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the Ancient future of Irelands Moss Chicago Style

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Unspoiled Costa Rica the Future and Evolution of Lifestyle Sell Everything – travel the World Spiritual Nomad

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The Ancient of Irel

t Future lands Moss

The Power of the Earth  Deep in the heart of Co. Offaly, Ireland there is a special land in a basin where wild plants, grasses, flowers and mosses have been  decomposing into vital rich elements for  over 9,100 years.

The peat moss is laden with the most nutrient rich elements the earth can provide. Science shows that through the centuries, the peat has grown even more energetically powerful. This Irish organic earth is a perfect ecosystem and is completely disease free. When Ireland’s potato famine hit 150 years ago, the only potatoes that were not blighted were the potatoes in the peat bogs. A special company that is bringing the Irish peat to spas worldwide is ÓGRA who have adopted the Celtic Wisdom Tradition within their treatments. Their focus is to provide an authentic Celtic spa experience, which marries the wonderful preservative powers of the Irish peat with the mysticism and ethos of their Celtic forefathers.

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A Ti Celtic Warriors Honored

12 enj oy be auty i nt ern at ion a l .c om

Ancient imes the Peat Celtic wisdom is considered to be one of the most ancient traditions in the world extending back to 500 b.C. the Celts were ahead of their time as society was remarkably free, open and democratic.

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m




The Celtic wisdom and tradition is concerned with achieving balance in body, mind and spirit through being aware of all the elements that make up the environment. Under the Celtic system, all things are believed to exist on three levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Wom thei The  the  insp othe .


Celtic wisdom is nature based, where the inter-connectedness of all life lives in harmony with the cycles and rhythm of nature. Celts believe in riding the tide rather than pulling against it. They believe that this allows people to realize their full human potential.


The Celtic approach to life is a profoundly mystical one. It’s an attitude of mind that is gently rooted in the heart.


The Celts recognize the importance of having solitude and times of quiet reflection. They recognized and honored the importance of rest and slowing down for healing.


The Celtic teaching embodies a philosophy that trusts the senses, inner stirrings and intuitive prompts that the body offers us at each moment of our day. In essence, Celtic philosophy supports us in the wonder of being alive.


The Celts believe they belong to the land rather than the land belonging to them.


Celtic tradition is ‘elemental,’ as it inhabits a space in the natural world that is sensitive and responsive to the environment. Just as nature goes through transitions, nature can also support us through our own change and transition

14 enj oy be au ty i nt ern a t ion al .c om

men were highly regarded and r art and scholarship prized.  history, spirituality and wisdom  Celts imparted have given  piration to the Irish people and ers worldwide for centuries. 

e njoyb e auty int er national .com


16 enjoy beaut y i nt e rna t i on a l .c o m

THE FUTURE Today, the same reverence for the peat and the richness of the land is being brought forward by Ógra, a small but mighty group of passionate caretakers who are harvesting small amounts of peat in a very special way so as to keep it fully alive and powerful as a beauty and health curative.


Currently, the Ógra Team is reaching out via a crowd funding campaign to bring in the funds necessary for a responsible harvest and sharing of the peat. Through this sharing, their intention is that they can connect with spas around the world through educating about the beauty properties the peat delivers and the reverence they feel in their connection and responsibility with nature as caretakers. If you would like to support Ógra’s efforts, please consider pledging your funds via this link to Indigogo. Ógra encourages you to share the Irish curative peat with your friends, family and others you believe would also appreciate this energetic living formula. SuPPort our CroWD FunDinG CaMPaiGn: e njoyb e auty int er national .co m



18 e nj oy be auty i nte rn a ti o n a l .c o m


by Paula Hackenast

From Casual to Evening a Chicago studio along with natural lighting among the city’s historical streets provided the backdrop to compliment the playful personality of asian fashion model, Moody Kim. not wanting to miss the opportunity to work with the extremely talented fashion photographer, bryan Whitely, i jumped on board the project as the makeup and hair artist. a Chicago local, bryan’s passion and unique creative vision is evident. bryan’s manner is always upbeat and fun, which set the perfect energy for the photo shoot. Providing the makeup for the lovely Moody was a blast! as with any ethnicity, asian women have beautiful and distinct features to play up.

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


PRO MAKE UP tIPS Avoid anything with a red hue. Yellow toned foundation always seems to blend seamlessly for most skin, especially for Asian women. Eyeliner enhances the shape of the eye, especially along the top lid. Avoid lining the inside lid of the eye, along the water line. This will make the eye appear smaller. Fill in sparse brows. I suggest using brow powder and/or brow mascara. Even for very dark hair, avoid using black as it looks too harsh. All women want fuller and longer lashes. If curling and applying your favorite mascara doesn’t work, there is always the option of lash extensions or one time use strip lashes. I’m also a huge fan of Latisse. It really works! Contouring is more important than people realize. For easy contouring, try a matte bronzer and fan brush to dust along the sides of the nose, jaw line, temples and cheekbones. Highlighting will add the red carpet feel to your  look. I love Smashbox’s Highlighting Wand. I add it to the upper apples of the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose for a fresh dewy faced look. e njoyb e aut yinte rnati onal .co m


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ITS ABOUT 24 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

THE SHOES... e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


M E e n j o y

b e a u t y

T H E 26 e nj oy be auty i nter n a t ion a l .c o m

E T i n t e r n a t i o n a l

T E A M e njoyb e aut yinte rnatio nal .co m



28 enjoy beaut yi nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

An Interview with Maria Camille Founder – Publisher of Enjoy Beauty International By Casie Orion e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com


