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EPSOM PALM PRESS This is a ―YOU CAN DO IT‖ school EPSOM PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTER TERM 3 WEEK 3(23)– 02/08/12 Phone Number: 03 5448 4318 Email:

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Dear Parents,


Head lice is an issue across society and the Epsom Primary School Head Lice Policy is based on DEECD guidelines. Whilst parents have the primary responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice the management of infections is a shared responsibility that we take seriously. We also appreciate that this problem and the need for ongoing treatment can be frustrating for parents. Please find some more information on the newsletter about the treatment of head lice. This will be followed up in future newsletters. I would like to say thank you to our trained volunteers who conducted another head lice check last week. We are fortunate to be able to provide this service as not all schools are able to. A follow up check will be made as soon as practicable. As this problem is a share responsibility, we rely on the cooperation of families to assist us in dealing with head lice. After a check, letters are sent home notifying parents of any evidence of head lice. Unfortunately, not all parents are returning the slip notifying the school that treatment has commenced. In future, when slips are not returned a follow up phone will be made. Thank you to everyone for working with us on this and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures. They have survived living solely on human for 10 000 years. You may be reassured to know that they are commonly found in places other than Epsom Primary School. Some of the reasons they have survived for as long as they have are: The six legs of a louse end in a claw, allowing them to grip the hair. They detect vibration and can hide - (conditioner will help fix this problem) Head lice can ‘hold’ their breath for 20 mins – looking like they are dead. The eggs are attached to the hair with a ‘glue’ like substance. Studies conducted on 45 different products to dissolve the ‘glue’ showed nothing would dissolve it. We know where they live and we know how to find them. If you follow these steps, once a week, the control of head lice in your home will be greatly improved. Step1

Comb inexpensive hair conditioner on to dry, brushed (detangled) hair. This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around;

Step 2

Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue;

Step 3

Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs;

Step 4

If lice or eggs are found, the child should be treated;

Step 5

If the child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection.

Kerry McGuffie

Paula, Isabelle, Noah A, Brooke, Caleb Q, own, Lily, Alex H, Eli, Georgia H, Sophie, Holly G, Keileigh, Maddison H, Bree, Jordy K, Tahlia, Ryan N, Prue, Mitchell, Ty, Ella K, and the footy and netball teams! Well done.

If your child has head lice – tell anyone who has had head to head contact with them and ask them to check their family for head lice.

DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR (subject to change) EVERY WEEK Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays


TERM 3 WEEK 3 Fri 3rd Aug Fri 3rd Aug

Whole School Gym Program Jeans for Genes Day Grades 5/6 Excursion to Melbourne

WEEK 4 Thur 9th Aug Fri 10th Aug Sun Aug 12th

Whole School Gym Program Division Golf Grades 5/6 (10 students) Woolworths Earn and Learn AND Coles closes

WEEK 5 Thur 16th Aug

Whole School Gym Program

Thur 2nd Aug.

WEEK 6 Mon Aug 20th Thur Aug 23rd Thur Aug 23rd

BOOK WEEK Mon 20th—24th Aug School Council Meeting @ 6pm The Great Book Swap (more information to follow) Last Gym Session

WEEK 7 WEEK 8 Tues 4th Sept ?????

Whole school Incursion—Owls Apprentice Father’s Day Stall

WEEK 9 Wed 12th Sept

School Cluster Athletics (10,11,12 Years)

WEEK 10 Mon 17th Sept Tues 18th Sept Friday 21st Sept Friday 21st Sep

School Council Meeting @ 6pm Aussie Spectacular—Whole school production Junior School Football match Last day of Term 3

TERM 4 ??????

Mon 8th Oct Walkathon

Mon 15th Oct

Division/Region Athletics 10,11,12 Years

First day of Term 4

(if they qualify from school cluster aths.)

Mon 15th Oct Mon-Wed 15th-17th Oct Mon-Wed 22nd-24th Oct Wed 31st Oct Tues 13th—Wed 14th Nov Mon 19th Nov

School Council Meeting @ 6pm Whole School Swimming Program Whole School Swimming Program (6 sessions) Bendigo Cup Day—Public Holiday Grade 3/4 Camp to Billabong Ranch School Council Meeting @ 6pm

Wed 21st —Fri 23 Nov Mon 3rd Dec Fri 21st Dec

Grade 5/6 Camp—Valley Homestead Curriculum Day—No students required Last day of Term 4

COMMUNITY NEWS Our school noticeboard is regularly updated with information regarding community events-Please check.

