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Rohrs & Rowe are delighted to announce that we have once again been named Best Estate Agency in Cornwall by the coveted International Property Awards.

We received maximum marks from the judges for both our marketing and customer service. The judges also shortlisted us to one of just three estate agencies across the entire UK to compete for the national honour of ‘Best Estate Agency in the UK’ to be awarded in December 2019. Please call us today to discuss how our multi-award winning service can help to sell your property.

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The Ultimate Lifestyle By The Sea

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to the December issue of Cornwall Living t

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J ustin K eight – 01326 369 4 33 j J amie G ray – 079 85 635 627 j

O p erations M anager M iguel B elert Commercial D irector J onathan Perkins – 075 87 072706 j onathan.p M anaging D irector B en Pratchett – 01326 5 74 84 2 b en.p G roup D irector Andy Forster – 07711 1605 9 0

Need COME JOINto THEadd TEAM! e a e a ri iant an o a cre ere at e en Me ia ro t a a a t gro t ine e re a a intere te in ta ing to o t tan ing in i i a o re a er tar o e traor inar ta ent t en e o o e to ear rom o Call Andy Forster on 07711 160590 or email

we’re hiring

SAVING MORE TIME. SAVING MORE LIVES The Cornwall Air Ambulance have just launched an exciting new campaign. Become a New Heli Hero and you can have your name on the new Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter when it arrives in 2020. You can also donate to the New Heli Appeal and help keep more families together.

The view from Cornwall... Kathy White Porthleven


Cornwall Living is published by: ENGINE HOUSE MEDIA LTD H olb rook, The M oors, Porthleven, Cornwall TR13 9 JX Engine H ouse M edia L td is a multi-p latform media b usiness with a p assion for everything Cornish. Visit to find out more. Our mission is to create READ -W ATCH -EX PERI EN CE media op p ortunities marrying together consumers with the fab ulous b usinesses across Cornwall. O ur p ub lishing and marketing teams are sp ecialists in creating p rint and on-line communications, devised to achieve a range of marketing ob j ectives. W ith over 20 years of marketing, b rand management and magaz ine ex p erience we develop effective communications that deliver your message in a credib le and creative way. W e op erate across all media channels, including: p rint, online and video.

For this issue we asked you to send in your favourite wintry photos of Cornwall, offering the chance for one to appear on the front cover. From dramatic snowy seascapes to Christmas lights, you really delivered, so thank you! We simply love this shot of the Porthleven Christmas lights, taken by Kathy White – a worthy runner up indeed!

Why pay the same to get less…

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Savills Cornwall 01872 243 200

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What can we do for you?

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•EXPERIENCE• A BRAND-NEW BED FROM CHRISTIE’S FURNITURE AND THE CHRISTIE’S BED SHOP A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential to wellbeing, especially over the Christmas period when all the excitement, food and drink is enough to get on top of anyone. If your tired bed needs replacing, turn to page 42 and discover just a sample of what Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop have to offer!

CHRISTIE’S FURNITURE AND THE CHRISTIE‘S BED SHOP Commercial Road, Penryn TR10 8AE 01326 373272 Find more like this:


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News & views

Catch up with Cornwall


Luxury property




On display


Gourmet gossip

Find your dream Cornish home

Spending Christmas in Cornwall? Check out our festive cover feature on page 30!

Win a little piece of Cornwall A window into Cornwall’s art scene


The latest Cornish foodie news

106 Charity

News from Cornwall Hospice Care


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Win £PA422 GE 61










Window wonderland


Understated class


No pain, no grain


Foam your home


Quality movers





The finest carpet and flooring in Cornwall The Duchy’s flooring restoration experts The benefits of spray foam insulation Introducing M.J. Christophers & Son


Naturally timeless


A passion for precision


From this day forward


Top New Year picks


Magnificent manor


A glass act


Art and inspiration


A winter gem


Family run since 1919


In the festive spirit



Look no further than Windmill Windows









For a look that stands the test of time Transform your home

Wedding memories to last a lifetime Great events across Cornwall Experience the beauty of Trereife Unique and creative art for Christmas Beautiful pieces by Sally Napier Head to the Jewellery Workshop

Experts at the personal approach Christmas Belgium style at Bier Huis

From passion to profession

The application season is upon us


At the cutting edge


Facing winter head on


Complex care in the community

The latest and greatest tech Achieve healthy looking skin Catch up with Bluebird Care


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Get Your Home

Ready For Christmas


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Furniture Showrooms: Hayle & Wadebridge | 01736 757333

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News & views

News & views


Brighten your winter with Scilly Flowers

cente narci i o ri o t oor in ma e tere fie otte acro t e e o ci n at rc to n arm on t Martin t ere a e icate team ic ing t e o er come rain ine or gale, from October through to Easter, ready to send throughout the UK. Christmas is by far the busiest time of year at the farm, as fresh, colourful o er o rce oca are ar to come by. This, along with the fact that a bouquet of scented narcissi makes the er ect ri tma re ent mean t at t e rr o ri tma or er tart in o em er o i o ant gi e t e gi t

Tales through time of a beautifully scented bouquet to a loved one this year, make sure to get your orders in soon and reserve your re erre e i er ate For more information call 01720 422169 or visit

Open-plan living:

design a layout that works for you e igning an o en an o e i a o ar mo ern a roac t mean t at o can cook, dine and watch TV, all in the same room. This can be great for family and guest interaction t o o o e arate t e e area i a i t creating a nifie e ign that enables all areas to work together? We seek some advice on how to make the mo t o o r ace rom n rea ane o ane rc itect an ere to t t e i erent areas you will use for dining, cooking, and re a ing t i ogica to a e a ining area next to the kitchen, with the sitting area after

by Gail Rayner

Having trained as a nurse in Exeter, author Gail Rayner now lives in and works in Plymouth, where she also crafted her two Cornwall-based novels, Castles and The Lady. Each set in very different eras, The Lady is based in a turbulent Cornwall at a time of hunger and crime and follows the story of Lady Tremaine. Now a widow after her an met an ntime eat e fin herself left with more questions than answers, in a tale of love, murder, sadness and bravery.

that.” Andrea uses her own self-build house in a mo t t at e ro ect manage ict re a an e am e e t ree area are laid out in a triangle, so they are all linked. n or er to ac ie e t i t e itc en i o en at both sides. When the dining table is in use, t e itc en a o o e a a ace t at gi e acce aro n t e ta e i ma e t e an more e cient en ace i imite

Castles, meanwhile, follows the story of Ann, who has been assigned to cover the fi ming o a o ar te e i ion erie er friend Phoebe is handy with a camera, so Ann invites her along with not-entirely one t retence a ong it e oi just fun to have around. With three friends getting a little more than they bargained for, Castles tells a story of rien i ea an e a e a rea an discover for yourself!

For more information call 07812 952275 or visit

For more information visit www. Telephone 01736 754242

A fully managed, flexible holiday letting service... We think you’ll like how we do things. More

News & views

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St Ives | Penzance | Hayle | Bude Falmouth | Newquay | Mevagissey CORNWALL LIVING | 9

22/11/2019 09:32

News & views

A wild winter wedding

Of course, a winter celebration doesn’t have to be a wedding – Wild Tipi has hosted a range of other glorious festive parties, from corporate events to carol services, so make sure to get in touch with the friendly team for a winter wonder of your own.

Le Nord Creative

A winter wedding can be a truly memorable event, full of rich scents and stunning backdrops. We catch up with Wild Tipi owner, Sam Moore, and discuss the perfect winter celebration. “There is something truly magical about a winter wedding and we absolutely love being a part of them,” says Sam. “The beauty of our tipis is that they are so versatile. They can be put up virtually anywhere, and we have worked in some breathtaking winter wonderland settings. The only limit is your imagination.”

For more information email or visit

into your kitchen

Experience animal

Modern lifestyles are fast and getting faster. If you’ve been putting off that long-awaited kitchen makeover because you’re worried about the cost, you may be interested to know that it could be a whole lot cheaper and easier than you think. Indeed, you’d be amazed at how much difference simply replacing your doors can make to the heart of your home!

welfare in action Each season at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary the team rehabilitates over 70 seal pups rescued from around the Cornish coastline. Hear about dramatic rescues and meet the seal and sea lion characters whose individual stories are brought to life during your visit. Explore behind the scenes at the heart of marine rescue in Cornwall’s only working Seal Hospital and see how the team carry out life-saving work with the animals. The sanctuary is also home to Asian short-clawed otters, Humboldt penguins and paddock animals. Tucked against the picturesque backdrop of the Helford river, the sanctuary is a e ignate ite o ecia cientific Interest and an Area of Outstanding

Inject new life

Natural Beauty. The 42-acre centre also boasts a woodland quiz trail, Discovery Cove Playground, a café with undercover seating and a giftshop. For more information call 01326 221361 or visit

Matt Jones, who owns and runs Dream Doors in Truro, explains: “The thing that sets us apart is that our UK manufactured doors are made to measure.” This means o can get o r ne oor to fit o r existing units, injecting a new lease of life into your tired kitchen. Interested? If so, why not pay a visit to the showroom and discover the vast range of styles to choose from? For more information call 01872 240650 or visit

A breathtaking exhibition “This is a fragile place, a delicate and ancient piece of land and water – a beautiful place to linger, to watch and to witness.” – Kurt Jackson In this breathtaking body of work, leading contemporary artist Kurt Jackson immerses himself – sometimes literally – in a tributary of the Helford river. This unique landscape famously inspired Daphne du Maurier’s 1941 novel Frenchman’s Creek. For this exhibition, the Jackson Foundation Gallery is working in partnership with the conservation charities Plantlife, the National


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Trust and the Helford Marine Conservation Group, each of which work to protect and promote the delicate ecosystem of this unique corner of Cornwall. ‘Kurt Jackson: Frenchman’s Creek’ runs December 20th 2019 to January 4th 2020 at the Jackson Foundation Gallery, St Just. Open Monday to Saturday, 10am until 5pm, except for 23rd and 24th December, and bank holidays. For more information call 01736 787638 or visit


News & views

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beautiful shutters





Marks & Spencer




VISIT OUR SHOWROOM CL--93--AD--Westcountry Blinds--1.00.indd 1


To Hayle



Connor Downs








Trevaskis Farm

TR27 5JR

01736 752397

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Mullion Cove Spa – Now Open Facilities include – Heated Indoor Hydrotherapy Pool, Sea View Sauna, Steam Room, Salt Laconicum, Bucket Showers and fully equipped Gym. Outside decking wraps around the edge of the building leading to an outdoor Hot Tub with magnificent views of the sea and Mullion Island. The outdoor pool (heated March to October) has plenty of seating areas in which to relax. Open to non-residents for Spa Days, VOYA and Made for Life treatments and full leisure club memberships.

01326 240328 • CL--92--AD--Mullion Cove Hotel--1.00.indd 1

22/11/2019 14:46

News & views Interior inspiration

Capitalise on your holiday home asset

from Tileworld

What better way to welcome the New Year than by updating your interior? Whether you’re looking for mosaics, glass, wall or oor ti e at i e or t e team are always on hand to help you choose. Indeed, with 35 years’ industry experience, plus in-depth knowledge of all the latest trends, styles and materials, they can help you make the most informed choice to suit your interior scheme. Whether you’re going ultra-modern, or timeless and traditional, if you’d like to update your home in time for the bitter cold months ahead, be sure to pop into i e or an i co er t e t nning collections on offer in store. For more information call 01726 65434 or visit

Padstow Property Management holds its roots in Property Management, but it didn’t take long for clients – impressed as they were by the team’s service and expertise – to start requesting a lettings service, too. e etting i e o t e ine launched in April and has already proven a huge success. Both Managing Directors being Cornish – David coming from a family that has lived in Padstow for generations – means that they know t e area incre i e i t t em and the team in prime position to help your guests make the absolute most of t eir ta i ma e t em a t e more likely to recommend your property to others, and encourages repeat bookings

from loyal customers who will choose to stay at your property year after year. Padstow Property Management offers owners a fully managed service, allowing them to rest assured that their property is in a e an a ing care o everything from housekeeping and general maintenance, to lettings and even full refurbishments – if you have a ro ert t at co enefit rom t e expertise of a team that knows what it takes to uphold the standard of your property, in turn giving guests the best stays, then Padstow Property Management would love to hear from you. For more information call 01841 510105 or visit

Twixmas nights at Budock Vean Christmas and New Year are wonderful family occasions, but they can also be times of stress, with gifts to buy and guests to entertain. Budock ean ote t e e or ri er i a firm advocate of allowing yourselves a bit of a time out – perhaps a night away where the only person you need look after is you. e ote i ma rea i i ea it rooms on 27th and 28th December just aiting or o to e ca e to in ri tma tree ga ore ecoration crac ing og fire


News & views

CL--93--ED--COMPOSITE--News & Views.indd 11

and time spent relaxing in the pool. Enjoy a spa treatment, or a crisp round of golf, before tucking into a mouth-watering meal in the restaurant and being waited on hand and foot. With all of this to enjoy, plus uber-comfortable beds to snuggle in and a delicious Cornish breakfast in the morning, what are you waiting for? You deserve a night off! For more information call 01326 250288 or visit


22/11/2019 09:56

News & views

Cornish Cottage Holidays’

top shoulder season tips

Having something that stands out and sets your property apart is important, particularly during the shoulder seasons. Hot tubs often improve bookings; when prospective guests have the choice of staying somewhere with or without one, the property with will often secure the booking. Indeed, even though the weather is cooler this time of year, the chance to soak outdoors is extremely appealing. The Cornish Cottage Holidays team recommend having a cover or gazebo so that, even in the worst weather, your guests can enjoy the bubbles. Inside, a woodburner is also very tempting. Guests love nothing more t an co ing in ront o a fire on a cold winter’s day. Or, why not create a cinema room with a smart speaker or surround sound? Couples and families alike can snuggle on the sofa and enjoy an experience they may not have at home. Gourmet popcorn or a quirky cocktail station can also be an unusual treat.

Guests will appreciate thoughtful touches to keep them warm during the colder months. Woolly hats, an umbrella, some wellies, or perhaps a co e o t ermo a to ta e on a crisp morning walk will undoubtedly make them feel special. Cornish Cottage Holidays suggest that, during the shoulder season, being open to ort rea can e fi ga in o r bookings diary, as can accepting arrivals on any day of the week. But perhaps one of the best ways to secure more bookings during quieter periods is by being dog friendly. Added extras such as dog towels, bowls, throws and treats are also welcome additions, and when pet o ner fin a o i a ome in ic both humans and hounds can relax, they often return time and time again! For more information call 01326 336773 or email

Much more than

a furniture store Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Penzance. At Alfred Smith & Son there is an eclectic mix of children’s toys and games for all the family to enjoy. As Winnie The Pooh famously said: “It isn’t much good having anything exciting, if you can’t share it with somebody!” So why not explore the treasure trove of diverse, fun and sometimes challenging board and card games – well reviewed and selected with thought and love for you to enjoy. For those of you that prefer chocolate, they stock that too! Not to mention the advent candles and inspirational gifts from St Eval and Emma Bridgewater, and the Wellbeing Collection of Tisserand oils, great for soothing stress and sleepless nights in the lead up to Christmas. For more information call 01736 363134 or visit Alfred Smith & Son

Stein’s Seafood Restaurant welcomes new head chef a to orn ete M rt fir t oine ic an Jill’s team in 2000, as a kitchen porter in St Petroc’s Bistro, before progressing through the ranks and participating in the company’s chef apprenticeship programme. After six years working under previous Head Chef, Stephane Delourme, Pete moved to London, working at Claude Bosi’s two Michelinstarred Hibiscus. Pete returned to Stein’s in 2015 for the launch of the restaurant in Sandbanks, Dorset – the largest of the group’s


CL--93--ED--COMPOSITE--News & Views.indd 12

establishments – and is now back in Padstow, settling into his new role at The Seafood e ta rant ic tein comment ete come from the large Padstow family of Murts, many of whom have supplied us with seafood over the years, so I’ve known Pete even before he started working for us … and have watched i e e o ment o er t e ear into a fir t class chef. I’m really looking forward to working with him back in Padstow.” For more information visit


News & views

22/11/2019 13:55


Kernow Fires

more than just fires Now showing:

Bespoke Kitchens, Everhot Cookers, The Most Efficient Stove Europe has to offer.

Ask us about our new feature walls*. *A feature wall is an entire wall designed and built around your chosen fire with the help of Kernow Metals. This can include everything from shelves, storage and lighting to seating and TV’s.

TRENANT IND EST. WADEBRIDGE WILSON WAY CL--93--AD--Kernow Fires--1.00.indd 1


PL27 6HB

TR15 3RX

T. 01208 812527

T. 01209 200887 22/11/2019 09:48

We are the cornish experts Britannia Lanes of Cornwall

have a dedicated team to assist you in planning and moving your personal eects from one home to another. We have a wealth of experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or by calling my team on 01872 560147. We are here to help. Video Surveys Available

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News & views

A winter spa wonderland Many owners agree that winter is the best time to use their hot tub – there is nothing better than sitting in warm steamy water on a clear frosty evening. Of course, being in Cornwall, we often have a little drizzle or rain at this time of year, but you can carry on enjoying yours without worrying about the weather by adding some shelter, such as a gazebo.

Christmas in Crantock Celebrate your Christmas party at the Old Albion Inn, a 400 year-old thatched building with a cosy atmosphere, cosy og fire an goo oo Situated in the heart of Crantock, enjoy a wintry walk along the beach then retreat to the pub, where you can indulge in the cracking Christmas menu and choose from a e ection o t e fine t a e an ager to e found. “Our second year in Crantock and most of our meals were at The Albion,” says one happy customer. “Food is top quality. I think we pretty much tried all of the menu. My favourite dish was the deli boards. They were well presented and the onion marmalade is to die for.” So, why not pop in next time you’re in Crantock? Be sure to book ahead though, as tables are sure to be snapped up quickly over the festive period! For more information call 01637 830243 or visit Old Albion Inn

Spyrys Spas and Hot Tubs in Wadebridge have a great selection of gazebos, including the very affordable new Louvre from Superior Spas. For the ultimate in luxury, how about a Covana automated gazebo, which at the turn of a key transforms from a thermal cover to a raised roof to keep out the elements.