Casie orion shares:


must admit i was a bit nervous when i was asked to interview Maria Camille, the founder of enjoy beauty international, who also happens to be my mentor and good friend. on the surface, Maria is not intimidating, she is petite with a kind smile and gentle eyes; but when you get to know her, you begin to realize you are in the presence of a truly powerful woman who is a force to be reckoned with. From the first time i met Maria, i knew she would be a transformational influence in my life. after all, what started out as a meeting over coffee, turned into a hike where she proceeded to demonstrate the beautiful internal martial art form, bagua Flow, a practice and philosophy she has harmoniously weaved into all aspects of her life- including her professional work. i wanted to accurately capture Maria’s complexity and share her remarkable journey. i found moments of tragedy and struggle to personal triumph and unyielding courage; always pushing herself beyond any limiting barriers to new adventures. i can see how this Mother of reinvention became a visionary professional. During our talk she shared several formative experiences and influences that shaped her professionally and spiritually.

30 e nj oy be auty i nter n a t ion a l .c o m


aria was uprooted from Santa Barbara, California at age 16 and relocated to a Native American village in the wilds of northern Alaska, where her father worked at a government facility. It was on this 2,500 mile journey through the Alaskan out-back driving on dirt roads that inspired her to begin writing. Her last year of school was with a graduating class which included herself and 11 Native Americans and Eskimos. By the time she was 17, life took a drastic turn when she was “claimed” by a powerful Mafioso who was 25 years her senior and very influential in the U.S. it was out of sheer desire and determination, to make my life an authentic expression of who i was and to expand with all my abilities.”

“By the time I turned 21, I had given birth to three children,” she says. “During this time my house was burned to the ground and I also lost my 2 year old son. In deep pain, it became clear that I had to move on to create a better life for my daughters and myself. At that point, I did

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


not have a formal education or money of my own - It was out of sheer desire and determination to make my life an authentic expression of who I was and to expand with all my abilities.” Maria found the courage to leave that life with very little funds and begin a new journey forward. She found her confidence and realized her capability in creating her reality after she put $5,000 she had saved into some land in Arizona and developed a small subdivision. Within a short time, she was able to build her own home. With new freedom, she started skydiving. At age 24, she bought the parachute center and became known as a pioneer in extreme sports. Training in Style competition, which is gymnastics at 200 mph, she won four gold medals and one bronze in the World Skydiving Championships, the first American woman to do so. Maria went on to travel the world over the next 30 years, becoming a fierce competitor in extreme sports and developing unique entrepreneurial “projects” in media and production. Maria’s “project” company called, A Big Pro-

32 enj oy b eaut y in t e rn a t i on a l .c om

duction Company, is what launched her into the media publishing industry over 20 years ago. “Through this company, I developed creative projects within niche industries when I saw a need.” Maria says. “This effort developed into publishing and TV production. All I do is still developed under this company.” Maria contributes her success to her ability to foretell coming trends. In the late ‘90s when cosmetic surgery was starting to become popular, she intuited that information needed to be disseminated to the public. So, she started the first cosmetic surgery magazine, which led to a TV show. This expanded into covering stories worldwide on spas, resorts, fashion, fitness, wellness, beauty products and related fields. The TV show was selected to air on airline in-flight programming worldwide. After China Airlines picked up the series, she started distributing beauty products into China and Southeast Asia. She was enjoying what is now called a "lifestyle business.” In the middle of these adventures, another tragedy struck when the home she had built burned to the ground less than ten years after

her first house fire. After loosing all she had a second time, she traveled to find depth and inner power. She was invited on an extreme expedition in East Irian Jaya, New Guinea where she was featured in a movie parachuting into a remote headhunter village. Subsequently, the whole crew was imprisoned. Business travels took her to Europe where she worked for four years bridging relationships between EU and American companies. New ventures were created, such as adventure tours for Europeans traveling to U.S. She went on to produce major events for companies such as Evian Water, Chrysler Motor and Sundance Film Festival. Throughout all of her adventures, she kept up with the extreme sports competitions and became a three-time National Champion in Para Ski, which combines highly skilled parachuting and giant slalom ski racing. “Through my experiences, I gained more confidence in myself and the awareness of how to move in life so that the material world was servicing my higher spiritual life purpose,” Maria says. “Along with my ventures and adventures, I devoted myself to developing my spiritual side, which lead me to become a scholar in the internal martial arts philosophies and mastery.” Her foundation in internal martial arts is what she contributes to her success in becoming a mind/body expert and winning multiple world championships. Today, her journey has come full circle as she shares her wisdom teachings with others in her upcoming book; Dragons – Tigers and Lipstick.

34 e nj oy be auty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

“My goal in writing Dragons Tigers and Lipstick is to share how to find your inner warrior power. During the Beauty TV show that I produced for over 11 years, I worked with over 400 women. Invariably, the challenge women had was in reinventing themselves and finding their powerful true selves. Maria explains. “The lessons of the Dragons and Tigers are metaphors from the wisdom of

magazine be different and grow into a platform for what I call sustainable media. This means that it needs to exist as a platform where people worldwide can share stories, inspiration and lifestyles that develop into something bigger.”

My mission is to help inspire women to find their inner warrior power as they reinvent and create themselves into their own brand.

