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Join the OTT Movement...

With this new transition of business no longer from brick and mortar to digital, it’s important to know how to use your computer, phone or touch pad to broadcast your story. You need to think about where all the eyeballs are heading, and where are they now? The answer is mobile phones and OTT apps. You probably know what a mobile app is, but do you know what OTT is? Let’s start with what OTT stands for. It stands for "Over The Top Television." OTT, as far as I'm concerned, for you the business owner, is the new wave of making money at home. Think about it. Other than the Internet, where is everyone turning to nowadays for information? OTT apps. If you want to distribute and promote your message, one of the best ways to do so is streaming TV. If you have your own branded app on ROKU, APPLE TV, Amazon Fire, Google Play or Apple Store, what does this mean for you? It means you have now become the answer everyone is looking for, and they will pay you residually for this solution.

There are 4 ways of making income when it comes to broadcast: ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Pay to play Product placement Licencing Advertising

Think about it: if content is king, wouldn't you want to be sitting on the throne? Or would you rather be a subject following all the rules? Me, I would want to be in the right place at the right time, as this world is transitioning more and more to OTT broadcast. OTT is also perfect for events. It helps you get your message out there that much more!!! Our company went 1 - 2 figures higher in income after going down the OTT yellow brick road, and we're well on our way to meeting the wizard! If you're interested in joining our OTT movement, please join EZWAYWALLOFFAME.COM for free

There are 4 major streaming softwares out there that make it simple for the average user to stream content: ● ● ●

Zoom Streamyard Restream

Some of you may not be as familiar with this, as it is more advanced, but its called Wirecast. All of these apps allow you to produce and broadcast a regular streaming show.


Fail Often So You Can Succeed Sooner Sooner or later, the sting of failure touches everyone, regardless of their background, financial status, age, or gender. The fear of failure is a common attitude that almost everyone brings to life and all its uncertainty as the years unfold. No one is immune to the consequences of plans gone wrong, dreams left behind, goals unfulfilled, hopes dashed or desires left unfulfilled. Sound negative? Well, most people see failure as a negative life experience to avoid, but we have chosen to ask you to see failure in a different light. Some of you may find this difficult, while others find it totally impossible. But in the end, we hope you will at least give us a chance to lay out our rationales, experiences, and approaches, in order to help you experience a paradigm shift so that you can embrace the growth that comes with failure, the opportunities that it presents, and the ability to take charge of your life and its destiny, regardless of what crosses your path , whether a career, relationship, financial or personal situation, that you beforehand would have avoided, felt helpless or given up. We have all suffered through our share of failures and their corresponding fallout, consequences, and often public scorn, but in the end, our failures, more than our successes, have molded us into what we have become. Without them, we would have never had the ability or right to produce this booklet. All we ask is that you bring an open mind to the ideas, concepts, and principles we discuss. We hope you enjoy your trip to success, happiness, inner peace and wealth as you overcome your unique challenges and yes failures. What is failure? But first, let’s take a brief look at some of life’s biggest successes and yes, biggest failures in a variety of areas.

Please keep in mind that in each category listed, there were thousands of people who failed and then went on to achieve great success. Here are just a few of the most well known. Sports – Babe Ruth Politics – Abe Lincoln Religion – Billy Graham Technology – Bill Gates Business – Walt Disney Medicine – Jonas Salk Art – Picasso Literature – Ernest Hemingway Retail – RH Macy Science – Thomas Edison Entertainment – Lucille Ball Media - Oprah Music – The Beatles Acting – Harrison Ford Philosophy - Plato Hospitality – Bill Marriott Authors – Mark Twain Before you move on, why not think for a few minutes about someone you know personally who has failed and gone on to reach the mountaintop. Remember, that everything that exists today exists because someone failed and kept on trying again and again until they achieved success. Don’t think for one minute that success comes easily and quickly to anyone. If it does, beware, it just might be fleeting and not all that rewarding. Success like anything else in life is not a comparison to what others have achieved or not achieved, but what you could achieve. Do not be lulled into the trap of thinking that anything worthwhile in life will come quickly or without some pain, disappointment or adversity. I don’t know anyone who has achieved success, wealth, fame or influence who didn’t experience many failures along the way, some significant, or some minor, but in the end it isn’t the size or degree of any failure that matters but what your reaction and response is to them. In fact, the single common denominator in all successful people is the ability to fail often so they could succeed sooner.

Look Big, Act Big, Become Big:

A mantra that can lead your startup to early success

ooking Big, Acting Big, Becoming Big” is all about perspective and perception. Entrepreneurs too often project “smallness” and even make unnecessary excuses for being small. Naturally, not everyone is out to become a behemoth like Amazon or Google. So, what I mean by looking big is looking capable, credible, experienced, proven, etc. It’s about putting your best foot forward. But I routinely see entrepreneurs fail to shine in some fundamental ways when engaging in important meetings and communications. For example, your email address alone says something about you. If your business email address ends in @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, it says small. Think about it. How seriously will a prospective customer or partner take you if you do not invest the few dollars required to obtain a branded email address tied to your domain address? i.e. you@yourdomain.com. Putting your brand forward and amplifying it at every turn helps you look big. One way to set yourself apart is to create branded shirts, so that when you attend events, summits, and conferences your brand will be front and center. Add your tagline or a catchy phrase and your website URL so people can easily find you. If you have an opportunity to present or to have a booth create branded pens or a giveaway so your brand name stays with prospects.

Another way to look big, not to mention organized and prepared, is to create a branded, brief slide presentation. Imagine you’re meeting with a prospective customer, partner, investor, mentor, etc. What if you had 5 slides like the following: Slide 1. Who you are, 2. What you do, 3. What makes you unique, 4. What your customers are saying about you, and 5. How you might work with the person or company to whom you are speaking. When you kick off the call or meeting, ask if you can share a few slides. They will always say yes. Then, guess what? You lead and own the meeting. As a follow up, save these slides as a .PDF document and email it to them. By doing so, you have just enabled this person to review your information again and share it with other would-be decision-makers. You’ve put your best foot forward and enabled the person to advocate for you. When you are asked to meet with a larger team, introduce these same 5 slides and own the meeting, again, by acting and looking big. What about your website and social media channels? These are the “front doors” through which your important audiences will enter. Choose your social platforms carefully. Be consistent, be branded, and be active. Ensure your posts are current and engage with your fans and followers to show others you are serious about your business. Make “Look Big, Act Big” your mantra and you will “Become Big.” These are just a few ways to set yourself apart. Share your tips on what you are doing to look big.

https://twitter.com/AlecStern https://www.instagram.com/alecspeaks https://www.facebook.com/alec.stern http://www.alecspeaks.com alecstern@gmail.com


GET YOUR ”CREPES”! 6 EZ-STEPS TO COPYRIGHT YOUR IDEAS Crepes are a wonderful French dessert. The thin flour is like a skinny pancake and you can use any filling sweet or salty to create YOUR OWN savory delight. Getting your copyright is a similar thing; you can get a copyright for any original idea sweet or salty. The acronym C-R-E-P-E-S gives you the 6 EZ-Steps to get your ideas copyrighted! Step 1 is the letter C. C is for CREATE. You must first create an original idea before you can copyright it.

