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Feeling secure at home is a priority for many people, and installing security systems at home is a way to improve one’s sense of well-being. Whether individuals own or rent, they may be surprised to learn that do-it-yourself security systems can be savvy investments. The right system can help people protect their belongings and their families, but sorting through the various security systems on the market can be a daunting task. While full-service setups that include professional installation and monitoring are available, some homeowners may want to investigate the highly customizable DIY kits now offered. Some include personal monitoring, while others are self-install technologies with professional monitoring. Before getting started, homeowners and renters can ask themselves a few questions to help narrow down their options:


· What is your budget? Professional installation and monitoring will likely cost more than DIY kits. · How large is the home? · Are you tech-savvy? · How frequently are you out of the home on vacation or extended trips? · Do you desire emergency response? · Do you want an entire package or just some deterrent devices?

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Once individuals have answered these questions, it's time to start shopping. A few DIY security system options include the following:


Smart home security systems - These home security

systems connect to a home's Wi-Fi network so they can be monitored and controlled using a smartphone app. Others may be accessed through an application on the internet. It is important to look for a system with technology that is not easily hacked.

Security cameras - It can take mere minutes to set up wireless security cameras around the house. These devices connect to a Wi-Fi network and give customers free access to a constant stream of video. Some systems make it easy for homeowners to listen in on what's going on at home and even talk to anyone within the camera's range. Others can be paired with cloud storage for recording video. Professional monitoring - Residents who are away from home frequently or are too busy to constantly monitor security systems may like the peace of mind of professionally monitored kits. There are a variety of services that offer affordable starter kits and video monitoring. Monitored alarm systems can be set to call the police or other emergency services if necessary. Entry-level or advanced systems - Entry-level systems typically include a few door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a hub that communicates with these sensors. This may be enough for someone in an apartment or small house. More extensive systems may include additional sensors, door locks, garage door openers, surveillance cameras, lights, sirens, and even water and smoke detectors.



Zeager manufactures premium natural and colored landscaping mulches that make outdoors look even more beautiful, all-natural planting mulch that is decorative on top while enriching the soil around your plants and trees, bonded pathway mulch that won’t wash away every time it rains, and synthetic grass that needs no mowing and never turns brown or gets bare spots from shade or play.




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Valid thru Dec. 31, 2018


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Made In The Shade: Plants For Less Sunny Spots

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Sheds • Pool Houses • Garages • Gazebos • Playsets

Plants need sunlight to thrive and grow, but some need less sunlight than others. People who find that their landscapes are less supportive of sunloving plants can choose from a variety of shade-tolerant plants, shrubs, and trees. Shade tolerance refers to a plant's ability to withstand low levels of light. Certain plants have adapted this feature to survive in nature. Plants that grow at the base of forest floors, for example, will get less sunlight than others outside of the tree canopy. Such adaptations enable a wide variety of foliage to grow even when not exposed to much sunlight. While sunloving plants often have broad leaves and expend significant energy to capture sunlight for photosynthesis, shade-tolerant plants expend less energy and tend to be more efficient consumers of soil nutrients and sunlight. Penn State Extension's Plant and Pests division says the amount of shade a plant is growing under will directly affect the density of the foliage and the plant's flowering and fruiting characteristics. Blending shade-tolerant plants into the landscape can be an effective use of space. Before choosing plants for an existing landscape, it's important to assess the level of shade or sun the plants will receive.

Heavy shade: Heavy shade is when no direct sunlight reaches a plant. This occurs at the base of northern-facing walls or beneath thick tree canopies. Moderate shade: These sites have reflected sunlight that may come off

water features.

Light shade: Plants in these areas will get partially filtered or dappled


It's not ''just a shed'' when it's a Fox Country shed!


