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EPSOM PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER TERM 4 WEEK 1(31)– 11/10/12 Phone Number: 03 5448 4318 Email:

School Fax Number: 03 5448 3334 Website:

AN IMPORTANT CAMP REMINDER Only 4 weeks until the Grade 3/4 Billabong camp Welcome back to Term 4 and I hope that everyone had (Nov. 13th and 14th) and 6 weeks until the 5/6 a wonderful break with their children. Valley Homestead camp (November 21st-23rd). We are looking forward to our Chinese students, Randy We strongly recommend making payments toand Happy arriving on Monday. These children will be wards camp at the office please. staying for eight weeks and living with the Hamilton, It should be noted that all camps Harrison and Stone families. Thank you to those families for volunteering to host our students. This week we must be paid for before the chilhad Tan See Tuang begin teaching Chinese to our dren can attend. Years 3 to 6 students. Tan will be here Monday mornEMA CHEQUES CAN BE SIGNED OVER TO ings for this term and we welcome him to our school community. GO TOWARDS THE CAMP…... Dear Parents,

Please find attached a copy of the Management of Inappropriate Behaviours Policy for your perusal. This policy was passed by School Council as part of the Student Engagement Policy at the last meeting and is now being implemented by the school. We look forward to your cooperation with this matter.

JUNIOR EXCURSION COMING UP The Junior Excursion is on Tues October 30th for P/1S &1/2O and Thursday November 1st for P/1F &1/2H. The excursion is to The Chinese Museum and the Art Gallery to support our whole school Inquiry Unit. The children will participate in tours and It is only a few weeks until the camps. As mentioned last term, payments for these camps need to paid in full workshops at both locations. We are really looking prior to the camps taking place. It should also be noted forward to this excursion and all children participatthat any children whose behaviour is unacceptable at ing in this exciting learning opportunity. school will not be attending camps or excursions. The cost of the excursion will be $20 with permisIf your child is at risk of being excluded from the camp sion notes and further details to follow shortly. due to behaviour you will be notified by the classroom Please pay at the Office. teacher in the very near future. Thank you for support, Lea, Tilby, Steph, Michelle and Kate The Year 3 & 5 Naplan results have arrived at the school. Parents will be able to collect them from the office after the teachers have had time to analyse them. HATS IN TERM 4 All children need their school hats for Term 4. A date will be advertised in the newsletter.

There are hats for sale at the Office. They cost $9.50.

Regards Kerry McGuffie

CAN THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE PLEASE COME AND SEE ME IN THE OFFICE Narelle B, Kylie C, Teena F, Julie G, Leeanne H, Mohammed K, Caress M, Jennifer M, Michelle R, Wendy S, Michelle T, Melissa V. and Tricia W.

Awards will be listed in next weeks Newsletter.

DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR (subject to change) EVERY WEEK Tuesdays Fridays

TERM 4 WEEK 2 Mon 15th Oct


Mon 8th Oct

First day of Term 4

Mrs Brunswick returns from Long Service Leave Division/Region Athletics 10,11,12 Years (if they qualify from school cluster aths.)

Mon 15th Oct Mon 15th Oct Wed 17th Oct Tues-Wed 16th-17th Oct Friday 19th October

Australian Youth Choir Auditions @ lunch time School Council Meeting @ 6pm Fundraising Committee Meeting 2.45pm Whole School Swimming Program WALKATHON—SAUSAGE SIZZLE @ BOTANICAL GDNS NO FRESH FRUIT FRIDAY / NO SUBWAY LUNCHES

WEEK 3 Mon 22nd Oct Tues 23rd Oct Wed 24th Oct Wed 24th Oct Mon-Wed 22nd-24th Oct

Active After School Communities begin for Term 3 (Gr3-6) Bunnings Garden makeover UNICEF—Dress in Blue Day Active After School Communities begin for Term 3 (P-2) Whole School Swimming Program (5 sessions)

WEEK 4 Tues 30th Oct Wed 31st Oct Thurs 1st Nov

Junior School Excursion— P/1S & 1/2O Bendigo Cup Day—Public Holiday Junior School Excursion—P/1F & 1/2H

WEEK 5 Thur 8th Nov Friday 9th Nov

Prep 2013 Transition—9.15am-12noon 5/6 Kanga Cricket Carnival

WEEK 6 Tues 13th—Wed 14th Nov Grade 3/4 Camp to Billabong Ranch Thur 15th Nov Prep 2013 Transition—9.15am-12noon WEEK 7 Mon 19th Nov Mon 19th Nov

