The Atlanta Opera & Alliance Theatre: The Shining, September 2023

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THE DISCOVERIES SERIES ALSO SUPPORTED BY The Livingston Foundation THE DISCOVERIES SERIES SPONSORED BY The Molly Blank Fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Published by and presented with the permission of Subito Music Corporation A co-presentation with Alliance Theatre music by Paul Moravec libretto by Mark Campbell based on the novel by Stephen King Sep 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30, Oct 1, 2023 Alliance Theatre

In planning this season, we wanted to prioritize partnerships. To link arms with visionary organizations both inside and outside of our artistic discipline. As always, we focused first on the local. We started talking and dreaming about possible partnerships that could properly celebrate the vibrant artistic life of this city we love so dearly. Early into this conversations we started talking about The Atlanta Opera. Their commitment to developing new work and breathing new life into classic work continues to inspire us to think differently about our own art form. The thought of these glorious voices filling the sculptural beauty of the Coca-Cola Stage was too much for the human heart. The prospect of partnering with them made us giddy with possibility. So when Tomer pitched an operatic version of Stephen King’s classic The Shining, our intrigue was uncontained. In his masterpiece, Stephen King gave us a pantheon of outsiders. Some are heroes but most are overwhelmed by one challenge or another. Jack Torrance faces insecurity and alcoholism, Stuart Ullman wrestles with greed and perfectionism; and even young Danny and Dick Halloran are outsiders because of their “shining.” As Stephen King explained, “Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.” We invite you into the world of The Shining

Everyone from The Atlanta Opera is pleased to be here on the Coca-Cola Stage and co-presenting this very special production with the Alliance. This partnership goes back many years to the 1980s when the Opera regularly staged our season in this wonderful theatre. Our creative, production, and sales teams have been working together for many months to bring The Shining to you in a collaboration that has been exciting and energizing in so many ways.

The three shows that The Atlanta Opera presents this fall as the Thriller Three, feature characters that are horrifically flawed, yet deeply human. Rigoletto (Nov 4-12) the tortured jester, the creature in Frankenstein (Oct 28), and Jack Torrance from The Shining (Sep 15-Oct 1) are all too human, profoundly real and lonely as they can be. Even if they have a daughter as Rigoletto does, or a son like Jack Torrance, they are alone in this world and their anxiety is real. They struggle with their inner demons: depression, alcoholism, mental health, or a debilitating fear. Sometimes they win, more often they lose, but that’s what makes these stories timeless and thoroughly human. That’s why we are so thrilled to share them with you.

Enjoy The Shining. Enjoy the Atlanta Opera on the Alliance Theatre’s Coca-Cola Stage!

Tomer Zvulun The Atlanta Opera Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. General & Artistic Director Tinashe Kajese-Bolden Alliance Theatre Artistic Director
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Christopher Moses Alliance Theatre Artistic Director

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THE 2023-24 SEASON

Official Beverage of The Atlanta Opera



The Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation



This program is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and by the National Endowment for the Arts. This program is also supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency—the National Endowment for the Arts. Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.





Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency - the National Endowment for the Arts. Major support is provided by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

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MUSIC BY Paul Moravec

LIBRETTO BY Mark Campbell


Published by and presented with the permission of Subito Music Corporation



ORIGINAL PRODUCTION A Co-Production by Opera Parallèle, Hawai‘i Opera Theatre and Portland Opera.

Director and Concept Designer: Brian Staufenbiel | Scenic Designer: Jacquelyn Scott

Projection Designer: David Murakami | Lighting Designer: Jim French

Costume Designer: Alina Bokovikova | Wigs & Make-up Designer: Y. Sharon Peng

Performed in English with English supertitles.

Approximate run time: two hours and 20 minutes, including one 25-minute intermission.

English Captions for The Shining created by Mark Campbell

A co-presentation between The Atlanta Opera and Alliance Theatre. | @theatlantaopera 8 | credits

CONDUCTOR Timothy Myers

STAGE DIRECTOR Brian Staufenbiel









FILMED MEDIA Felipe Barral & Amanda Sachtleben


JACK TORRANCE Craig Irvin | Thomas Glass

WENDY TORRANCE Kelly Kaduce | Kearstin Piper Brown

DANNY TORRANCE Max Walls | Adrienne Ocfemia

DICK HALLORANN Kevin Deas | Aubrey Allicock


BILL WATSON / LLOYD Kameron Lopreore†

MRS. MASSEY Eva Lukkonen

MRS. GRADY Gabrielle Bennett

GRADY GIRLS Tabitha Lawing, Phoebe Rose Claeys

SENATOR John Arnold

HORACE DERWENT Andrew Gilstrap

MARK TORRANCE Malcom MacKenzie

CROONER William Green

RANGER Jacob Lay


DANNY TORRANCE DOUBLE Jean-Michelle Luttrell



PROJECTED TITLES Brendan Callahan-Fitzgerald



ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGERS Caitlin Denney-Turner, Zane Alcorn

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The purchase of equipment for The Atlanta Opera is supported by a gift from Eva & Robert Ratonyi.

†Member of The Atlanta Opera Glynn Studio. Sponsored in name this season by a gift from Beth & Gary Glynn, The Glynn Studio Artists also receive significant support from the Donald & Marilyn Keough Foundation. The Studio Artist director position is funded by Jerry & Dulcy Rosenberg in honor of Tomer Zvulun.

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Minnesota Opera

ACT I: In and around the Overlook Hotel, Colorado, late September to November, 1975.

Jack Torrance has been engaged as winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel in a remote part of the Colorado Rockies. He arrives there with his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, during the last weekend of September, at the end of the hotel’s season. Wendy and Jack welcome the change the hotel will bring to their lives, believing that the experience will bring the family closer together; Jack is also happy that he’ll finally have time to finish his play. The general manager, Stuart Ullman, gives the Torrances a tour of the hotel and touts the history of its famous guests. The family is then introduced to the hotel cook, Dick Hallorann, who shows Wendy and Danny to the kitchen.

Ullman privately expresses his concerns about Jack’s personal history, which he has learned includes physical abuse and alcoholism. Jack reassures Ullman that he has conquered his problems and that all will be fine. Bill Watson takes Jack to the basement where he instructs him on the boiler and tells some stories about the hotel’s nefarious past: a previous caretaker, Delbert Grady, killed his wife and two daughters before taking his own life; another guest, Mrs. Massey, committed suicide in a bathtub after her young lover abandoned her.

At the same time outside the hotel, Hallorann confides in Danny that he senses the boy shares a second sight, the “shining,” that Hallorann’s grandmother detected in him as a child. He also tells Danny that fears about the hotel can be controlled—but encourages Danny to call out to him if the Torrance family is in danger. Ullman, Watson, and Hallorann bid the Torrances farewell, leaving the family alone on the porch of the Overlook.

One evening several weeks later, Wendy reads Treasure Island to Danny while Jack works on his play. As Danny leaves to brush his teeth before being tucked in, the couple affirms their love for each other. Danny is trapped in the bathroom and once he escapes, appears traumatized, claiming to have had dark visions. Jack tries to shake Danny out of it, but Wendy stops him, revealing | @theatlantaopera 12 | synopsis
Set rendering for the hotel party scene by Set Designer, Jacquelyn Scott. ©2021 The Coca-Cola Company.

that Jack once injured the child. She vows to take Danny to the doctor in town the following day for a check-up. As she tucks Danny in and sings him a lullaby, Jack recalls his own childhood abuse at the hands of his father, Mark. Danny utters a curious message—“redrum”—which Wendy dismisses as a reference to Treasure Island.

Jack sifts through boxes of memorabilia in the basement a week or so later, finding a scrapbook assembled by “The Manager.” He learns more about the Overlook’s infamous past, including Horace Derwent’s sale of the hotel to the Mafia and a subsequent “hit” that occurred there years later. He also reads about the tragedies of the Grady family and Mrs. Massey. An invitation to a New Year’s Eve masked ball drops from the scrapbook and ignites Jack’s imagination. He vows to tell the hotel’s story. Wendy and Danny return from the doctor where Danny has received a clean bill of health. Disturbed about Jack’s obsession with the Overlook, Wendy requests that they all leave immediately, but Jack dismisses the idea.

The first week of November.

Wendy is awakened by strange noises and Danny runs into his parents’ bedroom in a panic. Jack checks the elevator, then the ballroom, where he momentarily hears people and finds a dog mask and a giant croquet mallet. He is shaken, but composes himself, returning to their room to reassure Wendy, who still believes they should leave the hotel.

Danny has approached Room 217 several times in the past weeks, and now, in late November, finally enters it with a key. In the hotel office, a ranger on the CB radio warns Jack of an upcoming blizzard. Suddenly, the ranger’s voice becomes that of his father Mark, telling Jack to kill his family. Jack smashes the radio with the mallet. Wendy rushes in and is horrified to learn that Jack has destroyed their only contact with the outside world. Danny is found with his clothes wet, bruises around his neck, and lipstick marks on his face. As Jack rallies to protect his family, the evil influence of the hotel roars to life, and all of its ghosts appear, including Delbert Grady, Mrs. Massey, Horace Derwent, and the guests of the New Year’s Eve party. Danny cries out for Hallorann as a light snow begins to fall.

ACT II: One day in early December.

Jack returns to the basement for the boiler’s daily maintenance. Grady appears and encourages Jack to apply the same discipline to his son that Grady meted | @theatlantaopera 14 | synopsis
Early costume concept by Costume Designer, Alina Bokovikova.

out to his daughters. He then invites Jack to join him for the masked ball. Upstairs, Danny warns his mother that “they” have gotten to his father. Wendy tries to mitigate his fears, but once Danny is alone, he again calls out for Hallorann. Jack enters the ballroom where the masked ball is in full swing and orders drinks from Lloyd, the bartender. Onstage, Horace Derwent, Grady, and Lloyd raise their voices in song, soon joined by Mark Torrance and then Jack, before he collapses and the party dissolves. Finding her husband sprawled on the floor, Wendy tries to help him upstairs. When he attempts to strangle her, she renders him unconscious by smashing a bottle over his head, and she and Danny lock him inside the pantry. When Jack comes to and demands to be released, Wendy leaves the kitchen with Danny, taking a large knife with her. Grady enters and helps Jack free himself from the pantry.

Upstairs in the caretaker’s quarters, Wendy tries to assuage her son’s fears before returning to the kitchen for food. She sees ghosts in the ballroom, but convinces herself they are not real. Jack suddenly attacks her with the mallet. Wendy plunges the knife into his back and runs back to the quarters, locking the door. Jack follows her and almost breaks through the door, when Wendy slices his hands with razors she has retrieved from the bathroom. Grady and Derwent appear to Jack, telling him to dispose of Wendy later, as Hallorann is suddenly approaching the hotel on a Snowcat and must be attended to.

Hallorann enters the hotel. Danny runs toward Hallorann, attempting to warn him, but Jack strikes Hallorann with his mallet, rendering him unconscious. Jack corners Danny, but Danny bravely stands up to him, saying, “You are not my father.” Returning momentarily to his senses, Jack begs Danny to run, allowing him to escape. Derwent, Grady, and Lloyd appear, castigating Jack for his failure and warning him that the boiler is about to explode.


A hotel in Maine; eight months later. Wendy and Danny are staying in a cabin at a hotel in Maine where Hallorann now works as a cook. On his break, Hallorann checks up on Wendy and Danny. While Danny fishes from a pond and his mother looks on, Hallorann urges the boy to be strong and get on with his life and help his mother, despite the tragedy that has befallen them. | 15

The Shining— The Original Hotel California

To all appearances, The Shining’s Overlook Hotel is, like the Hotel California of song, “a lovely place.” But appearances in this story are deceiving. The Overlook harbors an illusory realm of terror within its cracked lath and plaster; horrific stories of murder and intrigue permeate its every fissure. The Overlook itself is a kind of character in our production, one whose ghostly inhabitants goad Jack Torrance to murder his son Danny so they can abscond with the boy’s powerful extrasensory abilities—a gift grandmother called “the shining”—a kind of hyper-charged clairvoyance that allows Danny to hear other people’s thoughts and communicate with the dead.

One of the great joys of creating a concept for this new production of The Shining was how deeply I could dive into the philosophical and aesthetic battle that | @theatlantaopera 16 | director’snote
Brian Staufenbiel

takes place at the heart of the story. How often do we encounter an opera, where two disparate aesthetics and philosophies make up the essence of the drama on stage? The Shining is that opera, and it inspired us to stretch our imaginations to explore the human condition by contrasting the aesthetics of realism against surrealism, along with their corresponding philosophies, naturalism and supernaturalism. Opera Parallèle’s design team focused on this juxtaposition and let it guide and delineate the multifaceted relationships with music, settings, and characters throughout the production.

In the scenes ruled by naturalism, nothing exists beyond the natural world. Here the hotel is just a hotel. In this aesthetic of realism, Jack, Wendy, Danny, and Halloran are ordinary living people—objective, accurate depictions of what seems to be. What you see on the surface is, simply, what is.

But then there is supernaturalism, which encompasses otherworldly realms and things that cannot be explained. In these scenes the Overlook comes alive with evil spirits that pursue our protagonists. The building itself seems to have a heartbeat and flows with blood. Even its structural supports can move. This aesthetic, surrealism, is thick with dreamlike visuals, symbolism, and hints of the unconscious.

In the end, this is a story about good and evil in which Jack must summon the deepest love and make the ultimate sacrifice to put an end to a cycle of generational abuse and save his family. For him, as the song has it, you can check out, but you can never leave. | 17
Set rendering for the hotel kitchen by the Set Designer, Jacquelyn Scott.