There is always a warm welcome in the showroom regardless of the weather, so why not pop in and take a look? For more information call 01208 813760 or visit

Plastic-free and open to all The Summerhouse Gallery is a beautiful, welcoming space showcasing the very best of Cornish art. Located just across the water from the wonderful St Michael’s Mount, the team has nurtured the perfect environment in which to discover paintings, jewellery, sculpture and glass in the most relaxed manner. Artists on display vary from the very well established, to the young, up and coming, and regardless of reputation, the team can put their hands on their hearts and say that each piece on the wall is there for one reason and one reason only – they love it! Both child and dog friendly, The Summerhouse is also proud to be recognised as a plastic-free gallery. To discover more and to see the abundance

of fabulous work on display, such as the painting pictured here (‘Autumn Light’ by Iona Sanders), be sure to pop in next time you’re in Marazion! For more information call 01736 711400 or visit

e s o er ea ot er at Cornwall’s luxury getaway for grown u s

www o ean otelfal out a l nfo o ean otelfal out o u


News & views

CL--93--ED--COMPOSITE--News & Views.indd 13

ou el


22/11/2019 11:43

News & views

Eat well this winter We hear from Lifestyledoc founder, Mark who tells us: “Last Christmas, my ill-timed suggestion that roasted sprouts with bacon would be a nice change next year was not well received by my frazzled wife. She had just served up some delicious steamed sprouts with lemon and pepper. After 20 years of marriage I should know when to keep schtum. We i efinite e en o ing teame brussels again this year - and not because they are nutritionally superior to roasted ones!” Whatever your preference, Mark heartily recommends that you buy local, fresh produce this year. The Lifestyledoc team know that eating e nee to e en o a e an ractica what’s right for one person may not work or anot er ic i t e o er doctor consultations, nutritional advice

and health coaching to help you make the best choices for you and your lifestyle. For more information call 01872 272866 or visit

the heart

Festive lunches

at Mount Haven

For those who hold the coast of Cornwall close to their heart, what better Christmas gift than a print of Mike Lacey’s stunning Cornish Heart? Capturing in a photo a deep love for the ocean, this one-in-a-million shot was the result of Mike’s search for a wave for the day his daughter was born. He too t i magnificent oto on r December 2014, and his daughter was born the following day.

Get together with family, friends and colleagues during the Christmas season and enjoy a feast at the Mount Haven Restaurant. Situated within a boutique hotel perched on the edge of Marazion, the restaurant overlooks the sweep of Mount’s Bay with stunning views towards St Michael’s Mount, providing the perfect spot for a festive feast this Christmas. Head Chef Ross Sloan and his talented kitchen team are committed to creating food that’s adventurous, modern and inspired by nature. Expect imaginative dishes that use the freshest ingredients available in the surrounding area of west Cornwall. Enjoy two courses for just £20 or three courses for £25 and indulge in a meal you won’t forget in a hurry!

A gift from

For more information call 01736 719937 or visit

All of Mike’s metal HD prints include a frame of your choice, so why not head to the website and check out your options? o fin an incre i e arra o ot er shots too, capturing the Cornish ocean in its many moods, all available in a range of i e an fini e er ect or t o e hard-to-buy-for loved ones this Christmas. For more information visit


A Great Local Cornish Company Dealing in Wood Burning Stoves, Gas and Multi fuel Traditional and Contemporary Wood Burners, Multifuel and Gas Stoves.


Crates of wood ~ £175 delivered Nets of wood ~ 5 for £23.50 & 40 for £160 delivered

01326 573643 ª ª Unit 5, St Johns Business Park, Helston, TR13 8HN


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News & views

22/11/2019 13:55

Beautiful timber buildings CORNWALL CL--90--AD--Carpenter Oak--1.00.indd 1

01326 336 554 27/09/2019 10:04



ESCAPE TO THE NORTH CORNWALL COAST THIS CHRISTMAS, MAKING ONE OF OUR FIVE-STAR SELF-CATERING COTTAGES YOUR BASE. Perfect if you're a family looking to spend Christmas together without the usual fuss, or a couple wanting a cosy coastal bolthole from which to enjoy the festivities. The Headland cottages overlooking Fistral Beach have everything that's needed for a festive seaside break, and more. You can even bring the dog. Available with one, two and three ensuite bedrooms, each cottage has an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area with a log-effect gas fire, and throughout the festive season, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree under which the all-important presents can be displayed. If you wish to venture outdoors, there's also a private garden area – perfect for raising a toast whilst gazing upon the frosty Cornish clifftops. During your visit, work up an appetite walking along the South West Coast Path or relax, unwind and be pampered in our five-bubble spa - before enjoying a festive cocktail at The Terrace, or retreating back to the cottages for a festive feast.

CL--93--AD--Headland Hotel--1.00.indd 1

22/11/2019 16:01

News & views

Don’t forget

Festive feasts from Catch

the bedroom this Christmas

Catch Seafood Bar & Grill is open on weekends and Christmas school holidays, for breakfast, lunch and dinner this winter. Not to mention that it’s hosting an early ‘Family Party’ and a late ‘Beach House Supper’ on New Year’s Eve. We ask chef and owner, Patrick, how ea oo fit into i e ti e men e serve mussels at Catch as they’re a sustainable stock and that’s really important for us. We Yule-cook them in spicy, mulled cider, then add cream e icio atric contin e ea o offer Private Dining where our chefs cook in peoples’ homes. Mulled mussels are a big Christmas favourite alongside

fresh Porthilly oysters, classic steaks and egan ai c rrie o fin atc on Ma gan ort eac or why not book a Private Dining Experience and have the team come to you? For more information call 01637 860372 or visit Traditionally, the lounge and dining table take centre stage for Christmas decorations, yet we spend around a third of our day in the bedroom. Why not indulge the festive season a little more by adorning the bedroom and waking up to some seasonal cheer?

A new kind

of wellbeing experience

Aissa Gonzalez, Interior Stylist at The Cornish Bed Company, says: “There is no need for clutter and glitter as it should remain a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. Add a Christmas garland to frame the bedstead and use a red or gold throw to dress the bed. A wreath above the bed adds height and some scented candles with essential oils bring out the festive scents to help you sleep.”

Merchants Manor is one of the only hotel spas in Falmouth. It combines centuriesold rejuvenation techniques with wellbeing teachings from across the world. The Linen Rooms are a luxurious safe haven where indulgent Temple Spa products are exclusively used. Treatments range from Spa Days to facials and full body massages, all designed to relax, revive and rejuvenate. Here at Cornwall Living we like the sound of the ‘My Kinda Mood’ treatment, which includes a full body massage and a facial. e on t e inen oom o fin t e Technogym, exercise classes and indoor

swimming pool to help you radiate inside and out and become the best you can be. Make sure to keep an eye on the Merchants Manor website for brand new spa days and wellness experiences that c ange mont For more information call 01326 312734 or visit

Using a traditional Victorian design, a bed from The Cornish Bed Company looks great with all kinds of Christmas decor. We love creating a rustic appeal with Christmas decorations, but with a timeless design, Cornish Beds look good adorned in any colour scheme. For more information call 01726 825182 or visit

Exciting times ahead for The Aloft Shop Building on the reputation The Aloft Shop already has in Padstow, Kim Masters (Store Manager) and Beth Hillier recently became part-owners of the business. Their goal: to develop the shop into a recognisable brand that epitomises Padstow and the seaside community it’s a part of. The Aloft Shop is renowned for its carefully curated collection of gorgeous men’s and ladies’ clothing, as well as fabulous homewares, accessories, jewellery and gift ideas. Kim, Beth and the team are incredibly passionate about


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sourcing the highest quality products, carefully selecting the brands they work with and displaying an array of beautiful items that you on t fin e e ere If you’ve yet to tick off your Christmas gift list, a trip to The Aloft Shop comes highly recommended, and did we mention that the team are giving away a £50 voucher in this month’s competitions? Turn to page 61 to fin o t more For more information call 01841 532548 or visit


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Invite cosiness in with Holdcroft

Rohrs & Rowe voted best in Cornwall


At this time of year natural light is limited. Lighting is an essential part of daily life, especially during the winter when we have shorter days and longer nights. Adding warm, subtle lights to your home will help make it inviting and cosy, allowing you to rest and recuperate during the festive period.

in association with


Comparably, bright light can help you focus, so whether you work from home or are organising paperwork, ensure that you have a good, bright light or task lamp to avoid eye strain or mistakes!

south west for over 15 years. The team are passionate, knowledgeable and inspired by great design, offering expert interior advice from their showroom in Bude. Be sure to pay a visit and see for yourself the vast range of lighting available – perfect for brightening up the winter months!

Holdcroft Lighting & Home have been delivering professional services to the

For more information call 01288 350627 or visit Cornish property agents Rohrs & Rowe are delighted to announce that, for the second time, they have been named ‘Best Estate Agency in Cornwall’ at the prestigious International Property Awards. The judges have also shortlisted Rohrs & Rowe as one of just three UK estate agencies for the national title of ‘Best Estate Agency in the UK’. The winner of this coveted honour will be announced at an awards ceremony in early December, at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Is your door

safe and secure? Offering a comprehensive range of doors and windows tailored to suit Cornwall’s unique environment, the team at Longrock Windows in Penzance understand your need for both style and unrivalled functionality. They also understand the importance of security, which is why all doors are fully enforced it tri e ea e o ter rame an m ti oint oc ing tem Approved by British Standards, locksmiths and even the Police, the locks on and thereby improve security in your Longrock’s doors are the most secure home in the run up to Christmas, why not available, coming complete with a range of give the Longrock team a call and see how functions that serve to make life easier, they can help? while at the same time adding multiple For more information call 01736 363113 layers of security to your home. If you’re S hoping Ad:Layout 1 your 28/8/18 1 or visit to upgrade doors or 14:46 windows Page

“We are ecstatic to be awarded this prestigious accolade once again,” Martyn and Matthew tell us. “It’s validation that we present and market our clients’ properties to the highest standards, as well as assurance t at t e i recei e fi e tar c tomer service and satisfaction.” If you’re thinking of selling your Cornish property, why not get in touch and see how Rohrs and Rowe can help you? For more information call 01872 306360 or visit

Quality Products First Class Installation Outstanding Service

Bude Windows & Conservatories THE QUALITY CHOICE SINCE 1995

FREEPHONE 0808 1000 602


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Indoor & Outdoor Event Free Parking Free Seminars Café Facilities Free Entry (with online registration)





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Presenting your home in the winter

Storm proof your home with ColourFence If your fence is old, damaged, or starting to show signs of rot or wear, it might be time to replace it. While this is an investment, it e m c etter a e t an a ing to fi your neighbour’s windscreen after your fence lands on it! One of the best alternatives to cheap overlap fencing is ColourFence. It’s a strong, durable fencing solution designed to withstand 130mph winds, which we’ve already come close to this year! ColourFence is made of zincalume steel. It’s corrosion resistant and rot-proof, and is designed to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. The durable fence panels require very little

There’s plenty you can do to entice prospective buyers in the winter. According to My Place in Cornwall, this starts with the front entrance. Having to navigate slippery leaves on your driveway oe n t ma e t e e t fir t im re ion o be sure to sweep them up or invest in a leaf blower. A couple of winter plants can also give your front door a colourful lift. If buyers are looking to move before Christmas, it’s important to make your home feel warm and cosy. Put the heating on before a viewing and try lighting a scented candle or two – if your home smells damp or musty, this will be another re ag or a er If you can present a clean, tidy and warm property this winter, you have a great chance of securing a sale! For more helpful hints and tips, check out My Place in Cornwall’s online Seller’s Guide. For more information call 01208 813874 or visit

maintenance and are guaranteed for 25 years. So, is it worth it? Well, the reality is that our weather is getting more extreme, which makes ColourFence a better long-term investment than cheaper wooden panels. For more information call 01637 222 578 or visit

Vincent Basham: master of seascapes

Seascape artist, Vincent Basham has lived in Cornwall for the past three years, and opened his purpose-built studio/gallery adjacent to his Wadebridge home in 2018. He paints stunning seascapes that capture the light and movement of the ocean. This painting (pictured) is called ‘Atlantic Sunset’ and displays his mastery of light perfectly. As a self-taught artist, Vincent developed a passion for painting seascapes after living in Newquay in his early twenties. Vincent has had successful exhibitions in Rock and Padstow throughout 2018 and 2019, where he has welcomed visitors from the local area and from afar.

A selection of the artwork he has sold now resides in America, Germany, The Channel Islands and Ireland, a scope that re ect t e o arit o i or ome customers are so happy with their chosen pieces that they have returned to purchase more to add to their collections. His studio/gallery is open daily and commisions are undertaken. For more information call 0783624498 or visit

Introducing Cornico Coffee Roasters Since 2011, Cornico Directors Andrew and Martyn have been working together to supply hotels, restaurants, coffee shops an t e i e it fine ta ian arraro o ee (based 60 miles from Venice) and Italian La Spaziale espresso machines. Since the business has expanded, Andrew’s daughters and Martyn’s son have joined them to start their new venture in roasting their own coffee alongside the rest of the Cornico team. Together they bring ethically


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traded, zero waste, great tasting coffee to Cornwall and Devon, roasted near Padstow. The Cornico team believe it is important to provide free Barista Training to all of their customers, in their new purpose built training facility, to ensure that their customers are creating a delicious beverage every time! For more information call 01637 880343 or visit


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Rise & Shine With the award winning Powerview® battery motorisation system from Luxaflex

2nd Gen a9 Processor with AI For optimised picture and sound AI Smart - The Smarter way to watch TV Through the power of your voice OLED Black - Perfect Colour on Perfect Black Delivers the ultimate picture quality Cinema Experience - At Home With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Simplify life with automatic scheduling or operate by smartphone, tablet, remote or voice/smart speaker control

Cornwall & Devon’s Premier Electrical Retailer 9 Showrooms throughout Cornwall & Devon ST AUSTELL • BODMIN • LISKEARD WADEBRIDGE • LAUNCESTON • HOLSWORTHY BUDE • BARNSTAPLE • PLYMOUTH

025.indd 1

Stylehome Unit 14 Threemilestone Ind Est Truro • Cornwall TR4 9LD

01872 560500 stylehomecornwall

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bespoke stone design + supply


High Quality UPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories 01726 813 820 SHOWROOM NOW OPEN!

Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 4.30pm. Sat by appointment.18 Rockhill Business Park, Higher Bugle, St Austell PL26 8RA

026.indd 1



We have a large selection of stone and quartz slabs and samples, tiles, setts and reclaimed Cornish granite at our workshop. For friendly, expert advice come and visit us at: 7a & 19 Rural Workshops, Higher Bochym, Cury Cross Lanes, Helston, TR12 7AZ or give us a call on: 01326 241111 e-mail:

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Hone your skills

Calling all holiday

in the saddle

International Classical Dressage Trainer, Demelza Hawes, is deeply passionate about all things equine, offering professional coaching of both horses and ri er at a e e eing a a ifie oga teacher and sports yoga coach, and having on one o on fi e ace in at t e internationally acclaimed l’Ecole Nationale d’Equitation, Demelza has a thorough understanding of rider and horse physiology and psychology. This enables her to provide clear instructions, helping hone your skills as a rider and improving direction to your horse. Open-minded and considerate of all training requirements, and available to visit you at your stables, Demelza has a library of gymnastic exercises,

home owners!

specialising in ridden advancement and groundwork, improving the performance in all the main disciplines by offering a variety of training packages. In short, whether you’re new to horse riding or are looking to brush up on your existing skills, Demelza can help you make the most of your time in the saddle. For more information call 07811 767578 or visit demelzahawesdressageandyoga

Cyclists fund nurse hours

for Cornwall Hospice Care c c i t rom orn a a e rai e a ma i e or orn a o ice Care, riding from Padstow to Nantes in France. The charity says this will fund o r o n r ing care or terminally ill patients. The team started from Prideaux Place in Padstow and arrived in convoy on Saturday 5th October at the Château des ducs de Bretagne. They were greeted by a huge welcome party of friends and family, an o co r e a c am agne fini One of those who took part was Oli Hoare, the charity’s Head of Fundraising. “We set

off as a group of people united by loss, but we returned as friends,” Oli tells us. “I am in awe of every single cyclist who joined us. Their grit and determination to take on this challenge and to raise this incredible amount, has been extraordinary and truly inspiring.” For more information call 01726 839156 or visit

If you own a Cornish holiday home, then Holiday Home Waste Collection Ltd could e o er ice i ami r n firm a introduced a personable waste collection service to suit individual home owners, ensuring clean bins when guests arrive, without a binding contract and awkward collection days. Offering collections on both the north and south coasts on different changeover days, the service includes the provision of recycling bins and bin bags, the removal of general waste, as well as the correct recycling of dry, mixed and glass recyclables. Mixed dry recyclables are sold on, while non-recyclables are incinerated, producing green energy that gets sent straight to the electrical grid. The team has also introduced food recycling, the option of dog waste bins, and now they even make bespoke wheelie bin enclosures – designed to suit your unique property or storage area. If you’d like to ensure that none of your guests are greeted by piles of rubbish when they arrive, be sure to head to the Holiday Home Waste Collection website and discover how t i e i e orni ine can e o For more information call 01208 815060 or visit

And the winner is… Regular readers of Cornwall Living will have spotted our new ‘Ultimate dish’ competition – a hot contest between some of Cornwall’s best restaurants, voted for by you.

a ce c argri e an er e on a atter fi e with delicious homemade sides, nothing says autumnal comfort food like Head Chef, Keith Palmer’s smoky barbeque ribs.

Last issue, the theme was ‘Greatest grills’, and the dishes in the running did not disappoint: Cornish Primrose Herd Ribs from the Marazion Hotel and Cutty Sark Restaurant; and Grilled Loin of Hake from The Harbour Fish and Grill.

