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The Bailey Performance Center at the Kennesaw State University School of Music presents the 2009-10 Premiere Series, featuring

Lionel Loueke Trio Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 8 p.m.

Jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke possesses a fresh musical voice that is all his own. A protégé of legends Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Loueke’s performance takes you on an adventure through his unique mixture of African traditions and modern jazz.

Alisa Weilerstein, CELLO

Lera Auerbach, PIANO

Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 8 p.m. Two remarkable artists join forces in a unique collaboration featuring gifted composer and pianist Lera Auerbach and the passionate musical voice of cellist Alisa Weilerstein.

Visit us on the web at TICKETS: (770) 423-6650 | Student tickets and group discounts available.


These performances are supported in part by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Georgia Council for the Arts. Kennesaw State University, a unit of the University System of Georgia, is an equal opportunity educational institution which does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.





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dennis hanthorn - Zurich General Director

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dennis hanthorn (j.d. scott)

For just the third time in the Atlanta Opera’s 30-year history, we are pleased to present to you Verdi’s triumphant Aida, an opera that for many epitomizes the dramatic, musical and spectacular qualities that continue to attract people to grand opera. Our production, conducted by Yoel Levi, features the role debut of Mary Elizabeth Williams, last seen on the Atlanta Opera stage in our 2005 production of Porgy and Bess. Rounding out this outstanding cast is Italian tenor Antonello Palombi, baritone Mark Delavan, our “Dutchman” from last season’s production of The Flying Dutchman, mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Bishop and Atlantan Morris Robinson. With you, I look forward to seeing and listening to this masterpiece of the opera repertoire.

rate, as you have come to expect from The Atlanta Opera. Representatives from Atlanta Opera Ticketing Services will be in the lobby at both intermissions to help you with your season ticket renewals and purchases. Thank you for choosing to attend today’s performance. We hope you’ll share your opera experience with family and friends. The final production in our 30th anniversary season, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, will be enjoyable for opera aficionados and novices, young and old. Please bring your family, invite a friend and join us!

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about our exciting 2010-2011 season of three operas – Puccini’s beloved La bohème, Gershwin’s American classic Porgy and Bess, and Mozart’s funny and poignant Così fan tutte. Though we only will be presenting three productions Dennis Hanthorn instead of four next season to ensure the Zurich General Director long-term financial health of our company, I The Atlanta Opera can assure you the artistic quality will be first-







4/6 8pm


in Symphony Hall MARCH

11-13 8pm

LISZT: Piano Concerto No. 2 BEETHOVEN:Leonore Overture No. 3 STRAVINSKY:Petrouchka VASSILY SINAISKY, conductor KIRILL GERSTEIN, piano


1/3 8pm

BACH: Concerto in D minor STRAVINSKY:Suite from Pulcinella STRAVINSKY:Suite from The Firebird KRISTJAN JÄRVI, conductor SIMONE DINNERSTEIN, piano

Robert Spano Music Director

Woodruff Arts Center Box Office 404.733.5000 2009/2010 SEASON SPONSOR










Myth: It’s “business as usual” at The Atlanta Opera. FACT: The Board of Directors was proactive and made the decision to cut a production for the 2010-2011 season, freeze salaries, reduce operating expenses and leave unfilled staff positions open. We are “making do” with less, and, as always, are being fiscally prudent and good stewards of our finances. Myth: Ticket sales cover all the costs of the opera. FACT: In order to ensure that prices are affordable, ticket sales cover only 1/3 of production expenses. People like YOU make additional donations that generously subsidize the rest of the cost to make this possible. Low-priced, subsidized tickets make it possible for anyone who wants to see opera to afford it! Myth: “Someone” will help and make a donation. FACT: Do not assume that “someone” will support the opera, because in fact, YOU are that “someone” on whom we depend. Your financial support is now more important than ever before to help us meet our operating expenses and continue to provide outstanding productions and educational outreach programs for our community. We are doing what we can on our end, but we cannot do it alone! Please invest in the future of The Atlanta Opera today so we can continue to thrill, educate and inspire you for years to come. Make your tax-deductible donation online at or mail your gift to: The Atlanta Opera 1575 Northside Drive NW Bldg. 300, Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30318. Thank you!

Mary K. Roarabaugh Director of Development FACT: YOU are important to The Atlanta Opera’s success.

music Giuseppe Verdi

co n d uctor Yoel Levi

l i b r e t to Antonio Ghislanzoni

d i r e ctor Trevore Ross

World Premiere: Khedivial Opera House, Cairo, December 24, 1871 European Premiere: La Scala, Milan, February 8, 1872 American Premiere: Academy of Music, New York, November 26, 1873 Sung in Italian with English supertitles Approximate Running Time:  hr,  min There will be two 20-minute intermissions, and a brief pause between Acts III and IV. Aida.............................................................................................. Mary Elizabeth Williams Amneris......................................................................................................Elizabeth Bishop Radamès................................................................................................. Antonello Palombi Amonasro....................................................................................................... Mark Delavan Ramfis....................................................................................................... Morris Robinson King of Egypt............................................................................................. Kenneth Kellogg Messenger..................................................................................................... Timothy Miller Priestess . .............................................................................................................Amy Little Choreographer – Rosa Mercedes Assistant Director – David Paul Sets designed by Phillip Silver Provided by the New Orleans Opera Association Costumes provided by A.T. Jones Lighting designed by Donald Thomas Chorus prepared by Walter Huff Costumes coordinated by Joanna Schmink Wigs and Makeup designed by Sue Sittko Schaefer Assistant Conductor and Musical Preparation by Craig Kier English supertitles by James Meena Supertitles operated by Ellen Chamberlain Pianos provided by Kawai 200 9 - 2 0 1 0 s e a s o n s p o n s o r AT&T

p ro d u ction sponsors Atlanta Music Festival Association

o pe n i n g n i g h t pe r f o r m a n c e s p onsor The Coca-Cola Company A 30th Anniversary Salute to our Production and Artist Sponsors.


2009 - 2 0 1 0



a rt i s t s p o n s o r s The Appearance of Elizabeth Bishop: Mr. William Snyder and Mr. Louise Peneguy The Appearance of Mark Delavan: The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund The Appearance of Kenneth Kellogg: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keough The Appearance of Amy Little: Mr. and Mrs. William Tucker The Appearance of Timothy Miller: Mr. and Mrs. David Dorman The Appearance of Antonello Palombi: Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Johnson The Appearance of Morris Robinson: Ms. Martha Thompson Dinos The Appearance of Mary Elizabeth Williams: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodward Conductor Yoel Levi: The Carl and Sally Gable Music Director and Conductor Stage Director Trevore Ross: Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Searle III


act i Egypt, during the reign of the pharaohs. At the royal palace in Memphis, the high priest Ramfis tells the warrior Radamès that Ethiopia is preparing another attack against Egypt. Radamès hopes to command his army. He is in love with Aida, the Ethiopian slave of Princess Amneris, the king’s daughter. Radamès dreams that victory in the war would enable him to free her and marry her (“Celeste Aida”). But Amneris loves Radamès, and when the three meet, she jealously senses his feelings for Aida. A messenger tells the king of Egypt and the assembled priests and soldiers that the Ethiopians are advancing. The king names Radamès to lead the army, and all join in a patriotic anthem. Left alone, Aida is torn between her love for Radamès and loyalty to her native country, where her father, Amonasro, is king (“Ritorna vincitor”). She prays to the gods for mercy. In the temple of Vulcan, the priests consecrate Radamès. Ramfis orders him to protect the homeland.

prisoners to be overruled and for them to be freed. The king grants his request but keeps Amonasro in custody. The king declares that as a victor’s reward, Radamès will have Amneris’s hand in marriage.

ac t i i i On the eve of Amneris’s wedding, Ramfis and Amneris enter a temple on the banks of the Nile to pray. Aida, who is waiting to meet Radamès in secret, is lost in thoughts of her homeland (“O patria mia”). Suddenly Amonasro appears. Invoking Aida’s sense of duty, he makes her promise to find out from Radamès which route the Egyptian army will take to invade Ethiopia (Duet: “Rivedrai le foreste imbalsamate”). Amonasro hides as Radamès enters and assures Aida of his love (Duet: “Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida”). They dream about their future life together, and Radamès agrees to run away with her. Aida asks him about his army’s route, and just as he reveals the secret, Amonasro emerges from his hiding place. When he realizes that Amonasro is the Ethiopian king, act ii Radamès is desperate about what he has done. Ethiopia has been defeated, and Amneris waits While Aida and Amonasro try to calm him, for the triumphant return of Radamès. When Ramfis and Amneris step out of the temple. Aida approaches, the princess sends away her Father and daughter are able to escape, but other attendants so that she can learn her slave’s Radamès surrenders to the priests. private feelings (Duet: “Fu la sorte dell’armi”). She first pretends that Radamès has fallen in ac t i v battle, then says he is still alive. Aida’s reactions Radamès awaits trial as a traitor. He believes leave no doubt that she loves Radamès. Aida to be dead but then learns from Amneris Amneris, determined to be victorious over her that she has survived. Amneris offers to save rival, leaves for the triumphal procession. At him if he renounces her rival but Radamès the city gates the king and Amneris observe refuses. Brought before the priests, he remains the celebrations and crown Radamès with silent to their accusations and is condemned a victor’s wreath (Triumphal scene: “Gloria to be buried alive. Amneris begs for mercy, but all’Egitto”). Captured Ethiopians are led the judges will not change their verdict. She in. Among them is Amonasro, Aida’s father, curses the priests. Aida has hidden in the vault who signals his daughter not to reveal his to share Radamès’s fate. They express their identity as king. Radamès is impressed love for the last time (Duet: “O terra, addio’) by Amonasro’s eloquent plea for mercy while Amneris, in the temple above, prays for and asks for the death sentence on the Radamès’s soul. Courtesy of Opera News




G a l i n a V i s h n e v s k aya , n o t e d A i d a o f t h e 1 9 6 0 s , in a costume of her own design.


E n r i c o C a r u s o s a n g R a d a m è s i n At l a n ta i n 1 9 1 0 a n d 1 9 1 2 .

Of all operas, Verdi’s Aida is the one that most successfully finds a balance among the different elements while allowing them to retain their distinctive character. Arias, ensembles, orchestral passages, dance, scenic spectacle, choruses, private scenes and public scenes, are all present and balanced against one another with surpassing dramatic skill. The libretto describes the action as taking place “in the time of the reign of the Pharaohs”; in fact the story is simple, with some stock situations (a love triangle, royalty in disguise) and characters, dressed up in Egyptian settings to enchant the public, which has loved it from the beginning. In Aida, Verdi perfected the form of Grand Opera pioneered by Meyerbeer and Rossini some 40 years earlier. Compared to Don Carlos, Aida has enough truly popular touches (the Triumphal March in Act II, the big arias for soprano and tenor, the heavenly Tomb Scene, Amneris’s Judgment Scene) to have earned for itself the principal place in the repertoire of every opera house worldwide.

