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A free Interrail ticket for every European who turns 18

A FREE INTERRAIL TICKET FOR EVERY EUROPEAN WHO TURNS 18   The EPP Group in the European Parliament is rallying support for an initiative by Group Chairman Manfred Weber MEP to give all Europeans a free Interrail ticket on their 18th birthday. With this ticket, young people from all over the EU will be able to explore and discover Europe on their own terms. “There is more to this proposal than free train tickets. It is an investment in young people and in Europe’s future. It reinforces the main aim of the European Union: to bring people together. We want young Europeans to discover the EU is also about emotions, not just politics. We want to give them a taste of what it feels like, not only to be Slovak, German or Greek, but also European. And what better way than by taking the train? “Every country in the European Union has its own identity, its own quirks, and its own specialities. Think of Italian food, French wine or

Polish vodka - national identities are important and will remain so in a united Europe. Still, that is not our only identity, we also have a common identity, one that combines all these quirks and specialities and unites them: a European identity.

EU IS ALSO ABOUT EMOTIONS NOT JUST POLITICS To help people uncover this common identity, the European Parliament has called for a specific budget to cover the free ticket programme and the European Commission is eager to explore the idea further. Naturally, we are seeing enormous support for our initiative from youth organisations all around Europe. “A free Interrail ticket could help hundreds of thousands of young Europeans to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Funding travel costs is just the start. Regions and cities could follow up by welcoming young Inter-

railers with language-learning, cultural and social activities, or even targeted assistance for accommodation. The possibilities are endless. All you need for Interrail are some spare days and lots of curiosity. And all we need for this project to become reality is your help, your support, your say. “I believe it is so important to become familiar with your neighbours, to discover what Europe is all about. It’s all about you, it’s about people, who are so different and yet so similar. It is about getting to know one another. That’s why Interrail is great. You get to travel all around Europe and find out how beautiful our continent is.”

MAKE I T AR O UN D EU ROPE. MAKE EUR O PE YOU RS. Manfred Weber MEP Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament

What is Interrail? Interrail is synonymous with borderless rail travel throughout Europe, providing multi-destination train travel across the continent. With just one single rail ticket, European residents have the ability to travel through up to 30 different European countries. Created in 1972 as a unique train travel pass designed specifically for youth, the Interrail Pass is now used by more than 250,000 European travellers of all ages each year to explore the geographical, cultural, and historical distinctiveness of Europe. The Interrail programme is made possible through the close collaboration of more than 35 European railway and ferry companies.

What is the Interrail proposal? That every young European should obtain a pass for railway travel within the European Union on his/her 18th birthday.

Why is Interrail unique in Europe? Together with the railway and ferry companies involved, Interrail prides itself on being a symbol of European harmonisation. Interrail aims to provide all travellers with a life-changing experience that authentically reflects an interconnected, united Europe. By providing a borderless travel experience in as many as 30 European countries, Interrail enables travellers to meet and connect with people from different backgrounds, new cultures, and to uncover more about the abundant history, diversity and shared values of Europe.

Why should the EU do this? The EU has invested a lot, in many areas, over recent decades. But perhaps not enough in projects that allow every citizen not only to live in Europe, but also to feel European. Europe is above all about people connecting and sharing emotions: it is what makes it such an exciting place to live together now and in the future.

Why now? Young people are increasingly bombarded with information about Europe and the EU, some true, some not so much. We want them to be able to discover for themselves what is really going on in neighbouring countries and on the far side of the continent. We want them to see what unites this diversity of people.

When will it start? We are calling for the programme to start by 2018 at the latest. In the meantime, we are counting on your support to help us reach that deadline. Share your own Interrail experiences by using the hashtag #DiscoverEU and help us make Europe yours.

Why an 18th birthday present? At 18, all young Europeans come of age and are eager to open their minds to new experiences. With Interrail, they can plan their own trips, taking their first steps into adulthood as independent explorers of Europe.

Why do we need an Interrail programme? 80% of young Europeans believe that the EU stands for the freedom of travel, but over a third of them don’t know anyone in another Member State. Also, one in six Europeans would take up learning a foreign language if they had the possibility to travel abroad.

Who would pay for the tickets? The programme should be financed from the EU Budget in cooperation with the Interrail train companies.

Why should the EU give young people presents instead of jobs? The project is not a give-away. It is an investment in young people: Europe needs upcoming generations to support more solidarity between countries. By opening young people’s minds to the benefits of economic as well as personal exchanges, it also complements EU programmes and policies to boost youth employment, such as the Youth Employment Initiative, for which a substantial increase has been secured in 2017. Familiarity with an international context prepares young people for the jobs of the future.

How would it work in countries not part of the Interrail connection? For Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Malta, the programme would cover the cost of any other means of transport to join the next connected Member State, such as by bus or ferry.

Isn’t this just another proposal for those who can already afford it? This initiative should give all young people, regardless of their social or educational background, the opportunity to discover Europe’s diversity. We want it to be as inclusive as possible. We are committed to running an information

campaign alongside the project and reaching out to stakeholders at relevant levels so that those youngsters who might be prevented from benefiting are sure to be able to participate. European cities and regions could set up targeted projects to attract these young people, meaning they would not need a lot of money for their stay and food.

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A free Interrail ticket for every European who turns 18


A free Interrail ticket for every European who turns 18

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