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Washington National Opera 2010-11 Season

World class opera at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC Strauss

Salome Oct 7–23, 2010 Voigt


Madama Butterfly Feb 26–Mar 19, 2011




Iphigénie en Tauride* May 6–28, 2011 Racette


Don Pasquale May 13–27, 2011 * Iphigénie en Tauride available by subscription only.


Choose your own seats online today!

Plácido Domingo returns to the Kennedy Center stage as Oreste in Gluck’s Iphigénie en Tauride. • 800.US.OPERA Groups of 10+ save up to 20%! Contact 202.295.2445 or For hotel and restaurant offers visit Wheelchair accessible seating is available in all price categories for all operas. Call 202.295.2400 or email Kennedy Center Opera House photo by Tony Brown, Plácido Domingo photo by Greg Gorman.





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dennis hanthorn - Zurich General Director

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d e nni s h an t h o r n ( j . d . s co t t )

Who doesn’t love La bohème, Giacomo Puccini’s classic love story? It pulls at our heartstrings and never disappoints. We are so pleased to be able to bring La bohème to you for our 2010-11 season-opener. Education is a priority at The Atlanta Opera and we continue to provide young audiences with fantastic opportunities to learn about and explore opera. Beginning on October 25, The Atlanta Opera Studio will bring an interactive adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance to Atlanta-area schools. Everyone will be able to enjoy this performance at our Opera Family Day on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at In August, I was very pleased to announce The Atlanta Opera Center, so mark your that Maestro Arthur Fagen, a frequent concalendars now! ductor at Atlanta Opera productions, became our new music director. Beginning in the As always, we are most grateful for your 2011-12 season, Mo. Fagen will conduct up continued support and for your enthusiastic to two productions each season, and will response to our productions at the Cobb be responsible for building and developing Energy Centre. Please share your opera The Atlanta Opera Orchestra. Starting im- experiences with your family and friends so mediately, he begins assisting me with the they too can understand how unique and artistic planning and casting for future entertaining a night at the opera can be. seasons. Mo. Fagen and I have a long history Enjoy La bohème! of exciting collaborations and I am sure there will be many more. I am delighted to welcome him to The Atlanta Opera in this Dennis Hanthorn, Zurich General Director official capacity. This season also will feature two other beloved works, the quintessential American classic, Porgy & Bess, with conductor Keith Lockhart leading The Atlanta Opera Orchestra, and Mozart’s effervescent, Così fan tutte, a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy. We hope you’ll join us for these, and other exciting events, throughout the season.

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2010-2011 season sponsor AT&T p ro d u c t i o n s p o n s o r Sara Giles Moore Foundation a rt i s t s p o n s o r The Appearance of Jan Cornelius: Jennifer and William J. Hayes The Appearance of Matthew Curran: Laura and Montague L. Boyd The Appearance of Grazia Doronzio: Betty and Bob Edge The Appearance of Bryan Hymel: Joanne Chesler Gross and Alexander Gross o pe n i n g n i g h t pe r f o r m a n c e s p onsor The Coca-Cola Company co n d u c to r g r e g o ry va j d a The Carl and Sally Gable Music Director and Conductor s tag e d i r e c to r d av i d g at e ly Barbara D. Stewart

music Giacomo Puccini co n d u c to r Gregory Vajda

d i r e c tor David Gately

l i b r e t to Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa based on Scènes de la vie de bohème by Henri Murger World Premiere: Teatro Regio, Turin, February 1, 1896 American Premiere: Los Angeles, October 14, 1897 Sung in Italian with English supertitles Approximate Running Time: 2 hrs. 30 min There will be one -minute intermission and a second 1-minute intermission. Mimì..........................................................................................................Grazia Doronzio Rodolfo............................................................................................................Bryan Hymel Musetta . ........................................................................................................ Jan Cornelius Marcello........................................................................................................ Timothy Kuhn Colline....................................................................................................... Matthew Curran Schaunard...................................................................................................Andrew Garland Benoit / Alcindoro.............................................................................................John LaForge Parpignol........................................................................................................ Brendan Daly Customs Officer.......................................................................................... J. Daniel Altman Sergeant........................................................................................................Zachary Brown Scenery and Props designed by Peter Dean Beck Scenery and Props for this production are owned by Memphis Opera and Arizona Opera and were constructed by The Utah Opera Scenic Shop. Costumes provided by A.T. Jones Lighting designed by Kenneth Yunker Chorus prepared by Walter Huff Children’s Chorus prepared by Will Breytspraak Costumes coordinated by Joanna Schmink Wigs and Makeup designed by Steven Bryant Assistant Director: Tamara Watson Harper Supertitles by Karl W. Hesser, courtesy of Florida Grand Opera Supertitles operated by Ellen Chamberlain Pianos provided by Kawai and England Pianos

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act i Paris, the 1830s. In their Latin Quarter garret, the near-destitute artist Marcello and poet Rodolfo try to keep warm on Christmas Eve by feeding the stove with pages from Rodolfo’s latest drama. They are soon joined by their roommates — Colline, a philosopher, and Schaunard, a musician, who brings food, fuel, and funds he has collected from an eccentric student. When the landlord, Benoit, comes to collect the rent, they ply the older man with wine, then throw him out. As his friends leave for the Café Momus, Rodolfo promises to join them later, remaining behind to write. There is a knock at the door; the visitor is a pretty neighbor, Mimì, whose candle has gone out on the stairway. Rodolfo relights it. Mimì realizes she has lost her key, and in the confusion both candles are blown out. As the two search for the key in the moonlight, their hands meet. Rodolfo tells Mimì his dreams (“Che gelida manina”). She then recounts her life alone in a lofty garret, embroidering flowers and waiting for the spring (“Mi chiamano Mimì”). Rodolfo’s friends are heard outside, urging him to join them; he calls back that he is not alone and will be along shortly. Expressing their joy in finding each other (Duet: “O soave fanciulla”), Mimì and Rodolfo embrace and leave for the café. act ii At the Café Momus, Rodolfo introduces Mimì to his friends. Marcello’s former sweetheart, Musetta, makes a noisy entrance on the arm of the elderly but wealthy Alcindoro. The ensuing tumult reaches its peak when, trying to regain Marcello’s attention, she sings a waltz about her popularity (“Quando me’n vo’”). Sending Alcindoro off on an errand, she falls into Marcello’s arms and tells the waiter to charge everything to Alcindoro. Soldiers march by the café, and the bohemians fall in behind.

ac t i i i At dawn by a tavern on the snowy outskirts of Paris, a customs official admits farm women to the city. Mimì wanders in, searching for the place where Marcello and Musetta now live. When the painter emerges, she tells him of her distress over Rodolfo’s incessant jealousy (Duet: “O buon Marcello, aiuto!”). She says she believes it is best that they part. When Rodolfo appears from the tavern, Mimì hides nearby, though Marcello thinks she has gone. The poet tells Marcello that he wants to separate from his sweetheart, citing her fickleness. Pressed for the real reason, he breaks down, saying that her coughing can only grow worse in the poverty they share; he’s desperately afraid she will die of her illness. Overcome with tears, Mimì stumbles forward to bid her lover farewell (“Donde lieta uscì”). While Mimì and Rodolfo recall past happiness, Musetta quarrels with Marcello, who has caught her flirting (Quartet: “Addio dolce svegliare”). The painter and his mistress part, hurling insults at each other, but Mimì and Rodolfo decide to remain together until spring. ac t i v Now separated from their girlfriends, Rodolfo and Marcello lament their loneliness in the garret (Duet: “O Mimì, tu più non torni”). Colline and Schaunard bring a meager meal. To lighten their spirits the four stage a dance, when suddenly Musetta bursts in to tell them that Mimì is outside, too weak to come upstairs. Rodolfo carries her in, while Musetta asks Marcello to sell her earrings for medicine and Colline goes off to pawn his overcoat (“Vecchia zimarra”). Left alone, Mimì and Rodolfo recall their first meeting and their happy days, but she is seized with violent coughing (Duet: “Sono andati?”). The others return and Mimì drifts into unconsciousness. When Rodolfo at last realizes that she is dead, he throws himself despairingly on her body, calling her name. Courtesy of Opera News





a s c e n e f r om t h e at lan ta op e r a’ s 2 0 0 5 p r o d uc t ion o f l a b o h È m e

Whenever we hear the word, “Bohemian,” we conjure up the image of a poor artist, wannabe artist, poet, or novelist. Such Bohemians were personified in the “Lost Generation” of American expatriates in Paris in the 1920s, and by Jack Kerouac’s “Beat Generation” of writers in the 1950s. By Jack Bona Yet Puccini’s La bohème, more so than any other related fact or myth, has engendered our perception of Bohemianism. The opera, which premiered February 1, 1896, is based on stories by Henri Murger who used his experiences and those of his friends as the basis for his fiction. Murger’s series of stories, Scenes de la vie de bohème, were published from 1845 to 1849 in a Parisian journal. The popularity of the stories led to the creation of a play, La vie de bohème, by Theodore Barriere that premiered on Nov. 22, 1849. Murger then modified his stories into a loosely structured novel, Scenes de la vie de bohème, published in 1851.

the north by cold, on the west by hunger, on the south by love, and on the east by hope.” In Murger’s stories, Rudolph, a variation of Murger himself, is one of the Four Musketeers as referred to by other friends and acquaintances; Marcel is a fictional version of two artist friends; Shaunard is based on a musician friend named Schanne; Colline is an amalgam of two philosophy students.

Three of Murger’s characters had mistresses with whom they shared amorous ecstasies, jealous rages, hurtful separations and joyous reconciliations. Their humorous escapades Bohemian, ” as we have come to recognize the are delightfully related and juxtaposed amid “ term, stems from the typical artists and would- poignant romantic episodes, many of which be artists who sacrifice their time, energy, are factual. Murger’s first mistress was named material comforts and health, with the hope Mimì, and his subsequent ones he nicknamed of achieving artistic recognition. “Bohemia,” Mimì — because he continually sought to as anonymously described, “is a district in replicate his feelings of love nearly idealized the department of the Seine bordered on through his affair with his first Mimì.

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A grisette, such as Mimì, was defined in an 1835 dictionary as “a girl who is neither immoral nor virtuous, who knows how to reconcile work and pleasure, who goes to church in the morning with her mother and to the ball in the evening with her lover…,” and “was noted for her gaiety and charm, but not for her fidelity – easy to take, impossible to keep.”


t h e at lan ta op e r a’ s 2 0 0 5 p r o d uc t ion o f l a b o h È m e

Musette, on the other hand, is not a typical grisette. Renamed Musetta in the opera, her flirtatious Act Two aria (“Musetta’s Waltz”) best exemplifies her character, which derives from Murger’s description: Musette had on a ravishing outfit; never had a more seductive garment clothed the poem of her youth and beauty. Furthermore, Musette instinctively possessed the appearance of elegance. When she came into the world, the first thing she looked for must have been a mirror so that she could arrange her swaddling clothes; and before being baptized she had already committed the sin of flirting.

Théodore Barrière, a recognized playwright of the time, had a basic plan for dramatizing Scenes de la vie de bohème, and upon meeting Murger, agreed on how the series of narratives could be transformed into stage scenes. They disagreed, however, on the final scene. Barrière believed the scene should include Mimì’s stage death. Murger preferred the separation of lovers without any hint of their eventual outcome — because it was a rendering of the truth of his own love affair with a Mimì, who had left him, never to be heard from again.

