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Travel Trends Exploring the latest trends in world travel

32 84 A Walking Journey The “new meditation� path

2 e njoy beaut y in t e rna t i on a l .c om

conTe nTs PLACES WE LOVE Australia’s Green Cauldron


A mystical place of natural beauty, ancient wisdom and dramatic contrasts


Chicago Style A fun make-up and photo shoot using the streets of Chicago as a backdrop

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80 The Ayurvedic Approach An interview with Deb Oxley of Teva Skin Sciences


Metamorphosis Retreats with David Arenson Australia’s Soul Coach and Energy Healer

54 Custom Perfumes Make Sense An interview with Sue Phillips of Scentsorium 4 enjoy beaut y in t ern a t io n a l .c om

Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa A healing paradise


RETREATS Dragons – Tigers & Lipstick A Women’s Retreat


It’s not a mere getaway – It’s a Transformational Journey . . .

Energy Imbued Skin Care with Theme Rains


Founder of Synergy Skin Care


72 A Healing Journey with Janelle Castle


Mediterranean Lifestyle Diet

An approach that may surprise you

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exPanDIng THe PeRsPecTIve

MaRIa caMIlle foUnDeR anD PUblIsHeR

No longer do we live in a world wherein we are confined to seek enjoyment,  community and meaning  from the limits of our immediate surroundings.   Today, there’s a coming together of people from around the world that are looking how to universally define wellness and enjoyment. Travel and Wellness is an escalating trend that unites people who are gravitating for new perspectives and community. To join in the movement, Enjoy Beauty International will look to share ideas of the best we find from International Cities, Style, Conscious Design, Wellness Spa Destinations, Beauty Products and Stories of Empowerment. I’m particularly looking forward to the launch 6 enjoy b eau t y i n tern a tio n al .c o m

our women’s retreats, which will take place in beautiful locations worldwide. The retreats, which I will be hosting, brings together an emersion of exercise and beauty in a very special way. Read more about the retreats in this issue. A very fun and innovative new feature coming soon will be our International Shopping Store, which can be accessed right from the magazine. As we all love to shop, we will be introducing you to the beauty brands we are finding from around the world - we can't wait to share their stories! Stay tuned for  new developments with our Global Journey -    we would  love  to meet you along the way! Maria Camille, Founder

PhotograPherS Sirrah lore photographs Australia’s Green Cauldron region

bryan Whitely photographs Chicago Style Fashion Feature

ContributorS Paula heCkenaSt shares her pro tips as make-up artist for Chicago Style

Mia MaCkMan Founder and President of Arizona Spa & Wellness Association shares 6 key points driving international tourism for modern travel Twitter: @MiaMackman

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enjoy b

interna our teaM

FounDer anD PubliSher Maria Camille art DireCtion Anugito ten Voorde branD PartnerShiPS Lisa O’rrell ProDuCtion – eDiting Manager Casie Orion SoCial MeDia Mark-the-Spa-Man - Mark McKenney PubliC relationS - Marketing Hannelore Leavy

8 e njoy b eau t y i n tern a t ion a l .c o m


at i o n a l SoCial MeDia

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am to ay

modern approach yurvedic skin care

An Interview with Deb Oxley Creator of Teva Skin Care I love the entrepreneurial story about how you became a developer of one of the best skin care lines on the market today. Can you share? We began with pure Kismet, but followed through with lots of hard work! In our travels to New Delhi we learned through colleagues about an amazing 'topical Botox' cream that couldn’t be found elsewhere. After researching this product thoroughly, we became convinced we needed to bring it to the United States and Europe. This turned out to be a nearly 2 year process of dealing with our FDA and the Indian government. Over the ensuing 7 years, as we educated ourselves about skin care, we have become ever more passionate about providing  serious science proven skin-active based products with healing

12 enj oy be auty i nt ern at ion a l .c om

Ayurvedic botanicals. We began producing a line of support products locally here in Asheville, North Carolina, which are made from 100% organic and fair-trade wild-crafted ingredients. We felt strongly that our peptide complex needed to adhere to the same EU organic guidelines as the rest of our product line, and over the past 2 years we've worked hard to accomplish this. As the foundation is based on Ayurvedic ingredients, tell us why this works with the science of the advanced peptides and other cosmeceutical components. It's really amazing how many so-called 'folk wisdom' or traditions are proving themselves in clinical settings. We can look at an ingredient such as Gotu Kola for example, which has been

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


“Real measurable change is possible and even predictable�

used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and what we find in looking at double blind scientific studies, is the fact that this active works on the skin as effectively as retinols, but without irritation. Every one of our organic actives is backed by numerous clinical studies that prove efficacy. When it comes to the well-known and proven Argireline & Matrixyl peptides that are the backbone of this formula, we went to the source for organic peptides vs. synthesized without parabens, and again, these (organically grown) peptides perform as well or  even better in the studies, so there's not as much conflict between science and nature as one might think.

Formulating skin care is like an art – you seem to have a stellar team of artist formulators and people surrounding you – share your special Team. We have been very fortunate to work with some of the most talented organic/ayurvedic product specialists in the world. Our senior chemist has decades of experience and we have a deep sense of gratitude for his expertise. Working with all natural ingredients and small batches as we do, it is absolutely as much of an art as a science.

