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Dear eZWay Magazine Readers and Influencers: When asked to be Editor In Chief of this prestigious magazine, I was both humbled and honored. This has been such a labor of love and I am so grateful for the experience and for being part of the eZWay family. Thank you to everyone on the Magazine Team who helped make this issue such a “sizzling” success! It’s so hard to believe we are here in Summer 2020 amid a pandemic. May these pages bring you newfound hope and opportunity as we face something never before encountered. Stay healthy and please take all precautions. We will get through this together. Stay strong in your faith, remain positive and believe. I remain Truly Yours, Angelique Marie - Editor In Chief, eZWay Magazine/ 2020 Ms. Elite U.S., Woman of Achievement

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brian white: excelling at life

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ERIC ZULEY “The King of New Media” to host ON! Channel by Brookshire Lafayette I have known Eric for nearly a decade now, and have always believed in his talent and business mindset. As I have done in the past with my talk shows, and now that I am the Chief Content Officer and Partner for the ON! Channel, I wanted to do what I could to help highlight Eric’s hosting skills and "The Best of Eric Zuley Interviews," was the perfect place to start. Myself and the ON! Channel are super excited about the premiere of Eric’s show on the ON! Channel and looking forward to all of our collaborations to come between Eric, eZWay Network and The ON! Channel. The ON! Channel may be new to some, however, it is the premier streaming platform for people from all around the world to watch with over 400 hours of content from award-winning producers, directors, and talent to independent content creators. Welcoming all completed content ranging from



films, content,




documentaries, including



podcasts and talk-shows from a range of different Producers, Directors, Host, and Authors in the industry throughout the world.

In addition to the online streaming service the ON!

Channel also has its digital magazine & TV guide which highlights the channel, the content and its creators, talent, advertisers, sponsors, partners, and affiliates. You can find The ON! Channel right now at its website, www.theonchannel.com and in April 2020, all mobile apps will be back up and it will also be available across all digital platforms and devices including all Smart TVs through Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and Apple App Store.


addition, we are also available on ROKU, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire Stick TV and soon on all Blu-ray DVD players, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation game consoles. Subscriptions are $2.99 Monthly and $29.99 for the year with 7-days free on all New Subscribers.

Check out the ON! Channel Digital Magazine and TV Guide Issue One: - New Issue coming April/May https://theonchannel.com/pages/check-out -on-magazine-issue-one Check out what's on the ON! Channel. Click links below to view the trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlGNe4 mS9Hk&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tAqX7 N5xEc&t=5s Website: www.theonchannel.com 11

“Virtually Speaking” – Today’s New Normal to Live Events n the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and our need to shelter in place, live, in-person business conferences, summits, and events have come to a screeching halt. While today’s circumstances are challenging, they present a big opportunity and can inspire event promoters and hosts to get creative in how they continue to build their communities, increase engagement and deliver events and content in new and powerful ways. Enter the new normal -- virtual events! Imagine being able to amplify your message and share your wisdom from the comfort of your own home. Imagine, as a speaker, being able to expand your reach to events you may have had to turn down in the past because you could not be in two places at once. Imagine no travel hassles, better time management, increased efficiency, and a huge expansion of opportunity. Virtually speaking, prior to COVID-19, I experienced firsthand many hosts’ resistance to holding meetups and events virtually. Today, hosts’ and promoters' eyes are now open to the possibilities of how virtual events can expand communities during this pause with in-person events and going forward. While there is some stress that goes along with organizing a virtual event, like managing the marketing and promotion, exposing the before, during and after on social media and figuring out the right technology (Zoom, StreamYard, Remo Conference and more), it is far easier and less expensive than the planning, marketing efforts, host team assembly, setup and teardown of any live-person event. Virtual events allow you to engage with your community and followers more frequently and allow attendees to participate on their time with the option of attending the live event or watching the recorded and shared versions at their leisure. As a host, you can grow your audience by encouraging attendees to host watch parties and to share the event links both live and after the event. You can change up the format of your event for example, instead of everyone delivering a talk, you can do a Q&A or a panel and invite others to comment and engage with a speaker. You can test out new, up-and-coming speakers that you may consider for future in-person events. You can include some great emcees to make your virtual event fun and engaging, and delight attendees with last-minute surprise speakers. You can also pull attendees into the broadcast to speak or share their comments in real-time. You can share videos and add other creative content to mix things up. The sky's the limit, and these are just a few of the ways to level up your virtual events. As a motivational speaker and thought leader, I was personally thrown for a bit of a loop, given that I had been spending over one third of my time speaking at in-person events all over the world. As an extrovert and a people person, I thought, how will I be able to handle zero face to face time with my fellow speakers, interesting hosts, amazing event staff, and of course, the inspiring attendees. With many years of speaking at some of the top ranked events in the country and my recent foray into some exciting Worldwide speaking engagements, I was concerned my momentum could suddenly stall. But over these past few months, I have been a keynote or speaker for previously live events that have transitioned very successfully into virtual events including: Secret Knock, CovAID Business Festival, Habitude Warrior Global Virtual Summit, eZWay Wall of Fame Virtual Summit, The Stimulus Summit, The Conscious Entrepreneur Mastery Summit, Ignite Your Power from Within, and Dominate the Decade. I have also participated in several great Podcasts like: The James Dentley Show, Millionaires in Training, Baby Got Backstory, In Your Mind, The eZWay Show, Success To Significance, Daniel Gomez Inspires, Network of Influence, The Buildify Method and, Angels, Exits, and Acquisitions. This list plus many others is literally magnitudes more than I could ever do if they were in-person events. One of my personal takeaways as a keynote speaker is how I have had the opportunity to share more of my story beyond starting and scaling businesses. I have found that these virtual summits and events create a space to open up and be a bit more vulnerable, sharing stories about the personal side of my life that resonate with audiences. Some of the new topics I have covered are talking about what made me who I am today, sharing my backstory and how I’ve tackled personal obstacles. This has allowed me to have a more personal and authentic connection with audiences. In closing, I’m willing to bet that virtual events are here to stay. I believe they will remain in the mix even when in-person events resume. This means the time and effort you put into creating, hosting, attending or presenting today is time well spent as your learning and experiences will be the foundation of the virtual events of the future. Entrepreneur * Speaker * Mentor * Investor "America's Startup Success Expert" Co-Founder, Constant Contact Co-Founder, Reacher Grasper Cane Co-Founder, Most Cardio Limited Partner, G20 Ventures c: 617-834-3738

https://www.linkedin.com/in/alec-s-3b6a94196 https://twitter.com/AlecStern https://www.instagram.com/alecspeaks https://www.facebook.com/alec.stern http://www.alecspeaks.com alecstern@gmail.com


Getting Off the Hamster Wheel of Fear! by David and Joanna Hairabedian

Have you unwittingly become addicted to the hamster wheel of panic, fear, and stress during this pandemic? It would be easy to do, with the constant media blasts of fear, doom and gloom. They have created an unhealthy atmosphere, negatively affecting the emotional well-being of the public in the name of “keeping you safe”. When people operate in a constant state of fear, their bodies respond to the fear emotion. The fear emotion releases negative hormones like too much cortisol, which in turn can lower your immune system. Today we’re going to help you come out of agreement with fear, doom and gloom with some practical applications. The Power of Declaration: There is nothing more powerful that the words of your mouth. Words are like a knife and carry energy. Negative words have been spoken at you from various sources. Now, with the power of your own words, you are going to break off fear. Declaration: Say loudly with emotion (this is key). “I come out of agreement with fear. I renounce accepting it through various sources and reject it. I take authority over fear and command it to leave and be completely dissolved in the power of love.” Do Breathing Exercises When we’re in fear, our breathing can become shallower and we aren’t breathing properly. Breathing is an excellent way to calm down the body and the mind. If you’ve been in a place of fear, you have to retrain yourself to come out of it. Take a deep breath right now. Breathe into through your nose, letting your belly fill with air. Hold for three seconds. Slowly exhale through your mouth. As you are exhaling allow all the negative energy to release out of your body. Repeat this a couple of more times. Do this three times a day and notice the results. De-escalate a Stressful Situation During this time with one or both parents at home or having to homeschool, tensions can be high. To deescalate a stressful situation, before you speak, try counting to ten and be silent. Take a deep breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing the body to unclench. Then make your statement or choose to walk away to calm yourself down. Allowing you and the other party to cool off. Time to walk in faith instead of fear.