Verdi composed the opera on lavish commission from the Khedive of Egypt, working from a plot scenario by the Egyptologist Mariette Bey and Camille du Locle, a co-librettist of Don Carlos, upon which the libretto of Antonio Ghislanzoni was based. The premiere had to be delayed by a year when the sets and costumes were trapped in besieged Paris during the Franco-Prussian War. The opera finally opened at the Cairo Opera House on December 24, 1871; its European premiere soon followed, at La Scala on February 8, 1872. The piece came to New York in 1873 and to London (with Adelina Patti as Aida) in 1876. For a Paris production in 1880, Verdi expanded the ballet in the Triumphal Scene; we are presenting the original version here in Atlanta. A film version from 1953 features Sophia Loren as Aida and Lois Maxwell – Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond movies – as Amneris,

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with the dubbed voices of Renata Tebaldi and Ebe Stignani.


Thebom, Fiorenza Cossotto and Rita Gorr as Amneris; and Cornell MacNeil, Leonard Warren and Michael Bohnen as Amonasro. One hundred years ago, one of the most imThe Atlanta Opera has presented the piece portant chapters in opera in Atlanta began twice before, with Camellia Johnson and Inwhen Aida opened the first regular Metrodra Thomas taking the title role. politan Opera tour here. On May 4, 1910, a crowd of over 7,000 people crowded the old In many Verdi operas, including Aida, it is Civic Auditorium to hear a stellar cast that the loud moments that stick in the audience’s included Enrico Caruso, Johanna Gadski, ear. But really to hear the magic of the piece, Pasquale Amato and Louise Homer. The per- and to understand what distinguishes Verdi formance kicked off what was at the time the from other composers, we need to go to the highest-grossing week in Met history. In the quieter moments, especially the two duets decade following the First World War, lucky for Aida and Radamès. In Act III, listen Atlantans got to hear both Claudia Muzio and to Aida’s beautifully extended, seductively Rosa Ponselle sing the title role; later Zinka floating lines when she asks Radamès to Milanov, Martina Arroyo and Birgit Nilsson come away with her; and in Act IV listen to all sang it here. Other notable artists who the entire final scene, which in its delicate orperformed Aida in Atlanta include Giovanni chestration conveys great majesty and peace. Martinelli, Carlo Bergonzi and Giacomo Lauri-Volpi as Radamès; local star Blanche by Eric Mitchko

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Yoel Levi Conductor Atlanta Opera Debut: Hansel and Gretel,  Maestro Yoel Levi is the Principal Guest Conductor of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, which he led on a United States tour in . In addition, he is Music Director Emeritus of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Music Adviser to the Flemish Radio Orchestra. In September , Levi became the Principal Conductor of the Orchestre National d’Ile de France. Yoel Levi was Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony from  to . His impact on the orchestra was summed up by Gramophone Magazine, as follows: “Yoel Levi has built a reputation for himself and for his orchestra that is increasingly the envy of the big five American counterparts in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Boston and Chicago.” His conducting engagements have included appearances with orchestras in London, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Frankfurt, Munich, Korea and Japan. In North America, he has conducted the New York Philharmonic, and the orchestras of Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington, Toronto and Montreal, among others. His operatic credits include Puccini’s La fanciulla del West at the Teatro Comunale in Florence, Carmen at Lyric Opera of Chicago, The Makropoulos Case in Prague, Tosca at the Puccini Festival at Torre del Lago, and Puccini’s Edgar with the Orchestre National de France (which was recorded on the Radio France label). In the summer of , he led the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on a highly acclaimed tour throughout New Zealand. In


September of  he conducted Nabucco at the Stade de France in Paris for , people, with live television broadcast in Europe. With the ASO, he conducted Mozart’s The Magic Flute, The Abduction from the Seraglio, and Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle. Recent performances include La traviata, Nabucco and Madama Butterfly in Holland, Belgium and Italy. Mr. Levi has made 40 recordings on different labels with various orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra, London Philharmonic and the Philharmonia Orchestra. Thirty of these are with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for Telarc.

Trevore Ross Director Atlanta Opera Debut: The Marriage of Figaro,  Stage director Trevore Ross is earning vast attention in his young directing career. Recently, he directed Opera Carolina’s Aida, Palm Beach Opera’s L’Italiana in Algeri, Atlanta Opera’s Le nozze di Figaro, assisted David Cronenberg on Los Angeles Opera’s American Premiere of The Fly conducted by Placido Domingo, and directed Connecticut Opera’s Don Giovanni as well as Rigoletto for the Opera Company of North Carolina. Upcoming, he will direct Otello at Opera Carolina, Faust at the Opera Company of New Jersey, and Carmen for Arizona Opera. He also will be joining the directing staff of the Los Angeles Opera for the / season opening with the World Premiere of Il Postino. A native of South Carolina, Mr. Ross started his directorial career as an Opera America Fellow, which led him to several residencies across the nation in the / season.




been a semi-finalist in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and is a graduate Mary Elizabeth of Iowa’s Luther College, where she sang her Williams, Aida first operatic role, the title role in Puccini’s Atlanta Opera Debut: Suor Angelica. Serena, Porgy and Bess,  Mary Elizabeth Williams is receiving critical acclaim in signature lirico-spinto soprano roles. Opera News said, “Verdi sopranos are Elizabeth Bishop in no danger of extinction if Mary Elizabeth Amneris Williams continues to progress. She is a maAtlanta Opera Debut jor discovery, with a voice of luxurious, warm American mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Bishop beauty and sensitive musicianship, outlining has been praised by Opera News for her “gorphrases with delicacy.” Engagements this sea- geous voice” and is in equal demand for both son include Leonora in Il trovatore in debuts opera and concert performances across the with both Seattle Opera and Opera Poznan, country. Elizabeth Bishop’s - season Tosca in her New Orleans Opera debut, and engagements include Second Norn in Göta return to the Michigan Opera Theatre as terdämmerung, Meg Page in Falstaff and GerTosca. Her engagements from the - trude in Hamlet, all for Washington National season included her Spoleto Festival U.S.A. Opera; Verdi’s Requiem with Utah Symphony debut as Goddess of the Waters in Amistad, and New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; and her Michigan Opera Theatre debut as Cilla in Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde with the AlMargaret Garner, her Indianapolis Opera de- exandria Symphony Orchestra. Her engagebut as Leonora in Il trovatore, and her debuts ments for the - season included her with Arizona Opera and Virgina Opera as To- return to the Metropolitan Opera to sing Secsca. In concert, she will perform Beethoven’s ond Norn, Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath th Symphony with the Greater Bridgeport with Pittsburgh Opera, and Magdalene in a Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Williams made her concert performance of Die Meistersinger with Kentucky Opera debut in the - sea- the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. She also son in Il trovatore. Recent noted engagements appeared as soloist in Verdi’s Requiem with the include Countess in Le nozze di Figaro in a Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Mahler’s production that toured France and Belgium, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen with the PortDonna Elvira in Don Giovanni as a member land Symphony Orchestra and Mahler’s Symof the young artist program at Seattle Opera, phony No.  with the Florida Orchestra. Her and the Countess at the International Insti- roles at the Metropolitan Opera include Fenetute of Vocal Arts in Israel. As a member of na in Nabucco, Venus in Tannhäuser, and Mère the prestigious Centre de Formation Lyrique Marie in Dialogues des Carmelites. Ms. Bishop, at the Opéra National de Paris, Ms. Williams a former Adler fellow, has returned to San performed with Thomas Hampson in concert Francisco Opera for many roles. Other noat the Théâtre du Châtelet, and won the Lyric table U.S. engagements include Fricka in Die Artist prize given every year by the Bastille’s Walküre with Washington National Opera; Cercle Carpeaux. The Philadelphia native has Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier with the Atlan-





ta Symphony and Donald Runnicles; appearances as both Santuzza in Cavalleria rusticana and Sara in Roberto Devereux with Washington Concert Opera; Waltraute in Götterdämmerung with Dallas Opera; Offred in the North American premiere of Poul Ruders’s The Handmaid’s Tale with Minnesota Opera; and multiple appearances with L.A. Opera. International opera credits include Eboli in Don Carlo with Genoa’s Teatro Carlo Felice, and Mère Marie with Deutsche Oper Berlin. Ms. Bishop’s concert stage performances include Tippett’s A Child of Our Time, under the baton of Roger Norrington and Ligeti’s Requiem, under Esa-Pekka Salonen with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. She has performed Mozart’s “Coronation” Mass, and both Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder and Liebestod with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; and Berlioz’s Les Nuits d’été with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

Antonello Palombi Radamès Atlanta Opera Debut Italian tenor Antonello Palombi performs around the world to tremendous acclaim. “The most pleasant surprise was the discovery of a very fine new tenor in Antonello Palombi, whose singing in rehearsals had set the rumor mills abuzz. It’s all true: Here is a tenor with that exciting, emotion-stirring, head-turning Italianate sound, and he ignited the show whenever he was on-stage ... here’s betting he will be in considerable demand in this country,” says the Seattle Times of his American debut as Dick Johnson in La fanciulla del West. Most recent European engagements from the past few seasons include Radamès in Aida at Teatro alla Scala and Deutsche Oper Berlin; Luigi in Il tabarro


at Teatro alla Scala; Don Alvaro in La forza del destino and the title role in Andrea Chénier with the Deutsche Oper Berlin; Faust in Mefistofele with Israeli Opera; Calaf in Turandot in Napoli, Cagliari and Genoa; Calaf in Turandot in Caracalla; Dick Johnson in La fanciulla del West in Copenhagen; Cavaradossi in Tosca in Helsinki; Andrea Chénier in concert with Oper Frankfurt; and Des Grieux in Manon Lescaut at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Oper Frankfurt and in Munich. Mr. Palombi is now in demand with houses around the North America, including most recent performances as Canio in Pagliacci with Seattle and Dallas Opera; Don Alvaro in La forza del destino and Radamès in Aida with Baltimore Opera; Cavaradossi in Tosca with the Cincinnati Opera, New Orleans Opera and Baltimore Opera; and Radamès in Aida with Michigan Opera Theatre, Palm Beach Opera and Seattle Opera; and Manrico in Il trovatore with Seattle Opera. Future engagements include Cavaradossi in Tosca at Opera Colorado and Michigan Opera Theatre; and the title role in Otello at Cincinnati Opera, among multiple other engagements abroad.

