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Bali – The Hidden Gems Publisher, Maria Camille visits Bali’s special village of Ubud and Spa Village Tembok, a 5-star resort on the north coast

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48 China’s Fashion Scene Shanghai becomes number one in fashion taking over Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore

Cover photo credit: Spa Village Tembok Resort

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Finding Inspiration when you only have six months to live An interview with Sally Bridges

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Intentional Aromatherapy An Interview with Nick James from Body Bliss


82 A Taoist Mountain Retreat Unique to the U.S.A. Estes Park, Colorado

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14 There’s No Place Like Om The latest home design trends for living a balanced life

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Find Your Perspective The Beauty and Spirituality in Nature Sedona, Arizona U.S.A.

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fIndIng The balance fRoM The PUblIsheR Welcome to the Premiere edition of enjoy beauty International! We believe that living a beautiful lifestyle is obtainable for all. Bigger may not always be better. A healthy lifestyle could simply be about the way you set up your life to enjoy your surroundings. It may be about discovering interesting new places around the world, or experiencing a special new destination spa or wellness retreat. But, most certainly it is about finding the balance. And, our focus is to keep you tuned in to these possibilities. We love receiving inspiration from amazing People we meet from around the world. So, in each issue we will bring you interviews from these professionals who are making a difference. Through our FREE VIP Lifestyle Passport Membership we will share opportunities to blissfully indulge in for beauty and wellbeing. In each issue you will find new offers from the 6 enjoy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

MaRIa caMIlle foUndeR and PUblIsheR

best beauty product and lifestyle companies, spa destinations and wellness retreats from around the world. We look to hear from you as you make Enjoy Beauty International your link for discovering your beautiful – balanced – healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Maria Camille, Founder

the Future of Skincare Science from Thailand

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IntERna ContRIbUtoRS

FoUnDER anD PUblISHER Maria Camille aRt DIRECtIon Anugito ten Voorde EDItoR anD ContRIbUtoR Patty Kovacevich PUblIC RElatIonS - MaRkEtIng Hannelore Leavy MaRkEtIng aSSIStant Casie Orion lISa oRREll  Advertising

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at I o n a l SoCIal MEDIa

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The Teva Organic Skin Science Difference BioScience Complex II

Organic Anti-Aging Argireline & Matrixyl Peptide Serum Teva Skin Science has combined modern peptide research with time honored Ayurvedic anti-aging botanicals actives, bringing you a “topical botox cream” with a real difference. And, it’s 100% organic!


10 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r nsPecIal a t i o n a l .c o m

Teva Skin Science, LLC 42 Senator Reynolds Rd, # 205 Asheville, NC 28804• 828-545-0842 Click here for your VIP special

CEO Deb Oxley, Age 56

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haUTe PIcKs

lamone the Future of Skincare Science from thailand It’s not about the Stem Cells, it’s about the DNA As Thailand continues to be one of the leaders in all things Beauty and Spa, Lamone is one example of deep science at the forefront when it comes to exfoliation, brightening and bringing a clean youthfulness to the skin. When traveling to Thailand recently, Enjoy Beauty International discovered the beautiful Lamone product in the spa at JW Marriott. We tried the two-step product, and have been solid with it ever since. We found that Lamone has special lactobacillus cultures, which delivers the incredible results of the cleanser. Within the cleanser, macrophages are stimulated in the skin. The Macrophages digest DNA’s, which contain CpG (a nutrient for cells). Now, growth factor (Cytokines) are generated which rejuvenate stem cells from destructive conditions. The result is diminishing dark spots and an end to pigmentation. In step two we tried the DNA serum, which has powerful active ingredients of DNA-L and F-Antiox Complex. The serum penetrates deep into the skin to activate stem cell division together with a high concentrated antioxidant complex from fermented berries, (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D) to prevent free radical skin cell damage. The Lamone hi-potency serum is the equivalent of lactobacillus in over 300 cups of yoghurt.

VIP sPecIal

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IT’s fRee

Welcome to the premiere edition of Enjoy beauty International, the prestige lifestyle publication Dedicated to promoting a beautiful, luxurious and healthy lifestyle, our expert team at Enjoy Beauty International will report on the best we find from around the globe. Every month, you will be treated to an advanced peek at the world’s best beauty and lifestyle products, as well as be taken on a tour of the most special destination spa resorts on the planet. • •

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TheRe’s no Place lIKe oM By atty ovacevich


he ancient art of purifying, cleansing, and harmonizing your living  space  has  returned  and  is  passionately  thriving  as high-end  homeowners  are  clearing  out  clutter,  adding  spiritual spaces, and transforming architectural style and spacial decor with feng shui designs that nourish, enhance, and enrich the lives of those who dwell therein. the oppressive weight of riotous home environments that scream for  attention,  produce  negativity  and  turmoil,  and  drain  your  energy  are  being  replaced  by  physical  environments  that  encourage beauty, cocooning, protection, soothing relaxation, and restful mental and spiritual peace. 

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Comfort and proportion, placement and harmony, along with sleek, minimalist decor are introduced, creating a calm, balanced, uncluttered setting against an imposing world.

hoMe, sWeeT hoMe Serene living is in. Chaotic living is out. Some believe it to be an outcry against our increasingly mobile age. Today’s home designs incorporate techniques that harness the chi and invoke empowering, loving energy for inhabitants.

Select homeowners are collaborating with talented architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and feng shui experts to embrace a new kind of home decor using centuries-old traditions with luxurious, modern style. 16 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Sparsely furnished interiors and clean lines are the mantra as influential homeowners seek balanced living within their own home sanctuary.

Noise pollution is neutralized as the myriad of modern day sounds we humans emit with our traffic, machinery, appliances, loud music and voices are all dissolved. Frenzied occupants relax, unwind and find their nirvana as programmed soft background sound vibrations support peace and harmony.



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Asian-inspired design spaces with expansive sliding glass doors lead to meditative Japanese gardens with a gently owing stream or a reective lily pond. Incorporating outdoor elements whenever possible, interiors open to inviting natural courtyards with calming foliage and uncommon fauna or contemporary-style inďŹ nity pools and spas adorned with majestic Buddha statues and breathtaking panoramic views. Restful water features, stonework, metals, and natural woods like maple, bamboo, and oak complement bright, open interiors that inten-

18 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

tionally combine colors, shapes, and textures, bringing purity and energy to living spaces, creating health, wealth, and happiness, as well as simply looking gorgeous and feeling fabulous to live in.

