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12 THE CAPITOL STEPS Mock the Vote | Oct. 15, 2016

14 VERTIGO DANCE COMPANY Dizzily dramatic dance | Oct. 22, 2016

18 ‘METROPOLIS’ accompanied by ALLOY ORCHESTRA Sounds of Silents! | Nov. 12, 2016


20 CHUCHO VALDÉS AND JOE LOVANO QUINTET Jazz innovators join forces | Nov. 13, 2016 22 19th ANNUAL GALA HOLIDAY CONCERT Georgia State University School of Music | Dec. 3 & 4, 2016

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Recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award®


bohème Puccini october 3, 6, 9, 11, 2015

JAN 29/31/FEB 1

March 11–29

Family Series on the Alliance Stage


discover us. discover you. LaBoheme_TAO 1510 64 pages.indd 1

9/18/15 3:54 PM

ASO_1-64.indd 1

12/22/14 5:07 PM

Robert Spano Music Director Donald Runnicles Principal Guest Conductor Michael Krajewski Principal Pops Conductor

T H E F OX T H E AT R E | F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 5


Recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award®


PiraTesof Penzance GilberT & sullivan


March 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 2016


The Rite of Spring MAR 13/15/16

Nov. 21–Dec. 24, 2014

Family Series on the Alliance Stage


Pirates_TAO1603_1-64.indd 1

2/19/16 7:07 PM


ASO_1-80.indd 1

2/20/14 4:25 PM

FOX_1404_1-16.indd 1

discover us. discover you. 3/27/14 1:22 PM

ACC_ALL1412 11-7-14 56pg.indd 1

FOXTHEATRE .ORG 11/11/14 10:12 PM



FOX_1502_1-64.indd 1

2/9/15 5:09 PM


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Robert Spano Music Director Donald Runnicles Principal Guest Conductor Michael Krajewski Principal Pops Conductor


Recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award®

Recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award®

FEB 27/28/ MAR 1 NIELSEN: Violin Concerto


Jan. 21–Feb. 22, 2015



discover us. discover you. Tuck_ALL1501 48pg FINAL +Applegate.indd 1

1/9/15 3:29 PM

FOX 1401 0001-0016.indd 1

1/13/14 5:49 PM

M aY 2 9 , 3 0 , 3 1 , 2 0 1 5

discover us. discover you. ALL1409 BullDurham 1 edited.indd 1

8/21/14 12:38 PM

ASO_1-96.indd 1

1/24/14 5:59 PM

3Decembers_TAO 40pg.indd 1

Robert Spano Music Director Donald Runnicles Principal Guest Conductor Michael Krajewski Principal Pops Conductor



May 2012

5/15/15 9:24 PM

Robert Spano Music Director Donald Runnicles Principal Guest Conductor Michael Krajewski Principal Pops Conductor

Recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award®

F O X T H E AT R E . O R G | E N C O R E AT L A N TA . C O M

FoxTheatre.org EncoreAtlanta.com

JAN 23/25/26 2012 Musical America MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR



APR 24/26

BRITTEN: Piano Concerto

Family Series on the Alliance Stage

Feb. 22–March 16, 2014

discover us. discover you. FOX1205 0001-0016.indd 1

5/8/12 11:05 AM

ASO_1-80.indd 1

3/20/14 11:20 AM

FOX_1501_1-64.indd 1

1/7/15 2:32 PM

ALL1403_Shrek 56pg.indd 1

2/4/14 1:29 PM

ASO 1401_68_page.indd 1

12/19/13 5:21 PM




Photo: Robert Pack | KSU Dance Company



Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown Premier Hotel Partner of the Rialto Center for the Arts

Located three blocks from the Rialto Center for the Arts 24-Hour Valet Parking (fee) JP Atlanta Restaurant & Bar

Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown A unique, boutique experience.

