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October / November


PrESidEnt/FoundEr Francisco Pasquel

EXECutiVE Editor/FoundEr Álvaro escobar


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Editor’s note I

t’s amazing how time goes by, isn’t it? It seems as if only yesterday we were sporting new bathing suits and boasting our sun tan and suddenly leaves are turning ochre, crimson and orange and we rush to get a new coat. Fall is one of the best seasons of the year: trees varying colors, weather changing from one day to the next and days seemingly faster everyday as, once again, the world is amazed with the Fashion Week trends. For this issue we have prepared different adventures to appeal to your wild side, from riding in Ireland to scuba diving at the Bahamas, to everything about Las Vegas Blenheim’s show. Update your wardrobe with the latest leather trends available and enjoy precision and speed with the ultimate tribute watches inspired by the fastest cars. Quench your thirst for exotic destinations and go south of the border as you visit Mexico’s Haciendas and other destinations. Gucci comes to Sonoma and takes the equestrian scene by surprise with one of the most magnificent events of the year, definitely a must read. Once again thanks for reading us, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed doing it. Good luck and good ride

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October / November

Contents 30 EXPRESSIONS LEATHER IS SO BACK Everything you need to follow the leading trend of the autumn season.

LOOKS Stay in fashion with the new fall collections, and dazzle everyone in your way.

NEWS From ankle boots to sensational shades, everything you need to look your best.

JEWELS Diamond rings as a fashion statement, a real engagement with your look.


14 36

COATS Stay warm in style, with the smashing coats guide for the autumn.

MUST Hot essentials to update your wardrobe with the latest trends.

HOURS Legendary timekeepers, to help you organize in a fashionable way.










Discover the magic that is waiting for you as you head South of the border.

Choose your adventure and discover the wonders of recreation holidays.

THE BLISSFUL TOUCH Relax and renew as you visit three fantastic spas.

MAN OF A world of luxury and enchantment created for you by Ferretti Yachts.

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SPIRITS GIANT STEPS Gucci comes to Sonoma and conquers the equestrian scene.

DINER DIVINE The glamorous bon vivant paradise in California.

SOMMELIER Discover the perfect wines to watch the leaves fall down.

FEI The excitement of the latest edition of FEI World Cup finals









GADGETS The latest gizmos to make the most of technology indulgences.

TEST DRIVE Great timepieces inspire a need for speed.

BLENHEIM Viva las Vegas! All about one of the best equestrian venues.

JOURNAL OF Carlos Gracida, taking the Polo world by storm.

August / September

Contents 10 [ ]

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925 B Street Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 798-3888

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The website you want to see...

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Expressions HOURS

Find the best timekeepers and master your time in style with the fabulous watches we review just for you.



Leather is so back: follow this trend in style and look your best.

Gorgeous muses inspire designers and create amazing objects of desire.

14 20 Equ Portadilla ok.indd 13

The weather is starting to change, upgrade your wardrobe and conquer the scene.





SPACE & DESIGN From riding in Ireland Designers take to scuba diving in the over the runway bahamas, choose your and redecorate your home to adventure. create perfect spaces.


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30/09/13 18:05

ther Leather Leather eatheri Is sooo Back!!!!


Valentino Black Leather Valentino proves once and for all that it is not necessary to become a rockstar to wear a black leather jacket with style.

Current Elliott Trousers Make everyone sizzle with this fabulous olive leather pants and become the center of attention anywhere you go.

Sharlow Dress The crimson hue of this dress makes it the greatest choice for a fancy dinner with your friends.

Akris Emerald Bag Leather bags are a dime a dozen, but very few are as original and fun as this Akris creation.

14 [ ]

LEATHER_EQU20.indd 14

26/09/13 17:52

Man Messenger Bottega Veneta Nowadays we can find several options for men aside from the classic portfolio. Fortunately, Bottega Veneta presents his proposal to help you look your best.

YSL Retro Inspiration An original and fun twist to this trend as designed by YSL. A must for fashion lovers.

B.V wrist bracelet Give the final touch to your outfit with this leather bracelet by Bottega Veneta and make yourself as fab as it gets. Photos: Courtesy of Current Elliott, Akris, The Row, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Dior, YSL.

Dior Homme Make every step count as you strut around in these fantastic Dior ankle boots.

[ October / November ] 15

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New Season GET READY FOR Autumn with some of the trends we’ve seen on the runway for this season: the mix of fabrics, tartan, the dandy look with Sherlock Holmes-inspired accessories, leather jackets, down jackets, and these three main colors: grey, navy blue and military green.

1. Chic cashmere Undisputed cashmere specialist, Franck Namani combines distinctive refinement and elegance.

2. Classic walks Take with you the classic style of J.L. Rocha wherever you go with this immaculate pair of shoes.

3. Leopard cufflinks Add an original touch to whatever attire you decide to wear with these amazing 18K yellow gold leopard cufflinks.




18 [ ]

LOOKS HIM_EQU20_FERfinal.indd 18

27/09/13 10:27


4. Dotted touch Add a bit of color and a lot of sophistication to your outfit with this yellow silk polka-dots printed scarf.

5. Luxury philosophy Photos: Courtesy of Hackett London, Hermès, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Franck Namani, J.L. Rocha, David Webb, Kiton, Tom Ford, Patek Philippe.

For their clean design, these sunglasses reflect perfectly well the style and philosophy of Tom Ford.

6. Universal hours A great Patek Philippe timepiece, ideal for those who enjoy traveling frequently worldwide.




[ October / November ] 19

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27/09/13 10:30


Tod’s Ankle Boots

FOUNDED IN THE EARLY XX CENTURY IN ITALY by Filippo Della Valle, grandfather of the current owners, Diego and Andrea Valle, Tod’s manufacture perpetuates its tradition in the glamorous world of fashion. Luxury shoeware connoisseurs recognize that success and exquisiteness of this brand is owing to their unique creations, which is complemented by its traditional manufacturing process and the use of materials of the highest quality. Choosing the right foot-

wear is fundamental when you want to give a good impression, which is why Equ Lifestyle presents Tod’s Ankle Boots: boots for men which, apart from providing elegance and style, also offer unparalleled comfort for the contemporary man. Distinction and luxury are attributes that Tod’s Ankle Boots offer to the man who likes to dress well and elegantly in every occasion. In Equ Lifestyle we are sure these boots will be an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Photos: Courtesy of Tod’s


20 [ ]

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27/09/13 10:07

News expressions

Terra Bella

Photos: Courtesy of Terra Bella.

Landscape deveLopment

Terra Bella Landscape Development (TBLD) is one of the most sought after landscaping and pool companies in San Diego. High-end builders, commercial property owners and residential owners alike agree that Terra Bella sets the gold standard in quality and customer service for the pool and landscape industry in the area. Jason Jarvis created Terra Bella Landscape Development in 2006. Jarvis chose landscaping, or perhaps it chose him, after spending many summers working with his grandfather who was a passionate gardener. For Jarvis gardening is serenity. “It’s therapy,” he said. “It’s nurturing watching something grow. It’s kind of like a child.” It’s this nurtured passion for nature and aesthetics that literally grew TBLD into the flourishing business it is today. TBLD designs are done exclusively by David Neault of David Neault and Associates, who earned his degree at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Neault’s artistry is unparalleled - he has worked on projects ranging from residential homes to master planned communities to commercial office parks and shopping centers and even golf courses. Together, Jar-

vis and Neault can transform any piece of land into its utmost potential. TBLD designs, builds and maintains landscape environments of all sizes. Jason’s goal with every project is to maximize the value of his client’s property and create a lasting product that they will enjoy. He is passionate and committed to each project, and focused on exceeding his client’s expectations. He understands that the pace

of life today is demanding, and believes that it is more important than ever to take time to enjoy life. What better place to do that than in the privacy and security of your own beautiful space – an outdoor environment tailored specifically to meet your needs, feed your senses and relax your soul. Whether you are looking for a decadent display of outdoor luxury living or a simple park-like garden – Terra Bella Landscape Development will deliver your vision to you. Their focus on client communication starts at the initial design meeting – they want to ensure that the finished product is your vision – brought to life. They employ experienced artisan craftsmen that have an eye for detail and take pride in their creation. Jason’s goal is to be every client’s landscaper for life! Terra Bella Landscaping specializes in the design and construction of outdoor-living spaces, including all varieties of pools, fountains, fireplaces, cabanas, BBQ’s, decks and anything else you can imagine! Terra Bella Landscaping is offering a free design consultation or maintenance assessment for all Equ readers. For more information call Jason at (858) 335-8151, or email at For inspirational photos of recently completed projects and designs, go online to

[ October / November ] 21

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30/09/13 18:07



Sophia Bag The beauty and class of the Italian uberdiva Sophia Loren is the inspiration for this wonderful piece designed by Ferragamo

Priscilla Bag The exclusive brand Corto Moltedo evokes the unique and wild style of gorgeous Priscilla Presley.

Fotos: Cortesía de las vinícola respectivas. Photos: Courtesy of Ferragamo, Corto Moltedo, Hermès and Mulberry.

22 [ ]

022-023 Equ20 Bags.indd 22

27/09/13 10:23

Kelly Bag Nothing better than a classic to become the ultimate object of affection. Grace Kelly, the princess and silver screen myth demonstrates it on this Hermès’ homage.

Birkin Bag Hermès celebrates the beauty and elegance of the singer and actress Jane Birkin, with the ultimate favorite Birkin bag.

Alexa Bag The British model Alexa Chung is the mirror image of style and versatility according to the designers for Mulberry.

[ October / November ] 23

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27/09/13 10:23


Autumn trends THE TIME TO SAY GOODBYE to Summer and welcome a new season has arrived. Little by little you must immerse in autumn trends and incorporate them into your daily life. Start doing so with leather garments such as a pair of skinny pants or a feminine skirt—either pencil or A shape—, heart-printed pieces and the sophistication of burgundy color.

1. Dazzling time Beautiful quartz timepiece with date display. Case and bracelet in white gold set with diamonds.

2. Peep-toe booties The peep-toe high heel shoe booties are an excellent footwear choice for autumn season start.

3. Skull card envelope Keep your cards in order in this red leather card holder decorated with the iconic McQueen skull motif.




24 [ ]

LOOKS HER_EQU20[1]_FER.indd 24

27/09/13 10:51


4. Flirty accessory For those rainy and cold days this kind of hats will be your perfect ally.

Photos: Courtesy of Burberry, Robert Rodriguez, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Audemars Piguet, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gran Vía, Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, Lugano Diamonds.

5. Fine tortoise Complement your outfit with these glamorous square sunglasses.

6. Beautiful butterfly Take with you a little bit of Spring into Fall with this lovely butterfly ring by Lugano Diamonds.




[ October / November ] 25

LOOKS HER_EQU20[1]_FER.indd 25

27/09/13 10:52



IF OUTDOORS, you may find enemies that put your eyes’ health at risk. Having pollution, UV rays and more out there, it would be insane to neglect your eyesight. Fortunately today there are a number of options in the market that help reduce that risk while improving your appearance. Probably the best alternative is Armani’s new Kaleidoscope collection –the fancy frames and trendy shades that will protect your eyes and your looks: a musthave accessory!


a timeless classic, we know for sure our investment was worthwhile. Such is the case of the pearl necklace: our grandmas, mother and most likely our daughters are sure to wear them for years to come. And when it comes to pearls, no one knows best but Mikimoto. Invest in the style that best reflects your personality and enjoy the pleasure that only a classic can provide.

