6171 Fax:(604)501-6172 E-mail: bca@ciearwaterworid Web site: www.ciearwaterworid.com

Contact: Mike O'Connor Water and wastewater treatment and water control.

Design, engineer, manufacture and commission custom systems. Cost-effective, reliable solutions for all/any of your requirements. Over 100 combined years of technical experience available in one call.


Contact: Wendell Feitman, VP, SPi



P.O. Box 47, Miilgrove, ON LOR 1V0 (905)689-4713 Fax:(905)689-7402 Contact: Harry Rodzonlak, President




61 Maimo Court, Maple, ON L6A 1R4 (905)832-7979 Fax:(905)832-8080 E-maii: HVANDERLiNDEN @ boartlongyear.com Web site: www.boartlongyear.com Contact: Hans A. Vanderiinden, Branch Manager Environmental and geotechnicai drilling contractor serving Ontario and Quebec as well as eastern and western Canada through other branch offices. Au ger boring and diamond drilling contractor as well as a supplier of monitoring well materials and geotechnicai instrumentation products. BONAR PLASTICS CORPORATION

423 Hwy. 36B, Lindsay, ON K9V 4R8 (705)324-6701 Fax:(705)328-1805 Contact: Allan Lamb, Product Manager BOOTHROYD DEWHURST, INC. 138 Main Street, Wakefieid RI 02879 USA

(401)783-5840 Fax:(401)783-6872 Contact: John Giiiigan, VP, Sales and Marketing



200-1130 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6E4A4

(604)681-8828 Fax:(604)681-6825 E-mail: info@bennettenv.com Web site: www.bennettenv.com


1243 McKnight Blvd. NE, Calgary, AB T2E 5T1 (403)292-7804 Fax:(403)292-7816 E-mail: info@atconoise.com Web site: \fl/ww.atconoise.com

Contact: Ed Brooks, Technical Sales Coordinator

ATCO designs, supplies and installs complete Noise Management™ systems: acoustic enclosures, build ings, barriers, ventilation systems, combustion ex haust systems, silencers, equipment and person nel doors. ATCO Noise Management can also sup ply and install overhead cranes,fire suppression and gas detection, mechanical electrical and handling equipment and blow-out panels.

Contact: Zul Tejpar, VP, Bus. Development & Mktg. Bennett Environmental inc. is a Canadian company with more than 30 years experience In the environ mental Industry. The company is a leading provider of high-temperature thermal remediation for con taminated soil in North America. BEI owns and op erates, through its subsidiary Recupere Sol inc., tfie Mark iV Thermal Oxidizer at its waste management center in St.-Ambroise, Quebec.



4 Manning Close, N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 7N5 (403)235-8300 Fax:(403)248-3430 Contact: Adrienne Turner, Marketing Manager BOVAR Waste Management is the owner/operator of the Swan Hills Treatment Centre, located in Swan

Hills, Alberta, Canada. The Centre is an integrated facility with physical/chemical treatment, incinera tion and stabilization/solidification technologies for the treatment/destruction of hazardous wastes in


241 Norseman Street, Toronto, ON M8Z 2R5

(416)231-9216 Fax:(416)231-9121 Contact: Herb Kershaw, President

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

cluding polychiorinated biphenyis(PCBs). Second ary residues generated by the treatment technolo gies are either landfilied in an on-site landfill or in jected in a deep well. 53


242, 3030 - 3rd Avenue N.E., Calgary, AB T2A 6T7 (800)663-4164,(403)248-9226 Fax:(403)273-3708 Contact: Sandi Skitsko, Marketing Coordinator


E-mail: can-am@can-am.net Web site: www.can-am.net

Contact: Mark Reeves, Sales Manager Sales - Rental - Service. Environmental equipment, samplers, flowmeters, oil/water separators, oii-inwater monitors, gas detection and monitoring, level control.

and paddle wheel type including instruments. Ap plication areas include waste and water treatment plants, landfills, etc.


Conirucion & Engineers

1044 S.E. Dixie Cutoff Road, Stuart, FL 34994-3436


USA (561)288-4854 Fax;(561)287-3238 Contact; Ron Grage, Special Projects Director


350 Woolwich Street S., Breslau, ON NOB 1M0

(519)648-3611 Fax:(519)648-3505 E-mail: rlaird@c3group.com Web site: ceia.on.ca/memberprofi!es/c3enviro.htm Contact: Robbie Laird, Program Manager

C Environmental is a contracting and engineering firm specializing in containment, control, and cor rective action technologies. We are licensed install ers of the Waterloo Barrier® sheet piling system with groutable joints to provide a low permeability groundwater barrier. We also have specific experi ence with in situ treatment technologies using per meable reactive barriers and Funnel and Gate® con


1045 South Service Rd. W., Oakville, ON L6L 6K3 (905)847-2740 Fax:(905)827-6984

Contact: John McDonald

Contact: Jake Alaica, President

Marketing, sales and service of process measure ment control and environmental instrumentation

throughout Canada. Environmental products: dis solved oxygen, total suspended solids. Interface level monitoring, pH monitoring and control, residual chlorine, wastewater samplers, sludge samplers, gas sampling pumps, gas detection.

figurations. CAPITAL CONTROLS COMPANY, INC. 3000 Advance Lane, Colmar, PA 18915 USA

(215)997-4000 Fax:(215)997-4062

C&M Environmenrol Technologies Inc.

7030 Century Ave., Mississauga, ON L5N 2V8 (905)812-7280 Fax:(905)821-8466




131 WhltmoreRd.,#13, Woodbrldge, ON L4L6E4 (905)850-3904 Fax:(905)850-3981 E-mail: rimadden@sympatico.ca Contacts: Blake Tonogai, Rob Anderson, R. Larry Madden Complete line of equipment and systems for wastewater treatment and air pollution control. Canadian distributors and service center for Marsh-McBirney flow meters. Aeration systems, belt presses, cen trifuges, circular or rectangular clarifiers, DAF units, digester covers and mixers, oil/water separators, package plants, residential Class 6 systems, SBRs and screw conveyors.

3066 Jarrow Ave., Mississauga, ON L4X 2C7 (905)625-5775 Fax:(905)625-9882 Contact: Karl Philip, Marketing Manager CARTIER CHEMICALS LTD.

445 - 21st Ave., Lachine, QC H8S 3T8

(514)637-4631 Fax:(514)637-8804

CiG CLEAN GAS SYSTEMS, INC. 160-2 Remington Blvd., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 USA (631)467-1600 Fax:(631)467-1688 E-mail: cgscgs@aol.com Web site: www.cgscgs.thomasregister.com Contact: Anil M. Shah, President Design, engineer, manufacture and service air pol lution control systems and equipment. Product line includes: single, twin and quad cyclones; centrifu gal, dynamic, multi-venturi, conventional scrubbers; gas absorbers; oil mist, fume, smoke and mist col lectors; wet electrostatic precipitators; rotary gates; trickle valves and dump gates. Decades of total system experience. Licensees and representatives throughout the USA, Canada and major countries worldwide.

Contact: E.W. Robins, President



6611 West Snowville Road, Brecksville, OH 44141 USA (877)234-5268 Fax:(440)717-7466 Contact: Marty Tesoriero



213-214 - 7895 Tranmere Dr., Mississauga, ON L5S 1V9 (905)405-1084 Fax:(905)405-0998

14955 Sprague Rd., #250, Strongsville, OH 44136 USA (440)243-0700 Fax:(440)243-9854 Contact: John J. Valkiunas, VP, Sales & Marketing

1992 Hunter Ave., Newton, lA 50208 USA

(515)792-8285 Fax:(515)791-1361 Contact: Jim Clements, President



P.O. Box 717, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-0717 USA (800)4-CARBON, Fax:(412)787-6713 Contact: A. Mazzoni, Director of Marketing CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC CANADA




446 Albert Street, P.O. Box 130, Waterloo, ON

RR#2, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3 (888)888-3222 Fax:(519)621-8233 Contact: ian Hatton, Sr. Vice President, Marketing

N2J 4A1 (519)884-4320 Fax:(519)884-6623 Contact: Koulis Kyriakou, Sales Manager Clemmer Technologies Inc. is a full service storage tank manufacturer. With manufacturing capabilities that range from steel to fiberglass, we offer the most complete variety of products for your individual needs. We supply underground and above ground tanks, single or double wall atmospheric ULC tanks to ASME pressure vessels.


11564 149 St. N.W., Edmonton, AB T5M 1W7


(780)454-2505 Fax:(780)454-2655

34 Clayson Road, Weston, ON M9M 2G8 (416)741-9264 Fax:(416)741-6642 Contact: Kyle Einhorn


HEALTH & SAFETY (CCOHS) 250 Main St. E., Hamilton, ON L8N 1H6

(800)668-4284,(905)572-2981 Fax:(905)572-2206 Contact: Eleanor Irwin, Mgr., Mktg., Sales & Comm.

CHEMETRICS, INC. Rt. 28, Calverton, VA 20138 USA


(540)788-9026 Fax:(540)788-4856 Contact: Jeff Christenson, Dir., Marketing & Sales

185 Snow Blvd., #200, Concord, ON L4K 4N9


(905)660-7580 Fax:(905)660-0243 Contact: Peter Ruddy, Sales Manager

31 Ridge Valley Drive, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1L3 (705)645-9570 Fax:(705)645-9570

CHEMINEER, INC. P.O. Box 1123,45401-1123,5870 PoeAve., Dayton,


Contact: David G. Durant

OH 45414-3442 USA

625 East Bunker Court, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 USA

(937)454-3200 Fax:(937)454-3379 Contact: Techical Sales, Canada (905)840-6894 Fax:(905)840-6037

(847)549-7600 Fax:(847)247-2929


65 Enterprise Rd., Rexdale, ON M9W 104 (416)244-6476 Fax:(416)214-2022 Contact: Ewen Boyd CANADIAN SAFETY EQUIPMENT INC.

111 - 2465 Cawthra Rd., Mississauga, ON L5A 3P2 (800)265-0182(905)949-2741 Fax:(905)272-1866 Contact: Ross Humphry




55 Guardsman Road, Thornhili, ON L3T 6L2 (905)889-7890 Fax:(905)889-8553



2851 Brighton Road, Oakville, ON L6H 609 (905)829-0030 Fax:(905)829-4701 54

Javex-12 for water disinfection, wastewater treat

Contact: Michael Nissenthall, Sales Coordinator

ment, odour control, zebra mussel control, cyanide removal, and general sanitation and disinfection.

Chemline stocks manual, actuated, and control valves, strainers, flowmeters and controls all made


of solid thermoplastics; Teflon tubing, fittings, valves, pumps and containers; PVDF and PP pipe, fittings, and fusion equipment. Flowmeters are variable area

1415 - 28th St. N.E., Calgary, AB T2A2P6 (403)273-5152 Fax:(403)235-6864 Contact: Pat E. Donahoe, VP & General Manager

E-mail: info@chemline.com


CANADA INC. 6400 Northwest Dr., Mississauga, ON L4V 1K1 (800)387-4628,(905)678-3707 Fax:(905)678-0898 E-maii: gordon_thompson@coipal.com Web site: www.colgate.ca/javex Contact: Gordon M.Thompson, National Bus. Mgr.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000



5400 Kansas Ave., Kansas City, KS 66106 USA (913)621-3700 Fax:(913)621-2145 Contact: Ron Stier, Director, Saies and Marketing

P.O. Box 24012, Stn. Main, Woodstock, ON

N4S8Y4 (519)421-0341 Fax:(519)421-0342



878 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 06804 USA




R.R.#3, 299 Brock Rd. S., Guelph, ON N1H 6H9 (800)668-7473 Fax:(519)763-1956 E-mail: sales@concastpipe.com Web site: www.concastpipe.com Contact: Derek Guberney, Sales & Marketing Mgr. ISO 9002 Certified. Leading manufacturer of precast concrete products including: Pipe, manholes, box units, catch basins, retaining wails, and Con/Span pre-engineered arch system. Outstanding record of performance since 1989. On time, on budget, up to any challenge. Call us!

Conor Pacific



DAGEX INC. Process & Environmental Systems


4141 Yonge St., #307, North York, ON M2P 2A8 (416)250-7111 Fax:(416)250-8111 E-maii: dagex@istar.ca Web site: www.dagex.ca Contact: Monique D. Bates, Admin. & Sales Dir. Distributor of fine screening/filtration/classificafion equipment. Servicing municipal/industrial sectors. Products: Step Screen™, Rotomat®, Coanda Grit Washing by HUBER, Filter Presses by NETZSCH, Solids Control by DERRICK, Toveko SandFilter™, FIBAX Filter by ORGANO, Spin Clean® Filters by API, Backwashabie MicroFilter™ by ESCO.

With our network of 14 offices across North America

and in the UK, Conor Pacific provides total solu tions for a worldwide clienfeie. Environmental con

Contact: Kamille Rudnitski, Mktg. Comm.Assistant DANATEC EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD.

1410-800 6th Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 3G3 (403)232-6950 Fax:(403)232-6952 Contact: Ron Martin, President


5601 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202 USA

(573)474-9456 Fax:(573)474-6988 Contact: David Capron, Manager DIRECTRIK INC.

ENVIRONMENTAL 11 Reid St., P.O. Box 163, Charlo, NB EOB 1M0 (506)684-5821 Fax:(506)684-1915


890 Yonge Street, #1003, Toronto, ON M4W 3P4 (416)960-0018 Fax:(416)927-0095 Contact: Maria LoibI, Vice President

A unit of SPX Corporation 250 Riverside Ave. N., Sartell, MN 56377 USA (320)259-2000 Fax:(320)259-2227

sulting; site assessment and remediation; air qual ity; water and wastewater treatment; technologies and products; environmental impacts; ecological and biophysical assessments; brownfieid development; risk assessment and asset management. CONSOLIDATED GIROUX ENVIRONMENT INC.

590 Duke Rd., Buffalo, NY 14225 USA

(716)683-9010 Fax:(716)683-4991 Contacf: David Ziegelhofer, Director, Mrktg. & Sales Since the early 1950's, Derrick Corporation has been producing innovative screening equipment at the Buffalo, New York headquarters. Today, we are con sidered a world leader in the design and manufac ture of machines used in a wide range of screening applications, from 3/8" range to 400 mesh (US). Derrick designs its units to solve the specific de mands of the wastewater, mining, chemical, plas tics, specialty materials and oil drilling industries.



2240 Speakman Dr., Mississauga, ON L5K 1A9 (905)822-0331 Fax:(905)822-3637 E-mail: info@conorpac.com Web site: www.conorpacific.com


(203)775-4416 Fax:(203)775-1462

toil Haultain Ct., #9, Mississauga, ON L4W 1W1 (905)625-1814 Fax:(905)625-8978 Contact: Sam Directo, Manager


RR#1,(Bast Place), Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8 147 North St. W., Wingham, ON NOG 2W0 1-877-DRILL-44 Fax:(519)664-1412 E-mail: davdrili@nonline.net


505-5600 Parkwood Way, Richmond, BC V6V 2M2

(604)244-9323 Fax:(604)270-2138 Contact: Jaquie Bunse, Marketing Manager CONTROL MICROSYSTEMS

28 Steacie Drive, Kanata, ON K2K 2A9

(613)591-1943 Fax:(613)591-1022 Contact: Sherry Droeske, Marketing Group Leader

Web site: www.davidsondriliing.com Contact: Bill Davidson, Vice President

Drilling and consulting services for wafer supply, environmental and construction industries. Special izing in municipal/industrial groundwater supply sys tems and pumping systems; specialized environ mental and hydrogeological services; drilling of large diameter elevator shafts/caissons/piles and groundwater dewatering services and systems, both in Canada and around the world.


155 Plant Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788 USA

(516)231-3600 Fax:(516)231-3334 Contact: John Trofatter, Dir., North American Sales


2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 5R3

(905)829-2000 Fax:(905)829-2630 Contact: Barbara Smith, Executive Asst.



22 - 3190 Ridgeway Dr., Mississauga, ON L5L5S8 (905)607-5189 Fax:(905)607-9835 Contact: Dave Davidson, Manager Diverse Plastic Tanks offer a full range of product designs, including closed or top vertical tanks in flat or cone bottom styles, horizontal tanks, containment tanks and a complete line of "UN" approved inter mediate bulk containers(IBCs). They distribute the Snyder Industries line of tanks which have many advantages for bulk storage, processing and trans portation tanks. With the widest selection of sizes up to 22,000 galions. DIVERSIFIED WASTE SOLUTIONS

3490 N. 127th St., Brookfield, Wi 53005 USA (800)267-3726 Fax:(262)783-6267

1 Eva Road, Suite 406, Toronto, ON M9C 4Z5


Contact: Jon Bain, Marketing Manager

(416)621-1779 Fax:(416)622-4130 Contact: Rob Boyd, Technical Sales



P.O. Box 6334, Portland, OR 97228-6334 USA (503)653-0330 Fax:(503)653-0338 Contact: Carel Verlinden, Marketing Comm. Mgr.


20275 Clark Graham, Baie-d'Urfe, QC H9X 3T5 (514)457-4100 Fax:(514)457-1808

Contact: Harvey Mitchell, President CRC PRESS/LEWIS PUBLISHERS

2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA (561)994-0555 Fax:(561)997-7249 Contact: Arline Massey, Editor



59 Centre St., Magog, QC J1X 5B6 (819)843-7070 Fax:(819)843-3845 Contact: David Cronin

CSR PIPELINE SYSTEMS P.O. Box 60297, Houston, TX 77205 USA

(281)872-3500 Contact: Steve McEiyea


75 Shields Court, Unit 3, Markham, ON L3R 9T4 (905)940-8255 Fax:(905)940-8258

Contact: Blair Slessor, Regional Sales Manager Pipes, flanges, valves and fittings can be buried but not forgotten. Corrosion will attack and repairs can be costly. So protect your valuable assets with Denso Tape and Profiling Mastic. It's long-lasting protection that's easy to apply.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000



191 Booth Road, Unit 16, North Bay, ON P1A4K3 (705)474-4759 Fax;(705)474-9041 Contact: Cameron B. Gray, Project Development Donson offers the premier Permastore tankage sys tem with three different glass coating systems avail able. The tankage system can be easily expanded in the future, in an inexpensive, efficient manner. In addition, the tankage system can be relocated, at any time, with "as new" results. An excellent corro sion resistant, low-cost, tankage system, for stor age of any potable water or wastewater applications. 55






5350 Evergreen Pkwy., Sheffield Village, OH 44145 USA (440)934-2180 Fax:(440)934-4052 Contact: Laurie Benko, Sales Manager

1222 Fewster Dr., #9, Mississauga, ON L4W 1A1 (905)625-8664 Fax:(905)625-8892 Contact: Ian Howard, Vice President




69 Comstock Road, Scarborough, ON MIL 2G9 (800)387-1400,(416)757-6278 Fax:(416)757-5579 Contact: Dennis Bhoposlngh

P.O. Box 670, 26 Bay Road, Bridgetown, NS BOS 1C0 (899)565-2828 Fax:(902)665-4300 Contact: Henry Bent, President


8529 Lafrenaie, Montreal, QC HI P 2B3

(514)326-8852 Fax:(514)326-8961 Contact: Diana Trasente, Technical Advisor ECO LOG

11523 South 60th St., Omaha, NE 68133 USA

(402)331-6333 Fax:(402)331-2813 Contact: Deborah A. Budin, President

EnvfroflmaitaJ Risk Inrormation SefvicM Lid



P.O. Box 2200, Streetsviiie, Mississauga, ON L5M 2H3 (905)821-5860 Fax:(905)821-5177 Contact: Heather Byrne Moumdjian

5195 Harvester Rd., #6, Burlington, ON L7L 6E9 (905)634-7022 Fax:(905)634-0831


E-mail: waste@ecosoiutions.com Web site: www.ecosoiutions.com


Contact: Lucy Casacia, Managing Director


burning, updated thermal incineration, offering a complementary solution to conventional waste dis posal strategies. Cost-effective, no long term legacy, and low environmental impact, are some of the strongest reasons to choose a modern incineration solution, such as the Eco Waste Oxidizer® as part of an overall waste management plan.


4801 Southwick Dr.,#200, Matteson, IL 60443 USA (800)428-3311 Fax:(708)747-3278 Contact: Steve Tenny, Marketing Manager iron and aiuminum-based chemicais for water and

wastewater treatment. Evaluation of process and surface waters for the removal of turbidity, colour, iignin, and humics. Products reduce arsenic, sele nium, copper and mercury in effluent. Eaglebrook is your single source in coagulation chemistry with regional offices in Canada and the United States.


(918)542-1801,(800)331-7425 Fax:(918)542-3223 E-maii: dwatson@epi-tech.com Web site: www.epi-tech.com Contact: Rob Greet, Director, Sales and Marketing Eagle-Picher Environmental Science and Technol ogy features the largest and most complete sample container offering available to the pharmaceutical/

Eco Waste Solutions is a manufacturer of clean


Elemental Controls

envista Information Systems for the Environment.

Contact: Keith Grattan

Sales, rentals and local service support for NITON Field Portable SRF-based analyzers for the meas urement of lead in paint, soils, dust wipes and air borne filters. We also provide multi-element analy sis for such elements from Cr to As, to Hg and Cd., in soils, wipes and filters, ail with accuracies com parable to laboratory systems.



201 -116 Research Dr., Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R3

(877)368-4782,(306)657-4249 Fax:(306)657-4248



biotech semiconductor and environmental industries

3625 Weston Rd.,#15 & 16, Weston,ON M9L1V9

(416)749-7730 Fax:(416)749-2550

Contact: Strachan Bowen, Sales Manager ENDRESS & MAUSER

1440 Grahams Lane,#1, Burlington, ON L7S 1W3 (905)681-9292 Fax:(905)681-9444 Contact: Jean Rivers, Mgr., Marketing Services



Bay 8, 823 -41st Ave. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 6Y3 (403)276-2532 Fax:(403)276-2668 Contact: Kae Shummoogum


3230 Wharton Way, Mississauga, ON L4X 2C1 (905)282-9974 Fax:(905)282-9519 E-mail: kgrattan @elementaicontrols.com

today. Choose from the expanded line of glass and plastic sample containers, chromatography, field presen/ation products and accessories. Products featured are available in various styles and sizes with PTFE, polyethylene foam, or uitrasonicaiiy welded septum liners and silicone septa.

15 Allison Ave., P.O. Box 776, Morrisburg, ON KOC 1X0 (613)543-2967 Fax:(613)543-4173 Contact: Blake Noon, VP, General Manager

1450 Don Mills Rd., Don Mills, ON M3B 2X7

(416)442-2913 Fax:(416)442-2917 E-mail: tmorrier® corporate.southam.ca Web site: www.ecoiogeris.com Contact: Tanya Morrier, Operations Manager ERIS is a fast, easy way to access environmental records from key federal, provincial and private sec tor databases, identify liability and risks associated with property and neighboring sites. ERIS reports satisfy CSA Z768-94 for site assessment and Phase i investigation. Detailed reports on property within seven days for $295.

70 High Street, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3N9 (416)503-7639 Fax:(416)503-8925 E-mail: envinc@interiog.com Contact: Edward Pikovnik, Sales Manager Complete line of water and wastewater systems, including aeration equipment(AiRE-02 aspirating, RAMCO submerged turbine, fine bubble); WTP EQUIPMENT CORP. bar screens, compactors,con veyors, and screenings leveling bins; ASHBROOK sludge dewatering presses; CENTRISYS centri fuges; clarifiers(NRG rectangular and EE&S circu lar); FRANKLIN comminutors; DAFs; digester cov ers(FRP);flumes; MABAREX grit removal; hatches; UNISORB odour control (GAC); package plants; WATSON-MARLOW peristaltic hosepumps; CARTER plunger pumps; EPIC archimedes pumps; CENTRAFLO continuous backwash sandfiiters;


480 University Ave.,#1410, Toronto, ON M5G 1V2 (416)598-3343 Fax:(416)598-9185 Contact: Edei Wichmann, Manager international recycling and waste disposal trade fair, Cologne, June 26-29, 2000.

slide gates; SBRs; SEPROTECH membrane pack age plants; UV disinfection systems.



4475 Corporate Drive, Burlington, ON L7L 5T9 (905)332-1404 Fax:(905)332-6726 E-mail: info@ecodyne.com Web site: www.ecodyne.com Contact: Paul Kitchen, General Sales Manager Ecodyne Limited, a worldwide leader in industrial and municipal water treatment equipment for over 40 years, custom designs, manufactures and serv ices complete systems. Equipment includes Reactivator® solid contact clarifiers, PiatePack® La


26 McCauley Dr., Bolton, ON L7E 5E8 (905)880-2418 Fax:(905)880-2327 ENVIROMEGA INC.

7 Innovation Dr., #245, Fiamborough, ON L9H 7H9 (905)689-4410 Fax:(905)689-7040 Contact: Hugh D. Monteith, Manager, Operations ENVIRONMENTAL DYNAMICS, INC.

mella ciarifiers, Monomedia®and Dual Media filters

5601 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202 USA

in steel and concrete, including Ecodyne's Partilok®

(573)474-9456 Fax: (573)474-1 Contact: Regional Manager

concrete filter underdrain forms.


16966 Jersey Drive, Surrey, BC V3S 6Y4 (604)576-8539 Fax:(604)576-0924 Contact: Giorgio Guazzaroni Etatron D.S., leaders in manufacturing and devel opment of chemical dosing equipment, offer a com prehensive range of solenoid and motor driven chemical dosing pumps to include controllers and complete package systems(tank, mixer)for all your liquid handling requirements. Etatron's knowledge extends to incorporate a wide variety of controllers, wall mounted units or control panel designs, which include pH, Redox and conductivity. All units are CE certified, CSA(Canadian Standard Association) and UL approved.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000



7700 Gravois Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63123 USA

P.O. Box 54312, Lexington, KY 40555 USA (800)928-7070 Fax:(606)624-3320 Contact: Scott Perry, National Sales Director

(314)832-4500 Fax:(314)832-1633

Contact: C.J. Buneta, Sales/Marketing Manager ETV CANADA INC.

867 Lakeshore Road, P.O. Box 85059, Burlington, ON L7R 2G0 (905)336-4546 Fax:(905)336-4519 Contact: John McMuilen, President

FORESTRY SUPPLIERS, INC. 205 West Rankin St., P.O. Box 8397, Jackson, MS 39201 USA (601)354-3565 Fax:(601)355-5126 Contact: Deanie Baldwin, international Sales Dir. FRED CRESSMAN SALES INC.

264 Sunview St., Waterloo, ON N2L3V9 (519)884-3225 Fax:(519)884-1326 Contact: Fred Cressman, President

since 1972. We sell meteoroiogicai instruments, dataloggers, water monitoring instruments,test kits, pH, D.O. and conductivity meters,groundwater sam pling instruments, gas detectors, air samplers, and a complete line of lab equipment. GENERAL CHEMICAL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS LTD.

201 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, ON L5B 3A3 (800)668-0433,(905)566-3854 Fax:(905)276-6594 Contact: Velio Erics, Water Treatment Chemicals GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP

118 Rutherford Road 8., Brampton, ON L6W 3J5 (905)454-3511 Fax: ^05)454-2811 Contact: Frank Apolilnaro, Sales



1110 industrial Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77478 USA (877)SANiLEC Fax:(281)240-6762 Contact: Stephanie Scherger Carter, Mktg. Services


2175 Teston Rd., Maple (Toronto), ON L6A 1T3 (905)832-8161 Fax:(905)832-2111 Contact: D.L. Sabilnskas, President FIELDWORKER PRODUCTS LTD.

1425 Bayvlew Ave., #105, Toronto, ON M4G 3A9 (416)483-3485 Fax:(416)483-7069 Contact: Sandy Browne, President FIERA MILANO INTERNATIONAL SPA

31st Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Largo Domodossoia, Milan, Italy, 20145

6 Bram Crt., Brampton, ON L6W 3R6 (905) 457-5145 Fax:(905)457-1730 E-mail: saies@frontenac-env.com Web site: www.frontenac-env.com

Contact: George Bennett, Sales Water and wastewater equipment supplier for in dustrial and municipal applications for fine and coarse screening, sludge dewafering, screw con veyors, aeration and mixing, package plants, disin fection, odour control. Principals include: Ariat Tech nologies, Ashbrook Corp., Aeromix Systems, Hankin Ozone. Experienced staff of service technicians available for on-site service.

Tel: -n-39.2/485501 Fax: ++39.2/48005450 FILTER INNOVATIONS INC.

744 Gordon Baker Rd., North York, ON M2H 3B4

(416)490-7848 Fax:(416)490-0974 Contact: John Dragasevich, President

brane and ozone; service and sales from Toronto,






(519)631-2870 Fax:(519)631-4624 E-maii: grcanada@gormanrupp.com Web site: www.gormanrupp.com Contact: Alex McCoubrey, Adv. Manager Manufacturers of quality pumping systems since 1933. Our self-priming centrifugal T Series pumps were introduced nearly 35 years ago to meet the demand for a seif-priming, solids handling sewage pump. Today, Gorman-Rupp is the undisputed leader in seif-priming cenfrifugais. We manufacture a complete line of above and below ground pack aged lift stations as well as a full line of sewage submersible pumping systems. We are the total pump solution to your sewage handling needs. We are the industry leader with the ability to analyze your total system requirements and the resources to supply the right equipment for the job. GormanRupp of Canada Limited, has been in Canada since

A Division of Gemcom Software International Inc.


GEA PROCESS TECHNOLOGY CANADA, INC. 5353 John Lucas Dr., Burlington, ON L7L 6G5 (905)319-3900 Fax:(905)319-3903 E-mail: gea-canada@wsus.com Contact: Gary Forkes, Sales Engineer Sales and application engineering support plus field service and spare parts for Westfaiia Separator and Niro Hysep decanter. Centrifuges for sludge thick ening and dewafering.

Contact: Eric Mandt

901-580 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B6 (604)408-7304 Fax:(604)684-3541 Contact: Howard Adam, Sales & Marketing Mgr.

GENEQ inc.

Cowlings GOWLING, STRATHY & HENDERSON #4900 Commerce Court W., Toronto, ON M5L1J3


Contact: Gord Howes, Vice President


70 Burwell Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 3R7


(519)748-4612 Fax:(519)748-1535

11257 Coloma Rd., Gold River, OA 95670 USA (916)638-3429 Fax:(916)638-3270


1787 Drew Road, Mississauga, ON L5S 1J5 (905)672-2020 Fax:(905)672-6780 Contact: Igor Nikoiajev, Marketing



12-111 Fourth Ave., #352, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3P5 (905)984-3455 Fax:(905)984-3055 Contact: Graeme Flett, President

(319)266-9967 Fax:(319)277-6034 E-mali: fluidyne@cfu-cybernet.net Web site: www.fluidynecorp.com

262 Manitou Dr., #3, Kitchener, ON N2C 1L3


240 Catherine St., Suite 305, Ottawa, ON K2P 2G8 (613)237-4250 Fax:(613)237-4251


101 Holiday inn Dr., Unit E, Cambridge, ON N3C 1Z3 (519)651-2606 Fax:(519)651-1015 Contact: Monica Johnston, Sales Representative

9020 West Dean Rd., Milwaukee, Wl 53224 USA

(414)355-3601 Fax:(414)355-8346 Contact: Tim Schilz, Marketing Manager

Contact: Ken Smith

2816 West First St., Cedar Fails, lA 50613 USA

Fiuidyne Corporation provides wastewater treatment equipment and technology for both municipal and industrial applications. Fiuidyne has been supply ing systems longer than any company in North America. Other products include grit removal, jet aeration,jet mixing,sludge digestion, and the SAMâ„¢ next generation sequencing batch reactor.

GLI INTERNATIONAL, INC. (fka: Great Lakes Instruments)

(705)325-6181 Fax:(705)325-2347


Cambridge and Niagara Fails.

Contact: W. David Martin



4777 Kent Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1J5 (905)354-2723 Fax:(905)354-1301 E-maii: sales@flexoproducts.com Web site: www.flexoproducts.com Contact: Duke MacLeod, Systems Integrator Cleaning solutions; janitorial and safety supplies; in plant cleaning systems; water treatment systems for recycling and discharge appiicafions; technologies Include: Bio, centrifugal, evaporation, floe, mem


P.O. Box 640, Brampton, ON L6V 2L6 (905)451-9900 Fax:(905)451-5376

30-7370 Bramaiea Rd., Mississauga, ON L5S 1N6 (905)612-0566 Fax:(905)612-0575 Contact: Mike O'Brien, Sales Manager

HfXO a*

(519)442-2988 Fax:(519)442-4602 Contact: John Edgar

174 West Street South, Oriilia, ON L3V 6L4

06598 Horton Bay North Rd., Boyne City, Ml 49712 USA (888)999-3290 Fax:(231)582-7324 Contact: Gary Koteskey, President



P.O. Box 374, Paris, ON N3L 3T5


8047 Jarry St. E.. Montreal, QC H1J 1H6 (514)354-2511 Fax:(514)354-6948 E-mail: lnfo@geneq.com Web Site: www.geneq.com Contact: Rene Parise, Marketing Manager Geneq is a distributor of environmental instruments

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

(416)862-4300 Fax:(416)862-7661 E-mail: dahmeh@gowilngs.com Web site: www.gowiings.com Contact: Harry Dahme Environmental law services. Particular expertise in brownfieid development, privatization of water and sewer services, environmental approvals, waste management,environmental management systems. 57

Suppliers Gowlings is also Canada's foremost intellectual property law firm, wltti particular expertise in ttie tilgti tech business sector. Gowilngs has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Waterloo region, Van



Industries of Canada Limited



couver and Ivloscow.



225 Edward St., Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1K8

(705)687-3610 Fax:(705)687-7455 Contact; George Addarlo, VP, Marketing and Sales


ENGINEERED STORAGE SYSTEMS LTD. P.O. 60X3613, Guelph, ON N1H 6P1 (519)763-5933 Fax:(519)763-0293 E-mail: sales@greatarioengsys.com Contact: Nelson Ward, Sales Providing complete storage and mixing systems. In cluding: Aquastore tanks from A.O. Smith Engi neered Products, Inc.; JetMIx Vortex mixing systems tor both new or existing blosoilds and digester tanks; Temcor flat and geodesic aluminum covers tor new or existing steel and concrete tanks; Peabody TecTanks tor dry bulk storage.

5600 Lindbergh Dr., P.O. Box 389, Loveiand, CO 80539 USA (970)669-3050 Fax:(970)669-2932

58 Bertal Road, Toronto, ON M6M 4M4 (416)763-4681 Fax:(416)763-0440 E-mail: hoftman.can@btrlnc.com

E-mail: lnti@hach.com

Web site: www.hottmanair.com

Contact: Michael Bryant, Cdn. Sales & Mktg. Mgr. Test kits, portable and laboratory Instruments, and continuous on-line process Instruments tor testing critical water and soil quality parameters. Primary applications: drinking water, wastewater, environ mental waters, fisheries, beverages, boiler water, cooling tower water, and soils. Hach products and proven methods provide results accurate enough tor scientific research, yet are easy to use.

Contact: Robert Mears, VP, General Manager Hoffman Muitl-stage Centrifugal Compressors and Exhausters are available tor requirements to 45,000 CFM, at discharge pressures to 25 psig or 19" Hg vacuum tor air and gas service. Hoffman centri fugals have been operating with utmost reliability and efficiency In many diverse applications such as sewage aeration, combustion, drying, agitation, tluidizing, oxidation, vacuum cleaning, cooling and pneumatic conveying among others, tor more than 90 years.


15124 Longwoods Rd., Hwy.#2, Bothweil, ON NOP 1C0 (519)695-3734 Fax:(519)695-2249 Contact: R.J.(John) Scott, Sales Manager HAYWARD GORDON LTD.

6660 Campobeilo Rd., Misslssauga, ON L5N 2L9 (905)567-6116 Fax:(905)567-1706 Contact: John Hayward, Vice President


239 East 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5T 1J7

(604)872-7894 Fax:(604)872-0281 Contact: Roc MoKeown, Manager

HYDRA-STOP (708)389-5111 Fax:(708)389-5125 Contact: Jim Plotrowski



P.O. Box 99, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3Y4 (403)328-3111 Fax:(403)329-5480 Contact: Bill Moses, Manager, Administration

2454 Dempster Street, Des Pialnes, IL 60016 USA (847)294-1000 Fax:(847)298-9716 Contact: Roger Ouinian, National Sales Manager


250-762 Upper James St., Hamilton, ON L9C 3A2 (905)777-9494 Fax:(905)777-8678 Contact: George 8. Pastoric





2085 Piper Lane, London, ON

2411 First St. S., St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P7

N5V 3S5

(800)229-8568 Fax:(905)684-8560 Contact: Peter Beianger, Sales Manager

195 The West Mall, #405, Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 (416)626-0840 Fax:(416)626-8710

(519)659-1144 Fax:(519)453-2182

Contact: Max Rao, Sales

Web site: www.heathltd.com

E-mail: sales@heathltd.com

Contact: Jack Hales


Water leakage detection equip ment, flow meters, wastewater samplers, confined space entry equipment/training, pipe and cable locators, l&l studys,'C factor testing, ultrasonic flow meters, permanent/portable gas monitors, sales, rentals, repairs, training.



