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The Ultimate Lifestyle By The Sea

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TO PLATE From fun food to fine dining, we showcase some of ornwa s est seafood eateries


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Beautiful timber buildings CORNWALL

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The Ultimate Lifestyle By The Sea

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to the special London Edition of Cornwall Living

lthough we ve said farewell to su er there s still plenty to en oy here in the uchy. uring the autu n at least for us here at Cornwall Living food is very uch at the top of the agenda. ro page 14 we delve into so e of the county s finest seafood eateries discovering ore about ornwall s deep foodie connection to the ocean. f you re hoping to relocate to ornwall and who could bla e you fro page 20, why not let avills inspire you with so e of their ost spectacular property offerings ro sprawling ho es in the countryside to period properties overloo ing the water if you re hoping to whet your appetite for the ornish ar et loo no further lternatively if you re si ply in need of a wee end away fro page 70 you ll find our handpic ed selection of spectacular ornish stays. On page 83 we ta e a loo at so e of the county s best artists and galleries then for those of you thin ing about ho e i prove ent fro page 84 we have a superb selection of furniture ideas for you to peruse. ll of this plus an unbelievable selection of ornish pri es up for grabs in this onth s co petitions 81 eans that while the su er ay be over there s absolutely no reason why you can t still live the ulti ate lifestyle by the sea

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ON THE COVER Ta en by teven oyce is this delicious foodie shot fro rawn on the awn in adstow. ead ore in this onth s cover feature fro page .

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The Cornwall Air Ambulance have just launched an exciting new campaign. Become a New Heli Hero and you can have your name on the new Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter when it arrives in 2020.

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e have a brilliant and loyal crew here at even edia roup but as a fast growth business we re always interested in tal ing to outstanding individuals. f you re a superstar of extraordinary talent then we would love to hear fro you. Call Andy Forster on 07711 160590 or email andy@levenmediagroup.co.uk

The view from Cornwall... Share your stories Megan Hemsworth Cornwall


“Enjoy your mornings everyone • take the time today to relax.” Megan Hemsworth Cornwall L i v i ng i s p u b li s h e d b y : E N G IN E H O U S E M E D IA L T D Holbrook, The Moors, Porthleven, Cornwall TR13 9JX

@CORNWALLLIVINGUK Witnessed a beautiful sunset? Tried the tastiest fish in ornwall ed love to see what you ve been up to

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Prime market agents and professional services savills.co.uk

local national online

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Savills Cornwall 01872 243 200

what can we do for you?

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Surf Six Luxury Beach House - Gwithian Towans

Samphire Beach House - Holywell Bay

Adam Gibbard

Rashleigh Cottage - Port Isaac


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•EXPERIENCE• A C O R N I S H S U R F R E T R E AT W I T H F O R E V E R C O R N WA L L With early autumn now upon us, the Atlantic is beginning to bring its rolling swells to our coastline, making for epic waves, exhilarating surf conditions and dramatic wave watching. The water, despite the dropping air temperatures, is at its warmest, having soaked up the summer sun, and the beaches are much quieter. Forever Cornwall has a great selection of idyllic surf retreats and chalets, accommodating you just moments from the surfi ng action. From St Ives to Gwithian in the west, to Newquay and Port Isaac further east – no matter what your surfi ng expertise, Forever Cornwall has the perfect surf retreat for you.


0 1 3 2 6 5 6 7 8 3 8 i nf o@ f ore v e rc ornwall. c o. u k www. f ore v e rc ornwall. c o. u k

F i nd m ore li k e t h i s : www. c ornwall- li v i ng . c o. u k


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OCTOBER 2019 |


Cover feature




News & views

Catch up with Cornwall


Luxury property


Coastal escapes




On display



Find your dream home

Turn to page 14 for this month's foodie cover feature!


Our favourite Cornish stays Win a little piece of Cornwall A window into Cornwall's art scene


Children's Hospice South West

INSIDE Grown-up getaways Exclusively for grown-ups, we explore Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa in Falmouth







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£210 PAGE 8




















Live the holiday lifestyle


Modern living


A stress-free service


The height of luxury


Your own slice of Cornwall


Bliss by the bay


Camping in comfort


Enjoy an Indian summer


Five good reasons


50 78

32 62

A surf break with Forever Cornwall




Got to experience


With Aria Resorts

New homes by Gilbert and Goode Searching for your dream home Discover the Woodland Collection At Praa Sands Holiday Park

Escape with Carbis Bay Holidays At Bodrugan Barton On the Isles of Scilly

To stay at Landal Gwel an Mor

Weekend wonder

Discover Looe with Cornish Horizons

Modern classics

Yachts for the discerning sailor

Consulting the experts

At Cornish Traditional Cottages


Pamper your pooch


Ten perfect pieces

At Slickers Doghouse, Padstow Furnish your home with Christie's


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Discover an open

water perspective

Love and light from

Gayle Force Cornish Medium world renowned spiritual ediu healer ayle was born in t ustell where she is still based today. er reach is not erely regional ayle has featured regularly on BB adio ne with cott ills giving predictions with listeners as any as one illion. rivate one to one readings are available. he s written for South West Connections answering readers uestions nationwide and has been live on BB adio ornwall giving a uestion ti e with awrence eed. er writing too her to Red Bulletin a global rand rix aga ine for which she gave readings fro photographs and handprints. ive audiences have often been five

hundred strong and the accuracy of her readings is ac nowledged by her clients. ayle understands how positive energy is so ething that helps well being which she also encourages in all aspects of her wor . This spiritual ediu offers groups and audiences an entertaining and sensitive gli pse into the fascinating world of spirit.

Top tip loo out for the intriguing secret garden hidden away at the top of the eadows

The ocean is not the only focus of To ore an s new professional venture alt ater ages but it has always played an integral role in everything fro his career choices to travel destinations. To who lives a stone s throw fro the beach in ong oc tells us very passionate about the sea and spend a lot of ti e in it specifically open water swi ing also co run ea wi ornwall holiday co pany specialising in underwater and in water photography he says. apturing ornwall s dra atic land and seascapes while i ersed in open water provides a uni ue perspective and produces i ages with a visible al ost palpable depth. isit the alt ater ages website to view and order fro the online gallery or To will happily ta e co issions. ages can be printed directly onto of acrylic glass reinforced by an alu iniu di bond plate for a stunning ready to hang product.

For more information call 01736 850225 or visit www.pengellyretreat.co.uk

For more information call 07773085427 or visit www.saltwaterimages.co.uk

For more information call 01726 70786 or visit gayleforce2006.wordpress.com

Cornish lakeside bliss et within five acres of private gardens and la es engelly etreat is nestled between the ornish coasts close to t ves and the pictures ue harbour of orthleven. tay in the stunning Boat ouse cabin with a balcony over a wild swi ing la e or the tran uil ail ouse double yurt tuc ed away in a private spot between two la es. Both of the luxurious la eside houses sleep two and have under oor heating a log burner and a gorgeous en suite bathroo . Their gardens co e co plete with an outdoor firepit perfect for a ro antic barbe ue under the stars. The ail ouse is dog friendly too.

There’s loads to do this autumn at the Polurrian ituated atop the cliffs with panora ic coastal views the olurrian is an incredible location for your holiday. nd if you visit during the autu n you can experience the beauty of south west ornwall when the holiday crowds have dispersed

and convenient access to olurrian ove beach. nd for those loo ing to explore further afield the i ard peninsula is renowned for its unusual geology array of botanical life expanses of heathland and beautiful wildlife.

There s so uch to experience in the local area with local gardens and attractions to explore while the weather is still ild. The hotel is also situated on the outh est oast ath which offers iles of stunning wal s

The hotel runs so e great activities and events such as the oodfired essions that ta e place every unday and showcase local usicians alongside wood fired cuisine. The hotel also has a ealth lub which provides

relaxing treat ents to help guests or day visitors revitalise and re uvenate. For more information call 01326 240421 or visit www.polurrianhotel.com


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News & views

Padstow’s newest hotel offering

Impressive accolade

for Quercus ince its ac uisition in the autu n of last year this idyllically located roo hotel has been utterly transfor ed into a stylish bouti ue by the exciting luxury arbour otels brand. recently co pleted full renovation has introduced vibrant interiors luxury fixtures and fittings excellent service and in ected so e arbour otels personality. ach newly refurbished roo features co pli entary gin and sherry at screen T s gyptian cotton sheets The hite o pany toiletries and if you boo early enough those drea y harbour views or the foodies the hotel s itchen Bar Terrace offers casual all day dining with enviable harbour views to boot. esigned by ohn ollard the enu cha pions the best locally grown produce far raised eat and wild caught seafood all of which contributes to a deliciously te pting enu that changes with the seasons.

adstow is ho e to a wealth of culture plus wellness foodie and adventure based activities. s well as reco endations of the best local attractions and activities in the area the hotel li e all arbour otels also offers a range of its own uni ue xperiences designed to a e your stay a e orable one. or anyone hoping to escape to ornish co fort within easy reach of one of the uchy s ost sought after coastal towns the adstow arbour otel is a ust. But don t ust ta e our word for it give the tea a call boo your brea and discover for yourself what sets the arbour otels brand apart. For more information call 01841 532486 or visit www.harbourhotels.co.uk/padstow

uercus has recently been awarded ost eputable o e prove ent pecialists in ornwall fro the outhern nterprise wards and provides a variety of ho e i prove ent options at affordable prices. The landscaping avenue of the business allows you to transfor your garden and grounds as we hear fro owner o inic who tells us hether you have a hard or soft landscaping pro ect in ind we have the s ill and nowledge to do an excellent ob for both do estic and co ercial environ ents. s part of the landscaping service uercus can i ple ent natural stone paving water features garden design and a eovers planting sche es turfing hedging and pruning tree surgery ornish hedging and ore o if you re planning on reva ping your garden or grounds get in touch with the uercus tea today. For more information call 01637 499251 or visit www.quercuscornwall.co.uk

Thinking of letting your holiday home? We know that your holiday home is just that – a home. That’s why our local team is dedicated to managing your property with the same care and attention you would – and with tailored services to suit your needs, you can be as involved as you like.

Why not get in touch today?

Visit cornwallhideaways.co.uk Call us on 01841 508 207 ore

News & views

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cornw ll CORNWALL LIVING | 9

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News & views

Isles of Scilly Travel

A luxurious Isles of Scilly stay with Karma St. Martin’s

Located on a subtropical island of white sand beaches and crystal-clear seas, Karma St. artin s hotel redefines the luxury European escape. This exclusive island is easier to reach than ever before with ights now operating from Heathrow Airport to Newquay. Flights then link directly from Newquay airport to the Isles of Scilly. The ight is ust inutes fro ew uay on a 16-seater Skybus, after which you’ll arrive into St Mary’s airport, which is the largest island on the Isles of Scilly. From here, magic awaits! The hotel is a short boat journey from St Mary’s, giving you time to bask in the gorgeous landscape this amazing archipelago has to offer. Upon arrival to St Martin’s a member of the Karma St. Martin’s team will greet you, and so your dream holiday begins. Relax in Michelin-listed accommodation including 27 individually appointed ocean

view bedrooms, and three luxurious suites. Each bright room has attractive décor with nautical touches and adjoining rooms are available for families – the retreat even welcomes dogs! You can enjoy summer days dining al fresco in the resort’s sub-tropical gardens or have a two AA rosette dining experience in the restaurant. With either option, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking sea views, and the perfect location to capture the stunning Scilly sunset.

Keeping it in the family in Fowey Not many holiday home owners know their property’s background, however Fowey River Views owner, Neal Bennett’s great-great grandfather Captain John Bennett built the Victorian villa in 1892, along with a Ships Chandlers, which his father Ron later ran as a rocers. or ing the top two oors of the original property, River Views has an enviable location on the water’s edge of the River Fowey, overlooking the idyllic village of Bodinnick and Daphne Du Maurier’s former home ‘Ferryside’ (Daphne used to row over to collect supplies!).

Simply contact the team at Karma St. Martin’s to reserve your ocean view room or suite in one of the UK’s best-kept staycation secrets, just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall!

Fowey River Views is a tastefully decorated, two bedroo retreat ust five inutes walk away from the town’s shops and eateries. Guests love the peaceful waterside location, as it’s the perfect spot to relax and watch the boats on the river, as well as the various birdlife, seals and even the occasional pod of dolphins!

For more information call 01720 422368 or visit www.karmagroup.com

For more information call 07761 966 050 or visit www.foweyriverviews.co.uk

Carve holiday memories to last a lifetime t il inorth ottages you ll find acres of unspoilt Cornish countryside just waiting to be explored, with a glorious mix of landscaped gardens, large formal gardens and meadows. s well as self catering cottages seven of which boast their own hot tubs, there’s a tennis court and even a heated outdoor pool – perfect for the kids during the summer! nly slightly further afield you ll find heady walks along the South West Coast Path. It’s

also a great base from which to enjoy culinary Cornwall, with restaurants owned by celebrity chefs including Rick Stein, Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth all within easy reach. We recommend the Sardine Factory in Looe as well, owned and run by renowned chef Benjamin Palmer and serving a heady enu built fro the finest local produce.

pocket of idyllic Cornish countryside for yourself, be sure to give the team a call.

Kilminorth is dog friendly too, so you can holiday without the guilt of leaving your furry friend behind! To discover this beautiful

For more information email info@kilminorthcottages.co.uk or visit www.kilminorthcottages.co.uk


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The Elizabeth:

Meet the artist Joe Armstrong

built to last a lifetime

Make a statement in the bedroom with this beautiful hand-cast bed from The Cornish Bed Company. The Elizabeth combines elegance with sturdy bedposts, ornate hand castings and nickel plated bed knobs, and is guaranteed to make an impression. This Victorian style bed is made by Cornish artisans and its unique knuckle oint fixing eans it s engineered to last a lifetime. Every bed is authenticated with a serial nu ber and certificate creating a unique product for each customer. Available in brass, nickel, or customised to a colour or finish of your choice the li abeth bed is priced fro .

Visit the foundry and showroom in Par, Cornwall or the London Showroom at Paddenswick Road to discuss the full range of Cornish Beds available. For more information call 01726 812052 or visit www.cornishbeds.co.uk

Get back to nature

Joe Armstrong grew up in London where he studied Art and Design at Epsom School of Art for five years. fter wor ing in advertising for a number of years in London, Joe moved to Cornwall in 1986 and had a successful year career as a raphic esigner.

at West Kellow Yurts

West Kellow Yurts is situated in Polperro on the edge of a solar, wheat and barley farm, offering an eco-friendly yurt campsite with a wealth of great coastal walks, coves, beaches and attractions nearby. The location is probably the best feature as it’s peaceful, yet close to the village. et in a nine acre field with a sea view next to a quiet country lane, there are very few passers by and noise, in fact, it’s mainly just the local birds you’ll hear. You can rent one of the three yurts (as well as the wagon/bell tent in peak season) for two or more nights, or book the whole site with your friends and family. The site has solar panel energy sourced fro the neighbouring field and there is fresh spring water available as well as both indoor and barbeque cooking facilities.

When you’re not relaxing on the tranquil site, make the most of the local area with the pictures ue fishing village of olperro nearby as well as Looe and Fowey.

Painting however was always a long-held desire for Joe and he has since digressed into painting full-time. Joe is now showing and selling work in galleries around Cornwall and has collectors and followers around the world. “I get so excited when confronted with a blank canvas on my easel. I love utilising colour to represent natural surroundings. I also love the texture of oil paint on canvas and use a palette knife and my hands to create it, this gives my work a ore abstract and less precise finish and glad that my paintings have a vibrant and spontaneous look and feel.” Joe tells us.