GROUNDS ROSTER Today I will be sending keys home to the D’Arcy, Davey and Whittaker families. Thank you for helping keep our school grounds tidy. Next week’s keys will go home to the Drust, Edwards and Evans families.

BENDIGO COMMUNITY COAT DRIVE How many coats do we have in the wardrobe that don’t fit, are last season or perhaps just not your style anymore? Those extra coats, jackets and blankets that you have just lying around your home could be a big BREAKFAST AS USUAL TOMORROW help to someone SEE YOU AT 8.15 AM cold…...unwanted or unused winter coats, sweaters, jackets and blankets can be GRADE 5/6 MAJOR EXCURSION donated. The excursion to Melbourne to the National Sports Mu- Jessica A., Grade 3/4, has asked for anybody seum and Melbourne Cricket Ground is tomorrow Fri- who has winter things to donate to this cause, day, August 3rd. please drop them into the Office at school and she Thank you to the students who have returned their will collect them daily and drop them off to the forms and a reminder to remaining students that percollection point. mission forms need to be returned to school ASAP. Thank you Payment for the excursion needs to be sent to the Office. WOOLWORTHS STICKERS— Kellie Parsons / Jan Brunswick Keep them coming! This promotion finishes on 5/6 Class Teachers August 12th. Educational Maintenance Allowance – Second Instalment Collect an application form from the office, complete all details and return it tomorrow 3rd August 2012. No late applications can be accepted. Bring your valid Healthcare Card to the office so a copy can be made.

COLES VOUCHERS Coles Voucher Collection box at Office. PAULS COLLECT A CAP still being collected.

WOOD RAFFLE WINNER Congratulations to Brian Gordon who was the winner of our wood raffle. The ticket was sold to Jeans for Genes Day him by the Gahan family (grandparent). This Friday 3rd August is Jeans for Genes Day. Thankyou to families who sold/purchased tickThe Junior School Council will be selling mer- ets—I banked $190. chandise before school to raise money for re- A HUGE thankyou to Mr. Lavars for his generous donation and delivery of the wood for this raffle. search into childhood diseases. We have pencils, pens, pins and stationary sets ranging from $3 - CAMP INFORMATION– GRADE 3/4’S $10. Children may also wear their jeans In term 4 the Grade 3/4’s will attend an overnight (including grade 5/6) on Friday by donating a camp to Billabong Ranch in Echuca. Final pricing for the camp is $125. A note has gone home togold coin. day to Grade 3/4 students. Payments can be made Daniella on behalf of Jnr School Council towards this camp now. NEW UNIFORMS A reminder that our uniform supplier is Centavic Clothing in Whip Court, Long Gully. They do carry some stock for immediate purchase.

NEW UNIFORMS AVAILABLE 2 x Size 6 tracksuit pants @ $10 each Great value!! 2 x Size 6 t-shirts @ $10.50 each 1 x Size 10 dress

CAMP INFORMATION– GRADE 5/6’S The 5/6’s will be heading to Valley Homestead, Ovens, for a 2 night camp. The cost has been finalised at $228. Payments can be made towards the camp from now. LOST PROPERTY Only 3 weeks into term and the lost property is OVERFLOWING! Please check the basket for any lost items…….a reminder that clothing needs to be named so that it can be returned to the owner.

NETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS On Thursday the 26th of July some of the grade 5/6 girls played in the Netball Carnival. We played nine games, we were meant to play 10 but Holy Rosary Heathcote forfeited. In our team there was Emilee, Taylah, Tayla, Prue, Alanna, Zoe, Darcy and Elyse. We lost all of our games but they were close. We played in the freezing cold and pouring rain. We would like to thank our coach Bridget Tuohey, Mrs Brunswick and our parents for staying the whole day. By Emilee and Taylah GYM PROGRAM

ZONE GOLF On Friday August 10th from 9.00am - 1.00pm, ten Grade 5/6 students will participate in the Zone championships at Bendigo Golf Club. The children have been selected by Mr Tony Collier who ran clinics at our school in June. They will play 9 holes of golf. We wish them well. Thank you to Anne Alcock and Ken Bell who have volunteered to walk around with a group. We still require one more helper. If you can assist please contact the school. Jan Brunswick PE Cordinator

We had our third gym session today. We look for- SUBWAY LUNCH ORDERS ward to gym every week. The children have been do- Please ensure that any Subway lunch orders are writing lots of great things at gym and it's great to see ten on the Subway form available from the Office. their confidence grow. Here are the Prep/1/2's doing the warm up.



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