Holy objects, longevity and infinity symbols, personal treasures, natural elements and special amulets are also selectively added to dispel negativity in the auric field and to welcome harmony, happiness, and success.

Water features and gentle ambient chimes allure and harmonize dwellers’ mental energy and emotions, melting away mind- chatter, conflict and stress.

Inspiration, reflection, stillness help restore our sense of soul and lift our sense of living life to the fullest. We become keenly aware of an atmosphere that touches our deepest senses. The atmosphere of one place can be different from another, though sometimes only subtly,

Quiet solitude mixed with gentle, balanced,

beautifully uncluttered interiors influence us both consciously and unconsciously. Uplifted spirits, inner tranquility and peace, a sense of restful contentment are an increasingly growing focus for homeowners. Home is where we can disentangle mangled living, stop the struggle, and access peace through personal discipline. Farewell to overcrowded workout facilities.

but those differences can profoundly influence our moods and stimulate our spirit. Whether you want to build a new home or bring extraordinary beauty and harmony to your existing home or environment, by renewing your home you also renew your life, your soul. you may even find that the things you enjoy the most are not things after all.

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haUTe PIcKs 20 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow We took the Wrinkle Pillow all the way to Bali! Results? The General Manager of the 5-star resort where we stayed loved it and is now a user. Why does everyone love this pillow so much? Because it was designed to give you the most restful night’s sleep while helping to prevent the occurrence of permanent sleep lines and wrinkles caused by nightly compression against your pillow. Here’s the difference; the patented design lifts and cradles your head so that your face never touches the pillow and permanent lines and wrinkles don't develop on the face, neck and chest during sleep. The contoured center makes sleeping on your back more comfortable and the built-in gentle elevation helps to reduce the signs of morning eye puffiness. The pillow is also encased in a satiny cover, which helps preserve the texture and style of your hair better than a traditional pillowcase. And finally, the pillow’s unique design helps to prevent tossing and turning. And, here’s some additional benefits we noticed: your night creams and products will last longer as they will not rub off on the pillow. It has a beautiful satiny pillowcase, which is great for your skin and does not snag your hair. The pillow is wonderful for anyone with eyelash extensions because your face (and eyes) do not touch the pillow. It is a one size fits all, and perfect for all skin types.

It’s –  beyond  organic! “Once you use this moisturizer you may never want to use a designer label moisturizer again”

We loved this softer than silk moisturizer with the delightful aroma of coconut complimented by lavender. Once again, Beyond Organics delivers a great product through its unique moisture lock system enhanced by the infusion of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E along with minerals and fatty acids, which allows the skin to breathe. The difference is its fantastic structure that gives this product its god like status among its’ vast fans. And we found the cream to be amazingly wonderful across all skin types, especially sensitive, dry or mature skin. This pinnacle of skin creams is rapidly surging toward the top of everybody’s shopping list as its growing reputation spreads worldwide!

Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England, each pot is generously filled with the unique infusions and macerations. And, No parabens, No chemicals. No nasties. Recycled materials. Suitable for vegetarians. 100% Organic and the first UK company to be certified 100% natural with Nature!


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By Maria Camille

22 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Hindu Temples. Big Volcanoes. Expansive Deserted Beaches. And, plenty of chances to break all the rules.


he chance to visit Bali has been a dream of mine for many years. The idea was formed after spending a month in Jakarta and the Indonesian island of East Irian Jaya, New Guinea over 15 years ago. It was the beautiful pictures I saw of Bali back then, that lived in my mind all these years that made me want to go back. enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


Everywhere ginger, gala and, of cour

24 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

you’ll find stalls filled with cloves, rice, angal for spiritual offerings, spa treatments rse, meal preparations.

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Ordered chaos is the order of the day 26 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

A New Invitation What brought me to Indonesia this time was an invitation to teach Chinese Fan Dance as a Guest Artist at Spa Village Tembok Resort, a property of the prestigious yTL Hotel Group of Malaysia. But before heading up the coast to Tembok where it is fairly remote, I ventured to the little village of Ubud, for I was told it was really special. I was not disappointed.

“To be candid, this was not the perfect chamber-of-commerce well organized, time managed arranged trip. This trip was completely different, and much more gratifying. I winged it from start to finish.�

On the way to Ubud The cab journey from Denpasar International Airport to Ubud took about ninety minutes. From Denpasar to Ubud, I passed open-air workshops with beautiful Balinese furniture, Hindu temples, and what seemed like an unceasing line of little shops and stalls. I was intrigued to see people sweeping frenziedly outside every door.

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“I walked for hours, taking in such visions as orchids growing out of trees, private retreats, ancient statues of Hindu gods and winding waterways amongst dense jungle foliage.”

I checked into a boutique resort called Grand Sunti Resort, which was really nice and not too touristy. I quickly stashed my baggage, both figuratively and literally, and went to the outdoor spa, which I had seen behind walls on a path leading through Koi ponds. I chose the traditional body scrub called Boreh, a divine blend of cloves, rice, ginger and galangal. What a beautiful treatment, provided by a Ba28 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

linese woman who showed such a respectful gentleness, a touch liken to the most loving of human kindness. Venturing out into the small winding streets of Ubud, I found many little shops, selling all sorts of fascinating things, particularly Batik sarongs. These shops sat next to Hindu temples, where incense and offerings are given up throughout

The Energy: Artsy Spiritual Mystical

the day. It’s a very spiritual place, retaining traditional Bali culture as well as local customs and beliefs. One morning, I wandered into the Arma Museum and Resort Spa, where I immediately gazed upon a magical wonderland covering several acres of the most beautiful Balinese landscape and architecture imaginable.

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While in Ubud, the Hind val of Galungan was taki is a holiday celebrating dharma over adharma s victory of good over ev Balinese families will ent come prayers, oerings a to cleanse and balance outer energy on the islan loved watching the B which went from templ each village.