Timothy Myers is one of America’s most versatile conductors, engaging collaborators, and innovative purveyors of ideas. Internationally acclaimed for his eloquence, energy, and command, Myers is driven by unbridled curiosity. A frequent collaborator with leading opera companies and orchestras internationally, his work spans a wide range of projects and repertoire. Myers serves as the Sarah and Ernest Butler Music Director at Austin Opera where, in addition to leading performances, he participates in the artistic strategy and development of the Company including innovative projects such as the national PBS Specials Bella Noche de Musica and An All-Star Concert, a new production of Puccini’s Tosca at the Circuit of the Americas (North America’s first Formula 1 track), a film of David T. Little and Royce Vavrek’s opera Vinkensport in co-production with Houston Grand Opera, and Beethoven in VR: Fidelio, a virtual reality collaboration with Washington National Opera. Myers’ robust opera engagements have included venerable institutions such as the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Santa Fe Opera, Washington National Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Opera Philadelphia and the Wexford and Spoleto USA Festivals. On the symphonic stage, Myers has collaborated internationally including the American, Beijing NCPA, Chautauqua, Jerusalem, Milwaukee, North Carolina, Portland, Toledo, Tulsa, and Winston-Salem Symphony orchestras as well as the Brooklyn, Johannesburg, and Malaysian Philharmonic orchestras. A protégé of Lorin Maazel, Myers champions the next generation of conductors, instrumentalists, and composers of today and has led performances and given masterclasses at leading educational institutions such as the Curtis Institute of Music, Rice University, and Florida State University. An alumnus of Florida State University and Harvard Business School, Myers maintains robust activities outside of the arts through his podcast Listening on Purpose and speaking engagements that have included the SXSW Festival, Harvard Business School, University of Texas at Austin, and various corporations.

Brian Staufenbiel is the creative director for Opera Parallèle where he has directed and created the conceptual designs of the company’s productions since it was founded in 2010. Specializing in multimedia, immersive, and interdisciplinary productions, he actively works across a wide range of artistic disciplines collaborating in film, and with media designers, choreographers and dancers, circus artists, and designer fabricators. His progressive approach to stagecraft has garnered critical acclaim for many of the company’s productions, including Wozzeck, Orphée, Champion, and Dead Man Walking. Staufenbiel recently directed films for the online festival season of the Sun Valley Music Festival, a film of Dove/Angelis’ Flight for Seattle Opera, an award-winning graphic novel film of Talbot/Scheer’s Everest with Opera Parallèle, and a feature-length film of Gordon Getty’s opera Goodbye, Mr. Chips for Festival Napa Valley. He recently directed the West Coast premiere of new productions of Moravec and Campbell’s The Shining; a fully immersive experience of Talbot and Scheer’s Everest for Opera Parallèle; and Golijov’s Ainadamar for L’opera De Montréal. Staufenbiel is directing a new documentary about the life of Frederica Von Stade with Paper Wings Films. He co-directed with choreographer Yayoi Kambara for IKKAI a dance installation about Japanese incarceration camps in the United States during World War II. | @theatlantaopera 18 | cast&creative


The Home Depot Founda tion is proud to partner with The Atlanta Opera to honor our U.S. militar y, veterans and their families. © 2020 Homer TLC, Inc All rights reserved.

Jacquelyn Scott works as a production designer, art director, scenic designer and props designer for theater and film across the Bay Area. Her work has been seen at American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco Playhouse, Magic Theatre, Shotgun Players, The Cutting Ball Theater, Word for Word, and Z Space. Past favorite credits include Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret and Nia Vardalos’ Tiny Beautiful Things at the SF Playhouse, Lloyd Suh’s The Chinese Lady at the Magic Theatre, Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler at The Cutting Ball Theater, and Talbot’s Everest with Opera Parallèle.

Alina Bokovikova is an artistically diverse costume designer with more than seventy professional productions for live performances in her portfolio. She has several regionaI Best Costume Design awards and presented her works at the “Costume Design at the Turn of Century” exhibition in Moscow in 2015, Prague Quadrennial in 2012, and was featured in American Theatre Magazine in 2016. Bay Area audiences have seen her works at San Francisco Opera, Opera Parallèle, Opera San Jose, West Edge Opera, California Shakespeare Company, TheatreWorks, Cutting Ball Theatre. Her regional credits include The Old Globe Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, North Coast Repertory Theatre. Alina Bokovikova has a Master’s Degree in Education from Russia and an MFA in Costume Design from Univerity of California San Diego. She is a Costume Design Coordinator at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and a resident costume designer for a panto at the Presidio Theatre.

Jim French designs Iighting for the performing arts and live events. His work has been seen in twenty-five countries around the globe. Highlights of Jim’s work in dance include over fifteen world premieres for San Francisco Ballet; nine seasons as resident designer for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet; premiere works for Finnish National Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago; and long-running collaborations with the choreographers Val Caniparoli, Pascal Rioult, and Amy Seiwert. At home in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has collaborated with Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Merola Opera Program, Shotgun Players, Kronos Quartet, Joe Goode Performance Group, Bandaloop, ODC Dance, Post: Ballet, SF Danceworks, Imagery, Sacramento Ballet, Marin Theater Company, West Edge Opera, Smuin Contemporary Ballet, and has been house lighting director at SFJazz. He designed lighting for the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, and volunteers for Dancers Responding to AlDS and Bike East Bay. | @theatlantaopera 20 | cast&creative

David Murakami is a projection designer and film director focused on the union between the cinematic and theatrical. Past productions with Opera Parallèle include Dead Man Walking, Heart of Darkness, Champion, Flight, Les Enfants Terribles, and Little Prince. Additional credits include Minnesota Opera’s Das Rheingold and Elektra, and Luis Valdez’ Zoot Suit and Valley of the Heart Others include Princess Cruises, Opera de Montreal, and Arizona Opera. Murakami also teaches at the University of California, Irvine.

Jon Summers has enjoyed a sprawling career in the arts, beginning as an Atlanta-based sound designer, working with such companies as Theatrical Outfit, Kenny Leon’s True Colors, Synchronicity Theatre, and many more. Most recently he served as Director of Production for the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, and City Springs Theatre Company with such clients as: LiveNation, AEG, and Outback Entertainment. He is working on projects for the Atlanta Hawks and Music Matters. Jon Summer’s endeavors have put him in the forefront of live event management, production management, streaming event services, and film media.

Melanie Steele lives in Atlanta where she works with The Atlanta Opera, Fox Theatre, The Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, as well as working in film and television. Steele recently toured with the national Broadway tour of The Lion King. She has designed wigs and makeup for The Santa Fe Opera, Austin Opera, Central City Opera, Spoleto Festival USA, Baltimore Opera, Kentucky Opera, Michigan Opera Theatre, Bard SummerScape, Opera Festival of New Jersey, Opera Pacific, Opera North Carolina, and Saratoga Springs Opera. Some of Steele’s work can be seen in Opera News, Makeup Artist Magazine, Seventeen, Time, Newsweek, Glamour, Voyage Atlanta, IMDB, and Texas Monthly Magazine. | 21

Nora Winsler is a versatile and accomplished director who has made significant contributions to numerous productions across the United States. For the past two years, Winsler held the position of Resident Assistant Director at Virginia Opera. After touring seven productions with the company and directing their 2022 outreach show, Jack and The Beanstalk, Winsler returns to Virginia Opera to direct Il Barbiere di Siviglia this fall. Tapped as an assistant director by leading directors, Winsler has worked with Tara Faircloth, Kevin Newbury, Joachim Schamberger, and Mary Birnbaum. Most recently, Winsler’s work has been seen at Des Moines Metro Opera where she was the assistant director on Carmen and directed several scenes for the Apprentice Artist Scenes Concerts. In 2022, she contributed to the success of two productions at the Glimmerglass Festival working with Francessca Zambello and Brenna Corner (Tenor Overboard) and Kimille Howard (The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson). Previous directing credits include All is Calm and Extraordinary Women at Opera North and Hänsel und Gretel at Luray Opera in 2017. She was honored with the Robert L.B. Tobin DirectorDesigner Prize for Choreography by Opera America in 2022. During her time at James Madison University, she received an Undergraduate Research Grant for her project titled “Best Practices in Interdisciplinary Arts Collaboration… and Tea” in 2017.

Rolando Salazar was the Associate Conductor and Chorus Master for The Atlanta Opera from 2017 through 2020. He has served as assistant conductor and pianist at the Bellingham Festival of Music, as assistant conductor at La Musica Lirica, and as coach/conductor for the Harrower Opera Workshop. Salazar was seen most recently in performances with The Atlanta Opera, Madison Opera, Atlanta Concert Opera, Rome Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia State University Orchestra, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, Ozark Family Opera, and Permian Basin Opera. He keeps an active coaching and collaborative piano schedule in Atlanta, preparing numerous singers for engagements with major orchestras and opera houses worldwide. A student of Michael Palmer, he is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Master of Music in orchestral conducting and an Artist Diploma in orchestra and opera. Last season’s production of The Pirates of Penzance marked his 25th production with The Atlanta Opera Chorus. | @theatlantaopera 22 | cast&creative

Liz Campbell (she/her) is excited to be working on her first opera. Recent Alliance Theatre credits include: The Incredible Book Eating Boy, The Many Wondrous Realities of Jasmine Starr-Kidd, A Christmas Carol, Bina’s Six Apples, Working: the Musical, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, and The Wizard of Oz Other local credits include: The Drowsy Chaperone, Camelot, The World Goes Round, Million Dollar Quartet, Monty Python’s Spamalot, and Ragtime (Atlanta Lyric Theatre); In the Continuum (Synchronicity Theatre); Book of Will and It’s a Wonderful Life (Theatrical Outfit). She has been the Stage Manager for the GHSMTA (Shuler Awards) since 2015. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Niagara University. Member of Actors’ Equity Association. Co-founder of Atlanta Theatre Artists for Justice. Love to Ali and Maggie.

Caitlin Denney-Turner is starting her second season with The Atlanta Opera as a stage manager and is excited to be premiering at the Alliance Theatre. Regional theater credits include: Vanessa (Spoleto Festival USA), The Great Moment (Seattle Repertory Theatre), Urinetown (ACT/5th Avenue theaters), American Junkie (Book-It Rep), Billy Elliot, Hairspray, 39 Steps, and Newsies (Village Theater). She was also the Production Stage Manager for Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts in 2014.

Zane Alcorn (he/him) is excited to be making his Alliance Theater and Atlanta Opera debut. As an AEA stage manager and stage director he has worked across the country with highlights including THIRST & FOG (Director; Theaterlab NYC), Kiss Me, Kate (Assistant Director; Central City Opera), The Artwork of the Future (Stage Manager; Fresh Squeezed Opera Company), The Merry Widow (Assistant Stage Manager; Toledo Opera), The Magic Flute (Assistant Stage Director; Opera Orlando), and Benny & Joon The Musical (Assistant Director; The Old Globe). Zane is an alumni of San Diego State University (2016).

23 |





Craig Irvin brings a vibrant sound and commitment to character to a wide variety of repertoire. Opera News has praised his “rich, resonant baritone” while the Dallas Morning News has noted his “truly commanding baritone.” In the 2022-23 season, He had role debuts as Jochanaan in Salome with Madison Opera and Older Thompson in Glory Denied with Knoxville Opera and Permian Basin Opera. Additionally, Irvin returned to The Atlanta Opera as Maximillian in Candide, Tulsa Opera as The Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince in Into the Woods, and was seen in concert with New West Symphony in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Irvin welcomes the 202324 season with two exciting role debuts: as Jack Torrance in The Atlanta Opera’s production of The Shining, and Scarpia in Madison Opera’s Tosca; further engagements include the Pirate King in Kentucky Opera’s The Pirates of Penzance, a signature role of his. Irvin reprised his inimitable performance of the Pirate King in the 2021-22 season as well, with both The Atlanta Opera and Utah Symphony and Opera. Also that season, Irvin joined Orchestra Iowa for Handel’s Messiah and the Cincinnati May Festival for Candide. Career highlights include creating the role of Horstmayer in Kevin Puts’ Pulitzer-prize winning Silent Night, singing Dominik and covering Mandryka in the Canadian Opera Company’s Arabella, as well as productions at the Lyric Opera of Chicago such as Tosca, The Mikado, La fanciulla del West, Un ballo in maschera, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Carmen.