Mademoiselle Francine was Jacques’ first and only mistress. They had met as neighbors when her candle blew out in the hallway and she misplaced her key. The liaison lasted six months. They united in the springtime and they separated in the fall. She was tubercular — and she knew it — and Jacques knew it, too. Not coincidentally, this episode resembles the action in the opera.

tory, he once sold his coat during the winter for the opportunity to buy dinner for a ballerina.

To arrive at a compromise, Murger suggested the play should be read by a mutual friend The genesis of the opera’s first act conclusion for an unbiased judgment. The friend, after and the last act finale, both so poignantly being successfully lured into reading the play touching, can be found in Murger’s chapter in Murger’s apartment, rendered his opinion entitled “Francine’s Muff.” At one point in that a death scene finale would be more Murger’s life of hardships, he was hospitalized effective. Thus, denouement via arbitration – the result of excessive coffee drinking, resulted in a popular and critical success. malnutrition and related illness. He found Puccini, who always took some part in shaping himself next to a patient, a sculptor named his libretti, had his own association with BoJacques, whose confession of a painful love hemian life that may have affected his inspiraaffair affected Murger deeply. tion. In his student days at the Milan conserva-

Almost 50 years after Murger’s and Barrière’s successes, Puccini’s librettists incorporated some aspects from the play, but more from the moving semi-autobiographical novel to fashion a superbly condensed libretto of everlasting appeal, beautifully enhanced by Puccini’s unforgettable, enchanting melodies.


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Symphony Orchestra. He was honored with the Zoltán Kodály State Scholarship for composers in , and the Annie Fischer State Scholarship in . Born in Budapest Gregory Vajda the son of renowned soprano Veronika Conductor Atlanta Opera Debut: Kincses, Gregory Vajda studied composition Romeo & Juliette, 2007 at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music under Hailed as a “young titan” by the Montreal Professor Ervin Lukács, and was a conducting Gazette, Gregory Vajda is one of the most pupil of Péter Eötvös. sought-after conductors on the international scene. After completing his tenure as assistant conductor of the Milwaukee Symphony David Gately Orchestra in , Mr. Vajda took over Stage Director as resident conductor of the Oregon Atlanta Opera Debut: Symphony Orchestra at the start of the Cinderella, 2008 - season. In , he was appointed Artistic and Music Director of Music in the Stage director David Gately is known for Mountains, CA. Highlights of this season his vivid storytelling and lively and clever include a subscription series with the Oregon productions. Last season, his concert Symphony featuring the US premiere of his staging of Angels in America with the BBC work Duevoe and return engagements to the Symphony Orchestra was praised for being Edmonton Symphony and Symphony Silicon “brilliantly resourceful.” Recent productions Alley. Mr. Vajda’s - season began with of note include: L’elisir d’amore with Dallas a stint at the Hungarian Radio, followed by Opera, Madama Butterfly with Seattle Opera, his first return to the Hungarian State Opera La bohème with Florida Grand Opera, since immigrating to the US. In his adopted Carmen in New Orleans, Les contes d’Hoffman country, he led subscription concerts with the in Edmonton, Die Zauberflöte with the CinOregon Symphony, debuts with the Seattle, cinnati and Vancouver Operas, A Midsummer Grand Rapids and Memphis symphonies, Night’s Dream with both the Florentine Opera and returned to the San Antonio Symphony and Glimmerglass Opera, Falstaff with Opera and Symphony Silicon Valley. The - Omaha, and Rigoletto with Utah Opera. His  season marked Vajda’s introduction to hugely successful “wild west” production of the Salzburg Festival as assistant conductor Don Pasquale has been mounted by San Diego to Péter Eötvös. He conducted the final Opera, Kentucky Opera, Opera Colorado, performance of Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle Calgary Opera, Chautauqua Opera, Virginia with the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna Opera, Dayton Opera, Canadian Opera State Opera Chorus, before returning to The Company, Opera Omaha, Edmonton Opera Atlanta Opera to lead Cinderella. Vajda is and the Fort Worth Opera. Mr. Gately will also a clarinetist and composer. Recently, he spend the - season directing Lucia conducted his own composition for the silent di Lammermoor with Calgary Opera, both film The Crowd at the Auditorium of the Hansel and Gretel and Little Women with Louvre, with pianist Jay Gottlieb. He has also Utah Opera, Faust with San Diego Opera, recorded Duevoe with the Hungarian Radio and Giulio Cesare with Fort Worth Opera.



Upcoming seasons include engagements with Opera Colorado, San Diego Opera, and Fort Worth Opera. Additional career highlights include directing Carmen and La bohème with Florida Grand Opera, La traviata, La bohème, L’italiana in Algeri, Little Women, Salome, Norma, Il barbiere di Siviglia, Falstaff, and Don Pasquale all with Fort Worth Opera, Das Rheingold at Academy of Vocal Arts, Sweeney Todd at the Brevard Festival, and Weill’s The Tsar Has His Photograph Taken at the Fringe Festival in Boston. Mr. Gately’s production credits also include Manon, Smetana’s Two Widows, Die Fledermaus, The Rape of Lucretia, Gianna Schicchi, I Pagliacci, The Merry Widow, Candide, Amahl and the Night Visitors, Don Giovanni, Otello, Samson et Dalila, Aida, Turandot, La fille du regiment, Le Comte Ory, Lucia di Lammermoor, Les pecheurs des perles, Lakme and The Ballad of Baby Doe.

Grazia Doronzio Mimì Atlanta Opera Debut Grazia Doronzio, from Stigliano, Italy, is a recent graduate of the Metropolitan Opera’s Lindemann Young Artist Development Program. This season, Ms. Doronzio will appear with Portland Opera and the Canadian Opera Company. In the  season, Ms. Doronzio debuted with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Mozart’s Requiem under Maestro James Levine. Other engagements included: Liù in Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera, Isifile in Cavalli’s Giasone at the Chicago Lyric Opera, Micaëla in Carmen at the Savonlinna Festival. In the summer of , Ms. Doronzio received First Prize at the Elardo International Opera


Competition. She also has received top prizes at the  Viñas Competition, the Opera de Sabadell, the Iris Adami Corradetti International Competition of Padova, the Ottavio Ziino International Competition in Rome, the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale A. Belli Competition in Spoleto, and the Spiros Argiris Competition of Sarzana. Ms. Doronzio is also a  winner of the Sullivan Award. She was chosen by Alberto Zedda to participate in the concert for the “th Birthday of Rossini” at the Rossini Festival in Pesaro. She also was invited to participate in the concert for the th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at Wolfsburg Castle in Germany. As a recitalist, Ms. Doronzio won First Prize at the nd Concorso Internazionale di Musica Vocale da Camera in Conegliano. Other engagements included: Mimì in La bohème in Sassari, Italy; Filippo Marchetti’s Gustavo Wasa in Camerino; Paisiello’s Nina, o sia la pazza per amore in Rome; Mozart’s Requiem in Bergamo with the Orchestra of Teatro alla Scala; and a recital at the Opéra de Rouen. Ms. Doronzio graduated from the Conservatorio Statale di Musica Rossini in Pesaro. She also studied at the Opera Studio dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia of Rome.

Bryan Hymel Rodolfo Atlanta Opera Debut New Orleans native, Bryan Hymel, is the Top Prize Winner of the  Gerda Lissner Foundation Competition, First-Prize Winner of the  Licia Albanese/Puccini Foundation Competition, the  Loren L. Zachary Vocal Competition, and the  Giulio Gari Foundation Competition. In June of , Mr. Hymel sang B.F. Pinkerton in Anthony






with a silvery edge.” Most recently, she won the Giulio Gari Foundation’s International Vocal Competition, received second prize at the Connecticut Opera Guild’s Vocal Competition, and was a Metropolitan Opera National Council Competition Semi-Finalist. In , Ms. Cornelius won second prize in the Licia Albanese–Puccini Foundation Vocal Competition, and first prize in the Gerda Lissner Competition. In the spring of , Ms. Cornelius was second-prize winner in both the Fritz & Lavinia Jensen Foundation and the Loren L. Zachary Vocal Competitions. She made her international competition debut as a finalist in the prestigious Monserrat Caballé International Vocal Competition. She also received an encouragement award from the Opera Index Foundation. Ms. Cornelius is a resident artist at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, where she has performed as: Mimì in Puccini’s La bohème, Anna Bolena in Anna Bolena, Silvana in Respighi’s La fiamma, Violetta in La traviata, Countess in Strauss’ Capriccio, Fiordiligi in Così fan tutte, and the title role in Manon Lescaut. As a young artist, she performed with Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Chautauqua Opera, Pensacola Opera, Mobile Opera, Opera Birmingham, Des Moines Metro Opera, and Ohio Light Opera. She was a resident artist with Virginia Opera’s Spectrum Young Artist Program, where she performed children’s operas for more than , students across the Virginia countryside. The summer of  was her professional debut with Chautauqua Opera as Micaëla in Carmen. In the summer of , Ms. Cornelius performed as Micaëla in Carmen Jan Cornelius at the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival and as Musetta Fiordiligi with the Virginia Opera. She will Atlanta Opera Debut Native Texan, Jan Cornelius, has been perform Verdi’s Requiem with the Alexandria described as a “dark-toned soprano, tipped Symphony in Zoll.

Minghella’s production of Madama Butterfly at English National Opera. He made his debut with the Netherlands Opera in Spring,  as Énée in the Pierre Audi production of Les Troyens. He also performed as Don José in Carmen at Royal Opera House and with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra in Caracas, Venezuela. Future seasons will include debuts with Dallas Opera, as well as Ismaele in Nabucco with the Bayerische Staatsoper. His European debut was as the Foreign Prince in Dvorˇák’s Rusalka at the Wexford Festival Opera in . He made his Carnegie Hall debut with Opera Orchestra of New York in a gala concert featuring Renée Fleming, Marcello Giordani, and Dolora Zajick. At age , Mr. Hymel was a winner in the  Verdi Aria Competition at the Aspen Musical Festival. At , he was a Grand Finalist in the  Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. In , at the age of , he won the Opera Lirica d’Orvieto Aria Competition in Perugia, Italy and the Palm Beach Opera Competition. He also participated in San Francisco Opera Center’s Merola Program. He has appeared as: Luigi in Il tabarro, Rinuccio in Gianni Schicchi, Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly, Guido in Zemlinsky’s A Florentine Tragedy, Pollione in Norma, the Duke in Rigoletto, Tamino in Die Zauberflöte, Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni, Froh in Das Rhinegold, and Arturo in Lucia di Lammermoor. Bryan studied at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia.



Matthew Curran Colline Atlanta Opera Debut American bass Matthew Curran has garnered attention internationally with his imposing voice and authoritative presence. He has been described as having, “the voice of a poet,” and a sound “that is confident and comes with a twinkle.” Recent appearances include Mat of the Mint in The Beggar’s Opera, Inspector Watts in a concert reading of Séance on a Wet Afternoon by Stephen Schwartz, and Edwin Cheney in Shining Brow by Daron Hagen with the Buffalo Philharmonic, recently released on the Naxos label. He also has been a regular singer in various works developed by the American Opera Project. This coming season he will return to New York City Opera as Inspector Watts in Séance on a Wet Afternoon. He has performed with the Seattle Opera, Zürich Opera, Opera New Jersey, New Orleans Opera, Chautauqua Opera, Central City Opera, Skagit Opera, Washington East Opera, Center City Opera Theater, and Opera Company of Brooklyn, among others. Mr. Curran is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans School of Music and Indiana University School of Music.