I’ll put this out the traveling all the w is worth it!

The time, the mon whatever the sacrif requires.

There is something the vibe and the w lifestyle plays out

Believe every whiff of the hype.

30 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

du spiritual festiing place, which g the victory of symbolizing the vil. For ten days, tertain and weland ceremonies e the inner and nd. I absolutely Barong dances, le to temple in

ere now, way to Bali

ney, fice

g about way the over there.


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The Journey to Spa Village Tembok Resort I wanted to stay longer to experience the ceremonies of Ubud, but my invitation at Spa Village Tembok Resort was waiting. The next day, Tembok sent a driver to pick me up, and we set out for the long drive to the north end of Bali. It was an exciting three-hour journey around the prodigious volcano of Mount Batur to get to the Spa Village Tembok Resort. We traveled along twisty narrow roads over mountains and through valleys, passing through countless little villages. In this area of Bali, you forego the crowded big named resorts.

32 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

The trip was

not a casual drive - it was an event! enjoybeautyinternational .com


“I arr what like th of now And t good for th


34 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

rived in looked he middle where. there’s a reason hat.


enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


come Pavilion to get f

“You immediately feel the groundin 36 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

foot treatment

My Arrival There are no close-by villages, no stores and Internet is a very slow dial-up affair. yes, up here on the north end of the island, it’s just the purity of a glorious unspoiled beach and a fabulous resort! The Spa Village Tembok Resort is one of the finest retreats you could ever visit. The inviting and gracious hospitality and first-class service were in evidence from the moment I arrived, when I sat in the huge open-air reception area and received a refreshing glass of Jamu, a Balinese health tonic. Next, my feet were cleansed along with a foot and neck massage at the same time. What a gracious welcome after the long drive. Situated in an oasis of peace and tranquility, with just the gentle soundtrack of the nearby ocean, Spa Village Tembok Resort promotes a deep sense of balance. you simply cannot be uptight here. The quiet solitude brings you immediately into the sense of calm needed for a two-week retreat.

ng energy here.” enjoybeautyinternational .com


“Visitors are mostly from cities in the E.U. and Southeast Asia – they come here to escape their official life.”

The all-inclusive 5-star resort serves three meals a day on the beautiful Balinese veranda that overlooks the ocean, and while dining at night, you can see the distant lights of fishing boats dotted about the horizon as they gather yet another harvest. Muffled chanting and incense emanating from the nearby temples add to the serenity.

38 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

While dInIng aT nIghT, you can see the distant lights of fishing boats

enjoybeautyinternational .com


During the day, the resort offers all types of activities, including my Chinese Fan Dance and Bamboo Bo Staff martial arts classes, which went quite well. The young Balinese men were some of my biggest fans, and loved that I was bringing “Kung Fu” to the island. The resort is an enchanting paradise, due in no small part to Sharron Hopley, the resident manager. She’s totally at one with the environment and runs the whole show with incredible ease. I can’t praise her or her staff highly enough.

40 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Classes included L made exqui

Lontar drawings which isite book marks.

enjoybeautyinternational .com


The friendly therap

Jamu Junyit Asam (Tamarind & Turmeric Tonic Drink) Tamarind Palm Sugar Turmeric Salt Distilled water

Jamu ingredients

250 gr 100 gr 250 gr 1 drop 1500 ml

This recipe is to be made with fresh whole Tamarind, Turmeric and Palm Sugar. Peel the turmeric skin and wash it. Slice the turmeric into thin slices. Boil t he sliced turmeric, tamarind, palm sugar and salt. Cool it down for a bit, then store in bottle. Serve warm or chilled.

42 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Jamu Bera

(Rice and Finger R Rice Flour Tamarind Finger Root Palm Sugar Cinnamon Clove Salt Distilled water

Peel the finger root and wash extract the juice. Boil the tam palm sugar. Cook it down a b and rice powder into the boile

pist team of Tembok

as Kencur

Root Tonic Drink) 100 gr 150 gr 250 gr 200 gr 50 gr 10 pcs 1 drop 1500 ml

it. Squeeze the finger root to marind, cinnamon, clove and bit. Pour the finger root juice ed herbs. Put in pinch of salt.

Balinese Traditional Body Scrub (Boreh) Ginger Galangal Clove Soaked rice

50 gr 50 gr 50 gr 100 gr

Pound the cloves until they become like powder. Pour into a small container. Grind the rice until it gets a bit soft. Cut the ginger and galangal into small pieces and pound it. Mix the ginger and galangal together with the rice and grind it. Add in the clove powder and mix. Pour your Boreh into a bowl and it is ready to use.

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I reected on this very next few weeks. Th beauty of the foliage, t the free divers catchin ďŹ shing boats lined up spaaaa - - all this mad one on earth were ab tude, we might well ha

For me, it went muc beaches and sitting Jamus. you know how just as much adventur you can halfway aroun be true for some. Bu halfway around the w perspective impossible yard, because it simply

44 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m


special experience over the he deserted beaches, the the beautiful gentle people, ng fish for dinner, the small along the beach – and the de the experience. If everyble to chill in this quiet soliave world peace.

ch deeper than the quiet around the pool drinking w people say you can find re in your own backyard as nd the world? That may well ut the very nature of being world brings clarity and a e to find in your own backy does not exist there.

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haUTe PIcKs

bioScience Peptide Complex II  the Real Solution to botox Replacement BioScience II is the best we have found!! At Enjoy Beauty International, we’ve been using the serum ourselves, and give it a big thumbs up. The ingredients are stellar and the delivery is there! Here’s what’s different; Teva Skin Science combined the most up to date peptide research with time-tested anti-aging Ayurvedic ingredients and.. it’s also 100% organic! A sustainable and green oriented company, Teva Skin uses only natural amino acid peptide chains (Matrixyl and Argireline in organic form), which have been shown to synthesize new collagen and relax facial wrinkles, along with COQ10, DMAE, Hyaluronic Acid and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), along with a host of concentrated naturally extracted botanical actives..all 100% free of synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Manufactured in their all organic production facility in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, and always backed by a 100% customer satisfaction policy.