Baritone Thomas Glass is the winner of the 2022 Mabel Dorn Reader Foundation Prize at Opera Theater of Saint Louis and a Grand Prize Winner at the 2019 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. He is a recent alumnus of the Houston Grand Opera Studio and Minnesota Opera Resident Artist Program. In the 2022-23 season, he made his San Francisco Opera debut covering Mark Antony in John Adams’ new opera Antony and Cleopatra He also made his role and house debut at Palm Beach Opera as Guglielmo in Così fan tutte, and returned to Minnesota Opera for his role debut as Leporello in Don Giovanni. Highlights of recent seasons include house and role debuts at The Metropolitan Opera (Yamadori in Madama Butterfly), Opera Theater of Saint Louis (title role in Harvey Milk: Reimagined), Berkshire Opera Festival (Ford in Falstaff), The Atlanta Opera (Dandini in La Cenerentola) and at Arizona Opera (John Lassiter in Riders of the Purple Sage) as well as role debuts at Houston Grand Opera as Papageno in Die Zauberflöte, Mercutio in Roméo et Juliette, Marcello in La bohème, and the title role in Il barbiere di Siviglia. Born in Edina, Minnesota, Thomas earned his Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. | @theatlantaopera 24 | cast&creative





For her creation of the title role in David Carlson’s Anna Karenina, Opera News proclaimed that soprano Kelly Kaduce as “…an exceptional actress whose performance was as finely modulated dramatically as it was musically… and her dark, focused sound was lusty and lyrical one moment, tender and floating the next.” Recent highlights include the title roles of Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Manon Lescaut, and Rusalka, and the world premiere of The Shining with Minnesota Opera; Madama Butterfly with Florida Grand Opera, Canadian Opera Company, and West Australian Opera; Mimì in La bohème with Boston Lyric Opera; Tosca with Houston Grand Opera; Katja in Weinberg’s Die Passagierin with Lyric Opera of Chicago; Blanche in Dialogues des Carmélites, Nedda in Pagliacci, and the title role of Salome with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis; Rosalinde in Die Fledermaus with Lyric Opera of Kansas City; Liu in Turandot with Utah Opera; Anne Sorenson in Puts’ Silent Night and Princess Lan in Tan Dun’s Tea with Opera Philadelphia; Liu in Turandot in a return to Minnesota Opera; Rusalka with L’Opéra de Montréal and Opera Colorado; Patricia Nixon in Nixon in China and Countess in Le nozze di Figaro with Eugene Opera; Violetta in La traviata with Opera Tulsa and Malmö Opera; Countess in Le nozze di Figaro with Eugene Opera; Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni with Michigan Opera Theatre; Desdemona in Otello with Kentucky Opera; and Suor Angelica at Teatro Municipal de Santiago in Chile. Kelly Kaduce is a graduate of both St. Olaf College and Boston University and is a previous winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

Kearstin Piper Brown, praised for her “thrilling singing” (Opera Now), and recognized as “a rising talent to watch” back in 2007 (The Cincinnati Enquirer) has become one of the most sought-after lyric sopranos in the US. In 2023, she makes her debut at the Lyric Opera of Chicago in the world premiere of The Walkers by Daniel Bernard Roumain, and sings Wendy Torrance in The Shining by Paul Moravec, with Opera Parallèle. In 2024, she will make her debut with Florida Grand Opera as Nedda. In 2022, she resumed performances in the lead role of Esther in Ricky Ian Gordon’s opera Intimate Apparel with Lincoln Center Theater (as part of the joint Metropolitan Opera’s New Works Program), for which she won several awards, including the World Theater Award for “Outstanding Debut Performance in an Off-Broadway Production.” Other career highlights of her recent past were Musetta and Bess, both with New Orleans Opera; Dorothy Jean Hamer in Chandler Carter’s This Little Light of Mine with Santa Fe Opera; and Clara in Jake Heggie’s It’s a Wonderful Life with San Francisco Opera. On the concert stage, Kearstin Piper Brown has had resounding successes with repertoire often dedicated to the music of Black composers. Most recently, she performed with the Rochester Philharmonic, the Dallas Symphony, the National Philharmonic as well as with Steven Blier’s New York Festival of Song, the Berkshire Opera Festival, the Skaneateles Festival, and the Cecilia Chorus of New York at Carnegie Hall. Upcoming are her return to the Rochester Philharmonic and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as well as her debut with the Oregon Symphony. | 25

Max Walls (they/them) is thrilled to make their debut with The Atlanta Opera! Recent theatre credits include Tina in Ruthless! (Out Front Theatre), Young Charlie in Kinky Boots (Out Front Theatre), Colin in The Secret Garden (Atlanta Lyric Theatre), Noah Gellman in Caroline, or Change (Jennie T. Anderson), Michael Banks in Mary Poppins (Aurora Theatre), and Elizabeth in An Average British Evening (Momentum Arts). Many thanks to The Atlanta Opera team for trusting them with this role! Follow them on Instagram: @maxjamesonwalls







Adrienne Ocfemia (she/her) is extremely honored to be a part of this riveting opera with this brilliant group of artists! She recently performed in the titular role, Henry, in the Alliance Theatre remount of The Incredible Book Eating Boy. She also participated as Child Ruth in the 2023 Alliance/Kendeda Week staged reading of Ruth and Lydia and performed as Melinda Cratchit/ Child Dick Wilkins/Want/u/s Tiny Tim in Alliance’s 2022 production of A Christmas Carol. Other credits include the Children’s Chorus in Dead Man Walking (The Atlanta Opera); Prentiss in Peter and the Starcatcher (Stage Door Theatre); Jane Banks in Mary Poppins (Aurora Theatre); Madeline in Madeline’s Christmas (Horizon Theatre); Amanda Thripp/u/s Matilda Wormwood in Matilda the Musical (Atlanta Lyric Theatre); Ballet Girl in Billy Elliot; and u/s Jerome in South Pacific (City Springs Theatre Company). Immense gratitude to Tomer Zvulun, Brian Staufenbiel, Meredith Wallace, Timothy Myers, Rolando Salazar, Chris Bragg, Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, Chris Moses, Jody Feldman, and The Shining team at The Atlanta Opera and the Alliance Theatre for this extraordinary opportunity and to the CST Conservatory for their support. Love to her parents and older sister. Sophia. IG: @adrienne_aly.o | @theatlantaopera 26 | cast&creative




Kevin Deas has gained international renown as one of America’s leading bass-baritones. He is perhaps most acclaimed for his signature portrayal of the title role in Porgy and Bess, having performed it with the New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, National Symphony, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Symphony, as well as the most illustrious orchestras on the North American continent, and at the Ravinia, Vail and Saratoga festivals. 2021-22 season highlights include performances of Mozart’s Requiem with the Florida Orchestra, Handel’s Messiah with the National Cathedral, Boston Baroque, and the New York Philharmonic. Other notable performances in the season include Nathaniel Dett’s The Ordering of Moses with the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the Phoenix Symphony, Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with the Portland Symphony Orchestra, and will be performing the role of Porgy in Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess with the Des Moines Metro Opera, as well as the role of Dick Hallorann in Paul Moravec’s critically acclaimed opera The Shining with the Opera Colorado.





Aubrey Allicock has been hailed by The New York Times as “sturdy,” “dynamic,” and “excellent” as he continues to make his mark among prominent opera companies and symphonies both at home and abroad. A Grammy nominee for his participation in John Adams’s Doctor Atomic as General Groves, Allicock adds to that list a BBC Music Magazine Award for Opera. Notable engagements include: creating the role of Young Emile in Terence Blanchard’s Champion, having performed the world première with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis with ensuing productions with Washington National Opera, Dutch National Opera, New Orleans Opera, and Opéra de Montréal. Additional highlights include the role Mamoud in John Adams’ Death of Klinghoffer with The Metropolitan Opera; General Groves in Doctor Atomic with the BBC, Argante in Rinaldo, Glyndebourne; Tiridate in Handel’s Radamisto, Philharmonia Baroque; John Adam’s El Niño, Concertgebouw; Welsh National Opera in Will Todd’s Migrations; Alberich in Das Rheingold, Virginia Opera; Frederick Delius’ Koanga, Wexford Festival; title role in Le nozze di Figaro, Opera Theater of Saint Louis and Seattle Opera; Carmen, Komische Oper Berlin; Minskman in Flight with Seattle Opera; We Shall Not Be Moved, Opera Philadelphia; Yusef Salaam in The Central Park Five with Portland Opera; Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance, Virginia Opera; and Dick Hallorann in The Shining, Lyric Opera Kansas City. Up and coming performances include: Alberich in Das Rheingold with Dayton Opera; he makes his Spoleto USA debut in 2024; and records We Shall Not Be Moved and The Shining with Lyric Opera Kansas City. | 27


Victor Robertson’s recent successes include the roles of Elijah and Street, X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X at Detroit Opera, Opera Omaha, and in concert recorded by Boston Modern Orchestra Projects and nominated for a 2023 Grammy Award. He recently appeared The Atlanta Opera in Candide as Governor, Vanderdendur, and Ragotski; and soon returns to the Metropolitan Opera to repeat his roles in Malcolm X. His natural ability for contemporary music has brought many world premieres: Benny “Kid” Paret in Terence Blanchard’s celebrated Champion at Washington National Opera, Michigan Opera Theatre, and Opera de Montreal; Hosea Williams in Douglas Tappin’s I Dream; Nestor in Cincinnati Opera’s Castor and Patience by Gregory Spears; Raymond Santana in Anthony Davis’s The Central Park Five at Portland Opera; and Sportin’ Life in Porgy and Bess in a co-production between Opera North Carolina and Opera Carolina, a role he sang on tour internationally in a Francesca Zambello production. Other career highlights feature his roles in standard repertoire, including the title role Orpheus at New York City Opera, Rodolfo (La bohème) at Royal Albert Hall in London, Alfredo (La traviata) at Orlando Opera, Rinaldo Armida with Virginia Opera and at the UK’s prestigious Garsington Opera Festival. He sang his signature role, Count Almaviva (Il barbiere di Siviglia) all over the US, and made his Metropolitan Opera debut in their new 2017 production of The Merry Widow as Raoul, and in the same year, his Broadway debut in its longest running show, The Phantom of the Opera, as Piangi. Victor can be heard in the first full recording of Carly Simon’s opera, Romulus Hunt, with Nashville Opera, released last month. He also appears on the soundtrack for the Netflix movie Rustin, released later this year. Instagram





Atlanta local Andrew Gilstrap is quickly rising to be one of the premiere bass-baritones of his generation, known for his dramatic interpretations and musical sophistication. He is an alumnus of the respective studios/apprentice programs of the Bayerische Staatsoper, Des Moines Metro Opera, Minnesota Opera, and Wolf Trap Opera. Career highlights include the roles of Leporello in Don Giovanni with Wolf Trap Opera, Antonio in Le nozze di Figaro and Il padre di Nencio in L’infedeltà delusa with the Bayerische Staatsoper, Basilio in Il barbiere di Siviglia and Immigration Officer in Flight with Minnesota Opera, and Sourin in Pique Dame with Des Moines Metro Opera. Last season, he performed the role of Masetto in Don Giovanni with The Atlanta Opera. Gilstrap holds degrees from the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music, where he studied with Timothy Jones. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music in 2016 and a Master of Music in 2018. In his spare time, Gilstrap enjoys cooking and baking for his family and long walks with his Yorkie mix, Westley, who will make his Atlanta Opera debut this season as Musetta’s Dog in La bohème | @theatlantaopera 28 | cast&creative




With a voice described as having a “rich vocal range full of inviting nuance,” Malcolm MacKenzie is quickly capturing attention in the dramatic baritone repertoire. Opera News recently praised him as a “confident, commanding Count di Luna…of robust tone, ardent address, arching phrases and genuine baritonal squillo.” He has been heard at leading opera houses throughout the U.S. and Europe, appearing at the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Paris Opera (Bastille), Finland’s Savonlinna Festival, Washington National Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, San Diego Opera, Arizona Opera, Fort Worth Opera, and Pittsburgh Opera, in roles including Simon Boccanegra, Iago, Tonio, Baron Scarpia, Don Giovanni, Count di Luna, Renato, Jack Rance, Marcello, Germont, and Count Almaviva. In the 2022-23 season, Mr. MacKenzie appears as Alfio in Opera Colorado’s Cavalleria rusticana, joins Quad City Symphony for their Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, reprises his Mark Torrance in The Shining with Lyric Opera of Kansas City, performs as Doctor in Vanessa with Spoleto Festival and returns to The Metropolitan Opera to cover Rodrigue in the premiere of their five-act Don Carlos, which he also covered the previous season. His 2021-22 season featured him in the title role of Gianni Schicchi at Piedmont Opera, a reprise of his much-lauded Germont in La traviata at Toledo Opera, and an appearance in the dual roles of Master Johnson and Master Owen in Omar at Spoleto Festival.

Tenor Kameron Lopreore is thrilled to be returning to The Atlanta Opera as a Glynn Studio artist. He looks forward to performing as the Tenor Soloist in Shapiro’s Frankenstein, Mattea Borsa in Verdi’s Rigoletto, and Lysander in Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Recently, he enjoyed the Santa Fe Opera’s prestigious young artist program. Additionally, he sang Tamino in The Magic Flute and Panatellas in the world premiere of Songbird at the Glimmerglass Festival. He performed the roles of Le Remendado in Bizet’s Carmen and Nemorino in Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore with Pensacola Opera. In November of 2019, and he travelled with The Glimmerglass Festival to perform the role of the Marquis in the culmination of Corigliano’s The Ghosts of Versailles at the Château de Versailles in France. He is a prominently featured artist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra where he performs major works such as Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s Christmas and Easter Oratorios, and Rossini’s Stabat Mater. He has enjoyed a two-year resident artist position with Shreveport Opera where he performed Tamino in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Ferrando in Mozart’s Così fan tutte, and Motel the tailor in Fiddler on the Roof. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in voice from Loyola University New Orleans and he is the recipient of the first Italian American Scholarship Award as well as two Metropolitan Opera National Council district winner awards. In the summer of 2017, he performed in Chautauqua Opera’s studio artist program. Some more of his recent roles include E.T.A. Hoffman in Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffman, Roméo in Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette, Rinuccio in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, and Candide in Bernstein’s Candide





Eva Lukkonen, mezzo soprano, made her Atlanta Opera debut January 2022 in the role of Kate in their production of The Pirates of Penzance, and stepped into the role of Texas for Cabaret at Pullman Yards in May/June, both productions under Maestro Francesco Milioto. She was also one of the Judith “memories” in The Atlanta Opera’s reimagining of Bluebeard’s Castle last fall, and was seen as Béatrice in Berlioz’s Béatrice et Bénédict with Atlanta Concert Opera in August. She also sang Cherubino in ACO’s 2019 production of Le nozze di Figaro, a role she had previously performed under Maestro Harry Bicket at the Aspen Opera Theatre. In early 2020, she was the Prince Charmant cover in Cendrillon for Opera Birmingham’s 2020 production (canceled due to COVID). With Capitol City Opera, she was seen as Zita in Gianni Schicchi/Buoso’s Ghost in 2019 and covered Stephano in their production of Roméo et Juliette early 2020. As a native of California, she has performed with regional companies there such as Townsend Opera Players (Sally in Die Fledermaus) and West End Theatre (Edith in The Pirates of Penzance), and has sung with the Bakersfield Symphony in excerpts from Le nozze di Figaro (Cherubino) and Der Rosenkavalier (Octavian). Eva will be seen this month in concert as Isabella in excerpts from Rossini’s L’Italiana in Algeri with Capitol City Opera. She is grateful for this opportunity to perform with Atlanta Opera again in The Shining.