This focus has grown into the formation of an online school where others can learn how to travel and live an amazing lifestyle through producing their own niche magazine. The classes go beyond taking a “writing course.” Maria explains, “I want to share how to really do the business. Owning your own media is the key and is what opens the door as you travel.”

the old masters where the original lessons come from.” Concurrently, Maria recently started a new creative magazine called, Enjoy Beauty International. Launched last year, the digital magazine has built momentum and the excitement is growing. She and her team plans on staying ahead of the curve within the media industry. Maria shares, “It is important that this digital

As an inveterate traveler who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles parachuting from the sky and criss-crossing the globe – and as a deep thinker who travels within herself to the warrior spirit at the core of her being, she has learned that it takes more than a writing class to bring about creativity. Maria shared, “My mission is to help inspire women to find their inner warrior power as they reinvent and create themselves into their own Brand. e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m



beCoMe a liFeStyle trav

CourSeS StartinG in: SeDona are you looking for a way to express your ideas, show your creativity and share your passion while traveling and working anywhere you choose in the world? join us for this fun interactive retreat where you learn how to Produce – Publish and Profit with your own media projects and magazine title.

to taKe Part or For More inForMat


vel PubliSher

- boulDer - CoSta riCa learn from Maria Camille who is a pioneer within the lifestyle niche producing creatives where she traveled worldwide for over 30 years. We have planned the retreats activities the same as if you were on a real media tour.   you will also be published and promoted in enjoy beauty international magazine.

ion Go to: WWW.MariaCaMille.CoM For more information go to: or

L I V e n j o y

b e a u t y

S P A 38 e nj oy be auty in ter n a t ion a l .c o m

I N G i n t e r n a t i o n a l

C E S e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m




he ancient art of purifying, cleansing, and harmonizing your living space has returned and is passionately thriving as high-end homeowners are clearing out clutter, adding spiritual spaces, and transforming architectural style and spacial decor with feng shui designs that nourish, enhance, and enrich the lives of those who dwell therein. the oppressive weight of riotous home environments that scream for attention, produce negativity and turmoil, and drain your energy are being replaced by physical environments that encourage beauty, cocooning, protection, soothing relaxation, and restful mental and spiritual peace.

Comfort and proportion, placement and harmony, along with sleek, minimalist decor are introduced, creating a calm, balanced, uncluttered setting against an imposing world.

HOME,  SWEEt  HOME Serene living is in. Chaotic living is out. Some believe it to be an outcry against our increasingly mobile age. Today’s home designs incorporate techniques that harness the chi and invoke empowering, loving energy for inhabitants.

Select homeowners are collaborating with talented architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and feng shui experts to embrace a new kind of home decor using centuries-old traditions with luxurious, modern style. 42 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

Sparsely furnished interiors and clean lines are the mantra as influential homeowners seek balanced living within their own home sanctuary.

Noise pollution is neutralized as the myriad of modern day sounds we humans emit with our traffic, machinery, appliances, loud music and voices are all dissolved. Frenzied occupants relax, unwind and find their nirvana as programmed soft background sound vibrations support peace and harmony.



e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m


Asian-inspired design spaces with expansive sliding glass doors lead to meditative Japanese gardens with a gently owing stream or a reective lily pond. Incorporating outdoor elements whenever possible, interiors open to inviting natural courtyards with calming foliage and uncommon fauna or contemporary-style inďŹ nity pools and spas adorned with majestic Buddha statues and breathtaking panoramic views. Restful water features, stonework, metals, and natural woods like maple, bamboo, and oak complement bright, open interiors that inten-

44 en joy beauty int er n a t ion al .c om

tionally combine colors, shapes, and textures, bringing purity and energy to living spaces, creating health, wealth, and happiness, as well as simply looking gorgeous and feeling fabulous to live in.

Holy objects, longevity and infinity symbols, personal treasures, natural elements and special amulets are also selectively added to dispel negativity in the auric field and to welcome harmony, happiness, and success.

Water features and gentle ambient chimes allure and harmonize dwellers’ mental energy and emotions, melting away mind- chatter, conflict and stress.

Inspiration, reflection, stillness help restore our sense of soul and lift our sense of living life to the fullest. We become keenly aware of an atmosphere that touches our deepest senses. The atmosphere of one place can be different from another, though sometimes only subtly,

Quiet solitude mixed with gentle, balanced,

beautifully uncluttered interiors influence us both consciously and unconsciously. Uplifted spirits, inner tranquility and peace, a sense of restful contentment are an increasingly growing focus for homeowners. Home is where we can disentangle mangled living, stop the struggle, and access peace through personal discipline. Farewell to overcrowded workout facilities.

but those differences can profoundly influence our moods and stimulate our spirit. Whether you want to build a new home or bring extraordinary beauty and harmony to your existing home or environment, by renewing your home you also renew your life, your soul. You may even find that the things you enjoy the most are not things after all.

e njoyb e aut yinte rna ti o nal .co m


Living in th Tree Houses: The Future of Eco Retreats? By Beatrice Hochegger

Were you a child who loved to play outside in nature, climb trees and dream of your own tree house? thanks to some very inspiring architects from around the world, the wish of living close to nature is coming true for many. the focus is becoming mainstream for developing sustainable homes, hotels and eco resorts within trees and parks that help escape the stressful and concrete driven city life.