Photos: Courtesy of Armani, Mikimoto and Luxottica.

WHEN AN ACCESSORY TAKES THE LEAP from being a novelty and becomes

26 [ ]

lentesARMANI&MIKIMOTO_EQU20.indd 26

26/09/13 17:57

Anuncios.indd 88

27/09/13 12:25

EWELS EWELS j ewels ewels EWELS Diamonds Rings


Piaget Once again, Piaget conquers the world of luxury with a unique and fun style when creating this trendy 17 white diamonds design.

Paolo Costagli With a touch of the classic 20’s and 30’s designs, Paolo Costagli creates a luxury jewels collection, where he stands a modern classic.

Dior Inspired by the beauty of the rose, a magnificent symbol of eternity and charm, Dior creates this wonderful collection jewel.

Photos: Courtesy of Piaget, dior, paolo costagli, neil lane, chanel, ivanka trump and Hamilton.

28 [ ]

JEWELS_EQU20.indd 28

26/09/13 17:42


JEWELS Neil Lane

A piece for a royal collection no doubt. It’s classic design makes it a one of a kind piece whose charm will prevail as years go by.

Ivanka Trump The gorgeous heir of the Trump dynasty is out to conquer the jewelry world with the beauty and glam of spectacular pieces like this fantastic diamonds ring.

Chanel The prestigious French brand stamps its elegant and glamorous trade with this fabulous statement piece. A jewel for those who love luxury and class, and are not afraid to push the boundaries.

Hamilton If you are looking for a most perfect and opulent piece to celebrate a special occasion, this is your best choice no doubt.

[ October / November ] 29

JEWELS_EQU20.indd 29

26/09/13 17:44


Military inspiration TRENDY GUIDE FOR THE FASHIONABLE GUY Looking your best under the rain might seem a bit tricky, however thanks to this fabulous accessory it’s not such a complicated task. It doesn’t matter the style you choose, as you like it, a great coat must always fully cover the sleeves of your shirt and have a perfect fit; so if you are thinking of getting a new coat, remember to wear your suit the minute you are trying it on- as you know the fitting might change from one model to another. Discover this practical guide and get to know some styles and choose the one that suits you best.

The name for this garment comes from Earl of Chesterfield, it’s design comes from the late 19th century and it is considered as the first overcoat of its kind. • STITCHES FREE the waist is completely free of stitches in order to keep a cleaner fit with the body. • SINGLE BREASTED FLY FRONT The front side of this cut is always made of a single piece. • SHORT LAPEL great to wear above coats or shirts, without compromising your look. • NO CUFFS the simplicity of its design has turn this coat into a timeless classic.

Photos: Courtesy Oliver spencer, burberry, crombie and brooks brothers.


30 [ ]

030-031 Equ20 Coats.indd 30

02/10/13 16:47

OVER COAT A classic that definitely can’t be left out from your collection is an elegant overcoat. This choice stands out from the crowd thanks to its versatility, it’s ideal for all body types, one of the many reasons it is widely considered as an All time classic. Keep en mind when trying it that this garment goes above all your clothes, so remember to wear your suit to your first fitting. • SLEEVES these one should fully cover the sleeves from your suit and even your shirts cuffs. • LENGTH according to the tradition this should be a long garment, it can even run all the way down to your ankles, but mostly they have their length down to your knees. •CUT its rigid military influenced shape provides a classy and sober touch.

ULSTER COAT Its name comes from the Irish county of Ulster whose habitants turn this piece into a popular garment made out of tweed. Aside from being quite popular thanks to its elegant cut, the classic Ulster stands out because: • VERY LONG, wide and with big lapels, aside from having up to 6 or 8 buttons. •GREAT FOR COLD WEATHER, the width of its collar allows to easily turn up the lapels in order to keep warmer. •DONEGAL TWEED is the most common fabric to use in order to make this coat last longer in pristine conditions. •BACK BELT that helps to improve the fitting to any shape.

POLO COAT An American classic with a British origin. Between each chukker of a Polo game, the players used to wear a long light colored coat to keep them warm. Later on buttons replaced the belt, when they start to wear them after the game the public went crazy and start following such trend, becoming a popular garment for Ivy league students during the 20’s . •BEIGE shades mostly from camel fur and wool. •6 to 8 buttons. • HALF OR MID belt, but definitely a must. • WIDE LAPELS or optional Ulster neck. .

[ October / November ] 31

030-031 Equ20 Coats.indd 31

27/09/13 10:30



IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE: just as we found our signature perfume, someone else comes along wearing the same fragrance. It is completely annoying to discover the new designer essence, adopt it as our own and finally realize we are just simply following a trend and are just one more fine odor in the crowd. In order to avoid such a faux pas, one must always be in search of new and exclusive products.

Aromas of such refined nature that guarantee that no one else will smell the same –at least, not in your closest circle. If you are looking for that level of uniqueness, the Dutch fragrance line Nasomatto is definitely what you have been searching for. When you register on their website, you can order up to three 30 ml. (1,0 fl. oz) bottles of your favorite fragrances among their collection. You will also get the details of all the natural ingre-

dients that were used to create it. You can create new mixes to fit your style with each aroma, just choose the one that evokes the intended emotion: if you are long for a moment of personal bliss, Black Afgano is for you but if you are in search of manly and masculine elegance, Pardon is your true ally. Explore your emotions and let your essence make that statement for you.

Photos: Courtesy of nasomatto.


32 [ ]


27/09/13 09:58

Anuncios.indd 88

30/07/13 10:49


Fall essentials Say hello to cold and rainy days, it’s time to wrap up. Choose pieces that besides helping you face the new weather, reflect your personality and define your style.

1 2


4 1. Key garment

2. Cool touch

3. Royal blue

4. Every detail

Welcome the Fall season properly, with a key piece such as this Brunello Cucinelli blue vest.

Besides keeping you from the cold, a scarf will always give you a different and cool touch for this time of year.

These silver cufflinks with blue accents will add a touch of color that will surely enhance your style.

To look flawless at all times, it is important to take care of every single detail and accessory in your outfit.

34 [ ]

MUST HIM_EQU20_FER.indd 34

26/09/13 18:07

Must 5. Testa di Moro

6. Stylish neck

7. A bit of color

8. Step forward

The New Espressione Montegrappa collection combines minimal design with the finest materials.

A necktie brings a lot of personality to any look. This season choose woven ties in different colors.

To add a touch of fun to your dressing style we suggest you to wear a bold bright color sweater.

A pair of suede shoes are a must-have. Pick them in dark or neutral tones to match with everything.

In addition to its elegant design, this watch features a dual time zone intuitive to read and easy to use.


9. Skydweller



Photos: Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, dunhill, Corneliani, Montegrappa, Peter Millar, Gant, Rolex.



9 [ October / November ] 35

MUST HIM_EQU20_FER.indd 35

26/09/13 18:07

Heavenly Inspired

OURS HOURS hOURS OUS Stary stary night Not even Van Gogh himself would have imagine such a beautiful star studded beauty . A real masterpiece for the most demanding gal.

Heavenly perfect

Shinny pearl Girard Perregaux takes the beauty and sophistication of the pearl and trims it up with diamonds to create such a perfect timepiece.

Montblanc does it again, a breathtaking and beautiful timepiece with enough complications to give other prestigious brands a run for their money.

36 [ ]

HOURS_EQU20.indd 36

26/09/13 17:40

HOUR Time is on your side Patek Philippe places time on your hands and creates this marvel of engineering to satisfy the demands of the most exigent customer.

Photos: Courtesy of Bvlgari, Girard Perregaux, Montblanc, A Lange & Söehne, Chopard and Patej Philippe.

Sky master A. Lange & Söhne surprises the world, as it undertakes a complicated mission. The result is as good as it gets, the perfect watch for today’s man.

Valuable asset This amazing piece by Chopard evokes a vintage timepiece, with the advantages of today’s technology. The perfect piece for the most demanding man.

[ October / November] 37

HOURS_EQU20.indd 37

26/09/13 17:40


Fall Essentials for Her The arrival of a new season always demands changes in your wardrobe. Pay attention to our suggestions that will help you move from Summer to Fall easily and with impeccable style.




3 1. Satintwill top

2. Sunny d frame

Be sure to invest in basic key pieces. This versatile blouse offers endless styling options.

These elegant Victoria Beckham sunglasses will add a touch of vintage glamour to your look.

3. Pyramid gemstone J Brand Jeans definitely offer the best fit, whether you wear them with flats or heels.

4. Star Tote The ‘Sac de Jour’ Saint Laurent burgundy leather tote will be your favorite friend of the season.

38 [ ]

MUST HER_EQU20.indd 38

26/09/13 18:03

Must 5. Oriental 6. Waistwoody defining

7. Fine sobriety

8. Casual luxe

9. Wow pumps

An exotic fragrance with a strong character yet soft and classic at the same time, built around sandalwood notes.

Wear this black leather wide belt over your sweater or over your coat so you can show off a slimmer figure.

All of the watches from The Harry Winston Midnight Collection are exquisitely feminine, refined and sober pieces.

This reversible leather and suede vest will be a great companion from now to the end of Winter.

Be amazed and captivated by the fantastic fall 2013 Giuseppe Zanotti shoe collection.



Photos: Courtesy of The Row, Victoria Beckham, J Brand, Saint Laurent Paris, Dries Van Noten, Barneys New York, Hermès, Harry Winston, Donna Karan New York, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gran Vía


7 8


[October / November] 39

MUST HER_EQU20.indd 39

26/09/13 18:03

News expressions

Maybach eyewear

EyEs arE thE window of thE soul and, as such, they deserve to be dressed with the latest and the best in design and quality. Maybach is a well known name among automotive industry enthusiasts, and now this exclusive automotive company has agreed to name an exclusive line of eyewear handcrafted in Germany by IVKO company. The German vehicles grand style can now embellish your look in a classic, elegant and personalized way, with designs that recreate the sumptuous interiors of these majestic cars. The range includes eight frames and ten sunglasses. The Individual collection consists of frames made with the finest materials to choo-

se from, in order to create the piece you always wanted. Materials can be selected from 19 types of materials, such as lacquered wood, leather, carved horn, carbon fiber, titanium and—the luxury culmination — 18 karat white, yellow or pink golden accents. You may also choose from a wide range of options for your lenses, which are produced by Zeiss, the leading brand in precision lenses. Do you rather wear clear, pink or smoked crystals? There are ten different shade colors with which you can play and design the perfect complement to your outfit. The icing on the cake? your name will be hand engraved on the inside of one of its temples, while the

Maybach logo stands out in the outer part. This ready-to-wear sunglasses selection includes ten different stunning frame styles in half a dozen shades that will not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but will dazzle anyone looking at you. Common glasses are usually mass-produced, while these pieces are unique, manufactured in an almost handcrafted process by masters in this art, imitating the know-how used to produce Maybachs. This ensures that each frame is an outstanding stylish piece. Definitely, the Maybach line is the perfect accessory for genuine high design connoisseurs, just like you.