Mark Delavan Amonasro Atlanta Opera Debut: Scarpia, Tosca,  A charismatic vocal force, American baritone Mark Delavan is sought after by opera houses throughout the United States and abroad for his dramatic, powerful voice, daring performances and commanding stage presence. Mr. Delavan’s repertoire spans over  roles, including the title roles of Rigoletto, Gianni Schicchi, Simon Boccanegra and Sweeney Todd, as well as such signature roles as Jochanaan and Iago. He has collaborated with such conductors as James Levine, Sir Andrew Da-



vis, Sir Charles Mackerras, Zubin Mehta, Michael Tilson Thomas, Antonio Pappano and Fabio Luisi. Last summer, Mr. Delavan performed Jochanaan in Salome in Barcelona at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, and Jack Rance in La fanciulla del West for the Danish National Opera. Of note this season is Mr. Delavan’s debut in Wagner’s Die Walküre in the role of Wotan, with both the Deutsche Oper Berlin and San Francisco Opera. Mr. Delavan made his role debut as Wotan in the San Francisco Opera’s June  production of Das Rheingold, which launched the company’s new Ring Cycle. In October, he performed the title role of the Pittsburgh Opera’s production of Verdi’s Falstaff. This spring, he will appear in two further productions with the Deutsche Oper Berlin: as Scarpia in Tosca, and as Wotan in Das Rheingold. Mr. Delavan has sung at the world’s most important opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Berliner Staatsoper, Bayerische Staatsoper, Lyric Opera of Chicago, New York City Opera, Santa Fe Opera and Washington National Opera. His festival credits include the Spoleto Festival (U.S.A.), Edinburgh Festival and the Saito Kinen Festival.

Morris Robinson Ramfis Atlanta Opera Debut Mr. Robinson is a graduate of the Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Development Program, and made his debut at the Metropolitan Opera in Fidelio. He has since appeared there as Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte (both in the original production and in a new children’s English version), the King in Aida, and in roles in Nabucco, Tannhäuser, and the


new productions of Les Troyens and Salome. He has also appeared at the Aix-en-Provence Festival, Florida Grand Opera, Pittsburgh Opera, Opera Company of Philadelphia, Seattle Opera, Cincinnati Opera, Boston Lyric Opera, Opera Theater of St. Louis, and the Wolf Trap Opera. His many roles include Osmin in Die Entführung aus dem Serail, Sparafucile in Rigoletto, Grand Inquisitor in Don Carlos, Timur in Turandot, and Padre Guardiano in La forza del Destino. Also a prolific concert singer, Mr. Robinson has appeared with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony, Met Chamber Orchestra, Nashville Symphony Orchestra, São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, and at the Ravinia, Mostly Mozart, Tanglewood, Cincinnati May, Verbier, and Aspen festivals. He also appeared in Carnegie Hall as part of Jessye Norman’s HONOR! Festival. In recital he has been presented by Spivey Hall in Atlanta, the Savannah Music Festival, the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mr. Robinson’s first album, Going Home, was released on the Decca label. This season, Mr. Robinson returns to the Los Angeles Opera as Fasolt in Das Rheingold. An Atlanta native, Mr. Robinson is a graduate of The Citadel and received his musical training from the Boston University Opera Institute.

Kenneth Kellogg King of Egypt Atlanta Opera Debut Kenneth Kellogg, a University of Michigan graduate, just finished his residency as an Adler Fellow at San Francisco Opera. He made his San Francisco Opera debut as the King in The





Little Prince in  and his War Memorial Opera House debut as Pietro in Simon Boccanegra in . He also recently performed Colline in La bohème, the Voice of the Oracle in Idomeneo, Nikitich and a Police Sergeant in Boris Godunov, the Jailer in Tosca, and Grenvil in La traviata. An alumnus of the  Merola Opera Program, he created the role of Tobias in the world premiere of Thomas Pasatieri’s The Hotel Casablanca. Mr. Kellogg also served as a resident artist at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, where he performed the roles of Don Basilio in Il barbiere di Siviglia; Prince Gremin in Eugene Onegin; Kilian and a Hermit in Der Freischütz; and Count des Grieux in Massenet’s Manon. Mr. Kellogg is a past winner of the Annapolis Opera competition, the Paul Robeson Competition and recently received an Encouragement Award from the Sullivan Foundation. Recent and upcoming engagements include Ferrando in Il trovatore with Eugene Opera, bass soloist in Messiah with the Anchorage Symphony, Die Gezeichneten with Los Angeles Opera and a summer season as a Filene Artist with the Wolf Trap Opera Company.

Timothy Miller Messenger Atlanta Opera Debut Timothy Miller is a member The Atlanta Opera Chorus and is an active performer with both national and international credits. Operatic roles include Monastatos and First Armored Man in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Street in Davis’ X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X. In June of 2008, Mr. Miller sang the role of Crab Man in critically acclaimed performances of Porgy and Bess at the Opéra-Comique in Paris and on tour in Luxembourg, Granada


and Normandy. He has appeared in concert performances of Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s Magnificat, and a concert version of excerpts from Richard Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Morehouse College and Mannes College of Music.

Amy Little Priestess Atlanta Opera Debut: Lula, Cold Sassy Tree,  Soprano Amy Little is one of the most soughtafter and versatile artists in the metro-Atlanta region, with repertoire ranging from opera and oratorio to pops and contemporary Christian concerts. During the - season she returns to The Atlanta Opera as the First Lady in Die Zauberflöte. With a busy concert career, this season she was also featured in the Saint-Säens Christmas Oratorio, Handel’s Messiah and solo concerts of sacred songs and popular standard repertoire. Ms. Little’s engagements in previous seasons have included Inez in Il trovatore, Lula in Cold Sassy Tree with the Atlanta Opera, and Love Simpson in The Atlanta Opera Studio Outreach Tour of Cold Sassy Tree. Other credits include both Countess and Susanna in Le nozze di Figaro, Vivaldi’s Gloria with the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra, Handel’s Messiah, Dubois’ The Seven Last Words of Christ and Mendelssohn’s Elijah. She is also a member of the revered Atlanta Opera Chorus. Originally from Augusta, Ga., Ms. Little received her Bachelor of Music from Shorter College in Rome, Ga., where she studied with John Ramsaur. She currently resides in Atlanta and is a staff singer at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. In addition to performing, she is also the Associate Director of Youth Music at Peachtree Road UMC and maintains a private voice studio.



David Paul, Assistant Director Atlanta Opera Debut David Paul is a stage director working on opera and theater stages throughout the United States and abroad. He recently served on the Artistic Staff of the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., where he adapted and directed Hamlet and was assistant director for Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Euripides’ Ion and King Lear. In this time, he also directed Mozart’s The Magic Flute for the Intermezzo Festival in Belgium, as well as directing and coaching for the Metropolitan Opera’s Lindemann Young Artist Development Program and the International Vocal Arts Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has worked as director or assistant director at Perseverance Theater of Alaska, California Shakespeare Theater, Chautauqua Theater Company and the Juilliard School, among others, and spent two seasons in casting at the Metropolitan Opera. A graduate of Columbia University and a native of Hamburg, Germany, Mr. Paul is currently the stage director for the Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program at the Washington National Opera, where he recently directed scenes from Falstaff at the Kennedy Center Opera House. Walter Huff, Chorus Master Atlanta Opera Debut: Tosca,  Walter Huff has been Chorus Master for The Atlanta Opera for 22 years. Mr. Huff studied piano with Sarah Martin, Peter Takacs and Lillian Freundlich. He has performed with singers throughout Europe and the United States, and served as coach with the Peabody Opera Theatre, The Washington Opera and Baltimore Opera Company. Mr. Huff has performed in master classes given by renowned singers and pianists such as Sir Peter Pears, Licia Albanese, Eileen Farrell Dalton Baldwin, Leon Fleisher, and Elly Ameling. In , he received Tanglewood’s C.D. Jackson Master Award for Excellence,


presented by Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He has been musical director for The Atlanta Opera Studio, Georgia State University Opera and Actor’s Express. Also, Mr. Huff was one of four Atlanta artists who were chosen for the first Loridans Arts Awards, given to Atlanta artists who have made exceptional contributions to the arts life of Atlanta over a long period of time. In June 2008, the Atlanta Opera Chorus under Mr. Huff’s direction sang critically acclaimed performances of Porgy and Bess at the Opéra-Comique in Paris and on tour in Granada, Normandy and Luxembourg. Craig Kier, Principal Coach/Accompanist Atlanta Opera Debut: Carmen,  Craig Kier is currently the resident principal coach/accompanist and assistant conductor for The Atlanta Opera. Prior to his relationship with The Atlanta Opera, Mr. Kier was a part of Seattle Opera’s music staff for several seasons, serving in a variety of roles including coach/accompanist, chorus master and assistant conductor. He has a wide variety of experience with other companies, including Cincinnati Opera, Opera Colorado, Berkshire Opera, Opera New Jersey, Opera Birmingham and Des Moines Metro Opera. Mr. Kier also spent many years on the faculty of the Opera Theater of the Rockies Vocal Arts Symposium, led by soprano Martile Rowland. Mr. Kier recently made his conducting debut leading Gianni Schicchi in a joint project between Seattle Opera and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra. This season he conducts The Atlanta Opera’s student short performances of Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice and Die Zauberflöte. In , he joined the Santa Fe Opera music staff, assisting with their mainstage productions of La traviata and the world premiere of Paul Morvec’s The Letter as well as coaching the apprentice artists. He returns to Santa Fe in  to assist on their mainstage productions of Die Zauberflöte and The Tales of Hoffmann.







c h o ru s m a s t e r Walter Huff c h o ru s Lynnette Anderson Carla Elaine Atkinson Denise Dimsdale Laura English-Robinson Joan Estep Melissa Fontaine Kathye J. Gary Jennye Guy Valerie Hamm Keli Jackson Melissa Kelly Rebecca Kier Amy Little Lara Longsworth Maria McDaniel Ann Marie McPhail Noelle Miller Miffanwy Mistretta Elise O’Banion Laura Peacock Leanna Pearson Mary Brooke Quarles Jeanne Ann Ratliff Erreka Reed Denise Sims-Lyttle Laurie Tossing Lenna Turner Kristin Vienneau Joyce L. Williams Kimberly Williams Yolonda Williams Carrie Anne Wilson dancers Toni Doctor Justin Evans Clair Faulkner Nick Hagelin Tamara Merritt Irving Nia Lancelin Brian Mason Cory Willis

c h o ru s J. Robert Adams J. Daniel Altman Kyle Barnes Charles Baugh James Binion, Jr. Keith Blount Chris Boggs Josh Borden Zachary Brown Bradley Candie Christopher S. Connelly Gabriel Couret Christopher J. Deraney Peter Clayton Dickson Melvin Foster Michael Gaare C. Augustus Godbee Timothy Harper Christopher Hawkins Marcus O. Hill Israel Hillery John Irvin Grant Jones Ben Larkin Brett McMichael Timothy Miller Conrad J. Moore Tony O’Dell Timothy Parham Ben Polite Marc Porlier Will Ramseur Jason Royal Iván Segovia Dennis Shuman Gregory Sterchi Trenton Tunnell III Leif Westermark Nima Yazdanpanah John Young, Jr.