David, a critically acclaimed author and marketplace minister, and Joanna, a gifted singer, songwriter, and Ms. America 2019-2020, were divinely brought together in marriage and are known as “The Power Couple”. Their unique individual gifts come together in synchronicity and harmony when they minister and work together to help transform lives.


Streaming Art & Music for a Virtual Future By Kendra Muecke


With events moving online in the face of a current global crisis, artists and entrepreneurs are relocating their in-person performances to live-streams and virtual presentations. Many of these online events are in benefit of non-profit organizations, community centers, relief funds, and are shining a light on creatives in their unique fields. Through this article, we will take a look at how the entertainment and music industries are founding a new path for New Media in the future and the methods to which their programs are taking flight. First look is at Concetta and Mauro Colangelo with their song “World Lullaby” for the World Lullaby Project. The idea behind Colangelo’s song is to share a feeling of comfort amidst a world that feels out of sorts. He saw how families and friends in his native country of Italy were not able to congregate due to COVID-19; thus, the song “World Lullaby” was written with the chorus reading, “Even though we are far away, our hearts grow closer everyday, and if I can’t kiss you goodnight, I’ll send you my love in this lullaby.” Our in-depth look at the live-stream performance of Concetta (located in Boston, MA) and Colangelo (located in Italy) revealed that more goes into these showcases than just signing onto Zoom and pressing record. The preparation-time for these music events is crucial, especially since musicians rely heavily on good sound quality and being able to hear the other accompanying instruments. For our second example, We spoke with Barry Hinkley, founder of Yot.Me on this topic. Watch our full 15-minute interview here. Barry’s company, Yot.Me, recently helped organize an online fundraiser and musical event benefiting Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The entertainment based event included performances by twelve notable artists, such as Josh Bell (renowned violinist), Jimmy Buffet, and more. With attendees purchasing tickets and high- profile musicians donating their time via song, Barry tells us, they decided to pre-record performances. 14 These pre-recorded videos were then played throughout the night alongside a live emcee leading the show. This allowed for all the content to be pre-packaged and ready to air.

Our third example is a reoccurring nationwide family-friendly event called Camp Quarantine. The weekly show began on March 27 and occurs every Friday night during the duration of the COVID-19 stay at home orders. The idea is to have those stuck at home build a pillow-fort, set up a tent, make s’mores, and camp out in their backyard. I was honored to be featured during week two of their event held on April 3, 2020. The camp-at-home stream included guided meditation, an expert on creating PPE (personal protective equipment), filmmakers, music producers, singer/songwriters, and a how-to- guide on wilderness survival. Camp Quarantine aims to spread smiles and raise funds for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund. Watch along to our completely live-produced show here. In a time of uncertainty, we can channel our unease into creativity. When all is said and done and the rubber meets the road, art and music has moved online to stay. This provides even more numerous opportunities for content creators to shine through live-streams and pre- recorded shows, even when physical in-person events return. ______________________________________________________ Links: https://youtu.be/OUASDFby3TA?t=48 “World Lullaby” https://youtu.be/sAS58k8DVCg?t=3 ‘Interview with Barry Hinckley’ https://campquarantine.splashthat.com ‘Camp Quarantine’ https://youtu.be/Iuv7Mc2UKtg ‘Camp Quarantine live-produced show’

www.kendraelisabethmuecke.com https://songwhip.com/artist/kendra-and-the-bunnies “Kendra & the Bunnies” https://youtu.be/1iYg7TMN9X4 “Amity Teen Center show here.” https://linktr.ee/kenbunny “learn about me via my website, music, books, and more.”

Kendra Muecke is a singer/songwriter, writer, actress, and published author. Performing musically under the name “Kendra & the Bunnies”, she is a folk rock americana artist with a psychedelic poetic edge. Her style heavily utilizes the element of storytelling through song, painting a creative experience for the listener. She has released two albums, debuted globally at #64 on the digital radio charts, published two books, writes for several online music magazines, is SAG-Aftra Eligible, and tours nationally. She is known to support and volunteer with Strings For Hope (based in Nashville), Artists For Trauma (based in Los Angeles), and Smoke-free Music Cities (a National organization). She graduated from 15 Pepperdine University with a BFA in Theatre Arts and attended the Musicians Institute in the Independent Artists Program. Her mission is founded on peaceful collaborative experience and shared understanding.

Member Spotlight Theodosia McLean Positively Impacting the lives of Others Theodosia McLean

eace and Blessings to all I just want to take this moment to say thank you for welcoming me into the EZWay family. About a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. James Zuley while attending an International Interreligious World Wide Peace Prayer Conference in California. I was fortunate to be one of the speakers at the event with a mission of peace and unity and also I performed a song. I Am, Birth Mother of One Son and Three Daughters, but known Worldwide as "Mother Tee" for my Mission Reections of The Covenant "Healing The Hearts and Minds of Youth" I'm the C.E.O. Of Proven Family Transformation Counseling System. I'm an Ordained Bishop and An Inspirational Motivational Coach Speaker and Family Counselor. I'm a Mystic and Divine Healer. Since 1983, I've been on a Mission of Healing the Hearts and Minds of Youth and in 2011, My horizons broadened as I was hired as A Motivational Coach and Speaker to help Successfully transform the lives of adults through relationship problems. I have the Gift of Prophecy and Spiritual Divinity and have been able to Bless many because of it. I've had the privilege of being trained by Mark and Shannon Grainger, Big Impact Live. I'm a Graduate of Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and I'm one of the Performers in the movie "FAME." My personal love is Opera Music; however I do sing most types and genres. Each and Every day I strive to do something that will help someone advance in becoming a Better them than they were the day before. It matters not how much I've learned in life, what matters most is How I Positively Impact the LIVES that I come in contact with. I know that being a part of The EZWAY FAMILY IS A PART OF GOD'S DIVINE ASSIGNMENT FOR ME IN THIS SEASON. So I say to everyone that gave your time to teach us during the Summit, THANKS FOR Dedication and YOUR LOVE. You are appreciated. PEACE AND GRACE!