You have lived a cosmopolitan lifestyle. What is your view on beauty & lifestyle? I know you cannot be a skin care developer without strong views on these subjects. We try to lead by example and walk the talk. I think our customers are frequently surprised when I ask them about lifestyle, such as diet, sun exposure and smoking. We can put all the free-radical scavenging ingredients in the world on top of the skin, but if we aren't healthy from the inside, it's not going to be nearly as effective. We'd like to bring realism back into skin care marketing.  There is no "overnight miracle" and it's a big disservice for people to be led to believe this idea.  As with any living organism, shedding the old is necessary for new growth and that takes some time and sustained effort. However, real measurable change IS definitely possible and even predictable if one follows a good regimen faithfully and uses good quality ingredients.

e njoyb e auty int er national .com


A Taoist Mountain Well

bring your retreat or event to aspe all services and amenities provided

16 enjoy beaut y i nt e rna t i on a l .c o m

lness Retreat

en lodge

aspen lodge Resort & spa 6120 Highway 7 estes Park, co. 80517 970-586-8133

The Beauty of Thailand

Coming up in our July / August Issue

18 e nj oy be auty i nte rn a ti o n a l .c o m

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Cellasis Here is the best cosmeceutical we have found coming out of Switzerland and now making its debut worldwide. How do you advance an already advanced product and make it even better?      Neo Plus® Skin Care Technology keeps adding to it's already scientifically advanced professional grade antiaging luxury products new active ingredients of: growth factors, stem cells, peptides, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.  These active ingredients are at effective concentration levels used in clinical studies and the products are available only through doctors and spas. The Cellasis Collagen Forming Regime is a two step fragrance free regimen which integrates several highly potent active ingredients whose efficacy has been clinically proven to promote collagen and elastin synthesis. Following the daily regimen, we discovered that our skin was hydrated and appeared to have more luminosity, even tone and clarity with increased dermal volume and density. The Cellasis Collagen Forming Serum and Cellasis Collagen Forming Crème are used as pre-post protocols for procedures including Ulthera, non-invasive lasers, light facial rejuvenation, and various peeling procedures; and are also recommended to use as the daily home skin care regimen. We found  the Lixare Swiss Time – Erasing Eye Cream to  be a highly effective and delicate eye cream, with Argireline®, to reduce wrinkles.  Stem cells and a proprietary botanical eye contour complex, dramatically reduced puffiness and dark circles.  We especially loved this eye cream for its exceptional all-day and all-night hydration; that keeps the eye area moist around the clock.

20 enj oy b eau t y int er n at ion a l .c om

enjoy beauty i n t e r n at i o n a l

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IT’s fRee

Welcome to issue 2 of enjoy beauty international, a prestige lifestyle publication Dedicated to promoting a beautiful, luxurious and healthy lifestyle, our expert team at Enjoy Beauty International will report on the best we find from around the globe. Every month, you will be treated to an advanced peek at the world’s best beauty and lifestyle products, as well as be taken on a tour of the most special destination spa resorts on the planet. • •

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22 enjoy beaut y in t er n a tion a l .c om


by Paula Hackenast

from casual to evening a Chicago studio along with natural lighting among the city’s historical streets provided the backdrop to compliment the playful personality of asian fashion model, Moody kim. not wanting to miss the opportunity to work with the extremely talented fashion photographer, bryan Whitely, i jumped on board the project as the makeup and hair artist. a Chicago local, bryan’s passion and unique creative vision is evident. bryan’s manner is always upbeat and fun, which set the perfect energy for the photo shoot. Providing the makeup for the lovely Moody was a blast! as with any ethnicity, asian women have beautiful and distinct features to play up.

e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m


PRo MaKe UP TIPs avoid anything with a red hue. Yellow toned foundation always seems to blend seamlessly for most skin, especially for Asian women. eyeliner enhances the shape of the eye, especially along the top lid. Avoid lining the inside lid of the eye, along the water line. This will make the eye appear smaller. fill in sparse brows. I suggest using brow powder and/or brow mascara. Even for very dark hair, avoid using black as it looks too harsh. all women want fuller and longer lashes. If curling and applying your favorite mascara doesn’t work, there is always the option of lash extensions or one time use strip lashes. I’m also a huge fan of Latisse. It really works! contouring is more important than people realize. For easy contouring, try a matte bronzer and fan brush to dust along the sides of the nose, jaw line, temples and cheekbones. Highlighting will add the red carpet feel to your look. I love Smashbox’s Highlighting Wand. I add it to the upper apples of the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose for a fresh dewy faced look. e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


26 e nj oy be auty i nter n a t ion a l .c o m



e njoyb e aut yinte rnatio nal .co m


ITS ABOUT 28 enjoy beaut yi nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

THE SHOES... e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com



The Path Woman W haute SPF Sun Protection with benefits Don't be afraid of the sun! Cruise tested in the sunny Gulf-Coast waters of South Florida, our Award-Winning SunProtect SPF30+ contains micronized (non-nano) Full-Spectrum Earth Minerals (Zinc & Iron Oxides) at a concentration of 20% by weight for the ultimate in easily applied natural barrier protection.   Heavenly scent and never any ghostly white sheen!   Based in a 100% organic and Ayurvedic botanical formula of shea butter and healing herbal infusions, this sun protection is long-lasting, child safe and leaves your skin in great condition. Fortified with our exclusive Deva Bright anti-hyperpigmentation organic actives, including essential carrot and citronella oils, this Sun Block helps prevent and reverse dark spots and freckling, and naturally repels pesky flying insects.   Water resistant up to 2 hours. See for yourself why this product was a Summer Skincare Editor's Pick at Organic Spa Magazine!