supernumeraries Gary Babiarz Leon Von Brown Jason Caldwell Lily Chambers Chris Deutschler Joshua Donahue Patrick Donohue Mats Dreyer Rich Dunville Philip Fuller Dean-Carlo Grant DeVario Hannah Matthew Hendrix Macon Hill Jerry Hunter Joel Ishman Dorothy Macdonald Mike Magursky Mike Morin Ben Olasov Bill Pacer Trevor Petty Gill Ritt Bryan Roy Murray Sarkin Peter Seymour Andrea Strickland Tim Stylez Alexander Sund Beth Suryan Carla Sweetwood Carol Tome Jason Tyler Steve Warren Jodi Weiner Bradley Williams Spiro Winsett Brian Work





violin Peter Ciaschini,

c e l lo trombone Charae Krueger, Principal Mark McConnell, Principal Concertmaster Avi Friedlander, Asst. Principal Edmon Nicholson Martin Gueorguiev Richard Brady, Bass Trombone Lisa Morrison, David Hancock Asst.Concertmaster (Acting) tuba Mary Kenney Donald Strand, Principal Linda Cherniavsky, Cynthia Sulko Principal, Second Violin timpani bass John Lawless, Principal Rafael Veytsblum, Lyn DeRamus, Principal Asst. Principal, Second Violin (Acting) Christina Berman percussion Emory Clements Michael Cebulski, Principal Edward Eanes Kaliya Okuri Karen Hunt Robert Givens Brian Rehm Jeff Kershner Patti Gouvas Sheela Iyengar f lu t e harp Alison James James Zellers, Principal Susan Brady, Principal Steven K. Leonard Jeanne Carere herald trumpets Michele Mariage-Volz Kelly Bryant, Flute/Piccolo John Morrison Sally Wilson Martin oboe Jennifer Marotta Lee Nicholson Dane Philipsen, Principal Paul Poovey Shawn Pagliarini Diana Dunn Greg Holland Patrick Ryan Erica Howard, English Horn Angele Sherwood-Lawless banda Mayu T. Sommovigo clarinet Adam Hayes, trumpet Mimi Tam David Odom, Principal Hollie Lifshey, trumpet Elonia Varfi Jeanne Heinze Michael Barry, trumpet Raffaela Wahby John Warren, Clarinet /Bass Clarinet Carol Doemel, trumpet Eric Alexander, trombone viola bassoon Hollie Lawing, trombone William Johnston, Principal Mike Muszynski, Principal Thomas Gibson, trombone Elizabeth Derderian-Wood, Debra Grove Nella Rigell, harp Asst. Principal horn Robert Rieve personnel manager Kathy Wood, Principal (Acting) Julie Rosseter Mark McConnell Julie Spencer Karl Schab David Bradley Joli Wu Alan Brown t ru m pe t Yvonne Toll, Principal Kevin Lyons

*String sections are listed in alphabetical order




The Atlanta Opera thanks its passionate and dedicated volunteers for their generous donation of time during the first half of our 2009-2010 season. The volunteers listed here participated in one or more activities including: mass mailings, special events, stage crafts, wigs, makeup, artist transportation and office administration. Through dedicated performance of these tasks, volunteers gave support far beyond a monetary measure, for which The Atlanta Opera is deeply grateful!

Myriam Acevedo

Peg and James Lowman

Barbara Ambus

William A. Markle

Denise Anderson

Dan Maslia

Joan and Sanford Baskin

Mary Ruth McDonald

Eric Bender

Laura McIntosh

Heather Bulla

Lorrain and Joseph Mills

Charley Burney

Sumbul Mirza

Debra Caldwell

Vermelle Mohmad

Jessica Callaham

Fatimah Mustafaa

Brandon Clivens

Stephanie Nixon

Jean Cornn

Vernon Norris

Laura Cox

Kim Ong

Marilyn Daniels

Sonia Oxman

Seth Davis

Polly Pater

Chris Deutschler

Alexandra Perrotta

Richard Dodder

Faye Popper

Brad Dorfman

Ezi Porbeni

Charlene M. Eiffert

Zabrina Rios

Jessica Ellis

Diana Robinson

Debra Empting

Kristin Sampson

Angela Fairley

Catherine Sanchez

Sonya Faniel

Cherylene Sands

Genevieve Fink

Joyce Schechter

Jane Fishman

Dan Shumate

Ann Fritz

Ruth Siegel

Gurinder Garcha

Virginia Sims

Anne Marie “Peg� Gary

Verna Slade

Devario Hannah

Jennifer Spivey

Elizabeth Harven

Eleanor and Jim Strain

Julie Hentz

Sharon and Mac Sudduth

Cherilyn O. Heyliger

Beth Suryan

Amy Hightower

Katherine Teixeira

Kimberly A. Hunter

Ruth Vaught

Nancy Ickes

Mark and Tricia Vogelgesang

Carol Jaeger

Alice Wade

Sache Jones

Lafeea Watson

W.C. Jones, Jr.

Harold Whitney

Mary Kitchens

Laura Williams

Helen and Steve Kraus

Ashlei Williams

Michael Kraus

Jerry Xi

Virginia J. Lam Sue Lawrence Lydia L. Lee


PATRICK STREET SATURDAY, MARCH 13 | 8:15PM ANDY IRVINE KEVIN BURKE GED FOLEY JOHN CARTY “With the relaxed grace of masters, Patrick Street use their breathtaking virtuosity to display this ancient music at its wild and humble best” (The Boston Globe).

“A must for those who love Irish music” – BILLBOARD




Gerald Finley can do no wrong at present, proclaims Gramophone, praising his “thrilling projection” as well as the “grace, sensitivity, and intelligence” of his singing.

“Gerald Finley is in finer, mellower voice than ever, and weighs and colors everything to perfection” – THE TIMES, LONDON




(678) 466-4200






OPERA WORKSHOPS ( e m m a l e e i d e n )

We at The Atlanta Opera understand that sharing the joy of music and theater with audiences of all ages is an integral part of our organizational mission. March may be the official “Music In Our Schools Month,” but The Atlanta Opera has started the celebration early and will continue to celebrate music education all spring. The 2010 Atlanta Opera Studio Tour kicked off the first of February, and school children throughout the Metro region and in other parts of the state have been learning about opera through our lively version of the Hans Christian Anderson classic tale of The Ugly Duckling. For most students, this is their first, and for some it will be their only, experience of opera. The tour continues through March, and includes special performances for homeschool families and children celebrating a teacher work day on Friday, March 12. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and visiting new schools as well this spring!

curriculum and provide ample time for students to ask questions. 2009-2010 workshop topics include the following: What is Opera?; Preparing and Auditioning for a Role; Opera Production/ Technical Theater; and Careers in Opera. Opera Trunks provide opera-related resources for the classroom or after-school educator. Each trunk contains recordings of the featured opera, as well as additional books, CDs, activities and costume/prop elements which can make opera come alive for students while weaving its study throughout the various classroom subjects. Trunks can be used by one or several teachers during the rental period. 2009-2010 trunks feature Verdi’s Aida and Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate our 30th anniversary season with our annual Opera Workshops and Opera Trunks provide Opera Family Day on Saturday, March 27 other in-school opportunities for elementary, from 10am-2pm at The Atlanta Opera Center. middle, and high-school students to learn This is a fun event for young families, featuring about opera and the performing arts. Opera performances and demonstrations, crafts, Workshops are appropriate for grades k-12 and interactive costume shop, and more. offer students a more intimate “hands-on” opera experience. Designed for a classroom of students, For information on our educational programs, the workshops allow extensive interaction or to book a performance or workshop, please between students and artists and are tailored contact Emmalee Iden, Education Manager, at to meet the needs of a particular class and its 404.881.8883 or

The Atlanta Opera Family Day Saturday, March 27, 2010, 10 am - 2 pm Fun for the whole family! Come learn about and celebrate the art form with The Atlanta Opera through performances, demonstrations, crafts, interactive costume shop and much more! • Grades PreK-3 • $5 Admission • Lunch available for purchase on-site For more information, contact Emmalee Iden, Education Manager, at 404.881.8883 or



Thu, Apr 22, 8PM, Fri, Apr 23, 8PM, Sat, Apr 24, 8PM & Sun, Apr 25, 3PM W. Dwight Coleman, artistic director Kay Paschal Freeman, stage director Peter Marshall, musical director University Symphony Orchestra, Michael Palmer, conductor

Carmen New production featuring flamenco dancers Julie Baggenstoss and Jose Giacomea, as well as members of the Georgia Boy Choir!


TICKETS: 404-413-9TIX or

The Atlanta Opera Comprimarios A Membership Group for Young Professionals Interested in socializing, networking, and having fun with fellow arts enthusiasts? Join today for just $25 to receive special ticket deals and invitations to exclusive Comprimarios events all year long! For more information and updated event listings, pick up a copy of the Comprimarios ARIA newsletter in the lobby and follow us online: L eft : c o m p r i m a r i o s at a 2 0 0 9 b r av e s g a m e ; right : c o m p r i m a r i o s at o p e n i n g n i g h t o f t h e at l a n ta o p e r a’ s t h e e l i x i r o f l o v e



The Society for Artistic Excellence membership includes a minimum pledge of $20,000 over three years. The gifts listed below will help The Atlanta Opera build its artistic and financial capacity. The generous donors are enabling our organization to continue to present world-class performances. new pro d u c t i o n pat ro n $300,0 0 0+

co n d u c to r patron (cont .) $ 2 0 , 0 0 0+


Lucy and John Cook

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Dorman

Mrs. W. Harry Willson

Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer and Mr. Jon Buttrey

reviva l p ro d u c t i o n pat ro n $150,00 0+ Anonymous

Jane and Don Gatley Mr. and Mrs. David S. Greene John L. Hammaker ** Mr. Harald R. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keough

Ms. Barbara D. Stewart **

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. McDowell

artist pat ro n $45,00 0+

Dr. and Mrs. John O’Shea **

Dr. Alexander Gross and Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross

Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg

Candy and Greg Johnson **

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Searle, III

Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk **

Mr. and Mrs. Baker A. Smith **

Mr. William F. Snyder and Mr. Louis A. Peneguy **

Lynne and Steve Steindel **

Lynne and Steve Steindel **

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Tucker

William E. Pennington **

Rhys and Carolyn Wilson ** Bob and Cappa Woodward ** Charlie and Dorothy Yates Family Fund The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund **

a d d i t i o n a l multi-year gifts $ 1 5 , 0 0 0+ Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Sheehan **

$ 7 , 5 0 0+

condu c to r pat ro n $20,00 0+

Hills Family Foundation


$ 2 , 5 0 0+

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley **

Dr. Marilyn Stockton

Mr. David Boatwright The Laura & Montague Boyd Foundation in honor of Eleanor Huie Strain Dr. & Mrs. W. Brantley Burns in memory of Martha Louise Mason Burns Mr. and Mrs. John W. Calhoun III *



W e w o u l d l i k e t o r e c o g n i z e m e m b e r s o f t h e S o c i e t y f o r A r t i s t i c E x c e l l e n c e , w h o h av e r e n e w e d t h e i r c o m m i t m e n t f o r m u lt i - y e a r p l e d g e s e n d i n g 2 0 1 1 .