Member Spotlight

Roman Apodaca

Roman Apodaca

by Angelique Marie

oman Apodaca is a man of God. Family is everything to him. He has 2 sons, 2 daughters and a loving wife and he wouldn’t be the man he is today without them. He’s been in the Film and TV industry for over 20 years. He started as an independent filmmaker, actor and model. He was the youngest filmmaker at the time to produce a full length feature film in 35mm. He has also been in high-level Security for over 17 years. With the two in tow, he now interweaves the two professions with his international show. It was launched in 2008 and is called The Armory Dog. The hobby turned into a major success. On the show, they test gear in a real-time scenario. If the product performed well, it was endorsed. He built his name because he never slammed anyone and always worked with integrity. He quickly became a huge success that led him to do what he loves, which is helping others. He stands for human rights: equal rights for all men and women and works to end sex trafficking. He works independently as a professional courtesy with a team of executive personnel, military rangers and high-level security officers. They fly out to locations and start tracking to investigate and bring justice to and for sex traffickers and missing persons. He is also an animal rights activist. By rehabbing soon-to-be euthanized pitbulls, he instead trains them to work with people to go back into the workforce or be put back into loving homes as service animals with persons with disabilities. Everything he does started with no funding but they hung in there to make a difference, and that is exactly what they do. His message? Believe in God and pray every day. God loves you and He will always be there. His legacies are his children and their friends as they are the future. Roman believes they need more guidance because the world is a much different place to live in. Times have changed and people lack opportunity. He's grateful for all he's learned but it's been very difficult at times. We can't make it alone. He is a generous, giving soul. He wants to stay humble by giving whatever he can and to create opportunity. He takes his difficulties and learns from them and strives to turn it into something positive. He has a passion for finding missing kids and his goal is to “save at least one life per year.” He encourages everyone to ask, “What would God do?” He lives his life by giving back and doing his part to see the world go in a better direction. He asks those who can to “put your money where your mouth is. Take action in your community, volunteer and give back.” He can say this because he walks the walk- he doesn’t just speak of it. He also believes in teaching children with a loving hand and teaching them the value of money and hard work. Roman’s four golden nuggets are: 1- Stay humble. God is the foundation. Family is everything. 2- You can't give up. You may have to adjust, but never give up. 3- Love what you do. God has given us gifts He wants us to use for the higher good. 4- Be happy for others around you. Don't get bitter and mad when good things happen to other people. Stay positive and be happy for them.


The Artist’s Process Perspective Opportunities for Every Artist!

By Matt J. Doyle

Welcome to The Artist’s Process Perspective. In our previous article, we talked about our true perspective to continue showing all of the Artist’s great performances, and their pursuit to further success. For this article, I would like to share my perspective, regarding the lockdown we are in, and what Artists and Producers can do considering the situation. We have had to take measures other than the traditional, to continue with our shows. For example, we filmed our current episode in two different locations, so we were not at the same location at the same time. We filmed our parts separately, and then joined them together in the editing room. It appeared we were having a phone conversation. We also created a show called TAP Interviews, in which we originally filmed Interviews at events. However; because of the Pandemic, we had to change this and do live streaming interviews on Streamyard, as events were canceled. My tips for Artists and Producers are to do something similar for your shows if possible. For Artists especially, doing live streams may be vital to your work and for self-promotion to continue. We are really facing some major obstacles during this Pandemic and lock down period. In the meantime, we hope you can be creative and move forward with your work and careers. Please remember that The Artist’s Process continues to broadcast online, and on the eZWay TV Network. Until my next article, goodbye and good luck in your life endeavors. Best, Matt J. Doyle.

Matt J. Doyle was born in Australia and migrated to America in 2003. He is now an American Citizen. Prior to his acting and producing career in Hollywood, California, Matt studied performing arts in the early 1990’s at The Actors Center Australia. He also started his martial arts training in Muay Thai Kickboxing simultaneously. He then achieved a Diploma of Modeling. Matt J. Doyle has been intensively trained at Aaron Speiser, Margie Haber, and Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studios in the 2000’s. He has also worked on several mainstream productions, as well as student and indie films, where he learned filmmaking and how to produce his own productions, in addition to his acting career. For all the latest information on Matt, please visit MattJDoyle.com

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TV Spotlights

TV Spotlights my 10 minute stories In our first article, we introduced you to our show and our host K.J. Bradley. For a quick recap please see the eZway magazine spring 2020 edition. Since we last caught up with KJ Bradley there has been a tremendous increase in interest and buzz for his show My10minutes Stories. There have also been several changes to the show with an added segment where veteran business owners will be allowed to send in and pitch their ideas in order to win a stipend for their business from KTA Investments Group, LLC. The focus of interviews has evolved as well. While still focusing on the successful transitions of Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Spouses and community leaders, the show now includes those unfiltered firsthand accounts of tragedy, triumph, and redemption. Unfiltered and straight from the source, as we set out to capture those gems once only shared by the fireside and passed down from generation to generation. Overall, the show has shown tremendous progress in its first few months and seems poised to accelerate to and through the next level. If you are interested in being a guest on the show please contact kjbradley@ktainvestments.com with the subject line Guest. We are also accepting sponsorships and donations to continue bringing you those first-rate stories that will melt your heart and inspire you to greatness at the same time! You can catch the new season of My10minutes Stories airing on the eZway Network starting August 26, 2020, at 8 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Flower power tv My professional background is in the legal field. I was the office manager and senior litigation paralegal for a boutique firm in North Phoenix for over 7 years. I have been in the legal profession for over 13 years and decided to start my own company, PaperTrailz, LLC. My goal is to help small businesses succeed. I developed a systematic approach that helps my clients on all levels. Communication with their employees, their clients, update procedures and train employees. I am the Cleaner and I am the Enforcer when it comes to your business. As my business developed, I realized I wanted to bring more to my Client. It was right under my nose… My husband and I co-founded a film studio in 1997 in Arizona. I was lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented individuals and became inspired to add some creativity into my work. Like I said, it was right under my nose… I can CREATE!! Whether it is creating a website, flyer, creating a video, developing a program for media or just drawing, it has been a beautiful balance. I have encouraged my clients to tap into their creative side for their businesses and I’m seeing BIG SMILES. I have mentored both men and women. I teach the basics: computers, common software and simple bookkeeping. Pretty standard in all businesses. All but a few obtained better jobs. We can always recreate and adjust to the times. RIGHT? This is why I was so ecstatic to have been part of the eZWay Virtual Summit! The opportunities and the tips for success were AMAZING!!! I have gone back to the event to watch some of the Speakers I missed during the Virtual



WOW! Thank you. I appreciated the words of

encouragement and the heartfelt rawness! I am blessed to be part of the eZWay Family. By the way, STAY TUNED! I am getting ready to launch a new talk show on the eZWay Network called Flower Power about holistic Health ! Still in pre-production, BUT SO very excited! Thank you Eric Zuley and Denise Millet Burkhardt!

Kenneth K.J. Bradley is an Army Veteran, the founder of KTA Investments Group, LLC, Actor, Producer, & the creator and Host of My10minute Stories.

Dana Rose Castaneda-Ritter CEO, PaperTrailz , LLC www.papertrailz411.com Host of Flower Power TV Co-Founder, CFO- Colossal Studios



True wealth builders understand that money

Jeffery Combs grew up in small-town Clarinda, Iowa.

gives you the ability to create impact. It’s not about just “having” more of it; it’s about creating a legacy for yourself, your family, your community, and your world. That’s why eZWay TV is so thrilled to be launching The Wealth Builder TV Show with host Jeffrey Levine. He’ll be interviewing leaders and wealth builders from around the world. Their own journeys to wealth, as well as their inspirational stories about how they use that wealth, will inspire, encourage, and motivate YOU on your own wealth building journey. Jeffrey realized years ago that, despite his success in the financial industry, he’s not “just’ a money guy! As the co-founder of Carnegie Principle Success Mastermind and an executive producer and cast member in the newly released, Beyond the Secret: The Awakening, he brings his passion for mindset and his love for personal growth to the table as well. Wealth building involves so much more than just your assets and your bank account; as you’ll see when you watch the show, TRUE wealth building is a mental game as well! As Jeffrey interviews powerful leaders and influencers that have a track record of building and maintaining wealth, he’ll be asking them questions like:What is money all about? ● What can money do for you? ● What can money do for others, and for the world? ● What was your “turning point” in your life or business that changed everything? ● What advice would you give to someone at the beginning of the wealth building journey? ● What is the connection between money, wisdom, and wealth? And more! Your host, Jeffrey Levine, has been a frequently featured expert on radio, talk shows, and documentaries; he’s also spent years as a dedicated commentator for both Channel 6 and 13 news shows. He skillfully gets to the heart of what really matters in an interview, and makes sure you walk away with value from every episode. Tune in to the Wealth Builders TV Show and begin building wealth TODAY!