Gabrielle Bennett, a native of Lexington, Kentucky, earned her BM in vocal performance from the University of Kentucky. With UK Opera Theater, she performed the roles of Cosette in Les Misérables, Johanna in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and The Doll in The Tales of Hoffmann, and opera chick in Bounce: The Basketball Opera and toured in their SOOP productions of Jack and the Beanstalk and It’s All About Teeth. She was in the chorus of UKOT’s The Phantom of the Opera, The Pirates of Penzance, Suor Angelica, and It’s A Grand Night For Singing! She was Miss Andrew and Miss Lark in the Lexington Opera House’s Mary Poppins and chorus in their 2018 Concert with the Stars. She was the witch in Distilled Theatre Company’s production of Into The Woods. She sang in parks and recreation’s event Opera Under The Stars. She was a studio artist with Kentucky Opera, and in the 2018-19 season she performed in their outreach program Exploring the River Region, and the chorus of Show Boat, Madama Butterfly, The Mikado, The Abduction from the Seraglio, and Dead Man Walking. She sang in the chorus of The Atlanta Opera’s production of Madama Butterfly. She is married to Dr. Tyler Bennett, a veterinarian and they have four dogs, three cats, goats, silkie chickens, pheasants, peacocks, and a famous emu named Jeep.

ATLANTA OPERA DEBUT | @theatlantaopera 30 | cast&creative


Tabitha Lawing is thrilled to be making her debut with The Atlanta Opera at the Alliance Theatre! She has been performing in stage productions since the age of six, and started acting professionally in the fall of 2022. Since then she has enjoyed working on several film and commercial projects in addition to pursuing her dream of performing on Broadway. Recent onstage highlights include performing in The Nutcracker with the State Ballet of Ukraine (US Tour; Athens, GA) and as “Riley” in the premiere of the original musical The Adventure of Our Lives So Far at Cape Fear Regional Theatre (Fayetteville, NC). Tabitha studies voice and acting with Alex Kidder of the Amy Murphy Studio (Birmingham, AL) and dances with the youth performance companies at Dancefx in Athens, GA. She lives in Watkinsville, GA with her family.



Phoebe Rose Claeys, 11, is in tenth grade and attends Seton Home Study School. Her credits include Nibelung in Das Rheingold (The Atlanta Opera); Dance Ensemble in Halloween Spooktacular (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra); Party Child in NUTCRACKER! (Moscow Ballet); and Ensemble in Holiday Break (City Springs Theatre Conservatory). Phoebe Rose has also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the American Protégé Winners Recital after placing first in their International Vocal Competition and third in their International Competition of Romantic Music in piano. She has placed in the top ten at numerous international ballet competitions including the European Ballet Grand Prix in Vienna, International Ballet Grand Prix in Singapore, Dance Open America, Universal Ballet Competition, and ADC|IBC. She also competes at the Preliminary Championship level in Irish dance and performs at community events. When she isn’t singing, dancing, or making music, Phoebe Rose enjoys reading, baking, building massive Lego projects, and playing with her Russian Bolonka puppies.

Instagram: @phoeberose.pirouette | 31

General & Artistic Director of The Atlanta Opera since 2013, Israeli-born Tomer Zvulun is also one of opera’s most exciting stage directors, earning consistent praise for his creative vision, often described as cinematic and fresh. His work has been presented by prestigious opera houses around the world, including The Metropolitan Opera, the opera companies of Israel, Buenos Aires, Wexford, Glimmerglass, Houston, Washington National Opera, Seattle, Detroit, San Diego, Minnesota, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Wolf Trap, as well as leading educational institutes and universities such as The Juilliard School, Indiana University, Boston University, and IVAI in Tel Aviv. Since becoming General and Artistic Director in Atlanta a decade ago, he has increased the operations of the company from three to six productions per season, while stabilizing the financials. Some of his noted achievements include launching the successful Discoveries series, creating the first young artist program, tripling the company’s annual fundraising, creating a film studio, and building a theatre in a circus tent where performances were conducted safely during the pandemic. His work has attracted international attention by earning numerous awards and prizes including nomination of The Atlanta Opera for the International Opera Awards in London and the selection of his production Silent Night as both the Irish Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s production of the year. His focus on innovation led to an invitation to deliver a TED Talk as well as a case study being taught at Harvard Business School. | @theatlantaopera 32 | cast&creative

Tinashe Kajese-Bolden stepped into the role of Artistic Director in 2023 after serving as the Alliance’s BOLD Associate Artistic Director. She is a 2019 Princess Grace Award Winner for Directing, and Map Fund Award recipient to develop her devised new work All Smiles centering the experience of children on the autism spectrum. Most recently, she directed the World Premiere of The Many Wondrous Realities of Jasmine Starr-Kidd. Select directing productions include Toni Stone (co-production Milwaukee Repertory Theater and the Alliance Theatre), School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play (Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre), Ghost (Alliance Theatre), Native Gardens (Virginia Stage Company), Pipeline (Horizon Theater), Nick’s Flamingo Grill (World Premiere at the Alliance Theatre), Eclipsed (Synchronicity Theatre, Best Director Suzi Bass Award). As a director and actor, she has worked on and off Broadway, including The Imperial Theatre, Primary Stages, 59E59 Theatre, Classical Theatre of Harlem; and regionally at Yale Rep, Woolly Mammoth Theater Co., Cincinnati Playhouse, The Geva Theatre, CTG’s Kirk Douglas Theatre, among others, as well as recurring roles on TV/Film (Strays, Suicide Squad 2, Marvel’s Hawkeye, CW’s Valor, Dynasty, HBO’s Henrietta Lacks, Ava Duverney’s Cherish the Day, among others.) She proudly serves on the ArtsATL Artist Advisory Council. “My mission is the pursuit of what connects our different communities and how we create art that serves that.”

Christopher Moses has been working in professional theatre for twenty years and in 2022 was awarded the Governor’s Award for Arts in Humanities for his body of work. In January of 2011, Chris took on the position of Director of Education at the Alliance Theatre, overseeing the Alliance Theatre Institute (twice recognized as an Arts Model by the Federal Department of Education), Theatre for Youth & Families, and the Acting Program. Since taking over this position, Chris has expanded the reach and impact by making the Alliance Theatre Education department a vital resource for advancing the civic agenda of Atlanta. This work is accomplished through deep and sustained partnerships with social service organizations throughout the city. Under his leadership, the Alliance launched its Kathy & Ken Bernhardt Theatre for the Very Young program, which provides fully interactive professional theater experiences for children of all abilities from ages newborn through five years old; the Alliance Teen Ensemble, which performs world premiere plays commissioned for and about teens; the Palefsky Collision Project, where teens produce a new work after colliding with a classic text; expanded the Alliance’s summer camp program to include over 3,000 children in multiple locations across Atlanta; and Alliance@ work, a professional development program designed for the business sector — the latest offering of which uses theatre practice to create a culture of civility in the workplace. In 2014, Chris added the title Associate Artistic Director, and has continued to expand the Alliance’s education offerings. During his tenure in this position, the Alliance has produced over a dozen world premiere plays for young audiences, including Pancakes, Pancakes by Ken Lin, The Dancing Granny by Jireh Breon Holder, Max Makes a Million by Liz Diamond, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Madhuri Shekar. The Alliance serves over 100,000 students pre-k through 12th grade each season, as well as over 4,000 adults through its extensive education offerings. In 2023, he was named Artistic Director of the Alliance Theatre. | 33



Rolando Salazar


Gabrielle Bennett

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Helen Kim

Acting Concertmaster

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Acting Principal Second

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† Non-Core Musician

Musicians employed in this production are represented by the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. | @theatlantaopera 34
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Glynn Studio Artists

Joining The Atlanta Opera are singers Aubrey Odle, Amanda Sheriff, and Jason Zacher Kameron Lopreore was selected for a second season as a Studio Artist continuing from the 2022-23 season. Joining the vocalists will be stage director Nora Winsler.

Each of the Studio Artists is an early career professional with significant training and stage experience, some with lead performances and major concert appearances on their resumé. The program builds on The Atlanta Opera’s commitment to provide opportunities for performers at all stages in their careers. Throughout the season, these artists will have the opportunity to work with established performers and coaches

to improve their skills in all aspects of their field. Master Vocal Teacher Laura Brooks Rice has been part of the Studio Artist program since 2021 and is an acclaimed performer and voice teacher and acting coach.

An experienced group of coaches and clinicians are engaged in the training and support of the Glynn Studio Artists.

The Atlanta Opera is grateful for the support of the young artist program from Beth and Gary Glynn. Significant support is also provided by the Donald and Marilyn Keough Foundation, John and YeeWan Stevens, and Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg.

AUBREY ODLE mezzo-soprano KAMERON LOPREORE tenor AMANDA SHERIFF soprano NORA WINSLER stage director
glynnstudioartists |
JASON ZACHER bass-baritone


Board Chair

Mr. Rhys T. Wilson


Mr. John L. Hammaker

Nominating & Board Engagement Chair

Mrs. Talia Murphy


Mr. John Haupert

Treasurer | Finance Chair

Ms. Bunny Winter

Audit Chair

Mr. Bryan H. Barnes

Community Engagement Chair

Mr. Alex Simmons, Jr.

Development Chair

Mr. Howard Palefsky


Mrs. Cathy Callway Adams

Mrs. Elizabeth Adler

Ms. Susan M. Anderson

Mr. Bryan H. Barnes

Mr. Dante Bellizzi

Mr. Montague L. Boyd, IV

Dr. Harold J. Brody

Mrs. Rosemary Kopel Brown

Mr. Frank H. Butterfield

Mr. Mario Concha

Dr. Frank A. Critz

Mr. Robert Dean

Dr. Carlos del Rio

Dr. Todd Ellis

Mr. Dieter Elsner

Dr. Donald J. Filip

Mr. Kevin Greiner

Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Mrs. Stephanie Morela

Investment Co-Chairs

Mr. Frank Butterfield

Mrs. Sandra S. Morelli

Strategic Planning Chair

Mrs. Christine St.Clare

Immediate Past Chair

Mrs. Cathy Callaway Adams

At-Large Members

Mr. Howard W. Hunter

Carl W. Knobloch, Jr.

General & Artistic Director, ex-officio member

Mr. Tomer Zvulun

Mr. Jamael Hester

Mr. Howard W. Hunter

Mr. Andrew R. Long

Mr. Alfredo Martin

Mr. James B. Miller, Jr.

Mrs. Stephanie Morela

Mrs. Sandra S. Morelli

Mrs. Talia Murphy

Mr. Howard Palefsky

Mr. Michael E. Paulhus

Mr. Herbert J. Rosenberg

Mr. Thomas Saylor

Mr. Alex Simmons, Jr.

Mrs. Christine St.Clare

Mr. William E. Tucker

Mr. Tomer Zvulun, ex-officio


Mr. Andrew J.M. Binns

Mr. Kenny L. Blank

Mrs. Inge Bledel

Ms. Mary Calhoun

Ms. Sally Bland Fielding

Mr. Lance Fortnow

Mrs. Beth W. Glynn

Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr.


Mr. Ronald Antinori

The Very Reverend

Samuel G. Candler

Mr. Robert G. Edge

Mr. Carl I. Gable, Jr.

Mrs. Nancy Hall Green

Mr. Gregory F. Johnson

Mr. Carter Joseph

Mr. Alfred Kennedy, Jr.

Mr. Michael Keough

Mrs. Emily C. Knobloch

Mr. George Levert

Mr. J. Barry Schrenk

Mr. Timothy E. Sheehan

Mr. G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr.

Mr. Mark K. Taylor

Mr. Thomas R. Williams

Mr. Robert G. Woodward

Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr.

Mr. Douglas Hooker

Mrs. Erin Quinn Martin

Mr. Paul Snyder | @theatlantaopera 36 | theatlantaoperaleadership

We are grateful for the following donors’ generous support. This list reflects gifts and annual pledges to unrestricted operating expenses, special projects, and/or endowment made between Mar 1, 2022 and Mar 17, 2023.