vIP sPecIal

30 e nj oy be auty i nter n a t ion a l .c o m

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h of Modern Warrior SPF addict SPF while looking Fabulous SPF ADDICT was conceived out of a simple desire to help protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays, without compromising personal style. Founder Marina Arnold, R.N. has dedicated the majority of her 30- year career to the cosmetic dermatology ďŹ eld. After treating a countless number of patients, young and old, with sun-damaged skin, she realized the importance of pro-active sun protection beyond the scope of just lotions. Because of our mission to deliver the highest quality line of fashionable sun protective wear, we work with manufacturers throughout the U.S.A. to ensure an optimal level of craftsmanship goes into each of our pieces. Our fabrics are tested for a UPF rating of 50+, blocking 98% of rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m



By Mia Mackman

Conscious Travel: Where the Journey is the Destination With the travel industry diversifying, more spas and resorts around the world are catering to a new kind of tourist. Sipping pina colada’s while relaxing on a tropical beach is blissful for many, however, a growing number of people are now seeking more depth with their vacation experiences. People are now interested in ‘conscious travel’ and seeking new varieties of substance centered on well being and environmental sustainability. In addition to exploring local cultures, travelers are searching for destinations that offer holistic retreats, restorative health treatments, specialized food menus, and eco-tours.

32 enj oy b eaut y in t e rn a t i on a l .c om

e njoyb e aut yinte rnatio nal .com


Health in nature


Destinations such as thermal and mineral springs, desert landscapes, and coastal or mountainous surroundings present a vastly rewarding opportunity for us to participate in the diversity of nature. Negative ions are created in nature when air molecules are broken apart from sunlight, moving air or water. The health benefits of negative ions are incredible. They help to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, heighten awareness and generate more physical and mental energy. Extremely helpful to the body, they also reduce the impact of electro magnetic pollution found in our modern, urban environments.

self Discovery, Relaxation and Transformation


Personal empowerment and transformational programs are rewarding new facets being incorporated into a growing number of hospitality models. With today’s increasingly hectic pace and rapid globalization, these new trip features are a welcome means to achieve stress reduction and discover new tools for relaxation and transformational healing. The highest form of service in this arena is aimed at helping people discover their life’s purpose and learning to create happiness and strength from within, which fosters situational awareness, creating balance and a long-lasting impact on both perspective and decision-making. As futurist Gerd Leonard says, “We are living in an age of exponential reality.” Our need to act quickly, adapt often, and discover new ways to manage our happiness and success is critical to the way we live. As a result, lifestyle programs that introduce palpable skills are increasingly in high demand. e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


corporate Travel and Retreats Retreat-style destination experiences are a profound way for companies to give back to their executives, leadership teams and employees. Wellness Retreats are becoming a popular and unconventional new environment for conducting business meetings, training, conferences and team building exercises. This powerful approach goes beyond imparting new skills within the walls of the office or the boardroom and extends to the people themselves, instilling life-skills that nurture morale, inspire confidence, and support the growth and development of the individual.


With themes such as leadership, business strategy, stress management, innovation and creativity, companies that make the choice to invest in their human capital are setting up for a win-win when it comes to the health and success of the company and its employees.

Personalized Health and Medical Travel Customized wellness and personalized healthcare are on the rise. With an aging population of traveling baby boomers seeking to enhance their lifestyles, improve their quality of life and sustain better overall health, medical and wellness travel has become a booming global market. According to the Global Wellness Tourism Congress (GWTC) “the wellness travel industry is already a $439 billion market, expected to grow another 50 percent from 2014 through 2017”. 36 en joy be auty in ter n a t ion a l .c o m


4 Kurotel, Brazil



Ecotourism is a distinct travel niche designed to promot nities with economic growth through sustainable tourism nature have become a key driver among today’s destina strain of living a busy contemporary lifestyle.

Travelers who seek eco-tour experiences are ďŹ nding new explore new cultures, share the local avor of communit

Moreover, ecotourism promotes the concept of creating

38 e nj oy be auty in ter n a t ion a l .c o m

te the well being of the earth, foster conservation and unite local commum. With a sharper focus on environmental awareness, experiences tied to ation preferences. Connecting with nature is a cherished respite from the

w spiritual and energetic insight to their personal wellbeing. These journeys ty, and support and discover indigenous new habitats.

g a better world with a positive, responsible ecological footprint.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


6 evolving food choices With global lifestyles constantly amassing increased awareness, the way we look at food continues to dramatically change. Awareness of food sources, quality, and sustainability are making a measurable impact on consumption markets worldwide; driving both consumer preferences and biological tolerances. The results are evident as traditional diets evolve into personalized, lifestyle-based selections. As healthy eating and quality consciousness continue to gain traction, dietary preferences are being driven by ethical and emotional choices that extend beyond nutritional content that comprises a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or raw foodist’s diet. Further considerations include non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, free-range and organically grown food sources. Juicing, dietary cleansing, and specific detoxification programs are also poised for more wide-spread acceptance as the physical and digestive health benefits become more and more clear. Within the hospitality market, creating memorable experiences that support these modern palates is key to incorporating luxury into lifestyle. Twitter: @MiaMackman

40 enj oy b eaut y in t er n a t io n a l .c om

e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com



it ’S – beyon

ultra radiance age Defying Serum The luxurious organic Age-Defying Ultra Radiance Serum from Beyond Organic Skincare combines the latest scientific know-how with clinically proven active botanicals. This 100% natural formulation is made with 97% organic ingredients. The beautiful amber-coloured serum with Vitamin E smells divine thanks to the exquisite essential oil mix. It has a gorgeous light gel consistency from the organic vegetable glycerine and Orange fruit water. Nourishing Macadamia nut oil and Safflower oil are combined with other fine organic plant oils that are rich in precious nutrients: Sweet Almond, Avocado, Apricot, Gold of Pleasure and Rosehip seed. Beyond Organic Skincare is the first UK company to be certified 100% natural! All products are suitable for vegetarians are never tested on animals.

vIP sPecIal

42 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

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nD organiC!

