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DESIGN AS A SERVICE Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

HDG 604-5 DESIGN AS A SERVICE Project 1: Investigate a Service

Introduction Team Systems and Service Design Approach Outline what you will cover

What is Service Design ? How is it used and why is it important? • helps designers to innovate and deliver great services • is more about designing experiences for whole system rather than individual • challenges the way designers communicate their ideas to users • shows how to deliver new service ideas to users • helps to understand user’s needs

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design,

Service needs Design more than Design needs Service. and It’s about making you and your customers HAPPY!

This presentation will cover..... • 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 •

Research Background of organisation Relevant Case Studies

“Idea from the question.....� Where would you like to meet all your sport, recreation, rehabilitation, relaxation, health, well-being, fitness, and educational needs under one roof?

What is MSAC ? Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

As Australia's leading sport and recreation facility. MSAC opened with a huge splash of a weekend on the 24th of July 1997.

Managed by the State Sport Centres Trust (SSCT) and is guided by the SSCT Act (1996). The Trust oversees the operation of 3 businesses: 1.State Netball Hockey Centre (SNHC) 2.Melbourne School of Sport and Recreation Management (MSSRM). 3.Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)

Vision Will be a world leader in the staging of sporting events, and in the provision of activities that enhance community health and well being.

Range of Services Provided The Act outlines the range of services to be provided as sporting, educational, recreational, social and entertainment.



Be the leading destination in Victoria for sport and recreation.Â


Ensure optimal access to, and utilization of, the facility by the Victorian Community.


Provide first class facilities for major sporting events.Â


Continually strive to improve the delivery of customer focused programs, events and services.Â


Achieve best practices in all aspects of operation.


Conduct all activities in a safe and hygienic environment.


Maintain financial viability.

Some interesting facts about MSAC...


10 millionth visitors in October 2004 or an average of 3,420 visitors per day 


Visitors range from 6 week old babies to 84 years old


hosted over


43 international events including the 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 12th FINA World Swimming Championships etc


135 national events including National Basketball League, Schools Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby etc


380 state events


Members of the Trust MR BRIAN LOWRIE (CHAIRMAN OF THE TRUST) principle of Pharmedex (Australia), president of phamarcy guild of Australia, chairman of directors of the general insurance and services group guild commercial., Ltd. MR ANDREW FRIED Practice Leader, Director in the Consulting Practice of IMS Health MR MARK NAUGHTON Director and Principal of Planning and Property Partners Pty Ltd

Case Studies

“More Companies are offering On-Site Health Care Services For Workers.� 1. rate increased from 27% in 2006 to 29% in 2008 2. a great way to deliver medicine, particularly preventive medicine 3. 40 percent to 50 percent of health-care costs related to preventable problems

Article Date: 04 Sep 2008 - 7:00 PDT,

“Effective use of service blueprinting can enhance customer satisfaction ”

1. Exeter Wonford outpatients’ service blueprint exercise completed in 1992 2. customer’s experience improved and the throughput of patients increased 3. new land for its car park purchased 4. new car park (valued £1million) significantly less crowded

Project: Outpatients department improvement , Client: Exeter Wonford Hospital outpatients Designer: Lyn Randall, Bournemouth University , Year: 1992

Understanding Field Work User Journeys User Profiles

Visit Site Observation Interview Touchpoint Analysis Mapping

Field Work

Touch Points

Who is our target market and segmentation?

Why we have to improve service design of MSAC?

Name: Thitawat Lurtbutsakhon Age: 26 Gender: male Country: Thai Occupation: International Student Hobby: Travelling, listen to music “emergency implements, wheelchairs, physicians, clear map, private changing room”

Name: Tayson Mumford Age: 21 Gender: male Country: Australia Occupation: Australian electrician Hobby: Reading, watching movies “MSAC is very big and also has clearly sign”

User Profiles

Name: David Lim Age: 36 Gender: male Country: Hong Kong Occupation: businessman(IT) Hobby: Watching moving, travelling and playing badminton “I need more staff and drinking machine”

Name: Naomi Newbound and her kids (David & Rachel) Age: 40 Gender: fimale Country: Australia Occupation: Australian lawyer Hobby: Housewife, Reading “trainer and staff are not enough”

User Profiles

User Journeys

Analysis Mapping Scenarios Gaps in the systems




Gaps in the systems 1. Most of customer had an effects with the number of staff


not enough staff at information desk


swimming trainers often changed


less cooperation among staffs

2. no locker room and private space in changing rooms 3. difficult to contact staffs 4. not enough car park spaces and ticket machines in peak hours

Gaps in the systems 5. not enough drink vendor machine around badminton courts 6. not enough and unclear signs and maps 7. no booking online service 8. less efficient in reservation system

Suggestions Recommendations Concepts

Recommendations 1. Gap: Staff not enough Recommendation: separate information desk in peak hour

2. Gap: changing room. Recommendation: private space

3. Gap: Long distance and hard to contact. Recommendation: set up intercom system

Recommendations 4. Gap: Car park space and Ticket paying machine Recommendation: Increase machine, parking ticket 5. Gap: Drink machine or food service Recommendation: set up coins changing machine 6. Gap: Sign and Map system Recommendation: increase the amount make it more clearly 7. Gap: No Booking online Recommendation: develop booking online into MSAC’s website

Concepts Concept 1 All services developed base on both international and local people Concept 2 Internal communication system improved


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) HDG 604-5 DESIGN AS A SERVICE Project 1: Investigate a Service Introduction Team Systems and Serv...


Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) HDG 604-5 DESIGN AS A SERVICE Project 1: Investigate a Service Introduction Team Systems and Serv...