Photos: Courtesy of Maybach eyewear.

top design

40 [ ]

20Equ_Maybach.indd 40

26/09/13 17:47

Is proud to host an: Eddie Macken clinic

El Sue単o de Amistad clinic: December 6-8 Participate in our weekend long educational program with legendary Irish rider Eddie Macken at Hummingbird nest ranch! Or we can help you organize your own event! Contact us to sign up for a slot or for more information on our unique programs! Stefanie Saperstein

Richard Padilla (805) 341-5831 Anuncio_F.indd 2

27/09/13 12:09



THROUGH TIME, the belt has stopped being just a necessary accessory and has become a key garment that gives a fashion touch to our outfit. Currently the belts are seen as a fashion item, adopting new colors, designs and varieties, such as the ones offered by Gucci this time. Quality assurance, traditional modernity, innovation and craftsmanship, sophistication that is manufactured exclusively in Italy; exclusivity, quality, Italian craftsmanship and fashion authority: this is how these pieces are defined.

Bentley Platinum TALKING ABOUT BENTLEY is luxury and quality assurance. This time the brand surprises us once again with a handmade limited edition collection of platinum sunglasses. The case of these glasses is covered with the same leather used by Bentley in its car interiors, for which you may choose the color, because the purchase is handled exclusively by order. The Bentley sunglasses will do much more than just give you a special air of refinement, it is also an object full of opulence and fine distinction.

Photos: Courtesy of Gucci and Bentley eyewear.


42 [ ]

cunturonGUCCII&BENTLEY_EQU20.indd 42

26/09/13 17:35

News expressions

Livable Luxury

Phootos: Courtesy of Wardell Builders, inc.

The perfecT house To call your home

The maTerials in This modern beach home tastefully merge indoors and outdoors. From the sandy shores to the driftwood on the beach, the look and feel of the ocean is echoed inside this custom home. The clean lines, wall-to-wall windows, and the finished detailing of this home required an experienced builder to skillfully piece it together. That is why the homeowners, architect and the interior designer turned to Wardell Builders. “When it comes to modern homes, lines have to be exact. The materials are not forgiving. We have honed our streamlined processes over the past two decades of building custom signature homes around southern California to ensure the highest quality of construction with the greatest value,“ says Wardell President, Terry Wardell. This La Jolla home helped Wardell obtain the 2012 National Custom Home Builder of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders. “Wardell Builders is not only an inspiration to the building industry, but a testament to the notion that builders do much more than just build beautiful homes,” says Keith Butz, 2012 Custom Home Builders Committee Chairman. “Wardell creates outstanding projects and design concepts coupled with a

high standard of customer service and community outreach that helps to build lives,” says Butz. Embracing the beach in the design means more than just appreciating its beauty. “Building near the beach comes with a number of challenges. We have to work with the designer to find materials that are both beautiful and functional and have the ability to withstand the salty air and dampness,” says Wardell. The wall-to-wall windows make the ocean views a focal point of the house. The beach comes inside with the dense limestone used on the counter tops and the shower walls. Both surfaces feature a sandlike pattern. Light is brought into the house through a variety of types of glass, including clear, frosted, back-painted, and mosaic tiles. The glass is used to bounce light around the interiors to make the 2,180

square foot home feel more expansive. Walnut cabinets, blackened steel, and leather casework warm up the feel of the house. The oak flooring is wirebrushed, fumed, and bleached to bring out the grain of the wood and give it the look of beach driftwood. The ocean views stretch into the master bathroom thanks to a glass wall that separates the bathroom from the master bedroom. As a result, the cool ocean breeze is hindered from excessively chilling the bedroom. The custom fireplace gives new elegance to feast your eyes on the beach. Modern sophistication combined with a beach lifestyle translates into livable luxury. Bruce Peeling Architect Megan Bryan Interior Designer Photos Courtesy of Stephen Whalen

[ October / November ] 43

20Equ_Casa.indd 43

30/09/13 17:34

Hacienda Temozón


box isn’t just a videogame console nor Chuminópolis a city in a comic: they are villages located in the state of Yucatan, near Temozón municipality. Not far from there, under the same name, is one of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in this area, an extraordinary place that you have to know. The majestic Hacienda Temozón is now a 5 stars hotel. Its large arches embellish the huge, colorful halls contrasting with the luxuriant gardens that invite walking around them to enjoy the spectacular architectural and natural landscape this space offers. With its 28 exquisitely furnished rooms and suites, this charming place provides its guests with a deep taste of the grandeur and opulence that once reigned here. Its massive double doors, tall beamed ceilings, stone walls, antique furniture, solid iron beds and private pools adorn the suites and make them even more special. In its facilities you can also find a restaurant offering delicious international and regional cuisine (most of its ingredients are grown locally), a gym, function room, meeting rooms, tennis court and a magnificent church dating from the seventeenth century. Details like this make you feel like you have returned to the past and became part of the history of this state. Km 182 Carretera Mérida-Uxmal Temozón Sur, Yucatán 97825 México. Phone: (52)(99) 923 80 89

Photos: courtesy of Starwood hotels.

Temozón Sur, YucaTán

44 [ ]

20Equ_Haciendas.indd 44

26/09/13 17:43

Hacienda Puerta Campeche CampeChe


he state of Campeche is full of art, culture and a lot of attractions due to its history and traditions. The city center, museums, Mayan ruins, multimedia shows, caves and botanical gardens are some of the beautiful places you can enjoy here. After a tour of the city, the perfect place to relax and be pampered with a facial or body treatment based on natural products of the region is, no doubt, the beautiful Hacienda Puerta Campeche. Forget about everyday world in the original pool located within the ruins of part of its ancient building, and recharge your energy sunbathing in its beautiful gardens or take a walk through its enigmatic hallways, that are like astounding mazes filled with elegant details. Hacienda Puerta Campeche is a property that evokes the era of abundance in southeast Mexico, when the estates played the role of production units and were the economic engine of the state of Campeche. It is formed by a group of seventeenth-century houses meticulously renovated to give it a unique colonial touch. The rooms and suites are just beautiful: they feature fine details and are set around the pool and extensive garden area. Join the adventure and learn more about the culture and history of the place, visiting the archaeological sites and natural reserves. Your vacation will be unforgettable. Calle 59 No. 71 Centro, 24000 Campeche Phone: (01) 981 816 7508

[ October / November ] 45

20Equ_Haciendas.indd 45

26/09/13 17:44

Hacienda Uayamón Uayamón, CampeChe


acienda Uayamonwas chosen as one of the “50 hotels that we love” by Nat Geo magazine in Spanish in June 2010 and elected for the “Artistan Revival” award by Travel & Leisure magazine in the Global Vision Awards 2010. Displaying a unique style and colonial architecture with astounding roofs, elegant decor and jungle gardens, XVII century Hacienda Uayamon reflects the mysticism in the history of this opulent estate. Walking the paths to the sound of the iguanas, among other forest animals, relaxing in the outdoor pool or getting renewed having a massage at the impressive spa located in what was formerly the hacienda store, is like entering another dimension. By night you can enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight, enjoying a cuisine based on seafood and local ingredients. The villas and suites have been completely restored and adequate to meet the needs of discerning travelers who enjoy luxury spaces. The restoration incorporates contemporary and traditional elements, using materials of the highest quality in order to allow new spaces highlight the artistic and architectural value of the original features of the property. Large pegs in the guest room’s hold Yucatan’s woven cotton hammocks, for you to sleep in the Mayan style. Km 20 Carretera Uayamón China Edzna. Uayamón, Campeche 24530 México (52)(98) 1813 0530

46 [ ]

20Equ_Haciendas.indd 46

26/09/13 17:45



Photos: courtesy of Hasselblad.

THE DAGUERREOTYPE WAS THE FIRST PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS IN HISTORY. Thanks to this discovery, we have captured images over time that were once inconceivable, even in our imagination. One of the most prestigious brands in this category has perfected this technique with modern designs and materials of the highest quality and has managed to turn an ordinary image into something truly extraordinary. Hasselblad, a company known for its medium format cameras produced since the Second World War, is an icon and accuracy

guarantee in every feature of its products. Perhaps the most famous use of the Hasselblad cameras was the Apollo program missions, the first time men set foot on the moon. Almost all photographs taken during these missions were made with these cameras. It is claimed that a picture says more than a thousand words and Equ Lifestyle presents to you in this issue a camera that is a gem in every sense of the word, a luxury that will make your best moments invaluable. Technology and beauty come together to offer the best of digital photography, Hassel-

blad H4D-40 Ferrari Edition, is produced in a limited edition of only 499 cameras. The fantastic H4D-40 Ferrari Limited Edition comes in an exclusive case, covered with alluring handmade glass, specially designed for Ferrari camera, besides a luxurious lining, dual storage layers and the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield. In a world with such a high level of technology, Hasselblad offers you the best and most exclusive to turn a moment into a whole event that will be captured forever.

[ October / November ] 47

20Equ_CAMARA.indd 47

26/09/13 17:05

News expressions

Aqua Star

EvEn though it’s not famous Captain nEmo’s nautilus, glimpsed in his famous Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne would have definitely been inspired by this modern transportation to continue creating magical stories. Based on the chassis of a typical Italian scooter touring the streets of Naples and Rome, the Aqua Star provides a unique experience of underwater navigation, with a dual vertical and horizontal motor you can reach displacements between 3.5 to 5 km / hr. With either a model for a single pilot or one with cabin for 2 people, you will have 70 hours of oxygen and about 2 hours battery, which is rechargeable without consuming much power.

The maximum weight of these models is 80 kg, which makes it easier to carry them, and therefore they become the perfect complement to any yacht. If this is not enough to consider it a whole trend issue, its yellow color emulates the magical “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. Without a doubt if you’re faced with the opportunity to rent this service in some European bay you can not miss it. Or better yet take it as an attachment to your yacht in order to anchor offshore and enjoy a unique diving activity.

Photo: Courtesy of and

Underwater scooter

48 [ ]

20Equ_Aquastar.indd 48

02/10/13 16:15



[ October / November ] 49

20Equ_central.indd 49

26/09/13 17:34

Riding in Ireland

Fotos: CortesĂ­a Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

From riding camps for young people and adults to hiking in groups or alone, the Irish landscape has everything you need to fully enjoy a reencounter with nature. In most Irish equestrian centres they accept both seasoned and beginner riders, so no matter how expert you are, you will always find the right place for you. When the day is up, there is nothing better than resting your exhausted body in a cozy Irish pub where to share stories with your family or fellow adventurers. What better way to take a break from the daily stress than horseback riding into scenic byways? Enjoy the outdoors from

50 [ ]

20Equ_central.indd 50

26/09/13 17:35


Paddy Coyne’s Public House Gerard Coyne Tullycross, Renyle Galway, Ireland +353 9543 499

Chapter One 19 Ceamoy Parnell Thuaidh Dublin, Ireland +353 1873 2266


aghadoe Heights Lakes of Killarney Killarney, Co. S Kerry, Ireland +353 6466 31766

the saddle and admire the landscapes of places like Connemara, Burren, the Ring of Kerry and Wicklow mountains, where deep Irish forests will render you speechless, they have not lost their austere yet imposing beauty. You’ll find plenty of things to do. From shorter than a day trips to much longer journeys riding on the back of a horse going from one village to another. Not to mention the jumping practices opportunities you will find along your way. There are also options for children: among the most popular attractions are pony camps, where children take their first steps that end up when they become expert riders. You’ll find so many possibilities, that Equ Lifestyle offers you only a few of them, fully confident that they will become an essential reference to you whenever you visit Ireland. Enjoy!