Full sun: Areas that receive full sun enjoy direct sunlight between six and eight hours per day. Once homeowners understand which type of shade they are dealing with, they can then visit plant nurseries and select their plants. Most

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Quality Bark Mulch

• Double Shredded Bleeding Heart


“We Provide Prompt Service”

Partial Listing on Small Loads: DELIVERED PRICES Premium Dyed

English Ivy

greenery comes with care instructions that include recommendations regarding the amount of shade/sunlight the plant will need to do well. If further assistance is needed, a knowledgeable employee can make suggestions based on landscape needs. A few options include:

Bleeding heart:

Bleeding heart, or Dicentra spectabilis, is typically found in woodlands and grows best in light to moderate shade. It's a perennial in the poppy family that produces mounded foliage and arching vine-like stems of heart-shaped flowers in the spring.

Amethyst flower: Browallia hybrids feature star-shaped blooms of blue and violet. These plants will billow out of hanging baskets or containers, and they prefer warm shade or filtered sunlight. Coleus: The coleus, Solenostemon scutellarioides, is another perennial that can have a variety of different leaf colors and striations. It will grow in full sun to medium shade. Witch hazels: These are a genus in the family Hamamelidacea, which has four species in North America. This shrub or small tree features arching branches with dense, multi-stemmed clumps. Witch hazel produces flowers in the late autumn when most other plants are sparse. It grows best in partial sun to light shade.

81 $ 147 $ 213 $ 264 $ 330 $ 610


Trailer Loads Available TAX NOT INCLUDED

WE NOW HAVE BAGGED MULCH SCREENED TOP SOIL, PLAYGROUND MULCH OR MUSHROOM SOIL AVAILABLE *Loading Daily 7 A.M.-6 P.M. *After July 1st - 8 A.M.-6 P.M. Or By Appointment • Closed Sundays


Bayberry: Myrica pensylvanica can grow in partial shade as a hedge or natural property divider. The leaves of this shrub are aromatic when crushed. The shrub will produce tiny, gray/white fruits in late summer.


English ivy: Also known as Hedera helix, this trailing plant is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. It will spread easily and can become invasive. It can tolerate some sun but grows better in full shade. Those searching for shade-tolerant trees can choose among sugar maple, black alder, flowering dogwood, and white spruce, among others.

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Witch Hazel

2 Yds. 4 Yds. 6 Yds. 8 Yds. 10 Yds. 20 Yds.

(Red, Black, Brown)




Prices Start at $


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home appeal

Landyshade Mulch • 717-898-7689

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We Deliver Quality Mulch Products

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On Your Walls

Landyshade Mulch • 717-898-7689 9‘áŽ áŽ‘× [ªì»ª¥Á #¥n [ªì»ª¥ »nÓ [ì×᪠nÓÁ !ªá û@š‘e ü‘ᎠªáŽnÓ ª||nÓ×Á

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Put Some

Personal touches turn a house into a home. Hanging pictures, whether they're personal photographs or artwork, can change the character of a room. Proper placement of these visuals can turn drab walls into fab walls. Design maven Martha Stewart advises that the first step is to gather all of the pictures that are in consideration for hanging. This will enable people to see what is available and edit their selection based on the space available, the theme or a color scheme. Having all the artwork on-hand enables a person to move it around like a puzzle until the placement feels just right. Next, individuals should plan on hanging artwork at 57 inches on center, according to renovation experts at Apartment Therapy. "On center" means the middle of the photograph or painting will always be at 57 inches, as this measurement represents the average human eye height. This height is regularly used as a standard in many galleries and museums. When the goal is to hang multiple pictures, individuals should treat the entire grouping as a single unit. This means creating the layout and finding the center of the middle piece of the grouping. To make picture grouping easier, use paper templates with arrows to indicate whether the artwork will be hung horizontally or vertically. These templates can then be easily taped to the wall and rearranged until the grouping is ideal. There are no hard and fast rules concerning frames, meaning they do not all have to match. But placing framed artwork side by side can give a person a feel for whether the images and the frames work together in the space. Some people like to use frames of similar colors and sizes. Others want the eclectic mix-and-match appeal. It's ultimately up to the homeowner. Measuring is key to hanging a picture correctly on the wall. Take into consideration the type of attachment, whether it's D-rings, sawtooth hangers, wire, or other fasteners. First, individuals should measure from the top of the frame to the hanger. Measure the wall to achieve the 57 inches on center location, and then calculate where this falls within the height of the artwork and frame top. Adjust accordingly and mark. Then measure the distance from the frame top to the hanger location on the wall. Homeowners should be sure to take the weight of the picture into consideration when selecting hanging hardware. Wall anchors may be needed to keep the frame sturdy in the drywall if measurements determine a wall stud will not help secure the artwork. Home improvement resource Today's Homeowner also suggests attaching self-adhesive rubber bumpers to the bottom corners on the back of the frame before hanging so that the picture will not damage the wall and will hang level.