VIP sPecIal

46 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

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Cellasis Here is the best cosmeceutical we have found coming out of Switzerland and now making its debut worldwide. How do you advance an already advanced product and make it even better?      Neo Plus® Skin Care Technology keeps adding to it's already scientifically advanced professional grade antiaging luxury products new active ingredients of: growth factors, stem cells, peptides, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.  These active ingredients are at effective concentration levels used in clinical studies and the products are available only through doctors and spas. The Cellasis Collagen Forming Regime is a two step fragrance free regimen which integrates several highly potent active ingredients whose efficacy has been clinically proven to promote collagen and elastin synthesis. Following the daily regimen, we discovered that our skin was hydrated and appeared to have more luminosity, even tone and clarity with increased dermal volume and density. The Cellasis Collagen Forming Serum and Cellasis Collagen Forming Crème are used as pre-post protocols for procedures including Ulthera, non-invasive lasers, light facial rejuvenation, and various peeling procedures; and are also recommended to use as the daily home skin care regimen. We found  the Lixare Swiss Time – Erasing Eye Cream to  be a highly effective and delicate eye cream, with Argireline®, to reduce wrinkles.  Stem cells and a proprietary botanical eye contour complex, dramatically reduced puffiness and dark circles.  We especially loved this eye cream for its exceptional all-day and all-night hydration; that keeps the eye area moist around the clock.

enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


SHangHaI - CHIna’S M


e ‘ve been watching the China fashion scene and love what we’re seeing. This year, Shanghai has rushed ahead of Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong to become Asia’s most stylish city according to a new survey by Global Language Monitor. The Monitor just published it’s 10th annual survey to find the most fashionable cities in the world and in mainland China, Shanghai jumped ahead 12 spaces from last year to land the position of the 10th most stylish city overall. Hong Kong, which was ahead of Shanghai last year, has actually lost some of its style credibility, dropping eight spots this year down to 20th place. Surprisingly, Seoul came in last place on the list overall at 55th, dropping 21 spaces from last year. While the usual fashion capitals of New york, Paris, and London were the first, second, and third choices on the list, Shanghai beat out cities such as Milan, Madrid, Moscow, and Stockholm.

48 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

MoSt StylISH CIty

enjoybeautyinternational .com


chIna’s fash

In China, fashion trends a Chinese culture. One inn these changes is Chinese Through developing a spe tracks massive collections its high-tech trend-spotting

Founded in 2007, P1 starte tation-only social media p affluent, and fashion-forwar esting aspect of the site is an exclusive invitation to lo member of its army of street ing the hippest neighborho

Four years and six million p ing photo-recognition tec trends in China’s major citie progressive and forward th

photo credit: P1

50 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

hIon coURage

are evolving as fast as the novative company tracking fashion social network P1. ecial software program, P1 of street style photos with g software.

ed out as the exclusive, inviplatform for China’s young, rd achievers. A most inters that trendsetters can gain og on if they’re spotted by a t style photographers roamoods of China’s major cities.

photos later, the site is utilizchnology to track fashion es keeping the fashion scene hinking.

photo credit: P1

enjoybeautyinternational .com



photo credit: P1

52 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m


photo credit: P1

ess n e o n

photo credit: P1

enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


Chinese Designe Mim Mak

Mim Mak a Hong Kong-born designer is presenting her label Hang as part of the prestigious  Asia Fashion Collection project, which supports designers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

The global fashion scen

Currently, we are tracking an elite group of Chines as they rack up awards, bu 54 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

ers get noticed Uma Wang

Uma launched her label in 2005 and has quickly been noticed through out the Shanghai fashion scene. She was elected by Swatch for a designer collaboration after winning the Audi Progressive Designer Award.

ne is opening worldwide

se designers who continue to establish their names uyers, and media coverage enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


haUTe PIcKs

It Works!!   Why is this body Wrap called It Works?   because, It Works!

Is this wrap too good to be true? That’s what I thought, but after using It Works, our Enjoy Beauty International team was pretty impressed. The wrap is delivered in individual pieces that can be used for any body part. We had fun here at Enjoy Beauty as we each tried a different body part. We put on our wrap, then waited 45 minutes. The non-woven cloth wrap is infused with a powerful botanically based formula, which we found delivers true firming and smoother skin. The hydration on the skin was wonderful! The good part, is that it lasts! This is not a temporary fix. As all good things, the more you use the wrap, the better the results will be.

56 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

nava natural a new Dimension for all natural Based on a wonderful mix of natural ingredients, Nava Natural has created a beautiful line of professional products that we are really loving. Here at Enjoy Beauty International, we tried the Healing Anti-Aging Facial Treatment and found it to be everything we would expect from a product line with such stellar healing ingredients. The treatment combines rich amino acids and rare minerals to help the skin recover from a wide variety of tissue damage like sunburn, waxing and other irritations. We learned that the treatment protects and restores connective tissue while rejuvenating your skin!

We found organic active ingredients which include; Organic Lavender Flower Leaf and Stem Extract, Organic Lemon Peel Extract, Organic Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Organic Apple Fruit Extract, Organic Matricaria Flower Extract, Organic Spirulina Extract, Organic Hops Extract, Organic Cucumber Seed Extract, Organic Calendula Flower Extract and Kelp Extract.


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Spirituality – Beauty in N

sedona, arizona U.s.a 58 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m



Nature – Inspiration

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ocated in the high desert just two hours south of the grand  Canyon  in  arizona,  U.S.a.,  is  the  city  of  Sedona, which has a worldwide reputation as a spiritual mecca and global power spot that has drawn some of the  worlds  best  healers,  intuitives,  artists  and  spiritual guides. Sedona is famous for it’s majestic red rock scenery, energy vortex’s and evergreen vegetation with pine-scented air which  brings  tangible  regenerative  and  inspirational  effects to visitors. also known as a hikers paradise, Sedona has a network of more than 100 miles of trails that lead through the red rock formations.  the red and orange colors become neuro– stimulating to the senses enhancing creative inspiration and contemplation.  