For more information call 07888 841550 or visit www.westkellowyurts.com

For more information call 07955 146112 or visit www.joearmstrongart.co.uk

Find us at www.valleybrookholidays.com 4 star Self-catering Valleybrook Holidays • Peakswater • Lansallos • Looe • PL13 2QE

Peaceful, luxurious Dog friendly



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News & views Streamline your holiday home schedule

If you’re the proud owner of a holiday ho e in ornwall but find yourself rushed off your feet on changeover days, perhaps local, family run business, Holiday Home aste ollection td based in adebridge could be of service. Cornwall Council now classes holiday home waste as commercial waste, meaning it’s no longer dealt with by domestic waste carriers. To have it collected by the ouncil holiday homeowners are now required to pay and sign into onth contracts and while the Council does recommend a few other companies, their collection days unfortunately don’t always coincide with changeovers. ith this in ind oliday o e aste ollection td introduced a personable collection service to suit individual holiday home owners, offering a unique service and clean bins when guests arrive, without a binding contract, whereby owners can call up at anytime should a callout or any assistance be re uired. The tea offers collections on both the north and south coasts on different changeover days. The service includes the bags and removal of general waste, as well as glass recycling – by Cornwall

Bespoke, unique, craftsmanship Michael Jenkin has been working with bespoke furniture for over ten years, making anything fro fine furniture to custo itchens and fitted bedroo s. ith a passion for fine furniture and a love of surfing ichael founded Bespo e urf. Cullet – sending glass to Yorkshire where it s used for a ing light bulbs. ther mixed dry recyclables are sold on, while non recyclables are incinerated producing green energy that gets sent straight to the electrical grid. But that s not all they recently introduced food recycling too, adding to the long list of services available. Jennifer and her family run team can help you on an ad hoc basis or can uote for weekly collections over the course of the year, for properties of all sizes, ultimately ensuring your visitors are not greeted by rubbish bags and piles of recycling when they arrive for their holiday. Interested? Keep an eye out for Holiday o e aste ollection s new website

For more information call 01208 815060 or visit www.holidayhomewastecollection.co.uk

reating all of his wor fro start to finish from selecting the raw timber right the way through to the application and bu ng at the end of the line. The ti bers are handpic ed for the aesthetic qualities, with zero stains, dyes or paint used in the process. very product is handmade with the utmost attention to detail and passion, making each piece one of a ind. Head to the Bespoke Surf website and you’ll find a collection of uni ue surf inspired furniture and décor, a collection that’s sure to inspire you to commission your own bespoke piece. ll ade to order and with fast lead times on items, in no time at all you could have a truly personalised product that re ects you and your love of the seaside lifestyle! For more information visit www.bespokesurf.co.uk

Not just made in Britain, but made in Cornwall! ebecca and llison founded crea Cornwall in 2012; they had a vision for their brand, but a small budget to play with, so they initially made a lot of products the selves. uc ily they both have a practical background in textiles, so they set to wor screen printing making lampshades, pouring candles and creating diffusers. ince then they have branched out with other producers and are passionate about getting their products made in Cornwall, and if they

can’t get it made here, then they always loo for a anufacturer in the . The first store was opened in al outh in and a second in St Ives in 2018, where you can see the beauty and quality of the fantastic items available and take a little piece of ornwall ho e with you. ll the lovely products are also displayed on the website. For more information call 01326 317253 or visit www.creamcornwall.co.uk


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Ocean FAY R E Surrounded by the ocean on all sides but one, it’s unsurprising that Cornwall and Cornish people are deeply connected to the sea and everything it holds beneath its surface. WORDS BY


Paul Ainsworth


a. CLUP--LDN--16--Cover Feature.indd 28

06/09/2019 14:59


RIGHT Ocean inspired interiors await at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

James Ram

ê BELOW Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant provides the ultimate in coastal sophistication


ith a rich seafaring history that spans well over a millennium, before they were tin miners and smugglers, the Cornish were fisher en. ornwall sits at a ariti e crossroads with Gulf Stream currents bringing warm water species, and cooler northern currents bringing cold water species. s a result ornwall s fishing grounds are ho e to an astonishing diversity of fish shellfish and crustaceans, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the many seafood restaurants who are lucky enough to be able to pick from the incredible selection of seafood that the uchy s rich waters have to offer. ith nu erous fishing villages ports and harbours dotted around Cornwall’s coastline, so e of the ost popular fish restaurants are based in these areas. Ta e athan utlaw s two restaurants in Port Isaac for example: estaurant athan utlaw and utlaw s Fish Kitchen (nathan-outlaw.com . Both cha pion the use of ornish fish and seafood and boast views of the surrounding coastline. utlaw s ish itchen is housed within a traditional th century fisher an s cottage and provides a enu filled with uni ue dishes created from the freshest seafood landed fro the surrounding waters each day. e hear fro ead hef Ti Barnes who tells us The sea and fisher en dictate our enu and we never co pro ise on uality or sustainability. The a ority of the fish served in athan utlaw s restaurants is fro ornwall predo inantly ort saac ewlyn and ooe. ou don t need to go far to get the best crab and lobster in the world, making it a no brainer to source locally.

Rick Stein - The Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Similarly, Rick Stein has restaurants located in some of Cornwall’s most acclaimed harbour towns (rickstein.com . The eafood Restaurant in Padstow, for example, is famous for establishing an international reputation for the freshest fish and shellfish often landed on the doorstep. hef irector ac tein tells us The local fishing industry is essential to everything we do, without the we wouldn t be here. The fisher en provide us with great uality seafood we coo it si ply there s nothing better. adstow based fisher an ohnny urt has a close relationship with Stein’s and ventures out of the Camel Estuary and towards Trevose ead or ort saac for his catch. hen it co es to fishing he has this to say hen the weather s good and your fishing is good there isn t a ob in the world that can touch it.


Fresh prawns served at The Cornish Arms in St Merryn

David Griffen

MAIN Mouth-watering Porthilly oysters grown in the Camel Estuary and served at The Mariners Public House in Rock

Rick Stein - The Cornish Arms


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Steven Joyce


Prawn on the Lawn

Prawn on the Lawn is also based in Padstow and is both a fully licensed fish onger and a restaurant (prawnonthelawn.com . roviding exceptional seafood sourced from around ornwall you can en oy a sit down eal or ta e your fish away to prepare at ho e. s a measure of its fabulous fayre, Prawn on the Lawn was featured in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide and was listed in the Sunday Times’ Top estaurants for . This restaurant and fish onger provides the perfect spot to snap up something tasty for dinner, or sample dishes prepared by the talented itchen tea . The daily changing enu relies on what the fisher en have hauled in that morning and is made up of s all plates as well as whole fish and shellfish straight fro the counter. wners ic and atie Toogood tell us e focus on being as seasonal and sustainable as possible, so nearly all of our seafood is sourced fro ornwall. e have our fisher en ohnny urt and his brother artin who are th generation fisher en based in adstow and who supply us with crab lobster ac erel and pollac . e also source day boat fish fro ewlyn and t ves further down the coast. To ensure that we’re offering the freshest seafood, our menu at Prawn on the Lawn changes daily, as it’s very much dependent on what catch the fisher en bring in that day.

TOP Beautifully presented seafood at Prawn on the Lawn MIDDLE Contemporary interiors make the restaurant a great place to enjoy your meal

LEFT Shellfish doesn't get fresher than this

Prawn on the Lawn

RIGHT Stunning Porthilly oysters

Located across the Camel Estuary in Rock you ll find The ariners ublic ouse re launched by aul and a insworth in ay this year paul-ainsworth.co.uk . The pub looks out over the Camel Estuary and offers an all-day menu using the exceptional local produce that ornwall has to offer. aul tells us: “In my opinion, Cornwall produces the best oysters in the world. The very best however are orthilly oysters. oc hellfish is run by Ti arshall and his son u e and they re based in orthilly on the a el stuary. Ti and his family started out as dairy farmers, then years ago diversified into shellfish. Their oysters lay on beds in the clean sandy waters of the Camel Estuary meaning there’s a good ratio between saltiness (from the sea) and freshwater fro the river . This produces a beautifully plump oyster with a creamy, fresh and al ost buttery avour. e are so luc y to have such a uni ue product on our doorstep and at The ariners you can en oy these world-class oysters while looking over exactly where they ca e fro ust yards away.

Paul Ainsworth


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| COVER FEATURE The Mussel Shoal

Megan Searle

Megan Searle

These are so e of ornwall s ost well established seafood restaurants, headed by world-renowned chefs and sourcing seafood fro local ornish waters. ere at Cornwall Living, we like to keep an eye on the up and coming restaurants as well and two that have caught our attention over the last few onths are The ussel hoal The Mussel Shoal) located here in Porthleven (where our head uarters are based and i Boyle s new restaurant in Falmouth (nikboyle.com .

Megan Searle

The Mussel Shoal

The Mussel Shoal

We all looked on as the wooden hut that houses The ussel hoal was constructed at the beginning of the summer season, and was subse uently filled with a brilliant selection of local drin s and an offering of fresh seafood. The location on the harbour head is si ply stunning, as you can watch the tide slowly rise and fall and witness the mussels arrive, ready to be prepared by the friendly team of staff. ounded by local elvin Batt The ussel Shoal aims to provide exceptional seafood in a relaxed, rustic environment right on the water s edge. atching up with elvin he tells us orthleven has so e a a ing fine dining eateries, what I wanted to do was introduce something a little different and a bit more laid bac . e have a s all itchen so we encourage people to co e and en oy the view our by line is fun not fine dining and that s the ind of at osphere we li e to pro ote. The tea source all the fish locally using ussels fro The ornish hellfish o pany based in wee and the rest of the fish fro t ves. t s safe to say that they’ve had an amazing season so far and are constantly looking at ways to continue to i prove the custo er experience. The location and nature of the business eans it’s only open during the summer season, so make sure to head down and make the most of the beautiful views and delicious offering of seafood before it closes for the winter!


Salt and pepper squid served harbourside

LEFT The rustic ambiance creates a relaxed atmosphere within which to enjoy your food

DISCOVER MORE Catch at Mawgan Porth also comes highly recommended: a stylish beach house restaurant located next to the beach at Mawgan Porth. (catchmawganporthbeach. co.uk)


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Falmouth from the air

Aerial Cornwall

Lizzie Churchill


Xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Nik Boyle


Perfectly balanced meals await at Restaurant Nik Boyle

RIGHT Attention to detail is key


Delicious Cornish Lobster Mac and Cheese, available to order online

Fish for Thought

The harbour town of al outh lends itself entirely to en oying a fish dish alongside a refreshing tipple. The bu ing town has a great selection of bars and restaurants, and recently opened estaurant i Boyle has caught our eye thanks to its high-end offering of carefully crafted dishes. hat stands out to us is the use of locally sourced produce throughout the menu, featuring Falmouth bay lobster and scallops south coast ha e fillet Helford river oysters and Porthleven day boat turbot. t s great to see a restaurant co it to supporting the local fishing industry and we love the fact that the provenance of the food is ade explicitly clear it a es it that uch ore en oyable to now you re eating seafood that s been landed ust a stone s throw fro the restaurant. nother business that stands out is ish or Thought fishforthought.co.u . arrying the expertise and personal service of a traditional fish onger with the speed and convenience of online shopping and direct delivery, Fish For Thought provides unbeatably fresh ornish seafood delivered to your door. The co pany also provides healthy and convenient fish and sauce packages so that you can create a delicious eal with the freshest fish. e want to inspire more people to cook and en oy incredible seafood and a happy healthy lifestyle says owner aul Trudgian.

Nik Boyle

Fish for Thought


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iving.co.u su scri e

Aerial Cornwall.

Aerial Cornwall

Goldolphin Arms

ungry for ore hec out athan utlaw s rub lub by visiting our i eo page! www.vimeo.com ornwa


DISCOVER MORE Experience more of Cornwall’s delectable foodie scene: • Tim’s Place - Wadebridge • Hooked on the Rocks - Falmouth • Catch - Mawgan Porth • Greens of Padstow - Padstow • Kahuna - Newquay • Kota - Porthleven • Merchants Manor - Falmouth • Penrose Kitchen - Truro • The Square - Porthleven • The Hidden Hut - Portscatho • Goldolphin Arms - Marazion

upporting ornwall s age old fishing industry is hugely important, so that it can continue to thrive and prosper. This extends not only to restaurants sourcing their fish locally but to the care and support of fisher en generally which is why The isher en s ission charity was founded to provide a lifeline of welfare and support to fisher en and their fa ilies (fishermensmission.org.u . ecognised as one of the UK’s most dangerous occupations, it s i portant that fisher en are supported to continue to provide fish to ornwall s restaurants and maintain the tradition of fishing in our coastal county. The support of the fishing industry extends to restaurants sourcing their fish locally and you the custo er choosing to eat local fish. ead to a local fish ongers or order your fish fro co panies li e ish or Thought to do your bit to support ornwall s fishing industry. It’s worth it for the taste alone, as well as being crucial for the future of the industry!

t isn t ust hu ans who eat well here in ornwall To prove it as part of our usual array of fantastic Cornish competitions, we're giving you the chance to win £200 worth of natural orthglade dog food. To see everything that s up for grabs this onth turn to page . Remember, you have to be in it to win it! nter now at www. ornwall living.co.u Terms & conditions apply

Courtesy of Anna Photography www.anna-photography.co.uk

Hidden Hut - Portscatho

Miles Carden

Fishing boats at Padstow

Enter now at

• www.cornwa



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Rock Newq uay






S t I ves

B odmin S t Austell


Penz ance

A Grade II listed manor house with 18 acres of private parkland, landscaped gardens and woodland.


irst mentioned in 1306, the former monastic land at Truthan was an important medieval settlement and from the 16th century it was the seat of various owners who were the High Sheriffs of Cornwall. Truthan Manor is an incredibly impressive Grade II listed property, with a rich and detailed history as a residence to some of Cornwall’s most important families. The main pillared entrance is west facing an ed by th century bay windows with elongated sash windows and crenelated parapets. The property has many period features such as dado rails, ornate cornicing, and an archway and original turning staircase – and that’s just the hallway. Leading off from the hall is the drawing roo sitting roo itchen rear porch and access to the unique vaulted wine cellar. The drawing room has triple aspect box bay windows with shutters and window seats that loo out onto the garden and towards the la e. There is an open fireplace with a slate hearth, perfect to curl up in front of with a good boo and a cup of tea as you enjoy the peace and tranquillity that is instilled than s to the high ceilings and gorgeous countryside views. door lin s the drawing room to the formal dining room, which has oa panelling another open fireplace and south facing windows with views over the gardens and par land. The informal and contemporary sitting roo in ects a odern in uence into the property as does the itchen and brea fast

room with high-quality NEFF appliances and a four oven wood fired . There is also a door to the rear courtyard so you have the option to dine al fresco. As you ascend the stairs it’s hard not to feel li e lord or lady of the anor as the original handrail and balustrade leads you past the large arched window at the half landing and up to the bedrooms. The master bedroom has sash windows and shutters with a window seat that boasts views out towards the garden; it also boasts a private dressing room with full width fitted wardrobes. There’s also an adjoining two-bedroom cottage with separate external access, which a es an ideal opportunity for the discerning buyer to utilise for additional space or income. ith a pool terrace and itchen garden it ll be hard to find a reason to leave Truthan Manor however, when you can tear yourself away its convenient location ust five minutes away from Truro means you have access to the city’s great selection of eateries, boutique shops, cafés, restaurants, schools and gardens. For more information and to see this beautiful period home for yourself, get in touch with the Savills team.


INFORMATION First sale for 20 y ears S mall p rivate estate C lose to T ruro O riginal features Attached two-bedroom cottage Landscap ed grounds of 18 acres Private lake and tennis court E ight bedrooms S wimming p ool in secluded walled terrace

GUIDE PRICE: £3,000,000


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


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PENROSE FARM A unique country house set within 14 acres of private land and enjoying beautiful far-reaching views.


enrose Farm is a stunning country house blending originality with conte porary touches and is finished in an appealing classic style. Nestled in the historic village of Bisland, a favourite of poet Sir John Betjeman, the property en oys a south facing tra c free location tucked away from view and well away from the humdrum of everyday life. It also commands a wonderful setting with glorious wooded views towards the Camel Valley and Shell Woods, making it every bit the Cornish retreat. Understood to originate from around 1560 and having undergone a thorough yet incredibly sympathetic scheme of renovation, modernisation and extension works since 2013, Penrose Farm now perfectly blends originality, charm and character with conte porary ourishes.

The accommodation is generous, elegant and uni ue. The ground oor includes a beautifully appointed family kitchen with agstone granite oors a six oven ga a central island and window seat. Directly opposite is the snug with its wood burner and leading off from the kitchen is the modern extension, which blends in perfectly with the original external stone and slate. Bi fold doors open out to the garden and the roo en oys the ost wonderful west facing valley views. The separate sitting room is defined by the original ceiling ouldings and this charming room leads to the library, which serves as a link to the games/family


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Penrose Farm 2.00.indd 36

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roo with its double height vaulted ceiling and adjacent TV room. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom arranged across the first oor with the aster bedroo suite comprising a dressing room, bedroom and su ptuous en suite bathroo with a centrally positioned roll top bath. There is also a ‘hidden’ bathroom situated above bedroom three that enables each bedroom on the iddle oor to have its own bathroom. There are two further bedrooms and a bathroo on the second oor perfect as a children’s hideaway. The natural light throughout the property and charming outlook from the vast majority of the accommodation adds to the huge appeal at Penrose. Outside, the gardens extend to around 14 acres with mature shrubs and well tended lawns providing plenty of areas in which to relax, dine, play and explore, with the heated pool and pavilion (games room, changing room and finishing the outside space perfectly.

Situated on the western edge of Bodmin Moor, Bisland is positioned just a short drive fro the and the agnificent north coast, featuring the breathtaking Camel Estuary with the famous Camel Cycle Trail winding along its shores, alongside the agnificent stretch of rugged coastline including the acclaimed Seven Bays, Rock, Polzeath and Port Isaac. The riverside town of Wadebridge is also just eight miles away and has a good range of shops, restaurants and schools. The Camel Trail, just one mile away, links Bodmin and Wadebridge to the waterside town of Padstow via the beautiful cycle path and there are golf courses at St Enodoc, Trevose and Lanhydrock. ll in all enrose ar pro otes the ost idyllic country lifestyle in a convenient location, presenting an opportunity that’s hard to pass up for the discerning buyer.