Why? Because “profitizing” your ideas can make you a great deal of money over time. Permission that you give to others to use your copyright is a license, which creates an income stream for you. Step 5 is for the letter E. E is for ENFORCE. You must enforce your copyright to have exclusive use of your ideas. Anyone who uses your copyright without permission must stop or obtain a license from you to continue to use your copyright.

Why? Because the law values your creative original ideas and you are given the right to own and protect your original ideas when you copyright them with the federal government.

Why? Because the law requires you to be vigilant and enforce your copyright. The responsibility is yours. No one can do it for you, of course, you can hire someone to enforce your rights.

Step 2 is the letter R. R is for REGISTER.

Step 6 is for the letter S. S is for SUCCEED.

You must register your original idea in a “physical format” like a PDF in order to have it copyrighted with the U.S. Copyright Office.

You will succeed at keeping your original ideas protected, profitable, and powerful. And you will create additional works to continue your copyright income stream. Think of Harry Potter and the many sequels.

Why? Because registering your ideas with the U.S. Copyright Office at www.copyright.gov is the only way to register your ideas. Step 3 is for the letter E. E is for EVERYONE. You must let everyone know that your ideas are copyrighted. Why? Because the law makes you responsible for letting people know that you have copyrighted your ideas when you share your ideas with others. Step 4 is for the letter P. P is for PROFITABLE. Your copyright is an asset. An asset should make you money otherwise it’s simply something you own. An asset creates an income stream.

Why? Because your copyright will last for your lifetime plus 75 years after your death. This means that you will create a legacy and leave an income stream for your family for generations. I created a mini-course to show you exactly how to get your ideas copyrighted. Copyright is one legal power tool that everyone should know. To enroll in the course now go to https://drlydie.groovepages.com/copyright-mi ni/index Have a legal or business question? Text LAW to 55678. Join our supportive community at www.Facebook.com/groups/DrLydie. Get more legal power tools for your business, SUBSCRIBE to Dr. Lydie’s Legal Power Tools 15 Channel https://youtu.be/7rjrmbETPYY.

Women Innovators who Champion Self-love and Empowerment Beautiful things takes time. Let’s put politics aside for a moment and focus on what we can control, which is filling our life with beautiful things. Let’s continue to celebrate female innovators around the country who are unstoppable, taking strides every day to shine and bring joyful pieces into the world. Meet these designers showcasing their message through their creations: Avis Carter, founder of JC Cover Me and FashAzon TV, Alex Perry of Bohyne and Lee Smith, founder of brands Women Are Not Prey and Anxiety Is a Liar.

JC Cover Me & FashAzon Meet Avis Carter, founder and creator of JC Cover Me and FashAzon TV. JC Cover Me is a diverse line of quality, handcrafted scarves, head wraps, and accessories for those who like to showcase their unique personality. In a twist (like her head wraps), Carter has also turned to TV producing. Along with her co-producer Nena Hayden, the duo is releasing a FashAzon TV network that gives up-and-coming design entrepreneurs the opportunity for exposure. The show will air on ZTV Network, which was founded by Zondra Evans. FashAzon will introduce designers and creative talents globally to more than 200 million viewers on the trend-focused streaming platform. “Entrepreneurs are cut from a different cloth,” Carter said. “We tell designers: we love to work with brands to tailor a business to let the world see the cashmere in you. You are the diamond, formed under heat and pressure, valuable, and always in style.” FashAzon is built on two scriptures: Romans 12:6, “We are different, according to the grace given us,” and 1 Timothy 4:14-15, “Do not neglect your gift. Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.” The platform will launch this winter. During the holiday season, Carter and Hayden will continue to build their brand and grow the FashAzon community, they said. To be featured on FashAzon, connect with Carter at fashazon.com or jccoverme.com. Bohyne from Beyond Gender is one of the only fair trade and truly sustainable bridal fashion lines in the industry. Designed by Colleen Yankovich and managed by Creative Director Alex Perry, the Cambodian cooperative is fair trade-certified. The brand designed their debut Deadstock Collection to feature timeless silhouettes in an array of eco-friendly fabrics, including locally-crafted peace silks, bamboo and Deadstock lace and Valentino silk blends.

“It’s the standard in the bridal industry to release at least two collections a year — some up to 100 pieces each, which is insane!” Perry said. Bohyne has abandoned the wasteful and unsustainable model of the bridal fashion industry by developing “slow drops.” The collection was released with five to eight looks at a time through the beginning of 2020 rather than all at once at a spring or fall bridal market. Since the brand debut, Perry has collaborated with Rice Love Bags to help feed families in India that have been impacted by COVID-19, as well as the Pittsburgh Fashion Week Film Festival for a project redefining gender-norms through fashion. “The holidays are usually a big ‘down time’ for the industry when we see a lot of trunk shows being scheduled and collection orders processed,” Perry said. “This year has shown us that we are following on our path, and we’re damn proud to do so, rather than participating in an unethical, exploitive industry.”

The Anxiety Is a Liar collection is intended to normalize talking about mental health, and the mantra appears on various tanks, tops, masks and mugs. It also totes feel-good actions such as “Unclench your jaw,” “Relax your tongue,” “Relax your shoulders,” “Take a few deep breaths,” “Smile,” “You got this,” and, of course, “Anxiety is a liar.” The collection can be found at anxietyisaliar.com. Smith’s other collection, Women Are Not Prey, is a form of visual activism. “I started the Women are Not Prey apparel brand to normalize and socialize the concept that women are not prey to predatory, harassing or bullying behaviors,” Lee said. See the collection on Instagram at @womenarenotprey and shop both collections at iamanempress.com.

The brand continues to look ahead and strategize about how to make 2021 even more sustainable, inclusive and revolutionary. Think more activism, more education and more brand partnerships that envelope its ethos, Perry hinted. To learn more about Bohyne, visit bohyne.co. Women Are Not Prey & Anxiety Is a Liar Meet Lee Smith, the Atlanta, Georgia-based founder of the Women Are Not Prey and Anxiety Is a Liar apparel brands, among others. “Each brand was initially started as a personal empowerment platform based on mantras I used,” Lee explained.

Courtesy of Lee Smith

The brands evolved into more than personal empowerment over time and into visual activism supporting social revolutions, Lee said. The brands’ focus is to empower a person to wear the change they want to see.