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the more you imme

erse yourself, the deeper your experience will be

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The Spirit of the Land The natural beauty of Sedona is extraordinary from any perspective, but the closer you get, the deeper your experience will be. Visitors say the spirits of the land speak to them. The Native Americans who know the true story of this area are sharing their tribal wisdom, showing others how to live in harmony with the earth. Throughout the area, red-walled canyons hold well-preserved cli dwellings where centuries of civilizations as far back as AD 1400 dwelled. Known as the hunter-gatherers, tribes such as the Sinagua, yavapai-Apache and the Hopi, all left their mark in their own distinctive rock-art style. Today, Sedona is internationally known for the uplifting power of its Vortex meditation sites and alternative healers. Living this close to the beauty of the land has inspired many profoundly talented healers to live in Sedona. As our body-temples are complex multi-dimensional organisms, Sedona healers apply their gifts to every level of the body/mind/spirit spectrum. enjoybeautyinternational .com


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The Vortex Energy – It’s about how you perceive it The Sedona vortex sites are known as special places within the earth where the life force of the planet is particularly strong. Some of these energy centers reportedly carry an electric charge. It is in these Vortex sites, or enhanced energy locations, that it is possible for one to facilitate deep prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring one’s relationship with the Soul. Recently the PBS program Nova, featured a breakthrough in physics called "String Theory" (also known as super-strings) that is revolutionizing all of science on the same order of magnitude that Einstein's discoveries did in the early 1900's. The key spiritual implications of super-strings is that the world's top scientists agree that all things exist in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. Simply stated Vortex sites are locations having energy flows in those deeper dimensions that the Soul can soar on. If one is at all sensitive, it is easy to feel the energy at these vortexes and to experience an uplifting soul moment. The energy absorbed in this way can have a positive effect for many days following. People come from all over the world to experience this massively loving and life-altering energy.

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sedona’s faVoRITe

Nestled along the luscious bank of Oak Creek Ca in the heart of S you’ll find . .

A special retreat Exclusive – omantic Secluded

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e Inn

k anyon – Sedona ..


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Behind closed doors – awaits your private massage next to tranquil waters

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Next, your warm cozy room awaits

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Intentional Aromatherapy Interview with a Master Botanist By Maria Camille

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Meet Nick James, founder of Body Bliss in Sedona

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nick, you have had an amazing journey with body bliss – how did your connection to botany and plants originate? Everyone in my family was deeply connected with nature, and with plants in particular. My grandfather, an Air Force officer and keen amateur botanist, was my first teacher. Following him in search of rare plants as a child, I began to absorb his passion and understanding of the plant world. Among his many influences on me, his interest in Asia, comparative religion, and the Zen tradition have stayed with me all my life. My love of plants eventually led me to completing my degree in Botany at Oxford University under the tutelage of Dr. Barry Juniper.

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What can you share about how to feel the energetics of plants and what do you think a person can gain from having a connection with plant life? Plants reflect beauty and practicality in every aspect of life. I sometimes spend time with one plant aroma to the exclusion of all others – trying to become sensitive to how that aroma affects my thinking, my feeling and my physical state. My interaction with plants, and especially their essences, enriches my whole day and, I feel sure, benefits my well-being. I cook with essential oils, travel with essential oils, sleep with essential oils! For me, aromatherapy is an integral part of a healthy, happy and abundant lifestyle.

When going to a spa, we often on” to a massage or treatmen should offer the aromatherapy ment. do you have an opinion o

Absolutely – this is one area wher of Aromatherapy as one of the t being touch and water. People s whelmed by, or allergic to, arom thinking of unpleasant experienc synthetic or poor quality oils. T experience – and in a spa treatm aromatherapy element early on, t can be greatly enhanced.

74 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

n see aromatherapy as an “add nt. I always thought that spas y as a standard part of a treaton this?

I can see where your life path is what has influenced the lines you have created. I’m thinking that the chakra line naturally came from your years in India? how did that part of the journey become an influence? One of the reasons for me being in India was my interest in meditation and the esoteric. These interests led me to Sedona, and blossomed even more as a result of being there. This fascination with exploring chakra energies as a way to understanding the self was shared with my original Body Bliss partner, and the Chakra Balance Vibrational Oils were the first creation of Body Bliss. This line also uses the vibrational qualities of gemstones to attune and protect the oils. My time in India also led to a profound appreciation of Ayurvedic healing, and as a result we were commissioned to make traditionally prepared herbal oils for the Chopra Healing Center in the US. Our Ayurvedic products are an extension of my deep felt love of India.

re I have a lot of opinions! I think three pillars of spa – the others sometimes think they are overmatherapy – when often they are ces they have had when smelling True aromatherapy is a subtle ment, if the therapist includes an the healing effect of the session

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body bliss sources the sweetest lavenders in the world from the high meadows of Provence

Symbolism of the body bliss logo the  symbolism  of  the  logo  is  simple.  the  word  boDy  is  emboldened because it is the more physical or tangible part of  us.  the  word  blISS  is  lighter  as  it  represents  the  more  ethereal part of us. they are joined because we operate in the place where the physical - the body, touch, product - and the etheric - scent, vibration, energy – meet and blISS is released. the tiny flame design over the word boDy represents ‘ajna’ the  home  of  concealed  wisdom  in  Vedic  teaching,  and  the place where all inspiration for body bliss products comes from.

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With being in the southwest I can imagine you really took to the dierence in plant life here. The Southwest was quite an adjustment for a boy from rainy England! Over the years I have fallen in love with its grandeur and the tenacity of the plants that survive here. The local Indian cultures of course knew the potential of every plant of the desert and canyon, and these plants became the inspiration for our Native Botanicals collection. Extracts of white sage, prickly pear and wild chaparral are just some of the healing botanicals we regularly use.

do you believe that aromather speciďŹ cs regions of the world ma are used? for example, if some cals line in say, Thailand would th sion for the person using the pr

That is an interesting question. S as the smell of ripe mango or coco climes, I am sure that the scent o the inspiring spaciousness and cl one lucky enough to breath in its 78 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

rapy based on plant life from akes a difference in where they eone used your native botanihere be any sort of new dimenroducts?

Scents are so evocative, and just onut can transport us to tropical of wild sage might communicate larity of the Southwest to somes scent in Thailand.