INFORMATION Long driveway ap p roach H eated swimming p ool with p avilion Formal and wide gardens, p addocks and woodland M aster bedroom suite Four additional bedrooms Four bathrooms C onservatory Around 14 acres G rade I I listed

Rock Newq uay



S t I ves



ll B odmin

S t Austell Penz ance


GUIDE PRICE: £1,650,000


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Penrose Farm 2.00.indd 37

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S t I ves



Rock Newq uay



ll B odmin

S t Austell Penz ance

An extremely impressive and beautifully presented farmhouse just minutes from the highly regarded harbour town of Fowey.


ocated within two miles of the beautiful harbour town of Fowey, Little Pinnock sits centrally within its own gardens and grounds, enjoying complete privacy and a quiet rural setting. A long private drive leads down from the road through one of the four connecting paddocks that belong to the property. The farmhouse itself enjoys a southerly aspect and is surrounded by mature and well planted gardens including terraces, lawns, herbaceous beds and a host of shrubs and ornamental trees, including magnolia, roses, acers and hydrangeas. From the front lawn a path leads down through the enchanting lost gardens of Little Pinnock. Completely restored by the current owners, Little Pinnock comprises the original far house along with a agnificent odern extension and all roo s en oy fine views over the surrounding gardens five acres of land and surrounding woodland. The beautifully spacious kitchen enjoys dual aspect French doors that open onto the garden. From the reception area, an internal hall leads to the study and elegant sitting roo with an open fireplace and an adjoining dining room with a woodburner. pstairs you ll find two bathroo s three bedrooms and an impressive master en-suite with a dressing area and a full-width Juliet balcony. Fowey is situated on the western banks at the mouth of the eponymous river, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Set in the middle of the south Cornish coastline between Mevagissey and Looe, Fowey plays host to a number of major cultural and maritime events including the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature, and the Fowey Royal Regatta. Whilst Fowey remains a working deep water port, it is also the perfect cruising base from which to explore the beautiful harbours and creeks of the West Country and is one of the finest sailing destinations along the south coast. Throughout the

INFORMATION S p acious ex tended farmhouse Four bedrooms T hree recep tion rooms T rip le asp ect master bedroom suite Four bath/ shower rooms Magnificent open p lan kitchen and living sp ace

summer the harbour teems with boating activity, from competitive racing to large gaff-rigged wooden yachts and visiting cruise liners. The town itself is rich in amenities with all manner of shops, boutiques, bars, delicatessens and restaurants. It also has its own doctors and dental surgery, as well as a library, primary and secondary school. Further amenities are available at St Austell and Bodmin, whilst Truro city is the administrative centre of the county. Little Pinnock Farm provides buyers with the chance to invest in a secluded and tranquil corner of Cornwall to call their own. With spacious rooms, a desirable location and gorgeous land, ideal for those who love animals, it’s a lovely home and one that is well worth visiting to appreciate in person.


Five acres of gardens and p addocks M ature and p rivate gardens Large detached barn with stables

GUIDE PRICE: £1,150,000


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


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CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Little Pinnock Farm 2.00 v2.indd 37

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CLUP--LDN--16--ED--5 Stratton Terrace 2.00.indd 36

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Positioned within a highly sought-after terrace in the coastal town of Falmouth.


umber 5 Stratton Terrace is a Grade II listed property situated on Falmouth’s Greenbank within a charming and short walk to town. The exceptional period home enjoys superb views over the constant boating activity of Falmouth harbour and beyond. The elevated position makes the most of the far-reaching river, countryside and harbour views as does the reverse-level accommodation, with an open-plan living room and kitchen area with gorgeous river views. The living roo area is defined by two large sash windows with window seats to the front, a wood burner with slate hearth and ornate surround, detailed cornicing and picture rails. Dating back to the early 1800s, there is a wonderful combination of traditional period elegance blending with conte porary finishes throughout the property. The itchen has been finished to an exceptionally high standard and features a central island with an inset sink. There is an abundance of natural light and French doors leading to the patio outside. With up to four bedrooms, this property is ideal for families, especially considering its prime location for accessing everything that Falmouth has to offer, including schools and all manner of recreational activities. The master bedroom is a particular feature, complete with full-width fitted wardrobes and fine views over the front garden and of the water. The en-suite bedroo on the top oor is also i pressive currently used as a study/guest bedroom and also enjoying stunning water views. utside you ll find a professionally landscaped rear garden, and a private lawned front garden. The property is set back from the road and is defined by an i pressive and blosso ing udas tree a rarity in al outh. A pathway extends along the side of the property and provides plenty of storage space for kayaks, bikes and boards. The rear garden

Rock Newq uay


S t I ves





ll B odmin

S t Austell Penz ance

features a series of terraces and well-stocked beds providing texture, scent and colour. Enjoying all-day sun, the terraces and patio provide the perfect area for al fresco dining whilst admiring glimpses of the water. In regards to the location, Stratton Terrace is known for its peace and tranquillity and enjoys the most beautiful views of the river and across to Flushing. The location is perfect to access the town, and the walk towards Falmouth’s vibrant centre must surely be one of the most picturesque in the West Country. Falmouth lies at the entrance to the Carrick Roads, a beautiful estuary bordered by countryside that’s renowned for its world-class sailing waters. These are home to a variety of sheltered anchorages and yacht marinas, ideal for those with a passion for being on the water. Falmouth also has beautiful sandy, south-facing beaches and a buzzing community with a variety of restaurants, bars, cafés and a great events calendar. Annual events include Falmouth Week, the highly anticipated Oyster Festival and the Sea Shanty Festival. Falmouth is also home to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and several universities, including Exeter Cornwall Campus and Falmouth University. Located within a buzzing university town right next to some of the best sailing waters in the world, a variety of beaches and the South West Coast Path; Falmouth a highly-desirable location and 5 Stratton Terrace couldn’t be better positioned to make the most of everything it has to offer.


INFORMATION S up erb location Far-reaching river, country side and harbour views S hort walk to town E levated p osition U p to four bedrooms Reverse-level accommodation G rade I I listed Well-kep t gardens B eautiful op en-p lan living H ighly sought-after terrace

GUIDE PRICE: £685,000


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


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CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Cadson Manor 2.00.indd 36

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Rock Newq uay



S t I ves



ll B odmin

S t Austell

A beautiful manor house and small estate boasting panoramic countryside and Lynher Valley views.

he east wing at Cadson Manor has been traced back to the 13th century although an original residence is believed to far precede this. Several extensions have been added including the substantial Georgian front and west wing, which provides either an attached self-contained annexe or further integral accommodation to the main house. The property is accessed via a gated private driveway that meanders through the extensive grounds, featuring well-maintained lawned gardens, with approximately 24 acres of pasture, including a pond. The formal gravelled driveway approaches the Wisteria clad entrance of Cadston Manor. The first thing you ll notice upon entering the property is the beautiful high ceilings with intricate cornice coving and the agstone oor which runs through to the formal dining room with its impressive stone fireplace and sash windows. Period characteristics such as these feature throughout the property; the sitting room has a beautiful ceiling rose that complements the cornice coving and an talian arble pillared fire surround with a slate hearth that radiates class and sophistication. The triple aspect kitchen has recently been updated with a central island, handmade bespoke cupboards with granite wor surfaces and an oil fired Rayburn Royal cooker, creating a stunning room perfect for cooking up a storm and entertaining friends and family. pstairs you ll find four luxurious bedrooms, one of which is en suite, each enjoying either countryside or garden views. The landing continues along the length of the east wing to the large family bathroom, which features a roll top clawfoot freestanding bath and separate shower. Further along the landing is another bedroom with an en suite that overlooks the side lawns.


Penz ance

The west wing annexe provides the exibility of extending the main accommodation, or having it as a private self-contained residence and additional income opportunity, boasting two double bedrooms, one en suite and a family bathroom. The estate enjoys stunning views across the Lynher Valley and adjoins the rugged and unspoilt Cadson Bury, an Iron Age hill-fort. Situated in Callington between Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor National Park – both designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and providing miles of stunning moorland to explore – Cadson Manor is ideally located to explore this acclaimed area of ornwall within an hour s drive of both coasts. In short, it represents a spacious and beautiful home, perfect for the discerning buyer seeking a tranquil slice of Cornwall with easy access to the best Cornwall and south Devon have to offer.


INFORMATION 13 th century manor house S mall country estate S even bedrooms Flex ible annex e accommodation O utstanding country side views S ecluded rural setting Large p ond

GUIDE PRICE: £1,350,000


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Cadson Manor 2.00.indd 37

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WEST CORNWALL WONDERS We take a look at some of Savills’ most impressive properties situated on Cornwall’s mesmerising west coast.


ê BELOW Kilter House combines original character with modern luxury

he west coast of Cornwall is known for its beautiful coastal walks, crystal clear waters and idyllic fishing villages. ith the i ard peninsula t ichael s ount and ount s Bay defining the coastline the west coast presents a wealth of things to do and places to visit. The i ard peninsula presents the opportunity to explore a wild landscape full of ora and fauna hidden coves and pictures ue villages. ocated near to the market town of Helston, Church Cove has a beautiful sandy beach and rocky inlet to explore.

Nestled nearby, in a rural location with easy reach of overac village and the sea you ll find ilter ouse a char ing four bedroo eorgian far house which has recently undergone an exceptional refurbish ent. hile there is still a wealth of original features throughout the ho e the acco odation spread over four bedroo s and three bathroo s provides a ple space to eet the de ands of odern fa ily living. The living roo is a pleasure to spend ti e in with its recessed fireplace and wood burner while the generous itchen and dining roo has been fitted with bespo e hand ade units. utside the private garden is around three uarters of an acre. Guide price: £850,000 ituated between en ance and t ves ust a short distance fro and s nd is orthcurno an oasis of stunning natural beauty. The beach has gorgeous soft white sand tur uoise waters and is an ed by deep green cliffs creating an overall picture that isn t far fro any people s perception of paradise.


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--West Country Wonders 2.00 v2.indd 36

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ê BELOW Cove View, filled with lights and boasting incredible views

bove the beach is an apart ent building that affords exceptional sea views. The enthouse is located on the top oor and co prises three bedroo s and a guest bathroo . t benefits fro particularly light and airy accommodation and has a balcony leading off fro the itchen providing the perfect spot to en oy a glass of so ething chilled as you watch the sun descend. Guide price: £565,000 lso for sale in this building is ove iew another light and bright apart ent with two double bedroo s a balcony and a designated par ing space. The apart ent benefits fro awe inspiring scenery easy access to the beach and close proxi ity to everything that west ornwall has to offer. The area is fast developing as a culinary and sporting ecca with any highly acclai ed restaurants located in en ance t ves ousehole and ennen. eanwhile co petitive dinghy sailing wind surfing and ite surfing are synony ous with ount s Bay. Guide price: £300,000

The gorgeous harbour town of t ves is renowned for its exceptional uality of light and has been ho e to any artists of international fa e. The Barbara epworth useu and Tate t ves spearhead a vibrant art scene with a s attering of other s aller galleries and bouti ue shops dotted throughout the town. Then there are the beaches. t ves is surrounded by beaches with soft white sand and some of clearest waters you ll find anywhere in ornwall including orth eor orth inster arbis Bay and orth idney. u ber at wel artin provides you with the opportunity to access everything that t ves has to offer fro a beautiful base on the water s edge. o anding sensational panora ic sea views fro t ves in the west across towards t gnes and beyond for anyone loo ing for so ething truly special in the t ves area with interior uality seldo seen in ornwall this apart ent will prove to be an exceptional opportunity. ith two bedroo s situated to the rear of the apart ent the hotel-style master bedroom suite features a concealed sliding door that opens into a truly uni ue en suite bathroo wet roo . very detail of u ber is entirely bespo e fro the design of the layout to the finishing touches furniture and fittings. Guide price: £595,000 f you re interest has been pi ued by any of the properties listed above then a e sure to get in touch with the avills tea and discover ornwall s stunning west coast for yourself.


The views from Penthouse's terrace – perfect for a spot of al fresco dining!


Number 5 in St Ives


73 Lemon Street, Truro TR1 2PN 01872 243200 cornwall@savills.com www.savills.co.uk


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--West Country Wonders 2.00 v2.indd 37

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Rock Newq uay



S t I ves



ll B odmin

S t Austell Penz ance

RETALLACK RESORT Part of a brand-new development of holiday homes at Retallack Resort and Spa, these on-site luxury lodges introduce a new level of holiday home accommodation to Cornwall and are the epitome of coastal cool.

INFORMATION E legant interiors E n-suite bathrooms H ot tubs included as standard T wo, three and four-bedroom op tions 9 9 9 y ear lease T en-y ear I C W guarantee C omp uter generated images are rep resentative and subj ect to change


he elegant interiors have been put together by Notting Hill interior designers, House Nine, who were responsible for the lavish surroundings at Gara Rock, Aria Resorts’ award-winning hotel in Salcombe. Expect on-trend styling, sumptuous furnishings and an exceptional finish. Luxury comes as standard in these unique properties with en-suite bathrooms, chic outdoor living spaces and a hot tub for you to slip into after a long day at the beach. The four-bedroom lodges have a show stopping, two-tier roof terrace – perfect for entertaining or sitting back and watching the sun dip down below the trees. Choose from a two, three or four-bedroom option, with a few lakeside settings and views still available. The first phase of the carefully conceived development will be completed this autumn, with new owners able to enjoy Christmas in Cornwall in their own cosy holiday home. Enjoy resort life with easy access to the on-resort spa, leisure club, restaurant and extensive water sports activities, with more exciting facilities planned for 2020, including restaurants and retail spaces. The location couldn’t be better for those who want to be central to all that Cornwall has to offer. North coast gems such as Padstow, Wadebridge and Newquay are all within easy

reach, and the site’s central location is perfect for exploring further afield and for transport links, including Newquay Airport. A managed letting service is on hand to enable you to easily earn money from your holiday home, and investment buying options are available for qualifying individuals. Be the first to view the finished show homes at this exciting new development at an exclusive launch event on 28th and 29th September. Contact Aria Resorts to secure your VIP invite.




Retallack Resort and Spa, Winnards Perch, TR9 6DE 01637 882402 sales@retallack.co.uk www.retallackcornwall.co.uk


CLUP--LDN--16--ED--Peter Bull Resort/Aria Resorts--1.00 v2.indd 2

06/09/2019 11:41


JULIOTS WELL IS PERFECTLY LOCATED AT THE GATEWAY TO CORNWALL AND JUST A FEW MILES FROM IDYLLIC COASTAL TOWNS AND VILLAGES SUCH AS PADSTOW, TINTAGEL AND NEWQUAY. Owning a holiday lodge at Juliots Well offers the ultimate lifestyle experience. Why not come to one of our open days, view our show lodges and experience all the benefits and advantages of holiday home ownership for yourself. P P P P P P

Idyllic countryside views Complimentary golf at Bowood Golf Club Free and unlimited hi-speed WiFi Fully managed letting scheme Full 12 month holiday season No stamp duty and no conveyancing fees


Work has commenced on our new leisure facility, including heated indoor pool, gym and coffee lounge.





Untitled-7 1






01840 298 596

JULIOTSWELL.CO.UK *Terms and conditions apply – Please contact park for full details.

23/08/2019 12:09

MOVING TO CORNWALL? • Weekly service to & from London and all surrounding counties • Full & Part Loads • Containerised Storage

NEWQUAY 01637 872529

• Supply of cartons & packing materials • Professionally trained, uniformed staff • Family firm established over 45 years • LEZ Compliant Vehicles

TRURO 01872 263373

Memb No: C001


Creekside Cottages Near Falmouth, Cornwall

Situated by the wooded creeks around the Falmouth Estuary and the sailing waters of the Carrick Roads, we offer a fine collection of individual waters edge, rural and village cottages sleeping from 2-8 persons. Whatever the time of year, there is always something happening that makes Cornwall special; perfect for family and friends.

Contact us via 01326 375972 or martin@creeksidecottages.co.uk www.creeksidecottages.co.uk

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NEW TO THE MARKET Situated in the desirable west Cornish village of Lelant near St Ives, a collection of eight new executive homes are about to go on sale. é TOP These fabulous new homes need seeing to be believed


uilt by award-winning Cornish developer, Gilbert & Goode, the four bedroom homes at the Lannanta Forge development have been built as part of a wider scheme of 21 new homes in the area. The company has upheld the high standards they’ve become synonymous with, building the homes to a high specification using locally sourced aterials and offering both traditional and reverse living accommodation across these spacious new properties, each of which is designed to maximise its countryside position and views of the coast. As a location, it’s no surprise that Lelant is one of the most sought after in the area; it’s close to the Cornish coast and within easy reach of highly coveted locations including t ves and arbis Bay whilst benefitting from access to great local schools, supermarkets, a pub and fabulous leisure facilities. The village also has excellent transport links including its own railway station, less than half a mile distant. “Lannanta Forge sits in the most superb location,” explains Gilbert & Goode’s Sales Coordinator, Emma Coltham. “Whether you’re looking for your dream family home, or are searching for an investment property in west Cornwall, these contemporary homes offer beautiful living spaces to suit a modern lifestyle.”

Starting at £634,950, the houses offer bespo e fully fitted itchens featuring a quality range of NEFF appliances and under oor heating throughout plus an integrated double garage with off-road par ing. f you d li e to find out ore and take a tour of one of the development’s show homes, why not give the team at Countrywide in St Ives a call? Take it from us – these gorgeous homes by the sea really need seeing to be believed.