Andrew Garland Schaunard Atlanta Opera Debut American baritone Andrew Garland has been saluted by The New York Times as having a “distinctly American presence” and by Opera News as having a “coloratura that


border[s] on the phenomenal and [offers] … elegance and glamour.” During the - season, Mr. Garland joins Commonwealth Opera as the title role in Don Giovanni, the Arizona Opera as Ping in Turandot, and the Boston Lyric Opera as Starveling in a new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In the - season, Mr. Garland performed the title role of Don Giovanni with Opera New Jersey, Dancairo in Carmen with the Boston Lyric Opera, and Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with the Knoxville Opera. He also debuted at Carnegie Hall, where he premiered several works by living American composers. On the opera stage, he portrayed Hermann in Les contes d’Hoffmann and The Gamekeeper in Rusalka both with Boston Lyric Opera, as well as Dandini in La Cenerentola with the Fort Worth Opera and Opera Company of North Carolina. Other roles include: Dandini in La Cenerentola, Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia, Schaunard in La bohème, Damis in Kirk Mechem’s Tartuffe, and Giuseppe in The Gondoliers with the Utah Symphony and Opera. Mr. Garland made his debut at Seattle Opera when he stepped in at the last minute for Nathan Gunn as Riolobo in Catán’s Florencia en el Amazonas. He has performed in concert stagings of La bohème with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Figaro in Il barbiere di Siviglia with the National Philharmonic, Jake Heggie’s Here and Gone at the Ravinia Festival, and the world premiere of Jonathan Sheffer’s Red Couch Floating on Lake Erie. Each season, Mr. Garland, and pianist Donna Loewy, offer recital programs of art songs by living American composers. Mr. Garland is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and the University of Cincinnati CollegeConservatory of Music.






of supporting roles. Timothy Kuhn was the third prize winner of the  McCammon Competition, and also received third prize in the  Palm Beach Opera Vocal Timothy Kuhn Competition, Advanced Division. He has Marcello Atlanta Opera Debut: received an Encouragement Grant from the George London Foundation, and has twice Turandot, 2007 With a bold presence and elegant, secure won the Districts of the Metropolitan Opera singing, Timothy Kuhn has established National Council Auditions. himself as a leading interpreter of the Mozart, Britten, Donizetti, and Puccini repertoire. Upcoming engagements for Mr. Kuhn John LaForge include Guglielmo in Così fan tutte with Benoit/Alcindoro Virginia Opera, and Zurga in Les pêcheurs Atlanta Opera Debut: de perles with Syracuse Opera. In the Macbeth, 1993  season, Mr. Kuhn returned to Gotham Chamber Opera as Ernesto in Il mondo della Bass-baritone John LaForge has performed luna, and Syracuse Opera for Marcello in La with opera companies and symphony bohème. His - season included the orchestras throughout the United States, Count in Le nozze di Figaro at Palm Beach including Washington National Opera, Dallas Opera; prior to this engagement, he bowed as Opera, Santa Fe Opera, and Chautauqua Malatesta in Don Pasquale at Syracuse Opera. Opera, among others. He appears regularly as a Mr. Kuhn’s recent appearances include the guest soloist with various organizations in and title role of Don Giovanni with New York around the Atlanta area, including the Michael City Opera, Dayton Opera, and in concert O’Neal Singers, Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Sacred with Gustavo Dudamel and the Sinfónica Chorale, Georgia Philharmonic, and Capitol de la Juventud Venezolana Simón Bolívar. City Opera. He has received awards and He has also sung Ping in Turandot with The recognitions from the Sullivan Foundation, Atlanta Opera, Schaunard in La bohème and the Florida Suncoast Opera Competition, Sonora in La fanciulla del West with Florida the Houston Grand Opera Auditions, the Grand Opera, Sid in Albert Herring with Lyric Opera Center for American Artists, and Gotham Chamber Opera, and Hal Henson the Metropolitan Opera National Council in Britten’s Paul Bunyan with Opera Omaha. Auditions. LaForge is the coordinator of Music As a young artist, Timothy Kuhn participated Education for Fulton County Schools. His in the programs of Santa Fe Opera (- year career in music education began as choral ) and Florida Grand Opera (- director at Tri-Cities High School, the Visual ). With Santa Fe, the baritone covered & Performing Arts Magnet program in Fulton the title role in Don Giovanni as well as County. During his tenure at Tri-Cities, his Guglielmo in Così fan tutte. With Florida choirs performed at numerous concert venues Grand Opera, Mr. Kuhn covered the lead throughout the state, including Spivey Hall roles of Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor, the and Symphony Hall in metropolitan Atlanta title role in Don Giovanni and Germont in and at the GMEA In-Service Conference in La traviata, in addition to singing a number Savannah. In addition to his responsibilities



in Fulton County, LaForge is director of auditions for the Metropolitan Opera National Council Southeast Region and works with numerous fine arts organizations in the Atlanta area, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Community Engagement Council, the Advisory Board of the National Center for Educational Partnerships in Music, the Capitol City Opera Board of Directors, the Spivey Hall Education Committee, and the Education Committee for The Atlanta Opera.

Brendan Daly Parpignol Atlanta Opera Debut Tenor Brendan Daly specializes in Mozart, the high-flying bel canto roles of Rossini and Donizetti, Baroque repertoire, operetta, and contemporary opera, and has sung a wide range of roles on stages across the country. Last spring, Mr. Daly finished a two-season residency at Opera Colorado. High points with the company included: The Barber of Seville (Almaviva) and Tales of Hoffmann (Nathanael) with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra; state-wide tours of Romeo and Juliet (Romeo), The Music Shop (Ivan), and La Cenerentola (Ramiro); a mainstage cover of Ferrando in Così fan tutte; and a number of high-profile recital, event, and radio engagements. While in Denver, he also made notable oratorio appearances with the Colorado Chamber Players in Handel’s Messiah and Bach Cantatas  and . He returned to Colorado in August to sing the Bruckner Requiem at the Colorado Music Festival under the baton of Michael Christie. Continuing a new foray into music of the Baroque era, Mr. Daly begins the - season singing Acis in Handel’s Acis and


Galatea at the White Mountain Bach Festival, where he also will perform Bach’s Cantata . Deeply committed to new music, Mr. Daly appeared at the  Aspen Music Festival as the central character in Mason Bates’ new opera California Fictions. His twentiethcentury music credits include Candide in a Bernstein on Broadway revue with the Boston Pops, the Wise Man in Hindemith’s Hin und Zurück at the Tanglewood Contemporary Music Festival, solo appearances in Opera Boston’s acclaimed production of Kurt Weil’s Mahagonny, and, most recently, a Denver performance of Benjamin Britten’s song cycle Les Illuminations de Rimbaud. Ken Yunker Lighting Designer Atlanta Opear Debut: Amahl & the Night Visitors, 1994 Mr. Yunker is the resident lighting designer for The Atlanta Opera, Sarasota Opera Association and is a principal designer for the Tony awardwinning Alliance Theatre Company. A native Northwesterner, he’s surprised and pleased to consider Atlanta home for  years. Beginning his professional career at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, he has more than  designs for opera, ballet and theatre to his credit. National credits include Utah Symphony and Opera, Tulsa Opera, New Orleans Opera, Lyric Opera Cleveland, Fort Worth Opera, Opera Company of North Carolina, Opera New Jersey, Chautauqua Opera, Knoxville Opera, San Antonio Opera, Nevada Opera Theatre, Eugene Opera, Augusta Opera, Toledo Opera and Mobile Opera. Walter Huff Chorus Master Atlanta Opera Debut: Tosca, 1988 Walter Huff has been Chorus Master for The Atlanta Opera for twenty-two years, having






prepared the chorus in over 70 productions. Mr. Huff received degrees from the Oberlin and Peabody conservatories and studied with Sarah Martin, Peter Takacs, and Lillian Freundlich. He has performed with singers throughout Europe and the United States and served as coach with the Peabody Opera Theatre, Washington National Opera, and Baltimore Opera Company. Mr. Huff has performed in master classes given by renowned singers and pianists such as Sir Peter Pears, Licia Albanese, Eileen Farrell, Dalton Baldwin, Leon Fleisher, and Elly Ameling. In 1984, he received Tanglewood’s C.D. Jackson Master Award for Excellence, presented by Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He has been musical director for The Atlanta Opera Studio, Georgia State University Opera, and Actor’s Express. Also, Mr. Huff was one of four Atlanta artists who were chosen for the first Loridans Arts Awards, given to Atlanta artists who have made exceptional contributions to the arts life of Atlanta over a long period of time. In June 2008, The Atlanta Opera Chorus under Mr. Huff ’s direction sang critically acclaimed performances of Porgy and Bess at the OpéraComique in Paris and on tour in Granada, Normandy, and Luxembourg.


Will Breytspraak Children’s Chorus Master Atlanta Opera Debut Will Breytspraak holds degrees in piano performance and conducting from Saint Olaf College and the Westminster Choir College. A lyric baritone, Mr. Breytspraak has performed the roles of British Sailor and Villager in Delibes’ Lakmé, and Crewman of the Dutchman in Wagner’s Der fliegende Hollander at the Spoleto Festival U.S.A. in Charleston, S.C. He was the Evangelist in Handel’s Brockes Passion, and was a featured soloist in a performance of Handel’s Chandos Anthems on the acclaimed Musica Sacra Atlanta concert series. Currently serving as interim director of music at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, Mr. Breytspraak will conduct music of Fauré, Menotti, Paulus, and Stravinsky in concerts on the - Musica Sacra Atlanta series. He has conducted ensembles and given master classes at regional and national conventions of the American Choral Directors Association, the Choristers Guild, and the Liturgical Music Symposium.