Harold Brody & Donald Smith†

John & Rosemary Brown†

Dr. Frank A. Critz & Dr. Ann Critz†

*Martha Thompson Dinos

Beth & Gary Glynn

Mr. Howard W. Hunter

- Gramma Fisher Foundation†

*Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr.†

Jerry & Dulcy Rosenberg†

*Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgall


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blackney†

Patron’s Circle


John & Wendy Anzalone†

Julia & *Jim Balloun†

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Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keough

Larry & Beverly Willson†

Gold $10,000+

Elizabeth & Jeremy Adler†

Mrs. *Phillip E. Alvelda†

Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson


Bryan & Johanna Barnes†

Dr. & Mrs. Asad Bashey

Mr. & Mrs. C. Duncan Beard

Mr. & Mrs. Dante Bellizzi

Mr. Frank H. Butterfield†

Mr. Richard H. Delay & Dr. Francine D. Dykes†

Mr. Tomer Zvulun & Mrs. Susanna Eiland

Dieter Elsner

Ms. Louise S. Gunn

Deborah & Paul Harkins

The Hilbert Law Firm

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*Mary & Wayne James

Dr. & Mrs. David Kavtaradze

Slumgullion Charitable Fund†

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Mary Ruth McDonald

Mr. William F. Snyder†

Eda L. Hochgelerent, M.D. & Bruce A. Cassidy, M.D.†

John W. Cooledge†

Mr. & Mrs. Ron L. Cundy

Dr. Jeannette Guarner & Dr. Carlos del Rio

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge

Mr. & Mrs. Reade Fahs

Sally & Hank Fielding†

Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer & Mr. Jon Buttrey†

Mr. Ethan Garonzik

Kevin Greiner & Robyn Roberts

Judge Adele P. Grubbs

Gena & Joey Gyengo

Dr. Thomas High

Mr. L. D. Holland†

Mr. Billy Huger

Gail G. Johnson

Ms. Anne Morgan & Mr. James Kelley

Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy & Dr. Bill Kenny

Elizabeth Klump

Mrs. Dale Levert & Mr. George W. Levert

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Long

Dan D. Maslia & Mimi Shetzen Maslia

Belinda & Gino Massafra

Robert & Creel McCormack

Erica McVicker

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Nicholas III†

Clara M. & John S. O’Shea

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Paro

Mr. & Mrs. Neal J. Quirk

Mr. James L. Rhoden

Morton & Angela Sherzer

Baker & Debby Smith†

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sproul

Lynne & Steven Steindel

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Tucker

Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Valerio III†

Benny & Roxanne Varzi

Thurman Williams

Bob & Cappa Woodward

Charitable Fund

Bronze $2,500+

Mr. James L. Anderson

Ms. Casey Armanino

Catherine A. Binns

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Blair

Ms. Donna Burchfield

Ms. Mary Calhoun

Ms. Bunny Winter & Mr. Michael Doyle†


Cathy & Mark Adams†

Mr. Robert P. Dean & Mr. Robert Epstein†

Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Gross†

Mr. John Haupert & Mr. Bryan Brooks†

Talia & John Murphy†

Victoria & Howard Palefsky†

Ms. Janine Brown & Mr. Alex J. Simmons, Jr.

Judith & Mark Taylor

Carol B. & Ramon Tomé†

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cohn

T. Dennis Connally

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Cook

Jean & Jerry Cooper

Danica & Milton Dilligard

Mr. Mark du Mas

Drs. Morgan & Susan Horton Eiland

Dr. & Mrs. Todd D. Ellis

Mr. Thomas Emch

Mark and Mary Eppert

Mr. & Mrs. Lance Fortnow

Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr.

Mr. Brian Henry

Donna & *Richard Hiller

Douglas Hooker & Patrise Perkins Hooker

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Hoopes

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Huffman

Stuart Jackson & Robyn Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Gert Kampfer

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kurlander

Ms. Brenda O. Lambert

Ms. Constance B. Lewis

Linda L. Lively & James E. Hugh III

Samantha & William Markle

*Peggy Weber McDowell & *Jack McDowell

Philip & Caroline Moïse

John & Agnes Nelson

Lucy S. Perry

Mrs. Betsy Pittman

Margaret & Bob Reiser

Mr. & Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk

Beverly & Milton Shlapak

Mr. & Mrs. E. Kendrick Smith

Dr. Jane T. St. Clair & Mr. James E. Sustman

Mr. Tarek Takieddini

Mr. Johnny Thigpen & Mr. James Martin

True Colors Theatre Company

Cynthia Widner Wall

Thomas R. Williams Family

Jonathan E. Blalock

Investor $1,000+

Ms. Hope M. Barrett

Christine M. Beard

Carter Bland

Jane & Greg Blount

Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Blumenthal

Raphael Bostic

Mr. Sean Bowen

37 theatlantaoperaannualfund |

Ms. Martha S. Brewer

Mrs. Carol J. Clark

Mr. N. Jerold Cohen & Ms. Andrea Strickland

Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Ms Lillianette Cook & Ms. Carol Uhl

John & Linda Cooke

Jeremy & Audrey Critz

John & Melissa Critz

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Croft III

Dr. & Mrs. F. Thomas Daly Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Daniel Jr.

Mr. James M. Datka & Ms. Nora P. DePalma

Jim & Carol Dew

Mr. Trey Duskin & Ms. Noelle Albano

Micah Fortson & Georgia Jarman

Mr. Michael D. Golden & Dr. Juliet R. Asher

Dr. Richard Goodjoin

James C. Goodwyne & Christopher S. Connelly

Helen C. Griffith

Atlanta Neurology

Mr. Robert & Dr. Ada Habl

Felicia and Isaiah Hale

George L. Hickman III

Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Howard

Richard & Linda Hubert

Cliff Jolliff & Elaine Gerke

Mrs. Cecile M. Jones

Mrs. Peter G. Kessenich

Wadih & Ali Khayat

Ms. Carla Knobloch

Chris & Jill Le

Tim & Angela Leveridge

Dr. & Mrs. Ellis L. Malone

Jennifer and Chad Mann

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Marlowe

Mrs. Erin Martin

Mr. Stedman C. Mays, Jr. & Mr. Charles Bjorklund

John S. Metz

Terri & Stephen Nagler

Denis Ng & Mary Jane Panzeri

Carol S. Niemi

The Honorable & Mrs. George A. Novak

Kathie & Charles Palmer

George Paulik

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Reitzes

Ms. Hazel Sanger

Dr. & Mrs. William M. Scaljon

Adhishesh Sood

Gail & Barry Spurlock

Mr. N. Jerold Cohen & Ms. Andrea Strickland

Mrs. Hugh Tarbutton

Ms. Virginia S. Taylor

Mr. Stephen H. Thompson & Mr. Drew Mote

Mr. Michael Tushman & Mrs. Marjorie Williams

Eldred Veira

Ms. Betsy K. Wash

Alan & Marcia Watt

Rae & George Weimer

Dr. & Mrs. James O. Wells, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Westfall

Ms. Kathy J. White

Adair & Dick White

*Dr. & Mrs. R. Craig Woodward


Scott & Betsy Akers

Dr. Catherine Allard

Martha Allday

Dr. Raymond Allen

Paula Stephan Amis

Mr. John Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Banker

Colonel & Mrs. John V. Barson

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Benator

Mrs. Marilee F. Betor

Mr. Matt Blackburn

Craig & Brenda Caldwell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Church

Mr. Pete Ciaschini

Mrs. Jan W. Collins

Julianna M. Critz

Ann & Jim Curry

Maureen & Michael Dailey

Mr. Joseph V. Dawsey & Mr. Frank D. Kubanek

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Eckardt

Mrs. Anne J. Ederington

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Engeman Sr.

Ms. Ellen J. Evans

Mr. Richard D. Franco

Dr. & Mrs. David J. Frolich

Colonel Donald Gilner

John Greer

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Grodzicki

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hagan

Jim & Virginia Hale

Mr. Ronald L. Harris & Mrs. Jacqueline Pownall

Terry Hong

Ms. Jan W. Hughen

Mr. Rolf Ingenleuf

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Johnston

Ms. Lynne Elliott Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Katze

John & JoAnn Keller

Joan & Arnold Kurth

Judy & Scott Lampert

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Lane

Livvy Kazer Lipson

Allan & Vaneesa Little

Dr. Jo Marie Lyons

Jeanie & Albert Marx

Mr. Michael Mayes

Mr. M. Reynolds McClatchey Jr.

Una & Bernard McGuinness

Mr. Simon Miller

Mr. & Mrs. M. Sean Molley

Ciaran & Melanie Morris

Mr. Marvin Moss

Barbara & Mark Murovitz

Mr. & Mrs. Duane T. Nakahata

Mrs. Twinkle Nelson

Mr. Darryl-Christopher Payne†

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Phillips

Kama & Joe Pierce

Mr. Lawrence F. Pinson

Mr. Stephen L. Rann & Ms. Dytre Fentress

Dr. & Mrs. Colin Richman

R.J. & D.G. Riffey, Jr.

Blair Robbins

Sidney & Phyllis Rodbell

Sandra & Ronald Rousseau

Mrs. Arshia Sabet-Payman

Ms. Regina Schuber

Mr. Fred B. Smith

Mr. Paul Snyder

Judge Mike & Mrs. Jane Stoddard

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Stratton

Steve & Christine Strong

Dr. & Mrs. William H. Stuart

Sharon Daniels Sullivan

Kay Summers

Carolyn & Robert Swain

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Szikman

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Taylor

Ms. Juliana T. Vincenzino

Ms. Brenda D. Jennings

Kelly Weekes

Ed Willard & J. R. Attaway

Kiki Wilson

Barbara Zellner

Contributor $250+

Judith M. Alembik

Christine Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar Andersen

Mr. Paul Anderson, Jr.

Stephan & Laura Anderson

Ms. Victoria Anderson

Atlanta Opera Orchestra Players Association

Chris Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Baker

Elena Belykh

Claire & Bryan Benedict

Daniel & Bethann Berger

Mr. Edward S. Berkoff

Mr. & Mrs. Sid Besmertnik

Mr. & Mrs. George Beylouny

Ms. Martha Bobo

Mrs. Karen Bradford

Dr. Stephen R. Brandt

Ms. Louise Bray

James & Nancy Bross

Lou & Tom Jewell

Beau F. Brummett

Mr. Thomas Budlong

Mark & Peg Bumgardner

*Michael J. & Debra M. Caldwell

Mrs. Faye Carles

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Carlin

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Carlson

Chris Casey & Douglas Weiss

Dr. & Mrs. Harold L. Chapman, Jr.

Edward Chung

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Clineburg, Jr.

Sheela Collins

Mellisa A. Cotton

Ms. Marcia Cupery

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Curry

Mr. David D’Ambrosio

Carol Comstock & Jim Davis

Ms. Elizabeth A. DeAngelo

Matthew Denton

Mr. & Mrs. John Drucker

Teresa Duncan Eibel

John C. Durham

*Col. & Mrs. Edgar W. Duskin

Mr. & Mrs. David R. Dye

Eric Dykes

Allison Fichter & Phillip O’Brien

Judy & Stan Fineman

Mr. James W. Floyd

Mr. Robert J. Fornal & Mr. John A. Watson

Mr. John Frontera

Mr. Glen Galbaugh

Mr. Kevin Gallagher

Olga Gazman

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Giovinco

Ms. Diana Glad

Ms. Pat Godbe

Drs. Nancy & Robert Griner

Ms. Sharon E. Hill

Mr. William Holland

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Holly, Jr.

Ms. Betsy Horton | @theatlantaopera 38

Dr. Dorothy M. Huenecke

Jason Ingraham

Ms. Dianne Inniss

Ms. Charlene Johnson

Mr. J. Carter Joseph

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

Seth Kirschenbaum

Dian D. Knight

Elena Kochutin

Mr. Melvin Konner

Mr. & Mrs. Gedas Kutka

Jena C. Lanham

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Larson

Melanie D. Lighthall

Mr. Scott Liniado

Mr. Roy Locklear III

Mr. & Ms. Michael W. Luz

Dr. Joe Massey

Warren Matthews

Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Mazzocchi

Jessica Mincey

Mr. & Mrs. David N. Minkin

Mrs. George E. Missbach Jr.

Berthe & Shapour Mobasser

Dr. & Mrs. T. A. Moore

theatlantaoperagiving&support |

Ms. Priscilla M. Moran

Mr. Albert B. Moravitz

Rita Omark

Daniel Orlich

Zuzana Osburn

Mr. John Owens

Paul Parisi

Mr. John Patchoski, Jr.

Mrs. Polly N. Pater

Mr. & Mrs. John Payan

Horatiu V. Penescu

Victoria Peterson

Frank Pinkerton

Daniel Pittaluga

Mary & Rex Pless

The Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr.

Mr. Mitesh A. Prema & Ms.Kristina Prema

*Sharon & Jim Radford

Megan Retter

Virginia Rolfes

Crista & Glenn D. Schaab

Shannon Scott


Carrie L. Shaeffer

Rob Shaw

Ms. Laurie Shock

Andrew J. Singletary, Jr.

Mary S. Slider

Jeff Smathers

Cathleen Smith

April Sneed

Paul Song

Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel

Dr. Susan Y. Stevens

Mr. Thomas Striedinger

Mr. Gary Stuart

Sarah & David Sutherland

Pierre Tarantelli

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Taylor

Lazaro Tenreiro

Ms. Nancy A. Thomas

Ms. Mary Thorpe-Mease

Mr. & Ms. Wolfgang Tiedtke

Ms. Ellen H. Ulken & Mr. Jerald L. Watts

Ms. Parsla A. Welch

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. White

Ms. Jone Williams & Ms. Barbara Robb

†extraordinary donors who have committed to continue their annual giving for three years or more *deceased



The Coca-Cola Company

The Home Depot Foundation


Gas South



Accenture LLP

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

Hilbert Law Firm, LLC

Homrich-Berg, Inc. - Buckhead


National Distributing Co., Inc.

Nordson Corporation Foundation

Price Waterhouse Coopers

The Capital Group Companies Troutman Pepper Truist

Warner Bros. Discovery WestRock Company


ANONYMOUS Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

BNY Mellon Wealth Management


KaneTreadwell Law LLC

Wallace Graphics




Donald & Marilyn Keough Foundation

Gramma Fisher Foundation

The Molly Blank Fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation



Atlanta Music Festival Fund of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Knobloch Family Foundation

Livingston Foundation, Inc.

Mary & EP Rogers Foundation, Inc.

Rich Foundation, Inc.

The Gable Foundation

The Halle Foundation

The Sara Giles Moore Foundation

The Zeist Foundation, Inc.

Truist Trusteed Foundation


Connolly Family Foundation

J. Marshall & Lucile G. Powell Charitable Trust

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Jim Cox, Jr. Foundation

The Ray M. & Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation, Inc.