Muckross Park Hotel & Cloisters spa S Kerry, Ireland +323 064 662 34 00

Brooklodge & Wells spa Macreddin Village S Co. Wicklow, Ireland 0402 36 444

[ October / November ] 51

20Equ_central.indd 51

26/09/13 17:35

Golf in Punta Mita If what you’re looking for is paradise, Equ Lifestyle presents you with the closest place you’ll ever find. The best thing about it is that you can find it in one of Mexico’s richest states in terms of cuisine and biodiversity. It is also a place where you find one of the most exclusive resorts in the world: Punta Mita. It is located 22 kms west of Bucerias on highway 200, about 30 minutes away from Tepic airport. We suggest to start your day with a round of golf at the exclusive Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, a great place where you can find a spectacular golf landscape with white sand, palm trees and magnificent sea views. Their majestic world-class golf courses feature an amazing green on a natural island which makes it even more outstanding. Thanks to the extraordinary

52 [ ]

20Equ_central.indd 52

26/09/13 17:35

weather in Punta Mita, outdoor activities turn out to be extremely pleasant. In this beautiful place you can find everything you need to spend a wonderful time full of joy and harmony. The resort also provides you with four restaurants with a variety of cuisines that will leave you pleasantly amazed, because most of their ingredients come from local produce, specially fruit, vegetables and seafood. If you are keen to rest and relax, you can find a haven of peace and tranquility in one of the best spas at Punta Mita: the Apuane Spa, also located at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, where you’ll be pampered as if you were a monarch. Equ Lifestyle offers you the best places with excellent service so that you enjoy each and every activity and make each experience your favorite.

Where to eat

Casa teresa Calle Pez Vela 133 63734 Punta Mita, Nayarit 013 29 291 6480

Where to stay

st. regis Punta Mita Carretera Federal 200 km. 19.5 Lote H-4 Punta Mita, Nayarit 63734 013 29 291 5800

sPa apuane spa Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita Punta Mita, Bahía de Banderas +52 (329) 291 6000

La tranquila Carretera Punta de Mita Sayulita Km. 2 Punta de Mita, Litibú Riviera Nayarit. Nayarit, México 01800 8380 610

[ October / November ] 53

20Equ_central.indd 53

26/09/13 17:35

Scuba diving in the Bahamas How would you like a walk in the Bahamas? Or better yet, a dive into the underwater world of these fabulous islands? As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of all nature.” In Equ Lifestyle we couldn’t agree more, since it is in the Bahamas and its surroundings where we can admire wonderful coral worlds with unimaginable life in them. We can swim surrounded by a myriad sea dwellers that enrich these waters, which in turn lead us to experience emotions we never felt before. This idyllic region of the world offers a magnificent experience in terms of reef landscapes of great beauty, and crystal clear waters that invite you to dive in and feel part of the environment. But joy doesn’t

54 [ ]

20Equ_central.indd 54

26/09/13 17:35

Where to stay Grand Lucayan Beach & Golf resort 1 Seahorse Lane Lucaya, Freeport Grand Bahama Island 242 373 1333

Where to eat Flying Fish Seahorse Road at Pelican Bay Hotel Freeport Grand Bahama Island 242 373 4363

Churchill’s 1 Seahorse Lane Lucaya, Freeport Grand Bahama Island 242 373 1333

end there: you can also appreciate the best locations on land, such as the ones we now present to you. The Grand Lucayan Bahamas Resort offers the ideal accommodation for an enjoyable stay with its sumptuous and very spacious rooms and suites. Located in an exclusive beach with a fantastic ocean

view, it provides, among other activities, with an spectacular golf course for all the lovers of this sport, and an amazing outdoor pool where you will enjoy tranquility, or complement your rest in the exceptional Senses spa, a place to relax trying out the treatments that will make up for an unforgettable experience.

spa one & only spa One Casino Drive Paradise Island, The Bahamas 242 363 2501 ext 64808 senses spa & Fitness Center 1 Seahorse Lane Lucaya, Freeport Grand Bahama Island 242 373 1333

[ October / November ] 55

20Equ_central.indd 55

26/09/13 17:35

Romantic in California Located on the southwest coast of the United States, California is considered to be the most glamorous and trendy state in the US. Those who choose to live in this area, mostly do it for its pleasant weather, breathtaking ocean views and its major tourist attractions like Hollywood, amusement parks or hotels with formidable architecture, worldwide recognized restaurants and spas offering top-notch relaxation and beauty treatments. To complement this wide offer of entertaining and delightful experiences, Equ Lifestyle recommends the best hotels in California where you will be able to enjoy full days

56 [ ]

20Equ_central.indd 56

26/09/13 17:36

Where to eat Casanova 5th Avenue between Mission & San Carlos Carmel by the Sea 831 625 0501

the tap room 17 Mille Drive Pebble Beach, California 93953 800 654 9300

Spa Bernardus Lodge 415 Carmel Valley Road Carmel Valley, CA 93924 888 648 9463

Spa on the plaza 201 Alvarado Street Monterey, California 831 654 9000

of fun and romance with your dearest and nearest. The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel is truly an example of splendor: its luxurious suites have fireplaces and views to Costa Hermosa or to the sea which lends them the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable night full of romance. This hotel features a world class eco-adventure center and spectacular gardens where you and your partner may have an exciting walk, appreciating the beautiful landscapes the beachfront location offers. Also, you can be delighted by a panoramic dinner at 180blũ lounge and its coastal cuisine from Raya (named “Restaurant of the Year” by Orange County Riviera in July 2011). For an exceptional relax, nothing like a visit to the spa, enjoying massages, body treatments and facials. This is how California offers you a wide array of opportunities to be surprised and fall in love all over again, just like the first time.

the Spa at pebble Beach 17 Mille Drive Pebble Beach, California 93953 800 654 9300

the inn at Spanish Bay 2700 17 Mille Drive Pebble Beach, California 1831 647 7500

[ October / November ] 57

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26/09/13 17:36

Spa expressions

The blissful touch

Blgari Hotel & Spa

inStitut Dior

remeDe St. regiS

Two luxurious stories devoted to fulfill your demands, achieve your satisfaction and soothe your soul wait for you at the Bulgari Hotel London. This extraordinary premise has created several surprises for you, from a breathtaking pool, to relaxing and energetic thermal experiences with mud fountains and eleven bespoke treatment suites, exclusive of Bulgari. We encourage you to splurge a bit and book a private suite for special treatments where you’ll make the most of your time and enjoy the best facials and treatments Bulgari has to offer. If you are in the market for the best way to improve your energy in the fastest way, ask for the Chakra Balancing Body Treatment, a full body treatments that eases the stress of your body and restores the harmony and balance.

In the famous Plaza Athenée hotel, right in the heart of the city of timeless beauty, there is a wonderful secret kept hidden. We are of course talking about the glamorous and hedonist Dior Institut of Paris. This fancy venue gathers the top authorities in beauty and skin care, to offer its guests several treats to pamper them in style. Choosing among so many options is not an easy task. That is why we encourage you to communicate with the experts, and with their help choose the treatments that better meets your every need. We encourage you to try the deep tissue massage for profound relaxation. For 60 minutes, the strong touch of the expert hands will mold your body and take away every trace of stress, making you feel as good as new.

In the middle of the most important and popular avenue of one of the largest and thrilling cities of the world lies a very special place, a venue in which every detail has been thoughtfully considered in order to fulfill every request of their demanding visitors, a mirage of serenity in the heart of a wild city. We are talking about the Remede Spa at the St Regis Mexico city hotel. We invite you to enjoy this magnificent venue and reset your self with a profound and relaxing trip that mixes treatments like full body exfoliation, anti oxidant treatments and a soothing massage to fight pollution effects with the help of a cleansing oxygenate mask. If you are looking for a repairing dream or a full energy restore, look no further this is definitely the place for you.

171, Knightsbridge, SW71DW, +4402071510101

25 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris , +33 0153 676 535

Paseo de la Reforma 439, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, México D.F. 06500

Photos: Bvlgari Hotel & Spa London, Institut Dior Paris and Remede St. Regis Mexico.

fashionable delights

58 [ ]

20Equ_Spa.indd 58

02/10/13 16:15

News expressions

Ritz-Carlton Cancún Two decades of excellence

Photos: Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Cancún.

Mexican warMth and hospitality are combined with traditional excellence at the Ritz-Carlton, to offer a unique experience in this idyllic corner of the Mexican Caribbean: Cancun. Marking 20 years of Mexican-style extravagance, the Ritz-Carlton Cancun is nestled along enticing stretches of turquoise waters and brilliant white sandy beaches that inspire the senses and invite relaxation. In 2013 the Ritz-Carlton celebrates two decades of unparalleled service at one of the most lavish and exclusive resorts in the world. The Ritz-Carlton Cancun opened its doors on April 15, 1993 as the first international RitzCarlton property. From that moment, a long list of awards and accolades has been a part of this

Mexican jewel’s history. For 18 consecutive years this luxury hotel has earned the prestigious Five Diamond Award issued by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and, in 2006, it became the first Five Diamond hotel that also owns and operates two fine dining restaurants—The Club Grill and Fantino—earning the same AAA Five Diamond distinction. The Ritz-Carlton Cancun invites you to join them by participating in an exclusive selection of activities carefully tailored for you and your family that showcase the resort’s Mexican heritage. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, enjoy soothing spa treatments at Kayantá Spa, which offers a selection of relaxing treatments inspired

by the Mexican culture, such as the Azteca Golden Facial and the Mexican Vanilla Wrap. Executive Sous Chef Michael Grau invites you to an extraordinary gourmet voyage through The Ritz-Carlton Cancun’s acclaimed selection of restaurants. Be a part of this magnificent progressive dinner and experience four of their celebrated dining ambiances in one evening. Remember to leave some space for the delicious anniversary dessert specially designed by the pastry chef taking place at an unforgettable location: under the stars with the sounds of the ocean at Casitas, the only restaurant in Cancun located on the beach.

[ October / November ] 59

059 Equ20 RitzCarlton.indd 59

27/09/13 12:48

Space & Design EXPRESSIONS

From the runway Into your home

Christian Lacroix This piece is unique in its style: perfect to create an unparalleled space. Its extravagant design is perfect for fashionistas.

Bottega Veneta Taste and allurement run all over the clutch’s world for the prestigious brand Bottega Veneta.

Hermès The simplicity on this elegant design makes this table the perfect choice for every space in your home.

60 [ ]

20Equ_Space.indd 60

30/09/13 18:09

Space & Design EXPRESSIONS

Armani Mirror A padded white frame is the perfect statement piece to turn your house into a home.

Lacroix If you like living on the edge and you like to be the center of attention Christian Lacroix is the designer for you.

Armani Chair After designing the most chic and fabulous furniture line for its hotels, the exclusive brand takes over the world and your home.

Photos: Courtesy of Kartell, Moschino, Amani Casa, Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix,Hermès, Bottega Veneta.

Moschino Print Kartell and Moschino come together to create amazing spaces with versatile and fun patterns.

[ October / November ] 61

20Equ_Space.indd 61

30/09/13 18:09

Man of... expressions

Ferretti Group Luxury Italian yachts Interview with Brett Keating, Vice president—Marketing, Americas and Alessandro Diomedi, Sales Manager. wHat makEs your clIEnts dIstInctIvE? Our main clients are people who have very normal businesses, and family people, most of them. Ferretti as a brand has always been a conservative, traditional, type of company and the type of clients we interact with have their own companies, they come from so many different industries, but they all are extremely professional and smart, and all of them have worked very hard to get what they want in life. We used to think of people in their mid-60s as our clients, but we’ve noticed a change of trend where they’re younger now, it’s not unsual for people in their 30s to 40s to buy very large yachts.

wHat do you do to kEEp your customErs Happy?