He knew early in life that corporate America would not be his career. In his teens and 20s, he mentored under 3 millionaires while living in Kansas City and Los Angeles. In this time, Jeff struggled with alcohol and drug abuse to the point where his addictions became his life. Jeff experienced DUIs, Public Intoxications, and Drug arrests. As Jeff tells it… “In December of 1988, I hit rock bottom. I ended up in a county detox with delirium from my alcohol abuse. I made a promise to myself that if I survived, I would get back to living my dreams and commit to my recovery.” Jeffery did just that. At 31 years old, Jeff became clean and sober from all addictions and has been COMPLETELY sober for 32 years. Even though he became sober, there were still many struggles for him along the free enterprise journey. Anxiety, resentment, disappointment, and anger were all still very relevant emotions in Jeff’s life. He had several failed business ventures before really figuring things out by the 90s. In 1990, he started his first network-marketing venture where he became a 7-figure income earner, and dug himself out of $100,000 in credit card debt. For the next 8 years, Jeffery mastered free enterprise. He became a millionaire in the network-marketing industry before starting his own business in 1998 known as Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. Today, Jeffery still runs that company and is a world-renowned author, speaker, and success/addiction coach who specializes in separating feelings from past events in a process called letting go. Jeffery has coached over 12,000 clients and 60,000 one-on-one hours. He has published 5 books including a #1 on Amazon’s Best Selling list and has been featured on news channels such as Fox, ABC, and CBS. A note from Jeff: “Here’s what I want you to understand… Every day is a gift of 86,400 seconds. 1,440 minutes. Learn how to have an emotional presence that keeps you in the game, one day at a time, over a long lifetime. Let go of the past events that shape your feelings and learn to live in the result.”To receive a FREE 20 MINUTE COACHING CALL, contact Jeff by FB Messenger (https://www.facebook.com/jeffery.co mbs) or email Jeff directly at jeff@goldenmastermind.com

Radio Boomers Live!

Not just for Baby Boomers… by James Zuley A special thank you to all our Radio Boomers Live listening audience along with Eric Zuley, the founder of EZWay Broadcasting for having RBL on his network. It has been an inspirational two years hosting RBL with my co host Reatha Gray who was Betty White’s co host on, Off Their Rockers. Our show is quite unique incorporating nostalgia via our interviews with notable individuals from the fifties and sixties to the latest in the world of technology via Reatha’s ”Tech Time” reports. We have interviewed over one hundred guests with a wide range of backgrounds. Individuals in health, business, entertainment and retirement sharing their expertise and often their talents through a song. Our engineer also post our guest website information/ pictures during their interview. Our show also keeps our listeners up to date with current events via my “news updates” segment. This is a fun, informative and entertaining show that although has a connotation that attracts an older audience, RBL is actually essential listening and extremely beneficial for our millennial generation. Many enjoy the music from the earlier era and find many of our reports and interviews interesting and informative. Most of our younger listeners are with the many that follow the EZWayNetwork, others tune in fortuitously. One thing is certain, if they listen and take notes, it will literally secure their retirement. Our guests have included Kate Linder who starred in The Young and The Restless for forty years; Alec Stern- co-founder of Constant Contact; Brian Willis- founder of V.I.P. Billionaires Elite, International Financier & humanitarian; Jeffrey Levine- Attorney and wealth building expert; Ken Bradley- producer of Ten Minute Stories; Lisa Reid- founder of Speaking Gigs Now and OC Speakers Network and Jason Spann- founder of Xspannsion, just to name a few. Our engineer posts our guest photos and website information throughout their interview. RBL also keeps our listeners up to date with current events via my “news updates” segment. If all this is not enough, Radio Boomers Live has another very special segment called Carmelita's Corner, hosted by the extremely talented Carmelita Pittman. Carmelita is well known in the Hollywood celebrity circles and brings her wide circle of influential, talented friends to our show as her special guests. Carmelita is also a gifted and talented singer, dancer and songwriter herself. We are also becoming more interactive with our listeners reading their comments during our show. We invite you to tune in to Radio Boomers Live on Monday morning at 10:00am PST on the EZWay Broadcast Network. Who knows, we may see your comments and have you on our show. Till next time, keep moving, keep the faith, Radio Boomers Live signing out ! God Bless!


Want to be on the Front Cover, Back Cover or inside the magazine with your own Blog or AD? Share your message, views and brand while our amazing magazine team does the work for you! Pricing:$ 100 (BLOG - 200 WORDS / A HALF PAGE) $ 200 (ARTICLE- 400 WORDS/ FULL PAGE) $ 150 (QUARTER PAGE AD) $ 250 (HALF PAGE AD) $ 500 (FULL PAGE AD) $ 1000 (BACK COVER) $ 2500 (FRONT COVER & 4 -PAGE FEATURED SPREAD)

Contact: Angelique@eZWayNetwork.com


Heart Talks TV

Tell your story. Save a life. By Pattie Godfrey~Sadler

HeartTalks is created to remind us that we are divinely created for greatness. There is not one soul that is not significant or less important. Literally, every single individual has to endure some kind of struggle or hardship to become the diamond that they are. Without the hard stuff, we don’t become as strong or bold. Many are passionate about bringing that experience to the light so that others can be inspired and grow, knowing that for them, it is possible to come out on the other side. You have a story in you. You are the light. If you take the time to tell your tale, you could literally save the life of another person. If you could organically reach that one soul that needed to hear your story just to make it another day, wouldn’t it be completely worth it? Wouldn’t it be important enough for you to take some kind of action? What if you were given a platform to do just that. Share your story and save a life. HeartTalks is the essence of suicide prevention and being bold to hold another up. To give light to those who are in the darkness and can’t see another way. Our purpose is to inspire others to take action and share their stories. Somewhere in the midst of all these experiences, the darkness can be lifted and you can inspire others to find their true potential. My vision is to have a global impact on the lives of literally every person in every corner. Those who were previously unable to be found can now be reached with social media and the worldwide internet. Those who were burdened can be supported to achieve more happiness in life and find a reason to live life to their fullest, whatever that looks like. There are people struggling in every community, some more than others, but each life lights up this globe. Why can’t we take action and change everything? eZWay Broadcasting has provided us an amazing opportunity to use the media to reach the masses. It is now a viable platform that is more accessible than ever. Wouldn’t you like to share your story and broadcast it worldwide? Apple, TV2GO, ROKU, AMAZON FIRE and all the other streaming devices that were previously unheard of. There is no excuse any more. The time is now. We take a stand now! We make sure that our stories are echoing to every space in the universe and we loudly declare, YOU ARE LOVED! We take responsibility as entrepreneurs to ensure that others can have the opportunity to shine and grow to be their best. New Life Clarity Publishing and eZWay are combining their efforts to create such a platform. HeartTalks will be airing in the fall all across the eZWay Networks. People will be dropping their hearts on the floor to save a life. Why don’t you join us? Have your own spot in our platform and reach the masses. We are not stopping until people heal and start sharing their stories too. This does not end here. It becomes such a wave of importance that no one is left behind. This is how it gets done and how to create a space for Suicide Prevention. Please join me and learn how you can help today. 24


HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PRODUCER Nowadays, the new norm is really streaming. You really can’t go on social media without seeing a live feed. This really is the new way to be visible. If you haven’t transitioned from “Brick and Mortar to Broadcast” you might want to read this carefully. The best way to start your own podcast or stream: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Make sure to have a laptop or desktop computer that has good processing speed and ultimately 16GB of ram or more, because streaming does take resources. Be sure to have good internet speed (at least 20 mbps or higher) to avoid lag time and buffering Make sure you have a professional looking background. Green screen recommended. Be sure to outline your stream and set up bullet points. Know your knowledge. Prep the interview and make sure you have many visuals like video and photos. Don’t just sit there and talk. Use the share screen option on your remote streaming device. If you have an interview show then it's mainly about your questions and the interaction. Make sure you are interacting with your audience. Remember, it's more about the audience and your guest then you. Music is everything! Have good uncopywritten music behind you and ready to go! Sound effects! Sound effects can boost your show 50% to the viewer. Think of the tv sitcoms- most of the show is hand clapping and other sound effects. Incentives. Always have incentives ready to capture data when you are doing your show. Have a good landing page to send your traffic to to collect emails. Intro’s Breaks, fillers, commercials. These are all things that will make your show come across more professional and help you get subscribers. Have a Blast! Connect with your guests and you will connect with your audience, thus leading to more subscribers.

Speaking of Marketing & Promoting… The following people did an incredible job promoting our eZWay Wall of Fame Virtual Summit by watching, commenting, sharing, holding watch parties and spreading major love on social media! They will be awarded The Golden Promoter Award! Congratulations to: Theodosia McLean, Peter Mendham (eZWay Fam), Forbes Riley, Alec Stern (Speakers), Denise Millet Burkhardt and Pattie-Godfrey-Sadler (eZWay Team),

They will each be receiving an Official Awards Certificate, special feature on the Wall of Fame, an additional 500 points, as well as being featured in eZWay MAgazine! 27

“Brian White Is Excelling At Life” by Dante Obligacion All photos courtesy of Rowan Daly- Photographer

“Red told me how to really play the game and explained how the world had changed as it pertained to education. He said if you go to one of those big schools that recruited you elsewhere, you’ll be playing checkers not chess, and it’s all about chess!”

“Red said that Lacrosse players can call each other up at any time, get together and sit and talk with each other for hours anywhere, any place and any time!” How immeasurably insightful.

“I was the only boy and the oldest with five sisters,” which is an “enormous responsibility and I felt that I was fighting for their equity not their equality. I was the alpha male and it was truly very humbling.” “My Godfather was Red Auerbach, and he was actually the one who told me to go to Dartmouth.”

“Lacrosse and its analytical advantages over football as it pertains to thinking and harboring positive visions for the future.”

“Living up to the standard that being woke mandates; being authentic.”


“Mom was my hero! I have five younger sisters and my Auntie played a huge role as did Grandma. You see, Boston is a multiracial community where people are experiencing classism not racism!” “I get that from my Dad, a first ballot Hall of Famer and subject of the film “Glory Road.” My sister's godfather was M.L. Carr. I was taught to be the best you can be. We had a blue-collar nest! You see, what I am working for doesn’t get celebrated, which is excellent!”

“Don’t be afraid of roles as an extra.” “I am a writer and “that know” comes from my Mom. I must be authentic to my vision, I can’t divorce myself from it. My first movies which were “Me And Mrs. Jones” and “Redemption,” I learned to exert my thought to one take! All you can do is leave it on the field. One of Kenny Leon’s best projects was working with me on “Ambitions,” where I knew I needed to deliver what Kenny sees. He always says “Get the shot!” “You must be about something” “you should always present your best self”

“I am always about the writer.” Tyler Perry once told me I had to audition for a particular role, but I had never played a bad guy. I’ve never understood the bad guy and couldn’t see myself fighting with a woman, that’s just not who I am. The passions I experienced led me to Co-Chair a UN counsel position.” Do actors and actresses typically show up on their days off like Meryl Streep, to read with other actors helping them to hit their marks? “Yes!” “I was trained by “The Shield” TV series to read with people on my days off. It was one of my first real dramatic roles. Michael Chiklis won best actor. He was on the phone for every take when he wasn’t there to make sure he was present on the shoot. We possessed “Blue-Collar Ethics” and strived for perfection in our scenes.” The humility and compassion in his characters recalls the years of drive and discipline he endured growing up, and the volatility of perfection was displayed in his role as the antagonistic dance leader in the film “Stomp The Yard,” which makes “Media” the glass ceiling. Playing the President of the United States might be too easy a role for him, but it’s a presence White habitually projects on screen. If acting is “to pretend” then it should be easier to portray someone that you are passionate about, however, with moving audiences to feel as the primary goal. Few thespians answer the bell in epochal fashion like White. Some actors just seem like directors when they’re performing!

All photos courtesy of Rowan Daly- Photographer


hich thespians move your emotions? “I watched Claire Danes during “The Family Stone” have to shoot a crying scene with Sarah Jessica Parker six times, and she literally pulled it off every time,, slightly different per take, but she pulled it off!” “I also watched Angela Bassett, one of the greatest ever to do it, go from laughing and joking about not being prepared for a serious scene that day, to immediately getting called up to do the same thing Claire did. She stood up, looked the other way, her facial expression totally changed, her body shrank a little bit, she went out there and nailed the scene perfectly, having to cry and it was a comedy!” White’s level of preeminent intensity lends itself to historic world leaders of our past. If I were recruiting actors to play motivational speakers, he would be one of the first ones I would call. As ubiquitous as African American actors are in the entertainment industry today, there are those who indubitably stand out! Whites prone posture possesses a pleasantly intimidating persona revealing the virility necessary to beguile audiences, allowing him to be highlighted.

Rowan Daly- Photographer

Sicily Tyson said, “actors in our community need to be careful with the roles they choose to play,” is that still important? “Absolutely, our roles are of major importance to our youth in this industry. In “Ambitions” we are out for gain and purpose, we are sort of Trumpeon’ in our ways. The Lancaster’s and Carlisle’s struggle over power where one family is powerful and white, and the other is powerful and black, but both are at the top of their games. We’re different from the “Cosby’s,” “Fresh Prince” and “7th Heaven.” The realization of picking the right roles to further a community's plight towards positive imagery is paramount and adds to the intrigue of his quest to better the struggle by creating a new narrative, one in which minority roles in television and film are unambiguous. Where does dance fit into all of this? “Dance is everything! Everything I do has a rhythm and music to it, for its vibrating! My mind and body are constantly asking what they are moving to. The music lives in your body.” Brian is one of the busiest actors in show business, with entrepreneurial endeavors, the charities he supports, the self-empowerment positions he holds and the responsibility of remaining a consistent force in the characters of suave, debonair and distinguished gentleman- a plateau he achieves with startling regularity. White’s approach to acting commands viewers to remain focused on his characters and the multidimensional presence he exhibits on screen all too often allows White to render himself “Colorless,” which is 30 an unfathomable attribute!