Daniella Platt is a fashion and lifestyle strategist who guides people from concept to sales success. Her book, “Looking Good, Be A Sales Rockstar & Fashion Startup Playbook” is on Amazon. Share your ideas with her at hello@lookinggoodyaya.com. 17

Member Spotlight

Jason Spann

Jason Spann is an entrepretainer/promoter. He believes in relationship equity that is built upon trust, which is established by not overselling or under performing. He is honored and blessed in terms of the production of his show xSPANNsion, which will give entrepreneurs and artists the opportunity to showcase their vision on a multitude of major platforms. As we ďŹ nd that perfect balance between virtual and physical, virtual representation is essential. He takes great pride in being able to oer and provide this value. His passion is to provide those who may otherwise go unrepresenteda powerful opportunity to express themselves. Life is not determined by the dreams we have but by the choices we make. Golden nugget #1: be honest when self-assessing. Golden nugget #2: set goals that are related to your vision and follow through. Golden nugget #3: always strive to better understand how the macro is built upon the micro. Details are the key. This feature is an honor.

Member Spotlight

Level Up with Leila Colgan

Leila is a Healthcare Executive and Entrepreneur. She is a master connector, and nothing is more important to her than fostering great relationships. “Everything you do in life will come back to you when you treat others the way you want to be treated.” Leila is known for her incredible sales and marketing career, and in addition to her success in Corporate America, she helped build 3 small startups. Her priorities are God, Family, and Work. As a coach she helps other entrepreneurs, sales teams and businesses take their businesses to the next level by helping them identifying what is holding them back and then implementing a plan to 10X their growth. Leila is the host of her own TV show, Level up with Leila. where she encourages those who want to level up in life and in business, gain exposure through the EZway network. Leila has been recognized by numerous Fortune 500 companies for her sales and marketing talent. She has been asked to mentor and coach others to achieve the same success and had been hugely successful in turning around organizations to exponential revenue growth.

Leila has endured a lot of hardships in her life but that has never ever stopped her. It has only fueled her drive to work harder, and smarter. “Life is about lessons and through your pain, you can bless others.” This is why she is so passionate to help others achieve success and financial freedom. Three of Leila’s golden nuggets to success: 1. Remember, nothing is more important than relationships. 2. Be passionate about what you do, or don’t do it at all. 3. Help others achieve success and you will be blessed 10-fold.

The Artist’s Process Perspective Opportunities for Every Artist! Welcome to The Artist’s Process Perspective. In our previous article, we talked about the lockdown and the Hollywood bubble. For this article, I would like to share my perspective further, regarding the continued lockdown and times we are currently living in. I will share what Artists and Producers are doing now considering the situation. Our show, The Artist’s Process otherwise known as TAP, have taken measures to ensure filming amidst the pandemic restrictions. We have filmed our previous two episodes, without the Artist’s needing to work together in real life. We filmed our parts separately at separate locations and joined them together in the editing room. The two scenes are called “Social Distancing” and “Two Ships Crashing!” We selected the female co-stars from the Casting Company Breakdown Services. Both ladies followed our instructions and did an excellent job in their simulated phone calls, completing the scenes. The scene “Two Ships Crashing” will be included in TV episode Eight. We are also in the process of shooting our next web episode. Please stay tuned for the idea and outcome of this one as well! So far, we have completed the first part of this acting scene, which is a continuation of a previous scene from the show, diving deeper into the two characters’ lives. Anyway, once again thank you for reading this magazine article, and please remember that ‘The Artist’s Process” continues to broadcast online, and on the eZWay TV Network. Well, until my next article, goodbye and good luck in your life endeavors.


TV Spotlights

TV Spotlights My 10-min stories


My 10-Minute Stories is a transformational show with a unique stage that allows you share, sell, and monetize your story, all within a span of 10 minutes. In the first 5 minutes, you set the tone by highlighting yourself and your accomplishments. Letting people know about you, your background, and your expertise. In the last 5 minutes it’s your time to shine. This is where you’ll sell your work. Whether you’re a speaker, entrepreneur, artist, etc., there’s room for you to promote your best subject, You! Also, brand new for this season is our monthly cash giveaway to infuse your project with the capital you need. Once a month, we’ll have an expert panel of judges specialized in the industry of our 3 finalists, to vote on your stories live on the show! Can you handle the heat? Contact us today! My 10-minute stories broadcasting weekly Wednesdays on the EZway network!

The Houdini of Healing Podcast, hosted by Dr Jeffrey Benton DC CTN ACN QME, explores the intermingling of art and science of our body’s inter-connectivity. He is a speaker, an author, and the developer of the Emotional Trauma Release Technique ™ and Concussion Reconnection ™. Dr. Benton achieved recognition as a Top Los Angeles Chiropractor by LA Magazine for 2018, 2019 and 2020. He received the Health Professional of the Year 2019 by this organization. He will explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual connections, experiences, and traumas that lead to physical pain, endocrine dysfunction, and dis-ease of the nervous system. He will share groundbreaking “health hacks” that will allow you to release traumas and get unstuck in your own life and body.

TV Spotlights From business to benefits


‘From Business to Benefits’ will air weekly to bring small business owners the advice they need to have the right legal foundation, minimize taxation, secure access to benefits to retain great employees and protect their business from potential liability. The aim is to help business owners obtain the right benefits for the employer and the employee and take advantage of all tax deductions available for business owners. We will provide strategies to help business owners smoothly transition the business to the next generation upon the exiting of the owner whether due to divorce, dementia, dissolution, disability, or death. Upon sale of the business, we will help business owners discover the legal strategies to minimize income tax exposure, capital gains and estate tax exposure. To thrive in today’s environment, business owners require tools and techniques to pool resources and take advantage of technology available on the internet and the resources to thrive in a virtual world. Our topics will range from legal tips, financial tips, social media and marketing tips, human resources, providing employee incentives, growing, and building a business while minimizing costs.

Jason Spann is the producer and host of the experience that is xSPANNsion. he feels honored to have been asked to express his vision within the pages of this esteemed publication. xSPANNsion is the broadcast that focuses on expanding the profile of businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists. In these unprecedented times, an efficient balance between brick and mortar and broadcast is essential. xSPANNsion gives businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists the opportunity to express their vision on a vast network of platforms. To summarize, we help you network and expand your brand the eZWay.


Radio Boomers Live!

Not just for Baby Boomers…

Good morning Radio Boomer Live listeners around the world! Good morning to our EZWay Family, and good morning to Reatha Gray (my co-host who was also Betty White’s co-host from the TV show Off Their Rockers). This is how I open our show every Monday morning at 10:00 am PST. Although our show is named Radio Boomers Live, it by no means is limited to an audience that fits the guidelines of a "Baby Boomer," which is someone born from 1946 to 1964. I have always said it is the younger generation along with the more mature audience that benefit the most by listening. They may even avoid many of the mistakes us Boomers made, but now must make the best of. Radio Boomers Live is quite unique in that it incorporates a wide variety of listening entertainment. Reatha gives in depth reports on today's tech issues in her Tech Time, while my report Gems from Jim encompasses a wide variety of topics. We also have our segment called "Hot Topics" in which Reatha gives a report on a specific current subject of interest and I report on current news events. Reatha and I have also interviewed over a hundred guests from all walks of life.