I can see where this has significance within the story you told me about the barefoot doctors from china. I love this story, can you share this knowledge? After the Cultural Revolution in China healthcare provision was primarily only available in urban areas. To address this Chairman Mao instigated a program to train rural farmers in basic healthcare – infection control, basic medical procedures, midwifery and the like. They were given a set of medicines, both Western and Chinese, that they would dispense. Often they grew their own herbs in the backyard. It is interesting that although these Barefoot Doctors, as they came to be known, still spent about half their time involved with farm work, about twenty percent of them later went on to enter medical school. Anyway, I have always loved this idea of people going barefoot from town to town spreading wellness and compassion. I spend enjoybeautyinternational .com


aRoMa much of my time travelling from spa to spa, visiting communities of spa therapists, and spreading my enthusiasm for the therapeutic power of botanical aromatics. I envisaged a character that I called the Barefoot Botanist who spends his time coaxing the goodness from plants and sharing it around. He is a lot like me! This led to the development of our Barefoot Botanist collection, home to some of my favorite healing herbs such as calendula, chamomile and lavender. Is there a final product line that brings it all together? Last year we took time to re-invent and re-package everything we do. As part of this process we lighted on the words Intentional Aromatherapy as the best descriptor of what Body Bliss as a company does. Everything we do involves the use of truly therapeutic aromatherapy oils, and everything we make, every formula, contains a specific intention for a positive outcome for a person’s well-being. This led to our Intentional Aromatherapy collection. It contains many of my favorite blends, from the extremely exotic and luxurious I LOVE blend of sandalwood, white magnolia and neroli to the precisely practical mélange of immortelle, lavender, marjoram and wintergreen in I PLAy.

the newly launched

allows spas and re

customers with tr

custom aromath now, you are 14 years with this journey developing body bliss - what will be your focus now in the future? Our aim is to continue to strengthen the educational reach of Body Bliss and to find partners that can help spread these incredible products around the globe. Currently, we are particularly excited about the strides we have made in making truly individualized aromatherapy treatments and products accessible to the wider public. We call this Aroma Design™. We will be actively expanding these offerings in the coming months, so that spas and luxury hotels are able to create personalized aromatic landscapes for their guests.

80 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

a DESIgn baR 

d aroma Design bar 

etailers to delight 

ruly personalized, 

herapy creations.

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A Taoist Mountain Well by Maria Camille

82 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

lness Retreat enjoybeautyinternational .com


D to

Sittin Moun with gene

I cam the v disco previ prop

I stay


I lear valley sits b high) moun the e Valle ďŹ rst b

84 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Don’t Forget o Breathe

ng high on a mountain at 9,200 feet, at the edge of Rocky ntain National Park, is Aspen Lodge under new direction yun Xiang Tseng — known as Master Chen — a 25theration Taoist priest from Wudang Mountain in China.

me to visit Master Chen in September of 2012 to help with vision of building the wellness spa and retreat. What I overed was a most beautiful 82-acre property, which was iously a working dude ranch. What special potential this perty had.

yed for a year!

Spiritual Location

rned that the Native American culture had thrived in this y for centuries. They named it Tahosa Valley. The valley between the “male mountain” of Long’s Peak, (14,500 ft ), which makes up the western view, and the “female ntain” of Twin Sisters Peak (11,429 ft high), which makes up eastern view. Between the two mountains is where Tahosa ey’s special energy thrives and where Aspen Lodge was built in 1948.


s  a  childhood  prodigy, healing  many  by  the age of 6, Master Chen was sent  to  Wudang  Mountain where  he  studied  with  5  esteemed  grandmasters and  gained  a  well-known reputation for his ability to teach.  His  direct  teacher, grand Master li, sent him to the West (United States) in 1990  to  teach  the  ancient wisdom.  this  journey  to  the  West started in nyC with learning English from watching Cnn and flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s.  For  over  20 years now, Master Chen has been  communicating  the taoist  wisdom  of  the  Eastern  world  with  people in  the  West  and  providing guidance for living life 

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Photo credit: Duane Empey

The Retreat is Conceptualized Master Chen based the foundation of the wellness retreat on the simple concept of simplicity. With the beauty of the surrounding high mountains, forests and broad valley, the land brings an immediate sense of calm and appreciation for simple joys. The word Simplicity describes it perfectly. Time stands still here.

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Just What You Need After a Great Hike As hikers come from around the world, we provided Asian-style foot treatments on the expansive deck of the lodge, which looks directly at Longs Peak, the highest in Rocky Mountain National Park. Hikers were able to replenish tired feet while they enjoyed wine, cheese, and crackers. The focus was to offer a “spiritual time-out,” a rejuvenation of the mind and body at the end of the day.

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Master yun Xiang tseng, known by his taoist  name  "Chen,"  is  a  Wudang  martial arts master.  He comes from a direct  line  of  Wudang  teachers,  a  lineage  that  is  700  years  old  and completely unbroken.   Master  Chen  is  known  for  his  profound knowledge of the Wudang tradition and his ability to engage his students  with  depth  and  humor. thousands of students from around the world have been inspired to seek 'the master within' with Master Chen.


The Spa Tent One day when our spa therapists and I were walking the mountain, we discovered an old structure and decided this should be built into our “spa tent.” We then developed a special signature journey program wherein we provided expanded therapies and massage. Guests walked up a welcoming trail through the forests to the tent 88 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Photo credit: Duane Empey

Exercise Programs Based on Internal Martial Arts Traditional to Chinese wellness in the Taoist tradition, the exercise is focused on the internal martial arts and energy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Master Chen also makes the retreat available for yoga teachers and other healing professionals that come from around the world to host their own groups and utilize the retreats amenities.

Photo credit: Duane Empey

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an Unfortunate disaster strikes In  September  2013,  at  the  end  of  the busy summer season, the Hundred year Rains came  to  the  mountains  of  Colorado.   It brought the greatest floods ever  seen.    after  many  days  of  steady hard rain the mountain called twin Peaks rising  11,500  Ft.  above  aspen  lodge, came  thundering  down  in  a  torrential  avalanche of water, mud, trees and debris.   (see in picture above) the lodge was immersed in water and mud along with taking out the sewer and water systems.  the Resort had to close.   Winter came soon after with the typical deep snow and 60 mile an hour winds that  come  down  through  the  Rocky Mountains.   true  to  the  taoist  nature  along  with holding  the  vision,  a  small  group  has stayed at the lodge along with Master Chen  and  is  working  throughout  the winter  to  re-open  the  retreat  in  the Spring of 2014. 90 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

Aspen Lodge’s New Opening and Inspiration Master Chen welcomes all those who would like to come to Aspen Lodge and offer their own teaching events, weddings and reunions. The new opening is scheduled for June 2014.