Is EuropE stIll your maIn markEt? We had to face the fact that in 2008 there was a severe world crisis, and the world has changed a lot since then. What used to be our main market in Europe has changed and now the most important ones for us are the growing markets of Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

How mucH potEntIal Is tHErE In amErIca for you? There’s a lot of potential. We’ve been seeing an increase in sales in this area. A lot of people from Latin America are buying boats they keep in Miami, their second home. And we know customer awareness and recognition are perceived as essential to our brand, they understand who we are and they are coming to us.

wHat arE your spEcIfIc plans for latIn amErIca? We have had a representative here for some itme, but it’s such an important market to us that we felt we needed a more direct presence here, because we know the potential of growth. We want to make sure we have physical presence (an office) there for sales and even for the after sales service, so that clients know there’s someone they can call anytime.

Is tHErE anytHIng you’d lIkE to add, any mEssagE for our rEadErs? I’d like to extend an open invitation for all of you to come to our showroom at Fort Lauderdale where we’ll be more than happy to show you our boats.

Foto: Uriel García/AMGW Agency.

Ferretti Yachts was founded in 1968 in Catolica, on the East Coast of Italy, by the brothers Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti. Their most important markets have always been Europe and the Mediterranean. But Ferretti has expanded over the years with offices in Asia-Pacific, Moscow, America, and more to come.

We’re very lucky because we have about a 90 percent retention rate, due to the fact that our products are built to such high quality and engineering standards. But it’s not just about the product, we spend much time training our sales staff and brand managers to make sure they can answer any questions and know where the company is going at all times. Besides, once clients have their boats, we have a 24/7 after sales team: no matter where our client is, they always get immediate assistance. And that’s part of it, having a really great after sales department reinforces customer experience and that’s why they keep coming back. We want them to come back, we want to keep them happy and we do what we can, so they prefer to be our clients.

62 [ ]

063 Entrevista Ferretti.indd 62

04/10/13 13:13


Pinnacle bike

REMEMBER FOR A MOMENT the first time you rode a bicycle. How many times did you fall before you learned to ride? You may no longer remember but the truth is that you got up, got back on to try and most likely now riding a bike is for you as natural as walking. Whether walking or riding a bike, we know you are always looking for excellence, so today we introduce you to an article that you will love it instantly.

Pinnacle was established in 2006 in the UK and has extensive experience manufacturing and selling bicycles. Focusing on the needs of their users, each model is designed by identifying specific customer needs, their use and desired capacity, the environment and the land, handling, etc.. These specifications are established in order to create a unique bicycle that perfectly suits its user. Such is the case of Californium Two 2013.

The Pinnacle California Two 2013 Women’s Hybrid Bike stops the traffic and turns heads wherever it goes thanks to its supremely aesthetic structure and slender, aerodynamic curves. Its sleek frame with protective chain cover matches the fenders, giving it a classic look that complements the pretty and comfortable vintage style brown seat.

Photos: Courtesy of Pinnacle Bike.


62 [ ]


27/09/13 09:32

Anuncios.indd 88

04/10/13 14:33

Man Manof... of... expressions expressions

Ferretti Group Luxury Italian yachts Interview with Brett Keating, Vice president—Marketing, Americas and Alessandro Diomedi, Sales Manager. wHat makEs your clIEnts dIstInctIvE? Our main clients are people who have very normal businesses, and family people, most of them. Ferretti as a brand has always been a conservative, traditional, type of company and the type of clients we interact with have their own companies, they come from so many different industries, but they all are extremely professional and smart, and all of them have worked very hard to get what they want in life. We used to think of people in their mid-60s as our clients, but we’ve noticed a change of trend where they’re younger now, it’s not unsual for people in their 30s to 40s to buy very large yachts.

wHat do you do to kEEp your customErs Happy?

Ferretti Yachts was founded in 1968 in Catolica, on the East Coast of Italy, by the brothers Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti. Their most important markets have always been Europe and the Mediterranean. But Ferretti has expanded over the years with offices in Asia-Pacific, Moscow, America, and more to come.

Is EuropE stIll your maIn markEt?

Foto: Uriel García/AMGW Agency.

We had to face the fact that in 2008 there was a severe world crisis, and the world has changed a lot since then. What used to be our main market in Europe has changed and now the most important ones for us are the growing markets of Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

How mucH potEntIal Is tHErE In amErIca for you? There’s a lot of potential. We’ve been seeing an increase in sales in this area. A lot of people from Latin America are buying boats they keep in Miami, their second home. And we know customer awareness and recognition are perceived as essential to our brand, they understand who we are and they are coming to us.

We’re very lucky because we have about a 90 percent retention rate, due to the fact that our products are built to such high quality and engineering standards. But it’s not just about the product, we spend much time training our sales staff and brand managers to make sure they can answer any questions and know where the company is going at all times. Besides, once clients have their boats, we have a 24/7 after sales team: no matter where our client is, they always get immediate assistance. And that’s part of it, having a really great after sales department reinforces customer experience and that’s why they keep coming back. We want them to come back, we want to keep them happy and we do what we can, so they prefer to be our clients.

wHat arE your spEcIfIc plans for latIn amErIca? We have had a representative here for some itme, but it’s such an important market to us that we felt we needed a more direct presence here, because we know the potential of growth. We want to make sure we have physical presence (an office) there for sales and even for the after sales service, so that clients know there’s someone they can call anytime.

Is tHErE anytHIng you’d lIkE to add, any mEssagE for our rEadErs? I’d like to extend an open invitation for all of you to come to our showroom at Fort Lauderdale where we’ll be more than happy to show you our boats.

[ October / November ] 63

063 Entrevista Ferretti.indd 63

27/09/13 10:32

The tack store you were looking for!

Monica Ward 619.851.4301

Anuncio_BoutiqueOK.indd 55

24/09/12 13:58



Sick and tired of the cold and hectic city traffic? Timing is perfect to escape from the everyday rush with three great partnership cars.







Gucci comes to Sonoma and takes over the equestrian scene in style.

Discover one of the best places to indulge yourself in sunny California.

Toast and celebrate with the perfect red wines for the fall season.

Everything you need to know about the latest edition of the fei world cup.

Carlos gracida, an unexpected polo champion and his secret to succeed.


20 Equ Portadilla ok.indd 65





[ October / November ] 65

02/10/13 17:04


Gucci's first-ever title sponsorship of an American sporting event comes to fruition at Sonoma Horse Park. Top: Hope Glynn & Woodstock, winners of the $5,000 Equuleus Designs Open Hunter Derby pictured with Larissa McCalla & Jenny Harris of Equuleus Designs, Ned Glynn & Heather Rhoades of Sonoma Valley Stables, and Ashley Herman.



t was like Christmas in August. From the custom jumps in the arena to the decorative tables in the VIP tent, red and green trim blanketed Sonoma Horse Park during that sizzling summer week. However it wasn’t to pay homage to St. Nick, the grounds of this equestrian facility in Northern California’s famous wine country were transformed to reflect the signature colors, panache and prestige of Gucci. Riders from California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and New Mexico flocked to the bustling hunter/jumper show to participate in, or simply to enjoy, the 2013 Giant Steps Charity Classic. Well-established as one of the world’s most treasured luxury brands, Gucci produces a full equestrian line and sponsors high profile international show jumping riders Edwina Alexander of Australia, and Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco. Yet not until this year had the legendary house of Gucci partnered with an equestrian sporting

event in North America. The significance of Gucci’s partnership with Sonoma Horse Park’s flagship week of summer competition was noteworthy and the sense of elegance was certainly in the air.

TOP CLASS EQUESTRIAN SPORT Four years ago, other than a boarding and training facility called Riverside Equestrian Center, there was nothing out of the ordinary at the end of the horse park’s winding entry road that is lined with vineyards in Sonoma, California. But what a difference four years and one highly motivated visionary horseperson can make. Thirty-two-year-old Sonoma Horse Park manager Ashley Herman spun a prior career in event management at Goldman Sachs together with her riding background and created a fabulous show facility. What was once empty acreage next to the equestrian center has quickly become a favorite venue for riders throughout the Western United States.

66 [ ]

20Equ_Equ_Elegance.indd 66

30/09/13 17:36

SHOW JUMPING STARS While there was a three-way tie in the Six-Bar competition between riders Karrie Rufer, Bjorn Ikast and Ned Glynn, there was to be only one winner in Sunday’s $30,000 Shaklee Grand Prix. British-born rider Helen McNaught cruised to victory in the grand prix aboard Alison Heafy’s Lariccello. Course designer Peter Grant built a challenging track with 13 obstacles and 17 jumping efforts. A jump-off of four riders, all with double clean rounds, made the final contest a bit of a horse race, with McNaught clocking the fastest time. Even better, McNaught was able to celebrate the win with her husband and fellow rider Duncan McFarlane, who placed a close second. This, the final feature class of the action-packed week, drew a large crowd that turned out to cheer on their favorite riders and enjoy one last afternoon in the VIP. Herman hopes the Giant Steps Charity Classic will become a highlight on the American show jumping calendar. Considering what she’s accomplished in the past four years, it seems she has the ability to make hopes and dreams come true.

Top: Doug McCalla, Chris Laddish, Ashley Herman, Jenny Harris, Chip Roberson, Martin Heirakuji and Deborah Osburn. Bottom left: Helen McNaught and Laricello, winners of the $30,000 Shaklee Grand Prix. Bottom right: Giant Steps Board Member Tara Couch with husband John Couch.

Photos: Courtesy of Drew Altazar, Deb Dawson Photography.

Now a bustling hub of top class equestrian activity for seven weeks of the year, the Giant Steps Charity Classic has grown into the crown jewel of the Sonoma Horse Park’s calendar. The proceeds benefit the Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center. Located at Sonoma Horse Park since 1998, Giant Steps offers Bay Area riders with a wide range of disabilities, as well as veterans and “at risk” youth, a chance to enjoy the benefits of riding horses. After two nights of celebratory competitions and events, including Wild Turkey Farm’s Battle of the Sexes and the Vespa Ride & Drive, the highlight of the week unfolded with the annual Giant Steps Gala, a live auction fundraiser. Taking place under the raised VIP berm flanking the Sonoma Horse Park’s Wells Fargo Grand Prix Arena, the Gala was set against the elegant backdrop of the $10,000 Barclays’ Six-Bar high jump competition. With auction items such as a VIP package at the upcoming 2013 Gucci Masters in Paris, France, and a dinner for 10 in the private home of famed chef Gary Danko, the amount raised for Giant Steps will be considerable. Although the totals were not available at press time, when the final numbers are in, Gucci will double the amount raised for this extraordinary organization. Herman explains the importance of how the exclusive event unfolded. “It was imperative that every element of the branding and experience be meticulously executed with the utmost attention to detail. Additionally, the combination of the show's existing sponsors, the gala, Sonoma Horse Park's close proximity to San Francisco (an important market), and Gucci’s desire to support Giant Steps, were all driving factors in the partnership.” Herman’s prior relationship with Gucci through her work with the Gucci Masters Paris, an annual event that attracts the top riders in the world, gave the haute couture house the confidence that Herman would uphold the integrity of their brand. “The single most important thing for a horse show is top sporting conditions; having said that, show jumping is one of the few sports that can be thrilling, elegant and luxurious all at once,” Herman says. “As organizers, we have a duty to promote and elevate the sport; partnering with a world-class brand such as Gucci raised the level of prestige and luxury, creating an ideal setting to showcase the sport itself.”