145 King St. E., Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5C 2Y8 (416)363-5577 Fax:(416)367-2653 E-mail: greenlnto@greenware.com Web site: www.greenware.com Contact: Chris Saniga, Marketing & Sales Manager GreenWare specializes In the development of soft ware applications tor implementing management, auditing, performance and reporting systems. GreenWare's powerful software products include the ISO 14000 Series and the Environmental Perform

ance Series. GreenWare software Is comprehen sive, customizable and easy to use. GROUNDWATER SERVICES INC.

2211 Norfolk,#1000, Houston,TX 77098-4044 USA (713)522-6300 Fax:(713)522-8010

IBC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 856 East Utah Valley Dr., P.O. Box 98, American Fork, UT 84003 USA

(801)763-8400 Fax:(801)763-8491 Contact: Nell E. Izatt, VP, Corporate Development ICR WATER TECHNOLOGIES INC.

3-200 Memorial Ave., #101, Orlllia, ON L3V 5X6 (705)329-4274 Fax:(705)329-4274 Contact: Bev House, General Manager IMAGE INSPECTION SERVICES LTD.

723 - 46th Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB T2G 2A4 (800)667-6670,(403)287-1053 Fax:(403)243-4564


Contact: Paul M.A. Varro, President



225 Brae Blvd., Park Ridge, NJ 07656 USA (201)307-2000,(888)777-2700 Fax:(201)307-2644 Web site: www.hertzequlp.com

1 - 8 Hiscott St., St. Catharines, ON L2R 106 (905)641-2323 Fax:(905)641-3601 Contact: J. Chris Polls, Corp. Product Manager

hihnif indachem ■■■

Mm ^^m ■■


Cimrslvf I Division of Utiiity & industriai Suppiy Ltd.


86 Guided Crt., #G, H & I, Etobicoke, ON M9V 4K6

850 Legion Road,#3, Burlington, ON L7S 1T5 (905)681-7712 Fax:(905)681-1544 E-mail: david-macartney@ hibon-oanada.com Contact: David Macartney Manufacturer of rotary tri-iobe blowers, multi-stage centrifugal and high speed single stage blowers tor aeration and air scour. Together with liquid ring pumps and dry screw compressor, HIbon will han dle most applications tor low to medium vacuum and pressure applications.

(416)743-3751 Fax:(416)743-2038

80 Carlauren Rd., #24, Woodbridge, ON L4L 7Z5 (905)264-2188 Fax:(905)264-2062



E-mail: h2tlow@idirect.com

94 Hutchins Drive, Portland, ME 04102 USA

Web Site: www.h2tlow.com

(207)756-6200 Fax:(207)756-6212 Contact: Pamela Deahl, Vice President

14845-6 Yonge St., #197, Aurora, ON L4G 6H8 (800)338-3287,(905)727-5595 Fax:(905)727-1594 Contact: Scott Hayzelden, Canadian Manager

Contact: RBCA Sales

Vim !Q y I P M!n

I H (.


Contact: Michael Albanese, Application Engineer Water and wastewater treatment equipment: screen ing, filtration, separation, grinding, grit removal, aera tion, biological treatment, SBR,RBC,tloatatlon/DAF, sludge dewatering and thickening, UV system tor disinfection. Municipal and industrial treatment. 58

E-mail: allen@keddco.com Contact: Brian Allen

USF/Stranco "PoiyBlend" dry/liquid polymer teed systems;"Strantrol HRR"chiorlnation/dechiorlnatlon controllers; "Water Particle" counters and "Water

Champ" gas/llquld chemical Induction and mixing systems; NuTech odour control technology; Supe rior gas chlorinators and sultonators; Alta Laval cen trifugal pumps.



1413 Rochey Rd., Houston, TX 77073 USA (281)821-2200 Fax:(281)821-7715 Contact: RickTurkopp, Engineering Manager

2 Technology Place, E. Syracuse, NY 13057-9714 USA (800)223-0633 Fax:(315)434-2520 Contact: Bob KIbler, Sales Manager

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Suppliers P.O. Box 374, Paris, ON N3L 3T5

nance. Also, the TOP sump design for a cleaner pumping station. ITT Fiygt has fifteen sales offices

(519)442-2988 Fax:(519)442-4602 Contact: Jotin Edgar

and repair centres across Canada.


22-7228 Winston St., Burnaby, BC V5A2G9 (800)781-8750,(604)681-1688 Fax:(605)681-1638 Contact: Ramin Bogzaran



7 Monticelio Ores. Guelph, ON NIG 2M1 (519)763-0700 Fax:(519)763-6684 Contact: Harry Oussoren, President INSITUFORM TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED

7605 - 18 Street, Edmonton, AB TOP 1N9

(780)413-0200 Fax:(780)413-0777


E-maii: ksb@ksbcanada.com

1519 Jasmine Cres., Oakviile, ON L6H 3H2

Web site: www.ksbcanada.com

(905)339-3136 Fax:(905)339-3136 Contact: Dr. Jared Fein, Wastewater Specialist JF COMER INC.

10 Cardico Drive, Gormley, ON LOH 1G0 (905)888-1164 Fax:(905)888-1659 Contact: B.F. Kubica, President

4-2899 Steeles Ave. W., Downsview, ON M3J 3A1


7565 MB Jodoin, Anjou, QC HI J 2H9 (514)355-6100 Fax:(514)355-7119

1260 Kamato Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 1Y1 (905)624-4200 Fax:(905)624-6379 Contact: Richard Jacobs, Manager


John Meunier



6250 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON LOR 3S1

(705)329-4502 Fax:(705)329-4502 Contact: Allen Vivian, Regional Manager John Meunier and USFiiter supply state-of-the-art technologies and services from one end of the treat ment process to the other - literally from the intake

pipe to the discharge or recycle point. Manufactur


ers of equipment for the water and wastewater in dustry.

Source Capital of Mechanical & Fabrication Countiy


Bioomfield Dr., Unit 2188, Oakvilie ON, L6M 3X7, Tei:(905) 847-4691 Fax: 827-5722 Contact: John Crompton, President Looking for expert and reliable mechanical and tab-

J.V.s" MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. 963 Ashwaubenon St., Green Bay, Wi 54304 USA (920)337-4944 Fax:(920)337-6282 Contact: Jaclyn Graf, Marketing Manager

rication shops? iPFAssociates can help. We have


arranged projects of ail sizes for industrial, water

290 Pauiarino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA

and wastewater treatment plants. Work has in cluded custom mechanical fabricating and welding, CWB & TSSA certification, conveyor systems, tur bines, hydraulics, pneumatic coupling, drives, pumps, valves, machine installation, repair and re

(714)833-3888 Fax:(714)833-8858

moval, tanks, filters, etc.

Labcor is the authorized Canadian distributor of

Cole-Parmer instruments, Masterflex and Consort

products. We offer instruments used by the envi ronment and engineering industry for field sampling, testing and analysis. We also have a metrology laboratory providing NiST-Traceabie services. Call us at 1-800-363-5900 for your free Cole Farmer or Labcor catalogue.

342 BayviewDr., P.O. Box 310, Barrie, ON L4M4T5 (705)733-0111 Fax:(705)721-0138


#10 - 55 Administration Rd., Concord, ON L4K 4G9

Contact: Mark Veiiloux, Marketing

Newark, NJ 07102 USA

6810 invader Cres., Mississauga, ON L5T 2B6 (800)268-4664,(905)670-7676 Fax:(905)670-1512 Contact: Veso Sobot, National Marketing


RR#1, Cookstown, ON L0L1L0

(705)458-1700 Fax:(705)458-1804 Contact: Jim Bartiey JOHN BROOKS COMPANY LIMITED

930 Sheldon Court, Buriington, ON L7L 5K6 (905)634-7751 Fax:(905)333-4313 Contact:(Mrs.) Jamie A. Fleming, Assistant to VP


2 Gateway Center, 11th Fir., P.O. Box 32120,

Contact: John A. Harris




(973)643-7500 Fax:(973)643-7676 Contact: Thomas Hastings, Marketing Coordinator

rosive and abrasive mediums, boiler feed water pumps up to 6,000 gpm. and 4,500 psig. TDH.


93 Skyway Ave., #206, Etobicoke, ON MOW 607

(416)679-0119 Fax:(416)679-0168 Contact: Mark Jaine, Executive Account Manager

Contact: Majid Hadavi, Manager, Env. Division Submersible and dry-pit pumps for sewage, wastewater and dewatering applications. Mixers and agi tators, heat transfer oil pumps, industrial and proc ess pumps with extremely resistant material to cor



65 Queen St. W., Suite 405, Toronto, ON M5H 2M5 (416)868-9049 Fax:(416)868-9406


Contact: Mark Brand

5035 North Service Road, #C7, Buriington, ON L7L 5V2 (800)661-6678 or(905)336-2096 Fax:(888)336-8694 or (905)336-8694 Contact: Marc Bajzik, Vice President



401 South Wright Rd., Janesvilie, WI 53546 USA (608)754-2345 Fax:(608)757-4645 Contact: Cindy Joyce, Buyer's Guide Editor LABTRONICS INC.

546 Governors Road, Guelph, ON NIK 1E3 (519)767-1061 Fax:(519)836-4431 Contact: Mark Heldmann, Sales Representative LAMBOURNE ENVIRONMENTAL LTD.

Box 119, Eckviile, AB TOM 0X0

(403)746-2262 Fax:(403)746-3445 LAYFIELD PLASTICS (1978) LTD. #3 - 4451 61st Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB T2C 1Z6 (403)236-4187 Fax:(403)279-0649 Contact: Brian Fraser

LEMNA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2445 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA (612)253-2002 Fax:(612)253-2003 Contact: Stacy Voik, Marketing Administrator LEVITT-INSTRUMENTS

2872 Bristol Circle, Oakvilie, ON LOH 5T5 KEITH MFG. CO.

(888)453-8488(905)829-3299 Fax:(905)829-2919

P.O. Box 1, Madras, OR 97741 USA

(800)547-6161 Fax:(541)475-2169 Contact: Don Hepperie, Sales Engineer


9 Charles Court, Barrie, ON L4N 6S8

(705)733-3342 Fax:(705)733-3352

ISCO, INC. 4700 Superior Street, Lincoln, NE 68504 USA

(800)228-4373 Fax:(402)465-3064 Contact: Rick Piles, Marketing Comm. Coordinator


Contact: Peter Lorimer, President

55 Howard Place, Kitchener, ON N2K 2Z4

(800)366-0535,(519)576-0994 Fax:(519)576-0919 Contact: Glen Lippert, President KING METAL FABRICATORS LTD.


677 Giffard St., Longueuii, PQ J4G 1Y3 (450)670-0200 Fax:(450)670-0299 Contact: Andre Poilmueiler, Marketing Manager

219 Waverley Road, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2C3


(902)434-7110 Fax:(902)434-9478 Contact: Paul Williams, Sales & Marketing



300 Labrosse Ave., Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4V5

72 Orenda Road, Brampton, ON LOW 1W1 (905)453-5330 Fax:(905)453-2214 Contact: Doug Kvistbo, Applications Engineer

(514)695-0100 Fax:(514)695-0602 Web site: www.ittflygt.ca Contact: Raymond Simond, Communications Mgr. Submersible pumps, mixers and controls for efflu ent, dewatering and industrial applications. Featur ing the new N-Pump with its excellent non-clog char acteristics, high efficiency and reduced mainte


110 Wellington Street, Exeter, ON NOM 1S2 KRAEMER TOOL & MFG. CO. LTD.

75 Devon Road, Brampton, ON LOT 5A4 (800)443-6443,(905)458-0400 Fax:(905)458-0688 Contact: Rosemarie Kraemer, Vice President

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

(800)894-4430,(519)235-3606 Fax:(519)235-0191 E-maii: bknip@quadro.net Web site: www.makewayplastics.com Contact: Bert Knip 59



706 - 17th Avenue, Nisku, AS T9E 7T1

9 independence Way, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA (609)419-9898 Fax:(609)419-4241 Contact: Michael A. Saperstein, Marketing

(780)955-2951 Fax:(780)955-7721 Contact: Sherri Maksymic



Valley Geophysics






P.O. Box 607483, Orlando, PL 32860-7483 USA (407)532-2019

P.O. Box 86034 Upper Oakviiie P.O., Oakvilie, ON L6H 5V6 (905)849-0794 Fax:(905)849-3797

Contact: Michael A. Elliott, Vice President

Contact: Allan Flakaia

25 Ediican Dr., #5, Vaughan, ON L4K 384 (416)249-6664 Fax:(416)249-6965 E-maii: mvg@myna.com Web sife: www.starpages.com/mvg Contact: Michael Vumbaca, Principal Application of geophysical methods to support and revolutionize environmental surveying, monitoring and assessment. Electromagnetic, magnetic and remote sensing technologies for searching and de lineating buried infrastructure including underground storage tanks, drums and pipes. Full project plan ning, coordination and management services. Typi cal investigations span archeology, forensics, groundwater contamination, landfill and real estate

MARKLAND SPECIALTY ENGINEERING LTD. 48 Shaft Rd., Rexdaie (Toronto), ON M9W 4M2 (416)244-4980 Fax:(416)244-2287 E-maii: markiand@siudgecontrois.com Web Site: www.siudgecontrois.com Contact: J.R.(Reg) Tansony Markiand manufacture a compiete line of sludge blanket level detectors and controllers, including both portable and fixed instaiiation models, Markiand's Suspended Solids Mefers use attenua tion of ultrasound to measure the concentration in

sludges and slurries that are too thick for optical methods. Markiand's Duckbiii® style wastewater samplers operate without mechanical moving parts for improved reliability, low maintenance, and low cost.


1470 Espher-Biondin, Office 200, Cap-Rouge, QC G1Y3N7 (418)650-9154 Fax:(418)650-6604 Contact: Alain Gendreau

MILLTRONICS, LTD. 1954 Technology Dr., Peterborough, ON K9J 7B1 (705)745-2431 Fax:(705)745-0466 Contact: Doug Wilson, Sales Manager MlOX CORPORATION

5500 Midway Park Pi., N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87109 USA (505)343-0090 Fax:(505)343-0093 Contact: Vanessa McCorkiii, Sales Support





7058 Corporate Way, Dayton, OFI45459-4243 USA (937)435-7227 Fax:(937)435-9200

148 Norfinch Dr., North York, ON M3N 1X8 (416)667-9400 Fax:(416)663-5908 Contact: Alice Man, Marketing Communications Mgr.

E-maii: mixing@mixing.com Web site: www.mixing.com Contact: Prakash R. Bathija, President Jet aeration,jet mixing, SBR systems manufactured by Mixing Systems, inc. Mixing and oxygen trans fer independently controlled. Energy efficient, low maintenance. No in-basin moving parts. Liquid depths from 15 to 60 ft.

MSU MISSISSAUGA LTD. 9 - 2222 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5J 2M4 (905)823-4340 Fax:(905)823-4947 Contact: Virginia Weber, President MUDDY RIVER ENVIRONMENTAL LTD.

arator <


6478 Yonge St., P.O. Box 37040, North York, ON M2M4J8 1-877-853-5556

(905)731-8104 Fax:(905)731-8231 Contact: Mike Silver, General Manager

#122 - 7198 Vantage Way, Delta, BC V4G 1K7 (604)940-9125 Fax:(604)940-9138 Contact: Robert Fiett, Marketing Manager MUELLER CANADA

8069 Lawson Road, Milton, ON LOT 4B6


A Division of Billion International Group 3405 S, Westport, Sioux Fails, SO 57106 USA (888)776-0581,(605)362-3407 Fax:(605)362-3494 Contact: Jeremy Morrison, Engineering Sales Mgr.

(905)878-0541 Fax:(905)878-3888 Contact: Doug Wiiiey, Marketing Manager

Manufacturer's Representatives M. LEBLANC & ASSOCIATES


33 Eimhurst Ave.,#310, Wiiiowdaie, ON M2N 6G8 (416)223-7391 Fax:(416)223-5775 E-maii: miebianc@on.aibn.com

Contact: Maurice L. LeBlanc


830 Prosper Road, De Pere, Wi 54115 USA (920)339-2787 Fax:(920)339-2784 E-mail: mvanvonderen@megtec.com Web site: www.megtec.com Contact: Mary Van Vonderen, Marketing Assistant MEGTEC Systems is a leading supplier of air pollu tion control equipment worldwide. Products include catalytic, thermal regenerative, and thermal recu perative oxidizers. MEGTEC has over 2,000 oxidizer installations worldwide. These systems are operating in many different industries. Standard and custom designs can meet your specific needs.

Municipal and industrial water and wastewater treat ment equipment and systems, ciarifiers, filters, screens, screenings washers and compactors, sludge screen/compactor, shaftiess screw convey ors and devices, floating biological contactors, and oil/water separators. Representing: Parkson Cor poration, DSS Environmental inc., American Bulk Conveying inc.. Mercer international, J. Mark Sys tems inc. and FBC Technologies inc.


RR#2, Barrie, ON L4M 4S4 (800)461-5632,(705)734-2892 Fax:(705)734-2920 Contact: Frank Mazza or Jim Desce, Sales Munro Concrete is Ontario's leading innovator in the design and manufacture of labour-saving concrete sewer and watermain solutions.

From cored tee

pipes with pre-fitted gaskets to pre-benched man holes, from diamond-cut cored connection holes to


41-04 35th Avenue, Long island City, NY 11101 USA (718)392-1112 Fax:(718)786-1008 Contact: Reed Marguiis, President

reinforced concrete pipe, look to Munro. A constant flow of ideas. NAPIER-REID LTD.

10 Alden Rd., Unit 2, Markham, ON L3R 2S1

(905)475-1545 Fax:(905)475-2021 Contact: Tarmo Sepp NASCO PLASTICS


170 Arnold Street, New Flamburg, ON NOB 2G0 (888)686-2726,(519)662-2540 Fax:(519)662-3330 Contact: Tim Bailey, General Manager




14522 South Outer Forty Rd., St. Louis, MO 63017 USA (314)275-5700 Fax:(314)275-5967


E-maii: enviroch@monsanto.com

15 Connie Crescent, Unit 3, Concord, ON L4K1L3

Web site: www.enviro-ohem.com

(905)738-2355 Fax:(905)738-5520

Contact: Barb Koskoios, Marketing Communications Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems is a leading ex

E-maii: metcon@ican.net

Contact: Ahron Nahmias, Pres., David Tidy, Sales Products/Services: Chiorination systems, chlorine dioxide generators, ammoniators,ozone generators, flow measuring equipment, metering pumps, ana lytical instruments, emergency gas scrubbers,odour control, polymer feed systems, Cryptosporidium inactivation systems, particle counters, PC pumps, UV systems and dry feeders. 60

pert in the management of So„, volatile organic com pounds, particuiates, mists and odours. EnviroChem's broad range of air pollution control prod


6504 Bridge Point Pkwy., MS 52-04, Austin, TX 78730-5039 USA (512)794-5435,(800)433-3488 Fax:(512)794-5732 NATIONAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT

109 Wilkinson Road, Brampton, ON L6T 4X1 (905)453-2639 Fax:(905)453-9391 Contact: Ed Yanoshita, Municipal Sales Manager

ucts include Brink® Mist Eliminators, MistGARD™

Oil Mist Collectors, DynaWave® Wet Scrubbers, Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs), DynaCycie® Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers (RCOs) and Bioton® Biological Oxidation Systems.


1610 - 734 7th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 3P8 (403)777-1030 Fax:(403)777-4150 Contact: Margaret Hoiden-Scott, Bus. Development

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Suppliers NEO VALVES


430 Norfinch Dr., Downsview, ON MSN 1Y4 (416)661-6020 Fax:(416)661-6787 Contact: David Buchanan, General Manager

12800 York Road, P.O. Box 33092, Cleveland, OH 44133 USA (440)237-4600 Fax:(440)582-2759 Contact: Jim Petrucci, Vice President



One Pork Avenue, Upton, PA 16684 USA (814)684-0101 Fax:(814)684-0608

P.O. Box 4047, Stamford, CT 06907-0047 USA (203)359-1660 Fax:(203)359-7700



2800 John St., Unit 13, Markham, ON L3R 0E2


(905)943-4324 Fax:(905)943-4474 Contact: Richard C. Landine, Manager

(416)778-5264 Fax:(416)778-5624


FL2 - 63 Poison St., Toronto, ON M5A 1A4

4950 Yonge Street, #500, Toronto, ON M2N 6K1 (416)218-5545 Fax:(416)218-0702


Contact: Howard Sher, President

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1700, Toronto, ON M5E 1E5 (416)314-5600 Fax:(416)314-8300 ONTOR LIMITED

12 Leswyn Road, Toronto, ON M6A 1K3 (416)781-5286 Fax:(416)781-7680 Contact: Cameo Gill, Marketing Coordinator NORTECH GSI INC.

1131 Derry Road E., Mississauga, ON L5T IPS (905)564-4700 Fax:(905)564-6776 E-mail: nortech@nortechgsi.com Web site: www.nortechgsi.com


21 Amber Street, #9, Markham, ON L3R 4Z3

(905)475-9292 Fax:(905)475-3286

Contact: Gil Cossette, Vice President, Sales


Nortech GSI is a leading Canadian distributor of in strumentation and systems for air and water quality monitoring and tor polluted soils cleanup. Water related equipment includes portable and fixed sam plers and tlowmeters from ISCO, multiparameter sondes from YSI, a wide selection of on-line analyzers and process instruments. Portable and fixed gas detection systems from Crowcon, ambi ent air analyzers from API and dust monitors from Grimm are available. Soil depollution equipment offered includes monitoring well supplies, pneumatic and electrical remediation pumps,oil/water separa tors, air strippers and more.

9652 - 77th Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 2M7

(780)466-6951 Fax:(780)469-9739 Contact: Ryszard (Richard) Fryga, President




180 Wilkinson Road,#18, Brampton, ON LOT 4W8 (905)453-7224 Fax:(905)453-2464 E-mail: lnto@novatech.ca

Web site: www.novatech.ca

Contact: Ed Gardiner, President

Measurement and control of gases and liquids tor process and environmental applications. Repre senting: EIT/Bacharach, ECD,Servomex,Tytronlcs, Pribusin, Sensortech, MAC, and Onix-Samasota. Novatech Systems Engineering and Integration Services. NSF INTERNATIONAL

789 Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Ml 48105 USA (800)NSF-MARK


9050 Ryan Avenue, Don/al, OC H9P 2M8 (514)636-8712 Fax:(514)636-9718 E-mail: parksoncanada® compusen/e.com Web site: www.parkson.com Contact: Jean R. Grenier, Cdn. Marketing Manager Manufactures water and wastewater treatment

equipment tor municipal or industrial needs, includ ing the Aqua Guard® screen (self-cleaning bar/filter screen), Biolac® system (tine-bubble aeration), DynaSand® filter(continuous backwash sand filter). Lamella® gravity settler(compact inclined plate set tler), RotoPress® screenings compactor (screw type), StrainPress® sludge cleaner (continuous screen/compactor), Wyss® Flex-A-Tube® dittuser (tine-bubble dittusers). PCB CONTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY INC.

101 Holiday Inn Dr., #E, Cambridge, ON N3C 1Z3 (800)324-8997,(519)651-3004 Fax:(519)651-1015 Contact: Martin Hassenbach, Sales Manager PCB DISPOSAL INC.

72 Lake Driveway W., Ajax, ON L1S3X1 (905)428-6480 Fax:(905)428-6481 Contact: Dr. Eric A.H. Smith, President



491 Edward H. Ross Dr., P.O. Box 455, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 USA

2360 Millrace Court, Mississauga, ON L5N 1W2 (905)812-7100 Fax:(905)812-7203 Contact: A. Voisin, Central Manager

(201)794-3100 Fax:(201)794-3358 E-mail: lnto@ozonia.com Web site: www.ozonia.com

P.O. Box 1718, Tisdale, SK SOE 1T0 (888)674-8265 Fax:(306)873-2252 Contact: Darcy Simoneau

tem that allows owners the ability to continuously monitor tank floors tor leaks, while providing an ex tremely durable, abrasive resistant corrosion bar rier against a broad range of aggressive cargoes. Parabeam® 3-D glass fabrics are ideal tor construct ing double-wall fiberglass storage tanks or fiberglass double-wall pipe.

Contact: Caspar Lesznik, Sales Manager Ozonia North America designs and manufactures ozone generating systems tor potable water treat ment, wastewater disinfection, and chemical appli cations. Ozone generators from 0.5 lb. per day to 4,200 lbs. per day. Complete pilot plant and turn key services. Ozone from air or higti concentration from oxygen.

PALLj Water Processing

PENCON EQUIPMENT COMPANY 109 Thomas St., 2nd floor, Oakville, ON L6J 3A7 (905)845-1727 Fax:(905)845-1792 Contact: John Penny, President Packages - parts - repairs to the environmental in dustry tor the past 25 years. Pencon offers a wide range of capacity flows and pressures: rotary posi tive displacement blowers; Lamson multistage and regenerative blowers; A-C sliding vane digester gas compressors used in landfill gas recovery, co-gen eration, recirculation and boosting of digester gas.


2200 Northern Blvd., East Hills, NY 11548 USA (516)484-5400 Fax:(516)484-3696 E-mail: custsvc@pall.com Web site: www.pall.com Contact: Tom Wingtield, VP, Marketing Pall Corporation is a specialty materials and engi

neering company with the broadest-based filtration, separations and purification capabilities in the world.


100 King Street W., Hamilton, ON L8N 4J6 (800)429-5503 PHILLIPS DRISCOPIPE INC.

300 - 2929 North Central Express, P.O. Box 83-3866, Richardson, TX 75083 USA


Pail utilizes membranes and reverse osmosis in the

treatment of drinking water, wastewater and landtiil leachate. Pall's Membrane Microtiltration System effectively removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia from surface drinking water.


12260 Vickers Way, Richmond, BC V6V 1H9 (604)270-9236 Fax:(604)270-3851 Contact: Bob Shields, President

Contact: Mark Jost, Vice President P.J. HANNAH EQUIPMENT SALES CORP.

P.O. Box 280, Maitland, ON KOE 1PO

#10-8528 123rd Street, Surrey, BC V3W 3V6 (604)591-5999 Fax:(604)591-9925

(613)348-3302 Fax:(613)348-1050

Contact: Peter Hannah, President



6907-36 Street, Edmonton, AB T6B 2Z6

3040 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5M 1Z4 (604)215-9822 Fax:(604)215-9833 Contact: Steve Dolling, Director, Marketing & Sales

(877)3D-Tanks (338-2657) (780)466-7645 Fax:(780)466-6126 E-mail: derek.bolianatz@parabeam.com


20 Queen St. W.,Suite 1908,Toronto, ON M5H 3R3

(416)599-9979 Fax:(416)599-4959 Contact: Colin Andrews,'Vice President

Contact: Derek Bolianatz


203 Dutterin Street S., Alliston, ON LOR 1N7

(705)435-4394 Fax:(705)435-3155 Contact: Jerry Hanus

Parabeam® is a new 3-D glass fabric technology that is ideal tor integrated sandwich core laminate construction. The Phoenix 3D Lining is an innova tive technology providing a double-wall lining sys

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


1275 Crestlawn Drive, Mississauga, ON L4W 1A9 (905)625-9164 Fax:(905)625-0147 Contact: Paul SIxsmith, President


Suppliers PLASTI-FAB, INC. P.O. Box 100, 9665 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. Tualatin, OR 97062 USA (503)692-5460 Fax:(503)692-1145 Contact: Alan Belyea, Marketing Manager

Dave Meloche, Neil Flanagan An extensive line of horizontal, vertical and submers

2320 Foster Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090 USA (847)398-0110 Fax:(847)398-8052 Contact: Kevin Grogan, Marketing Manager

ible centrifugal and positive displacement pumps including vertical turbine pumps, axial flow pumps and mechanical diaphragm pumps. An extensive line of blowers and liquid ring compressors, and vacuum pumps. Through our affiliation with our prin cipals, we service all types of pumping equipment. Representing: ITT Industries-Goulds Pumps, KSB Pumps Inc., ABEL, A-C Pump, Mariow, Siemens.



P.O. Box 235, RRjf2, 5 Rodman Dr., Cameron, ON KOM 1G0 (705)359-1837 Fax:(705)359-1836 Contact: Clive Berry

(781)444-5188 Fax:(781)444-0130



124 Wilson St., Cakville, CN L6K 3G8 (905)845-7951 Fax:(905)845-6695 Contact: Frank Hopkins, Owner, President

129 Glidden Rd., Brampton, ON L6W 3L9 (800)387-7614,(905)459-9255 Fax:(800)263-8203,(905)459-1234 Contact: Art Wilkinson, Sales Manager



32 Fremont St., Needham, MA 02494 USA Contact: Martin Morrill, Vice President

nologies that bring productivity and environmental benefits to a diverse group of industries. PRESTO PRODUCTS COMPANY

670 N. Perkins Street, Appleton, W!54914 USA (800)548-3424 Fax:(920)738-1222 Contact: Patricia Stelter, Media Manager



7722 - 9th Street, Edmonton, AB T6P 1L6 (780)440-1825 Fax:(780)440-2428 Contact: Larry Loven, Vice President PRO-FORM INSURANCE SERVICES INC.

26 - 2 Orchard Heights Blvd., Aurora, ON L4G 3W3 (905)727-5820 Fax:(905)727-5053 Contact: Peter Matson, President



for a wide variety of applications Including: Aqualoc速 water/pressure and series pipe, Duraloc速 storm and sanitary sewer pipe, Raurib速 large diameter ribbed storm and sanitary sewer pipe. Schedule 40/80 in dustrial pipe and Municipex速 cross-linked polyethy lene(PEX)service line. We also have custom pipe


4480 Cote de Liesse, #110, Mount Royal, QC H4N 2R1 (514)737-7724 Fax:(514)737-2751 Contact: Chris Castravelli, President

PS INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1013 Shenandoah Circle, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 USA (605)332-1885 Fax:(605)332-1293 E-mail: gale@psinternational.com Web site: www.psinternational.com Contact: Mr. Gale Paulson, President

PS International, Inc. provides coalescing plate oil/ water separators for the removal of petroleum hy drocarbons from wastewater. Separators can be provided with a final polishing polypropylene coalescer for removal of oil particles down to 20 microns in size. Separators are of rectangular or cylindrical construction - single or double wall.


3505 Laird Road,#18, Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y7 (800)242-3910 Fax:(905)607-8592 E-mail: responserental@on.aibn.com Web site: www.responserentals.com Contact: Leonard Marchesano,Operations Manager Response Rentals Ltd. rents equipment for envi ronmental monitoring, sampling and remediation. The company specializes In portable instrumenta tion that is both reliable and rugged. Equipment is shipped overnight and may be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Response Rentals also offers no-charge applications assistance In finding the most appropriate instrument for a job. Each piece of rental equipment is backed by 24-hour tech nical assistance.


10 Stalwart Industrial Dr.,#5, Gormley, ON LOH 1 GO (800)894-4924,(905)888-0066 Fax:(905)888-0071 Contact: Don Bremner, Vice President

6525 Goforth St., Houston, TX 77021 USA (713)747-6948 Fax:(713)747-6029 Contact: Jay Keldsen, Sales Manager PUMPEX, INC. 103A Molasses Hill Rd., Lebanon, NJ 08833 USA (908)730-7004 Fax:(908)730-7580 Contact: Robert Montenegro, President


45 Sheppard Ave. E., #306, Toronto, ON M2N 5W9 (416)410-8298 Fax:(416)410-0850 Contact: Richard R. Arblaster, Barrister & Solicitor RMI ROCKY MOUNTAIN INSTRUMENTS

9409 - 27th Ave., Edmonton, AB T6N 1C9 (780)496-7754 Fax:(780)438-9093 Contact: Mike Stiles


1125 Russell Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5M6 (888)690-2203,(807)622-3767 Fax:(807)622-3804 Contact: Bill Horkey PURIFICS ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC.


456 Alliance Ave., Toronto, ON M6N 2J2

(416)766-7471 Fax:(416)766-7399 RNG CONTROLS

1941 Mallard Road, London, ON N6H 5M1 (519)473-5788 Fax:(519)473-0934

1318 Ketch Court, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W1 (604)521-2088 Fax:(604)521-6034

Contact: Brian Butters, President



12945 - 78th Ave., Anvil Way, Surrey, BC V3W 2X8 (604)591-8811 Fax:(604)591-5288


490 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON NIG 4P5 (519)836-5692 Fax:(519)836-5226 Contact: Brent Sweezey, Sales Manager Total chlorine monitoring and metering equipment; complete chemical metering; water treatment pack ages; quality metering pumps and controllers; engi neered specifications; P&ID controllers; computer ized hydraulic modelling; oomplete skid mounted packages; detailed drawings; chemical design ex pertise.

E-mail: kent.clauson @ rehau-na.com Web site: www.rehau-na.com



2800 John St., #13A, Markham, ON L3R 0E2 (905)513-0222 Fax:(905)513-6839 Contact: Raymond C. Newman

P.O. Box 1706, Leesburg, VA20177 USA (800)247-9445 Fax:(800)627-3428



1 City Centre Dr.,#1200, Mississauga, CN L5B 1M2 (905)803-1600 Fax:(905)803-1696 E-mail: info@praxair. com Web site: www.praxair.com Contact: Robert Douglas, Mktg. Comm. Manager Praxair produces, sells and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases. Praxair is also the world's largest supplier of carbon dioxide and a rec ognized leader in the commercialization of new tech

Piping Systems


Contact: Kent Clauson, Marketing Coordinator Rehau manufactures a full line of quality PVC pipe


One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15272 USA


ENGINEERING, CO. 1400-62nd St., Emeryville, CA 94608 USA (800)722-6999 Fax:(510)658-3153 RAM LINING SYSTEMS INC.

RR #1, Bayfield, ON NOM 1G0 (519)524-1904 Fax:(519)524-6721

ROCKWARE, INC. 2221 East St., #101, Golden, CO 80401 USA (303)278-3534 Fax:(303)278-4099 Contact: Allison DeBastianI, Bus. Development Mgr. RODNEY HUNT COMPANY

Contact: Frank Kunc, President RAW MATERIALS CORPORATION

Orange MA 01364 USA (978)544-2511 Fax:(978)544-3928 Contact: Thomas J. McAndrew, Marketing Manager

P.O. Box 6, Invertose Drive, Port Colborne, ON L3K5V7 (888) We Reduce (905)835-1203 Fax:(905)835-6824 Contact: Richard Unyi, Health, Safety & Env.

3812 Route 8, Allison Park, PA 15101 USA (412)487-6010 Fax:(412)487-6005



1320 Britannia Rd. E., Mississauga, ON L4W 1C8 (905)795-2666 Fax:(905)795-2775 Web site: www.prospectech.com Contact: Mark Lemieux, Technical Sales Rep. 62



27164 - 33rd Avenue, Aldergrove, BC V4W 3H6 (604)857-8881 Fax:(604)857-8921 Contact: William Fairhall, Regional Manager

P.O. Box 188, Portage, Ml 49081-0188 USA (616)323-1313 Fax:(616)323-0065 Contact: Dave Krasiewich, VP, Sales & Marketing

Environmental Science <& Engineering, January 2000

Suppliers ROTORK CONTROLS (CANADA) LTD, #9, 820 - 28th Street N.E., Calgary, AB T2A 6K1 (403)569-9455 Fax:(403)569-9455 RTS/CANBAR INC.


1 Canbar Street, Waterloo, ON N2J 4A7 (519)886-2880 Fax:(519)886-5546


Contact: Graham Lobban



1515 Matheson Blvd. E., #B6, Misslssauga, ON L4W 2P5 (905)238-0308 Fax:(905)238-6327 Contact: RudI Kovaoko SAFETY-KLEEN LTD.

265 North Front Street, #502, Sarnia, ON NTT 7X1 (519)332-0720 Fax:(519)332-0369 SAFE WATER SOLUTIONS L.L.C.

9333 N. 49th Street, Brown Deer, Wl 53223 USA (414)365-2377 Fax:(414)365-2210 Contact: Chuck Reading

155 University Ave., #702, Toronto, ON M5H 3B7 (800)565-6038 ext.226 Fax:(416)363-4517 E-mail: jean.leveque@dpic.com Web Site: www.dplc.com Contact: Jean Leveque Professional and general liability insurance and risk management for architects, engineers and environ mental consultants including those providing reme diation services. Expanded pollution coverage avail able on practice and TeamCover policies. SICH & DPIC Companies are part of Royal SunAiiiance USA Speciality Division, a member of the International Royal SunAiiiance Insurance Group pic, London.


66 Adams Blvd., Brantford, ON N35 7V2 (519)754-1366 Fax:(519)754-4576 Contact: Sandro D'AmbrosI SANEXEN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

579 Rue Le Breton, Longueull, QC J4G 1R9 (450)646-7878 Fax:(450)646-5127 Contact: Robert Hills SANITAIRE® CORPORATION

9333 N. 49th Street, Brown Deer, Wl 53223 USA

(414)365-2200 Fax:(414)365-2210 Contact: Laurie Besch, Marketing Comm. Coord. SANITHERM ENGINEERING LTD.