Western Traditions A special part of the activities at Aspen Lodge was our team of horses lovingly cared for by well-known Cowboy Rick. Sleigh rides were oered along with trail riding into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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haUTe PIcKs

brighten – by Synthesis the Heart of organics

We found Synthesis over a year ago and have never stopped loving it! This product is what we would refer to as a product that is “energy imbued.” Starting with the ingredients to the manufacturer, the products are always kept within a perfect vibrational setting to nurture beauty and spirit. So, let your light shine! The Synthesis Brighten Vitamin C Serum provides the natural energy found in anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes and vital nutrients to illuminate timeless beauty and natural flowering. Reveal a more even, clear and toned complexion, a lightness of being, an inner glow, a pure radiance. Here are just a few of the key ingredients which have  proven concentrations of actives; Emblica Extract and Licorice Root for skin lightening and evening of skin tone (hyper pigmentation), plus vitamins, minerals and omegas from Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera Leaf and Papaya. Cascading antioxidants provide age-defying protection from oxidative stress, protecting your skin from damaging free radicals. Sensuous ylang ylang, uplifting Bergamot and soothing Lavender rejuvenate and stimulate new cell growth while also helping to release nervous tension and promote a brighter, more peaceful state of being.

VIP sPecIal

92 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

click through to find your special price

Skin-2-Slim the Hot new 3-step Regimen to Reduce  the appearance of Cellulite 3 Steps – Amazing Results step 1 – The system starts with using Cell Renu, which begins the renewal process by dissolving the outer layer of dead, dull skin, which is a natural environmental barrier, which prevents the absorption of the healthy ingredients. The natural enzymes gently dissolves debris that clogs pores resulting in a smooth, fresh, bright-looking skin for your whole body. And, we found that Cell Renu is not just for the body, it is also gentle enough to use on your face providing results similar to microdermabrasion. With Swiss Apple Stem Cell Culture Extracts and Peptides, you’ll always have healthy skin cell metabolism which increases collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. step 2 - The next step is the Sculpting Gel, which dissolves the excess lipid accumulation in the outer layers of your skin to help firm, lift and tighten, which reduce the signs of cellulite. The Sculpting Gel is rich in peptides that restore the elastin-collagen network, increase cell structure, and promotes your body's own production of collagen. The Peptides will boost the growth of connective tissue and help increase skin firmness. step 3 - The Daily Slim continues the fight against the return of excess lipids that contribute to the appearance of cellulite that if left alone, will return. Daily Slim is rich with moisturizers and humectants that keep your skin hydrated all day and night. Natural polyphenols stimulate cell growth, suppress inflammation, smoothes and tones the skin, and provides amino acids necessary to heal, reconstruct, and rejuvenate your skin. Regu-Shape helps reduce lipid accumulation, reduces the size of lipids, and smoothes your skin. Tea, Ginseng, Mango, and Rosemary extracts help rebuild your skin, strengthens your skins elasticity, and slows the aging process.

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94 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m


y Bridges Finding Inspiration when you only have six months to live Recently, I met with Sally Bridges who inspired me with her unparalleled enthusiasm and spirit for life. In this fast-paced world, everyone is challenged - no one gets by easily. It was while I was talking with Sally, that I was reminded we all have the option about how we look at any situation we are in. Sally knows both the risks and rewards of reinventing herself both professionally and personally. For more than 20 years as an executive within the health and wellness insurance industry, she managed over 22,000 physicians with provider relationships and patient reimbursements.

enjoybeautyinterna tional .com


Seeking a change, Sally perused her passion in the health and beauty industry. After receiving her estheticians license, she graduated with honors and was invited to travel abroad to participate in an education with plastic surgeons and professional skin care companies in Belgium, Paris, Italy, Tokyo, Ireland, England and Canada.   Through this experience she opened her own company - Bridges to Beauty.  Over the next fifteen years, Sally opened six different skincare clinics. These years of enduring many trials and tribulations are what made Sally an accomplished leader in team building while at the same time, facilitating beauty and wellness for her clients.

The Turning Point Mid life, Sally was dealing with her own health challenges when she was told she would never have children. However, at 40 years old she proved the medical industry wrong and gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl, only to be blindsided a few months later by the news that she had a very advanced form of cancer - - and, would not live past six months. As Sally states, “Of course, I was devastated! As I went inward, I found if you ask how do I feel at this moment, there is an abundance of internal guidance to tap into.  There’s an inner knowingness if you allow it.” 96 enj oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

“ At this time, it took before I received the new It took doing all the thin but I also took my own intuiti I call it the internal it’s the next chapter in

k three years of work ws that I was cancer free. ngs experts tell you to do, ive route of how to live or die. l guidance system reinventing yourself.”

Beating Cancer - Again! Sally continued, “After being cancer free for several years, I once again received the devastating news that another tumor had developed next to my Carotid Artery. This was 4 1/2 years ago. The tumor was increasing in size every three months, and if it did not stop, I would have to have a very serious operation to remove the tumor, which was growing on a major artery.”   “At this time I was introduced to a product - a high potency powder with massive doses of fruits and vegetables.  With nothing to loose, I started using the product.” “It was four months later when I had another ultrasound. And, for the first time, the tumor did not grow in size. It remained the same!! My doctor was amazed and said they would not perform surgery at this time. Instead, they would monitor the growth and test every 3-6 months.  During this time, I stayed on the diet and inner soul work.” “When I had the next ultrasound, the tumor decreased in size! And then, every test after this, the tumor continued to decrease until now, 4 1/2 years later, I received the best news ever, that the test results depicted no signs of any tumor. It was completely gone. I could not believe it and neither could my doctors. My endocrinologist stated, "What ever you are doing - don't stop.”