As promised, we will be contacting one lucky voter with the fantastic prize of a meal from each of this month’s contestants, so if you voted, be sure to check your emails – it could well be you!

e com etition a fierce t e re e ig te to announce that the winner is... The Marazion Hotel! Roasted low and slow with homemade barbeque

For more information visit or www.t e r our s


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Wadebridge Dental, the multi-award winning Cornish dental practice that’s proud to be leading the way in private dentistry and facial aesthetics. CALL NOW FOR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS ON • Implants • Teeth straightening – including Invisalign where we can show you a 3D digital before and after image. Smile evenings monthly for savings of over £1000 • Smile Makeovers • Sedation • Facial Aesthetics & Skincare GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY APPOINTMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE – EVERYONE WELCOME 01208 813816 | CL--93--AD--Wadebridge Dental--2.00--V10(SR).indd 2

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8 Park Place, Whiterock Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7EA CL--93--AD--Wadebridge Dental--2.00--V10(SR).indd 3

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A selection of Cornish Christmas recipes to help you build the perfect Yuletide menu.

ith Christmas now just weeks away, it’s time to get organised. Most of the presents (hopefully) are now bought and paid for – all that’s left is to wrap them. After that, the next item on the agenda is what to eat! For those of you who regularly play host to relatives, you’ll understand what we mean when we say that preparation is key! Having a menu decided upon, with all of the ingredients stocked in the cupboards

well ahead of the last-minute rush, can ignificant re ce t e a e o ten associated with Christmas dinner. With this in mind, to help you build your Yuletide menu, we’ve asked some of Cornwall's top food and drink specialists to share with us their favourite Christmas recipes. Add to t e e a e ection o ome o orn a fine t foodie businesses and you should have everything you need to create the ultimate festive feast.


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& BELOW Use the freshest Cornish seafood to build a festive feast with a difference


Fresh Newlyn Crab Cakes with Chilli Mayonnaise Keith Palmer, Head Chef at Marazion Hotel’s tt ar e ta rant i a firm e ie er in the importance of local produce. At the hotel, guests can enjoy delicious menus and a regularly changing list of specials, including a ariet o oca o rce meat an fi i Christmas, Keith suggests trying his Newlyn Crab Cake starter. Simple to make – and im e icio t i i a re fire a o impressing the foodies in the family.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED For the crab cakes: makes 4 Fresh 80g white and 40g brown crab meat 200g mashed potato 2 spring onions Seasoning Gluten-free flour Gluten-free breadcrumbs For the sweet chilli mayonnaise Good quality mayonnaise 20g grated ginger 20g grated garlic 50g sugar Water 20g chilli flakes 1 red chilli, chopped


Keith Palmer, Head Chef at Marazion Hotel and Cutty Sark Restaurant

METHOD For the crab cakes 1 Mix the mashed potato, crab and spring

onions together. Add seasoning and then hand-mould into small patties. 2

i in o r t en egg an

a t

rea cr m

3 Fry lightly, turning occasionally. 4 Garnish with your own choice of salad.

For the sweet chilli mayonnaise 1 Grate the ginger and garlic, adding water

eno g to co er gar an c i i a e before reducing down and leaving to cool. 2 When cool, mix with the mayonnaise.


DISCOVER MORE Discerning foodies will love a hamper from the Cornish Food Box Company. This stellar business offers hampers packed full of Cornish goodness, from champagne and chocolate, to Cornish gin and olives. Find out more online: www.thecornishfoodbox


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DID YOU KNOW? Sea bass is a great alternative to Turkey – a real Christmas show stopper! Order online from The Cornish Fishmonger by 18th December for delivery in time for Christmas.

Main course:

Whole Baked Wild Citrus Sea Bass SERVES 4 For the main course, we approached Wing o t Ma e e orni i monger i family run business has been sourcing and delivering the freshest, highest quality seafood, from the quayside, for more than ear ere er o are in t e e Cornish Fishmonger can deliver the freshest catch directly to your door within 24 hours o an ing an on t e e ite o fin a host of delicious seafood recipes, helping you make the absolute most of Cornwall’s r it e mer i artic ar i i a er alternative to the traditional turkey roast; being light yet wholesome, and packed full of a o r it t t e tic et et een ri tma and New Year, when everybody’s starting to feel the effects of over indulgence!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED 1 whole wild Cornish sea bass g fish ser es 2 preserved lemons 1 clementine orange 20g fresh rosemary Cornish sea salt Pink peppercorns Olive oil

METHOD 1 Preheat the oven to 190°C / 375°F / Gas 5. 2 a e an orange an emon an ice into

5mm rounds and cut fresh sprigs of rosemary rea to t t efi 3 Ensure the sea bass is clean inside and out, pat dry with kitchen paper and make 4 or 5 iagona c t into one i e o t e fi o n to the bone. Fill the cuts with slices of lemon, orange and sprigs of rosemary. Put the remaining fruit and herbs into the cavity of t efi 4 ent tran er t e fi to t e in i e o a oi bag or onto a sheet of tin foil. Drizzle over some olive oil and rub the skin with salt and pepper. 5 Place the foil bag or tin foil sheet onto a baking tray and pop into the oven. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until cooked through. Remove from the oven and allow to sit for 2-3 minutes, then place onto a serving plate, carefully open and enjoy with steamed winter vegetables.


Rob Wing, former chef and fisherman, now fishmonger and merchant


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For dessert:

Christmas Yule Log For many of us (at least here at Cornwall i ing) chocolate and Christmas go hand-inhand. After all, what would the holidays be without it? Stuart Pate, Head Pastry Chef at Rick Stein’s acclaimed Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, takes it one step further with this delicious Yuletide classic. Stuart’s career has taken him all over the world. He’s been awarded numerous accolades and international awards, including the Craft Guild of Chefs’ ‘Pastry Chef of the Year’ award o a o fin t art o er eeing t e team in the pastry section of Stein’s Seafood Restaurant, teaching baking classes at Rick Stein’s Cookery School and trialling and testing new recipes across the company. With that in mind, who better to provide this year’s Christmas dessert recipe?

WHAT YOU’LL NEED For the chocolate swiss roll: 4 eggs 100g caster sugar 75g plain flour 25g cocoa powder For the ganache: mix both ingredients together 240g cream heated 480g dark chocolate For the chocolate mousse: 350g double cream 300g ganache For the garnish: 420g ganache 300g white marzipan Red food colour Green food colour 50g royal icing 40g melted dark chocolate for piping

METHOD 1 For the chocolate swiss roll, whisk the eggs

and sugar together to ribbon consistency. ie e t e cocoa o er an o r toget er and then fold the dry ingredients into the egg and sugar mix. Spread very carefully onto baking parchment, then place onto a baking tray and bake at 180°C / 350°F / Gas Mark 4 for 6 to 8 minutes. 2 When cooked, turn out onto sugared parchment paper and peel off the parchment paper the sponge was cooked on. Roll the sponge up in the sugared parchment and allow to cool. 3 For the chocolate mousse, whisk the cream to nearly ribbon consistency, melt ganache to 38°C and fold the two together. 4 With the cool chocolate sponge, spread the mousse through the middle and then roll up and coat the outside with the remaining mo e a o to et o fini coat it the ganache, garnish with the marzipan plaque, moss and toad stools and dust with icing sugar.


Stuart Pate, Head Pastry Chef at Stein's Seafood Restaurant


FIND OUT MORE If you’d like to learn more about Rick Stein’s Cookery School, whether it’s to brush up on your own culinary skills, or to give the gift of experience this Christmas, be sure to visit:


TREAT YOURSELF Love chocolate, or know someone who does? If so, be sure to sample Trenance Chocolate’s luxury handmade treats.


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DRESS TO IMPRESS On big family days like Christmas Day, the devil is in the detail. At Just Delights in Penryn you'll find a superb collection of table linen and decorations – perfect for feeding the masses! To find out more, visit:

 BELOW Wadebridge Wines' Cornish Negroni

WASHING IT DOWN Preparing (and eating!) the perfect Christmas men i t ir t or e e ti e rea i t e perfect time to stock the drinks cabinet and indulge in a glass or two of your favourite tipple. It’s also the perfect opportunity to sample some new cocktail recipes! Here are just a few ideas from some of our favourite Cornish drinks specialists.

Cornish Negroni Loved across the globe, the team at Wadebridge Wines are celebrating this year as the 100th birthday of this delicious drink. A shade of ruby red, many associate this cocktail with Christmas cheer; it reminds us that it may just be time for the festivities to begin. im e to i it a com e rofi e t i slow sipper consists of just three ingredients, a ma e ere in orn a e re t an herbaceous bitter-sweetness, botanical balance, and hints of warm savoury spice.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED 25ml Koneva Cornish Aperitif 25ml Wrecking Coast Cornish Clotted Cream Gin 25ml Knightor Rosé Vermouth

METHOD 1 Simply stir together in an old-fashioned glass,

with a handful of ice cubes. 2 Add a slice of sweet orange to garnish. 3 If you feel like making a happy ‘mistake’,

reach for prosecco instead of gin for a vibrant take on this classic recipe.

Spiced Apple Pie


o a o r t at are re to arm t e cockles this winter, this delicious cocktail from the team at Merchants Manor is the perfect alternative to dessert – especially for those who indulged too heavily in the main course! If, over the Christmas period, you fancy taking the stress out of hosting and venturing out for the evening, the Merchants Manor team promise a heady mix o fine ining ere at gro toget er goes together!) and an exemplary list of coc tai e ice e ie i a fine example.

Head to Merchants Manor and choose from an exciting list of Cornish cocktails

WHAT YOU’LL NEED 25ml Cornish spiced rum 25ml amaretto 20ml fresh lemon juice 20ml cinnamon or vanilla syrup 100ml cloudy apple juice Apple slices

METHOD 1 Combine all ingredients in the base of your

a er an a

a m c ice a

o can fit

2 Shake vigorously until the shaker frosts up. 3 Single strain into your choice of glass; add

more ice if required. 4 Garnish with apple slices. 5 o a ame o er t e rin an

a e gro n cinnamon o er it e cinnamon will spark up and produce a wonderful festive aroma that can be tasted and smelled through every sip.


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For all that’s featured in this month’s Cornwall i ing and more, head to our e ite anc eing t e fir t to recei e updates? Well, you can by subscribing to our newsletter at...


DISCOVER MORE Being one of the UK’s top foodie destinations, Cornwall is home to a diverse array of independent shops, giving foodies plenty of choice when it comes to building the perfect Christmas menu. Here are a few of our favourites: FOOD Boscastle Farm Shop South Torfrey Farm Etherington’s Baker Tom Riverford Cheese on Coast cheesestives DRINK North Coast Wine Company The Old Garage Knightor Winery Moorland Distillery Fowey Brewery Haywood Farm Constantine Stores

Hot Chai Toddy From the team at the multi award-winning Curio Spirits Company in Mullion, this winter warmer is just the ticket for spicing up those co inter e ening in armt an hydration during family board games – full of winter cheer with cinnamon spice, citrus orange and Cornish honey, the Hot Chai o en a o r e o e an cra e throughout the winter.

For even more Cornish foodie inspiration, head online and visit the Cornwall i ing Vimeo page!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED 35ml Curio’s Cornish Cup Fentimans Ginger Ale 1 slice of orange 1 sprig of lavender or cinnamon to garnish

METHOD 1 Pour 35ml of Curio’s Cornish Cup into a heat

proof glass or your favourite mug. o it entiman inger e an gent warm it up. 3 Add a slice of orange and a sprig of lavender/ cinnamon to garnish. 2

i mont e re gi ing o t e c ance to in an array of incredible Cornish prizes, including a ami rea i an gro n o er a n e of Christmas treats, gift vouchers and more. ntere te rn to age Enter now at Terms & conditions apply

Courtesy of Anna Photography

 ABOVE Enjoy a warming Hot Chai Toddy with Curio's Cornish Cup

Enter now at


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GET IN TOUCH: T: 01209 215 759 E: FIND US: Philip Whear Windows & Conservatories Ltd. Wilson Way, Pool Industrial Estate, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3RT BROWSE ONLINE:

PHILIPWHEAR.CO.UK H AY LE CL--90--AD--Philip Whear--1.00 v3.indd 1

30/08/2019 12:13


Rock Newquay



ll Bodmin



St Ives

St Austell Penzance

12 SAMPHIRE Enjoying a prominent and highly sought after position, this superior apartment boasts exceedingly stylish interiors and incredible estuary views.

INFORMATION Stylish contemporary apartment Prominent sought-after location Views over the Camel Estuary Two double bedrooms Master en suite Open-plan living space Balcony Quality bespoke furniture included Allocated parking within gated communal grounds


art of a prestigious gated development of just 16 superior style apartments, 12 Samphire’s accommodation comprises two double bedrooms, including a master suite, with useful built-in wardrobes and storage. The main family bathroom continues the modern theme – fully tiled it contra ting a an oor ti e an complete with crisp sanitary ware, a separate bath and walk-in shower. This fabulous apartment continues to wow as you enter the open-plan kitchen, living and dining room. Flooded with natural light, views of the estuary can be enjoyed from every angle, and there’s plenty of space here to comfortably arrange dining sets, sofas and occasional furniture. The kitchen itself is fully integrated with high-end appliances, providing everything you’re likely to need to rustle up your favourite dish with the region’s famed foodie produce. Look down and you’ll notice ea ti o i oa ooring com ete it one n er oor eating a rea oint of luxury in the colder months. Onto the location and 12 Samphire is within just a few minutes’ walk of Padstow’s harbour, boutique shops, cafés and award winning restaurants, including Prawn on the Lawn, Paul Ainsworth’s Michelin starred No. 6, and of course, Rick Stein’s esteemed

Seafood Restaurant. The wider north Cornwall area is renowned for its food, art and on-the-water lifestyle, boasting some the fine t ai ing ater in t e to a o this the seemingly endless miles of coastal walks, dramatic seascapes and a number of excellent golf courses, and the lifestyle on offer at 12 Samphire becomes all-but impossible to resist. With all of this on its doorstep, 12 Samphire really does stand out from the crowd, which is why we highly recommend an early viewing with the experts at Jackie Stanley.


GUIDE PRICE: £795,000


1 North Quay, Padstow PL28 8AF 01841 532555


CL--93--ED--Jackie Stanley--1.00.indd 37

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Sun Haven is a serene and peaceful park situated just outside the idyllic and Sun Haven is a serene and peaceful park situated just outside the idyllic and highly sought after village of Mawgan Porth, North Cornwall. The park boasts after village of Mawgan North Cornwall. boasts Sun highly Haven sought is a serene and peaceful parkPorth, situated just outsideThe the park idyllic and natural beauty, with wildlife and wildlife scenery abundance. Mawgan Porth’s award natural beauty, andin scenery in abundance. Mawgan award highly sought afterwith village of Mawgan Porth, North Cornwall. ThePorth’s park boasts winning sandy beaches are within a 15-minute walk and are just one of the many winning sandy beaches are within a 15-minute walk and are just one of the many natural beauty, with wildlife and scenery in abundance. Mawgan Porth’s award spots Sun has to offer. beauty spotswinning Sunbeauty Haven toHaven offer. sandyhas beaches are within a 15-minute walk and are just one of the many beauty spots Sun Haven has to offer.

The brand new development at Sun Haven boasts 4 luxury residential lodges situated in an elevated position within the valley, offering stunning views of the Thebrand brand new development Sun have Haven 4 planned luxury lodges residential lodges The new development at The Sunat Haven boasts 4boasts luxury residential surrounding Cornish countryside. lodges been carefully to situated elevated position within the valley, offering stunning situated in in an an elevated position within the valley, offering stunning views of the views of the create a contemporary, living space complimented by landscaped gardens and private parking. There are two stylesThe of lodges choose from - been the Willerby surrounding Cornish countryside. lodges have been carefully planned to planned to surrounding Cornish countryside. The tolodges have carefully Forest Grove and Prestigeliving Burleigh. create aa contemporary, spacespace complimented by landscaped gardens and gardens and create contemporary, living complimented by landscaped

private parking. There are two styles of lodges to choose from - the Willerby

private parking. There are two styles of lodges to choose from - the Willerby For more information or to arrange a visit call 01637 860373 Forest Grove and Prestige Burleigh. Forest Grove and Prestige Burleigh. or email For more information or to arrange a visit call 01637 860373 PART OF THE LOVAT FAMILY Sun Haven Holiday Park, Mawgan Porth, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4BQ |

For more information or to arrange a visit call 01637 860373 or email

or email PART OF THE LOVAT FAMILY Sun Haven Holiday Park, Mawgan Porth, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4BQ | PART OF THE LOVAT FAMILY Sun Haven Holiday Park, Mawgan Por th, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4BQ |

Cornwall’s Air Source Specialists Considering upgrading your heating to air source? MCS-approved with almost a decade’s experience working with renewable heating, contact GreenGen UK to learn more. Install Air Source and… • Slash heating bills by up to 50% • Significantly reduce a home’s carbon footprint • Earn up to £1600 a year in Government RHI payments

visit us at or call 01326 564513 Unit B Ruston House, Wheal Vrose Business P ark, Helston, Cornwall, T R13 0FG

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Rock Newquay




St Ives



ll Bodmin

St Austell Penzance

A picturesque detached cottage located in a peaceful setting near Fowey.


enventinue Cottage is a charming detached property, believed to have been built in the early 1800s. It ro i e ot acio an e i e i ing accommo ation an it e ce tiona peaceful, tucked-away location is just 1.5 miles from the centre of Fowey. The picturesque façade encompasses orn a i tor t i e ten to t e interior with a large double aspect sitting room eat ring an attracti e o en fire ace an ag tone ate ooring a ma or e ort for Cornwall since the 15th century. The warm wooden tones of the bespoke oak kitchen are complemented by the AGA in the immediately adjoining dining area, making this area the real heart of the home and a cosy place in which to dine and socialise. On the south side of the house is a goodsized enclosed garden and a paved patio beside the conservatory – both of which enjoy lovely southerly rural views across the valley below. Fowey is renowned as a sailor’s haven, it fine ater an a a cinating tretc o coa t ine to e ore ea ti ocation


not only for its stunning position set on the edge of the Fowey river, but for its interesting architecture, numerous restaurants, pubs and boutique shops. The town also plays host to a number of major cultural and maritime events, including the renowned Daphne Du Maurier Literary Festival and Fowey Royal Regatta, making it a great opportunity for an one o ant to e erience e er t ing that Cornwall has to offer.