Beautifully realised interiors


01726 64 800 sales@gilbertandgoode.co.uk www.gilbertandgoode.co.uk

MILLER COUNTRYWIDE T regenna H ill, S t I ves T R26 1S E 0173 6 200025 www.millercountry wide.co.uk

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Doon Williams


THE SEARCH IS ON Finding your dream home can absorb a lot of your time, so why not let the experts do it for you? TOP é Stacks specialise in off-market houses RIGHT ì View from a clifftop house successfully bought by Stacks in 2019 INSET ì Georgian farmhouse overlooking the Camel Estuary, privately acquired summer 2019


tacks Property Search are experienced and professional search agents who can help you find the best property in Cornwall, saving you hours on the computer and fewer wasted journeys to view unsuitable houses. We hear from Cornwall Regional Director Clare Coode who tells us: “People often mistake us for estate agents, but in fact we are totally independent. We work exclusively for buyers, finding houses to suit every need shortlisting the offering a video viewing service and organising e cient personal viewings in Cornwall. With our extensive network of local contacts we often buy property before it even reaches the open market, giving an incalculable advantage to our clients.” The benefits of this are easy to i agine first and foremost it means that Stacks provide a service that is completely tailored to you, the buyer, rather than favouring the interests of the seller. They take the majority of the stress and hassle of searching for a house off your hands and leave you with the fun bit – choosing your favourite. With close contacts in estate agencies and across the county, Stacks often know of properties that are privately available. Clare elaborates: “The most recent two deals I did were both off-market – a spectacular clifftop house which we were offered exclusively by niche local agent John Bray, and a Georgian farmhouse with extensive barns and 50

acres of land which I heard about on the local grapevine. There are currently some absolutely incredible houses which are quietly for sale that I am very excited about for my current clients. Discretion is a big part of the job, and I always protect the privacy of both buyers and sellers when required.” But finding houses is only half the ob. nce a perfect house has been found, Stacks do extensive due diligence on the property to find out the bac story and offer expert advice on value before negotiating with the estate agents to ensure the optimum circumstances for the sale. nce the offer has been accepted tac s will guide you through the inefield of surveys solicitors and paperwork that property acquisition requires, right up until exchange of contracts. Even once your property is secured they will continue to assist by recommending and liaising with local tradesmen, suppliers and removers and will be on hand to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, providing an all-encompassing property acquisition service that takes the stress out of buying a house in Cornwall.


079 3 0 3 4 64 71 | clarecoode@stacks.co.uk stackscornwall_ p rop erty search www.stacks.co.uk/ stacks-cornwall


Clare Coode

DISCOVER MORE REASONS TO USE A BUYING AGENT • Save time and stress • Find ‘secret’ houses that others haven’t heard about • Expert advice in a confusing market • Establish the true value of a property • Experienced, informed negotiation • Taken seriously by estate agents • Detailed local knowledge

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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For 100 years now, Glanvilles has been part of the fabric and landscape of the historic town of Wadebridge.


saddler by trade, Ernest Glanville Senior, returning home from the Great War full of hope for the future, began visiting local farms to mend harnesses, taking selected ironmongery and household goods with hi . This edgling business grew and in the 1930s three cottages in Polmorla Road were purchased and Glanville & Sons was born. Today’s customer base is far wider with people travelling from both ends of the country and seasonal visitors seeing the ‘Glanville experience’ as part of their family’s annual tradition. “Today’s Glanvilles bears little resemblance to those early days, apart from our continued belief in customer service and quality,” explains Glanvilles’ Marketing Assistant, Liz de Selincourt. “Rosie has taken over the reins from her parents, Charles and Brigitte Glanville, to develop a much-respected cookware and housewares shop downstairs specialising in premium brands for amateur cooks and professionals alike.” Meanwhile upstairs, Guy de Selincourt has established one of the most comprehensive lighting departments in the south west. “Glanvilles Lighting stands for quality and an eye for design. We have plenty of choice, both in our showroom

and in stock, whether you’re looking for a vintage, industrial, modern contemporary or nautical look,” Guy tells us. “As we look to the future," explains Rosie Hamm, “and see increasing numbers of customers embracing the sea-change in thinking about the environment – to address waste, pollution and the use of chemicals – we buy from British manufacturers (whenever possible), offering products that last and those made from ethically produced, natural or recycled materials. We source products from companies making positive environmental contributions, like tree planting and ocean clean-up schemes, so that we can help meet this demand.” If you're thinking about home improvement, why not pop in and see Glanvilles’ extensive range of housewares and lighting for yourself?

é ABOVE Glanvilles of Wadebridge celebrates a century of business this year!

GLANVILLES OF WADEBRIDGE Polmorla Road, Wadebridge PL27 7NA 01208 812860 sales@glanvillesofwadebridge.co.uk glanvillesofwadebridge www.glanvillesofwadebridge.co.uk

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Unit 38 • Threemilestone Ind Est • Truro • Cornwall • UK • TR4 9LD T: 01872 240909 • F: 01872 240990 • E: info@future-kitchens.net

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PICTURE PERFECT PADSTOW Introducing the newest stunning addition to the Harbour collection. Enjoy mesmerising views of the Camel estuary while enjoying the locally-sourced delights of Padstow from our kitchen, bar & terrace. It’s the perfect location to enjoy this wonderful corner of Cornwall before retiring to one of our stunning rooms for a well-earned snooze. Sounds absolutely perfect.

Telephone: 01841 532486 Email: padstow@harbourhotels.co.uk Station Rd, Padstow PL28 8DB www.harbourhotels.co.uk/padstow

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Newquay's Number One Specialist Surf School

| Premium Facilities | Pro Coaches | Top Quality Equipment | Open All Year | Beginners to Advanced |

35 Fore Street, Newquay. TR7 1HD

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+44(0)7810 805624


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The Ultimate Lifestyle By The Sea


Exclusively YOURS

Escape from a busy world at Merchants Manor Hotel & Spa


A D U LT O N LY • B O U T I Q U E R E T R E AT • G O U R M E T D I N I N G • E C O - C O N S C I O U S a. CLUP--B&B--15--ED--Merchants Manor Supp--Cover FINAL CHOICE.indd 65

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A grown up get away come for the cookery, stay for the service.

Exclusively for grown-ups, we’re proud to provide a bespoke, guilt-free experience that balances indulgence with rejuventation. FINE DINING AT RASTELLA



Led by Chef Patron Hylton Espey, Rastella Restaurant is one of only four in Cornwall to be awarded 3 AA Rosettes!

Take time out in our Linen Rooms Spa, where our Temple Spa Therapists will lead you on the path to inner peace.

Choose between sumptuous hotel suites and five-star, self-catering residences complete with private hot tubs.

01326 312734 | merchantsmanor.com

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In partnership with


www. m e rc h ant s m anor. c om info@merchantsmanor.com 1 Western T errace, Falmouth, C ornwall, T R11 4 Q J

F or all e x c lu s i v e d e als , d i s c ou nt e d rat e s or b ook i ng e nq u i ri e s p le as e c all 0 1 3 2 6 3 1 2 7 3 4

to Cornwall Living’s grown-up getaway


elcome to our special Cornwall Living supplement, dedicated to one of the south west’s best boutique hotels and spa for grown-ups only, Merchants Manor – set atop the hills of Falmouth overlooking the secluded bays and creeks of the Cornish riviera. The hotel has carved out quite the name for itself since being acquired by couple Nick and Sioned back in 2012. Returning this country house by the sea to its roots, the hotel places a focus on adult-only escapes, with an emphasis on warm service, outstanding food and drink, creating a guilt-free, recharging getaway thanks to its eco credentials. The decision to create a hotel for grown-ups, removing the function room (yes, no parties disturbing your experience) and creating a hub for food, drink and service was a bold move, but one that sees many oc ing bac each year. Meeting with Sioned, the driving force behind the guest experience is fascinating. She explains the decision to do things differently. The standard reception desk, which can be seen as creating a barrier, has been replaced by a partnership with o t handon to open ornwall s first champagne arrivals lounge. “At the heart of our hotel is service,” says Sioned. “People can be shoc ed when they first wal in and as where is the reception desk?’ However, with a glass of Moët & Chandon, our team soon break the ice and help people start to relax after their journey. Our team are the beating heart of the business and we go to extreme lengths to recruit passionate people who genuinely care for our guests. The goal is to feel at home in the surroundings and with the team.” The same level of care goes into Rastella (old ornish for grill which is the hot tic et on the south coast food scene right now. One of only four

restaurants in the county to be awarded a coveted three osettes you can find out ore fro hef Patron, Hylton Espey on page 42. Will O’Shea, the Hotel Manger explains that it does not stop with food. “We have the largest wine selection in the area, and within the rare breeds category we have some of the only bottles in Europe and when they are gone we start the hunt for the next small-batch artisan producer.” The train of thought and caring continues through into the eco credentials of the hotel, with nearly all the menu sourced locally, its own Cornish black bee colony, a drinks list with over 70 eco wines and spirits the first next generation high-speed electric vehicle charge point in the county and even producing their own hot water and electric. Looking to the future, Merchants Manor is keen to continue its mission to intrinsically link physical wellbeing, via the Linen Rooms Spa, with the wellbeing of the environ ent. t s the first hotel in the UK to join the global project to create a sustainable future called t ust be ow . ic says “We look at every opportunity and new development and ensure there is a way to reduce our footprint. A great example is the new infrared sauna we recently installed. We have ensured the construction is in eco certified wood and it has reduced energy consumption by 80% over the previous, and we have even upcycled the old one. “Making a positive difference, providing memorable moments for our guests, with amazing food, drink and service against the back drop of a guilt-free pleasure is what we are all about and not many can truly say that.” Read on to discover everything that makes erchants anor one of ornwall s finest.


003--Intro-TEMPLATE-1.00 .indd 91

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Merchants Manor Chef Patron, Hytlon Espey, explains the importance of foodie provenance, plus what makes Rastella the hottest culinary ticket in town!

g n i n i d


C é MAIN Exceptional presentation with the flavour to match

RIGHT Dinner at Rastella is a journey around the Duchy

ornish food and drink is some of the best in the country. “We’d be crazy not to take advantage of that,” explains Merchants Manor Proprietor, Nick Rudlin, “which is why we produce nature inspired food that ticks all the boxes.” Rastella is the highest rated dining experience in Falmouth. From locally-foraged greens, butchers and garden markets, to the love Chef Patron Hytlon Espey puts into every dish, there is one mantra in the Rastella kitchen: “What grows to together, goes together.” This makes every breakfast, lunch and dinner here a journey around Cornwall. Now, don’t get me wrong, Cornwall has some exceptional restaurants but the very nature of our seaside location means that while food is first class the a bience is often laid bac . hile heading to dinner straight from the beach in shorts and ip ops obviously has its appeal sometimes something a little more chic is the order of the day. We’d heard many good things about Rastella, the restaurant at Merchants Manor in Falmouth, not least of which is its recently awarded and highly coveted third AA Rosette – one of only four restaurants in Cornwall to boast this accolade. Chef Patron, Hylton Espey,


CLUP--B&B--15--ED--Merchants Manor Supp--Fine Dining in Falmouth--2.00 v2.indd 2

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was born and raised in South Africa. It was Merchants Manor’s devotion to using the finest fresh local ingredients an ethos that matches Hylton’s own, along with a love of the sea that drew him to Falmouth and Rastella. It has proved to be a match made in heaven. On arrival you can’t fail to be bowled over by the grandeur of the building – the ivy-clad doorway heralds an opulent interior where sparkling chandeliers light up the traditional entrance hall. The bar and dining roo rival the very finest of London restaurants when it comes to style and ambience. The tables are adorned with crisp linen and the cutlery shimmers in the evening light as we are shown to our table. hef ylton oins us to introduce our first course – Game Bird – pheasant, reared on the nearby Roseland, served with puffed heritage grains and a plum caramel. The richness of the fowl is cut through beautifully with the sweet, but slightly acidic plum caramel. It’s paired perfectly with a glass of Trevibban Mill arlyn an off dry white that has avours of watermelon and honey. We learn that Hylton takes daily foraging trips along the coast to pick fresh sea vegetables for his outstanding dishes and udging by the avours of what s on our plates, it would seem that what grows together really does go together! Nowhere is that more apparent than in tonight’s main dish of the intriguingly named Trewithick Pastures. Hylton is on hand to explain that the lamb he’s about to serve comes from a farm nearby, where the la bs gra e on fields overloo ing the sea above Porthleven. This lamb combines perfectly with fresh, local crab and a foraged vegetable selection of rock samphire and sea aster. Even part of the lamb in the dish is roasted with hay from the very farm from whence it came. Everything is cooked to perfection and is served with Hylton’s signature B.O.F.G.A – a burnt onion fermented garlic aioli.

Rastella is the highest rated dining experience in Falmouth

LEFT What grows together goes together!

We are treated to a Black Ram Red, again from Trevibban Mill, to drink with our lamb. Hints of aromatic herbs, leather and vanilla, along with spicy top notes of clove and li uorice are a fitting acco pani ent. t s no doubt that Hylton’s attention to detail and superb skill in all areas are what won him the three AA Rosettes and he proves that his talent goes beyond the savoury. Dessert is perfectly formed and perfectly named for the time of year – autumn. Perhaps best described as a ‘deconstructed pumpkin pie’ we are treated to a swathe of sweet and gently spiced pumpkin along with a chai sorbet and crisp ginger fairing crumbs, topped off with a gently sparkling dessert wine courtesy of Fontanafredda Asti. Light and delicious, this ends a meal that has been very special in many ways. Although part of the hotel, Rastella feels very much like a standalone restaurant, and has a chic and stylish identity of its own. The service throughout the meal was unobtrusive, yet impeccable and the wine choice a triumph. We resolved that this is a dining room we will return to for many a special occasion or celebratory dinner.

RAISE A GLASS Rastella’s carefully curated wine list includes one of the country’s largest selections of organic, vegan, vegetarian, biodynamic and natural wines. From ‘rare breeds’ with some of the most world-renowned vintages, to ‘easy drinkers’, there really is something for everyone.


Western T errace, Falmouth T R11 4 Q J 013 26 3 1273 4 www.merchantsmanor.com/ food-drink/ rastella Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Warm your cockles over the cooler months with one of our superb stay offers.



Three nights’ dinner, bed & breakfast for the price of two Three-course candlelit dinner Smugglers’ Breakfast each morning

One night dinner, bed and breakfast Sunday lunch or dinner Smugglers’ breakfast

Starting from £57 per person per night ONLINE ACCESS CODE: 342 MANOR MOMENTS Two nights’ bed and breakfast £45 each per night to spend on spa treatments, spa products, food and drink Two Smugglers’ Breakfasts Starting from £45 per person per night ONLINE ACCESS CODE: MANOR MOMENTS

Starting from £42.50 per person per night ONLINE ACCESS CODE: SLEEPOVER TOAST OF COAST AND COUNTRY Two nights’ bed and breakfast One three-course dinner at Rastella Two Smugglers’ Breakfasts £50 dinner voucher at Rick Stein’s Fish Starting from £85 per person per night ONLINE ACCESS CODE: FAL

WINTER WARMER Two nights’ dinner, bed and breakfast during winter Two spa treatments Three course dinner in Rastella each night Smugglers’ Breakfast each morning Starting from £87.25 per person per night ONLINE ACCESS CODE: WINTER WARMER

All breaks include use of the aromatherapy steam room, pool and barrel sauna, plus robes and slippers in every room.

01326 312734 | merchantsmanor.com

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Discover Lookout and Landlubber: Merchants Manor’s two eco-friendly coastal residences complete with private hot tubs, perfect for small group getaways. é TOP Lookout's calming interiors reflect its surroundings ì RIGHT

Landlubber is a tropical self-catering haven

INSET Soak under the stars in complete privacy


nspired by the Cornish countryside and ooded with natural light andlubber and oo out have their own uni ue personalities. oo out s interiors re ect the cal ing surroundings of the al outh coastline with bespo e oor to ceiling windows allowing you to ga e out at the breathta ing ocean vista fro the co fort of your bed. Both bedroo s feature cal ing tones of cool blues against bright corals in each roo you ll find snippets of uir y furnishings such as anti ue irrors attained at auction fro the estate of a renowned artist in elford or anti ue hoo s recovered fro the private uarters of ueen ary when she sailed around ndia and sia as part of a coronation tour with ing eorge . oo out s bathroo s showcase conte porary elegance with hand ade tiles and brass taps as well as a wet roo with large rain head showers fro Bert ay plus Te ple pa products. f you love the outdoors why not i erse yourself with an overnight retreat to andlubber This tropical haven is inspired by dwardian planthunters who travelled far and wide to bring exotic botanical treasures to the ornish coast. rop off your bags and venture into your very own sanctuary in the for of a etre private garden co plete

with hot tub acu i. andlubber has a conte porary finish softened with co fortable furnishings reclai ed ti ber cladding and artisan hand tiling allowing you to escape fro the everyday hustle and bustle. The itchen living area offers plenty of space to relax with bespo e seating as well as a rustic far house dining table sourced fro a local anti ues shop in al outh perfect for entertaining fa ily and friends. Bedroo s provide the ulti ate in co fort with hand ade beds crisp gyptian cotton sheets and large double doors that lead out onto your own private terrace. or the ut ost indulgence you can treat yourself to an in roo treat ent available fro the hotel s acclai ed inen oo spa or en oy a ho e coo ed eal prepared by the hotel s hef atron ylton spey before ending your evening with a glass of fi as you ga e up at the stars fro your hot tub. owever you choose to do it ti e in oo out or andlubber is ost definitely ti e well spent.