The Roy & Janet Dorsey Foundation


David, Helen, & Marian Woodward Fund

JBS Foundation

The Hertz Family Foundation, Inc.

The John & Rosemary Brown Family Fdn


Camp-Younts Foundation

George M. Brown Trust Fund

Nordson Corporation Foundation


Atlanta Woman’s Club

Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.

Kiwanis Foundation of Atlanta

Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta, Georgia

The Hills Family Foundation, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Hills, Trustees

The Opera Guild for Atlanta


City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

Fulton County Arts & Culture

Georgia Council for the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts



The Atlanta Opera established the Barbara D. Stewart Legacy Society to recognize donors who have designated The Opera as a beneficiary in their estate plan. In honor of Barbara D. Stewart’s many contributions to The Atlanta Opera, our planned giving division, the Encore Society, has been renamed the Barbara D. Stewart Legacy Society.

Cathy Callaway Adams & Mark Adams

Anonymous (5)

Mr. & *Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley

Mrs. Wallace F. Beard

The Bickers Charitable Trust

Mr. Jonathan Blalock

*Jim & *Nancy Bland

Mr. Montague L. Boyd, IV

Mr. Robert Colgin

*Martha Thompson Dinos

The Roy & Janet Dorsey Foundation

Arnold & Sylvia Eaves

*Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards

*Heike & Dieter Elsner

Ms. Melodi Ford

Carl & Sally Gable

Ms. Anne Marie Gary

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney W. Guberman

Ms. Judy Hanenkrat

Richard & Fern Hartnig

The Hilbert Family Trust

Eda L. Hochgelerent M.D. & Bruce A. Cassidy M.D.

Mr. L. Don Holland

Mr. Hilson Hudson

*Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison

Gail Johnson

Mr. J. Carter Joseph

*Mrs. Alfred D. Kennedy, Sr

*Mrs. Isabelle W. Kennedy

*Donald & *Marilyn Keough

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keough

Ms. Corina M. LaFrossia

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Malcolm

Mr. Robert L. Mays

Mr. & Mrs. Allen P. McDaniel

*Peggy Weber McDowell & *Jack McDowell

Mr. & Mrs. Craig N. Miller

*Miss Helen D. Moffitt

Mr. J. Robert Morring

Clara M. & John S. O’Shea

Mrs. Polly N. Pater

Mr. James Paulk

*Mr. William E. Pennington

*Mr. Bruce Roth

Ms. Hazel Sanger


In Honor of Mr. Jonathan Blalock

Mr. John Thompson, II

Mr. William F. Snyder

Connor Howard

In Honor of Dr. Hal Brody & Mr. Don Smith

Jonathan Blalock

In Memory of Maria Callas

Jesus Olivas Sierra

In Honor of Brother George Councill

Barbara Bonner

In Honor of Ann & Frank Critz

George & Rae Weimer

Brenda O’Neal Lambert

In Memory of Anne Chamlee Payne

Darryl-Christopher Payne

In Honor of Robert Dean & Robert Epstein

Jonathan Blalock

In Memory of Col. & Mrs. Edgar W. Duskin

Noelle Albano & Trey Duskin

In Honor of Mr. Robert G. Edge

Mrs. Eleanor Crosby

In Memory of Harriet Harris

Carlquist Harris

Freya Harris

Karen Rajczi

In Memory of Dr. James T. Lowman

The Family of Frank A. Thorpe

Mary Thorpe Mease

Stephen Koger

John & Yee -Wan Stevens

In Honor of Mary Ruth McDonald

Jonathan Blalock

George & Rae Weimer

In Memory of Peggy McDowell

Mr. J. Carter Joseph

In Memory of Mr. Chip Johnston & Mr. Frank Monger

Mr. Johnny Thigpen & Mr. James Martin

In Honor of John & Talia Murphy

Neal Quirk

In Memory of The Honorable George A. Novak

Jana M. Novak

In Honor of Howard & Victoria Palefsky

Matt Kate Cook

Donna Burchfield & Penn Nicholson

In honor of Marietta Pompilio

Dan Pompilio & Lark Ingram

In Honor of William F. Snyder

Jonathan Blalock

Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr.

Anita & J. Barry Schrenk

Katherine Scott

Elizabeth N. Shapiro

*Mrs. Lessie B. Smithgall

Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel

Christine & Mark St.Clare

*Ms. Barbara D. Stewart

*Mrs. Eleanor H. Strain

Mr. Tarek Takieddini

Sandra & *Tom Teepen

Dr. & Mrs. Harold Whitney

*Mrs. Jane S. Willson

Rhys T. Wilson

Ms. Bunny Winter & Mr. Michael Doyle

Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr. & Mrs. Mary Mitchell Yates

*Mr. & *Mrs. Charles R. Yates, Sr.

Mr. Tomer Zvulun & Mrs. Susanna Eiland

In Memory of Margaret Williams

Thurman Williams

In Memory of Marya Gabrielle Williams

Jone Williams & Barbara Robb

In Honor of Charlie & Mary Yates

Sarah & David Sutherland

Dorothy Yates Kirkley

In Memory of Jay Zellner

Mrs. Barbara Zellner

In Honor of Mr. Tomer Zvulun & Ms. Susanna Eiland

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kurlander

George & Rae Weimer

Michael Golden & Juliet Asher

Emily Knobloch

Connor Howard

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Tucker

John & Yee -Wan Stevens

Mary Ruth McDonald

In Memory of Henry Zvulun

Swint & Mary Jane Burkhalter

Michael Golden & Juliet Asher

In Memory of Bill Pennington

Jonathan Blalock

In honor of

Jerome & Dulcy Rosenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Jay M. Davis

*deceased | @theatlantaopera 40 | theatlantaoperagiving&support


Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. General & Artistic Director

Managing Director

Executive Assistant & Board Liason


Carl & Sally Gable Music Director

Director of Artistic Administration

Artistic Associate

Chorus & Orchestra Manager

Orchestra Librarian


Director of Production

Associate Director of Production

Technical Director

Assistant Technical Director

Production Coordinator

Calling Stage Manager

Production Finance Coordinator

Assistant Stage Managers

Props Supervisor & Artisan


Costume Director

Shop Administrator

Show Coordinator

Master Draper / Tailor

First Hand

Lead Stitcher


Wardrobe Supervisor

Costume Storage Move Coordinator

Hair & Makeup Assistant

Tomer Zvulun

Micah Fortson

Misty Reid

Arthur Fagen

Meredith Wallace

Annie Penner Gilstrap

Chris Bragg

Phil Parsons


Development Managing Director

Director of Development—Individual Giving

Associate Director of Development Operations

Development Coordinator

Database Manager/Analyst

Development Operations Coordinator

Annual Giving & Events Coordinator


Chief Financial Officer


Staff Accountant


Robert Reynolds

Meggie Roseborough

Joshua Jansen

Ben Cole

Megan Bennett

Liz Campbell

Robbin Anderson

Caitlin Denney-Turner, Zane Alcorn, Aletha Saunders

Paige Steffens

Sarah Burch Gordon

Cristine Reynolds

Paula Peasley-Ninestein

Mary Cruz Torres

Gibron Shepperd

Fiona Leonard

Allison Hines

Kelly Chipman

Jenn Rogers

Wendy Sanders


Director of Community Engagement & Education

Education Manager

Community Engagement & Education Coordinator

New Works Administrator

Jessica Kiger

Kendall Roney

Jonesia Williams

Cara Consilvio

Jessica Langlois

Jonathan Blalock

Katy Gardner

Aaron Walker

Gokul Parasuram

Diana Burns

Gloria Lin

Toula Argentis

Inga V. Murro

Camelia Johnson

Ruth Strickland

Accountant Ben Imbert


Chief Administrative Officer

Director of Human Resources & Facilities


Director of Sales & Marketing

Creative Services Manager

Marketing Project Manager

Sales & Marketing Manager

Senior Manager, Ticketing Services

Ticketing Services Coordinator


Director of Communications & Public Relations


Director of The Atlanta Opera Film Studio

The Atlanta Opera Film Associate


Master Teacher

Glynn Studio Artists

Kathy White

Kenneth R. Timmons

Rebecca Brown

Matt Burkhalter

Emily Crisp

Ashley May King

Renee Smiley

Chauncey Sims

Michelle Winters

Felipe Barral

Amanda Sachtleben

Laura Brooks Rice

Kameron Lopreore, Aubrey Odle, Amanda Sheriff, Nora Winsler, Jason Zacher

*denotes members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage EmployeesLocal 927

†denotes members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage EmployeesLocal 859

41 theatlantaoperastaff |




Jocelyn J. Hunter

Immediate Past Chair

Lila Hertz


E. Kendrick Smith


Glenn Weiss


Hala Moddelmog


Rita Anderson

Ken Bernhardt

Frank Chew

Ann Cramer

Linda Davidson

Laura Hardman

Hays Mershon

Richard S. Myrick

Helen Smith Price

Helen Regenstein

Bob Reiser

Jane Shivers

Ben White


Kristin Adams

Kimberly Ajy

James Anderson

Farideh Azadi

Marc Balizer

Deisha Barnett

Alba Baylin

Maggie Blake Bailey

Kenny Blank

Terri Bonoff

Jennifer Boutte

Jeff Cashdan

Steve Chaddick

Madeline Chadwick

Miles Cook

LeighAnn Costley

Joe Crowley

Reade Fahs

Howard Feinsand

Richard Goerss

Claire Gotham

Lila Hertz

Jocelyn Hunter

Malvika Jhangiani

Alexander Johnson

Jane Jordan Casavant

Anne Kaiser John Keller

Matthew Kent

Andjela Kessler

Jim Kilberg

Jesse Killings

Carrie Kurlander

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy

Robert Masucci

Jean Ann McCarthy

Alan McKeon

Dori Miller

Hala Moddelmog

Phil Moïse

Allison O’Kelly

Victoria Palefsky

Paul Pendergrass

Jamal Powell

Ali Rahimi

Stephanie Ray

Patty Reid

Margaret Reiser

Matthew Richburg

Robyn Roberts

Maurice Rosenbaum

Kerri Sauer

Steve Selig

Kim Sewell

Mital Shah

Bill Sleeper

H. Bronson Smith

E. Kendrick Smith

Chandra Stephens-Albright

Charlita Stephens

Mark Swinton

Julie Teer

Benny Varzi

Roxanne Varzi

Rebekah Wasserman

Dana Weeks Ugwonali

Glenn Weiss

Todd Zeldin


Advisory Board Co-Chair

Laura Hardman

Advisory Board Co-Chair

Phil H. Moïse

Joe Alterman

Luis Andino

Jonathan Arogeti

Kelli Bennett

Johanna Brookner

Merry Hunter Caudle

Elizabeth Wiggs Cooper

Candice Dixon

Malaika Dowdell

Anjali Enjeti

Everett Flanigan

Mary Beth Flournoy

Les Flynn

Jennifer Foster

Natalia Garzón Martínez

Lula Gilliam

Lydia Glaize

Meghan Gordon

Tevin Goss

Dr. Eve Graves, Ph.D.

Shauna Grovell

Della Guidry

Elizabeth Hollister

Zenith Houston

Mallika Kallingal

Debby Kelly

Joyce Lewis

Indira Londono

Theo Lowe

Carlton Mackey

Nelly Mauta

Monica McLary

Jamie McQuilkin

Nishant Mehta

Juan Meija

Caroline Moore

Laura Murvartian

Victoria Necessary

Zach Nikonovich Kahn

Amy Norton King

Kathy Palumbo

Aixa Pascual

Kisan Patel

Marion Phillips

Shirley Powell

Nancy Prager

Alexis Rainey

Kristin Ray

Daniel Regenstein

Kirk Rich

Ryan Roemerman

Fred Roselli

Wendy Schmitt

Dr. Shenara Sexton

Beverly Brown Shaw

Dan Silverboard

Brian Stoltz

Maria Storts

Ronald Tomajko

Kathy Tomajko

Robin Triplett

Emily Washburn

Angie Weiss

Stuart Wilkinson


President, STARS

Andjela Kessler

Chairman, Theater Advocates

Patricia Walsh

Chairman, Theater Ushers

Edwina Sellan

Chairman, Hospitality

Susan Stiefel | @theatlantaopera 42 | alliancetheatreboardofdirectors



IMAGINE a state-of-the-art performance space built specifically to deliver the best professional theatre for young audiences this country has to offer.

IMAGINE year-round access to transformative arts experiences empirically proven to improve mental health, literacy, and hope for their own future.

IMAGINE theatre as a birthright for children of all ages and economic backgrounds in our city, across the state, and around the world.

AND JOIN US IN MAKING IT A REALITY. Over the next two years, the Woodruff Arts Center will transform the existing Rich Theatre into Atlanta’s year-round venue for youth and family programming. As a crucial component of this project, the Alliance Theatre is proud to launch The Imagine Endowment, a special $10 million fund providing access subsidies for audiences of all backgrounds and vital resources to equip and maintain Atlanta’s new home for youth, educators, and caregivers in perpetuity. With your help, geography and ticket prices will never be attendance barriers for the bright, empathetic, and creative audiences of tomorrow. Together, we can accomplish this joyful mission.


Special thanks to our early champions of the Imagine Campaign for their vision and generosity. Kenny Blank // Campaign Chair


Kristin Adams

James Anderson

Elizabeth Armstrong

Ken Bernhardt

Around the Table Foundation

Terri Bonoff and Matthew Knopf

Jennifer and Brian Boutte

Ann and Jeff Cramer

Jeffrey and Roxanne


Joe Crowley and Phil Mack

Linda and Eugene Davidson

Reade and Katie Fahs

Howard and Ellen Feinsand

Richard and Marsha Goerss

John and Laura Hardman

Jocelyn J. Hunter

John Keller

James and Lori Kilberg

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy

Alan McKeon and Evelyn


Hays and Anna Mershon

Phil and Caroline Moise

Starr Moore & the James Starr Moore Memorial Foundation

Jamal and Tiffany Powell

Patty and Doug Reid

Robert and Margaret Reiser

Maurice and Tricia Rosenbaum

For more information about Alliance Theatre’s Imagine Campaign or to make an endowment contribution, please contact Trent Anderson, Director of Development, at or (404) 733-4710.