[ October / November ] 67

20Equ_Equ_Elegance.indd 67

30/09/13 17:36

News SpiriTS

Divine Dining

The French Laundry, caLiFornia “Respect for food is a respect for life, for who we are and what we do.” — Thomas Keller

The French Laundry has been considered for several years one of the best restaurants in the world and the number one in the United States. These recognitions are token of the passion and constancy of a great team of people led by a great man: Thomas Keller, chef and owner of this extraordinary restaurant. Keller has transformed an old and cold stone building into a warm place designed to welcome those who like to enjoy his exquisite creations. A place frequented mostly by tourists from all over the world, each of the dishes seduces his guests’ palates. In the spring of 1992, Thomas Keller visited the Napa Valley to find a restaurant called The French Laundry. The restaurant belonged since 1978 to Don Schimtt and his wife Sally, who since the acquisition of the premises had renovated the old structure and the site’s menu. When chef Keller entered the restaurant, he knew immediately that this was the place he had always longed for pursuing his career. Almost two decades later, many young apprentices come here to make a sort of

internship and to learn from master Keller. The French Laundry was not born with Thomas Keller or with its former owner, Don Schimtt. Its story begins in the 1920’s when the building was purchased by John B. Landale and his wife, who founded the restaurant with that name. “French” was synonym for the high quality in service that they aimed to offer, and “Laundry” was due to the business that was formerly at the location. The only drawback to Keller’s success is that if you want to enjoy Keller’s delicacies, it is necessary to make reservations several months in advance. You will have to be patient for the line is always busy, but we guarantee you that the trouble will be worthwhile once you taste one of the fabulous dishes that the restaurant has for you. We recommend you try the ravioli with black truffles or the pearl oysters, a dish which is complemented by caviar served on a bed of tapioca in sabayon with vermouth sauce. 6640 Washington Street, Yountville, California. Phone: 707 944 2380

Photo: Courtesy of The French Laundry.

Located in the heart of napa Valley,

68 [ ]

068 Equ20 FrenchLaundry.indd 68

27/09/13 10:35

News spirits

An Ideal Indoor Destination

Phootos: Courtesy of Alltech.

the Alltech NAtioNAl horse show

An equestriAn trAdition, the Alltech National Horse Show has reached its stride in the Horse Capital of the World. Founded in 1883 at the Old Madison Square Garden in New York City, the nation’s oldest indoor horse show returns to the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington from Oct. 29 to Nov. 3. In its debut year at the Alltech Arena, the North American Riders’ Group ranked the Alltech National Horse Show the top indoor horse show of the year. The show returned in 2012 with a higher rating from NARG. For two consecutive years, the show was named to the National Hunter Hall of Fame and in 2013 it received the designation of Heritage Competition from the United States Equestrian Federation. “Since coming to Kentucky, the Alltech National Horse Show has received high praise from riders, fans of the sport and national equestrian organizations,” said Mason Phelps Jr., president of the Alltech National Horse Show. “We’re looking to charm the crowd once again in our third year at the Alltech Arena, with a high level of competition that will rival any show in the country.” With entries reserved for the year’s top-performing equestrians, the show’s program is packed with hunter, jumper, equitation and gaited breed

divisions. Highly anticipated events include the $50,000 LIFEFORCE Elite™ Puissance, the $250,000 Alltech Grand Prix and the prestigious ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay Final for junior competitors. The week-long show will award more than $850,000 in total prizes to equestrians, one of the largest pools of prize money available on the North American show circuit. An indoor delight, socialites can enjoy refinement inside the Gracie Street Garden, a lounge that captures the show’s long run at the Madison Square Garden plus a variety of high-class vendors and novelty shops are located on the concourse of the Alltech Arena. Exclusive VIP suites as well as the VIP Taylor Harris Club are available throughout the week.

Also this year, the Alltech National Horse Show will play a leading role in Alltech’s firstever Kentucky Gathering, a celebration of three proud traditions deeply rooted in the Bluegrass state – horses, heritage and hops. Hosted alongside equestrian events at the Alltech Arena, the Kentucky Gathering encompasses all things Kentucky with a showcase of locally crafted brews, spirits and foods called “Taste Kentucky,” live local bands during the evening, a Biggest Loser 5k RunWalk fitness challenge, a kids’ crafts and play area, and many other fun-filled activities for the entire family. Tickets and more information can be found at

new this YeAr – BArn night And horses, heritAge & hops A new addition to this year’s line-up of special events, Barn Night in the Bluegrass, Friday, Nov. 1, will treat young horse fans and equestrian groups to an autograph session with all-star riders and the chance to win spirit prizes, including a trip to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy.

[ October / November ] 69

20Equ_Altec.indd 69

02/10/13 16:29

AUTUM By Edel Schaub Moss, Certified Sommelier




his time of the year makes you daydream of yourself sitting on a soft, comfortable armchair next to the fireplace with soothing music playing in the background. Sounds like autumn alright, doesn’t it? We always think of drinking a glass of whiskey, some schnapps or any other beverage that will keep your body warm. This is a time to change, to think of the wines that inspire new ideas and important projects. In this issue I suggest three wines of different varieties and origin that have much in common: the range of aromas and taste are distinctly autumnal. Indulge in optimism and pleasure with these three delicious wines!

Holm Oak Pinot Noir Tamar Valley, Tasmania


he island of Tasmania is characterized by a cool climate and notoriously stylish wines, being one of the states of Australia that started producing quality wine more recently. I’m sure none of us imagined how fine their wines are! And the Pinot Noir is their highest achievement. Holm Oak is a wine with great Pinot style definition, which highlights its lightweight body. In its bouquet you will find a wide range of sensations: mocha, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, plums, clay, spices, herbs, roasted and toasted oak. This wine’s virtue is its intensely fruity flavor. The Pinot Noir is the perfect emblem of Fall, especially when accompanied by mushrooms! This is a wine to drink at any time of day, for its delicious freshness and softness. Open your senses and enjoy a new generation of exotic wines from newly emerging regions.


ine wine wine

70 [ ]

wine wine

20Equ_wines.indd 70

26/09/13 18:48


Photos: Courtesy of EdelWine Consulting

Barolo Scarrone “Vigna Mandorlo” Fratelli Giacosa DOCG Piemonte, Italia


his Nebbiolo is famous for evoking a scent of pine and roses, fragrances typical of Barolo wines originating in the Piedmont, the well-known producing area of northwestern Italy. The name of this variety, nebbiolo, is Italian for fog, which is common in the hills within the region of Piedmont. Vigna Mandorlo or Almond Vineyard, gives its name to the almond trees that surround the place with a superb microclimate. Aging bestows on Barolo wines their full truffle, damp earth and chocolate aromas. Barolo wines require at least ten years of aging in the cellar to develop its greatness, that’s when you’ll find delicious and polished tannins at their best. This is a wine to develops your senses! It has a delicate spices, tobacco, licorice and blackberry scented bouquet. This is more than a glass of wine: This wine evokes history; it’s a brain and awareness stimulant. It goes well with Prosciutto baciato, Castelmagno and Gorgonzola cheese.

Caymus “Special Selection” Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, California, EUA


aymus is one of the most sought after and quoted brands when thinking of Napa Valley great wines. It is notable for being produced in a family with a wine-making history of over one hundred years. Their vineyards are over forty years old and located in the best slopes in the area, with unique microclimates that render perfect grape maturation. Caymus “Special Selection” is only produced from the best vintages, so it is not always available in the market. This wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon which is rich and layered. Blackberry tart, ripe blueberry, cassis, milk chocolate, licorice and sweet, smoky cedar flavors flood the mouth, dramatically huge and memorable, and lasting long into the finish. This wine is silky on the palate. It is the perfect wine to accompany you while planning your projects. Sublime with strong cheeses.

ewinewinewin [ October / November ] 71

20Equ_wines.indd 71

26/09/13 18:49

Top : Beezie Madden & Simon in winning form in 2013.

WHO IS THE FEI The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), founded in 1921, is the international governing body for equestrian sport as recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The sole controlling authority for all international events in many disciplines, including show jumping, the FEI establishes the regulations and approves equestrian programs at Championships, Continental and Regional Games as well as the Olympic Games. With the tagline ‘A World of Equestrian Diversity,’ the FEI is also about developing the sport and ensuring its prosperous future;  providing accessibility to elite sport for people of all backgrounds from around the world; upholding the integrity of the sport;   and safe-

guarding the welfare of the horse. In each of the seven disciplines that the FEI governs, men and women, along with their equine partners, compete equally.

WHAT IS THE WORLD CUP? The FEI World Cup Final, an indoor competition held in April each year, is the single most important annual International Championship in equestrian sport. Other equestrian events at this level, the Olympics and the World Championships, occur every four years. The series, which began in 1978, has fourteen leagues in six continents. Approximately 50 riders qualify annually to compete for the highly sought after title of World Cup Champion. Held at fabulous

Photos: Courtesy of FEI/Kit Houghton,

world cup

72 [ ]

20Equ_FEI.indd 72

30/09/13 16:55

locations all over the world, the 2014 FEI World Cup Final will be in Lyon, France from April 16-20, 2014. In order to be one of the competitors at the finals in April, riders earn points by placing in classes recognized by the FEI, such as the $50,000 Las Vegas National Grand Prix. This year, Blenheim EquiSports hosts two of twelve West Coast FEI qualifying events in two different locations - Del Mar in August and Las Vegas in November.

HOW WORLD CUP POINTS ARE EARNED Points are awarded to the top 16 places in the class according to the scale below. If a rider has more than one horse, the first horse they compete on is their World Cup mount for this competition. 1st - 20 pts. 2nd - 17 pts. 3rd - 15 pts. 4th - 13 pts.

5th - 12 pts. 6th - 11 pts. 7th - 10 pts. 8th - 9 pts.

9th - 8 pts. 10th - 7 pts. 11th - 6 pts. 12th - 5 pts.

13th - 4 pts. 14th - 3 pts. 15th - 2 pts. 16th - 1 pts.

Athletes obtain FEI World Cup points for their country of citizenship, i.e. USA, Canada or Mexico, regardless of where they are domiciled in North America.

A total of 14 athletes from North America are eligible to compete at the FEI World Cup Finals: 7 USA Athletes from the East Coast League 3 USA Athletes from the West Coast League 2 Canadian Athletes from the East or West Coast League (the two Athletes with the most points) 2 Mexican Athletes from the East or West Coast League (the two Athletes with the most points)

Top : 2012 World Cup Champion Rich Fellers (USA). Bottom: 2013 World Cup Champion Beezie Madden (USA).