SUITE DEALS! From just £166 per person per night, you’ll receive a survival hamper on arrival, a chilled bottle of Cornish bubbly, a 60-minute spa treatment each, plus £140 in Manor Money (£35 per night) to put towards your meal in the award-winning 3 AA Rosette Rastella. Breakfast is included.


1 Western T errace, Falmouth T R11 4 Q J 013 26 3 1273 4 www.merchantsmanor.com/ accommodation Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Christmas & New Year breaks at the Manor

3 nights from 24th – 27th December

Start your New Year the Manor way

CHRISTMAS EVE Festive afternoon tea with Christmas candied scones, clotted cream, manor-made preserves, house smoked salmon sandwiches and warm spiced Cornish cider. Three course candlelit dinner.

NEW YEAR Break out your finery and let the champagne flow as the clock counts down to a whole new year. Our one-night gala break will see you tuck into a gourmet five-course dinner as our in-house DJ music provides the soundtrack for the evening.

CHRISTMAS DAY Bucks Fizz Breakfast, six-course Christmas lunch, manor-made mince pies and Christmas cake. In the evening, classic cold cured meats, Cornish cheeses and Manor-made relishes, chutneys and breads. BOXING DAY Smuggler’s Breakfast, brunch including bubble and squeak, waffles and cured bacon and bottomless fizz. Coastal walk with Manor Mutt Henry. Three course evening meal in Rastella.

Christmas Break prices start at just £684, including a Smuggler’s breakfast on departure day. To book online, choose the Christmas Getaway offer. New Year prices start from just £275

01326 312734 | merchantsmanor.com

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GET IN TOUCH: T: 01209 215 759 E: enquiries@philipwhear.co.uk FIND US: Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories Ltd. Wilson Way, Pool Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3RT BROWSE ONLINE: PR A Z E A N B E E BLE



Fresh, healthy and sustainable Cornish Seafood THECORNISHFISHMONGER.CO.UK 01726 862489

049.indd 1

06/09/2019 11:56



of luxury

The Woodland Collection comprises of four beautiful holiday homes with all the facilities you need.


he Woodland Collection features four luxurious holiday homes that have everything you could wish for to enjoy an incredible Cornish holiday. Situated just four miles away from St Michael's Mount and Mount’s Bay on the west coast, these holiday homes provide the perfect base from which to explore this mesmerising corner of Cornwall. The collection of cottages can be booked individually or together for 2 to 24 people. With each luxury holiday home having been newly built to the highest standards, you can expect en-suite bathrooms, smart TVs in every roo as well as superfast fibre broadband. The Woodland Collection was founded by Richard and Helen, who are keen to share with their guests the beautiful landscape that they call home. Helen tells us: “Having worked in the city, I know how special it is to take a lungful of fresh air, wander through the fields and ga e long into the evening at shooting stars overhead. It’s a pure joy to welcome visitors to this little slice of Eden.” The location really is idyllic. Just a short drive away from St Ives, Porthleven and Kynance Cove, there’s plenty to see and do from this central west Cornwall location. Enjoy boutique shops in picturesque towns, take a boat trip along the River Fal or explore the many walking trails that surround The Woodland Collection. There’s a plethora of attractions to see and enjoy, such as St Michael's Mount, The Minack Theatre, the Tate Modern in St Ives and many more.


Beautiful dog-friendly accommodation just minutes from St Michael's Mount

Two pairs of modern cottages, each sleeping six sit within acres of barley fields and ower eadows with stunning views of woods and streams running down through the valley. Each cottage has been decorated to the same high standard, with beautiful leather sofas plush carpets and under oor heating. So, if you’re interested in delving into luxury and enjoying a holiday in one of Cornwall’s most desirable locations, make sure to get in touch with the Woodland Collection team to book your stay. Oh, and did we mention the cottages are also dog friendly?

THE WOODLAND COLLECTION B osence Road T R27 6AL 07786 268828 woodlandcollection2019 @gmail.com www.woodland-collection.co.uk

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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051.indd 1

06/09/2019 12:00


Morwenna & Richard Bone St Buryan Farm Shop St Buryan Penzance Cornwall TR19 6EL stburyanfarmshop Tel: 01736 810551 www.stburyanfarmshop.co.uk



Holiday Homes from Home St Ives holiday village

At St Ives Holiday Village, John Fowler are in the process of a multi-million pound investment in the park, including proposed new facilities for owners and guests to enjoy. With only a limited number of properties left for sale in the village’s final phase, now is the time to buy! With a small selection of new luxury lodges available in this year’s last phase there’s never been a better time to make that lifestyle investment. Holiday home purchase plans are available with deposits from just £6000. (full financing details available upon request)

052.indd 1

“A SMALL QUIET PARK TO UNWIND, RELAX AND ENJOY” C   , family run, pet friendly, holiday park situated in rolling countryside on the south coast of Cornwall. Open all year round it has its own Clubhouse with wi-fi facilities, bar and beer garden, indoor heated swimming pool and outdoor play area.




St Ives Holiday village 01736 759240 stives-sales@jfhols.co.uk

Carnmoggas Holiday Park • Little Polgooth St Austell • Cornwall • PL26 7DD 01726 74070 • reception@carnmoggas.com

06/09/2019 12:04



ll a w n r o C f slice o

A coastal holiday home at Praa Sands Holiday Park promises the very best of both worlds.


Could the Praa Sands holiday lifestyle be for you?


njoying an enviable location just inutes fro the pool fitness facilities restaurant and bar, the homes at raa ands oliday ar also benefit from delightful sea views, occupying a position that’s just moments from the beach. There’s so much to do in Praa Sands that, as an owner, you’ll want to return time and time again, enjoying endless holidays all year round. Ideally located to make the most of the local area, you’ll enjoy beautiful beaches and water sports, endless miles of coastal walks, trails and cycle tracks, as well as easy access to the popular seaside towns of Penzance and St Ives. The best part, however, is that there’s no need to venture away from the park in order to enjoy the holiday lifestyle: there’s a well equipped gym for those needing to burn off some energy, a heated indoor swimming pool complete with steam room for the ultimate relaxation, and the Boathouse Bar & Restaurant, where you can indulge your inner foodie at any time of day. Each of the lodges at Praa Sands Holiday ar boasts the finest fixtures furnishings and fittings ensuring the ut ost in peace and tranquillity each time you visit. What’s more, with homes available from £60,000,

there’s never been a better time to buy. As an owner you can rent your holiday home to holidaymakers when you’re not using it, which is a great way to earn extra income and could help offset your running costs. The team even offer a fully managed rental service, together with Hoseasons, which allows you to remain in control at all times. This means that you decide when you want to rent your holiday home, then let the team take care of the rest, from arrivals and cleaning, to security. It couldn’t be simpler! To find out ore about this superb holiday destination and the lifestyle it affords, or to book a visit, be sure to call and speak to Sales Executive, David.

PRAA SANDS HOLIDAY PARK Praa S ands, Penz ance T R20 9 S H 0173 6 76104 2 www.p raa-sands.co.uk

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Discover a coastal retreat with a huge difference...


Co ar an PA



O W N E R S ’ LO U N G E





DPS Template CLM,DL,FC,KL.indd 2


05/09/2019 09:45

Free 2019 & 2020 site fees * FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

Take a tour of our


Come and see our park for yourself. Stroll around our new, exclusive, gated development and fully stocked showground at one of our PARK OPEN DAYS.

CALL 01872 575 940 TODAY

or email us at Andrew.Shutlar@parkleisure.co.uk W W W. PA R K L E I S U R E . C O. U K / O Y S T E R - B AY *Terms & Conditions apply: Visit www.parkleisure.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

DPS Template CLM,DL,FC,KL.indd 3

Oyster Bay Coastal & Country Retreat, Halt Road, Goonhavern, TR4 9QE

05/09/2019 09:45



Escape to a luxury holiday cottage on the fringe of the Cornish coast.


arbis Bay Holidays’ collection of stylish self catering accommodation ranges from penthouse apartments overlooking the white sand beaches of St Ives, to modern designer luxury villas and family homes on the coast. The best part is that each and every one makes the most of St Ives and Carbis Bay, an award winning destination that aunts a heady mix of beach life, beauty, gastronomic bounty and a world

renowned art scene, thanks to the unrivalled light that artists oc to the region to harness. Dine in award-winning restaurants, don a wetsuit and plunge into the saltwater lifestyle, or simply feel the sand between your toes while you tuck into a traditional Cornish pasty. With easy access to the rest of the county, you’re also on the doorstep of Cornwall’s cultural gems, foodie hotspots, world renowned surf and a plethora of gold, sandy beaches.

Sink into luxury after a day's exploring


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| STAY LEFT Salt House is beautiful from the outside in


Views to drink in over a hearty breakfast

Each room here has been exquisitely furnished

Back to the Carbis Bay Holidays portfolio and it doesn’t take long to realise that booking with this fantastic company means slipping into the five star co forts of a luxury home away from home. Whether you’re looking for a high-spec holiday home that’s family friendly, dog friendly or baby friendly (or even all three!), you re guaranteed to find the perfect pad in this fabulous collection of self-catering accommodation. Each property has been rated a minimum of four stars by Visit England, an impressive feat, but no surprise when you see the array of mod cons, contemporary coastal interiors and sheer comfort that each has to offer. We couldn’t say all these wonderful things without offering up an example, and what better way to showcase the Carbis Bay Holidays offering than Salt House in St Ives? Offering a distinct 'wow' factor for your next family celebration in Cornwall, this spectacular and exclusive, award winning retreat sleeps ten and has been uniquely designed to provide exceptionally spacious and comfortable accommodation. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from all living areas and bedrooms, while stunning feature bathrooms and feature gardens make time spent in this property – inside or out – an absolute pleasure. What’s more, each bedroom in Salt House has been exquisitely and individually designed with furnishings from Conran, Calligaris, Alessa

and Heals, which should give you an idea of the luxury and quality on offer here. Perhaps the best part of this property, however, is its locality to the white sandy beaches of St Ives and Carbis Bay – just a short walk away. This means that whether you’re looking to enjoy a few bucket-and spade family days, or a romantic moonlit walk along the beach, you’re in the best position to do so! Being a family business with years of expertise in luxury holiday lettings, Carbis Bay Holidays has properties to suit every taste and budget, as well as the know-how to help fill your itinerary with visits to the best attractions and restaurants, making your holiday one you’ll remember forever. This means that when you arrive you can simply chill out, pop the champagne and enjoy a self-catering break that exceeds every last one of your expectations. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re booking a last-minute break this year, or looking ahead to 2020, be sure to make the most of your escape to one of Cornwall’s most highly sought-after locations with the help of Carbis Bay Holidays.


0173 6 63 0015 enq uiries@carbisbay holiday s.co.uk www.carbisbay holiday s.co.uk

WIN A FREE HOLIDAY! Jump for Joy! Book next year’s holiday before 31st October for a chance to win it for free and save £50!

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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U SIT FR N E E TI F E L E 20 ES 21 *

Peace, quiet and seclusion you can call your own Luxury lodges from ÂŁ99,995 Nestled in a secluded spot on the edge of St Mabyn village, just 6 miles from Bodmin and 12 miles from Padstow, Hoburne St Mabyn provides a great base in which to explore Cornwall.

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06/09/2019 10:40

A new concept in holiday home living Hoburne St Mabyn featuring Hideaway Lodges has been created to deliver a lasting impression with uniquely designed two-bedroom lodges and bespoke interiors to suit all tastes. The lodges have been built to make the most of the outdoors with a central living area framed by large glass windows overlooking a great external space for entertaining, and with the provision of a hot tub for that extra bit of indulgence!

Earning income As an owner, you can rent out your holiday home to produce income to help cover costs as well. Our experienced team take care of the advertising, the bookings, even the cleaning and changeover! Many owners find the rental income more than covers annual expenses.

Since 1912 Hoburne has been owned and run by the same family since 1912. Five generations have built a reputation for providing first class facilities, warm and friendly customer service. We look forward to welcoming you to the Hoburne family.

Free site fees until 2021 on all new holiday homes*

Call now for a free brochure 0800 049 6663 or visit hoburne.com/stmabyn Hoburne St Mabyn, Longstone Road, St Mabyn, Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 3BY



Working in partnership with Savills. *Terms and conditions apply, see hoburne.com/stmabynterms for details.

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in comfort

Bodrugan Barton is the perfect spot for a glamping break, also welcoming group retreats for yoga, writing and crafts in its all-new studio space!

B DISCOVER MORE Sleeping two to four, Bodrugan’s Wigwam cabins are also dog friendly!

odrugan Barton celebrates the great outdoors, providing glamping holidays in stylish, handcrafted wooden Wigwam cabins, complete with en-suite toilets and showers and overlooking 40 miles of coastline. The backdrop of the working farm and glorious countryside in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty generously allows the mind and body to relax and enjoy all that this location has to offer, creating memories that will last forever. From this stunning spot there is so much to do. The fishing village of evagissey is within a ile and offers a beautiful wor ing fishing harbour, interesting and individual shops and cafés, abundant ice-cream and excellent food. All this can be done on foot – forget the car – and as you wander into the village, be sure to stop off for a coffee at the Shack in Portmellon and enjoy the revelry on Portmellon beach. The Lost Gardens of Heligan are down the road for garden lovers, with the ever useful and fabulous Lobbs Farm Shop, perfect for buying your supper to cook on your Wigwam’s firepit barbe ue. For nature lovers and a bit of exercise wander through the farm and join the South West Coast Path, the beautiful secluded cove begs you to swim before hiking up the cliff and onto the charms of Gorran Haven and the Roseland beaches. la pers here fre uently co ent on the peace the starry s ies and the clean air. any

wake up to make a mug of tea and stand on their Wigwam deck to watch the early boats make their way to sea for the day’s catch, and see them home safe again later in the day while sipping a chilled glass of wine. Boats and kayaks can be launched at Portmellon and fishing trips en oyed fro evagissey. Breathe in the salt air and marvel at the deliciousness of fresh fish coo ed al fresco. Bodrugan has another string to its very special bow: an old stone combine house has been transfor ed into a beautiful under oor heated studio space to accommodate yoga practise, writers and crafters. Wigwam accommodation with the studio provides the perfect retreat for weekends or longer breaks; the course leader gathers his or her group together and they have a remarkable venue for their retreat. Add the heated indoor swimming pool firepits and a barn for big paella pan suppers and you are transported into a haven of Cornish rest and play, rejuvenated and ready for the real world when it’s time to go home.

é ABOVE Make the most of the great outdoors at Bodrugan Barton


01726 84 209 4 stay @bodrugan.co.uk www.wigwamholiday s.com/ bodrugan Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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LIVE THE HIGH LIFE with Aria Resorts

Own your own luxury holiday home from


Unique, roof terrace luxury lodges Hot tubs included with lodge purchases* Design your own holiday home Choice of new spacious plots 12 month season Managed letting service available *Terms and conditions apply.

Aria Resorts is bringing the high life to Cornwall with unique, luxury holiday homes in a choice of five coastal locations. Choose from vibrant family resorts or tranquil retreats, all along the spellbinding north coast.

Book your VIP Tour today Google ‘ARIA CORNWALL’ cornwallsales@ariaresorts.co.uk 03333 70 1000 NEWPERRAN






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Escape to your very own luxury lodge on the South Coast... with holiday home ownership at Parkdean Resorts

08/07/2019 13:44

Choose from 16 fantastic parks in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight... With so many beaches to choose from, • seaside lovers will be in their element From ski slopes to swimming pools: our • park facilities are unmatched Up to 12 month owner season meaning • you can holiday all year round* • Deposits start from just 10%^ and payment options are available

see you... o t it a w ’t n a c e w unning parks, st r u o f o e n o t a s Come and visit u Call 03300 587 024#


Visit parkdeanresorts.co.uk/ownership

*Owners can holiday as often as they like within their specified holiday season and pitch agreement. Parkdean Resorts holiday parks are not residential parks and holiday homes cannot be occupied as a permanent residence. Facilities and entertainment will be available from time to time at the discretion of Parkdean Resorts and is usually indicated in the current Parkdean Resorts holiday brochure. ^The amount of deposit required may vary depending on the holiday home. #Calls to 03 numbers are charged at standard UK rates and will be included in any inclusive minutes bundles.

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r e m m u s AN INDIAN

Perfect for wandering and walking together, autumn on the Isles of Scilly offers a quieter and wilder time.


Escape to paradise on the Isles of Scilly


ying off the coast of Cornwall and warmed by the Gulf Stream, the Isles of Scilly can offer an Indian summer for enjoying slow food, wildlife and spectacular scenery. There are five inhabited slands t Mary’s, Tresco, St Martin’s, Bryher and t gnes along with any ore uninhabited isles and rocky outcrops all surrounded by clear turquoise waters, warmed by the Gulf Stream and just waiting to be explored. The clear waters lend the selves perfectly to snor elling and swimming in tranquil surroundings. The islands are a walkers’ paradise too, with few roads and fewer cars. Your footsteps will often be the only ones crossing pale, sandy beaches. The two of you might be alone watching the sunset fro the etty s edge and you ll find space by the fire that war s the local pub. n a clear night, as you walk back to your accommodation, the Milky Way will be waiting for you in the dark sky. Autumn can be the best time to build a love affair with these islands the su er crowds have dissipated allowing you to i erse yourself co pletely and discover wildlife and places you ay not have been able to in the same way during peak season.