46 en j oy be au ty in ter n a t ion a l .c o m

he Trees

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


APPR OACH ONE One with the Birds

A wonderful approach of building sustainable tree houses serving as temporary hotels is the project “One With the Birds” which was developed by Penda, a design collective with its roots in Vienna, Austria and Beijing, China. One With the Birds was developed as part of the AIM Legend of the Tent competition taking place in China. The goal was to create a tentthemed, low-impact hotel that connects with nature. The unique concept, inspired by Native American tipis, is built from a bamboo structural foundation, which is very flexible and can be expanded vertically and horizontally. Being in one of these “Bamboo Tree Houses” not only creates the feeling of floating, but also provides the experience of a child climbing a tree along with amazing views and being one with the birds. This is exactly the feeling many of us are seeking. 48 enj oy b eau t y in t er n a t io n a l .c om

The biggest advantage of One with the Birds tree houses is that the innovative design is built in a responsible and eco-friendly way with materials which are not fixed with nails, but instead tied together with rope so the bamboo is not damaged and can be reused to rebuild the tree house in other locations.

How an architect thinks

e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m


50 enj oy be auty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

e njoyb e auty int er national .com


APPR OACH T WO Tree Snake Houses

52 enj oy be au ty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


This is the creation of the Portugal based design studio of LuĂ­s Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade. They have been working together with the architect Diogo Aguiar to create a wonderful and innovative eco-resort within the famous spa town of Parque de Pedras Salgadas in Portugal.

54 en joy be auty in ter n a ti on a l .c o m

The project consists of seven “tree snake houses,” which have been built in harmony with the beautiful nature surrounding it. Because of the flat level the cabins are built on and the colors of the wood and slate tiles used, the structures take on the look of a snake that is gliding between the trees.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


All of the structures consist of an entrance, bathroom, living room and sleeping area that offer a peaceful getaway for visitors of the park. Using a prototype tested new technology that allows for easy-carrying and weightless construction, the architects were able to protect the sacred spaces of nature. Furthermore, building the tree houses out of native raw materials like slate and wood, solar panels, a water reuse system and LED lighting strengthened the characteristics of being an eco retreat. Finally, I was asking myself the question: Are tree houses the future of eco resorts? In my opinion, it is definitely a possibility. Driven by the trend of being green and sustainable as well as going back to the roots, the offer of retreats that are aware of the nature and mother earth is growing. The change of thinking and the desire to escape a busy lifestyle create a new demand and fortunately, the tourism and wellness industry is responding to it. A great variety of eco resorts in the form of tree houses gives people with different needs and income levels the chance to reconnect with nature and hopefully, this movement will grow in the future.

56 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m


H E A L e n j o y

b e a u t y

R E T R 58 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

L I N G i n t e r n a t i o n a l

E A T S e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m



tHE HIDDEN gEMS By MARIA CAMILLE  60 enj oy b eau t y i nt e rn a t i on a l .c o m

Hindu temples.   Big Volcanoes.   Expansive Deserted Beaches.   And, plenty of chances  to break all the rules.


he chance to visit Bali has been a dream of mine for many years. The idea was formed after spending a month in Jakarta and the Indonesian island of East Irian Jaya, New Guinea over 15 years ago. It was the beautiful pictures I saw of Bali back then, that lived in my mind all these years that made me want to go back. e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


Everywhere  ginger, galan and, of cours

you’ll find stalls filled with cloves, rice,  ngal for spiritual offerings, spa treatments se, meal preparations.

ordered chaos is the norm 64 e nj oy be auty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

A New Invitation What brought me to Indonesia this time was an invitation to teach Chinese Fan Dance as a Guest Artist at Spa Village Tembok Resort, a property of the prestigious YTL Hotel Group of Malaysia. But before heading up the coast to Tembok where it is fairly remote, I ventured to the little village of Ubud, for I was told it was really special. I was not disappointed.

“to be candid, this was not the perfect chamber-of-commerce well organized, time managed arranged trip.  this trip was completely different, and much more gratifying.  I winged it from start to finish.”

On the Way to Ubud The cab journey from Denpasar International Airport to Ubud took about ninety minutes. From Denpasar to Ubud, I passed open-air workshops with beautiful Balinese furniture, Hindu temples, and what seemed like an unceasing line of little shops and stalls. I was intrigued to see people sweeping frenziedly outside every door.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


“I walked for hours, taking in such visions as orchids growing out of trees, private retreats, ancient statues of Hindu gods and winding waterways amongst dense jungle foliage.”

I checked into a boutique resort called Grand Sunti Resort, which was really nice and not too touristy. I quickly stashed my baggage, both figuratively and literally, and went to the outdoor spa, which I had seen behind walls on a path leading through Koi ponds. I chose the traditional body scrub called Boreh, a divine blend of cloves, rice, ginger and galangal. What a beautiful treatment, provided by a Ba66 enjoy beaut y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

linese woman who showed such a respectful gentleness, a touch liken to the most loving of human kindness. Venturing out into the small winding streets of Ubud, I found many little shops, selling all sorts of fascinating things, particularly Batik sarongs. These shops sat next to Hindu temples, where incense and offerings are given up throughout

the Energy:  

the day. It’s a very spiritual place, retaining traditional Bali culture as well as local customs and beliefs.

Artsy Spiritual Mystical

One morning, I wandered into the Arma Museum and Resort Spa, where I immediately gazed upon a magical wonderland covering several acres of the most beautiful Balinese landscape and architecture imaginable. e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


While in Ubud, the Hindu val of Galungan was takin is a holiday celebrating t dharma over adharma sy victory of good over evil. Balinese families will ente come prayers, offerings an to cleanse and balance t outer energy on the island loved watching the Ba which went from temple each village.

I’ll put this out the traveling all the w Bali is worth it!  

the time, the mon whatever the sacr requires.  

there is somethin the vibe and the w lifestyle plays out  there.  

Believe every whiff of the hype.