www.IndigoAtlantaDowntown.com 230 Peachtree St. NW Atlanta, GA 30303

(404) 523-7600

President’s Letter


ne hundred years ago, an ambitious new venture opened its doors in downtown Atlanta. Debuting as the largest movie

house in the Southeast and boasting the largest electric sign south of New York City, the Rialto was emblematic of the booming, bustling city it called home. Motion pictures were still a relatively new art form, but the Rialto gave this new technology a fitting home in the heart of a city on the move, offering Atlantans the latest in arts and entertainment from across the globe. While the theater has seen many changes over the last century (including a completely new structure that replaced the original in 1962), the Rialto has steadfastly anchored its corner of downtown and has consistently adapted to the changes taking place around it. One of the biggest changes came 20 years ago this season, when the Rialto reintroduced itself to the city as the Rialto Center for the Arts following its acquisition by Georgia State University. Then came an ambitious overhaul of the building itself. No longer a temple to just the motion-picture arts, the Rialto became a state-of-the-art space dedicated to bringing the best in the performing arts to the university community, to Atlanta and to the region. Welcoming everything from contemporary dance and classic jazz to world music and bluegrass, the Rialto quickly established itself as the city’s most eclectic performing arts venue, showcasing the unfamiliar and the unexpected alongside the classics and rediscovered gems. Just as Georgia State University is committed to bringing the outstanding students and faculty from across the nation and the world to Atlanta in the pursuit of academic excellence, the Rialto is committed to showcasing the finest performers the world has to offer here in downtown. Expanding the city’s cultural horizons through often unexpected artistic connection, this 20th-anniversary season promises to be extraordinary. We guarantee there will be something eye-opening for everyone in this season’s lineup: classic American jazz masters; Shaolin warriors; a Brazilian street carnival; Argentine, Cuban and Israeli dance; reimagined silent film classics; and much more. Georgia State’s Rialto Center for the Arts truly is where Atlanta meets the world. Whether you’ve been attending Rialto performances for the past two decades or are joining us for the first time, attending one performance or 10, we hope you’ll join us, explore new and perhaps unfamiliar artists, and enrich a conversation that’s been taking place at the Rialto for 100 years. Dr. Mark Becker and Laura Voisinet President and First Lady, Georgia State University

10 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

2016-17 SERIES

404-413-9TIX (9849) or rialto.gsu.edu Oct 15, 2016 Saturday

Capitol Steps Mock the Vote!

Oct 22, 2016 Saturday

Vertigo Dance Company Dizzying Dramatic Dance!

Nov 12, 2016 Saturday

Metropolis accompanied by Alloy Orchestra Sound of Silents!

Nov 13, 2016 Sunday

Chucho Valdés and Joe Lovano Quintet Jazz Innovators Join Forces

Dec 3 & 4, 2016 Saturday & Sunday 19th Annual Gala Holiday Concert Georgia State University School of Music Jan 21, 2017 Saturday

Jazz Masters featuring Ramsey Lewis, Jimmy Cobb, Lou Donaldson, Richard Davis

Jan 28, 2017 Saturday

The Nile Project Musical Voyage Down the Nile

Feb 11, 2017 Saturday

Malpaso Dance Company Cuban Contemporary Dance

Feb 18, 2017 Saturday

Sweet Honey in the Rock® Sweet Blend of Music and Message

Feb 24 & 25, 2017 Friday & Saturday Balé Folclórico da Bahia From Carnival to Capoeira Mar 4, 2017 Saturday

Dianne Reeves Rialto Fan Favorite!

Mar 25, 2017 Saturday

Shaolin Warriors The Legend Continues

Apr 1, 2017 Saturday

Eddie Palmieri Legendary Mambo Master

Apr 6, 2017 Thursday

Randy Brecker with the Georgia State University Jazz Band

Apr 8, 2017 Saturday

Che Malambo Muy Macho Men!

Apr 9, 2017 Sunday

Bent Frequency performs the music of John Luther Adams Groundbreaking Sonic Landscapes

Apr 21 – 23, 2017 Friday – Sunday

Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Georgia State University Opera Theatre and Symphony Orchestra Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 11

The Capitol Steps | Oct. 15, 2016



Producer: Elaina Newport. Lyrics by Elaina Newport, Mark Eaton and the cast.