Maintenance Free • Lifetime Warranty • Over 20 Styles Also Available … Chain Link • Split Rail • Custom Wood • Picket & Stockade




Your Yard, Garden, Farm and Pet Place

SERVING CUSTOMERS FOR OVER 65 YEARS! 1731 W. Main St., Ephrata • 717.733.6593 • 1.800.379.0568


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with your Synchrony Financial Credit Card

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Expires 04/30/18

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*Free water test includes hardness, iron, pH, tds, chlorine & sulfur **Cannot be combined with other offers or valid toward prior sales ***Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See store for details.

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Interested in getting into the spring spirit but short on space? Feel free to think outside the box – the flower box, that is. Pretty ceramic pottery, antique barrels, toy wagons, stacked cinderblocks, and a variety of other creative containers can be used to hold the plants of your choice. Show off your style further by painting or otherwise decorating your chosen plantholders, and utilize vertical space through innovative methods, such as displaying planters on a ladder or employing a shelving unit. See more examples on page 10.

Let In The Light Add Safety

To Your Basement

Specializing in window wells & covers, adapter covers for existing metal, brick, concrete or wooden wells, hot beds for planting and vinyl screen doors (pet screen available)

Light Well by Vinyl Window Wells, LLC

229 S. Groffdale Rd., Gordonville, PA 17529 717.768.0618 • northwest lancaster co. home appeal [9] spring

Estimate e e r F r o f ll Ca is Ad and h t n io t n e M ur Order! o Y f f O % 5 t Ge Better, Brighter, Safer Basements


• Egress E and d non-egress window i d well system • Added escape from your basement in case of emergency • Easy to install yourself or full installation available • 100% maintenance free product with limited 30 year warranty • 200 sizes available in stock and custom built within 2 weeks • 1/4" tempered glass covers not just for our wells but also for any existing wells • Rust proof hinges and gas cylinder lifters • Grill or grate covers also available

creating comfort zones

• Cellulose Wall Spray • Polyurethane Foam P.O. Box 254 Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505 (717) 291-4523 FAX: (717) 656-6398 PA000546



Bill Torres Painting • • • •

Interior/Exterior Painting Free In-Home Estimates Reliable, Quality Work On-Time, Courteous, Respectful Professionals Working For You!

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Residential/Light Commercial

Since 1949 schedule online

“When “W When It’s I ’ Certified Certifi ifi d, Y You’re u’re Satisfied!â€? atisfied!â€? ™


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We clean 

Family owned & operated. HIC PA024067


 Single family homes from the 230k’s

 Middletown’s newest community

 3 - 4 bedrooms, 2.5 - 3 baths

 Semi-detached homes from the 210k’s

 Open loor plans

 3 - 4 bedrooms, 2.5 - 3 baths

 First loor bedrooms available

 First loor bedrooms available

 Great Mount Joy y area location

 Loaded with included features

 Walk to the park rk and other nearby amenities es

 Personalize your home with available options mes.ccom

C Call al today 717-629-6177


Your home improvement solution for 2018 ‌.. a new home at ELM TREE or WOODLAND HILLS!