The peace and serenity of the islands at this time is of year nothing short of magical and the lack of people and cars will instil a sense of co plete relaxation providing you with the chance to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life and take time to appreciate your natural environ ent. sles of cilly Travel can connect you to the islands by air or sea and offers a truly e orable start to your cilly adventure. To get there ybus ights operate fro xeter ew uay and and s nd airports and they couldn’t be easier to co-ordinate into your travel plans with connecting lybe ights from London Heathrow, City and Southend. Sailing on the Scillonian III is a seamless process too, with Penzance Quay only a short walk from the town’s train station, which offers a direct service to ondon addington. owever you choose to a e the crossing the journey promises to be a unique part of your holiday memories.


@islesofscilly travel @I O S T ravel @islesofscilly travel sales@islesofscilly -travel.co.uk www.islesofscilly -travel.co.uk

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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S H , N de ll a a g s o ri c e tt b r n re o u , fi d f co e e is ic m d ol Ar % , p I, 20 aff NL st R


• Nestled within the beautiful Tamar Valley • Eco glamping, low impact site • Beautifully furnished bell & Touareg tents • Watch deer, foxes, owls and bats • Own bore hole • Electricity free • Camp fires, communal wood burning barbecues & fire pits • solar lighting

• Secure Attended Indoor and Outdoor Parking with over 200 spaces. • Friendly, Professional and Reliable. • Park anything, any time. • Fully Insured Collection and delivery service. • Valeting, Servicing, Bodywork and MOTs arranged by appointment.

Callington • Cornwall • PL17 8BP



Luxurious Cornish Hideaways Luxury beach front holiday rental accommodation in Portreath, West Cornwall on the North Cornish Coast.

Cliff Top Cottage

Beach Side Cottage

Sleeps 8 adults & 1 child • WiFi throughout Direct beach access • 70m balcony

Sleeps 8 adults & 1 child •WiFi throughout Direct beach access • 800 sq m Patio


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Photo credit www.yetiphotography.co.uk


Trerethern Farm | Padstow | Cornwall | PL28 8LE | 01841 532781 info@trerethernfarm.com | www.trerethernfarm.com


Bay Break During September & October • Three nights Stay • Dinner Bed & Breakfast • £260pp Double Base

Sit and gaze out at the beauty of Coverack Bay and harbour from our licenced terrace and gardens or lounge. Open for breakfast, morning coffees, light lunches and Cornish cream teas. Our conservatory restaurant offers sea view dining every night with the best local produce, fish and Lobsters landed from the Bay a speciality. Vast selection of Cornish gins, beers and wines. Non-residents are welcome, ample private parking.

Check out our webcam at www.thebayhotel.co.uk  01326 280464 @thebayhotelcoverack

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s n o s a e r d o o g e v Fi


Awarded ‘Five Star’ status by Visit England, Landal Gwel an Mor is not your average Cornish holiday resort!


ornwall is the perfect year-round holiday destination. As the summer turns to autumn and winter transforms to spring, the changing of the seasons showcase Cornwall at its most beautiful. Landal Gwel an Mor Resort is the perfect place to escape to. They welcome everyone, from family groups and romancing couples to adventurous retirees, to relax or explore to your heart’s content. The available holiday lodges come in three types: Residence Eco, Lakeside and Scandinavian. If a large sun deck, outdoor furniture for al fresco dining, sun loungers and a hot tub sound like your idea of holiday heaven, then we highly recommend the Residence Eco Lodges, which sleep six with prices starting from £499 for three nights. Alternatively, if you’re picturing your romantic break sleeping lakeside, with views across the millpond and with everything you need for a romantic, balmy-evening barbeque, then the a eside odges are definitely for you. Sleeping two, prices to stay lakeside start at just £105 per night! That just leaves the Scandinavian Lodges. leeping five to six and available in five different types, many have hot tubs, many have log burners so e even have both ll benefit from barbeque stands, complemented by outdoor furniture and staggering sea views, and each is situated in beautiful landscaped gardens, so they’re a pleasure to spend time in. With

rates starting at £359 for three nights, why not enjoy a getaway with friends, the Scandi way? A number of lodges are dog friendly, which means your waggy tailed friend needn’t be left behind, and some offer high-end assistance, with superb disabled access. As if all this wasn’t tempting enough, the resort’s on site facilities are also excellent. Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre – great for adults and children – is home to a number of rescued animals, with experiences including falconry, hand-feeding rescued foxes and stroking the reindeer brothers. Alternatively, why not go on a night walk and watch badgers from the Hide? There’s also the Wellbeing Spa, a heated swimming pool with sea views and a gym, plus a golf course inspired by some of the world’s ost fa ous nine holes a coarse fishing la e and an indoor play area that’s perfect for tiny ones with over 2,000 square feet of soft play, slides and climbing walls. In short, Landal Gwel an Mor has everything you need for the perfect five star escape. The best part is that if you quote 'CLL19' when you book, you could get up to £100 worth of free spending money, so be sure to get in touch!

BELOW Meet the residents of Feadon Farm ê BELOW

Your dog will revel in the resort's stunning surroundings


Feadon Lane, Portreath T R16 4 PE 01209 84 23 5 4 www.gwelanmor.com Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Portheras Cottage

Stonesthrow Cottage



Set in a plum West of Cornwall location, immerse yourselves in the natural beauty and unique holiday spirit of this very special home away from home.


Cape Cornwall

It offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, generous social spaces and a truly wonderful landscaped garden complete with hot tub and breathtaking coastal views. Access the South West Coast path just a minute from your holiday door and walk down to the white sands of Portherras Cove or head to the surf and sights of Sennen. From wild Winter weekends to extended Summer stays, there really is no better Cornish base from which to explore this magical Western Cape.

Cape Cornwall

Available to let through Cornish Gems, please contact them on 01872 241241 Email: enquiries@cornishgems.com

Set in the picturesque fishing village of Mevagissey The Old Parsonage is a family run guest house with a focus on locally sourced food cooked to order. The charming building dates back to the mid-19th century and has 5 beautiful and cosy guest bedrooms, two of which are dog friendly.

We have complimentary private onsite parking and the house is located only moments from the heart of the village, with it’s harbour, shops, restaurants and pubs.

The Old Parsonage, 58 Church Street, Mevagissey, Cornwall T: 01726 843709 E: info@oldparsonage.net W: www.oldparsonage.net

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Head to Looe in September for a music festival set against the backdrop of Cornwall’s stunning south coast. é ì ABOVE

Experience everything Looe has to offer during your coastal getaway


ornwall does things differently. Its wild and unique culture gives rise to a wonderfully carefree spirit. It dances to its own beat. It’s almost to be expected then that a music festival that takes place in Looe, in the south east of Cornwall, is like no other festival. For one weekend in September (20th until nd the entire coastal fishing town of ooe invites visitors and locals alike to join the Looe Live Party. It’s a one-of-a-kind festival with a grown-up, doing-it-our-own-way feel. It’s a festival that the whole town gets caught up in. The main stage overlooks the river and the BBC Introducing Stage is on the beach. Music pops up throughout the streets and spills from venues all over the town with over 100 performances expected across the weekend. The eclectic line-up covers everything from rock and acoustic to folk, classical and blues. The main stage and BBC Introducing beach stage are hosting big name acts including popular country duo, The Shires; iconic English band, Level 42; Cornwall’s favourite boy band, The Fisherman’s Friends; awardwinning singer songwriter, Newton Faulkner; and DJ royalty Trevor Nelson, who’ll be bringing his exclusive Soul Nation classic soul and R&B set.

Also expect performances from the entertainment phenomenon, Oh My God! It’s The Church; glam-rock icons Doctor and the Medics; party band Dr Oz; reggae from Marley White; dub duo Radio Riddler (Brian Fast and Frank Benbini from Fun Lovin’ Criminals); the funk-fuelled Tankus The Henge; and celebrated bluesman Giles Robson, to name just a few! Looe Live is your chance to hear some stellar usic fill up on local food and drin en oy workshops and activities and an abundance of only-in-Cornwall moments. Tickets start at £25 for adults and £65 for a weekend pass. Why not make a week of it by booking your Cornish Horizons holiday cottage? Proud sponsors of the Quayside stage and offering a beautiful selection of cottages in Looe, with incredible views out to sea and luxurious special touches including hot tubs, visit the website to view the full Cornish Horizons portfolio.

DISCOVER MORE The Looe Live festival presents a brilliant opportunity to couple your stay with a fun-filled event but a stay at any time of year will be equally enjoyable from one of Cornish Horizons' stunning holiday homes.


19 New S treet, Padstow PL28 8E A 0184 1 5 3 3 3 3 1 cottages@cornishhoriz ons.co.uk www.looelive.co.uk www.cornishhoriz ons.co.uk Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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MODERN CLASSICS With more than 30 years’ experience, Rustler Yachts makes traditional cruising yachts for the discerning sailor, right here in the Cornwall. ABOVE é Putting the Rustler 57 through her paces off St Mawes RIGHT Attention to detail is obvious, both above deck and down below


s with a Morgan car or a Rolex watch, a Rustler Yacht is an investment for the future. Hand built, bespoke and combing a unique mixture of traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, a Rustler Yacht comes from a pedigree that has become a design classic. Established in Falmouth in 1985, Rustler Yachts moved to its current site between Falmouth and Penryn in 2000. Experiencing steady growth since then, the company now employs over 45 people, many of whom are highly skilled crafts people. All of the yachts are entirely hand built, to the highest specifications and represent a odern tradition of fast, retro-styled yachts that are a charm to sail. Rustler Yachts has an enviable reputation and a loyal client base, with owners often returning to upgrade or to buy another boat. Placing great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, customers are encouraged to be involved throughout the build process, ensuring that the end product is exactly what they want and because of that, each Rustler yacht is unique. Chatting with Sales Director, Adrian Jones, he explains the buying process: “Typically, we will first eet a custo er about two years before they commit to commissioning a new


CL--90--ED--Rustler Yachts--2.00.indd 2

03/09/2019 16:56


yacht. We show them around the production facility, and almost certainly take them for a trial sail. We try to get to know them, and how they intend to sail (and where), and then start to build an idea of how their own boat would be specified. t ustler achts co issioning a boat is much more like a partnership than a typical customer-vendor situation. Adrian continues: “Once ordered, we offer as many visits as the new owner can manage. Some boat builders don’t appreciate owners visiting as they are afraid that it can distract from the production process – we take the opposite view. The closer to the ‘build’ of their boat the owner is, the better the relationship they have with it. This also means that the Rustler team, the guys and girls who actually build the boats, get to know who they are building for and that eans a lot. The build team works across three different specialities in the climate controlled factory: engineering, composite and joinery. They all work alongside each other, and know that each discipline is as important as the next. The team covers all age ranges, and as Adrian says: “they are the real stars! We try to make the factory as exible as possible and it is think, a pretty cool place to work. Personally still get a ic out of raw aterials arriving at one end of the factory and a beautiful yacht e erging fro the other

The last twelve years has seen the Rustler range grow into a diverse collection of beautiful boats, ranging from a 24ft dayboat to a 57ft world cruiser. So, whether you are a keen day sailor wanting to explore the Cornish coastal waters, a blue water yachtsman or an experienced ocean mariner looking for something to take you across the Atlantic, the choice is yours. Newly commissioned yacht designs are the work of renowned, British boat designer, Stephen Jones, who has built a close relationship with the team in Falmouth over the many years he has been designing Rustler yachts. ach year the tea build about five yachts over 37ft and six or seven smaller boats, giving an idea of the amount of work that goes into each one – every piece of engineering, moulding and joinery is carried out by Rustler staff, in the Falmouth factory, making a Rustler yacht Cornish, born and bred. Solid design, build quality and exibility of build process are at the heart of what makes these yachts special. They are by no means at the less expensive end of the scale, but that is because they are constructed with the very best of British craftsmanship. t is clear that everyone at ustler is passionate about yachts, and this is an enthusiasm that is shared by their owners. The yachts are built for real-life cruising, prioritising comfort and safety at sea, while at the same time being deceptively fast with easy motion. “Above all, we never forget that yachting is supposed to be fun, and we believe that also includes having your own boat built concludes drian.


M aritime B uilding, Falmouth Road T R10 8AD 013 26 3 10120 info@rustlery achts.com www.rustlery achts.com

TOP LEFT The climate controlled workshop at Rustler Yachts é ABOVE

Aboard the Rustler 42 in Falmouth Bay

BELOW Enjoying a sail in a Rustler 33

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know, the brand is the choice of royalty? HRH The Princess Royal recently upgraded to a new Rustler 44 from the Rustler 36 she owned for 20 years.

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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COASTAL ESCAPES Porthleven - Kieran Brimson


Beautiful stays in Porthleven, Polzeath, Malpas, St Ives, Helford, St Just, Bude, Newlyn and Fowey

Customs House Loft, Porthleven Nestled by the harbour in Porthleven and housed in a Grade II listed building that dates back to the 1840s, the Customs House Loft sleeps four in bright and spacious luxury. The apartment has been carefully decorated with marine-inspired tones, complementing its coastal locale, and you’ll quickly realise that for hosts John and Louise, it’s all about the detail. Each of the two bedrooms is an oasis of calm, with White Company towels and bedding and an Atlantic blanket carefully folded on each bed. For those staying with their furry friend, dogs are given their very own basket of blankets to help them feel at home, while human guests are greeted with a freshly baked cream tea, courtesy of owner and charming host, Louise. Into the vast living and dining area and you’ll quickly notice two comfortable chairs, set before a beautiful triptych of windows that frame the gorgeous harbour views. There are even binoculars provided, equally ideal for dolphin spotting and storm watching! The village itself is a fantastic base from which to explore, boasting an excellent selection of restaurants and cafés. For beach days, Porthleven’s sandy beach lies just moments from your door, perfect for buckets and spades, and dog friendly on its eastern side all year round.

01326 569365 www.thecustomshouseloft.co.uk


CL--LDN-16--ED--COMPOSITE--Cottages.indd 2

06/09/2019 11:45

| STAY Lowena, Polzeath Lowena is a newly built semi-detached holiday home located just moments from the popular surfing beach of ol eath and the delights of Cornwall’s north coast. Comprising three stunning bedrooms, two of which are en suite, and a separate family bathroom, this elegant self-catering property can sleep up to six guests comfortably. You can bring your family pet along too, so no one has to be left behind! The split-level bungalow has bright, open-plan living spaces that have been finished to a very high standard with vaulted ceilings and oor to-ceiling windows. The contrast of dark and neutral tones in the kitchen creates a modern feel and provides a great space to spend quality time together thanks to its sociable layout. It features a cosy wood burner and bi-fold doors, which extend the dining area on to the rear terrace – the perfect place to enjoy a local tipple as the sun descends. From your doorstep, it’s possible to enjoy a leisurely stroll into the centre of ol eath renowned for its vast expanse of sand, surf and scenic coastal walks along the South West Coast Path. There’s also a choice of shops, surf hire hubs, cafés and restaurants all within easy reach – making Lowena the perfect base to explore everything that ol eath has to offer.

01208 863206 www.johnbraycornishholidays.co.uk

Fal River Cottage, Malpas fter falling in love with the a a ing river views, Lubi and Phil Dee decided to take the leap and purchase Fal River Cottage earlier this year. Since they acquired it, they’ve invested heavily in updating the property, including a brand new bathroom and kitchen, as well as the rear garden, which now boasts not one but two seating areas from which to soak up the spectacular Cornish surroundings. The dog-friendly cottage sleeps three over two comfortable bedrooms. Downstairs, when you’re not out making the most of those incredible views, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of the perfect self-catering stay, including a modern kitchen, BT TV with sports package (perfect for rainy weekends!) and a cosy wood-burning stove, which is just the ticket when you're snuggling up in the evening. Of course, all of us have days when we’d prefer not to cook, so you’ll be pleased to know that the popular Heron Inn is just three doors down. Dog friendly and serving a great selection of St Austell ales, this is a handy place to stop and stay awhile and given just how close it is, you needn’t worry about a designated driver!

07966 398854 www.cornwallrivercottage.com

MORE coastal escapes • CL--LDN-16--ED--COMPOSITE--Cottages.indd 3


06/09/2019 11:45

STAY | Old Saltings, St Ives Nestled on Porthmeor beach, this cleverly thought out apartment is full of surprises and enjoys arguably the best sea, beach and sunset views in all of St Ives. It’s no wonder it has a reputation as a hidden gem and regulars come back year after year after year. It's perfect for families or friends with a space for everyone to enjoy, be it curled up on the window seat with a great book watching the world pass by on the beach, sleeping in the Zen room to the sound of the waves or cooking up a storm in a very well equipped kitchen. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms this apartment comfortably accommodates up to seven people, making it a great choice for larger families and groups of friends. When it’s time to hit the beach, you’re just a few steps away from the white sands of Porthmeor, the ho e of Tate t ves and surfing in this old fishing town. uests of all ages can t help but fall for the location. The owner s architectural in uence is easy to see, their creative input in areas like the kitchen are clear and they’ve made sure there is a workspace, children’s dining area and even a shower outside to wash off the sand. Old Saltings has been designed with multi-generational get togethers in mind.