Measha Brueggergosman, soprano Saturday, October 23, 2010, 8 p.m. | $30

Celebrated soprano Measha Brueggergosman has emerged as one of today’s magnificent performers, and is critically acclaimed by the press as much for her musicianship and voluptuous voice as for her commanding stage presence. More than three billion television viewers from across the globe witnessed her brilliant performance of the Olympic Hymn during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

For tickets call 770-423-6650

flourish with us






c h o ru s m a s t e r Walter Huff c h o ru s J. Daniel Altman Charles Baugh Keith Blount Chris Boggs Zachary Brown Christopher S. Connelly Gabriel Couret Rob Cromwell Christopher J. Deraney Michael Gaare C. Augustus Godbee Christopher Hawkins Grant Jones Ben Larkin Marc Porlier Stuart Schleuse Ivรกn Segovia Dennis Shuman Trenton Tunnell III

Lynnette Anderson Katie Baughman Beverly Blouin Joan Estep Melissa Fontaine Valerie Hamm Keli Jackson Amy Little Lara Longsworth Megan Mashburn Maria McDaniel Ann Marie McPhail Brishelle Jacobs Miller Noelle Miller Nadeen Paul Zorica Pavlovic Laura Peacock Laura Porlier Jeanne Ann Ratliff Kristen Brannan Sweitzer Laurie Tossing

c h i l d r e n ' s c h o ru s m a s t e r Will Breytspraak

Brett Cooper Emma Dowdy Francesca Herrera Andrew Hudson Cassady McClincy Taylor Morton Sophia Sharma

c h i l d r e n ' s c h o ru s Thomas Shoup Sara Stevens Eric Sturniolo Jonah Verdon George Villaume* Marguerite Kollar Yearns s u pe r n u m e r a r i e s

Philip Fuller Bruce Meadows

David Silverstein Tim Stylez

* ac t I I s oloi s t





violin Peter Ciaschini, Concertmaster Helen Kim, Assistant Concertmaster Linda Cherniavsky, Principal, Second Violin Adelaide Federici, Assistant Principal, Second Violin Lisa Morrison Edward Eanes Lee Nicholson David Edwards Shawn Pagliarini Georgia Ekonomou Patrick Ryan Felix Farrar Angele Sherwood-Lawless Patti Gouvas Mimi Tam Alison James Rafael Veytsblum Jeanne Johnson Michele Mariage-Volz

c l a r i n et David Odom, Principal Miranda Dohrman John Warren, Bass Clarinet

viol a William Johnston, Principal Elizabeth Derderian-Wood, Assistant Principal Robert Rieve Julie Rosseter Karl Schab Joli Wu

t ru m pet Yvonne Toll, Principal Kevin Lyons Jonathan Swygert

cello Charae Krueger, Principal Avi Friedlander, Assistant Principal David Hancock Mary Kenney Alex Kramer Cynthia Sulko bass Lyn DeRamus, Principal Emory Clements Kaliya Okuri Brian Rehm flute James Zellers, Principal Kelly Bryant Jeana Melilli, Piccolo oboe Dane Philipsen, Principal Barbara Cook Diana Dunn, English Horn

bassoon Mike Muszynski, Principal Debra Grove horn David Bradley, Principal Julie Spencer Kathy Wood Mike Daly

t ro m b one Mark McConnell, Principal Edmon Nicholson Donald Strand Richard Brady, Bass Trombone pe rc u s sion Karen Hunt, Principal (Acting) Jeff Kershner Butch Sievers t i m pa ni John Lawless, Principal harp Susan Brady, Principal banda Jessica Sherwood, Piccolo Erica Bass Pirtle, Piccolo Jennifer Marotta, Trumpet Adam Hayes, Trumpet Courtney McDonald, Snare Drum pe r s o n nel manager Mark McConnell

* S t r ing s e c t ion s a r e li s t e d in alp h ab e t ical o r d e r




El e ano r S t r ain an d P olly Pat e r , R achel R osen L ehmann V olunteer A w ard recipients ( t im wilk e r s on )

D z au ya N kuc h way o wi t h Sa r a F r ooman , 2 0 1 0 V olunteer of the Y ear A w ard recipient ( t im wilk e r s on )

The Atlanta Opera thanks its passionate and dedicated volunteers for the generous donation of their time during the 2009-2010 Season. In June, we celebrated the life and commitment of long-time volunteer Rachel Rosen Lehmann. Rachel’s dedication to The Atlanta Opera embodies the qualities that we look for in all volunteers. To honor her devotion to our organization and legacy of volunteerism, we established the Rachel Rosen Lehmann Volunteer Award and named the rehearsal hall in her honor. The first recipients of the award are not only long-time volunteers; they are also long-time patrons and donors – Mrs. Polly Pater and Mrs. Eleanor Strain. Polly and Eleanor support the organization in many ways; however, their favorite volunteer Myriam Acevedo Barbara Ambus Denise Anderson Terrisha Ballock Joan Baskin Sanford Baskin Leigh-Anne Bojarski Heather Bulla Charley Burney Jack Butler Debra Caldwell Jessica Callaham Brandon Clivens Jean Cornn Marilyn Daniels Seth Davis Ruth Hannah de Kleer Chris Deutschler Kevin Dew Satwinder Dhanjal

Richard Dodder Brad Dorfman Sonya Faniel Genevieve Fink Jane Fishman Sara Frooman Gurinder Garcha Anne Marie “Peg” Gary Fern Hallman Anne Hayes Jim Herald Cherilyn O. Heyliger Kimberly A. Hunter Carol Jaeger Sache Jones W.C. Jr. Jones Paula Kocher Helen and Steve Kraus Virginia J. Lam Sue Lawrence

opportunities are the season ticketing mailings, receptionist coverage and lightwalking. We also recognized Sara Frooman as the 2010 Volunteer of the Year Award recipient for the 150+ hours she has committed to the Opera as a driver, with mailings, filing, receptionist coverage, and so much more. We are thankful for and applaud all of the volunteers for their willingness to commit time to The Atlanta Opera. Through the dedicated performance of a multitude of tasks, volunteers give support far beyond a monetary measure, for which The Atlanta Opera is deeply grateful! Lydia L. Lee Peg and James Lowman Deputy Judge Michael M. Malihi William A. Markle Mary Ruth McDonald Laura McIntosh Lorrain and Joseph Mills Sumbul Mirza Vermelle Mohmad Stephanie Nixon Vernon Norris Kim Ong Sonia Oxman Polly Pater Alexandra Perrotta Faye Popper Ezi Porbeni R. Scott Pyron Zabrina Rios Diana Robinson

Kristin Sampson Catherine Sanchez Cherylene Sands Dan Shumate Ruth Siegel Virginia Sims Verna Slade Jennifer Spivey Eleanor and Jim Strain Beth Suryan Katherine Teixeira Carol Thurman Donald Thurman Ruth Vaught Mark and Tricia Vogelgesang Alice Wade Lafeeta Watson Harold Whitney Laura Williams Jerry Xi




T h e 2 0 0 9 - 1 0 S t u d io t ou r ing p r o d uc t ion : the ugly duc k ling ( t im wilk e r s on )


T h e 2 0 1 0 - 1 1 S t u d io t ou r ing p r o d uc t ion : the P I R AT E S O F P E N Z A N C E ( O P ER A F O R THE Y O U N G )

We at The Atlanta Opera understand that sharing the joy of music and theater with the community is an integral part of our organizational mission. In celebration of National Opera Week, The Atlanta Opera will be partnering with other opera companies and educational institutions in the state to produce a 24-Hour Opera Project. This whirlwind composition/performance weekend will take place on the campus of Georgia State University November 6-7. The project will provide artists the opportunity We are excited to announce the 2010-2011 to collaborate as they compose, produce, Studio Touring Production, The Pirates of and perform brand new operas — all in 24 Penzance. This lighthearted operetta is full of hours! Composers and lyricists will be paired adventure, young love, comic misundertogether to write a 10-minute opera in the first standings, entertaining characters and catchy, 12 hours. Stage directors will cast and rehearse lilting arias. Last season’s production, The the pieces over the next 10 hours, and the event Ugly Duckling, was quite a hit with children will culminate with a performance of all the and parents alike and was presented in schools pieces Sunday evening, November 7. Sound throughout the metro area, as well as other fun? We know it will be! There will be laughter, parts of the state. The Pirates of Penzance there may be tears – it’s anyone’s guess! promises to be a delightful and entertaining opera experience – a first opera experience for For more information about The Pirates many! We are looking forward to sharing fun of Penzance or to learn more about the opera again with old friends and to expose 24-Hour Opera Project and any of our new students to this engaging, beautiful, and other education and outreach programs, visit or call 404.881.8801. imaginative art form. We are known for our over 30 year history of producing fabulous performances for our attendees, but we also are committed to outreach programming that not only develops new audiences and enhances the experiences of our current patrons, but that also enriches the lives in our artistic and geographic communities.

The Atlanta Opera Studio Tour October 25 – November 19, 2010 February 28 – April 1, 2011 This interactive adaptation of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan work will introduce students to opera in a fun and exciting way! •B  ooking includes a 45 minute pre-performance workshop with the student cast • Educational prep materials correspond with Georgia Performance Standards For booking information, call 404.881.8883 or email

The Atlanta Opera

Comprimarios A Membership Group for Young Professionals

Are you interested in socializing, networking, and having fun with fellow arts enthusiasts? The Atlanta Opera Comprimarios enjoy benefits such as specially priced tickets and seating at the opera and intermission lounge, a season listing in the ARIA for Young Professionals Newsletter, invitations to special events and more! For more information and 2010-11 event listings, pick up a copy of the ARIA for Young Professionals Newsletter in the lobby or follow us online:








Every Month can be an Opera Month! There are ways for you to enjoy and support The Atlanta Opera every month. 1) M  ake a monthly contribution to The Atlanta Opera. • Monthly donors tell us it is the easiest way to support the Opera. • Turn $50 into $600 with very little effort* 2) Use your subscriber discount (10%) to treat a guest to the Opera! 3) Attend future opera events: OCT

La bohème


 ational Opera Week N (Oct 29 - Nov. 7)


 oliday Concert at All Saints’ H (Dec. 13 and 14)


J oin The Atlanta Opera Comprimarios Group!


Porgy and Bess


C  osi fan tutte and Opera Family Day

*For more information on how to set up a monthly giving plan or to get more information about the events above, please call Dzauya “Dee” Nkuchwayo at 404.881.1035.

Your Trusted


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Unwavering Principles. Trusted Strategic Advice. • 678.424.6500

Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

More than a program, it’s your ticket to the arts. 404.459.4128 •



The Society for Artistic Excellence membership includes a minimum pledge of $20,000 over three years. The gifts listed below will help The Atlanta Opera build its artistic and financial capacity. The generous donors are enabling our organization to continue to present world-class performances. Below are patrons who have made three year commitments ending 2010-2012. new pro d u c t i o n pat ro n $300,0 0 0+

co n d u c to r patron (cont .) $20,000+


Mr. and Mrs. David Dorman

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr.

Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer and Mr. Jon Buttrey

Mrs. W. Harry Willson

Mr. David S. Greene

reviva l p ro d u c t i o n pat ro n $150,00 0 + Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Ms. Barbara D. Stewart

John L. Hammaker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keough Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. McDowell Dr. and Mrs. John O’Shea William E. Pennington Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg

artist pat ro n $45,00 0 +

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Searle, III

Dr. Alexander Gross and Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tucker

Candy and Greg Johnson Mr. William F. Snyder and Mr. Louis A. Peneguy Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk Lynne and Steve Steindel

Mr. and Mrs. Baker A. Smith

a d d i t i o n a l multi-year gifts $ 1 5 , 0 0 0+ Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Sheehan

Ms. Janine Brown and Mr. Alex J. Simmons, Jr. Rhys and Carolyn Wilson Bob and Cappa Woodward The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund Charlie and Dorothy Yates Family Fund

condu c to r pat ro n $20,00 0 + Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley Mr. David Boatwright The Laura & Montague Boyd Foundation in honor of Eleanor Huie Strain Mr. and Mrs. John W. Calhoun III Lucy and John Cook * deceased

To learn more about the Society for Artistic Excellence and how you may become a member please contact Rae Weimer at 404.881.8801.



corpo r at e pa rt n e r s $500,0 0 0 o r m o r e

f o u n d at i o n partners ( cont. ) $ 2 5 , 0 0 0+


J. Marshall and Lucile G. Powell Charitable Trust

The Coca-Cola Company

Livingston Foundation, Inc.