Another very special segment of Radio Boomers Live is called "Carmelita's Corner" hosted by the multitalented Carmelita Pittman. Carmelita has a very interesting data base of special guests which cover a wide spectrum of the entertainment world. Often, Carmelita will have an entertainer who will play one of their hit songs. The show is not only fun and entertaining, it is extremely interesting and educational, with its wide variety of guests which could be top experts in the health and wellness field, real estate, business, finance, taxes and more. Radio Boomers Live is a small part of the EZWay Broadcasting Network which was founded and meticulously built by Eric Zuley. Over the years, Eric has built a worldwide network that now has vast distribution and numerous affiliates, Eric has definitely become a vital portal between radio, television and online media, especially in today's Virtual world! Now you have an idea of what Our show is about and this is just a tip of the EZWayBroadcasting iceberg! Check us out by going to the EZWayWallofFame.com or text EZWay to 55678 - looking forward to having you tune in or possibly being our guest!


“Jeffrey Levine Is Creating Masterminds”

Albany, New York is where an analytical and caring financial planner would develop and hone a skill that would someday alter the way people think and approach life. Tax attorney Jeff Levine, is also a motivational and financial speaker, life coach and executive producer of the film Beyond The Secret: The Awakening, and co-founder of “The Carnegie Principle.” The fact that he was an introspective mentor, as well as a voice of fiscal reason running a financial planning firm in New York, reaffirmed that a path to greater teachings lay ahead. Directing people’s personal financial affairs carries a prodigious measure of responsibility. The business of financial planning requires one’s instincts to become the antidotal norm, allowing one to help themself as well as any client visualize financial futures while understanding the wants, needs and why’s along the way. One must also acutely teach the pitfalls of money mismanagement, a skill set necessary to survive economic winds of change. EzWay understands the impending positivity coming in 2021 and I was asked to probe inside of one of the most powerfully intuitive and giving minds of our generation, for our first issue of the year. An insightful and lengthy interview with Jeff Levine uncovered his methodologies and latent secrets.

Your mother was a high school math teacher. Did she make your homework easier? “Actually mom was an avid Bridge player and I was left alone almost every night with my little brother.” So you were tutoring him? “I didn’t need to, he was brilliant.” Interesting. Did your father’s sports writing for the newspaper make you a young sports fan? “Oh yeah, I’m still a huge sports fan. Dad would get tickets to Yankees and Knicks games because my grandparents lived in Nyack, New York. We had two TV’s so we could watch both football teams.” Did those winning organizations make you competitive? “Yes, in Little League they would announce over the loudspeaker that teamwork was more important than winning and it would make me mad because all I wanted to do was win!” Possessing the calculating teacher acumen and the quick precision of sports journalism skillset, Jeff excelled in the classroom at Albany Academy despite, being inundated with homework. We ice skated in the backyard on frozen cement and on lakes in Connecticut where “a frozen pond was actually right around the corner from our house.” Who were your initial influences? “The Yankees! They made me want to play major league baseball.” Why did you choose psychology and business as majors at the University of Hartford in Connecticut? 26

“I was fascinated by psychology and after my opening class I found I loved it.” Did you find that the two subjects paralleled each other because they’re interwoven? “Yes, I did. It’s interesting you say that.” You have always been used to turning negatives into positives, Jeff, so how do you deal with negatives today? “I know it’s going to get better due to “The law of polarity.” At certain times there is good and bad stuff, it’s like a pendulum. The good thing is when you go through the bad times you really can appreciate the good times.” How important is the power of the mind in all of this? “Oh, the power of the mind is key to everything! Watching the news creates negativity amongst the viewers. There is just not enough positive news and newspaper headlines regretfully don’t print the most positive things, then people talk to each other and what do you think happens?” Right, they create new communities of negativity. “Exactly!” We allowed the building of a society that thrives on sensationalism and shock value. Paradoxically, if you were to pin the tail on our future over one hundred years ago you would be looking at systemic social unrest, cultural division and a possible pandemic, our very tradition is at stake. Nowadays when you speak is it more about finance or motivation? “It’s a combination of both, like psychology and business being conjoined. Like back in college it’s about the mind and finance, they go together. Which is more fun to speak about? “The mind is much more fun to talk about.” Can you expound on that? “Sure, back in 1985, I was at the National Financial Claiming Conference in Boston and at 4pm on a Friday afternoon when many people had left, a gentleman named Brian Tracey spoke about the power of the mind instead of finance and I was spellbound. I had to use the bathroom but I couldn’t move, I had to listen. Ever since then I can’t study the power of the mind enough.” 27

he opportunity of relocating to Arizona arose when his son was accepted to Arizona State University at the same time his company in New York was being bought out in 2006. All too often the frequency we are vibrating on creates our seemingly phenomenal path, it’s not luck.

I started listening to the tapes and couldn’t stop, I joined a mastermind group and started speaking and writing books.” Challenging a system designed to fail is an arduous task requiring an undying devotion towards breaking from the norm, so Jeff simply segued into another lane on life’s multidimensional highway.

If perception is reality then what do you ask people in order to stabilize their abnormalities? “I ask them who are some of the people that they look up to and how would they handle their challenge? Exactly, I ask them who do they admire and respect and how would they approach the dilemma. The captivation of Mr. Tracey’s speech launched Levine’s new direction.

Tell me about the Carnegie Principle. “The Carnegie Principle is a mastermind group consisting of entrepreneurs, business people and educators who congregate on weekly calls in which I’m speaking from a prepared presentation, then we spend thirty minutes discussing how it can make each participant better.”

A retired Levine spent a few years playing golf in Arizona and realized that “nobody was happy on the course because they couldn’t control that little white ball.” Are you sure that’s all they were unhappy about Jeff? “Exactly, I quit playing for that reason, negativity. Then one day, I sent away for some motivational tapes and of course twelve showed up.”