PROGRAM (The show is constantly changing, based on the scandal of the day! But you might spot a few of these …) Leader of the PAC Mock the Vote Stuck in the Middle East Too All About the Base The Leader Is a Trump Livin’ La Vida Marco Pope and Change Hard Crazed Right How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea? Return to Center Fools on the Hill The Big Benghazi You Can’t Hide This Biden Guy Fiscal Shades of Gray If There Were No Rich Men Lirty Dies … and more! 12 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

The Capitol Steps have 36 albums. The most recent is “What to Expect When Electing.” To order, visit www.capitolsteps.com


he Capitol Steps began in 1981, at a Christmas party in the office of former Sen. Charles Percy, an Illinois Republican. Like most things in Congress, they didn’t know when to stop. In the past 34 years, the Capitol Steps have recorded 35 albums, and appeared on “Good Morning America,” the “Today Show,” “20/20,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Nightline,” CNN’s “Inside Politics” and dozens of times on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” For the past 20 years, the group has produced quarterly specials for public radio and has been featured in three national specials for public television. It has performed for five presidents (six if you include Hillary.)

Many of the performers have worked on Capitol Hill, some for Republicans, some for Democrats and some for members who sit firmly on the fence. In fact, the current cast of the Capitol Steps has at one time or another infested the offices of 11 U.S. Senators and seven members of the House of Representatives. Most of these politicians have since been defeated or placed under investigation.

What they’re saying about The Capitol Steps ... “The troupe has become a favorite on the Washington social circuit. Its political satire brings chuckles … rave reviews … guffaws … and bipartisan grins all around. The satire hits the mark.” — THE WALL STREET JOURNAL “Clapped like mad for the Capitol Steps! … The best musical satire on Washington I’ve ever seen!” — THE WASHINGTON TIMES “They’re the best. There’s no one like them, no one in their league.” — LARRY KING, CNN

“These people are very funny. They do comedy, they do satire, and they do it extremely well.” — BERNARD SHAW, CNN “Their insight and analysis are better than yours, Novak!” — JOHN McCLAUGHLIN, The McLaughlin Group “*#@!*! you guys are funny!” — TOM CLANCY, author “The Capitol Steps make it easier to leave public life.” — Former president GEORGE BUSH Sr. BACKGROUND IMAGE COURTESY OF INGRAM IMAGE

Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 13


Vertigo Dance Company | Oct. 22, 2016 #RialtoDance

14 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication



Dizzying dramatic dance

Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 15

Vertigo Dance Company | Oct. 22, 2016


ounded in 1992 by Adi Sha’al and Noa Wertheim, the Vertigo Dance Company has established a unique presence in the contemporary dance scene worldwide. It has developed a distinct artistic language that emphasizes the link between Art and Earth, with works that challenge and create an awareness of the human body’s limits. The result is a collage of intricate and singular dance creations that exude the holistic and spiritual approach of leading choreographer Wertheim. Since founding Vertigo, Sha’al and Wertheim have created a new production every year, from original dance works to various collaborative projects. Each invites

audiences on a unique and enchanting journey. Vertigo’s artistic exploration extends to the promotion of social and environmental change. It cultivates personal ties with the community through innovative programs that relate to current social realities — all the while maintaining the company’s high dance performance standards. Conveying its message over the years, the Vertigo Dance Company has earned respect and admiration for its work socially and professionally. Adi Sha’al, CEO & Co-Artistic Director Incorporating his dance experience, Adi Sha’al, 49, is dedicated to the Vertigo Dance Association’s common vision of furthering dance education, social culture and artistic excellence. Alongside his efforts to expand the Vertigo Dance Association’s

16 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

scope of activities, Adi is also an adviser to Jerusalem’s annual Israel Festival, a member of the committee for the Jerusalem culture institutes, a coordinator for the Jerusalem dance forum, a frequent guest lecturer promoting new initiatives, and an avid coach accompanying aspiring young artists in the field of dance. Noa Wertheim, Artistic Director and Choreographer A multitalented artist, Wertheim, 50, is an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer and a winner of multiple awards, including the 1998 Israel Ministry of Culture award for young choreographers, the 2003 Landau Prize for the Performing Arts and the 2012 Israel Culture Minister award for her choreography of Birth of the Phoenix. Noa works and creates from the Vertigo Dance studio at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem and from her home studio at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village, where she lives with her partner in life and in dance, Adi Sha’al, and their three sons in a community that fosters the arts in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.