For information about the capital renovation and the Woodruff Arts Center’s Experience Atlanta, Experience Woodruff Campaign, please contact Kristin Hathaway-Hansen at or (404) 733-4115.


Foundation // Linda & Steve Selig, Cathy & Steve Kuranoff

William and Margie Sleeper

E. Kendrick and Caryl Smith

Benny and Roxanne Varzi

Rebekah and Mark Wasserman

Ben and Ramona White

Todd and Amy Zeldin

Donor listings are current as of August 1, 2023, and every effort is made to ensure accuracy. Please contact us to request a correction.


Alliance Sponsors are businesses, corporations, and institutions that have supported the work of the Alliance Theatre. We thank them for their generosity and support.


Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Lettie Pate Evans Foundation

Robert W. Woodruff Foundation



AT&T Foundation

Chick-fil-A Foundation | Rhonda & Dan Cathy

The Coca-Cola Company

Georgia Power

Helen Gurley Brown Foundation




The Home Depot Foundation

Invesco QQQ

John H. and Wilhelmina D. Harland Charitable Fund

King & Spalding

Norfolk Southern


Bank of America ACTivate Awards

City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

Georgia Council for the Arts


Kaiser Permanente

Kendeda Fund

Liz Blake Giving Fund

Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

National Vision Theatre Forward

Wellstar Foundation


Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition, powered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Graphic Packaging

The Imlay Foundation, Inc.

Johnny Mercer Foundation

Newell Brands

Peach State Health Plan



AEC Trust

Alexander Babbage

Alston & Bird

Do a Good Day Foundation

George M. Brown Trust of Atlanta


John & Mary Franklin Foundation

Northern Trust

SCANA Energy

South Arts


Anonymous Camp Younts Foundation

Publix Super Market

Become an Alliance donor today and step into the spotlight! It’s easy to scan & give! It’s easy to scan and give! |

OCT 14–DEC 23 2023

World Premiere, Musical Journey down the rabbit hole for a delightful musical adventure inspired by the classic Beatrix Potter tales.

Inspired by the stories of BEATRIX POTTER

Presented by special arrangement with PENGUIN VENTURES and officially licensed on behalf of brand owner FREDERICK WARNE & CO. LTD.

NOV 11–DEC 24 2023

The holiday classic, told with beautiful live music in an elaborate new staging.

Adapted by DAVID H. BELL


Based on the Original Direction by LEORA MORRIS

Plus many more!

Tickets and memberships available at


The posting of photos taken before the show, during intermission, or in our lobbies is not only allowed but strongly encouraged! We do kindly ask that you refrain from taking pictures, recording audio, or capturing video during the performance to allow our audiences and performers to stay connected with each other during our brief time together.

Our stories are not simply told for you, but with you.

Coming Soon in the 2023/24 SEASON


Individual, foundation, and corporate donors contribute more than $10 million to the Alliance Theatre so that we are able to present exceptional theater and educational programming to our community. We are deeply grateful for your support. To find out more about the benefits of giving or to make your gift, visit us at or call 404-733-5157. Listed below are pledges and gifts to the Alliance Theatre Annual Fund from June 1, 2022 - August 2, 2023.


Spotlight $100,000+

The SKK Foundation

Spotlight $50,000+

Ms. Stephanie Blank

Jane Jordan Casavant

Chairman’s Circle


The Antinori Foundation

Around the Table Foundation

Brian & Jennifer Boutté

Ann & Jeff Cramer

Katie & Reade Fahs

David & Carolyn Gould

Jocelyn J. Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Ivester

Jesse Killings

Jane & J. Hicks Lanier

Starr Moore & the James Starr Moore Memorial Foundation

Daniel Marks & Keri Powell

Bob & Margaret Reiser

Tim & Maria Tassopoulos

Rosemarie & David Thurston

Benny & Roxanne Varzi

Amy & Todd Zeldin

Leadership Circle


Ali & Farideh Azadi

Maggie Blake Bailey & Andrew Bailey

Roxanne & Jeffrey Cashdan

Barbara & Steve Chaddick

Ellen & Howard Feinsand

Heidi & David Geller

Doris & Matthew Geller

Marsha & Richard Goerss

Doug & Lila Hertz

Kristie L. Madara

Mr. & Mrs. Barry McCarthy

Phil & Caroline Moïse

Allison & Shane O’Kelly

Victoria & Howard Palefsky

Wade Rakes & Nicholas Miller

Patty & Doug Reid

Linda & Steve Selig

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Sewell

Dean DuBose & Bronson Smith

Mr. & Mrs. E. Kendrick Smith

Mark Swinton

Director’s Circle $10,000+

Ms. Kristin Adams

James Anderson

The Balloun Family

Deborah L. Bannworth & Joy Lynn Fields

Alba C. Baylin

Terri Bonoff & Matthew Knopf

Judge JoAnn Bowens

Martha & Toby Brooks

Madeline Chadwick

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Chubb III

Ezra Cohen Charitable Fund

Miles & Nicole Cook

LeighAnn & Chad Costley

Joe Crowley & Phil Mack

Mr. Fredric M. Ehlers & Mr. David Lile

Mr. Wayne S. Hyatt

Malvika Jhangiani

John C. Keller

Mr. James Kieffer

James & Lori Kilberg

Allegra J. Lawrence-Hardy & Valerie Haughton

Dr. & Mrs. John Lee

Ms. Evelyn Ashley & Mr. Alan B. McKeon

Dori & Jack Miller

Paul Pendergrass & Margaret Baldwin

Jamal & Tiffany Powell

Mr. & Mrs. Asif Ramji

Matt Richburg

Robyn Roberts & Kevin Greiner

Patricia & Maurice Rosenbaum

Ms. Mital Shah

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Lee Spangler

Lynne & Steve Steindel

Carol & Ramon Tomé Family Fund

Dana & Obi Ugwonali

Waffle House

Ms. Kathy Waller & Mr. Kenny Goggins

Mark & Rebekah Wasserman

Suzy Wilner




Liz Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas* J. Asher

Lisa & Joe Bankoff

Mr. & Mrs. Roland L. Bates

Ken Bernhardt & Cynthia Currence

Natalie & Matthew Bernstein

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kent Canipe

Franklin & Dorothy Chandler

Ann & Jim Curry

Linda & Gene Davidson

Diane Durgin

Eve Joy Eckardt

Kathy & Jason Evans

Dr. Cynthia J. Fordyce & Sharon Hulette

Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Goldstein

Tad & Janin Hutcheson

In honor of Carol Jones**

Mr. Charles R. Kowal

Burrelle Meeks

Sam & Barbara Pettway

Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Radow

Ms. Kristin L. Ray

Paula Rosput Reynolds & Stephen Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rosenberg

Mr. George Russell, Jr. & Mrs. Faye Sampson-Russell

Brian Shively & Jim Jinhong

Charlita Stephens & Delores Stephens

Susan & Alan* Stiefel

Maria-Ruth Storts

Chuck Taylor & Lisa Cannon-Taylor

Julie Teer | @alliancetheatre 46 | alliancetheatreannual

Kathy & Ron Tomajko

Marjan & Navid Yavari


Mallie Abdsharafat

Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Allen


Ellen Arnovitz

Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust

Dr. Aubrey Bush & Dr. Carol Bush

Candace Carson

Marcia & John Donnell

Tim & Tina Eyerly

Mrs. Anuja Gagoomal & Dr. John Stites

The Robert S. Elster Foundation

Karen & Andrew Ghertner

Mr. David F. Golden

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Hardman

Ariana L. Hargrave

David Heinsch

Henry & Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Hostinsky

Linda & Richard Hubert

Jason & Laurie Jeffay

Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt T. Johnson

Leonard Lee

Joan Netzel & John Gronwall

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Newberry

John & Helen Parker

Peg Petersen

Don & Rosalinda Ratajczak

Dana Rice

Dr. & Mrs. Fredric Rosenberg

Jane & Rein Saral

Sharon & David Schachter

Alan & Cyndy* Schreihofer

Ms. Donna Schwartz

Sam Schwartz & Lynn Goldowski

Mallie Sharafat

Mr. & Mrs.* Charles B. Shelton III

Mr. & Mrs. S. Albert Sherrod

Henry N. & Margaret P. Staats

Judith & Mark Taylor

Stan & Velma Tilley

Ms. Cathy Weil

William & Nancy Yang

The Zaban Foundation


Trent Anderson & Leandro Zaneti

Melodie H. Clayton

Susan & Ed Croft

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Flexner

Sandeep Goyal & Taylor England

Della & Theo Guidry

Mrs. Elaine L. Hentschel

Ashley & Elton James

Boland & Andrea Lea Jones

Randy & Connie Jones

Mark Keiser

Andjela & Michael Kessler

Greg & Gillian Matteson

Clair & Thomas Muller

Mr. & Mrs. Armond Perkins

Dr. Denise Raynor

Kashi Sehgal

Ms. Amy Speas

Ms. Avril Vignos

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Weiss

Penn & Sally Wells

Kim Boldthen & Carolyn Wheeler



Reza Abree

Dawn & Michael Adamson


Mr. E. Scott Arnold

Mr. George T. Baker

Jay Bernath

Jill Blair & Fay Twersky

Robert Blondeau & Kristen Nantz, in memory of Betty Blondeau Russell

Michelle Burdick

Karen & Harold Carney

David Cofrin & Christine Tryba-Cofrin

Richard & Grecia Cox

Gail Crowder

Celeste Davis-Lane

Dr. Azy Esfandiari, City Springs Dental Studio

Dr. Marla Franks & Rev. Susan Zoller

Richard Goodjoin & Kelvin Davis

Louise S. Gunn

Ms. Jo Ann Hayden-Miller

Drs. Cathie & Hugh Hudson

Veronica Kessenich

Ms. Lauren Linder & Mr. Jonathan Grunberg

Judith Lyon & Ron Bloom

Ms. Jaime McQuilkin

Mr. & Mrs. Asghar Memarzadeh

Anna & Hays Mershon

Stacia Minton

Mr. Kasra Naderi & Mrs. Arezoo Akhavan

Debbie & Lon Neese

Susan C. Puett

Helen M. Regenstein*

Lois & Don Reitzes

Ryan Roemerman

Deborah W. Royer

Ms. Kerri Sauer

Starane Shepherd

Jane E. Shivers

Ann Starr & Kent Nelson

Andrea Strickland & N. Jerold Cohen

Nossi Taheri & Hope Vaziri

Adrienne Whitehead

Lynne Winship


Valerie Adair

Ms. Marjorie H. Anderson & Mr. Richard A. Oliver

Dr. Evelyn R. Babey

Rob & Suzanne Boas

Dr. Deloris Bryant-Booker

Mr. Brandon Bush

Rebecca Carfagna

Dr. & Mrs. S. Wright Caughman

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Cowart

Gray & Marge Crouse

Mr. Derrick Doose

Drs. Bryan & Norma Edwards

Mrs. Eleanor H. Finley

Brenda A. Fleming

Les Flynn

Homer S. French

Christine & Andrew Fry

Shelley & Bruce Gaynes

Dale R.F. Goodman

Katie Goodman

Richard & Debbie Griffiths

Mr. Alan H. Halpern

Dr. & Mrs. David M. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Hodges

Mr. Christopher Jones

Bill & Jennifer Kahnweiler

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kalista

Amy & Jeremy King

Kira Lorsch

Jenny & Kevin Lyman

Susan Martin

Mr. Brett McAdams & Ms. Nikki Phillips

Ms. Theresa McCabe

Raymond & Penelope McPhee

47 alliancetheatreannualsponsors |

Mr. William Morgan

Denis & Leah Ng

Mr. Mark A. Pallansch

Lori & Jonathan Peterson

Marc & Jean Pickard

Mr. & Mrs. James Robson

Barbara Schreiber

Stephen & Eloise Shepherd

Bob & Jeanne Shulman

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Silver

Michelle & Gary Simon

Karen & Alex Stickney

Lisa & David Switzer

Wayne & Lee Vason

Brooke & Winston Weinmann


Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Abes

Alfred G. & Sarah H. Adams


Donald Bailey

Rand Bakes

Brian & Roberta Barber

Nate Bayer

Anna Birtles

Bonny Breuer

Lee Buechele

Kristina Cheng

Marilyn & Robert Cohen

Carol Comstock & Jim Davis

Elizabeth Wiggs Cooper & Larry Cooper

B.J. Erb, M.D. & Bruce I. Crabtree III

Enid & Jerry Draluck

Alexandra & Charlotte Dretler

Mitch & Jane Durham

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ellis

Henry Farmer

Michael & Jody Feldman

Eric & Leah Fisher

Ms. Nathalie Fleury

Louise B. Franklin

Steve & Peggy Freedman

Betty F. Furst

Jill Gapper

Judith & Robert Golomb

Bryant Gresham

Ms. Joy Hambrick

Wynette Hammons

Ronald L. Harris & Jacqueline Pownall

Harris & Sharon Hobby

Rebecca Jarvis

Betty Jeter

Mr. Dean H. Jordan

Elena Kaplan

Ms. Jacquel Kelly

Lucy Kinnaird

Elizabeth Kosbab

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kraft

Dale & Sallie Lawrence

Faith & Howard Levy

Christian & JoJasmin Lopez

Rita & Bill Loventhal

Sarah Macknik

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mahony

Mr. Keene Miller

Gayle & Peyton Morgan

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen I. Oppenheimer

Joan & Neal Patton

Ms. Kendrick Phillips

Anna Pinder

Ginny & Alan Plummer

Ms. Shannon L. Price

Dr. Cecil Reeves & Mr. Alonzo Daniel, Jr.