68 en joy beau t y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

spiritual festig place, which the victory of mbolizing the For ten days, ertain and welnd ceremonies the inner and d. I absolutely rong dances, e to temple in

ere now, way to

ney, rifice

ng about way the  over


e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


the Journey to  Spa Village  tembok Resort I wanted to stay longer to experience the ceremonies of Ubud, but my invitation at Spa Village Tembok Resort was waiting. The next day, Tembok sent a driver to pick me up, and we set out for the long drive to the north end of Bali. It was an exciting three-hour journey around the prodigious volcano of Mount Batur to get to the Spa Village Tembok Resort. We traveled along twisty narrow roads over mountains and through valleys, passing through countless little villages. In this area of Bali, you forego the crowded big named resorts.

70 enj oy b eau t y in t er n a t io n a l .c om

the trip was

s not a casual drive - it was an event!  e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


“I arr what like t of no And t good for th


rived in t looked the middle owhere. there’s a d reason  hat.  


“you immediately feel the groundin 74 enjoy b eau t y i n ter n a tio n al .c o m

My Arrival There are no close-by villages, no stores and Internet is a very slow dial-up affair. Yes, up here on the north end of the island, it’s just the purity of a glorious unspoiled beach and a fabulous resort! The Spa Village Tembok Resort is one of the finest retreats you could ever visit. The inviting and gracious hospitality and first-class service were in evidence from the moment I arrived, when I sat in the huge open-air reception area and received a refreshing glass of Jamu, a Balinese health tonic. Next, my feet were cleansed along with a foot and neck massage at the same time. What a gracious welcome after the long drive. Situated in an oasis of peace and tranquility, with just the gentle soundtrack of the nearby ocean, Spa Village Tembok Resort promotes a deep sense of balance. You simply cannot be uptight here. The quiet solitude brings you immediately into the sense of calm needed for a two-week retreat.

ng energy here.” e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


“Visitors are mostly from cities in the E.U. and Southeast Asia – they come here to escape their official life.”

The all-inclusive 5-star resort serves three meals a day on the beautiful Balinese veranda that overlooks the ocean, and while dining at night, you can see the distant lights of fishing boats dotted about the horizon as they gather yet another harvest. Muffled chanting and incense emanating from the nearby temples add to the serenity. The resort is an enchanting paradise, due in no small part to Sharron Hopley, the resident manager. She’s totally at one with the environment and runs the whole show with incredible ease. I can’t praise her or her staff highly enough.

76 enjoy b e au ty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

While DININg At NIgHt, you can see the distant  lights of fishing boats

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


A World-Class Retreat based on  the Sacred Sciences of greece Alajuela, Costa Rica

78 enj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c o m

e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com


Medicine in Greece has always been a part of the sacred sciences. it was a science that integrated philosophy, magic, religion and art. the myth of asclepius (which the asclepios resort was named after) is that he was the son of the God apollo and the mortal Coronis. asclepius learned the art of healing from both apollo and the centaur Chiron. the name and fame of asclepius was well known as he was such a wonderful healer returning lost health to the sick, and life to the dead.

80 enj oy b eau t y i nt e rn a t i on a l .c o m

today, throughout the hellenic archipelago, there are over 410 preserved ruins of these ancient healing centers, which were called "asklepeions." a healing center with this ancient Greek description is what i found at asclepios. My stay was absolutely wonderful with options such as an original hamman, a salt water oat room (that was my high-point) along with outdoor plunge pools and every type of treatment room imaginable.

e njoyb e auty int er national .com


the Asclepios Mission  the mission at asclepios is for everyone who visits to actively participate in their wellbeing. Pure air, pure water, pure food, pure thoughts are essential to good health and happiness. asclepios delivers these components for your stay. i was impressed during my visit to asclepios as no cost seemed to stop the building out of all that was necessary to deliver the traditional health techniques of Greece, and, not only with regard to the physical body, but the psyche also.

the Inspiration behind Asclepios – Marisia Jiménez 

studied homeopathy at regent’s College in london.

Marisia jiménez, owner and developer of asclepios is from San jose, Costa rica and a professional naturopath who graduated from Daniel Kieffer’s european College of traditional holistic naturopathy in Paris, France.

Marisia has also studied the Flower essence systems, such as Dr. bach’s original method, along with andreas Korte and the local Costa rican essences. Marisia uses flower essences as a complementary therapy for all mental and emotional healing processes, which she believes are almost always at the root of disharmony and disease in the human being. before becoming involved in the healing field, Marisia worked as a lawyer for 17 years, and holds an honors degree in law from the autonomous university of Central america, in Costa rica.

During her stay in Paris, Marisia studied at the Michel larroche School, learning about energy medicine and the analysis and recoding of cells. then the Patrick Drouot Method taught her the techniques and applications of the Science of Consciousness, while she also

A Sample of  a Week-Long  Healing Program: Programs at asclepios run from Monday through Sunday, every week of the year. (the recommended stay for programs are one week, but three weeks are even better for the entire program.)

A typical week’s  program includes: organic and biodynamic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner Participation in daily fitness activities Complimentary use of fitness center and water therapy suites, which include an ionized natural pool, cold plunge, and jacuzzi.