Moisturizing Day Cream We loved this softer than silk moisturizer with the delightful aroma of coconut complimented by lavender. Once again, Beyond Organics delivers a great product through its unique moisture lock system enhanced by the infusion of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E along with minerals and fatty acids, which allows the skin to breathe. The difference is its fantastic structure that gives this product its god like status among its’ vast fans. And we found the cream to be amazingly wonderful across all skin types, especially sensitive, dry or mature skin. This pinnacle of skin creams is rapidly surging toward the top of everybody’s shopping list as its growing reputation spreads worldwide! Lovingly handmade in Cornwall, England, each pot is generously filled with the unique infusions and macerations. And, No parabens, No chemicals. No nasties. Recycled materials. Suitable for vegetarians. 100% Organic and the first UK company to be certified 100% natural with Nature!


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e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m



a H e a lT H Y l I f 44 en joy beauty int er n a t ion al .c om

ean cUIsIne:

fesTYle DIeT e njoyb e aut yinte rna ti o nal .co m


MeDITeRRanean s

the Mediterranean Di it is a lifelong plan for anti-ag it is also the best way to keep you and beautiful and your intern

INGREDIENTS 1 pound salmon fillet, preferably wild Pacific, skinned 2 tablespoons finely chopped red onion or scallion 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped peeled fresh ginger 1/4 teaspoon kosher or sea salt 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 1 tablespoon reduced-fat sour cream 1 anchovy fillet, rinsed and finely chopped 2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh chives 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh parsley 1 teaspoon capers, rinsed and finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

46 en j oy be au ty in ter n a t ion a l .c o m

salMon bURgeRs

iet is more than a diet. ging with a high quality of life. ur body in shape, your skin clean nal organs working properly.

PREPARATION With a large chef’s knife, chop salmon using quick, even, straightup-and-down motions (do not rock the knife or the fish will turn mushy) until you have a mass of roughly 1/4-inch pieces. Transfer to a large bowl; gently stir in onion (or scallion), cilantro, ginger, teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper (do not over mix). Divide the mixture into 4 patties, about 1 inch thick. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes (or up to 2 hours). Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, anchovy, chives, parsley, capers, lemon zest, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and pepper in a small bowl. Grill salmon burgers until just cooked through, 4 to 6 minutes total. Serve the salmon with a Greek Salad made with a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon, garlic, Greek mountain grown oregano, salt and pepper.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


Women’s Retreat

Dragons-Tigers & Lipstick

bringing together beauty, g 48 enj oy b eau t y in t er n a t io n a l .c om


grace and the warrior’s alchemy e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m hoSteD by Maria CaMille, PubliSher


The Journey: At certain times in her life, a woman is called towards a profound journey filled with meaning and significance. It is an alchemical process - designed to bring forth, strengthen, and unite her deep feminine and masculine selves. The Dragons -Tigers & Lipstick Retreat is a transformational journey combining the power of a warrior with femininity and intuition to bring your goals to their greatest potential. Join us on this mosaic journey of four fun and empowering days, which include:

exercise: BaGua Flow BaGua Flow is a beautifully choreographed internal martial arts foundation, which incorporates the use of six-foot bamboo Bo Staffs and Chinese Fans to help magnify energy, power and focus, providing a wonderful exercise journey steeped in the powerful traditions of ancient alchemy. BaGua Flow provides a strong inner power, permeated with an artistic, expressive quality, which combines deep philosophy with movement. Each lesson has the potential to awaken you to your own inherent superpower.

50 enj oy be auty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

It’s not a Mere getaway - It’s a Transformational Journey …

Photo’s by St. Tuan

Reinvention: These are the lessons you’ll never learn in any business school In this fast paced world it takes a new paradigm of working and operating to excel in any dream or goal. Most likely, you will need to reinvent yourself many times. You will not only need to be mentally fit, but also physically fit. Here is where you fine-tune the mastery to live your ultimate ideal. This Reinvention segment is for those who are getting ready for a personal journey to become and live the legend they want to be known for.

beauty and grace: Get pampered and learn about living a wellness lifestyle Now, we spend a whole day receiving luscious beauty treatments from the best products we have found from around the world, as we honor our inner and outer beauty – leave our cocoons and get ready to fly.

starting: october 2014

52 enj oy be au ty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

Where: Locations are worldwide through 2015. length: The retreats are 4 days and 3 nights. Each region diers in price, as per resort and location. limited space: Each Retreat is limited to 10 women. Find dates and regions at: or

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m



THE ART OF SCENT BRANDING An Interview with Sue Phillips of Scenterprices by Casie Orion you have worked with leading cologne and perfume brands and are considered a globallyrecognized expert in the fragrance ďŹ eld. how did your passion for this work come about? My passion for fragrance began as a young girl growing up in South Africa where I was entranced by the indigenous aromas of the Game Reserve, which I visited frequently on school outings. The amazing smell of the jacarandas

54 en joy be auty in ter n a ti on a l .c o m

and the red African earth in the early mornings led me to have an appreciation of our Sense of Smell. This was further developed when I arrived in NY and worked for Elizabeth Arden and became the National Training Director to implement training programs for the consultants selling ďŹ ne fragrance at all the top stores. Our training schools created a motivational environment for attendees to learn about the magic of the fragrances they were selling.