Working to Be “Better than Everybodyâ€? Affordable Paving & Excavating targets GCs, adds services & sweats the small stuff When Tom Shumate started Af 

  years ago, he had never run a paver. But he knew how to run a business.            Â? Â? only three people, has become a Â? Â?Â?    agers and general contractors alike, according to Shumate. The 33-person company generates half its sales from paving and pavement repair, 35% from concrete and the remain  ­           Â? Â?Â?€ everything from driveways to parking lots to roads. “We started right before the Recession and while everyone was going out of business we were growing bigger and bigger,â€? Shumate says. “I never wanted to be just like every‚ƒÂ?„body.â€?

Prior to becoming a paving contractor, Shumate had run a variety  Â… Â?Â?Â?Â?Â? Â? Â?  Â?  Â? Â?  running consumer trade shows in nine states. So he did understand the business side of a company. “Part of the reason we’ve been so successful is me, my passion for running a business,â€? he says. “I never worked for another paver, I just bought a paver. And you know what? †€Â?Â?‚ Â?Â? your own business is the hard part and I already knew how to do that.â€? Working for GCs ‡Â?Â? ˆ­ …‰Â? work is for general contractors, doing mostly paving and concrete. “We get a lot of those jobs beÂ?Â? Â? Â… Â? Â?Â? Â?Š he says. “They don’t have to call one contractor for asphalt and one for concrete because we do both. ‹Œ‰ÂŽ Â?Â? because of our performance,â€? Shu-

mate says. “It’s a hands-on kind of thing. I don’t try to micromanage but I keep my hands on to make sure the quality is there. Quality over quan Â?Â?‚‘Â? €Â?Â?Â’Â? but if you pursue quality over quan  Â?‰ € Â?   in the long run... and you won’t lose your business.â€? Adding Excavation Shumate says the company was Â’Â? Â? Â?  …  Â?Â? ‚Â?  Â?Â?     Â?  Â? “ˆÂ?”‚  ˆÂ?”‚ Â? Â? they rented the equipment and handled  ‚ ‹ŒÂ?  for a living telling us how good a job Â?ŠÂ?Â?‚‹•Â?Â? could provide that service ourselves instead of subbing it out.â€? It also gave them more control over that aspect of their paving op   Â?    step closer to being a full-service paving contractor – something he Â?Â?ÂŽ Â?Â?Â?‚

ADA Experts He says that from property managers they get a lot of calls for reno €Â?– Â? parking lots that need to be brought into compliance with the Americans Â?—Â? Â? ˜ — ™‚ “We’re experts on ADA,â€? Shumate Â?Â?‚‹Œ€Â?Â?Â? Â?side and out. We can go in there and  ing whether it’s concrete or asphalt, Â?Â?Â?Â’ Â?‚ ÂŒ Â?Â?   Â?   and do the job and they don’t have to worry about scheduling any other contractor.â€? So a property manager calling to bring their parking lot into compliance with the ADA only has to make one phone call. A Focus on Details Shumate says his hands-on approach to business is only one aspect of providing quality work. “We don’t cheat people and we don’t skimp on the details,â€? he says. šÂ?Â’Â?Â’Â?  Â?Â?Â?Â?  Â?Â?Â?‰„-

northwest lancaster co. home appeal [11] spring

‚ “The parking lot is striped to specÂ’ Â?Â?Â?Â?Â? compact the pavement the way it’s supposed to be compacted, and we warranty all our work. We can warranty it because we do a quality job. If we did a lousy job we couldn’t war ‚ › Â? ‚ˆˆˆ Â? Â? stand behind our work and if there’s Â?€Â’‚Š ‡Â?Â? …    ‰Â? „  to detail is how the company handles work within a development as a subÂŽ ‚† … Paving turns the job back over to the developer to turn over to the village,  … ‰Â? Â?Â? Â?Â?Â? wash all the manhole lids to remove any debris. Then they paint them black. “Nobody does that,â€? he says. “It might be a small detail but it looks great and the village can’t believe it.â€? By Allan Heydorn As printed in Pavement Maintenace    2018.


Create. Janice



Visit our showroom today and meet with one of our designers to schedule an appointment. EPHRATA SHOWROOM

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Northwest Lancaster Co. Home Appeal Spring 2018  
Northwest Lancaster Co. Home Appeal Spring 2018