Plus 3 acupuncture sessions 1 Podoreflexology 1 lymphatic massage with aromatherapy 2 Scottish showers 1 hammam +body scrub + wrap 1 healing stone massage 1 nutrition consultation 2 Sauna and rest sessions 1 Cooking class

84 en joy beauty int er n a t ion al .c om

e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com


T R A V E e n j o y

b e a u t y

L I F E S 86 en joy beau t y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

E L I N G i n t e r n a t i o n a l

T Y L E S e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


88 en joy be auty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

e nj oyb e auty inte rna ti o nal .co m



tHE SOUtH CARIBBEAN e njoyb e aut yinte rna t io nal .com




90 enj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c om

92 enjoy beaut yi nte r n a t ion a l .c om



e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com


Welcome to Samasati A transformative travel Experience

Your Adventure Begins Here • Casitas in a Rainforest Sanctuary • Caribbean Beach House • Private Beach Club • Retreat – Spa - Activities Located on the beautiful Caribbean Ocean of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Toll free: 800 563 9643 CR: (506) 8833-2302 Skype: samasati.retreat CostaRicaSamasatiNatureRetreat

A custom homes at Samarcanda

Would you like to move to the Caribbean? And . . . . . have it be affordable? Here’s a beautiful choice: 30 lots for sale Located adjacent to the Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary sits the Samarcanda Gated Community, which is nestled on 250 acres of primary rainforest famous for its beauty and purity. With spectacular views overlooking the Costa Rica’s beautiful Caribbean coast Samarcanda Gated Community is only 4 miles from the worlds best pristine beaches, reefs and scuba diving.

96 e nj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c om

Samarcanda Gated Community sits on a majestic mountain, which is just minutes away from Puerto Viejo, Cocles and Punta Uva where you’ll find great music, rich culture and fabulous food. is area of Costa Rica is within an hours drive of Panama, Roatan and other exotic destinations of the south Caribbean. Samarcanda Gated Community is the only project in the heart of the South Caribbean rainforest that is based on a vision of sustainable real estate development. e community has 30 exclusive independent living home sites for sale, ranging from 0.5 to 2 acres.  e community has its

own water from natural springs and is a prime location for sustainable living. Lots with expansive ocean and forest canopy views start at $ 50,000, with financing opportunities. Home plans are available and can be built by our craftsman in 5 months. Homes in the community are ideal for vacation getaways, permanent living or income property! Regulated by the Costa Rican condominium law, this Gated Community allows each owner exclusive ownership of their property along with a clear title guarantee. î “ere is joint ownership of the common areas consisting of the Biological Reserve and of the Private national Park all with gated community security and protection.

RePReSentation: Contact U.S.: Silvia Zani: 719-445-8952 Contacts Costa Rica: Billy Gonzalez (506) 8371 5380 Kimberly Lindo (506) 8844 2895

Samarcanda Gated Community is located 10 kilometers South of Cahuita national Park. GPS map coordinates are latitude 9.65361, longitude -82.81671

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


The Future and Ev


ver the last ten years, our lives have dramatically changed as a result of new technologies. For many of us, the ways we live and do business have changed forever. The tipping point of these new technologies has spawned a new division of the global workforce, allowing people to work from the comforts of home or while traveling and exploring the globe. This has also rapidly amplified our ability to share information and multiply our social and professional networks. These newfound freedoms and flexibilities have transformed the way we look at our lifestyles. Today, heading to the office may 98 enj oy b eaut y i nt ern at ion a l .c o m


79 PER


volution of Lifestyle By Mia A. Mackman

Founder and President of arizona Spa & Wellness association

mean remaining at home, sitting in a favorite coffee shop, a hotel lobby or on a lounge chair by the beach. The ability for many people to work is virtually at our fingertips. Ng HAS RISEN 


05 AND 2012

According to an American Community Survey, “telecommuting has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012.” This estimate includes 2.6 percent or 3.3 million full-time U. S. teleworkers in 2012. sites the statistical growth of telecommuting in the U.S. throughout a myriad of different industries, with all data pointing the continuous growth of this dynamic remote workforce. e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com


What does this mean for the future of our lifestyles? It means the lines will continue to cross between life, work and social experiences. The task of balancing our freedom and flexibility will become essential. New tools will endure to help people cope, manage busy routines, and assist in performance, metrics and business management. Some of these new technologies already include 3-D printing, holographic imaging and an expansive line of virtual reality and wellness devices. Wearable devices are only the beginning of technology merging with our biology and lifestyle. This increase in technology will create an enhanced need for person-to-person connectivity, with a rise in new social activities to substitute the experiences of meeting people “at work” and having regular face-to-face engagement. Finding a healthy, social equilibrium will be key to enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working on a version of Cloud 9.



WIDE In addition to the growing number of people in the remote workforce, educational programs and home schooling platforms are seeing similar growth. Together these two elements are redefining the conventional family. When living nearby work or school are no longer household factors, the doors to the world are open wide. These are major shifts in our lifestyle definitions and they will directly impact how we exist and interact in the world in our future lifestyles.

100 enj oy b eau t yi nte rn a ti o n a l .c o m


Welcome to


new Work Space Hubud in Ubud, Bali is an  exquisite example of how a natural paradise can be abundant with creativity, productivity and  wonderful benefits. The innovative-minded entrepreneurs who started Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud] wanted to design a collaborative working space for a diverse community of locals and visiting tourists. This space hosts people from around the world including travelers, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and remote workers. Hubud continues to gain attention and popularity as new ideas are being launched worldwide from this inspirational co-working space.