INFORMATION Conservatory Three first floor bedrooms, one en suite Large ground floor bedroom with en suite F amily bathroom U tility room D etached garage Off-road parking Attractive southerly gardens D elightful rural views EPC F

GUIDE PRICE: £625,000


01872 306360


CL--93--ED--Rohrs & Rowe--1.00 v4.indd 31

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Quality Serv ice


L if




u a ra nt e e

• Stylish • Made to Measure • Unique Range • Lifetime Guarantee

01392 342 081

T2791 JS 2019 DEC 93 Cornwall Liv 85.5x244.indd 1 040.indd 1

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Rock Newquay







St Ives

Bodmin St Austell Penzance

A beautiful seven-acre smallholding with holiday cottage nestled close to Penpol Creek.



GUIDE PRICE: £1,150,000


9 Cathedral Lane, Truro TR1 2QS 01872 242244

real gem of a property that is irt a im o i e to fin in to a mar et ocate to ar t e en o a ong ane an com ri ing an attracti e etac e erio arm o e etac e arn con er ion c rrent a er cce o i a et ot o o t i ing an a ro imate e en acre o an o er re it ic arm i ocate on t e e ge o arnon o n it in a ing i tance o oint an en o ree er ect or og a ing or a morning tro to tart t e a e ro ert i a o it in c o e ro imit to t e cit o r ro a o ing ea acce to orn a a mini trati e centre it ermar et o ti e o re i e o ita c oo an r ro o ege e arm o e it e a o r acio e room ma ter en ite a e a t ree rece tion room a itc en com ete it ga o er room an a at room ere a o a etac e arn con er ion o ering an o en an itc en i ing an ining room t o e room an a o er room t i e o fin ta ing or i or e an rt er o t i ing o ering en e o i i itie a e a e en acre o an to e ore an en o e rro n ing co ntr i e in ite eace an re a ation an t e ie are im t nning er rare o ort nit t e team at i i Martin o e earte recommen oo ing a ie ing o o can a reciate t i ni e ro ert or o r e

INFORMATION Beautiful farmhouse G reat location near Truro Seven acres of land D etached two-bedroom barn conversion W ithin walking distance of Penpol Creek F our bedrooms Master en suite Stabling for six horses EPC – F


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s a m t s Chri


There’s still time to have the perfect bed delivered in time for Christmas, thanks to Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop.

ABOVE Wake up on Christmas morning in the comfort of a fabulous new bed




eds are a huge part of the Christmas holidays – for getting a good night’s sleep before the big day, for making the most of time off work with a much-needed lie-in, and of course, for when the kids bundle in on Christmas morning to open their stockings. While they may have woken you up at the very crack of dawn, nothing beats seeing the excitement on their faces while you relax and wake up slowly in the sheer comfort of the perfect bed. We’ve handpicked a selection of our favourites from Christie’s Furniture and The Christie’s Bed Shop to help you make the right choice. The best part is that with an up-to-half-price sale currently running, you needn’t be losing sleep this Christmas over the cost of your fabulous new bed!

2. Colorado Bed n ire tra itiona e terfie upholstered furniture, the Colorado Bed offers a stylish, luxurious and modern twist. This stunning bed is far from the norm with its oversized foot board and fully upholstered side rails giving a powerful presence and bringing a more contemporary feel. The Colorado is ideal for interiors where a comfortable and prominent feature bed is desired. Available in a huge selection of other fabrics and in a range of sizes. All sizes available in the Christie's sale 4ft6 double £799 (was £1,599!)

1. Tamworth Painted Oak Bedroom Collection This stunning collection of bedroom furniture with its smoky oak tops, ainte fini an c r e e ign o er a fresh modern look with true character. Furthermore, there will be plenty of room to stash the kids' presents within any of the wardrobes available within this large range, not to mention in any of the drawers of the chests! From £99




CL--93--ED--Christie's Furniture--2.00 v5.indd 2

22/11/2019 15:06


DISCOVER MORE Christie’s has a fantastic range of mattresses and beds, over 100 on display in total. But not just that – the team also have a comprehensive selection of bedroom furniture, sofas and chairs, the latest living and dining room collections, and stunning accessories, perfect for helping complete your new look.

3. Harrison Beds - Pocket Sprung Divan Sets Available in all sizes, from single to super king, Christie’s Bed Shop has the largest range in Cornwall of the award-winning Harrison Beds. These superb handmade beds boast exceptional comfort and quality, they can be made in any size and can even be zipped and linked together. They also come in a great selection of fabrics as well as 11 different storage options, they’re just the ticket when it comes to storing your little ones’ new toys! From £499


4. Hamilton Bed Frame The Hamilton bed frame, like the Colarado and many others at the Christie's Bed Shop, can be made in any size that you wish – 4ft by 4ft, all the way up to 8ft by 8ft! Once again, this bed is beautifully tailored and available in a huge selection of other fabrics. All sizes available in the Christie's sale 4ft6 double £699 (was £1,399!)

5. Nolte Sliding Wardrobe Not only does the Christie's Bed Shop have over 100 beds on display, they also have a huge selection of bedroom furniture. Pictured here is a sliding wardrobe from Nolte. It's available in a great selection of colour ways as well as almost any size that you can imagine, including a multitude of options for lighting and internal storage. All bedroom furniture is included in the current 50% sale.



Commercial Road, Penryn TR10 8AE 01326 373272 Find more like this:


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WINDOW WONDERLAND Updating your windows? Installing a new conservatory? Enlist the help of the experts at Windmill Windows.


CL--93--ED--Windmill Windows--2.00.indd 2

20/11/2019 16:11




Our kitchen seems bright now and the view brilliantly clear. The fitters were marvellous and the kitchen and outside yard were left in spotless condition.


stablished in 1996 by David, Gail, John and Jonathan Cockayne, over the last 23 years Windmill Windows has established a proven reputation for quality and value. It’s the team’s expertise, however, that truly sets this company apart, something we quickly learn upon catching up with David. ea im a o t t e enefit o in ta ing new windows or a conservatory. “Installing a quality conservatory,” he tells us, “is one of the best home improvements you can make.” Indeed, not only will it transform your living space into an open, seamless environment, David continues, “it also adds value to your home,” making it much easier to sell when the time comes. Open 8.30am until 4.30pm from Monday to Friday, if you’re unsure about the style of conservatory, or even whether one o e a goo fit or o an o r home, why not pay Windmill Windows a visit? Not only will you be able to see what’s available, including the various materia an fini e o a o enefit from expert advice from a friendly team of professionals, allowing you to make an educated decision. At this time of year, another improvement that can make a massive difference to your ome ot in term o eat e cienc an overall look, is to replace your windows. “Feeling a draught is probably the most obvious warning sign,” explains David, “as well as windows rattling when the wind picks up. If you have wooden frames, when they begin to show signs of ageing, it’s probably time to renew them and perhaps opt for a more durable material like uPVC.” it con er ator o tion o fin a wide range of windows at the Windmill

Windows showroom too, including an extensive choice of materials and styles, each providing a different look for your home. You really will be surprised by the difference replacing your windows makes, as one happy client says: “Our kitchen seems bright now and the view brilliantly c ear e fitter ere mar e o an the kitchen and outside yard were left in spotless condition.” Whether you want to invest in a new conservatory, replace your windows or even install a new door, when you visit the showroom in St Austell, the knowledgeable team will walk and talk you through the different options available, discussing which might work best for you and your home, providing you with a quote and advising on the different available materials. From tart to fini t e i ma e t e roce a stress-free and seamless as possible, without pushing you into making any decisions and on e er a i ing to e meet o r ecific needs and budget. But don't just take our word for it; to understand the quality on offer in every aspect of the Windmill Windows service, you needn’t look any further than the team’s string of stellar online reviews! In short, if you want to install a conservatory, replace your windows or invest in a new door, a visit to the Windmill Windows showroom comes highly recommended.

WINDMILL WINDOWS LTD U nit 1 8 Rockhill Business Park, H igher Bugle, St Austell PL 2 6 8 RA 0 1 7 2 6 8 1 3 8 2 0 info@ windmill-windows. com www. windmill-windows. com

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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mélange quality style and service



Browse our extensive range of floor & wall tiles, we also offer a stylish collection of bathroom furniture & sanitary ware. Full design & fitting services available.

COME AND BE INSPIRED Stylish, affordable, wearable, and available at mélange. Nalders Court Pydar Street Truro Cornwall TR1 2XH 01872 223 767 melangeladiesclothing

We supply and fit windows, doors and conservatories throughout Cornwall

1a • United Downs Industrial Estate St Day, Redruth • TR16 5HY 0800 7311718 • 01209 820011

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Roger Oates Design

UNDERSTATED CLASS For the finest carpet and flooring in Cornwall, look no further than Endurance Flooring in Truro. Endurance Flooring is incredibly proud to stock perfectly tailored ooring rom t e m t o oger Oates Design collection – offering hand ro ce at ea e r g an r nner create from authentic materials, rich texture and delicate design. This truly British product has become an absolute design classic, furnishing oor an tair not on in t e nite Kingdom, but also across the globe. Choose from bold striped borders in a herringbone texture, detailed stripes-within-stripes, or wide bands of colour. Stripes are endlessly versatile providing the ultimate in understatement yet representing class. By combining practicality an an innate en e o c a ic e ign oger Oates rugs and runners are timeless examples of both heritage and innovation. Whether you want to create a natural, neutral backdrop or a stunning design statement, Endurance Flooring has everything needed to complete every room in your home. Why not drop in and meet the Endurance team, who will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the fine t ooring

 ABOVE Bring some understated elegance into your home with Roger Oates  BELOW

Stripes are endlessly versatile

ENDURANCE FLOORING 0 1 8 7 2 8 5 9 5 0 3 enduran efloor ng o u e th s

orn a

ng o u

Roger Oates Design

nd ore

Roger Oates Design


arpet style sets the mood of any room. Are you looking for warm and cosy, or plush, bright and airy? What about a formal room with deep richness in colour? Are you carpeting a ig tra c o ce or a e room it o many questions to answer, choosing a carpet can seem daunting, but family run business, Endurance Flooring is here to assist you every step of the way, making carpet an easy choice as a worthy investment. e car et an ooring tra e a een in the family for many years, with skills passed down through generations and new techniques added to keep up with the times. Endurance Flooring is accustomed to being involved in the most bespoke and intricate of installations, thriving on interior design-led projects. The journey begins with a home visit to discuss your requirements, before providing free, no-obligation quotations with samples and expert advice to ensure your home reaches its full potential, wowing any guests and future visitors to your home. e ig traine ro e iona ooring fitter o er a ea t o e erience guaranteeing all of their work and ensuring paramount service and satisfaction, a level of which customers throughout Cornwall and Devon have been treated to for 45 years.


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NO PAIN, NO GRAIN Reinstating the original beauty of character homes in Cornwall, Strippers Flooring are the Duchy’s flooring restoration experts.


stablished more than 20 years ago, Strippers Flooring is the Duchy’s ea ing oor an ing fini ing an restoration company. The team of professionals have completed projects on countless homes, hotels, restaurants and museums throughout the county, also working alongside a number of building firm arc itect an e igner et er you’re improving your own home, adding value to a holiday home investment, or o ing to re tore t e oor o a comm nit building – be that a village hall or a church – Strippers Flooring can help. Company founder, Andrew Biss understands the value and unique beauty of original oo en ooring ic i t e o er the highest quality restoration work at competitive prices. They utilise some of the mo t e cient t e traction tem too making their work 99% dust-free; while this may seem like a minor point, anyone o e er trie an ing oo en oor i understand just how messy it can be! o matter t e age or materia o o r oor be it Victorian pine or modern engineered oak, Strippers Flooring specialises in all a ect o oor re toration e team can

also restore tired kitchen worktops, window sills, doors and stairs, allowing you to bring your home’s original features back to life and enjoy them for years to come. Last year, to mark its 20th anniversary, Strippers Flooring underwent a makeover, achieving much more than just a ‘new look’. n ee a ter in e ting ignificant in t e latest equipment and training, Andrew was able to ensure that Strippers remained orn a ea ing oor re toration company. In fact, Strippers Flooring is the on one it ic r te ra er accreditation, an impressive feat to say the least! Andrew's business partner and General Manager anc a ton a a i ota ro e in client liaison, site visits and quoting, i t managing t e o ce an acco nt Fin, who has been with the business for o er a ear i no a ifie a ing completed courses with Bona and Lagler. Fin completes the Strippers Flooring team. o o can tri er ooring e o For those of you who are lucky enough to own an old Cornish property that still ear it origina oo ooring o i be amazed at the difference this Cornish


CL--93--ED--Strippers flooring--2.00.indd 2

22/11/2019 14:21


MAIN Restore your floor to its former glory  ABOVE

Before and after: gorgeous wooden window sills  LEFT

Before and after: an original Victorian staircase

business can make to those tired old boards. Using only commercial-grade products to fini o r oor n re an t e team can take your home from dated to delightful, ma ing o r oor a e it o t t e e en e o re acing it entire ne o the latest products that we and our clients are o ing n re te i a t o art water-based polyurethane with hardener from Loba in Germany. It has an ultra matt, a mo t in i i e fini t at oo e act i e an oi e oor o a t at e treme nat ra oo t it a t e enefit o a ea e oor it ea maintenance Strippers Flooring have also added another van, meaning they can respond more quickly to clients’ needs. Andrew e ain e are o ten commi ione to carr o t com e re toration or t at many other companies simply don’t want to o e re i t e c a enge t o ten slow and painstaking work, but it’s also highly rewarding.” ne er ic e am e i t e or Strippers were contracted to complete last year at St Mary’s Church in Penzance. e iring e ten i e re air or an e en relaying in parts, the team took every aspect

of the project in their stride and delivered the brief to the most meticulous standards. it a can o attit e an t e tmo t respect for your home or property, n re te e ne er com romi e or sub-contract, and we use only the best commercial professional products from companies like Bona in Sweden, and Loba in Germany, delivering our service to the highest possible standards.” Ultimately, Andrew and his team offer a bespoke solution, drawing on more than t o eca e o e erience to ac ie e t e best possible results. So, as Andrew puts it o ant t e o one to t e ig e t o i e tan ar not gi e a ca

INSET There are very few areas that Andrew and team can't reach!

STRIPPERS FLOORING St Ives, Cornwall TR2 6 2 J B 0 1 7 3 6 6 0 2 4 2 4 n o str ersfloor ng o u str ersfloor ng o u nd ore

e th s

orn a

ng o u


CL--93--ED--Strippers flooring--2.00.indd 3

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FOAM YOUR HOME We chat to property guru Richard Yeo and discover the benefits of insulating your home with ThermoFoam this year.

 ABOVE Spray foam installation is quick and efficient


hermoFoam Installations Managing Director, Richard Yeo, knows better than anyone that good insulation adds a huge amount of value to your property, both in terms of re-sale opportunities and for overall energy e cienc ere a a a anta tic arra o construction projects underway in Cornwall,” a ic ar rom ta te create o ing developments to one-off self-builds and t nning e igner ome e re grate to have been involved in some of these amazing ro ect t ro g o t a t e enefit o spray foam insulation become ever present in t e orni con tr ction mar et As building regulations continue to demand low U-Values, airtightness and maximum t erma e cienc ic ar an t e team at ermo oam a e e e o e a i e range of solutions to help your new-build project ac ie e com iance e re con tr ction a ice er ice i designed to help you understand the thermal requirements of your property and therefore, the structural depths of roof rafters and wall studs – to enable the correct thickness of in ation i tai ore er ice mean t at

TOP RIGHT In terms of performance, spray foam is at the top of its game

you can ensure the ideal amount of insulation or o r i ing o ma e on ering at t e enefit are o ing ermo oam o er ot er in ation met o e an er i t at n i e many pre-manufactured products such as an fi re ra oam in ation oe not re ire an air ga ot a ing an air gap can help you to reduce the thickness of the structural materials needed to house the insulation which, in turn, reduces your costs i t increa ing a e ace rt ermore the installation process is quick – up to seven times faster than the time it takes to install pre-manufactured insulation – and the airtightness of spray foam is unbeatable, helping you to achieve compliance with tringent re irement en it come to er ormance ra oam insulation lives with the life of your building without diminishing its thermal properties; it oe n t rin i or egra e in an a Advanced modern chemical formulations also help to make spray foam environmentally friendly with a low global warming potential t at oe n t re on o ati e organic com o n or ro orocar on


CL--93--ED--ThermoHome--V2--2.00.indd 2

22/11/2019 12:37


i e i c ing t e ario ro ect the company has worked on in Cornwall, ic ar te e ere a e to in ate the Posi-Joists of a stunning coastal property in Polzeath – we recommended the use of our Closed Cell spray foam in order to offer structural strength to the roof, due to the exposure of the property to strong coastal in e too o r a ice an t e o e Cell foam was used to join a seamless, monolithic insulation barrier between the joist and through the metal web to eliminate cold bridging and therefore, remove the risk o con en ation om ete in t one a we left this property well-insulated, air tight an it increa e tr ct ra trengt

not er ro ect t at ermo oam or e on in Cornwall was to refurbish the insulation of a wedding barn at Gwel an Mor, a luxury o i a re ort on orn a nort coa t e e ing an e ent arn a an ageing roo in e erate nee o re r i ment In colder weather, with no insulation, the barn was extremely hard to heat and during hot summer months, solar gain caused ti ing tem erat re e in ta ation o ermo oam create a t erma en e o e an provides great heat retention and structural integrit or t e arn e ermo oam team ere m at etic to e an Mor e ent c e e and even hired a cherry picker lift to allow t em to acce e er inc o t e roo i i n t go nnotice e an Mor enera Manager Matt a o a rom initia r e to in ta ation t e ermo oam team comm nicate it at e er tage e a i te it eci ing t e correct spray foam products that would comply with regulations and, despite a few access issues that prevented the installers from reaching some areas of the roof, they worked hard to fin a o tion t at o a o t em to com ete t e o to a ig tan ar era e are e ig te t at e c o e ermo oam for this installation, as they have a can-do attit e an are e ce ent comm nicator If you have a construction project that o re n erta ing in orn a t ro g o t e re to contact t e ermo oam team for advice on how the multiple uses of spray foam insulation can help give you speed e cienc en ance t erma er ormance air tig tne an tr ct ra integrit

BELOW LEFT Insulating both commercial properties and homes

DISCOVER MORE Check out the newly refurbished wedding barn on the Gwel an Mor website


 BELOW The team did a great job insulating the Gwel an Mor wedding barn

Overall we are delighted that we chose ThermoFoam for this installation MATT WAY GWEL AN MOR GENERAL MANAGER



1 8 Callywith G ate, L aunceston Road, Bodmin PL 3 1 2 RQ 0 1 2 0 8 8 3 2 6 0 2 info@ thermofoam. co. uk www. thermofoam. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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22/11/2019 12:37

LOOKINGFORAN INSPIRATIONAL RANGEOF FIRESAND FIREPLACES? We now supply and install the amazing new range of Pryzm Fires and Fireplaces. Suitable for any home with or without a chimney. The Pryzm fire delivers immediate heat with a breath taking visual flame performance.