from the press … “This dance ... created by Noa Wertheim for the Vertigo Dance Company, is flowing like water, like waves of light which in their humbleness do not seek to leave their mark ... on the fine line between the physical and the spiritual ... this aesthetic piece reflects professionalism as well as the pleasantness of continuity ... inspiring the gracious feeling of completing a meditation session ... the real gems are the dancers ...” — Ruth Eshel, HaAretz Feb. 26, 2014 “Reshimo draws its inspiration from the Kabbalah ... Dance ... certainly can suggests states of mind, moods and temperaments. Choreographer Noa Wertheim, Vertigo’s artistic director, conveyed that well, and developed flowing movements with a meditative air that hints at her spiritual sources.” — Ora Brafman, The Jerusalem Post Feb. 26, 2014

The Vertigo Dance Company is supported by the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Foundation. Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 17


‘Metropolis’ + Alloy Orchestra | Nov. 12, 2016 #MetropolisAtRialto

the classic silent film

‘METROPOLIS’ accompanied by




work of visionary genius, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis remains — 90 years after its debut — one of the most remarkable films of all time. Using groundbreaking special effects, Metropolis imagines a bleak future in which the working class is enslaved not only by a powerful ruling class but by technology itself. Experience this pioneering piece of cinematic history as never before. Alloy Orchestra, a three-man ensemble that performs from Lincoln Center to the Louvre, uses an unexpected assemblage of objects

to create musical accompaniment to classic silent films. With a combination of “found” percussion (some call it “a rack of junk”) and state-of-the-art electronics, Alloy Orchestra can conjure up a Weimar-era German band or make the audience imagine it’s being swept up in a populist uprising in Czarist Russia. Don’t miss this opportunity to “hear” silent film as you never have before! Longtime Chicago movie critic Robert Ebert called Alloy “the best in the world at accompanying silent films.”

18 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

N at i o N a l B l a c k a r t s F e s t i va l iNvites you to the 11th aNNual

aNd 7th year with NeimaN marcus! thursday, march 16, 2017 6:00pm - 9:00pm

s av e t h e d at e Fine Art + Fashion raises funds to support the National Black Arts Festival’s multidisciplinary arts, education and public programs. Neiman Marcus invites guests to experience the Art of Fashion on the runway. • Don’t miss this exciting event that brings lovers of art and fashion together with award recipients, emerging talent, visual artists and a designer extraordinaire. • Early reservations are encouraged as Fine Art + Fashion is sure to be a sold-out event! For reservations, contact Judy Hanenkrat, 404.372.4572 (cell), 404.730.6369 (office) or jhanenkrat@nbaf.org. To be listed in the invitation, please submit by January 19, 2016.


NBaF.org Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 19

Chucho Valdés-Joe Lovano Quintet | Nov. 13, 2016


Chucho Valdés-Joe Lovano Quintet


Jazz innovators join forces

wo artists who exemplify the standards for creativity and exploration at the venerable Blue Note Records come together for the first time in the Chucho Valdés-Joe Lovano Quintet. Valdés, a pianist who first appeared on Blue Note in 1985, has been a key figure in the evolution of Afro-Cuban jazz for the past 50 years. Saxophonist Joe Lovano, who started at Blue Note in 1990, has recorded more albums on that label than any other artist. Both are fearless innovators at the forefront of artistic expression. This collaboration expands their shared quest for the leading edge in jazz expression with the promise of combined greatness, anticipated for more than 20 years. Expect them to deliver beyond expectations with a quintet backed


by a bassist, drummer and percussionist who rank among Cuba’s hottest and most seasoned instrumentalists. Chucho Valdés Winner of five Grammy awards and three Latin Grammy awards, the Cuban pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader has been a key figure in the evolution of Afro-Cuban jazz for the past 50 years. His musical education included formal studies and countless nights on the best stages in Cuba as the pianist with his father, Bebo Valdés, and his orchestra Sabor de Cuba, and also the seminal Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna. Joe Lovano From his Grammy-nominated symphonic work to his role as Gary Burton Chair of Jazz Performance at Berklee College of Music, Lovano fearlessly challenges and pushes his conceptual and thematic ventures in a quest for new modes of artistic expression and new ways to define the jazz idiom. In 2014, Lovano won awards for multi-reeds player and tenor saxophonist of the year from the Jazz Journalists Association and tenor saxophonist of the year from Down Beat Magazine. He has released 23 celebrated albums on the Blue Note label, with the last three focusing on his quintet Us Five. Yaroldy Abreu Robles on percussion, Gaston Joya on bass and Francisco Mela on drums round out the quintet.