01736 806166 www.saltingsonporthmeor.co.uk

Piran House, Helford Piran House nestles into a hill above the Helford river its si e beautifully disguised by the thoughtful architectural positioning which gives views over open countryside and down to the creek. Built over three oors the house has five double bedroo s a beautifully appointed kitchen, a large gathering area with spectacular suspended log burning fire and a cine a room. All this in a house built to uncompromising standards, with German engineered doors and windows, providing a fabulous holiday home come rain or shine. The open plan dining and kitchen means your whole group can be sociable while dinner is being prepared with immediate access onto the sunny terrace and its 10 seat dining table, providing the perfect space for entertaining and socialising whilst enjoying the views of open countryside. The centrepiece of outdoor life is the 15-metre swimming pool, heated to 27 degrees (available from 2nd May until 26th September) and the eight-seater hot tub (heated all year round) surrounded by private gardens and views. ituated on private Budoc ean lane eans iran ouse benefits from access rights to the beautiful gardens of the Budock Vean Hotel and golf course and ust a inute wal away you ll find the erry Boat Inn, a jewel of a waterside pub overlooking the Helford Passage. Easily within walking distance are Trebah and Glendurgan gardens, with the pristine beach of aenporth only a five to ten inute drive away and Falmouth with its array of restaurants, pubs, shops and lively night scene only slightly further afield.

01326 567344 www.falmouthholidayhomes.co.uk


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| STAY Seascape, St Just Located on Cornwall’s wild west coast where the magic of local legend is rife in the landscape and the clear waters of the ocean bec on you ll find eascape a beautiful property that features stunning coastal views and an indulgent hot tub. Seascape is the perfect getaway by the sea. With ingenious architecture, professional interior design and its position in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you would expect it to be an extraordinary self-catering experience, and you would be right. The newly built, contemporary coastal home fuses the best of traditional materials with modern eco-logic and features five bouti ue standard bedroo s and three lavish bathrooms. The accommodation is arranged over three oors with spacious interiors elegant design in fittings and furniture and a complimentary welcome tray of award winning, mouth-watering provincial produce on arrival. It’s the attention to comfort and detail that puts Seascape at the fore; the spacious sitting room has an inviting atmosphere with a warming wood burner, big screen TV, good books and sumptuous sofas. Bi-fold doors open onto the enclosed, private garden to the rear with a hot tub, chill out sofas and sunbeds, patio heater and exotic plants, perfect for coastal living. Not to mention that up to three well-behaved dogs are welcome, so no one has to be left behind. The neighbouring property, Sunset house, is also available to let with Cornish Cottage Holidays with a further five bedroo s available and an e ually beautiful design. Visit the website for more details.


Stables, Bude Located just two miles north of Bude, Stables enjoys an elevated position with stunning views of the coast and the north Cornish countryside. t s one of five traditional stone cottages on the vy Leaf Barton Site, each of which has been converted from a 19th century farm building. Available to rent, these fabulous retreats were recently awarded four stars by the English Tourist Board! Stables itself is a delightful, single storey cottage. Sleeping six over two double bedrooms (including one en suite) plus a twin bedroom, it offers holidaymakers private outside space via a beautiful garden patio, complete with a barbeque area that’s just perfect for making the most of those warmer evenings. The living area is large and spacious, boasting comfortable sofas to sink into after a long day on the beach. There’s also a convenient kitchen, which has everything you need to cook up a storm with the area’s rich foodie produce! Staying in the area opens you up to a wealth of itinerary ideas. The historic cliffside village of Clovelly is just ten miles away, while Bude is less than ten minutes away by car, offering superb amenities as well as some of Cornwall’s most impressive beaches. Sandymouth Bay, for instance, links to the South West Coast Path, perfect for long hi es ga ing out and across the tlantic.

07845 768448 www.ivyleafbarton.co.uk

MORE coastal escapes • CL--LDN-16--ED--COMPOSITE--Cottages.indd 5


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Higher Bockhampton, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8QH

Greenwood Grange awarded Self Catering Holiday Provider of the Year at the 2017 South West Tourism Awards is a collection of beautiful, superior stonebuilt properties nestled in a secluded rural hamlet in the Dorset countryside. Greenwood Grange is an excellent base from which to explore this charming county. Thomas Hardy’s birthplace is a ďŹ ve-minute stroll from our cottages. Visitors can also explore our own nature trails, as well as the many nearby Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserves. Dogs are welcome in a

number of properties at Greenwood Grange so your four-legged friends can enjoy the walks too. We have our own fully enclosed exercise area and beautiful woodland surrounding. Luxury accommodation some with hot tubs, ranging from two bedroom cottages to homes sleeping up to 12 people. Onsite facilities include a private heated indoor swimming pool, manicured grounds and tennis courts. With outstanding walks, the coast and world class attractions nearby, there is something to suit every visitor.

01305 268 874 www.greenwoodgrange.co.uk



Lychgate Cottage accommodates four people comfortably in two bedrooms one double room and one twin room, a sofa bed in the front room is available for an extra two, ideal for children.

Langurroc Rd Crantock Cornwall TR8 5RB Bookings are online through Airbnb

074.indd 1

Lychgate cottage is a grade two listed, traditional 400 year old cob Cornish cottage. A Typical two up and two down cottage attached to the historical Old Albion Inn that was formerly a tearoom in its day. Located just a 10 minutes walk from the best British beach, awarded by the BBC in 2013. Crantock beach lies on the river Gannel Estuary and is a beautiful expanse of golden beach and great for surfing.

06/09/2019 15:03

| STAY 17 Farmer's Meadow, Newlyn hen you thin of ewlyn what springs to ind rustic fishing port that you pass on the way to ousehole ell if you happened to loo a little closer you d see that it s actually one of ornwall s best ept secrets and there s a whole lot ore to do and see here. The last few years have seen so e of the best places to visit in ornwall pop up in ewlyn. ac erel y s aweso e fresh seafood tapas is a ust try and the independent ewlyn il house is possibly the best place to watch a fil in ornwall. ust down the road ovett s is the place for coffee in the orning or wine in the evenings. nd for art lovers don t iss the ewlyn chool of rt and the ewlyn rt xchange both of which en oy excellent reputations. ll of this is within easy wal ing distance of the gorgeous ar er s eadow a cosy end of terrace bolthole tuc ed away up a cobbled path. ith a sub tropical garden log burner and sea views stretching to t ichael s ount ar er s eadow is a real retreat perfect for thin ing writing relaxing and drawing. pen for short brea s throughout the year ar er s eadow offers the perfect escape peaceful yet within wal ing distance to everything you ll need fro the vibrant village of ewlyn. ee a ro antic escape fro the day to day and en oy ewlyn s char why not bring your four legged friend along too

01736 806173 www.oceanholidayscornwall.co.uk

The Sanctuary Cornwall, Fowey Welcome to The Sanctuary Cornwall, a sustainable five bedroo off grid eco build set in acres of ixed woodland and pasture above the owey estuary. wners aren and avid ohns offer bed and brea fast or the building can lend itself to retreats courses or as a s all venue hire. The e phasis is on connecting to the great outdoors in a sustainable way and giving visitors the opportunity to sa ple off grid living at this pioneering pro ect. There are no T s or i i available but there is under oor heating wal in showers plus spacious and co fortable bedroo s with private seating on the terrace allowing you to en oy so e of the best views in the area. The anctuary relies on solar power and its own borehole for water along with its own logs to provide heating in the colder onths. aren and avid provide a locally sourced buffet brea fast too with tea coffee and so eti es ho e ade ca e available all day. ituated ust a ten inute drive fro the den ro ect and approxi ately inutes fro the ost ardens of eligan The anctuary is also inutes fro the harbour town of owey which has so e of the best sailing waters around as well as featuring a bu ing calendar of events including the owey estival of rts and iterature and the owey oyal egatta.

01726 832104 www.thesanctuarycornwall.co.uk


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the experts

George at Cornish Traditional Cottages explains how saving on expenses will further increase your holiday let profits.

O é ABOVE George and the team know how to maximise your holiday home’s potential

ne tip that George offers is to keep your property snug. “Good insulation can save hundreds of pounds a year on heating bills, so when you’re carrying out a refurbishment, be sure you maximise insulation throughout. This includes the room, cavity walls, even windows and doors – ensuring they don’t let anything in or out unless they’re open.” He also suggests paying extra for longer warranties on your appliances, which he explains can save money in the long run. Giving guidelines to streamline the changeover can be a good idea too: “Asking guests to tidy before they leave, put out the rubbish and place dirty towels in the bath – these can all help ease the work on changeover day. You should also be crystal clear on house rules, for instance, where guests can and can’t smoke; where pets are allowed. Be sure to state in your contract, too, that any heavy duty cleaning required after their stay will incur an extra fee.” So how else can you save money on running your holiday let? Keeping on top of aintenance for one is a sure fire way of keeping costs down in the long run. As George puts it, “the longer you leave a proble the ore it costs to fix. e explains that carrying out regular checks after each stay and making a thorough inspection at regular intervals will help. “A stitch in time saves nine,” as the old adage goes!

You should also shop around for utility providers, comparing tariffs and services for electricity and gas suppliers. “Most offer combined tariffs,” George says, “but don’t assume these are cheaper than having separate providers. The same applies to internet connections too: check out online deals, as some companies offer generous discounts if you sign up online or pay by monthly direct debit.” While you’re at it, keep your eyes open for good deals on furniture fixtures and fittings. While you should certainly buy the best you can afford (quality furniture will last much longer and create a better impression among your guests), by looking out for seasonal sales – those just after Christmas, for instance – you can often equip your holiday let with quality items for much less than you’d think! George and the Cornish Traditional Cottages team are experts when it comes to ensuring your holiday let is a success. For more professional advice on making the most of yours, why not give them a call?

ABOVE Capitalise on Cornwall’s growing staycation market é

CORNISH TRADITIONAL COTTAGES 3 E ddy stone C ourt, E ddy stone Road, Wadebridge PL27 7FH 01208 89 5 3 5 4 p rop erty @corncott.com www.corncott.com

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Rest, Relax, Unwind Cornish Hospitality at its best! Great central location Family run Delicious ‘local produce’ breakfasts Nature on your doorstep Fly fishing on site





Degembris Manor Farm | St Newlyn East | Near Newquay | Cornwall | TR8 5HY stay@degembris.co.uk | +44(0)1872 510555 | www.degembris.co.uk


MENNABROOM n Set in a beautiful wooded valley on the edge of Bodmin moor and only 30 minutes from both north and south coasts, Mennabroom is the perfect base for touring or for simply enjoying the peace and beauty of the countryside. A warm welcome is assured at our 13th Century farmhouse. We offer two B&B bedrooms with peace, tranquillity and Aga cooked breakfasts using home or local produce. Our three holiday cottages have been converted from a substantial range of traditional stone outbuildings. The barns are grade II listed and date back to the 17th century. They have been sympathetically converted and offer modern comforts within traditional surroundings. Visitors are free to walk and explore the 15 acres of fields and deciduous woodland which is intersected by the River Dewey. This whole area attracts a wide variety of wildlife and provides beautiful peaceful walks.

Mennabroom Holiday Cottages and B&B • Bodmin • Cornwall • PL30 4HE www.mennabroom.com • enquiries@mennabroom.com • 01208 821272

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h c o o p your Treat your four-legged friend at Slickers Doghouse in Padstow.


ocated in the renowned coastal town of Padstow on Cornwall’s north coast, Slickers Doghouse provides your furry friend with the chance to indulge in some retail therapy too. There is a vast variety of doggy products available to pamper your favourite pup with everything from food, toys, bedding and more! For small dogs who can’t walk very far, puppies, and older dogs who need the weight off their paws every now and again, Slickers have a great solution to carry your pup: Slickers Dog Slings seamlessly blend quality with strength, style and comfort. The slings are available in two sizes: medium co fortably fits ost dogs weighing up to g and large co fortably fits ost dogs weighing up to 12kg. Slickers also stock dog life jackets so your pooch is always safe by the sea. The new design offers the sa e a ount of otation and a custo fit and is re ective for night safety, with a lead attachment point and a convenient grab handle. Slickers’ collection of dog coats cater for all seasons and activities, from smart and snug wax and tweed jackets for the colder months

to hardcore Element jackets for trekking activities; cool coats to keep your dog cool and safe in all heat conditions and a warm snuggly drying coat when they’re cold and wet. So whatever the weather, you know your pooch will be prepared to brave it all. Once you’ve stocked up on doggie treats, head to the coast and put your merchandise through its paces. There are some great walks nearby, whether you choose to stroll around the headland by the Camel Estuary or head further afield to one of the renowned even Bays’ to take in the rugged beauty of this stretch of coastline. Not to mention that the majority of the bays' beaches are dog friendly all year round, so your pup can enjoy getting their paws sandy whenever they want! herever you choose to explore fitting in a visit to Slickers for some retail therapy that you and your pooch will both enjoy is well worth it.


5 North Q uay , Padstow PL28 8AF 079 71 005 071 www.slickersdoghouse.co.uk Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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Burnewhall House, St Buryan, Penzance TR19 6DN

01736 811091





Private catering Cornwall www.danscornishkitchen.co.uk

079.indd 1

e: sales@vantagebalustrades.co.uk t: 01726 829250

06/09/2019 12:00

The ideal destination Sean Hughes

for your holiday home in Cornwall

Static caravans for sale in Cornwall: holiday home ownership at Harlyn Sands The Apricot Room

The Blue Room

The Pink Room

Ednovean Farm is an award winning AA five star (gold), luxury Bed and Breakfast established in 1991, with vintage style, sea views and lovely gardens. Set just above Perranuthnoe village and beach, with the South West coastal footpath to Prussia cove or Marazion, St Michael’s Mount & Penzance just a walk away. 01736 711883 • www.ednoveanfarm.co.uk Perranuthnoe, Penzance TR20 9LZ


Have you always dreamt of owning your own holiday home in Cornwall? Well your dream could become a reality sooner than you might think with our range of static caravans for sale in Cornwall. here are many enefits to ecoming a caravan owner at arlyn Sands it could e one o the est decisions you make or you and your amily. Set in a stunning location near Padstow our holiday park has great on site acilities meaning there s plenty or the kids to do come rain or shine

Becoming Part of our family has never been easier or more fun!

www.harlynsands.co.uk Call 01841 520720 or email enquiries@harlynsands.co.uk Lighthouse Road, Trevose Head, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8SQ

Cury Cro ss Mullion T Lanes R12 7AZ just off th e A3083

Imagine owning a little piece of Cornwall in the heart of The Lizard Peninsula’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Just 14 lodges make up ‘The Meadow’, a development at Franchis Holiday Park surrounded by mature trees and sloping gently down to a woodland stream. Just moments away from unspoilt villages, beautiful sandy coves and stunning coastal scenery you can’t help but relax here. Holiday lodges can be enjoyed for 11 months of the year and are available with a 30 year site licence.

FOR LODGE SALES: 01326 240301

enquiries@franchis.co.uk • www.holidaylodgesforsalecornwall.com

080.indd 1

Beautiful self-catering holiday cottage in its own grounds near Porthcurno with patio looking over the fields to the sea. Sleeps up to 6. Dogs welcome

Little Molvenny Holiday Cottage in Cornwall St Leven • Porthcurno • West Cornwall NicolaFee@gmail.com • www.molvenny.co.uk

06/09/2019 12:05

! n i W


Improve your fitness


Win an Instepp package and PT session

Win a 10 portion seafood box from The Cornish Fishmonger

Enter our competitions for the chance to win these fantastic prizes!




www.cornwall- living.co.uk TERMS AND CONDITIONS No purchase necessary. Prize draw open to anyone in the UK age 18 years or over excluding employees of Instepp, The Cornish Fishmonger, Forthglade, The Old Albion Inn, Leven Media Group, and their families, agents and anyone else connected with this promotion. One entry per household. The prize is non-transferrable and nonexchangeable. No cash alternative available. Winners must be willing to provide their name and country of residence for publicity if required. The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The winners will be drawn at random after 14th October. The winners will be notified by email within 14 days after the draw closes. Subject to availability. See online for full terms and conditions.


£85 The innovative Instepp walking and toning product allows you to walk and keep your body strong simultaneously. Instepp was born out of founder Julie Ford’s love of walking and resistance training. It's suitable for all ages, fun, easy and highly effective.

Comprising of a selection of fresh Cornish fish and shellfish from the morning’s market. The Cornish Fishmonger supplies outstanding, sustainably sourced seafood from the quayside to your door within 24 hours.


Retreat to the coast

Win a selection of award winning, delicious natural dog food from Forthglade

Win a three-day cottage break




£210 Forthglade are offering one lucky winner the chance to win £200 worth of their delicious natural dog food. Made with high-quality ingredients and free from all nasties, the wide range of wholesome dinners and grain-free treats are guaranteed to set tails wagging!

Win a delightful break in a Grade II listed, 400 year-old Cornish cottage in Crantock. Just ten minutes’ walk from the beach and sleeping up to four, with a tempting menu and a well stocked bar next door at the Old Albion Inn, this is not an opportunity to miss!