Now that sounds like ultimate networking. “It is! And it is a boost of positivity especially with the educators we have involved.” Tell me about your project “Relationships Are Your Riches.” “When you have a strong nurtured relationship it’s like a crop, you fertilize it, water it and what happens is it helps both of you in a win-win scenario.” “Two quick points Dante are: “You’re always going in to serve the other person, its not about you. You are a giver first and a receiver later. The other is you should always come in not being competitive but being cooperative. You’re working together to be better so you surely don’t want to be competing against each other.” Have you always worried about competing? “Yes, like back in little league I just wanted to win, I didn’t know anything else, I still see competitiveness in the older community I live in, they don’t change. I tell them all to go back to their fundamentals.” You executive produced “Beyond the Secret: The Awakening,” did the pandemic hamper sales and distribution and what format is it on? “Yes and no. It’s on Amazon Prime, it has already won ten awards and now we’re doing a series and I’m actually the next one up to educate.” 28

The pandemic has clearly made it harder and zoom is still a format people like myself are learning to perfect aesthetically.” What is the objective of the new series? “It’s about thinking bigger. I find that most people when they start to think bigger, they fall back into their comfort zone. I teach how to be comfortable when you’re uncomfortable and to focus on the goal not the circumstances.” How should we be thinking on a daily basis? “Everyday, visualize in great detail what you want.” You mean like a blueprint? “Yes, you have to have the blueprint, you’re right, that’s what I use.” I feel that I need to always be prepared for things, how about you? “It’s funny you say that because I’m just like you battling the grit and fun of it.” What ideals corrupted our society’s way of thinking? “I think a lot of it is ego driven and the ego is very powerful however, we need to go from the ego world more into the spiritual world. The ego world is only connecting with our self and in the spiritual world it’s all about us. A problem is that people are constantly having to protect their egos.” It’s hard to bring people together when you’re all about yourself right? “Yes, It doesn’t work, it corrupts people.” How do we get back to us? “Well, we have to step outside of ourselves and into the spiritual world connecting with the universe and that goes for everybody.” I agree. 2020 was a rough year for everyone. Was it for you as well? “Yes, it was very rough however, every morning, I say the ten things I’m most grateful for and it puts me in the right vibration, then going into prayer it creates the good vibrations. 2020 ended up being my best year because of zoom calls and inexpensive training courses I took.” Really? “Some of the professors were dropping their prices up to ninety percent because of the pandemic which made me so much smarter.

It’s amazing what I learned in 2020 that will help me in 2021 and the future.” Jeff, that is exactly what I wanted to hear you say, wow! “2020 was a gift.” Absolutely, for those who took advantage of the befalling. I completely agree which leads me to 2021, what’s coming up? “I’m glad you asked, I’m so excited.” Lay it on me. “Three things, first we have a new TV channel on Amazon, Apple and Roku called: “Positive Finance” where experts will share their secret sauce.” “Secondly, I have a new workbook called: “Consistent Profitable Growth Map” about helping businesses become more profitable, so someone can have the experience I had meeting new business partners. Third, my own virtual event on May 15th will include a host of major speakers. I’ll be utilizing 2020 connections that I made during the year.” If you were writing your own life story what would you highlight as key attributes? “What’s always been big for me is taking a lemon and making lemonade. My favorite is raspberry so make raspberry aide, you won’t hear that from anybody. Secondly, life happens, and instead of reacting, I respond. Third, my understanding of people.” You believe the universe wants to work with you so what is your biggest message to the world? “Be better, by working together we can all be better. Share your gifts, because repetition is the mother of all skill. Learn something new and make it a study that you can teach to someone.” Levine wants to leave a legacy of inspiration, elevation, cultivation, and enlightenment, and I have absolutely no doubt that he will. There must be a paradigm shift to change one's life towards altruistic positivity so we must adjust the narrative to elicit these unequivocal results.

At EzWay Broadcasting, we consistently recognize the doorway, which is open to new technologies, trends and ideals. We remain steadfast, pacing the flow into these neoteric and state-of-the-art frontiers. We are set-to-run in 2021. 29

The Power of The Wall (eZWay Wall of Fame) If you are familiar with the phrase ‘there’s no place like home,” then I am going to explain to you why this phrase is not only true for Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but it is also true for the EWOF Movement. Yes, The eZWay Wall of Fame Movement. The Home Page holds the key and provides the foundation to the endless roads of opportunities found within this Elite Group. The eZWay Wall of Fame is more than just a website. It is a way for you to be Social, Network, and Grow on a Social Directory that is blended with the Whos Who of Hollywood, Business Giants, Influencers, and small business owners in a network designed for everyone to win. The Home Page is your Road Map to everything you want and desire if you put in the work. So let’s take a trip to the Ezway Wall of Fame, The Internet Golden Brick Road to Endless Connections and Opportunites. It Pays to Engage Why would you want to engage on the eZWay Wall of Fame? The eZWay Wall of Fame makes it easy for you to connect socially online by networking, sharing, buying and learning- all from the palm of your hands. You are just one click away from your next big opportunity, an amazing product or service. Well, you may be saying to yourself, what’s in it for me to engage on a Social Wall. Well, this is one of the only walls that rewards active members for participating, engaging, and supporting. How? Well, every time that you engage, log into your account, support, purchase an item, book, service, or course on the eZWay Wall, you are rewarded with points. You can then use those points to earn some amazing opportunities like a spot on one of the eZWay TV networks, Radio, or EzWay Magazine for FREE! The reach that you receive just for being Advertised on any eZWay platform has the ability to Reach Millions. All you have to do is just engage and support the EZway Fam. So, as you can see… It really pays to engage on the EZway Wall of Fame.

Accelerate your Influence

Did you know that just being on the wall has the potential to Accelerate YOUR Influence for YOUR business, mission, and brand? How? The eZWay Wall of Fame gives you Exposure, Access, Connection, Credibility, and Opportunity. The eZWay Wall Of Fame connects you to the BEST of the BEST in every industry that exists in the World! The amazing thing is that you can gain this high-level access that most of us would not usually have by joining the eZWay Wall of Fame.

To get in the room with some of the members on the wall in person or virtually would cost you thousands of dollars to obtain. The more you support the more access you receive. EZWay has made this possible and easy for all of us to network at a higher level than ever before. Today we need that more than ever as we shift into a new era of business and life of the Digital Social Age. We can literally Level Up from the comfort of our home with a click of a button. You can make Boss Moves in your PJ’s that will get you noticed. The more you engage, you benefit, and the community benefits from your support and expertise. EZWay has created the Win-Win effect on the eZWay Wall of Fame. They have Built a Social Engaging Network Family Environment of People that understands the power of collaboration and support. Join Today to Accelerate your Influence.

My Testimonial: I am an eZWay Wall of Fame Fam and Proud Silver Member. In only 14 days of being a member, I saw my exposure and connections double and expand to the Whos Who of Hollywood and Business. My Influence within my niche markets skyrocketed and my business grew with more clients and my cold market is now my warm market. I have personally experienced the power of the wall. Within that short time, I have met or been in the virtual room with Tina D. Lewis, Forbes Riley, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Sonya Stribling, Loral Langemeier, Dr. Dante Sears, Chairdee Smith, Les Brown, James Dentley, Kevin Harrington, Eric Zuley, and so many other powerhouses in the industry. The eZWay Wall of Fame helped connect me with 2 giants within the industry, that are now mentoring me. To have this type of relationship building, exposure, connections, and community of support is simply a blessing. I am grateful to be here so that I can help others to Share, Shine, and Grow on The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast. I am personally sounding the alarm to let everyone know about the eZWay Wall of Fame and Community. This is Proof that the eZWay Wall of Fame is not just a website for the Whos Who in Hollywood and Big Industry Businesses but it’s also for Small Business Owners who are ready to scale up their Business. It is a Powerful Engine Social Network Directory that Builds a Family Community. The eZWay Wall of Fame provides the Win-Win effect when you utilize this powerful tool to empower others. It is time to support, collaborate, engage, and share!