01872 572 303

Call: Online: Visit: Goonhaven Garden Centre Newquay Road, Goonhaven Truro TR4 9QQ

FREE Alexa Dot or Google Home Hub with every Pryzm Fire purchased.

Visit our showroom to see the amazing Pryzm fires on display.


starts right here…

Four weekends from 30th November (10am-4pm), plus Santa visits on three Thursdays in December (3-8pm). Visit the website for full details! Free parking | Undercover | Wheelchair/buggy friendly

christmas market santa’s grotto christmas trees gifts music cafe Trevena Cross, Breage, Helston TR13 9PY

052.indd 1

01736 763880 |

22/11/2019 13:07



FLOORING Beautiful flooring brings a home to life, adding warmth and texture, but choosing beautiful flooring doesn't have to be difficult.


Find flooring to suit your space and style

INSET Thinking designer? Think Karndean


he friendly and knowledgeable team at South West Carpets understand that busy commercial and home environments demand t nning oor an ear o er ormance With a warehouse and showrooms boasting 13,000 square feet, South West Carpets, located at Treloggan Industrial Estate in Newquay, showcases a vast range of professional carpet displays, rugs and ecia i t ooring o t e ig e t a it e e ert team o contract fitter a e o er ear e erience in t e ooring tra e making the whole process uncomplicated for o i inc e t e initia con tation mea ring t e a im ortant oor re aration an o co r e t e fina fitting Local and family run, South West Carpets are incre i e i e meeting a o o r ecification an a e t e no e ge an roficienc to e o ac ie e t e er ect ooring ro ect et er it i a ome tic fitting or a commercia contract Working with architects, builders and designers throughout Cornwall and Devon, the South West Carpets team relish the c a enge o t o e i c t o t at en re t e fini i tr en ationa o e ire t e timate in e igner ooring oo no further than the unique Karndean ooring t io on t e gro n oor o t eir o room ere o i e tr in ire as the professionals at South West Carpets understand that style is personal and every ace i i erent e o e e ign er ice i a o a ai a e

en it come to commercia ooring oo no rt er t an tro a et ooring which carries up to a 15-year warranty when t e correct gra e o ooring i in ta e in t e recommen e area t a i e e in education, healthcare, public, commercial, in tria an mi itar e ta i ment ac product in the range is designed to meet ecific ooring nee a e cient an cost-effectively as possible ea ing ig o a recent ooring installation, Cornish resident, Ms Quinn, proudly declared: “I’m in love with our ooring ing o r fir t ome a er stressful but the exceptional customer service we received from South West Carpets was a massive help and we would efinite recommen The team at South West Carpets pride themselves on a friendly, no-nonsense approach, so why not pop in and visit the gurus to see how they can help you install t e timate in ooring

SOUTH WEST CARPETS 0 1 6 3 7 8 7 2 0 2 3 www. southwestcarpets. com

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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y l l a r u t a N TIMELESS For a look that promises to stand the test of time, what better choice than natural stone?

ABOVE The diversity of available colours may well surprise you


ere in the south west, a common goal among home improvers is achieving an interior look that matches their homes’ beautiful surroundings. And what better way to do this than using natural materials? Not only do natural patterns look great, the materials themselves are often robust enough to last for generations to come. One fantastic Cornish business that understands this is Kernow Stone. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and thousands of happy customers across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, Kernow Stone supplies and installs gorgeous granite and quartz worktops, a e a nat ra tone a an oor tiles, house signs, slate sills and much more e firm a tra ing artner a over the world, including Brazil, India, Spain and Italy, from which it imports the most beautiful natural stone. “This means t at e not on o er ome o t e fine t stone products on the market,” explains Tom Martin, “but also that we make what may once have seemed a pipedream an affordable reality for anyone embarking on a home improvement project.” It’s no wonder, then, that this exemplary Cornish business has continued to grow, and we weren’t at all surprised to learn

that earlier this year the team made an exciting move to new premises on Dudnance Lane, Redruth. The new site provides more factory space, a bigger showroom and, crucially, a more central and prominent location, making it easier than ever for you to see what Kernow Stone can bring to your home improvement project. Such growth, alongside recent investment in both the workforce and machinery, means that Kernow Stone is now able to serve more clients than ever before. And that’s not all. As Tom tells us: “The diversity of colours of granite now available is surprising, and it’s now more affordable than ever thanks to opening markets all around the world!” Whether you’re in search of a new worktop, tiles, or a stunning new natural tone oor i o re em ar ing on a ome improvement project this winter, be sure to pop into the new Kernow Stone showroom and discover what the friendly team of experts can do for you.


Atlantic H ouse, D udnance L ane, Redruth TR15 3Q Y 01209 206284 www.granite-worktop Find more like this:


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RUSTIC HOUSE Straight from our store to your home Browse our extensive collection of individual hand-crafted furniture, lighting and accessories at your leisure in our beautiful showroom or online. Each unique piece is available now and ready to take its place in your home! Unit 3Trevanson StreetWadebridge PL27 7AW

Santa's Grotto


Decemb er


Santa’s Grotto

per child includes a gift Normal zoo admission applies

Visit our elves’ workshop and take part in Christmas crafts Complete our festive trail and receive a special treat Booking



Registered charity number 300923

055.indd 1

22/11/2019 12:44


QUALITY MOVERS Moving home but don’t know where to start? Introducing Cornish family run business, M.J. Christophers and Son.


Excellent firm. The removal men were excellent, friendly, courteous… CUSTOMER



ith more than 45 years’ experience in removals and containerised warehouse storage, M.J. Christophers & Son offer removal and storage services throughout the county, to both domestic and commercial clients. Their service, in fact, extends to Europe and around the world. Upholding a commitment to care on every removal, having succeeded over three generations by offering excellent value and second-to-none customer service, your home and belongings couldn’t be in safer hands.

With a brand-new website now live, with all the information you’re likely to need about both domestic and international removals, it’s never been easier to move home with the trusted M.J. Christophers team. Perhaps you’re moving to Cornwall? If so, the ‘Moving to Cornwall’ tab will be your fir t ort o ca it in ormation on o to go about receiving your quote, along with a steady stream of sterling reviews. One happy c tomer a ce ent firm e remo a men were excellent, friendly, courteous, very good at moving our precious things. Nothing was too much trouble!” Moving home is unquestionably one of life’s most stressful experiences, not least because you’ll often need somewhere to store your entire family’s belongings between ro ertie t fir t t i ma eem i e a logistical nightmare, but fear not; as you’ll see on the ‘Storage’ page of the website, the company offer full containerised storage on both a short and long-term basis – loading your furniture and goods into the empty containers at your home, and storing it at their facilities which use the most up-to-date security systems, smoke detectors and CCTV, for added peace of mind.

 ABOVE The excellent, friendly and courteous team

RIGHT Handled with care  LEFT Taking the hassle out of moving home  BELOW Your storage needs taken care of


CL--93--Ed--M J Christophers--2.00.indd 2

20/11/2019 16:17


Alternatively, if you’re moving overseas, you’ll no doubt be feeling the pressure of what is unquestionably a very daunting task. If this is you, simply click on the ‘Overseas Removals’ tab and allow the page to guide you through the process. Whether you’re moving an individual item or your home’s complete contents, you’ll be reassured to know that M.J. Christophers & Son have a network of agents around the world who work to their same high standards. Arranging all removal documentation and offering full liability cover, the team also undertake quality export packing by professionally trained staff, ensuring your furniture and goods are well protected during their journey. Wherever you’re moving, one of the biggest tasks is packing your belongings. M.J. Christophers & Son can offer a full or part packing service or a free starter pack, and supply quality packing materials to meet your every need and help ensure that your most prized possessions are safe and secure in transit.

As well as all of this, the team also offer downloadable documents to help get your move underway, including a ‘Helpful Hints and Tips on Moving Home’ sheet, as well as a ‘Moving Check List’, helping you to plan the logistics of your move weeks in advance. Therein lies the ethos behind this stellar orni firm et er o re mo ing to or from Cornwall, be it within the UK or around the globe, the team aim to make one of life’s most stressful experiences as seamless and hassle-free as possible. And with a website arming you with all the information you’re likely to need, in addition to a host of stellar reviews from countless happy customers, it goes without saying that M.J. Christophers & Son come highly recommended.

M.J. CHRISTOPHERS & SON Quarry Park Road, Newquay TR7 2 NP 0 1 6 3 7 8 7 2 5 2 9 www. mj christophers. co. uk

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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Stockists of...

Furniture - Beds - Sofas - Chairs - Carpets - Curtains - Blinds Established since 1955

You’ll be amazed how large our shop is!

...and much more

8 - 10 Meneage Street, Helston 01326 572357

Supplying uPVC Windows & Doors in a range of styles and colours C E L EB

RATING 50 YEARS 1969 - 2019

For more information visit our showroom: 16 Water Ma Trout, Helston TR13 0LW - 01326 572599

058.indd 1

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for precision

Transform your home with help from the award-winning team at Bude Windows.

ABOVE Could you benefit from a stunning conservatory or orangery?


ince humble beginnings in 1995, Bude Windows & Conservatories has earned a reputation as one of the most highly recommended window companies in Cornwall and Devon. The high-end range of products available it e in o a increa e ignificant over the years and, in order to showcase its extensive collection, a new showroom has been designed and built on the Bude Windows premises at Kings Hill. Whether you need new windows or doors or would like some valuable extra space added to your home through a stylish, functional conservatory or orangery, the Bude Windows team are here to help. They pride themselves on offering a wide range of quality glazing ro ct an e ert fitting to it a get Whether you choose PVC, wood or aluminium you can rest assured that the products are durable, look great and will last for years to come. As well as the impressive new showroom, the addition of Daniel to the sales team has also made a massive difference to the company. Daniel joined Bude Windows in 2007, trained a a i er an t en a ifie a a in o and conservatory installer, before becoming the company’s very knowledgeable Sales Advisor.

“Daniel was a delight to deal with – thoughtful and professional,” says one happy customer. e er tere e ite a m ria o e tion and changes of our minds, he produced really good proposals. The eventual work was delivered by a super group of people who were professional, courteous and thoughtful – each and every one of them was good to have around. They were all great ambassadors for the company. I was impressed with how they took real pride in their work and with the state in which they left the site. Equally, the after service has also been of the highest order.” This is just one example of the team's man fi e tar oog e re ie an it rea does sum up the calibre of this exemplary Cornish company. o it a ar fi e tar re ie an an impressive new collection of products, why wouldn’t you choose to transform your home with Bude Windows & Conservatories?

ABOVE Fill your living space with light


K ing’ s H ill I ndustrial Estate, B ude EX 23 8Q N 01288 35 65 4 1 sales@b www.b Find more like this:


CL--93--ED--Bude Windows--1.00.indd 3

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d n a l r e d Won

Artisan christmas markets, entertainment, parades, bands, choirs, stilt walkers , a loving snow globe, Christmas Grotto and much more. Go to for more detailed information.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Diary dates Humphry Davy Lantern Parade, 14 Christmas Market and Meet Santa



21 Montol Festival

Christmas Shopping, 2 2 Choirs and Carols


Cost saving insulation Instant kerb appeal

01637 849 153

Cornwall Living Advert Christmas.indd 1 060.indd 1

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Feel-good favourites


Win a voucher for Weird Fish

Win a selection of treats from Trevince Estate WORTH

Enter our competitions for the chance to win these fantastic prizes!



www.cornwall- TERMS AND CONDITIONS No purchase necessary. Prize draw open to anyone in the UK age 18 years or over excluding employees of Weird Fish, Trevince Estate, Scilly Flowers, MEDfacials, The Aloft Shop, The Park Cornwall, Cornico Coffee, Carbis Bay Holidays, Leven Media Group, and their families, agents and anyone else connected with this promotion. One entry per household. The prize is non-transferrable and non-exchangeable. No cash alternative available. Winners must be willing to provide their name and country of residence for publicity if required. The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The winners will be drawn at random after 30th December. The winners will be notified by email within 14 days after the draw closes. Subject to availability. See online for full terms and conditions.


£250 Weird Fish are renowned for their distinctive, quality clothing, designed to become instant feel-good favourites from the minute you put them on. With a £250 voucher you can wear the weekend everyday with this brand’s latest easy-going styles.

Your chance to win a gorgeous selection of Christmas treats from Trevince! This year, join the team in celebrating their fourth Country House Christmas. Return in spring 2020 to explore the beautiful Trevince Estate gardens.


Remodel your look

Win a box of 100 scented narcissi from Scilly Flowers



Find many more fabulous competitions online!

Scented narcissi are the perfect gift for Christmas, bringing a splash of colour and fragrance into your home this winter. Sent in plastic-free packaging direct from where they’re grown on the Isles of Scilly.

MORE competitions • CL--93--COMPOSITE--COMPETITIONS.indd 107

Replenish your skin with a rejuvenating Profhilo injection from MEDfacials


£299 The treatment will just take 45 minutes and will revive your tired skin so that it looks smoother and more supple, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving you a youthful glow.


22/11/2019 11:23

Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 18th March 2020 9 DAY TOUR


Free Optional Insurance £899 Travel

Includes: • Premier Class coach travel • Ferry crossings • Treetop walk • Visit to husky farm • 8 Nights dinner, bed & breakfast • Torch lit walk with mulled wine • Horse drawn carriage and sleigh ride

01209 717152

Williams Travel , Dolcoath Industrial Park, Dolcoath Road, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8RA

Kewniek Cornwall

Get organised ready for Christmas!







We work with you to de-clutter and then organise all areas in your home that you may have been putting off since the last festive season. Add us to your list of people to call and things to do before Christmas.

Tel: 07889 923291 • Web: Email:

062.indd 1

Mon – Sat 10am – 4pm www.


Charity No. 1096479

Merry Christmas!

22/11/2019 14:40


For him and her Win a voucher for The Aloft Shop



Win a two-night stay for up to four people at The Park

Win a Cornico Coffee bundle





£50 To spend online or in-store, this is your chance to win a £50 voucher for The Aloft Shop in Padstow. If you’re shopping for a gift or a treat for yourself, you’ll love the team’s carefully selected collection of fun, casual and high-quality brands.

£65 Imagine beaches on your doorstep, the kids fully catered for and a sauna and steam room to indulge in. From family breaks to gatherings of friends or romantic retreats, The Park has everything you need for a memorable stay.

Love waking up to the smell of a fresh brew? If so, you’ll love this coffee bundle from Cornico. It includes Cornico Ground House Coffee, an 8oz rCUP, an AeroPress coffee maker, plus loose-leaf breakfast tea and a loose-leaf teapot!

An editorial odyssey

Bliss by the bay Win a holiday voucher from Carbis Bay Holidays

Win a 12-month subscription to Drift worth £64


£500 Your chance to win a £500 voucher towards a 2020 holiday with Carbis Bay Holidays, in the beautiful seaside town of St Ives. With boutique shops, independent restaurants and galleries galore, St Ives is one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations.

With eight editions per year, a subscription to Drift delivers to your door the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle in Cornwall, taking you on an editorial odyssey through a combination of sophisticated and relevant features. If you want to experience the Duchy at its very best, become a member of Drift’s exclusive readership and make it your personal advisor for experiencing Cornwall’s finest.



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CL--93--ED--Marine Converation Society--GTE.indd 4

21/11/2019 17:32



•EXPERIENCE• A M A R I N E C O N S E R VAT I O N S O C I E T Y B E AC H C L E A N With hundreds of species accidentally eating or becoming entangled in, amongst other t ing a tic an fi ing ine t e Marine on er ation ociet eac atc rogramme encourages people around the UK to take part in an important citizen science project, co ecting a a e itter ata an caring or t eir coa t ine o o can o o o r it e Marine on er ation ociet organi e n re o eac c ean aro n t e o c ance are t ere e one ta ing ace near o t at o can oin ternati e i o no o a eac t at co e ome it co n t e ea ier to organi e o r o n o fin o t more ea to t e Marine on er ation ociet e ite ere o fin e er t ing o nee to oin t e fig t again t ocean itter

MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY www. mcsuk. org/ beachwatch

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


CL--93--ED--Marine Converation Society--GTE.indd 5

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Make wedding memories to last a lifetime at The Park Cornwall – an exclusive five-star resort by the sea.