Zurich American Insurance Company

The Tull Charitable Foundation

$250,00 0+


The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

$100,0 0 0+ PricewaterhouseCoopers

$10,00 0+ Lanier Parking Solutions

John H. and Wilhelmina D. Harland Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation The Rockdale Foundation, Inc.

$5,000+ Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.

$5,000 +

Fraser-Parker Foundation


Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Genuine Parts Company

The Hertz Family Foundation, Inc.

Manulife Financial

The Home Depot Foundation

$2,500 + Anonymous

JBS Foundation The Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation


$ 2 , 5 0 0+

Deloitte and Touche

The Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta

Med Assets

Camp-Younts Foundation

$1,000 + Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP Atlanta Opera Guild

$150 + Oakwood Corporate Housing - Atlanta Refrigiwear Contributions received between July 1, 2009 through July 30, 2010

found at i o n pa rt n e r s $500,0 0 0 o r m o r e

Gertrude & William C. Wardlaw Fund Nordson Corporate Foundation Target Stores

$1,000+ Herbert and Marian Haley Foundation Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation Wachovia Foundation of Georgia

$ 2 5 0+ Bright Wings Foundation Lubo Fund, Inc.

The Goizueta Foundation

lo c a l & g ov e rnment funding $50,000+

$100,0 0 0+

Georgia Council for the Arts

Atlanta Music Festival Association The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation

$50,00 0 + The Rich Foundation The Sara Giles Moore Foundation The Zeist Foundation

$10,000+ National Endowment for the Arts

$5,000+ American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Southern Arts Federation


! ve te Sa Da e


Holiday Concert featuring

Walter Huff and Selected Members of The Atlanta Opera Chorus

december 13 and 14, 2010 at 7:30 pm All Saints’ Episcopal Church • $20 General /$10 Students & Seniors Visit for additional information.

In te rm ez zo

Spend Intermission with the Zurich General Director and Fellow Opera Lovers! Donate $2500 or more to The Atlanta Opera and have select access to Intermezzo Salon – a complimentary intermission reception where there’s always a glass of wine waiting for you! As a Patron, you will enjoy: • Backstage Tours

• Private Events & Rehearsals

• Complimentary Valet Parking

For information, call and speak to a Major Gifts Officer at 4o4.881.8801. NOTE: The Intermezzo Salon is located in the Main Lobby near the concierge desk.

& Dorothy Heyward, and Ira Gershwin

t h e g e r s h win s ® by George Gershwin, DuBose

2-OPERA Subscriptions START AT $50! Please see our information table in the lobby, visit, or call 4O4.88I.8885.

F e b r u a r y 2 6 , M a r c h I , 4 , 6 ( M ) , 2 O II

Laquita Mitchell Bess

Eric Greene Crown

NaGuanda Nobles Chauncey Packer Clara Sportin’ Life

Aundi Marie Moore, Serena

Keith Lockhart Conductor

wol f gang ama d e u s mo z a r t

Michael Redding Porgy

A p r i l 9 , I 2 , I 5 , I 7 ( M ) , 2 O II

Keri Alkema Fiordiligi

Jennifer Holloway Dorabella

Matthew Plenk Ferrando

Kiera Duffy Despina

Jason Hardy Don Alfonso

Jose Maria Condemi Director

Phillip Addis Guglielmo

Kazem Abdullah Conductor



2 O I O




On Saturday, September 25, over 300 guests at The 2010 Atlanta Opera Ball: Fête de l’Opéra – La vie bohème were transported back in time to 19th-century Paris. Attendees were treated to a cocktail reception in the French-inspired market place, with a delicious dinner and dancing in the exquisitely decorated ballroom. Silent auction items included a weekend in Napa at the Vino Bello Resort, a weekend at The Cloister on Sea Island, Thanks to the efforts of the event Co-Chairs, and a black-and-white print by notable Atlanta Marlene Alexander, Monica Dioda, and photographer Paul Hagedorn, among others. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr., and a group of dedicated, The true highlight of the evening was a vocal talented volunteers, the evening was a huge performance by soprano Grazia Doronzio and success and raised over $200,000. This year’s tenor Bryan Hymel, who are featured singers Honorary Chair was Alfred Kennedy, the in this production of La bohème. Thank you founding executive director of The Atlanta to all of the extremely generous Sponsors and Opera. Additional honorees included memPatrons of this year’s Ball; to Marlene, Monica, bers of the newly formed Heritage Circle, and Jack and their remarkable committee of comprised of all past ball chairs and volunteers; and to Alfred Kennedy, whose honorary ball chairs of The Atlanta Opera. vision we were proud to honor at this event. Other special guests included senior executives from Diamond Sponsor Wilmington Trust. We hope to see you all at next year’s Ball! The annual ball benefiting The Atlanta Opera was held at the St. Regis - Atlanta. Longtime supporters and a number of new friends shared in the celebration of the company’s history and its promising future.

D r . B ill K e nn y, M a r l e n e A l e x an d e r , Hono r a r y C h ai r A l f r e d K e nn e d y, M onica Dio d a , an d Jack Saw y e r c e l e b r at e d t h e 2 0 1 0 At lan ta O p e r a B all at a pa r t y h ono r ing t h e Ho s t C ommi t t e e an d H e r i tag e C i r cl e in e a r ly A ugu s t.



Listed on the following pages are donors who contributed $350 or more to The Atlanta Opera between July 1, 2009 and July 30, 2010. The lists reflect gifts from individuals, family foundations, Board of Directors, staff, chorus and orchestra. In these difficult economic times, we value every donor and appreciate the on-going support you provide. compo s e r ($ 1 0 , 0 0 0 +)

James M. and Andrea Braslavsky Kane

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hayes III

Dr. Marion Leathers Kuntz* and Dr. O. Alan Kuntz

Sandy and Harriet Miller

Louis Lawson

Bruce and Karen Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. McCamish

condu c to r ($ 5 , 0 0 0 +) Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Andy Berg R. Dwain Blackston Mr. Robert S. Devins Carl and Sally Gable Peg Simms Gary Jane and Don Gatley Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison Mr. James D. Powell Julia E. and James R. Robinson Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Robinson Judith and Mark Taylor Carol B. and Ramon Tome

princi pa l ($ 2 , 5 0 0 +) Dr. Kristin R. Corgan Mr. and Mrs. Denis Duncan Col. and Mrs. Edgar W. Duskin Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Gilham Jr. Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. P. Frank Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hantula Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Hills Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Howard Mr. Benton J. Mathis, Jr. The Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y. Jobe Mrs. Joseph W. Jones

Sally and Allen McDaniel Mr. William McDaniel Melissa E. McMorries and Jonathan Simmons Mrs. Amy Wynn Norman Edward W. Phares Ms. Joye McElroy John and Barbara Ross Milton J. Sams Morton and Angela Sherzer Mr. Nicholas Shreiber Dr. and Mrs. Patton P. Smith Mr. Thomas A. Stevens Jean and John Wilson Mr. W. C. Wyatt, Jr.

c h o ru s ($ 1 , 000 +) Mr. Keith E. Adams Julie and Jim Balloun Dr. Joseph C. Barnett and Dr. Florence C. Barnett Clinton and Barbara Bastin Mr. and Mrs. C. Duncan Beard Ms. Jan P. Beaves Dr. J. Bricker Burns Dr. & Mrs. W. Brantley Burns Chris Casey and Douglas Weiss Dr. Bruce Cassidy and Dr. Eda Hochgelerent Oliver Chiang Ms. Lillianette Cook Dr. John W. Cooledge Jean and Jerry Cooper Daniel Covington Mr. Randy L. Craven







Mrs. Overton A. Currie

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Daly Jr.

The Honorable Judge Dorothy A. Robinson

Ms. Suzanne Dansby Phelps

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Rodrigue

Carol and Jerry Demery

Dawn and Randall Romig

Ms. Sandra Ecker

Sachin Shailendra

Heike and Dieter Elsner

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Slappey

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ethridge, Jr.

Mr. Peter James Stelling

Ms. DeeAnn E. Evans

Yee-Wan and John Stevens

Dr. and Mrs. Arnoldo Fiedotin

Thomas and Katherine Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Folger

Dr. Jane T. St. Clair and Mr. James E. Sustman

Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer and Mr. Jon Buttrey

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Szikman

R. Derril Gay, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Tarbutton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Taylor

Mr. Thomas Gregory

Dr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor

Ms. Louise S. Gunn

Dr. Nicholas Valerio III

Mrs. Gwendolyn Halstead Brooker

Rae and George Weimer

Mr. Michael D. Hastings

Adair and Dick White

James E. Honkisz and Catherine A. Binns

Mr. and Mrs. Buck Wiley

Mr. and Mrs. James Horgan

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Ann P. and Ezra F. Howington

Mrs. Geraldine S. Woodward

Linda and Richard Hubert

The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Huffman

Drs. Martin and Holly York

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Yuschok

Lou and Tom Jewell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Keough Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Kessenich Mr. John O. King Joan and Arnold Kurth Mr. Lewis H. Larson Mr. and Mrs. J. David Lifsey Ms. Linda L. Lively and Mr. James E. Hugh III Mr. and Mrs. David Lowance Jeanie and Albert Marx Dan D. Maslia Ms. Kathrin Mattox Ms. Mary Ruth McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. McPhail III Mr. Frank M. Monger Terri and Stephen Nagler Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Palefsky Ms. Nadeen A. Paul Lucy S. Perry

s u s ta i n e r ($500 +) Wendy and Neal Aronson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker Dr. Asad Bashey Michael and Trudi Bisciotti Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blackwood Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel Mr. Eugene Boeke, Jr. Dr. Harold Brody Michael and Debra Caldwell David and Julia Chamblee Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Chandler Mrs. Carol J. Clark Mr. Henry Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Curry Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Denny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Duckworth Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Engeman Sr. Ms. Evans Dr. Mary M. Kent Mr. John Fischer



Mr. John Fischer

Ms. Regena J. Riffey

Heather and Eli Flint

Mr. David Ritter

Dr. and Mrs. Morton Galina

Ms. Barbara Rivenbark

Mr. and Mrs. John Gam

Ms. Heidi M. Rockwood

Mr. Paul Goggin

Sidney and Phyllis Rodbell

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldstein

Mr. Hervey S. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grant III

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Rountree


Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rowles

Judge Adele P. Grubbs

Sharon Schachter

Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. George Gundersen

Rev. Mr. Thomas B. Shuler

Jim and Virginia Hale


Mrs. Fern P. Hallman

Mr. Charles R. Sikora

Ms. Helen K. Hammonds

Mr. Brenn Smith

Mr. Ronald L. Harris and Mrs. Jacqueline Pownall

Mr. Fred B. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Haulton

Mr. Fred B. Smith

Mr. George Hickman, III

Gail and Barry Spurlock

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Howard

Ms. Antoinette L. Stewart

Dr. Karen Kuehn Howell

Judge and Mrs. Mike Stoddard

Dr. and Mrs. Duke Jackson, Jr.