smell is the most powerful sense after sight


e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


The Scenterprise Studio in West Village, New York City

56 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om

your company, Scenterprises, offers custom perfumes for men and women. tell us about your journey in developing this concept. After I left Elizabeth Arden, I joined Lancôme as Marketing Director and developed fragrance products for men and women. Then became the Vice President of Tiffany & Co and developed and introduced the TIFFANY perfume for their 150th anniversary, which was a wonderful experience. When I left Tiffany to have my daughter, I began my consulting company, Scenterprises™ and developed fragrance brands for Burberrys, Avon, Trish McEvoy, and many others. I loved the idea of developing fragrance brands, and then about 5 years ago realized that custom perfumes for individuals was an initiative that people would like, as personalization and customization was a trend that was taking off. At that time, it was very expensive for an individual to have their own BESPOKE PERFUME (usually only reserved for royalty and the very wealthy)! Our Custom Fragrance seminars and consultations offer affordable luxury whereby anyone can create their own signature fragrance. We have extended this experience for group events such as corporate customer appreciation functions, team-building, and bridal showers.

e njoyb e auty int er na tional .co m


What’s the basic process for customizing a personal perfume at your fragrance studio (the Scentsorium) for someone who is a beginner at the “scent-sory” experience?

What is Your Scent P

Many people don’t know what olfactory palette they like. So we give them a “Scent Personality Test” which is a fun, educational lifestyle quiz to determine if they like “Fresh”, “Floral”, “Woodsy” or “Oriental” families. Then we take them on a ‘fragrance journey’ to evaluate all our exquisite blends and they select 3 or 4 which they love in order to create their OWN formula. The possibilities are endless! We have done statistics where their formula is one in 280,487,209 possibilities, so the likelihood of ever having someone with the same formula is remote. They ‘name or theme’ their creation and they fill out a ‘formula card’ which we then store in our database for future reordering. This is a fun and educational scentertaining experience, and people love it! And more importantly, they really LOVE their Scent creation.



Studies have shown that smell is our most powerful sense and most linked to our emotional recollection. is there is a personal story that you can share on the effect scent can have on triggering memories or emotions?

Yes, our sense of smell is our most powerful sense after sight, but it is the most forgotten and ignored. Our olfactory hub in our limbic system triggers memories and emotions and I have frequently experienced times when I have

58 en joy beaut y int er n at ion a l .c om




been transported back to a childhood memory when I smell an aroma from my past. People also tell me that when they are cleaning out an attic, and they come across a memento from a loved one, such as a scarf or a book, that they are immediately reminded of that person or situation. It is so powerful!



you also specialize in customized fragrance experiences or environmental scent branding, which advertising age has listed as one of the top ten trends of this decade. Can you explain this trend in more detail and why do you think it’s becoming so popular for businesses? Scentbranding or Scentmarketing is one of the growing trends as more companies are realizing that the way to indelibly imprint their brand message is through scent. That is why so many hotels, retailers, luxury car dealerships are utilizing scent as part of their branding message. We have been working in this space for several years and I have been a participant at ScentWorld which oers scentmarketing solutions for companies. In fact, there was a study recently in Belgium where a book store increased book sales by 40% in the areas where the scent of chocolate was diused.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m



it Works!! Why is this body Wrap called it Works? because, it Works!

Is this wrap too good to be true? That’s what I thought, but after using It Works, our Enjoy Beauty International team was pretty impressed. The wrap is delivered in individual pieces that can be used for any body part. We had fun here at Enjoy Beauty as we each tried a different body part. We put on our wrap, then waited 45 minutes. The non-woven cloth wrap is infused with a powerful botanically based formula, which we found delivers true firming and smoother skin. The hydration on the skin was wonderful! The good part, is that it lasts! This is not a temporary fix. As all good things, the more you use the wrap, the better the results will be.

60 enj oy b eau t y iint nt e on a l .c o m en joy beauty errn n a t iion om

glam nation re-nu antioxidant Cream

Age gracefully? Forget about it. Slow the aging process to a crawl. At Enjoy Beauty International we tried the Anti Aging RENU Antioxidant Moisturizer with CoQ10. Loaded with antioxidants and made with the finest ingredients in the world, this anti aging moisturizer is perfect for under makeup. The hydration lasts all day – really. We use it on into the evening as a night cream! Glam Nation’s patented enzyme technology offers organic solutions that have been tried and tested to the most rigorous standards. Each product is crafted by hand in a manner that machine filled products cannot duplicate. The loving care, which goes into each preparation, ensures the superior quality and effectiveness.


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e njoyb e auty intter er nati onal .co m njoy be aut yin national .com



A mystical place of natural beauty, ancient wisdo by Theme Rains 62 en joy be auty i nt er n a t io n a l .c om


om and dramatic contrasts. e njoyb e aut yinte rnatio nal .com


The ďŹ rst night I drove into the heart of this ancient Caldera, the energy of this region enveloped me. The stars seemed brighter and more intimate. My breath felt fuller and deeper. I knew I was drawn into a very special place. Fifteen years later, I am still here and like so many others seeking an alternative holistic lifestyle, have found great inspiration and support from this magical area. Synthesis, my skin care company was founded here, and all products are made in our own organic lab at the base of Mt. Warning