Prep 2013 Transition—12noon– 3pm School Council Meeting @ 6pm

Wed 21st —Fri 23 Nov

Grade 5/6 Camp—Valley Homestead

WEEK 8 Mon 26th Nov

Prep 2013 Transition—12noon-3pm

WEEK 9 Mon 3rd Dec

Curriculum Day—No students required

WEEK 11 Fri 21st Dec

Last day of Term 4

SCHOOL WALKATHON—NEXT WEEK FRIDAY OCTOBER 19TH Next week our fundraising committee will be conducting a Walkathon. This is a great day for everyone. We encourage parents, siblings and relatives to join us at school at 11:30am on the day, when we will walk along the bike track to the White Hills Botanical Gardens. Upon arrival at the gardens we will have a sausage sizzle lunch and take part in games such as sack races, three-legged races, etc organised by Mrs Parson’s grade. We will leave the gardens at 2pm to walk back to school. Your child can help with our fundraising effort by seeking donations for the Walk-a-thon. Sponsorship forms are being sent home with todays newsletter and more forms can be obtained from the office. There will be prizes awarded to the highest fundraiser for each grade level. SAUSAGE SIZZLE FOR WALKATHON DAY Please fill in a sausage order form for each child at school. For all other people coming along to join in the festivities and wanting to dine please fill in a group order for them. These orders are required so that the relevant catering can be organised. Please fill in the sausage order and return by Tuesday 16th October. These events can only take place with the help of volunteers. If you haven’t helped out before please consider putting your name down to contribute to the organisation of this fun day.

WHOLE SCHOOL SWIMMING PROGRAM Swimming starts next week. There are 5 sessions with 2 happening next Tuesday and Wednesday and the remaining 3 sessions held in the following week—Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The timetable for the lessons are: 11.50-12.30 pm—P/1S and 5/6B 12.30-1.10 pm—P/1F and 5/6P 1.10-1.50 pm—1/2O and 3/4D 1.50-2.30 pm—1/2H and 3/4S A reminder that no phone calls will be made if your child forgets their swimming gear. SCHOOL FAIR—IMPORTANT INFORMATION FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE MEETING Next Wednesday 17th October there will be a fundraising meeting at 2.45pm. The committee will be finalising the Walkathon details and also considering the number of helpers who have expressed an interest in helping with our school fair. If you haven’t registered an interest in helping out with the Fair, please fill in the form in this newsletter and return to the Office. Our school Fair is a huge undertaking and of great benefit to our school and the children LOVE IT. PAULS COLLECT A CAP This fundraising activity continues until December 31st, 2012. Funds raised to date are $2056.56. Please keep your caps coming in.

FOOTY RAFFLE HELD ON LAST DAY OF TERM A huge thank you to Mr. Pocock for organising the items WALKATHON COIN LINE Have your children have been coming home ex- that were raffled on the Junior footy day. Mr. Pocock sourced these items and all money made was profit! cited about the 5c coin line to be held at the I banked $491.40….. What a great effort and thankyou to Walkathon? our families for supporting this raffle. Traditionally the Prep/1’s have always won this The winner of the prizes were: competition…..The gauntlet has been thrown Ruby K. won the COLLINGWOOD AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL. Congratulations Ruby…...another Pie girl down and the competition is heating up. joins the ranks. Welcome to the nest. So, save your 5c coins and send them along to Mr. Lavars won the NORTH MELBOURNE AUTOyour child’s grade to help them win the coin line. GRAPHED BOOT. He donated it back to the school so that we can re-raffle it. Thankyou Mr. L. FRIDAY BREAKFAST/FRESH FRUIT FRIDAY Macguire’s Grandfather won the MELBOURNE We WILL continue to have breakfast on Fridays until POSTER and he barracks for Melbourne.! Well done! further notice but there will no longer be Fresh Fruit at recess on Fridays. WOOLWORTHS EARN AND LEARN The teachers are very excited about the resources they can order due to the great support of our families and friends collecting Woolworths stickers. Our school collected 64,880 points. That’s a lot of points! Well done.

WALKATHON HELP I can help with the Walkathon on Friday 19th October. NAME______________________________________

WALK-A-THON SAUSAGE SIZZLE ORDER FORM NAME ____________________ Sausage in bread and fruit box @ $2 $ _________ Extra sausages @ $1 each

LAST ORDER FOR DVD’s—Close on Monday October 15th.

AUSSIE SPECTACULAR— DVD ORDER FAMILY NAME________________ NUMBER of DVD’s_____________ @ $10 each = $ ______ ENCLOSED

I CAN HELP WITH THE 2013 FAIR NAME_________________________________

ENCLOSED ___________ PLEASE RETURN ORDERS BY TUESDAY 16th OCTOBER WALK-A-THON SAUSAGE SIZZLE ORDER FORM NAME ____________________ Sausage in bread and fruit box @ $2 $ _________ Extra sausages @ $1 each ENCLOSED ___________

EMAIL ________________________________ PHONE NO. ___________________________ I WILL BE ABLE TO HELP WITH …….. _______________________________________ _______________________________________

White Hills Pool AGM Thursday 17th October 2012 at 7pm. Fusion (Brick hall behind old church next door to the White Hills KindergarteN) All welcome. White Hills Pool is run by volunteers who are proud of our pool and want to keep it! We are seeking new faces to volunteer in our kiosk. If you are friendly and welcoming we need you. Remember if you want to keep a pool in White Hills we are dependent on YOU! The more volunteers we can get, the less hours each volunteer will have to work.For enquiries please ring the pool manager Rosie Taylor on 54483920 or 0417164973.

PLEASE RETURN ORDERS BY TUESDAY 16th OCTOBER WALK-A-THON SAUSAGE SIZZLE ORDER FORM NAME ____________________ Sausage in bread and fruit box @ $2 $ _________ Extra sausages @ $1 each ENCLOSED ___________ PLEASE RETURN ORDERS BY TUESDAY 16th OCTOBER

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