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July, 2012

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A Message From The Pastor I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. (Psalm 130 v5) Dear Friends, __________________________________

July 1 2:00 pm Youth Players Show 4:00 pm Personnel Meeting _______________________________ July 4 Independence Day Church Closed _______________________________ July 13 & July 14 8:00 am Mom’s Club Consignment Sale _______________________________ July 18—July 22 Middle School Montreat _______________________________ July 19 7:00 pm Combined Session and Stewardship Meeting _______________________________ July 20 Newsletter Deadline _______________________________ July 29 11:00 am Book Club Discussion (Peace Like a River)

I can remember a time when I took a short cut through a Rev. John Stuart local subdivision in order to by-pass many traffic lights as I was driving. Unfortunately, the subdivision’s sidewalk was being repaired and I had to wait in a long line of cars that had been temporarily stopped by a worker with a red flag. So much for my intended short cut! It took me twice the amount of usual time to reach my destination. Most of our days seem to be spent waiting. Waiting in line at the checkout; waiting to be seated in a restaurant; waiting in a doctor's office; waiting for results; waiting for a letter; waiting for a connection; waiting for the traffic light to change. Every time we wait, it slows us down and we get impatient with other people and ourselves. We want everything to happen quickly, instantly, and to be speedily over. But consider what the psalmist wrote long ago in the verse above. Each day God gives us moments to wait for Him. We can call them quiet times, alone times, holy times. Sadly, some days we are in too much of a hurry, or working too hard to appreciate those precious moments as sacred learning times to be with God. If we were meant to be in a hurry all of the time, God would have given us four legs instead of two. He wants us to walk with Him and wait for Him. He wants us to talk with Him and tarry with Him. Too often, hurrying leads to worrying over issues, whereas waiting leads to relating with God. Whenever you find yourself waiting throughout this month, receive the ‘wait’ as a holy moment to tarry with God. Prayer: Lord, teach us to wait and rest a while in Your peace. Help us to turn those moments of impatience into precious times of drawing closer to You. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen.


JULY BIRTHDAYS 1—Kim Pennington 1—Patty Britton-Pierce 5—Shawn Bailes 5—Harry Boyd 5—Cathy Erskine 6—Carolyn Gahan 7—David Draper 7—Jodi Geschicket 9—Jean Johnson 10—Ron DuBois 10—Chloe Levering 10—David White 11– Pat Sexton 12—Noah Foster 14—David Frierson 15—Edie Yeager 19—Robert Hewgley 20—Liam Quinn 21—Courtney Backous 22—Lynsey Stuart 24—Ron Roberts 25—Barb Luedeka 26—Amanda Murphy 29—Bob McLean 30—Jason Cable 30—Dave Leckie 30—Mary Scarbrough 30—David Stinnett 31—Becca McCurdy



Erin Members attended the connectionalism meeting at 2nd Presbyterian Church on June 23rd

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VBS campers listen intently.

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Ranger Kristi and some happy VBS Campers

For those who would like to keep in touch with Sue Rayburn, her new address is: Sue Rayburn The Hearth at Hendersonville 419 E. Main Street, Apt. Hendersonville, TN 37075 Telephone (865) 318-5448

Erin Kids Enjoy Summer Camp At the John Knox Center Submitted by Joy Bornhoeft

Several of our Elementary and Middle School youth will enjoy summer camp at the John Knox Center this June and July. And one of our Senior High Youth, David McKay, is living and working this summer at John Knox. Operated under the Presbytery of East Tennessee, the John Knox Center is located in the rolling hills of East Tennessee with miles of lake front shoreline and picturesque sunsets. The center also is home to the River Ridge Environmental Education Program, offering hands on programs for a variety of grade levels and sizes. The Camp John Knox summer camp program has been the heart of this ministry for 50 years. Camp programs include: Marathon Camp: a 2 week long traditional camp experience Night Owl Camp: where kids stay up late, sleep in, and eat breakfast at “lunchtime” Native Ways Camp: an American Indian themed camp where “tribes” learn about firebuilding, outdoor cooking, leatherworking, canoeing, and archery Day Camp: sessions available for kids age 4 – 10 years old Other camp activities include swimming, waterskiing, a ropes course, and crafts. The children of Erin are busy this summer with a variety of activities: camps, Montreat, VBS, Youth Players Play, swim lessons, family vacations, etc. Please take time to ask the children about their summer break – I’m sure they will be excited to tell you all about it!