Who am I? I am a proud Silver Member of the eZWay Wall of Fame. I am a #1 Best-Selling International Author, The Host & CEO of The Tina Ramsay Show & International Podcast, Certified Business Advertisement Strategies Coach, Public Speaker, Community Volunteer, Philanthropist, CEO of CTR Enterprises, and CEO of Heal The Honeypot. I have been seen or featured on various platforms including ABC, NBC, CBS, CW Fox Affiliates. I have been featured in multiple magazines including Sheen Magazine and recognized by Oprah Winfrey’s Ambassador Ms. Nikki Rich, and so much more. I am nicknamed “The Connector” in the advertisement world for my gift and ability to connect individuals to opportunities, that enable them to Share, Shine, and Grow. Let’s Connect on The eZWay Wall of Fame and The Tina Ramsay Show. Contact Info: Be a Guest on The Tina Ramsay Show Website: TheTinaRamsayShow.com Email: TheTinaRamsayShow1@gmail.com 1-803-713-5135 / Stay Connect→ → Tinyurl.com/CoachTina1 Connect with us easily on our Interactive Business Card that houses all the pieces of CTR Enterprises including a direct link to the eZWay Wall of Fame. You can call, email, shop, watch videos, share our interactive digital business card, 31 save it to your phone, and so much more.

Financial Freedom

- The Power of Savings

Many of us have been brought up to pay others first, and whatever is left at the end of the month goes to us .That usually doesn’t work, because there are always more bills and people to pay. Let’s change our thinking and see what happens if we were to pay ourselves first. Save first, and make it automatic will have magical results. One way is to have your paychecks direct deposited and then have a portion of each paycheck moved to a savings or an investment account. The problem is not earning the money; it is keeping the money. The following example is why it’s important to save first. For example, if you can save five dollars a day, $150 a month and assuming it earns 10% annual rate of return that in 40 years you will have saved nearly a $1 million dollars. Remember: it is not how much you earned it is how much you save. Save first to finish first.


Financial Freedom – Begin with the End in Mind

The quest for financial freedom begins with a clear definition of what that looks like for you. I will presume that it means the ability to support your lifestyle without the requirement of your active labor. In that case, financial freedom is accomplished through smart investments which deliver ongoing cash flow to cover the needs of your lifestyle. It is not a one size fits all approach, as each person has a desired lifestyle and depending on how that lifestyle is financed, will determine the amount of income necessary to accomplish financial freedom. Most people feel challenged by the prospect of figuring out their financial requirements. In too many cases, people spend more time planning a trip, than crafting a plan for financial freedom. The destination is described by the fact that you will no longer need to be actively engaged in exchanging time for income. If your income generating assets cover your expenses, you are moving toward financial freedom. It was said that for the average person at 40 years of age, you need to have a minimum of $5 million dollars liquid earning favorable rates to afford a comfortable retirement as with a longer life span, people are requiring as many as 30 or more years of income able to grow faster than inflation to meet their lifestyle needs and desires. In my opinion, there are many paths to a destination called financial freedom and some of my favorite asset classes include real estate, insurance, and investing in early-stage ventures. These are my favorites and may not be yours. I believe that the best way to determine your path is to determine your desired destination. In order to uncover the best investment options for your goals, I would suggest that you speak with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). CFPs pay special attention to the overall objectives for your retirement plans and work with you to craft a plan based on your unique requirements.

December 31, 2020

eZWay Awards Golden Gala 2020

The 2nd Annual eZWay Awards Golden Gala Brought Legends, Celebrities and Leaders Out to Support The Elyse Project Charity.

he biggest celebration of giving back & uniting the light we have ever achieved! The “EzWay Virtual Wall of Fame Awards” honoring the most extraordinary philanthropists & explosive life-changers with “hearts of gold.”

“ ”

This respected amalgamation of influencers, entrepreneurs, authors, CEOs, motivational speakers, producers, tech leaders, and more covered a myriad of genres and helped us better world communities in real-time. A collection of divergent worlds came together at this event. We connected with like-minded individuals whose common interest is betterment. We became familiar with bliss feeling that your ambitions are attainable, experienced the sharing of magnetic energy that converts desires into destinies, and it was the transformation! Star-studded Nominees, Presenters, Honorees: Kristanna Loken (Actress and model, Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines); Pat O’Brien (American author, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight); Booboo Stewart (Twilight, X-Men, Disney’s Descendants); Lester Speight (Transformers: Dark Of The Moon); Trae Ireland (Netflix actor/producer, director); Earnest Thomas (Everybody Hates Chris); Kate Linder (Young and The Restless); Sharon Lechter (New York Times Best Selling, Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad); Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup For Your Soul); Claudette Robinson (First Lady of Motown); Kevin & Sam Sorbo (Faith-centric actors and filmmakers), Christina DeRosa (Blackish, Bad Moms), Frank Shankwitz (Creator Make A Wish Foundation); Bobbie Chance (Acting Coach to the stars), Carey Ysais (Choreographers Carnival); Kevin Dorsey (Michael Jackson’s MD), Dr. James Dentley (Founder of JD3TV Media & Entertainment); Dev Ross (Emmy Award-winning writer (Little Mermaid, Land Before Time II), Laura Jane Jones (American vocalist, actor, dancer with Enrique Iglesias); Reatha Grey (Betty White’s Off Their Rockers NBC, RBL Podcast Show); Dejuan “DJ” Verrett (Best Selling Author); Forbes Riley (Creator of Spin Gym, Pitch Perfect, eZWay Legend Award Honoree); Marie Diamond (Speaker from The Secret); Josh Liske (Master Sales Trainer, Pastor); Moe Rock (The Los Angeles Tribune); David Meltzer (CEO of Sports 1 Marketing); Greg Reid (Founder Secret Knock); Brian Smith (Founder of UGG Boots); Alec Stern (“America’s Startup Success Expert,” Co-founder of Constant Contact); Jeff Hoffman (Priceline.com, Serial Entrepreneur); Brian Willis (Founder of “Billionaires Elite”); Bill Walsh (Powerteam International); Dame DC Cordova (Money and You), Al Harris & Raquel Sanchez (Kiss The Monkeys); Pepper Jay (Industry Producer & Author); Dr. Dante Sears (World Prosperity Network); Dr. Jeffrey Benton (TV Host, Speaker); Dr. Stephanie Ardrey (TV Host, Yahoo Personality); Keith Mitchell (Former NFL Star, Coach, Holistic Healer); Focus James (Life Coach); Jason Spann (Xspannsion); Tom Chesser (Rise Up Media & Marketing); Katherin Kovin-Pacino (Actress/writer)