Just when I was thinking he could become one of the best directors in Hollywood someday, he “one-upped” me by revealing his plans for the ON! Channel as their new President! He will be changing the narrative with a drive towards bettering the visual landscape. “At the ON! Channel we want to move the needle.” “It’s not enough to stand and watch! Number one, we support minority owned companies like ON! It is one of our primary focuses. Number two, at the ON! Channel, June 12, 2020, “Redemption” is going to be replayed where I play the son of a network mogul.” You’ve got to be ecstatic right? “Yes!” “I am proud to be the President of a minority owned business with two other minority partners and equally as proud to be able to showcase our vision. I come from a diverse tapestry and I consider myself a global citizen, believing that we should celebrate our differences!” Having creative control over content allows Brian a way to speak without speaking and cultivate the way we think while challenging us to remain curious. It’s an enormous gift of responsibility which he welcomes.

“We’re interested in Data, it’s all about Data, and “Snap Call,” which will revolutionize the technical landscape and remain a primary force in technology. “We have a waiting list to check out our programming and July is a big month for the company. We are also extremely and deeply devoted to charity endeavors.” White admits “I haven’t really spoken out yet, I’ve just been waiting for the right time, but I do have something to say. I am a unifier applying diversity. It’s healing and cathartic and I believe in effective solutions and change!” His vision and purpose will sow new seeds of irrefutable transformation in the industry at the ON! Channel as a pragmatic perfectionist mastering the insight into substantive aspects of challenges leaving no stone unturned. Much praise is given to his absolution towards the perfection he continually exhibits in his work and the tireless effort he puts into bettering world dichotomies. With at least fifteen producing credits and a couple of ventures into directing, he has eclipsed the quadruple-crown of “writing, acting, producing and directing.” He is actively involved in self-empowerment, multiple businesses and charities which is why EzWay partnered with this like-minded individual who is helping us make this world a better place by winning victories for humanity one day at a time.

At EzWay Broadcasting we acknowledge how we want to live our lives in a positive sphere, then determine what we are willing to put into it, challenging ourselves to be the best we can be at all costs, with no regrets. Our cultivation of necessary antidotes and desire to advance agendas, while uniting people, ensures a segue into epic new directions.


Virtual Summit 2020 Speakers’ Snapshot The first ever eZWay Virtual Summit 2020 was a true success! Held virtually on May 29 & 30, 46 speakers from around the globe shared their success stories and showed how you could benefit from what they’ve learned and taking your business to the next step- all around the theme, “From Brick & Mortar to Broadcast.” These next couple of pages will highlight some of the honored speakers and what they had to share... David Meltzer:, Co-founder of Sport 1 Marketing, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Top Business Coach Topic: The Consistent and Persistent Pursuit of Your Potential How did your speech integrate the topic of "From Brick & Mortar to Broadcast" and what is the key message you'd like our readers to take away? My speech shared my own personal story of how I went “from brick and mortar to Broadcast” during my career, and the lessons I learned the way about happiness, success, and empowerment. The key message I'd like everyone to take away from my speech is to consistently and persistently pursue your potential, no matter what that potential is. Look for the light, love and lessons in life, as one particle of light can light up millions of particles of darkness, How has being on the EZWAY Wall of fame benefited you? Being in the EZWAY Wall of Fame has given me the opportunity to connect with other successful people and influencers, and share my message of empowerment and happiness with others. What is your opinion of the ezWay Virtual Summit Stage experience? The ezWay virtual summit was an incredible opportunity to interact with the audience, and I enjoyed the “Digital Handshake” at the end, answering questions for attendees. How has your faith played a role in your business growth? Most people don’t understand that faith is a currency. It is an object we put into the flow in order to get what we want. The more faith we have in ourselves, our values, and our potential, the easier it becomes to manifest what we desire. What are three golden nuggets you'd like to share with our readers? Be a student of your calendar. That means studying it every day and night, looking at the things you have scheduled, the “white space” in your calendar, and your sleep, with a lens of productivity, accessibility, and gratitude. The easiest way to change your life is to learn to say “Thank you” when you wake up and when you go to bed, because it will give you a positive perspective on your life. To me, happiness is the consistent (meaning every day), consistent (meaning without quit) pursuit of your potential. What's your next venture in the upcoming year and what would you like to promote? For over 20 years, I've hosted weekly Friday trainings in my office, sharing tactical and pragmatic advice to empower others to pursue their potential, in business and in life. With the current environment of COVID-19, I've decided to go virtual and open up the opportunity to join these sessions, so that I can continue providing as much value to people as possible. 32

FREE training sessions every Friday at 11am Pacific Time ~ https://dmeltzer.com/training/

Virtual Summit 2020 Speakers’ Snapshot Steve Brossman: The Authority Catalyst Topic: From Influence to Income. How to stand out in your market and attract a consistent stream of high value clients. How did your speech integrate the topic of "From brick and mortar to Broadcast" and what is the key message you'd like our readers to take away? I showed how traditional business owners can move from being service providers competing on price to Create their Authority Position and Build Outcome Based Programs that can be delivered for a higher fee. I showed how to integrate Videos, Online TV and use their BLUEPRINT to accelerate Results. How has being on the EZWAY Wall of fame benefited you? Connecting with quality like minded professionals and exposure to the eZWay Family. What is your opinion of the ezWay Virtual Summit Stage experience? A fun way to get exposure to a larger group of people and for others to get to know the real person. How has your faith played a role in your business growth? Starting my first business in an economic downturn and survived 4 others, my faith has kept me going. What are three golden nuggets you'd like to share with our readers? 1) Your Perceived Position Predicts your Profits. .. Too many people Suffer from Brown Box Syndrome I.e. Look and sound the same as everyone else. You need to create your unique Authority Position to have a change in this competitive World. 2) Sell the Payoff not the Process. People don’t buy what you do! (So don’t talk about what you do and how you do it too much) They buy what it will do for them. 3) Create a Blueprint: So you can sell the system not yourself What's your next venture in the upcoming year and what would you like to promote? In the next month I will be launching my new book! It is based around Creating “Your Personal Enterprise” TM & Living life on your terms … A culmination of 40 Years in business, Competing and Coaching at the highest level. It is a Blueprint to take responsibility and control and boost personal and professional success.


Virtual Summit 2020 Speakers’ Snapshot Alec Stern: “America’s Startup Success Expert” Topic: Pillars for Achieving Startup/Small Business Success. Early Days Lessons Learned How did your speech integrate the topic of "From brick and mortar to Broadcast" and what is the key message you'd like our readers to take away? When starting or scaling a business, you need to get in front of your customers and solicit feedback from your target market. Taking the time to ask about their vision, challenges, goals and objectives, and what they want to achieve, is time well spent. Then, present your product or service and get feedback. Are you saving them money, time, addressing other pain points or increasing revenue? This feedback will help you shape your offering to meet their needs. Then, focus on what will set you apart from your competitors in areas like your go-to-market strategy, business focus, channels, branding and messaging. Once you start to obtain some business, you’ll want to discover or create different ways to gain additional exposure, deepen your current customer relationships, and attract new ones. Alec’s Pillars for Achieving Startup/Small Business Success will provide you with proven strategies and tactics that you can efficiently and effectively implement quickly and easily. How has being on the EZWAY Wall of fame benefited you? Most opportunities in my life and in business have come by way of authentic connections. Often these connections haven’t been directly tied to my own existing “sphere of influence,” rather they have come through it. The eZWay Wall of Fame has allowed me to connect with folks I might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. And, the caliber of the connections I’ve made on the eZWay Wall of Fame is top notch. What is your opinion of the ezWay Virtual Summit Stage experience? I was honored to be a speaker for the eZWay Virtual Summit. There were so many amazing speakers, many of whom I call friends. I walked away with some great, actionable learnings. It was inspiring to experience how engaged the audience was and hear all of their thoughtful questions and comments. What are three golden nuggets you'd like to share with our readers? 1. “A No Means, Not Now” – Alec Stern We will often hear “no” when pitching our product, company, customers, strategic partners, and investors. Many “No’s” come from simply not being aligned on timing, etc. With persistence, you can turn a “No” into an opportunity to nurture the relationship and make it a “Yes.” 2. “Accomplishments are Something to Build on Not Rest on” – Alec Stern If you have a successful call with a strategic partner, customer, investor, etc. what do you do next? Most people answer, celebrate! My advice is to make your next call as the energy that you bring forward will be felt by others. Keep building on your momentum, and celebrate your success at the end of the day. 3. “Look Big, Act Big, Become Big” – Alec Stern In the early days of almost any business, perception is everything. Think about the simple things you can do to help others perceive you as more established and credible. One easy but often overlooked tactic is branding your email address. Instead of using @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc. secure your own domain and enjoy instant credibility by branding your email address @yourcompanyname.com. What's your next venture in the upcoming year and what would you like to promote? As an award-winning motivational speaker, my current focus is to share my message at events both in-person and on virtual stages around the world. If you need a speaker, I will bring original, compelling content, real world experience, humor, and engagement to your next event. Let’s talk about some of34 my popular speaking engagements and topics that fit the requirements of your event and the needs of your audience.