Mr. N. Jerold Cohen and Ms. Andrea Strickland

Dr. Isabella T. Jenkins

Steve and Christine Strong

Mr. Doyle P. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Stuart

Ms. Jo. Elliott Jones

Ms. Melinda R. Stuk

Mr. Stephen J. Kalista

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Tarbutton

Mr. and Mrs. Gert Kampfer

Ms. Virginia S. Taylor

Mr. Treville Lawrence

Mr. Richard Thio

Dr. Jason Liebzeit

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. P. Mather Lindsay

Mr. James Todd

Mrs. Eileen Little

Mrs. Newell B. Tozzer

Dr. Jo Marie Lyons and Mrs. Betty C. Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Tuller

Dr. Jill Mabley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ventulett III

Stanley and Elaine Mager

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Walden

Shelley McGehee and Sylvia Debenport

Dr. and Mrs. James O. Wells, Jr.

Ms. Priscilla M. Moran

Ms. Anne Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Morelli II

Mr. Russell Williamson

Barbara and Mark Murovitz

Larry and Beverly Willson

Anne Lanier Mursch

Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. David Wingert

The Honorable and Mrs. George A. Novak

Sherrilyn and Donn Wright

Ms. Beverley Paquette

Ms. Mary L. Yost

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Paschal

Mr. and Mrs. John Zellner

George and Libba Pickett The Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr. Dr. Michael F. Pratt Mr. Klaus Rees Dr. and Mrs. W. Harrison Reeves

s u p p o rt e r ($350 +) Judith and Aaron Alembik Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Astriab Mr. David Baker







Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barksdale

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lembeck

Dr. and Mrs. John Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Lewis

Mr. Joe E. Bates

Livvy Kazer Lipson

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Beard

Dr. Robert and Judge Stephanie Manis

Ms. Lauren Benevich

Ms. Carol Martin

Dianne Berger

Mr. Thomas L. McCook

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Betor

Betty B. McKemie

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Blumenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller

Barbara S. Bruner, M.D.

Ms. Sharon Mills

Ms. Marion Bunker

Dr. Patricia S. Moulton

Mr. Alan Burstein

John and Agnes Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. George Cemore

Mrs. Murray Nichols

Mr. Hugh Cheek

Ms. Carol Niemi

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Chenault

Mr. Edward R. Nudd Jr.

Mr. Michael Clutter

Marianne and James P. O’Shields

Ms. Sally Combs

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Parrish III

Mr. Christopher S. Connelly

Edward and Marjorie Patterson

Mrs. June Crawford in Memory of Dr. James Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Penninger

Maureen and Michael Dailey

Roy and Olga Gomez Plaut

Mr. Robert Paul Dean

Mr. D. V. Pompilio and The Honorable S. L. Ingram

Ms. Elsie Draper

Mr. John M. Rittelmeyer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Dugger

Ms. Blanca Rohr

Wilton and Victoria Dvonch

Malcolm and Judy Roseman

Ms. Evelyn M. Dwiggins

Mr. Robert Sidewater

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Ehrenhalt

Princess Lindsay Smith and Royal Consort Derik Rinehart

Stuart and Margaret Frentz

Mr. William H. Sperry

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Frolich

Martha B. Stephens and Linda B. August

Mr. Glen Galbaugh

Dr. Susan Y. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Cleburne E. Gregory III

Ms. Jane G. Sullivan

Ms. Mary Joe Hanes

Mrs. Sarah Tate

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Havel

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Temple, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Helms

Ms. Patricia B. Thomas

Mr. L. D. Holland

Raymond C. Townsend

Mr. Scott Ingram

Mrs. Ruth E. Trager

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Jackson

Dr. and Mrs. Mel Twiest

Ms. Annette Janowitz

Ms. Juliana T. Vincenzino

Cliff Jolliff and Elaine Gerke

Alice P. Wade

Mr. J. Carter Joseph

Ms. Christina Wall

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Katze

Ms. Reba P. Welch

Ms. Eleanor Kinsey

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Williams

Mr. John S. Knox, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Williams

Mr. Zsolt Koppanyi

Emily Willingham and Dixon Adair

Mrs. Emma Lankford

Ms. Judith D. Wilson

Chris and Jill Le * deceased





The Atlanta Opera presents

Bon Appetit!

by Lee Hoiby at The Cook’s Warehouse Join The Atlanta Opera on Thursday evening, November 4th for a 30-minute musical comic culinary extravaganza that taps the wit and antics of one of the best-loved television personalities, Julia Child. Singer Susan Nicely performs the role of Julia Child and brings her charming personality and beautiful voice to the role. Guests will almost think that Ms. Child is present and actually baking a cake in the demonstration kitchen! The Cook’s Warehouse at Ansley Mall will host this important fundraiser for The Atlanta Opera. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call Amanda at 404.591.2928 or visit





i n m e m o ry o f n e a l e m a rt i n b e a rden Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Cohen

i n h o n o r o f d r . a n d m r s . j a m e s w. bl and, jr. Constance W. Treloar

in honor of ro b e rt g . e d g e Ms. Florida Ellis Mr. and Mrs. David Lowance

in honor of harriet harris Ms. Freya Harris

i n h o n o r o f wa lt e r h u f f Ms. Rina Rosenberg

i n m e m o ry o f m a r i o n l e at h e r s kuntz Tanya Bertsch Dennis Romano Mr. and Mrs. Jamison Shaw

i n h o n o r o f v i rg i n i a l a m Debra and Scott Pyron

i n m e m o ry o f r ac h e l ro s e n l e h mann Mr. Michael Friedman Jim and Eleanor Strain Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

i n h o n o r o f pau l m e l roy Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schwartz

i n h o n o r o f p o l ly pat e r Mr. Brian D. Beem Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slick Mr. Thomas B. Slick

i n m e m o ry o f n a n c y ta f f e l Branch Banking & Trust Co. Dr. Herbert W. Eber Cheryl and William Hadley Ms. Leslie Kennedy Ms. Elizabeth F. Meeker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wakefield Mr. Alan S. Yaillen and Ms. Laurie R. Dien

in honor of madge and philip f. l'engle and elizabeth l'engle tufts Mrs. Elizabeth Tufts Bennett

i n m em o ry o f m a rya g a b r i e l l e w i lliams Ms. Marilon Jone Williams

i n h o n o r o f c h a r l i e a n d m a ry yates Dr. David E. Sutherlan II and Mrs. Sarah F. Yates Sutherland




In Memoriam Remembering Marion Leathers Kuntz Dr. Kuntz retired from teaching at Georgia State University, where she had taught nearly three quarters of Georgia’s high school Latin A graduate of both Agnes Scott College and teachers. Many of her students, with whom Emory University, she went on to teach at she maintained very close relationships, went the Lovett School and Georgia State Union to become professors themselves. Her versity. Her career as a professor led to Dr. academic legacy shall stand eternal in the Kuntz being recognized as a distinguished form of her extensive corpus of research and professor at Georgia State University in 1994 writing, but also in the living memorial held and as a distinguished alumna of Agnes by every student that she touched. Scott in 1995. Only her very recent struggle with illness slowed her ongoing academic The Atlanta Opera is honored to have pursuits and international travels. Dr. Kuntz had Dr. Kuntz as a patron and donor. We are lived life fully and brilliantly, and was still in grateful for the donations made in her memory. demand as a speaker until the end. Dr. Marion Leathers Kuntz passed away quietly at home with her family, July 10, 2010.






Where there’s a will – there’s a way! The Atlanta Opera sincerely appreciates your generous support and belief in our mission of bringing the highest quality opera productions and education to our community. By leaving your legacy to The Atlanta Opera, you will receive the satisfaction of supporting an art form you care deeply about while providing a foundation for the future of opera for generations to come. Creating an estate plan requires advice from a professional. The Atlanta Opera encourages you to consult your advisor to make sure your gift will accomplish your intended goals. We are happy to meet with you to explore the options which are most beneficial to you and discuss how your gift can help preserve the Opera’s future. For further information, or if you have already named The Atlanta Opera in your plans and would like to be a member of the Encore Circle, please contact: Rae Weimer, Major Gifts Officer,, 404.343.7125.

The Encore Circle The Atlanta Opera established The Encore Circle to recognize and honor those donors who have designated the Opera as a beneficiary in their estate planning. Gifts from these individuals ensure our progress for generations to come. Anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley

Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Miller

Ms. Mary D. Bray

Miss Helen D. Moffitt

Estate of Anne Moore Colgin

Mr. J. Robert Morring

Mr. Robert Colgin

Mr. and Mrs. Bertil D. Nordin

Estate of Mrs. Judy Darby

Clara M. and John S. O’Shea

Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards

Mrs. Polly Pater

Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Elsner

Estate of Mr. Jack Poole

Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Gluck

Mrs. Hazel Sanger

Ms. Judy Hanenkrat

Mr. Paul Sanger

Estate of Mr. Albert L. Hibbard

Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr.

Estate of Mr. Robert N. Hoehn, Jr.

Ms. Barbara D. Stewart

Mr. Hilson Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Teepen

Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison

Mr. Richard F. Tigner

Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Whitney

Estate of Mrs. Alfred D. Kennedy, Sr.

Estate of Mrs. Ruth D. Williams

Estate of Mrs. Isabelle Woolford Kennedy

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Ms. Corina M. LaFrossia

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Yates, Sr.

Mr. Louis L. Lawson

Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Mitchell Yates

Mr. Robert Lee Mays

Ms. Mary L. Yost

Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. McDaniel Estate of Michael A. McDowell

Our Professional Ensemble Bruce V. Benator, CPA, Managing Partner Kevin J. Hedrick, CPA, Partner Steven G. Horn, CPA, Partner Laura E. Speir, CPA, Partner Patricia A. Yeager, CPA, Partner

Certified Public Accountants and Consultants For over 25 years, the FIRM of CHOICE in Atlanta

NO rehearsals ONLY performances 1040 Crown Pointe Parkway, NE • Suite 400 • Atlanta, Georgia 30338 Phone: 770.512.0500 • • Fax: 770.512.0200 Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Russell Bedford International




The Verdi Society was created by the Board of Directors to honor those whose philanthropy support and dedication has been instrumental in the growth of The Atlanta Opera. Membership in the Verdi Society is limited to those individuals, corporations and organizations whose gifts have accumulated to $100,000 and above.


To learn more about the Verdi Society and how you may become a member, please contact Rae Weimer at 404.881.8801.

$ 2 5 0 , 0 0 0+


Atlanta Music Festival Association Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. Georgia Council for the Arts The Goizueta Foundation Sara Giles Moore Foundation Mrs. W. Harry Willson The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc.

$500,000+ Anonymous (2) AT&T The Coca-Cola Company Fulton County Arts Council Mrs. Alfred D. Kennedy, Sr.* Ms. Barbara D. Stewart Wachovia Bank Zurich American Insurance Company

Anonymous Atlanta Journal-Constitution** Charles Loridans Foundation Mrs. Olga Casteleiro de Goizueta Mr. and Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Candy and Greg Johnson The Kendeda Fund Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy and Dr. Bill Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Keough Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Peggy and Jack McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Melosi The Rich Foundation Sara Giles Moore Foundation StarEnterprise Ms. Alyce Toonk David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund Bob and Cappa Woodward

$100,000+ American Color Graphics** Shepard and Boyce Ansley Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Antinori The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Famous New Orleans Style Food and Right around the corner! Rd





m b M erla all n d

Ga lle






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Exit 258


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nd B




erl a

bb Ce Ga nt lle re ria

Cu mb


gy er En re bb nt Co Ce


CUMBERLAND 3131 Cobb Pkwy.