T o l e a r n m o r e a b o u t t h e V e r d i S o c i e t y a n d h o w y o u m ay b e c o m e a m e m b e r p l e a s e c o n ta c t Pa m e l a B e n s o n o r R a e W e i m e r at 4 0 4 - 8 8 1 - 8 8 0 1



corpo r at e pa rt n e r s $500,0 0 0 o r m o r e

f o u n d at i o n partners $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 o r more



The Coca-Cola Company

The Goizueta Foundation

Zurich American Insurance Company

$250,00 0+ Wachovia Bank

$ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0+ Wachovia Bank

$ 5 0 , 0 0 0+

$10,00 0+

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Affordable Equity Partners, Inc.

The Rich Foundation


The Sara Giles Moore Foundation

Manulife Financial

$ 1 0 , 0 0 0+

McMaster-Carr Supply Co.


$1,000+ Montag & Caldwell, LLC The Arnold Fund ULTRA Commerical Interiors, Inc.

The Atlanta Foundation Charles Loridans Foundation ChoicePoint Foundation Donald and Marilyn Keough Foundation J. Marshall and Lucile G. Powell Charitable Trust


The Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation

Hewatt Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Metro Atlanta Arts & Culture Coalition

Laser Development Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.

$ 5 , 0 0 0+ Camp-Younts Foundation Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.

local & g ov e r n m e n t f u n d i n g $50,00 0+ Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Foundation Atlanta Music Festival Association Georgia Council for the Arts

$10,00 0+ National Endowment for the Arts

The Home Depot Foundation JBS Foundation Nordson Corporation Foundation Thomas H. Pitts Fund The Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund The Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation

$ 2 , 5 0 0+ Middle J Foundation, Inc Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Gertrude & William C. Wardlaw Fund

$ 1 , 0 0 0+ Atlanta Opera Guild Herbert and Marian Haley Foundation The Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta

$ 2 5 0+ Lubo Fund, Inc. WGBH Educational Foundation


dennis hanthorn - Zurich General Director

A P R I L 2 4 , 2 7 , 3 O , m ay 2 ( m ) , 2 O 1 O

A N E W P R O D U CT I O N ! F A M I LY P A C K A G E S A V A I L A B L E ! 4 O 4 . 8 8 1 . 8 8 8 5 • At lan taopera . or g

2O iO - ii SEASON

THE ATL ANTA OPER A giacomo puccini

O c t ober 2 , 5 , 8 , i O ( M ) , 2 O i O

Grazia Doronzio MimĂŹ

Bryan Hymel Rodolfo

Jan Cornelius Musetta

Matthew Curran Colline

David Gately Director

Gregory Vajda Conductor


the gershwins®

by George Gershwin, DuBose & Dorothy Heyward, & Ira Gershwin

F ebruary 2 6 , Mar c h I , 4 , 6 ( M ) , 2 O I I

Laquita Mitchell Bess

Timothy Blevins NaGuanda Nobles Chauncey Packer Crown Clara Sportin’ Life

Keith Lockhart Conductor

w o l fg a n g a m a d e u s m o z a r t

Michael Redding Porgy

A pril 9 , I 2 , I 5 , I 7 ( M ) , 2 O I I

Keri Alkema Fiordiligi

Jennifer Holloway Dorabella

Matthew Plenk Ferrando

Kiera Duffy Despina

Jason Hardy Don Alfonso

Jose Maria Condemi Kazem Abdullah Director Conductor

Visit or call 4O4.88I.8885 or 8OO.35.OPERA.

Looking for a great night out? Try one of the Fox Theatre’s dinner & a show packages! weDnesDay



4/11 weDnesDay



5/12 thursDay


south paCifiC




south paCifiC


ruth’s Chris steak house


mary poppins




mary poppins


one. miDtown kitChen


DaviD CopperfieLD

For more information, please call Janet Potash at the Fox Theatre at 404-881-2103 or log on to dinner_broadway/index.htm.

one. miDtown kitChen

south paCifiC

Livingston restaurant+bar

mary poppins

Livingston restaurant+bar

mary poppins shout

DaviD CopperfieLD

Livingston restaurant+bar



Listed on the following pages are donors who contributed cumulative donations of $500 or more to The Atlanta Opera between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Contributions of under $500 are listed on our Web site, The lists reflect gifts from individuals, family foundations, Board of Directors, staff, chorus and orchestra. Please know we value every donor and appreciate your on-going support. maestro f u n d

Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison


Mr. James D. Powell

Mr. Robert Arogeti

Mr. Charles Sharbaugh

The John and Nancy Bell Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cathy Drs. Michael and Ellen Chalef Ms. Ruth Gershon and Mr. Sandy Cohn Mr. Louis W. Corrigan, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Arnoldo Fiedotin Barbara and Bill Klineman Mr. and Mrs. Abe Levine Mr. Jeffrey Levine Dr. Robert and Judge Stephanie Manis The Marcus Foundation, Inc. Morris Family Foundation Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg Michaela and Michael Rosenblatt Mr. William C. Wardlaw

p r i n c i pa l ($2,500 +) Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Alvelda Jean and Jerry Cooper Dr. Kristin R. Corgan Jerry Dilts and David MacGilvray Col. and Mrs. Edgar W. Duskin Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards Dr. and Mrs. P. Frank Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hantula Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Howard Mrs. Joseph W. Jones Mr. Louis L. Lawson Margaret and Hank McCamish The Devereaux F. & Dorothy M. McClatchey Foundation Anna Louise and Beatrice McCormack

compo s e r ($ 1 0 , 0 0 0 +)

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S. Ripps


Milton J. Sams

Julie and Jim Balloun

Morton and Angela Sherzer

John and Rosemary Brown

Mr. Thomas A. Stevens

Thomas and Loraine Williams Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Taylor, Jr.

condu c to r ($ 5 , 0 0 0 +) Mr. Bryan H. Barnes Mrs. Elizabeth Tufts Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Andy Berg

Mr. Richard Tigner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Walsh Mr. W. C. Wyatt, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Yuschok

Dr. R. Dwain Blackston

c h o ru s ($ 1 , 000 +)

Doug and Donna Curling

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Antinori

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Gilham, Jr.

Dr. Joseph H. Astrachan

Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr.

Drs. Joseph C. and Florence C. Barnett

Ms. Louise S. Gunn







Clinton and Barbara Bastin

Jeanie and Albert Marx

Mr. and Mrs. C. Duncan Beard

Mr. and Mrs. Dan D. Maslia

Ms. Jan P. Beaves

Melissa E. McMorries and Jonathan Simmons

Allison Krebs Bensch and Torsten Bensch

Mr. Frank M. Monger

Ms. Pamela Benson

Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Morgan

Ms. Martha S. Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker, Jr.

Ms. Gwendolyn Brooker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Perry

Joanna Buffington

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Phillips

Dr. J. Bricker Burns

Mr. John S. Polascik III

Michael and Debra Caldwell

Mrs. Elizabeth Pritchett

Dr. Bruce Cassidy and Dr. Eda Hochgelerent

David Proulx and Joye McElroy

Mr. David Connell

Ms. Barbara Rivenbark

Ms. Lillianette Cook

The Honorable Judge Dorothy A. Robinson

Dr. John W. Cooledge

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Rodrigue

Mr. Randy L. Craven

Dawn and Randall Romig

Mrs. Overton A. Currie

John and Barbara Ross

Dr. and Mrs. F. Thomas Daly, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Rowles

Ms. Suzanne Dansby Phelps

Sachin Shailendra

Mr. Robert S. Devins

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Slappey

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ethridge, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Patton P. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Folger

Mr. Fred B. Smith

Peg Simms Gary

Yee-Wan and John Stevens

R. Derril Gay, Ph.D.

Ms. Melinda R. Stuk

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Gluck

Dr. Jane T. St. Clair and Mr. James E. Sustman

Mr. Thomas Gregory

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Szikman

Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. George Gundersen

Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Tarbutton, Jr.

Mr. Dennis Hanthorn

Dr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hardin

Dr. Nicholas Valerio III

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartnig

Rae and George Weimer

Mr. Michael D. Hastings

Wadleigh C. Winship*

Mr. and Mrs. James Horgan

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Ann P. and Ezra F. Howington

Drs. Martin and Holly York

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Huffman Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hughes

s u s ta i n e r ($500 +)

Lou and Tom Jewell


Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Johnson

Judith and Aaron Alembik

James M. and Andrea Braslavsky Kane

Ruth and Ed Baer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Kessenich

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bailey

Dr. Marion Leathers Kuntz

Mr. David Baker

Mr. Lewis H. Larson

Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel

Mrs. Howard P. Lawrence

Mr. Eugene Boeke, Jr.

Ms. Linda L. Lively and Mr. James E. Hugh III

Anita and Marshall Brittain

Samantha and William Markle

Dr. Harold Brody



Mr. Frederick D. Brooks

Mr. Charles B. LeBlanc and Mrs. Elsa LeBlanc

Ms. Marion Bunker

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lembeck

Mr. Dan Carithers

Dr. Jason Liebzeit

Mr. James Caswell

Richard Lodise and Valerie Jagiella

Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Chandler

Dr. Jo Marie Lyons and Mrs. Betty C. Lyons

Mrs. Carol J. Clark

Douglas W. and Sarah Mabry

Mr. Michael Clutter

Stanley and Elaine Mager

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Colberg

Ms. Marge McDonald

Mr. Bruce E. Corrigan

Betty B. McKemie

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Curry

Mr. and Mrs. John McMullan

Maureen and Michael Dailey

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Miller III

Shelley McGehee and Sylvia Debenport

Mrs. Rhonda Dawes Milner

Mr. and Mrs. Tom DeBra

Ms. Margaret L. Mitchell

Carol and Jerry Demery

Ms. Priscilla M. Moran

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Duckworth

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Morelli II

Dallas Duncan Franklin

Barbara and Mark Murovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Engeman, Sr.

Terri and Stephen Nagler

Mr. and Mrs. John Gam

Ms. Carol Niemi

Col. and Mrs. Donald M. Gilner

Mrs. Amy Wynn Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goldstein

Mr. Wiley C. Owen

Dr. Edwin Gordon

Shawn Pagliarini

Ms. Elizabeth Griffis

Ms. Beverley Paquette

Judge Adele P. Grubbs

Ms. Nadeen A. Paul

Sylvia Halleck

George and Libba Pickett

Ms. Helen K. Hammonds

Dr. and Mrs. Garratt Ponder

Dean and Vivian Haulton

Mr. David Pylate

Ben and Sarah Hautt

Mr. Klaus Rees

Mr. George Hickman, III

Ms. Karen D. Rider

Mr. L. D. Holland

Ms. Regena J. Riffey

Ms. Marjorie K. Holler

Ms. Heidi M. Rockwood

James E. Honkisz and Catherine Binns

Sidney and Phyllis Rodbell

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Howard

Mr. Hervey S. Ross

Dr. Karen Kuehn Howell

Ms. Sharon Schachter

Mr. James Hurtsellers

Mr. Clifford E. Schane

Mr. Jason Ingraham

Mrs. Helen A. Schellman

John A. Isakson

Mr. Nicholas Shreiber

Dr. and Mrs. Duke Jackson, Jr.

