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July 2011

The Beacon

A PUBLICATION OF ERIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 200 Lockett Rd. — Knoxville, TN 37919 — (865) 588-5350 —

PASTOR Rev. John Stuart

SESSION Mr. Charles Snodgrass Clerk of Session

A Message From The Pastor But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit. Rev. John Stuart

—Titus 3:4-5

CONVENORS Joy Bornhoeft, Fellowship

Dear Friends,

Kelli Crisp, Discipleship

David Eggers, Stewardship

Mike Sharp, Outreach

As a church, we’ve been through a lot of hectic changes in the last couple of months. Thankfully, we’re now into our summer mode when things begin to slow down for a while, and we can all regenerate our faith by basking in the love of God. Taking time out from the busy-ness of our lives is never easy, but I like the break that summer brings to all of us, and I treat it as a mini-Sabbatical gift for recharging our spirits and renewing our commitment to Christ.

LouL Tate, Creative Expressions

Dale Webb, Property

STAFF Nancy Berry, Organist

Jenny Dell, Administrator

Cami Entrekin, Nursery

We’ve done a lot of building over the last 18 months, so it’s about time that we celebrated God’s goodness to us. After all, He is the One who started this renewal of our church for His own purposes, glory, and will. I like being a Calvinistic Presbyterian because I’m continually reminded that however I serve the Church, both locally and internationally, it doesn’t accrue any merit for myself, my ambitions, or my prestige. I work in the Church and minister to God’s people because that’s how I serve Christ. Anything that I undertake, accomplish, and complete is for God alone and His glory. To paraphrase the motto of the Scottish Presbyterian Women’s organization, as a Christian all that I need in my life is this: To know to Whom I belong and to know Who I serve. Continued on pg. 3...

Joe Jaynes, Choir Director

Independence Sunday

Rebecca McCurdy, Youth

This year, Sunday, July 3 is the nearest worship day to the 4th of July. As always, we’ll be celebrating our freedom and faith at Erin. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed in red, white, and blue.

Karen Stump, Christian Ed.

“The God who gave us life…also gave us liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1774

JULY BIRTHDAYS 1—Kim BlanchardPennington 1—Patty Britton-Pierce 5—Harry Boyd 5—Cathy Erskine 5—Mike Sharp 6—Carolyn Gahan 7—David Draper 7—Jodi Geschickter 9—Jean Johnson 10—Ron DuBois 10—Chloe Levering 10—David White 11—Pat Sexton 13—Noah Foster 13—Marion Sanks 14—David Frierson 15—Edie Yeager 19—Robert Hewgley 20—Liam Quinn 21—Courtney Backous 22—Stuart Lynsey 24—Ron Roberts 26—Amanda Murphy 29—Bob McLean 30—Katie Bailes 30—Dave Leckie 30—Mary Scarbrough 30—Jackson Sharp 30—David Stinnett 31—Becca McCurdy Need to add or change a birthday? Contact Jenny Dell in the Church Office at 588-5350.

NEWSLETTER Submissions to “The Beacon” are due on the 20th of each month. Your articles may be submitted by calling 588-5350 or by sending an email to

Pentecost Offering Thank you for your support of the Annual Pentecost Offering. This year’s offering totaled $533.00. The General Assembly’s portion (60%) provides leadership development opportunities for Presbyterian youth and young adults and supports children-at-risk programs at the national level. Since 1998, Presbyterians of all ages have raised more than $8 million for these ministries that benefit younger members of God’s family.

Church Office Closed Please note that the Church Office will be closed on Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.


Let’s hear a great big “Thank You!” to everyone who helped with Vacation Bible School in June! We had 64 children and raised $195 for our charity, Heifer International. With the money, the children have decided to buy a flock of chicks and ducks, a trio of bunnies, and a sheep for a village in need. If you loaned a prop or decoration for VBS, you may pick those up in the Library. Special thanks to our volunteers...

Welcome, Jenny! Jenny Dell is our new Administrative Assistant, and she is already bringing about new and positive changes as to how our church is organized. If you want to see and experience some of those changes, come and visit Jenny at the office, or give her a call just to introduce yourself. It takes a while for someone to get to know a whole church community, but Jenny is dedicated and focused upon doing that as soon as she possibly can. With your encouragement and warm welcome, Jenny will accomplish many things for the betterment of Erin and to the glory of God. —Pastor Stuart

Let’s Do Dinner! Do we have the correct phone number, mailing address, and email address for you? If not, please call the Church Office to have your current information recorded in our database.

VBS News & Thanks

Tuesday, July 5 at 5:15 pm Chop House, Franklin Square Contact Mary Scarbrough at 691-8658 or Barbara Brazelton at 693-3749.