Restaurant • Bar • Cheesecake Bakery





$100,00 0 + The Atlanta Foundation

Mrs. Deen Day Sanders

Bank of America

Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr. and Dr. William E. Torres

Mr. Robert O. Breitling, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk

Ms. Janine Brown and Mr. Alex J. Simmons, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Searle

The Coca-Cola Foundation

Mr. William F. Snyder and Mr. Louis A. Peneguy

Mr. and Mrs.* Robert Colgin

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Roth

Cumberland Community Improvement District

SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Delta Air Lines, Inc.**

Judith and Mark Taylor

Mr. Robert S. Devins

The Tull Charitable Foundation

Fidelity National Bank

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Friends of The Atlanta Opera

Thomas and Loraine Williams Foundation

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Ruth Dimick Williams

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Jean and John Wilson

Gertrude & William C. Wardlaw Fund

Rhys and Carolyn Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gillfillan

Wadleigh C. Winship*

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Gluck*

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Goodwin

The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Gregory, Jr.

* deceased

John L. Hammaker Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hayes III Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison Industrial Developments International J. Marshall and Lucile G. Powell Charitable Trust The Jim Cox, Jr. Foundation The Junior League of Atlanta The Katherine John Murphy Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Klump Livingston Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Malcolm The Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation Sally and Allen McDaniel Mellon - Private Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs.* James B. Miller, Jr. Mrs. O. Ray Moore National Endowment for the Arts Clara M. and John S. O’Shea Mrs. Polly N. Pater Mr. William E. Pennington Mr. Jack Poole The Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund PricewaterhouseCoopers The Residence Inn by Marriott**

** gi f t s

in kin d



As a child, there was

nothing better than using your imagination. Now there’s nothing better than stimulating it. And there’s no better place than the Woodruff Arts Center to do that. Experience one of the nation’s hottest destinations for visual and performing arts – a dynamic cultural center right in your backyard. Visit us at



the HIGH

IDINA MENZEL WITH THE ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Tony Award-winning powerhouse vocalist Idina Menzel returns to perform with the Orchestra. Following star turns in Rent and Wicked on Broadway, Ms. Menzel joined the cast of TV’s hit show Glee as the coach of a rival glee club. 11.12.10

8:00 pm

“DALI: THE LATE WORK” HIGH MUSEUM OF ART The first exhibition to focus on Dalí's art after 1940, featuring more than 40 paintings and a related group of drawings, prints and other Dalí objects. 8.07.10 - 1.09.11 Image: Philippe Halsman (American, born Latvia, 1906–1979), Dalí’s Mustache, 1953. © Philippe Halsman Archive. Right of Publicity Reserved by Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.

“THE NACIREMA SOCIETY REQUESTS THE HONOR OF YOUR PRESENCE AT A CELEBRATION OF THEIR FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS” ALLIANCE THEATRE Young love, old flames, six stunning dresses...what would dare go awry? A sparkling new romantic comedy featuring Jasmine Guy by New York Times bestselling author Pearl Cleage. 10.20.10 - 11.14.10






As of July 13, 2010

office r s

m e m b e r s ( co n t.)

Chairman Emeritus, Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley

Mr. Harmon B. Miller, III, Miller Zell, Inc.

Chairman, Mr. Gregory F. Johnson,

Mr. James B. Miller, Fidelity Bank

Republic National Distributing Company, Inc. President, Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr., Zurich Financial Services Group

Dr. John O’Shea, Emory Health Systems, retired Mr. William E. Pennington Mr. James D. Powell, KPMG, LLP

Vice President, Ms. Barbara D. Stewart, Stewart Economics

Mr. James R. Robinson, Schiff Hardin LLP

Treasurer, Mr. Michael Keough, DMK International

Mr. Bruce A. Roth, Roth & Associates, Inc.

Secretary, Mr. Robert G. Woodward, King & Spalding

Mr. J. Barry Schrenk, Taggarts’ Driving School

membe r s Mr. Bryan H. Barnes, Deloitte & Touche, LLP Mr. Andy Berg, Homrich Berg Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. Mr. Montague L. Boyd, III, UBS Financial Ms. Sharon J. Byers, The Coca-Cola Company Mrs. John W. Calhoun, III The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler, Cathedral of St. Philip Mr. G. Bert Clark, Jr., Estate Strategies Group, LLC Mr. Mario Concha, Concha Consulting LLC Mr. David Connell, Georgia Power Ms. Martha Thompson Dinos

Mr. Stewart A. Searle, Strategic Thought Partners Mr. Sachin Shailendra, S G Contracting Mr. Charles Sharbaugh, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP Mr. Timothy E. Sheehan, Mellon Private Wealth Management Mr. Baker A. Smith, BDO Consulting Corp. Advisors, LLC. Mr. Kessel D. Stelling, Jr., Synovus Mr. G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr., Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Mr. William E. Tucker, Tucker, Midis & Associates, LLC Mr. Timothy J. Walsh, Lanier Parking Solutions Mr. Thomas R. Williams Mrs. Harry Willson, Sunnyland Farms, Inc. Mr. Rhys T. Wilson, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, LLP Mr. Alexander P. Woollcott, Thompson Hine, LLP

Mr. Denis Duncan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC

h o n o r a ry m e mbers

Mr. Robert G. Edge, Alston & Bird

Mr. Carl I. Gable

Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards

Mr. John S. Gillfillan

Mr. Dieter Elsner, Roedl Langford de Kock LP

Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr., WestPoint Stevens

Mr. Eli Flint, Flight Options

Mr. Carter Joseph, Empire Distributors

Mr. David Greene, Credit Suisse

Mr. Donald Keough, DMK International

Dr. Edwin Gordon, The Walker School

Mrs. Jack C. McDowell

Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross

Chairman Sam Olens

Mr. John L. Hammaker

Mr. Mark K. Taylor, HT Group, LLC

Mr. John Michael Hancock

Mrs. John C. Wilson

Mr. William J. Hayes, III, Bain & Company, Inc.

Ms. Bunny Winter, The Coca-Cola Co., retired

Mr. Thomas D. Hills, State of Georgia Mr. Douglas R. Hooker, PBS&J Mr. John Isakson, Jr., Williams Asset Management Ms. Mary B. James Mrs. Carl Knobloch Sally S. McDaniel, Sally S. McDaniel Consulting & Training Ms. Melissa E. McMorries, Taylor English Duma, LLP Mr. Richard McPhail, The Home Depot, Inc.

e x - o f f i c i o m embers Mr. Dennis Hanthorn, Zurich General Director

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When investing, we’ve found “less is more” – by reducing losses, clients actually earned more. Since 1986, we’ve helped investors navigate unpredictable cycles and turbulent markets. There’s more to learn. Call us, visit our website, or contact your financial advisor.

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EQUITY INVESTMENT CORPORATION Quality Foundation • Value Discipline • Growth Objective 404-239-0111 • Toll-free: 877-342-0111 • 3007 Piedmont Road • Atlanta, GA 30305




conces s i o n s Concession stands are located in the center of the lobbies on all three levels. Food and beverage items are prohibited inside the theatre. Thank you for your cooperation. restro o m s Restrooms are located on house right and house left of all three lobbies. Family restrooms are also located on house right of all three lobbies. Mobility-impaired patrons may use any of our restrooms. parkin g There are , parking spaces available at a $ charge per car. Valet service is available for $. Please be sure to allow enough time for travel to the theatre and parking as there is no late seating. atm There is one Bank of North Georgia ATM located in the grand lobby.


s pe c i a l a s s i s tance Persons requiring access assistance are asked to contact the box office at 770.916.2850 for advance arrangements. Audio clarification devices are available to our hearing impaired guests at no charge. This is on a first-come, first-served basis, or you may call the House Manager ahead of time to reserve one ... A limited number of booster seats are also available. All items require a form of identification to be held until the item is returned.

cobb energy centre rules & requests • All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket in order to be admitted to the performance. Please be aware that not all performances are suitable for children.

coat c h e c k Coat check is available at the concierge desk.

• Infants will not be admitted to adult programs. Parents will be asked to remove children who create a disturbance.

emerge n c y i n f o r m at i o n In the event of an emergency, please locate the nearest usher who will direct you to the appropriate exit.

• There is no late seating allowed. Closedcircuit monitors are provided in the lobby as a courtesy to latecomers.

elevato r s Elevators are located on each side of the lobbies on all levels. lost a n d f o u n d Lost and Found items are turned into the concierge desk on the day of a performance. To inquire about a lost item, please call the House Manager at ... smokin g Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Please use the terrace exit to step outside and smoke.

• Please turn off all cell phones prior to the beginning of each performance. • Please limit conversation during the performance. • Cameras (including use of cell phone camera) and audio & video recording devices are strictly prohibited at all times. • Leaving while the show is in progress is discourteous and we ask that you refrain from doing so. • Please unwrap all candies and cough drops before the performance.

encore2:Layout 1


11:05 AM

Page 2


“Atlanta’s Best Southern & Wait Staff” —The Sunday Paper A “Top Ten Atlanta Restaurant” —Jezebel

Just blocks from Woodruff Arts Center at 1144 Crescent Avenue Dinner served Monday-Thursday 5-10pm; Friday-Saturday 5-10:30pm; Sundays 5-10pm 404.873.7358 • Present your ticket stub and receive 10% off dinner (one per table).





z u r i c h g e n e r a l d i r e c to r Dennis Hanthorn m a n ag i n g d i r e c to r Paul Melroy artisti c / p ro d u c t i o n / e d u c at i o n

t h e at l a nta opera costume shop

Arthur Fagen, Music Director

Joanna Schmink, Costume Coordinator

Elecia Crowley, Artistic Administrator

Patricia McMahon, Costume Shop Manager

Michael Benedict, Production Manager

Ken McNeil, Wardrobe Supervisor

Emmalee Iden, Education Manager

Synithia Cochran, First Hand

Kimberly Harbrecht, Education Assistant

Melinda Brown, First Hand

Walter Huff, Chorus Master

Brett Parker, Stitcher

Sarah Katherine Taylor, Intern Alexandra Luce, Intern

s e a s o n a l staff John Beaulieu, Technical Director/Master Carpenter

market i n g / co m m u n i c at i o n s

Sherrie Dee Brewer, Production Stage Manager

Cristina Vรกsconez Herrera, Director of

Amy Soll, Assistant Stage Manager

Marketing & Communications

Emily Diller, Assistant Stage Manager

Alice M. Stoner, Assistant Director of Marketing

Catherine Babb, Properties Master

Dallas Duncan Franklin, Creative Services Manager

Patricia Tuckwiller, Master Electrician

Laura Soldati, Communications Manager

Stephen Dubay, Master Electrician

Alan Strange, Ticketing Services Manager

J. Montgomery Schuth, Wig and Makeup Artist

Lindsay V.W. Smith, Ticketing Services Associate

Aida Scuffle, Wig and Makeup Artist

Rykie Belles, Ticketing Services Associate / Receptionist

Christian Ellesmere-Jones, Wig and Makeup Artist

develo p m e n t Mary K. Roarabaugh, Director of Development Gregory P. Carraway, Foundation & Grants Manager Rae Weimer, Major Gifts Officer Dzauya Nkuchwayo, Annual Fund Manager Amanda Wilborn, Executive Assistant / Special Events Coordinator

financ e / a d m i n i s t r at i o n Bret Busch, Data Operations Manager Ashley Gilleland, Accounting Manager Stephanie Cantillo, Office Manager

cobb e n e rg y pe r f o r m i n g a rts centre p ro d u c t i o n s ta f f Johannes Pikel, Technical Director Bryan Huggett, Head Electrician Chris Barber, Audio Engineer

Katrina Suhre, Wig and Makeup Artist Tracy Swiatly, Wig and Makeup Artist

Log onto now and register to win tickets to these upcoming performances: Irving Berlin's White Christmas at the Fox Theatre Enter by October 22, 2010 Win a pair of tickets to see Theater of the Stars production of Irving Berlin's White Christmas at the Fox Theatre during its November 2-7 run.