431 Mountain Hwy., Suite 4, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2L1 (604)986-9168 Fax:(604)986-5377 Contact: Joan Smyth, Office Manager



210 Walker Drive, Bramaiea, ON LOT 3W1 (905)791-1553 Fax: (905)791-2999 E-mail: marketing @sew-eurodrive.ca Web site: www.sew-eurodrlve.oa

Contact: Graham Simpson, Marketing SEW servo-drive technology for variable speed ap plications with gearing options from one source. Gearmofors, brakemotors, shaft mounts, gear re ducers, variable mechanical and electronically AC Inverters and controls. 24-hour customer service. SITE SPECIFIC STRUCTURES

3785 - 202 Street, Langiey, BC V3A 1R9 (604)533-8442, Fax: (604)580-2377 Contact: Bob Crocker, President


60 Queen Street, Suite 1516, Ottawa, ON K1P 5Y7 (613)563-7242 Fax;(613)563-3399 Contact: Bill Wong, Marketing Manger


seepex. SEEPEX, INC. 169 Dufferin St. S., #18, Ailiston, ON L9R 1E6

(705)434-0611 Fax: (705)433-0620 E-mail: seepex@ix.netcom.com Web site: www.seepex.com Contact: George Baicerczyk, Saies Manager Seepex offers more product constructions for fhe environmental industry than any other progressive cavity pump manufacturer. Ciose-coupled "biock" pumps and open hopper dewafered or thickened sludge pumps in five separate design configurations. Malar® lined pumps and the patented MAP "hose" pumps. A new MDP polymer metering pump sys tem, which starts at less than $1,500 Is also now available. Custom designs to exactly fit customers' requirements are a specialty of the company. SEI INDUSTRIES LTD.

SMITH & LOVELESS, INC. 14040 Santa Fe Trail Dr., Lenexa, KS 66215 USA

(913)888-5201 Fax: (913)888-2173

Contact: Darby RIfter, Asst. Mgr., Marketing Comm. Jodel Chen, Director, Corp. Marketing Smith & Loveless Inc. built its reputation on manu facturing dependable water and wastewater treat ment and pumping equipment. We continue to hold that as our primary mission. We also believe in pro viding a complete product line of cost-effective water and wastewater treatment and pumping sys tems for the small- to medium-sized customer.

Whether fhe customer Is a municipality or company located In Canada or abroad. Smith & Loveless pro vides value and solutions. When you think of Smith & Loveless, think value, qualify and long lasting solutions for a world of water problems.

7400 Wilson Avenue, Delta, BC V4G 1E5

(604)946-3131 Fax: (604)940-9566 Contact: Rob Ferguson, Product Mgr./Env. Products



35 Todd Road, Georgetown, ON L7G 4R8 (800)661-2023, (905)873-2255 Fax: (905)873-1992 Confact: Jim PlanosI, Saies Manager

(806)883-7621 Fax:(806)883-6804 Confact: Michael Hill, Sales Manager

1091 Brevik Place, Misslssauga, ON L4W 3R7 (905)624-8909 Fax: (905)624-9365 Contact: Michelle Rudra, Marketing Manager

2801, boul. Marie-Vlctorin, Varennes, QC J3X 1P7



Division of Schlumberger Canada Ltd. 7275 Wesf Credif Ave., Misslssauga, ON L5N 5M9 (905)858-7478 Fax:(905)858-0428

(800)461-2837 Fax: (613)835-9956 Contact: Bob Efhler, Representative

#2 - 745 Vanalman Avenue, Victoria, BC V8Z 3B6


Contact: Jim Fiiczuk, Industrial Sales

SCARAB MANUFACTURING, INC. HCR 1, Box 205, While Deer. TX 79097 USA



(450)929-1234 Fax: (450)929-1227 Contact: Jacques Cote, President

3600 Delson Drive, Navan, ON K4B 1K5 SOLTEK SOLAR ENERGY LTD.

(250)727-7720 Fax: (250)727-2135

2378 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON K1V 7P1 (613)523-1641 Fax: (613)731-0851



274 Burton Ave., Suite 203B, BIdg. 3, Barrle, ON L4N 5W4 (705)733-2626 Fax:(705)733-2618 E-mali: scicorp@lbm.net Web site: www.scicorpblologic.com

SERVICE FILTRATION OF CANADA, LTD. 4141 Sladeview Ores., Units 12 & 13, Misslssauga, ON L5L5T1 (905)820-4700 Fax: (905)820-4015 E-mail: saies@service-flltratlon.com

E-mali: sonicss@idlrect.com

Contact: Ronald Roth, President

Web site: www.service-flitratlon.com

Manufacturer of Biologic® products, all-natural ml-

Contact: Joe Halahei, General Manager Serflico engineers and manufactures high perform ance corrosion resistant pumps and filter chambers

Web site: www.sonicsoil.com Contact: Alan Archibald

cronufrlent formulations for waste and wasfewater treatment. Products eliminate odours and acceler

ate the degradation of organic wastes. Benefits to water and wasfewater systems Include increases in microbial growth, treatment efficiency, D.O. lev els, cogeneration performance and effluent quality along with reductions In sludge volume, BOD,COD, SS, TVS and odour.

in PVC, CPVC and PVDF. Filter media is available

for use on chemicals, acids, hydraulic oil, electro plating solution, photographic, air and food prod ucts. Pollution abatement products are also In cluded, filter press, metering pumps, mixers and heaters. We also supply custom designed filtration systems.


251 Welsh Pool Rd., Exton, PA 19341 USA

(610)363-5450 Contact: Jon Bauer

SERVOMEX, INC. 90 Kerry Place, Norwood, MA 02062 USA (781)769-7710 Fax: (781)769-2834 Contact: Frank W. Chester, Director of Marketing

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


668 Millway Ave., #15 & 16, Concord, ON L4K 3V2 (905)660-0501 Fax: (905)660-7143

Vancouver Office:

447 - 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2

(604)685-1904 Fax: (888)251-7445 Contact: Andrew Thompson Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. offers a method of drilling boreholes that is versatile and cost-effective.


longer are you restricted to large, expensive drill rigs. Our crews can drill inside and outside buildings and Install groundwater monitors. SONITEC INC.

4020 Bols-Franc, St-Laurent, QC H4S 1A7

(514)335-2200 Fax: (514)335-2295 Contact: Martlne Menard, Marketing Coordinator 63




1450 Don Mills Road, Don Mills, ON M3B 2X7

106 Rayette Road, Unit #1, Concord, ON L4K 2G3 (905)669-4450 Fax;(905)669-4451 Contact: Sales Department

2132 - Fifteen Side Road, Moffat, ON LOP 1J0 (905)854-9875 Fax:(905)854-0180 Contact: Michael Birks, Sales Manager

SYBRON CHEMICALS, INC. Birmingham Rd., Birmingham, NJ 08011 USA (609)893-1100,(609)894-8641 Contact: Carl Dale, International Manager


P.O. Box 1206, Midland, Ml 48241-1206 USA (800)447-4369 Fax:(517)832-1465

857 West 3rd St., Nortti Vancouver, BC V7P 1E3


51 Chieftain Crescent, Barrie, ON L4N 4L4

(604)980-3688 Fax:(604)980-6578 Contact: Paul Greening, Sales Manager

68 Healy Road, Unit #1, Bolton, ON L7E 5A4 (905)951-8000 Fax:(905)951-8002 Contact: Roland Barbazza, President

(705)722-4490 Fax:(705)722-4490 Contact: Jim Koutroubis, Web Master

(416)445-6641 Fax:(416)442-2200 SOUTHERN ENVIRONMENTAL

6690 West Nine Mile Rd., Pensacola, PL 32526 USA (850)944-4475,(850)941-3005 Fax:(850)944-8270 Contact: Dennis Stianahan, Regional Manager SOUTHWELL CONTROLS LTD.



2800 John St., Unit 13, Markham, ON L3R 0E2


(905)474-4448 Fax:(905)474-5782

P.O. Box 839, New Hamburg, ON NOB 2G0 (519)634-5708 Fax:(519)634-5779 Contact: Garry R. Ruttan, President


13081 10th Line N., Stouffville, ON L4A7X3


(905)640-0267 Fax:(905)640-0268 Contact: Stephen Wilcox

#208, 3112 - 11th St. N.E., Calgary, AB T2E 7J1 (403)291-3937 Fax:(403)291-5125 Contact: Vince Downey, Marketing Manager


45 Upper Mount Albion Road, Stoney Creek, ON L8J 2R9 (905)578-9666 Fax:(905)578-6644


Contact: Cliff Holland

(780)472-8265 Fax:(780)478-5695

1810YellowheadTrail, N.E., Edmonton,ABT6S 1B4


813 Hempstead St., St. Louis, MO 63102 USA (800)231-3990 Fax:(314)231-2820 E-mail: rrkupferle@aol.com Web site: www.hydrants.com Contact: Rick Russell, National Sales Manager Yard hydrants, 3/4" through 3". Specializing in 2" type blow-off/flushing for water main dead-ends and wastewater treatment plants. Also, water sampling stations used to collect bacteriological samples from distribution main.

SRS CRISAFULLI, INC. 1610 Crisafulli Dr., P.O. Box 1051, Glendive, MT


59330-1051 USA

1983 Marcus Ave., Lake Success, NY 11042 USA

(406)365-3393 Fax:(406)365-8088 Contact: Maureen A. Lundman, VP, Sales & Mktg.

(516)328-6600 Fax:(516)328-7988 Contact: Alan Dinow



2175 Sheppard Ave., E., #203, Willowdale, ON M2J 1W8 (416)756-2406 Fax:(416)490-6937

1650 Upper Ottawa St., Hamilton, ON L8W 3P2 (905)383-5550 Fax:(905)574-0492


E-mail: mitch@team-1.com Web site: www.team-1.com

95 Sunray Street, Whitby, ON LI N 909 (905)430-3333 Fax:(905)430-3056 Contact: Kathryn Winkelhorst, Mktg. Supervisor, Tim Stover


195 The West Mall, #405, Toronto, ON M9C 5K1 (416)626-0840 Fax:(416)626-8710 E-mail: tneff@stormceptor.com Web site: www.stormoeptor.com Contact: Todd Neff, Director of Engineering Stormceptor is a stormwater quality control device designed to take the place of a conventional man hole in a storm drain system. The patented tech nology intercepts oil and sediment from urban stormwater runoff. The unique feature of the Stormceptor System is an internal high flow by-pass, which en sures that larger flows are diverted away from the treatment chamber and are directed to the down

stream storm sewer. This prevents the re-suspension and scouring of trapped pollutants. Quality Service

Contact: Mitchell Gibbs

24 hour N/A wide emergency response to all dan gerous goods. Numerous Ontario response loca tions, extensive list of emergency gear. Marine spill response, land response, spill response training, confined space training, large training facility with realistic scenarios. Emergency response specialists.


A Member of the Thomson-Gordon Group 3225 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7M 1A6 (905)335-1440 Fax:(905)335-4033 Contact: Jean Guy Forget, Sales Manager TOTAL SAFETY/HAZCO

6541-B Mississauga Rd., Mississauga, ON L5N 1A6 (800)361-3201 Fax:(905)858-3192

TECHNOMIC PUBLISHING CO., INC. 851 New Holland Ave., Box 3535, Lancaster, PA

17604 USA (717)291-5609 Fax:(717)295-4538 Contact: John D. Taylor, Marketing Product Mgr.

TRANS-CYCLE INDUSTRIES, INC. (TCI) 455 Archer Drive, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3J5

(705)567-9997 Fax:(705)567-9979 E-mail: canada@tci-pcb.com Web site: www.tci-pcb.com Contact: Dan McCormack, Manager 2884 Huntsmen St., Lazare, OC J7T 2A1 Contact: Paul Hebert,


1909 Franklin St., Vancouver, BC V5L1R1 (604)253-7525 Fax:(604)253-6365 Contact: Gordon Eden, Sales Manager


Worldwide environmentally safe disposal of electri cal equipment including: Transformers, ballasts, ca pacitors and all PCB containing wastes. Full field and transportation services. TRANS ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. Box 40163, Cleveland, Ohio 44140 USA


(440)871-3214 Fax:(440)871-3414 Contact: Laura Steele, Vice President, GM


P.O. Box 60069, 300 N. Service Road W., Oakville,


ON L6M 3H2 (888)TOP-CROP (905)878-2800 Fax:(905)878-7332

Technologies Inc.

E-maii: biosolid@terratec.com Web site: www.terratec.com

Contact: Phil Sidhwa, President, Chief Exec. Officer

Process control and instrumentation chemical me

Turn-key operations for biosolids recycling on agri cultural land. Liquid and solid municipal and indus trial organics management. Digester, lagoon, pump ing station, tank cleaning - confined space entry. Mobile solids screening for digester clean-outs. Spills management 24 hrs./day, on-call. Facilities operations for biosolids, flotation injection applica tion equipment.

tering pumps; pH control systems, turbidity, sus pended solids and sludge blanket monitors. Mag


Smce 1980


6423 Northam Dr., Mississauga, ON L4V 1J2 (905)678-3388 Fax:(905)678-0444 E-mail: summa@idirect.com

Contact: G.A.(Redir) Obaji, Sales Manager

netic, venturi and turbine flow meters; alarm dialers,

1315 Finch Ave. W., #410, Toronto, ON M3J 2G6

particle counters, streaming current monitors,trans mitters, controllers and dataloggers.

(416)633-6308 Fax:(416)633-0432 Contact: Barry Harris



3020 Gore Road, London, ON N5V 4T7

(519)457-3400 Fax:(519)457-3030 E-mail: mnelson@trojanuv.com Web site: www.trojanuv.com Contact: Martha Nelson, Marketing Support Mgr. Trojan is a Canadian-based high technology com pany specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of ultraviolet systems that disinfect wastewater, as well as industrial, process and drinking water. Since its inception in 1976, over 2,000 Trojan wastewater treatment systems have been installed in municipalities around the world, making Trojan the undisputed global UV disinfection leader.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000




P.O. Box 64394, St, Paul, MN 55164 USA (800)926-8378 Fax:(651)490-2704


2 Taggart Street, Unit #4, Guelph, ON N1H 6H8 (519)836-3380 Fax:(519)836-3381

181 Thorn Hill Road, Warrendale, PA 15086 USA

Contact: E. Cralg Jowett, President


(724)772-0044 Fax:(724)772-1360 Contact: Jennifer Brandwene, Marketlng/Comm.

500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, MN 55122 USA (651)483-0900 Fax:(651)481-1220


T.T. TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2020 E. New York Street, Aurora, IL 60504 USA

(913)422-7600 Fax:(913)422-7667 Contact: Shirley Reynolds, Marketing Coordinator

Biological Wastewater Systems Division 630 Currant Rd., Fall River, MA 02720-4732 USA (508)679-6770 Fax:(508)672-5779 Contact: Jill BIbby, Marketing/Sales Coordinator


1051 Blake, Edwardsvllle, KS 66111 USA

(630)851-8200 Fax:(630)851-8299 Contact: Brian A. Mattson, National Sales Manager

INC.ZZ TURBLEX, INC. 1635 W. Walnut, Springfield, MO 65806 USA (417)864-5599 Fax:(417)866-0235 E-mail: turblex@turblex.com Web site: www.turblex.com

Contact: David Hutchens, Marketing Manager Turblex, Inc. manufactures single-stage, integral gear blowers designed for 500-70,000 scfm, 4-39 psig range. The blowers are designed to operate at turndown capacities of 100% to 45% while main taining the highest level of efficiency. Instrumenta tion for aeration system control for wastewater plants Is available from Turblex, Inc. TURBORATOR TECHNOLOGY INC.

111-1140 Strathaven Dr., N. Vancouver, BC V7H2Z6 (604)929-7501 Fax:(604)929-7501 Contact: Dr. C. Guarnaschelll



2155 - 112th Avenue, Holland, Ml 49424 USA

(616)772-9011 Fax:(616)772-4516 Contact: Larry Gllflllan, VP, Sales and Marketing

501 Foote St., P.O. Box 122, Crown Point, IN 46307 USA (219)663-8210 Fax:(219)662-1503 Contact: Tate Richardson, Representative

USFILTER, WALLACE & TIERNAN 250 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON L3R 3S1 (905)944-2800 Fax:(905)474-1660 Contact: George Matsugu, Marketing Manager

12260 VIckers Way, Richmond, BC V6V 1H9 (604)270-9236 Fax:(604)270-3851

USFILTER, WTC PRODUCTS FL2 - 2118 Greenspring Dr., Timonlum, MD 21093 USA (800)MEMCOR4 (410)308-2947 Fax:(410)561-3017 Contact: Robert M. McCarthy, VP, Sales & Mktg.

WESTECH ENGINEERING, INC. 3625 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 USA (801)265-1000 Fax:(801)265-1080 Contact: Marshall Palm, Marketing


240 Matheson Blvd. E., MIsslssauga, ON L4Z 1X1 (905)890-5265 Fax:(905)890-6213 Contact: Norman Williams, Sales Manager

Contact: Andl Shi TYTRONICS

25 Wiggins Avenue, Bedford, MA 01730 USA (781)275-9660 Fax:(781)275-9665

(908)688-4216 Fax:(908)686-9314 Contact: George Black, Communications Director


VAUGHAN COMPANY, INC. 364 Monte Elma Road, Montesano, WA 98563 USA

(360)249-4042 Fax:(360)249-6155 Contact: John Hayes, Marketing Director VEEDER-ROOT

125 Powder Forest Dr., P.O. Box 2003, SImsbury, CT 06070-7684 USA

(860)651-2804 Fax:(860)651-2719 Contact: Catherine Rowell Casper, Mrktg. Comm.

2525 Wentz Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2K9


(800)667-3717,(306)242-3663 Fax:(306)242-3484 Contact: Maury Wawryk, Commercial Mktg. Mgr.

308 - 4 CataraquI Street, Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7 (613)549-0404 Fax:(613)549-2528




2601 Matheson Blvd., East,#206, MIsslssauga, ON L4W 5A8 (905)206-9119 Fax:(905)206-9087 Contact: Carl Vreugde, Technical Sales

A Division of Jenlsys Engineered Products 450 Desautels St., P.O. Box 792, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2N5 (204)233-7133 Fax:(204)235-0796 Contact: Brad Warner, Tank Products Sales Mgr. WESTERN FILTRATION SERVICES INC.

P.O. Box 2066, Vancouver, BC V6B 3S3

(800)561-0011,(604)888-6778 Fax:(604)531-9036 Contact: Dave Bertram, Technical Representative WESTERN WATER


Contact: Deb Baker, Sales

The Brewery, 1489 Hollls St., #212, Halifax, NS B3J 1R9 (877)809-3045 Fax:(902)422-8065 Contact: Daria Campbell

Contact: Bob Shields, President


201 Sweetland Ave., Hillside, NJ 07205-1793 USA


403 - 600 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1M6 (416)593-9125 Fax:(416)593-9063


An S} 9001 certllieO company


65 Worcester Road, Rexdale, ON M9W 5N7

(416)675-5575 Fax:(416)675-5565 Contact: Donald R. Jones, Sales Support Supv.

9716 - 40th Street, S.E., Calgary, AB T2C 2P3 (403)203-4100 Fax:(403)203-9231 WESTFALIA SEPARATOR CANADA, INC. (See GEA Process Technology) 5353 John Lucas Dr., Burlington, ON L7L6G5 (905)319-3900 Fax:(905)319-3903 Contact: Gary Forkes, Sales Engineer WHEELABRATOR AIR POLLUTION CONTROL INC.

441 Smithfleld St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2292 USA (412)562-7300 Eax:(412)562-7617 Contact: K.A. Eurst, Manager, Mktg. Comm.

VWR CANLAB 2360 Argentia Road, MIsslssauga, ON L5N 5Z7 (905)813-5208 Fax:(905)813-5216 Contact: Lorrle Morris


422 Consumers Rd., North York, ON M2J 1P8

(416)499-4421 Fax:(416)499-0816 Contact: E. Ed Allen, President


3995 Commercial Ave., Northbrook, IL 60062 USA


(800)548-1234 Fax:(847)272-8914

2851 Brighton Road, Oakvllle, ON L6H 6C9 (905)829-4111 Fax:(905)829-2366 Contact: Larry Washington, President

Contact: Michael Graham, President

USABiueBook sells and supports everything needed to keep Canadian water and wastewater systems running smoothly. The company's FREE 530 page colour catalogue offers over 12,000 Items. Simply pick up the phone and call for expert technical sup port and same-day shipping. Helpful, easy and fast.


121 Rallslde Road, Toronto, ON M3A 1B2

(800)WINTERS,(416)444-2345 Fax:(416)444-8979 Contact: Sam Francella, Corp. Marketing Manager


4151 Morris Dr., #4, Burlington, ON L7L 5L5 (905)333-6604 Fax:(905)333-0368 Contact: Stu Ferguson, President


P.O. Box 38, Wyevale, ON LOL 2T0 (705)322-2845 Fax:(705)322-0522 Contact: Victor Campbell, President


600 Arrasmlth Trail, Ames, lA 50010 USA

(515)232-4121 Fax:(515)232-2571 Contact: Wendy DeJong, Sales/Mktg., Admin.Asst.

WATERLOO BARRIER INC. P.O. Box 385, Rockwood, ON NOB 2K0


441 Main St., P.O. Box 36, Sturbrldge, MA 01566 USA (508)347-7344 Fax:(508)347-7049 Contact: William Scully, Marketing Manager USFILTER, AERATOR PRODUCTS 11765 Main St., Roscoe, IL 61108 USA

(815)623-2111 Fax:(815)623-6416 Contact: Frank Noclfora, General Manager


(519)856-1352 Fax:(519)856-2503 Contact: Robin Jowett, Manager


Waterloo Barrier® can be used as a vertical contain

(800)661-TANK,(780)466-6648 Fax:(780)466-6126

6907 - 36th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 2Z6

ment wall for the control of contaminated ground-

E-mail: ron.flnk@zcl.com

water and a structural wall for the excavation of con

Web site: www.zcl.com

taminated soils. Formed of steel sheet piling with specially designed sealable joints. It offers excel lent QA/QC, high hydraulic performance and long service life.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Contact: Ron Fink

ZCL Composites Inc. Is Canada's leading manufac turer of single wall and double wall fiberglass un derground and above ground tanks for the safe stor65

Classifieds age of petroleum products, water, some chemicals, and other hazardous liquids. The company also manufactures oil/water separators for the reduction

"For Cost Effective Pumping" ABS has the most Comprehensive range on the market.

company in the Cardo Group

of oil and fuel in run-off water streams.

Sales & Service

• Sewage Pumps - Submersible & Dry Pit • Portable Dewatering Pumps • Mixers - Submersible & Conventional • Aerators - Submersible • Submersible Grinder Pumps

• Effluent Pumps • Stock & Process Pumps - PPI • Chemical Pumps • Canned Motor Pumps

ABS Pumps Corporation, 1215 Meyerside Drive, Unit 7, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1H3 ZE^ON ENVIRONMENTAL INC.

845 Harrington Court, Burlington, ON L7N 3P3 (905)639-6320 Fax:(905)639-1812 E-mail: mstadnyc@zenonenv.com Web site: \Afww.zenonenv.com

Contact: Michael Stadnyckyj, Mktg. Coordinator Membrane technologies for drinking water and wastewater treatment. The ZeeWeed® membrane

Is the optimal solution for the removal of Cryptosporidium and Giardia, viruses, solids and colour for safe, clean drinking water. When combined with the ZenoGem® membrane bio-reactor, the system is Ideal for high-quality sewage treatment and wastewater recycle.

Phone: 1-800-988-2610 or (905)670-4677, Fax:(905)670-3709, Web: www.abspumps.com Callfor the Representative nearest you

For more information, circle reply card No. 311



High Pressure Water Jetting Liquid/Dry Vacuum Services




TEL: (905) 619-3009 FAX: (905) 619-3638

Waste Water Treatment

Sponge Jet Cleaning For more information, circie repiy card No. 312





400 University Avenue, 19th Floor, Toronto, ON MSG 1S7 (416)586-2823 Fax: (416)586-2703


Web site: www.zurich.com

Contact: John Mattloii, Account Mgr., Specialties Zurich Canada's vision Is to be the market of choice

for world-class risk solutions by providing traditional



• Monitoring Wells • Recovery Wells

• Municipal Well Drilling • Industrial Well Drilling

• Gas Extraction Wells

products, alternative risk financing and integrated Insurance. As pioneers in the field of environmen tal liability, Zurich Canada's International/Industrial division is committed to the marketplace by forming long-term partnerships with our customers. What ever your company's environmental coverage needs

• Construction Drilling

• Deep Monitoring Well Specialists R.R. #1 (Bast Place) Waterloo, Ontario

(519) 664-1422

• Well Testing and Rehabilitation 147 North Street West


Wingham, Ontario (519) 357-1960

Davidson "Since 1900"

For more information, circle reply card No. 313

are, we are sure to have a solution including envi ronmental impairment liability, underground storage tank liability, asbestos/lead paint liability, and prop erty transfer liability.






nthraf liter Media & Coal Ltd.

zontal and vertical single and doublewall tanks; fire guard tanks - protected; steel contained assemblies/


dike tanks; used oil tanks/hazardous waste; bench

tanks/rectangular; underground singlewall an doublewall steel tanks; underground doublewall jacketed tanks - total containment; custom fabrica tion - rectangular, cone bottom, pressure vessels.



TEL: (519) 751-1080 FAX: (519) 751-0617




For more information, circle repiy card No. 314

20275 Clark Graham, Bale d'Urfs, QC H9X 3T5

(514)457-4100 Fax: (514)457-1808 E-mall: lnfo@d8gremont.ca Web site: www.degremont.fr Water and wastewater treatment systems, replace ment parts, service; shaftless conveyors, mixing equipment, air pumps, centrifuges, chemical dos ing pumps, filters.

HYDRA-STOP, INC. 3344 West 127th Street, Blue Island, IL 60406 USA

(800)538-7867 Fax: (708)389-5125 Hydra-Stop manufactures and sells tapping, llnestepplng, valve turning, and valve Insertion equip ment. In addition, we provide turn-key contract serv



69 Comstook Road, Scarborough, ON MIL 2G9 (800)387-1400, (416)757-6278 Fax: (418)757-5579 Contact: Dennis Bhoposlngh

Transportation tanks/mobile refueling tanks; fuel oil tanks; utility or farm skid tanks; above ground hori


ices for all our products. Our new Insta-Valve (In sertion valve) and the valve and hydrant tracker In formation systems lead the way In smart equipment, allowing utilities to accomplish more with less man




Biosollds and Waste Utilization • • • •

Liquid and Dewatered Application. Digester and Lagoon Cieaning. Contract Facility Operations. Spills Response & Industrial Wastes. Mall — P.O. Box 60069

Oakvllle, Ontario L6M 3H2 Location — W.A. Johnson Resource

Management Centre 4449 Hwy #25, Oakville, Ont. L9T 2X5

Phone: (905) 878-2800/Fax: (905) 878-7332

For more information, circie reply card No. 315 Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

ES&E's Directory of Environmental Products & Services See "Suppliers" Section (pg. 52)for address, etc., of any company listed in this section. ACID NEUTRALIZATION SYSTEMS Green Turtle Tech.

Sanitherm Eng. Smith & Loveless

Turborator Technology US Filter US Filter/Aerator Products

Ordan Thermal Products Profotech Service Filtration Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control

BEP Bestobeli Can-Am Instruments

Donson Eng. & Contracting - a,d


Insitu Groundwater

Contractors - a,b,c,d


ACTIVATED CARBON ADSORBENTS Action Carbon-Chem Anthrafilter Media & Coai

USA BlueBook


Folio Instruments

Smith & Loveless - b


Fryston Canada

Zenon Env. - a

Applied Contaminant

Westech Eng.

Aeromix Systems Aquatechniques

GLI International

Ceilcote Air Pollution




a. removal


b. survey Aquablast - a

International Water

Env. Remediation Equip.

US Filter/Jet Tech Prod.


Elemental Controls

Supply - a,c,d

b. monitoring c. pseudonomus, algae d. water quality Aquatic Lite - a

Control - a C3 Environmental - a Conor Pacific Env. Remediation

Cartier Chemicals - a,c

Equip. - a General Env. Group Muddy River Env. - a Sclcorp Systems - a

Charles Tennant & Co. - d

Forestry Suppliers - d Fryston Canada - a,b,d Green Turtle Tech.

- a,b,c,d

Hach - a,b,d Integra Env. - d


Donson Eng. & Contracting

Aqua Technical Sales



Calgon Carbon

ADI Systems Aqua Technical Sales

Clean Gas Sys. Env. Remediation Equip.

Carbon and Filtration

C&M Env. Tech.

Filter Innovations

IWR Technologies

Novatech Controls


Ordan Thermal Products Peacock ProMlnent Fluid Control ProViro Instruments

Flexo Products

Donson Eng. & Contracting Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics Fluidyne

Fryston Canada Integra Env. IWR Technologies

Green Turtle Tech.

a. compressors



Aqua Technical Sales

H2FI0W Equip. ITT Flygt

b. covers

C&M Env. Tech.


John Meunier/US Filter

Conor Pacific John Meunier/US Filter

C3 Environmental C&M Env. Tech.


Summa Eng. Total Satety/Hazco Tytronics

Sanitherm Eng.

Mixing Systems Napier-Reld Sanitherm Eng.

US Filter/Wallace &

Sanitherm Eng.

Degremont Eco Systems Env. Remediation Equip.

Control BCA - The Clearwater

Flexo Products

Ceilcote Air Pollution Control Directrik


Charles Tennant & Co.

EIW Treatment Sys. Env. Remediation Equip. Filter Innovations

Service Filtration Waterlink


Spaans Babcock

Calgon Carbon

US Fllter/Jet Tech Prod. Waterlink

Filter Innovations

Westech Eng.


Applied Contaminant Control Arcus Absorbents

Calgon Carbon


Carbon and Filtration Products Cartier Chemicals Diversified Waste Solutions

ALTECH Technology Sys. AMKO Systems

Env. Remediation Equip.


ICR Water Tech. Imbibitive Tech.

Applied Contaminant

Lab Safety Supply Loraday Env. MJ International

Nochar Canada Profotech AERATION SYSTEMS

Aeromix Systems ALTECH Technology Sys. Aqua Technical Sales Aquatic Sciences BCA - The Clearwater


Conor Pacific

Response Rentals

Control Carbon and Filtration Products

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.


Nortech GSI


c. mixers

ABS Pumps-c ADI Systems Aqua Technical Sales - b,c

Directrik - a,c

Filter Innovations


artificial recharge clean-up design replenishment equip.

H2FI0W Equip. Jared Fein Env. Consulting

Muddy River Env. Sclcorp Systems Site Specific Structures Terratec Env. United Water Svcs.

Applied Contaminant


Monsanto Enviro-Chem

Eco Systems Env. Remediation Equip.

ICR Water Tech.

Sanitherm Eng.

Fabricated Plastics

Pipe Flow Technology Syntec Process Equip.

Smith & Loveless Thermacon

Fryston Canada

USA BlueBook

Waterloo BlotilterSys.

Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

Conor Pacific - b

BACTERIA (specify use)


Davidson Drilling - a,b,c,d

a. ecoli

Applied Contaminant

Heath Consultants Hoffman Industries

Hydro-Logic Env. IWR Technologies Peacock

Pencon Equip.

MIXING SYSTEMS,INC. 7058 Corporate Way, Dayton, OH 45459 Pfi: 937-435-7227, Fax: 937-435-9200 Web site: www.mixing.com E-maii: mixing@mixing.com


Kraemer Tool & Mtg. Labcor Technical Sales Praxair Canada


Water Works

Endress + Hauser

BEP Bestobell


Folio instruments

Fryston Canada Geneq GLi internationai Hach

Ceilcote Air Pollution Control Chlorinators Inc.

ProViro Instruments

Clean Gas Sys. Elmrldge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys.


Arjay Eng. C&M Env. Tech.


Labcor Technical Sales Metcon Nortech GSI


Novatech Controls

Carbon and Filtration

Peacock ProMlnent Fluid Control


Mixing Systems

Fabricated Plastics Flexo Products

M. LeBianc & Assoc.

IWR Technologies


John Meunier/US Filter

Parkson Praxair Canada

Kraemer Tool & Mtg. MEGTEC Systems

f'ro Aqua

Monsanto Enviro-Chem Nortech GSI Novatech Controls



Green Turtle Tech.

John Meunier/US Filter

- a,b,c

Mixing Systems - c Napier-Reid - a,b,c Pencon Equip. - a Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. - b Westech Eng. - a,b,c

Flexo Products

^umps & Systems



BCA - The Clearwater


John Meunier/US Filter LemnaTech.



ALTECH Technology Sys. Applied Contaminant

H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env.

USA BlueBook - a,b,c,d BIOFILTERS


John Meunler/US Filter

Jared Fein Env. Consulting

Applied Contaminant

Response Rentals

a. b. c. d.

Frontenac Env.

Response Rentals - b,d Sybron Chemicals - d

Response Rentals - b

Wilier Eng.

Donson Eng. & Contracting - b Eco Systems - a,b,c ENV Treatment Sys. - b Fluidyne - c H2FI0W Equip. - a,b,c ITT Flygt - c

Jared Fein Env. Cons. - b

NDM Radian

C&M Env. Tech. - b,c Columbia Geosystems - b Degremont - c

Degremont Diffuser Express Donson Eng. & Contracting Eco Systems Elmrldge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics

Frontenac Env.

GB Env. Services - a,b Integra Env. - b Lab Safety Supply - a

USA BlueBook

C&M Env. Tech.


Conor Pacific - b

Baker Process - b,c

Agilent Tech. AMKO Systems Aquatic Lite


Metcon Nortech GSI

Response Rentals


USA BlueBook

Jet Aeration


Wilier Eng.

Jet Mixing Sequencing Batch Reactors Activated Sludge Treatment Equalization Tanks pH Neutralization Gas/Liquid Contacting

O O O O O o

VOC Removal



Advanced Control

Concepts Agilent Tech. AMKO Systems Aquatic Lite Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix Arjay Eng.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

ADVANTAGES Energy Efficient Low Maintenance Costs

Low Operating Costs No In-Basin Moving Parts Operation Flexibility No Misting, No Icing Consistent, Uniform Mixing Self-Cleaning Option

Jet Aeration 4 Jet Mixing

Sequencing Batch Reactors For more information, circie repiy card No. 112 (See page 25)


Products & Services

ProSpec Sanitherm Eng. Total Safety/Hazco

Carbon and Filtration Products


Cartier Chemicals Charles Tennant & Co.

BOXES (meter, valve, service, etc.)

Clba Specialty Chemicals Colgate-Palmollve Eaglebrook

BCA - The Clearwater


Group The BIrks Company

Flexo Products


Aqua Technical Sales Con Cast Pipe Diversified Waste

Solutions Fred Cressman Sales

Jim Bartley and Assoc. CENTRIFUGES Baker Process

BCA - The Clearwater

Group C&M Env. Tech.

Dagex Derrick

ENV Treatment Sys. Filter innovations Flexo Products GEA Process Tech.

H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env. Indachem

John Meunler/US Filter Labcor Technical Sales

Muddy River Env. Peacock

Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. US Filter/JWi Products Water Works Wateriink

Westfaila Separator Canada

Fryston Canada General Chemical IBC Advanced Tech. ICR Water Tech.

ICR Water Tech. Indachem

J&M Eng. & Sales John Meunler/US Filter Labcor Technical Sales Metcon

Oil Skimmers - a,b,c,d Praxair Canada - b,c Scicorp Systems - a,b,d

Forestry Suppliers - a Mliltronics-a


Terratec Env. - a

ProViro Instruments - a

Sanitherm Eng.

Wateriink-a,b,c,d Westcoast Hydrant Svcs. - b,c

Total Satety/Hazco - a

United Water Svcs.

MlOX Corporation

Aqua Technical Sales BCA - The Clearwater

Dagex Scarab Manufacturing Scicorp Systems Site Specific Structures

t. temperature

US Filter

ABS Pumps - e

Group Eaglebrook Green Turtle Tech.


Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix BCA - The Clearwater

Group C&M Env. Tech. Chlorinators Inc.

Eco Systems Exceltec Frontenac Env.

Fryston Canada ICR Water Tech.


J&M Eng. & Sales Metcon

MiOX Corporation ProMinent Fluid Control

Summa Eng. US Filter/Wallace & TIernan USA BlueBook


Aqua Technical Sales Arlat Tech.

Baker Process BCA - The Clearwater

Clba Specialty Chemicals Degremont Eco Systems Ecodyne ENV Treatment Sys. Frontenac Env, GEA Process Tech. Green Turtle Tech.

H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env.

ICR Water Tech. Indachem Metcon

Muddy River Env. Napier-Reid Nljhuis Water Tech. Summa Eng. COATINGS

Biastai Coatings Cartier Chemicals Denso North America Gemite Products

Interprovinclal Corrosion Control

Pipe Flow Technology StonCor Group Westcoast Hydrant Svcs. COLLECTORS Ariat Tech. C&M Env. Tech.

Clean Gas Sys. ENV Treatment Sys, H2FI0W Equip. International Water

Supply John Meunler/US Filter MadVac international


American Sigma Aquatechnlques Dagex Eco Systems H2FI0W Equip. Heath Consultants

Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

Muddy River Env. Napier-Reld

John Meunler/US Filter Nortech GSI


RMI Rocky Mountain

Pro Aqua




Sanitherm Eng.