It’s Time to Focus on “Long Distancing” by Alec Stern As we find ourselves without all of the traditional opportunities to connect in business including face-to-face meetings, conferences, and routine office collaboration, we not only need to adapt but, even better, take this invaluable opportunity to step out of our routines and find innovative ways to connect. Surrounding yourself with a strong group of people that you can rely on to share ideas, collaborate, and get feedback from is one of the keys to success in business and in life. While we are practicing social and physical distancing, we have an opportunity to reset and refocus on what I am now calling, “long distancing.” We all have our networks of family, friends, colleagues, coaches, customers, partners, and mentors. And yet I cannot tell you how many times I hear the words “I just don’t have time to network.” No more excuses. Now is the time to engage in “long distancing.” Dust off your contact list. Take some time to go through your memory, your email, LinkedIn, and other social channels. Go back in time and start to reach out to those from your past who were most influential to your present. It is time to re engage with your sphere of influence and come out of this challenging time stronger and better than ever before. But first, take this time to evaluate your virtual presence. Polish your LinkedIn profile, update your website and social channels. People you are reconnecting with will go to these channels to take a look at what you’ve been up to in order to prepare for a conversation. Next, remember, the most important part of reconnecting is actually connecting. Lead the conversation providing value, being interest-ed and interest-ing. Ask “What’s keeping you busy these days? What are you working on?” Provide the opportunity for individuals in your network to share what is most important to them. Then ask them, “How can I support you?” This is the power of authentic connections. Your assistance could come in the form of an ear, an opinion, a connection, and so much more. From there, they may ask, “What can I do for you?” You need to be prepared to explain what you have been doing, what you are focused on and what kind of support you may need. This is your opportunity to rekindle and strengthen your relationships with people who have played an important role in your life before while opening the door to brand new connections with others. In other words, you may uncover one-on-one or two degrees of separation from each of your connections. I have been practicing what I am preaching here; taking this time to update my virtual presence and reaching out and reconnecting with many people in my network and from my past, and I have been amazed with the opportunities that have come from my doing so. I can almost guarantee you will be surprised at what will come from engaging in “long distancing.” Once you begin, your world becomes larger, the wheels start turning, ideas and suggestions start flowing. It’s go time! Let the reset begin! Take time now to engage in “long distancing” reaching out to your past sphere of influence and see what magic you can create in your present and future. Connect with Alec: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alec-s-3b6a94196 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlecStern Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alecspeaks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alec.stern 35 Website: http://www.alecspeaks.com Email: alecstern@gmail.com

A Word from our Founder…. Get FREE Marketing & More Followers! How do you get free marketing and more followers? Join the eZWay Wall of Fame. When you have a profile on the eZWay Wall of Fame you get a points box which we call eZWay service currency. eZWay and eZWay Wall of Fame members offer services on the eZWay Wall store which can be purchased by traditional currency or eZWay points. How do you earn eZWay points? When you follow someone, you share something or you bring something to the table, we add points to your account. Example: Ralf, one of our wall of famers built his way up to 250 eZWay points and then wanted an ad in our magazine. Well he went to the shop section of the website and found that item, clicked on add to cart and then selected the option for purchase with eZWay points and now he has credits to be in our next issue of eZWay Magazine which is a $650.00 valued ad. This didn’t cost him anything accept for his time and putting forth effort in spreading the love. How do you get more followers? Share your profile link and do live streams bringing attention to your profile link. Earn eZWay points and use them! The marketing you purchase will get you more visibility, awareness and followers. You can use your points for website ads, wall of fame blog posts, live stream interviews, getting on our ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON and larger distribution, getting into our magazine, consulting services and so much more.. GO TO OUR MENU and click on SHOP and try it for yourself. How else do you get followers? Subscribe and stay on top of our eZWay stage and event opportunities. Our stages receive an average of 200-500 new pre-registered tickets and we always have big names! We’ll see you on our next stage!


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Culture with Kendra: New Media in the New Age by: Kendra Muecke / www.kendraelisabethmuecke.com

Oftentimes we say the mother of all invention is necessity, and necessity is what puts coal in the engine, hammers to steel, planes to flight, and feet to pavement to create more of what we want to see in the world, understanding that with a new day comes a new horizon. This is where the entrepreneur lives... amidst discovery, knowledge, and growth at all times, even in those uncertain. The mettle minded use the tools they have, in the place they are, to buoy further along the sea of success. And here we are today in a new age filled with close ties of communication, yet such far distances between individuals. We’ve been stuck at home. I’ve been stuck at home. When March 2020 rolled around and regulations about self-isolating were put in place, I had to move my entire schedule online. I didn’t skip a beat though. Maybe, it’s the musician in me mixed with the millennial that signaled it was the dawn of New Media. . types of media from before on an amplified level, New Media is interesting because it includes all often including a live-stream element. Thus, the emphasis is about creating a ‘brand’ of yourself and solidifying your image as an avatar. It’s the ultimate version of ‘we can’t control what people think about us, but we can influence it’. I find New Media is centered on creating a narrative or timeline throughout the course of your content that paints a picture of who you are am a singer-songwriter, performing under the name Kendra & the Bunnies, and in 2019, I played in various states all around the country. As February 2020 began, I went on a winter tour in promotion of my song release of “Silent Sleeper”. It was splendid to travel around and connect with fans in-person. I find it so cool that folks in Pennsylvania had found me online, and they were excited to come see “Kendra from California” perform. Even before the nationwide lockdown had begun, I was starting to utilize live-streaming at my performances. I would be in a venue playing to 50+ people, and also simultaneously streaming to Facebook. On Facebook, I started getting about 100 views each show. This means for live-shows, I was tripling my reach. Then C-19 started. I remember talking on the phone to my parents on March 1 from Chicago O’Hare airport. My dad was telling me to stock up on groceries immediately when I got back to LA. I am glad I took his advice too. I am a bit in awe, how overnight everything can transform. On March 14, my first show ‘cancellation’ or show postponement happened. I switched online, because the music never stops. Since C-19 has been going on, I have played 35 shows and counting online. These shows have been in collaboration with venues, community centers, non-profits, and online radio shows throughout the nation. I’ve been virtually touring all around the country via live-stream crossposts on Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, and Skype. Yesterday, I played at the Amity Teen Center in Woodbridge, CT, and the week before that I performed for the Coast to Coast USA Cyber Music Fest 2020 based in San Antonio. You can watch the Amity Teen Center show here. It’s all about perspective, and a beneficial perspective for now: is seeking one’s renewed purpose via online and New Media broadcasting. We are all collaborating in this together. It’s time to be heard, because there are people at home looking for guidance from leaders. We ask you to make that podcast, launch your live show, or blog boldly. Your voice is important. With the EZWay Community, we have access to the brightest 40 minds in the world and the most dedicated individuals for creating purpose in Hollywood and beyond. Time to virtually connect.