20 Wall of Famers in the 20 categories of Business, Nonprofit, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, and Online Influence, to name a few, were honored. Coach of The Year- Christopher Salem; Event Producer of The Year- Adam Strong; Businessman of The Year- David Meltzer; Online Superhero of The Year- Keith Mitchell; eZWay Fam of The Year- Matt J. Doyle; eZWay Team Member of The Year- Ian C Glover & Saskia Van Buren; Influencer of The YearMarissa Kenson; Health Professional of The Year- Dr. Cherylin Lee; Master Connector of The Year- Leila Colgan; Podcaster of The YearDaniel Gomez; TV Producer of The YearKenneth J. Bradley, Jr; Speaker of the YearCarlos Siqueira; Youth Success Leader of The Year- Victoria Johnson; Businesswomen of The Year- Tess Cacciatore; Rising Star- John Michael Ferrari; Filmmaker of The Year- Romane Simon; Golden Handshake- Adam ‘AB’ Bricker; Video of The Year- DJ Bridgette Johnson; Performer of The Year- Marneen Lynn Fields; Power Couple of the Year- Al Harris & Raquel Sanchez 14 Legend Awards: Kate Linder ’Volunteer of The Year’ Legend Award- Megan Fenyoe; James Dentley ’Mentor of The Year’ Legend Award- Focus James; Sharon Lechter ’Top Author of The Year’ Legend Award- Mark Victor Hansen; Frank Shankwitz ‘Everyone Can Be A Hero’ Legend Award- Bruno Serato; Dr. Dante Sears ’Heartpreneur of The Year’ Legend AwardPepper Jay; Shea Vaughn ’Woman of the Year’ Legend Award- Kim Marie Branch; James Zuley ’Faith Conquers All’ Legend AwardFather Richard Heilman; Alec Stern ’Entrepreneurial Achievement’ Legend Award; Forbes Riley ’Excellence in Communication Arts’ Legend Award; Berny Dohrmann ’Legacy Maker’ Legend Award; Greg Reid ’Power Perseverance’ Legend Award; Lester Speight ‘Don’t Just Speak About It; Be About It’ Legend Award; Brian Smith ’Expert Branding’ Legend Award and Jeff Hoffman ’Serial Entrepreneur’ Legend Award

Virtual Golden Gala 2020 onorary awards of the evening: Gail Gibson, Executive Producer, Multicultural International Motion Picture Association (MIMPA) awarded LaRita Shelby. The Golden Awards of Prominence were awarded to celebrities BooBoo Stewart, Laura Jane Jones and Pat O’Brien, the Peoples’ Mayor Award was awarded to Carey Ysais and the eZWay Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Brian Willis. Congratulations to all!

This event benefited eZWay Cares, supporting “The Elease Project” Charity. EzWay Broadcasting has accumulated a coalition of positive world-changers and peopledevelopers, while building a positive energy pyramid that is certain to permeate the new era.

2 0 2 0 E A G G W i n n e r s !

2 0 2 0 E A G G W i n n e r s !

2 0 2 0 E A G G W i n n e r s !

2 0 2 0 E A G G L e g e n d s !

2 0 2 0 E A G G H o n o r e e s!

Give Yourself the Gift Of Time... and Beauty This Year!! I’d like to take a moment to say hello! I’m Megan DiMartino and I’m an NYC girl, now living in the heart of Texas. I have been a pioneer in the “Result Oriented” Skin Care phenomenon, developing 2 skin care brands, educating, coaching and speaking in the Spa Industry for almost 30 years. The products I have developed are currently sold to Spas, Medical Spas worldwide and online. But, enough of that… I am here for you... I am so honored and joyful to have been asked to join the eZWay family to share basic and foundational skin care and health information with you! I shared above to GIVE yourself the gift of time and Beauty this year! What does that mean.... There are 5 Foundational things you need to do to create healthy, youthful balance skin: Cleanse Chemically Exfoliate Strengthen your Cellular Structure Hydration Balance Protect Let’s start at the beginning. This information is for everyone. And I mean everyone! This information is not exclusive for women. And it’s not for any certain age. You also ask, .”You said beauty. Isn’t that just for women?” It’s for anyone from ages 8-108 who has skin!! Yes skin. You have to have skin in the game as they say. Beauty is how you see and feel about yourself. That has no gender or age. I am always going to be straight with you. I am going to break things down so it’s clear and you can apply this information into your daily life. Everyone wants to be the best they can be, and I mean everyone. But, without information how do you know where to begin? Skin 101- CLEANSE #1) The health of your skin is predicated by the health of your pores. Yes, your pores! Not to get too detailed ..but.. the epidermis is the top layer of your skin. The top layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. It is the protective layer, but it’s also where all the action begins. Because the skin is our largest organ, everything affects your skin. More about this another time.

#2) Under a microscope, the top layer of your skin (the stratum corneum), looks like brick and mortar with thousands of little holes. Those holes are your pores. #3) So where does the brick and mortar come from? We are made up of cells and our cells have cell turn over every 30-90 days. As we age, our cell turnover gets slower. So, if we do not remove the dead skin cells they just build up and make a crusty wall and clog your pores. Those thousands of holes on the top layer of your skin! You can use the greatest skin care products, however, if they cannot penetrate past the top layer of the skin, they just sit on the top layer and will add to the clogging of your pores and the thickening of the wall. Remember when I said the health of the skin is predicated on the health of your pores? What I meant was that you need to cleanse and chemically dissolve the dead skin cells, the pollution of the day and your own sebum, so your pores do not get clogged and the brick and mortar does not build up. #4) Cleanse your face daily..AM-PM with a product like #NovitaSpaClinicals #MeltAway.. Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It will cleanse, chemically dissolve the wall and keep your pores from clogging and also will add hydration balance to your skin. It is gentle enough to remove eye makeup and for you guys, men can shave with it! This is the first step to creating your healthy balanced skin. The Gift of time is Age Management also using a simple balanced system of products that “simply” work! Beauty is being the best you with the tools that will create true results! Till the next time....Chemical Exfoliation! Be blessed! 43

Eastern Influence ~ Western Fashion 2021 Collection in stores now

Resort swim the new buzzword across America, thanks to the vision of fashion designer and owner Jsquad Clothing Manish Vaid


A line like this has not been done before, so we have to teach the consumer about the value of the garments. Each piece is hand sketched, hand beaded and manufactured in India.

the world of fashion, there is a small

window for originality, but international fashion designer Manish Vaid has carved his niche- with color and culture.

If you are in Los Angeles, chances are you

By trade Manish is an engineer born and raised in India. Having said that you would think his main inspiration would be heavily influenced from Indian rich culture and sense of design. That’s not the case at all. Manish moved from India to Jamaica where he lived for eight years and developed his love for making clothes.

have heard of the fashion district and you have

The vibrant colors and mixture of materials are a

Manish Vaid Creator of Jsquad Clothing






amazing designers. But there is a big chance you walked right by Jsquad Clothing. I know

combination of the two countries’ culture and backgrounds. Because he developed his line on


the islands of off the east coast, Jsquad Clothing

Jsqaud Clothing- a diamond in the rough. It

is heavily distributed on the southern east coast.

only takes a moment to realize that you have

Florida is one of their biggest selling locations,



found something very unique when holding one of the garments from Jsquad Clothing located just on the edge of downtown fashion district. The reality is you have found something unique and rich in culture. Inspired from the far east, the islands and the personal taste from the mind of ultra creative Manish Vaid.