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The ingredients Sally drank daily

ACEROLA (Cherry) high in Vitamin C

ALFALFA richest source of trace minerals; treats kidney probs, arthritis, blood cleanser, cholesterol ALOE VERA LEAF strengthens immune system, relieves constipation APPLE FIBER constipation relief (fiber) ASTRAGALUS ROOT boost immune system

BACILLUS COAGULANTS (P) type of bacteria used to treat diarrhea, also prevents respiratory infections BARLEY GRASS B vitamins, potassium, calcium iron, protein, fiber; cancer preventer; lowers cholesterol BARLEY MALT high in fiber

BEE POLLEN contains many vitamins, minerals and high in protein BEET JUICE contains folates, potassium and vitamin C, lowers blood pressure, increase stamina

98 en j oy b e au t y i n t e r n a t i o n a l .c o m

BILBERRY EXTRACT powerful antioxidant

BLACK WALNUT LEAF POWDER Juglone-bactericide; tannins-bactericide; iodine - antiseptic required by humans BLACKBERRY antioxidant; reduces risk of cancer; fiber BLUEBERRY superfood, antioxidant, disease fighter

BROCCOLI detoxifier; cancer fighter; strengthens immune system BROWN RICE FLOUR gluten free, relieves constipation CABBAGE controls blood sugar and insulin

CELERY SEED lowers high blood pressure; high calcium, prevents gout/arthritis CHLORELLA (green algae) detaxes heavy metals

CORN SILK STYLUS Yun Mi Xi - promotes urination, clears damp heat from liver/gallbladder

CRANBERRY antioxidant; relieves UTAI symptoms; potent antiviral; prevents kidney stones; lowers cholesterol

DANDELION LEAF removes water and excess toxins from the body DULSE (seaweed) high in protein, B6, B12

ELEUTHERO ROOT enhance mental well-being, treats fatigue and depression, improves energy & vitality GINKGO BILOBA LEAF EXTRACT terpenoids - improves blood flow; flavonoids - antioxidant, decreases free radicals GLYCAMIL POWDER digestive aide/bonding agent

GOLDEN SEAL HERB contains berberine - good for infections

GREEN TEA LEAF treats aches and pains, gastrointestinal, depression; detox, energizer, immune enhancer KALE superfood, high fiber, vitamin and mineral rich including K, the cancer fighter KAMUT GRASS high protein & amino acids; contains chlorophyll which improves circulation

LEMON GRASS cancer fighter; lowers cholesterol; vitamin rich including B9 (prevent birth defects)

and their health benefits MARSHMALLOW ROOT good for cough and sore throat, promotes weight loss and also has external uses

MEADOWSWEET HERB good for arthritis, joint pain, tendinitis as well as intestinal issues such as gastritis or irritable bowel MILK THISTLE liver health

OAT STRAW lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, improves mood (sewing wild oats)

OKRA high fiber; reduces cholesterol; decreases risk of intestinal cancer; stabilizes blood sugar PAPAYA LEAF antioxidant, calcium, Vitamin C and anticancer properties PARSLEY antioxidant vitamin C, anti-inflammatory PAU D'ARCO BARK antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

PLANTAIN LEAF antioxidant, diuretic, promotes digestive health, soothes lungs, enhances circulation, reduces cholesterol

RED RASPBERRY LEAF used to treat diarrhea, flu, diabetes - also eases menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding

ROSE HIPS high in vitamin C, treats stomach disorders ROSEMARY LEAF improves memory, relieves muscle pain, stimulates nervous system ROYAL JELLY produced by nurse bees, high in pantothenic acid and B6 - anti-aging

SAGE stimulant, diuretic, expectorant, boosts memory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, reduces anxiety, antibacterial SLIPPERY ELM BARK soothes coughs and sore throat, also used for irritable bowel, UTIs, etc. SOY LECITHIN fights cholesterol, liver health, promotes weight loss, may improve memory

SOY PROTEIN popular with body builders, eases menopause symptoms, reduces cholesterol, prevents cancer

SPINACH most nutrient-dense food; cancer fighter; improves cardiovascular; improves brain function; protects against aging

SPIRULINA PACIFICA (P) (microalgea) highly absorbable vegetable protein with high amino acid content; acts as anti-inflammatory, anti- cancer STRAWBERRY lowers LDL cholesterol; prevents hard arteries; fights cancer; antioxidant THYME reduces anxiety, fatigue, depression; reduces congestion or indigestion; antibacterial

TOMATO Cancer fighting antioxidant; fiber helps weight loss; vitamin C fights illness; heart healthy TUMERIC prevents osteoporosis; aides digestion; aides weight loss WATERCRESS fights free radicals (cancer)

WHEAT GRASS combats colds, coughs & fever; treats skin conditions, contains chlorophyll which acts like hemoglobin and transports oxygen WHITE WILLOW BARK relieves pain and fever, particularly headaches or migraines.

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The Process Thinking about the process Sally shared, “I believe for me, I was giving my body what it needed with a green whole food nutrition diet. I believe this was the main aspect of what healed me. I know that fruits and vegetables help alkaline your body and that when your body is in an alkaline state it's very difficult for cancer to grow. This is what I believed saved me in my particular situation.” “Now my mission is to share and help as many people as I can along their own amazing journey to health and wellness.” How does one beat the long-term odds of cancer returning?  For Sally, she continues her work through the compelling and demanding schedule of her transformational work both inside and out. This is the now the foundation and inspiration she gives to over 15,000 followers who take her advice.

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The Next Chapter Sally shared, “I think today whenever we ask “what now?” One of the things we have to be willing to do is to expand beyond what we used to be and create more possibilities for ourselves. When people go through change, it is most common for people to stay the same because failing can be more painful than continuing, even when someone stays in a situation that is not working.” “A big change was deciding to tell others about the products I took to ultimately heal myself.  The point is, I was scared to death when I starting making the changes in my life, and then, stayed with it.  When you commit to go forward with your life again, you’ll be taking some risks, and until you are willing to fall off the cliff with that oh-my-god feeling, you won’t know what you really want or your new direction.  you need to commit to being better than you were yesterday – everyday.”

“Now my mission is to share and help as many people as I can along their own amazing journey to health and wellness.�

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beauty is all around you

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