DISCOVER MORE If you’ve been picturing a bare foot wedding or renewal of vows on the beach, The Park will put you in touch with the Cornish Celebrants, who will guide you through the entire process.

ou may well already know about The Park Cornwall – an exclusive fi e tar o i a ar t e an and sea at beautiful Mawgan Porth. Indeed, regular readers of Cornwall Living will have already heard us waxing lyrical about The Park's luxury lodges, the breathtaking coa t ine on it oor te an t e act t at it dog friendly. What you may not realise is that t e team ecia i e in e ing too t n r ri ing o o ar orn a is as a wedding destination; its dramatic ea ca e go en eac e an ro ing countryside make for a breathtaking ac ro or an occa ion an et ace it o r e ing e er e to ta e ace ome ere tr ecia i i e Park Cornwall excels at weddings. It already a t e ectac ar ac ro to t o e a im ortant e ing oto orte an et er it an intimate ceremon it friends or an unconventional wedding in t e re ort rt i age t e team a ot t e e erti e an c oice o en e to ma e o r mo t ecia o a reci e t at

The Park is licensed for civil ceremonies, naming ceremonies and the renewal o marriage o in no e t an fi e ocation in t e magica rt i age at t e on ite re ta rant e itc en t e eac an in t ree o t e re ort gorgeous Eco Lodges, each enjoying stunning balcony views. magine a air ta e i e rt i age it a communal lounge area, where you can a e to g e t e a aro n t e fire it an c a o en a ter t e n et an ga e at t e tar a t e i e i ing on o r a o rite ti e t e er ect en to a er ect a r i it a arger e ing e itc en t e eac can accommo ate to g e t it it contem orar e ign an arm rien atmo ere t i i t e er ect en e er a o a e in o r min a ma intimate family occasion. If so, exchange o in one o t e ar t ree co o ge ic i ta e to g e t o can e en tan on t e a con an a o it t e t nning ac ro


CL--93--ED--Park Mawgan--2.00--RWE.indd 2

22/11/2019 09:14


Find out more about weddings at The Park, Cornwall by visiting:


Discover what makes a beach wedding at e ar tr ecia on t e Cornwall Living imeo age


o t it im ate er o r ream wedding looks like, The Park Cornwall can e ma e o r i ion a rea it e ing o en o o r a o r a it e o e e ing ac age a ai a e t at romi e to tic a o t e o e t e e ert team i on an to e a e iate t e tre o anning i ecia en e can e i er a ir an c arming ni e e ing e erience taking your wedding dream and making it a reality.


Mawgan Porth, Newquay TR8 4 BD 0 1 6 3 7 8 6 0 3 2 2 hello@ theparkcornwall. com www. theparkcornwall. com F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk

MAIN Realise your dream wedding ďƒŠ ABOVE The Park has a wonderful choice of venues

INSET From food to flowers, let the team take the stress out of planning your dream wedding

This month, The Park, Cornwall is giving you t e c ance to in a t o nig t ta ort rn to age to rea more an ďŹ n out how to enter! nter no at corn a Terms & conditions apply

i ing co

Enter now at



CL--93--ED--Park Mawgan--2.00--RWE.indd 3

22/11/2019 09:14



New Year With incredible New Year parties happening across the county, Cornish Horizons offer up a few of their favourites.



ornwall hosts a huge number of events and parties right across the county over New Year, meaning there will be no shortage of celebrations to get stuck into for your next Cornish cottage break. Here’s a little taster from Cornish Horizons.

Fowey Fowey is especially atmospheric in the winter. With many of Cornish Horizons’ cottages in Fowey just a short walk away from the centre, on New Year's Eve you can take part in the revelry, treating yourself to generous glasses o fi among t t e me ee o re ee ing fresh in the morning, Meadow View Guided Hikes has organised a beautiful walk for New Year’s Day, introducing you to fascinating and sometimes surprising elements of the town’s history, literary connections and hidden gems. ABOVE Celebrating in St Ives? Godrevy Watch in Carbis Bay is the perfect base! RIGHT Riverside luxury at Waters Reach in Fowey  BELOW

Cosy cottage vibes at Goonlaze Manor House, St Agnes

Looe This gorgeous coastal town certainly knows how to throw a New Year’s Eve party. a o ting not one t t o fire or displays (6pm and midnight), there’s plenty of opportunity for kids and adults alike to get involved. Throw on your fancy dress (costumes are expected!) and join the masses. o re er omet ing a itt e more o i e get suited and booted for the Hannafore Point Hotel’s Grand New Year’s Eve Party, complete with a champagne reception, three-course buffet and live entertainment.

Padstow Centred around its picturesque harbour, Padstow’s pubs and restaurants throw open their doors to punters of all ages for New Year’s Eve! Grab a bite in one of the town’s prestigious eateries before cracking open a ott e o fi an toa ting to t e ear ahead. At midnight, be sure not to miss the fire or ig ting t e rom the harbour.

St Ives t e i con i tent rate a one o t e UK’s best New Year’s Eve destinations. Bid goodbye to 2019 and say hello to 2020 in this gorgeous town and give yourself a Cornish break to cherish forever. With festivities kicking off around 8pm and roads closing to tra c t e to n ic come to i e it the happy hustle and bustle of merrymakers, spreading out onto the streets and beaches in a particularly continental celebration. Fancy re i enco rage an t ere are fire or at mi nig t too o can t ait to get ancing grab yourself some tickets for the New Year’s Eve Funk & Soul Disco Party at the Beer and Bird on Fore Street!


1 9 New Street, Padstow PL 2 8 8 EA 0 1 8 4 1 5 3 3 3 3 1 cottages@ cornishhorizons. co. uk www. cornishhorizons. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


CL--93--ED--Cornish Horizons--1.00.indd 2

21/11/2019 10:30

Creekside Cottages Near Falmouth, Cornwall

Situated by the wooded creeks around the Falmouth Estuary and the sailing waters of the Carrick Roads, we offer a fine collection of individual waters edge, rural and village cottages sleeping from 2-8 persons. Whatever the time of year, there is always something happening that makes Cornwall special; perfect for family and friends.

Contact us via 01326 375972 or

Got Waste? We’ll collect it! Our convenient service guarantees your arriving guests are not greeted with someone else’s rubbish bags. We clear the bins for your guests, on their week of arrival, so no one is left to put out other people’s rubbish for collection. Not only do we offer holiday home waste collection, we collect all waste from weddings and private parties, whenever needed.

We do the hard work for you! RECYCLING FOR CORNWALL:

FREE clear recycling bags are given to encourage more people to recycle. We recycle glass to produce NEW LIGHT BULBS. Our recycling services include a number of recycling options, from paper waste and cardboard to metals, plastics and glass; allowing you to choose your service that suits your business requirements.

****We can combine our General Waste & recycling collections all on the same day.

WE’RE OPEN... Collections 7 days a week - 9am until 5pm. Office open 5 days a week


069.indd 1

22/11/2019 14:34

beach houses chic harbrside apartments and stylish cntry cottages handpicked for people who like nice things Unique

A Christmas Gift They’ll Cherish Is there any greater delight than gifting or receiving a beauitful brimming hamper in the yuletide season? Our brand new luxury Cornish hampers have arrived just in time for the most magical time of the year overflowing with plush products, fantastic fare and creative Cornish charm. From Tarquin’s gin and sparkling Polgoon wines, to hand-crafted Cornish fudge and bespoke homeware gifts, our latest collection of keepsake hampers are the perfect indulgent gift to excite even the trickest of recipient.

find out more & purchase online WHISTLEFISH.COM

070.indd 1

22/11/2019 14:40




Experience the beauty of Trereife House, a Grade II listed manor house and estate located in Penzance.

ABOVE  Discover the history and beauty of Trereife


he centuries old manor house of Trereife has been lovingly restored by the 7th generation of the family and current owners. The present owner, Tim Le Grice, descends from Charles Valentine Le Grice who arrived at Trereife in 1798. Luckily for us, the estate is now open to the public throughout the year, providing unique bed and breakfast accommodation, a stunning wedding venue or a stand-out events space. With four beautiful bed and breakfast rooms to choose from, you too can access the profound beauty of Trereife. The country house breakfast is reason to stay in itself, featuring homemade bread, homemade medlar jelly from trees found on the estate and locally sourced meat. Or, if you prefer to fend for yourselves on holiday, you also have the option to stay in one of the self-catering apartments. We hear from Tim’s son, Peter, who tells us: “The location affords easy access to the beaches and the many other holiday attractions Cornwall provides. We are also a convenient stop-off before a trip to the Isles of Scilly or an evening at The Minack Theatre.” The estate even offers parking at a small fee to visitors who are heading to the Isles of Scilly,

so you can be sure of your car’s safety while you’re away. As well as being able to experience Trereife through a stay in one of the gorgeous bedrooms, you can also book on to one of the house tours led by Tim, giving you the chance to learn about the estate’s history. And for even more of an overview of the estate, you can read Tim’s book, Trereife, soon to be published. Like the house, the garden has a story to tell. “There are several different varieties of medlar fruit in the gardens,” says Peter. “The crop is harvested in mid-autumn and used to make medlar jelly to have with cold meats and on toast.” The estate serves its jelly at breakfast and it’s also available to buy in jars to take home. “Whatever your interest is,” im fini e e oo or ar to e coming you to our beautiful and much loved home.”


Penzance TR2 0 8 TJ 0 1 7 3 6 3 6 2 7 5 0 trereifepark@ btconnect. com www. trereifepark. co. uk

DISCOVER MORE TREREIFE CHRISTMAS FAIR Head to Trereife on 7th and 8th December for the ‘Christmas at Trereife’ fair. With seasonal shopping and festive food and drink served in the café courtyard, adult entry is just £2 and children can attend for free.

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


CL--93--ED--Trereife House--1.00.indd 3

20/11/2019 11:24



s s a l g ACT

Unique and creative art that will surely make friends and family smile this Christmas.


used glass artist Niko Brown works from her home studio near the city of Truro. She has an incredible skill for exploring the wonders of light and shadows and showcasing this in her glasswork. Continuously playing with shape and form, you cannot help but fall in love with Niko's diverse range of art, which can be personal, emotive and fun. Relocating from Hertfordshire to Cornwall in 2017, Niko is highly talented at utilising her inspiration that is collected from country and coastal living. In 2015, the Niko Brown Gallery in the town of Ware, Hertfordshire, opened its oor or t e er ďŹ r t time t a tr incre i e ace e i iting a o i o stunning glass art and an extensive range of other contemporary artworks, including paintings, ceramics, jewellery, photography and prints. It was only in August this year, that the Niko Brown Gallery in Ware amalgamated with Hertford Glass Studio, forming the ultimate gallery and a working studio, all under one roof. The Niko Brown Gallery is also home to an assortment of fused glass workshops where you can create your very own piece of glass art under the professional and watchful eye

of an experienced tutor. The sheer passion that is taught at the captivating workshops will leave you feeling creatively inspired and craving the next instalment of art. Niko encourages everyone to try their hand at glass fusion, embarking on an incredible journey and discovering the countless possibilities that this material offers. You can ro e i o ea ti cra te or online and in a host of galleries both locally and nationally, providing you with the opportunity to select the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones or indeed a piece to adorn your home or workplace. If you would like to speak to Niko about a commission, or are visiting near Ware and would like to learn more about fused glass design and the opportunity to get involved in one of the incredibly popular festive workshops, why not visit the Niko Brown Gallery website?

NIKO BROWN GALLERY 0 1 9 2 0 3 1 8 9 7 2 www. nikobrown. co. uk

ABOVE Each piece is fun, emotive and completely unique

DID YOU KNOW? Fused glass is almost impossible to recreate in an identical fashion. The very nature of the process ensures you end up with a wonderfully unique piece of art each time.

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


CL--93--ED--Niko Brown Glass Art--1.00.indd 2

21/11/2019 10:46





LILLY LEWARNE A R C H I T E C T S No.1 Poltisco Wharf · Malpas Road · Truro · Cornwall · TR1 1QH 01872 261000 · ·

073.indd 1


01872 278545 01872 278545

22/11/2019 14:42






A Great Local Cornish Company Dealing in Wood Burning Stoves, Gas and Multi fuel Traditional and Contemporary Wood Burners, Multifuel and Gas Stoves.

Turn your back on back pain

...take control of your back pain with our experts For more information or if you wish to book an appointment, please call 01872 302 805 or visit

Public Information

074.indd 1

BUY THE BEST BUY ONCE! Crates of wood ~ £175 delivered Nets of wood ~ 5 for £23.50 & 40 for £160 delivered

01326 573643 ª Unit 5, St Johns Business Park, Helston, TR13 8HN

22/11/2019 13:08

Art and inspiration D

ABOVE Sally creates beautiful, original pieces from her studio in Bude RIGHT The Sea Collection incorporates raw and precious materials


Sally Napier’s beautiful jewellery collections are inspired by Cornwall’s wild Atlantic coast.

otted all across Cornwall are pockets of inspiring and talented craftspeople, creating beautiful and original pieces in various forms, each in their own unique way inspired by the stunning coast that surrounds us. One such person is jewellery designer, silversmith and regular on our ‘On display’ page, Sally Napier. Sally’s jewellery is designed and handcrafted with the emphasis on quality, attention to detail and keeping a contemporary edge. Drawing inspiration from everything from art, travels and country walks, to the seaside and graphic design, Sally’s designs range from geometric to organic shapes and colours. Each piece is created individually using a striking and contrasting combination of semi-precious stones, silver, gold, pebbles, sea glass, slate and freshwater pearls. Before setting up her own studio, Sally completed her BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing at De Montford University and worked for various jewellery designers, gaining knowledge and experience both in London and Hong Kong. Now, Sally Napier Jewellery is sold at fashion boutiques, design galleries and exhibitions, and she also works to commission with both private and commercial clients. Sally moved to Marhamchurch near Bude in an er or a een ge in ence by living near the wild Atlantic coast. Her new range, ‘The Sea Collection’, incorporates raw and precious materials sitting next to each other in timeless and exquisite designs, capturing the essence of the sea and its dramatic shores. Expertly set within bangle, bracelet, earring, necklace and pendant designs, these pieces promise to make the perfect Christmas gift this year for that special someone. We particularly love her tidal bangles; inspired by the ebbing o o t e ti e t e ca t re t e re ection and movement of the sea beautifully. Among other shops and galleries, Sally also sells her work in Bude’s Jaunty Seagull. This beautiful shop supports local artists and sells a variety of jewellery, art and ceramics. Dive into the deep blue with stunning sea-inspired jewellery on her website or contact Sally to meet her in person in the studio, see her work, and discuss a commission or repair.

SALLY NAPIER JEWELLERY Marhamchurch, Bude 0 1 2 8 8 3 6 1 9 2 1 j ewels@ sallynapier. co. uk www. sallynapier. co. uk

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On Display

Showcasing local artists and art galleries

1. KIM POTTER ART r oar etai by Kim Potter

rigina an a rentice at o a o ton t ro g o t im i e e a een ra n to nat re to t e ea an to orn a ea ti coa t ine im art i in ire t e et erea in ence o coa ta an ca e an t e con tant roo ing re ence o t e t antic ocean i it er t io to ee t e arti t at or an ie er ainting rnit re an iece create rom marine arte act eac com e ri t oo ea g a an e e KIM POTTER ART, UPSTAIRS AT THE OLD FOUNDRY CHAPEL, CHAPEL TERRACE, HAYLE, TR27 4AB 07938 204838 | | kimpotterart

2. SEA MOOR CORNWALL Mo nte o n or by Stevie McCrindle

or ing rom ome te ie create contem orar art ite itera re rom t e ea o orn a an t e e o ci reat in ire t e a ane e ota fi rinting tec ni e te ie ta e t e im re ion rom nat re an em e i e t em it intricate e ign 07566 501 686

4. SALT WATER IMAGES arre e fi in t Mic ae Mo nt by Tom Foreman

eac ig t ong oc by Roger Curtis tan ing on ort e en ar o r i e e tom o e a er o ca e a i er e co ection o or ome o orn a fine t arti t e ga er i a o a mem er o t e n rt c eme ic ma e ing origina art a or a e rea ing t e co t o er ten mont it no intere t to a or more in ormation an etai inc ing t e ga er e o e raming er ice ea to t e e ite

ar o r

e ocean a a a a e an integra ro e in e er a ect o om i e n t i artic ar ot om a e ta en oa o image o arre e fi aro n t Mic ae Mo nt an t i i one o m a o rite i it i e ite to ie an or er rom t e on ine ga er or om i a i ta e commi ion mage a ai a e ro e iona rame an mo nte or rinte irect onto a ea ti an fini e oo rame



07773 085427 |


by Jo Downs

ne o t e or mo t rominent e g a arti t o o n an cra te or i in ire t e coa ta etting o orn a ere e i e an or o range o ea ti ga are can e o n in er t nning a erie in t e a to o e intage an at er a nce ton t io ere o can a o ee o an er team at or 01566 779779 |




n et by Vincent Basham

en rom am nti m ai incent t io an ga er a een o en or t o er a ear no in t e gar en o i a e ri ge ome o er oo ing t e ri er ame e a a cce e i ition in ot oc a to in t e a t t o ear ommi ion e come HALGWELVA, TREVANSON ROAD, WADEBRIDGE PL27 7HD 07836 244983 |


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re Memorie by Kirstyn Smith

or ing rom er t io at ome ir t n mit create an incre i e arra o e ga or man o ic can e o n on er e ite o can fin a e ection o t nning iece in a n m er o orni o or not get in to c an i c a commi ion 07903 499785 fusedglassbykirstynsmith


ea e by Sarah Blakey ai o t m ori m anti e an co ecta e e ra t i n orni cra t an ca e rt are art o e or o ne t to t e main ar e to n car ar Man origina rint an car arti t ara a e an otogra er Mic a e are a ai a e at t e ga er ee e ite or inter o ening o r



on ire by Mel Chambers

e o o ere create to e an o i et t e or on fire t at erine o ienna ringing ancient t cent r in a tec ni e into a mo ern a era c em i e in i i a an car e rat er t an aint in iring image ote an oetr into ea ti e o e an ni e creation e eterna in eart an time ommi ion e come



10. SALLY NAPIER JEWELLERY oa ta in ire earring by Sally Napier

i e into t e ee e it t e e t nning ea in ire earring an cra te in i er o i e c ain it tro ite re ater ear an a a co o re ea g a o n on t e nort orni eac e o can rc a e on ine or contact a i o o i e to i it er t io to ee er or an i c a commi ion or re air PINCH HILL, MARHAMCHURCH EX23 0ER 07973 193773 |


aterco o r by Lorna Hirst Johnson

ocate in t e ict re e coa ta i age o erran t noe e o o e a er i r n a gro o oca arti t an cra t eo e o ering a i e range o or at er a or a e rice en ai ainting c t re rintma ing otogra ceramic e e er te ti e oo t rning an eat er or are a ea ti i a e in t i ig t an rig t art ace LYNFIELD CRAFT CENTRE, PERRANUTHNOE TR20 9NE 01736 710538 |


r t e er ro it o t i ing an ecei ing by Steve Slimm t tr t era e tic to fin e t in contem ati e art or i oi on can a reat e a a a e en e o re ence erience t e origina at te e t io a ong it ot er tran cen ent or t at i er

t e irit o orn a ee ree to te t or ca im to oo an a ointment it no o igation to THE OLD FACTORY STUDIOS, NEAR PRAA SANDS CROSS ROADS TR20 9RA 07968 979367


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It’s Christmas…

£500F OF


…treat yourself!