Breathtaking beauty amidst ancient volcanic landscape More than 20 million years ago a volcano erupted over this area, now known as the New South Wales Northern Rivers and Queensland Gold Coast and hinterland region. After several million years of activity, the Australian landmass moved o the "hotspot" which created the volcano, and other natural forces took over, to help make what is now the largest erosion caldera in the southern hemisphere, 64 e nj oy be auty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

and one of the largest calderas in the world. The Caldera Valley is over 1000 meters deep and has a diameter of over forty kilometers, making it larger even than the famous Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. The spread of the volcano is from Byron Bay in the southeast, and Lismore in the southwest, to Mount Tamborine to the north in QLD. This ancient volcanic landscape is now a United Nations World Heritage Site listed as a living Gondwana Rainforest. The unique and biodiverse ora and fauna that has evolved in

this region has led to its recognition as one of outstanding biogeographical significance. Over 200 rare and endangered species have made their home here. To experience this special place is to be immersed in nature’s mystery and is like stepping back into a lost world. At the heart of the Caldera is the majestic presence of Wollumbin or Mount Warning, which is the first peak on the mainland to be touched by the rising sun at the Autumn and Spring equinoxes.

Spiritual Significance To the traditional descendants of this land, Wollumbin is a place of law, initiation and spiritual learning. Wollumbin has been featured in many stories and goes by different names, including “the Cloud Catcher”. For the Aboriginal people of the Bundjalung nation, who have long lived and hunted within its shadow, Wollumbin holds great cultural significance. Its forests have provided a e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


plentiful supply of food, medicines and materials for generations of bundjalung people. to this day, Wollumbin remains a sacred place of clan lore, initiation and spiritual education. there is a dreamtime story of Wollumbin, said to be Warrior Chief of the mountain. the spirits of the mountains were warriors. 66 enjoy beaut y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

“From early history, this mountain has been very important to us, the bundjalung people, and to many of the other australian aboriginal tribes. Wollumbin is a place life flows from. this flow is reflected in the water, the mountains and the land. in everything here, we see the power and strength of spirit. it tells us about our part in it. the water that flows

"The protection inside this ring of mountains has always been sacred to our people and to many of the other tribes."

from the mountain also represents the life force and power of our people. today the area is aectionately known as the rainbow region because it is home for many alternative lifestylers including artists, writers and musicians. their colorful festivals brim with arts and crafts, and local produce. Many spiritual communities and wellness retreats are also

found in this area. esoterically, Mt Warning is known as a place where numerous earth energy lines converge and is a major hub within the earth's energy grid. these energy lines are known by dierent names; Songlines, ley lines, or Dreaming tracks. this is a very blessed place.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


Theme Rains Founder of Synthesis, the Heart of Organics i believe in the butterfly effect, that every one can make a difference through our choices, not only to our wellbeing, but to the greater wellbeing of all we are connected to, which is ultimately everything… if the intention behind what we choose to do is pure and from our heart, it will be a healing and transforming presence in the world. i encourage

everyone to take the time to listen to and follow the whisper of their own heart’s intuition. It may not always be the easiest path, but ultimately it is the most fulfilling. I believe we are all here to learn, grow, shine, and ultimately flower. We have all we need within us, and only have to cul-

as a guided inspiration. Synthesis is named after the cosmology of the ancient Egyptian Mystics who saw the world as a unity and lived on the basis of heart-intelligence. They also believed that our body is our ‘temple’. The products represent a ‘synthesis’ of this ancient wisdom and

tivate the right conditions to fulfill our true potential.

the many healing influences that have shaped my life. They take the form of certified organic skin care, holistic treatments, and health supplements.

About Synthesis After more than a decade immersed in the healing arts and holistic living, wherein I was blessed to learn so much from masters in their respective fields, my company - Synthesis - emerged

70 enj oy b eau t y in t er n a t io n a l .c om

We are based in the beautiful Caldera region of Northern New South Wales, a visually stunning and spiritually significant region. Our custom created certified organic lab is based at the foot of the ancient Wollumbin Mountain, also known

as the Cloudcatcher. The surrounding rainforest serves as a constant inspiration to create in unity with nature. Synthesis, the Heart of Organics, is our premium fully vegan spa range. It meets the highest organic standards in the world. It also includes optimum concentrations

the energetic vibration of whatever we come into contact with. Some things uplift our energy, while other things may drain it. We can care for our energetic vibration by balancing it with higher vibrational influences. Synthesis takes this into consideration as all products are En-

of actives for visible improvements to the skin and the power of essential oils synergies to release stress and tension, promoting balance and harmony.

ergy Imbued™ to uplift your overall energy body and being.

‘Everything is Energy’ Most of us are taught at school that e = mc2, a universal principle that ‘everything (including ourselves) is energy’. Thus we are affected by

I truly believe just by changing your skin care regime you can make a huge difference to your quality of life. My inspiration is to support each one who is touched by one of our products to have their Light, Love, Beauty and Spirit shine all the brighter!

e njoyb e auty int er nati onal .co m


A Journey from

m Illness to Wellness by Janelle Castle

“If this was heaven, I had found it and I wanted to pass this feeling on to the rest of the world”

I grew up on a humble farm in an isolated town in the outback of South Australia. When bullied at school, I suffered constant illness and had severe acne for many years. My grades went down as the emotional stress increased. When I reached 20, I was plagued with a chronic back injury, numerous health problems and constantly feeling “not quite right.” By 28, having spent thousands of dollars on my health and feeling no different, I left my University to study Naturopathy with the hope of finding answers. It was here that a little divine intervention led me to experience a unique “energy therapy.” I left this deeply relaxing treatment feeling like I was dancing on clouds. Not an ounce of stress, physical tension or back pain remained. It was a revelation for me. I felt a lightness and clarity in my mind and body that was almost surreal. I felt at peace. I wanted for nothing. If this was heaven, I had found it and I wanted to pass this feeling on to the rest of the world.