Sanitherm Eng.

Smith & Loveless

(sewage treatment) Aqua Technical Sales

Smith & Loveless US Filter Water Works Wateriink

C&M Env. Tech. Charles Tennant & Co.

Westtalla Separator

Clba Specialty Chemicals Coigate-Palmolive

Westech Eng.

Exceltec General Chemical



a. Jared Fein Env. Consulting b. Scicorp Systems c. USA BlueBook d. CHEMICALS

(water treatment) Aqua Technical Sales Aquatic Sciences BCA - The Clearwater


digester lagoon ponds sludge

e. blast t. clarltier

Aquabiast - a,b,c,d Blastal Coatings - e Cartier Chemicals Charles Tennant & Co.

- b.c.d


CONTROL EQUIPMENT a. flow b. level

Praxair Canada The Dow Chemical Co. USA BlueBook

Hydro-Logic Env.


USA BlueBook-a


John Meunler/US Filter M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

BCA - The Clearwater



National Process Equip.

USA BlueBook Water Works

Mountain Valley Geophysics Sonic Soil Sampling


C&M Env. Tech.

Group Elmridge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys.

Ford Hall

Can-Am Instruments - a

Cdn. Safety Equip. - a Con-Space




Dagex ENV Treatment Sys. - d

c. motor

d. pressure e. pump

ABB-a,b,d,t Advanced Control


Response Rentals Total Satety/Hazco COMPRESSORS DIrectrik

Eco Systems Hoffman industries IPF Associates

Lab Safety Supply Napier-Reld Pencon Equip. Total Satety/Hazco Turblex


a. polyethylene b. precast reinforced

Concepts Arjay Eng.

c. steel fabricated

BCA - The Clearwater


Con Cast Pipe - b Gravenhurst Plastics - a


Pipe Flow Technology - d Westcoast Hydrant


Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Gorman-Rupp ICR Water Tech.

ITT Flygt IWR Technologies


John Meunler/US Filter

Group ENV Treatment Sys.


IPF Associates

BCA - The Clearwater

Summa Eng.

- a,b,c,d,e,t

d. relining Armtec - a,c

BEP Bestobell

Millennium Control Novatech Controls ProViro Instruments SEW Eurodrlve

C&MEnv. Tech.-a Can-Am Instruments


Can-Am Instruments

Concepts - a,b,c,d,e,t Aquatechnlques-a,b,e Arjay Eng. - a,b Group-a,b,c,d,e,t BEP Bestobell - a,b,d,t


USA BlueBook

L.E. Washington Sales Water Works CONVEYORS


a. acquisition b. analysis c. loggers Agilent Tech.-a,b,c American Sigma - a,c AMKO Systems - a,b,c BCA - The Clearwater

Group - a,b,c

Cancoppas - a,b,c,d,e,t

Aqua Technical Sales

Chlorinators inc. - a

Arlat Tech.

BEP Bestobell - c

Clba Specialty Chemicals

C&M Env Tech,

Can-Am instruments - c

Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

Cancoppas - a,b,c Control Microsystems

Frontenac Env.

Endress + Hauser - a,b,c

- a,b,c,d,e,t

Control Microsystems - a,b,c,d,e,t Davis Controls - a,b,d,e,t

- a,b,c


DIrectrik - e

H2FI0W Equip.


Eco Systems - a,b,e

IPF Associates

FieidWorker Prod. - a,b,c

a. hardware

Ehdress + Hauser - a,b,d,t

Keith Mtg.

b. programmable

ENV Treatment Sys. - e

M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

GemTeck Env. Software - b

controllers c. SCADA d. software e. web sites Advanced Control

Flexo Products

Napier-Reld Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. Spaans Babcock

Concepts-a,b,c,d,e Agilent Tech. - a,b,c,d,e American Sigma - c

Heath Consultants - a,b,d ICR Water Tech. - a,b,c,e isco - a,b

BCA - The Clearwater

ITT Flygt - a,b,e J&M Eng. & Sales-a,b

Group-a,b,c,d,e Boothroyd Dewhurst - d

- a,b,c,d,e,t

GLi international - a,b Gorman-Rupp-e H2Fiow Equip. - a,b

Labcor Technical Sales

- a,b,c,d,e,t


Fabricated Plastics

Peacock - a,c

Chlorinators Inc. - b

Millennium Control

Applied Contaminant

- a,b,c,d,e Davis Controls-b,d

Novatech Controls - b

Envlromega - d

Omega Eng. - a

GemTeck Env.

Ontor- a,b,c,d,e,t

Control Cartier Chemicals CHEMetrics Denso North America Fabricated Plastics

Ordan Thermal Prod. -1

Gemite Products

Power Plant Supply

international Water

Software - d

GreenWare Env. Sys. - d IntelexTech.-d,e

ITT Flygt - a,b,c,d Labtronlcs - d Millennium Control

- a,b,c,d Nortech GSI - c

Mliltronics - a,b,c,e

- a,d,e ProMinent Fluid

Control - a,e ProViro instruments

- a,b,c,d,e,t

Supply interprovinclal Corrosion Control

Jim Bartley and Assoc. StonCor Group

Pumps & Systems - a,b,d,e,t

Jared Fein Env. Cons. - b Labcor Technical

Sales - a,b,c Labtronlcs - a,b


- a,b,c,d,e

Isco - a,c

Clean Gas Sys. Ecodyne Environmental Dynamics

Metcon - a,b,c,d,e,t

Control Microsystems

Heath Consultants - a,b,c

Hoskin Scientific - a,b,c ITT Flygt - a,c

Cancoppas - a,c,d

CCOHS - d,e

Geneq - a,c

Nortech GSI -a,b,c Poiytoam Packers - a ProViro Instruments

- a,b,c

Response Rentals - a,b,c Total Satety/Hazco - c USA BlueBook - a,b,c OECHLORINATORS

Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix C&M Env. Tech.

Cancoppas Chlorinators Inc.

Eco Systems Exceltec Frontenac Env



(digester, etc.)

J&M Eng. & Sales

Baker Process





RMI Rocky Mountain


ProViro Instruments - c Purities Env. Tech.

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

- a,b,c,d RMI Rocky Mountain

Rodney Hunt - a

C&M Env. Tech,

Mixing Systems

RudI Kovacko & Assoc.-e

Columbia Geosystems Donson Eng. & Contracting Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

NDM Radian ProMinent Fluid Control Smith & Loveless

Frontenac Env. GET Industries

H2FI0W Equip. Napier-Reld Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. Seepex Smith & Loveless USA BlueBook COMMUNICATIONS

a. equipment Agilent Tech. - a Aquatic Sciences - a

Instr. - a,d,e

Instr. - a,b

Service Filtration - b,t

Summa Eng. - a,b,c,d The Engineering Link - e

Smith & Loveless - a,e

Veeder-Root - d

Summa Eng. - a,b,d,e,t Syntec Process Equip.


- a,b,d,t

Fabricated Plastics Frontenac Env Greatarlo

Poiytoam Packers

The BIrks Company


- a,b,d,e IPF Associates USA BlueBook - a,b,c,d,e,t John Meunler/US Filter

Summa Eng. US Filter/Wallace & TIernan


ALTECH Technology Sys. Aquabiast

Aquabiast Davidson Drilling General Env. Group

Veeder-Root - a


L.E. Washington Sales

Barnes Env C3 Environmental

insitu Groundwater Contractors

Water Works

Napler-Reid Site Specific Structures The BIrks Company

Wilier Eng.


Davidson Drilling

- a,b,e

Conor Pacific

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Products & Services

General Env. Group

International Water

Pumps & Systems - a

NDM Radian

Supply Jim Bartley and Assoc. Sonic Soil Sampling TT Technologies

Smith & Loveless - a


Aqua Technical Sales Baker Process C&M Env. Tech.

Degremont Derrick


Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Fluidyne Frontenac Env.

ICR Water Tech.

Service Filtration

J&M Eng. & Sales


LE. Washington Sales

John Meunler/US Filter Metcon Militronlcs ProMinent Fluid Control

Applied Contaminant

Baker Process BCA - The Clearwater


Flexo Products

Fryston Canada H2FI0W Equip. ICR Water Tech. Indachem International Water


Smith & Loveless DIALERS

a. microprocessor b. synthesized voice c. tape Can-Am Instruments - b

Cancoppas - a,b Millennium Control - a

ProVIro Inst. - a,b,c


Aqua Technical Sales Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix BCA - The Clearwater

Group C&M Env. Tech.

Cancoppas Chlorinators inc.

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Exceltec

Flexo Products

Germ-O-Ray H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env. Indachem


Integra Env. Metcon

MlOX Corporation Pro Aqua ProMinent Fluid Control

Sanitherm Eng. Smith & Loveless

Summa Eng. Trojan Tech. US Filter/Wallace & Tiernan USA BlueBook


Eco Systems Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.



Degremont ENV Treatment Sys.

Aqua Technical Sales Degremont Ecodyne Integra Env. Napler-Reld Sanitherm Eng.

John Meunler/US Filter Metcon


Aquablast Aquatic Sciences Calgon Carbon Conor Pacific Diversified Waste Solutions International Water

Napier-Reld Nljhuls Water Tech. Pall Corporation Parkson

Trans Env. Systems



ALTECH Technology Sys. Aquatic Sciences Barnes Env.

ProMinent Fluid Control

Conor Pacific

Sanitherm Eng.

Davidson Drilling

Smith & Loveless

Elemental Controls ERiS

Forestry Suppliers General Env. Group

US Filter Water Works

Groundwater Services Heath Consultants


IWR Technologies

Westech Eng.

MJ International

Zenon Env.


Mountain Valley Geophysics Muddy River Env.

ENV Treatment Sys.

NDM Radian Proeco Enviroservices


Clean Gas Sys. ENV Treatment Sys. Fryston Canada Kraemer Tool & Mtg. Metcon Water Works Wheeiabrator Air Pollution Control EDUCTDRS

Purities Env. Tech. SAIC Canada Team-1 Env. Services

Trans-Cycle industries

Clba Specialty Chemicals Eimridge Eng. Fabricated Plastics Insitu Groundwater Contractors Metcon

Mixing Systems Napier-Reld Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

Group C&M Env. Tech.

Calgon Carbon Carbon & Filtration Prod.

Dagex Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.


Aqua Technical Sales AWI Baker Process BCA - The Clearwater

Group C&M Env. Tech.


Power Plant Supply

Westech Eng.

Praxair Canada ProMinent Fluid Control ProVIro Instruments


Response Rentals RMI Rocky Mountain

StonCor Group


Service Filtration FLOTATION SYSTEMS

Aeromix Systems Aqua Technical Sales BCA - The Clearwater


Summa Eng. Syntec Process Equip. The BIrks Company Total Satety/Hazco TSI Incorporated US Filter/Wallace & Tiernan USA BlueBook Veeder-Root Water Works

Carbon & Filtration Prod.

C&M Env. Tech.

CMS Group Degremont ENV Treatment Sys.

Clba Specialty Chemicals Degremont ENV Treatment Sys.

Filter innovations

Green Turtle Tech.

Flexo Products

H2Fiow Equip. Hydro-Logic Env.

Wilier Eng.


H2FI0W Equip. Hayward Gordon

John Meunier/US Filter Komilne-Sanderson

FLUMES Advanced Control

ICR Water Tech.


Integra Env.

Napier-Reld Nljhuls Water Tech. Power Plant Supply

Concepts American Sigma Aquatechniques

international Water

Supply JF Comer John Meunler/US Filter Komilne-Sanderson

H2Fiow Equip.


Can-Am Instruments

Smith & Loveless Water Works

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

Westech Eng.

Fabricated Plastics

Kraemer Tool & Mtg.

Frontenac Env.

Flexo Products

Smith & Loveless US Filter Water Works

Labcor Technical Sales Metcon M. LeBianc & Assoc. Monsanto Envlro-Chem

Filter Innovations

Labcor Technical Sales Metcon Militronlcs Nortech GSI Peacock


Hoskin Scientific


J&M Eng. & Sales Jared Fein Env. Consulting

Aquatechniques Aquatic Sciences

Nortech GSI Piastl-Fab

Summa Eng.

ICR Water Tech.

Neo Valves

Integra Env.

Pall Corporation

C&M Env. Tech. Can-Am instruments

International Water

Parkson Peacock

Clba Specialty Chemicals Control Microsystems

Pencon Equip. Ronnlngen-Petter Sanitherm Eng.



Heath Consultants

AMKO Systems Aquatronix Arjay Eng. BW Technologies

Supply JF Comer

John Meunler/US Filter Komilne-Sanderson

Kraemer Tool & Mtg. M. LeBianc & Assoc.

Napler-Reid Neo Valves

Pali Corporation Parkson Peacock

Ronnlngen-Petter Sanitherm Eng.

Service Filtration Smith & Loveless Sonltec US Filter USA BlueBook Water Works Waterlink

Westech Eng.

Metcon Peacock

RMI Rocky Mountain Instr.

Summa Eng. USA BlueBook

ProVIro instruments

USA BlueBook

Can-Am Instruments

Cdn, Safety Equip. Cancoppas Chiorlnators inc.


Fryston Canada Geneq

ABB Water Meters Inc. Advanced Control

Heath Consultants industrial Scientific

Lab Safety Supply

Peacock Praxair Canada ProVIro Instruments Scott/Bacharach Gas Detection Servomex


Service Filtration Smith & Loveless


US Filter


C3 Environmental

Forestry Suppliers

US Filter/JWI Products USA BlueBook

Presto Products SEI industries


Water Works




Concepts Agilent Tech. American Sigma Aquatechniques Aquatic Sciences Arjay Eng.

Heath Consultants

BCA - The Clearwater

Lab Safety Supply National Process Equip.

BEP Bestobell

Antbratilter Media &

Nochar Canada Novatech Controls

C&M Env. Tech. Can-Am Instruments

Coal - a,b Applied Contaminant

SEI Industries Team-1 Env. Services


Total Satety/Hazco

Clba Specialty Chemicals Control Microsystems

Summa Eng. Total Satety/Hazco TSI Incorporated



US Filter/Wallace &

Aqua Technical Sales

Davis Controls

BCA - The Clearwater


USA BlueBook

Eco Systems

Wilier Eng.



a. wastewater

a. inspection

Donson Eng. & Contracting - a

b. removal & Installation

Flexo Products - a

GEA Process Tech. - a Service Filtration - a US Filter/JWI Products - a Water Works

Westtalia Separator Canada - a




Aqua Technical Sales-a Eco Systems - a Eimridge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys. - a

Applied Contaminant


Metcon - a

3oart Longyear

Mixing Systems - a

Fryston Canada

Honor Pacific

National Process

ICR Water Tech. MJ International

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Zenon Env.

Aqua Technical Sales AWI BCA - The Clearwater

Group Carbon & Filtration Prod.

a. sewage

Equip. - a

Baker Process BCA - The Clearwater

Mixing Systems Napler-Reld National Process Equip. Nijhuls Water Tech. Sanitherm Eng.


AMKO Systems Anthratllter Media & Coal


Team-1 Env. Services

C3 Environmental

Applied Contaminant

US Filter/Wallace & Tiernan USA BlueBook

Aqua-Flo Aqua Technical Sales

SAIC Canada

Praxair Canada


Summa Eng.

Applied Contaminant

Pro Aqua

Summa Eng. Trojan Tech. Tytronics

Smith & Loveless


MlOX Corporation M. LeBianc & Assoc.


MSA Canada

Response Rentals



Supply Lab Safety Supply

Control Ceilcote Air Pollution Control Fabricated Plastics

Oavldson Drilling

Ronnlngen-Petter Service Filtration Water Works

American Sigma Aqua Technical Sales

John Meunler/US Filter



International Water

CHEMetrlcs Chlorinators inc.

Smith & Loveless

Eco Systems

McTlghe industries Nochar Canada


H2FI0W Equip. Flydro-Logic Env. Napier-Reid PJ Hannah Equip. Sales Sanitherm Eng.


FEEDERS (chemical) Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix Cancoppas Eco Systems Eimridge Eng. Fryston Canada

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

Group Conor Pacific

Flexo Products

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

H2FI0W Equip. Integra Env.

Flexo Products Green Turtle Tech.

International Water

Supply JF Comer Komline-Sanderson

ICR Water Tech.


Chemilne Plastics

Labcor Technical Sales Metcon MSA Canada

Nortech GSI Ontor


Endress + Hauser Heath Consultants


Hoskin Scientific

(shear, sluice, etc.)

ICR Water Tech.

Armtec BNW Valve

international Water


ENV Treatment Sys.



Frontenac Env.

in Flygt

J&M Eng. & Sales Lab Safety Supply

H2FI0W Equip.

John Meunler/US Filter



Products & Services

Power Plant Supply Pumps & Systems Rodney Hunt Sanltherm Eng. Syntec Process Equip. USA BlueBook GAUGES BEP Bestobell Davis Controls Hoskin Scientific

Heath Consultants Hoskin Scientific International Water

Supply Mountain Valley Geophysics

Supply Miiltronics

Peacock Plasti-Fab

Positive Solutions

Syntec Process Equip. USA BlueBook Veeder-Root Water Works

Winter's Thermogauges GENERATORS - electrical

Lab Safety Supply Metcon

0. sludge blanket level

Team-1 Env. Services

p. smoke Indicators &

- a,h,c,d,e,t,g

r. thermometers

h. professional liability

Water Works

s. toxicity monitors


Response Rentals Sonic Soil Sampling

ZCL Composites - d

t. tube settlers

NDM Radian - a,h

Folio instruments

u. turhidimeters

Security Insurance Co. of

Fryston Canada Geneq


Aeromix Systems Aquatechnlques C3 Environmental Conor Pacific

Davidson Drilling Elmridge Eng. Env. Remediation Equip. Filter Innovations

Forestry Suppliers Geneq H2Fiow Equip. IBC Advanced Tech. Insitu Groundwater Contractors

HEAT EXCHANGERS C&M Env. Tech. Chemineer DIrectrik

Eco Systems Ecodyne Fiexo Products

Fryston Canada John Meunier/US Filter Monsanto Envlro-Chem

Napier-Reld Pro Aqua Pumps & Systems Sanltherm Eng. Venmar Water Works


Mountain Valley Geophysics



Columbia Geosystems EI\IV Treatment Sys. Fred Cressman Sales Modutank Presto Products SEI Industries

NDM Radian Nortech GSi Oil Skimmers

Pall Corporation PS International

Flexo Products

ITT Fiygt Lab Safety Supply USA BlueBook HYDRANTS a. fire

Total Safety/Hazco

h. yard Terminal City Iron Works The Kupferle Foundry - h

US Filter Waterloo Barrier

Westcoast Hydrant

Purifies Env. Tech. Smith & Loveless

USA BlueBook - a Svcs. - a


h. disposal



c. management


Aqua Technical Sales

d. storage e. training f. transfer facility g. treatment ALTECH Technology Sys. - c,g Barnes Env. - g Bennett Env. - h,g Bovar Waste Mgmt. - a,b,c,g Cartier Chemicals - g Conor Pacific - c,e

Applied Contaminant

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Frontenac Env.

H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env. Jim Bartley and Assoc. John Meunler/US Filter

Napier-Reld PJ Hannah Equip. Sales Pro Aqua Sanltherm Eng. Smith & Loveless

Westech Eng.

Diverse Plastic Tanks

- a,h,c,d,e,f,g Eco Waste Solutions - b,g Environmental

Dynamics - g Environmental Prod. - d


Aqua Technical Sales Eco Waste Solutions

Haz-Stor - h,d - c,d,e

Lab Safety Supply - b,e Monsanto Envlro-Chem


Mountain Valley Geophysics - c Pali Corporation - g

Conor Pacific

Davidson Drilling Env. Remediation Equip. Forestry Suppliers


PCB Containment

GemTeck Env. Software

Technology - a,h,c,g Plasma Env. Tech. - g


Proeco Envlroservlces

- a,h,c,d



BEP Bestoheii

- a,c,k,o,q,r,u BW Technologies-s Can-Am Instruments

- c,l,m,o,u Cancoppas - a,h,c,dJ,m,o,p,q,s,u CHEMetrlcs - c,g,u Chiorlnators Inc. - h,n,q Control Microsystems Davis Controls - c,d,g Eco Systems - a


Miiltronics Peacock

Aqua Technical Sales Degremont

Labcor Technical Sales

ProVIro instruments

Response Rentals Systems Plus Total Safety/Hazco

L.E. Washington Sales

Flexo Products Green Turtle Tech. IBC Advanced Tech.

Integra Env. Napler-Reid Sanltherm Eng. Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

Sybron Chemicals US Filter Water Works


Aqua Technical Sales BCA - The Clearwater

Green Turtle Tech.

Env. Remediation

IBC Advanced Tech.

GLi international

Hach - c,g,u Heath Consultants - b,g Hoskin Scientific - all industrial Scientific

- h,i,m,q,s international Water

Supply - g

USA BlueBook

ICR Water Tech.

Elemental Controls - ij

Forestry Suppliers - c,g,u Fryston Canada - i,u Geneq - a,c,g,h,n,r,u

LANDFILL h. construction c. gas compressors d. ieachate treatment

Metcon Smith & Loveless US Filter/Wallace &

e. operations Aeromix Systems - d Aqua Technical Sales-d Aquatic Sciences - d CMS Group - d Conor Pacific - a,d

Donson Eng. & Contracting - d Environmental

Dynamics - d GemTeck Env.

Software - a,e

Supply IWR Technologies

Komilne-Sanderson - d Modutank - d


Mountain Valley Geophysics - a Napier-Reld - d

US Filter/Wallace &


Nortech GSI - d

Pencon Equip. - c Pumps & Systems - d Scicorp Systems - d

Labcor Technical Sales

Group Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys.

BEP Bestoheii - a

BW Technologies

Lahtronics - c,q Markland Specialty Eng.- 0 Metcon - a,h,c,j,n,o,q,u Millennium Control - m,q

Cartier Chemicals Elemental Controls

Miiltronics - o

International Water

Heath Consultants - a,h industrial Scientific - a,h

MSA Canada - h,s

Hoskin Scientific

Nortech GSI

Supply IWR Technologies

Lab Safety Supply - a McTighe industries - a


Modutank-a Ontor - a

INSTRUMENTATION h. calibration

c. dissolved oxygen monitors d. dust indicators

e. dynamometers f. geotechnicai g. groundwater monitoring h. meteorological I. mobile lab equipment j. particle generators k. pilot tubes I.



Praxair Canada - b ProMlnent Fluid Control - c.g.q

ProViro instruments

Heath Consultants

Interprovlncial Corrosion Control

Response Rentals Total Safety/Hazco USA BlueBook

USA BlueBook

Ordan Thermal Products

Peacock - h,o,m,q,r,s

LOCATORS (piping, etc.) Geneq

Greenland Corp. Lab Safety Supply

h. services

Novatech Controls

StonCor Group


Agilent Tech. - a American Loglhall - a Arjay Eng. - a

- c,d,g,h,IJ,m,o,s,u

Polyfoam Packers SEI industries

LUBRICANTS Charles Tennant & Co.



Fred Cressman Sales Kentain Products Modutank Paraheam

US Filter-d

BCA - The Clearwater



Columbia Geosystems ENV Treatment Sys.


Monsanto Enviro-Chem



Westech Eng.

Solmax international - a,h

Aqua-Flo Aqua Technical Sales


Frontenac Env.

J&M Eng. & Sales

International Water

Smith & Loveless US Filter


a. closure

General Env. Group - a,h,e H2FI0W Equip. - d

Napier-Reld Sanltherm Eng.

USA BlueBook

Eco Systems

isco - i

MEGTEC Systems

Endress + Hauser GLI International Heath Consultants ICR Water Tech.

Jared Fein Env. Consulting Lab Safety Supply

Endress + Hauser-c

Equip. - a

Davis Controls


Group Degremont Eco Systems

Folio Instruments - c


ITT Flygt J&M Eng. & Sales McTighe Industries

Hartford - a,h

Jared Fein Env. Consulting - h,c,o,s Lab Safety Supply - a,c,r,u

Modutank - d

Concepts Arjay Eng.

Concepts - a,h Agilent Tech. - h,i,l,m,q American Sigma - c AMKO Systems - a,b,dj,i,p,s Aquatechnlques - gj,m Aquatic Life - c,g,u Aquatic Sciences - c,l,q Aquatronix - c,d,o,s,u Arjay Eng. - gj,q,s,u

Agilent Tech. Aquatic Life

IWR Technologies

Jared Fein Env. Consulting a. air velocity GROUNDWATER MONITORING Advanced Control

Advanced Control


John Meunier/US Filter

Industrial Scientific GROUNO CONDUCTIVITY Fluorescent Lamp Response Rentals Recyciers - a,h,c,g METERS Total Safety/Hazco Fred Cressman Sales - d Mountain Valley General Env. Group - a,h,g Geophysics ProMlnent Fluid Control

ABB - a,c,d,q,r,u

- c,g,o,q,u

a. collection

Arlat Tech. Baker Process C&M Env. Tech.


BEP Bestoheii Can-Am Instruments

Eco Systems

q. systems & control



Trans-Cycle Industries

Terratec Env. - a

ENV Treatment Sys.

Supply - a Mountain Valley Geophysics - a,b

Winter's Thermogauges

Lahtronics Peacock SAIC Canada

Trans Env. Systems - f

Komline-Sanderson M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

b. software


Water Works

Jared Fein Env. Consulting Arjay Eng.

Nortech GSi ProMlnent Fluid Control

IWR Technologies

International Water

- h,c,n,o,q,u

-a,h,c,d,e,f,g SEI Industries - a,d

USA BlueBook

a. modeling

USA BlueBook

NDM Radian


Labcor Technical Sales

m. repair n. scales

INSURANCE a. environmental


international Water

Provincial Partitions - d Raw Materials

BW Technologies - a

Green Turtle Tech. IBC Advanced Tech.

Can-Am Instruments - a

ICR Water Tech.

Geneq- a

Integra Env.

Napier-Reld Sanltherm Eng.

Controlotron - a,h

Praxair Canada - a,h

Smith & Loveless US Filter

Response Rentals - a Total Safety/Hazco - a


Veeder-Root - a,h

USA BlueBook-a

Westcoast Hydrant

- h,c,d,k,i,m,p,q,r,u Response Rentals - a,c,d,g,jj,m,s

ALTECH Technology Sys. Conor Pacific IntelexTech.


Sensors & Software - f

Jared Fein Env. Consulting

Gowling, Strathy &

Servomex - q Summa Eng. - a,h,c,o,q,u Syntec Process Equip. - r Total Safety/Hazco - a,h,c,g,h,l,i,m,u TSi Incorporated - a,d,j Turhlex - q

NSF International

Henderson Richard R. Arhlaster

Svcs. - h



Aqua Technical Sales AWI BCA - The Clearwater

Group Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Green Turtle Tech.

IBC Advanced Tech. international Water

Supply IWR Technologies Napier-Reld Sanltherm Eng. Smith & Loveless US Filter

US Filter/Wallace & TIernan

Westech Eng. MANHOLES

American Sigma Can-Am instruments



Con Cast Pipe

Advanced Control

ABB Advanced Control

Fabricated Plastics

Concepts Conor Pacific


Pipe Flow Technology Plasti-Fah

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Products & Services



ALTECH Technology Sys. Aqua Technical Sales

Cdn. Safety Equip. Forestry Suppliers Jim Bartiey and Assoc. MSU Mississauga

C&M Env. Tech.

USA BlueBook


BCA - The Clearwater


Conor Pacific MANHOLE SEPARATORS Green Turtle Tech.

Hydro-Logic Env. Jim Bartiey and Assoc. Stormceptor Canada MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS a. chiorine

b. ORP

c. pH d. water e. other f. metais

g. particle counter ABB - b,c,d,e Advanced Control

Concepts - a,b,c,d,e American Sigma - a,b,c,d Analytical Measurements - b,c

Degremont Diffuser Express ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics

Response Rentals - a,b,e,gj RMI Rocky Mountain

H2FI0W Equip. Integra Env. John Meunler/US Filter

Napler-Reid Pali Corporation Pro Aqua Smith & Loveless Soimax International US Filter Water Works Wateriink

Westech Eng. Zenon Env.



Water Works



USA BlueBook - b,e,f,h,k

Response Rentals ABS Pumps Aeromix Systems BCA - The Clearwater

Group Chemineer

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Directrik

Donson Eng. & Contracting Eco Systems Eimrldge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics Fluldyne

John Meunier/US Filter

h. sludge density I. smoke density Forestry Suppiiers - b,c,d j. suspended solids k. water consumption Fryston Canada - a,b,c,d I. zeta potential Geneq - a,b,c,d ABB - b,e,f,gj GLi international ABB Water Meters - d,f,k -a,b,c,d,e American Sigma - b,e,f Hach - b,c AMKO Systems - a,b,gj ICR Water Tech. Aquatic Life - b - a,b,c,d,e Indachem - b,c,g Aquatic Sciences - b,f Aquatronix - b,h,j Industrial Scientific-a Arjay Eng. - j Isco - c,e BEP Bestobeil - a,g,hJJ J&M Eng. SSaies-a Jared Fein Env. Consuiting Can-Am instruments - a,j Cancoppas-a,b,g,hj,j,k - a,b,c,d CHEMetrics - b Lab Safety Supply Control Microsystems - a,b,c,d Env. Remediation Equip.

Flexo Products - a,b,c,d,e

KSB Pumps Labcor Technical Sales

Mixing Systems Napier-Reld National Process Equip.

ENV Treatment Sys.


Fiexo Products

USA BlueBook Veeder-Root


Sanltherm Eng. Scicorp Systems

Wilier Eng.

Response Rentals Total Safety/Hazco


ATCO Noise Management Eckel industries

Response Rentals


Aquatronix Arjay Eng. Can-Am Instruments


Env. Remediation Equip.

Cartler Chemicals - b Conor Pacific

Forestry Suppliers - b Integra Env. - b

Nortech GSi Novatech Controls ProViro Instruments

Response Rentals Total Safety/Hazco OIL RECYCLING ICR Water Tech.

Proeco Envlroservlces

MSA Canada - b


Team-1 Env. Services - a,b


Pumps & Systems Sanltherm Eng.

TSI Incorporated - b

Applied Contaminant

US Filter/Aerator Products USA BlueBook

Vaughan Co. Water Works Wateriink MIXING EDUCTORS


Eimrldge Eng. Mixing Systems Napler-Reid Service Filtration

Muddy River Env. Napler-Reid PJ Hannah Equip. Sales Pro Aqua Pumps & Systems

Nortech GSI Novatech Controls

NDM Radian

Turborator Technology

John Meunier/US Filter M. LeBlanc & Assoc.



Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

H2FI0W Equip. Hydro-Logic Env.

McTlghe Industries

b. products ALTECH Technology Sys. - a,b Arjay Eng. - b BW Technologies - b Cdn. Safety Equip. - b

a. b. c. d. e. f.

Frontenac Env.

Arjay Eng.

Geneq McTighe industries


Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics Fluldyne

Can-Am Instruments

Hayward Gordon

Can-Am instruments

g. sewage gas


Team-1 Env. Services

Fiexo Products

ICR Water Tech.


American Sigma AMKO Systems Aquatronix BW Technologies Cdn. Safety Equip.

a. Information

JF Comer

- a,b,c,d,e

Oil Skimmers

Sanltherm Eng.



Elemental Controls-f Endress + Mauser

Nortech GSI


BEP Bestobeil - a,b,c,d

CHEMetrics - a,c,d

Fiexo Products

Summa Eng. Total Safety/Hazco TSI incorporated

Conor Pacific

ITT Flygt J&M Eng. & Sales

- a,b,c

Novatech Controls Praxair Canada Servomex

Muddy River Env.

USA BlueBook

Cancoppas - a,b,c,d,e

Aqua Technical Sales

MJ international

International Water

air velocity conductivity iysimeters reading systems recording remote reading

ICR Water Tech.

IWR Technologies Jim Bartiey and Assoc.

Labcor Technical Sales Nortech GSI Novatech Controls Ontor Peacock ProVIro Instruments

Summa Eng. - a,b,e,f,g,h,| Syntec Process Equip. - a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,l,j,kj The BIrks Company - k Total Safety/Hazco - a,b,j TSI Incorporated - a

Aquatic Life - a,b,c,d,e Aquatic Sciences - a,c,d Aquatronix - a,b,c,d Arjay Eng. - d,e



Lab Safety Supply

instr. - e

Filter Innovations

Gemite Products

H2FI0W Equip.

GLi International Heath Consultants Hoskin Scientific . industrial Scientific isco


GLI International Metcon Nortech GSI Novatech Controls Ozonia North America ProMlnent Fluid Control ProViro instruments



Aqua-Flo Aqua Technical Sales Eimrldge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys.

Integra Env.

Group Calgon Carbon Degremont Eco Systems Ecodyne ENV Treatment Sys. Env. Remediation Equip.


Filter innovations

Fiexo Products Frontenac Env.

H2Fiow Equip.

Ozonia North America Praxair Canada ProMlnent Fluid Control Sanitaire

ICR Water Tech.


Applied Contaminant


C&M Env. Tech. Cartler Chemicals

Clean Gas Sys. CMS Group Colgate-Paimoilve Conor Pacific

Eaglebrook ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics

Dagex ENV Treatment Sys. Env. Remediation Equip.

Integra Env. IWR Technologies John Meunier/US Filter

MlOX Corporation M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

Baker Process


BCA - The Clearwater

MlOX Corporation

Aqua Technical Sales

C&M Env. Tech. Can-Am Instruments ClemmerTech. Conor Pacific


ADI Systems Aqua-Flo Aqua Technical Sales

BCA - The Clearwater


Wateriink Zenon Env.

Response Rentals Sanltherm Eng.

Adwest Tech.

Aqua-Flo Aquatic Sciences Arizona Instrument Corp.

Smith & Loveless

Trojan Tech.

ADi Systems Aqua Technical Sales

Napler-Reid Pall Corporation Pro Aqua ProMlnent Fluid Control


Sanltherm Eng.

H2FI0W Equip.

Smith & Loveless

John Meunier/US Filter

US Filter


US Filter/Jet Tech Prod. US Filter/Wallace &

Napler-Reid ProMlnent Fluid Control


Filter innovations

Pumps & Systems

Water Works

Fiexo Products GEA Process Tech.

Smith & Loveless Water Works

Westech Eng.

Wateriink Zenon Env.

Green Turtle Tech.



ALTECH Technology Sys. Bovar Waste Mgmt.


GB Env. Services Harold Marcus

Env. Remediation


Filter Innovations

Advanced Control

Frontenac Env.

H2Fiow Equip.

John Meunier/US Filter



BCA - The Clearwater

Jared Fein Env. Consulting

McTighe industries


IWR Technologies

Hach - b

John Meunier/US Filter LemnaTech.

M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

Movatech Controls

Concepts Canadian Pipe Supply Davidson Drilling Env. Remediation Equip. Forestry Suppiiers

ABS Pumps Aqua Technical Sales

Nortech GSi - b,c,e

Equip. - a Forestry Suppliers - a,c,e,f Fryston Canada - b Geneq - a,b,c,e,g,j GLI International - b.hj

H2Fiow Equip. IWR Technologies Jim Bartiey and Assoc.

Eco Systems

PCB Containment Tech.

Heath Consultants - e,f

Heath Consultants

MEGTEC Systems

Frontenac Env.

PCB Disposal


Hoskin Scientific - ail


^roMlnent Fluid Control

ICR Water Tech. - b,j,k Industrial Scientific-g Jared Fein Env. Consulting - b.g.hj Lab Safety Supply - a,b

Hoskin Scientific International Water

Muddy River Env. Napler-Reid Nijhuis Water Tech.

Monsanto Enviro-Cbem

Plasma Env. Tech. SAIC Canada

Supply Mountain Valley Geophysics

Napler-Reid Sanltherm Eng. Scicorp Systems

Power Plant Supply

Nortech GSi

Smith & Loveless

PS International

H2FI0W Equip. ITT Flygt Napler-Reid National Process Equip. Pumps & Systems Sanltherm Eng. Smith & Loveless

Labcor Technical Sales

-a,b,c,d Labtronlcs - c

Metcon - a,b,c,d,e Mliltronlcs - d

- a,b,c,d

- a,b,c ^roViro instruments

- a,b,c,d

Response Rentals - a,b,c,d Jervice Filtration - c

jumma Eng. - a,b,c ytronlcs - a JSA BlueBook - b,c

Labcor Technical Sales

- a,b,c,d,e

Markland Specialty Eng. -hj Nortech GSI - b,j Novatech Controls


..E. Washington Sales

- b,c,g,hj,j Peacock

Power Plant Supply ProMlnent Fluid Control - b


Nortech GSi Oil Skimmers ProViro Instruments

Total Safety/Hazco

Sybron Chemicals

Sanltherm Eng.

USA BlueBook

Terratec Env.


Service Filtration Smith & Loveless


Stormceptor Canada


US Filter/Wallace &


American Sigma AMKO Systems Arjay Eng. BW Technologies


Applied Contaminant Control

Tiernan Water Works Wateriink

Westfaiia Separator

Can-Am Instruments

Diversified Waste Solutions


Filter Innovations

Westech Eng.