Booking Essential

Hayle TR27 6ER


•Great food •4 Skittles lanes

Truly Tre Ch bah ristm


Santa Days 14 & 15 Dec

This Christmas the elves have taken up residence at Trebah, building a fantastical factory. Watch them hand craft unique gifts just in time for you to collect your very own from Santa himself. Time slots available throughout the day. Limited spaces, book now!

•Well stocked bar•Lots of games

For a warm Christmas welcome

01736 850209

Tickets 01736 810181

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A WINTER Head to the Jewellery Workshop in Porthleven to discover the perfect gift this Christmas.


ge m

t’s the season for good tidings, for the exchange of gifts and for spending time with our families. ere omet ing on er a o t fin ing INSET the perfect gift, and the look of delight on our Clair and Paul outside the inviting loved ones’ faces as they open their present is shop in Porthleven hard to beat. If you’re after jewellery this year then we wholeheartedly recommend a visit to BELOW  Porthleven Jewellery Workshop. Small and large amber tree of life The beautiful location – set back from the necklaces harbour in Porthleven – is reason enough to visit, featuring stunning collections that BOTTOM  will take your breath away. The shop has Rings from the reticulated range an inviting display of beautiful designs, from bangles and watches, to earrings and bespoke one-off pieces. Run by owners Clair and Paul, their story began when they moved to Cornwall and started selling their Harlequin range of jewellery at a market stall on Porthleven harbour. Eight years down the line and they own a shop on one side of the harbour and a jewellery workshop on the other. “I’ve always had a love for jewellery,” says Clair. “I created our Harlequin range and regularly make unique one-off pieces using sterling silver and semi-precious stones.” The Harlequin range is displayed alongside other collections created by local Cornish artists. ABOVE  The stunning eternity ring range

For Paul, opening the shop and workshop was a natural progression. “After a few successful years at the Porthleven Harbour Market, I realised how much I enjoyed the creative side of jewellery. I went back to school and attended a threeyear course at Truro College, gaining a BA Honours degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design. I hope that the love and passion we have for our work shines through.” Paul and Clair’s love for their craft certainly does shine through, and if you too would like to discover the beauty of crafting jewellery, why not book on to a jewellery making course at the workshop for a truly unique gift this year? “We would like to extend a big thank you to all our customers,” says Paul. “We wish them a very merry Christmas and all the best for the year ahead.”


2 St Elvans Courtyard, H arbour Road, Porthleven, H elston TR1 3 9 F B 0 1 3 2 6 5 6 1 5 1 1 porthlevenj ewellery@ hotmail. com www. porthlevenj ewelleryworkshop. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk

BELOW  Harlequin bracelet

DISCOVER MORE Not sure what to buy that special someone for Christmas? A gift voucher is the perfect solution! With pieces ranging from just £6.50, to unique and bespoke creations, your loved one can pick a gift to suit their style.


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ss e c c u s f o

A CENTURY  MAIN Dressing for a special occasion?

RIGHT Dress to impress, whatever the occasion, with GANT clothing

With family at its core, the team at Trevails clothing store are experts at the personal approach.


t’s the season for getting together with family and friends, for long winter walks along empty beaches and lazy afternoons in ront o t e fire m c a e com ain a o t t e coo er mont t ere omet ing on er a o t ra ing arm an ra ing t e e ement ne com an t at tan o t to or it e ce tiona a it o c ot ing t at i ee o t ro g man inter to come i re ai c ot ing tore in r ro ami r n ince re ai i orn a arge t in e en ent c ot ing tore t ere i it a tart t t e eginning o t e t cent r orni orn o ton o n re ai ret rne rom t e reat ar it a i ion it a ance in t e man act ring in tr an t e eginning o ma ro ction c ot ing a e o ing into an acce i e a or a e an e ira e con mer


CL--93--ED--Travails--2.00 v2.indd 2

21/11/2019 16:57


 BELOW Is your wardrobe winter ready?

commo it o ton recogni e t i an eci e to ta e i t re on t e retai tra e it a e to a i gam e ai o re ai i n t t e ect t e c tomer to a t ro g t e oor e a t e ore ig t to rea i e t at in a r ra co nt i e orn a o a e to ta e t e ro ct to t e eo e cent r e ore on ine o ing an ome e i er re ai o o a co ntr ro n on his motorcycle and sidecar, delivering a e ection o c ot ing to i c tomer an ret rning in a ee to eit er ic t e garment or ta e a ment i in o er ona er ice a ma e re ai tan o t in an o ten o ati e retai in tr n ee eo re re ai o ton on an cce or once ai o r ta are a a ionate a o t at t e o a o are an o r c tomer are e oo e a ter t e i ret rn again an again o a t e ine i manage re ai eo re gran on an t e great gran on o re ai tarte on t e o oor at ear o an i more t an t a c to ian o a ami ine e create a taina e o eration t at i tan ing to t e mo ern a c a enge o ig treet retai a c eno g to or

it ot m gran at er an m at er te rom t em earne t at ee ing c tomer a i t e mo t im ortant t ing ar too o ten on t e ig treet t e c tomer i ma e to ee in i i e ome tore a e great ro ct t t ere no e come no e o e ecret to creating a great o ing e erience eem to a e een orgotten t with the rise of online retail, the high street im can t a or to neg ect it c tomer re ai a r i e t e reat e re ion o t e ate an a or ar t e ra i ta eo er o t e a t a ion in tr in t e rt er rece ion t e ri e o the information age, and its biggest threat to ate t e internet ear on t e tore tan at i er treet an em o ta t contin e to attract c tomer o a ages and its gift is in not only showcasing a it omen an men ear t in it collection of dynamic, fashionable brands that attract a ne generation o c tomer rom ar o r an roo a erner to omm i figer ra an cotc o a it t i i er e mi o t e t at ro i e c tomer it a c oice t at o can t fin an ere e e on t e orni ig treet rom a generation an rom a a o ie at ra eo e to re ai i it a i it to ma e e er one e come t a e t e tran actiona o n ar an retai i connect t at c tomer can o ten e erience ia t e internet and instead provides a place where o can to c tr on i a i e an recei e e ert a ice t im it a a o t tr t one t an re ect a e t at are a re e ant to a a t e ere ear ago


River Street, Truro TR1 2 SJ 0 1 8 7 2 2 7 3 3 1 3 oliver@ trevails. co. uk www. trevails. co. uk


Olly Trevail now heads up this impressive family business

...keeping customers happy is the most important thing. Far too often on the high street, the customer is made to feel invisible


This year, Trevails is celebrating its centenary, making it one of Cornwall's most successful family businesses!

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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gifts & framing

01726 65900 71 Charlestown Road, Charlestown, St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3NL

All of our products are hand crafted in Cornwall, using the finest quality yarns to create unique, contemporary clothing and accessories for you and your home. Come and visit our new shop at 8 Duke Street ∙ Truro ∙ Cornwall ∙ TR1 2QE

082.indd 1

22/11/2019 12:54

G OURMET We catch up with all the latest news from some of our favourite chefs, eateries, hotels and pubs.

gossip Let your Christmas

shopping be-gin!

Head to the Little Gin Shack and browse the selection of premium Cornish, UK and worldwide gins that will make the perfect Christmas presents this year.

Rebellion Roasthouse

comes to Charlestown Having already taken the foodie scene by storm at Newquay and Pentwewan with its re e io mo roa t o e a o r and moonshine menu – inspired by the era of prohibition in America – Rebellion is delighted to announce the unveiling of a brand-new restaurant in Charlestown. Set to open on 6th December, just in time for Christmas, the menu in Charlestown will offer similar-style foods to the favourites on offer in Newquay and Pentewan, but with more of a focus on roasted chicken and the endless or o a o r t at go it it iner i also be able to choose from a tempting list of Rebellion cocktails, enjoying it all in nautical surroundings that perfectly complement the restaurant’s historic village location. With a menu that’s all about mouth-watering oo an a o r it ent o eggie an vegan options to boot, Rebellion Roasthouse is one for the foodies, so be sure to pay visit! For more information call 01726 839888 or visit

The Little Gin Shack is a dream come true for Neil and his wife Lee. Neil spent over ten years working for a major wholesaler and, feeling the time had come for a change, he conceptualised The Little Gin Shack – a boutique gin emporium in Wadebridge selling gins especially selected for their quality and taste.

to be a gin for you. What’s more, with the opportunity to sample most of the gins, you are sure to leave with a new favourite!

With over 160 gins in stock, more than half of which are Cornish, there’s bound

For more information call 07740 639565 or visit

Winter warmers at The Lemon Arms

If you’re after a cosy pub with great food, head to the Lemon Arms in Mylor. With a menu packed full of all the classics, the Lemon Arms knows how to do pub food and do it well, perfect after a day on the water, a visit to the local park or a walk along the creek. Not to mention it has some great deals on! Head down on Wednesday evenings and enjoy live music and traditional Cornish singing. Every Thursday from 6pm is ‘Pie and Pint Night’, when you get a warming homemade pie and a drink included for just £9.95. And have we mentioned the Sunday lunches? Served from 12pm until 3pm, you’ll be served a choice of roast meats and veggie options from just £6.50.

Make sure to book a table though, as they’re often fully booked! For more information call 01326 373666 or visit

What a year for Boscastle Farm Shop! As we near the end of 2019, the team at Boscastle Farm Shop are looking back at what has been an incredible year. Built on National Trust land in a stunning clifftop location, the shop kicked off the summer in style, welcoming Prince Charles HRH as part of his tour of engagements in Devon and Cornwall. As if the royal visit wasn’t exciting enough, the farm shop and café went on

to win double gold in this year’s Taste of the West awards, before scooping gold again in November’s Cornwall Tourism Awards for ‘Café/Tearoom of the year’! With an ethos that’s centred on a passion for exceptional quality and local produce, proven by a prestigious string of recent awards, if you’re yet to stock your cupboards for Christmas, a visit to Boscastle Farm Shop comes highly recommended.

For more information 01840 250827 or visit


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foodie |


spirit N

DISCOVER MORE The Christmas party menu is just £29.95 per person, but be sure to book in advance! The price includes a £5 deposit per head, and meal choices must be pre-ordered.

Embrace the spirit of Christmas, Belgian style, at Bier Huis Grand Café in St Ives.

estled in the heart of St Ives you’ll fin ier i ran a ami r n t e et o at ier i re o e around sharing the unique dining rit a t at e gi m a to o er e gi m i no n or it incom ara e re ing tra ition an contin o eer o t i co e it e ig t an com orting c i ine ma e it a great e tination to aim or o er t e e ti e erio ier i i t e tc tran ation o eer o e a o meaning meeting ace ic er ect e cri e t i co an e coming ca ect a arm e come it e traor inar continenta oo accom anie a ati ing amo nt o iconic e gian e erage an ari ta t e co ee e ear o ier i i re aring or t e e ti e ea on rom o ner a o te e inten to ecorate t e ca it a o e tree an ent o ig t to gi e it a rea arm ri tma ee er e a ong i e t e e ti e ecoration i t e ri tma art men er ect or gat ering et een rien ami an co eag e t o nt e ri tma it o t m e ine an t an t i i a o on t e men a ong i e ome anta tic o g e t eer

 ABOVE “We have a unique, quirky and different Enjoy delicious atmo ere to an ere e e in t e a continental cuisine a t arm co an e coming or alongside iconic o an o r o r egge rien ma ing Belgian beers ier i a great to o a ter a inter a a ong t e eac en o can ea in or a arming r tic mea it a re re ing ott e o eer atc o t i o or er a int o a though, it’s served in its traditional glass in t e coac man oo en tan an i o or er one o e a e to an o er o r oe a a e o it t t en rai e a o e t e ar in a o ter ot nti o ret rn t e g a in one iece e armt an n at ier i are in ectio ma ing it t e er ect ace or a ri tma art t i ear oo o r ta e no or a great atmo ere co e it e icio oo an t e e t eer aro n

BIER HUIS GRAND CAFÉ 1 6 Saint Andrew’ s Street, St Ives TR2 6 1 AH 0 1 7 3 6 7 9 7 0 7 4 info@ bierhuisgrandcafe. co. uk www. bierhuisgrandcafe. co. uk

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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D OE FOUOT G FF Q VIN O YOU LL LI % EN WA 10 WH ORN Black Swan • Gweek • Helston • Cornwall • TR12 6TU 01326 221502


Escape to peace and tranquillity after the Christmas period with a two or three-night New Year break. Think leisurely walks along the South West Coast Path and 2 AA Rosette food from Head Chef, Joseph Fallowfield. Recently nominated for ‘Best Chef’ in the 2020 Food Reader Awards, Joseph will be serving a tempting six-course tasting menu on New Year’s Eve, setting the tone for an evening of great music, dancing and, finally, fizz and fireworks at midnight over Housel Bay.

You can always expect seasonal, local food and a warm welcome at our wonderful rful new restaurant. Edie’s is run by acclaimed ed chef, Nigel Brown, who has returned to his home county of Cornwall to open Edie’s Kitchen, a family restaurant with local produce, high quality food and great service at its heart. After a twenty year career spent working with culinary luminaries such as Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons and Bill Granger at his eponymous Sydney restaurant, Nigel has brought his well-honed skills and food flair to the beautiful Cornish setting of Carlyon Bay. •••••••••••


085.indd 1

10 Beach Rd, Carlyon Bay, St. Austell PL25 3PH 01726 813888

22/11/2019 12:47


L Festive


Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever at Harbour. Why go to all the trouble yourself?


s & Pies

CHRISTMAS LUNCH from £25.00 per person

Baker Tom’s Christmas range is available to buy from our shops and independent retailers across Cornwall


CHRISTMAS PACKAGES from £125.00 per couple

To find out more or to book call 01736 795 221 or email


The Terrace, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 2BN |

00397_HARBOUR_ST IVES_Cornwall Living Ad_Quarter Page Ad.indd 1

06/11/2019 13:32

AA Rosettes



Town House Hotel

Certificate of Excellence 2018

CHRISTMAS IN CORNWALL can mean December sunshine, a walk on the beach, and twinkling lights in the harbours. Stay for 3 or more nights with us from the 23rd or 24th December. Dine in our lovely restaurant and enjoy a completely stress-free break and no washing-up!


086.indd 1



22/11/2019 12:42




The application season for university level courses starting in September 2020 is well underway.


f you’re thinking about changing career or want to invest in Higher Education, Truro and Penwith College has courses to suit everyone, whether you want a career in teac ing ea t an fitne or media, or wish to study a more specialist subject like Silversmithing and Jewellery or Archaeology. Delivering courses on a full or part-time basis, Truro College will help you follow your passion. o fin t e a ication roce daunting, Kate from Admissions advises: “Just think about your UCAS application like a CV. Our Admissions team are always happy to give advice and guidance over the phone and the UCAS customer experience centre is always really helpful too.” Smaller class sizes allow for plenty of o ort nit to enefit rom one to one support – one of the many reasons why the Truro and Penwith College University Centre has been rated top in Devon and Cornwall for student satisfaction – for the second year in a row! ere a ne er een a etter time to fin out more about Truro and Penwith College's university courses. There are plenty of opportunities for you to gain insight into what life is like as a university student on the college campus. From open days where

the whole college campus is open through to individual information evenings where you have the chance to discuss subject areas on a one-to-one basis. If you can't make the event days, you can book an individual campus tour at a time that suits you. We hear from BA (Hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery graduate, Ceciel Van Oevelen, who tells us: “I was a creative facilitator for people with dementia, but I was made redundant, so I wanted to put my passion into a profession as I’ve always been creative. I am now starting my own business as an independent Designer Maker and have already sold some of my work throughout my time on the course.” So, if you’re ready for the next challenge and want to boost your career prospects while staying and studying in the county you love, get in touch with the dedicated university team today.


Truro College, College Road, Truro TR1 3 X X 0 1 8 7 2 2 6 7 5 0 0 enquiry@ truro-penwith. ac. uk www. truro-penwith. ac. uk/ university

LEFT Having attended Truro and Penwith College, Ceciel is now starting her own business!  ABOVE Learning how to create unique design pieces has proven invaluable

DISCOVER MORE Attend an event to find out more. Find an event that suits you at www.truro-penwith.

F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


CL--93--ED--Truro & Penwith College--1.00 v2.indd 3

22/11/2019 14:17

9 r . .. Y. be le 01 RR m ab er 2 U nu ail b H d av em ite s m ce ec Li a sp 31 D of s nd re ffe O

Give a unique gift this Christmas Donate a minimum of £100 and the name of your choice* will appear on the new Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter, flying over Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly on lifesaving missions when it comes into operation in April 2020.

I’m supporting the Cornwall Air Ambulance New Heli Heroes campaign in memory of my partner John Archer who passed away in November 2016. The paramedic team of CAAT were amazing; although they couldn’t save John, they took care of both him and me, and he finally got to take a trip in a helicopter! Supporting this appeal helps me keep his memory alive, and thank a truly incredible team for their support and care when I needed it the most.

Jackie, partner of air-lifted patient John Archer

When you sign up to become a New Heli Hero, you’ll also receive a certificate and pin badge – the perfect keepsake for a family member or in memory of a loved one.