20 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

A Festival of Ground-Breaking Dance and Physical Theatre from Israel

Oct 5 – Nov 19 www.exposedfestivalatl.com

Equati Aliquatione Holiday Gala Concert – Oct. | Dec. 1, 2016 3 & 4, 2016


et in the holiday spirit with the Georgia State University School of Music’s 19th annual Gala Holiday Concert, a university-wide musical

celebration. More than 200 student and faculty musicians from the Georgia State University Symphony Orchestra, choruses, Jazz Band and community ensembles will warm your heart as they perform beloved holiday favorites with an international twist. Bring the entire family and celebrate the season with this Atlanta holiday tradition.

“Treat your ears to some seasonal tunes at the Gala Holiday Concert. ... The more than 200 student and faculty musicians will surely get you pumped up for the season.” — Jezebel magazine

22 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication


A co-production with

SEPTEMBER 8–18, 2016 at the Rialto



DECEMBER 1–18, 2016

TheatricalOutfit.org 678.528.1500 The Balzer Theater at Herren’s 84 Luckie St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

Staff & Advisory Committee ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Leslie Gordon Director Jennifer Staats Moore Associate Director Monica Barnes Arts Administration Specialist Jo Ellen Costanzo Events Manager Rachel Haage Stage Manager Darlene Hamilton Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications Matthew Igyarto Business Manager Jamie Jones Events Coordinator Chadwick Miller Ticket Services Manager Laverne Perry Assistant Director, Artist Relations and Education Thomas Torrent Front of House Manager Michael Williams Production Manager

TICKET SERVICES STAFF Kaci Casey, Hirut Legese, Nika O’Neal, Helen Wondifraw, Emebeit Yelma FRONT OF HOUSE STAFF Michael Clinton, Ethel Hill, Delores James, Gabriel Jones, Evelyn Kemp, Janet Lewis, Vera Mack, Maggie Miller, Cachet Williams BACKSTAGE CREW Zastosha Bonds, Andrew Brown, Alexis Carthan, Lee Dire, Bryan Feeney, Nina Gooch, Chris Hollis, Martin Jakes, Marshall Moore, Barbara O’Haley, Thomas Marcus, Nathaniel Kiser, Paul Ollinger, Lynnette Pierce, Sarah Pindak, Tony Reid, Dave Reiersen, Anna Richardson, Asalh Scruggs, Danielle Styles, Christa Wood, John Woodson, Megan Worthington STUDENT ASSISTANTS Zuri Davis, Julie Atcheson, Jasmine Terry GRADUATE ASSISTANT Brittny Byrom

ADVISORY COMMITTEE Richard Alterman Peg Balzer Ken Bernhardt W. Imara Canady David Cheshier Walter Coffey Dwight Coleman Elaine E. Davis Renate Dugans

Chris Escobar Gina Espinosa Andrew Feiler JoAnn Haden-Miller Tamara (Tammy) Hale Connie Hawkins Darryl B. Holloman Randy Hyman Shapiro Munir Meghjani

24 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

Judith Montier Nancy Nolan, Chair Jennie Raymond Kathleen Smith Les Spencer Rachel Tobin Laura Voisinet Brianna Williams



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The Rialto Center for the Arts gratefully acknowledges the support of our sponsors.* 2016-17 SEASON SPONSORS

*Major funding for this organization is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency – the National Endowment for the Arts.