We you can find their designs in over sixty stores. Jsquad




Clothing, is sold wherever warm tropical climates can be found and online of course.

In America for only six years, after moving here from Jamaica, Manish Vaid has made a major mark with his resort swimwear line. Like the amazing dresses you will find at Jsquad. the swimwear is all handmade and hand bead. Custom designs are all fully functional so you can look good in the water or out. Jsquad Clothing resort swimwear can be found in over sixty stores in Florida, across America, Jamaica and Europe. While the resort swimwear line is the biggest seller for Jsquad Clothing, swimwear it not the only thing you will find when you enter the store, Although Jsquad Clothing has a store located in downtown LA. Wholesale to other store has become a large part of the company business. The plan is to take Jsquad world wide. The men’s line has been on the drawing board for years and is finally ready for distribution. Like the rest of the clothing line, the men’s line boasts material that feels good on the skin and you guessed it, hand beading. In addition to the hand beading and great material you will find a great mixture of vibrant colors that will make you the talk of the town. When it comes to dresses you will find a wide range of styles, everything from silks and chiffons to soft cottons and leathers. You will find a price for every wallet at Jsquad. When asked about the pricing Manish responded “In these difficult times, our garments have to be affordable- not just for celebrities and the rich.” For 2021, Jsquad Clothing is expanding its reach, Using social media, Internet and worldwide marketing. You can even find them on TV featured on Fashionz Corner, A show on jemptv on Roku.

Jsquad Clothing, known for their designer swimwear, is also known as resort Swimwear. 2021 resort swimwear features matching colorful coverups. All swimsuits are fully functional and can get wet. The dress line has a product for every occasion from casual to red carpet. 2021 Jsquad Clothing men's line. Featuring amazing fabrics, bright colors and hand beading.

Strong Body Strong Soul We could all use a little more positive energy in this world….wouldn’t you agree? Meet Maria! Her energy is contagious! Maria Humphreys is the founder of the Strong Body Strong Soul platform. Raising the level of positivity in this world is Maria’s goal. She does this by creating content that helps nourish the audience AND by creating workshops, classes and interview opportunities that help the public to turn up the volume on their positive energy too. Maria started the Strong Body Strong Soul platform several years ago with the intention of helping empower others, helping encourage them to use their voice, their energy in the most impactful way possible. Literally using their voices in meditation workshops! Sometimes people need to find strength to help overcome personal challenges and sometimes they aspire to build individual strength in order to serve others. Finding the right balance between these two...isn’t that what we all seek? From an early age, she was the voice in her family that would light up loved ones with insights- “But Nana, we need the rain so the flowers will grow” or lighting up a room with her smile and her exuberant laugh. Sometimes she was told she was “too loud”. She laughed in an interview with Paul Gotel (author of The Big U) recently about how sometimes the thing we are told we are “too much” of is actually the thing we are meant to do. Boosting the level of clarity for herself and those around her has always been a focus. She earned degrees from UCSD in Communications and Philosophy. She uses the full range of her life experience to enhance the lives of those she comes in contact with. She has helped deliver newborn babies and has been bedside as family members have left this world. She became a certified personal trainer AFTER she had both her knees replaced, always believing that modification in all aspects of life is vital. Awareness of our capacity to embrace and make use of our imperfections in pursuit of making the world a better place - that is at the core of all of her content and is felt in the way she coaches clients. orking in the concert industry and the legal field for many years has enriched her experience. Through various life challenges, she also pursued the study of meditation, ultimately becoming a teacher. She continues learning new ways to enhance the mind/body connection. She began to realize that the way she communicates can help others immeasurably and her technical expertise makes it possible for her to reach far beyond her local community. The Strong Body Strong Soul YouTube Channel was the first platform she delved into, then she created the Strong Body Strong Soul podcast, she is also the founder of the Maria Speaks Productions company, where she combines her study of Communication with the skills she’s acquired through the years to provide a platform for a variety of businesses to reach beyond traditional ways of marketing. On the Strong Body Strong Soul show she shares inspiring stories, fascinating interviews and sometimes just pure entertainment (laughter is her favorite kind of energy). On the shows produced through Maria Speaks Productions, clients are able to co-create individual audio experiences focused on their unique businesses. This content can be shared across the globe or used to target local social media. The purpose is to boost consumer confidence and encourage businesses to persevere and pivot during this challenging time. “Making Memorable Videos” is a webinar that Maria has “Awaken” is a downloadable audio meditation available for purchase on CD Baby. “Still Rolling” (for the automotive industry) and “Still Styling” (for the beauty industry) are the first two shows that are being launched by Maria Speaks Productions. “Meditation with Maria'' is a private Facebook group that Maria has developed. “Let’s Talk About Podcasting” is a Facebook group that Maria manages. Sponsorship opportunities are available and collaboration is welcome. The Strong Body Strong Soul podcast has appeared in Podcast Magazine and currently has nearly 80K downloads. One of Maria’s favorite interviews was with EZ Ways own Angelique Marie. If curious, feel free to view the entire interview at https://youtu.be/k1BmNIPBGcU or just tune in for the audio at https://anchor.fm/maria-humphreys/episodes/Ep-10-Using-The-Power-Of-The-Crown-with-Angelique-Marie-ellefo Hundreds of podcast episodes are available on the original Strong Body Strong Soul show, for a complete listing please visit https://www.podpage.com/strong-body-strong-soul-origin-show/. Please pay attention to the titles - there are meditations, interviews, personal training instruction and technology focused conversations available. Full range of life! Strong Body Strong Soul With Maria is a new and improved podcast that has recently been launched. Please visit https://mariaspeaks.podbean.com/e/peeing-in-the-ocean-new-content-coming-soon/ Please reach out if you resonate with the content Maria provides, guests are often welcome on the show.

The best way to reach Maria is through email strongbodystrongsoul@gmail.com. You can find Strong Body Strong Soul on most social media platforms through the links above as well as on Instagram and Facebook. 818-388-2959

Introducing EZWAY’s LIFE new animated Comic ! Coming Soon !

eZWay’s life gives the viewer a funny inside look and reality perspective behind the gold curtain of eZWay Network. Everyone knows that you’re only as good as your team. We’ll meet the eZWay team, which happens to be the cast of eZWay’s Life. This project will be a comic in eZWay Magazine and a full animated series on eZWay Network available on ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE TV and all mobile devices. eZWay Wall of Fame members will have the opportunity to be animated as a character in the comic or series with many cast options to explore! If interested call (877) 399-2929 or visit ezwaywall.com.


Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.