Middle School Musical at the Alliance Theatre Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win a pair of tickets to see Middle School Musical at the Alliance Theatre during its October 23-30 run.

The Nacirema Society at the Alliance Theatre Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win a pair of tickets to see The Nacirema Society Requests the Honor of Your Presence at a Celebration of Their First One Hundred Years (starring Jasmine Guy) at the Alliance Theatre during its October 20-November 14 run.

Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre Monday, November 15, 2010

Win a family four-pack of tickets to see Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre during its November 27-December 26 run.

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South City Kitchen

restaurant Listings Looking for a great night out? Try one of these local restaurants before or after the show. For Dinner and a Show packages, visit Neighborhood codes: A–Alpharetta, B–Buckhead, IP–Inman Park, OFW–Old Fourth Ward, M­—Midtown, D–Downtown, P–Perimeter Mall area, SS–Sandy Springs, VH–Virginia-Highland, V—Vinings, W–Westside

American Broadway Diner Unique, due to its food and décor, the Broadway Diner serves great food (including authentic Greek cuisine) at awesome prices. Based on a Broadway-style theme, the diner is perfect for families and business people. 620 Peachtree St. NE, (404) 477-9600, M Einstein’s The place that puts a smile on your face. Dining with an emphasis on service, Einstein’s offers innovative competitively-priced cuisine in a warm, accommodating environment. Enjoy a delicious meal on their award-winning patio and sip on their infamous martinis. 1077 Juniper St., 404-876-7925, M Garrison’s A neighborhood destination known for high quality food, generous portions and a comfortable setting. Superb wine and specialty cocktails compliment the highest quality seafood, steaks and creative sandwiches. Their outside dining is perfect for relaxing and people-watching. Vinings Jubilee Shopping Center, 4300 Paces Ferry Rd., 770-436-0102, V Goodfellas Pizza and Wings brings you the finest pizza in the Atlanta area. Using the freshest

ingredients, Goodfellas offers everything you need for lunch and dinner — pasta, salads, calzones, subs and, of course, pizza and wings. 615 Spring St. NW, 404-347-7227, M Hudson Grille is the perfect place to catch a game, to meet friends for a great meal or to enjoy drinks at one of their expansive bars. Four locations: Midtown, 942 Peachtree St. NE, 404-249-9468; Alpharetta, 865 North Main St., 770-777-4127; Perimeter, 4400 Ashford-Dunwoody, 770-3500134; Brookhaven, 4046 Peachtree Rd., 404-2330313, M,A,P,B Joe’s Inside and out on the patio, this hotspot’s nostalgic charm sets the stage for a wholly unique tavern experience. With an accent on congenial good times, Joe’s sassy food servers keep patrons smiling, while the master mixologists behind the bar whip up drinks known for their flavor and potency. Midtown: 1049 Juniper St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, 404-875-6344; College park: 2144 Sullivan Rd, College Park, GA, 404-844-5000, M Lenox Square Grill offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. DJ every Friday and Saturday night til 2am. Private meeting rooms accommodate up to 150. 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404.841.2377, B

Livingston Restaurant and Bar It’s hard to beat the location (across the street from the Fox Theatre in the Georgian Terrace), and diners get complimentary parking, but the main attraction is the glamour of the main dining room, which has hosted the likes of Clark Gable, and the al fresco seating area, which is available in warm weather. 659 Peachtree St. NE, 404-897-5000, M Lobby The menu focuses on seasonal fare at this sophisticated American restaurant in the lobby of TWELVE Atlantic Station. 361 17th St., 404-9617370, M ONE.midtown kitchen Dine on fresh, seasonal American cuisine in a club-like atmosphere near Piedmont Park. 559 Dutch Valley Rd., 404-8924111, M Murphy’s This restaurant has one of the city’s top brunch menus, but it’s known for great peoplewatching and its contemporary comfort food. 997 Virginia Ave., 404-872-0904, VH Two Urban Licks “Fiery” American cooking meets live music at this hip hangout. 820 Ralph McGill Blvd., 404-522-4622, M

American/steakhouse Cowtippers is known as an avid supporter of the community, whimsy and down right good oldfashioned fun. Home to traditional steak house fare served with creative twists; enjoy huge desserts, 25 types of margaritas, and the best burgers in town. 1600 Piedmont Ave., 404-8743751, M Joey D’s Oakroom Near Perimeter Mall, this stylish steak house has a staggering selection of spirits and a hot after-dinner singles scene. 1015 Crown Pointe Pkwy., 770-512-7063, P New York Prime A Prime Time Top 10 USDA Prime Steakhouse known for its wine list, atmosphere and world class service. 3424 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404846-0644, B Prime Enjoy steak, sushi and seafood in a festive atmosphere near Lenox Mall. 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-812-0555, B Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse A favorite local steak house with multiple locations near shopping and entertainment hotspots. Sides are generous, and the quality of the steaks and seafood is excellent.

Three locations: Buckhead, 3285 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-365-0660; Sandy Springs, 5788 Roswell Rd., 404-255-0035; Centennial Olympic Park, 267 Marietta St., 404-223-6500; B, SS, D The Tavern at Phipps This is one of Atlanta’s hottest after-work spots, and has been singled out for its happy hour and singles scene by Jezebel, InSite Magazine and the AOL City Guide. 3500 Peachtree Rd. NW, 404-814-9640, B

American/southern South City Kitchen With a stylish, Southerncontemporary menu, this DiRoNA restaurant helped make grits hip for the business crowd. Sundays are BBQ Nite. Two locatons: Midtown: 1144 Crescent Ave. 404-873-7358, Vinings: 1675 Cumberland Pkwy. 770-435-0700, M, V Terrace celebrates American heirloom recipes through supporting local and regional farmers, fisherman and producers. It recaptures the pure simple flavors and tastes of natural and organic ingredients while bursting with delicious flavors. 176 Peachtree St. NW, 678.651.2770, D

asian fusion Aja Restaurant & Bar Serving modern Asian cuisine, Aja has a 150-seat patio overlooking Buckhead and a huge lounge, where diners nosh on dim sum and sip mai tais. 3500 Lenox Rd., Ste. 100, 404-231-0001, B Noodle continues its proven approach to Asian cuisine with a menu that offers fresh, madeto order dishes, house-made curries, and an upscale Pan Asian array of choices at a lower price than you’d typically find in similarly themed establishment. Decatur: 205 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030, 404-378-8622; Midtown: 903 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA 30309, 404-6853010; College Park: 3693 Main St., College Park, GA, 30337, (404) 767-5154, M

bakery Sugar Shack From breakfast paninis in the morning, signature sandwiches for lunch and dinner, and amazing cakes, pies, cheescakes, cupcakes and coffee...there is something for everyone at every hour at the Sugar Shack. Life is sweet.... 4058

Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30319, 404-816-6161, B

brew pub/gormet pub fare Gordon Biersch Fresh-brewed beers are a tasty accent to this brewery-restaurant’s hearty pizzas, salads and sandwiches. For a small additional fee, pre-show diners can leave cars in the lot while they’re at the Fox. Two locations: Midtown: 848 Peachtree St. NE, 404-870-0805; Buckhead: 3242 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-264-0253, M, B Tap A gastropub offering easy-to-share pub fare and an extensive beer selection. The patio is a great place to chill after work. 1180 Peachtree St., 404-347-2220, M

creole/cajun Parish New Orleans-inspired dishes served with a modern twist and a fully stocked raw bar; a Nawlins-inspired brunch is served on the weekends. Downstairs, a take-away market sells sandwiches, spices, pastries and beverages. 240 N. Highland Ave., 404-681-4434, IP

european fusion Ecco Esquire Magazine named this casual, European-influenced bistro a “Best New Restaurant in America.” It’s also gotten raves for its killer wine list, wood-fired pizzas, and impressive meat and cheese menus. 40 Seventh St. NE, 404-347-9555, M Nikolai’s Roof is an award-winning AAA Four Diamond restaurant and the epitome of fine dining at its best. Delight in the option of a four, six or eight-course tasting menu with wine pairings or an innovative a la carte menu. Enjoy intense flavors and tastes, fresh ingredients and an elegant ambiance with a view overlooking Atlanta’s starlit skyline. 255 Courtland St. NE, (404) 221-6362, D

italian La Tavola Serving classic Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner in the heart of Virginia-Highland. 992 Virginia Ave., 404-873-5430, VH

mediterranean/latin/asian fusion Shout A young crowd keeps Shout’s rooftop lounge hopping every night. The menu reflects

a mix of Mediterranean, Far Eastern and South American influences. 1197 Peachtree St. NE, 404846-2000, M

MEXICAN Cantina Tequila & Tapas Bar is located in the Terminus building on the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont roads. It features authentic Mexican cuisine and has become Buckhead’s newest watering hole. Join us weekly for $2 Taco Night every Tuesday, Buck Wild Wednesdays, when certain items are only $1, and Disco Thursday. 3280 Peachtree Rd. NW, Terminus 100, Ste. 150, 404-892-9292, B El Taco An eco-friendly watering hole serving fresh Mexican food made with all-natural meats and killer margaritas. 1186 N. Highland Ave. NE, 404-873-4656,

seafood/sushi Coast Seafood and Raw Bar serves Atlanta’s freshest seafood and island cocktails. The menu incorporates classics including crab and corn hush puppies, a signature seafood boil, and a variety of raw or steamed oysters, clams and mussels; along with signature fresh catch entrees. 111 W. Paces Ferry Rd. NW, 404-869-0777, B Goldfish This fun seafood/sushi restaurant has Happy Hour specials Mon-Fri and nightly entertainment in its lounge. 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., 770-671-0100, P

spanish/tapas Noche A Virginia-Highland favorite known for its Spanish-style tapas dishes and margaritas. 1000 Virginia Ave., 404-815-9155, VH

steak/sushi Room This elegant restaurant serves steak and sushi on the ground floor of the TWELVE Centennial Park hotel. 400 W. Peachtree St., 404418-1250, D Strip This sophisticated steak, seafood and sushi restaurant offers an in-house DJ and a rooftop deck. Atlantic Station at 18th St., 404-385-2005, M Twist This lively restaurant has a huge bar, satay station, tapas menu, sushi and seafood dishes; patio seating is first-come, first-served. 3500 Peachtree Rd. NW, 404-869-1191, B

For an accounting firm that has earned a reputation for business sense and people sense, you want GH&I. Audiences have been singing our praises for nearly 30 years. GH&I and The Atlanta Opera. Experience matters.

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Encore Atlanta The Atlanta Opera la boheme  

Encore Atlanta is the official show program for The Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (at Woodruff Arts Center and Verizon Wireless Am...

Encore Atlanta The Atlanta Opera la boheme  

Encore Atlanta is the official show program for The Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (at Woodruff Arts Center and Verizon Wireless Am...