*This program is supported in part by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs


Dolby® Surround Sound and Projection Equipment in the theater has been provided by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

26 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

Atlanta’s Arts and Culture Magazine Weekdays at 11AM



hen you donate to the Rialto, you help us to bring the high-quality programming of the Rialto Series into the heart of downtown. Your gift also helps us to bring the excitement of the performing arts to school children throughout Atlanta. With donor categories from $1 to more than $100,000, no amount is too small to contribute. We invite you to become part of the Rialto community. For information on how to donate, please visit rialto.gsu.edu/support or contact Leslie Gordon at lgordon@gsu.edu or 404-413-9820. IMPRESARIO | $25,000+

Thomas H. & Mabel Dorn Reeder Foundation Charles Loridans Foundation Inc. VIRTUOSO | $15,000-$24,999

Fulton County Arts Council MAESTRO | $10,000-$14,999

City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs The Erroll & Elaine Davis Charitable Gift Foundation Georgia Council for the Arts JALS Foundation BENEFACTOR | $5,000-$9,999

Nancy Nolan & Harold Shumacher South Arts PRODUCER | $2,500-$4,999

100 Peachtree Bill & Peg Balzer David Caudill & Julia Bannerman Naomi M. Kirkman-Bey Macy’s State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company LEADER | $1,000-$2,499

Richard & Marty Alterman Mark Becker & Laura Voisinet Ken & Kathy Bernhardt Tony & Mary Burger Walter Coffey & G. David Sprowl Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Michael & Kristen Delaney Mike & Anne Easterly GeorgiaLink Public Affairs Group Jo Ann Haden-Miller David & Mary Haddow Tammy & Don Hale Robert & Connie Hawkins Uriel Kitron & Amy Aidman Leslie Gordon & Blake Leland Carl D. Hudson & Jennie Raymond Randy E. Hyman & Marc Shapiro SUSTAINER | $500-$999

David M. Cheshier Minette Kirkman Tom & Pearl McHaney Gloria J. Mims Kathleen E. Smith Les & Susan Spencer Verah M. Turner William & Nancy Yang STAR | $250-$499

Anonymous The Coca-Cola Foundation William & Mildred M. Cody W. Bruce Harlan & Lisa Cremin Darrell W. Daniels John & Carlye W. Dooley Ralph & Mary Gilbert Anna M. Gray Harvey & Sarah Hill Katherine Klein Christina C. Million Quebec Trade Office Benjamin S. Roth

28 encoreatlanta.com | Atlanta’s Performing Arts Publication

David & Sharon Schachter James & Susan Slemenda Fred B. Smith Celia Till Judith A. Aehle & Andy Weiskoff PARTNER | $100-$249

Mark Lapolla & Holly A. Bacon Kate Balzer Robert & Judy M. Benowitz Richard Bergman Jane E. Bickerton David & Connie Breeser Lawrence & Marva G. Carter Janet M. Chapman Keith R. Charlton Gregory S. Cherry Jonathan N. Dietch Richard & Lynn Delage Enid Draluck Mary Dufore Ian & Constance Falconer Andrew B. Feiler Julie Fishman & Terry F. Pechacek Willie D. Gaither Roger & Cheryl Gelder Stuart Gerber Richard & Janet Grimshaw Jack & Michal H. Hillman Darryl Holloman & Glynis Williams Joyce E. Jelks Kevin & Jane Kell Vernon P. Kimbro Walter W. & Tammy Klein Constantine Kokenes

PARTNER | $100-$249 (cont.)

Glenn & Patti Langford Emma Lankford Damien Lawrence Hilliard Lee Susan J. Levy Vernita Lockhart Janet J. Love Sharon L. Margetson Janet V. Mark Felicia M. Mayfield Ray & Mary Maynard E. & JoAnn McClinton H. & Sandra E. Miller Posey E. Miller Jennifer Moore George Munsterman Donald & Carmen Newton Suzanne K. Nieman Sandra L. Owen Jerry J. Rackliffe Patrick Reid Ronald & Sara Reams Susan E. Roberts Gordon Robinson Tommy L. Ross Jon & Rachel F. Schwab Robert & Camille Simmons Lisa G. Smith John A. Steward Anthony Stringer Cedric L. Suzman Melody D. Travis Jeanette G. & Maurice R. Turcotte Aileen J. Wallace David A. Webster Sharon J. Willis Janna I. Zwerner FRIEND | UP TO $99