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000



BW Technologies Heath Consultants


ALTECH Technology Sys. Aqua Technical Sales BCA - The Clearwater


Lab Safety Supply Labcor Technical Sales

MSA Canada Praxair Canada ProViro Instruments

Response Rentals Team-1 Env. Services

C&M Env. Tech.

Total Safety/Hazco

CMS Group

USA BlueBook


Products & Services

PIPE DESIGN Armtec BCA - The Clearwater

Group MJ International PIPE EQUIPMENT BCA - The Clearwater

Group Fabricated Plastics USA BlueBcok PIPE FiniNGS Armtec

Canadian Pipe Supply

John Meunler/US Filter M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

RudI Kovacko & Assoc.

X. spiral y. submersible

Spaans Babcock-t Summa Eng. - d,h,l,o,q,v

John Meunler/US Filter

USA BlueBook



Power Plant Supply Sanltherm Eng.

LE. Washington Sales

z. sump

Terratec Env. - bb

Power Plant Supply

Smith & Loveless US Filter


aa.turbine bb.vacuum

ABS Pumps

cc. variable displacement

Napler-Reld Pall Corporation Pro Aqua Sanltherm Eng.


Insitu Groundwater Contractors International Water

Aqua Technical Sales Eco Systems H2FI0W Equip. Napler-Reld

Supply ITT Flygt Response Rentals Total Safety/Hazco

Smith & Loveless Water Works


ABS Pumps

Fabricated Plastics Labcor Technical Sales



Flexo Products

USA BlueBook

USA BlueBook

BCA - The Clearwater

Group DIrectrIk Frontenac Env.



ICR Water Tech.

American Loglball

(boots, gloves, goggles, suits, etc.)

International Water

Denso North America


Jim Bartley and Assoc. Pipe Flow Technology Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

DuPont Canada

IPF Associates

Env. Remediation Equip.

ITT Flygt KSB Pumps National Process Equip.

PIPING a. aluminum b. asbestos cement c. box sewers d. carbon/stainless steel

Labcor Technical Sales MJ International MSA Canada Praxair Canada Team-1 Env. Services

e. cast Iron

Total Safety/Hazco

f. concrete-non pressure

USA BlueBook

Flexo Products

Lab Safety Supply


ProSpec RudI Kovacko & Assoc. Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

Summa Eng. Total Safety/Hazco

g. concrete-pressure

h. copper/brass I. corrugated j, ductile Iron k. fibreglass I. glass-lined m. jacketed steel


n. microtunnel

Flexo Products International Water

0. polyethylene p. pvc

q. secondary containment r. steel

s, vitrified clay t. other u. teflon V. Insulated

Armtec - c,l,o,r BCA - The Clearwater

Group-a,d,e,h,k,p,r Canadian Pipe Supply -o,p,r

Chemllne Plastics - q,t,u Fabricated Plastics - k,o,p

ABS Pumps


BCA - The Clearwater

Aqua Technical Sales

Group Clba Specialty Chemicals Cornell Pump Co.

Arlat Tech. BCA - The Clearwater

Supply KSB Pumps National Process Equip. Peacock RudI Kovacko & Assoc. Smith & Loveless PUMP DRIVES BCA - The Clearwater

Group Clba Specialty Chemicals Flexo Products International Water


ABS Pumps - b,c,g,i,v,y,z American Sigma - n AMKO Systems - h,bb Aqua Technical Sales - c Aquatronix - d,h BCA - The Clearwater

Group - all BJM-g,j,v,y,z Canadian Pipe Supply - c,k,m,y,z Cornell Pump Co. - b,c,u,v,y,aa Davidson Drilling - f,g,v,w,y,aa DIrectrIk - b,c,d,e,j,n, q,r,s,t,u,v,y,z,aa,bb Elmrldge Eng. - m,u,v,bb ENV Treatment Sys. - a,g,n,o,p,q,u

Total Safety/Hazco - k,n,y US Filter-t US Filter/Wallace &

TIernan - d,h,q USA BlueBook - c,d,f,g, h,k,m,n,o,p,q,u,y,z,bb Vanton Pump & Equip. - b,c,d,n,r,s,u,v,w,z Vaughan Co. - c,e,j,u,y,z L.E. Washington Sales -d,e,g,i,k,q,r,s,u,v,y Water Works RECARBONATORS

Aqua Technical Sales

Concepts American Sigma AMKO Systems Endress + Hauser

Env. Remediation Equip.


Etatron DS-d,h,n Fabricated Plastics - c,d,h

Heath Consultants Hoskin Scientific Labcor Technical Sales

Flexo Products

Forestry Suppliers - h,k,o,u,v,y Frontenac Env. - d,n,s,y Fryston Canada - d Geneq - k,n Gorman-Rupp - c,g,q,u,v,y,z

Hayward Gordon - c,d,e,h,n,q,r,s,u,x,y,z ICR Water Tech. - d,h,q,u

Supply ITT Flygt KSB Pumps

RudI Kovacko & Assoc.

-c,d,h,n,o,q,r,s,t,u,y,z,bb Metcon - d,h,j,n,q,r,v MJ International - c,z,aa Napler-Reld - a,c,e,j,v,y National Process Equip. b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,n,q,r,u,v,y,z Nortech GSI -f,k,n,q,u,w,y

Gravenhurst Plastics - l,o

Labcor Technical Sales SEW Eurodrlve

Service Filtration Smith & Loveless

Hobas Pipe USA - k IPEX-o,p,t

Summa Eng. I.E. Washington Sales

LE. Washington Sales

USA BlueBook

IPF Associates


Baycor Fibre Tech Eco Waste Solutions Flexo Products

MadVac International

Site Specific Structures Water Works REGULATORY DOCUMENTATION Conor Pacific

c. centrifugal

Peacock - all

d. chemical feed



Flexo Products ICR Water Tech.

e. chopper f. deep well g. dewatering h. diaphragm I. gravimetric j. grinder k. groundwater sampling I. hydraulic m. jet n. peristaltic 0. piston p. plunger q. positive displacement r. progressing cavity s. rotary lobe

Power Plant Supply - b,d,g,h,q,r Pro Aqua ProMlnent Fluid Control


Supply KSB Pumps

USA BlueBook

Labcor Technical Sales Service Filtration SEW Eurodrlve

Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

Summa Eng.

The BIrks Company


LE. Washington Sales

Aqua Technical Sales

Water Works

Baker Process BCA - The Clearwater

Group Degremont Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. H2FI0W Equip.


Group DIrectrIk Flexo Products

t. screw

u. self-prlming V. slurry w. solar-powered

- d,h,l,o,p,q,r ProSpec - b,c,h,j,m,q,s, u,v,y,z,aa,bb Pumpex - c,g,v,y,z Pumps & Systems - all RudI Kovacko & Assoc.

- b,c,d,f,g,j,u,v,y,z,aa Sanltherm Eng. - c,e,j,r,v,y Seepex - d,e,g,j,k,n,q,

Total Safety/Hazco TSI Incorporated USA BlueBook


Lab Safety Supply

USA BlueBook

American Sigma Aquatic Sciences Canadian Pipe Supply Can-Am Instruments

Cancoppas Clements Assoc.

Eco Systems Env. Remediation Equip. Fryston Canada Geneq

IBC Advanced Tech.

Muddy River Env. Water Works



Aquatronix - a,b Jared Fein Env. Consulting

American Sigma Control Microsystems Donson Eng. & Contracting ITT Flygt

BCA - The Clearwater

- a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h Komllne-Sanderson - b M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

- a,b,c,d,e,f,h

Napler-Reld - a,d,f,h Nljhuls Water Tech. - b,c Parkson - a,c,d

PJ Hannah Equip. Sales - a,b,c,d,f,h

Power Plant Supply - c Pro Aqua - a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h Sanltherm Eng. - a,b,c,d,e

Smith & Loveless - a,b,c,( Thor-Flex - c,h

Waterlink - a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h Westech Eng. - a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h SCRUBBERS/WASHERS


a. atomising

ProVIro Instruments Purifies Env. Tech.

b. deflector washers

United Water Svcs.

c. spray chambers d. spray nozzles ALTECH Technology Sys.


Applied Contaminant

Filter Innovations


-b,c,g,q,u,y Soltek Solar Energy-y

Flexo Products

Hoskin Scientific Labcor Technical Sales

Integra Env.


Millennium Control Ontor

Smith & Loveless

- c,d,h,n,q,u,z


Jared Fein Env. Cons. - b John Meunler/US Filter

Labcor Technical Sales

b. on-line


- a,b,c,d,e,f,h Frontenac Env.

Lab Safety Supply

a. laboratory

ALTECH Technology Sys. Aqua-Flo Aqua Technical Sales

Baycor Fibre Tech - b,c,d C&M Env. Tech. - c,d Dagex-a,b,c,d,e,g Degremont - a,c Derrick - g Eco Systems - a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h ENV Treatment Sys.

Hydro-Logic Env. - a,b

USA BlueBook

-a,b Metcon - a,b

Arlat Tech. -a,c,d,e


Summa Eng.

Service Filtration

b. rotary c. self cleaning d. sewage plant

H2FI0W Equip.

Group Degremont Ecodyne ENV Treatment Sys.


SEI Industries - c,u

SCREENS a. bar

GLI International Heath Consultants Hoskin Scientific

Sonic Soil Sampling Systems Plus The Kupferle Foundry Total Safety/Hazco

Group Clba Specialty Chemicals

International Water

Parkson - a,b,c

Pro Aqua - a,b,c Sanltherm Eng. - a,b,c Waterlink - a,b,c

Baycor Fibre Tech

Urecon - v

Aquatic Sciences Image Inspection Svcs. Interprovlnclal Corrosion

MSU MIsslssauga

Nortech GSI ProVIro Instruments

BCA - The Clearwater

Products - f,g Rehau - j,p


Napler-Reld - a

ProVIro Instruments


b. axial flow

- c,d,h,n,p,q,u,v Ontor - j,n,y,z

MJ International MSA Canada

Markland Specialty Eng.

PUMPS a. air lift


Novatech Controls

Trans-Cycle Industries

Aqua Technical Sales

- a,d,e,h,o,p,r,t Munro Concrete

John Meunler/US Filter


Proeco Envlroservlces Raw Materials


H2FI0W Equip. - a,b,c


e. stormwater

International Water

Labcor Technical Sales

Labcor Technical Sales

f. travelling water g. vibratory h. water plant Intake Aqua Technical Sales -a,f,g,h

Flexo Products ICR Water Tech. International Water


- a,b,c

Frontenac Env. - a,b,c

Labcor Technical Sales

Contractors - c,f,g,y,bb Integra Env. - c


Lab Safety Supply

Baycor Fibre Tech - c Dagex - a,b,c Eco Systems - a,b,c ENV Treatment Sys.

Systems Plus Total Safety/Hazco


Napler-Reld National Process Equip.

Communications Fred Cressman Sales Haz-Stor

- a,b,c Arlat Tech. - a,b,c

Response Rentals Summa Eng. TSI Incorporated Wilier Eng.

Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers

Labcor Technical Sales

BW Technologies Cdn. Safety Equip. Con-Space


Insitu Groundwater

ITT Flygt - c,g,j,v,y,z J&M Eng. & Sales - d JF Comer-c,n,q,v,z Komllne-Sanderson - p KSB Pumps - b,c,f,g,j,u,v,y,z,aa Lab Safety Supply



Indachem - c,d,u

IPF Associates-aa


a. compaction b. presses c. washing Aqua Technical Sales

Novatech Controls Peacock ProVIro Instruments

Group Cornell Pump Co.

Supply - c,f,g,k,y,aa

US Filter

Water Works Zenon Env.


RECYCLING Barnes Env. Eco Waste Solutions

ENV Treatment Sys.

US Filter/Wallace & TIernan USA BlueBook

Smith & Loveless

Heath Consultants

RECORDERS ABB Advanced Control


- a,c,d Control - a,b,c,d Cellcote Air Pollution

Control - a,b,c,d

Clean Gas Sys. - a.b.c.d 72

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Products & Services

Eimridge Eng. Fabricated Plastics - a.c

Muddy River Env. - a,b,c Napier-Reid - c


USA BiueBook - d

Nortech GSi - c Parkson -c

ALTECH Technology Sys.

SEALS (mechanical) Jim Bartley and Assoc. ProSpec

> PS international - b,c CD C_ & Loveless - c Smith

PSi/Thunderline/Link-Seal Rudi Kovacko & Assoc. Service Filtration USA BiueBook

Water Works

Env. Remediation Equip.

Waterlink - a,b Westfalia Separator CD

Stormceptor Canada - c CO

Canada - a

ZCL Composites - b,c SECONDARY CONTAINMENT Aistor Canada Bonar Plastics C3 Environmental

Columbia Geosystems


Scicorp Systems Smith & Loveless Terratec Env.

ZCL Composites

ENV Treatment Sys.


Fred Cressman Sales


Gemite Products

Lab Safety Supply MJ International Modutank SEI Industries

StonCor Group Thermacon

Trans Env. Systems Wyevale Containment ZCL Composites SEDIMENTATION SYSTEMS

Aqua Technical Sales Baker Process BCA - The Ciearwater


Clba Specialty Chemicals

Smith & Loveless

Filter Innovations

Advanced Control

GemTeck Env. Software

Concepts Aquatronix

Lab Safety Supply Loraday Env.

CiemmerTech. Columbian Steel Tank Diverse Plastic Tanks

-a.d,g,i,l Stormceptor Canada - a,d,f,g,i Syntec Process Equip. - c

General Env. Group H2Fiow Equip. Insitu Groundwater Contractors

IWR Technologies Marcar Leasing Mountain Valley Geophysics Muddy River Env. Proeco Enviroservices

Eco Systems Aqua Technical Sales ENV Treatment Sys. Baker Process Environmental Dynamics Baycor Fibre Tech C&M Env. Tech. Fiuidyne H2Fiow Equip. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Dagex Hydro-Logic Env. Jared Fein Env. Consulting Degremont John Meunier/US Filter Eco Systems Mixing Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Napier-Reid Flexo Products Nijhuis Water Tech. Frontenac Env. Pro Aqua General Env. Group Sanitherm Eng. H2FI0W Equip. John Meunier/US Filter Komiine-Sanderson


M. LeBlanc & Assoc.


Napier-Reid PJ Hannah Equip. Sales Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. Scicorp Systems

IFF Associates

Mountain Valley Geophysics Pipe Flow Technology Proeco Enviroservices


Arjay Eng. Response Rentals



Barnes Env.

Svcs. - c

Muddy River Env. - e




USA BiueBook - a,c,d

web site: www.sludgeconlrols.com Markland Specialty Eng.

SEi industries


Stormceptor Canada

Nortech GSi

Team-1 Env. Services

Summa Eng.


USA BiueBook

Total Safety/Hazco Trans Env. Systems



ENV Treatment Sys. H2Fiow Equip. Water Works

Wyevale Containment

General Env. Group


Greatario IPF Associates

Filter Innovations JF Comer

MJ international Modutank


Mountain Valley Geophysics

Aquablast Cartier Chemicals



ALTECH Technology Sys. C3 Environmental CHEMetrics

Conor Pacific Diversified Waste


Lab Safety Supply Muddy River Env. Response Rentals Team-1 Env. Services Terratec Env.

Conor Pacific

Davidson Drilling Diversified Waste Solutions

Env. Remediation Equip. GemTeck Env. Software

General Env. Group


Clean Gas Sys. Napier-Reid Ontor USA BiueBook

Groundwater Services

Green Turtle Tech. - b.c


H2FI0W Equip. - a,b,c,d Hydro-Logic Env. - d


Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. IPF Associates John Meunier/US Filter M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

Napier-Reid Sanitherm Eng. Seepex

Power Plant Supply Pumps & Systems Syntec Process Equip. • The Birks Company USA BiueBook Water Works



Wyevale Containment ZCL Composites



Aquablast Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

a. contaminant removal

b. detention

c. flow regulator d. grit removal e. monitoring systems g. h. i. j. k. I.

oil water separators recharger sediment separators treatment other (please specify) pumping

Advanced Control

Concepts - e AGS Canada - b,i ALTECH Technology Sys. - b,i,j American Sigma - e Aqua Technical Sales - a,d,| Arjay Eng. - e

TANK DESIGN BCA - The Ciearwater

Group Bonar Plastics Columbian Steel Tank

Donson Eng. & Contracting Fabricated Plastics Greatario

H2Fiow Equip. SEI industries Westeei


Aquablast Aquatic Sciences Fabricated Plastics

Interprovlnciai Corrosion Control

Armtec - b

BEP Bestobell - e



Control Microsystems Heath Consultants

STAND PIPES Aistor Canada CiemmerTech.

Conor Pacific - a,e,j ENV Treatment Sys. - d

ITT Fiygt

Donson Eng. & Contracting

Scarab Manufacturing Trans-Cycle industries

Fabricated Plastics

Dynamics - j Filter Innovations - a,f,g Forestry Suppliers - e H2FI0W Equip. - a,b,c,d,f,g,i,j

Summa Eng.

SAIC Canada



Aqua Technical Sales



Adwest Tech.

Bonar Plastics

Applied Contaminant

b. centrifuge c. gravity d. rotary Aqua Technical Sales-a

Plasma Env. Tech. Proeco Enviroservices Terratec Env. SLUDGE HANDLING EQUIPMENT


Cancoppas Degremont

Filter Innovations

Servomex Smith & Loveless Water Works


Bonar Plastics

Diverse Plastic Tanks Fred Cressman Sales Haz-Stor

MJ international

Total Safety/Hazco Water Works Westeei

Frontenac Env.

GEA Process Tech. - a


Water Works

t. oil removal SPILL RESPONSE

STRAINERS Chemline Plastics

CHEMetrics - e


M. LeBlanc & Assoc. - b,c


iWR Technologies General Env. Group Mountain Valley Jared Fein Env. Consulting Geophysics John Meunier/US Filter Muddy River Env.

Eimridge Eng. ENV Treatment Sys.

McTighe Industries - b.c


StonCor Group

Terratec Env. - a.b

- a,c,d


Frontenac Env.

FAX:(416) 244-2287

The Birks Company - a,c

John Meunier/US Filter



Fiuidyne - d Fryston Canada - a



United Water Svcs.

Waterlink - g,i,j

Fabricated Plastics

Fred Cressman Sales

Group C&M Env. Tech.

Fiexo Products - a,b,c,d,e

IWR Technologies - c

Presto Products


a. cleaning b. cleaning service c. Inspection d. repair e. upgrade American Loglbail - a,d American Sigma - c Aquablast - a.b.c H2Fiow Equip. - a Image Inspection

ICR Water Tech.-a,d

Jared Fein Env. Consulting

SEI Industries


Filter innovations -1)

Muddy River Env.

Donson Eng. & Contracting ENV Treatment Sys.


Baker Process - a,c

Env. Remediation Equip.



Aqua-Flo - a

- a,b,d

MJ International

BEP Bestobell GL! international


Waterloo Barrier


Clean Gas Sys. - a Dagex - a,c,d ENV Treatment Sys.

Westech Eng.

Trans-Cycle Industries


Can-Am Instruments - b


Presto Products

United Water Svcs.

C&M Env. Tech. - a,b,c

Purifies Env. Tech.

Kentain Products

Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

Group - a,b,c,d,e

Products OCA - The Ciearwater

Presto Products - b


a. b. c. d.

Baycor Fibre Tech - c

PS International - d,f,g

Bonar Plastics


BCA - The Ciearwater

AO Smith Eng. Storage

BCA - The Ciearwater

Summa Eng.

Applied Contaminant

Power Plant Supply -g

Jim Bartley and Assoc.

Smith & Loveless US Filter/JWI Products Water Works

e. inertiai


Aqua Technical Sales


centrifugal coalescing gravity hydro-dynamic/vortex

Diverse Plastic Tanks Diversified Waste Solutions Fred Cressman Sales Green Turtle Tech. Haz-Stor ICR Water Tech.


SAIC Canada

C&M Env. Tech.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals ENV Treatment Sys. H2FI0W Equip. Jim Bartley and Assoc. Nijhuis Water Tech. Sanitherm Eng. Westech Eng.

Smith & Loveless Terratec Env. Water Works

- a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k Response Rentals - e Sanitherm Eng. -f,g,i,j

Groundwater Services

Diverse Plastic Tanks Diversified Waste Solutions

Haz-Stor Kentain Products

Barnes Env. C3 Environmental Clements Assoc. Conor Pacific


Geneq H2Fiow Equip.


John Meunler/US Filter M. LeBlanc & Assoc. Modutank Oil Skimmers

Proeco Enviroservices

PJ Hannah Equip. Sales Pro Aqua Sanitherm Eng. Scicorp Systems

Environmental Science cfe Engineering, January' 2000


STORAGE BUILOINGS Environmental Products Haz-Stor MJ International Plasti-Fab


Heath Consultants - e

Hydro-Logic Env. - a,b,c,d,h,i,j,k

Millennium Control Nortech GSI USA BiueBook THICKENERS a. belt

ICR Water Tech. - f

Baker Process - a,b,c

Isco - e

Baycor Fibre Tech - c,d

Jim Bartley and Assoc. - a,b,c,d,f,g,i

C&M Env. Tech. - a,b,c

John Meunier/US Filter

Degremont-a,c Ecodyne - c ENV Treatment Sys. - a,b

-c,d,f,g,i,i Lab Safety Supply - e McTighe Industries - t,g,i Mixing Systems - j M. LeBlanc & Assoc. - g,l Muddy River Env. - f,g,l,i Nortech GSi - e,g

JF Comer - c.d John Meunler/US Filter

Arcus Absorbents

Provincial Partitions

Novatech Controls - b

Bonar Plastics Cartier Chemicals

Site Specific Structures The Birks Company

PJ Hannah Equip.

Columbia Geosystems

USA BiueBook

Plasti-Fab - a,d,i

Sales - d

Frontenac Env. - a.c.d GEA Process Tech. - b

H2FI0W Equip. - a,b,c,d Hydro-Logic Env. - b,d Indachem - b

- a,b,c,d M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

- a,c,d 73

Products & Services

\lapier-Reid - a

Syntec Process Equip.


^'arkson - c

Water Works


IWR Technologies Jared Fein Env. Consulting

Fryston Canada Geneq

Response Rentals Total Safety/Hazco

Aqua - a,b,c,d Sanitherm Eng. - a,b,c

Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

Davis Controls

John Meunier/US Filter

GLI Internaticnai

USA BiueBook

international Water

Lemna Tech.


Smith & Loveless - c,d

VALVES a. air release

MlOX Corporation Mixing Systems

Hoskin Scienlific



Columbian Steel Tank

Geneq H2FI0W Equip.

M. LeBlanc & Assoc.

Jared Fein Env. Consulting Labcor Technical Sales

Donson Eng. & Contracting

Nortech GSI Plastl-Fab

NDM Radian Nortech GSI Novatech Controls ProViro instruments


i/Vater Works

b. backwater

Labcor Technical Sales Metcon

Westfalia Separator

c. bail

Millennium Control

US Filter/JWI Products - c

Canada - b

Westech Eng. - a,b,c,d TRADESHOWS

Dessauer and Company Environmental Science &

Engineering Magazine TRAINING a. books

b. transportation of dangerous goods c. WHMIS

Agilent Tech. Danatec - b,c Diversified Waste Solutions Environmental Science &

Engineering Magazine Heath Consultants IRQ-a

Jared Fein Env. Consulting Lab Safety Supply Mountain Valley Geophysics Ontor SAIC Canada SEW Eurodrive

Spill Management Team-1 Env. Services


d. butterfly

Positive Solutions

Muddy River Env. Napier-Reid

e. check f. cone

RudI Kovacko & Assoc.

NDM Radian

SEW Eurodrive

g. diaphragm

LE. Washington Sales

Nijhuis Water Tech. Pali Corporation PJ Hannah Equip. Sales

h. eccentric

I. flap j. flow regulating k. gate i. knife gate m. multi-jet n. needle


Barnes Env. Diversified Waste



Applied Contaminant Control

Aquablast Eimridge Eng. Fryston Canada H2FI0W Equip. Insitu Groundwater


Lab Safety Supply MadVac international

Eco Systems Forestry Suppliers Integra Env. Jared Fein Env. Consulting Total Safety/Hazco TT Technologies SAIC Canada ZEBRA MUSSEL CONTROL

Forestry Suppliers Fryston Canada Geneq

Zenon Env.

Aquatic Sciences Coigate-Paimoilve



WEIRS Advanced Control

Waterloo Blofilter Sys. Westech Eng.

Hoskin Scientific

Concepts American Sigma Aquatechniques Aquatic Sciences


Armtec - d,i,k BCA - The Clearwater

Group - all BEP Bestobeli - d,o,p,t BNW Valve-b,i,u

Canadian Pipe Supply - c,e,k Chemline Plastics

- c,d,e,g,i,j,k,n,q Chlorinators Inc. - j Clean Gas Sys. - d,i,k,i,r DeZurik - c,d,h,j,k,l,p,r,t Directrik - j ENV Treatment Sys. - u


Fabricated Plastics

- c,d,e,g,i,n,o,p,t Metcon - g f,g,h,i,k,o,p,q,u,v Ordan Thermal Products

- c,d,q,t Peacock - ail Piasti-Fab - i

Flexo Products - a,b


H2FI0W Equip. - b

Advanced Control

NDM Radian

Poiyfoam Packers - a Pumps & Systems - a SEi industries Terratec Env. - b United Water Svcs.

e,g,h,l,j,k,i,p,q,t Winter's Thermogauges - n

Aquatic Sciences Image Inspection Svcs. NDM Radian

Response Rentals SAIC Canada

ADi Systems Aeromix Systems ALTECH Technology Sys. Aqua Technical Sales

BCA - The Clearwater

Group C&M Env. Tech.

Caigon Carbon Chlorinators Inc.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals CMS Group Conor Pacific

Degremont Diffuser Express Eco Systems Ecodyne ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics


Filter innovations Flexo Products

Concepts American Sigma Aquatic Life Arjay Eng. BEP Bestobeli

Canadian Pipe Supply


Cancoppas Env. Remediation Equip. Geneq GLI international

Heath Consultants Hoskin Scientific international Water


Labcor Technical Sales Militronics Nortech GSI Peacock ProViro instruments

Total Safety/Hazco USA BiueBook

Brian H. Conlin has been appointeti President of Golder Associates Ltd.

WATERPROOFING a. adhesives

b. tapes Denso North America

- a,b Semite Products WATER QUALITY MONITORS ABB Advanced Control

Concepts American Sigma Aquatechniques Aquatic Life Aquatic Sciences Aquatronix Arjay Eng. Can-Am instruments


H2Fiow Equip. Hydro-Logic Env.

Env. Remediation Equip.


IWR Technologies

Power Plant Supply Rodney Hunt

Novatech Controls Servomex

IBC Advanced Tech. ICR Water Tech.

Flexo Products Folio Instruments


Forestry Suppliers



Novatech Controls ProMinent Fluid Control Thor-Flex



Applied Contaminant

Can-Am instruments

Filter Innovations

Can-Am instruments

Baker Process

Water Works

Chlorinators inc.

Labcor Technical Sales Nortech GSI

Baycor Fibre Tech

USA BiueBook - a,b,c,d,

United Water Svcs.


Positive Solutions - n,o



Eco Systems - a,b

Power Plant Supply - a,c,d,e,f,i,i,k,n,q,r,s,t,v Pumps & Systems - all Rodney Hunt - d,f,i,j,r,v Syntec Process Equip. Terminal City Iron Works The Birks Company - a,d,e,j,q

Aquatechniques Aquatic Life Aquatronix Arjay Eng.

Jared Fein Env. Consulting Lab Safety Supply

- c,d,e,g,j,k

Labcor Technical Sales


Zenon Env.

COLLECTION SYSTEMS a. pressure sewer b. vacuum

Insitu Groundwater Contractors




Waterloo Biofliter Sys.

Davidson Drilling

Group Cancoppas


Davidson Drilling Eagiebrook


Servomex Smith & Loveless

Frontenac Env. Green Turtle Tech.

BCA - The Clearwater

Conor Pacific

USA BiueBook

WASTE REMOVAL EQUIPMENT MadVac international Oil Skimmers

u. telescoping V. tilting disk Agilent Tech. - j



United Water Svcs. US Filter US Fliter/Jet Tech Prod. US Filter/JWI Products Water Works

Neo Valves - a,c,d,e,

Pipe Flow Technology TT Technologies Westcoast Hydrant Svcs.

Group Clba Specialty Chemicals

Terratec Env.



USA BiueBook

s. sleeve

t. solenoid


American Logibail

Syntec Process Equip.

AWi BCA - The Clearwater

Stormceptor Canada Trojan Tech.

Hydro-Logic Env. - a IFF Associates - c,d,e,f,k,i ITT Flygt - c JF Comer - a,d,e,l,o,v KSB Pumps - d


Smith & Loveless


Scicorp Systems

Frontenac Env. - d,i,k,u


Sanitherm Eng. Scicorp Systems

Response Rentals Summa Eng. Total Safety/Hazco Tytronlcs

Power Plant Supply Rodney Hunt


r. rotary

Raw Materials

Trans-Cycle Ind. - a,b


ProViro instruments PS international Sanltaire


Proeco Enviroservices

General Env. Group

Essex Fluid Controls - c,d

Raw Materials

Pro Aqua

Fabricated Plastics

0. pinch p. plug q. pressure reducing

b. remediafion Conor Pacific - b Plasma Env. Tech. - a


Praxair Canada

Eco Systems ENV Treatment Sys. Environmental Dynamics

Cancoppas CHEMetrics

Mr. Conlin is now responsible for the operation of the Canadian company, which has a staff of 875 in 23 offices

across the country, and the Latin American operations, which have a staff of 40 in four offices in South America. He will continue to be based

in Vancouver. Prior to his appoint ment, Mr. Conlin held numerous sen

ior positions with Golder Associates. A Professional Engineer, Mr. Conlin holds a Bachelor of Science

degree in Engineering from Queen's University and a Master of Engineer ing degree from the University of Toronto. Mr. Conlin has more than

20 years experience in the consult ing industry. Environmental Science & Engineering, Janiiaiy 2000


0 American


641-222 W. Las Colinas Blvd., Irving, TX 750395423 USA (972)506-7216 Fax:(972)506-7682 E-mail: msaubert@concrete-plpe.org Contact: Mike Saubert, Director of Marketing ACPA is a non-profit organization composed prima rily of manufacturers of concrete pipe and related conveyance products located throughout the United States, Canada and in over 40 foreign countries. The Association provides research, technical, edu cational, legislative and marketing support to pro mote and advance the use of concrete pipe for sani tary sewer, storm drain and culvert applications.



979 Derry Road E., MIssissauga, ON L5T 2J7 (905)565-0380 Fax:(905)565-0346 Contact: Grant Lee, Manager

1396 Hawthorne Drive, Peterborough, ON K9J 7E9 (705)750-0505 Fax:(705)740-0559 Contact: Jim Craig, Executive Director



1 -6820 KItimat Road, MIssissauga, ON L5N SMS (905)814-1160 Fax:(905)814-1158 Contact: John Pawley, Executive Director CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF MARKETING



6666 W. Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235 USA (303)794-7711 Fax:(303)795-1989 Web site: www.awwa.org Contact: Stephen Lewis, Comm. & Marketing Dir. AWWA is dedicated to the promotion of public health and welfare in the provision of drinking water of unquestionable quality and sufficient quantity. AWWA is a forum for the exchange of ideas and technical knowledge, keeping its members informed through many channels including books, journals,

Contact: James Jarrett, Chair

(514)270-7110 Fax:(514)270-7154 Contact: Johanne Clement, Director


ASSOCIATION (CWWA) 402-45 RIdeau Street, Ottawa, ON KIN 5W8

(613)241-5692 Fax:(613)241-5193

100-3553 31 Street N.W., Calgary, AS T2L 2K7 (403)289-7713 Fax:(403)282-1238 Contact: Shelly Kupsch, Executive Coordinator CONSULTING ENGINEERS OF ONTARIO

405-10 Four Seasons Place, Toronto, ON M9B 6H7

(416)620-1400 Fax:(416)620-5803 Contact: Don Ingram, President

Contact: Carl J. Rooth, Executive Director

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors' mem bership Is made up of over 700 land professionals. Their combined skills are a valuable resource, rec

ognized, remembered and respected worldwide. The province of Ontario has assigned the members of the AOLS with the responsibility of the storage and representation of the natural and artificial fea tures of the earth's surface. ATLANTIC CANADA WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION

P.O. Box 22159, RPO, Bayers Road, Halifax NS B3L4T7 (902)479-0168 Fax:(902)477-7245 Contact: Lana Wood, Coordinator BRITISH COLUMBIA WATER AND WASTE

ASSOCIATION (BCWWA) 342-17 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V2 (604)540-0111 Fax:(604)540-4077 Contact: Diana PIche, Office Manager CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYTICAL

LABORATORIES (CAEAL) 300-265 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2E1 (613)233-5300 Fax:(613)233-5501


ASSOCIATION (SWPA) 1866 Sheridan Rd., #210 Highland Park, IL600352545 USA (847)681-1868 Fax:(847)681-1869 Contact: Charles G. Stolberg, Executive Director THE PLASTICS PIPE INSTITUTE, INC.



(416)491-9020 Fax:(416)491-2576 E-mail: aois@lnteriog.com Web site: www.lnteriog.com/~aols

700-1100 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA (301)585-2898 Fax:(301)589-7068 Contact: Carol Fearns, Chief Operating Officer

1825 Connecticut Ave. N.W.,#680, Washington, DC 20009 USA (202)462-9607 Fax:(202)462-9779


1043 McNicoli Avenue, Toronto, ON M1W 3W6



newsletters, videos, conferences and exhibitions.



220-911 rue Jean-Talon E., Montreal, OC H2R 1V5

American Association

A Section of AWWA

45 Twenty Third Street, Etobicoke, ON M8V 3M6 (416)252-7060 Fax:(416)252-3908 Contact: Kendra Brown, Secretary-Treasurer

41 Capital Drive, Nepean, ON K2G 0E7 (613)727-0954 Fax:(613)228-8398

Contact: T. Duncan Ellison, Executive Director Water Works


OF ALBERTA (ESAA) 1710-10303 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, AB T5J 3N6 1-800-661-WASTE or (780)429-6363 Fax:(780)429-4249 Web site: www.esaa.org Contact: Tim Schultz, Managing Director The ESAA is a not-for-profit business association dedicated to building a strong environment Industry through leadership In technology, human resources, quality Improvement and market development. ESAA membership is more than 300 companies.

P.O. Box 189, Station Main, Edmonton, ABT5J 2J1

(888)999-8762,(780)990-1111 Fax:(780)990-1122 Contact: Mrs. Terry Robinson, Administrator WATER AND WASTEWATER EQUIPMENT


(WWEMA) P.O. Box 17402, Washington, DC 20041 USA

(703)444-1777 Fax: ^03)444-1779 Contact: Dawn C. Kristof, President

Water Environment Association of


Ontario j

1440 South Creek Drive, Houston, TX 77084-4906

(281)228-6223 Fax:(281)228-6300 Contact: Tanya Wooley, Marketing Specialist NORTH AMERICAN RECYCLED RUBBER ASSOCIATION

24-1621 McEwen Drive, Whitby, ON LIN 9A5 (905)433-7669 Fax:(905)433-0905 Contact: Philip E. Coulter, Director of Research NORTH AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR

TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY (NASTT) 700-1655 N. Ft. Myer Dr., Arlington, VA22209 USA (703)351-5252 Fax:(703)351-5261 Contact: David F. Martin, Executive Director


Q 0 C P A

Concrete Pipe Association The choice of a lifetime



177-14845 6 Yonge Street, Aurora, ON L4G 6H8 (905)726-1300 Fax:(905)726-2300 Contact: Francesca Davino, Executive Admin.

WEAO and its members are dedicated to preserv ing and enhancing Ontario's water environment. We work to promote and advance the water environ ment industry; to provide a forum for our members' professional advancement; and to benefit society by enhancing public understanding and promoting sound public policy. WATER ENVIRONMENT FEDERATION

601 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-1994 USA (703)684-2400 Fax;(703)684-2450 Contact: Alka Desai, Int'l. Marketing Manager WATERMAIN REHABILITATION ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO

672 Masson Street, Oshawa, ON L1G 5A5

Contact: Rick Wilson, Executive Director

FI1-5045 South Service Rd., Burlington, ON L7L5Y7 (905)631-9696 Fax:(905)631-1905

(905)579-9113 Fax:(905)579-3333


Contact: Paul Smeitzer, Executive Director

Contact: Linda DIonne, Chief Executive Officer

QUALITY (CAWQ) Environmental Technology Centre,



Environment Canada

3439 River Road 8., Gloucester, ON K1A0H3

1700-130 Adelaide Street W.,Toronto, ON M5H 1P5

(613)990-9849 Fax:(613)990-2855

(416)368-2842 Fax:(416)368-5445 Contact: Craig Gammie, Mgr., Env. & Energy

203-301 14 Street N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 2A1 (403)283-2003 Fax:(403)283-2007

Contact: Dr. H.R. Eisenhauer, Executive Officer

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Contact: Catherine Buchanan, Executive Director


Drinking Water

Environmental Equipment Sales Professionals PJ.Hannah Equipment Sales Corp., manufacturers of the Klargester Biodisc® for wastewater treatment, and Sly Inc. air pollution control equipment, is searching for two highly organized and motivated Sales Professionals. The successful candidates will have

5-10 years related sales experience in Eastern Canada. Duties will include; • Direct sales in Eastern Canada of the

designated line of equipment • Management of Representative Network

Based in Southern Ontario, the posi tion will require overnight travel. We offer a challenging opportunity and a competitive compensation package for the successful candidates.