e njoyb e aut yinte rna t io nal .com


Other components we are seeing on the rise are business travel and teleconferences. Meetings no longer require the traditional environment of a boardroom. Many executives and business professionals around the world are combining business meetings with retreat experiences, as a way to add more depth and discovery to the meeting process. This approach is rich with inspiration and balances the intensity of work with a healthy combination of relaxation and rejuvenation. Companies are beginning to recognize the importance of company-wide wellness and employee health is becoming a high priority. Ultimately, our lifestyles are rapidly evolving. The future holds exciting opportunities and incredible technologies that guarantee more freedom and flexibility for all of us. How we choose to use that freedom and enjoy that flexibility is up to each of us. One thing is certain in order to live well in any lifestyle; it’s important to follow your heart. Do what you love. Believe in yourself and make your routine one that supports your happiness, growth and personal measures of success. Whatever your path, embrace your lifestyle. Be grateful for your freedom and stretch your legs to remind yourself; you always have the flexibility to choose. Choosing a path that empowers you to live a beautiful, satisfying life is the essence and beauty of a life well lived. Follow on twitter: @MiaMackman

102 en joy beaut yi nte rn a ti o n a l .c o m

e njoyb e aut yinte yint erna tio t ional .com 103


Sell everything!! then travel the world to find your new home THE LESSONS I LEARNED i had been living in brooklyn with my husband noah and then-2-year-old daughter lila. “let’s sell everything we own and travel,” said noah one afternoon.“that’s insane,” i thought, and then before it came out of my mouth, i said “Why not?” and, that is exactly what we did. We weren’t happy anymore in brooklyn. the life felt too confining with children. We wanted space. We wanted to explore the world. We knew we wanted something different, but we had no idea what to expect. So, we slowly sorted through our things, got rid of what we didn’t need and packed a few small bags to take along on our journey.

e njoyb e aut yinte rna t ional .com


It’s been seven years since we locked the door of our Brooklyn apartment for the last time, and in that time, we’ve traveled through four continents, 25 countries, and I-don’t-know how many cities. Each place showed us something new, something unique, something beautiful. I loved the yoga, the artist community and the farmers’ market in Buffalo. France offered gorgeous scenery and amazing food. In Panama, we lived on a tiny island with no roads or even a path to ride a bicycle. The rhythmic sound of waves sloshing under our house woke us each morning. We made friends all over the planet, and each time we left, we had to say another goodbye. You get good at goodbyes. You leave space in your life for people who live far away yet you learn to keep them close anyway. Most of all, I understood how the act of travel shows you how to be happy when not connected to a place. In truth, there is no one place in the world that will serve all your needs. Nowhere and nothing is perfect. The best thing you can do is focus on that which makes you most happy and balance everything else. How does one pick up everything to move? Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” Are you truly content where you are living and with what you’re doing? If not, what would you rather do. The key to leaving everything you know, I believe, is that when you leave, you must move toward something you want, not running from some106 en joy beau t y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

thing you want to escape. Once you make the decision, commit to it by purchasing a ticket to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Between then and the time you leave, you slowly start sorting through everything you own. Sell or donate what you don’t want, keep only what you must have. You’ll find you need far less than you think, and the longer you travel, the less you need. In fact, experiences become your comfort instead of things. How do you decide when you want to stay?

One day, you’ll feel tired of the constant movement. You’ll have seen enough places and slept in enough beds, so that when you arrive in a place that’s for you, you’ll know. You’ll find a place to live, choose your favorite places to buy groceries and you don’t want to leave, not yet, just one more day. I wandered in such a way for three years before settling in NW Argentina. Now, I live in the mountains and I write for a living. You can see my writing plus get advice and prompts to spark your own writing career on my blog The

Future Is Red. ( I also co-founded a Creative Revolution Retreats ( with the fabulous Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick ( We run Writing, Yoga and Renewal retreats for women. Together, we work to help you let your own metamorphosis begin. The biggest lesson of all? You must leave yourself open to not-knowing exactly what will happen. Let yourself be guided by serendipity as you enjoy each moment, place and experience. e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com


Spiritual Nomad INtERVIEW WItH A tRAVELINg SHAMAN By Maria Camille The sacred temple of Pura Pasar Agung

108 en joy be auty in te rn a t ion a l .c o m


While on assignment in Costa Rica, I caught up with world traveling shaman named John Paul Fischbach.  We discussed the phenomenon I’ve been noticing of increasing numbers of spiritual travelers. John Paul shared his thoughts: “We have the exciting chance and rare opportunity to create a better world, and many of us are being called to re-member and reconnect with sacred sites around the planet” Beauty, community, love, peace, abundance, harmony …. These are the values that are leading many of us to pull up roots and journey to other places. Over the past four years I’ve met many fellow travelers who repeat the same phrase, “I don’t know, I just felt a call to be here.” I now refer to us as spiritual nomads; travelers exploring this amazing planet, honoring the magnetic pull, and letting our souls guide us to places of deep spiritual significance. So many of us are in motion. We no longer look for the perfect place to spend our lives… we look for the next place. When we give up trying to control our destiny allow the river to carry us, amazing things start to happen. We

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


find kindred spirits among our fellow travelers. These aren’t the coincidental relationships that used to happen on holiday, these are opportunities for deep conversations. We meet each other with a shared feeling of re-connecting at a deep level about the amazing multidimensional world. We have conversations that are affirmations and re-affirmations of our journey. We exchange lists of must see and must do. We exchange exciting stories of discovery imbued with the energy of explorers. If you hear the call or feel that unsettling feeling, I suggest you heed the “little voice” and set out. The earth has power spots. These spots communicate directly with your soul. It feels like coming home. It feels like a calling to do and see and be.

traveling to Scared Sites John Paul’s unique gift is being a “site whisperer” He travels to sacred sites and asks the spirits of the place to share wisdom, stories and answer questions about the history, creation, use and power of the site. When I asked him how this works he explained, “I think that the time is right for the sharing of information. When I go to these places with an attitude of honor, humility, love and respect, the spirits of the place appear and are eager and happy to show me around, share knowledge and answer questions. Sometimes it is channelling a spirit guide and some times it is seeing a parallel dimension.