74 enjoy b eau t y i n ter n a tio n al .c o m

My therapist explained I had released years of unprocessed emotional “rubbish,” the stress of which had been preventing my body from selfhealing. This was a grand “aha moment” for me. The kind where you feel like the universe has slapped you on the face and everything is suddenly clear. In this moment, I knew what I was here to do. After leading hundreds of international guests through detox, wellness and stress management retreats as a holistic spa therapist to the rich and famous, I have been quite surprised to see the number of self-confessed health enthusiasts who are excessively stressed, disconnected and unwell. Asking after their personal histories, it was becoming clear that all the vegetable juice, yoga and detoxing in the world could not make you healthy if you are carrying around a lifetime of emotional baggage. Reframing the concept of wellness to include

emotional releasing and self-healing instead of focusing just on diets, juicing and supplements was a very new concept. After a session, their feedback told the story: an uncanny sense of deep peacefulness; a positive shift in perspective; reconnection with their life purpose and enjoying a body that felt light and graceful. Inspiration, passion and motivation returned. They slept deeply. The transformation was effortless and the contrast before and after was often incomprehensible to the client. Through the process of letting go, they were finally selfhealing.

Reflecting back, I feel blessed to have become an international wellness leader with a string of celebrities, royal family members and other high profile clientele. Truthfully, my life wasn’t always this glamorous. My philosophy now is to teach others how to use the power of their own energy to release emotional stress and heal themselves and for them to pass this healing knowledge on to those around them, expanding outwardly, and vastly, as a regeneration of the world.

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa A Healing Paradise by Sonia Armytage

My journey to healing was revitalized when my family and I decided to leave our world of corporate trappings to have an adventure around Australia. We began to dream of a lifestyle, where sustainability encompasses not only care for Mother Nature, but also care for ones self. Where health and healing plays an important part in feeling connected to the earth, leading to an awareness of how to love and care for ourselves and the planet. In 2011 my husband and I created Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa, a residential retreat centre committed to Human Sustainability, where

76 enjoy b e au ty i nte r n a ti o n a l .c o m

transformational, spiritual, health, yoga, meditation, detox and rejuvenation retreats are held. The retreat and day spa are nestled in a peaceful rainforest valley and rest under the gaze of Wollumbin (Mt. Warning) in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Wollumbin and this land have a sacred and powerful energy, where guests connect with the healing power, beauty, and tranquillity. The journey begins when our visitors negotiate Gymea’s winding driveway; something seems to shift; a feeling of peace and arrival to “somewhere special� descends, readying our guests to be more receptive for their treatments and experiences.

From the beginning of my bodywork training more than 20 years ago, I resonated with energetic modalities, such as Reiki and sacred geometry healing. I felt very strongly that this energetic focus was what I wanted to share with the world, and our day spa was the perfect place to manifest this. At the Spa, we begin our mornings by creating the energetic foundation by clearing the space and inviting in the sacred healing essence of Wollumbin. Candles are dedicated to the original ancestors and spirit energies of the land. This preparation of the space supports our

guests to not only relax and rejuvenate, but experience an immersion into “coming back to self.” To support this “coming back to the heart” we use the Synthesis products that are 100% organic and vegan. One of our signature treatments is the Synthesis Organic First Love Facial, a beautiful sensual experience that cleanses, hydrates, and revitalises the skin. This facial is enhanced by the use of the Synthesis Alcheymic Golden Needle Wands. These wands have a radius or ‘field of energy’, that when engaged with, can purify, transform, and hold Radiance in

e njoyb e auty int er na ti onal .co m


78 enj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c o m

our own field as well as our environment. Assisting in replenishing life-force flow, they function purely at an energetic level, affecting the auric field helping to release the blocks we encounter on a daily basis. The focus at Gymea is moving from the head to the heart. Guests are taken on a holistic healing journey imbued with love and nurturing, with a focus on the whole self, including soul connection. I believe there is a positive shift and increased awareness about the need to support the return to the “whole self” in the world today. Pleasingly, people are coming to the realisation that it is not just about beauty and physical health, but also psychological and soul health.

e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com


David A

Australia's and Energ

how did you become interested in “healing” and entering the wellness field? I grew up with a tumour in my leg and at age 10, I had major surgery to remove it. I grew up during apartheid, so I had an early 'crash course' in pain, suffering and healing. Later, after studying and working in the design field, my soul-searching drew me into an in-depth exploration of mysticism whilst living as a monk in Jerusalem for 3 years. Most recently, I’ve been at Mesastila in exotic Java where I developed a new retreat concept called Metamorphosis. Lovingly crafted to “Live Life Inspired,” these personalised journeys help people take the vital first steps to create the life they want. 80 enj oy b eau t y i nt e rn a t i on a l .c o m

Being a qualified Naturopathic Physician as well as a Soul-Coach, I am focused on body, mind and soul education and practices to support holistic wellness and emotional resilience. Programs include detox juicing, organic wellness nutrition, mindfulness meditation, 1-on-1 soulcoaching, ecstatic dance, daily qi gong and yoga.