Jagdish & Sarla Agrawal Helen Bailey Letitia Baldwin Monica Barnes

Isaiah T. Bell Lilllian Muriel Birchette Elaine Blumenthal John & Carolyn S. Brooks Ira T. Brown Susan Byrd Kelly G. & Anthony C. Chelena Mark W. Christianson Cynthia Cindric L. Coley-Greene Jo E. Costanzo Robin K. Cox Deandra T. Craigen Denise Curtis Jacob D. Curtis Rebecca Des Marais Pinky G. Elliott Christopher Escobar Devon E. Ferguson James Filey Louise Gobron Ralph & Rachel Greil Georgia State University Alumni Association Henry & Louise L. Hall Darlene Hamilton Bernadette Hartfield Wayne & Virginia K. Helms Adele T. Hernandez John F. Hicks Eve Hoffman Teresa L. Hollingsworth IBM International Foundation Andrea Ivory Alicia S. Johanneson Jamie Jones Judy H. & Robert I. Loftin William G. Lucas Ray & Mary Maynard Munir Meghjani Lawrence & Ruth P. Menter Joseph & Susan P. Mondello Judith Service & Juan H. Montier Monica D. Noble Willie M. Oyogoa

Laverne Perry Alan & Patricia Pinado Mica J. Poerio Joyce Presswood Thomas J. Ptaszynski Jerry & Usha Rackliffe Kathry Ralston Patricia J. Ramon Vidyashankar & Vita Rangaswamy Jean Rearick Kathleen O. Rinehart Janet Russell Charles L. Samples Kat Schwartz Jamie R. Sellers & Denise Shaw George P. Shoultz Thomas E. Silvey George & Rosalind Simpson Sonia N. Singh Jeffrey Slattery Diana M. Smedler Ronell & Rachel V. Smith Elizabeth H. Smith & Stuart D. Smith Charlena Waller Mary Waters Linda Whitman Martin J. Wildes Harrison E. Williams Michael Williams Karen M. Zabrucky & D.D. Moore

Rialto Center for the Arts | rialto.gsu.edu 29

General Information

TICKETS Tickets available for purchase by phone at 404.413.9TIX (9849), online at rialto.gsu. edu, or in person at the Rialto box office, 80 Forsyth St. NW (corner of Forsyth and Luckie streets). BOX OFFICE HOURS Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. WEBSITE Visit rialto.gsu.edu for a complete calendar of events or to purchase tickets 24 hours a day. REFUNDS & EXCHANGES All sales are final with no exchanges or refunds. Patrons may return tickets before a performance and receive credit for a taxdeductible donation. USHERING Interested in volunteering as a Rialto usher? Sign up online or call 404.413.9845. PARKING The Equitable Building parking deck at the corner of Fairlie and Williams streets, provides official parking for the Rialto Center. SPECIAL NEEDS The Rialto Center is fully accessible to patrons with special needs. Wheelchair seating can be reserved in advance. Patrons who are TTY users, hearing impaired, speech disabled or hard of hearing can call us through the Georgia Relay Service at 711. For more information about these services, please call 866.787.6710. You can also email us at info@rialtocenter.org.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY The exit sign closest to your seat shows the shortest route out of the theater. In case of an emergency, please walk to the exit. ETIQUETTE Smoking is permitted outside only. Please turn all cellphones and electronic devices to silent operation. Late-arriving patrons will be seated at the House Manager’s discretion during a pause in the performance. Please refrain from talking during the performance. CAMERAS/RECORDING DEVICES The use of cameras or sound/video recording equipment without the written permission of the management is strictly prohibited. LOST AND FOUND For items lost or left at the theater, please call the House Manager at 404.413.9844. MERCHANDISE The Rialto has items available for purchase at the box office including umbrellas, coffee mugs and more. RENT THE RIALTO Our state-of-the art facilities offer the perfect setting for everything from a VIP reception to an unforgettable corporate event. For more information, please contact Jo Costanzo at 404.413.9814 or jcostanzo@gsu.edu.

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