Please forward your resume (in con fidence) to:

Membrane microfiltration system for a new 20 million (US)gallons per day facility The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Author ity chose Pall Corporation a second time, after a contract awarded in the spring was contested by a competing firm. Pittsburgh has selected the Pall Mem brane Microfiltration System for a new 20 million (US) gallons per day treat ment facility. Tests concluded that Pall provided the highest level of filtration at an economical price. The membrane filtration system will purify water from the last open reservoir in the city, pro tecting the existing drinking water source while leaving undisturbed, the public park in which it is located. Mike Hullihan, Director of Engineer ing, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Author ity, said:"Results of pilot testing showed that the Pall Membrane Microfiltration

Peter Hannah

P.J. Hannah Equipment Sales Corp. Unit 10,8528 - 123rd Street

System was not only theoretically effec tive but was able to exceed federally mandated standards under actual field

Surrey, BC V3W 3V6

conditions with water flowing through

Tel: (604)591-5999 Fax:(604) 591-9925

our distribution network.

E-mail: humanresources@pjhannah.com Web site: www.pjhannah.com

Membrane filters effectively remove pathogens in water without the need for filter aids or chemical additives. By

design, the pore size of the membrane is controlled to be smaller than the path ogens,therefore acting as a positive bar rier to the passage of the larger contami nants. Pall microfiltration membranes

remove both bacteria and parasites, in cluding Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium, to a higher magnitude than required by the US EPA. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are protozoan para sites that affect the gastrointestinal tracts of humans. They are found in nearly 87% of surface waters.

Chlorine, one of the most common

methods by which municipalities purify their water systems, has proven ineffec tive against Ciyptosporidium. Its use was recently limited by the amended (US) Safe Drinking Water Act since it combines with natural organic systems in water to form potentially harmful byproducts. For more information. E-mail Pall at:

custsvc@pall.com. For more information,

circle reply card No. 163

For all your storage solutions Aquastore *

- Glass fused to steel Tanks for Potable water, Wastewater

Leachate Storage, Industrial Water Storage TEfHCQR ®


Flat and Geodesic Aluminum Covers

JetMix ®

- Mixing Systems for both new or existing steel and concrete tanks


Tel:(519) 763-5933 • Fax:(519) 763-0293 • E-mail: sgregory@greatarioengsys.com


For more information, circle reply card No. 156 (See page 25)

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Research & Development

Genetically engineered plants produce biodegradable plastic

A team ofAmerican and Swiss

"plants could,one day, become efficient biological factories, producing oils, plas tics and animal feed all in one crop." For years, scientists have known that certain bacteria make plastics naturally.

scientists is reported to have genetically engineered plants to produce biodegradable plastic. The project is a "considerable feat of genetic engineering," say the editors of the journal Nature Biotech nology. However, some are already questioning the need for the plants, say ing the world already has enough plas tic and such plants could have a serious impact on the environment if the genes ever moved into normal plants. To get the plants to produce plastic, scientists working for US biotechnology giant Monsanto, inserted four bacterial genes into plants and manipulated the metabolic pathways involved in both amino-acid and fatty-acid synthesis. Their genetically modified thale cress plants and oilseed rape produced the commercial plastic PHB V but the yields are a mere 3% of the plants' dry weight. "If enhancements in yield could be achieved," Nature Biotechnology says.

However, the microbes need to be fed a

carbon source, such as glucose, which makes bacterial plastic production even more expensive than conventional plas tic manufacturing processes using pe troleum-based products. As plants absorb carbon directly from the atmosphere,scientists believe manu facturers and farmers might turn the experiments into a lucrative business if they engineer the plastic-making bacte rial genes into plants. Until now, they have only succeeded in engineering plants that produce low-grade plastics unsuitable for use as a commodity. The Monsanto team, led by Kenneth Gruys in the US and Yves Poirier in Switzerland, engineered plants which produced a commercial quality plastic. But as they stress in their paper, yields

are very low. Much more work is needed to make the plastic plants com mercially viable. Australian researchers, working with Proctor & Gamble Co., are also trying

to produce biodegradable plastic fropi sugar cane. So are Brazilian scientists. Environmental groups in Britain have criticized the plastic plants. "There is a huge amount of research needed before anything should be contemplated that involves letting it out into the environment," said Peter Riley of Friends of the Earth, noting that using bacteria is much safer. "At least where

bacteria are used, they can be kept in a sealed vessel."

"More effort should be made to re

cycle plastic now being thrown away," he stressed, adding that "if we are wor ried about plastic, alternatives, like pa per wrapping, might be examined more carefully." "There is already a natural plastic called cellulose," he said. ❖

PS I nternatioaaytaeQirporat<

Oil-Water Separators

The PISTA® Removes The

rnm-^gineered fpr^^up>^i^Tir.;JPerfQf^ • 20 years of experience • Standard Flow Rates from 0-5400 gpm is engineered in every separator we buUd.

• UL-1746 exterior

fiberglass or STI-P3

Cylindrical &" Rectangular Designs to fit your needs.


^protection system.


Sands Of Time The PISTA Grit Removal System is the only system designed to remove the

• Free oil

abrasive sands of time. It removes grit as


fine as 0.11mm in size (140-mesh).

Single & Double Wall quality of 10 ppm Construction.

or less.

1013 Shenandoah Circle

Unlike the competition. Smith & Loveless warrants the PISTA Grit

Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Chamber's efficiencies at all flows.

14040 Santa Fe Trail Drive

Sioux Falls^ South Dakota • 57103 Phone:605-332-1885 • Fax: 605-332-1293

Visit us online at: www.psinternational.com For more information, circle reply card No. 157 (See page 25)

Lenexa, KS 66215-1284, USA

Start removing the sands of time from


your treatment system.

fax 913.888.2173

Call today (800) 898-9122.


For more information, circle reply card No. 158 (See page 25)

Literature Review For Information on advertising In this section call ES&E at(905)727-4666. Urecon pre-insulated pipe LATEB,

Urecon pre-insulated pipe has been used across Canada for shallow bury freeze protection since 1972(with or without Thermocable® heat tracing). Other appiications include: central chilled water pipe, Industrial, mining, etc. We also distribute Logstor Ror (Denmark) pre-lnsulated hot water district heating pipe suitable for serv ice up to 140°C (with or without leak alarm system). Visit our web page at: www.urecon.com.

Urecon Ltd.

Circle reply card No. 175

Hazardous materiais

storage For optimum storage and con tainment of hazardous materi

als, the Ghem-Loc Building can be an economical solution. Deal

directly with this established manufacturer and their in-house

design team for a custom de signed building. The Ghem-Loc building complies with Canadian and US Building and Fire Codes and features all steel construction. Optional features range from fire suppression systems to customized door sizes, partitions and hoisting equipment. Since 1971, Chem-Loc has been chosen for reliable, eco nomical hazardous materials storage. MakLoc Buildings Inc. Circle reply card No. 176

Wastewater recovery and processing


Through utilizing the Derrick "FloLine" screening unit design, high fluid capacities can be effectively handled at very fine screen mesh openings. This equates to fewer overall units required and higher solids/particulate removal.


The Derrick "Flo-Line"

2000 LABCOR Catalogue

InefutfM WWOflf


screening unit can also be easily In stalled Into an existing facility due to the unique compact unit design. The

It offers CONSORT® electrochemis

try meters and controllers, a Cana dian exciusivel. Available in French

"Flo-Line" can also be custom de

signed to meet your industry's spe cific requirements. Derrick Corporation Circle reply card No. 177

The NEW 2000 LABCOR Catalogue features 176 pages of temperature, pFI, ORP conductivity equipment for measurement & controi, field testing and analysis; water testing instru ment; water purification; plasticware; Masterflex® and Ismatec® pump sys tems; flowmeters; balances; baths and circulator; and much morel Plus,

1-BOO-363-B90O El MMnR.4UI*l«-m4Ut• Vm.

and English, call LABCOR at 1-800363-5900 for your FREE copyl Labcor

Circle reply card No. 178


Our 530 page all color mall-or der catalog, has over 12,000 items from more than 400 manu

facturers - everything you need to keep your water and wastewater systems running smoothly. Simply pick up the phone for ex pert technical advice and same day shipping to anywhere In

For a copy of our brochure: BOVAR Waste Management www.bovar.com 1-800-633-5552

Circle reply card No. 179

Canada. USABIueBook

Circle reply card No. 180

Alternative combustion

technology Eco Waste Solutions'Thermal Waste

Confribtitiiii' li> Woi'LM^itX'rnxtinciiial Ck-.inti|t Di&inisnl ttl.Noii-i'Ci.-vclaUIc W.isU-



The ZENON Membrane

Technology Prize

The ZENON Membrane

Technology Prize The ZENON Membrane Technology Prize is awarded in recognition of advances in understanding the use of membrane technology for the so lution of water/wastewater manage ment problems. The recipient of the award will receive US $10,000 In rec ognition of their work. For further information visit ZENON's web page

Oxidlzer Units are designed to proc ess the complete disposal of all types of municipal solid waste, blomedlcal, Industrial, pathological, and labora tory waste and by-products. The Oxidizer System uses a combustion/ oxidation process to change solid waste material Into a gaseous mate rial and residual ash by-product. Metals and glass are not melted

ZENON Environmental Inc.

down. This ensures clean stack

Circle reply card No. 182

at: www.zenonenv.com.

emission levels and allows for recy cling. Eco Waste Solutions Circle reply card No. 181

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Literature Review For information on advertising in this section call ES&E at(905)727-4666.


Cyanide Removal

Corrosion Resistant Tanks

Using sodium hypochiorite (JAVEX-12) to effectiveiy and quickiy remove cyanide wastes is detailed. Bulletin reviews dos

ages, equipment, as weii as stor age, safety and handling data. Particuiariy applicabie to metai recover or refining operations. Contact: www.colgate.ca/javex Colgate-Palmolive


Zebra Mussels To help control zebra mussels, one solution involves the use of

JAVEX-12 sodium hypochiorite, sulting with experts to establish dosage levels and techniques best suited to help control their spread. If you'd like to discuss this prob lem, or be kept informed of the lat est information, please contact: www.coigate.ca/javex Colgate-Palmollve Canada Inc. Professional Products Division

Circie repiy card No. 184


FRP armoured tanks and vessels

resist corrosion over a broad range of temperatures. They are suited to both the most severe chemical serv

ices and for high purity applications where it is necessary to keep the process fluid totally free of contami nants. Lining choices include PVC, CPVC,P.P., PVDF, ECTFE, FEP PFA

Circle reply card No. 186

which kills the larvae. We are con


Armourplastics*-, thermoplastic lined

Fabricated Plastics Limited

Circle reply card No. 183


and Vessels


Canada Inc.

A "Sohition" for ZEBRA MUSSELS


Odour Control

Treating odours with Sodium Hypochiorite (JAVEX-12) is detailed in a technical bulletin.

Systems are discussed that dis pense a hypochiorite spray to oxidize organic odours. Other topics include: storage and air collection needs.

Contact: www.coigate.ca/javex Coigate-Paimoiive Canada inc.

StrainPress® SiudgeCieaner Parkson's StrainPress® SludgeCleaner removes the nonorganic solids from sludge that may settle or float in downstream processes (plas tics, papers and rags). It saves on the high maintenance costs of digest ers, belt presses, pumps, pipes, heat

exchangers and centrifuges. It im proves compost and soil amendment sludge disposal techniques. Benefits include no plugging in sludge han dling systems, cleaner compost/ sludge, reduced odours, and low operator attention. Parkson Corp. Circie reply card No. 187

ES&E's Product Card Packs ENVIRONMENTAL Science & l:iif;ineeriii!i Munazi'ie

July 1999 Product & Service Information

Package For more information, fill in and mail the cards that ore of

interest to you and pass the rest to others in your company.

Circie repiy card No. 185

Sharpen the thrust of your marketing plan with our Product Card Pack. Call Penny or Denise for details at (905) 727-4666.

New Moduiar FAST® for FACTSHtIT

Retrofit Appiications Smith & Loveless, Inc.'s Factsheet

no. 2-3007 features retrofit applica tions for the Modular FAST.


Factsheet highlights the design ben efits and retrofit options with a fullcolour, three-dimensional drawing and five colour retrofit application drawings. The Modular FAST Is de signed with changing wastewater

ES&E's list rental services Your promotional material Our readership list

treatment needs In mind. It can ex

pand capacities, or Increase treat ment levels, without having to con struct a new treatment plant. Smith & Loveless, inc.

You can rent our readership list for your brochures, newsletters, or other direct mail campaigns for only

$15.00 per hundred names (2,000 name minimum).

Circle reply card No. 188

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Product and Service Showcase Upgrade existing aerator

Spaans Babcock is pleased to announce the significantly improved new design in aeration technology. The new range of Association of Ontario

Land Surveyors 1-800-268-0718

Circle reply card No. 190

Dial-in flow adjustment I'd

OJ\taxÂŽ aerators are designed specifi cally to provide high oxygen transfer efficiencies and high mixing rates with minimal power drives. In addition, they are designed to easily adapt to all exist ing drive components making it the most cost effective way to upgrade an existing aeration system. Pro Aqua Circle reply card No. 191

Chlorine-free chlorine dioxide The Bello Zon CDVa

On-site wastewater treatment

The Waterloo BiofilterÂŽ is a patented aerobic trickle filter designed for efficient treatment of residential and communal wastewaters and landfill leachate. We

specialize in treating wastewater for im mediate domestic re-use and golf course irrigation. Typical removal rates are >95% TSS and >90% BOD,20-50% TN

and 90-99% coliform in a single pass. (Photograph: RattleSnake Point Golf Club Treatment Facility, Milton, ON). Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. Circle reply card No. 192



ProMinent is a

safe, precise and simple-to-operate chlorine dioxide ProMinent announces the Gamma L se

ries. This series represents a world class leap in metering pump technology. Dialin flow adjustment! The lighted LED in dicates the flow in L/hr or gal/hr (to 321/ hr and 250 psi) and true stroke length as a percentage. No more looking at a me tering pump and wondering what the in dicated frequency rate really means in terms of flow. The Gamma L offers an

adjustable back pressure preselect option.

generator which produces a chlo rine-free chlorine dioxide solution -

no chloramines, chlorophenols orTHMs are formed. Disinfection with chlorine dioxide is effective at low C102 concen

trations and in a wide pH range. The Bello Zon generates and injects C102 instantaneously and proportionately into the water to be treated by means of ProMinent high-precision metering pumps. ProMinent

The JetMix Vortex Mixing System can be used in biosolids storage where solids suspension is important. Benefits of us ing the JetMix system include: Intermit tent operation saves 60-90% in power consumption; expensive tank cleanout and scheduled maintenance not required; easily installed in existing tanks; multi ple tank mixing using a central pump house. JetMix was a recipient of a 1997 Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation.

Circle reply card No. 193

Circle reply card No. 194

Greatario Engineered Storage Systems Circle reply card No. 195

Underground double wall jacketed tanks

Mobile refuelling

Centrifugal blowers


to U



Superior corrosion protection and sec ondary containment; inner tank can be compartmentalized; total compatibility with petroleum fuels, as well as a wide range of chemicals; sand, pea gravel or crushed stone may be used for backfill; globally recognized third-party approv als; flat and dished end caps.

hold-down straps and internal baffles to avoid dangerous load shifts are provided in warning red enamel. Special venting device, fill cap and labels are included. Capacities are 454-4540 litres(100-1000 gallons). Also available in doublewall vacuum-monitored version for added

Hoffman Multi-stage Centrifugal Com pressor and Exhausters are available for requirements to 45,000 CFM, at dis charge pressures to 25 psig or 19" Hg vacuum for air and gas service. Hoffman centrifugals have been operating with utmost reliability and efficiency in many diverse applications such as sewage aera tion, combustion drying, agitation, fluidizing, oxidation, vacuum cleaning, cooling and pneumatic conveying for more than 90 years.

DTE Industries Limited

safety margin. DTE Industries Limited

Hoffman Industries of Canada

When fuels are required in small quanti ties, to fill construction machinery on

Circle reply card No. 196 80

various sites, truck-mounted tanks with

Circle reply card No. 197

Circle reply card No. 198 ^ Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Product and Service Showcase 6EAGLEBROOK*

Pleated backwash filters

yojr Single Source

Septra^^^ back wash

Getting the red out with PipePac


manufactured by Pall Corporation, provide efficient removal of con

En/ianc/n^ Primary

taminants from

Treatment to

Reduce Cosis and

liquid process streams using


Improue Trealmenl.

Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) With Iron Salts.


www.eaglebrook.net Circle reply card No. 199

EAGLEBROOK' Vour Single Source

fewer filter ele

ments and a more compact system than is typically required in water and chemi cal process applications. Pall's patented crescent-shaped pleat design provides ten times the surface area of standard cylin drical filter cartridges of camparable length and diameter. Pall Corporation

Circle reply card No. 200

AutoFlash evaporation system offers high efficiency

PipePac is a software that has merged 3EB (Three-Edge-Bearing),SAMM (Spangler & Marston Method of pipe design),CAPE (Cost Analysis of Pipe Envelope), and LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). Merging of the programs into one application has resulted in a uniform interface, a single database for each project, simplified use, reduced data entry, minimized errors, and standardized design process. OCPA Circle reply card No. 201

Compact ozone generator units

The AutoFlash is

a time-proven evaporation sys tem with the capability of using low-grade, reject,

Odor & Corrosion Control One Sinipte

waste heat, as the Soluiion For Two

Major Problems.

Controlling Odor And Corrosion With Iron Salts.


www.eaglebrook.net Circle reply card No. 202

Pump selection software

only source of en ergy for phase separation. This exclusive feature makes evaporation a very viable treatment method for TDS (total dissolved solids), both organic and inorganic. The proprietary, self-regulat ing device allows the evaporator to oper ate outside of steady state condition in a highly stable manner. Donson Engineering

Ozonia's range of standardized compact ozone generator units, the OZATÂŽ, take advantage of the latest technological de velopments, including "Advanced Tech nology" dielectrics. They are ideal for: Ozone oxidation; up to 15% concentration and higher(from oxygen);chemical proc ess oxidation; groundwater oxidation; re cycle process water; wastewater oxidation;

Circle reply card No. 203

Circle reply card No. 204

Concrete Pipe Handbook

Design Data 41

sterilize DI water. Pilot units are avail able. Ozonia

ABSEL, a pump selection software

program devel oped by pump manufacturer,

ABS Pumps, and ABSEL offered free, sig ABS Seleotlon Pragrain UurC Manual nificantly stream lines the pump se lection process by enabling pump specifiers and users to automatically cal culate friction loss in a system. By auto mating extensive, time-consuming calcu lations, ABSEL helps to ensure the ap propriate selection of an ABS pump to achieve optimum system operating effi ciency. ABS Pumps

Circle reply card No. 205

The latest edition of the Concrete Pipe Handbook,a comprehensive collection of theories, formulas and aids for designing concrete pipe systems, is available from the American Concrete Pipe Association. Now in its fifth printing, the handbook has been updated to include information on Standard Installation using Indirect De sign. American Concrete Pipe Assoc. Circle reply card No. 206

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Design Data 41 from ACPA aids engineers in the proper design of manholes to pre vent flotation. Design methods, using ba sic soil mechanics to determine if a man

hole is susceptible to flotation, are pre sented for the engineer. The effects of the manhole configuration and surrounding soil conditions are taken into considera

tion with the analysis. American Concrete Pipe Assoc. Circle reply card No. 207 81

Product and Service Showcase Advantages of seepex pumps

Self-contained water treatment units

Environmental drilling services

Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. provides envi ronmental drilling services by using proven methods of drilling boreholes

The ADV brochure illustrates the unique geometries of seepex pumps which result

that are both versa

in lower wear rates and thrust loads. Also

tile and cost-effec

stWK;j_ —-

Ecodyne Monoplants are pre-assembled

shown are close-coupled pumps and the exclusive "plug-in" drive .shaft that allows for easy replacement of the pump "wet

into seir-contained water treatment units

end". Other features include: sealed and

easily transported and quickly installed. Standard sizes treat from 20 gpm to 500 gpm. Each Monoplant contains clarifi cation, filtration, chemical feed and grav ity backwash systems. Eflluent turbid ity is less than 1 JTU. Ecodyne Limited Circle reply card No. 208

replaceable bushings; improved rotor sur faces; harder rotor coatings; molded-tosize, shrink compensated stators; stator retensioning device and a patented run dry protection device, seepex Inc.

Photocatalytic treatment

lubricated univer.sal joints with reliable,

Circle reply card No. 209

We have the tools, technology and experience

tive. Utilizing a 2" standard split-spoon sampler,our crews can drill inside and out side buildings and install monitors for water or soil gas. Our crews can also be equipped with portable hollow & solid stem augers. Geotechnical services are also provided using portable SPT units and concrete coring equipment for road & con crete testing. Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. Circle reply card No. 210

Global water solutions Wearen

member Azurixfamt

^BOART W LONGYBAR Environmental and geotechnical drilling contractor serving Ontario and Quebec,

Purifies® core product, Photo-Cat®, is a fully automated photocatalytic treatment system that detoxifies or purifies air, water and in-situ soil. Photo-Cat® sys tems destroy organic contaminants at the source with no generated waste, thus eliminating the associated liability. It is claimed to be the most significant devel opment in the water purification indus try in the last 15-20 years. Purifies Environmental Technologies Circle reply card No. 211

Acid neutralization system TM

PHIK Green Turtle Technologies Ltd. intro duces PHIX™, an innovative acid neu

tralization system capable of treating a continuous stream of acidic wastewater

with no chemical dispensing required. PHIX'" was designed to ensure a trou ble free, low maintenance operation with virtually no electronics. This unique process(patent pending)does not require mixing, reagent preparation, an agitated mixing tank, or a pH controller for rea gent dispensing. Servicing simply in volves periodic refill of the neutralizing media. Green Tiirtle Technologies Ltd. Circle reply card No. 214 82

as well as eastern and western Canada

through other branch offices. Auger bor ing and diamond drilling contractor, as well as a supplier of monitoring well ma terials and geotechnical instrumentation products. Boart Longyear Inc.

Circle reply card No. 212

Azunx We are now a member of the Azurix fam

ily! We used to be known as PUMC. Now we are Azurix North America, part of an expanding global enterprise. We own, operate and manage water and wastewater facilities, provide water and wastewater services, and develop and manage water resources. Azurix North America

Circle reply card No. 213

Inlet Stormceptor® system

Jet Aeration/Jet Mixing/ Sequencing Batch Reactors

The Inlet Storm

ceptor System em ploys tlie stune prin ciples of opeiation as the well-known

In-line interceptors. Developed to treat runofffrom an atea

of up to 0.20 ha, the Inlet Storm

ceptor has inherited the internal by-pass function, ensuring that all sediment and oil removed from stormwater runoff re

mains trapped within the storage cham ber, even during peak flows. There are cuiTently more than 2,500 units in place throughout North America. Stormceptor Canada Inc. Circle reply card No. 215

• Energy efficient. • Low maintenance costs.

• Low operating costs. • No in-basin moving parts. • Operation flexibility. • No misting, no icing. • Consistent, uniform mixing. • Self-cleaning option. Mixing Systems, Inc. Circle reply card No. 216

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Product and Service Showcase Cyanide Removal

Zebra Mussels Solution tor


To help control

Environmental Monitoring



zebra mussels, one solution in volves the use of JAVEX-12


dium hypochlorite, which kills the larvae. We are

consulting with experts to estab

lish dosage levels and techniques best suited to help control their spread. If you'd like to discuss this problem, or be kept informed of the latest information, please contact us. Colgate-Palniolive Canada Inc. Professional Products Division

Circle reply card No. 217

Field fabrication

dosages, equipment, as well as storage, safety and handling data. Particularly ap plicable to metal recover or refining op

Aquatic Sciences biological experience ranges from the collection of baseline en vironmental data to impact assessment, biomonitoring and fisheries studies. Their toxicology lab is presently .serving MISA compliance needs. In addition to stand ard toxicity testing, the laboratory com pletes advanced toxicity identification


evaluations for clients with more com

Colgate-Palniolive Canada Inc.

plex eflluent streams. Aquatic Sciences

Using sodium hypochlorite(JAVEX-12) to effectively and quickly remove cya nide wastes is detailed. Bulletin reviews

Circle reply card No. 218

Circle reply card No. 219

ULC listed storage tanks

ASME pressure vessels


Clemmer Technologies Inc. offers field fabrication for steel storage tanks in Canada. We have previously worked with the major oil companies, chemical manufacturers, agricultural, food and pet rochemical companies for new tank fab rication. tank repair, re-certification, painting, lining, floating roof and many other variations. Clemmer Technologies

Circle reply card No. 220

Clemmer Technologies fabricated ULC Liquid Storage Tanks are available in fiberglass, steel or a combination of both, in capacities from 1300 litres to 100,000 litres and beyond. Above ground, under ground, single wall, double wall, fire rated and more are available.

Clemmer Technologies Circle reply card No. 221

Petrolatum tape

Clemmer Technologies is a full service steel and fiberglass manufacturer of stor age systems based out of Waterloo, Ontario, with two additional manufactur

ing facilities in Alberta. We are an ASME U-stamp certified shop and offer a full line of pressure vessels that meet the most stringent code specifications. Field proven with thousands of installations. Clemmer Technologies Circle reply card No. 222

Tank solutions

Noise control panel systems

Denso's innovative petrolatum tape. Color Tape,does not require initial primer application, and is UV stable. This prod uct is ideal for above ground applications. To enhance appeal, it is manufactured in a variety of colours,including white,grey and blue, and provides long-term corro sion protection to above and below ground pipes, flanges, valves and related

Diverse Plastic Tanks offer a full range of product designs, including closed or open top vertical tanks in flat or cone bottom styles, horizontal tanks, contain ment tanks and a complete line of"UN" approved intermediate bulk containers. (IBCs). They distribute the Snyder In dustries line of tanks which have many advantages for bulk storage, processing and transportation tanks. With the wid est selection of sizes up to 22,000 gal

leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality, dependable sound control products and systems, in cluding: sophisticated anechoic chambers for research and product testing; noise con trol enclosures for equipment and machin ery sound isolation/modification; and preengineered, versatile, sound-absorbing panels for treating room/area acoustics.

steel surfaces. Denso North America

lons. Diverse Plastic Tanks

Eckel Industries


Circle reply card No. 223

Circle reply card No. 224

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

For over four decades, Eckel has been a

Circle reply card No. 225 83

Product and Service Showcase PM2.5 dust analyzer

S.S./Turbidity sensor

ALGOSEP oil/water separator

Grimm Model 107

Partech Model 2000 sus


particle analyzer is unique in that it is designed to simul taneously measure

pended solids sensor com

is a high perform

PMIO and PM2.5, for environmental

ambient air analy sis. ItisevenPMl

ready. The 107 per forms particulate measurements using laser based light scattering technology. In addition to the optical measurement, the Model 107 Analyzer incorporates a

bined with the 7200 con


troller, is the perfect com

separator capable of achieving dis charge of free oil

bination for wastewater

monitoring. Using a selfcleaning infra-red optical cell, the system is mainte nance-free and works per fectly in coloured water. With several ranges avail able, this monitoring sys tem can be used for diverse

applications including:



mandated by codes and regula tions across the country. Based on the principle of enhanced differential grav ity separation, the ALGOSEP uses the unique EMULSEP filaments to promote coalescence of hydrocarbons in your

47mm PTFE filter which allows the user

cleanwater, wastewater

wastewater. Eour models are available

to verify the optical analysis gravimetrically and conduct chemical analysis if

and sludges.

ranging from 15 gpm to 250 gpm.

Nortech GSI Inc.

Nortech GSI Inc.

needed. Nortech GSI Inc.

Circle reply card

Circle reply card No. 226

Oil-water separators

PS International,Inc. provides rectangu lar and cylindrical coalescing plate oilwater separators for removal of petro leum oils and grease from wastewater. The separators can be of single or dou

Circle reply card No. 228

No. 227

True union plastic ball valve

Optimize sludge processing

The Conor Pacific Optifloc^*^' offers a unique and cost-effective approach to

alarms, leak detection, etc.

1/2" to 4" sizes are available in PVG, CPVC,PP, and PYDE materials.

optimizing any sludge processing system that includes mechanical dewatering as a component. It can be applied to mu nicipal and industrial biosludge and to processes incorporating belt presses, cen trifuges, screw presses, and gravity belt thickeners. Experience has shown that cost savings can result in payback peri

PS International, Inc.

Chemline Plastics

ods of 6-12 months. Conor Pacific

ble wall construction and can be installed

above or below grade. Our engineers will custom design a separator for your ap plication. We can provide high oil level

Circle reply card No. 229

Chemline's new Type 21 ISOLATOR True Union Ball valve Incorporates new state-of-the-art design features such as 230 psi pressure rating(up to 2"), double stem o-rings, safety shear stem design, integral actuator mounting, and more.

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Circle reply card No. 231

PlantPRO™ Trash Pumps

Membrane technology for industrial wastewater

MUNRO ZENON's ZenoGem'® bioreactor system

that won't bust your budget! All of our pumps are made of heavy duty cast aluminum with cast iron replaceable wear parts. Both 3" and 4" models are avail

can retrofit any existing wastewater treat ment facility, immediately increasing capacity by up to four times. The sys tem incorporates immersed membrane technology, which assures biomass reten tion, resulting in a high quality effluent, suitable for direct reuse or discharge.

able. USABlueBook

ZENON Environmental Inc.

Concrete Solutions from Munro! PlantPRO™ Trash Pumps offer high quality, premium performance at a price 1-800-461-5632 www.munroconcrete.com

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Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Product and Service Showcase Solids handling pumps

T Series™ solids handling pumps

Gorman-Rupp has been manufacturing self-priming pumps since 1933. We have remained the standard by which all other pumps arejudged. Today, Gorman-Rupp

Because Gorman-Rupp T Series^'"' pumps are self-priming, they can be mounted high and dry at floor level, with only the suction line down in the liquid. Service

T Series™ pumps are the world's leading choice in sewage handling applications in municipalities worldwide. That's be cause Gorman-Rupp pumps offer cus tomers the performance, efficiency and reliability they can count on, day-in and day-out. Gorman-Rupp

or maintenance can be performed quickly and simply with common hand tools and without having to pull the pump. There are no long drive shafts to install and align, no hoists or cranes required, and never any need for service personnel to enter the sump. Gorman-Rupp

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Waste management brochure

Filter press systems

Surface aspirating aerator

TORNADO Aerator horizontally mixes all or part of a basin. Its large-diameter stationary draft tube with unrestricted air

intake helps convert the least amount of energy into the maximum amount of aeration and mixing. This gives you high oxygen transfer efficiency and high ba sin mixing efficiency. Aeration action goes on just below the surface. It reduces odours and prevents ice build-up, while the self-heating design keeps it working all winter long. Frontenac Env. Ltd. Circle reply card No. 237

Level measurement


The PRESLEY™ level


transmitter from Danfoss, is a hydrostatic





1 1

in difficult conditions


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Chloramlnation process control

TOC measurement

www.bovar.com 1-800-633-5552

such as level control

applications in process and storage tanks in sewage plants or pumping stations. The PRESLEY pressure transmitter can be Netzsch filter presses are designed for long life, low maintenance, low operat ing costs and simplicity of operation. They are available in both low pressure (up to 100 psig) and high pressure(up to 225 psig) models. Cake capacities range from .5 to 600 cu. ft. per cycle. Dagex Inc. Circle reply card No. 239

For a copy of our brochure: BOVAR Waste Management

unit that is specially constructed to operate

connected to a PLC, controller or re corder, or connected to a PRESLEY

pump controller. Sturdy design features include steel reinforced cable to with

stand tensile stress, oil resistant PYC in

sulation and a NEMA 6P, waterproof polypropylene housing with a diaphragm in 316 acid-proof steel. Davis Controls Circle reply card No. 240

Auger Monster® for conveying JWC Environmental

li t Monochloramine Analyzer is the first instrument to affordably monitor all three critical chloramlnation parameters: free

Hach Company offers a new laboratory test for determining total organic carbon (TOC) content of municipal and indus trial wastewater. This simple method is an ideal alternative to out-sourced analy

ammonia, total ammonia and mono

sis for treatment facilities that would ben

The new Hach APA 6000 Ammonia/

chloramine. This enables water quality managers to detect changes that would otherwise remain unnoticed - and react

before serious problems can develop in their chloramlnation system. The analyzer

responds immediately and can automati cally initiate corrective action. Hach Circle reply card No. 241

efit from on-site and on-demand TOC

readings. The readily-available TOC readings possible with this test comple ment BOD or COD measurements to help identify the type of organic compounds present and determine the true organic load on a system. Hach Circle reply card No. 242

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

now offers integrat ed conveyor systems for transporting the ground, washed and dewatered screenings of the Auger Mon ster® high-flow finescreen away for dis posal. The horizon tal and vertical conveyors can be installed at any angle and in any direction, mak ing the Auger Monster even more adapt able to any headworks and pump station configurations, including deep well applications. JWC Environmental Circle reply card No. 243


Hazardous Waste Management

Central de-icing facility at Toronto's airport Largest facility of its kind in the world

Canadian air regulations pro

hibit take-off when frost, ice

or snow is adhering to any critical surface of the aircraft. This is referred to as the "clean aircraft

concept". The concept is essential to the maintenance of flight safety. The pilotin-command must be able to verify a "clean aircraft" from properly trained and qualified personnel. The requirement to de-ice aircraft has been well established and de-icing of aircraft is a major activity at most air ports in Canada during inclement win ter weather conditions. At Toronto's

Lester B. Pearson International Airport (LBPIA), prior to the Central De-icing Facility (CDF) becoming operational, aircraft were de-iced by airlines and fixed base operators (FBO) at selected apron perimeter locations outfitted with containment facilities just prior to taxi ing to their take-off positions, and at

Up to 12 B737-size aircraft can be de-iced at one time, with an equal number staged behind to await de-icing.

some of the passenger boarding gates of Terminals 2 and 3, where Marshall

Macklin Monaghan designed Canada's first dedicated at-gate glycol collection system.

Glycol is the primary component of de-icing fluid. Glycol-containing flu ids, if they find their way to local water ways,can increase the biochemical oxy gen demand(BOD)during their degra dation, a process resulting in depletion of oxygen with its associated impacts for aquatic plant and animal life. Glycol is

mm . if.

now considered toxic to certain wildlife

and aquatic life. Most airports in Canada were built long before environmental regulations governing contaminated water run-off were enacted, and many lack the infrastructure necessary to con trol large volumes of spent glycol fluid. Over the last ten years, aiiports, air lines and FBOs across the country have begun to work together to improve the dispensing, collection and disposal of glycol fluids, in order to meet or exceed the airports' specific environmental and health standards. Although efforts thus far have been promising, the key to mini mizing or eliminating the detrimental environmental and health effects of de-

By Ed Salenieks, P.Eng., and John Dejak, P.Eng., Marshall Macklin Monaghan 86

Aerial view of Pearson with the Central

De-lcing Facility shown at the top of the


icing is to refine the process. This can charge offluids into natural watercourses with more than 100 mg/L of glycol), be achieved by: • improved de-icing fluid application, • improved weather monitoring, and, equipment and techniques to maximize • minimizing the length oftime between glycol applications and aircraft take-off de-icing efforts and materials and mini (hold over time). mize personal exposure and over-appli To begin to address these issues, the cation, • centralizing and standardizing de- Greater Toronto Airports Authority icing facilities for both airside opera (GTAA)undertook to implement a sat ellite de-icing facility located on a new tional and passenger safety reasons, taxiway extension at the airport. The • collecting and discharging waste gly col fluids in an appropriate manner (e.g. one-bay facility served as a pilot project Continued on page 88 current Canadian laws prohibit the disEnvironmental Science & Engineering, January 2000



The 8th Annual Environmental

Conference/Workshops and Tradeshow Ontario's largest and most cost-effective environmental training opportunity

April 26-27, 2000 To be held at the conference and tradeshow facilities of

The Regal Constellation Hotel 900 Dixon Road, Etobicoke, ON

A unique networking opportunity For eight years, Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, and Canadian Environmental Regulation and Compliance News have combined to produce the highly successful Environmental Management & Compliance Conference & Workshops. The annual event has proved to be of great value to professional people with environmental responsibilities, and those concerned with occupational health and safety issues. Environmental Management & Compliance 2000 will also feature its own Two Day Tradeshow. There are a limited number of booths, so call now for details on exhibiting.

The Regal Constellation Hotel offers first class conference amenities, ample parking, and convenient access to 427 and 401 highways.