CLOSED FOR THE SEASON It was a successful week of Vacation Bible School here at Erin Church! We had 31 children in attendance, 7 youth helpers, and 23 adult volunteers. The children had a great time at Crafts, Games, Music, and Bible Story where they learned to trust in Jesus and his promises of True Peace, True Power, True Love, and True Hope. The kids also learned about the Living Waters for the World Mission Project. They got a “hands-on” demonstration of a water filtration system and actually filtered “brown” water through a miniature model of the system. Throughout the week, the children collected just over $93 in spare change to donate to Living Waters for the World. Thanks to the Outreach Team, Mike Pierce and Larry McKay, for leading this year’s VBS Mission Station. Many thanks to our volunteers, parents, kids, and congregation for your dedication and support of the VBS program!


Let’s Do Dinner! and the Senior Adult Ministry We'll be "mee5n' at the river" in July. SAM, and the "Let's Do Dinner" crowd are going to Calhoun's at the Ft. Loudon Marina, just south of Dixie-Lee Junc5on, Wed., July 18 for lunch buffet at noon. Price for their bounteous buffet is $11.50 per person, plus tax and gratuity (about $14.80), so come hungry to get your money's worth ! We'll have a view of the boat docks, the river and ducks (inside in the air condi5oning). And of course you can walk around dockside, even out to a li?le shaded park area. We also hope to be able to take a tour of a new Spanish-style Roman Catholic church nearby. This luncheon replaces "Let's Do Dinner" in July. Please call/email Donna Schall (531-1788/ schalldon@a?.net) or Barbara Brazelton (693-3749) by July 17. On June 10-16, the High School Youth Group a?ended Montreat Youth Conference in Montreat, NC. Seven students (along with their chaperones, Rev. Stuart, Jus5n BornhoeF, and Elizabeth Snodgrass) spent the week worshipping and learning about God’s purpose for their lives. This year’s theme was “Perfectly Imperfect”, and the speakers did an excellent job rela5ng the daily scripture lessons to the discussions held in Small Groups. There was lots of singing, dancing, and silliness at Montreat, but there was also an abundance of God-filled discoveries and growth for everyone a?ending. On Wednesday aFernoon, during conference free-5me, the Erin group spent their 5me and energy working in a community garden in Asheville, as part of the Asheville Youth Mission project. We weeded, mowed, and harvested fresh vegetables and herbs for the local community to enjoy, and it was a great opportunity to serve and embody the AYM’s mission statement, taken from Teresa of Avila- “Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours.” The Middle School Youth Group will be a?ending Montreat Middle School Conference at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, on July 18-22. Four students and their chaperones will be learning about this year’s theme, “Rooted in Love” and what it means for their spiritual journeys. The combined High School and Middle School Youth Groups will be presen5ng a worship service and Communion for Erin Presbyterian on Sunday, August 5th at 11:00 am. The Erin Church will have the chance to see and hear some of the things we’ve learned and enjoyed at Montreat- songs, prayers, scripture readings, and maybe even an energizer!! This is an excellent chance to share in the Montreat experience with our youth, so please join us for worship and Communion on August 5th!! Without the spiritual, financial, and emo5onal support of the Erin Church community, none of these opportuni5es for our youth would be possible. Thank you so much for everything you give and do in support of these ministries, for they are truly life-changing experiences for our young people!!

No Sunday School classes in June or July Throughout the summer, we’re going on to an early church service time of 10:00AM during June and July. This is mainly because there are no Sunday School classes taking place, which gives our volunteer teachers a much deserved respite. It also means that everyone will get out earlier so that we can all enjoy a summer ful lof Sundays. The pastor will continue to write 2-3 devotions per week which can be read online or sent to you by email. These devotions are based upon the follow up readings that are printed in the worship bulletin on Sundays. The scripture readings and devotions only take about five minutes to read and convenient way of keeping you connected to God and the church throughout the summer months. ------------------------You can find the pastor’s devotions online at his Heaven’s Highway website at: Alternatively, you can sign up for these devotions to be emailed to you by sending an email to Michele at: Just put a request in the content of your email about wanting to subscribe to the devotions and he administrator will set it up. You can also do this from our church website at Have a terri>ic Summer!


The more that we live our faith in our daily actions, the more that we experience the fruits of our faith. In living out our belief in God’s gracious giving, the more we open ourselves to receive His blessings.

GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET Profit & Loss Year-to-Date Comparison (Through June 28, 2012) Jan 1 - Jun 28, 12

Jan 1 - Jun 28, 11





Income Creative Expression Income Pastor's Good Discipleship Income



Fellowship Income







Stewardship Income Memorial Income









Creative Expressions Ministry



Property Team





Outreach Income Offerings PW Income Total Income Expense

Discipleship Team



Outreach Team



Stewardship Team





Fellowship Team

Worship Team



Memorial Expenses














Pastoral Ministry

PW expenses Payroll Expenses Total Expense Net Income 6

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Profit & Loss Report (Through June 28, 2012) Jun 28, 12 Income 40000 · Capital Campaign 41800 · Non-Pledged Giving 41900 · Pledges 45000 · Memorials Total 40000 · Capital Campaign

86,854.04 964,322.00 5,558.48 1,056,734.52 1,056,734.52

Total Income Expense 60000 · Expenses 60100 · Administrative 60200 · Building and Property Security Total 60000 · Expenses

55,622.58 141,054.57 196,677.15 196,677.15

Total Expense


Net Income

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: Statement of Cash Flow (Through June 28, 2012) Jun 28, 12 Income 40000 · Capital Campaign 41800 · Non-Pledged Giving 41900 · Pledges 45000 · Memorials Total 40000 · Capital Campaign Total Income

86,854.04 964,322.00 5,558.48 1,056,734.52 1,056,734.52

Expense 60000 · Expenses 60100 · Administrative 60200 · Building and Property Security Total 60000 · Expenses Total Expense Net Income

55,622.58 141,054.57 196,677.15 196,677.15 860,057.37


Telling Stories: Why Sunday School Maers By Kim Jaynes Stories are important. Long ago people told stories about the world and about their ancestors. Even today we like to hear our family’s stories (“Grandpa, tell us about when...”). Stories are especially important to our faith. In Sunday School stories of Mary and Paul and Moses show us how to live. We study the parables and we get the point. We tell the big story of Jesus, and what He accomplished for all humankind. We find strength in others’ stories. Faced with a divorce or job loss, we remember someone shared a similar struggle in Sunday School and it reminds us God is in control. By sharing our present stories – even the unfinished, messy ones – we gain the support and prayers of others. Many adults first believe in Jesus aFer hearing someone else’s story. A WWII veteran described in Sunday School how God protected him behind enemy lines. When a younger member faced cancer, he remembered that story. He prayed in the hospital late at night, and has been a believer ever since –all because of a story. Kids love stories. Even li?le ones hear the story of crea5on and know God made them, too. They learn about Noah, and David and Goliath, and Esther, and how these people were blessed because they followed God. They hear Jesus’ story about the lost sheep or the lost coin, and know they are loved more than anything. Through Bible stories, too, they learn about honesty and compassion. Middle and high school kids hear different stories, and some of the “heroes” they find in books, movies, or TV may not be the best ones to emulate. Sunday School and youth group provide a lens through which to view these new role models, and see how choices play out in light of the Bible’s teaching. At this age they ques5on and learn to think for themselves, and stories about how Jesus and His followers thought and reasoned and lived are more cri5cal than ever. Many young adults turn away from the church. They’re not equipped to determine whether new concepts are compa5ble with the faith they learned as kids. They aren’t always grounded in what they believe or why, and “because I was brought up that way” is no longer good enough. They just haven’t heard enough stories. If they’d heard how Dietrich Bonhoeffer opposed Hitler’s dictates when most just went along, and why Chris5ans around the world sacrifice everything to establish God’s kingdom where they live, they’d know why Jesus makes a difference. And if they’d heard adults they respect talk about how important Christ is to them even on ordinary days they would want that for themselves. Sunday School is all about stories: your stories and my stories, stories about Chris5ans today and those who have gone before. Most of all it’s about Jesus and God and the stories recorded in the Bible. We invite your whole family to join us in Sunday School this fall to hear the stories – and share your own.


July 2012 SUNDAY







1 Communion 10:00 am

2, 9, 16, 23, 30 AA 7:30 pm

3 Discipleship Mee5ng 7:00 pm


7 Session/ Stewardship Combined Mee5ng 7:00 pm

13 Mom’s Club Consignment Sale 8:00 am

14 Mom’s Club Consignment Sale 8:00 am

Youth Summer Show 2:00 pm

6, 13, 20, 27, Bulle5n Team 10:00 am

Personnel Mee5ng 4:00 pm 29 Book Club Discussion 11:00 am

AA 8:00 pm

1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Nursery begins At 10:00 am Worship & Planet Worship 10:00 am Erin Express 6:00 pm



NOTE Please check the web calendar for up to date informa5on for crea5ve programs during the Summer, as changes may occur frequently. 9

Sanctuary Renovations Through the month of July, a lot work will be taking place in the sanctuary. This will involve rebuilding the platform and choir areas; taking down the speaker towers and replacing them with better ones; putting down a new carpet; painting the sanctuary walls; and refinishing the windows. To accommodate this, we may have to worship for two Sundays in the Fellowship Hall on the 8th and 15th of July. When the work is finally completed, we will have a special celebration to give thanks to God for these wonderful blessings. Look for more details in future issues of the newsletter!

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OUR VISION: To be a hearth of faith; a lighthouse in our community; a beacon of God’s Word.

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