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On Display


ind our Tribe by Mel Chambers

ind your tribe. ove the hard. Bringing ancient th century inlay techni ues into a odern day era lche y Tiles individually hand carves rather than paints inspiring i ages uotes and poetry into beautiful bespo e and uni ue creations. ll held eternal in earth and ti e. o issions welco e. THE STUDIO, GOLDMARTIN GARAGE, SAMPYS HILL, MAWNAN SMITH, FALMOUTH, TR11 5EW 07768 193848 | info@melchambers.com www.alchemytiles.com

Showcasing local artists and art galleries 2. THE ROUNDHOUSE AND CAPSTAN GALLERY

et sand at ennen by Jack Davis

The oundhouse and apstan allery in ennen showcases excellence in ornish art and crafts displaying an ever changing array of wor by popular ornish artists and craftspeople. This rade listed building is one of west ornwall s ost iconic its feet al ost in the tlantic ocean and all wor on display here is either fro ornwall or holds a strong connection to it. SENNEN COVE, PENZANCE TR19 7DF 01736 871859 | www.round-house.co.uk

4. YEW TREE GALLERY Turnstone ollage by Mark Hearld

ar earld s uid painting and collages are being displayed in the exhibition sland ife at ew Tree allery in eigwin near orvah fro th epte ber to th ctober. ften showing together lex alcol son carves and constructs wood into seabirds and boxed tableaux of ariti e sub ects. i ilar the es abound in obina ac s cera ic platters and dishes. ounding off the show is a selection of ewellery collections by


ac erel by Janet Judge

nspired by living close to the sea the coast and cliffs of the i ard and west ornwall provide the sub ect for any of anet s paintings as does ornwall s rich local produce such as these ac erel. aintings and prints are available at i ard rt table ard allery at Trelowarren open daily until rd ove ber and at the The usto s ouse allery in orthleven open all year. isits to anet s studio are welco e by appoint ent. o issions welco e. hec out the website for ore infor ation and to see her latest paintings. 01326 241492 | www.janetjudge.com | janet@janetjudge.com

featured artists and hand woven rugs by ue arshall. KEIGWIN TR19 7TS 01736 786425 | www.yewtreegallery.com


ec lace by Becky Edwards

e wyth ea lass ewellery was originally founded in the south of ornwall by the self taught Bec y dwards. ll Bec y s ite s are ade with sea glass found on the ornish coastline and she uses only sustainable aterials. ro rings and bangles to nec laces headbands and even a recycled ornish copper selection Bec y s wares are available online. nspired by the sea and surfing lifestyle and na ed after the ornish word for ewellery e weyth welco es co issions and ewellery repairs and ite s can be ade fro your own pieces of collected sea glass. gemweythseaglass@outlook.com www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GemweythSeaGlass


tlantic louds by Andrew Barrowman

tanding on orthleven s harbourside The usto s ouse allery showcases a diverse collection of wor by so e of ornwall s finest artists. The gallery is also a e ber of the wn rt che e which a es buying original art affordable by spreading the cost over ten onths with no interest to pay. or ore infor ation and details including the gallery s bespo e fra ing service head to the website. COMMERCIAL ROAD, PORTHLEVEN TR13 9JD 01326 569365 | www.cornwall-art.co.uk


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t c e f r e p PIECES


Ten top products to dress your perfect new home, courtesy of the experts at Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop.



deally situated in Penryn just 15 minutes from Truro and a ere five fro al outh if you re loo ing to finish your new ho e with the perfect furnishings to atch your individual taste and style what better place to start than at hristie s urniture the hristie s Bed hop xperts at helping their custo ers realise their drea ho e loo the hristie s tea offer ten perfect products to help breathe life into your new ho e.

Living room 1. Moby Corner Sofa (top) fabulous British ade corner unit offering ultiple opportunities to custo ise the shape and si e to your own taste and re uire ents. s of fabrics to choose fro four way scatter pac age options as well as six different foot option finishes. ou can even choose your ideal cushion filling with either a foa or fibre core. Range priced from £349 to £2,499 2. Rivo Sofa The stunning ivo sofa and chair range is upholstered in the latest designer fabrics and features a conte porary and uni ue loo . The seat cushions are reversible with foa ex cushioning inside providing the co fort of fibre with the retention of foa for superb durability and co fort. o bined with feather filled scatter cushions and plush ar pads this sofa will provide long lasting co fort. £699



3. The Morris Chaise Sofa This beautifully ade chaise sofa is perfect for s aller spaces. t co es in a great range of fabrics and has atching standard sofas and chairs also available. £799 Bedroom 4. Harrison Beaumaris 7,700 4. pocket sprung divan set This supre ely co fortable hand ade bed is ade using natural fillings is available in a si e and fir ness of your choice and co es in a huge selections of fabrics. The hristie s Bed hop has the largest selection of arrison pin s beds in ornwall on display. ll available in the erfect alf rice ale Double £949 5. Ottoman bed This tto an bed is available in various si es and a huge range of designer fabrics. t can open fro either side or is available as a front opening tto an. undreds of attresses available separately Double £349



CL--90--ED--Christies Furniture--2.00 v3.indd 2

03/09/2019 17:17


6. Hallway 6. Sherwood Deluxe Oak Hall Table Basket Unit ffering ti eless style for your hallway co bined with ore than a touch of conte porary luxury each herwood piece is ade fro the finest thic solid uropean oa . This fabulous table which offers the added benefit of storage by its beautiful woven bas ets is built fro sustainably sourced oa and si ply oo es uality. £399


8. Dining room 8. The Laporte range This furniture range features a stylish collection of odern pieces its elegant s ooth surfaces and use of curved edges will give your living space that uch needed update. urther enhanced by lights adding at osphere to your dining or living roo . Available from £149 9. Ascot 3 Door Sideboard ndustrial uxe is a big trend in the interiors world which si ply eans a ix of materials normally found in an industrial or co ercial setting restyled for do estic living. scott is a superb exa ple of this exciting trend ixing acacia wood with etal. ver pieces including a atching dining set are also available. £599 Finishing touches 10. Heart picture This beautiful heart picture is available in various colour co binations and si es a ong a wider range of hundreds of other pictures and wall art helping to provide those finishing touches. From £59

. Search ight oor amp vailable a ong hundreds of other inspiring lighting ideas all of which can be viewed in store. £79


C ommercial Road, Penry n T R10 8AE 013 26 3 73 272 www.christiesfurniture.co.uk



HALF PRICE SALE Looking to snap up quality pieces in time for the colder months without breaking the bank? Pete and the team are currently running an up to half-price sale, which could be just what you’ve been looking for!

Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


CL--90--ED--Christies Furniture--2.00 v3.indd 3

03/09/2019 17:17

The The Thebest best bestproperties properties properties on on onyour your yourdoorstep doorstep doorstep

Truro, Truro, Truro, South South South Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall

Truro, Truro, Truro, South South South Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall


Generously Generously Generously proportioned, proportioned, proportioned, elegant, elegant, elegant, period-style period-style period-style property, property, property, three three three reception reception reception rooms, rooms, rooms, four four bedrooms, four bedrooms, bedrooms, cathedral cathedral cathedral views, views, views, rear rear garden, rear garden, garden, 2195 2195 sq 2195 sq ft, sq ft, EPC=C EPC=C ft, EPC=C

Impressive Impressive Impressive family family family home, home, home, four/five four/five four/five double double double bedrooms, bedrooms, bedrooms, double double double garage garage garage plus plus ample plus ample ample parking, parking, parking, front front front and and rear and rear rear gardens, gardens, gardens, oak oak flooring, oak flooring, flooring, 1605 1605 1605 sqsq ft, sq ft, EPC=C EPC=C ft, EPC=C

Be be ex

Guide Guide Guide £800,000 £800,000 £800,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold

Guide Guide Guide £650,000 £650,000 £650,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold


Truro, Truro, Truro, South South South Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall

Malpas, Malpas, Malpas, South South South Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall


Immaculate Immaculate Immaculate detached detached detached family family family house, house, house, private private private south south south west west west Stunning Stunning Stunning river river and river and woodland and woodland woodland views, views, views, four four bedrooms, four bedrooms, bedrooms, facing facing facing garden, garden, garden, five five double five double double bedrooms, bedrooms, bedrooms, conservatory, conservatory, conservatory, mature mature mature gardens, gardens, gardens, double double double garage, garage, garage, large large large sun sun terrace sun terrace terrace with with with close close close to to city city tocentre, city centre, centre, 3290 3290 3290 sqsq ft, sq ft, EPC=C EPC=C ft, EPC=C delightful delightful delightful aspect, aspect, aspect, 3019 3019 3019 sqsq ft, sq ft, EPC=F EPC=F ft, EPC=F

Pe loc riv

Guide Guide Guide £785,000 £785,000 £785,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold


Guide Guide Guide £775,000 £775,000 £775,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold

Talk Talk Talk toto us to us today us today today Chris Chris Clifford Clifford Chris Clifford Head Head of of Residential Residential Head of Residential 01872 01872 243 243 201 201201 01872 243 cclifford@savills.com cclifford@savills.com cclifford@savills.com

George Hill George George HillHill Associate Associate Associate 01872 243 205 01872 243 205 01872 243 205 george.hill@savills.com george.hill@savills.com george.hill@savills.com

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Savills Savills Cornwall Cornwall

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The The Roseland, Roseland, South South Cornwall Cornwall

Bolenowe, Bolenowe, WestWest Cornwall Cornwall

Beauitiful Beauitiful cornish cornish stonestone barn conversion, barn conversion, five five bedrooms, bedrooms, threethree bathrooms, bathrooms, gardens gardens and grounds and grounds extending extending to about to about half an half acre, an acre, 2744 2744 sq ft, sq EPC=D ft, EPC=D

RuralRural setting, setting, far reaching far reaching viewsviews of Carn of Carn Brea and BreaSt and St Ives Bay, Ives adjacent Bay, adjacent barn, barn, four double four double bedrooms, bedrooms, large large entertaining entertaining patio,patio, 1762 sq 1762 ft, sq EPC=E ft, EPC=E

Guide Guide £750,000 £750,000 | Freehold | Freehold

Guide Guide £750,000 £750,000 | Freehold | Freehold

Constantine, Constantine, South South Cornwall Cornwall

Breage, Breage, WestWest Cornwall Cornwall

Period Period double double fronted fronted stonestone cottage cottage in a rural in a rural location, location, convenient convenient for Falmouth for Falmouth and the andHelford the Helford river, river, four double four double bedrooms, bedrooms, 1918 sq 1918 ft, sq EPC=F ft, EPC=F

Charming Charming conversion, conversion, elevated elevated position position with stunning with stunning sea and searural and views, rural views, four spacious four spacious bedrooms, bedrooms, threethree bathrooms, bathrooms, generous generous balcony, balcony, 2274 2274 sq ft, sq EPC ft, C EPC C

Guide Guide £450,000 £450,000 | Freehold | Freehold

Guide Guide £695,000 £695,000 | Freehold | Freehold



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29/08/2019 12:32

The The Ourbest best track properties properties record on on speaks your yourdoorstep for doorstep itself



Truro, Truro, The South South Roseland, Cornwall Cornwall South Cornwall

Truro, Truro, Mawgan, South South Cornwall West Cornwall Cornwall


Generously Generously Immaculately proportioned, proportioned, presented elegant, elegant, with far period-style period-style reaching countryside Impressive Impressive Secluded family family location home, home, with four/five four/five woodland double double views, bedrooms, bedrooms, four property, property, views, three four three reception bedrooms, reception rooms, conservatory, rooms, four four bedrooms, bedrooms, impeccable level double double bedrooms, garage garage plus detached plus ample ample home parking, parking, office, front front annexe, and and rear rear barn and cathedral cathedral gardens, views, views, double rear rear garden, garage, garden, 2195 1940 2195 sq sqsq ft, ft,ft, EPC=C EPC=C EPC=C gardens, gardens, outbuildings, oak oak flooring, flooring, south 1605 1605 facing, sqsq ft,3456 ft, EPC=C EPC=C sq ft, EPC=E

Be be ex

Guide Guide Guide £800,000 £800,000 £725,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold


Guide Guide Guide £650,000 £650,000 £795,000 | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold



Truro, Truro, Duporth, South South Cornwall South Cornwall Cornwall

Malpas, Malpas, Camel South South Valley, Cornwall Cornwall North Cornwall


Immaculate Immaculate Panoramic detached detached sea views, family family private house, house, residents private private south beach, south west direct west facing facing access garden, garden, to five south five double west double coast bedrooms, bedrooms, path, conservatory, four conservatory, double close close bedrooms, to to city city centre, centre, private 3290 3290 garden, sqsq ft, ft, EPC=C 258 EPC=C sq ft, EPC=C

Stunning Stunning Magnificent river river and and architect woodland woodland designed views, views, four new four bedrooms, house bedrooms, with mature mature glorious gardens, gardens, south double double facing garage, garage, viewslarge over large the sun sun Camel terrace terrace Valley, with with delightful delightful outbuildings aspect, aspect, 3019 & 3019 barn, sqsq 3402 ft, ft, EPC=F EPC=F sq ft, EPC=B

Pe loc riv

Guide Guide Guide £785,000 £785,000 £1.1 million | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold

Guide Guide Guide £775,000 £775,000 £1.75 million | Freehold | Freehold | Freehold

24 acres

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Savills Savills Cornwall Cornwall

0187201872 243 200 243 200



The Malpas, Roseland, South South Cornwall Cornwall

Bolenowe, Mawgan West Porth, Cornwall North Cornwall

Beauitiful Riverside cornish village stone location, barn conversion, nearby active five marina, bedrooms, balconies three with bathrooms, river views, gardens four double and grounds bedrooms, extending terraced to about gardens, halfdouble an acre,garaging, 2744 sq ft, 1921 EPC=D sqft, EPC=B

RuralCoastal setting,retreat far reaching with panoramic views of Carn costal Brea and and countryside St Ives Bay, views, adjacent south facing barn, four lawns, double patiobedrooms, terrace and large balcony, entertaining garage,patio, parking, 1762 sixsqbedrooms, ft, EPC=E 2647 sq ft, EPC=C

Guide Guide £750,000 £795,000 | Freehold | Freehold

Guide Guide £750,000 £2.5 million | Freehold | Freehold



Constantine, Mawgan Porth, South Cornwall North Cornwall

Breage, Maenporth, West Cornwall South Cornwall

Period Terrace doubleoffronted three cottages, stone cottage sensational in a rural coastal setting, location, ownership convenient of surrounding for Falmouth hillside and the andHelford beach, superb river, redevelopment four double bedrooms, opportunity, 1918 sq 2607 ft, EPC=F sq ft, EPC=E

Charming Sensational conversion, front-line elevated positioned position residence, with stunning sea views sea and over rural theviews, bay from fourall spacious principalbedrooms, rooms, sixthree bedrooms, bathrooms, large lawned generous gardens, balcony, 3,362 2274 sqsq ft, ft, EPC=E EPC C

Guide Guide £450,000 £1.5 million | Freehold | Freehold

7.7 acres Guide Guide £695,000 £1.25 million | Freehold | Freehold

3 acres



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29/08/2019 12:34


FAMILY TIME The kitchen is the heart of the hospice at Little Harbour where families come together to enjoy good food and share experiences with others.


aking the most of short and precious lives has been the aim of Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW) since it started 28 years ago. It now has three children’s hospices in the south west; Little Bridge House in Barnstaple, Charlton Farm in Bristol and Little Harbour in mid-Cornwall. The charity offers expert medical care, in a home from home environment, for children who sadly are not expected to live into adulthood. The majority of Little Harbour’s care is respite, providing families with short stays where their children’s complex medical needs are met, parents have a break from being primary carers, brothers and sisters are supported by the dedicated sibling team and the whole family can relax, making precious memories together. It also offers palliative care, emergency stays, end of life care and bereavement support. Families often say it is the small things that make the biggest difference, like the chance to sit and eat together so ething they find di cult to find ti e for at ho e. ood plays a significant role at ittle arbour siblings baking, cooks preparing home-cooked meals and families eating together around the dining table. CHSW’s new fundraising initiative, Cook Eat Give, stems from the idea of enjoying good food with friends and family, and this October CHSW invites people to join them for some foodie fundraising. The appeal encourages supporters to get involved by

cooking a meal, sharing it with friends and ABOVE Children love the family who then decide what their meal was opportunity to worth and make a donation to CHSW. bake during This new foodie fundraiser will help their stays towards raising the £3 million needed é ABOVE annually to run Little Harbour, which Kerry cooks up supports 125 local children and their family favourites in families from Cornwall and Plymouth. the kitchen Kerry Hollingsworth, Cook at Little é INSET Harbour, tells us: “The word hospice can be Mealtimes are an scary for families, so when they come for important part of their first visit it s lovely for the to co e hospice life at to the kitchen and dining room, where Little Harbour everyone sits and eats together; they can form some really good friendships and share experiences. By hosting your own foodie get-together your feast will help us to give families the best possible care when they need it most.”

CHILDREN’S HOSPICE SOUTH WEST Little H arbour, Porthp ean Road, Porthp ean, S t Austell, C ornwall PL26 6AZ 01726 871800 enq uiries@chsw.org.uk www.chsw.org.uk/ cookeatgive Find more like this: www.cornwall-living.co.uk


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IT PAYS TO SHARE WHEN YOU’RE NOT THERE. Ask about rental income potential†

Own your own little corner of Cornwall from only £60,000. Visit praa-sands.co.uk to see our video and download a brochure or call 01736 761 042 to ask about holiday home ownership on our 5-star rated park and discover the magic of unplanned holidays, last-minute breaks and memories that last a lifetime.

All homes come fully-furnished

Beautiful beach location

Spacious interiors & decking

†Subject to joining our sublet scheme. Terms & conditions apply.

A Haulfryn Holiday Park. 1.00 Template CLM,DL,FC,KL.indd 1


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