IS MUSIC JUST MUSIC? Music in a new world… by Schroeder Nordholt Allow me to explain to that part of your brain that isn’t sure it gets a deeper understanding of what this headline is suggesting, even though we both know you kinda do lol. We all have certain tracks that just make us explode, some we’ll sing along to, some are neutral, some could live without and some we just don’t resonate with at ALL. We’re all somewhat aware of these distinctions, everyone’s taste is different and that’s totally ok and also not what this article is about lol. I want you to think for a second about the fact that we only use 10% of our brain or whatever it is. But they’ve shown over and over again now how simply by listening to music, it activates other regions of the brain and in different combinations than normal, increases memory & learning, boosts our immune system, reduces anxiety, and a plethora of other benefits both known and unknown.. Now I want you to think about the music you would usually listen to in proportion to the part of our brain that we use versus its potential, so 10%. Now consider for long enough to take one deeeeeeep breath, ready, and INHALE…….: the possibility of music and sound having properties which allow for whole different sets of how it affects the listener and environment in general, AND you consider listening to it while simultaneously practicing any given activity known to boost brain function beyond the 10% like yoga or even just deep breathing, the possibilities are mind-bending. We’re talking quantum level s$%& here guys. Now, think about how if someone were to grab 2 pots from the kitchen and start banging them in your face. Your negative response isn’t because you’re afraid of being assaulted physically, (depending who it is doing the banging lol), but that’s exactly how it feels. Or, and not to turn this dark, but just to make the point and drive it home, most have heard of the idea of sonic weapons and sonic warfare? So they’ve obviously figured out how to do great damage using sound and frequencies. It’s just the same coin flipped over. It guarantees the fact we can make great healing and beyond with it too… There are known and unknown frequencies which can stimulate all kinds of responses on a vibrational level. It opens a quantum range of possibilities if we incorporate the science of sound with masterful music composition, and purposely using it for our advancement. I know you didn’t ask but I’m just saying’ lol. For myself I can’t unlearn what I’ve learned and I incorporate all of it in my work. SO for example the has specific properties such as 432hz and geometrical symmetry in the rhythmic structure - not saying it’s going to heal the world lol but it has something “different” and have a listen and post your comments what you feel. I hope reading this allows you to think differently and more importantly FEEL the music next time you crank it. I’m leaving you with a cool exercise to try. Below are 2 links. One is to a Coldplay song. The 2nd is the same song but tuned to 432hz. It will take a few moments to adjust your hearing, but notice what’s happening in your mood, your body, anything. And feel free to comment with any observations. https://youtu.be/opPV1-IUmGw https://youtu.be/rLZ_6UhGNeE Schroeder Nordholt https://wall.ezwaybroadcasting.com/members/schroeder/. https://www.mymusictheme.net/ (613)706-0446


Summer Fashion: Positive Vibes By Nikki Singel Putting on that pretty face & looking good in your video camera seems like its all you need to do during this pandemic. As nothing is certain, we are all hoping that things won’t affect us as summer quickly rolls around the corner! We want to remind ourselves what Fashion really is, and the favorite styles you might be able to get out and “strut” as the economy starts to pick up in Summer 2020. Summer 2020 Color Trends to lookout for include Red (Scarlet), Yellow (Saffron) and Blue (Classic Blue) as your Bold Primaries. Summer Fashion Colors include, Biscay Green (Refreshing aqua), Chive (Olive), Faded Denim (Comfort Blue), Orange Peel (Orange Tang), Mosaic Blue (Mystic Ocean Blue), Sunlight (Buttery Yellow), Coral Pink (Warm Pink), Cinnamon Stick (Earthy Brown), Grape Compote (Purple). Summer Classic Neutrals include Lark (Versatile Khaki), Navy Blazer (Deep Blue) Brilliant White (Clean Cotton), Ash (Solid Gray). The NYFW 2020 Color of the Year is a Classic Blue! Color Description: Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. (NYFW PANTONE COLORS SHOWN BELOW) Neon Shades play a large roll in Summer 2020 Trends, they are too bold to wear every day, and too bright to pass unnoticed. Make sure to have at least one of these acidic colors in your wardrobe this summer (Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue). With the onset of summer, neon is guaranteed to remain at the peak of popularity, because hot, sunny days and bright shades are just created for each other. Don’t forget about those Punchy Color Combo’s in Pink and Orange, screaming “Summer Fun”! These look great with any Summer Skin Tone ☺

Polo Crop Tops 13 |


Corset Tops

Summer Suiting

Bermuda Shorts

Summer2020 Essential Silhouettes Feminine Florals

Maxi Dresses

Sexy One Piece Suits

Belted Long Length Trenches

Midi Dresses

Unfortunately, not much has changed from spring to summer for these primary colors and how to wear them. You will pretty much find these colors mentioned above in solid and prints in any retail store online. Shop the store of your choice! As far as summer trends consist of, you might already have most in your closet from last summer.

Rainbow Sherbet: Light Pinks, Warm Corals and Minty Aqua’s are great for a retro summer! You will also find this color Palette in Tie Dyes this Spring Season! These playful colors can be paired with each other or used as accent pieces in neutral outfits. Especially using the colors camel or ivory as layering pieces. This creates fresh business casual vibes. As always these colors work well with darker pieces, found in our closets! Mint and Coral tones go great with Black or White items, perfect when you throw on some amazing statement accessories in the same shade!

Bold Primaries: Bold Colors of Red Scarlet, Cobalt and Saffron are great for Suit Separates and Professional Looks, especially balancing out patterns with this Solid Color Layer. On-trend and Playful, these colors are great layering pieces with each other to create depth and a bold sass. These also work great with darker staple items (found in your closet from Winter). these colors are flattering for all body types!

Natural Classics: Mix up these colors with Different textures, shades, and proportions to create chic outfits made up entirely of this awesome color palette for any age! Great when building your wardrobe throughout the season! Perfect for Staple items like Tailored Blazers, and Trousers (Try in Wide or Boot Leg). These Rich Nature Inspired tones are great when you use them as a backdrop for bolder statement pieces in Daytime Casual or Business outfits.

Nikki Singel currently resides in NYC, working in the fashion industry for the last 7 years going after her dreams! As Fashion and Digital Stylist she loves working with her team on the newest looks for their clients alongside styling for her best friend through numerous events all over the world! 43


Introducing EZWAY’s LIFE new animated Comic ! Coming Soon !

eZWay’s life gives the viewer a funny inside look and reality perspective behind the gold curtain of eZWay Network. Everyone knows that you’re only as good as your team. We’ll meet the eZWay team, which happens to be the cast of eZWay’s Life. This project will be a comic in eZWay Magazine and a full animated series on eZWay Network available on ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV and all mobile devices. eZWay Wall of Fame members will have the opportunity to be animated as a character in the comic or series with many cast options to explore! If interested call (877) 399-2929 or visit ezwaywall.com.

Credits: Created by Eric Zuley and Dr. Dante Sears; Animation by Mike Browne; Script writing by Samuel Morris; Music by Schroeder Nordholt; Producers: Eric Zuley, 45 Denise Millett Burkhardt; Commercial edits by Gloverzone DL Pictures