We are proud that many Environmental Management & Compliance '99 delegates were repeat attendees-a definite vote of confidence in the quality and value of our speakers. In fact, this event has become among the best attended environmental conferences in Canada. We hope to see you at Environmental Management & Compliance 2000. A 10% early registration discount and 10% registration discount to current subscribers of Canadian Environmental Regulation and Compliance News* are available. Please contact us at 1-888-254-8769,(905) 727-4666 or fax:(905) 841-7271 for details. Call or fax to receive more program details. Special hotel rates have been obtained for both conference and show delegates. 'Conference discounts are valid until February 28, 2000, and cannot be combined with the subscriber discount.

Hazardous Waste Management for the CDF and was commissioned for

operation in the Fall of 1996. In May, 1997, the GTAA retained Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited (MMM)to carry out the planning, de sign and non-resident construction phase services for a unique, state-of-the-art deicing facility (now known as the "Cen tral De-icing Facility"). MMM utilised preliminary planning completed by the GTAA, Transport Canada, and Public

ously, thus substantially increasing the throughput capacity of the facility. Once completely operational, the CDF will be the largest facility of its kind in the world. The CDF features some of the most

environmentally friendly systems in the world such as:

site recycling or disposal can occur. The facility boasts advanced meth ods to control and monitor the move

ment of both aircraft and de-icing op erations vehicles such as:

• Comprehensive, locally controlled in set lighting system to control the taxi ing of aircraft into the facility with flex ibility to accommodate various classes

Works and Goods and Services Canada

• All active paved areas are underlain with a geosynthetic liner (54 acres in total) to prevent glycol contamination of groundwater;

(PWGSC),and the lessons learned from

•All surface and subsurface runofffrom

the Terminal 3 glycol recovery system, combined with the satellite facility, as the basis for the design of the CDF. The as signment included the preparation of a comprehensive design brief necessary for approval purposes. The design was com pleted for tendering in January of 1998. The completed 65 acre complex will be capable of de-icing up to six Class E aircraft (e.g. B747), or twelve Class C aircraft (eg. B737, A320) at one time

active areas is collected in zones and

• Electronic, variable message signs to convey data to the pilot-in-command (e.g. duration of fluid application, type of fluid sprayed, etc.);

directed to a series of 17 diversion cham

• Provisions for CCTV, infra-red cam

of aircraft;


eras and future advanced ice detection

• Using a state-of-the-art computerised fluid management system, samples are

cameras; and,

taken at each diversion chamber to de

while the same number of aircraft can

termine the glycol concentration and mode of disposal (e.g. to low concen tration holding tank, to high concentra tion holding tank, or to sanitary sewer line); and, •Fluids deemed to contain "low" or "high"

be staged in behind to await de-icing. Should the need arise, the facility is designed such that queued (or staged) aircraft also may be de-iced simultane

separate 5-milIion litre, geosynthetic lined, concrete, in-ground storage tanks until loading into tanker trucks for off-

concentrations of waste fluid are stored in

• Provisions for GPS monitoring and control of de-icing operations vehicles. The facility also has a sophisticated glycol storage, handling and dispensing system, allowing de-icing vehicles to fill up at three locations within the pads. An operations control centre with control cab is sized to accommodate up to 40 personnel and to service/maintain up to three de-icing vehicles at a time. For more information,

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Golder Associates is helping its clients maintain the

WE BELIEVE BOTH INDUSTRY AND NATURE SHOULD WIN! , Golder Associates Geotechnical, Environmental & Mining Solutions

1 800 414-8314 Offices throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.

For more information, circle reply card No. 161 (See page 25)

balance between

industrial development and the environment. With innovative services like environmental risk

assessment,remote sensing and GIS modelling, plus traditional services,such as surface and

groundwater management, strategic planning and biological assessments,site assessment and remediation,and environmental

impact analysis, Golder Associates has the expertise that clients have trusted for over 35 years. With the integrated team of environmental and geotechnical specialists behind our name,our professionals can meet all of your environmental needs.

Environmental Science <6 Engineering, January 2000


biii jr

GLOBE 2000 6th Biennial Trade Fair and

Conference on the Business of the Environment


(ABove) Vancouver Convention & EMbition Centre,

location c^^OBE 2000: (Above l^ft) Wortd-ciass Whistler Resonrjust 1-1/2 hours drive from Vancouver

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Site Remediation

In-situ heat treatment New technique removes and destroys underground contaminants

Anenvironmental technology

developed by Lawrence Livermore National Labora

table. Until now,there had been no prac tical way to clean this type of effluent. In its first nine months of use at

tory is cleaning a heavily contaminated industrial site in Visalia,

California, in a few years, not centuries, as would be required using conventional methods. Called dynamic underground stripping, this new technique heats soil and groundwater to both remove under ground contaminants and destroy them in place. Southern California Edison put this technology to work at its former Visalia pole yard, a four-acre site, used from the 1920s to 1980 to treat power poles with preservatives such as creosote and "penta"(pentachlorophenol), dissolved in diesel fuel. Over the years, residues leaked into the ground and contaminated the groundwater. These wood preservatives are particu larly difficult to clean because they are more dense than water and tend to sink

through the soil down through the water

Visalia, dynamic underground stripping removed, or destroyed in place, an amount of contaminants that would have

required more than 1,000 years with tra ditional pump-and-treat cleanup, the kind used at the site since 1975.

With pump-and-treat, essentially pumping up polluted water and clean ing it at the surface with state-of-the-art filtration, about 275 pounds ofcontami nants were removed during one ninemonth period. During a similar amount of time, dynamic underground stripping removed some 540,000 pounds of con taminants - nearly 2,000 times more. Since the clean-up started in June 1997,engineers have removed a total of 902,000 pounds of contaminants at the Visalia site.

It is believed by some experts that the new technology could be used to efficiently and economically destroy the

pollutants found at about one-fourth of the nation's 1,300 Superfund sites. Dynamic underground stripping acts in two ways. One is by using steam heat and pressure to drive contaminants to extraction wells, where they are easily removed from the soil and water. The

other is by allowing heat and forced air to chemically break down many con taminants in place,converting them into harmless compounds. Another vital component of dynamic underground stripping is the imaging technology called electrical resistance tomography. This Lawrence Livermore innovation was refined by SteamTech Environmental Services of Bakersfield,

Califomia,during work at the Visalia site. The technology uses sensors to meas ure electric resistance and temperatures underground to create computer-based, three-dimensional images that show the location of the contaminants and their

temperature measurements. Those im ages allow specialists on the surface to


"The Engineered

Ego Waste Oxidizer WAST p The has approval for use In SOL li T I O N 5 Ontario by MOEE. The

Difference in Tanks"


system complements existing recycling pro grams. Under 50 Tons/Day are a specialty with energy recovery encouraged. Services for MOEE Air Permits are also available.



Environmentally Sound Waste Destruction For: 'Residential Waste 'Commerciai/industrial Waste 'Animal Waste 'Environment Canada Verified

• Medical Waste • Institutional Waste • Industrial Waste

Our mission at Diverse

Plastic Tanks is to provide our customers with the

bulk storage, processing and transportation tank solutions which exceed

their safety and perform ance requirements at the lowest possible cost. We offer our customers a full range of product designs, including closed or open top vertical tanks In flat or cone bottom styles, horizontal tanks, containment tanks and a complete line of"UN"approved int. Bulk Containers(IBCs). We do this by distributing the Snyder Industries line of tanks which, when all is considered, Snyder has the most advantages in bulk storage, processing and transportation tanks. With the widest selection of sizes up to 22,000 gal lons and with over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Snyder offers superior quality and tank design in every product they manufacture. Visit our web site at: www.diverseplastics.com or contact us directly for a copy of our product catalogue.

Diverse Plastic Tanks 3190 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 22,

E-mail: waste@ecosolutions.com

Web site: www.ecosolutions.com

Tel:(905) 634-7022 Fax:(905) 634-0831

Mississauga, ON L5L 5S8 Tel:(905) 607-5189, Fax:(905) 607-9835 1-800-685-3174

Eco Waste Solutions inc. 5195 Harvester Road, Unit 6, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6E9

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For more information, circle reply card No. 143 (See page 25)

Site Remediation


monitor and control the heating process in real time. Environmental scientists estimate

that the new cleanup technique could complete the pole yard cleansing within two years. Total cost for the cleanup, including follow-up monitoring, is esti mated at less than (US) $20 million. Pump-and-treat was costing more than

$1 million a year and would have sub jected Southern California Edison to a liability of up to $75 million. Working with University of Califor nia, Berkeley researchers, Lawrence Livermore developed the steamcleaning technology and cleaned a 7,600-gallon gasoline leak at its main facility in Livermore before Edison contracted to

apply the technology on a full-scale ba sis at the Visalia site.

In 1996,the gasoline site was deemed "closed", no longer requiring clean-up by the Environmental Protection Agency,the state Regional Water Qual ity Control Board, and the state Depart

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories is pleased to announce their merger with the International Association of Environmen tal Testing Laboratories(lAETL Canada). lAETL Canada will form the Environmen tal Analytical Division of CCIL. The merger agreement was entered into on November 22nd, 1999, in Ottawa, with

the official signing hy Barry Loescher, Ph.D., President of LAETL Canada, and Stephen Walker, P.Eng., President of CCIL.

As a result, the expanded trade organization will represent independent testing firms across Canada, with three active Divisions: Geotechnical and Construction Materials, Environmental Analytical, and Conformity Assessment.

To accommodate the merger, three new Directors have been appointed to the Na tional Board of Directors, with a fourth to he added at a later date. Barry Loescher of Philip Analytical Services Corporation, as Environmental Analytical Division Chairper son, will serve as a Director, accompanied hy Mr. Jean Crepin of Norwest Laboratories, and Mr. Mikael Ziehell of Seprotech Laboratories, as Directors-at-Large. In addition, Mr. Trent Gow of Thompson Gow Associates has been appointed as Executive-Director of CCIL. Mr. Gow served as Executive-Director oflAETL Canada, and will take an active role in representing CCIL in advocacy issues. "I am very enthused about the added strength in this new trade association. I am

confident we will he able to advocate more effectively and at a higher level" stated Barry Loescher. Stephen Walker was equally enthusiastic. "As a result of this merger, CCIL has become a stronger and more dynamic organization, and is the true voice of independent laboratory testing firms across Canada." To further promote the merger, CCIL will he preparing a Directory of member firms to he completed early in the new millennium. This Directory will he distributed to thousands of agencies across Canada, promoting the services of all member firms. For more information, contact:

ment of Toxic Substances Control.

Stephen J. Walker, CCIL President

Lawrence Livennore isl also conduct

ing further research on the oxidation process that destroys pollutants in place.

do John D. Paterson & Associates Limited

28 Concourse Gate, Unit 1, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7T7 Phone:(613) 226-7381, Fax:(613) 226-6344, Email: swalker@jdpaterson.on.ca

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Environmental Drilling Services:

split-spoon sampling inside & outside buildings installation of monitors for

water & soil gas portable hollow & solid stem auger units geotechnical SPT & concrete coring services




A LOW PERMEABILITY CONTAINMENT WALL FOR GROUNDWATER POLLUTION CONTROL □ rapid, clean Installation □ minimal chemical diffusion

□ excellent quality assurance/control □ long service life

WATERLOO BARRIER INC. PC. Box 385, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada NOB 2K0 Tel: (519) 856-1352 Fax: (519) 856-2503

For more information, circle reply card No. 144 (See oaoe 251

crews routinely fly to other cities & remote sites

Sonic Soli Sampling Inc. Toll Free:1-877-89-S0NIC 1-877-897-6642

Toll Free Fax: (888) 251-7445 E-mail: sonicss@lcllrect.com

Web site: www.sonlcsoll.com

For more information, circle reply card No. 145 —


Centrifugal pump selection Some important, but perhaps overlooked, considerations

ThroughoutCanada centrifugal

pumps, which use an impeller to produce internal pressure and create high velocities that transfer fluids, are the most commonly specified pumps for sanitary wastewater transfer applications. Since the late 1940s when the first actual centrifugal pump exclusively designed for sewage transfer was introduced, several designs have emerged. Variations have been made in impel ler design - including the use of semiopen,or closed impellers; shaft con figuration, such as vertical or hori zontal; and priming mechanisms, such as conventional flooded-suc-

Improper application can also result in excessive stresses, cavitation or accel

erated deterioration of a pump's inter nal components. Therefore,it is always important to analyze the pump curves provided by suppliers. Published pump curves can also be used to determine a pump's efficiency under various operating conditions. Pumping efficiencies of different pumps can be compared when the brake horse power and motor horsepower values are known. With this information, certain

Most centrifugal pumps have two integral parts: a rotating and a station ary element. The rotating element in cludes the impeller and pump shaft, and the stationary element includes the vo lute and a stuffing box, which contains the mechanical seal and housing. Be cause of the variation in designs, inter nal components and parts also can dif fer in materials of construction. Better

materials of construction may increase the initial cost of a pump, but savings are realized in the long-term service life provided. To make an informed decision

on what to analyze in a pump's construction, it may be helpful to understand what increases wearing and contributes to pump failure. Radial thrust is the most signifi

tion, self-priming, and vacuumpriming. Each of these variations enables the pump to meet certain design criteria, including capacity, cant cause of stress on internal head, and efficiency requirements, components. In a centrifugal pump while considering maintenance ac with a single volute, near uniform cessibility and eliminating pump pressures act on the impeller when clogging and piping. the pump is operated at its design When purchasing centrifugal capacity and best efficiency point wastewater pumps, several key (BBP). The kinetic activity within factors should always be consid centrifugal pumps and varying ered for a successful application. flows common in wastewater ap The essential factors for any indi plications make radial thrust inevi vidual pump installation are per table because the pressure at the formance and service life. Per periphery entrance of the volute is formance is affected by design not always constant. Under other specifications (capacity and total flow conditions, pressures are not dynamic head) and pump effi uniform, causing a radial thrust on ciency. Service life is the length A centrifugal pump's performance and service life is the impeller. The thrust causes the of operating time of the pump be largely Influenced by the quality and construction of pump shaft to bend slightly (and fore major components must be re Its Internal components and the amount of proper may cause the impeller to shift un placed. When centrifugal pumps routine maintenance. Photo - Smith & Loveless Inc. evenly). As radial thrust increases come as part of an entire pre-engineered calculations provide actual power cost - resulting in shaft bending - problems pump station, other important factors comparisons from the performance of with bearings, and mechanical seals are become equally important, including different pumps. Greater efficiency can likely. Continued operation under such capital cost and maintenance require reduce power costs. conditions accelerates the deterioration ments. Service Life of mechanical and hydrauhc performance Performance Performance is only valuable if serv and ultimately, pump failure results. Performance is the key ingredient of ice life is ongoing for an extended pe Because all centrifugal pumps expe any centrifugal pump purchase. Most riod of time. Despite the many design rience some radial thrust, operators and suppliers of pumps make available pub variations that have evolved, centrifu maintenance personnel should under lished pump curves and other relevant gal pumps operating under similar con stand what certain pump components do data to demonstrate how the pump ditions will have greater service life than and how they should be maintained. should perform at given operating con others because of these two primary fac These components include the pump ditions. These curves help ensure that tors: quality construction and proper shaft, mechanical seals and bearings. the pump is used for the proper applica routine maintenance. Because all Pump shaft tion and appropriately sized. If the pump pumps contain wearing parts, higher As discussed earlier, the pump shaft is improperly applied,it can fail rapidly. quality materials of construction make is subjected to numerous loads and a pump more durable. Likewise, proper bending caused by radial thrust being By Frank Weis, P.E., routine maintenance preserves these placed on the pump impeller. This bendM. Wood, RE. and J. Curry components, extending service life. Continued on page 94 92

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Management's Global



en >> uisste

management seruices

recycling achines, equipment and plants

>> uehicies, truck

loading structure, containers



Recycling and Waste Dispos

>> effluent


Trade Fair

seujage system

► Further information:

Edel Wichmann, Cologne international Trade Shows, Canadian German Chamber of industry and Commerce inc., 480 University Ave., Suite 1410, Toronto, Ontario MSG 1V2, Tel. 416-598-33 43, Fax 416-598-91 85, E-Mail: coiognet@idirect.com,

Internet: www.koeinmesse.de/entsorga


suring and control instrument

© Lufthansa


•You need just one trip to visit two world events in Germany: Entsorga and EXPO 2000-THE WORLD EXHIBITION, Hanover, June 1 to Oktober 31, 2000

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Pumping ing, also called shaft deflection, may be slight, but it contributes greatly to pump shaft breaks, bearing failures, and me chanical seal fractures.

Shaft deflection is a function of shaft length and diameter. A shaft with a short length and large diameter will experi ence less deflection than one with a

small diameter and longer length as shown by the relationship in the follow ing equation;



(df where /= deflection; / = shaft length; and d = shaft diameter.

When comparing deflection calcula tions for two different pump shafts, the

Restoration Ecologist

When considering pump stations, review all factors related to total Installed cost, including excavation, ancillary equipment and operation and maintenance. Photo - Smith & Loveless Inc.

Desert Research Institute(OR!) University of NV System

lower value (/) represents the shaft with less deflection and, therefore, the abil

minor leakage occurs. CoiTosion creates

DRI is seeking a Restoration Ecologist

ity to handle more stress longer while also preventing bearing and mechanical

small crevices in the shaft's surface, ac

at the Assistant. Associate or Re.search

Professor level, depending on experience. We seek a leader in restoration ecology of North American drylands, who will obtain research funds and lead programs in dryland restoration research. For details and application instruc

seal failure.

In addition, shafts can coiTode even if

celerating further coiTosion and eventu ally leading to fracturing if operation con

Most shaft diameters range from 28.6 mm to as high as 75 mm. A standard shaft(28.6 mtn diameter) will generally

shaft is made of a corrosion-resistant

have a deflection of 0.01 mm at the

steel, but stainless steel is less coirosive

tinues. Personnel should ensure that the

material. Most shafts are made of carbon

tions visit us at: www.dri.edu (click on

mechanical seal. A shaft with a 75 mm

and available from some manufacturers

About DRI, then Employment Opportu

diameter will deflect at 0.0001 mm, or

nities) or contact Human Resources. DRI,

100 times less deflection.

2215 Raggio Parkway. Reno, NV.89512

Lengths vary depending on the shaft configuration of the pump. Vertically constructed pumps tend to have shorter pump shafts than horizontally con structed pumps, which also may utilize

at a higher initial cost. That higher initial cost pays off in the long run because of the longer service life provided.


We will begin reviewing applications 2/1/00. DRI is an AA/EEO employer that hires only US citizens and those eligible to work in the US.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are important for the simple reason that they prevent wastewater from leaking out of the pump and onto the shaft or motor. All seals even-

more than one shaft.

Insta-Valve, the revolutionary "easy to install" insertable valve Hydra-Stop announces the immediate availability of InstaValve, the revolutionary "easy to install" insertable valve. Now gas and water distribution systems can quickly and easily insert valves wherever they need them. Insta-Valve requires only one cut, no reaming, no complicated planning, no excessive pipe strength loss, and no more annoying and dangerous service disruptions. High quality, rugged Insta-Valves meet or exceed industry standards, for years of trouble-free service. Insta-Valves are available in sizes from 4" to 12" and will work with your existing Hydra-Stop equipment or as a stand-alone system. For more information on how Insta-Valve can help you take control of your distribution system, call, fax or write: Hydra-Stop


12601 South Homan Avenue, Blue Island, IL 60406 Tel: 1-800-538-7867, Fax:(708) 389-5125

You can also visit us on the web at: www.hydrastop.com

For more information, circie reply card No. 168 (See page 25)

Environmental Science & Engineering, Janiiaiy 2000

Pumping tually wear out, although it takes up to seven years for some pumps. Mechani cal seals that are not visible or easily serv iced should be replaced every one to two years to avoid catastrophic failure. Seal-face cooling is essential for pro longed service life. Composed of a ro tating part and a stationary part that "mate" at their "faces"(or facing ends), seals must be lubricated with water, oil

or grease to prevent rubbing and subse quent wearing. The properties of these fluids create enough pressure to lift the rotating element off of the stationary element. Heat causes seal failure by raising the temperature of any lubricant to the point where it starts evaporating. The evaporation of the lubricant reduces its viscosity and the necessary pressure to create a safe running clearance. Drag ging results, which produces even more heat and eventual failure. Water from the volute is an ideal lubricant because

it dissipates heat better. Most seal housings are composed of cast iron, which is a poor conductor of heat. Even though they are less com mon, a bronze seal housing will dissi pate heat much better. Because of the running speeds that

pumps must handle, seal balance is also important. Maintenance staff should in spect the axial alignment of the pump

sult ofimproper lubrication are discolora tion or small, shallow craters with crys

shaft at the mechanical seal faces.

lead to increased temperature, overheat ing and ultimately, bearing failure. Capital Costs Considerations Several pump station designs have emerged from the conventional under ground (dry-pit) station in previous years, including submersible (wet-pit) pumps and above-grade/suction lift sta tions. Because of the qualitative design variation in today's pump stations, closer examination of the station's capi tal cost is necessary. Each pump station category has par ticular advantages and disadvantages when it comes to capital investment, depending on the application. When making buying decisions for pump sta tions, map out your potential for the "hidden" costs by figuring the total in

Proper axial alignment reduces shaft de flection and mechanical seal failure. If

mechanical seals are misaligned, particles can enter the area between the seal faces

and scrape the .seal, causing it to fail. Bearings Bearings keep the pump's rotating components in the proper position and must be sized to handle any radial thrust from the impeller. While the bearing size cannot be adjusted, bearing con struction can affect pump durability. Certainly, heavy-duty (or large) bearings can handle more thrust and last longer. A bearing with half of its allowable load will last eight times longer than a fully loaded bearing. Bearing failure can stem from im proper maintenance or inadequate lubri cation. It will initially result in motor lockup and can lead to pump failure if not resolved. While it usually is not nec essary to lubricate bearings more than twice a year, lubrication can be easily overlooked and incorrectly handled. Two symptoms of bearing failure as a re

talline surfaces. These characteristics can

stallation cost. Total installation cost is

the sum of all expenses for equipment, services and materials necessary to com plete and operate an entire pump station. The cost variables that are dependent upon the type of station selection in clude: excavation, amount of concrete.

Continued on page 96

HOFFNAN Centrifugal Air/Gas Compressors & Exhausters Hoffman Multi-stage Centrifugal Compressors & Exhausters are available for requirements to 45,000 CFM, at discharge pressures to 25 psig or 19" Hg vacuum for air & gas service. Hoffman centrifugals have been operating with utmost reliability and efficiency in many diverse applications such as sewage aeration, combustion, drying, agitation, fluidizing, oxidation, vacuum cleaning, cooling and pneumatic conveying among others for more than 90 years.


ilii lit'Vto

fIIfl fMlJ GHHuaa

An Invensys company ÂŽ


58 Bertal Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 4M4, Tel(416)763-4681 Fax:(416)763-0440 email: hoffman.can@btrinc.com, website: www.hoffmanair.com

Environmentcil Science & Engineering, January 2000

For more information, circle reply card No. 169 (See oaae 9.51


Pumping ancillary equipment to handle pumps, and equipment and gear for personnel. A proper analysis of these figures will provide a more accurate total of the ac

vault for the station's valves, piping and controls. Larger wet wells (with the ad dition of a valve vault) increase the cost ofexcavation and the amount ofconcrete,

tual capital investment. For example,when compaiing abovegrade stations to submersible pumps,the above-grade station could have a higher

This difference in excavation and con

initial equipment cost(because it is pre-

crete alone is significant.

engineered and all-inclusive), but sub mersible pumps for the same application will probably require larger wet wells to house the pumps and an extemal valve

which increases the total installation cost.

An above-grade station with the smaller wet well does not require a valve vault.


Earlier, it was mentioned that routine

maintenance is important for preserving the successful service life of a wastewater

pump. Therefore,the ease of maintenance or accessibility to the pump is a key con sideration for pump station consideration. Ask yourself these questions: How does the pump station installation simplify maintenance concems? Does the station

facilitate easy access to the pump, or at least provide adequate sensors,instrumen tation or telemetry to indicate problems? What are the potential confined space con siderations and necessities, if any? According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, a confined space is defined as "an enclosed structure with limited ac

cess, open-top structures that are deep enough to require special means of en try and exit, and other confined spaces

Concrete Pipe

such as ducts and tunnels."

For example, pump stations with ex ternal valve vaults often qualify as a confined space, presenting two common safety concems-the limited entry to the valve vault and the danger of explosion from the combination of methane gas and electrical equipment. For any con fined space entry, a minimum of two workers must be present for safety rea sons, reducing man-hour efficiency. Regardless, potential confined-space requirements saddle industrial and mu nicipal facilities with additional paper work and thorough training. Workers must also be suited with appropriate safety equipment, which can be costly to purchase and maintain. Obviously, it is more feasible to minimize confined space entry when possible. There is universal agreement among safety specialists that it is better to eliminate hazardous work

conditions through engineering than it is to deal with hazards head-on.

Out of sight

Finally, always choose from a manu facturer or supplier that is reliable. The ability to provide parts is something an operator or maintenance technician will depend upon in the future. A responsi ble manufacturer, distributor or supplier,

Out of mind Everyone deserves rest, relaxation and peace of mind. If you're thinking of specifying HOPE pipe,

with detailed records of each installa

tion, can make an important difference in expense and convenience when pumps begin to fail.

consider this. It's "installation critical", which

means if the bedding and backfill hasn't been properly executed, the pipe will shift. With less inspections and reduced on site testing, that's a real problem. Consider concrete pipe. You bury it and forget about it. It's your project. Now turn your mind to the sweeter things in life...

Circle reply card No. 152 About the Authors

Frank Weis, P.E., with nearly 45 years of pumping engineering experience and holder of more than 35 patents, is senior Engineer ing Consultant with Smith & Loveless Inc., Lenexa, Kansas. In November 1999, he re ceived the Worthington Medal from the Ameri


O 0C P A

Concrete Pipe Association The choice of a lifetime

5045 South Service Road, First Floor, Burlinston, Ont. L7L 5Y7 {905} 631-9696 Fax:(905)631-1905 www.acpa.com

can Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) for his lifetime achievement in the develop ment of pumping systems. Marvin Wood, P.E., is Manager of Design Engineering with Smith & Loveless Inc. Jennifer Curry is a free-lance writer who lives in Lawrence, Kansas.


For more information, circle reply card No. 151 (See paqe 25)

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

International Report

Arabian Gulf turning hot, salty, and oily Shoals of fish are dying in the northern part of the Arabian Gulf as the salt level soars and the water temperature rises to a blistering 38°C (100.4°F). The first fish carcasses were noticed in mid-

September. A leading Arab environmental or ganization warns that this is the result of the global warming compounded by indiscriminate dumping of wastewater in the region by oil companies and un checked oil seepage into this body of water, also known as the Persian Gulf.

Though the leading oil companies in the Gulf claim they are following a "clean Gulf" policy, and are trying to produce "energy with responsibility". Dr. Abdul Rahman A1 Awadi,executive

secretary of the Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Envi

ronment, is critical of them,saying they treat their installations like "war secrets".

The off-shore oil rigs operating in the Gulf produce between 30,000 and 40,000 barrels of oil per day. Environ mentalists have been warning that some has been spilling into the sea because of seepages in the sea bed, cracks in rigs, illegal discharges by oil companies and vessels and accidental spills. In addition to the oil, salt-laden

wastewater from the oil production proc ess is dumped into the Gulf, greatly in creasing the salinity of the water and posing a grave threat to marine life. The Gulf is prone to contamination as its average depth is only 30 metres

(97.5 feet). Construction of dams on the

Recycling water for the

Tigris and Euphrates rivers means the


source of fresh water has been reduced

to a trickle. The population of six Middle East countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia,the United Arab Emirates

and Kuwait, all rely heavily on de salinated Gulf water for their drinking water supply. The latest industrial techniques have gone a long way to ensure that the waste can be handled in an environmentally responsible manner. But a large number of oil companies have still not imple mented these technologies.


Environment News Service

Britain's giant Millennium Dome, now being completed in London, will be used

Hong Kong to spend $5.8 billion

to collect rain for an innovative water

In response to criticism that its polluted air and water threaten its competitive ness, Hong Kong is to spend $5.8 bil lion Cdn, to clean up its environment. Tung Chee-hwa, Hong Kong's chief executive, said in his annual policy ad dress that the government would spend the money over the next decade in an attempt to make Hong Kong compara

recycling system developed by Thames Water to serve as a model of best prac tice. Rain falling on the eight-hectare (20-acre) roof will be collected and treated in an environmentally friendly reed bed created by Thames Water in the grounds of the Dome, then used for flushing toilets in the site. Additionally, a new bore hole sunk

ble to New York and London.

at the Dome, beside the River Thames

"Pollution has not only tarnished Hong Kong's image as an international city, but also affected our health. It is high time we faced up to the problem," said Mr. Tung. His emphasis on the environment is

at Greenwich,is set to help reduce Lon don's rising groundwater problem. The rising groundwater's age and high salt content make it unsuitable as a source

in contrast to the laissez-faire attitude

of drinking water. It will be treated and recycled for toilet flushing around the Dome, along with the rainfall from the

of past decades which resulted in much of the city's sewage being dumped un

the site.

treated into its harbour.

Lgvf Cost, Long Life

roof and water from wash basins around Contact: www.thames-water.com



is the exclusive source for Permastore tanks and

Low Maintenance

silos in Canada, supplying integrated design, construction and warranty programs.

Rapid Installation

191 Booth Rd. North Bay, Ontario, Canada, PIA4K3

Tel:(70S) 474-4759, Fax:(705)474-904! E-Mail: camg@donson.com

PERflASTORE* Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks and Silos offer

the complete storage solution. Over 40,000 tanks installed in 70 countries Excellent corrosion resistance

Modular construction growth — capacity Easily relocated after years of use Custom roof components Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

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Drinking Water

Dual filters and coagulant aids were equivalent to microfiltratlon in pilot studies

Aftera risk assessmentofmu

nicipal water supplies, the


US Environmental Protec


tion Agency (EPA) deter mined that New York City(NYC) was at risk and that a water filtration plant


had to be built. This assessment was

the outcome of regulations announced by EPA June 29,1989,generally referred to as the Surface Water Treatment Rule


(SWRT). These regulations specify criteria for determining filtration as a water treatment technique for public water systems.

The NYC watershed is approxi mately 2,000 square miles, and supplies NYC with up to 1.4 billion (US) gal lons of water per day. The cost of such a plant was estimated to be (US) $6,000,000,000. Capital cost and fi nancing fees were prohibitive, so an al ternative was pursued. The end-result was an agreement termed Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD). The FAD was extensive and included reser

voir modeling, surface water evalua tions, farm programs, purchase of land in the watershed, and the removal of

Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and phos phorus from all wastewater plants in the NYC watershed.

Wastewater treatment plant upgrades There are approximately 100 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) that discharge into tributaries that lead to NYC reservoirs. It was determined that the effluent from these WWTPs had to

meet microfiltratlon quality. Phospho rus was also a concern since it could

cause eutrophication of the reservoir. Pilot studies in 1993 to determine

which process train would be most ef fective in the removal of Cryptospor idium, Giardia, and phosphorus con cluded that a sand filter followed by microfiltratlon or equivalent would be the process train. In 1995, a pilot project was per formed in Delhi, New York to determine

if phosphorus levels of0.10 mg/L could be obtained with filters of standard manufacture. Membranes used in the

By Pamela Wright, Trans Terra and Manuel Moreau,

Eaglebrook, Inc. 98


"=5 s ^ »u»i I jjiTITjTsITiiTiT^^ microfiltratlon units could be fouled by


that he found to work better in cold

metal salts. The time between backwash

waters. This coagulant was PASS'®

cycles would subsequently shorten,there by producing more backwash water. No

(Poly-aluminum-silicate-sulfate), manu factured by Handy Chemical (now Eaglebrook, Inc.).

manufacturer of standard filters would

guarantee such low limits, so an innova tive process was attempted in the pilot. The Delhi pilot placed two Parkson

DynaSand^*^ continuous backwash upflow filters in series. The first filter was two metres in depth and used coarse sand. The second filter was one metre

in depth and used fine sand. A coagu lant was added before the first stage fil ter to precipitate out the soluble phos phorus. Various coagulants were tried, but PACl(poly-aluminum chloride) was the most successful in the project. On average, the process reduced the phos phorus limit entering the filter at 2.33 mg/L to 0.05 mg/L. This was accom plished in conjunction with average TSS (Total Suspended Solids) loadings of 42.5 mg/L. Later, a second pilot project was per formed in Stamford, New York in 1996

to further evaluate the new technology's ability to remove protozoa. The test began in October - during a warm Fall season. Two weeks into the pilot, cold weather set in. The process began to experience problems with turbidity. More PACl was added with little, if any, improvement. A Parkson representative with experience in water applications in Quebec, suggested trying a coagulant

There were initial difficulties with the

Poly-aluminum-silicate-sulfate, but all were attributed to the lack of familiar

ity with the product. PASS does not form a visible settling floe; it hydrolyzes immediately in water and is more effec tive in removing phosphorus with lower dosing rates. Turbidities in the Stam ford wastewater soon began to return to the 0.15 NTU average experienced prior to the drop in water temperature. A particle counter was used to optimize the dosing rate (see graph). Once optimized, the dosage required lit tle adjustment. PASS was not as sensi tive to alkalinity, pH, temperature or fluctuations in TSS and phosphorus. This characteristic was important since the water quality requirements of the NYC watershed required the wastewater operator to become (in essence) a water plant operator. The fewer the adjust ments the better.

Pilot Process

In 1997,the DualSand^"^ process was used on a pilot project on water from an upland reservoir in Stamford, New York. The Village of Stamford needed to re activate an old reservoir to supplement its wells. The process obtained 4.5 to 4.9 log removals of Cryptosporidium

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Drinking Water

in addition, the energy costs of this system are approximately eight to ten times lower than microfiltration. and Giardia in spike challenges per formed by Clancy Environmental. The New York State Department of Health approved the technology for potable water treatment and PASS was the co

agulant of choice. Later in 1997, the DualSand system was introduced into a competitive pilot project with microfiltration. The EPA and NYC Department of Environmen tal Protection worked together to de velop a new, more rigorous, spike chal lenge protocol. Twelve spike challenges would have to be performed to deter mine if DualSand filters were equiva lent to microfiltration in the removal of

protozoa. Both technologies obtained seven log removal during these spike challenges. The microfiltration unit was found to have a ruptured membrane, so the first three spike-challenge results for the microfiltration were not used in the


The DualSand filtration process was approved by the US EPA as an equiva lent to microfiltration in the treatment of wastewater in the NYC watershed.

DualSand technology's ability to remove phosphorus and protozoa to exceptional levels. In a recent potable water pilot in Keeseville, NY, the DualSand process, using PASS, produced the following TOC removals: Date

DualSand Inf.


10/5/99 10/8/99 10/14/99 10/14/99 10/14/99

(Raw Water) 4.9 mg/L 4.7 mg/L 3.3 mg/L 3.3 mg/L 3.6 mg/L

2.4 mg/L 2.5 mg/L 1.9 mg/L 1.5 mg/L <1.0 mg/L


In addition to exceptional protozoan re moval, the pilot test was found to re move phosphoms to a level of0.014 mg/ L. The ability to remove phosphorus as well as protozoan parasites allowed the DualSand filtration process to be the entire treatment train. This pilot test

The economics of using alum,PACl, or PASS are not immediately obvious. One needs to evaluate sludge produc tion, the amount of turbidity and phos phorus to be removed, pH adjustment

used both PASS and PACl, with PASS

and actual chemical costs. To evaluate

emerging as the better performer. The capital cost savings from not having to place a sand filter in front of the DualSand system, which is required with microfitration to remove phospho rus, is significant. In addition, the en ergy costs of this system are approxi mately eight to ten times lower than

properly the cost difference between PACl and PASS,a price per pound com parison is not valid. In warm weather the PASS and PACl dosing rates were


The three pilot tests performed in the NYC watershed have documented the

about the same. In cold water the PASS

dosing rate was about one third that of PACl. As PASS is more expensive than PACl,economy comes from lower dos ing rates when treating cold water. For more information, circle reply card No. 110

CH2M Gore & Storrie Limited

Environmentalengineers,pianners and scientists

Cri2Aj;^ore & Storrie Limited (CG&S) is pleased to announee the appointment of Mr. Nieholas C. Sonntag as President, effective January 1, 2OO0. Mr. Sonntag joins CG&S after four years as executive director of the prestigious Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI). Over the past 26 years, he has seiwed as a consultant and advisor for numerous international

corporate, government, and multilateral institutions, including two years as Chief of Staff to the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

Mr. Sonntag predicts an exciting future for CG&S, a Canadian leader in providing quality environmental engineering services, outstanding Nicholas C. Sonntag technological capabilities, and exceptional client service. From its base of over 300 specialized staff and seven regional offices, CG&S plans to aggressively advance in both the Canadian and international marketplaces, integrating sustainable development principles to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide. Waterloo


180 King Street South, Suite 600 Waterloo, Ontario N2.I ll'S tel: (.819) .879-.8500 fa.\: (519) 579-8986 direct dial:(519) 579-3501 -t-e.\t.