Rev. Thomas B. Shuler

Mr. Doyle P. Jones

Mr. Robert Sidewater

Ms. Jo Elliott Jones

Margaret and Harry Smith

Mrs. Jo W. Koch

Mr. Peter James Stelling

Dr. Lisa A. Tedesco and Mr. David W. Kuehn

Ms. Antoinette L. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kurth

Steve and Christine Strong

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Langford

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Stuart







Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Tarbutton Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Taylor Mr. Richard Thio Mr. James Todd Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Tuller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ventulett III Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Walden Dr. and Mrs. James O. Wells, Jr. Ms. Anne Williams Larry and Beverly Willson Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David Wingert Mrs. Geraldine S. Woodward Ms. Mary L. Yost Mr. and Mrs. John Zellner Mr. Roy J. Zingrich and Ms. Sherryl L. Payne

In te rm ez zo

Spend Intermission with the Zurich General Director and Fellow Opera Lovers! Donate $2500 or more to The Atlanta Opera and have select access to Intermezzo Salon – a complimentary intermission reception where there’s always a glass of wine waiting for you! As a Patron, you will enjoy: • special backstage tours • private events & rehearsals • complimentary valet parking For information, call and speak to a Major Gifts Officer at 4o4.881.8801. NOTE: The Intermezzo Salon is located in the Main Lobby near the concierge desk.

A Season to Celebrate! from



Atlanta’s Choice for Family Entertainment! The night belongs to…

Broadway’s most haunting love story *PHANTOM is welcomed to Atlanta by Theater of the Stars and Broadway Across America– Atlanta

June 15–June 20

June 30–July 25

Aug. 24–Aug. 29

Sept. 7–Sept. 12

Sept. 28–Oct. 3

Nov. 2–Nov. 7



LIVE ON STAGE AT THE FABULOUS FOX THEATRE Join Our Family and Let Us Entertain You! DON’T DELAY – CALL TODAY! (404) 252-8960 TOTS 2010 Season Encore Ad.indd 1

2/5/10 12:32 PM






Listed below are donors who contributed cumulative donations of $500 or more to The Atlanta Opera between July 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009. Contributions of under $500 are listed on our Web site, The lists reflect gifts from individuals, family foundations, Board of Directors and staff. Please know we value every donor and appreciate your on-going support. corpo r at e ($5,000 +)

($ 1 , 0 0 0 +)

Genuine Parts Company

Herbert and Marian Haley Foundation

($2,500 +) Anonymous

found at i o n s ($100,0 0 0 +) The Goizueta Foundation

($50,00 0 +)

Lois and Lucy Lampkin Foundation The Wachovia Foundation

($ 2 5 0 +) Bright Wings Foundation

g ov e r n m e n t ($ 5 0 , 0 0 0 +) Georgia Council of the Arts

Atlanta Music Festival Association

($ 1 0 , 0 0 0 +)

The Rich Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Zeist Foundation

($10,00 0 +) Anonymous The Atlanta Foundation The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation J. Marshall and Lucille G. Powell Charitable Trust JPMorgan Chase Foundation

($ 5 , 0 0 0 +) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

m a e s t ro f u nd Anonymous Mr. Robert M. Franco Ms. Barbara K. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kuranoff

($5,000 +)

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Levine

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ehud Levy

Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.

The Marcus Foundation, Inc.

Fraser-Parker Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Teodoro Maus

The Hertz Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Natbony

JBS Foundation

Jerry and Dulcy Rosenberg

($2,500 +) Camp-Younts Foundation Target Stores

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosenzweig The Joseph and Felicia Weber Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thurman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Yudelson Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Zaban



indivi d ua l s ($25,00 0 +)

($ 5 0 0 +)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keough

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker

($20,00 0 +) Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr.

Wendy and Neal Aronson Dr. Asad Bashey Clinton and Barbara Bastin Dr. J. Bricker Burns

($10,00 0 +)

Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Carlos

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon B. Miller, III

Shelley McGehee and Sylvia Debenport

($5,000 +) Jane and Don Gatley Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hayes, III Judith and Mark Taylor

Heather and Eli Flint H C Design Mr. James Horgan Linda and Richard Hubert Dr. Isabella T. Jenkins

($2,500 +)

Mr. Doyle P. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Duncan

Mr.Get Kampfer

Dr. and Mrs. P. Frank Hagerty

Dr. Mary M. Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y. Jobe

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kurth

Margaret and Hank McCamish

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Lifsey

Mr. William McDaniel

Dr. and Mrs. P. Mather Lindsay

Melissa E. McMorries and Jonathan Simmons

Ms. Su So Longman

Mr. Nicholas Shreiber

The Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr.

Jean and John Wilson

Ms. Barbara Rivenbark

($1,000 +) The Laura & Montague Boyd Foundation Mrs. Overton A. Currie Ms. Sandra Ecker Heike and Dieter Elsner Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer and Mr. Jon Buttrey Ms. Louise S. Gunn Lou and Tom Jewell Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Kessenich Mr. Lewis H. Larson Jeanie and Albert Marx William McDaniel Charitable Foundation Mary Ruth McDonald

Dawn and Randall Romig John and Barbara Ross Mr. and Mrs. Mason Rountree Rev. Mr. Thomas B. Shuler Mr. Brenn Smith Mr. Peter James Stelling Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thomas Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr. Mrs. Geraldine S. Woodward Ms. Mary L. Yost

i n m e m o ry of neale martin bearden Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Cohen

Terri and Stephen Nagler

in honor of mrs. elizabeth tufts bennett

Ms. Nadeen A. Paul

Mr. Roberto Gonzales

John and Barbara Ross Yee-Wan and John Stevens Dr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor

i n h o n o r o f walter huff Rina Rosenberg and Bill Witherspoon

Dr. Nicholas Valerio III

i n h o n o r o f marc graney

The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

Mrs. Christina L. Graney






in mem o ry o f r ac h e l l e h m a n n

i n m e m o ry of rachel lehmann

Mr. Michael Friedman

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr.

in mem o ry o f n a n c y ta f f e l Branch Banking & Trust Co. Dr. Herbert W. Eber Ms. Elizabeth F. Meeker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wakefield

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Elkins Ms. Marlene Harding Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy and Dr. Bill Kenny Ms. Virginia Lam Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. McDaniel

in mem o ry o f b e ts y h a n s e n

Ms. Mary Ruth McDonald

Mr. Harald Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nemo

in mem o ry o f k i t t y a n d e r s o n Ms. Barbara Ann Blakely Mr. Edward Stockman Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson C. Ulbricht The Pro-Mozart Society of Atlanta, Inc.

in hon o r o f dr. and m r s . j a m e s w. b l a n d , j r . Constance W. Treloar

in mem o ry o f a n n e m . co lg i n Mr. William E. Pennington Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel

in mem o ry o f m r s . j u n e c r aw f o r d Dr. James M. Crawford

in mem o ry o f e r i c f r i b e rg Judith and Mark Taylor Mrs. W. Harry Willson

in hon o r o f d r . a l e x a n d e r g ro s s Georgia Dermatology Center

in mem o ry o f b e ts y h a n s e n The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

in mem o ry o f j o h n v e r n o n j o n e s Mr. John A. Chambers

Mr. William E. Pennington Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Reish Sue and Alan Rothstein Ms. Beth Ruddiman Dr. Robert M. Schultz Ms. Barbara D. Stewart

i n m e m o ry of rachel lehmann Jim and Eleanor Strain Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Zweig, M.D.

i n m e m o ry of jeff metcalf John L. Hammaker

i n m e m o ry of karina miller Mr. and Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr. John L. Hammaker

i n h o n o r o f mark and ann rowles Mr. Stephen P. Rowles

i n m e m o ry of ryan smith Johannah Smith The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

i n m e m o ry of mrs. steindel Ms. Linda Mattocks

in memory of marya gabrielle williams Ms. Marilon Jone P. Williams

in honor of cappa and bob woodward Mr. and Mrs. Van Spear

i n h o n o r o f charlie yates Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark IV Mr. Sam Olens Mr. Joshua Zeller

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ 40th Annual

Decorators’ Show House &Gardens April 17 – May 9, 2010

Monday – Saturday, 10 am- 3:30 pm • Sunday, 12 pm-4:30 pm Thursday extended hours until 7:30 pm

Tickets: $20 through April 16; $25 thereafter. Woodruff Arts Center Box Office or call 404-733-5000. Opening Night Party Friday, April 16, 2010 Proceeds benefit the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Learning Community

THE AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL SHOW Opening Night Preview Party To Benefit the Museum of Design Atlanta and the American Craft Council

Thursday, March 11, 2010 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Cobb Galleria Centre Exhibit Hall C and D

Tickets: $75 each includes a return ticket to the show on all three public days! To purchase Preview Party tickets visit: For craft show information and show tickets visit:

Artist: James Wilbat





Where there’s a will – there’s a way! The Atlanta Opera sincerely appreciates your generous support and belief in our mission of bringing the highest quality opera productions and education to our community. By leaving your legacy to The Atlanta Opera, you will receive the satisfaction of supporting an art form you care deeply about while providing a foundation for the future of opera for generations to come. Creating an estate plan requires advice from a professional. The Atlanta Opera encourages you to consult your advisor to make sure your gift will accomplish your intended goals. We are happy to meet with you to explore the options which are most beneficial to you and discuss how your gift can help preserve the Opera’s future. For further information, or if you have already named The Atlanta Opera in your plans and would like to be a member of the Encore Circle, please contact: Pamela Benson, Major Gifts Officer 404.591.2921 or Rae Weimer, Major Gifts Officer 404.343.7125

The Encore Circle The Atlanta Opera established The Encore Circle to recognize and honor those donors who have designated the Opera as a beneficiary in their estate planning. Gifts from these individuals ensure our progress for generations to come. Anonymous

Estate of Michael A. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. McDowell

Ms. Mary D. Bray

Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Miller

Estate of Anne Moore Colgin

Miss Helen D. Moffitt

Mr. Robert Colgin

Mr. J. Robert Morring

Estate of Mrs. Judy Darby

Mr. and Mrs. Bertil D. Nordin

Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards

Clara M. and John S. O’Shea

Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Elsner

Mrs. Polly Pater

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Gluck

Estate of Mr. Jack Poole

Ms. Judy Hanenkrat

Mrs. Hazel Sanger

Estate of Mr. Albert L. Hibbard

Mr. Paul Sanger

Estate of Mr. Robert N. Hoehn, Jr.

Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr.

Mr. Hilson Hudson

Ms. Barbara D. Stewart

Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Teepen

Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy

Mr. Richard F. Tigner

Estate of Mrs. Alfred D. Kennedy, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Whitney

Estate of Mrs. Isabelle Woolford Kennedy

Estate of Mrs. Ruth D. Williams

Ms. Corina M. LaFrossia

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Mr. Louis L. Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Yates, Sr.

Mr. Robert Lee Mays

Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Mitchell Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. McDaniel

Ms. Mary L. Yost


a show Packages available for future performances of The Atlanta Opera:

The Magic FluTe April 24 — May 2, 2010 $25-$39.95

Please call Charles Swint, at 404-881-6866, with the Atlanta Opera to book your Dinner & a Show package.

Paticipating restaurants include:

Check out all of the great offers around town at




The Verdi Society was created by the Board of Directors to honor those whose philanthropy support and dedication has been instrumental in the growth of The Atlanta Opera. Membership in the Verdi Society is limited to those individuals, corporations and organizations whose gifts have accumulated to $100,000 and above.

$ 1 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0+

To learn more about the Verdi Society and how you may become a member please contact Pamela Benson or Rae Weimer at 404.881.8801.

Charles Loridans Foundation


Atlanta Music Festival Association Georgia Council for the Arts The Goizueta Foundation Mrs. W. Harry Willson The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc.

$ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0+ Anonymous (ďœ˛) AT&T Dr. and Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. The Coca-Cola Company Fulton County Arts Council Mrs. Alfred D. Kennedy, Sr.* Wachovia Bank Zurich American Insurance Company

$ 2 5 0 , 0 0 0+ Anonymous Atlanta Journal-Constitution** David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund Mrs. Olga Casteleiro de Goizueta Mr. and Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Candy and Greg Johnson The Kendeda Fund Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy and Dr. Bill Kenny Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Keough Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Peggy and Jack McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Melosi The Rich Foundation Sara Giles Moore Foundation StarEnterprise David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund Bob and Cappa Woodward

$ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0+ American Color Graphics** Mr. and Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Antinori The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs The Atlanta Foundation Bank of America





Mr. Robert O. Breitling, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Searle

Ms. Janine Brown and Mr. Alex J. Simmons, Jr.

Mr. William F. Snyder and Mr. Louis A. Peneguy

The Coca-Cola Foundation

SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colgin

Judith and Mark Taylor

Cumberland Community Improvement District

The Tull Charitable Foundation

Delta Air Lines, Inc.**

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Mr. Robert S. Devins

Thomas and Loraine Williams Foundation

Fidelity National Bank

Ms. Ruth Dimick Williams

Friends of The Atlanta Opera

Jean and John Wilson

Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Rhys and Carolyn Wilson

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Wadleigh C. Winship*

Gertrude & William C. Wardlaw Fund

Ms. Bunny Winter and Mr. Michael Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gillfillan

The Mary and Charlie Yates Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Gluck Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Gregory, Jr. John L. Hammaker Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hayes III Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison Industrial Developments International J. Marshall and Lucille G. Powell Charitable Trust The Jim Cox, Jr. Foundation The Junior League of Atlanta The Katherine John Murphy Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Klump Livingston Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Malcolm The Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation Sally and Allen McDaniel Mellon - Private Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs.* James B. Miller, Jr. Mrs. O. Ray Moore National Endowment for the Arts Clara M. and John S. O’Shea Mrs. Polly N. Pater Mr. William E. Pennington Mr. Jack Poole The Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund PricewaterhouseCoopers The Residence Inn by Marriott** Mrs. Deen Day Sanders Mr. D. Jack Sawyer, Jr. and Dr. William E. Torres Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk

* d e c e a s e d ** g i f t s

in kind

Come enjoy the French Fare you have come to admire over the years.

$39 Featuring

Three-Course Dinner Menu Menu Changes Daily

Conveniently located for your dining needs before or after the show

complimentary parking available


TELEPHONE 404.233.3500

When Gold Blossoms Indian Jewelry from the Susan L. Beningson Collection March 20–July 11, 2010

571 South Kilgo Circle Atlanta, GA 30322






office r s

m e m b e r s (co n t. )

Chairman Emeritus, Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley

Ms. Melissa E. McMorries, Taylor English Duma, LLP

Chairman, Mr. Gregory F. Johnson,

Mr. Richard McPhail, The Home Depot, Inc.

Republic National Distributing Company, Inc. President, Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr., Zurich Financial Services Group

Mr. Harmon B. Miller, III, Miller Zell, Inc. Mr. James B. Miller, Fidelity Bank Dr. John O’Shea, Emory Health Systems, retired

Vice President, Ms. Barbara D. Stewart, Stewart Economics

Mr. William E. Pennington

Treasurer, Mr. Michael Keough, DMK International

Mr. James D. Powell, KPMG, LLP

Secretary, Mr. Robert G. Woodward, King & Spalding

Mr. James R. Robinson, Arnall, Golden, Gregory, LLP

membe r s Mr. Bryan H. Barnes, Deloitte & Touche, LLP Mr. Andy Berg, Homrich Berg Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. Mr. Montague L. Boyd, III, UBS Financial Ms. Janine Brown, Alston & Bird, LLP Ms. Sharon J. Byers, The Coca-Cola Company Mrs. John W. Calhoun, III The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler, Cathedral of St. Philip Mr. G. Bert Clark, Jr., Estate Strategies Group, LLC Mr. Mario Concha, Concha Consulting LLC Mr. David Connell, Georgia Power Ms. Martha Thompson Dinos Mr. Denis Duncan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC Mr. Robert G. Edge, Alston & Bird

Mr. Bruce A. Roth, Roth & Associates, Inc. Mr. J. Barry Schrenk, Taggarts’ Driving School Mr. Stewart A. Searle, Strategic Thought Partners Mr. Sachin Shailendra, S G Contracting Mr. Charles Sharbaugh, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP Mr. Timothy E. Sheehan, Mellon Private Wealth Management Mr. Baker A. Smith, BDO Consulting Corp. Advisors, LLC. Mr. Steve Steindel Mr. Kessel D. Stelling, Jr., Bank of North Georgia Mr. G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr., Kilpatrick Stockton LLP Mr. William E. Tucker, Tucker, Midis & Associates, LLC Mr. Timothy J. Walsh, Lanier Parking Solutions Mr. Thomas R. Williams Mrs. Harry Willson, Sunnyland Farms, Inc. Mr. Rhys T. Wilson, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, LLP Mr. Alexander P. Woollcott, Thompson Hine, LLP

Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards

h o n o r a ry m e mbers

Mr. Dieter Elsner, Roedl Langford de Kock LP

Mr. Carl I. Gable

Mr. Eli Flint, Flight Options

Mr. John S. Gillfillan

Mr. David Greene, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr., WestPoint Stevens

Dr. Edwin Gordon, The Walker School

Mr. Carter Joseph, Empire Distributors

Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross

Mr. Donald Keough, DMK International

Mr. John L. Hammaker

Chairman Sam Olens, Cobb County Board of Commisioners

Mr. John Michael Hancock

Mr. Mark K. Taylor, HT Group, LLC

Mr. William J. Hayes, III, Bain & Company, Inc.

Mrs. John C. Wilson

Mr. Thomas D. Hills, State of Georgia

Ms. Bunny Winter, The Coca-Cola Co., retired

Mr. Douglas R. Hooker, PBS&J Mr. John Isakson, Jr., Williams Asset Management Ms. Mary B. James Mr. Michael L. Keough, DMK International Mrs. Carl Knobloch Sally S. McDaniel, Sally S. McDaniel Consulting & Training Mrs. Jack C. McDowell

e x - o f f i c i o m embers Mr. Dennis Hanthorn, Zurich General Director

Embrace. Discover. Experience the difference. Atlanta’s First Continuing Care Retirement Community Financially Secure • Not-for-Profit • Affordable Options 11 Acres of Gardens • State of the Art Wellness Center

Call Barbara at 404.231.8251 today to schedule a visit.




conces s i o n s Concession stands are located in the center of the lobbies on all three levels. Food and beverage items are prohibited inside the theatre. Thank you for your cooperation. restro o m s Restrooms are located on house right and house left of all three lobbies. Family restrooms are also located on house right of all three lobbies. Mobility-impaired patrons may use any of our restrooms. parkin g There are , parking spaces available at a $ charge per car. Valet service is available for $. Please be sure to allow enough time for travel to the theatre and parking as there is no late seating. atm There is one Bank of North Georgia ATM located in the grand lobby.


s pe c i a l a s s i s tance Persons requiring access assistance are asked to contact the box office at 770.916.2850 for advance arrangements. Audio clarification devices are available to our hearing impaired guests at no charge. This is on a first-come, first-served basis, or you may call the House Manager ahead of time to reserve one ... A limited number of booster seats are also available. All items require a form of identification to be held until the item is returned.

cobb energy centre rules & requests • All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket in order to be admitted to the performance. Please be aware that not all performances are suitable for children.

coat c h e c k Coat check is available at the concierge desk.

• Infants will not be admitted to adult programs. Parents will be asked to remove children who create a disturbance.

emerge n c y i n f o r m at i o n In the event of an emergency, please locate the nearest usher who will direct you to the appropriate exit.

• There is no late seating allowed. Closedcircuit monitors are provided in the lobby as a courtesy to latecomers.

elevato r s Elevators are located on each side of the lobbies on all levels. lost a n d f o u n d Lost and Found items are turned into the concierge desk on the day of a performance. To inquire about a lost item, please call the House Manager at ... smokin g Smoking is prohibited inside the building. Please use the terrace exit to step outside and smoke.