WHICH COUNTRIES HAVE WON? Since the first World Cup Final thirty-five years ago, 23 different riders from 9 countries have won the prestigious title. For the last two years Americans claimed the title: Rich Fellers (2012) and Beezie Madden (2013). United States (USA) - 8 riders Germany (GER) - 4 riders Austria (AUT) - 2 riders Canada (CAN) - 2 riders Great Britain (GBR) - 2 riders Switzerland (SUI) - 2 riders Brazil (BRA) - 1 rider France (FRA) - 1 rider Netherlands (NED) - 1 rider

[ October / November ] 73

20Equ_FEI.indd 73

30/09/13 16:55

DESTINATION: 2014 FEI WORLD CUP FINALS IN FRANCE The eyes of the horsey set will certainly be focused on France in 2014. With the FEI World Cup Finals in both Show Jumping and Dressage, and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games awarded to French cities, this beautiful country with its enduring love of the horse will truly be a destination for equine enthusiasts.

BIENvENUE WORLD CUP Some of the earliest show jumping competitions on record were held in France in 1866 at the Harness Show in Paris, so the excitement returns to its home well over a century later as Lyon prepares to host the 2014 FEI World Cup Finals from April 16-20, 2014. This, one of the most prestigious events on the equestrian world stage, is the final phase of a series of international qualifying competitions. Hundreds of horse and rider combinations from all over the world earned the chance to compete and strive for the title of 2014 World Cup Champion. The show jumping competition, sponsored by Rolex, tests the horse’s endurance and stamina, as well as agility and speed, and combines them into the elegant spectacle that is show jumping at its highest form. The competition begins with a speed round, followed by the next day’s jump-off round. Then, horses and riders will have a day off before they return for a two-round final. This prestigious event is a pinnacle to which all show jumping riders aspire, making this event one of the most exciting in the world to watch. The dressage competition, sponsored by Reem Acra, will coincide with the show jumping competition in Lyon. The finals consist of an FEI Grand Prix Test followed by a Grand Prix Freestyle Test set to music, illustrating the communication between horse and rider, and the athleticism of the horse as demonstrated by its freedom and ease of movement. The lyrical beauty of this competition is sure to captivate the horse lover. Like the show jumpers, dressage riders perform all year in difficult competitions to qualify for the FEI World Cup Finals, culminating in a display of the best dressage horse and rider combinations in the world. Both finals will be presented under the same roof at Eurexpo, one of the premier expo and convention centers in Europe.

TRèS MAgNIFIqUE Equestrian aficionados traveling to Lyon will find a plethora of sights beyond the excitement of show jumping and dressage com-

petitions. Lyon, located in east-central France between Paris and Marseilles, is a city steeped in history, elegance and culture. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is recognized both for its architectural and historical landmarks. Historically, Lyon was a Roman settlement, and ancient Roman buildings are found throughout the city. It was also the second largest Renaissance city in Europe after Venice, making for a beautiful tour of European architecture across the ages. In addition to the architecture and river views of the city, Lyon is the silk capital of world, the birthplace of cinema, the center of the French Revolution, and more recently named the capital of gastronomy (an amazing designation, as Paris is in the mix). This impressive and eclectic persona has led the city of Dubai to reproduce some districts of the city in Dubai itself, calling it Lyon Dubai City. There is no doubt that 2014 will be an extraordinary year for France and horse sport. Just about four months post the FEI World Cup Finals in April, the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games will take place in Normandy, two hours northwest of Paris. From equestrian excellence to dreamy destinations, France is a must next spring and summer.

Top : The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Bottom: Lyon at Night.

74 [ ]

20Equ_FEI.indd 74

30/09/13 16:55


Mont Blanc

Photos: Courtesy of Mont Blanc.


DUE TO ITS FIRM COMMITMENT to children, education and UNICEF, Montblanc presents the new collection “Signature for Good”. A generous program that actualizes the support of the firm for nearly a decade. In this period over five million dollars have been raised to support those in need. It is not an easy task: Around the world, there are more than 61 million children deprived from schooling and, thanks to Montblanc, the necessary steps can be taken to provide them with an education that gives them knowledge, skills and values for a better future. The aim of this collection is to appeal to you through design, style and fine craftsmanship, to make this change for world children possible.

For UNICEF, the ongoing relationship with the brand is a significant and important union. For Cayl M. Stern, President and CEO of the US Fund for UNICEF, the program provides these children with quality education that significantly improves their chances in life and, thanks to Montblanc’s support, the impact of the investment is truly notable because it also promotes true global awareness of the effort of working with vulnerable children around the world. Each writing instrument, leather and jewelry item from this collection has an individual serial number. This number is associated with a “brick”, a reference to the construction and operation of schools: indicating that the pro-

duct owner donates a nominal fee to the program and is contributing to building a more prosperous future, a brick at a time. When purchasing your piece, you can register your number at to monitor the progress of this initiative and discover the different ways in which UNICEF improves the quality of life for many children. For each piece from the “SFG” collection sold between March 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014, Montblanc will donate part of the proceeds (at least 1.5 million dollars) to build shelters for children in Africa and Asia and similar programs in Latin America. Don’t think twice, you too can make a difference.

[ October / November ] 75

20Equ_montBlack.indd 75

30/09/13 18:11


The perfect sound In our perennial search for the ultimate gadget finding the perfect novelty can be a daunting task. Here we present seven different options, innovative designs to suit your taste and to fit your space. All of these high-tech choices utilize the latest technology, and are sure to deliver optimum performance.

1 1. Google Chrome Cast


The ultimate gadget, turn your LED HD into a multimedia system with online connection as you plug this small USB to a WIFI network.

2. Leica 40298 Ostrich Leather Edition If you are a wildlife fan, you enjoy finding the pleasure on little details and you just won’t miss a sighting in your favorite forest, these binoculars are meant for you.

3. Class UHD S9 Series Smart TV 85 inches offer the highest quality available, neat images for those who love the world of tv and movies.


76 [ ]

20Equ_Gadgets.indd 76

30/09/13 18:12



4. Budnitz Bicycle No. 5 Fancy, light, dynamic; this bike takes the classic design of old Charles Chaplin’s bike and turns an interesting twist by using carbon fiber for the frame.

5. Vertu TI The best smartphone teams up with the glamorous brand to create this one of a kind HD gadget.


6. Dr Dre Beats Executive Headphones


The best sound and highest fidelity for your music. Feel the noise and elation only with Dr Dre Beats headphones.

7. D’Agostino Momentum Amplifier This fabulous amplifier has a very special design: the display has a vintage inspiration with metal details. The perfect statement piece for your home.

Photos: courtesy of D’Agostino, Budnitz, Amazon, Samsung, Googel, Leica,Dr. Dre Beats and Vertu.


[ October / November ] 77

20Equ_Gadgets.indd 77

30/09/13 18:13

Test Drive SPIRITS

Great Partnership

Ferrari FF


F stands for “Ferrari Four”: four comfortable seats— the first model of this prestigious Italian house with this feature —and four-wheel drive. Furthermore, this magnificent car has a V12 engine and seven-speed gearbox, which turns it into the most powerful and versatile model Ferrari has ever built. Its recent launching in the city of Genoa caused great excitement and expectation due to its effective online campaign. This vehicle not only provides the best safety and smoothness when driving it thanks to its all-wheel drive, but it is also a model that represents a turning point for Ferrari because it combines the performance of an extreme sports car with the versatility and usability of a Grand Tourer, in addition to having a revolutionary body design.

Each part of the FF overflows innovation. The engine power—660 HP at 8000 rpm— lets you accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds, and its top speed is 335 km/h, yet fuel consumption has been optimized: only 15.4 liters per each 100 kilometers, and its pollutants emission is 25% lower than that of others in its same V12 range.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Titanium This watch, determined and sporty has brushed titanium case, anti-reflective sapphire window, automatic movement, chronograph and black rubber strap stitched in red thread, Red Ferrari, of course.

78 [ ]

20Equ_Test_Drive.indd 78

26/09/13 18:20

Test Drive SPIRITS

Bugatti Veyron 16.4Grand Sport Vitesse


he idea was to create a car that would redefine the boundaries of automotive technology, while flattering automotive connoisseurs and those who appreciate the aesthetics of a vehicle. This car offers the best of both worlds, since it combines the elegance of a Grand Sport with the high performance of a Super Sport, and confirms the idea that beauty and intelligence can form a successful symbiosis. Many management system components have been improved: four turbochargers that provide a considerable increase in power with reduced fuel consumption, enhanced transmission to ensure optimal gear, independent suspension on all wheels and seven-speed dual clutch adapted to the new conditions of this amazing vehicle. Its 8-liter W16 engine is capable of producing an output of 1200 hp at 6400 rpm and

accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 410 km/h, making it the faster roadster ever produced. Therefore, Bugatti has reconfigured the chassis to provide safe handling, more control when driving and a perfect balance, in which the feeling of accelerating and braking are almost imperceptible.

Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport His bold arched form reminds us of Bugatti’s oval, it is designed on two levels: the wrist, which shows the watch movement to 90 ° and the top. Available in two versions: white gold and rose gold.

[ October / November ] 79

20Equ_Test_Drive.indd 79

30/09/13 18:14

Test Drive SPIRITS

Aston Martin Vanquish


ston Martin, the British car assembler who reached worldwide fame thanks to one of the world’s most famous spy: James Bond, celebrates its 100th anniversary. And in order to celebrate a century of producing the most beautiful and desirable cars in the world, Aston Martin decided to create a special model, a new flagship car that combines the most advanced engineering with modern design and exquisite materials. The result was the new Vanquish, a perfect blend of art, technology and expertise in execution. This car is powered by a Gen4 AM11 V12 engine, the most powerful in the history of Aston Martin, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. The carbon fiber body was designed to suit the driving conditions that an engine with such features provides. Each panel takes a sinuous, aggressive form, with curvy

sculpted fenders that define their profile. The interiors are, without doubt, the most luxurious ones that have ever been produced in Aston Martin. Its ergonomic design includes a wide range of materials and finishes, never seen before in a Grand Tourer. The Vanquish is a completely unique and free from the influences of temporary fashion trends kind of car.

Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Inspired by the power and beauty of the Aston Martin cars, this timepiece features a verticaltrigger chronograph, a real mechanical marvel that allows you to activate the functions only by pressing the sapphire crystal.

80 [ ]

20Equ_Test_Drive.indd 80

26/09/13 18:22


Riedel Decanter BLACK TIE BLISS

Photos: Courtesy of Riedel.

MOST RED AND SOME WHITE WINES aroma and flavor are enhanced when you let them stand for a few minutes before drinking. Wine decanting is a procedure used to remove tannin derived sediments. While decanting, intense oxygenation occurs which accentuates the properties of the wine. The same can not be achieved by merely leaving the

bottle open because the bottle mouth is not wide enough to allow adequate oxygen input. In Equ Lifestyle we are convinced that the best wine deserves the ideal instrument for decanting, that is why we introduce you to a stunning piece by the famous brand Riedel, winner of a number of recognitions and awards for its high quality standard. The Black Tie Bliss Decanter is a true work of art:

with the help of the best European glassblowers, it imprints all luxury and elegance in these products. Its modern design comes to life by filling it with the most precious wines, while the heart-shaped center adds a tender touch. Conveniently shaped to aid pouring, the wine is kept pure and clear. The Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter is your best ally.

[ October / November ] 81

RIEDEL_EQU20.indd 81

30/09/13 18:17

News spirits

Jaguar F-Type the most powerful sports car

designed with special texture that makes them feel like pieces of hand-made machinery. The steering wheel and seats are bound in leather with a special treatment that ensures a soft touch. F-TYPE’s lightweight aluminium body structure with high torsional rigidity is the ideal platform for a convertible sports car. This strong, stiff

structure provides an inherently stable platform for precise, agile handling and is the perfect complement to the high-performance engine range. Undoubtedly, the technological development of this model has been focused on enhancing the level of gratification of the driving you must experience for yourself.