To become a New Heli Hero, call 01637 889926, or visit: *Terms and Conditions apply – visit the website for full details. Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust | Trevithick Downs, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4DY 01637 889926 |

Untitled-8 1

@cornwallairamb | Registered charity 1133295

01/11/2019 12:51




If you’re looking to give your loved ones the latest and greatest tech this Christmas, why not pop into Stormfront, your local Apple expert?

tormfront, your local Apple expert, has everything you need to get Christmas all wrapped up this year. With a three-year guarantee included at no extra cost on all Apple e ice a ai a e tra e in an finance options, you can be sure to leave the perfect present under the tree. This year’s ultimate Christmas gift: the iPhone 11, featuring an all-new dual camera system with Ultra Wide, night mode and stunning video quality, plus water and dust resistance and all-day battery life. It’s available in six stunning colours and, not only is it the perfect gift, it will also allow you capture those magical Christmas moments in 4K! Available at Stormfront from £729. Alternatively, for those always on the move, get them a watch that can do more with the incredible new Apple Watch Series 5. With a display that’s always on, showing time and important information, it can even help navigate with the built-in compass. It monitors heart rate with the ECG app, tracks workouts and activity, and makes it easy to connect with people and information they care about, right from their wrist! Available from £399. Perhaps you’re looking for a gift to bring the family together? If so, Apple TV 4K is the

er ect c oice a o ing o to atc fi m and programmes in amazing 4K HDR, and it now completes the picture with immersive sound from Dolby Atmos! With the launch of Apple TV+ in November this year, the fir t a origina i eo cri tion er ice Apple TV just got a whole lot better. With a one-year subscription to Apple TV+ included when you purchase, now could not be a better time to go 4K with Apple! So if you’ve been stuck for gift ideas, be sure to head online or visit the Stormfront Truro team in-store.

ABOVE Discover an array of Christmas gifts ideas at Stormfront, Truro


1 4 Pydar Street, Truro TR1 2 AX 0 1 8 7 2 2 2 2 6 2 4 www. stormfront. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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head on

Utilising the power of science and medical expertise to provide targeted solutions that help you achieve healthy looking skin.


DISCOVER MORE Dr. Stolte’s top tips for winter: • Keep well hydrated • Use good quality skincare products • Continue to use SPF 30-50 daily

ocated in the heart of Truro, MEDfacials is one of Cornwall’s leading doctor-led aesthetic clinics, providing advanced solutions for the treatment of the face and body. Dr. Stolte leads an experienced and knowledgeable team, offering a wide range of tailor-made and exclusive aesthetic solutions for your skin and hair. Continuing to provide expert care for your skin, MEDfacials is consistently evolving; it’s now one of the only Save Face clinics registered in Cornwall, and is proudly t e fir t in t e co nt to a e intro ce Profhilo. Profhilo is one of the most innovative of the new ‘injectable moisture’ treatments, and it has been shown in clinical tests to not just improve hydration in the skin, but to boost the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels too, so it is now classed as a ‘bio-stimulator’. Having the extra hydration beneath the surface helps to plump up the skin cells. This makes the skin look moot er t i moot ne re ect t e ig t exceptionally, so the skin looks healthier and re er r to te confirm ti it o t doubt my preferred treatment currently, especially if you would like to look incredible for Christmas or the New Year”. Save Face assesses each and every practitioner, and the premises from which they operate, against a rigorous set of standards that measure the performance and suitability required to achieve Save Face

Accreditation. You can rest assured that when you use Save Face to select a non-surgical cosmetic practitioner, each and every one of the accredited members has been assessed and erifie again t t e e tan ar to en re t at t e fi t e commitment to connect patients with safe hands that use safe products in safe and hygienic environments. atient o M acia can e confi ent that they will receive an honest opinion and will be guided appropriately. Dr. Stolte mmari e e are a one to o e o er t e i e t c oice o ae t etic treatments here in Cornwall and offer great a e or mone ere re io t e on options were surgical, for example chin enhancement, jowls and jawline sharpening; these are all now options that we are able to offer with cosmetic injections.” Contact MEDfacials to book in for your fir t treatment an recei e a ree in consultation to start you on your journey to better skin and hair.

 INSET MEDfacials is Cornwall's leading doctor-led aesthetic clinic


K ent H ouse, 1 st F loor, St. Clement Street, Truro TR1 1 EQ 0 1 8 7 2 4 6 3 1 4 0 contact@ medfacials. com www. medfacials. com F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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BITE AND EAT ANYTHING YOU WANT THIS CHRISTMAS AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE We’re offering new patients 10% of the cost off any treatment this November and December. Get the smile you always wanted this Christmas.

10% OFFL


Call 01872 222404 or visit

T&C’s Full price assessment necessary. Your dentist will discuss various treatment options and when treatment is agreed, by joining the Pure Membership scheme you will be eligible for a 10% discount. Pure Membership is normally reserved for “dentally fit” patients and allows members to spread the cost of their exams and hygiene visits with the benefit of 10% discount on treatments. In November and December 2019 the Pure Membership scheme is open to all new patients who need our help. This is an incredible saving of 10% off all treatment needed now and in the future, along with all the other benefits of membership.

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y t i n u m m o c e h in t Bluebird Care provides complex care to help individuals enjoy the most fulfilling Cornish lifestyles.

 ABOVE Working in care has to be one of the most diverse and rewarding careers


eople living with autism, brain injuries, mental health needs and learning disabilities enjoy and engage in fi ing i e t e e er day as members of our communities. The support they need is often referred to as ‘complex care’, yet it makes all the difference for everyday living, achieving the quality of life we all aspire to. Bluebird Care is at the forefront in meeting the need for complex care in the community, offering a full range of therapeutic and supported living services across Cornwall, creating the warm and friendly environment conducive to independent living. The specialist care services provided by Bluebird Care support people along their own care pathways, with tailored packages of up to 24-hour support in an individual’s home. Carol, who founded Bluebird Care in Cornwall seven years ago, tells us: “We are passionate about making every day enjoyable; we celebrate successes and know how important it is to empower people to live their lives in the way they choose and to have fun doing so. We encourage our staff team to fin ne an inno ati e a o doing things, with creative ideas to challenge and inspire each other to step out and make things happen.” Bluebird Care collaborates with funders, families and stakeholders to go above and beyond, always striving to exceed

expectations. “Through empathy, family values and market-leading training,” continues Carol, “we use all our resources, skills and abilities to ensure everyone achieves their full potential.” Those who work in complex care enjoy a fi ing career n er tan ing t at e er one is unique, listening to each person’s needs and responding to them in a personalised way. “Working in care is the best decision and career move I’ve ever made,” says Bluebird Carer, Emma. “Every day is different, every day is rewarding and every day I smile, seeing my customers smile. Care does come with early mornings, working in all weathers, and doing your fair share of shifts at Christmas, but knowing you are there to help alongside others who are just as passionate about care, makes it all worthwhile.” Bluebird Care welcomes newcomers to join the caring profession and believes that people with experience in other areas often make the best carers, bringing knowledge and understanding for the life of others. The company also provides training to give the no e ge an confi ence nee e to or and excel in care.


0 1 8 7 2 2 7 6 0 0 6 midcornwall@ bluebirdcare. co. uk www. bluebirdcare. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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Fire and Ice Facial





with every course of Invisalign treatment


*for patients 18 years and over and subject to a clinical examination.

booked! • Aesthetic Solutions • Call today

A smile you can trust At River Practice Specialist Centre you can trust your smile with experienced specialists in the field of ‘brace work’ orthodontics. Isn’t it a no brainer to opt for treatment with a specialist rather than a general dentist?

Cornwall’s only award-winning multi-specialist dental centre 10 Castle Street, Truro, TR1 3AF 01872 242444 •

uneeka. home lighting | living | dining bedroom | home accessories City Road, Truro, TR1 2JL

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, e m i t g n Savi

SAVING LIVES Become a New Heli Hero and help save lives this Christmas by adding your loved one's name to Cornwall Air Ambulance’s new helicopter.

ABOVE Become a New Heli Hero and do your bit to support this invaluable service


DISCOVER MORE To purchase a name visit the Cornwall Air Ambulance website:


llie Brocklebank was airlifted as a baby after he suddenly stopped breathing. Now, he is a happy and healthy teenager who has just started university. His father Tim tells their story: “Ollie was born on 29th July 2001, he unfortunately arrived six weeks early and had double pneumonia. He went straight into intensive care at Treliske for two weeks. He came out and was better, but a few weeks later, he was struggling to breathe. My wife took him up to the Padstow Surgery, where they called the air ambulance immediately. He got to Treliske within 11 minutes, whereas by road it would have been 50 minutes – that efinite a e i ie o e a tra ing o ng a o ear o an e e een fortunate to have 18 years of laughter and fun, instead of 18 years of tears. So, we thank the air ambulance a lot.” Ollie is a New Heli Hero and will have his name on the new Cornwall Air Ambulance helicopter when it comes into service in April 2020. This Christmas, your gift could help save a life. If you would like to have you or a loved one name on t e ne aircra t o a e until the end of December to secure a place.

For a minimum donation of £100, your c o en name i oin ie an n re o ot er a t e critica care cre acro Cornwall on lifesaving missions. o re not a are o t e e ei ea ere ome more in ormation Mo t eo e who live in Cornwall know of someone who has been rescued by the Cornwall Air Ambulance, and a lot of people out of county have also been rescued or had relatives rescued during visits to the Duchy. Cornwall i efine it ea ti i o ate an ar to reac ace ma ing an air am ance an integral addition to the county. You can be a lifesaver too by donating to the New Heli Appeal to bring the next generation of air ambulance helicopter to Cornwall by 1st April 2020. Not to mention, when you become a New Heli Hero, you will recei e a certificate an in a ge ma ing it the perfect Christmas gift.


Trevithick D owns, Newquay TR8 4 D Y 0 1 6 3 7 8 8 9 9 2 6 enquiries@ cornwallairambulancetrust. org www. cornwallairambulancetrust. org F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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P&C Upholstery • Established

in 1998 • Have a stress free move



We handle removals throughout the UK and Europe, both to and from Cornwall.

Underground Tours, Woodland Walk, Enchanted Dell, Weddings,


Concerts, and much more.

01579 320251

01326 562552

Selling a wide selection of cornish hampers, pottery, food and drink. Hamper delivery also available.

www.agi f t f k 21 A rwenack S t reet F almou t h T R 11 3J D

01326 2106 00


Set in 12 acres of Cornish countryside only two miles from the beautiful sandy beachesof Praa Sands, Boscrege Caravan & Camping Park is the best place to enjoy your Cornish holiday.

01736 762231 •

Boscrege • Ashton • Cornwall • TR13 9TG

A wide range of flooring and furnishings, all supplied with individual care and attention.

Carpet and Homestore • Unit 3 • Longrock Business Park • Penzance • TR20 8HT 01736 330 279 •


Leaders in quality. We are a local family run business. NEW BUILDS EXTENSIONS

Organic Hair & Beauty Leading the way in organic hair and beauty in Cornwall. Enjoy being pampered in beautiful boutique surroundings.


"Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe" Horst Rachelbacher



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These homes would love to meet you

Falmouth, South Cornwall Positioned within an extremely elegant terrace, up to four bedrooms, west facing garden, access to private communal gardens, high ceilings, close to town centre and beaches, Grade II Listed, 1674 sqft

Guide £365,000 | Leasehold

Porthleven, South Cornwall Characterful cottage metres from the beach, spectacular panoramic sea views, parking for one car, successful holiday let, three bedrooms, alfresco dining terrace to the front, south west facing, 822 sq ft, EPC = E

Guide £560,000 | Freehold

Talk to us today Chris Clifford Head of Residential 01872 243 201

George Hill Associate 01872 243 205

Staci Shephard Residential Team Coordinator 01872 243 206 | Follow us on

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Savills Cornwall

01872 243 200

Blisland, North Cornwall Unique Grade II Listed Country Farmhouse, wild gardens, paddocks and woodland, master bedroom suite, four additional bedrooms and four bathrooms, country kitchen with AGA, living and dining rooms, family / games room with separate TV room, conservatory, snug and cellar, heated swimming pool with pavilion, 3878 sq ft

Guide ÂŁ1.5 million | Freehold

About 14 acres

what can we do for you?

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Elevated just above the wonderful beach of Mawgan Porth with approximately 0.5 acres of gardens & grounds is this substantial five bedroom detached residence, offering a tranquil & private setting in this sought after coastal location. EPC C

Mawgan Porth | £1,195,000

Located in the desirable old town area of Padstow just yards from the hustle and bustle of this vibrant town and working harbour, is this elegant three bedroom home with an impressive three storeys of characterful accommodation and a private patio garden. EPC F

Padstow | £675,000 01841 532555 | CL--93--AD--Jackie Stanley--2.00 v4.indd 2

22/11/2019 12:20

This highly prominent & substantial five bedroom/three storey semi detached residence is located in the desirable old town area of Padstow just yards from the vibrant harbour, cafes and restaurants. EPC C

Padstow | £750,000

Situated in a quiet hamlet just moments from the beach at Trebarwith Strand with far reaching views to the sea is this deceptively spacious four bedroom detached house with established front & rear gardens, integral garage & ample off road parking. EPC E

Treknow | £395,000 | 01841 532555 CL--93--AD--Jackie Stanley--2.00 v4.indd 3

22/11/2019 12:21


01872 306360

in association with




CL--93--AD--Rohr & Rowe--1.00 v2.indd 1

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01872 306360


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01326 565016

EXTENSIVE SEA VIEWS & GENEROUS PLOT, SOUTH CORNWALL, THE LIZARD, OFFERS OVER £425,000 A great opportunity indeed to purchase this superbly located front line bungalow which has extensive sea views. The property sits on a generous size plot with well maintained gardens which are again designed to take full advantage of the spectacular sea views. Well presented accommodation offers a lounge, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom and porch on the ground floor whilst there is versatile additional accommodation with a spacious first floor room. Outside, there is a detached garage plus some useful storage buildings and the property is located on the edge of the Lizard Village which is a popular coastal village benefitting from an excellent range of local amenities with of course the dramatic Cornish coastline with its many coves, harbours and coastal walks all within close proximity. There may also be the opportunity to extend the property subject of of course to the necessary planning requisites. This is without doubt a property that must be viewed to fully appreciate, in particular its wonderful location. EPC – F36.

CONTEMPORARY BRAND NEW HOUSES IN SOUGHT AFTER VILLAGE, LIZARD PENINSULA, MAWGAN, £375,000 Springfield Meadows is an exclusive development of just four contemporary and substantial three storey family homes. Nicely set back from the road and located on the edge of the well served village of Mawgan, a short distance from the Helford River on the stunning Lizard Peninsula. The well presented and carefully designed accommodation is arranged over three floors to maximise space. The ground floor comprises an entrance hallway, lounge, cloakroom, utility room and an impressive kitchen/dining room with tri-fold doors and a ceiling lantern to make the most of the natural light. The first floor provides three bedrooms and a family bathroom with bath and separate shower cubicle. On the second floor there is a good size master bedroom with an en suite having a walk in double shower cubicle. Outside, there is a garden to the front with pathway leading to the front door whilst to the rear there is an enclosed lawned garden with gateway leading to the two allocated parking spaces. On the development there will be two visitors parking bays. Having been built by reputable local developers with energy efficiency in mind, these properties are now ready for occupation and viewings are essential to fully appreciate. EPC – B82.

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Asking Price ÂŁ465,000

A truly exceptional, remodelled four bedroom detached house occupying a large corner plot in a quiet cul-de-sac. Extensive sunny rear garden, ample parking and garage. Great location for The Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro Prep School, Truro College, Truro Golf Club etc. EPC commissioned. an e 31 Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS T: 01872 272622 CL--93--AD--Clive Pearce Property--1.00.indd 1 cpearceproperty ClivePearceProperty 22/11/2019 12:08


Twenty beds IN 2020

Cornwall Hospice Care announces plans for a further increase in the number of beds open at its two Cornish hospices.  ABOVE Cornwall Hospice Care Chair, David Renwick

MIDDLE Chief Executive Paul Brinsley RIGHT The need for Cornwall Hospice Care's specialist services continues to grow


s Cornwall Hospice Care prepares to mark 40 years of providing specialist care to terminally ill adults in Cornwall, up to ten beds will soon be open at both Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St Austell, and at St Julia’s Hospice in Hayle. It follows a determined period of investment for the charity’s Board of Trustees, who have concentrated on the recruitment of more nursing staff. “Recruitment of staff has been a constant challenge right across the healthcare sector in recent times,” says the charity’s Chair, David Renwick, “but here at Cornwall Hospice Care we have addressed this by investing in our existing team and recr iting more e a e a ifie people to help us expand our services for those living with terminal illnesses in the county. I won’t pretend this isn’t a huge challenge, but we’ve been providing a service free of charge for 40 years now and we want to make sure we are here for the next 40 years, at least.” Cornwall Hospice Care’s Chief Executive, Paul Brinsley, elaborates. “As we head into our 40th anniversary year, it’s an accolade to the determination of our staff, volunteers and supporters that we are able to share news of more beds opening. In the last three months we’ve developed tantia fir t e anno nce nine

beds at each hospice, and now we can confirm e inten to o en ten at eac nit “The needs of our patients are always changing and the requirement for our specialist services is growing,” Paul continues. “We have a commitment to support people in the place of their choice and so we must ensure there are beds available at our hospices and support services that are easily accessible in local communities.” Paul explains that the c arit a e re ect t e or t e team do to provide care, including collaborations with a range of healthcare providers and other charities, including Cruse Bereavement Care, to meet the challenges. “We now need to work together with our supporters to ensure than in our 40th year, we celebrate these developments and build on them so terminally ill patients can continue to rely on our services,” fini e a i atc o t or a calendar of events during spring 2020, and thank you in advance for your support. Together, we can make a very special difference.”


0 1 7 2 6 8 3 9 1 5 6 communications@ cornwallhospice. co. uk www. cornwallhospicecare. co. uk F ind more like this: www. cornwall-living. co. uk


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