Asst. Directors: Kristi Bailes Joy Bornhoeft Tribe Leaders: Stacie Armsworth Kim Pennington Dusty Pennington Diana Chappell Madeline Stinnett Farrah Linkous Charles Snodgrass Julia Hoskins Kelcey Levering Jennifer Gahan Storytellers:

Amanda Murphy Cynthia House


Justin Bornhoeft Dave Stinnett Larry McKay Dale Webb


Keith Stump Suzanne Levering Kelli Crisp Cecelia Stinnett Lynne Jones Sherry Draper Kelly Justice David Eggers

Kitchen Work Day, July 9 You've heard of “Spring Cleaning,” right? Well, the Fellowship Team has scheduled a “Summer Cleaning” of our kitchen and Fellowship Hall on Saturday, July 9 at 9:00 am. With Wednesday Night Dinner and other programs on hiatus for the summer, this is the perfect time of year to clean and reorganize the kitchen. We plan to clean out the pantry and fridge, inventory and organize storage, and clean all major appliances (freezer, refrigerator, stovetop, ovens, and dishwasher). Volunteers are needed and all are more than welcome! Wear your work clothes and bring some “elbow grease.” Cleaning supplies will be provided.

Game Night, July 15 The Fellowship Team will host a Game Night on Friday, July 15 in the Fellowship Hall. Miss seeing your church friends at Wednesday Dinner? Tired of the summer heat? Bored with TV reruns? Then come inside and join your friends for a night of games, cards, snacks, and good fellowship! Look for details in the Sunday bulletins.

East TN School of Laity Interested in learning more about your faith? Curious about our Presbyterian heritage? Thinking about the possibility of becoming a Commissioned Lay Pastor or accepting other leadership roles? Then the Presbytery of East Tennessee has an innovative program just for you. The School of the Laity is offering the two-part class, “Bible Study for Interpretation & Application,” at Maryville College on July 9 and 23 (9:00 am—3:00 pm). For registration information, please call Elizabeth Watson at (865) 671-4132.

Pastor’s Message ...(Cont. from pg. 1)

Thank You! Erin Youth Players thanks everyone who supported and attended the June production of Children of Eden! The Creative Expressions (CEX) Team is hard at work planning some exciting opportunities and events for the Fall. Look for more information in the August newsletter, or talk to any member of the CEX Team.

Tithing & Spirituality Many people think tithing is all about money… giving more money to the Church and to charitable causes. However, the most important thing for the tither is the spiritual effect. Tithing helps establish a proper sense of values. Tithing helps us to remember that God comes before all else and everything we have comes from Him. Erin is working to grow and improve what we have to offer to current members and potential new members, and we cannot assume that someone else will take care of the giving. If we approach things that way, we will not realize our potential. Real growth will not come from someone else “taking care of it.” So, you must initiate action, respond to need, and be the first to act and to give. Make things happen. Only if we all "take care of it" will we be able to really make our church grow and become what it can be. Tithing is putting God first in our lives. In effect, tithing is saying, "Thank you, God, for all the blessings you have given me." —The Stewardship Team

A couple of months from now, the church year will recommence. We’ll each be given many opportunities to serve God in various ministries, missions, programs, and projects that He will call us to undertake and accomplish. New people will come on board various teams and their talents will be used to strengthen the congregation, as it seeks to help the community. We will be busy doing something beautiful for God, serving Him faithfully, praying to Him frequently, and worshipping Him weekly. And no matter what we do, it will have a set purpose: to glorify God and not ourselves. So, let’s enjoy the summer break. Let’s thank God for the wonderful year that’s just been completed. Let’s make and take time to quietly allow Christ to refresh our spirits, renew our souls, and restore our hearts and minds to His peaceful ways. His kindness regenerates our commitment; His love revives our congregation. May God bless us all.


July 2011 SUNDAY







Weekly Sunday School 9:30 am

4 Office Closed

5 Let’s Do Dinner 5:15 pm

Weekly Handbells 6:30 pm

14, 28 MOPS 9:30 am

Weekly AA 8:00 pm

9 Men’s Breakfast 8:30 am

Discipleship, Fellowship, & Property Teams 7:00 pm

Choir 7:30 pm

Yarn Overs 6:30 pm

15 Game Night Time TBA

Kitchen Clean-Up 9:00 am

22 FISH Pantry

16 Breadbreakers 6:30 pm

Worship, Nursery, & Children’s Enrichment 11:00 am

11 PW Circle 7:00 pm 11, 18, 25 AA 7:30 pm

EPC Youth 5:00 pm

12 PW Circle 10:00 am

Chill45 6:30 pm

Staff Mtg. 6:15 pm

3 CEX Team 12:30 pm

Stewardship 7:30 pm

21 SAM Council 10:30 am SAM Lunch 12:00 pm Session 7:00 pm

Sr. High Group Returns from Montreat

Outreach 12:30 pm 10 Sr. High Group Leaves for Montreat 10, 17, 24. 31 DaySpring 4:00 pm Such Is The Kingdom 5:00 pm

ERIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 200 Lockett Road Knoxville, TN 37919-4808 Ph: (865) 588-5350 Fax: (865) 584-7775


Right Spirit 6:30 pm Erin Express 7:30 pm

OUR VISION To be a hearth of faith; a lighthouse in our community; a beacon of God’s Word.

Erin Newsletter - July 2011  

Monthly church newsletter of Erin Presbyterian in Knoxville, TN

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