Photos: Courtesy of Jaguar Motors.

With over 75 years of history, Jaguar remains one of the most important and exclusive brands; its latest model, the Jaguar F-Type, is full of surprises anywhere you look. Considered the most powerful, sensual and exciting sports car at the time, the F-type incorporates the latest in engineering, making it one of the most sophisticated in the world. The exterior design has two main principles: simplicity and elegance, that is why the lines that give life to this model are so artistically streamlined. F-TYPE’s Quickshift transmission is both lightning-fast and superbly refined. Using eight closelyspaced gears, the engine is kept in its most effective rev range to deliver optimum power and torque at all speeds. The selectable Dynamic Mode adds adrenaline to your drive by altering the throttle response and gearshift programmes to further emphasise the car’s sporting character. Being a sports car, the F-Type has the trademark technological innovation. The switches and controls were

82 [ ]

082 20Equ_Jaguar 11.57.24.indd 82

27/09/13 12:57

[ October / November ] 83

20Equ_blenheim.indd 83

30/09/13 16:52

20Equ_blenheim.indd 84

30/09/13 16:52

[ October / November ] 85

20Equ_blenheim.indd 85

30/09/13 16:52

Top right: Priceless: A pad signed by top show jumpers.

Bottom left: Clearing the JustWorld High Jump! Bottom right: Karl Cook & Notories Utopia.

Photos: Courtesy of Captured Moment Photography.

Top left: Saer Coulter & Graciella 50.

86 [ ]

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Blenheim EquiSports is ready for another incredible year in Las Vegas at the South Point Equestrian Center. With FEI classes, speed events, a JustWorld Horseless Horse Show, Barn Night and social events – the thrills will ďŹ ll the show ring, casinos and clubs. Not to mention that the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa offers a ton of fun amenities from bowling to movies and plenty of dining options, including room service at the barn! We are ready to make more memories at the 2013 Las Vegas National, with highlight classes on the evenings of November 14-16. Hope you will join us!

Top left: Michelle Fellers & Revenge. Top right: Eduardo Menezes & Quintol Mercedes Benz Middle: Barn Night fun! Bottom left: Karl Cook in the spotlight after winning the grand prix. Bottom right: Flying over the JustWorld High Jump!

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Journal of... SpiritS

Carlos Gracida

Carlos Gracida is considered the best polo player in the world. To everyone’s surprise he was born in Mexico, a place where polo is not a very popular sports. Despite all this, he has proven the world that discipline, practice and determination help you achieve your dreams. When did you first realize you shared the polo passion that runs in your family? I started riding when I was 3. I always say: I don’t think I ever had a choice, for me this was the lifestyle. My passion for horses developed very early. As a kid we went to school and when we weren’t there we went riding in the ranch or the horse race track with the polo horses.

did you ever think you Would accomplish so much in this sport? I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to achieve the record of ten goals or if I was going to win any tournament or anything, but as a kid I knew that I had to give my very best everyday in order to make my dream come true.

Was it hard to become a polo player as a mexican? As a Mexican polo player, dreaming of victory seemed so far away, polo is not very popular there –not since the 40s at least! but staying focused was the main goal on my list; even today, before each game I have to be mentally prepared and feel confident as I step onto the field repeating my motto in my mind “I can, I know I can”. Whenever I have failed I can only blame it on my hesitation and myself.

do you thing the polo scene is groWing in your country? It’s been taking bigger steps in recent times. In the beginning it was very slow, but with all the important events taking place over there, like the Audi Polo Cup, with amazing players like Nick Roldan, the eyes are in this sport and people are becoming more interested.

You can never give your opponents any advantages: if they practice for two hours, you must practice three. If they work for five hours you must be willing to work six. Your whole lifestyle must be arranged according to your desires and expectations. Opportunities are there to be taken; it is not just saying I’ll do it, you have to set your mind to it, be on the right place and make the most everyday.

Photo: Coutesy of Carlos Gracida and Uriel García.

is there any secret you consider important to achieve success?

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Westime On a fantastic evening full of extraordinary watches and jewelry, furniture from Roche Bobois and fast cars from Ferrari and Maserati of San Diego, Equ Lifestyle and Westime got together to celebrate the opening of the retailers’ new boutique. As true experts of quality, Westime has distinguished itself as the ultimate retail destination specializing in watch brands that represent the best of traditional watchmaking, and this celebration was definitely not to be missed.



Photos: Emilio Azevedo.


5 1. Carolina Chioino. 2. Charlie Skipsey and Rebeca. 3. Kevin Gordon, Sandy Callan, Ruth Melero, Dale Terbush. 4. Jack Lorent, Ken Rudy, & Marty Fallor. 5. Fernando Sustaeta & Kelley Garrelts.

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The FURUSIYYA Nations Cup Series The first Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping Final took place at Real Club de Polo in Barcelona, Spain from September 26-29, 2013. Throughout the show season teams from all over the world competed to earn a spot in these inaugural finals. Described by FEI President, Princess Haya, as “the jewel in the crown” of the FEI, the Saudi Equestrian Fund pledged its support to the FEI Nations Cup™ last year extending the show jumping reach out to every country around the globe. The four-year, $21+ million (€16m) Saudi sponsorship package, and the commitment of the FEI’s new partner, the Swiss watchmakers Longines, have moved the sport into an exciting new era. A total of 18 nations earned a chance to compete at the Furusiyya Final - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA. Certainly some of the world’s top riders were there including Great Britain’s Ben Maher, American Beezie Madden, Canadian Eric Lamaze, Colombian Daniel Bluman, Australian Edwina Tops-Alexander and a host of others. At press time this fabulous event was just about to begin. Next issue we’ll cover the results!,


3 4 Social Flash

5 1. Scott Brash of Great Britain. 2. Team Netherlands wins at Aachen. 3. Marlon Modolo Zanotelli & Clintash (BRA) 4. Leon Thijssen and Tyson (NED) 5. The British Team wins in Dublin.

Photos: Kate Houghton/FEI, Tony Parkes/FEI

Picture Perfect

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Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament One of North America’s most prestigious events, the best athletes from the world’s top show jumping nations compete for over a million dollars in prize money and international acclaim during the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ in September. Highlights include the $1,000,000 CN International Grand Prix, $350,000 BMO Nations Cup, $205,000 ENCANA Cup and the $125,000 SUNCOR Winning Round. Along with top show jumpers, more than ten breeds vie to be the most versatile breed in the TELUS Battle of the Breeds during the ‘Masters Tournament’. Each four-member team competes in five different events from barrel racing to jumping, it’s quite a show! The Equi-Fair & Marketplaces attracts exhibitors showcasing the best of the equine and lifestyle world. Held at various indoor and outdoor locations throughout the facility, it is truly an equine shopping extravaganza. That’s just a taste of the happenings at the gorgeous grounds of Spruce Meadows. Seeing is definitely believing when it comes to this top notch equestrian experience.



Photos courtesy of Spruce Meadows Press



1. Kent Farrington raises the AKITA Drilling Cup Trophy. 2. Penelope Leprevost wins the CANA Cup. 3. Pieter Devos & Candy win the CN International. 4. Martin Fuchs & Conte Della Caccia win the ATCO Six Bar. 5. Christian Ahlmann & Taloubet Z.

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The September Sale at Keeneland For the owners, breeders, and sellers who play at the top of the thoroughbred market, the recession that struck a blow to the racing industry may be in retreat. Keeneland’s four select sessions that ushered in the September yearling sale, netted eighteen yearlings that sold for a million dollars or more, eleven more than the entire auction sold last year. M.V. Magnier, son of Irish mega-magnate John Magnier, signed a $2.5 million ticket to take the sale topper home to Ireland’s Coolmore Stud. Competing with Sheikh Mohammed as the most influential man in horseracing, Magnier bought the colt by War Front out of Blading Gold Ring, consigned by young Peter O’Callaghan of Wood’s Edge Farm. All the usual players and their agents were in attendance as stunningly beautiful yearlings paraded in the barns and paddocks for the buyers. Gorgeous fall weather with cool mornings, sunny days and breezy nights set the scene for big purchases. The excitement surrounding that Keeneland buzz was back. Next Triple Crown winner anyone?



Social Flash Picture Perfect

1. Football great Terry Bradshaw in the sales pavilion with Twin Creeks Farm’s Kim Gullatt. 2. Colt by War Front that was purchased by M.V. Magnier for $2,500,000. 3. M.V. Magnier speaks to the press after purchasing the sale-topping $2,500,000 colt. 4. A happy consignor, Peter O’Callaghan receives congratulations after selling the sale-topper.

Photos: Courtesy of Keeneland photo.


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The Full Equestrian Experience in 1 Washington DC The 55th Annual Washington International Horse Show returns to the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C. for another exciting week of world-class equestrian competition on October 22-27, 2013. Certainly a unique metropolitan experience, the Washington International Horse Show’s competition highlights include the $125,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix, presented by Events DC, The Boeing Company $25,000 Puissance (high jump) class and the Hermès WIHS Equitation Finals featuring the country’s top junior riders. WIHS will offer nearly half a million dollars in total prize money in 2013, more than a $70,000 boost from 2012! The popular terrier races will once again return along with many fun equestrian exhibitions, such as the new ShetlandPony Races, boutique shopping, and Breakfast with the Mounted Police. Thursday night is Barn Night, presented by Dover Saddlery, and a favorite with local young riders and horse enthusiasts who attend in groups and have a chance to enter contests, win big prizes and enjoy a festive, horse-filled evening. Saturday, October 26, is the fourth annual Kids’ Day, a free, fun, family-friendly event created to engage the local community and educate kids and their families about horses and equestrian sport.



Photos: Courtesy of Rex Reed, SMM and Stephanie Green-Bloomberg.



1. Paulo Santana 2012 WIHS Leading International Rider. 2. Chloe Reid, Juliet Reid, Kim Prince and Victoria Lowell. 3. Olivier Philippaerts & Chicago clear the Puissance wall. 4. Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Skelton. 5. John Franzreb, Bridget Love Meehan and Austin Kiplinger.

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Laws of style

Laws of style



1. Turn your garments into an outfit with this Sophia bag by FERRAGAMO in the colors for this season. 2.Avoid cold weather while looking your best with this guard coat by BURBERRY, the best choice for the fall. 3. Enjoy the softness and delicacy of cashmere with the trendy and elegant designs of FRANCK

NAMANI. 4. Watch the leaves




great assets



6. No moon is as amazing as October’s moon, enjoy it and keep track of it with


moon phase calendar.

7. Celebrate the beginning of this new season with a toast of BAROLO


“Vigna Mandorlo”

8. Ride into the

9. Sparkle

10. Treat

sunset as leaves change colors with a legendary AS-

your style with

yourself and help children around the world as you sign with

TON MARTIN and a JAEGERLECOULTRE watch to match.

IVANKA TRUMPH’S superb diamond collection, a statement piece waiting for you.

MONTBLANC’S signature for good.

Foto: Cortesía de Accesorize.

fall down as you ride down a lovely green scenario on Ireland’s favorite MOUNT

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Equ Lifestyle The Fall Issue  

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