Daniel Regenstein

Miss Lillie M. Robbins

Gloria J. Rodgers

Suzanne Shull

Mr. Fred B. Smith

Ms. Martha Solano

Mr. Joseph R. Stabile & Mr. Michael W. Dunkelberger

Charles Thompson

Ms. Stephanie Van Parys & Mr. Robert A. Cleveland

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Verren

Simmie Walker

Caitlin Way

Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon A. Williams

Kiki Wilson


We would like to thank our donors who have committed to giving us a recurring monthly donation to the Alliance Theatre Annual Fund. Join today:

Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Abes

Mr. Faraz Ahmed

Mr. E. Scott Arnold

Dr. Evelyn R. Babey

Dr. Deloris Bryant-Booker

Mr. Lee Burson & Mr. Dean Jordan

Mr. Brandon Bush

Karen & Harold Carney

David Cashman

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Cowart

Mr. Christopher Cox

Gray & Marge Crouse

Nash Ditmetaroj

Mr. & Mrs. David Felfoldi

Eric & Leah Fisher

Brenda Fleming

Christine & Andrew Fry

Katie Goodman

Bryant Gresham

Ms. Jo Ann Hayden-Miller & Mr. William Miller

Lindsey E. Hardegree

Ms. Linda L. Hare

Dr. & Mrs. David M. Hill

Becca Hogue

Karen Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kalista

Amy & Jeremy King

Andrea W. Lawrence

Karen Lightfoot

Ms. Lauren Linder & Mr. Jonathan Grunberg

Christian & JoJasmin Lopez

Ms. Alison Main

Ms. Jaime McQuilkin

Heather & Jim Michael

Lori & Jonathan Peterson

Ms. Kendrick Phillips

Marc & Jean Pickard

Dana & Jacqueline Powe

Ms. Shannon L. Price

Barbara Schreiber

Tom Slovak & Jeffery Jones

Charles Thompson

Ms. Stephanie Van Parys & Mr. Robert A. Cleveland

Ben Warshaw

Caitlin Way

David & Amy Whitley

Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon A. Williams | @alliancetheatre 48 | alliancetheatreannualsponsors


Many companies offer a matching gifts program for employees and retirees. You can double, or even triple, your gift at no additional cost to you simply by asking your employer! Think of how much further your donation can go.

We would like to thank the following companies who have matched contributions to the Alliance Theatre Annual Fund. To find out more about matching gifts, contact Emma Seif at

AIG Corporation

American Express

Aon Risk Solutions

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation


Bank of America/Merrill


Bryan Cave-Powell

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Chubb Charitable Foundation

The Coca-Cola Company


Equifax Inc. Foundation

John and Mary Franklin



GE Energy

Georgia Power

Goldman Sachs Matching Gift


Hearst Foundations

Home Depot Foundation

Honda Motor Co.


JPMorgan Chase



Macy’s Foundation

McDonald’s Corporation

McMaster-Carr Supply

Microsoft Corporation

Norfolk Southern Corporation

Prudential Financial

Publix Super Markets, Inc.


SunTrust Foundation

Thrivent Financial for Lutherns

Veritiv Corporation

Verizon Corporation

The Walt Disney Company

Wells Fargo


Celebrating our supporters who have made a legacy gift to the Alliance Theatre. The Legacy Society celebrates individuals who have made a planned gift to the Alliance Theatre. Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for the Alliance Theatre and its mission, while accommodating your financial, estate planning and philanthropic goals. With smart planning, you may increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. Just as important, you will know that you have made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the Alliance Theatre.

To learn more about the Legacy Society, please contact Lindsay Ridgeway-Baierl at


Rita M. Anderson

Roland & Linda Bates

Kathy* & Ken Bernhardt

Anne & Jim Breedlove

Ezra Cohen

Ann & Jeff Cramer

Susan & Edward Croft

Sallie Adams Daniel

Linda & Gene Davidson

Terry & Stacy Dietzler

Diane Durgin

Elizabeth Etoll

Ellen & Howard Feinsand

James Edward Gay*

Laura & John Hardman

Nancy & Glen Hesler

P.J. Younglove Hovey

David A. Howell*

Lauren & David Kiefer

David Kuniansky

Virginia Vann* & Ken Large

Edith Love*

Lauren & John McColskey

Anna & Hays Mershon

Caroline & Phil Moïse

Winifred & Richard Myrick

Victoria & Howard Palefsky

Armond & Sharon Perkins

Jam Pomerantz

Helen M. Regenstein*

Margaret & Robert Reiser

Betty Blondeau-Russell*

Tricia & Neal Schachtel

Debbie* & Charles Shelton III

Jane E. Shivers

Roger Smith & Christopher Jones*

Ron & Kathy Tomajko

Lee Harper & Wayne Vason

Terri & Rick Western

Ramona & Ben White

49 alliancetheatreannualsponsors |

Artistic Directors


Tinashe Kajese-Bolden, Christopher Moses

Producer & Casting Director Jody Feldman

Distinguished Artist in Residence Pearl Cleage

Associate Producer Amanda Watkins

BOLD Producing Associate Kay Nilest

Spelman Leadership Fellows Assata Amankeechi, Jayla Dyas

Emory Summer Artistic Intern Amanda Przygonska

Director of Community Partnerships & Engagement Rita Kompelmakher

Casting Associate Brant Adams

Reiser Lab Artists

Round 9 Justen Ross aka Domino Juicy Balenciaga. N’yomi Stewart aka Omi Juicy Balenciaga, Jade Maia Lambert, Ipek Eginli, Sara Ghazi Asadollahi, Juana Farfán, Anterior Leverett, Damian Lockhart, Jasmine Waters

Production Management

Director of Production Lawrence Bennett

Associate Directors of Production Phil Baranski, Courtney O’Neill

Education Department Production Manager Haylee Scott

Costume and Wardrobe Director


Laury Conley

Associate Costume Shop & Wardrobe Director Melanie Green

Design Assistant Kayli Warner

Drapers Tonja Petersen, Cindy Lou Who

Crafts Master Diana L. Thomas

1st Hands/Stitchers Lyudmila Fesenko, Brett Parker, Mary Cruz Torres

Wardrobe Supervisor Hauzia Conyers

Wardrobe Monica Speaker

Wig Master Lindsey Ewing


Alliance@work Sales Associate Sarah Prewitt

Head of Elementary School Programs

Out of School Program Manager

Artist in Residence & Teen Program Manager

Rebecca Pogue

Robyn A. Rogers

Sam Provenzano

Resident Artist & Allyship Program Director Maya Lawrence

Head of Education Advancement Kristen Silton

BIPOC TVY Stage Management Fellow Autumn Stephens

Teaching Artists

Jae Ahn, Jimez Alexander, Will Amato, Chase Anderson, Jasmine Anthony, Ricardo Aponte, Imani Banks, Kim Bowers-Rheay Baran, Olivia Aston Bosworth, Jared Brodie, Chelsea Brown, Lon Bumgarner, Sara Burris, Dan Caffrey, April Andrew Carswell, Katie Causey, Lina Chambers, Hannah Lake Chatham, Hannah Church, Megan Cramer, Kelly Criss, Nakeisha Daniel, Peyton McDaniel Davis, Theresa Davis, Shelli Delgado, Sarah Donnell, John Doyle, Laurin Dunleavy, Suehyla El-Attar, Amitria Fanae, Shelby Folks, Sharon Foote, Spencer Ford, Daryl Funn, Allison Gardner, Neeley Gossett, Ilasiea Gray, Meg Grey, Amber Hamilton, Meg Harkins, Robert Hindsman, Julissa Sabino Hobbs, Deja Holmes, Renita James, Meg Johns, Kendra Johnson, Carole Kaboya, Ashe Kazanjian, Chris Lane, Maya Lawrence, Antonia LeChe, Anja Lee, Kathleen Link, Amy Lucas, Ansley Lynn, Christian Magby, Barry Stewart Mann, Cara Mantella, Gloria Martin, Mari Martinez, Dalyla McGee, Candy McLellan, Karin Mervis, Erika Miranda, Mary Moccia, Courtney Moors-Hornick, Amanda Wansa Morgan, Jenna Jackson Morris, Kevin Moxley, Audrey Myers, JD Myers, Patrick Myers, Amor Owens, Mary Michael Patterson, Tafee Patterson, Sydney Patton, Zuri Petteway, Rebecca Pogue, Michelle Pokopac, Samantha Provenzano, V Reibel, Morgan Rysdon, Daniela Santiago, Riley Schatz, Erin Schaut, Avery Sharpe, Caitlin Slotnick, Alexandria Joy Smith, Lucy Smith, Taryn Spires, Destiny Stancil, Autumn Stephens, LeeAnna Lambert Sweatt, Megan Tabaque, Jasmine Thomas, Callie Timme, Sariel Toribio, Ebony Tucker, Julia VanderVeen, Jeremy Varner, José Miguel Vasquez, Rachel Wansker, Megan Wartell, Andrea Washington, Davia Weatherill, Ayana Williams, Jay Williams, Vallea Woodbury, Melissa Word

Teen Ensemble Members

Director of Lighting & Projections

Rachael N. Blackwell

Associate Director of Lighting & Projection Joy Diaz

Head Electrician Steve Jordan

Staff Electricians Neil Anderson, Gabrielle Drum


Props Department Director Suzanne Cooper Morris

Props Artisans Kathryn Norton, Bruce Butkovich

Props Artisan/Buyer Kimberly Townsend

Technical Director


Kyle Longwell

Associate Technical Directors Rigel Powell, Luke Robinson

Shop Supervisor Patrick Conley

Lead Welder Chris Seifert

Carpenters Kevin Dyson, Parker Ossmann, Marlon Wilson

Charge Scenic Artist Kat Conley

Scenic Artist Amanda Nerby


Sound Director Clay Benning

Assistant Sound Departmnet Director Aaron Vockley

Sound Engineers Tamir Eplan-Frankel, Emma Mouledoux, Graham Schwartz

Stage Management

Lily Erera, Jordyn Nelson, Malachi S Chaney, Ella Grace Pavlovsky, Simon Link, Helena Skylark Denton, Haley Smith, Sam Yates, Cordelia O’Bradovich, Minnah Dunlap, Abigail May Watson, Ella Dameron, August Marks, Caleb Vaughn, Kennedy O’Neil, Anna Schwartz, Julianna Grace Pillsbury, Caroline Chu, Tomi Fawehinmi, Sophia Sánchez, Adler Horstemeyer, Ronnie McCoy, Morgan Stamper, Bailey Rodgers, Aria Armstead


Stage Managers

Liz Campbell, Rodney Williams, Amanda J. Perez, Barbara O’Haley

National Vision Stage Management Fellow Kaylee Mesa

Stage Management Production Assistants

Stage Operations

Samantha Honeycutt, LaMarr White, Jr

Stage Operations Manager

Assistant Stage Operations Manager


Automation Stagehand

Scott Bowne

Kate Lucibella

Willie Palmer Parks

John Victor Mouledoux Jr.

Crew Chief Bryan Perez

Properties Stagehand Skylar Burks


Dan Reardon Director of Education

Naserian Foundation Head of Early Childhood Programs

Head of Youth & Family Programs

Christopher Moses

Hallie Angelella

Olivia Aston Bosworth

Head of Secondary Curriculum & Partnerships Liz Davis

Education Administration & Finance Assistant

Education Accounting Assistant

Administrative & Adult Program Manager

Camp Administrative Manager

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Dacey Geary

Isabella Aguilar Irias

Robert Hindsman

Jayson T. Waddell

Aierelle Jacob

Alliance@Work Creative Director J. Noble

Managing Director

Company Manager

Assistant Company Manager

Director of Finance

Administration & Finance

Mike Schleifer

Laura Thruston

Thomas D. Powell

Valerie Thomas

IDEA Director TeKeyia Amaru Rice

Controller & Head of Administration

Accounting Coordinator

Accounts Payable Lead

Senior Data Analyst

Management Assistant

Director of Development


Associate Director, Strategic Institutional Advancement

Director of Individual Giving

Manager, Individual Giving

Development Coordinator for Board Relations & Special Events

Coordinator, Development Operations & Institutional Giving

Manager of Annual Fund & Donor Relations

Marketing & Patron Services

Director of Marketing & Communications

Manager of Web & Digital Communications

Marketing & Promotions Coordinator

Elecia Crowley

Julie Hall

Sharette Driver

Christina Dresser

Joseph Quintana

Trent Anderson

Collins Desselle

Edward McCreary

Lindsay Ridgeway-Baierl

Kailan Daugherty

Tanesha Ferguson

Emma Seif

Kathleen Covington

Anna Birtles

Ashley Elliott

Graphic Designer Felicity Massa

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Social Media Manager & Content Producer

Associate Director of Data & Ticketing

Patron Services Manager

Patron Services Associates

Box Office Associate

Season Ticket Concierge

Mashaun D. Simon

Aniska Tonge

Danielle Hicks

Genesis Gates

James McCune, Sydney Michelle, Zuri Petteway

David Posada

Ken McNeil

Education Sales Coordinator Quintara Johnson

Group Sales & Student Matinee Manager

House Managers

Marketing Intern

Jocelyn Rick

Barbara O’Haley, Brittany Mangham, Robyn E. Sutton-Fernandez

Julia Green | @alliancetheatre 50 | alliancetheatre
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