110 enj oy be auty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

Caption Here Machu Pichu e njoyb e aut yinte rnati o nal .co m


After chatting with the spirits from the Stone Age I emerge from a burial crypt Taversoe Tuick on the Barren Orkney Islands of far Northern Scotland.

John shared that he will be producing a documentary series, which will offer 4 bridges of understanding into the mystery of these sacred sites. What does archaeology tell us about a site? What does legend and oral tradition tell us? What can we learn from the physics and magnetic energy of the site? And finally, what do the spirits have to share?

“I often tell people to use the Medicine Wheel as your compass. If you are currently living North of the Equator…

If you are ready to explore and undertake a Spiritual nomadic quest John Paul offers this suggestion.

Your first destination is just the starting place. There is so much to learn and discover that the journey never ends.”

112 enj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c om

• • • •

If it is wisdom you seek head north If it is emotional clarity head west If it mental clarity head east If it is trust head south


haute SPF Sun Protection with benefits Don't be afraid of the sun! Cruise tested in the sunny Gulf-Coast waters of South Florida, our AwardWinning SunProtect SPF30+ contains micronized (non-nano) FullSpectrum Earth Minerals (Zinc & Iron Oxides) at a concentration of 20% by weight for the ultimate in easily applied natural barrier protection.  Heavenly scent and never any ghostly white sheen!   Based in a 100% organic and Ayurvedic botanical formula of shea butter and healing herbal infusions, this sun protection is long-lasting, child safe and leaves your skin in great condition. Fortified with our exclusive Deva Bright anti-hyperpigmentation organic actives, including essential carrot and citronella oils, this Sun Block helps prevent and reverse dark spots and freckling, and naturally repels pesky flying insects.  Water resistant up to 2 hours. See for yourself why this product was a Summer Skincare Editor's Pick in Organic Spa Magazine!

C U I S e n j o y

114 e njoy beau t y in t e r n a tio n a l .c om

b e a u t y

S I N E i n t e r n a t i o n a l

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m



A   H E A Lt H y   L I F 116 en j oy be aut y in tern a t ion a l .c o m


FEStyLE  DIEt e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com



the Mediterranean Di it is a lifelong plan for anti-ag it is also the best way to keep you and beautiful and your intern

INGREDIENTS 1 pound salmon fillet, preferably wild Pacific, skinned 2 tablespoons finely chopped red onion or scallion 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped peeled fresh ginger 1/4 teaspoon kosher or sea salt 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 1 tablespoon reduced-fat sour cream 1 anchovy fillet, rinsed and finely chopped 2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh chives 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh parsley 1 teaspoon capers, rinsed and finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

118 enj oy b eau t y int er n a t io n a l .c om


iet is more than a diet. ging with a high quality of life. ur body in shape, your skin clean nal organs working properly.

PREPARATION With a large chef’s knife, chop salmon using quick, even, straightup-and-down motions (do not rock the knife or the fish will turn mushy) until you have a mass of roughly 1/4-inch pieces. Transfer to a large bowl; gently stir in onion (or scallion), cilantro, ginger, teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper (do not over mix). Divide the mixture into 4 patties, about 1 inch thick. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes (or up to 2 hours). Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, anchovy, chives, parsley, capers, lemon zest, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper in a small bowl. Grill salmon burgers until just cooked through, 4 to 6 minutes total. Serve the salmon with a Greek Salad made with a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon, garlic, Greek mountain grown oregano, salt and pepper.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


t H A I   tO M    

120 en joy beaut yi nte rn a ti o n a l .c o m

yUM SOUP a h e a lt h y liFeStyle reCiPe

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


tO M   y U

tom yum Koong soup is the most popular in thailand an this soup is so good, because this ancient recipe contains ing lemongrass is an anti-bacterial and antioxidant, Kaffir lime l it’s the strategy in thailand to keep ancie

INGREDIENTS 3 Thai chilies 2 tablespoons fish sauce 3 kaffir lime leaves 1 lemongrass, cut in pieces - 4-5 inches long each and pound to release the flavor 2 limes 5 sprigs cilantro 5 mushrooms, clean and cut in half 5 medium-large shrimp, vein and remove shells 4 cups water

122 en j oy be au tyi nt e r n a tio n a l .c om


nd also very well-known in europe, japan, and the uSa. gredients that help with blood circulation and prevent illness. leaf is good for the blood, and red Chili is rich in vitamin C. ent wisdom integrated within the lifestyle.

PREPARATION 1. Place water in a medium pot over high heat. Add the lemongrass and leftover lemongrass stalks. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes. 2. Add fish sauce, the juice of 1 lime, and crushed Thai Chilies into the bowls. 3. When soup reaches a bubbling boil, reduce heat to medium. Remove the stem from the kaffir lime leaves then add the leafy part to the pot. 4. Add the shrimp then turn the heat off. Leave until shrimp are pink and plump. Ladle shrimp and soup into bowls immediately. Top with cilantro. 5. Now taste-test the soup, checking for flavor. TIPS: 1. Don't leave shrimp sitting in the warm broth too long, they will get overcooked 2. Too salty - add more lime. Too sour - add sugar. Too spicy - add coconut milk.

e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com


Beauty is all around you

www. en joyb eau tyi nter national .com

Enjoy Beauty International  

The Future of Irelands Peat Moss for Skincare – Tom Yum Soup – It’s About the Shoes – Tembok Spa Village Bali – Interview of Maria Camille P...

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