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Calgary, Alherta T2P 3E7 tel: (403) 237-9300 fiLx: (403) 237-7715 direct dial: (403) 237-5691 -l-e.\t.

fa.\: (416) 499-4687 direct dial: (416) 499-0090 -I- e.xt. Barrle •

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000


Ottawa • Thorold • Vancouver

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Mandated product "take-back" After manufacture programs burden consumers, study finds

Frustrated with the challenges

and costs of meeting state and local recycling goals, US may ors and their public works teams are Increasingly calling for manu facturers to design products for recyclablllty through product take-back pro grams, often called "extended producer responsibility" (EPR). But mandating these programs can stifle Innovation In the manufacturing process and burden consumers with higher prices, according to a recent study released by the Center for the Study of American Business at Washington Univer sity, St. Louis. According to Pro duct Take-back Sys tems: Mandates Re

Material Savings from Packaging Innovations Packaging Replaced

Flexible Packaging Laminate brick pack Fabric softener pouch Plastic diaper wrapping

Metal coffee can Plastic bottle

Folding cardboard carton Metal top

Peelable lid

Plastic Instant soup pouch Frozen food bag, plastic

Metal can

Waxed-wrap carton

70% 85% 85% 87% 93% 89%

55% 84% 86% 50% 97% 83%

Source: Lynn Scarlett, Packaging, Solid Waste, and Environmental Trade-Offs, lllahee: Journal for the Northwest Environment 10(1), Spring 1994, 25.

gram for packaging - the most cel ebrated Is Germany's Green Dot pro gram. Now, US communities are fol lowing suit. In 1999, Minnesota legis lators Introduced a bill that would require carpet manufacturers to recover carpets when consumers discarded them.

considered, over 25

All EPR programs have In common

nations have some

one central feature: manufacturers

form of EPR pro-

arrange to take back, recycle, or reuse (either directly, or Indirectly by contract ing with a third party) some of their products after they are discarded by con

By Lynn Scarlett, Reason Public Policy institute

Material Reduction Weight Volume

T iis[ coniRDL PHii[i mm r

sumers. These programs rearrange the allocation of rights and responsibilities associated with products as they pass from producer to retailer to final con sumer. Most mandatory EPR programs have two components:(1) they Impose a fee, paid for by manufacturers, on tar geted products; and (2) they establish specific take-back goals for each tar geted material or product. Eew would dispute the Idea that pol luters should be responsible for the pol lution they cause. But acknowledging

Conor Pacific Solutions for a Cleaner World

From our network ofoffices throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, we provide total, leading-edge solutionsfor a better environment to a worldwide clientele. Conor Pacific Is a leader In:

Environmental consulting Site assessment and remediation


practical efficient soiution to noise reduction needs. High Performance Combined with Economy • Outstanding sound absorption • Reduction of reverberation & background noise • Simple installation • Easy maintenance & durability

ECKEL INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LIMITED 15 Allison Ave., Morrlsburg, Ontario KOC 1X0 (613) 543-2967 Fax:(613)543-4173 1-800-563-3574 CAN./USA

Teclmologles and products Air quality services Water and waste water treatment

Environmental Impact assessments Ecological and biophysical assessments Brownfield development Risk assessment and asset management

info(@conorpac.com 905-822-0331 (phone) 905-822-3637 (fax)


Web Site: http://www.eckel.ca/eckel E-mail: eckel@eckel.ca

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(See page 25)

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Recycling this principle reveals little about the merit ofEPR programs in theory or prac tice. There are three problems that cloud EPR theory: • The polluter pays principle does not answer the question:"Whatis pollution?" • The principle does not delineate who is the polluter. • The principle does not define the di sponsibility. EPR theory departs significantly from

essary to inspire manufacturers to de sign products that minimize consumer waste or facilitate product recycling. Other proponents simply wish to shift direct waste management costs away from taxpayers or waste-service con sumers to product manufacturers. De spite their popularity, mandated EPR programs face practical limitations to their efficacy as an environmental policy instrument. Voluntary take-back pro grams, on the other hand, are emerging

conventional environmental economics.

in situations where manufacturers tailor

It broadens the meaning of polluter to include any person or organization which produces a good that, ifdisposed ofin a certain way, might cause pollution. In some discussions of EPR,just the use of resources, without regard to any harmful

such programs to add value by reducing product cost or improving quality. The CSAB report finds that, where manufacturers within an industry share common environmental challenges(es pecially relating to product reuse, recy cling, and disposal), many collaborative

tal considerations. As consumers press for continued environmental protection, firms competing in the marketplace are

stepping up their efforts to provide envi ronmental value to their customers

thi'ough new products, new services,and

terized as pollution. These new defini tions of pollution (and the polluter) are

research efforts have been undertaken.

new organizational arrangements. The CSAB study concludes that mar kets offer a discovery process in which part of the search for adding value in volves experimenting with new manu facturer-supplier-customer relation ships. EPR is one possible institutional arrangement for advancing industrial ecology, but it will not add value for all products in all circumstances. Like ear lier environmental regulations that pre scribed technological responses, such mandates stifle innovative approaches and impose added costs on consumers as manufacturers pass on reporting costs

Well-known in this realm are efforts by

and EPR fees.

problematic. They blur the distinction between actual and hypothetical pollu

trade associations such as the American

Plastics Council, the American Forest

mensions or boundaries of the word re

waste associated with that use,is charac

tion, inviting the prospect that pollution

and Paper Association, and the Steel In

fees or fines will be assessed even in the


absence of any actual impacts.

Twenty-first century business prac tices will increasingly move toward product-design and manufacturing deci sions that routinely blend in environmen

The popularity of EPR as a public policy tool is growing. Some propo nents view take-back schemes as nec

Used Recycling Equipment For Sale The East Algoma and Manltoulin Recycling partner ship is now selling various items of recycling equip ment due to termination of its regional recycling pro gram. All items are only four years old and in excel lent condition.

The Center for the Study of American Busi ness is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research or ganization at Washington University in St. Louis that conducts scholarly research on is sues affecting the American business system. Lynn Scarlett is executive director of the Rea son Public Policy Institute and vice president for research at the Reason Foundation in Los


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151 Holifo Sl„Moncfon, New Brunswick E1C9R6 Toll Free: 888-253-8166 Fox: (5061 859-7112

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Public Perception





Poll reveals public's poor perception of engineering enterprises Profession urged to take proactive stance

Amid growing concerns that

not enough Americans are pursuing technical careers, a new survey shows that the US public feels uninformed about engi neering enterprises and betrays a star tling lack of knowledge about engineers' involvement in key areas of American

AAES commissioned the survey to better understand how the public views

engineering and engineers. One criti cal reason for improving public aware ness of engineering is to address work

force problems unless greater numbers of women and minorities choose to be


come engineers.

The Harris Poll survey of American Perspectives on Engineers and Engineer

The survey revealed that 45% of Americans feel that they are "not very well informed about engineering and

ing released at the National Academy of Engineering (NAB), revealed that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that technology makes a positive contribution to society and that engineers are to be credited with creating economic growth and preserving national security. Beneath this goodwill toward engineers and technology, however, lies a disturb ing problem - Americans, particularly women,generally feel uninformed about engineers and engineering. The poll was conducted by Louis Hams and Associates and was commis

sioned by the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES), a Washington-based organization of en gineering societies whose membership represents more than one million engi

Munro products give you...

neers in the United States.

engineers" while another 16% stated that they are "not at all well informed about engineering and engineers." Among women, however, the percentages in creased to 55% and 23%, respectively. A Balanced Workforce

AAES Chair Martha Sloan, a profes sor of electrical engineering at Michigan Technological University and the first woman to be elected chair of AAES or

any of its predecessor organizations, un derscored the significance of the Harris Poll findings: "In an age when technol ogy helps turn fantasy and fiction into re ality, engineers have played a pivotal role in developing the technologies that main tain our nation's economic,environmental

and national security.

The Acid

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Waste Water, Soil Cleaning, etc.

ICHEMLINE I Plastics Limited


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1-800-461-5632 For more information,

circle reply card No. 118

email: info@chemllne.com www.chemllne.com

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Public Perception "They revolutionized medicine with pacemakers and MRI scanners. They changed the world with the develop ment of television and the transistor, computers and the Internet. They introduced new concepts in transportation, power,satellite communications,earthquake-resistant build ings, and strain-resistant crops by applying scientific dis coveries to human needs. Despite these contributions to society, this 'stealth profession', whose membership num bers more than two million in the United States alone, re

mains largely invisible." Sloan continued: "As our nation's workforce continues

the transition from one which is predominantly male and Caucasian to one which will be majority female and Afri can-American,Asian, and Hispanic, the price we pay in our society for engineers having worked in such obscurity may not be known for another generation. But it is clear to me today that we, as an engineering community,in partnership with the media and our educational system, must act now to increase society's understanding of engineering." Underscoring the importance of this action, Sloan noted

....we, as an engineering community, in

partnership with the media and our educa tional system, must act now to increase society's understanding of engineering. that although women comprise 53.7% of the undergraduate student population, only 19.4% of the students enrolled in undergraduate engineering programs are female. Sloan also pointed to recent data published by AAES's Engineering Workforce Commission (EWC), which revealed that enrollments among African-Americans in undergraduate en

gineering programs declined in 1997 despite an overall in crease in first-year degree programs. These enrollments, however, must be measured against the backdrop of a na tionwide decline in the number of students receiving under graduate engineering degrees over the last decade. Since 1987, the number has fallen by more than 14%. Public Attitudes toward Engineers and Engineering Despite the low level of public awareness about engi neering, the survey revealed that many parents would be pleased if their children became engineers. An earlier Harris Poll revealed that engineers hold relatively high prestige compared to other professions but fall considerably below scientists, teachers and physicians. Joseph Bordogna, acting deputy director of the National Science Foundation and president ofThe Institute of Electri cal and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), made the following remai'ks in response to the results: "Engineers will create and manage new systems for civil infrastructure, manufacturing, communications, health care delivery, infoimation manage ment, environmental conservation and monitoring, and eve rything else that makes modem society function. "If we are to attract our best and brightest students to engineering careers, we must ensure that their concern for human compassion and environmental stewardship as well as their capacity for creating economic wealth is understood and respected by our citizens and institutions. Our ability

to improve public understanding of engineering will not only raise the level of interest among our nation's youth in engi neering, but elicit public support as well for the efforts of these engineers to simultaneously improve our world's Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

economy and ecology." Public Perception: Tbe Media and Engineering

When asked to rate the quality of media coverage of sci ence, technology, engineering, and medical discoveries, more than 69% of the survey respondents assigned "fair" or "poor" grades to engineering reporting while less than 3% gave the media an "excellent" score. Among college gradu ates and those with incomes of $75,000 or more, 85% and

80% of the respondents respectively assigned scores of "fair" and "poor" to thejob the media does in covering engineering. When the pollsters asked which professionals - scien tists, technicians, or engineers - respondents "mostly asso ciated" with an activity, engineers were frequently underes timated in their roles. In areas where there exists a strong engineering element such as "working in space," "develop ing new forms ofenergy" and "creating new materials," sci entists were more often cited than engineers. Sloan noted: "Engineering is sometimes thought of as applied science but engineering is far more. The essence of engineering is design and making things happen for the ben efit of humanity. Engineers do basic and applied research. But all too often, engineers who conduct research are generically identified as 'scientists' or 'researchers'. It is no more appropriate for someone to describe an engineer as a 'researcher' as it would be for us to depict a surgeon as a 'health care worker'.

"We,as an engineering community, must speak with pride about our engineers and our engineering achievements and not allow our profession to be wholly subsumed within the lexicon of'science and technology'." â?–

Fibreglass Found in Frederlcton

Fibreglass tanks are just one of our specialties at Clemmer Technologies. We're the experts in

site consultation to help you determine the best solution for the job, no matter where in this great country you


happen to be. So


S whether you

tanks offering a vast array of

need fibreglass in

products in any material you require. We offer field fabrication, custom

manufacturing, and on-

Fredericton or steel in

Squamish, you need Clemmer Technologies to make it happen!

There are no limits to what we can achieve.

iCIemmer etnmer TDchnobnies Inc ) Bo. 1057, Clacfsholm, AJch-mo IOL OTO li F.cc-300.661-2851 fa. i.l03i .-.Zi j:30

MfM.CIcmmc 151 Mol.foi S'. Moncto-i. Now Btunswick EIC 9 Toll Free 888-Z58-8I66 Fo., ;506( 859.7112

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Energy from Waste

French use household waste for heating and resource recovery

In Paris, France, the Compagnie

Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain supplies several thousand homes with hot water from incinerators

located on the outskirts of the French

capital. The system is claimed

Miami. This facility processes a mil lion metric tonnes of waste per year. Combustion Technologies There are several competing tech nologies used in combustion furnaces.

rific value. "So that the excess heat does

not damage the coating of the furnace and grates, we designed and patented a very effective system of airflow cool ing," notes Rene Presles, technical man ager at Tiru.

to be a source of low cost and

The main shareholder of

pollution-free energy. In

Tiru is EDE (Electricite de Erance), the world's largest electricity distributor. Tiru operates most of the incinera tion plants in the Paris region,

Nantes, on the Loire River

estuary, the Arc en Ciel incin eration plant produces elec tricity which it resells to the public distributor. It also pro vides steam to a neighboring metal refinery. The investment required to build a medium-sized incinera

tor with a nominal capacity of five to twenty metric tonnes per hour is around three mil lion euros ($2.83 million US) per metric tonne/hour ofcapac ity, with half devoted to the treatment offlue gases and the recovery of energy. Taking into account current regula tions for the protection of the environment and the treatment

offlue gases,incineration costs around 80 to 100 euros ($75$94 US) per metric tonne of household waste.

In France, where incinera

and in 1994, took over

operation of the incineration plant for the city of Quebec. Onyx is currently develop ing technology for fluidized bed furnaces derived from

techniques used in coal-fired power stations. Air is injected at the hearth of the fumace,

which puts a bed of sand into suspension into which falls the material to be burnt. A fluid

ized bed has the advantage of simple maintenance since it does not contain any moving parts. It is suitable for waste of high calorific value and produces a thermal efficiency of the order of 80%, higher than a grate fumace, whose ef ficiency is around 75%. This represents a large amount of

tion is widespread, large compaiues are using their expertise heat that is recovered in the to develop clean and economi The French love of art is reflected In the Salnt-Ouen incinera- boiler and that does not escape cal technologies. Their objec tlon plant, north of Paris. through the walls of the fur tive is to optimize the combustion of waste The best known uses a slightly inclined nace or out of the chimney. A fluidized bed fumace is half the size of a grate in order to obtain a maximum of energy grate, consisting of parallel bars or roll and a minimum of ash and solid residues. ers. The rollers turn and cause the fumace of the same capacity. However, it needs fuel with an even Recently built incineration plants at combusting material to slide down and test to the French taste for eye-pleasing remove the clinker. Air is injected at the size distribution. "The fluidized bed is architecture, even in a waste treatment level of the grate as well as in the com especially suitable for residual waste facility. In Saint-Ouen, on the edge of bustion chamber so that the waste is fully from other recycling operations such as Paris, the incineration plant operated by burnt. This prevents an excessive rise in sorting and composting," emphasizes the Tiru company is lit up at night like a temperature which might damage the Eric Le Sueur, innovation manager at cathedral. Nantes, the home town of furnace. In a plant, constructed by SGE Onyx. "The fraction of waste that avoids Jules Verne, with its Arc en Ciel (rain Environnement in Grenoble, in the Alps, recycling is ground up before being in bow) plant, even houses exhibitions of the waste is bumt at around 2,012°E, in cinerated." Thermolysis (thermal decomposi contemporary sculpture. The plant was roller-hearth fumaces. In Saint-Ouen, the Tiru plant has tion) is a new technique that has poten built by Onyx,part of the CGEA group. Onyx operates the largest incineration three grate furnaces, each with a capac tial for energy recovery from household waste in small cities. It breaks down plant in the world in Florida, near ity of 28 metric tonnes per hour. It proc esses more than 630,000 metric tonnes the organic content of waste into a com By Andre Larane, of waste per year, in fumaces built by bustible product that is easy to store and Technical Freelance Writer, Alstom. These can accept very combus transport. The decomposition takes Paris tible household waste with a high calo place at less than 932°F in the absence 104

Environmental Science

Engineering, January 2000

Energy from Waste of oxygen. Inert matter contained in household waste (glass or metals)is re covered in an unchanged state after the thermolysis and can be recycled. The end product of the thermolysis resembles charcoal but has the drawback

of trapping heavy metals and other toxic compounds. It, therefore, cannot be burnt without special precautions. Nexus Technologies has set up an in dustrial pilot plant nearby,close to Mar seilles, to develop its thermolysis proc ess and overcome the remaining techni cal obstacles. Incineration residue

In an incineration plant, combustion of a metric tonne of household waste at

around I,832°F produces 45 pounds of fly ash and 550 pounds of clinker. Fly ash must be recovered because it con

tains heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as chlorinated com pounds that can combine with oxygen in the air to produce dioxins. The scrub bing of the flue gases is the most ex pensive part of the incineration. Dealing with the solid residues

produces a solid residue or clinker which contains around 14% of ferrous metals and 1% of non-ferrous metals such as

copper, aluminum, and lead. All these metals are worth recovering because they have a market value,and extracting them makes it possible to use the clinker as ballast in construction projects. Andrin has developed equipment for extracting metals from the clinker. The first machine was recently delivered to the incineration plant for the French city

Your Paragon* Source Across Canada data acquistion, control software true distributed architecture

scaleable, PC-based systems Windows NT®-based

programming All backed by Davis' application experience.

of Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast.

This equipment can continuously treat up to 15 metric tonnes of clinker an hour and could pay for itself in ttoee years. It consists of a screen that removes pieces larger than one foot in diameter at the out let of the furnace, a magnetic screen that removes pieces larger than three inches and recovers the bulk ofthe ferrous scrap, a magnetic separator that extracts the smaller pieces offerrous scrap,and lastly, an eddy current separator, patented by Andrin, to extract the small particles of non-ferrous metals in the clinker.

The incineration of household waste

Paragon is a NemaSoft brand from Nematron Corporation

Davis Controls^ www.daviscontrols.coni 2200 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 5R3Tel:(9051 829-2000 Fax:(905) 829-2630• Montreal Tel:(514) 737-4817 Fax;(514)737-9948 • Hamilton lei: (905) 643-4277 Fax:(9051 643-6353• Barrie

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• Calgary Tel:(403) 255-5035 Fax:(403) 255-5077 • Vancouver | Tel:(604) 298-9101 Fax;(604) 298-9102


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Steel Sighted


in Sarnia


(1970- 1992) MIchIg

SARNIA PtnntylvanU

KMK GROUP (1992- 1999)

KMK CONSULTANTS LIMITED Consulting Engineers, Project Managers. Ecological Planners, Landscape Architects

KMK DESIGN BUILD LTD. Design Building of Municipal and Industrial Infrastructure

Steel tanks are just one of our specialties at Clemmer Technologies.

site consultation to help you determine the best solution for the job, no

We're the experts In

matter where In this


great country you


happen to be. So whether you

tanks offering a vast array of products in any material you require. We offer field fabrication, custom

manufacturing, and on-

YEARS Tel-905-459-4780

Frobisher Bay, you need Clemmer Technologies to make it happen!

There are no limits to what we can achieve.


lemmer Clemmer Technologies Inc PO Bo. 130, Wolerloo. Onio'io N2J 4AI

Toll F-e«. 800-265-8840 Fa. (519)884-6623

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need steel in

Sarnia or a field tank in

Clem •r Technologies Inc. PO. S C 1057, cioresholm. Aiberto TOL OTO Toil H •: 800-661-2851 Fc (403)625-4230

MFM-Clemmer 151 MoIKo. S<., Moncton. New Brunswick El C 9W TollF.ee 888-258-8166 Fo. 1506) 859-7112

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Industry Update

Ro-Flo® Rotary Vane Gas Compressors Digester Gas Recirculation & Boosting Fuel Gas Boosting for Cogeneration Landfill Gas Recovery A full complement of Ro-Flo rotary sliding vane type gas compressors is available to suit your specific digester gas handling needs. Offered in single or two-stage configurations, these compressors are uniquely designed to provide extended operating life while handling a variety of dirty, corrosive gas mixtures. For

Technology Prize, to honour the most innovative and practical application so lutions in membrane technology. A $10,000(US) prize has been created to technology in water purification and wastewater treatment.

The competition is open to the uni versity community, research institutes and consulting firms. Entrants are in vited to present submissions, which can include learned dissertations at Master's


and Ph.D. levels, or reports on the re sult of membrane research and applica tion for wastewater and water manage

package. PENCON

EQUIPMENT COMPANY 109 Thomas Street, 2nd Floor Oakville, Ontario, L6J 3A7


ZENON have launched the Membrane

foster the advancement of membrane

convenience, the Ro-Flo compressor can be factory equipped with a full complement of accessories to provide you with a completely self-contained


Zenon introduces $10,000 membrane technology prize

Tel:(905) 845-1727, Fax:(905)845-1792

ment solutions.

The ZENON Membrane Technology Prize will be awarded yearly, alternat ing between the fields of wastewater and water purification. The first prize of $10,000 will be made in the year 2000 in the area of wastewater.

For details contact: Mike Stadnyckyj. Tel: (905) 639-6320 ext. 208, or www .zenonenv.com.

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Leading Edge in iJJater Leak Detection

Permalog® is the first economicalty justifi able permanently Installed system for de tecting leaks In water distribution systems. Permalog® units, deployed within a distri bution area, automatically determine the presence of leaks and transmit this infor mation to a receiver module, which may be hand-carried or vehicle-mounted.

Circle reply card No. 300

Aqualog® 80 (AQ80) is a system for localising leakage In water distribution networks without the requirement to set up defined, flow-based zones. Building on the established reputation of Palmer Environmental's Aqualog® 40 system, AQ80 has been designed to be used cost-effectively as a survey tool. For permanent monitoring tor system leakage, inquire about the new Permalog.

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Sales - Service - Rental - Training

Leakage detection staff require a high per formance correlator with a robust design for intensive field use. MIcroCorr 6 offers

superior correlation technology whilst re taining the ease-ot-use of previous MIcroCorr models. New,faster electronics

are combined with APS (Assisted Filter Se lection) to enable the user to detect leaks quickly, even on plastic pipes. When all the "easy" leaks have been found, reduce leak age still further with MIcroCorr 6.

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Heath Consultants Limited

2085 Piper Lane, London, Ontario, N5V 3S5 • Tel: 1 -888-432-8422, Fax:(519) 453-2182 Web Site: www.heathltd.com

E-mail: sales@heathltd.com


Liquid macrofiitration market couid be $3.7 biiiion in 2003 !ilMIM l>! I

World Liquid Macrofiitration Revenues



Liquid Macrofiitration Equipment



Salesoffilter pres es,beltfilters, and other liquid macrofiitration equipment will rise from $2

billion in 1999 to $2.6 billion in 2003. Add another $1.1 billion for

replacement media and the combined equipment and media market in 2003 will exceed $3.7 billion (all $US). This is the forecast in a new report from the Mcllvaine Company entitled: Liquid Filtration and Media World Markets Addendum 1999 to 2003.

Liquid macrofiitration is the heavy duty end of the filtration business. It cov ers the efficiertcy range between screens and membranes. It deals with large sol ids quantities. Therefore, the specific equipment in this category (sand filters, belt presses,filter presses,leaffilters, bag filters, and gravity belt filters) are large and rugged. They are used in municipal water and wastewater plants, chemical, mining, and other industries with solid/ liquid separation needs. The largest segment will be granular media filters (sand and other granular materials) at just under $800 million. The filter press segment will be the sec ond largest in 2003 with equipment rev enues of $500 million and filter cloth revenues of $255 million.

According to The Mcllvaine Com

pany, mining and chemicals are two of the largest applications for liquid macro fiitration. The growth areas for both these industries are in developing countries. As a result, the US market share will fall from 22% to 20% in the next four years.




Japan's share will fall from 9% to 8 1/ 2%. China,on the other hand, will enjoy a 12% market share in 2003,up from 10% at present. Australia will have a 4% mar ket share in 2003. This will be greater than the share for Italy or France. Chile will have a 1 1/2% share. This will be more than the share for either the Neth erlands or Poland.

Until recently, the supplier industry was fragmented with no dominant com pany. However, in the last few years, USFilter(now part of Vivendi) has pur chased filter press, belt press, and sand filter companies. Even so, its present market share is well below 40% in the US and below 20% worldwide. The near

est competitor has less than a 10% mar ket share. There are more than 1,000

companies around the world designing and supplying liquid macrofiitration equipment. Most have narrow equip ment, industry, and geographical focus. There is no dominant supplier of filter media.

There have been more significant developments in media than in equip ment in recent years. Coated fabrics have improved efficiency and cake re lease. Continued fabric improvements will be necessary to counter improve ments in competitive devices. For ex ample, centrifuges compete with belt presses. The latest generation of centri fuges can provide a drier municipal sew age sludge than can the belt press. For information. E-mail: editorÂŽ


Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

-for Cost-Effective Pumping ABS Pumps Corp. 1215 Meyerside Drive, Unit #7 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 1H3 Phone (905) 670-4677 • Fax (905) 670-3709

For more information,

circie repiy card No. 126

Air Pollution

Air filter market could top $4.5 billion

From the sick buildingsyndrome

World Air Filter Markets($ billions)

in the office, to the new baby room at home, to the jet-liner at 40,000 feet, concerns about

disease and environmental pollutants are sparking an increase in sales of air fil tration and purification equipment. World sales of air filters will rise from

$3.2 billion in 1999 to $4.5 billion in

2003,for an annual increase of eight per cent. This is the conclusion reached by the Mcllvaine Company in a new report World Air Filtration and Purification




$ billions


$ billions




Europe/Afric a



1,215 1,530














6.02 The Mcllvaine Company

Market 1999-2004.

Certain segments of the market will grow at rates in excess of 10 percent per year. The five segments include three levels of efficiency for filters using glass and synthetic media. The US designa tions are low efficiency Gl-4, medium efficiency F5-9, and high efficiency H10-U17. The other two segments in clude filters for adsorption of gas con

ing and ventilating systems. The other big growth factor is the ex pansion to new applications. A$100 mil lion/year market is developing in cabin

taminants and electronic air cleaners.

The combustion air must be filtered to

cities. This migration alone is creating a major new market. New developments are shaping the industry. High efficiency filters have been exclusively manufactured from very fine glass fibers. Suddenly, syn thetic membranes have appeared as a way to achieve high efficiency with low energy costs. An agreement by the larg est European air filter manufacturer

protect the turbine blades. This will be a

(Camfil) to use the W.L. Gore mem

$500 million market in 2003.

branes in its high efficiency filters is tes timony to the commercialization of this new technology. The US is, and will remain, the larg

The high efficiency media market HIOU17 will have the highest growth, fol lowed closely be gas adsorption filters. The low efficiency media Gl-4 market will only be growing at a five percent rate. The biggestfactor expanding revenues is upgrading. One example is the home.

filters. These are filters used in automo

biles and aiiplanes to protect the traveler. Another big new market is gas turbine protection. Gas turbines are now the most popular choice for electricity generation.

The semiconductor industry has now realized the damage that gas phase con taminants can do to chips. This has spurred a big investment in carbon fil ters. The problem is mainly from con

est market for air filters. Since forced

Instead of purchasing a $1 fumace filter,

taminants in the outdoor air which en

air heating is more common in the US than in Europe, there is a big residential

the homeowner is increasingly selecting the $13 filter with the electrostatically charged media. Office buildings and other commercial and industrial buildings are adding more efficient filters in their heat

ter through the air intake systems. This same concern is voiced by residents of many Asian countries where the outdoor air is greatly contaminated. Fifty mil lion people per year are moving to Asian

elsewhere. Presently, Asia represents less than 25 percent of the total market but this will climb to 27 percent by 2003. Contact: www.mcilvainecompany.com

market in the US which does not exist

DENSO PIPELINE COATINGS Denso offers a full line of pipeline coatings for all applications. ■ Densoclad and Densopol Bitumen Tapes Cold applied tapes ranging from 20 mils up to 80 mils in thickness.

■ Denso Protal 7000 Liquid Epoxies A wide range of brush and spray applied epoxies for pipeline applications. Brush application on tie-in with Protal 7000

■ Denso Petrolatum Tapes Cold applied tapes for protection of pipe, valves and

fittings. ■ Densotherm Bitumen Tape Hot applied for above or below ground pipeline protection.

Cold applied Densopol60 Bitumen Tape. DENSO NORTH AMERICA INC.

Find Out More

With over 110 years of experience, Denso Is known around the world for quality products and service. Contact Denso North America Inc. at(905)940-8255 for a complete literature package or a no-cost on-slte evaluation of your application.




75 Shields Court, Unit 3 Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9T4

15 Woodstock Drive

Sherwood Park, AB, Canada, T8A4C4

Tel:(905)940-8255, Fax:(905)940-8258

Tel:(403)910-1717, Fax:(403) 449-5300

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A Member of Winn & Coales International

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

Date Pad

March 7-10, 2000. Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association 25th An nual Operators Seminar, Banff, AB. Con tact: Kathy,Tel:(780)427-7713,Fax:(780) 427-5204, Web site: www.awwoa.ab.ca.

March 22-24, 2000. Globe 2000, Interna tional Conference and Trade Fair, Vancou ver, BC. Contact: Leslie Wootton,Tel:(604) 254-0121, Fax: (604) 666-8123, Web site: www.globe.ca. March 26-30,2000. Bio 2000, Biotechnol ogy Meeting and Exhibition, Boston, MA. Contact: Tel: (202) 857-0244, Fax: (202)

ON. Up-to-date information on this confer ence can be found at: www.cwra.org/ ontwmc/.

April 26-27, 2000. Environmental Man agement and Compliance 2000, the 8th Annual Environmental Conference/Work

shops and Tradeshow. The Regal Constel

The PC Pump that Doesn't Devour Spare Parts World Class Quality... Plus Options And Materials To Meet Your

331-8132, Web site: www.bio.org. March 26-31, 2000. Corrosion/2000,

Application... Specifically 1 Stators are molded to size, not cut, increasing life

NACE's 55th Annual Conference and Exhi

bition, Orlando,FL. Contact: Tel:(281)2286223, Fax:(281) 228-6329, E-mail: msd@ mail.nace.org. Conference details are avail able on the Internet at: www.nace.org. March 29-31, 2000. Salon des Technolo gies Environnementales du Quebec 2000, St. Hyacinthe, QC. Contact: Reseau environnement, Tel:(514)270-7110, Fax:(514)

I All pumps have sealed and lubricated U-joints with replaceable tool steel bushings I Special design drive shaft saves over 50% versus competitors' designs

1 Special design stuffing box accepts virtually

For the nearest seepex distributor call:

any mechanical seal or packing

I Widest materials selection in the industry

1-800-695-3659 in U.S. and Canada

I Run-dry protection and stator adjustment options


April 9-12,2000. 'No-Dig 2000',sponsored by The North American Society for Trenchless Technology(NASTT), Anaheim, California. Contact: John Hemphill, Tel:

lation Hotel, Etobicoke, ON. Contact: ES&E, Tel: 1-888-254-8769, or (905) 7274666, Fax:(905)841-7271. June 19-21, 2000. Air & Waste Manage ment Association, 93rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact: Tel:(301)493-5500, Fax:(301)493-5705.


(703) 351-5252,Fax: (703) 351-5261, E-mail: nastt@nastt.org. April 25-27, 2000. Ontario Water Confer ence - Challenges and Solutions, Toronto,

seepex Inc. 169 Dufferin St. South. #18

seepex Inc. 18462 Blvd. Gouin Quest

Alliston, Ontario, L9R 1E6

Pierrefonds, Quebec. H9K 1A7

Phone:(705) 434-0611 Fax:(705) 434-0620

Phone:(514) 620-3007 Fax:(514)620-2733

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Cantox Environmental Inc. and Gartner Lee Limited

are pleased to announce


BGC Engineering inc. as a new member of our Alliance

BGC brings industry leading expertise in applied geosclences, geoteohnical engineering and physical risk assessment, complementing our environmental management services to the energy, resource, transportation, manufac

turing, waste management and utility sectors. (604) 299-4144 ext. 224 www.cantoxgartnerlee.com www.bgcengineering.ca Vancouver Whitehorse Yellowknife Calgary Mississauga Toronto St. Catharines Bracebridge Halifax

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000

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Noise Pollution

High tech solutions for an Insidious problem

TPreduce the exposure ofneigh

boring buildings to noise from roads and rail-ways, French companies have tumed to three

of absorbent mineral wool. The walls

produced using them are attractive while reducing noise levels. Growing environmental awareness in

methods: noise reduction at the source,

France has also resulted in the use of

insulating buildings facing the noise, and introducing acoustic screening along

sustainable materials in public works projects, and the growing use of wood for anti-noise screening. Recycling while reducing noise is a technique developed and patented by Paris-based Acial. This company makes

transport routes.

Although the country was slow to in troduce effective anti-noise legislation, on December 31, 1992, a law was passed that allowed for a delay of ten years in reducing road "blackspots", where neighboring noise levels exceeded 65 dB(A). Seven million people in France are directly affected. Conscious of the potential market, construction compa nies have developed a number of effec tive noise reduction solutions that have

a good visual appearance. Concrete, wood-concrete, cork-con

crete, expanded metal, glass and Altuglass, the range of materials used by French manufacturers is extremely var ied. Included in this list are specially built clay bricks offered by Guiraud Freres of Toulouse, the only manufac turer in the world offering large dimen sion self-supporting clay bricks. Meas uring 8.5 feet long, two feet wide, and eight inches thick, these bricks are placed horizontally or vertically, have a perforated facing, and incorporate a mat

By Jacques-Franck Degioanni Technical Freelance Writer, Paris, France

use of used tires, which are cut in two

and positioned in modular perforated steel enclosures. The screening pro duced in this way provides a high level of sound absorption while offering an original solution to the problem of re cycling mountains of scrap tires. The KIOSK agency in Grenoble has developed expertise in the creation of screening that is transparent or profiled like aircraft wings. These are built this way to take advantage of natural light and avoid creating a visual obstacle for neighboring dwellings. Three factors in reducing noise Whatever material is used, the acous

tic efficiency of anti-noise screening depends on three factors: •It must be sufficiently heavy to reduce direct sound transmission, with a mini

mum surface density of six pounds per square foot for a minimum transmission loss index of 30 dB(A), as measured in

a laboratory. • It must be located close to the noise

source, overlap the area to be protected

by at least 500 feet on each side, and be sufficiently high (seven to thirty-three feet), depending on the site and the traf fic, to reduce the intensity of diffracted waves. This is important as sound, par ticularly at the low frequencies predomi nant in road noise, can pass around or ignore banders. • It must not reflect the incident sound

energy onto dwellings that may be op posite the sound barrier. Reflecting screening should,in this case, always be tilted by about ten degrees towards the bordering land so as to reflect the sound upwards. Absorbent screening on the other hand should be vertical.

In the best cases, the final reduction achieved is not more than 10 dB(A),

which considering the logarithmic scale used for decibels, is equivalent to a noise reduction of about 50%. This result as

sumes a high level of technical exper tise at all stages(manufacture, analysis, design, installation, etc.). The widespread availability of com puter tools for acoustic simulation ena bles better design and installation of anti-noise screening. Studies using physical models, which take a long time and are expensive, have been superseded by computer simulation. The design of acoustic screening is now performed using computer modeling tools. These take into account the effects of propa gation depending on the weather (wind and temperature) and the type of soil (absorbing or reflecting) at the site. ❖



Centrifugal Blowers • • • • • •

Dependable, quiet, trouble free High efficiency design Heavy duty cast iron housings Easy installation Maintenance free operation Clean, dry, oil-free air/gas at variable flow rates

• Volumes to 50,000 CFM

Lamsotrl PENCON EQUIPMENT COMPANY 109 Thomas Street, 2nd Floor, Oakville, Ontario L6J 3A7


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• Both air & gas

PH 905-845-1727 FAX 905-845-1792

Environmental Science & Engineering, January 2000




f^ ■

from API N0/N02/N0X IHHH

Circle Reader Service

Circle Reader Service

Circle Reader Service

Number: 326

Number: 327

Number: 328

ADVANCED POLLUTION INSTRUMENTATION Analyzers are the best on the market for


• Ambient Air Monitoring • Extractive Source Measurement

QEM Monitoring

• Stack Testing • ProcesiS Control


tust Monitory from GRIMM

Model 1.108 Mini-Aerosol


Model 1.400 indicative Fine Dust Monitor

is a wort

Range;0.3-20 microns

Model 107;

Header in the use of

Ilaser technology

Fine Dust

lapplied to dust

Monitoring Station

monitoring. GRIMM's real-time analyzers offer unmatched

resolution and both

optical and gravimetric analysis.

Particle counts in 15 ch.

• Ventilation control

Mass distribution in 15 classes

• Indoor work

• Range:0.1- 10mlcrons • PMIO, PIVI2.5, PIVI1 , • Alarms,relays • Arhbient air monitoring • Outdoor use

PMIO,PM2.5 and PM1 Removable 47mm filter

Circle Reader Service

Circle Reader Service

Circle Reader Service

Number: 329

Number: 330

Number: 331




at Tel: 1-888-965-4700 or Fax: 1-800-268-8022



Visit our web site: www.nortechgsi.com


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