Arenson ND

s Soul Coach gy Healer

What is your philosophy on healing? Healing is never-ending. Any illness is a path to spiritual development rooted in a breach of the body's energy field; thus it is essential to treat the energy field. Any suffering is a warning signal and promotes a person's striving for spiritual perfection. My unique offering is nature-cen-

tered soul-coaching - designed to go to the source of the imbalance by synthesising energywork with a profound internal dialogue and visualisation. What is soul-coaching? Soul-coaching brings together my years of expee njoyb e auty int er national .com


rience in healing. My passion is discovering the root of the problem, often unresolved fears and feeling not worthy. This stems from a disconnection in love of self and love of God. Once one can accept the original trigger (or traumatic event), naturally one can transcend it. From that position, one brings balance to the body, and the “stressful event” is accepted and integrated. This restores the body's innate healing potential as all healing comes from within. Acceptance leads to harmony. Where do you see the wellness industry heading in coming years? Wellness travel and eco-tourism are the way of the future. Spas will continue to become seam82 enj oy be au tyi nt e r n a tio n a l .c om

less with urban life. Nature retreats will become more valued as the development trend and population growth continues. Humankind will return to a kinder, more nature-centered approach. The feminine will return to its original state of sacredness and honour. What life lesson would you like to share? We actually create (and recreate) our world in order to reinforce our beliefs. In any given moment, I am responsible. I can choose to be happy - I can choose what defines me. “Those who live passionately teach us how to love. Those who love passionately teach us how to live.” (Yogananda)

the Future of Skincare Science from thailand It’s not about the Stem Cells, it’s about the DNA As Thailand continues to be one of the leaders in all things Beauty and Spa, Lamone is one example of deep science at the forefront when it comes to exfoliation, brightening and bringing a clean youthfulness to the skin. When traveling to Thailand recently, Enjoy Beauty International discovered the beautiful Lamone product in the spa at JW Marriott. We tried the two-step product, and have been solid with it ever since. We found that Lamone has special lactobacillus cultures, which delivers the incredible results of the cleanser. Within the cleanser, macrophages are stimulated in the skin. The Macrophages digest DNA’s, which contain CpG (a nutrient for cells). Now, growth factor (Cytokines) are generated which rejuvenate stem cells from destructive conditions. The result is diminishing dark spots and an end to pigmentation. In step two we tried the DNA serum, which has powerful active ingredients of DNA-L and F-Antiox Complex. The serum penetrates deep into the skin to activate stem cell division together with a high concentrated antioxidant complex from fermented berries, (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D) to prevent free radical skin cell damage. The Lamone hi-potency serum is the equivalent of lactobacillus in over 300 cups of yoghurt.


click through to find your special price


83 enj oy b eaut y in t er n a t io n a l .c om



e njoyb e auty int er na tional .com


A New Journey: By Maria Camille 84 en joy beauty int er n a t ion al .c om

Walking Meditation e njoyb e aut yinte rnat io nal .com


Walking meditation The Walking Meditation starts metaphorically through the Zen concept of entering the Gate to arrive at the House. It’s the gateway to understanding the Journey of life.  The metaphor goes like this: 

In Zen terms, clarification of mind is what the sword master calls entering the house and meeting the host. It is the gateway to elementary learning. When you go to a house, first you go in through the gate; thus the gate is an indication that you’ve arrived at the house. Going through this gate, you enter the house and meet the host. You get to the knowledge by going through the gate. Therefore, learning is the gate, not the house. When you see the gate, don’t take it for the house. The house is inside, past the gate.

Walking meditation is the quintessential experience of self. Sometimes it can be more appealing than sitting meditation as a way to ground and clear the mind for quiet reflection. The combination of mental clarity and physical activity refreshes and renews the individual in a unique and fulfilling way.

86 en joy beau t y in t er n a tio n a l .c om

The Gate

However, the “how to” of walking meditation must be connected with the meaning and essence of the path. It is essential to have something to hang your spiritual hat upon while accessing your inner being. Here are some simple suggestions for setting up your own creation of a walking path as well as ideas for imparting the essence of the “journey.” The first step in designing your walking meditation is finding an ideal location, preferably a winding path in nature. Then, designate a beginning (the Gate), middle (the Journey) and end (the House) to the path that you will walk. The pathway should take at least 20 minutes to traverse and filled with sense catching elements. There should be a specific entry point and a place near the end of the path that provides seating such as a bench, a fallen tree, or a flat rock. The essence of the path is based on the Gate, the Journey and the House. The Gate, is the entry point of the journey into self and represents commitment to the path. Entering the path through the Gate symbolizes the cross over place to another dimension. In a sense, each

88 en joy be auty in tern a t ion a l .c o m

The Journey

time you enter through the Gate you are provided time to “re-boot” your internal computer. As you take in the elements of the Journey, be it a beautiful tree, the fragrance of a flower, the song of a bird or the sound of a babbling brook, you become aware that the purpose of the journey is to allow the clutter in your mind to fall way. By filling up the senses you are elevated to a higher personal vibration than prior to entering the Gate. Near the end of the physical path is a place designated as the House. This is where you enjoy the benefit of a clear mind that will allow inner reflection and the spiritual space for thought manifestation. What you can imagine can happen and the energy you experienced at the House will help you understand this all important aspect of any meditation. The seating provided allows you to relax and enjoy the meditative state you have accomplished. You have surrendered to the entry through the Gate, left your worries behind on the Journey, and arrived at the House relaxed and able to envision what you desire.

90 enj oy b eau t y i nt e r n a tio n a l .c om

The House

not all Who Wander are lost JRR Tolkien

92 enjoy beaut yi nte r n a t ion a l .c om

Enjoy Beauty International  

The Zen of Walking – A Chicago Fashion Shoot – Australia’s Green Cauldron – Travel Trends – Haute Beauty Picks

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