• Please turn off all cell phones prior to the beginning of each performance. • Please limit conversation during the performance. • Cameras (including use of cell phone camera) and audio & video recording devices are strictly prohibited at all times. • Leaving while the show is in progress is discourteous and we ask that you refrain from doing so. • Please unwrap all candies and cough drops before the performance.





z u r i c h g e n e r a l d i r e c to r Dennis Hanthorn artisti c / p ro d u c t i o n / e d u c at i o n

t h e at l a nta opera costume shop

Eric Mitchko, Director of Artistic Administration

Joanna Schmink, Costume Coordinator

Elecia Crowley, Company Manager

Patricia McMahon, Costume Shop Manager

Michael Benedict, Production Manager

Arienne M. Gascon, Costume Assistant

Emmalee Iden, Education Manager

Ken McNeil, Wardrobe Supervisor

Craig Kier, Principal Coach/Accompanist

Synithia Cochran, First Hand

Walter Huff, Chorus Master

Melinda Brown, Stitcher

commu n i c at i o n s Cristina Vรกsconez Herrera, Director of Communications Kelly Poor, Receptionist

develo p m e n t Mary K. Roarabaugh, Director of Development Gregory P. Carraway, Foundation & Grants Manager Pamela Benson, Major Gifts Officer Rae Weimer, Major Gifts Officer Dzauya Nkuchwayo, Annual Fund Manager Amanda Wilborn, Special Events Coordinator

Laury Conley, Stitcher Fiona Leonard, Sticher Brett Parker, Intern

s e a s o n a l staff John Beaulieu, Technical Director/Master Carpenter Sherrie Dee Brewer, Production Stage Manager Ashley Pollard, Assistant Stage Manager Emily Diller, Assistant Stage Manager Catherine Babb, Properties Master Patricia Tuckwiller, Master Electrician Stephen Dubay, Master Electrician

financ e / a d m i n i s t r at i o n

Christina Whitaker, Wig and Makeup Artist

Paul Melroy, Senior Director of Finance and Administration

J. Montgomery Schuth, Wig and Makeup Artist

Bret Busch, Data Operations Manager

Nanette Kennedy, Wig and Makeup Artist

Adam Jacob, Accounting Manager

Aida Scuffle, Wig and Makeup Artist

Sarah Hautt, Assistant to the Zurich General Director

Christian Ellesmere-Jones, Wig and Makeup Artist

market i n g Shannon K. McClure, Director of Marketing Alice M. Stoner, Assistant Director of Marketing Dallas Duncan Franklin, Creative Services Manager Charles Swint, Audience Development Manager Alan Strange, Ticketing Services Manager Lindsay V.W. Smith, Ticketing Services Associate Rykie Belles, Ticketing Services Assistant

cobb e n e rg y pe r f o r m i n g a rts centre p ro d u c t i o n s ta f f Michael Cronin, Technical Director Bryan Huggett, Head Electrician Johannes Pikel, Master Carpenter Chris Barber, Audio Engineer

Katrina Suhre, Wig and Makeup Artist Emily Pape, Wig and Makeup Artist Edward Wenzer, Wig and Makeup Artist Jared Hunter, Technical Theater Apprentice Amanda Davis, Technical Theater Apprentice

We treat voices like fine instruments. Emory Voice Center specializes in the medical treatment and rehabilitation of voice and voice disorders. • • • •

Board-certified otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat physicians) Fellowship trained in laryngology and care of the professional voice Speech-language pathologists Singing voice specialists


Advancing the Possibilities®

South City Kitchen

restaurant listings Looking for a great night out? Try one of these local restaurants before or after the show. For Dinner and a Show packages, visit Neighborhood codes: A–Alpharetta, B–Buckhead, IP–Inman Park, OFW–Old Fourth Ward, M­—Midtown, D–Downtown, P–Perimeter Mall area, SS–Sandy Springs, VH–Virginia-Highland, V—Vinings, W–Westside

American Canoe Located in Atlanta’s historic Vinings area on the Chattahoochee River where Buckhead meets Vinings. Its original cuisine and distinctive design have already been featured in Bon Appetit, Food And Wine, Gourmet, The Wine Spectator and The New York Times. Canoe, recipient of the prestigious Mobil 4 Star Award, was also selected as one of the “Best New Restaurants” in the country by the James Beard Foundation. 4199 Paces Ferry Road SE, 770-432-2663, V (Re-opening late November) Lenox Square Grill offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. DJ every Friday and Saturday night till 2am. Private meeting rooms accommodate up to 150. 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404.841.2377, B Livingston Restaurant and Bar It’s hard to beat the location (across the street from the

Fox at the Georgian Terrace), and diners get complimentary parking, but the main attraction is the glamour of the main dining room, which has hosted the likes of Clark Gable, and the al fresco seating area, which is available in warm weather. 659 Peachtree St. NE, 800-651-2316, M Lobby The menu focuses on seasonal fare at this sophisticated American restaurant in the lobby of TWELVE Atlantic Station. 361 17 St., 404-961-7370, M ONE.midtown kitchen Dine on fresh, seasonal American cuisine in a club-like atmosphere near Piedmont Park. 559 Dutch Valley Rd., 404-892-4111, M Murphy’s This restaurant has one of the city’s top brunch menus, but it’s known for great people-watching and its contemporary comfort food. 997 Virginia Ave., 404-8720904, VH

Two Urban Licks “Fiery” American cooking meets live music at this hip hangout. 820 Ralph McGill Blvd., 404-522-4622, twourbanlicks. com. M WaterHaven is an upscale casual restaurant, featuring contemporary American cuisine with local influences. The menu focuses on fresh homemade products with a farm-to-table philosophy utilizing local, organic and seasonal products, whenever possible. 75 5th St., 404214-6740, M

American/steakhouse Joey D’s Oakroom Near Perimeter Mall, this stylish steakhouse has a staggering selection of spirits and a hot after-dinner singles scene. 1015 Crown Pointe Pkwy., 770-512-7063, P New York Prime A Prime Time Top 10 USDA Prime Steakhouse known for its wine list, atmosphere and world class service. 3424 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-846-0644, centraarchy. com. B Prime Enjoy steak, sushi a nd seafood in a festive atmosphere near Lenox Mall. 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-812-0555, B Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse A favorite local steak house with multiple locations near shopping and entertainment hotspots. Sides are generous, and the quality of the steaks and seafood is excellent. Three locations: Buckhead, 3285 Peachtree Rd. NE, 404-365-0660; Sandy Springs, 5788 Roswell Road, 404-255-0035; Centennial Olympic Park, 267 Marietta St., 404-223-6500; B, SS, D The Tavern at Phipps This is one of Atlanta’s hottest after-work spots, and has been singled out for its happy hour and singles scene by Jezebel, InSite Magazine and the AOL City Guide. 3500 Peachtree Rd. NW, 404-8149640, B

American/southern Home Restaurant & Bar Farm-to-table Southerninspired cuisine is served nightly; half-price bottles of wine available every Sunday. 111 W. Paces Ferry Rd., 404-869-0777, B

South City Kitchen (two locations) With a stylish, Southern-contemporary menu, this DiRoNA restaurant helped make grits hip for the business crowd. Sundays are BBQ Nite. Midtown: 1144 Crescent Ave. 404-873-7358, Vinings: 1675 Cumberland Pkwy. 770-4350700. M Terrace celebrates American heirloom recipes through supporting local and regional farmers, fisherman and producers. It recaptures the pure simple flavors and tastes of natural and organic ingredients while bursting with delicious flavors. 176 Peachtree St. NW, 678.651.2770, D

asian fusion Aja Restaurant & Bar Serving modern Asian cuisine, Aja has a 150-seat patio overlooking Buckhead and a huge lounge, where diners nosh on dim sum and sip mai tais. 3500 Lenox Rd., Ste. 100, 404-231-0001, B

brasserie Joël is a chic yet relaxed French restaurant that blends contemporary style with rustic flavors. Responsible for one of Atlanta’s most acclaimed dining experiences, Chef Cyrille Holota guides the kitchen as executive chef, bringing his full-flavored brasserie concept to the menu. 3290 Northside Parkway, 404-2333500, B

brew pub/gormet pub fare Gordon Biersch Fresh-brewed beers are a tasty accent to this brewery-restaurant’s hearty pizzas, salads and sandwiches. For a small additional fee, pre-show diners can leave cars in the lot while they’re at the Fox. 848 Peachtree St. NE, 404-870-0805, M Tap A gastropub offering easy-to-share pub fare and an extensive beer selection. The patio is a great place to chill after work. 1180 Peachtree St., 404-347-2220, M

creole/cajun Parish New Orleans-inspired dishes served with a modern twist and a fully stocked raw bar; a Nawlins-inspired brunch is served

on the weekends. Downstairs, a take-away market sells sandwiches, spices, pastries and beverages. 240 N. Highland Ave., 404-6814434, IP

and killer margaritas. 1186 N. Highland Ave. NE, 404-873-4656,

european fusion

Goldfish This fun seafood/sushi restaurant has Happy Hour specials Mon-Fri and nightly entertainment in its lounge. 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., 770-671-0100, P

Ecco Esquire Magazine named this casual, European-influenced bistro a “Best New Restaurant in America.” It’s also gotten raves for its killer wine list, wood-fired pizzas, and impressive meat and cheese menus. 40 Seventh St. NE, 404-347-9555, ecco-atlanta. com. M LOLA Bellini bar and restaurant specializing in wood-fired meats and pastas. 3280 Peachtree Rd. NW, 404-892-9292, B La Tavola Serving classic Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner in the heart of VirginiaHighland. 992 Virginia Ave., 404-873-5430, VH

italian Medici Tuscan cuisine served in the typical Tuscan spirit; flexible menu with Tuscanrubbed steaks and a wide selection of antipasti, insalata e zuppes, pastas, hand tossed pizza and bistecches. 2450 Galleria Pkwy., 770-9534500, V

mediterranean ENO Atlanta’s true European Mediterranean inspired restaurant and wine bar, or “enoteca”, has come to epitomize EuropeanMediterranean quality of life in Atlanta. 800 Peachtree St., 404-685-3191, enorestaurant. com. M

mediterranean/latin/asian Shout A young crowd keeps Shout’s rooftop lounge hopping every night. The menu reflects a mix of Mediterranean, Far Eastern and South American influences. 1197 Peachtree St N.E., 404-846-2000, M

MEXICAN El Taco An eco-friendly watering hole serving fresh Mexican food made with all-natural meats


spanish/tapas Noche A Virginia-Highland favorite known for its Spanish-style tapas dishes and margaritas. 1000 Virginia Ave., 404-815-9155, VH

sports bar STATS A modern sports bar that doesn’t skimp on the quality of its food; five bars and multiple screens are at your service. 300 Marietta St., 404-885-1472, D

steak/sushi Room This elegant restaurant serves steak and sushi on the ground floor of the TWELVE Centennial Park hotel. 400 W. Peachtree St., 404-418-1250, D Strip This sophisticated steak, seafood and sushi restaurant offers an in-house DJ and a rooftop deck. Atlantic Station at 18th St., 404385-2005, M Twist This lively restaurant has a huge bar, satay station, tapas menu, and sushi and seafood dishes; patio seating is first-come, first-served. 3500 Peachtree Rd. NW, 404-869-1191, h2sr. com. B Ray’s Restaurants Ray’s in the City is the downtown location of the steak, seafood and sushi chain. Ray’s Killer Creek offers an awardwinning Sunday brunch, and Ray’s on the River is one of Atlanta’s most romantic restaurants. All three have excellent food, award-winning wine lists and live entertainment. Ray’s in the City: 240 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, 404-5249224; Ray’s on the River: 6700 Powers Ferry Rd., Sandy Springs, 770-955-1187; Ray’s Killer Creek: 1700 Mansell Rd. (at Ga. 400), 770-6490064; D, SS, A

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Encore Atlanta February The Atlanta Opera  
Encore Atlanta February The Atlanta Opera  

Encore Atlanta is the official show program for The Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (at Woodruff Arts Center and Verizon Wireless Am...